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The Mail Herald Apr 8, 1911

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" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $601
i Interior Pubhsnmg'.Co.,' Ag's.
The Ivic^il-Hepald
Visiting Cards
Interior Puoiishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 26
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Otfice    Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      - $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed -          5,575,000.00
Capital Paid Up -      -     5 S30.000.00
Reserve        ... -       5,5i>u,.> 00.00
Branches et Agents at all principal points inJOanada.
AgenU in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells forgo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revolstoke Branch   A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
p. gurns Sii Company. JL)td.
A   Shipment just arrived from the  Hast.
Also Ladies' White Dresses.
Mrs. A, G« Crick, • First Street
Buy Groceries at Mclntyre s
Maple Syrup. Eastern, in hulk, per iguart jar	
Puro for hot cakes or buddings, etc, per packet
While Beans, small, clear, per lh.. .
English Plum Pudding, perl Ih. tin
Orders delivered to all parts of City.    I'hone ft)
John Mclntyre Sr Son
Board of Trade Receives lm
portant Advise from Hon.
Thomas Taylor
An experimental orchard for this
ilistrict is thc latest word in the
onward march ol progress (or this
city. Thc good word reached hero
Home time ago but owing to the
failure of the Board ol Trade to get
a uuorum together it has not yet
been  made public.
The advice came in tbe form ol a
lotter from Hou. Thos. Taylor and
was rend at a meeting of Lbe Beard
of Trade on Thursday evening as
Dear air,—I am recently E..V ised
by the Agricultural Department that
it is the intention of that department during the coming season, to
have steps taken to establish an ex.
perimcntal orchard in tbe neigh -
borhooil of Revelstoke in order to
show what varieties of fruit can be
suci-cssfully   grown.—Thos.   Tnylor.
Seven members were present nt
this meeting, including the p.Ti.iJi'iil,
and secretary and a considerable p'le
of correspondence  was dealt        with.
Hon.  Frank  Oliver and  Sir Wilfrid
Laurier wrote in reply to the motion
of  previous    meeting advising        the
Board that the department was tak- i
ing the matter in consideration.   Mr.
(■oodeve  wrote  on the same subject, I
saying that be had  taken the matter |
up with Mr. Oliver who said that  lie ,
had no  desire  to enforce  regulations
that would be a hardship.
Hon. Frank Oliver's letter ua this
subject readB as  follows:—
"Referring to the printed petition
addressed to me from thc Vat-couvcr
Board of Trade and endorsed bv you
respecting Dominion government
lands in the ra|way belt whicn may
become available lor settlement, I
beg to say that I Bm pleased to U-^ve
an expression of your views i.u The
question. My department had under
consideration the furthering of the
policy set forth in your petition. So
far as the railway belt is concerned.
it must be borne In mind that the
bulk of the agricultural lands, which
are not tied up in timber berths or
which arc not of an arid character,
bave been disposed of under crown
giants, homesteads, patents or otherwise. So far, however, as agricul -
tural lnn.l> in the railway belt may
from time to time become available
for the purpose of settlement, it is
the desire of, and lhe intention of
the department so far as it possibly
can, t,, administer such lands on such
conditions nnl terms as will make
for settlement and for the aclual
development of the land."
Regarding the mail service on Ko-
otenny lakes, J. R. Grend'll, post
office  inspector, and  II.  Bostock,
wrote that the matter had been referred to the post master g. neral,
and that he would take the matter
up later.
The following letter waa received
from the Department of the Interior:
"I am directed to acknowledge
your letter of December 2, enclosing
a request from thc corporation of
the city of Revelstoke for the reservation ol certain lands for the
purpose of eonserving the watrr supply of the city, also a plan showing
the laiidi- required outlined in red,
and to say that tbe correction re
gardlng the omission of Bridge creek
in tbe city clerk's letter has lieen
0, I). Foster, G.P.A. of the C.P.R.
wrote saying that the matter of
plaruig the booklets in the company's
offices In Great Britain would lie
taken up with thc London, Kngland,
A. J. Fyfe, of Glasgow, enquired of
the Board as to particulars of cleared lands suitable for fruit or poultry
(arming;    vv. Robinson, of Kndorby,
asko.l pries of lands and living rents
R. <;. Peat wanted to know what
chances a steam fitter nr railway
worker would have here, and W. J.
BoMj looking for a locatior. as a
veterinary surgeon wanted to know
what chances existed  here.
Tn all the** communications the
clerk replied.
Hon. Thos. Taylor advised thc
Board that this eity would bl mit -
ably mentioned In thc B. ('. vear
J. M. Gibson and W. H. Horrobln
were proposed for membership and
Moved Iiy MrDonoll, seconded by
EfobMO, ttint Mr. Md,ennnti „nd the
secretary be n committee to go into
the question nf amounts oiitst„nding
on publicity subscription ll-ts, and
report to Ihe ciec.it Ive on amounts
Piesetit-President, W, H. Pratt,
i-en.'tniv F. Vi Laing, A. .1. Mr-
DoBtU, Bi Tapping. A. Hobson, F.
II. Bourn' and A. B. McOltnegban.
J. M. Keliie, in Montreal, Conferring With Associates
Mr. J. M. Keliie left thc city „ few
days- ago to confer with his associates in Montreal in connection with
a deal for the sale of timber limits
in the Fraser River district, agRre -
gating on the whole over a million
II is a well known fact that Mr.
Keliie and his associates own the
largest and best timbered tracts in
that section, and it is quite probable
that before this paper gets to the
public the deal will be closed.
Would Be Good Spec to Put Up
Number in the City
Several real estate deals are reported this week by local dealers and
individual parties, Shcrit! W.J. Law
having disposed of a lot in lower
town to Mrs. Mason at a satisfactory
price and Mr. J. Leslie nlso dispos -
ing of a lot under the hill to Mr.
Kitchen. The Revelstoke Land
Agency report the sale of six lots
on Seventh street and two lots on
Third street during the past two or
three weeks.
"Everything looks rosy in the. real
estate business," said Mr. Kincaid,
of tbe Revelstoke Land Co., "and we
look for a busy season. Knquiries
are coming in daily for houses to
rent, but there are few suitable refli-
idences to he had. In my opinon,
it would be a good spec for dealers
to put up a number of houses which
could be rented for about $20 a
month. I think they would be
snapped up while under construction"
There is also considerable demand
for outside  investments.
Additional Accommoilatian Will
Be Provided and Handsome
Suites Installed
Just      as    soon bb thc contractors
can   get   to   wark   operations   will   be
under way  for the complete      over -
hauling of the  King  Edward      hotel
on Second street east, and for     the
erection of another large addition to;
thc  building.      Mr.   H.   A.   McSorlcyJ
the  proprietor,  states   that  he       in-1
tends to  make  his hoseltry  tbe best
nn.l  most  popular stopping place he-'
tween  Calgary  and the     coast      Ior
knights  ol   the   grip  snd  thc   general
public, and he is going at it with Bu
initial     expenditure of close on      to
The hotel now has 55 rooms, gnd
it is the intention of the proprietor
totcar out a large number of the
partitions and combine theso rooms
en unitc with bathroom* and everything complete. Thc old dining
room will be torn down and new addition ndilcd, which, when completed
will give a Hue large lobby to Ihe
hotel and also a large number of additional rooms for accommodation to
the public. The front ot tbo old
part of the hoseltry will be concreted over and the new addition will
also bc fronted with a handsome
concrete design. Thc plans for the
renovation a"<l additions arc out and
the contracts let to Foote & Prndo -
lim. and when completed the build -
ing will present a hnndsomo appcar-
nnee as well as providing ample ac-
Commodfttlon for the many guests
who make this their favorite stop-
lung plnre when in the city. In all
the King Kdwnrd will have H5 rooms
when  the work  iH completed.
Th,' winter's work is about over In
the Y.M.C.A. gymiiiisiiim nml the as-
soeintion Is now ready to get- out
on lbe dlaUOOd and chase the horse
hide ninl kick the pig skin on the
gridiron, these are only some of tho
Hummer sports.
Tbe association is also planning to
hnve mountain trips, and  posBlbly a
camp for the boyH.     The Inside work
will  consist of spcrinl classes In  the
gymnasium      in  gymnastic    dancing,
tumbling,  club swinging,    olcmcnlnry
| and  advanced  apparnliis  work,  bund
| ball.     The swimming club     will    bo
organised Monday evening, April hi,
all members  Interested  In    swimming
! should  be nresent.       Thursday evening April nth, the memberi intertit-
ed  in  track  and  Held work  wiil    gel
together and  plan  lhe season's work.
Every Member Expresses Himself
as Thoroughly in favor of
Such a Scheme
The council has decided that it
would bc advisable to have a general
cleaning up day. Tho matter
was brought to the attention of his
colleagues by Alderman Abrahamson
at a meeting bold last night, and al
though a day has not yet been set
it was tbe general opinion that it
was a most excellent iden anil one
that should he acted upon. Tbo
council may even go as far as to
proclaim a regular half holiday for
the purpose if it is within their power to do so. It has been thc prac -
tice of Calgary for some years to
inaugurate and carry out a cleaning
up day and also of Nelson and many
other cities, and Aid. Abrahamson
did not see why Revelstoke should
not do the same thing. Aid. MeKinnon saw no reason why we should
not have a cleaning up day; Alderman Barber thought it a -;ood idea;
while Mayor Hamilton expressing his
opinion that it was a cracking good
idea and that he very much favored
it. Aid. Abrahamson was «trong
for it.
Alderman MeKinnon brought up
the question of the Consolidation of
the debentures debt and urged that
all speed be taken in getting (he
matter under way. He did not want
it dragging along from week to week
only to And at the end of the year
that nothing was done. "We want
the benefit of this legislation light
now," he said, "and we must lave
Mayor Hamilton replied tb**.t tbey
were getting things into shni;o to
proceed with this right away.
A resignation from the city teamster was received and applicutiins
from Messrs. Corbett and McManu re
ceived. The council favored Mr. Mc-
Mann's appointment, but decided that
it was a matter for Mr. Lundell to
deal with, and accordingly passed a
motion that he be instructed to f;et
a man to fill the vacated position.
All the boys at tbe power plant
applied for a ralBe in salary on account of the distance to and from the
plant and the matter was left with
the Fire, Water & Light committee
for  recommendations.
Mr. Rciter wrote asking for a sidewalk to his place and will get it as a
sum was included in the estimates
this year for the work.
No. One Fire Brigade want several
lanterns and axes and thc cotiacil
assured them that their wants would
be attended to.
A. J. McDonell addressed the council and offered them the free use of
any rock on his property suggesting
that it would be a good idea for the
council to open up that end of McKenzie avenue. The Public Works
committee will look into this and
get an estimate of what the work
will cost, and from that somo recommendation will be made.
The olt) solicitor's application for
a raise in salary was considered and
the Finance committee recommended
an increase of J7f> per month, this
to cover all legal expenses connected
with ordinary legal work in connection with the eity, the solicitor be
ing entitled to rceovor costs in case
or cases against the city as per the
act in that respect,
This recommendation was passed
upon awl the solicitor gets his raise.
Moved by Aid. Abrahamson, seconded by Aid. MeKinnon, that property owners bc given M) dnys io connect up with sewers and water connection.—Carried.
Aid. MeKinnon called the attention
of the council to Ihe fnct that the
pound shod had been broken down
by the snow and that a new one
would be required, while Mayor Ham
litnn wanted lo know why tbo olectrlc light poles were deposited in the
gaol ynrd thus curtailing the use of
the garden there. The-c matters
will   be looked   Into and  remedied.
Newman's necount was the subject
of some litlle discussion, but Inas-
much gs Mr. HnlTner is here today
the council decided lo do nothing de-
Unite with it till he had been consulted.
A special meeting with him will
probably  l>o  had tixlny or Monday.
"iiii'ii sots at Mrlntvre'i,
On .Monday April 17, the stnlt of
the Dominion Sawmills Co. will move
over Into their offices in Ibe new
building. The building is not com-
pleled yet, but Is ho Hear it that
the next two weoas, will put the
finishing touches oil it Including thc
hentlng plant et nl. The front entrance to tho building will bo very
handsomely ornamented with Corinthian columns nnd caps, which nre
lieing manufactured hv on Eastern
A carload of Sherwin-Williams Taints jubt put into
stock. This includes everything in the painting line for
outside or inside work.    Stains, Varnishes, Enamels, etc.
Good paint costs little if any more than poor paint.
We carry thc best that is made, therefore bc sure that your
Paint comes from our Store.
A full assortment of Alabastine, Furniture Polishes,
Paint Brushes, Step [.adders and everything necessary for
House-cleaning time.
Bourne Bros.
^Groceries,  Hardware, Stoves, Plumbing
Swift's Blood and Bone fertilizer
To increase your yield of Garden Produce, Fruits, Etc.. Eta.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Hu.ii Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. 1 Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O. Box 208 QROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
pi c/>
CD   ZZi
* »
m 2.
—■ CD
a <
ia a
<-* —
CD   V>
""   O
Lots in City of Vancouver
— o
Negotiations Between CP.R. and
Men Suspended Indefinitely
Winnipeg,     April 0 — The    nifotl*
tHniM which Ior n ilm« have been
run. 1*1 oB between tbt ('nniuliflti l'o
cilic Hallway mechanic* and carmen,
nti I tin* rompnnv bave ler n time
he'll «;i ixinliil. The irnKuii toi tWl
ni Hint the i-inn|inny hnve mnilr rcr
toln propound to the men nnil they
ore DOW coimiilerini; whether they
will nr'i'i't thi'ln or not.
When "-wii today Mr   Grant   Hall
who ha« been looking niter tin- intercuts ol thc compnny uniii that be
■lul nol know whut the nun were do-
inu- in tin* natter, Imt that aa lar a*
lii' Wai awnre, thry were thinking
ovri mitni* ,pf llie gUMttoDI brought
up at tin' conference. He did not
know when tbe negotUffool would
be returned at all. but added tbat
nothing bud Coma up to make Iiim
think ih.* negotiation bad Wn
broken ofl Indefinitely,    Some ol thi
in.*    who have   lx*eii  nrtlng for       tb.'
tnecbanici m thii matter are utill
In the city.
