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The Mail Herald Feb 5, 1910

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 _■_■____! "N_j
VoL 16   No. 9
r-'IOKK, lv ( - FEBRUARYS, 1910
50 Per Yoar
A Clean Up
We have a number of ixlsls and ends left
over from the holiday trade, comprising odd lines
of china in Plates, Fancy lion Bon DislliS, gaskets, Vases, Fern Pots, Candles icks uiu' such
like, which we are putting into
A 25 Cent Wim! w
Pocket Knives
We are tfoing to sell io ii.,/,'    P cb-l i\
ranging in price from 40 cents to ;\s cen's
For 25 Cents
See our   display   0    scissors   in our -">   eent
window.    It is an eye-ot   .er.
Granite Ware
A number of odd ni con s ,irn :.'..." v damaged, worth Irom 73 cents to Si, -U . ■ . .. r 25
cent window.
Lawrence H_rdwcre (3.. Ltd.
%,4,<f,"f'«$«$'«$«|<|r|ff«J rfl r| r| f| isj f| f« e| e£ f| <$■ rj 4AA^
Investigate Our Price
Hams and Bacon
Hams and Bacon
The Best on the  Market, with a
World-Wide Reputation
Whole, Half or Sliced
Buy Or Get a Sample at the
Maundrell Meat Market
Quick  Delivery.       Phone 251
Jt_vert.se, Advertise, Jf.iert.se!!
The Mail-Herald  is  Your  Medium
Important Business Discussed
at Last Meeting
'I'lif monthly mooting win liulil ,,,,
Tliurmlny niiiii; Preaontt Mann l'r.iii
(pri'sitlunl), Atkins (s.'urol.uy), H..K -
nun, lliiini", Gordon, Youug, Mellon .
i.ll, MoCleueghan, MoHorley, Howson,
Mi'l.t'iiiinii, MoCorler, .lookaou, Molttio
.toil Dr. Sutherland,
Mr. Atkins, the new secretary,    re ■
ported In- Ini.l boon through the    correspondence nnd minutes and (ound nil
matteri bad been attended to.
U. li. ,1. Tuu, Hong Kong, asking
inftirniiiliiiii re fruit  land ssitl. vii'W ti"
Bottling in Itevelstoke. Information
to bn forwarded.
Dominion Labor Department, anoloB-
Ing bill lor eight hour day, nnd ask -
int; Board's opinion thereon; also Irom
Manufacturers Association asking the
Board to oppose eight hour bUl.—Mo
aotlon taken,
Cranbrook Board ,,i Trade suggests
Ing heavy license lee ore peripatetic
I...ul agents who did much harm b>
selling land under misrepresentation,
Mr. McCarter did not see why cities
should be wet nurses for funis who
bought lots in this way. As a matter
of tact lots >,f people had made barrels ol money by buying lots from
these fellows who went round Belling
renl estato.
Mr. McCleneghan thought it would
In- a good idea ii the I'ity Council
took this matter up.
(in motion ,,f Mr. Atkins, seconded
by Mr. McCartor, it was resolved that
tho matter be referred to the Cil>
Council with a recommendation to
enforce it if legal.
('. 1'f U. wrote agreeing to adjust
matters complained ol by Board, and
it wus resolved to acknowledge the
letter with thanks and nsk that the
adjustments lit- mudi- as quickly as
The Railway Commissioners enclosed
.... order requiring railway compel.ion
to provide proper sheds al ting sta -
tions and to lease freight therein, otherwise to be liable for loss ns com*
inon carriers.
Tne President submitted list of committees appointed ,.- follows:—
Freight nml Transportation,—Messrs
Lawrence, Allen, Hume, Sine, McCar -
Finance and Printing. Messrs I.ind -
mark mnl Johnson',
Advertising,— Messrs. McCleneghnn
E. A.  Haggen       ('.  li. Macdonald.
Public Works—Messrs. Kilpatrick,
Mcllnc, nnd Nibbold,
The auditing committee presented ;t
report on tin stnte of the Board's accounts, certifying t<» the bank balances ns correct. With reference to the
$oT,7 in the Bank of Commorco on account of publicity, there \sa- nothing
to  show   specifically    lioss    llii-   was    t"
be applied.
Considerable discussion took place
lliereon, the collectors stating it was
collected especially for advertising literature, but Mr. MiSorley said he understood it was for the Publicity building nt the railway station. On the
minute-book being referred t". it ap
peureil the money was rniscd for ad
vertising literature, and the opinion
was expressed tlti- should be l,"1 out
without delay.
It ssas decided that lhe president
cull a special meeting to deal ssiih the
matter ,1- soon as possible so tli,it it
could !»■ closed up, and the literature
Tin, by-law oommitleo were asked to
report, mitl alter thu subscription from
t'J.r,n to 85 per annum.
The secretary read some memos
showing thut Revelstoke did nol bone-
fit hy the settlors mnl excursion rates
issued from time to lime by lhe 0, P.
It., nnd it was resolved to Iny the
matter before Mr. Foster, C. Y. 1{.
Passenger Agent, nt Vancouver with
a view to having Rovolstoko Included
in all excursion and special settlers
rate schedules.
j A. MoRae nskc.l (ho Hoard to toke
up the matter of recognition to dames
Cnltler of his bravery in saving his
son recently.
It. R. \tl.in- aid he had nolle
ed i„ the  Mnil-IIapild ruferai.-e to th,
splendid work .1  in ,n\ Ing  Mr, litis
toed'i |> n t.s in,i,i n laialii.s by tho
 i'  "f  ntimi  ni   Vi,   Hitler.      This
ssns the second tiinr Mr. Miller Innl
rondored Himiliir service and ii sl„,iil,l
be recognised,
It ssns resolved to nsli tho Mayor lo
lay 1,,'fnif tho Humane Society the
i ntini t,f ,I,lines Culiler for I'ouogultlon
by tlit'iit, also lhat Sir, Tit,units
Shaughuossy's alluullou bo oallod to
the merit of the survico rendered by
Vi. Miller in lite above Incident,
lilt; BEND ROAD.
Mr. McCartor thought tl,„t could be
i lie Board Innl from Ihoir interview
ssiih lion. Tl.os. Taylor in urging lhe
construction of a wagon road hctwoon
Downie Creek and < lol,Isirenin, ainl
ssns Informed Mr, Taylor lurnod it
down unless the ownors of mineral
claims nml limber liiiu.u would contribute io the work,
Mn Mct'arter thought that could b)
Mr, Mi-Une suid tlie Govornmont had
built ro,uls iu oilier places without
such contributions and ho did not see
why owners of mines and timber
should be asked to contribute to a
work it was the duty of tho Uovorn -
mt'iit to oarry out, I. tm- .. had precedent to ncree to do any stu'lt proposal, The Hig llo.ul was already contributing enough to the provincial revenue to justify the government in
tloiiig  the ss'ork.
Mr. McCnrter moved thai iho Gov ■
I't'iiinenl be requested to provide in
this year's estimates for a run,! between Downie Creejc and Coldstream,
and the motion ssns carried,
Mr, McCartor urged that a mail oar
should be pul on between Itovelsloke
and Arrowheud. lie ssns informed the
Board had already requested the
Postmaster-General to put mail clerks
on between Revelstoke and Nelson ,
and this request hud been endorsed by
the Associated Hoards of Trade
The mutter of joining the Associntod
Boards ssas taken up and tho score -
tnry wan instructed to wrile for full
particulars, of  terms ,,f membership,
Cricket Club
The annual meeting of the llevel-
stoke Crioket Club was held on Tuesday night in the Selkirk Hull. About
•15 members, including those newly
enrolled, were present.
F. II. Hour,,e was voted to theohair
in the absence oi ,i,,- president. The
officers' report showed a membership
of'43, antl of expenditure over income
."slut. Included in tl„, report is tho acknowledgement of the Itniitlsonie gift
of timber by \\. Vi. Foster towards
the uess' ground pavilion which ssns
built  lust summer.
The grounds Inn! been greatly im -
prosed, but the sell,'lue Wtts not completed yet  through lack of funds.
Matches svith oiitslilo clubs had resulted in it ins against Vet-nun ami
Kamluops, and lonnen .-.gains. Calgary
Okanagan Mission und Vernon.
The reports wero adopted nnd votes
of thanks tendered to lho retiring
The inauguration of a junior club
ssas made, ssiih .Inck Males captain,
('. Procunior seeretai'y, uud Y. Doume
s ice captain,
A silent vote of sympathj  und    eon-
dolonrewas passed to Mrs. ('. !■'. Morris
ai  her recent bereavemont, lho   mem
bers rising.
Tlie following ure the nets oflli-crs-
each post being keenly contested.
llun.   Pies,    Mayor   Hamilton.
PJesidont.   IV.  Vi.   Pom,'..
yice-Pcosiilent.   J.   II.  .Inckson,
1st   \ iee  President.   C.  North.
Treasurer.   C.  M.  Field.
Fin. So,. and I ulle, lor,   liarnor.
Secretary.—W,  II.  Humphreys,
Captain.—J, Maloy.
Teain Captains*—A. Armau mnl P..
R. Blaoklook,
Committee—F, II. Bourne,
A. liuiiiitcs lias gonerouslj donated
110 for the uess equipment.
While partaking of coffee etc., several excellent soulis woro rendered by H.
1!. Blaoklook, 0, Hawker, J, Meek, C,
M, Field A. Qowinoy and Vi. II. Humphreys.
Matohes svith Vornon and ECamloops
svill be played  here in May.
GROCERIES        HARDWARE        CTOVf.S        PLUMBI'I'-
Wc have just unlooded
\ am.titer car of assorted
hardware, comprising tools
ami implements of al1 kinds
for mine, mill, blacksmith,
builder ami household use.
(inns, Rifles, Revolvers,
A m imi ni tion, Snowshoesand
Sporting Goods,
We are!agents for Sherwin-Williams'  Paint- unit Mi
Clary's Famous Stoves, Ranges, Enamel and Tinwaie.
Give us a call or send in your orders.     V< v,  will And
our prices right
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $0,00C\0i)O
Arrangement- have recently been completed undct  svh.rh 'In   '
of this Bank are able lo issue Dratls nr. llm pi j h iik.I p-.ii-'.
In Ihe folios,in,, counlrlesj
Austria-Hungary    Finland
Ceyloa ,
Faroe Islands
Fr'ch I'.'i'liin i In.-,   ]
I,, land
Great Britain
Nt .it, tntria
M. x, -o
s... I,
S, ..'li \'-. .
.-. .. , ^ >,ai .
* -. e.'i-T
• irlan
i -niter
Ph.li a;     1.1 .,!•<<     ss. „ 'n.l,.-
_      Rou
NO   DELAY   IN   16SUIN0. FULL   P <.". T l i. ...»■■ s    ON    . •" " 1 ■
REVELSTOKE    BRANCH —A     h       ALLEN.    A '
«'   ON
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important  items
in viittr bitM", s^
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Look after this branch of your Ui.-iness
Successors to Kincaid & Andiison
S____8__fia_SSBHBt__9»9® 11 &m 1\
Imperial BankofC .ra.(
Head Office   Toro.st:,. O   ,;•
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Bi   ncliHt. • i AgHtitfl ■', -.ii tf .-. 'ip ■
.'.>." mi in tiii-.i. Britain aod L'njt
Llnj'ile Bank, Limited,    Chicago- Plr».
clwiutt Vatli •   1 llaiik    Si" n        ~
,■1"'.      . ell.  l"'" .:■  Nv\ mi i   Nlu t •
Natloi .1 Bank.
Savings Bnr.U .
Depuatta   il *l and .,,,i\ .f.;   ,,
en     "   'ni" ii  ,, rlftte ol Jeprwll.   I
Revelstoke Branch-A. E^;c.:iartt.riar, M.gr.
BHBB6 • r^ia^s
0,000 000.00
i-i |«t 00
t ..I ■
,01 0 00
■ iut,..
■'.   -•!     ■!,
■      •   Ks-
r     ,-
McGill University
anl degn i   '■! .     |"..       ,„ |„. „_
tallied i, "■   ' ■ ■■ Gc rttary.
Local  l sami,i,iti,ir-     in Theoretical , ,	
Musi'- fur all grades will be held
j April 13th, 1910,
I   Looal  I'ra ti-,tl  I., uni", itiot
ducted by Ur. II. C. Pr-rrin     and   anl   J. Uovli
aasociato     Examiner  (lor  nil  centra   "ai   ,
from Vanoouvei    t" Winnipeg")      held  just oomc in
Another War
Constantinople, Peb. 4.—Turkey has
ordered troopa forward lot reinforcing
tho Grecian border. Tito outbreak of
war lir-lssnon Turkey nml 'Irceeo can -
nol liinc' in- delayed.
A ininil'i'i of li, iti h ivaml ipu are ln'-
inji riiglied toward I prol ihlc m ph.'
nf !„,-iiliti,.M
Napt Mine Soil)
■ i« • tor
from  May  -nil  to 21st   1910, •tarting of pi ,p
at Vancouver, N     ,n, in ss
Application forms, filled in and n, -     |, j
compnnieil   by  fees,   must   rench       the hn    I,
central'ollice in  Montreal on or before ,,f whi
April   let.,   1010.   Forms   ,-uc   obtain- 11. Qrace)   of
able from C,     M. MeFarlane, General genlied thi   N
Secretary     :'.'.'" Sberhrooke atreat., w, have bee.
Mi.ii.i                                                   A
Inf   ■ '"ii  about   >i."    ".irly ex  m       The II
inatloitt      for    diploma  . •■'   I i . ■
• ■    Imvinj?
fr, -n tt ■  • .1."
It, louth     of
'.. ■
the big end
n   Poo!    ind   A
■iinic.   vi,,,    or-
'■        and
■ Pane
\! ML-HEKALD, HE     LSTOKE, t- 0-
id ui« Ibe raid.
,"UH. l-nl'   ' Wn.ll   BallaK  »sn
KA I tl ' li   V    ii
H_V.....->   sjKE.   ll.   C.
Smciioc ipu-ti-Dii._ Company),
_.uoa  ripcion   Kates
j ■
,1, ii.uKi.imi, Ui
mil i uimtlu.
,„,. ,.unbUlUuuJ
Anii.      SlIUiiUl IpltlUUH   pMjfttUH
rt_avti;Hii-»itNO iui't..i.
.. . - in .. in*
,,1 I' Mill     Oil-
.llll     llmt    tl(-Ut'lUlli
.,,-, ,|it, nl   ui-i it urn
.il'- » '"■»'* '
..!■    ' ""       *- ■■" I"' '"'   I'        I	
.. I ■> il    pu " '.     -'      I" I       	
.,     U,     ItM'Uin,    ..l.iu..iK'-    'i"*1    »''
• ii       > , n'M.
-I       -     ...'*) »ll    Wl\Ul-|.Ui
.. U "I  I I"" ..i.ii.'V
Ml'.'      II I " 1        .I'       "     I' '       "•"
, » ...   U, .i i ""i". annul  ".,    ai        *      " ■
 i, M< ■ iiiuut - « uai ".  iu  «»
m .   ' '  " "-1 - ;*>  ■
,,    .   , „  u       U -->   •-"■ il •»'-»'.-.t.
l". I.N I'l,  M    I'.     .11 .  l.'-'l       III)     ■•■   M
,,,,,     UHAJI'I   ■,.      I   ...Mi.  .MM:.i   „m,-    .■
,i lai    io     -ii >    ' Hi U     "<j       ■■• ■
Si's 'cn-Roonn      ' oti
sirable locality.    • ..si s'•
Kight-Room nt
50X100, centrally ■ ,     -i
stiii purchaser.
