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The Mail Herald Aug 20, 1910

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $C0.
.Interior Publishing Co., Agts.
froTincial library
;.    '     -*.-.
Visiting Cards
In'criorPunlishing Company
*   i'i:i.NTi:i:s AND PUBLISHERS
Vol. 16 -No. 65
$2.50 Per Year
What Can 25 Cents Buy ?
Well Here Are a Few Things
That We Are Selling
For That Price
A Safety Razor, Shaving Cream,
Shaving Brush, Nail Hammer, Plane,
Screw Driver, Hatchet, Pocket Knives
Butcher Knives, Bread Knives, Preserve Kettles, Enamelled Saucepans, Pudding Pans, Wash Basins,
Trays, Sink Strainers, Cash Boxes,
Lunch Boxes, Spirit Stoves and Kettle, Wire Dish Covers, Mirrors,
Fancy Vases, Nut Cracks, Knife
Sharpeners, a great variety of Padlocks.
Something You Need
Every Day
See Our Big Window
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Office- Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized -      •     $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed -          5.575,000.00
Capital Paid Up -      ■      5,330,000.00
Reserve        -      - ,   -       '       5,530,000.00
Branches nr Agent* at all principal points in'l'iiinul-i.
Agents in Greal Britain and United States-London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, OornBx-
change National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, San Fran-
cisco-Wells Pargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane-Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
When you appreciate being able tn buy
where you know they are kept cool and
at the right temperature- Our meats are
shipped in twice a week in Refrigerator
Cars and our Cold Storage Plant enables
us to turn them over in Prime Condition.
P.    BURNS   &   CO.
Will Send Delegates to Nelson re
Improvement Columbia River
A ppcci.il meeting "1 the Board of
Trade was held In the City Hull on
Thursday afternoon, there being
present W. II Pratt, president; B B,
Atkinp, tecretary; and Messrs. A. li.
Allen, VV. M. Lawrenoe, K. Howson,
O. B. Hume, A.. B. MoCleneghan, A.
.1. Mi-limell mul li. II. Nagle.
The ol'j cl nl the uieetlDg wua to
di-HciiHs Iiii! advisability ol making an
effort to In ing a parly nl wealthy
English ciipiuilists down the Big llend
fr..in Tete Jamie Caobe to Revelstoke
These capitalists are making a ti ur ol
the province, seeking opportunities lor
Investment, und in company with
Hon. Premier MoBride ure n aking a
trip to Fort Ocoige, thence eastward
to Tete Jaune Cache and through the
Yellowbead l'.n-s to Edmonton. The
parly includes Lord Duiuore, Lord
Hiiullip, Mr. Norton GiiflUhs, M.I'.,
and Mr. Harry llriltain, a stockholder
iu vat ions illustrated periodicals. The
ni'-mlicrs have considerable means and
intend to carefully study the situation
Already s/nie 140,1.00 acres of land
havo been acquired in the prairie
provinces and ten or 12,0.10 acres of
Iruir lauds in the Okanagan.
It was the opinion of the meeting
that an effort should be made to
induce the party to come down
through ihe Big Bend to Revelstoke,
incidentally pointing out* tbe timb-jr,
mineral mid agricultural resources of
the district.
As was pointed out (he agitaton
here for years had been along this
line to get lhe Big Bend opened up,
and in any ciii-e the \ery tact ol brii-g-
ing the parly down this unite to
Revelstoke would be a splendid advertisement (or the di-.trict.
It wua linally diciilid In send tbc
following wire to Premier MoBride:—
To thk Hon. Richaud McRride :
Rj   your   reported trip   with  Mr.
Griffiths and [•any lo Fort George and
|*Tcte   Jaune   Cache   the    Revel-it ke
Board 11 Trade venture the Buggesti n
that the trip he extended   Irom  Tote
! Jaune  Cache  down   tbe   Capoe and
Columbia Rivers to Revelstoke.    This
', would enable the  party to  view  the
thinissnils nl acres  id  arable   land in
the Mcl.enian and  Canoe  river  val
1 l.'yu anil the great timber aud mini ral
resources   ol   the   Big   Bend.    Your
I party could make this trip  ly  wi.ler
'or trail, preferably by water   in   three
days.    If you approve  if the BUgges-'
tion, arrangements oould be made, il
i you   will   instruct   ibe Governmenl
Ajent here, with the local Navigati in
Company to provide canoes at hea 1 of
Canoe River, l'i inilet Irom Tele Jaune
\ Cache   and   steamer    transportation
Irom La Porte.    Wire reply.
Sic. Boahd oi* Trade.
Revelstoke, B. C , Aug. 18, 1910.
Bhould thisc gentlemen decide to
make this trip the hoaid will <.cnd two
guides   to   meet them at Tete Jaune
j Cache, and the trip can be made ei her
' by water or ou horseback.
The secretary drew the attention ol
the meeting to another matter of im
portance by reading a message Irom
: the secretary ol tbe Nelson Band ol
Trade, asking the lieu! board to fin!
a delegate to join lhe depul tion
which will wail on Sir Wilfrid Laurie/
at Nelson on Monday, Aug. 29th, to
urge that the Dominion government
make a grant (or the improvement ot
navigation facilities ol the Columbia
] river Irom Ru'-son to lhe boundary.
In li-wof the fact-tbat the improvement ol the Columbia river for navigation purposes bad been brought to
the attention ol tbe premier and his
party when here las! Monday, i
was decided t i take advantage ol the
opportunity to pl.ice more fully biifore
Sir Wilfrid tbe bcuitite to lie de
rived from the improvement oi the
Revelstoke eud. ol this water mute,
and a delegate will I e sent to N Ison
on tbe 20th Ior this purpose, »ith a
{Specially prepartd case.
The meeting then adjourned.
thus honored within the paai three
years, iiiiimly: Inspeotor Miller. Inspector Sullivan, and uow  Inspectors
Pollock and Mel.mum. Whil** Inspector Sullivan wiib not u resident ol
this cil) at the time ol bis appointment, yet he lived liera lur so mauj
yearn llut he has always been looked
on as a Revelstoke man.
MeFsrs. Pollock ami McLaurln will
be greatly missed, not only in lhe work
of the schools hut also as oitizeilB, and
while the oommuolty extends to ihem
their hearty congratulations on their
promotion, yet general regret is felt
tlmt it means their removal from our
B.C. Fruit Growers Forced to
Observe Regulations
" I iviwli to give due notice to the
fruit groWers ol British Columbia tl at
infected home-grown Lull will not be
permitted to be sold this yeai', said
Mr Tin a. Ciinn ingbaii', Fruit 1 ispec
o", in an interview to the Vanoouvir
" After ail the eduoation that* has
been given to lhe pei pie in jejuni to
tho importance of spraying, and all
the assistance that has been given to
fruit growers, it is unreasonable to
expect thai growers who neglect the
care of their trees will he permitted to
put infected fruit on the market lo
break down the price of fruit produced
by careful growers," continued Mr.
" The design ol tbis strict enforcement of the regulations is io force the
growers to adept up to date ml tboils,
increase their revenue nnd keep up
the splendid reptvation vbioh this
province has already obtained lor it;;
fruit, It is the intention ol lhe department to make sp-aying oompul-
Bory ub spun as the trees have bi come
dormant tbu tall.   There will  be no
i xcip i n to [lie liilo Fruit gr, A . e
land in tliiiinh Columbia has brci me
so valuable that it caii no longer bo
permitted to ba en"Uinbereil wiih diseased und inlected trees. We owe it
to ourselves to make the best possible
use of every acre of land in British
Columbia and we owe it to the i idun-
trious and enterprising grower t.>
protect him irom the careleasniss and
indifference ol his neighbors who may
neglect the proper care of their tit" ■*.
"Showing the necessity of the pro
tectiou which is accorded the fruit
growing industry ol British Columbia
1 wish lo state that no le.-s than til
shipments of American Iruit have b on
oondemued in Vancouver since July 1.
This shows it is up to mir own people
to put none but good Iruit ou llie
"There will be a very lair fruit crop
through'ut the province of British
Columbia this aeasuu. It is probable
tbat the eutire crop will be three
times as large as that of any year in
the history .,1 tbe province. It is ex-
peeled that 1000 carloads ol fruit will
be shipped on: nl the Okanagan Valhy
al ne. The report of conditions in the
Kootenay are exceedingly favorable.
Ou the lowei mainland the yield will
be better than   ihe  average, and tbe
an applies lo Vancouver Island.    Il
will be readily been, therefore, that on
the whole, compared with our frionds
in the East, British Columbia ii g i lij
favored ibis year. Where the orchards
have been caieftilly sprayed the fruit
bids fair to be of excellent quality, but
in orchards which have bien neglected
a gnat deal   el   liuit will be uniii for
Summer Goods
Mrs. A. <J. Crick
Revelstoke Honored.
Word was received here on Thursday of lhe appointment ol Principal
Pollock of the Public school and Principal McLaurln of the High sch ioi ti
be school inspectors for the province.
Mr. IVllock and Mr. McLaurln lefl
the same afternoon lor Victoria, ll ia
not known yet to what distiicls thev
have been app .itiled.
It Is a matter ol congratulation to
Revelstoke that tbe department ol eduoation should coine to  this  cily   Ior
it*. ln»pecti r-, tii*   I ling   praatlc illy
'lout Bevslituke uuu wlo bave been
Gold Fever at Hope
Thi discovery if ooppi r gold In the
mountains near Hope a few days ago
started a stampede out ol the liitle
own that l.idlairto imply the   plaCI
in lei'oid time Everyono who understood the regulation! governing tbe
-taking out of a mineral claim, and
many who did not, set out with u
prospector's out lil and enough grub to
la-t until the f ur posls had I een
pi nteil at the boundaries of the claim
wh i'h,   It   was   hoped,   would    In ing
111 llllll lo llll- lucl J I   I'llll T.
