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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $00.
Interior Publishing Co., Agts.
m— -WM 1   1  U V 1 11 L
Provincial Library
■      ■ • * MM
'CTOI-MA.   f
Visiting Cards
Interior PuDlishing Company
Vol. 16-No. C9
$2.50 Per Year
Shooting Season
You may require  something  for
the Opening Day
Shot   Guns,    Double   Bar-
$10 UP
Shot   Gun  and    Rifle  Com-   £05 QQ
Singled-Barrelled Shotguns   (tin   IIP
Selling at - JIU   UT
PUMP GUNS — Remington,   National,
Loaded   Shells,   Cartridge Belts,
Shooting Coats and Vests.
Presentation ot Reports and Financial Statement tor Past
Year-Election oT Ofticers and
Tin' ninth annual mooting ol     t lu
above society  wns hold iii  tbe    City
Hull on Alunduy, August 29th,    1910,
at eight p, in.
Prosent— MoBsrs. Kilpatrick, ebair
man,   llowson,   McUl?negbau,       Kiii-
i-iiiil,    Gordon,  Porter,  Gobel,      Mc-
Carter, McCarty, Dr. Hamilton, and
j   Tho    minutes   ol the last   annual
.meeting     were    read and on  motion
wore adopted.
The auditor's report was then presented, stating Unit the bank balance os shewn  by the books had been
compared with the bunk pass hool,..  "'1 "n-
uiul found to be correct nml that tbo
'books had  bi'i'ii  carefully  und accur-      ' J   lu'8t  r°BUlar mooting      ui   tho
'ntely kept, an.l the balance sheet, sub   l'"1"'" "' '""•'■■"'■   for 191(1 U,      was
initteil, subject to the report, exhib-  holJ  "'  !i"     utJ   "al "	
ItB the correct position of tho Revel-   AuBUBl   2'JtnJ      Resent,   ah*   ...        1.
stoke  Hospital  Society ns ut      31st  Kl|l,i'""'".    Howson,     Mi
July, I9iu. Kiiii.u.i,  i,,.1.1.hi,  Porter,  Uobol  Mc
|   The President then moved    a  vole  barter,      McCarty,      Dr.   Hamilton,
of thanks to Mr. Jackson     for   his  Arnl
kindness  in  presenting his fee      tor
.tins audit to the hospital,  to which I
i Ived from c acl ing    aticnl  , ami
tlie magnilicenl   gi ant  * l  1 s,uoo fi om
i iir  provincial   goveriin
l tender our most siui i * *
'I'lie modlcal   Bupoi Inl an    nl s      reports    of    111*, i hi'"' ,11   ■*.'. In ,|.l
submitted will Bhow ai      lu
11.,   nm.M i  ol pal leuti    *    .* .i,     H.-i
i'"iiii'..ied   willi  lho  pi'   *    *    year.
l    beg   I.,    thank    1.1    ll
Ludios ll": ,'iiui  Guild '  ■     verj
groal  .1 *■, * ii, i.   i in ,i    i.,.i.       ; i., i,
tho iio.o ii  in Bin i I., in    Liu     ,
«ii li    llm ii     .iii.i othei     .        arii
■A hllo  thej   have  uol    ul ;      a
ropoi i,  i am  v oi)  Burn theii      work
lius in j ,*,|, al 1 .       .ni ti i
i imn loiiui'i  years,
My i ..nn.    ,.   in.-** i in:    . .i.   In ,*. . ii
"i  ihis board mii ing  it ith i.n*,      toi
tlie time  mnl  attention   ihaj       havo
given  to  tho allairs *■   .  ■   in ipital,
ni."  io    ii,,.     medical   au.l   uursin
..i.iii,  for  iheii*  loyal  .ii.. ni.on      to
dutj ,   nn.I   the   i.iii *   *   i i/.i ii,.,       oi
ilu.lini-.   uie  1 milium I il   | lio    I   i j
oi  ii. relstoke, ior tho valued asi
'mile nml Buppol i   im*..  ari   i .i i ii inly
to accord us.
1 bog in n. .ie iin* adop        ■ i  i i.i..
All the very Latest Models in
Rifles—351, 401, Mauser, Remington Auto, 22-Calibre in all
Lawrence Hardware Go,, Ltd.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
I Mr.  Jackson     replied    in a
The financial statement, balance
sheet, ami medical superintendent's
reports were presented and on mut-
jion were received and tiled.
The Chairman then read his address to the  board,    anil moved    its :
Kllll , 111,
Carter, McCarty,
Armstrong, w. it.
:;i"i.*.*, .). ll.
'iin* chair i,,ivii;f*  i.i  i
uitable  following    wero    electi oljjcers
mnl committees:
Piesldent—Mr. 'i.  Kilpativ   .
l* i   *. iei i i, b.—Mr,  li. * li    \.i.
2nd  \ ice i res.   Mr.   A. 13, Kincaid.
Arrov bead    Board    of    TruBtoes—
Messrs.  Lachmund,  Heid and  Kirk.
i        board  "i  'i'i usti
i adoption.     This having been second-
led, it was put to the meeting      anil
| carried.
I    Tho  following  were nominated  and
elected    as directors for the ensuing
Messrs. D. H. Atkins, A. E.      Kin-
Icald,     P.  Hooley, \V. D.  Armstrong,
J. H. Jackson,  W. Co war, A
Hae ami Walter Byrd.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Otflce—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized -      -     $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed -           5.575,000.00
Capital Paid Up -      -      fi S30.000.00
Reserve        - 5,5ov,jOO.QO
Branches ot Aperta at all prinoipa' p dnta inTanadn.
Agents in Great Britain and United Mates—London, hnglund,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- Firet National JBank, Corn hx-
chanee National Bank. Seattle-Seat tie National Rink, S.intian-
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—KKchange
National Bunk.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 81 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
currant rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Haylock, Magee and Ackers.
Bec-Treas.—Mr.  W. D.  Armstrong.
Executive Committee   •■ issrs.    McCleneghan, llowson, Kincaid, Gordon
and the secretary.
Build i .1
Patrick, Howson,  McCartor, McCart)
i.*'i Ion,  Ati mi .  Dr. Buthei land, and
MC_  the set rotary.
finance    Committee—Messrs,    Kin-
The     balance sheet for the      yeur   ' :l"''   llle BOCretary.
showed liabilities of $8310.00 mul as-      lht' meeting  on motion then      ud-
uctB  amounting  to  $45,870.56.       The   jourued.
total  expenditure  lor  the  year    was
$19,055.19     and      receipts  $3G, 126.41,
leaving a  balance of $1(1,471.22    carried to capital account.
Medical  Superintendent's report for \x>ay, Sopt. 5th, and It promises     to
ti. in. ii. Shoot
F.  Company,    R.M.K., are holding
year ending July 31st,  1'JIO:
Number of patients remaining
hosiutal July 31st, liluV.S.
Number of patients remaining
hospital  July 31st,  1910,  13.
Total treated during the year, 4G7.
Total number ol hospital days,
Total number of major operations,
40; total number of medical cases,
235; total number of surgical cases,
208; total numlier of maternity cases
| be the beoi     shoot ever held iu im*
in   city,     one good leal  ol the shoot
is the waj thi cothpauj has sent
in I out invitations io Nelson, Kasli ,
liossland, Verm n, Kelowua, Armstrong iiii.l Kamloops, inviting all
men .* to tho respi ctivo ci ui
pan      .•  es i" attend and
lake pari  .n the Bhoot.
J bO   prize   I to   some
where iu  the    nei]
is a very i *   list and
Ilie Local i. 0. F. Ball Team
Defeats tlie Bunch from Revelstoke oi: Friday Last Iiy a
Score of 38Jo Si
'^ uli      the     Laurier  train   passing
ilu oiigh  in ilie iii..i mii:*,     ami     i he
'■' "i"*     In      i ..*        nil. n ,
1 ■•'■- Bali     Arm \... Odd
I' llowi   "i   Iti ,'olstoko,   it boi nn .1  like
ii holiday  in i     Buys tho Salmon
* Hihoi i er.      i lie Lull game    wus
o i "ii  ihe "bl     diamond    bolilnd
rove and  attractotl  quite
fl  lar     i,  quite .oi Intoresl   bo
ii ;* i hown iii 'ii" I'liinr, and tho looal
team n ci l\ ing good up] orl [rom
tho town iicoplc, '* ip * lolly tho
young lii.hr. .
I : *  li lid  aboul   ii *   ball
ilir  Ii'i ter.     Tin   bc iro at  tho linisli
'.'.*. 3)7, in  favor of      Bai
mon \ .i.i, local ti am ha\ In yoi
an nun.: * i*. piny. Uur I oyi wero
lm Uy " .! of form an . allowed Re\
olstoke " . i i a big lead, when tbey
c. il. iii ly gol can ii bb and thon could
not pull In i   again when it    bo-
i .iin.   nei *:nary.     Tbey are n      : i
bunch ol B| "ii . and took tho defeat j
with good grace,
Salmon Arm - Qoutwell, C; Miller
■Siiiiiioii Arm—Boutwoll, c; Ml.lor,
p; Johnston, i b; Uln igow, 2b; Armstrong, ,Iririi, If; Ulbbard, cl
Ruth, ri, Carroll, ss.
It. Vol ' li.       i I.     SllilJl,
c;  Uoi iii,  p;   Im,: I.i,   ih,  Jamil ion,
2b;  McRae,  3b;  McDonald, rf;    .V.s'.,
ss;  Foster,  ll.
f lorn e, i i cil ii land.
in  tho  evening  lho   Revelstoke  Iei-
lows wero I ni tlie bretborn
ot tho Mt. tda I." Igo. After tho moot
in , at whicli tho degree team Irom
Revelstoke en mi'l lied the second degree, a Ilh. .' it was gi * ii *i i.ne
all. Bpoi ch * w it
mado i :. i.i: i-Lit oi ilie i:* i .
brethi i -i  «; on, wero M
Foster,     i'i ol s I..      Ferguson      .oil
a i,i, li they  i *i l    been
Knight, expri   ling  apj rcciation      of
Response was mado by local members. Messrs. Lawrence and Too b
wlio liiol charge of the Bprcad, .ire
I.. In con ratulated on the tasty
in.oo, r in which the tabloo woro
Tin* gathering dispersed after joln-
Ing hands ami singing "AulJ Luuk
/\ Where to pet your supplies
fur   the   Hunting   Season.