I'ive-Hoometl   1 It um
Building Lots for Salt
ranging from $100 up\i n 1
or  in .I'liininiin   ,'ittist',   thoy  nuiltl       no |
i. ubl not tl.es.' wrongs remodied,
Thi'ii      litl-f      tho   Miiniiipul   ('In1,ses
Aol of thin province,     it  la u     back
number.  Rights whioli bolong   tu   tho
units   hase boon tulle
Kl A I.   ESTATE,   I.I I E,   l'i-
J—j ZEl_j
? ,   . ,1   1 0111111111.it \-  has,' I,  lain at assay
.01   ,su x 100 in  1I1--   P frotf, thorn,   Take tho ennp ,,( tho sinh-
ii'iiii"V. ' ing funds,   Thono must bo placod     >,n
f lixetl  deposit or  govornmont   Hocuritios
id furnished.      Lot   ll ordinarily     drawing     (luce per emit,
,., C when thoy could be invontod In     gilt
3,000.     I L'nii-   ,i) ', ■, .     .
od cl mortgages drawing six to soven
■;■   per cent, or in     other oily soouritios,
,,,,.ii' nf Itovolstoko, for instnnco
stiii, ,1 provision would pay the whole
uf ihe    tnto.'ont  ami sinking fund nn
t   a   cosl   i'l'   llu'   ni'SS'   School   ,U'i i",„>l,n
.'    tlntion  I'Oqllit'od.
.nt, in tin- innlti'i' nl iippoinlmonts
t'lvio irt's ci in,,anl  is a  llancOi   Eormei"-
ly, for inntanen,  tl„' city council  h,„l
a I'oico in ihe appoinlmont of     po,lco
I   inngistrntos, and    |"  ice and lleeiining
I   ' iiniiui- ii   .       I hone   appointments
luivo now  boon ciitirolj     Uilirpod     by
tho provincial govornmont  for patron
ago ,imi political     machine purposes.
protest  has gono forth from     tho
ocatcd  for salt   11
1 ihe City at prices
•iMi ;t,'i
.1 (IfjO, LIU,
,     ,ut    IM t •'.■"■..    ..       I'     ("IIMl.     *■ ■
n ..... i.irfo.    i urn   .    .
,_|,      .■           il 1 l_U
V.MJ    t'l_\.     .»         '»
title 1 1* ltd,                 1 • Uttl |   '• l*-t
IMfkJilAI       *M-   IHJlLiilhU            1*1
, ,,,„,.   11           ■  ntuiir.'..-. n.  1 .
A.   .
, .,(,._                         1.  A.   UAI.    ■   .
 „,                           t    ..I.i li" k,          1
1,1 A.U   I.   n    in lift
lS.il 1 KM . »
ll'-.lt'.l   I, lit*.
Haiti.   1
t    ■ "i ;
. ■ .HA.N   i»a .i\     iK  1    1 itMi li' tv
in AluL-i »«n      1 ink,  1.Tt
i ,        i.n »    i,> 11 u-h,  .1 1
1 .1'
A I.
Van. hi
All tut
Why Not Get 1     3est
It does not Cosl. a:
Ask- fo
Imperatof H .•.;<*.
Shamrock L
,ia mii.» 1-
.NU     •   •> »■:■ >T"Kl-.     I>.   *
p^^   oitioa iiguinHl   (his usurpation <>f ihoir
T^j\   righiH, with 1I10 remit ilml, while tho
pooplo  may       HUppoH   0   I'Ol'ltUN   polli'J
j at tho pollMj tho carrying nut of 1 hit I
policy inny bu sot at doliunro by lho
appointoph nt tho povorninont, nnd the
will of ilu- pooplo ove.-i'iilod,
ti is iini' tho votors in fitii's gnvo
somo L'onsidorntion lo those mat -
tors mnl domnndod not only roHtituli*
on of former rights Imt iho election of
1 IconsJng uiul polico commiHsiouors in
tho same way as Bohool truntooH. Aa
the'oitioH pay tho Bnlniiof oi their ]">-
lice mngiHtrntefli these appoinltncnts
should ho made hy tho city enuneilt*,
who arc directly responsible i<> tho
eivie electors.
Those nrq somo of the reforms it is
up id ilir citioH to domancl from tho
Provincial Legislature, and if the delegates from tho municipal councils
would urge the rights of the cities at
tin' annual municipal conforonco and
solicit the support of ihoir rcprosontn
ii\i-s in the legislature, the machine
rule and bureaucracy wlii.h is being
built up would be onded, to ihr nd-
•■i'ii 1 '..f the ( iiirs, and in the in-
- terests of cleaner govornmont. liur •
li.    I 1.on at  il"' lime, and as Aid. Trimble ©attorney is contrary to tho democratic
step in  tho right <'■'-:■   Lii  i and   it  i   n nicmbet  nf the Council  for ihitt   principles  of   lho   British  coustitutioi
If you Get Them
You are Gett;
> 1
1 ire
v> icon
1  know
F. Biirns h  sj<, Ltd,
More bread an
 And the Reason fo.
be made from strong wlitrnt,
Manitoba linr.l wheat  ii  ncktiow-
leilgcil tbeetrougest In the ivoilJ -
nnd tint is the kind Usui for
Purity Flout.
But that's nol all. Kvitv grain
of this wheat I'onlaius bnlli lti;;h-
Knidc ami low*grade propcrlles,
In separating tha high-grade parts
from the low-grade the Western
Canada Floor Mills pul tha hmil
wheat throughaproeesasoexaci ing
that not a single low grade   p.. t
has the remotest chance of ;••
iu with the high-grade,
(.,■■",;'.  •,
nf c. nisi' tlii'. ft]
■ u'ess is
liKiri   ei [icnslve I
>.nt It
111     un lol in l'uii
that ''■ f' y we usr p
Jt    HU               tlllt     1
nr is
ii. t Ir ei     1 ly of til
(In 'I  ; .1   U of  till' t.
in Ihi  iv. il:.
It.."           .1 ■■). 1
, air
nn 1 t'               i ■ '
1111 11   ll.rl    ... ."
l'lli''v     J        -   ll,
tli    ■                   11, !
1 e
1 .,11
Western C\nu>\
Uti.it', Winnipeg, Jinn.
1 i,_,*.«3__u,t~i—a-».»..i
itlint    ill   tend   1 i
  stop in  tho right ilm   lu  i iinil   n  i n                nivmnei  ol  I lie i - .iin.it  Ioi'I tut I principles  oi   ino   uriiisli  foiistitutioii,
11 i-itiiin     aa, - ...lir. >-i tl i" I' -1   pity   , litiin -       tifji g   ihi    :■■•' year ho would  probably be nble      t" and its adaptation in Ittiti-lt Colum ■
1,Hit,,  1, iiiBiok . .1 .1 have pi pi jmj  |w(  |jn,vi0„Hiy ,.,; ■,. i.  r .,   ■ explain what   tlie reason was.   In  fuel Wa is simply borrowed from the Tarn-
alleittii'ii, o) ^ ,■.,,,,,!,,,   ,                   en t hull        it  via  lho   motion of Aid. Wood many mnthotls  of tho  United  Slates ,
C.   w    o    w
Mountain view i>»-np No. 219
I Mr,•!■ S, ,,'t'il unit I- nut' Wed
eaeh mini - tl villurh li ul Vtm
in.-t. . .'i.a        a.  il.il .'" il i  "l.
Jl.HN lAl.l.-tlN. Co... ''"'"
..   M. IM 1 •■   .
Kooionuy LOdvo. NO" ,s" A F. A A
it»      ** •-V.
iii.ni.tn ,.f Aid. Wood many inothods  of tho  United  Slate
il„. Hold output  of tin   noi li wen i   '•■  land, Hceonded  by  Aid, Trimble at    n precedents  in  such  mat torn  n   liiitisli
Scuttle and iti  upbuild ■   i       meeting held on Deo. 311th,  llltl",  that community ran voi-j  wi'll do without
peine ..I the Dominion, the resolution to accept the    eonlruet :	
.-  .       i.-i  the  sewerage  of   ihe  whnl
I |h   i on in.a   i il
men!    hi  ild
li (ed   pi ii. iplo
THE    MOLSONS    i    i^K
INCUR I' »SATI   i"   '85:>
Capital Paid Up $3,5t<
Rest Fund - *3 5(
Has 65 Branches in Canad , ni    ■ ■ nis and c
in all the Priiio;. ' Cii      ul tlic \\>
SAVINGS     B A - f  A R
At all Branohes.     lnt_ros i i ik^o*''
, ...     tivit
in..'- ni"   ■  '   ■    •   ,,l    |.   Jin  ,: i    .
„„:;.      Crin e in the States
of  Viet.  II"-' on, and Mr,  l/>fcnu\ thut      Vmlrew I).     White, edttentor, farmer
,..     il"' council  should  assume  such  a  re- ambassador  to     Ciormnny  and  former
spimsihiliti   .,.  Us   term  of ..Him   was president   of   C'ornell   university   says:
i'i.-,-iini-i.tii..- lim," "I will make you a prophecy.   1
. iitinji',1
neither tho   mm   .Innuiiiy 31st.    1  say  that   befor
J T POI        h  ll
C'H.XS  J    '., i v   -
8BLKIKK  I   IDUK I'J   I 0 0  K.
S_ da]
ALU   KT i
IB,   Revel..*-
"   sections net-os-   iho :tlsi of next .laiiiiaiy comes round
hi   In l.,»   stands,     nnd   5(1 non     nnd     women in the United
are provid Slntt will ^itive been murdered. Hut
not issued or for the maladministration of the prim-
is  f" v.--   innl   law   in   Ihe   I'llitod   Stales       thoy
would  ha\c escaped.   The     generation
as   ii  water   now   pussinu nwny pi'nppletl with slav-
11 ■   ai 'I   ii-   problems.     This   genera -
lion should _i upple wiih tl i ils that
u     now  beset  us,  and above all,  with  in-
        ' imi.-   ind corruption,     flome-
fortj   t hree  times greater in tho
'   t    ited   Stutes   than  in   r.oia.la.   w bile
ei "'I  ii - greater than  in    Belgium,  it tii. It   he  considers  the      worst
it   in   I'ii rope.   The average erim-
iirk   innl  s,.ri,.v  but   seven  yeni-s  of  a   life
te.    .-.    \l III.-   ..lie  rati    of .ft I        lour -
I-  mm ieted."
T   P.  SMITH. '
ti   H
Zbc n^atuii:
In   •
pop -I'll
II. I "
Ws at ■
at    Ottawa
that     all gol
._»r I
... the
' i'
to pro ,
I ii...
';      RWAG1   I   -   ■
I-       now  Efenerally   idmi
in  bind! >g lhe   il    to a   ontrael  foi
thi   ■ of the wl...'     '
ilthou ;
□inters for tie Knockers
.a  want   to  hurt   the  town      or
t  in u hieh  you  live,
the | down to st rangers,
■ -<■ i   fi.-ovoments,
to   ...I- ertiso  in \ our      local
.   Hoard ol Trade.
• ti   '    ni".  in-
., on .
pro -
'   '   11.
lodj   else's,
■  i cash
I       '.'.',
,    I.',. |o
•    w hero
■ Ii.-iii.
h  "till    raise
r taxes.   Ni        mind  ho«   it    «ill
I   .
. • . ol  how
iw ovorj body and
Your 'Xm-s Gift
l-'oi- n. Stotaltl, , S n il h- ao.l
I' i-nslnx I'.i's- oi for Kir her,
ll . Iter, Iti..' It |", St l.-i ■•."
Fli |,     till".'      is    Hollo.i;;     HI
.iiitan'     i. >.|i     ..     'laitii .ut. e
rioce of Furniture.   \\ •   huve  i
VilV   S k
C i.ie and cl.oo-e your  N n   s
Pics. 111.
K. Howson & Go.
Ll.Ml'1 I'D.
Import di ect from country of ori" in.
-RT'i'VlR LKTOKB    li.  O.
r.r.-. _M
\\ \\ i I h     I i.uni  I.
■  |»ii T,    S.
.1 iii ll. i ihi
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rale.
er.   at.,:btc:rt    stoicnfe:    fbop.
I Corner Third 51- & Campbell Av e
Mse-Shoeingi Carriage Work a Specialty
Doyle and Allurr Ltd
are   disposing  of  their entire  Sto.
small  advance on cost.      It will pay j
investigate   their    prices    on     Diam
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited FEBRUARY B, 1010,
Ttitt MAI1.-H
Page 3.
Closing Out Prices
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
ml |nit'c-, from $3
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver
sixty days from 'late I Intend to   ap
In the County Court of West Kooie-
nuy holilcii at Rovolstoke.   In the mat-
ler ol "l'lan Cancellation Am, l'JUti.'1
lu the matter of thu application   ol
ply to     tlie   Chief Cemmissioner    of j|,,wi,, Uostbok to cancel a portion m
Lands for     purchase of land situated p[a|la 63o .„ I(j ,;;.._..,_ pje(j [o lh(. _awj
about lt!H chains up from mouth oi
Wood Kiver, post planted about ltii*
chains above mouth of Wood river aud
marked l'
Registry Ollict' at the City ol Nelson.
Notice    is hereby given  that tho peti-
V.  Andrews, S. Vi. corner  tion of Hewitt Boatouk dated the 21st
post,  thence north   III chains, east   10
chains,   south   111  chains,   thence    west
duy  of  Sep I ember,  A.   U.   1900,  for an
rder amending anil annulling certain
Dated   this
following Wootl river  to point of com-]pans ,,( piaM numbered 632 and 03'Ju
being plana oi subdivisions of por -
lions ot Lots llll and 111-, Group
ne, Ixooteuuy District* ami known as
Conuiplix Xownaite, will be heard at
lite Court House, Itevelstoke, oil Wednesday the 10th day ot February, A.
U., 1910, at tlio hour of lu.UU in the
"nt i, and FURTHER TAKE .NOTICE that the aaid petition is ior the
cancellation of that portion ol suid
plan Y}'.\2 us is comprised within the
following boundaries, namely, all Cun
portion of said lot 11<11 commencing
at a point iu the easterly bouuuuiy of
suid lot 1141 where the same would
be intersected by the Northerly boun •
duty oi Ioi 1 in block 12 produced
easterly in a straight line to intersect
the said easterly bouudury of lol llll
■ thence westerly in a straight line to
the north cust corner of said lot 1, iu
block 1-', thence southerly along Tie
eusterl) boundary oi said lot i in
block 12 to lhe south easterly corner
oi -ml lot l in block li', thence sou-
therly following the easterly boundary
of    said lot 1 iu block     12, produced
'south, ily in a straight line io the
southerly limit oi the alley running bo-
'tween the Northerly boundary ..i that
Huh  duy  of  December
hiMy days Irom date I intend lo apply to the Chief Commissioner ot
Lands for purchase of liuiil situated
about 110 chains up from mouth oi
Wood river, post plutiled ou north
aide of river and marked 1*. A. Red -
■irom, S. E. corner posl, thence north
40 chains, west III chains, south -111
chains, cast In chains, containing 160
acres move or less.
Dated this Huh day of December ,
NOTICE is hereby given thut pur
i uunt io the "Creditors' Trust Dec.Is
Act, 1001" ami amending acta, Juntos
C. Uutohison, of llic city of Rovol
stoke, in the province of British Columbia, Laundryuian, did .... the -1st
day of January, A. I)., IIIIII, assign
all his personal estate, credits ami
effects which may be seized and sold
under execution to Frank Molten, ol
thi' said City of Rovelstoke, book -
keeper, for the benefit of hia creditors,
AMI NOTICE is hereby given that
a meetiug of the creditors of ihe huIiI
James  C.   II i.lchison   will   be   hold       in
the ollice of Gillan & Elliott, First
St., Revelstoke, It. C, on Saturday .
the 5tti day of February, A. D., llilti,
at thu hour of 2 o'clock in tlio after -
| Al.l. PERSONS having any claims
against the snltl .lames C. Iluti'hisi.n
are required to forward particulars ol
lhe same duly verified, to the nssig ■
neo ut Revelstoke, B, C, on or before
the 36th day of February, 1010,
AM) NOTICE is Hereby given thai
after thai date lhe assignee will pro
,enl tu distribute the proceeds of the
estate having regard only to tlio
claims of which he shall havo received
notice anil he will not Vio responsible
for tho assets or any part thereof so
distributed to any person or persons,
of whose ilebl he shall not then have
received nolice.
