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The Mail Herald Jan 29, 1910

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 , __■
" Empire " Typewriter \
For cmbo nl oporution nnd pirfic.
in   results   produced,   thin   tnnrl.ft0^
:s unsurpassed.   Prict—$150 Cash.
f   Visiting Cards
Interior I'ublihing Co.,
Vol. 16-No. 8
Make a Suttee Christmas Gift
■-7 OR | J      •■    ■"   '■ •' B°od variet'y
**"'— '" i, asonable price
Interior Publishing Company
$2.50 Per Year
A Clean Up
We have a number of odds and ends kft
over from the holiday trade, comprising odd lines
of china in Plates, Fancy Bon Hon Dishes, Baskets, Vases, Fern Po's, Candlesticks antl such
like, which we are putting into
A 25 Cent Window
,.„ they  can be ser ed, ttin ,loi.es  is badl)   iluinu(jeil  b)      the
This method ,,f ,"Hexing  the hunger storm.   Oilier  Itidinn cities,  iitchidinu
of tlie victims is eli'oullvo but   it. is by Koine      and   N'nples,     report   extensive
Ino moans siilliiicnt  to n t  lho cxi - damage,   The water fronl slroola     of
Spreads DBvastation all OvBP,Bo'ioioso£tboBituutio"*a8tuousomlai'Nnplo,''a,'')11 1,hI umim<in> *"**»
™ |aro uuuble to force tlicir way lo those wrecked.   At   Home  lho Tiber Is  rising
stations. nnd  threatens  to inundate portions of
Hundreds   of   tile   I'olllgcca   Hailed   till l,M' I'H.V.
aiely   before COAST   UO'ITKIJ   Willi   UKI'.I'K,-.
Loudon, dun. 20.—A torrilic galo    is   tho very lust  momeiil
•j,;.    Ill,'      I'oriueu,
iMd   I i|le loss of life will be heuvy a-  there  prnulieally  o ol tliuir olTects, b
Pocket Knives
We arc going to sell 10 dozen Pocket Knives
ranging in price from 40 cents to 75 cents
For 25 Cents
raging from     Denmark  to Spain.     It   deserting  their homes and   Lhou   wi __________
has  now   lasted  all day  and bIiows no  uompolled, in man,  ensos  1, in tho   '""l Spanish coasts wen- dolled   with
sign of abutiiig.   It  io uxpectod     thai 'uighl with only seamy clothing      und   wrecks, and fresh  reports of  lho havoc
wrought  bj   Ihe ureal  storm  come   in
Ian,,1,.    I'l I    in  1 le- interior     huve
doi ,inii dumugo,
dli" Spanish     I run   Allaiilie     liner .
Iluipusciui   i    ivreeked  oil'   Hill,.,a.    Six
persons    were   -1,'ow (led   and   I lie   rellltlill
dor  are   mar led   on   Ihe   v,    "I      Mil
wa-  rushed oul   lodu).
Wreck*   huve  occurred  "ti   Siintiuidei'
al   l-'eirol and  ul  t'orilllllll,  Spain,
are  many   wrecks   reported.   Tho    buy the procession of victims passing con-
of Biscay is il„- roughest in history, Bluntly     iron,     Ihe iniiudutod regions
The  British coast     Bulfored  severely woro nun,)   women <>f all ages, shiver.
yesterday und il i- feared many Usher-   ini;  in lighl  garni s, frigliloucd Ileal'
men lost  their lives. ly 0,n     of     their iviu  with cold uud
In uoi'iliwcsieru  Knrope  blizzards aro fulijruo.
I'uging   and   railway   coliiinillliculion   is ||„.   railroads  in   all .It,e.tion-.      aru
■"  :l    :,u"1 mill. paralyzed and there i,   , .dli" ivhnl
Itei.ul- of duiuuge caused by llm lor- over either in  ihe lit)   or near it   ,\
rilie storm which for  two days     has oepl  via  bonis mid by moans of hor •
swept   the  Irish  chunnol  und  tho west se.-.   I lie  wutot'B  had  made  the  use  .a
.oasl   of   I ur.ijie,  began  arriving      to- uutoin,,biles  impossible  except   in    the
day.   Many   boats  have been  lost    and llighor sections of lho city,
the death list will be hoary. I    l'aris,  Juu, 21.—With  lho Ihoruiornu-
The Railway Horror
Sec our display   of Scissors  in our 25  cent
ou.    It 1." an eyc-opei er.
Granite Ware
A number of odd pieces, sonic slightly damaged, worth irom 75 cents to $1, ,lso in 01 r 25
cent window.
CLAIM. AHI'.Yl   II \1   HI.AH.
Montreal,   dan.   J.',.    TholllUS        llll)  .
,   , , ,  ,,      U.   I'.   li.  , lain,.- age'nl,  who was      in
rp    I     lh..  French  liner Annan, overdue (or   tor below   the Irctving  point      and  lho ,  ,      .     u,,.,,|lu,„„| nl,:l   died  lo
S.,11  Sebastian, is reported wrecked oh relentless  Seine uonliuuiug  its      fear ' '. .,
1 ,la\.    lie  has  a son  eugage'i   in      ,.,n
the  Spanish coast   and  n   dozen   li.-hiug llll   progress     um.iril   tin,   lop  ,j[       I lie .
1 b . ,, ,    .    .        ..        way worl. 111  llovelsloko.
boats have been lost in the 13a)      of retaining     wall,  all     I'urts is ushivor ,    ,\Vl. ,,.vvt. I11.„lu ,.,„,ui,,.-, 1,„,      have
Bis.in.   At  Dunkirk  a  tin muster  is  vvnli oold und grim willi terror today,      ..     ,     ,
,,., ,.   . , .    .       been  nimble      t„  locate in   Kevelsiol,"
driven ashore and  at  other  points on      11"' sail,'ring among  the  poor is in-
the British coust lie oil,,', wrecks. tense.   Women     und children,     driven
Efforts i„ reestablish the Franco and bom their cheap lodgings by  tho wa-
England mail and passenger sorvice to lers and  bitten by  the bitter winds,
day failed, seek  shelter in doorways  anU congre -
I'he ports  are crowded  with  vessels gate in great wailing grceps about all
that  have been forced to  |„u  in     for ihe puolto  buildings  that roruaui coin-
refuge. parativley sutc.
At Sheorness, several small warships Masons Inborcd through tlio     night
had   to   lake  shelter.    The   storm    to- building  concrete  wails   uboul   some ol
dav- is showing signs of abatement. the most  threatened structures; about
London,  dan. L'T.—Two  hundred  ves- tho fumous  Louvre,   a  small   army    ol
sels   have  been  vv reeked,   with   the    pro- men   labored   unceasingly   ill   their      of-
bable     loss of at      least   hall  of their forts    to save     the galleries and their
and  we  have   taken every  possible care
crews,  in  the great si,inns  thut     are inestimable treasures ol  art.                       .                                            	
= .,          ■    1                                ,., ul everybody vvuo was so  uuioriiinaL,
ruglllg  along  the western  seaboard  ol .Mile- ol   Ihe boulevards are  like run- .
~ as   to  be in   tin. accident,    1   may   .sin
I'.urope, according  to despatches     re- ning streams     and    the water rushing
1 ° Unit   the olhciuls ot  ine Lanadiau  I'u
eeivcd here today. ilifotigh    ihe cavernous      underground
Ihe vessels, mostly  fishing craft, lie   work      hourly   threat,-n   lo  undermine
along      the     ,',,lists of  Spain, France,   the  foundations ol scores of  the niusi
Germany  and the Scandinavian penin-   notable structures in  ihe city.
Lawrence Hardware (o., Ltd.
uf ducoutiod     ceforrcd Lo u_ i*
uccideut bora.   [Ed. &1.H.)
In an olU-inl aluteuicnt leguniiug th
aliair, 1). McjNiooll, Vioe-pL'etudeut ol
Uiu  (. anatliau  1'atilit-  runway,  .said;
"J uorc is uo truth in many ot the
reports wiuou have been Bent out re -
garaiDg tue tteoowood auuUent, ea ■
pouiatiy as to tho eircuniatuneoa sur ■
ioumung tho death ol tfte victims, he
have reported tho tmmos ol tho vie-
time as wo were able to secure thorn.
ro| rt-i t&k A f^h A f^_h A (W W) A f_h W) ffll Wl Wl Wl W! W* Wl Wl W) WJ Wl Wl Wl Wl Wl
1 Imparial Bank of Canada $
**■ Mfjuol   CVft'Qa     Toronto,  O *f,\>'o
,i Capital Authorized      -      -     $10,000,000.00 ;
'J Capital Paid Up              -      -      5,000.000.00 Jr.
Roserve        ...        -        ;").000,000.0u »
Ulamli'. ■ i- Au'lll"   'I  .ill |ilil«'ip ll li.-ilili. ill I.'a li.uiu. • ,
.\i_-i-,,'.- in   Ir- .   H--..;     ..i,.l  !'iii|.-il -it.,., - .1., i,, Imi, I'.i, uiu,ul, -..
U-.Vil- li.llU.  I.illl,,-.l.       ibl.'.c"     I-' 'I-.I     Vlllllin-ll   I'-ank.    I'lU'll 15x- , ,-*■
eb un;.- \. Huaul  II ink      S.llll         V„lll» N'*l lU'.ll li .nt.    S.llKlall "c
i/S  Ni'iimi'l Hink __|^_ 	
Savings Bank  Department $g [without food or fuel
sula.   Keen the Mediterranean has foil With moro     than  100,001) homeli
tho     force of     the gren!  arniospherio and the destitution and distress   con-
disturbances  and wrecks  are  reported stoutly increasing,  industrial  life   has
from  Italy und the Turkish and     tire- l"'''» suspended.                             ®
cian peninsula. 'l     w"s     estimated today thut the
i'he loss of life cannot be stated at damage   caused by    streets collapsing
, his  time, but  it is probable iu many ulouc aggregates more than  one bun •
instances      the entire crews  of vessels died million dollars,
were drowned, while in other cases at Practically halt' tho citj   was     under
least   half of them perished when tlicir u',u'i  ttt     uoon todoy, and the Hood-
,.,,,i, foundered. '"t "' balwiuenUi uud ihe undormiuuig
Groat   Bales have been   swooping    the "'' foundations b>   tho runaway sewers
coast  for the lasl forty eight hours, place almost orerj   house in danger of
t'romendous loss of life and properly collapso,
...u ihoreip reported.   These     reports BELIEVES THAT END 01
.,'ei  n period of two day- or     n,,.re WORLD QAo Lt.l.MK.
,.- wire communication has been inter- l'aris, dun. 27.—Typical of tho   ioi-
mpted by Btorms. ""'e suffering "f tho counlloss  thous-
Inland Europe i- suffering almost as unds of destitute, hungry people, dri-
mu.l, as is the soacoast. Interior veu fl'"nl ll"'ir uomes by tho great
Spain is isolated, while the Swiss |l""'1' ,i"' l'"1'1'1' u"i:'> f""ml " """'
\lp> have been threshed by blizzard* '"' ">saue from exposure, with live
md covered in blankets ol snow iu ni.-dl half-frozen children huddled in a
eiii.ii alr.eidv twelve Alpine tourists pitiable group, on the top of Butto
  reported  to hnvo liecn lost. L'huumont, in Park   Ilill.
citio felt ,i,e i,tow ten times moro severely than lht.se win, have been writ -
ing uboul it. 11 was bail enougn Clod
knows, without making ti appear
worse than it  vvas.
"A, far as can be ascertained, there
, was nobody living or dead on the car
! when ii was burned.   I   , , ,  met bov-
leral who were on the s.ene immediati
Ily after the accident, before the wrecked cur caught   tire, and   they  all  stale
that   ihen-  wa-   uo     on,-  on   lho   car
when it  vvas burned."
li„ lorlev House bowling louiu are
wuviug peacock's feuthers over their
victor} uguinsl ;, strong team Irom
ihe Hem Uousu Ii, the •». M. C. A.
league on  Wellies,lay.
The loll,,wing are ihe scores:
i ni.'i.n  nut si:.
Noiuh 3S2, Small 300, C'ostlgun   I'itf,
l.oeel,    Isl,   Ivuigllt   3S4,    dotal   Jn:','.,
Uobortsou 330,  Heard     153,  Pollock
  j.     I    l'aris,  Jan. 26.—Fifty  thousand  pe
c.i.i-hi.I rule Irom 'bue of ilepo-it.    Oiiriespi.tulence HOllClU-l,
Hunks   of snow   have blocked train-      Hardened veterans ol the battlelields, J35I, lloso ioL.Conlcj  .".in. -I ..i.d l-.i
on   iho     Uunish  railroads  in  isoluted  •""l hitherto euro-free women of fush- ''• P. K. vi- « ^Nl" l;l |;^
 lions, and ,,- ts iron,  ,he nearest   '""     "''!" bitterly      todaj   when they       I Ins match wa    pluy.-d on  Ihuiwluj
telegraph stations say  that tho pros-  »""' confronted by the     heurt-rouding   resulting in a «,„ for,the < . I. It.
I t of aiding     the    weather besieged procession     of rugged     und hulf-clau |    Tho following were lho scores;
men  and women who  parliciliated      ill!    C   P.  !'•    Miinro,   131,   Haywood   H~.
Moore :ii',l, Ku „ 320, Sampson 371,
en district. Total, 1013.
Cripples on improvised   litters  or  >>, \\ \\l)l.lfr.l(>.
pie are out of work as a result  of the   carts,      .some  drawn   by  aged   men   or       MoHne 3i5,      Law ren.e 301,   Inylui ,
1-'    ban-e   :''''     pn^ogers is  slight.    In  many  instan-   ""'" »nd women who participated
'"""''   ►;.'     ces passengers in the .-lulled train-are   'he groat oxodus from the Uood-striel
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McClcncghan, Mgr.
_V;?   j Hoods and they aro starving.       Soup women, or by dogs,     formed ono     of 2S7, ilaggon, 303, Palmer I0l,    lotal,
gg     kitchens were opened  today for many ,l"' most doprossing features of     tbe 18-1«.
A      wl,,, have been without food for     two spectacle,   'Ihere were countless family The following  liguros  will give     lho
"     day-.        The Hood   shows no Bigu of is"'"!"' '"'     grundparents    and great- slunding ot tho vurious loams   ol   the
^abatement  and     heavy  .-now   fell last grandparents  with  the  little babies of i • 11. CJ.     A.     Bowling  League up to
night, adding to  the miserable plight i1"-' ll""1 "'"' l'""l'tl1 generation, ding- dan. 28th,  IU10
.1   ihe vietinu, '"«      hulf-frozou     about   tho necks of 0. P. li. played .",, won  I, lost  I, gr»
Can be fulfilled at our
market. If you demand
lirst-elass cuts of fresh,
tender beef or savory
chops. We can oiler them
at a very moderate price.
We also call your attention
to an unequalled   assort-
ment of SAUSAGES. All
our meats are carefully
selected  and   delightfully
juicy and tender.
Call at our Market for
anything you require in
the Meat line. Satisfaction guaranteed.
I'ho victims of the flood number
their   elder.-.    Till
police  and  soldier-   ing u percentage ,,i ,WI0,
100,000  and  tho  nuuiev   loss  is  inenl - are liierallv   driving  hundred, ol |        Uorloys played  I, won 3, lost  I, pel
culuble.   Thousands of poor people aro '"""     ""'"   ' s    '"  ""' inuudatod   centag  .760,
l„,pelc.-»ly ruined and are Ueoiug     for -ceiious     io    ,.,ve    thorn  from being '    BenU played 3, won 2, loil  I, po'
L'aijs. .rushed     when ihe buildings collapse,   contago .UtiO.
In Pari- il„- .ituutlou is rapidlj  be- -y,1|0 "f    ll"; ili""ir ""',l •""l """"'" I   "i""1''"'"' P1,l>'cd "'< """ -'- lusl   :i'
 ling worse, the Hoods .-paring nei .- iciused to leave ihoir homes until they jporcoutago .400.
ther rich nor poor.    I'he Hood is     in-   were actually driven  oul   al   the poiut
 '•-'   ihe     compactly   built   area  on   «•' the bayonet.
iitlier  side  of   lira   Seine,   nude
"Where  shull   wc
0   gn
thoy   vv ailed
Maundrell Meat Market
Quick Delivery Phone 251
tin- residence! and public buildings und   ""h>  -i1'"1'!'! wu not  die Itoro ns  well
fui   ',l; the evacuation of many houses,   as olsowlioro.J'
ia- streoli in tbe southeastern ioc- '    Al'"" '  hourlj  the ollleors „r u
ii",' are runuing river-. front..I  with  ihu (acl   that   thnusunds
I ■ ••  Sonute  lodaj   unanimously ad-   believe lhal  llm end ol Lho world     i-
i.pii I an appropriation of sit it 1,111 in for  "'      I"""1  ■""'     dial   Paris  i,„-  boon
, ,'. .ual reiiof,     and various looiotios  doomed b)     Hod    lo bo -w.pi    awaj
un   tending oul calls for aid.        Tha  "'''' "" I1" inhabitants.
publii   fund (or ihii  purpoao Is bwoI-]   Thoy, for the moat purl, connect lho
lillg.    I're.-ident       laliiere-   heads      the   'ala-trophe      with       (he   approach   of
list with st,nun. Ilnllcy.s cornel  toward lho earth     as
DAMAGE IN  PARIS   IS 8360,000,000. Part "' il    prodeitined mode ol    do-
Already il,,- dainago 1- ofllciully ,-s - etruotiou.
,in,,-,ted    al $260,000,000, and     ovory'    '''"'  ''""''  I'oaeous   lho more  Ignor-
hour adds millions moro, ,.,      ant posilivoly rofusod to llslon  to ar
The catastrophe promisos to oxeeed  gument, but, llko blinded homes iu a,
a national disaster and beoome intei-  burning stable,  striigglod against  the
national.   The death roll also is grow-  l"'W'' t-hal would load thorn lo safotj
ing  at  a [rightful  rate nnd when  lho   Military campn on high ground, public
■[ tnie,  which  now   appears inevitab- bolls,  churchos,  schools,  and even    the
.,'. breaks out    it      will run into     Ihe   YanO n    have   I n     converlod  Into
ilea,sands. temporary dormitories    und hospitals,
Dynamite was resorted to lo-daj   to whore lho destitute and suffering   aro
lave l'„,i-   (rom     the flood,   Historic being cared for.
font ih- alma, one of the most fam- """"'• 'ImI1' '-'''•   """"' is Ihroutonod
ous bridges spanning the Seine,    was ttilh ,l"' ,nl° "' l'Bl''»-   Tbo Tiber   is
blown up 10 prevent the formation of ''"'"U iteaculy, and n n,„,d acorns Im-
a disastrous dam minenl.   lieports from lira interior nml
Ihe   auth.ailie-    have   ere'led       huge   "'"u|   I'"'1""   ""ll"   ln»4  1-'"''"   """lugo
eofJeo boiler-    on   many of the itreel   ba« I i done by storm uml tl,„„l.
! ihe ttood Violimi are    bf I    Aitl gb nporU of ■  tidal wu   1    A „.   'I if   uiemnrr.,01 purna
,.   givfH ho.  drink  and  relit as la.tj Venice  were  false,   the ancient  city  oi |mont  annou.Kcd  todoy  .. Donald   M
I    lh,me played '■', won 0, lost 3.
Me.-s playod 2, w, , Ioi i  J.
