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The Mail Herald May 7, 1910

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Vol. 16—No. 35
%;   -VELSTOKE. B. C. MAY I 1910
V* '-'I ITT ,■,.„■■■»!■■■■„■■ ■■„„■—■„,«
$2.50 Per Year
Summer Goods
LAWN MOWERS All the Best Makes,
from $4.50 to $10. They run like a
bicycle, cut like a razor. Grass
Catchers to fit.
REFRIGERATORS—White enamelled inside— $30 to $65. Cheaper Lines
from $12 Up.
the latest one out " The Wonder"
just a little better than anything yet
Garden Hose
We have the best ever sent to the
West. Ask to see our " Red Record" and
the "Green Peerless," every foot guaranteed. All the latest goods in Lawn
Shears, Garden Sprays. Pruning Shears.
Lawn Sprinklers.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches «r Agents at all principal points in'Canadn.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Watch Revelstoke Grow
Fruit and Vegetables
When Everyone Uses
P. Burns & Co.'s Fertilizer
Try a Sack of It For Your Lawn
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Otfico   Toronto, Ontario.
Occurs at Critical Time With Political Crisis at Hand
—Passing Away of Monarch Keenly Felt
Throughout the World-Death Was Due to
Cancer of the Throat
London, May 6,—King Edward VII
died at 11:46 p. in. The end wan kepi
secet from the world for hall an hour
though newspapermen were iu waiting
Fur mure than twelve hours an
anxi..us crowd numbering thousands
waited Bilently outside Buckingham
Throughout the day at all the
chur.-hes in Britain prayers were offered up.
The members ol the royal family
were summoned early in thealteruo .n
and outside ibis circle the Archbishop
ol Canterbury wws the only pers.ni
with the Physicians.
According to rumors in the cily tonight the   King's   death   was   really
eniitfd hy cancer cl Ihe throat, the
•iime as Empress Frederick of Ger-
iiiuiiy, Edward's aunt, died i f. The
King, while conscious this afternoon,
ssid lie thought ill" end whs near and
hoped he hud dune his duty.
Queen Alexandra bore up well.
It WB8 thought early this afternoon
an operation would prolong the King's
life, but it was decided later the patient was too weak.
The Prince of Wales was the first to
come out ol the death chamber, and
ss he passul tbe outer doors tbe guard
gave Ilim the King's salute which he
acknowledged  with  tears iu bis eyes.
Death comes at a critical period
with a poliiical cris'iB at  hand.     The
Lacrosse and Lawn Tennis
Goods in all the 1 est makes,
Slozenger, etc.
Rubber Muse and Lawn
Mowers, Garden Sets, Garden Seeds, Flower Seeds.
In Hardware, Paints,
Stoves, Harness or any of
the numerous lines we carry,
our stock and prices will be
found up-to-date.
Groceries   Hardware    Paints
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under
ufhlch   the   bronchos
of this Bank
are able to Issue Dralts on the pi
In the following countries:
in. ipul  point*
Finland                          Ireland
Formosa                      Italy
France                        Japan
Fr'ch Cochin-China   Java
South Africa
Germany                      Manchuria
Strait* '    m i i !■ ■ aU
Great Britain              Mexico
Crete                     •
Greece                           Norway
Pwii ii-Hand
Holland                         Persia
Icelaal                          Phillipine Island*
West Indies          rrj
Faroe Infarr'a
India                              Rouinaiiia
and eLsewhara
geDeral expression* bere are that
the new King ie weak compared with
bis father.
Preparations were made early this
afternoon to bolster up securities, but
tbe market situation is serious and
acknowledged to be chaotic. The
death of the Monarch will be keenly
felt all over the world.
Vancouver, b. c, May (i—The
KoyBl death stopped the ball game at
Recreation I'ark and three thousand
people silently filed out when the
manager made tlie announcement
that the game was called ou account
of tbe death of tbe King.
At Xew Westminster the announcement was made in tbe middle of the
crowning ol the May Queen and all
festivities stopped.
Vancouver City Council cancelled
al! meetings. Half the theatres were
closed to-night.
At Revelstoke the flags on the City
Hall, Drill Hall, Government buildings and on Provincial business buildings were placed at half mast, and tlie
bell oi St. Peter's tolled the sad event.
Edward VII., King o! Great Britain,
Emperor   of   India, and  the British
tion was of immense value to the
British nation. He was ce«entiallv a
man of peace, and except for the Boer
war, which was closing as he came
into power, his brief reign has been
marked by no war cloud.
The late King was uncle to Emperor
William of Germany nnd the Czar of
Kussia, and brother-in-law to King
Cleorge of Greece.
The late King married, in March
1803, Princess Alexandra, eldest
daughter of tbe King of Denmark,
who has ever been a favorite with the
British people, aDd who survives him
as the Dowager Queen, The late
King leaves a son, George Frederic,
Prince ol Wales, and three daughters,
Princess   Louise,   DucbrsB   of    Fill ;
Princess Victoria Alexandra; and
PrlnceM M."id. now ii ujuu .,i Nor
The late King's eldest surviving son
George Frederick, Prince of Wales,
who visited Canada in 1901 at Duke
of Cornwall aud York, will no* become King of Great BritaiQ, Emperor
of India and the British Empire under
the title of Ger.rue V. He was born
on June 3rd, lSlj.'i, and is thus nearly
45 jesrs nf Hge. In 1893 he married
Princess Victoria Maty ol Teck. who
now becomes tbe Queen and Empiese.
King George and Queen Victoria bave
a family of live sens and one daughter,
the eldtst son, Prince Edward Albert,
being IR years of ave.
Empire was (lit years of age. He was
the eldest son of the late Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Co-
burg and Gotha, and was horn Nov. 0,
1841, He married, on March 10th,
18G3, Princess Alexandra, the eldest
daughter of King Christian IX. of
Denmark He succeeded to the
throne on the death of his mother, the
late Queen Victoria, on January 22nd,
l'JOl. King Edward has thus reigned
a little over nine years, as against his
mother's reign of over (J3 ycarB, the
longest reign in British history.
Since the death of ths Prince Contort, his late father, in 1803, Edward
VII, as the Prince of Wales and heir
apparent, beciune very prominent by
the part which he took in sucial and
public functions, ol which he relieved
the lute Queen. Ho was an extensive
traveller and waH unwearied in his Bj
representative wurk, becoming, next
to his mother, the most prominent
member of tlie rny.il family. Tbo
late King was a man of resource,
tact and judgment nnd much esteemed
by all ranks ol his people. He wiis
one of the most successful diplomats
ol history, and his work iu thiB direc-
;.\ I rilllAV, MAY 7'J II.  I'.i 1(1.
■" *
A el ual r
ompariBon of
Eastern Catalogue
trices, freight ni
lileil, with
EH    j
Winnipeg price
Total    Howson's Price delivered
Kitchen Chairs
70c.        1
Ki cie i Cabinet
$3 53
Dinmq T^bla
3 87
Oinini) Chairs
Dresser and Stand
3 52
6 94
I                 '•
Dominion Spring
3 81
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress
Wi' nm!<•• i.iir |.
riilit hy shipp
ng in car
nml lot-',
thereby saving
night nm'
»,    Bring
i'.r . |n|!iiu (ji vi tip .1
escrinlion nl .
llier gonilf
nnl   specified in this  lint
tn uur stni
i' n ml we
«ill prove ..ur   ta
Htnento.     K.-ineiillier we
deliver |
ii.ids and i-el ti|
free from
R.   HOWSON   .v
-     REVELSTOKK, 13. C»    J
n.iiit'iii      sugges
appoint men I    mnl lorn laid 'hi lore llu
nl ;i  paid game wimleit ...   Uevelsloke. I,  Addition     lo    lhe jail.   Wo     Iii.l
Mr. .lai'ksnn * ruled,   Curried, lhal  n uiiiiahle    .nl.In ...... willi    su itli \ I'l II I.UN                         able    lnviitor\      neeon Intlun     and
Monthly     meeting     li"l'l  Tliitrsdiiy      Mr.   Jneksuii  asked  what   was being room*     lor    female prisoner*,    would
night.     I'l.'-i.ii:   Messrs.     \.   .1.     M.-   ,1   nhoiil   llle  pnipo-i'd  Imtihery  on iosl    gsilll.llll.   Vie     would  i-eiolninend
II...i.>ll    (viio-presidenl      in  the rluiii'l.   Arrow   lake?. that   this item  he laid ..\.'.' i'.i' n few
11    H.   \ikin-  (sei'i-eliiry), .1.  II.  'laek         The    dam      in      llic      llleeillowael months.
son, -I. 'I'. Telfer,  1!. (loi'don,   \.  H. H     lind  been    n  great   help  in  improving 'J. Tool    lioiise.    \   siiiliihln  building
MeCleiii'ghan,   Dr.   Siilhel'lan I,   I".     II.    the li -11 i. i lt  there. enn bo oruetcd  for  llle sil I' ftKHMHI,
Voiin.', II. S.  M.i'a.i.T.                           I    Mr.   \l.ra...'.'  'aid  ll ilj  wns    go- nnil  wc ivioinmeiid   llinl  the "m'l.    ho
'I'he    I'residenl, Mr.    I'rult, legiolteil   iuu   ... be  up  iiguin-1     ii    with    thnl proeeodeil  with  al   mire.
I... niulil  ..ii    nlteinl    ..«..i-   iu     tlie   .lain  i me 'l..\   lhe  depiti'tineiil    ..( 3,  Vie  hnve  enrefully   inspcrted      tlio
Hank   Inspeitor being here.                       marine    and    fisheries  would  ask    b.v eonerele  -i.l.'nail.-   laid    bj     Menm'8.
. llliUI.SI'UMll.M   1.                     ivllnl   ,'iuliiii. il'.    llllll   dam   WUS   ptlt   ill T.   F.   Si... Ian   air1   Co.,  and  lin.l     ll.al
(■    |i    |;    Pnsseuger  Depiirtnieul     i'ii   ihere, und would do a- they had done they   have  li.'.'i.  eompletwl  sntisfnrtor-
,,,.,,.,1 riitoa.                                             "■'''  ''"'    \'l "..-    River  Lumber ('.... il\.   Vie   would     therefore reeommcnd
c    |.   |;   | .,„ |    |i,.|,;ii ini.'i.t     asking   i'Pi|iiiro  them   ...  niter    tlio ilam    and thn.1     n doptwil "I s.Mui.nii   mado    by
5(111    opies ol  Hoard's  booklet  lor .li--   I""   in    ludders    so    thut   fish    eould Messrs.  T,   F,   Sin, lair  un.l  Co.,    Insl
Iribiition,    also     -i.ii.ml:  booklet   now   elimli  nvei   it, fall  be returned  to  them.
I, .,  |„„,ieil In     depurlmiMii  .onlniiis I             \l)\ I.li ll>l V : CITY I. Coneretc -i.l.-walk in front ..I the
,,,( ,„.,.   ,,,   Hovclsloke.                                ''"' seerelurj   suid they hud brought Windsor    hotel,   Wo    recommend    thnl
Ciinadinn   Miiniifnetiirers   \--.. iain...   hefore  Mr.  Tnylor  the  mutter ..i    Ihe tho  tender of    M.--I-.  T.  F,    Sinelnir
ilmiikii.j  Itonrd for invitnl   in visil   goveriiinenl      ussisting   udvertisc     the nml Co., lo put   this work  in sntiafne-
Itevelstoke,      hill      expressiiiu     doubt   distrii-i.  hut   he  "a-  op| .1   to    the lorj   shnpo for  the  -n.n  ..I $252,0(1 he
whether thev  roiild except,                       goveriiiuenl   entering   ....   loeul   ndvor• neecpted,   Tho     work   ... be proeeeded
Publie    Work- Department,    (Itlnwn,   liainif.    However,   in   lalkinu'  ..v...-  the with  ai    ..»••.•  an.l  rushed  to .'omple-
slntiiig     examinnli I  >i| r liver    ".•''""'      ifterwuMs    il   wus   suggested tion.
wa- lieing niii.li'                                        '" him llinl the government eould tnlte 5, Sower   inspcetion.   Vie rernmnioml
,1    \|    Dovle   stilting      Mr.      Muson   "P ''"' mutter from  the \ i.-«  ni ndver- ihut   Mr.  I!.     Smith,  provincial    lun.I
would rophiee him on Board ni   I'rude   lising.   However, ...  tnlkimg    ovor the surveyor,    bo    nppointeil  lo do     iliis
a- rcprcsentutive ..i I'. Burns ,v  Co.     b>   the issue of »|wriul  bullotins,    nnd work, the work in     be begun al once
|.'   |(   | ,.„j. .,nti...ia..'■••   a  mem     ^Y     layloi   promised     .sider  thnl and  a  report  on  ihe niiiii sewers    to
|)prK|m,,                                                         suggestion. !>.■ hnnded in as soon n* possible.
