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The Mail Herald Mar 20, 1912

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 "Empire" Tyi^writer
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it. is
unsurpassed.    Price $CO,
Interior Pubhsnmg Co., Agts.
The Mail-Herald
Vol. 18-No. 22
REVELSTOKE, B. C. .viARCti 20 1912
Pocket Knives
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High Class Goods
A chance to get CLAUSS'
genuine line at wholesale
prices. Every pair guaranteed.
Buy now
Get Pest Selection
40e. to 75e. Per Pair
II New Sewar By-Law to be Drafted—The Finance
Committee's Report is Adopted.
Can use Gillette Blades in them
in cardboard box    	
    $1.50 Per Set
Put up like the Gillette, (same cases)   $3.00 Per Set
Tinned Steel Spoons
Tea Spoons, per doz
Dessert Spo< ns. doz
Table Spoons pr doz.
Shaving Brushes
Rubber Set
Choice selection at
15c. and
Sheffield Razors
With    safety
device   to
Razor Strops
Carborundrum, Neva-hone
Sunasacks, hand-finished,
Good selection,  from
">0c. up
Plumbing      Steam  Fitting     Tinsmithing
The city council met in general
meeting on Friday evening the 15th
iiiHt., Muyur Sutherland occupied the
chair uiul Aldermen Barber, MeKinnon, Bourne, Aliruhainson and McSorley  were also present.
City Clerk Lawson read the minutes of the lust regular meeting of
the couucil which were adopted ns
A letter from Messrs. Smith and
Chase re powei-  plunt wus  laid  over
lu reply to a request from the
Board of Trade u cheque of $150 on
account of advertising grunt, wns
ordered issued to meet draft from
Heutcn Co., for udvertising in vur-
ious papers.
Mr.   Daniels  applied  for   water
he luid on.
given  his  instructions ono  w..v       nr
Inspector llowcuBtle—1 have tuken
an inventory of Ward One, nud I
should like to know if I am to proceed  io enforce the  regulations.
Under Auspices of St, Francis
Dramatic Society, a Great
Success-Played to a Large
Audience in Opera House
General  satisfaction  is  boing       ex
pressed  ut  the  high  standard  ol  excellence attained hy those vho    took
part   lu   St.   Patrick's  entertainment
.Monday evening, under the     nuspicci
^^^^^_^_^^^^_^^^^_^_    of  St.   Francis  Dramatic  Club.        A"
Muyor    Sutherland -This stute  ol  ,*,ire tp8at hall |)Ccn promised nnd al
things should  be  remedied. bhofle who hnd  the  pleasure of  beiiH
Aid.  McSorley—If  the legal  notice  preg8nt WOrc not disappointed.
bus  been  given,   lhe  only  course
for us to enforce tne byeluws.
The musical selections were well re
eeived  by an     appreciative audience.
Mayor  Sutherland—I  think that af-   mjbs blanche  McCnrty's  rendering  O
'Hiisheen"   was  particularly       sweel
ter  thc  notices  are  issued,  uny  fail
ures to comply should bo reported to amj endearing, and  iu  response to  r
the council for action. genernl applause she sang a pleasant
Aid.  MeKinnon—Well,  wc have      a little encore.     "Tho Valley of Laugh
list of forty cuses for the council to ter" wus sung hy Miss Francis Luw-
start  on  right away. son in her usuul graceful and charm
Aid.    MeKinnon— The trouble    is ing mannor, and the   same fuscinut-
with  rented houses, the tenants re - |ng style marked her encore.        Mr.
fuss  to net,  und  the men who    own Ralph  G.   Lawrence's   baritone   solos
to  the houses do not want to go to the were most effectively rendered.    Mr.
extra expense. W.  B.   Wutsou,  Mus.  Bach.,  presided
I <X>0<>0«><><>00-0<><><KK><><^
Imperial Bank of Canada <j>
Hoad Ot-Fico
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Toronto   linttxrfo.
Brauchi-s in Agents at all priaoip&l points in Canada
Ag, .-.'.■ in 'lr, i. Iliil..in   and  t'uiteu Sr*"* *.•
Loudon, England,
id Hank, Corn Kx-
" -i Bank, Pun Fran-
Lloyds Bank, Limited.    Chir -.go- Firs'  ,"
h.iugeNationvl Hank.   Seattle -Seattle ^ •
Cisco—Wells Kar>;o Nevada  National li.tiin.
N..i.. *:,..i  ! '•.■:.■ .
Savings Sank r&part.r.oni
Depnpits of  *1 and upward,  received, and  interest allowed al
current rate,from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Rovolstoko Branch—A. B. MsC'oneghan, Mgr.
6c-0^>OKK>0<>0<KK>0<K><><H>0<H>0<H> 0
Aid.     MeKinnon—We     cannot   get      Aid.  Abrahamson—My   idea    would  at the piano for these artists,
there unless the C.P.R.  will grant us   be to give thirty days notice in the      One  of  the  most umusing  numbers
a right  of  way aud  we would    have   paper, and the  inspector should    sea   of the program  was tno duet by the
to lay about 1000 feet of pipe. that the worst cases are attended to   "Piccanninies."      This   clover    'ittlc
Aid. McSorley—I think something if they refuse then they should be pair, Miss Hyla Tomlinson und Mas-
should be done with this, this man reponfcC to the council and action ter Jnmes Bourne, sang their comical
should  be supplied  with  water.     We  tuken. little ditty in  a     most    captivatii-.g
should cither supply water or say Mayor Sutherland—Would it be darky fashion. Their creditable show
we cannot do so. necessary  to get legal  advice to see   ing is a high testimonial to 'heir ..:-
.Mayor Sutherland— Referred to that the liyolaw vvill hold water, be- utructress and accompuniBt Mrs. II.
Public  Works committee fore  taking drastic action. II.  McVitty.
Aid. MeKinnon—The public work.*; vld. MeKinnon—I do not think the "The "Five Shnmrocks" ae ncserv
department should get permission city council should spend money re- ing of special mention. Thc ;;yiniins-
frora Mr. Kilpatrick to connect with notifying people about these byelaws tic displays were the hiiest yet seen
the C.P.R. pipe, unless Mr. Somes It is money thrown away. All plumb on a Revelstoke stage; their muscu -
will allow him to connect with his ing firms in thc city should lie noti- 1,-ir activity and agility testifying to
pipe. lie I  of our  intention  to enforce   the  the excellent training they  hud      re-
Letter from  C.P.R.   re  rate for el-   byelaw. eeived.     The two clowns added    the
ectric  light aud  power; referred      to      "'lotion carried  accordingly. necessary     spice    of   humor to what
Power and  Light committee. SEWER. otherwise  would   have  appeared quite
Chief  of  Police upplies for      some      Plumbing Inspector  Rewcastlc  gave  hazardous to  the  audience,
beds to be supplied for jail.  Reterred  evidence  that  certain   houses  in  the      The faroc  "Don Paddy  De  Uazan,"
to  City  Clerk to obtain  prices    and   Italian  part of the city could      not  kel>t the audience almost continually
purchase iu thc best market. be sewered nnd  the  sewer  was     run  "> a statc of laughter.   Thc cast had
Mr. Laughead was present to make down the front street, instead of l,l'cn carefully selected and the parts
a complaint re prices charged lor tbo back lune. The people refuse to were exceptionally well taken. Frank
thawing pipes. pay sewer tax or connect up, and the   J-  Auterson as Don Paddy  was quite
Mayor Sutherland—Referred to the tank of relaying the sewer round thc tlK' atar °* the evening and his hum-
Public Works committee for investi- , buck where it should bc run is, I "r"lla Portrayal of the happy and
gution [ estimate,  SHO". light-hearted     Irishman, under     the
Sinclair Accounts-Certain items are There is also the matter of tho K'^vest circumstances, pioves him a
disputed in this account in a letter sower for the court house estimated comedian of no mean ability. He has
from   Mr.   Gillan.   Plumbing  Inspect-   at a  rosi  of $450. B  natural aptitude for IriBh comedy,
or Rcwcastle gave evidence on these ' Aid. Abrahamson—I suggest this W' J' FrilH'r tooK his elderly part
items, which he claimed were due to latter matter be left over until the "' the Lor<1 M"y°r we" ani1 actcd to
faulty construction of the sewer ly sewer plans for this building are ajvantage 'he fickle old foggy and
Sinclair or his men. complete.
Mr.  Gillun—This  was  a private cou      The   question   of   the
Wu have just put into stock a carload of Sherwin-
Williams' Paints including' inside and outside
paint in all shades. Varnishes for all purposes.
Oil Stains, Enamels, Floor Paint, Shingle Stain,
in fact everything necessary for Paintiug and
Decorating. We have handled these Paints, also
their own make of Linseed Oil for years, and
there is nothing in the market to equal them. If
you want to get value for your money see that
Sherwin-Williams' name is on the can.
All colors in Alabastine.    Paint Brushes, etc.
serious judge.   The heavy  role
Boyle  avenue   l''"'?i'  ^y  J-  Arthur Caley,  wbo,
j Mrs* A, G, Crick, First Street
Mrs. A, G, Crick, / First Street
tract and the eity have no right to main wns referred to the Public S'' Charles Cauliflower, wan the per-
deduct any     such  amounts,  it  is    a   Works  committee. Bonification ol the ruscnlly villain. In
private arrangement between A. J. Aid. MeKinnon—It is enough to '"* scel,cs "Mb Don Paddy be dis-
McDonell and riiucluir. All 1 want to give anyone the snakes to see the ' la*Vei' the Englishman's proverbial
know is what you are going    to    do   way these things have lieen     hundled   ''lJl"creiice to thc Irish humor.
all  over the city. i    Miss  Kathleen  Fraser  appeared    in
Matter ol seweruge to Italiau town   thc ,mrt °'     Claretta, thc charmini
referred to Public Works committee.  **W lass-   In tnis immotional role
Aid.   MeKinnon—I  move that  a cur  sllp aPI>eared to excellent advantage,
her embarrassing scenes with Don
tion of the P. W. Department, nono Pu'il|y and tn« Lord Mayor being
of the city firms vvill carry this pipe  vory we" P°rtruyed.
Severul   overdue  water and    light     w'"iam     Gauthier was' lhe typical
accounts  were left over for action.      ""icious  military  ollicer and  bis sol-
PUBLIC SAFETY. ' diers proved true to their trusts.
On      motion,     a  committee of the      rhc mal<c"llP  "nd  costumes of    the
wire. 1   whole  council  were  appointed to  ln-   Players were particularly good,     and
speet all the public buildings in    the   wp" Bllite(1 to tbe diflerent roles
During the LENTEN Season
Fresh Cured and Smoked Fish
will refresh you with ils bright,  splcj
flavor .-nnl Iragrancy.    Bold in  l  lb,
l,*iiil packsgft,
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
about  these amounts.
Aid.  MeKinnon —  Re  Sandy
Donell, I move this     amount be   investigated,  anl  thut  the     remainder 	
of the deductions be allowed to stand   Of  pipe  be ordered  on  thc specitica ■
Aid. Abrahamson—1 suggest that
the matter of the flush tank be al -
lowed, we have not much to say
about thut.
Mr. Gillan—Well,     Mr. Mayor,     i
should like to know     what you   are
going to do, so I can send
have  my instructions.        I     	
Mayor Sutherland—We will have city with a view to satisfying them-
to consider this matter and let you selves that the Building regulations
know. : w?re being complied with.
Mr.   Gillau-Good   night  gentlemen. I NEW CCIDKT HOUSE.
Aid. Abrahamson — I think we Mayor Sutherland suggested that
should consider this matter, we something ought to ke done in au
shall have a law suit on our hands Official way to recognize the occas-
at once. ion (,f tl)c laying of the corner stone
City (.'lerk Lawson—It might be al  of the »ew court house and thc City
light if     we    could get this    money   C'lcrk was requested to write to   Mr.
back, lint wc have paid some of the  Gordon accordingly,
money out we have deducted. CITV   REWBHS.
Aid. Abrahamson—Sinclair, i un - ' Committee have interviewed Mr.
derstand never said he would pay MeCarter nnd Mr. Lawson has also
this amount to Lawrence. The three made a report,
items I consider a doubt abcuc are Mayor Sutherland—Yes, we
the Hush tank and these two items bettei* go ahead with this now
of Sandy McDonell's. I though it is very late.
Aid. Abrahamson—It *eems to me \ Aid. MeKinnon—I will read the lot-
that these people should get * legal ter from Mr. McCnrtcr as read nt a
lien to apply against any money due previous meeting of the council and
to Sinclair, and thus Sinclair nud fully reported in previous issue of
McDonell and Lawrence li^nt. .t i ut. Mail-Herald.
I do not see why the city should Air
fight a lew suit on these items
The production was rehearsed and
staged by Mr. nnd Mrs. W.A. Sturdy
and they deserve great credit for the
successful termination of their eflorts
The public fully appreciate and will
welcome again a play from this
young but energetic society, the St.
Francis Dramatic Club.
During the evening music wns furnished by Mc.Mnhon's popular orchestra. The selections were rendered in
splendid harmony. This new and
enterprising addition to llevelstoke's
musical circles Is something of whicli
wc should  be proud.
Card of Thanks
Tlie St. Frnncls Dramatic cluii v< ii-.li
to thank all those who so kindly insisted them in making the St. 1 at. -
rh'k'B ontertainment a success. Much
regret is felt that thfl quartette which
r „,„„    ,    , .. was to have sung "Killnrney"    was
corporation T   fV.^ ^ ^  Un*M«  to «»"<""     »•  number  how
Aid.      McKlnno„-As  I  understand,   SmTZ^'TLK SS  2* ?     ?  '^^  "M
j:i».20   has  already   been   paid  to the   authorised  by  the  bylw   and   Z ^"^ °' ^  ^ °''    ***
Lawrence Hardware Co. W, should Rested anew hyelnw for $110,000
ti> and get this matter squared up spread over fifty years If the Hull
Wl*b them I Sibbald syndicate and the C.  P. R
Matter     laid  over  Un-  furtfcer  in-   give  their consent,  and nlso the Deformation until  next  meeting. bcture holders consent, this
Letter from T. H. MltjheU, uow iu  law can he passed **^^^_
Winnipeg, re a party ol visitors stop j    Mayor  Sutherland- Tl lea  would
Ping ofl at Hevelstoke. be for us to draft a new l.velaw, sub
Luld over to be replied tn ly City | mil  same to the leglslutur
holders ure ready to do anything in
Aid. Abrahamson—If thc council
approve, we shall have to flame tho
byelaw and get consent or approval.
Movod MeKinnon, seconded McSorley, that tlie City Clerk get busy on
und  nf-!this matter and  draw  up tho neces-
Clerk. ■	
Aid.   MeKinnon—My   ide.*.   was
ask  tbe Plumbing Inep*-or bui   to fature for passing
•M'l;..u    tbe  dithruttlfs  be  meets    in      Mayor Huthcrland-H is a oase
'     ,nvmgold! tTnllV"0 ',J:tW  fn"*  th° Cl,"*'nt °f th° M*nt™l    WnM« e"mm'"»° »*»**l
n     ,     ', b  '   I"?' ""'' »0rt«      "'      ""counts,       which
mbing Inspector should      be     Cler Lawsoii-Tbe larger debenture J adopted,
iter approval by tho legislature,    so-  sary  byelaw.
| cure the consent of the other parties'    Aid.  Bourne-l can't say this looks
to  and submit the byelaw to the login- | very guod to me.   We are going     to
i another eipensc foi  a very small sav
of  ing.
II   any  g
Thc  Pint
FRESH FISH   . . .
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
A   Grand Display   of   the Newest
Imported Spring Weaves   Direct
from the World's Fashion Centre
Bigper and better than ever ia
our display of new Spring goods.
Every department is overflowing with all that is new and
up-to-date in high class apparel
for men-
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
The Shop for Men and Boys
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
I'OH   S.M.K   ||Y
IG. Woodland
I P. McLean
Best Strain of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and Partridge Wyandotte
P.O. BOX   181
/ ■    ttiSDAY   MARCH 30,
Some Snaps in Local Realty
House and Two Lots on MacKenzie Ave $4,100
House and Lots on First Street   .1500
House   and    Lol.  South-West     Corner
Douglas and King Street  1.500
House and Lot. Fourth Street  2.850
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Subscriptions Discounted
Mi*. Subscriber
The Mall-Herald has sent out nc
counts l" subscribers in al'reu'B in
i he extenl ol over $30*0, and wo wish
tn notify all these subscribers, wbo
mny roceive one ol our aceounts tna'
ll they will call and settle Hum ic
couni "i send the same tu tba M i *
I lei aid liv mail mi ol belore April '.I
next, «' will give ili'in i ciish discount nl -11 per cent,  oil i'.u* am win
ioi  llu'ii       bill,    We   i,if   inaki i :    Ir.iO
liberal offer In order tu i-eallao oii'd
| lv mi thoBe accounts.
If there Is any Inaccuracy in the
account you have received (rom us,
send it to our ollico with your explanation and wo will tie only too
happy t" rectify the mistake. II you
tlioroloro wanl l" make a ilea." gain
ot ^n per cent, on y mr suhBcriptun
accounl. pnj it letore tbo c.nJ ol
April nexl.
XLbc ADatUlfoevalb
Jntertot Btotblteblno Company
J.  K. JOHNSON,  Manager.
Land nuti-os  J7.50.  All advertisements subject to  the approval o
the  mauagemenl.      Wanted      nm
Condensed       Advertiseinen
Agents Wanted, Help Wan
Uations  wauted,     ;'*:ii
rant. Teachers Want*
Wanted,  1!3 words
each     additional
Changes     it.   st
ments    must    be
Tuesday and Pel
lo  secure  good
ters ol public
municutions to l-'.di
accompanit'il    hy    na
not    D6CMSJ
By t
otisics ul the past, and acquit them
■I ■*..*■. like men Iiy devoting Iheir
iinic .in*l talents iinseltishly to tbo
Immediate carrying oul ol those prelects which are .-ii obviously in the
common Interest. The past is behind
is, iiiii the proven! is with us today
.'nl by utilising the presenl In the
spirt! "l unity and determination we
ran hasten the coming ol that pros
pority in which our district, by vlr
tin of natural resources and geogra
phlral position, is so obviously en
.'  ilaugh
L ch
arge    ol
inng the
k to  en.
T I so fai    i-   Rl v,. ■
il   l't,*, : * .*•     ivel.   ami   lhe   i-U
*. *riv I" torget politic
. pei Beld
.   ' ..■ . MM.V'.l        »   111 ||
* . ; isblng  forward tlinse    non-
• j *. .-■.-.».    pro
 tfjil t" the wel
■ *^      >■ A  ■"  i ...* bene
fil   nf bo! ..... 'onttfT ll 1*
■    ■ ■
[!    - ■ i   us t" n-
• •  ■ detail,  bui
'     the
mon ... ,.,.   ti„.m
Belt, which
i ■     this
•■•    apli
\    • *.*■•,. t     *
•   ■    ■ "      ■
* *
i   em
it. - rt* ki
,. . .
• ■«
it ...
■ .
...     • '*. ,
• ii ■■
* "    *   ■
t tbe pas!
i . *  . -.
■    ■
tire   I'   P.R.   I
ns ibe plant I ■      to   lull
■ iii« of
in these, ai I     munli nth n
prtrnttA 'i..\   matten   there
■ ren hiislneMinan
*.••.-    t.. make the lullesl    iim
....... Kn let the
ther backs
- and pe"   leal
id    moved  his  family
last   Thursday,    where
ill   reside    Mr.   Lord   has    n*
a  position as     C.  I'    It.   hag
irngoman   running between here   and
'. ancouver.
Mi    li w    Swerdtager,  pi-eoldenl   ni
• tiv.*   tssocintlon  here, nl
.. ■_  h i Ii  m --:-   Mi Lennan,     li win,
il'Lian .m.I   Lnnung, went
t.. Golden  las!  week  l" the nomtns
I,"li   -Ah  :*.    Mill    il     I'.i: SOUS       w.i-
the unanimous choice ol tbe
Protective Order ot Beavers
t the K    '  :    H
* • ■ to its meml * ■ il
ma gamal th tbi
ny,  of thc Vancouver  Sr-.t    S
order ..f < * *
I ending Ioi
•  • *.
:*.!   with   v..
i theii     t wll
■ Iril ts ow
■  ■
■ *
*.   iim ■
*   ■   '
,.    *.
I   ' ■ i   ■
'    ..
III.    foil
tt.A.I     t . I
\-t„\ .,■■■    *.'•
l i* i \ . •    . I li '
TmisI   i     • •    ''i'.
,1,   Fr<"l
In-. • ' il ■>      I ! »      .|,.l.
'    I     .Illi*..1..       Ltd    ..   Id*
-.   ,t      W, II. .un    II.
t,nler-s   II..I..I,..,, . lompanj i   'i •
*• lliau   il'.u-    RnMnsnti
ll..,,,* n\     • • i i   . ii.
i   hotel    i -'ii     A    *v
\t>j.l*."|,     Olltl     If    I.""'* "IH "        I
Kitchen in Show Window
The past leu daj the three big
show windows nl the Lawrence Hard
ivoro i'i' . prcBenl a iimni .triklng
appeanlnee, one window is ontlroly
sot apart nnd furnished ■;■• a '• itcben
with a range and bollor attached as
woll as a sink and bread mixer,
while the shelves with a good Biipply
ul ilh lies are also visible, bul the
mosl sinking feature ahou! (his kit
elioii is the guild housowite herself, a
womnn "I noticeable si/e. who is
standing in  tlle kitchen.
The nexl window contains a pyrlm
nl ol Martin Scnuiis UMI pounds pure
paint, 111 a ground of green dus'.less
powder. Thi' third window contains
quite an elaborate supply ol priced
cutlory of various kinds, sn thai s
customer  ran   nee  at  a   glance  from
Hi it side just   what  lie wants from
the gi'ltterillg goods  inside.