Dated at Revelstoke, B, C, this 28th
January, 1910.
till.LAN   o.-   ELLIOTT,
Solicitors  for Assignee.
1 IN Till'. MATTER OF AN Al'l'Ll
calion for the issue of a duplicate
Certificate of Title to Part (6 acres)
of South Fast ; of the North West
j of Section 25, Township 22, Range
2. West of the sixth meridian.
il is my intention to issue at the expiration of one month after the first
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above mentioned laud in the name of William
Edgar Smith, which Certificate is dated the loth November l'.KI'.l and uum -
lit-rctl  115711 A.
"T. Yi.  BOWMAN"
Deputy District  Registrar,
uliu,, S.ioi1 billii
The most     enthusiastic and popu
s.iow  shoe   tramp of   llic season    t
place on   Friday  night  when   somo i
oozon members of tne Ski nnil   .
1 Snow Shoo Club Iiii  tl .■   mow     u
i Dig Eddy Mill.   The surface    ,
Hitow  being perfect.
Tin-  I'lcss rtnitii of llut nidi   in.    .
gantry decorated,   A noble nuppor li
been prepared, tlio long tublus     bo
loaded with many doliuiioios which
party heartily onjoyotl,   TllO  room w,
tioitrod ainl dancing Indulged in ior..
hour  or  two  to   the  lin |j   i Iruiiis   .
llut violin ably wioldod Ity  11.     SillUt
Il.e   genial   host,   I''.   W,   lies-,,   insist,
by his lengthy honohmnn, J. Dunliui
were choc.ed ami  thanked  Itourlily  lo.
tlu'ir  hospitality,  ami   lho cook's atul
antl At.u woro nut forgot Ion.
(Ut   Ml"!...'
W A N T K I)
FOUND,- In the lobby of the    post
office a ladles gold hinge bracelet .
stone setting on the top. Owner can
recover samo by identifying property ,
laud paying for this ml. Apply ut the
■ post oitice.
l.KlIt *ALK-Ti lllll of Heavy Won
I' II.uses, also.. Rirllnttand Di'lvluu
Mate. Can lie seen at mill. Revel
sink'- Sawmill Co.. i,ni
Land Registry Office,
j. 26.1m.
Nelson, B. C, Jan. 22, 1010.
NOTICE  IS  lll'.RKUY GIVEN   that
plot of     lund   maiked   ".Mill Reserve"
Dated this
D>ih   day of December
sixty .lavs from  dale  I   Intend  to   ap-   „,,  ^j p,.u  ^.,.   ^^^ eagU)1.,y    u,i
ply U.    the    Chief Commissioner    ol |owimj  lh„ .so,aU.llv lilull ol gaid ;ll.
Lands (or    purchase of land situated |e}.    _nd tne    norlnerry boundary   oi
about IHI chains up from mouth "> ,at,l ,.;.,. ui land marked "Mill" lie -
Wood    river,    post planted on nortbl sulvo    ,,u,Ju,ud efutmi]f m „ ltteLigb\
side ..I Wood river and marked G. E. ,lilH. ,„ lhe l.,lall.rh. boundary ol said
Hedstrom, S.    tt. corner post, thence ,ol   lul     [ll(.Ui;e nort_el.1}.   tollowing
north in chains, east  10 chains, south lhe   .„(j 1.a,UMU.     boundarj    of said
40   chains   t.i   Wood   liver,   west   follow-   |0,    mi    w   l|l(.     ,„,„,.    „,   ,,„„„„.,,,
ing river to point of commencement ,  „,,„..    Alul ,t„.   lhe   ,-ancellation    of
!. acres more  or less. .,,,„,  portion 0j 8aid nlilu 0;!a.l „      u
comprised within  the following boundaries, namely, all  that portion     of
j block "A" according to said plau
Cli.'u stalked "Reserve" on said plan;
nil   that portion     of Main Street      us
  -'..jut.   .1. said plan 632a lying east ui
a  line drawn across said  Main Street
l'AKE NOTICE that  I I'eroj   Harold   at  rigli    angles to the southerly limit
Hearse, ..f Trout   lake, It. C, occtipn-   the I; from a point in said southerly
tion engineer, intend to apply for per- limit UT feet east ol the wester!}
mission to purchase the following de- boundary oi said lot 1112 aud all
scribed lands:— -   that portion ol Somonos  Avenue     as
C"in icing  al  a  i" il  planted     al    ibewn no plan 632a, lying    ■■ rth
the N. \\. cornel   ol lol   IT28,   thence  ol   , lint     Irawn      i ■.,.'. Somonos
■Ml 20 chains, thence north 20 chains, Avenue at right angles t . the woateily
theme west 'JO chains iik.i.- ur less to limit thereof, from a point ou aid
lake shore,    thence south easUrl)  a<   westerly limit lul feet south    of   the
Notice        is        hereby given        that
sixty        days     alter     date        I,     J.
Drill, occupation, carpenter, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner     of
I Lands for the purchase of the follow -
! ing  described land,  commencing  at
post  planted about  20 chains south of
Wood River ami about ltii' chains irom
the mouth and marked J.  Brill  S.  W.
corner    post,      thence  wcsi   So chains,
north I'D chains to  bank of Wood river,      thence    following  south   bank   of
Wood   River easterly  about   Ml chains,
thence 20 chains    south  to poiut      of
commencement, containing   Kin   acres,
more or leas.
Haled this 10th day of Dec.,     1909
ti.   E.   Iledslrotn,   Agent.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
ANY available Dominion LhikIh within lho
Hallway Holt iu British ('olumbin, nitty
be hflmeateaded by any person who is ihe sole
bead <>f h family, ur nny male ovor 8 years ol
Rffe, tu the Hitoui of oue-<iunrtor .section of lwi
acres moro or loss,
lintry must bo nnule uorsouHlly at tho local
liimi oflico for tho district in which the inn i i_
muihIh: Kntry by proxy imiy, howovor. bn
iimdo ou certttiti rmiditious l>y the falner,
Bother, sun dHUKhtor, brother or _Uterof&0
itiiouduiK homesteader
The homesteader is retjuirod to uorform the
condition* connected ihorowith under one ol
ttiti i..11..« m,: |'l.tii;. :
tl) At least six months' residoxre U]hiu and
culiivatioii of the laud iu each year for thr"e
(IJ If the father (or mother, if the father is
decoasndlof tho homosteodor resides uimna
furm in thy vicinity of tho land entered f-r, tho
rt'nuiromouts us to resilience may be satisfied
by such i-m- • u rusidiiiK with tne futhor or
(3) If the settler has his permanent resideuce
iipou farmiiiK li>nd owued by him in the victu-
itj of his homestead, the requirements as to
rosldenoe may bo satistied by retideuce upon
the said laud. ^«
Six :ni'ni I. • notict iu writing should be u'wmi
to tho Con^mi^sioIlor nf DomlnloD Lauds at
Uttawa <>f i ni .rn ii..i. to apply for patent.
* oal. —t <»al miuinB riKbl> may be leased for
a period of tweiity-oue year> at au annual
rental of tl por acre. Not mure than LtfflO
acre* shall bo leased to one individual or
rumpauy A royulty at tho rate of live cent*
per ton shall be collected ou tbe merchantable
_oal mined.
Deputy of the Miuisior of tho Interior,
N B*—Unauthorised publit'nii'u of this ad
vertisenieut will uot be paid for.
long lake short about 30 ehuins to tin
t>. W. ronier of lot 172*, theneo north
•long western boundary of lot 4728
•bout 10 chains to point of rutin
■tent anil containing 40 acres more or
Doccmber lCth,  I0OU.
Revelstoke Land I llitriot,.
I ii n ni ol U'i'-i Kootenay,
Take Notice thai I, M, K. Lawson,
of Revelstoke, housekeeper, Intend to
h|i|'I> im tieinilsslon in purchase tin-
following described lands:
Commencing at a posl planted al the
Hunt it cast cornel ol I .<•: vt'i'v and
■narked "M. i\. Lawson'i North-went
Corner Post"; thence 10 chains southt
tlii'in c 10 chain wpatj them • 20 chains
north) tin in c Sti chains i
aochains north lo line ol Lul 8,088:
thence along said line to place ol com
uniii I'liiciii.
south-east coruei of lot 1 in block 12
:. ..a Mini |1 tn 032a.
Dated  .-  Revelstoke, B. C, this 3rd
day   il January, A. 1).. miu.
Mi a. r.
C. E. '.1I.LAX,
Kotiei Is  hereby giveu   thut. 60 days
from  dale  1,   Vi,  Andrews,   occupation,
mine:, intend to apply to the     Chief
Comiuissiouet     ,f    Lauds,  to  purchase
tht  ■ llowing described land, situated
about 200 chains (rom mouth of Wood
Rlvei   uni a post planted on     south
side ol nvei  and marked Vi.   Indrews
N. I',  corner |...-1,    thence south    -10
chains,     west    40     chains,  north 40
1 tit    to poinl of Wood river,    henc.
.ii^ bank ol Wood rivet   lo point
I cot ontalning   160 ae -
i." .a less,
ed tins Imh daj ol De
Hat ),i,,i„., |8th   100B ""u"' ,l"" "ll" "'> "' "' ls"y
Nov. I7it    MINNtR K. I.AW80N ff. ANDREWS.
Water Notice
Notice is hereby given that an appll
cation will be made under Part v. of
ihe "Water Act, 1000," to obtain a
licence in the Revelstoke Division of
West Kootenay District.
|a| The name, address and occupation of the applicant—Corporation ol
the ("iiy of Revelstoke, B.O.
[Ifformining purposes! FreeMlner's
Oertlflcate No	
|lt] The name of the lake, stream or
source [If unnamed, the tics.-i iptlnn i-1
a stieniii llowing on Mount Revelstoke
in a valley In a southerly direction,
and emptying into the llloclllpwael al
a point about half a mile «> st ol Greely
Creek bridge.
[o] The poiut of diversion -at a
poinl abo.ii 2800 feet above lealevel
on said stream.
|d|   The quantity of wnterapplled
fur  |"n cubic   feet per    ■ nl|   ten
cubic reel per second.
[el Tl..' cbaiacti'i of the prnposrd
works S inch pipe lim- to connect
with Bridge deck.
|f]   The   premises   on    which  the
witiei- is to be nsial [describe samel
The Corporation of the Cil) ol Revelstoke.
|g| The purposes for which the
water Is to be used   General city use.
|h| If for irrigation desortbe the
land Intended to be Irrigated, giving
[1] If the water is to be used for
power or mining purposes describe the
place where the water lata be returned
in some natural ohannel, and the difference in altitude between point of
diversion and poinl of return	
_] Aiea of Cronn land intended to
be occupied by  tbo  proposed works
Aboul V2acresi
|k| This notice was posted on the
eighth day of January, 1010, nnd application will be .nail." to the Commissioner on the eighth day of February.
linn. '
Jl| Give the names ami addresser
ol .my riparian proprietor* nrllcen-
sees who or whose lanrts are Hkelv to
be   affected   by  tho   proposed works,
either  above  oi   below   tl ntlet-
t'"M i niiii'iit iii ml us fa i ns Is known,
City Clerk,
imi 12 Im Revelstoke, B.C.
Wood For Sale
Orders Taken for
Early Delivery
Cut in 12, 16,18 or 24
Inch Lengths
First Street      Tel    B.
A1II10W HEAD, ll. 0.
Special Attention given to commercial
men ami tourists, rirst-class sniff'"
roo.us. Finest scenery in ItmiMi Coluu.-
bla, overlooking Uppei Arrow l.Hke.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Union Hotel
Under New Mi.i.i.genirnt
Stewart Macdonald
i,iki-;n CHAliLO'l i a t tii'i'i i,.
,-' o will hi' a crca I    ,-. i . ii     tin
lit iv. ly  ut    I asso Int. iior  on
const  ol  Moresby  island,  u.eoi
.  ,1,   I-'.  Coiiott,    '   Soalllo.    '•■
I"lt   i"   inll i>'i.Icil  wit ;   innl.    in.
i or,  I. t .  rilii.tt, and   \. lion.n
: i au now ' opper gold cunip.   ' le hu
in .'  i. cat ail  word that   i lie  li .iu  tun
' I L,roti|), under    bond i" the    I asa
i.i in Ciimp,in,\, i .uni ,1 of Winni
I.-.    oul   lliiluih  L'tipitnlist i,  luts    1	
e-.ii'iulnl llii-nii'jli ■ ml il ire body Ioi
a diiilnne. i,f -'-'."i feet, A sampling ol
tho l.lsl ■' » foot L'.lti' an III Ml} ii-lilrn
ol l'i pel cent copper, 8"'i in (fold and
tin- c iiiiiiics of silver per ton, I'welve
iiuii tic i . '1 iicil, and tho force \\:l
bo Incivti ■■ 'I in tin' spun- in.I a com-
prosscu   pi iut  «iil be installed.
1      i. uo cunip,  A    II .I .'cm  _■•*..-
oral suporintondent of ilu- Cirnnby Con
Bolidnti I ainl a number nf Spokane
associates, ure also dovolopiiig a vorj
|ir ini-   :    mi pel-gold  ore  bodj
tl't'-ll      '   ■■ '    "I    ,    the   plo r   pt'Ospei
tor at Tnsso harbor, lias, on behalf ol
the owners, Messrs. Cloorge ami Simp-
son, l.on.le I ilu- Ontario group nt
Collison Hay, Moresby island, t.i W.
I''. Warner, t.f Nolson i"i 800,000,
('IIAMll'.  I\  I.AM.
Tic dopnrtmonl of mitten i-- -cmlitiL"
out to all interested porsons a notice
directing attention to the followiny
aiiict'tlniciii lo the Mineral Act, which
comes into force on April 1st: "The
oMiiit or aireltt oi lhe on in r t.i a initt-
er.il claim for which the mining recorder's certificate, under form I of the
schodulo of this act, has been granted
shall, within three months oi the date
of such certificate, make application
to the gold commissioner (or a certificate of improvement, antl in default of
siirli application being made within
such time, such mining recorder's certificate aii'li-i form 1 shall lapse an.l
liei-onic  absolutely   void."
Nipissing Mine at Cobalt produced
silver to value of $2,210,304 for l'.'ii'.' .
paid SI,'HU,llllll in dividends ami has
8810,223 in the bank.
There Is considerable activity in
Northern Ontario, owing to gold being struck al Porcupine. While there
is u great inrush of prospectors ami
investors the Ontario Government issued a warning lhat  there i- nothing
as yet to justify it. tl uh stories if
lulil   of Dueling quart/     held together
with strings oi solid gold,
W, A. Si in 11. of Iteaii.ii. i- in England ainl i~ arranging in plan' with
an English Compunt tin i 'hi Home
stead properly un Mohawk Cri-ck. one
of the standard gold properties of the
Fish Creek i amp.
TESTING I'l.AM  Ai' Mi.Vii:
Machinerv   is being put  in  tl hi
slime plnnl building at  tic St.     Eugene, anil I,.'le ores from  the variou
properties of the Consolidated    Company will he tested,
A large bod) ni _ ,: -,, ,,,,. |,aa been
struck in it.,- North Star mine.
Tin- now ine liuili i- I,.......i ii,-
thi I Ki Huul' shaft and tl"   K
road, and is   ut ih.- end ol a tunnel
which i~ in some 380 feet,    I In re
full breast ..( ore in the tunn. 1. and it
has    the appoaran f bt li g   t very
large body. Drill - will l„- rui .... ea. I>
tide of the ledge, at 1 :l, haft lunk
to dotermini tin- • vicnl .■: ti.- nen 'li--
. .iii-ii
The nu- i    . ti.|  ui can     fill onu
*ilvei  ami  1" uum p   in
'it .   this
■'I,,-, it,.,     1     ",,., -.   -
go .   pin 1.1. ing   silver-lead ■
province      it  ..
viden I
1 "'-ia y ...
