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The Mail Herald Aug 27, 1910

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $G0.
Interior Publishing Co., Agts.
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol 16-No. 67
$2.50 Per Year
What Can 25 Cents Buy ?
Well Here Are a Few Things
That We Are Selling
For That Price
A Safety Razor, Shaving Cream,
Shaving Brush, Nail Hammer, Plane,
Screw Driver, Hatchet, Pocket Knives
Butcher Knives, Bread Knives, Preserve Kettles, Enamelled Saucepans, Pudding Pans, Wash Basins,
Trays, Sink Strainers, Cash Boxes,
Lunch Boxes, Spirit Stoves and Kettle, Wire Dish Covers, Mirrors,
Fancy Vases, Nut Cracks, Knife
Sharpeners, a great variety of Padlocks.
Something You Need
Every Day
See Our Big Window
Lawrence Hardware Co.,Ltd,
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Otfico   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      -      - $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed            - 5.575,000.00
Capital Paid Up 5 ^0,000.00
Reserve        .... 5,bou,.00.00
Branches tir Agents at all principal points in'Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United Stat eB—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, ,-vnd interest allowed at
current rate (rom date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
When you appreciate being able to buy
where you know they are kept cool and
at the right temperature. Our meats are
shipped in twice a week in Refrigerator
Cars and our Cold Storage Plant enables
us to turn them over in Prime Condition.
Burns & C
Lecture Tuesday Night
District say Explorers
Herber.t S. Bigelow, of Cincinnati,
will     deliver a lecture in the Edison
Good Land, Little Mineral in the!™ta^\°n/urVay reolng,:,,Au«gust
» 130th at 8:15.     Subject, "Public Own
ership of Public Utilities,"
Mr. Bigelow for several years    has
A party sent   out   to   spy the Ud-J j been     a close     student of political
along the line ot the G. T. P. between  economy and the practices of present
Fort (ieorge  and  the headquarters ol i day politicians, and is prepared     to
speak in no uncertain way on many
of the social questions of the day.
When Hou. Tom L. Johnsou was endeavoring to make the railroad corporations tif Ohio pay a fair share
of taxes he requested Mr. Bigelow to
assist him in the light.
It iB not often that the people of
Revelstoke have the opportunity of
hearing such a practical question dis
cussed by so able and eloquent a
At the close of the lecture an opportunity will be given lor a free
and open discussion of the subject by
the audience, questions may be asked and Mr. Bigelow will endeavor to
give an intelligent answer.
General admission to the lecture
25c, reserved seats 35c.
Summer Goods
Mus. A. G. Crick
(he Fraser River in the interests ot a
local syndicate headed by William
Margrave", jr., returned on Sundiy
after completing a long and arduous
trip, aaya the KatnloopB Sianilard. J.
C. I3rnil!ey of this city was in charge
ul operations for the syndicate, and
waa accompanied frojn Kamloope by
Willum Halloway, also au experienced
pri apector and woodman. They left
Kamloops on May 4th, going by w.iy
of Fort George, at which point they
joiuid forces with George Williams ol
the Hudson Buy Co., and took willi
them two Indiana. Iu a forty-two
foot canoe carrying the live men and
three quarters of a ton of supplies, the
trip from Fort George to Tete Jauuc
Cache was completed in seventeen
days puling and puddling against the
current of the Era er. The party !• f
the northern metropolis on .May 16 h,
ami experienced no bud water ixci pt
at Gisoombe portage and at the Gra d
Canyon, where carrys were necessary.
T,ie tte.imer F rt Fraser of tlie North-
era Nivig.ttion Company has mad'
the trip from Fort George to Teti
J nine Canhi, a distance of 325 mil * s
n lour ■ ays, proving the practicability
if na.igatiou on the upper Fraser
ihe land in the va ley and in th-
ntiutary valleys is heavily   i   b red
rum (mm li-* I'.irtage   to Goat liver.
• Sjine of the finest timber land iu the
province lies aloug this stretch of tht
,1'r.iBt-r," said Mr. Bradley. "And from
Goat river to tho Cache is 75 miies of
splendid farming country. The lim
her has bem burnt oil' and the clearing
will he very light. Vegetation seeni-
0 OOtlllnue night and day and th'
growth is something wonderful."
Mr. Bradley says thitc ntrary te
the cnditimiB prevailing around For
George aud up riier to G atU'piJ
the niglils keep warm, almost as nam
as the days, and there iB plenty ni
rainfall all along. Game is plentiful
everywhere, moose especially so. In
some p'aees '.he party saw ihei
landing about like cuttle in a fan
(•ard. Sever.il black bear were sb it in
the trip ;i--il in uiv more seen niuu;
t io river while the party were poling
i p.
At Tele Jaime CacliH the puty imt
Stanley W a-hliiirn, of Min eipo i-
,vho, with C A Thurston, a New Y <rk
mining engineer, was ex union; t'n
mi'ad-posits |at Hi. t point. Georgi
Williams a il lhc I di-.ni loik thai
wn d wn river to F'it Geiirg", mak
ng the trip in four and a halt days
while tbe K.inik>ii|8 party continued
t leir pn specting iu the neighborb .oil
il the Cache Ou July 23;d Bradle)
and Hall, way started with horses for
the Vellowhead Pass, going over the
old trail until lhe rail bead na-
e elnil at a point 122 miles west ol
Edmonton, where after a wait of twi
days the train was then taken Ioi
During the trip every care was taken
•1 examine the oountiy tbor tuhl
bulb I.r agiiculiurnl purp'ses a..d for
mineral. The country tiihutary ti
Tele Jaune Cache contains much ox
cellent I gricultural land eiBily c'e.ir-il
whicn Will be along nr near the line ol
he railway whm completed. It i*
not, however, likely to become a
mineral producing area, according to
the reports made by Mr. Bradley, aud
outside tbe mica depieits, wil never
pn iluce any surprises. Tue latter,
however, are immense, and the Tele
Jaune Cache couutry will in a lew
short years be able to control the
in ukets of the world bo far as this
minetal ia concerned. A number of
settlers are already located in the
agricultural belt, some on land located
before the reserve waa placed on the
land and many holding down a location by squatting on it until Burh
time as they will be able to file in Ihe
usual    way.     Alt! o igh    *f have
located eatt of Tete Jaune Cache, Mr.
Baadley is i I opinion that none ot the
land s equal lo b .t from the Cache
to Goat River. This country will all
become tribota'y to Tete Jaune
Fall fair Races
The horse racing at the Fall Fair
ou September 6th and 7th, promises
to be very interesting. There are
purses to the value of $1,500 to be
divided in the events and some exciting races will be the outcome.
President A. McRae, who returned
the first of the week from the coast,
had an interview with a number of
the horsemen at the coast, it ;ui
pected that there will be a number
from the west, although thero aro a
number of race meets about the same
dates at the coast, which will keep
away many of the fast horses, who,
if it were a couple of weeks later
would he here.
