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The Mail Herald Nov 22, 1911

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Array "Empire" Typewriter
Por ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $601
Interior Publismng Co., Agls.
The Mail-Hepald
<$fisiting Carte
a Specialty
lrHe^APuDtrehwg Company
pRn^E^iP^^puaLi^iERS t
Vol. 17—No. 93
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Ltd
Lawrence nardware
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada <j>
Hoad Ot*io»
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
-Toronto, Ontario.
()J flip Union   nf Rnitieh P»'"-
;i   i  Library
bib i.iuiuuipaiiiica bUHVCMIOn
Next Year
Mayor  Hamilton returned  un  Mem
day  trom    Victoria,   where  he      had
j been attending the annual convention
! ol the Union of British Columbia
Municipalities. The convention this
5 ear whs the most successful ever
held, there being sixty delegates pres
cut, representing nearly every muni
cipality in Uritish Oolumbia. Mayor
Hamilton waa successful in getting
Hevelstoke named as thc meeting
pfeco of the Upion ol B.C. Municipalities at their convention next year.
Thc Victoria Times says in reference:
For the next place ot meeting, invitations were received from Mayor
Morley for Victoria, coupled with lhc
suggestion that thc annual meeting
should bc made a tixturc here, and
from Mayor Hamilton for Revelstoke.
Vernon and Armstrong gave way iu
favor of the railway town. It was the
opinion of the bulk of the delegates,
tbat it would kill ihe association to
keep on meeting in thc one city and
prevent very many delegates trom ever getting an opportunity to attend
a convention.
Revelstoke was unaoimously chosen
on motion of Reeve McNaught, seconded Iiy Mayor Lee, and the elec -
tion of officers was then proceeded
with  as follows:
President—Mayor A.B. Planta, Nanaimo,   re-elected   by  acclamation.
Vice-I'resident—Mayor Lee. New
Hon. secretary-tn-asurer*— Kx-Heeve
Harry Bose.  Surrey, re-elected by ac-
i clamation Iiy a standing  vote.
Executive Committee—Mayor Hamilton,   Revelstoke;   Reeve   Hick,   Mis -
, sion;      Aid.      Knright,      Vancouver;
, Reeve McNaught, North Vancouver
district; Reeve Wcart, Burnaby;
Reeve Hound, South Vancouver; May
or  McNeish,  North  Vancouver city.
Philharmonic Society Formed
At a well attended meeting in the
city hall on Thursday evening, the
Revelstoke Philharmonic Society was
formed  with  thc  following executive:
President—W.   M.   Lawrence.
Vice President—Mrs. W. Bews.
Treasurer—Miss Foote.
Secretary—Q. R. Lawrence
Conductor—Dr.  Watson.
Pianist—Miss  Wrigley.
The membership fee wus llxcd at
Jl .OS per member, and the roll is
now. in the lignds of the Treasurer,
who will be pleased to receive names
ol those who wish to join the socie
ty. The next regular meeting will bc
hjld in the St. John's church class
room on Tuesday, November 28th,
when work for thc season will be
bejun and all details ol business arranged, A full attendance is rc-
Brauches at Agents at all principal points in Oanada. *J
Agents in Great Britain  and United St iien — London, England, (S
Lloyds Rmk. Limited.    Chicago—First National Bank,  Corn E*- ^T
cbftnge National Bank.    Sent tl" -Seattle National Bank,   San Fran- VJ
ciseo —Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank.    Spokane—Exchange Q
National Bank. JL
Savings Bank Department r
Deposits of $1 and upward,  reepivHr   ....'   interest allowed at JL
O   current rate from date ot deposit.   Correspondence solicited. V
x     Revelstoke Branoh— A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr. £
Bear Skin Coats for Children
iBrown and White)
Bonnets to  Match
Mrs. A, a Crick, • First Street
Winter Butter Supply for Families
Save money by getting your winter Butter in
bulk.   Get our prices.
See us, telephone us. write us, or give your
orders to our driver.
Wholesale and Retail Produce and Meats
Robin Hood Flour Beats Them All
Mrs. H. N. Coursier carries off two first prizes
with KOBIN HOOD FLOUR.   Tho Rpecial prize
We offered and also for  the  best loaf  from any
Hour.   If you want good bread use Robin Hood
the Hour of quality,
Heroic Work of C. P. Powei
Saves Big fire
Wbat might tin ve lieen a very serious tire occurred last Sunday morning at the Dominion Sawmills Company office- in this city. It was
about 10 a.m. that a heated flue caus
ed fire to start up. The first man to
notice thc fire was Mr. O. V. Powell
of the office stall, who used great
presence of mind and broke open thc
plastered wall, and then by the aid
of a chemical hand extinguisher succeeded in killing the fire which had
only probably been alive a few minutes. To the pluck and presence of
mind of Mr. Powell is due the fact
that this valuable block of hand
some oflires is in existence, for if he
had nol acted with such promptness
and fortitude the fire might have
been much more serious. As it was
the  damage  done  was  only  nominal.
Ontario's Catholic Attorney-General Expresses Himstlf
Toronto, uut., Nov. II—Hon. J.
.1. Koy, attorney-general o! Ontario,
and OM ot the two Ilonian Cathnlir
numbers ol th* Whitney cabinet,
made tlie following statement at a
Conservative meeting in North Toronto last night:
"My view is that tne Knglish language should lie thoroughly taught m
our schools to every pupil by teachers
lully competent to teach  English.
"That no other language should be
taught  in  the  schools.
"That such is the law that governs
us, and that there raunot lawfully be
any bilingual schools in the province
of Ontario. II any arc found, they
must cease to exist and care should
bc taken to make all schools conform
to the law.
"This policy is not unfriendly to
tiny portion of the community but it
is in the interests iA rising genera -
W.K,   McNaUght, tbe   other   ('tinsel*
vative member in Ninth Toronto endorsed  Mr.  Foy's  views.
. Tl
At    the    tea    given by the Ladles
tin. 1.1 ..I Bt. Peter's cliurch nn Tuesday, then \*.,11 1* a Bale of lancy
Work1 and n table of homo cookery.
At  the home of Mrs.  J.  Purvis.
J hn P. Clum's Illustrated lecture at Ed'sjn Theatre
lohn P. Clum, the eloquent lecturer, will l>c at the BdiBon theatre tomorrow, Thursday night. A feature
of his address is the fund of anecdote and legend possessed by the
speaker, which he imparts in a conversational style, making the enter -
talnment a very realistic travel thru'
a beautiful country with a most entertaining companion.
Over 200 stereopticon views and
moving pictures will be exhibited and
are without doubt among ths finest
et ar exhibited in this city. The dissolving eHects as manipulated by the
skilled operator assisting Mr. Clum
are particularly good and adds
_'r?at interest to the lectuie. One
dissolves quickly into the next; au
afternoon sky becomes a sunset; a
cataract in still life begins tumbling
nd plunging, all without the 'radio i of a second's delay.
The views shows include nceut'S on
th? Columbia river, Puget Sound
Mount Shasta, Shasta Springs, and
Mtssbrea Falls, Santa Barixira : nd
its romantic old mission ai.l st: i
of others.
The moving picture subjects include
■""lower •festivals, glimpses of Hidden
Cat,' park, along the surf line, ,,lines
at Del Monte, some wonierful vp.ler-
fulls, the march of the mission ni< nks
a Yoseraite camp fire, feeding 100,000
pigeons, among the citrus groves, a
regiment of ostriches, climbing Mt.
Lowe, alligators galore, honoring the
"W'lor dead,  a  trip to Catalina.
Remember, tomorrow night, at the
'0 lison    theatre.      Admission,   child ,
,n 16c., adults 23c.
Pioneer Methodist Minister of
B. C, Formerly of Revelstoke, Passes Away
Chilliwack, Nov. 20—The death oc-
urrcd early Saturday morning of the
Rev. Thomas Wellington Hall, pastor
uf thc Carman Methodist church, Bar
dis, and one of the pioneer ministers
ol British Columbia. The news ot hiis
death was a great shock to his
friends as he was apparently iu good
health until In, was stricken with
heart  failure.
His first charge in tbis province
wub at Clinton on the Cariboo Road
in 1H81. He has since held appointments at KamloopB, Grand Korks,
New Westminster, Nanaimo, Eburnc,
Revelstoke, Chilliwack and Sardis,
and was once president of thc Brit -
ish Columbia Conference. He is survived by a widow, four sons and one
The above announcement will come
as a shock to the many friends of tho
lite Mr. Hall in this .ity. For many
years Mr. Hall was knowii in Revelstoke previous to his taking charge
of the Methodist church here, he having been among the pioneer ministers
ol tbe Methodist church in British
Columbia. The Mail-Herald joins
with the many friends of the late
Methodist pastor in extending to thfl
bereaved ones their heartfelt sympathy.
We have a large stock of Belle
Oak, Sunbeam Oak, Hot lilast
Airtight ami other heaters,
with specially heavy grates
antl linings, at prices to suit
all. Our shipment nl Kootenaj ami SaskAlta Ranges is
also tlue antl we will be ablelo
iill all order*.
Hay. Flour and Feed
Just unloaded a car of Ro\al
Household Plow, one o.'Oats,
Wheat antl Mill Feed and one
of Timothy Hay.
Choice Groceries
Fruits and Vegetables
You Want the Best
Use Our Teas and Coffees
Brazilian Coffee, a blend of 4 varieties, per pound.
Ceylon Tea, in bulk, per pound   	
ingestion at Winnipeg and at
Head of Lakes
Winnipeg, Nov. 19—Freight congestion on Western Canada railways
at Winnipeg and the head of navi -
Ration and other western points has
become so sevorc that the general
managers ol the C.r.R., C.N.R., O.
T.P. and Great Northern tind them
selves almost helpless. The congestion
is partly the result of the effort*- to
Let tbe big crop out before naviga -
ti-OI) closes ami partly of the western
movement of frpight in unusual vol
un-e. Tbe Winnipeg Board of Trade
an I other commercial bodies ln the
Western towns in-e holding daily meet
Inge with railway officials to get the
tangle unravelled, but with little sue
Cf-s. WeBbbOUnd freight is ftfty per
cent heavier than in other years and
th' motive power nf tbt western lines
cm not handle it expeditiously.
Everything is going fine at the
gym class tlft.se days. • Fourteen
weary but contented beings wended
their way home after a good nights
exercise on Monday  last.
Next Thursday. Nov. 24ih, there are
to be some new stunts put on, namely, French sea and Klevated railroad
All those wishing a ride on this -sea
sii iuld be on hand, you need not
br ng any boat and you will not
have any time to get seasick. Aa for
tb." Klevated railroad, well it is just
like they have- in N*ew York. - Nuf
Roys  Bible  Clas9,  better  known ns
the.  W.G.T.  class,   there  is  room  for,
a  few more boys in this class,  which
meets Sunday morning at 10 o'clock,
l.ast      Sunday  the  boys selected     a
name for  their class,   they  also    dc-'
elded on a button,  next  Sunday they
select   their  president  and  secretary. |
This class is open to all  boys in the
city   from  10  to   14    years  of     age,
whether a Y.M.C.A.  member or not.
Next  Sunday afternoon at 3:45 Mr.
P. F. Gifford, physical director,    will
speak  at the Men's meeting.  Subject ]
"A   Strong  Man."   Every  man  welcome.
JOHN McINTYRK & SOV      Phone 98
Shippers and Packers for the Hills
i.ui ——^^m _, i l-i_ iii-wrf——-fwrsa i  111■ —1——
P. O   Dox 200
Phono No. 23
Finds New Metal
Nelson, Nov. 20—An entirely new
metal, hitherto unknown to Bciencc
but possessing highly valuable commercial properties, has been discovered by Amlrow French, a well known
metallurgist, in the platinum-bearing
ores of the Kootenay dlstriot.
Mr. French made his discovery last
May, but made no announcement of
it at that time as he wished Drat to
ascertain definitely the properties ol
the new metal whicli he has named
Thc new metal belongs to the platinum group, iu which chemists havo
long recognized lhat there was a vacant space'. It has a beautiful white
color   and a brilliant permanent lustre
it will  be  highly  valuable,    Us    dls-l     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
coverer claims, for gem settings and,     Cologne, Germany,  Nov. 21.
lor   the  reflecting  surlace  of  concave  Oito  Sshmidt,  the  well-known
Cody ot Workinpan found With
Throat and Face Gashed
Calgary, Nov. 22—With g V shahed
p.u-h an inch long ovor the right
temple, his throat cut from car to
ear and also with a long gash all
around the back of thc neck, an un-
Iniiwti man, apparently about twen-
lv years nf age, was found beside onn
nl thf spur tracks back nf tho Oal -
gnry Milling company's mill, on
Ninth Ave, and Fourth St. west, hy
Mike Sitliivit/,, 3011 Tenth avenue east
n teamster In the employ ol the mill
ing  rompnny,  about  7:110   this  morn
The body was i|iiitc stiff when the
man made thc discovery, and Dr.
Davies, who was called, judged the
mull must huve been dead ubout six
Everything about the body, the injuries and the outtiirncd  pockets, all
point  to  robbery  and   murder.      The
■ man's hands  were covered  with blood
1 and lie i.-.y  flat on his back.
I    The wound on  his lorchcnd  had cvl-
I tlently    l>ccn     made  by  some   heavy
rounded   Instrument,   and   thc      cute
on thf throat,  Irelng  ragged and  uneven, evidently were mude with some
I large clasp  knife.
I       __
f Hams   Bacon
T Silver Leaf Lard
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors for Swift's Products
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251 P. O. Bon C
Diamond Hall, Ltd.
EYE   STRAIN-The   use   of
suitable (glasses save the eyes
from strain and all the evils
which follow.
Has Cured Forty Cases of Cancer
-   Iir
Kire     Brigade   No,
dance, Uccemlrtr tth,
l    Masquerade
..tjieia huus-8,
It occurs in the. dyke rocks of the
Kootenay district in quantities varying from ft few pennyweight to three
ounces per ton. Tbe discovery, it is
believed, will be of tremendous im-
P..it,nice to thc mining industry of
Hit* KootM»y.
tir expert of this city, hnH applied
for the Italian Mariana prlr.e of J20,-
000 ollered to the discoverer of canter germs who can prove thc most
successful number of cures by his
remedy. HchmiM asserts that ho Is
able to prove that he hus made lorty
Profit   by
the   experience  of
The benefits of properly fitteil
trlrsses are testified to by the
thousands who use them.
We examine eyes free of
chargt and guarantee satisfaction.
Jeweler and Optic ian
Cheerful Clothes
Our Clothes are made to fit
the personality of the wearer.
Special styles are designed for
men in all walks of life. You
can always rely upon the sewing, the lining, the fit, the tailoring. Just now we are showing some striking effects in fine
tweeds and worsteds.
Mercantile Co., Ltd.
«ji WliDS'EaDAV,  Suv.  22nd   1911.
Fuel for Winter
Pittsburg Anthracite Coal $16 per ton
Wellington Soft Coal $11
WOOD   3 ricks to cord
16 inch mixed hard wood $7.50 a cord
4 foot Cedar - $6.25
Order your supply early to be sure
of Fuel for the Winter
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Che fil>alWlbcvalc
sitIrday AT
REVEl^roKE.  fi.   C.
interior ipucmsbuui Company:,
.1.  K.  .lull's.- t\    Manager.
RALPH   CJ.   SCTtt»VON,   Editor
Ivegai notices if cents per line first
insertion, ii cents per hue each
subsequent insertion, Measurements Nonparlel tl- lines make
one inch.; cjt.ore anil general
Bess announcements $2.Mi pet
inch pei month. Preferred posl'
tious. 21 per cent, additional.
