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The Mail Herald Apr 20, 1912

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" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $601
Interior Pubhsnmg Co., Agts.l
■*-- -*
The Mail-Herald
1ALTY     '%
18  1912
Inter^r^uDlishing Company
■ ftgy^UgE^
Vol. 18 -No. ;jl
$2.50 Per Year
Racquets 12.50
Nets  2.60
Markers  4 00
Sticks for i>     4/     ...75c
Sticks for Men .   ***     ...
 $2.5i.   *
Gloves, Balls, Nets
Bats for the boys 25c
Balls for the Boys 10c
Gloves 50c
Masks  $4.00
Mitts $2.50 to *8
Protectors 6.00, 7.00, 7.50
Reach's Hats (best)... .*1.50
League Balls  1.50
Gloves up to 4 00
Shoe Plates per set 35c
Counters, each  75c
Special prices to Clubs
W. W. Foster, Deputy Minister Public Works, Starts
Operations on Motor Road-Will be 110 Miles
long-Cost $250,000—Completed in Iwo Years
The -'Cleveland" still the favorite    *50 00
The Standard. A GOOD ONE  45 00
Boys' Cleveland   45 00
Foot Pumps, 75c. Bicycle Bells, SOc. Bicycle Horns, $3.
Trouser Clips, 5c. per pr. British Inner Tubes, $2.25 each.
Outer Covers, 3.50 each.   Repair Outfits, 25c.
For the Baby, at   fl.50
A splendid choice of Best makes $2 to S6.00
Fishing Tackle Steel Rods Flies
Automatic Pistols      Revolvers
W, W. FoBter, Deputy Mluiatcr of
Public WoikB, Iiub been in town lor
tbe lust couple ot duys lo company
with Engineer Forde, looking into
ihe advisability ot starting work on
the UantT-Windermere road nt the St.
Clair end.
To a Mail-Herald reporter Mr.
Foster said:—"Tbe Dominion government has already started at the other end of the road hy letting n contract for the construction of a bridge
(made of steel throughout) over th3
Bow river at Castle Mountain, end
have arranged for the construction
of thc tirst ten miles oi roud which
will bring this coming motor road to
the boundary of B. C, where ths
Provincial government will take up
the matter of building the road
through Dritish  Columbia."
The Deputy Minister -tated that
the D. O. government will start work
at once on this road commencing at
the St. Clair end, This motor road
will form a direct highway between
Oaigary and the Columbia valley, the
road at present lieing completed
Irom Calgary to Banfl. From \)c\ fl
to Windermere is 110 miles. This
motor road will cost a quarter of a
million dollars and in view ol the
immense advantages that its con -
struction will give thc tourist traffic
each year handled by tbe C.P.R. that
big company has already advanced
37*5,000 towards its construction. Tbe
Boenery along this motor road puts
Switzerland in the shade entirely.
Mr. Foster and Engineer Forde por
Bonally went over this droposed motor road last summer, when the Deputy Minister took numerous excell -
ent views of the scenery along the
It will take two years work to com
plot* the Banfl Windermere motor
Regarding public works in the Kootenay, Mr. Foster Btated that work
al'l over would start immediately.
Fur thc Revelstoke Riding $25,000
will be spent on the Columbia river,
smith. While on thc Columbia river
roud west side, $5000 worth ol vork
wil be done. Eagle Pass road $5000
an.l the Greely Creek road $3000,
while the Big Bend district will re -
eeive $17,000 for rond6 and trails.
There will also bc the Bum of $4,-
5<K> spent on roads and streets in thc
lown of Arrowhead, while the Catena
Buy road will receive !*3,800 an.I Halls
Landing road $5,000. Thc balance of
the $110,1100* will be Bpent on miscellaneous roads and trails throughout
, the  district.
I <HHHH><KK>0<HH>0<><><><><><KK><HK><J
\ Imperial Bank of Canada %
I Hoad 0**1e«—Toronto, Ontario.
! Capital Subscribed - 6,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up *      -      6,000,00u.00
Reserve        ....        5,996,000.00
Total Assets,       •      - $72,000,000.00
Brunches sr Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agenta in Gi-eat Britain and United Statps—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First Ni'ionHl Bank, Corn Exchange National Bunk. Seattle—Seattle ■>.. • • a! Bank, Sun Prnn-
ciKi-o -Weill Firgn Nevada National Bank. Sp ikane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of tl and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from dale of deposit.   Correspondence solicited. O
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.    I
►000000000000<KK><HX><KKKKH> 0
Fashionable Millinery
Latest Shapes and Styles
Mrs. A, a Crick, • First Street
Smith's words 'Be British'  had sealed their fate.
They remained at their poBts and
died like men.
Thc Titantic disaster as written
into history today, by many of tho
745Burvivors, accounts Ior the Iosb ol
1*589 pcraons al sea oB thc Newfoundland Bunks early Monday morning,
and the subsequent death of six persons who had been rescued, bringing
tlie total of liveB lo»t up to 1595.
TheBe ollicial figures greutly magutly
the estimates wbich had come by
wireless, and the stories which the
survivors tell make certain, as has
been judged all ulong Irom tbo irea-
gre wireless reports that the d.saster
is the greatest of its kind that ever
occurred. The (acts which came to
the surface iu thc Hood ol nurraiiveB
I    That 1595 persons met their deuth;
l    That there is hardly the shadow ol
a hope that this grand total will be
curtailed  by  a single additiinal  survivor;
I That practically thc only v omen
who wero uot saved were tho-se who
chose to die in their husband's embrace;
That nearly all thc survivors buw
the Titanic sink and heard tLc band
play "Nearer My God to Thee" nud
the shrieks ol those whom file sea
claimed as thc vessel snuk in 2000
The Titanic struck au iceberg about
ninety feet high which ripped the
vessel's sides opeu uuJ made her
watertight compartments useless.
While the vessel was gradually sinking, thc water reached her steaming
boilers, causing an explosion which
sent her to thc bottom.
Major Archibald Butt, President
Taft's military aide, is reported to
have been one ol the herocsl With an
iron bur in his baud he is said to
have stood at thc steerage passage
and defended tbe women and children trom thc fear stricken men in
that part ol thc ship.
Col, Astor also is said to havo met
bis fate bravely after seeing bis bride
to n lifeboat, drawing aside to watch
other women >t..p tu sal.ty. and
awaiting his own fate.
It la only liccauBe the maximum
capacity ol the steamer's lifeboats
was barely a third ol thc complement
of the ship in crew and passengers.
that hiinnreds ol despairing passengers hud to be lelt to their fate.
Mr. J. Bruce Ismay. managing director of tlie White Star Line, who
\flu*- one ot tbe tew prominent men
who escaped with thrir lives, is said
bv some o{ tlie passengers to have
been one of th? tirst to get into thc
li ebouts. but ih.s is denied by Mr.
I-*tnny himself.
| Htunned by tba immensity of thc
tragedy he bud little to say except
that be hail beard of tbc investigation
whicli ibe United State- Senate hnd
begun and to cxpreaa bis lull willing-
nrjs to nttcn.).
Carden Tools      Rubber Hose        Lawn Mowers
Carpenter's Tools,   Wire Fencing and Gates
Bicycles or Repairs    Stoves    Paints
Fishing Tackle     Sporting Goods
Guns, etc., we can supply you
W. VV. Foster, Deputy Minister or Public Works
The sad news reached fie hrne ol
Mr. au.l Mrs. J. It. Kobi.uni, on
Sunday lust, o: the su.l.|.**i death .1
h.r mother in Toronto, Iltlhcsda
llenrick, duughter ol the mte Janes
aud June Htoutenburgh, formerly ot
Victoria Square, Ontario, Markbum
Township. Thc deepest sy.ii.iutnv ie
felt among the many irienls au I relatives of the respected .' imtly. Deceased h'av.'K a husband, two aons
und two daughters to mourn Ip r 1* ee.
Pneumonia being the cause ot her
will refresh vou with its bright, aplcy
flavor nnd Irsgniticy. Sold in 1 Ib,
lead packages.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per lb.
P. O. Box 90S    GROCER & BAKER    Phono No. 23
Band Plays as liner Sinks With 1,1 Souls-Trying
to Break Speed Records Through Ice Field, and
lack of Boats, Birect Cause'.of Wreck
Sew York   April H'-But lor tho i.ii   tbe ship struck lhc iceberg and wcut
... „     „,,     hiTnlsm   'lo*'"'. how oltlceis and male passing
paralleled  self sacr.lice  and     b rolsm   ^  ^  ^^   ^  ^   ^^
ol Captain Smith and the Titanic a ^ j,levil|lllIc ■„,,„.* ,low the life -
othcers, the sea would huve claimed hljaie werc iuwercd and how husbands
au even greater toll     when tbc ship  lini|  wiveB ua.id  their lust turcwells.
went down. I    Wllc"  tllc  cr"uh <'umC  hc  *'M'    the
.,     ,     i      ,',,,i„„  Smith cal   Titunic  waB going 2:1  knots and  she
From the  bridge tap .,    Hm.tbi    , £.            ^  ^
led through  his megaphone     IK Ul"-       •'
inl.:"    and  that  became  the  rallying   m> parte.   It wa. very „nlet.     When
cry  ol oltlcers and crew
Sheet Music and all kinds of
Small oMusical Goods
Call and Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
tbe  boats  were lowered  there      wero
Such was the graph.-  description ol, many «•><• <cM«cd to go.
the conduct  ol  the  men     rc-pon.ihlc '    When  the  lirst signal   was  given to
lor the saving ol human souls ill thc   lower tbe  bout*-,   some  of  MK      'Tew
■Titanic   as told ic. John Jobwon of pruned forward,   it  was then   ihut
tfal era*    who took an oa.   in a lite-, the  rallying  rry  came   through     tho
boa( | megaphone     from     thc. bridge,     Be
J.liriir.   Ismay IttpH Into IM last   Uritish,  my  mei,:"
boat.   JotBHon  said.   Tbeie  werl    no      "R was Captain Hinllh'n voice.  I'.v
woman left on tba deck. Ha wm lore- erj, man ol*y*d the command and la
,a illt„ tba   I   Ly     olBoara oi   MN  Nd   death   Calmly,   They   knew   there
Hh,.,      an>|   th,.     win.   done,   Johnson   was no hope, and as tb*  Ug, strong
sai.l   just  as tb-   t   Waa  l-cing  low   Uritish  seamen  iihhikIi'iI   the      woman
tni 'and children Into tha boata,    ■they
JohUOfl |Bf» Ul vnsiou ol     bow]gate no algu thut tbey realized Cajft
May 2nd, Half Holiday
At a special council meeting last
night, it was decided to declare
Thursday, Mny 2nd, a hnll holiday,
being tlie occasion o< the ollicial lay
Ing ol the corner etnnc of the new
court house. His Worship Mayor
Sutherland, has requested thut all
lodges aud ottlMDl will attend on
this i.nuhii,a
New Freight Inspector
C. J. Cnniplicll and mother, olVSm
uil»eg, arrived from the. cost Inst
Tuesday. They bave reiiie.1 the
Hooley residence ,,u Me—ensile .venue
Mr. Campbell is thc newly appointed
freight inspector of thc Canadian
freight Association, having relieved
Inspector Jobimini, who was trans -
ferrcd  to Calgary.
The I'ollci' have been instructed hy
Hie HUlyor to notify all citizens, to
have their back premises, yanlH, lanes
at bark, cleaned of all garbage, and
have same removed to Dumping
(In,und  by  May  1st,   It'll,
Anyoiio found  with dirty  yards alter Baid  date,  will be proMOtlttd,
Cblcf of l'olice.
Kiiilnk'i,   Iiiiiii-,   papUl   and   rbeml
iiiIh,   all   I .a I    at  Macdonald's  drug
Measure taken for the Crown Tailoring Co., of
Toronto, for neat, stylish Suits—qualitj and fit
guaranteed, and at moderate prices. Low
prices also on Suit cases.    Inspection invited.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
FTR  swifts
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Boys' Spring Suits
We have a larger stock to
choose from than ever we
had in Boys' Clothing
Boys' Double-Breasied Suits
made of imported English
and Scotch Tweeds	
Prices-$5 to $14
Boys' Buster Brown Suits
in very pretty styles, suitable for the little fellows.
Prices—$4.50 to 85c.
Boys' 2-Piece Suits
Double-breasted, made of
best Worsteds	
Prices, $5.50 to $15
Boys' Odd Pants
Bloomer Styles. Prices,—
!K)c. to $1.75
Boys Soit Felt Hats
Prices,    $1.00, *1.25, $1.50
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
IG. Woodland
E. P. McLean
Best Strain of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and Partridge Wyandotte
P.O.  BOX   181 'JIM 'mor. ii'ii'v 'Avmi 1,1,vs
The nyn^Lix.-HEii-A.iLr), revelstoke
SATURDAY,   April  20th,. 1012.
Some Snaps in Local Realty
House and Two Lots on MacKenzie Ave $4,100
House and Lots on First Street  3,500
House  and    Lot,  South-West    Corner
Douglas and King Street  1.500
House and Lot, Fourth Street  2,850
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Lid.
Zhc flDaiUtoerato
interior pubUsblng Company?,
J. K. Johnson, Manager.
Inr! ..lii'i-   ;*  -.iii.'f  to  England,   United Statcp and Canada.
By the jear tthrough poetofilce)  $2.50
Legal i. ■•'." :. 10 ceuta per line lust
insertion, 5 cents per line each
• ubsenucnt iusertion. Measitro-
ini'iiti. Nonpariel (IS lines make
one inch, i Store aud general
business announcements (2.50 pel
inch per month. Preferred positions, 2h per cent, additional,
tlirths, Marriages aud Deaths, 50c
each insertion.
Land  notl.-os  J7.50.  All  advertisements subject to  the approval  ol
the  management.     Wanted      and
Condensed       Advertisements   :   —
Agents Wauted, Help Wanted, Sit
uations want-ad,    Situations    Vacant, Teachers Wanted. Mechanic?
Wanted.  25  words or    less,    25c,
earn      additional      line  I'l  cents
Change*     il   standing advertise
ments    must   he   in    by 9 a.  m
Tuesday and Friday ol each week
to secure good  display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters ol public Interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied by name ot writer
not necessarily foT publication
but as evidence of good faith
Cnrrorniortdenre  should  be  briel
nidi,,,,  „r this  Railroad -should
ostponod nu longer,
Tho edit or learn
from Winnipeg ex-
per extracts published in
this is-uc, that the Western tutir Go!