Tin-lirst lew claims staked out aie
tcported te be rich In a pp r ami gold
although the sin face has bi en merely
scratched at the outcropping*. A round
these e. aims the mountain 1 is tn en
picketed with other claims,  none ol
which, however, are al the presenl
time any more than "prospects "
Thia is the lirst gold excitement
that has troubled Hope sinci the
mining days ol IS5S when   tha city
wus a place ol e.oiiiiideriible importance
Hid tlie headquarters ol the argonauts.
Dickey's Corner Selected fis Site
tor Same
It is a relief lo tho people ol Revol-
siolie to know i ini i in* ijueBtion ol n
site for the prop bi d Dominion dov-
ernmont building ba al lasl been
definitely Betl li d, On Mondaj evening lust, alter the in perture ol the
I'n mi iV party lor Vancouvi r, tbe
oommittee, noting on the i tateincnl ol
tiie Hon. Geo, P, Gri ham nl the * pi ra
bouse, thai if he had ten mill *: Biarl
(mm R velstoko ho would be prepared
in iiinii' the site bi li oti >l for tbe new
building, wired him as follows*: "You
Iiave a good tin mill b atari non. where
is it going to be ?" A reply *.,.*.
ii oi Ivi d on Tl tirsday morning Ir nn
Victoria, a   loll iw
" My Inl irmati n is c title I* a ition,
have wired Br. Pugaley."
ll !  in o. P. Gn
By wi y ol' xpl ination, so thai tin
term "oentre location" may be better
mi'l* r-in ai, it* might bo Eaid tb I the
ommittee pointed out in Ihe h nor«
able gentlcm n thtee sit - wlrcii had
been discussed us suitabli li cati i s lor
the building. First—tho old Union
Hotel site opp silo the club. .Second—
W.J. Diokey'a property at the corner
of First .-tnet nml Boyle avenue
Third—The site opposite ihe Oity
Hotel, at the Corner of First street and
Government Road,
II n. Mr. Graham Inu 'wired the
decision to Dr. PugBley, Minister ol
Public Works at Ottawa, and it is
hoped lhat now ' be vi xnl qui stion ol
location bus been n tiled there will be
no further delay and that construe-
tion will he proceeded with as rapidly
as pos lible.
Short Boats to Kooleircy.
Viotoria, An •■ 1 i. —A  contruot  for
tbe i s ".-i-i "'i   i I *    Kin In Vail y railway     In 8    III 111     il'*.":     Cl      k '.li   llllll
Creek, on the wi-et lurk ol Kottlii ver,
a .li.-i.i* cr i I I .iiii v live mill i I been
awarded to Messrs 1, M lin ,v i *.
contractors of Vancouver and ieatile.
I'm • idi : i • ulii inly been ci i ipli I d
from M idwsy wesl lor t' n nub* . C i
struction work will bo started within
three weeks Mr. J. J. Warren f
Toronto, president ol tlii. raibv
puny, left lure for Midway,
Tbe bu Wing ni a twenty fi ■ m i
-eei i n ol i be same n ad From Mi ri I
south through Nicola Valley is now i i
progres-i Tbeoorapany has million v
to extend its line from a point - in li
of Merritt across the Hope mounts
to Ruby Creek, below Hope. At Ruby
Creek, slur bridging the Knur n\ .,
connection will be established rti li
tbe Canadian Pacific railway, whi se
trucks ii already oonoeots with t
Midway and Merritt, The dietai e
lii'iu Mbli-.ii) to Kui y Orei li i alu t
271 n ies. By means ol its connro.
turn- tbe Kettle Valley route v ill
afford is direct a line between the
Coast and Kootenays as tin V. V. *v
K  railway, a Uiil ioi*!.
World's Sculling Champion.
Livingston, Rhodesia, Aug Is—In
the jrc *i sou ling race li r the cl ai i
plonship ul tbe world, rowed on rii r
Zanil .iiti day, lit  li     I A* o-   i.l  N  «
Zealand defeated Ernest Hurr;. ol K  ;■
land, and li taint d I he title
Buried Beneath Tons of Rock.
Ili 01 iv.    B     0 .     Vi .*     I    -M m-
Bauer and D II iin in wi re r inni | a
machine ai the Bnow * mii     wh
wil Inini warning, a   I irgo qi   ntilj
rock  oavi -I in. cart) in|   t lu i u n *    :
inin'liiii! ry down tu I lie BlO| et bi IV.
Until b. dies wen- n c  vi nil in u fri**.   t-
fully mangled oondition, Both n eu
were experienced miners, Hi ■ n r u
a brother In Milwaukee, ami lla i ii,
Kiiilaiiilcr, leaves i « ile hi n .
The siiiiml   of  the  hamuli i    ol  the
builder will silence thu Iiiiiiiii
knocket any tini", aay-s th I Letl]bridge
Fell 18 feet Ott Bridge
Now   \S'i ii mil sti     B. C     I        III
llm1. il olghti en loot I    * hi   b
ol a gully and  parti)   buried   in
broken I nggy and a dyl i    I
Ba bis, municipal cli rk 11 Bm. . j
and Mrs. .1 lm \\ u le,  "I  Surrey,    n
Tm 1-day ci ing  suffi red  •■ vi ri    i
juries us a result ol a bub  S
may die anil   Mrs.   Wolfe   le   main I I
for llle.
Mis i\ dIIc and Mi    Saunders  <•
retiiining lo llu- VV Ilo ii ib nc Ol
North rn.nl fr mi th i cily on I ue
Mi  Sniii'i' i**i*i. \ijitor al
ranch during I
sing tin V .iln* lo idge   n i be ■> ale     t!
the cayuse bi c imi n itive and I *
the vi iiii-lo "V i i hi i •'..  ol : ii   bi
tile •  Ul '   o     '    'I "
I I ll foi I.   I In* LolSfl ii IS   I llll il iiiii!     .ii
buggy badly damaged
Kor some lime  tl"* nccuj   nts
iinconscioiis,   m rs,  Wolfe I" ing   i he
first   to   revive        Bhe   di."   *  i
Saunders    Iri m     under    tin     I,,
Imggy. iiiiiI   with   lie*   siil   ol ii -    k
made her way out of the ravioi . >-
dels lollOWing lll'l.     Tin li       moi:
possibility ol help re idling tin
inl mu towards \\ isi
the   in*. '. •   ro idi nei.   : bn *
sway,   In tbi i I ours  thej only c v
' !• il iibi.nl mill a    mile, both cUl'ii  ,   ^
iMiune pain,
Summer days awaken
enthusiasm in the Fisherman. If in looking over
your fishing equipment you
iiml the need of new arti-
ymi Bhould bear us in mind for we carry a very
plete assortment.
Hunters' and Campers' Supplies, Tents
Pack Straps, Camp Stoves, Axes, Hunting
Knives, Compasses, Rifles, Shotguns, Am-
munition, etc.
Bon ere Bros.
Soys' School Clothes Ready
Hundreds nf mothers Ilml Iheir new clothes
for Iheir boys one of the t'n -I necessities for
School opening, so we aro offering a snap in
II.'>-- Suit*. I**i* the nest week. Good values for S3, salami 1?7.    Now *H.00.
Boys' Stockings
We --liiill offer for the m-xt week several
dozen pair of line, serviceable stockings for
exceptionally low prices 35c. and 4*.
Now 25c.
Boys' School Shoes
Wo have ju.-t opened up adtceassortment of
ltu\s' .School Boots iiiiiI have some extra
nmnl values l'i om H'2 to $3.50.
McPjie Mercantile Co.
Is always to be found at this
market. We have a splendid
variety at all times.
Wesellthe choicest cuts of Lamb
Beef, Mutton, Veal and Pork.
Lovers of Fine Poultry will appreciate the sort we sell.
Revelstoke Meat Market. Ltd.
Under New Management
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
The    Greatesl    Health    Resort    on    the   Continent
Natural Hot Water in Baths
Open All  the  Year.   Natural  Hut  Water
liil Degrees of Heat
Rales from $12.00 to $15.00 Pep Week
Ice Cream * Soft Drinks
All Kinds Furnished during
the Summer Season
Cowie's Restaurant
OPEN   TILL   Mll»NIi;ilT •-'
SATURDAY, AUG. 20, 1    0
Jntertot publldbing Company,
Subscription   Rates
luclu Lii i ; o ■ l uli   ;  StoU b
.    LM
..   l.lKl
Hy the )>.Mr [thro igh poatoflloel.
Quartet "        " ■'
J jli    lin l tKQ promptly oxeouted at reaaon*
*. lerau
rSBMS  i Mh«   BubdonpUc .- payable lu ad
\ oui ■■■
Lega not!
■ Ul
Douncemcnu  ■;- ■    [»i   In ih  pi r  mouUi.
......      *..;-
:. ',.     t .il ■!    Do > *'i
I   .
j id vi
\. *.      .   *
\.,    ■    .. ,.    'i
i a      I.    ti .       V acai
'.■■..'■ *.      !
mg advorl i ■ tm       tnu
■..   ,<     . |  ; .iii)     01
m ob week   ■   ■        .       II , lay,
I  ..'■,-   U)   ICdl
... ,.!,>'  .nn*       Dl
...     i   publico
deuce of good futb,   Uorroupobdouoi
(.hould be bru-r.
iron, B.O,
Owing lo increase hv Bankhead Mines in the price oi con)
commencing September 1st, all customers wishing coal delivered
during tho month of August will receive it at ihe Bame price as
heretofore, Prices aftor September l*-t and until further notice
are as follows i
Broken   furnace| $10.25
E£g Coal       - S10 25
btove Coal       -      $10.25
Nut Coal       - $ 9.00
Briquettes $ 8.25
ki:m.   I--IAH*:,   i.iii:,   l-'IRE   ,\NI>  ACCIDENT  INSURANCE
Cranbrook, B, r,
-...*. y i
liEO. 5. V.   I All I Mi
\.  M     r.MillAM J. A.   H.lKVKV,
ii.l. 1AM I. limine
io\ or ;i period of fifty years, so
thai ii w il! in a considerable ex-
loiii lessen lhc already heavy
li irden on the ratepayers al this
time. There is little opposition,
if any, to the b> law and we expect tn see ii carried by a large
majoritj on Wednesday next.