Mrs.  McVity's com«rt     nt
tbe Opera bouse, THE   MAIL-HEBALD,    REVELSTOKE
ttbc flDaiMberalb
•Jnterfot pubitsbing Company,
Legal notices 10 cents per line first
insertion, 5 ceuts per line each
subsequent insertion. Measure-
ments Nonpanel 1.12 liues mane
on-e inch.j Store and general
business announcements $2.Ml pel
inch per munth. Preferred positions, 2ro per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages and Deaths, .".0c
each insertion.
band notices f7.00. All advertisements subject to the approval ol
the management. Wanted ana
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uations wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Vi anted, 25 words or less, 25c,
each addmuual line lu cents.
Changes 11 standing advertisements muat be in by '.i a. 111.
Tuesday and Friday ol each ween
to  secure  good  display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters of public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied by name ot writer
not necessarily Ior publication,
but as evidence of good laith.
Correspondence should  be  brief.
Including  postage  to  England,  United State*- and Canada,
By the year ithrough postoffice) (2,60
JOB PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
Gbe fl&atllbeuaU)
II rumors and signs can be construed as evidence, then Revolstoke
is just no* within sight ol one ol
the biggest booms ever experienced
in its history. Rumors are rite that
there will be all sorts of improve -
ments and enterprises engaged 111
this coming summer which will mean
the employment o[ hundreds ol mechanics anj laborers, and thc expenditure of vast sums in the district.
Nothing deiimte has yet been arrived
at regarding the negotiations pending between local men and tbe Diamond   Mills  Co.,   Ltd.,   but  prospects
For 30 Days Only
5-Rcomed House
$1,250   CASH
7-Roomed House
$2,100   CASH
witli Bathroom Complete and
Furuacu, centrally located on
Firsl Street for
Centrally Located on First
Street, modern plumbing1, for
sale for
ll you arc looking For a house call and we
may help you secure one of these properties on
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
all their surplus energy and thai alter it tbey bail sat down to rest for
the balance ut the year. Hut anyway tliey had „ meeting alter two
unsuccessful efforts to get together,
and the correspondence    which      bud
piled up reveals tlip tact that Ior tw'o   satisfactory, although it is 11
whole     months     the public had 'been   too far  to say that the line
inducing pood people to come to
Canada, and tbe wonder is that thc
agencleB responsible for earlier arrivals did not establish n higher average gra.ie. The situation in thnl
ci nneetion may now be regarded as
t going
robbed of much legitimate informa - be drawn a little more closely every
tiin to which ihey were entitled, year. The wave is turned in this
This correspondence of course belong- direction, an*d it will not rei|iijrc any
ed to the Board of Trade till it was forcing. Tf quality be ibe watch-
considered, and not till ihen could it word for the future, the quantity
become public  property.     Hon. Thos.   will  look after  itself.
Taylor wrote sayin*.' that it wns the 	
intention of the Agricultural depart-1 Sunday. April 16th, will be Easter
ment to establish nn experimental Sunday and no doubt all the church-
orchard in this district this season, es ill the city will bc holding special
The letter came along some time choral services. The Mail-Herald
in February, but on account of tbc will be pleased to (lev. te its columns
inenia of the Board nobody knows nn Saturday nest to the publication
anything about it till nosv. Mr. of ths musical programs for Easter
Taylor must think  we arc u      bright   Sunday.
lot that nobody  ever made  nn      ac- ' —	
kiniwledgement of bis enterprise in
securing this tor tbe district, and nobody can blame him, if after receiving no acknowledgement, he should
let the matter drop and the experi -
mental orchard go by default Had
any concerted effort on the pai t of
the public been necessary to secure
this experimental orchard none could
have been made because the matter
was not made public.
Surely some more llvelj interest
.-hould bc taken in the interests of
tho city. I If course the Hoard of
Trade consists ivf the business men of
the eity—or at least it should II it
doesn't—and -uroly the business men
should have the general interests of
its city at heart sufficiently to meet
once a month and discuss its affairs.
tor tbe deal being consummated    are,^ $, M ^  flay   ,,„, flftUy ,()s
ood.     Irrespective ol this, however, | acCQimt „,  tlre  tnmbl(, ln tll(.    PagB
will be $l-7,6CO.      If the trouble eon-
one can total up expenditures of close
on to a million dollars that will be
made in tbis district tbis season .
The new post otlice will be built at a
probable expenditure of between
•$75.01X1 and Jlw.UlMJ; the new eour
house costing a similar amount will
soon bc under way; $75,000 will be
spent on roads and bridges; the Do
minion i?uw Mills Co. will soon he
paying out Irom its new offices thousands uf dollars monthly 111 wages;
H. McKlnoon contemplates building
a handsome block across the road
Irom his present location; H.A. .ilc-
Sorley will spend an additional I I,
D00 on his hotel; the C.P.R. ion-
templates spending a cool mi'hon
>.*n tbe mountain section, muili ,,f
which will be in the vicinity of Rev-
1 Istoke; pi ospects are good for tbe
opening up of some ot the mln.ng
resources ..;' tbe Big Bend, and tbe
possibility tbat the C.P.R. will build
in that section is not so remote as
tn be entirely out of consldei ition.
Taking these expenditures in the aggregate and in conji'n tion  with  the
- «i large pay roll "I the C, P, R.
it  .an  safely  he  assumed that    this
It] will nol ulTer lot ready money
ih.s season and that things will be
on 'he him.     Additional labor means
0 : Utlonal .n ome an*: additional 111-
c ,me men nal ezpendlt 11 s,
.-o tbat thi '1 eas mnn generally
tn ij   look  •       11 -1 ;• 1 sbli    -1.* Bl  a
1 1. ••-.   en tei prisi
The Board   ij Trade a   0  ne .
-■;.;■      * * * tlOO   tills      ■■*.-ek
-  "  lentlj  ■     ii        1 1  mmauJ     a
, I  t ;m at 111 al-
tt   ig     ' *  in      thai
personal canvas et thi    , lorutn
• >fetbei mui 1 been madi Bare
Jy 4 Quorum ; ponded I ■:. * -;ulur
r.ot.cts ; .:. out, .' hi matt': fhat
the < *■ cm taken I gi 1 this imber
t,,ge'.. ■:. boai I *.- i-ntitled to
what ' rcdit Mny can tract from
thc lact tbat tbey really had a meel
tag.     It wo ild not  be In.i  t*> ,,
nay ' tf members presenl al tho
la* meeting ot tearin*,' themselves
away from their homes ,,n Thursday
• vening because tbey bad something
nf a personal nature to bring befoi
the meeting, uccaiis; the minute ol
the meetinr ■**•' ■*■* scarcely an item of
new biisme... broiighl Iorwar4. But
It has been hlllted from several
*nure«i that ihere nr,- member! of
tbe Imj.i- I who attended only when
persin,] Interests prompt them. And
rtieri* an '•mc grounds for
•b -         11 latlOO
it     really    looks .*    Iho igh     the
Board of 'l iio.. *,  ■" neral
-liaimg up   *t would appear tb,.l .li
Uireting of  January  bad     exhausted
Government Decides to Double
Prevailing Prices ol Crown
Lands in Province
Victoria,      April     ;!.—An Urdcr-in-
Counetl  embodying a very important
change in the land policy of thc province received the sigiinturc   of     the
Lieutenant-Governor today. Its   suh-
ance     1    to increise  the price      ol
I la id classihod as second-class      from
1 $2.60 to $5*per acre and that of tirst-
thr   class land from $5 to $10 per      acre
iver-   Tb' new scale of prices     will  prevail
from the beginning of the provincial
fiscal year.
In ad* ition to thus amending     the
lose I., the   schedule of prices for crown      lands,
$3,000,000.   tbe     government has doubled  the fee
Those who know the situation declare   to purchasers of land surveyed by the
it is not Bcttlc! within thirty   crown, the charge in future being tif
of    twenty-
Allowing  that  the miners    in
1 ('row's Nest district earn on an
tiiiues for six months thi
miners     will   be close  to
I thnt if it
t .     ,        : .     ..
ty cents per acre instead
live cents.
The governmei has further decided
to place under reserve from alleia -
tion. otherwise than by pre-emption,
"Notice is hereby given thnt all
vacant Crown lunds not already under reserve, situated within thc boundaries of the Land Recording Districts of Cariboo and I.illooet. and
the Kamloops Division ol Vale l.an.l
Recording District, are reserved from
any alienation under the 'Lnnd Art'
except by pre-emption."
good  man  for his successor
torriey-C-enei'al Bowser.
Guelph, April 7.—"They glide into
the dance and whirl off the edge of
a decent, life, . . .l'assion, and nothing else, is the true basis of the popularity ot modern dancing. . . .It is
a  worldly amusement, and leads     to
  j thn    forgetting    of    God and    to the
March  2~.   the vernal  equinox,    the   seduction  of innocent souls.  Many    n
tirst day of spring  in  northern  Inti-. soul has danced to hell."
tudes,  has been so closely conneoted     Theso words  were  used hy  ■   Rev.
with the observance of  Easter     that 1 Benjamin  Goodticld,   pastor  of  Wool-
the two  subjects were  included    in ajwieh  Street Baptist church  In a ser-
Sixty Years tha Standard
decree passed in the great council of
Nice, A.D.  326.
"Thnt everywhere the great teast of
Easter should lie observed upon one
and the same day; and that no day
of the Jewish Passover, but, as has
generally lieen observed upon the Sim
day afterwards."
To prevent all future disputes ns
to the time, the following rules were
lnid down.
That thc-,21st day of March shall
be accounted the vernal equinox,
That tbe full moon happening on or
next nfter the 21st of March shall he
takrn for the full moon of Nisnn.
That thn Lord's dny next (ollowing
that, full moon bc Easter dny.
But if the full moon happen upon
a Sunday, Easter day shall he the
Sunday after.
In  order  to  insure  uniformity      in
mon on modern dancing.
Accident at Nanaimo Snuffs Out
Life of Workman
Nanaimo, 11. C, April ii.—The powder magazine at Protection island,
I Nanaimo, exploded at midnight. Two
distinct shocks shook Nanaimo, shnt-
teriivg plate-glass windows. Excited
citizens hurried out, fearing the Protection island mine had blown up,
and great alarm prevailed as the
flames lit. up the harbor and city.
The lirst explosion was dynamite, ,
and the second a store of gasoline I
1 Jones, the night engineer, found the '
the observance of Easter ,, canon had : |i|T t th(, m )n0 nmi W1 nt to the j
previously   be-n   passed,   but   was  not
10 Pow
It makes home baking easy
and gives nicer, better and
cleaner food than the "ready-
made." There is no baking
powder or preparation like it
or equal to it for quickly and
perfectly making the delicate
hot biscuit, hot bread, muffin,
cake and pastry.
No Alum—No Lime Phosphates
"Alum in baMn<f powder is dangerous and should be prohibited."
—Prof. Schweitzer, State Univ., Mo.
conclusively as wns
council of Nice.
the  work of    ti
Colored linens Hre much in evidence
for morning wear.
Stripes are the prevailing pattern
in all kinds of material.
In  Paris al  least pink
ite color for weddings.
Black and white, grey coronation,
blue, reseda green, glycine (a most
beautiful amethyst shade) coral pink
and some lovely rose shades are coming spring colors.
White and black tulle bows arc
again being worn hy smartly dref-sod
women, but these are much more full
and not as wide as the tulle b*:w*-
tancied a short time ago.
In hats there is a marked tendency
to heightened crowns nn I 1 roader
brims, Large shapes, turned u'i at
the front, are showing trimming ot
black and white ostrich feathers.
telephone to notify the chiet engineer
He was returning when the explosion
look place, and was thrown 40 tent,
being pickod up unconscious and horribly cut, and with his left leg shattered. He died later. In lbe mines
there was a panic stricken rush of
men, but they were soon reassured,
Several thousand dollars' damage
was done In smashed win lows
throughout the city. The explosion
the favor-1 was distinctly felt 111 Vancouver
miles aWny.
For something new and dainty,
spread the buttered fudge pan with
minced dates before turning the
candy into it.
In baking bread or rolls put a
saucepan of boiling water into the
oven. Tbe steam will keep th" rriiBt
smooth and tender.
A great deal of rust ran be pro-
vented by leaving the oven door open
after baking until all tho moisture
h is evaporated,
Eggs, case     -Wic.
Eggs, fresh  3!ic
Eggs,   new  lnid    36c
Uutter,    dairy    " 30
Uutter, creamery  35c. to 40c.
Potatoes      per     I'M lbs $2.00
Carrots     per    lltll lbs  2.75
Wheat,      per  100  lbs $2 to  $2.23
Oats,     per 100 lbs  $1.90 to $2
Cauliflowers  each 25c.
Small   pieces of  raw  potato    In    a
little  water  shaken  vigorously   inside
be able to replenish tbe market nt
an advanced price pee ton, This ex
plains the willingness of the
ors  to  see  the   men   go  1 ul   II       they
want   to.      The  laborers  ("ho  *la\     .;■
will have to dig up an*1 I
tor a disturbance       wl    b  ■ •■    never
even  took  a  band.        1  n.  bing      is
radically wrong Bomew    v ,•••  m.*!*
are willing to work ai i   mo't,     and
you    and I have ti ei      li t
somi 1 bing tor  which w   are
Butternut shell, burned in a   little
cychnder coal Btove will  remove clin
leaving  lhe brick as clean     as
when new,
gel  tbe full nutriment
lay- it will not be tor six months.
If it is not settled tbe ndustries of
the prairies and Uritish Columbia
will suifer to the exl nt if another
vast amount.      Hut  nieanwh'te      the
operators  will  not share  in an  equal   all crown lands   ne'.., : 11 - the Cariboo | bottles nnl lamp chimneys will clean
loss.      They   will      he  able   to   repair   I.illooet   and   Kamloops  division       of   ihem admirably,
their properties,  they will nil   rid ol   Vab* district,  an area roughly    com
all  their inferior  coal,  and   they  will   prising  from      one quarter  to       "»e-
third *.f the entire province. The
amount ol ian I affected vfty mil-
Hon acres.