Winnipeg liiislncusmen, which has lor
some years past ben un annual ev -
enl, under the auspices of thc Winnipeg Industrial Bureau, bus been can-
celled tor this year, the reason given
being that the Canadian I'acilic liiul
way refused to meet the committee
In the  mutter  of reasonable  ruilwuy
Mies and facilities.
8ATI RDAY,   April  .''th    1912.
RevelBtoke on May -'ml, is to l-e
ib' scone of nn event which will
constitute a notable landmark in the
history ol the progress of our city.
lhat being the date set apart for the
formal laying ol the cm ner stone of
the new ciiiirt In.use. This auspicious
movement should be taken advantage
of i.y everyone and a united endeavjr
m i le to mark the ceremony, as a rei
letter event ill the calendar lor Hev-
el-toke. The civic fathers, board of
trado, nnd oilier public organisations sin mid get together and a com-
pl te program lie prepared sui i dc
to the occgalon. It is understood
that many prominent people havo
be n asked to participate, tbo S*.otlC
lying itself should he performed In
such a manner ns will euable ever)
citizen mil resident to share in ili2
exercises with nu ungrudging spirit.
I'b' public schools might be closed
"i.i half a dav. while a banquet hi
li.'bt tendered to mir promUent
._■ lests, would constitute a lining
•find up to the days celebration.
Y. M. C. 1 NJttS
• iis
The central Conservative   -tsaocia
tion    of     Kootenay, at their annual
meet ng    eld al  Arrowhead on Wed -
•   unacted business wbich
.■.fun  Irom  polities altogether means
much  !..r   the  welfare  .■;      this entire
listrict.  Worthy  ol     special mint..mi
«3i"'.; the many practical resolutions
*,,- • leallng with the C.P.R.
ext ns.. i,  [rom   ■trrowhead t"  K.isl"
Tb.s extension   under the name   "!
Irn ■•> :.•*., I an I Trout   Lake rail-
tei plated lor yeai -
- alreadj   surveyed and     a
•   .-..nt   1  to  tlie  C.P.Ry.,  and
»» « )  the  request ol the|to he prt9ent
meet.r.^-     • m   is I 'el -
• *.-■ I ....   pn sent, that a :.:.:■ ■'.
ma ie .:. conjunction    with
• -       Kaslo tn urge     up.mi
the  i government   the neccs
- "■   ■■!   .mnied.ate  construction
It has been thought wise t
continue the men's meetings on
days, as the men seem to want
b« out in the sunshine, so from im v
on until further notiee. there will In
no meetings on Sundays in the Y.M
i'.i lobby.
meetfug •>! ,*i l interested in run
ti ng whether long m Bhort distance,
is cniie.1 fur in ibe reading room "f
the Association on Monday evening,
at 8 o'clock the objeel being tn form
in Harriers Club. This is a good op
pi ■ tunity -or those who would
to practice running
i- called tm  mi Tuesday evening   et
\ meeting of the board ol dir
7 o, business ol important to
transacted,   All  members     are urged
\ny one desiring  to use  the   .'
ii.   y do so f'.r  tlie  asking.      It   . -  thc
p rpose  ol the  direct,.r  to  form      i
\   en" er   will   als,.   lie      in I
for    the     strong     mnn, this Is g I
th.s railway.   The building of the line   'tort as well as a strength test,
f -   Revelstoke *.vitb   rs
•    .  . ity     would  ''".-"tn
■    .* -i the
■   ■»,!« throughout the ;..u
, . aL.' li   -AouMbeB	
... ■     i.- .    -toke  b)  the new   gl  at      musical    event,   the   To
i , ;■»»*,>   including among others  'am  liiee Club, which will app*ar   in the
. ..mm. -    i** it       ■ press theatre Wednesday    April *.'!
,.:.:■■ t  great mai •■   Revelstoke ,**. pie \>ln>
trai i '• i. - rv.it. *.     \--      it •■ come fr'.m Toronto,   lavi    had
• ... i \   t1 ■ , '■ hearing Ur   i
Toronto Glee Club
\  great  number ol the   kevelstoke
iple  are  i'«>knig  forwaid  l,      the
Macp        .   . . :  elms n. n
I the greatest lingers    is
. la    Mi      Mai Donald  has     with
tin- leading ■'
'■• all  look  forward    to
appearance of this    company   it
Empress theatre Wednesddy night
|.r,res,      $1,     75c    und   59cl
it  Mai i"i; AA     n ii- (tore.
Hevelstoke, Ii.  C,  April  17,  1912
To the lOditor Mall-Herald:—
Dear air,—After inspecting the arts
exhibit at the exhibition at the Y.M.
O.A, last week, I have come to the
conclusion that there is a lot of
latent, talent in the mechanical arts
in Uevelstoke that ought to be de -
vidoped. 1 know of no better way of
helping our boys iu this regard than
by the introduction of a manual
training course into our city schools,
lt has been estimated that over 75
per cent, of our pupils never pass the
entrance examination to the high
school. If that statement lie true,
then 75 per cent, ol our pupils do
uot get all the benefit that they
shou Idlroni  our ,-chool  systom.
A fairly large amount ol money is
spcii| every year to educate tho small
percentage of our pupils who attend
the high Behoof, while in thc most
of our cities in B. C, nothing is
spent on the 78 per cent, who drop
out before reaching that institution.
In cities where manual training has
been introduced Bplendid results bave
been achieved. Authorities on the
subject tell us that thc apparently
dull pupil in ordinary school work
show thc liveliest interest in these
classes, and that the work not only
gives boys a scientific training in the
use of tools, but thai it develops habits of industry that are very encour
aging and that boys that have shown
a tendency to loaf or to go astray,
have taken to this kind of work kind
ly and have often become useful mem
beis of society.
This caursc is intended for high
s-hnol pupils as well as those of thc
publi. schools. 1 understand that the
Kamloops board ol school trustees is
considering this question seriously,
nnd is disposed to go shares with
Hevelstoke or some other neighbor -
ing city in securing the services of
an instructor to do this kind of work
jointly  for a while.
This is a matter thai our school
board could discuss with profit, and
I believe thc public would sanction
thc action of the board if it decided
to introduce this course into our
Kditor Mall-Herald:—
Dear Sir.—I notice in your issue of
the Mail-Herald of the 17th. that tha
city council aie contemplating ask -
ing thc Masonic Society to lay the
comer stone uf the new court house,
also I am told thai a few members
of the Toard u! Trade met during tb,1
week and agreed to the proposal.
If this is correct, Mr. Editor. 1
think that a few citizens are trying
to stir up a hornets nest. There are
in this city lots of goo.l and pro -
greSBlVe citizens who are not mem -
hers of the Masonic Fraternity, but
who are nevertheless paying towards
the upkeep of the court house, and
would it not be as well to consider
nlso tin* Catholics, tbey bave just as
much right tn be present in an ollicial   body   as   the   Mus.Mis.   anu      Othei
Fraternal  bodies who hav,. rm  larger
membership  in  this  t iwn  than     the
Masons, .ire they to be ignoriM also.
1 tmnk. Mi. Editor, that it would
be far more preferable tor the city,
.;' it is *n their bands to say
shall lay the corner stone, to ex -
tend to tbe Hon, Premier, or the
Hi ■..  Minister * an
the  corner  stone,
and  .us    nvitation to all  the c
'      e  present In
this way  there   < , (eel -
ing r.i... :   *       iny   (.tie.   the   idea     of
ting      *    - ■ I men
rr,\   m.nd Is a     vei
■ nd ,t-
I   trust  Mr.  Km toi lot
ite f ouncil to recos
00,   ask  all  the   Fl ,
■    "r<i<*rs t* |y with
all  the  people ol Reveletoke,  and get
the  Premlei   oi   Good  Roads Taylor
, |    tbe   enrner   st' s   thin
■ ..: Bnd .'miii
Voura truly
Booster  lot   Revelstoke,
middle and     better class women out
to   the   colonics.   The   Cirls'   Friendly
'society, the Colonial Intelligence Le-
'aguc, the Young     Women's Christian
association,  the Central  Bureau    for
the Employment of Women are   inn
long the better knowii of them.
|    Miss  Leiroy,  secretary  ot  the  British   Women's Emigration association
'said:"Wc have been sending     women
j out to Oanada tor the lust  27 years,
and   In   recent   tunes  the  number      ol
better-class and middle-class girls has
gone  up by leaps and  bounds,  and in
! creases with  almost every  trip,        A
' great many of     the other organise -
tions Bend their people uuder our escort, bo we can form a good idea   as
to  how   many  there  arc ol them.   In
' 1911 we sent 'Ml women to Canada
' alone. Of these, 195 were classed as
educated women, which docs uot include such girls ns trained teachers,
I nurses, business womeu, dressmakers,
aud milliners, nil of whom have clas
es of their own.
"Thc system of correspondents and
hotels which Miss Knowles advocates
exists already. Wc have correspond -
cnts all over Canada, and particular
ly In Uritish Oolumbia, and wc have
hotels where our people stay until
they get settled. Wc have a loan fund
from which assistance is given in
eases of ueccssity, and we have our
own railway cars on tbc other Bide,
and always assure good company on
thc journey out, a fact which is of
inestimable value to thc emigrant,
and a comforting assurance to her
relatives. And wc know that what
wc arc doing iu Canada is being done
just as efficiently  In  South Africa..'
MlSB Percy Taylor, secretary of the
Colonial Intelligence League, which
acts exclusively In the interests ,,[
better-class women, also spoke to
the number of educated and gently -
natured women sent out, but insisted
on the necessity of every woman Im
ing trained to something before trying her luck on the other side. "Our
maxim," she said, "is quality, rot
quantity, und we do not send nny
girl out unless she is competent in
Gun Club Scores
The Hevelstoke Cun Club held their
weekly shout, last Wednesday, which
resulted as follows:
A.   J.   McDonell    22
A.   Mcltac   21
W.   II.  S.  Munro  ii
11.   llowson   14
W.  A,   Foote  17
Wm.  Lawrence  It*
Vi.  A.  Sturdy  ivll
ii. Cummlngs  12
A.  .1.  McDonell 	
A. McRae 	
W.  H. S.  Munro 	
Ili.   A.   Foote   	
W.   A.   Sturdy   	
Munro bent McDonell in th
11. Cummings 	
ofl in Class A, Foots wins in Class
H, nnd Howson wins the button in
Class 0,
. .„ 22
.   .17
.   ..17
ill 'i.t
.   ...11
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Tenders For Cement Walks
Scaled Tenders addressed 11 the undersigned for a cement walk nn ti.o
west side of McKenzie Avein"'. l"om
Second street to Eighth Street, v ill
be received at the City ] [.ill up to
12 o'clock noon on Tuesday, April
28rd,  1912.
Specifications, etc. on view ax. the
City  Hnll.
The lowest or any tenders not ne -
cessarily  ncceptcd.
City  Clerk.
"Makes more
)       bread
and better bread"
Sold by Hobson & Co., Revelstoke,  B.C.
Big Clearing Sale
Consisting of Saucepans, Tea Kettles, Pots. Pans,
Wash Tubs. Wash Boilers. Fry Pans and numerous
other useful articles.
Sale commences to-day. If your kitchen is in need
of utensils call and look over my" large assortment,
from which you can select just what you need.
Smoker in Honor of Mr. Good ve
ippouitmi *
■  mtntttee "ho ». I lati i
.    • legMI
Ottawa    ind   u."   In pi *    a   i[x
. r>n < i .
In  • .i   innHsi
which sh" iM be at
Icall)  '  -■ •■•     Revel
*.t..kf ,md Kaslo   ioardi .*; trade nn.l
bj  all  public  bodies it    tbe
• :.. tit   -'* rir.it-
ly  Irom  tbi trucl -ml        \    s.  floodeve,      railway  comm
Way    Tbi   timi   *      opportune,     oui   b oner,   returned   on  Monnay  evening
laU iiimii •:   Mr    \ -    l.*\c,    has  : ..rn Ottawa, nnn  Is looking cxiwil
Just been promoted to a position! on   .* -;v  well aftei  hi    i.ay In the Do
• Board ••! Railway Commissioner) minion capital He mem the recipient
there is every Indication •■! a great ol numerous congratulations over lis
mining boon throughout tin Lai , polntment to tbe railway oommil
dean country. Thi Canadian Pacific sion by bis many friends here, The
liailwny company aie at preeenl en Boavers will tendei \it floodeve i,
engaged In eonelderlng tbi entire I smoker nn Friday evening, J. i.n.
field of operations in the Interim of Hchofleld, MIM1., f,,r Ymir, Brneat
H ; .. mil mc making then plans tor I Miller, M.P.P f.,t Orand Porks; Mr.
extensions ".' main line mid building Maclean, M.P.P, fm Nelson, nnd oth,
,'f branch feeders, throughout tins mis have lieen Invited to attend the
territory. The Central Conservative smoker, find will deliver short ml
Association  li».t-- done excellent work  drossM.—Rossland Miner.
in   bringing   this  mattei   again  to tin* 	
Iront. and theii m,native should be WANTED' \ giil for o hotol, Wages
followed Up at mice ,„,i| wiib vigor, HO.00 per month. Apply to Mrs,
lhe scheme ih practical based on 0. K. NelllB, first Htreet and Oon
loufid bMlOMf s»jiiirftnenti>.  and the      naught avenue,   Hevelstoke,  ll.  C
Unmarried Daughters
Lou ;   .      kpril   H   ta a res
tereal   aroused
unu ke rn,   Mi-s   .J*.-..*;,Ini>,    i
cent  meeting   .•
hull on  the  unbappj   .' '   of the    nn
married daughters of the mMdli
ind  her suggi  I
emigration a   .1   'remedj  Ioi   .
mat    of   wasted  human   Ide,"
porter   hns   been  eliciting   inform
on the  burning question ..f the   "mid
die clan girl who hai no outlet
hei   .nteiiigen.ee and  activitb
win.  1-  allowed  to grow  up  Into      .
grey and depressing old maidenhood
only  to end  ber dav*".  m  the     words
0(   Minn   Knowles,   "in   t.b'.Re  sad   '"mii
ding boii-es  which  ;irc  filled  with   human   wreckage,''
From every side he received    con
lirmatinn   of      Mini   KnOwleS'   gloomj
picture.   Her graphic description     >,f
wasted, aimless life and long
of grey monotony was perfectly irue;
but,   it.       wan  Hind,   this   01   not  11   new
diRenue which Mihh Knowles Ilim dis
Covered, neither im ber remedy of am
Igrat.lon a new remedy, The dlwiiHC
ban lieen known nn.l recognised, iiiiiI
the remedy hns been in use for many
year . Tbere arc almost S dozen 01
gam Sal *"ii     Which   have   h-cn   Hnndnig
/. C. Hull, First Street, West
Spring House Clearing I
Sash and Doors, Turnings, Lumber, Two lloihirs,
Wheel Barrows, Derrick and Inns, Building Supplies
in Line or Cement, Plaster, Lime, Roolings, Glass, etc.