Births. Marriages aud Deaths, aiic
Bach insertion.
Land notices JT.ii-u. All advertise
ments subject to the approval o'
the uiana<ement. Vwmtetl aim
t'ondetised Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted. Help Wanted. Sil
uations wanted. Situations Va
cant. Teachers wanted. Mechanic*
Wanted, nr, words or less, 25c.
each additiuual line lu ceuts
t'hau_-es ii. stauding advertise
ments must be in by y a. m.
Tuesday and Friday of each week
tt.  secure  good  display.
CORRESPONDBNCK invited on matters of public interest. Com-
miinlcations to Editor must be
mpanied by iiHine ol writer
not necessarily for publication,
hut as evitipn.'c of good laith.
Corr»snotHl»nce should he brief.
Iiicludinr   postage  to   England.  United States aud Canada.
By the vear ithrough  postofllcel  12.50
v. EP> K
1DA\    NOV    22nd,  1911.
8y Percy F, Gifford, Physical
Director of If. M. C, A.
p   -■ id     whih   thei -  1  use I
•   *        -r.ee     ihen   I    have
■   :'- .'   the eleva-
md  down nil day
:■■ ai :■    ■ •.-••.  helping
.*   ■   thi li   shopping
I   ■ it be is thinking ab mt
aftei   h..ur    Is     it
■'.   Iuty7   No,    thut
■: .   nature  to  him;  pet
bis   r .in-   ;, ., :.-.:        ,
time he la tramp
, -,* and bravery to do honest work
i.- this man docs, but be is the man
ihat holds the world's trade together,  because  Ins  word  is as  ko„.\     hs
Look niio another office, bhe man
l--n*  is a born  tighter,  he spend.*,  his
I time.   Ins   life, in   battle   ;i;.*iii-t   graf-
i.i.-t.   He Is called names, lie is threatened     and abused, but he   speakes
iiiii   boldly,      he   never    lliuclies,      lie
writes  hot,  Btrong  words  that makes
' men  who live by the  vices and w*ouk-
' ii ss.*s of  other  men   writhe and curse
'■ l.ut  be  keeps  right on,  we need  men
of tbat. sort  of  bravery.
But   lb'   buys  and   men   iiii.hi   s.iy,
i »e are  imt   in  nn  office.   There Is inst
. as Btrong a call (or bravery    among
I boys its among  men  in  unices.  There
lis the nl.I  lady  tottering across    the
itreet,    it   takcB a boy   with a strong
eouruge  '"  help her  across the street
imid  the jeers ol his chums,
Take  our   gomes—hockey,   baseball,
•i.sk.-t   liill    we  need   hoys  who     are
l i •iiniiie.l     to keep up the standard
'our   games   land   let   mc  say   that
lu standard  Is honesty) sn that the
iporl   li.viu.'   people   will   be  enconr-
i. d to attend the games.   It    takes
. '-.rave  boy   to  play  fair  when  be  is
it     the     loosing  side    and  sees    his
li nice   to   win   the   game  hy a little
i   tiked  play,   perhaps  the. referee    or
i'i|.ir.. .lues nol  see it. but  he plays
.  t   iii !  I.'i.s.'s i!it* game, but In   his
h   ni   In*  knows  he  has dona  right.
Better fo loose honorably than    to
...a dishonorably.   Better to loose a
.ime  and be able  to  look   the   world
in   the   lace,   than to win   and      know
.ti   wuii   by   Itiul   play.
We want boys who are manly in
iheir spoits, cut out the swearing,
fit* out tbe smoking, play foi the
"••re love of the tame, but play to
■. u. meet your man ..n the common
•  .uind   of  honesty  and   fair  play.
It.    takes  a  brave     boy   or   man   to
t   u   fair   when  he sees  tli.* other side
w nnlng   by   foul   means.   Imt   this     is
* kind of boy we want, because as
hi boy so  the man.   Tint  stamp  .if
i   toy   is the   kind the   world   will     be
•kine, li**   will   he  called  t,. uli    the
* ,;i**m.      because    people     know   he   Is
- 'iitr 11     win.    due.-  nol   like      i
- i.ii.* boy  ni* manibecause his  woi i
'   ;i  I..-  depended  upon.
1*1   us  hnve  •_•.mtl  clean  sport
ti i. keep ..ut ..f tii   penalty Ii..j.
•*. n   hy    superiority,  ninl  then
u ll  l.c serving  :ts end,  namelj
promote health  and  develop charact
Rod and Gun for November
Kor the hlg game tfnuttng  at
i ■ I and '.inn .n Canada publ shed by
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   W.   .1.   Taylor.   Wo,.,ist,,.*.
spot  aod UstejHng   iM-p* big game stories well    to   tire
■     ind   sliding   loors,   ii at in the November Issue   Hunters
59th    time:— ui  their annual  vacation  hent    thos
I'1"   in  ■ .imp .in:  ti ilng,     aftei
It  '   fee  eiVeriencps and   with   many plea-
Rl    ■'   .ni   reeoll.rtions  of  recent    ind   form
• :    -A
Ht . im
I   . ••       in I
.    1   ■
t    .*. ,'*..!.* •
. :       ■ "   '
•   .-•
......        I   WBI
hM '■
• .   . .■:•:.     P.    ..
■ ■. . g time* o! peace
there never »
V..-!.."        '
In tlie State ot Washington-
Seattle's Water Supply Has
Been Badly Affected
Seattle, Nov. L'I-With Seattle fac-
ii water famine and many of the
smaller towns west of the Cascade
mountains under water or cut off
from communication with the outside
world by thc lops of bridges and the
washing out of roads, the people of
Western Washington today are aux -1
ioiisly watching the turbulent
streams for sUhk of subsidence from I
the Mood that bus raged for more
ih.in   two  days.
The railroads that cross the Cascades with their transcontinental
lines are virtually tied up, the only'
outlet being over the coast, lines to
Portland au.l then eust along the Co-
lumbia river.
Ullioiuh Scuttle, built upon com
inaii.iin.' hills, is in no danger from !
iioo.l. ii is confronted hy a more ser-;
i.ins problem*—that of a water famine
The raging waters of I'e.lnr river, I
from which the city obtains its!
supply high in the moiintn'.ns. have;
washed ..way ,t bridge carrying the*
two big pipe lines that brine the water  down  to  the  city.
The breaking of the pipes was Immediately felt  in the    most  populous i
residential    section,  which  is  fed  by i
tli.*   Intermediate   water  service. When
the break  came,  the reservoirs     contained   100,000,1100   gallons   of     Water, i
Ordinarily this would he alive days'
supply but  water department  officials
believe   that Iiy   judicious  husbanding
it   enn   be   made  to  last.  *,   week.
uf the smaller towns caught by the
Hood, Rrnton, n prosperous coal town
twelve miles up the Cedar river from
Scuttle, suffered most. The business'
part of Renton is entirely under water and twice yesterday the residents
ed by the melting snows in the font
hills and the * * anl rams of the
last few days ich resulted in tbe
(tooling ol th:- Cedar Uiver Valley
ami not nnv  break  in the dam.
Mr. anil Mis. I'odluelancik anl
daughter returned from Rossland on
.lack Helmers is just as cheery as
ever after his ship wreck. Says he
knows  how   it is  ilt n!   now.
Mrs. R, I,. June and family have
moved into Sid Leary's residence for
the winter.
Mrs. James Pearon and family are
visiting at Burton, lhe guests o! Mr.
an 1   Mrs.   Mosely.
■ II. B. Pursier of East kootenay, is
in town and will hit lin' trail to the
Milly Mac mine Tues.lay, in company
with Joe Durham.
We are glad tn set* Mr. Gardner around again, and tn 'Hu'iir thai his
broken ribs and doing nicely.
Jack Lincss is happy imw. having
got his sleigh hells live.I and playing
tli.-  good  old  tunes.
Th:- ranking of the ladles was
rather dillicult. The women came in
all their jewels, and it was a most
brilliant sight. The scared woman
came in and st*iirtk:d the poor hash
lul Indies of the Zenana, and so Lady
Fraser tried to smooth thnn down,
.iii.l was speaking Hin Install when the
seared woman timed and said In
English "What fools." The women
were mint impressed with tlir Royal
Highness, ami the patty wasa great
I in- nf the Indian Princesses presented ihe Princess of Wales with a
bracelet which meant good luck and
a   safe   return  home.
Now some of the women leave tha
Zenana and go to England with their
husbands, hut this is not usual. Many
of them arc anxious to leave, antl
their husbands are Beein-g that it is
better for  them to consent.
It was nnuounced at the meeting
that the Toronto qomeu teachers
lind Formed a Canadian Club, an.l
that in thc future both clubs will
ei deavor to have their meetings on
the same day in order to secure the
same Bpoaker. Tea will he served after each  meeting.
Ladies —The afternoon class on
Saturday will still be continued if
twenty avail themselves of the opportunity. For terms, etc., phone
No. 85,
i    •
there  wm  sucK i   nil   tu:
t  , oui.*-    tearing
aching  ..ut      .'-
,Ui)   wh*    ,1  .*    *'•   mii.   th.- ^
tnjineer   ha»   brought   it (
• :     outings.   »,ll  all      welcome     tb-
.,n!.. ...f good stones contained    in
(test   is.-ue. Mr. Bonn*.*
MM 'he numli-er  with one of his Un
1    li      I'olnmhia    studies,    wii el
. ■*  • iscinating to uli   i* * ■
■ ■i -     Moie   ,s   heard     r-
i ;   ■!.,: nn.re ,,!,.,m    the
-   ,|        hit   .ll.' -MU       ,C
* *»l *■■> Mi    H.taMn.   ,\  .'arirty fiom
it*   lured   he
•   ll i.     thl    , ! .futures   of a duct
• i. n  Si ikatchewan
*. i . * . ng   snd   I,mt.i. ■
i In ■•  ■     -ingling  i I
'* • •*.       the nymp.     .m
Paul  in** -ic   ., i  *.ii
ii ere- in.'   tolling       * ■ .*-     11, •    „
on I ngai   pigeon.
,t '.Ut sate    t'. I the -mi ..*■.*.;.      '      . *    MplflC *i .
* ui   bout   tin*   fire ' ;i '•'* by Mi   .\   0  Wheelei   ihould   bj
r,,.,n   *. thecoal forging it    i«i     means  In* overl   ,«e.|    As usual
Ing   this   m.i   , ...   murh   i'...,*i   material   run*
,nd  nummei of tt" •  through  the   whole of  the pages
'' it ,i I,. Impossible '.. mention more
i% ,,.   i tn,. ring **' thi  fin  alarm' tta& it   f-w  ..! the  mosl  conspicuous
how.   and in two  min.i*     li     I llowi    •*    I things In store t..i  ijlj  rentiers
vou  MC  on  tbe  tinrk  ila-liing      post, ' 	
will  be  .h   ■!'•   midst   of  Bame     an i
itmke   trying   to  save  lift-   antl   prop   '
What about   thl   bo-iii'S-   man  that
Looks Like a Sure Thing
Vou nee sitting  at  liis di-nk.  He works , IihIhI
The J*  B.  Wai-oii  Realty Co.  now
ling     Kast      Calgary    Cur   Simp
il day long until he is all tired out. property,   itato, that eaeh agreemonl
il.* has seen  Iota of dark   i,.v-.     He  bears a air,.i'ht  guorantoe   that all
,     ..-n   md.   get   rich, he  knows  how    in.-ney      paid     Will     lie  refunded   pui
,. ,,     ,   the)   took    iit.'.'.n  "haner unless m twelve montl	
.   „,, ii,    ...      thnt  brought    monej   lot*    can Iw w-noM at «n Jnrrensed
j    .     n   - ,i* -   ,  -srrent  deal  ol WW    i"'"'''-
hearing  rumors  that the  big
river dam had  gone out, rushed    to
the  surrounding  lulls.
A    clanging of   the Are   bell,     ll"''
ringing  of    church   bells,    and       tbe
shrieks   of   Ihe   mines'   siren   whistles
at  8:30  o'clock  brought all Uie towns
people   in the street,  prepared  for the
worst,   and   a   scene   of wild  confusion
followed.    A  dash  was made to    the
hospital   wh ■nee   patients   were     hurriedly  removed  to  the highest    point
of safety  on  thc hills.   Tbe  churches'
lying  on  hillsides  were  thrown    open I
fm   ih*,* shelter  of  women  and  child
ren. S,.n-   currying   tbeir   old   mothers
on  theii  sin,iii.Iers hurried    up     the
hills and mn. homes where  hospitable
shelter awaited them, Stampeding
horses galloped along the str.*.*ls.
barely held in control hy Hi Ir strug
gling drivers. Women with bundles
..f portable goo I on theii h -a.is'
rushed up tin hills, drnggln •
thlldren behind them, while baggage
mi i. i, fatbei and ■•■ I inds followe I,
c.i' i*> in.- all thev iimi.I bear from
• i   * ■ li ned  homes
old      worn,in  attrni ted     nol i
•v, :*   n  the confusion, by driving before h m*   i Bock to a   point
VI the  Presbyterian  church
Rt .    Thomas   Evans   prepared   Ooftee
iini 'or .is    many   refugees
ltd  hold, at •  •
le :   ft om   tb ■ m.a   by   im*
■ .
prep.irin.- .-':yia     tot
\- the   la) ■ re    n   in I there   *  -
' .
■ -
hroogfa tile
■   i
... .,,.1.
irltlg      Hie
... M       the
.- Ice
. one   at
,   les
■» 11 da j .*.*.,:
iprool   !
ipl   igalnst   l bridge   ibnl ment
*  *.
lv a foot  below  Hi- tit
;,   pici    " i
Th •  Cedar  rli * ■    Inn.     ■ i. ch   turn
t    nf Sciiiiic,    ia frituate I
bi    miles 'loin  Renton    H
on iiii elevation ol  more than
■ i'lll"     I       * I .*|ol*,t*.     of
the  n-i   i    about   (pui   milt's nn  horn
*o i   i„*   taiiey ik cumpgrativ*|ij
imt      The burstln i ot the dam nn
doitbU lij  woul i i •• attended   by    a
great  '■ lauiity, imi that nil inch fearn
Wef ll   I Minwn   l,y  exam
II  it.' *,f     Jm*     -It   It't'llM Wild      l,l[,*-
fi *i *.' ,it-t   . humli t Ing     ivel    thi
**t mi. II     i. .  I   (l| .*      :*l   mil I      I*
tin   Immi n     i| i.ui' i    ..r wuter mii
Abraham Baptiste, an Indian, who
was arrested in Vernon and escaped
from the police there, was located
and arrested at Burton by Constable
R. McWhlster o.' Nakusp. Chief Routh
of Vernon, arrived on Saturday to
take   his  prisoner  hark  to   Vernon.
While on their way to Nakusp on
Thursday last, the fc* -In train crew
discovered a cougar stuck in the
snow. The irain slowed up and the
brakeman quickly dispatch,-1 the
cougar. He was a ynimg one and
mc.uisrel  7J   feet.
Mr. Mervyne Edwards and Mr.
Woodrow of the steamer Slocan, on
a hunting trip at the summit, bagged  live line deer.
The Annual Hospital Hall tikes
place on Thursday evening, Nov. 211.
it   will   he  tine of  the events  of    the
BORN—To Mr. and Mrs. Robinson,
,i    laughter.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Lucas, of
Needles, have arrived in town and
have rented one of Mr. L.J. Edwards
Mr. st.ll and s.ns of Vancouver,
bave pui chased a ranch from Rev.
