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 <tfj|       i/af/j
'Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results il Is
unsurpassed.     Price $60,
Interior Ptiblismng'Co., Agts..'
The Mai
Infisiting Cards
^P'A.  B. C
Interior Puolishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 12
REVELSTOKE. B. C. rEhllAKV 18, 11)11
$2.50 Per Year
i WE
Hardware Co. Lid
awrence Hardware
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30.000.00
5,5oo, .00.00
Brunches «r Acer's at all principal points inJOaniula.
Agent* in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Batik. Seattle—Seattle National Bunk, San Francisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of   Correspondence solicited.
Rovelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
The Anglican Clergy and Laity Transect General
Business of the Diocsse.-Important Questions Are Discussed
Pa ^urns 8 Company. £,td.
20 Per Cent. Discount Sale
Is Now in  Full Swing and Includes
Everything in Stock
Mrs. A. G. Crick, First Street
Canned Goods
Owing to the scarcity nf garden vegetables and
the continuous dwindling away of home pr<
served fruits, you are at a loss what to have.
Well, we can assisl you most economically. Try
our peas, corn or tomatoes. Kach tin full of
the vegetables. Orders delivered promptly.
PHONE   93
John Mclntyre Sr Son
i in ■ ol tho mosl imp..i Unit smi i.l j
conventions ever held In Ki ot n o
was that which oocupli -I thc atten
tinn ol visit mi,- clergymen and lay
nn n Irom nil over tho diocese on
Wednesday and Thursday of thi i
week in Oddfellows hall. Important
from the stan Ipolnl ol the far reaching eflects it will have m Bttmalatlng
the clergymen to more vigorous efforts in promoting the IntorestB of
the Church ol England In the Province, and Important In tho various
items nf business tbat weir trans-
nct.eil for the welfare ol both clergy-
mi n and parishioners.
The BlBhop's charge to tbe clergy,
which is riven verbatim In nn ither
column ol this Issue, is a clear-cut
nml concise synopsis of what has
been done since tho last meeting of
thc Fynod and set forth somo very
favorable recommendations. Alter the
reading of tins report, Revs, Rural
Dean Flewollyn, Rural llean Greene,
A. s. Hoeswtll and J. G. Dennlson,
were appointed a committee to report on the charge, which was com
mentyd on very favorably by the com
mittec nn.l received by the Synod as
a wholo.
Archdeacon Beer's report referred
briefly to the death ol tho lato liis'.i
op .nil commented very favorably
upon his successor as a man young
nml vigorous, possessed >.f abilities
peculiarly adapting him ns the head
of so Important rn Institution. Ha
nlso referred to the large number of
clergy removals from tbe Diocese and
while regretting these, lie stniiily
recommended   n  life  long  resilience  in pansh. Briefly he touched on the
need of opening up new districts and
gave concrete examples of bow badly
this was needed. Regretting the cutting ofl by the C.P.R. of pnsses and
reductions of fares, he pointed out
that the expenses ol getting to Synod meetings were often greater thnn
the offerings tor that purpose nnl
necessarily meant a hardship to th'
delegates, He nlso regret! d that
many of the funds of the ch irch wviv
sometimes neglected, nnl hoped that
the pnrishiotiers who were Increasing
both In numbers and In wealth would
give moce attcntii n to 'bis* The
Archdeacon urged upon the clergy the
importance .' Sunday school work
and stiffeested that a system of examinations he instituted. The statistical report, he pointed out would
show great progress in the church
during the past two years attd he
was certain it would show greater in
tbe next period. This report, unfortunately was not in th? hands of
tbe Synod owing to the reports from
the clergy not being all in.
