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The Mail Herald Apr 3, 1912

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation andi
perfection in results it isi
unsurpassed.    Price $00$
Interior Publismng Co., Ayls.i
The Mail-Herald
t fir ior Pjit)H^hinp Cj^pany
Vol. 18-No. 26
Qbia, S
$2.50 Per Year
Malleable     50c
Steel      75c
The Verj Best        ,$1.00
Long ami Short,   Handle
Special at     85c
other makes    $1.00
If ymi want a nice, smooth Lawn, one lhat you
will bc proud to show, ROLL IT. We have throe
sizes, at  $18, $22.50, $25
Garden Barrows, removable sides $4.50 and $5.00
Plain Stave Barrows  $4 and $4.25
Lony; and short handles
Garden Trowels 15c
Garden Hooks .    20c
Cultivators, Seetlers
Combination Drill and
Single Wheel Hoes
Horse  Hoes and Cultivators
Krom 75c. to $7.00
10 ft. long   $1.50 to 14.50
Short handled, all steel
all the best makes
Lime and Sulphur, half
gallon, 1 gallon and five
gallon cans.
In 1 lb. tins as recommended by the government.
Agents for "DE LAVAL" Cream Separators
Plumbing     Steam Fitting     Tinsmithing
To be Tested at Once By the Latest and Most
Improved Keystone Placer Testing Drill-
Machinery Already Here—Development Work
to Be Carried on Aggressively
Tlie Pioneer Placer MIdoi, Limited, mont conclusively tbe desired results,
owned by Bl. A. Bradley and assort- Mr. Bradley himself has expended an
atcH iii  Itevelstoke, luivo,  with     tbe Independent fortune in  backing     bis
assistance ol Bngllsb capital decided own judgment ou what would   prove
to  install  a  Keystone  Placer  testing   to le one ol Uritish Columbia's many   nions:
drill, to determine the values eon- rich districts. His opinion is bused "i am happy to congratuiato you
tiiined in their properties oo French on his experience In placer mining on the many indications ol the ah-
Creek  In  the  Big  llend  district. This   regions  of  U.C.,  principally    in    tbe   OUttdlng     prosperity ol this country,
form part of those great provisoes.
"Highly   Important   and   lar-reaclving
advantages would result   from    the
measure to aid and encourage ugri -
culture  In concord     with tho several
provlnolal governments which I doubt
will materially contribute to tho development ol that groat IiiibIs ol Industry.
"Th-o act respecting grain, a most,
cumhrehensive measure, will, it Is
hoped, assist the farmer with tho mar
keting ol bis product, as woll as in
obtaining hotter prices, thus relieving
him ot disadvantages which he has
hitherto stood.
| "Qentlomen ol the House ol Commons:
| "I thank you in his majesty's name
lor   the  liberal   provision   you     have
made Ior the    requirements ol    tbe
public service.
"Honorable Gentlemen ol the. t-tcn-
nto; Gentlemen o< the House nl Dom
ain -
creek   has  already   produced   upwards Cariboo  and  Kootenay  districts
of one und a  halt  million  dollars  in ing  the  past twenty-two  years.
th.'  pnm.it ure  methods  nf   placer nun The  Keystone drill  has arrived    at
Ing  in   the  shallow  deposits   in      the lie I'lstokc,   and   will   be   shipped     on
lower hall mile of the creek the  lirst   boat.   This  drill  weighs ap
Mr, Dradiey and his allied .„'"i*esl*i proximately  Alteon  tons.   II the ro -
bave expended  upwards ol  $'.'00,0011 In milts  of  these drilling tests  arc  snt-
eiplorlng  and   testing   the   upper end Istactory,   it  means  that  upwards of
of  the creek,   which  is estimated    to 1 DO men     will be employed ou     this
nnd I earnestly pray that the bless
lugs of Providence muy ulwayB attend this favored land."
contain upwards of 40,000,000 yards
ol aurlflroui alluvials, owing to tbc
extreme cost of exploring those properties by drifting methods it wus
deemed   ndn uble   to   install   a     Key-
Tlle Keystone drill is the very BJOBt
modern method of testing placer propel ties known to thc mining world.
During  the  next     ninety  days this
stone  placer  drill  to  test  tho major drill   will  be  In  operation  under    the
portion of these deposits. These drills personal  supervision   of  Mr.   Bradley
have  proved  .successful   in  California, The  development  of      these  mining
Nome  and  Dawson,  as  well  as     the properties     successfully,  meuns much
Mining camps ot Atlin and  thc (am- to  every   resident   of   Itevelstoke,    as
ous Cariboo districts.   The accuracy
of  these  drills  have  been  proven    by
experimenting   throughout  the  above drill   will   bc  watched  from  all  side
mimed districts,     and     havo proved wltb intense interest.
C. F. Lindmark ^Appointed Superintendent—A Practical Man
at the Helm
Mr, C. K.  Lindmark  has been niter
Y. M. C. A. NOUS
well  as  to the owners of  tbe  proper-  <r'' ""d  accepted  the nosition of gen
ty.  and the working of thc Keystone   oral   superintendent   of  the  Dominion
Sawmills,    Ltd.   Mr.     landmark, by
his  past     expericnee      in  tlio lumber
"  business  iu  this  district  und  his  iu-
mulch will start at one o'clock sharp   (iniatc knowleilge ot local comiitious
good  Friday     afternoon nnd  it is a
for. gone conclusion that Uevelstoko
Wltb wife and best girl will be present to witness tbe opening cricket
match ol thc season.
I <KKKMXK><>O<MM><KH>0<><><><>^
»Imperial Bank of Canada
I Head Otfica   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches or Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United *>..'.-i -London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First N. waul Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. SeaUle-SeattleNaiioiiAl Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of tl and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
kOO-0<K)0-0<><><K)^<><>0'0<H>0-CK><><K> 6
i'n Friday evening at s o'clocx the
Circus commences. The side shows
will in open lor tbe public from 8.30
p.m., when the grout parade will laso
plnoc. This will comprise all ol those
things seen in ordinary drcuiestucb
us au elephant, bear, goat, ctntrc-
irnli*. In thc procession tbere will lie
tbe Marvelous Eddys, that can't bc
beat. McBride will be there with the
tirst C.N.R. tiaiu. They are even
coming iu (rom tho country. There
will also be a photographer un the
grounds, so tbat anyone who is desirous of having their picture takei,
may do so at a very small outlay.
There is going to be a big bunch ol i
Indians there, with Chiel Kye-ol-the-
Moou a-, boss. The illuminated print
ing press will be worth thc price ol
admission alone. ended,
Circus tickets will  be 2-Jc, amf the   nis royal  highness,  the  Duke of Con-
side shows will be 10c. extra. naught,   the  governor-general,   in   the
throughout the Kootenays is admirably qualified lor this position, aud
the Dominion Sawmills Ltd., are to
be congratulated on securing his services.
Wo have just put into stock a carload of Sherwin-
Williams' Paints including inside and outside
paint in all shades. Varnishes for all purposes,
OU Stains, Enamels, Floor Paint, Shingle Stain,
in fact everything necessary for Paintiug and
Decorating. We have handled these Paints, also
their own make of Linseed Oil for years, and
there is nothing in the market to equal them, If
you want to get value for your money see that
Sherwin-Williams' name is on the can.
All colors in Alabastine.    Paint Brushes, etc.
Death of an Uld timer
I'oor "I'ickles"  is dead and every
one  will  be grieved.   No one in  Revelstoke  or  neighborhood  will  reuuiro
telling who "I'ickles"  wus.     He was
too  well  known,  uot  only by grownup people, but every child old enough
to  pronounce      his      nume.   He   was
known from thc Pacific to the Atlan-
cttawa.    April  1,—Thc lirst session   tie and hundreds of people who    left
Of   the   12th   Canadian   parliament   is   Kevelstoke years ago for  the     most
At 4  o'clock     this afternoon  distant  parts of tbe world,  will    remember   "I'ickles."      For  the  benefit
House Prorogued by the Duke of
Connaught - Final Business
Rushed Through
Fashionable Millinery
Latest Shapes and Styles
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
On Friday atternoon at 2 oMurk
sharp, there will be thc lirst game
i/l lacrosse played on the V.M.C.A.
athletic Held. At thc termination ol
this game the base ball game will be
played The following members will
comprise the senior uggrcgution:—
tii.al. K. McLean, point, S. Norman;
cover-point, K. Hruce; lBt tlc.'eucc, A.
liilln-r, 2nd defence, H. Mulholland,
Inl defence,  M.   Audersou;  centre,   A.
senate chumbcr, read the speech
from tho throne which contnins thc
announcement that the labors of tht
legislators arc finished (or the present.
Considering the numbor ol members who have gone home already,
with their wives and families, there
was a brave showing the ipper
house.    Kor  the
Hon.   11.   I..  Ilordcn  appeared in    his
Win.Ism     Uniform.      The  bright  uni-
WoodUnd;    aid home,  t. Woodland;  Iorml „, u„, offloWi „„ thc    head -
Jail boms K* Dickey. 1st home, 11. ,,„,„.*.,.,„ sla„ a,„i thc *dllinty cos -
lu. key, outside home, B. I'cttipicee; UimeH worn by thc ladies on thc lloor
inside home, H. Uurridge. L, the hollBC Hnd in the gllnerics ad-
•I'hiK  team  will  play  sixteen    mem    ,,,,,  tu t,,c |,ri|iinncy o( the scene,
hers of the     public aud   high school      ,,,„      royul      highness  was  accom-
t and enjoy the first   ,, im„,  „om     nuWau ball to ,.urna.
incut  hill   by an OBCort provided    by
game of the season. Alter you wind
your way home for teu, come back
to the association building aud sec
the great circus.
of others I might say, he was the
faithful friend and companion of Mr.
C. II. Macdonald, druggist and stationer of this eity lor the past fifteen
yours. He was only a little Fox Ter
rier dog, but by no means an ordinary one. He was full ol intelli -
gencc uud muuy a story could be
lirst  time  the  Right  tokl °' him.
Till the last few months he could
always hold his own with any dog,
but tho many accidents and batters,
hud Bomewhut crippled him. Only a
few weeks ago he killed a large rat
iu a fashion that would shame many
a younger dog.
Citizens and children whenever they
met  him  in  the  street  would  say,—
the   rrinccBB  Louise  Dragoon  Guards
During the LENTEN Season
W8 WltL CARRV A co.Ml'i.I/lb. BTOCK OV
Fresh Cured and Smoked Fish
Insurance Paid
Itevelstoke,   11 ('..   Maich 2>.  Mil
W. U.  Robsrtaon, iCsq.,
Dear  Sir,—We have to acknowledge
iceeipt   ..(  cheque  lor  JJ.OW iu    payment  of thc loss ou the  Skating rink
'.•nl thank you (or your liniii.lt-.
Yours truly,
T.  W. Bain.
F.  W.  Terry.
H. A. C. I'arry.
Vi. H. Sutherland.
ami wus received on the hill hy a
guard ol honor from tho Covernor-
i.i-iii i.il'>. Foot t/iuards, which was
drawn up in (rout of tbc parliament
The customary artillery salute  was
nnl   from  Kepean   point  by  thc 23rd   Mode  friends with chinks,  he
"Poor old Pickles," the flint words
of greeting from travellers and others who had not been in Itevelstoke
lor years, would bei "Hello Charlie,
is  Pickles stillalivc'.'"      Pickles never
battery.   Large crowds assembled    on   growl and  bark mid  nevrr leave them
Will refresh VOtt With 111   bright,   spirt
flavor nml Irngiuiu).     S'dil   in   I   Ib,
lead packages,
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O Box 208     UROOtK & BAKER    Phono No. 33
the hill to watch the arrival and do-
porture of Ins royal highness and his
brilliant   cavalry  escort.
Thc speech trom thc thriine Bl
iiii.1 by the duke in thc senate cham-
Ihu  whs as follows;
"Honorable (lentlemen ol tho Senate. Gentlemen of thc House of Corn-
while in thc store. When hungry, he
M'ldom went without a meal. If he
did not lind a tasty supper out ide
lie would wander into one of the restaurants, lix his eyes ou some cue
eating or one "I the waiters and bc
was never denied a meal. His whole
life was Hpeni  iu Itevelstoke, und hud
Cricket Cluh
"I am glad at this comparatively l,c tlle »°wcr °' sl,occl1 mu"y » tule
.•ally period td tho season to lie able ,ouW he hnvc told uf thc "«« he
to relieve you Irom further attendance lm<1 J""*™ "K° wb<-''' Hevelstoke wus
An enthusiastic meeting o! tho Uev 'in parliament. The diligence with but u sma" sl'°t "" tllu map.
elstoke Cricket Club was held lasl which yon have aPplM yourselves to
evening, at Which President Frnuk your public duties calls for my warm
Bourne occupied the chair. At this 'acknowledgements.
in..ting several Batten oi Import' "The act to extend the boundaries
anoe were dealt with, among which "I Manitoba and to make In anolal
was  that   (he      elub  join   the   Uritish   piovision   loiiimeiimn ate   with the  re-
writer feels  confident  that  "I'ickles"
many friends und admirers will expend their sympathy to his     amiflblc
owner and to use the old saying, —
' 'I'ickles  ia  dead,  long livo I'ickles."
Though  dead,  it  will  bc  many a day
Columbia cnckei Association, juiremeots oi its enlarged ar™ win i cro he is forgotten
Messr-    11.   A    Law-son   and   W.   Vt.   am   SUN,   be   welcomed   alike   by     tbe
Foster were appointed delegate!   t.> pNmat Inhabitants oi thai  provinoe
attend  the  ('.invention  nt   Victoria 00  and by those  who dwell  in  the added
April   llth. i.uitory now admitted to the atlvan-
lle*.-iil..i      practices for the     season   tages of the  provincial status.     Tho
will utait    I. (food Kii.iai  morntag. [enlargement of the limits of tbeprov
nice   of   Ontario and   Quebec   will   un
doubtediy contribute to tin
Notice to Contractors
v novel feature .*i considerable m-
; win i.e nn Impromptu match
- ii   Cnpt   .i. Maley and    vice-
Oapt. w    w.iii,,..     Bach captain pick
ing hie team     on tlu* ground.     Thn,
Tenders   will   bc   received  up  to  the
ir.tb of April for the erection   of   a
dwelling  for  Dr.   Mr Lean.    Plans and
.^rB     'specifications can bo seen, as well  as
and   development   of   those    northern   full  particulars  can   lie  obtained    by
territories   Which   hitherto  have   licen   applying  at  tbe  residence ol Dr,  Mc-
llttle known and which will beoeefortb Lean, First street.
Mclntyre's Specials
Pearline, in bulk, per Ib.    	
Finest Japan Tea. per Ib. 	
