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The Mail Herald Mar 11, 1911

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $G0l
Interior Pubhsning*Co.,'Ag1s.
■- ' J
.ti*  i.i
I, ■   ■*■
"Visiting tods' \
lnteriotU^tfWsiijr^ tympany
Vol. 17—No. 18
REVELSTOKE. B. C. MA'RCti 11, 1911
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
JWtfBtB'llllil IW iUbwitw     iwim—I——ii».       p—i -—■ i i  — ii *
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Otfico   Toronto, Ontario
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30.000.00
Branches »ir Agents at all principal points in*Canacla.
Afcent-s In Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—-Seattle National Bank, 8an Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposita of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch -A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
p, Qums & Company. Aid.
J, D3 w w do o r
. A. B.
First Str:
oots a
e So
E5 a
r*~i   H
^^ tn
2 en
CO   —   ,4.   P      3      9m    I
. £
3 PO
Speaking oj Baking Powdet
The Colcdyke Baking Powder Co., Ltd.,
of Winnipeg, Man., have put on the
market .1 large-sized tin of Baking Powder
which they claim to be as good as Price's,
We are introducing this Baking Powder
at 25c. per till.
John Mclntyre Sr Son
Some Favor Paying it While
Others Strenuously Object-
Special Meeting to Decide
Another ol tbone progress estimatc
accounts ot Wm. Newman ii Co. made
its appearance at tbc regular council
meeting of last night, an;l as usual
was the bone of contention among
the aldermen as to whether it should
be paid or not.
The bill, amounting to some J2MI0,
included footings for piers nt the
power dam, which Alderman Cowan
explained he had told Mr. Newman
to go ahead with as he had understood the latter to say that they
were not to be ehargcd for. "However," he said, "the account appears
here now, and I am sorry that it
does, but I think the best thing to
do is to pass this estimate without
Alderman MeKinnon here interposed, and asked for some enlightenment on the subject in question,
"Has all that cement been put in
the sluice way tor which Mr. Newman has charged?" lie asked. Mr.
Cowan thought there had been, but
it was the questioner's firm convic -
tion that it had not. "There is
nothing surer in my mind than that
it is not all there," he said, " and
I Would move thnt the account bc
laid over." Aid. Abrahamsin tav-
oi'fd passing the account and paying
it under protest provided certain deductions were made, while Mayor
Hamilton advised leaving it over (or
further consideration.
"As far as I am Concerned," remarked Alderman MeKinnon, "I am
not in tavor of paying Mr. Newman
one cent ot that estimate either now
or at any other time, as the estimate is not correct. The city
need6 financing just as badly as Mr.
Newman does, and Tor my part I
think we have paid Mr. Newman
quite enough already."
Aid. Cowan argued that it was a
progress estimate signed by Mr.
Smith of Smith, Kerry & Chace himself and should be paid without prejudice. However, Aid. MeKinnon
stuck to bis guns, and tbe matter
was left over for a meeting to be
held this afternoon at 3 o'clock, Aid.
Cowan agreeing when it was pointed
out that the city had not th.i money
to pay the account anyway.
Aid. Abrahamson brought in n report advising the council of the necessity of purchasing certain road
machinery amount ng to about J7G40.
"The snow will socn be gene." he
said, "and we need new machinery
for putting the streets iu shape."
Among other things which the Alderman advised getting was a stone
crusher in order to get in some good
permanent work on the roads this
year as a preliminary to a Campaign
that would be proceeded with -from
year to year. This matter, too,
was left over for the consideration
ot the council this afternoon as the
board was not in a position to order the appliances until arrangements were made tor financing the
It was moved and seconded that
Mr. Sinclair be notified to l«j here by
April 16th with necessary material
for flush tanks, etc., in order to finish up the sewer construction thut
was  under way  last year.
Moved by MeKinnon, seconded by
Cowan, that tbe assessment roll lie
returned March llth, and Co«rt of
assessment be held April  ISth.
it was decided to hold a special
meeting this afternoon at which Mr.
Newman's bill, thc preparation ot a
bylaw for thc nrci'ssnry money tor
^ I paying thc over estimate on thc power plant, the preparation of a by-
| law ',,r a new Hume and a bylaw for
| r0ad machinery will all bc considered
A delegation interviewed thc cotin-
cil in regard to repairing No. 1 flrc
ball, the meeting room, sleeping
rooms and foundation being in poor
shape. Mayor Hamilton recommended that the matter be rolcrred
to the Fire, Water & Light committee to bring in an estimate ot what
tbc probable c0st would bc, nnd
promised that quite probably something would Ik done, as ho recognized thnt something wns necessary.
Thc committee was composed ot
Chief Needham, li. Belgtrled and
H.  Cunningham  Morris.
The general concensus ot opinion ot
the council was that in view of tne
rnnnrial condition ot the city's finances It was advisable to cut down
donations thin year.
It was moved by Aid. McKli n in,
seconded by Aid. Cowan, that the
band bc glvrn a grant ol $200.—
A bill lor something between $R
nnd $!) tot unloading cement at the
power house submitted by the C.P.R.
was laid pver, it being the opluiou
ot the council  that it  was purely    a
Newman account.
Alex McRae wrote notifying thc
council that the nighl service at the
post office had been resumed,
bis reasons for not havlng this an
before being that be had never been
notified by the council that ths free
light grant was given him.
A bill for ?1«78 for the heating
plant at Strathcona school was ordered paid, the plant lieing taken over by the board.
A bill from the Bowman Lumber
Co. for lumber delivered to Mr. Newman was left over, it being a disputed bill nnd one which the council
thought belonged to Mr. Newman.
The council wished to protect the
local merchants, but decided that it
would be better to luok into this
A    book    agent    wishing  to      sell
Seventh      Day    Adventist    literature
applied to the council for the   privilege of canvassing the city     for   the
sale of bis book "Home and Health"
addressed the council and asked that
it be net     made prohibitive for him
to do business in thc eity. The present bylaw on the Point     practically
prohibited     this.      Aid.      MeKinnon
I pointed out that thc matter was lett
i with tha Chief of Police and he could
not see     any     way in which to get
around  the bylaw.     In     this      the
. whole council concurred, and nothing
■ was  done in thc matter  ns  it would
be  necessary to     break  a bylaw to
j grant any specific     rights    in      this
| Moved hy Cowan, seconded hy Mc-
i Kinnon that the C.P.R. Co. be grant
cd 10 100 k.w. lamps on station platform, the C.P.H. Co. to pay for first
installation of lamps, the city to
maintain them hereafter, except in
! cases where lamps are broken or
stolen, the price to remain as at
present, and that the report of date
passed by thc council regarding these
lampB bc struck out.
Poiiltrymen Condemn Provincial
Victoria, B. B., March 7.—The Kx-
ecutivc of the British Columbia Poul-
trymen's Association at a meeting
in the department ot agricultural
this morning addressed a strongly
worded resolution expressive ot the
association's regret that provision
has not been made by the government for meeting the recommendation of the association that an experimental station be established for
the working out of tlie poultry problems affecting the successful prosecution of this industry in the province.
The resolution urging the date
stamping ot all eggs placed on the
market as fresh was also reaffirmed,
and the Dominion government memorialized lor legislation to make such
dating of eggs compulsory.
Preliminary arrangements tor, and |
a grant of $1080 in behalf of the pro- |
vincial poultry exhibition to be held
in Vancouver from the 15th to the
20th ot January next year were also
made, and R. D. Stewart and L.
Lasallc, of Vancouver, appointed respectively as secretary and superin -
tendeht tor this big show. The entry
fee per bird was made 50 cents, and
individual prizes of $2, $1 nml 50
cents for first second and third
birds. Where there arc more than
30 birds competing these prizes arc
raised to $5, $:i and $2.
It Is recommended that a district
association can be provided for competition by each ol the local associations. J. It. Terry nnd Klmer Dixon, of Oregon City, nnd ED. C. Drew,
of Lindsay, Ont., were named as
judges for thc provincial exhibition,
with one othei to be named, repine
ing Milt,in I'i mis, of Wendell, Idaho,
who finds It impossible to act, Mr.
Terry will Judge thc utility classes,
nnd $100 will be given by the association for tlie egg-laying competion
at thc Vancouver local show.
King, the Architect, Guarantees
it Perfectly Satisfactory-
Two Hundred Yet to Be Paiu
With exception of a drawback of
$2*00 which will not be paid until
they are satisfied that thc heating
plant ut Strathcona school is thoroughly satisfactory, the school board
has paid for the whole heating out-
lit. Mr. King, the architect, was iu
the city on Tuesday, and in conversation with Chairman H. Cui.n.ng-
ham Morris, convinced Mr. Morris
that the plant was put in according
to original intentions and said that
he would guarantee that everyth.ng
was satisfactory. When asked for
the original specifications, Mr. King
told the chairman that none hud ever existed. "There were a few work
ing plans," said he, "but in the
handling of these by the workmen,
they had become so greasy, that
they had thrown them away just as
soon as they were through with
The school board accordingly met
on Wednesday evening with all the
members present—Mr. King not being able to remain over for the meeting—and thc board apparently being
satisfied with Mr. K'ng's guarantee
of efficiency of the work, his bill of
$1878 was paid. The remaining $2C0
will not be paid till in the opinion
of the board the heating apparatus
is satisfactory. As yet there arc u
few technical points in thc plant that
are not just as they should be, but
these will all be adjusted satisfactorily and later Mr. Leek, uu expert
will lie sent from the coast to ex
amine the plant as to its efficiency.
Mr. King, who although stating that
there never were any original plans,
said 'later that he. would see the
Hodson Heating Co., and asrertain
if that firm had any plans for tho
laying out of thc plant.
From tbe expressions of opinions
at the board it was obvious that its
members were not thoroughly satis
Bed with the work, the chairman
coming out point blank and saying
so, but he remarked also, that hav
ing the guarantee of Mr. King, he
could not very well Beo how the
board could hold back tbe money.
A letter was received from Sandon
asking thc admission of two boys
from tbat district to the entrance
class here. The school down there
hns only these two hoys in the class
and thought their chances of preparation here better than at Sandon, so
the application was made. Thc
board did not see why they sh nild
accept pupils Irom outside without
them being paid for, and consequently the secretary will write them and
tell them they can come provided
they each pay the fees ot $3.00 per
month. Thc term will last tour
A bill tor coal amounting to $629
from H. N. Coursler wbb ordered to
be paid.