Mr. Johnston, and arrived here on
Sunday last.
Mr.   John   Weibe,   who  has  been     in
the  Northwest  for some time,  arrived   hack  again  mi   Friday.   Mr. Weibe
Bays   there   is   no   place  like     British
A   number    *'  ladies  in  town are
rganiring a   Bridge Cluh,  the tirst
meeting      to  '.ike  place  at  the resi-
•t   Mi-    ilaigh.
Mrs. li. T Bulger, Who has l»-en
visiting trlendd in Nelson, returned
home   on   Fn lay  last
inderburgh   spent.      a
Tells About India's Zenna Ladies
Stop It I
1 f you are the man that has
ueen buying ins shoes and
uirmsniiiga on tune; stop it;
.\ou aie wasting money.
uemenibei', it is not Miiat
jou earn, it is wJhat you »uve
mat counts, 'mat's wiiy so
many men (men who Know)
are now ouying their siitas,
clothing ami nu mailings
mini joHN HULL, haiuiy
unybou,) vvuuiu believe mat
audi lugil Class gootlS Could
oe soiu ior so little money.
Uut then the reason is simple; lie sells for cash, that's
wny he SKLLS so reasonable. Oi course U you imve
bought gooils here betoio
}ou don t need to be told
mat our qualities are worm
noticing. We are showing
an excellent range ol isian-
ueld's Underwear ]tisi Uie
Kind for this weather anil
uur shoe department is mil
ui such wen know n lines as
J. & T. lien's, Doctors
tpecial, and Dr. Heed's
ousnion bnoe—the easiest
siioe on eerth, and Mcl'ner-
bon's line shoes lor men wtio
0. W. 0. W.
Mountain View  Camp,  No. 229.
Mcwti Second    and      Fourth  Wcdutta
days    in  euch  month  iu    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen arc
cordially invited  to attend
H.  W. EDWAKDS,  Con. Com.
JAMES  MclNTYHK.  Olerk.
Barristers,  Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  Bank   Building  Havel-
stoke,  B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revelstoko,    11.    C,     and
Cranbrook, B. C.
Ceo.  B. MeCarter,
I A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Reveletoke, Cranbrook
.:  Su* Andrew
nt-Gt   ernor    ol
; *  *    a,ii..i.      Can
ttek nn.l
...lul    llle
.*   * * pl lined that
* , partm nt    **' the
i sh   meant  cur
•,, t.     - * :,,,t   the ladies   ti* ,i t
the palaces,
in   • women
m t nelve tbe
•   anyone
the      men
• *...  . ,.,.  palaoe
*>   men  wur
i ■
, w     the
: **.  .
• Id    *,'
'.   '      'Me     i
■A t
a. fl i|     Hon
somen I
.      ■
i„i h   fi ,-■
i.ui:   Fraser  I M • ■
i, i     hi
a ii>.<    .-im<i murh   ..* led *"
■ *.
11..- end
ng th m,   .j  t,, „t
'rn    mi     i *.   i|.|e,mi* *i iti •  Rajah
came ninl locknd all  tbe dooi      ind
■nui pulled *i*.*n the hltods
and  put. tin- key! Iti It's POOkeV    uipi
■ol I   I.i,t\:   V ., t.r --ilio  *.
' 1   II,   .ill tl*    lit  III ,1,1
III       ' HI'"    I'.M.'lll *,,    I' I I * ,.
Provincial  Ijiml   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
M.-KEN/.IK   AVH.,
•Vi .       H .       W A I. I, A I' K
a h u ii i r it' ot.
r   ii. iiov 116, Revelatoke, li C.
and  A.  M.
Regular    mtetlnie are. hold in MAS
i i iMi    TEMPLE.     Oddlellowd'       llnll
■ rn  '.ne 'lit.i I  Monday  In  each  mouth
ui i p. m.     vnoting brethren     arc
- ally   welcome.
Uoli'l    OORDON,  V>. M.
a.  ii    ROBBHTBON,  Secretary.
i.lllh      l.tilii.E   12,   1.  II.  o.  r
'•l-cld every      Thurmlay evening    in
rk   Hall  et i o'clock.      Vnitinj
brethren (nidinlly invited.
J    a    IIOOl.KV,  N.  i;
JAS.   MATHIE,   Setr-iaiy
■RT     MT.     BBOB1B,   No. Wki
ok i. o. r.
II -.*, .,,  |   .)   0.  K.  Hall  neit    to
rapphif'i Opera Houne every tecond
and   lourtb   Mon.lay   hi   month.   \ nit
ni  hrethien  roidially   welcomed.
U    W    HELL, 0.  R.
WM    I.   CAMBRON,  Rm. Sec
0OLD UAMiK l.'.lit.i,       K. of    p.
nii.  ta,  RBVBLBTOKB,  B,  ';.
M.et.i  every   Wndaea.lay   MMpt    the
TWrd  Wetlnemlay  of each  monib      (n
'iddfellowa'  Hall at I  o'oloek.  Visit
ing  Knigbla nra cordially  Invited.
.1    v.  ilMPION, 0, 0t
U. ii. BROOK, k   nl «. t I*
m oi r.
Your Electric Fixtures
If they go wrong, don't worry, but just
Phone to No. 284 in the day
or No. 40 at Night
anil they vvill immediately be attended to. There is
nothing we can't do in this line as years of experience
with electrical machinery has given us an insight into
the business that could not be obtained etherwise.
Don't swear when the lights go out.   Let us do that
for you.
A. G. DUCK,   ■   General Manager
Store and Office, Old Howson Biock
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant   Short Order
W. C.   BATCHELOR.        -        t^Vlanager.
Player Pianos, Pianos and Organs
(Inr reputation is well known lor square dealing.
We i'liu Rive vmi belter   prices,   ln-tter  quality,   than  atiy
other house in the trade.
WHY 1   Call nml we will prove this statement up lo the
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Wellington Lump Coal,
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
Do You Want Windows, Doors, and Finishing
It will pn; ton tn jf*t mir  i*iii-.-**- Iiefore pircltasing eliewber
WE can save YOU money    Wi carr)   .1 large stock o
Wiiiiliius and Itoort ami can fill your orders pi ptly.     We  will
lie pleased to give vou .t delivered quotation on anything yon
require, vw* manufacture windows, .lours, mouldings, storm
s-.-ii iitfii*., t,limiti*. oi .oi kinds, inliles, turnings, store ami
'i.n (.-.iuiiv 1 imn li seats and puljilis, door and window frames
finishing of all kinds, etc. We are large dealers In sheet, (aucy
und Plate glass, shingles, lath, etc.    Wrilafor Prices,
S. C. SMITH LUMBER CO.. Vernon. B. C.
Storm  Doors and  Windows
is Vol It iini si; WARM? I'itl you ever stop to conilder lhala
II outlsi iii storm Windows and Doors it this lime ol year will
in.ii-t ..in hi.m.* iii.'h* * nniitiriiiiiii.' You will save the coal ol
windows rn doors ti.--t.il 1<-.| iu tin mving lhal it "ill make In yonr
imi i.iii . i,i*i t.,111 order in Immediately and net the lull benefit
Vou will uevei regret il l.et ua tend our mail around and take
lhc nccessari measurements Wi «iii saveyon trouble, nnil you
will save iiitiuct ii\ purchasing Irom us. We manuuicture Windows.  In  Mouldings, ('abinets, Tables, Store and Office   l*'i\-
liin s      *   V      h|i ,■ .1 .ill kimls
11 you want I.mn* t .niciii .uni Piaster or palm lot insidi work,
Kalsomlne 01 Brushes, plain and fancy Aheet Glass, we have it,
nml mn give you the best prices obtainable In large or small qnan*
titles, ko order Is too small nor 110 order too large Ioi ns lo
handle We "ill gladl) furnish jou with prices on anything we
: ni manufacture.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
p, 11. noi ■■•-
Ml       .''.1
KJ'VM.sTdki:. 11. ('.
'ill <
WEDNESDAY,  NOW  22ud,   1911.
TT —
WEDNESDAY,  NOV. 2>nJ, 1911.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,OCO,000
i By 11 r  si  "i.ti Commissioner)
| t lur firsl iit to Lulu Island was
made under the most favorable condition  .     i regards the weather. Bril-
With its larf
Canadian Hn
number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
k ol" Commerce is able to elicit collections throughout
the world promptly and at-i'easonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
drawn in sterling,
er foreign currency,
at reasonable rates.
Cheques and drafts on all countries of llie world,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles nr any otli
can be negotiated at The Canadian Hank of Commerce
Our Doctors Anti-Septic Shoo is Proving a Winner
This last is Riling along felt want and its waterproof qualities are Btanding the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers, Saddlers Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund 84 600,000
Has 83 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.     Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
wire il.iurs .:'.*..nt passage way thro
ughout the length of the building.
Tho. birds were well through the
moult and will begin laying about
Deoember, or even earlier. Mr. Wilson
Buds tli it n la essi utilal to get the
birds well through the moult belore
the wel weather bog-ins, or laying la
seriously delayed,
The number of day-old chicks snid
wns 48,600 this season, mil there
arc 5,000 birds on bhe ranch at the
present time. These will he reduced
tu 2,000 breeders by the time the
bree-d-ing  season   begins in   February,
A mammoth brooder of four sections for 4,001) eggs each is being erected, nn.l on completion will form
the subject ol an article in this journal.— Agricultural Journal  of B.C.
linnt sunshine relieved the monotony
ol the Bats, which stretched out Con
every Bide, as the cai nia.le its way
to Bteveston. We were reminded of
tho Sussex marshes in tha Old Coun
try, with its herds t.i cattle dotted
i-Sbout among the dykes. Mr. Wilson
tells us that the Drainage Commie
sion of Lulu Island have cut dykes
across the island at intervals of one
mile. These dykes discharge th-cir
drain water into the Gulf when the
tide is at the ebb, At Inch tide, tbc
dykegates automatically close, and
store tbe drainage water until the
next I'lih tile opens the dyke gates
again. Al rare Intervals ... droughl
the dyke ran*- are kepi closed and
their stored water is forced hack by
sun-irrigation  to the lands again.
Mr. Wilson's _."' a'*res have been
drained hy him hy means ol mould
drains at Intervals m l'i feel apart,
winch fall nun a central drain leading to the main dyke. 'I'he soil re
claimed by this drainage system is a
Btifl clay and, though yielding good
fruits,   is  stun-,   like  all  lands    which     _^^^_^^_^^^_^^__
have   hcen   watei -li.gg-ed. .,      ., ,,  .„
, No.  2 arrives  at 11:40 u.m
Mr.  \\i sun purchases   arge timinti-; „, ...    , .   ,
1 at 12 o clock noon.
Mi*s of slacked lime Irom the builders
Barrels  ol  this  lime,   which lias  heen
spoilt     for    building   purposes,    may
South train leaves Revolstoke
No.  li arrives at  li a.m.,  leaves at
6:20 a.m.
No.  1  arrives  at 8:16  p.m.,    loaves
at. 3:35 p.m.
No.   li),   Seattle
1:35 p.m.,
train, arrlvi
leaves at 4:45  p.m.
No.  14,
7:15 a.m.,
Seattle  train,  arrivea
leaves 7:35 a.m.
No. 4  arrives at 12:45
at  12:55 a.m.
Revelstoke Plumbing, Heating & Sheet Metal Co.
Estimates given (or Sanitary work, Blectric Lighting, Hut
Air. Water, Steam Heating and all kinds of  Sheet  Metal
Baths, Lavatories, Water Closets, etc.
Prompt attention given to all orders.
See Our Show Room on Connaught Avenue
rin.in- N*
Uox 4H1
Have the Best!     It Pays!
You can get the best of
Everything in the line of
At the Reliable Headquarters
Kiel ylimly knows Iiim, be will
tell yuu thai ilie whiskeys wears
ti liinn are the liest. Call mnl be
convinced. No household ibould
Le without a supply o! i ni Harvey's Epecinl Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapin Liqueur Brandy, guarantied
:)HyeaiH old or Blackberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes, Our stork
nf choice Winessnd Liquors of all
kinils mc unexcelled.      Wold by all
tlie leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Dealers In rum Wines, Liquors, Cigars nnd Cignroltos
trom time to time he cheaply acquit- !
ed. The lime is lavishly used on the
droppings board ami in the houses,
and then swept out to manure the
land. We believe that a large measure of the sticce*-* which Mr. Wilson
has had with his chickens is trace -
nhle to this persistent limine of the
soils. The action of the weather
would convert this lime into a car -
bonate ami render it available ns sur
face, crit for the chicks, and at bhe
same time the lime will gradually
s-.veetentlie soil and counteract its
acidity. Bo far as mir experience has
yet gone, there seems to ho ■*, concensus uf opinion that lime and basic
slag are the manures urgently needed in this district. The connection
between lime and the vitality of an
animal appears to have heen demonstrated hy experiments conducted by
ri.*lessor Graham nnd others, and
the writer's experience endorses their
Another advantage, tine to ihe kco-
graphical position of the ranch, is
that Mr. Wilson is ahle to get clam
shells In hulk from the Gulf Islands,
at a very cheap rate, about 25 cents
a sack.
The brooder house is ol simply con
strtiction. the walls made ol 12 in. x
lin. planks, with strips nailed over
the joints. Mr. Wilson dues nut he -
lieve tbat chicks require special
warmth iu the huiise, outside the j
brooder itself. If the latter is well
warmed .md the chick knows lis way
there, he thinks that artificial heal
in other parts of the house is un
necessary. Km* this reason, he Is opposed to locating the furnace on the
ground level, so that the outflow boi
watei pipe bas to l.c carried several
feet above thc ground level and only
uasses through the brooders. Uy
sinking the furnace so that the .op
is about level with the floor, he is
aide to carry the outflow pipe thru'
thc brooders, as well as the return
pipe .thereby concentrating the heal
of the whole furnace in the brooders.
To prevent excessive variations uf
temperature in the water, he uses
damp sawdust to bank the coal in
the furnace. The broodet house is
100   feet   long,   and   contains  nineteen
i irs, .i feet long hy 2 feet wide.
The brooder is constructed of wooden partition) and a solid hack wua
a movable top. Tbe inside runs aie
j feet wide and :l feet lone, giving I.i
square teet to each bmoder of LOO
chicks. I."* iMii-.de runs are .'. (eel
■*,*. ide by .'m leei lung. These tlimeus
Ions   arc   generous,   and   we   have    al
»aj«    strongly     urged that  b Jei
houses should be constructed to glvo
ample scratching romii inside and
out. As may be gathered from the
*.-. Mi Wilson does not he
lieve in the "cool brooder."
Tin* methods uf feeding arc simple.
.\ .liv m.i ii *.: bran antl crushed oats
,.-, aiway before the birds. No meat
■crap is given,  i"*t  fresh cut   green
I*, n    is led toui   i .lues a week  Sprout
end   wheal   ale   given   daily,
i i  .  they arc soaked
lor six ui seven hours, then placed
in barrels t" heat and flnallj spread
out .ii trays in a warm place, such
as the im ii.e *■ iml .■' the brooder
house.   The ited    oata   furnlBh
7:35 a.m., arriving hack at 4:15
connecting here with No. 13.
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 sUjIch,
nterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Hoi
4. No. of box will also be shown
n  indicator at Firo Hall.
Box No. 14—Corner First street
.nd McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume
& Co.
Box No. 15—Corner First street
ml  Rokeby  avenue,  post olBce.