Our stock of Guns,. Rifles,
"1 HTtTTSN ^t,v"'vei's'       Ammunition,
J L) Hunting  Knives,   Hunter's
fc/ Axes.   Match   Boxes,   Leggings, Coats, Belts, Fishing
Tackle,    Re-loading    and
Cleaning outfits, Traps and
Tents.   Camp Stovefl,   Compasses,   Blankets,    etc.,   is
complete in every respect.
We also carry the hest line of Groceries
Provisions for home or camp use. Our
t'!ulice Teas and fresh ground C'oirees
are especially meeting with a larger
sale every day.
Bourne Bros.
| once
I T-_ IT.     M.-J.
17;  total  number of X-ray  eiamina-   ,„.,„ ,, ..„,„ ,,,,,,,i ,,, Revelstoke on
Now Is The Time
When you appreciate being able to buy
where you know.they are kept cool and
at the right temperature. Our meats are
shipped in twice a week in Refrigerator
Cars and our Cold Storaw Plant enables
us to turn them over in Prime Condition.
P.    BURNS   &   Co.
tions, a.
Uut      patient    department:— Total
number  ol surgical  cases,   636;   total
numlier of dressings, 2,066.
Number of patients remaining in
hospital July 31st, 1UU9, 3.
Numlier of patients remaining in
hospital  July 31st, 1910, nil.
Total treated during the year, i;i:2
Total numlier of ho i372
Total i: imber majoi  o] tion . 0;
total number medical caai . H6;
I total number ol Burglcnl can . B66;
tutiii number "f maternity cases, nil
total niiiuiii i ol x my examinations,
out patient department:— Total
number of surgical cases, |78; total
number of   In i tags, B74,
Number of pat,ems remaining     ln
hospital   July  list,   190',  nil.
Numlier of patients remaining in
hospital July Slat, 1910, mi.
Total numb i   trcati J dui Ing year,
40;  total  iiiimiiii   majoi   operations, expected  lo roach  tho * it)
ail; tola' number medical cases,    -. ,|.,y ,,,,.,,,  i,,,,,, lh,. ,*,,.   ,.
total number surgical eases,  J, total A|l(,c  ttlUl  lv. ,  nil|l,    uoldou      and
number maternity cases, mi.     t"t'.i |,,,,;(... [rora t;,,.   .              .mi make
number X-ray examinations, ml. Tuesday's    mnl     •■                       race
,   out    patient department—     Total ,,„.,., Ml  n,,, [Bn [iul. „i xi  week, tho
number     surgical    cases,  2S;       total   |,,.    attraction  ol   it    kind  in  the
Lhat date.      Vlie prizes are on  exhibition in Roy Bmytho's window, and
Kieiit credit   is iiue io tl.:   , . i
octing  cm Ittci   i"i   tne  aim'  man-
in r ni wh..:. ii.. j             prlz-
i* *.      iii'.tii.i I teal me     is     the
i.li. competition to he held on tho
miniature range in the Drill Hull,
ou the ovoning oi 6opt. .th, atti r
which ali i . i i * . i Iii present
ed to tin winners follow,:.I by a
.l.u ■ *■ mi.i a good toi"' . i'ol.i l i "i
ward to.
II iibilDL^J
iiii] uliipiiieni ut Race iioriies
Arriving tor Next Week
i''oin   iii'i .    aires  .  hi *   and    Bl
teen imi bi ■! on tbe rond I    *        ■ •■"
 n   today,  nml im
lid.  ..le
liie Deal Involves Practically the
Wiioie di foad Mountain
.      i .       Ti.e   I'l ye.it   i*:l 1
.    1,,. nm,    ii.    .   i   ever
consun inatod    lu  Uu:  t U nny      is
by  h.    i^.  l..:iiiii',  who,
I , *    I.i ,.,    ..i.i. .       "I Iut
i . .i* *. ...... deal     I  strong
group "i    I'acilic     ( i .mi capitalists
aro  iu' rested iu the     al,   ...   li    la
ou    ol ..ient import   i ■   **. i. hi.
I,..i i .i iiij    11 road
...i.i   la  Inclu led   ."   . ■    propi r-
tod. Tl
i *   i.uii
 " I.,    i "u.i   i ..,   : limit) d,      now
",'. in*.I   l ;. i ,      i.i *    ... i.i i,
■ l, i.i the Kooto
uaj   Hi.ei Limited
v*. nn I i*. ii..   has   i in       i'i'*:
I. .1    ■  .        Ill:       H.I',.in'     nml        l ilie
.1       .   i ti   .       tho
film i
1*1 "I* . i.'       'I  by   A.  II.  lo Ily,   A.
i;   Rand, .\. il. i* h ; aui n, an I :*
i.i .uni'.      i ii"  whole  i* *i. '
min* i.ii   i
Ol    mil.' I ."    III".I    .11    U" 'Hi I'll    I"      lll'j
i.i,  ii,. nwnj.  ' "iii :'■  polo  I * ■   and
i  , i im,.!,.n.i,  plant mi*i too
Men's $5.50 and $6.00 Shoes
For $3.75
'"e I'n e iiii mi To pliis of Shoes
wl ich "hi i'';:*'!i ly fm* $5.60 mul $0.00
mil .ie iui' ii- u llunt'lng tin in nt Sil 75
I ei* I> .ii.
'Ill ie an' -imi' iinail moil. 1- for
yniinK men •'""' ''■' mine Cnnservative
Bliaprs for men who desire them.
Tlie'is-or i e.l Isnmileof Patenl Colt skin with  Kill Calf
skin Upper; Box Calf, Vici Kid; Qun-iuetal and Veloni.
Some Fine Hosiery Snaps
'lir f p.iir-j for 25'. In lll.uk  ami n-sntiil  shades  i f Tans,
in 1  a    ion il, which sold for 20c and 25 .
McRae Mercantile Co.
-vz-.it rmm^mr.Bsr-a^nx-trrtsm
Is always to be found at this
market. We have a splendid
variety at all times.
We seli the choicest cuts of Lam b
Beef, Mutton, Veal and Pork.
Lovers of Fine Poultry will ap-
pi eciate the sort we sell.
rp'elatolie Meat Market, Ltd.
number  dressings,  -J7.
interior of  tho  provim i   I   Is sea   in
Pre ildenl     A. Mcllno, A. J.     Mc
llonell,     mi.l   Un*
iummer Goods
Mus. a. G. Crick
I have peat pleasure,in presenting  i.'1,.|,]i    W|„, .,,. ,        toi      the
to you the ninth annual report     of  meet) aro „n,|
il.e   I'    * '"'"■'>'   "",l :      llll .   m   Moll
in   so    doing, l congratulate     tin:   .     (i|(;|]t ,.,  TU.;,I:   w,n i„. u   m..i
board in having completed the build   c|Mg ot^w,
Ing arnl aquipmenl "I the  louth wing
at   a  COS!   ol  aboul   |17,000,   This  has
loiii; been a neci i -ity. and i he boai 'i
has been fully Justified In th.' ereel
imi of tins building,     ni " ni      the
building of nu* i hase hos| ital,  now
well un.iei ' i nsti ii tion ni"i     to   i"*
i..uiv  i.i   .ii ipancy  In about      six
As  « ill   In'   ••• "H   li"in   lh''      bain IC*
in it"i    i'j  th" treasurer,
a band to      i  .      . udli ivlan ll     bo
nil Liabilities unu Icavi   ,, i m
.,,        11 |ui     Tins li im i "ly  tomorro* A
due to tbc tncrcaue ol revenue     d«- cordial invitation is extended.
tmong     the hart *   * i. ; *        ire
.,;,,,.,.    t trotten    In    the
Dominion,        whilo    In  I ie i n g
there will bo ovoi *.■ opportunity
,,( eetng lomo "; tin istosl heats
ovei run In thi   * ■  I      ' h '■;li
,  ,   | ,   . '   ni"'
the Tim i  -annual Pall  i •' '
i     •,*!ie   Will   lie   u   Complotl    ■    *"
Poultry Entries
Noai ly two hundn .1 poultry i ntrios
hnvo been handed Into ■'■. 1. Hi ■ Ino
up to dato Ioi ih" exhibition. The
i nn iei, in this cla ' 1" io i" nighl.
ami nil who ml ■ liilnl. poultry should "imn inii ato with the
in-y uh enrl.i ns possible, All
, ,*      ...Inin' '   on       the
tali gro ni i ■ i" i lator than six p.m.
on Monilnj, and if word Is lofl with
Mr, ii," ino ii ne will -*m- Ior poultry exhibit alti i three o'clock on
Monday attorn i
Kovlng Pictures
The IMlson Theatre will be open
overy night next week and with com-
ate ohang: of pro trammo Monday,
Wednesday and Friday. The performances v. ui commence ■ hai p     ai
8 o'clock,     Tho  pi  Ill bo
the besl In moving plotures. Programmes will tiivu particulars.
!'-   eh New Management
Km. Boyd, Proprietor
Tin*    Greatest    Health    Resort    on    the    Continent
Nal iral Hoi Water in Iiuths
Open All  the Year.   Natural  Hot  Water
121 Decrees of Heat
Bates from $12.00 lo $15.00 Per Week
r -    •■! JTO « '- ••*>«r*r«
ream - Soft Drinks
All Kinds Furnished during
the Summer Season
tile's Restaurant
OPEN   Til.I.   MIDXRiHT rage 2
SATUTIDAY,  SK.l'T. Brd,  1910.
Ub; fl&ail-lfoevalb
.-aH'iiDaY   AT
jntcrior pubttsblno company
Subscription   Rates
Inclulinn pottage U) Knglftud, United StivUiB
i .ii.i.iii.
Hy thi      . igh poatoflloo] K-iji
H-f   :;    ;:       ::        ■*
J lil     CIS 1 IM. I "ii I'lll .■t.-culi-iUl rwlHOll
• '■'    ' ...
rKBES   . ..-ii.   Subsonptlt it pnyublo In ad
■ . 	
,    .    . I.    lino Hi -t Innrtlon,
.   - • ' ■'"•  ii'-'*ni"ii
.,[,.,*,,:- Nm,*,..i... |l! Uiim make ouo
ind   i       to  I'li-iii"-'- ne
I - -    .       neb   per  iiiuiuli
i   .:*...   .   , .-     i"i    oonu    nd
L , .-. .      igoa   nml   Ui'i. Il«
■ .  *
...     .   .      *,     ulvortl ainonui
.i in m i„i*ini ni.