The mnn  Robert Armstrong      who
attempted  to  bold   up  the      expfflM
office at Itevelstoke recently was tuk
en down to tlie insane asylum at
New Westminster yesterday, ,-, mv
ing ninninc. So violent was h, that,
it required live guards t,, ronvi y bun
00 bis journey. Armstrong ts tho
snmc man who just n month ag"
tried to get into Mayor Robinson's
house at live o'clock in the morning. '
He had been dunking and professed
to be looking lor a bod. Ilo stated !
at the time, "1 am no burglar.     All
1 want Is n bed." In the polloa
court, where be was tin d $2 and
eint'!, be stiiiiil that he hnd been em .
ployed nt. the llarpei ranch, Chilcot-
ln, and wns going to work at the
Harper ranch up tbc South Thump
son. Instead ho appears to have
gone to ncvclBlokc—Kamloops Sen-
Get Into the Swim
In 100*8, according to the bnitel
States census statistics, nearly four
thousand persons lost their UTM
through accidental drowning. All
these persons, but three hundred,
were males. It is a strange fact
that many who are exposed to danger Irom drowning do not nmv I uw
to swim. This is true of 'umbermen
of men of the navy, of many who are
crews on ships und bouts. It iu not
nudereslimating the tacts to say that
fully twenty-live per cent, ot uli
yoUOg men nnd boys in Cauada over
twelve ycai'H ol age do not »now
how to swim, nnd thc percentage is
ot course much larger wbeu i.**i .**.•.!
to both sexes and all ages.
Kvcryonc should know how to
swim, tor at. loast three rens.iui: It
is a splendid form of exercise, judged
trom tlie standpoint ot physiology,
resulting in improved health atccm-
pnnii-d Iiy MM nnd grace of Carriage;
It imparts self reliance and cournge
which becomes elements in n man's
Character, increasing his power Both
for good nnd against o\ll, and final
ly it mny prove the means ol invlng
lite. RdUllDg the necessity tor ne
tion suggested by these facts, the
Young Men's Christian Associations
have undertaken to tcnrli swimming
upon a vpry comprehensive bull,
their slogan being "Kvcry boy nnd
yoiinf mnn in  America a swimmer."
Itevelstoke is to havo a part in
this world wide movement and it is
to be hoped that slio will take ad-
vantnge i.f the ouportunlty. Fur
one week lieglnnlng Maicfi 27th to
April Ut, Mr. H. H. Corsan, the
swimming expert, will bo at the V
M. C. A. to teach swimming wlmlc-
Hnle.     Thc tnnk  Is now  full  of  good
clean watui naUc uud the -auBvUi -,
Jams, Jellies
We have a large quan.
tity of Crosse & Black
well's and Lipton's Jams
and Jellies in 4 and 7 lb.
tins and 1 lb. glass jars
that we want to move
this month.
We are making a reduction of from 20 to 30
per cent, on the above
high class goods.
Ontario Honey in I lb. Glass Jars, ct 25c.
Pure Maple Syrup.    Buckwheat Flour.
New laid Eggs.    Ontario Pea-Fed Bacon.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Hay, Oats. Wheat, Barky, Bears, Shorts, etc.
Bourne Bros.
-Groceries,    Hardware.   Flour and  Feed ^,
Fresh Fish Arriving Daily
Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Smelts,
Codlings, Whitefish, Finnan
Haddie, Pickled Mackerel, Lock-
iver Herring, Pickled Herring,
Fresh Olympia and Coast Sealed
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. 1 Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O.  Box 208
CROC!R & BAKER Phone No. 23
•ip    _,
rt> ™ B; o
O ST ft r*
Si <•«
IS.W v
3 o
tn Z? •
0(5 o
LOTS     Jg
tion welcome all swimming enthiiHl-
n .*.t I who wish to eel in practice fir
■Otne ol tbc prizes thnt  will lie civen
to iwlmmeri who cm i.i       ecrMin
ti i
Macdonell & Co., Builders of
[. & N. Ry. Extension
Wlnnlptg,      Mai    I,   'lh,   raiiioliMii
lacitic Railway yesterday let tbc DM
tract for four nnndrcl mi.ca of grading work oa ! ran»b Unci, io the weat. j
Me«Hrn. Macdonncll & Co., ot t'algary
Alta . will build tho Kootenay Central, runnniK south from Ooldttl forty miles. Mi. Angus Mii'diUiifll i**.
n .ti ol thi Karl of Antl mi. His
lirm ih coiiHtiucting tbc att*QaloH ot
lhl K 4 N. Railway from I'arkgvlllo
to Alberni, on Vancouver Island.
Messrs. Kolcy, Welch ii Stewart
will build two branched running out
ol Swift current, Sank , Right} miles
one wothWMl ainl tin' other northwest of tbc town, also a branch 3*1
mlltl i-outhweat from Muuho Jaw, also slxiy miles easl ol I.aiombe. Alta.
Mi.  W.  A.  DuttOB  will    build      t»
branch** ont oi wiui«'. Ha»k. au
work U tu b* flni-bei by Oct   1
a'mn M-^.ir.-i3:EH,^Lr.ii>, bevulstoki
(Lbe flbatMberalb I f
SAi'UKLI.n   Ai'
KEVl.^sruKE.  B.   C.
Jntcrtoc pubUsbmg Gompang,
Legal notices 10 cents per line tirst
insertion, 5 cents por line each
subsequent insertion. Measurements Nonpariel (12 lines mate
one inch.j Btore and general
business announcements \'i.M pei
inch iter month. Preferred positions, 2b per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages aud Deaths, 5e)t
each insertion.
Land noiioes $7.Oil. All advertisements subject to the approval oi
the management. Wanted auu
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uatiuns wanted, Situations Va
cant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanic*:
Wanted, 25 words or less, 2oc.,
each additiuual line Id cents.
Changes m standing advertise
ments must he in by a a. m.
Tuesday and Fridny ot eaeh week
tu secure good display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited ou mat
ters ot public interest. Com
mumcations to Editor must he
accompanied by name ot writei
not necessarily tor publication,
but as evidence oi good faith.
Correspondence  should  be  brief.
Including  postage  to  England,  Unit
ed States and Canada.
By the year (through postoflice)  ?2.5i
JOB     PRINTING  promptly execute!
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash.      Subscriptions    pay
able in advance.
Cbe flDatllbevalb
Nobody but a newspaper man wi, ,
has actively played the game ca*i
realize hi,w many times the reporter
hears the request, "Please keep thii
0 .t  ul  the  paper."
It may come trom a young fellow
who has been out for a time an 1
wound up with his name upon th
blotter at the police station, it maj
come irom a mother wliose daughti*
through unfortunate ciretances, has
committed suicide; it may come Iron
a wife whose husband lias defaulted
it may come from a lady who capt
ured the booby prize at a card part]
or .t may come irom a young fathoi
whose first born has swallowed i
button and for a time alarmed tlu
Any one of the thousand unceasin
comedies ur tragedies ol life maj
serve as a cause .'or the request, but
be it grave or gay, th.. reporter musi
listen to it many times each week.
And generally the reporter must
Jechne, and almost as certainly as h,
does is be misunderstood. He It
considered a heartless brute, a BOS
callous and indifferent young man
hardened to the world and devoid o
any ot tho principles of commoi*
And he knows, too, that a papei
never goes I press, that many tint
tenng hearts do not dreae
ing ol the sheets upon the
lhat many trembling hands will n,.t
grasp the paper, fearing anl dread
,nj to i.'a! that which they knov.
i    -• be there. n - head ma
be 1 ■ ■. poi thi iti . ,,: h s tin
ar.e.al shame and ol th ■ Imprison
■ h comfort
h.m. Ai ''"■ i may can with ash.-:
drawn  fare  the wh ch   ; I
claim h..- . :.,(t to the worl i
A   n.   ' '   BJ   ial!   up.
j.i'. •
'•   .
.tt.: -hi   paint
tb luary notici
:..   *
the  cry
< ■ r   tr-
Th- ma.
■ was    ^^^^^^
.   'oi nine, ;.
Jia.l  a  I 'i -
Ot     bl
• .-lr at  . *ti       Don't )
..sr th i:    learu
■ <   ■  ■ ■   I., li
■ ,*l .I."'     '•■       '
,   •    ■ ■ i •  -
Phc * ■ et in thi
■ ■•■   mi i
-i   tion
ad< rned
linn ti
Di i, •   ; .        ■m'P'"'
wife »nd ""
tj      would
For 30 Days Only
5-Rcomed House
First Str
lom e ii
i*u* .n
uted .
$1,250   CASH
7-Roomed House
Centrally   U
idem   |iluinbii
#2,100   CASH
11 you
may li.
Ip you
ot these pi.'i'i
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
mm l census, inu i
One Quarter ol the Human Race
Will Be Counted en That U;
strings      arc      pulled  and   himself  as j
powerless a puppet as the rest.
Lake Was Invisible for Hours.-
(Special to Mail-Herald.)
Halcyon, IJ. 0., March u.—It. A.
Johnston, C.P.R. telegraph operator
and Dominion Express agent here,
returned from an extended tour of
the coast cities last Saturday. While
away he visited Vancouver, Victoria,
Seattle and Tacoma. Vancouver he
;ays, leads the coast in every way,
\ctivity in real estate and building
ueing very great. Seattle and Tacoma seem dead, no doubt sintering
irom tlie after eltect of the Fair.
Mrs. William IJoyd is going m for
hicken raising this coming spring,
.jilt is having difficulty in obtaining
jt'ooder bens. She aiso intends to
.'aise ducks, geese aial turkeys, the
iurroundtags being very adaptable
or such purposes. An incubator
.ias been ordered from the  East.
Mr. Vi. V Rogers, a prominent holel man of Armstrong, and (l pioneer
if  Golden,  In  registered  at   the  San.
James   Woodall, C. P.  R. lineman,
.vhile  out on  wire  trouble  saw three
leer not very tar from the hotel.
Mr. T. E.
.'anion, are
Ler spending
Browell and     wife,
leaving on  Saturday
two weeks here.
A tierce snow storm raged over
.lie  Arrow  Lakes  yesterday afternoon
lie snow tailing so fast that the lake
.vas   invisible   for   hours.      The   .-ii*.
ater turned to rain.
lv Ross McKenzie, oi Kurt George,
I,   I'.,  arrived   here   last   week       ai!.I
9  taking a course  of  baths.  Mr.   .Me*
Cenzle was among tb.' first t.. *^*i in
.ii Kurt George last spring and is en
huslastic   in   bis   praises  (.f   tli**    m:
.liein country.     In r.n Interview yis
er.lav   be  slated   that   lust   year    t.'e
lopulation of Port George bad     m-
reased Irom nothing  In  the
.. 610 people In October, an 1      tb -
ear's rush, which bus alreadj
•d. will bring the populat * n
.hree or four thousand  people.     Mr.
■IcKenzle is at    re  ml      i    ing     as
ravelling sales agi u Satui
I  Resources Security  '
,wn is ol  Fort  'ieorge,  an I
i\ ering  the I ik»n igan  will
i.rtli   in  April,   wh II
o develop bis larm an
■ itli apple and small Ir .
Charles Skinner   j report
aught three .    n 1 .s
anch  this si a
C. P. R. Will Build Picturesque
Chalets at Golden
An active step in the establishment
of the Swiss village, which tbe 0, P.
ti. is locating in the vicinity of Golden, Columbia Valloy, li. C, his
been taken in the allotment of tha
contract tor the erection of six Swiss
chalets, work on whicli is already under way. The contract calls for the
completion of these chalets by Sept.