The decoratlou of these three win
dows is exeeedingly good and especially the one containing a real kit, -
chen, which certainly reflects credit
mi the Ingenious mind ol this lirm,
who originated the  idea.
If you have nol seen the Lawrence
Hardware Co. kitchen, son't [all to
rail and  do so.
Engine Blows dp
San Antonio, Texas. March Is-
Knurii'i'ii persons are known to be
dead ns a result of the explosion ol
.i locomotive in the Southern Pacific
yawls here today. Parts of some of
the ii'i.lies were blown several nund-
i.'.l leet.
Southern Pacific officials admit that
II were killed, other estimates placi
the number ol dead as high us 25
and 30.
fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 6trj*t«H,
ntervnl 5 seconds—4 strokes. Hoi
4. No. of box will also be shown
n   indicator at Fire  Hall.
signal for practice—not less tl.ai
lx  (C, I  slow  strokes.
One 11 indicates line hro««n or
re out.
bm   No.   14—Corner    Tirst    street
nd    McKenzie    avenue.  C. 11.  Hume
* Uo.
Box   No.   15—Corner  First      street
nd  Rokehy  avenue,  post  office.
Box   Mo    16- Corner  Second  street
and Government k,«,i ami     ii;..Ta
lint   No.   17—Corner  Third      it-rett
n I   Campbell  avenue.   Globe    '...va
er company.
Box   No.   IS—C 1   R    stai
Box    n       i r   Fifth   ■ -a- I
nd MrK»nz.e avenue, i ainoi.c
B. t Si I tl      .     *
N      »—i   i iai  Fourth sl   ■
nd  Townh'T itTMt,     o.rner      •
: sr Second   i
nd Robson aww».  Mrs. Halter
Box No    *j4-F.r»   Hall  No.  I
Boi Hospital.
Box Ni    W—School,
h. i  s*.   h   Firs iu.i No   i
Box    N
car C    P    H   bridge
ii. -i    •       i*   Corner   Km*
i.iugia* Dtp-en, Palace M'Ht. Marks!
Box   N'"    I and
rales   •*-•■■ ■      ink ol      irt bunas
, 18—Corner   Third     »
has    itfSStS      imn   block
m  Patrli
>ii        is I <
ol  n in
i man) call
Like ui does i'i
.ill   know  w ' . •
!• . : i    m mi
hka    I'*
- 'ilium mi  my  i mt.
uniii;. like d.i reel
9M     I'i'      *
Please I nsli you San Patrice,
.Make  da  green da   Hag  ol  peace;
I'll*; sn in* da Irish race,
F.e.i dn boss lor all dees plnce,
Mak di'in be so great an good,
Strong for grnndn brotherhood, nil
for peace,
lli'\   will   help  me  too  be   gay,
on your glads tests day*
San   PatrlCi
Tom Daly.
Industrial Accidents
According  to  the  record  ol  Indus
trial  accidents kepi   hj   the depart
ini'iit nf labor, ill  persons were killed
an.l   ITS  injured during  February  1912
This  record'compares very  favorably
with that nl January, when mi voik
ini'ii were kill.*.I and 21 I   injured.  Cora
pared  with February,  1911, tho iccord
is Nlill more favorable, as 93     wore
killed and hit Injured In i bat month.
The   worst  disaster   ,,f  tin   past   mon
th   was  the  pretiiuturo expli sum      ol
dynamite on construction  work  nrnr
Fori   Francos, Ont., on the lino     ol
tho  Canadian  Northern   Railway,   by
which  13 I'linsiruel mn bands ki ro kil
led   nlul   six   id her    seriously   mjul B I
Mod   me at tho Savoy.
\ ictor Nicholas- ?jo and $32, an I
upwards. -Revolstoke  Music Sinn*.
Iluy     ynur     g I      wearing   gloves
trom  Mclntyre's.
See the Hevelstoke Nurseries Ior
Out  Flowers.  Phone 56. t.  C.
Get the children sum.' candles ut
the Sugar Bowl, all our goods aro
pine and  wholesome.
Don't miss the J.B.C. concert in
the Methodist church nest Ihntsdaj
Speeial sale of Cambric i ursot
Cover Kmliroiderii's, regular 35c, inly
Hue. this week at McLennan's,
II interested In n tirst clnsB coRee
add!Won see Mclntyre's ml.
Special sale of ladies' and eh.' Irene
hosier]. only ~n' per pan . S te * ui
window.—McLennan & Oo.
Don't lorgel tbnt Howson's Sale
of Carpets is Btill nne. Come In and
Choose before the stock is puked nvei
I'lilipres and Vassal shoes, p. tent.,
liiiid and tan, In all BtylcB, only (3
a pair at McLennan's.
Holn/es saner krout, twu pounds
for 26c, at  Mclntyre's.
Two pound tm nl huckleberries per
tin   lar.,  at  Mclntyre's.
Howson and Company roqueBl the
,ulii*: t" look over their stork of
collapsible Uo-carts before purchas-
Drop In at the sugar Bowl for
that box of chocolates your wife,
mother or sweetheart will aprreclate
ctoi l lornh ss Machines i Irom
,'2n upwards. Kdison Phonographs,
trom      (19.50     upwards.   Revelstoko
*   Store,  McKenzie Avenue,
Is making ou!  Its
.i* counts    ag i nsl    delinquent      sun
ames    an    legend,
'.v itch  '" issue  lor
ia*     inducement     to   p.n  the
ci milts.
age    lettu : hull.ui'.
at  Bou
DO    vol'    OWN    PROPERTY  In  Bd
D|     ll.pl,"M
* * Km-.*, 1
It      Mii '*
* ■
•    *
* '    I      K
W \ Ni'l'IH   General   Servant.   must   be
; "i'.i   plain '..     \, .ij   ,\Ii*m.   Sine,
sixth  street,   Revelstuke,
TO RENT IDlglvt roomed ilwelling
buns.' on Third street, wenl, ut $21)
pei  month. Apply CM. Field, Firsl
FOUND A Metal Bracelet with gold
plate on uppor Bide. Found on Mc
Kcir/ie. Ownor can bave same hy
proving property and paylag adver
using charges hy applying to A.F,
A in.hi living in I*'*.'Vi l ■'"*.'■ hu. .i   h'niin  on which  he tulseil
lin* line li***:** uiul was prepiiring to kill them.
We will muke "ham, bti'on, Innl,   mmsnge,   lu ai I  ch-ese  and
nipple," hi   iiniiouueed  lo   hi-,  uiliuhliig  fnnii y,  ami   use
i\ ii \ lliii... hut 111 i squeal
Tlml nighl his son culled nt the Music Store, McKeuzie Ave.
hough! un Kdison Phonograph; when he arrived home be lohl
lu- t.'ihi'i thnl llle\ couhl now keep the sqtieul as  he  bud  gol
ilu ni.h iustiiimeiit nt whull .iiiii'iu* and   everyone cull  muke
Revolstoke Music Store,       J. Bingham, Prop
FOR   BALK   120 Bgg Peerloss  liuu
I.iii,   gooll   as   new,   innl   Urn*uh* '.
Foi      particulars apply  p,  n.   tlos
"'"'  Alborl   I'aiiyou.
ft \:*.tkii Investors in Vlctorln |ro
pel ty. Wo have lots, hou ei. IITO
age, Bttituble lor subdlvldlu . and
hiislnosB property lor sale, \ io
toria Is surprising even I ." most
sanguine and this will be i hat m t
year. Unqulrles solicited, Tho
Pacillc Province Investincnl   Agi ney
li   ,.   N .ill's stri'.'l.   \ ill.'1*1,1,   ii.O.,    \,
A   Coley,  Manager, llalo ol  Uovol-
stoko. i
w VNT13D   A  Furnished  Ri i In  tbo
neighborhood  ol Court House.  Ap
ply In im* 732,
'l'o RUNT—Furnished houso on Foji
lb  Street.    Apply   to  Mini lleril.l.
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
WANTBD—Gents line underwear carefully washed and repaired. Miss
Payne, comer Ilh itreet, and Mc-
Kmiizh* Avenue.
WANTBD Three ApprenticoB I. i MU
iniMiy Department c. H. 11 unu- ^
\;'ANT|.:ii An experienced chamber
maid, at ome.     Apply to Halcyon
Hot  Springs.
WANTBD—Salesman tor latsqt und
most perfect gasoline W:ht in thc
world. Cheapest ami host
known to science Bxclusivo terrl -
tory, big profits, permanent busi-
n.m s.     MacLaren & Oo.,    Oalgarj,
Alberta, SOd.
TO    RENT   Furnished Room    Apply
to Mail-Herald Box 2ll.
LOST—A Hunch ,,; Keys. Finder
plcaSO leave sain*' nt lhc Mail Her
aid  Ollice.
KOH SALE—A Pian.i at a bargain
Apply at once, Mrs. McDonald, Second Street, opposite Knox cburcb.
FOR BALE—A   Remington Typewril
er, No, 8, In good running order,
Price fin.on, P. Burns & ('..., Ltd.,
Revelstoko, li. O.
FOR SALIC -Young, smart dclivi ry
team, For particulars write v
Haggstrom, Malakwa, H. C.
WE HAVE position tor a g I    man
with a fair education who can furnish reference we will give steady
employment and pay a straight sal
ary to the right party. People us
ing intoxicating liquors save your
i.mips, see our big Ad In tins paper today. National Light Co.,
Paraga, Michigan.
WANTED—Reliable local    agent    for
Btrong old established   Board Fire
Insurance  Oo.,   with  asaeU  ol   over
10,000,    Wnle   Franco Canadian
Trust   Co.,     Ltd.,   1105 Dominion
Trust Building, Vancouver, H. 0,
■En pirj   Typrwritrr
lightly Used
Apply - Mail-Herald,
i i District.
.  ol  We '  Kootenaj
' '■
it ,i, ■ B. C    *" cupntlon
-i.i. mt. ndi to applj  lot  poi
t"     purchase tbc following
posl  planted    '"■
'h   t.'  . h.i,ns.
.nui contain
larch llth   l•
Hugh   p.in *. \ ■■   •
Vast I     !
■   ■
i*   i
i t .1.1net "■ i
thi .
to them
' .'111 l.u v    "'    I
'    ' I     P'.lllt  "I I 'llll
March nth, i II
I,.uni   A.   Hi   iidili.
Hugh Patinunn
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
K. Howson 4 Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
We .in* spii i.iti.iui:  in   ill  varieties in Scniioii
"I   Clll    I'ToWcrs,     IUU     ■.llnwillg    i^    1II1SI1I [• I'.'C'l.
Conic and inspcel   [ol   yi nisi II.
VV. II. POTTRLFF,  Manager.
On South Road, Half a Mile from Town
Merchants,  h ,\i   holders  and ol hers
read    every    word ol this adv. 11 Ise
incni  and note our list ol    Bpecial
lor   Fein nary,   Ini   this  ih     Ynur  Op
portunltj   to  save   ni..ney   I.y   placing
your  orders  now   before  the  rush    "I
the Bpring Beasi n
To Mon haul V, .* , .hi lill ymir re
qutrements lor showcases, counters,
mouldings and turnings ... all description, drawers, tiling cabinets, office dc ks and sin,,Is. shelving and
partitions, plain and fancy sheet
.:lass, etc.
To Householders ami Others— This
vnu chance to get all kinds ofin-
1 irlor finishings, hot bed sash, mould
mrs, cupboards, kitchen cabinets,
tables   and   slonls.   sinklinanls   Hhelv*
Ing, sliding doors, paint, varnish and
knlsomine, roofings, building papers,
window and picture glass, etc.
M iterinl and Workmanship are thn
i and our prices are the lowest
possible, All orders, whether larg.i
or small, receive prompt attention.
F. tunnies for all kiu.lB nt Constructional Work, freely given. PhOne261
.a write us, p. ii. linx 295, better
siill If possible, pay iih a personal
visit,   We shall  be glad to see you.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
P.O. Bos r.ln. li. SHAW, l'i..p. Phone No. 261
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace. Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Hevelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me Before Investing.
Auction Sale
The litii'i si Auction Sale ever held in tliis citj will be
lirlil mi
Thursday, March 21st, at 1:30o'clock
ion's Transfer Co.'s Warehouse
These (roods have been shipped hero and are lieiiur
uncratcd so that you cun sec what ymi arc purchasing.
and heartily recommends these goods for your inspection. •
Come Early, Bring Your Friends, and Bid WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 1912
WEDNESDAY, march 20, 1:112
C. P. R. Will Spend Over Half
a Million on Coquitiam Improvements   During   Tins
("World," Peb. 14, 1-J12)
uuo completely equipped unit     of
tlie mammoth uew L-oiiuitlum term -
inul ucbcme is to bc constructed hy
tlio Oanadian i'acilic Railway during
the coming (spring and summer, according to nn announcement made
toduy hy Mr. Ueorge J. bury, vice-
president und general managei- ol tho
U.i'.R,, wtio Is iu tno cily on an inspection trip of improvements thut
are contemplated In the West geucr -
ally, and Vancouver and t'oiiuitlam
in particular.
Thc expenditure that is lo be made
this year alone 111 (.'oi[Uitlam in the
installation uud erection ol one unit
of the company's terminal plant will
amount to ovor JliOO.OOO. Uut tbut
will bc ouly u start, Mr. llury declares. The entire big terminul scheme is laid out iu units, to be constructed as the increase ol trullic demands. The lirst of these units,
which is to be completed next (all,
will comprise u round house, about
36 miles ot tracks, car repair shops,
paint shop, machine shop, temporary
bunkhousc ior the men, coal bunkers
and such other minor buildings and
equipment us are necessary lor thc cs
tublishment of terminal facilities ou
such a large scale.
Eventually there will bc lour or live
units, and about ninety-live miles ol
trackB at the company's Coquitiam
terminals, lint it hus nil been designed on the unit principle, and the
units will be added aud tho terminal
facilitits increased as the growth of
commerce and traffic warrant it, Mr.
Uury emphasized thc fact that in establishing these terminal facilities at
Coquitiam the company was planning
not only for wonderful growth nnd
demands ol Vancouver's world-wide
commerce during the next few years,
but even what the commerce may iu-
crease to when thc large proportion
of the trade that is expected to follow the opening of thc Pauama Canal is directed this way.
I made Five Hundred
Dollars for Clients who
took my advice about
Coquitiam last week.
John D. Sibbald
Agent Royal Financial Corporation, Ltd.
Details of C. P. R. Expenditures Between Vancouver and Field—Railway to be Double-tracked Out as
Far as Haminend—Arrangements
for Busy Season's Work in Yards
at Coquitiam
"Province,"   Jan.  31,  191?),
Approximately *»*.">,uuu,uiw Kill be
spent hy thc Canadian i'acilic liuil-
way Company during thc preiieat yetr
for improvements aud new construction work ou its main Hue and tranches west of Field, the easterly boundary of Uritish Columbia division.
This is au authoritative statement
received from Winnipeg uy Uie cper-
utmg and engineering departments ol
the  railway   compnny.
Thc Hue between ;iamru.j.id cud
Vancouver is to be doUhle-trocliod at
an expenditure of  about flu,000.
AT    COyi'ITLAM    THK    LAHUlitiT
Here the company has decided to
put into operution a part ol their
extensive plans lor making this cue
of  the   .nip's,   terminals  in  the  Uo -
full development ol  the
not be accomplisb-
• nproprution
Stagnation in Trade
Washington, March 16—Business
stagnation in many parts of thc coun
try was iudicatod, according to treasury officials, by tbo reports to the
comptroller of the currency of nation
ul  hanks on  February 20.
The most notable exceptions were
New York City, showing enormous
gums in loans, cash and despoits,
other reserve citiee of the Eastern
States anu both thc city nnd country banks of the Middle States. The
apparent inactivity iu some parts of
the country, it was added, wns characteristic ol a lire-election period and
probably duo to a "marking time"
policy awaiting the outcome ol pro -
posed  legislation.
Primarily because of the increased
activity in New York city, thc country as a whole showed substantial
gains in business as iomparcd with
December 5, 1911, the date of the
previous cull. The totals for all
banks of the country showed those
gains on February 2U, over December
Railroad for Alaska
WaBbiugton, Manh IC—Walter L.
Fisher, secretary of thc interior, con
fcrrcd today with President Taft
about tbe former's plan lor utilizing
in the construction of a government
railroad iu Alaska equipment and per
sonnel soon to be released from work
on the Panama canal. The secretary
coucelvcd the plan while in Alaska
last summer aud President Tuft approved it.
Mr. Fisher roturncd to Washiugton
yesterday from an extended examination of tbc equipment now in use in
the canal and brought with him a
corresponding list of rolling stock
and machinery believed to be available, together with the probable
dates wbich it could ho released.
1.in,nil W.L. Marshall, thc engineering adviser of Secretary Fisher,
will begin at once the outline ol a
Hrheme designed to show congress the
feasibility of tho transfer of men and
material by water from Panama to
Alaska. 11 will contain an estimate
>>( tbo value o( tbo rond imw Imild
ing trom Seward, Alaska, to thoMa
tiiinu ku coal Holds, which probably
will be taken over by the government
if tho proposition originated by Mr.
Fisher is  adopted.
The     iK'st     harbor 011 tlm Alaskan
hiiihI found  by Mr. Fisher is on Hcs-
•nr-icdlou   li|iy,   and  lbe best townsito
Good  government on  party liueB.
An administration without a single
Recognition of "Better Terms" secured Irom tbc Dominiou, uud ll.OOc-
(100 in actual ensh.
Secures agreement ol Domiuion gov
ernment to appointment ot Commission ...    letter Terms."
Settlement ot outstanding differ -
ence.H with Canudiuu Pacitic Railway
with net cash balance ot 1750,000 iu
favor of lhc Province, and 75 miles
ot railway  to bo constructed.
Settlement ot Songhces Indian Reserve.  Victoria.
Recognition by Prime Miuister of
Canada ol position of British Colum
bin on Asiutic question.
Transfer ol administration ot water
rights iu Dominion railway belt to
Recognition by Domiuion oi Prov -
incial  interest in foreshore rights.
Obtained recognition of Dominion
to right to exercise control of fisheries in territorial waters.
Rights of settlers lu E. & N. railway belt secured.
Business credit increased one bun
Dclicits chuugod to surpluses.
Revenue increased from (3,000,000
to $10,500,000.
$1,000,000 overdraft in bauk cluing
od to about ('.1,000,000 cash  iu band.
Busiucss   conlidcucc   ro-cstabllsbod.
Political turmoil und uurcst clim -
Political solidarity and financial
prosperity  substituted,
Interest on public debt completely
wiped out.
Taxation materially reduced.
Taxation Commission appointed,
resulting iu important recommendu -
Dyking schemes in Fraser Valley re
organized on  sound financial basis.
Inspection aud control of '1 rust
uud thc basis; 1 voted against union
but did not vote for or against basis
Adherents—111 voted for union; It
voted for union but did not vote on
basis; 2 voted against union, but did
not vote on  basis.
Mem hers
Kl.lers  ... .
For I'nion Against t'mon
   I 0
 :»4 2
Church Union Vote
The RevelBtoke Presbyterian church
hai jin-it held 11 vote on church union
which resulted as billows:
Millers Vote—I for union; I for basis; 0 against.
Member* VOt* 11 for union; 47 l«ir
basis; 1) for iiuion did not vote on
husis; 2 [or 111 01,, ul ngaiust tbo
IjiisIb;  ii  voted       l| 'inst   lu'l. umou
Total  93 9 '
For Basis Against Basis .
Elders    4 0
.Members    47 g
Adherents   31 0
Total   82 8
Three   suggested   Federation;       one
Co-operation,  to prevent overlapping
Samaria Cured Him, and He Helps
A man who has been relcasi-d rrnm
ike awful 'ni'Mimi "I drink, and ivh*n»
lirst thought is iu help ethers, shows
th. spirit of trut- hrntherhood and
philanthropy. Head his letter:
-ihe tfamaria ll.mmiy Co.. Toronto,
"UIU you .mm., sand ms book on
•drink, also circulars ri-ilatlna; to your
valued rsmsdy for ths drink habit'
1 wish to hand thoas to a friend who
Is n'olng to ruin through drink. Yuu
will romambsr that I have taken your
remedy, and I lind It all you claim n
to be. I never think of takln-*,- it
using strong drink In stu way. ua ali
duane for Tt haa left ms. 1 caum'i
speak too highly Bl your wonderful
remedy. You may use my name 'n any
way vou wish Tn public.
g    H.   Lliywhlte   Hrleden. Ontario '
s..m.ir!» Prescription Is tasteless
and odorless, and dissolve! instantly
In tea or coffee, or can be mlird wiih
food. It can be given with or without the patient's knowledge. It removes the craving fnr drink, builds up
Ihe system and restores lbe nerves.
Drink becomes diatasteful an'] <*ven
nauseous. •
Urtnk la a dlaoase, not s crime, nne
drink of whiskey always Imlti-s another. The Inflami-il berveg and
stomach crs-ate a craving thnt must
either be satisfied by more whiskey or
removed by scientific treatment like
Samaria Prescription flamarla Prescription has bean In regular and sue-
ceaaful use by Physicians and Hospitals   for   over   ten   years.
If yoe know of any family ai •*.m*,
Samaria Prescription, tall them about
It. If you have s husband, father nr
friend that Is drifting Into drink, help
him save himself.    Write to-day.
A IRKK TRIAL PACKAGE of Samaria Prescription, with booklet, giving fall particulars, testimonials, price,
etc.. will be sent absolutely free and
postpaid la plain sealed package to
anyone asking for tt and mentioning
this  paper.   jCorrespomlence   s»cr*dlY
confidential. Write toilnt. The Samaria Remedy Oo., Dept M 4'J, Col-
borne street, Toronto. Canada. Also
for sale by 0. R. Macdonald, Drug-
fist, Revelstoke, B. 0.