One House, 8 Booms, with Baths, Furnace, Basement,
Etc. All modern conveniences. Price Seasonable Easy
Two Six Room Houses, Bath, Furnaco, Modern Conveniences.
A Five-Boomed Houso with Bath, Furnace, Basement
and all modern conveniences.
All above dwellings situated on
Third Street
For Prices and Terms apply to
GEO.   13.   SHAW
P. O. Box 295,  Revelstoke, B. C.
Inland Revenue Standard for Cigars js 22 lbs. per
1.000. By statistics our Union contains 25 lbs. per
1.000. That proves quantity! What about quality ?   Ask the Smokers and Try One yourself.
Royal Mail Steamers Sailing Every Saturday
Now Triplc*Screw New Triple-Screw
*S. S. Laurentic S. S. Megantic
'Turbine mnl Reciprocating Buginei
Lut word in thiplmtlding.   Blectric [{levators,   Blectric lii'aier***.,
Skilled Orchestra, Wiielcss ami Deep Bcfl^SigtuU Apparatus
FIRST-CUSS, 192.50.   SECOND CUSS, $53.75.   THIRD CUSS, [cRl000aME.D] S32.5B
Comfort at moderate rates by exoellent
one-olass il li Cabin eervloe.
S. S. Twiii-Screw Teutonic     S. S. Twin-Screw Canada
SU feet long. 5M feel Imin
'Largest, (uitesi steamer Canadian Liverpool one-class (II) cabin service
Im '-I accommodation given S-I0 up, ildra-class(closed rooms) t3]
Company■« Office Roomi "B" Ballvy BulldlMK, Stcond. and Ohtrry Sti.,   Stnttlt
A. G. BROOKER, Agent^Revelstoke
Miss Verna Felton
The Allen Players
The Transgressor'
25c, 50c, 75c.
, il   mi Bale *ii •'  I'   MhoIoiiuM'i DrngStore
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to u»
In tlie time of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me Before Investing.
W. PARRY Conducts Auction Sale
Auction Mart, Mackenzie Avenue
Every Saturday at 2 p. m.
('i>nsi»tiiitf of liatiKCN, Cook Stoves, Parlor, Diningroora and
Kitchen Furniture, also Carpets, etc.
NO RESERVE      TERMS CA8H SATURDAY,  April 20th,  1912.
SATURDAY,  April -'"th.  i'.u
4, '•
Parties desiring _ Information regarding the Vulley ol tho Garden ol
Kden, enn obtain mime Iree ol charge
by writing to Mr. J. H. Johnson,
Malakwa,  B.  0.
lCditor   Mail-Herald:—
Kditor Mull-Herald:—
Dear Sir,—If you wlll go with me
to the home ot Mr. K. V7. Ilnksuu,
•litwiteil two miles from t'.e Muln -
kwa station, yuu will he fuMy convinced of the possibilities ot the Gar
den of Kden Valley. Mr. blrlkion
came lure about fourteen yenis ago
und settled on a quarter Bection of
what was then u swamp with i nly a
pair of willing hands aud a determination to win, und hy u vast amount of ditching und untiring cllorls
he hu- performed whnt would seem
to many an impossibility and now
has one ot the most productive and
best equipped (arms to be seen, consisting of HU acres with 76* acres iu
cultivation, .">0 aires iu timothy meadow which gives n yield ot from 2
to 4 tons per acre, Aside from this
he hus 20 ucres that he plants to
vegetables und grain for feed, etc.,
which gives large yields. Mr. Kriksou
is now turning his attention to fruit
and has live acres ot u nice young
orchard and hns many trees just com
ing in beuring, and has some tine
samples of plums and as a prool of
tbis note the many prizes he has car
ned of! ut the lievelstoke fairs.
There is ulso kept on this ranch,
about IS head of cattl*1 on this farm
mostly milk cows and by thc many
regular customers which he has for
butter, is positive proof of the high
grade ol this product and compli -
metitary to Mrs. Krikson'B curctul
and untiring eflorts to produce butter tbat is giltedge and is eagerly
tuken trom the turm by their    many
.      .. •
The Volley of
. ■ ■
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,   aid   Extending  between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class LancMcoooiAcres
Character of Land Principally Le^
rh-irjrfnr of  ^nil   Bench    Lands,   Clay    Learn   and   Vegetable
UlldldWtfl   Ul   OUII    Mould, while on  Lower  Lands  Black Loam
Mn Irrisiatinn   P°s'tively no irrigation Is needed as Valley is sub-
nO III (CjclilUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water tor Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay ar.d Vegetables.
Moderate CHlHate   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Rfasonabi/i;
For Further Particulars ALout This Garden Spot of D. C, Watch This Pago
of lhe IMAILHLRALD Each Week
iM'stuinii ,,t good prices. Another
departure on tbis farm worth; of
mention ia the raising ol h"gs there
can always be found Irom 5 to 35
niiv Yorkshires which ure kept ...on
the mil roots and clover and making
u by produce ol th.s farm ot uo small
proportions, And tln-r. Is the poultry industry managed by Mrs. Erik-
sun, wiii) keeps iiiiuiit 75 choice (owls
wbich are nn Important addition to
the revenue ol the farm.
hum ot tho mosl attractive features
ol thm farm is a number ol aorei ol
liiie bench Inini with an altitude of
lifty feel "i more above the river,
u.th ii gentle slope to ihe Bouthwesrt
mnl ihr, m nice streams "f pure water
running across n making an Heal
fi ni i,nm with mnny trees already
planted by Mr. Kriksou. The dewll -
Ing linns.* on this farm in 2fiJt2«'\ two
stun ii 'vith winn kitchen titted with
water system from s mountain spring
ol pure soil water At the link of
the kitchen is n commodious wnod
slid which mis much to thc conveniences of this comfortable home, the
oul buildings consist "f a large hay
I'.irn 30x70 feet, hog house .WmI" ft.
nml he is now building a new ham
32xi.'. I el. «iih room (or twenty
cows, f,'in horses wltb a room lor a
separator, rool cellar with loose box
es fm calves and a cement floor will
cover the entire ground space, Tho
frame is made i f all hewn timbers,
with an abundant npply "f running
water through it when Dnished this
luuu will be a model modern structure.
And as we stand and ast out eyes
over this fine farm and comfortable
lioine, and think what has le n accomplish',1 by one man starting with
out ii     dollal      "nly  al I   fourteen
years ago, with no lna.l- with all
wilderness around bim, we can ,.nly
admire the pluck and energy uud the
sticktoil i.-i. M tbat this tine tnrm
bo fully represents and sincerely wish
Mr, un,i Mrs Brlkson uli the comforts which thei labors so well deserve.
I   I'l   I      Willi   7i rTffiBtBMFISS^'ZB^^Z*^'?^''^-*'**'    --m~j    H'f.'—■■TH-TTT'I'
. . . it Might Be Gold. . .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot meuicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent i,..i tecord of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,      .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly antl monthly rates to lie arranged.        Meul Tickets, 21 uieuls for J6.IH)
A. P. l,KVB8QUK, Proprietor
suitably furnished <*:'.;-: thi clioici I
market afford:;. Best '■> ines, Liquors
Cigars.    Ratss $1 a o.i-.    M mthl) rn<-.
J.   ALBEKT     ST03STE3     PROP
Laughton C& Tapping, Props, First Street, Revelstoke, B. C,
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Strictly| First Class
Rooms Single, cn Suite
and with Bath
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged  anil Impiuvml.    First-Clasp in every respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms,
Rat- o £2.00 per clay        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
■—•■■■■«■—■» OPEN NIGHT AND DAY *
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C. BATCHELOK. cTMmager.
Boxing Bout at Mim
i al ,.ii >.   April   Is -Tho  champion
...ii  ,],„• Baylcy    and
.   Alii ii  ig  com ii *   closer     every
:    1     lis     thO
for tho Bght  on ac iount of   its
ral  i" .-ii "ii and tho li iarty bup-
t prom     i  Him promoter by   the
11*.   miiimi prising town. Tho
ii...rials "f Baasano have deOlded    to
ih    tii' most Interesting event.
I'.at      hns  ever   taken   I'li.i"   iii      llie
West and II   rill be absolutely "ii the
:   el  iui,l     handled     by  honesl  and
ofltclals..   'i'h'    town
..* . .."I t centre and Is nol back
*..iri in irivin*: the provinoe ot Al-
I'm- th ii i-i above the or
*! .  and mi  the Kam.* iIme beyond
Samaria Cured Him, and He Helps
reproach.   One particular thing about
thl !"inI will be the tact that thru.'
i ana,ii.,n boxers wlll appear in the
ring umi each one a champion. Tommy Burns, champion ol Great Britain innl ex-champion ,.! the world,
Tommy is now a live feature in tbe
ring himsoll and has challenged Jack
Johnson to ine, t ium lor the championship of the world. Billy Allen
Is the Ugbtwelghl champion ",' Cau-
a.l.i, nn.l Joe Ilayley Is the champ
ton i',' Western ' anada. Burns was
born at Hanover, Ont., Hilly
...i. .in at Ottawa, umi Joe Bayley
was bum at Victoria, H.i'. it is i" i
haps tho lirst time In the hist irj ,,:
the  ring in Canada thut such  .
*    havo i*. mh ui the ropes, -ll at
tbe same time.
Bayley is having bis band attended to ui the coast and he will • in
shape to train in about two necks.
He writes to the promoter tu tbe
ellect that lie will liox w.tn uli tint
is   in  hnn  ou   June  Mth,   ■■   '1  i.a     la
confident  be wlll win the belt, The
people "f Victoria are  backlog bim
strong and several     will a
turn tu Bassano t" seo the   ,uji. .'he
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
A m»n whn hns i a released from
ii*,* awful oravln .-- ol drink, and wli<>m
Dial thought is l-i help utile Is, allows ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tli. uplril "I true bi"thcrhood tail ' stuko accepted l,v Billy Alien to meet
philanthropy.     Read hie letter: | Jo0 U(iylcJ.   „  lLe ^^  t |%,      , ^
evei  beeu    ollered [or a   ligatwelght
contest iu Canada.   The reason t'jat
Cowan said there were WrtUCMel
Iiresent he desired to examine- They
were General Trartic Manager . Me-
lnncs of :he Canadian Pacific, Ueorge
Shaw, general traffic malinger for the
Canadian Northern and eastern lines.
nnd Mr. Arundel, general superintend
ent lor the Ontario division of tho
Canadian I'acitic-
tfter getting the representatives ot
the railways  to assert  that for mmil-
u   traffic in like quantities thf service
L'lv.-n by railway- in the ea-t and
west were practically the same, Mrf
Cowan proceeded to quote statistics
with the object of showing that tbe
freight rates in tbe west are from
2U to 1(0 per cent higher than in the
while the cunt ot maintenance,
and operation are not so high.
In conclusion Mr. Cowan claimed
that he had made uut a prima facie
against the companies and that
t ;s up to them to show there is not
undue discrimination against the people of the west.
The hoard agreed thnt a prima
lai ie case had apparently been estub-
*iii.   Wamarla   Itsmedy   Co.,   Turoniu,
"win you please lend  ins  book  on
Si ink, also circulars relating  io your
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
A RRO > HKA1>. I'. ' .
S|.f, inl   \ • ■    ,
nun  and   i *i m I
room, Finns ni ry In
bis. overlockin^ I'pper   ll
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
I Dr. dc Van's Female HiTs
A triable Tii-li'litfltnlil'i: li"   ' :     '      'I'"
I pin* me esceedlstlf p iwerl i In i* iMiWiint tin
■enenllfe portion of (he lemalea' torn.   Kriiuo
" linilat*'■'«    Dr. ila Tsn'e ars anl'l at
■5H.ni three mr IIO.   Mailed to any aHHieM.
SrotH-ll Kros l»*. It. < al'arlnri, (Int.
Ill I
Shiklis Gure
quit liv   atne. tnnilhl,   mi-i  viil-jta,   *i".ll
tba Ihroal aad luala.      •   "
lu-ail rsbisd] >' the drink halni
1 wish lo hand tbsse u ;i frlspd mm
la ,,,'ing to rill11 through drink. V,ul
wiii remember thai i ha e * i. your
i        av. anil   I   iii"i  li   >i'i  ymi  ,-iuin,  it
i     l   never   lhl t   taking   „r
uaing atrouM drink ia snj way, un all
desire for Tt haa i> ri nia. 1 eannol
ioo hishiv ol your woinlerrui
remedy, You t"ii> use my name in any
\-.ny  j nu wlah tn |iul,llc.
m "il. ulywblta Ontario."
•Minuria Prescription ia tasteless
and odorless, and dissolves instantl)
in u.i or coffee, "i cm bo mixed with
IoikI. It can I"' given wiih or without the patient', knowledge. It removes tin) er.ivlm: for drink, bull,la up
lh"   fy.tiin   anil    restores   lhi*   li'-rvea.
Drink bsoomss distasteful nn i even
nauseous. *
brink la a disease, not a crime. One
drink nf whiskey always Invites an-
"iiier The In llamed nerves nnd
ii'iiniuii crt*ni, ., craving that must
either be sallalli'd by iimr« whiskey or
removad by sclentlflc treatment like
Bamarls Prescrlpttiin Bamarla Prescription has heen In regular ami iuc-*
'nl uae i.y Physicians and Hospitals   for   oval   ten   yeul'B.