It is expected that thera will be
some horses from Calgary and other
points on the prairie. . Ed. McAbee
is now in Golden with his racers and
will likely be here on the Cth and
7th of September.
Handsome Presentation
On Friday morning Mrs. H. J.
Haudhury was the recipient of a
handsome presentation trom thc
boarders of the Windsor Uestaurant.
The presentation took the form of a
beautiful gold watch and chain bearing tho inscription "From the Boys
to Mother." An appropriate address accompanied the gift, in which
thc "Boys" testified to the untiring
energy of Mrs. Handbury in looking
after their welfare and comfort, nnd
expressing best wiBhes for her future
prosperity and happiness.
The Bylaw
Voting on tbc bylaw to raise $50,-
000 to cover deficits existing, took
place at the Oity Hall on Wednesday
last.     105 votes were cast aB follows
For  the  Bylaw    157
AgaiuBt the     Bylaw      47
Spoiled  ballots       1
Total       205
Majority for the Bylaw    110
The Pringle Co.
The Pringle Company who open
at the Edison Theatre on Monday
night, are well known to the theatre-goers of the west and are lirst
class in their line. The opening
piece for Monday night will be
"My  Sweetheart."
There will be high class vaudeville
acts during the evening. Tbe prices
are 75c, 5oc, and 25c.
Opening New Hospital Wing
The Ladies HoBpital Uuild will
open the new wing of the Victoria
Hospital on Thursday next, Sept.
lit, A cordial invitation is extended to the public to visit the new addition on tbat date and light refreshments will be Berved.
Has 11,000 Workers in Montreal
The Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
has 11,092 employees within tho city
boundaries of Montreal. This Is
learnt from a censua which haB just
been taken from tho ollicial pay roll.
While a large number of these employees aro unmarried tho prcpondcr-
ence of married over single la bo
great tbat it 1b estimated that tho
total number of persons dependent
upon these pay rolle for a living Is
upwards of 30,000.    .
The average earnings per head of
thoBe employed in the service of tho
The Public ichool will reopen on I company is put down at $2 per day,
Monday text, August 89th, at 1) making on tho basis of that asBUinp-
oVlock, when the grading oi the tion a total wage earned dally of
class... will take place. It is sptcially' J33.000, weekly of $231,000 and yearly
requested that all pupils entering the of $12,000,000.
Primary division le in attendance ail 	
early as poMibl*, Begiunera will not The l'ringle Dramatic Co. will
bo received in this division alter the open at tbe Edison Theatre Monday
12th of Bep'.wnbcr. night iu 'My Sweetheart."
School Opening
Death Roll Runs Over Two Hundred-Further Details
Spokane, Aug. 26.—Ninety-four
charred bodies have been recovered
and two hundred are still missing in
totals made up thiB morning. Fire
lighters are still demoralized and sev
oral large lires are still beyond control. Twenty-two bodies were found
in Bitter Creek south of Avery. The
victims were burned to death after
taking refuge in a stream which the
heat of the lire dried up. Elbert
Dow, of Seatt.e, who passed through
the San Francisco earthquake says
this horror is ten times worse than
that disaster. The expected heavy
rain did not come.
Spokane, August 2G.—If the stories
of men who returned today from the
St. Joe country of Idaho are to be
believed, the loss of life along Big
Creek, a tributary of the St. Joe
river, is appalling and the dead in
Idaho alone will number more than
two hundred, even if Ranger B Halm
and his 84 men turn up, of which the
forest office in Wallace is not hopeful.
Two lumber men say they saw 30
Italian lire-fighters burned to death
on Big Creek.
A party of Austrian laborers report the deaths of seventeen of their
comrades, and the loss of forty-eight
American laborers who enlisted in
Missoula is announced by their
surviving companions.
Supervisor Weigle has given up
hope of the safety of Ranger Job B.
Halm, who was with eighty men in
the thick of the fight on the headwaters of St. Joe river last Saturday. A relief party has searched in
vain the whole country where Halm
was last seen.
Sixty-live men arrived in Spokane
today from Big Creek and said that
15 Austrians and two Americans were
burned to death last Thursday. Many
Italians had been already reported
dead near that point. The Austrians
were undertaking to back tire hut
their work was unsuccessful and they
were killed by the fire they themselves lighted. It Hew back against
them and drove them against a line
of llame advancing from the opposite
Warden Simons has telegraphed to
the navy and war department asking
that the forts and warships on Pug-
et Sound Ure all their big guns at
eight o'clock tomorrow morning in
the hope that the detonation will
cause general rainfall over western
J. P. Dennett, a prominent real
estate man of Chicago, iu a Spokane
paper says: "We were held up at
Knoxon. Mont., by a big trestle
bridge that had burned out. Missoula, Mont., was were we got the most
vivid scene of the fires in actual operation. If I may put it that way.
A mountain side forest, that could
be plainly seen from the train windows, was one great seething roaring
furnace. It was a magnificent, hut
truly awful, spectacle. It was
across a valley, and was probably
from ten to fifteen miles away, but
looked closer. The flames seemed to
be leaping miles in the air, and the
masses of red shooting through the
dense black clouds ol smoke formed
a spectacle the like of which I never
expect to see again. There was an
inch anil a half of ashes in the street
on the roofs and on tbe ground
throughout Missoula."
R. R. Segmond, of Zumbrota, Min.
also gave some vivid detailB. "Our
train wus held at Sandstone, Wash.,
for twelve hours, and later at Knoxon, Mont.," said Mr. Segmond. "The
fire was burning in tho brush there,
and tho passengers turned out and
helped to savo tho homes of two
settlers. HcoreB of us went to work
and hauled dead brush out of the
way, beat ont tho flames with wet
tiuilts, etc., and wo finally stopped
tho Arc. It waa fearful work.
"A company of soldiers came up
and assisted in tho work. They were
In a pitiable condition, but bravely
and doggedly  they  fought. Their
clothing was in tattcrB, their eyes
were red with smoke, their lne.es
begrimed and drawn with hunger and
lack of sleep, and yet thoy fought on
After wc got thc fire out at that
point some of them threw thcmBolvcs
on the ground and were asleep ln a
moment. Thoy wero ontirely exhausted, some of them wero severely
burned, ono man having both his
hands  bandaged."
Excursion to Halcyon
Tho s.s. Revelstoke excursion to
Arrowhead and Halcyon on Sunday,
will lenvc the dook landing hero at
8 o'clock ln the morning aharp. Tickets aro now on salo and the number is limited to 150 passengers.
Tho splendid program at the Edison
Theatre drew a crowded houan last
night. The same program will be repeated tonight,
Where to get your supplies
for the Hunting Season.
