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The Mail Herald May 6, 1911

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" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation'and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $60'"
i Interior Pubhsnmg.Co., Ag's.
Ir ^ 1
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17—No. 34
$2.50 Per Year
Citj Clerk, C. J. Aman, fire Chief *
and Mayor's Office lose'
Iheir Connections
"The council of tbis year must not
go uut of ollice with an overdraft,
and if It le persisted in, then everyone uf you will U' liable for tbc
amount, for I'll not be a party to
it," declared Aid, MeKinnon at last
night's meeting. "Thcic arc to Pe
no 'musts' unless you show me where
the money is to come from. Ii
t li.'i c is something requires Joint;
und your estimates have not provided for it, there is no use comlnS
to the council auJ saying this must
he done, unless at the same time
you can show how the money is to
he provided for doing the work.
It is all right to suy we will get
the money Irom some place, hut* I
thin.*; we have got uli the getting we
can Uo for this year."
Aid.    .MeKinnon    tlun  Immediately
got his ax to work on some
things  in  his department.      H
the council  declined to  make th
lease asked for.
Communications    were  read
disposed  of as follows: —
From Smith,  Kerry  & Chace, ask -
ing pay for Engineer Ewing's   time.
Council  did   not  think  thoy      Bhould
y il and the matter was laid aBide
further consideration.
From V.M.C.A. asking the use of
athletic grounds for June 3rd.—
Mrs.  Julian wanting light    at  the
hack of her home.     Referred to Fire      "Hotter lock  the door ns we  have
Water & Light committee. no in,,re chairs"   was tho laconlc    re-
Dominion Sawmills Co. wanting hy- mark uf A. McRae lust night when
drunt at tlicir miils. Referred to the members of the Board ol Trade
Fire, Water & Light committee. kept Hocking into tho city ball  until
From c. North wanting transform-   the place was well tilled,
ers and lightning arrestors.-Granted     it    was    by    all odds the largest
C.P.R.   wanting  new  whter     main   meeting that the Board of Trade has
Board of Trade Unanimous in
Its Decision-May Mean a
Lot to tlie City
to replace one played out. Referred
to F. Vi. & Light committee.
Fred Fraser wanting unsightly
poles remooed. Referred to Public
Works committee.
Harvey, MeCarter & Pinkham, submitting F. Merino's hill for $27. Or-
dered paid with certain conditions.
had for Bome tunc, and it was unanimously decided that in view ol the
big things in sight for this eity at
the ban.Is of the 0. P, It. that a
despatch should he Immediately wired the mechanical nun meeting In
Winnipeg asking them to come to
this city to discuss  matters.       This
|    Application   from      Stevenson     for   despatch will  he signed by the chair-
water.   Referred     to  F. W. &  Light  man of the Board of Trade and   the
Accounts  of   Robt.   Smith
to committees to examine.
Dominion Sawmills Co. question of
little   " larger main for Hre    protection. —
lla,l   Referred to F. W. & Light committee
gutiou      From Tranquille Sanitorium asking
in other cities as to     what officials  PW f"r ke«l' of •'• McGinnis.     May-
are supplied with free telephones, and   or wi" look into lt>
he could not sec why the city clerk's      A   Petition  was  presented  for
residence,     C.  J. Aman's    residence,   opening up
lhe residence ol thc  lire chief       and
Mayor  Hamilton's private  office     at
Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Off ico- Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized -             $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed -          5,575,000.00
Capital Paid Up -      -      5 330,000.00
Reserve        .      - ■                5,5i>u,j 00.00
Branches *»r Anents at all principal points inJCanada.
Asenta in Great Britain and United States—London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, ban Francisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Ban*. Spokane— Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of tl and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch   A. B. MoCieneghan, Mgr.
of     McKenzie    avenue
north ol the track.        Council     will
write   the C. P. R. asking    them for
Hall should he supplied   Permission to open up     street
with phones hy the city.     Cut them.wnat assistance they will givr
out,      he      suggested,     and   brought
ln a report to that effect  which was
adopted.     The tire chief's was to be
cut    out    provided    he  was supplied
with  nn  electric  bell  connecting  him
with the fire hall. The mayor's office at the Oity Hall was very seldom     used and he agreed the  phenj
was of little use to him,  while     the
other two were     thought       to       be
for private use and wen- ordered out-
This means a reduction  in  thc tele -
phone      bill  of the city  of  ?%      per
Thos. Bain's    phone and    0.     J.
North's  wei-c  also  ordered  cut     out
in principle as far as the. city       wns
concem:d,   hut in  view  of  the      fact
that  it  was the  only protection  Mr.
Bain's family had  while  he  was     at
the Jail,  the city agreed to raise his
salary   J2.50   per   month   and   compel
him   io  keep  this  phone,   while      the
same  principle  was applied  in     Mr.
North's case.
The  consolidation  of  the  debenture
debt  was    another  grievous  question
with  the  council.      Everybody  seem-
Mayor of the city.     It was also un
iiinmoiisly   decided   that should      the
invitation   he      accepted   lhat    a  big
hnnjuct should   bu  tendered        them
by the citizins.
'Him matter was brought to the notice of the meeting under the heading
of new business by W. IJ. Robertson,
who  snid  he had  rend  ,,I some    such
suggestion  of  Inviting  them  to     he
here in the Mail-Hcrald.        He    bad
also noticed  In the Calgary    Herald,
he  said,   that  Ihere  were  new        car
and  shops in sight for some city "in   tbe
west,     and  he  asked  why  it     could
The cpiestion of a new main to low-   110t,  bc  Uevelstoke as well, as       any
er town was taken up, but the conn-  other placc?     It would mean increas-
cil did not see its way. clear to deal   cl  development   by   at  least  50    per
with thc question     summarily,     and   ,vnt|  alKi iu,  diil  not sec  why  Hovel-
after     much    discussion it was laid  stoke should not at least get a slice
away  for  further  consideration. Lf this increased development.
Thc Fire, Water & Light commit- Mayor Hamilton In reply Btated
tee was ordered to get plans and that the mntter had been under
specilications for the new flume to ho consideration for the past co.iple
in at. an early date. I 0f weeks. The chances arc that there
Bills for a considerable sum were will be a mectiug here before tha
passed and tbe council dispersed at ijth ol the month, anil he thought it
11:10 p.m.
Garden Tools
Wire Netting', ' Fencing, Screen Doors aiul
Windows, Rubber Hose, Sprinklers, etc. Carpenter's Tools and General Hardware.
Baseball and Lacrosse Goods,   Fishing  Tackle,
llic besl stock c> er in tow n.
Bourne Bros.
^ Hardware.
Swift's Bios! and Bone
To increase pur yield ol' Garden Produc.., Fruits, Etc., Etc.
tlie Interior
Mr. G. H. Ewing, engineer in
charge at the new power plant, has
puisne,I his work ami left yesterday
moi ning for Vancouver where he will
remain till Wednesday. Then hied  anxious  to  get   this through  but   leaves for Portland, Ure.,      where he
Have von ordered your favorite cutting from lhe
Beef awarded First Prizk at Calgary Spring
Stock Snow and purchased for our Revelstoke trade.
p. Bums & Company. £td.
Children's  Straw  Hats
All sizes, all shapes, all prices.
The best Assortment in the city
to choose from. Come in and
get  your   Summer   Hats   here.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
Mr. Steen, th.* auditor, who persistently remains aw0y from the city
anil is stalling the council ofl with
evasive promises. I'll be here the
lirst ol .May," he says, but he does
not come. Now it is tlie first ot
June he'll he here perhaps. In the
meantime little can be done in preparing the bylaw to consummate the
consolidat on of the debt. His cjuart-
erly audit too is away behind and
as Aid. MeKinnon Pointed out mistakes may have bein made during
the last quarter that might lie
avoided the next quarter if this audit is made at tho time it should be.
"Mr. Steen was given tbis job on
condition that he attend to it personally. Is he going to make his
quarterly audits every six months?
Aid. MeKinnon asked Indignantly.
"I will wne him a good strong
telegram tonight," declared Mayor
Well,  tbis  "strong"  business
been    going    long enough iu
opinion,      and  we should   get
him hiiiih-r  than  that, declared
lighting alderman, steen will ihi
scorched by wire In an eflort to get
h.m here at once.
1 mi i.ihnii of tin- Board "f Trade a
strong delegation visited th,* council
with Messrs, McCleneghan, w. B,
Robertson and Alex. McRae in*
spokesmen, and asked Ior a granl
for publicity purposes. Thr „igii
mints in k'eneral  pointed  out       thnl
{the whole city would benefit  uy th s
Campaign     anil     they     should
lor  11   to  -ome extent,
up to the citizens to do something to
see that if possible a meeting could
not be definitely arranged, ll Is a
mntter of prime importance to every
citizen, be said, and if we are to do
anything we must go at it as a unit.
Says Power Plant is the Best ini[ these men are com,ng to Revel-
1   » stoke  he  suggested   that  the        city
| should prepare a big bantjuet for
them. Wc want to show the 0. P.
R. that we want them here nn.l ap-
predate what they have done for
the city, and we should show them
In no uncertain way that we mean
business. He would suggest that a
Committee he appointed to have In
hand arrangements for a big banquet for the visitors, nn.l if tlure
«ns nny doubt of their coming here
that a hearty Invltalli n be extended
them to come. An.l if they come
lie said, he hoped that the people
would show them that they were behind thpm to a mnn and want them
to eome here with their shops or
whatever they propose to bring
Mr. Kilpatrick said ho had no de
liuite Information that these meii
Would     como here,  but there was     a
has     the supervision ol the erection
of  a l''ant costing $3,000,000.
"You  have here  in  Hevelstoke     as
good a power plant as there  is     to
be    found      any      place    in  Canada
or the United  States  for a city     of
its size," said Mr. Swing in parting.