Smoker's Supplies
The old reliable now lias Uie largest anil lisl line of Smokers'
Supplies ever in the City, and onr prices are right. Fifty brands
of cigars to choose from. Price fix 111 Sl.CUper box up; not made
Irsm scrap cither.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
(>ur siock  of Calabash   Pipes is small on account oi the
crop being n failure this year anil quality poor.
Hriur I'ipes in cases from $1.00 up.
Ask foi the famous II. II. B. brand, Hvcrj pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Cases and Lighters, Pouches,
Asb Trays and Pipe Hacks. Tell us what you want anil wc will
suit you.   If you cannot call, phone 37 and goods will be .sent to
\011r home ior approval,    l-uy earli while stock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L, President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manaqer
CAPITAL - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
Kvoiylioily knows him, lie will
tell you thai the whiskeys we ara
soiling are llie bast, ('all and lie
< 011 vin< i'ii. No household should
lie without a supply of mir Harvey's Special tcotch Whiskey; mir
frapln Liqueur Brandy, gnu tan lead
My-au* old or Blackberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes, Our stock
of choice Wiiii.'* iiiiiI I .ii'iioi :■ of iill
kinds 1110 unexcelled. Sold Iiy all
(lie leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Dealers In Puro Wines, Liquors, Cigars aad Cigarettes
If You want the  latest  in  Spring
Goods be sure and  call at
D. GaUicano, Second Street
Fresh   Seasonable   Vegetables Always Kept in Stock
With its larije number of brunches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on nil countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, murks, lire, kronen, florini, roubles or nny other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
!9"0 1911
Capital                                       * 3,000,00(1 * 4,000,000
Reserve 3,000*000 4,600,000
Deposits       ....        23,677,730 35,042.311
Loans and Investments         -      27.4*7,090 38,854,801
Total Assets        -      -      -        33,090,192 48,237,284
Has 83 Brandies la Canada, and Agents and Correspondents in all
tba Principal Cities In tha World
Interest nllowsd at highest currsnt rata.
Revelatoke Branch. W  H. PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors Anli-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Ihoe Repairers,
Harness Makers
Our Livery is equipped with the best hoises antl
riRH* We also deliver express and baggage to any
part of the city.  Heavy and light teaming a specialty
F. McCarty, Proprietor
Phone 201 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 80, 1912
you can safely follow
Sir William Mackenzie
Sir DonaM Mann
•m your investments
•by purchasing to-day in
kacific Coast Terminal of the C.N.R.
tting in at " ground floor " prices.
he heart of the business centre of Port Mann.
Fto fret and worry about your investment.
arm with all their wonderful energy, foresight,
e building a City—and every move of theirs—means
-do you know that Port Mann
is nearer the wheat fields ol Al
berta and Western Saskatchewan
than Port Arthur. Ont.
The Canadian Northern Railway gave Jno. F. Hansen the first
selection of lots in the business centre. A large portion of these lots
are controlled by Mr. Hansen's associate. CHARLES S. MEEK.
They are offered to you now at prices authorized bv the C. N.R.
$1,000 to $6,000, on attractive terms of One Quarter Cash,
and the balance in five semi-annual payments, with interest at
6 per cent.
Plans. Price Lists. FREE.    You had bettei wire.
Prices advance April 4th.
518-519 Pacific Building,
Vancouver, B. C.
Meeti every Wednesday except tht
Third Wednesday of eaeb month in
Oddfollows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visit-
lnit  Knijliin are cordially invited.
II.   W.   OAKLAND, 0,  0.
G. H. BROCK, K. ol R. tk 8.
il. ol F.
KOOTENAY      LODGE,  No.  ->5 A.   V
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MAS-
UN10 TEMPLE, OddfellowB' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcome.
W. B. ROBEKTSON, Secretary.
SELKIRK      LODGE  12,  1.  O.  O.  F
Meets every     Thursday evening   in
Selkirk  Hall  at 8 o'clock.      Visiting
brethren  cordially  invited.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE,   No. 3401
OF I. O. F.
Meets iu I. 0.  O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera  House every  second
and fourth Monday in month   Visit
ing brethren cordially welcomed.
Q, W. BELL, O. R.
WM.   8.   CAMERON,   Roc.-Ste.
O. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 22U.
Meets Second    and     Fourth Wednes
days    in oaeh  month in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmon ar«
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Con. Com.
Moots overy  2nd  nud  ith Thursdays
in     Oddlellows    Hull,   at 8 o'clock.
Vlritlng Templars arc cordially  in -
vlted to attend.
W, !•:. MUNSON.B. 0,
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bauk Building Rovelstoke, B. 0.
Money to Loan.
Olllces—Rovelstoke,   B.   0.,     and
Craubrook, B. 0.
Ueo. S. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revoutoke. Cranbrook
Provincial  Laud  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
On the Manitoba Boundry Extension Bill-Government had a
Majority ot 55. t
Ottawa, March 12—Thu third reading ot the Manitoba boundaries extension bill occupied the entire time
ul the house ot commons yesterday
The Lamurche amendment, to insort
a separate school clause, wua moved
halt an hour alter the house assembled at 11 o'clock and il was disposed ot halt uu hour utter midnight,
wher a division gave it the support
ol 21 members, 7 French Connervutiv-
c.l and IT French aud English-speaking liberals, in u house ot 181. Sir
Wilfrid declared against the amendment. Hon. Ceo. Graham's lirst act
in the new hoUBe wub to vote with
the government. Two ox-cahlnct ministers, Murphy and Heland, voted
with the amendment. Ot the seven
teen liberals who supported it, Mur
phy, Mil oig and Proulx are from
Ontario, Molloy is from Manitoba,
Mlchaud is trom New Brunswick and
13 arc [rom Quebec.
In an hour's speech Sir Wilfrid de
dared lie would vobo ugainst the amendment. If he had been in thc lines
of Torres Vedrus or ol shirking an
expression  of his  opinion.
He approached thc subject, uot aa
the leader of a party, but us an individual. His attitude hail been
known lor years. He Btood ou tbo
same platform In 1912 as he had or
cuplod in 1S'J7. He would not then in
terfere with the autonomy ot Manitoba. He *'miiI on to make n bitter
attack „n the l-'reiu'li-Cuuservutii tea,
drawing u picture of Monk, Pelletlor
and Naiiii'l beseeching their colleagues to insert a separate schuol clause
in the bill.
At tbe opening Hon. Q.PI C.raham
was Introduced by sir Wilfrid Laurie) and Mrf Ross, the liberals cheering loudly. A moment later Webster,
Graham's conqueror in Brockvillo, eu-
teied,   and  the   conservatives  cheered
W .     H .      W A L L A C B
P. ll. liox  111'.,  RevelBtoke. B.C.
Revelstoke,  U.  C.
Dominion and  lt.  C. Lnnd  Surveyor.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Leaders May Abandon Proposals oi change tho Basis
Toronto, March 11—The union ul
the l'reabyte ns, Congrogatdonallsts
and Methodists on the prescut proposed basis is proving an impossibility. Lenders on all sides are discussing whether to abandon the proposal .; change the basis.
It is not likely that the proposal
will be abandoned w'thout at least
o i* or more definite attempts being
made to secure it by altering the
basis. Uev. H.I). Fraser, Moderator
"i Presbytery, said today that it
would be impossible to say what will
bo done until the report is presented
to the general assembly at Edmonton
iu June.
Connaught  Ave.   -   Revclstol
It will pay you to
muke a cull ut
F.   B.   WELLS:
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B. C
before huj ing yonr out-
bl ol uiuting dollies
i.t ilir liiiib. 1 make a
inecialt) ol Logging
■hoes, Pant*. Sin. Shirts
Blankets ind everything
i (quired In your buiiuen.
Sewing Machines
A nice mi'w stock of Staffer umi Wheeler Wilson Sew
inK Machines
For Salo or Hire
by the month al Manning's.
All kimls of machine needles
H.  MANNING,   Agent.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol retimes •wyeerve Is the body
rn»»pn»nui ,„ hl      f||  |0   ( ,„,,,.,„
Ordinary Cathartics and Pills
Harsh Physic Cause Distressing Complaints
You cannot  be  over-'-nrelul  In    tho
election ol medicine for children. On
ly the very gentlest bowel .* edicitio
Bhoultl  ever   „c  given,   except   iu  cni-
ergom j   oases.  Ordinary  pills,  cuth-
ailics and purgatives are apt to do
more harm thuu good. They u.uy
cause griping, nausea and other distressing after-affects Hint, aro Ite-
iiui' itly health-destroying.
Wo personally recommend and gum-
nn!**'   Ilexilll   Orderlies   as   the    sales!
ami most dependable remedy, which
we know, lor constipation and hsbo-
• i. i' bowel disorders, Wa have such
absolute lalth in the rtues nl this
iMinedy thut we sell it. • n oiu guarantee ol mouey back in . reft In -
..l.iiiec where it luils to five 'ill. ..
satisfaction, and we urge all lu oed
ol such medicine to try it at oiu
R«aU Orderlies are eaten jiwt like
candy, are particularly prompt aud
agreeable in action, may be -ukcu at
any lime, day or night; do not cause
diarrhoea,  nausea, griping, excessive
looseness or other undesirable ellccl.s
They . *ve u very mild Mit positive
, ou the organs with which
llioy 1'iiiuf in contact, apparently acting as a regulative tonic pou tho
-I,l.ni muscular coat ol the bowel,
tlniB overcoming weakness, und aiding to restore the bowels to more
Vigorous and healthy  activity,
lli'xall Orderlies commonly ei \
plotely relievo constipation, except ol
courts whon of a surgical character.
They also  tend tu overcome the    ne-
I*   Itj ol constantly taking laxatives
li keep the bowels In uol ninl coudl-
rtstlon, Three sizes ol packages, ID
cants, 20 cents, and .111 cents, He
member, you can obtain Itexall Item
lies in Itevelstoke only al our store
the Rexall Btoro, tho Ucwb Drug
Btore i
tlm ml vitality, Prematura ■!.,, unit ill ItXUll
TllrnMI ivift-M Rt enn* Phnaphnanl till
inik« till I inmiiin. I'nce IH • t>"i.nr t»o Ini
II M,il*M m«n*f »'Mr*>"> The Scobsll Drag
L... II. CMharln-M. Onl.
HoWSOU  A   Co.'s rli'tkc hip tltlt.fl
* '-'I   tn  show   yuu   their  Btock    of
I sc  furnishings  whether  •*, ou cboosi|
I" buy or not. , WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 1312
Editor Mnil-Hcruld:—
With the approach ol Bpring everybody is busy making preparations (or
tiro work of thc coming summer. Thc
Malukwa Farms will give celery n
good try-out, but this is already au
assured success as this plant has always hcen a money-maker in this locality, a. s. Alderton of Oralgel
lacble is going in for tobacco. This
plant, has been successfully grown on
tho .1. II. Johnson ranch as well us
other places in the vulley.
Messrs. Johnson anil Coppock have
n large shipment nl pear and apple
grafts on bbe way which, when atldod
to their present collection will give
them a total ol about 10,0<W plants.
Tnis is a good sturt for their growing young nursery.
Some little building will bo done
this Bummer Including the residences
uf Q. El, Fiunucunc, A.A. Cass, t'lius
Fuller, Sert Lehman, J.H. Johnson,
and others.
Acting un Mr. Cass's good judgment, several families arc on their
way from Washington and will settle
in our midst. Mr. Cass is a man
who has travelled "some" and he
says the Garden of Eden appeals to
him more than anj place he ever
struck. Men of Mr. Cass's type knowii good thing when they seo it.
Few people realise the great pos -
sibilitlcs that esist in Walakwu lor
celery growers.
In tbe lirst place in order to substantiate our claim to possessing the
lines! land in 13. C. lor this crop we
must present statements ihat corroborate this claim. Undoubtedly the
majority him aware that today Arm
strong holds a prominent place in
thc growing ol celery, and such
lands that are capable ol the heaviest production ol this crop arc held
in high esteem. Indeed prices aro
placed on this laud that appear prohibitive to the outsider, hut those
with a knowledge of the business
realize that even -ft-HKI per acre is not
unreasonable     when year after    year
The Valley of
—p—a—i —— in
'Ibe Garden of Eden"
U Bmi-IHUMIHMilli-iMl
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  and   Extending  between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
Character of Soil gSJSS. wh"ds' C|ay Loam an^-Vegetab,e
iie on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Mn IrrisiAfinn   P°s't>ve'y no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
llU ii I Ujuiiwli   irrigate d, and many creeks supply water for  Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate CliHiate   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
crop In the value of from (500 t'l
(800 net pcr acre arc harvested.
lv. en the close-fisted chink willingly
pays high rent for the privilege ot
cropping this land and he can well
afford to do so, considering present
prices of celery. Thc soil consists of
black peaty muck, lieing extremely
rich in numus anil nitrogin, factors
essential to ihe successful raising ol
celery, cabbage etc., ami such land il
Valued far above the clay nnd sandy
loams, owing to the more subBtant-
lul returns to be derived Irom it.
However, it is not the intention ol
thn writer to go into details of the
celery business as conducted at Armstrong, but rather to demonstrate
the fact that large areas ol thc best
lauds In Malakwa are suitable for
this crop. Indeed the writer personally took samples of Malakwa black
lands at Armstrong and even thc
closest examination failed to find uny
noticeable difference between thc two
soils and a chemical analysis added
additional proof, the Malakwa soil
being even more fertile than that of
Armstrong. Moisture plays an important point in the growing of celery and Malakwa is indeed fortunate
in having an natural system of sub-
irrigation. So far the Malakwa
ranchers have not turned their atu.n
tion to this valuable crop, except in
a small way. Last year thc Malakwa
Farms, I/td., planted a small area,
hut unfortunately it wus never prop
erly looked after. In BPite of tho
drawbacks of poor cultivation and
weed the little that was shipped to
Oaigary     obtained ^^ery     excellent
mmn ftvttnsiaimnitii.'n'ii
G  B
Now Hold the Fort
in Revelstoke
A large variety of Dainty
Boxes   in  half-pound, one-
pound, two-pound and three-
pound sizes
The Finest in the Land
and  Canadian   c7Wade
10 years experience
New Lightning Method
Oil Painting, anil  Painted Walls
Cleaned like new.
Wood for Sale
Paper Hanging a Specialty
Estimates Given
Mirror Making and  re-Silvering
(I lass Cutting and Poring
Glass Frosting and Staining
Picture Framing, etc.
Priees Reserved.
d. wTbrill
Painteri Paper Hanger, Ilecorater
Hevelstoke, B* C.
„.    **'" Corporation of the City
Chas. Turnross
I'nlephone Huiikh No, 07
Telephone Onmp No. 216
I'lilHiiiinl to uol.li'e dated Keluiiiiiy
Usth, 11112, the sale ol iiiiilulnicd
iroinlH, il uut. enti'ii-.l lor duty, or
warehoused, before the date of sale,
Will   take   place  al   l.uloma   Huppi'i
viini'i's   Warehouse,   ('..I'.U.        Kiiii'lil
Ih'iIh,   Thursday,   March   liiul,   L0-19,
tt li a.m.
13.  H.  ATKINS,
Collector  ol Cuetutue*
of Revelstoke
lTin. 10 NOTIOB,
i'ublic Notice Is hereby given lli.it
It is iil.H.luli'ly ni'i'i'HHuiy that ills-
iii-d.'ia of a lUipleiOUl nal lire be re
ported to Iir. McLean, tMy Medical
Health (Hlieer or oilier pbysicinni,
as Hoiin as known. Failure to do thia
is a   inini*.Iml.le olTcnce.
Ity Ord'r,
11. A. LAWSON,
city Olert
Transfer      Dniyinn
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Fhone 42  -   Night Phone 85
Coal mlOlDg rigbU of the ll..1.11111011
in Manitoba, -Saskatchewan uud Alberta, the Yukon Territory, ihe
North-west Territories and 111 a portion ol thc Province of r.i.i.. i, Columbia, may be leased lot a term ul
twenty one years at an anuual rent
al ul il uu acre. Nut more lliau
2,i'liu acres will be leused tu une applicant.
Application fur lease must lie made
by the applicant 1,11 pitbull to tho
Agent or Sub-Agent ul thc district
iu which thc rights upplied for arc
in surveyed territory the land must
he described I.y sections, or legal
sub-divisioni of sections, aud in uu
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked ..ut by the applicant   bimscll.
Kiuh applicant must i.e accompanied by a fee uf ■>.. which will bo refunded if ihi* rights upplied lur are
not available, but uut otherwise. A
royalty shall be pal.I ou the nut
ch.tillable output ul thc mine at the
rate ul live ccnti pel   ton.
Tin- p.!h..ii operating tbe mini ihall
Imn. I. the Agent with swum returns
accounting lor the lull quantity ul
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thcicou. II the conl mining
right* nre nut being uperatcd, euch
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will lOCllldl thl Ooal una
lOg lights only, but tho lessee limy
lie permitted to purchase whatever
available surlnre rights may bo considered necessary for tho working ol
tbe mine nt the rate ol 110.00 an
For lull information application
should lie made to thc Secretary    ol
thi Department "i the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub Agent
nl  Dominion  Lands.
W.   H.  CUllY,
Deputy  Mlniatrr  of thi  Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorised   publication    ol
this   advertisement   will   not   It  paid
Shi/oh's Cure
a ui. ll>   .l,*n,  t„ail,..   rata.  , ,.!.!..   I,..,I.
1. Ureal a.i Inai..       ...        it i'.i.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexlume   Electric
Hi* iili'i'ii' ('i.e. M11I Sl. ainl !.'. I1-111111.1-
Shop in Alley backol l'.. J. Bourne's
Store, l'iist Street
Your Money Back for the Asking—You Promise Nothing
We  are  so  eoiiliileni   that    we    can
fui nisli  relief for  indigestion and dys
j pepsin that we promise to supply the
medicine free of all cost to everyone
who  uses  il   according  to  directions,
1 who Is not  perfectly satislicd      with I
|the results.     We exact no     promises I
|und put no one under any obligation \
' whatever.      Surely   nothing  could  bc
fairer.      We      are   located  tight  here'
i where you  live,  alld  our      reputation
should  be sufficient assurance uf the!
! genuineness of our offer.
We  want  everyone  who  is troubled
' with  indigestion or dyspepmu in any
form to come to our store and buy
a box of Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets.
Tuke them home, and give them a
reasonable trial, according to directions. If they don't please you tell
ua and we will quickly return your
money. They have n very mild but
positive action upon the organs with
which they come in contact, appar -
ently noting as a regulative tonic
upon the relaxed muscular coat of
the bowel, thus overcoming weakness
an.l aiding to restore the bowels to
more vigorous and healthy activity
Three si/.eB, 25c., 50c., and 11.00. Re
member, you cun obtain Rexall Hem
dies only at our store—The Rexall
Store,  the Hews Drug Store.
Heavy   tweed   pants,   JI
at Mclntyre'e.
'0   pel pair
_:—., i,- ■■tjij .;»•,;,■
..J.L\JILL     tl aL 'Z, X L.
h/is, &
j-ur /.'J/no
your /'oil ty/tce
WHIT" i'liu *    * *     * .1
mil  lhl      d, ..mi  n
1. lm 1.  hm, |, .   li mil
ur r, e.111.6
r|| IT!' 1 nm ■   * *    * 'i   .'*!!< *   In ':    llm s ibovn, r
ill  11  1 .. 1      v. ,* v.. 1 Bund,  hy
ili tii .1 iclla how in make yi urn ,i
 1*.. 1 11. iii CpmI urj " farm,
Y..H would , * iled tn        .     .iho i" ■ ui your arnl 1,
v ,. 11 ..   11   1.11  * * .i ..ti .1.1  1 - . much better, would you 7
r tu        1 1   * .1 .  11 iron 1 inh-eh ire lhal ynur am e. lore
\ . ,* i<ii boh I nil   ■* hon you ■ en . 1 I an u| late riding plough
Kvnrj i.t.*'i mh f.inner roulltci tho udvanloi i "( Twenile
v       (.■■■ urj   in |i'. monli.
\ .     • '
The 20th Cenlury Materia!  Concrete
Concrete  '» an far nhoad  of brick,  itono,  01   woi
:   * . 1 ;  1, .,,,, 1,1 nt iin* scythe in- iii..* riding ploug
.,r ti Id  plough-ahnro.