Rev. H. A. Solly, ot Summerland,
brought to the notice of the Synod
that the M.S.C.C. was not, as he
considered, fairly apportioned. One
parish perhaps whicli might he considered on a self-supporting basis,
received aid, other smaller parishes
were receiving none.   This, he     con
, Idcn d, should in somo way bo rem
r.i hop Dopi n tier consldi red that
tha people of tho church win n able
i hould do bet tor in this respect thnn
Ihey ili.I live or six yar. n;;o when
they were poor. Tho Province, ho
said, now has n balance In tho sav-
,i * bank of J7,5O»,0»0, which is
in ool thai the Province and th * pen
pie are richer than they were several
yearB ago. Pooplo who a lew years
ago were practically pom arc Uow
able to write their cheques in live
figures. The laymen have done excellent work, nnd he referred In glowing terms to tho excellent    offer   of
Mr. Vi. .1. Walker, who, without solicitation  whatever,  had  offered  to    ns
I  .my  parish in thfl Bttrrey     dis-
1 ; lei in elect Ing (ill,relies Mr. Walker had offered to guarantee the
stipend of the clergymen for at least,
live years. This, the Bishop th night.
should be a wonderful stimulus to
others t i do similar good work.
The treasurer's report showed the
financial ei.ii.liti. a ol tin church to
ne in goo | shape, but tho Synod al
mosl as a whole agreed thai the as
Bessments ln sonic cases were too low
nud that sti'ps should be taken to
eompelrccalcitrant parish a to meet
tho demands made upon them.
The report of tho W. A. Bhowed
that up to the end of April last, a
goodly number of meetings had been
held and that the various auxiliaries
in the diocese contained _io members
three of whom were life members.
The work in assisting the needy in
the way of clothing and funds had
been vigorously Carried on, while
pledges amounted to about (117, nn.l
donations to (96. This was received
and ordered printed.
The report of the executive com
mittee elicited considerable discussion on the mntter of grants, and
brought forth instances that had
been considerably lowered owing to
the spirit of independence shown by
the parishioners, which Incidentally
was imbue,1 by the clergy. The par-
i h (d Trail wns congratulated on
! coming a self supporting rectory,
nnd others were recommended to do
likewise, Tins report was also re-
*  Ived an.l adopted.
His Lordship, the Bishop, intro
Juced the following moticn, which
was carried on a vote being submitted:*—
The various Diocesan Synods within the Province of Uritish Columbia,
respectfully recommend to the General Synod the formation of a Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia
coterminous with the boundaries of
the civil Province, with a Provincial
Synod to he formed as hereinafter
i rovided, a...I th it tho following be
part i*i the     Constitution of      such
Section 1.—The Provincial Synod
shall have power to deal with all
meetings affecting the well-being of
the  church      within  its   jurisdiction,
Continued oi Page -'
Eight Hundred YardsoT Mattress-
ing being done above tte
Traffic Bridge
Under tho superintend, ney ol Ed.
Trimble a gang of about sixty i-.en
commenced Tuesday on  the  work    of
-ing tbe river bank ,'rom Ihe
traffic bridge in lower town to the
Central hotel, a distance of mine
BOO yards, it is anticipated tnat thc
sum of (26,000 will be spenl in this
work, which is calculated to save the
batiks ot thc river from washing
away. Mr. Vi. Fleming, wh" iB torn-
man of the work at the river, anticipates thnt as soon as this porn, n of
the work is completed the gang will
be     removed      to  below   the  C.P.R.
and there finish Up the Work
which was left unfinished the     prev-
.r, (if the llxty mm emplov-
,-1 twenty nre ill the bush cutting thc
ii• brush, under the foreman-
ship of Thos, lleiiet. nnd twenty are
nt the ijunrry under the foninanship
' \ ■ Mclntyre Tins work will
have to lie pushed forward rapidly
ns It must he done before the soft
weathei comes, and Mr. Trimble calculates putting oo as many men   au
required in order thnt. thc work shall
be completed in time.
This year the Provincial government in its estimates set aside a
lund of $80,000 for work of this kind
n tbe province and it is a mark of
the recognition of the importance of
Itevelstoke that (2*3,000 of that sum
should   be   spi nt   here.    It   is   roughly
estimated thai  both     the   Dominion
an i Provincial governments lure ex
ponded approximate!;     1800,000     on
the hanks of the Columbia river, fully  two thirds of  winch,  however, was
contributed by tho government     at
Victoria.    Last   year's   expen hi ui e by
the Provincial government on this
work in Revelstoke amounted close
i n to $44,000.   The circulation       of
about (83,000 In this district, hy the
work In hand during tbe next four
or live weeks will mean a good deal
to the business men of the city, and
Incidentally earn tho thanks of every
citizen for the energetic Minister of
I'ublic Works nt  Victoria.