A Jolt
a  licilor, etc.
8 1...   i for:—
.li. i axadlan Bank of Commerce,
Mom INS Hank,  l-.u.
I »UBEHT .-Ml Fu
l'i* i incial LiinJ Surveyoi
Milling Mil veym
Hi KENZIB Aveni    ,
BOX 106,  111 YI-.L-.TnKI
C.   W.   0   w.
Mountain   View Camp   No. 229
(Ma and Kuurlh Wi dnetdaya ii
Mch i Ikirk II.,...   Vmohi   Wood
men oordUli)  nvlt d to attend,
W   i .   E, Con. Com,
 JAS   M tNTYKJ    Clerk
Kootenay locikc   No. IS, A F. & A. M.
. alio uioet-
MisuSli      TEM-
:    llie lliiril
.        .1,       I'.U'I
M    B   0 in.
,re ceril  *  1   »el
J  T. PI LU ■  K, :•:
l HAS. J   AMAN. SB m.i na
■ •' *1  T! *.-
...*...    ■ ■■•*.. I .; Bel
kirk Bat at Bo'cloel
■^^ip ^^^.'ViailitiK brethren Hie
Co'it Range Lodge, K. of P.
Ho. 26, Revoletoke, B C.
M ..'.'• s»Y  «K1
I !
.1 ■   t .
"■  '
Nothing predicts more truly the
commercial decaj of a city than
pettj strife and lack of harmony
among its citizens. Harmony is
essential to progress, and this can
besl be instituted by means of a
well organized club. This organization should not be limited in
its membership to bankers, professional men and merchants, but
should include every person who
is interested in the welfare of the
community. The capitalist and
the laborer should meet as equals
nn this common ground, for they
arc both vitally interested in
those things which look to the
improvement of conditions in the
town in which thoy live.—Winnipeg Commercial
When speaking ol tl'.e exceedingly
Inini rtclionl examination  papers 1 lii -
yeur, one |>ri 1)- Ipal Ba il In 11 eonlieie .
" I'll Ilk to know what tn take up in
geography next year tn prepare my
pupils for tlie entrance examination "
The reply was sntnethiug like tlii*:
" .Mnke a Imt ol what you think uutlit
to he taken up ami what yon think
the student ought to know, and then
Bpend your time on umi "thing cIhc."
This thoroughly explains  the  fttti
tudo ol most nf the mns'ers regarding
the oharacter ot Iho geography papor
—Toronto Telegram.
Baseball An Ancient Game
Companion  \ct, Oanailtt,  ^rovluco nl
British  Columbia.
No.  111.  1 110,
I     1      IIKiil.HV     I'Kli III'' i     tlml   tllO
I "lflmptro Lumber Compuny" an Ex
ti*;i Provincial Company, .has this
day boon rogiston tl ... 0 Companj
under the "Companies Act" to oarrj
out oi' I'llVi't nil hi nny uf tile oil
j oi:, of the Company to which th
i '"Libitno authorlly ot thc Loglsla
t ui'c of British Columbia oxtemlB.
The lieml ollice of tho Company Is
situate ut Huron, In tlio County ol
Beadle, In the Hlnie ol South
The hoad ollice of tlie Company In
Huh Province is siliinti' nl Rovol
stoke, and George Smith McCai ti 1
Harris tor nl.-law, whoso address h
Itevelstoke, aforesaid, Is tho attorn
ey for the Company,
The amount of tin   capital of   tin
Company     is   Five    Million dollars
divided   Into   Fifty thousand
ul One hundred dollars each,
linio  of  the existence    ol    Uu
[uiiiy is twenty live yours Iron
tilth iluy of May, A.  !>.,  1910,
Thu Oompany Is limited.
GIVEN under my band and .Soul
ollice at Victoria, Provlncs ot
British Columbia, this Eighth day
oi July, one thousand nine hundred
nml ten.
Acting Registrar of  Joint-
Stock Companies.
The objects for whicli this company
has been established are:—
To act as tlmbermen,   saw     tnUl
HU U|    U-JlU.IJHllll',1    lull!    H.lol.M.lllo.W
and any of its branches; to buy and
sell all kinds of timber, Umber lands
lugs ami ltliiilinr; to buy, sell and
manufacture uli kiml
world, with power to secure rogls
trntion or licenso from nny govornmont in il" business in nny jurisdiction, as tho Board of Directors may
loom in he to the advantage of tho
corporation, lw   Iw.
Certificate uf Improvements
Surprise, Welch nnil Ailellnn (frnc-
liiimil) Mineral 1 laim, situate in the
l'i mil Lake Milling Division of West
Kootenay District,
Where located; On Surpilse Greek,
North lm-U of I.uniii liver,
TAKE NOTICK that I. 0. II. N.
Wilkle, actiiiK as agent I'm William
\. Foote, Kiio Miner's Certificate
.Nunii'i'i 11 1:11:111 and David Morgan,
h'.iM.c., Number B0-I90D, Intend, sixty
lays I10111 ilnio hereof, to applv to the
Million Recorder for a Oertiflcate of
Improvements, for thc purpose ol
ibtulnlng a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under Section 87, must lie commenced
110I111 o ilu* Issuance of such Certlllcnti
il I inpi-ni I'lliolils.
Dated iliis 2:tnl day uf June, A. D.,
11. B, N. Wii.uiK,
'I'm111 Lake, It. C.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund - -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of lhe World.
savi :gs   bank  department
At all Bi. italic*.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTGKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.     |
Now the question may lie iiski'il is
lia-i'lmll a modern panic. No, hasehall
is not n modern game and iliiles luck
to bible times. The good look ems
Eve stole first, Adam stole eeeoml,
Gain made a base hit when he kiilul
Abel, lieliceen t> ok the pitcher to the
well, David was a nit at di«iarce
thrower. Moses shut out. the Egyptians nt the Bed Si a nnd ihe prodigal
son made a home run.
Mrs. Hermann McKinney
Tc.iJicr of Voice, Piano and Organ
Pupils prepared for Toronto Conservator)
Local Exa mi nnl ions i
Studio:   Second Street
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly Collected and Delivered
ii   gage Transferred and General Draying
i urniture and Piano Moving a Specialty
Office   Corner Connaught Avenue and Second Street
Phone   276 REVELSTOKE,   B.C. Night Call 71
Till..   RHVI-.l.STiiKl.
Second Ibnd Store
Moving Pictures to-night.
I, y.       ■ ■'  Ci
Q. H   B8 !• -.   a     IB.*!
I .
«        Court
>4   ;   Mt. Begbie
ml 3461
Meets     .   I  ''. "   1". Hull   ni il   to
_ -   • ' .every sei nnd
'■; nth,
y     ivol-
l   HlKTK.
II     IV,   ';*:  MiAKH-
Zbc nDaiUIDcva^
Each gmto bar has
three gMes-long wear
When only one side of :i grate h;\r is
continually next lo the lire .-ill thc wear is
,  * .'i',i/,'i/ on that * me side.   The life of
thc grate bar i- thus naturally ju ;l
/ as  long as v lien  thc wear is dis-
i     ..-./    ;i i ides.
Thai explains whj Sunshine grates have litre, lives. F.ach
of thc four grate liars has three siih -     Kach time
an   "i ■ ickcil il  .I it"  (tm
next lo Iln litis the I
i.- great 1} |iroloi
When ih sired, the j
hull di >g teeth ' n '
will   seize  hold  of elm'
grind them up, and
particles intu the ash pan
Buy    the    Sitnshini
durable, ci m\ enieilt,
ical   fui ■:*   ■
l;i: i m     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1 :    '
'■''.'//////     • — y
^//lil\\\w    .   UI^l^^c
Ion, , -:'T'J
For Sale by Bourne Bros.. Revelstoke
«i ^T
iiuumiu^iMi.  „.. ...,,.... uf lumher and
wooil work; to maintain and operate
lumber     yunls mul  ileal  in nil    mcr-
dmiuliso  usiiiiUy  sulci  in  biicli ynrils;
to buy, sell, lease or mortgage     all
liiinls ol real estuti*;     to buy,    sell,
build,   equip,   operate  and  eniistruct
private railways,    highways,    minis,
ciuuila,     sluices,    Humes,  waterways
anil BtroamB, either belonging to the
Company or to others, tor tho Company's    use, ainl to accept charters
tor the operation  nl same,    ami    to
cbai'fic tolls for services rendered to
others in the     operation of     same;
either     to buy, sell,  build or     construct tugs,  steamships,  steam lines
anil sailing     vessels, and to operate
the same; to engage In any and   all
kinds ol manufacturing,    either      of
lumber or general  wood  work,    and
for that purpose to buy, own, build,
erect, construct and     operate     saw
mills and other wood working mills;
to engage in logging and thc towing
of logs either for itself or for others
to make, execute aud except any contracts,    lenses,  licenses,  concessions,
grants,    privileges,  or    charters,  to
ii.-n any of the foregoing or   any
contracts    relating to the foregoing
* ts, and t ' i ci ive and give     In
;i    i bonds     ur
of     this      or      nny
Ion,  or property      ol
any kind whal * " ■ er; t * own and op-
I  .  ;   11    tores for
and dealing      in
■ *;      to  own,  acquire and sell any kind ol    personal
mi.  aud vote shares of
ock, and that      of
and in '.uie any
* 1 by it; lu issue
ii, r evidences of
secure  the payment    ' by     ni.*i'
im rwise;
te," sel      leal  In
■   '   liapose of,
li il in appli-
.   rri m    and
• -
We Buy, Sill or UxchaiiRe
all Liinls ol Household
Bush Fire Permits
Settlers on Dominion l.ninls can get
peamlts at the Provincial Police office,
Uevelstoke, or any ol ibe Provincial l-'iie
Wardens, provide*! they comply win
Sections 5 and 6 ol Chapter 84, Busi.
fires Act.