1 , ,, t, *,* 1   .M.M.iv mixed, nnd 1 nail ' plan *i   11 r *
. ;*   ; thor mntorli 1 * nn   h  li  b  .1 i.n I
,. unrs  i'.u in   i.ii.. ■ and hnmi...   11 never neotl   1     * 1
ll msliui ihi bi-ai wnllta foneo-pnata, cutvoria Ural:  tl
111 ni m ., bridge* Bnd oulvorta,   ii nun * ir
n iuu,ni.. poultry-house by filling 11 with eiraw n
Hi ... Bllro, I'll" ii"'* 'ii.. "nl "ll gent's will b
;.,   1,. 1 in.■ i.'i uninjured
V   >   .7.1 \   <■
Sv^-^t!?1}^--       \ II  's cheap—aand and gravol ran be ml-.i"i  frnm vour .-wn      V7,* *
',<■ V-f\ft,.' r»>v      *'"\        1.. 1 ii>.    ('..iiii'iil,   Hi"  mil)   ii.*.** iii'l  1 i"i   ba).   forms  from       ,WI H
'.-'  Mft'. W \l (]i\\ A       SMV.uiiii I.. 1,nei.uni of the whole volume. A •-•,•-
>vif|j MwJ?nS' t'Ktk        \ Do you want to know more nboul  Concrete on lhe Farm? i«Sw
*        Vi'r.Aii ('tV   ! \      Then write your namo and nddreaa in the lines above, or un a
ill       illllTf*'' V     '  . -\        poili-iiril.  mall  11  tu  11.1.  ar.d you  will   r.. elve by  return  mull  a K'M
Ll"  'il'm *.»: ' ; -  • *f«\    copy of
iw'"-*.-*—.—~asmr-**m +,*~—m,-n, - *..      .„.■-       ..    \ '•  ' I'.   -A    j
5-   L.        r   *   '_.- .  '.'   r*,i,i\        .Vol a eiiliilngii.'. but
"   V)  'V'^'to^*  "   '       "xplalnlng Imw yuu
AlWIil,.-  ■
Mm ..„a,
Farmer Can Do Wiih Concrete'
a no page Imiik, profuse'' i,
tun 11 " concrete <m VOUR farm.
y   U)
' ■'.' %
WM      WQD'O
VOtr V11 "X ~~~ iiim—-—       mr -
I Loudon. March Id—Following arc
tlie results of today's league foutlwll
and  rugby  games
Fn -t Division— Astun Villa 5,
Notts County 1; Bolton Wanderers 2,
Blackburn Hovers 0. Uradlord City J
Sunderland 1; Liverpool 1, Tut ten -
ham Hotspurs 0; Manchester City I,
Kverton i.i; Newcastle United 0, M»l-
illesb. .rough 1; uidham Athletic 1,
Sheffield Wednesday (»; I'restun North
lind a. Munchester I'nited 0; Sheffield
I nitcd :i, llury 0, Wuulwich Arsenals
0,  Weat Drumwich Albion 0.
Second Division—Uurnley 0, Derby
Cuuuty 0; Cbealsca 0, Uirnnugbam 1!,
Olapton unent 4. Unstul City 0;
tiainsborough Triuity 1, (ilossup 0;
Grimafay Town I, Blackpoul 0; Leeds
City 1, Urad-ord 2; Leicester Fue-* 2
Hull Oity 0; Nottingham Forest J,
HudhiTstidd Town n; Stork|iort Co
unty 2. Fulbuui 1, Wolvcrhamiitun
Wanderers 5; Dornsley 0.
Unghton and Hove Albion '2. Bx-
"i.t i .tj I, Stockton 1, New Uiump-
ton 0, Coventry City 3, Watlurd 2,
Leytou U, Heading 0; Norwich City I
I'lymouth Argyle 1; Cryatai l'uluoo 3
Southampton 1; Northampton G, Ure
ntlord 2; Swindon Town 1, yueeu h
i'ark Hangers 0, llnstu, Rovers 2,
Millwall Athletic 1; Luton 2, Woat.
Hum  United 1.
GHMgOW, March li—Fullowing     ara
the  Scottish league result*  today  :
I'atrick   Thistle   1,   Celtic   1,   Clyde  I,
Airdrlenians 1, Third Lanark 1. I lam
ilion  l),  Dundee 2,  Hangvie 1,     Kil -
inuriiuik 1, Morton 0; Motoarwtll i,
Hajth Hovers 0; St. Mirrcn 1, Fal •
kirk 2.
The International . • • Jessuinni As
sociation gamo—Scotland beat lr* -
laud  by 4 goals to •*.
Amateur International— Kngland a
Holland 0.
Fresh   local  ereaiu  every   day at the
Animal    Rugs.   Game
Heads and Birds
P. 0. Boi 31, Revelstoke WEDNESDAY, M vncu 3(1, '.113
If vnu reallv wan,
same chance as those
Wc Mre going tc
This is your cl
i liming lo C
bottom pric
We ar
before the
ow in
pidian Centre
J    and up
ey vou have here the chance   the
onths ago, and  hate  made  lug
records in selling MJridian
rd* ior prolit-making.
1  industries lhal  arc  now
Meridian Centre  at rock
lat we bought  this land
is going  io happen in
progressed even more
There is  absolutely
ei tern Canada.
\R., G.T. F.,
|i Pacific, and
[o, Milwaukee &
Sound Railways,
C.N.R.. Union Pacific
will make Coquitiam
their terminals.
Meridian Centre is right in thc centre of activity, too where all
the big industries arc coming and all thc railwavs are Inning land.
Non van make a little fortune here by buying now.
Don you know whal it means to a city io get COMPETITIVE
freight and passenger rales '.    Ask any experienced railway man.
When six railways go to the same place, eaeh vvill try to outdo
all the others in building fine stations, running modem, last trains io
oilier eiiies from it, bin most ot all by low freight rates, giving that
place an incalculable advantage for manufacturers and wholesalers.
Added to ihis, Coquitiam will be a deep fresh-water ocean Port,
where any vessel can .sail ai low tide ihe water ^( ilie Pin River is
Go feel doep.
Coc|uiliam will also have two tramlines undoubtedly  in   the near
Inline.    The power lines run through there now.     It will  have cheap
electric light and power, also al competitive rates.
And, being an ocean port, rcadih accessible to thc coal mines ol
Vancouver Island and the rest of the world Coquitiam will also be able
io gel "black" coal al the cheapest rates.
Meridian Centre is tlu- Coquitiam "Golden Egg" a rare prize
foi ti" estors
Meridian i-'cnire fronts on three commercial thoroughfares, lies30
to 40 leei higher than surrounding p.opcrty, is near the C. P. K. ter
minals and business venire, and both the   G.  I. P. survey   and proposed canal pass through Meridian Centre.
Meridian Centre has NOW good water, electric power and light,
school witein walking distance, and fronts on 99-foot road, whieh will
bc macadamized by thc municipality shortly.
The Coquitiam golden egg is going to be served during lhc next
few days. Take thc advice of ourselves and others who arc selling
other adjacent properly which they bought weeks ago and buy lots in
Meridian Centre. These men are making a big profit on their former
purchases, but recognize that they can begin on the ground lloor right
111 ilie heart of Coquitiam all over again by buying Meridian Centre.
If you Jive in the city or vicinity call  at once,
e  are  open
Don't wait another day. When
lhe fall importance of all these
lately announced railway developments become generally known,
you ean'i get inside Coquitiam lots
at double the present priees.
Wire at our expense saying how-
many lots you can handle or how
much you can pay down and we
will pick out the best unsold lots at
vour price.
• •
We make Special Terms to You, and Remember that
is on the North side where all the improvement are being
made this year. A Machine Shop, a Paint Shop, a Repair
Shop, 25 Miles of Track, a temporary Bunk House and a
Round House will be built this Summer.
Special Representatives
Office in McDonald's Old Drug Ston-   Jorner of McKenzie Avenue and Victoria Road
References   R. G. l> (,o., and Union B.mk, Vancouver.
The firm ol McTavish Bros, is one of lhc best known and most reliable Rea       iln Houiei In Iho West      They have made Hundreds ol Thousands ol Dollars for their Clients TKE mail heeald, revelstoke
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
Just now, before Easter enters lhe Calendar, is lhe time most ladies pick out their Suit
or Dress for Spring. These days the first glow
of Spring finds us ready with a more representative stock of lovely garments than ever. You
will like our Suits al
$20.00 to $35.00
1(10 or more Silk and Net Waistb go on sale
Thursday and they are all desirable goods. Just
a Spring cleanup of this stock; almost sure to
be one for you. They are $7.50 to $10 Waists
and are all priced at
Fine, light and cool Spring Undergarments i'or ladies. Spring, needle knit, pure
Sea Island Cotton, with or without sleeves,
high or low nock, and at aliprices.   15c. to $1.00
For ladies, imported every one from the
looms of France, Germany. Scotland, Ireland
and Belgium. They owe their charm to the
experts who conceived their beautiful weaves
and colorings. They come in plain weaves, all
the new colorings, also in Fancy strifes, etc.,
and show the ideas that will rule in fashion for
the season at
25c, 35c. and 50c.
75c. Corset Bargain, a clearing lot, all sizes
all colors, all at
75 Cents
The new Wash Cotton Dress Fabrics for
Spring 1912 are here. Thousands of different
styles, more beautifal than ever before Every
wanted werve and fashionable nicety for the
Spring finds a place in our stock of cottons-
You will appreciate the variety to choose from.
From Prints at 15c. to Ratines at per yard
1.000|Yanls of Chrystalinc Silks. See Window
These go on Sale Friday morning, March 22,
and the line consists of 27 and 60 inch Chrystaline
Silks, sold regularly at 50c. and 75c. a lot of different designs and 20 colorings. Make dresses,
kimonas, dressing jackets, etc., almost as cheap as
Ginghams, at FRIDAY BARGAIN-
Groceries and Crockery Department
House Cleaning Wants
As signs of Spring approach, our minds and
thoughts turn to the task of House Cleaning. We
arc prepared to till your wants with every article
required for such work. Whisks, Brooms, Wash
Tubs, Wash Boards. Mops, Brushes of all kinds,
Clothes Lines, Clothes Raskets, Soaps and Soap
Powders, Dutch Cleanser, Sapolio, Lye, Stove
Polishes. Peailine, Blue, Ammonia and Starches.
Cheese! Cheese!
Satisfaction-niving quality is to be found in the
Cheese we offer you. That is w:.;.: everyone says
after trying some of it. The natural llavor and
superior quality make it a welcome addition at any
menu. We cany a full line of the best. Canada
Plain Cheese, the kind that will bring you back for
more. McLaren's Cheese in four sizes, which no
other package beats. Ingersoll Cream Cheese, the
out' that also bring the customer back, and Limerick, thai has a peculiar taste of its own.
Fish of All Kinds
we have not yet had the pleasure of selling you
some of our high grade lish. If we have, then you
want us. This is the time for fish of all kinds, and
we have them. The price is right; the goods are
right, and you are right, when you buy this class of
goods. Codfish Steak. Codfish in blocks, Salt
Mackerel, Salt Herring, Holland Herring in kegs
Salmon Bellies and all kinds of Fish in cans.
Fruits and Vegetables
We are receiving daily a large assortment of
Oranges, Bananas. Grape Fruit, Len 0 ,s, Cauliflowers, Rhubaub, Green Onions, Ripe Tomatoes,
Cucumbers, Lettuce, Celery, and all the fresh
fruits and vegetables on ihe market. We get the
best so that you will make no mistake in ordering
from us. Leave your orders early to insure prompt
Jelly Powders
What nicer dish do ymi want than a nice jelly '.'
Ue have the best on the market For purity, they
will stand the most rigid test. There are adulter*
terants or preparations used in their manufacture.
These ure points which make them exceedingly
popular with the housewife. We have them in all
flavors 3 PACKAGES FOR 25C
our an
d Feed
We always cany a large supply of these good?.
The Famous Royal Household Flour is our leader,
also the best quality of Oats, Wheat, Bran. Shorts,
Cracked Corn and Chops. Let us quote you prices
and show you samples.
Biscuits     Biscuits     Biscuits
Palmers, a delicious assortment for afternoon teas,
social gatherings, and whenever a choice bul inexpensive assortment is desired, no more delightful biscuit can be offered.
Twentieth Century Braij
More new Spring Sui
assure you they are bt
can supply you with t
the new weaves. Tw
season, and we are pn
to be heavy.
Let us show you our di
ence what your size or proporti
to fit you and cloth to suit you.
PRICE. $22.50 to $35.00
The Boy Scout Shoe
This shoe we have been looking for to put on
the feet of Revelstoke boys. It is a new line, and
the manufacturers make nothing else. Let us show
them to you. They come in box calf, vici kid,
velour and gun metals.
Sizes, 11 to 13, at $2.25 to $2.75
Sizes, 1 to 5, at $2.50 to $3.75
Two Slater Shoe Specials
Black Box Calf Blucher What we consider the
best shoe we have ever offered for the money. Goodyear welt, heavy viscol sole.   Leather lined.
Price, $5.00
Tan Blucher A mate fer the above. Tan, /.ug
leather, leather lined, heavy viscal sole, Goodyear
welt, a hard-wearing, serviceable boot.
Price. $5.00
House Furbishing Department
ol Spring Window Curtains bave Just ar-
rived aud wc arc in a position to supply
your every want, whether it i» in Muslin,
Madras, white or colors: netts, white or
ecru, or luce. Wc can (uriiisli these cither
by the pair made up. or Iiy the yurd widths.
These K(H,ds an- direct Importations Irom
tiie (iiii Country manufacturers, ami tims
wc arc enabled to quote you prices which
will discount anything you have hitherto
been offvedi
INLAID AND PRINTED LINOLEUM    Irish   arrivals   (rom   Scotland: a
complete lin" ol inlaid and primed Koods
in absolutely new patterns. Vou qtn'l
alTnrd lo miss seeing tliese Ix-lore buying.
We guarantee to cut these and lay them' to
your entire satisfaction.
SALE    OF    UNION    RUGS    We      ne
putting on sale locl.iy. Wednesday, our
lull line ol Union Kuks and Tapestricv
These were rvti.i cu.fl wines at tlie Regular Trice now vou rau'l alTord to p«s«
llieni up. Ri({lit near the Millinery De*
parttunit; a (ler you have seea the hats,
lake.1 look at the Ruga,
A few lines that will interest the housekeeper
who is preparing for early spring house cleaning.
These lines are extra special in value and will not
last long at thc prices.
Japanese   Mats ^eal Bargains. 4x7. $1.75
4x12 al $3.00 each
Union Squares A»sizes-»»c,,lo,s
and combinations
You can't   get  away from the values we
ulliTint! in these,    Call   find  see  them;   llu-  prices
are nwny below actual cost.
Our new lines of Wall Papers have just
been put in stock and we can assure the public that never has such a complete line of artistic papers been shown in the city. Rich
and artistic but at prices that will surprise
you by" their cheapness. Now is the time to
see them while the lines are all unbroken.
We import direct from the manufacturer in
the Old Country and can supply* you with the
best article for the least money. Our patterns are
all new and bright. Just compare these prices
with uny you may" have
A QUALITY -Inlaid, the best   that  is nn  the
market, at $1.40 per square yard.
"D  QUALITY—In a wide range of patterns
nt $1.20 per square yard
f* QUALITY—In attractive new patterns
at 90 cents per square yard WKlis'i  -l'\\   MARCH 80, 1912
WKIlNKi'llAY,  MAIH'II  20,   191J
,ii i*\
,', m. . r
'.!■  •..*■
;. I    •*   '     "">
Wednesday and.Thursday, March 20th,-21st
..... i.   other i.
the        ■*    of tl
in also  dm        ,    *    :...«-.
Phi,   year's exhibit!   .,  tho  lull,  to
\ * ii  by i ho     Vancouver     Horse
......      S      OCl il loll,    Is    .'I I l . 11- ■ .Hi' f
. leal of .ii "'ni Ion, nol only ho
■..*,*... Msl excellence and n com
;     ...in nts,  bul     Iho       * .        Ihr
m.i.   trti   ile       i ch will bc iniii;'
lor i- impel '■'■ •■ a  this j ar.    Thorn
.\ II   I* *  ch .n ev
cry  claps,   in  addition  ti ■
ib,  In     i        reivl  r«nl in ■* for ** i
;   ll'H   Will    1)0   1!:**   CUp   "Iimi. il        by
ll '     Duke nl    Connaui        Ilo- irnur
l,   n.'l ,, I   i.i   l' Jlii'ln.    'I ||       ||    111.*   IhHl
ti   "M       I '..ll       ll       I"" Ml I*, I        11     I |ll
donated a cup to **i horso show     In
i '.*iiin!ii,   nn.l   Hrltish  Columbia's  big
Vale -   I.UimiiiI.     John r.  Mii".i*   *"'■'"•  Bhould  Hatter Iti  II        I
Mil; Conservative,   Uox,  Lucn . attained  * uch  tame   it tli    ■ ,*
Nanaimo—Liberal,      H,    Bhophorl;   th     olfci   should have boon  mn
Conservative, ex-Mayoi   : i mt i;    Bo- ;"1     ''   < ;i' will  bi u d    li;
olallst, .1. Place. '''|1*    "'   ' onnaughl   to  i io  Van
fliorl   cuiivor  Horse Bhow  *4sBoolatl<  * each
•;■ fun  .vi i i   lio ii iii otlice.   This trophy  hat,
I  much ontbtiBlasm,  uud  n
VVluch;   Conservative,   lion.   A.
I '. IW llllll IL       Llll   *  I'lll, \. \.
Conservative, \v. !•'.  Hayward
Gsqulraalt—Liberal,    M.    It.
son;  Socialist, George Oliver;
vtttlves,  John Jardlne,  II.  I1
kou, II. ll. Poolej
NewQastle—Social 1st:     Purkor  W
Hums; Oonservatlve,  R.  B,   Dior.
Rovelstoke      Conservative,       Hon.   '
'I'li.iiiuis Taylor,  ucclamatlon.
Blmllkameon       Go isorvul Ive,      i**
\V. Sbati'ord, acclamation.
Richmond— Liberal, J. W. i *" i
Conservative,  Carler  Cotton.
Dolta— Liberal, John Oliver; i up
si'ivntive, ]<'.,).A.  Mackenzie.
Bkoena — Liberal, Alex. Mnn n
Conservative, WllUum Manson; Bo
clallst,  \v. lt. Montgomery.
KC      'IfMFtoim.
.,**      y-M
Okanagan— Liberal,   G.   T.
ing; Conservative,  Hon. i'r■*•
At iin -Oonservatlve,  i Ion.
Young, acclamation.
Chilliwack — r"ii.ii*rv.ii ivo,
Cawloy, acclamation
1M.C. I l
Mr. .m.I Mis.  R.  Hi
from  Kamloops yesterday.
Mrs.  Paget  will ':"'  rccei
**.  22nd Inst.
Mr. and Mrs. G. 8. M Car
i    Kamloops on Monday lal
Mi. and Mrs. J. T. Telfer
Ing today fur Kdmonton
■*, *      ol  locating  In that cit
The Bowman Lumi
moved their ofUces ti
her Co.'s premises
We ;'»
«'.    \     i.. i.ly i
MbL   -
have ju-t i w-i'ii - tour th™ igfa ' d tornlo
..   I ot hi • ***** '
Messrs.  FooK   and  Pradolonl   hav
commenced    preparations for   spring
**.  : i;  .ii the new court  bouse,     and
mj.,ct v.  everything under
J. k. M* l   in, i turned '■■ un I al
on Saturday with the Intention
■ ■
iti et, .'ur the i ■ u-y.iig i n
Ime of I. ti
t waj    -   '      buggy Noi i
The regular monthly mooting of
tho Hoar.I of Directors wns hold lasl
ovoning in the \ssoclal ion parlors, a
[Lut many Importanl HUesImus woro
discussed. Tho secretin's brou hi th ■
all miii,un of tho board to tho lad
that this was the last month ut our
Association year, an i to i oma oul
with a good balnnre sheet tho sum
of $200 would bave to Ire raise.1 plans
were formulated to meel Bame.
An up-to-date book case Is uow be
Ing ererte.l to hold over 500 books
for the benefit ol thc members, also
preparations arc under way to have
uur Sporting committee large on -
ough to look niter all sports, such
as quoits. baseball, lawn bowling,
track work, etc., everything Hint tho
membess desire.
Report of tho building fund was
also given b) the Becretar) showing
lhat $7,492 had been I'.iid out, and
that another amotinl of $531 Is to be
paid out al unci*, milking a total ol
(8.H23,   leaving  n   balance  of  :f*177.
(in Sun,lay next ai the Mens' Meel
Ing, Mr, Thus, Pagdln will Bpeak,
tlies.' meetings are full of interest,
ann every man oughl to avail him -
sell of tho opportunity of being pres
aro us
i « .11   In* coveted   bj   lior i       i hoi ■
.* II In  k., ii compel ii if toi  it.
Thc     piT/c lisl   conl   hi ' .'.ill
:.*   all cIbbso    rn*:   **. i   lino *
      will   lie sre '
will     bo I'm. Wel   : r, 01.1  wa;     Dr.
ilair, Simcoe I Inl.; Dr, I Iren tide,
ol tho Ontario Vgricultnral Colloge
stall, Ottolph; and Mr, Robert Qra
h *. Renfrew, Ont., men with repu-
i *! iona ns Impartial horsemen and
ii. ich i on ;    *' i      i.i     act
judges ..;  h in .  showa in i he largo
cm 'torn cities   of   Canada    and   the
,. .i  Stai * I.
Ie=Co!um!iia Mills Burnsd—Lass
Vancouver—Liberals, Ralph Smith,
Aid. f. tt Knrlght, Aid. W.S. Cam
clou. Maxwell Smith. J, N. Ellis
Consei vatlves, tt ll. Bovt i II. H.
Watson, '' l-l. Tlsdall \. H ti. Mac
we go to pis*   comes news  Gowan    Dr.  ii.   A.   Mi
.1    A.   Macdonald,    C.
-iir.  i ■. ■■    II.   -tmlersoi . .1    r    Lord;
,,it* ii..ii.
t  .it  the Nelson Kire  I
months ago was the direcl
a property destrucl * .*,   im
thi   * *
,■■■■1.. * * ..I h.s opera) Ion
Im1T.iI    .oil**   .*-'    i
men  und  hi *.*■• I
ll   * At
— Ill- *  ■
There is .i possibility "f starting
another Businessmena class in thc
gym, this .-..I s to **■* iun on    Mmi
and Thursdays trom 5 30 i 0
p.m. Tbis is ,. good opportunity lor
I..inkers and teachers and BUch men
cannot get .. -va) in the morning
11.ia.I \"*.i name to the Physical Director or tn Mr. 'rh.iiiisi.il,
er and
ts   .,'
Bowl.   The remo
- .