Tiie  action • ■       m
taken  here  se  I imbis  pro-   Potato  it should  be cooked  111
nnl day out  dig the dusty diamonds   parties  have mat ■- -      as  valuable food salts lie
from tli,'earth's  cold depth    a-. Dg the past decs covering,
RuAerers while tin n niready
have   to    pay a fai 7 prioe fi
warmth    and     comfo      lext   winter,   organisations a- - Bay
Ra;iwa both rganizatioiu have
'atterly  materially   .nrrease 1
- •   ,n than
li ial crown 1«:
"he ire'     '■ •    -
cee.i with th.* bj itematl'   nil 'eying ol
the va
Uncle Tom's Cabin
For QoOd Friday nud the Saturday
following the Edison theatre management hnve secured the film Uncle
j Tom's Cabin at considerable expense. This feature Iiim is photographed hi a large scale from outdoor scenes, and will exhibit the
play in a realistic manner never before attempted A matinee will
probably be given on (food Friday
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 btrjtes,
nterval 5 seconds—1 strokes, llo.s
•4. No. of box will also ho shown
n  indicator at Fire Hall.
Box  No.   14—Corner    First    street
and    AlcKeuzio   avenue, C. B. Hume
from n  & Co.
lh"     Box  No.   15—Corner  First      stre-jt
just    nil  Kokoby  avenue, post ollico.
Box   No.   Iti—Corner   Second   street
tri'am  of  Immigrg
nttniies unchecked,     an . there
lotibt    that the fl ral       m
which ' 1 ■ •
■• 1 „ new ael  **i recordi I 1    be     Do
■ iffli lal    ' ** thc
entire period will not   • lystem
-■-.-■■nil  A.-'K -      .'  those
eleven months   ending I■■   1   1
nre Illuminating      Tin*   irrlvali      by
way of * ■ '■ 1 ' I
period     w.ie  .si i-i    *
with      I' Ml    during
period ;, year bafore   il   ••        m   r
■ re* •    it   ■ I   ;>er  cent ' .   m
trom tin* United Htnt<        *. 1      146,
■    ,   1 ompared   »lth    '* '■
.•  ii,   , * ii ea .ii * it      The
total   nt 1 ual      ■ *.   '
' —on  July  IT,   1897
•earner   Portland  arrived  in   Se-
11   bring a ton     of
: Irom the rich new    fields
of tbi an 1 starting     tbe
■.inch gave the  ftral
growth      and
■ui   July   17,   I'M      Sea;.
■ •   trill   Inaugurate an  annual  canii
ng reserve*,  tret, lands, as  surveys ' ■'    'h"
nre compli ted.  hi ""'''I   '"* '•Ic'"
u tbi • I to consist   of   a
1,a,1 mnl*,* making
RrtlOl ' "'   ' '
*    ptlng the    sab
I   tbi     ■   ' .,11   by
and  Government  Hoad  aud
Box No.  17—Corner Third
n I   Campbell  avenue,   Globe
er company.
Box No.  18—C.P.R.  station.
Box    No. 2-1—Corner    Filth    street
avenue,      Catnonc
The ord tor
•1  mi '-r
■•   ■
.:,.!. r tin autboi
the 'Lai ,    egula
tn n   hn * * *    l.u".
minimum Bale id  m
■* *
■ ■
t y   i a
pared with 175,72(1 * * an In-
* •   , .   .if .',1   per n-i t
The .,* • '   mm
been a feature ol the iltf-
velopmei •  dm Ing the past m onth,
and  it   li   more  thnn  hki ly I mt   the
1 ;i 1 <• ol 111' 1 **;i '* ' III Ii ' I llll 1 iiTl/ed
the period  down  to  Ki'biunt     M    hn I
been maintained Immigrants are
reported to be passing throui ,1   Mon
Cral nt the present time al the rate
of 10.000 per week, an*l it la not. out.
of thi   WBy   to  estimate  the  total  for
tlie  lisi',,1   vnu   nt   more  ll.an   *l2r,,IM>0.
0' anl It)      In roi  tbe man; concern
In  imitH 'i; t 1 1,  1, *ii  ill    ,, i-niirag •.
,*■ t , ' ,,1 a *i nm ntlli ml 1 '■■ **iis Hint I
ih     .■!■ 11 I;,i* I  ,.f i|i ahl v   is  being  kept
up.    'lit...   I, ■' 11 I"' 11 ' ijid cully in
thai   thi ■
to  all   llltl Ii    ■ ith : .
1 he a.*:" '.*
B      . apui j a
Vttornoy-Oi Bnral
force   he     Do-
to g
di ,*, ■ in "r
Ioi - iim* il      '   thi
nd     Mii.-ii-iu
Box No. 25—Comer Sixth b'.ioct
nd Orton avenue,  W.  A.  Foot".
Box No. 26—Corner Fourth street
nd Townley street, corner south
Dox No. 28—Corner Second stre.it
ud Hobson avenue,  Mrs. Baker.
Box No.  31-Firo Hall  No. 2.
Box   No.   35—Hospital.
Box No.   30—School.
llm  No. 44—Firo Hall No.   1.
Boi No. tt—Front street wc.it.
ear O.  P. 11.  bridge.
Dox     No,     46—Comer     King      and
louglaa streets, Palace Moat Market.
Box No. 47   Oornei   Becond      and
v«ies streets, luuk ol court bouao,
Dox  No.     tt   Oorner    Third      and
Iiiih.  siii'tH,   t'owaii  hlock.
blgnal  for  practice   not lej« tnan
ii h.i slow itrokee,
(/no (I; Indicates linn Iiim in or
re out.
t>v o--m (:.; II TS- T w o
Commencing Monday, April 10
" Lonesome Town "--Mon. Night
" Dream City "—Tuesday Night
Prices:    -    T5c, si, 1.50, a.oo
.•oamiiKxxrr 3EMER '*m:- **,■—c•.ii*«c.-ot:.b
this dato, notwlthatandlng ti,,    dnte '■'■<■,.
,,f such applioal r>n or any delay ""
may  hire occurred    ii  the  * ""llrl  '"'"K      '"
* the 'nm.* • "■■'"
"Kiirthei     notice        hen ■ * ' ■' •' ■ "'
that a|| pei khm  'im i      ... n ling    ':' ■'"'  " : ' '•■"■■■•■'
appllcal Ion i to pun ha      u      'imler ''""" *
the provisions ot sections M   or   S«      u M'"   """ """!ing H. fi   v.*'..,.,  ' ■" niea
of the 'i.an-d Act' and who me     not. v' '■ »    referred I * tba possibility of name   to     Atlas   Lumbei  Oompaiy,
•rilling to tomplete mich     purcbt  ''"'' '  MoBride entering the Paid o(
undei  the prices Dxed by th" m,,..* Dominion   polities,     expressing   the
said regulation shall be ai liberty to ''"i1" "'"' '"     ,!   "'   '"""   '''   l"'1'1  7th ''ny "' A|"
withdraw   inch application!   and     e l,v ""   province, i,it should tin* pra
rnlre refund of thc monoya depos  ed l,IIM      " "'■   i   ' ■ ''    li,'i'1 lh" api'akar
i, account of such uPl'licatioiM thouglll      Brltleb OolUfflUa h«4      a, Company
Take notice lhal "Campbell Ihlngle
Company  Limited"  Intend aftei    Uie
plratlon of nne month from the
hist publication oi I hi notice to ap
plj t the Regletrm ol Jpinl stock
to Change  the  Company's
Dated at Revelstoke, D.
Harvey.  McOal ler ft
Solicitors (01   the
Take notice thai 1 have received
objections in writing to the retention
ol the lollowing names on lh, n.egi8-
ter o. Votors an tbo Kc/elucoae t'*.i
ccioiai in..lint ou tne grounds staled below. An i take notice that ut
a Court oi liowslon to be laid ou
ihe D'li'Bt day of Way, l'Jll, at the
i unit Ho,ise, Uevelstoko, at id
o clock ni th forenoon, 1 Khali hear
aiid determine the suid objections,
.ui,I un.ess such named persons or
some oincr provincial voter on their
ii.aali sal i..lies in.' Una such ouject-
loii.-i   are   nol   well   lounded,     i    shull
strike such names oil the said Kcg-
Dated this 1st day of April,  I'.il 1.
Uegislrur ol   \ otoi'B,
'lhe following  persons arc reported
ajSCUt irom  the  District. i
i.o. .Niiuie Place.
i      Roy D. Aekiiinii Rovelstoke
it    Alb.ri, Allorton Hevelstako
..,<      I'Jdwiu   Armstrong ItevelstoKe
i'i I 'll- OJ MM ll*     Hill lull l, li*.ci..loio<
iU2 .Samuel  blcnortou Rovelstoko
UO i ari  il.  lilaciin.iar Rovelstoke'
i -I Walter 0\  ii.ick Revelstoke
LOG Uoorgo Burrows lieaion
-. '■    liai ny   i'o"iiilii il Arrowhead'
-'. ■   Uoorgo Coomber Arrowhoad
llarcey   A.   CuBtlgaU      I'oinaplis
lid, J iiiiii . Uo von try Arrowhoad i
!■'■  Dahi Camborne
• osoph  Deoollos Oamborno
1 lias, Bldnej   Dont Revolstoke
An an   \\.   Hn mn iiii      I'auiuoin J
John Kennedy Oamborno
lloward ll.  Lawes Comaplix
Thos.  Arth.  Lewis  Jr.  Rev'toke
Theodore  Ludgate, Arrowhead
dames Ludgate Arrowhoad
Wi.ilace  Ludgate Arrowhead
l'lnl D.  Lux Deaton
Alexander iMc.\dain Deaton
Fran.  J.  McOonnell RevelBtoke
Orogor  McDonald Itevelstoke
John  Mcl'hail Kevelstoke
111*8 William Novels Arrowhead
lirril Fred orsatti Uevelstoke
11711 Hoy  M.  l'artclow Uevelstoke
1809 Herbert   A.   Scott Uevelstoko
1M4 John   A.   Smith Uevelstoke
Kliili Marinor Smith Arrowhead
MIS Wm.   Haloid   Swan Arrowhead
1488 Lino  Tain Uevelstoke
ilill John  Thornton Uevelstoko
I'.VIl Thomas   Wills ("amborne
1561  Victor  D.   Woodland Uevelstoko
The  following   names arc    reported
No.              Name Place.
-'I'.i    James Casey Uevelstoko
Mr>   Maurice Fitisgorald Uevelstoke
DM    David   Qilroy Arrowhead
1308 Jaines   Scott Uevelstoke
1397 Hugh Stevens Arrowhead
p.c. Bonds
a i.i
..  ;
I,., I
ih, ni  A,  Dougbterty  Camborne
Jos , h  liuin,mi I'limboi'iiu
.iai.ih iiiiui Arrowhead
W, ii.  ih: on Revelstoke
*\icx   i. i* ,o ijuhar Kevelstoke
Allan 0. i''in,iiay Arrowhead
William Henry Fogg Revolstoke
Kdw n  Ri n,  Fulton Arrowhead
John   tioiiiii Revolstoke
Loun,  W.  Oould Uevelstoke
I'lil. 'I iios. llieeiislude Arrowhead
Jam   i   I In.I.Ion Arrowiicad
Tboioi.H Harkins      Galena Day
Ai h i   BJ,  Hawkins OoldDelda
Bi ii   ii   i lodgson Arrowhead
'.I               Hurd -Arrowhead
B60    Jain      i     Hutchison Uevelstoko
681   John r.  Hyde Ooldflelds
876    Win.   ,     JamlenoD Arrowhead
077   Hubert  Jechaon Arrowhead
An Attractive Offering for
a Short Term Investment
Wo cum offer the conservative investor for a short
while only nn opportunity «>f
pleading his surplus funds in
:i high-class security hearing
;i rate of interest of ten per
Only 160 of theseConvert-
ible Debentures at a par
value of $100 each, available.
Do not gamble in stocks,
shares and   other   forms of
speculation, but Invest
where your principal and interest is secured.
Write for further particulars of this Bond Issue which
is particularly attractive to
investors. Prompt application is necessary as number
is limited.
Canadian Securities Ltd.
I IDI Dominion Trust Building
vANCouven omoc
»lil 6 ll SATURDAY, APRIL fill, ml
I'lIM  MLJ±:rZ.-53.E?B,J±~L.'F>,   KETELSTOEE
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
RUST, - $7,000,000
of The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is allow eil al current rates. There is no
delay in withdrawing'the whole or any portion of the deposit. Small
deposits are welcomed. 234
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any one ofthe number or by the survivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of the money
after death, and is especially useful when il man desires to provide for
his wile, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death.
The Famous Leekie Loggers' Boots and our own
make a wavs in stock. See our Pack Sirups and
Pack Sacks.
Boot and Shoe Pcpaiiers,
E addle rs
Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund     - -    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in ali the Principal Cities of the World.
At all tSranohcs     Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
IS    NOW    ON
('  .
* A Symposium of What is Happening n
* All Parts of the World *
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.      Best W'nes, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rat3S $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBEET      BT03MS      JPIR.OF.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props
Salaried e
Rat' ^ $2.00 per day
Revelstoke, B. C
proved.     FirBt-Olaw in everv rt'Hp.rt.     All modern ennvenipnee
Large Sample Kouinf.
Special Weekly Rates
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Tlii' Greatest Health Resort on tlie Continent
Natural Hut Water. 124 DeRre?* of Hea
Natural Hot Water in Baths.   O        All Year
Rates from $ 12 to $ 15 Per Week
Have you smoked the
If not you surely
never tried them at
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Have your architect prepare your plana for
your new building early ami get my figures on
your work.
