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The Mail Herald Jan 24, 1912

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"Empire" Typewriter
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perfection in results it is
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•ent rat« from date of deprsit.   Correspondence lollcltea.
Revelstoke Branch- A. B.McCleneghan, Mgr.
Clearing Out at Gost Price
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W. J. Kcrr Notified That Premier Wiil Pay Attention
to Need of Better Highways in Canada
Now WobI im.i ter, B, 0,, Jan. in.-—
Private Information received i>y \v.
.t. Kerr, president ol the Canadian
Highway Association, [rom gome of
thf member a uf parliament close to
premier R. l,. Borden, [orshadow.
Important legislation with regard to
roads in the Dominion ol Canada,
While it in 11,,1 advisable :tt this time
to make known Mr, Borden's intentions, it. in safe iii predict that Canada's Brst Conservative administration tm' Hixt.'t'ii years will recognise
tlm rapidly growing interest in good
roads, and will make a bid for pub-
lu' approval by devoting lune, at -
tent hm mul money to this worthy
In  bis  Bpeech   from   the throne      at
Hie opening of Parliament, in Novum
i her. 11 in Royal Highness the Duke of
lOonnaughi touched upon the question
I of Rood RoiuIh, lntimaslng that it
j would he one of the subjects     which
WOUld   receive   bis   special   attention.
His Uoyal Highness, having travelled
extensively, bus long since recognized the Important Inctor time run,is
are in ibe material advance of a
country, and while bis position in a
measure debars him from taking an
active part iii nny scheme aimed at
the betterment of roads, yet. his
sympathy is known to he wholly with
tbis object.
The    western    members of rail,a
ment will support Mr. Borden in his
will refresh you with lu bright, iplcj
flavor and Iragraucy, S'.hl In 1 lb.
lead packages.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O.  BOX 208
Phono No. 2*i
endeavor to give Oanada iiet.tei roads
,1. 1). Taylor, member for the Westminster District, ln n spet'i'h made at
Langley a few dnys ago, lohl the-farmers  ot  thnt  district  that, be  Would
do all iii bis power tn tyring forward
an improvement In the Btandard of
Canada's highways, Ho also pointed
out that the Dominion government
al the time of confederation made a
Oanadian Highway one of tho-induce
ments offered to this province— n
promise which today still stands unredeemed.
With the immense strides which
Oanada bus made of late years, and
the marked prosperity which sho enjoys at tbis time, rondfl can no longer he treated as a negligible quan -
'ity. The citizen demands and must
have, pood roads. The day is now
past when a rock strewn trail was
considered good enough lor the dis
tricts; the farmer is as much entitled to a lirst class road ns is the city
resident, The farmer always has
hcen, but be has not always impressed that fact strongly enough on the
politician and the statesman.
Now the time has arrived when the
cry for pood roads ls general. It is
a matter for congratulation on tne
part of the farmer, for those in high
places recognize that if he is not
given the transportation facilities to
which he is entitled, they will re -
reive their answer through lhe medium of the ballot box.
ftt VfctoriaB.C, February 22 snd
IH Next
Advices received from Victoria an-
nouoce that arrangements have been
made for the holding ot a Good
Bonds Convention In that City on
Fabruarj 82nd and -3rd, for the purpose of discussing matters In connec
tion with the building and mainten -
mice of public roads throughout the
province. The Hon. Thos. Taylor,
Minister ol Public Works, is at the
head of the arrangements, whicli are
in the immediate charge of Mr. W.
Vi. Koster, Deputy Minister of Public
The meeting will be attended by
the engineering stall ot the I'ulilie
Works Department and by all
Road and Bridge Superintendents
ln tbe provinoe. Papers will be read
by prominent engineers und men cx-
:..; hi the work of building roit.b*.
The following program for thc meeting has bein  is-ued:
Road  Location—Mr. J.  P.  Forde.
Material for Road Construction —
Mr. D. Irvine.
Note- mi Construction—Mr. O, P.
Use of Modern Road Machinery —
Mr. .1. E, Griffith.
Systematic Accounting Records for
Road Superintendents—Mr. Hamilton
Comparison of the use of Steel,
Concrete and Wooden Structures —■
Mr. lv Malum.
General Road Construction and
Maintenance (Illustrated by Stereop-
tican  Views)    Mr.    It.  11. Thompson.
In addition bo tbe reading ol the
above papers and thc discussions
wbich will take place thereon, tbe
various officials nl the Department
will have an opportunity to meet ainl
discuss other matt mis iii connection
with their  work.
Th.s meeting is another instance ol
fa erTurts being nut. forth by the
linister and Deputy Minister ol the
I'ublic Works Department to give tho
province a road system eommensurato
with its needs, and will doubtless
help largely towards that end.
Revelatoke will be represented ut
the meeting by J. P. Forde, assist -
ant engineer of the Public Works Department, and K. Trimble, district
road  superintendent.'
et ball game  will  be played  between
tho     J.B.C.  and  the    Intermediates.
I These  teams  clashed  on  New  Year's
day, which resulted iu the Intermediates being the  winners.     This time
ithe J.B.C.'s arc bound to win,     so
ithe basket  linfl  public are assured ol
; a good fnst game, ulso a good clean
name os each team la well drilled in
the     rules.   The adniission to     this
.■'im' will he, adults 15c. children It)
W. W. Foster On Inspection Tour
—Forecasts Large Appropriations for lievelstoke Riding
W. W. Fostor, the Deputy Minister
ol i'ublic Works, arrived in town
last Hundiiy from Nelson uud remain
od till Tuesday afternoon, when ho
took the Arrowhead sletper for the
coast at 4:30
To a Muil-llcralil reporter, Mr.
Foster said:—"I was over ut Grand
Forks inspecting tho new court house
building und stopped oil at Nelson to
look into a couple ol departmental
mutters. 1 urn stopping over ut Rev
elstoke moro to renew old uciiuuin -
tnnces than unythlng else. Whllo in
town I looked over some ol thc public works, including the muttresslug
being done by Roud Bupt. Trimble,
which I louud iu u very sutisluctory
"Regarding the government appropriations for this district, I cuunot
say exactly whut they ure just uow,
but they will he grouter all over tho
province thuu lust yeur. Tho uiin of
my depurtment Is to do siibsinutiul
work—muke substantial roads, Bome
thing thut will luBt.
Mr. Foster stated that thc bracing
air of Revelstoke was very refreshing
to him after the coast weather, us ho
itlways lound tbis city to possess un
admirable climate.
I Everywhere ho went he found a
strong feeling ol optimism prevailing throughout thc province. The
railway policy of thc     Hou.  Richard
I MoBride, Boon to bc made public,
would do wonders towards opening
lip the rich unsettled districts of tho
| As the Deputy Minister stepped on
tho west bound express mnny citiz -
ens who had gone to the station to
see bim off bid him lion-voyage.
B. C.
local Poultrpeii Capture Frizes
Dibi' Three Thousand Birds
on inhibition
A Vuncouver dispatch received yesterday, stutes thut Revelstoke Poul-
tr.tmcu curried oil more prizes ut the
Provincial Poultry show at Vuncouver this week. The [ollowing is the
list ol Revelsiokc prize winners:
Roy Smythe entered live birds und
won live prizes. Barred Rocks, cock,
3rd prise; cockerel, Rth prize; pullet,
,'.rd, Itli aiid Rth prize. From over
100 entries.
J. Clelland got 2nd hen in the Buff
L/eghorni. F\ W. Laing, cock, 1st;
oockenel, 2nd and 3rd, pullet 1st, 2nd
and ;ird. in his Rose Comb Brown
I.eghornB. d. Shaw, .!rd prize tor
best pen ol Barred RockB.
Birds singly could not compete ln
thc pens.
At this poultry bIiow their were
nearly  four thousand     birds selected
from all the western states, as well
as B. t*. It is therefore n high honor fur the local poiiltrymen to capture these prizes.
tnjoyable Social
Among thc leading social cventB ol
the piiBt week, wus a most cnjoynblo
whist and dancing party given by
Mrs. E. Corning last Thursday evening, at which about 35 guests were
present. Wbist wns played according
to Hoyle, after which dancing wub In
dulged ln. The evening was
more Interesting from thc fact that
tbc party was given in honor of Miss
Brcnnan of the CB. Hume & Co. establishment, who will shortly lcuve
for New Westminster. Tbis young
lady's departure will he much re -
gretted by her host of friends.
Whist Party
Another     plcusant time  wub  Bpent
lust  Wednesday evening at the  home
' of Mrs. Cunuinghain     Morris,     whon
| Bome twenty guests spent u most en-
joyahlc   evening.     Music und    cards
I were thc chief features of the eveniug
Dainty refreshments were nlBo served
Thc hostess proved herself an cutcr-
taiuer of u high order, which cun ba
vouched lor by each und every guest.
A ni, boy who has iml yet received
a program of tbe Arts and CraftB ex
btbitlOS mav have one for the nsking
The Physical Direct *i li pery anxious
;,i l,.i .* every hoy in the city take
part in this. Get busy and BOe what
you can do in  this line.
There   is  a   poislMftty   uf  a  swimming      ei-RSS     iieillK  started  for  boys
who are i ,,t   members.   The class to
lay afternoons
00 Friday evening at 8:15 a bask-1
Drowned in Shuswap Lake
John McC.oskcll ol t'olestn, according to a dispatch received ycBterday
from Sbuswap, was drowned laBt
l''iitbiy In ribiiHwap lake.
1    It appears that thc lute Mr.     Mc-
(loskcll     was out skating on F'idny
I on thc lake and as that Ib tho gener-
' al day to go /with the mail and as
it was noticed that he did not turn
up on Friduy, u neighbor sturted out
to aBCortnin what was the trouble,
and niter seurcbing in vain for some
time, traced the defeased to Lake
Shuswap und found Ills hut beside n
large hole in the ise. This solved thc
mystery regarding the disappearance
of the young man whose body mny
never lie recovered, as Lake HluiRWnp
is not noted for giving up its dead.
Thc deceased was about 25 yenrs
of age and unmarried. His parents
reside in Scotland, but a brother ot
tho deceased wns married to a sister
ol Mrs. Innis of this city.
lt Is Started thut, the sudden death
yf this young man in the prime of
life  In such  a   tragic  way,  lias    eaBt
la gloom over Shuswap district which
will be hard to shake ofl.
Revelstoke Caledonian Society
The Bums Supper und Dance, under thc niiBplceB of tbe Kevelstoke
Caledonian Society, according to tbe
committee, promises to lie one of' tho
events of the senson nnd will sur -
pass nnythinggivou heretofore by tho
The gcuiul W. M. Lawrence will oc
rupy the chair and give Burns' grace
ut the opening ol the supper, and
other well known exponents of tbe
vocul und humorous ml will con -
tribute to the evening's enfoyment,
uftcrwurds thc compnny will proceed
to Selkirk Hull and trip the light
lantastlc too tne thc wee emu' hours
nyont the twal. Light refreshments
will be served at midnight.
This promises to lie thc moat successful Scottish concert of the season
ao don't forget tonight.