Finest Japan Tea, 10 lb. lots, at
Silver Gloss Starch in bulk, per lb.
Golden Russet Apples, 3 lb. for
Maple Leal" Flour, Rolled Oats, Wbeatlets
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
SWIFT'S    Ffe
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Spring Clothing
G. A. White
We are pleased to announci ib.it MK. WHITB, representinii
brated Wholesale Tailors, will be .it Revelstoke, B.C . PRIOAY,
April Ith, and satirdw    April 6th, IOU
We ask yon to take thin opportunity to  Inspect ■  trery  large
range of seasonable woolens foi Suit'*, and Llght-weighl Ovei
coatings, and have yonr measurement taken by an expert,  for
present orders or lor luture reterence.
Appropriate models ol Spring Garments will be shown.
Prices are extremel} reasonable.
Yours i f.i  trait.
McRAE MERCANTILE CO., LTD. WSDNB8DAY,   AT'1111. 8rd,  1012.
Some Snaps in Local Realty
House and Two Lois on MacKenzie Ave $4,100
House and Lots on First Street  3,500
House  and    Lot,  South-West    Corner
Douglas and King Street  1.500
House and Lot, Fourth Street  2,850
F. .1. Soott, Kamloops.
I'l, Morion,   Victoria.
it. p. Bills, Portland.
T. Kendall,  Field.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Xtbc ADaiMberalb
Sntoiiof QuMlablng Company,
j. k. Johnson, Manager.
RALPH  O,   BCRTJTON,   Bdltor.
WEDNESDAY,   APRIL  3rd,   1912
Mi. A. 10, Mlllor paid iiii official
visil  iii om  school last   week.
Mi*. h\ Tomlinson received a visit
Inst week from hia mother and father ol Oaigary.
BORN—On Monday. March 2Mb, I"
Mi, and Mm. .1. FltBpatrick, a daughter.
Mr.  ami   Mrs.   Davis have  taken  up
— their residence In the house recently
vacated by Mr,  J.  Blake.
t'olii'iibro, Golden,
lleittoh,   Hidden.
I'liely,  lloUlcii.
Sisbei-t, Morryvllle, Ont,
w. Henderson, Kamloops.
Lyons, Notoh Hill*
Pagan, Kamloops.
K.  linnehliitck,  Vaneouvi'i
Brown, Vancouver,
,1.  Illenuey,  Miieleod.
Laud uotn-ea $7.50, All advertise-1
ments subject to the approval of
the management. Wanted nud
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
nations wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted,  25  words or    less,    25c,        ^^^^^^ ^^^^^
each     additional     Imo  I'l ccntB.     T| , s||(pW  *.mH nm(|c it,. dlBappeai
Changes      it.   standing  advertise     i||(.(,  f|.||m  |liW1|      Bgaln  nn,i  it   [a  q
ments    must   be   in    by  'J a.  m-   grcR,   pieftgure  to  be  able  to  take  a
Tuesday and Kriday ol each week  w||1|. u|| |1|y gtdewa.ka again.     11 is
to  secure  *ood  display. '„  |ong  u„iC     since  we  have  bad  ho
CORRESPONDENCE invited on mat- (.a,|y fl gprlng
ters of public
I Mi. .md Mrs, Gtlbort nnd family,
hav.* come to town Irom Wcyburn,
Snsk.,  and  have   taken  up  their   icsi
dence in tbe trainmaster's house, Mr
CMIbort has accepted a position as
CJ. i'. It. checker here.
ii. Tonkin, Spokane,
.1.   II    Wlntelioiise,   NelHiin.
it. Hun-, Rogers Pass.
(1, I'liliui'i,  Olon  William.
T, Kiison,   lloss   I'eak.
W, Lilly,   UdSH I'eak.
A. II. Sottergroen,  Seattle.
N, li'aly,   HtiHH  I'eak.
K. Iliiikiiski,   Kaniloopsf
A.   Ulail,   New  York.
10(1,   Thompson,   New   York.
T    II.   WallaOO,   New   York.
Cl,  Vox, Ni'tv  York.
L,  Kn in-,  N.«   York.
11.   llrutv,   New   York.
M.  Martinson, Toronto,
F. s. Wright, Coldenl
.1. Hellon, Comaplix.
• I.   II.   Whitman,   Nelsonl
\. Alkcorn, Oaigary,
Uev,   A.   Wilkie,   Nukusp.
1''. ii. Smith, Arrowhead,
W.  Kinney, Creston.
A. Alkcorn, Oaigary,
Mason,   Arrowhead.
Hunter, Ottawa,
Dover, Calgary.
I',   Prolse, Seattle.
Bellergreen, Seattle.
I''.   liOVlgnc,   Vermillion.
    _    . interest,        Com-
:i. .inm ,.*MH to Editor must bo
accompanied by name ol writer
not necessarily for publication,
but as evidence of good laitli.
Correspondence should be briel.
I'wo  office   Rooms,   12XIS,  en    'be
^^^^^ _ _      'ground lloor     In Dominion hnwitiils
Including"oswkVto England, Unit- office buUdlng.     Ughted aid boated
ed States aud Canada. . 'wiih janitor service,     Applj   '. i
By the year (through postolllce) |U1
Legal notices lu cenu per line lust
insertion, 5 ceuts pcr line each
• ubsetiueut insertion. Measurements Nonpariel (12 hues ma...'
one inch,) Store aud general
business announcements (2.60 pet
inch per month. Preferred positions, 2it per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages aud Deaths, otic
each insertion.
Spring  Is come.
under   the   win m
Receiver and Manager.
Arrivals for week ending April tad
11. Spence,  Vancouver.
« 1,. D.  Ash.  Voncouvei
It Gunn.  Winnipeg.
1.. Hay.   Nelson,
rays ol welcome sunshine, the snows
and ice ..f winter are melting away; ■    K   ''■ Bd*1'' Ben*011
B Branford,  Sail  Spring
R, W,  Undsay,  Beaton.
n McQuarrie,  Vancouver.
I   j. l. Morns.  Portland, ore.
'   ,l. Lt.  Becker,  Armstrong.
i    A K.   Howard.   Vancouver.
the  scene,  lbe  pure  whiteness  oi    the       , j     [nin,1V0i   Calgary,
virgin snow,     melUng   harmoniously     r. m. scott. s
into a verdant green, clothing valley j   1. W. Nichol, London.
and mountain  with a dress ol added
thc real color ol old mother earth Is
once more the predominant teature
o! thc landscape
uut in the big clean country,   the
chunking season adds Insli beauty to
lovliness.   But  in     our    "man mad(
tbe passing of tin snow, uu
folds a diOerent view, and a- ii'c kind
uiautlt* ol itbit..* w.th Which •
has bid i D II ugliness, is -:..itched
away y Path I Sol, streets ...
leys are exposed ptttilessly ,n all
tbeit lirtj nakednese. on every ie
our nostrils and • yes ati
with tbt* obnoxious ti - b; tbi Llth,
and garbage, tu. asbt . . .v.ugs
ol months Ue rotting around our '
t. steps, whilst in every direct en,
tht :.-'.- piled
vacant lots an I    ite     at  • ..•■*. ;•
■ • .ij clUxta, a menace to the
of  tbt ■ Qtire d tnmunlty.
[1   ..   the   : itj   o.  ■
an 1     Mint n man   to mitigaU
the city aouiic.i    bave
E litoi   of   this ,
to put t!,.   matt ;  squarely up t^tbe
.   ■   ,    tent i mm*.;, m     * I
. ti  »ii, ••■    .1..;   illey«  Is a dli.
iit   ,-i be  cleaning  up  time
. person should     take
1I..H matter in b tt ;   ■ -.   attending ti
tbe el        g up ol ins own properi j
in a les   «ret««   a n   town  will     be
tbitted *• . Iers, tourists and hoi
May makers, now Is tbe moment to
get busy, and *, ., general clean up
make Revelstoke bt and wholesom
to look upon, a'tity Beautiful an I
worthy of the matchless setting with
which   nature  bus  endowed it.
J    ii.   Kendall, Talt.
N.   L.   Young.   Mission
j   .i vi   T.iyi.i. Calgarj
H    F    Douglas    K.'lm*
W.J.  Smith, Toronto.
1.   ii,  Congreve,  Sicamous.
\. McLeod, \ ancouver.
Vi.  Tyler.   Winnipeg.
A. II.   Charge,   Winnipeg.
.1. Stu.nt.   Winnipeg.
.1. Simpson,  Winnipeg.
.1. I..   Storey,   Arrowhead.
(I, Peterson,   Nelson.
I.. Johnson,  Merritt.
I'l. l.aison.   Merritt.
0. Sttnwnll, Merritt.
('. Rrlckson, Merritt.
\. Johnson, Merritt.
W.   M.  Nelson,  Merritt.
A.  II.  Charge,  Merritt.
J.   Stuart,   Merritt.
\.   I leva n.   Vavcnly.
II.  A.  I'owcii,  Vavenly.
J.   M.  Haner,  Greely.
1. Ingram, Pendleton,
.1.   II.   WhitehoUSC,   Nelson
A.   Martinson,   Nelson.
James Hay.  Nelson.
J.   P.  Chilton,  Ottawa.
    .,„. ,' ..   :':     '.' • "iei. '•-■ v.-
Now that you have Our Catalogue, send us a
Trial Order.   You will be more than satisfied.
Winnipeg, Man.
The   annual   church   parade .ol     the
Knights of pytbias, took place on
Sun.ia> evening to tbe Presbyterian
cburcb, where the Prelate ol the lodge, llev. A. Wiiki.', preached an cio-
tiuent serm m.
Miss  Plot i.t-"  K*. lh I
Mrs   Brockmun al   Koseberry,
Mr. A, Girom ,s receiving the r in
gratulations  ul  li.s  ,. • .      oi      the
arrival ol a 4a ig'i *'r.
Mis. k. W,  Jordon ...
.  week  ,ii
The  :n.-'  motoi   launch tr.|. ••!  tbe
\   party
.; young people went down the i«ke
.  Mtki   \    ghlnga beautiful and fast
Messrs.     It.   11    Bs        . ll
.  neb.
Sacred Concert in Methodist Church
Good Friday, April 5th, at 8:15 p. m.
I nfold N't* I'i rtals
,,.1 Solo
' In Heavenly l.ove Abiding''
. .Jerome
i.   Male 'jii.ntciti   .  "Nearer My God toTbee " Swee/it J
ISoki t'n. Swei ily Solemn Thought" Ambrose
"Ut the Riverso(Babylon" Os/amio
■ I'lll-: I IH UK"
 "Hope'' Seymour Smith
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me  Before Investing.
New Postmaster
Mr. i-'. ll. IToung, who recentlj n
ceive.i tbe appointment ol poatmnsi
er for Revelstoke, has entered upon
the duties .•! ins new ofllce, on Mon
day last. Mi Young Is no strangi
,n Revelstoke, and hi appointmt nl
to this responsible position mad
«ith general approval, '
I      P,    Sheridan *  .
(1   Eule, Frisco
i    K   Woodland,   ■ ■
it   Roberta, Xancouver
I It.   Ash' ridge,   Nelson.
v    liiidrest, Arrowhea
II J.  Hurrill, Taft
1      I.    llruith,   Kam ll      •
Hart. Vernon,
:    Ritchie,  Monti
ii    \ :.* *
. ancouvet
r   s.   Sullivan,  Arroe
l.   Storey,   trrowbead
.      Smith     V;
d ■' ' H*
Kendall    Pah
H       '      I'll*.*! *    OM •■*.
n   Webb   Vernon,
T   Bromine;, i algal]
H    W idairl .md  a if--.   I '.I"*
i 8. Oreelson,  Irrowl
\. Sanderson «d*i   wMe, Hoi-.
'■; M.  Wright,  l.nrdo.
II II   Soynon, Kamlo
ii A. iHicy. Vancouver.
I*' ii. Robertson, Toronts
•i. 1). Keenon, Penticton,
it. c smith, /trrowhead
M.  I)   Bell,  Armst.rotiK.
w.   .1. Smith, Toronto
ii   Alton, Golden
il.  .1.  Kenney, Macleod.
W. 0, Welsh, Bpokane,
it.   i,.  Stephens, Maclt
p   Togan, Rogers ens".
I     \.   KiiihIii'uhi,   !•"11-1■ 1
.1. Jones, f'nlgary,
ll, Derewcnko, f'alitarj
Vi. Sutton,  CalKaiy.
I,. Oapre,  Ldtton,
II, Natoki,   Kamloops,
\. !•;.  t'oetin, Kamloops.
... ,
ler tbt '   '■   l.
, mint
,n,r  ii..   sort   along and  -
to be pni .a comn
vr   ii,.i,t   McWhtrtet    ■■
table bt
,t   |io«ition
Riled  ' |  Mi    i    M   Smith    Mi    Mi
* ter i.ns b ■
,*,     -
lOOM   bun
,   Mi   i*:  i rosbj    ■'.
■ I   bome   in
pa it (oui  months, h
to ."'  back to M<'. tbe lnnd oJ   tin
shine, fruit and 111
■' ■ oi. ing  .inr       ii..
HteniiiM   Mmi., ii,,,i I., make *i si".
nil  Ii Ip on      il iii lay  n ,tb a  |.,nty f"i
.Mv  Kf.lttnut -iml M\  Lord"
i in ist,   ' Mn   l'S8So> Cl
Till*. CHOIR
.Dudley Buck
A man living iii Itevelstoke has a  barm  on which  he raised
five fine hogs and was preparing to kill litem.
Wc will make "hum, bacon, bird, Ftausagi', head cheese and
scrapple," he announced to his admiring (ninlly, and use
everything but thl squeal.
That night Ids son called ul tlle Music Ston*, McKtiuic \xv.
bought an Bdison Phonograph; when lie arrived home he told
his lather that tbey could now keep the squeal as he bad not
tla* only instrument ol which ant oik* and everyone can make
Revelstoke Music Store,       J. Bingham, Prop
MR.   |. I*. WATSON
Our I in liiul Song     . .Churchill
. ill. I III UK
■Tin* Ninetj snd Nm''1'  .Cempeon
ii   H    McMiOl)
■li   I..*.,.I  I   . ..... Jl nut''
Wii MR l,AWKI M I ,
, i
■ ,.,s   111 l\ S, RDHINSI iN.   PIN I
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
/ aure
50 Ginls
Designs Box_51
Phone 295
rirtli     '	
0f Cllt  I
i on,,  snd
W     II     |m ., i ,   I   I  |       Mill i
On South Road, Hiilf a Mile from Town
Merchants, householders and others
read every word ol this advertisement umi note our list ol Specials
[oi I'Viinmry, [or ibiH ih Vour Opportunity to save money by placing
vour orders now belore tlie rush ol
the Bpring Season.