If you kimw of anv family needing
H.iiiiiuia Presorlptlon, t, n ihem ubout
It. If you have ii huMiaml, Inlher or
friend that Is drifting Into drink, help
him suv. hlmaelf.    Write to-day,
A PUKE TIILM, PACKAGE of Samaria Prescription, with booklet, giving full particulars, teatlmoolala, price,
etc., will li. sent abaolutcly free and
postpaid tn plain eealad package to
anyone asking for II and mentioning
Ikls   paper.   .(Correspondence   sacredly
Confidential,    Writ*  today.      Tne  Sa-
mari.i Remedy in.. Dipt, tt 19, Ool-
■ui h a large ium had t"   i
n account of the dlffl lity to
gel Allen I" ionic out West, iic took
the  trip "ii a  pre1, ■  'ii     to
Winnipeg and gol nothing foi bis
trouble, and  when it  was led bl
must meet Ilayley 01 giVI n ■ the
ch.i'n|'."i,ship bait he ask, I i il a lag
Bgure, ami got it. lla)l,*> has also
beeu guaranteed a good round s.im.
119 cat.
Charges Too Hiijli
iiltuwa.  April,   li.—A little bit over
i'lie   I i   of   inlay's   <itt,M.'   ,,(      the
Railway Commission was taken up
with the consideration ot tbc com-
platttt that the rat,*s ws*. uf Port
m i iiiii ai, too high, aftei which the
general troighl Inquiry pertaining to
Hie western hall ol the Dominion was
adjourned till April 19, when it will
11  resumid   in  Toronto.
'I'lie must Important development nf
the sitting i due to M, K. ''owan,
KC. wlii) baa been naiiii-,1 in represent the gov, laments of Alberta and
Saskatchewan ii, , iiiinri'timi with the
Inquiry, While the counsel for the
Dominion government, Harry wintla
of Winnipeg, and James Hbknell. K.
bnrno ItTMt, Toronto, Cnnniln. Also'r . Ol Toronto, said it was desirable
Inr salo by 0, R. Mncdouald, Drug- to wait until the railways had r.fiir
gist   Itevelstoke, B.  0. I nisbed uli  information asked for, Ml
We Will Help You do It.    Read
Our Guarantee
Dyspepsia may lie completely erad-
Icated il projierly treated. We sell a
t'lnely that wo positively guarantee
will completely relieve indigestion or
dyspepsia, or tbo medicino used dur-
,iig the trial will cost the user uoth-
Tbis reBMd} baa been named It-tall
Dyspepsia Tablets. Certainly no oflei
could be more fun, and our otler
■hould be proot positive that Rexall
Dyspepsia Tublets are a dependable
Inasmuch as the medicine will MMI
you nothing if it does not benefit you
we urge you who are suffering with
indigestion or dyBpepBia to try Itcx-
all Dyspepsia Tablets. A 25-cent boi
contains   enough   mediciue   for   fifteen
days treatment. Koi chronic rases
we have two larger sizes, N cents
and 11.00. Hemember you can obtain
lteiull Iteme-dies only at our store—'
The Hexnll ritore, W. Dews' drug
ML'SIC—Miss Johnson, pupil of A.
Miller, K.It.A.M., London, Is prepared to tnke a limited number of pupils (or tuition in music. For terms
apply nt the residence of J. K.
Johnson, lirst house west of tbe boe-
pltal,  First street. •am 't\wz tuny 'ATninxv?
SATURDAY,   April   20th,   1912,
Read the Papers and see what the
Just think of what 5 RAILROADS together with
50 applications for manufacturing sites "will
mean to Coqitlam.   It should give a
Population of at least 100,000
Gome to our office To-night and pick out your lot.
Don't be too late and then wish for the rest of your life that you
had bought at the opening prices
Lots $25 down, $10 a month, or qnarter Cash, balance 6-12-12
OFFICE-McDonald's Old Stand. Corner Front and McKenzie SATURDAY,   April   2IM.li,   1012.
SATURDAY,  April 30th,   1912.
Old Country
Nowhere is the power cf Ridgwnys
organization bellnr shown t'.. n In tic
production of a tea cf such extraordinary quality at BO low a price. Try a
package and see how superior it ia in
flavor totecssoldatmuch higher p'ico'-i.
Sealed in air-tight,dust-proolpackngc3.
50c. per Pound
Other nidgways Specialties
'HerMsiH'y'i Blend' $1.00 pet lb,
• J O'clock" 60c    "
'CtplttlHouuhold'      40c.    "
May AW*** llttilin Town
, t He•! Shops.
Rev,   II.  .).   Mclntyre,  pastor.    Services on   Siiiiila>   nt   11   a.ill.   anil  7:11*1
p.m.; siiiiiiuy school and Young People's iiiiiie classes at 2:80 p.m.; Wednesday ai s p.m., Epworth League
meeting; Friday evening, Junior mul
Senior choir practice, a cordial wel-
eome awaits the public ut all tbesc
Dominion Aid
asking how he would be nhle to got
^^^^^^H      I uut. ul  llie iliillciilty.  The limit  Nur-
Martin liurroil, minister nt agrleul- Ul"1"     Railway    eompauy, through
, i,     ,,       „,     ,,   which ooncorn   he baoked. wired   to
lure,   who  Is spending  the  week      in
the  New  York  utllee asking that  ur -
Winnipeg, will, on bis return to th.* , ,   , ,
' ■' rangements be made lor nccommoda-
capital, arrange lor the transfer ol tlon ,„, Uu, li(.,| stm. llnM ^aplano,
$600,000 subsidy appropriated lor ilin- whicli ia due to leave New York on
trtbutlon among tho provinces uuder the sume day un the Ul-lated Titanic
tbo agricultural Aid act, The money.would huve dono, Anothor wire minto he spent will be handed over ta munlcatlng this Information was Hasii
the provincial governments utter the ed to the Premier, who al that pur
passlng ol the necessary legislation tloular time must havo heen Hying
by  the  locui  legislatures.  The  money over (he cunt inenl.
no tar as thm yeur is concerned, wlll
he given to the provinces with (ew re
Btricttonsos to details ol expenditure
iuit plans for applying the money will
necessarily he submitted to the nun
ister of agriculture, ut Ottawa, for
O.O, James, who ia to draw up the
plan under which the subsidy for ug-
rlcultural aid is to bo applied after
Among the other Victorians who
proposed making the trip to England
on the Titanic, und who had already
left the eity with thnt intent ion when
word of the disaster reached lliem,
were Mi*. It.T. Elliott, K.O., his wife
land daughtor, and Mr, D'Arcy Tate,
vice president of tbe Paclllo Grenl
Eastern, who was hound for London
in muke the final arrangements     in
thisyeor,  is now  In Toronto,  where' connection with the financing of tno
he Is taking ihe preliminary steps be road. So far aa could he ascertained
tore leaving next
ol  the provinces.
Citizens Leaving Frank
Liutli.  (or n tour, nl   the shipping unices in town     yes
terday,   there  wus only one other pur
ly from Vancouver Island Intending
to mnke the trip on the Titanic on
Thursday. That was Wr. A. Hanson,
and his young son of Torouto, on
the west const.
Call Oif Western Trip
There will  he no business men's ex
Word has heen received all along
thc Crow hue to the efleci that a
huge number of the business houses
in Fruuk ure taking advantage Of the
warning  l-siied by  the provincial guv
ernment in regard to another slide! cursion through tho west this year
nt that hlacc and are moving out. This decision
The Union bank is moving to Belle-1
view, a short distance [rum Frank, |
and it is expected that a numlier ot i
other business houses will do tbc]
same within the next week or ten '
dnys,     just as soon as tbe arrange-
Holy Communion every Sunday
morning «t 8 a.m.. und after morning prayer on tlie lirst Sunday In
each  Mouth.
Itov. C. A. Procunler, rector. Matins ut 11 a.m. and Evensong at 7:311
p.m., every Sunday. Litany on the
Second Sunduy, and the Ante-Coin -
iniinmn ou the Third Sunday alter
Matins. Sunduy school every Sunduy at 2:;w p.m.   Oholr praotioe   on
Fridays at 8 p.m.
Uev.   ,i.   Wi   Stevenson,   minister
Regular services uu Sunduy al 11
n.ni. mul 7:80 p.m.; Sunduy school
nnd udiiii Bible classes at 2:30 p.m.
Mid-week prayer meeting on Wednesday ut 8 p.m. 1 lenity congregational singing iiiiiI special music by the
choir. Strangers und visitors ure invited  to the services.
Ono block west ot McKcn'/.ie uvenue
on Becond street. Uev. li. J. Chnve,
li. A., pastor, Sunduy services at
llu.m. uud 7:80 p.m.; Sunduy school
mnl ml nit Bible classes nt8:;iu p.m.;
Monday at 8 p.m., Young People's
Meeting; Wednesday at fc p.m., church
Prayer Meeting. A cordial invitation
extended to all services. Strangers
made  welcome.
Ot.  Francis    ot    Assisn       Catholic
church, corner ol    Filth    street   und
McKeuzie avenue.
Services—Ou all Siiuduys, except
tho tourth ot each mouth. Low muss
•.villi Communion i»l lho Faithful at
» a.m. High Mass nt 10:30 a. m.,
Christiuu Doctrine lor children at
2:30 p.m. Rosary with Bendiction ol
The blessed Siicrnnient 7:30 p.m.
Un week days—Holy Muss evory
morning at 7:30. Confessions ure
hoard every evening utter 7.30 uud
in the moruingB before Muss.
J. c. McKensle, P. P,
"1 have been a Pullman Condiictoron
the C. 1'- R. nnil Michigan Central
during tin-' last three years, Abuut
four years aTO, 1 WOI laid up Willi
intense pains 111 tUe grolll, ii veiv urn*
back, uiul Suffered must severely when
I tried io minute. I treated with my
family pl yelcl.ui for two monllti fur
gravel In the lilndiler but did not
receive any benefit, About thnt time,
1 met another mi I mini limn who had
been similarly affected anil who had
been cured iiy  taking Oln Pills, Sftel
Department of Lands
Water Rights Branch
having been given up by a prominent
1 hyslclan who iroatctl him for Diabetes,
lie is now running on the roud mul is
perfectly cured. lie strongly advised
i ie to try ('.in Pills which I did,—with
ihe result thnt the pains left tne entirety,
PRANK S. IDR, llL'i'i'Ai.o, N. V.
50c. n box, (1 foi ^3.50. Sample free.
V.'rilr National Urn;; ami Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited, Dept, W  Toronto.
If yon  suffer wiih Constipation   or
need agq llle laxative, take NATIONAL
LAZY I, VER PILLS. »5C a box.   105
windows fur
tit ore
was definitely arrived
at by the committee of the Industrial bursal! after a conference yesterday
with representatives ol tlio Oanadian
Pacific Railway.
"That thc L'unadian PuciUc intends
to hold lhc octopus throttle on truns
Continental   ruilwuy   business,"      Buid
n member of tins committee,    "uutii
! othor roudB enter the Held :or over -
ments cun be completed.
It waB also s-tated lhat during the
past few days, on account ot tbc
wurni weather thut the slides, which
have been a dally occurence in small        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lido in   '"ud  traffic,  is demonstrated  by    the
quantities since the last big
which a number of people lost thoir
lives, aud a large amount of property destroyed, have been growing heavier duy by day, and it is expected
that just as soon as the Irost is out
ol the rocks that the slidcsw.ll gather in intensity and thnt great dam -
age may be expected shortly.
convincing schedule of monoply rates
bold out 011 this occasion. As 11 result tho committee ol bureau busi -
ness men whicn hu- in the pnst three
yearn conducted these trade -excursion:, . 1 ihe object ot cementing
business iclntious with thc cities ami
towns ot western Canada, will be
compelled to discontinue a work thut
bus Iu thc pust brought excellent results, uot only Irom 11 business stand
point, but which hus dono much to -
wards developing a true Canadian
I national spirit in the Western com-
! niuuities    visited.      That tbc public
Was to Sail on Titanic
Premier McBride, accompanied ly
Ins wife and daughter, uud Mr. Lawrence   Mucrae,   his  private  secretary,
lelt Victoria on Sunday eveulng lust' mny clearly understand thc attitude
lor New York with the intention to and position taken by the Canadian
connect with tho Titanic on ber re - l'acitic, the bureau has issued a stu-
turn journsy to Kngland. Tbe Prom-1 lenient, which will be forwarded to
ler was niuilc acquainted with the western boards ot trude uli ut whom
catastrophe that hud overtaken the are deeply interested ln the unnuul
vessel, and in order to eflect his con-. business men's tour, conducted under
ncction on Thursday nt New York he she auspices of thc Winnipeg Indus -
wired back to the shipping otlice horc , trial bureau,"
I .Mill
■f^OME in and see the new spring
styles in Fit-Reform Suits and
They are worth looking at —we
promise you.
We'll show you styles and effects
that are jumping into favor —
because they are distinctly new
and distinctly good.
Even if you are not ready to buy,
come and sec. You are welcome,
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals sre given thus: 2 h'i ><im,
ntorval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Roi
4. No. of box will also bo shown
n Indicator at Fire Hall.
•bipnal for practico—not less, than
lx  (6) Blow strokes.
One (1) indicates line broken cure out.
Box No. 14—Corner First street
nd McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume
A Co.
Box No. 15—Corner First Btroot
nd  Rokehy  avenue,  post  office.
Box   No.   16—Corner   Second   street
•nd Government  Road  and
Box  No.  17—Cornor Third
,11   Campbell  avenue,   Globe
er company.
Box No. 18—C.P.R. station.
Box    No. 24—Corner    Filth    street
nd     McKenzie     avenue,     Catbolic
Box No. 25—Corner    Sixth     s'.ieet
nd Orton avenue. W. A. Foote.
Box  No.   26—Corner  Fourth stroet
nd Townley street,    corner      south
Box No. 28—Corner Second    strejt
nd Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall No. t.
Box No.  35—Hospital.
Box No.   ii.   School.
Box No. 44—Fire Hall No. 1.
Box     No. 45—Front street     west,
ear C. P. R- bridge.
Box   No.    46—Corner    King     and
louglas streets, Palace Meat Market.
Boi  No.   47—Comer  Second       and
Vales streets, back ot court house.