Two Years More
Toronto, Jan. 2a— Sir William
Mackenzie has rvuehod Toronto on
his return from a month in Europe,
on what ho termed a pleasure trip.
Speaking of thc west he snid between
40-n und 500 miles of branch lines
would lie built this year by the C.N.
R. in western Canada. Sir William
still adhered to the opinion that tho
Canadian Northern railway mam line
would lie constructed through to the
const In 1914.
Do not fail to Bee Pathe's Weekly
at  the   FiHson  tonight.
Moving pictures at ths Ddlson
theatre lonlgM,
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Guns, Ammunition, Harness,   Horse  Blankets, Whipe
Stoves, Ranges, Enamel and Tinware
Paints, Oil,  Varnish, Etc.
Crockery and Glassware
Plumbing, Heating
We are prepared to undertake any work in this line
Groceries, Fruit, Vegetables
A Very larqe stock of Fresh and Up-t,-Date
Carried in  This Department
Hay, Grain and Feed
Agents for McClary's Famous Steves, Sherwin-
Williams Paint Co., Canadian Oil
Companies, Ltd.
We pay special attention to Mail Orders and Shipping
to Outside Points.
BIG REMOVAL SALE ON during month of I ruary
Hardware Dealers     GROCERS     McClary's Stoves
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
■ -
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
January Clearance Sale
We are offering ;lll of our high grade winter stock at
Men's heavy ribbed I'mlcrwear SOc and 65c       Fleece lined I'nderwear 50c
Boy'l Underwear St   HAI.I' PRICK     This includes such high class  lines
as Slmifield's and Turnbulls.
Boy's Suits at UM.V PRICK.
We ha\e ISO iwir of Men's High Oratlc Shoe*, consisting of all si/es,which
regularly sold (or $5:50 and $5.00, now selling for 53 65.
Hoy's School Sinus, all sizes, sale price fl.85.
Sec our Windows and Bargain Tables for Snaps
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
■yott:r  IR:E:F-A.I:RS
Nn time like the present to bring in your Watches,
Jewelry, Clocks, etc., that need repairs. We make
them as good as ne\,.    All work guaranteed.
F. G. BEWS  op*** WEDXESDAY, JAN'. 2Wi, NIB.
WKDNUBDAY,  JAN. 21th, 10)2.
[Coal and Wood
Orders will now be accepted for Bankhead Hani
Coal, Furnace size, as it is now in stock.
Bankhead Hard Coal, Furnace Size, per ton. . . .$10.50
Briquettes, per ton     8.75
Wellington. Soft Coal, per ton    11.00
cTWixed Hardwood, 16-inch, per cord     7.50
Cedar, 16-inch     6.25
Baled Oat Hay at $17 per ton.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
vtbc ADaiMberalb
Jntcciot publtsbing Company
j. K. JOHNSON, Manager,
RALPH tl.  80RUTON, Editor.
WEDNESDAY . JAN. 24th, l'J12.
Amongst tbc quests [rom Roval-
Btoko that arrived lust week, were
Mrs. H. McSorley, .1. McSorley, Miss
Mullen, Qeo. Knight nntl  Mr.  Stortz.
Mr. Larson oi tbe Kootenay Stenm
Laundry of Nelson, ia upending a few
weeks at the Hot Springs resort.
William Uoytl expects any dny to
receive, tbe machinery for tbe install
nig of thc electric light plant which
will bc put in to light the hotel nnd
villas, doing away with tbc gasoline
light wliicb are now in use.
The  recent Chinook  wind  lias taken
Tbc motion adopted at the last
meeting oi tbe city ft.unci, that the
Council be appointed a committee ot'away most ol the snow that hasfal-
the wll,,),. t„ confer with leadlngUeu this winter, but tbis morning
ratepayers and businessmen ..I Revel-|the mercury hnd dropped 18 degrees.
stuke.  as to tlie  best  solution  ol the
difficulties tbe city lathers are en -
deavorlng to surmount, In connection
with the "sewerage system'' ,s a very
(tumble step, and will meet villi the
unanimous approval ol the citisons.
Tbe problem of financing the sewer
system, like every Other problem of
i.ty government, should be tackled
coolly and deliberately, Uevelstoke
has Kiidfic.l iu the past, and is miii
enng now, as the result ot too bi'S
ty action in entering upon expensive
scbeni'-s, without considering what
was really involved. Uy all means
let the council und the leading rate-
layers get together; the difficulties
we arc facing, are only euch as lave
had tt, l„ faced ly every young city
and tbc experience til other larger
and older places should be Studied,
nnd with the intelligent eo-ojoratlon
oi tbe cltlsens  and the coaaeil.     a
fttletactory and practical so.til oil ol
our difficulties is bound to be r a-'ll
Make home happy with a glowing new heater.
Enjoy the comfort of sitting around a handsome,
warm stove.
Our Heaters will hold the fire over nitfht, so that
you only need to make a few twists and pour in some
coal to quickly have a hot fire.
" Fire Out " your old Stove and " Fire Up " a new
FROM $2 UP TO $10.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.    x    llowson Block
Am*.'..*.' the work performed by tb,
new government ut Ottawa, in tleli
first session, wns the appointing o! a
commission to investigate the hub -
ject of "Government old \ge Pensions." It is understood that tbe
•scope of the Inquiry will not be et.ii-
hnexl to the mire advisability .'I continuing or extending the present Cn-
.:. Annuity scheme, but that ths
commission will .nvestigute the whole
matter, also considering thc .-•*■ nl
developments in tbis direction,
tbroughoitt Europe and the I'nited '
States. |
Tht* - - applied mi
a national - a means of    pro
vision against sickness, invalidity and
old age. is a new fnctor in the world   .,.'". "~".  ~.   ,        ^^^^^^^—
Ireut,  wbich bud  uo  legal etlect
of economics, and iu our opinion ton-   .    ,     .
i-titutes one  of the  outstanding  feut-
Mrs. Ulondin, from Dlondin's l'oint
Is recovering rapidly from the (all
wbich she received some IU dayB ugo
Ur, Mossman ol Nakusp, wus sent tor
but it wns found thut she received
only ii bad sprain instead of a broken shoulder Which  was lirst feared.
Local trappers nre now bringing in
quite a number of skins. They suy
ihat trapping is exceptionally good
tu.s winter.
He Temere Oecree
Dublia, Jan. 17—Mr. Justice Kenny today delivered judgment in what
is known as the "Midnight Marriage
Case" in whieb the Ne Temere de -
cree wns invoked in order to secure
t nc annulment ol a marringe between
i v> illlam Arland Usher ol Eaetwell,
l.oiighrca county Qalway and Mary
i aullicld, wbo at the time was a do
ti.-istic in nis house.
The judgment declares that although the marriage was invalid iu
the eyes of tbe Catholic church, yet
it wns capable ol belag validated at
any time. It was, however, already
absolutely valid according to tbe
marriage laws of Ireland. Tbc marriage would huve been invalid, Judge
Kenny continues, under tbe penal law
up to ls"ii because Usher bad been .i
Protestant within the previous 12
months but that law was repealed In
i-7i'. The petition would therefore
be dismissed with costs.
Tbe judge found nothing in the com
mon law or church law nullifying a
marriage between two Roman Catholics by a Human Catholic priest because of tbe absence "I wltaeaaea, ex-
pt    the  decree    of  the  Council    of
Arrivnls  for  the  week  ending    the
tilth  inst.
J.   Uiiinly,   Arrowhead.
W.   Ralfc und  wife,  Nelson.
A.  Tnylor, Golden.
J.  Nicholas, Golden.
S. Campbell, (loldon.
J.  Mellon, Beaton.
T.   Baynes,  Mulukwa.
tl. Col, Malukwa.
A. Blaney, Nelson.
J.  H.  Johnson,  Malakwa.
M.   McKeller,  Winnipeg.
H.  H.  Heflreu, Arrowhead.
J.  Wilner,  Comaplix.
M.  Walker.  Enderby.
11.   Taylor,  Field.
A.  Turner,  Field.
K.  O,  Bwanson, Field.
J.   I.aiigtlon.   Alta.
Arrivnls  for  the  week  ending   January l'Jth.
11.  J. Steele. Calgary.
A    McLeod, Calgary.
S.   Hitchcock.   Arrowhead.
M.   Minus,  Arrowhead.
J. C. McOee, Edmonton.
V   Munro,  lingers Pass.
Geo. ti* McToney, _'l  Mile Board.
J. 1). Manley, Regina.
G.  Lewis,  Regina.
W. CHvo, Vancouver,
R.  Abbey, Tobei,  Alta.
(!.  Williamson,   Notch  Hill.
F.  M. Blake,  Vancouver.
P. 0, Campbell, Balmon Arm.
W. W. Foster, Victoria,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Thompson, Sicamous.
Jobn Han, Calgary.
J.  N.  Eakins,  Vernon.
urcs of the. economic history of    the
Inst twenty years.
It has recently become recogui7.fl .
;.  « scientific application id th,*
laws of areiagea, it would l-e poss-
Ibis to     strike  at  the  root of    the
treat causes of human want and mis
ery, namely sickness and  destitution
•y the     mere adaptation '.'.   tli-
exact pnaaplss of  mathemati :s     to
bnag the problem of     poverty down
from the clouds of heavenly speculation,  into  tbe  cold daylight  .,( facts,
where  tbe  problem  would  be  capable
.     | .i.isn an !  * lire.
Tbe initiation of the irrent  nal
a!  schemes ol .nsuraii'*-
many.     anl latterly on a     gigantic
constitutes     ir.
mark along -be road ton ird pi
at 1     happiness  Sr  tin*  m...
hum.,: '.inadlan govern
ment  could  •!"  no  better  act
.  . . ,.
tbu lat -•  levelopmsnl ol the science
id hum.n. mica,
The result ol grunting tbe petition
would have been to muke the child
illegitimate and degrade the mother.
but tbat was their precise con .
in the eyes of the church of Home,
which ecactetl tbe Trent and the N»
Tenure    decrees  aguinst    elands '
f. W. Laino on Executive
B.C.. J
British  Co!i ml la
Poultry   as*    nit.mi   today   presented  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
■   - port al ths matting i,i-r.. ,T!,ls oomMtioH ol affairs must not be
The   secretary.   M.   A.   Jnll   resigned, , "Uowwl  to continue and  among    tho
find  bis action  caused  recrrt Tbc   many who arc miaing funds to com
King George Supporter ol Choir
The movement Inaugurated In
to enter upon an energetic  cam;
to suppress the  white plague    as      a
rial to King Bdward VII..   has
met  with  the beany approval  ot  b,-1
■or i ieorge  V.. and  has bis sup
port and sympathy.   W tho neces
tor such a campaign the following Ug
proof conclusive,   in  Wales
alone   the  loss  nf  lives  frnm  COMUm
in the last  ten years     totalled
i Im  1" rs.m   in  ten      dies      ol
in      some    dlftl
in addition to    tins
•ii.in life there i- tbe
ng "f upwards ol 15,000 dlsatH
• .  trictiOS ,,f  the  disease      who      are
ing  iiiiii  premature  graves.   Ths
- i.-.*  li .th rate from consumption
. Bouth wttit*H in the tsn vear-' I • "
• . ! tm, was if-f i" r * ent   higher than
ui England and     Wales as a wnole,
M.   Miller. Tacoma.
Adair.  Calgary.