To Merchants—Wo cun till your rc-
qulrements lor showcas k. counters,
mouldings and turnings ol all des-
criptlon, drawers, Bllng cabinets, o(-
!.. desks nnil stools, shelving and
partitions, plain and fancy Bhect
glass, etc.
To Householders and others— This
is your chance t.o get uli kimlH of interior finishings, hot bed hiihIi, mould
initN, cupboards, kitchen cabinets,
tables and Btools, Binkboards sholv-
Ing, Blldlng doors, paint, varnish and
luiliiomine, roofings, building papers,
Window and picture glasi, etc.
Material and Workmanship are tho
best,  and  our  prloeS are the      lowest
possible.   All orders, whether   large
or small, receive prompt. attention.
Estimates lor all kinds ot Constructional Work, freely given. Phono 2<;l
or write ub, P. 0. liox 2115, better
still if possible, pay us n personal
visit.   Wc shall be glnd lo ecu you.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
..       ..       ., ,,,- .1/1 I.        Lll'lll* 1  1,1     V.. "tt
p, i). Box 295
CKO. D. SHAW, Prop.
J'bone No. -61 WIOIlNRSIUY,  AlMUL 3rd,   Ism.
The First Three Are Coming In, But the Last (Money) is Both Coming In and Out of
The Seaport, Railway and Industrial Hub of British Columbia
and the Vancouver Metropolitan District
A Population of
25,000 to
Judging by what railway shops
have done lor other cities not so important a railway centre as Coquit
lam will be. there will be a popula -
tion of 25,000 to 30,000 directly supported by tbc Canadian Pacific alone
at i'oi|ii,tl.im in two or three years.
But the Canadian Pacitic, although
important, is only the foundation
only the beginning, of this young
daughter of Canada's wealth and prosperity. Coquitiam irom its position
is destined to become tbe industrial
centre of British Columbia. The
man who owiib property in Coquitiam will he rich when others wbo
preferred to wait instead of act will
be still plodding along.
Think of an ideal tile tor either a residential or industrial city, a deep dea port, the terminus ol the greatest railway system In the world, and
tho industrial sub city of a world metropolitan district, think of a place being suddenly transformed into these things, out oi nothing but a level
stretch of lnnd. II you can think of that you think of Coquitiam, which is not, going to Im; changed Into these things but which is being chang-
isl Into them now. tn three yearB where now only a thousand or two workmen un. preparing plans lor the greatest terminal development in tho
history of railroading, there will bc 5000 highly paid railway workers employed by the C.P.R. nlone nt Coquitlnm, supporting directly a population of 25,1100 to 3U00 people.
But thu C.P.R. is only the Btart at. Coquitiam. Five other railways are coming to thiB new seaport— Ibe (1. T. P., Canadian Northern, Great
Northern, Milwaukee and llarrimann system. Dozens of stcnniBhip lines will have their boats call here when tlie Panama cannl is opened a year
or two hence. Two electric power companies arc developing energy there now. They will supply both light initl power to Coquitiam at low, com -
petitive rates, and Coquitiam al60 can get black coal at the lowest rates, being an ocean port contiguous to Vancouver Island. This is one reason
why fifty manufacturers have already applied lor factory sites at Coquitiam. Both of these electric companies will build tram hues through
Coquitiam. connecting it up by modern suburban lines with Vancouver and other cities in thc Vancouver metropolitan district and the whole
Fraaer Valley. ,
Thc transition of Coquitiam into a great etty will bc rapid—more rapid than thc unexampled growtn of Calgary, Bdmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina, where millions of dollars were made for holders ol lotB near the busincssdiHtrict. Any growth which takes place in any rart
ot British Columbia or the prairie provinces will but add to the enormous trade to be developed with the rest ol the world through Coquitiam
and the Panama cannl, now nearing completion. THK GRKAT OMNIPOTENT CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY IS BBHIND COQCITl.AM. All
tho tentacles that vast corporation has shoved in every direction to garner the enormous crops ot golden grain whieh arc making the Canadian
prairicR—every one ot thia railway's twelve thousand miles ot steel rails will pay tribute to Coquitiam. And this is not all. Part at least ol
lhat freight traffic which will originate on thc innumerable lines of theso other railways will find its outlet through Coquitiam. Coquitiam will
be thc tunnel through which thc products will both go out and come into teed and clothe the mighty population which will fill up Canada in thc
years to come.
MONEY! and How
to Make it Quick
Uncc there were two men who came to America Irom tbe old country.
Both were industrious and each was apparently tully as able to hold up
bis end in thc workl and become a man ol inllucnce and wealth— a big
man. Today, however, one is a millionaire, while the other is iu very
average  circumstances  financially.
The reason (or this vast difference is not because one worked hard ami
the other didn't; or because one drank and the other didn't. It was
simply liecause thc man who is now a millionaire looked ahead, and
knowing that the fundamental wealth of tbis and every other country is
in good real estate, seized his opportunity. He secured realty when it
was Helzable at a groundlloor price, and waited till increasing popula -
tion multiplied its value to him.
Ever since thc whole country has beeu working for bim, whilo the
other man has been working for the whole country, The whole country
will work ior you if you own part of Coquitiam. Meridian Centre, Co -
qtiltlam, oilers you tbe chance to become independent—to enjoy tbe life
wbich it is your heritage to enjoy.
Look at the big nieu In Winnipeg,Calgary,      Edmonton,       Baskatoon.
Calgary, Kdmonton, Saskatoon,Regina, Vancouver, or any othor big
iity and soo where they got thefoundation of their fortunes. In aim
ost every case it was through the in-crease in land vnlues, directly or ind
ircctly. Coquitiam will eclipse allthese places in rapidity ot dovelopm
ent and increase, nnd will eventually probably equal or surpass them in a
dual  population nnd  wealth.
Coquitiam a Certainty;
Not a Mere Prospect
As there are many other townsites ou the market at the present time
it would be well for the reader to bear in mind thut Coquitiam is not
an ordinary townsite—IT IS AN ACTUALITY, A REAL CITY IN THK
MAKING. There is only ono Panama canal, and it iB almost upon us.
Coquitlnm is a result of that canal, and as tho Canadian I'acilic is tho
greatest transportation system in the world, it is only natural and logical to suppose that  Coquitiam  will bo thc  biggest result.
But apart from what it is going to he, Coquitiam is something today. Canadian Pacific officials havo announced a program of improvement
and construction unparalleled In thc annals of railway operation. It means
that thousands of men will be employed there this Bpring, in fact, there
arc hundreds THERE NOW—building houses, lnying tracks, building
streets and Installing electric and trolley lines. Work has recently commenced on a hundred thousand dollar roundhouse in thc Immediate vicinity of Meridian Centre, Coquitiam, and this is hut the beginning of the
expenditure of over halt a million dollarB announced for the next few
An Industrial City
A Coming Pittsburg
Coqiiltlum Ib Bituuted in tho Vancouver metropolitan district on tho
mam line of the Canadian Pacilic. Tho Grand Trunk Pacitic is alBo buying land for terminals in this vicinity, and other transcontinental railways are buying rlght-of-wnyi This, added to thc fact that, Coquitiam is a
deep-water port, moaiiB thnt manufacturers locating bore will have the advantage  ol  the  cheapest  transportation  rates,  both  by  rail and  Water.
Two big power companies are developing enormous electric energy
near here and their power linos pass through the munucipality. This
means electric light and power competitive rates, and in conjunction
with cheap sites and trackage explains the fact that already over fitty
applications have come in from manufacturers for factory and mill sites.
Among the trig Industries assured for Coquitiam, Ib the largest lumber
mill in the world, to lx built by the Pitt River Lumber Company. lt
will cut 600,000 feet of lumber every 24 hours,
Obey That Impulse
Wait Not Another Minute
Only a tew mouths ago was Coquitiam born an.l its lots thrown on
thc market to make people rich. We knew of these developments lietorc tbe
general public hnd heard ev.n a rumor. We bought land at farm land
prices right in thc centre of activity Murk that—tbc centre of activity,
right wlnre all thc industries and railways are coming. We arc offering
these lots for thc first time, with no profits added to the price, except
one moderate legitimate profit of our own. Don't buy lots that have al
ready been turned over or priOs advanced with every announcement of
new development, when you enn get inside lota at Brat pricv. There have
been millions — wc arc tnlking conservatively—made In Coquitiam already. One Brandon, Man., lady made |4n,000 there, and bas rr invested
both  principal and profit  In  Coqmt-lam.
One lot started a low months ago at $1(100, payable quarter cash,
is now held for a higher price than IStsiti by a shrewd business man ol
Victoria, B. C. Dozens ol low-salaried tradesmen and clerks ot Vancouver, New Westminster and Coquitiam itself-thoee who know wbat'B going
on, and are right on the scene of activity—have invested every cent they
can beg, borrow or steal in Coquitiam, and many of them bave made as
high aa 100 to 1000 per cent on their original investment there. Over $50,-
000 of our property has lieen reserved by Coquitiam residents? and" J5
lots have licen sold In a bunch to the representative of an American railway system, said to be for city offices. We know everything that It le
possible to  know  abort Coquitiam.
We unhesitatingly say that it is the belggcst real estate money-maker
lor the Bmall Investor of tbc nge. We arc aw ell-known financial firm and
Can offer you other propositions besides Coquitiam—eound, quick-action
ones—but tnke our advice and find out something about Coquitiam if you
huve a dollar you want to see multiplied hy itself quickly and surely.
Whether you are a prospective large or small investor, or even if yon do
not Intond to buy at all, ask us about Coquitiam, and ask us today. At
the prices wc are charging and the easy terms our inside property will
"ujjJ_nst longjor new big things arc coming out everyday about Coquitiam    and the Vancouver metropolitan  district.
'      jo     '■   ' '"■"
i    , i
n:..1.  ,■,,'.   =;
Special Representatives
Office in McDonald's Old Drug Store, Corner of McKenzie Avenue and Victoria Road
References—R. G. Dun & Co., and Union Bank, Vancouver.
The firm of McTavish Bros, is one of the best known and most reliable Real Estate Houses in the West.    They have made Hundreds of Thousands of OoHars;for their Clients WHDNBSDAY,   Al'IUl. 3rd,  1!>I2.
the mail-herald,.revelstok:b
WEDNEHDAY,   Al'IlIL,  3rd,   1912.
Field, li. c. March 87, 1912
Bdltoi   Mail-Herald
Dear Sir,—Kindly allow me spaco
iu your widely circulated papor to
t'.mimei.t mi the way our eohool la
run in this part ..I tin- province.
First, nothing In thia letter refers
in any wuy t.i tli.' teacher, win. is
doing ber part aa woll .n* ahe cun,
without help Irom parenta 01 trtta
I,-.****,, nn.i .t la ahout i-n*.I trustees
that is tin* suae ..( tins little letter.
We bave two ol them iu inini.' only,
one hav,iik ,.:t this year and no el-
lort has .*.'mi. ni.i.i* i" replace bim.
They have ever, t.. the writer's
fledge ■• Isited tbe school or made
enquires auout tbe ufiuirs ut the
school.   Thej  engage a teaoher   mul
■ .. i, t:..*,: dutll B end uh fnr ns the
acbool  ti    oncerned,   until  BUch  inu.'
.,- aaid      u bi i  i'msiiu-hh or gots  r
i .-:   ..i   ;..i   any  other     causo     t ho
school la left without .i teacher. Anu
then hm ■   gol   busy nnd engage an
other one    Si *•*   such  t lungs     aught
DO)   li*   be,   I Ium   school   sh.illld   In*     nil
exai :l)  11    sain.* footing u    11"' rest
ot tbe bcI is  .ii tins province.   Wc
bave in this town,     | I,     hustling
men, lathers ..i school children, whu
uould uiu.. (■ ni good trustees, »bu
would Vlsl1 the school nml sec Unit
« Hag wns pliued in**i *.*ii. "I ihereon
at leust have ont so i b ■ children v ,11
kii..t ul.it tin* I'm.ui .luck looks like
nml in short be nil tbat a trustee
tibuiiid he When we have t tit**.. mon
aa tiusi* - iiii'ii ..wn school t* ill
come up I*. Hi.' proficiency ol tho
otbei schools and our children le
taught us thej should bo .aughi in
nil thc vt.iM.vs ..( tlie rest. What wo
need ,i I  I adly, ia ti iwlci h mul
nut men* Qgurcbeads.
Thank ng        *   Mr.   Editor,
iperlenoe,   My  father  Is  quite  will-   annoyed  us  with   their  subtle  ntton
l,u* nm in come mit  lu     British   lions.
i UK
Oolun I'lii H I can get eni|'loytni"it iii
uo t... If ymi enn assist me in any
way i.i gut ii munition ns engine biter i ;■ any other meobanlcal work, I
bliull  be greuily obliged."
Ride Out of Country
Lob Angeles, Onl,, March UD—Juan*
itu,   Mui'illu  und   Eluiliii      Esciindiin,
triplets, daughters ol Captain Quill-
enno Bioandon, n wealthj Mexican
inuchcr, iii Bonorn,    Mexico, orrlvod
,u I.uh Angeles yesterday with a
gruphlc story ol the turmoil lu Mex-
i.u. Thc girl" roile tho entire ills -
t.inei*. BoBpangled, booted and spurred, hronac laces hidden behind great.
suiuiiici'uH, tbey present a truly picturesque picture, They apeak no English. Through an Interpreter, however
Jnuiltta  told lbe Btory ul the hazard
uus journey
"Father feared we might ilo Injured
"Wo weif afraid something would
happen utilcHs wc left them, bo we
decided to menl the oorporal's I'om*
pasa, stampede their horses at night
ami tnke a chuncc on them regaining
their horses',    We   took -tli.' animate
wiib us, and after a dny und u half's
ride wc reached tho American ime,
leaving the horses behind then,   We
decided that ns we hud ridden thut
distance alone, we could finish tho
trip. And we did, thanks to nobody
but ourselves."