The yam,-,   ne.vl w,-el.  are
Mondav ,    I all.   31      II a,,,,    v   .   Del
ffodnosduy, Feb. .'    Corloj   i     Ui
l'i i,lav,   1,1,.    I.    11,1,1     ,        \l,
tin     \\ ia li,.- -1.-, v     night  tin   Bu tne
'.I. a    Bn I,, i  Ball     leiiiu proved    Ioi
|strong foi  the Interim di ite     I ho boj
p,u up a good gumo
British [lections
i.a 11:s i  km i i:ns.
London, dan.  J-.   Willi o,,l>   LWOUl)
eighi  eleettoie   In If hoard Irom,   lho
position   of    lh.'   pal,,i       thii     alt.a i
Govurninont eoulition Liberals,
903j  Irish NatiouallsU TT.   Laboritas,
•HI;   tolld   370.
Opposition   I oioui I    !fl
A delinite understanding has boon arrived al belweel, the Liberal and the
Nationalists by which lho hut,a .up
port   the Liberal-.
Loudon, .Ian. 110, A' foin o'clock
the party totals woro
I nlonlsts, 1264.
Liberals, 332,
LaliorilcH, 37.
Sail .,iali"ts, l'i.
We   have   just   unlooded
:.,.r  Car    of    assorted
hardware, comprising tools
ami implements of all kinds
in,', mill, blacksmith,
builder and household  use.
,; | Rifles, Revolvers,
on, Snowshoes and
i lootls,
y^, al .     ,    .        shei ■' Paints and Mi
Qjar} ,g pjo ,,    Stoves, liai • : and Tinware.
Give us a call or sei d :' ^ou  will  n\t<\
our prices rigl :
..-»-.. . -n
139tj:b:n"e   SBOS.J
afraid of
/our shadow
ake a_ good
\'ow can't  casl a ih.i     ■   in the dark, .md you
can't stand the light m Ir; •   u are dressed well.
Wc can dress you ,.i lei us coat you ovei
with one of cut Blue, 151 .1 oi Gre) Beaver overcoats, h will please you W« ti y om custom-
eis. We v.,v "custoi »" because when a man
once lets us tlothe him Incomes a customer for
A ckaring sale cl B und Youth* Overcoats
a J Pea 1 ickcts, sizes fi .=,   $1.85 10 $6 73
Fit Refoim Clotl.ing
Paid-up Capital, $10,0C ),000     Reserve, $6,000,000
A/ran^i'iii,'!,,", have recently l*- .hirli tho branches
of this bank mo able I Drafts    1 the principal points
In the lol   -wing CoUIltrlt"'
Auslri»-Hunf»rjr    Finland
t a,.'C Ul.inds
Gr.-a, Britain
NO   DELAY   IN   1SSHN0. fU
^^^^^^^^^^^     Ireland
Formoss Italy
Fran, e Japan
Fr'v'h Corhin C        .
W£UeLSTOM£    aHAH..H--A.
South Africa
St, its Si-ttl
^^^^^^^^^ 1 a l .-V
1 W si Indies       m
, .,i,l ctsewbsrs
"Ladies' Skirts at Half Price!
lor the i'.il.u.1. ' th.    Latest
: ., , st qualit) goods
rock bottom prii Ihe biggest value
tor the  li - l   11 ) evei ode red in the
city,      i    . ol  these skuts  will
I      1 ne) saver.
MRS. A. G. CRICK, First Street
Opposite tht;    . nijsor Restaurant
'.I ,   ■  .      '     ' it Ki
'.! Vi
. 1.an v    i'i',
It    1-   111,:',
try,  with      l.'.rd   I. »• 4.11,11
.  -^> enrr
,1 irt lv    idminiitrutiv .rk, while
< .Hint 1,v   gv\-   un,. ^nt  lbs   1
ulu_.» ol tanu tetuiu. ,. jd cabiiM'
1, unbi'r.
Speaklni   a    II  tUliiigtoD, M,      llul -
> ini   - ild  tliat   tl ,    was but the bo •
ul vi ol l..„t« beloN
iini  the dr-t, a 1 nm .,(   tho
,| ,,., li 1   umplishad.
ill      l\,
'tociiK>  hi., bom a  'in.lu Vw-'d until lurtbw uotivo. TilW MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. (:.
!F O !R   S -A. L :
.   11
.   . ..      .1
interior uMibiiybmi] Companj?,
Subscription   Kates
1:    . . I     '    [   :""'1   StulLa
>|        , ""I,.']-
a .
g   .. l*
Jin I ') ' suuutcti HI   wimiu
,-,   . ■;■■ ion ■  ptiyu ilu in   '"
■   . ... ,n.
_.. in ,,u    bUallH
." -    HI* U   I" i     " "
- '      poi       ' ' "'•       "l1-
.,..,.. .   lit it I.-,
.    - ill   tuh
.  .    ,.
ua Ail v<    .I.".
, i. . ■   i, ■■,,, ■;, >.
, .-. ., ,,.      n- .... i -
'.'.   ,     i.(i,   III   v....;,. ■   Ul
,  . Llltl  : luii.tl    illli     i ■
Ul UK  "'i - ■ i ■ ■-• 111' I
,.    in,     i in    ,1...,     UiU    I . llltl)    Ul
.,-ii. k'""| ili*iuuy,
,in.M I.   ur-.".    ■ ■ i     "i
■ t      -    i " il     H
 i V UllOtl    io     l'«»'"     ui
nil)    ..■    ,.Ui UUUilUII
...... .; ran ■ .   ' ti. i ■   .mi,mi u_»
,,   ■                   ., „voi    Hill   nii        nf   n,i- .mtl i"    ■    il      dill     ill I lir
■■ ,     v. || :,., , ■   I    llt||\     '•"    lllilt'     Id  III* I I   Wi'H                                      .       ' '.    n ■-,   i   .i":,
. l|    |.\      |'t. |   |    |, Mil     lu    llir         I'lll'lll           !      ' ■     ' ,,'''■ :     '■      .
II      i nni|mi isoi .   . .   :   t   i    ■                .               iH        ur n   I'm   i« ■    |H' \. n ■      il
then    KfM'l-!■>, li.nili]  I  mdle     tlia Iui   i uni   tu cxihmhI.    Ii   wii liWUM
■ipi.li"    i.i- , un uni linn   wui'l,  '■'■ ■ '-■ ii I ■        ""'    ii iln' •■ timiito fui      n
i   '   RoomcJ   House for $1(375.      Lol   50 X   IOO   in   lie-    |   iwlvii   \w»sivui \utv\a\   ul       Yi'llowhoutl lin '■■ I   I'Xpliiin   ihi-1     iui  n
__u.-iv__.__.._mnwrJan B_D
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
sirable locality,    Cash $(175, balance lo arrange.
I'.i^lii Roomed I Ion .. ill nodern and furnished. 1.01
50*100, t'cnirallv located. For sale ;il $5,000. Terms 10
suil  purchasei.
1  lii-   K. viit. .1    I I,Mi-., 1 I.', .ti. .'    !■ 'i     ■  il,      ;;
Si   , i.
Iluilding Lois lor Sale in .ill parts of the Cit) al prices
ranging from $100 upwards.
MM     I - I \ I 1 .    IIII.    I I l;l     \\ 1'    \i 't'lliKX I    IXSl'UAXi'l
^ta_i■»"*-"^»..M»..^^_^>r..,.M1TB|M||M|ml| ni        ,^ ^_«r.»--.^^^»w^.»J-«..__^,-.. _..^._»^y
.«iTmrii'm..-'^m^M.ulwmNNMV»i^vuA'nw>!M^Mi}«K.i ' ,-jou...  -...
md   llii!    .    tn     llali
bill 11      Hi   I	
I'll 11.1   ' 1 tnin  . 11   I,,,   t', 11 if.I   'I   Ui'M I
1    I .'   I      all'. ,■    lo    lli'l    t '       '    , (lllll , an
[Uut'u ,1, I fi uni t lir [,r,,\ 111,'ial
-,,i I'l'iniuitit iii lh,1 1 on Inii i',11 nl tIn,
   rouil I   tli" jit in tit,11 nf     liu;
I nice   and   r.,!,.a,I,ia    in. I      In lliu
t'uuliu.     ll       « 111  In-   a   11,al lol   uf l'i    rot
II 1..'11 ■ 1 \    |lolilii   ll   .-.!.• IU il 1 ,.Hid   IV
limit)   ilml    lluv, '  '"!"■    linuld     uui'ilin
l„'l     1)0   I in,11,    I and    • -}. J >.. 1 limit}'
ivlii'ii  il   , ■   uii Inn Inn   11' a li.    II.-iv     i'
a    ','Ml   nit ii.it,al  Worli   ,,11   u llicll   111 n"
11 ill f   il,dial      an'   lll'iliu,   uX|„'lldud
Ink,"      1    ll„.  1 nun,.,', 1.1I
mil   I) inking   nan iv   In   .1   |„,i timi      ,,l
1 In." Kuril mi v. inii  tl '.|i, ndiiinr "ill
In. i.'.\i'i'|iti,iiuill\       hi' :' j   nml   if      uur
Im ini",    nu'ii     iuu I'.i   i'   i',l ,,( I In1 (,',,
uni   I..I ally    I,.   III, ii    1 ity   (lllll    li'l-  u|l
U„K\ l-.'i .... 1 Ait'J I.i.
.ami flNivlt.  M,
,,     ,.,     1 ■ ■ -.   ■' ...,i 1 ■ "■■   1 hit.
, .     . , .    .   .   .        .,:. ,,   1.    II.U1.NU i.<    la-
mukk, 11. U.
. ) lu toau,
.uu. .    ,..,,.      Ml, H I '  '■• .   I',  I .
,.   ,  .-    ,;,,..., 11
_     1, J.  '■ ''
ue-..-—-L. ' ■'-'""   '    '
>..lll'lll',,  ,'U'.
Sjhutoi Im :
iui: Canadian Hank oh Uommkki k,
tllK   Mu-SUNti   ISAM..   I'.I' .
1 IKS 1   JsX„    -    Kl'.VI.I.MUM'..  I..1 .
I ,,Hi:.Ki' SMI I'll
I'm. inulitl  I.,u,,I Sin *"'., "i.
.Yliuliitf am >'.•',
■ I. lvi.M-.ll-.   Al KNCK,
1>.,.\   inn,   ftli\ __t>TOKK
\I.inN „   l.\ l.l.Klt.ll.
e nave a liood Le
In the  Meat Business
Our Ham and Bacon is Unequalled and our Fresh
Meats are The Best That can
be had. Fresh and Smoked
Creamery   and   Dairy   Butter
P. Burns & Co., Ltd,
utility       mil        l'i,I'   III,.}    v. ill   aaili
 ,1dm'   U,     1 d,'l'   1"   lllllilllilill 11,,'i,
, tidits  and   1 >. ... lit   lhal   i-   , iniiiiia      l,
ll. ■ .'1  toku  from   Ilia  |n>rl inn   ul      tlii
un   nutioiinl   work   trilititnry   horitln
.Cliaol 1'PU.iBiia
In  : I,,, . i,mu il,
|j      I   .   . ■  ...      ,VII      i      ' . ', 'in     r, HI.
n.        « I      fnr   llir    i 1 1  .   and   111,
 lini:   'i an   ad- ti',1,    it" ,   i, i    tm
The Rajah
I I,,.  I nlnlli d    I'nill'i il i  |'"   Dlltilll"   llll'
Ij I. di   ni   Hit.  ii|...r.i   II..n r   Siilurd ij
II.. u     and f.illllH'ill.J       M lav     in-Ill    .
   with   i im r,'|,nl ii i, -a  "I   i"i	
i'i     till'    I'l'    I     ""1    il'"!    ''I I) |l.l,lll':l
!. a     In      I'l,i-   ,',,in|i„,i.\
.. ■ d,|i i ,., , ii .-ui I   frntii   fill run   In
\ Ml M'l'.    and    ni    fill HIV   Will    111'      .■■'ll
ill     |j, ,,,|    Ink,.    ,    ,|,     Iwn    111, ill III-,.      Ni.
.,., ,, ..   ,, ill   I,,.    |i iiv I   In  |,r,,ilu,v  ,1"'
ln> :      ni I rn, '    I'"   ililu    u  Ilml   lho
,ipn| , . ami  nf   I In'  i "ii   ,11111    ', ill  Dli, an'
il   full   I '.     I'll,        I il'j.',.   i I.n        ,,l
I pin  I'arrii'd,   iiii'lmlinu     |ii','inl    'in
,-,\ ,      .■., ' ii in     nn,I  I'll' Iri,'til   I'lTi'. i    .
tnnl ,..■,.in,.■   ti,   |i..i\    i.,   ini
     I   llii' II,al   i■■■ nii'iil   i.'.'l     lhal
In    | II !   I III'  ll,    ,    1 lllll   111,'   tllt'lttlV
OH |  ill'll,-   ,,[        l.'.'V.'l    Ink,'   Mill    IV
I.....,,     , i   .,'     '
'I |l0   inn   i    il   ,.,<!,, .,,    lh,'    ll ii. n,     llllll
.'    I .-- I ! ., \ ! I I,  , i'.-1    Iui;   VII. i    to bu pruiliitvil licrr Iiii    onjnvr-il rn
\   in.'.'.in:,  .,      ihe  r.iianl  ol S.l I iiri ,    populariu   ivhuivvoi'   |ilnyi'il, il
tin I         wu In-ill        hut    I'hui'i i    full   .,:  inii'll]  |ii'uviikinu;  sitiiiiti	
,    i       .A,-111111      ililll   II.    Man,iiii.-,     I,', mi,.n,i   mil  i,',   llilil      .nii'   I'li'm'ts,     and
Rest  Fund
iii:; 500,000
Has C5 Brandies in Canada, antl Agents and Correspondents
in ail the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Oranoho».     Intcros* allowed at highest current i-ate.
REVELSTOKE, U. G. Srancii, W. H. PiiATT, Manager.
:   iw.-u-tU und   Y, Vi.  I'.nul, Imw,  (>,■, n
I   ia j   in., L'I
. ' ,'    1  ill;     vi      , all,.,I    In    . nlisillu
1 ,     i ' I   ,■        ■ m,     I'm    : ,.,    '. i-iil .
I I..'   liillowini;   ia   lh.-   i-iiiii|ilulu  ,■ u
mat,    Iiii    |,lll
,|iini,|inait ^:
ii a,-  full  . ii.ii-jili  nf   lliii  I iilii iini
I mil i   i       -hi.nl.i   alt..id   a    -; I        I ll-lltl
i\ i-uiliL;',,  nnt. i lniinat.nl
I Im   Cnh nilll      Tolll-isl -   ha,,-       with
1 In-Ill    lh,-   i. un, .11     l.lll,-,-II   fill    l.hlnll. t lu
IV   an.l   lhu   thi,,,'  inlni'ili.'ins   li.   f.   llnnl  .
ilottiu i ..llin- nml I hai'liu   Hi,',' wluwu
in-h .--   n.-iiiir-     uli,in.     ure I'tiiniirh   ,,, imstiri"
lit J    ! -:
i Your Xmas Gift
l-'iir „ hill iti Id,', S li-ililn and
l'i....-inn I'ii si ill I,,r I'nlher,
Mnllii'l', l;t,,!h i, si tin or
l'i r ml, iii.,-- i- n,>il,iii^ in
cnini iii'i> witli ,. Hiinttsomo
'■     ■• 1.   *.™ I   k-#,vSiB Piece ol Fui-niluru.    Wu hnvo u
Wtf&uVr    t'    if _^-tJ_B_ffli   "      Ntnv Hlnuk.
I' it,.- and rlioose j-our X innn
I'rosi nl,
R. Howson & Co.
r -rsner*-.,ti»iililli-iliriilWIyj-**w^mnm*su*^-Msi*L.*j*-uur*.mwr^jMmm.-uarM'Kii
|i,i)i'ii iliiect from country ui origin.
WHOI l'SAl.li     DEALIiRS    ONLY,
1'hur-  sain  ...  'Slll.li'Jil, 'J.mMI.   iniiiij- ti  luiiyh.    li   is  In In- liopud   il
. ^^M._^^_^.l^»,. j Q,.  .,»■! .U flj.
,\n< ui-,,., : -
\' \-,, ol'VKIt  AM'   riK,\ ,-.,--I uKr
1    .      -, I U"l
I iii in   ...   lal,,.
Il_    Uiu     ■     ,1,
'" ■"  ■ ,-   llll   ll   - -1... 11
1.uni     i   .-|.i-,-III.II,.a.    Hi     .   ,      '   ■   '   , 	
,.     iiiiiiiiiuiiuL'.iiiia iiiltlivsaiil to 1' '--i    Ml i   inuiuit   -,,„   i,.,,.,.     . ,.    .       , ,                  ,,   .,.    |(l
,             ■          ' I     Ol .      V. I, I,     „ ,,|,   ;,      | ,,,.    ,
■     i-   i"    i       I"   I U   III   lllll        It   id   ll   |	
' iDililJ   ii    in :■ lliii .   Inn    »'     I""	
V,ow C_,..M, NO. IIS            I" ''IJ'-     I             ,   'I        in.    yn,
tJlcet",   - I   ■'"''   ',-,,""; " Hun  li}'  .Hi ,     	
'! ''   , - ,i-      lliu  hunk     , , . | i   n|       n     l,
I   ■             ,,.. tun                -.■          I, ,             ■■ .....       ul      uir most  pin       ,
 UO    HCl'lir,ill ...,:.,.  lull-in   |,.| ,
,}     III,    Ul,                                  IVU                 I'll   liu 	
rt,                ■     .. : ,    iiii lir,.
.....   .11,,I I
-l.lll lil
l,„-l    .
l'i Inin
,   ,n   mill,-.    : 11., |.   ,
, in     r. ,'upus     ..
, i
-,,.    i Ills    I'-ini   „ id   u t   I liu  put nni.iui
l-Jli.    it   ,li, ri- .i   llinl   lIn.}    uiil  ,-,.nln	
:. link-  Ijuvulsluku in   their uiruuit.
C 7t'JWB._RV ____)_—__——__WM __M
llllllf 11)11.
I,llllll. IHU.
St, rtiiji' ti liestry
, llic,  H vi Ibtuk'-'i « nl uu\,  i"-   up
C.   W,   O    <v.
IMVJ I . -
Kooio-a/ Loilso, <*<
In   llllluil
,f ---'it.•.:'.„i fur     11
i'ii.'    ur,;  ink.
I'll,-   annn.'.l    ll-sll-}'   ,,i'-i-l nil'    ui        M,
I'ului -   I'liuivh   look      pliu-u     I Iuu  iini
■i-iii    In   tin'    li, Hows   Mull,   and win
ul a,.i   in   lhu  11111 nil'  nl  il   soi'inl   i on
ri .   :' im.a,  in,-, lin;    i:,an   iii.' .-list,uu -
u\   i, .ni in.,  u Iiii h  hits I,.-.-,i   i li,-      .-a.-,'
    i',.,   [,.-, -,   tun .- cm   .    I In   in, a ol  n
ni-: -1- : 11 n i,    i n  i.i 1   in       uolu I nn,
a il h   i hu   i.    til    ,. ,j   \i a:-   I Ilu      a,
■■      ,-  i inn  nl'   im   rn an a   uolulllilluu   in   an
-'    '..-
'■■      .1
'■n-iiM', ur  lu      mu -i'    more enl liu >iii -n\
-ii :   (lie    \:r;ln ,-in -   of   the   ■ ■ ii_\       in
I'ltiin ii   work.   Aboul    l*>   [u-opli>    were
pre uni   uiul   n   i ■•■ il   ileal   uf   >■ n ellelil
-«.      .  ,-- i.n . i Imi      w hell 11 tii      , -
.   ■    \   ■ '      | *T1  IMH   lit
►   - in
im  it.,.