■ g, Nelson.
Hosl 'tiz, C'ulgnry.
Cbafoy.  Rogers Pnss.
Turner. Kamloops,
Qlemie, N'elson.
Boioskl, Arrowhead.
Boloski. Arrowhead.
C, McOee, Winnipeg.
Dainsirone.  Cranbr* ..k.
McKay.   Nelson.
Murray.   Arrowhead.
Tet rei ia.   N*
iris, Nelson.
'   *•
; •»<?*
li   Burns    Calgart .
J.  Johnson, Kan
Adair    Spokane
i    Mr'ii-.*   Oolden.
P   Postal    Calgary.
R.  Bps
i.   Ryan,   Rt .
Q    Cosh,   '.'ancouver.
L. Plumpter, Calgary.
Three  V'adey.
■in ancou • r
B.   I'ulmer.  ("inn  Willi Ul.
Rogers Pass,
Cummlngs, Chase,
Meldok,  vv.gwnm.
1 'ampbell,  \ aneonv ir.
20 Millions for Improvements
Montreal, Jan. 2ll—Before leaving
lor Winnipeg tonight, Mr. George
Bury, Vice-President ol the Oanadian
Pacific Railway and General Manager of western lines, who has been
in conference with Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy during the ;;•.'. few
dnys, announced that no lesn thnn
$20,mm,000    would   be   spent    by     llle
company In improving the B/stotn
west of tbe greut lnkes during thn
coming year. The rumor tlia'. the
ina.ii line is to tie double-'r.icKed as
soon as possible in all con .'cited districts i« confirmed. A second iw.ck
will be laid along the ro'r.e neiwitn
Regina and Chaplin, Baak,, between
Hammond, B, ('., and Vancouver nnd
between A ly t li aiid Senalta. Alnerta.
Considerable extensions ti "lv t,.-m-
inal facilities at Vancouver. Calgary
Swill Current, Moose Jaw, Outlook
Regina, Broadview, Brandon, nnd
Port William will be made. A new
terminal will also be built f nis slimmer at Coquitlan,  B.C.—Ex.
Notice  la hereby  givon that Courts
oi Revision und Appeal, under    the
provisions ol the   "Assessment Act"
and thc "Public Schools Act" for tho
Uevelstoke Assessment District will
be held ns follows:—Court House,
Monday, February 5th, 1012, lit
10 a. in.
Datod ut Rovelstooo,   loth  January
Judge  Court of Revision  and Appeal
lirst issue Jan. 13th 4 w.
WANTED—A    girl,     about    12  ot   lw
years ol age to do light liousowoiii
uud tutto euro ol u buuy on Satin
days.   Apply   Mail-Herald  UlHce.
WANTED—Situation iu lumber ollico
us  Stenographer  and   invoice  clork;
thoroughly experienced; all refer -
once. Apply, box 91.4, Mall-Herald
Ullico,   Uevelstoke.
WANTED—Salesman for latest una
most perfect gasoline light in the
world. Cheupest and bout light
known to science. Exclusive territory, big profits, permanent busi -
ness. MucLurcn & Co., Culgury.,
Altu. ;tod.
WANTED—Offers tor new laid oggs,
und lut chickens. Apply, Viukers,
Salmon Arm.
WANTED—Married man seeks work,
ollico cleaning, furnaces looked ui
ter, etc., by duy, week, or contract
For lull piii'ticuluis upply A. 1'.,
Mail-Herald uibce. 4t.
WANTED—A girl or woman to do
general house work.—Apply ut thu
Mail-Herald uuice.
wanted—North Vancouver Property
ueur Second Narrows or close in to
City. We havo buyers uud want
your listings, owners only.—Peoples
Trust Co.,  Ltd.,  12b Pender street,
Wost, Vancouver, B. c.        St.J.10
FOR SALE-About 150 tons ol baled
green feed, ulso a Quantity 01 Tlm
othy hay.   For prices write, N.E.
Spurks, Miluertou. Altu.       at. J. 10
WANTED—By lady, liiriushed room,
well heated, centrally located, with
breakfast if possible. Apply P.O.
Uox 07.
Splendid Per'or.Mce
The  folloii -.'lithe   Salt Lake
At the Y.M.C A.  au.I,tm'.urn Fr. In*
.- ■ ■ idience greeted     the
M.i'it  company    with
sympatl rtneere applause.
Salt   Lake   is   such   it   COSmopoIll tn
.' la,   "veil  of  small
dinr i her   Without   con
taining     one or more who '-an     livs
mur' * ng   rhe   singing      of
thei ii song     than
i.i.' of bieb strung
select . .fa later dav.  "IW'ay
Down      Upon     'he    Swanee   Ribber."
"i>; v . :  k, mi it kv Home,"
anil   ■* i ere i sndet
*   *      It   would
il for
an  '".. •   ••) ..rimcr.t   that
ro   * * it thing  is  lacking
A. G. DUCK,   ■ Electrical Store
Day Phone-284 - Night Phone, 40
but the* disease is the Moelwyn Choir
of    Male Voices who have given Its
services free  and      are  DOW    t.ourinir
Canada fnr  the      purpose  'if    raising
funds to carry  on  tbe campaign, 1 IS;
: will be here on     Monday,  Jat, 89th,
and  tbc  ticketB arc,  on  sale  At  Macdonald's drug store.
Those     that go   lo bear  them  Will
Just arrived,   five  cars clean  lump   have a rare opportunity  to her lbe
semi-hard smokeless coal,    at  H.  M.   marvellous music of Wu.oi laog    ly
t'fureier's. 2t its premier vocalists.
tiffleeri sleeted were   President, W,M.
i ".tteti. Vancouver; v.i* president,W,
IC. Nnchtreib. Victoria; secretary, J.
K. Terry of tbe department ,,f ngn -
culture. These w.th T. W, Edwards
of Victoria and  F.  W. Laing of Rev-
elstoke, fotm the executive.—Ex
Arrivals Janu
ary llth.
Mrs. A
Mre   C   \   Darii   Rogers I
Mrs.   Vi.  Hill,   Roireis  I
ll.    1,-ecM,.,    N'elsrui
li.   Mel,end,   Fernie.
Be van, Ferule.
Jones.   Fernie.
1   '    Piatt, QMcban,
R.   SoiiUet ,   Vernon.
Lnigg,  Vancoi ter.
Morsley  and   wife,   Armstrong.
.f    Scott,   Kamloops,
P   Ooy,   Vancouver.
B.  c.  Prntr, Gletoban,
porence J.iadon, Nakusp.
fl. Jordon, Nakn p
F.   Siitherlnml,   Nakusp
v.'. u. Doty, Vancouver.
0,  P.   Young ainl  wife,  Rogers Puss
I have l'rfi Tonla of Green
Bird Wood for s;i
$3.50 per Cord
on 'he cars
■'ar.-*. P. 0.
lu the Matter ol an Application
for the issuo of a Duplicate Certificate of Titlo to all minerals p.et. -
ious und huso (Save coul and pio-
L oleum) under Lots b'i2b "New
York" Mineral Claim, 522G ' Boston"
Mineral (Halm, 5227 "Chicago'' Mineral Claim, J328 "Montreal" Mineral Cluim, 03211 "San Francisco" Mill
oral claim, 5330 "Pairview" Mineral
Claim, 5331 "Metropolitan Fraction"
Mincrul Cluim nnd 5332 "Cbicugo
Fraction" Mineral Claim, all
Croup  1,  Kootenay  District.
Notice is hereby given that .t is
my intention to issue ut tlu expiration ol one month after the lirst publication hereof a Duplicute if the
Certilicate of Title to thc above
mentioned lots iu thc name ol The
Metropolitan Cold and Silver Mining
Company Ol Lardeau, B.C., Ltd.(Noli
Personal Liability) which Oertiflcate
la dated  thc 30th duy  of July,   Uuti,
at io:2o u.ui. und numbered 5.122A.
Nelson, B. C, sth January,  1913.
1st iisue J.20 District Registrar.
In the Mntter of an Application for
the issue .if a Duplicate Oertiflcate of
Title to Lots • and 9, Block I, Town
nf Arrowhead, being part of District
Lot 3X4, Croup  1, Map 631.
Notice is hereby given that it iB
mv intention to issue at toe expiration of one month after the first publication hereof a Duplicate of the
I'ertiHcate of Title to the above men-
Monsd lots in the name of Barney L.
I'lumton, which Certlllcnto is dated
the Kith dny of January, IMS, ut
'i .in a.m..  and  numbered  LOO70A,
NeUnii, ii.c,, sth January,  19U.
1st Ise.  Jan  17       District  Registrar.
Shilohfo Gure
q,, ,l.lv   %l»|t*l 1 nudha,   mrri  cold*,   hr.lt
th. Ihroat pud luaitB.       •   •   •       2.1 ccaU
Mnl tt
after date application will be tn 1 te
*,, the Bttpsi *■*'* :• nt >,f l'i ovinolal
Police fnr the. tr.tnefer of lhe ,.
f .r the sale <,f litpior by retail In ninl
lipOO the premised knowii as the
City Hotel,  nit.uateil  at      Itevelstoke.
in the province ol Brit.i-di Ooiomhfai,
Irom Robert Caley to John Oaley "f
Fie vel stoke,
I ItdltEriT   t'ALEY.
J.20 1st iss. Holds! of Licenso.
Now Hold the Fort
in Kevelstoke
A large variety of Dainty
Boxes   in   half-pound*  11111'-
pounditWO imtinil and thrt'L'-
pound sizes
The Finest in the Lnnd
and  Canadian   cTVlade
40 yours experience
Gourlay Pianos Gourlay Angelus Players
High Priced, But Worth the Price
Conic anil let iis play one of the master pieces (or  you' iinil'iiiilgc
for yourselves.
Try our noted Violins, Mandolins, Guitars, Banjos and Accordeone
or snj other Instrument,
We un* sole agents for lbe Century Edition Bt IOc,
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Have Been Used With Success
Four generations have improved them until they have no
Keep your horses, cattle anil other stuck insured by having on hand a supply of l'ottie's Remedies.
Sold in Revelstoke by ARMSTRONG & CO
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
To the People ol Revelstok eDistrict
Win upend lieedleu dollar! on (ml lulls this winter, when
lor a ninll Investment In .1 luw STORM WINDOWS and u
dooi "i two you can gave nt lmst so per cent ol yonr
presenl < ntlny in fnel? Maybe you have never considered
tins.   Think it over and you wll be convinced.
11 vou Invest uow in a lew s onu windows and tloors
you will SAVI! THEIR COST long belore the arrival ol
's*'iinv;. Ask those who know aud gel youi order in now.