"I   have   seen   Nelson   power      plant,
anl     all  those ol the Interior cities
and    1 can    honestly   tell  you      that
there  is  nothing  in  any   oi        these
cities that can  touch  it,      uf course
there may he larger plants but none   p08slMllty  that   Ihey would.       II nn
in my estimation quite bo good. 'invitation Was extended lo them how
"There are a few little things     to | eVer, be    would do all In his power
be done out there yet, and Mr. New- |to get thom  to come.     He was iu
mull Will do these as soon as he can   tereste-d  both  in  tho 0,  I'.  H.       mil
■Mi  at them,  but then you have his  ,*ltv Mh,| |,,. would  like to Beo       tho
bond     for a thousand dollars which  ,,„.„ right here ou tho ground.
is a guarantee  that they  will       he,    |t was finally  deolded  by     motion
finished   satisfactorily and then you that an invitation be wired    In tbo
will have no lurther trouble with the  name of the city and tho Board     ol
plant."                                                Trade to the  mechanical  men meet-
Mr. Newman's final advice to   the  lU*.: In Winnipeg extending    tl i    a
city council  is to'put in ibat extra   hoarty Invitation to come here    and
Hume right away,     "It. must be put  discuss     m"tters ol mutual advanl
in  at  nine   to  give  you   tho  olllclent   air*
■ i.iii' you need and guarantee you!   h. Manning addressed the    Board,
an     undisturbed ami steady service. |nnd suggested    thai  the sum ol   116
•*Sa "*;* in>
svelstokG Meat Market, Ltd.
llu.ii  Class Mi... i   PURVEYORS
Phone 251 P. O. Box IEI
Housewlfe's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Boll Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O.  Box 208
Phone No. 23
Without  it  you  cannol   get  the  besl.
results      for      the    outlay     ol     your
"lint iui it iiiii l-.i i iii,ue money
than M should, quoi lo i tho ropreson
tatlve of tbe Mail Horald7 "
"No I  don't  think   it
1     think      you      have
i>e sel aside f..i   pi laos to bo    given
scholars      0 I   tbe     public      ami   high
11 i   :**i  i b   .**■ t ossa)      on   the
city nl Revolstoke ami Its ad
. *, 111., . is, theso lotters to bo printed
and circulated,    'the Board    decided
did, he  Hiild,   lhal.   Hum      Wa     g   r I   Idon        uul
got     gooii  adopted it.
i'i u thou r>> i  uniii' copies nl   tbe
r Trade  pamphlot arc  wanl
Seed Potatoes
a change ol itcd cfli n n ekes a better crop.
Wc huve in a t-lni n*< nt of eastern potatoes,
which we would advise you to try. Our leedi
all first quality.
value fm  your money."
!   Mr.  Mwing earrles away with him Boat I
many  pleasant and some Interesting ed and  tho Board doclded i" attend
■"in,' discussion „„.l figuring  ""'""""'^ "' Revd«toke.     Among the  the c 11 In , ly and   r il
latter Mi. Owing clasnos tho way in olther   ilie     whole or   part of    the
which  the  Mail-Herald  published his cost of    same.     Mr, McRae pointed
f the way tho  work was ,,i,i, thai   the booklets wore :i  lii n* iit
Hit        in    iu every   iili/.i'ii   mil   ll i'lll*        thai
as  to   where  the  money   would     eome
Irom it  was moved hy  Aid.  Liiwrci	
 i   by M'l* MeKinnon,      and  ^■"'<^'"" "< the way th
boing carried oo at the i
Lots in City of Vancouver
by   Aid
carried, that the Board of      Trade
be given a grant of $400 to get out
10,000 booklets within sixty days.
This will  be done.
Anothei delegation was beard from
the Eagles, the Oddfellows and the
Knights "f Pythlai asking that the
water system be extended to the com-
ctery. The mntter wuh referred to
the Km*. Water and Light committee
with power to net.
Alex. McRae appeared before tbe
council ami asked lor the release   tu
the  Olobe  Lumber  Co,   Ol  Wnii   New
man'.* marked cheque lm »io,ooo any
light*     to    which Mr.  Newman may
the .-pring of this year. loveryhody     had     a     rlghl     tohelp
"I   give   you   credit   fui   Inning   the p„v |,,i   thom,       I!  th meii   riuiii
oourage ol your convictions,"       bo e.l the money  then ovoryhodj   would
said, "and waa pleased to see    that  be bolplnji In the publicity       work,
you     were    afr„i'l ol     nothing, al- Mr. McCleneghan was dolegatod      to
though i must confrsH it      wrought look Into bhe cosl ol the extra oop
a  whole lot of trouble  foi   me.  How- lot).
evei," be admitted,  "It hud ronalder
able  to  do   with   rushing
to complotion."
the     work
Popular Couple Married
• home of Mr, ninl Mrs. Murray,
At the meeting ol tbt counoil last
nighl   the matter of  llll hy   back yards ! Connaught   Avenue,   Was    the      '"ii''
wiih taken up, uiul It  Ih pro liable that. ' of  a  very     pretty     Wedding   at   three
pros tions will follow uh a result j o'clock   on the   atternoi '   Tues-
have he bad assigned to the Lumber   unions a number ol yuidn aro clouiiud   day. May -^    The contracting Partli *
Co.     Uu udvice ul tho city solicitor   up ut ouce. I wero Mr. UlUcun Currie, ul    Talt.ll,
C, and Mi      tgi   'u I' rma I  n,   of
Huh city.     The groom we
e.l by Mi   ' d   i   ■       m.  •
Ainl,, Pro ii "    ' n i" ted  a      hi
Vftoi  11,-  ci ii    wbli h wa * ih i
lo I  b)   Ri ■■    *i    W u.   n
ialntj  r.n ii • a was served.      Only
Immediate t    and relal
present,  and the  pop llal ity
bride and    gri om   ira i i hown      t.y
many   beautiful   |u*'-inu.      Mr.     and
Mrs. Currie will i eslde In Tn.i. « tit i •■
Mr.  Currie Is Ion
i uni* i  Company.
Cltlsens   are     kindly requeued to
■ ■■ j ii il in tbeii attempt
>,        * Iful by w-at-
A few pai Ioi ' ball ■ and ooui
hull   puce   ul   Uuwtjoli's   Closing   sale.
ering tbe tree   on the boulevards   in
■I theii ,11111 •
111      MM 111    u
while.    Tins is ,i simple i   jUest bul
it will help a groat di
v cord nu* t.i the itin nny ol U. 1.-
■      llrlti.h    Columbia
this fail,   recently  received by preai-
th     Conservative   \   oria-
rvatlve leaiei     will
he m i.*  .; toke mi August  uth   al
i  12 ; '"    »n I will leave the folio* -
•i    for Bicamous.
a fe«  Carpel  squares    at      hali
tt How. on'.. do-Jim; nulo. BATURDAY, MAV t., 1911,
£bc flDmUlbcvalfc ! f
interior publisblnfl Company,
Legal notices lo cents per hue iirst
lUbertion, 0 cents per liuu each
bubsenueui insertion, Measurements Nonpariel ^12 lines imti.ii
one inch.' (Store and general
business aunjunuments $2.sll pot
inch per month. Preferred positions, 25 per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages uud Deaths, EiOc
each insertion.
Land notices *>7.5<j. All advertisements subject to the approval ol
the management. \\autcu uud
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uations wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
IVanted, 2b -words or less, 26c.,
each addiiiouai Une in cents.
Changes il standing advertise
ments must be in by 'J a. iu.
Tuesday ana Friday ol each week
to secure  good  display,
CORRESPONDENCE Invited on matters ot public interest. Com-
niunicatious to Editor must be
accompanied by name ol writer
not necessarily Ior publication,
but as evidence oi good faith.
Correspondence should be  brief.
If you insure with us you
insure with some of the
oldest and strongest companies in the world.
The Revelstoke General Agencies,
Insurance of All Kinds
I ■ 111im wh,eh mny mean considerable
to Revelstoke, and 11 Is *, wise move
to show the C.P.R, lhat we at least
,.,ro Interested in our own welfare.
Wm. Whyte, vice president, has been
in Calgary and has been quizzed by
the Mayor, the Commissioners and
lhc President of the Board of TrBde,
about the location ol new simp-, but
so far he has given no definite information. The vice president wan
only iu Calgary a few niiiint.es, yet
these m.ii woro sufficiently alive to
thoir opporti nlties to call i n him,
in his private ear "Manitoba." He
remained here probably just as long
i.n his way to the coast, but nobody except Mr. Kilpatrick, superintendent of this division, saw lit to
call en him. The question naturally
l<irlses "Are we fully alive to our
opportunities?" However, the
Board of Trade has invited these
men to come here and it is hoped
Bomo good will result from the Invitation.
at the chance t" handle it for them
on n small percentage basis, hut
no, they shun the local real estate
men—knowing too well that thej
would immediately see through then*
game, it is in thu boys, i" tbo wo
nd     to    the   transient   who
Including  postage  to  England,   United States and Canadu.
By the year ^through postotlice'  $2.50
JOB PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
Gbe flDaillbcraiD
SATURDAY,   MAV 6,  1911.
Ii you are tackled some ol th ■■
days in the street.-, by any aort ol
a sh:... 11 isperoui looking chap
or chaps, who asi in you they can
give you a straight tip on bow to
. ible or treble your money on a
rtal estate proposition somewhere up
:u the prairies or .n Vancouver, or
any place else for ib.it matter, unless you know the man personally,
and enn vouch lor him as being
an hone-t, upright, business man,
shun him as you  would a viper.
this  sort of  dn.t  wood  Is slipping
into this    city in piles, and already
there are eight or ud ol theso    real
.state sharks located here temporar
Hy, an I   loing     business, nu I m ire ..
tbe | Ity, they are raking In th.  sIi.k
e:.-, too.     They,  ol course,  have       :
perfect     right to do business   here
and     nobody   can    stop     them—but
our warning  Is to  the public  iwh.s.'
welfare in a way we (eel    responsible
un'.    that  ..-  to have  notb,ns
: with  them.      Ail they   want   is
yout     money     and     thi u you     can
go  plump,     Maybe  iheir propos.l on
.- goo :. mayl e it is bad,     but    the
are ten to one that it     Is
[on't    know      wh th,
a  a   ,v tether,  if tb
t  is any      good
or not;     it  maj    •   away oil    mile ■
■ .   .'Sent   it  to     in.
an'. it   .5.     Why      In
I,   :(   they  have tho
li   here to do
ness?     Their        . .*ry
ih m a& bunco   men
U you tmed       and
:.   ■       will notli
ible I        ' ■     thi
i       i to
d t
men t :.'i       men
: t  ol  th , .1
,1 ,
■ l.'
r.. . ,
f may      e th
heir | In
I-*,1.  -   ' •'■ i;.
th or i        •     the
, idy when her h
i   talk oi    can   tb m
ng tb ii  tn all n
maj • I. mm     i  b
in.     If ti,.   pi
pni' has-     Will    li *
Bnd it out I
• :,       raj   and i
i. wont know where     i *
Und  tl .in      'i h       *. II probablj
*■■■*.* , 'nm  printed
on  a  liashly r»t I   Wit., address      and
telo| loni mber, and a whi le I I
but  then thm     office
out by tbe thou
ar I  to in.*       who  wanted       thom
'       t no g laranl ie ol aay-
ll tl Rood Hi.re ut"
■   ol local i ni e tati
a tbe i It)   who *.' "ild jump
drops "ti at the station these le,
appeal. And when they bave sucited
the city dry, they pack up with their
l Lie oi boodle and are gone forever.