■ I
■   '
. '
K     .'>', >"•!.
12   I
,, .
'    '  .
. i
■     ,
I -'I   i'. puns    .   .,  ,   , i.i.
 Iiiiilni       liu, ,'     ,1 in      fill-    lhu   hijri
'   - I.
' hu   lloiuil   tvsoli    lullll
"- |V   I'"-"I    '""     I'm   lh,   ''   up
' ''   Ul    " ' »"■■    M-I-Iiurfll   twkotl   f,.r  an   , ,',„.   ,;,., ,,„,   ,„.   „,,,,,.,   ,,„„„
'   ' -''""   '" ;l"'   l '<  librarj'.     Lln.l   |ii"tiuc and   Imrmoii}    had
 j   l"   "l"'11     '""   IUl»'8      -'I'  -1.,1,'d in ll Inii-.-li, which wui    |'i"
'      ' '  "ii       '   '"''  '""'■   VuiIi-oUs  - ,., us ,i ,-In        ,,,   ,„_,      rupidly.    II,-      i-pinimlud   the
1 '    • <•""    ' "■,■""•       mid   . ,,opl0  ol   Ihu Svnoil  In mi-   hold  ,n tho
'      ■ I"!1'11        '•   -1"1"- ■     Hi   in    l,n„.      .,   .,,,   .,   1,,1-p.   ,in„il,,i
[,,f ,-|,
..;      moi in      tin:
.-.::,    .,,,,,   III, 111, II    l\,,lllll    In-     |n i-
: nittir,"   an-   ..nidi i,   .      .. i,    |,|,jr,
,k ■      for   ,,,-,,      ,'liiml   I'm itn
bins. , hail .. Ii - -.
a-   «.-II       I      I WII   I, „,lll   in.- | ,,.
, .   I,
llu.-lll   I'a-il   ,_'a\,    .-    i    inli'l'u   l in
iinplimuni in.   llm   pu, tpli
j.l ...   IV of     III,-    l.l-l      I   -11    >.■-.,r     .Ml,
in     lhu  work  "j  tli,. .  in,initial-
CohI Range i-aoi..  I   -
No, io.  i:wiui.«i. '
. -. - ,       K   '-
Ml \ i l(l\.
r   P.   SMITH. :
O   h. BKOI        r.
J     -■
Coc _lDail*lbevalu
■s3      ■'
SAI I  KI'A 1 ■ J '>V  - '
I    III,"   \ ,'HI'l
I      tt'unlnii,    !     II    IV, H
li.   -    '    It   - I- ,:.   i:   tlorilon.
, 'Iiuii ,    ■ .  ■■■...     \.   II.   M.t luiin
■ Inin,   II.   l'i,,inin.da,m   Monis,  T.   I.i
' " itrirk,   II.   I.  Iluylo, I-.   I-'..   Vi.  II    I'n
■i.  i .   \l.   l-'inkl
"' ;1' I iij   ,|,.|.-,at,-.  lo Synod,    A.  II,    Mu-
'   t" i.   li    lun,   I',   li,   Hulls.
1,1     ' '- . litoi   .    If,   iloriln i,  ('.   .1.    Viiiuii.
,--.       of    I.     -,   i -   (,,- ,d   ,,,    	
'i  uli,      '■■[  foi    In it   valuable assis -
lu  and wni'k: t"  tin- Suiulay St-lionl
'       ■■    In    .  ;,,  II.  .1.   Iluyloi'li   for scrvi
i-.-iviury, mid   to  II.  I'miniim
foi   work   in   laiirlaii.l      ill
 ith ilu> In ililinu  "i ":
i ii ,'itil     mnl    leal
ivoii, In,,
,    ■     II. Slum    i  II       I|<tli ■..
I'm, iininr,    Hiss   llui ili.i    llnh     .
<   \\.   II,   llm   ,,' -
 .--,... ...
1    ■ r.f    ^ -    - ;.,.
-   ■ .   ■    ...  ':....   .>   •- :'.-■;■■'•■■■ ":':■.■.',■...."--'   "•■"""•
.j.,,1   > . It'.V-J>!"»
.     '
.. I  .,
nf nil,
Cent I'd l Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props,
• ,,l.,mud und Imp,"A,"!,     I n t i l.i;,„ in i'vuia- rt'H|iei't.     All modern t niiveiiienei»
I .1"    >•   Sal,,|'l.'   Kim.HIS.
Rates. $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
iuitably furnislittd ..iiii the choicest the
market nffords. liest Wi'tt's. Liqtuirs .'ind
Cigars.    Ratss $1 a day.    Monthly rute.
iT.    _A_I_I3in_=_T     STOlsTE      PB-OP.
I Corner Third 5-& Campbell Ave.
HorseShoeing _ Carriaye Work a Specialty
m      .-4--!'•,.;'•    :.'
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
lire    .'i- >  •■.',' .     .il    tliiir   ,"'tiii-   Slot l<   'H 'i
nvill     ;   .,,,' "". cost.      It will rwiy vou to
■'.!:.'       llllll       pi I, '-.'•-      >>ll       I >l.l Itti-lllN
k'wfliv,  Cut   t.l.i---,   Silverware,   Watches
of c,
I   ■ i ■   . I'l lie ii-<• 11 II,
... -i   ,l„    ,
1 til    tun,-. ill,'    Ill Imillli " ■ , .
-e,. -      -  , .     ,i"
:     •   . In nl, Cl      .,, In
,l|,„ In
 "i   r"
illli   .
nod for
: lnr
I' ill I )fli    <TV
Cut in 12, IB, 15 or M
Inch lengths
MAKKiri    I'RICI'.S
Fit.it Street     Tel. 6B.
Doyle and Allum, Limited
.•• <w__« mammmmm
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Ri y;tl StarularJ ! lour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
fi "■' - K& l.-ittJCl     ten Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Ha ley,  Brenkfasl  Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and ( attle Foods and Medicines.
The Pa et  Supply Co'y.
k. .?■
Papers Rttad at the fire Chiefs Convention at
(Hy Chief Savage, Grand Forks)
nil-; all'.MIil-'.lt.S ol- 'Till'.    It.    i.    ASSOCIATION 01''
l-'iur. chiefs ami kii;i:\ii;n.
Uonllomen.- Wo of Lliu bouatcd twentieth Centurj know
dill well that power anil position uonvej with them rosponsi-
uiliiiud which may liu used or abused, aceordiug lu the nliai
iii-iui ui the uiun in ollice. Thoru is uo standard whereby olliuo
seoaers are judged, Everything depends on the i'lilliicuue ono
cun unn_ t» num' to attain the Bo-oalled "honorable" posi -
tuins, wuilo littlu or no thought ih given to fitness >>r ux-
Ino Chiel ol b Fire Department- onu who consciencioiiely
does his duty—knows how ilithctill  it is to find good Itromon,
Ho also I ws how much moro troublesomo the removal   "I •',
mini beci - who has Iriomle I"  tho  Muniaipnl Counoil,     In
carrying out the "ctudo" lire prevention laws il„- owners "i
property ure inade "mortal enomios," bcuaiiso thoy value dollars moro ihun  they do human lives
I  have lived in alios, and mil  writing  in one now, where
a,lv   Clod's   I'rovidouuo  suvus.   tlm  place  from  dcslrurtioii,   li>
in,-'    When   lho  modern   lire     chief  uuuupls   olliuo,   ho   he   R ,
bad rn- indifferent, he imagines uuthortlj goo with his ap
|i.u,uni.-nt, whereby his iiluua ami suggestions will l„- carried
out. I,'i -, inin' his i.-.. .iiiiii.-inl.il i" .i, aro lioodud, Inn lho
clashing iutorests ol those seeking favors, and othors deeirinii
,,, avoid spending mono) in taxes, an,I makinu lliuir places
.-.iV.  bring   ilong  oneiuio,   anil  loi-riminatione
It tho modern l"'iro Chief will worship ul Mammon'
Shrine", and catoi t.. lho "powers that bu", lio "ill meet with
opposition; but his position "ill I"' safe. 11»- people who
favor "right" may be in the majority; but they are too busy
over tliuii own affairs to bother aboul one head ,,f a department, espoeiullj  when thut depurtnioni  is so "insignificant."
His   path   i-   strewn   with   troubles  and   (litllctllties    which
others "ill nnt  shoulder, and his salary is insulliciont.
iv,- have always cluhnud that a i-iru Chief should bo il„'
best man available. His otlieo requires sobrioty, good judg
uieut, self-control and solf-sucrilice. No other pul,lin ollicial
requires the bBiho qiiulilicutious. No othur man takes lhu
chauccs ,,i injury thai a lire chief iu our suiull cities does. Vie
praise the army, geuorals, and naval admirals, lint how many
ni them'over "smell powder'," The I'ire Chief is always on
active service, and Iho roll will show lhat dangers surround
thorn, und lhat ,1,-ail, r;irrius oil tu.ini n bruvu niau in thu
tii-.'- uontinuulty ouuiiring iu our country,
The modern   I'uv  Chief  is mil  properlj   reuognized.  When
iu vices aro  required  lhu sovereign  people willingly a-si>t
him.   When the eilj   is  in no immudialo danger he is  it  11 n-
tity. The people, and their representatives, imagiuu anyone
will  muke  .-,  successful  lire chief.    Kxpericucc and  good  judg-
ineut aro uol   isidered,     when "pull"    and    othur debusing
-chemes ure used lo till important olliues. It is not u ques-
lion of public sufoti that rules no\v-u-ilays. Vie simply allow
-, tn,. men who knot! nothing o( the necessary qualifications
of a I'im Chief, lo select one. ll his lurin of ollice pnded uitl,
theirs, n would not be >.. bad: but Ihey come and go, like
ihe wind, and thru- unlit appointees remain, until t hoi I
tiagrunt uoiiilucl awakens iln' always dorninul press and public
It   has  l< ,   llii-     in    Iho  past.    Wliul   lhu    fittliro  holds
none cun pint.-ml.   This Convnuiiou turn   uttrnul  attention, or
it  may !„' like many others    r ivu ,, nsideration  from the
genera]  public,   Advim is all we havo  lo give.
People look on the muelings as "huge piutiius," but liie
l-'iru Chiefs ami l-'irtnneu of llii-' Province will some day m-
teivo recognition, and that invasion will conn' when the public
understand that their very lives depend on the fire Bervico of
tl,.- country.
i-    Ass;. Chief Brock, ,v. li. Ko. _, Revelstoke)
I'.Kl'l'lIKU Ol'TlCKHS AM) I'l li IOI IA.
tjuito a  lot   has been said  about   Fire  Departments,   ainl
it   Fires,   1-nu  Fighting     and    Fire  Prevention,   l,ut   very
little about  what  an Ollicor of a    l-'iiv  Department      should
,„';  whether  ho should  im  a  painstaking ollicer, always
attending to duty with ,-, social adaptabiliu   tn existing conditions,  having  rospect  for the rights of others, and respected
by   the    ithcr    olliuers  and     liremon   among   whom   lit-  i\ -:
.   , careless sori  of individual, liliing his  position
for his wag, and  let I i".   things drift   along  in   auj
id  .. ■       no weight  -,.- inll,lun,-u 1111111114  ni- brol - er
l.er he  i- an overboariiig ollicial,  who  thinks,
-,, hi-  word  1- -u|    that 1 I now       itythj
. f, aud who 1- al.viiy trying to impress il  upon  tin minds
of  his  .ism,' i.ili'-,   u h dels   men   uboul   iii.,-  dogs,   .md    is
soundly hated by all who are within in- sphere ol influence.
Whatever we are, or whatever olliuo wo may In,Id. this
question ,.- one that wu should ask ourselves, if we am in,-a
win, have route in tho uge of maturity, and have attained
some position, or olliue, possibly it may nol be much in it--
self. There ni-c other positions whjuh are higher than ours,
and there iuu others which are lower. I'.ut uur own, such us
it is, i- Mini,-thine wliii-h wu have Irieil in attain und which
we have achieved. It represents nm- umbilion, an object of
effort nn our purl, it is something on which wu have -punt
time, thought, labor and taut.   It  is ours.
Now ask yourself this question, ii we were to resign,
would we 1„- selected again for tlm same position'/ This is the
question thut brings you face lo face with your actual self,
opens up with frankness tlm secrets nf join life, und leaves
us staring blankly ul  our own failings.
Put nside tho outwurd uppeurances, and whal people
say to you, which is so often sham, und gol down t.> ilu
real truth, you may pn--.--- considerable gift or talent, ,,r
you  maj   bo  a  genius,  but   ihe-,'  have  not  bucn  entirely   ,>■
sponsible for your ndvuiic -nt.   They  hnvo  helped  you much
or little, us the cuso may bu. Vou owo your success largely
10 the good will and l'.'.i.I Fellowship of your companions, uud
..titers, you have by your actions brought 1., believe, in you.
Vnu have won their friendship und confidence, and they liavs
hulpud you to attain your present standing: they have made
your advancement easy; hnvo probubly stepped aside to muku
way for you and put you in tlm position which thoy believed
you were qualified tn fill, nnd were tlm right man in the right
Ilia since you have held tbe position how have you conducted yourself'/ Iiave you fulfilled their expectations, or have
vou abused their confidence, and nre practically speaking .1
failure? Of course you may scum t,, bu firmly rooted in your
plnrc, and by your ability hnvo considerable influence will.
othor men, but aro you reully -.,.'
Vnu may think you are strung against udvurse inllucnre-
111,1   thai   your  many  friends   nm  faithful   and   I, yal   t..  you,
Inn   looking  back   over  tin   past   cannot   yoi    tuu..-   when
you   have   in.ide enemies   a-   well   a-   friends,   -..in.,   whom    you
may  Inn.' nifended,  unintentional])   perhaps,  la,,   i,->   nol   foi
gotten,    Ilium am -inn,, whom  you  hnvu ignored  when  it  ap
peered   in  be  some  unreasonable  prejudice,   whil    ,•
vanity.   Vou  havu toll  cai'elosslj   Rouure, feeling   ll ,
-uni was nine points nf llm law. lh.a.• ma.i t,. other* who
envy you your placo, .'ind care little for you, but ver; 11 irh
nn  Mini- position,
\,'» it" we think 11 1111.in. in. if wu were to resign lho
position which we now hold, how would wa fare'/ Would nm
..1,1 friends rally 1., our .■,--■• inn ■■ and ,1,. the same thing over
rigairt, nnil bo glad t<. - -  back  in nm- ..Id place;  or would
una- unwilling followers duserl you, your false friends betrni
yOU,   und   your  ,-lmluii-:   Ini ,-   ihe   lin,tin cry,   und   you    would
I'm,I yourself alone    Would  yon  nm     son tlm,   man who
hns been waiting for ,1m pi . ■■ i-ou 1 mated, stepping int.. the
plan' which you imagined y,,n ..mid hold against  all odd  ■
ll. is u fact  thai  in all  organizalious ..f men, mny it  bo
largo nr small, thoro is always  m ..    less dissention.  Where
ihe rtghl   feeling •- T i -1 ~. nmn  will iln nil  sorts nf unselfish .n'-.
amounting   11   limes  lo Im, ,   in  and  ...|i ..a. 1 iii....   ...  help end
oilier,    li   i    Well   known   Ilu 1   uu  officer with   th,.  right      tact
and  judgment  can  do   re   wiih   len  ussist.inls   thnn  others
could do with nn-,.
lu  lire  departments    m  man  al t   anywhere  .-I-.-  is
this  harmony  and  coiilid, inn  ivipiired,   It   will  .1.,   no  harm,
ih,')i for ovory officer lo '.■•■]• tin-  piuture bef  him     I'
be  in.,  sell confident     1       com   besl     idgnn-nl   al   all   limes,
und  .-line  for  <'llir,mil   -in-.  .-.   hai'l 11 <■   a-  fir    1-   -,i.
tem  will  permit 1  .'ind  (ru.piniitlj   j,on  and  a-k  yoursel
question, "If I wore 1,, n- 1 11. would  I  be rosdected (or   tlie
■tin,, position?"
Yours irulv,
1;   II   BROCK,
\      innl  in Chief F. II. N"„. .'.
Rev-eUtoke, B, B,
The Story Teller
Continued from Inst i-.-iiu.
Tho next item in this culendar of
crime came (rom thq lips ni Zunukn .
after l„- aud Tom were arrested for
the murder for which Tom wus convicted. 1 Im Btory wus iluit 'lun,. Zu-
iiiikwn, Kula, a woman ol tlm tribe
and onu ur two others wont down in
tlm middle ni winter to .—11 Ihoir furs
at Shoal Bay. In the cabin by ihu
shore ui a littlu buy Oil tlm way dow II
-rnin- cume from tin- lip ol Zunukwu .
deformed dwarl namod Zolult, ,1 pariah   "I    III-    tl llm.   w ll"   Was   I.-It    tn        ,'!.,-
mu In- livelihood as besl Im could .-,11
alone, At Zunukwa'a suggestion lho
party visitod Zeluk •>„ tho way down
tu Shoal Buy and suid their skins ,
and started tlm return journey with a
good supply ui provisions and clothes,
and  several   bottles  nf  whiskey,   tVImn
ihey , am,, in llm buy w I,  tho dwarf
In,-,I. tlm snow wus falling and their
allocs  t..--.-.I  in   llm billet wind    that
rullled   lim  -in....th  surfu f  the  -ua.
Tliv\ were glad tu moor up on 1 Im
i.. lull und tu - up I llm llospilulill w hiull
tlm dwarf uugi -1} piolTcrnd lliem, It,
hustled uboul and built up tho I'm- .
11  his shack,  and  , ooked  1 lieui  „  In,t
meal.    Filled   with  v I  - In el   I lie 1 1 i
tors became generous in iheir lui'n,
md bringing oul 1 huir 1, iii-k.-i but 1 -
In- plied tlm dwarf ... thai Im -nun
became insensible tn Id- surroundings,
I he wuiiiun wa- ireaicd in tIn- im,
way, and soot)  .-auk un  llm lloor in 11
1 omutos ladil ion.   By   t In-   1 inin t he
lirewulci   had  roused   :1m 1 al  ,-upi ■
dity, nl* Tom and hi- coiupamoit
j     "I-   thai    yuiu    i.ut-in".'    a-k.-d    I.an
nf   Xlltlllkw a   at    I l,n   sunie   lime   point ■
ing tn tlm dwarfed figure lyinc stupidly   u,1   tlm   ll	
Ztinukwa   ruplied   lhal   it   v. a-.       but
why  did   Im  ask.'/
"Ilnuausu,''   -aid   'ruin,   "wu   .11,■   gn
illU   tu ,lu  uway   with   him.