If you are contemplating building a House, Store or
Business Block lu the Spring, fr adding mi addition to
the House, now is the ti tne to talk it over. Come to n-
uiilt your plans mul let iis figure itout lor you. Vou will
profit bj our wide experience and SAVE MONEY.
wt* k"<' estimates (rcely on all Uiuls pl CONSRUC-
TIONAIj WORK, and yonr enquiries are solicited.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
v. i). Uox 293       GEO. l)  BHAW, Prop,       Phone No .'61
12-inch and 16-inch lengths
Furnished House on 3rd st. To Rent, $20 a Month
Apply for particulars to the undersigned
[PHONE 27ti
Office on Second Street, next to Cummings Transfer Office.
Onl) i'<" 'I produi < 11 need
apply, State ref< renct sand
i \|,t Hem ' ' lood opportunity lm , ,,| able person.
J. VV. VV. Slewait,
Managing Din dor,
The Monarch Life
Assurance Co'y.
('iiiiiiiiniii, itiona confidential,
For Your Seeds
Ornamentals & Fruits
Henry Seed and Nurseries
Wa Iiave the finest s'.oeli on tlie
Coast. I,ust year, my first year
in the business, was badly handicapped; owinu to tlie want oi
stock, liut not so this venr. St ml
ns M.ttr orders and we will give
you satisfaction. Bee our new
catalogue, it is tree to youi
A. R. Macdougall, Proprietor WEl'iNRSDAY, JAN. 2*ltli, 1112.
WEDNESDAY, JAN. :Mtu, 1312.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -  $8,000,000
With its lar-^e number of brunches, agents and correspondent*) The
Canadian Hank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any oilier foreign currency,
can be negotiated at Tlie Canadian Hank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Record of Progress for Five Years- 1906-1911
1906 l'»ll
Capital        ....        * 3,000,000 * *4,oili),()0()
Reserve 3,000 000 4,10),000
Deposits      ....        23,677,730 86,042,811
Loans and Investments         -      27.457,090 38,854,801
Total Assets        -      -      -        33,090,192 48,237,284
Has 83 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Corrospondenta In all
the i'i in ni imi Cltiea In the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrsnt rate.
Revelstoko Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors AnlhSeptic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoo Rapalrers,
Harness Makers
Smokers' Supplies for Xmas
The old reliable now lms the largest and hesi line of Smokers'
Supplies ever in the City, antl our prices lire right, Fifty brands
ff dgan to choose from. Trice [rom $1 .toper liox up; not made
Irsin scrap either.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
Our siock   el   Calabash   Pipes  is  small  on  account  ol  the
crop being a (allure tins year and quality poor.
Briar Pipes in cases from $1.00 up.
Ask for the famous 11. B. B. brand. Every pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Cases ami Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Trays anil Pipe Racks. Tell us what you want alld we will
suit you. If you cannot call, phone 37 ami Roods will he sent to
your home tor approval.    Buy early while stock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows him, he will
tell yuu that the whiskeys we are
selling are the best. Call and be
convinced, No household should
be without a supply of our Harvey's Special Scotch Whlskeyi our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guarante-ad
:in veins old or Blaokberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold by all
thc leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers ar tl Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Our Livery is equipped with the best horses and
rigs. We also deliver express and baggage to any
part of the city-  Heavy and light teaming a specialty
F. McCarty, Proprietor
Phone 201
Timber licenses
Victoria, .Inn. 19—Tho executive ol
llu* Provincial Conservative Association waited un tho government this
morning and presented the resolu -
tions pas80d ut the New Westminster
convention,   The  premier promised to
cunaiiier nil favorably,
Tin-    resolution favoring a confer -
once  with  the  Dominion  government,
with the view ul appointing a    commission to inquire into the udvisabil
ity  ol establishing  government    tele.
I phones he considered a wise oue, and
I promised to net upon it.
I   The visitors were afterward! entertained by the Premier to luncheon ln
the Legislative grill,
A deputation from the municipality
ol Poinl Grey, consisting of Hccvo
Harvey, Oounolllor Allen nml Mr, B.
A. t'linlitlc, arrived hero tonight and
tomorrow will interview the government lor the purpose ot recommend -
Ing Bome changes in the Municipal
Act, such uh would give the municipalities power to establish motor bus
services, and uIho enlarge their power in dealing with electric tramways
They hnve an appointment to meet
the government tomorrow morning.
Among thc changes in the band
Act, proposed hy Mr. Ross' new bill
Is thc appointment of a Provincial
Forestry Hoard, with a Chief Forest
er and other otllcialR. m
It enacts a drastic change in the
method of taking out timher licenses
for nny areas that may possibly bo
opened up in future. It provides that
these licenses mtiBt be tendered for
on thc Ontario plan. That is, that
they will be issued by tender. The
royulties will remain thc same, hut
the tenderer who offers the largest
bonus per thousand fc;t ol timber to
bc cut will he given the license, or if
the minister so decides thc bonus
may lie lor a lump sum on the whole
limit. ThiB does not allect land under license at the present time.
Thc low enacts rigid restrictions ou
railways for the prevention of Ure
and also on loggers. It compels thc
latter to clear up debris uround their
engines and along thc roads.
Thc only provision contained for
hand loggers' licenses is that the Min
ister of Lnmls may issue them ut his
discretion in districts whero no injury to crown lands or other proper
ty is likely to result. Except to Indians, these licenses can only be is -
sued to voters on provincial lists.
Penalties for the inlrlngcmcnt of
the act are made more severe.
Royalties in future will be changed
according to the grade of the lumber
cut from the timher, the grades being
divided into number 1, 2 nnd 8. These
royalties will show a material increase over old rates.
Alderman Williamson and Mr. Walter Leek have been appointed police
commissioners for Vancouver. License
commissioners not yet appointed.
the jail is again quarantined.
Kenneth MiicDuniild of KamlOopiia
the present, mniillpox patient.. He wns
recently Bent here to relieve uver-
orow-dlng Bt Kamloops antl hud not
been vaccinated until a lew days ago
The case is not sovcro,
Must Bs Incorporated
|    Ottawa,     Jan.  1«—Race meets held
hy associations that do not boiiBt Incorporation hy acts ol parliament are
to lie no more.
The  MinlBter  of   Justice  will  bring
* In a hill to amend the criminal code
1 making the holding ol such meets Illegal.   A  racing     association ncrcnl-
, icr will have to get its authority hy
an act of the federal as well i.s provincial loglBlature, Instead of merely
Obtaining letters patent.
Tbe object of the amendment is to
lessen the number of gambling irects.
One IWO ur (uiu seat l'oril Utiti.ibout,
Motor and chassis ill lirst class order,
leather upholstery almost us guutl as
new. Wauls possibly $ll'll spent on it
lur new* water cooler nml a   tyre   or  two
then the machine would be aa good as
new. Will take $200 cash tor it here,
with  lamps, pumps and lubricating oil.
If you want a machine ilun't miss lilts
snap.    Address
H. li. DREW,
Camborne, B. C.
Two Eminent Endorsements
Robert Mclntyre, the noted lecturer—"I have been at thc Chautauqua
at Devil's Lake. N.D., two days nnd
nights with the Dixie Jubilee Singers
and have enjoyed their singing immensely. They are u fine company of
artists. Their deportment both on
and off the platform is worthy of
commendation.   I  recommend  them.
Bishop McCabc—I have heard the
Jubilee Singers with the greatest
pleasure. At the Colfax, Iowa, Assembly they were greeted with great
enthusiasm whenever they appeared
on the platform. No one will be disappointed who engages them for a
Port Mnnn iiowb.—As tho time for
the sale of lots ln the C.N.R. town-
site at Port Mann draws near much
interest is being manifested In this
wcBtcrn terminiiB. One and a half
million dollnrs have been Invested
there during the pnst threo weeks,
and realty values aro advancing
slendily. Bee J. 13. Watson Reality
Co.'s ad for snaps ln Port Mann lots
m   <■>
OU Fallacy Thnt Drunkenness Cunnot
Be Cured Exploded.
Many men drink whu desire to stop
the habit. Whisky, however, has un
dermtned the constitution ainl creatoe
.i craving that is not to be denied,
antl the man must have whisky in
lomelhtng thnt will remove the cruv*
lug und build up the system und ro-
Btors  the  nerves.
Samaria Prescription stops lhe craving, steadies the nerves, builds up ihi
. neral health and makes drink actually distasteful antl nauseous, li h
tasteless and odorleas, and ean be given with or without the pntlent'l
Knowledge, ln lea, coffee or food, it
Is used regu'erly by Physicians and
Hospitals. It has cured thousands In
Canada, and restored happiness to
hundreds of homes.
Read   what   Mrs.   O. ,   of   Hull,
says of lt and what tt did for her-
"II la four months to-day since* I
started to une your Kemedy I folluw.
■ e. th« directions, and had 'he bosl of
results. One week after I started using your Remedy the patient slopped
di Inking, and has not drunk a glaav
of liquor since. I hope you will accept
my heartfelt thanks. Hoping God will
bless your Kemedy whenever tried, I
remain. a
Mrs.  O . null.  Que.
(Name  withheld   by  request.)
Now, If there Is anyone In your
town who needs this Kemedy, tell
them of It Practical philanthropy
can take no better form. If you have
a husband, father, brother or friend
who drinks, help them help them-
•elves.     Write  to-dny.
A FREE TRIM. PACKAGE of Samaria, with Booklet giving full particulars, directions, testimonials,
price, etc., will bc sent In a plain sealed package to anyone mentioning this
-.*'.ar CorreaDondence sae.redtv poti-
confldentinl. Write today. The 8a-
murln Remedy Co., Dept. 46-49, Col-
borne street, Toronto, Canada. Also
for sale by C. R. Maedonald, Druggist, Revelstoke, B. 0.
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALL1CANO, 2i.d Street, Near Railroad Track
lhe Bible
London, Jan. 20.—Educational authorities arc again at wordy warfare
over the religious instruction of Brit
ish youths. Although thc subject
has been worn almost threadbare,
some novelty was imported into tho
discussion at a conference at Sherborne, attended by fifty presidents of
British schools for the wealthy
Many of these highbrows opened
their eyes when in introducing the
subject of bible teaching in schools
the Rev. Lionel Ford argued that thc
bible ls not a suitable book to put
Into thc bands ol hoys. His i. rum -
mendntiou amounted to a plea for a
bowderized bible, and It wbb announc
ed that a text book, called the
schools bible, had been prepared for
tbe use of young Btudents, in which
"Certain alterations in the text" had
lieen made. Mr, Ford's suggestion
was unanimously rejected, however,
all agreeing in thinking it "no harm
that a noy should know there were
some   things   he   could not     under-
Smallpox in Jail
Nelson, Jan. 20—Dr. Smttz of Victoria, who was sent in by thc Provincial government to investigate thc
outbreak of smallpox nt the Vnnrol
mine, near Silvcrton, lelt on Wednes
day, having lilted the quarantine at
the mine and leaving Pruvinclnl Con
stable Moore of Nelson to complete
the ftimlpating process ol the build -
The cases vterc very light and nro
supposed to have originated through
the receipt of a letter Mnl to one of
the BHners from prince Edward Island,  where  theie «eh* some MM,
A  case  of  smallpox  has  been   dis
covered     here     among the thirty su
priieatn received irom the coast uutl
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliablt French regulator; never fails. Thesd
pill!) are exceedingly powerful fn regulating tha
generative portion of the female tystem. Kefusa
all cheap Imitations. Dr. d* Yan's are sold al
,!> n 1> i\, or three for 110. Mailed to any address.