I'm I) If (lj Inns I n . I i* w ill
lil \ i ii 11 nl 11 <• A liitki yi- \< i ute
II Ilil ji nn* llie I i ;-l. < iill i lil I e
M i v i i i il. .Ni Im in I i M .) i i il
I e villi i.l  ii  Hi| | ly  of  i in Har-
11)1   .' | III I   (llll    V lliu;  I 111'
Iii I in Lllll (tir 11 • ity. |iuaii i ii. il
;.n \n it- i 0 ii i . 111 111 •, 111 i (\
ii i Mi dli it nl | ui) i ti t. ( i i * iik
i l 11 i H i \\ i 11 i i il 1 qui ii i I till
kill HII llMXI II' il* B( 111 I > till
I In   li -'.nil g lilili. 01  li li | I i l i*
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiii hi ii illinium In I'nro Wlnos, LlquorB, Cigare and Cigarettes
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Tiao
and Furnace work
Ccnnauffl't Ave.   -   Revelstoko
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS.
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying >our outfit nf working cli'thes
for the bush. I make a
ipeclalty uf Logging
Shoes, Pants,Sox, Miirts
Blankets and everything
required inyour business.
Let me paint your house right. I ilo
nothing 'ml first-class work. Quality
considered uiy price is low. 'I'he best
materials used mul work done when
promised. Try tne ou your interior
decorating. My work is guaranteed to
SIGNS  -I can furnish  vou  with  any
j kind vou want.      t'.lliss, bra--., till, cloth
j or wood.    Get my prices.
Carriage anil Wagon   Painting  at   my
i shop   in'  alley   hack   of   E. J. Bourne's
Store, First Street,
Residence Oor, 8rd St.. and Robson ave
For Sale
i'i fool   l.ni   ami   House, Third Streei
$10 i'.
Three Lots on SMeni ,1 Si reet, near lbe
new Posl Offlee, Sl'.'flO.
House and Lot near Y.M.C.A , $3130.
Two  luis  and   House, Third   Street,
House ami Lot, k'ii'si Street, near the
new Post Office, $2100.
55 feet nn Sixth Sn eel. S7IM.I.
.".'I feet i-n Victoria Road, $550.
12 Room House, Second Street, 50 foot
lot, $4500.
And other lii'sl class values.
Cull and Investigate
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Arriving d illy mil' new ami
Irish stoek of Seeds, grown
innl"!' 1'iinti'iii'l by tho best
growers in all pufte of lhe
world. Seeds thai will g've
you the best remits, One trial
will convince you. Also a lull
line of garden requisites, Implements of all kind-: l«e
Supplie", Sprayers, Spray, and
a full line of Chirk Feeds ami
('onke\ 's remedies Press the
button, we will do the rest.
M. J. Henry Nurseries
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,   -   Manager
Vancouver, II. 0,
Mnnnfnctnritl for n\   ci»m«« nf   building*
ARR0 » HKAD, H. C.
Special Attention gWen to I'oiiiiiien ih
ttien ami tourists. Flrst-olaM hhiii|i|.
rooms. Finest srtinery in llritmh CoIiiim
bia, overlooking Upper Arrow l.Hke
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Fruit Lands
<; ilena   I ij   lands in ptrreli of
in or ''•) tift, r nr i n bloc,     Com (
pondence inviti d,
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
John Lee
Manufacturer  of   Ladirs'
Ladies Suits Madeto Order
Fit Guaranteed
All kinds of Silk, Gingham,
Muslin,   and   Fancy
things kept in stock
Pin**'* RoiiPuriAblo l'  0   Do* 200
Front St    Lower Town, Revblstoko
F'»r - M in Iitl'i it imn 11 ii'Mint i'ii™
Bt till lowest   prir*'- lur riir-li
All kind- «>f Km! liuu iiticl nla.-i   riiiK-
Foote & Pradolini.
lleimirn  of  all   klmK   neiiily  done
I levi'le ami (liin work aepeuialty
I'.-liumii'H *.'U*.'ii *.ii niiv eland
of work
Front       Street.
TVKRSintt P.O., Ont.
"I received your lample of  <". i M
T'lI.I.S .iml .'ifl"f mini: Iln in, I felt so
much better Unit I i;ot a box ut 1117
il nggl l'i, uiul now I mn takinx tlie
third bo«,
Tin* pnln iirrnss uiv bai k and kidneys
bus .iliiio I entirely Roue mnl 1 am lietter
tliiui I have beiii for jean, 1 was a
great sufferer from Rheumatism but it
bai all Mt nu*. I strongly ailvisc ill
women, who suffer from ruin In The
Back ami Weak lildncva, to try CIS
I'll,I,S. Mil's, T. IUkhis.
Thousand*! of women, right ben- in
Canada, owe their robutl health, their
strength nml vigor, their bright eyee and
rosv ilu-rU ini'.IN 1'II.I.S. Aiid they
know Unit <;i\ I'lI.I.S will cure the
Kidney nnd Dloddet Troubles with
wbu ll sn ninny women ' idler.
Do just ns Mrs. Harris did — first,
write for n frre Mfflple box of r.IN
I'lI.I.S nm! Iry llieni. Then, If thev ilo
you good, get the rcgttl ir 50C boxes nt
yonr dealer's. Your monev promptly
refnmliil if 0IN I'lI.I.S Inl to glvi
relief, National Drug nml Cheniicnl
Co.,   Dept. W.i    Toronto. »»
lire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 stoke*),
ntcrval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Hoi
4. No. of box will also be shown
n  indicator at Fire Hall.
Box No. 14—Corner First street
end McKenzie avenue, 0. B. Hume
& Co.
Box No. 15—Corner First street
nd  Rokeby avenue,  post  office.
Box No. 16—Coruer Second street
and Government Road and Opera
Box No. 17—Corner Third street
a I Campbell avenue, Globe hum*
fir company.
Box No.  18—C.P.R.  station.
Box No. 24—Corner Fifth street
nd McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25—Corner Sixth street
nd Orton avenue, W. A. Foote.
Box No. 26—Corner Fourth street
nd Townley street, corner south
Box No. 28—Corner Second strejt
nd Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall  No. 2.
Box  No.  35—Hospital.
Box No.  36—School.
Box No. 44—Fire Hall No. 1.
Box No. 45—Front street west.
ear C. P. R. bridge.
Box No. 46—Corner King and
louglas streets, Palace Meat Market.
Box No. 47—Corner Socond and
Vales streets, back of court house.
Box No. 48—Corner Third Mid
2has. Btreets, Cowan block.
Signal for practice—not Imb than
Ix (6) slow strokes.
Cno (1) indicates line brok« or
re out.
«3     '70 11 HEM since 1900;
Farmers around Edmonton are
ready Ior seeding.
A beet sugar factory will be erected in the Claresholme district,  Alta.
A Galician laborer was killed by a
cave-in of a gravel  pit in  Manitoba.
Supt. Langrill, of Hamilton City |
Hospital, recommends a Children's
It is deniod that Lord Furncss will
be chairman of the Canadian Marine
Lines merger.
Calgary      will appoint a   publicity
Premier Canalejas, of Spain,
formed a new cabineti
Great Britain and the United
States have decided to arbitrate the
claims of tbe Webster family ,1 the
United States to tho millions ul acres of land in New Zealand.
The Winnipeg Anti-Tuberculosis
league at its annual meeting received
encouraging reports and promises of
assistance from many quarters.
Owing to the arrival  Jaily "■' vaBt
crowds of settlers for  western '«%r;n-s,
Winnipeg  immigration  officials      are
commissioner and set aside I12.000 a' w"rkin6 overtime for their accommo-
yetir to secure industries.
Chas. Bedford, of Burlington, fell
4I> feet while at work at thc O. J. C.
and budly injured his back.
Frank Nacbinon, a Finn, wanted at
Port Arthur for murder, has been arrested at Montpclier,  Vt.
Pierre Hedard, tt horse dealer, was
drowned near Montreal when bis
team broke through river ice.
Thc revenue of Great Britain for
the year ending March     31,      totals
A committee was organized at a
public meeting in Welland to take
steps to have a Technical school.
Hamilton Board of Health will ask
Council to insist that Dread be wrapped up while in delivery waggons.
M.J. O'Brien has the contract for
the first section of the Quebec and
Saguenay railway, ."6 miles, at about
Centre  York  Liberals,    after      ad-
$1,01!),252,"JM,    showing  an  enormous   dresses by N.W.  Howell,  K.C.,  J. E.
Gaston Monvoison was committed
for trial in the Winnipeg police court
for the murder ol t'epe Giovanni.
Thomas Broad, aged 54, retired civil servant, died suddenly o! heart
failure at his home in Winnipeg, on
The hardware store of H. B. De-
vine, of Strasburg, Sask., was completely destroyed by lire on Friday.
Dr. Doyen, of London, Eng,, announces that he has discovered a new
remedy for peritonitis.
Four persons were injured as the
result of a gas explosion in Minneapolis.
The Brandon assessment figures
show expansion in all departments.
J. H. Grisdale, Dominion agriculturist, hns been appointed director of
Dominion experimental farms, succeeding Ur. William Saunders.
Atkinson, and Thos.  Vance, passed a
pro-reciprocity resolution.
Ottawa Women's Suffrage Associa -
tion will protest to Sir James Whitney against bis recent remarks in
the Legislature concerning suflrage.
Wallaceburg Board of Trade wilt
endeavor to prove that the bones disinterred a year ago on St. Anna's Island  were those of Chief Tecumseh.
The sealer Bonventure has returned to St. John's, Nlld., with a catch
of 3(I,0C0, and says the rest of the
fleet will have iu all half a million
Dairy interests complained to the
Dominion Railway Board, against the
new express charge of 10 cents on
empty ice cream  cans   neing  returned.
Hon. A. G. Mackay headed a delegation that asked Hon. G.P. Graham
Ior a subsidy for a railway  through
I Kincardine,     Owen      Sound, Colllng-
1 wood, Meaiord and Orillia.
Winnipeg real estate is still very
active, and many recent sales arc reported, ranging in price from {1,250
per foot frontage down to J25. I
^Save'tour Money,
* Commence Mow!
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c~4% Interest^
on. saving
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1 deposits ($1°-
drawal br cheq»u
on time deposits of *
SSmonNis & over. *
We invest money for clients
in firat mort^cs&doa
general furaiicial business.
We want YJur saving accnl
& ifYou are not saving +
NOW Witli U5.
Deposits Xy mait ^TT>
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'You am scut) hy Draft,
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better k withdrawals
can, be made * + + ~+ *
* * any my you wioh.
Ware Responsible
ReferW*** ■*■ * -
Duno, Bradstrceb,
or lo myotic tn *
it To-day
i.t UOW
? H TT
321 GambleStreet,
Vancouver B.C.qs
Shi7oti$ Cure
aiiitklr -ifop-i . ..uiit.*..  c-iirtii . ot.i*.. li, „i.
11 ll nml   nuil Ii.mJi.        •    •    •        2*3 Mali,
A delegation from Port Arthur and
Fort WiVliam appeared before the
Senate Committee on the Grain Commission in support of the plea ol the
elevator owners that terminal com-
Otto Hiiigling, one 0| the Hiugling panics he allowed to deal in grain,
brothers of circus fame, died at tbe
home of his brother in New York on      *'"' Mary  Y°UdcU'  u' KlnK9ton- is
Friday last suing the London Guarantee ami Ac
cident Co. for $2,500 on a . laim that
A witnj-s at the Camorra trial said   is resisted  on thc plea that her hus-
tbat  it  was  possible for any  person   band really  died Irom effects    of    an
with  (25 to secure entrance into the   accident    sustained  before  the  policy
United States. i was issued.
President Diaz, of Mexico, has in-1 Forty-nine out of 79 memorials pre
dicated that many of the reforms ask s.-uteJ to Parliament yesterday coned  for  by  the revolutionists  will  be   cerning reciprocity,  protested against
thc agreement. Included was a communication from Sir Henry Verney,
M. P., stating that a meeting o( old
country Liberals bad endorsed thc
Fanned by a ga'c a bonttrc, start-
The Brandon Trades and Labor
Council has started a campaign in
the interests of thc laborers of thc
Wheut City.
T. P. O'Connor says baifour's position as loader of tho Unionists
party is becoming more impossible
every day.
ed by children, caused a IM.COO Are
in the heart ol a fashionable residence quarter in Minneapolis. Thc
Ure spread to the Tyler Lumber Co.
Mn Oliver Lodge, principal of the and 8l,arlts ignited bouses several
University of Birmingham, thinks thc   blocks ***?'
arbitration treaty will not be adont-!     ,• ,  .      .,.,•.   ■  ....      ..    .
a,., nw ui. auoin       counsvl lur the United Shoe Mach
inery Co. uf Canada are asking   the
Alex.  Soderbcrg is under arrest at   •'iI,-"ltca'    courts    to     prohibit     tha
Stettlcr, Alta., charged with tbc mur! l,0ar<1 'run* investigating into ita af-
iler of Wm. Lennox, a rancher.
A. R. Coli|uhoiin has expressed tbe
opinion that Oanada would do well
to annex the Bahama Islands.
Up to Jnn. 1, Pill, 55,O0O,WO acres in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan mil     Alberta were   dti
fair* as an alleged combine, on the
ground that the board is without
jurisdiction and illegal.
Winnipeg,  April  4.—Thc C. V.    H.
will renumber the      transcontinental
l««d of by     homestead, and nearly' I"""1'"*" u*** lh"* "um'"«. No. N
and ii being known as 3 and 4.   In
addition     there     would    he a third
I through service betwecu Montreal and
11,000,000  acres grai.HI   to
Republican! opposed Ul tlie redpro th* coast, these two new trains to be
city agreement will endeavor to pre- known as trains 7 and h.     It le well
vent  linving  it  passed   by  thu senate known  that thc Canadian I'm itlc will
by oilering nuineioiiH ruiwi Imentn. lUtuniue a    numbei  ol      interesting
.... cbaugcb iu thc summer     time   card,
lhe ilrni ol ETurneee,  iWuthv     and   „.., . ,„.     «   . ,       .      .