Box No.    48—Corner    Third      and
.'has. streets. Cowan block.
An Ideal Hair Dressing
BALVIA I1A1H TUNIC ih compounded on thc most scientiiic ptin-
ciples, and nothing on thc market
today can compare With it. It nc-
compli-hes so much mors than thc
ordinary tonics and doeB it so quickly  that iiBcrc  SN  sstonlshsd.
salvia kills the dandruB geiniti
nnd cradicutri- dandruff, HtupR lulling
hnir, itching of thc Bcnlp nnd split
tmg hairs in tw» *'«•■*■* or we wil1
refund your money.
SALVIA given u [iiscinutitig lustre
to WOmSO'l hnn snd make* It beautiful. It makes the hnir glow liuu
1 mntly. it is thc daintiest and miwt
lcfreshing hair dressing that science
hu- produced, and has nut n particle
ut grease i.r lUekSSM In it SALVIA
cost 50 cent* at ynur druggist. Sold
ut  Macdonald's  drug  store. 4
Moot me nt thc Savoy
Bee the "Sugar Howl"
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Macdonald's drug store.
The Sugur Bowl ice cream parlors
are now open, the largest and most
up-to-dutc  parlors in the city.  ...
i'.u 11.it.',n:-. llulloduls, Hyacinths,
Frccsia, Tulips and Lolluce lor Easter.—J. Maley, Big Bend Road.
The  "Sugar Bowl'1  ice cream parlors ure now open.   The lurgest und
most  up-to-date  proposition  In     the
II it ia furniture you rood, sec W.
Parry,   auctioneer.
\ our I".*. , - assured, rates reason -
able—W. li. Robertson, real estate 6i
Drop in ut the Sugar Uowi tor
thut box ol chucolatcs, your wife,
mother, or swectheurt will bpprsel -
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Rose Bushes Ior Spring pluuting,—
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Rovolstoke,  li. C.
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goods, host values ever shown In
racquets, nets uud PJ12 tenuis bulls—
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Victor HornleiiS Machines 1, from
♦ -U upwards. Kdison Phonographs,
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Music  Store,  McKcuzio Avenue.
When you put uway your furs for
summer, get some of our moth killers, ccdur Makes, cumphor uud ninth
bulls, also large und small sues ot
ninth bugs, ut Mucdonuld's new
drug store.
DO YOU OWN PROPERTY iu Edmonton 7 Send us Description,
best price uud terms Ior quick sale.
Ws arc now locuted 111 our now
liuililing uud prepared witli a IichIi
stock ot tbc purest ot dings and up-
to-dato appliances to lill your proscriptions. Bring ihem ulung and
get the liest ut Mucdouuld's drug
West Kuril
South  Fork
ol   V\rsl
Iii the innt 1 er nt the Board ol
vi'Htigiitiuii created by Part Hi- {,i
tbo "Wator Act" lor the determination "( wuter rights existing on the
Uitb day of March, 1909; and in Cha
matter of tho [ollowing creeks in the
Vale Water District;
lli'iir Crook.
Bromley Oreek.
Boulder I'reek.
Uutter  Crook,
1'i'ilar  Creek.
Collins Gulch Stroam,
Collins Crook,
I'lniin   Creek.
Coldwater River,
Coppor  Creek.
Cambie River,
Chiiwuntcn Creek.
Depot   Creek.
Dolly Vnnleii Creek.
Deep (lulch Creek.
Baglo Creek,
Elliott Creek.
Knur-mile Creok.
Friday Creek.
Findlay Creek.
Granite ('nek.
Kelly   Creek.
KloBllkwa Creek.
King Crook,
Muddy Crook,
Maselpanlo Crook.
McOutlook  Creek.
Nine-mile Creek.
Nepopckiin   Creek.
Otter  Lnke.
(itlii Crook,
titter Crock,
Otter   Creek
Pasaytan Creek.
Roche  River.
Siska  Creek.
Slate Creek.
Six-mile Creek.
Smith  Creek.
Saturday Creek.
Skagit River.
Skagit River, Upper
Slnisl   Creek.
Summit Crock.
Stevenson  ("roek.
Summit Creek.
Smnll  Creek.
Bpoous Creek.
Sunday  Creek.
Tulumeen  River.
Thirty-three-mile Creek.
Ten-mile  Creek.
Voght Creek.
Whipsaw Creek.
Ward Creek".
Unnamed Creek on wagon rond one
mile east of Glacier Creek P.O.
An unnamed spring Bowing out'of
.1 small lnke situated about 11)0 yds.
from   the smith  uf  Lut   157.
Creek heading on Rabbitt Houn -
tain, Tulnme:n, and nil unniimed
springs, streams, creeks, ponds, gulches, und hikes tributary to or in the
vicinity of thc above-named streams.
Take notice that each and every
person, partnership, company, or
municipality who,on the snid 12th
dny of March, 1909, hnd water rights
1 in
1- directed to forward on or hefore
the 27th day of May, 191*2, to the
Comptroller of Water Rights at the
memorandum of cluim in writing, us
required by section 28 ol the suiJ
Ait as amended. Printed forms tor
such memorandum (Form No. 19) can
he obtained from any of the Water
Recorders in the Province.
The snid Board of Investigation
will then proceed 10 tubulate such
After the claims have been tabul -
uted hy the Bourd, notice will ho
given of the places and dnys on which
evidence and argument will be heard
at local points.
Dnted at Victoria thiR 9th dny of
April,  1912.
By order of tho Bonrd of Invest! -
Acting-Comptroller  of  Water   Rights.
Nnl    Is   hereby   given   Hint   Willie
John Armstrong, of    Revolstoke, B.
('., will apply (or n lieensM to lake
und uso six (Hi miner Inches of water  OUl   Of   Mill Creek,   wll,ill  lluws ui
a  south-easterly     direction   through
Si'ctinn 29,   Township    88, Range 2.
Went ul the (ith Meridiin, und empties Into ToUOa W'uthii liver, nenr
Big Eddy, B.C., '['lie wuter will be
,iiieite,1 111 aiil feet above 0, P. R.
truck and will be used for irrigation
purposes on the land described us ii
ucres, pari sootlon 29, township 2:1,
range 2, west of 6th Merldnn,
This    notice    wus   posted  on the
ground on the uth duy ol April, 1912
The application     will be Bled in the
office ol the Wuter Recorder at  Rev
olstoke, HI 0.
Objections mny  be Hied  with     tbo
■aid    Wuter     Recorder oi   with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights,    P 1
liiinieiit   Buildings,  Victoria,  H   0
w 11.1,is  .1.  ARMSTRONG
Notice to Contractors
Corporation of the City
of Hevelstoke
public Notice Is hereby given    that
tho Municipal Ootinctl ol tbo Corpora
lifiu of Hie Oity ol Revolstoke,     In
tends to undertake the construction
uf Concrete Sidewnlks na mil  along
the West, side ut     MolCeUSle   Avenue,
(rum thc Suuth side of Secuiid  street
to thc North side of    Eighth street,
according to specifications uud     cu
tlmates, prepared by the City Engineer appointed lor the purpose, und to
assess     the   expense on cost lihoreol
upon tho land or real property abutting on thc parts ot such streets ns
abovo mentioned, and to  be  liencUtt-
ed thereby;      nnd    thut   11 statement
showing tho land or real property liable to  pay  thc assessment therefore
und the names ot tbc owners thereof,
ua lar us they cun bo ascertained, together with tbo specifications, and estimates  ol thc City  Engineer,     und
the proposed assessment     and report
thereon ot the City Clerk,  arc    now
on lilc, in the otlice of thc City Clerk
and open for     inspection by all Persons during office hours.
The estimated cost ot thc work ts
$2667.56 of which it is intended thut
the City at large shall hour the
wholo ol thc cost of the work, on
etrect crossings and necessary retaining walls, und one third of the cost
of thc Concrete Sidewnlks. the property owners bearing two thuds ot
the cost ol thc said sidewnlks.
Tbe total estimated amount to be
^^^^^^^^ borne  by  the pioperty  owners  being,
any ot the above-mentioned sreeks  iUM.oa, and     by     tbe city at large
Any objection to thc proposed undertaking and ussessment therefor,
Bhall be made by petition to thc
Oity Council within (15) fifteen days
from the date hereof, the persons entitled to petition being the owners ot
thc lands aficctcd thereby.
Duted  thiB 1th dny ot April,  1911.
City Clerk.
Sealed  Tenders,   superscribed
del   lor  Bchool bouse,  Nakusp,"
be  received   by   thc  Honourable
Minister of     Public    Works up to 12
o'clock   11   Ol  Wednesday,   thc 24th
day  of  April,   1912,   tor    the erection
.md completion ol s two room Irani*
school-building at Nukusp, it) tbo
Blocan Electoral District, B. 0.
Plans, specilications, contract, aud
•"im nia)  be seen on und
[tei tbi 1 *: day "I Api 11, 1912, at
be offices ol K W. Jordan, Biaq.,
Secretary, ol the School Board, Nakusp, B.C., tin Government Agent
Kaslo nc , and tbo Depot tment of
public ft'orki. pai liament Buildings,
\ Ictoria.
Bach proposal m isl be accompanied
accepted bank cheque or certificate ot
deposit on .1 chartered bank ol Canada, mado payable i" tbe Honourable
the Mm.st. 1 ol Public Works, for the
sum  .*;   |S60,   wbich shall  be furleited
if the part)  tendering decline tu en-
I'l '" contract when culled upou
I" do BO, "i .1 tie fail to coinplctu
the work contracted for,  The cheques
"i certificate* ol * , isitol uneeccess-
tui tenderers will he returned to them
upon Him exei tl ion ol tbt   1 ontractl
r* :..!ii,   «ill not  i.e considered un-
less   mude  out   on  the  forms  supplied
igued wltb tbo u* tuui signature ot
tbe tenderer, and enclosed in the en-
velopes im lushed.
The 1,,west 01 nm tender nut nee-
ms-.ii*i!;,   ,   epl
Public Works  Engineer
Hep,,1 up,m ,,; p,,i 1,,. Works,
-t'lcturis   B.C.,  10th  March,   1112
And in the Matter  of  Lot 4, Block
27, Revelstoke City, Map 636A.
uili-Ki VS .1 certain title deed of the
sb n 1* un uliuiicd properl   bss In en lost
1904,   Mathew
Parlor convey -
ii/ ; »»th NON I MBKR,
M. IVltipieci to L'i 1 il 1 *
ol said lul.
Largs    assortment   ol    vtsti pust
curds nnd rnmics Just opened nt Mnc-
Jouald's drug store.
Itevelstoke  Lund District.
Ilisiiict ol  West Kootenuy.
Take notico that Adelard S. lllun
din, of Halcyon, I). C, occupation
shipwright, inteudB to apply Ior permission to purchase the following
described luud:
Commencing at a posl planted 20
ehuins south and 20 chains west of
tho south-cunt corner ol Lot 7072;
thenco south 4<l chains, theuce west
2>) cbuins, thonco north 40 chains,
thenco east 20 ehuiiiB more or less to
point of commencement, und containing eighty acres, more or Icsb.
Dated March llth, 11112.
Adolurd B. Blondln.
Hugh PattiiiBon,  Agout.
KxuminutiouB for  thc  poRitiou     of
Inspectors  of  Stciim-boilcrs  nud  Mu -
chincry, under the ['Steam-boilers Inspection Act," will he held at the
Parliament Buildings, ViOtOrta, commencing Muy Llth, P.I12. Application
nnd instruction forms cun he hud on
application to the undersigned. to
whom the former must lio returned
correctly filled In, not Inter than May
1st, PII2. Salary, 9130 per month, 111
creasing fi\ per month pei annum to
a maximum of |1H0 per month.
Chiel   Inspector  of  Machinery,
New Westminster, B.C.
Two Ollico Hooms, !2tl", on 'he
ground lloor iu Dominion Sawn ills
Ollice building. Lighted 11 vl Iui,ted
wiih janitor service.     Apply  to
Receiver und Mutineer.
FOR BALK—A Houbc in good condition, grounds improved with oO It.
lot.*—Apply to F. G. BewB,  Jeweller
WANTED A gentleman looking (ot a
lurge front room, also board i! re-
quired, with respectable fatiily. Address Professor Vovres, EUvelsl >ks,
U.  C. 4  Iss.
Foil BALE—A Ucmingtun Typewrit
er, No. 8, in good running order.—
Price J5U.00, P. Burns it Co., Ltd.,
Hevelstoke,  B.   C.
KI   LKT-Dne  double  and   one   single
room   nicely      furnished.    Apply     to
Full sale Sumo Furniture, beds,
etc., cun be seen uny evening utter
ti:3U o'clock, Corner Fourth street,
und McKeuzie avenue.
This ir, to .C]\c notice to anyone into
possession the sforesstd titli
iu.,\ have come and who has an) know
ledge "t the whereabouts of the laid
deed to deliver the same to Samuel U.
Roe, Esquire, ln-iriei Registrar of
Land Titles, Nelson, H* C.
And further lake notice that failing
the production of this •iccl within tour
weeks oi llic date ot the lirst publication
hei enl that the -an! District K<a;istrar
will proceed to iksu,* ,1 Certificate of
Title uf tlu- said l.ni iii tiie name of
Hugh Bruce, ol Kcvelstol-e, B. C.
Dated at Nelson, B.C.,  tins 4th day
"I April, A.  1).,   1912.
SVM C.  K.  ROE,
liistri, 1 Registrar.
Hevelstoke  Lund  District.
District  ot   West   Kootenay
Tnke notice lhat Luna A. Blond,n,
of Halcyon, li. C, occupution tuar-
ned womun, intends to apply for permission to purcbase tbe Io.lo#ing
described land:
Commencing ut u post plunt-.M oo
the duuth Boundary Bixty chains west
ot the south-cas-t corner ol Lot 7072;
thencc south 2<J cbuins. tbence (bit
40 rhaii.-, tbence north 20 chains,
to said smith bouudury of Lot 7072
tbence nest ulung said bouudury 40
chuius more or less to point ol commencement, containing SO ucren n.orc
ur less
Dated March  llth,  P.H2.
Luna A. Blondm.
Hugh Putins,ui, Agent
WANTBD—At once, 1
mom girl, lur the
Arrowhead, B. C.