Tha Bcobell Drug Co., Ht. Catharines, Ont.
fc.   Q.    BURRIDGE
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelatoke
HKLKIRK      LODCIM  12,   1.  O.  O. F.
Meeta every    Thursday evening   ln
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock.     Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
J.  8. HOOLEY, N. Q.
 JAB. MATHim,  Secretary.	
COURT     HT.     BEQBIH,   No. »161.
OF I. 0. F.
Meets in I. a O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera Houee every second
and fourth Monday in month.  Visiting brethren cordially welcomed,
ti. W. BELL, O. 11.
WM.  S. CAMBRON, Rec.-Sec.
. . It Might Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural not medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on tlie t'ontirent. Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenerj of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously titted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
O. W. O. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 22*.
Meets Second   and     Fourth Wednee
days    in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Coa. Com.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K. of    P.,
NO.  26,  REVELSTOKE,  B.  0.
Meets every  Wednesday  except   the
Third Wednesday of eaoh month     in
Oddfellows' Hall at i o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially Invited.
J. Y. SIMPSON, O. 0.
Q. H. BROOK, K. of R. * B.
U. of F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held In MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each montb
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren art
cordially  welcome.
W. B. ROBERTSON. Secretary.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Revelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revelstoke,   B.   0„    and
Cranbrook, B. 0.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke, Craubrook
From Jan. 2nd
All Prices Reduced.
Ladies'    Tailoring   Our
Fit Guaranteed
Opposite Central  Hotel
^■^'■jT^I!    -V"
Packed in
bO •!   a pound
In commemoration ot lhc coronation ol
KinB (IcotKe V," KidRwavn•• have puloil Ihe
martft a MWiatlon tin ol a mmi |.ictur«n.;e
andmqulslie dc»li;n, l-earlni! excellentI'omaitt
ol Wile* Special Mnelx have been desicnr-1
r'p.eKnlinlT.inada, India, Africa, Au.lralia
anl New m il ■    ' . .   .
Only a llfiiiied number h.ive been Impoited.
l'lice «Oc. lor one pnun'l tint,
At lle.l Hiop".
Revelstoke Lund District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice  tlml   I,  Ralph Parker,
ol Revelstoke, B. C, occupation hotel
clerk, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following     described
. land.
Commencing at a post planted near
|H.  Ileflron's south-west corner, being
the noutli west  poiut ol  Ralph Par-
ker'x     land,    thence east 40 ehuins,
thence north  '20 chains,  thence west
] 40    i-lininii,     tbence soutb 20 chains,
along lake shore to point ol
DMDMBUDt,   Containing  forty
more or less.
Dated  this  28th  day  of November,
Dec.2, Per W.F. Ogilive,  Agent,
Provincial Land  Buveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant-Short Order
W. C. BATCHELOR.       -       -^Manager.
Strictly  Fir st Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props. ;
Enlarged  and Improved.    FirBt-Class in every respect.    All modern conveniencel
Large Sample Koums.
Rates $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
W.     H.     WALLACE
P. 0. Box 146, Revelstoke, B.O.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P. D. Box 31, Revelstoke
Late Polisher of Howson's
Furniture Store
Repolishes.   Makes Old Furniture
Estimates Freely Given.
Drop Card in Post Office
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
Telephone House No. 07
Telephone Camp No. 21b
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
X.    ALBERT     ST03STE      PEOP.
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly siul monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals (or >* UU
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
, . . Minteov Ibotel "Restaurant . . ,
European I>um
fl&ontblv? JSoarfc
Open B>ag aiifc VU-flbt
flfccal Delicts, $0.00
Xauobton & Gapping, props, from strcc*
Satisfaction  guaranteed
Agent  for   Flexitime   Electric
Heflidence I'm'. 3rd St. nnd Knlwonave
Shop in Alley back ol B. J. Huurne's
Store. Pint Street
ARKijWHKAll, B. 0.
Special Attention giren to commercial
men and tourixta. Kirat-claa* aainple
roomn. Kinettt wenery in British Columbia, overlookiiiK Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Fruit Lands
(.ialena Hay lands in parcels of
10 or 20 acres or en liloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's. 	
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING,   Agent.!ph0ne42 -   Night Phone 85
|        Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty WEDNESDAY, JAN. 2411, I7H.
WEDNESDAY, .TAN, 21th, 103.2.
r-^ea-i-Mfflffli-aM ..Tjrcra^
As u rasult ot tlii' recenl good showing tbat tbe "Garden ol Bdon Birds"
mndo in tlie Revolstoke Poultry show
more nl our ranchera will hereafter
muko n specialty ol raising pure bred
birds ami in a few years tbis valley
can bo expected to make its murk in
tho prize lists at tbo various poultry
shows. The [act that this valley is
SO well watered with numerous creeks
and springs, and bus u still utmos -
phere, with very little wind, mukes
it nu attractive spot (or the poultry
man, Added to this tbe eusy acoess
tu various markets to the east ami
west Insure ,i ready sal' of nil the
eggs thut can  be produced.
Visitors to Malakwa or the Qarden
"i ivdi'ii, in oi'dei to see tor tbemBel
ves tbe beaut) ol tbe valley and tbe
greal advantages n offers to the ino
ve fiint grower shoid.i arrange
to renin.I, over a couple of duys, so
as lo give themselves time tu take
lu   the   major   portion   of   tne   valley.
A hurried visit is unsatisfactory ut
an] time, and especially bare where
tne really oust truit growing sue -
tions are Bome little distance trout
Malakwa biatiou. At the Gulden ot
Eden the visitor can see land ready
tor cultivation after light cleaning
bus beeu done, thut will produce the
best   of      liny,   grain,   vegetables      uf
phenomenal growths, strawberries,
large and lucious, and all kinds of
both large and small fruits. Tohuccu
can also be grown with prolusion ut
the Garden uf Eden, which fact is
enough to worrnnt tbo statement
tbat it is n fruit valley, (or when
tobacco plants will thrive, fruit treeB
will  also  prosper.
Auotber attractive feature ahout
tbe Gurden of Edeu is that as yet
laud values ure normal owing io the
fact that Huh fair valley bus never
been boomed. You can buy ideul
fruit land nl tbc Garden of Eden ut
considerably cheaper pries than al
uny other equally good trail section
in R. c.
lt is with pleasure we sit and cast
our eyes out over tbis beautiful valley ot the Gardeti ot  Eden these suit
■ '■A'-'m  ■
,• •■•'  '".^/vC-fl.
.', ''■:   mm*}
Situated at MALAKWA. B. C.
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,   and   Extending  between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
CUirirtar nf £nil   Bench   Lands,   Ciay    Loam   and  Vegetable
Ulldl ClWtfl   Ul   OUII    Mould, while on  Lower  Lands  Black Loam
Nn Irrisiatinn   Posit'vely no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
nU II MydIIUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for  Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables,
Moderate Clim3te   Zero is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HEKALD Each Week
balmy   day.:   and   wonder   what   Bome
of our neighbors to the oast ot us
would giu' for one day of this weather ol ours. Holt and still, so still
a lighted candle could ho carried in
the o, ,11 an tor any diutuueo without Hie lear ot itB being blown out.
Willi fuel und building material in
unlimited Quantities, lioo lor tho
gathering, pure sparkling waler rush
ing by the very doors, go to innliu
this 11 garden of Kdou even in mid -
Winter,   and Willi the   bountiful   fall ot
moisture to stimulate iho confidence
and encourage ibe planting   ol   thu
laud llle Cuming spring, that it may
bloom and  become more and more bu
fittingly called the Garden ot Bden
valley, Every day wo get uuwb of
llie Coming of Hlrangers, home Buck -
ers that are preparing to Inspect our
fair vnlley with the view oi making
a liome wiln ub and enjoying tbe
bb'Bsings of a pure nnd healthful
cliinate and  a  rich productive Bull.
Mr, Campbell, homestead ins, ctor
has been touring the vnlley ot tbe
Garden of Eden lur the pust two
Tho teachers employment agency
bus been doing a rushing business ot
J,   11.     Johnson     paid  a   visit      lo
Cralgellachle  Sunduy.
The dunce al the hull in Malakwa,
on the 13th inst, came oil on schedule tune aud was enjoyed by about
thirty   people.
J. Allen shipped a bunch of furs tu
Calgary a few days ago receiving us
high as $15 for one tine martin. Jack
is there when it eomcB tu     bundling
Mr, tl. W. Hall is reported a littlu
under the weather theso days, we
trust it  is  nothing Btftious.
Miss Lena Sonicrvilh', who has
been teaching near the coast, is visit
ing with her parents Mr. and Mt'B. 11.
K.   Somerville,   the  past   week.
Tlie Landing of Columbus
William Robertson, in     "Tho   ' is
tory  of      .America,"      describing  tn
tresses  un   their  heads. They  had   no
I beards and every pact of their bodies
wis perfectly smooth.   Their complex
iou o,     nuiuuva,       -to .,     ion     was ot a   dusky copper color;
landing ol Columbus in the 1IU1 iv ry their features singular rather than
of America in H'i2. writes: As g ,,in disagreeable; their aspect gentle and
id the §un aio.e, nil their boats were timid. Though md tall, they were
manned and armed. They rowod to- well shaped and active Their laces
wards tbe island. with thoir colors und several parts of theil bodies were
displayed, with warlike music and fantastically painted witli glaring col
other martial pomp. Ab they up- ors. They were shy at first, through
I reached the coast they saw it cov- fear, but soon became -am liar with
ered with a multitude of people, the Spaniards and with transport re
whom the novelty of the spectacle ' cived trom them hawk bells, glass
had drawn together, whose attitudes beads, or othor baubles; in return for
nr.,1 gestures expressed wonder and as which they gave such provisions as
tomshment at the strange objects they hud, and sum,* cotton yarn —
which presented themselves to their the ouly commodity ot value which
view. j tbey could  produce.
Columbus waB the flrst European Towards evening Columbus t
who s?t toot on the new world which ed to his ship, accompanied by many
be had discovered. He lanled in a of the islanders iu tneil boats, whl'li
rich dress and with a naked sword they called canoes; and though i ude-
In his hand. His men folloWid, and, , ly formed out of the trunk of a Bin-
kneeling down, they all kissed th? g'.e tree, they rowed them with sur-
ground which tbey had bo long de- prising dexterity.—Ex.
Sired to -e?. Tney next erected a i
crucifix, and prostrating themselves
before .t, returned thanks to Cod tor
conducting their voyage to euch a
happy issue. They then took solemn
possession of the country    for     the
daring that the dumping ot
provisions should be strengthened ^
being made applicable to ■■'■■ amides
Imported     from     foreign   count
which are ln\ I al  I   -  than cost
of production.
To work in unison with assoc
la ■*." trade Inan att impi I
ond 1 tions ol  industry  was  dete,--
li, i. .!.