' wbi'li goes into eflcct on June 4 and
company aie pushing a »chcinr     fur  .,„.,    , ,K„„„ ,„ ,    .    .k
I one ol these is to bc the     operation
MCUrlng    dli ret communication      t*-   ,.  „  ,,..,„   .    m      ,.        _    '      ,,4
ol  a  tram  from      thc      Uuecn       ity
tween      Liverpool  anil   the  Canadian' ,h*- „  t   ,     ,t     ..     n .       ■»     7
I k I through to the I'acilic coast.     It   is
also suid that train No.  !i may      bu
Aeoordlni to un     Australian    des, maJc tlle Imperial  Limited and dur-
pateli the ran lor the south pole be-' tut itlt »ummer it    will  bo  operated
twern the British and  Norwegian c.\-   on vcr>' ,ttSt schedule.
pedltlonl is glowing exciting. ——*.
Thc I'lnns for n new ofllce build.ng
14 stories patted tht Winnipeg civic
Are,  water nn.l light  committee.
The Hudson's Bay company has
plans prepared lor a II.-UOO.OOO store
on Portage avenue, at Colony Itreel
Thc   Grand    Trunk Pacillc Railway
propoete erecting an hotel at     Md-
moiiloii, Alta., which will cost |TK>,
King Oeorgt hns announced to the
house of lords thnt he will not     ex-
•roite lim royal prerogative  in    the
Itmggll n   a   going ,,n  iM'lweeu      the
two bouses of purliauent,
vvi                    HOTMIN*   IOUALS
^2//li> T'        TO KIlfTOU DUV.
y^^tr\ i~M   ^•'** l"T ■^•■"1 mr.it. •ml
m^alf* j9     ttewleea v«Mvto«l,
iU« Dnlwi CMqpvkara.
CLOTHING    CO..   Lt*
TmiM, Caa»4a.            Ht THE!    MAIL-HEEALD,    REVELSTOKE
his star as a major leaguer bus set,
Not .uily iln.'s Rube hold tho season
tstrike-out record, but the singlegame
us well, with ll). Fred Glade, when a
member ••! the St. Louis Browns.
equalled the feat.
The- Corley House has the honor
this year of tbe tirst line up m tbe
baseball lield as they have already
picked their team and assigned to
earh man tli* position he shall play.
The majority oi :ho players are not
new iu RevelBtoke sports, having in
former years disported belore^ large
crowds then ability on the diamond.
Their capabilities are well known and
have been the envy of many u competitive team, and it is safe to assume that tm* aggregation will this
year hold their own auniust all
comers. There are one or tw0 new
names in the personnel of tbe team
this year an.l these bring with them
such good amateur records that
then presence assures the team additional Btrength an.I assurances of
victories innumerable on the diamond Every member of tlie Niw York
Tbe l.neup of the team is as toi- Yankee squad is .sure tlm* Cone Bill-
lows:—Harrison, 1st li; Stone, 2b; 10ti will make good al third bass
ormoiis figures.     Hie
(3,000, mi'l for each
.1 ;iids  and Val d'Or.
eilers  imi.I almost   a ;
stud (ee     was
if his two sons
Argent iu i lu'e-
niui'li  n- Flylu?
Manager Jimmy Barrett ot the Mil
w'niikcc team has his tliirs
not thirsty, but thirty
Champaign,  Illinois. Iioii.t forget the
Illinois and causa a libel suit.
In bis new Iui.I park nt Newark, N.
J., Manager Joe McGlnnlty will lit
up n cozy retir.ng room for women,
.vith a matron in charge. There is
■dill some class to the old "lro i
Fos cosl. Wll ii racing lie won nearly $200,1)1)0. His son, Adam, was
ho'U'ght by American breeders for
J7'5',Of>&, but on account oi the iegis
latlvo Interference with the turf in
111.' States lie was la>l y.'ai l-l tlirne 1
to Fri nee. The only Flying Fox
stallion now in North America is the
horse Red Fox, owned by the Messrs.
Dyment of Barrio.
itCr™;'MlErect BigDepartmental Store
in That City This Year
.'.In Moore, s.s.;
1 ej. cf.; Munroe, r.f.
Woodland, c. ■*.
Tli.* team will lie out for practice
just as .soon as tbe weather man Is
obliging enough to accommodate
them, and there will bc no reason
to confuse ihis Corley House aggre
gation with any others as they will
each and all be outfitted with a
bran new spick and span dark navy
blue baseball suit decorated with a
big white "C" on the breast. These
have been ordered from an outfitting
firm and will be on baud in a few
Jay-. Their lirst match will lie with
-So. 1 Kire Brigade and will take
place on Good Friday next. The
trophy for this game will be a negative one, as the winners will escape
the inconvenience- of rising early
the following Sunday morning nnl
marching oil to church, while the losers must perforce attend divine Ber-
\ ice on Easter Sunday in some shape
or form.
Winnipeg, April 5.—It wns announced this morning tbat Batons are to
invade Calgary ami thai a splendid
big departmental store will be built
iu the Alberta metropolis.
.1. C. Eaton, th;> head of ihe big
lirm oi T. Baton Co. Limited, which
owns big stores in Toronto and Winnipeg, iiiude the announcement.
Tno recent activity of the Hudson's
Playing  with   the  MeKe,s.ort    team,
(I > Huy  company  and other  big      linns,
. such u-  l'rvre  Jones,  both  of    whom
Elliott was the sensation of the
and P. League last season.
President Murphy of the Cubs started down Into tho Rathskeller of a
New Orleans hotel the other night,
and one of the player- watching th.'
"Chubby tins" disappear, remarked,
"Six weeks more of winter."
A Tacoma scribe is respi naible for
this one: "While Isaac Rockenfeldt
of the Tacoma Tigers refuses to eat
ham with his eggs, ha is, nevertheless
>    Yankee. He   says    to himself.
Ikey's uncle is a pawnbroker in
Petersburg, and his lather run
clothing store in Omaha.
Th.' Y.M.C.A. baseball league was
rounded Into Bhape "n Thursday evening last when a number of the in-
ihusiasts met at the association parlors an 1 elected officers as follows:
Hon. l'res.—C. F. landmark.
Pres.—Rev.   R.   J.   .Mclntyre.
Vice-Pres.—John Lyons.
Secretary—J.  M.   Patterson.
Treas—Kmn.'th McRae,
Managing Committee—Walter Stone
S.  Crowe anl  R.  Bquarebrlggs.
Thc executive Committee wl 1 consist cl the managing committee iu
conjunction with the pincers.
Teams entering tbis league are re
guested to sn 1 in formal notification of their intention not later than
April 15th, The executive ure arranging Ior a game with an outside
ttarn on May .'Ith and it was de
c,lt 1   to   put   on  a   regular   held   day
:' Bports.
Football and lacrosse were left In
abeyance till some future meeting,
the date of which will l-e announced
later, but the executive has n ry
prospect of setting together « couple
of good teams in both lines of Bport.
New York. April 1.—George Hacketi
schmidt, "Russian Lliii," bus sailed
away for Europe with some $13,00(1 in
good American money tucked away
in his jeans. He earned this coin
nud j7,i>::" more in lour months of
exhibition wrestling bouts. Ona
thing more Hack look with him, I'un
agreement of Frank Gotch t
I have planned big stores in that city,
is responsible for this move on Ctlie
part of Batons.
The action of tho Hudson's Hay
lirm in invading the territory of the
Eaton store in  Winnipeg has had      a
'big effect in deciding the Baton' lirm
in making their decision and tho
building of the Calgary store is retaliation  to a certain  degree.
President Eaton announced that
tho store will be built in record time
St. W. J. Gunn, manager of the mail or-
a tier department of the firm, is uow in
Calgary and has been for soiii.* time
past. He has been making ..'ar"lul
observations and his reports have
been submitted to the president of
lhe lirm. To the Herald correspondent, President Eat. n stated that be
is now waiting for R. Y. Baton, of
the Oshawa factory, and Harry Mhc-
Hee. of the construction department,
: n.l a conference will be held ft'ncn
the two reach Winnipeg and plans de*
wn'stle  '''''*''' upon Immediately.
This     musical  com ' ly   itnnds unique
among the many  entertainments    ol
its kind in lln> possession of u d Un
ite and  welMoflii '.1   plot.  Tbe    Itua
tions  are  unique  and  li In loll ily   fun
ny,    the linos    witty  and  the lyrics
Pointed.      Herbert's  music  is of tho
i ype that  I n {ers in  the memory, for
his     melodies are of the whi H able
variety.     There arc all toannci      "I
si ug hits in "Dream City."
The story concerns 111 ■ ambltb ns
nf one August Din ;lebi ll lr I Mas
Dill i, a Long Isl.*.n 1 truck farm ir,
who is far from post* ssed tor a
fondness for labor in any form, 'but
who has a predilection or huckleberry wins and similar stimulants, A
hustling real estate promoter, who
proposes to create a wonderful community called Dream City, Interests
Dinglebender in nis scheme. And
then Dinglebender drams. ILs vis
ions of the mythical city is disclosed
to* the niidicn-e by a series of remarkable and Bpectactllor slag."
oflects. The close of tho play
tho Teutonic droll back iu hii
yard, Burroundetl by his pigs
The part of D nglebendor is on i
that fits Hill perfectly and it is easily mi' of his greatest characterisations. Ho will be supported by the
same all-star cast, as in his San
Francisco presentation, and tho original Hill Beauty chorus is with him.
The production demands fifty people
on the stage. "Dream City" will
be  the offering tor Tuesday even ag.
on I
With      the    coming of real     spring
weather    tbe devotees ol  lawn tenuis
are bee mine decidedly uneasy a< ' "
is expected   that   within   thc  spa      ol
., week    ■ -■* ii meeting will be lield
ee 11  -..mi  arrangements can    l>e
made to secure grounds lor thi
l,ast year the tennis club had
tbe  !.,*- Ital  grounds  but  tbis year
these   are     refused    them,  and
sume effort  will be
made to tu up eome portion ol the
ati.lctic grounds tor tl I - sport.
-   ME   WALKER.
Krank ll;u''
oldest Ioi *
. r in the world, arrived at  F< 11
'A   rth,      Kan .    the    oth-r day after
r   gg - ',- •   -
.Mem; I I He       n  "  tl I
rail t>.   \   ' n   Tex , to enl
■   .. i.e.
Sehi n ■ •■• ran   ' I        U<
tin an '• '":    ''■
■ ■
a.l i: i  i k ■
ta, Nm
ills  rli..
a.  lott      H     ■'■>    '
him tor tho championship,
Manager Jack Ctirley was quick to
take up llotch's offer of ?:!.',HOD rash,
win or lose, to meet any wrestler In
the world.
The Iowa farmer has since agreed
lo accept, and a bout will probably
be waged In the American League
Park, Chicago, on Labor Day. |
New York, April 4.—King George ol
England is probably tbe only isovor-
■n in Europe who has an athlet lo
"trainer." He has just hon .red Eugene S,*iii.low, the stron,.- man, with
an appointment by royal Warrant ta
he "professor of icientlfic and i hysi
cal culture to Ms Majesty."
Press despatches declare, however,
that the lu tior Is a recognition of
San.low's efforts at Improving the
physique of the rank and file ol the
British Army, rathei than an a
Itnowledgement thnt anj
benefit would be derived b\ th- King
from lu- sei vices
Jimmy Gardner has accepted I
to  box  Harry   Lewis   n  I.* i
■alls :* ■   England tb    week.
"The reasons that prompt the firm
to commence the construction of this
store in Calgary are the same aa
prompted lhe company to build In
Winnipeg," President Eaton stated,
"The west, is filling up rapidly and
lh? need to be nearer the customers
is becoming more and more apparent
every day."
He stated that seven years ago.
when the firm began the construction
of the Winnipeg branch the dire*.*; irs
realized the necessity of retting in
rlose touch with the then buyers and
now thai competition is becoming
more keen in western cities the T.
Eaton company feel they Bhould be
right on tbe groun I, ■■ n i are there
tore planning to ereel this iti re In
Calgary and get it i n ler way ai i tice
i   ■ *      .      ■■
record ■•'■ thi      Vmi
li ag •■    Ti  ■
i ..:  ,'i ■
i          |   .... >v<              that In 1904
v..-,. •*      ' * ■ "l *■;
,,! the i'" —   ■ -   ■ ■
,,. , it Hi tote   in   tori *
games   n  »l '   11 worked, an a1 ■'
..re ,.(  nearly  I gbl   wbiff  victim    pel
i'ii nr*.
Last  fui
Kelly   Will
Bght  ;* i   several  we< ■ i
"I the gn, ;
Packey    M.i  * ave     to
make a side ws il
wants ti
* . *, * .
Englan i an I Frai
Leu i:ii,ti ■
! Elynn    Urn I
III n**
I   D  :
i' scan In Lon Ion tail  ■• * ''•<
ttllng Nei ■ ;
.   . '■ Ipbia
• *. • : .
April. I
Direct from San Francisco, where
be •'", yed a run I 100 i... bts, Max
Dill,  the tinniest  ol German  corned
tO   thi *■: .,    :.** ISC
i.ite    of
sally  regal the
*     •
Until Released by Wonderful Samaria Prescription
Liquor sets i'ii Inflammation and Ir-
rfta ..ui ni' in,, stomach nnd weakens
'.he turves, 'i'h.* so .i ly ur pei'lu.Ileal
t-pieei drinker is olien forced to
Iriuk even against I ' ill by his uu-
iiaiurui physic I condition,
Samaria Prescription stops the craving, steadies the nerves, builds up the
seneral heulth and makes di.uk .. ■
tually distasteful and nauseous. I'
is tasteless un.l odorless, an I can Pe
given wiih or without the knowledge
>i ilu  patient.
Thousands ot Canadla homes have
P. in saved from misery and ... ; . ice
03 some devoted „"e. mother ur
daughter through this wonderful Canadian remedy. The money formerly
wasted in drink lias restored hi i pl-
nes8, home comforts, education .md
iv.*, ret tu the families funueily in
want and despair.