Tic   Merry Qo Round   Whist   club
was  admirably    entertained al   tho
home of Mr. and Mrs. W, A. Sturdy
on Sixth street, Tin*, lay evening Inst,
Seven tables were requisitioned an.l
during the course ol the evening flash
h ' i pictures were taken of tbe
group,   The Hi tl  prize for tho ladlos
was won  by  .Mrs.   Arnold  Sturdy and
Ui' consolation by Miss Jaekson. Mr.
Thos. Bradshaw secured the gentle -
men's tirst. prirc. A dainty luncheon
was served by the host and hostesj.
" Vnu have proi along
well enough so fur without the power and 1 guess
you can stand ii for a few
more days." In some such
words as these was the
way Mr. Newman expressed himself to the
Council yesterday at a committee meeting when he
was asked to give an expression of his opinion as
to when power from tho
new dam would be available. Re his demand for
his pay, the Council retorted to the eil'eci that
lie had waited such a time
for his money and they
guessed he eould wait a
few   days   more   till    the
work was completed.
The press was, of course,
not present at this committee meeting, hut the
above expressions of opinion on both sides of the
fence leaked out, and show
to some extent that a deadlock exists provided certain
conditions are not complied with. Mr. Newman,
however, has assured the
Council lhathe can furnish
the power now at anytime, but owing to leakages through the hulk
head it would not be advisable until these were
Stopped to turn on the
power. The Council, however, are of the opinion
that the water will be
dashing through the Hume
the fore part of next week
and that power will be
#*******# *■:?:• :■
School Board want them before
Accepting Heating Plant
la  addition  to  the  regular  routine
work of the school   board al   a  meeting     held      last    night a  discussion
arose as to whether the heating apparatus at the  new school   was thoroughly  satisfactory,   It      was      the
opinion of tho  board  that In      cold
weather  there   would   be  considerable
trouble in heating  the school.   Wheth
er the plant wns put In according to
tho plans is what is agltatln;     the |
board, and  Mr.  King not being present,  his account  was  laid  over.  Thc
board  wants  to  sec  the  plain ot  th'
apparatus before     Anally     accepting
it, und no plans SO far seem  to      be
available,   both   Mr.   King and       Mr.
Foote claiming not to have them    in
ih 'ir possession.
A petition from Miss I-'. A. Paget
fur nn increase of salary wns con-
ildered and a raise of $5 per month
In view of the extra work in the
lattitorshlp occasioned by looking after the high school which was dropped by the former janitor Mr. Thos.
Steed was given a raise ol $10 per
month. Up to thc lirst of the year
thfl high school had a janitor of its
own but Mr. Seigfried having resigned Mr.    Steed had  done  the work sat
isfactorlly since th'.n and  tsequenl
ly the raise was granted on motion
of Bradshaw and Squarebrlgga.
A communication received from the
city clerk asking for detailed statement of estimates was received. From
certain conversations hnd with councillors the board understood thnt the
Item of 11,000 for repairs was what
the council wished detailed and accordingly the board authorised Mr.
Bradshaw to 'ommunlcnte with tbe
cltj council and give them the Information required.
The Woodstock I,nm:. i Company in ii coiiiiiiiinicatioii accompanied by a cheque for $29.8-4, which
amount was the disi nt on an oiler for desks, The cheqtio was tnin
od over to the rit.y.
It wns moved and seconded that
the tenders for Bchool supplies be
apportioned Olll as follows: Hews,
$463.66; Macdonald, $386.78, These
llgures represent llle lowest. tenders
ol thoBfl two men, and it was the
view of the hoard lhat the tendei
Bhould   be  split,  up  as evenly as   pos
Chairman Cunningham Morris aug-
rested   regular   III ipectlofl   of       schools
oi which suggei t ..n tbe board con
ciirrod, As ,, con • qtiencfl tbe members of the hoard will make i ,!.,-
• I til;, Hi ■ limes of which will lie
later decided upon.