Zniiukw,-, remonstrated with him ,
nn.l pointed .nit tlm danger in which ,,
ihey wu,ll.l pin-.' t Imni-nlvn- with thu ,
white authorities. Tom -aid tu, more, .
but iifler awhile tlm other Indian- ,
uolltl'ivutl tn -mid Zntillkwa, win. wu- ,
a gun.-ml la.-kny. out t"r a pail uf ,
. w ater. '1'hn creek lay a' some lit tin ,
distunue and Zunukwn feuring they ,
nmunt -.un., hiiriii in tlm dwarf Iuu- -
riuil  bock;  but   when  hu  relurued      hu .
that    In,It,,    tlm   annsl    uf   'linn    Klcllll
moetdinooll ,,,,,1 Zunukwu. lb' told
how    these Iwo     nmn nnd  llm woman
WOrO   I Im   mill-   "im :   Jili .-inn   fr       1 im
pot Inch ihut night, nnd how noxl day
il was noticed Ihero wero bloodi
., latches mi 'lun,'- nuek. Tho Chief
was  sentenced  to nine muiilhs'  impri-
-un,unlit,  but   ii  w a ■  soinel i       uftcr
before Tom  wn    arrested.
On hearing of the Chief - unfc im,
he had hi,I,Inn himself III tlm N'urt hern
wild-, .and a, rtnll., [orlilil'd n little
i'lulV facing the bay. lb- pitched hi
tent nl llm fool ..I llm 1,lull, nnd hud
his   , ni    un ii ii --I   ,-,ui\ nun-tit ly,   I ','it
-tabln   Wollacoll   Imaril   uf   lu      whiai'i
botlts,       but   'I -nn       hud       aid   that   Im
w«,ul-1  n.-I er '"- tukelt  ulii'o,, '.nul     ' ho
constable bud '., acl cautiously, Wool-
lacoll      -.-nt     word  In  him  thai      he
would comii i"         Inin un a i el i nn
duy.   and   all   (ll ll   dllj   Tnin     al  Im
'.up ,.f tlm bluff looking over the '■' at
nr wiih a loaded rillu III In-' hind.
Bill   no „i,i- appeiircd and llm  Indi in'
llm   Im.V    ill 11 swill
hud hired for tin
■ Tom had time ,.•
happened im     wus
-mil   ill"
md   Im
„I  Znlak i
found Ihey
outside tlm
plunge a knife into hi- bma-t. A -,•,-
nnd tiiii.- Im struck and worked round
ilm knife with brutal insistency till
tlm poor littlu dwarf fell dead upon
tin- dump earth. Zutuikwu was tuu
frightened t., speuk, and thu other Indians finished their work by gutting u
blanket from ihu dwarf's bud ami
wrapping hi- body in it. They bor<
it down ,n  (he beach, nml scoopir
Woolli li   imv "i
ill i In ■ Imam im. I„
, i , i lion, and bufiil
,.-ali/.-   whal       lunI
■ , -nd.
II.    wus   lal.rn.    -■ ill, ial i •.'
nn,I   al    tlm   *-|,| '.     n'        ill   \ llllCOU
■ i i. wn ■ found   -nn1-.      ,-:' murder nud
,-ni,-i    I"   I,,'   :   11,   ell   -,,   ilill)   'J  .
I in-     an-I     \  ,  Uu       tl   .i.n.-i   hitll    w a
I-"     tool    Xllllilku 11,    ll lio      llVC I    1:1    -,,',
nocl.  bj   turning King'    •■- i li tu o.   i om
udmilted   lhal   he  had  a   hand    in   Ine
n ui ler of  th. niiiii  Kwa/.it at Now
I .1,,.   but    un I   that   Im  ban       unl\
I old   b"i   hand,  iihilu  Zunnkwa
luully d.um   llm duel,    I inn    at      nn ■
passive  u- a mini ,,f slone  llirougliout
tlm   trinl.   ami   tin- only  ub-urviitiun he
in,nlu  in  tlm    un iuliln  when  nn     was
removed from lh,- murl after receiving
seulelice   wu-   I,,   sn.i    in broken   1' ig
lish  us  Im  nibbe I   hi    forelingei'  round
hi-   uunk.   "Mu  gel   it   hum   nuxl.   '^,--, ,-
.a   lu oil,'  in, mnru."    In   less   than
month from now  ihe ciirtiun will     go
dowi      the  In -I      „. t   of his  urn.,I .
mortal drama, but      though I'.-, i
itm  future     and  longings for  the w ihi
ife   "I   ll nan  and   tl e  f i
1 i.-1uni   lii-  breast,  no  qualm     ol
I,   nn   quit er  ni   misgil ing  ny    rn
ii      hu-  a-  yet   been -nn ullli
iui.l . .iini ,,f hi- -I,mail face.
• I Wli:.-   MllliUlN.
Yaneouver,   B.   C.
in  nn; sri'itKMK t iii in  OF
In the matter of
•VilMllv;  11' ACT"
And  In tlm matter of
Metropolitan t iold nml Silvor  Min -
nig  I utnp.nni   ut   l.ni iluuil,   B.   C.
Ltd.,   (uou-pui'soiial   liability .
\, ,1 i- ,-   tu  , in.lit.u     lu  ,-,,! t,-.   "' ""
Nol       AIM-:  UKUKUY  roquired      to
come in   and      pi ove  I Im  di hi   - luiined , followii
bj  you again i  iho abuvo n lined company  by   I'lliii.-  _\,,u   ufiidavil   und  gn-
ttig   notice   thoroof  tu  tun oil  ur      bu -
 -   l'i idoj .   tlm   I it   duj   ..:   April,   A.
1).,   11)11),  ami  you   am  lu   attend      ll)
,-, our  i>..ln mu-  ni   tlm Chambers      uf
tho  l'i.- tiding .1 inIn- in , lhamber	
Monday,   tlm   Jml  day  ..f   May,   A.   I).,
11)1(1,   at    tin-   Colll'l    il a-   Ill    lhu   I'll)
,.f  Yu uiver,  B.  C,  nl   111.30  of   thu
ilock   in   llm forenoon,  lining  lhu  time
appointed   for  hi tu in-.-   und   adjutlicat
-.., upon tlm claim.
Dated this -.'Nt ,1 ,i  ,,[ December, Al
ll..  11)01).
K.   B.  M 111 -'KM II),
(llln ial   ', i [Uidutor,  w hose
-.,--, ..    ..,,   p.  ■    ■
, .     ,
Court of Revision
Mil U'I.  Ih   HKKKFV.   U\ EN
• i\i;,   tluya from  dulo i  inteud  to   u{i
ply iu     iii.-    t hi. f Cuuiuii isionoi     "i
I,anils inn I'li'i-.'  ol   laixj   siiuatod ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
al"""   "'"'  'hili"^  "I'   ''"""   :'i'""i'    .'.'''        1AKK   NOTICE   lhal   1   shall   bold  a
Court of lio vision  und Appeal,  under
\\ nm!  U\\ .-I-,  post pi a "in      K»ti
uhniiiH ubovo mouth of Wood river and
marked  K.    A.  Andrew -.  S,  \\.  i "i nei
,„,-,.  ihuinu north -10 chain,,  cast    10   t^H^gtoUe Assessment District, on
'   WEDNESDAY,     TllK    '-!0th DAV OF
the provision of the "Assessment Act"
,-   j,   tiny   the   Assessment   Rolls      for
ml uf ,
nvei   t"  j
lluutullu'li   .
■luted   thi-     Pub   day   uf   Di   ■
1U0II, I     A.   AMUll'.W.-
In t b'   lun I.n ul 11 .-   l.a, il    lb u -  l i
\.-i  ..lid  I,,  tin- llllll   , I'lll       bu   T in-    l'i
  S.   l'i   1)1111 11,1   nl    S, i-i   i n ■",.     I nil II-
-ll,|.   :£i.    Bal.,;.-   II.    i I    lliu   Hth
ni-    i, lllll)    (■ _l"i |H     "id      I'"-     ilill    I lu
I    I' It.  , !gl,l-Ot-»„>) I'llO n ' ,   i.l   ll   I
\\ llHieiiH Ilu I'm iiii n ,- I lit . \...
'I.ll.'i.i.i lu i Im allow Ini mil ..iii.-.., - i.
tlie in I Peter Scull ll - I,, en lull dusl rm ml .-iini ippllca imi bu- beei
iiiadi- In iuu tm a duplicate I bu,, ut:
Nut ine is hereby j»iven that a duplicate certificate of lilli- In 'In' abnVe
'luiuililaiiu-iit.- will bo issued ut lliu
expiration ul I Iiii I y days It, in ilu-
dale of i|u. Ibst publication hereof
uni- s- in ibn meal limn valid objection
in the contrary is mad,- to im* in
ivrii Ing.
District  Ituyislrai-,
Land  l,'.i;ist"V (1111,-u,
Kninloups, B. I'.
Dun. 1.",. HMD. ll,-,- 1,S Im
C. P. I MM
Mill, I I.- IIKKi;i',\ GIVEN that
sixty day liu,n data 1 iiituiul to apply in     t iu     Chiol Commissioner    ui
I.uuils   l..r       pur, has,-   uf   land   situated
about 1 in ehuins up from mouth ut
IVood river, post planted on north
side ut* river and marked 1'. A. 11,-d ■
strum, S. I., .uitmt post, thouce north
10 chains, west I" chains, south -H1
chains, uni 40 chains, containing 160
a, res in.,i.- »., I'll.-nud   t: i-      Imh    day uf  U mi,, r
i'.ll i'.i.
tl. E.  I1EDSTH0M,
.      ^.J .. 1.1_- J__
sixty duy.- from iltito 1 intend to ap
ply iu     mu     Chief Commissioner     o,
I.and-   fur       pur.ha i   land   -it,la;.'
about I In chains up from mouth o.
Wood river, post planted un unit,
-nlu ,,f Wood river and marked i;. I-.
Ili'd-iiiun. S. \V. corner post, llieuu,
uorth In chuius, oust 1" i-tuuns, «(,uii
in chains in Wood river, west follow
ing river to point "f commencement
containing  Bin acres more or I.---.
Baled Ibis Bill, day ui Du.unibnl
i;. !•:. iii.n.-i noil.
JANUARY,  1910,
nl  lhu hour of ten o'ulouk in tlie fore-
tn.uu, at the Court Douse, itevelstoke.
Dated at  Itevelstoke this 28th     day
f December, 1909. d29tf.
Judge  of   the   Court  of   Revision,
and  Appeal.
Notice       is       hereby given
sixty        days      after      date        1,      J-
Brill, occupation, carpenter, intend  to
apply in thu Chief Coniinissionur of
,...,,-:- im ilm purchase uf thu follow- -
inv, described l,,n,l, commencing at a
post planted about -Ju chains south ol
iVo , Knur ami about 100 chains from
the mouth and marked J. Drill ri. W.
ornor post, thence west bo ehuins,
."in. J" ,1,1,111- to bank of Wood river, thence following south bunk of
•\ nui  Uiver easterly about 80 chains,
:.. :.  0   -'"     nam-      south   to   point        of
■ until, i: , until,   containing   100    acres,
uuu ,-i  less.
Dated this 10th day of Dec,     1909
.1.   UK1I.I.,
i..  K.  Hedstrom, Agent.
IS>1 II i
I he British Columbia I.ami H.| il I
inenl of tlm t'. 1'. I!.. which i- under
the jurisdiction of Mr. -I. S. Dennis,
ussistunt tu tlm -ml. Vice President .
are this year following up their uxin .-
hole witli their paddles in tlm soft, "iv" advertising campaign ui 1(10!) ami
wet sand, buried it there. They then ''"''' muutinc wiih good results. i.n
mil hi- nauun adrift, nml gathered ,lli" ve8r 'llc-v nre '"''Kini: the publi ■
sin-h ,,i th,- contents of hi- cubin as cation "f " P«"»phle< covering th.
the}   could  curry uway  in  their     own 'wnol°  province a  special  featiiiv.
t-anoes,  brought   thu  insensible woman
out   ni   tlm shack   und   rowed  away.
Again ihe u ain "t" e\ i I, n n lirnke
down, iui' when l'i,,'. im-i.d Constable
\\, lollauot t went (1 ,wn tu tin- buy
where the dwarf hail iii,,I ihey .Inj
up tlm benuh from end t" uud bill
could liud no traue of ihu body, llm
only relic disunvered wu- tun uimou
w In, h wu- fount] battered to pleues on
ihu rocks uf the seashore twenty miles
HWtiy. It i- generally supposed ihut
'('..tn nr some ,»f tin- other Indians
must have gone btiuk nnd removed the
I,...ii   after  th." murder,
The third nut in thi- bloody drama
wa- committed ut a potluch in Tom's
own lilhiL",' ni Nuwhittt. Inn, was
informed l,y Sully thai uniting the
visitors present wn- a woman named
Kwn/it win, was -aid in have
uboul   her.   Tom's  treasury wa
will   Inn u  un ndii i.ui      ..f n. til'1,1
tpuirter     million     copies,   li  i
printed in tlm provinuc and will  b    oi
: I letter press.    It w ill have nunier-
loiis illustrations. Some idea .»'" ihu
magnitude of this worl, may bu i r
mud w hen il is told timi in it:
• ation nut less ihun .nm nirlnnd ■>:
paper alone will 1,.. used. I his p im
! ill Bi i- ii distinct publication from
any others wlu'i-u ure being issued i'.i
.Im C.   I'.   II.    It  will shortly Im  rendj
' fur distribution.
The Coast Boom
!.i;.\l)f\i. UANKEU <ui \ds \\ U< ^
\\r, VOIC'K.
Ai   iln- li iin_  >'l   the i'Ipui in- liolb >
hankers ;it Vtiiicoiiver, Mr. Swwnj .
pin F mining**!' I'liiiK of Montreal, , mii Inj.-.i
|(,     im-   addrcsH In      souiuling ;i  note     of
I li'H.I In Kevenil ilav-j of •j\i\ inakiiitr.
and Im- was i|iiiik lo m-l upon 'It.'
biigyi*? i ion, lh- ii?ik».'il /uniiku.'t it>
iu.'ii liim dial uvt'iiiiifi ai the back of
lho liou&i'.H of iIip rnnt'lierie. When
[lii'V iti.-i Tutu u;t- I'ai'ryiny mm .is.'
under iti- coal, and they passed nhni^
. iu'i.ii road overgrown with nalmon
herry IiuhId-s iii! ihey fame to an open
-f, i, .• w hero they found ' In- woman
Kwnzil ^athcrin^ roots It wuh ;i
-Imi't iiiaiii'i Ui pick n quarrel with
I <■!■, uud < lien areoi ding t" 'J'oiu'h eon
fe    ii 'ii   lu1  nei/cd   her  hy  i he  hair      < if
■ ■■ n.'.i'i nnd held her IuuuIk while
/ iinikwa  .ui   her  ihron!   «iili  liie a\e,
■ 'Mjii   /iiiHiku ii   in   lii-   ow ii   ''\ id.'ti  |i .
ii'l   Tom   I'oinmit ""!   'in- •! I   ,-il	
V iiil«*  'i«-  ■ i I •|'ii«Ml\   li\      Molh, how
• ■ ■ i,   i_i.'.il  thai   I'om 'Hi  "ii  il-
in i-i'     ).'■■ kel   ■ '.iiimniiiLj   i lir      ii
■""1.   jl   iiu ,\      I i,.'  ■ fildni" -    and
-   -i-
■ 'iiiiuii,   .a    I ..lit -   i Imi aetei   i     *ho\\ n
II.-     lid
I'lu' annual    increase in out   rleai
-  (Ini'inu  llii'  I'.'i^i   foili  yvnvti     lian
n  ,-i.  greal   and  during   (he       pawl
i   hi■     abnormal     'hat   oi atitiiil
• id looking for an e\plaimlioti of
iffiiin- inn.''". I lir I'lii'ii'iih' ' ■
11~.' in lh.' prjiv of real .■ late -ind
i In- nival aetivily in <l.vi In .■ ■ nluml
ii in iln' eilj and neighborhood i m
in    tipjilv   i hi   informal ion   <"i"i ',
\\f   inii  i   ir, ngni/e   thai   llii.  eondi
i on  of   iliin^'.  i-  ephemeral,   and    i hnl
when   il   dine inilex,   il >nli       "iii
1..   nut    dillhies    Imi   al)Kolute    ■ « ■■  .
eiierallj, of preiii   long eoni
i .un e.    'I hereforc ■ ,    ■
■ i" •  ',,      '"v hudj   iln. lim ai
h hit !i   li.'    I  i i  ■ Imi ine    .
i    .      I   he   pel n■    '■■ I   ■ - - I
he   ineiiil))]     of   ' hi
i \\ hole, will ihi     lie        r    , ■
|.oi    i   ui ihe -I    toward    r<
\\   in      I lie
fn. I    thai    aftei   ihi    brutal   '"'-   ll '    I"" "  l,iv"  ,'"v,•,'
, rime he wn    one of llic lir«l  lo vulun     '  ''    ' '       " '" "li   "f lll,,h
leei   help in n  part?   thai  wa» formed   '"  lmi "',l"   ''    '" ''   beimfil   of
.- ireh  for    ihe  woman when      .he   ''immunilj      in  ivlii, I.  we   ire nil
J   and   io  be  mtHMinR   lhal   nighl . ' ( " 'l   ' M,-"'lV   '"  '", "
,t nd i he im'x i morning he ael mi lh lei I
ihem i" tin plai i? « here i li.' body lay,
l.i\ in_  un exelauiatioti of • niin i-e when 1
Iln |„,inlu,l  ,..  it
\  'l.,-|. horror     lull over ilm  liidinii
\ illw/u, and  >i',', id   lhu  I lui-f.  e.vhoi md
i.    |inu|,lu       lu   keep   lhu   -lurv   ol   llm
crime silent from ilm whim men. sinuu
ii  tlm authorities  nhotild know      ihey
llliljjhl JUU an mid to tlmir t rna-ai ml
|iollai I ■ - in future. Two lu.li;,,i (un-
-tubln-   i num   ulnae    tu   iniu-lic'ltu   the
inattiu and learned thai tlm Chief hail
ed   ,1m    | |'i.'  t..  Im -il.-nt.  Thu'
unable to di-. over tlm porpetrator uf
.     -.nm.   timi   hud ilm Chief iil'l'e 'nd    you've '."'I      lu keep mi lulkili
I'm- advising In- | pie to l,.-.-|. il from   inch won't "mi"- you vorj  lull
the u'liluu hi.'-,   lb- w.i    tried at   ilm'i"1     '" keep    on bi'owIiik: ..
Fall Assizot in  Vancouver, and     then  "ud"  won't  do ll  all   you'vo
be   lui'il,' thi  -."tiin. dun   k«ip Vin U"iuK'
n uoriT ponilcnl
nlinu   uf   tlm   \lrow
In-. .I   l'i,. In leriiill   . luinli   wn-   held   '.,
dan  121th   In   ilm <lini.il  bilihlitir/,   I Iii
inanaL!,.,--  I'luuluil  for  mar   llllll      n.-i,
M.-    .       llulu-,    I.ai Inn,lieI.       Held .