Officers;     President,     Otto    ,
nuind. Arrowhead; vice president, F
v:. Adolph, Baynes, B.C . - retary-
urer an 1 manager, William A.
' algary; executive, h.w. 9 .t.
y, r. Chase, B.C ;E.B. H we, .!.:"
B. C; A. B Watts. Wattsburg; W.
MarkDecew,  Paulson, B.C.—Ex.
lumbermen Meet
Nelson, U. C, Jan. 2'*—The M
tain Lumber Manufacturers' ., - 1
yu=»»-...u.. „. *_*  , .... .... ^ion at its annual conve.i.'i yea-
Crown o! Castile and Iyeon, with all t.rday urged the Domiuion govern-
the formalities which the Portuguese neat to revise the tariff ui>wur.. for
were accustom*d to    observe in acts  further protection of  Umber,  mining
and Iruit growing Industri
Columbia.   That mouutnii  mu.
. this kind in their new diecoverte
The  Spanlar-d-.   wh:!e  thus  employ
1 ur    .-sj* luuu *,.-.     -Runt    v..*..--    ,.u.,*>-.
fl. w,>re aurrounded  ty many ol the   cannot  operate     without   I J-
■.  :.  la irivpii again.it.  Am,*
imping of low grade  lumbei on the
■ .'.'■•?.  who  gaze I in    lleni      ;.u..   **
poo  actions  wbich  they  could ..
hot  compre ration made
i!..i not see the consequences,      Th- ong tesolutlon pas    . ul  • enve'.-
dress of tbe Spaniards, the wi. tene ?.
r.f their     skins,     theit    ear    , their'    I   mbei   men
arms,  appeared strange and .- irpris- * ig provincial
The     vatt    • achlnes in which ; that the
they traversed  thi      Ban, that see e of p             ■••.". r-ih.p.
i-   to move und 1  th       t-r-     with 1 Inability of compan'oi  1 ■    nifel
ngt            tten               If the growing requirements *<f tli
resembling       thunder,     accompanied try.
with   lightning   ind Vnothei  resolution aika lbs provln-
witl           terror that tbey be ernment to take further ,,fpps
g ,n to rei                  new guesta c.s e to minimize the loss from I ,r."it flres
I iperior order oi  beings, ,ind condud The   railways  nre  asked   to      make
■ : that they  were children of the sun immediate  provision   to  relieve      the
who had desci...; ,1 to visit the r,*,rth. car   shortage  which  la  tying   i[i    t.iif
The Europeans     were hardly     less grain  shipments  In  th*-  prairie    pro
mazed      at      the    scene  now  before Vinces,
them.      Every herb     and shrub and Condemnation of heavily aub IJI»< 1
tree     was    nifterent Irom  those that railroads  which  accept,  money  of  the
flourished  in Europe.   Tho soil s°f*m people of Canada nnd  1 itrchase lamed to be eich,  but bore few marks of ber and  other suiiplies in  t.he  l'i, ted
M,iltivntinn.     Tbe climnte,     even    to States Is made in a resolution which
the Spaniards, felt warm, though ex- demands that companies    shall bui*-
tremely   delightful.      The   inhnMtnntx Port home Industries,
appeared in the simple Innocence     ot Strong opponition was expreSflOl to
nature,   entirely   naked.    Their   Mack the reported  proposal   to aboltM  the
hair  long  and   uncurled,     floated    on dumping clause  in  tne  Canadian CUB
-theii shoulders, or wm    bound    in u>ms act ot 1907, the owocWt'on ds-
British Football
game of the Intel
lyed   1- • ■     Mi
s nil.
keen interest
was no score  ,1,  the first hnll.
lesperata c"   1
■      • '   the
lh   back   line   was    Inmlnei
1 ither Rugl *   icores
■ ■-■'   *
•   .     ■ Dm   ■
\ t. er i'h
I.l vei
M inchesl
M  Idleehorough    I.
Irf,   1.
'■ *'     '
Notts County,   I; Blackburn I'*
Oldham   Uhletii .   :   Bolton  R
ITS,   I.
Preston  North  End.   I;  Bui
.'Ii,*iiim! i  1 u,i, d Bradford Citj   posl
1 honed.
Tottenham  Hotspur, n,
Durnstey Olossop postponed.
Dardfoi d Rlaokpool,   poatpo
Burnley, 8; Hull City, I,
lirby County-Birmingham,  postpon
Ilulliiim,  :i;   Wudd<T«b,*ld  Town,   I.
'    1.aiiisboroiigh   Trinity,   2:     (Irimsby
Town, 3.
I.i Bt Is,   n;   Clapton  Orient,  2.
Leicester  Fosse Nottingham  Forest
,    tp 'iicd.
Stockport  County,  i;  Bristol 0.
Wolverhampton  Wanderers,  l; Chelsea, 1.
Bl     ton   nn!   Hove  Albion.   4;     Ley
trj    Cay.    1.
Northampton, 1; Norwich City, 0.
Swtngdown Town,  2;  Crystal Pal -
Brtsl Southamnton, 0.
-'   Ham   l':,.te*i.   J;   Plymouth  Ar
tic, 8;  Reading, 0.
rs,l; Watford,  1
Brentford,  '.    '.■■;•.  Brompton, 1.
Exeter City, 2
Mhletic.   II.
Th stie. ■■
M n.n.   1;   ('..'tic,   1,
Lanark,  u.
Dundee, ol
Falkirk, 0.
Hamilton   tcadem
Hearts Qrenock
Fresh Milk For Sale
," v
91,      Revelstoke
make ,'i c i<
:   I   ■ ;•*,' ter
loo.n. .   I
•    cb,lli«H
i make *
■pei i ,,'    if ■ mt ;
Blnnket*                 ■ *"ig
required in  oui  * aa.
SMkhs Gure
fttit Idv alopa bos«iSi   »'"■'"• cobi*.. h»n|.
(ba tkrool nail linnl-i.       ...       «!0 cant.
Itevelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenuy.
Take notice thut 1, llurrows Henry
ltothwell ot Nukusp, lj. C, occupation gentleman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the lollowing
described lunds:
Commencing at u post planted 10
chains south of tbe Nurth eust Corner ul T. Lt. il'2i-l, theuce suuth 40
Chains, tbence eust ubout 20 cbuins,
tu Arrow Lukes, tbence north aloug
Lake ubout MJ Chains, tbence wesl
about 2 chains to point ol commence
incut, containing about IOU ucres,
more or less.
Dated December 29th,  1911.
Burrows   Henry   Rothwell,
Edward Kusscll  Vipond,  Agent.
Jan,  6th  lust   issue.
. toke Land District.
District ot West Kootenuy.
Tuke notice that 1 Horatio Lcvcrue
Rothwell ol Nakusp, B, C, occupation bank manager, int, mis to apply lor permission to purchuse tue
following   described   lands:
i    mmencing  at a   Posl  planted  120
chains soutb of the North-east Oorner "f T.   L.   11271.      thenee  suuth    80
heiiee  e,,-t.  about   110   cbaiiiB,
*   \ir,,w   Lake,   thenee   north     along
Lake   ,    m|    *"   chains,   tbence      west
20 i bains to point ol     com -
containing   about   2110
or less.
".'Hi,    I'lll.
Horatio Leverene Rothwell.
Bdward Russell Vlpond, Agent.
fan, Sth
LIQ1 OR act,  l'JIO.
rtotii"  Is  hereby  given   that  thirty
■lays afti 1   date application  will    bo
to tii« Superintendent ol    Pro
Police f"i   tbe tansfer of tbe
foi   iln*  sab' of  liquor  by  it
1   ipon ti„* premises known
I   tin Hotel situated  at  Allow
11 "1    1,   I'll   Columbia,   li"in     John
1 1   Caley   of   Ai lowliead
D ited tbis Bth day ot January 1112
ian 10 iai issue      1L.1,in of Lloenae
Take    *■ 1 a tbat the annual genei
„i meeting ol the Hevelstoke Agricultural      Society      will   bo  held   In   the
citv iiuii. January irth, i'*'i2, at 8
o'clock   ,n   the  evening.
i'.i otion of    oflloeri  and    general
bus ness.
Coal mining rights ol the Dominion
iu .Man, 1 oi,,i, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, lho
North-west Territories uud ln a portion ot the Province of British Columbia, muy be leased lor a term ol
twenty-one years ut an annual rental ol $1 an acre. Not more than
2,bi,t) ucres  will   be leased   lo  uuc up-
! plicant.
Application for leuso must  bc made
; by tbc applicant in person to tbe
Agent or     Bub-Agent of the district
|In wbich tbe rights upplied fur ure
lu surveyed territory tho lund must
bo described by sectiuus, or legal
sub-divisions ot sections, und in un-
Biirveyed  territory   tbo  tract  upplied
: lor shall be Btukcd out by tbc up -
plicant  himself.
I Kach applicant must be accompanied by a lee ol $5 which will he refunded it thu rights applied lor ure
not uvuilablo, but nut otherwise. A
ruyalty shall bc paid ou the merchantable output of the mine ut the
rate of live centB per ton.
i The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity      ol
I merchantable coal mined ami pay the
j royalty thereon. It the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished ut least
once .i year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, hut tho lesseo may
be pi mil ted lii purchase whatever
available surface rights may bo considered necessary for tho working ol
the mine at tbe rule ut $10.00 un
For full information application
Bhould be made to the Secretary ot
the Department Ol the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of  Dominion   Lauds.
W,  W.  COHY,
Deputy   Minister of the Interior.
nii    Unauthorised  publication    of
this advertisement will not be pnid
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol'   " "" a»aryaanri In lha body
 ! b, it! t*i',per taniioni rettoraa
.lm mei vitality, Prematura decay and f'l isxaa]
wraktiff.f aveilfl nt on'e. Fhoaphonol w:,l
make you a nr*. nmn. rrlce UaboB.ortWG ''i
iti. Mallea to an? tdate.. llieSoobelJDiuf
''<•».. Nt. i ml,iv in,   . Out.
Sold at Macdoaaid'a Drug Btore.
Revelstoke  Laud  District.
District ol  \vest Kootenay.
Take notice llmt 1, ll, licilruu, ot
Arrowhead, B. C, occupation Lineman, intend tu apply lor permission
to purcbase the following described
Commeuciug    at    u    post    planted
ubout the uoulli  wesl  coiner ot Alex.
.1.  IticDoiicil s     application lo     purcbase,  theuce north bu chuius,  tbence
west    iu    chains,    theuce    south    80
chains,   tbence east 40  chaius    ulong
lake shore to point ot eummeuccmcui .
containing 220 ucres moro ur less.
H. HEKb'ltON,
I'er W.F. Ogilive, Agent
Dated tbis 2stb duy ut Nuvomber,
1911, tirst issueDoci.
Uevelstoko Luud District.
District oi  West Kouteuuy.