It may take them a week or two
weeks or perhaps a month, but be
assured in every caB0 that tbay are
getting the  beBt ol the bargain.
Ten chances to one the property
they oiler m Saskatoon, Calgary,
Camrose, Ifidson or my other plac,
Is limes irom any dwelling and ttt ior
notli li,' nun e lh,in a chicken i'i ii.h,
ten chances tu one it is not yet subdivided amt is as inn,icent ol the
foot "f a surveyor as a ii'wi.oru
babe is of sin. Ten chances to une
they have nothing more than nu
option on the property lor perhaps
t n or twenty days, an.l tin chances
to one when you api-ly lor your title
niter having paid your good tin iry
Ior years, you will find that the property never belonged in Hi se sharks
ni all anil consoquentlj can never belong  to  you.
Dur advice after witnessing similar
games in many another city Is to
have nothing to do with theso fellows
if you ,\aut tu do real genuine business hi real estate deal with m in
you know something about an I
buy what you can see of know
something nf. Instances are not
wanting right. In this citj wbere property has doubled or even trebled its
value iu a lew years, and anyway
tbere is nil sorts of property uli
through the Kootenay that would
be better value for the monej than
the stulT these fellows are oflerlng.
Uur tiual advice again is to have
nothing to do with these transients—
Ihey  mean  you  no good.
The many reci nt  Imrglai les porpi i
rated In tbo city would serve to   In
l * ate ; hat  Revelstoke .- und,   .
11, ire are those ol course who
tend that n police force and the magisterial  bench e payin
stitutions—that   Is t
collected  in  Hnes,  etc.,  should  oflset
any possible expi ndituros that *
m.i:,:                         . ,!, \     .,
consequence the aid     to
*.     ■ ■     ■
where  ImprlB mmenl
iii iiii   la  n     no*
bodj enn blam
or anybody else
nn I  nobody      ear*  I
police   comm * ping It -
force payroll down  to some«
asonably  »Ithln  th
emu mt- ,*: ru >s *
But those
lact    tbat the    i rli
ing     ol
that view i oinl  It  matti i
ther n   I
The primary *
,-tint'* is the     dispense
tlce mi I again no
If tb, *  t
things are done the objects for which
these departments are created are
fiillilled and ii" monetary calculations should he taken Into consideration,
il may be that tbe police depai t
ment ol Hns city costs a great deal.
but then it must be considered thai
tins is a difficult city to police. liis spread out over a large are,*,, and
there are miles and miles of streets.
Ash yourself tho question as to whether it is possible for three men to
adequately police tb se streetB day
*,n I night for twenty-lour hour
un.l do il properly, and there enn
be imi one honest answer to the ijues
tion. Vet that is the number of
nieii we employ for the job of, patrolling these streets. The chief should
have iiiiliiiiis; to do but sit in bis
ofllce and direct the movements ol
his force, yet be Is supposed lo gel
out mul gather in vags, he to,, is
slippOSl d ti, : n iop in,,und I" all tbo
back yards and hovels and see th.it
Ihey are clean d up, and some time
during the twenty-lour luuu- be is
supposed to work in a little Bleep,
Constable Ferguson has his chain
enn.' I" attend all day, I" keep
them at work for the city, while
Thos, Hum. .,.-. jailor, would leave
himself open in severe censure should
in* leave his post and allow a prisoner i" escape. Tins brings the
force lor patrolling th * street down
in three nun. and these are supposed
to d" the work Satisfactorily for 2-1
hours every *l,,y in the week, every
week in the tin nth nnd every in,,nth
m the year.      Is it possible?
Ily   all minus the police  force sh mid
be augmented.     There may be tunes
ni th' yenr when the present     force
would     be     sufflcli nt, bul  th ■   force
must be kept up to the requirements
of tbe most strenuous occasions. The
number  ol casi *   brought   to     police
court scarcely ever includes a     local
resilient,   but   Invariably  consists    of
tbe lloisam an I  ietsam,     cont inually
M  ili ■ move  i"i wei a i 'algary       and
the '":,--I.     Tin n it is possible    I   *'
small    police   force  *
instead    ol     I In     tbe
::■ .' .'    menting the Police for-
■ t should be then
tripe. Th       thinjs
Editor  Mail-Herald —
Dear Sir,—I was interest! .1 to see
in your columns ol a recent issue an
article dealing with the nuissnee of
the ordinary house hold ily and the
danger in spreading disease.
1 shall he glad if you can lind
room for the Inclosed taken from a
I erlodlcal of last yeai'.
Mr. Hall, of Chathami Ont., in an
address to the Mothers' (Tub of that
city, endorses in toto what The
World recently said about tho musc«
domcstlca, or housefly. He agrees
with The World's deduction from the
reports of the United States experts
medical investigators th*,t the house
ily is ii diseas:; spreader. In commenting nii Hr* Unll's gddross the
li.'uei.n.  nf  Shntford, Ont., says:
"The housefly Is responsible for
the spread of typhoid and Consumption. Fear him ns tha greatest foe
knock him down and kill him
and throw him outdoors every
chance you get, for he Is tho most.
dangerous ol all living animals. He
dues iml serve any good, snid Dr,
Hall of Chatham to the Mothers'
Club of that city. He state! tb*,t
science had proven the idea that flies
wero the sign of a healthy summer n
fallacy. Recently when he wns at
Washington an ordinary house Ily
was Caught and dipped up and down
in ., pint of water, and the water
then analyzed, and it was found
that this fly Carried without his
wings ilriii'iiin,' or any incon-
v nience In the least, six millions of
bacteria. The Ily breeds chiefly In
stable manure or nny ■leeay (a; refuse
li wns possible in a city like Chatham to he rid "i the pest of flies
almost entirely, if the livery stables
were moved t" the outside oT the
• *. limits it w,iiihl help very materially in the matter. To sprinkle n
little coal oil once a week over the
boxes where the manure is kepi and
put B screen over the box would
assist in keeping down tho pest.
C al "il sprinkled over the surface of
n ran barrel where water is stand-
in ■_' will al-:o kill all mosquito lavae,
in-ill down. Dr. Hall
, me \ ry practical rules for
th*  pi .f tbe  public  against
thai  the food sh ,ul,l
espei lally   th it
im.  grocery stores, lie
*   the  mothers to re-
* te where     that
Ernest H.  L.  McLean,
Revelstoke, .day 4th.
* *
. ■
* •
■ ii
merce has ■ ipen >.l
Eggs for Hatching
' ■
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In thc Matter of thc Estate ol
Thomas McMahon, deceased:
Notice is hereby given that uli
creditors and others having claims
against thc Estate of Thomas McMahon, late of Hevelstoke, B. C, deceased, who died at Hevelstoke on or
about the 10th day of November, l'JIO
are requested to send to the undersigned Solicitors for Donald Mcintosh, Executor of the last will of
said deceased, within 60* days trom
date, full particulars of their claims,
duly verified, and that after that
date the said Executor will proceed
to distribute the said estate amnngst
those entitled thereto, regard hem,;
had only to those claims ol which
said Executor shull have then received notice.
Solicitors of Donald Mcintosh,
Executor of the L.ist Will
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Notice  Is  hereby  given      thnt     nil
back yards and lanes must be cleaned
up according to the provisions of the
liylaw within thirty days from the
date below. Alter the expiration ol
that time It will  bo duty to proceed
summarily   to convirt those persona
upon  whoiie  premises imisa ices exist.
First notification of this published
this 8th day of April,  I'.il I.
ShiMs Cun
gnu. uiv 'iini'   .iiiii'.li*.  cures colds,  hcnls
•)he   ilirum and   luuu.'.. -   .   .  26 cent*
Take notice that "Kincaid & And-
i'isi n, Linited" after the expiration
of one iiioiit.li from the first publication of this nitice to apply to the
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies
to change the ('ompany's name to
"il,il.lin  lleni'ral  Agencies,   Limited."
Dated at Revolstoke, H. C, this
21st day of April, UH.
Harvey, MeCarter & pinkham
Solicitors  for   Kinciiid       nn.l
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Tapping, Hevelstoke, 11.  C,
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new Post Office, $121111
House and Lot near Y.M.C.A., $3I"30.
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House and Lot. First Shi et, nenr tin
new Post Office. $2100.
53 feet on Sixth Street, $7'*0.
60 feet on Victoria Hoad. $550.
12 Room House, Second Street, 60*fool
lot. StoOO.
And other Bret-class values.
Call and investigate
W. B. Robertson
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Fruit Lands
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John Shaw. Agent
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materials used and work done when
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SIGNS -1 can furnish vnu with any
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Carriage and Wagoti Painting at tny
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n   ' h    low**-      r . <•- If '•n - ,
All kit.il- of I ti I 'ir v hi,-, i.  .-t..riiiK
n   'i-i   ii-'.*
Foote & Pradolini.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
I   Take     notice     that    Clarence    H.
Schock,   of  Mount  Joy,  l'a.,  occupation coal merchant, intends t0 al'P'y
i for     permission to purchase thc fol-
| lowing descrihed lands:—
  I    Commencing at a post planted   2*0
TIME TO PLACE YOUR ORDER!chainj south of the south ea8t L'orn_
.    .   „    DftitiT lit*        i er of lot    7U35;     thence   Bjrth      80
FJ™    iPKIivL    PfllHi NU        jchaias,  thence east 10 chains,    more
or less to the lino of lhc Arrow
Lakes Lumber Company's timber
limit 4t'i'2'$2, thence south 60 chains
thence west 20 chains, thence south
20 chains, thence west 20 chains,
more or less to place of commencement.
Dated March 24th,  1911.
Ed.  McGagbrun,  Agent.
Revelsto'te  Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take  notice that  the  Arrow  Lakes
Lumber Company, Limited, intend to
apply to the Minister of Lands      for
permission to lease the following de- j
scribed lands.
Commencing at a post planted on
the shore line of Upper Arrow Lake,
at a point about 737.2 feet easterly
from the South East corner of Lot
3S4, Group One, Kootenay District, '
nnd marked "Arrow Lakes Lumber
Company Limited North East Coiner
Port". Thence Bouth into the waters of Upper Arrow Lake a distance
of 200 feet, thence westerly and par- ,
allel to the shore-line of the said lake '
a distance of ahout 3133.2 feet to a
point 2*00 feet South from a Point
on the shore of said lake which Is
3133.2 feet westerly from the south-
cast c&inei ol said Lot 384; thence |
north 200 feet to the shore line " ol
said lake, thence easterly along the
shore ol said lake 3*133.2 feet more or
less to thi* point of commcnccmint
17 acres more or less.