Assoeinted   lliiiird«  ol   1'iwle  .■•     .|         ' "     ' dnnnn   referred   ;••   the  value i;. Side-walk  from  '-'...I   to 3rd.    Si..
pli.nlioti  i.a    intiershil "   '«'"•  Ml"'  -" '    '"'   "'  '''"'"    "'  the   Lough I  block,   We
Mr.   M.I an.',   said   Ha-  irenernl   'eel      '""'  ""'   '""'   '""' "'   '-•"' "'"'   "   '"'   "" < >m in.-, 1.1    thnl   il Il.-i   .if  Mr,     II.
',,,-  hiul  been   llinl   hi   puddling   .tin r  P enr.   C.   H    Hume's  or-    Loughoed to do this work fr (cost,
,,„,, .;,,„„. .I,,.,   hud 'I  I..-...'.  work   chiutl "•'-   ' wonderful -i.l.'. if  ti„. ,.',ij   „ ,,i  BUppl>   tli- lumber, bo
tl,.,,, In   joining  the  Assorinted HoanU      Several meml I .-I    on tl..' n.-.-eptod.     Tl."   work     ...    be  proitxl-
'I'l,..  ilia, in   and   ia.'.   .'...I...-    dilli.ulli   of »     tic      nd           present, ,.|  wiih  nl  ........
ed this view, ihe .hnirnmn .onsiiWing "" '       ',   I' h id    We lind     n i
il...     wuil.  ..i  Hounds  ni   ha.I.      wn- evniniiiation   thnl   .1..-   work  i-   nbso ■
inninli    ii                                                         ^'     M ,   ■■ .                               ■•   ..-.A- Imrli    impra.ii.'nbfe.    Your committee
Moved  in   ■■    -    \|...|,i.'. however,   '-.,,1   further  in'..      lhe
ln   ,i    ii     i    „   ...       i I"       ■ -'    a ■"•"    md .!  maj   Is- | ilil.-    thai
....       Hit   nf   thi     alii' nlu    n.al       li.'
"II MM' I hy I     «    Mil. hell's  pl.-nv.
-   ... ....-ii.      Vvenue,
II*                                       ■ \....-                      -  .....  prepared  ... re-
■ ...inn.-ii.I timi  il.i- work  lone iu-i
11...    Itevelstoke
ItHpiiirs i.l nil  kinds neutly oarrlad  on
in. v.-i.. un.l (.un work a specialty
blatliuatoB nfvcii oii any i:1uhh
of work.
Front     Street.
Blnnd ". ei   hn   'all u ■
\l tt   MKMHElt?
M,     tt    i .... m    md  H    II    Sn
yel   wei"e .'If '."I  nn 	
.1.   Hull'-   nan..'   ».i-
r..11  l.\   I..-   i.'.j... -
-I MUM I -
nskiug   pin
.ui  Cul
j..a-   ...     .'..
letrislni •■      ■ ■
lions  ....  .\!.a     pi'ovii
. -i
\..........    '
M.   \    (iraing.
i.'i: .
vested ...  ■■
lim.kl II   ..'.   Ill I
1..   reph   ■"   ^l
-      n
W   a.'   ti      -:           I'i                  ise     '"    lull.'
■ ■•■!, them  and the properl    . f the
. iry   Drew ing   i 'o     Vfter  evnmina.
'            mind   «-' would  report
... whi  ii i- i" .'--uu'v
1 nundn     tt..    ilml
.      un
■ lir -
\l    -
ti.vMi i'i:'.ii   ii(i\
■ ■ ■ ■
-  ,■ '• .
Mr.   >|.l ' ■■,.,,.
the provii
A UttO VHKAD, ll. 0,
Speelnl Altenllon u'iv.'i. I" coninierclal
....'ii uiul i.ui i^ts. Flrst-elaRH Naiuple
.....iih. Finesl si'iuiiiv in Uriiisli Cnlnia-
hla, ovtirloukliig Upper Arrow Luke.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
MiuuifitctiUftit for nil D1BHHM of   bofldtDgl
fnr'silfl iu In',-* or  -mull QQHDtttUll
4   Hi llll ItiWfi-.l   |n-im-. fnr Cftlbi
411 klndn^Of halldlng nridUilnstcrlllg
Foote & Pradolini,
See Its "Artistic Arch"
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  Furnace  Work
Connnui»ht Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Splendid residences,
Suitable Building Lots
Those interested will do well to call
anil see us la-fore deciding to buy.
You can obtain liiir rates (or Fire Insurance in reliable companies with Dominion Charters.
Call and gel figures.
Money to Loan on Residential Property.
Cor. Secoiul St. and Mackenzie A venue
Of all the 20 improvements of lhe clever-looking
Napoleon Shoe the feature which best pleases the
eye of lhe buyer is the Artistic Arch. Special lasts
are made for every pair ot Napoleons- foot-sculptured
lasts—and inside there is a stout steel arch which
snugly holds the instep.
That free, athletic stride whicli marks
the man of action is not possible when the
arch support of the shoe fails in its function.
Showing the Napoleon Shoe is a
pleasure—whether you come to see or
to buy.
Sold everywhere in Canada, the
United States and Great Britain at the
same price—$5, $5.50 and $6.
Palace Restaurant
McKeniie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cis:arB,Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Vegetable and Flower
Ornamental and Flowering
Best varieties of
Send for Catalogue
786 Granville St.   P.O. Ilox 1063
Vancouver, li. C.
[Reasonable Trices
Painting and
Paper Hanging
..   .i inti. .1
i or   rinr.l nt. mnl Rotoon Avenue
Union Hotel
1 ndoi '••"   M in igemenl
Stewart Macdonald
Scotch  Whisky
A Genuine Highland Whisky.
There are hundreds of brands of so-called
"Scotch Whisky."
Many of these are not genuine.
For your health s sake, confine your choice
to standard brands ; use a whisky of recognized
Watsons Whisky is one of these; distilled
in the Highlands of Scotland —the district
acknowledged to be the hest in the world for
whisky distilling.
We age our Whisky in Sherry wood, and.
after careful blending, it is bottled in our warehouse and sealed with an adhesive capsule
bearing our name.
Every such bottle carries with it our unqualified guarantee of purity and quality.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"—A mild. .k„,ou,Uy .,,.(u,.<l ScomI.
"NO. 10"—A Ul.Uciif J. ficMy lipoid Scouk.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited - Dundee.
Superb Spring Suits
—suits that show their class in
every line and curve.
One, two and three button
styles — in single and double
breasted effects — created by
the greatest designer of high
grade garments in Canada.
These  are  the     J$P*&
Suits we cordially  M   FIT-
invite   you   to
Revelstoke,  B.C. S A I I UIUV.  MAY Till.   IIIIII.
Pnje  8
Notice la licnfii' given lhal an application will lie made under Part V. of
the "Water Act, 1000," lo obtain a
license in ihe Revelstoke Division ol
West Kooieimy Distriul,
(u.) Tin. name, address ami ooeupa"
tion ol ilie applicant, Jacob S. Wicns,
Nakusp, H. i'., fniit growor mnl vegetable gardener,
(b.) 'I'lie name of the lake, stream,
or source (if unnamed, the desoription
ih) Little stream, unnamed, running
out of small lake i ol mile cast of said
(o.) 'llic point ol diversion, 20 rods
west of east end nf loi "j, sub-division
of lot 4274 Group (1).
(d.) 'I'lie quantity of water applied
lor (in cubio feet por Becond) one cubic foot  per second.
(e,) The charaoter ol the proposed
works: Taken  wits   sfcesi  Ittnghs Irein
li'cain to garden.
(f.) The premises on which the water is to he used, Lot 2, Subdivision
of Lot  4274 Group (1)   Kootenay.
(g.) The purposes for which the wa
ter is to be used,—irrigating vegetable
(h.) If for irrigation, describe the
land intended to be irrigated, giving
•crenge,—1 acre on west cud of Lot 2
sub-division of Lot  4274 of Group (1)
(k) This notice was posted on the
14th day of March, 1010, and nn application will be made to the Commissioner on the llih day ol April, A.
1)..   1010.
(1) Give the names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands are likely to
lie affected by the proposed works,
either above or below the outlet,—
Iliiisnall Ilros., Robert I.a Hue, Nukusp
B. C., below outlet.
Dated March 16th.,  1910.
(Signed) m.16.
Nakusp, B. C
"noticeToi creditors-"
In the Goods of Thomas Beecher
Metheiall. deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all persons having claims againn the late
Thomas Beecher Metberall. ol Ting
ston Creek, deceased, who died on or
about the ith day of September, l'.Hl'J
are required to send by post prepaid
or delivered to the undersigned, solicitors for the Administrator, their
names, addresses and tbe full particulars of their claims in writing, and the
nature ol securities, if any, held by
And take notice that alter June 1st,
T.tlO the Administrator will proceed
to distribute the assets of the deceased
amongst the persons entitled thereto,
having retard only to the claims of
which he sin 11 then have 'notice.
Dated at Revelstoke, B C.this Utb
April, A. 11,1910.
Itevelstoke B. C.
4ws Solicitors for Administrator
Eggs tor Hatching
Eggs  for  hatching  from   the  follow -
ing imported pure bred sto.n:
S. C. Rhode Island n«ls.-$'2.00.
Silver   Laced  Wyandottes,-S2.llll
Barred Plymouth Bocks.-W.OO
S. C. Buff L»ghorn«,-W.00
Cornish Indian Game,—12.00
White  Crested   Black  Polish,—92.00
Emden Geese.—83.00.
Imperial  Pekin Ducks.—SI.75.
Also Btock from  the above for sale.
MKS.  It. A.    UPPER.
Certificate of Improvements
" Harry" mineral claim, situate in the
Trout Lake Mining Division oi West
Kootenay District.
Where located ;—Oil Poplar Creek.
near Poplar Townsite.
TAKI\ NOTICE thai I, A.R. Ileyland,
Free Miners Certificate N.>. B. 25405,
Intend, sixty days Irom date hereof, to
applj to the Mining Recorder for a Cer
tificate o( Improvements, (or the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant oi the abov<
Ami further take notice that action,
iinilcr Section 37, must lie commenced
before the issuance o( such Certificate of
Dated this  13th daj of  April,   A. !>..
A. R. Ill'VI.AND.
mam izr~
A Lady Who Knows
"In The Evening
1 Soap The Clothes Carefully
And Put Them to Soak :
And in the Morning
I Just Kinse and Wring Them
And the Washing is Done :
It is So Easy
Golden West Washing Powder
Is Indispensable for Washing Dishes antl Scrubbing :
It Cleanses- Purifies   Beautifies :
And the Premiums Are Fine!