In I     •   ■
1,000  i
1 '... a .,-.
in    ti,
of    0|«l.lll.   ,
I I.    ll. , |i| •       ■
nl   Is. " I    .
bined output •■(  I
I i' ■
Tin. eighth annual hospital ball win
held .a. Wednesday night in the opera
house ami proved a great bucobss socially ami financially, 'lhe Ladies
Guild, assisted bj a committee from
the Hospital I'.n.tlil have been lintir-
iiiur in iheir efforts tu ensure the sue
cess "f the undertaking, ainl worked
hard mi tin- preparations,
A canvass im- provisions among the
residents resulted i:i a liberal supply
of homo mail., delicacies uf various
kinds, the made up dishes being dainty an.! tciiiptini:. The ilei'oratioii
scheme was ex dingly pretty, a profusion "i evergreen being used with
strincM t.i electric lights, ami then
white i„I an.l iihit,., t|M. |;,.,| Pro--
colors, wen" predominant. Red Cross
.inmii,, covered  the windows.
Iln- floor wit- i;t lini. condition., ami
while there was a large attendance .
yel dancing waa easy ami greatlj i ■
joyed Mai. was furnished by the
Independent Band,
Extra 'In,..- lu-re pUyed by Miss
Betty McLennan, Miss Francis Paget .
Mr. White ami Mr, Foreman. Aftei a
very enjoyable time the gatheri .g
broke up with the "Home Mali/.".
m'i'Iii-   t air.
■i   up at
Won-an's Wor.d
I li'S ul' FASHION.
Shoi '..-i com . arc ■ nming into use,
All  the new  frock- have Rhort skirts
lh.- rose  i-   th,   I,a.!.'!   a ._•      „,|
-itL'e flowers.
Evi rj  other hat
the left side,
Fluffy     malim-     at, usurping     the
pla t the iali.it
linn' is -till uu enormous \ .gue for
full draperies.
i. e little bonnet  i- , nming  in     for
'\ emng .... asions.
Long   jewelled  gold  chains  are   now
worn outside the coat,
lhe long ..at- -u.,; about two
ii.. h.- from the ground.
Ihere at.- many marabout neckpieces in shawl color style.
Socks fur -ii,,,!l boys .., e-irls nuw
have plaid or fane)   lops.
II"-" bugs .vi I... ■ ,. ,■ butterflies arc being worn as hatpins.
Rib    are being  used fo.   - air de-
' •"■ ition   to .usual extent.
tluills, ■    1,, ..   .,,(,j,   ,,,
prominent upon walking hat-.
Watered nil moire .-ilk surfaces wer.
nev^er m  popular than now.
Ottoman cloth, a woollen material
with   i raised rib, i- \  ■ .   •    liionable
Among tin fads of tin moment i-
Ihat of dying furs t,, match tin
_-uti a.
' ""' I  «itli em
broider;    i- .nu, h used foi  over   dra -
I h.   ...-« , ..|.,i-  are all  subdued, de-
• ' •■' "  adding .-h.-trn. to
theit K
The -i'. rtesi  .■. ■     •.- f0r th.- small
bu>      at,   !,,al,!,...,. ..,,,]   „|,|,      p|aj„
in.it   -!•■>".. .
I he i-og te uf ti,, fui hat lasl win-
tei   somewhat  in the i- I,     is
im" firmly established
<ilk .-.i'i •■-
htiv.- | rinted edg. - wl ch work well
Intt ■  the ■ ■ ■   di   ■
1 I - old      their
■!•• rough
u.-t" i' I smooth,
ill    an.l    lino
" .   ■ _
Si   .ll  dog-skin   . be
utl,   at,   ir,a.I,■   i.l ,           , ■ ,     .,,,,]
il    with   a
I   . 1,.    anil     bint k ii .1  nl.i'.
I'll fail   :.,  .,'in.tin
' it
■    •
' t"n-
I^Untinfrtclnrfltl for nil oUhhah uf  ImiUliuti ■»
fnf «st« in lnr»«"nr .-nil qnnntltlsi
«l lli» lnw«»t prtrs" far essh.
nil tti.il' ol hniM.iur sa4|plsstsrlns
i ii ii
tun returned from No.
Yor will
lie   boil
ihI a pap. i  in Pi i .
mii  i"  '"•• ,t  |„.
'""'■   ' I irtnns
1 llll   .
i   will
he   OOmp. 1'.   I    '■
I  until lhe]
• ■I   . hat. h on
.hn   i
nut iln- tervlcs
ral   ■
i."  worn with every-
I "1  f"i   uii.l. .-kills.      It   is
1.mills a   '
Hiv ui I.
i . '
.... Page 4.
I'llE  \lA!L-ilUKAlJ>, i.'KVKiMUKIv  tt  ».
FKHKIIARY 6, 1910.
The City Balance Sheet
The .nut tt'il ii'l" 't nut li.thitti" sheet
lor lilllli 'ctc.itiv iiubllslioil by the I'll}
Count il ti is t-i i-n nngeclj si'i.nue.l    uud
criticised.    Like   all   hitlai   slmets    it
.likes iiiiiih i l.'lligcnl - ttnlv. I'ho ono
just issue,| i- ;|.i tun-: complete hid-
...u'i'  ■ heel   '     f  i-sued   l't    the       City
alltl |';li"'    a -    e   iuf   in;:.' lull   I han     lilllli. lb   . un.i i'.i:. ...    -   llighlj   . iclii
able lu   the t n\   i lerk,   Mr.   I.uwsoii .
•uni Ihi   auditor. Mi   .Im I.     1 nkin«
the   if. . i"l      »,   Hull   !l ililiaiv     li'l
■■■ine from  '..i\.'" .'.i.i   i.i'n-c-  at ..inn
etl lo ftlli V. -. bo'.. .   in alt  $01111(1 inuiv
tl an   lo.    I""-     llll I       I'Miil.N   .<ll.nniM'ii
tm,ia  '.'.,,■     ■' a   lfl.il"    From  linen  lho
r pi ■  ■ it.   ..:.. Ill   ill .'""  ii nre    than
lol    11.1!   ;...,..■        mi I'l '.lilllli')
roti im       .       h lived a.   ■ v| -em   ol
el. - - ' l mid iivci    I"   prv-i i"n-
y, ,. .   '.a'   th.     in i" ,  . |i i'i'',   ilm- lo
ll      ....   .■■,....(      ■'.■   i)|      ,        ■     l,
i ,■   i i.a   nnil lit'ht  revenue
that     '   '""I ci' i ei led   revelation
ho' •     ..    le   1*1(1"   ll •   balance  show
e.l  .,   p.a.I'.i ill 811,1,11  rariiod  torwnrd
tu   ll       .■ i    .        ■ eltlli l'i    I WIS   the
 revenue t'. .mi   : lie sumo
It   .    i ■  ■ tm   ,i    ..   .-'.!.',..".-1 I   :,- -      $111,
07'   ■      ■ ...'.I •  . llll     .'- p..I tin.ail  .
leal    ..'   a   net   pi'ol'.l   '..   the  city   uf $lf.
'Jj:;       A-  tin   .i' uli  ol     ui   iler.iblo n
tin  ' ■   i  ,■•   t'nttii   ami  ' .   ...■: eosl   of
mill,   ■ II -.   . •'       "I" tile,    t,,       ■ lie   .Inninge
.1 ■   ' >    'le    Inndi   ■     . ,-1    -pl'llie.   He
fit.tl    '..        it       ....     l,i     ,  i.v   for
I'"' '       il III l I ,   ,",- Is,    '■''   *> 1)711.1111
1 'In i ,.     ...      .    f,  the fnllilll!
il iui ■   '.'   irom  ihi            .iniiii"
w -' ." II .1          iiiiTi-ii ei    ■ .venue
f,. ,  'all „tl|,
deficit  of 1111,02(1.   No body  said,   or I
hud   reason  for Baying   the oily      was
I in- i'.nun il oi  11)0", consisting     of i
Messrs,  II. A.  Ilrown. (Mayor), Wood.| HOCKEY,
Intnl.     Sawyer,    Stone,  Abrahams      Owing to  the Business men and the
Trimble and  Ifowson  when Koing out   ''■  •*•   "• h.ieke.v     l,,|l,lls withdrawing
il uiVi.c with a dollcil  of 817,0(111, nr- '"'">  ll"'     '""t-"'" ""' rilv "",l y'  M
rungod  to eover     •.  wll.lt     Debenture c" A- wiU PlttV " s'"''"s "' I,VI'  >-"l""'K
issue M for 817,1500, ami will.  Iho am f"r  ,n"     MeKinnon  Cup,   The      llrst
ot.i.i owing Duhonture .1 iho ilellcit was ^a""' ""'l( P1,lc0 l'''i'lav '""'"■
8°fi O'MI            Nu        bo.lv  then      criod ArrnngoinoutH  are  boing  matle       t"
out'thai  the .'ity wns bankrupt. brin8  ""'  S'""""  ,""'u"'v  '""'"     '""'"
The Council  of  1000 went  out  of of- "'"'l   wook'  "'"'"   '"'   i|llol'OBlilW  Rnmo
fac with un ovor draft of 812,80., or  ""'■'  '"' l""1  f'"' a< "  ifl ""'''     ,l"'
to bu exact, after allowing hiiliuico nf v,,|'"°" l"""'1' "ro wul1 "I1 '" ,l"' S''oa'
surplus i.etlit  „f aci'o.it.is of 810,707, '('s| "f '''"i'"1'"'" enmnt this yonr.
when some of lho men responsible for Tl"'     UovnlstoUo hockey boy.       aro
tho termor largor doOeits imiuodiatolj anxious to hear from  lho Hie,     Eddy
cry nut  thai  il ily Is bankrupt. ,l'"'11'
Nun a statement  wai mado in     lho ^    lb. I'.  A.  SO I KSf                .    ^ n(i| ^ a„ ft|1Tiou|l ,,, uttnnd   111
Council th ior night that the     in 1'ho Corloy     llousn won thntr     last |
iei'.-i  and   .inking  r.i...: absorbed    the  mutch from the al     Tuc-dny night
whole teve f iho city within 8177. ''>' Bl l">il118'   T'"'    l),",'' :'"''     M'"'"
Whnl   i-  the fact?     Tho getiernl  rev' l>,ll-v  ''riilny night, and  tho Moss   nnd
ciine amounts  to 8113,800, mid  the   in- """"' lllu>   Mon,,fty  ul-hl'  whi''" wi"  , ,   8	
toresl  ami sinking fund cliargenblo  it,  lmish  "'" l""""" "• "v'"'"  f'"    lhn |i,u_Ktloii'i'i'uV i'l..V, 'l.ill'',...■ this, and ex
general account is 8-1.760, The rovniv
ue (nnil iho water ami light plant for
the year,  after dudnctlng cosl   of ope-
Brigade Gets After Council
A  mooting of     No,  I,  Fire Brigade
was hehl Inst night with good attend-
The matter of firemen attending the
opera hull"..' iliirine; any public per-
foi'niani'c was  ilisi'tisscil.
A letter ivas produced, signed by 11.
[Kloy.l, Cily Clerk, from lhe City
Work's ollice", ilnlod M.tr.lt ITlh, IflltH,
uud written lo Fire Brigade No. I.
stiitine ihai at a mooting ol tho City
Council un Fob, Till lhat year il was
decided that mu llromon should be in
itltondiinco al tho opera house during
public pcrfiirinnnccs, antl that the cotnt
til iiuiilil ui'i'itngo for this. The ur -
rangomoni    wus lotl with Aid. Foolo,
The   lliigntle   tell   thai,   while       thoy
oporit house on duty, yot they uotild
mu ili-runiinii.' the practice until authorized in do so by ordor of tho oily
council, They ugrood that the present
ouni'il hail iti-teil very strangoly     In
I'l HUM.
rntion was s\0.in,  an.l the ml ni
ml,   nill   represent   Rnvol
, ...        ,       , on nil      sloke  nt   the  annual   llullspiel   at   llul
intoresl   ii■ it 1   smkiiie;  turn!  lias  .s'.l.llll . . .
,,     ,     ,•  ,, , , , dell   litis  week,  and   is      composed      nl
I'art  ol  tin  ci iliiure however     was
■,    , a , ■ . t he    following
mi capital account,    litis shows u loss ,    ,,, ,.    ...
i  ,    ,       , ,      ,,       I).  M-   lac, (slupi  .1.  Ringer,  I'..   I'.d-
..it  the  water  and  liu hi   plant  of 8S.1I, ...     , , ,   .  ,        ,
,    , wans,  t ,  M.   " old,      Local knights of
lull   llluri'   than   this   was   spent   millet- „ ,     . .
, . , ,     the  broom  however arc conhdenl      ol
ttiaiient   work   nut   piupei'li   chill trenblu
UcM-l-tulic holding  i hen  own,
O   main etialt.e.  .,,
„ ... SNOW SHOE t I.I 11,
limit  hits  Iteeii   -mil  about   the  au\i-
. ,   . Ilill   a   few    iiber.-:   lurueil  oul      on
han   power  plant being ii  useless    es .        , ,
,,.,         ., .                                ., Thtirsdni    or  il.e semi-weekly tramp,
peudiliirc,    litis i«  a   iiiislalten   i.lcn, '"'       ■    .
power  eonipiiny  in   nun   ptiitiiiL''
iu  by "bub
\ I....H.
Win    ....  pi ivli.it. Vi      fl'i
.   llii'ii.
his   de-
l.c.l   last   year   t lie     j| t.-ea
. .     md     ,      t|
lined by  1 lie t let
ml    ■:        planl   is  not
the   intei ind   .inking
."bei.tuii ied   	
■ .     lie   ri  let ic.    !.a\ inu
■ at....    I ■■-,      items
,■■'.'.       li   i-lint ji''l
; . In    'ii count, 'i
        ill     all-.nil
edited  a-     |n..11 Iiii
i.mt ui    . hu i,   i
■ lhe iill   (hut llm
I   uf   llu I'iij loiild
' i..Ic        than
.     ' . ■
.   \\.    Innl    a
he polii ,  minibus
In   In  ■   ilml, prior t"
.  ■     hail  not   Hit      ilm ■
■  pa>   an.I  up
...             !.. mail     in.   In
1007 8ft,. i ied    '•   ■ .i"i
rp  of   tin      il It     i'.»i' hail
grown to   ■'■ ■  ■" I hn   ' III' lhe
wu- ■ ' I ical       lu.lllil
have sho' . i       over pn
\ :.  . .    ■
I- . '   -I • "' i
■i .. :
, .        ____ . hut  linishcl up  ti
III    IIIIXilia 'V    plants ,11   ease    ll      uccl ■ '
,' ,.'    ,      , him " down lie   hiiiglns sti'eel   lull,
iletil-.   ami   Revelstoko   rein.ires  .1.10 loo ,. ,
,.,     , i-i , ■       thi 'I'm-I.t\  night. Feb. sih, i. trump
I hank-   lu   the   uiixilmn    plaal.       tin- ,
,,,',.,        .ill   lake pint),  and   ul   the close      of
' ity      hus      not   ha.I  the  usual   .\ ..iter
presse.l   iheir dissatisfaction   nl       tho
manner ill which the Ilill hail been held
hack ft.nn payment, ll was for sorvi-
[cos rendered  anil should be paid for.
The -e.r.'i.'tiy explained he had been
accused ol ihriiatonlng tho city with
newspaper pi'iiceodings if tho bill was
not paid, Inn ini it. h 1 hreats had
been nia.le ami he hail ntt-icty taken
the siainl us secretary of lho Rrigado,
lhal   lite bill,   being Icu'i.tiniatc,  should
llut   hale  been   llealeil   as   tl   WUS,
A resolution was passed expressing t
voh' ni thanks  lo   lho  soerotitry      for
.-l.lll.I.Ill     I   ,      Iho    llllele!-     l.f     the    I'.ll
untie iii this matter,
It   wa-   ag. I   ll.al   No.   I   III il   ii" ill
leiition    uf holding up the . ity.    but
prat tii all
a I
that   tile    .
eli'ii. -
fund <"a
lie. liu 11
hitherto    ■
to  the .
to    '■ .:•'
,'.    ,1,11m
l-       in.
he   .■ 'i
gi   •  a
sh. v    .1,
'I   Iti
heavy  in .