Facts About Indigestion and Its
Relief That Should Interest
Although Indigestion and Dyspepsia
aro bo prevalent, most people do not
thoroughly    understand  their oauae,
nnd cure.     There is no reason     why
most   | pie should not eat anything
they desire—il they will only chew ii
carefully     and     thoroughly.       Many
or ('(tried  nwny   by   gUorlllas  (iiiiiiiii.I   ,lt.UuMy   Htllt Vl.   themselves   into  sick
ing  through  S ra," said  Jtianlta, I M-i tUroUgb ,,,,,, „,    8ftWn,     „vary
»o  Ictermlnod t<t sond us oul   ol j g0od.iooMngi     good-amolling,     and
Mexico until the wnr is over.      Our g0Wj.tMting
ranch hotisce huvo t n llrod, two   ofl
uur vaquoroa killed, and mj  brother
Blouso has in  wounded In attacks'^, |u dlgog) ,UI>  good (oul,
i i 'I"' ranch, We have almost   oue j   W(, beUovo „.,, ,..,„ n\lW9 Dyspepsia
hundred thousand    acres In Sonoru, We 1(|.t, B0 cmii,!,,,,-, ,,( u,js i,,,*, thai
and tbe peons wish  to convert il  in
tood, because it   does
nut agree with thom,
Tbe best thing to do is to lit yotir-
we guarantee and promise to supply
the medicine free of all cost to every
one wbo will use It, who is not perfectly satisfied with tlle results which
it produces. Wo exact no promises,
uu,I put no ono under any obligation
whatever. Surely, nothing could be
fairer. We are located right here and
our reputation should be sulllcient na
Burance of     the     genuineness ol our
board of Trade
- nu  "l tin  enquiries received   by
thc secretary  of  the   Board   "I Trade ] us Into  the  United  States*
to llii'ii  own uses
"Whllo my lather and President Ma
,i i.. aro friendly.     Madero's federal
troops .1 t seem to nppreclate tbo
tancBB ol tbe situation, or they
do  not  cure.      .Mnny   ol   the  suldicrs,
yuu know,    mc   released     convicts
Hum   ihe   It.'lem   prison,   Mexico,   and
although tbey fight  under tbe Madoro offer.
m.i*. ihey  would  mutiny  nt the slight   '    We  want  every otic troubled      with
cal opportunity, W  1 do nut think Indigeatlo   Dyspepsia In any lorm
..    , . _ ,     , to come  to our store and huv a  box
they [cm lie guerillas, the federal sol m ,
' ill   Rexall   Dyspepsia  Tablets.      Take
dins    make    no effort to c<  with thcm ,umlc |lnd gW(j them a rf,jlHOa.
those brigands and u war ol devasla- able trial, according to directions.
tu.n is lieing waged throughout tbe Then, il not Satisfied, come to us and
Interim   of Bonora.  The situation is *-'"' >""'  """"'V l"">k.   They are very
pleasant to take: they aid to soothe
the   irritable   stomach,   to  strengthen
much more serious thuu one whu
nut tbere realises. So mir padre sent  11M,  lllvlKoratc the dlfMttv„ orgBnil
Irom pen d   In t Iir old Country wbo
debite to emigrate are decidedly prac   •*,„i;(.||,(, |,
t.cal.   We produc* two 'nmplca which I-^
Gabriel nnd a second is because
are going to win some ol the prises
lot riding al the Rodeo, when we re
turn  to  Mexico—11  we do—we     shall
carry at  least a
w,th US."
were taken up ui tbe meeting ou
Thursday evening. If any ol our
readers are In touch with positions
available lor tbe enquirers, they w.ii
imt. ibe opportunity ol communlcat
log with ':•*•.-.   intending settlers.
.Miss Clara Barker    of    Stokesley,
Yorkshire.  England,  writes as follows
"Will  yi .   kindly  s,*nd  m.*  n    free
■: iti s..'t    of     Revelstoke,
mentions I  In   Heal tnnual.        I
*.|,l    111
Revelstoke    1 am well d isticatsd,
trilling to w.ik.  bul  wish t.* i...
I    un   healthy.
•   i t-       "■'' have .in Income." -m,* corporal In command
Mr. Georgt  Ciardinei ••: Hoppylaud ,ql .„,   •.„.<..,„„.   mitten   with   Bl
Ubert Hill. Bishop  Auckland BD,| B|„. foolishly
in- way ti.-ii ti ther rurales tb*     hi  -
I am  ■ .•■-■•■■ ta ol • omlng  out    to ,. .\.\ t.,.t  \nth   Tat
Britlsl                        there ia any op      ,ua wb.n I slapped one ■•( tli* r.itlt ■
t*.   ol   getting  employment    I ,*,.    h,   (truck mi   back   ind  U
am i age and hav*    erved -, ■ ium with a
ray apprenticeship  here  w.th  Messrs. ,;   ... .     .   .,
i. ■ gfi • ■'. Co., engine - .    ■ a not
■ PW    ,    sted him   Bul tb
ner,   I I  Mm ine engine   .,*..*■
und to promote u healthy and uutttr-
'al bowel  action,   thus leading  to  pel-
»f  dctermiocd   to  come   to      l.os ,
feci   and  henlthy  digestion and ussim
Several   reasons,     due   is   1|Mii,„|
have relatives at     San     ,\ cr.c. package ol itexull Dyspepsia
we   Tablets Furnishes   I.',  days'  tientnient.
In   ordinary      eases,  this  is  HUttleieut
to  produce a cure.      In  more chronic
cases, a longer treatment, of course.
is necessary,  and  depends upon    tbe
medal  apiect   back   seventy  of  the  trouble, Kor such CUSl
j es.  we have  two  larger sizes      winch
sell ior .vie. aud $i.oo. Remember,
yuu can obtain Rexall Remedies In
tins community only at our store —
The  Iteiall Btore.   The Vi.  Hews
Meet mc ut tlm Savoy,
Wagons for the hoys at Howson's.
Rexall Heef, Iron und Wine, at W.
Hews'  drug store.
Itexull Orderlies armed todny al
Hews'   drug  store.
(in Curls! Go Carls! at Howson's
al   Eastern  catalogue  priees.
Hoc the "Sugar Bowl" windows for
Saturday   specials.
Garden Tools, Wire Fencing, Garden Seeds, ut llourne Bros.
Linoleum  at   right   prices  nt    llow-
son'e furniture store.
Asparagus, celery, caulillower, cabbage, lettuce, green onions, rhubarb,
at llourne  Km.
Get a carpet, square at. Howson's—
tha largest stock ol carpets lu the
interior of U. C.
Carnations, DaOodals, Hyacinths,
Kreesln, Tulips and l.ellueo lor Easter.—,1.  Maley. Big llend  Hoad.
The "Sugar Howl" ice cream parlors are now open. The lurgest nnd
most   up-to-date proposition ln     the
Victor   Hornless     MnchincB  11 Irom
$-'0 upwards.     Edison phonographs,
from      $19.50      upwards.—Itevelstoke
Music  Store, McKenzie Avenue.
Hose Bushes for Spring planting,—
Bloom every month. Order now for
Immediate    ciiect.—ji B. Grossman,
Hevolstokc, B. C.
1)0   YOU   OWN   PROPERTY in Edmonton ?     Scud    ub   Description,
best price and terms for quick null).
MUSIC—Miss Johnson, pupil of A.
Miller, K.H.A.M., London, is prepared to tuke a limited number of pup
ils lor tuition in miiBic. For terms
npply at the resldenco of J. K.
Johnson, first, house west of thc hospital.   First   street.
Moots overy 2nd and 4th Thursdays
in Oddlellows Hull, at « o'clock.
Visiting Templars aro cordially in -
vi ted to attend.
W,  E. MUNSON, S. 0.
A. l). TOURNBR, h. S.
Albert Canyon School Report
Following   is  the  monthly   report ol
Albert Canyon  public school:
Prescribed   school   days   21
Days  school  was  in  session        21
Total  daily  attendance      ?40
Total actual    attendance   H38.5
Average daily  attendance   M.42
Average actual attendance  11.35
Pupils attending        12
Hoys  attending           !i
(iirls attending         7
Greatest number     attending ...        12
Least number attending        9
Number of monthly reports      12
SADIE  MILLS, Teacher.
DRCNKKNNKSS   CAN    HE   Cl 111 1>
i   v
OW Fallacy Thst Drmikrnnrivi Cannot
Be Cured  Ki plotted.
The "Rodeo" to which they tefei is
tbo great Southwestern Interstate
r..*.t inn contest to tie beld at"Lucky"
Baldwin's Santa Anita ranch.
"fuming  through  the  State ..[  So-
continued  Uuanita,     «   ■ t
... ompanied       t   a detachment     ol
ti \.. .ui i urates,
High School Attendance
the attendance at   the
Istoke Hub School t..r  the month
M *    .  ,i-  compiled '*■*  the  Prinri-
I the achool, Misa )   '   Mai K
High achool, Div. I        III 10 83 Ifi
Ii.v  II       II i 'Mia
1   Uli                          — —	
33 1H
Home Baking*
Better every way
than the ready
made foods
Baking Powder
Apure,Cream of Tartar
Made from Grapes
fire Alarm Boies
..ail are given thus: 2 i'.ij(«.
Qterval i seconds—4 strokes. Hoi
4. No. of boi w.ll also be shown
n .n-licator at Kire Hall,
hifnal for practice—not less tnai
lx (6» slow strokes
One 111 Indicates hot bf k*n or
re ont.
Box   So.   14—Corner    First    »trr*»t
ad    MeKenxie    avenue.  0.  II    Hume
A Co
H   i   •■       I.".—Corner  Frit       street
nd   Itokehy   avenue,  post  ofllce
It.,i   '•       . •    I OfHf   .-Wooil   street
and   ',* v-rnment   Road  and       Open
ir use
.rner  Third       r  -.
.11   Campbell   avenue.   Olobe     bum
er company.
Boi    • I' R   atatlon.
Boi N t ' orner Fifth stlWl
nd MrKeoii* avenue, ( ainoiic
Boi No  I*—Corner   Hixth    tussi
nl  OrtOB  avenue,   W.   A    f
Boi Ho   %%• -Oorner Fourth ntriet
nd Townley «tr"*M, Corner i.iii
Hoi   No    2h    ('..rner   Hee.,nd     ■
nd  Robson  svrnii",   Mre.  lloker
Hot   .v.,    .14    Fir«   llsll  No    t
Hoi   No.   U    Hospital
Boi No, M  Babool
rtM   HHltlAliK   NO     iNF..
Boi   No    44    Fire  Hall  No    I.
Hoi No. 45 -Front itreet meat.
ear V. V. It. bridge.
Hoi No. 4*8—'Corner Kinu aud
loiiglas itreets,  Palace Meat Market.
Hoi No. 47 ''orner Heeond and
Vales  etreeta,   luirli   of  court  ImUae.
Boi No. il—Corner Thltd and
'hai. itreets, Cowan block.
Many men drink who desire to etnp
the hat.it Whisky, however, ban un
d<nmln"d the constitution an.l created
a craving that m not t., be denied,
an.l tht> man must havt* whisky or
iomethtr.g that will remove ilu- crating an,] build up the system an.) restore ihe oerves.
Bamarls I'reseriptinn stops the craving, eteadlee the nerves, builds up the
gsnsrai hi-alth and makes tlrink actually distasteful and nauseous. It it,
taetelcas and odnrleas, and can be given with or without tbo patient's
knowledge, ln tea, eoffee or fumt. it
is used regularly by Physicians and
Hospitals. It haa cured thousands in
Canada, and restored happiness to
aundre-ds  of  homes.
Read   what   Mrs.   (1 .   of   Hull.
says of 11 and  what it did for her:
* Il Is four months tti.day sine-v I
started lo use ynur Kemedy I follow.
ed (he Slrsctlons. and hsd Die best of
results. Ont week after I started us-
,rf your Remedy llie pailent slopped
drinking, and has nol drunk a glaaa
of ttquar since I hope yon win accept
■y heartfelt thanks Hoping God witl
bless your Kemedy whenever tried, I
rewtala, »
Mra  Q ,  Hull, que.
tNsmi   srlthheld   by  request 1
Now. If ther*- ts anyone in your
(own who needs this Remedy, tell
ihem mt It Praeti-al philanthropy
■-an 'ake no better form If you have
a h-iaband father nrother or friend
who Irlnka help them help themselves      Write   to-day
marla. with Booklet giving full pur
••-•iiara. directions. testimonials.
pr'*-*. efr.. will be sent In a plain seal
-*d parkags to anyone mentioning this
upw     CarresDondencs sscrediv eon
toda)        Tne   Sn
marla  Rami ■; •    ll  19,   Col
" street,   i uutda. aibo
■  '    it   Macdonald, Drug
*     -'oke,  B.  C.
TO  RR! .     *   i     ,
Her j  :
\..F.   a   Ren ngt< •■  1
.■   irdei
I P   ii .--*■.*(.. i,1.1
ii   i
ise       o|
■ *;y for iiifht. ho •
•■•, i Herald
I)  The Bportsman    arbo i ,.
• .*!•* ,n connection with
Hie   Nr t .    , i,., ti,,„   result,   In   er
*   I    On      thr- K.I.to.    ,A    ttie
Mall Hi ind    bring the money
■.vith   I, .,,
COR hm.k  (iiiiriai Townslts Lots
iliudy.   northern   termlnim   of
* o'.T   Island,    |in snob; m,
rimb     Will   |,e   worth   »7nn  -.then rail
■' ij complstsd   s..t on.   ffinch
1 Imi:.  Vnneottver, B. 0.
BarrlHtera,  Bolicltora,  10tc.
Imperial  Hank   liiiil.l.n,;   Hovel-
stoke, B. C.
Money to Loan,
Olllces—Itovelatoke,    B.   O.,     and
Cranbrook, B. U.
Geo. B. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Hevelstoke, Craubrook
Provlnolal  Land  Huveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
McltliNZIK  AVID.,
P. 0,
.     W A L L A 0 M
A II C H I T K 0 T
Box 14G, HevolBtoko, 11.0.
Revelatoke,  B.  0.
Dominion and B.  C. Laud Surveyor.
KOOTENAY      LODU13,  No.   ib A.  F
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday In eaeh mouth
at 8 p. m. Visiting hrethrun arc
cordially  welcome.
W. B.  ROBBKTSON, Bocrntary.
CUllllT      MT.      BEliHlE,    No.  3461.
OF I. O. F.
Meets in 1. 0.   O. F. Hall next   to
Ta|i|iing'a Opera Hoiiho  every  aocond
and  fourth  Moutlny  iu  month.  Visiting brethren cordinlly  welcomed.
U. W. BELL, O. II.
WM.   8.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Hec.
0. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No.  T2$
Meets Second    and     Fourth  Wuduos
days    in  each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen  arc
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Coa. 0()m.
SELKIRK      LODOE  12,  1.  t).   O.  F.
Moeta every     Thursday evening   In
Selkirk  Hall  at S  o'clock.      Visiting
In Clin mii  cordially  invited.
H.    SIEGFRIED,   N. G.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
Meets every Wednesday except tbe
Third Wednesday of each montb ln
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knighti are cordially invited.
G.   W.  GARLAND,  C.  0.
O. H. BROCK, K. of R. ft B.
M. of F.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P.O.Box 31, Revelstoke
Smoker's Supplies
The old reliable now bus llic largest and beat line of Smokers'
Supplies ever In the (Ity, nnd ottr prices nre tiuht* I'lft)' brnnill
o( cijjuis lo choose iifiii.   I'rice luuu (l.OOper box up;  nol made
li'Mii sirii]) either.