.,,,,.,    .  , *   .   I :.*       .. n.'iil-
**    ,     »|   *''*'"
\ .  ml,     I"*" i" '*
wl     '- '"'
...       . ,i ..   line   I"   rem-*
.    . . . ul ■* '  "■■• mu"l
i,.,   ; ij  nn i  hiiilii)*  el
,*. ,:.,.*. k   .   ucure u   "■ di-l'i'iJ'-
OOKREsFO.NDKNi i   Invited  cm mattora ol
...        ,     :,,:,,,.HI,i.*iiih-   10   Kill
...       .. .      upauiod   I')    iiitiiiu  u
..—..i.ll lu  yiibiiimiiuii. Iml
«- fvi.i,..... . i»-i«»i i.mii.   uorrwponilonoo
„houi'. :-* ' i.  ^	
1 I AKVKV.  Mrl'AKlKIt
-1.1.   li. I .
SSSJIiRiSSllok.. B C,   Cranbrook, B, B,
A.M     I'iMiliOl J.A.   11AIUKY,
RereUtoke, l raubniulc
>> u ,
Solicitor, etc.
S ,ln iiiii for: —
Tub Molsons Bask, Etc.
Provincial Land Burveyor,
Mining Surveyor
, Kugineerlug
McKbnzib Avi;ni: ,
Box imt, RKVEL8T0KK
C.   W.   O    W.
Mountain  View Camp, No. «9
■ Meel- Beoond mul  (fourth  JjfodnotdayB In
mcncurdwll)  nvlt d to attend.
W   E u.-l'iUMi. ton. Coin.
JAS. M iINTYUK, Clork.
Kootonay Lodge No. IB, A f. Jk A. M.
>■* Tho rogalai iiiiiot-
t*»     "■■*•->   _ lugs nit) hold iu tlio
i-J*'j.-VS/^ii   7f|     1'l.li.   uddtolluws'
II ill, mi ilm third
Miilnl.i)    iii    I'H'-I'
'        L*1ltf      ill.   <tl   8   (im.
Visiting liroiliiiui
,iro cordially welcome
J. T. POLLOi K, Masthb.
SELKIRK l.uIHiK l'i. I. O.O. F.
Meats every Thins-
day  CTeuiiiK  iu  Bel.
.kirk Hull m 8o'eli'ck
I '.'.-:-.*.!..■ bralhrsu are
CofdiHlly iDTit-ed in attend.
Cold Range lodge, K. of Pi
/?TJ5k     No.  26,   Revolstoko, B  C.
eieept rmnl \Vi'.lnc»d„*.
ui *. mon:.' lo io -ddle'low
Hall »t » o'clook. -vlrttlo
Knighunre cordially   Imllcd.
D A. McDUSALIi   C   0.
Q. U   BBOCii   B. ol HIS   ami II   <>' K.
^jggy/ 3461
Meet? in I. 0. <•■ I'. Hull next to
Tapping's Opera House, every second
atul fourth Monday in month.
Vir-iting brethren cordially welcomed.
c ]{.. Clarence Harte.
Rec.-Sec. 11. W. Edwards
pOI/CMBl \ C\Mr N  * ': M
i tt y  liij.'1"  'n
: -        1., wesl.
All visiting i
A. T. As :     ■•. *       ■       ""   Sloan,
Cbc flDauVtoeralb
Order  early  -for delivery Sept.   L5th  and
Fir,  Birch,  Pine,  Spruce,   Hemlock
and Cedar Mixed
Ki \1,   ESTATK,   llll',   I'IRK   ANU   ACCIDENT   INSURANCE
A Most Intelligent Discourse on
the Publics Rights
The number ol citiz'-n*- inten
in tm.* .*. ibject u( "Publii **.'.•
.1 lalihc Utilities,"  who gathi
• *   i. . i< :. Theatre Tuesday
to bear 11. B. Bigelow, ol Clm
\..:i    given     e treut  thnt  will  i. '
• :.   be  I * ■   "■ '       Vet   ll ■■
a niiu.y ol the leading i it
who protess an intercBt id pub-
lie    aflaira    were     conspicuous      by
;   aljsence.
Mr.  I'. . * is a  young man,    bl
.u,    th -' ..'■•:   lai •■ reveals a finely
eled jaw, massive ami lirm, while
uli tbe lace above in expressive ol
,.: Mii.' - - barity, humility and
,* ,.,.: humor.     Hi   speaks extempoi
usly after careful preparation,
his elocution is so free Irom anVt'ta
tioii.tliat hi? ipeeeh liroiiiices tli'
effect ol elevated aud earnest cun
vereation .
io*. Mayor Lindmark took the chair
mnl wnii n h« woll chosen remarks
introduced  the  speaker.
Mr        llii-i-low   in   licglllnlllK, iii'l
Municipal ownership was n live ijucs
tun:,   ainl      KcVOlBtoko     Wns   1'onsilily
ahead ol mnnj |ilacoB ul tho name
size iii iiiiii il owned its water antl
power     systi-in.        lh*    ri'lirii'il  with
.,, ure i" tho hold tins i|iio8tlon
was getting In Canada, as ovldonced
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and M
Inini in connection with 11»>■ tele
phone .system. Ho also roforrcd t"
public ownership as operating in Ual
gary, which, niter a great reduction
in rules to tlie public lone third of
former rates Ln some Instances) yot
the plant paid tin* iiiy annually a
profit of $30,ooo.
Hi* believed wo bad startod in tho
right direction but our systnu of
rivic government was wrong. At
present tho business ol the city, nnd
of cities generally, is attended to by
nun who have a private business ol
their own, which has lirst claim on
thoir time ami enemy nml tho public
business is of seeoii-lnry consider
Tho exchange ol councillors ovcrj
year is not in favor of good government, inasmuch as the councillors
only become acquainted with tlicir
! work when tbey are turned out ol
ollice un.l new ones elected. Tins.
uniii lie, is not in ihe interest of the
best management   ol  public  utilities,
lie thought thus could be largely
remedied If tho business of the city
wus administered bj a commission
say of three, ono oi whom went out
ol ofllce annually and a new one elected, and these made then only
I business, civic business, this being
made possible by then* receiving ado
ijuate remuneration. These Bhould
have the power to appoint all the
officials which the city provided for
as necessary.
Tlie objection might  bo made    tbat
this places too much powei     In    tho
ban.is of a few, In answer  be      suul,
be would also have legislation  which
would grain to the city the right lo
recall, tho right  to discbarge
officials at any  time it might    accin
I wise tu .io so.      li  25  per  cent.      nf
the people asked for an election    at
uny   tune, such an elei I    *
granted,  and  the  opp  *
to get rid of Incompeti ;
factory officials.
|   No    private concei n  wi * ..
an  employee foi  a tei m    f
montbs     irrespeel Ive     ol   h ■
[action,  etc., but  yet    that
the  way  we  run  our  |
Oregon, he quoted, as an
the right to recall
He  believed    also  thai   *
. I    the    Referendum a
ought  to i
to be a i'i".
tbat no act ol
'  •
that o
have  passe
■: * thirty c
■ ■
i  em
■    *   '
panj      ii.* ■'
again       Tolcd
* ..■!.•        *.■:■ .
.   ..-.         i pei
ly  ii.'
B it, Bald he, I *'    al
ave  the  powei
remedj   an
to introd
..,.-.. *       .. ,i
ilenl*.   become o n   ma '•■!    ■"*'!
the Bcrvanl I   il
peai   I*"' ire I  i m on run   kncea     i"
get what they wero olei ted  to
ns.     If a given pel  conl. "f the pwi
pie     desire       legll bit loh   ■*!'   :i   CCI Iiiiii
question,  the people   ihall  have    the
right     f" vote on the law proposed
by the poople nnd may enact  Ioi
lion  in spite of the law makei
'ought    to  be  able  to Vote  un  mwis
| urea ns well as mcn.
Progress, said he in conclusion,
cornea slow ly at I lines, wo havo to
wan (or the death ul "id Ideas and
tlie birth of new ones. Tho treal
inenl thai Is nsuall) given a new
truth is ihut it is ut lirsl ignored,
i hen ridiculed, I hen ci iicilicd, nud
Inlei* monuments nro built to It,
such wns tho treatment given to the
lirst steam boat, Every grenl truth
is horn in n mangor mid finally ecu
cificd.     Wo ought   i" make our citj
hulls    tompll s    ol  jllsl ice nud   innl'
ousness, tlie citizens ought to bo In
spired with Ideals of Bocial righteousness, ns  intelligent   patriotic cu.
ii'.cn.s are the greatest asset to any
iiielhnils and the vigorous enforcement of ihe low agalusl  ultondors.
In ihis connection the niter Insufficiency of ilm penalties provided are
quiiicd nnd a considerable Increase
in those is domandod. U is pointed
out that the maximum pcnulty
should imi he less ih.iii toll years
Inini labor,
The conference oxprosaod its grave
disapproval of the practice of obtain
Ing in .several places in tho west "i
employing Indiana (or pui poses of ex
hiiniioii in connect on with agrlcul
tural and other shows us productive
ol unsettling and de allying oflectB
ninoiih llieni nnd HI i'. I mil tho de
partment of Indian nlTalra should
be asked lo Interfere nnd employ
' such counsel and ..I hei inol hod * thai
... n be ileeiiie.l ncodl d io roprei
iho practice
|       \lliolie olliei    n ■ .hi'ii. n-lill "  UK   of
the tompornnce committee adopted
unanimously by the eoiiforonoo I * n
protost ngalnsl  the pi i ml bo1 ul   tho
sale of liquor  in    illleoi ■• nnd i el go
nut's iiiessi's  in propcrl   uniler      the
control "f ihe miii: ui depnrtmonl  of
Moving Pictures ail Kent Week
The Kdison Thenlro will bo open
every nighl noxl W i !. 15 ihihitlon
week. The performancci will com
ini'iii'e each ovenlng al 8 o does
sharp. First class i rogrammes will
be given.
Moral Reform Department to
Maintain Agitation
Victoria, Sopt. I,—Among tlie concluding features of the work of ihe
Methodist general conference woro u |
report of tho temperance, pruiiibicioi
and moral reform commit tee an i i
mossago of loyulty which    bus    been
sent to Kill;; UoorgO \, The tllOSSagi.
assures his majesty of the loyal di
votlon to his poison and thiol..' ol
11"' million and a quarter Metll "I
ids in tin* Dominion aud the earns -
ami prayerful desire ol tho conference thut in* will .1" all in his power
towards building up a righteoua and
i.ml fearing nut,mi in tbe northern
Liill "l tins continent as an Integral
pari of a greal and united British
The nne track gambling problem,
winch is described ns Iuu mg become
more acute through growing wealth
nud luxury and tbe outlawing ol I io
business "i bookmaking in New i'ork
and "i her states ol I  • ng re
public lm.. been Bl ronglj ci ndemned,
ai iii.imn is drawn i" i!*** Miller bill
and  ii
ing t" im* ",i,sniiuul ul tl ■
* '-  .
majority in  thc *i    re
* .