Manitoba, Su«kutcli ■« mi and   Vlbei I i,
1 ah,nu  one nnd   i  hull  limes (he pro
' ,1 ii. 11 i     the   I'ii.t...!   States."   This
would   result   in      immigi 'tion    either
from  the I nited Still ■- or other roun
Canada   wus   nhl ■   i i    pn dure      I h i
lm,mi   kin I  of  « lienl   in     hern
country whi, h the L'nti        " mill
ers  hud   to  buy   I, > keep  up the still il
anl ..( theii   I! un     li  wa- well worth
bu) ing   mil     fm      ■['   nlu   on   S'ortl
wesl  fiirmttiu   bin I  w Iih h,  pni i  an  up-
oragc of  ".  *!l  or  ■■'h1  an  n re  pi
ami   ..ml I   bo  houglu   lol   >-      >':'•"
Cil)   populations   were    ru u   at
lhe  li'-gh    p ..•••  of    i I  .ni I  n   • ■_.' .
ihai   ili.-  farmers   n.-i,  robbing  tin m
Tl.., funnel -   were   mil   the   thiei «.   the
i bin   In)   elsewhere.   'I lie llrit'.sh    laborer colli I  Illli   Ilis bread inn le out of
Caiiadiiiii     « heal    lhe iper  lliau   I i
holders  in  i II tnwn,   Montreal  or  Toi -
onto.    I'he  price  of  wheal   ill    '   ll   ids
w as  lowei   i linn   in     Im._ iiii.'I
price  of   llmu   nlmnsl   lhe   same,     bui
the  pri i  In.a.I   was  almosl   double
j in i 'unndn     in  whal   it  was  in     tha
. great   Uril i h  centi i  ronsumpi inn.
In ihe ease of bacon il wns found
thul lhe h icon made oul ol ih" same
In.M in ihe pack nghoiise in ' tinudti
was sold lo the British hotlsekeepei
ai I2i . per lb. nnd lo lhe Toronto
an.l Montreal hoiisekcepei ul I I nnd
|.V, per Hi. In Toronto in Februur>
ba,on wa- IJ • |st Un. in Montreal
n Chi. niro l-lc. and in Livei i".-.l
onl)   12c.
"Again I -a>." -ai I Hon. Mr, Fisher
"ii i- o\ idenl i Imt our people here
ure paying higher for lhe things our
countr) produces, ihe price to the
farmer being the same, whether the
urticle goes tn England or the * al
udinn mnrkel and ilm Englishman is
getting the finished produel cheaper
than our own     consumers in    ' annda
am getting  it.   There  i-  n nomio
hli'in and n nuestion Ioi lhe pen*
pi., of the country to look into core.
Ildly and deei/le for themselves whal
ihey   ought    In  do."
i    II,,n.   Mr.   Fisher   then  detailed   whal
Minister  ot   Agriculture. ,   .       ,        ,       ,
was bciti" none bv  the government tn
ll..n.   Mr.   Fisher said  in  pari'. Ithe wnj   o(  R,|viincinfi   „„.   ,_M.„l,„r«l
"We have'in t'aiiaila today aii    im-   hu.i,,,.^ ,,f  ih ,,,,!•    \  numlier ..f
s cut
Canada's Minister of Labor Development of Agriculture
The   Roslon   Herald   has   this   to  -ay '    Some   Economic   As| Is   of   Agrirlil-   ;
regarding    Mr. Mackenzie King;   "The lure in Cnniidn wus the stibjeel of   an
lion.   Muckcii'.ie   Kim:.   Canadian   Mill- interesting  null   very   instructive    nd
isler of Labor, illustrates as perfectly dress delivered before the Ottawa Cun
as  any ease of contemporary  politics | adian   (Hub b.v Hon.   Sydney   Fisher
of the higher sort whal  may be aeh -
ieved when a man determines    to   lit
himself for public life of the mosl  elli-
,.',,.„!     service    and     enduring worth. „„,„,,. ngl.!,llltm,U    pwglws.   l„  1900   „
Ihose who heard   dm at  the city olub ,,„. ,,mp ,,,,,„. „, ,,„. Bgric„ltural pro-   hnd , „ estllt,lished which were prob-
"' "x'"'Ml !  ,l1" ' ,lT"1"  1"'1"" dues of Canada was 8105,000000, Ten   ab,v „„. „,.M  :1,„, „,,.. ,,;,. .,,.,  .|,„
trial   Disputes  Inv^tigutioii  Ac,    not ymn ,.v„.,.   m  ,,„,,,   „  VVftfl 8533,000,.   ^.^  m  ^      ^u^   m  (,u, v
""'•v  B,,n   "IKl  h ''  ;l  V"1"1""1    P"1" iiiiii.   The progress of  Kustern Canada     ..-v,u  j,   n "kit.cl   of  technical  ,    i
licist with b phenomenal record of con-   |ms |n l.v,.,.v wuV ,„,,.„ , pt11(, ,,,, with   ,iim ••  ,„.
struetive ndministrative work    to   his
il,     i  1  lei   me
ihut oi the Western country •
when technical education i- being   di«-
. . --- ■ ..II,',,       ,,"llll„,l,      ,-.T^.,....      I"       .....11 " -.   -
civilil,   nil   a  vi-rv  winning   l\pe ol     a       .....   ,,..,      „, ,,   ,\.„   „.,    u„|i1jfl.ci . .  .       ,. . ,.
•' ne  naw   also  tne  gieni   snusiaci ,.,,„,,| ,,, tin- eountn   liiul  the results
Canadian whose capacity  to stale tn s .        f i.........,,,,. ,i,_.  n,«„«CTai  ti,e n..w-. .      ,   ■    i     , ■
i       • nm oi Knowing innl  aiiioiicsi  uu  new ,,, t,.,hinal edueutmi   in regni I  to the
case in  an effective and also eloquent ,.,.   countries  of  agricultural   proddet ■ farming
Wtl.V    l>
ler "i
mimI.   Th.- speak.
WM-    llli'l-l
ion,    nmonirsl     our
_Tt';it   rivals  in
lm-iiii'--   art1   - . li    •.-   ^ ■< -' I
justify    n   very   large  pxpendiiur
theme.   He knew   it from A vvHpat   prodm.tion  above nil  we  <ian.l     ul)li(,    m v      ,1|llin  l(.,iUli,;iI  educe
10   A     Hr  mnde  ll   ,,,r,,h     xutb      lh: |.n^mn,ni.  in quality  as  well  as   'in    (inn   jn ^   (ii   nm   ,ilh..r   busine!W
Iniinan  needs    and    passions,    oul    ot ,,.,.,,,.;,,     .,;,i,   -,.,  nn, n,   metre    oer   ... i-   i
,.,     ,     .,,,.,. , ,. qunntil), wnn .in p in   mon     pi i    ]t  ,||(, ..,„„.     Ui tv. I     ..I result- cull    li"
which   the  ideal   legislation   lhn.     I an- 1^   |||an   ,,,„.  grBn,   ,.;V:l|,   ,),„   United    |„,,„„|U   .,!„,„, •■
"da has  Ilis matter had come:.and Sl.,,,.,     |i„,u  |e)   ,,„. liv,. ;l word     oi
hewas notnfraid to show that he had L.aUtion  an.l sn)   that  whilst  wc thus
!•' I"''"1 as v.'" a- a brain.     11.-1    of .,.umI  ,„„.„„•„„.„,   amongsl   tl wer  ':,„',.'",','„"|.'„ "'**„
I all.  he used  lhc opportunity  to plead „,„„,,•„.,  „„ .,,,, [„,. behind the    liner
noi only     for industrial conciliation, .,n«|  „„„,. Rt.icntilie agriculture of ihe
Inn   f.n   international   arbitration   and      u ,, i;,.,,     ;,,     |.',,...     T.i   rp.rnnl
,     ,.  .     ,     . oUIPI    naiion~   iii     i.uiopc.    in   ipjain    t),..,,- business anl how   to applv them.
, lor sii,.|i a,-tion  In   the   Inittvl    States , . ,', .,,1.......   ;,,   ,r, ,■,]   I     t'eo       .... . ,       ,   ,
, , , .,,        , , - ' "   agiieiiituii   in  geneiai   i     leni       ((|l.    ^.,,^.,^,.1   closed  bv  empl
and by Canada a- will enable ihem lo me thn|  , |mve ,,, pas| n reproael, u,
| lead  lhc world  in  lhc demand  for    tin ,,,,   ,|,   |(,  ,,f   lnfa  colintrv.   Thel
I'll.,  men  who arc ninkillC   lhe  great-
est  profits on   ilie farms of  ilo- pro\ -
graduates  of  (luelph
agl icllltlll .ll   ' ollege,   w ll,.   had      l.-a ,1
ihe  scientific      truths    whi. h   undi i
in   Hie   p.
i he   impoi lance   of  agriculture     i"    .i
couulrv.      I'        wa-  iln-    fundament d
Import direct from country of origin.
R-BVBLSTOKE    ii.  O.
end  oi militarism,  and tlie substitut- ;
. '-  'I""11  evruse,   men   i-  miiiii   reason |)a-js  ip|     :| prn«peritv.      With    our
ion  ol  international   null, ial prortslure. .■   ,. ;,    i1M.     .   .i.,,    .,...,. .;,.. .,. |M1.m. , ., .  .                 .,,  .     ..
,,  , ',     . ''"   "• I|U1  •''  ""   -'""'   n""   '""  ,'1""     hone I! pportumties  we will   in  th-
llal'\ai,l       max    well   lie proin    of     the1               ,       . i. ,i... r     u|i..i   thpv   iniclll • i ■
,              ,. , ci- an i     uoing    wn.ii  nny  uni.in i ,„..,,. tatio... ,,,nm..hi I in.- markets    •,'
lad   thai   she  gave  Inin whal   he rails eas;|v   ,,,,   nn(|      „|,.llf   j(   tnPV   a\ailed
public  service;   and  he   may  be  Biifel)    |ai(|    ,',,„.iv  .,,   ,!„.;,. ,',,,,     thej     could
cited  a-  a  model  of  "s| inlizotion "   ,|,,   "The United  States was tint of the I
in  udiiention     preparatory   to    public   gtvai   „!„..,,   producing countries,  bin '
in lhe near future Would probnbl)
have i" lie.-..me afo.nl importing in- '
-i,a,I nf exporting colintrv. "'Then,''
said Mr. Fisher, "they will have to
come lo Us for iheir wheal and the
other     markets     of the world    which
ih,.  win Id in  ntrri
concluding words.
To All Whom It May Com i:iin:
Take no'ice ilml we. Julius Dougul
and A. E. Iliiiuli.nl' the town of Nakusp, in ilm Province nf British Col
in- bi.i, Intend to apply to tho Chief of
Provincial    Police   .""   diys    al'lcl   lhc
date hereof, I'm' tlm transfer of licence
belli bv ll. .1. LaBiiish. of tin. IL.ul
Grand. Nakusp, in A. B. Halgh and
Julius Dougal.
HateI   at    Nakusp, B.   t'.. tin- I.,lb
■Jay of .\piii.
.ll Ml -  Dlll'll M .
A.  K. Il.vi'.ii.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBERT     ST03STE3      PEOP.
May 24-The Swiss Bell liinjre.?. The
famous Eckhardts. New lildiaon
May 27—The Scottish Prima Donna,
Mi.-s Jessie McLachlan and Concert Company, Edison Theatre.
.lune (1—Canada's famous comedian,
"Jimmy Fnx" and his star Co.,
in New Edison Theatre.
Jobbinf '    tided  t...    Agent  (or   all himls of d
Tret~, v. etc.   Lawns and Gardens taken care p
of   for   the Rummer.   Tern.-   reasonable,    Twentj years 0
Residence with F. G. Frisby.    Phone 80 J
Rids  arc  icqiiested  for  the following
ira,le- up i,, Suturdn). May 7th mi
Sew Rank , i Commerce, Uevolstoke,
I'.'.. av.iiiiiL-. Mi iiii\. Plumbing, Heating and Meinl Work. Carpentry, Pain-
ling ainl lila/inj. Sand and Gravel
per  cubic ynrd,      Plans    ami  Specili  '
will hale I., collie lo Canada and il I-
ii,, rile tlUnii i" -a) ihai Canada, ill
lhe near future will lie and must be
ili.- jranar) if lhe Kiupirc and of a
Inrge portion of ihe world,
"Whal   ar ii   prospei Is?   Wi   1
at     llu-      present     I inie   ihi-   ; em     n
i he   Sorthwesl     a  productii..,   if al	
«|',C),IIIII 1,(101) w.n ih ..' all crops in lhc
11,ree pr,e, in. .m   Thi- was    raised
Musical Eckhardts
Mr,  Tobias   Kckhardt,    fnthei   nf ihe
Kekhardl      Musical   r'ttmil)     of    Swiss
I',,.;.   NiiMer-.      Musicians      and   Entei
lain.''-- wa-   a  membei   ,,!  il riginal
I'tinipan)       of   Swiss   I'.el!   Itiugers   who
pi avis I    he  I    ,•■■ i  Stnti       ■     '   inada
,.\ ,■■   :'.n   \ ear-   agn   an I   wa-   lhe     In si
omp .ic      of Swiss  P..-    Ilil
mu   fi. ,m  the old    nnnti Mi    I ■ I.
intry,    mar
ried,   -eiil.il   do\i n     il    '   inafln,     an I
im  tl remarkable
pii* little I
,.':•■        ■   Ki .    i   n'li
I'. I;        . el - 1 lll-
e.'ilioli-  ..an   be  seen   al   the    Hank    of
Commerce, or l>\   applying to.   Vi.  II,.
aw-ton,   t'llion    lh,'el. I
I ,ow e-i   or un)   lei  ler  tn il   necpssnrt- |
ly accepted. I
I .'.nun.imo   ol   acre .    Sevi      mi     in   of
, .        . |        v.'ninlerful   I
II .   ,.  a, ie      ,,, .a,,   ie   h Ileal    .'IM
produced     117. ,(HH     busi What   '
ha."   we    ill    reserve?     \i    ll
lime ii  i* estimated     b)   (he <!•;.
menl oi ihe interior that  lhn   land
th    hands of  ih..  ...nl, i    amount -  >•        ^  -I'll,.      ai n     ol  which   I-V   held oi      Wednesday nigl
Countv Court
I    WANTfM)   Smart   odicc   boy
J in writinc to Ron- 20(1, cily tf,
I    Moving Pictures  to-night.