Our stock of Guns, Rifles,
Revolvers, Ammunition,
Hunting Knives, Hunter's
Axes, Match Boxes, Leggings, Coats, Belts, Fishing
Tackle, Re-loading and
Cleaning outfits, Traps and
Tents, Camp Stoves, Compasses, Blankets, etc., is
complete in every respect
We also carry the best line of Groceries
Provisions for home or camp use. Our
Choice Teas and fresh ground Coffees
are especially meeting with a larger
sale every day.
Bourne Bros.
Boys' School Clothes Ready
Hundreds nf mothers And their new clothes
for their buys nne of the Hist necessities for
School opening, so we are offering a snap in
Boys'Suits fur the next week. Good values for $5, $0 aud $7.   Now $3.00.
Boys' Stockings
We shall offer for  the  next  week  several
diwn pair nf line, serviceable stockings for
. exceptionally   low   prices — 35c.   and   40c.
Now 25c.
Boys' School Shoes
We bivi' just opened up a nice assortment of
Boys' School Moots and have some extra
good values from $2 to $8.50.
McRae Mercantile Co.
Is always to be found at this
market. We have a splendid
variety at all times.
We sell the choicest cuts of Lamb
Beef, Mutton, Veal and Pork.
Lovers of Fine Poultry will appreciate the sort we sell.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Under New Management
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
The    Greatest    Health    Resort   on    the    Continent
Natural Hot Water in Baths
Open All the Year.   Natural  Hot   Water
124 Decrees of Heat
Rates from $12.00 to $15.00 Per Week
Ice Cream ■" Soft Drinks
All Kinds Furnished during
the Summer Season
Cowie's Restaurant
" Pftcre I
Zb: ADatMberalb
.        \\    IN.i
|>AT0I UAV   Al
r.EVELsroKi;. a. c.
Jnterlot pubiisbtitg Company,
Subscription   Rates
tool . .. . ;   *    - ;:..:..! riuiUM
Br tie yea lihi     ofllcol  fci.50
Ball "      1.60
•.•..MM     1.1X1
J jb    i.i- .,■•*,.     . itod v. reason*
IKliil? iptii  i- p.iyublo in ad
Ill .   i.m*. insertlou,
11    in * rtion
..',  .  . - .    i.. ..*..* ni.iivi one
Hid     M :..*' ii    hu-.i ..:.
:- ■    ,* por  mon' h
- ■    pii*   itiii.    ad
L lgla-1   .mil   D-j.i.ha
: V11   advortl ismonUi
:..* iii.U!.is''*iiii*nl.
\ . ronim uicuU:-
Uel]    *.>..*• 1. BU Uiiliuu-
....     1 uachurn
*     . .        *' ■*     .*.  *!.      i   '     VMI',1-.     I,i
   ..; .*  l"   cents.
.  .  . m Llsements must
.   i .. -..;.  ..ii.l Friday oi
o.  :. q good display.
O':.:..-.-*   i.VDKNl i   Invited  on matters ol
, * . Lone io I*aIi
...   ;    li>    iiaii.i*   oi
-..:,-..:. ....> lu  pubiioatiou. bui
.    \   . [good ...ki..   Lorri".poiiduiict
aboold ix- :.:.i*I.
A.\i) 1'INn.HAM
BTOSK, li. Oi
Money I
-: i.*. ...-.cs*.'. B C.    Cranbrook, B. I;.
3,..J. -. Mil A..   t.H
i M   Puts J. A. Hahvky,
Kevelt * CraubriKik
YylLUA.M i, UKlGliS
Solicitor, Lie.
8       tor for:—
ia.-: Canadian Bank i>k Commerck,
The Mulsiins Bank, Ktc.
I ).iBt:.iU SMITH
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Smveyui
. Engineering
Ml Ken;-.ik Aykntj ,
C.  w.  o   w.
Mountain Viow Camp, No. 229
gMeete stx-oiid ami  Fourth WednoHl&ys ii
earn month, n --Itirk U.UL   Vtellin   Wood
men oordi&Uy nvlt  i io atteud.
\V   E "- BORNE, I'on. I'om.
JA?. MiIViYKfc. Clerk.
Kootenay Loci so. No. 15, A F. it A. M.
_        JP*T ■*  i'i*
w*,   ~*h   - ■'*-■   ire held iu the
J   T. PlU.I.m  k. U i-1 li:
CHAS. J. AMAN.Sluii.iauv
M* i'l- every Tliiir*-*
lay   e,enitig   in   Sel-
kkirk Im      :    **
,  IVisiting brethren are
.'•im. j Lnvft-ed t   altend.
B - - IC U'-m Bl   OS N.Q.    J- MATH1E ski
Cold Range todge, K. of P.
j.\ JQjf&    No. 16, Revelstoke, B. C.
M..VKRV   rtEI'NK-l'A i
ri.i;.:    urd W 'in' vi .\
eacb mom:.  :i iddfellOM
Hall   at   s    i **. wk,    Visit n
Kulnhti* am* cordially  ■
;. UcDON ILH  C   I
0. H   BRLX-.   a   ol K.4.S. mii   11. .,■ I.
^ypl. Court
#b^V 3461
>!••'- I.'i."   I*". II ill   ni'xl   ti.
* * m. second
:, month.
Visiting    bi ni; illy    wel-
C. R .   I   LARENI K   HaRTK.
i:     H      II. W. Edwards
( ■       ■    . 71
I RH \
Owing to increase bv Btuikhead Mines in tlio price of con 1
conaiiniiciiip September Ut, nil customers wishing coal delivered
during tin.' month of August will receive it ut ihe name price as
heretofore^ Prices after September Nt and until further notice
are up follows:
Broken   furnace   $10.25
Egg Coal       - $10 25
Stove Coal      -      $10.25
Nut Coal      - $ 9.00
Briquettes      -      $ 8.25
and are pivinp; every care tn the
work of arranging the details nt'
the fair. If those who can make
exhibits fail to do so, and if the
public do not extend their patronage then the hard work id' the
the officials will be useless* ll is
a lot of trouble for the officials of
the Association to handle a proposition of this kind, and these
men do so at personal sacrifice of
time, without any monetary remuneration. To the citizens of
Kevelstoke we say that is a sense
of duty they owe to the town and
district to assist in every way
they can tn make the show a
success, and it is to be hoped
that from now until the gates
close on the last night of Revel-
stnke's  third   annual  exhibition
there   wi
part   nf
Companies Act, Canada, Province o!
British Columbia,
I No. IU, 1910,
S "Empire Lumber Company" an Extra-Provincial Company, lum tins
day been registered as a Companj
under the "Companies Ant." to carr;
out or I'lTcct all or uny of tlm ol,
jocts of tho Company to which tin
legislative authority of tin' Legislature of Uritish Columbia extends.
The head ollice of tlie Company is
situate at Huron,  in   tlie  County    oi
1   Beadlo,      in the     .State     of   South
The head office of tho Company in
this Province is situate at Revel
stoke, ami Cieorge Smith McCartor,
Uarristerat-law, whose address is
Uevelstoke, aforesaid, is the attorney for the Company.