J.    K.   Ml I.I.AN,
Divisional Warden,
MMiiifncturtrt for Bl. cih»sm ol  bnildiuci
forlsUt iu 1<IIT flfl  wnall Quantitlii
rntthftlo*    II  cm- for cash.
Clearing Sale of Boys' Suits
4 Pults, Size 22 $3 50 to $4 50 for $2 and $2.50
6 Suits, Size 23 4 00 to 4.75 for 2 and 2.50
4 Suits, Size 24 4 00 to 5.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 25 3 50 to 5.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 26 3 50 to 4.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 27   3.50 for    2
12 3-piece Suits, 27 to a, $5 and $0 for $2.^ & $3.50
MeKinnon & Outfierland
All kliuls 11.' I
,,• ,r*iilRS'i'rlns
Foote &|pradoiini.
E.   G.     U RRfDGE
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot   Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
Oonnauglt Ave.   -   Revelstoke
SATURDAY, AUG.   20, 1910
• I ,,  .     ,
1      placi al tl"
■ *      * A
' ',) 1
The  ri ■
'.' tiiis by-
lav I rati   ayers   havi
* "i;. and a 1
11 derstood   by tl
taxpi erally.   Practicalb
orporation thi n
been from year to year a deficil
.** 11
another, t  hi     reached 1
sun. nei essar;
cil  to  liquidate   in
some way, ai cl afu r a
ol though!  01   • 11   pai'  ":' the
may r am d incil and aftei di
cons   * ■  ■ ■ imb r
of thf leading rate] il wi a
decided to issue debei tures tc
Wood and Coal
For Sale
Life,   Accident and  Fire
■I   IHI-.
1 itv iiiiii Suburban Lots.
. ara upon np-
W. B. Robertson
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
AiToii^em«ait3 hnvo n-i_«itly been completed under which Ihe  branches
of this li. i.l aie Able to Issue i'i". on the principal points
In the following countries:
AunlrU-Hon-pLry     T~,:'lnnA
faro. InUn-is
no  dela"  ea ItSUtN*
IroUod Ruir.i*
Formosa Italy Servim
Ki ni* c Japan Siam
Fr'ch Cochin-Chin* Java South Africa
German/ Manctiuri* Straits Settle!
G.«M Ui 'J.im Mexico Sweden
Gretc* Norway Swit rrrland
Holland Persia Turkey
IrelanJ Phillipine Islands    Wesl Indies TO
Rouinania and elsewbera
Some People Aint Got  No Sense
Yours Soapily,
To Trappers
'law Furs Bought
Cash Pricos Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Putfi
You   Like  Music
Here is Your Opportunity I
Wlirr,    . *    1 i'l,'
fliei, lee lhal you
Fly Pad
latitat!  ire wn 1 n un latulai lory.
Allison's Phonographs and Records, Graphophones,
Accordions, Banjos, Guitars, Flutes, Piccolos,
Violins, Fittings of ul! kinds of finest, quality.
Sole Agents for the Noted
New Scale Williams' Pianos
All kinds  of Instruments  tuned and  repaired.
Work Guaranteed
A call ut the music store on McKenzie Avenue,
adjoining the City Hall, will convince you of the
quality of the k^'xIs.
J. Bingham, mgr.
t. -
Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Go. Ltd
SATURDAY AUG. '20 I'.ilo
Page 3
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue priceB, freight added, with
Winnipeg price
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
,1      i,      (,
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
Price delivered
" $9.60
" 14.40
" 13.00
" 14.00
" 5.20
" ■ 7.20
" 4.00
" 7.20
"    16.50
\\ ii make mir profit by shipping in car load lots, thereby saving freight rates, Bring
catalogue giving description of other goods not specified in this lii-'t tn mir store nml we
will prove mir statements.   Remember we deliver goods a ml set ti|i free from breakage,
R.   HOWSON  &  CO     -    REVELSTOKE, B. C.
1908 - Revelstoke Agricultural Society - 1910
Revelstoke, B. C.
SEPT. 6-7,1910
$3,000 In Prizes
Horse Racing. Band Music. Special Rates on CP.R.
Exhibits of Fruit, Vegetables. Poultry. Live Stock, Dairy Products,
Ladies' Work. etc.. specially welcomed. For Prize Lists. Entry
Forms, etc.. or any information regarding railway rates write
to the Secre'ary.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged anil Improved,     First-Class in every respect,    All moilern eonvenieneei
Large Sample Roo ub.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".   ALBERT     ST03STE3      PROP.
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
Corporation of the City of Revelstoke
Notice is hereby Riven that I shall sell at Public Auction on
Saturday the 3rd day of September, A.D..   1910, at the City Hall,
j Revelstoke,  B.  C,  at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the lands, or
! improvements, or real property, as described, for unpaid delinquent
j Municipal Taxes, special rates, interest, costs and expenses due
thereon, unless in the meantime, the arrears of Municipal taxes,
special rates,  interest, costs and expenses, as set forth in the
| Schedule hereunder, be sooner paid.
Dated at Revelstoke, this 30th day of July, A.D., 1910.
Collector for thc Corporation of thc City of Revelstoke.
Armstrong, Win. (20acres)
Ailnir. E. E.... (02acres)..
Bell, Miss A. ,M	
HiilliiKinili'. *..............
Heck, liv. 1)	
Barber, .1. (>uy	
Cimghlin, Mrs. H. B	
lot  , III.K,
Doll, L. H.
I) imoer, N.
Elson, .Mrs. W....
Fraser, D. r,( house.
Fleming, W. (house
Full on, James	
I'l'lt llll
Graham, Waltei.
Goh ing, A. G. ...
(.'maiuli, M. (shack, OPR Ml
(i.illick, Joe     •'        "
Hansen. A. 0. (i	
Hamilton, William
Hedstrom, (ins	
Henderson, P..
Ilopgooil, K. J. (house)
Johnson, August.	
Kernsghan, John
Lane, Hei tha   	
Menotte, M..
Mm ton, James
Miller, Mrs. Esthei
Menotte, ("It-m   ..      (house)
McCarty, R(houseat old mill
Nicol, W. T.
Pool, Wm, 15.
Poller. T. K. M.   .  '    .  '    .
Sumner, G. J.
Smith, Mrs. M. A.     .
Shardlow, Mrs. 1.. J.   .
Skinner, T.(villa lot 50,4 ac)
Solloway, Alf. E.
Stonex, II. H.      .      .      .
Stacey, Mrs. K,
Siauiiist, Hiss A.
Tin nol', Jno. A.    .
Vagan, Y. (land s. of lilk 111
Vin.dull, P. estate
Willis, Francis E.
Windrow, .las. I.
Wi* .Isey, I) (."> acres)
Wilkinson, Ed, ilunise)
Walsh, A. K. D.       .       . 2
Freeman,   .1.   M.   P.—Villa lot  111,
Sec. 27. Tp. 23	
Haner, James   S.E.  ',  of Sac, 85,
Tp. 23, 100 acres 	
villa 1
0 12
NA  Id
Sec 2
De llnquenl
Taxes anil
Interest to
Hit. 81, '08,
5 i'l
23 31
7 7(1
211 73
3D 11
:(0 52
0 10
68 04
10 El
6 18
7 77
18 U
!) 72
1 11
22 77
37 04
20 72
33 00
10 45
12 32
12 32
1 07
4 15
54 43
48 58
0 72
13 00
111 IK)
2 (KI
12 01
'.'I IK)
0 72
III 04
48 1!)
!'! IHI
1 77
2 0(1
7 77
5 18
7 08
0 54
3 75
20 73
10 81
7 34
20 22
2 li>)
5 88
14 14
9 74
24 28
27 54
45 20
11 HI
10 81
5 17
1 78
1112 15
0 08
25 51
12 31
7 17
11 88
37 18
io 50
10 05
Costs anil
2 20
8 lo
2 38
8 03
3 52
,'i 52
2 32
1 01
2 84
2 25
2 88
2 GO
2 48
2 07
8 13
:t 88
3 0.'i
8 08
2 07
2 01
2 01
2 05
2 10
2 20
4 72
1 42
2 48
2 68
2 50
2 10
2 (H
8 30
2 48
4 40
4 40
2 04
2 10
2 14
2 38
2 25
2 40
2 47
2 18
3 03
2 81
2 30
3 31
2 13
2 29
2 70
2 48
:i 21
:t 37
1 20
2 -V)
2 81
2 25
2 08
7 12
2 '->
3 J'J
2 01
2 :J">
2 I'l
8 85
2 85
8 21
20 50
10 11
23 70
i"l BU
I'l Cl
8 81
03 88
111 li.S
7 43
10 15
21 01
J 2 20
3 ;.i
25 00
-!1 52
23 75
37 37
22 42
11 94
11 03
2 70
3 77
0 35
50 15
53 1)0
12 20
10 28
12 50
1 10
15 58
20 20
12 20
51 45
52 50
15 00
3 87
5 10
10 15
7 13
10 38
12 01
5 03
•23 70
10 08
9 70
27 53
4 73
8 17
10 81
12 22
27 49
30 01
49 55
)l 50
111 08
7 42
3 SO
1 ID 57
11 58
31 03
14 02
9 52
9 22
40 08
13 OS
19 Sil
Mining Pictures to-night.
Moving l'i- lures tonight.