Box   No.   16—Corner   Second   street
and Government Road and
Box  No.  17—Oorner Third
nl   Campbell  avenue,   Globe
or company.
Box No. 18—C.P.R.  station.
Box No. 24—Corner Fifth Btreet
nd McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25—Corner Sixth street
nd Orton avenue,  W.  A.  Foote.
Box No. 26—Corner Fourth street
nd Townley street, corner so'itb
Box No.  28—Corner  Second    street
ud Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 84—Fire Hall No. 2.
Box  No.  35—Hospital.
!    Uox No.   36—School.
!    Box No. 44-Flre Hall No.  1.
j   Box     No.  45—Front street      west,
ear O. P. R. bridge.
Box    No.    46—Corner    King      and
iiiiigliis streets, Palace Meat Market.
Box  No.   47—Corner   Second       and
Vales  streets,  back of court house.
Box No.    48—Corner   Third     and
'has. streets, Cowan block,
bipnal  for practice—not less  tnaa
lx  (6) slow strokes.
Gne  (1)  indicates line brok-an
re out.
IM. C. A. Notes
Our Saturday afternoon gym class
for the ladies is now going on, and
th.- ladies are requested to have 211
names in the hands of thc physical
director by Saturday next at the latest, as it will determine whether tin*
class will be continued or not.
Boys—don't forget the Bible I'las-
tiiiui.nuw morning at io o'clock.
Those Interested in basket ball
Bhould at uiu.* enrol themselves in
nn* Intermediate gym class, so as to
(unu   a   basket   hull   league.
The Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Have a very fine assortment of FRUIT TREES
((mamental and Shade Trees and Shrubs
green !* >od, an I
Budded   Stock
All trees offen
a   Specialty
\ ui -sei ies
d for sale are grown in our ow n
mi the Coldstream  Estate
V. D. Curry, Geo. Matheson,
General Agent, Local Agent,     |
Vernon, B, C, hettlstoke, B, C brtedim p*m> »re 10 feet tjuure, witi»
uge quantities of
cabbage are led. '1 bo alternating run
Bystem is used, one run at the hark
of the bouse being used while that
at the front is turned over and  own
I aliuiitthrce  t nies   in  the  seaiiuu,   i.e.,
the birds are tinned  Into a flesh run
lhal number ol times.
The f"« i bousos are bull! on the
!• in. ..n 1 divided into
breeding pens by partitions to bold
one male bird and 12 to IS hens.
i are built to give greal
.i   warmth  than  the  ii let house.
ti,.. *.. ..     .1    i   ible boarded,   with
i.ii  papei   between      Tb • llool       aw
in I      i .nee I     w.ii    nil    the
ground,  litter being  put  in tin*   pa<M
between  th sting  boards at the
hack an J the front of the house. The
"l-'ive years sg", I was taken down
with what the doctors called Inflammation ol thc lllatid'r intense pnitis
in ihe back nnil loins, .uul difficulty In
urinating, and the attacks, which
became more frequent, amounted tu
unbearable Bgony. I became so weal,
that I could HOI walk acroU the Hour.
Mv   wife   trail   ill   lhe    papers  abtnlt
• '.IN PILLS snd sent for a box, Prom
the very first, 1 felt that GIN I'lI.I.S
were doing nic good. The pain was
relieved at once, and tlie attacks were
less frequent.
ln six weeks, the Stone In the
l'.l.iddcr came away. When I recall
how I suffered and how now I sm
healthy ainl aide to work, I cannot
express uivself strongly enough when 1
HH-akof what GIN Pl I.LS have dune fur
me", JOhN HERMAN, Hamilton, Onl.
Regular size, 506, a box, f> for fa,jo
—at all dealers. Yuu can try them lire
by writing for a free sample to National
Drug -S: Chemical l'o. of Canada,
Limited,  Kept, W    Toronto. 88
Twenty sis enrolled in the Senior
ela.-s, but yet there Is room for inure
t'unie In men and enjoy yourselves,
Th,*. Min's Meeting tomorrow after
noon will he held 111 the gym. The
speaker, Uev. J, \\. Stevenson, will
take ns his subject, "Antidote to
Cure Many Ills." Kvery man wel
come.   Time—3*:4S  lo 4:46.
0IU1NKKNNK-..S   CAN    BE   Cl Itl-.D.
Old Fallacy Thai Drunkenness Cuimot
Be Cured Exploded,
Many men drink whn desire to stop
the habit. Whisky, however, has undermined the constitution and created
a craving that Is nut in In- denied,
and the man must have whisky or
something that will remove the craving umi build up the sysiem and restore the nerves.
Samaria Prescription stops the craving. Bteadlea thc nerves, builds 1111 ihe
general health and makes drink actually distasleliil and nauseous. li is
lastcless and odorless, and can he j;l\ -
en with or without the patient's
knowledge., In toa, coffee or food. II
is used regularly by Physicians and
Hospitals. It has curctl thousands in
Canada, and resiored happiness to
iiuntlreds  of  homes,
Road   whal    Mrs.   Q. .   of    Hull,
says of lt and what it did  for her:
"It Is tour months today sine. I
ittaried tn use your Remedy 1 followed the directions, and hail lhe lies! of
insults. One week after I started ua
itik your Itemed*, the palient .stopped
drinking, and lias not drunk a ffia*a
i.f liquor since. 1 hope you will accept
my heartfelt lhanka. Hoping .*■ 1 wll]
bleas your Remedy whenever tried. I
remain. 4
Mra.  0 .  Hull,   Qua.
(Name   withheld   by  request.)
Now, If there la anyone in yonr
town who needs this Remedy, tell
them of lt. Practical philanthropy
ran take no better form. If you hnve
a husband, father, brother or friend
who drinks, help them help them-
selves.     Write   to-day.
marts, with Booklet civlng full par-
ttrtilara, directions, testimonials,
price, etc., will be sent In a plain sealed package to anyone mentioning this
paper. Correspondence sacredly confidential.    The trial package alone has
confidential. Write to-day. The Samaria Remedy Co., Dcpt. 46-49, Ool-
borne St., Toronto, Canada. Also
for Sale by C. R. Macdonald, Druggist,  Revelstoke, B.  C.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
lirst day ol December DOS!, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provlnolal l'ulice for
renewal of the hoiel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Glacier House, situat at Glacier, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 28th day of September,
1911. 3Uds.
Canadian  Pacific   Railwn.,   1'ompany,
We carry a complete slock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged   and Improved.     Kind-Class in every reap-pct.     All modern t-unTenleni'M
I.arm; .Sample Rooms.
Rat.o $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably furnished with th? choicest the
market affords. Bust Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
Half a Block East of McKenzie
I-'or Terms and Particulars applj
D.    R.    McKENZIE
Wood for Sale
First class wood, any desired length and in any quantity can be had by leavinp
an order at S. McMahon's
blacksmith shop.
Phone No. 87
Christmas in   Coming   Muke   glad
iiim    hearts ol ymir Iriendi willi    a
mei- photo ul yourself, taken b)
Tuiiini'i .uul Thorpe, at the Into R.
11 Trueman'i Btudlo. Wt are doing
tht   latest styles, 2t.
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H.  MANNING,   Agent.
W. Parry
Starting Sat (Jet. llth and every
Saturday and Monday
Watches, Jewelry, eto.
Ladies' Tailoring
Fit  Guaranteed
Hand-Painted Cups, Saucers
Fine Japan China Tea Sets
1 ipposite Centre! Hutel
Rhode Island Red Chickens
F. G. Buff Lephoi n
Parred Plymouth Rods.
Pekin Ducks
Endden Geese
Young and old stock at reasonable prices.
Write or Phone to
Mw Gro/e Poultry Farm
MRS. U. A. L'I Pin;.
Revelstoke. B. C, Phone 212
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Piro
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   RevelBtoke
rTz. ;crawford
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexlume  Electric
Realdbnop Oor. Hnl St. and Rnb«nn » k*
Shop in Alley back of E. J. nounie's
Store, l'irst Street
A Km 1 1 HKAli, B. C.
Special Altoiition (liven to cotnmerrlal
men antl touriata. Kirst-claHs nample
roomi". Kine.t neenery in Hritieh Coluiii-
bia, overlooking I'pper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
It will pay you to
make a call at,
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr mit-
lit nf working cli'llie*.
for the bush. I nulie a
specialty nl Logging
Slinev, Pauls Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required Inyour business,
14 Villa Lots
Close to Revelstoke
From 1 to / Acres Each
Very Suitable for Market
Gardening.    This proper-
is   cleared.      For  Prices
and Terms apply to
Real estate and Insuranoe
Corner McKenzie Ava. and 2nd St.
Lessons in Painting and Drawing
Oils and Water Colors
Miss Wrigley, holilrr of Stuuli Kensington (Kngland) An Master's ti-rtili-
lute, t'.rtmp I. Kirst-Class -t eililicales
lor sun Life 1'aiuiiiiK. Ornament Painting 111 monochrome (oils); drawing trom
the Antique; Modelling in * lay tri-m the
Winnei **i National liuuU I'ii/.-***. lur
Interior 111 Oils and Figure in Oils.
A class fonnini; for junior pupils on
Saturday atternoon.
I'or terms apply to
Care Mrs. Haggen.
Fruit Lands
(inlona liny lnmls in parcele ol
111 or 'JO BOTH or 111 liloc. Corref-
pondenoe invited,
John Shaw. Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Keveltitoke l.und District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat James A. Shields,
ol Revelstoke, British Columbia,    occupation,   I'acker,   .ntemU   to    apply
I Ior permission to purcuase the follow
ni-' described lands.
Commencing at a pnst plantud at
tbe South Went Corner of Lot 2773,
Group 1, West Kootenay District, B.
('.. and marked "James A. Shields'
South East Corner PoBt," thence
west about twenty chains more or
less to the south-east corner ol Lot
2712, Group 1, tbence north 40 cbains
thence east 20 cbains more or less to
the north-west corner ol Lot 21TS.
thentte south I" cbains tn point o!
rommenoement, and containing 80
acres more or less.
Dated  August 29th,   lull.
Andi.w   Kitsoii,  Agent.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
Packed In
OO*  a pound
In  -c-nmmein-.rvicifc   t,l  tlie alternation   cf
Kmc *.t irgs \\'  Moffwayt" bavt; iiuton tlie
mm.i* -   n iti    1 imi ul a mti**t Plitufc*.*]'!.:
-•   ■ ...eilrt.im, be-trinr excel lei 1 i*ortr»n*,
of King UeoHie Y.yueea Mary an't tbt Prii
of Wnlc-S.    Special \>iinr', I:*' -* tn   i. .!. -m;i    I
reprcseaUpfl Canada, India, Africa. Australia
u.i I •*.>■** •tl;.*.-t
I inly a ITmited number h»Vf Iftta lopoitcd.
l'nrc'«M>. 1 *. • ■   i* ui .1 Inu,
At It.-i M.»i...
  I Electric Restorer for Men
1 Phosphonol '«'°r« every serve In tlie hodj
I r t" III proper tensitin ; rctlmt*
~~ rim tod vttllltr.   I'renintiire fit" at mil » I .r\jii
iwukntst avirted at once.    rho-tphoaM willi
_ _.       _ mikt jnn a new man.   1'iice i9a boi ot too Inr
P. 0. Box 31, REVBlstokBl^^sSS&t;^:"-'
kfetaa - WEDNESDAY, NOV   22nd, 1911.
WKDXKSDAY,  NOV.  22nd,  1911.
Revelstoke Laud DiBtrict.
District  ut  West Kooteuay.
Tauc uotice that 1 Edward Kusbell
Vipond, oi Nakusp, B, C, occupation
i nt actor, intends to apply lor permission to purchase ths [ollowing de
seii ed ..tads.
• num ng at .1 post planted tu
cha.:.-   - .  N.  K. Corner uf T.L.
11274 ' ■*..*. iouth 80 chains, thence
eats! abo It 20 chains, tu Arrow Lake
tbence north along Lake about -hi
chains, tbence weat about 2 chains to
ol commencement, containing
about  100 acres,  mure or less.
Dated Sei tember 13,  tail.
Se) t   -' I—Nov. 22.
Revelst ■ • Lai . I . •
.• . of V, ■.-' Kot
rake    *  il i m .    i,
.   ■*;*..:    i■!   Nakusp.
- .:  Ck
** t ipal   m loreman,     Intends   o ap
pei mi -.Mt.  to    purch isi   the
:-■■   i Ibed   i.tltUs:
Commencing at a post planted l..*'
chains -mii:. ol N. !'•■ Oornw of T.L
11274, thence south St) cbahw, theucv
east about 30 chains to Anow Lake
■ *.*■:;!■• . .rth al <ng Laki about b *
b, tbeni e west bout 20 i halm
tu point ..ii commencement, contain
ing about  - U aero    more or le.-.s.
Date .  Septeml ■ i   13,   1911.
iep.23-No.22'       E.R   Vlpond, Agent.
in the County Court of West Kootenay, hoiden in RevelBtoke, In the
.Mattel   uf  the "Plans  Cancellation
Act,"   1	
In the Matter ol John Andrew Mara
to cancel I'lan   C49A lilcil iu the Lund
Registry Ollice at the City ot Nelson, ISA.'.
To All Whom it  Muy Concern,
Notice is hereby given that thf
petition Ol John Andrew Mara datod
the 2Sth day of October, 1911, tor au
order cancelling and annuling and
iimeudiug all thut portion oi map or
plan 649A, Block A, Kevelstoke, described as follows:
Commencing at a point opposite to
the West skit- ul Kootonay street and
tbe South s-itk* tif Douglas street, and
running along the South Hide 130 feet
ul I'uuglns stn-ct 492.32 feet to u
posl south ol tbe centre of Block ii
Plan r.-l'.i, thence in u southerly tlir
lotion 125.48 feet to a post on the
bank ol tbe Columbia River, bhenco
.ii a westerly course i.21 feet, thence
Northerly in. leet to the South Kast
orly boundary ol Canadian Pacific
Uailway     Company  parcel  5,  thonce
i* icily i.7 leet to tho Easterly end
.I Canadian facitlc Railway Com
it.*f ** purcsl 5, thenco In a Northerly
din .nn along the cast end ol Can
adlan I'acilic Railway Company puree '.37 feet, theuce Northerly 21)
feet to the puint of commencameai
ii Douglas street, will he heard be
..ire His Honor Judge Porta at tbo
Court House iu the City of Revelstoke, British Columbia, ou Thursday the 7th day of December, A.I).,
191*1, at the hour ol 10:3U o'clock in
the fore-noon or so soon thereafter
as the application can be heard.
Dated at Revelstoke, B.C., this 10th
November,  A.D.,  1911.
Solicitor  for John  Andrew  Mara
Br advie«   ■ Fractional)   L.    H.   an
Indiana  Mineial  Claims,  situate      iu
tbe  Trout   l.ase  Mining   Division    o.
West  Kootenay District.
i\:...-   located:—On  Oreat   Northern
Mo iut
TAKE    NOTICE   tbat   I,  O.  B.   N.
Wiikit, acting as agent for the Ohio
Mines      Development      Co.,   Limited,
Free     Minor's     Certificate   Numnbei
12    li      ll tend,   sixty      days       li.nn 	
ito hereof,  to apply  to  the Mining|In ,lK Matter o( the Kstllte uf Loula
Recor-Jer   Ior a     Certificate  of    tm Soderman, deceased.
urovemects,  (ot   the purpose of    o,t :    .. ,., .     . ..        ,,
Notice    is    hereby given    that all
taining  u   Crown  tit ant   ol  the alm.e     „   ,  , ,   .
creditors   uud   others having    claim,
against    the    Estate  of    Louis  Sod-
cnnaii,  late uf     Arrowhead,    B.    C
leceased,  who died at Arrowhead,  B.