Dr. Hamilton,    A. 1
Kilpatricl *     ■       ■      •
the S
I   in     its power t
• - *
bake 1
menl   pul <*i. in the
■  CA. gym thai  has evei   been pul
iomi   entirelj   uew
p, I .-■ ing    to
*  lor  ..reus, *.*,
ime i
ll   shown  to
...■   there.
fire in tasi End
., -
ind   ill
* I. ide, Hi*
Ot. Is -.
: .       reiki
v   "
.: .   .
■ * .. ■
Thii •        i i
II 1
•   man     thnl
..  - il loo
.. come
, * .
: .      .
Ten Were
Tn the police com I  thl i     moi
liel    .   Polico      * rati   Hamilton
ten i.i [zona     were l
wll liotii     i lie     i' *m  re I
T    .   wore . ich  lined  I lie court cosl
I.OO and    *:.  uriii *   I to pay the
it o
It   is  a.".*,   .i   : ll   he
from the nl iv i that the ci
'. ■   il   In *    *s *  . . n
11 ■ I i :    all
i s ol tagless dogs Bhould govi
tl   ri.mI-.,m   accord
\, .* If your garden with toola yuu buy from us and thoy won't
be breaking.
We " rake" Hit' market I'm' the beat garden tools and Hard-
wan' madi .
We " hoe our own row " by giving our  customers good
hardwan for their good mohey,
We carry a first-class line of Tree Pruners,  Manure Drags,
ot.-., in facl ' verything required for up-to-date gardening.
ll' you contemplate chicken raising or renovating your runs,
v \\ ire Netting, all sizes up lo GO inches.   Our
priii s cannol be equalled and our qunlity Al.
to put off fencing that field you were thinking
in a few toils of barbed or fencing wire, which we carry
in all sizes, will save you a few hundred dollars i damage to
your i'
Do not forget thai themost up-to-date and complete line of
.'■   vy Hardware can he had at tho
llowson Block
Va :. [   '
UCSlli   li.    i*.   . .    ;,     i    I
It is with regret' tlm
i   ■   death  ol   Ml *.    ti    s, wbich
 rrod   vi rj .   \. ,, *
ih   ili'velsli.k.  ,;        ji,,,
I7tll   oi  •
Mrs. Bews wn    the
optic an and
ii tb hn .
loom ovei
As recentlj   aa the pi :, nn,
d iy,  Mi
The remains  ■*...    ■
by  Mr.  Bews,  to Otl    ta  foi
J. Ei. C. Second Annual Concert
1. Troi I   Ul ; i! irn Duel     P. Samson and E. Dickey
"Roc   of \ jes"
2. Voci I Miss Christobel Pagdin
" Bj the Fuuntain "
3. Ladi is' Q iai tetti 	
,.:.r;     . Robinson and Di nt
: • ...
Samp oi . Thorpe, Anderson, Cameron
" Come Where ti'1' Lilies Bloom "
i)   Mrs. Hews and Mr. R Lawrence
ii *\ ii * Deb ting Society,
(a) Op lorus.
i.   Debate.   Subject   "Chawin Tobaccer"  vs.   Kobbin'
i    .        ion   from Prof.'Lisa Smither's Orchestra.
ic VI
Horsd i .   .
i ii i ,.n ■
I    •', .'*'.'■'
*    ■        io i       hy  the I
...     on time ag »
i ..ii.    toil        th      ...   i tilw iy t  ui i-
•   building
i i the
i  the
Manv  Kn I i        people have already
m.i     succ nl investments in Edmon-
:. nn, ihe p •■ i ye iroi   so and you
«li i c innot realize a
e in v due.      The amal-
j: nn ition '•. i* lm '*ii hi .ir.J  Sl  ithcon i
propeiti in the south sido of the
river especially attractive at tiio present
Our property, kn iwn   ■• " Crescent
I...- .<> J i      miles  from the Ed-
. r     Ollice and commanding a
ii   view   .i   lhe   S iskatchewan
Rivi  , is sure io In ii.l;   invc t.ms quick
i he new mu for the  Alberta
college   which   will   accommodate 500
1  1 icated just east of " Crescent
View " which in; urcs a street -.".'ii line in
the dear future and other city improve*
men:', short ).
j«i:ws-  dri;o STORK
Lai '     H; nd H- 1
Reduced IJi
Straw Hal Dye. any color
25c. per bottle
Rexall   O   I  Cr
ior Chapped   Hands
35c. and 50c. a Jar
25c.   and   50c. Each
1.1  • Bariwpai ■'■ **i
Uexull ( ' i'*n li'.n 'l "ii"
lll.ukl   'I'lll.ln-
Jll.lllll'. I.lllll I'lll
ive ii
* *  * ,,| ,.„|,
- pi iM'- 1 ndei • eai     We
en of    * *      t the 1
1 doves galore    Buckakin
When in scnii-li of Bargains <
<e iri
i't  0V(
be*s ? HE REXALL STORE bews j
Outfitters for Revelstoke's M<n and l!;
Ni oi 1 U right in Edmonton during thi ;mst three weeks to
ral deals of a b'ocK or more have
d with Ed ■: ■•■       ■ ■;■ 1   '       who   realize   tha!   this desirable
Sub-Div   • I at extra low prices awl will net them good returns.     This
ollice li 1 toke buyers  v/iu, may rest assured that they
han 'iin ii * nity on ths mark 11 -day.    We have a few choice lots left at the
1 iginalpi   1  which will only last a few days mere.     Don't pu. this cff.      See us at
One-Fifth Cash. Balance Over 18 months.   Special Prices on Blk. and Halt Blk. Deals
FOLEY,-Ma M oKenzie Avenue
t*ui.- * mui jj-wMnaamxi; -r-rt*j*r*r>K.... I
' Empire" Tjfjewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in  results it is™
unsurpassed.   .Price $G0'Hj*
Interior Pubhsmng Co., Agls.j
' 9
Vol. 18 -No. 2;;
Pocket Knives
See our window for a
High Class Goods
40 - 50 - 75c.
A chance to ge i
genuine line a! i
prices. Everyj
Buy rl
(let Best SI
Can use Oillette Blades in them, in cardboard box
$1.50 Per Set
Put up like the Gillette, (same cases)
$J.OO Per Set
Tinned Steel Spoons
Tea Spoons, per doz. 2oc
Dessert Spoons, doz. • *35c
Table Spoons pr doz.    50c
Shaving Brushes
Rubber Set 50c
Choice selection at
. ...       15c. anl 25c
Sheffield Razors
With    safety   device   to
introduce   $1.00
Razor Strops
Carboiundrum, Neva-hone
Sunasacks, hand-finished,
Good selection,   from
"iOc. up
Plumbing     Steam  Fitting     Tinsmithing
Provincial Constable Ashton Was
Mortally Wounded on Steamer
Near Peactiland
Penticton, March 20—WW,e convoying two hold-up men to Kelowna yes
terday. Provincial Constable M. H.
Ashton was overpowered flint .n the
heail and abdomen, covered v.ith
blankets and mattresaea nnd waa
found in this condition when the
steamer reached Peachlund. Tlu> n>o-
nipnt the .steamer landed the two i ,en
jumped onto tho wharf and ran    up
Iffloera were elected for ty
President—W. A. Foote.
viee-l'i-CHi*di nt—II.  P, Cul
Secretary—A.  J. McDunei
Bxocufclve Oommlttee—Dovli
iiy,  Mnniuj ami   I'l.  Morpnn.
The lollowing resolutions wot^
That tlie membership let tor'
year be $5, but that any nrtivn mem
her who wished to do no, eould pay
nn extra membership fee of $8, The
fallowing     agived to do so:-  W.    A.
Hnrber,   VV.   A.   Fonte.
Sturdy, J, <;
K. Morgan, ll. P. Oummlngs, J.H.rt.
Munro and the secretary.
That practice shoots will be held
nn Wednesday of each w,-?k at 2 p.m.
but the lir-t practice Bhool will be
1 *1.1 on Good Friday the Sth of April
nnd end on the last Wednesday ol
That buttons will lie given for rinses A,   It and   t',   and      the rmmnit lee
to  will allot the members in the differ
es and that  buttons will be
Jited for th)
try have moved ll
below Tete ,luum
dust,  is allowed   t
at   Mile 21, the saltn?
up   to spawn  in  ahunttl
poisoned by the sawdust
i'ii consider we would benefi-E
i tabling to any local  Justice ol
Peace, as most  ol  them arc in
employ  of   Foley,   Welsh  and   Stewart'
Yours  truly,
the   hill.   Ashton  was  conveyed
lhe hospital at Kelowna whole tie lies . it   el,
in a precarious condition. Ilis reeov- purchased ol ,J. (1. Barber.and     will
pry is suid to be Impossible us     the ba competed lor as last yenr.
indict  pierced the brain. Thnt targets will be ehnrneil (or at
When  the  two men,   Frank  Wilson, the rate of lje.  in practice     and lie.
and   James,  alias Walter  Hyde,    who in tournaments.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head OfFico-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed            - 6,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up             -      - 5,996,00u.00
Reserve        ...       - 5,996,000.00
Total Assets,       •      - $72,000,000.00 6
Branches or Agents at all principal points in Canada. V
Agent* in Great Britain and United Suites—London, England, A
Lloyds Bank, Limited.    Chicago—Firit >" irionnl Bank, Corn hx- "T
change National Bank.   Seattl-a—Beat tir S-•lon-il Bank,   San Fran- y
Cisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National ban*.    -Spokane— Exchange (\
National Bank. A
Savings Bank Dopartmont
Denosits of  $1 and upward,  receivnd, and  Interest allowed at
current late from date of de|H>ait.   Correspondence eoliciteil.
Rovolstoke Branch—A. B. McCloneghan, Mgr.
><KKKH>QO<><><HK><KK><HK><KK><H>(> 0
held up the Okanagan hotel nnd post
office at Mission, near Kelowna on
Saturday night they tired several
shots hut no one was injured.  >5scap-
That a hoy he arranged for by the
secretary to work the traps.
That the committee arrange with
the  Nelson  and  other cun  clubs    for
in?  to  Penticton they   were  ai-ested   the annual shoot. '
on Monday night and  w-.re heinc tnk I    That all members and others    pro
en back to Kelowna for trial     when   vide  themselves  with  the     necessary
they  mnde  the  nttack  on  the     ron-   rash  to pay for  tar-jets during    the
stable. j practice shoots.
Wilson and  James  were  known    toi    Thai  all     Wishing to join the club
he desperate characters, and it   waa will send their names to the secre -
Roche of Penticton and     his     nssis    f tary  with  check  for  membership  (ce.
tants effected   an arrest   without shots  SO that members can he arranged tor
being Bred,   tine o.' the men  had     a   the different  classes
large  revolver in  the  breast     pocket
of his coat.   Hefore giving him    over
to the     custody of     Ashton to take
then,   to   Kelowna.   Chief  Roche  pro -
poaed to send    his    assistant along,
'mt   Ashton  insisted  that  he     could
manage alone.   He put the men     in
the upper berth and himself took      a
lower.   It is supposed  that he    must
,       _ ii ., i   ''""l attention  to the great   i,s."iii>
have  become weary  and  dosing      and     .    . .
Moose li,vei. March ^i-d. 1912,
To the Bdltol   Mail Herald:—
ii'M.i  Sir.   We desire to draw your
II Shipment of Ladies' White Blouses
and Children's White Dresses
Mrs. A. G, Crick, • First Street
thai   Wilson  and   dames knocked hll
senseless.   They  then  cut  open I is
bag and shot bim  with  his own re -
volvcr. |
Gym Class lest
of  ihiB district,  over  seventy  in,mrs
licenses  have   hi-en   issued,   m (Btljf   by
Mr. EC. T. Abrahams, tine miner, E.
Bcovelle was put to considerable u
pense and inconvenience by having to
go t" Golden to obtain lice.iscs    [or
himself  and   several   others.   We   have
a magnificent waterfall ahout a uuao
Last   night  the      Intermediate  elass   '«''   of a  mile Irom thc Nelson    hotel
of the v..M.c.A., under the direction capable ot   developing   between two
and  -.upervision  ol  the  Physical  llir- and  three hundred     thousand    hoise
ector.   went through  a  good  test for Power whieh  was staked  by  Mr.    F.
tbe  best all  round  hoy  in that class. Bedding about   two yeurs   ■..,.   \i,,,ili
There  wen* f.nir different species      of <'•-" splendid site  to develop water pow
apparatus used besides the swimming er '*: al Kalis Oreek.   0 1 property
pool   which      made   live.   Ten   points located     at   the  head  ol  F .lis neck,
wore allowed lor each stunt, and live hearing  gold      to  tbc  value of  |g.1]
stunts  were done on each  piece      ol P* l"". "i'ver and lend (t,l   t j     the
apparatus,      making a  total  ol      HO ,(,n     Palli  Creek   divides Quaauel m.d
poinis.   The  following  is  thc  stand - Cariboo districts, tbc property 1 Dttl
Tiie C 11. Are Contemplating
ExteB* Improvements to
ftejipi Service in B. C.
Some exipisive improvements in the
telegraph service hf the i'.P.R. in
Hiitish Columbia are contemplated
this season, according to the Huper -
Intendent of Telegraphs fur tbe prov
ince (Mr. Richardsoni, who is ubout
to have on a visit of Inspection   of
the  telegraphs   in   the   Rogers'      Paei
section.  The frequency of the snow
slides along the railway line ut this
point during the month- ol Manh
and April causes considerable interruption of the telegraphic service and
with a viee of preventing tbis. Mr.
Richardson propoeea to lay under
ground cables it threat ned    points.
He  has secured  an   appropriation    of
110,000  lor  this  purpose.
As well  as this,  renewals and      re
pair-  will  absorb about (ofi.OOO. When
all tin altera! > are carried oul tbe
Oanadian Pacific Railway service will
be in a condition of efficiency greater
than  ever  before  in  its history.
During the LENTEN Season
Fresh Cured and Smoked Fish
■'■iii'l  belong! to 0,  Nelson and      Vi.
Holloway.   One eery greal tnmbaok
la the great   inconvenience ol     delays
In the arrival of the mails which wc
will refresh you with Its  blight,  Bpicj
(favor snd fragrnncy.    Bold  in   l   Ib,
ltihl pmb.u t
35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O. Box 70S            GROCER & BAKER            Phone No. 73
ui iif those taking part.
William Boutbwortb  Uin
Den  Hruce   1*60
Kre.i McMahon     ;:.."i
.lack Boya!      ..it:>  ''"i"* "ill be lean too in tae i.e.ir lit-
Russel Southwortt  129 ""■•'•
Don Oalder LM     Bevernl samples of ores h.v been
Jaev    Haley ...127 N'M| outbj the prospectors to   issay
Alfred Tapping ,.,   ui  lls* •" which tm reply has been   10-
Dnvc Cowan   ...ll'i  -Salved,     We hope  before long    some
Daniel Johnson  100 parties with enterprise will i.e    ■»
l.oyde Hennison   .... B8  taWlabed  her.*  to hold the trade and
The Juniors No. .'will have tin ir . """>' V in OUI district and pruvinrc.
test on Monday nest, when two good Thousands of dollars are spent for
prizes will l,e given to the two boys KOOil purchased outside of our pro
whu  make  the     highest   numlier      ol   VII"T   '"   WmootoB    (in-iit   numlsirs
points. "' men working on tiie construction
are put to gieat InOOOVSnleOOt aiid
woll;* when  they  Havel  on the trains
with lime checks they have bean put
od by tin* conductor) on account nt
not having tbt  ready cai h,  1 large
number* Ot men have had to tramp
from mile .',. II 1'   to ni.ii* III   Mherta
to get theli 'ime cheek cash td, Private individuals, such as restaurant
keepers and iiorekeepen nml    ttbers
hue t;,ken advantage bj   *  uttng
their    timi cheeks,   it 1   1 common
I bun'      foi      men  to sell   theil   Intel I
'mi'' elu'1. 'ni anything they can
get Foley Welch nnd Htewartasem
'" us" theli power no* wisely but too
1  pi.i.ii'   ,*. ii  owning ,1 gasoline
Revelstoke Gun Club
The annual meeting ol tbt Revel
itoln Oun Club wae held In the Oity
Hall '.n March i-th Present, Pratt-
di nt Barbei In the chair, 1 ll* 8,
Munro, \\ a Foote, II P. inm
mings. a   McRae, .1    1   Di 1 nt    \  1
Mi li. 1., II  and T.   lv   I.   Taylor.
il  1 poll  was read show
In debl owing
to hnving  lunil  s  law   trap house one
..(   the   ba*)   ;n   the   Counti v
nn the secretary's report     and the
untunes   ..'   tin   |*i  vIOUS   meeting   bang i*.1!  .ti,., adopt* 1  ii*.   loUowinj
Desperadoes Captured
Penticton, ll. 0., March tl—Com
crcd by a posse over Kit) strong and
sM.-ing no chance Ol escape, tlle two
desperadoes,   James  and   Wilson,   wh"
eaeapad while priaonera ol Gooatable
Ashton   from   the   simmer  Dkniiagan,
were captured late last  night without  a shot   being  tiled
Provincial Constable Routfa was in
charge "I the poses, who ware ana
ed   with   Hobs   titles   mid   quite      pre
pared to da    liiielnues if the ■ leaped
pus rs showed  light.  Tbey     .-n-.il
Countered   near  (ielliitlv,   mi  the   west
si le  ,,|   Lake nkanagan  and   ar w
being taken to tbe Vernon Inll,  vhr-e
11  is altogether probable they    will
have  tn fare a  mni-dri   Charge.
Constable Ashton is sinking rapid
ly at Kelowna hospital and llie mi
tors sny he will hardly live throughout   the day.
Ashton is au old northwest noU ll
ed police lm..imi and was at ■ ne
time stationed at Calgary.
Have Pitched Battle
Glasgow,   Manh   JI    A   piti-ln-d   lat
tie occurred todaj  al  Kirkcoanel   In
Imiii iiesbtre. between, the Krlklng
niinei , and the police Many heads
wen* liroken ann.iii- tie combatant!
The   pollel   nltlmnt'lv   ri.iitnl   ih<  11.111
ms, iii whom in were arrested.    The
llllliels   ale   in.-cns.- I   .il    tin*/ non nn
' miiiM- returning t" work, .1 • I
attacked the non-unlunhitt ami *eie
beating than *      iwn thi poi
Ice appeared ••„ tho scono. a series of
■ pi.iii'e charges onsued, in which the
puhcemen's elul 1 tun Ireelj
.1.   II.   Sibbald,    si .      eontemidates
leaving al.i.nt   Ai.nl   l-t   .,n  ,,   trip  t..
■ Countti
rsH ..
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
A   Grand Disptay  of   the Newest
Imported Spring Weaves   Direct
from the World's Fashion Centre
Bigger and better than ever in
our display of new Spring pootls.
Every department is overflowing with all that is new and
up-to- late in high class apparel
for men-
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
The Shop for Men and Boys
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
lt>l<   NAUt   HV
E. E. Woodland
E. P. McLean
Best Strain of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and     Partridge    Wyandotte
P. O.  BOX   181 SATllHUA-V, MAHl'll S3rd,  1912
Iviiruil.lr   rule
[tin  is  given   -.ii B
fthc vicinity ut tlir
like other nti/.
fi.*!. laminar   nitty
tbe Kditi.i. to   is
through  tlir    cul -
, fi.i  winch liberal
ru. A. nui IH
,  |   ih. o'i roe*' ' -'  on  Sundaj   al
I   ;•>   Mr.   T
These mebtingi arc always
.....   *.,i... .iu md. There
ip always good  ' right  elffiPSi and a
;    B Ml..*.-       I'm"!'   ""'' '
inj    one    i'i    »■*•)''
Tli. >  . ..inn*., m. .* al   ; 16    p. I"-.
Thr Boys'  B    •     *   - meets every
lay  morning at  l" u'cl.ick. Tins
Is open t.. any   ioy  In th*   city
•rfaetbei a mem!»*r ••'. tbe V.M.C.A. oi
•    wbo is .'r..m  '." to 14  years    **'
k imming class Is
. shape, lome     ■■<
the boys can     do without tli*  v. ■ g
■   a    Tbis m.,1,. ., open to    anyone
it u member, who is desir •
om . A.m     A      Charge
U   PCI    .CsSoD   16   mail.*
Tb*.      in... 'Are
*. log ■    *•■'■'. •   \   ■ rcu
•   ■> i :       •   ■■   -
*.-*..   ■      b    •'.<;.•   lell  me
to I    .•-•■'
-,a,   ini
-. tbere
• ....
of Ak-Kro I '
i*(       jet I
• ■ ' '
i.j  Jim, thf i i* ' *    *   -
•n„..  i   w ,.■    i. Here     I ■■"■" -
tbe direct i  *■•'     BN "; '""
M k ed to crf^e .*-..  I
baai al .i ium thai ould not 1*
reached with ■ »t«P ladder. I'eter
l-iimkiii .iii.l iMtry Blatlien kyti . thi
world laraoot clowns nr.- on then
p i i think I ihall go and toke my
t| irtecn children.
iru un.l Craft*- Now -,r Hn     i.hm
t,, y.-i your entry IHanks from     'ho
IHiyfccal Dlrtetoi  oi the V.M.C.A. uh
be "it v blanks have to be in     by
,„     The exhibits on   all    '"
.    n    ,   \(.i .1  llth .it 6 p rn      TWa
mn  ol the   ■ *i things
 ,- ■■ ii ■ vci   been hri.i    In
itiiusiasts Meet
isked 11
Tied  an 1     tin
lit   10:30  p.   in.
Fxt  morning Ioi
P\lt.  Pettipiece on
fri from Recior's
each i
a.m.     HiBb Ma
Christian   Uoctrtni]
j:;:o p.m.   Rosary
The blessed Bacrament . HO p.m
uu week days—Holy    Mass
nioi-nin*,' at i.'il).     Confessions
heard every evening after 7 an
iu the mornings belore Maes.