Read lbe following, one uf th,. uu-
merous unsolicited testimonials received:
"1 run never i-epny you flu* yeur
remedy, it is worth more than life
to me. .My husband bus been offered
liquor* severnl limes, lun would not
touch il. He ih;.! Ii hah ii" charm fur
him now. May God's choice ble
ever rest un you, and yours, are my
prayers ever. Nu one knows It hut
those who have tried It. As sunn ns i
ran 1 wJl] see others Hint I know
would give anything to stop their hus-
bands from drink. 1 will glvo them
your address.
" Mrs. K , Dewlnton, Alta."
IXnine  withheld   on   request.)
Now, If you know of any family
needing this remedy, tell them Rtvuit
it. If you have any friend ur rela
tlve who lum formed ur la forming
the drink hnhlt. help him to release
himself frum Its awful clutches. Samaria Prescription Is used by I'hysl-
lans and Hnspinls.
A FREE TltlAL PACKAGE of Samaria Prescription, with booklet. kIv-
Iiir full particulars, testimonials, price.
et- , will ha sent absolutely free and
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this paper.      Correspondence sacredly
!. nl .al.    Wi te to-day.   'I'h • s.i
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norne  St., Toront ■,    t'an .dn.     Also
for  Sale  by  C.   it.   M ied n .Id,  Drug
ti  :e,   li.   C
April    11        loncert    In     Mi thodl i
oi       th'
Apr.l 17.—Easter  H ai   Hi th
.   ■*,  iln*   II.
, lo   *
. Qtei la nm ut       at
■  .arch.
Waller   .1
:,).•) man to *-trikr *,ul la     I " ■ two
gunen,   and this   performance
,, ileitis.*1,   a     ihr   U'Sl   major!   ■'
. „,* ,   , 11  .iiiinii'*'      Suet was   not | li
. ,-,   ,      Had lell      I "I       lerord
waa considerably hettei   The mlntake
was   due   to  nn   oversight,   ns  nil   ""
. .    credited   Waddell     u  prlee "*"'" '
' ,,i  ioi      S" Hube   'ii' French
Fow ..' ■
I  ,,,i    .ue
..ii the la't  that
cut record.
i*.ei  pn i l*,i  ,, hois.'.  |1«7,M0      He
.-".  an i ■'■'!   bred ai I
..I \S ell.lt del
1 ii   carei th   i *ii Included   th
. Inning    ol the t> ode i rown,     tin*
Two Thou  'inl  Dei by  nnd   Ht,   L"U-''i
of  IK'J'I.       In  all   be  mn   eleven  rn''i'H,
*' ' ,■ ii an !, it i ■ o     These mm In
■Id   I. im    when  hn wns
and   ,,1'aln '"
l-'ith of li ih ow
i "ii  at the
THE prf-emin-
ence of the
position as creators
of the highest cla ,
li a ii cl tailored
, nn.' i' for men,
is shown hy our
.y  of spring
F it-R' fi
the   rounder   in
Canada of su< li
."iuits -ixOvrrLouls.
Fit-Reform  Ilis
* y gaini <l in
1 illy appreciated
UDt      • iv  of
\\\c  Fit-Reform
'   -
Assessment 1911
given that the Court oi! Revision
of the Assessment of 19] I will be
held in the City Hall, Revelstoke,
M. C, nn Tuesday, April 18th,
1911, at 7 o'clock, p.m.
Bki i .•; A. Lawson,
City Clerk.
Eggs for Hatching
Rhode lid.md Red.
hilvtr-luced Wyandotte mid I nil  Leg
horn, per setiihKi '■*'■""*
I'.mdeii noose i.ni;**. 50c. each.
1'ekin duel s (11 ejj-gs) f,2.W.
n.n old ducklitiHS.
1 ',i\ old chicks a specialty.
Write or I'hone 212.
New drove Iiiiui, Revelstoke.
"ggs ior hatching
While Leghorns    No. 1  !'. a    It
fil sl   pi i <e  cud,,   \ .nii oir. oi  I'll.
- * i,*. *** i* i  30.
No. .' l'i 'i, headed In a larno v I
Irom   liast.    #2.«i   i,.r   I.i;   »i 511
Ioi 30.
liulT leghorns   S. C. R. I. Reds;   '      '
im  15; - l.oo [or 30.
John J. Devine
Revelstoke, B. C,
Affords supei..'. .dn, iii,*ii ii .i.lt.iii*
I.i*;, ■-,  llatulsotiie m H hi icli lutiUliiig,
■..■'** *
»   I i*,~, *. l;i     II *     *
..nool*.   ihrougboul     Ibis    l'i
i , ni| liMe Music and   n   i ■ .   ■ Inu nl *.
Spei ial . .'in si *■   In  Sliorlliain ,  i ..|"*
writing .nnl li, . 1   I . . ;*...*..
allenlioit k'*1'"   !•' " *'    "' "''"I-
n, is .nui l-oi reel ICnglish,
11 RMS  MODI i; 111
For Prospectus. Adiirtss Tho Ac demy.
Richard H. Trueman, deceased.— All
persons h.i\,u_' anj claims or ileum n Ls against the above deceased,
it. il. Trueman, lauly carrj .114 on
business as photographer at      True
man's    Studio,    703  U gta    street,
and who died al St. Paul's bos Ital,
Vancouver, on uiiinl February, 1911,
ure required to Bend th.' particulars
thereof to us, and all persona In
,; ..t.'d or liable to tlm abovo de-
* eased, ■ ■ od to pay the am
oiint of their Indobtedne  liability, to us the undersigned, "ii or be-
i* 1,   ih,* .;:.,i  March,  mil.
'i'he ii n.*ii."a   1 rust 1 "., Ltd.
Lloinin.oii Trust  Hull.I.n   .
Vancouver,  B.O.
mii 11 1:    rn   1 REDITOR8.
KOOTENAY     l.omilv  No.  '.i> A.  P,
nnd A. M.
Regular meetings aro laid in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Halt
on llu: Third .Mon.lay 01 cirh month
nl 8 p. 111. \ isltlug hi ■ 1 hrcn are
coi *l ally  welcome,
W. ll.  RODERTSON,  Becretary.
SELKIRK      LODGE   12,  1.  0.  O.  P.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K.  1,.  Me RAE, N. G.
JAS. MATilii-:, Becrotary.
COURT     MT.      BBG13IE,    No.  MCI.
.Meets in 1. U 0. P. Hall next to
Cupping's Opera liousi' every second
und iourth Monday 111 month. \ lait-
111,, brethren cordially  welcomed.
G. W. BELL, (.'. R.
WM.   B.  CAMERON,  Rec.-Soc. ;
GOLD  RANGE LODGE,      K,  ol    P.,
NO.  2,.,   Hc'.i i'.,..-> iOKl'I,  11.   tl.
iiicets every   Weduesday  exeopt   tuu
Thud Wednesday ol earn month      iu
Uddiellowa    Hall ut 8 o'clock.  Visit*
iu„- Kuights  are eonlialiy   luvit.d.
J. Y.   BIMPBON, 0,  C.
G. li. iiliui.'is,  lv.  01 It. & ri.
M. ol Jj'.
C. W. 0.  W.
Mountain \ lew i-'aiup, No. H-'J.
Meets Second    and     Poitrtb  Wodnea
days    111  each  luoitt.i  iu    Selairs
ilml.      Visiting   Woodmen  ure
eordially  invited  to attend
11.   W.  EDWARDS,  Con.  Coin.
JAME8 MclNTVHE, Glcra.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  bite.
Imperial  bunk Building it. >cl-
Btoke, 11. C.
Money to Loan.
Otlices—Revelstoke, 11.   0.,     und
Cranbrook, B. v.
Geo. -ri. MeCarter,
A.  M.  Piushum, .1. A.   Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial   Laud  Suvoyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Revelstoke Lnnd District.
District ol Wost Ko0tenay.
Take uotice- that B. M, llieks, ol
Greenwood, II. C, occupation laborer, in,rn,Is to a,., ly lor permission
to purchase ilia lollowing described
Commencing at a post planted on
tht north shore of Trout Luke, ubout
three and three-quarter miles west
lioin the town of Gerrurd, adjacent
to S.E. Corner of Lot 7-J6U, thence SD
ehains cast, theuce ill) chains south,
or to luke shore, thence SO chaius
west, or following lake shore to
point ol commencement,
Daled February ith, IML
Teacher ol Voice, Piano ami organ
Pupils prepared for Toronto Conservatory o.    Mus '■       Loi-id examinations.
MJhRii ON cs.Giii.tLto
1 Ur  .1 C  iiiuiiiM..* ih.r   Coo. H   Crccii
Vancouver and Suburban
lteul Estate
Coquiilam Acreage ami
Lu,.s .1 specialty
Special titiuttiuii given tu Mail uuiui-u or Inqulriei
■..*. ..UIU 1  ■ I .. ., ..I'.l-i.., .l.,.„l.l.j: I ,!..„
lOCOnd     Ia. I       '■ *    "
I .'iiiiiiiii ML        '
II I   ll"  ■'. II ■     .11."
,,t,*   ,,;'    (Inn *.*     Nil h..!...   *li .,
gi.,11 that all per-
 .oi"    "   demands
■ 'h cease 1. Ueoi,:"
snhoih. Jr.. i.iii* ui Kevelstoke, n*
1   , mil ivay * ini'.* b     Iled  near
1 ■   '   ,  1  a 1   1 he
. o     .,1.   1 '■ imn'.1
I*.   . a 1 pai tl
1 '        oi.I   that
,       In   .lis
I'.I ll   .1  I lhl.I'
I ll       I
I    ., ,., ,
1.    . VI
 i"' ied  oi
1. '  ■ h"i , .ii
C.P.r. limetaole
1.* * .,,
No. I, arrive I    ■> m ,  di pal' •
■ in.
*        •','!" *   III   ,     .1.  I  1.1 I''.
.    i .'ht,       de-
arts u 1:, midnight.
■a*, nii..-*     Ln in , deport*,
V  '*  11.  111.
South train leave* Rovi litoko at 3
n    111 .  ni 1 . * IS  p.ni.
lu   ihe     Mattei   ol  tho     Estate   ol
1 liollias   .ill .dallon,   Urn n. rd.
Notico is hereby      given taut     all
creditors     umi others having claims
■ •   a*"  1    ih'*   .** tali   oi    , 11 as       *ii'*
mailjii, iu*c oi Rovolstoke, 11. C, deceased, win, UieU al il* . ... luhe on 01
auout ilu* oiii •!..,, o. ...1.. iniier, luiu
an' 1. luested to send to tue unuer-
sigu.'.i Solicitors lor Donald Mciq-
toi 1 . Hxecutor oi the lost will oi
al ■ deci ased, uu n.n t,t. days Irom
' .t.'*, iml 1101 Iculars ot their . lalm *,
duly verilied, ami' ihai alter ihut
date Lhe saoi  hlxocutor  nui  proceed
i'"t< 1.1 1 . sl at.   amongst
 inn ie.1 then i", regard   being
had "my  to thdse claims ol      which
.laid   Hlxocutor  1.hall   liuiu   llu 11       re
uoived 1. '
p.ii..1  .11,111*11  l.Mli,  lull.
llAUVrH ,   Mel ARTEH  ,vi PINKHAM
Bollclto 1 Uni.aid Mcintosh,
Executor ui the Lost v>m
n.1 eased.
Mil H'1'1.
. 1 .     I...H 1    ,1.   I i ul .
Ii    ol   •**  '■  t■" itonay.
1,   i*     notico     that    ' 1.0. nee    ll.
.   "I   .\tn .nt   .10,,   I,*,,,   fjot una
lion  1    il   u>r I..... 11  ,   ,111. mi.    i,,  aPPly
lol* I  * I UU:    mil     I o    I    .1. .      , ,,,-    lol
. ....    imi.
1 niuu   .a in,*, 111  a posl   I'l..a., d    -■;
in     '    ,11..Ill    In..,       nlu
1 or "i ha    11.15;     .a n*     n a ib      " ■
1 hams,   1 l,   in .*, . ,.,,   ,      mot ,*
ni  a*:,   .    1 a.* im ■ 1,1     ihe     Arrow
' Lakoe   1. niuu*!     1 1 • 11 ■ 1... 1 ■, ..   1 imh.i
luuu  in ,,.     chains
ibi'iMi* >■ •   ■        ' bain .  'a. mi'    south
■ bain .    ih a. .*     wi ai 20 cbains,
more ..1  1 .... 1,, place ..;    commi nee
in. nt.
Dated  March 24th,  l'Jll.
' 1     1 *. *   i*. II.  Si'l imi.
I-..:   .Mi 1 laghran,  Ar nt,
1.      .1     I   In,       I
11 hi      i' 1   a ■
III inr
W/tddcU »d.Ul reigni (Ujirimo.altbougb  proved a ijargaln, ot I  tliuee   en
io.c ,
.grnii :*i
ts.il.- I   1111 I   Wm
'h   11...       1  on
8hi /afib Gure
itwii   lv   •:,.    , 1'in.'I,*,,   in*.,*,,  c„|.l   ,   Ini,!-,
Ili> iln...1 uuil li...,.*..      ■   1   •     £3 (ial*.
Rovelstoko Lana Diotrict.
District ol   oust ivoouuay.
'iaKe notice lhat OoieLUe Cornish
Konaedy 01 lievelstoke, occupation,
mai ru*,1 woman, iui-cu.is to apply tor
peruiibsion to purchase ilie loiioiwug
n. 1., lined  muds.
l oiiiiu,u,iiig ut a post planted
auout -iu chuius 111 u southerly direction lioin the south west euiUcr of
Lot 01.11, ili *,..e weBt ID cha.us,
theuce south m ihams tbence eiu.t
-iu chains to the west snoie ol Upper
Ariow Lune, thence uorth aanig the
novo shjie  lo point ol commencement
iiitaiu.ug about liill ueies.
fated January Uth, lilil, ...
1 io.......i*.  LOKmSH KENNEDY,
I'er ill.  Grady, Agent.
N OTIC 111
Oertiflcate of Improvements.