The amount of tho capital of   tin'
Company    is   Five    Million ih.liars,
divided   into    Fifty  thousand shares
of ono hundred dollars each.       The
time  of tho existence    of    the  Company is twenty-live years [rom      the
Sbaw'B|i9th day of May, A. D., 1910.
The Company is limited.
UIVEN unilcr my hand ami  Sen!    of
Office    at    Victoria,     Province  of
Uritish Columbin,   tins  Eighth day
of July, ono thousand nine hundred
and ten.
Acting Registrar of Joiut-
Stnck Companies.
The objects for whicli this company
has been established are:—
To act as timbermen,    saw      mill
HU Ul    U01U.10I1UII11    pUU    H.HH.lUllLUll
ami any of its branches; In buy anil
sell all kinds of timbor, timber lands
Dr. Shaw's Drowning
Editor Mam.-I Ibralui
Sir,—Ae a  member of   Dr,
party 1 hive  been  iiskul  lo uive an
aooounl 0_( the accident Jul   Ki .bnskit
l.ikc.lnly 30 li
As ia well known, Dr Sbnw lia<  fir
tlii>|nst live or six  yinrs Curried  on
ibis botanical   ic-enr, b   work   in (be
Selkirks, taking with him each  year u
party nf uiventistn and Iriends.
At, tbe   time   of   tbe   accident   the
party, on a trip ar u  d the Hi);   Bend,
were camp d on   KinbaPket   Iske, r.v
pecting to come out at   H.nalJ  in  u
few il iy»
Knly S itiiul iv morning Mr Sl.inv ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
e 1 c.nip in a canoe with two men of \ logs and ldmber; to buy, sell
iln-puny,  wb .111   be  expected   to ac-1manufacture all kinds of lumber and
wood work; to maintain and operate
1 ompany tn the bead ul ibe lake, at d
there put, them ashore on tbe trail fir
I) nnlil.   The  timi  men   reached  tie
lumber    yards and deal in all   merchandise usually sold  in such  yards;
to buy, sell, lease nr mortgage     all
^^^^^^ kinds of real estate;     to buy,    sell,
everyone   to   boost and ; accident, which   nun-t  have occurnd |bllil(1|   equlpi  operate  and  construct
be   an  effort on the | railroad    without  knowing   nl   tbe j^
The growing popularity ol the  Rev,
H. Wilson, of Trout   Lake,  wns lolly i
proven  on Tli'ir-il y,   the   1> h   nit ,
when the I O O I*, bill was practically :
filled "ii the occasion ol a o cert i n '
basket social  in  aid   ol   clinch   aidi
parsonage funds.   A   varied   pr'grim
wis -ul,mined by Mr. McKenzie,  whn|"PPreoi?,;ion
on the rei urn Irip.
Dr. Shaw expected t> return tc
camp that afternoon.
About three o'clock in the afternoon
there »n a sudden Btorm "ti the Iui e.
an I it ir, supposed thai Dr. Shaw wss
returning acrosi the lake at tbe time.
The upturi ed canoe was found on the
f llnwing Tin r-.liiy, but owing to
unavoidable circumstances, news of
Iprivate railways, highways, roads,
'canals, sluices, Humes, watorways
n.nd streams, either belonging to the
'Company or to others, for the Company's use, anil to accept charters
ifor the operation nf same, and to
charge tolls for services rendered to
others in the operation of same;
either to buy, sell, build or construct tugs, steamships, steam lines
and sailing vessels, and to operate
the same; to engage  in nny and    all
ibe aocideni did not reaob
until Moi dnv. Aug  8 b.
Mrs. BllftW   wsh'B   to   express   ber  kimls "f  manufacturing,    either      of
■I.,     i   •    -,-,   ».        .■•, ■     .sympathy shown
occupiid tbe cbnr   I be Misses White-1 ' j ' *>■ '., n
bread, ol Qeirard, were encored (nr fvo
splendid   renditions   ol  instrumental   ———^——
Harry   Mummery delighted | HQTICE TO THE PUBLIC.
M. K. Fabrel.
the folks with hia "Galloping Ms] r "
MisB McKtnzie told of lhe j ya if
curtain lecturing nnd tin* children
held up their end admirably, There
were gimdIy numbers fr m Kerg
as will a-Cert.nd ami Beaton bid a
few male deli gait» on bai il, loo Mr
.1 Swei in y ' cctipii d i be p sitii n !
auctioneer over tin" Imskets nnd di*
P ibi d f th- IS oi - i nf well li ed
baskets to tbe lune uf $85 in ijtick
atyle and waa rii-app inted »i lhe
alio ti ess if hi- i ib Rivalry wa*
kei d i d some h isket* tapptd !
t*' 'h" i x ent : i « ek's board Y \
l     jee were prn * •■ i
a balance i-f $80 wh< re« ith I
- 'i ige  ii   n ..iin ess foi
tember brid . at
necess iry alti rati ins  in   I In   i
Everyone ipenl a'n 11
■ Iready talk • of an       i -
the in ir tutun
r  nnd t wu.
the kindne-s aid lumber or general wnod work, and
here lhn ugh ber for that purpose to buy, own, build,
erect, construct and operate saw
nulls and other wood working mills;
to engage in logging and the towing
ol lugs either for itself or for others
to make, execute and except any contracts, leases, licenses, concessions,
grants, privileges, or charters, to
assign any of the foregoing or any
contracts relating to the foregoing
object , and I rec Ive and give in
payment I bonds     or
'rii.il at n meeting held liv ibe Uevelstoke Dairy Axsociatioii the follow
i >ir i.'milution was paH-st'i]
'I hit the public lm notified llinl on
nnd after i he l»l day uf Sfpti'inlier,
IHU), nniil the Isl div ..I M.iy. 11)11,
I In* pi ice of nnlk will advance to eight
in ul-  In  lbe  dill.ir. .id i,f   I'   '-  j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^mt
i.i,.,,'. "ii .,.*i*.ui.i  ..i il ntlnned olher securltlca of     Un.-*      or      any
,i,v w.-.ith.i   md  ili-' liigh  prices it other corporation,  or  property      of
l"v ■'!• inning winter. nily kind whatsoever; to own and op
uiil i...,l,.liv,',,,l,,,:>■„,„■,. „rate whQleBale unJ retail Btorca for
world, with power to secure regls-
tratlon or license from any government to do buslnei a in any jurisdiction, as the Board of Directors may
leem to be to the advantngo of the
corporation. Iw 4w.
Certifioate of Improvements
Surprise, Welch and Adolinn (finc-
inn.ill Mineral Claim, situate in the
I'l'inil Lake Mining Division of West
viioiciiay District,
W'Jii'i-e located: On Surprise Greek,
Vni'tli iiui. nf l.niilii liver.