Inst   yeai
nf a
...   P.IO.s  i
vintcr        ' ,"     ,     ,„  ,      •„   lhc\   had  done  lite  work  nnil  .'M led
l,,    ... , ,. •, .   inn  the member*  ol  the Hub will        •  	
in.unlc tin- year     of failure ol  power
"SALADA" is the same wherever or whenever
you buy it—always of unvarying good quality.
ii A
Its native purity and garden freshness is perfectly preserved in sealed "SALADA" Packets.
 Black, Mixed and Natural Qroon, 40e, 50c, Otic anil 70c per lb. —- r
Garden, Field
and Flower
New crop now arriving fr.mi our growers ill K iglnnri, Prance,
Holland, Canada and lhe United S'atea, All tested us tn
vitality ami purity nn arrival. Tne l«'-t is good enough fnr mtr
i'usi.ii.|eiH.   Catalogue free.
Btisini'BH will I..' continued at nnr ol i ..ainl until May.
Aft' r t bat in new location, which "ill be .hi ii mi i ui.I Inter.
3010 Westminster Road
VANCOUVER. .      B. C.
md   lii'ht.   T lv  complaint      thai   ' ,""1'''"  h'V  >h
I'latt   at   their eesulei
.ei'. ni    ,.   ice.    lliu.   plant    i-as iirdei-   IVednos.luj      iiil'Ih     bnlv
ed  lii   ih" I'm il  ..i   I'.'".      ■   ihe re-   und   I'-u-iii'--  moll's   loin
,1  Mi-.   «     II.
the   Hint
Koiiiih  ul
tu   lie   paid   for   il    a-   n-ilal.       This
lhe  lirsl      lime  ihey  h.nl   IiiiiI   iroiihlo
nn In- maiie aifainsl   lho uiixiliury   is   ''''""  '"  ""'"' '"' ""'' Iwith  iho City  Council  over  their   ae
Ilml     inn   ii- iiistallata.n  tlio demand IIASKKT  I1A1.1..                       cmiiii  . und  i.i   ivu    tineulled  for.
foi   liirl I power him im-reused In- I'he  hurdesl   fnu.hl   l.---1111.- of  I'a-'.'       \ ivsolution wa>  passod, Tlml  No.  I
y I  it-     cupucity,  bill  il   has  laiolj hall  this senson in lho throe loam leu    p.,;,,,,|„, as  a body,  hold out   for   lho
he. a iMirkine  splendidly uiul givinircx-   .in- ol  the V.  M. C.   \. wns plityod on   payment  of     open,  luiuse nil laiieu
^^m     ^^^^^ a-   'Ini il iu ih" bill, and nUo up till
lilt   present   lilile.    ll   v.a-  fell   thai       ''
on.me.i.In   i  li   tlunliii,   ihen sup- tiine-,  the iraine wa-  hot   all   lho    waj    ,|l(,  ,\,\      tvishetl   lo  relieve   them      of
irintindeni   of i In   cil j   powei   plant. ihroiiLrli.  and   re ill till   in  a   victor}  '■ i        , ',  ,!a,i   a I  the opera luiu«i' idler lhn
t ne   ie...in,-   ubout   lho   water       and lho  hiisiuesH  in. >..  «'th   a   -con   ni    ".'          ,,   ,.   |m,| |,,,,n    ,.|tl,.d,   i .<■}   would
plain   ..all-    for  remark.  Thorn   lo   I"'.   I'hysical   Director Worth,       as   | „|,   ,,„,  e\m\  .,,  ,,,,.;,,i,-,e.    So.   I
ha-   neve.   ;""ii   ani   allowance  for  do    referee,   handled   lhe   ua   well,      and   Hid  not  wish     fur  (rouble bill   wanted
llil'll II     i-   Usual   llilil   such   plant-    llollll    '"ll    instiee    lo   llolll    side-.     .   I'ho    w_ltl    "as   , '.lie    lu   thoni     'I'hal    "as
Ite    e   di-ell-sed   tin-   mn | I,   ■   with Ml     liclon    of   lit."    UllsillOKS    Men    .alile    as I.,||      '|'|„,N    v „.,,   wi|!nj    lu   tiieel t he
I'l..id.  Hint  replied:      "Neither      nave •    tirprise i" tho (lynt  buys, wlm hup-  ,„.j| at   .  ,- reifulur moolinit Monday
«i   taken    redil  [or permaiie.i!   repairs cl   lhal   lhe}   n.iuld  I"' able to     walk aij.t  and  hear ivhal   lhe}   had  to nay.
It   « -i   dclii.'I   dcprei-1,1              we '■■■<   ihoii  opponents.                                                   	
should   add    permuuent   i      •■    wliicl lhe  stut lino   of   tl ■   Leatrue    loams
''"'  timt i Hon i VVBddinq BbIIs
.li'serv.'s consiilerntioi '      ■      I earn   playeil       -'   won  I    I"-.   1 	
. ,,.,.,.., i   ..        ,   o   '    ,  -i     The wedding, ol  M ss .lussio   I hnmnn,
\,.W. |S   |, ,• Illltll'S, ..',        |,i .;-. ,.,i    -.'    wui.   ll    lost   -' .
-i-i.-r ui  Mrs.  K.  ...   Mi-Kne, ul      tui-
'"' ' '"■     Im     t bono.'. lted.n ,   ,., .... ..  , .,
IIOl'KI   \. in.   and    Ml-    Han     Mel.oillian.   I  .      I'.
^BSrSaS*^"';   ' Amcr.Holcl.cn Shoes
for n v'tt who work
for men who are i. uch
on their fc il for artisans, fan .< is, ft nit
growers a I those live
an outd or life these
slices are particularly
well si ited. Tht y are
mado s. ■". scrvice-
al !e, i    ■ ■ allj i   \i- '.■■
vi  US to l'i-  \n t.,i yi,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   well S"v ti t'tomvhotil.
They are built to d< R
rite standard, for every boot must pass the most, critical
, .'..rs-i', j
M^ig__£Hi ^
...   >.:".;:.-'. ' .   ..    .led u-tii
fund-    .1    i.a     ..i .s:'..'::.7T-
•' t   taxi       '   <!■"	
.   -  .
ellllllll, ^^^^^
.   . ity    ind   iln-    "i     M     li. eondiietor,  loiik  plae.   al   the M.insi
nl   i  u f ...'.'    f'n]  an. ,,a Wodiii'sday last.   The Kev
I      ihotittli   the  player.-   Mr.   Hillock porformod  the ee."omouy.
in.   !  u-il     in .        il-t    Mis*  .I.'inii.' Clewlnnd noted  as brides
....'  ihe     ' ■■   •    ..       ..•'   maid, nnd Mr.  Bert   llowsor   —i-t.-.l :i~ i
tl   L..ime    I' "       ei,...la-man.
ive  pl.'iyod one irnmo      After  the  servioe  lhe  pari} -at down
■    lii.-i   will put   '" a  weihlin,   supper  al   the  resdionen
inn lo thi     indliiiB   of Mr.    Cleveland.   The hupp}    couple
.    hand    it   to   were  lho  recipients ol  mull}   handsome ,
1 ie  . .11 ..led  in   ' ■"'!-
,••'..  iii   a    ..a. ..'       I''-   bride i*     ivoll  known  in  Revel-
none       It   stoke, hnving   male   her   residence hen-1
.L. . felt  years  .im.. boforo i;iiinu  to Oil-1
In    L'liry.
Mi.   and      Mm.   Mel   nniin are       the
,   truest* ..i Mi    und Mrs.   Kenny  MeRne
. feu day* during the honey-moon,
■ ill   tie  -po'ii   i i- ii i11•_-   lho coast
.... Itulint!   Viincoiivor,      So it Ilo .
inspection before leaving the factory. We have put a
lifetime of experience into the making of these shoes.
They are the most perfectly dependable shoe on sale in
litis Province to-day.
P.S.    You cannot uet more out of a boot than !!.,•
maker has put into it, and that is why we are emphatic
upon this point- the quality of the Aaies-Holden Shoes
we know what we have put into them.
Pa'nting and
Paper Hanging
I    tion   ' a;    ,,, teci
Water, Light and Power De-
!§__j_s*.W*'-M 'hf:'; r -".•*' -  - -"i TiJs?" **'T'
________-__&_..      JS _-V  ^-.___4__.**_Wi-w__.  «_A-E__. • .■**.'tk a-r^^.^
PnMr.e Court
" "-»^^^B________i
The I .
i llcl    nl (Mayor),     I'.-.ii...
Trimble, lappine/,   llov          '
I      I hod I
i i .(.'solution of City
. U     .'.il:—
Wator   anl   Li;hl     /'counts
' ., ,11.    tu   .'I'l
hich  Ih nl
  iwr.1  In  I in
it  i ii     I    11
Power r.h a  i:<". ■   |iai.i  In
i   . I
In ■!."illation    ChargO*
■   ill id
PLEA8E    NOrf: Intion
111 he strl I il  the   it
il ■.
/-r       is
(IIP its REN
,  j 0?   TiF.   WHOLE   WEST
'i '."f  "fin vnu really Hunk" one hou«CWife will say In iiot e- "that this
I. i'   new f i ur cun I   i  Iter ilini ine fl.mi we are uing? "
>     '       Madam, i et    . . ■ hi a   "it it.
I ti   ", tc t, jit:,! on': nay )e,u can    U convinced.    V.iu  must u c
'    ■     it i. rn  rlf.
Ol i cliiniis will nol satisfy you, but we back up uur claims In mu n
a w-iy lhat 1 mi will lot "j noihing by trying Knbin HooJ.
\.\      Your grticiT will tell you anout our gtiaraiitce which giv s you
^-.. —-—-!»__■_____   bail; vour inuney if you arc not
I ■ <*$ aatiaflec
a iimiiii)
4     SASK. FEBRUARY 8, 1010,
r. ■<■ i>
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock §f printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVlenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cylccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents fcr the famous
$60.00 Cash
i'i. in
limner LiceitBBB
I'kKi IM1.N m;\  i.'i'.roit'i.
A prullminaiy  .v|..i  by tbe l''or.iKt
iy   Commission      ha     lit.a   laid   belm.
the legislature      I If report Bays:
"A    laa 1    thf    1. itllt-sst-H     Wli.i
appoared 1 -.-1.-■.   ■-,■■ ttrniigly     advi.un
tod   thai    i1      li ri.-.'-.   In'   iiia.I,■  ram it
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   uiil.- in 11,..|«.. ,,i    ,t   hnsi  fur     mi.
Iliti'i'j   Litbimli,  nill In-   glad  in   lii'itf |loufl   i-   tbi'it' -It.."I.I  bo maruhantidil
IWIl   I'tH'l'.'-lt.Mllll'ltl .
Mosul's. S.-nit ainl Jordan. il.Ji-iiai.--i
tn iln. Assu.iuii.il Hoard* ,if Trade
mooting ul VImhi, rolnrni'd Saturday
nml  report   n  very suoee ifnl  conv6n<
'I'l.,' num.,   friondii ol Mr, and     M.
nl  il>.
return frnni  ^ n uvor. where
nvu lii'i'it
Mr.   l.ltbllHll   has  tain vol*  the
ilgoini.lit   nt  tlf ilininl   Ilo till,  und
« inter .
m tut-
wt'ill'itiu; I
Ml.   an.I    Mi
joiclllg    ill,'I'    ll
I'.      II.        I'.MIIlM
ill.-   lhal
arril al
timber mi tl ■■ lund.   nvarod by    .uoli
lioen.si'.-. \ j...' ti mu nf the wit•
Basset, uls,. tlrnnglj urged llinl th.
rental. ■ annual ii.-.a,.,- teen obargod
(ur ..a. n    .a,.... .1    nlniuld  i.a fixed    tm
nlterabl)   i   mil  in  thnn tin-    p..".
i-iit rates, though with a fi-w excup
lions, thoj I . iiii thnl tin- i/.tvc n
in.*.it should ri'iniii  I ut thu rt>)
,ll|.~.     tu    I,.-        ',   H'lfPlI
\   . at. la!     . .•   ..I... . i    .it   ol   tin    fa   l ■
a.I.l.i..si   in   ...   . ■. i 1. a .■   submitted _ntl
uf tt pinio.      'f    "nn' uf th.'  boa!
know i.   ...i ti ati' i   t iiiiI.it and  I...
•     t I '.     ll.  I '    .-.        t    .,,      ',..1     .1-     tu    I III-    llll
..uai"a. a, Iii ...a thu tin- propoand
."cii'MMoi. ul     tenure    I  those HoenaoH .
Ullilil   pi nfcgll ii .1- .   nil!   nol   WU. I
... il... di iniiti ■    if l      |auiiiiiii.
Vi hile,        iut mnl. .    ibove,   wo    an
hut    m "    | ,.;..,.   !   '.,'.,.,  iilali.   in ll.
.ail V l.lll It.,mi- ■ .!, .ui -la.ill.I Is-
yel,   '   ',...   ill    ■■ ■'   to   i hi'  Ih-  t   in
ti...  '..a' i .. i       and giving duo
jconsidi . . . ,\  ourrouri
.1. 'I."     Hill1"'! ll        '• .        ui,|     || .■     ll,.
Nt"  llraniiili.' Hull  wa,  dclightfull;   „ .Mv , .     (J|   ,,    .        , , ,,,,,„,.,.;„.,
10,11 '  Mon,l«y '■,'"""-     "'     ""'  thu ..  I.. - s involvod
,( ,l„- I'mmdinn  Hunk  - '      ;„       , „,  ,U1(J „ .i|lt
in ."' i .   !. a'ii   . iho develop
in. t.i, i-on ■ - . ' ■ ! porpet ue 'iui
• it ' of this great |ir..vii il towel, wi sug
"'  hi- .a. -I   tl.'    11     ,i rati   .       i. . rn
^^—  'anil  ■  .inhi ; i-i.i,        a,.'!
Mr.   and   Ml'K.   Il.n.i.'l   .   "I   .-smn.\ -I.I.-.    ,„,,',, _   ....   rj.    1     (.port,   If   left       Hi.
Msiifil  ftifiiil- lur several  .litis.      nnd .disturbed,   and  in  pnrli ular we      .nn
while  hero  attoudod   the   |..-if->.nn.-i.■•- L|, „,.   |i,   ,,,, .     tint  the gi   . • tinenl
..'ii.it Ity th.' Colonial Opera l" ,, , restrict  ...      | imi I
•-111'     l.avalli'   inli'llils   I.i   leilVC   shurtl.     ,,,   ,.j    ,,,     ,,,l   j,,v,    |    .   ,      ,,;..|„;   ,,,        .,il
I'".' i'.d.nu.   tu .outline hi-  prm.ti •■   ; ,,.,  i,,,,.   •,,.„. t„ ,,,      the rent da ■"
Tin'  Masonic  l.odgo navo  :i  bnnquol   |,,,.,      i.,.     ,.i  ,i,    nynlties        i,. be
Wednesday I'v.'i.iiiL'.  .uiil   amongst    lho  charged        ,.        .      iditions,  ro
lln-h  ati- I.-
..f    a    young '
i  Medi.-ino Iln.   llm,
who ptirnhiiHod a Iruii   riinnli  from   tin-j
Natural   HoHOIirron   Snrlll'lty   I'".,   l.i.l .
was  lit'ii' spending '. foil   days, iitnliiiiL
nrrnng ts   for  tin'  removal   uf   In-
f.unili   Inin1 in tin- .ni'inu
Mr.        I'aru ,      tlio   gonial    IJ.". .-I ill ke
t'l.i.'f    .if     I'.lli.'l',     1 isil" I     i'l I,  11.1- 111- .
twi'i'tt  bnntn mi Wednesday, nn  hi.   t.i-
iinii from   Nelson,
('.   .1.   Ila.lil.ai   In-     "1.-I..I   I.I-       	
tli-.tinn   with   Alitii'l   \   tu .   at.I    Dttii.'