All kinds Reasonable Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Cor. Third St. ami Knhsnn Avenue
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenu
Fruit, Candies, Ci*garB,Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
A SNAP—Fivo Roomed House and
Lot for salo with Furniture, no
rensonalilo oiler refused.—Apply to
A. Tuvin, Second  Street, oast.
Influence of Trees
Forests are found to attract
rain —they cool the atmosphere,
their surface offering a warmth-
radiating area, so that the vapors
readily condense and descend in
frequent showets Ruined forests mean flooded rivers, periodic
droughts, eroded soil and dried
up springs.
Mercenary destruction means
denuded mountain slopes, the
loss of historic forests and
" nature revenge" in the near
future. The reckless and wanton
destruction of forests has ruined
some of the richest countries on
Many bodies having control of
larjre tracts of land, such as water
boards, are now planting their
catchment areas with trees with
advantage and profit; for it is
found that the presence of trees
adds to the retention of water
falling as rain as well as that
produced by radiation and cooling
the adjacent atmosphere; it prevents floods, rer dates and purifies the supply, lor water from
wooded areas is generally purer
than that falling on bare land.
Thus we see that trees not only
attract rain, but are an all-round
source of monetary gain; in addition to the esthetic improvement of the locality, refreshing
our eyes and brains, as well as
purifying the air, and covering
with verdure the waste and
baraen lands.
The beneficial influence on our
general health exercised by the
afforestation of neglected acres
is beyond dispute. The consumption of carbonic acid gas alone by
trees is an apparent gain to all
who dwell in their vicinity.
Trees and rivers are interdependent upon each other,
ttven in the midst of a prairie
the course of a river is shown by
a double line of trees. Is there
not some connection between
them ? Is the river due to the
forest or the forest due to the
river? Experience goes to prove
that springs are conserved in a
well wooded country, and that
they dry up if a great clearance
is made.
Not only do forests affect the
rainfall, they greatly influence
the climate of a country.
The influence of trees on the
atmosphere is also apparent. A
considerable portion of the rain
falling upon forest trees is at
once taken up by the leaves.
The routs also supply the leaves
with moisture, which evaporates
from them, and so adds to the
humidity of the atmosphere.
Local rains are often due to
large areas of woodland. Forests
cause precipitation from clouds
that have passed over the plains
and still withheld the grateful
"Mountains and rocks" "are
imposing, and catiracts force
themselves on our attention by
their deafening noise; but in the
absence of a setting of green, or
clumps of trees, they are lifejj
"It is thc earth, 'with verdure
clad,' which appeals to the mind,
and which does so much to promote tlie higher civilization.
Import direct from country of origin.
, THE mail-herald uevelstoke, b. c.
A/1 UHDAY  Al'li. 20 lit 10
Corporation of tho City of
A By-law to authorize the borrowing
by the Municipal Corporation of the
Oity of Revelstoke of the sum of
fifty tlioui-aml dollar;- ($50,000) lo
cover the deficiency existing at December 31st, 1000, and the expenses
of Moating the debentures.
Whereas, a petition lias been presented to the Municipal Oounci) of tlie
Corporation of the City of Itevelstoke,
signed by tile assessed owners ol at
least one-tent ll in value of the real
property within the corporate limits
of tbe City of Kevelstoke as shown on
the last Revised Assessment Roll of
the said eity, requesting that a bylaw
be Introduced for tbe purpose of authorizing the borrowing by the said corporation of tbe sum of fifty thousand
dollars ($50.000)Toi llie purposes above
And Whereas, the whole amount of
the ratable real property within the
said City of Kevelstoke according to
the last revised assessment roll of the
said cily is one million nine hundred
and one thousand two hundred and
sixteen dollars ($1,001,210);
And Whereas, it will be necessary
to raise annually by special rale sufficient therefor the sum of two thousand nine hundred and forty-three
dollars and thirty rents for paying the
iaid debt and interest thereon-.
Now Therefore the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke in open meeting assembled
enacts as follows;
1. It shall he lawful for the Mayor
of the Corporation of tlie Oity of Kevelstoke to lini row on the credit of the
said Corporation of the City of Kevelstoke by way of debentures hereinafter
mentioned from any person, pei sons,
firm, body or bodies corporate who
may be willing to advance thi1 BamP
as a loan, a sum of money not exceeding in lbe whole the sum of fifty
thousand dollars and to cause all such
sums so raised and received to be paid
into the bands of the Treasurer of the
Corporation of the City of Revelstoke
for the purpose and with the object
above mentioned.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation of the city of
Revelstoke to cause any number ol'
debentures to be made, executed and
issued, for such sum or sums as may
he required for the purpose and object
aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the
sum of fifty thousand dollars.anil each
debenture shall he for the sum of one
thousand dollars, and all such debentures shall ba sealed with the seal ot
the said Corporation of the Cily of
Kevelstoke and shall be signed by tbe
Mayor and Clerk thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
the date of 1st September, 1010, and
shall he parable in fifty years from
the said date in lawful money of Can
ada at theMolsonsBankat Revelstoke
aforesaid, which said place of payment shall be designated by debentures, and said debentures shall have
attached to them coupons for the payment of interest and the signatures to
the interest coupons mny be written,
printed, stamped or lithographed.
I. The snid debentures shall bear
interest at lhe inii* "I live i."n p i centum per annum from the date thereof,
which interest shall he payable semiannually u the office of the Mohone
Bank at ReveUtoW aforesaid mi the
l-t day of Much and mi llu* 1st day "I
September respectively in each and
every   vein during the currency of ihe
■ dd   del'i'iii im s.  uul   ii    shall   I \*
pressed In Bald coupons  and  delien-
tures to be bo,
5.   It shall be lawful for iln-  M
of the said Corporation of the City of
Revelstoki   to   negotiate and sell the
said debentures or any of them foi
than pai ■ bui In in     i ie ihall the -nnl
debenl tn ■■- oi  inj ol   tbei     *
le--  th ni 95  i"*i ' '■■ ' .ii   f I hell !' H e
value including thi      it ol •.. , ol  King
mid - ili-. broki i   ■
ii.   Thru* shall lie les ii d
dm iii^' i-.i' h ye ii   'i-i .ii.' 11.*      in y
of tbe said del
th" i ll   ii'ln-'l 'I' lis
paj menl ul Interes   mil i* ur li n
and   forty-three i
**i.' t fur 'In- ii i> iin-ii' "i 11 *
undei i le- --nd debentures hi  i
iai.- -utti lent iini'i"i "ii '"  'h ■
,.Iiii- real pi opei i j In 11 lid   Munii i
pality of tbe City of Revelstoke.
7. Ii shall In- lawful for the Muniei
pal Council of the I i-i poi ahnii of i In
Cil y of Revelstoke to re-pm i hi
of the sala debentures upon such termi
a*, rimy I..- agreed upon with the legal
holder oi bofdei - I hereof, eil hei at i le
time of sale, or ai .my mi hi ei| lenl
tiu.e. and nil debentures so re-pui
chased shall be forthwith cancelled oi
destroyed, and no re-Issue of debentures shall be made Inconsequence ol
such re-pun base.
8, This by-law shall ink.- efTecl un
on and after the 27lb day nl August.
A. D., 1010.
0. This bylaw shall, before tin
final passing thereof receive the n
ofthe ratepayers of the Corporation
of tlie City of Uevelstoke, according lu
the provisions of and according to anil
in the manner prescribed by the "Municipal Clauses Act."
Read a first time 11th August, 1010.
Read a scjoihI time Hill Augilsl,
Read a third time and passed with
the unanimous consent of the Council
Uth August, 11)10.
Received the assent of the  Electors
the day of August, 1010.
Reconsidered, and finally passed and
adopted by the Council the
day of August, 1010."
TAKE NOTICE that the above is n
true copy of the proposed by-law upon
which the vote nt the Municipality will
he taken at the City CleiU's ollice
City Hall, corner of Second street and
Mckenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, B. ('..
on Wednesday, August 241b, 1010,
hei ween the hours of 0 o'clock, a. m.
and 7 o'clock, p, in.
Clerk of the Municipal Council.
Corporation of the City of
City property in arrears fur taxes
up to 81st Dec... 1008, will he sold at
I'ulilie Auction al lhe Cily Hall at. 2
o'clock p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 3rd
Jy-20 lm Collector.
Corporation of the City
of lievelstoke
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given ilml
\V, J. Kewcastle lias been appointed
plumbing inspector ler the City ot Revelstoke, All applications for sewer connections or for plumbing inspection must be
made at llie Cilv Hall.
Hv Order,
Cilv Clerk.
Corporation of the City of
Tin1 public are hereby   warned  tli.il  no
sewer connection can lie made or   plumbing installed until application   lor   permission for same lias been made aud granted.
B\  Order,
Cit> Clerk.
Dominion   Lands
Railway Belt of British Columbia
'I'he date for   the  coming   into force
uf  the   new    regulations    lias
changed.  A new date will be sel later.
I'ntil further notice no entries to be
granted in the New Westminster district and .-ast of Kange 13, wesl i I
sixth meridian inclusive,
I'. (.. KKYKS.
Ottawa, .lun.* _:i. 1010.
Revelstoke Land I
District of Wesl Km lenay.
Take ri■ t ii .* t hal   I.
-on.   ol    Vn
ried h omai
lllll-l' '
desci ;i"
I he     mi.
i hence wesl ■
chains   mon
■   * * ■  ■
Laki n      '.* :
Kii» m       Hi (J
Annw In*.nl   ll i      I nne
In the matter ol an *     i. for
the issue ni  a tl
I'lllll In Lol-    - aial   ■   ..   ck 17    *
of Revelati ke, Map 881
N itice >■ hereby giv. n  that it is my
intent Ion to issue <i  tie* i npiration ol
one month   after lhe  lir-t,  public *
bereol a dupocain 11  lie* Certificate
of 'title l.u tin: Sbl ••" mentioned Iota in
the name of John E Taylor, whioh
Oertiflcate le dated the Uth ol Mny,
1903, nnd numbered M86A.