Morrison   and  11 una.In.   Ilei     \.   \\,
llnliu-     I Ilium     US   |'.i   In, ,
Dun step won't  lake inn verj   fin
you've it'd   t,, keep nn  ivulkilifju'     om
nurd    w.iu't    Inll    full,-    whal    lull    all
's   A-'-i
synapsis of lienadi&n Homestead Regulations
y SY iv il.il.n. Uoiniuimi L..mii within tie
_\ KttnvtU) l>"H -'■ In .-i. t mii '-I...I. tuu)
un ln'iiii  -m'uii'.l tii uu)  |-rr mi tt'UO  1>   ■ l">   -"l«
.ti.ni i a ,i ttt(uil),_r ,,. j :i alu < \<»r   6 yoars >■:
uge, t<i tlie uXt< u in -.. i-i]ii.uiiir -ti_u '.   -i  , ■
■ it'ti'.- mora   * !'•> .
r i,l r>   |1  i. -I   lu' .i.n,."   |>| Hull)'       l   lit.   Im ui
Una "ih ni nm <ii .ii i i.. wlin h l<<- .iini ia
»iiuat_:    ti uj   io   |)iux)   mu)',   nMV'ivor,    »
Hi   |     .       Mil     itTm, l||    ItllUU-     '»>      lI'U     I.UI.Ill
i . nor, s"'i   itibtftit.r, i.H'iin i tir ^i Lur ui uu
...,i;   "iilif; 1. -ine-"'      I   I
Cue lunneaemler i   rtn|ii.rmi Ui [.orforni '-he
WUUUllll'U-    '■- lint I'd   I   LUeibWIttl    iiMilui   "li" "I
,,.    ■ .iil-ii'M |ildii- :
l I >    Ai  ,i; ..-l    .*  iii..',i,-    11'-uli-   rn  ■ |m hi innl
■■i.i-  v.iiiuij i l li.i.-i.um .ii   n. j,   yetO   I   r   Uife
\> urs.
IJ'    ll' lliu I.i" lior I. r UH.tl'Ci,   il   un   Ii  l.i.-'-
'ii.i-c.i.-'.ij-'I ii.-* i uiKstuHuor n-ini'- up>iii_
i . ,ii ,i: . v .i iiii, ui in" iut] euli '■•• i i" r, tin?
. ■ quiruuieuix *■ ■» tu re»i uucu i .iy i>" _ntisile0
I)      u-.i   pU-_   li   r.M.i.n   uhh   iln;   iili.jr   ur
t.i)   Ji ri"   oil i oi tnauout i •  idenca
lifi' i la uu      nd »tt   •'■   U)   :   in   i i    It" '• IClti
ij •■[ . i- h' tii    leu I- lliu t< ijuireini   i
. earn] be .-ai Uud  L>)   reiideuce upui
i laud
mj ui' uili»' iiuiicr iii writiuu   l."u ,1 l.o nivou
... i...   Uu - im- -i<,i.i'r "I  i mu inn ii i--' al
O; 1.1 a.i <.i luteuiiub iu ui i-i j lur |M "i .I
■ ■ ■   i     » "<.i nnil uu rih'til - ii a) tie leusi •! Uu
I"'i.'l  ui   lAi'iiij I'hti vi-ir    at  hu a u ii ua i
renini  ni   ?i  i-t  acre,   Nut   more lliau _,jt>
tore ■   ritiuii   m  lout) u  i" utie   u .-\ iduul ..r
■ uiuui i.j    A   ujitliy nl iiii rute ••: Hvn i bui -
tiati .. .; UU i i * '
\\. W. COBY,
Doi'u . .   uf the Lutertor,
N  J..     I  I ..niin i i.'   :   I-., .,     Una    ,,|
veitiaeuiuui ftiiJ uui be uu ■! fur.
Water Notice
Notice i • Inanlij- given ' hat an ippli
ciilion iv,II l„- Hindi" nml, i Pin t I. ul
,b"   "Vi iitei"   Ael,   IIHill," t . i,lit ll
In ' III .-111    1 lie    11, Vi islnhu    I Hi l-,u.i ul
W'u.-i  Iv, ,,tunny Dlntlict.
[a ] I bu in.in,, .ulilr. - and ue, ii|>.<-
tiuli of the nppiicnlll C, 11" in' i.n . t
the Citj ut ItevelHtoke, lit'
|lf fur niiniliK |iii,|,u.-u-| l-'i,"- ,M,ii.'i -
( ,-, uli. uie No . 	
| n| The in.in.* i-I Ihe I ike, slri-iiiii oi
H< 11111* |.l un in, in, ,1, III,' ,1, -. -11,1 inn is |
iislniiiii lluwiliK i.IV .Mount Kuvilsluku
in ;i valley In nminthei-ly diieclimi,
nml ,-iiipiyi ^ into the lliu, i li-wnel nl
a poinl .,iiuiil bull a mil,' w-i ul I h
i leek bl iilj-t"*-
|, I 'I'he |>"iui uf di vet-dun nt a
|i,nit al'i'i't _VKJ li.i ai.i'i.- uealevel
..,.  - ,ul -,,1,-aiu.
[,l| I lie ipmnlll) nf w.,1, r ilppli, .1
lur I'll ellluu reel per -,uuiul| tin
eillllc :,','l  | Ol .-,-. und,
|.|   'I'liu   ch ler ' I   Ili<< |.i..|.n-, ,1
work- S imh pipe lin," i>> eoiiuecl
wiih Bridge l lieek,
|l |    'I In-     |n, nil-.■.-,    u||      h 111, b    11,,-
Wiili-ris  to  l„-  lis. ,1 1.1,,.-.', it.,- -anu |
lb,. Corporation ul ihe I It) "I   Kevel-
-i. ko.
| _t |      'I'l,,'     pill POUCH     lul      H Ilil ll       ' In
ll ..I -l   IH lu In1 1     lull, ill   ilil  ll-,-.
||    If   fui li, ir. itlnii   ill -. i il..-   Ihe
.ami intended 'u Im  in-igateil. giving
iti i", age
.      it   . be nun ,   i ■ In I* u .., im
|,in\i'|- ul   II, I Hi I,:;  | n 11 |i. ■-. S ill -I I I l,f I hu
plaee win n in. wai ui |« tu be returned
I u   -. -    lllll ,1, al • ll .1,1," I.  a, il   I In- llll"
l,-|,-IH-u   111    nil ll nil.-    I.n; w null    pnil.l  ut
• liv >■< -iuii and | , "i ,,-i in n
| j|      A,i a  I  I    I   I OH H land ml,-ml. ll III
be   .... Up ml   Li    i In-   |> i I I v. "i ks
AI'Olll  \2 aim .
|k I    'I'll I-    lllltll "  »,.    p.. I. ,! in lhu
eighth d..v uf  .l.iiiu ii \, 1010, ai .1 ot
,.In nlluII  W ill bn   I I.' In I In- t  . llillll-
-tnlli I u,l III,' elgllf ll d.,V nl |'i In ll u I .
,,|    Ulve   tbu  i,.onus   ami  ftildii
nI all)    i i|NU i.iii   |',"|.i n Im-   nr lu.i.
sues w lu, ,,,-   w lui-u  lun,!-- are bk,l> In
l,U illl'ui'tuil b\ tllll pil.pi.-l- I nm k-.
Pit Uel     aliui      Iiuluiv    tl  I l.'l
11,,vi iniiu-ni laud aa fai .,- In km.hi,.
t in t |i it.
jan lii In, ttcveliloke, ll.f.
LaNL,   i\0i|,,_
I'AKE Mil H'L tnai  I  I'.i'.i   Ha,..
i'cusu,  oi   irom   Ian,,-,  I'..  C.|  occupa
nun engineer, inu-L,i in apply foi pei
niibsiou  to put' nn "  in,- following uu
naiticd lands:—
t uiuinuuving ul  it  post  planted      ,i
lie .V W. comer ui im I".-'", llieuc
east -ii i-haius, thut,, uorth 20 chains,
theuce west 2U chaiud more "t
lake shore, thence .-.u.itii easterly a-
long hike, shore ubuiu Ijll cliaiui. in ih.
ti. Vi. coiner of lot 17^-, thence norti,
ulong Hustcrn boundary ..i iot 47.~
about In chuius in point ol commence
munt und containing J" , ,-■- more u
I'KHi V  li \,."! U   I'l.Ah.-L.
li inner ICth, IOIW
Notice is hofeby given   that 6Udays
mm date  J,   IV.  Andrews,  occupation,
atinor,  iiiU'U'l  to apply  to  the      Chief
ommissionei    uf    LumJa, to purchase
ne  following  described  land,  aituuied
iDout  -!"u chailia  from   mouth of V\ood
iiver and a jm».-i  planted on     south
»u_  ol   river  and  marked   \\.   Andrews
• .  Ki corner post,     thence south     40
west     1"      chains,   north   40
[tains  to point of Hood  river,   thence
iliowing  o.uir.  *)t  Wood  ri\er to point
i  conimencetneut,  cun taming   10* #  m -
- more or if--*.
Unled   tins   lUth   .lay   of   Dei.'.,       2909
1- '; County t.'ouri of West Kootenai- bolden ut Revelstoke,. In tl.o metier ,-f "flan Cancellation Act, l!HW."
Jn ti matter ol tlm appiio-tioii ol
l.ewitt Bostook to r-norl a portionol
puins i>W md ftifJe. meal'tn toe Lent)
Kc^istr;.' Otnc, at mc t'i'y oi Nelson.
,,, AU H.iuJl li .'u.VV GONCliKN
..,-', '■ ii bcreoy giv-en that tnu iioti-
tion ol hewut bostoc- oau-o too Jtst
,i\ ■! beuteuoer, A. U. inn'.i, lur an
r.i.-r amenoxog auo annulling certuiu
parts "i plans numbeivil t,J^ uuO bJ'Jn
i,"-ii,(,' plans ut suDdivisions oi por-
I Lots i 111 und li ii', Group
One, Kootenay District, and known us
C'omaplix Towosite, will liu heard at
tho Court House, licvulstoke, on M'ed-
;.■ ;... -.:.. llith day ot February, A.
tl., 11)10, at the hour of 1U.3U iu the
ore ,, anu I'UMUKK TAKE Null, I. that the -.lid petition is for ihu
cancellation of lhat portion ot said
plun 63'J .,- i- comprised within the
following boundaries, namely, all that
portion ui said lot llll uouimenuiug
at s point in the easterly boundary of
said ."i ,il» where the same would
be intersected bj the Northerly boun-
dnrj ol lol 1 in bin, k IJ produced
. in a straight line to intersect
in,- -in easterly boundary of lot 1141
thence westerly in a straight line to
,t„- uorth easi corner of suid lot 1, iu
tm.. k   IJ.   thence  southerly   uloug    the
,, tdary     uf suid lot 1     in
block I-' t.. in.- .-.nub easterly corner
>.t said iut t in block \2, thenca sou -
ui.-ri, following tbu easterly boundary
ol .-.u.d u.t l in block IJ, produced
ihurucl': isouilit-il)     in u     siiutgbt line  to the
,4)   From a poini on the Western Divis- "oulhcrly limit ..t tlm alley running bt-
ioii ut the Grand   I'runk  li.itiu  Kailwa)   twoen inn Nortlierly boundary ol  thut
"""   Vitland and Wainwrighi, theme p|0( ,,j     |and    marked  "Mill l{.-..,-rvu"
 asierl) uuu southraslerh iIii.tiioii I i    ,      ,...,   ,, , ,
  ,,,   i    , „,, rn,  laid plan Kill;   thence uustcry   lol-
,,- a | ,-uil oil llu- llm'   wlllill   lliu  t .-111)'.u.i '
is   uuiboriiud,   undei    paragraph   i.-,   u'i   '"«,,..   ti itborly  limit of  said al-
cIuum' i, ut -u,i clmptci   ,,. in be ton   ley    uud ibe     northerly boundary   oi
" " '''  l'-"".'t.',u. !.a„;   p|0t „i   land      marked    "Mill Ke •
'""'  K•^;,""•   '"   ' I""" '" '"• ....-    !',-■!. -I easterly in a straight
in u.ii. iini.,:. iiuii.i- iii., soulliwea ,   "
andwcsterl)      -          i,   i ridge.  .•', '""   '"  "''   '"'<'">   boundary ol .-uni
io a p..uu tn ihi  i.i.ni nt l..-it,i>, i jfi ,.,, im   llll      theuce  northerly,  following
1 ■   winch   ."   C'ompan)   ,-.   undei the    laid .-., lerlj     boundary    ol said
:-"' '"', " :..,  iiii  ... ,i„.' point ,,( commence-
 it,  "-'ii. i Irom  v Uigur)
.i  the I'roviuce ""'"'■     VimI '"'    "">   oanosllation    ,,f
.■1 Aiii.i'.. ..i. , ,.. .- i is. that portion ,,( said plan Od'Ju as     is
From a point    main  inn- ol omprised within  tl.., following bouu-
Ihe Western Division bum ecu Moose lake dariea, namely,  all  Hint portion      of
 ,   I'''-   imi,'   Cache,  thence  iiii.uigli   ...  .,.., ,
Ihe   .,     ol   ',   in..,,,.,,.,   River, "'"'k     A        """"''"«      "'   -md  plan
.",-  Kiver,  -....!   .mu   Andci  ',;-'-' marked "Meeerve" un suid plan;
I ikcn and Ilu  I.i H Kivei .-i   ilm  aqua, nl  lhal  porliou     of Main Struct     as
Tu   K,iv"' "'    """"'   u-> "'"    ! n .aid plan 03_a lying east of
KlVcrs. 10   \u l,a.   l-l HlT.ll   t niuu, Inn; I      ,. ,_ _'  ,, *,  ?     __
the Grand I'runk Pacific Branch
Lines! .'inp.im will apph to the Parliament i>t Canada, -it ita preseui session,
fur an Acl further anieuUing ilu* Act in-
cor|>oratiiig the i ompan). Cluptcr oy o-
ilu• si.ituU"- ol 191 ■", is intended bj Chap*
lei tftotthe Mai.it- ,i ^. i. In authorizing Ihe construction <»t liu- following
additional lines of railway i—
111 Krora a point on the Western Di-
vision ol the Grand Trunk Pacific Kail** 13
between the east limit ol Range 1.* and
ihe we»i mint ol Kange 17. wesi ui the
third meridian( 1 hence in <t .out h west err)
a iui westerly direction lo a poini
in the vicinity ol Calgary, Alberta,
or io .1 point on tbe line which
lhu Compan) is authorized, under para*
graph 14 ol clause 11 ol said ^ tupier 09.
10 »onsl rut 1 to Calgarj:
i_i From .1 poini on ihe proposed line
mentioned in paragraph (1) between the
east limit *'t Kange 20 and the west If mil
.-I Range ->. west o\ the third meridian,
1 In-iu I- in .o\ easterly and noutheasterly
direction 10 Regina or to a |«jini in Lhe
vit inii) ihereoli
1 ;i Krom a point on the proposed line
mentioned in t*aragraph (ji between 1 lie
casI limit ot Range 24 ami the west limn
ol Range *7»we*' °' ,n'' second meridian,
tti Moose Jaw,, 01 toa poinl in ihe viciott)
itiilioruing an issue ol Iwnds lo iheextenl
a un..- drawn across said Main Street
nl  »jo,ooo,   a mile ,.| ihe «,J i,,,,-.  ,u   ,'  right angles to the southerly limit
'"""'>■    '""""' 5) inclusive    thereof; I ■ a point in said southerly
couiprisiiiK Hn »Ht| lines within what are |,_,,   ,.,-      ,   , .    . '
.,,.1 \,, „„„. ...\i. a.   """  '-'     l««t   ewt of tbe westerly
Iwwnn and   Ubens   h «ioni i  Boundary ol said lot  1142     nnd     all
<>S an Issue of bonds to 'he extent  that portion of tioiuenos Avenue     aa
••  mile nt Ihe -..i.l l""' MIshown on suid plun 633a, lyini?   south
r.n ii.u numbered (6) and comprising the ni      u i, .... -,  r.
said lincwhhin whal is defined 6) lhe said • ' " l""   <l"m" acf" dmd S»nuu>oa
v i as the "British t o umbia I v:. asionsj    *vsnu" -< «lfht angles to the weeterly
amending-paragraph 11 ol clause  '""H  tln-ruuf, fmui u point on     suid
" ""'" Vet, as regards the southern  westerly limit  llll feet south     of   the
tuiniuuis ul Ihe line thereby authorised, to  _, , „. , . ,  .   ,   .    ,,    ,
  m Regina  'utluln,,,    """"'<'a''1 "»"«■ "f lot  1  in block  12
nnlional   Boundarv   .n   ur      ear  Nortl,  "" "hewn on said plan 633a.
Tinamithing, Repairs,   Hot  Alr|Porial. |   Dated at Bevalstoke, B. C, thii 3rd.
Dated al Montreal lh - .- ,'i day ofNoi    ''">' "' January, A. I)., lUlt).
mber, . 1        Approved J. A. F.
dec i9 im       Solivitvr foi AppHcaata. s
Pipe antl  Furnace  Work
Oonnaught  Avo.   -    Rovolstoke
Scotch  Whisky
The Maturing Process.
Everyone knows that whisky, no matter
now jjnnJ, no matter how carefully distilled,
must possess age in order to be palatable.
An unmatured whisky, even though distilled (mm the very best hurley, is harsh I, the
taste    bites the tongue.
It is not, however, so generally known that
in order to propen/i/ mature Scotch Whisky, it
should he aged in Sherry wood.
Distilled in the Highlandso( Scotland, from
pure, malted barlev, Watson s Whisky is stored
lor years in Sherry Casks and the cjpacity ol
our warehouses is such that we never need to
withdraw any fir shipment until we are quite
sure it is matured to that degree of "mellowness    for which our hrand is famed.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"    A mild. thorou«h.y inatur.a Scotcb.
"NO. 10" —A full-bodied, richly (l.vorrd Scot.h.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited  -   Dundee.
nt i ho end of three years before the 'oeal
igcnt, sub-ageuI  di  a hornet-tead insp^c- j
Brfure making application for n pntont. |
ihi   setti<*r mum  give hK- month))1 no tie* i
In  wriUi'K  to  the  Commlaslonwr  or  Do
mlulon   Lands  ai   Ottawa,  of   hta  inien-
tion lo 'It. H'1
w. w. cortT.
Deputy   Mi:il_ter of  the   Interior
cm couMCiL
Special Heating H.iil to Discuss
Sewerage Question
11\ 1 a ii ?
i ii.i Clerk There it about $6,801) in
hand, and a liability ol $11)1111 again*!
it, bui   there is some moro work     in
liad   I,.'I I
li,,,,..,. |„
ll ilhilruu
,!.,-   Id,a
1,1-   Ilill
■ i
pfcrrod I,
ReveUloku Laud Distriet,
Hi,ni, I ,,1 Weal Kuutontiy.
'1'ak,' Notice I li.it I. M. K. 1,,'iv.sun,
of Ui'vel-lolv,', ll,tlisi'h.ci'|„'r, intend lo
upply for permission lo purchase the
folio", n,^ dcaci-ilii'il hinds:
(',nun,,'n,dug ,ii a post planted nl the
sniitli-i'.-isI corner ,,t Lot 8,008, and
marked "M. K. L.iwson's Noi'tb-wust
Cornel l'.'-i": thence In ,-bains south;
thence 10 chuius west; theuce -i) chains
in,rib; thence 211 chains east; thence
aichains tionh tu liuu ul! Lut S.tlliS;
thence uli,ok suid line to place of coin-
Dated October 18th, 1001).
Nov. 17 if.    .MINNIK K. LAWSON.