< How to get
a pure white
T"HE object of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure while loaf
And this object is attained
by the use of
Purity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whiteness. It bakes into a
pure white loaf. So, you
see, to get the really beautiful white loaf you must use
Revelstoke Two Days
day, Sept. 13-14,
no Wild Animal
200 Marvellously Trained Wild Beasts. 21 Sensational
Animal Acts. The Only Real Wild Animal Circus on Earth
A herd of Performing Elephants, African Lions, Persian
Leopards, Bengal Tigers. Russian Bears Riding Arabian
Stallions. Barne's Military Concert Band of 25 Musicians.
Clean, Moral, Sensational and Instructive. 20 Double Length
Railroad Cars, Acres of Waterproof Canvas.
enioon and Night, Ram  or   Shine
Revelstoke, Two Days, Tuesday,-Wednesday. Sept. 13-It
Wood and Coal
For Sale
Life,   Accit'.ent ai.d   Fiie
City and Suburban Lots.
Full particulars upon ap-
plication t<>
W. B. Robertson
• ■
Fly Pads
are the only thing that will nd your
house of these dangerous pests.
Uailway lime Table
The following i™ llie new summer
• melablo of the C. 1'. R., showing
times ol arrival and departure of
u uiu m lievelstoke.
.Su. I arrives 6:05, doparls Ci:'2n n.m.
So. 97 niiives :!;-J.j departs :YAo p.m.
.Sof "i arrives 4:M, departs 6:1*6 p.m.
So, 2 arrives  12:33 midnight,      de-
I'.uta 12 l'i midnight.
So. '.»i arrives  11:30 a.  m., departs
i, in.
arrives 7:20, a.m., departs
loke 9 35   a. in.,    Br-
| loks  t 30 p. m.
Capital Paid Up       -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in ali the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohcs.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
I know soap 2-i n the wrapper's off.
I've been takin' in washing for 15 years.
I oughter know.
Jest   take   it   from   me  there   ain't
notnin' will give yo' as much .ill-round
Yours Soapily,
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly Collected and Delivered
B ggage Transferred and General Draying
Furniture and Piano Moving a Specialty
Office -Corner Connaught Avenue and Second Street
Phone 276 REVELSTOKE, B.C.      Nient can 71
Clearing Sale of Boys' Suits
4 Suits, Size 22 $3.50 to $4 50 for $2 and $2.50
6 Suits, Size 23 4.00 to 4.75 for 2 and 2.50
4 Suits, Size 24 4.00 to 5.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 25 3.50 to 5.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 23 3.50 to 4.00 for a n 2.50
2 Suits, Size 27   3.50 for
i ■ 3 piece Suits, 27 to 33, $5 and $6 for $2.75 & $3.50
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fl l-REFORM CLOTHING uatmmhav    uwot    vv»i    mm
SATURDAY,   SEPT.  Hnl,   llllll.
Page 3
LOOK!        L
A 131
Actual comparison ol Eastern C
atalogue |
irices, freigl
t adc
ed, with
Winnipeg price   Weight
Total    Howson's Price delivered
Kitchen Chairs         50c.
Kitchen Cabinet      $6.75
Dining Table           10.55
Dining Chairs            88c.
Dresser and Stand    8.95
Bed                         3.55
Bed                         5.3!>
6 94
■ 7.20
Dominion Spring       2 40
Child's Cot              5.10
Ostermoro Mattress 15.00
We nmkt* our profit Iiy sl>
ppiug in cur 1
uiul lots, 1
hereby saving freight rules'
catalogue giving description
if other goods
not   speci
Bed in this
lisl i
i our Ptort
nnd wn              !
will prove our statements,
temember we
deliver n
ioiIh nud Bel
Up f
ree from 1
R.  HOWSON  is-  CO    -    REVELSTOKE, B. C.
1908 - Revelstoke Agricultural Society ■ 1910
Revelstoke, B. C.
SEPT. 6-7,1910
$3,000 In Prizes
Horse Racing. Band Music. Special Rates on CP.R.
Exhibits of Fruit, Vegetables, Poultry, Live Stock, Dairy Products,
Ladies' Work. etc.. specially welcomed. For Prize Lists, Entry
Forms, etc., or any information regarding railway rates write
to the Secre'ary.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Improved.    FirBt-ClasB in every reBpect.    All modern convenience
Large Sample RoomB.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".   ALBERT     STOItTE      PBOP.
Import direct from country ol origin.
Advertise in tie Mail-Herald
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
All kinds
Reasonable Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Cor. Third St. and Robpon Avenue
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie   Avcnu
Fruit, Candies, Cigars/Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
A SNAP—Five Roomed Houso and
Lot Ior sale with Furniture, no
reasonable oiler refused.—-Apply to
A. Tcvin, Second Street, east.
EXAMINATIONS     for   the  position
of Inspector of Stenm Boilers and
Machinery, undor the "Hteam Honors Inspection Act, 1910," will bo
held at the Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, commencing November 7th,
1911). Application  nnd   instruction
forms can bo had on application    to
tho Undersigned, to whom tho former
must  bo  returned  Oorrootly  llllod   in,
not later than October 34th,      1910.
Salary (180.00 per month, Increasing
nt tho into of $5.00 per mouth   each
year to n maximum of $1X0.00.
t'hief Inspector of Machinery,
Now Westminster, IJ, C.
1st Sept. to Oct. 20.
Dominion Lands
Railway Belt of British Columbia
The date for the coming Into force
of thu new regulations has been
changed.   A new dale will he set later.
Until further notice no entries to be
granted in the New Westminster dis'
trict and east of Range 18, west of
Sixth meridian inclusive.
P. G. KKYE8,
Ottawa,.June 20, 1010.
Certificate of Improvements
Surprise, Welch and Adelina (fractional) Mineral Claim, situate in the
Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Where located: On Surpiise Creek,
North fork of Lardo river.
TAKE NOTICE that I, O. It. N.
Wilkie, acting as agent for William
A. Foote, Free Miner's Ceiti Heal a
Number B 18486 and David Morgan,
F.M.C., Numlier B 911X10, inlend, bixty
days from dale hereof, to applv to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under Section 37, mu*-t he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 23td day of June, A. D.,
O. B. N.  WlLKlK,
Trout Lake, B. C.
That at a meeting held by the Revelstoke Dairy Association the following resolution was passed—
That the public he notified that on
and after the 1st day of Septeiulier,
1010, until the 1st day of May, 1011,
tbe price of milk will advance to eight
quarts to the dollar, instead of 10 as
before, on account of the continued
dry weather and the high prices of
hay and feed the coining winter.
That milk will be delivered only once
a d iy, and that all accounts must   be
squared once a month.   (Signed)
Thos. Lewis,       N. F.sacreta
F, PiconI (J. A. Haner
Z. Bandera A. G. Carlson
Hugh B. H. Smythe
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Julia A. Simpson, of Arrowhead, occupation married woman, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands :
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner of Lot 8300,
thence west 40 chains, thence south 7
chains more or less to lake shore,
thence along lake shore to point of
Dated June 20th. 1010,
at the meeting of the Boaid of Licensing  Commissioners   for the City of
Itevelstoke to 1«! held next after the
publication of this notice for a period
of thii ty days, lbe undersigned will
apply to the saiil Hoard for permission
to transfer to John C. Laughton and
Clayton Tapping, of Revelstoke, the
retail liquor license now held hy me in
respect of the pteniises at Revelstoke
known as the Windsor Hotel.
Dated Aug. 20th, 1010.
H. J. Hani-why.
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat Klla MeCarter. of
Revelstoke, B.C., Spinster, intends to
apply lor permission to purchase the following described land:—
Commencing at a post planted on the
east bank of the Columbia Kivei* at (be
North-west corner of Lol B3O1, Group 1,
Kootenay District, and marked "Etta
McCarter's south-west corner post,"
thence east 4o  chains; thence north No
chains; thence west 4O chains more or les?
to thc east bank ol the Columbia Uiver.
thence south along the cast bank of the
Columbia River 80 chains more or less to
the point of commencement, containing
320 acres more or less.
By her agent, Albert Korsland.
Dated I-ith August, IV1O,       aug 17 im
Revelstoke 1 .ami District,
District of West Kouteuay,
Take notice lhat J.din S. Itanium, of
Kevelstoke, B. C, occupation ciuiser,
intends to apply tor permission to
purchase the loll iWIIlgdescribed lands:
Cninuicncing al. a post planted on
the trail leading Irom McCtilluugh
Creek 10 French! reek, about nquarter
of a mile distant and in an easterly
direction from (luldstt-eaiu marked
"J S. Darnum's North-west (Jorner
I'osl; th,'ii.',' south K) chains; llieuce
easl. HI) chains; llieuce north 81) chains;
llieuce west 80 chains to the placo of
coimni'iicemeul containing 010 acres
more or less.
John S. Barnum.
Dated August 2nd. 1010.
The Nelson Fair
Revelstoke I<and District,
llislriul.nl'Wesl Kn ilenay.
Take notice thai,Charles A. Barnum.
of   Revi'lsioke,   It.  0.,    occupation,
ci uiser, Intiiids to apply for permission
io purchase  the  follow ing described
Cninmrneing  at a  post planted  on
lliu   trail   leading   fiinii    iMcCiillough
Creek to French Creek, about a quarter
of a mile distant, mid in an easterly
ilil eel ion from tin.dsl renin, marked
"S. A. Bin mini's North liasl. Corner';
thence south SO chains; thence West
SO chains; theuce north SO ohalosi
I hence easl SO chains to point of C0..1-
irt "icemen!, oontaining 010 acres,
more or less.
i tiAHi.Ks August Barnum.
Dated August 2..d, lUlll.
Revelstoke Land Disfiict,
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that   1,   I'l. Mi (iahrnn of
Ai.owi'ei'd, B.C., occupation Lumberman, In.end to apply for permission to
put chase the following described lands:
Cominenciug al a post planted at
the Northwest cuinei of Lot S2UI,
thence 80 1 hains w. sl; I hence 00 chains
npi'M tu T. L. 10970: thence 80 chains
east along the line ul T.L. 10070 to the
Lake shore; theuce along lhe lake
shore lo point of 1 iiiiiuienceinent, containing four hundred and eighty acres
more or less.