1, on which dates the guides, accompanied by their families, are expected to arrive from Switzerland. They
will go into permanent occupancy of
these houses.
"Edelweiss" will bo the name ol
he village, which is prettily situat-
d about a mile west of Golden, on
,'lie western slope of the mountains,
its chalets occupying charming locn-
iions on little promontories on lower
The departure of the railroad in
permanently housing its guides au•'■
retaining their services during the
winter months in place of sending
ihem home to Switzerland ,it thc
■Ids:- of each summer season, ll bail*
sd with joy by Vlpine climbers, who
wish to scale greal peaks in ihe Ic
sality, It Is also expected ti.it this
leparture will br ni; about tir; cstnn-
isliinint ol mi annual v.ini"' cari'i
•al in the Columbia Valley, which
is particularly adapted tor litis purpose,
Tenders fm* the ci n-tructijii of
these chalets are being called foi nud
will be received by Mr. 3. ii. Dennis,
superintendent of the irrigation department, up to April  1.
WANTED—Live man or woman, f...
work at home pay in:' $2.00 or (3.09
per day with opportunity to advance. Spare I Ime can be
Work in.I difficult and requires i ..
experience. Winston. Limit l
.-' ladina,   Ive., Toronto.     m.ll 5t.
When the sen sets on your part
of the Uritish possessions on the
night of Sunday, April 2, please
count the number ol people in tlie
bouse, for next morning bright nnd
enrly the census man will lie around.
lie will be one of hundreds of thoiis-
,,11.1.1 who w If iu* engaged in the
some task at tlie same moment, for
wherever the British flag Hies the '
people are to be numbered on tbat
date. The intor ntion is desired for
statistical purposes, mid the man
whom truth obliges to answer "20"
will be nt no greater expense than
the hermit who says "one" It is
particularly important that tins
point should be understood in QIV3-
bec, where large families abound and
where the Inhabitants appear rather
credulous of rumors lo the effect that
Lhoy aie about to be seized fur lhe
navy whenever a mnn with a book
app.'ars at the door and asks a low
Tli. e. nsiis of llie British Empire is
taken once every ten years, ami on
the same date. Tlie L901 oensus .
showed the population of the empire
to iie 396,204,152, a BUbstantlel
growth from 1891. By no means all
the people have been included in any
, ■;' lhe tour decennial censuses, for it
has been found almost impossible to
e.i nvince everyone i'.iat the enumeration n* not the prelude to a new tax.
in India thj country is particularly
difflc :lt, for th re eiuestlons .*f ea* i i
mysteriously obtrude. t'n the occasion of the last census it, was Bai 1
that hundreds uf thousands of Mussulmans and Hindus hid 111 unselve ;
in th- orest all night rather than be
counted, prefcrr ng in '."*''■' lh,. t r-
rors of jungle rnth.-r than the <jurs -
in.nu: of a government clerk. Many
of th,* frightened n itives even killed
their dogs bo that tli iir bnrkin *
should not reveal tbo whereabouts of
their cowering masters.
No doubt similar diiflcultlcs will
again present than elves, mil m r
ihe census does nut permit ol any
guesswork, the Poj ulal li n ol t .i *
empire will go Into tho official records several hundred th uisaud under
Its full strength, However, as t'.m
same thing has happened before tb
value of the figures for purposes ol
comparison will nol be Impaired. The
work in Canada, is, of course, utid.T
the supervision of the Dominion government, which pays its army of en
umerators a small sum for everj
collected, !n the othir self-
governing colonies a similar plan    Is
*   •', .1; and in i'i" British Isles tha
local    governmenl   board  does      tl *
work.     The executive ol the undertaking  there is  the  reglstrar-genernl   six men
who   h  B  69 i ll •:  nt  ndi nt    regis
■ . ■     .ni ■■■) ■■u; rs, and  10,000 en
* it..rs.     Each enumerat .   Is   up
■ ised t*. i.. er ahout  2C0 h* us is,   or
. Families .n cities, nnd in thi rural districts to travel  fiftein miles in
thc course ot bis day's work.
It is recalled by "K.e *Utui h •" that
it was with the greatest diiliculty
authority tor the first census was
obtained from the British parliament
In the Old Testament we ure told
that David ordered Joab to number
the lighting imn of the tribes from
Dim to Ueersheba; but tbis early effort was the subject of Divine' displeasure, and for David's grievous sm
the children of Israel were visited hy
a pestilence that destroyed 70,COO of
them. After this unfortunate experience, a strong prejudice againit future enumeration was bred, and it,
survived until comparatively recent
times. This feeling caused the compilers of the King James edition of
the Bible to take liberty with the
lirst three verses of the Gospel of St.
Lube, in which was mentioned the
census of the Romi.ii empire under
Caesar Augustus. The translators
struck out the word "counted" and
substituted "taxed." The liberty
witli a historical fact was corrected
by the editors ot the revised edition,
and the word "counted" was
Because of superstition on this
Point, there was no census taken on
the British people until the beginning
of the nineteenth century, when on
the motion of a private member,
a e'ensus act was passed, In 1753,
indeed, an Act of Enumeration passed thc commons, but was vetoed by
the lords as likely tei result "in some
public misfortune or in an epidemical distemper." However, by 1801,
seeing that other enumerated peoples
survived, tho process, the British
Isles counted and every ten years
since then a census has been taken.
In 1871 Hi" first imperial census was
ordered, Ihe work being done n one
night. Tiie work ol collecting, tiling
nn.l tabulating the 1911 census is expect d to consume three or four
For making quickly and perfectly, delicious hot biscuits,
hot breads, cake and pastry
there is no substitute  for
Sixty Years the Standard
Made Irom pure Grape
Cream of Tartar
No Alum—No Lime Phosphates
"I am entirely opposed to the use ol nlum In
Balling Powders."—Prof. Chandler, Columbia Univ.
Read tho Label
" Alnm, sodium alum, basic aluminum sulphate,
sulphate ot aluminum, ail mean the same thing —
namely, BURNT ALUM."—Kansas State Board of Health.
Uut of the alfalfa of Oklahoma
there Hashed the news a few months
ago that th1,. ranks ot the "hopes"
hi.I been augmented by the addition
. •! a husky fireman whose prowess
mis veiled under tlie n une of Carl
Now, in tbe olden dnys. the giants reputation,
.lil nit apply euphonious names to
imply that they were nun of tremendous power and ability. Did n'iy-
l... ,ly ever know ihe great Caesar as
"Fighting Jule?" Was Hannibal
termed "Battling Han'.'" George
Washington never came down tlie
line known as the- "Virginian Terror"
So, when the fistic, lan^ learned
that this new champion wns known
under the simple natne of Carl Morris they were impressed that here
might be a real hope of the Caucasian. Interest followed his career,
which has consisted by knocking out
none of whom could with
veracity be termed an excellent
Now to a little ot his history, Morris lives n Supulpa, aiid is a youngster in his early twenties. He first
started to earn  a livelihood    as      a
railroad    employee, and his Work    in i
th ;t  position  mice him Iron strength
a sturdy frame,  a good constitution
anil  plenty  of opportunities to develop muscular energy and abilities.
He learned to box early in tlie
game, and amused himself in his
idle moments sparring with his
brethren. Weighing 235 pounds, Morris was, nevertheless)*!, Inll nnd lithe,
mid liis ounoes weighed lightly mi
him. lie * "is fast on his feel and
had  real  skill.
Morris decided to give himself a
real try,nit. In Mttskogeo there was
a local luminary named Tim Hurley,
who   enjoyed    something of a    local
Ambitious now, Morris fared forth
from his native State and got into
Kansas City. That metropolis furnished him an oppi n.nt in Jim Harper. Three rounds took the measure of Harper, who went into tho
land  of shadowy   things.
Marvin Hart, once a fighter of
decent ability, bkt now given to
fatty degeneration, wns produced as
llie next man for Morris to meet.
Hart succumbed to one of the punches in three rounds, and rolled over
to take the count.
Hurley was selected as the starting
point for Morris' enrcer in pugilism,
lhe nn ii fought, and three rounds
BUlilcod for Hurley to penetrate the
portals of dreamland,
Morris went sensibly about his
work. He wanted to eventually
whip Jack Johnson, and win the
world's chamoionahlp, Imt witli commendable discretion ho started to
whip only second and third raters for
a time. The second opponent picked
lm* Call was Ed: Anderson. He resides at Tulsa and was locally known
as a dangerous man.
Morris planted on his chin tlie nod
I nick in live periods, In Henri city
there was ,, man who rejoiced in the
in.in de fistcuffs of Battling Brit.tl
(uie round was sufficient to extract
all the battle out of Britt, who turned up his toes in a couple of minutes
Chicago, Marih li.--President Ben
Johnson, of the Americnn Baseball
league, returned today from Cincinnati, where he held a conference with
the president of the Nntiotial Commission relative to the action Hint
should be taken to prevent the Kentucky bookmakers from making a
slate on the Amerii'an and National
league pennant races. "There is no
need for our acting in the matter,"
."aid Mr. Johnson, "for the newspapers practically have killed thc plan
with their adverse criticism. But
it thc promoters of the gambling syndicate attempt to carry out their
plans, we surely will try to stop
them. I think wc will be successful
A large amount of work at smalt
cost done by Coursier's electric
cleaner. 2t.
i T&mcsa'juMiumiiatta&w&ieiaBete\b ap^sjv3eatBtBS3Baax:s^SBBsaa
IN\ 1TATION   lu BR]
ll f •■
to   ha--  -
Pick up thi papei some 4aj ..
yoi read die varlon   iteme tr:*
-oo-rtiie:   yourself  the   prill
hi-It in each,     lurid"     how
<of  them   y..*i      would  have
th" i»pr.rtrr to "I'le.isr keep '
the paper "     Then,     perhaps,
may  reach  Mm    IO lr tandiin
;-ir era  ol new,,     v.* i may
prehimd  that  he is n unman
■capable nt pity »nd  w"n «
mllMUM    that    -h"    •"«"*
%;,;,;.;; :,;,h :""-"'i l*^*^ «■■* >•»»»ii»»
The   e'entin * ..
erslty of 1
1 nly
■I*.r.n ; sight ti
** Ill m.-i-i   ,| .   •,  .        ,,. ;
d   and
akec i
of      a
. be ti 'i
an   Turkey,  l   raia   an '•  I
well a-  ' ,ii i    ih i   iac   .
.e.ll be   spreaenl rrttel       of
aln  bein ■ i*
,   .   m *.i       .i   * !. ..:     iii uce,
', CM i.     and   .-i.i   ilm i •   John
I.i   M ',    amor -    thers.