A salary roll of $1158 was passed,
also a number  of  general      nccountsf
i'h.. account of Bourne Pros. was
referred hack for investigation.
Members pre icni. Cunningham Mor
ris, T, Drudshnw and II.  8.  Bquare-
Jams, Jellies
We have a large quan"
tity of Crosse & Black-
well's and Lipton's Jams
and Jellies in 1 and 7 lb.
tins and 1 lh, glass jars
that we want to move
this month.
We  are  making a  reduction of from 20 to  30
per cent,   on   the  above
igh class goods.
Ontario Honey in 1 lb. Glass Jars, at 25c.
Pure Maple Syrup.     Buckwheat Flour.
New I aid Eggs,    Ontario Pea- Fed Bacon.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Hay. Oats, ri heat. Barky. Beans, Shorts, etc.
Bourne Bros.
.Groceries,    Hardware.   Flour and Feed m
2L_ . __—      .    ii
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Fresh Salmon
"     Cod
"     Halibut
"     Smelts
"     White Fish
"     Soles
Coast Sealed Oysters
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Iiiiiii Class Meat Pur\
Phono 251
P. O. Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O Box 208    GROCER & BAKER    Phone No. 23
a      -•
S =0 =
* to »* o
9   7T re   TT
as. es
' '.£
</> i^C
♦r .—  O
Reception at Rectory
mr service in    .St.
We :n leday, the    Rev.
Mi     Proi   ii er,   and   the
I • Id,   ■ '■'■ a reception     to
ii I con negation at  tho
ThoM  who gave vocal sel -
'..■ie Mis.- Ethel Wrlgley and
i.i    Hilton,  il   Cunningham
M    '       E.   Dunn  ami  Ttev.       S.    W.
Phillimore, uh well ..    riolln      solo
i.y Mr,   Wilson,   Light    refreshments
wi;     ■ i fed  and the tunc., n proved
iccesa-tul, e Bishop
an i tbe clergy of tbe Diocese nn opportunity nf knowing each ..ther bct-
Iit and Interchanging view.*, nnv.tif:
tbc various parishes 0| Koutcnay.
An Early [lection
Hon, Wm,  Paterson, in the courao
ol the reciprocity debate at Ottawa,
remarked that, one objection put forward     was    that    the arrangement*
•  have bean cone into     at
all   without     consulting th" people.
Th,-.t    was    Impossible.   The     people
themselves would have an upportuni-
'5   •'■ Pa-Bsiflg    pon it, and that at no
verj- late date.   It would then    be   a
uestion.   He expected  the jitdg-
would be favorable. If the Con-
dives  were  returned  to     power
tbey would  have an opportunity    o(
fing in a measure of repeal.
Movinc Pictures tonight, TJrTIH    JVt^TL-ECJilK'^LU,    EEV l'i    STOZKZIH
, \TintH.w, FED,  IK'1'11,  i'.il I.
vibe flDatl-lbeialfc
PUBLISHED   w l.i'M'.sinv   \Mi
s.iTUil'n   IT
in.w.;,.*.iiii,i.   B. C.
jmertot pubUsbtnfl Company.
Legal notices 10 cents per Line Qrst
msertiou, o cents per Lue each
suUseu.ui.ut insertion, Measure
meuts Nonparlel ill! lines make
out! inch.) Store and gi uoral
business announcements $2.t>u poi
inch p, i  munth.     l'i efei red poBl
tions,     25     per cent. add nal,
Births, Marriages aud Deaths, 50c
each Insertion.
Land notico >, '** \ II advoi 11 ic
incut.* subject i.. ii..* uppruvul ol
tbe management. Wanted and
. leased Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
Uations wanted, Situations Vu-
Teacbers Wanted, Mechanics
iVaute ;. .:. »i i ds or less, 26c,
each additional line lu cents.
.ii standing advei tise
ments must be in by il a. m.
Tuesday ami Friday ol each week
to ... ii ■ ,;* od display.