Glad Hand Mineral Claim, situated
1 tue  trout i.,.i,c mining Division ot
est uii.iiui.ij  District.     Wuere   io-
eateu:—At mud 01 seven Mile Oroes
■ ui adjoin u^ tue     Winslow Mineral
1 1UU11.
late Notice that i, O.B.N. Wilkie,
■".*". as agon! .or liruce White, !■'.
■"■i ■ t'- '*■"■', wiiuam bottnett, i-. ,11.
1 . j._.. — 1, an.l Nettlo Davoy, P. M.
1 . No. i,-.i,iui, mcoua sixty nays from
date Ueieoi, lo applj to tue Min.ng
necoiaer .01 a GeitiUcato ol 1111-
pioteuunuj, ior tue purpose of uu-
ta.naig u Crown Grant oi the uno.e
• lad   further  tuke  notice   that       action, under section *.., must he commenced   before  the  Issuance  ol    such
1 .a mn me 01 Improvements.
Datetl iviuih day ol .March, 1311,
O. ll.  .*■*,.  W1LIUE, IJ.t. L.S.
Trout Luke, li. C.
itevelstoke  Land  District.
District 01   hi ,1  .,, ...may.
'iai.e  nolice   tuut   basil    it.     Hcyit
outs, ,„  uevi, ioi,,*, i,. u.,     oecupa-
""*' ' " n U' to upply for permission  10  ini.iu.ise    the     louow.ng
*.*   Cl ....*,1   lands.
toiiiiiii.ii, ,u , „t a post planted at
ti"' .".inii west coin 1 .., i,,,t ,*,,*,,
Liieiue eusi 811 chains, tuence Boutu
" chains 1.. tue north east coiner
'" Lot, .* .., thouce along line 01
ouid Lot iu chaius, wisl iu chains
soutn nn.l au cuuina west to line 01
Lot -11., theuce along ime oi saui
Lot ,„ 111,on*, nud 211 Liin.ns „est to
tue 11,11,11 ivest coiner, theu.ie auout
•j 1 hai.is Uoith  io piaee 01 eouumuee-
Dated  .Mai Hi   1st, UU.
UAoiL R,  1,1*. iNOLDS,
Agent  Johu  Wuhw.
Rovelstoke Laud District
District ul   Viest isuoieauy.
Ta.vc notice that 1, Mary Selkirk,
01 vuncouiui, occupation, married
"..in. a, luiend., 10 applj lor per-
uussiou to purchuse the loilow.ug
  1 UieU laudo.
Commenuiug at a post planted ui
the .N. ii. Corner 01 Lol onu G.I.,
•md marked M. B.'s B. e.. Uorner,
th.uce 11 .un BU Chains, thenee weot
ui 11.a.n , tbence south -w chaius,
theuee east 2D cbuiiib, Ihence south
iu . chu.us, lluuee east .iu chains
to point oi commencement, containing iM) acres.
Duted  January nth,   lun.
.MAln  BhlLKlRK,
I'er u. 1'.  buiiih. Agent.
Uevelstoke Land District.
n. ui ut 01  West Kootenuy.
Tunc  aotlce  lh,11.  Hi.:  1 anndiiui i-n
nne Railway Company tuicuUiT to
.'i'1'iy on permission to leasu the
loaowtng .11 oribod muds:
1 iiiiiiiii neiii,; at a post plunted oil
in.* .shore line 01 Upper Allow Lake;
iai.I post bearing South 41 degrees
"ii'i  a distance ol 224 leet Irom the
douth blast r „i Block u ol tho
registered to«u sue 01 Nakusp, m
Lot 2Ji (i. 1 Arrowhead, and district,  thence  Westerly    along     said
ii*.i.'   ..n,*  a  distance  ol  8KM  leet  to
a po,in., ..uni point bearing .south *n
degrees, West a distance 01 -W leet
iioiu thc 1-lcud block oi .-,,,uth leg
oi .Nukusp Wye, llicuee south Into the
Hums ol Upper Arrow Lake a distal..•■ oi (iiui leet, thence Easterly and
Parallel  to  the  Slioie  liuu  of      Bald
laki 11 distance ol 9S50 leet,     thenoe
.North a distance of SUU feet to ti no
poiut oi commencement, conta ning
iu.s acrei mon 01 Leasl
I'aii.1 February Sth,  1:111,
ih.* Canadian i'acilic Hallway Com-
t;ill>* I'' i'i tc Uatoman, Looal
ll. lit oi  Uny  n i*l  1..n i* Ateul, Vau/
Watch   window   for    Big
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. flume & Co.. limited
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
House  Furnishing Department
Hew Hugs
We have just taken in stock,
direct from England, a choice
lot of Tapestry and Velvet,
dainty colors, newest designs;
also hall and stair carpets in
greens, reds and fawns.
Linoleum, Oilcloth
Our stock of Spring Linoleum
antl Floor Oilcloth is complete,
with a choice range of patterns
suitable for any room in the
house; 3, 6, 9, and 12 feet wide,
all heavy Scotch goods.
Matting, and Hemp
A choice lot of new Japanese
Matting in yard goods or squares
Cocoa Matting and Mats.
Hemp Stair Carpet and Web
Corrugated Rubber Matting
and Nairn's Linrubber for stair
treads and landings.
Wall Paper
You will be interested in our
Wall Paper department.
We are showing the largest
assortment of new up-to-date
wall paper ever shown in Revelstoke. Do not buy wall paper
until you have seen our samples.
Good dependable Hall and Dining Room Papers in greens, tans
and browns. Choice bedroom
papers in newest designs in
greens, blues, French greys,
yellows and creams.
Our parlor papers include the
choicest of Parlor Silk Wall Papers, best heavy stock, colors
green, cream, blue, and yellow.
Don't fail to see the above
lines if interested in Wall Papers
this spring.
Wall Covering
For Kitchens and Bath Rooms,
in fact every room in the house
can be finished with this durable
material, permanent colors, can
be washed off.
Canned Fruits at Special Prices
On Thursday and Friday only we offer
a special discount sale on canned fruits
at the following prices:
Strawberries, 21b. cans, 6 for $1
Pears      - 6for$l
Greengage Plums "        7 for $1
Red Lombard "     *'        7 for $1
All new  eastern  fruits,   in sanitary cans.
Have you tried our new Mocha
and Java Coffee? We are being
congratulated every dav by all
who have tried it, because superior merit and better value are
bound to win. Mocha and Java
freshly ground is the coffee with
that exquisite aroma and flavor
which appeals to your taste. It
is the best that money can buy
and retails at 50c. per lb. We
have a full stock of all other
cofTees, 45c, 40c, and 31b for $1
Milk and Cream
This season of the year, if you
find you cannot get enough milk
for your daily wants, try our
Jersey Cream or our Reindeer
Milk. The finest substitutes for
fresh cow's milk. Their purity
is unequalled and they are canned from the richest country
milk.    Don't forgot the brands—
Reindeer Milk and Jersey Cream
Boss Hand Cleaner
You want an article in this line
that you can depend on. The
public, so cute and discerning,
say there is no preparation like
Boss for the effective chasing
from the hands of dirt, grease,
paint and tar, or anything else
that sticks to your skin. Once
you use it you will not be without it in your homes.
Crockery and China
Have you looked over our
stock of Water Glasses, Wine
Glasses, Toilet Sets, Tea Pots,
Water Jugs in glass and china;
Glass Vases, fancy Tea Sets,
Jardinieres, Dinner Sets, Japanese Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers,
('reams, and Sugars, Bread and
Butter Plates, Fancy Plates, and
Fancy Cut Glass, new shipments
arriving every month from the
best eastern manufactures.
The Hed Cross Shoe
for Women
has no superior. Made with a
medium weight pliable sole,
black vici-kid with patent tip,
Both Oxfords and bals in blucher cut.    Prices $3.50 and $4 pr.
Ladies Spring Suits
If you haven't looked over our Ladies'
Suits for Spring 1911, you have missed a
treat, but there is rtill time to repair the
damage.   Come and see them*
Ladies Spring Coats
They are fine. The most admired are
the natural Pongee and Tussore coats.
They are elaborately trimmed this season,
and with the nice full length they make a
stylish and becoming garment.
$15 to $25
Hew and Hatty
A natty three-button sack, with soft roll
lapels, showing two buttons buttoned.
Distinctly young mannish and absolutely
correct. Tailored by experts, perfect fitting and styled smartly throughout. One
of the very newest 20th Century Brand
models. We have a dozen other styles for
you to choose from. Ready or tailored to
your special measure.
Prices $23 and $25
April Sale of Household Linens
During this month the thrifty housewife
usually restocks her linen chests. At this
opportune time we are offering special prices
on some of these most neededflines.
Pillow Slips
Hemstitched, 42 to 46 inches
wide, pure white cambric, felled
Each  25c.
Pillow Cotton
40 to 48 inch English circular
pillow cotton, pure finish, (no
starch) fine even round thread at
25c. per yard
Bolton Sheeting
72-inch unbleached heavy twill
(no dressing) soft finish, splendid wearing goods at
35c. per yard
English Cambric
36-inch, pure bleached, fine
beetle finish, ready for the
needle at
I5c. a yard
Turkish  Towels
fine large size, absolutely no
dressing, washed ready for use,
pure white at
Each  25c.
Extra Large Towels
White Turkish, tufted border,
full size, no dressing, washed
ready for use at
Twilled Sheeting
72-inch twilled sheeting, pure
white Bolton finish, standard
goods. At the price that cottons
are selling today this is a snap at
40c. per yard
Cambric Sheeting
72-inch English Cambric sheeting plain, no dressing in this-
For really fine sheets this is unexcelled, pure bleach at
35c. per yard
Bed Covers
Aeroplane bed cover or counterpane, very large size, light
weight, easy.' washing, pure
white, at
English Oak Quilts
or Counterpanes. During April
we are offering these at special
prices. You can buy one just
now at
Curtain Muslins
45-inch, in colors, a lovely lot
fresh and dainty, very popular
this year at per yard
IO, 12 1-2, and 15c.
Boot and Shoe Department
The best line of shoes this town ever saw, but not a pair too
good for any person who lives in a good town like this. We
have no hesitation in saying that our stock of shoes is the
largest and best assorted in the interior. Before you go elsewhere give us an opportunity of showing you what we have.
The famous J. & T, Bell shoe
for women-either in Oxfords or in
bals. Our assortment is large and
up-to-date, and we feel confident
that we can give you exactly what
you are looking for in either blacks
or tans.   Prices
$3.50 and $4.50 a pair
The instructor Shoe
An ideal Child's shoe, made on lasts
which are exactly the shape of a child's
foot, broad toes whieh do not cramp the
foot but give it a chance to develop naturally. These shoes are made from the
hinhest grade of vici-kid, box-calf, and
tan calf, and will insure to the wearer
both comfort and service.   Prices
$1.75 to $3 a pair
At this season of the year you want shoe polish. We have a
line that will interest you, and to get you interested we areputtimr
it on the bargain table at a price.-A jet black liquid polish will
not injure any leather, and is particularly good for ladies' and
children s fine shoes, standard size bottle, regular 25 cents—
This Week Only 15c, or Two Bottles for 25c. THE   MAIL-HERALD,    BEYELSTOKE
In this .season's distinctive designs.
Lingerie, at 90c.   each.     Pretty   patterns attractive styles.
Colored House Waists in good  washing Prints at 75c. eaeh.
AH-wcol Panamas in all shades.
Pretty wash fabrics that every woman
Womens' Black Cashmere Hose -4
pairs for $1. Womens' Black Cotton
hose—5 pairs for $1.
This section was never better assorted
than at present—all the best patterns
and prices low.
Guaranteed fast colors, at 1 j 'l.c pr. yd
Eagle Shoe Co.'s Boots—best value
in tlie market; Doctor's ^Antiseptic
Shoes, every pair guaranteed waterproof.
This department is kept up-to-date
with a picked assortment of the latest
creations of Pattern Hats.
At Reid Sr Young's Store
The Jnte is ihe I8tb of April     tor
thc Ladies' Auxiliary t,. IS. of II. T.I
At  Home.
Mr. J. P. Korilc* is taking Mr. W. '
Vi. Foster's house ou his departure
for Victoria.
Mrs. J. J. Woodland was taken to
the hospital last night suffering Irom
Remember—Methodist Choir (J011-
ccrt—G0od Friday night in thc Methodist church.     Admission 50c.
Hear  Prof. DeQeorge,  the     Italian
harpi*-t,  in one ol his own composi -!
tions at the Bdluon thentrc tonight. :
The     R.M.R.    will hold a practice
shoot tomorrow morning. Thoso     re j
quiring guns and ammunition       can
secure same at the drill hall tonight. I
Un  -Sunday  afternoon  next at 3:45,1
tbe  International  Railroad   Secretary |
J. M, Dudley, will address the Men's:
meeting  at  the  Y.M.C.A.     All  men
Cordially invited.
The Imperial Balik of Canada has
declared a dividend at the rate of 1-
pcr cent, per annum for the uuarter
ending oOth April, 19H, payable OD
the 1st May next.
On Wednesday, April !9th, the
Jessie .MrLachlaii Concert Co. will
be here at the Bdison theatre for
oue night only. Miss Mcl.nchlan will
I* accompanied by Craighill Sherry,
the popular Scottish humorist.
At a meeting of the Dairymen's as-,
sociatiou on Thursday night at the
residence of Thos. Lewis, a resolutu. 1
was passed that the price of milk bo
nine quarts Ior the dollar instead ul
fight, alter May 1st. aud that all
milk would te.-it three per cent, butter fat.     (Bigd.) H. Smythe.
Everything Is now getting In preparation for th.- 'i M.C.A. banquet 1 >
be held Tuesdaj evening next. 'lhe
orcbe-tra will play at 7:30. ' t
your ticket.- at once. A neatly prin
ted card has been arranged .Toast H
i.n one side and meuu on thc other
The mill ut Taft. B. C, which is
1 ■ of half a dosen now control
ty the Di m Dion Sawmills & I.