J. C. Mcltenxte. P.
ri In-  opera house  on   March  2jth
Introduce a girl  born  In  France   meeting   thai
Tiler another     name, The Olrl Irom
Rectors,  a mischievous  but  harmless
creature, has been adopted to     this
>  i.y Paul Potter    who in the
iporting     process has    conBtru '   I
^vbiit   is sai.l   to  be  one  of  the    .Host
lauguablu farce comedies e
filui'i'.l.       "The      Girl   Irom,
Kebieli  is coming to the
'in  an  adaption  [rom  the
ub -natural state It ran
I years in Paris and was
'the  risibilities  of  the   Pal
filius been also translated lil
languages  and  the  Herman
ft u flutter over tins convui
U edy.   Even  Denmark,  the land  ..f  Ih*
rm.,  sen, is lieing     amuBed  by It.   It. re
at  maim*.I  to acclimate  thl    comedy  to
miction ol   America,  and as  it   is surrounded  by
Rev.  li.   .1.   Mclntyre,   past.*;.
vices on Sunday  .it   li  .i.m..  Subject,
"Self  Mastery";  -' 30  p.m
School and   Hi Ides i ing men
and women cordially  invited, 7 .•' p.
in . BUbJeci  "llereditj   tnd   ts  R< 1*.
tions."   Special   music  by  choir,   see
local.   Wednesday  B     p m.,
I, ague meeting, "A Mock Pai
■', .11  tit held'    .- . ingi rs «
i .mod iit  „;; bi r. ..*.
J. w.  itiiti^   ,.| th,*     Ames H
1 * .,  visited   is  last  week.
•Iimmy  Black,  of Gordi
ranch, spent     F   ....    ,-•
t   *n.
'.'. lirooks, ...te chief   oi
S *kasp,  has   .*ft  for  0«l«*ary,
li   coujuncti,.-,   with   Mi      I  I..
•i     -:ie
'   I'.il.   shops      Vr
r him
Inn excellent lompnnj  ol artists,     a
evory   was an Instantaneous Buccest       and
aie  rnn  i.. packed  bouses  Ioi   more tli.ni
and  a  year on   Broadwa; .   Tl
I that is to produce  .    al  pn i mt,    Is
I'.       one ol exceptional ability composing
.■is .i  .!*•■ , umpeteut      New
York  favors       Mis.-   Kathi I ine    Raj
moi : nost
■   mtation    in   a     numbet   ol farces
I witl
.ui.l tbs
and   .ill
* rl from lie
leiigbtl i as
'■      .
of   Mr-
f lelllllM . nl lm- ,asts was
iv   IiiiiI  ..a  the  evening
tir to thoroughly discuss
ticni iln . ul [orming a club
V11-.11.111•  season.   Tin*    mall
its members wn ■ more  than
sated f.    tin* enthusiasm
nnd energy display <l un I tho new
club was Inlrly Intim hi d on what Is
hoped, will lie b long and successful
career. After the preliminaries In
regard  to    ground, expenditure, etc.,
bad  bi   thoroughly discussed,  offlc
er- were elected foi the ensuing yenr
an.I   n   general   discussion  clo ed      n
under  lhc  nhle  guld
ance of  Mr. 11.11.   Me.\ Ity In the elm r
had   proved  an  iin.uialllled  success,
The club h.is  been exceedingly  tort-
nn.-ite  in  securing  thc services ol  an
aide     and  energel ic       icretary    and
whon il   is staled  thai  Messrs.  Crou
v..     McDonald,    r.i own nnd corbett.
form the committee, ail doubts as to
tho efleciency ol lhc management  are
sel   ;it     rest.   The     ladies,  as  usual.
wi .•  very  helpful     with suggestions
ui       promises   of    assistance.     We
would urge upon all lovers ..I tenuis
the great necessity nl making a con
•: * rated  aud  united  offorl   to    keep
■in  ont irprlse,  that. atai ted  with
-.* i y    promise    ol   m.es.. will   un
rtoul tedly  do much   to  Inci iaae    tbe
social, ,i* well  as athletic possiblll
tics . •! oui  .* ty,   All intending tivm
coi dlallj   ln\ lied    to    com ■
wu!i  Mr,  Sibbald, jr.,     or
any  mem: er ol  the  commit! *
will  be mo i  happj     to supply
* .'s;ii *.   Information.
Thanks to Gin Pills
6i Madison A\ r.., Toronto.
Ai'Kir. 7in, i hi,
Duri - . I have
n -..* Kid •  uble—
■   -re  tiun I, Bl  1
i   •.<:y
. il  .' found gn- it diffii ulty in
■• I  ths   bouse  even  in
I am pleased to lell  you,
* I'.'l.i.S, lhe pain has
i, ami I
ir i
- j.    .■..,.,
I a-ri
M'l.I.S '.
- Hie   ....
■ r  ,. r
i   .. id   •
i u not
11   i  6 for $
l il   i 'ri- .f
•  Canada  ..
ijant.   'X     lut unto. 06
li. Virnwn auiis, oo». oom.
JAMIOS   .MilM'VllK.  Clork.
No.    -l.    ROYAL,    TEMPLARS    OF
Meots  every  2nd  and   Ith  Thursdays
in     Oddfellows    Hall,   .it   8  o'clock.
Visiting Tempi.us  arc  cordially   invited to al lend.
W.   til.   MISSUS',  S.  I'.
A.   li. TOI RNER,   11.  S.
Barristers, Solicitors, Bite.
Imperial   Hnnk   Building   Itevelstoke, 11. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Hevnlstoke,    B.    O.,      and
Cranbrook, B. U.
Goo. 8. MeCarter,
V    M.  Pinkham, J. A.  Harvey
Hevelstoke. Cranbrook
Provincial  i.hp.I   Ruveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
U.-KKN/.1K   AVE.,
linx    106.   REVELSTOKE
W .      11 .      VV A L I. A 0 K
A H 0 H 1 T F C T
P.  II    Box  1 Id.   Hevelstoke.  B.C.
Hevelstoke,   B.   ('.
Dominion and  B.  f.  Land  Surveyor.
Revelstoko  Laud  District,
District   of  West   Kootenaj
Take notice that   Lana   \   Blondln,
ol  Halcyon,  li. <'..  occupation luar
ried woman, intends to apply for permission    to     purchase tbe following
described land:
Commencing at a posi planl id   on
the South Boundary sixty chains west
•   soul ii east cornel* of |,..t. Tii;*^;
thenee   south   20   Chains,    I Iimi.mm     ..   ll
ii    chain .    thonce north ^n , batns,
I   iouth   I..mu.lary   of   Lot  'ti),'2
thenee   west   ulong   said   boundary    I"
chains more or less to point ■•; , ..m*
mencement, containing 80 acres more
Datod Maroh  llth, 1918.
Lima   A.   Illondin.
Hugh I'atiiison,  Agent
*. •*    ..ike
Hi    .ii ■:   Mrs    M.   *
II    !■  ' ' '      ■
" :     if te I
In   *    *l hi Hand
can I  lata for tl
•   . * iui *  11.    I    H
i*'.-i nle    A *• nl   i ii
• Ing I hi
o nov   i *..* . :  here   and     In
•■ tie evening spoke to .. fair com
loclailsm in the new hnll. Blunt
pul. he i no oi ..I..i. .,i ovei vill
l, i, i,iii ii„rk of .li 'liai lies .* ■ ii
i *.*.• ability an ; . good lieu i Wil -
n       bis n*. it l laboi   i irelea     n
i lio Slocan lol  tho last twcl
Mr     .la ,     l. Revellei occupied tho
chnlr, and briefly uitrodueed him.
Andj then proceeded to give his nt
sons for lieing a Socialist, in n qulol
mailer  of  fuel    u.ic<',   murh the
an In- use I i" give ii . youngsters n l
vioc iii iin     niiilon duj.-. "i	
L..il      into  trouble.   W-n heeded  then,
and  I am alraid a  good fev   nro tu
■ I** do so ogain,   Mi. Hunt' i '• i
Baking Powder
Is a protection and guarantee
against alum which is found in
the low priced baking powders.
To be on the  aafe Ride when  buying
baking powder, examine the label and
lake only a brand showi.  to  be made
from Cream of Tartar.
* .   ;.,:,.i District
* i ol Wi st  Kootena)
i ..   that   Idelai d       Blon
Halcyon,   B. O., occupation
ntends ta npply  foi   p»l
•     : he   following
1 -.iii  I*,- *.i   i  po i   pi .nt. d    'i'
chad     ■    '     ol
i mr ..I    i
■     .     i * ,    well
... -      in. tics nortll  Ifl chains,
  ns a."i ■        li     to
mmeiu i mi nl   and contain
min.    ol    |l
m.i,  llth   191 I
A.lelind   .1.   Ill.ii
Ilill'll   I'.il t .or,...       \,.,i,l
Sewing Mach'nes
tock of i ii
er ami \\ heeler Wilson Sew*
Ing Machines
For Sale or Hire
:*. iin* month ;it Mannii g'a
am kinds of machine needles
H.  MANNING,   Agent.
A ninu living iu Revelstoke bus q  Farm op whieh he raised
five iiui- liogs ami was preparing to kill them.
tWe will make "luuu, bacon, lanl,   suusa^re,   lunil cheese ami
I'i'.'ipple," be ..iiniiuii. i .1  lo   his admiring land v, mul   use
i*i \ thing Iml ih I M|iu al
Kil nighl liis son called nl ilu* Music Store,   McKenzie  Ave.
Ju au Kilison rinuiugi.ipli; when he arrived home lie  told
Jlni 111 :il ill.-. ...uld now keep the squeal as   he  li.nl   i;ol
\\ in ti unu nt oi which anyone nnd  everyone cnu  muke
te Music Store.   ■   J. Bingham, Prop
isedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
^ants, Ferns, etc.
>wers, Roses, Carnations, etc
>s. Newell, Prop.
Phone 295
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
V. * .ii pceiuli/iiift in .ill varieties hi Season
nf Cul Mowers, Our showing' is unsurpassed.
Come ami iii&pecl ifi  yourself*
• W. ll. I'OTTRUFl', Manager.
On South Road, Half a Mile from Town
"W^JCSTTEID ! is^LEnsr!
Merchants, householders and others
road every word ol this advertisement ami note our list ol Specials
i.n February, lor this ih your Opportunity to Bave miiiiey hy placing
your orders now l.efoi-c the rush ol
tbe Bpring Season.
To Merchants We can till your requirements lor showcases, counters,
mouldings ainl turnings ol nil description, drawers, niinj; cabinets, ol
ii..* desks and stools, shelving nnd
partitions, plain and lancy sheet
glass, etc.
To Householders and tubers— This
is yonr chance to net all kinds ol interior Bnlsbings, hot bed susb, mould
Ings,     cupboards,     kitchen cabinets,
tahles und stools, sink hoards sbelv-
Ing, sliding doors, paint, varnish and
kalsomiue, roofings, building papers,
window and  picture glas-,  etc.
Material and Workmanship arc tho
best, and our priees are the lowest
possible. All orders, whether largo
or small, receive prompt attention.
Estimates for all kinds uf Constructional Work, freely given. Phone 2G1
oi write us, P. 0. Uox 29S, better
still if possible, pay us a personal
visit.    We shall  be glad  lo see you.
The Hevelstoke Sash and Door Factory
V. il.
GKO, ll. SHAW, Prop,
l'lione Nu
People ol Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace. Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Kevelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call antl See Me Belore Investing.
Monday Evening, March 25th, 1912
A Laughable Comedy
Willi a Laugh in Every Line
The Girl from Rector's
Special Scenery and Costumes
Tlie Corned    Event of the Season
Prices. 25.-50.-75o$ I. Few at $1.50
Sale of Seats at Macdonald's Drug Store SATURDAY, MAItOH Mrd, IB 12
you can sq
Sir Willi
-by purchasing to-day
—Tke Pacific Coast Terminal of the C.N.R.
■■^you are simply getting in at" ground floor" prices.
■■"these lots are in the heart of the business centre of Port Mann,
■^■you won't heve to fret and worry about your investment.
Mackenzie <®> Mann with all their wonderful energy, fore!
and money-power are building a City—and every move of theirs—rr|
profit to you.
 do you know that Port Manll
is nearer the wheat fields of Al
berta and Western Saskatchewan
than Port Arthur, Ont.
The Canadian Northern Railway gave Jno. F. Hansen the first
selection of lots in the business centre. A large portion of these lots
are controlled by Mr. Hansen's associate, CHARLES S. MEEK.
They are offered to you now at prices authorized by the C. N. R.
$1,000 to $6,000, on attractive terms of One Quarter Gash,
and the balance in five semi-annual payments, with interest at
6 per cent.
Plans, Price Lists, FREE.   You had better wire.
Prices advance April 4th.
518-519 Pacific Building,
Vancouver, B. C.
First-ClaBs Accommodation and Sample Rooms
Rates-$1.00 to $2.00 Per Day
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.]
Enlarged  md Improved.    First-CItM In every respect.    All modern convenience*
Large Sample Koomi.
Ratts ^2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Union   Hotel
RATES,     .      $1.50 PER DAY
\V«kl) and monthly *t« lo be arranged.      Heal TVkcts, >) mMlN f„r <,,,»,
A. 1'. i.i-vi-.syn-;. Proprietor
LauKhton *,'&, Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. Meal Tickets, $6.00
Fruit Lands
Galena Bay land.-* in parcels ol
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
•Spedal Attention K^en to commercial
men and tonriitn. Fir**»t-cl»a» aample
rooine. Fineit aceattj in Britiah Columbia, overlookinu Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
Dr. de Vans Female Pill*
A rtllabl* Preach iqrutatrf; nr.tr lull. Thfte
pill, are .acdliglf powerful la iT'i.llnn (he
Cfn-rr.tivcaorlioi.olOu- ftm.tr vjilein. R.fu.j.
■ II cheap Imitation..   Dr.rt.r.at „, told at
frnm MWO Drac C«, »t. CMharln... Oat. SATURDAY, MARCH 23rd, 1912
Fm  and Vegetable
-ands Black Loam
ly no irng« J^Tieeded as Valley is sub-
■Td, and manTWeeks supply water for Do-
lestic purposes.
fly adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
\\ft   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Pricks of Land Reasonable
For further Particulars About This Garden Spot of f>. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
and Bhould have oojae under the com
in-, lu unlive view ot your correspondent, Ami now, Mr. Bid., while we
are on those strolls, let iih lake oth
ei directions as Malakwa is not on
a mountain    sldo, there are    other
Ways to go lirst   let  ns ko west either  along  tiie  O.P.R.  tracks or     the
wagon road a lew steps takes us ac-
croBB the river,  either  by the I'.   I'.
or  wagon  bridge,  lirst  we come   to
the  home ol Thus.   Dempsey,  ho  has
n  line new  house  with all ol tbea'on
venlonoes ot a    country home,    ami
while Mr. Dempsey Is a O.P, employ-
iv,  to thnse  who  think  that a    WO -
man cannot manage a ranch, should
look ut the results of     Mrs. Demp -
si'y's  elloiis.   Looking   to   ihe  right,
on  our westward  trip from the Demp
sey   (arm      and      on   a   nice   plateau,
stands  the  iienl.      and  tidy  residenc
of  A.   10.  Haycock,  with  his acres  ol
nice  young     orchard  in frout over -
lookiug the  whole  valley  tor miles iu
either  direction.   A   little  lurther  ou
wc come to thc home ol* Mrs. Loltus
wc think     the oldest settler     in the
valley, and venture to say the nioBt
contented.   She  has  seen  her family
grow up here in the valley  and now
she      stays      by   her  old  homestead,
managing ber poultry,  cows and pins
with  a diligence   that  many  younger
people   would   do   woll   to  follow,      A
little farther on to our right brings
us to thc farm of Messrs.  Hathv.vay
and   Reid,  two  old  pioneers they have
I i.n  acres ol line  land  and arc mak -
ing a nice living from their line mra
dows and herd ot line cattle,     litre,
on  tbe opposite side of the road,   is
the home of D. F,  dommcrvlllc, proprietor of the     (Irand View Poultry
farm.   Here  is  the  bome of tho prize
winning   white   Leghorns,   ducks   and
other [owls.   Por the     short      time
that Mr.  Sonimerville  has been  vith
us he luiB made a nice     comfortable
home for his family.
llut now, Mr. Editor, as the neit
point is Uowle and we arc getting
tired, 1 think we bad licttcr return,
and if you wisli we will go nuother
direction in your next issue.
Trade Mar
That means
Success in
PATENT.      W^|ffl     ttS? IS
- (uvfloui" is: '•■.-■   • "
Sold by Hobson & Co..  Revelstoke, B.C.
Royal Mail Steamers Sailing Every Saturday
S. S. Laurentic
S. S. Megantic
.-   *: ....
, .*....*
.   :        .    •* .
FIRST CJS5. $32.50.  SEC0I0 CU53, S53.75.   THIRD CUSS. [SiSSff] 532.50
Comfort at moderate  -.ites by excellent
one-class  I i  t ib.-   ervico.
S.S. Twin-Screw  Teutonic     S. 2, Twin-Scrtw Canada
" .  [eel
Ca *   . * .. * **
l<   • a- liol li
Ctmpant'l Oit'ti Ii.im • B'  B.uiey Bu,:.:.i K, Srcomi nnd U rrry to* , UattH
A, G. BROOKEP, Agent. Revelstoke
Empire  Typewriter
Slightly Used
Now Hold the Fort
in Revelstoke
A large variety of Dainty
Boxes  in half-pound, one-
d,two-pound and three-
pound Bi
The Finest in the Land
and   Canadian   -JMade
New LiKhtninn Method
Oil Painting, and Painted Walls
Cleaned like new.
Paper Hi Specialty
Estimates Given
Mirror Making ai d  r< -Silvering
* Boring
illass Frosting and Staining
Prices Resei ved.
Wood for Sale      D-.w- BR!LL
A/iply to
Chas. Turnross
relephot •■ ll.I..-■
! *  ■
Corporation if lhe City
of Revelstoke
Tinsmith Repair*, Mot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
-WORK   8HOP -
Cnnnaueht  Ave.   -   R-avolatol. •
Special null* ol ladle*' .uiJ oblldreop
A        I HH, -I UnrtnM tiariery, only Mc. per pair.    Bee mii
Apply - WlH-ncPalO wiBdow^-mueuM * oo,
Agent  for  Flexitime   Electric
Residence Oor. Bill Bt. unci Kobeon*»e
Shop in All. *. I) il V ..I I     J   Hum ne'l
Btore, Pirn)
Shi/ohs Cure
Qllltklv ■ H.p-* ■ iiuilli*     .nrra cnl.l-.,   hrnl-
(*•     Uli...1   ."*!     hm».      -.    2(1  . ml.
II    '.
'     '
A     l.\V.
Trim  ef      Dniyintf
Hundlini;   'ianos ;i   Specialty
Phone 4?        Night Hlmnc 85
Coal mining rights ut tin* Dominion
in M.nm..:*ii, .Suskutchcwuu ainl Al
terta, Llie Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories umi In a portion ol tbe Province ot llritisb (Jol-
uiiihia, may lie leaded lor u term ol
twenty-one years at an annual rental ot *1 nu acre. Not more lliau
2,560 an r.**, will he leaned to one applicant.
Application .'.ir leasu must lie made
ly tlir applicant iu person to thc
Agent or Sub-Ageut ot the district
in   «* lur ii  the rights applied lor      are
in surveyed territory the laud must
he     described    I.y sections,  or   legtil
■Ub .I.vision* ot sections,  uud  in UU-
surveyed   territory   thc   tract  applied
■ Imll  l.c. staked out by  the    up -
'    ..iiis.1.1!.
liaiii applicant must be accompanied hy a fee ol (5 whicli will bo     refill..Ird  it  the rights upplied  lor    are
li.i available, but not otherwise.   A
royalty     shall    b< paid  on the mer-
ontput ol thc mine ut thc
n per ton.
v* i .il ing llu* mine shall
.   tgsnt with swum returns
I   lor  tlie  lull  quantity      ol
 i, mined and pay the
..hum,     II   the  Coal   mining
aft not Ming operuted,    such
be  lurnisbcd  nt  leust
once 11 year.
■        01   uiIc  the coal noughts  ..nly,   hut  the  lessee    may
* I   to      purchase   whatever
•   surface rights may lm con-
MTj   l.u   the  working  ol
* I  mn.  uf     $10.00     iiii
•,: n,nt.i..n    application
.  ,,|,. t,, the Secretary   ol
... ni   ..f   llu-   Interior,    HI
tuwn, ..r  t.. ihi*  Agent or  Hub Agent
"I   In*'    - ..mi   Lands.
w. w. mny,
im ,* ity Mttrlitei ol the Interior.
nii   Unauthorised'pa blicatlop    °'
•   mi., nt  will  not  lie  pnld
Shibhb Gure
• ill.lilv   .(..p*. rnnitf,   enra.  fold**,   hrall
lh* (li...«( and U.f..       •
23 "mi
An Ideal Hair Dressing
SALVIA      IIAlll TONIC  is      COM
pounded on the most scientific principles, and nothing on the market
todny ran compare with it. It accomplishes so much more than tbe
ordinary tonics and does it so quickly  that  users nre  astonished.
BALVIA kills the dundrufl germs
and eradicated dandrulT, stopR lulling
hnir, itching o! the scalp and split
ting hairs in two weeks or we will
refund your money.