Meerschaum  Pipes Trom $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
Our siock  of Cnluhasli   Pipes is rhuiII on account of the
crop being a failure this yenr mul quality poor.
Briar rii.es iu cases from $1,00 up.
Ask for the liiiiious II. H. II. In uiul. livery pipe Is Kiiiir.in-
Cigar and Cigiiietlc Holders, Cases anil Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Triit:s and 1'lpo Rocks. Tell us what you want and we will
suit you. If you cannot cull, phone 37 and goods will be sent to
your home for approval.   Buy early while Block is complete,
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody known him, he will
tell you that the whiskeys we arc
i.i'lliii)., are the best. Call and be
convinced. No hoitnehoUl should
lm without a supply of our Harvey's Special St otch Whiskey; our
Frapln Liqusur Brandy, guaranteed
no.veins old or Blaokberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds ale iiri'xeilli d. Hold by all
llie leading hotel.-, or li'lepliolie
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers ai d Dealers In I urn Wines, liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
If You want  the  latest  in  Spring
Goods be  sure and   call at
D. GaUicano, Second Street
Fresh]; Seasonable   Vegetables Always Kept in Stock
ALEXANDER LAIRC, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -  $8,000,000
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Mannings.
All kinds of machine needles
H.  MANNING,   Agent.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Phone 42  -    Ni^ht Phone 85
Electric Restorer for Men
I'hosphonol i"1'"' "">""' m ■*• '• '■»
rial Md vlljhly. Prniillure decay ;iti*t nil *>rnnal
StskaSM ItartiO «l on'' rhniphimnl will
rmk« yum tte-.m "mn. Pries MsbotaOMwo i.i
16. Mml*»l l'i«nv« l-lr*- TlmScowill Biuf
Co.. St. I »ll.«, I,.... Out.
One Team    cfHorses
and one single Horse
weight about 1400 to 1500 lbs,
Bach, suitable for ln-ivv work.
Must be sold at oneCi   AppU
w R, HOWSON, Kevelstoke.
With its larpe number of branches, agents and correspondents, Th«
Canadian Bank of Commerce i.s able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreipn currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
1900 1911
Capital       ....       $ 3,000,01)0 * 4,000,000
Reserve 3.000000 4,600,000
Deposits      ....        23,677,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments         -      27.4A7,0!)0 38,854,801
Total Assets        -      -      -        33.090,192 48.237,284
Has 83 Brandies In Canada, and Agents and Corrsspondents In all
ths Principal Cities In ihe World.
Interest allowed at hlghsst ourrtnt rata.
Revelatoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors Anli-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its water-
proof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
8 Midlers
Harnsss Makers
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets*, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
1 WEDNKRDAY,  APRIL 3rd,  1912.
WFWNKUDAY,   APRIL   3rd,   1912.
you can safely follow
Sir William Mackenzie
Sir Donald Mann
■in your investments
■by purchasing to-day in
^The Pacific Coast Terminal of the C.N.R.
"■■you are simply getting in at" ground floor" prices.
■■■these lots are in the heart of the business centre of Port Mann,
■■■you won't heve to fret and worry about your investment.
Mackenzie C$> Mann with all their wonderful energy, foresight,
and money-power are building a City—and every move of theirs—means
profit to you.
 do you know that Port Mann
is nearer thc wheat fields of Alberta and Western Saskatchewan
than Port Arthur, Ont.
The Canadian Northern Railway gave Jno. F. Hansen the first
selection of lots in the business centre. A large portion of these lots
are controlled by Mr. Hansen's associate, CHARLES S. MEEK.
They are offered to you now at prices authorized by the C. N. R.
$1,000 to $6,000, on attractive terms of One Quarter Gash,
and the balance in five semi-annual payments, with interest at
6 per cent.
Plans, Price Lists, FREE.   You had better wire.
Prices advance April 4th,
518-519 Pacific Building,
Vancouver, B. C.
EST D 1836
Two leaves and a bud.   That a
all that is plucked at one time in gather-
ing the crop for Ridgways Tea. # We
might pluck more leaves and get a bigger
crop, but it would deteriorate thequauftf
oi tne teas.
Sealed in air-tight, dust-proof, quarter,
half and pound packages.
•Her Mijetiy'i Bleed' '5 O'clock* •Old Ceosby*
$ 1.00 per lb.       60c per Ib. 50cpe» Ib.
■Capital HouKhold'
40c. per Ib.
May i\f>w bi Had in Tew*
at Best S/n'ps
I LONDON 19 tl
Corporation of the City
of Hevelstoke
I'ublic Notice Ih hereby Riven Unit
It Ih absolutely necessary that disorders of n suspicious nnturc be reported to Dr. McLean, City Medical
Health OHicer or other physicians,
ne Boon ns known. Failure to do this
Ib a punishable olTeucp.
Uy Ord'r,
City Clerk.
New Lightning Method
Oil Painting, and Painted Walls
Cleaned like new.
Paper Hanging1 a Specialty
Estimates Given
Strikers Play Football
London, March U0— Although thc
lirst TOtM taken among tbc niiuers
of Lancashire on the question, "Aro
you iu favor of resuming work pending tbe settlement of thc imn.mum
rate ol wages in tbe various grades
by thc district board to be appointed
under thc Coal Mine Minimum Wage
Act," show that a majority of tho
men there are opposed to returning to
work until the district hoards buvs
lixed the minimum wages, there are
indications throughout tbc rest of
thc country which show nn increas -
ing desire ou thc part of thc miners
to return to thc pits.
There is considerable reluctance,
however, umoug the colliers to take
any definite step until thc result of
tbe ballot ot the miners, ol which
there seems to be little doubt is definitely known. Practically all the
leaders arc advising the miners that
nothing will be gained by remaining
Mr. Thomas Asbton, secretary ul
the Miners' Federation, issued a slut,
ment lasl night counselling the mui-
ers lo resume work without waiting
tor thc district boards to adjust the
minimum wage, aud his advice probably will have greater influence on
thc ballot than that ol uny other
Thc ouly stumbling block in tho
way of a speedy termination ol the
-tnke seems to be the attitude ot iho
ourtace men who still bave some
I grievances unsatisfied. Their national federation  issued  a  manifesto yen-
Painter, Paper Hanger, Decorater
RevelBtoke, B C.
terday   to all   its  branches tj the et-
Mirror Making and re-Silvering  feet that there must In no resumption
Glass Cutting and Boring of  work  by any sect.,... ol the federa-
GlaBS   Frosting and  Staining       tion unless the owners have conce-ind
Picture Framing,  etc. their  demands.   It   is   believed,   how-
PriceS Reserved. eTer,  that this dispute will  be settled
—— before  the result of the geueral  bai -
loting is aunounced.
Mr. Ashton's statement is consider
ed to bc of great importance liecauso
it wus professedly issued with a view-
to counteracting tbe advice of some
ol tbc leaders that thc miners should
not resumu work until the wages
board have filed the minimum in
every district. Mr. Ashton regards
this advice as very injudicious, declaring that some of the boards might
fix the rates in u fortnight, while
others might occupy several weeks in
so doing, tie thinks it advisable that
all tho miners resume work simul -
tuneously, so that every district may
bc on an equal footing.
A number of the South Walee leaders also arc now counselling an immediate resumption of work, and according to the latest indications the
men will return to the mines by
Thursday and work through the Eastertide, already having had mors of
a holiday than they require.
In fact moderate views are gaining
tho ascendancy in the question concerning the settlement of the strike,
and influential labor leaders are join
ing in the denunciation of syndical -
ism and advising the men loyally to
accept tbe wage bill. William Brace.
William Hnrvey and Thomas Ilich-
ards, all prominent mining represen •
tntives in parliament, have issued
statements similar in purport to that
Ol  Mr.  Asbton.
There were further additions in the
ranks of the miners resuming woik
in Scotland, but an increaso of 20,000
In tbe unemployed in the other trades
who were fore'd out of work by reason of a shortage of coal. There was
however,  no recurrence of disorder.
Oood feeling prevails between the
troops and thc strikers. A special Instance of tbis is shown by the fact
that at Cannock, in Staffordshire the
soldiers and strikers played n match
itame ol football.
Coal mining rights of tbe Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tbe Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased lor a term ol
twenty-one years at an annual rental of |1 an acre. Not more tban
2,660 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
by tbe applicant in person to tbe
Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
In which the rights applied for are
In surveyed torritory tbe land must
bs described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, and in un
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the ap -
plicant  himself.
Karh applicant must be accompanied by a fee of It which will be refunded If tbe rights applied tor are
not available, but uot otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid ou tbe merchantable output ol the mine at tbe
rate of live cents per ton.
Tlie person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tbe
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal una
Ing rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for tbe working of
the mine at the rate of 110.00 an
Kor full Information application
should lx fnade to the Secretary of
thc Department ol the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
W.  tt. COtlT,
Deputy  Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement will not lie paid
Barred Plymouth Rocks, »2.00;
Rhode Island Beds, 12.00; White pek
ins Duck, J2.00; White Bmden Geese
eggs, SOc. each; Day old chicks; Urj
old ducklings. Stock for sale. WWW
and Buil Leghorns cheap. Write or
'phone 111, Now r.rovc Poultry Pain)
Mrs.  H. A.  Upper Prop. WKliNKSDAY,   APRIL  Ird,   L9l!
WWbMKsnAY,   APRTIj. 3rd,. 1911
Great Gathering
Vancouver   March
i.i i
i*.i aboul this—ovorybody recognises
how sorloiis is tho position ol allatrs
nnd everybody wbo knows anything
about tho hospital regrets greatly
that iota a thoroughly offlclotit stall
will i, ive io in- replaced iit such a
short  notioe,
Und,   1812,
1'. ti. Bos,
To   the   K litoi    Mail lleriil.l.
Revelstoke, B, C,
Dear Sir,—I am enclosing herewith
:, program of our Bisteddfoii to be
held ai the Vancouver Opera Hou«e,
on May 22nd, ud -3rd, also an an -
nounoement which I Khali be much
ged if you mil make through tho
in* .liuin ••! your paper!
1 might state that the object ol
our Hist•••l.lln.l la not to make iiiiiiiii-.in the contrary, it Mould not
havi been practicable to arrange mich
an event i,;„i    not certain  patriotic(_££*W~_\li{~0~a."oTbetoro"April"lO
Welshmen, anxious to keep alive this    ,     ,,,  ..,.,. ,.,,..„,  .  „.,„i.    Aim-
1      Institution  ot      Ml* it   i alive
Ian I,  ' omi    Ioi «ard     with  t nnnoial
ntd    ll  is tbe aim of oui  t o'nm tteo
ivi   *,t  oui   lirst   HSlsteddl id     as !
, .- itbi i Ing •■! Welshmen a I po
Subscriptions Discounted
Mr.   B.ibHcriber:—
The Mail-Herald has Bent out accounts to subscribers i» arrea's to
the eitont ol over $;I0«0, and wo wish
to notify all these subscribers, who
may receive one ot our accounts tnat
it they will call aud settle their account or bend  the same to  tho Mv
and we trusi  i ou will I, nd uh
v..ur „i,l  to this end      hy  puh i thing
sed  announcement   hi    your
• • * -   •  * limns       'I hanking  you   In an
yours   very   truly
v,   \    Jon      Bei i etary.
ell national Institution .
the one most deal to the beasts ol
H • Ishmen  la  theii   Eisteddfod and  In
;i,   -     poll     "I   t lie   WOI Id   it   has       be
come an annual event lor Welshmen
: gatbei togetbei and take part in
: ui,*st   ancient   ol      then   nisi uu
The  tirst   K,>!e.1.Hod   held      on
the Paclfli  * "*, ,i  will be at the Van
• ,*..r opera bouse, on May 22nd and
and i great effort is being made
to bring all Welshmen throughout the
:.ce of British Columbia and along   the  Pacific coast  into Vancouver
on these dates.     Arrangements   have
been made with the t'.l'.U. tor con
vention rate* trom ill parts ol Brit-
Columbia, which nu ans thnt the
Ian will be single lore Ior tin* round
trip. Convention certificates, which
enable those wishing to make the
trip to procure the concession in rail
way tare, may be hal on application
to i be Eisteddfod Becretary, P, 0.
ii \ i. • \ mcouvi i. Program ol
competitive eventa may also be had
in application to tho same address,
Nursing Staff Resign
i.in.ii March 80—The matron in a
thc entire nursing stall ol the Vernon
Jub.lec hospital, twelve in llll, have
res.gned in a body because an in
■ jii.ry which they demanded into the
treatment they alleged they received
from Di William did noi result In
Ing    -ui* i In m the use of the
I  t.il   or   a-   '.east   some   stringent
action      being   taken   than   giving      a
warning to the doctor and assuring
the     nursing     staff that thej   would
lull protection In tbe discbarge
Ol tho.r dut.i*8 Tw.i <•! the direct.ns.
Messrs. Billings and Hall, have also
resigned From the Hoard. They stat.'
that it number of the directors who
voted did *•• without having l>,en pre
sent when the evidence was taken.
and that tb.s wa- tbe lirst meeting
that eome ol them had evei attended
tbat an apology
nest, we will give them a cash discount ol in per cent, off tho nui ir.m
of thoir bill, Wo nto mtkliig thia
liberal oiler iu order to realize ciU'tk
ly  on these accounts.
11 there is nny inaccuracy in tho
in count you bave received Irom us,
send It to our ollice with your explanation and wn will lie only too
happy   to  rectify  lhe  mistake.   It   you
therefore want to m.iko a ilcu," itnln
of  211   pcr   cent,   ou   y mi*   subscription
aocount, pay it. adore the c.ii.1 ot
April next,      	
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
— WORK   biiOP—
Cuiinuughi Ave.   -   Rovolstoke
RevelBtoke   Lund  District.
District   of   West.  Kootenuy
Take notice that l.aiin A. Uloudin,
of Halcyon, 11. t'., occupation lutir -
ried woman, iuteuds to apply for permission to purchase the lo.lo-vmg
described  laud:
Commencing nt a post plunt;d ou
the South Boundary sixty chains v.est
of the south-east corner ot Lot 7U12;
Ihence south 2» chains, thenco ci.st
Id cbuins, thence nortll 2b (hums,
to  suid   south   boundary  ol   Lot "iU72
tbence west along said boundary it'
cbains more or less to point ol tom-
ineiiccmi nt,  containing 80 acre--  ii.ore
or   less
Hated   March   llth,   1912.
Luuu A. Blondln.
Hugh Patinsoii, Agent
Revelstoke Land District.
bistrict ot  West Kootenay.