Full i    i n.n • il. ■      I
ma,', Ik* '.'.t.i ied 'i I ol . b n
Irom a w; llei B3 South Hill Pfl
nmn;*. tend   i...iiv
\ AI. I I'. UK  M \<i\ JINK Ah    i
The     recent    rise in      *. *
rates by the Cm tl   p mil *i   i     •
a new mart .' *'  m    >'.*■ n     idvel ui in,
pl ll        The  new     . .Hows
Ladies'   Home  Journal,   *i   i.e.'    li-e
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Pages.   $5,*50O|  and   (,80 10      i  Liie I ae'k '
cover, Saturday  Evening int.,      »b'
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side cover, V SO' im .* m b in ■ n i \pp
And at those prices the      ulvei In ig
.- --^^*-i)«\,*T»T'tr.r.«!jriirjTr^/*.»'c^
?y  Ann"
A Comedy-Drama in Four Acts
dance of Repertoire will include: " Magda,"
4 Hollo   Bill,"   "Heir  to the  Foorah,'   "Out  of
io Fold," "Ressurection," and "House of a
x lousand Candles."
rJfPSr.BBHrili*MMIH —
50c,   75c.
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Boot antljShoe Repairers,
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At all Branches.     Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The C.rcatest Health Resort on tile Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 Degree of Ilea
Natural I lot Water in Baths.    O        All Year
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A Symposium of What is Happening in
All Parts of the World
There were numerous wordy skirm-1    The Duke ot Argyle, in speaking ot
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Refer to"
or to anyone In *
er the Hag question school inspection
hospital grants and other matters in
supply committee.
The action of the minister of defence in Australia in reducing the
retiring age for colonies, lieutenant-
colonels ami captains has come as a
great surprise.
The Victorian Indian Orphan society in Winnipeg held its annual
meeting yesterday and the reports
showed a highly satisfactory state ol
Statistics for thc year l'.llO show
that the mineral output ol Canada
amounted to *?lO5,O10,!>55, an increase
of 14 per cent, over the previous
Lieut.-Col. J. W. dc 0. O'Lirady, on
taking     command of the   Ninetieth
Rifles, issuos his lirst regimental cr-
Representatives of Ontario have
gathered at Toronto to plan a campaign on tho question ot good roa-ds.
The Hudson Bay, Peace River and
I'acilic Railway company will build a
line Irom Winnipeg   to  Hudson  Bay.
For the Brst time in many years
a direct charge of corruption has
been made in the house ot commons.
The United States tarifl board has
presented a report to congress on the
Canadian Reciprocity agreement.
Th? firm of Carter, Halls & Aldin-
ger has been awarded a contract for
the  new  Agricultural college.
A syndicate of Winnipeggcrs has
purohased the assets and plant of the
Fort George Lumber Co.
A Winnipeg syndicate has purchased
the St. Charles Rifle Range,
the price being $133,OM.
Ninety lives were lost in a Ire in
a moving picture theatre in St. Petersburg.
The movement of American settlers
to Canada is causing alarm in thc
western states.
treaty only expresses the exchange
of that which Canada can purchase
without making herself a pensioner
to the Cmted States.
The Eli Sand charges were revived
in the Manitoba legislature by the
Liberal leader, who pointed out that
the honor of the premier requires
a thorough investigation of the
The bishop of Oporto will be dismissed on the grounds that he urged
the priests ol his diocese to read
tho forbidden pastoral letter and encouraged the people to revolt.
About 500 immigrants from Great
Britain and France arrived at the
C.P.R. depot, Winnipeg, on Monday
night, bound for points in Saskatchewan and British Columbia.
The C.P.R. officials acceded to tbe
proposals made by tin* trainmen
from the Great Lakes to the Pacific
coast for ten per cent, advance in
Wide powers are asked for by the
Al'berta Electric railway, whose application for a charter is now hefore
the railway committee at Ottawa.
As a result of pressure brought to
beer the Australian government is
willing to open the question of subsidizing a Canadian steamship service.
J. W. Scallion, a prominent grain
grower, has issued an appeal to the
grain growers of Manitoba to sup -
port the reciprocity agreement.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier spoke on the
reciprocity question in the house of
commons, making an able defence of
tbe agreement.
Thomas Kilkenny, chief of the Leth
bridge, Alta., fire department, died
of bronchial  pneumonia.
In the Saskatchewan legislature
Premier Scott gave "stay on tbe
farm" advice.
Mrs. 0. H.
at Ninga.
Pattinson died suddenly
^ /& Do it now
U5 about itya/
I f f M
Hay, Oats, Wheat,Bran
and Shorts
OPITCH :   Cor.   McKenzie Ave.
am> Second Street
Phone 73.
Hutchison's Warehouse
Fruit Land:
t i ilena   Uny  1
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iih reels of
1(1 or 'JO acres or
•11 Moo.
pondencfl Inviu d,
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
GIN  PILLS Brought Relief
"I Buffered untold misery even when
under treatment from the best doctors
for over ten months, and nothing seemed
to do mc nny good nr relieve my painful
condition. My trouble w.is Inflammation of Kidneys aud Bladder,
I finally determined to go to the Victoria
Hospital, Halifax ,fortreatment.
Two days, however, before my intending departure, n neighbor called end
happening to have a GIN 1 I I.I. In
his pocket, Insisted 011 my taking it. I
did so ami six hours alter Inking it, the
results and benefits I derived were
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illous. Instead of solnRto the hospital,
I Bent for a lmx of 8IN PILLS with the
result that I am n cured in.in, I recommend ''.IN PILLS to everyone suffering
from Kidney TrouMc."
Lewis MacPhkhson,
Take GIN PILLS tin our positive
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PILLS. Sample box free if you write
us. National Drug and Chemical Co.,
■Dept W.,    Toronto. ej
Sainbie Street,
Vancouver B.C.
AT   fldl.DKX.    II.  ('.,   TOR THK
Sealed Tenders arc Invited for tho
erection of Six Chalets of Swiss design  at  the  C.   P.  H.   Swiaa   Village,
"Edelweiss" near Ooldcn, B. c.
Plans and Specifications may hu
obtained on application to the undersigned.      All  applications  must      be
accompanlod by n oertlfled cheque for
$10.00, which win be returned on the
receipt, of  bona lide  tender  and    tho
return ol the plans and specifications
Tendon    me to ho delivered    nut
later than ll a.m. on Saturday, April
1st,   1911,  .'. Lm*    i-l  to
.1. S. DENNIS,
Mnnaucr,     Irrigation,     Alberta
and II. 0.  Lands, Canadian Pacillc Uailway Company, Cn'lgary
The lowest or any tender not MOM'
tartly accepted.
How Wm. Templeman Says fi. C.
Favors Reciprocity Measure
During the course of the debato on
the reciprocity measure in the U. use
of Commons at Ottawa, Hon. V'm.
Templeman is credited with the following:*—
"Mr. Templemau said that in British Columbia the consensus of opin
iin was in favor of the reciprocity
agreement. It was believed that the
pact would benefit thc province. Even in the Okanagan valley, the centre of the fruitgrowing industry, he
lielieved that the majority of tbe
people would he found in favor of a
ratification of the agreement. The
minister announced impressively that
ho bad a number of resolutions sup -
porting the agreement. The first he
read Was from the Nelson Liberal
Association, and it was greeted with
laughter from the Opposition. Mr.
Templeman then read resolutions
Ladysmith, NanaitUo, Grand Forks
Cranbrook, Victoria, Vernon, Merritt
Siimmerland and Prince Kupert, all
passed by Liberal Associations, in
some cases merely by the executive
committees ol such  organizations.
Mr. Mitldlebro—How did you get
them   rounded up?      I Laughter).
"The minister said that Uritish Columbia was n large importer of fruit.
Ninety per cent, of the population
were consumers who would benefit
Irom the agreement. Lumbermen,
too. were iu favor of reciprocity, because the <'alil.iin.it market would be
opened to thorn. Thc halibut flshini;
and the toke industries nl British
Columbia would also gam hy the new
arrangement. The agreement, Mr.
Templeman said, would place thc
halibut tlHbing industry of the Pacific
toast in the hands of Canadians."
C. P. R. Conductors and Traln-
men Receive 10 p.c. daise
Winnipeg, March 8.—The conference
between the C.P.K. officials and the
company's conductors and trainmen,
which began Jan. !Hb, ended yesterday and the result was entirely satisfactory to tbe men, who will receive a straight increase in pay of 10
per cent. It may be retroactive from
Jan.  1, mi.
Thc increase is effective on all lines
west of Port Arthur.
The last revision of trainmen's
schedules was made five years ago.
Changes of a radical nature bave
meanwhile been made. The new arrangements is specially beneficial to
men who are paid by the mile, who
formerly were paid by the hour, aa
they are un heavier trains which are
not making the mileage ol previous
Moving Pictures tonight.
Dr. Brett has sold tbe Sanitarium
Hotol at Unnfl, along with the livery
theatre and bottling business, which
have bten operated In connection
with it, to P.A. Ilodrigiie, of Calgary, ami L. E. Lussler, ol Banff.
The amount of money involved in
the transaction has not li-een male
public. Mr. Ro.lriguc built the Kini;
Wdwnrd hotel in Calgary and recently sold it. Mr. Lussicr has hecn
mannper of the King Edward hotel
at Banff. The new proprietors will
renovate the Sanitarium. antl if
business justifies it, will add 100
rooms to it. There is now accom -
modation for MO people at the hotel.
It is exnerted thnt the latter will
bc o|>ened in n course of a few
Dr. Brett r.lnins the hospital,
which in situated adjacent to the
hotel and Grand View Villa.
first Oirect Charge Made in
Commons for Many Years
Ottawa, March 6,—For the first
time in many years a direct charge
of corruption was made in the commons this afternoon. The accuser
was P. B. Blondin, Coneervative-Na-
tion-ihst member lor Champ.ain, Btd
the ..reused Adelard Lanctot, Liberal
men. , r lor ltichelieu. II the accusations are proven to Ue -i.t.sfac
tion cf the committee un privileges
and elections, to wh'eu tue matter
has been referred by lie house, Mr.
Lanctot will lose his Beat nud will
retire from public life iu iSltvfkM. If
Mr. Ulondin fails lo make tfijud !.i#
charges, he need not uecessn .y, resign, although there is a" .nwr.ttcn
lav 11 parliament to Ue efi-'ct tbat
a member having failed tt- lunataBt-
iate charges against a fellow member should retire from the hoUH.
Briefly stated the charge against
Mi Lanctot is that quntilies of
Paint from the covernm.nt i.lnpyard.
at Sorel, were used In th pa.ntlng
and decorating of the members residence, and that the work wns done
by employees of thc gj 'eminent by
whom they were pa.d. iir. t'luiidin
read a number of ubl.n.ts from
workmen and others in support of
these charges, mid mov*d that tbe
matter bc referred to the com ,i ttee
on privileges and elections.
See <'has   M   Field about the
division touching Port Mean,
(ia?.etted racific terminus      of
' Canadian Northern Railway
tieue jvL^.ix.-i-aiEii^-Lr), .azErv-ELSTOKici
Mr.  Chas.  Connor,  a new  member  of thc  Allen   Players.
This Company will be seen in  "Merely  Mary Ann," at
the Edison Theatre on Monday evening next.