Sami.   II    Roi
iii-inr.t Uigistrar,
l.imd Registry Ollioi,
Nelson B.C., July 25, r.Hii.   ,127 lm
b'on MAi.K -Fre.b row, t.,, be aeen
at ihiviiii.tokn Sawmill Company,
Dig IvMy, B. 0.
<&■-•-- '~-4
•■■. : ;;.;'"t-"-5>m
f^f-lff _    '^--m-m
I    ^
Local Industry
r ■*? '
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock gf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVlenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
o4ccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash SATURDAY, AUG. 20. 1910.
Pag* I
The Elevator is in perfect
working order these days
Take advantage of  it lo
get to the Bargains in the
Drygoods Department.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
We are giving our Special
attention to Freeh Fruita.
We can help you if you
are preserving.     Call in
aud see the assortment.
Pretty Hair Dressing
No matter how generous nature has been
the prevailing modes call for such quantities that it is neceBsary to have aids to
pretty hair dressing. We have Coils,
Braids, Switches, Turban', etc. New
lot of English and French Sanitary Hair
Goods on show these days.
Percale House Dresses
It needn't cost much to keep cool and
pleasantly dressed at home with such
trig, comfortable frocks as we are showing these days, and then the necessary
washing guarantees are there.
At $3.50
New Arrivals
New Paisley Ruchings
New Dutch Collars
New Early Fall Underwear
New Embroidery Linens
New Flannelettes
New Percales
New Styles
A visit to any of the trains will afford
good ideas of the new styles in Dresses,
Suits, Coats, Hair Dressing, etc, there
are so many tourists going through these
days from the cities.
Skirt Waist Bargains
Small lots of various styles from our own
stock. Every woman who delights in
fine Shirt Waists will appreciate the exceptional quality and high class charm
of this lot quite as much as the sharply
reduced prices.    They are now
School D
The children will start school again a
week from Monday. Smarten them up
for the start in these twill wash suits and
dresses. Thfcy are the left overs from our
summer selling.    Look them over.
Each $1
Fruit J
run juices
These hot days human nature craves for
something more refreshing than water.
Fruit Juices are the most appetizing beverage; besides, they are nourishing.
Freshly bottled drape .luice, Lime Juice,
Pine Apple .luice, Raspberry Fruit Syrup,
Pine Apple Fruit Syrup, Lemon Fruit
Syrup, and 10 other fruit syrups. 1! isp-
berry Vinegar.    Lemonade Powders.
Fruit J
A car of Pickling Crocks, one, two, three
and five gallon. Also new sealers, pint,
quart and half-gallon. The demand ia
unprecedented for these containers this
year. (let yours before the assortments
are broken.
Teas and Coffees
Sunbeam Tea, our own blond, put up for
ue, branded C. 15. Hume & Co. You have
our guarantee as'to quality, 10c. and 50c.
per lb., in 51b, packages $1.75, and $2.25.
JuBt now we have a special tea at a
special price—:! lbs. for $1.
A special buy pat u- in possession of a
quantity of ■ xtra quality Mocha and
Java Coffee. We grind this or pulverize
it in our electric mill and we would
advise you to buy a lb. at 50c, or 51l)B.
for $2 25.
House Furnishings
Lace Curtains and Curtain Goods
•Inst arrived an extra choice lot of the
very newest creations, in Lace and Fine
Net Curtains in White, Ivory and Ecru,
choice NetB and Madras Muslin. Ask to
see the new Scrim Curtains.
Carpets and Carpet Squares
We are offering special values in Web
Carpet made up to fit. Some very dainty
and artistic designs.
Our range of squares is choice in every
respect, iucluding—Axminsters, Wiltons,
Brussels, Tapestrys, Velvets and Ingrains,
a new lot juBt arrived, which we are
offering at prices which will make them
gi quickly.
Iron Beds. Mattresses and
We have a full line of Iron Buds ranging
in price from $8 to 126. It will pay you
lo examine these goods.
Health Brand Mattresses, all sizes in
futir qualities. The best meilium and
low priced mattress on tho market.
The Slater Shoes
* " Turn -Si.al oi' Ckrt.xinty "
- •-
A few new ones just to hand and thev are
beauties, showing real value in every seam
um sole, drill lined, the famous Goodyear
welt and the Slater ' Seal of Certainty"
makes it the most popular boot on the
market at -fl 00 per pair.
lined, medium sole, extra plump stock, a
shoe which is made to fit the foot and
give tho maximum amount of wear.
Price $5.00.
This shoe we consider our very best value.
Heavy sole, viscolized, screw shank,
leather lined throughout, made on E and
F lasts. A shoe for hard wear and comfort.   Price $5 00 per pair.
Ties for M
Tins week we are putting on a line of Men's
Ties at a price. Real nobby goods in
four-in-hand shapes. All widths from
1-J inches to •'!. The regular price of
these ties was 00c, 75c, and $1. While
they last you get a snap.
35c. each
Felt Hats at a Price
A rea', genuine bargain in Men's Felt
Hats. That is what wo are putting on
for the coming week. A large range of
the present season's blocks and colors,
both toft and stiff shapes. There is not
one hat in the bunch which is worth less
than $2.50. Just take a look at our McKenzie Avenue window and be convinced
of the value of this bargain. Don't be
loo late in looking them over for they
can't last very long at the price.
REMEMBER—All up-to-date blocks and
shades, and the price
$1.50 each
Freeh   Vegetables   arriving    daily,   the
finest on the tnarkot.
Get   Hume's  Prices
Our New Tea and Coffee Department at the back of tho store on
the Ground Floor, is proving a
convenience. We havo a fine
"Hobart" Electric Coffee Mill and
can give you genuine steel cut,
ground or pulverized coffee while
you wait.
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke ««<* Arrowhead
your Orders I Setd the children
to the Store ! Come yourself, or
havo our City Traveller call at
your Home for Orders. No Order
too large or too small for ue to
handle. It pleases us to see that
Customers get the beet of attention. P»E' fl
Ladies' Cashmere Hose
. valueE at 25c, per pair.    You can't
at them in the city for their wearing
Suit  and   Stiff Hats in all  the  l/ttest
shapes.     I'p-tu the-minute in style.
New Ladies' Skirts
New Ties, Negligee shirts.
We are offering a special line of Skirts
at reduced prices.
Fall Overcoats in Men's and Boys,
Fall and Winter Coats
For Ladies' and Misses'.    They include
the latest Btyles,
('.ill early and get host  selection.    We
Black Underskirts
can stij'i ly you with all your Kail needs
at reasonable prices.   Come and  look
Sj 'iini at 90 cents each, Just the skirt
for the early Fall weather.
Ih'iB shipment over and see what we
have for you.
Tbe "Nugget ol G ild" at the Edison
Theatre tonight.
The Bplendid He tii* drama, "The
Bsgp pe Player," at the Edison theater
Jas. A. Patten, the Chicago cotton
and wheat king, has e Id hia seat on
the New Yule Stock Exchange Ii r
The members of thi Band if Hope
are requested u meet at the|City Hall
on Tuesday afternoon at 1 u'elock to
make arrangements t ir a picnic.
1>. McCarthy anil W. Abrahamson
are finishing up theircontiacts ou tlie
handsome new private residences they
are constructing mi Sixth etriet.
The auction fall ui lands within the
municip lity for delinquent tuxes will
take place at the city hall at 2 o'clock
ia tbe atternuon of Saturday, Sept. 'd
The famous Allen players who
played to such popular houses here
last February, will open for a weeks'
engagement at the Edison Theatre on
I' ■'•..*ter 10th.
V. nc uver will sl o.-tly have a
i' liaese new-piper. M ii Fung Lung,
formerly edi'-ur ol   tbe   Hong   Kucgj
.*.. :,'.i'. I be the editor. The policy
ol the paper will be Chinese reiuriu.
Calgary can show a splendid  bill el
health   rep n   iu   spite   of   the hot
weather,    ln tlie city  at  tlie present |
time there   aie   inly   three caseB   nl |
sc.irlet fever, tw i    ■ measles,  and  lhe
•f smallpox —Calgary Herald.
J. C (grove spsnt Thursday in tie
city arranging I i -*' appeal nee hen
eh.'rt'.v ol the Frederick A. C'-irke Co,
in " The Manxman," and alsu for the
appearance in November ol the famous
Welsh Cboir ol thirty ladies.
W. I. Briggs and tins l.M.ii returned Tuesday evening in-- Ri vi
stoke from tht Big Bend where tin;,
have tesu on a ti'iir ul inspection ol
mica properties owned by them nml
are highly pleased with the rt-siit ol
their trip.
A. German scientist has  been  ma! -
ing a study ol the elects of the ap|
cation   :' a i. '.   fist-iron  to clothing
atTectt-d with din-.i-e terms.    Hi
: mends tie treat mi at ae being
m re effective than fumigation ot
other customary disii leoting processes
Even if it did not lesl the I icter a
the renewal I ii ten tt in a much
neglected bouseh Id exi icise is a pub
lie s rvi e
C lv t- I    I having  illegally  .- Id
ior I J. E. Walker : Nelsi n. i n
ith ,-' Vrchibald lir- n * *
I: priei - I th Bbei p Creek hotel at
.*-.,..; Cre - * i- sentenced In thi
* i . ii ial | ci c url by Btl| endiary
-.; . -..   W.   H.   Bui    ik Webster
K: lay night t   | iy a Bi i   ■■ f-'
.- ....    r in   default    I     ni e
hard la nty gaol
i bi pr lecuti n a u the first bi
• - i
:. Aug  l-
Thi   -!• »i iei   Revels   ki    is
making her tr.p- Irom tbi   cil
the water ii    thi   I     iml  i
[alien i   m t    admit    I tl
i n g  11     i -1      '      '  ■    c i
iu ad   •' :■ * *. ■' I of t
>  :..    The it-can |   '  I I
fur excursi i pa    * I '.'•'   : iv''
ir.g anl  thosi
. f having .i nvi - ' xcursi n  either ii|
tb-aC . iml ia   r to An  w I
should arrange their   lati    i   ■■ whili
■ .   -  . Dg   i*l   thi    vi' ii'in r    B
warm, rather than       . ■ ml
later.   The eon p»n)   an
duced rate- ti        mrsion   p n tii -  and
tourists during A
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Tens antl
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Your Insurance
Is one of  the   most   Important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch uf your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson '
Lang Bros.' in... ii p pictnri e  at tbe
Opera Houne to ni( lit
The beautiful "Oity ol Delhi," India,
at thr Edison theater tonight.
rhe Provincial  government   haves
(tang * f ni'Mi » irking on the exti
if tin* tr ul at Vici : i Park to   Millet
mnl Eva Lakes.