11 i    has   j.   that   Chin la-   t     ifllillU  '"
slitrl   tip  in   lin-ilti'-s  nn   hi.   ..un       it.-■
I'ount.      II i- ninny Iriondfl w i-h     him
 .a.    II    linlhwell    iiii
pint..I   itl,-al   h.iHl.
lh.   IClliott, nf Arrowhead,
town   Ttli—ilav   ill   thi'   iittiaiM
' i-itiirs enterlninod  were  ,M.~-i-.    .'..I
.lar      anil     I'l'i'li'l      uf   Ed«o\\ I.   Hi.
Hl'nllsi-,   uf   \i-w    ll.'tii.l,   an.l        M-      i
l/Otl   I.lilllli,       II". I.I      .'lllll       ll'IIM'l        "t \|
rowhoad.      \  uai i"\.dih'  tini"   '
A. .1. tit nm. manager foi the Natio
id  lli'suiti',,'.  Sneiirily  Co,   Ltd.,      relumed from a Iwo w.-.-U'-  irip  t<.  Ai
ruwh.'ii.l  and    Uoveleloko,  and  roporti.
a very HUueoaHful buRincim.      Mr. Gohm
L'll.iti.ii iri' tintis  undei   ^hi.'l'
timber may ' ■
«... therefor. . u . .''i" that tho
proponed ainenibnont b. -.. framed .'.•
t.i provide tl...' the irpenial limber li
i.-n.-s, nthct thau ii "-.' provided Im
.ii section J uf -.' timi "t" uf th.
I ami \. t. ■!m'I If renewable from
yeai   '"   .eai. ng at.   tln-re  ta on
. ii,'   1 ■        .':■' 'It. .a.-.-    tni-r
It.'ti table  t.i  ii'i   .nt quunlitj
is again pnoking Ida trunk ready     lor   (ci nmke j(  ,.,„,,„„,,., ,ill;v vb1ubWo b,„,
a  trip through Wellington,  Idaho and   (       , o{  whi fc     . .     ,,, ^ .
     f.„.    ll...   i..l.,r„sts    ,,f    Ins    .uiiiti        , ,       , ',
the cltii-l .  . but  thai Rln li
renewal will b. xubjeut t.. tho paym-int
"i .'i I. rental 01 la eon fee, and simli
tax     "t   f ;. dty,  •...!  t..  such  tenna,
flri'L'i.n  for  iln1 ititeri'sis nf his cumj
I  i-\|tt'i"is    in  li.-  gone   -"in
i into.
Ifi'itl  .l.il.nsuii  is spending  hi
days wiih his mull,,., ,.t Sicamou cou(Illloni..,     ,eeuJ„tlolK ,,„d   ,,,stnc.
|    M,ssss.   Dowd an.l   M,\li"h.,,'ls.    late   tionj   a.   may  w.   .^-     ,. . ^
managera  ol  tho Grand   llu.i'l,  intend
leaving shortly fur the prairies
inii'litiuii.       regulations  and   reatrto-
Mt.      IJun.i
-nw  ...ill. left  im  Nel
any   stall in   . uun.il
-■- - - ■ 'orce    at tl ..al is made
M.m Uuirhoad entertained theBndgo t||(a |in,i.(   _,   ^ ,     (.  y.(M   ^ n
Club  Friday evening, .....1  Mrs. t.cl.m M,1AH, „„  , ,.      , ^^     m
-'"'•' '' in '"inurim the t.rst prue, govftrnment  „,„...     ,. ,    ^|,„.;i.,„) i(,
a beautiful hand painted plate,   while ;, ,,,.„ c| ,,t. |a] ,      ,.. for m,        nd
Mrs.  Unit:.",   eaptured  th.' »cond prue  ,,ul,,„,„.,  ,,„, lw)   for Um|  pur.
,t point lace l.andkerohief. pMej u,.,. ,„. , r lhev ^^ (1|k
*'" "'"' ,da.y nheruoon Mr.. Moffat    „,,.  ,.,  „.|„iW,  |m.  .^^      from
,.,„,r,.,i,„.,l ,,  few .,( hor frtanils     hi  BUcn ,      u.uMn b |iy () w(u|onab|<!
'i'i". n'   the end of which period      tin:
nanager of the  new   |m„,  . fnf ^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ upon p;o'.ijrnmi'iit
trip. .shall   s. .  fit.
v'"'"""  l'"1'-"' '    newfruit      u.,,   ,,,„ . ,  <j( b ^^
 I"'r-  ha» "l"'1'"1 » bandaorae bun-   „,._ |H.ovidod , „ ,,„„  (2)   q(
galow on hia Creacent Baj   ranch, And  .,,,1,,  .,.,,•„   -r    ; t uW      ^
will   sh,,itl\   move in. and   prornisea   a   ..„,,,,         i   ., .                   ,               ,
'                     vantage  ut   th-' pnv    _.•  ,,f  renewal
IniiiM'   warming  fur  his   frnanls.                    nrnviHoH   f..,-   ,. .1,;                 i
I'tuiiti.-'i   lui   ii I,,.   amendment,    he
Hov,  Father Joanautte will i.-lel.r.tte   „.. ..        ,■     . ,
sit.id.   11 limn  air   ■   .,       ,     .|t,.i   tl,. |);ls
mn.. .,., Sunday, February  .ith. ,jng 0, „„,..   „ m, .,„„.,.,,, ,,,e
Mt.ssiM   K,.|„.,, ,,f Arrow  Park,   an.l „„.„„. held 1>y h|m     -,,  ,   .     iu,
Abnel,  nf  Nakusp, an   attending   thf „„w appertaining the.ei„,
Farmers  In.titute, which is being held FOUI si   l-'IHES
at   Victoria   this  week.   Those  gontle        \,,,,.   ..,„.... , ,,
l'li.t  oommiwionere an- carefully  in
,„..„     are delegate,    from   th,-   oxro«   i,m,_,,|',v  lhc oomititution  nf forest
Lake District.                                            ry dopartmente in othei   governmente
Mrs, Knott has lo|d out her bakery ,„„,  rfWj wiw,;  i; , Q of ^
anil will return in her frtiii  ranch. ,.     ,,„!;„., ,i,„ ,  .  :■   i ,       ,
,.,,. .   .        ,      , ■• ""  ''■''  '  »nmenl  nf Mtrh
Dr.    -.Iliuii   ui   Arrow head   ana      in     •   ,,    ,,,,,„„,  :,   i,   ,   ...        ,
ueparuueot in bntish Columbia, and
Lavallo woro called tn  Hauls  Landing  ,„.,,,,,U[,     the  „„,,,,.   „f   ltip   ,
"" " '" "' ,mal1 l",v reported down   data,  we are of  the  , "ati,,,,   that   .he
,h      " I' d  waa  """ '     nvornment  will  be  well  advised      to
i.   "i'l    una     in    Mr.      Ilulhw.'ll ,   u'lisu - nrnviile   0,   It,.,   ....
I I'tit'ie in   ttte  nrM   eatimalea  .'in    in-
!in<-   lanti'li,   lint   gOBSip   has   it       that      ..... ,.,i   ri„    ,   ,   . ,     , ,
,,,,.,,                         ,, i'i-'i  amount   (at   least   .luulih.-    that
they innl. Il.il  thru  own  canoe    <-om- ,,; i.t-n /,,_ ,i„ , ,,             ,         ,
•    '                          .  ,   ,      , '  ' "   ""   I'l'.i'ns" ol suppl.-inen-
ing back.    1 In'     iretiial  bank  i ,,     ,,,, .„.,„,„    „, ,
-                                                       - 'i'.i   '•" "w-ni    ol  loresl   pnitc nun
, ..111 w.s t I..   I..."        I 1... ■■■■■
refuse,     to
Hunching i~ evidently ... a vary pro
•pcrous condition mi lho Arrov   l.aket
.-•     •■• v..       in. IT.Sl
luguratwl,  which, so fai  ...
limited am, u appropriated     in
■ is years would permit, has been
S_SM______________ ■_______■■ ' '•>   he
ami   a  hit  nf   work mt   tl."   land      Mir-   f... .,,,   ,,,   ,,„.,     i ,
... ,      ,    , '" ,n8 ''"' number ai I   i
rounding   t-  nomemplated   tin.  spring,   tfni ..f ijm.k
I he v 11 "i" I tike. Orchard ' Jom| any
h.iii" shipped int.i MacDonald Creek a
. arloarl "I hat   intended fm  t ho     i   i
mi lot    at ' ii .1 point
l*ui:si:\ i iu h i;\ Alius.
Ha I'li^ht add, ia eon luslou, t i it in
nnr opinion,     i. '.-mil
p"i;  ,' as to tl '
iitL,"  with   t. . i   lim-
, diotild      In-
•  ,i  ii tenti-m
'I i,.  I'... iii' I ■.'.
and   market     odd It
ceiling,    siding,       t btvi
a... I     into ilcfnii. Ij  '".   I .i' lumber  >
manufacturer, nl lhc N'orlhwe«t,
ii" Roger. Lombei  i     ip.    .   .per-         	
atin..'      ..ii   Mabel      l.„. . ,   i'..   I   .     havo
! I., put !!ii I'       lal   Ball    Vi.d
. . ■   ' I .   |   ,       . ' V I 11
mm       I     loi   pip ise  return
f  i    iii... i   manager of operations.    ■' C   n   Hume .V  I lore
,V..l    •.'.rt
' I ■ I '
iii   ; he
'      '   .^ ! Pago 6,
FKIlltllAltY B, 1010.
Special Meeting Held Wednesday
Night to Discuss Civic Affairs
Speulal meeting Wodnesday night,
Present: 'J'ho Mayor, Aid. Trlmblo ,
Mi1'arty, I'tiwaii, Aliruhaitistin, Hows,
Vi. I, tirlggs, Citj Suli.'tiui, al mi
attur .ed.
lt_V"._l   1KB   LAND    COMPANY'S
Ah, Cowan roportod lho Commlttoo
I.ad not y.'t had time to l"' into tho
itiiilter nnil asked it to bo laid over
I'll  the)   i.nil.l  tnki' it  up,
NEW I'OM Lit 1'l.AN I
\hl. (' "wan    reported ho liud     lu
Hlruotud  M-. flaffnor,  tti" onginoor,  t"
bring   el   tenders   for   lho  now       plant
st'i'tiou so WO fill, eolli'rl   th" lax, or not.      ll   Ih no 11*0 our     going     ....
The Mayor: There Is un pari of the holding meetings horo us wc have linen
uomplated central sootlon Ihut ran os- 'doing ami these mootlngs rosultlitg in
rape taxation, i jiiothlng,
City Clork:   Evory 1"! ran be    eon-1    Aid, Hows see led   Ud, MeKinuon's
tiei'ietl in th impletod porlion, Imotlon,
In ri'ply in Aid, Abrahamson, tho | Aid, Trlmblo: li i- lhe «i-h ol tho
City Clerk Bald il tit" whole system council lo ropoid tho western sootlon,
was not completed, the lots benollltod I Aid, MeKinnon: Thou lol n- slui't
In,     th,.    soworage syilom   .vould    bo  right  now  to ropoid it In lho mitnnoi"
tnseil Jt"t.lill tor every 2fi fool of I'nnil- suggested hi Mi. Hl'iggS, I fool we
age insieiiil nf 83,10 under the origin- should do something and gol down in
at sithehlllo, illiiii|.'M as ihey sluuilil bo.
Aid, Mi'l'atiy said thu lots in ih" ' Aid, Cowan suggostotl iiiponling tho
uncompleted portions would, when lho bylaw whon ruquit'ocl tor ollltoi lhe
system wus eomplotod, bonelll l»> lho eastern or western soollon, lio in..\ -
main -"ewer- us ntllrll as I huso ivllol'0 "'I t lial the Itylaw as to tho oitstom
now  eomplotod,  nnd should pu,\   their and wostern nootlons ot lhe soworngo
proportion   In   fairness   lu   the   I't'Sl     uf   sysletn  lie  I'oponloll,  II  it   .an  lie      ili.lii.
the central     section, leuadh.
Ahl.    MeKinnon donled   Ihi    a«  the     Aid, M. Ki  sot-ondod lho inollon,
eastern        an.l        the     western     see •      City  I'le'.'k Thut  still  loaves      II
li.i.is     would     require their own  blocks of lho rent nil hoc 11 on nol emu-
indopondonl     main    sowers, so      no plated
U"f,„,.  ibe eoun.il, and     ho expootod  nftrdl|h|p wn„ wm.kod on , ,ompM>t-1    ALL     Cowan's    motion wit
Mi. S„. -I,   of Sniith. Koarj  & Chaee, I d  ,tjon o| t|) nlrn| w,ll()n    ,n   lmiullmnlllllVi
would ulso probably bo     present   nt linvlng to pay tho whoto tli<u-|] tl   Aid.  MeKinnon now moved,     That
lhe mooting. the system as far as oomplelod.      If  lho lncomplolo porlion of the    conlral
NEW WATEB SUl'I'lA, |,1(, lnougn,     lne    dobonlures     unsold  Bection  bo lefl   unfinislied;  thai   If  lho
The Mayor said ho had nskotl     Mr. wm|ld ,,„„,,,,,,,, ,,„, Bys,   |„, „,,„M  rutopnyors wished it llnislieil nt     any
v '""'•  fwidonl onginoor     at     lho I        gQ uh(mt) wUh it '|m|1 ,( |i|iu|i| ||(i|   tlmo lhoj  pfty „ |Uil|lulo purl of lho
powor  1 so,   who was  luklng  mea- bo don0 (nI. |h(, |no|ll,v nvili|u|,|e     remainder of lho taction; and lhal lho
Buroroont   and making an oxumlimtlon  |Bg  i|h,    (.n|||.M| (Mt,oll  |)n(]   i|m|lK.  ,,,,,.„,„. ,.,.,|U;,,.,|  ,,, ,,„,.,. lho ,.„„,   „f
"' lho "reek ]"'> ' ll"' I"'"''1'    l""ls'' loosl ov.-r 823,000 over tl 'iginiil os-   tho main sewer of the control  Bection
win, had instructed Mm to do     that | timat8i l„. raised from the portion benefitted,
Aid,   Hews  favorod  cancolling tho old provided this enn logall)  bo done.
bylaw initl saddling tlie portion nun- i   Aid.  AbrahnmBon did nol  lil."     tho
pleietl with the tost  Ihoroot, and    s»  last  motion and ilid not  like litis one.
olearlng the situation, |Tlu»y woro going loo fast, and     wore
City Clork:     It would cosl  8(i,BH0 in  liable lo Ituv. opoal some of what
addition  to  tho work  nlreuch      done  thoy had .1  for want ol proper cnu<
II,. (tho Mayor) then askod whether L    oomp)  (|] m,.;i| siv|io|| ...deration,
this work was boing done at any   ex- ,   Th(, Mftyo(, ngr , ui||l   Ull   ,,,,„.    |   T|le Muvol, 0X|J|nj , ,,     motions
penso iu the eity, and Mr.  UalTiier re-j   Thfl M;1'>ul..     Mr_  rjriggs, eoitld   wo  were eontingont on their boing   legal,
pli.-il  they wero charging tho work  to   ,,1X (||(, ('ol> (|||  lh|. Uncoinplolod M,..  Thoy had onK  beon In ollieo two weeks
the    city,   lie considered the Council  li()n „f ,,, ntra] By8tPm 0iu.k   with'and they wn I informaliou. This was
Bhould be advised ol the position, |(i|ii|. equitnDia ,nar0 ,,,- ,|„, w|10ie8J . j the first     moetina at   which thoy had
work,   uiul   he  said   Mr.   Milliner      hail
instructed    him.     He     then  saw  Mt
llali'nei   and  n-ketl  him  on   whoso an
Ihority ho was ticlitigV
lie replied   Mayor  landmark had   it
iiiru,'teii him.
eity the oxponso. He did not see why
anybody should take it ns a blow at
the liretnen, boouUBO he for one did not
think thoro wits a body of men in the
low it witn iliil ni. i.iiieh Fur so lit I le as
the firemen. Thol'O wus 110 lituly of
aii'ii they rorpilrod ..lure than the lire-
nii'il. It was boonttso Ihi" Dromon had
requested them lo relieve then, of the
ihut    lhal   the   nuttti'i'  had  I)P0I1   taken
The Muyor eonsidorod ii n very unfair statement to make that lho council will' trying to .nuke (t'oublo with
lhe liiv brigades,   The mutter bad not
been brought lieftite lh" council, OX-
i'i.|H tli.it litis liill wus iinil, and Ihere
was -"tne talk nboul iiiriiiiiu Itdown,
Tin',, had on lho Con null mombora ol
No. I ami Nu. 2 brigades, and they
staled lho inatlor should bo looked into,   lie nskotl  Aid,   Abi'nham.on      il
that   wore  nol   roiTi'i't'.'
j   Aid   Vbriihumson:     Vos,
llu' Muyor snld thorn was iiolhlng in
the Council about making Iroublo
wiili tha liif brigades.   The Oily Clork
Wus   llilenlelii-il  with  .-■■Itilill  llewsptipe.
proeoodings with rognrd lo this account, ,tii<l also ihi> .ily council  if It
ilill   in.I   un   through. 1     that       I ill
correit   Mr.   LawsonV
I    fill   Clerk:      No.