TAKE NOTICE that I, 0. B. N.
Wilkin, lining ,is agent for William
V. Knote, I'Vee Miner's Certificate
S'uiiilii-H 13430 nml David Morgan,
l''..M.C, Number B 9*1900, inlend, sixty
lays from dnte hereof, to applv to the
Mining llecoi'der for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of
ibtaining a Crown Grant or the above
And I'm llier lake nnl ice thai ael ion,
iiidri- Section 37, imisl be commenced
nefoiu the Issuance of such L'ei'tlficati
if  llllpl'Ol'l'lUl'llIS.
hilled this -inl duv of June, A. I).,
ii. II. N. Wii.kik.
Trout hake, B. 0.
Mrs. Hermann McKinney
Te 'clitr of Vuice, Piano sua Organ
Pupils prepared (or Toronto Conservatory
of Music.
Local Examinations.
Studio:   Second Street
ir* .w Ekft £\
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
tfAVE :gs   bank  department
At all Branches.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly Collected and Delivered
Li   gage Transferred and General Draying
I urniture and Piano Moving a Specialty
Second tlaod Store
We Buy, Sell or Excliange
all kin-da ol Household
mmi blocks
Mi'i i  nrt t»" foT al   cihhdvs of  buildtn^i
IEMEMT and lime for sale
for*"«ul* in Irtk ititi .
I at th* :■»•*■-       class for cash.
Ml kinds o! *>>:>{ nu-1 iilaiturmg
un>1        kun.
Foote & Pradolini,
Office   Corner Connaught Avenue and Second Street
Phone 276 REVELSTOKE, B. C.       Night can 71
s'jw eaoBtsssaca *"inBr.:&& su asscjacasaBs t
1 ,1 *v, ind 1 li',i .ill .111' nnl a  imwt   I •
im 11,"' once 1 moni h      Signed
Tlion. Lewis,       N   P
Y   Pieoni Cl    \. II mi
'/.   Bandera V. G   Carlw n
II i^ll K   H. Suiylln
Zbc riDaiUlbcra^
Revelstoke Hospital Society
rij ini' d
I■ 1; . • -1    ■   Hon
a in tin Citj  M .     v
cn-t 2\i li, ■!• s p  ,1
VV  I) Ahsii -       • iry.
Qhanaoan Colleoc
■ nnd dealing     in
general     merchandise;     to own, nc-
1 sell any kind ol     personal
own, and vute shares ol
and tbut     ol
.  and to  vote any
=.liares ol st ,ck owned by it; to issue
:   evidences ol
ecure the imy-
is    by     morticage,
•    or  otherwise;
deal in
...  and *!:
in appli-
n    and
to   do
I  I  things
■    •
rinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot   Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
-WORt'    SHOP—
Connaught Ave.   -   Revclatoke
'  : [ ■ '
-    1 a  j
mistaking her I
v     ■   -:   ..!    - '.:..' ■ -' I
•n      ;    -        , i   .    :i  1       I
There «p| ■   1 '•
the fool w I ' :   '
the live* ; |""i'" ■' ' *
when given a gun to g 1 on a I
ing expedil   1 .
. annual Fall lair will
b 1 held     '  ■ on (fro indi
nn   , and    Wednesday,
i 7th.     The  prize
ai I enl etc., an
nds of I
tary to ■-■■ h m  application   m ml
be  made.     The e ■ hib tion I
yeai to  be B •
only be
sho ild I" b
unitcl   effort    ol one
of  !;•'■■' Istoke's  citizen      The
nianaj?eu.> ling thi il best
I know soap wen the wrapper's off.
I've been talon' in washing for 15 years.
I oughter know.
lest   take   it  from   me   there    a
nothuV will give yo' as much all-round
sati ifai tioi
Yours So.ipily,
Wood and Coal
For Sale
Life,   Accident and   Fire
Cily nml Suburban Lots.
Full particulars upon application to
W. B. Robertson
To Trappers
K-aw Furs Bought
Cask Prices Paio
P.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter oi Furs
■  til  kin l«  ne itly  c irrle 1 01
. work a specialty
natei v'lvrn on «n> olasfl
of work*
Front      Street
m Ily Uy* [rom  120 lo lr'f| fffll
■ '.•.   Undei
lnvof**Hr i.it.U   nl   •    linnlr
parr will r . -     [ nett*
loffl «ll Ii" if **' i peri ilioul'l comment i
Fly Pads
"«flv in tlir MUOfli «nc] linn cut uff » lir^c pro
porliiin ul tlir lumtlWf CfOffc
ing Sale of Boys' Soits
4 Fuits, Size 22 $3 50 to $4 50 for $2 and $2 50
0 Suits, Size 23 4 CO to 4.75 for 2 and 2.50
4 Suits, Size 24 4.00 to 5.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 25 3.50 to 5.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 26 3 50 to 4.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 27   3.50 for    2
i 2 3-piece Suits, iy to n, $5 and $6 for $2.75 & $3.50
cbnon fi Sotherlend
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hove recently be«n completed under
which  the  branchu
of Uvis Bui iU
are able to Issue Drafts on the principal points
in tha following countries:
Finland                          irel&od
Formosa                       Italy
Fram •                          Japan
Fr'ch Cochin-f3»hj«   Java
South Africa
Grrman/                      Manr Kuril
Straits Scttlemaat*
Gr^-»t Tiilaia              Mexico
C-. • '   -                          Norway
*i. tiaod                         Persia
West Indies          tn
SceUfti                        Philltpine Islands
Faroe luUn-h
India                              Roumania
and elsewhere
NO   DELAT   IM   lesUIN-S.         7ULL   PARTICULARS
Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
I Revelstoke Sash & Door Go. Ltd
Ki'sidnuv, SitoikI St ivel
rpli'phonv    ■'"'
Having Imi'ii , h;',il;i il .i-. nittsic tencher
1    1 H in Violoria Collo^'  ■l|11'  having
I . m .il»l;;'i il ui 1 onio l>ai k i«> l\» voWloku
m ni hei lm -.inrs-., I wish it> nlnrl in this
ily .mi \i .nilm1. el Muhii , fitting Hliidenls
II imi  1 •   in .i.ii ion (  lo  ih*'   ConscrVH-
.11 ,'.',..
Mil-     Wh    I   1 •'- In I h>\N
I l|      will   -J.u I   tm   Si-pt, mi Iml     I.
Vfiei this dale lessons   will  y.o  on   from
■ 11 iin- lasl da)  »»(  eaoli  eotiHecu-
ear,   excepting
, ■■      1  1 \  - .1   on will be given*
.',     I In ■  lhal w ill hi   taught i on*
itleNi and ul the end ol eai h
i-i.  .< diploma will be kiXi m-
.t.    Ail books will bu given by teai licr.
I     l'i,. p.   live pupils are advised  nol
otakc lliau 11 year.