I ■%**^^%'*.<»-%.'%%^^.'V^%^.*^'%^%^%-'%'%.'W%<9-%^l'\.%^
•. WWW t^-W^-V V% %/'W*^ %^^W^^V%'V%%'»''
Un Monday evening the C.P.R. vs,
the Business Men will bowl     at   the
V.M.C.A. according to schedule. Tb.
association is anxious tor a good lin-
ish for Us schedule as everyone ha:
ii chance to win out.
An extraordinary high score wai
made in bowling by the .limit.i
Bible Class, at a game which win
recently competed between tbi' ,1. 1'..
C.'s and the Y.M.C.A.'s. Tbt' individual scores were as follows:—
J. B. C.
P.   Samson  ...  .
. ...149
M.  Anderson ...
„ . Ui,
E.   Corley   	
E.   Cameron   ...
.   13*-
F.  Lyttle 	
V.  M. C. A
Newjome  .
lowing to an assemblyman nt      Albany,  where the legislature is     con
iderlng a  Sunday game bill:     "His
race bas heretofore made clear t liu t
ic has no objection  whatsoever      to
1 versions on Sunday that aie      deigned merely to   afford    reasonable
. ..creation and  which  are  not of      n
inture calculated  to    disturb     those
.ho are attending church or    otherwise ?ngaged  iu  religious exercises."
lilshop Charles A. Colton,   of     the
Catholic   diocese  of  Untlalo.  and  Bls-
op  William  Doane,  of  the     lipisco-
aliun  diocese  ol Albany,  and    hundreds of clergymen of all  denonnna -
1 ions, are fighting the measure. They
1 ay it is another step iu line      with
:he policy    prevailing    in      France,
here      Sunday   is treated us a  joke
nd winch has innilr France the inns
iv nu.I school of anarchy.
t.72   o'.<4   693   2:,".'
J.B.C.'s again ti
id     th
Corley Hou *    1   T 11 --'.ny b
' a   ma
;*jrity uf 59 pins as loll
J. B. C.
T     Sanu-i 11              .. 171
8.   Samson          115
-  n      1"7.
ll 1
Corley     121
711    21.'
Knight                      115
*,'   -.     .                             177.
Loesch  U5
"36   538
,     ■ n the a    an . I
,   • ■ sg    it1'..
tart the sporl
■ ■ 1. t].     It la hoped *h it 1
the j      [i
U.   1     RH   1 • Hnl.Alt.
■   ...:   ■ '•       '•'•      1     1
R ■ -.  fl   1
I,   •
*,.. In u      *
•   ; •!•■    Ir. Com
I tbi        • 1   t . '.. •*'
■ '
nn I  L.l
, as 1
.*   Empire  i:h*>*.*
it" al Oxford than
wh< , in th I ee
:,.*i te too       *     I mi   I •
an!  ath stu    ...    **
t Qxlord I
«  man  . n  .  - lh .1
and tin ■< '-   ■
tu,:   pin-. ' Free i'l
Ken     York,   March  7     *\r<h
John  M, Farley, of the Catholn  *
.*'..* >orV. ba   tin iti
1 ,nt mate 1 that he la n 1
;„,.,*' to amateur    baseball
played '"'    "n 'ol
„i exercise and nol lor monej
provided always thai tho gum*
not  fllsturh nr  Interfere  with chi rt
me A,  1 b.Umi.      i< -
counsel, a lew 4a;   d :o seal ',i*' |mI
Edmonton, Alta.. March 7.—Kenny
ilatchford, a wrestler of this city,
.is fiiinnit nri.l mi at tion against 11.
it-All 1st it. proprietor ol the Alberta
.nl ui Y'egreville for $10,000 for
nallclous prosecution. Blatchford
nd Otto Hagel wrestled in
,;,*  on  February  15, and  Mi V.HI
*ut up $9 K) un Hagel to win   Blatcb
.1  won the bout and McAUlst n  ba
oth     wrestlers and tbe    promotei
uncan    Mt H
u-g It."     The threi   d
lay  bcfi
ho cln n
,-ere  Injured
est,     wants  (1< aim
'lvn are m
v.*.** lei •     ■*•
reat game '    -
[act which
.*..   1 1'1'"
I   Oil '
*    * he ■■      '  '     .*'-". :
; *   ,;. '■ ■   11'
iiii*;,  TRAIN
\ . * 1 icon
; ,      I *    ,-, ■ **.
Ioi   lifelike  prod 11 1
the pl n hai ie      11   Is pl 1
Ilim   '.   tha .'in-.''    '*■
,11 il. cities, »o tbat the
,.|. i*„ ; bemsel .1 b i« the In ■ ti am
prepare Ioi the ptnnant 1 a< *
u Tu.; Aim CHEAP.
im •  :,, w  Yoi     papal   ptlhlli b is lh ■
i.,i v  il.nt   "1* 11 ickotit"  Hi'1'*'  ■''
all Ins money to hi   moi her antl thai
hIic  allowi   Ii.iu  77, cents  a  day      to
( "blow."      An ithci   nil" 1   iml.I ! ■''
picture of bim In bll new M    horse
power motor car. Automobiles must
Ire cheaper in New York than they
arc here.
Isn't it funny bow peculiar tha
sporting element of this world roally
is. Take, for instance, that ladles'
hockey match ut tho Auditorium on
Monday night. Over two thousand
hockey tans, and, of cours.', must ol
them were men, crowded into the
rink and yelled themselves hoarse.
Hut these mon did not hand out their
two bits thinking that thjy would be
treated to a wonderful exhibition ol
hockey, as th*y knew different. But
the idea that, they were going to
have some fun nn.l watch smart
young Indies on the ice provide! the
drawing card. Ladies beckey Is
somewhat nqyel to many, and b
they went nnd enjoyed themselves
Hut take these same enthusiasts an
ask them to pay their good money
to see a last intermediate game,
which tins year at least has ., lot of
class in it. one would find that they
Would not I'vi'ii be driven to the game.
'llu- tact that it wns only mil nary
young fellows performing witli puck
.•md stick certainly makes a terrible
difference with many. And slill this
world goes round.—Winnipeg Free
Moving Pictures tonight.
Sec Coursler fur prices for olectr c
house cleaning. 'if.
There is a big rush of settlers to
the  l'enee  Uiver  Country.
Two car loads hard coal just arrived.— Revelstoke General Agencies.
Don't disarrange your house tloinr
obi fashioned house cleaning, t'oursier's Vacuum Cleaner takes up the
dust without  inconvenience  to vou.
Samaria Cured Kim, and He HjJj.'.*
A man who Ins been released rr.m.
■he awful cravings ol drink, ind whos.
nst thought  is  1.. help ...■:,..-*. showt
he  spirit   of     true   broth, 11 I     .tin.
Illlanthropy.     Head  Ins 1. Her:
tut-   .-itiniiii.t   ueu.euy   v....   'iurontu
'..in   you   please  sond   me   book   u
trinK,  also  circulars   I'eitiung   10   ,mi
luiuil   remedy   lor   lliu   think   liabb'
wish 10 hand  theso to .,  irl-und  wh.
^   going  tn   ruin   ;,..**>..*li   dr.uk,    > **..
io  1*. iiit'ii,ner ihai   I huve   iiUcn  youi
'•■ ily, and  1  tlml 11  ml you claim i'.
■ "■'•     1   never   ihi't uking   di
....  sl ionii drink   ... .*,..   w ,1.. n*. a>
• ••*-'   "or   It   bus   Idi   me.     I  runnoi
ioo   highly   01   your   wondurfu
•r*.vdy.    Vou 1  .it  use 111. name -n any
ny   ytiu   Wish   i.t   public,
11. LUywhtta. etrlgden. Ontario."
Siii-.nr..i Prescription Is tastcb'Bt
ml odorless, and dissolves lnstunth
11 tea or oolite, or can be mixed with
■•■n* Ii can be gli en with or with*
a the path nts ,*■ ■*■*. le :(,-,*. it ,*,*
.ov.s the craving for drink, builds up
hi    Eystem   and   restores   Ui     11  rves
■ Ink  1 nes    distastt ml  an I  --v. n
.1 us.-ous.
I irlnk Is n di« ns.*, nol 11 crime. 1 >n.
. ot whiske.i always Iut i'. s anther. The Inilsmed nerves and
nmach ereatt 11 craving that must
ib.-r be satisfied bj more » hiskey or
moved  li;
'■■•■■ 1 ■
■111 Hon I. n in n an,!
tssful   use   :*'.   I'hya   I     .-   ind   liiwpl-
ils   for   over   te
[I  you  know  ol   in;     imllj   a ed
" . ■     .
...   :,. ip
A FREE THIA I, PACKAGE ol  Samaria It . *   .
li R full pa
etc    will   he s    1 tely free   ind
; oatpa d  In  plali
\ -
MM   J    V*        -   u    ■■-    - t
■ •■      ~
CLOTH I NG    CO      L-
Toronto, C ,-tniirt*. Bl
lievelstoke Land District.
Hist rift tif West Ko,,tenay.
Tnke notice that B. M. Hicks, ol
Greenwood, B, C., occupation laborer, Intends to npply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a pnst planted on
the north shore of Trout Lake, about
three and tliroc-jiuartor miles west
from tho town of Gerrard, adjacent,
to S.E. Corner of Lot T'.bili. thtnee SU
chains cast, thence 20 chains south,
or to lake shore, thence SO chains
west, or following lake short: to
point erf commencement.
Dated February -1th, 1911.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District 0f West Kootenay.
Take notice that Oorecne Corniab
Kennedy of itevelstoke, occupation,
married woman, intends to apply tm
permission to purchase the following
described lands.
Commencing nt a post plant..tl
ahout 40 chaius .11 a southerly direction liuin tin sn,ub west corner ...
Lot 34*14, thooce west In clur.u 1,
theuce south 40 chains thence ea it
4(1 chaius to the west shore of Upper
Arrow Lake, theuce north nlong thu
lake shore to point uf commencement
containing abuut 100 acres.
Dated January i'Jlb, l'Jll. ...
Per M. Grady, Agent.
Certificate of Improvements.
Glad Hand .Mineral Claim, situated
in the Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District. Where located:—At bead of Seven Mile Creek
and adjoining the Winslow Mineral
Take Notice that I, O.B.N. Wilkle,
acting as agent fur Bruce White, F.
M.i'. B29009, William Bennett, F. M.
''. B25221, an I Nettle Davey, F, M.
C. N... B25661, Intend sixty days from
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
\   ' take notice that     ae-
n 37, must be com-
:  before  the  issuance uf    such
Certificate of Improvements.
N'inth day of March, 1911,
0   B,  N.  WII.ME. B.C. 1..S.
Trout Lake, U. ('.
KUOi'ENAY      LODGE,  No.  15 A.   V.
and A.   .U.
Regular    moetiugs aro held iu MA8-
lUf-UG 'I'ElVll'Jjft,       (Kltllciiu,,., iiuii
on thc 'I'uii d Monday  in cam  mouth
in b p, iu.     s isiung bretui'eu      iut
.cordially   welcome.
ltubi'.  UUKDON,  W. M.