''.. on oi about the 9th day uf July,
.'Ml,   are   requested   to send   to   the
I undersigned,      Solicitors   lur    August
I'et.-istin  and   Herman   Carlson.      Kx-
■cutors     ..f the last Will uf sa.tl de-
■ctsed,      withiu    t,u    days from date,
uli   particulars  uf   their  claims, duly
• entied. ami thut after that date the
,  aid Executors    will proceed to   dis-
[   ribtite the sard estate amongst those
! -ntitled  thereto,   regard   being     had
inly  to  those claims  which  tbe said
Oxecutors    shnll   have  then  received
. I II.B
i*..i lurtbel  take notice that action
uuder section .17, muse be commenced
ire the issuance ol such Certilicate
: Improvements.
Dated    this   17th day of     August,
0. B.  N. WILKIE,
Trout Lake. B. C.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
ltn-.tr. |   ol  V.est  Kootenay.
Take     notice     that   1,  William  H. ;
Re  :.  uf Arrowhead,  B.   C ,  occupa - [
tion,   merchant,  intends  to  apply  I"!
I.-' tu.ssion  lo purcbase   the  following : notice
ibed   lauds.
Commencing at a post planted     al
Angus    McKay's  South  West Corner
1 n-t,   Lot   501,  au.l running north  It.
Dence   west   10  chalas, thcuc;
.;'.      i"   chains,     tbence east    I
tn   point  *>•  t*i*iiiin tiiviuMiii.
nl . .     .-.  more  or  less
.   A . ;ust  -mI'*1.   1911.
fflLLIAM   R.  REID.
-  Inai District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Charles Stadler
Sakusp,  B.  C, occupation Loger,
apply  foi   permission    to
-  *  ta towing described lands
ing  at a   port  planted    a'
t".  North East Corner o! T.L. 41274.
.. chains,     thence east
: i   bains to Arrow Lake, thenco
.  Arrpw Lake to point of   com-
mtaining  40 acres more
-  !   m{   ;-,th,  1911.
E. R, Vipond. Agent
,   ,it i:
-   ■ ,.•,.   . ind  Dial
i       V,e»t Kout'iia...
notice that I, B. R. H
i:     Istoke, U   C,     ■     ip il ion
end t
t,   |      base tbe I Uo* log      I
Comme *  .    t plauted   atj
•  .   * .ii i  sl  :   '   * ■
.    ,.    4 B. R.   Beyi ol u
ffeat   Cornet   P0«t,   rbe-nre  east       SO I
Chains '    '* •   •   :'h We8t C°rnei
.j-    Li,   6143,   thence  soutfc   ibOUt
',.   tbe     Nortl.
Datod November 15th, 1911.
Harvey. McOartor un.l Pinkham,
;oliritors   for  August   Peterson    an.l
Herman   Carlson,   Executors of
the Last Will ..( Deceased    OOd.
Notice   is   hereby   given   thai
■ nd pursuant to the powers of    sale
ontained in a certain Mortgag
d 22nd  .March.  1902,  made  by Cbai
es Turnross to Lucy Law and by ber
issigned   to   Patrick   Burns   '■*
i are dated  2Mb  March,
ullei-ed for sale by  tender  Lot
iroup  (ine,   Kootenaj   D
.ml except  10 acres thereof compria
*. 1  in Certilicate of Title  So        ■"   I
the  Ian Is  ofleri .1  tor sa
about     150    f ■■ I    al *.   —".n.
n .it  Trout  Lake Citj   n the District
if   West   Kootenay.
Tenders      addn
signed  Solicitors  toi
J'atncii   Hums,   will    -
md ii.d id-tag tne J.'.th   :..
ber,  1911.
Terms of sale  cash.
Dated      litis  .lid  day  ol  V
1911, at Revelatoke, B.O
Harvey.  MeCarter ami  Pinkham
Solictors for  Patrick  Burns,
M     gagee
E ist Ooil
tit in e along  line ot    Lot
chains,      west  10 chains
and 'iH chains
weat   to    the
i4l  torty
-.j,   ,„.  _.,-   chains west  to    line Ol
..   .   theh.« "lOTK line of 1
10    tains
i   * bain
-)rlt.     west     Corner,  *V>.'DC'   ""rt"
. ,    ....,* teet to Uu  pJ*<* !■■    c'"n-
* *.* -,     ,  ntalnlBt I'll'     -W8'
■   lei
Datod  - *'i tember 25th,  1311.
■ OWANIKH    KCT,     HO
Notice  ia  hi'reby  given  that   at the
,Munition      of one month  from    the
,.,v,     publiootk* hereof, the    RevelBtoke Agricultural    Society, Limited, i
intend  to apply ta  the  Registrar    of,
Joint Btock OoBpaeies to *"*•*■*  the undersigned.
name  of  the      C^pany  lo  ' Western
Turf   lesoclntioo,  United.
Batel  ,!, B l r.th  day  uf    Novenibcr.
;„n N.HJNU.
*.v   fi    ROBERTSON,
«ecrrtary oi «»-' 0V»»W'
hereby g   ca  that uuder
ie powi      i.   alt.    contained     In   *,
lortgagi   made  ny      Vlfoseo
'! i.t* i ana-dint Writ - -
md  Savings i ompaoy,
■'   'ur   iale   by   liubiie
*■   nterert of tbe Vtort -
tg Ul Maildaluni      in   I   I
Pour   I), ;n uiu.,. Numbered Twenty
.ine .-"*l .1*1     j to a plan of sub
*■'  pari     if Sect inns 11  and
" i. ...*, Range 2,  ffesi  ol
im*  S rth   Mei   (* in  tl tpos ted        Ih
t 1 an 1 id■..-!-'i v i .iii*.*    ,i   Molson    B
(     .ind   numbered 63*8A,  tm  which pro
*   . .;.  ,.'*'*cit-tl  ii  two  storey   trame
'«a^ri   i.n: ** v.    i, - ci mi,,in-:   'i
|WjH    be received '.i>  ti..* nnderalgne«i
*,- 1ih.'J including the I I* ■!.,;   *•'
Decembei',  J:"'*   *•«'   ""'  purobaje   ut
the right,  tn'> if mi interest, of   tip
said Alfonso Matlda'oUl I" V»m to
lbe liimls and premises "*liyv<> *o-
S'-ribod. i'or terms .'ml further ",,ir"
blculors applleadpn may be made to
iJateh   tin?  totli   day   .tf   ".'wvemliei,
lliii'.ty, Mn artei and Pinkham,
-J.ilicili.rs for the Canatliiiii HJrttb»ci.
Ijivctttmeiii   *   Savings Cuinpany.
Second Annual Exhibition
January 2nd, 3rd. 4th. 1912
lievelstoke Poultry and Pet Stock Association
11 K P I Cl V. It ,:
Hnn   Preslvlcnl
Vice President
Secretary Treasurer
II.   K.   McK,iiii.*ii
,1. .1. Devine
V,   Vi,   I am.'
It. M. Stny'h
Kxecutlvo Committee—K. Fleetham,    .lams
Mftthie, K. W. It.  Pajet.
Entries close Thursday,   December  2Mb,   lllll,
Local Exhibits must ba delivered at Drill Hall nol
lat.ci than ',1 p.m. Monday, January 1st, 1912; 1* \b.hits .'rom
outside points must be delivered as above not later thm
8 a.m. ol Tuesday, January 2nd,
Arrangements have been muda to take delivery ot and
care lor outside exhibits from the time tbey an ive ut Revelstoke Depot, and to return same to Kxpresu Company
at close of show. All entries are to he made on forms sup-
pi ioti fin- the purpose and should be forwarded to tne
Mecretary, Mr. R. M. Smythe, sons to reach him not lator
than  December 28th,  1911,
A full report of the show will appear in the lirst available   number ol the SucccssiUl  Poultryman.
\ competent attendant will be on duty to cun' tor and
feci stock while mtbe custody of the Exhibition Committed
hut the Society will not hol.i itself responsible tor nny
damages whilst  iu transit or whilst In  Exhibition  Building.
The Poultry Building is equipped with coops for the a.
commodation of exhibits.
No Exhibitor shall interfere Witli oi enter Into discussion or be allowed within the harriers with the judges
whilst they are engaged in their work. Any infringement ol
this rule will disqualify such Exhibitor and cause forfeiture
nf any premiums which may be awarded. Judges' decision
in all  cases shall  be  Until.
All birds must lie entered singly ns Cock, Hen, Cockerel
Pullet. Pen. Birds entered B.nglj may compete in breedli.g
pens, pens to consist of Three females and a male, if additional lee Is paid. This Exhibition will be judged by
-cm •  card.
The latest Revised American Standard ol perfection will
govern th*> Judges in all recognized varieties.
Judging will commence Tuesday. January 2nd, i.t 8p.m.
All l»ir,is noi 1" place at tbat time will be debarred from
competition, unless delayed in railway transit, proof of
which must be given to tb* Superintendent of tha
All exhibits must be the bona fide property of the Exhibitor at the time ol exhibiting.
All protests must be handed t.. the Secretarj In writing,
and must be accompanied by n deposit o.' Jfi.ou. If. after
i in.liter has been thoroughly investigated by tbe Executive Committee, the protest shall prove t.i be without gooJ
foundation the deposit shall  he forfeited.
Membership tickets entit.'e holdvr to free admission to
building and muy be Becured from the Committee.
Ul  bird    musi    *   proi   I      ritb  lea  bands showing ther
.      No     ' I*. " ■ ■*.isl ni-     mark   such   as     rih   ons
will  he allowed.    All  b marked   will have  Ic-  bands
I on them     j   the   -tssociation.   These will   be    .hire. 1
•    " ■  ■       *       ■    ■ ore the si eoitnens
• tt.* . ed.
Thn ti      iriag   rophies   ire the pi   pert of tha Revi Istoke
• ry and   Pet   Btock   \ -          * •■** :. as In licated.
be   mi*::* i ! *!  * !     ts
■ tnpetm : for both t     regu premiums with-
■':*.*'          - .-.Aaid   1   ..11
the I             *     *. - -i
ted hy Ci lalting  Co.
nd beat ow.     To  be
■ properl
*   I
Mt  male
• I      T
• *
ited h
.    V     I
• I . Ti
• ■
.I i       R      v     (.. i
in,• .'..       ' .1
,       Woi
.    i    '.i.ii. I        ■
t mes
* i* -
So.   13—t'ui ,'     •
Pullet,  W hlto mpete      r*.
No.   11   Cup  *l  'mi ,,
,.i.i      •  p -iff      e.        ....
*    ,      I- .:..-  Klii.inl :,*
• imI   ,, i r.iiiet   ii r;   unit i po he     in three
,S'o.  15 i In    IK    I.iii lun,ik , , :      .,
***w.     To be  whii lliree  tim,,.h
SPECIAL   I'lll.-*
II M'llKli   lltH'KS
ll       lit' ll     I 'mi!    .ill llll.       '    imin I *   il,       i        I .    ,   ,
II   ii   '  t'ocki-rnl ii  *i P i   l'   I*,   in ..,
i     P a.    llu      ii ,'.:   i n     |i|ili   in* • ..
111—Cock nnd 11-311.   W,  A,  Foote, two sacks wheat.
20—Cockerel  and Pullet.   A. Pradaloni,   1 sack hr. n.
21—Pen.    Armstrong & Co.,   prize,   value *J5.t:*i).
22—Cock an**l Hen.   li.A.  Lawson, 2 sacks carrots.
23   Cockerel  and Pullet.  T.Kilp.irrick.  special   prize.
value  $5.00.
:'i   Pen.   RevelBtoko Win.- ,y- Spirit Co, i ri/.c value ?5.
'    Cock   and   H.-n.   MeKinnon  and   Stithci'lund,   prisso,
value $5.IK*.
-..—-Cockerel an.l Pullet.    J.  Walker,  lms  Union Cigars.
27—Pen.    .1. Guy Barter,  i rize,  value So.CO.
28—Cock and Hen.   0.  W,  Bell,  I  sack shorts.
29—Cockerel and  Pullet.   Vi.  Bews,  prize  value Jo.lib.
3D—Pen.    A.   J.  McDonell,  prize,  value $3.00.
31—Cock  and  Hen.    It.M.   Smythe,   prize,  value $"i.i)0.
82—Cockerel  and  Pullet.   II.   MeKinnon, prize, value $5
.'ii-.—Pen.    Cutler   &   Stokes,   box   cigars,   value   $.1.00.
ill -Cock  antl   Hen.    E.I''.  Tucker,  six   photos.
3o—Cockerel und  Pullet.    McRae  Mercantile Co.,  Watch
36—Pen.   Vnncouver Province, year's subscription.
K. 1.  REDS, S. C.:-
37—Cock  and  Hen.    Mall-Herald,   prize,  value $5.00.
ilh—Cockerel  and  pullet. O.B.  Hum.* & Co. prize,  value
39—Pen.   J.J,  Devine,  pair trousers to o.der.
40—Cock and Hen. Heivl & Young, prize, vulue $.1.00.
II—Cockerel and Pullet. H. Manning, prize, value 85.
42—Pen.   c. R. Macdonald, prize, value $6,00,
•lo—Cock   and   Hen.    A.G.  Woodland,   1   sack wheat.
II  -Cockerel   and   Pullet.   Dr.   K.  II. S.   McLean,   prize,
value $.1.00.
15   Pen.    Wilson  Bros.,   prize,   value  $5.00.
Ili—Cock  and  Hen.   Bourne  Bros.,   prize,   value  $5.no.
47—Cockerel and Pullet.   G.8. MeCarter,  prize valuo$6.
48—-Pen.   McLennan,  prize,  value $5.00.
411—Cock  and  Hen.   P.  Levesque,  prize,  value $5.00.
.10—Cockerel and   Pullet.    Laughton  .t  Tapping,    prize,
vniue  $5.00.
.11—Pen.   A.  H.  Sing, box cigars.
.12—Cock and  Hen,   K.  Corning,  prize,  value $5.1)0.
58— Cockerel and  Pullet.   1). Gnllicano, box macaroni.
54—Pen*.   Abrahamson Bros., prize,  value $5.00.
55—Cock   and   lieu.    K.C.   Promey,  prize,   $2.00 cash.
...    Cockerel  and   Pullet.   R,   McDonald,   prize,  $2,011 cash
57—Pen.    F,   B.   Wells,   prize,   value $3.00.
.18—Cock  and  Hen.   Caley  Bros.,   prize,   value $5.00.
.1.1—Cockerel   and   Pullet.    K.   Burrldge   two   metal   feed
00—Pen.    H.   K.   R.  Smythe.   prize,   value  $.1.00.
BLACK   MINORCAS,   11.   C.:--
<U—Cock   and   Hen.    A.   Stone,   prize,   value $5.00.
1.2—Cockerel  and Pullet.  Lawrence  Hardware  Co.,   prize
value $5.00.
G3—Pen.    II.   liuelletto,   1  sack  shorts.
114—Cock and Hen.   A.  Hobson,  1  sack  Hour.
ii.l   Cockerel  and   Pullet.    K.   McLean,   1   sack  shorts.
Cli—Pen.   Dr.  Sutherland, special  prize.
87—Cock and Hen.   A.II.  McCleneghan, special prize $5.