Edward McGahran.
Arrowhead, B. U., June 28th, 1010.
jly 21 2m
In tie matter ol an application for
muisfueof a duplicate Certificate oi
Title to Lois 8 and 9, Block 17, Tonn
of Revelstoke, Map (i.li!A.
Nolice is hereby given that it is my
intention to i-stio at lhe expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof, a duplicate ol the Certificate
if Title to the abeve mentioned lots in
the name ut John E Taylor, which
Certificate is liiittd the llih ol May,
1903, ai d numbered 2385A.
Sami.. K. Roe,
District Registrar.
Land Registry Office,
Nelson B C, J uiy 25, 1910.   JI27 lm
Revelstoke Land Disl rict.
District of West Kootenay.
Notice is hereby given that (10 days
after date hereof 1, Ernest Edward
I lull, of Hereford, England, occupation aichiti'ci, inlend lo apply to tbt
Chief Commissioner uf Lands, for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted el
the south-we.it coiner of II. J. Hv-
hanis'pre-emption, Galena Bay, Wesl
Kootenay District, B.C., and marked
"Ernest Edward Hall's N. E cornel
posl," thence 40 chains south; thence
30 chains wi-st; thence 20 chains north;
thence 10 chains easl; thence 20 chains
north; thence 20 chains east to point
nf commencement, containing in all
100 acres more or less.
Dated this 18th day of June, 1010.
Ernest Edward Hall,
aug 10 OOd U. C. Hall, Agent.
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. First-class samph
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, .Prop
Ropttirs of all  kinds neatly  cai.-ied  01
Bicycle and Gun work a specialty
1-CBtiinutes given on any class
of work.
Fr   ont     Street.
Itaiiu'aotnrsil for an oishm ot bulldlon
hnGltll In lars Hid
I at Un lowai      ric.i for •■uh.
411 kliiitn ol boi
Foote & Pradolini,
FOR SALE—Warehouse on Smelter
Track. Apply Uhvkibtuke Sawmill
The prize list ot the Eighth Annual
Nelson Fruit Fair Is just to hand,
and is well worth pursuing tho book
Itself in appearance is handsome and
rcllccts great credit upon tho pro-
motors of the (air, or whoever is
responsible for the work, as we have
no hesitation ln saying we have Sever seen a hotter production of its
kind In the Domiuion.
Un looking over tho dldcrant sections wc notice a largo increase in
tho prizes aa offered in previous
years, especially Is this noticeable
ln tbc fruit section which no doubt
will have the ollect of bringing out a
grand display, the prizes in the
district exhibit have been doubled,
the lirst prise hclng the Johnstone
Oup und jinn no cash, the second
prize |60.00 cash, lu addition to
these prizes each district competing
Is allowed $511.(10 for expenses and
freight charges to Nelson, the competition in this exhibit promises to
be keenly contested as we understand that already no less than live
out of the eight districts have entered for competition. 6
The poultry section is under tbe
allspices of the recently organised
.West Kootenay Poultry and 1'et
Stock Association, and more accommodations arc already under way
for the reception of exhibits which
1 promise to tax tho poultry building
to its utmost capacity.
The other agricultural sections,
namely vegetables, dairy and field
produce, have also received liberal
treatment in the way of prize money
Home baking, preserves, fancy and
childrcns work having been equally
favored, in the manufacturing department will be an exhibit of the
different things made in the Koote-
nays. Prize lists may be obtained
upon application to the secretary G.
Horstead, P. O. Box 392, Nelson,
B. O.
Highland Mine >n Operation
Nelson, Sept. 2.—The Highland
mine at Ainsworth, one of tne famous old shipping mines of the Kootc
nay, which was recently leaned and
bonded to the Kootenay Sllvcr-l^ad
Mines, Ltd., is being operated in full
swing. For somo weeks a small force
ot men waa at work jndJC F. D.
Fraser, mine superintendent, (.citing
things in shape, and when last week
Harry Shell ot Denver arrive 1 to
assume his duties as mine manager,
a force of twenty-Beven man waa nt
work. With the putting on ol a second shift at the mill tbis veek tbe
total number has been increases to
thirty-five, and a barge has l>een ordered from the CP.R. for the first
shipment of concentrates this year,
which will comprise about sixty tons
destined for Trail.
Champions for Sweden
New Westminster, Sept. 2.—A H)g-
gestlon bas been made that the New
.Westminster lacrosse io*m be sent
to Sweden to the Olympic gurnet ln
1012. Tbcro is to be some lacrosse
at the games and some of lbe enthus
iastic supporters ot the team believe
tbat if Canada is to be represented
it should be New Westminster.
A former resident of Swede.1 las
writteo the lacrosse fam ie,.€r<',.jg
the trip and the ma;', ir will be seriously discussed at the nei. meeting
of the eiecutive.
Prompt Settlement
Revelstoke, B. C, Aug. 18th.
S. G.  Bobbins,  hJsip,
Agent Columbia Fire
Insurance  Co., Revelstoke.
Dear Sir,—
I have to acknowledge with thanks
cheque of tbe Columbia Fire Ins.
Co., for (900.00 in settlement of my
claim for loss at Salmon Arm, and
thoroughly appreciate the manner in
which this claim was settled
Youre truly,
Revelstoke Land District.
District of  West  Kootenay.
Take notice that H. W. Crawford,
ol Gerrard, U. C, occupation engineer, intends to apply for permission
to purchase tbe following described
Commencing at a post planted ten
chains from the south east corner
of Fullmer's pre-emption, Lot 74S1,
thence west 40 chains along the
south boundary of Lot 7491, tbenee
south 25 chains, thence oest 40
chains, thence north 25 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated August 27th, 1910.
Located by W. E. Glenn, Agent. Pi gc 4
HA'i    UDAY,  SEPT.  3rd,  1910.
Dr. James Hector Had a Narrow
Escape From Being Buried
Alive by His Indian buides in
Kicking Horse Canyon
When Dr. James Hector was exploring the western slopes ol the
Rocky Mountains in Llntish Colum
hia, lie happened to pass too near
the heels of an ill tempered cayuso,
The animal, probably not recognlz
Ing the future significance ul bis ac
tion, kicked the explorer with such
vehemence as to bleak three ol his
ribs and apparently kill him. So
convinced were tbc Indian guides of
Doctor Hector's demise that they
dug a grave near a mountain torrent
and were proceeding to bury him
when he recovered enough to protest
against nny    undue    haste. When
at last the doctor was able to travel, he investigated the course of the
stream near which his premature
grave had been dug, and found the
pass to the west for which he had
sought earlier in vain. Alter him the
Hudson Day company put a trail
through, which was followed years
later by the Canadian I'acilic railroad.
Dr. Hector.s experience with tho
cnyusc was, however, only a prelim
inary to incidents of which " Thc
Dig Hill," us railroad engineers
know it, wns the scene. Tbe grade
here varied between 3.5 and 4.5 per
cent, for an eight mile stretch. Our
engines were required to haul a train
up, and on the way down the trainmen walked alongside, to be sine
that thc brakes were not beating
nor wheels sliding. The very lirst
train down, writes 0. F. Carter in
The World's Work, ran away, climbed a curve, nnd plunged into the
river below, nnd "it was counted a
dull day when something as original
as it was startling did not happen."
It was here thnt Engineer Dad
Ames achieved the truly remarkable
feut of losing a snow plow. Anyone
who has ever seen n wing plow will
concede that something akin to genius would be required to lose such
au unwieldy piece of property, for it
weighs ubout *M tons, is about thu
size of a box car, and has wings that
cut a swath IG feet wide through the
snow drifts.
Dad started up the lull with Tommy Cod Conger ns lookout in the
cupola of the snow plow nud the us
ual crew inside to work the wings
aud tbe Hanger. He bowled along
at the usual speed for a couple of
miles, with the usual clouds ot snow
Hung bask against the cab windows
and obscuring the view, He knew
by instinct when he reached the tunnel, two miles and u quarter from
Field, uud there bu easeil up on the
throttle and the cut-oil. When he
emerged from the tunnel he dl
her down nud opened the throttle lor
the encounter with the drifts I
expected there; but things did not
seem to be going rignt, si
tbe window and  looked out.
The suuw plow  was gout*
Dad stopped, got down, aud walked up  to  the pilot and  felt ol      the
drawbar    before      be
himself  of  this   incredil.ii'  fad
he started hack  slowly,  he and
hreman keeping a sharp  lool
both sides     He backed ail tbi
to Field without finding any
of the l"**it plow ur its cl i
so asti uioi.uig ii.ut Dad
tbe telegraph ..::.. •■ and asked  ■'• anyone could tell nil  had
really stu. ted
or not.
With     a >  i
in  tha cah.  Had stiu >     lull
again    .i.   , .,* •     '  U>t
Near  the west portal  ol  the     .unci h
voice   -in    mm.:        .
disciiv... :  *   in lei log  i-i
tbc hill, bewailing bis hard fats
niany u pii   n I ■, w Invecth a
enow plow, he reported, was I]
the    river's    edge,    100  leet
When it had left the rails      he    bad
been thrown ont ot the cupola   wm
dow on  to n rock,   from  whieh      ho
bad ricocheted     to      another.       from
which he  went,  bouncing down      tho
hill In a scries of graceful parabolas
with   the   snow   plow   in   hot   pursuit,
until    both     landed  in a deep    drift
from which he had  great  ililliculty in
cacaping.  None ol  tb« crew was hurt
to speak  ol,  but  they  would   all    he
rnurh obliged to anyone   who would
kindly dig them out.
Just how the snow  plow    can,'   to
leave the trnck and how it managi I
to disappear without attracting tho
attention of tho engineer or Unman
on tbc locomotive behind It Ih B
mystery which no ono on the Canadian   Pacific    ba« ever been able     to
More frequently the down trip was
the exciting one, iu spite of Innumerable precautions, Three or four safety switches were set in the main line
which were never opened until the
engineer Blgnaled that he was coming in good order ut a speed less
than eight miles an hour, ity these
switches a train exceeding the limit
was turned on to the Bbort lines up
the   mountain    side,    whom wrecks
could     take   placo   without   hindering
tratiic, but the circumstances ol thoir
operation   were   not   always   loreseen.
une day in January, MOD, tor instance, nn engine coming down the
lull With only a caboose got beyond
innl ml just below the liiitl safety
switch. As sonii ns he realized that
his engine wns running nwny tlie en
glnoor decided to get nil and walk;
pausing long enough to yank the
t In nt tli- open he yelled al. Ins lire
mail, and let. Illmsoll lull out. of his
window. The  engine   was    already
reversing in order to use the water
brakes; when steam wns admit.ted to
thc cylinders the drivers began to
spin Impotontly backwards thus decreasing their holding power ns the
engine shot down the mountain at a
speed which increased every instant.