Take notice that Adelard S. llloii
din, oi Hnlcyon, 11. C, occupation
shipwright, intends to apply tor permission     to      purchase   the  following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted ifi
.bains south and 20 chnins west ot
the south-east corner ot Lot 7072;
theuce south 10 chains, thence west
20 chains, thence north 40 chains,
thencc eust 20 'hains more or less to
at'point of commencement, and contain
ast   should   have   been   insisted   upon'ing eighty acres,  more  or  less.
luted  March   llth    1912.
Adelard  S.  Blondln.
Iri n.   Dl     >y,....,ni-.   sa  the  fact    that
-•   directors  wbo  voted  foi     the
amendment  thought ,t  necessary   to
\..ir:. him against a repetition of tbe
■    indicates,   In  then      opinion.
•   *     must   have    be -
; -ifi that tbi  chargi ■ bad been pro
v.***.!.    They retard tbc amendment    ns
equivalent  t*   ,i verdict of "not gu.l
it don't do .t again."
It   was  thought     by    some   ot    the
Board that  mott of the nurses m.ght
It   ed   t" remain,  if  un  apology   I    mpe1 '
Hugh  Pattlnson,  Agent.
•mn men mum
for      New      Cnivert tj
were  tendered  them  by Hr.   Williams
■   Itreetors subsequently ap-
and endeavored to ar-
-ometbmg of this  nature. This
rei    Di    B lliamt refused to con
statiiiE  that   he  had  not    been
.*   Itj  ••; tbe chi     ■ gainst hln
and   it   would   be  impossible  (or    him
• ;■■'. *g;*t*   for   an   offence   he    had
Tb.s      .■**.  the Situation as it
Huildings  to   lie   Eerected   at  Point
Grey,      near      Vancouver,     British
The Government ol British Colum
bia invite Competitive Plans (or the
* ral icheme    and   design lor   the
pi .posed   new*     University,  together
w.:h      more      detailed    Hans for the
lldings to be erected tirst  ai   I
ed  coBt  of  $1,500,000.
Prizes of $10,000 will  be given    for
-tan*.!*-    Thi  entire staff will leavi oi   tl    most successful   Designs submitted
April -'.    Whatever  may   1* the   opin       Particulars   ot   the  competition and
■ '.   the   netim.i,   ,d  th,    lired D   oi  site  may   he  obtained   on  re-
an in. •■■  ■ ■ •  ■ • is     ire ei   •
Shi/oh's Gure
Salckly  alopa millii,
lb*  lhrn*l   ami) luod>.
ara.   col-Hi,   hraU
23 c..i»
st   from  the  undersigned.
The designs  to  I*  sent   ,n   by  July
It,   1912    addressed   to
I .lilament Buddings.
Victoria,   British
White-Star-Doir. inion mmoiin
Royal Mail Steamers Sailing Every Saturday
\. w •.-.<-. New Trip!? Sf-rpw
*S. S. Laurentic S. S. Megantic
'Turbine and Riciprocatlng Knglnet
Last word in shipbuilding.   Klictric Klevators.    Rlectrli   Heaters,
Skilled Orchestra. Wirelrss and Deep Sca|8lgna1 Vpparalus
Comfort at moiiei  te rates by exoellent
one-class ill   Cabin service.
S. S. Twin-Screw Teutonic
58J feet buig
S. S.JTwin-Screw Canada
.""l I feet long
Largest, fastest steamer Canadian Mverpool one-class (II) i nbln ncrvlce
Hi^t si'i otttmoilntioii given I8*711 r.p, llllrd-clsss (closed rooms) ».'| 25
Compsny't Otltes Soom. "B" Ssller Bulliflnir, Seconil snll Cherry Stu., tomtit
A. G. BROOKER, AgentJRevelstoke
Water Rights in the
Railway Belt
Kamloops Water District
NOTIOE Ih hereby given that any
person, partnership, compnny, or
municipality having any cluim to
water rights in the Railway Belt
may llle with the Chief Wuter Com
iiiisHioncr ut. the Parliament lluild-
ingH, Victoria, a statement ol claim
to water privileges on a printed form
(No. !>0), which can hfl obtained trom
the   Wuter  Commissioners    nt      New
Westminster, Yale, Aibcroft, Kamloops, Revelstoke, Golden, or from
tbo chtct Water Commissioner,
Edldoucc will he hciird at local
points ns soon as the claims hnve
hcen examined and tabulated for determination hy the Hoard ot Investigation, aiid notices will he published
in the 11. II. Gazette and local papers of the plnrc nnd date when ouch
stream will he dealt with. Objootions
may lie Hied with the Chiel Water
Commissioner. The [ollowing streams
arc supposed to he wholly or parti -
ally within thc Uailway Belt in the
Knmloops Wntcr District, which includes Kamloops and the Ashcrolt
Mining   Divisions:—
Anderson Creek.
Alkali  Creek.
Allardyce  Greek.
Alexander Lake.
Alexander Creek.
American Creek.
Adams Hiver.
Adams Lake.
Agnes Creek.
Atkins Creek.
Almondbury  Creek.
Ashcrolt.  Creek.
Avcly Creok.
Ancsty Ttlvcr.
Anesty Luke.
Ashton Creek.
Antler Luke
Agate Creek.
llonnard  Creek.
Heaver  Lake.
Heaver  Ponds.
Heaver  Creek.
Barnes Creek.
Hu: Qulch.
Hams Creek.
Badger Creek.
Broderick  Creek.
Ilotta Creek.
H.g and Little Lake.
Unities Lake.
Dond Creek.
Uonnii Creek.
Hotnes Creek.
Dad Lnnd Lakes.
Ilrockies  Creek.
Hush   Lake.
Bush Creek.
Bonaparte River.
Buse Creek.
Big  Fish  Lake.
Broom Creek.
Brash   Creek.
Big Lake
Bute  t.nke.
Bonnet  Springs,
Battle Creek.
Baillie ci*
Hrassey  (lulch.
dory  Creek.
H.it-'s  i'reek.
Drink  (reek.
Barricade Croek
Bateau Creek
Mack Canyon   Ofesk
Bnrnec  Lakes,
null   Arden   Cresk.
Hlalr Creek
Botahue Cr-vk
Rush ''reek.
Blue Earth (reek.
Bins Earth Lake.
Hullet Creek.
Brousseau i reek
Illiie  Ravine  r'reek.
Bure   i'reek
B :'■•  Lake.
Black   fine  Lake.
amp1 ell   *"re«ik.
Campbell,  tributary of
Chase   Creek
Cherry ''reek
i'opper Creek.
Cache  Creek. 1
Cnrron   I'rsek.
* te  ''reek,
i hrisse. Creek.
Coal   Hit.   Lakes.
Cyphon  Creek.
('untie  ('reek
Canoe  (.'reek.
Canoe Creek,  Bouth-esst f-'.rk of
Canoe Creek, Hast Fork of
Cultua ('reek.
Hemes i'reek.
Copper  Lake.
Cornwall   Lake.
Oaulfields r-'trenm.
('amp Creek,
(',*.lur Creek  ("lulch.
Obuhum Creek,
Christian  Creek.
Cooyon Creek.
Cascade Creek.
ChcSlSy   I.nke
Oedar .Spring.
Cornwall   Creek.
Celesta  Creek.
Crazy Creek.
Conk  Creek.
Chum Creok,
Cold  Creek.
Charcoal   Creek
Cougar Creek.
Cache Creek.
Caniphell  Lake.
Calling  Lake.
Crown   Lake.
Curries Creek.
Celesta Creek.
CrlBS  Creek.
C iai gel Inch ic   Creek.
Cahlly Creek.
Deer  Creek.
Deep Crock.
Dry Crook.
Dm k  Crook.
Dixon  Creek.
Dairy   Creek.
Headman's   ftlver.
Dully Creek.
Devils Lake.
Dnria  Creek.
Davies Creek.
Drained and North Cameron Lakes.
Doherty Crook.
De  Mars  Croek.
Dairy Clock Lnko,
Dominic Luke.
Dunn  Creok.
Dubois Crook.
Duck  Lake.
Elliot Creek.
Kdwiuils  Creek.
Edwards Crook,  North Fork
Edwards Lake.
Elk Creok.
Eagle River.
Eagle River,  North Fork.
Bight-mile  Creek.
Eighty-tour-mile Creek.
Eighty-nine-  mile  Creek.
Five-mile Creok.
French Ned Crook.
Fish  Creek.
Fcnsom Creek.
Frog Lake.
Frog Creek.
Frank Creek.
Ferris Crock.
Fish Lake.
Flat Lake.
Forest Lake.
Fuce Lake.
Frisken Lake.
Forguson  Lnko.
Fort Dallas Crock.
Forest Tine Creek.
Eraser River.
Fortune's Creek.
Endear  Creek.
Gucrin Creek.
Gulchon Crock,
(lulch Luke,
(lulch Creek.
Granite Creek.
George Creek.
Glanzler Creek.
(Iroiisc Creek.
Oalina Croek.
Gordon Creek.
Critlin Lake.
llotllcy or Heflerley Creek,
lleflley  or    Heflerley  Creok,    Nortll
Heffiey or Heflerley  Lake.
Horse  Hunch Creek.
Hat Croek.
Humphrey Lake.
Hazel Creek.
HyaH Long Lake.
Hughes Lake.
Hudson  Day  Gulch.
Hog Range Creek.
Hull-mile  Crook.
Hamburg Creek.
Hort Creek.
Hidden  Lake.
Highland   Vnlley Divide  Lake.
I ham  Creek.
Hyum   Lake.
Ilunukwa   Lake.
H.'iihill   Cresk.
Himiikwn   Lake.
Ingram   Creek.
Iron Mask  Mine.
Iron  Mask  Lake.
Indian   Gardens  Creek.
Intlepnn  ''reek.
Isman Creek,
loklkun Creek,
ko  <reek.
.Jam.egon Creek,
.loneu  Lake,
dacko Lake.
Jacko Crsek.
John   Frank   Lake.
Jsgoe  i reek.
Junction Bar Crest
Johnnh  vi Ison Creek.
*!a--k Cresk,
Kosoom   Kanaiy Creek.
Knouft  Lake.
Kingfisher  Creek.
Kamloops   Lake.
Lander   Cresk.
Lake  creok
!*•■<■;»  Lake.
Louis Crsek
Lake  rttb the Inland
Lucky   Striks  Lake.
lb  Lake.
■i  Creek.
'up   I'reek.
«tap  Lake
If »ll   i unpUfi   Creek.
Lumby r'reek.
I   l Tacit.
Luekocheen  Creek.
I.oakln < r<*»k.
Laps l
Lanes Creek.
I/aluwiso a  ('reek.
Ler  Creek
Moore Creek
Murray I reek.
Monte i :,*«k
Monte l„,ke.
Mart in   'reek.
Mud   Creek
Mallard Lake.
Meiiors Ditch.
Mountain spring.
Mountain   Lake.
Moim   Hprlng.
Moflol   Crtiit,
Miller Creek.
Mansoll  Creok.
Moulton Creek.
Mitchell   Creek.
Mountain  ('rock,
McCallum Crock.
McDonald Crook.
Mclvor Creek.
McConnell  Lake.
McOlure  Creek.
McTuvish   Creok.
McLean Luke.
Maiden  Creek.
Marhle  Canyon.
Medicine  Creek.
Meadow  Crock.
Middle  Creok.
Middle Fork.
McQueen   Crock.
Miicaulcy Creek.
Mabel   Lnko.
Mara Lake.
Mamoto Creok.
Mann  Creek.
Martin  Creok.
Mcllillvrny  Creek.
Ncscantell ('reek.
Nicola  River.
Napier  Lake.
Ned  -yrcok.
Newman Lake.
No Name Creek.
Noble  Creek.
North Fork  Lake.
Nnhiiweekln  Creek.
Nuknlltston Creek.
Narrow  Strip Hprlng.
Nclson'B Creek.
NolBct Creek.
Nicomcn   Creok.
Nikwikoca Creok.
Nu-a-a River.
Noisy Creek.
Niskonlith Creok.
Niskonlith Lako.
Nohomocn  Crock.
Nikwoi  Creek.
Newhlwhoia Crook.
Noel Creok.
North Creek.
OwenB Croek.
Oregon Jack Creek.
Cue Tree Gulcb.
Otter River Crock.
I'cterBon  Crock.
Pennies Creek.
I'htlliB  Creek.
I'oolcy Lnko.
Calmer Creek.
Huxon Croek.
Haul  Creok.
I   oil  Lake.
l'eiullcton Creek.
I'ytbou Mine Tunnel.
Hot Hole Lake.
I'tnrmigan  Creok.
1 "uiil   Lako.
Hants  Lake.
Pot Hook I^oke.
Palmer  Lower Meodows.
Palmer Upper  Meadows.
Proctor Creek.
Pea vine Creek.
Pemberton Creek.
Peter Creok.
Park Creek.
Piipsiiqiia  Creek.
Pinaiilou Lake,
Pass Croek.
Pass Lake.
Putnam Creek.
Pimiiinus  Creek.
Pnkaist Creok.
Pillar Lake.
l'earse Creek.
IMixton Creek.
I'emynoose Creek.
Uiieest Creek.
Rocky Creek.
Robhtne Gulch.
Robin Croek.
Hock Spring.
Rock Lake.
Robbins Creok.
Richardson Lake.
Holier Lake.
Reservation Creek.
Rosb Creek.
Red   Lakes.
Ridge Lake.
Rough  Creek.
Round Lake.
Roach  Lake.
Reserve  Creek.
Salmon  River.
Ske-Pa Creek.
Summit  Lake.
Summit Creek.
Six-ralle  Creek.
Sullivan  Creek.
Spring Creek.
Sweeten  Lnke.
Spanish  Lnke.
Struthero   Lake.
Sterling Creek.
Sheep  Corral   Lake.
Scatter  Creek.
.-tehee-dam Creek.
Hheedani  Creek, tributary of
Bcala Beaver Meadow.
Spilt   Creek.
Sullivan   Field.
S i wash   Lakes.
Separating Lake,
Second  Creek.
Booth Badger  Lake.
Serrilin   Lake.
Stuart  Lake.
Sargent (reek.
i-!'oteh  Creek.
i  (reek.   North  Fork
I u,k Cresk,
Spokane 'reek.
Hkookumehuek Creek.
ShiiHWnp  niver.
Shuswap Lake.
Stone   ('reek.
Stump  I,„ke  Crook.
Spring Guich.
Bcottlf   (tndiaui   Creek,
Spa Creek
Snl-eston  Lake
Spnlliimeheen  Rlvsr.
Spallumchstn Lake.
Skoonko  Cieek.
Bplaos Creek.
Siprlonoy Creek.
Strycn Creek.
Slcin Creok.
Hiwhe Crock.
Shiimwny  Lako.
Shulium  Creek.
Separation Lake.
Honltton Lake.
Sknkuin  ('reek.
South   Push  Creek.