IIIIII,       were     .-ulii' ale I     I i  i I'oiii
7,1111 i..in   being   in   n heat.   There     are of Vi. Gib
12,  of i   res in  the hand igninst mm                         .            H
uf    r nil.....I           .ill.I    ..' hi p.,lal,,,I, Ild   Wll                     •    ■     '
I        I   owner-.       ,,.,1    lottlef  .    There   are I ■                                  lisp I           I
alioni      In, .in I  nen         irveyi t". IC.
Apply ; I ill  ,    ihe hands  of  the    | pie uion,          G.  S. M.Cai
TO LET—Furnished room, Buitable
for either nne nr iwo gentlemen. Ceo-
mt\«tvttt«t bV«M%«v«ivi%ti%%%vi    trally located.   Apply this office.
if Canada,    anil.     ghly    spenking,   defei  i
lore   are    probnbl)   (10.000,000    acre        S  Ad ■ -   ■       •■
, i" niri'ieull ui'al  land -■■ u
e,, -I   in   ,,   M'i ,'i id   « n)   north  of (In Ulei
aa-    of oui     nrdiunrv    surve\«.   Tl
ill lm
MINKUS WANTKll-l'iir Fn n. h
Ocok, llig Rend. A|iply 1'. A. Urad-
Advertise in the Mail-Herald
M   C
A.    Ap,
t.. Y
FOR SALE ni; III NT Ranch nt
Clanwilliam. Apply to Ml . Mary
Palmer,   Clniiwilliam,   P.   C, I.'
ive    u     ivn ' ible 213,000,0111)  a. ,      il
-■   ' 1  pro\ in .. .   Th .1   i    '.,
ih..re i- a', .-lilalile about seven times
ih.. am..nni iim Inst year wa in
w heal, and if we ar,- able lo keep 'ii-
..nr  nvet'agp  "f production  we will  be    br.   ighl u  '
able i..   prodi  I. .'  bushels   oi   i   '   i
wheal     from  iln-  three provinces    ol
In   .li
1      ■
^" —
 :_ wii.
. -.. Pago 4.
Zbc nr.ail-1bccalb
Jnteviov publlsbing Company
Subscription   Rates
Incln lin*4 I.U-...S.' in  I'.nsl.m'l. b'uiUld Slates
 I i',ui.nlu.
Hy I lie roar [thruugli iiusloltloel *;••*'
Half '      ,f„
Quartoi    '''
j.jll    K1NTINU ,.niiiiiii) ' uxuouied at reason-
•I'Kl'tMs'i'Ci..   biibscriptl. ,b payable in ad
Legal„nilues in- per >•"<' Hr*\ '<"*•'"[""'
■,,,-„i.|,i-i-nm- onch -ni'-."!"""' hisertlpi
M, iMir in. in- Nutiiuirlol IS lines ins	
•;,.,",,,,.    i   uuiioru   bush in
£SS  llK  Marriagoi  and   Deaths,
£',uurt!ile"*s,,''»7.,.vl    All  advert! lit-
;;,,-,    ainirovalottlieiiianatieiiiuia,
\   , ileil mnl Cinidiiiisoil A.lveriiM'ii.ciii-.
\k   ii-Wiuu-i. ll-ln \\'""""' Bfflurs
= -i»i:l'!.:, :""!,;:■
writer not neoessarllV to pubftoaUoii, hut
,, .. v laenoe nt good faith, fcorrespondeuon
shoulil I"' lirlef. 	
Glearview Addition
At prices (ine quarter of those asked
in other parts of Revelstoke
It is one of the most desirable locations in the city
Por Residences and has a superb outlook, fresh air, no
wind or hoi air.
Liberal Discount if Purchase Made During April
\V.     lir wicll    soenniloil,     Thai     ihis
meeting  niutnoi'iuli/o  thn (loncrtil  Conference   In |ll tiro   a   new   hymnal     for
use iii  ihe Methodist  chureli.
|    U.-.. T,  II, Wrighl  movod,  Rev.   V.
S.    iil.ell socouilerl.     Thai   wo express
.,nr   -\ mputhy       ainl satisfaction    in
lhe work now   being ilono by  llic Moth
,..li-i   church  in  Italy.
lif'AI.KU.   I'.l'SINI'SS
\    lis|    ,,(    tllO    lain,-'    1)1    llll!    Mil a,II-
ehiic-li   |irnpoi'lies    in   lhe dislriel   was
iva.I as  follows:
Kninlnops, 81 l.fl'iO; Kieoln, 84,0150 ;
\-li.i..'l, S'J.THU; l.i)h I. 82,(i:ill: Salmi.n   Win.  Jfi.f ;   Rcvolsloke,  SS.llOO;
Trout   Lake. SCI, :  liolilen, 82,Toll,
In   niuu,!    | .,i ll -   elllll'clles   all.I   par-.,11
.  n    IiiiiI  been enlui'ire'l.
\ ..--.illlliiui Wa- passed llllll n pro-
icllel - nei 111',! 111 I'lll I ' "-. 'i ..'. an.l
if  possible   a   mull   he   -elil   lip  al   iniei..
\      |H       .-   he, III    ,,     ,., ,|1      tt, llllll,
he  \oleh  Ilill  .-uul T ippeu cenlros,
Hi |,..i u  nl church  pnnrre     Irom nil
parts ol  the  ilislricl   wen-  verj   prnni-
Usurious i   luranuL Bank BuiLDiao RsVKt
OffloS: ReSeWoke, B 0.   Cranbrook, B, I.
VtfgSSS? J.A.Hakv«v
Revelstoke, ' n.iilimi'k
The ('. p,  |{. has ,1  much  i,, make
ii-   right-of-way   attractivo,   anil   il   is
,   | ■    compliment   lo  this    laiidablo
I'eiituro nt ruilwuy policy for any
eity nr in.lii i.Innl tn establish an
..lien-he dumping cronnd uloiiij the
company's right-of-wiiy. \ less conspicuous pluce anl nn,- more slliliiblo
[ I'm- ihe purpose shoul I surely he selected.
Solicitor, eic.
Solicitor for:—
Tuk Canadian Bank hf Commkbck,
Tuk Molsons Hank, Etc.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
MiiniiK Surveyor
Uux 11X1, Kkvi'.lstiikk
Vamoivkh and Revklstokk, H. C.
All cuiiliulliiciilinns addressed to Post
otlice, Kcvilsiiikc, will have prompt
c. w. o w.
Mountain Vlow Camp, No. 22»
■ Mom*. Beoond and  Kuurih Wednesdays in
uch month, in Selkirk Hull.   Visum   woodmen cordially Inviusi to utlelld.
W. E. OfBORNE Con. loin.
J AS. MelNTVBK. Clerk.
Kootenay Lodgo, No. 16, A. F. Ji A. M.
The rnmihir inenl-
iinrs nm liel.l ,ii I tin
 -.    llu •
tin. llnr.l U'llnlny in
each nn'ulli st i>
p m. Visiting brethren cordial!) wel
\|i\ll\l- I RATION  ul' -II >TI('K
The i.iliM,,, cuse,  whii h i nme before
Judge      l-'uriu      "ii   Wednesday   nieht,
for  lhe  most   --.-iiIiiiii;   denuueia.
i ion of the a Iministrntion  of   justice
in   Itevelstoke.    Mere i-  n   man ngninsl
w I       there    is    prneti. ally    nol    n
tittle ni evidence, held For weeks in
gaol aw'aitinu   trial op a serious  clinrge
« hieh   there i-  i v idenee  lo support,
\..  grosser  ivronu  can   In-  perpetrated
In  soeieti  ne of ii- members, ami
id,a,- i- in, iea-,iii why, when -inii an
outrage i- |ier|ietraieil. ihe governing
li.. K nniler w hose jurisdiction -uch
mal ailiniui-iiaii'in nl justice is perpetrated whether ii he a city council,
a proviiiciul government, or ihe Federal (rovernnienl itself, should imt he
called upon in compensate an injured
man for ihe expense an.l 1..-- of time
and indignity tn which he has Is.en
pul In incompetent administration of
justice. \i la-i session ni the Provincial Legislature, \ I t,iriie\-i ,,-nei al
llowser in' i ,„l, i ,.l. und Innl pii I into   law ,  ll  I                    ■■ kle   UguillSl   lhe
..-, ,.i mn. .,:  ,..,.,_  held li .lil.   for dam-
for such oiltrnireoiis  prosecutions,   was held here yesterday iu lhe church.
Such  ,-, law  i- wi .1 1,1 nol      Th,,-,.    present  wero:     Rsv,    T.    Vi.
I..' on the  i   ins   demo-   Wright,  Ashcroft;   Rev.  .1.   Vi.   Medley,
Inti     .Indue Fm led onl    v--..l.a:    I;.., .    s.    p.    okell,     Trout
verj   I...  ilc-,      ll ,--    mi     lake.   Rev.  W.  W.  Bromwich,    Golden';
'■ne-   into    Rev.  ]:.  I've,      Salmon   Arm:   Rev.    (I.
The  annua)  conference of  ihe     Kam-
The  following  are   ilie lay   dclcgulcs
ippointod     yesterday    to attend    ihe
tnniuil  Ciuil'eieii,-,. tn   Nelson on  Wed
jiesduv   next;   -I.   I'.   Itice,   .1.   Oalvert,
ii-  District  nf  lhc Meilindi-t  church   ,.    ., ,    .,   ,. ..,,       ,.
\\    Dews,   \.  K. I urrington,    t hns.  r.
landmark, 0. Avorj'.
i llllii 11   IUVALHV
Th.. question of dividing up  ilm Ber-
|,i-,.-   wiih  ..iher  denominations    wa*
discussed,   the  nieetitnt  being  stronglj'
aLain-i      sectarian      rivalry,  although
Capital Paid Up $?,5C 0,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has'65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Dangerous Fire
Sporting Notes
J   T   POLLOCK, Ma-iii:
8KLKIRK UlDlih; \2. i.0.0   K.
Ufletl n,„Ty Th'ir--
,\ny    STflOlog    iu    Ssl-
U-irk   Hsll it K •■
^_|Vi>iuun br»thr«n *r»
OOrdiallj iuviled In attiud.
comnienl   J|    Snnillnrd,   kamloops;   Uci.     1.  V.
.   , competition   was   L'Ood   anil   helperl     in
Mall.   Itevelstoke. '                  ,    ,       ,
.. lhc   Ill'ogl'CSS   ,,f   the  elm
N "-     "'       -'Mii.-n    ftere  Messre. , |m.   uj_;,„,   ,,..„„.,.   wcrc    nccepteil
ll     I"'"-.   Keielstoke,  ami   .1.   1.  „„| ,.,,„r,,.m„|.
k "! Tl lestion    ,,f temperance    was
 > '•   ' [k''-    '■" biielh      touched    on,  ilm  Rev.  I'.    S.