W. u. HuUEHTtON, Secretary.
1-uOLD KANGE LUDUE,      K.  ol    P.,
MJ.  2B,   HI'lV ELo'ionE,   il.   C.
1    Meets every   Wednesday  except   the
j Third VV'cilut'Stiay 01 each mouth      in
(Oddfellows'  Hall at s o'clock.   Visit
ing Knights are curdiully invited.
U. H. BKUCK, iv. ui U. ii S.
M. ol i'.
0. w. u. vv.
Mountain   View  tamp,  No.  22S
Meets bvcoud    and     Fourth  Wednes
dnys    iu caen  month ui    Selkitk
Hull.     Visiiiug  Woodmen mi
cordially  invited  -.u aliuud
11. VV.  EDWAKDS,  Ci u. CuUi.
JAMES  MclNTYHE,  Clerk.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Lank Uuiidiug Itsvel-
stoke, B. C.
Money tu Euan.
Ollices—lievelstoke,    U.    C,      uud
Craubruuk, B. C.
Goo. S. MeCarter,
A. M. Piukbam, J. A. Harvey,
Kevelstoke, Ciaubruok
Provincial Laud  Stneyur,
Mining Surveyur,
BOX    100,
Teacher of  Voice, piano und Organ
Pupils prepared for Toronto Conservatory of    Music.       Local  examinations.
SELKIRK  LODGE 12, 1. O. O. P.
Meets every Thursday evening iu
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock, Visiting
brctuicu  cordially  Invited.
'K, l,.  McKAK, .V G.
JAS.  MAT11IE,   Secretary.
COURT      MT.      DECDIE,    No.  3401.
Moots iu I. 0. O. F. Hull next to
lapping's Opera House every socuud
uud fourth Monday in mouth. Visiting brethren cordially  welcomed.
G. VV. BELL, 0. R,
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Roc-Sec.
Revelstoko Laud District
District ul west Kootenay.
luuu nutico that 1, Mary Selkirk,
uf Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase tho luiiow.ug
describod lands.
Commoncing at a post planted at
the In. E. Corner uf Kot 01IU G.I.,
,iud marked M. s.'s S. E. Corner,
thence north so chains, thence west
id chains, Ihence south 4*0 chains,
ihence cast 20 chaius, theuco south
10 chu.us, tin nee east 5U chains
10 point of commencement, contain
ing 48*0* acres.
Dated January 9th, 1911,
Per 0. P. Smith, Agent.
Revelstoke Lund District.
District of West Kootonay.
Take notice that James Peters, ol
Nuttield, England, occupation, brick
layer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west corner of lot 8085,
and marked E.J.P. south east corner
post, thence west twenty chains,
thenco north forty chains, thenco
iiast twenty chains, thence south forty chains to point of commencement.
Dated December 24th, 1D10.
Deciil        Per Fred, C. Terry, Agent.
...   Land   District.
..I West   Kootenay,
tli *   iimi    Basil    it.    Reyn
B. C,     occupa
.. inti nd •  !.. applj   Ioi   per
purchasi    tbe     lollovt .11 -
ng a    .,  ,*.. 1  planted   at
Lol   7818,
1   ■
1*.un r
H    ... *      *... it   p.    chains
them ne ol      Ud
vest to
al t
For The Man Who
Wants to Know
we have a book  that is  the recognized
"encyclopaedia of  dress."
^ FIT-Nk
It is the Fit-Reform Style Book—for
spring and summer—illustrates Suits
and Overcoats that Fit-Reform has
created and well dressed men will wear.
There is a little talk in this book about
hand tailored garments that appeals strongly to very man.
For Prospectus. Address The Ac deny
il    1    It.
Maj' we srnd you a copy?-free, of course. 312
'    '     \* cnt« i.i 'Rcvi li-lnl-
John Lee
Manufacturer  of   Ladies'
ladies Suits Made to Order
Fit Guaian'eed
All kinds of Silk, Gingham,
MuciiP,   and    Fancy
thinijs kept in stork
Prltr.il!..    .....it•'I I'  0   1ti» "1"
Front 81 . lowtr Town, Rcviiiloko
In tlie Matter nl the Estate ul   ErneBt
K B. Bsyii.'P. ilrr.fHt-ed.
Nulice ib hereby givm I but all cieil-
ii.nu mnl ..1 Ini f li..v mn eluiins sgxiust
Ettntu 0!  Ernest H B. lkyniB, Ute oi
Malnkwu, B 0.,deceased, whn died «t
Revelstoke on nr j*bout tbe 17ih  dny
ol l>.ei'inliir.   15)10,   nre   rtquircd   to
sei d io the undersigned Bolteiton fur
1) vitl Ij. BaynrH Hnd Kohert   Howson,
AdniiiiiBiratms11 the Kutaie ol said
tlrriastd, within  UU   d.tjs   fiom   daio
lull imnicitlaiB  oi   their olaims, duly
voritled, a tl Hint alter  (Imt dale   tl.o
-mid Administrators   will   profited   to
li-iril'iilti   the   snid   estate   amongst
ho;e entitled thereto rerard being bad
■nly tn tln»e   olaims   of   wliicb   siiid
-idmluistralora shall   have   then   re
:eivi'il untitle.
Dated .I.i .nary 10th. WU,
1Iakvi;y, MoI'ahteh * I'ikkiuh,
B.ilit'itori" 1 n   Dvnl   Ij    Baynes
and Robert   Howson,   Administrators  ol   the   Estate   ol   nitid
deceiMMl. ,IU li(t,l
In tlio Matter of ibe Estate ol AugiiHl
JobiiBtin, decenned.
Nolice ie hereby given that all creditor" and others liavinn claims against
i.he Estate of August Jubueou, late ot
Hi vil-toke, B. 11 , dieenstd, who died
it Reveletoke on or about the 8th dav
il hejilt nilier, 1U10, are required lo
•end to lbe undersigned Sulicitora /or
William li. Robertson, Administrator
if the Estate of aaid deceased, witbin
110 days from date full particulars of
heir claims, duly verilied, and tbat
Iter that date the said Adniinietiator
vi 11 proceed to distribute tbe aaid
■Btati nnioiiKst tin Be entitled Ihereto
egurd being bad only to tlione claims
il wliicb t':.'ni Ailiiiinisiiiiti.i- shull
have then received  notice.
Datid January 10th, 1911.
Harvey-. MoOarter & Pinkham,
Bolititors lor \\ illiitm B. Hubert-
son, Administrator of the Ectato
ol tbe uaiil deeensed,        Jll (iod
In (be Matter of tbe  Estate of John
T. .ItincB, deceased.
Notice is hereby given (bat all cred-
Horn antl others having claims against
ibe Estate of John T. Johns,   late   ot
Kevelstoke, B 0, deceased, who died
at Slcamous on or about tl>e   llth day
of AugUBt, 1910, are r> quired to  send
to Un- undersigned Solicitors lor  Mur-
ilm .lm i .i..ti. ?. mnl   'lin.min.   Kilpatrick, Adniiniutratr x and  Administrator ol the Estate ol said deceased, within lit) day* from   date  lull .particulars
nl theii claims, duly verilied, and that
after that dato tbo   said   Administratrix and  Administrator   will   proceed
to distribute tbo said estate  amongst
iliose entitled   thereto   regard   being
bad only to those cla iiib of which said
\dniiniBtratrix    and    Administrator
• Imll bave then received notice.
Dated January 10th, 1911.    JH 60d
Harvey, McCartkk & Pinkham,
Solicitors for Manila Jane Jones
and Thomas Eilpatrick, Administratrix  and   Administrator  of
tbe Estate of said deceased.
In (be Matter ot the Estato of James
A. Magee, deceased.
Notice is hereby given I bat all creditors and otliers having claims against
lie Estate of Jiineo A Magte, late of
ClniBe, B  0., deeeand,   who   died   at
Reveletoke on or about the   14th   day
f November,  1910, aie   required  to
tend to the undersigned Solicitors   for
Sarah E. Magee, Executrix ot ■ he l»«t
will of said   tit ceased,   withiu  (10 days
irom dale   lull   particulars   of   their
olaims,duly verified,  aid  ilut  after
that date the said Executrix will   proceed   to  distribute  the  said   estsie
amongst those entitled thereto regain
nti ng had  only   to   those   claims   of
which said Executrix shall  have theu
received nutice.
Dated January lOlb, 1911.
Harvey, MoCahter & Pinkham,
Solicitors oi   Sarah   E.' Magee,
Executrix of lhe   East   Will  of
deceased. Jll OOd
RevelBtoko Land Dist riot.
District of West Koolenay.
Take notice that William Kennedy,
ul Revelstoke, B. O., occuparion, Special Constable, intends to apply lor permission to pincliase the following de-
■cribtd lands.
Ounimeuuiug at a post planted at
Iti.U south-east corner ol Lot 00(19,
.In i.t,* ii..11 n In chums, theuce west
20 chains tu pre-tmpiion No. 202,
thenoe noitb 40 chains, tbence east 80
chains, tbence moth (i.i chains to Eot
Xo libl.r), thenco west 40chains, tbence
south I.'i chaius to Lot No. 11119, tbence
ivenl '20 ciniiii.i to point ol commencement.
Dated Janoaiy 7ib, 1911
Pur T. \V. iiiiiii. Agent.
Heveluttikc  1 .nml  hn.li n I.
District  of  West Kootenuy.
Tako notice that the Canadian Pa'
tilic Uailway Company intends to
apply (or permission to lease tbo
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the shore lino of Upper Arrow Lake;
Said post bearing South 41 degrees
WeBt a distance ol 224 leet from the
■South East corner ol Block 49 of the
registered town site of Nakusp, in
i,..i B97 <1. 1 Arrowhead, and dia-
trlct; thence Westerly nlong sal.l
liui'O line a diatiincn ol i'.WVU (eot to
ii point; snid point bearing South 41
tlegrees, West a distance of 8X7 leet
Irom the Head hlock of South leg
nt Nakusp Wye; tbence Bouth into tho
iVatcra ol Upper Arrow Lake a dls-
i.iiir" nl 800 loot, thtnee EaBtorly antl
Parallel to the Shore line of Bald
lake a distance of ;iK.ri0 feet, thtnee
N'orlh a distance of SOO feet to true
point oi commencement, containing
i'li.K acres more or leaaf
llntctl February llth,  1911.
The Canadian Pacilic UnCway Company,     I'er  E.  W. Batemna.      T.nrnl
lliiiht ol Way and Dcnnc Agent, Van;
Get the Boys and Girls to
find the misspelled words in
our   advertisement   on  this
page next Wednesday, March
8th, and win a prize.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- tfume 8 Co.. £imited
Mail    or    Telephone    your
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Wall Papers for Spring
We are now takei ng in stock a
very choice selection of high
grade wall papers, which includes
a line selection for every roon in
the house. Our papers are all of
the newest colorings and designs.