1   -t — I' dr gold-rininu .1 -. ■
!■:*''   .   city  ball ai d pul    * -**
Kinder will leceive reward by   return
ing tame to C. •'  Aman.
A niiiii was airi'-i' i!   by   the   | olici
i ial night for teai ing d iwn  tl e awn
ine: at C. H  lliimi - st■■!■■■.    1
magi ttrate lined tbe prisi ni i $20   u **.
coats.    It i*- tbe inti nti
magistrate in futur    I til   thi
full limit of penalty to  ai
guiity id malicious injur) I
Cooling Drinks
PERSIAN SHEflBtT miikm  lhc met Ssllghl
fui cooling llrink    50c   pountl buttle.
ItMOHUDE POWDER    30c   n Im.
UR0T0PIN EFFERVESCENT lor Kidney trouble,
EPSOM   SUIT   EFFERVESCEHT,  delightful   to
Bews' Drug Store
fi* it  Hume Clock
A Mil; .1- left n W '* ■ ! iy aft. r-
noon for tin* i
Mrs  I
•i    ind Mrs. J
Mits Janet McBii
.'    ivi r M
C  1'    Harris   . madia
i 11
• pari ni-
A   I.     M
this week   *   i
11 Wi olse]   » *     •
., f«« .Lii - hen
to Victor! i
Mr.  Croi
morning I* r a
Mr-.   1 .-• '1   !•; sser ret umi d   1 rid ij
mon inK Irom Winnipi
i.j !.' r daughter Mr-.   Mrl> oald  and
Mr.  and   Mr-.   < ihamsoi
,11.d thi ir tw * joungeil  ohi dr n  *ir
taking In tba i ■ hibitii ti it Vancuuvi r
this wi* k.
M rs .''. I lun on md lv r two
*,   ui ,i. Inn ri i urnnd on  Kri In *
m rning Irom Merritt, where she li id
been oi a visit to her p trents Mr and
Mr-   1  i loary.
Mrs (' Crulcksh ink, n. isti re (J rge
and C . u.i* * f li 'I I' "'' ■' h i have
been • .* itli g for the past 0 wi eks  li
uri    tin*   >.'in «Ik   ol   Mr.   iii.il
Mrs   il. W . il in d,
Mr. and Mr- II .1. Ilatibury nnd
family Icaic in xt week fur a visit to
Bool land I In y will visit, Ihi li mi
nf Mr-. Il.iiil.iny in H xboroiiglmbire,
innl in Bngland at   the   limne of   Mr
llaii1 nry.   They will be absent aboul
tiiiU n.i.'iiti.i:,
Union Sunday School Picnic
The following are tin
sports   held  al   tin-  union  picnic  nl
Metbi diet,  I'n -i yti ri in  ai d   i iptisl
Sunday -.* .     sat Ci   in
Saturdaj —
Lad * -  K.H-* — i   '•.   -  -
Mi - II irr:-    I, Mrs
I', tut * Raci  - Im'   ll . . 2    E
'■.'..    \      I'm
:   Ki*'- — '
and 11. Tl orpi    'J   a   l,.r!
I. A. Lundi      md &. Mc-
li .
■mil A    i    I
i   *
-    .
.    I
Boys under 11
*   i
M , *
il   II
Ihe New School.
with   th
posing school   build
the work is being done,
Tlie City of Delhi
Al llii* fill is Ir '
be reproduced the splendid , *
will be i us prograi
good sul i ii 'i
Revelstoke Hospital Society
The idjoiirned  annual  meeting "I
tlm Kevelstoke  It. li i y  will
lm lii'lil in tin- (lity iinil, Mumini, An
gust SOili,"' s p il.
W, l> Akmiihii'.i., Secretary,
HaiiiliCnp Tournament ij Be Held
on Monday Ml
\ special shoot ii being arranged
a Monday, lhe 22nd, slarti ig at 2 p.
,i. Ail t-vi-nt- mill be tiandioaps.whic ■
vlll bo arranged on the grounds. As
ii- i.i the last shoot ul the seasonal
lub are very anxious to have all lev
rs of tbe gun presont to take part in
his shoot, no matter whether they
■ minus tu the I'liit' or not,
Firm Event—Tbe J, liny Barber
naudioap of 20 targets, speoial prize.
Second Event—The Lawrence Hard-
,vare Oo. handicap, 20 targets, speoial
'1'hiiil Event—The Ohambarlin Oar-
ridge Co. handicap, 20 targets, i-pecial
Fourth Event—The Hotel Revel-
toke bandioap, 12 pairs ol double-,
pedal pri/. i,
Fifth Eveut—Buurne   Urn?, haiuli
can, 10 targets, ' ju-k rabbit",   Bpeoiiil
Oondilions—Entrance will In $100
in inch Bwcep; targets will bo deduoted
Irom the pool; money will be dlvidul
■10, 80,20 and 10 per oent; the high
unu winning the special priae in ai}
uventwill uut be eolith d many mom j
The elub auk all contestants :o end i
for the whole day, to the handicap
can be arranged. Any one wishing n
withdraw from any evi nt, 'heir mom y
wil be refunded hy at plyiug to tl e
In Event No. 2 the Dominion Our
tridge Co. are supplying, through tl,
Lawrei.ce llanlivue Co, oartridgn
free,    li.' sure lo be uut on lime.
The following scores were made a
ihe weekly  shoot on Wednesday la
Fothe button (25 bird*)—Stun')
22, Lawrence 21, McDonell 21, Cramu
■jo.   Sturdy wins button
Hunter's  trophy (50   birds)—Law
renoe, 16 yd-, 42;   McDonell, 10  yds,
■12; Orann r, 10 yds. 10.
Special sh mt for Hunter's trophy-
Cramer, L0yds,4Ci McDonell 10yd ,4fl
il i i noinsT—-Ser'    en  at   11   R.m.,
i' ii '2 no  |i   in , ■-   id iy   school  nml
Ul li- I'lnwei'H 7:!l'i )>. m., servipp u|
-ing and spoci music tendered ly
11 r olinir. the i tor will have charge
f thi-su services nd the public un
cordially invited t,   attend.
MiBS Davie of Toronto ii the sticsi
of her sifter, Mrs, W. Ni il.
Mrs. Heard ol Toronto is vitit.ir.|
lur ihuipht. r, Mr". P. LeBter. Mis
Heard can heat our young people whei
it cmiie* to mountain oliuibing, sin
being one of thiee uf a parly of twelvi
tu in.ike the top of Mount Burgess n
week ago.
Mia. W. E Sorivena, who bus been
the guest of ber brother, H.W Bwead
lager, and family left fur her homo ii
0 tawa last Thursday.
Mr, A II il'iihy and b idi (nee Miss
1..,nl) I'nvid f-.'in iln ir h l.iyni'i' i
i* p 11 t Thnnday. '1 hey sre mki' \
.;,, resirti nee in l he (' tn enttagp, a, il
iin r s pi. 1 will ho t>t h'.inc in their
h 1.1 il- there, A. j in in wiahn £ Mr
»ud Mis. Ualiiil.y a long nud nappy
wedded liie.
Quite a numbsr ol our eiti/, n* an
taking advantage ol be cheap utes ti
Vancouver f.ii , whitb ia nun being
held t! i rr
Sir v\ i f;i 1 Liurier and party passed
ii. i, i y special train M u ' ij
-   westl : n    '"ll-.     A  h «
■ *■ : -iin'ii wi ni tn Gnldi n ti
ittend • i ' tneeiing tin re. Field nol
I', uiv favored thin lim .
A i;. rp gl   m w b ''nt iv- ■ tin* town
lasl week when it became km wu thai
Mr. J. Jones h .it   nn i wiih   den h  h
g, Mr Jones baa been a highly
i .      tor a gr at
•-   i   :   *.* -v apathy ol  the
-  * t to his wile,
I, ah *  -       ii
their  - id   h 'resvi moi t
and we (eel thai me town has suffered
ol  .Mr  JoniS
.   | .- aud kiud d b
* all.
B. C. Medical Association
The annual meeting of tho li. C,
Medical Association, whioh was in
sessional Kamloops ihis week, have
elected the following officers!' -
President, Dr. \V. O. Weld, Vancouver; vh'i- pi I'siili'iit, Di-. E. C.
Dohorty, New Westminster) secretavy,
Dr. A* S. Moore, Vancouver! treas ,
Dr. J. Heliucken, Victoria, Tbe next
meeting will he held at Vancouver,
Public Ownership. Public Utilities
i-i the
iy  evening,
of    I Mr.
'    ■
I *
j. 24, s
,!  darki        t    '
,     nl *. •   ■
iy lig
■   • will
tbeif Bi al  gam riday  il
You can getolean, Bmokclcss, lump
furnace coal from 11. N. Ooursier.
Lang Bros.' moving pictures at the
Opera House to night.
Ooursier's furnaoo and range coal is
the kind for heating and oooking.