The Mayor: Were yon nut lltruiilonod
that ilils w'ns in It" made a newspaper
Cll> Clork:
I'he Mayor:
illlelliew    lo
I   III",in'-
Ml".   Lawsuit:
Tin   Mayor:
With roloren
Mt. Cunnluizhi
In  ihr
City Clerk said that was not
t lu
tein  who i ''■'!  ' I llod nnd   lhe\   are
Innl anything dellnito bofoi"e Ihem
Hndorstunding with tho late oouueil as  ,„„,,,,,, wUh ;,' i    \|,. n,,jggl< did   like Aid, McKin
Smith  Keiiry  „  Choco were supposed      j,,.   r.,, ,gH      v,,s non's motion,     Ihey had elthor to cut
to got this information on thoir own.    ,M   'Primblo:    I'ho Italian socl'ion ol out  llioso blocks or ussest 'hem.
'»''' '  I" v'"'w "' 8°ttinB ""'   l,ftnd-   ,|„. „a ,,...      ,, ,,,„, .„„!  lnM   B0Ul|,     Aid,  Abrnlmmson;     Wo shall     onlj
ling ol ihe work, (lf m,.",,„./,    , ,■ :IU. ,-oquiro sewage a-   In* ibe proportj  benoflttcd,
Aid.     Cownn said     if tho engin '.   mlum n uupleted portion of the |    M-1-   \bruhnmson was afraid     they
w  in tiu.ieil by the late  mayor to   „,m,.„| „.,,;,,„, would have so thing henvj  dropping
.1.. the work ihey    wen. entitled     to     \,,    v We   ,„, ropeB|  ,1,,. lu   -.,, il„-iii.   Already, for instance he
payment foi it, I ends and tho added cost     of   ihe  had   lo  pay sin soworuge  tax  alone.
irk dom     ■   .i ■ control section    on  which  the)     would admit  wa«  pretty
Aid.  Cowan  Bald  tho contract  with tnB  |,,,.  ;,   ,,,,,,,,  1)v  h     ni,.,,.   wail   heavy.
the engb rs for designing and supor- „,, |ir,,,.,„   ,    lm)   \,,  ,,,,  repealing I   Aid.     Bowt  tecondod  tl lotion.
vising the jiower plant had  not   Keen ,,„,,,   ,,,,,,.,...,„.„;  byluws,  but    th   Carried,
aignod,      antl  (here was one     clause tt„    , ,:  ,,.„,    thB districts Act which      The Mayor requested Mr,  Drlgg.  lo
from which ho dissented,  thai  requir- ,,VI, ,,,  ,,„,;  ,h(   situuti(>ii and     whi h  get  mntlers in legal ihape In accord,
ine  tin-    city     to provido inspootors, ,,„. legislature mighl  be nsked to   in    •"• " with  the above resolutions.
Now ho thought when they were pay- ,   ,,,,        ;,      the Municipal    Clauses COI.OIHIA PARK
fag the    engineers 7J per cent     they Vt... ,1,1 get Mr. Taylor's ns       Aid. I'own Ininod that      trees
*"'"1'1   '"•  ,v  siM"  f"r  """  w",k •■ «...   being  cl  i„   Columbia      Park.
He bad seon Aid. Mnidonold who said       : ,, n.on Mr    llriggs      vou 'and moved Thut a noti.-e be stuck up
the understanding of the former c  ,.  , :.    vri,      ,,. U'warning    the     people against cutting
cd w„s the city should provide     tho Itinu;.   md ii     mil rush.
Aid.  Abrahams!) nsidnred       with
' od '    i.i ■• ii   I.,. ■   m;        Vl.l    M Ki n     .1. .1.   i  ,i ried.
in~|i ■! tion
the hikh fee thoy were
giltee s   ihey   should   .1"   'I
Ah    ' 'owati  Mtitl ,.i . am-.'  (he
cil »   u tl hav ■  in stii k in the ai
nu "it   tn ul"  lo   ihe  former coun
thou'it     thf      should  take u|
clause ti th th ■ "iiL'ii"'"r.
It w is det id. "I i"  ink.- il	
up wil ■  Mi   S I. ol Ihe ■•
Ine   shen her.
'I ml si i\ \.,r -\ -
I'he Ms . Hon
had  lo 'le
system  w ,- «.     „.    ii"..v   ,
plett   the •'       > .ii wes* end
eel tbesi us.   If thi •    ■
the  east   e
they   would   I Ir.  Sit
a bonus ol
an.)   this bi
City 'li
i ,
it wai
of >'■  •
'   '
Mi   ii   i
of   ' ' .
pro. ided.
Ahl    Cows
repeal  lhe I
iDnn.V   '
_t. '
imw.     Ui a  on  with  tIn
v.       I'liiiihli   -ahl nii'il mighl be cut-
paying tho "it ,_  hriish lot  the bridge there, nnd il
thi   i...
•o  he  would   .topil.
stiii i i sinxs
\   '     \ '   .'..a ■, -.     ■ uu j.'-t". l   t  i\ t nu
put   up,   mi.I   i!   wa-   under
inner w ...ill i ome   ip Dexi
i imi: r.i.i.i.,s
...i  i'  had  i".'i'    iiLTM.-t.
uu     thf  it  would i"    .  puhlir
'  not       .ml   1  p.
■   ■ .■ .;.irni
| 1 t;l I \\
hi  ,'      the;
■  ..
..       ol
. i .
IAI i:\Ili
I  ah."|l
I don't remember.
Well, did not Mi. Morris   -a,\   lo yon  the claim had  ii,     go
I through,  or il  would he mentioned in
■ tho paper?
I City clerk. Mr. Morris and I had
several    conversations    ubout  it  and
I Mr. Morris felt very sure about the
wav   the council had treated the claim
|ul ihe lire brigade ns roportod iu tho
The Mayor: I mean before i' came
Aid. Abraliainson: Titer,- was a
misunderstanding. Tho bill came up,
l.ut w.t-   never read, uiul the   Council
'understood the whole bill ol ('(i.'i was
hu  attendance ol members nt lho op-
en.   hoi.se.       whereas   the   "hiiln for
that wns only jr..
The Mayor eonsidorod i. very ill
advised thai article should have up-
I'.'iireil. With regard lo the prosa all
the} naked wa« o square deal He
liud Keen assured by Messrs, Johnson
and Unggen Ihey would haven square
'I'm1, but he did uol consider ihis article was a square deal. As far as
the i,-ports of their mootings which
ha.I appeared in tit" Mail Herald were
concerned thej wen. perfectly fait and
satisfactory,   lie did not know      who
wrote 11 titer article but he con.id-
• -"il i. very unfortunate ii wa- pub-
VI...1. li.Miuse an article like that
hinl a tendency tu make mlsunder -
standings between th" Council .md the
renien.    Thej   would   have  a   i liiuue to
nn-"! the firemen ami go into matter,
with ihem iiiiiI he hoped iheie would
he nu misunderstandings with th,.
1 ".itn.il -it fai .,- tl,,- firemen tn- eon-
Ahl. . "Wan said when I,.- .-rail that
article  I."  wa-  very  much disturbed,
..ml  he  -aw   the  (lremoil  and  eliief      oi
I  brigade antl uske.l tliein If they
..ul.I   '."ii"   '.li,. Council   a   hearing    at
.    • .  •   meeting.      The whole routi-
il would in   glad  to attend at   their
next  meeting    II"    for one did      not
wish  ' - .mi  feeling between     Hie
    , ..uiuai.     Every
and ovorj   llremnn expe. led
'   ''!   i' rn- from the lire    brig-
.   I   I"   investigated   the   same
a   . laims on   ih"  . ity  lu-fore
!• dd.    Ihi".   I.a.I  a    ..un il    Hint
detail and
.1   I...      ippoi le I   I".    the   l-ili -
'   policy
Vld. Be. dd a    . representative
lied to do Ins duty
: ii li    lual . "i  i' n 'i"      of in
.■.■I      «.,ul.I    l>      pre
•a.   was
f"l   it
.own   ,-
•d fm tomi '
St them II
slip 'he bj '
p... li
.11. V    In       I     |l
-Aid.    A In
system pn
r_     .
'       •
•     .,   . , Can' I Wi
'    ■    It      p.. ;■" il   ar.-l   'I ■    • "
" '" ' I   Ui rtlnn. .
met. hi
Wi . ,   . h..,    nuld  ■ ■
■  "■ ■ In hoti
it >ns' and by having it    mil i      lhn
.hat  (ui thei
I.i  he ,,.  ,.
Mr   Ri
. •   h,      ■
■.   p| ■
t „ i ,.
i' -    entrnl
... a.    .
Palace Restaurant
McKoniie   Avi nuc
' ' »ndi.' !' i t   I 'iiHcco.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Repair.of sil klndi ne.lly nor e.l 'n
i    ■, h- .it .1 iinn w.rV s specialty
I- a< .. '    a mn i lass
Of «orV
Front    Street.
Scotch  Whisky
A Record of Nearly a Century.
It was in the year 1815- nearly u liuiirjrea
yeart ago—that the first gallon ot Watson's
Whisky was produced.
It is distilled to-day in precisely the same
careful, conscientious manner as when first
placed on th* market. We use the old-fashioned Pot Still and distil only from Multed
Not a quart is ever bottled until we have
first ..ss....il ourselves that it i» thoroughly
matured—and that maturing process, hy the
way, takes place in Sherry Casks, n method
recognized hy experts as giving a specially (ine
So firmly do w believe in the unvarying
excellence of our product that we guarantee
absolutely every In.til.- enlj under our label and
Insist     on
-THREE STAR"     A ..nl.i. diniuulMy maturtd Snitch.
"NO. 10"- A liill-hoJiiil. richly lUvorcJScotch.
JAMBS WATSON & CO.. Limited  -  Dundee.
Don't Be Caught
Another cold   snap  coming.
{Car of Good Lump Coal from Leth-
bridge just in.   Order now.
P.   O.   BOX    32
PHONE    248
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flout, Hay.
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated Kng-
lish Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
Bfc_£ -- i
,**§". >     ».' '■*■*
1     ..'■     'i!'-  _1" - t
'• -   >'
Central Hotel
' Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlsrged and Improved,    First-Clau in erery re.peot,    All modern coiivKniencte.
Large Sample HouniH.
Rates. $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Tinamlthing:, Repair*,   Hot  Air
Pipe and Furnace Work
Oonnaua-ht Ave.   •   Revelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Bxoorter of Furs KKHIlliAllY 8, HMO.
• «*•«*_
Vnu.    g..
K! Hfi
Wi-   serve   .uir-i'li'i'    I• v
serving you buttei
A     |i1h|ISI'.I    OUS'
(.ur li.'Hl. ittlvi I'll-' •
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizen* of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
li. ne (irdere.
tin-   .In
..Ir' ri
thu Ht..r<".   Come
i.nr  .'ity
tra ' .
i'hII   lit
your   1
'lhe follov ins Roods will be kept on the Bargain Counters for one week more after 'hat nnw goods will take their
places. ' his i thi last chance to procure a wintur overcoat, for man or boy at less than cos. prices. Remember the
values aiK  thi       i       vie only lasts for one week more.
W (i  & ll
(Joil   S
fiil.rn «.    Tliis si
llkflll'l.   '.It'
well-known lini
111 !■'   ''»
sized—length .•
s in "'.'    '•
sizes iir.' iil.-i.lu'
el V not   '
lit ii VV. G. „ II
llmt ■ •
• Men
-'  I'.itternn   nml
■ (hint! a* ynt litis
Evprv  shirt  full
assured.   Keck
.1- R. Collar will
Embroidered Shirts
..ti   light   ground,  cuff*   nitit. iii'.l.   Price #2.50 and ?8.00.
ENGLISH CAMBRIC, strippd effect, Ibe  newest, pro-
duel .if English  Looms,       prices $1.25, $1.50 nnd $1.75.
Come in and See These
African Skirts
The N.n"-     t"!'-   from   'i-  N'W Yor.   mannfnottiter
ami at,  .  i i  iv ,'■ wi 1 i op-n \our eyes.      Each—$1.00
1 "it
VV (
II.        iZ..
A  lim'   if  ll.  ."i i-'ini ,,,_, irum   regular  -ri0.'. Ribbed
II i ■ . . T.i ■. f-innv eff Mb.
Any Pair for 35 Cents.
Fine Teas and Coffees
We are Hriiil.niari.T- lar 'I'.i. nn.l Coffee.   Try some of uur
linn..I* we Im v.- th'-m all:—
Api Lu Ih in h lb. end 1 lh, lead packages; 3 and 5 lb. cans,
Snada Tea in \ H>. end 1 lh, lend packages.
Blue Ribbon Ten in 1 lb, end 1 lh. lead pa ok ages.
Tetley's Ten in J lb, nnd 1 Ih, cane.
Upton'* Ten in A lh, end 1 H>. cone.
Five O'clock Ten 1. 11.. lend pkgs., 61b.pane, 'r>ll.. boxes or hulk
Ben Uur in 1 lb, lead packagee,
Ridgeway's Five O'clook in 1 lb. cans.
Ridgeway's Old Country in 1 lb., :i lb, and 5 lb. .'1111!..
Bulk Teas at 85o., 40o. ~A\'. an.l 75c
Always a stock of the Lest Green Ten on the Market.
Our Coffees are always new and fresh, kept in »ir tight cans
and ground while you wait. Give 11- a trittl when you
want Coffee.
Our customers ask us for Di idman's, the purest and l>e«t
Honey on the market, Sold .11 illnss Jars at :'0c. an.l 85o.
an.l in 5 lh. onus at $1 '--"i.    Trv some and he convinced.
Salt and Smoked Fish
Always n full line of Salt, Fish in stock—Suit Herrings, Salt
Mackerel, Salt Sea Trout, Salt Salmon It-llies, Codfish and
Holland Herring in small kegs.
During the Lenten Season we can supply your wants for
Sail Fibh; also a fresh shipment of Smokek Kippered Herring and Smoked Halibut arriving semi-weekly.