, lering   ih„   mail,-,-   ,-,-! itiny
L    I'KOBVS. N.O.
us mathik;sic
- Okell, uf Trout   Luke,    beinti    ,,f    the
■■    '•■ "' • opinion  thai    liquor     licenses    under
■ ■.-  heinc  mude, ,.,,|11i- ;tI    eontrol    in  unorganised dis-
■a   ihe  statistical   re- u\,,. n«j ., had nlTeel
''•'""   :i11    i'"u   ' -       \   resolution    propi 1  by   Hi
Cold Range Lodge, K. ot P.
No. 16,  Revelatoke, 8  C.
MEKTs »VKBY  ariiNK-; i'i
e«Ci mouiti. in Usl    - -
Hall     »l    r        '  "•«       W«lllnj
Knljhtsare coMisiir   :iTlte.l.|
D   A. McDOSAL 1,0. C,
U. H. BKOi'K   K   .,(   K   A -
T. P    SMITH    il      • t
J  „    1,
i Mu   si   I'.i'
Meets    n  1   "   "   V   II «
Tappit -      " ;i
Mi n-i iv in iii'-ni h.
\ ■      1,1,'llllell -   I
com* si.
i    I:    i
Hei    --      il    W
11.  IViiglu,  - ,,l„il hy Rev.    -1.    W.
lletlley, a-kint; the General Conference
,.n- pa--'.! iverej i" legislate making a charge that the
!    ii     . Milan     nf districts be elected    by
u    ii I. the  la;   ami    mini-ieiial members    nf
end   district, fm- one year, was  turned  down.   The    evening    session    was
Ink ip wiih  statistical  reports.
I   ■   Rev. T. Vi.  Hall wan  tuken    ill
during  the    morning session ami  was
,,  retire.
The     24th session     nf    lhc    It.    ('
Methodist   Annual  Conference common-
nl   Nelson    on Wednesday    next
promises '<. he tli,- mosl interesting in
th.. history of I'.. C.  Methodism.
■     ...-..,,,    I  . .al.-renee   will   be   held
toria  in   September.
Zbc flfcatUlbcrato
* "
*    \
Miners' Strike
III     I  >lll,  .  ,      e
. nber ,.f
in read ni it thi   ilriking
,   nei
11..- in- ii
A burning brush pile on Douglas
sireci on Thursday morning wns responsible for considerable damage to
the garden fence round the residence
of ,1. \. Stone on Douglas street,
ami mighl have ended iu the com -
pleie destruction of the house iiself,
as well as the adjacent dwellings. Nn.
I lire brigade turned nut nml with a
eaiml stream of water, effectually hilled the blaze before much serious dam*
age was done.
The brush in question was piled on
Douglns street, close in Mr. Stone's
fence, ami was the remains of a large
quantity piled ihere by the provincial
government last year fnr us,, on the
bride;,, work. The men who were employed by lhe government mi Thursday iu ulearing up ihe streee had
raked ihe refuse and brush together
ami -ei lire m ii. Panned by a high
wind the lire soon spread ami caught
Mr. Stone's gurden fence, against
whicli the brush wns closely lying.
So big Wns lhc bla/e am! so active
the spall;-, lhal as soon a- the fire
began in burn an alarm nf lire was
turned vin in Nn. I. win. promptly
reached lhe spot and pul lhe liie nut.
Tin- brush pile lm^ been a menace
i.i the city for some lime. The sei-
ting lire in it was ,., dangerous net,
ami mit'lil have resulted in a bit;
conflagration in thnl pari nf the
town. The practice nf burning rubbish ill lhe public sheets, which has
been   going   nil   nf   IntO   by    llle   eily.      is
dangerous. A safer method nf clear-
inj nwnj rubbish would be In load il
in   dial-   and   lake   il   in   lhc  dumping
jr.nnnl   .
V S.  Heath,     circulating   manager
im   ih.-    Canadian Courier,    Toronto,
« i    in   ihe . Ity nn   Monday,  nil behalf
-,i   Iii    journal,    Mr.   Uenth   was    particularly    struck     with   ihe  beautiful
. .-a.-' v   round Revel ink,,,    and will al
a   I iter dale  publish   articles  relative
i" Hn .   etting forth lhe facilities i,,r
loin           liuntei i and   iportsmen.   Fn-
eluded in Iho article will  be i lows   nf
'I,.- \ ielorin I' nl, ,,n ihe summit    nf
Mi.    Rovolstoke,   In  ihe  Courier     nf
Vpril   Ifilh  is  n  fine  roprodm i inn     of
11 he public funeral nf lhe Rogers Pass
lide victims,   The title  of tho picture
.     "An     impressive military    funeral
lido  victims  in  n   spectacular
md     hot!      i he     i    Ion
headed     |V       I In   ,     R,     M.      R,     IU    I     le.aV-
in    'I ' . n ii    \' no,
■ Ml       t.i
\n    li ilinn    boy was    brought    in
Irom  ihe Bowman    Lumber
■ ip down the south Iracs    uff.
.-   lun! ,■ I log    o iu , d by bo-
, . m- | ibetwoen
The Intermediate! secured a hanl
(iiuejii victor} over the Corley house
in baseball yi-leiilay evening, win-
ning a hue match from every pnint of
\ iew   by  '.' to  li.
The game was fast all  through,  tlm
I'nrley'-   having   u   good   lead   al      lil'st.
but   fell    down   considerable    towards
lhe end and never recovered. It-
.-si|uai'eliiit,iLrs   acted as  referee.
The second contest nf lacrosae its
the 1010 -eric-, between the High uml
Public schools, was witnessed last evening by a goodly number of enthusiastic ciii/ens lasl evening al ihe Y.M.
I'. A. grounds, ano is pronounced by
all ns ihe -wiliest and besl exhibition
nl ihe Saiinnal ..'lime yel played by
the Isiys. The quarters were each
twelve minutes nf nclual play. Tho
hich school ugregation, with one or
iwn individual exceptions, started oil
aliiin-t at the commencement, m>
with slow caution ami struck lhe neb
mure counts being registered when
ihe lirsi whistle fm- rest blew. In the,
second quarter the greens m,i down
in their usual combination an,I Boon i.
cheer went up lhat they had evened
up the score. A little disheartened,
lhe hit;h school wiih.an viiror per*
milled lhe little ilmp- I,, mii ry the
hall  again  into their net, ami  imw it
wa-    "iln   nr   die,"   lliere   wa-   OII6     k'Oul
ngainsl ihem ami the whistle Mew
I'm il ml nf liie third quarter. Before ihe beginning nf ihe lust quarter,
lhe word  was passed  an,und   amongati
lhe   reds   lhat    -nine   BCOreH   had      In   Ih,
made nr ihe "whole jig w ,-  up."This
-did  ii  and  Iii  three minute,   ilm  tally
wa- OVen mice mare, ll was nowj
strength    and weighl     ngnin i     kiHint,
combination.   The    Intl Id  hav»
won, but il did 11,,1. an ! ■ •• higbj
school wenl into the green Del iL'uin.
\i,w was one of llle mosl rapid unoV
i.\.iiiiiLr momenta in In. r.■ history
in   Revelstoke,   and   In f. nniorsj
eould even n,i the nunl ,- whistle
culled up the game i'   ; d    to.
iln- good fm- ihe high        , I.    Thn
games ai  presenl  itai I nl   onq
with three   more in play.     Vow    iho
real fun commences.
1   hi- the     intention ol
and managers  nf  the        I  ...I    league
In   like   up   ,,   . ..Me,-lim. !.-■      ,11111)
■ ni  Friday  nexl   in provide ,    .-i,
ol net . so badly needed to replnce tlm
old, mid  il   i i Imped iln-   . will bu
well    palrmii/ell    al.ll    lib- I   . ippOTU
ed mi behalf of  all  Ihi
iTlAl.l,i:m:i .
We herein   challenge  Sm; I Clg«
al    Store   In   a    iM'llne   ol    ' -    DOXt
woek, both managi i
McKl.NNO.VS i [fi VH - rORR, S'lTIIIUY.  MAY  71 11,   1!HH.
If our methods suit you
tell others. If they don't
suit you tell us. Any criticism oi our mode of
doing business will ho
Ftg* I
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Order?.
Telephone Orders.
Send    the   children    to
the store.   Come yourself,
Have uur city traveller
call ut your home for
We all know how hard it is
to keep the feet cool anil com-
fortable during tlie warm
weather. This year we huve
solved the problem for all who
will Ink' a look at our line of
Canvas Shoes for Men, Women
and Children. Comfortable,
l>r>s-v and Dt.rible
For Men
Plain Duck, lllucher bai, in
D.irk Gray and Tun. A neat
and dressy shoe at $2 50.
ll.trk Gray Canvas, leather
toe protection, either in Oxfords
or Hals, at if 1.7.5.
White Duck Oxford, a new
last with welted sole, at $2.75.
Boys' (Iray Canvas Oxford,
leather tips, at $1.50.
Youths' Gray Canvas Oxfords, leather tips, at $1,115.
For Women
Plain Duok Blucher Oxford,
leather tips and leather facings
with large ring eyelets, either
in gray or brown. A neat,
stylish and serviceable shoe,
at $2.26.
White or Brown Duck in
neat and attractive lasts, $1.75
White or Brown Mercerized
goods—a very dressy and attractive little Oxford  at $2.75.
For Children
A neat White Duck Oxford,
solid leather soles, sizes 5 to ~\
at !K)c; Sto 10} at $1.25; 11
to 2 at $1.35.
For Hot Weather
It is not too early to get
that Straw Hat which is sure
to be needed in a few weeks.
Our assortment ol imported
Knglish Straws has never heen
so complete. We can give you
any of the newest shapes in
the hest sfraws at prices which
will save you money. Shapes
which lit the head and feel
comfortable, as well as being
dressy and right up to the
To wear with Ihe new Summer low cut shoes. The new
hose comes in Faftoy Floral
Effects, Stripes, (Jheck-i, etc.
.lust now we nre opening up a
lovely lino of French and German Hose for Ladies and
Children. Since the duty has
been changed the price is real
*t WiiStS
A manufacturer sent ns
Twenty Dozen Ladies' Shirt
Waists and Fancy Muslin
Waists. These we have arranged on a long table just as
you step off the Elevator on
the Second Floor. Ycu will
find almost any kind of a
wash waist in the lot and the
price will be a pleasant surprise.
75c, $1,1.25, 1.50
Get It at Hume's
Moire or Watered Ribbons
The present demand for these
Ribbons for Sashes, Hair
Bows, etc., is enormous. We
have Brown, Myrtle, Navy,
Copenhagen, Saxe Blue, Rose
du Barry, Virux Rose, Cerise,
51 incheB wide. A special at
per yard.
Men's genuine Panama bats
—the real, unbleached fibre,
medium shape, with Russia
leather sweat. The best Panama value on  tlie  market at
Beautiful Old Country goods
splendid new designs, and the
colors as pretty and fresh as
the May ilowers. For freshing
up your drapery work, dust
curtains, etc., 30-inch cloth at
per yard
One Piece Dresses
A delighted group of ladies
have surrounded our showing
of White Muslin One-Piece
Dresses this week. That they
are O. K. is evidenced by the
manner in which they purchased them. A new lot just
being opened to-day. You
will like them.
$4.50 to $20
Those "Old Country" Bed
Spreads are pleasing the Ladies. If you haven't had a
look at them there is a pleasure in store for you. Beautiful Snowy White Marseilles
and English Oak Counter
PaneB. A delight to the tasty
Housekeeper. A wide selection of prices.
$1.50 to $10
The balance of those French
Cloths. 52 inches wide in Cardinal, Navy, Light Brown and
Dark Brown will be sold on
Thursday and Friday. For
Children's Coats, and Ladies'
Separate Skirts. $2 a yard
goods for
No order too large now 'hat
we have a car of high elass
General Groceries. When we
buy in carload lots we save
money for you as well as ourselves. Anvthing we have not
got tell us about it.
and (hind
Have you peen our new line
of Fancy Tea Pots, Baby-
Plates, Baby Mugs, Lemonade,
Sets. Cups and Saucers, G lass
Vases, Salts and Peppers,
Lemon Squeezers, Trays and
Kern Dishes. A full line in
all the latest designs to choose
I and
We are now unloading a car
of the famous Reindeer Milk
and .Jersey Cream. Get our
prices by the case, dozen or
can, before buying elsewhere.