Dated April 22nd, 1911.
Arrow  Lakes Lumber
Company Limited.
Ed. McGaghrnn, Agent.
Hverv boi of GIN PILLS in sold with
* positive guarantee of money back if
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Cookej 's remedies.    Pi*ess tlm
button, we will do the rest.
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Vancouver. 11. O.
Repairs  of all   kinds   neatly  done
Bicycle and 'lun work .(specially
l-.-i iiii.iu-M given on any c.lann
of work
Front       Street.
Maintenance of way employees of
six railroads in the U.S., numbering
25O0 men struck May 1st.
An increase of over $3000 is shown
in the customs reiurns for the port
of Nelson for May.
Only three cases of drunkenness appeared in Nelson police court last
Ten thousand railroad thoP men
are out un strike in Philadelphia.
Calgary has a uow supply of power
from thi Calgary Power company's
plunt at Kananisis Falls.
A writ on behalf of P. C. Ingram,
has been issued ugn. nst Nelson street
railway Ior unstated damages for
personal  injuries.
King Ali-hjnso is said to bc gravely ill with tuberculosis.
An application to throw a dam
across St. Lawrence river by the
L'unadian Light and Power Co.,
Montreal, was heard in the Prime
Minister's oltice at Ottawa by Sir
Wilfrid Laurier and Hon. Ur. Pugsley
Richard Wallace, assessor of Calgary, has reconsidered his resignation and decided to stay in the em.
■ ploy of the city.
■ Reports from prairie provinces
report that no damage has been
caused by recent frosts.
I "Chris" Evans, the most noted
bandit has been released from Fol-
som prison alter serving seventeen
I Au important strike of rich zinc
ore with a fair percentage of galena
is reported on the Sunset group at
Cody, which at one time was among
the heavy shippers ol the Slocan
i L. M. Nelson is applying for a
license for his hotel at Carmi.
The so-called bar and bottle law
whicli absolutely prohibits the sale
of bottled gooils over the bar where
liiiuor is sold, became operative in
Massachusetts May 1st. Temperance
advocates believe the new law will
materially reduce drunkenness.
I Mrs. H. F. Coulson died at Montreal from injuries sustained in an
automobile  accident.
The total loreign trade ol tbe
Dominion for the fiscal year just closed amounted to J759,0'H,389, nearly
doubly that of ten years ago.
Mr. Fred W. Wright, a prominent
Conservative of St. Thomus, has announced his determination to run as
an Independent in West Elgin against
Mr. Macdiarmid,  M.P.P.
The speech of President Taft at
New York, has aroused the British
Unionists, who bave demanded that
Ambassador Bryce forward a verbatim report of tbe siieech by cable.
The reciprocity debute was resumed in the house of commons Vi. H.
Sharpe, of Lisgar, announcing that
the opposition intended keeping
up tbe light  against thc bill.
Westward Ho! is the cry of work -
ingman immigrants from the British
A big shipbuilding enterprise will
be established on the Pacific coast.
A Winnipeg fancier has purchased
several valuable dogs in England.
J. R. Sutherland has been offered a
big price for  his pacer  Southwood.
North Battleford is experiencing a
building boom.
Geo. L. Co0k,
is dead.
a pioneer of Brandon
lu the  debate in  the free list
at  Washington,  the  statein. nt
made   that  living  and   labor
higher in Canada ili.in in  the United
A RRO 'VII HAD, It. ('.
Special Attention given io commercial
nii'il   snd    1.hiii: ii-      Fiisi-i'Ikhs   SHIIipli
rooms, Finest scenery in liruinh Columbia! overlooking Upper Anow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
-Affords superior educational advantages, Handsome new brick building,
modern equipment, extensivegrounds,
Classes graded In accordance with the
ifhoolo llliOUghoill lini Province.
Complete Music ami v 11 Departments.
Special courses In Sliorllinnd, Type-
wrilliiK and Book-keeping. Particular
Htlenllon given 10 refinement ol manners mnl correct English,
For Prospoctus. Adrinss lho Ao demy.
P. Lund, ol thc Crow's Nest Pa=s
Lumber company, now in Winui|<eg,
says tbe miner's strike in British
Columbia must lie adjusted very
The Winnipeg civic lire, water and
light committee has decided to enforce the by-law providing that automobile garages  must  bc  fireproof.
I Thousand:, of men went on strike
May 1st in the United States. May
Hay demonstrations were held
throughout  tba world.
Better methods for the immi(-ru
tion ol women to the overseas do-
minlons were advocated In Uu house
ol lords yesterday.
Calgary's fortnightly payroll last
Saturday amounted to fi'J.i'il.Si, the
biggest in its history.
The park officials at Banfl have
succeeded in capturing a mountain
ewe after over a year of fruitless endeavor.
The farmers of Alberta are report-
j ed to be well supplied with laborers
■for this season.
Eight person* perished when a teachers' excursion special was wrecked
in Pennsylvania, the engine leaving
the rails and tbe wreckage taking fire
Charles F. Adams addressed a
large Winnipeg audience Saturday
night on the work of Henry George,
the singletaxer.
Through the heroic act of a nineteen-year-old girl, a child was sBved
from drowning in a well near Cftrlyl«
Hon. vv, R. Motherwell, minister of
agricultural of Saskatchewan, is en
route to England to attend the coronation.
The dates ot registration in the
Manitoba constituencies, also of the
courts of revision, have been announced.
There is considerable unrest in labor circles in the United States, and
several  strikes  will be precipitated.
Winnipeg Marblecutters will go out
on strike Ior recognition, and J4.&0
eight hour day.
C.G. Sadlemayor, a homesteader in
the Swilt Current district shot himself when arrested on a charge of
The British ambassgdor at Washington, Sir James Bryce, will be the
guest of Earl Grey at Ottawa this
The   Winnipeg    professional ball
team  broke  even in a  double  header
with the city leaguers Saturday.
A jewelry traveller says he was
robbed of $10,000 worth of diamonds
between Macleod and  Calgary.
T. P. O'Connor, Nationalist M. P.,
eipects tbe veto bill to have become
law before the end of the year.
Winnipeg building permits issued on
Saturday totalled almost naif a mi'-
Thj   C.P.R.    will order    two
steamers for its Pacific service.
Take tbis tip my (mul from me,
And mind your own business,
It will pay you in the end,
Always make an<l keep a frienj,
To win re-pect from foe t'will  tend.
Then mind your own business.
When elections come arouad,
Just mind your own business,
Vou  with others disagree,
Vou get hot and so does he,
Vou both arc fools you'll later sec,
So  mind  your own  business.
II there's a row upou tbc btreet,
Mind your own business,
What v tbc odds who wins the  fight,
And whut to  you  whoa      wrong    or
Just keep a going uli your might,
And mind your uwn business.
II your neighbor prices cut.
Attend to your own business,
Let him sell below the coat,
Tbe more he sells the more ho's lost,
Soon he'll bo by  I rouble tossed,
,, ,,.1     , „■ I Ho mind  your own  business.
!• ire ,,n  l'ntehttid avenue, Winnipeg | '
destroyed M,000 irortti "f machinery, |-
a building  »1.1 ih (J,111:0 and a h<
The  Loudon Telegraph publishes nn
iiiitliiii*  u(  tin* •Object nintter of    thc
propoaed Anglo-American peaea   convention.
SMhhh Cure
on ,!iv slops coedbs, seres selils   fi. .1,
Ilia Ibrunl sad lunds. ^^*^ "-
•    na can.
There are no new developments In
the ninrlile cutters' strike ln Winni -
peg. but both Hides Will bold meetings.
The Australian government in oder
ing large prizes f,,r the |.<* 1 design*.
for laying oul thi new federal capital.
Sir All h..use P. Pelletie, I.lciiten
anl Governor ol Quebec,  is dead.
A  sixty  mile  gale  did  considerable
damnge  In  l'i nn*.ylvnnia-
are  re|oit<*d  at  Hrranton
I If your friends from mall shops buy,
Just mind your own business,
Never let him sec you know,
Prices just a shade below,
And mind your own business.
If Mures scaudal  in the town,
Mind ynur ,,«n business,
Don't repeat  thc tale again,
Nor who told, or why, or wh.ll,
Keep your tongue right in its den,
And mind your own business.
Toronto, are (old
only In this box.
So my friend  leinetnlier tbis,
Ft lit'     '"r° min'' >ollr own hustness,
Al) through life you'll find it nest,
J And when you lie down to rest.
tern  miiwiH  object    I *    the , Vou  bave  pan-od  life's greatest  test,
By minding your own business.
(W. Mc. L-l
arbitration pnewdlBga, with tbe min
ers being held iu secret, SATURDAY.  MAY 6, 1911.
Rumors are current in boxing cir- !
cles that Abe Attell, featherweight ' Cn* of the most elo.niiiu tributes
champion, may in* compelled to retire ever paid i" a dog was delivered by
from the ring. Attell's physicians say tue late Senator Vest, of Missouri,
that the champion oannot box again some years ago. He was atwmuing
for at .east one year in-cuu.se oi a court in u country town, an.l whiie
broken bone in fi.- Left grm, Buffered uniting lor the trial of a case m
in h.s rec-nt bout with Frankie which be was in aires Lul, was urged
Burns. Attell ;s more than 2S ny the attorneys ,n n doB u"se L"
years *■. I and is said to be rather lialp ihem out. voiu.n.nous ovidtnoe
dubious as to the future, for he teal's was introduced to show chat the ue-
a return ol the Injury when he at- lindane had fhjt tne dog ,n mahce,
temps to resume operations, If Attell wm.e oih'r ev.denoe went io short
■:•-;. retire there will be a lbut tllc do6 bad attached ilcf.n.l-
Bcramble Ii i bis title. Jem Drlscoll, nne. Vest toon no part In the trial
the English champion, might well lay and was not disposed to speak, the
claim to it, but Drlscoll announced attorneys, however, urged film to
recently  that  he wus through     with  speak.     Being thus urged, he   arose
the ring.
Can you !;eat this.' James J. Jcfl-
ries announces through a "Iriend"
that he was forced to enter the ring
at Reno last July hungry and ill
nourished through the treachery ul
those r.f trusted .n the training camp
According to an uld-time racing man
who  has      known   Jellries  intimately
Bcanned the lace ol eaeh juryman lor
a moment, and suul.