Di'.inii- Sets at a Sacrifice
Set our Corner Window for Dinner Sets. During stock
taking week we have pi ice.l our entire stock f Diun 1 S ■•-
on sale at a very lira.- reduction, VV • A m'l want to carry
these through the wininr, therefore th   - orifice.    Remember
thejeale only lasts un  .1 .1 tan irv 31sl      S 16 '.i- Se's, see the
prices in om- Corner VV  ldow,
See tlie Sets—See Hie Prices
Bargains for Tlriftv
m in Our
Flannel  Waists
A clearance of Waists,    About 10 Flannel and other wool
stuff waists, all in a pile at ONE DOLLAR  EACH.
Laces     Laces
500 Yard- of Thread  and   Val. Laces,  all   kinds, worth
10c. and 15c, all selling at FIVE I KM- PER  YARD.
Apron Gingham
•10 inch; blue and white check, different lines, a line width
foruprons.   12 Jo,  1'er Yard.J
English Flannelette
A new importation iu 32-inoh, good, fine coloriug, something better than usual at—17c. Per Yard.
Cashrn3re Hose
All wool, grey he.'l and toe, la.liea sizes, 8.}, 9, 9J per pair
;!5c. or 3 Pairs for $1.00. _«_
Ladies' Underwear
That Ladies' Underwear is going fast, at tho price. There
ire several dozen pie~ is left yet, white or natural color, all
siz'.'s, of Vests or Drawers 35o. eaph or I garments (or $1.25
New Frillings
New Si.tin llibhnii Frilling, New Gilt Gauze I rilli ig, New
Chiffon Frill with gold threads, New Nettand Haul'' I rilling, all now at 15o. and '20c. per Frill.
men Dargams
if you have not look) 1 iwiiii   u ■ >   I   ua pi-Ma*, it
is well worth y>ur li ni yet— P II I v !   iwi,   l.»ii,u-,   L.j-ia
Piece.-. Children's Coll-rs, all ai 23 -.'.-..-.
Lace T
run mi igs
Thirty piece-t of I.i:--   I ri n n
all worth I "i I, t.i 23 !. ,   r : ir I, i
Neiv Sana.  GjdJs
Are arrieing now
■ ■ I    i '. t •• .'. nitty
:i •   1 .     . IrC.
,,Thc House Furnishing I      u   i   itSssinl   Inr,   ir
ing some special priot   i     , i t and Cut Uarp
There ia room for one
or two dressmaking shops
as well as several ladies
to go out to homes to do
sewing. If you have any
lady friends in the east
you would do well to nd-
vise them io come m
Knitted Vests
A line of .laeger Pure Wool,, Knitted
Vests which we are clearing oul at a price
All new and clean stock, patterns that
will suit you. $3 65 EACH
I. G, _ I.
Four ply Irish Linen. Tho
newest shapes just nr
3 for 50c
! r_n<" s.
TllK MAlL-tifclKAU) KKVKJ_8T0Kt_, 13 C,
New Dress Goods. New Zephyrs. New Chambrays.
New Colored Muslins. New Dimity. Cotton Suitings
New Embroidery. New Laces. New Victoria Lawns
at 10c. Per Yard. New Table Linen and Napkins.
New Towels and Towellings. New Lawn Waists and
Shirt Waists.
Don't Forget That Our Coupon Sale is Still On
One Ticket for every 50c. worth of goods purchased
First Prize—-Sewing Machine, - Valued at $55.00
Second Prize—Silver Tea Set.
Third Prize—Gold Filled Case Watch, fully guaranteed
Fourth Prize—A Grand   First Class   Marbleized   Clock.
New Theatre
The school |iiih| lists ure out und
will appear in next issue,
Dr. Mrl.i'itn. City Health Officer, yesterday sent t" lho pest house an in -
factious ente from Golden,
lliiiiciiilit'i llu- hockey mutch Tuesday
iiiirlit botwecq Vernon and a picked
team Irom i In- Revelstoke Club,
Mr*. Henley will be in Bourne Bros.'
storo all neit week demonstrating
Uidgewny's famous tea nnil coffee
li. Frcdcrickson had one ol his
UhiiuVk biuUy out In his nxe alippinp
whi-n chopping «''inil at Iho Big  Eddy
'llic firm regular fortnightly    incot
uiv. nf lite City Ciiiii.il wus hc.d   lasl
»»»ti r* t. but we have to hold over     report   till   ni'M   isHHC.
ilt tin- meeting ol lhe Board of
Trade "it Thursdnj night tho following in'iv mcmbels were elected: Muyoi
aainilti'ti. W. A. Morris, A. E. Mil
tor, J. II. Pollock, .1    It    I", li.-.
Wliili' operating  in.'   ilonnline  D  i  I
ine thi-;     week  I.iniii 'li nl.I  hud      tin"
middle _hl'.'i' ol his  left   hnnd      budlj
«ni-lii'tl, between  the cici   and  the  line
uarriagej during  | r.   ■ ■ troine      to
•i_t-t n line
There will b.  etweeu  tl
Ci.v Council and  N't Fin   Biiutulc
Holiday ltiglit  to urriv. al ..t. undei
Itanding      The Counnl wi
the  rnembei a  oi   Ni     2 Bi
later da"..-.
The referent,   at  Jse City    ■ i
ia up| oil t t. ■ ■ of » Mi.i'.
Citj  Hull should have read tha        Iw
combined salary for attending      I
Hull  and  No. 2. Fir. rouW     be
|25 per moot!  instead ol lhal   in
-»•-ir._r Ioi   ire ha'! alone
Hold HaiiLe Lodge  Kt
thiu-. have ur'- inged .o
ihe  Slra. ban Spence  Hi  .
.m  -heir farewell     toi -
-A-hi' h will li.   .1"' I ii
Parlor The t
Sods  an I St. ry will   lo wt
hi ••        ' .
hear th.   i
Ml.     M.. ',    .;:    .
auditor a ed i
book- . . -
it •  i-      . loik.   H   v
.-..,      ■ ,i..t
X tl
b"      k
_ full ling
pt I ■: ■ '
re    rn •.   the
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
\   In the .ntentie-ttato basket bull Last
,night tin- BUHkins defeated tho Capital. ;,.'-> to 23.
j The I.actiefl \i*I ■ »»' thu Mothodist
church, at their monthly meeting on
Thursday decided to hold th**ir utituml
l';i iter Honda) Festival Full particular* Intel
Wiih wiiui for tIn i 'orlej - aud -.K»-
Den I oyei the ReveUtoke Mean tli*-
(••inn- in ioi thi' finals i" the bowling
l»'a_;ii.- ure the Corley^, C P K and
Dents. Tin.' -Hirn-- cornt* off next
! Men -if-- iit\ I'. •: ■ thi oeetii _ hi
iln- V. M. (     \ 3 .■■'.■...'■. n
at   I. Ifl    ^^~   W'altez  Be* ■  -ine,
and there will  !»•■ _,n   i the
!;*'■   tfi'  ■ n .' .■   i    m ui.*1
.   will
Business locals
Tlii" now I'Mtstiit Tliualro oponed its
.1....is tu tli." public. Thursday night,
ti large crowd attending, Oonorul ml-
miration ww. oxprossod by the audi -
I'llt'tt   lit    llu.   licit I    llllll   lltinttsoniit        ill -
tei'loi' dosign t.i iln- thciitri", whioh,
with its groen lljited docot'iitlon, brass
itltinti'iiliiir.-i, liiiiiilstinit" prusi'.'..inin
front and comfoi'tablo aoiitlng aouom*
nifiiltitii.il ovokod considerable praise,
Tho utago sr.'ii.'t'y, drop uurtaln nml
wings tiii' -|ii"t inlly paititril tin- tin-
thoatro by ,11, It. Copolaud, and pro*
lont nn nttraotlve nppotiranco,
'I'lit' opoulng pi'ogi'iinimo iiii'lntli'il a
Korii's uf talking pictures prosontod by
H. Itoss MoKonzle, whi.'It wore muoh
approotaled, Now subjools in .tuning
plolures li.nn.-.l n chief part     nl   tin.
t'liii'iininii t.   '1'ln' Illustrated     sung
was sung In Mr. A. Ariuiin, whllo Mr.
Mt-Kfti/ii" ovokod nitti'li applause by
Ins Scotch si'lt't-tions.
'I'ln' Itovolsloko Symphony Orchestra
was n vi'ty pi.'using it.'in in tho programme, their excellont musir being
greatly appreciated,
'llu' now thoatro hns unusual accous-
ti>: properties, nnd oven the soltost
iniisii- or low spoeohos inn Ini distinctly heard nt tho l.nfk of lho building .
Mayor Hamilton nml tin- City Council wero present, occupying a box, nnd
warmly congratulated tin" management
tm llit'ir new projoct,
Tin' new l-'.tlis.in Ims opened with n
very nuspicious Hist night, its future
success ia assured, antl tin' manage -
int'iit will use every caution in book -
ing only the besl plays nml dramutic
talent that is available, nml ut the
same time continuing tho same high
class moving picture film sorvlco ns in
tin- past.
Comfort, cleanliness mnl quality will
Im aimed at, and lh." theatre-goers of
Itevolstoko will be assured of first .lass
entertainments righl along, The
fiit-t Hint local enterprise is behind
thi" Ktlisoti should appoal lo the public.
Tonight un entirely tlilTerent pro -
grnmmo will In- prosented, A feature
of the building is th,. rapidity with
whieh ihe theatre ran In- emptied of
iis crowd, which in the event of fire
or panic would eliminate nil danger of
i otiftision.
Chamois Veata and Cheat Protectors
nil sizes ut Macdonald'a Drug Store.
Valentine., comic ami fancy. llii;
assortment nl Mucdonulil'H Drug store.
Leave your orders lor yearly suli-
s.-riptiii.is tt, Hagaiines at Mucdon •
aid's Drug Ston-.
Expected  Monday or Tuesday a car
loud  of  Inr.iii.v coal.   Orders  can      In-
taken lor   i few  tons,   Parties wishing
■upplv      should place   orders nt onca-
Revelstok.   'n-tt'-ral Agencies,
Fur thin bad cough nnd nore chest,
get n boil In of our Kmulsion. It ii
bealing and soothing.—HacdonuldV
Drut; St in
Wi hava itill a few remnants ol
Linol. . •> inuttinir. Cull
and   ■ ■ i    B, Hume k Co.
window .,f Muish Bed   Coin-
'  "      warmth    without  weight, choio.
IV  Hume _ ■ .
Hi   Ir.. •  .
ll v,
,    -,i
Calcium    ni'l       tliun    II; po
:,...■".■ i i tion
the ■■  • ti
and nmiiTii-.ii to thf i
We i. roved       mi
ONU HOI,I,All A It'll'l I l-
Hews'Drug SStationery Store
»«> T   111   Wi'.   III.""  V
W.   UK I.   .1    IIBll'l
'".•'tt  Hill,
tt '.t
H !    ..
I a,   Br . ■  ■
Mrs   H   Out mm h on   U
!'le«     mnd" up
'       supper   "
i ver/  p . usai ■      ' ■ "nit.-    H    .1    I
foi' ma'    ,-       urini
\ ■
'-, ' ii ,   p
'tnety   the
nl  Mis    Muriol Buck, and  MTi    I
rr ..f Brandon, the hap;'
takii ■;,■  residenen of      Mr
I;    It, ,,,,,  formerly of
'tovcl   -.I      "'      i"   ■  | tha
at.d hei   mat (rill uni t
I Wlslli . ,i Id,.
"••am, .'hampi'   ~
' will   try   their   Hkil'
from   il."
•* itch    takes   pin,-.
The ;, will  be at  follow
•■Ml' ael ■
all ■
R   ffii
Local Option
A representative meeting ol the Local Option League wus held on Fri -
day niud.t. In view of lho general con
vnniion to be held iu Victoria next
Thursday, Feb. 10th, the following resolution", were unanimously passed and
will be forwarded to the central executive committee:
Whereas it i- desirable that the Local Option ICducatioilnl work should
lie continued throughout lho province
until i local option act is pul upon
ihe statute books, And in view of the
excellent services rendered In the pre-
lent  superintendent,  Uov.   Dr.  Spencer.
Therefore be it resolved that, should
the means for such work be obtainable
this league recommend that the services of Dr. Spencer bo retained.
I hut iu view of the large vote cast
in favor rn' local option law, in spite
of many handicaps, this league recommend that strong pressure be brought
to bear on the legislature to pass a
Local Option Act this session of    tho
11   a t
Rev. Mr. Palm hn
try, will up,
.., both Inn
led lo tin,
unique   ■
J'riuii our own Correspondent.
.■•■■■ i-w  hotel ha- ii-i'ti pi .1
mder i. uu iii'iii" for -nn.il pox, thoro
being a    , i tl  nl I,,,,,  , asos in  the pest
"-enl   lime,  but we arc
ease I ,o »ij all are verj  mild.
Ml   thinq    • ...ii"  to  il  win, wait.
I he,  '.•   .      i       i|       liai,.   ai   III   '     "  ' led
■ I" ti< 'i.  ■ iblignt i< i.
Dr,  ll ,milt.,'   paid  i he  towi    t \ isit
ff«l   "sd.iy,      mil    III    ,   :   loukinu
w.-ll   he   ii'n'lli   i,        the «>im» nlip   ns
*Ithout   ■ In- ,'iiit  I
lint limn<• which huh billed for Kri-
day night   by .It.. VI.  li.  VV.  has     I „
called ul?     on     a ml  ol the  icaro
which exiatl   in our .own just now.
■I Pitbtado left on Tuesday for the
.,a»t, where he ba accepted a posi -
tion wild Mr !•' r;il.-si as planer foreman in on., ol the large coast mills.
, ample of Arrowhead's young
m. a and their ability,
'..in  does not   aave  to go   to  the post
office to bear Mr. HoOaghran's opinion on small pox, Mac hus it down
lim Boyd, ol %• Ison, bul formerly
of Beaton, psssi-d through today, and
r- j.-.i Ih having sold the Beaton hoUil
to John 'ihew, of Camborne.
I will not l»- reipnn ib'e for any
dehie ootitrn ted l<\ my wife or any-
body "!•'<• i-i future,
J,   S,   Slnirmrui.
New Wash Goods
The first of lhe spring wash goods are now ready for
your inspection and we can confidently say that you have
never seen a prettier assortment in the city. These were
all bought early in the fall, hefore the last big advance in
cottons, and you will find style, quality and prices right in
every way.    Our showing comprises:
Best English Prints in all Colors, Ginghams
Zephyrs, Linen Suitings, Indian Head,
Vestings, Muslins in Checks, Spots and
Floral  Oi'siijns, Poplin"!, Batiste, etc . etc,
Embroideries and Laces
We are always headquarters for these lines, and our
stock this year is better than ever. Bdgeings and Insertions to match in the prettiest designs you could wish for.
Wide insertions in Eylet and Shadow designs for panels
for princess dresses. Corset cover embroideries in the new
patterns and materials. Insertions and Appliques for
trimmings in white, cream, ecru, black and colors. All
over laces and embroideries in all the required shades.
Come and see these goods.   We take
pleasure in showing them.
F"OR 0C3O0        CO   O   D5.
You Can Go
Further, But You
Can*. Do Better
Why send to New York for
your fresh eggs when you
can obtain them from us at
the same price and save the
express. Try Nabob and
Brown Berry Coffee. Nothing better for the money.
Cream Rolls and Puffs made with pure cream every Wednesday and
Saturday, alsoa full lim- of Pruit Cake, Genoa Cake, I.avcr Cake-.
T,imcli Cakes every dav in the weeh
O. \V.   BELL
P. 0. BOX 208      CROCER AND BAKER       PHONE 23
**MRS. A. G. CRICK, First St.**
Opposite lhe Windsor Restaurant
MRS. A. G. CRICK, First Street
Opposite the Windsor Restaurant
Wc are carrying a lull line of General Groceries and
sell at lowest prices.
Window  display  of all   kinds  of Soap  for the Toilei
and the Washtub.     Orders called for
General Merchants


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