The conductor and brakcmaii lost no
time in  following the example of  the
engineer nnd fireman by disembarking
With more celerity than dignity. As
everything had been done thnt could
be done, it would have been lolly
not to jump.
A runaway on a 1.5 per cent, grade
can cover nine-tenths of a mile, the
distance between safety-switches, in
a very short tune. The switch-tender
seeing the runaway tearing down the
mountain with the drivers encircled
by Indus of lire, leaped over the bank
and Med Into the river.
The engine broke Irom thc caboose
just above the switch. lieing light
and having its brakes set to the lim
it of effectiveness, the caboose slowed down the Instant it wns released
from  the   heavy  locomotive. The
engine run up on the spur to the
very end. The forward trucks even
went oil the rails a distance ot six
feet before the runaway came to a
Standstill. All this tune the driving
wheels were turning backward to the
accompaniement of a violent sputter
trom the exhaust. When tbe engine
came to n standstill, the great.wheels
had their lirst chance to get a good
grip on the rusty rails, Alter s
pause that Boomed hardly perceptible
to the spectators at a construction
camp lust below, the engine pulled
its trucks luuk on the rails; then,
under the full head ol steam rushed
backward down the steep Incline to
ward   the   caboose   which   was   li-itt.'i
Ing at the switch.
There was n clash and loll tuns ol
steel leape.l upon the helpless little
cabi" ;;ough      of
tbe caboose left to pi renin
for the crew.   As lor the engine,   -.t
contrived    t.> derail     a tender truck
and si,  to  bring the  Incident    to      B
dost    with   a minimum    delay
T    Engineer jimm..
the doubtful en
.-.  e the  ler._
Jui. ii...
one siimn.'
gine get away
miles an   b
er inn'
Jimmy  repeat
b tendei  *."
Ing t
awny.   and   tbt
big i.ti.' k-faci
ciioimstanri'R he  waa tin
switch   set   lur   tbi
runaway    Bui bert rs   ■ man
l|  ^uing to desti
to meet h     .,■ the   main
As between obeying tbt i iIsh     and
hum'ii Ing  B   dying  in	
tender allowed Jimmy to teai down
ti,'* main line, sounding a
. tendei
Buoh frnntirH niii'i ati on   raj
i" bt dlen
'in obeyed tbt i mand, then No. *t
■lij the same     Tht tbret profoundly
astonished    iwlteh-tonders gased
mi mouthed    aftei   a trail "I  in
disappearing in tbo distance       Thi
sound of a wblstlo come  .'hi,it.t    up
from the direction of the stn ikj, l>-r
Jimmy seemed to have forme.I n.c
The fireman's lirst luipulsa nml
been to jump, but the rods lot Kod
hard, and Jimmy's grin cftUBOQ li in
to hesitate until ho had become too
terrified to act. The engine took the
sharp curves with a -/lolon'O fill I.
col.ed for the fireman i undivided attention to keep from be.m; thr iwn
against the boiler-bead and bavin;
hia brains knocked ui. .\-i f. r Jimmy, the grin had Ir.u.'u upon his
Ince. lie     sat  upon  his  h .\ scat
staring straight nhoad, working the
whistle lever  like an ailtomal it.
Two nub's ami a quarto.' Ir un
Field   is  a  tunnel   which ,nar!i i       tbo
bottom of the sleep grado, t in i m
orglng from this tunnel tho ru ittway
began to respond to tho odorts lhal
innl been made t>> stop it. Then th •
two men recovered their Bctf-posflefl
sion and looked out upon Lho hriiiilt
world In pleased surprise at lindii.i,
themselves  still   in   it.
When they reached Field tbe fireman with an earnestness born of ■"• n
viction, assured the excitol group
awaiting them that they had come
down the hill nt the rate of 4S'l miles
an hour. The unemotional records
however, showed that the action
time consumed in covering the eight
miles from Hector to Field, includ -
ing a stop below the tunnel was 17
minutes. Even this seemed to Jimmy Fidler a feat to be vaunted, for
no engine had ever made the decent
of the Dig Hill in such fust time;
and, it may be added, none has ever
done it since, for the average engineer is thankful for the time allowed
of -12 minutes for light engines.
The company, though, did not reciprocate Jimmy's sentiments. Instead of being dismissed in the usual
way, Jimmy was discharged by wire
and as if that action were not quick
enough,  the message     was      marked
It's easy to grow plants in
a Sunshine-heated home
PEOPLE living in homes heated with
ordinary furnaces often claim they
cannot grow plants with any degree
of success. 'This is due to the fact that ordinary furnaces arc not provided with an
Automatic lias Damper, There is nothing
tn prevent coal-gas, which is deadly to plant
life, being forced up through the registers.
Now, whon the gns lu tho combustion chnmbor
of  tho  Bunshlno reaches   :i   certain   prossuro   it
tivays open the Automatic Gas Damper und passes
it,   tlw chimney, consequently there is no chunce
r fnr It to escnpo through iho roglstors,    Instead, lho nlr thnt
passes  through   tin' registers  ts  pure,  warm,  Sunshine  nlr,
laden with tho proper degree "f moisture from the wntor-pon.
It's the kind of nlr thai makes plants thrive nnd Is gumi to breath inio
your own lungs,
If you want to guard your home (nnd who doesn't?) against evil-
smelling, deadly coal gas order uur agent to Install the Sunshine
furnnce (guaranteed) in your collar.
Pure .Warm
Sunshine Air
.1 il flu*11
MSClaryis ^«f
Residence, Second Street
Telephone   202
I!*i\ ing been < incased .1^ music lonelier
(isl yeai in Victoria College ami having
been obliged to come back lo Revelstoke
on other business*, I wish to start in tlii-.
eilj .in \eademj of Music, Ruing students
foi their examinations to tbe Conservn-
Ioi . - of Eui ope,
Kills   ANU   CONDH it'Ns
I,    I.i ss,»ns will start on September   1.
After this dale lessons   will  go   0*1   from
to the last daj of each consecu-
tivi   month  during the year,  excepting
Jul}*, when 1 vacal ion will he given,
_'. The course lhat will In- taught con-i
tains three grades, and nl the end of each '
£rade .1 diploma will be given.
\   book* w     be given bj teacher,
1     Prospective pupils nre ndvised  not
10 take .i 1 oui se less than ,1 j eai ■
5,    Pup |] to discontinue  must
give a n .       - v' or a full fee   will be
lot rei 1 ived   al   the   ap-
"     N
•   will    be   en-
■    1. . .Mini    Will   pupils
houi   first   ob-
- ■
I month;
iii    pupils
Mrs. Hermann McKinnsy
Ie chtr of Ida, Piano air! Onpn
Studio:   Second Street
Second Hand Store
E.    G.    BURRID ,E
Tinnmlthing, Repair*,      ot   Air
Pipe an.l  Furnaco  Work
Oonnaught  Avo.   -   Rovolstoho
Don't Miss It
The Eighth Annual
Fruit Fair
Three Days
September 28,29,3D
Pull nf bui prides In Fruit,
Vegetables, Poultry. Mineral
Lumber nnd district exhibits
$3,000 IN PRIZES
1'Vni i'ss AiTonaut, will m ike
a lul oun ascension and Par-
ncliule l.c ip daily.
TIium* l.ulii'H anil 2 mi n in
Iheir uitpai'.itli'li'it anil re-
lineil Bicycl" Act.
VARDS   Ungated   ki   an
enni-inuiis 1 .*. pi'iiMi1, lately
featured wl'li RliifflingBros,
the aerial marvel*, in lung
leaping and aMling act f>0
feet in the air.
La Patella and La Folli'tla
The Fool ai d the Circus Girl
Aula eur Atli'et'c Sports
under auspices of Y.M.C.A.
Drilling Contest*, Log Saw-
ng, Log Chopping Contests
 I iiuuicri 11. other attrac-
t ions
Sei' Daily Pl'< pram.
Kxcuri-ion Rates on all Transportation lines.
J. E. HE,   G. HQRSTEflD,
President,       Secretary
P. 0. Box 892, Ni'lsnn, B. C.
©hatiaoan College
£ummcrlan&, .HJ.C.
COURSES   FOR   taio-tt
llll'il   -M llirfi] .   Tun
l* || nn 11       in
and Type
Piano   \ *'. il
iti  i*   ideucei  l"i   young
Midi .ili'l    "im,   WOUII II,
Ulliaal 1111.
i, * M 1 'i, * . .* 1 i .     ;
iiiiiu*! par-
lu I'rini ipal
PAST seasons of
satisfactory service have taught
men that Fit-Reform
Suts have no rival in
the world of fashion.
What Fit-Reform has
done in creating Styles,
has been repeated
in the Suits for this
Fit-Reform Garments
—in all their newness
and general excellence
—are ready for you
to see and try on.
Sole Agents i:i Revelstoke.
Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Co. Ltd
1,081       ii. 1 wm n Rtvelstoke  in i
'lii'i'ly C.n ill,   "1 RSgon   lund,   11    li'n 1
mik, in.iiiiiI in yellow lesther Findi i
jiliMt leave tame al (:ny ll ill, li
SMITH, City KnKineor.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bougl.t
Cash Prices Pai<
F.   B.    WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under which the branches
at thu ftmik are able to Issue Uralts on the principal points      ,
In Urn following countries;
AustrU-Haararf    Finland
urly.mm Formosa Italy
I'.i .ml Fran.* J'!'••»
Bulgaria fr\ h («<*hi..' km.   Java
( . yU.a Garmanf Manchuria
China GraM BrWaa Mexico
Oets f1!*... Norway
Denmark .-'..-'.arid Persia
l*'r v i*-* IceUaJ Phillipine Islands
Farix l.nlan^js ladia Roumania
no dela'  rn ■••uin*.
South Africa
Straits Seltl.
West Indies m
and elsewtkcrs
WANTED Tl) KENT—Hmnll House
partly [urnishod or unfurnished. —
Particulars   to 11. P. T., n»x "14.