OS—Cockerel  and  Pullet.  Mr.  Duck,  reading lamp.
o'J—Pen.    Mr.  Bingham,  speciul  prize.
70- Cock and Hen.   W, Bachelor,  prize, $3.00.
71— Cockerel  and      pullet.   Bent  &   Hutuphr.es,    feed
72-Pen.   J.  Mclntyre,  sack of wheat.
711—A.   li.  Kincaid, prize for best dozen  while  eggs.
74—Revelstoke      Meat   Market,  50 lbs.  Uiven  UlUj for best
tlt-zen  brown  eggs.
75—R.  (Jordon, special prize for hest pair of Geese.
?6—Mayor  Hamilton,  $l(;.nn  cash  prize for largest and  best
display  In the whole show.
77— V.   M.   Gibson,   $6*.00   prize   for   hest  displny   In  American
Class, winner of $10.ou prize not to compete,
Entry  Fee:—Single Birds.  2."*.   Pen,  $1.00.
PREMIUMS—Under 5 entries. 1st prize $1.00, 2nd 60c. 3rd
26c. Five entries or over, 1st, $1.50; 2nd, $1.00; 3rd' 50c
Ten entries or over, 1st, $2.50; 2nd, M.00; 3rd, $1.00.
Breeding  Pens—lat,  prize,  $3.00;  2nd,  $2.00; 3rd,  $1.00.
t—Americans: —
Plymouth   Ro. ks—Barred,   White  and  Buff.
Wyandottes—Silver,  White,  Bull,  Black,    Golden.  Partridge,  Columbian,
■lavas—Black,  A.  0.  V.
R.   1.   Reds—Single and  Rose  Comb.
2— Asiatics:—
Brahma—Lighl and Dark.
Cochins—Bufl and A. O.  V.
L.'ingshaus—White and  Black.
3   Me Uterrancan:—
Leghorns—Bufl, White and Brown, iH.c. and H.C.J
Mumici..    Whil** an.l   Black.  (8.  C.  and   ll.   C.)
t     Kn;l    '
i* ii bum.   i olorcd,  A.  ii.   v*.
1 n pingtons   iiuii, white, iind Black,
Red ''ni*
3    Poll li
*   i rested, Blui k, A   u.  V.
i i.iiiii.in. ■
• !   Jilvei   Spangled, Goldon   and   Silver   Pen
riled,  Black
La  l-'leclif in I  |i'a\ ,'icles.
■. .in * *
SKI ONU   |>|\ I8I0N
No Pen   Piligos   \w.ii i. i.
liny   variety,   .Male,   Female,
i' ij   variety,  Male,  Female
'    ■     ' \n\     i illicit ,    Male.    p. lit.il,
KJntry Fee 26 ccnl
"''       '''•   '   Collection,    Anj   variety.    \„t  |CIM  than
'  i" ■"'   I' 50; 2n I, $I.<H>,   Ten bud* or ovei       •    i 1,6     Imi, JI :.u
1 ■*  '   ' '"'!'■ Won    Am*   variety,   Noi   leas  than
'  I'' •"   H.60; 2nd prize, $1,00,     Ten birds
ivei    Isl  nt I.*.    . ■ so;   >nd price, $1.60.
H   ' oiu,.*.    Bert Colli timi    Ni.i less than four bud*.. 1st,
'" * P la    U 00    Ten Wrd« or over 12.50:
2dt iu-izm, ii.so
P   lim ns *  Company  donates bam for sandwiches (or
*    I Hi ,    men
The s*ar theatre attends n free Invitation to all vl II
tit Poultrj  in-ii
1      ii* I  ultry   Issooiqtlofl wishes to thank thi
men iiaiit.. ami other*, «h.i so liberally contributed t.i the
above prize Hpt,
IWI forget the .lute. .laiiHiiiy 2nd, *:i'd ninl ith. 1912,
it ih* Drill Mull. Admission V; tot adUite; 16c. foi
bhlldrcu 'imi'i   i* years pl age; U\lrlbltori free.
Corporation of the (lity of
Notice Re Sewers
Whereas tinder tbe "Local Improvement Sewage Assessment By-law No.
11)0, P.I0T" provision was made for
the construction ol a system of sewers in tbe City ot Hcvelfitokc, tbe
funds therefore to be provided hy
special rate of frontage tax levied
equally upon the land or real property and portions of same in or on
or frontini; or abutting upon the
streets and lanes immediately bone-
lltcd  hy tbe said  works.
And whereas the said By-law has
licen acted upon by thc construction
in part of the works therein provided
And whereas the Council deems it
inadvisable to complete said works
as originally provided for and contemplated hy said By-law and have
determined to amend said By-law and
to cause a readjustment of assessments to bc made upon tho lands or
real property and portions thereof
immediately benefited by the said
works  so carried  out  iu  part.
NOTICK is therefore hereby given
that a statement showing tbe lauds
or real property and portions thereof liable to and proposed to be specially assessed under thc said readjustment and the names ot the own
ers thereof bo fnr as thc same can
he ascertained from tbe last revised
assessment roll and otherwise is now
on tile in the Ollice of the City Olerk
and is oiwmi for inspection during of-
lice hours.
A sitiini; of the Court of Revision
will be held on the 12th day of December, p.ni, ai the hour of s o'clock
in the afternoon at the City uHnll,
in the Oity of Revelstoke, to heui'
and determine anv complaints or appeals against the proposed readjusted assessments or accuracy of frontage measurements or any other complaint wliicb tbe persons interested
may desire to make and which is by
law cognizable by the Court.
All notices of appeal shall be served on the Clerk of the Municipal
Council at least eight days prior to
such Court of Revision.
Dated the 17th day of November,
191*1. t.d.
Oity Clerk.
lievelstoke  Laml   District.
District of  West   Kootonay,
Take notice that I, Hugo Koch, ot
Vancouver, B.C., occupation, traveler
intend to apply tor permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
about three-quarters of a mile north
ot Lot 8110 on Arrow Lakes running
west 40 cbains, thence north 40 chains
thenee east III chains, thence south
10 ehuins along the Lake shore to
point of commencement and containing three hundred and twenty acres,
more or less.
Dnted November ith, 1911.
NMSJ.Ift per W. Ogilive Agent
In the Mntter ol all Application for
the issue of a duplicate Certificate ot
Titlo to Lot HI, Block 21, being part
of Section 27 and HI. Township 23,
Range 2, West of the tth Meridian,
Town  ol  Hevelstoke,  Map C36A.
Notioe is hereby given that it ia my
intention to issue at the expiration
..f one month after the first publication hereof a duplicute of thc Ccr-
Hticatc of Title to the above mentioned lot In the name of Frodcricka
I'iede, which Certilicate is dated the
Itih day of October, 190(1, and numbered   61114 A.
Datod tbis Uth day ol November,
1911, NelBon  B.O,
SAMUEL ll. 11015,
District Registrar.
Hevelstoke Land District.
DlltriCt ot  West  Kootenay,
Take notice that I, JohO A. StuilC
if lievelstoke. British Columbia, occupation hotel-keeper, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands.
Commencing at a punt planted at
the North West Corner ot land applied tor to be purchased by W. B.
Robertson and Marked "John A.
Stone's H.W. Comer," thenee north
forty chains, thence eaot forty chnins
thenee south forty chains, thence
•vest forty chains to the point of
commencement ami containing one
hundred uud sixty acres more or
Dated ITth October, 1911.
Vet  James A.  Shields,  Ageut. WEDNESDAY,   NOV.   22nd,   1911.
WEDNESDAY,  NOV.   22nd,  1911.
in *4&qpi
581" 8
is Now On
Do you realize what it means to a City to have thousands of Steadily
employed men supporting it. It means, as has been demonstrated in other
places, the establishing of Retail Stores, Banks, Offices, Schools, Public
Buildings and Public Utilities. The C P. R. Shops will employ over 2,000
men. The C. N. R. are also putting in Shops, and the G. T. P., which runs by
our property, has secured a Terminal Site nearby. In addition to these,
large manufacturing plants have purchased sites in the locality, which
means that an industrial city of at least 12;000 will soon be established.
We are sole agents tor two Blocks in Calgary Junction Division adjoining this great Industrial Centre,* only one block
trom proposed Street Car Line; every lot high, dry and level,
and every agreement bears a straight guarantee trom the
owner that if vou cannot dispose of your lots at an increased
price within 12 months ho will gladly refund all money paid
if so desired.
Price While They Last
$125 A LOT
Terms Easy. Small Payments Down
Balance To Extend Over 18 Months
J. B. Watson Realty Company
E. C. FOLEY, Manager.
McKenzie Avenue
■iHHIHBHBB WEDNESDAY, NOV,  23nd,   1911.
WEDNESDAY,  NOV.  22nd, 1011.
N.**'.eml  i  23—J*iiu P. Clum, Licin
an; * ictures, thro igl   Ual
lornia    At   K lison theatre.
Novembei   24— .Vmntcur Vaudeville ioi'
* :.* *.-    I  H .-.;*.t.tl.   Bdison theati a
Ml : and     Concei i  Co.,
John's church.     Al
:. theatre,
Nov. 30—Marlt Hamburg the groat
Russian Pianist, at the Bdison
lii'iu. expectations Unit bad been
formed, yel il has liwu suhstiiutinl,
. ,i l encouraging. You will be pleased to know thai the revenues (or the
i mit *iit fiscal year have, up to the
pres ut, largely e\ce«de>d those at any
similar period in the past with every
prospect that Hi" increase will be
"Tlir advantages tbat   would result
i   in  ,i   wider MXfli iii.;i*  nf    products
between  the  various countries of  bhe
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Empire nre undoubted in  view of the
Ottawa,   Nov.   it—The  following  is wonderful variety an-d extent ot those
tbe speech   trom  tho  throne  as read  productions,  an.l    iie,wl,iations    have
Duke of Connaught in Spiech
traai Krone Expe.e; His
Sal s acticn
by  His  Royal   Highness   the Duke of
j Ccnnnugivt in    tbe    Sen ite   chamber
been opened with the British West In
is iiii.l Uritish  (iiunnti which should
■*. Liiin...,;.!.. ...    .u.i    ..*-...-.■>-       prove advantaeeouB to those, colonies
Decemb" '     "        ■'"U, 'f tU  l  this afternoon as well as to tins  ninion.
.:  .-      Brigade No. 1,   in „.,,.,    .„,-,    iPPT-nni.TTIRB
, "Honorable Ikntlemen of the Senate HIGHWAYS   anu    AGRICULTURE.
-   v.    ■        Great    Minstrel
...   Band, at the Bdlsou
-    Pollard's  UlliputiaiiE
iu    Edison theatre.
High  School  entei
■ii m    *■' I -.a theatre
Dec. 18- C.P, Walker presents tbe Wm
anj  In the Rivals, .it ti
n  theatre.
Jan. :      I.   ■>.    '*''
. ...   •
,-;,,*,*!*!     Alum      ^^^^^^^
,*» held   .a    Drill   portent   ilutli
in nppronch
(fcntlemen  o! the    House of   Com
"it   is with  much satisfaction thai
l  moot,  for  the first  time, the Par
liiiment   oi   Ci.a.i.la   nn.l   avail   myself
*.i  your ndvice an.l assistance  in  the
lultillmenl   nl     Hie Important charge
which  hn ■    lx * ii  entrusted t<i  me  by
lh    Vln*■• tj  the King.
"I can n -ui m yuu that I   esteem II
in **■ I...'.-  tn in* called  upon tt. ud
minister  tbe  nilairs uf  this prospei
i   und  growing Dominion    aud    to
issocintc  mys-alf with  you  in thc im
which  you  are aln.ui
ll     alUu'ils    iiim  "rent
The importance of providing our
country with better highways is
manifest. A hill will he Introduced
tor Hi.* purpose of enabling tbe Do
minit ii in co operate with the provinces in Him accomplishment ol this
tl, s,i*.ilil-   object,
"li is i* -■ ni i.ii to recognize thai In
*, i*. .mmi., possessing so great an area
ol  fertile   land  as  ih.i'   with    which
I]       li'iiii i   is   happily    endowed,
real   l.a-ie  Industry   is agrlcul
My    advisers    are    convinced
ih.it  the time has come when greater
.n-i  .nal  encourngemeni    should     in'
-.-.in   I,,  those  whu  are  engaged    in
Ian. -■ .i a
ilee  Singi thi   best enl
ured i *     *   "ii  the  road.
:i  theatre.
pleasure  to   congratulate   you    upon   ,*„, cultivation ol the land.   To this
the t'.iiitiiini .1  an.l     increasing  pr
perity  uf      th,-    country,   our  trade,
i ,,11,      .titli   Uritish  ami   with   fuieiitn
' i*,.;:iitr,i-s   is   in|ii*illy   exi'nnilmi:      an*l
February   •   E e, tl  Kemp,  imperson   there  is every  prospect  that,     both
, St. John's church   In  volume,   the  trade oi  the  present
Feb.    -     i h     Castlesquare  Enter
- in huh class concert at th.*
HI- hi theatre.
\; :.      'n.t*  Royal Malt-   Quartette
es  ■■:  ss.  John's church,    n
the Edison theatre.
•i,.    given by  tin* l.u I
Guild  of St.  Peter's church  ,.n Tn
year wll!  i.,* largely  in excess of that
attain 'tl   at   any   1 iln,'   in   the  past.
"Althiinirli ihere has been some
'. iin.i. tu ihe crops in certain 'lis
tricts. the   harvest   has mi   tlie   uh.il
i n I a measure will be introduced un
.lir which il is hoped that there may
i .* co-operation between tho Dominion
an.l ih* various provinces Mor the
purpose ... assisting and encouraging
uiu farmers to secure the best results
in production au.l nt the same time
preserve the fertility  of the soil.
"A measure will be introduce-d revising an.l consolidating the nets relating  to the inspection ul grain and
i,   i. abundant nnd it is believed that   providing  the  means  by   whieh    the
Hi.*   returns   to the   husbandman   will
t*\t'M  I  thus,   secured in  any  previous
t **.*:
"In*      result!!  of  tin-  census  taken
iiiii,.-  tlm   present   yuar will   he  laid
ivernment ran secure, through a
commission, the control nnd opera -
tion uf thl- terminal elevators upon
th.*   Oreat   Lakes.
"A i. II  will I.t* Introduced to estab-
day,  there     w.ll      he a sale   of  fancy   ,',,(,„-,   you, so fur  as   they   Iiave  been   Ush   a   permanent   tarlH   commission,
»-ork a tal *    ■■   cooker'
* .,...,.     ■  Mrs   J.  Purvii
Fridd). November 24th. 8:30 p. ni.
tabulated.      Whili   tin*    increase     m   whose dutj   it shall lie to ascertain by
population   has  nut   fulfilled    all     the   ,n ,,*-;,gati. n  an.I enquiry,     such    in-
 ; __.■- j formation  as    will  furnish    a    more
stable and satisfactory basis for tnr-
ul legislation than has Heretofore
been available.
Bills will also be laid before you
■•villi respect to the department I external nilairs, the archives and other
"The  selection  ,.;' the besi   route lo
the   Hudson   Bay   Railway     is     en
m • the iitteut inn wi my ad\ i»ers,
.rn I au announcement will be made to
\i.n of iln* result oi their enquiry.
"Gentlemen  of Un   House  of  Coin
mun- The  accounts ol   the  lust   fear
, will  in* laid  before  yuu,   the  ba.auco
of tin* estimates tor the coming >*••■:.r
I will   be  submitted for   yum   app
J at  nn  early  date.