.   good      dining
Union hotel ut
WANTED—Two rooniB in hoUSS nl
Private family tur light house-keeping.   Apply   to   Mini Herald.
WANTBD—General  Blacksmith,   good
wages to right man.     Apply Palace
Livery, F.  McCarty, prop.
KOR HALE—Ollicial Townsite LotH-
Port Hardy, northern terminus uf
Vancouver Island, $12fi each; 145
cash.   Wlll  be  worth  1700 vihen rail
wuy   is    completed—Seven,   Winch
Building,  Vancouver, B. C.
Competition     Ior     Now      University
Buildings  to  lie   Berected  at   Point
Grey,      near      Vancouver,     British
Tbe Government ot BritlBh Colum
l„a invite Competitive Plans fur tbc
general scheme nnd design for tho
proposed new University, together
with more detailed Plans (or tbe
buildings to tie erected first at an es-
t.ina'el  cost  of  $1,500,000.
Prizes of $10,000 will be given for
the must successful   Designs submitted
Particulars ot the cumpetitmn nnd
plan ot site may be obtained on request trom tbe undersigned.
The designs tn be sent in I.y July
■list,   191S,  addressed  tn
l'ml.auu'i.t   Buildings,
Victoria.  British  Culumlila.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught Av*.  •   R»v«lstoks •Sid 'wi- ii-idy '.wninxvn
HATUnilAY,  April   20th,   1912.
Important Resolutions Passed—Immediate Construction of Arrowhead snd Trout Lake Railway
-Officers for Coming Year Appointed.
\ meeting ul lho Ccntrnl Consen
stive   \ on "I Rovolstoke  Riding, wes h.l.l »i  Arrowhead on    tho
irth   .ni-i    Rand Gibbons, president,
presl i"'i
press iti* hearty appreciation ol iih
iiiuuibor, ths Iimi. Thos, Taylor; and
[would take thiH opportunity of toad
.i.ui: iiim its congratulations upon
th,' e ii'i'in in which br tn hold thru1-
mii iin*  province; and would lurther
Alter tbe reading and adoption of|oxproB8 l(s „tm,,st confident* In Iiim
the in.:* *' is   il the previous meeting llH R<,prosontativi   ol thia itiilini:."
hu-j bees read and adopted, the Presl I   ••negolvod,     that   ii»'    Rovolstotai
dent read tbe annual report,    whlcb j oentr*al Conservative AsBOOlatlon    m
m*bk loudlj  i ii-•■1 --i
H,  Si|ii.ii ebi iggo ' iii'n  ni''V, .1.      ,*'
: m*.  ii   i*:   Wallace, thai tbo ro
■ ■* v* i and *i lieai I)  *"|l' ol
HiuuKh  be  tendered the  Association
The ii llo« *i'L' in, mbera wore present
 vintii'ii ii-wiiiiiirit take this   op
purtiintty ol expressing Ite hearty ap
pi mm ,1 mn i,f i in* splendid worK tfono
for ihln Riding and the Kootenaj ills
ii ii i by "in inii' member A.s. Qoodeve, .iii'l ii ii'i'' tendering lum our con
R, D,  McDonald   J. il. Armstrong,'gratulatlone on Ihh elevation to thi
M,  V   Lawler,   R,  Squarebrlgge,    il
,l. Mi i    H   Ulacklock   T,  J.
IVadman    an *     b!d, 'l'i Imble, Revel
stoke; W.  i;   Held,  ll.  li, WalliB,  »,
Irv.ii .mi  N    ii   Smith,  Arrowncad;
J. Bland, J, Shaw, Oalenu Bay;
Wm. Boy l. Halcyon; W I-:. Strutt,
i'ii. Hillman, Ueatou, W, S it-.uur.
Camborne; H, Evans, •'. .- uules,
L'omupllx: J, Lewis, Wigwam; Frank
Huldtr ai,,-it Canyoi 1. Tecioi,
lllecillewaet; D. Bwauey, Ui-njlar; ,:.
Day, D. Hall, Hallo Lauding; Hand
:* I'ingston Creek; > Mrnach
nn. Fourteen Mile
i.'m   lollowing oiiicers  wore  elected
mlng year—being a re dec
tiuii in everj  case but tb,u ol     the
\ Ice-President:
Hen, Presidents—Hon, it. t.. Borden, K.C., Mr.. Hon. Richard McBride.
Hon, Vice-President—Hon. Thomas
Taylor, M.P.P., A. 3. Goodeve, VV.
IV, Foster.
President—Rand Gibbons, Revel -
Via pre* -wit.   Reid,   Arrowhead.
Bee—Theo.   Wuduiun,   Revelstoke,
Executive Council—8am In in, ll.
K* Wallis, Arrowhead; Johu liluud,
Uulfiia liny. Kruuk Huldcr, Albert
Canyon; Jobu Lewis, Wigwam; W.A.
Strutt, Ucaton; R, Evaus, Comaplix;
W. S. Rennie, Camborne; R. C.
Smnb, St. Leon, D. Swaney, Glac .
icr, J. Tector, lllecillewaet, Vi. Boyd
Halcyon; J. Day, HallB Lauding; N.
McBachern, Fourteen Mile; It. D. Mc-
Douald. Revelstoke; M. V. Lawler,
One ot the must Important matters
d.scusBe.i resulted iu tbe appoint -
ment ut a committee to ivuik in cuu-
Transcontlnental     Railway Comnila
•mn. wm regret bia romoval (rom political     life    0«      a    loss     I"       tlie
I'roviuco in general."
Tin   wn:- regarded ns probably tlie
must sui'i esstul meeting "t tbe Cen
trai  Conservative  Association     ever
Tariff on Lumber
Ottawa, April 15—Britisu Columbia
lumbermen lur suruetinie bave been
Insisting un determining whether lum
Ini is free ur dutiable «lien dressed
un une side only, bat rcsawn tu uniform width, Tbe dimensions ut lumber iu dispute ure two inches by Biz,
I two Inches by eight, two inches by
ten, two inches by twelve aud Other
sizes, According tu the customs law
appeal can be made from tbc rulings
im: ii,,* department tn Him exchequer
court and tbo decision ol tbat court
is liual.
The cai'C  has  been entered  against
| the     customs     department  and will
* ■ .in.- up tm   bearing some time during  tin-  present  month.  Tbe  decision
will determine tho question as to
what Interpretation the cutuuins department will bo compelled to take
in the future.
Old Folks  Should   Be   Carciul in
Their Selection of Regulative
We  have  a  sale,   dependable,      and
altogether ideal remedy tbat is   particularly    adapted     to the   require-
Junction  with Kaslo district to urge! meats ol aged people iiiiii pemons uf
upun tbe Federal    government     thei weak1  constitutions who sutler Irom
constipation "r other bowel disorders
We are su certain that it will relieve
these complaints and give absolute
satisfaction in every particulai tbat
we offer it  with uur personal guar ■
an tee  that   ,t  shall  eust  the  user no
tiling if it finis tu substantiate   oui
nocess-.ty  ,,.'    the  C.P.R,    road  from
Arruwhea*!      to      Trout   Lake.      The
meeting then appointed the following
delegates :~ attend the    nomination
convention at Nelsuu.
Hand Gibbons,  H.  E.  Wallls,  W.R,
Reid,  Wm.   Bojrd,  Sam  Irvine.  T.J
Wadman. John Bland,    Rubs Evans,'claims,   This remedy Is called Rexall
E.l.     Hillman.    Alternatives— D.     J.   I n l,*i lies.
McSorley,   It.  C    Smith,  M.  C.  Law
ler.   It.  D.   McDonald,  Juhu  Shaw.   J,
A meeting ol the Kootenay district
Rexall Orderlies are eaten jusi like
candy, are particularly prompt and
agreeable In action, may be taken at
any time, da) or night; do not cause
'     -'".,'        '*.--    ation  will be beld diarrhoea,  nausea,  griping, exc
in N'elson on Tuesday. April 23rd, i,, looseness, or "ther undesirable effect
uame ,i date to bold a convention to Tbey  have a very mild  but   i
•olect ..ite .'or tbe Dominion action upon the organs with    ■•
vacancy caused    by th?y come in cuntact. apparent
the :■   , ol  \   S, Goodeve. ;m: us a regulative t"ii:r upon
Thi  meeting la called by President relaxed  musculai
Anna   i t:   -  oven ■,  and  aid
The .' Important   resolu li • to    restore the bowel    I
'   ai passed unanimously i    no     and healthy activity. Thr***,
Rei ■   tbis     Association    ■
' * mposed ■ entat ■•*•• ■ li im all  al
Revelstoke  District, ex-   H ws'  drug store.
28cf, ,md SOc      Bold only
our store—Tbe  Rexall   Store   »'
Subscriptions Discounted
Mr,  Hubscribor:—
The   Muil llornld   has  sent  uut  nc-
cuu'its tu subscribers    m ari'-aa's to
tho oxtent of over IMOU, and wo Willi
to uotlfy all tbeso BUbaorlbers,    who
may receive ono of our accounts tniil
tt tbey will call and settle thoir uc-
euiint or send lho sumo to tho MiU
llei aid by mail on or botoro April 1.0
next, we will give thom .1 ciiah iliB-
OOUnt ut 211 por cent, oil ths uni llllll
of thoir bill. Wo ato makl i* tl.i.i
liberal ullor In oi'dor tu realize q'J'tl
ly  00 these nccuunts.
If tbere is any inaccuracy in tho
account you huve recoived (rom ns,
send it to uur office with yuur ox-
plaimtluii uud wo will bo only too
happy tu rectify tbo mistake, if yuu
therefore want to make a ilfii." goln
of 20 per cent, on y iur SUbBOrlptl in
aeculliit, pay it .H'lure III'' in.! ut
April next.
Notice to Contractors
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Lock-up, Arrowhead," will bo
received by the Honourable the Minister uf I'ublic Works up to 12
o'clock noon, ot Wednesday, the 17th
duy of April, 1918, fur tlie erectiun
und completion of u Court room,
Lockup, aud Constable's Quarters,
at Arrowhead, In the Revelstoke Electoral District, II. ('.
rians, specifications, contract,   nud
forms ut tender muy be seeu uu uud
utter the 2,'tb duy uf March, 1U12, at
tbe olliccB of tbe Constable in cburgc
Arrowhead, B.  c, the    Government
Agent. Hevelstoke, B. C, and tbe
Department uf Public Works, Parliament   Buildings,   Victoria.
Euch proposal must bo accompanied by uu accepted bunk cheque ur cer-
titicute ot deposit ou a chartered
bank uf Cuuadu, made payable tu the
Honourable tho Minister ol Public
Works, for the sum ot $30<>, which
shull be forfeited if tho party tendering decline to outer into coutruct
when called upon to do so, or il be
luil to complete thc work contracted
tor. The cheques ur certificates ot
deposit ol unsuccessful tenderers will
be returned to them upou tbc execution ot the contract.
Tenders will not he considered unless made out on tbe furms supplied
signed with the actual signature ol
the tenderer, aud enclosed in the envelopes furnished,
The lowcBt or any tender not ueccB-
s.ir.iy accepted,
Public   Works   Engineer.
Department of Public Work*,
\ictur,a.   B.C.,   March   Uth,   1911.
iTDr. >A
f Price's!
Made from grape Cream of Tartar; absolutely free from alum.
For   sixty years   American   housewives have found Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder a guarantee of light,
pure and wholesome food.
Coal in.u.ng right* uf the BuminiuD
in   Mucitoia.   aasknlcbewan  and  Alberta,    tbe    Yukon    Territory,        be
North-west  Terr.ti-r.es  and  :n a  por-
.   *,f  Lir.tnti  Col-
i.  may  be leaded lur a term of
twenty-one years   it ur, r**""*' rental    uf     11 an acre.   Not    more than
->»eil   to one applicant.
plication .'or  iruse must  be made
,u   person    t"    the
Agent  ur      .-..-. Ag.ut   •>!  tbe district
in which   tbe rights applied for     are
irveyed territory the laud mum
be dsscribed by sections, or i'irai
subdivisions ul  sections,  and   ill
red   terntury   ths  tract  applied
;'.ir  shall   be si**i'nl   out  by   tbs
'   himself.
I-,.,' b   applicant   in ,*■'
,  a fee ut 15 which  will bo     re-
tuu.led  if  tbe rlKhU applied  f"r    ar.
not  available,   but  not  otherwise,   A
i'y      shall    be pai'l  on  the mer
chuntable  output,   of  the   ■
I  .
Tlie person opi
furnish the Agent with sworn rs!
accounting tm the full quantity of
merchantable eoal mtaed ud pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights aro not being operated, such
returns  sin Btshsd    it  leas'
," ■ year.
The lenso will include  the COS
ing   rights   onl] ' • -<»'•"    may
lie  permitted   to     purchase   whatever
available  surfare   rights   may   bl
Sldersd   rii-rcR-mry   Inr   tbe   working   ol
the mine at thi ime  of     »10 00     an
K,,r  full      iiifoiiii.'itniii      applll
■hottld  lm mado tu the Hecretary    of
tho  Depnrtment "f  Ihe   Interior,    m
tnwa.  or  to the  Agent   ,,r   Hub Agent
of Dominion  I.atnln.
W.  W.  OORT,
Deputy   Mlnlsler  nf  thn  Interior.
nii. -Unauthorised publication   of
.this advertisement win not be paid
Barred    Plymouth    Rooks,   M.COi
Ithinlo Island Hods, $^.U(l; A'hlto l'ck-
Ins Duck, $8,00; White' Eni.l.in Cuse
oggB, 50c. each; Day old chicks; I'py
old ducklings. Stuck for Bale. WbltO
and null Leghorns ohoap, Write or
'phone '212, Now Qrove Poultry Kami
Mrs.   It.  A.   Upper Prop.
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
Telephone House No, ii"
Telephone Camp No. 21,5
Satisfaction  guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexlume   Electric
Ui'siiicnci' Oor. Hnl st. ami Robson ave
Shop iii Alley back of G, J. Bourne's
Store, l'irst Street
Galena liny lands in parcels ol
10 or 20 aores or en bloo. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
i'n 1,1 ii- Notiee is hereby jlveo that
it is absolutely aecessary that dia-
ordera of a suspicious nature bc reported to Dr. McLean, L'.iy Medical
Health Officer or other physicians,
a« known. Kuilure to do thiB
is a punishable offence.