BALVIA gives a fascinating lustre
to women's hair and makes it beautiful. It makes the hair grow luxuriantly; it is the daintiest and most
refreshing bair dressing that science
has produced, nnd hns not a particle
of grease or slickness in it. BALVIA
cost r.o cents at your druggist. Bold
ut  Mucdouuld's drug store. 4
Owing to the Uu,-.* number ol num
hers wishing lo    participate iu   thc
bowling, it wus pressed upon us   to
lorm a uew leugue.   Four teams cou
I stitute     the leugue,    and thc guinea
, will he played oil on the ullcys ou
Tuesday aud Thursday evenings, com
manning at 8 p.m.  shnrp.   Thus     it
. will give nil others who have not
been pluccd on any team nn opportunity to have a game before eiglit
Feb. 27—Maple Leafs v. Beavers,
Keh. 29—J.H.t\  v.  Mietdrahs.
[ tiumes will be counted iustcud ot
pins. Two games will constitute a
league game.
THIS Trademark relieves you
of all risk and uncertainty
when you select your new spring
Suits and Overcoats,
This Trademark guarantees every
thread, seam and stitch.
Behind it is the greatest tailoring
organization in Canada—the
founders of hand-tailored garments
of the highest class.
BATOftDAV, MAItOH Hrd, 1912
j Iiiiiiiii ■ llll.ll,
The First Three Are Coming In, But the Last (Money) is Both Coming In al Out of
The Seaport, Railway and Industrial Hub of British Columfy
and the Vancouver Metropolitan District
A Population of
25,000 to
Judging by what railway sh.>pn
have done for other cltlea not ao Important  a railway centre a* Coquii
lam will tie. thoro will be n popuhi
tion ol 25,000 to 90,000 directly sup
ported t>>- thc Canadian Pacific alone
ut Coquitiam In two or three years.
But the Canadian Pacific, although
important, in only tho foundation
only tho lfginning, of this young
daughter <>( Canada's wealth aud prosperity. l'oi|ultlam from its position
is destined to liccome thc industrial
rontre ol Uritish Columbia. The
mun who owns pioperty In Coquitiam will he rich when others who
preferred to wait instead of act will
be still   plodding  ulong.
Think ol an ideal site for either a residential or industrial city, a deep dun port, thc terminus c
the industrial sub-city of a world metropolitan district, think ol a place being suddenly  transformed
stretch o! lnnd.     II yon cun think of thai   you  think   of  Coquitiam,   which is not going to be change*!
ed  Into them now.   ln  three yours where now only a thousand  or two workmen are preparing plans
history  of  railroading,  there  will   he r.OOU  highly  paid  railway   workers  employed hy thc C.r.R. alor
tion of 25,01)0 to 3000 people.
But the C.P.R. is only the start at. Coquitiam.   Five other  railwnys are coming to this new soapc,
Northern,   Milwaukee  and  Harrimann system.    Dozens of    steamship lines will  have  their boats  call/
or two hence.   Two electric power companies are developing energy there now.   They will supply ho'i
potltive  rates, and  Coquitiam also  can get black coal at the lowest rates, being an oceun port c.
why   lifty     manufacturers  huve  already applied  for factory sites at Coquitiam.       Moth of   these
Coquitiam.  connecting  it   up  by  ino.l tii suburban  lines  with  Vancouver and  other cities  in  the  \a\
Fraser Volley.
The transition of Coquitiam into a groat eity will be rapid—more rapid than the unexampled grl
katoon and Regina, where millions of dollars were made lor holders of lots nenr the huBinessdistricl.
ol Uritish Columbia or the prairie provinces will but add to the enormous trade to he developed with1
and the Panama canal, now nearing completion. THK GREAT OMNIl'OTKNT CANADIAN PACIFIC RA
the tentacles that vast corporation has shoved in every direction to garner tho enormous crops of goli
prairies—every one of this railway's twelve thousand miles of steel rails will pay tribute to Coquit'i
tbat freight traffic which will originate on the Innumerable lines of these other railway* will find
be tbe funnel through which the products will both go out and come Into feed and clothe thc mlgj
years to come.
MONEY! and How
to Make it Quick
Once there were two men wbo came to America Irom tbe old country.
Both were industrious nnd . nch was apparently fully as able to bold up
his end .n the world and become a man of Influence and   wealth— a   big
in,in.   Today,   however,  ,,ne is  a millionaire,   while  the    other    is   iu   very
average circumstances financially,
The reason for this vast difference is not because one worked hard and
the othor didn't; or because one drank and the other didn't. It was
simply because the man who is now a millionaire looked ahead, and
knowing that thc fundamental wealth of this aud every other country is
in good real estate, seized his opportunity. He secured realty when it
was acizahlc at n groundlloor price, and waited till Increasing population multiplied its value  to bim.
Brer since the whole country hus been working (or him, while thc
other man hus been working for the whole country. Tho whole country
will work for you if you own part of Coquitiam. Meridian Centre, Co -
quitlam, offers you the chance to become independent—to enjoy thc life
which it ia your heritage to enjoy.
Look ul the big men in Winnipeg,Calgary.       Rdmontoti,        rfaskntoon.
Calgary, Kdmonton, Saskatoon,Regina, Vancouver, or any other lug
city ond see where thoy got tbcloundotion of their lortunea. In aim
oat every case it was through the in-creaac in land Values, directly or uul
irectly. Coquitlnm will eclipse ollthrsr places in rapidity of developm
ent and increase, and will evcntnnllypiobobly equal or surpass them in a
ctual   population  and  wealth.
Coquitiam a Certainty;
Not a Mere Prospect
As there are iii.uiy other townsitos on the market at the present time
it would be woll .'•>! the reader to hear in mind that Coquitiam iB not
an ordinary townsite—IT iri AN ACTUALITY, A REAL city in thk
MAKING. There Is only one Panama canal, and It is almost upon us.
Coquitiam ia a result of thnt canal, and as tbe Canadian Pacilic is thc
greatest transportation Bystem in the world, it is only natural and log-
leal to  suppose  tbat  Coquitiam  will ho tho  biggest result.
But apart from what it is going to be, Coquitlnm is something today. Canadian Pacifli officials bave announced a program of improvement
nnd construct.in unparalleled in the annals of railway operation. It means
that thousands of men will be employed there thia spring, in fact, there
aro hundreds THERE NOW—building houses, laying tracks, building
stn ts and installing electric and trolley linos. Work has recently com-
nn nre.l on a hundred thousand dollur roundhouse in the immediate vicinity of Meridian Centre. Coquitiam, and this ia but thc beginning of the
expenditure ol over boll a million dollars announced for thc next few
An Industrial City
A Coming Pittsburg
C.M|iiitliini is situated in the Vancouver metropolitan district on the
main line of tho Canadian Pacilic. The (irand Trunk Pacific Is also buying land Ior terminals In thia vicinity, and other tratiBrontinout.nl railwnys ure I.living right-of-way, This, added to the (act that Coquitlnm is a
deep-water port, moans that manufacturers lorating here will have the advantage   ••'■   Hi"  Obeapest   transportation  rates,  both  by  rail  and  water.
Two big power companies are developing enormous electric cnorgy
n.ar hero and their power lines pass through thc munuripulity. This
means electric l.ght and power competitive rates, and In conjunction
w.t', .*s and  trackage explains tlio fact    that already   over    lifty
ipplll *,e come in from manufacturers  for  factory  aud  mill  sites.
Among the big Industries assured for Ooqulblam, is the largest lumber
mill in the world, to lie built by thc Pitt River Lumber Company. It
will cut CC'.OOO leet ot lumber every 2t hours.
Obey That Impulse
Wait Not Another Minute
Only a few month- ago was Coquitiam born and Its Iota thrown on
the market to make people rich. We knew of these developments before the
general public had heard ov. n a rumor. We I.ought land at farm land
priees right in the centre ol activity Mark thut—thc centre of activity,
right whore all thc industries and railways are coming. We ore ollenng
these lots for thc lirst time, with no profits added to tbe price, except
one moderate legitimate profit of our own. Don't buy lots tbat have al
ready been turned over or prices advanced with every announcement of
new development, when you can get inside Iota ot first price. There hav.-
been millions — we are talking conservatively—mode in Coquitiam already. One Brandon, Mnn., lady made J-tu.OOO there, ond has re-invested
both  principal  and   profit  in  Coqiiit-lara.
One lot atorted a few months ago at ilbOO, payable quarter cosh,
is now held for a higher price than $s*0<i<i by a shrewd htisinats mon ol
Victoria, 11. C. Dozens of low-salaried tradesmen nnd clerks of Vancouver, New Westminster and Coquitiam itself-those who know what's going
on, and are right on the scene of activity—have invested every cent they
can beg, borrow or steal in Coquitiam, and many of them have made as
high as !<H) to WW pcr cent on their original investment tbere. over 150,-
00*0 of our property has been reserv.d by Coquitiam residents, ami i'.
lots have lieen sold In a bunch to the representative of nn American railway system, said to be for city olllces. We know everything tbat it is
possible  to  know  about   Coquitlnm.
We unhesitatingly say that it is the Islgecst rent estate money-maker
for thc small Investor of the age We alt aw ell-known financial firm and
can offer you other propositions besides Coquitiam—sound, qiiick-aetbui
ones—but take our advice and find out Something about Coquitiam if you
have a dollar you want to see multiplied I.y itself quickly nnd surely.
Whether you are a prospective largo or small investor, or even if you do
not intend to buy nt all, osk us about Coquitlnm. ond ask us todav. At
the prices we are .barging and the ta v terms OUT Inside property will
not last long for new big things nre <"..niitig ..ut everyday auout C<»|Uil-
lam    and  thc  Vancouver  metropolitan   J.strict.
Special Representatives
Office in McDonald's Old Drug Store, Corner of McKenzie Avenue and Victoria Road
References—R. G. Dun & Co., and Union Bank, Vancouver.
The firm of McTavish Bros, is one of the best known and most reliable Real Estate Houses in the West.    They have made Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for their Clients
n irriTii SATURDAY, MARCH Mrd, 1912
BATDRDAY, MARCH 23rd, 1912
C. P. R. Will Spend Over
a Million on Coquitiam
provements   Durii.g   This
("World," Feb. 14, l'Jl»)
unu completely equipped unit ol
tUe inummotb now *Uo<iuitlam term -
inai aclmmo is to bc. constructed by
tne Canadian i'acilic Uailway during
tbc coining miriiiK and summer, ao-
.____\\ Iha-u* ' ni" t
___ W^l^kx      i
^mm^t'i' ol tbu
iy  on au  iu-
uculu    that
I'.st geaer -
Have You Money to Invest?
A limited number of Lots in the Pittsburg Subdivision, right next to the
industrial sites, at $300 apiece. Quarter
down, balance, 6, 12 and 18 months.
Don't delay seeing me about them.
John D. Sibbald
Agent Royal Financial Corporation, Ltd.
Details of C. P. R. Expenditures Between Vancouver and Field—Railway to be Double-tracked Out as
liar as Hammsnd—Arrangements
for Busy Season's Work in Yards
at Coquitiam
"Province,"  Jau. 31,  1912).
Approximately Sf.1,000,000 will lie
bpout Iiy tlie. Canadian I'acilic Hallway Company during tbc present year
tot- Improvements and new construction work on itu main liue and liuu
dies went ol Field, tbc easterly boundary ul British Columbia dlvmion.
This ib uu authoritative statement
received irom Winnipeg ny '-be operating iiiiii engineering departments ol
tbc  railway   compauy.
The liue between Il.iuim.i.id autl
Vaucouver iu to bo douulo-lt'iiclmd at
uu  expenditure  ol  about  fili.UU'J.
Here tbo company ban dceideil tu
put into operation a part ol tlicir
extensive plans lor making this one
ol thc largest ipi-minnls in th.i Do -
million. Tlie lull development oi tuu
terminal site will not be accomplished ai, once, but ine appropriation
tills year is suilieient to Keep large
crews ol men at work (or the year.
A twelve-stall round bouse Is to be
constructed In addition to a coaling
plnnt and water service, Twenty live
miles ol truck lor yurd purposes will
lie laid tbis year and ovorything done
to provide CiitjillUum with complete
terminal   facilities. An    industrial
trunk line trom the yards into tho
townsite is to be surveyed In the
course of a short time, and will bc
constructed In connection with tbo
other work at OotJUitlam,
Two subways, In accordance with
the agreement with the municipality
ol Coquitiam aro to be built. Thoy
are tn be located on the eastern end
uf tbe company's property   uu   the
Dewdney Trunk Road.
Sky hold«its victims
Uditor Mall-Herald
Sir,—Don't   yuu  think  thai   s.*ni' ol
the  s i  people  ol  Revelstoke    arc
acting j uh t a trifle childish ovei this
Big Bend railway while we realise
ki all want tius railway without s
.loubt. but why should we be blue.
.,n*l think the town lias t-uiie to the
bad just because thu-- Important rail
way building has been delayed Pei
sonally 1 leei fairly sun* that tht
fi f Bend railway will be a realisa-
wlthic a lew years. but In
tbi intime let u- be up and doing
and when the rallwaj comes so much
* .
Revelstoke  Is  a  sure  winner  II   I
,-,t,.*, '   -how the  white  fl
;     -.„ a.    Sow sir. 1 have a pro)
t on to lay  "' lore you   in 1 youi   re
a lets it Is this,  why uot
■ r *   ''ar i.ue In Revelstoke   I-
rnn .. it to Columbia Turk and
.   * ■•     |i      ip  the
i  g Ben I    This ear '..ne would     en
■■-.*'•  •    s
and Coiuml la Park to
•   Hevelstoke much  tn' re frequently t- ••• it,     •it. '  they have
•   ■        igh   all k;r,:s  ot
.   Ti * I Ol the car  line
*.    *    the val
.... .*: .:   pataei   and   1     '
rtasi ual ly     iri   that .■      i "'im
Dths .>■      •■'   '
is during th<      t daj    I
Until Released by Wonderfp]
,      maria Prescription
Liquor sets us Inflammation »nd lr-
ta **; ..I -.tie stomach ai.*i i*..,^i
tie rurvea.      Tin steady or j. ,
preej .lrlnktr :■ ufien furc«d to
li ink even sssmit )' -III by hn un-
,atural physic 1 condition.
Setnarla r'rticrtptljn ilopt *.he erf. -
k fn a •-. th-a nerves, builds up the
. ,'MMral   tietlth   and   makei  drti li
.m..v :...'. and naussous it
h laattleM an.l odorless, and can •
liven »ii n or without tha knowledge
•f Hie patient
Ttiouaanda uf Canadla horn., ha.a
! ran  .... I   trom mlaary and      *,   .  •
*:•* sons davotad .'a. mother or
laughter through thia wonderfu a-.
« lian remedy, Tha money formerly
.. aa-.ed in irink has reatored happiness, home comforts, education nod
respect to the tam.llee former.y In
..ant and   :aa, a.i
Read the foiiowias. one of the numerous   unsoUeited   testimonials     re-
"1   *-an   tievar   repay   jod   fo-       *-.
itnedy.     It    :■   w*-*rtn   iut-.       .- •
:o  m.     My   huatiend   na.   *-••-.   --.-.$
Mversj   tlmea.   sui   -«    .. *,
:*.uch It.    He aaM It hod n    -J-ar-
im now. May OoCa eho • a.*-* «.
t.ar -eat on you, *b6 yo .re. a - BJ
:ra)*ra   ever      N<
o...  w*-o  nan  trted It.    Aa a"-
•in   I   will   aee  e'.hera    that
vo     I five any*ring te .torn u-• -
WANTBD   General   Servant,  must  in
■^ou.l  plain  >k      \pplv  Mi *    Sine,
Sixth  street.   Revelsto
TO     RENT   Bight     omed     dwelling
Tbii i streel, west, nt i'itn
t   Firsl
WANTBI     Inveatoi
lees    a-ri' -
.-.    and
tale.       \ lest
IC   ro .re.   e.-i
ne kbowi
I   It.      Ut"!
re    that
would ir'n anytMns i. atoe u-#ir
■nii   treat  irteo.    1    will fra
"inr adSreae.
Mre. K . Dewia-ea    UU
(Name  wlthho-te   on   ree.uee*
N    a     it   roe    Snow   tt   ir;   fam'ly
nasdlag  thta  remedy,  teil them  aboul
If you   have any trtead er relate   who   haj   farmed   ev   la   farming
' te drink   h. -It.  hal* W*i  te release
mgelf from    a awful sletahea      as-
art*   Pree«rtptlna  I*  used   by   Phyel-
>si and Hospitals. a
aria Preaerlptlon. with bookie' gir-
g ' .:: particular*.   *e*    -.      • ss,
tn..   wll.  he  eent  absaluielr   free  and
Ktpald   In   plain   seated   pei-kaga     'a
run    ■:' '    "■*     i'arl<
. u  ,h . y-in.  aaklng  fnr  It  and   mamMrng
r' ' .....        Corrtopoadeaoe *a<-*-e4'.y
ran ho I     Cv itrts and  R    '
ii  wiio) rt»t
, r. :-. '   • -oi..*
e pri rinee i.«« at tl I   U
* .-       • *
,  .      ■   .     .
■  ul pop tlal
ne '
id it paying
*    e     City  ar. : provi
■  .,i ■•      ■        have I        • •• '
., I doubt iirrangt
K*.t  the corporation ol  Revelsti
. .    i   ..       -        thing,
it;e system would have te
from the city    ncn I  •    •   ■
of the corporation.   These  at
some     outlines *•!   /n>   Ideas and    l
would  i-   fc-l.i'i lot  so»s "Uni   citls     «>l,t '|f,<Ar
em t., taki   tbe     mattei  up through '
the ruiiiniis .,! )i/iu valuable papfii
I  am  f"i   progress evarj   turn   ai..i
;im willing to 1« one Ot it numlier ,,(
vmtetW '" B« '"■!" """ n,-,t"'*' "'
. , , lobK'IK "' ''!;'r,r"- '•" H->"t""
t„, Revelstoke, |.c|,r*v,i„: that It will
prove a wine* '" »» »» experienee
1 have never known an electric car
m to tall.
i;. «n  iiia.i..
■ • *.
.li      li.*,. • I    •    I.  I
k   Mai
-t. Revelstoke, B. C.
It  *     pay you tn
make ;i ("ill
B.   WPeLLS,
ir Bu ei and Exporter
I:.** elstoke  B. C
tit   id worlung  plot  -
Iui llie hush.    1  mak- a
ipei mii .    "I    I,..
Siiue*,, ('ants. Bos, sliirii
Rlsiikelii apdeverytliing
requitedtat&tti buiineii
T'i    RE! ... ,      Apply
'   *        :'
FOK dALK    Sfgt
l>kn.  Luckd    If]
ll-'IIH   Bg|
I ■ •
t irandview Poull
it  * '. Bums d
in.      camp   *■   O.P.R       1
let i
t., lull.  Post Office, I
slsl 11    I
Smoker's Supplies
The old reliable nnw lias the Inr-jest and besl line olSmokcr.i'
Supplies ever in lhe City, uud uur prices are ti^lit. Fifty brnnds
"t eigam to choose from. Price from Sl.OUper box up; not made
:: in si rap either.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
' lur siock   ol   Calabash   I'ipei-  is  small  on  account ol lbe
crop being a (allure this year and quality poor.
Pipes ni cases from $1,00 up.
Ask (or the famous II. U. 13.   brand.   liven   pipe   in guaratt-
Cigar   ■    i     iretie   Holders,  C.isrs antl Lighters,   Pouches,
Ash Trays and Pipe Racks,   Tell us what you want mul  we vvill
If you cannot call, phone ■'" anil goods will be sent  to
me for approval,    Buy early while stock is complete,
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody   knows hint,  he will
tell you lhal the whiskeys we are
selling are the best. Call and he
convinced. No household should
lie without a supply of our Harvey's -Special Scotch Whiskey; mir
Fraptn Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
in veins old or Blaokberry Brandy
fra .Medicinal purposes, Our stock
uf choice Wines and Liquors of nil
kinds are unexcelled, Hold Iiy all
the leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Dealers in Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
aulrlitr  *.i,,i>. , ,,.<«'li"-
tl). ibie.t ess' lm»t.i
ur.a r '.I*' *.  heel,
i •    M K«a»»
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads  and Birds
P.O.Box 31. RevelstpKE ^.
if You  want   tho   latest   in   Spring
Goods be   sure and   call   at
0. GaUicano, Second Street
Fresh   Seasonable   Vegetables Always Kept in Stock
"»«wt  ■   '■' ■'" i '    '   ■   '   11»* ■■ '
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
With its larjje number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce i.s able to effect collections throuphout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on till countries of thc world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can bc negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
19iki 1911
Capital       ....       * 8,000,000 * 4,000,000
KcFerve 3,000 0(>'> 4, (WO, 000
Deposits       ....        23,677,730 35,042.311
Loans and Investments         -      27.4-r>7,0!)0 38,854,801
Total Assets        -      -       -        33,090,192 48,237,284
Hub 83 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondente In all
the Prlnoipal Cities In ths World.
Interest allowed at hlgheet current rate.
Revolstoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors Anli-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want antl its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed,
Boot and 8hoe Repairers, Saddlers Harnsss Makers
Our Livery is equipped with the best horses and
riKS- We also deliver express and baggage to any
part of the city.  Heavy and light teaming a specialty
F. McCarty, Proprietor
Phone 201
SATURDAY, MARCH 48rd,    11
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
Just now, before Easter enters the Calen-
tlar, is the time most ladies pick out their Suit
or Dress for Sin-inn'. These days the lirst glow
of Spring linds us ready with a more representative stock of lovely garments than ever. You
will like our Suits at
$20.00 to $35.00
UK) or more Silk antl Net Waists go on sale
Thursday and they are all desirable goods. .lust
a Spring cleanup of this stock; almost sure to
be one for you. They are $7.50 to flO Waists
and are all priced at
Fine, light antl cool Spring Undergarments for ladies. Spring, needle knit, pure
Sea Island Cotton, with or without sleeves,
high or low neck, and at allprices.   15c. to $1.00
For ladies, imported every one from the
looms of France, Germany. Scotland, Ireland
and Belgium. They owe their charm to the
exports who conceived their beautiful weaves
and colorings. They come in plain weaves, all
the new colorings, also in Fancy stripes, etc.,
and show the ideas that will rule in fashion for
the season at
25c, 35c. and 50c.