1 ne     i uy I mtii' d
met'ituy   I uesiluy  uigbl
I.. I
r,  ulso ,u- ,
i\ nn: mattkii oy an  wti.i -
I'ulion lor I lie issue ,,i n iliiplieute
Ccrlilii'iite of 'I ill,' lo I'urt (0 ucres)
o[ South Fust i ol the North West
} ,,f Section -•",. Township -•".. linage
2. West ol the sixth nieriiliuii.
Mil It I. IS IIKUI in i.i\ I.N tlml
ii is ini intention to issue ul ihe expiration of one month after ,i,>' first
publication hereof a duplicate oi ihe
Certificate of Title lo lho above men-
lioueil      litnil   in   il,,'  nam,'  of  William
Good, Clean Lump Coal
Always on hand
S. G. RO
P.    O-    BC X    32
PHONE    248
A Revelation in Tea Goodness
oil il,
■ Smith, which Cerlili, ate i- ih
- I .llll Novemlier 1001) and nun
"T,  M,  I'.i,W MAN'
Deputy Dislt'icl   licgistritr,
K,'.j'isir>   Ollice, i. 20. ll
Nelson, li. C, Jan. ■->.', 1010.
,      a  .-pe.'Ui
Credent:   in,
A„l.    Iriniin,',   .Ueturl.v,   Hewn
tVUruiianibOii,      Alektuuoi
, . u\  eng ,',, and     r.
.-in. i.ur,  sewerage  rout
\YUUK_ i UJll.MJ I I i.i;.
.Un. itcCtu'ly ua Ijeliull ... tlio works
cuwuiiucu, suid Aid. Abriiliauisun uuu
lie mot Lu gu into llic sriicrag,' busi -
uess, but us llicy did nui liuow much
.djuui ii thoy considered il belli
mc eouuoil as a wlioio to Uiseuss li .
.--I.,, r.li   Cu \ .1.1  i lu.\>.
A selioilulo "I seller connections |"ii
,,, l,v Atr. Mu,tan  \\a< submiueu:
i lie i ui t lot-K sum inc s, tiouuic \i us
a.>t  strictly uncording  lo ino by-inn.
.111.   Itlli'H   UXpiaillCU   ,„'   lia'l   UlUUC   IHO
meusuromoiils iu gel al uir- annum, ul
pipe re,iiured.
I lie Mayor: lius lliu *-ii \ onlereil iu-
lo a eoulrucl una Mr, Marian lu
put   in  pnvulu connections?
l uy i lurk.: I ,,•■.. have, bin lliu con-
Uiu i is uoi comploiett. Ui. aiuclun
couloiiued lie coiuo uol g,, un,i,-r u
liuu >■  i,.,      iusluin -■  ivitli  in.- L'ounci -
ur. Buck; I'ltul work is supposed lu
bu dune uinlcr tltu supervisiou ,.I a
plumbur.   In some [Mucus  thoro mu) i„
llcsulvcil  llinl   the bill
do, lho work   committee,
Mr.      I'.u, k     .-aid  ll,.- mill   work re I'ON'I 1101, Or   F.X PI'.NIH'ITI! I ',.
muiuiug     lu bo dono    was       tltisli |    AM   Uuw<..    n.m.  , stillm,ua      ,,,-
tanks aud some odds and cuds, su thu   ,,,„ „u,.Us , lin,.,, „, ,„. HubmUlutl
money ill hand wus ample to complutu   ,,,  llu, ,;„.„„.,. committee'/   |   UBk  ,hal
lh° work" liptuslioti us  I  coiisidor i„.,ii,'.i    should
expended     wilhoul     kuowiug
II be Opened to the Public
Next Week
>E rOK
In reply t„ Aid. MeKinnon, ihe city
clerk suid liie cosl ,,l connecting lho
sailers io lho l"t lines was Qslimalud
at *'-',.V.II.
Tlie Mayor: Arc «c going to allow
uuj ni,ue connections iiii lho Hush
tunks arc in.'
Air.     buck;   N,,     in,ui-   connections
should bu aliowod  nil  the Hush lunks
arc in.
Il"' |    Aid.   Ili'ivs:    I   in.,vi'   Ihut   „.,      more
11 •   coiineulions  bo imidu    except  for sinks
and bullis  '.ill Hush tanks aro ill,
uu I    Aid.  iMcKiiinon seconded.
j    Mr.  Hack said tho system had to be
ins   tested  before  being   taken   over,      and
i Ins could  not  I,,' .Inn,- it cunnoclioua
in,,   woru allowed.
ai '    llic moiiiia im- |iui  and curried  un-
' auiuiously
lililll.UINi.  Si I'lliiNS.
Aid.   M, Kinuii ,,ie,l,   I li.i,   prices
bo got for Syphons tor iiiKtitllalion ni
il„. HiibIi lunks, so thej could bu put
in us soon ns possible,
Aid.  Trimble seconded,   Carried.
si'.wn;  CON'I KACTOH ' S  Cl UMS I
An  a...anii   for $181,110  wus  received
from  Mr.  Sin. lair for connecting     up
I'll,.  Mi
asked   Mr
Price-'-   op
I'll i I ll
l \- u.
Public Notics
iron   1-ia.  pipes      which  would exteud inioi
UUU  .-,,   I.-.—ea   ll -l   ol   laying   uoll - j     Mr.   Ul'iggs  -aid       Ml'.   Sillelll
.r.ic pipe to eouueul  with sewor. gone ou with  tho work  ill go
j   .uu. Abrahamson Baid ii  «;,»     not under tho Inlaw, and  though
fair   thai   uaere  the diggiug was   only was  uo eoulrucl   signed   Ihe ,
Hire or tour     feet     the sumo     rule probably !„■ held liable.
should  bo ohurged  as where  iney  hail Mr.   Sinclair said  he  was
I.. dig  li  led.   lie thought  the people lo ,1,, the work and looked t
should have tlio fight  to do tlicir dig- for payment.
gang   themselves  where   inoy  wished   >,, Aid.  Hews  -aid  ihe;.   should  pay   Mr.
Uo so. Sin, lair under      the cirrutnst,Hires anil
i i,e City  Clerk  said  tho owner   had chart;,'  ll„'  property  owner-,  will,    tho
nothing  io ,io     win,   uie eoune,'lions amount,
outside ins lol tin,-. Aid. McKiun
liu, led
he city
gale  l on
ia a delicious and frarjrnnt blend of the finest Ceylon Tea.
Get a package from your gracsr and enjoy its excellent qualities.
  Black, Mixcl an.l Natural Green, I   .       . ' per lb, 	
,■ S wit Connection* wi I i
11- I ne,I >-x' ,'pi for Im tli nml -ink
nii'il Hull tanks nre installed in
tlie -y-ii'in.
By oder,
2: Cily Clerk.
Ui i-afaoturnd for all claiistn (.if  bi llriinit*
-■■ ■ ■ qnatitUtf
To Trappers
Mr. Sinclair: Pl«
from thf (Mty llnll.
Alt!. McKinntm n
Booomlucl, Thai Lho
Mini      culled       the
Aid. MeCurlj i
i-lnirii stand nvi
ihi'v   would  do   tl
Al.l.   NrKiHiioii
Fur?. Boug:
uasn Prices P
ni it'i>i\ t" tn*' ftluyoi'j Mi*. Siin'liiir
CAplaincii he did ih<- work Ioi' luni ,(iid
All*. Luwrcuco boforu lie mudo tho ag-
icomcnt uuu lho cily. lie mudo a
Hut rate, and while it was not fair ihe
owner should do     the    work whore it
waa easy and ho sin. I do it where it   f|,t,n  lho  !"'(,I,,'lt>
waa  ditiicu.lt,      he  waa  willing owners   po88il>le.
^nouid dig' their own trenenca to     the
ioi line,
Aid. MeKinnon whs in favor of pulling the pipe t(| tho lot line, aud the
owners bo themselves reaponaiblo for
connections, aubjoet to auperviaiuu of
iheir plumber.
City Ctcrk: Tho cay has agreed Mr.
Sinclair should have this contract at
luese figures.
Aid. liews: Tins i-; working a hardship on certain ritizetii*, us in the case
ot a person who preferred to do his funds t
own digging. JIk did nol see win thu eases
city should be responsible [or more
than lo ih" lot line, and let the owti«
ij make tho i unnectioii.
Aid.   HcC'arty:   Onlj   those  who  an
dread)   t on nee ted      under i hut
neul    i if liuble U n   i he lux.
I   •■   Clei        Ves,  nut   the  whole city
i    liable fui  l ho la 'otiuoctious.
.   ■   V f usidored the fi.i> should
bo  ussur ho   w i ik   wouhl   be doue
1H--Iruelions  came
ovod, Vld. Cowan
city pay tho cluim
inli\ idual amounts
u\ hits us  soon  ns
nol   In
w hero ii  is to coiuo from.
The Mayor conaidored  ttlua an exeul
inn suggoatiou  and suid it  was      tin
fooling of  the  council  this course     In
pursued  during   Lho  ouaulag  year.   II
hoped   llic  lire,   water  and   light   com
mittoo would lir prepared  Lu bring in
iheir estimates     rails   so they
strike   their  tax   rale during   the siuu
Aid.   Mi■Kinii.iii
said   hu  ll.
is uppullud
at  a   Mai.-in,ail   .
,„„|iil,.d   l..i
Mi.  lJuiva
.-Ill,Ilil,a     ll,,'    lllllil
iiiii roijiuru
ll    lo        [H'lJ
\ id,:  ill,' -MlUilnj
IiiikI      an
il Lntoi'ost ,
iilii.l,   aliioanl.'d
In  iiillii,
i iflTT      of
llll'il    llllol,'        li'l.
Bllllo tr,an
taxi's,  and
in- did  iiiii  know
whoru ilir
j   woru go-
illy   lo   gut    laohrl
li,   do   an
l    uai   r\-
1,'iisiu, itupt'ovQiu
Aid. Trimblu:
iu, liali'd'
U thu .-.-In
...1 uxnunuu
Aid.   M, Kllll.oli:
I'll,'   ,., I„
ml   irn-iivs
liai,"   rai-rd   llli-ir
r- lllll.lli
I..  Sf'Jll.UUU,
or  Jllllll ill)   ill
llll la-1 yui
I'll,.  . .... I,. , I   <li,
n  udj, i,
SI \\   l-'.I.Kt  I I;It    I'l.AN   IHU .
I In- inana..',',,i,-nl III lliu NuH Kdi-ol,
I'liuiilru hiivu huhuim rd lhal llioj « ill
ipun in ihe 1'nlilii on Thursday. I','l,.
:!ril.. ii illi a -|...i ially |,ri'|iai|.il pro -
.laiaiar.     I In-   old   liiiililnn.'.   ivllilill hns
I lull   -"   lolly,   and   ill   il llll'il    HlO
 l i,,L'   pii'tUl'u   I,nsin,'.-.-■   ill   li,'\,'lsl,,l\„
jain,.,I hu, Ii popularity, was found Lo
•ould '"' 1'itully inudequiite for ilit- ucuoin-
inodiition of tho public who are pal
rolls of lliu allow, and a mai Ihontru
uas dai.nii'il nccoBuury. Wilhoul itni
uxiuptioii lllll nuw Kdi.-on is lliu linusl
nml best lit ind tliuntru of iis slin in
lliu ui'sl. and it is a credit t" lh,' oily
ns wull a--     iln- enterprising mtinagu -
iiiunl.   .N..  but lur    ii aid  l„.  wisliod
limn wlu'iu ih,. uow building now
-land- on 1,'irsl Street, ncljncenl lo
iln- |'i in 'ip.-il In,sin," . nii nar oi llir
cily. \o pain- lun," been spared lo
lilllli,) lliu tin-all.' .oiiil'in I,alila, Imi li in
winter uud in siiiuinor, uud ovurylliing
Iuu   been done    lo etisuro  tho patrons
me Alien flayers
'Sherlock  llolmoi ,"   llu
c  drama   llln.li   inadi-
- al.'l i .   i\ llllll 11,
as   I'Otpilr
"«>'   ''
Jvooiilcd letting the
■ till they knew how
• work.
suggested borrowing
the  inn,,lint   friltll   I lie  siukillg   lilinl.
Aid. Met hi ty How i the cily e.. -
ing to tin,iine iIn- Ini ins: ..f the pipes
I'roin the main lowers i<> ihe lot lines
- borrow it or pay ii from genernl
The eity should also
I.i.i uonlil provide lho
house connections iu
ihe .iii had io d.
•iilleclion lion, iln'
Id mu borrow ii"i
.uggusleil in   \ld
Mr.   Brigu,
ousider  ho
i ih.
Iui-   ihe   oily
mnl. llinl  whs
.' RRll ' HEAD, H  f.
- • ii given  to  . "iini
First-, '■,--   - in i■'.
■ ■   -. :       ■ ■■  iii rj  in British t '.• him-
.,   iverlo king L'pper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
B,    WEI
Palace Restaurant
McKenzle   Avenue
y .   .    ,   ual. — .t lt:>r-. I "! »t ' "•
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
_J    i_lAl_   ui     UO
MIMU.N       LAMJSJ       Willi
bUiJ i tsu ■
. . ....11 ge .
-      • -
■ . •
lut«  at   tti
I jiic    uiig'rt:-
.   M.
(lit and ,
> - tlOT)    D<
imi er ..
tk..   im
.    ■--,'.
,    .   . ■ ■.   .
. . |i
*   ■  ;
i     l U   ■
. .     r in ..-. -
..!■■■. t
Ai i
i -
- ■ .       .
....    * .
,,   ., born>  for * dm   - ■
i man . Wm
A i,
■   ■ i
A it    .1  '.mi., hu reoei
_t tiomeatflttdi .« r*wutr«d    , .-
. ring  plana:
— ■.   .. t month
and i .,-. - i Ion of the Jan,) ..,'..   ,   i
during tbc Harm of thrtta ,-arn
H-mr-m *T> *-ff^ /%  a T T«-*>   «T till     prgOtl    I     -f    thfl   l>";».irln.
w\      "•%  I   M FXJ mi     JL    require * Mttlan  to t»r;ng i., ecrei ui.'ier
•   --#•   v_/ a VliA-tfia     iltlvatlun, tit)-, if be ^i-f-m h#> may tub
mii.,'.-        li    ■ .'i ji bead of can le, to b«
ii ■ ially hu <*wn prfjp*in/. prlth     • I'i   tutor iheir acrornmi.datlon, wn, li<   required
■ i of ouiuvatlon.
Fai bar <'*r nif*th"r,  if  Ihe  f >
ther  li deceaged    <>t anj   ii"i ion   »h*j  ie i
me <" h bornenead en■ .   nidi-i I
tb« provlaleng of the Aot, reaidan :ip»>».
rl    tKVtl,    Hi     ti|»'    vlflhUy    or    lh"    iHf.'l    »-ii
lertd for Ny mi'h p»!rnori nn * nornaatCAd
Kep nr« of Hll   kill'!*  licfiMy   caiTled   oil    tf."  r"U'iir»*rn«Tita  '*f thu  At ai  to  rml
<i- nog   prior   lo  obiHinlfig  pntfnt   rnny   0*
Hii'Tclf mi'l'nm LYOfN filpeclalty nhiuih-iJ t>> lUOh perton reaid.ng witii tb<
I tathei or rrnitber.
(_, ir    the    m-itkr    hen   h<*   p.TTriHn'-ni
_I1I_1I__^__ real letira   upon   farm lug   HikI   owned   I.)
of work mu, In th* vicinity of hi* horn<*eieitd,  th'
1 -»»qulrrrn»»nt» (tt  tbe  Art  aa to reeldfhf*
__, c+    _ A    \ mrty   !•*•  BHtlafled   by  rwddenr:*  ap*»n   th#
Front    Street. _aia land
unk'i    uniiJi'U'iii  *uper> isiuu.
\    |      \\    [\ .        ,'.    ■ ■■:  -l'irl'.'ll    ihu        citj'
iblu  j'-11 iut!   i hu ordhi
.ti;.   t i\i uut   ndcliny   thu pluinh -
,   an \\»■ 11,
Mii,. I  i lie  i',t ■ ■    tpp wns  i"
■ ■:   I . '11111  nrrtuigu
.■■: oul   tinder   n uonipc
like  thu uity
work  poiulii
1101'M.     Tlh-\
sinking fuiul
Vld MrKiimon: Wli
siivuil frnin ill.' Kupli
in   lh"   ni i'_ni;i!   |'l;ni>':
II.ii-  lliuj   blnwii   tlml  in  looV
Wf'if nvurdrawii SlU.IKlll in ihulmnk
n.)v\.     Ii  might iih wull In- s| i.tMin.
I lir motion to pay Mr. Sinulnir '-
• iaini wa- ilii'ii [uu tuu! i aii'Li'il un uni-
Mr. Siuuluir nuxi pul iu tin un mini
for iron work iiwnl iu lho sewoiv.
Mr. Uuuk Hiiiil thwp woro nut in lho
-p." iiii aiion- unci In- wan not pruptuvd
lu n\ whothur or nol tlii> rould bo
i luimcd :l< nn o\lru.
Ahl,   Cowan:   Win   won-  111• • \   pul   in
man'- iiidebtcdnoM and   '' ""> '" t'"' »|M'riMcftlioiw
i im_' hemsel> ea
w it liin      i heir
*olii ilor, here
■ ni
Union Hotel
I  I   !••'  Ni v.   M,,: 'i^rli." nl
Stewart Macdonald
■id '■'
■  ■-'
i •■•
■ ■
;,; il
Mr.   I'.iirlc:   The}   were  neeetMiiiy.
Aid. MrKiiiMi.ii: Wlio iiulliori/eil
i bem''
Mi I'.u.k did nm know, lh- lititl
i.:,ii.-'I lho matter t<> tin1 inityot' who
■ aid the}   were „"t  lo u«, in.
Vld Triad,If -aid nail*, ...aid not
"■ chill id :i- iron work, ll iheiio iron
stepn were n.-ri-.-ari they nhoulil lie
laid for, lh.' enirineei' wiim ri'-|...n-il,-
Mi I'.'i. k I ini-i.l.'t ilie eonlrni'tor
'luaild   I,.'  |iaal   for   IllPriO  UR .'in ovtni.
Md.     Trimble     moveil, Aid. L'ownn
 i"d.   I hut   the .laiai l„. |)uiil      if
ii-ri-,-1 li    !t iiL'iiii'i'r    t'nr -
fctlm-tN k'l"" "" "">' '',B'"'
i •    R"»d
■ -,,1
1!   Ill 1 II.
I'.il 1..
a    H-IIM
i.d I.i
1 111
feel   ivootlen
.   ,   'll
aid    III.
•   In.    ,i|.
: .a  hn,
1    i..
nl. und ti clour \ iow »»f the stage.
Thu building  il toll is ovor  100   feel
loiiy li.\  ilO f*i( widu with lofty coiling.
Tho ground  lloor    lopua back al     au
easy angle  i<> allow  nn  uniiiLorrupted
|181l. .view  of iln- slago from all parte. Tho
v,.X\   gallery   i-irelu i- in  liora in  tho     Bauio
I' i  u  ri'ii.tnictiuuiil  point of viow
the bnildiug is strong and well staged
and although the tu'chitueUu'o is uot
elaborate, Ihu style adopted by W.
King, the architect, and carried out
by tho contractor D, McCarthy, in
handsome and  harmonious.
Tho interim! scheme of decoration is
entirely new. the whole building being
lined with lire proof sheet iron, tttHto-
fully ornamented, tho ceiling pane,a ,
cornices, and proscenium decorations
being very artistic. Green m tho pre-
doiuinatiug color throughout, being
restful to the eye. At each mid of thu
gal lory circle, are private boxes, ornamented with white enamelled planters
nnd fit tod with fnutenil chairs, cur-
tainBi bului*trade, cvshiona etc., und
giving an oxcellent view of tli« stage .