.."Gentlemen ol the jury, tha best
111, nl a man has may turn against
him and become his enemy. His own
son ui* daughter that ha had reared
with loving care may prove UUgrato-
fui. Those wh0 are nearest and dear
est to us, those whom we trust with
our happiness and our goo I
nunc,  may  become traitors  to  their
laith.     The money that a man     has
for years, bin wbo declined to     have   h ,  may  ,08e      Jt  |lles uwuy        f|„m
his name used, Jeffries will g0 to
Baden Baien shortly for the sole purpose of priming himsell for a Becond
go with Johnson. "Jellries has only
one object In going to Europe," said
th: racing man. "Th.it is to pull
himself together and whnlc thc life
out of the blgck mia when he gets
back. That thought is h.s meat und
<!: nk."
him, perhaps wh u he n Is it most.
A man's reputation may be sacrificed
iu a moment of ill considered action.
'Iln- pen,de who are prone to fall on
ih'ir knees to do us honor when
success is with us may be the first
to throw the stone of malice when
failure settles its cloud upon our
"Thc in* absolutely unselfish Iriend
that man c<,n have In this selfish
world,      the    one  that  never  deserts
Having     astounded the       billlari "• the "•' ih*1 "''<''' i'n,v'''     ''»-
world by making n series of breaks- grateful or treacherous, is fi s     dog.
mostiv off the red ball-ranging from A  man's dog stands by him in pros-
1,000  to  over 2,000,     George     Gray, P*-r'ty nnl  in  poverty.  atid in health
the amazing  youthful  billlard cbam- <>llJ >" sickness.     He will sleep     on
plon,     who hails Horn Australia, has the cold  ground,      where  the  wintry
been  induced to give awuy some     of W1"'ls  blow a"d lho Bnow llriu'" "'''
the secrets of his plun itnenal skill in l' '>• >r ""'>' "'' "■«.«• '•*' u'■" hls m"s-
a book    entitled      "Red-Ball Play", ter 8 sWe-      He will kiss the     baud
- :1.     Mr.  Gray     lays particular that     has no food   to offer, he will
emphasis on practice
"When  my  lather  determined
Ink the wounds un.l sores that conic
iu the encounter with tha roughness
make me a'professional billiard-play- ": the world'     "'' Buarda Ul"   BleeP
er six  years agO-I was then only  12 "' ttia Pauper master as II ly*     was „
years oi age " be writes, "he made it l'rinco'     ul"n »" "lh-r trlcn'8     *'>•-
clear   to  me  that   I   was entering      a I*'"'1'   1'n remains.      When  riches take
pi *   .-s.i b, anl tbat 1 must study lor « n's <"><■■ reputation f„lls to [rieces,
it as earnestly and thoroughly as   a he ls "s constant In Ins love »s   ili*
student   ;.*i-nu..i,*il  on success would •■"" '" ''» Journeys through the beav-
do in anv other profession. 'n8'
"Dunn.* these  s.x  years  I  have av "If '"'l,;l"'  ,lliv''s ""' mast"'   tort*
eraged   between   -ix  and  eight  hours' '"> outcast in the    world,     friendless
practice every day.     This     has   not .i"'1 homeless, tbe faithful     dog asks
consisted  In going to the tabic   and "' ll,-ll'r Privilege than that ol   ac-
knocking the balls about, but in th companying him,  to guard     agalnsl
most seriode study ,,f angle problems ' "-"'• '" '"-'"' against his enem
and touch tests.     Often I played    a Aml ul'"'" ""' ,aB< s''""1 ot "" """'"
single shot hundreds ol    times over. '"! *Jeath '»k('s his "aster     In    its
nnl my practice table is all marked embrace and the body is laid    away
.  It   ::  the dots and short lines I use •" the cold  ground,  no  mailer  tf  *,11
in    working   out some of    my prob- otber flK,lls ■""'*'"' ,l1'"  *«'■ "' '■'
jcms •• by the grave side  will the  noble dog
Thi              Hon has been made that •"- fuU"'•  bia '•e'"1  •■''•wi'ii
the method   of play ma.nly adopted niB eyes snd. but open in alert
by  Mr.  Gray-namely, that ol mak- fulness,     laithful   and true even     ln
ft breaks off ''he red ball alone ,1<>ntl1-"
With  a stroke  of mechanical  regular Then  Vest  SRt  down.  He had spok-
Ity-ls likely to prove monotonous t0 in ln a :"w voice, without „ gest
He made n . referem i  to I
;*ectator  anl  a  draw! ark        t
billiards generally; but in Mr. Gi,,y     or ''"' '"'' ""   hc
•  iriU pay the amateur plaj    !'"'sh"J ;'•'l*-v and |ury »
cultivate red-ball play, because   tneil   eyes.     The jury
the ng so is    in ic     -" "  entered  with a  verd
more easily    .,i obta a     :"!  ' ~,; '
than for anj  othei  method of break-  "l"1 ll WM Said that
Ing. jurors wai
"Tfi •        tbat lead up I
be ad everj
Uess thai
• .   ,ili I   n
I abundani
.   at
anj time . •
mes will s        i
ol train   I
i .ui ia ■ a..     II the •
for it must
n ar fui
lin  i REACHKRS  liill
•     -
. 9 •
l -ii 0/ to    tht
*. ■. n .*
i       •        Dl       , ■ a i   ■
1 •       ■   ;. cal
nal th and ai churcl
for sue me Mtth
require I. I      I to      iy a  "WWts Di    3 *
hall ry  outlined tl tha les
*-        • , !i,; !, II  Willi
"It must be
♦ hat  though  th l British
,.      • ■ .., • -. ild, "could bi    con
,       ■   ■ .     . ■   | .   ■ i thc sense of n
t   n *        * . tho eh in fi
■   •    0ry ol     :'' i I sil   mi n     '" thi He to  tha  liquor
creating troubl        by  tm n to th that lbej      vera
li sing sink, is.* *        ■■• di
ib.       .                toria ' oh i * ■
: -j  meani ol ri long   i 	
Km;    SALE   toi and House partly
built, verj 'inn,      Apply Bo* 106,
Itevelstoke. It,
iceoi * .   • di pai    ol R. u,
,     i,.,i   |    Columbia  WANTED   i    •  mgn ni  woman wanl
WANTED—Two  girls  ot  once  Coma
pllx  Board ng Houso, $25.00       per
month  with lioanl an I  room     Apply     Comaplix    Boarding    House,
Comaplix, B, C.
When you want piano or organ tuning or repairing, have ii done by a
thorough, practical man of twenty-
five years experienced. Kor terms
ask J. Bingham, at the Mu.iie Store,
Revelstoke. 4t^      6
Until Released by Wonderful Sa-
}     maria Prescription
Liquor sets i'n inflammation and lr-
I'ltatlon of the stomach and weakens
the iKivi'8* Tfis steady or periodical
(spree) drinker ia ut'ten forced to
drink even ugainst 1* 111 by his un-
i.mural physic] condition.
Samaria Prescription stops tlie craving, steadies the nerves, builds up the
general liealih nnd makes drink actually distasteful and nauseous. It
is tasteless and odorless, and can Ue
given willi or without the knowledge
ul' the lintlent.
Thousands of Canadla homes ha\e
been suvml from misery and disgrace
by some devoted . .'e. mother or
daughter iluougfi tfils wonderful Canadian remedy. The money formerly
wasted in drink hus restored happiness, home comforts, education aud
respect to the families formerly in
want nnd despair.
Read the following, one of the numerous unsolicited testimonials received:
" 1 ran novor repay you for your
remedy, It ls worifi more tfiun lim
io me. .My fiuubiuid Iisb been offered
ilijlior seventl limes, but would nol
touch It. He. said It tied no cfiarm for
film now. Mny Qod'S Oholce IjleSRlnK.i
ever rest on you, and yuurs, are my
jirnyers pver. Nn one knnwa It hut
lliose wlio have tried It. As soon ns I
e.iii I will see otfiers that I know
would Klve anytliln-j to stop tlielr fins-
Imnds frnin drink. 1 will give them
your address.
"Mrs. K ,  Dewlnlon.  Alts."
(Nome  withheld  on  request.)
Now. If you know of any family
needing this remedy, tell them about
it. If you have any friend or relative who fins formed or la forming*
the drink habit, help film to release
himself from Its awful clutches. Samaria Prescription ls ussd by Physicians and Hospitals.
A FREE TK1AL PACKACK nf Samaria Prescription, with booklet, giving full particulars, testimonials, price,
etc., will be sent absolutely free and
postpaid iu plain sealed package to
anyone asking for It end mentioning
this paper.      Correspondence sacredly
confidential. Write to-day. Th: Samaria Remedy Co., De; t. 4C-49, dl-
iiom.i St., Toronto, Camda. Also
or Sale by C. I!. Macd n.ild, Diuy-
?ist, Revelstoke, 11.  C.
tb     '.vi    i   . i.iiv   received by piwrt
,: ■*■    .,'    b      Con st'■»'Iva  \ isoda-
I   ■ will
'..,   on Augitit  nth   ni
in *    Will    leave   III'   folio*  -
,n; m.-UD B| (01  •■' amou«.
ed  fol   work  „l  In,inr paying      $2.Ofl
mi |„,| ,|„v nrlt.h   opportunity
to  iidvnnee       Spare   'inn*  inn      be
used.       Work   li"l   difficult   ll Ild     re-
u n       no   experience,     Winston,
I..in,led, Spiidiua Ave., Toronto.
Thr in*iJe utrrm !«r> ^ ''t» <11"' Retlwc K-5,..-
CpAteiiteJ   ■ preventa \»otei fiomtui - L
1);.. ■ i   ul ll ■ I      i    Onl> livrbutton*.   ' '   .
tba Fish ft :'ntl REFLEX ond get a better I
wearins, better finithed, better looking *li leei ,
in every way.
Toronto.   Canada. 411
"AT IT HERE SiriCC 1900.'
mr; \niwtifin
\x-mi m:. v.,v r- mm
^rufrf.r, -if
yOlR r*ii*iB*'ii)D»<^',i
•*iiSrFRO*i*rrLy i'«•*'!!» von
yum      "VicmiTy,
■\mmn-yn': pi
Fljft PWtft
W, (IRE"
to plb    : you.
321 CainbU Street,
- Vai^ovivtr C.G..
Pleases!  people
hard  to  satisfy
THAT is the nnmo, and
below is the trademark,
you are to look for next
time  you buy underwear
Your size in any garment
with that trademark will
fit perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink. Yet you pay
nothing extra for this
extra value;aad yougetour
Guarantee of "money back
if you can fairly claim it"
Made at Paris in Canada,
by PENMANS  Limited.  51
Imported Worsted Suits
For your "be&" suit—for evenings and
Sundays—there is nothing else quite so rich
and elegant as Fit-Reform Worsteds.