Seymour   Hiver.
scuittoe Cresk,
Scuittoe Lake.
Skamaiin Luke.
Stomal Creek.
Stinking Lake.
Three-mile. Creok.
Triiniiulllii  Crock.
Trnni|Ulllo Lnke.
Tulo Lakes.
Tuloo  Lako.
Tobacco Crook.
Trail Crook.
Thompson Hiver.
North Thompson  Hlvsr.
South  Thompson   Hiver.
Trapp Creok.
Trapp  Lake.
Todd Lake.
Twelve-mile  Crook.
Twenty throe-mile   Crock.
TsUllUI  Crock.
Tnppen Crook.
Trout Lako.
Toonktia Lnke.
Tsolln Lake.
Twaal Creek.
Trinity Creek.
Tsooloos Crock.
Twig Creok.
llsshcr Lake.
Vlck Creek.
Verney Lnke.
Venables Creek.
Wlllon Creek.
Walker Lako.
Wilson  Creek.
Warren Creek.
Willis Lnke.
Wcntworth   Luke.
White Rock Crock.
Willard Lake.
Wntertail  Creek.
White Lake.
White Creek.
Wowls Creek.
Watching Crock.
Witches Brook.
Wright  Creek.
Woodland  Creek.
Valo Creek.
Yard Creek.
Statements of claims may also le
Hied to water In any unnamed spring
stream, creek, pond, gulch, lake, or
other Bource of wuter supply.
Duted  13th February, 1011,
W. n. ROH8,
Minister ot Lands.
Water Rights in the*
Railway Belt
Revelstoke Water District
NOTICE Is hereby given that any
person, partnership, company, or
municipality having any claim to
water rights iu the Railway Felt may
llle with thc Comptroller of Water
Rights ut tho Parliament Uuildlngs,
Victoria, a statement of cutim to
water privileges on a printel lor n
tNo. 60), which can be ol,t in **l trom
the Water Recorders st New »'i>gt -
minster, Yale, Ashcrolt, Kam'.ocps,
Hevelstoke, and Golden, or Bom the
Comptroller of Water nights.
Kvldoncc will be heard at local
points ob soon as thc claims have
heen examined and tabulated f r determination by tho Board il Investigation, and notices will be published
in the B. V. Gazette and local papers ol thc place and date wheu each
stronm will be dealt with. Objections
may he Hied with the Comptroller of
Water Rights. The following streams
are supposed to lie wholly or partial
,y within the Uailway Belt lu tbe
Hevelstoke Water District:
Akolkolex  Creek.
Albert Canyon Springs.
Armstrong Creek.
Asulken Glacier Creek.
nattlo Creek.
Big Creek.
Big Kddy Creek.
llridgc Creek.
Burns Creek.
Canyon  Croek.
Canyon Stream.
Carnes Creek.
Cascade Creek.
Colbeck  Creek.
Columbia River.
Cougar Creek.
Crnnlierry  Creek.
Davis Creek.
Fan Creek.
Fifteen mile  Creek.
Fish  Hiver.
Freeze  Cresk.
Krlsby Creek.
Glacier Creek.
Greely Creek.
Ilniipr Cieek.
Hays Creek.
IHddlrh OtMk,
Houston Creek.
lllecillewaet   Glacier  Creek.
llleeillewaet  Hiver.
lllecillewaet  Rlvor.  North  Branch.
lllecillewaet  South River.
Jordan River.
Lardpsu   Creek.
Lett Hand Brewery Creek.
Long Creek.
Loop Creek.
Msleys Creek.
Crock,   EaBt
McDoiigal  Crock.
McRae Lake.
McRno Creek.
Menhinick   Crerli.
Mill Croek.
Mooso Crook,
plain Greek,
Ritchie Crook.
Hablo Crook.
Scott Creek.
Blbbald Crook'.
Small  Springs.
Sproat Creok.
Summit Lako.
Tapping Creek.
Tnppy Creek.
Thirteenth     Crossing
Thirteenth     CroSBlng Crock,
Threo  Valley  Lake.
Tonca Wntla River.
Two-mile  Creek.
Two-mile  Crook,   North  Fork.
Watson Crook.
YntOB Creek.
SI ream  about    quarter  of   a
south    of      Yates's    Ranch,
about two miles aouth of illccillc
wnet River,  near Revelstoke.
Small Creek on flection 32, Town -
ship 23, Range 2.
Small   spring   within   rlghVof-way
on     Section   1(1,     Township    25,
Range 2S weBt of Bth.
Small spring unnamed on C. P. R.
main line.
Small stream Mowing into Colum -
bin River on left bank about nino
mlleB north of Arrowhead.
Small  stream north-west of     main
line C.P.Ry., Rovolstoko, near to
western     boundary of   tho com -
pany's land.
Creek   (lowing  through   N.W.   I    of
Section 24.     Township 13, Range
2 west of 6th.
Smull   stream   flowing  southerly  in
Sections 35 and 3fi, Township 23,
llniige, 2 west of Bth.
Unnamed stream In Town of Revelstoke at junction ol Eighth Btreet
nnd Connaught Avenue.
I niiameii     stream    flowing     -down
mountain     hctwocn    C.P.R.  main
line and Jordan River.
Small stream     running through N.
E.      1    Sertion 2<>, Township 23,
Hnnge 2 wcrI  of Cth.
Small Creek on Subdivisions il nnd
If,,      Section    23,     Township   23,
Range 2 weet of 6th.
Stream  running liotween     Soctlotis
21 and  13. Township 23,  Range 2
west of *kh.
Unnamed stream flowing through S,
W. J     Section 21,     TownBhip 23,
Hnnge 2 west of 6th.
Stream  running  through   S.   W.   I
Section 3, Township 24,  Rnngo 2,
west of 6th.
Two hot sprlngB on  Subdivision 6,
Section   16,  Township   25,    Range
28 west ot 6th.
Cold water Bpring crock on Subdivision 5,  Section  If,, Township 26,
Range 28 wost of ">th.
8prlug north of Lot 68, on Columbia River Wagon Rood.
Small stream running through Villa Lots CO and 62.
Statements of claims may  also  he
filed tO water in ally  unnamed  creek,
spring, stream, pond, gulch, lake, or
other source of water supply.
Dated at Victoria, 11.   ('., 27th     of
February,  1912.
W. R.  R088,
MlniBter ol Lands.
Notice to Contractors
Scaled Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Lock-up, Arrowhead," will lai
received by thc Honourable tbo Minister of Public Works up to 12
o'clock noon, ot Wednesday, tho I7tb
duy of April, 1912, (or tbo erection
and completion of a Court-room,
Lock-up, and Constable's Quarters,
at Arrowhead, In tho RevelBtoke Electoral District, B. C.
Plans, specifications, contract, nnd
forms of tender muy be seen on snd
utter tbc 27th day of March, 1912, at
the offices ot the Constable in charge
Arrowhead, B, C, the OovernmeDt
Agent, Revelstoke, B. C, and tbe
Department ot Public Works, Parliament  Buildings,  Victoria.
Each proposal must he accompanied hy an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered
bunk of Canada, made payable to tbe
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, for tho sum of 1300, wblcb
shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter Into contract
when called upon to do so, or If be
fail to complete the work contracted
for. The cheques or certificates of
deposit ol unsuccessful tenderers will
he returned to ttacm upon thc execution ot the contract.
Tenders will not lie considered unless made out on thc forms supplied
signed wltb the actual signature of
the tenderer, nnd enclosed In tbe envelopes lurmshed.
The lowest or any tender not neoes-
surily accepted.
Public  Works  Engineer.
Hepartment of Public Works,
\ ictoria,  B.C., March 25tb, lii'i,
i WEDNESDAY,   APRIL   3rd,   1912.
THE  nyc^.H.-HEXlJk.rjID^tl^El'V'IcriSTOKIE!
WEDNESDAY,   APRIL  3rd.   1912-
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
Wash Waists
To-morrow, (Thursday) 100 Wash Suits,
white and colored, some tailored and some
Lingerie.    All sizes, worth up to $3.    All go
on sale at each	
Old Country Ribbons
A perfect Mower garden array of colorings
in all the widths, from the narrowest baby
ribbon to the wide Sash Ribbon, including a full
line of Novelty Ribbons from
One Cent to $!.00
Fancy Silk Waists
An Easter Bargain in Fancy Silk Waists,
all new, seasonable floods. Some Tailored
Silk Waists, other Fancy Nets, $5 to $7
Waists, all go on sale at	
New Scotch Ginghams
The strong wearing kind.      Extra sturdy
this lot and 2,0 inches wide, at  	
P^r Yard, 25c.
Hoiion Silks
The best of China's Weaves, in colored
silks. HONAN—thc name stands for quality
— comes 27 inches wide and altrost every color,
For children's and ladies' dresses il can't be
equaled.    Pure Silk at	
Per Yard, 85c
Waist Silk:
A new lot, 20 inches wiile. in checks,
stripes and plain, in a wide range of colors.
A good buy at	
50 Cents
Groceries and Crockery Department
Garden Seeds
The Springtime is here and with it the
thoughts of sowing, digging and planting. Our
minds turn to the hot Summer when we were rewarded by the good things we had to eat as thc
results of such labors. We can guarantee you
good results from the Vegetable Seed, Grasses and
Flower Seeds we are handling tbis year. Our
Onion Sets arc now in as is also all the other seeds
rcquiecd for your gardens, lawns and farms.
This is one of our GOOD CO ^DR. In this
department we arc offering only the best goods,
hest values and brst service. Nabob Coflee in 1
lb. Cans, 50 cents; Chase & Sanborn's Coffee in
lb. cans, 50c, 2 lb. cam-, >ioc; Mocha and Java,
O O, and Santos, ground while you wait, at 50c,
45c, and 40c, per lb. Ridgway's Coffee, 1 Ib.
cans, at 50c.
Fruits and Vegetables
We are receiving daily a large assortment of
Oranges, Bananas, Grape Fruit, Lemons, Cauliflowers, Rhubaub, Green Onions, Ripe Tomatoes,
Cucumbers, Lettuce, Celery, and all the fresh
fruits and vegetables on the market. We get the
best so that you will make no mistake in ordering
from us. Leave your orders early to insure prompt
... Easter Novelties for Men...
d Feed
our an
We always carry a targe supply of llu se goods.
The Famous Royal Household Flour is our leader,
also the best quality of Oats, Wheat, Ilran, Shorts,
Cracked Corn and Chops. Let us quote you prices
and show you samples.
ams an
d Jellies
Ham, Bacon, Eggs
Do you know that Easter Sunday is the next
Sunday on the Calendar. Wc are showing nothing but the freshest eggs. We can procure also
the best qualities of Hams and Bacon. Watch for
our display.
FANCY HOSE in silk, lisle, cotton and cashmere. We have your size and we have your
favorite color. Greens, Grays, browns, Blues, Wines, Bronze, are all here, as well as a host
of Black Open Work and Embroidered lines.
40c. to $1.50 Per Pair
EASTER NECKWEAR—The particular Easter Shades are here as well as the real new
. styles and patterns.   We are anxious to have you look them over.
Prices, 50c. to $1.00
W. G. ce R. SHIRTS -The best made, most up-to-date shirts in Canada. Tbey have the
room, they have the patterns, and they WEAR. The new stripes are now on show as well
soft collar lines, either with or without the double French cuff.
Prices, $1.25 to $3.50
Sole Agents for 20th Century Brand Clothing
Easter Shoes
Our range of footwear is now complete and
we respectfully solicit your closest examination of
our lines. After many years experience we feel
that this season our stock is the most up-to-date
ever shown in the interior. This idea, together
with the fact that we know our prices are as low as
is consistent with quality, makes us offer our lines
for your inspection with the utmost confidence.
Ladies' Fine Shoes
Again wc call your attention to the best
brands of Jams and Jellies on the market. You
need them now if you need them at all. Crosse &
Blackwell's in i Ib. and 2 Ib. glass jars, 4 Ib. and
7 lb. cans, WagstalTes, Robertson and lleinzes, all
new good stock.
Canned Goods
Purity makes the process of manufacture and
wc have been blessed even to a greater extent this
year. In pur Vineland brand of Tomatoes, Peas,
Beans, Corn, Peaches, Pears, Plums and Greengages.    We arc sure our customers j;ct the best.
Men's Regal Shoes
.lust arrived from the new Canadian Factory.
They present all the newest lasts and leathers and
save you just the cost of duty, which means
one dollar to two dollars to your pocket. They are
in stock right now, each pair with the selling price
stamped on the sole.
Prices, $4.00 to $6.50
We have the exclusive agency for Bell's and
Regal's Women's Shoes for the City. These two
lines are too well known to make it necessary for
us to enlarge on their merits.
NUBUCK BUTTON BOOTS: the newest and most
snappy little shoe that has been shown this
season. Medium weight sole, new last with
Cuban heel Price, $6.00
PAT. BUTTON BOOT-Welt sole, military heel,
cord poplin top        Price, SS.00
PAT. GUN METAL BOOT; welt sole, cuban heel,
new high toe Price. $5.00
Buckle, medium sole, military heel- The newest on the American market Price, $5.50
BLACK SUEDE PUMP-Burnt figure trimmings,
no buckle, medium sole P. ice. $5.50
BLACK SATIN PUMP-Street sole,  Cuban heel,
covered Colonial buckle Price, SG.OO
Our full line of Spring Window Curtains have just
arrived and wc are in a position to supply your every
want, whether it i.s in Muslin, Madras, white or colors:
nett, white or ecru, or lace. Wc can furnish these either
bv thc pair made up, or by the yard widths. These goods
are direct importations from the Old Country manufacturers, and thus ue are enabled to quote you prices
wliicb will discount anything you have hitherto been
Inlaid and Printed Linoleum
l-ush arriva's from Scotland: a complete line of
inlaid and printed goods in absolutely new patterns. Vou
Can't afford   to   miss  seeing  those before   buying.    Wc
guarantee to cut these and lay them io your entire satisfaction.
We are putting on sale to-day, (Wednesday), our
full line of Union Rugs and Tapestries. These were
extra good values at thc Regular Price; now you c*n't
afford to pass them up. Right near thc Millinery Department; after you have seen thc Hats, take a look at
the Rugs.
: " -.' aaaa ■ ViKDNfclSUAY,   Al'ltlt.  3rd,   THJ.
WEDNESDAY,  ArRTL  3rd,  1912.