We also carry St. Charles
Cream, Canada First Cream
and Milk. See our corner
window for Reindeer Milk.
A car of Windsor Salt
arrived yesterday made up of
501b. sacks of dairy Salt; 201b.,
101b., 51b., and lilb., sacks in
barrels for Table use. Let us
ijuote you prices.
Water (km
We have just received a
large shipment of Witter
Classes in different styles and
shapes, and we will give one
line at a bargain on Friday
and Saturday of this week.
Our regular price is $l per dor,,
but on Friday and Saturday
the price  will he only
60c. per doz.
The Elevator is the most perfect type of passenger "levator
made.     We  spared   no expense t"
get the best and ino-l reliable.     All
the safety devices so lar produced
you   will   lind   on   it.     The mosl
approved automatic safety brake,
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
Revelstoke,   *   B. C.
Hew Wiltons
Our new stock of Wilton
and Velvet SquareB defies competition. We have them in
the following sizes:
lift. 9in.x9ft. $1 I 50 and up
'•)ft. x lift. $17 50 and up
lift, x 10ft tiin. $22 to $3H.
:ift. x 12ft. $25 to $42.
lift, .'lin, x 12ft. $43 to $55.
Every Carpet a Bargain
Get It at Hume's
our new stock of Linoleum
and Floor «'ilcloth direct importation from Scotland, in
widths (5. !) and 12 feet.
Choice Designs
Dainty and Bert
(ul Curtis
Luce Curtains and Curtain
Muslins—We ire showing s
nice range of these g lodi in all
the newest effei
Take the Elevator
Vou may liml a mistake in
our accounting, lei ui knon il you
do. We have installi i the finest
in possible in. I are doing
•mr utmost to keep apa >■ with the
times, v.ui can help ■■ '.
us know ol any mists
HMsfsasj Tii" fi.
SAT! lill.W. MAV "Tlf,  1010.
vercrowiliiig  nl  the  chickens   preveul
I.   a--   il   tends   In   -top   their   -IMW ill
I    li   i-   n,,i   advisable   lo   feed    chicki
Instructs Address b, GovBrn- '"
ment Expert
llut   after   llinl     irive   Ihem  drj     fund.
water nnd gril und keep them scruleh-
XOTICK   IO   I'l I'd H
The  police  lum-  secured   the  services
i  a   seavenirer,     \n\   persons   desirous
,,f  having  Iheir     closets  or  cesspools
, Ic I,     should  leave  word    ul     the
police   -i.-ninii
ii. m. I'AUin.
Chiel   ,,l    I'olil'l
1-       ,   a„   hi   Revelstoke   had,   a   few |                  IIRO" INC   STOCK
\eai-     a_-,,       stiggi'sli  i   tlml   ovor     u|     I'   i-   unwise     in  force     pllllel-.     bill
couple ni   lo/en or more eiti/ens would rather  lei   them   -jet   hilly   matured  bo-
ue-            lu-r  and  s| end   set erul   hoiii'i fore  laj ing,
he  niiliniio   "hen"    ni'l ruMMUi'iT \l.   I'llUT.S
.                     del ibl    i'lll lm -.mii  over  n Ihere      are      Iwo   kind-,   light     and
ton    h„   im.iiI,I   huve   irol   whal   in   • er- heavy,   lhe   foi'iner   Minorcus   and   Leg-
ta         parlance                  -I   the  "  horse horns   for   example,   good   luyers;     lhe
I - nee   il mii i-in-,n  ,,i  ih,. hitler or  utility   fowls   have  largo eggs
lli-M-   loke      I'..ulii.i     und   I'.-i     S I. anl     Ik'sh    pi-opiu'lies,      The    average
A - iutioii, the |inulti'\ business hns number of eggs per hen In ihi. pr,,-
t, real strides in Revelstoke and vinne is UT and it i- necessary lo inline   fail       In   I    -,'   liie   principal Prove   llle   laying   strain   of  our  fowls.
I        .,   i|„, di    I,.,      I'lii' meeting The   increase  of  one  egg   pel   hen    per
on 'I          ■   ■    :-    hi   In  h in   Mr.     dull, yi'iir  will   brine   up  th,.   value    ol    the
i        niiliri   expert,  working  under the poullrj   indiislr,\   in   11.0.   bj   sluii.iiiiii.
II ■     llepai'lineiil   nf   Vgriculture,   lee. und    ii   i-  essential   thai   the  business
tun   ..n    pniilln       In ling    drew     a should  be  increased  and   nol   neglected
largi nl.ai,,,'   of  nnlhuninsts   who a- i1   ha- been  in  the  past,
I, ,      ihe  hen   lei.',      very   badly     jusl CO 0PKIIATI\ I'   I'h'ul'.l.l'.M
in,.'      I1   v.,-   i videlice  nf   the   keen \  market  we must   haw: a- llie fresh
ii ■-   es|   taken  in   lhe  raising  of chick- pgU   '-  getting   greatly   in   demand  and
,., the  supply  i-  imt   keeping   pace    with
III \ IT.S'liiKi:   IIKN   I I:\ I.l:   , the  demand,    l'rices   for  poultry    pro-
Aid.   McKii    a-  chairman,   intro- ,|l"'ls  '"   "■  ''■  '"'r lli-1"'1'   lh»"    «n>"
dui • ■ i Mr. .lull, explaining tho nature
of hi- ,'isil here and imped llllll many
p ers would be derived. He -aid
I. hi ■>■-!-, g  w a-   onlv  in   ii-    in-
fni             i:,-,'-,,,k„.    Inn i- milking '""  '"'"'    lnkin« aM   ll"'  I""1'"- n"
an  be done  verv  well   iu   Itevelstoke.
Tiike notice ilml we inlend lo ninke
application lo the Superintendent of
Proi incial Police foi a renewal of dur
retail liquor license fnr lhe premises
known   as   lhe   l.elaml   hotel,   Nakusp,
fi. i'.,  for lhe Imlf-yeai   fr   dune 30,
I'.Mii  io  December 31st,  1010,
Ogili ie iV   Mi l\ ii (i.-k.
Mill   3rd,   inin.
where else  in  Ninth  America.
Poultry   In lei's   should   combine  in
buying   and   in   selling,   and   il o-op-
ll li
-\ stem     w i
ial      llle m
lllll SIM.   Ill-'   I'll" l.
Mr.  dull  stated  lhal   lh.
re   were     n.
-1 ri I.--. A w iniei -Imw j- urg-
«'i ■ ne Ic I here and llle pro! inciul-
goveinmeiil      mighl  give n ei'iinl     to-
v      ■      il,   Tl,,-      local   slock,    though   "'"' '  tresh  Mi'   '""'   llouspa  '"   Kev"
not   von   large vet,  was  I. elslokc  ''"'ll   ll"""  ''"'"   ver>   "'"''--'ny-
Air.  .lull expre I pleasure nl  beinc   °'   ""'    ho,,sea    "'"   ""v"'"l'  U:"']>
in   Revelstoke  for   the  lirst   time    nnd   UmU  :' "M   "'   lhcil'  l,l-vi"«  lli '
congratulated  lhe cil\   on  ii- pr ress    """    'lu'    llt,"P -1""'  '""'   '>l'" U""M
nnd    entln.sias   , lm   raising,   h"1""1    tor this  climate with parti ■
prophesying   „   grenl   future    for     lhe   """" "' ket'P ""' 'll'""-1"- uway from
I  Indus)n  and promising  lo do all   ''"' '""<U'   ";""1' ls  """'*' IlnrmM l0
he can for the association. '"" U  L,"in ",I,L . .
i.ll\ r.UNMI'NI   CRAN'I I    ,. III.IIINi.
,,,,.,, ,    .      I'"'   li.i ine  hen-  give  a  variety    ol
lievelstoke     will   gel   a   square    deal ,       . . .,
grains     anil     dry  mash,  as  well    a-
ii he I,   I .   M.veiin i   in  iln- mat      ,    ,       ,       ,    ,.' , ...
pleiiiy   ol  grit,   lune  and  ovster  shells.
I ' ii   jiani   no   ihe  I',,iiliri   Assort-   ,. , ..  i ,   ,' ,
i,r.eii  food  such  ns  held  beets,    eab-
aitmu.      'll.    .lull    pr,,1111-,si   eia\ eminent      , ,,   ,.. n     ..     ■     ,
1 huge, pop, alfalfa.    It. I . i- better pro-
assistance     for  ihe  wmier -linw. A        i   i         i                      i     i ,
.                                   .    , iideil  »uli  green  food   ihun unv other
I'rovuicial   r,inin'.    \--.„i iimn  i- be-               ,.    ,.       ,       ...
' pari   nl     I allada.    ihere arc   nn   hard
lie.   organised  and   lieiel-mke w .11 gel        , ,           . ,       .            ,
and  ia-i   rule- iii poiilii'v keeping, nnd
lisslstliucft   linin    I hi-. ,           , . .        ,.
I'-AI.T. FAIR SHOW ' ess depends on    he man Inmse I n
, great   deal.    In winter   .are   -Imilld   be
s'ltluiij   definite  eould   be  snidaboul      ■                ■  , , ,              , ,,
.       .. given  al   night lo  keep  the crop nil
Ibis, but  Mr   .lull  prom sed n  i ibe        ,    .     ,    . .-    •
,     '         ., and   Ihe   limb warm.    >,,tt   food   will
tn    ...|i -I   a    Uldgl'    I"    lie   I lll'l    r\ 11 I- |
in,l   iln   ilu-.
il   nl  lhe rail   1'iiir.    lb L'i'lltlllaleil .,,...,..... .....
He   'iu   nn  il xcellenee of lhe poul-       , ,       '    . ,,
. ... In  answer  to  several  nm stions    Mi.
ti     evhilni   iii    ast   year -  uur. I  ,,.,,   ..., .
i.immii.'iim. ron-Tin        'j1 "''"'""' "<v,s" " '"'■-■. "■""."•"'■.
il,    .lull   openetl   hi-   I.-, uir,- b\   deal- i.:..,i . i i            ,,       ,        ,
1         ... bud and egg,  bin   rathei   breed    from
inu will   the i.-lain,ii.hip nf the utilitv ,„ ... ,   ,            ,
,                           ■ iw.. yeai olds   and   keep   the   size    ol
fowl,   wnl,   the   iai,,a   lu -ed-   and     I In- ,■  ,,.i ,„ ,         ,   ,        ,         ,      ,
.   , „,,  _ t""1 up;     tin   nol   breed    kerel-     t,,
1     '    '*'   '" '       '' '   '"   ''    ' ■          pn  ■
« ,.     very   bright   ami   nltl.ough      the       v       M  K ,
|. ■ . In       in-1,i-i r\      « i-   ■ e«   in      the                      ,,i,i. I,
'       . un.'.  lio|ied lhat   II .- would  pro-
j-     in-.     ,, mal ind pro ,-,  [
'     , "•  " ouracemenl.
" ; 'm|  ~  "" " "' *
 '-'  '
:    from   ih.-  proi inci     Oi   .   ■
dozen ol
'                                                                                 :        .
all thi                                              .
le and                marl
s                 II
r vni) . i -
Nill |l   I
Take nolice lhal ■"." dui - after date
ive inien.l i,, nppli in lhe Superin-
lendenl of Provim ini Polii .• for n renewal of iln, retail liquor license for
the Clavier House, Clncier, P. C, lor
the half yonr from .lune 30, 1010- to
Dccembei  31st,  1010,
C.   IV  Ry,  Coy,
May 3rd,  mill.
Take notice that in days nftei date I
intend lo upply to the Siiperiiitendenl
of Provincial Police (or al renewal ol
the retail liquor licence lor the Union
Hotel, Arrowhead, B. C. for the half-
year frnin June .t'Uli, 191H, to Dec. 31st,
Hated liny Ith. 1911).
May 4 lm. \v. |. I.u.in iuum:.