TO I.KT Tii," Suites "I KiujIiik. A
Sulto uf Huoub Ior tailoring or
drtssmakini; dciiartment.— Apply
to R. Tapping.
in .ii, lliuinuglily BCquaillted with
liuildillg uiul upemting timber sliutes
(drj)     Hilirencis nei did auto former
exjierlenoe,   8t«ie wsgej    0 1 prup-
|uet.i I r sleady, experienced nmi.
Apply l.utuber BynJicatc, I'enticton,
B.C. SATURDAY,  SHJPT.  3rd,  1910.
Pag. I
The Elevator is in perfect
working order these days
Take advantage of it lo
get to the Bargains in the
Drygoods Department.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the eitizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
We are giving our Special
attention to Freeh Fruits.
We can help you il you
are preserving. Call in
and see the assortment.
Pretty Hair Dressing
Nn matter how generous nature hns been
the prevailing modes call for such quantities that it is necessary to have aids to
pretty hair dressing. We have Coils,
Braid*, Switches, Turban , etc. New
lot of English and French Sanitary Hair
Hoods on show these days.
Percale House Dresses
It needn't cost much to keep cool and
pleasantly dressed at home with such
trig, comfortable frocks as we are showing these days, and then the necessary
washing guarantees are there.
At $3.50
New Arrivals
New Paisley Huchings
New Dutch Collars
New Early Fall Underwear
New Embroidery Linens
New Flannelettes
New Percales
Fruit J
run juices
These hot days human nature craves for
something more refreshing than water.
Fruil Juices are the most appetizing beverage; besides, they are nourishing.
Freshly bottled drape .luice, Lime Juice,
Pine Apple Juice, Raspberry Fruit Syrup,
Pine Apple Fruit Syrup, Lemon Fruit
Syrup, and 10 other fruit syrups. Rasp-
berry Vinegar.    Lemonade Powders.
Fruit J
A car of Pickling Crocks, one, two, three
and five gallon. Also new sealers, pint,
quart and half-gallon. The demand is
unprecedented for these containers this
year. (let yours before the assortments
are broken.
Teas and Coffees
Sunbeam Tea, our own blend, put up for
us, branded (*. B. Hume & Co. You have
our guarantee as to quality, 40c. and 50c.
per lb., in olh. packages    1.75, and   2.25.
Just now we have a special tea at a
special price—"> lbs. for |1.
A special buy i tl' u« in possession of a
quantity of extra qualitj Mocha and
Java Coffee. We grind this or pulverize
it in our electric mill and we would
advise you to buy a lb. at 50c, or 51bs.
for f2 25.
Clothing Hints
Tlie law compels you to wear olotlies. Self-respect
nnd good taste compel you to wear good clothes.
Every man is interested in the clothes question.
Most men enjoy being well dressed. Tbc law and
tbe climate compel attention to the subject even
among those who might overlook its importance.
Some men go through life making mistake upon
mistake in buying clothes. They either pay too
much, too little or pay just enough, hut do not get
what they pay for. If you will read the few facts
here given and remember them, you will have
learned something about good and stylish clothes,
how they are made and how to obtain them, that
will save you trouble and save you money for the
rest of j our life. 20th Century Brand garments
are all presfed absolutely with hand irons. Ready-
made clothes are pressed off on pressing machines.
20th Cenlury Brand pressers do not shape our garments. The shape is tailored into them before
they reach the preesers. Gaiments tbat are shaped
with the iron are quickly unshaped by the weather.
The edges on 20:h Century Brand garments are
shaped so evenly and perfectly that the presser has
little or nothing to do in the way oi stretching or
House Furnishings
Lace Curtains and Curtain Goods
Just arrived an extra choice lot of the
very newest creations, in Lace and Fine
Net Curtains in White, Ivory and Ecru,
choice Nets and Madras Muslin. Ask to
see the new Scrim Curtains.
Carpets and Carpet Squares
We are offering special values in Web
Carpet made up to fit. Some very dainty
and artistic designs.
Our range of squares is choice in every
respect, iucluding—Axmineters, Wiltons,
Brussels, Tapestrys, VelvetB and Ingrains,
a new lot just arrived, which we are
offering at priceB which will make them
go quickly.
Iron Beds. Mattresses and
We havo a full line of Iron Beds ranging
in price from IS to $25. It will pay you
to examine these goods.
Health Brand Mattrepses, all sizes in
four qualities. The best medirm and
low priced mattress on the market.
A Snappy Fall Suit
The new three-
button Back suit.
None of the frills or
millinery effects of
the past few Beasens
—they are done.
Absolulely plaiu
and yet with all
snap and style required by the most
fastidious dreBser.
Made up in choice
gray and brown,
Boft-finished worsteds.
$24 to $30
Get It at Hume's
The Perfect Coat
Look at the lines
of this garment—
the swing, dash and
style of it—and tell
us honestly if you
can duplicate it at
any tailor shop in
the country. Note
the collar and lapels, fine shoulders
and free flowing
Made in gray
and black woollens.
Our New Tea and Coffee Department at the back of the Btore on
the Ci round Floor, is proving a
convenience. We have a fine
" Hohart" Electric Coffee Mill and
can give you genuine steel cut,
ground or pulverized coffee while
you wait.
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke ««* Arrowhead
your Orders ! Herd the children
to the Store I Come yourself, or
have our City Traveller call at
your Home for Orders. No Order
too large or too small for us to
handle. It pleases us to see that
Customers get the best of attention.
3 TftRe 6
SATURDAY, SEPT. Brd, 1910.
Ladies' Cashmere Hose
lack  Underskirts
lOc. values al 25c. per pair.    Vou can't
Special at 00 cents each. Just the Skirt
beat them in the city for their wearing
for the early Fall weather.
New Ladies" Skirts
We nrt* offering a special line of Skirts
Soft   nnd   Stiff Hats in all  the  Latest
at reduced prices.
shapes.    Up-to-the-minute in stylo.
Fall and Winter Coats
New Tics,  Negligee Shirts.
For Ladies' and Misseb'.   They include
the latest Btyles.
Fall Overcoats in .Men's and  Boys.
Knit Golf   Coats   and Sweaters
for   Women   and   Children,
('ill early and get  hest  selection.    We
can supply you with all your Fall needs
at reasonable  prices.   Come  and  look
full range open and put in
this shipment  over  and   see   what   we
stock to-day.
have for you.
JACKSON—At Revelstoke, B. 0.,
August 27th, 1910, to Mr and Mrs.
John H.   Jackson, a daughter.
Look after l
New programmi of moving pictures at  the  Edison Theatre Monday
Mr. Tappine is advertising mov
ing , ii r.'.i -■ at the opt ra bouse for
three nights commencing tonight.
The Canadian    team attending the
Blsley,        England     Bhoot     passed
ji   * ere on Wednesday last    en
ti   loi  the coast.
The jumlor lacr..sse match,      High
Bl hi * I   VS.    PUl IlC   SChool,   Will        take
place on Labor Day on the Mc-
Ker.zn   v.*    grounds at i" o'clock in
the morning.
AU   officials   ol   the Labor     Day
i - • ictilarly requested    to
be on the grounds on Monday    next
at 12 tS t'.' receive the t instructions.
meet is called for one     o'clock
All those who wish to exkihit fruit
at the fair can leave their exhibits
at the City Hall between tbe hour
of 5 and i* p.m. on Monday next,
when they will be taken charge ol
by the committee.
Mr. Huioid LSushea, an old U. S.
..• --.si-aper man and now general
agent for the Al. U. Barue» Wild
Animal Bhi .v.-. was in the city on
Friday making arrangements for ins
n tbe 13th and 14th,
Tbe Btores will clost at one o'clock
next Tuesd Wi dnea lay after-
nooni t ol everyone getting
a chance I attend the Fail Fair
at the Eihi ith n grounds. In the
even.:. 1 will  :.e open from seven
t.il nine o'clock,
A committee ol ladies will Le     in
attendance at tbe Cit>  Hall on U
day,  Sept.  '■        -:■.•.*'     thc hours of
lv a.m. and 11 a.m. I ex
hibits rork, dm   art , etc.,
which lected   and     for
warded to the fair ground
Geo. Lembke,      oi ■*.    y city i
:* ng.
.'.    . . l.ied   a
part roprietors
of tbe 1
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing' so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full slock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can oiler you the besl values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to o lbs. for .$1 as a special.
Shooting Season
shooting season opened on
Thursday, Sept. 1st, a number of
local sports have gone out hunting
for grouse, snipe, deer, blue grouse,
ducks, hear, etc,
Hunters should remember that the
season for prairie chickens does not
begin until Ootober l and ends on
the 21st of the same month, l'heas-
' nut and quail may he shot at any
'time in tho county of Kootenay and
'the same rule applies to moose cows
and calves.
Ducks, geese and snipe may only lie
sold or exposed for sale in November and October. Deer may be sold
between September L and November
tt is necessary for noli residents,
before going out on hunting excursions to take out a license, the fee
for  which  is  $100  per  annum. A
license fur one month, entitling the
holder to shoot deer, hear and goat
only, may he obtained  for $25.
Hunters must not kill moro man
one wapiti or elk, iwo mountain
sheep of any species or more than
three in all, three goats, three
cariboo, three deer ol any one species or live in all or mure limn 2511
The season for grouse and ptarmigan closes on Decomber :'.l ami for
ducks, gceso and snipe mi February
2S. The close season for moose com
menees on .March 1.
The penalty for breaking any of
the various sections ol the game act
ranges as high as ?500,
pie's cast oils. His sister, Ruby,
Iti years, weighs 800 lus, The children are in perfect health, ride hikes,
are growing overy day, and prove
most interesting in their stories of
their trip round the world. Then the
father is ex mayor of Foxton, New
Zealand, where all the children were
horn. They are located on the fair
ground, and said to bo well worth
seeing and  bearing.
■^    in ■^■im    r--
Wild Animal Urcus
Al. (I. Barnes' Dig Three [ting
Wild Animal Circus and its assoei-
te attractions will give u two days
exhibition in Itevelstoke Tuesday unu
Wednesday, Bopt. 13th and 14th. The
BaniOB shows recently exhibited at.
the Calgary, Kdmonton, Saskatoon,
Brandon and other Canadian fairs,
and are en route to the exhibitions
at Victoria and New Westminster.
Over two hundred jungle and lorest
fed wild beasts take part in a programme presented in three rings and
a massive Btool arena, lasting over
two hours. Lions, tigers, leopards,
bears, gonts, dugs and monkeys give
s.nitling exhibitions of equestrianism. There is a herd of performing
.Siamese elephants that do wonderful
acrobatio stunts, conduct, a barber
shop and operate a laundry.