"Honorable   gentleman  ol  thc   811
■■ini'ii  uf Uie  House  of i   ■ a
rnons   l  commci iects   ihi.'i
[ have  menl
*   .....
maj   tend   to  I
: minion."
t. Iior is.. .  Chinese Si i'.
I). Purvis, A. Lawrence,   I'- Hon rue,   I'. Donaldson,
I .    lackson, I'*.  |ohnst n,   \. Corning,   I.
II. r.ri^u*. K. Si|uarehii^t,rs, l\ Kincaid, T. liortlo .
C. Lyons, L. Hobson,   !. MeKinnon,   I). Holton, U.
Kenward.D, |amieson,L. McCleneghan,\V. Hughes.
\   . -    ! tin."  "Gipsy Coui '
l.ip.sv    Mrs K. Squarebriggs
Vobleman    Mr. \:. Allum
I) c     nd Chorus " Here's the  15
Miss  Lillian   Hayward
M.i ler v. larence Lyons
Chorus    M. Porter,   li. 11 ibbs,  li. I rquhart,   I
I. Procunier, I. Donalds m, I    Pry.   \. 1 H
D. Mackinrod.   D. Hume, M. McLeod, M, Bell, \V.
McCleneghan,   A. Corson,   D. I aii ...   R,  La
I   t.   Ilison,   I. Brow n,   K. (• ,   11. Met
.    i aivlor,   M. Law rence,  I * (
\V. Voung,   I . Briggs,   G. Porter,   I .   M u I",
i..l     |iihart,   D. 1. iwrenci *   '*   '
Kiioii      . .\. t ".'■ .on, C. Kimberle) *
'-iUlvIU- a    IV,    '
breat Crowd Assembled About
Parliament Buildings to View
ScEiH-Senate chamber Packed
senators nnd officiate and their wive
nn.l daughters on the floor, while th ■
galleries were jammed with the privi*
-I public who h.iil succeeded In
. tn.n n; tieki ts tor the occasion.
The military « ire thei *• In bi Mian
mu "unu.-. The Judges oi the Huprems
Court ;n scarlel un.l ermine wero
(stated upon the woolsack before Ui -
ilii'ut*..'. Representatives of foreign
i'..umi ..*.■- iiiiii of the churches were
present  in ceremonial garb.
At Un* command ol Speaker
dry, Major Denis Lemoine,
acting Black Id I. was sen! to sum
mun tin* members uf the House of
Commons. He delivered liis message
m two languages to bhe waiting
members in th<- lower chamber, with
tlireit knocks nn.l six bows, and tha
speaker of tbe Commons, following
the sorgeant-al arms nn.l the mace,
ll .1   tho     t'ulliiiii inns     lu   thr     rfMiinl.*
chamber,    where  his  royal  highness, j
having I.i'mii officially informed    thai
the     Commons  had    selecbed     their I
.speaker,   read   Ins    speech  from    tha
throne, lirst In  Knglish und then    in
After the speech had heen read tha
royal party at uuce retired and the
members o( tho Commons returned
in thoir chamber, where Premier |
Borden Introduced the formal bill respecting oaths ul ollice, which pre
servos the traditional right uf Purlin
merit to deal with its business betforo
thnl.   nf  the   crown.
In the Senate n formal hill whieh
relates to railways was introduced
hy Senator Lougheed, lhe government  leader.
New Senators
Ottawa, Nov. 16- The two senate
vacancies wire tilled hy the government ni a meeting uf tne cabinet
council last eiMiiiiii;* Mr. Rufus II.
Pope has been appointed to succeed
the late Senator il. B. Baker, wh..
represented the Hlaster-n Towusnips
while .Mr. George Taylor, uf llan-
ano.ine. iini., succeeds tiie late tir
John Carllng, whu was one ■>'. -On-
barlo's  twenty-four senators.
I.IQUOK ACT,   liilO.
Notice is hereby given thut. ou the
lirst day ot December next, apflica
turn will lie made to the Superin
tendent uf Provincial Police Im
renewal uf the holel lieriise tu sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as tlle St. l.eon hotel, situate at St
I.e. a. ii the Province of Uritish
. 'olumbia.
Dated tbis 28th day ol B>vte;itber
1911, 10,1*1,
HERBERT  I'til'SINS. Applican
Vn   am
...1 Lock  ii
ii...*!*!    given  tbat the
• .in.   [oi tend n ■  Ior "Lock
up,     Ci uni    Constable's
'.jnnrteif. i:     whead."  is extended
up   to   '. ' • I   Saturday.
llth November, 1911.
.1.   E    GRIFFITH,
ol   Public  Works,
■ ith  November, 1911.
Makes Hair Grow
I-. l.,
Mr,. II. I     M,\.i
*  -■
U, McCarty •'   K*1'
,    ,,  ^  A.  K.
1 N T E R M I S S I O N
<V   A    BOX    OF   MONKEYS
a jH'iiiiisii . half
■ Sierra ' io 1 Mine     Mr, V\   J, \'   I
pe, his pai mer uecntui wm "i Lonl
Mr. i harlie ' ...i * ...
',;    , Ond :t,;.   i.,-r m r'mk
Mrs- William Lawrence
i cngaline. her nieci. 0 pratrfe row
Mks J't'iirl Robinson
I.uu, Guinevere Blandpoore,   an   EnjjliBh Prlmrow,
,;!,t.-r of tin' Barl ol (":.", 1,iiiii'lit
Ali.sp Prances l.u
SCKNF,   M<*>, On'Jego Jonca Offl-jvingroofn,
7   Vucnl Solos and Chorm "Wtnerlcks"
p   I',,  .*,   h. II.   McVW      ; ,1'atti   101
ll. v../tiiliii!iti, T.Taylor, W. Robertson W. Hi
\/c   'I. A1. pf)(!tBOTl.
n iL'ora-
tilH-ntiitt-   *^H	
Iln*        in
tei    1 1   It i*'
1 ,,• „.-    I'f •     1   'ii.   :n. n    1,
in,   yell n      . fhn   had
out ia
1,   .,11 ..nn. ,,-t.t ti nd i.i'i '■ "•t.'r m 1
I'' 'I     ■     'I"       l|l        *       (.       ' ,' 1 tllil     ||i
II.   H    .
I !'       II        ■ •■• 11      WHI     liu    I'
i.t,ni.     ih.* ii ihi   ..!*; inn Im
1   * *. * • I        with
Shikhh Cure
rni(l<l\  Mi.p-< (»tt(*fn,  «'•'-» ...i.i..  bfuli
|1i» ihmnf  nnd l'inj«.        *    '    •        M 9tSl*
Local Industry
We oMAIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery.  Our
stock gf  printing papers is large
and well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
o4ccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Sttaionery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms    Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash I
WEDNESDAY,  NOV.  22nA,  1011.
WEDNESDAY,  SOV.  2-,nl 1911.
32 Colored  Pages
2000 Illustration! of
Sc if purchased with a  15c pattern
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have nur Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
See special window displays-
V Dry Goods Department JV
f\LD   FRIEND    SANTA   CLAUS   will
^"^    make   his   Headquarters as  usual  at
this year.
This prosperous year Santas pack ought
to be overflowing. There ought to be something in it for each and all of us. To see
the huge piles oi merchandise in the store
would convince you that we have something
for every- one, big or little.
"MpPlc    "F^ivinP"^   °f ,rres'stable attractiveness; all  the dainty  trifles that goto
-L>'>-'^'J:>>    **"   1AAA1b"   make up a well dressed person.    The touch of white that softens the dash of color that smartens up the plain costume.   The pretty" hand made Lees, the
exquisite Lingerie from Paris, the London Bow, all are here.    A multitude from   25c to $2.50
Spero Flannelette
This is sturdy Old Country  Goods,   all
widths, all colors, all weights.
I5c. to 25c.
Silk Waists
We know the limitation of types well
enough not to try and describe all the
Silk Waists we have. The collection is
rich in novelty. A glance will convince
you of their distinctiveness.
$3.75 to $10.00
Women's 'round-the-house
garments that are
stylish as well as   §
If you have thought that you must wear
dowdy, commonplace garments to be
comfortable, just aslt your dealer to show you
Garments for Women
Ttjr one on and see how perfect fitting and stylish
il it—soft, restful and comfortable.
House Furnishing Department
Eiderdown and Lambs
Wool Comforters
These arc by far the choicest goods on
the market at the price.
Choice Eiderdown Comforters, covered
with best English Sateen, quilted and ventilated, choice bordered effects.
Same cover with pure white carded Lambs
Wool, light antl warm.
You will do well to examine these goods.
Now is the time to buy wall paper. You
can brighten up a dingy room for the winter at
very little cost.
All our papers are this season's goods, and
can be relied upon for quality and good taste.
Linoleum and Floor Oilcloths
All the new pul urns in Inlaid and printed
Linoleums and Oilcloths, all widths from I) feet
to 12 feet wide.    Hest Scotch manufacture.
Prices from 40c to $1.65 per sq. yd.
We have just taken in stock a lot of the
famous Schuman AxminsterSquares.   Oriental
and   conventional   designs.    Also small  rugs.
These are exceptional values and very pleasing
llow about draperies for your archway and
windows. We have a choice line of heavy mercerized Madias, Brocketclle Silk, Silk Tapestry,
all suitable for archways and over draperies.
Tapestry Portieres in reds, greens and
mixed effects.
Heavy Reversible Velour in red, green and
old gold, as well as all wool basket weave
Wrepps, suitable for stencilling. Colors Red,
Greenand Brown.
Men's Furnishing Department
A big. roomy, warm, stylish,
single-breasted model, with
the new convertible collar—no unnecessary hardware ; just turn it up
and button it over for stormy
weather wear. 20th Century Brand
of course.   We are exclusive agents.
Prices, $27.50 and 30.00
Handkerchief and Collar Boxes
A most suitable and serviceable Xmas Gift for
any man. We have them both round and square
in different shades of leather. Our new lines are
just opened and we can assure you our values are
just right.
Round Box, medium size, in plain leather,
brown, black and tan, silk lined throughout. Price
  $1.50 Each.
Round or Square Box, large size, silk lined,
Rough Mocha finished leather, black, brown, tan,
green Price, $1.75
Round Box, large size, brocaded silk lining.
Rough or smooth leathers, all shades.     Price $2.00
Just now there are doubtless many of you who
wish to remember some distant friend and the
parcel must be started soon. We have many
specia'B wbich will make up in small parcels for
mailing.   Ask for them.
Mens Silk Handkerchiefs, heavy twill silk,
corner embroidered with suitable Xmas legends.
 Price,  75c.
Men's Silk Revelstoke Souvenir Handkerchiefs-
Made in good quality silk. Price, 50c. Each
Plain White Silk Handkerchief, many sizes,
many weights of silk, both plain and twill. Prices,
  50c. to $1.25
Men's Muffler Specials - Knitted Phoenix muffler, mercerized goods, large size. Makes up in a
neat, compact parcel. Colors white, brown, navy,
pearl, steel, maroon, black    Price, 50c. Each
The choice ones from the line of J. & T. Bell.
Every woman has her own peculiarities with regard to footwear, and the most particular women
are our best customers. If it is real snappy,
dressy slippers that you are after, let us show you
our lines.
Women's Black Satin pumps—Gold embroidered
toe, fancy bow, Cuban heel. Guaranteed not to
slip at heel.   Price $5.00
Women's  Black   Kid  pump.
sole, Cuban heel.     	
ankle strap,   turn
 Price. $3.50
Crockery   High Class Groceries
Tea and Dinner Sets
Curtain Poles and Fixtures
Window Blinds and Fixtures
A choice selection of Hearth Rugs
Axminsters, ^7x54 and 30xG0, iii mixed and
Oriental effects.
Knglish Dag Dag Rugs—a fine range of these
splendid goods suitable for thc best  rooms
Mnl air Plush Bugs in reds'and greens, sizes,
18x27 and 27x54.
Choice Byrmna Bugs in plain colors and floral
ami Oriental design, reversable, and will
give splendid service. Wees, 18x30,30x60
ami 36x72.
Do you stop to think that the Xmas season will
soon be here. Have you thought of the friends
you will be giving gilts to. Just come in and look
at the large and elegant assortment of fancy china
and crockery.
TEA SETS—A dainty and high  class bargain
in four different patterns of 10 pieces at
$6.00 Each
DINNER SETS Some of the best we have
ever shown—B7-pi$ce Dinner Sets in blue and green
patterns at
$10.00 Per Set
Elite, ranging in Price from
$10. $13, $18 and $20 Each
Biscuits !    Biscuits !
We have just ojiened up a large shipment of
Huntley & Palmer's famous Old Country Biscuits.
On account of their high nutritious value they provide a most agreeable and satisfying form of diet
for the sick and never should be absent from the
children's Luncheon or Testable. They appeal at
once to the palate and tempt the appetite.
Reindeer Milk
Now that the supply of Fresh Milk is falling
off we are again at your service. We can always
help you out with Reindeer Milk. The richest and
purest milk from the best dairies, especially prepared for infant feeding. For general household
use it is the best value obtainable.
$25   Each
FRENCH LIMOGES SETS beautiful designs,
al from
$40 to $70 Each
When you are tired of getting poor coffee for
your breakfast, come in and get a pound of our
Fresh ([round Mocha and Java Coffee. It has the
finest llavor and aroma of any coffee on the market
We can always assure you of good, fresh stock.
Xmas Delicacies
Uur new Xmas Groceries are now on the way.
a full car of Raisins, Currants, Figs, Dates, Peels,
Fruits, Nuts, Candy and Spices. Don't leave your
buying too late as yon can always be sure of everything when you buy early.
****~mM9*™im WEDNESDAY,  Nu\ .  22nd,  1911.
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 22nd, 1911.
Women's Department
^A  Special  Sale
Mis es
,v  Dim
Winter   Co.its
Winter Coats
Top Skirts
Fall Costumes
•h'kI Children's
e Serge Diesses
t^Vlen's Ladies' and Children's
All tbt dift'trent varieties at lhe lowest puces
en s
weed Overcoats
Sale Price $13.50
Men's   Tweed Suits
Sale Price $12.00
at per pair
$2.00 and up
11 caw Working
every pair
Sale Price $3.50
ler-Mi ider
lhe  besl.
ine hoois
New arrivals in NEW HATS
LEFEAl.'N -    Vancouvei    and
i ,..i-
\. reane.
li   ' li   -  at  ii»' B<li>
...  thi
■:.   tonight.
Th.*  ll..'. i  ul  Hope will meet
.it th
i' tv   Hnll  "» Friday  at  &:■•■-> 1
in * l.'l all!
l*;-'.,-. n
,     lisk
.'..in.   and  -m'*-   the splendid
.*    •:.   *.   :>.*    .   •*•.:--    :l'    the
-■■:   _-ht.
*l -     ... •      ... Lal
• i*. -..I
, | ifl uwu, Churns, Seoul
... |, on -..'>• ni Maodooald'a
,*     i>,,*   illustrated  lecture
•   at   Lhe   Bdison   the
We have just received our winter stuck of this
celebrated brand. Let us quote you a price by the
case.   Everj egg guaranteed.
None bettor: nut any as good. If you
take your winter requirements we will
give yuu a price that will satisfy
.   .    *.
Iuiiim: i    »
ul   \nuc
lauphter   Mrs.
lew   weeks.
Mr.-.    \
- Lil .
llr»lBr.l  ll i
Don', forget the greatest honor
* ur citj has ever bad bestowed on It,
bear Mark  Hambourg.