Take notice thai I intend to apply to
the Superintendent ol the Provincial
I'..lice fnr a renewal of lhc retail liquor
license for the Cit\ Hotel, Arrowhead,
I'. C, for the half year from June 30th,
1910, lo Dec. .Mst, 1910.
Dated May 7th, 1910.
in.n 7 lm JOHN CALEY.
Take notice that 30 days after date
we inlend lo apply to the Superintendent of the Provincial Police fnr a renewal
ni the retail liquor license for the Lake-
view Hotel, Arrowhead, B. C, for the
hnlf year from June 30th, ml", ti> Dec
31st, 1910.
Dated Mai   lib. 1910.
Mai -f lm. Chapman Si Irwin.
Synopsis nf Canadian Homestead Regulations
i NY available Dominion Lands within the
xV itailwiiy Holt in British Columbia, may
behomesleftaed by any perpon who is tho sulo
bead of a family,or any main over ih years of
MK«. Ln thn t-xtentof nnH-iiimrtor section (»f 160
sores more or io^.
Entry must bo made personally nt the local
lanfl Mtlice for tbe district tn which tho html li
situate: Entry by proxy may, hnwovor, bo
made on certain conditions by tho fathor,
gother, son. daughter, brother or sister of an
Intoudtug homesteader,
Tlu* homesteader i- required to perform thp
oondltlnns oouneoted therewith undor one of
the following plans :
ili At least six months' residence upou&nd
cultivation of Lho huul in each your for three
(2) rf the father (or mother, ir the rather is
deceased) of the homesteader resides upon a
firm in tho vicinity or tho land entered for, tho
requirements ns to residence may lie satisfied
by -uch person residing with the father or
(3) If tl.o -cttlor has hi> permanent rosidance
apon farming land owned by him In the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to
re lden< e n ay do satisfied by residence upon
ll)M  -lll'l  IHI  tl.
rfix months' notice in writing should be given
to the Commissioner or Dominion Lauds ai
Ottawa ol Intention to apply for patent.
Coal. Coalmining rights may be leased for
a period of twenty.nne years at au annual
rental pi -H per acre. Not more than 2,500
acre, shall ho teased lo one individual or
company. A royalty at tho rale of five cents
per ton shall be collected on the merchantable
coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of tlio interior.
N H, Unauthorised publication of this ad
vertisetnont will not ho paid for.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
N'nticc is herebv given that 30 'days
...iitr date I iiiicinl to appl; t" the
Superintendent ..f the Provincial Police
for :i renewal ..f the retail li'iimr license
lol the Queen's Hotel, Comaplix, R. C,
for the half year frmn June 30th, 1910,
to Dec. list, 1910.
Dated Maj 4th  1910.
M.i.   1 lm I. II. VOt'NO.
tend to apply to
..f   the  Provincial
! the  rctnil  lii|imr
ense foi Hotel    Burton
i.  t      i;   . .   fur the half >cnr   from June
\VM.  I.i >Y \TT.
\. .. .i I-
ew ;!  nl  the
:•   Hot
Tenders for School Building at
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for School Buiidlnp Revelstoke".
will In- received by the undersigned
iiii to nud including the Ninth day of
.May, l'.HO, fur the flection and completion of an eight room brick and
concrete Bchool-nuildtng (exclusive of
heating and ventilating) in the City
of lievelstoke, B. 0.
Scaled Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Beating and Ventilating School
Building'1 will also be received hy Ihe
undersigned up to and including said
date for the heating and ventilating
of said school building.
Separate lenders are requested for
the above works*
Plans, specifications, contract, and
frorns of tenders may be seen on and
after the 10th day of April 1010 at the
offices of the secretary of the School
Board at Vancouver, li, C the secretary of the School Board nt Kamloops,
B. C, the secretary of the School Board
at Calgary, Aha. and at the office of
the Architect, William King, at Iteve
Istoke, B. C.
Bach proposal must be be accompanied by an accepted hank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chattered
bank of Canada made payable to the
Board of School Trustecs, Itevelstoke,
for a sum equivalent to live per cent,
of the amount of ihe tender, which
shall he forfeited it' iiie party tendering decline to enter into contract when
called upon to do so. The cheques or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful
tenderers will be returned to them
upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not he considered unless made out on the foi ms supplied.
signed by the actual signature ofthe
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated this 12th dav of April, 1010, at
Revelstoke, B.C.
Secretary, Board of School Trustees,
ap I'J-iny ti Revelstoke) B. 0.
persons    ai •    wai ■
king them or
the driving of nails or
spikes therein. Do not
touch our log
Revelstoke Sawmill  Co.. Ltd.
Take    notice that  thirty .lays after
tend    io apply to the Super-
■ nf Provincial Police for a rent  Liquor  License for the    St.
St, Leon, B.C., for   the
May 31 -t.. to Decern.
1st., 1010.
ei da ■■ oi i lin adver-
end lo make appllcn
i     nt ol I'rovin-
renowal of
I !.." ...    Ioi  the Grand
' il: up, B.C., from July 1-' to
 '. VI   tt BAIGH.
'.til It I'..
on   to
incial polios
i ...1 ....  i
.'   Hurton, B.O ,
. ., i   .;I,
I   I   \ M'IK.
m   date
i ■ [oi
,i   Final   •    ll    '
10   10 0,
\     1 11 1 u
flow ia tbe Himc of Wear for Seed flMantlncj
.iBcautitv JL'our ©av&cnfi
A   large assortment of fresh Cmrden and Klcld Seeds, including
Sl'l'.l'.l.   UKItiGS    KERRY'S    MAY'S    Mi'KENZlE'S
AND BURPEE'S.    Kine Lawn Grass, Clover, Timothy, Alfalfa
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and InipiuveJ.    Firsl-Clnss in every respect.    All modern convenience*
Larue .Sample Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates;
Revelstoke, B.C.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd.
are   disposing  of  their  entire  Stock  at a
small  advance on cost.      It will pay you to
investigate   their    prices    on    Diamonds
Jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
West Kootenay Steam Laundry
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Send your Blankets and have them
Properly and Promptly Cleaned.
Satisfaction gualianteed in all lines
Phone 73.      Office Corner 2nd. St., and Mackenzie lie.
n j i"'* t r rm
Bohemian Glass Blowers
With ilis Company of Expert. Glass Workers
will grive Exhibitions Nightly for Tun Weeks
Commencing        . «
To-Night. Wednesday Eve..  May 4th
At their Stand on MacKenzie Avenue
30th Annual tour and first appearance in your city of the
only company of Glass Workers who have delighted thousands
in nil purls of the world in their wonderful and peculiar Btyli
ut' entertainment. SATURDAY, MAY Till,  1910.
Lf.U'V  , I,
-^ '- n"' -■"■■
a*    ■|L^'»\\-\\uH*u., It'll      -C   l
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock gf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
c7Vlenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cAccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
Tea That is Always Fresh
"SALADA" is grown in the finest tea gardens of
the Island of Ceylon, picked every day and reaches
you not later than fifteen weeks after being gathered. Its native purity and fine flavour are preserved
in air-tight sealed "SALADA" packets. You
are guaranteed   tea  of  unvarying  good  quality.
Ask your grocer for a package to-day.   You'll like it.
  Black, MUotl uiul Natural Oreon, 40c, 50c, l' C uud "Oo per lb. 	
111  \i K     KNOT    u\     I'l.I M    Ikl'.l'S
Tiiku u I'.iini  I" null, ilip i1  in spirit*
..I iiirptMitini   .m'l  lliumiitflily  -.iiui.it--
ih.-  knot, ln>ini.'  < iii'i'lul   mil   i .    i li
ih- in--- oxrppt in tlii' -li -ii .-,I part,
ll xtiips lliii knnl antl lhn ti'i'o puts nn
li.-iil111x Ihmii. In'- li.'l.m ii. Hum
all  knots  thnt   nm)   lm  removH i.
\\ \S11     lull    Till SKS  ill' TKI KS
Dissolve    two  | 1-  ul   potash    in
two unlIons of water, apply «i.tli n
brush, nl any season, I"11 perhaps
with mosl i-IVi'ii in iprilltr. Hue in- two
np|)lieatioiis   will   iiii   ilie   slcni   ol   the
bark  louse, nml  remler li   si uh ami
glossy, li i- far Inore ollii'iieious ili.ni
whitewash us n preventative .-luuiii i
lhe altaek of iu-ei is, while ii pro-
moles iln- growth of the tree and
mills to lhe natural lovely eolor ol
ilu- bark. The wash of soft soap is also a very good one for mall) purposes
Though noi i"|iiiil for goneral pur -
poses io ihe potash wash, il is better
for old inink- with thiek and rigid
bark. a< a portion of it remains upon the suriniv of ihe bark for some
time, ami with the action of llu- rain
is dissolved, anl thus penetrates into
nil lhe ereviees where ihe inserts may
he Iwlged, destroying ihem ami softening  lhe bark ii-.-If.
S.  T.
own i
The outlook for tin' coming Reason
i- n little better i"«»r Fish Creek, An
option ha- been secured mi a promising property sloso lo the town, and
tin' mine will In* developed with a view
to pntliiiL' it on ;i -lopping basis.
Another deal is on for the Eva, '1'"
prospective purchaser!) being expected
in shortly, A deaJ is also on for the
Silver Dollar. Camborne has the
mines, if we could only get capital interested so tlml the bonn fide development would Iw undertaken. It is safe
to say that the --tamp mills and concentrators and shipping mine-; would
hoon follow,
Camborne has now only two hotel-.
tlie Criterion( conducted by 1*'. T.
\bey, and tin- Eva, conducted by 3.
T. Ware. The Reception, which wns
owned ami conducted by ''ory Mi*n •
hemck, lost [i< license last month on
a complain! lodged with the Provincial Secretary, Hon. W. J. Bowser,
who showed in this instance his de -
termination to enforce the new licensing law 'oi the letter. This decision
was reached after a thorough investigation by Inspector Black, of Nelson,
who has charge of the licensing administration system  of  Kootenay.
The government are doing some
road improvements in this district .
Cory Menhinick has lx-on appointed
rond foreman and is in charge of the
work .
\U IVI IN   i'\   W11ITI    i   ,."i - :'
Mini'i      i"
<    ., ,      \|,, ....   ■       i •'   i'.i iiish
I     ...;... ■.. ll '    '      ■ ' '1
■■ ,.   |,    i ■   ,    M &  Si
i ■ i
it ■ [in , ,.., ■ .,., mi be im .i. this
\ .,ir, \ ; ihe .!-' f un I" Hill feet
in  witll I cl        ■■■   of  I hi
P'tty,   Imi   othei    h      es  have   form
■ i
Spokan ', pri I
I ; i he     main
solifl ore.
i nl'l'i \i>  AIM-   DOWN".
Th >  oldest   inlmbitunl   in   ihis   homo
of eoppei - irk     back  i<-  so
. i;i-__.-; ■• a series of mbi t'rnni in
disclosures or to atime when -<i
many favorite* in vest ment' stocks went
wrong in such quick successions, s.aya
the Boston News Bureau. First < al-
umel mid Arizona tumbled from a
former high of IKS to 59. I Inn I'tah
Consolidated, also a dividend p . er
of long standing, confessed lo serious
underground disappointments, ind
followe/l this confession b\ un annua]
report which evidenced lhe payment
of unearned dividends, together wiih
extraordinarily high operating > osts.
North Butte had, in the meantime,
dropped lo 3] from its high of 120 in
I DOB, because of the tardily admitted
disappearance of a phenomenally rich
body of ore. The next sensation waa
the collapse in ' iranby, which broke
several dollars lietween sales from S9
to 3" on 'li" anuouiicemeni that an
expert had reported onlj 6,0UO,0l)0
tons of ore in the property. The last
Bmashup was in Arizona Commer al,
which also confesses to $400,000 flu it-
ing debt antl to disappointing conditions in its lowest level. Tin- crumpling of prices has hurt; ;,t has left
some sore  spots   thnt   time and    fortr
une  alone  can   heal;  8160, ,000    lias
been suddenly ehip|)ed from the selling
value of Boston's lo al specialties.
Conlidence in copper shares has ■ it-
urally been  shaken.