We import :he fabrics from England—and tailor e.vcry
garment throughout by band.
t<P^- t , t
I /•!.  us   sbow   you  some   ot  our
.vbicb appeal to all good
■ *
^"^j..   ic f^ i       i.jf -
Wl ly
Cy >■ o      l^
HOU I! ;
I ,1 I ...
Ail 111 *, .i I li Bl il iiiiiii.
Property owners in the City
are hereby uutiiied that all
anuses must be connecteu with
the sewer witinii t>[l days from
By order,
B. a. Lawson,
Ap. t2-10t. • City Ulerk.
NOTlUfcl TU (.'lll'lllITtlllS.
Take notice  that tha Btorc known
a.*,  i.iii,*,  Wo,  Kwont; Kl*''''     opposite
f.M.t ,.\., first street,     east,     ba
uurii  Un.i'ii ovei* hy .Mine  Pat       nn.l
ill, n,; l.i.i'ii,  an,l nil  elamis due      to
i u..ei'slgn.d must lie presented      lor
payment wiihin jU clays trom ilatu u,
lh is lekue,
Dated April 8lh, 1911.
\\IJN-J tiUUK.
ic   ISstato ul    Ueorge    Nkhjls,  Jr.
Nol m     ,.,  I,ei i ,*.,   K'"-'"   that nil i>**i
..,,., ,,ii. in.;  iui,,   cxaiins  or  deiuaua,
.l,,...ll.,l    Luj    U..U.'C    dt'CUaSC'd,       li.ill^C
..ici.uiti,  jr.,  i.ui' in  tteveisto&o,    u.
. ., railway employee,  who ai*-il n-a.
..U^Cld   t*a.,s,   L).   I. .,   Oil   O.   a.lO.-t   Lilt
,ih nay   ot  Jian.li, uiu,  ai'c require**-
io .m.u.1 particuinm tboieoi iliny veil
aed io tUe unaerslguou on or lie.mi
.11.:  l'U.it ..ay  oi  ft.aj   1V1>| and  laai
alter suia dale 1 Will iiioeeci to uiu
•.un..ie ili.- Mi.il bisiace amongst tnoai
lui.H.i tnereto regard     being      Ua..
.nny   lo   luutie      emails  ol   Which       j
..ii.i.i ii..n bave received notice.
Solicitor,   lievel.-tu..e,   U.   U.,  Ad
ministrator with hill annexed o,
i...i.iie ol said u.o.ge  i*.ii-lium, Ji
Oertlllcate ol Improvements.
11..1.1 ilau-a ....,, . uiaim, siiuaie.,
,u me Trout Liiiive ivluuug UlVltfloU O.
xciii r.oijieuay Uistriut. vyueie lo
culeu:—Al llend oi Seven Mile Creel.
..uu aiijoin.ng iue hinsiow Mineral
. inini.
i....e .Nuliee llinl i, U.11..S. Wilkie,
aei.n^ us ageni ior Uiuee miue, t'.
m.i... u.j.,uj, William Ikuneii, l*'. M.
U, j.>_.>— i, una Nenie Davey, 1*'. M.
•J. iNo. n^joui, incenu tiixiy ilays li'ua.
dale iieieoi, lo apply to tile MiU.Ug
Kecordei' lor a Certificate ol rm
provements, Ior the purpose of ob
laiumg u Crown Craul ot the auo>i
And further take notice that ac
tion, under seciiun 87, musi lie com
inenl,M before tbc issuance ol eucb
Uertlficate oi lmprovcmouts.
Ualcd Ninth day ol March, l'Jll.
U. b. N. W1LK1K, B.C. L.d.
Trout Lake. U. O.
• ii iiiii'ute ui improvement.
iV'akeflcld, llekn, Colorado, Del
Norte, Dil Hey, San Juan, Delta,
and Marguerite Mineral Claims, ait-
iiate in the Lardeau Mining Division
uf Wost Kootenay District. Where
located:—on Mohawk Creek,
'fake Notice HmL 1, A. ll. Green,
acting as agtnt Ior John H. i li my,
Speeiul free Mmei s Certificate No.
3*810, intend, sixty days trom date
lii  iu apply i" the Mining Recorder iui Certificates ol Improve
ini 'I . Ior the purpose ol obta n ng
■ rown i.inin,, ni ih • above claim ..
Alld  lull Ini   I.,,..*  ii,,i ii ,*   ilml nil i.n
n lei cl *ii *.i, must be commi n , |
in .,,,,* ih.* i....uniii-.• ,,; . in li i vri locale
"i Improvements,
Dated ii,, .M ii> ii„) i,i in bobor, A.
U    i'uti.
KOOTENAY      LUUGK,  No.  '.5 A.  P.
nnd A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TUMPiiii, Odillellows' Hall
on the Third Monday In each mouth
at U p, m. Vis.ling brethren are
cordially welcome.
ItUltT.  (JOHIJON,  W.  M. '
W. B.  ROliERTSON,  Secretary.
>,iiiiiuii Ann, I*, i .
M nn li.
Revelstoke Land District,
ihi i m i  ol  Wi sl  Kootenay,
Take nol li o tbat   HiihiI    it.   Ucyu*
oIiIh, ui Revolstoke, B. c,     occupa-
i rk, Intends to njipiy for pcr-
iii purcbase   tb ■     lol.ow,iiii
di 11 ii" i  lunil
i iiiimi. in ii • ni ,, post planted al
Lhi outh west i urn n dI Lol 7818,
tbence easl ■ iba n . ■bence . outh
G cbuina i" the nol th easl coin ir
□I i.ui 7048, iIimihi: along line ol
Bald !•"'   i" chains, west -iO    ohalna
South  nn 1   '■' ' i Iiuii'*  w'i rt   to line    nl
i   i , theoci   along  line ol   s.iiil
Lol  i: ■ haln * and   ll  chains w* I t"
ii *.'.'• i mi ii ii. iiii net aboul
ir itii to place "' commence
n. enl.
March lit, HU.
ha.ill. H. KBYNOLDS,
Agent  John  Uabw,
SELKIRK     LUDUE 12,  1.  U.  O.  P.
Meets every Thursday evening iu
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. ViBitiug
brethren cordially invited.
K. G, McKAli, N. G.
JAS. MATTllli,  Becretary.
COURT     MT.      DEODlIi,    No.  3401.
OF 1.  U. V.
Meets iu 1. O. U. V, Hull next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
uud fourth Monday iu uiouin. Visiting brethren cordially   welcomed.
G. Vi. HELL, C. R,
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Bec.
GOU) RANGE LODGIi,      K.  ot    P.,
NO.   iill,   UEVELSTOKE,   U.   G.
Meets every   luuucsilay  except   tbe
l'hiid  Wednesday ol each mouth      ju
■jiklicllows'   Hall ut  S  o'clock.   Visit-
ug Knights are cordially Invited.
.1.  V.  SIMPSON, C.  C.
G.  U. BROCK,  K.  ol R. it S.
M. ol l'\
C.  W. U.  VV.
Moiiuluin  View  Camp,  No.  229.
.leeis Second    and      Eoiiith   Wednes*
days    ui each montb  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visuing  Woodmen uio
cordially  mvitdd to ulieuu
11.  W.  EDWARDS,  Con. Oum.
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial   Dank   IJmliling   Kevelstoke, D. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Rovelstoke,    B.   O.,     and
Cranbrook, D. C.
loo. S. MoOarter,
i. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Itevelstoke, Craubrook
Provincial  Land  Suveyor,
Mining  Surveyor,
Ooronatlon Y.K.U. nnJ North Star
..liiii'i'nl Claims, BltUate in the Trout
,,ake Mining Division ol We.-,t Kootenuy District. Where located:—On
itapld Creek.
Take notice that I, O. 11. N. Wilkie
acting as n^ini for Cutler Thomas,
,'oi'ter of Spokane, Wash., U. S. A.,
/roe Miner's Certificate No. B 'J*1'J75,
intend, sixty days from date hereof,
■ o apply to the Mining Recorder Ior
i Certificate of lmprovcimnts, for the
purpose of obtaining a Grown Grant
oi the above claims.
And lurther take notice that action
under section 37, must bc commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 27tb day of April, 1911.
Tuko notice lhat "Campbell Shingle
Company Limited" intend alter the
expiration of one month from the
lirst publication ol this notice to apply to the Registrar of Joint Stock
Companies to change the Company's
name to Atlas Lumber Company,
Duted ut Itevelstoke, B. C, this
ith day ol April, 1BU.
Harvey, MeCarter & Pinkham,
Solicitors Ior the      Shingle
Compnny,  Limited.
Companies   Act,   Canada,    Provinsa
nl    lun,.-b Columbia, No. 48&A
Tins is lo certify that "Wm. Now-
iiiaii Company, Limited" Ih authorized and licensed to cany on business
within the Province ol BritiHh Col-
* inliiii, ainl to carry out or cllci't all
Ol nny ol lb.' Objects ol the Company
to whirb tbe legislative authority ol
lhe Legislature ol    British Columbia
I .Mill  IS,
The liMiiil office of tbe rompnny is
situate at Aihlown Block, in tho
''ity of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba.
Tin1 head office of the Company in
ibis Provlnco is Bltuato l(t tbe olllces
of Harvey, MoOarter nnd P'nkbam,
Imperial iinnk Building, Revolstoke,
nnl George Snnili MeCarter, Barris-
tei ,1 Law, whose address is Rovcl-
rtoke, aforesaid, i« the attorney tot
the Company i
The umi) in. ol llm capital of tho
Company is one hundred i.lunisnni
dollars divided Into Ont thousand
Given   Under   my   ban,I  nnd  seal  Ol
■ Hum at Victoria. Province of Hiitisii
Columbia, this first day of May, one
thiiiisiind n ii* In,mii I* i „n I eleven,
Registrar ol Joint-Stock Coinyaptoa,
; *
Watch   window  for    Big
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. S- J^ume Si Co.. limited
Mail    or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Dress Linens
New Dress Linens direct from
the mills in Ireland, in all the
wanted colors. Some of them
the pretty shot effects in mixed
colors. They are very pleasing
and effective and will be perfect
goods for the wash dresses.
35c. per yard
Imported French goods. Prom
the tiny one for the little tot to
the large colored silk umbrella
that is having a vogue just now.