New Lace Curtains
Prices, $1.50 lo $3.00
New Bungalow Net
New Harben Scrim
New Daliuor Cretonnes
Carpet Squares
Tapestry, Brussels, Wilton's
New Tailored Waists
New Soft Muslin Waists
Keeping this Depariment Fresh
With New Eastern Styles
Mrs, lt. A. Lawson will not receive
tomorrow, Thursday,
Thai Un' baseball season is now
upon us Ih strongly evtden«od by a
most artistic mlnature Imsoball scene
which presonts Itsoll in one <■! the
kIiow windows nf iln- Revelstoke Hard
wm,- i'h.'s store, A simple glance al
Ibis window will remind ua "I tho
originality of mnn. I Imh* is a por
b'Mi diamond with tho baseball en
thiiBlast actuiilly standing in a playing position very lib' Uko, Any nf
om* readers who havo not seen this
picturesque show window Bhould
maki' it  tliiMi-  business lo ilo so.
Protective Order of Beavers
Tin' above soeiet y held an iilHt.iilln-
tion meeting in the Selkirk hull on
Bat urday eveniug, when the follow -
ing olllcers of the  Revelstoke  Colony
No. us, wure appointed:
Chief Denver—Warren Andrews.
I'ast t'hiet Beaver—W, Wiener.
Viee  Chief  Heaver--W.   0,   llaehelor.
Worthy Pilot—W, Macintosh,
Financial ami Recording Secretary,
W.  C.  llaehelor.
Treas.—0, Oakland.
Inside  Lookout—C.  Smith.
Uutaicle   Lookout—1.   Shields.
!    Unfortunately   the   installation meel
ing liml to be    lielil on a   Saturday
evening,   owing   to   reasons   explained
J in our last issue,    which   prevented
Mrs,  '■'•*  .     Bturdy will receive on
-.*    -i,    4th  mst.
Mrs, Wm. Morris will not receive
iiiit.i S I'urday,  May 4th.
The Revelstoke school reports, «b
■well as the Big Bddy, will appeal in
full   ii   * nt   Sa    •'* ay's  issue.
At   •*:      ' lo ii .     exercises ol the
Theological   lepartmmt of   Manitoba
age   '■ -'    i ■■ i      thi   degree ol B.
D.  was conferred on Rev. J.W, Btov-
M. \    ..i this city.
The wii.n £ Bters troup, presenting
,, drama, will tii il the i pera house
on April llth.   Reserve Thursday bv-
g  ,.,f next      week   for  tins  famous
Th.* new proprietors ol the [impress
theatre     have  today   installed     the
• i mi lei ol the best moving picture machine on the market, and are
.-,..ng  to  make  tins  the   liest   | ii-.turc
theatre In the country at  any cost,
A pri'm.iient local real estate man,
two school teaebers. three merchants
and a couple , •; -mall boys, were the
first vict I ml n1, „ii April fool joke
Monday morning lust. It was a pur
t,1 fastened to tbe sidewalk neai the
ISlobe Lumbei   Company's office.
A   gl in I   musical   program   will   !„•
. the association lobby on
■•:   .,t   .; 1."'.   The   lol -
ng will take part:—Instrumental,
* ,- irtetl >, trombone an,I cornet Jm*'. t: do Soloists \.
Armnn .1. L. Ingel. T. Pagdln, A.
Thomson     Hymns   will   be  sung,  aiid
.. mi    » 111 be given
Thc  Sugai   Bowl   ice  cream  parlors
■    tlie public, although
el ompleted, they are tli *
most up-to-dat* parlors  in the   city.
T! da  .ee Cn .   which    s most
and commodious,    -  partitioned
ofl with natural  blrrb trees      while
thc   :- ie   lurch   bark   is  still
■  •   pi -rs.   Elct-aiit  pictures  ad -
* rn the walls on all sides and    tie
• * •  is attractive In the ev
• '*,  fountain  will  be
ib irtly win.-h u ii add
tqulsitel;     arranged
im  i u   rs.
The   Roj a .   irtette  appear
the V M.C A   next     Tuesday,
tbe   W'-St 111 I list  *;
of thi      ■ -      . •• ■    ■
to  Revelstoke   with  I
Wherevei      tbey
. ■   .-   ■
.' -.r     --.*ices     blen.l
■ "ii   tn    th •
Tiar:-* *    They   "ffpr   A.th   ti: ■
ino a iii"Ht pleas
• % • *m IX.L.- on,  while  'he ies I
real   u*   .ny m       *.,     imi seas      A
'nalt '«     plwa >  pies
"n men i  .
V * |   „
b   •    ..-•■ mnaii
i. *..     '•! iie  yuartett.    Is
rair treat
I'm.■ Whili Hovel lion,", in S lb. Cutis.   This is  something yon
will liml awfully nice at this season of Hie year.
HOME-MADE JAM    in pints and quarts, glass jurs.    This  is
absolute)} pure and well put up,
SYRUPS    I'm'' Maple Syrup in bottles oi cms, which we guarantee to be lh,* best.
MacKenzie Avenue
many of the business men being present but despite this tact a sufficient
contingent were on hand to lorm u
good strong colony ami the other
members who huve signed can make
arrangements with Deputy Organiser
B. Morion, who will be in town to
join on thc ctartcr-membershlp ti rms
until thc ne\t meeting, which will
take place on Tuesday,  lhe  llith inst
| Just before going lo press we Loam
from Mr. Morton lhat the signed-up
beavers    in     RevelBtoke,   now    total
'not   less  than   ML'.
To seleet ainl make lhe first payment on ,i home. Then win can
move i" and plan a garden, a poultry v.inl and all sorts of things vou
would on jo;, during a Summer, Ifyou haven little capital we can
make ii easv loa ymi i i acquire a home immediately.
The w.c.T.r. will meet at the home
of Mrs. jm. Kelly, on Friday after
i.con    at 3:30,   A lull attendance Is
re , nested.
, I'reeoiiimiimon service will be held
in the Presbyterian Bhurch this even
hip at eight o'clock. Nett Sunday
nt  the morning service the     Sacra
in. nt   of   the   Lord's   Supper   will    be
Mr. C. K.  Kindall,  who is i * ■ cn
■  ei   in charge ol the C.P.H.  i"(k
cri.shers,     representing     contractors
in,,ther,  Vuell and Company ol  Van
couver, who is     In     town.   Reports
thnt  he  has  three  crushers  at  work,
One at  Cralgellachie, one at  Bquilai
in. l one at Oldmau Creek.   Bad
b!i r with the screening an I   wai
pi  .ecu* has  a  capacity  of   1000
evory     ten hours.   Fully sever.'-
ii   ii  will  be employed all sumnu
ti s work.   The Idea ..- to   lallast tbe
ti  *.   with gravel  all
«    i  "l Field,  11. C,
Tbe dressing *■'  '  •      .-  show win
d  ws of the  Lawrence  Hardu u
hnve again changed    The kitchen and
* scenes as reported  recent] ■
* olumns of this papei  b i i
■  ..i.i i by other bul   iqually
as,   One  wind,**   contains  a
g   iden scene,   with  t -,e natural  .'
gi mnd,  while riii'1-.  hoes  an I
g  rden  utensils  .ncluding   rubbel
ai • strongly     In   evidence    Anothei
w ndow has a     purple green,  yellow
n   I red ground      vhi1       Bapco
.  be seen m targe and small
all     sides.    The      third wind.
.iily the     rn, st attractive,     [1
'   nsists of a hsh.i f  scene,  all  kinds
bam and     'lie-*     being "ii band,
lie s    mini - in     as {lei is sitt lag
!   surely  by  the   poinl   waiting   '
i     : e fit'.   tl   you bave   * I
tithing pond, don'l miss ,i
;   Don'l miss the concert In the Methodist church Friday evening,
Mrs Sibbald w,n not receive on
Saturday,  April 6th,
Rev. u. j. Mclntyre spent  Monday
evening  In     Salmon     Arm   vis
friends  there.
Tin* Epworth Leagm meets In tbe
Methodist  cburcb tonight.  Subject,—
"What   effect   has   Chr. I   *    ' .     n   the
J. Ii. Sibbald, sr.. ,*x|«'ets to leave
in a .lay or s,, for the Old Country.
and   will  Ball  from  New   York  about
'   ill   .list
Mmtghty   li,.,;.,;    -,.
bespeaks   hj  woi In my
* ta make  I — I
\l ..-
Mm'      returm
ma ny fi egret I
*•' ner depart
The Powder magazine for the farmer's Institute,  is rapidly approaob-
Ing completion and will easily hold
three cur loads of  powder,
li. Hurdy was elected Secretary ot
the Farmer's Institute ,n place ol
K. Unhurt, resigned.
Thirty-five to six was the vote in
Uurton City  in favor of Hunter, L'ou
sei vative.
The M.L.L). Society, held n c, n -
section with the church here. I n u,;nt
its winter session to a close mtur ■
day evening w.tb a debate as to tbe
best     animal   on  a  ton acre  rtUCp.—
horse or cow.   President Gordon was
in the chair. Messrs Reed and A.
Moseley defended the horse. while
A. N. uther. hacked up the COW, nnd
won the  del,ate.    ]t   w*,s ,,   very   inter
esting evening and the society bas
been verj popular , upwards ol iorty
joining ,m,i the balance ol cash being
handi the church     trustees
to  help  pay   ofl  the  debt on same.
Mr,  Helm, i   .    ■, .-.tjo-
Mr    H    L.   June,   spent   a   few   ,l„ys
••i   Mrs. J.   i.   i.,.„
l Friday.
rriving from    the
11   '    Sun .       Huburt
*      U-el.t
meni - m laj  on      the
An   extra   long   program   Of  feature
pictures at the Empposs tonight.
choice, fat, dressed beel for master
al  i'. Burns & Co.. Ltd.
If il is furniture you reed, me Vi.
Parry, auctioneer.
1    Knslcr   Beef,   stall   led,   juicy      nml
tender, m r. Burns & Co., Ltd,
Hosei'VO Master Monday lor tlie Iiii'
dance.  Dancing sharp at  9 o'clock.
j    Plants au.l cut  Mowers ol all deB
iTiptioiiK ut Bourne Bros.
Don't torget tho L.A, tu It. of lll'l'. Dance, Blaster Monday.
If It is ranges or stoves, see us, W.
I'any,  auctioneer.
The dunce of the season, Blaster
Monday, liood lloor, good music.—
Tickets $1.1)01
All pictures shown in the Fi.npress
theatre are on their way to Vancouver  nnd  Victoria.
Don'l forget the Royal Templars
social on Thursday evening the llth
The Sugar Howl ire cream parlors
are now open, the largest and most
up-to-date parlors  in the city. ...
Don't fail to hear thc Royal Male
Quartette In the Y.M.C.A. next Tuesday.   Admission  50  cents.
G t the children some candies at
the Sugar Howl. All our goods ure
pure and  wholesome.
Your losses assured, rates reason -
.ible—W.  ll.  Robertson,  real estate &
You'll enjoy every minute with the
Raynl Male Quartetto at the Y.M.C.
A. on Tuesday, April 9th. Admission
mi cents,
Drop in at the Sugar Bowl for
thai box n[ chocolates, your wife,
mother, or sweetheart will apareci -
ate it.
If it is carpels, floor covering, parlor furniture yon     want, nr In IhcI
anything, see us—Vi. I'arry, auctioneer.
Thore is bide In the affairs of men
which    some   limes   bumps    us      ioys
against the rocks of accident nnd the
sniies ol sickness. A flowing tide.—
Join the Heavers and dam the llow -
inu' tide.
W. PARRY Conducts Auction Sale
Auction  Mart,  Mackenzie Avenue
Good Friday Kvening—Sacred Con -
cert by Methodist church choir, ln
April 8—Kinder Monday, Ladiis AU1-
iliury to I), ol R.T., "at home" in
Opera House.
Building; Material,
Wu have a mosl complete line of one, two, or three Ply
Roofing Papor, Building and Tar Paper and Tar.
Which we have recently taken the agency for are highly recommended by our local painters to cover more surface to the
gallon and wear longer than any other paint on the
on the market,
The following are the different kinds we carry in sizes
from half pint to 1 gallon cans:—Minerva Pure Prepared Paint,
Minervalac, Minerva Art and Craft Stain, Minerva Interior
Floor Paint, Minerva Barn Roof and Bridge Paint, Minerva
Porch Paint, Minerva Hard Oil Varnish, Minerva Floor Wax
make the finest dressing for polished Hours.
Have you tried our "Silkstone" Hat wall color, it has a
finish as hard as stone and as smooth as silk and the surface
can be washed free from dirt without, affecting the color.
We stock a complete line of Poultry Netting in all sizes
from 21 inches to 72 inches and in mesh from a half inch to 2
inches, also Lawn, Field and Barbed Wire Fencing.
Garden Tools of all kinds, Tree Primers, Sprays, Rakes,
Hoes, Shovels, Forks, etc.
We have just received a complete line of high grade Sporting Goods at the lowest possible prices.
See our Lally Special Lacrosse Sticks, the best ever put
up, extra heavy guard and clock cord, and one combining
strength and lightness.
Our line of Baseballs, Gloves, Mitts, Heel and Toe Plates,
Bats, etc., cannot be equalled anywhere for quality and price.
You will "strike" it right off if you come to us for your
Baseball and Sporting Goods.
Uur "Special" League Bat will score a "home run" in
any game.
We do not "pitch" stuff at our customers, but treat politely those who come in to look at our goods whether they
buy or not.   Come in and have a "business innings" with us.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Howson Block
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
row sAi.i-: iiy
E. G. Woodland
E. P. McLean
Best Strain of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and Partridge Wyandotte
P. O.  BOX   181
First Sale Commences at 2 p m.,
Saturday, April 6th
ig of Ranges, t oot parlor   Dlningroom and
K itchen Furniture, als>
An Extra Good Buy!
We Have   SIXTEEN LOTS   For Sale In
Inside the Mile and a Half Circle, only Four Blocks from Car Line and Sidewalks, adjoining the Properties owned by the C. N. R. and G. T. P. for yards
and shops. We can show you by comparison of Prices in Moose Jaw
papers that these are a Positive Snap at
S1T5.00   EACH
One Quarter Down   Balance Over Eighteen Months
EASTLR cards
Glycerine Soap, $2 pr. Doz.
See Our Wlntlow full of
Ladies' Huntl Buys   at
Bargain Prices.
Secure a Ne«* One for Battel
bews THE REX^
.LL STORE bews
Smart Clothing for Eastertide
hadea i''l -:
S|irinn ShirU, pla
double strip ., tan,
"' B'own or Oreei   I	
SPRING SUITS   AND OVERCOAT ,       » ate the
large range to have an idea of th, ,|  ,„,,,..,,   ,hr.
Illl\>'     III    *    ll'MM   I       I;*,I,,
Fit-Reform Clothing Slehon  Hah Foot-Rile Shoe*
House on 25ft lot 3rd St. west $1000 Terms
House on 25ft lot 4th St. east -    2150
House on 50ft lot 2nd St. east -    2800
House on 50ft lot Mckenzie Ave 4100
If you have a House to Rent, we can
Rent it for you.
E. Q. FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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