Having cleared almost entirely
out in the past season, we have
no old stock.
We have a nice line of Japanese
matting and matting squares.
Just the thing for summer use.
Sanitary, looks well and gives
good service for a small outlay.
Floor Oilcloth and
We carry a nice line of the
above goods imported direct from
makers in Scottland, the best
goods procurable. Floor Oilcloth,
Printed Linoleums and Inlaid
Our line of fixtures are well
assorted. Window Shades, regular or made to order. Wood poles,
Brass poles, and fittings, a complete line.
While Waists
Crisp White Waists, always
add a clean attractiveness to the
Good Dresser. Styles for
every woman, whether she loves
lots of fluffy ruffies and fullness
or the loveliness of straight, simple lines
$1.50 to $7.50
Ladies' Raincoats
Women will welcome the double
utility of these Raincoats- they
can be used rain or shine, close
and easy fitting styles in a satisfactory range of slow soiling
shades. Just as ready to protect light evening gown as to
serve as storm or dust coat at any
$10 to $25
Kitchen Dresses
Twentieth century women demand grace in the kitchen. One
great principal of good dressing
is suitability, so the sensible
housekeeper wants dresses of
washable materials. In these
dresses you have a combination of
durability and prettj ness. ^ome
have Dutch necks and short
Take the Elevator
Children's Contest
Now, children, be good
and pay attention! To
the lucky girl under 12
years we will give that
Beauty Doll in window
and to the lucky boy
under 12 years he nice
Sweater Coat who find
the greatest number of
misspelled words in
this advertisement. All
answers to be posted in
a mail box in the dry
goods department, 2nd
floor. The prizes will
be awarded at the children's Reception on
Thursday, March 16th,
at 3;30 in the evening.
Read next week's advertisement for further
Whatever else
robe may need,
one tiling is settled in most
women's minds
—she must have
at least one tailored suit.
No belter combination of correct cut, faultless tailoring,
quality in every
line fn m the fas' idious cluster
of pleating in
tlie skirt to the
close lilting sin-
ple breast coat
$15 lo $25
Spring Wash Goods
Exhibition of spring wash goods
goods. Thousands of goods of
new, fresh and charming fabric,
the most sunshiny showing ever
attempted in Revelstoke. We
await a chance to show you.
Camhric Embroidery
Monday morning March 13th
500 yards new Cambric Embroidery, 10c. goods, fine and strong,
wide scollop edging, at 5c. pr. yd.
300yds. Corset Cover
Embroidery, 25c. yd.
300 yards of SOc. White Corset
Cover Embroidery, with beading
holes for running the ribbon, on
sale Monday, March 13th at 25c
per yard.
Small Boys' Smart Suits
Satisfy the Bay and buy him a
smart suit. Not only satisfy him
but yourself for the line we are
showring for spring will please
any person. Small trig Sailor,
Buster and Russian Suits in the
new greens, browns, tans, and
King's blues. You will appreciate a look at them in the Dry
Goods Department, 2nd Floor
$2.50 to $5
Little Girls' Chic Dresses
Oh the swell little dresses for
the little gurls. Never such a
chic lot to feast your eyes on.
Striped and Spot Percales, etc,
trimmed with solid colors, among
them the new long French waist,
with full pleated skirt
$1.50 to $4.50
Take the Elevator
Jams and Jellies
We have quite a number of I
lb. glass jars of W'agstalie's jams
and jellies left in stock which we
arc placing on cheap sale for the
balance of this week. These arc
all pure, fresh goods and at the
price we arc offering it at is
cheaper than you could put it up
20 c. Per bottle
Canned Goods
No matter what you buy,
quality is thc lirst consideration.
F'rice may be an object, but
quality comes lirst. Quaker
brand vegetables and Vineland
brand fruit is a sure guarantee of
quality; put up in sanitary cans
of 2 dozen to tlie case. These
are all new eastern fruits and
vegerables and our prices are
down below the average.
rocenes o:
est Merit
Sale of a Shoe
that has made
Shoe History
in the
British Empire
For the first time on record SLATER SHOES
are offered at less than the seal-stamped prices.
Never before has the "Sign of the Slate " broken
into a bargain week.   Possibly never again.
But radical changes in styles and lasts—changes
more acutely noticeable than usual, urged The Slater
Shoe Company to give us the privilege of selling out
all broken lots and shapes that are to be discarded
after this season.   NOTE WELL THE PRICES.
Sale starts Monday, March 13
You will find in our Grocery Department the newest
and Choicest Stock in the City. We buy only the best
on the market in carload lots and give customers the
benefit of the freight saved in this way.
Ham and B
Swill's Premium Ham and Bacon,
unexcelled for their mild, delicate llavor
and rich juiciness of thc meat. These
are our sellers. If you try them once
you will use no other.
eas an
a Coff.
We have just stocked up in this department and are prepared it' handle
heavy trade. These are articles lha(
you want good.    We have (hem.
Our Coffee is specially selected and
ground or pulverized while you wait.
We carry all the (eas that are worth a
A fresh shipment of Fruit unloaded
this week. Sizes I2(>s., 15OS., 176s and
216s, extra fancy Queen quality brand
Navel Oranges, also Lemons and Bananas. Tbis is thc time ol" year that you
need good juicy oranges and Oueen
Quality supplies the demand.
Bif to» M Monday, March 11
Patent Leather Snaps
All sizes from G to 10, light
and heavy soles, but all Goodyear
welted. Either blucher or bai
cut. Regular $5, $5.50 and $(!
stamped prices,
Box Calf Snaps
You can't make a mistake in
theso. They were all good values
at regular prices. Sizes (i to 10.
A real hard wearing article with
the genuine Slater stamped prices
of $4.50, $5, $5 50 and $6.
Vici-Kid Snaps
All late lasts and all sizes and
widths. Something here to fit
any foot. Think of the prices
quoted and remember that all
bear the regular stamped prices,
*.r). $.r>. 5i i and -IG regularly.
Sale Prices
Any Shoe stamped $4.50
will ho sold for $3.35
Any Shoo stamped $5.1)0
will lio sold I'or $3.05
Any Shoo stamped $5.50
will ho sold I'or $3.95
Any Shoo stamped 0.00
will ho sold I'or $1.25
Children's Shoes will ho
sold for $1.95
Ladies' Shoes
All the remnants of our last
season's slock. Sizes from 2 l"
i>.   Widths I) and E,
Men's Congress Shoes
,Iust a few lines of the well
known Slater elastic side shoes.
They will all go the way of the
Children's Shoes
A line of Boots and Oxfords,
from size 8 to size 10 j. These
come in black and ox-blood, and
are make from genuine willow
calf.   Regular $2.76,
Sale Starts Monday
March 13th
Coming of a New
Style Cycle
Selling Slater Shoes at
Less than Stamped Prices
I'or the lirst time in the
history of tiie fai'ious Slater Shoe, we are permitted
by special license to offer
all the odd lines and broken kits at a reduction from
the seal-stamped prices.
There's a radical change
coming in shoe styles. It
is a sale without precedent
brought about by extraordinary reasons.
New Lasts, New Styles.
New Shapes are coming to
the front and every pair
of Slater Shoes made on
lasts that are passing out
will be sold at cut prices.
To-day we are suggesting just a few pairs in
particular, and there are
Our New Spring Stock
Voile Skirts
Ladies'Storm Rubbers.    Price—70c.
Models tif unusual style  for afternoon
Misses  Storm   Rubbers,   sizes   9 lo 2,
and evening wear.
per pair  -50c.
Children's Rubbers at 45c per pair.
Men's Storm Rubbers at 85c. per pair.
Wash Dresses
Boys' Storm   Rubbers,   Sizes   1 to 5,
New Spring Wash Dresses for girls
selling at 70c.
from io to 14 years.
Laidies' Tailored Suits
Two-piece, new length Coal, 24 and 26
inches.     Nicelv made.
Ladies'  Coats
The very latest styles for Spring wear.
Vou must see these belore purchasing
elsew here.
Our display of American, Paris and
Domestic Hats will by far eclipse any
previous season. Our Opening will be
dulv announced.
We expect MISS JACKSONback on
the 1 ith instant.
Allen Players,  Edison theatre,      on
March 13th.
March   17—St. Patrick's L»ay    entertainment under auspices ol ladies
o! B. 0. church.
Maich 32-Tea In aid of Bt.    John's
Ladies'  Aid,  at Mrs.  J.  P-      -Nlc'
March 27 to April 1-Mr.  H.H. Cor
san, expert swimmer at the Y.M.
C. A.
March 30-Boys'  Brigade,  first      An
nual Concert at opera house.
April 18—Ladies' Auxiliary to the B.
ol R. T.   Dance in Opera House.
April 21—Musical entertainment     at
Bt. Peter's church.
Wc have just received a shipment of White Clover Honev put up in
five lb. cans, which we will guarantee to be absolutely Pure Honev,
mul as ti.is is the season for honey we would advise you to try thia if
you wish to get llie genuine attic e.
The name "Wagslude speaks for itself in regard to quality. We have
a full assortment of this Pure Jam includiuK Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach. Plum, Black Currant ami Apiicot,
A. HOBSON,        Baker and G'ocer.
Chas. A. Bai mm returned on Fn
cay 'rom a business trip to -Seattle.
Thus* Walsh has purchased Irom
Mi. Jas. Keighley his garden plot
just west of the C.P.H. bridge.
Don't torget the tea 1 n March '22.
at the home of Mrs. J. P. McLennan,
Culinary, candy ami fancy work
tables. -1'
Mr. J. P. McLennan has moved hit
stock Into the new Howson Block on
McKenzie Ave., ami is now ready for
business in the new stand.
J. L. Mahood, advance agent o
the Allen Players is in the city ai
: anizing fur the appearance of th
Allen Players at the Bdison theati
nest week.
Alliert  Arman,   vocalist      at       th
n  theatre,  received word       la
week from tbj Old Country   ot     Hi
death ol   bis lather,    whlen occutre
February . tl
All  lots  In  Revelstoke,   Van...
Victoria antl New Westminster cities,
ant in Port  Mann sub-division,    Ioi
sale hy Chas.  M. Field,      have    bei
personal!; inspected by him.      t.c.
Mr. C. Camer. n, chief constable
tbe Eastern district    ol     Ki oten
*   ■ • . i    rsdaj
n.. official b islneu with his     .  i
At!   Grace,  ol the    ':i i
was a cal
.**.....     rdaj        a
■ •  ,     '..-  ,,„.   ...*•     from      th
. *   '
. tt '  -   Rt
1  m
j :. 1    mall
tbi    gh ll ■
„   •   11. ■
• 1
Wedne daj   •    1 '
■ ...
The p iblh   - •    I *.*;*    '*
• : . Ices.
Is one of the  most import'
ant items in your business
will look after this branch   of
the business for you.