Tako notico that I, Alex. J. McDonell, ul llevelstuke, B.C., occupation llot.il Proprietor, intend to apply for permission io purohaso tbo
lollowiug   described lauds.
i on,in, m in,: ut u post planted near
the uorth wesl post of Lot 7'JO2, eust
of c.i|ie Horn, near tbu h.iihu west
corner of T, L. tun, tbence north
,'.u cbains, theuce west 80 cbuins,
thenoe south 80 cbuins, tbence eust
.mi cbuins, along luke shore to point
ol commencement, coutuiuing till)
acres more or less.
P« W.F, Ogilive, Agent
Dated this 28th day ol November,
l'.Ul. lirst issue Dec. 2nd.
itcvelstukc  Luud District.
District of West Kootenuy.
Tuke notico thut I, Hurry 1.
Landry ol ltosslund, B. C, occupa -
tion, mining, intends to upply for permission to purchuse the fulluwing described lands:
Commencing ut a post planted
about 40 chains west ot tho Southwest Corner of Lot 8118, thence north
40 chains, thence west 80 chains,
theuce south 40 chains, thenco eust
80 cbains to point ot commencement,
containing 320 ucres moro or lesB.
Dnted  December, 9th, 1911.
1st Is. Jaa.6    Per D. Fisher, Agent.
Bhikhh Cure
uniBklr stops coughs, cnrcn cokla, licols
thc   Uironi and   lungs. -   •   -   US cents.
\ WEDNESDAY, JAN. 2*ltli,  1312,
WEDNESDAY, Ja.N. 21th, 1912.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- /fume * Co.. -Untiled
See the New Cash Carrier
< *
' *.
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Groceries and Crockery Department
A large shipment of N'aval Oranges, Jap
Oranges, Lemons and Bananas arriving this
week. The Stock is in the best of condition
this time of year and lhe priees are lower than
in the early season. Nuts and Table Raisins
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high food value and are a very healthful dish
this time oi the vear.
We still have a few boxes of the best
grade of apples in stock Wagner, Jonathan
Northern Spy, and a few other varieties—and
we guarantee thc quality of every box. Hotels and restaurants will make no mistake in
buving our cooking apples at $1.75 per box.
Lay in a stock now, as they are sure lo be
higher in the latter part of thc winter. Our
table apples arc all wrapped to insure their
Crockery and Glassware
Stock-taking is now on, and wc are making a big push on all lines of Crcckery and
Glassware. We will make it worth your while
to buy these articles from us. All are new-
patterns, new designs and the latest make.
Cups and Saucers, Dinner Sets, Tea Sets,
Jugs, Vases, Fancy Trays, Water Sets, Mugs,
Water Pitchers and Jardiniers,
Big Discount off Any Article lliis Month
Syrups   Syrups
Have vou tried any of our McNally's Pure
Maple Syrup. If you have not; why not?
We guarantee this Syrup pure and appetizing,
made from the sap of the good old maple
trees in the forests of New Brunswick, there is
nothing on the market to compete with it. Put
up in quart bottles at 50c. and 1 -Gallon cans
at $2.25 each. When ymi try it you will use
no other.
Bovril!    Bovril!
Winter weather is Bovril weather ! You
will eat well, sleep well and look well if you
drink a little hot Bovril each day this cold
weather. One bottle will last you and family
a long time. It is nourishing and helpful to
vour system. Put up ia 2 o ., 4 OZ,, 12 Oi,
and 16 OZ,  bottles.
Canned Vegetables
'I his is tlie season of the year for Canned
Vegetables. If you cat more vegetables you
will feel the better for it. Our tanned Peas,
Coin, Beans, Tomatoes ar.d Pumpkins are the
best brand on the market. Green gi ods and
dry vegetables are scarce and high in price,
while ihe canned geeds arc just as gocd and
very much cheaper.
See our display* of French Pees,
c7Wushrooms end c/"ParE§res in glass
bottles, Beets, c/4sparagras and Succotash in cans.
Bargains in Soap
On Monday and Tuesday, January 22
and 2,',, arc Soap Days with us as well as with
Cucumber, Olive Oil, Oatmeal and Glycerine Toilet Soaps, regular price 60c pcr
doz., at only 40c pcr doz.
Cold Cream Toilet Soap, regular price 30c
per doz., at only 20c pcr doz.
Remember, only" oMonday and Tuesday*
Mince Meat Matters
Monday and Tuesday we will put on sale
Davies' Mince Meat in packages at only 10c
a package, regular price 15c.
Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
We are clearing out all the remainder of our splendid line of Winter Overcoats. Now, just when
you need one, is the time to investigate these prices. It will pay you. Every coat bears the famous 20th Century Brand Label, and is up to their high standard of quality and workmanship-
$15.00 Value
A line of coats that we were
justly proud of at the regular
price. Cut in thc latest fashion
with easy, pleasing lines, they
come in black or grey cloths
with velvet collar, either in 4s
or 50 inch lengths.
Sweater Coat
All our Sweater Coats must be
cleared out by the end of the
month. To do this we are offering some exceptional bargains. Our
line consists of Hewson's and
Vancouver Knitting Co. goods.
Both standards of excellence.
Men's Pure Wool Sweater Coats
Hull] plain and lnt:li neck. All
the new patterns mul weave*.
Tbey were good values at $-l..Mi
and 95.00.
Sale Price, $3.50
Men's Sweater Coats
Medium qualitv,   Infill and   low
necks.    All ahades and pattern**-
Sale Price, $2.00
Boys' Hewson Sweater Coats
Hand   woven,     ^vcA   wearing,
Pvre Wool.
Sale Price, $1.76 Each
Boys' Sweater Coats
Medium quality. Shades ol
brown, Kra>' and green. }',*iep-
tiolml value at
$1.00 Each
$18.00 Values
Tweed Lister with wide, reversible collar. Xo extra hardware around thc neck and a
perfect lit, in high as well as
low- collar.
'• Muto" Coats, — In heavy
tweeds, full 52-in. length, collar may be used either close
fitting high or as an ordinary-
open collar.
Herring Bone Worsteds, plain
neat cut, 45-inch length, velvet collar. A neat, servicablc
coat, suitable for all occasions.
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 21th, 10)2.
[ New Year's Bargain Sale
Girls' Winter Coats
Six only Girls' Winter Coats, till this sen-
son's styles, Sizes, 8,10, 12 and 14 years
Sale Prices $4.50 to $5 Each
If you need a coat for any of the above
ages you cannot afford to overlook these.
Ladies' Tweed Costumes
1 Grey Serge Suit, Size 36,  *l(l
1 Black Serge Suit, Size 86 *10
G only Tweed Suits, Size 34, 80,  and 38.
Reg. *2o and $30.   On Sale.at  *15.B0
Furs    Furs    Furs
One onlv. Ponv Coat. Reg. (95. Sale
$70. 1 only, French Seal Set. Reg. $70.
Sale Price. 150, 1 only Astrachan Set.
Reg. US.    Sale Price, 25.
Chllds Sets—(irey'-Persian Lamb.
Ladies'   Sable   Stoles   Ladies'   Isabella
Fox. Ladies'Marmot Stoles.   I'rice ranging from 13 up,   The above are nil new.
Ladies' Dressing Gowns
Made  from   Eiderdown.     Sale  Price
Fancy Wrapperettes.     Sale Price $10
Sale Prices on all
Men's  Goods
"Men's Winter Overcoats-Sale Price, 110
Men's Youths' and Boys' Suits, odd
Trousers, House Coats, Men's Underclothing. 	
This Sale includes everything in
our Entire Stock. Come Early and
get first choice.
ty4.ll our Millinery going  at Half
Price at this Sale.
COOPER—At  RevelBtoke, B, C,   en ]
Monday,  January  16th,  1912,     to
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Cooper, ft son'
DONALDSON—On January 22nd, 1912'
to Mr. and Mrs. A, ll* Donaldson, '
a son. ____.———
Mi. A. McRae wcut tu Nelson on
Monday laet,
T. Jamleson, of Fori St. John,
13. Oi, paid n vnsit to Hevelstoke mm
a. c. Hidden, ol Vancouver, w,i>
iimoug tbc muuy coast visitors lien*
c*n Monday.
ij. vi. Johnson, ol Cranbrook, was
u guest at thcK .nj; Edward on Mon
day  laBt.
j. Bunett and wile, ol Calgarl,
were Hcvpletokc visitors the lore
part of this week.
Gait Coal heats them all, the only
domestic coal  on the  niurket.    Gait
.-oal  I'urus  all uight.
Eugene l'eake. ol Talt, ciinic in on
Tuesday o.' tiii^ week to see the
sights of the city.
li. Nenly oi lilacier, and Mi. und
Mrs. Newbigglng, of Comaplix, were
visitors iu the city last Monday.
J. A. Longc uf London, was um-
"Mg tbc long distance visitors t" pay
our fair city a visit this week.
P. U. Campbell, a resident ol Kam
loops, was among tbc many otltsld -
•rs to visit Revelstoke tbe past iew
Mr.  and  Mrs.  MitChel aud  'ji. »y, o[
imous,    left for    their    home    on
Tuco my   morning  after  having  spent
a couple of weeks in ibe city.
The young girls snowshoe club held
(i fine tramp about four miles down
iouth  last   Saturday.   About  20 mem
■ - :>emg in the party. Thc only
apparent diliiculty they encountered
was in Keeping their snowshoes on.
The Ur.ir.g'eirien of the city an Link
ing preparations for the enterl iin
ment of tbe Proviucial Grand l.odgt,
wbich meets here February -0, '21 and
22, lt is expected about 135 >' the
i-rethreu will  lx present.
Supt.   Busteed,   general   superintendent o! the C.I'.R., with headquarters
•it Vancouver,  arrived    in town     at
noon on Tuesday.   Mr.  Bust-ed .-; on
h.B     way    east     on a three months
leave  ol  n'-eence,  and w.ll  stop  over
nt Winnipeg to confer with high offl
ciali of his company.   During Ins i\b-
■^enoe in the east Supt. T.   Kilpatrick
Will   be  acting  geix-rn        |   ■     '.ndent
«t   Vancouver,   w-bile  t'liief  li -;
Cottrel! of Hevelstoke. will l* acting
lUpei Intendl I •    at   l'.ev.?!****it"Ve    :
• be absence  ..f Supt.  Kilpatrick.
Pure White Clover Honey in S Ib. Cans.   Tbis is  something you
will liud awfully nice nt ibis season of lbe yeai.
HOME-MADE JAM -In plutsand quarts, g'-iss jurs.   Tins is
absolutely pure and well put up.
SYRUPS    Pure Maple Svrup iu liotlles nr cans, wbich we guarantee to be the bi st.
MacKenzie Avenue
Vou can'l expect to
have all the comforts
ol home unless you
have one of youi own
the cn.u-1 location of
these homes we bave
for sale on Third St.
out) a short distance
from the C. P. R.
Shop- and Station.
to be independent
and not be paying
rent when you can
easily pay for a home
through our loan
January Hr-Dlxl. Jubilee Ringers.     I   Mr. aud Mrs. J. McDonald  Irft on
The management of the opera house ' Monday 0 , -ended «t  to  No-
rom the LudieB'  Aid Bale of cooking
A Bong service witl be given in tbo
Methodist church Sunday night, when
tbo hymns of Clmrles Wesley will be
.lust as we go to press comes the
sad news that Engineer M. ('■• Morris
wub accidentally killed on the C.P.R.
near (iordon Siding, on tho morning
of January 23rd.