Ki'sitlfiHv, Stv.nul Su. il
Tclophono    •'>:.
[laving been entftigvil us imistc lenchcr
.tsi year in Victoria College and Imving
boon obli^etl (o coiuo back lo UcvclsloUc
on other business, 1 wish to start in this
city an Academy ol* Music, filling1 students
for their examinations to the Conservatories vil Europe**
UMI S   AM)   l OMM riONS
I, Lessons will start on September t.
After ihis date lessons vvill %o on from
tbe firsl lo tbe last day of each consecutive month during the war, excepting'
July, when a vacation will be given.
j. The course lhal will be I any In contains three grades, and al the end of each
grade .1 diploma will be given.
3.    All books will be given by lonelier.
■\ Prospective pupils are advised not
to take a course less ihana year.
5. Pupils wishing lo discontinue musi
give .1 month's notice or a full fee will be
(i Lessons not received at the appointed time must be forfeited,
7 No lessons given on public holtda) s,
8 Public performances will be en
couraged, but on no account will pupils
be allowed to take part without first obtaining permission til theirteacher,
9. Kinal examinations start middle of
1 IUMS :
for two hours per week, S.s per month;
for one hour per week, $.1 per month;
1 larmony and counterpoint, one lesson,
$5 per month, tor iwo lessons per week,
$10 per month,
A free lesson will be given all pupt's
once a month for the vocal division ol
music time.
PROF.  A.  OK l'KO.
Box 157 Telephone 202.
©hanaoan Collcoc
Summei,lan&, JB.C.
Preparatory; High School; Two
Vears driver.-;!, ; Business, Including Stem iphy and Typewriting; I'imn . '■ ui'.il. >
Separate le Idenccs for young
nu*ii .nnl young women,
Well epuipped gymnasium.
I' u.i. Ti.um i ii'i.ns Si.i'i'. 21.
Por Calendar and further par-
liiul ns address ihe Principal
m.        ETT   W.       AWYER.
Repairs of all kin 1- nsitly carried  01
Bicycle and Gun work a specialty
Estimates gfven on any class
of work.
Front     Street.
pi I.,- l.iutH lur i lie !• in nro n
11 ,i   mny  lm obtained nn applic iti n
to i ni seoretary, 0  M   Field
li ntlpsg nut. ooal, th" ii irreol thing
fm   ' kniK ranges fnr sale.    II   N.
I;.*', i l-inki' I,uul District.
i i  m iei  if -,.   .i Kootenay.
\iiu*i' i. heieliv given that UOdays
.1 ii.. 1,. in.f I,   Emesl  Edward
II,ill. nl   II.'uli.nl,   England, occupa-
u.liii'i i. intend  lo apply to th"
f Con i'lll, mils, for p i-
n im pmrim " ih" following il"
' i land
i  mencing   ul   n   posl planted al
he  ."I "i   M    .1. Ily-
iiiuii-. pi   i-nijii i"ii. Galena Hay, West
Knoti n ■ ■•   li.1' let,   H.C, and marked
i   Hall's V E cornel
i hi'ii*'" In i liuin*.   **"iil It: t hi'ii"!'
' hem " -*1 chains nml hi
hah      *      i hence 'n ehains
imi 11.   ' In in',- :!n i hains easl lo poll I
 i-i "in, containing  In  nl
moi  less.
,    hi    l-l.   In* nl .lum*, lllll).
i i-  .   *  l.u,i mn Ham.,
II. O, Hail, Agent,
AKli'i    mi  ". *i   B. r.
Utenl      . .' n to commercial
i* mt i*l,is-*  sample
I- .'iv  in I'.nlish I'liliun-
■**"i Arrow Lake,
W. J. Lightburne. .Prop
F'iI'.     ILK       *     Bro ■ ■■  Mim*.  1550
ara old, In foal,
|176      Oi    Baj    Ian    1600 p nind ,
num years old,  Yt'i'i.   Apply to A
.1    Mr li.nii'il,  Hotel  ituviliil'iki'.
'A AN I KI' AT UNi II i   lore
nun     thorough!)    ni     ilnti d    a ii h
ling unit opi i itlng 'mil" r shuies
Mn i    Kelerenci - nei di d as to (''rm r
■ ite wages    Oi od pi -•
I  idy,  experienced   n a i,
\ pply Lumber Byn licato, Pentloton,
UUEddMAKEK—Miss Smith, drefs
maker Businois bouri 10 to ,j
p.m., UoKenila Ave.
ifter iupoer Sale, lo. S3
Our Saturday night Fiiles are now a lookeil-for
event in each week. When we began these saleH
wii were determined that the best values possible
i-l.oubl be offered, and the host of patislied customers proves Unit we have succeeded. Every
article we offer at thne sales is a seasonable
offering, and tbe values we offer cannot be secured elsewhere. Up-to-date gondii, up-to-date
methods and up-to-date service is what this store
offers. The prices quoted here hu!.l good from
7 p. m. till closing.
ouse Bargains
We are g"ing to clear out lho balance of our
Blouse stock to-night, Ah sizes from 32 to It)
in tailored and fancy. If you como early you
can havo a nice selection. Regular values up to
$3.50.    To-night—$1 .rii>.
Shoe Dressing
Black Beauty, White Beauty and Tan Beauty,
only 15o. per bottle.
Embroidered Collars
A special purchase at a special price. Sizes 12.}
to 1 1 As dainty a line as you hive seen, selling
at the prico of plain linen. To-night, while tbey
last, 2 for 25o.
Dress Goods Special
Y at will be nee.liu;; something for school dresses
1'-t children and we will give you a splendid
chance to get something that will look well and
wear better for a traotton of its value. We bave
made a selection of values up to $1.75, which we
offer to-night at 50j. per yard.
See our Bargains in Shoes, Corsets, Skirts,
Remnants, etc.
Good  Bread
-and yon slnnilil insist upon gelling the besl at all
times—get ours. Our reputation for good bread is not
the result of chance. Our customers are satisfied that
ours is lh" moat satisfactory bread Ihey can buy.
Try It ami yon will become a regular customer. Our
Groceries are also in keeping wiih our bread.
G. W. Bell
P. O.  BOX 208
Phone No. 23
General Groceries, Farm Produce, etc
See our stuck for something tasty these hot days.
Fresh stock of Perrin's and Christie's Cream Sodas and
Oliver's Jams and Marmalades just arrived.
McIntyre  &  Son
Orders Delivered.
Phone 93.
Ri irelsloke Land District.
Dim ii, i ,,f Wesl Kootenaj ■
Take limn .* ilim Ku.i Mi Curler, of
K.'\,*ni,iI<i*. li.i'., S|iiusu-i, intends in
apply for permission i.i purchase lhe lol-
Iom mu iIimi liliril land!
(' iiiiii inn i"  :l   lH>si   planted on lhe
,-iisi luuk ol iln* l 'iiliniilii.i Kivei *ii iln*
N'orth-wesi corner of Lol B3O1, Group 1,
Kootenay Dislrlcl, and marked "15lla
\|. i  iii.i's     mhiiIi \\,*st     comer   post,"
11    easl   lo   chains] Ihence  north 80
1 Inlius; t lun,',- wi-si |ii 1 li.tins more or less
1.1 tin* i .isi lunik ..I ilu* Columbia Itiver,
ilifin , south .iKni; llu* f.isi h.uili nl ilu-
i olumhiii Kiwi Su tl*.tins more or less to
ilu- poinl "I  1 iiiiiiiii in 1 ni.  containing
\in acres more or less.
I'.'l'I'A Ml I'AKTKK,
Hy lieragenl, Allien Forslnnd,
I i.i. .1 I ."li August, I9|0,       imn- 17 jin
Thai al 11 incelhiK held hy the Itev-
"Istnlit Dairy Association tho following resolution Was passi 'I
'I Imt III" public lie notified that nn
ind after tbe lsi day of September,
1010, uniii the 1st (fay of .May. lull,
the price of milk will 'advance to eight
{mu ts tn ili" dollar, Instead of lu ns
hefore, on account "I the continued
dry weather and the hi^h prices of
11 iv iiiiiI li-i'il III" Coming winter.
'I Imt milk uiil be delivered only once
a day, and that all accounts must be
squared onco a month.   (Signed 1
Thus. Lewis,      N- Plsaoreta
I*'.  l'i,',,ni (i. A. Ilani'i
7„ Handera A. li. Carlson
Hugh li. H. Siuythe
Revelstoke Land District.
I listriel nf \S'ent Kootenay,
Take notice that John 8. Hnllilliii. nf
Itevelstoke, H.C 1 uptitlon orulsei',
intends tn apply fnr permission in
purchase the following described lai dsi
Ooiuniencing at  a posl  planted no
Hn- trail   leading  from McCullough
('reek lo l''i*eii"lil't-eek, ahoiit a ipi it ter
nf :i mile distant and in all easterly
direction I'i mn (liililslii'iiiii min kid
'•J. H, Illiniums North-west Corner
I'nsi; I hence south SO chains; thence
east SO chains; thence north HI) chains;
thence west 80 chains to the place nf
commencement, containing (llu acres
mole or Ichs,
John s. Babnum.
Dated August 2nd, 11)11).
Kevelstoke Land District,
District uf West Kootenay,
Take notice ihai Charles A. 1! irnuin,
of Revelstoke, H. C, occupation,
cruiser, Intends to apply for permission
in purchase  the  following described
Commencing al a post planted nn
the trail leading from McCullough
Greek to French Creek, about a quarter
nf a mile distant  and   in   an   easterly
direction  from  Goldstream,  marked
"S. A. Hai mini's Ninth East Corner")
thence south so chains; thence west
HI)   chains;    thence   north   80   ehuins;
thence east 80 chains to poinl of cnoi*
iiH'iirnui'iit,   containing    itlo    acres,
mm"rn less,
Dated August '.'ml, DUO.


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