Jimmy Fax
'Oh  wad  -onu1 power  the ftiftie  gie
ti- tae nee oorselvea  ;t-  ithera  lee ua,"
Scotia's  greatest   p«el   Burns has  apt-
l\   -aid ami now   an oppori unity is  to
In   afforded      as,    for   that   inimitable
in in. i .  -i immj   l'.i\  come    to vi   I   u
mi .tnin' Oth.   Jimmy has  the wondei ■
fui  power of protraying all eharactei
and     nationalities,   lie     an repn  i i I
« iih    i orreei    dinlei f    nny (hint   from
a Chinaman to n    Hi otchmnn,    wrMi h
i -    tirely ti  w ide rnngi      Hi
Si uirii  Mid     Ii i li      •■•!.•    i    without
i  doubt   one of    i li-'     greali   '   ti eat
w hii h  iln-  i nnadian  publi    h i      evei
had  the pleasure of listening   to,     md
ih.- Toronto     p ipei ■    i om pared    hint
favot able     with    the    n
II.n i\   onttdei  :i    ,i  protrayei
. hmen.    lie hn    ei
in >f tlie besl  talenl  i	
.i i i him nnd n mn ' enjoyable evening \- looked forward to when he
nppeai'    hero on •' une fith.
Jessie Maclachlan
i When Jessie Maclachlan comes before the footlights in the ICdison Theatre on May 27th, she will doubl ess
fare one of  the largest  and most    en-
j thusiaslii audiences that ever greeted
any vocalist who has visited Revel-
The sale of seats has bi en brisk,
an:l proves the high esteem this greatest of .JI Scotch Singers i- held in by
the people of n I nation ilit ies md
lasses. Miss Maclachlan i- supported
b\ un all star company consisting of
Ur, Craighill Sherry, one of the funniest of all Scottish Entertainers, ;md
he is aa versatile as he i- funny; Mr.
Barnaby Nelson is u young tenor ro-
busto with an mgnificenl '• >ii e, oupl-
fi with artistic temperament. Hi*
ivp.'i tnire i- extensive and varied and
whether he sings from the classi -. a
popular ballad or a Scotch folk song,
he is sure to delight bi aud ■
Last   bui   bj   no  me ins 1< i^    the
I'iani-t   and   i panist,   Mr.   Robert
n   no  small   neai ire  ig
hi .      nf thi ■ ;
ni tisi ■    tnd     -> mpnthi I -
We h    i   n ' l \ ■
Printer nt Ottawa n  copj   of "■'
.J   of iln- Yukon, 1-17-1'-."*    U   \.  K.
Miii'i'f.     I -i q i      ■ I inter
esting anil  valuable  hinturii a]  ai
of lho far not Lh
fort George
Hi..     I'rih ■     1   m   ■ ...    .   ■ -
V (fi
\    1: |    i'.„,   ■   ... -1 ,.
• I,
to 1
[leople up.
, .
"i :u ■.
I fi   "'  Quesnel
1      "     tlm
'  ■
thi   I bin poi ■■■-■ •   I
^ Taj'
SVITIill.W. MAY Till,  I'.Ull.
Boot and Shoe Display
Our Stock Larger Than  Usual.    New Spring  Designs
LADIES' PUMPS Undressed Kid in
Black uiul Brown, ankle strap, new
heels. l'rices from $3.00 UP
Patent Leather Pumps, Black Dongola
Kid Pumps. Tan Dongola Kid Pumps,
and Tan Box Calf Pumps.
OXFORDS Special Prices from $2.25 up.
in Tan and Black Ox funis, Dongola
Kid, regular $3, now $2.25. Shown in
a great variety of styles. Patent
feather, Tuns. Dongola Kid, Box Calf.
Por Ladies. Special dongola kid, reg.
$8, now $2.25. They represent the
smartest styles shown this season.
BOOTS AND SLIPPERS for children and infants, a nice display of
dainty lint's and exceptionally pretty
kind tnat will Stand hard wear.
Il.\i I'lST—The r»B,l>r will preach on
Sunday morning from the Bulijrot.
"Presented at Court." In the evening
Iter. F, S. Okell. H.A., of Trout 1-nke,
who in iu attendance at. the Methodist
dletriot meeting will preaoh, Every
person is Invited,
Si. l'i i ill's—Kuniitiy alter Ancei -
ainii. 8 a. in. Holy Oiiiiiiniiiiion, 11
iuu. Matins and Holy Onmiiiuiiio';
7:10 p. 111. KveiiBong; 2.21) Suml y
Methodist—Services to morrow at
ual hours, 11 a.m. anil 7 110 ptn
Kev. .1. H. White, D.D., will preaoh in
the morning   ami    Hi'i'   .'iiiin"i Allan,
M.A, Toronto, Secretary oi Hume
Mission*, in the evening aervloe. Sun
day School at 8:80 pro, Epworth
League Monday at 8 p.m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 8 p.m. All are
specially Invited to these services.
St. John's PRESBYTERIAN—Services
on Sunday at II a.m. and 7:80 p.m
Kev. T, H. Wright will conduct the
morning service, and Kov.u. M.San
lord the oveuiug service. Sunday
School at 2:30 p.m. All are cordially
•| ha annual picnic held by Fire
Briuadc No. One, will take place
on  Un>  34th. Victoria  Day.
1,, ni-.. Leek, real estate man of
Prince Rupert, has issued an interesting booklet descriptive of the northern
oi t v
Heavj bush fires aro burninij iu several districts between Princeton and
Oramte creek, despite precautions
The  li..minim,  Department  ol Agri
culture     have     issued  an  interesting
booklet    "ii    hog raising,    copies    of
whii h     will     be supplied free to    ill
intt'iv-t'" I
.1. Mi I'll,m-mi. late foreman for
Messrs, flilleltc & Mncdonald, Iiih
secured the conti ni 1 foi the paintine
of the new Victoria bridge, anil is now
well on «ith the work.
Tho  time  for  il„' closing  of  I Ioi
foi the nen Cntmdian Bank of Com
merer, has !"•''" extended till Tueudaj
evi ',i".'.  Maj   Huh.
l-'ire  Rnngi 1   Ptewat beci   bui i
with   the  lire  thai   brol it   on    th<
I.    „       1  :.   . i r.i.'- limits s.anii of
the ,-in   this week.   The fin   h 1 ■  been
|...   . 1... d  from  1
timber. >
The      Clearview S
struciii _     1    sidi walk  tli
propi ol    hi
: the 0. I".  li.
for n
t        1
1 '. ■ .
, ioi      ft
the D01
bj    Mi   11   R    P
1     le ('nmn
1     fl        '■
ai       installing ... 1
v .    h
V. ,•. 1 Engini    w
1.  ■
ness has
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 8 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
f im aids,
led    The
iwi     of
Business Locals
We »re showing nine nice  .     trio
lelien .-„    rtt
■   M . :
■ rne
:                                        1           1'
'.       '
'I   .
Spring Tonics'
$1.00 a  Bottle
Bews' Drug Store
•     •
fire at Nelson
Strenuous Banking
Stewart, May 5,—The Canadian
Bunk ol Commerce limnch, under the
management of H. 0. Morris, In opening lur i'litiiii'HH gave 1111 example ol
the energetic methods of this strong
institution. Mr. Morris nml a suitcase full nf books arrived on the Cam-
osun. He struck out gamely over
the mile of tide Hats, lugging the suitcase with him and managed to lind
his way to Harry Smith's store. There
he introduced himself and announced
that a ready-made building had conn
on the Camosun, but it would require
several days to set it up.
Political Crisis at Washington
Washington, May 5—The regular*
today refrained from any further effort
to pass the rate bill. They are waiting until the president returns from
his western trip tomorrow, so that lie
might examine the wreckage of the
measure and decide what action he
desires the leaders to take.
When he returns there is every indication that there are to be some hot
sessions between Mr. Talt and the sen
ate leadets. One veteran of the senate today declared that he intended
to tell the president "point blank"
that he had no business travelling
around the country when important
bills were threatened.
In the house there is open mutiny
among the leaders of the regulars.
"The president is running aio ind.
If he does not care for the bill I don't
see why we should bother about it,'
declared a prominent representative,
who has helped tight the administration battles.
I,  i       •■..■ :
who - . 1 h» him. and ho
I'M       |„r
11,  p i ' J.t practics.
Ig   barely in
■   ii        1 om
whi  consumed, and  ibe and 11    bar
womai        m I in their nigui olothei.
Albanian-Turkish War
Vienna, May 5,—The Albanian rebels are reported to be driving the
Turkish battalions before them from
the Albanian Alps in Manastir and
Kossovo provinces, according to dispatches from Uskub.
No reliable estimates of the dead
and wounded can be obtained, but tbe
advices from the front indicate that
the tiattieileitis literally were covered
with dead.
The Turkish soldiers are said to be
mercilessly slaying non-combatants
This ia taken to indicate that they are
attempting to annihilate the Albanians.
l'nle«9 the Turks are heavily reinforced they will be unable to hold
their positions in the mountain pgaa-
1- m the Albanians are reported to
li*-... already been generally victorious
; loyaliii foroee.
A Plucky Rescue
, itepondi ■ nniirial trouble!
a tinr 1 elaai paaeenger on the iteamer
1.«n    attempted tooommiteul
mplng overboard on Tuat<
,, prbilfl   tbe   iteamer waa mi route
fr ,1,1    Vancouver    tO   Alert hay.    The
Cowioban    had    JU»I    left    [look  hay,
win m   tnat   ever  dreadful cry, "Man
.•nl   mi railed
Hiving   1        'nl   to the icy waters
urrenl runn:uk at the
nor even   waiting to divest him-
if   any     .1    In-   Clothing, Marry
imh,      iii-lantly
unfortunate   man's
,        -,...,     |ful in keep-
(tbe ii"iu«
irgi ■ • ond   'i on was
m red ind picki 'i up both men.
This le thi «'-m! time that Harry
Bre ■ iia«  endangered hi->  own liie in
saving Others (fbm a watery grave
nml already has been awarded Il.e
Royal Humane s.-ciety's gold medal.
So many people have asked us when
we would again start our " After Supper
Sales" that we havo decided to begin
this week. Our customers have always
appreciated the money saviii.tr opportunities that we have
given them at these sales, and they will liiul that the different articles we will put out for each week aro better than
any we have yet offered, Nothing will be advertised but
what is now ami seasonable and the prices will be worth
looking into.
Besides the articles advertised you will always find a lot
of other attractive linos at special prices. Sale begins at
7 p. 111.
For this week look at these opportunities to make ()NK
DOLLAR tin the work of TWO DOLLARS.
White Lawn Blouses
Sonio prettily trimmed with lace and insertions, sonic
with embroidered fronts, others of the popular checked
white lawn with stiff collars and cuffs. All sizes from :52 to
42 and all this season's goods. Regular price up to $1.50.
Fancy Collars and Stocks
A large variety that sold as high as 50 cents Each.
Ladles' Fine Handkerchiefs
Embroidered edges or hem-stitched. A big lot that sold
at 20c. and 25c.   after  supper  sale   price two
FOR   25   CENTS.
Colored Madras
Seeding Time is Here
We have a full line nf Garden and Field Seeds In
stock. Onion Sets, Clover and Timothy, Sweet
I'e.ii,. Xasiiii'iiuni nnd other seeds In bulk, also a
quantity of Lawn (iniss Seed.
G. W. Bell
.'. O. Box 208
Every one knows that we carry the largest and best
range of these goods in the city. We have them in all colors
and in the newest designs.    Regular prices are60c., 65c. antl
70C      AFTER    SUPPER    SALE    PRICE    35C.    PER    YARD.
Phone No. 23
Send  iln- little onea and lei them  trj   on  ■   Prettj   Coal   all
.lllll  Ml Um   |||    Mlis   ]	
Ladies' Skirts
A nice range ol Ladle* skin- lor Bprlng and Bumiuei weai
,ii-i. ., nice lim- oi Waahabli >kirt-. cool and comfortable for » inn
First Street
Fresh   consignment  of Dried  Fruits
and Fruits in Tins at  Attractive Prices
Orders Promptly Delivered.
McIntyre   &  Sox


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