Access to the gallory circle ia gained
by a wide and oasy llight of steps ,
while emergency exit doors on each
side lend by steps directly to tha
street, bo lliHt in oaee of tiro there
would be no jamming on stairs or in
tlie mam doors.
The gallery circle in lined with up •
to-dnte comfortable oporn chairs, and
will sunt nearly 200 people. Tbo ma -
chine room, at tin* end of the gallory,
is fitted up with all appliances for
huudliug tho liiutetii. und is absolute*
l\ fire proof. Tho main nmphitlioatre
will seat ncart) 300 people, opera
rluiirs being  also installed,
1,'lgill and \ fill il.ili-iii aie especially
lookud aflor. The prosconium iv= 2-1 h-^t
high, ami elegantly lilted with horde*
nud foot lights. The stage lius a fron-
Ugo <if eighteen fool clear, with «
deplh of Is foul giving ample room
for any theatrical porlormance. Every
faeilit> for hnudling sconery, lights,
im,., i- provided. Two dressing rooms
nre rd tuu ted behind the stage, each
Tho tigluiug of lliu whole building j
I'li'iiiit- insinllaiion, handsome bra^s
eleetroliers, emergency lights etc., was
.aiiied oul by tho City under tho dir-
oction <>f (,'ity lOlcetrician C. North.
All inrtnl work, electrip furnishings,
and furnace were put in by tlm Lawrence ll.inlwnre Co., Ltd.. Painting
and decorating was the work of Messrs
Ramsay & McKonzie, who used Sher-
win William- I'ainl supplied by Houruu
liros.   The paint surface is exceedingly
__■■__■ line, with polished apuoaranee.
re^p'iiidoni. i,    ,i  , ■      , c
II.   Mil arih>   was   the contractor for
u   preparation*     are  being   inn le the  building,   and   has   done   tho  work
for the Domino Hull  to be given     by up to the very latest requirements, ii.
the Dramatic Club on l-'eb.   Ith. Uowsou      <V      Co.   supplied  the opera
\, .1, Ci'liin, manager of the Natural chairs,    l-'ire hydrant  and hose are be*
UcKOurcos Security Company,  Ltd., is iug put in by J, H. Scott.   A  hand-
expeeted liomu .Sunday.   Mr. tielmi has some drop curtain of Venetian scenery
been      at   Revelstoke nnd  Other  points is   being   painted   by   It.   IL   Copeland ,
north in the  interests of his company aud  is a splendid piece <>[ work.     As
for two weeks. soon as possible a handsome entrance
Mrs.   Kdwu.ds  delightfully entertain- 'roat wil1 l't-built on First street, and
ed in honor ol her s is lor, Mrs. Lewi- . |" large electric sign hung out.
of Crossliold, Alia. Tuesday afton n.
^ ork aud iimuy
well US throughout the whole of 11
Colonics, was produced Wednesday
uighl at lhu opuru house by thu Allen
i'layurs. I ho story is too well known
io nieii describing it here, but the
many powerful scenes ami iucidonts of
the pioeo were ably brought out by
the Allocs. Mr. *rviug Kennedy, au
Sherlock Holme., played ti line pari,
aud accurately impersonated the do -
liberate, woudoriul character of the
great detective of fiction. Supportcu
by tho company, who each did then
work, splendidly, thu leading men, Mr,
Ayres and Mr. Kennedy, Uomoustratca
heir histrionic talout i,r. u marked dei
gree. Seldom hns ItoveUtoke witnessed a drama of this sort, played with
such vivid realism ny was tho case on
Wednesday night and ii is only justice
to the Aliens in add the theatre-go •
ing people of this city have had a revival of as good dramatic talent as
was ever shown in the west.
This afleruoou tho "Sultan's Duugh*
u-r" was piny I'd as a lun line*1, uud
this ovoning the Aliens will coucludo
their long and popular engagement
hero with the Comedy "The Widow
From Tokio."
Itevelstoke has greatly enjoyed tlio
visit of lho Ulens, who have mudo
good, uud fulfilled in uverj «K-i_i• »■ til
lho> have churned in do. li was ,
without exception, the besl aud most
voiHUtde a in I talented company lhal
has over played an engagement in
ini- city, ihoir repertoire, the general
talon I oi i ht- whole company, and the
marked abilities of i he leading urttsts
i"ii;|iln| w'nh a pleasing inaniiei displayed In ihu whole, nil tend to make
np a company that will draw good
houses wherever t he\   maj  stay.
I,', mil business hns been mink' in
Hovels toko, the Allen- having the
goods, and delivering them as well .
and a return engagement of n similar
length will be looked forward tu and
welcomed  by  lhu  Uevelsloke public.
Dramatic interest has boon much re-
v ived uinouy our people, and tin re
were few of tho pieces introduced here
by iln- Allen- that did nol point a
moral, and something tn think over
III  led
lid   i ..uai,,   it ii I, ai
■'< iii     i,,'     ul.,,
i.K    |. .,,.. . I  IL '       W, rl_
II   , nn H rlir.K m il I li ,,,   ,,., i
,\l . ,,•     '     n ■! i lie mill,   l("v.d
mnke *.. ii ' "    1,'d.
TANTI'.li    KNOWN      I
i   .in ■.   i..i,i      i||
i   i ■ ..■ i     Applj  it Mm! Hi'iiilil
ll,  \-.|l'.il     KNOW N        I'   11
\\       |      m |i, lent      illli lirenkl
u \M i.n    A young girl lo do ligl I
TIioh. Abiii'l oxpecU lo leave  ihoi   ■
i'i, a Ion days trip lo tl„, <,.,ist.
Tlio Columbia Uporu Company,     of
N,'l\    \,,,U,   Jil,'..i III. .1   ' llajali"   lll'IX' nil
Wuillll, ilnj   I'liaiilin.    Ill,'   Ciiuipaiiy ai"
ih,' 1,,'st that ovur played iu Nakutp .
I li.v  wan-  a   . li'lin  ill!   UI'llWll  BUdgllVI!
iln-li   littlu ..|..-ra   li,  a in,,iiii.T ■Btilfllt'
inn  ,n ,1,,' lur,;,, audionoo.
Ml \lllll III'.Ill     lllll    Mill"! llllll    llll,   \   I-
I.,i |. I'.i nlu.' Club mi  I'lidiiv .'Vfiiiii^
(in Mouday night ooxl Mi i llotli
i\,ll und 1'Vanui mil !„■ In,-.i.i uf ' „■
n, imi,11-  i lull a,  tho parlorl ol    i >o
, .hi.i.liuu   Haul,   ..|   , ..iiiiiiii'.-.
\l„.,ii  twenty littlu folks were entrr-
Mr.'    Utirk    li,.,.. i    a lim culvert   tiiiu.d on Wed_o«la) afternoon by 11
.•I I., li.- pal in      liulgei  iu linn,,r nl Uiu Uoryl'i tlii,,I
1 '"   M '.'"  a kitl  how   ilir,   woro  >.,  birlhda)
:'"  ili«   ••» ,     '   Mi. Ingram roturned (rom hi.-- holi
;' «l i i-mon   "f day trip t<> tl„' out Monday,
tt.      .a ,,..'' a,,, i  nml ,.,,     ,1,1,, .       ,
NitkuKii   is   ."iimviim,   (nun   ovorb
the h lin mat Uu
■Vli    IUTIM.  H   \  t'.ll.l.. |
1 he   Mn nl a bill      Irom
lilnbli,  i"      ■■   i    ■ ihi,        Hi    lapping Im <l". damage ,.. opera
mim   nml I In Ioi damago lo „     poll
Mi    I'.i I,.,-       City Moll ilor, advised   bj  »nim |ilough,
lhu putrom of thi' .New _loctria
riu'uti'is will hu asBured ,,f up-to-iluiu
performances in lho moving picture
line, us w.-ll aa iu vaudeville, dnituu-
lio und .-...ial entorlulomuntB. A largo
number >»( flrut cIubb bookings for tbu
Mason hni already been urrangedj ui.J
the public mo assured ,,( only the bes
i,lliau being ouguged fur this house.
■ i i \i:r.'.  llll   i nl l:,-i
i ..'.. ,,,i     \,,.     the u   ,.'
■  .'    | ,	
M,    I'.,, I      •,,
\ .!   i ., i ,,,'    \,.-  ii„...    ample
Mitt IM)IMK\ lull KUOII..SAV.
The Watts Lumber t'umpuny hue
j... V in ii plitui. ul its mills ut Wutu -
burg und i'roctor for the iii,ii.ii,a. : i.i,-
|oi wire-bound wuudon pipe now so
hugely used in Water supply for cities
irrigation  and mining works.
^^^^^   I'lijoyitiK,     ^^^^^
a typical January thuw.
Mi.  .Ionian   1,-fi      f.u   N„1k..ii  .,,,
builneit trip Tueidsy,
Mm. Si. Dennis, ,,l Kom Denver,«
Apullcnl.on  for patent shn,it4  i». mad.
Ims  lns.n  visitiri(f  her si^ot,   Mi"
,l„, council -I the procedure lor adop ll"   aid the rity had a eountet claim w»' '"r "J*-1     ''*>*■ '""  '"'
ling I I improvemet  Bgainst Mr,     rapping whlob h.    htd _,™.M WldM,fl,i'
house work anJ to mind -mall boy.-|   Aid   MeKinnon:   ll ttwr* »n> none; asked thu city clerk to look up.               lin, Fred Jordan has bmn on
Apply »»U H*t»W.                                                      ""' "'"   '"" VM      " ''"'        "*iH   **• lapplDg     k "*                     V
A shocking accident Occurred in
Tabor when Joseph Filgatt, a 81uv
..in.,,, miner, met u horrible deuth by
fulling under thu wheolB ol u moMng
ireiglit train and wiib insluntly killed,
\u eve '.uiu", to the .ragudy says
he took hold o( Ihe brake beam nnd
was Hiiddcnly swung uu... > the Main
.ud aoroil the rails. The wbeoll pas-
si d over his nuck practi'-ully seiMring
>l.e head from ulie boily. His uppn.
and lower limbs were likewise hoiribly
We   serve   i ur-i'li''"   by
serving you belter.
A  pleased oustomer is
our best, advertiseuieut.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surroundingtowns and settlements.   Our aim is to place before the purchasing- public the facilities of Our Big Department Store
M iii i iid,-r-.
I-I,-I bone i Irders.
S, ml the children to
the rlore.    Come yourself.
Have our city traveller
rail ut your home for
Overcoat Sale For One Week More
The following goods will be kept on the bargain counters for one week more, after that new goods
will take their places. This is the last chance to procure a winter overcoat for man or boy at less
than cost prices.   Remember the values, and that the sale only lasts for one week more.
Men's 0
Regular $18 Gray coat, 5-' in. long, for $11.50
Regular $27 "Muto" coat, 52111. long for $17.00
Regular $22 Russian Ulster, 5sin. long for $ 13.00
Boys Overcoats
Regular $11 brown tweed ulster for $7.1"'
Regular $10 brown tweed ulster for $6.00
Regular $'1.50 gray cloth ulster, imitation
fur collar and culls, selling now for $4.50
Regular   $4   gray    frieze   reefers   for   $2.50
Men's Hosiery Specials
A   line  of  hosiery  running   Irom   regular  50c,
ribbed    hose   to    75c,   fancy   effects
Any Pair 35 cents
Choice Groceries a Specialty With Us
Fine T
me leas an
We are headquarters for Ten and Coffee.   Try some of our
brands, we have thtni nil:
Ki'.ni   I.i,Is  in   Uli. and Ilh. lend package?; 3lb, and 5'b. cnnj
Siladu Tea in   lib. and Ilh. lead packages;
Blue ltihhon Tea in Alb. and lib. lead pkgs
Tetley's Tea in Jib.and lib. cans
I.ipton's Tea in _lh. and lib. cans
Five O'clock Tea, lib. lead pkgs., 5'b. cans, 51b boxes, or bulk
lien Uur in lib. lead packages
Ridgeways Five O'clock in lib. cans
Ridgeways Old Country in lib., 3lb., and 51b, can*.
Bulk Teas _t :iuc., 40c, 50c, and 75c
Always a stook of the best Green Tea on the market.
Our Coffees are always new and fresh, kept in air tight cms
and ground while yon wii'. Hive us a trial when you
want Coffee.
Honey Honey Honey
Our customers a-k us for Dead man's, the purest and best
Honey on ihe market. In Glass .1 trs at :10c. and 85c, and in
•Mb. cans at H.25,   Try some antl be convinced.
Sail and Smoked Fi.sk
Always a full line of Sail Fish in stock Salt Herrings. Salt
Mackerel, Salt Sen Trout, Salt Salmon Bellies, Coctlish, and
Holland Herring in small kegs.
Uttiing the Lenten Season we can supply your wants for
Sail Fish; also a fresh shipment of Smoked Kippered Herring
nml Smoked Halibut arriving semi-weekly.
Dinner Sets ai a Sacrifi
See our corner window for Dinner Sets. I luring stock
taking week we have placed our entire stock of Dinner Sets on
sale at a very large reduction. We don't want lo carry the=e
through the winter, therefore the sacritice. Hemember. the
sale only lasts until January :',lst. Sue the Sets, see the prices
in our corner window.
See ihe Sets—See ihe Prices
Bargains in Our Dry Goods Department
Flannel Waists
A clearance nl waists. About
It) Flannel nnd other wool slltfl
waist-, all in a pile at
$1 each
500 y:ir i-   ,>f  Thread   and V il
I.a,a--,    all     kind-,     Wtirlh     HI'
ami 15c, „ll Selling at.
5c. per yard
Apron Gingham
40-inch wide; blue and white
check, different lines, a line
width for aprons
12 l-2c per yard
There is room lor one
or two dre-sniaking shops
as well as several ladies
lo   HO  out to hollies to do
sewing" If y 'U have any
lady friends in the east
you would do well to advise them to come to
English Flannelette
a new ini] ortation in 32-inch
good , line coloring-, something
better than usual al
17c  per yard
Cashmere Hose
All   wool,   grey  heel and toe,
ladies sizes, H.J, 0, IU, at per pair
35c or 3 pair for $1
Ribbon Remnants
Reduced. Dozen- of ends, not
worth taking stock of. so thev
are thrown in a basket for you
to choose.
New Spring Goods are arriving now. We are pleased
to have the opportunity of
showing these at any time.
Come and have a look.
With the additiontal Floor
space on the second floor we
will be in a position to show
our Dry Goods and Fancy
Goods to better advantage.
More and better light.
The House Furnishing Department, second floor, are
offering some special prices
on Mats and cut Carpets.
Ladies Underwear
That Indies' Underwear is going
fist at the price. There are
several dozen pieces left yet,
white or natural color, all sizes
vests or drawers, 36o. each or
4 garments $1.25
New Frillings
New Satin Ribbon Frilling.
New (lilt Hauze Frilling, New
Chiffon Frill with gold llir,'ail-
New N'ett and Batiste Frilling,
all new at
15c, and 20c per frill
Knitted Vests
A line of Jaeger Pure Wool Knitted Vests Fi*
which we are clearing out at a price. All new pf',
and clean stock, patterns (hat will suit you
$3.65   each
A Snap in Men's Shirts
Men's W. <!. & K    Shirts, soft   and stiff fronts.
Coat Shirts
Big Value at 85 Cents Each
Linen Bargains
If you have not looked over
that table ,,f linen pieces, it is
well worth your time yet—
i'illow (overs. l»rapes. Linen
1 ieces. Children's Collars-, all at
25 cents
Lace Trimmings
■ 10 pieces of I.ate trimming,
several different kinds, all
worth 15c to 'Joe. per yard, all
in a box at one price
IO cents
/ V
First Shipment of New Spring Goods
New Dress Goods. New Zephyrs. New Chambrays.
New Colored Muslins. New Dimity. Cotton Suitings
New Embroidery. New Laces. New Victoria Lawns
at 10c. Per Yard. New Table Linen and Napkins.
New Towels and Towellings. New Lawn Waists and
Shirt Waists.
Don't Forget That Our Coupon Sale is Still On
One Ticket tor every 50c. worth of goods purchased
First Prize--Sewing Machine, - Valued at $55.00
Second  Prize—Silver Tea Set.
Third Prize--Gold Filled Case Watch, fully guaranteed
Fourth  Prize—A Grand   First Class   Marbleized   Clock.
There mil    lie dinting  nt  ll
llu' I'iiiii.'I  ua- visible, in li'i'vi'lstokt
ia-l   nielli
The Legislature
Victoria, Jan, _V—The feature of
In-,lay's sitlinn nf the Legislature was
ll„"   fnrillal   uunuiinermclil   of   the   gov -
Th.- uuu  loi-al  i in ii, sei'viee 1,,'tu ,   ,.,MI ,|'s  tlrnber policy, following the
Revelstoke nml Vancouver comoa   into   in-oaonlnlion of lho intertill report     of
force on I'i'I,   (ith. h_u [orostry commission,
A,i„„.,,..„ ,., the gt. ■>  wilt bo :.n,'. |     M'« T1MBEH  UKGUI.AT10N.S.
I'l,i- «ill ini'luilc supper, at lliu llospi   !   Tl"'  "'I'""'   '' ionc,lorl  all  Bpoeiul
ml  Bull  Wuiliiesduy,  Feb.  -ilI. timber liceusos bu made rouowublo from
year i" yeur uuiil miclt time     us   the
lh,, Toronto   Multilist  ( uinpniu    will   ' .    ,' ,     ...     „,. ,    ,
1 ■ lainl i logged nil. subject i" whntevei
establish ., mull-house ul Lalgurj for t.ummiollHj ,,,„ ^vei'inncul nn, boo
-apply,,,, prairie anil  II. I . breweries.   |h   U) -^^    ,      (if  t,,.. „  u  ,,„„
I,ilm ki'psck, a '■>',,,, .-in. ivua kill,',I when il I'm,ml lli.it any laud hei,I uu
.ui Tuesday by full of rock ut id*' dor Bpocial license is found lo bo ro-
L'ruus Nest I'ass Coal Miuos ut For- utdrctl for sotllouieul, lho Imi,I,a muBt
ni„. ' ri-,novo all linilii'r within a cortain tinio
a,  il," oud ,,f which tho land will     bo
I'll,'   .1;, lain nlu ii   r.illlelin   llulllCI-
liuu i   thai   the uuu'  I'
ilium n open for settlemenl     I,,      iln
using S.   \. s.-ii]
for  two yours.
i\ i-riiiu.'lil.
has boon extended
Thi" premier iiilimiitud lie would follow ilia lines of the interim  report  of
1,'i'piui   "i join! ii liny of iln- i n\    ,|„. forestry
Council nml  School   I run -,     und   a
i tho eilj council lust
lably held over,
sl>l','illl   I
nielli   III
\ ,-r ii ir. ii   being ul   lii- homo in I'.ra.l
I..nl,  I'ii., i\h,-,i the wreck u..air.-il
,\.    I all iugtull,    lilaluanaii.    WUS      -ul
juj„reij   al   K..iiii""|" on Sunduj
I he  11..uuin",, govei iimciii   huve    established    wireless     lelegruj l'v''''"
feiuce     Kupeil    „n'l  Queen  Chutlotlc
I Im  Dominion  dcpui inieul   oi     Agi'i
l-uIiuiii     im- begun inipiirj     "ll"    ""'
a, reused  cosl  ol  liv ing und  l|n'    reas-
i.i,;   therelor.
ll,,,,.   Vi,   .-.   Fielding   i     lukiny      ""
,uiu..my      of  in.-   House ol   I  mom
,,,r in,- coiuugc ol gold und silvei  •'
rency  i-a   Ciinudu.