Limit.-'., ■ •' RevelBtoke, has been
1 .mpletely overha ■'*• * an 1 partly
it by a large force of milrlghts,
started     lawlng ■. -'  of      thi-.
mouth. The p. * 1 en i will be amide foi all demands, having been
increased by about HM horse power.
—Western Lumberman.
Reed's harp orchestra,  which     !im<
end d  u '
toke cititen    thii   pa •
v*<-       —a,-1    ,  the BSdlaon Uie-
ai   ■ m -oa. ■     •*»  .it. I wll
inl  :i.rr  ..n  th    ' • nam     tor       to
1,,.   m **       picture
^r»u.  nil I ' tan tte '■*.
. >.      two    '•!'■■■ I) I, a drama,
and as  1   11 atlona ■■"■ depii ting
tbe salt Industry in  Hyeret      Uncle
T'*m's Ca • K      weak
,« fi Id ij    1 ■■•in., a th 1   da
Movin ■ I    1 ires tonight.
We have just rece'veel a sliipmeiit »>f Wliite Clover Honev put up in
five Hi. cans, wliicb wc will guarantee to be absolutely Pure Honey,
and as ti:is is the season fnr honey we would advise you to try thia if
voa wish to get tbe genuine article.
The name "Wagstafle speaks for itself in regard to quality. We have
a full assortment of ihis Pure Jain including Strawberry, Raspberry,
Teach. I'luiu, Black Currant and Apricot.
A.  HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
Mrs. Sutherland is visiting this
week in Chase.
Miss Nora Hayden, of Kamloops, is
Visiting Mrs. Hamilton.
Mrs. 1). M, Kae will not receive on
Wednesday next, April 12th.
Mrs. F. W. Laing will not receive
Wednesday  nor again  tbis season.
This week the Bridge Club met at
the home of Mrs. Holten, Miss Gillan
winning the prize.
Mrs. J. B. Taylor will receive on
Wednesday next April ISth for the
last time before returning to England.
Mrs. J.K. Taylor was a bridge hostess on Thursday afternoon, entertaining at four tables. The prizes
being won by Mrs. Gibson and Mrs.
Last night Mrs. MeCarter gave a
very delightful young people's party.
After an enjoyable game of "SOU",
dancing was Indulged in. Thc prize
winners were Mi.-,s Robinson, Mr.
Oronj 11 and Mr. Moore.
McLennan's new store was on
Thursday evening the fendevouz ot nil
the devotees of Dame Fashion, it being thc occasion of the Easter opening ol this emporium of fashion. Thc
bright clean interior, -decorated as it
was with the latest creations in woman's wear and enlivened by thc
strains ol music Irom Heed's harp
orchestra, was visited between tlie
hours of seven a"d ten-thirty p. 111.
by hundreds of fashionably dressed
women with a fair sprinkling of thc
sterner sex. Incidentally the store's
enterprise resulted in a material
swelling of the linn's receipts for the
Is one of the most import,
ant items in your business
will look after this branch   of
the business for you.
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Moving pictures toniirlit at the
Bdison theatre,
Don't lorget the "At Horn.'' Lad
ies. Auxiliary to 11. "f R, T.. Tapping's  n|>era   house.   April   tStb.
Prof.   Frank  DeGeorgc,  the  Italian
harpist,   will   play  a titled   I.a
Bella Waltz after the lirsl   reel  »•   I   •
RJdlson theatre   "night.
Bit Edward Tennant   ,-
.nti'iii investing a great •'■<':,    I Ei
lish capital In British Col 11
at  the     Revelsti   *
week ..a tl *
1 in Wednesday evening n ixt       the
Uev. lsi.iKi*  1 ionserv at ve    \ * ■
will banquet   Mi    W. W. Fost
■ ly  leaving        tb<       ial
the nui'...' Bit-ward .
will   commence
and   '   ■ 	
ain-e   will     ■ Mr       K
who is U..*' is   VICtoTis
appointment    1        • •
01   Mor lay a '       ■  '
Wards the ■ ■■ ■■
Foi    •■'■■ ■ al   n
• * 1. ■ • ■
Ing   I   ■   *
f hi
bouse *.n  ;*
g jemi nl   .,
plete     and  the sntin
will ik> published
mei.'   the   .■ •■ ndance **'  *■ i
il in . ili snd everj u of ae thsl li
n iii'* * ity      A ten  of      th*
Included are two navj choruses
by thirty children, on** of which "Tin*
Sailor Boy" was given at a concert
..11     November 18th Inst, an l pi
mei it that     a
repition has been cm
plied    with.     The     ,.ther     "Sa
Gailj t of a duet
. ■ ence Lyons
anl lu
tie Wives"     wl
- ' I    Hilda  Ti m
'   ■
Wednesday of Each Week will be
Regular Practice Day
An executive meeting ol the Uevelstoke Gun Club was held at the Itevelstoke Club on April 7th, President
Barber in the chair. There were
present Messrs. Mulhollaiid, Devine,
Sutherland, Sturdy, Munro, und
It wae decided that Wednesday of
each week Ite regular practice dav and
that shooting commence at 4.31), except the tirst week when the shoot
will be hftd on Cood Fridny at lour
o'clock. This will be the tirst button
shoot of the season.
The secretary was instructed to sef
cure a boy for the senson to do the
The price of targets will be one
and on ■ half cents the same ns last
It w,.,s derided that the membership
fee be $5, that the club be divided
into two classes A nn.l It. all I thnt
appropriate buttons will be secured,
also that the Bhooting season start
,.n Good Friday and end the last
lay In August.
The button awards will be decided
by tb.* highest  aggregate of the best
ten  BhoOtE    luring  the  season.
11 was moved by Sturdy, seconded
■*'• Devin   .. ..I Carried,      that      the
elub   purchase   their   targets      direct,
■kg dub rates.
•  tw.nty member!  have       ex
ill   desire to shoot,       and i
hould l>e the banner year in the
club'*- history,
The big annual shoot  will likely be
belt some i.tne m July, when Bhootl
■ *   '.1 ..111 ail  over        tbe
The president, Mr Barber,
■ivi ed to put up a handsome medal t,, be competed    for  at
Popular Young Revelstoke Lady Becomes Bride of Portland Man
A quiet, but very pretty wedding
was solemnized at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Cl. Lund, on Monday, April
3rd, when their daughter, Alice, was
united in marriage t0 F. W. Wagner,
of Portland, Oregon. The bride was
attired in a gowu of Ivory satin,
beautifully embroidered and trim-
miil with a deep fringe with gold embroidery on chiffon. Her hair wus
dressed witli pearls and she carried
a large boquet of cream roses.
Ruby Lund, sister of lhc bride, acted as bridesmaid, and wore a dress
of white taffeta silk trimmed with
all over lace and pearl trimmings,
and carried a bound of pink enrna -
tions. Mr. J. K. I'helaii, of Edmonton, wus grooms mnn. The
bride's neice, Hilda Anderson. of
Goldon, acted a-* Bower girl, and
looked lovely in a dress of pi»k
silk. She carried a boiuel of Illy
of-the- valley.
Tne bride's sister Teresa. played
Mendelsohn's wedding march, and
looked charming in a dress ot
champagne  silk   over   pink  satin.
Mrs. I.uud, mother of the bride,
wns dressed in a rose crepe dc ebeiie
The ceremony took place under an
arch of cream silk chiffon an.l flowers
the table decorations being beautifully carried out in pink and white.
Quite a number of friends were present, among the guests being the
bride's sister Mrs. Anderson nnd hor|
daughter from Golden. After the'
ceremony a dainty luncheon was
The groom's gift to thc bride was
a magnlBcient soltalre diamond ring,
to the bridesmaid, a massive hand
carved gold bracelet, to the Bower
girl a beautiful signet ring, to the
groomsman a gold tie pin. The young
couple received a large number of
beautiful  and  useful  presents.
Mr. and Mrs. Wagner left on No.
','T for Idaho nnd California, and on
their return will reside in Portland,
Oregon. The bride's travelling dress
was of cream broad cloth, and her
hat a tusraii straw with a large blue
willow  plume.
Uev. J, Vi. StevenBon officiated nnd
the bride was "ivrn uway by her
The regular services will be held In
the Presbyterian church next Sunday
At II a.m. the subject will be "Stirring the Nest," and nt 7:3*0* p, m.,
"Helpfulness of True Manhood." The
pastor Kev. J. W. Stevenson. Will
preach at both services. Sunday
school will meet nt 2:30 p.m. Last
Sunday's attendance at s.s. establish
ed a new record. All children not
connected with am other s.h. will be
nia.le welcome. Strangers and visitors are cordially invited to attend
all services.
The pastor's subject for Sun.lay
morning will be "God's Great ilift,"
in the evening it will be, "Getting
what is Coming to Vou." In the
evening there will he special music
directed by Mr. R. II. Sawyer. A
cordial invitation to all.
Methodist church services, Kev.   ft
.1. Mclntyre, pastor.       Sunday nl 11
a.m.   7:.'l:>  p.m,   subject,   "The   Dying
Thief"; 2:30 p.m., Sunday Bchooland,
Bible class;  Monday at 8 p.m.,     so.)
rial   evening  of  the  l.engue,   at      the,
home of Mrs.  Illn.kberg;      Wednesday j
at    >   p.m.,   player      meeting,  subjett,
"Paul  preparing for 2nd Missionary
Journey."     Friday    at 8:1.1 p.m.,
choir concert,    A hearty Invitation
iH extended to the public to come to
these  services.
as Wh
v m ci     t east
been tan.d
'    II   \ I'.I.'! I
V.I .'
■ ■
•    legate     M'l.H'blnn Convert
,   ■      00 th 'u'i.'
"i   La idei    -'• '"ft I.      Con
«•   ' '"   ■
,,11    Con
KOTO   '
The Public aro notified thai
all h '<-.t< yards nnd lanes must
bo cleaned up within thirty
days f-orn this da«o
Ni:\T   IH MK   HI "' K
I      IM   MK
McConkey's Chocolate
A frol 1  of RUtereweeta
, , ',;;,. ! Hi .m.i-'M. boxes.
Bra-din wel assorted nui
Lowipy's Nut  Bar   5n!s.
Our Bargain Table
M        nnd   HI, (1   Books,    \
< It'll f     books    He
will recommend at
75c. Each.      3 for $2.00
Perfumes! Perfumes!
We   li.i   -    ■
(..I  Hester.    Aim
Hie l.i'iirr known   odoi     il
moderate prii 1 Hi I •
mtl 11. .* powitei    1 large anil
well sei 01
RIOAL   lir,II  T
• 1 10 nt.
»? 10 or.
Rupture! Rupture!
TRUSSES*       Wl    ll
■   room  hit
I rn    •
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Business Locals
Lowncy's fresh chocolates ut    Mt
1. uai.p., drug Htrji-o.
Mclntyre    Is oflei Inu a   Una   Ireah
1  joi di 11 mnl Hi,wer loads, try
t lum
Moth bags, 1 ampboi and moth hulls
tl      •';,. .1*   Uald'H   drUg   Mtl II IV
1 mii n     1*1 , Shallots garden    and
.*.*.1 , ,,11 \,,i iei lea of      new
aeads nt Bourne Hum
1   card        i*i. 11 \   new designs
lul    191 I   al   Min  loiiald's  drug  stole
...*.i    |ii. ICI l| 11..11     Iii      Mae
Ii 1..oi      < .,111.1 di ug   nii.ri', purest
11,<   .      ii*      ..lily   lined.
tacklo, baseball, lai'""'"■■
*   1     porting  good  .        we  sre
opi ning   lip n   lm i'i'  **t..i k   1 Iiih  week—
Bo mi'' Broi
Wash Blouses
Almost every Jay adds to our supply of Wash
Waists, and we are now showing a splendid
assortment suitable for all kinds of wear. The
short sleeve in the kimona style is one of the most
popular, hut we have them in many oilier styles,
beautifully trimmed wiih insertions and embroideries, as well as the plain tailored, with stiff collars
and cuffs.     The   prices range from 90c.  to $4.50
Colored Waists in prints, chamhray and percales, in light and dark colors, good washing materials and well made, from 75c. to $1.25 eaeh.
Silk Blouses in cream, pongee and black, the
celebrated St. Margaret's make. We never have
shown a belter titling or more serviceable garment.
Let us show them lo you,
We can give you splendid values in these
garments. In some cases ihe price is liule more
than lhe material would cost you. You will find
them well made and good fitting. They eome in
ginghams, percales and prints and the cheapest
one (a good gingham) sells at $i.0o.
1.00k in our north window and you will see
some grand values in prints and ginghams. These
are the best grade of Knglish prims and Kingcot
ginghams, and we can guarantee every one of
them to keep their color when washed. You will
pay 15c. or more at oilier stores for them. Your
choice here for 12 '..c.
How About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just ariived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Retorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
hews1 nnuc; store
I \ I     III   Ml      Mill'  I.
,*i.. 1. timi ..11 and
aiiei Mav 1st noit, nnd until further
*i,..i mil wil rtiiik
tickets at the   iute ot   1,me quarts
[of a ''"Uni
\ .1 I'AIU.HliS.
I * .' * LH      Ioi   'tnl       plei'l's      ill
furniture, cook itotrc.  heater. Ap-
pi> 11  Thorpe, Connaught avenue.
Smart New Suits for Boys
Our stock of Boys' Suits is complete and
made dp of a well assorted line.   Mothers
will liml numerous styles and patterns for
iill ages, from 2 to 17 years, the largest
size worn in short pants. They show the
latest cut and fit, und our prices are the
lowest possible for the quality. The besl
sellers are double-breasted with Bloomer
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
■ The Style Shop for Men and Hoys Who Know I
Kim    HALM   Foul    Logging H	
ran Pe Been nny day nt  UHgM  Mll«
Doni.1, 1 it -re Hgmucl Hunter, city.
BE-SPONSIBLH party ilenlrea to rent.
one year, IO aere place with hoiwe,
witIn 11 two mllea Irom town, Hiilt-
aiiir iiii chtikona, boea,   gardening.
I'lirehaw Inter II wiliHlartiiry.—
Ter ma, A. II. llevuii, Kargo,
North Dakota.


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