The W.C.T.U. will hold ft ten at the
homo of Mrs. M.  J. Scott, Third St.
on Friday, February 2nd, Silver
Mr. J. W. Whliely, grand organiser
for thc Orangemen, wns tn town   on
Tueshny  ovoning   on  his  way      down
through the Kootenays,
A telegram has reached town that
it will bo Impossible for Mr. J.H.D.
Aualiind to bo iu the Methodist
church tonight in his song recital.
Tho special musical service at the
Pt'cshyterinn church lust Sunday ov-
ening attracted a large audience. Tho
sing was enjoyed by all, and Rev.
George 0, Pringlc's sermon on "Subjection to the Higher Powers" was
most helpful and Inspiring,
A  quiet  and   pretty  wedding      wns
solemnised on Monday evening, Jun-
uary 22nd, the contracting parties
being Miss Frances Milliccnt Arrold,
and John H. Walter, ol Uie <'. 11.
Hume & Co. stall. The Hev. i.'. A.
Procunier performed the wedding tor
emony in St. Peter's church. Mr.
and Mrs. Walter will reside in Hevelstoke.
Thc Royal Templars gave a social
at the home of Mrs. F. W. Laing on
Tuesday, 23rd Jauuury. tver forty
were present, and a very 011)05 able
time was spent with rains:': nud
speeches. Rev. Mr. Mclntyre emo a
most instructive ulk ou temperance,
which was greatly appreciate by his
hearers, Mr. Robson won the first
prize in the contest, aud Miss Hay-
mier carried oil thc consul if ion prize
At the next meeting of the Itcyul
Templars in the lodge hall, there will
be au initiation service.
The annual congrcgatiuuul meeting
of St. John's church will be beld on
Thursday evening next nt eight
o'clock. At the close ol the business
I uess meeting ibcrc will he a social
'gathering and refreshments will be
served. Tbe meeting iB open for
members, adherents aud all who attend the church, uud the ollieers Oi
ihe church are nuxiouB to have a
large attendance. On uccouut ol
this mcetiug tomorrow evening there
will he no meeting ol the Westmin
stcr Guild  tonight.
The  Junior choir of the  Methodist
church hold a sleigh ride purty     on
I Thursday     evening    Inst  ufter  choir
• practice.    Mrs. J. C. Robson and Mrs
I lt.  J. Mciutyro chaperoned the purty
around  tbe  city  and  out  into      the
(country.   They called at thc home ol
Mr. I.F.  Liudmurk and consumed ul-
eerv   highly  recommended,  alter  hav-; visiting  at   the   Methodist   parsonage
ing played to a number of capacity   Hns week
houses in the okanagan.
Mr. and Mrs. El, H. Hut ler. who
returned on Sunday week from B
honeymoon trip t" tbe coasl cities,
and spent a few days w;.|, the bride's
parents, left on Thursday morning
for Bummerland where tbey will reside.    Mi.  llut lor is manager of     the   ^	
hardware  department   of  the  Summer   '"  this newer  and  mora commodious
land  Supply company's store, Maiding.
On  Monday  last  Mr.   A.   1 !    wlul°      on  their   r-. leekiy
called at  the Mail-Herald oibM.   with  tramp :,.■■  Snowshoe Club one
three unposted stamped letteri which
lie lound   lion-da;   forenoon on     -ni
street    The letters w«re i
Mrs. s. H. McDonald, prince Hupert,
Mis-  M.  McDonald,  Xar '.ver.    and
Miss   Mary  Grant,   Vancouver      Mr.
PradoUni deposited these letters    .n
the   post   ofllce OS   Monday   ulternnon.
H. Moore and .1 Witch, of the
Molsons Hank stall, while tobogganing down the mountain Sid
Thursday evening hnd what murht
hav. been a rather bad accident, it
seems that their toboggan ran into
a rock and upset. Mr \l ■ :•
ed a bad cut in the face, while Mr
VeitCh got olt with a cut  hand.
The members and 'n    Fp
■vorth League of the M tii< list ch ireh
' About 30 enjoyed the nde.   This is a
Thc  new block  ol  C.   R.   Macdonald   real live organization, -which is plan-
tbe   druggist,   is   Hearing  completion,   mae to do its     pint  In  making  the
The      plate   glass   front  has   arrived   morning service  of  the < liurch nttra:
tins   week   and   is   now   installed     and   live  and   helpful.
In   th, '■:-■   uf   a   few   weeks      the '
store will be ready for arcupancy.
when the McDonald drug store will
be removed from its present location
Good cooks like Coursier's coal.
Second had I'iuno for sale at How-
sou's furniture store.
last week had rather a thrilling exit seems that while they N. Coursier's coal
were *.ut on the mountain side, *>ne
of the partv wer.t higher up thc
mountain than the rest, with the con
sequence tbat ■ •   was start
.'   •   :.-. sen for tbe
■   •     • ibrttbe  and  trees
which   enabled      the   order  Robbln's
■   til!
■   *   :   B)
■    eaRon that _^_^^_^^_^^^^_^^_^^__
rmrt. The    beat   .,11   round  coal    is    Hob-
~*.      . , . '        'go coal.
The     Ladles of Johns church
have spent -     reek in tbe cam-      •»' '   the     Scottish supper
mi*.,,,,,!  dollars,   and  dance  by  the      Hevelstoke    Oale
and moat  ol them report good eucc    donlan   -o. -ty  tonight.
No dirt,  no smoke,  no soot In    H.
Moving     pictures    at    the   Edison
theatre  tonight.
See  the   Hevelstoke    Nurseries    for
Cut Flowers. Phone 56. t. c.
If  you want good  clean  lasting coal
Lethbridge  coal.
Do not  overlook  the  Edison's    big
program *,f  moving pictures  tonight.
See our tables of Fancy China and
Glassware tbnt we arc ollorlng 2& per
cent, discount on for the month ol
January,—0, B, Mumo & Co.
llowson & Co. are determined to
supply the people ol Hevelstoke with
linoleum, carpets and furniture at
Eastern prices freight added, come
ami be convinced,
A  bargain you get only once a year ,
seine  the  opportunity  while  you havo
the  chanoe—25  per cent,  discount   ou
Fanoy     China     and crockery.—0, B. '
Hume & Co.
First class program of lujving
pictures and orchestra music at the
Edison  theatre tonight.
Sule of Linoleum at Howson's. Inlaid at 110c. per yard. Get a pieco
before It is all gone.
Inlaid linoleum at Howson's, !)0c.
per yard, hew docs thnt compare
with  catalogue  prices  Ircighl   added.
TO LOT—Furnished room or hoard
and room. Apply to MrB. McDonald,
Second street, oppoBito Knox church
Thc treat of your life is the Dixie
Jubilee Concert Co. at the opera
house tomorrow night.
W. Parry Auctioneer and Valuator,
conducts private household sales ut
your homes.
Come nnd see what It is to bc a
bachelor on the Ranges at tho Edison tonight.
All members of F. Company, R.M.
R., will assemble for drill on Thursday evening (tomorrow) at 8 o'clock
Also Target Practice.
11.  SMITH,  Capt.
ess.   It wns  expected  that  by      last
Satur ng the ground     ■■•
i, fairly     wll covered
beld a social and literary cvemn/ on   . ,     ,.knnnin((  „(  this  week.
lay evening at     the hon--* of
j.Mr.  J. C. Robson,     Third
tberiogi which are hei I
i month are proving to be ai
■ n;   .-     th     i*' ■ "i"   The
young     men   are   arranging  lol
bate on church union to
B  later date.
all returns will l,» linnd-ml IB, ao tbat
• ■*■ at presented al
* '■- the    congrvgal
/   The   ladies   de
serve energetic
manner  ,n  which th,'>- took    hold    ol
the ' am   ■ ire to be o ngrat
dated sir nnrcaat>.
ii'' the Dixie Jubilee con-
oert  at   the     upcra  House  tomorrow
w.  Parry    Second street, takes coo-
i -in  aud  make  your fm m
;ke  new,  at  y*.iir  homes       Send
.Seem, i band furniture, stoves, car
Igfet,   W     I'arry,   atlct -
valuator,  Becond    street.
■   Queen  street    Toronl
Rexall  Cherry
Cough Syrup
35c, 50c, $1 a bottle
Rexall Cold Cure. 25c
We i ecommend these reinedii h
ui'l will lefund yonr money
i( not satisfactory,
Rexall 93 Hair Tonic
50c and $1.00
FineiLinen Sationery
35c a box. 3 tor $1
A New Stock of
500 Tally Cards
Wliist and Bridge Whlel
Office Supplies
Piles, Lcdget
Books, etc.
1912 Diaries
Piles, ledger-. Journals,» n It
Books, in*.
In all kinds ',)' Men's and Boys' Wearinx
Drawing downs and Smoking   Jackets
fur men a specialty.
Shoes of al) kinds and at all price!,
Corporation of the City
of Hevelstoke
I'ublic Notice is hereby given tlmt
it is absolutely uecessnry Unit disorders of a suspicious nature be reported to Dr, McLean, Cily Medical
Health Officer or other physicians,
as soon ns known. Failure to do this
is a punishable oflcncc.
By Ord'r,
B.  A.  LAWHuN,
City Clerk.
'     WHO?
And tbey mc something out ol the ordinary,
why January 25th, 1912 «««
The Royal Welsh Moelwyn Male Voice Choir
Under the direction of Mr. Clarence Robson
25   Voices-25
4 Soloists — 4
50C   75C.  $1.00
Tickets will be on Sale at Mncdounld'B Ihun Store Jun. -'6th, I91J
. f
Wr nre specializing in all varieties ill Season
of Cul Flowers. (lur Bhowing is unsurpassed.
Come and inspect for yourself,
w. ll. roTTRU'T, Manager.
On South Road, Half a Mile from Town
A glance at the map will show you that Edmonton must be the logical
distributing centre for the Great Peace River Country and Northern
B. C, covering a territory hundreds of miles square now being opened up
by the Canadian Northern and Grand Trunk Pacific Railroads. New
Industries are now heading towards this coming commercial centre and
the railway development this year will be enormous. The C. N. R.
are putting in their Shops there and the C. P. R. are spending
$3,000,000 in the City alone. Everything pointa to a record
year  for   1912  and   Realty   values  will   rapidly advar.es.
Our Subdivision there called
is   located   but 2'A
miles from post office,
commanding   a    magnificent view of the Saskatchewan river, and from its
convenient and pleasant situation, will in the near future be
the centre of building activity, and
should   be worth double its present
value in a short time.    Lots are now on
sale at
$30 Down and Balance Over 18 Months
We have for sale a few specially selected lots in Port Mann, the western
terminus of the C. N. R., at $275 each, with a cash payment down of *75.
Over a million and a half dollars have been invested in Port Mann during
the last three weeks, and these lots which adjoin the townsite will more
than double as soon as the 0, N. R. Townsite is put on the market in
March.   Get in on this bargain at once for a quick clean up.
B. Or. FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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