There is a very nice idea among
them, the pongee silk one with
colored trimming, at
Wash Dresses
Women's summery wash dresses in already. The host of pretty
tub 'dresses on which the ladies
will soon be depending for summer comfort. Cool, one-piece
dresses of linen and lingerie.
That same name "Lingerie" applies to the simplest gown of
sheer muslin to the more elaborate one of fine linen de soi, etc.,
$5 to $25
Clearing Sale
Ladies' Spring Suits
There are still some good ones
left and they sure are a big bargain at half regular prices. Just
drop in and look them over, you
will be surprised when you actually see
$25 Suits for 12.50
Cotton Frocks
On the fragrant drowsy days
of summer, and what a summer
it promises to be, the cotton
frock will be every woman's
first thought, while the days are
still cool for the making, better
do the choosing while the assortments are at their fullest—from
airy Dimities to the sturdy Linen
Repps, etc.
10c. to 50c.
Cool Undervests
Ladies' new, cool, spring undervests. Special line of pure
white, fine cotton knit vests,
porous weaves, with short sleeve
or no sleeve, at each 35c or
3 for $1
House  Furnishing Department
English Tapestry
We have a special line of these
Squares in the following sizes,
which are exceptional value.
2*jx3 yards, price $ 8.00
24x3J " " 10.50
3x3 " " 11.00
3x3} " $12 and 12.50
2Jx3     "   velvet $13.50
Heavy English
We have a choice line of these
squares, which is the standard
for quality, in fawns, reds, blues
and greens; sizes 9x9, 9xl0i,
9x12, and 104x12. These squares
are suitable for any room and
cannot be excelled at the price.
For Kitchens and Bath Rooms,
in fact every room in the house
can be finished with this durable
material, permanent colors, can
be washed off.
Brussels, Wiltons,
A choice assortment of theBe
high-class squares in all the regular sizes, in Floral and Oriental
effects, in red, green and brown
grounds, splendidly adapted for
living rooms, dining rooms and
Linoleum, Oilcloth
A full range of Nairn's Scotch
goods, the best procurable Hall
rims, i, Si 3G, -15, and 51 inches
Printed and inlaid linoleums all
Dainty floral designs for use in
bedrooms, etc.
Iron Beds, Mattresses
Pillows, Bedding
Splendid value in Maish laminated Cotton and Eiderdown
Ladies  Silk Waists
On the Bargain Table
All the Silk Waists got their
marching orders and must join the bargain procession. There are some beauties
in the Paisley trimmed, and some all
Paisley: others Paisley veiled with chiffon, etc. They are great plunder for
the purchaser
$10 Waists for $5
$9 Waists for $4.50
Grocery Specials
Thursday and Friday Only
Three packages of Corn Starch for 25c.
This is the time of year when these kind of
articles are appreciated. It is therefore up
to you to lay in a stock while it is cheap.
Remember, sale only lasts Thursday and
It is the quality of an article that counts.
If you will pause to consider this question of
quality and then use your own judgment
you will come to the conclusion that IT PAYS
TO PAY FOR QUALITY. In our Sealey's
Extracts of all flavors you have QUALITY as
well as QUANTITY. 25 oz. bottles at the
same price as you pay for many 2 oz- bottles
of inferior quality.    ASK FOR SEALEY'S.
Let us not go back to the time of trade
deceit, but let us keep on the sunny side of
your good will. It pays us to give our customers what they want, and with a sunny
smile. We know we can do this when we
HONEY. It is rich, delicate and toothsome,
and of matchless quality. In half-pound, lib,
and quart bottles, and5lb. pails. Remember
the name-DEADMAN'S.
Pickles, Sauces, Fruits
Heinz's 57 varieties are considered to be
as good a product as can be made at home.
They are prepared in clean kitchens and
from the best fruits and vegetables that can
be grown. If you want a good article we
recommend Heinz's—Pickles, Fruits, Sauces,
and Soups.
The seeding time is now upon us in full
svvin>i. You will be asking for all kinds of
garden and field as well as flower seeds.
You must consider the quality and purity of
these goods- Don't let obnoxious weeds get
into your lawns or gardens. We carry only
government tested seeds antl can recommend
thom to you as being free from weeds—
Clover.Timothy, Lawn Grass, Turnips, Beets,
Carrots, Parsnips, Beans, and Sweet Peas in
bulk, and all kinds of Garden and Flower
Seeds in packages.
Start  Right—!
The world welcomes the well-dressed man. It
challenges the other fellow. Life is too short to arouse
prejudice just for the sake of fighting it down-don't.
Start right-in 20th Century Brand Clothes. They are
above criticism—always. They make a man feel his own
worth—give him ease, spirit, confidence. They impress
Prices—$20 to $34
Do Your Feet Ache?
Now with the warm weather coming on it is time to
be looking to the welfare of your feet. Foot comfort
means happy summer days. If your ankles ache, if your
instep is broken down, try a pair of arch supports. They
will relieve the pain and in time absolutely cure the
worst case of broken down arches.   The.v fit any shoe.
man silver, triple spring on leather mount. Men or
women's, any size     $3.50 per pair
FOOT EAZER-double German silver spring on
leather mount, men's or women's, any size  $2 per pair
FOOT REST-German silver support on leather
mount, rubber heel rest. Men's or Women's, any size.
Price  $2
pet pair
Mens Hose at a Bargain
For the Balance of This Week
Black cashmere, Llama, half hose; a sock you will
pay GO cents for anywhere, and consider you are getting
value for your money. Commencing this morning and
for the balance of the week we vvill sell them at
Three Pairs for $1.00
Enjoy these cool, siimmerv days. Get a Hammock
and take life easy. We can show you tho largest lot ever
shown in the town
From $1.50 to $12.50 each Saturday, may i, 1911,
Another shipment of Trimmed
Hats just arrived, comprising
the latest New York   high class
\V. B. one of ihe best American
fitting Corsets. Nuform and
W.B. Reduco Corsets.    Prices
$2, $3, and $5
Ladies' Waists
Tailored Shirt Waists, made of
fine white linen, plain pleated
fronts and embroidered fronts,
pearl buttons, starched collars
and cuffs.     Prices
$1.50, $3 and  $4.50
A beautiful range of new I nes
to   seleel    trom. The    latest
styles in a variety of colors.
Prices ranging from
$1 to $5 each
Rov. It. .1. Mclntyre is in Viiiii'oiiv-  case ol tone     production und ability
to sint; in a sustained way made tier
numbers a delight tn listen to.
I Mrs. MacDonald gave a good account of hei'i-'elf at the piano, entering into her work with much enthusiasm, Hei' accompaniment was
distinguished hy smoothness of scale
passages, careful gradation ol tone
and judicious choice ul tempo.
The Btage ol the theatre was gracefully decorated hy potted plants from
ci* attending the Methodist conference
Tenders are being called for m
tins  issue  for the  new court   house.
Lost "ii McKenzie uvenue. envelope
containing money and ring, Kinder
ran keep money but please return
nill,', as it is a keep-sake, also rc-
ceive a  reward.      Address  Box  232.
I   Away iii far-ofl Honolulu in the offices "f the Hawaii  Promotion  Com
mittee can be round the literature of tlu' greenhouses of Mr. J. Maley.
the O.P.R. advertising Uritish Columbia, Mr. VV. M. Lawrei.ee ran across
it there and brought back a copy just
fur a souvenir. Needless to say,
the city of Revelstoke was treated
quite liberally in its pages.
McDOL'GALL—Al Revelstoke, B, ('..
on Sar.itday. May 6th, to the wile
of  J. D.  McDougall, a daughter.
Mr-. .1. H. Hamilton will not re-
ci ive on Tuesday next.
.1.ilm D. Sibbald returned Wednes
day Irom *i trip io V ictoria.
Remember the Knights ol Pythlu
ball  iu the  opera house,   Maj   !3rd
Moving pictures tonight. Complete
change of program on Monday night.
Crank Tapping, son ol Robert
Tapping is home from Toronto Uni
versity tor a holiday.
Geo. LinJgard. of AiUBWortb, it in
claimed, had a hatch.nn of Iti chick
ens last  week from 11 >
Alex. McGregor. C. P. H* bridge
foreman, is home after spending the
past thi". weeks in Vaucoouer.
The C.P.R, will build a number "
handsome chalets throughout the
mountain  section   tbi.-.  summer,
1". Company, 102 Regiment, chal
lenge the district to a ritle match,
uve men i n a side for $100*. 1/0—Robt.
Smith, rapt.
It was 1,'unJ necessary to amputr.-
te tne leg of thc little daughter ,,i .V
Lie Marki, the victim of the sh io! i,.
accident  at  Kamloops  last    Monday
Th..-  regular  meeting oi   the  Boai I
Ol   1>.:-*l   is  0: the  V.M.I'.A.,   will  b-'
held Tueslay evening,  May  '-'.   Ever)
ii gently    requested t" bi
lit.      The  Annual   report   will  he
te   * :   ai.n .al   iim ll
be arrangi
Rev, T,   v'.' i'  vi,, :.    .-. a in*   ■
iota: >    :  I  *        artmenl    it ti mpi i
and moral reform, ol the Meth-
ida,  will    i '
,n tb
nn ug.       alter
•  ■ li  ,i: tbe V.  M.C.
Wc have jusi rece'vecl a shipment of White Clover Honev put up in
live lh. cans, which we will guarantee to Ik* absolutely Pure Honev,
i.iul as t. is is the season for honey we would advise >ou to try ihin it'
mm wish lo get lhe genuine article.
The name "Wagslulle speaks for itself in regard toquality. Weliave
a lull assortment of this Pure Jam including Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach, Plum, I'l.ick Cutrantam! Apiicot.
A.  HOBSON,        Baker and G ocer.
Now just stop and think.
What arrangements are you making to own
your home'.'
We only have a few inside lots left and these
are selling rapidly.
Prices and terms on application. We are
confident we can pie.,so you.   Give us a trial.
Kjootenay Agencies. Ltd.
Stewart   McDotial l.  form rlj ol
city, has accepted .. posit ion ..
in one ol lhe lug I."l.'l.- ol  v am uuver
It is reported that ., represent il
of the Winnipeg (Ml Co. secured       a
jll ii.li'i* i.'i   "ii  .:■*  the    .':■
Wm.   Whyti ,  vici
C.P.R.,  I'ussMil  through  hi *
day in ms private car        HI u It
,*n  lr-   way   I"   the  * 'list.
Mi-s  Patrick  who  I.
Mrs.  K   li        H   |
her home in Montn
.   i  in*'
t\  ■!■ *       .