[*up Jii ig to disi ontinue  must
rive n month    notii -  di a lull fee  will hu
* ■
',     Lesson    not rec< ived   -ii   the   ap*
toinled i imo inusl he Ioi fi iti il
7.    No lesHons given on publii holiday*
I' bli     pi ' foi main es   ^\ ill    be   en«
.. bui on no sei onnl  will pupili
to allowed i*1 take pari   w ithoul fi' i  ob
ntning perminion ol ttieir teacheri
»    Final txaminatlona itari miUUic yf
,    IKRM8 :
For two hours per week, 9$ per month)
for one hour per week, iiU per monthi
IJnrmony and counterpoint, one lesson,
$5 per month, lor two lessons per \\.>l<,
Sin per month,
A free lesson will be given all pupils
once h month for the vocal division of
music time.
Box 157 Telephone 202,
Bush Fire Permits
Settlers on Dominion Lanila can get
piinnits ni the I'rovinclitl Police office*
Kevelatoke, or any ol the I'rovincltil Fite
Wardens, proviilej Uii'y comply v.do
Sections J and d oi Ohnpter 84, Hui.li
Fires Act.
J.   K.  McI.KAN,
Divisional Warden,
WANTED AT 0N0E—Bush fore-
min, thoroughly acquainted with
building and operating timber tbutei
iini lli'li ii mm I iin dui iih in furmrr
ui]ierlenoe, .Stale wages. Uund prun-
pcctB dr ntciiily, experienced nian.
Apply l.uiiiber Syndicate, I'cntioton,
i. SATURDAY, AUG. 27. 1910.
Page S
The Elevator is in perfect
working order these days
Take advantage of it to
get to the Bargains in the
Drygoods Department.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the eitizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Pretty Hair Dressing
No matter how generous nature has been
the prevailing modes call for such quantities that it is necessary to havo aids to
pretty hair dressing. We have Coils,
Braids, Switches, Turban , etc. New
lot of Knglish and French Sanitary Il.iir
Goods on show these days.
Lion Brand Knickers
Percale House Dresses
It needn't cost much lo keep con] and
pleasantly dressed at home with such
trig, comfortable frocks as we are showing these days, and then the necessary
washing guarantees nre there.
At $3.50
Have  you  tried them
on    yonr   hoy
New Arrivals
New Paisley RuchingS
New Dutch Collars
New Early Fall Underwear
New Embroidery Linens
New Flannelettes
New Percales
only Knicker on the
market with double
Feats and knees. We
guarantee   you     that
they will out-last any
pair of knickers made
at the same price.
New Fall Patterns
just arrived and they
are good ones. Either
plain or bluomer and
we wish to say here
that these Bloomer
Knickers lit. Prices
per pair from
75c. to $1.50
Lion Brand Knickers
Fruit Juices
These hot days human nature craves for
something more refreshing than water.
Fruit Juices are the most appetizing beverage; besides, they are nourishing.
Freshly bottled Grape Juice, Lime Juice,
Pine Apple Juice, Raspberry Fruit Syrup,
Pine Apple Fruit Syrup, Lemon Fruit
Syrup, and 10 other fruit syrups. Raspberry Vinegar.   Lemonade Powders.
Fruit J
A car of Pickling Crocks, one, two, three
and five gallon. Also new sealers, pint,
quart and half-gallon. The demand ia
unprecedented for these containers this
year. Get yours before the assortments
are broken.
House Furnishings
Lace Curtains and Curiam Goods
Just arrived an extra choice lot of the
very newest creations, in Lace and Fine
Net Curtains in White, Ivory and Ecru,
choice Nets and Madras Muslin. Ask to
see the new Scrim Curtains.
Teas and Coffees
Sunbeam Tea, our own blend, put up for
us, branded 0. B. Hume & Co. You have
our guarantee as to quality. 10c. and 50c.
per lb., in 61b, packages    1.75, and   2.25.
Just now we have a special lea at a
special price—:! lbs. for fl.
A special buy ] r.1 US in possession of a
quantity of ext; I qualit) Mocha and
Java Coffee. We grind this or pulverize
it in our electric mill and we would
advise you to buy a lb, at 50c, or 51bs.
for (2.25.
Carpets and Carpet Squares
We are offering special values in Web
Carpet made up to fit. Some very dainty
and artistic designs.
Our range of squares is choice in every
respect, iucluding—Axminsters, Wiltons,
Brussels, Tapestrys, Velvets and Ingrains,
a new lot just arrived, which we are
offering at prices which will make them
go quickly,
Iron Beds. Mattresses and
We have a full line of Iron Beds ranging
in price from ifS to $25. It will pay you
to examine these goods.
Health Brand Mattresses, all sizes in
four qualities. The hest medii in tt11it
low priced mattress on lhe market.
We are giving our Special
atlention to Fresh Fruits.
We can help you if you
are preserving. Call in
and see the assortment.
Boys' Fall Clothing
Our Fall range of " Lion Brand" clothing
for Boys has just come to hand. Those
who have had experience with Ibis line
will not hesitate to iry again, while those
who have never tried it will gain some
useful hints by just looking the range
over. This season's styles and clothes
are belter than ever, and we have no
hesitation in saying that the line is the
best whioh has ever been shown in the eity.
The College Suit
The u est  nobby little
suit  ever  got  up   for
Boys'   wear.      It embodies   all the famous
' L'ton Brand" specialties   of    double   seat,
double     knees,     and
double    elbows.    Two
pieces    wiih   bloomer
knickers  and  double-
breasted coats.    Reinforced  concave shoulders, everv  seam fell,
with   hair   cloth   and
canvas      interlinings.
Neat gray  and brown
stripes, with  here and
there   a    showing   of
bronze,   are the    new
things for this season.
S zee 27 to 3-1.   Prices
Tha College Suit      „ _ , „ 	
Lion Brand"    W* M'
The Norfolk Suit
The suit which always look'well on tl e
smaller chip. Comes in size" from 2*1 to
30. it is made in the usual "Lion Brand"
manner: every se.im felled and every
bit of linings and trimmings is of the best.
Neat gray and brown effects with a few
greens are predominant   for Fall.    Prices
$4, 150, $5
The Standard Suit
A dressy, serviceable
little suit for school
wear. Three pieces, with
vest cut in the newest
models. ComeB in neat
stripes, tweeds and
worsteds. Sizes 27 to
31.    Prices
4.50, $5, 5.50,6.50
Jlorv       .
Our New Tea and Coffee Department at, the back of the store on
the Ground Floor, is proving a
convenience. We have a line
" lloliarl" Klecttic Coffee Mill and
can give you genuine steel cut,
ground or pulverized coffee while
you wait.