To those who have not yel given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock uf the leading lines in Teas ami
Coffees and can offer you thi' best values on thf market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. t<>:! lbs. for $1 as a special.
A  , ling  uf  iln- Aa,.,i    Di'iiinnii,'
i mii will In- In-Ill on M.ui.la, night at
s o'clock ai llir home uf Mrs. I). M.
Uai', set',,nil s'lrcct. ,\rraun;cmciits fur
ilia hum  prniliii 'a.ii  -nil  lir iiiude.
I he pumping plum   put   in
IN      un
cosl  ol SI i,0.
.1,,,.      I'asse,     llu
uniifui Hirer, died ul   \ i' lor
.-,.   Andrew -   I'l'esbj loi'iuu
-ui ai   Sou   IVesliniust,
ae.|.u,a.-  new  I'hui'eli.
II  known  eiirnr  due a kirk  lhal  lundeil  ii mil    in   Hie   sllwl   "iM  ' I"'"   '"   "l"  Public  foi
iiii  iiuiitl n
Citj"   "I    * 1. lul'la   ill    il
,,i ivlu, i, null  Bus i"','n pin	
tractors,   is  prououueed  u   luilui
Useur tl"'-"ii. aged '■'■•', foteniui
extra gang,  was run ove
liuin in tno C.  i'. Kj yards ut  lieu
ana      killed.   His       'i   was    errimj
in ■ -un,,' .mams,   high  priei's .
mangled. i_j,uuu I Icveluud,  uud   ,   nu
ll. A. lilttkeinoie,  11.  !"■■ "'  "ctoria,  |)(U.g citizens have abjured meui
mill,ll,< uf iln-   ir..,.i,
\   11.'I'm,in   airship   will   leave   llerlin,
in   an  alli'lllpl   lo  cross   the   Ulltlltie.
ur h\   u Heigni
\.Inn-.it.a ,.. ih.' gallerj  uiil be ol
.1.   .1.   Liiw reiuc,   lill   recently   lieigiil    |'|,j. „i||  iuclnde supper, al  llir  llos|
. untlu. iur .a,     Uir U.  r.   I{„ proposes   la|  |'..,M.  Wednesday,  Feb. 2nd.
moving   to  Ivamloops,  w here  Hu      I
,,,' -U'li   a   posit	
ha-  been  a   Icrribh" -lump
lurks u,i  ih,. Neu   Vork exrlinnire,
idling Ihe panic of Mnrclt  l!IU7,
ind     Sulvaiiou Army o Hirers   acrompanied     H. 1'. Cumming has bought oul   tin
I'l.'l'.l. Si'lluill    HOOKS,
I'l,,- premier announced   lho govern
■nt  had decided on lho extension   uf
J.ilS'l,   lletween  the poal  oll'tro   und   H>«  ->'!'''" "f f''1''' le.xl  book dislribil
ilm up,-,a  liou.se, I liu.i\   uighl, n  lun-   ''"" •'' I'l'osenl in force,
dollar  liupcnal   Bunk  bill,   Klntloi"  iu- ''■ v  ll> DUAL,
turning iu I., iluulii will ba rewarded.      '"     ''"" ll'°"    with  the Catiudiun
Vuiilit'in ruilwitj   Mr.   McUride pledged
h.  A. .Muinlv, ul  ihe  Muiiilv  Lumber   i:      u ,,  ■       ,
In,,,-,-If I mii I   all   tin- prun,is,'s he mudo
 ipnnv, wus  uu,   in  ih<- (Spanish   lii-     ,    . ,       . ,
tturtne;  llir ulocliou  ctimpuigu  in  refer-
nee to' il, would be given oll'ect  in lho
alifying legislation,
\  crowded     liuusr    uituesaod     lust      I'urker Williams said liie speech from
ui;in un' S nd Mrs, Tnuquoray, pro-   the lliroue reminded  him of liie dim
lured ,,\   llic   Vllen 1'luyors; una ut lho   ghlera of tin, horseleech in  ii- crj .   uf
ii.i-l   -up.-iii  modern .llamas  thai    lia-    "giro,  give,  give."      The   Kctlle   Uiver
"i  a pm mi "ii a iiiiiil btugo.. v.aiicy railway, the Cttnudian N'ortlicrn
ailuuy, (lie limber ill teres is urn- all
.. get soundhing. Thuro wus mure
'give" lilllli any thing rise in lhu
peech.    Iln,'    paragraph    fiiri'shiitlowrd
red,i'ii f   tllXlltioll.    If   llir  go\
i ntn,ail      w a-    going   lo lio w ha,      il
M,-. Vi. \\. Wilson. ..I Magnolia Ave.   -|„,„|,|   i,  ,lj,|  „,„      aiway- ,1,, -„    ii
Sau  l;ui,"i-"'.     iilm     I,a.I previousl)    u,,„|,| wj| at  ihe feveiiiiu lax bodily
'"'"' '-"•'" bin I riplrls  and once   \   o luisorublo, measly, ineiiii     lux
,.. twins ha.- now  given birth  to ipmd-   „.,,„ ,„,,  i„ f,,m. nnywlicrc.
ruplels, all   li.uu  wiiliin  ninr yeura.  , ..
pal,;,,';,!,';;:";::;"',!;!;::;;, it','.*''.„'! To the Scandinavian People ot
.1.  Duller a- depulj   mini-irr uf     railways  am!  canals al   Ottawa,   and   will
br rliairniiiu of ilu-  Intercolonial Hoard       Kvungelislir   lings   will   lie      held
in   ll..'   I'.ili-.ii   I'arlur  Thualre,  begin
ning   I'd,,   l-l  al  s ,,', lock p.  iu,
licv.     )'■<-.I  I'lilnilioi-if,  general  mi- ■
'.uai,      uf I'uiindii,  will bo  her,'     lu
help  a-
Mi    i'nlmhoru  i- ;i strong preacher,
i.'ul i- known .ail over lur Iniinl Sut-
1!"'  luogram   foi   llu   Sunday   ,-,f -    t,.- ,.,- uur of ..ur grentesl   men       and
iirm.un gathering  in tho Y.  M. (J. A.   workors.
ussures  all  win.  nllend  au  iutoi-esting       \ll  arc <-orilially InvIleU,
hour,   Songs !,>   Mr.   Vrmaii and     Mr. [>,  A.  1'KTKHSOX,
I'urinuii.  Address hj   lli-v.  IV,  I',  l-'r  	
man.   livery man invited,
llir lir-i   uni.' iiii  Thursday  uighl.     \n
exielleiil   piogram   for  llic  week .aid
has I a pn pmed, incltidiiig     Ihe now
lalkiny   pirluivs,
C. W. 0. W. Sicial
cdiiot ^,i tin- Week, says there     is    u i^g^ ,,-iiuiii- in u dig mop it
muicuiuut   to bring  lU.UUU itttliuus     lu |u(  |B)JU|  a||i| uoull,.j   |„,„|u,i
H. C  to. ob employeo un railway   	
.u.  J.  Ueniy, of    Vancouver,  wishes
iu ouuc u.ui lie iu- ,"''  sold out  u,s
nursery      busiutss; lua .....   •'1"1 "
oruameiital  tier BlucB  ",".'   buing  nit
puaeU oi.
nve»  l,v s"l"   bvasley, huve been inspecting lmm"    •'""l     I'1"1"  of the Hcvelstoku I'he Woodmen "f liie World held     u
C.  I'.   II,  land   \ an.un,a    Island, I'arlngo t'umpiiny,  und  hus organised icry successful  W hi i   I'ariv   und Dance
ia  hi -ia,i  -" .i 'I compunj   iu handle lho business.   A iu the Selkirk Hall un Wednesday oven
Muuiifueliuers,   iraneportuiiu                     V ' •       r t"l               I       i             ■, '"'"     ' '''''' "'"  '"' ll"'1'  ""  "  ren,l'al '"!?■    '''" ,'"»''- '•!' whist were played,
murine  couipumes   uuve  uol I       llic                                 "ll"   ' -,i,..   ,,(,|  an  up-to-date express      ami ml resulted  in  Mr.  N'owaomo and Mr
—| ai      ihr i .... ■     Foi   earn ine u anr
Just Two Days More
will see the end of our Janutiry Clearance Sale and
we will bc'K'in to be busy with spring goods. A
great many have availetl themselves of the Opportunity to get high grade goods at low prices. For
the next two days we are offering some exceptional
prices as we would rather sell than inventory.
We are closing out this line entirely, not because it
was not good but we hail too many lines, and we
offer the balance of the stock at half-price. You
will find some splendid models at ridiculously low
Flannelette Wear
You want to see our table of Ladies' downs 7f>c. and
$1. Children's Gowns 50c. and 7r>v. Ladies Drawers
GOe. Children's Drawers 40c. All well made of a
tine heavy flannelette.
Splendid quality, larirc sized Hath Towels, both
bleached and unbleached, only 50c. a pair. Honeycomb Towels, 8 pair for 25c.
Madras Muslin
is still on saic. We have sold a large amount of it,
hut we have lots of good patterns still left. See
the prices in our window.
Many odd linos come to light during stock taking
and you will liml lots of chances to save money by
looking over our otld lots and remnants.
minister ol  lubur the}   ure opposed  '"
.a.' eigui  i i ''■..>   if. a ' ''  now   i"
lore mc  Uuuse ul  i umiiiuu    ul     ''    u
A.    ill' l.lam.   w in.   w a i   UOtlVli led     "ii
the third     "i      Un
learning busines- conducted, burn wiiiniutt the llrst  orteos,     whil,.
und  il,if.ii.'i.i, j   ii     ri,       I I   i.•.■,■.im' ■
v    Ui-Ken/ir,  ..,'  ihr I'uniidiuii  V., Ir   s'«".Sirlp.v and Mi- llobbs rceived
uii'i'ii,       n;       his line will reiirh     il„-   " "-"l-'iiun-.    Mr. Humphreys pre
' '"'I'"'.'   ih"  ''.und   Trunk   I'.,,,,,,. "I""1   ,h"  I"''"'"'
'   ''     '      '••'■"   '•''  ""'        Ill, s.rurti ■ ,,.,,,,.        "" "'''I   l"'.'l.     lh"  cur„.   ad-
ll    l'i''        M- uli li   .   h,.   luo in-   li in
nfntii    i-i! will
..   I'liursduy, u siiowslide,   lue«
ii    mc  lH=turj   ul   lho ijif't,   Northern, |hi|n  yul
.iime Uuwu  ut   UigiiguU),    llonl.,     uu., , ,,,,.   ,
,i to uui     known mu.  many   nut' wen |ui[]] (i
siUed uy it.
lie nil   of  Winnipeg  ..p.',i-   '!,.' new       \,   lni.  ,,  .
yeai   by   Burrowing   g_,MH.i,U'Ht um-urd ,    ,     ,.
.,..• \.'.u - espeuuilure, uud  lue .
lers =.,y   the city wus uovci   in a uett,
liuauciul pusiliuu. >i.'.  iu    J-JU pel
At  ihe     Supreme Cutut  ut   \ i
. .,„;3i,  ta,- divorce suit      U, Vduu
.  iluAdum wa- hoard,  li.  M, Vd m   Uu
■ • litiou ■ -   jruuled   tin
■ : nn .     ,.. .-.  M.i a, ■ '    Mi"' ■
etiliuu, .    ii .   ■ .
i'  .. meeting of dclegutc .   :   n ■
..   resolved ii>..L  the ua
.euliun   uf  C'ouseivutivi
iwa    u,  June.    II",'.  1     '
• l.   1'.  iluberlsun alt,     ed
.,. ■
J. U. lienderson,   ■
^imri .;.."I tilt
w here  be i -
. iction ..[' some    buil lii - ■
.-anii:.     Kerr)    i    ■
,.,'■.• .      have l*
: itlVl
xer propu
•   Elk river I
..   i ,   .
up   to the I
■;. I  the a
■   i
III"  ."■ it   tu   ill,'
'' both ,'iids, iiiiinrh   ICilinontiin
 ■■■III!-'-, >"'. ■ I'l'     I' 11 ,"■ ,11' > 11 ,, ., .
i   i"   Hi roe ,. «<■«   "'-iniiii-ifi'     lir.   M. Ktii.-i,.   ..,
.:'■.'._■ lilllli    ..piiu-lllul.    Ill     . , .
I" !'!-   '    Will   Itr   al,-ula,all    1        I,.
I ,,    I III,..,
i,     i.iii     a
nllu- iu
"iiiiuril   ui  ihe    liuifi' hall  w here  Ihey
''allii'.l   lu   r\.rllrlit    Inll-ii'   I'll I'll islll'i I by
ihe Symphony (lirhestrit. The llooi
\ .a- in line shapr. Uefresliments, prr-
I arnl under ihr ublt' direction ofMrs
"' ' "'"'  '-   'l"""    llaiil.iin. were scrvcil at midnight, „l
11  """  ->•' ' I'lunting   ,,., „|,iil, dancing wa- rammed lill tin
 N    -piiiiL'.   lie proposes  lurl)  morning,
l   plulluh   Ihf   land,   lli.'ii      l.,l|,,w	
.il,-uil  plough  which   will T,       _,       ,
I sixteen inches,     ,1,,,, '     LtlUrCllBS
■ ■<■■■   Ii-.l    -'iil.ii.'   Ii\     nvtl Mini
l''''l''     tl (I    in    I ill f    ilu-
-iii^   ;i   mimll   -Ii.m   ,,('   bluntinu
plosion   uil!   loosen   up
.  .•ii.iuii'l    -i  thai   id.'
■ I    -I'l.'.'nl ..ti,)   tnku
■     tn   'l-IIIV
Si. iVtrr's AnLrli' an. St'\ai_i'-ini;i
Sinnluy. Tlie following i- a li-t of
I In-   -ci \ i«-f-:
S a. in.   Holy ('ommunion.
11 a. ni.   Matiiiri.
T.Mtl   |i.   II),      \\\ i-tl^nliLf.
Why send to New York for  V
You Can Go
Further, but You
Can't Do Better
your fresh eggs when you
can obtain them from us at
the same price and save the
express. Try Nabob and
Brown Berry Coffee. Nothing better for the money.
Cream Hulls nnil Puffs made with pure cream every Wednesday und
Saturday, also a lull line ul Fruit ' uke, Genoa Cake, Layer Cakes,
LiUltcll Cakes ever} day in llir week
<;.  W.   UKLL
P. 0 BOX 208      CROCER AND BAKER        PHONE 23
6 OOOOOOOOO OO-O 0<>-0<M>00-CK>0-0-C>'6
,1   tl, -
I In   Very   l,V>    Hi.   1'uf.ri.  Ilenii     uf
1   the   Mf,     I'lilunrj   will pivii.-h   iu   liie eienillg,
'    hud      ilmuiiuiuil-       Sunday   Si-I I al  J.:tn p. m.
ilistri.l     .1 i,      Metliuilisl    t'liunii.   Servin-s Siinduj
H'«   " I'-     '"I    I'.I-   df      al    It    ,,.      i„  ,   and   ".llll   p.   Ill,     S |uy
III     U        Ml II  ii.      -    I   and   I'.ililf   t'lu-   al   J..'ill   p,   ,„.
 «        ll"'   Kpworlli   I..-UL" \| I- I.. Imi.!
•l"1"'       I'hi'j   uf    i  lerj  in,ti lain,,ic  -ii.ial ou   Monday
Hill    ■■  "'inii''   in   llu,  , Inn. li   piirlul's       and,a
■     'I  lion   ni   llll'    ial  ilrpurlliirul.
I'' ""i   ,„'"iiii   Hiilnrsduy   ovon-
us  ,,', l<„ I,.      \l|   air   ilil iln!       I..
.   1.      '.,"     lies,    "	
mm ano tmmi
swi uisii tin urn,
' ' 'li   I'    I'l '          in Ihf l'.apli-l
' 'i'' li   oil    S ! ii al I   u'i It,..|,    p.    ni.
1   mi   , Uir I.mill    uf        ihf
'.I   .,..,    '
Business Locals
I lil       I'"   ll   i u   un   . au     lir
■ I'I'I" '' '■    III      Hi i'.i,I,.     I'h,,ne Jllll.
" ',         a al   in-1 III -
n j- gn   I.. C.   It.
I' W       , u   un ipl.uii,     I," id-      III- I
' I'm I,   and    innkr your
 h ul I     II    Ma..!.... ,1.1'
mu M ;
trin   nt to tin
We have pro merit
i tV|-  |,i,I.I,.\K  A I'' iT'l I.I
S'KXT  lll'MK   HI ""K
«'.   Ill" 9. II    •'    "K«-
ll    Ihr
i "  i   I  if un ure
I..   '   in .di     i I, ippt I
I      ' 'iu 'I    ...      .    in  '1,1        Ma' dun lid
.,      " '        ls'   » ' Hani ad
,    | II "     l   •■ ■     ■   ' ii ,.     in.1.1 . ,,i      Im
l;,   L.| luke i.-ii
\ lev      i     '  I,  .     In,., .
i     n      I !.  .   oil        i-lliiiL.'
., ■ i  in   ll,      pa .
, , llllll I ul.   and K|.|    i mil
•    I"    II      M, ,, '
i".f •'   it   niiiilomilil     Ii. iu Muif.
I   .h,,||  |„, u|n,| ,,   .,,,,   „,||  |,aV      the   not kl I        ,.   ..,,i,l,,i      , I II, a Drnsdri    , I,,,  ,
,,„,,,, ||„.,„, .st pi,,,"     'HI,,  in.-,    i'l "  in  Hi.' Sllvoi   llollni   in '     "i    i''   Mi    i     ||    Hard I i       \ '"•" and    »utre««ful     method    "f
|l(i,     m,   ,1 ,,|,,.,|  ,|„. mull,   ' imliort  ""I   ■ !"• I I'l"'1   ""' 'l''    ' led    i   I mnl Inn pne  lecini
„„|  '  i„.  iulucd   I. ,rll  ' I'-"  .'"""   '
tt..| ii     ('it
I .a i .    ■  .     ■
Mull yeur followed      h
 .1 1   i W, i\",,',f       Vvoimi      I n,
-.'  '      .a     ■  . - ,. ■ ' .  i  |..f d   was riiused h ■   ,    ■
ithi'i        I i" i lid  I "f    nllei tm     in   11"   i
ill  p..
Your Insurance
K  tint" i'l   the   most   important   items
iu your business
let Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
l.uok afiei  ihi. brancll oi your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Wc arc carrying a mil line oi General Groceries and
sell at lowest prices.
Window   display   of all   kinds   of Soap   for the  Toilet
ami the \\ asliinli.    Orders called for
O .rural Merchants
\t   a   i, tiny     uf  l.ilirrnU    held    In Kdisnn      hus  disrovrrrd      u   slunnrr
V'lrlorla .Itilui Oliver -aid ihe Liberals buttory by which ntreet ruilwaya    inn
uf thut city Were never iu betternhape be operated with,ml trolley wires at a
lit- was     ai  ihr  service uf tlm parti- rust ,,f a frill a mile, tlm, making il
mi,  time when railed mi.   It waa   un- poHiiible for the itmall  lowng tn   have
,lt-i-iii'.il  a  I'm, im iui  Liberal conven- Htreel cam.   Tent     ruin   made of the
mm would !„• called during ih m- new car system  iu  .Manh linn     huve
ing sumnici proved istlifactory,


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