By Ord' r.
D.   A.   LAWSON,
City Clerk.
New Lightninfc Method
Oil Painting, and  Painted Walls
ike new.
Paper HunKin^ a Specialty
Estimates Given
Mirror Making and re-Silvering
.ss Cutting and Boring
Frosting and Staining
•    , '..'tC.
I'riii-  !
P        . Paper Hanger, Di
ftevelst ke  B I
No.    HI,     ROYAL     TKMri,AltS     UF
MeetB every 2nd and 4th Thursdays
iu Oddfellows Hail, ut a o'clock.
Visiting TcniplaiH arc cordially invited tu attend,
W.   K.  MUNSUN,  S.  Oi
A. U. TOUBNBR. It.  S.
BarrlstorB,  Bolicltors,  Ktc.
Imperial Uuuk Building ltovoi-
stoke, 11. O.
Mouoy to Loan.
unices—ItovolBtoke,    U.   O.,    and
Craubrook, U. (J.
Uoo. B, McCartor,
A. M. l'iiikhain, J. A. Harvey
Rovolstoko, Cranbrook
Provincial  Land   Huvoyor,
Mining Surveyor,
W .      II .      WALLACE
A lt C II I T If CT.
P. O. Boi 146, RevelBtoko, Ii.0.
Itovolstokc,  11.  C.
Dominion and B.  C. Land  Surveyor.
KUOTENAY      LODUK,   No.   i5 A.  F
and A. M.
Regular meetings aro bold In masonic TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hull
on the Third Monday iu each mouth
at 8 p. m. ViBiting brethren are
cordially  wolcomo.
W. B. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
COURT      MT.      BEGBIE,    No. 34G1
OK I. O. F.
Meets iu 1. O.   O.  l'\ Hull next   to
Tapping's Opera  Houmi  every aocoud
ami   fourth  Monday   in  month,  Visiting  brethren cordially  welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. R.
VVM.   B.   CAMERON,   Rcc.-Sec
O.  W.  O.  W.
Mountain View Camp,  No. 229
Moots Bocond    and      Fourth  Wednes
days    in each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.     ViBiting Woodmen arc
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS,  Col. Com.
SELKIRK      LODGE  12,   1.  0.  0.  F.
Meets every     Thursday eveniug   in
Selkirk  Hall at 8  o'clock.      Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
H.    SIEGFRIED,   N. G.
JAB.  MATHIE,  Becretary.
Meets every Wodnesdny cicept tbs
Third Wednesday of each month in
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Vislt-
.11.   Knights ore cordially Invited.
O.   Vi.  GARLAND,  C.   0.
Q. H. BROCK, K. of R. & S.
M. of F.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P.O.Box 31, Revelstoke
Sewing Machines
A nice now stuck of SiiiK-
er and Wheelor Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sile or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H.  MANNING,   Agent.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
It will pay yon to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
I' ir Buyer end Exporter
Old Town,
Revelstoke, B, C
tlnta l.u)ini' '."it onl
i.i   ni
Ioi the bub. i nt.kr .
specialty   of LoKirmx
Hline*,. Pants. Sox, Slnrli
Blankets ami everything
required In yonr business,
ShiMb Cure
anioklT "top* conghH,  enrv* onlda,  hr*l*
»•   throat and   lungs. -IB cent*
Phone 42   -    Night Phone 85
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol "«">":« atari setts in tha imiir
i- nii.1 I'll"""! ,,. h, p,„p,r I*.,,,,,.,,; ,,,i   ,„
i viuiiiv  rrsaiatarsdecay snd all lexuil
ee-akaeae av#rt-"l at .nr..   rhoiptionol will
maka yel a nam man. I'ikc a.T a lirtx, nr Iwi, Ini
It Mailed In any addrr-a Th-agootxill Dial,
tr,.. St. (:»lli»rln«a. Onl.
One team of  Horess
and one single Horse
weight ahout   1400   to   1500 lbs.
each, suitable for heavy work.
Must bc sold at once.    Applv
to K. HOWSON. Kevelstoke'
Smoker's Supplies
Tliv uld reliable m w lms llle largest mul lirsi Hue of Smokers'
Supplies ever In the (ily, and our prices nro rliilit. 1'lfty brnntls
of clRars to clioosu from, Price from $1.00 pei box up; uot mude
irsni scrap either.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
uur Block nt 1'iiiiiiin'li Pipes is small on account nl llic
crop being ii [allure Ibis year and quality poor,
Hi inr Pipes in cases Ilnm $1.1111 np.
Ask tm tin* famous ll. Ii. H'  l<iiiiiii-   Bverj   pipe  in Kuorsti'
CIkbt nnd Cigarette Holders, Cases aud Lighten, Pouches,
Asb'I'rays and I'lpo Racks. Tell us what you want and we will
mill yuu. If you cannot call, phone 37 and goods «ill In- sent i»
your home Cor approvals   Buy early while stock Is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody   known   bim,   In* will
tell you tlml tin' whiskeys we are
selling are ilm best. Call and be
convinced.    No household Rhnnld
III' without ll Niipply of mii* Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frnpln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
80 years old or Blackberry Brandy
for Medloinal purposes,    I lur Murk
of choice NVini'H nnd Liquors of all
kinds are urn xci'lli il. Hold by all
tin* lending hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers mil Seniors In Pure Wines, Llqucrs, Cigars snd Clgarsttes
D. GaUicano, Second Street
SIR EDMUND WA'.KSR, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
With its large number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of tbe world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
Capital        -
Reserve   ....
Deposits      ....
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
Has 83 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents In all
the Principul Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourront rate.
Revelstoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
1 8,000,000
* 4,000,000
3,(100 000
Our Doctors Anti-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
Wc carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and 8hoe Repairers, Saddlers Harness Makers
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson A Co., Revelstoke, B. C. SATURDAY,  April  20th,   1018,
2<lth,   I'll 2.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. S- flume $ G°» limited
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
Such a Galaxy of Lovely
As wc wc never had before. From Switzerland, from
Germany, from Franco and Italy- -all tlie new ideas are
here from the Silk Baby Ribbon at 25c perdo/.en yards
to the most elaborate Sash Ribbons at $1.00.
This is to be a White Goods Tear
We have anticipate thc demand and have a complete showing of Cambrics, Indian Head Ducks. Piques
Linens, Muslins, Mulls, Marqucscttcs, etc.,
from  Wc. to $1.00
Oh I the Cute Little
Child's Rompers
All colors and Sizes, Only SOc.
Babies' Dresses
Did you see the lovely little dresses? Snowy White
Muslins for Babies and 1-year olds. $2 to $1 ones at
half price.   You can Ret some nice ones i'or $1.00
Wash Dresses
A great showing this week of Ladies' ami Misses'
Wash Dresses, ready to put on, some beautiful creations, a Spring garden of colors, and in any size, from
$1.50 to $19
$10 Ladies Suits
Wc don't claim thev arc $35 Suits, but thev arc a good
serviceable suit in green, brown, blue and black at per
suit $io.ou
A Lot of Shirt Waists go on Sale
Thursday Morning
They are a mixed lot worth  up to $3
each.    If you can get one to suit you
the price is $1.00
Groceries and Crockery Department   DoYouKnowthePassword-'WellDressed"
Garden Seeds
The Springtime is here and with it the
thoughts of sowing, digging and planting. Our
minds turn to the hot Summer when we were rewarded bv the good things we had to eat as thc
results of such labors. Wc can guarantee you
good results from the Vegetable Seed, Grasses and
Flower Seeds we are handling ibis year. Our
Onion Sets arc now in as is also all thc other seeds
rcquiecd for your gardens, lawns and farms.
This is one of our GOOD GOODS.     In this
department wc arc offering only thc best goods,
best values and brst service. Nabob Coflee in t
Ib. Cans, 50 cents; Chase & Sanborn's Coffee in
Ib. cans, 50c, 2 lb. cans, 90c; Mocha and Java,
O 0, and Santos, ground while you wait, at 50c.,
45c, and 40c. per Ib. Ridgway's Coffee, t Ib.
cans, at 50c.
Jams and Jellies
Again wc call your attention to the best
brands of Jams and Jellies on the market. You
need them now if you need them at all. Crosse &
Blackwell's in 1 Ib. and 2 lb. glass jars, 4 Ib. and
- lh. cans. Wagstafles, Robertson and Ilein/es, all
new good stock.
Fruits and Vegetables
We are receiving daily a large assortment of
Oranges, Bananas, Grape Fruit, Lemons, Cauliflowers, Rhubaub, Green Onions, Ripe Tomatoes,
Cucumbers, Lettuce, Celery, and all the fresh
fruits and vegetables on the market. We get the
best so that you will make no mistake in ordering
from us. Leave your orders early to insure prompt
Flour and Feed
We always cany a large supply of Ihcsegoods.
The Famous Royal Household Flour is our leader,
also the best quality of Oats, Wheat, Bran. Shorts,
Cracked Corn and Chops. Let us quote you prices
and show you samples.
Ham. Bacon, Eggs
Do you know that Faster Sunday is the next
Sunday on the Calendar. We are showing nothing but the freshest eggs. Wc can procure also
the besl qualities of Mams and Bacon. Watch for
our display.
Canned Goods
Purity makes thc process of manufacture and
vve have been blessed even to a greater extent this
year. In our Vineland brand of Tomatoes, Peas,
Beans, Corn, Peaches, Pears, Plums and Greengages.    Wc arc sure our customers get the best.
AS soon as you start wearing 20th Century [ Brand Garments
you will find that you have joined the " Brotherhood of
Good-Dressers." The password is, " Well-Dressed." It is
never uttered aloud. You meet a member of this brotherhood
and unconsciously the password "Well-Dressed" is passed by a
silent, appreciative glance. He, too, has but a glance to see
that you belong to the " Brotherhood of Good-Dressers." And
remember, that a man who knows how to dress well is generally worth knowing. You can approach him, if needs be. with
the assurance that he is alive and courteous.
Do you belong to the "Brotherhood of Good Dressers" or
the "Brotherhood of Bad Dressers" ? Each has its password.
Wejhave given you the password ofthe "Brotherhood of Good
Dressers. The printing, publishiug or uttering of the password
used by the "Brotherhood of Bad Dressers" is contrary to the
statute therein provided.
Just one word more : We are exclusive agents for 20th
Century Brand fine tailored garments for good dressers.
Prices, $20.00 to $35.00
Our full line of Spring Window Curtains have just
arrived and vve arc in a position to supply your every
want, whether it is in Muslin, Madras, white or colors;
nett, white or ecru, or lace. Wc can furnish these either
by the pair made up, or by the yard widths. These gooils
are direct importations from thc Old Country manufacturers, and thus we are enabled to quote you prices
which will discount anything you have hitherto been
Inlaid and Printed Linoleum
Fresh arrivals from Scotland; a complete line ol
inlaid and printed goods in absolutely new patterns. You
can't afford to miss seeing these before buying. Wc
guarantee to cut these and lay them to your entire satisfaction.
We arc putting on sale to-dav, (Wednesday!, our
full line of Union Rugs and Tapestries. These were
extra good values at thc Kcgular Price: now you can't
afford to pass them up. Kight near the Millinery Department; after you have seen the Hats, take a look at
lhc Bugs. ■sif.i 'mot i'-»'v 'wiiii ui.vt'
SATURDAY,  April 8Mb,  101!
Wash Fabrics
20   Pieces   best   English    Ginghams,
Prints, Muslin, all warranted fast colors.   These are regular 18c. and 20c.
goods.          Sale Price-10c. Per Yard
Carpet Squares
;i x II Tapestry Carpet Squares	
 Sale Price- $8.00
Wilton's, Brussels, Carpet Squares	
 Sale Price   $15
Ladies Hose
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose
Sale Price -15c. Per Pair
New Goods from the East
Curtain Muslins
Scrims,  Nets and   Muslins
Salo Price—lCc Per Yard
Just arrived.   Keeping our
Stock  well   up with  the
Latest Styles.
Play to Crowded Houses—To-
ffight, "Ihe Transgessor,"
a Fopular Comedy Drama
The Allen Play ore'continue to at-
ti'ai'i crowded bouMi to tha oporo
bouse, on Wednesday evening the
company presented "The Lottery
Mnn" to a packed house, and the reception they woro accorded alter the
hem held, at tho clue ol the Borvtre.
A cordial Invitation in extended to
l.ne puliHc.
Apt    2*4—Toronto Glee Cluh, Id the
Empress theatre
Maj ■-- Celebrated     Toronto Ladles
Quartottv    Empress  'lieatre.
May        The  Kenny,  Harvey  Entci
tamers, Empress theatre.
May     80—Tbe Greal  National stock
Ci  ■ pain    lut one  week.
i   tobei  7   Managing     Mildred opera
Co.,  Empress theatre.
Cottductol i •!■ I'orter and taunt*
left '.asi Wednesday Ioi Winnipeg,
where they will make their tuture
Tbe La '■ - ol thl Vital Society ol
the Catholic chutcb will hold a whist
tournamei St, Krancis hull at
lata   I ''■
In  the   Baptist   cburcb  on   .Simla
■. v:   ■'..■   past >r,  Bev    B,   J,    'have,
w.ll - ■• •-       the lollowing       ecti
Morning   "Jushias   L'nargi      ivjulog
'The    8in .les'i;;   Christ ConleraneJ
Mnif.      A    ordial welcome i»* all.
1.0 k it Home ' .n opera house.
U April -'' i'l.'. Lady und
gent, j: *. lady's tickets .iuc. Tick-
ets lor salt he drug mores uud
H. McKinnon's '-.tar store. Good
. ■ i Ri or, .md a good time
Everybody  welcome.