Sea lions play upon musical instruments, play hand hall and perioral feats of juggling upon the
backs ol running horses.
All in all the performance given by
the Barnes Show refutes the old
saying "that if you see one show
you havo scon 'om all." Two performances will he given, afternoon
and night, Tuesday and Wednesday,
Sept. 13th and  14th.
Editor Mail Herald;
Your Insurance
of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
anch <>i yeur Li.ilnes
Successors tu Kincaid ft Anderson
Tlie Burgomaster
The well known musical comedy,
"The Burgomaster" presented by
W. 1'. Cullen, was staged last night
at the opora house before a good
audience. The    plot of the      play
dates from the old town of New
Amsterdam, now the great eity of
New  York. interspersed      through
the plot were a series of up-to-date,
aud catchy musical and vocal numbers, which greatly pleased the audience. A smart and attractive
chorus supported the leading parts,
while thc entire music went with u
swing and vivueiousuess that characterizes the musical comedy. The
leading roles were well tilled, VV.
Conley, who is n very welcome friend
in Uevelstoke, appearing as Hoodie,
lie has lost none of his skill ns a
comedian aud the many scenes play-
in company with G. 0. Wolnburg, ns
the Burgomaster, elicited hearty applause. The ladies made many
friends their many vocal turns being
much appreciated. The whole was a
production which could not fail to
please, ami the music led by nn eflic-
ient orchestra, was pretty and bright
The comedy  was well sustained    and
the entire performance much enjoyed   from personal experience of a
by all.
Kir,—In regard to the
aeroplane flight exhibition
lair this year l fool it Incumbent upon me to stnte the reason why such
attraction could not take place. In
the lirst instance the machine ar -
ranged for Could not he delivered
here as soon as vvas anticipated and
moreover tho race track has been
found lo he not a sale or suitable
place to operate a machine of this
kind. An aeroplane requires ai
least 3U0 yards space to ellcct a rise
as well as open ground beyond, so
thnt. a sharp turn can he avoided.
Tbe fair grounds here have not sufficient open space to allow of an ascent with any degree of safety to
make a Bight with success, consequently this attraction has to be
abandoned. -
The close proximity also to the
mountain to the north makes the
air    currents    dangerous.        i speak
and am convinced that a    Bight
the race track would end iu    dis-
The following are the judges appointed by the Uopartmi i.i u An
ricultiiral. Victoria, tor tin' Fair
next week I'. II. Moore anil M. \.
.lull, live si"i k. I l*: Iwards, Poultry;  H.   Hoy,   Vsst.   il...i .
* in   Vie li * ■ :.*;.   even • .    II
Ubuwn,  "!   T i.i".  del ren
ture in tin*     Method
Mrs.   \V.
■ . .
"Uli.i. Many « lio beard
ll mi    any
*. mn at  sotni iic
Kev.  Vi. V.  I-':*
■ **l        n*   in
.    ■
lb* ii" work ol  :iie church
i will     not
I..   M'i* \.,    .
cit) risit.
ilrs. Van H ,.s wees
trom in.
; .
'      '
" *
the I.adh
, :■
with    a
itlull      of
:.S  in  the Aid.
-  spent
Woodmen of America -
social     gathering    T *
•     .,.'tll    .11    !
::     ' .
. * .1   and  , i
. . .a .i late hi
iml ■   al  ■
nil tin*  latest   air 1 m     I
i id    has
■.■ ;...   .* . i..* . te .
'.... iia.il ■  ;*.ij-*i-  ol tbe I •*  i
* •
ine briiibition
Tho  *
lai  '.' ■•*    «ben   I be Bai
.  during the ,
Hit]h School Books
Public School Books
Exercisa Scribblers
mid uli <tu|
Fast Harness Horses
Mi i \ . Hood, .1 Matheson mnl
.1. it. ii'iiini'i arrived In ihe city on
Thursday from Edmonton frith »
ii ing "i . .i bai iii's*. borso . win,
will appeal on the track here ""
Tuesday and Wednesday ol next »erk
at  the exhibition  rail's.      Ur.   Cloud,
.,: ,■   ot   thC   hOI   '* *,    I'H      a    I'" "I'l ol
j ci, and i "im* fasl i at os " ight     i"
in* . iih.
Bews' Druq Store  i,;',',"
*■* -I.,.
,   and   hlniH   that.   HI     I 01 ,
i   kodak      made,   lush nt
i,,,.      Have  you  an Bn-
JlslgU?    Better  got  one. tf.
.,: '      '
* *
*:        ■   ll
■ mi by i ii'1
i   i.v   theii   in* ii nee
afternoon       D and
• ,,,*,.        hit public  "ii*"      '■''
will  in* i... I       in  ii .'iiini'    the
tori    will  i.i' open from sovon  until
linn* o'l
New Hospital Wing
1 Another epoch in tho progressive
history ol Revelstoke was marked on
Thursday by the opening ofthe new
Hi [ng  of thi pital,      which      was
Bttin  The Ladies Guild
had    :   -        -      "i  all arm
.. i at the many tea
..  re   bea itifully   decor
lai ■ d      here
, tin* new  wards.
...   .   was smal
in  deserved,    yet
who did come  gave     liberally.
.  via-  realized.     Tea
.  .   aerved
the     new
lai   :  open
I ell    *'   con
 "I ils,
'   tei   i '
A Remarkable family
*     I.,    Nl- A/    /
Ily   and  while fl   *   "•■  on
hoy mnl    Iri, ba to
iiiuih'ii I* i'i"i  ns Wiifi nl,    ii
*.■ ■;■ ,'i lbs., is tho tallest,
boavlcsl and ti * I boj nn oat th
and bo im' hi    i lotbes  havo    to    bo
astrous results. Regretting very
much to disappoint thc public in
this, I am, etc.,
School Attendance
I'l e attendance at thi publics hot]
r Au us' wa- an toll iws :
Public Bchool
Div I ..
8-9 87
I'ublic school
Div. 11 .
1)2 «8
P .nil ] BCIlOOl
1) v. Ill
94 79
Public school
DW. 1 V
Uli 16
I'ui lie. fch h*I
Div   V.
'.I.'i Hi
I'ui.lie school
D v. VI
'.I'.I IS
I' iblio sohool
D i.VII.
Public school
i'l 14
Public soho 1
D.v.   IX
96 41
1" i  do school
Div    X
99 ."ui
1'  l'i' 10 BOll 1' i
D.v   XI
9542 886
llll   1!      '   IU
llll    "fl 1,
l>  v     1.    ..
93 83
High bOlio. 1,
Div   II
coal  .it    H.
ukc, no dust, im soi
. innl.
Moving Clotures tonight.
(ally   limit   f"i   him;   then'   I     nl.
soliitely  no  chnnce  of      woatitig  peo-
I   M'.i.Y      I'll  K
ON H \M> "I
Joi^on Brand
in 11
i • i
R. V. Winch
Ch Co, Ltd.
i: i.'
v. .,
I, .1.
li c
After Supper
Sale, No. 35
Did you notice the rush to take advantage
of the bargains we offered last Saturday
night ? Everyone is becoming aware of the
fact that there is "something doing" at this
Store on Saturday evenings. The good, dependable merchandise is being sold and that
the prices offered are big: money savers.
Come to-night, any time between 7 p. m. and
closing, and yet your share.
Fall Underwear
Here is a genuine bargain. Good medium
weight ribbed underwear. Vests, high neck
and loug sleeves, ankle length drawers, natural color. They would be good value at '10c.
a garment.
A splendid quality of English Velveteen, silk
pile, 25 inches wide, A good quality for children's coats. All the best colors. After
Supper Sale Price only 40c. per yard.
Corset Covers
We have a f jw of those Corset Cove n that we
sold last Saturday. So many were disip-
pointed in not. getting them that we will put
the balance on sale again t i-i i >ttt at the same
price. They are a fine quality of cioss
bar lawn, sizes 32 to '12.    Prices to-night, J5c.
A Hosiery Snap
To-night we will put on sale all the balance of
our cotton and lisle hose, ladies' and children's. There are all sizes and all colors If
you buy one pair we will give you another
pair free after seven o'clock to-night.
Look up your catalogues and see if you can
get prices like these, an.l then come and buy
o   a   □        GOODS.
Good  13 read
-ami you should insist upon (jetting llie lust ut all
timet,—gel oui*. Our reputation lor good bread is not
the result nf ehnnce. Our customers ure natlxfled that
ours is th" most satisfactory bread they enn buy.
Try il and you will become 11 regular cutd outer. Our
Groceries aie also in keeping with our bread.
G. W. Bell
P. O.  Box 208
Phone No. 23
Grocery  News
Japan Rice 5S5SSI&   Crab Apples SMS
smooth 4 lbs. for 250      fn actor din*; to varioty por lb
 3o and 6c nor lb.
Brnnm« P* ^ctUnt' Bw*v "p     Annloc   R"B»iar  shipments   or
I UUUlb   |„ ,„-,,;«,    we enn 8MI      rtjjpitfb   tllt,;,K amjHuj  I'uachcs.
give you a y,noii ono tor
50 Cents       Plums atru Tomatoes
McIntyre   & Hon
Orders Delivered.
Phone 03.
Best Lump Coal for Sale, also Furnace
Coal.   Orders promptly attended to
8. G.  Robbins,
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
PHONE    60
nmm» -ju- iw.i
Ilis Mexican
Mi'th..iiiii church services on Sunday uh follows:
11 ii.in.. Children's sol vice; 7 30 p.
in , evening service; 2 30 p.m., Bun-
day school nud  Bible classes.     The
,1 t.u. Hi",. 11. .1. Mclntyre, will be
,11 charge tor the dny.    The   public
cordially invited.
WANTED To rent, a house, hy Oct.
* ■ 1 the *i'' ' three In family, no
children.   -Samuel Hunter, fourth
St.  and  McArthur  Av.,  or 1'.    U.
Uux 462.
1 On Monday night at the Bdlson
will be shown the lirst ol the "iiis-
on" Pleturea to ho Been here, entitled "The Mexican." Included also lu
the new programme (or Monday
night will be the hig comedy "Krult.
nml   Flowers,"  showing  Miss       l.nw'
ii'ini', the highest puid moving picture aottOSX In the world, llemomhor
Monday night,
I   Hou ' ■ lay Counler'i   coal
is the cleanest aud hest tot cooking.


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