75c. Corset Bargain, a clearing lot, all sizes
all colors, all at
75 Cents
The new Wash Cotton Dress fabrics for
Spring 1912 are here.   Thousands of different
styles, more beautiful than ever before Kvery
wantetl werve and fashionable nicely for the
Spring finds a place in our stock of cottons.
You will appreciate thc variety to choose from.
From Prints at l-r>c. to Ratines at per yard
,000 Yards of Chrystaline Silks. See Window
These go on Sale Friday morning, March 22,
and the line consists of 27 and 30 inch Chrystaline
Silks, sold regularlvat 50c. and 75c. a lot of dider-
''' ' ""'  nam-Wmm ' '-'1mmm\'n''*'        *^:i'"v    dreSSCS,
kimonas,j^kt t^L   almost as cheap us
Gin g 11 a 'a\m \W\'
Groceries and Crockery Department
House Cleaning Wants
As signs of Spring approach, our minds and
thoughts turn to the task of House Cleaning. We
are prepared to fill your wants with every article
required for such work. W hisks, Brooms, Wash
Tubs, Wash Boards, Mops, Brushes of all kinds,
Clothes Lines, Clothes Baskets, Soaps and Soap
Powders. Dutch Cleanser, Sapolio, Lye, Stove
Polishes. Pearline, Blue. Ammonia and Starches.
Cheese! Cheese!
Satisfaction-giving quality is to be found in the
Cheese we otfer you. That is whal everyone says
after trying some of it. The natural llavor and
superior quality make it a welcome addition at any
menu. We carry a full line of the best. Canada
Plain Cheese, the kind that will bring you back for
more, McLaren's Cheese in four sizes, which no
other package beats, Ingersoll Cream Cheese, the
one that also bring the customer back, and Limerick, that has a peculiar taste of its own.
Fisk of All Kinds
we have not yet had the pleasure of selling you
some of our high grade tish. If we have, then you
want us. This is the time for fish of all kinds, ami
we have them. The price is right: the goods are
right, and you are right, when you buy this class of
goods. Codfish Steak. Codfish in blocks. Salt
Mackerel, Salt Herring, Holland Herring in kegs
Salmon Bellies and all kinds of Fish in cans.
Twentieth Century 11
Fruits and Vegetables
We are receiving daily a large assortment of
Oranges, Bananas. Grape Fruit. Lemons, Cauliflowers, Rhubaub, (ireen Onions, Ripe Tomatoes,
Cucumbers, Lettuce, Celery, and all the fresh
fruits antl vegetal ties on the market. We get the
best so that you will make no mistake in ordering
from us. Leave your orders early to insure prompt
More new Spring
assure you theyj
can supply you
the new weavj
season, and v» i
to be heavy.
Let us show you -JJr different
ence what your size or proportion
to fit you and cloth to suit you.
PRICE. $22.50 to $35.0'0
Jelly Powders
What nicer dish do yuu want than a nice jelly V
We have the best on the market. For purity, they
will stand the most rigid test. There are adulter-
terants or preparations used in their manufacture.
These are points which make them exceedingly
popular with the housewife. We have them in all
flavors 3 PACKAGES FOR 25C
d Feed
our an
We always carry a large supply of these good?.
The Famous Royal Household Flour is our leader,
also the best quality of Oats, Wheat, Bran. Shorts,
Cracked Corn and Chops. Let us quote you priees
and show you samples.
Biscuits     Biscuits     Biscuits
Palmer.--, a delicious assortment for afternoon teas,
social gatherings, and whenever a choice but inexpensive assortment is desired, no more delightful biscuit can bc offered.
This shoe we have been looking for to pul on
the feet of Revelstoke boys. It is a new line, and
the manufacturers make nothing else. Let us show
them to you. They come in box calf, vici kid,
velour and gun metals.
Sizes, 11 to 13. at $2.25 to $2.75
Sizes, 1 to 5, at $2.50 to $3.75
Two Slater Shoe Specials
Black Box Calf Blucher What we consider the
best shoe we have ever offered for the money. Goodyear welt, heavy viscol sole.   Leather lined.
Price, $5.00
Tan Blucher A mate for the above. Tan, zug
leather, leather lined, heavy viscal sole, Goodyear
welt, a hard-wearing, serviceable boot.
Price. $5.00
House Furbishing Department
"I spring Window Curtains bave Just ar*
rivedand we ari' in a poettion to supply
yonr every want, whether it is in Mtulln,
Madras, while or colore; netta, white "r
ecru, or lace. We fan furnish these eithct
In tin- pair made up, nr liv tin* yard widths.
These uooda arc direct Importations from
Uu-1 Mil Country manufacturers, and thus
we are enabled to quote you prices which
will discount anything you nave hitherto
been offered.
INLAID AND PRINTED LINOLEUM l'resb arrivals from Scotland a
mmpli'lf iin.i,,( inlaid and  pnnir.1  gooils
ii     . I... .lm.l\    in »    pattern**
afford to miss seeing  tlir-r before huylnn
We guarantet locui Uieseand lay  them  to
Mim entire satisfaction.
SALE   OF    UNION    RUGS    Wr     are
imttiiii- .ili-i. Wedneaday, mir
full line <i( Union   Ku^*. ami Tapestries.
These were rxtr.i good i-alnes sl iln*  Regu
iai   Price    BOW     yM    fsn't    »ITiir.|    t"    MSI
ip,   RiKlit   neai   the   Milliner;   l'i
l-artnirtlt    afte£ yuu   liavr   *>rcn   the   hat-.
lakes look it tin* Rags
A few lines that will interest the housekeeper
who is prepairing for earl/' spring house cleaning.
These lines are extra special in value and will not
last long at the prices.
Japanese Mats ^enl Bargains, 4x7. $1.75
4x12 at $3.00 each
Union Squares A11 sizes a11 colors
and combinatious
You can't   get  away from the values we
offering in these.    Call  and  see them:  the  prices
ure away below actual rust.
Our new lines of Wall Papers have just
been put in stock and we can assure the public that never has such a complete line of artistic papers been shown in the city. Rich
and artistic but at prices that will surprise
you by~ their cheapness. Now is the time to
see them while the lines are all unbroken.
We import direct from the manufacturer in
the Old Country and can supply* you with the
best article for the least money. Our patterns are
all new and bright. just compare these prices
with any you may* have
.    QUALITY -Inlaid, the best   that  is on  the
*jL       market, at $1.40 per square yard.
"D  QUALITY—In a wide range of patterns
at $1.20 per square yard
r* QUALITY—In attractive new patterns
at 90 cents per square yard SATURDAY, MARCH Mrd, 1912
SATURDAY, M Midi 23rd, 1912
Have You Chosen Your Easter Hat?
If Not, We would Invite You to Call in  anil   Look
Over Our Fashionable  Stock  of Imported Millinery
Latest Styles and Shapes Are Here
\:.   -.*.   i  ,i   MmiiiVi
.-i   pi ter's chun
.1 111.ins   I..Vj
\    T.   finiiiii
jeweller] stoj
loke abouy
Vnu   i.iii
youi       Ma.]**!
once, twenty
in- tn you
:ii  ilus  issue.
ii Honei iii 5 III. Cms.    This is  souietliiiiK  you
tniifat this si-.isnn nl the \ I'.ii-
f-JAM    in plntsand quarts, -tjlass   ins.    Tbis   is
Jul well put up.
Maple Syrup in bottles "i cans, v. liis-li we ituai
MacKenzie Avenue
first payment on .1 iiome. Then von can
Ut-ii, a poultry Mini hiii] .il! sorts nf things you
■ itinuT. tt you have u little capital wu cun
kequire a home immediately.
. h    1 le 1 ixpec
...n nl
Mrs   V. lli>l"P
1.1>   v^WIWI^^'.i    >mit
her    daughter     Mis.  W.   \.  Bturlj
Mis.   H Isl op has lieen speimlng     thc
winter In  ArUonn and OaMfornln,
tin Sunday morning at  ibe Presb)
•in* Itev.   .1    \V.   si,*v.*'i
s,.t, will pres h nn the su Jjei I "Ll [It
In  t!:, 11   .  even i..-  inhject
•Why i'lirint fume."        I
Owing   to  (I"'   ii'U-ht   ..It!
11 ontlily mi ■■ ■.' ■ ' thc    Si • ir 1     ol
Tr...i    ■ , .11  lh'- night
fl 1  Fi il i\    1  has he n d ■   let tn
hold !!.••    meeting nf th* Doat
Thui i.lnj it, M
In  thj     M Hi...1,-t    i-burch  Bunday
>ii     will sine
! th •   Hnl ii
' Th\   H*
mon  i« "I1
l chut
r the        '     '•   .
1 1
■ \
• 1      .
' t.
:       I        .. ' ll
-   •. '*.      V     I ' l-l!
nol ol this
■ ■
1.1*1*11 mim' Iii the ptn
Epworth l.fairm* f"t next
ny night. The BUhjeel Will
I'h,* teachings <•'. Jesus 'loncern
Ing money," Inatoad "i thru, lieing a
mock parliament. The latter will t-e
held il.e I tl.  IVc in. -.lav in   M'i*i*
Th* llnptisl church Invited *.i to
nny nnd nil Its Bervlc a. Suhji I
nsrt Sunday, March 24th, 11 .. tn.
"i tei lis. mane"; 2 3il p.m., lilhlo
• * hool - 30 p in . "f'llal ■ and i"rut ."
' lood  ii * **.*.it,,mai  .- ng
injr.   Mon laj   '   p tn     li Y.I' l\.   live
topics; '.' I p.m., church pray
The It V I'l'   extends un in\ Itati in
t . .ittiMi.l  tin*  meeting  Monda)  even
itieat the Baptist church    The most   '"  meetln      Rei    E   J    .   *■ ■    H I
nterestlng feature .■;' tin    eening will  The  Pa
thi   discus
a ii     ol    Impromptu
There «111 be a mush
■- icial [uteres I in v '
\I r   I*'      '
t   K -ti
•i the    ■•'
Mr    M     \    I ■ •   ■>       i
.   ■
opal ii
U <    B
'i'lll',,,i,hm.  *,■*,,, iin.in     raturnod   Irom
1 (inl.leu     yesterday     antl  will  return
th.'i.'   ti.iiinriim   i Siin.lii). i
W.  Parry, auetlonesr,  lias removed
h.s action rooms Irom hi*-; old Iocs
ium un Second street, to the prem
Ises iaii'l.\   ocouplsd by  I-I,  N, Cuius
i.t lm   ii  nnl estate ollico on      Mc
Ki'iizie Avenuo.
Mmi. TIiob. Taylor arrived In the
city the middle ul tha w ' )• from Ool
den, an.I l< It una,n for the wc il oji
Kriilay Bvenlng. Ho says tlial Mr. H.
Parsons, t he govcrnincnt cuiid tlnl o
at llolileu Is absoltttol} sure ot oloe
(imi. altboitgli hn opponent, Mr.
I''iii'.'.sti*i* is making n good light.
i*:i;i;s Km; n \n inxii
riarred Plymouth Rocks, • " rn;
Khi.ilc Is-lnul I; .Is, i'2. ni. v\ In: .* I ill
ins Duck, $2,90; tt liito Km ! *n i !erse
oggs, 50o. i'.u li. n.n old chicks; h y
old tlhcltl'ltiga,   Stoi k  foi     ilo, V i.iim
.m.i  iimi  i.Mfii * i Iii np    w ri I	
'phone il'2, Now Urove Potiltn P'tn m
Mrs,   11    \.  I ppei   Prop.
Protective Order of Beavers
This i'lan.I i'.hi.1.1*.hi ..i imi has now
become as popiilm   in  Revelstoke, as
il   haa   III   I l I Iimi   Mil ...       n ||   i i      ;l
i'iimihi'I H* ot M.iM iters have Inai ii ntod
colonies \ Ictoi la, 1lie hendquarters
.if iin- Supromo ('niiiii), Vancouver
colony nearly  1000, Kamloops, whose
colony   «.is  only  installed  tl ther
day has in oi  30   nnd     boi Ides these
th.* li.i'.i mi   lm , mi inu)*; and enl lms
lai'tii' colonics in Nndysmitlii tlumboi
laml, Ashcroft, iti.
Whal appouls tn mosl poople In
this province, is the fuel that il Is
British Ciiliinilii.i's nun particular so
I'ii'ty, having Its supremo colon] in
\ Ictoria, li   i' . aii.l Its rlilel olllcers
boing all prom til  business men   In
that eity.
Canada has hocn wanting a lodge
ol this iiitnl  for years, and realizing
tllUl      I'alla.la     has     h.Tll   pt'ogrOSSing
fasti r than any other country in the
world,  sum,'  nf  mn   most   prominent
people decidi I  that  in.* t  was ri|.c
to sturl a gr ind  '*.*'! an.l henellclnl
order—naming   ,i   nfl  i       national
nnlnial- hence the title, Bi ncvol ml
Pi ol *. tlve i Irdi i  ol Heaters.
Tbo hi*'!i*i* Mini all.*.i ly I.-..I..I ol tlle
largest membership of anj ocletj for
Its age, nml In the course ol the cm
I'Mnt  yi *ii   i lie *.i ganlsers « ill Itavt	
I s MstaiilisiiM.i in ail the principal
cities  "I ('ana.I.i.
\n those .h's,i,ms ,,f joining the
above or ler before the charter ■ n t-es
kindly    ify Mi. Briggs at  thc King
K.lwnnl hotel here, oi attend the
Installation meeting to bc held in
tho Selkirk Hall on Friday, Manh
-ith, at R p.m. sharp,
■Vc Invite svery good man to join
"wn and  largest   beneficial  soc    j
ol what  wiil surely  ,,lm* Canada's
owo and largest  beneficial society
Sir. has. Improving
l."Mh" March 21 Answering Canadian Inquiries, Sit Charles Tttpper
asks me to sav thai although stead
Ily Improving, ho has nol h en down
stairs - nee his Illness began, an.l
nis not lieen able to see anj vIsitot.
hi:vs   DRro STORK
Kodaks        j Rexall
1          .Spring Tniirs
1                                                     IS]    i'.I
'1 1                   1
- •         1
<     •    ■   -.   inn 1
Vl'tll   1
■                i:....,  .    >]II
■ 'ill   i  ■ h'.l. r ii.
■ i   * hii tl btn
All tb.-.ii-.i.  in l'o •■ ■
tti!<'            I    iti tm timi
•       iml    MltllT.1    HI    sl,.   .
i    >..,). ■•! I'ilmo,
$1.00 a  'Bottle
Pi|»t- ami olliei  "■• ■
Roxatl Cold 7flhlr.li   . nr,
fm the hum
Mills Mid Ii. a.l i.li.
•. ■ ppl  ..i Men'
■   * alio earl
Spring • ro'. i ■.<■■•■:.
ers of ever
i* ickskin It * .  and cloth.
'•'•i"        warch of Bargaii lon'l overlook
Ouifitlers for Rcvclstokn's   len and Boys
,Mi Ml   in,' nl   i Ilo  *   ■ * oy,
If tntorostod in u Ural class colleo
addition see Mclntyre's ml.
Victor Nicholas $211 an,I {32, and
ii|iw.*ir,l.*;. ■Revelstoko Music Htora,
liny your good wonrlng gloves
from Mclntyre's.
Soo Him Ravolstoko Nurseries lol
Cul  i.'Iiiwmii*. rhiiiii. so, i. e.
Iii'l    Uli'   Ohillll'OII   : '   '.ill.In*.*.     at.
Mim  Sugar  Hiiwl,  all  our goods    tiro
mir.1 and wholesome,
Special .'.ah* ni Cambric t orsot
Cover I'ltnhiiiiih'i'ji's, it..ni.H 35c, i nly
'."ir. this week at  Mrl.oiinnnK.
liuu i. lorgol   iiiiii.     ll*iw„iiii's Sale
nl  ( arpots is si ill  >,  i lonio In and
I'hiiiisi' liolore tbo stucii is picked ovor
lUmpres i mnl Vni sat' lioi . p Lonl.
.onI tiud tan,  in nil Blyles, only (9
*i   pan*  at   Mi-I.i'ininn
Heln   s sauer  kroitt,  !«<■     p nis
■ .a 25c, at  Mclntyre'
Two pound tm ni liucklobi rrles poi
cu  15c, ai.  Mclntyre's,
Howson ami Compauy roquost    the
.■ulii'    i" look  over tholi  Btock      ol
collapsible Ci. carts  boforo  pttrobas
ingelseu hero,
Drop in ai tho Sugai Dowi Ioi
thai   box   nl      I'lnii'iil.ill's  ynur     wile,
mothei or swoothcnri  will aprrceluto
\ ictoi   l i.ii til ei ■     Machines i   Irom
*.: IU  upwards.     ICdlson  PI gi tplis,
iintii      *>l:i.."iii      upwards.- II ivelsl me
* ■ Store,  McKenzie Avenuo.
Asparagus, celory, cuullllower, cub
m.ii'i*. lettuco, green unions, rhubarb,
at  Dourne Pros.
UO    ViU     OWN    PROPERTY In  Ud
uu.nt.in '     send     us    Description,
best price aud terms lor quick sale
Crown Tailoring Compauy, Limited
I'oronto.   Ageut    l*'   Lelcauz,  Rovcl
stobe.   Soo Spi lug an.l Summei   ium
pies.   All mills mude i" ... Ioi  an I 111
itui'unteed,   i ifllce  wltb  H.N.  Cours
.1',   Klrsl   street. it.   Mr.i:;
Howson     &   Co    have th** largest
(■.ii, ol  wall  paper In  tbo city; see
their stock   before  purchasing     elsewhere
3 tr (llspluj   ol  mul ii* is s   and
1  Iiim;:.     Ono third   i.f your life is
..'"!  In  bed,     why uol  spend  11  in
"iiihirt on oue "f Howson's lelt mat
«h.v dn the boya always huy their
tvagons at Howson's, Because they
ilways gel  what  they want.
MUSIC    .Miss   ,1 (.Iiiisiih,  pupil  ol  A.
.Miller, P.R.A.M.,  London, is propar
I to tako a limited number of pup
lis for iiiitinn iu music. Fnr terms
apply at the resilience ill ,1. K.
Johnson, tirst bouse west of the hospital,   First  street.
Work your garden with toola you buy from us and tliuy won't
always be breaking,
We " rake" the market for the U'st garden tools and Hard-
waie made.
Wo " lino our own row " by ir-vintf our customers good
hardware for their n't'otl money.
Wo carry a first-class line of Tree Pinners, Manure Drags,
etc., in fact everything required for up-to-date gardening.
[f you contemplate chicken raising nr renovating your runs,
call and look our Wire Netting, all sizes up to (ill inches. Our
prices cannol be equalled and our quality A I.
Don't forget to put off fencing that Hold you were thinking
of when a few rods of barbed or fencing wire, which wo carry
in all si/.os, will save you a few hundred dollars damage to
your crops
lio noi forget thai the most up-to-date and complete line of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware can ho had at the
Kevelstoke Hardware Co.. Ltd.
Howson Block
l;,*i  canned fruits al  Mclntyro's.
Tho   Wise  "wl     havi*  all   imni'il     the
lll'lll MIS
Home s.inot   Kfuiii  ai   Mclutyre's,
Rexall li cl ten and «.n** al Dows'
■ iiui* Btore,
Itevelstoke iB going strnto; . n tlie
lien vei
Rexall Orderlies arrived todu.i ai
Dew *'   li iu*  storo,
Carnal s,      Dudoduls,   Hyacinths,
i ■':       i   Tulips ami  I.ii luce lor  Plus
ter.   ,i. Maloy, Big Bend Road.
Special s.ih* ol holies' ami obildrena
hosiery, only 25c. per pair. Bee our
wm,h.w    McLennan a Oo.
Rose Bushes lor Spring plant.ne.
Bloom everj  month.   Order now   tor
immediate    eflect.   .n  B.  Grossman,
\ Revelatoke, B. C.
Subscriptions Discounted
Ml.  Subscriber -
'I'lif Mail Herald has sent out: ac-
i .Mints to subscribers In arrea '8 to
the extent dl ovor 13060, and wo wish
tn notify all these subscribers,     wbo
'tuny iiTt-iv ic ..I uur accounts tnal
a they will call ami settle their nc
count, in semi the hiiiiic tu the M i i
lleriihl Iiy mail mi m* hefore April '. I
next, wc will give them a cash <!ik-
counl "i -" per cent, ofl ;!i" nm ir.ui
uf their hill. Vie „ie niuM i.; It.i.i
liberal ofler in order to realize quick
ly mi these accounts.
if there la any Inaccuracy In tbc
account  yuu  huve received (rom    us.
inl it in our ofllce with ynur ex-
liliiiiatinii  ami   we  will   bo  ouly      too
happy tu rectify the mistake. It you
thei.fine want to make a ilea' run
nl in per cent, mi y-itir subscript! JU
account, pay it let'ure the mj ol
A pri 1 next.
Every Lot in "Crescent View"
Our Edmonton property is now sold out
und is making handsome pi'idus lur our
■ lients,
Wcr£ Ycii cne of ihe L^cky Purchasers?
ll nnl ue have .t   si .i|>   wr  nn   I'.i nu .1 i_\
i  '. niir,fiitl in
ns in Revelstoke
House on 25ft lot 3rd St. west $1000 Terms
House on 25ft lot 4th St. east -    2150      "
House on 50ft lot 2nd St. east -    2800
House on 50ft lot Mckenzie Ave 4100
75 foot frontage on 2nd St. east
a snap at
E. G. FOLEY. Mauager, MacKenzie Avenue


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