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke ««* Arrowhead
your Orders ! Sei d llu* children
to the Store ! ('nine yourself, or
have our City Traveller call at
your Home for Orders. No Order
too large or too small for us to
handle. It pleases us to see that
Customers get the best of attention. fage «
Ladies' Cashmere Hose
10c. values at 25c. per pair.    Vou can't
• them in the city for their wearing
New Ladies' Skirts
We are offering a special line of Skirts
nt reduced prii es,
Fall and Winter Coats
lii ' and Misseb'.
- st styles,
They include
Knit Golt Coats and Sweaters
for Women and Children,
full range open and put in
stock to-day.
Black Underskirts
Special at 90 cents each. Just the Skirt
for the early Fall weather.
Soft and Stiff Huts in all the Latest
shapes.    Ip-to-the-minute in style.
New Ties, Negligee Shirts.
Fall Overcoats in Men's und  Hoys.
('ill early and get best selection. We
can supply you with all your Fall needs
ut reasonable prices. Come and look
this shipment over and see what we
have for you.
!   Mr. Small,    of the Imporlal  Bank,
left last night for Toronto.
|   Mr. White, of the Molsons     Hank,
Calgary, spent yestenlny
Moving Pictures tonight.
The     Pringles  at   the   Ellison Theatre -'•'   * laj night,
"My Sweetheart" at tbe      Edison
M aday night.
ij. ESv>l.\KlK— liaa Smith.    Buti
.:-. io ti 5 j ,  McKenzie Avenue.
The adjourned annual meeting     of
Hi .-, ital H"ard will be hclil   on
:*.  .. lay night.
I). P. Robinson, nn electrical     exert ol .  has    been
... | ivincial  inspector
eh  tri  .. enei .-.-.
I the province will
wait on Attorney-General Bowser on
Sei '■ ta er 6, to ask I  i  11 adjustment
I timber assi ssment.
Sir Willi: I Lauriei and pai ty went
this morning to Nelson, where
a big reception will be given to   the
Pn mil:   an I  party     to-
■ •*
Don't mil .- •• li I hei t S. Bigc
I. « ..  evi ning at  8 15,    In
the :: n "Public Own
ership ol Public    Utilities."   Tickets
may be secured at Bews Drug Store.
J. W. Garland    met with a nasty
. at    on    Sunday    last,    having
thr« ribs bi  ken on  the left     Bide.
Mr. t  ol bed yi tei
ice the     ne
I  •  * eason
ation  will not
:.    1 theii      n al picnic this year.
they will
to        llll'il
. Is.
.      :■ *      :   •        . '   11**."
were .-.*
.. The
. .   ■ "       if!
njoyed by thi
touring thi  Do
::..:.. n givinj -       I lei turi
-. ital day,
next T ii     iy night, Aug
a few i Malak-
car* conts
been ■ .
direct t '
.■   -
'   *
j bi -I* if ' M' ' ' ■
.-*■ Mtnoui died oo Wedi eedsy
the i. Hii
remains wete brought to tin   citj  idi
Intel red     ben   on    I ■ ir»d iy    lh
Mr Mclotvre.i I tbe Meth dill i
c niln -t.-l tbi   in*!*• ii lervlcei tt thi
tod |  i •
It .- not i lie fui I thai ini ki -. I ui
tiie e* li thai ia Hi - * hen Ibi ooal
c  I.- - fr in Oounier.
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can oiler you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this brunch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Over  inn.( .lim
will be harvested
els ol wheat
ii the prairie this
The fruil of the Okanagan will be
nn excellent crop. The CP.R. are
well equipped i" handle this crop to
the markets,
Snow hns fallen In  Montana      nml
Dakota  this week.     Throughout  the
■    ■      f li.  i'.. reports of dam
.,.*■   by frost to the tcndei
plants in reported.
A   !-   i I .1   :i*  ,!   i- •   ll   1 .'" V    *
Mrs.  9.  ii.  K.iliiiins will  not      receive Wednesday ol next   week.
Aid.   McK nnon
day from a visit  t<   the      '•
nl  Vancouver.
\   Cowii
in tbi Oldlell  *'t h.i    S iv: d  •'•
■vi Tuesday m \'   tinder  thi ■    ut  Kami
of the Modern W nlmen ,'   \     •    -       ,    ,
Tbe eocinl crimen ee at 8 -
High School Books
Public School  Books
Exercise Scribblers
Hiiil iill loppliei,
Bews' Drug Store
Ni il  Hume Blu'l,
Refreshments   will be  Bcrv  I
th- i \cning.
Rev.  A. Carman, D.D . w
al    Buperlnti ■
churches i*
ballot and recelvi .   *
284.      Ur.  Cbown  w:i-
Two     H
.1       fl*-*.
' *
•       * .
, .*, , i :
it '■*. in
■ i
' "
the govcrni
pod Ioi  tin mi
Mi i. T. I)
niililliei   nl i . ,
,.  tordaj  afti rnoon  In  honol   ol   i he   Mi       Woo I
child ri
visit of ii"'  Mh "  lljiiui'l an : othei
,.,    ,.f \ii   mim! Mi      R   H    mil     '.I  chruli '■■ hank    and
Kamloops.     Children's game*,      i"
[re hmi nl    ai *!  a       II   to tho  mov
Ing plcl irei a1  tl - Bt II on   Thi itre
in the i'ui ing 11** "i "  pleasanl  al
ternoon and evening f''r tbt     little
.i.i i opened up—largt itock ol
Muni'* a mnl Harnoss parti,    trai di,
.mi    pads    so blankoti, whlpi,
etc.—ileurno Uiou.
hei  I*'     ■ '"'
ne in Red Dcol
Mi" i: ,ii,.*i i*  Moi
her  teoo id   i rl* *  In lhe reeenl Van-
I'.'iuver   Provlnee    voting   oontcsl,   ■
piano and |7S lol ilo lesso n    Si »l
week  Mi"   M< < m ty   leaves  lor   the
.  ,, i un her trip at tlie i ipense of iln
Vhi ver  I'n vii.m .   iiienini min il by
The Burgomaster
A leading attraction here this pea
ion will he that sparkling musics
>■ Iti ity, "The Burgomaster," with Oup
! VVeiuburg in his famous original
character of Peter Btuyveeant tin
govern:r of New Anisiedmi. Mr.
Weinburg is one uf those irreeietibli
fun-milkers that never tail to ke»p an
a ulietice in good humor and laughter,
anil as this jolly old Burgomaster he
ia nlVo'ded so much opportun ly, th. t
a wooden Indian would almost lm e
11 change his features at some of bit
mities, sayings anil d; i igs. There
are three hours "I solid fun, music
■mil snug in thiB bright aidilVorves
cent, musical idil ly whioh accounts
for ite tremendous run in N w Yoih
and Chicago. Outside ol Mr. Weiu-
imrg and the supporting cast, tin
heauty chorus, vivneioiis il.ince.s,
handsome stage settings anil accessories, including the galaxy ut prpula)
song hiis, are features t tint are seldom
eombined to such an extent and so
well handled in a musical eonndy
"The Burgomaster" and hUsupporting
small army of funinakers will visit us
at Tapping's Ope: a Bouse on Friday,
■Sept. 2nd.