Washington Fruit Expert Advo
cities Keeping "Stud Book-'
That the day is approaching whan
apple trees. In common with cattle,
horses and poultry, will have theii
pedigrees recorded in a "stud-book"
Is the opinion ot 11.M. Llohty, a fruit
expert from SunnyBlde, Wash, who Is
visiting the Kootenaj and Boundary
Dining the past few days Mr. Lilch-
ty has visited a number of ranches
near Nelson nnd has distributed met-
nl taes among the growers hy means
of which the records of the perfonn-
anoes of the tost trets in the orchards may l>c kept anil recorded in a
register. Bach of these tags has a
numlier in the "stud-book."
"The great advantage ul keeping
the pedigrees ol lhe trees." said Mr.
Lichty, "is that it enables the grow-
er to obtain actons tor grafting from
the tie..s In his orchard, or in soma!
obber person's orchards, which by
their records have been proved to he
the producers of the best fruit and
the  nmsi regular crops.
"1 am a great believer in up-breed-
iiii.'1 he continued. "It is. beyond
question, possible by rareful selec-
lion ot scions to up-breed in such a
way as to produce fruit of steadily
Improving quality. The pedigree system applied to Iruit is intended simply to improve exist u; varieties and
not   to create new  varieties."
Mr. l.iebty advocates planting
young apple trees ,n rows '-iii feet ap
ait. with the trees 17.; leet apart,
tillers alternating in rows. He believes in planting! only standard varieties as fillers and suggests planting
two diflerent varieties of the same
class of apples In blocks ot about six
rows. As an instance he lms found
that Wagners and Yellow Newton
Pippins alternating in rows succeed
The wide space he advises in order
lhat ample room be given for cultivation, spraying, irrigation, if necessary, and sunlight. The wide rows
also permit of the planting of alfalfa
an.l   other  crops  between  the   trees.
Between Three and Four Hundred Delegates lire Expected
to Attend
New Westminster, Nov. 21— The
annual convention ot the British Columbia Conservative Association will
be held i*n St. George's hall in this
ciiy on Friday and Saturday. Nov.
24 and 25, with the president, Mr.W.
M. McKay, Vancouver, presiding. It
te expected that this will be the largest convention of its kind ever held
in Hie province, and the committees
i.i charge are making arrangements
to receive between '200 and 11(10 delegates (rom all parts of the province.
Accommodation is being arranged for
the delegates in the city hotels and
in  private houses.
i n Friday evening a banquet will
he held in the Royal cafe under the
allspices of the local Conservative organization. Plans arc also being
nia.le to run a special excursion train
to Chilliwack on Saturday for the
en'ortainment of the delegates, and
t.i show them the rich lower Fraser
valley. A meeting of the executive
will he held this evening to complete
arrangements  for  the convention.
A Blouse Bargain
We have put on two dozen pretty Silk Blouses.
They are made from a heavy whitej Japanese
Taffeta, prettily tud-ed, with nice lace yokes, and
they are perfect fitters. Sizes 84 to 40. Regular
prices are $3.50 and $4. We are offering them at
*2.75each. These will make ideal Christmas gifts
and can easily he eent by mail.
Infants' Wear
You will find our stock   of  Infants
very complete.   We  have everything in
Gowns, Petticoats, Mittens, Bootees, Hoods, Knitted
.Jackets, Coats in Bearskin and wool, etc., at very
sm 11 prices.
Look  At This
We have ninety cords of good, clean, dry cedar in 1! and
16 inch lengths. We also have cedar, fir and hemlock
mixed.    Get your orders in early for  immediate delivery.
1 lie following delegates leave this
afternoon for the coast to attend the
Provincial Conservative Convention
at New Westminster on the 24tb and
J."lb inst:
The delegates Ior Itevelstoke anil
dlstriot are: -Rand G-lbbons, U. I).
McPonald, T. .1. Wadman, w. ft.
Reid, A. I'l. Kincaid, Prank Young,
.1. K. McLean, EM. Trimble, II. .1.
McSorley, John Bland and Jas. H.
.:p is vests, ladle.- .01.1 ■*-'■ :.'*•
beg) pi ::*i-. .■:,'■ si/es, .it. Mac
.  im..!'-   li ig   store.
• ic. i   ball   i  million dollars ol Ce -
■   real —tate sold*   See 8.C5   Bob
b :..-  an:  --1  In  tbe swim.
The  big     C.P.R.  shops ol Cafgary
*,. • m     tO    I '• *' * Ml *     Kind    uli!     aU
ahout il  In ii. S.  G.  Robbins.
;   *.*:   Oil  toi    your
sold ai  Macdonald's
.   . *.ii*l about  Cepeeai.    II
d     ii.i  see    8.    G.
R >bbina
.   not   much  change,  we  re-
to say.    .n the condition ol Mrs.
■   •
who  is  seriously
n b
Di n requests all the
the Boys' Brigade to lie
■       Drill   Hall   at   7 30 on
• i  *i,      rg  plays
theatn     w ghe
It is * '    heal
.     21st,   I'lli'.
\. •   -    .-■ •      youi
■n     I       '
:    ■     ■   'i      maid's drug tl
K.i ..-••••
,i.. .* r taking
%P,-   n in '    ' will
* * ■ , ■      maaag ■
i rill represent tbii  pa|i
Col       . atiw
., , •   '., .*.   ■.w-iui.n-tMi      on
'  .n-.!
Moving pictures at the K.nison the-
.ire tonight.
Some people think Revelstoke can
:;* i appreciate tin* great masl n
leces, but wait till Mark Hambourg
:; H been here and you will bein them
'mmming them on the street
IV.  A. Sturdy returned to tbe   eity
in    Monday    from    Winnipeg Mr
i a,iv    Is    opening    up .,  hardware
tore in tbe Howson block
There will be ii meeting hei i al   the
li nee of Mrs   G.  8    McC iri I
s iturday  afternoon sl   ; •■"      'clock,
ir th.* purpose ..I organisin *
*, ixil ary  to the hospital.
\   report   Is  current   Hint   th-    cur
:" a   i     planning to bu     pro
ii 1 i-i-Mci  a curling rink.  Now    -
time to     _'et    i.usy    while  tb * m I '.
. athei  List.*-.
The Royal Templars ol Temperance
v.11  be organized  In  Revelstoke     on
Thursda;   evening        the    week      by
Mi.  Hogg "I  Vancouvei
,   .        ilu*  Methodist  chin ch
The  marring    of  Mi    H *
,i,l  Miss  Anno  King       l I
ll n.i.   was  -'.lemur/, d   al   the   M--'
ist parsonage on Tuesday   ill I
y   Rev.    R.J     M.-li.iji
■ouple  may   take  up  theii
H   this   citj
S'otice m call* I ti   the   > I    «   I
:*   Company's i   I
■  ilgary Juno tion li.-      n
■ .*.   .-.lines   well   r.-iMiiiiin -i. I
.:  cliy and  !'■'■■     '   ■■
■ .   .»,       ti     : ii
ii Sl   .*fl»r.
i.    I* it  * ii   It.-nlty   .*..mp.oi.
**,   ,;  : ts   n     Calgarj
i,  ..a   Monday     i be
i. .    . .    ■
.;,.- ■ ,    .1.     i |      - * I111    "11
i* /Ml.
To send away to foreign countries
v.e hive some nice light calendars of   smh  was  the
Revelstoke,   nii-ely   boxed,   at      Mac
loual I's   Irug Btore.
To Aspiring Musicians
Mark Hambourg, the famous pianist, who comes to the Edison theatre
on November 110 th, is not only a
great musician, but looms up largely us mi anthot. Kor a number of
years Jie has beeu a celebrated Londoner an.l has written his experiences, In various parts of the globe, for
many of the English weeklies. and
success with these
shorter .nia lis thai he derided to
try   Ins   band   on a book,   not a   work
See our line of Embroidery materials,
the most complete stock in the city.
We carry
McLennan k Co.
Wait for no man or woman.   Don't Ret
McKenzie Avenue,
The annual general meeting of the
Kevelstoke Snowshoe aud Ski Club
i*. || ! e Iim:*I * :i MondaS. Nov. 'JTth.
,n ihe City Hall I'rosposals for
new membership will please be :..
ed inti time for this
in.  ' *
Ki* i'l'    l\     RB\ i-'l.-T* IKK     Thei
«ill be wh n the crowds x
■ ii   , Bitting at Tourn *i  mi*l Thorp's
-;n,I ., to get  theii ■ ■■ ■      a time
fi :    Xmas.    i "m.*   earlj    .     the      > n
irge   well
-.    .i. hn -   W
meet tl
n   will
be    'l I
■ -
■ .
M* mm
Di   I; ■■    Bi  -
*   Hoi   -i"*'
■ persoi
ml   • I the action
■■ •.:
. Ie ■
.1  *
II   \in   ,
loir    Mi     if**
I,    * i      •*■     mii
. f ilccion—material for which he could
1.1.lily provide, but a compact little
vo'ume entitled "The Piano as a
ilon" written more particutar-
aa ui author. Por a number of
i .. ik is iii t ii largi   one.  but  the ideas
leaps to Death
The cattlemen who drove a small
lum -li ..[ beef steers from Revelstoke
to contractor Sam Hunter's logging
camp some thirty miles up the Co -
lumbia river, through the Bnow of
ln-i week, report having n very bad
trip, it taking live days to make
lh: round trip, Hefore the camp was
reached the cattlemen witnessed
terrible sight, when one of the steers
jumped over a cut hank and fell fully   thirty feet into the deep snow.
The foremost animal was immediately followed by thc whole herd,
which piled one after the other over
tha high bans. The foremost steer
was killed outright, its neck being
broken by the full, hut strange to
say none of the other animals were
in my   way injured.
It took the drivers hall a day to
get the animals on the trail again,
and now Mr. Hunter's camp has a
gi ...1  supply  of beef for tha winter.
Ready to Meet Horrible fate
Richmond, Va., Nov. il—With only a sin,,low of bis jatintiness remain
nii, Henry Clay Beattie, Jr., con-
.1 ninil to die Ior the murder of his
young wife, knelt in a corner of his
cell and prayed, while in the death
chan >ei the electricians switched olt
ami on the current in thc electric
chair, ill which he is to meet his end
Friday, and made sure that the apparatus was in sufficiently working
Uev. Hm-amiii Dennis, the Episcopalian minister who has ben constantly :it Beattle's side during the
past week, spent several hours in his
ell today, accompanied by the Rev.
Mr. Kin. exhortin.' the prisoner. The
gravity  of bis  Impending  fate     has
tinu'lv  t ■!; • 1   Pr   " 0    u'i 1   I*. '  Is tik
m:  refuge  In   prayer.
belore Saturday at the earliest. A
two hundred foot bridge washed out
with the watei mains. This will
mean that after tomorrow tba city
will be without water except what is
Edison Theatre
Mitchell & Byrnell, Props.
A complete Stock of
Christmas  Goods
HCW rn  Disploy
\,.  .      *,,*ii'.il   liar "I   1 In    II    ■
.... including inmn  linen
iu '* trtl*
i ,.  ,     , k.    I  .'.mini.   3 for   SI
Kodak Calendar Mountain all
■ 1/. -
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Richmond,   Va .   Nov.   _'l   All  Vir -
l'iih.i  nnl  the      whole  of  Dixie     arc
v;ih   tin'  greatest  interest
.ii   ..I   Henry   Clay   Beattie
r i. ! iv     i,ut    th.*   people   generally
oinctli ii/  will  happen to
leath  penal! y. If the ex-
m   'liiin-.   ihu   public   will       he
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lieve Beattie     will     hnd
rami en ling ins life rathet
' mi*    I.Milli   of il   felon.
Be oi *■   fiiiii.l'.   is   inconsolable,
..ii, * i.ii Mmi   is half crazed
■  .*' .ni i i.i,- ■   i ii* declare   i. -
innocent .m.i Ms belief i„ shar
.  many  wh., ,o*  nol  acquainted
with  the family.
Application o. Mr. Herbert io
Drop Marriage Case Involving the''KeTEmere''Decree
Montreal. Sov. 21—The withdrawal
ol the defense to the Hebcrt-t'loUtc
marriage case was formally hied before Judge Arthur when court opened
this, morning. Mr. Hebert Blatedthat
he was unable to continue the ''case
owing to his inability to meet ex-
iwnses. He therefore withdrew his
objection to Mrs. Hehert's appeal
and the "Ne Temere" decree cannot
be  tested   in  court.
Mr. Wainwri**ght, counsel for Mrs.
Hebert, raised a strong objection to
the case. "This case should lie continued in thc interest ot the public,"
he said, "it involves an importnnt
question, the civil status oi a resident
of tbis province, and 1 believe it
should  be heard  on it's merits."
"This move will leave the principals In the case In exactly the same
position that they were before. Their
marriage will be held legal, but will
not be considered legal by the Roman Catholic Church. The object of
thi case now, it appears to me, is to
test the validity of thc "Nc Temere"
degree in this province, where no <lc-
li.ii.n has been reached on this
Judge Arthur granted the permls
sion  to Mr.  Hebert to withdraw and
in  all   probability,    the  limit  bearing
of  thc   case    will    he  brief.   Formal
judgment is to he rendered in practice court.
Thurs.. Nov. 23
Lecturer and Illustrator
Moving Pictures
Of Worlds Largest
Pigeon and Aligator
Farms and other
Seattle Faces Crisis
i 1*1 ii,niuu.
il fin'   .III'       III. .|l*       M     I   ...II   I,       Till*
M'l |J       I.   II,       | p., |  ,|! V/l-.l ||M
iii *,( tin*   ,11 iking "f iin  mm. i*
'in in I.. | To lm
there      i nough watei   ttore: In tbe
I *  *M  i    *,   21  1.1..ns  ami
two lloi ds of  the i Ity I.** imw   without
iiv  watei   at  all*
Hcliooln   I* *• .in., i  mi i.in. courts
will close today,      \ pal tun nt  m*
, Lini   hotels   ,iic   Without   water      anil
onijirv conditions me i .ol. Watei
•iiim biiiii-i  from i.ak<* Washington
ind   lmilivl
'I'll     111       In-'     *
1 >   I't.ll
ml   f. i
, i   hou '■ '
ii   rm,
bottles  ..u'i   |us
Regular Moving Pictures
To-Slight, Wednesday
Broke Up Sunday Evening Service
in Oklahoma
Muskogee, nkln.. Nov. m Aa In
i'i* ..ll ilavs when cowboys -hot up
the towns fm* the sport of it, two
unu rode up to the Presbyterian
church at i'nli  Hill.   n. ar  here, while
the preachei was oReriog the doting
prayers Sunday night, and Brad
through the windows,     Lights   were
.1 mil iiiiii the luilleih saiir over
the beads ol the congregation, the
members ..!  which crouched  on   thc
llool fol    Safety.     Aftei    a   clatter     of
hoof lent..   Indicated   that  the   dlStUr-
I, 'is ii.ol   i'. n I, the   people   iuhIi.mI     to
Iheii li..inrs  nml  the    min    secure I
il in and  w ni   hi  pursuit. Tlm  men
.vii.i meii  tb,- shots escaped.
\\ \N'I'I',H Mon, ,1 in ,1, oekl work,
oilier, rli in ng, fui mi'' . looked alter. .I. , by 'lay   wacv, i.i contract
.i  Mm       Today     word   name from the dam     i'*"r '"" particulars apply   A.   r
■ippiv Mrs.   i ii   Hamilton,  il< n il i    idi ug   iton
that the break could not be repvtrvd    Mil,i Hettii4 02ta


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