Theo,  J. Wadman      mis been   appointed  Bro  wai * Revelstoke district    and  any  oi
permits  for    bui the
same Irom him.
Mr.  A. G. Du
plant,    left
ed  to,
i m
10 ill*  i idd
D.or clerks rd
it Orank     .' rks
n    ■ *   ' '■.,--•     K* ■
,.n   July   ',.
•  -   :n .-I   he  Hut; ii
■   -      * .
lerks,     and > ■•   een  U
i nl . tion
•   •■■   •
lhe Y.M.C'. A     i " ' "A
■        •  .
■•    -     ■
t       .,- .-.*     • ana       11
..'   nlmis.-i
mfl li', '   the   -   nun
* ' t     y.w     I
with a team Irom the   \pp:
thi   V.M.C.A
Mr.   0.   Vi
awarded    tl
Mi \    McRai im
v  -;■•* al     i'
I ,
■ ,-   held     11    ll.
r. A. M
What Superintendent Proposes
to Do This Year-Road to
Power House to lie Made
Road Superintendent Edward Trimble has started to work to expend
the ?75,0 u granted hy the Provincial
Government for roads and trails,
ami the .$17,Still for bridges. These
amounts of money will do a lot of
work ami he the means of opening up a vast territory adjacent to
Iu au interview Mr, Trimble states
lhat among the principal works
of construction which will he taken
in hand this year ami rushed
to completion will lie the building
of a road from the city to the power house. In this the city and the
government will work in conjunction,
.Mr. Trimble already Iris a large
gang nt work repairing and rebuilding roads iu the Camborne
district connecting with the town*;
of Trout Lake, Beaton ami Comaplix, also the numerous trails leading lo the various mines in the vicinity. Among the bridges which
will he built is one across the lllecillewaet river on the Fourth street
extension, This will he built Ihis
The work as planned s,, far for
this season is as follows:--
Road south to he extended two
miles below Greenslide.
All roads in the vicinity of Revelstoke to be gravelled and rolled.
Big Bend road to Steamboat
Landing to be gravelled anil
Road to Columbia I'ark to he
graded   and   grovelled. |
Oreely Creek road to he oxtenied
at considerable length.
Mt. Itevelstoke trail wiil he extended two miles.
Trail up ,i ,i.i"ii Pass extended.
| "'.ei nnieut ail I city to work in
conjunction     in     building     a    n',,1
*  'ii;,   power house.
Road  from  Big  Eddy  sawmill  site
i *iiiMer will he rebuilt.
Four nnd  a half mihs  ,,; new trail
will  he built  to   ' nil et   with
bridge  across     Gold  Stream  in  Big
Trail  from  (lohl  stream  to  Canoe
* be th irougbly r«| aired ami
■ - rebuilt
n n m   tm :  t,,    the
nes will !„■ built,
the Col imbia riv-
' id.
Did Revelstoke Boy Honored By
Confreres in Calgary
The employees ol the local Do-
tniuion Hixpross company's ollices and
a numlier of the business friends of
1). tl. McKenzie, tbe agent of the Calgary express ollice, met last night, in
the (Irosvenor at a banquet which
was tendered as a farewell to Mr.
McKenzie, who is leaving the Calgary
ofllce to take n long vacation, and
ihen to he transferred to another
Witty men sat down at the long
tables, and after tbe material of the
banquet was disposed of a number of
presentations were made to the retiring agent.
The employees of the express ollice
resented Mr. McKenzie Willi a purse
ol' gold and a very beautifully illuminated address; the business men of
the city presented Mrs. McKenzie,
through her husband with a beautiful
silver  tea service.
M.ll. Flaherty of lhe express stall,
presented the purse of gold anil the
illuminated address, and Mr. McKenzie responded in a few brief words of
appreciation. A. Allan of the customs
ollice delivered an interesting speech
n presentlug Mr. McKenzie with the
silver service.—Calgary  Herald.
Mr. McKenzie is an old Hevelstoke
hoy ami will he remembered by
many her,'. lie occupied a similar
position here to the one he has just
vacated iu Calgary, While in Ihis
eity he was prominently Identified
With sporting interests and has apparently made good with the Calgary
11.Ids and ends in House Furnishings at How-mi's Hid Kutnture
store at half price.
Howson's old furnltute -tore is al-
iii"il   empty,   hut   there  are   a      few
left  which are  ottered  „t half
Howson's Removal Sale i- drawing
to a close, hut there are still n few
bargains lelt nt half price.
Any person wishing to no
burning for agricultural purposes
during the closed lire season.
may do so hy complying with
.Sections 5 and (i, Chapter Sl of
the Bush Fire Act, antl have a
permit from the Fire Wardens
or Government Agent of the
"'* district.
J. K. McL,EAN,
Div. Fire Warden.
Revelstoke, May (ith, 1911.     2m
■ ■
mpi* •
•i*l   with   the   Si row
i.*                with
1    Ml
M   v  |      III   Ml       111.111   ll
Soap News
y      ...   .
3 Cakes in Box. 25c.
- * i-i   uap  wi 11 milled, and made
.,.„  |'„.,. olive   iml   I'*''"' Oil, ii  l»»  o
and  I'ciieirli.il   effcel  on llu   mosl
i nkin,
Price. 40c. a Box
New Books
UN P.   V. VV HI T
; " „  ,.,|.*
i': AMI
i   *   Hi  Ii   I   \l ni
Sou pi*  iiiii pari in *• i'i   '■ Ioi m* ■ hoot
which von own.   Vie  cxrliimKi   witm Ioi  mt
Ion for
20 Cents
Eastman Film;, Pn-rm Film Pa ;ks.
Velox, and Soho  Papers and all
Chemicals   used   in   Amateur   or
Professional Photography.
W\T To IH.ME I (lock
Court  Iloiuse,  Itevelstoke.
.ileil Tenders,  superscribed  ' Ten-
i ''"iut bouse, Revelstoke," «iii
be received by the Honourable     th i
Minister uf Public Works, up to noon
Inesday, tho 81st day ol May,
1911, f"i the erection ami completion
• i ,i Co iri house at lievelstoke.
in:***.,  Opacifications,  Contract,
Forms "f Tender may be seen at
ih ■ "linen ,,f the Qovernmi nl   v.. u
Nelson,  Kamloops,   New
... im.a !• i    ri,,. incial Timbei     In
iver, an I at the    Ho-
menl  ol Public     Works, Parlia
mint  i*   Idinx     > Ictoria, n* 0.
■ mi,.  i,y apply
II    I      '-..llllll      oil •
Ileal Dn   Ioi the sum
* '                ICI   >ili|i|illic*l
'|.t'"l   hunk   m|im*|         ,,*,
i po  I     "ii n chartered
• ■I     Cans   *      rn.oh' payable
■   ii*.n    tl ol   P iblic
ial t" ii i   i.'.i
ent   * i in   tender, «h ch     h*,u
i rt the pai *    de
—■—•————  inl n tract       when
Tin i bmjues
**'.*   ,.'   i, i
I'll    tl llll, I'l.-    '.'.ill    |,i*    I ,-t in ||  *.|   lo  thi'lll
the i ontract.
m ill lum
' '■ *.t   ;,     guarantee i dd
tbi   Ministei "'.
Pub i n   i in,  |„,r
* - ■ * •    *
■ ■ iitn-nt ,,f th.* contract *
Tin I.*'    .'. *iii not    .    on    i* red   tin
. lesn i .a the i. un     applied,
i  .niii in,* ,,. ri,„i signature   ol
" I .   nil I   ' in I* II   I      ii   tli      . li
'i ii • i * ■ ■ i	
•linly   ni'i'i'te.l
.1    1    t.KIKI'Tni
Public   W"lk«   Bog im i.
Ill      nl      I'lll,111*     V.
\ irtoiiu, IJ. LV. 1st May, lull.
Ill   Ml       III • "   I*
mi ti
After Supper Sale No. 5/
You want to look after the items we have on
sale to-night at oui-"After Supper Sale;" they
arc money-savers every one of them and are
articles that you will have to buy before long,
so you vvill be wise to take this chance to save
yourself a good part of the price. They ko on
sale to-night at 7 o'clock and the prices hold
good till closing. Come early and get first
Corset Cover Embroideries
Some of Ihe newest and nicest we have ever
shown.    We have two kinds with  about half a
dozen patterns in each.
Fine cambric, with a wide embroidery, some of
it a very fine French embroidering,  and  very
pretty designs.   Regular (iOc.    To-night, 35c. a
Fine Lawn in cross bar and dimity stripes, one
of the newest things in this line.    Regular, 45c.
To-night, 25c.
Strnnping in lots of different designs,  15c.  per
Prints!   Prints!
Five hundred yards of English Prints which we
guarantee to be fast colors. Light and dark
patterns. Regular 15c. To-night—9 yards for
Pretty Aprons
About six dozen nice aprons to go at  less  than
the material would cost you.
Small tea aprons, made of fine lawn  and   neatly
hemstitched,  16c.   each.      Lawn  aprons   with
bibs, embroidery  trimmed,   good  length.    25c.
Fancy Linen
A lot of Linens, drawn, hemstitched and Damask
in tray cloths, sideboard cloths and tea cloths.
To-night they are HALF PRICE.
Bargains in Hosiery,   Hair   Pins,   Barrettes,
Combs, Laces. Embroideries, Etc.
F.O R.       GOO   ©        GO   O ID.
How About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Rctorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
That intangible thing which appeals to all men—particularly thc
younger chap whose clothes must
be distinctive—has been attained
in this new spring Campbell's
Clothing model with its long,
gracefully shaped lapels, its well
made, slightly dipped coat front
and the new features of cuffs and
pocket Haps shown in illustration.
It has Bmartness and individuality—while the wear is in it too.
It always is In clothing bearing the
Campbell's Clothing trade mark.
Mc%ae Mercantile Co.. 4td.
Jhe J'tijla J'.wp for Man aid Boys ls)ho Know
WANTBD-OIH for general hon* K0K 8AWM"W° Te«m» ot Heavy
woik. No . inlili on. Apply ED, A.', H'lrsiMi lor gale—Apply to J. Ker-
I'.ii 11. it. nachan, Haltiion Arm.
WANTED  Tenders lor   ela-shlnn fifty |
ii'H'-i of lleht timber and bush. For I
lm ther particulars apply   to     3,
Kiifiii'lmn. Salmon   V,in.    Tenders
tu bl in hy May li tb.
Shi fob's Cum
nu.i'lv   >lnni r-.nithl,   iin-m  culiln.   hrnl*
llie Uuu.il ud I j_.j.      .   .   .      23 mat*


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