Railway Time Table
The following is the new summer
timetable of tlio C. P. I!., Bhowing
times of arrival and departure of
train ut Itevelstoke.
No. 1  arrives (5:1)5, departs 0:25 a.m.
No. '.)7 arrives 3:25 departs 3:46 p.m.
Nof 5 arrives 4:55, departs 5:15 p.m.
Xo.  2 arrives   12:115  midnight,      ile-
parts 12:15 midnight.
Xo. UO arrives 11:30 a. m., departs
11:50 a. m.
Xo. G arrives 9:2(1 a. ni., departs
9:10    a. m.
Leaves Revelstoke 9:35    a.  m.,    Br-
ves Revelstoke 4:30 p. m.
Aug. 29th
In repertoire of the
latest comedy and
dramatic  successes
'My Sweetheart*
Hijrh Class Vaudeville
Between Acts
Reserved Seats,
Al Macdonald's Drug Store
Admission, Adults, 50c. Chita, 25c
Kails Close
The mails close at Ro\elstoke as
For eastern  points—9  a.  m.      and
p. m.
For western points—4:25 p. m, anil
745 p. m.
For southern points—9 a. m,
City mail boxes are cleared week
days at 7:45 a.m. anil 3:15 p. m.,
and Sundays at 3:15 p. m.
Married—On  the 2Gth inst., at      the
residence  ol  H.  Cumming,    Fourth
stri'et.  by  the  Kev.  W, C,  Calder, :
,i"lm .inn,i*m ol Arrow Park, B. ('., I
to Robertina Gow, o! Elgin, Scot-!
sei   ces   mi Sunns
11  n.n; '   "'**"■  ■
il and Bib
7 30 p.m       bject ' Wrestling   ■■
'■.:. J. Mclntyre,     will
A  "oris extended to the
1   loaf    '
THE obiect of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure white loaf
And this obiect is attained
by the use of
Purity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whiteness. It bakes into a
pure white loaf. So, you
sire, to get the really beautiful white loaf you must use
hard - wheat
•   ' hn   ive 'tlii r
-   Ci   i1.
.-    -li,:
i:i.\ Ml   II   A i.l.  OS
-     mm.
* .* ,
School  Hooks at Macdonald's  drug
Going! going!!   gone!!!   Orders   Ioi
I" ears ol Oout i r's co il,
Mim  Allum and son, of itevelstoke
i - - Mr, and Mrs. A. Reeves.
I \.linn   Is  suiter   to   Mr.   Itcevcs.
.  enjoying our salubrious cli-
, id     pretty Bconery.—Knderby
■ i   are coming on, lol    us
ii  line "( Heating Stoves
nol better     get     that
task Min Range, satno
bave,     whieh
., i and burns leu fuel
other    make ol ■ tova,
Fill DAV, SEPT. 2
Pix ey & Ludcr's Musical Masterpiece
"Tha Bramaster"
30 People
i i, * .,;..■ i, i   i'.*1' i Mm i    ml
Ind I he lain • ' ll   "■'' ' "nB
I In    III* .•. ill Inu,! I  ll'"   '    "l
Kangaroo  Girls
Sont» on Sale nt Macdonnlcl's O.uu S'oro
ll ith.iiiii.il h ler il  iiiin.i.!!' ni ,is   "The Alaskan.
,--*,- MMMM i   ■—■——■***■,.
No. 34
School opens Monday
and we are going to
make our After Supper
Sale for to-night an opportunity to secure some
of the articles all the
children require for the
Fall. With the approach of the cooler
weather, warmer clothing' will be needed, and
we are putting on sale
a lot of lines that will
save your purses. They
are all good, regular
stock, and you will not
get such a money-saving chance again in
these lines.
Children's Cashmere Jerseys
One of our hest lines that we arc offering to-night
;a a great reduction. They come in two styles,
the regular sweater neck and the buttoned shoul-
der. Colors are navy, cardinal, brown and white
— Sizes 2U to 26-inch.     Saturday night, only 75c.
School   Hose
About 21) dozen extra good hose, some are pure
ribbed Cashmere, sizes up to 8 1-2 and some extra
ribbed cotton, sizes up to 9J. These are all regular stock and the best we can buy. Saturday
night's price, 25c. per pair.
Children's Tarns
Here is something you will have to buy pretty
soon. We iiave put out a lot of all colors and
materials. They sold as high as 75c,, but Satur-
uay night is bargain night, and we are selling
tiiem at ooc each.
Special in Corset Covers
We had an opportunity or buying a lot of Fine
Corset Covers at about hall the regular price.
They are made of a line quality of cross bar lawn
and would be a bargain at 75c. We will sell them
on Saturday night at a less price than you can buy
the material to make them.    Only 45c. each.
Come early as soon after 7 o'clock as you can, and
do not ask for them at these prices on Monday.
Watch Our Windows.
Good  Bread
—and you should insist upon Retting Ibe besl al all
Huns--^et mn-. Out*reputation for goo-d bread is not
the result of chance. Our customers are satUfled that
mus is tin- must satisfactory bread they oan luiy.
Try it nml vnu will become a regular customer. Our
Groceries aie also in keeping with our bread.
G. W. Bell
P. O   Box 208
Phone No. 23
General Groceries, Farm Produce, etc
See our stock for something tasty these hot days.
Fresh -stock of Perrin's and Christie's Cream Sodas and
Oliver's .lams and Marmalades just arrived.
McIntyre  & Son
Orders Delivered.
Phone 93.
Be»1 Lump Coal for Sale, also Furnace
Coal.   Orders promptly attended to
S. G.  Robbins,
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
PHONE   60
Prompt Settlement
Revelstoke, Hi'.. AnKtist L8tb,
'.   Robbins, K*"i .
Agent Columbia I'm*
i     :umi' Oo., Revelstoke.
liiin  Sir,—
I bave i" acknowledge with thanks
cheque ■>( tht    Columbia tm   ins*
Co.,  lm   V nn  in  w tili'ini'iil   "I  my
Claim  l"i   lots  nl  Salinnn   Arm,  ainl
thoroughly appreciate tbi manner tn
Whil b   tbll   rlmm   wil*   i-eltleil.
Vuiiib truly,
WANTED 'I'd ItKNT-Small limine
nm iiy furnished or unfurnished, —
Particulars   to H, P, t., itox 914.
WANTED—Young lmly wiuhes position   uh itenographsr, experienced,
Apply, Minn Jellies, GUI Jcrvia    Ht.
V am onvcr.
Tu i.kt Two Suites i.i ii ih.    a
H in. ' i Ri "ins i.n tailoring o|
||' m til ; '., unu' nt.— Apply
to R. rapping.


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