Kjootenay Agencies. Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid 4 Anderson
One of tlie large plate glass w n
i .us iii the new Howson block * *
broke las'  night 1 resumably     I y    1
t. 11 ■ iln*..wn by boys    tl thi
A  telegram  wa
5  Mi     T   u    1.
ial her lathei, Hr. .)* hu '■
■  at his    home  In     Bt,
Ont., aged 80 ye
occurred on Thursday
\i r--.*,-   Dm
Peril lues, Bitot carcfull
collection, wbiili arc g< ml nml i ■
txaei     •   ol a delicate i ul
.„„ [,,, [ranee, smh ta will pb    *
On* most |wrticular,
Hull    I'l rfUMII     . 10   •
Bews1 Drugstore
111 Ml*.  I'.l.'iCK
Then    *
board  ■I
director sh* u.i a
■,,    *.,*     resenl   ..    there are   itany
items ol  impi rta
The Boys' Brig five   the
ann ial
house * d Thm 1 li
•   -     wb    ■     ■    -      :
worthy one an.l tli"
the new
1     « found   1.    !.
tn 1
•   *
. *
with a compaa
tion ;
very gerl
leal attenl Ion al '•"
- :   ; ,  I.      li  rae.
Di     Bai ne I
... ■. rla, li   "' .  "
1 ting .n I tie '1 M.C.A        1
\;, 1   nn   lexual hygelne,  the
...   ... mi lanl ii "
\u yo ti • nii*i, an 1   .1*1    men
tako n: *.n'.'i. I  thii
to learn many  Interesting Iti''    11"1
,■ *.;,, I    ,,i'i..   '  danger.     Kn
\t p0% H      in the evening al      S 80
In-. Hall «l!l address    mm nnl wo
men,     Tins Is nlso     a stsreopttcon
led  ri       Ml  rdtaUy 111   '" I tn
comi   mi odd ng will be taken     tn
dofraj nxpenses.
Ripe I.limit..' 1,  ,'ii..n 0111,,ns   naull
(lower,    cabbage     celery,     Di (" ■•>■
ipro 'ts at Iju'.iiu*- Bros*
Mien Players Repertoire
It I try to sal     • nj 1
about th * 1.      I the.   popular
Mlsa Verna Felt in an.l     the
: pany
; any.
[ the last
'   '   -
•    ■
,     ||«    "Zll/.H.'
Hen   Hermann
He mai        Sii 1
r. ,*•     * si   ..' the
tun lm :
hy the produi dagds      . ■ '
rn  Duma      ■ ''"I  l"rae   *'*
.1 Ions nn "Cam
■11,,* leading 1     Uagda"      Is
well suited to Ml 1 Pel
lar 'ttylc ■.' emotional w I n -,     and
press erltielsms have beep liberal
11 their [.t „:--•-■ ol her portrayal     nl
the port,
Ser Obas. M. i''i"i'l about th" wh
division  touching  I'ort  Mann, the
.,„/(.itf,i pacific terminus     "I the
I Canadian Northern Hallway t.o.
Will Materially Reduce Annual
Rate of Taxation-All Municipalities Are Benefitted, Too
Legislation giving power to tha
Oity of Uevelstoke to consolidate its
debenture debt lias been put through
the bouse at Victoria under the title
nf the Municipal t'lasuses Act Am
1 mlnieiit Act 1911.
The amendment which by tne way
is a genoral one, and gives all other
municipalities thc same powers as
Kevelstoke, hns been made principally through the earnest solicitation^
of Mayor Hamilton, who visited Vic
toria and the government ministers
.several times on the subject. The
mayor worked hard to get this legis
iation through and to him all th.*
municipalities of UrltlBh Columbia
are much Indebted for securing this
legislation which at any time when
the necessity occurs, they can take
advantage of. The amendment ti
the Municipal Clauses Act, while nol
reducing the actual debt, will have
a tendency tu reduce the annual rate.
This it will accomplish by the tic
bentures being exchanged for stock
which will be .spread over a greatei
period than the debentures them
selves—probably forty or lifty years.
Tbis of course will tend to lesstu the
interest, and will at the same time
be gilt-edged holdings for investors.
While the power has been given tb
city to consolidate its debt, th.; lat
ter cannot, however, ilo this without
the sanction of the debenture holder.-,
but it is anticipated that no tliilicul
ty will be met with from this Source.
The legislation literally means th t
posterity will be called upon to paj
for conveniences, which tlu'y in futur.
years will reap tho benefit of.
The amendment, among other
things,  says:—
"Wherever by Ihis n't power is given to the council to borrow or la's.'
by the issue and sale ol debentures,
or otherwise, any sum or sums ,,f
money, it shall be lawful (or tho
council to raise the whole or any
Portion of such sum or sums of
money in the form ot Inscribed or
registered stuck which shall be a
valid and binding charge upou the
"The authority given by the foregoing Bection shall be exercised by
virtue of a bylaw which shall be approved ol by the affirmative vote ol
at least an absolute majority of all
members ol the council and such
bylaw shall specify among other
things, the purpose and terms tor
which such loan is made; the rate o!
interest thereon, which shall not exceed live per cent., the arrangements
for the provision of a sinking fun.l;
the amount imposed for the purpose
of paying interest and a sufficient
sinking fiintl or annuity, us the caso
may be, to repay the capital at ma
turlty, etc.. etc.
"The Council shall have and may
axercise the following powers or any
ol them:—
"The <'.. .in*.l ma]   from time     t .
n ■.   ol tha      de
public      se.11nt.es
., .1 ii 1 ■- .1 to be is * ied bj
the  municipality  to  be     ccnvertible
"The Council may authorise tha
D       .   al. nt.  amount ol
.   an ■'* for such de-
01 other securities, and (or
* 1    othi r authorised se-
* 101 po ied ol
.inin*.I  may,  on Buch      eon
* maj  del thi n i, author
ie of     any
the imi i ns... of     redeeming
oi   other
(he      ex-
* ii       re-
\. t
.;  p in nt in*,..-
...   • .       to    tock in .
rltli ' rchae
* V        III
te   to
(hat case where stock is issued ln exchange for debentures or other securities bear n 1 a high.r rate of interest than smh stock; an additional
amount of stock may be issued to
make up the difference in the current saleable value between such debentures nnd stock."
Just what difference this will make
to the tax rate of this city has 11 it
yet been calculated at the city hall,
but Clerk Lawson will get busy 011
this before long.
Mrs.    .1. I.. Stark will n >t receive
Wednesday, March loth.
Mrs. Estey, of Melon, is v Bit'ng
her sister-in-law Mrs. A. Mcltae.
Mrs. Wm. Ansley will not receive
on Wednesday next, nor again I ntil
further notice.
Mrs. T, W. Bradshaw will not receive We.lues,lay, Manh ir,lh, nor
again this season.
Mrs. A. 11. McOlcnoghati was a
bridge hostess on Wednesday evening
ill honor of Mrs. Douglas.
On Monday afternoon, Mias Mc-
Oarter cnterta 11 d the "Bridge dub"
the prize being won by Mrs. I. P.
The Snow-hoc Club held Its [inai
meeting on Thursday evening. As
.-nowsboeing is over for tho season,
dancing was substitute.!, and ,1 most
enjoyable time was spent hy M who
Mrs. Chas. Holten entertained at
"Bridge" on Wednesday in honor ol
tlrs. noughts, of Edmonton, Mrs.
.It'Carter an.l Mrs. Allum wire the
fortunate prize winners.
Un Thursday evening Mr. and M.s.
u. S. MeCarter were at hoiti- to a
.lumber of their friends, "Bridgo" 1 c-
.ng the order of tho even ng. The
.irizes were won by Mrs. Sutherland,
Airs. Holten, Dr. Sutherland and
Mr. Holten.
One ol the niosi successful dances
was that, given by Selkirk Lodge, 1.
o.o.K., in the opei'a house last night
at which between one hundred an.l
fifty an.l two hundred couples were
present. The lluor was in excellent
shap, anil music was furnished by the
City Band, seated on the platform
amid a profusion of (lotal and Hag
decorations. The hall itself was
very handsomely decorated with bunting and emblems of the fraternal
society, and the decoration committee is deserving of much praise
ni making the hall so attractive. After a season of dancing the hosts of
the evening served a dainty supper,
after which dancing continued till
well on towards morn ng. The arrangements were complete in every
detail and a most enjoyable evening
passetl without a hitch, The Oddfellows proved themselves excell.nl
hosts. During the course of the
evening .Mayor Hamilton, on behalf
of tbe guests, thanked the local lodge for their hospitable entertainment
and wished them every success in
future undertakings,
Arrangements have been made by
the ladies of the Catholic church Ior
a special St. Patrick's Day benefit
performance to be givtn by the Allen Flayers at tbe K.lisoii theatre on
Friday evening next. The luilies
have charge cT the tickets for this
occasion, and they are to receive a
liberal percentage ol the receipts of
the performance. On tbis occasion
a slight raise in the price of tickets
will be made. Thc play to bo presented will be "A House of a Thousand Candles," a dramatization of
the famous novel by Meiidith Nicholson.
Between tbe acts there will be several readings antl recitations by local artists, which will help to give
an Irish atmosphere to the evening's
entertainment. Cool music will be
i*i.,*, .iled by a local orchestra.
The plan of the house will be at
Mai i* naid's drug  itoro, and coupon
I IcketS will be sold by the ladle I,
which may be exch iiii-ed for tickets
either at the advance sale or ai the
.   .■   office.       As   a   largo   sale     la     OX"
lected    ' .   ad * I able     thai     those
1. '   i"  secure   1 d   seats   should
i.i.        e^rly as possible.
St. Patrick's Entertdinment „^
ler the auspices of the Ladles
of the K01 an Catholic • Ihurch
Edison Theatre, Friday, March 17th
In the greal romantic comedy-drama
Reserved Seals $1.    Admission 75c     Children 50c.
Seats on sale al Macdonnld'a Drug Store
We will be all Fixed Up
Early Next Week
lew goods
in Ali lew Lines
at lew Store
We Solicit Your Patronage and Guarantee
Good Satisfaction
How About W New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
pri ng Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect lit, stylo
antl well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fii-Rctorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
Suits of Style and Quality
Now our Spring stocks are in tha full bloom
of freshness and beauty.   Come in and see
them. The success of this Store is due to the
fact thai every suit and overcoat bought here
lias stood the test of service. In the first
place the muking is of the best. Our tailors
are the sort that will not wink at careless
workmanship. Designing is done by the
cleverest tailors in the business. WE CAN
sin T O ft 3 5
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
The Style Shop for Men and Boys Who Know
WANTKD—We  pay highest prices for} ROOM TO RENT—lifti-RC, warm    and
Furniture,  HtovcR, also men's cast
nil clothing.     Thn Reveletoke Bee
ond Hand Store.        F22 lm.
FOB BALB—Olivet Typewriter. Visible. Fimt class condition, 150.00.
Apply at Mnll-Heraltl Office. Zt.
Comfortable room to rent to gcntle-
mnn alter March 15th. Every
modern convenience, Situated on
Third street, Bovuh ol McKenzie
avenue, Apply at Mall-Herald
Otlice. at.


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