\. ire requested to al
■ it  Thursday     ni^ht,
■  Deputy Grand Mas
'••I     w,|'i    ; ..
i.efttc wort will be put on, Alter the
-••' a banquet will Im given by tbe
local lodge.   \ letting
rethren cordially invited to attend
(People's Society ol the
Uupt.st cburcb  Is showing  Itsell    to
. real live organisation und cbu
-     'ti   auu   debate   mat -
•■ rest.   The eiecu -
live eiteads sa invitation to    the.i
evening at    the
•hurcb   *l,.:\ tbe lectures will
e di ;. tt .■; modem
v.'. h Hai     .      • .     well ki
ring picture operatoi
■   ' I          risit   I Revel
*-*.■ -   ..•         .  I     \  m  v
.   .-   . 'the  school      cl
lew*    . -     <..e (all tail
u* • iral    grounds,   winch
• ■ iu. ■ tod ■    ":    t. Jobn
the  Blhsoa  theatre  to  laruc  rt
Purr While Clover Horn*) in 5 Ih, Cms.   'ihis is toinethiug  vou
will iimi awfully nice nt ibis Reason o\ tlu* years
HOME-MADE JAM   In plnL»and quarts, glass jars.   This  is
absolute!} pure and well put up.
SYRUPS   I'ure Maple Syrup in Kilties or cans, which we guarantee t«> bc thc best.
MacKenzie Avenue
ertoiiiinncr, *wns Hiiltlcicnl  proo, that
alike tn comedy as in drama,   tboso
talented ni'tlsts have made a 1'in hit
with the theatre going public ol
Hcvi'lstokc.   The music wns hlirli OlaSS
and of a topical character, fitting
well Into the scheme ot the piny,
whilst    the    laughter and applause
which creeled the humorous Millies < I
tills  well  known  comedy,  were  evld -
anoe that the audlonce were following
the   play   With   the   keenest   Interest.
in "Oamllle"    on Thursday night,
Miss  Versa  Felton  was seen  at    her
boat, sustaining the title roll    with
marked ability and a natural man -
ner, which is the mark ol the genuine
Tins afternoon, there will be a m»
Unco, performance ol "The Third l)e-
grOC,"   undoubtedly   one   ol   the   most
liiiniiiii and Interesting ol plays now
before the public, and with the reasonable prices charged, it. is expected
thai   there   will   he  a   Capacity  house.
All s.'ata can be hooked in advanoe
for this matinee performance.
On Saturday evening, tonight, the
stay of the Allen Players In Hovel -
Stoke      will      come  to  an  end   "The
Transgressor" having hern chosen as
the dual offering. This is lhe last
Opportunity Ior many months tor the,
people of Reve'stoke to onjoy high
class drama and  we  predict a  record
L 0.1.
iu select ami make ilie tir-.i payment on a home. Then xon can
in,i\, 111 uud plan a garden, a poultn v.ml and all sort*, ol things you
would onjoj during a Summer. If you have a little capital we can
make it eas\ foa you t ■ acquire *i bome immediately.
Mr, lli'uce A Lawson and M,.-s Law
sou will return the fore part of the
week from a week's visit t" Victoria.
Mr. Nicholson "f ' intai ". vis I
Illy with his sister Mrs. .1 C. Rob
son, Tin r.i street.
\ Socialist meeting will be beld i:p
stars  In  Selkirk  Mall  Sunday  even
tin* .'isi   tnsl, at   So dock.     All
a     Invited.
The Quarterly   official  hoard   meet
Ing  "f the  Mrthodlsl    hurcb  will    be
* in Tuesd ij  evening at 8 .<
In tbe parsonage
VV. Pierson, w*i> and child, ol   'i  ■
Kami'.him-. *.*. i. .   :r.iin
a trip to tin i>|.l i ountry, .**; v.
at tbe (Inentnl bote
v..  ll. and  Ross Donaldson Ief
th      Okanagan   Wednesday morn
ig received a srire Informing
tb ni of tbe severe Illness ol their
\n oc Wenl   «rbu*i.  m.-v-ui  bave  lei
■1] irred    on
bMk   '•(       the
Methodist cburcb    \ plea   ri bui
wa        thrown   bj   *i   tlloudltVsk
■ii   tbe liead  "( little Olive     Mc
Int> r-r.   her  bair  taking   tire   Immed-
'.\ B    Fostei    Deput]   Minister     of
' Works,  will leave today     for
K. mloops,   where  he  will  remain       i
day or so before proceeding       I    I
Rev. it   .1   Mclntyn
an ;  Mon I ij   In Salmon   ki •
'I     Interest*  ol  the  Missionary   work
of ibe Methodist church.  He rei*
'   - 'listnct as .a a nourishing con
- ■ ■ ■ ''kini;  in      and
1 outlook is very bright.
\  meeting ol tbc Poultrj  and I sl
■*, ■     ition »ill i* held   i the
i       Hail on Tuesday sewing,   ', rli
2 I  .it  -  o'clock  t"  dtMOM   mattei
n    -nic out ot    he minutes  of i\K late
ti  sting "f the    Executive committee
■ • the n c. Poultrj  teeoctatlon.
Ret   i. l'. westman    ol    Calgary,
r acral   aaaistnnt  Sunday  achool   sei
The Ladies' Auxiliary to ibe B. ol
1.. E., will hold ii dance iu the opera
house on May .'1st. Instead "I the
ITtli,   as   previously   advertised.
Miss      \ Miiia   Felton   and   the   Allen
Players   Wlll   eve   their   farewell   per -
ormance tins evening .it  tbe    "per.i
house,   lt  will  ire  tiie Trangessor, a
COinpnn       play   to   Salvation   Nell.
■ miss .: tonight.
In  tbe Presbyterian  church tomorrow, «ill tie "Ca
pacitj Ioi Revelation,    and tbe even-
the  Katbei       . ...  . *.     uorus
Special Meeting
A       ■ .
'   Trade     .
Tbursdaj, Api     181 er tbe
matter of     the    torn.
e»   court   bonae,     at
Revelst  - ar-
:   such
\ Iter a lot g
moved by  \   Meftas, sei ■
.    in,   thai    ■  ".rn
ni.ttee   ■"   appointed   to   act   with   ihe
M .ii    arranging   details
*.f  tho reremony   ot  liiynm   ti "  COI nei
.   •.    cent    tin*'   ■
committee to  c.,n»irt of     Mayor  Dr
w    H   Sutherland,  Mi,«irmiin,   \ld   It
Howson and McSorley,  school trm
teen Kilpatrick, MeRas and m   wing,
The regular meeting of L.O.L. lii*5s
held last. nii;lit was largely attended
there hcitiK upwards nl thirty mem -
liers present. Tbc orgnni/er for the
Grand Lodpo ot nritlsb Columbia,
Mr. VV. J. Whitely, was present and
occupied the chair during the evening
T'lere were eleven applications for
memberships received and two mem -
bets joined by certificate, Five new
members were initiated hy Bro.
Whitley. During the evening all address was given by Uro. Wh.tlcy and
other visiting members delivered
short, speeches, which were thoroughly enjoyed by the members.
Over twenty-live new members have
been added to the lodge during the
past three months and mnny names
are being submitted for consideration
nt  every   meeting.
Additional Business Locals
Howson's     are      the   Ural  to show
their hammocks this season.
See the "Sugar Howl" windows for
Saturday  specials.
Km Sunday, a tin Of sliced lemon
cling peaches In heavy syrup, a 2ill>.
tin lor 3Bc, at Mclntyre's.
Parsnips, carrots, turnips, just. In
fiom thn fnini, line quality, at Melt lyre's.
Folding lunch baskets only 111 cents
each  al,  Mclntyre's.
Some iiici' acerage near town, il.N.
See Howson's show window tor
Hammocks nnd ('ouches,
If you want a nice, comlortable
home, call nnd see what ll.N. Coursier Iiiih to oiler.
Hammocks Irom 12.00 up, at lt.
Howson's .
WANTBD—A gentleman looking for
a large front, loom, also with
board ii required with respectable
family. Address Professor Vovrcs,
liox 4f.2,  Hevelstoke,  11. ('*.
TO RUNT—Good Hod-rooms. Apply,
Housekeeper, Dominion Sawmills.
Also well appointed olllces.
Il.N. Coursier hns just, listed me of
the most modern, comfortable and
well situated homes in the city, Cull
nud obtain particulars,
As the afternoon of Thursday,
May 22nd, next, has been fixed
as the date for (.flicially laying
thc corner stone of the new
Court House, 1 hereby declare
that afternoon a public half
holiday for the City of Revelstoke, B. C.
Dated at Revelstoke, this 19th
day of April, 1912.
Building Material.
Wc have a most complete line of one, two, or three Ply
Roofing Paper, Building and Tar Paper and Tar.
Which we have recently taken the agency for are highly recommended by our local painters to cover more surface to the
gallon and wear longer than any other paint on the
on the market.
The following are the different kinds we carry in sizes
from half pint toi gallon cans:—Minerva Pure Prepared Paint,
Minervalac, Minerva Art and Craft Stain, Minerva Interior
Floor Paint, Minerva Ham Roof and Bridge Paint, Minerva
Porch Paint, Minerva Hard Oil Varnish, Minerva Floor Wax
make the finest dressing for polished Doors.
Have y*>n tried our "Silkstone" flat wall color, it has a
finish as hard as stone and as smooth its silk and the surface
can be washed free from dirt without affecting the color.
We stock a complete line of Poultry Netting in all sizes
from 21 inches to 72 inches and In mesh from a half inch to 2
inches, also Lawn, Field and llatbed Wire Fencing.
Garden Tools of all kinds, Tree Pruners, Sprays, Rakes,
Hoes, Shovels, Forks, etc.
We have just received a complete line of high grade Sporting Coods at the lowest possible prices.
See our Lally Special Lacrosse Sticks, the best ever put
up, extra heavy guard and clock cord, and one combining
strength and lightness.
Our line of Baseballs, Cloves, Mitts, Heel antl Toe Plates,
Hats, etc., cannot be equalled anywhere for quality and price.
You will "strike" it right off if you come to us for your
Baseball and Sporting Coods.
Our "Special" League Hat will score a "home run" in
any game.
We do not "pitch" stuff at our customers, but treat politely those who come in to look at our goods whether they
buy or not.   Come in and have a "business innings" with us.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Howson Block
Poiice Court
Un Thursday morning last, helnre
.1. II. Hamilton, poliee magistrate,
there waa n case of non attendance
at Bcbooll The parent was ordered i
to pay the court costs and received
a s"v.*r.' reprimand trom the court.
un Saturday   tins morning, a citizen   iis charged with allowing chick-
"ii-      to  run  at   larire,      damaging  a .
..    It   was  settled   In
lefendant agreeing to    pay i
damages  done  to  the garden.
I.a-'   Saturday  afternoon,  the city
arrested   K.   A.   Wils*>n.    on    a
w.re fr*,m Winnipeg,  the charge being
I :i  officer  is expected    here
-ake   accuse.!   to  Winnipeg.
8hifob's Cure
autckly atop* enndha,
The Sheepman's Daughter
The Guilty Baby
l throat ud lunds.
» ur.-i   colds,   lii-nl-
23 o«aU
H. Rutliben McDonnld. Populnr Prices, $1.00, 75c, and
50c.    Plan at McDonald's Drop Store.
King Edward Wins
In  • 11   match  last  Thur.** -
etween 'if Mien players and
the K.ng Edward hotel slatt. the
Ring BJdwa .   i  wore ol   13
; ,* • -, mi good 'uu. Mr.
\ ■. ■ ■• • • • .-■ ■ .tbi there,
while a tntve defective >n running.
'■.ni-- was witnessed by » goo I
ly numlier -M spectators
Governmenl  Agent  R, .;    i*
.' 11 .ii,.'.  McLennan   (-
McCleneghan,  and  umnimous
On a mo' l( i.    ".    V    \t'i!.i
ed by Dr. Butbi liand   .t   a ih   ,      ••:
intely.  and  Mor.'  it   wns eitinguish-' r.  arv  o(  the  Methislust  .-hurcb     tor   that   the  question  ot  pur lualn
.  ;.,    rotbei   Mistered ber tars Alherta and Brlttob Colombia,     waa for the sel
 ! neck.   Tbere wlll not likely    be'n rtaltor in the dty on Knday.    on  Gordon   The meeting then nljourird
lelt any  seal Seals, 'h I  way to the coust. —— I
Song Service
lu the Met iy ev
ei ., gn    * i .- nrvlee will
Kamtlia'   hymns,   having   rt
life   a.s  a   voyage     on     the
..    -ning      The   following    -|>, I
' !i"ll,
"Hope *ngg-i
oil   heat    and   mai"   ,       '    I
the Day ll 'iver," i.y Mr**.i-   Sainton
-ii   Thorpe and Cameron,  The
■ment  tit  the  I...i will
-»   .'. ministered and i" ru* rn
An Extra Good Buy!
We Have   SIXTEEN  LOTS   For Sale In
Inside the Mile and a Half Circle, only Four Blocks from Car Line and Sidewalks, adjoining the Properties owned by the C. N. R. and G. T. P. for yards
and shops. We can show you by comparison of Prices in Moose Jaw
papers that these are a Positive Snap at
$1T5.00   EACH
One Quarter Down—Balance Over Eighteen Months
l,<-atiirr Pound Pocket  Eiliiiotin
ISO Titles .  .      50c  Kach
Ralph < om 01    Workl I ;h'
He Mbrgtn't Works.. 13 tor $2 00
New Spring Books
Worth  While
The Measure ol a Man t\.2i
iTale of the Big Wood-i
Woman and  Labor	
 lOlhi* Sihrcinen     '•1.25
He. Who Pasted
Spi IU ■ i s I-o'.ert  I'i.i- in bulk
Dw«rl Nasturtium in imik.
Mignonette, large vtrlet)   In bulk
will absolutely prtvenl
linir from (alilng out.
Smart Clothing for Eastertide
latest shadei and   hapt ■
Spring Shirts, plain or lancj  itrlpes,  >r colored, with broken'oi
double -Irip », Inm i i"pled material, Irom our dollar up.
EASTER NECKWEAR Just arrived, ill the latest ihsdes,
in Rrown or toeen, Cross Bart, Wai itrlpe, narrow  or   Rowing
SPRING SUITS AND OVERCOATS I ine lias to nee the
large 'nue.c In havi* all idea ol the shades ,nnl patterns they
haw to i hoosc from.
Fit-Reform CloHiing        Stetson Hats        Foot-Rite Shoes
House on 25ft lot 3rd St. west $1000 Terms
House on 50ft lot 3rd St. east - $2650     "
House to Rent on Second St. West
House on 50ft lot 2nd St. east -    2800     "
House on 50ft lot Mckenzie Ave   4100     "
If you have a House to Rent, we can
Rent it for you.
E. G. FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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