CORRESPONDENT I*: luvlted on mat
ters ol public    interest,      Com-
n. mil ..1 Ions  li.   Ivi.t.'i   must       be
accompanied   by   name ol writer
not   necessarily    ior   publication,
b.u     iia    *  I  faith.
Correspondence should bo brief.
Ind . ling  postage to England, Uuit
ed States and Cuuuda.
By tbe year --.through postollico) f
JOB PRINTING promptly executcu
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
Hankjiead Hard Coal
Wellington Soft Coal
Always on Hand
un l lay,   olocti i    bj each     llloc *  in
Bj ii rd, with pi'ov IbIi ti tin  still itli ili
A  in.lice of  i ion   nl i oduci .1    hy
E,   A.   i'r,.use  lii'iilin.*    «Ith      aim ml
meuts, additions to he nmdo to    the
an 1
Briquettes,   and   Furnace,  bgg, Stove
and  Nut Sizes.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Real Estate and Insurance
1  *• 1 II.-
u    c
sl lei  v.
lll'SOll   a
od fl
l't W
a bamoti
In   a.Ill
j *i  the
.ild j
i. ir   inn
■turn   ns
urn honors kevelsiqke
Cbe fiDaU1bcrai&
SATURDAY,  FEB,  UTH,  1911,
(till "■".        .h.*- week  for
. ng bo much ol oui space with
the doin I thi Vngllean Synod,
The [act of its being held here is a
liment to the city, and th ■ Man
Herald being the only secular paper
represented at the convocation, we
Iti. ;t our bounden duly to report
the Important doings as lully as pus
sible. The report, perhaps, may
not be such very interesting reading
to those nut connected with the
church, but members and adherents
ot the Anglican church will, however,
hnd much therein to Interest them.
"Sassiety"    in    Eastern    Canadian
i.:., -  .-   . .st  now     agitated      with
*. ns      owing    to   stones ai ind that there is a
possil ty i the Duchess ot Con
naught and Princess Patricia u.a
making then* home .n Ottawa. What
» . thi pool di ai - lo m 1th nothing
but a black frock coat and a high occupying Rideau Hall?
"hat the winti I sj : ts are on
the wane—anl by the way we have
i leason ol tb *n.   It might
■b    take    an
Interest  in  - take     mental
I  what  will led  in    the
I • at tbe city     may
ma;:. i and bold its     own
smaller cities
,.-  city   with iut
•what  little  wintei   sport   wi       have
enjoyed, i have been      a
lor wi  must re
mem;.- th   old adage that "all work
and no play makes Jack a dull boy.'
* :: I   is   we .->.      Golden.
I 'i„I -     a
of ol bon-
i ' j,.-.:   own   and     attrai I n
ui   tbe '.a:.-   centn
ood .'.•■■    ng    Pi rhai.      ;.  I
et a city such publi'       a- a -'"■ d
Kpor: • ybody
ll   . *
tbe   Grand
it whi     tl        J
Btokl Q • I.'
the sport
. ■ ■
i.n   tl st
i    •     ■ ■*
1     e papers
T'.ii-   brings        I
that  ;. that   r. make     i n
lers we must have the rinl     ..
.      -  i.     et t ■      that
id to get   *■   we n.   it
the fcccomnjLidal   n foi   ■ u h ai
OVttt.    Uevelstoke  has   a   good     iin
f,.r  skating   but It  Ii altogether    in
I,.', |Uate  Ioi   both  skating nnd  curl
•  the -amc    time.   As a con i
.it Oie ..'her wu.' i*.  n
and  untori inatcly In'thi* i
■i    .   tbe c.: ling Now
:*:i- not enou *  a mi ng
■ an; enth ■' .i ■ * • urlei i to gpt
a ■ ink . : their own and gel up a
Jjiimjici   bonspiel  foi   n...i    anl    (UC-
we do,   It Booms to us that thoro aro
ni   least  ten or a   dozen  nicn  111     this '
i    j  win, could and would put  up   a
I housand aplocc,  H such were neces
- iry,  in order t.. oroct  a  good  rink
and hav,- a howling bonspiel      every
j ar, and It would do then'     hearts
food to part with the money,     llut
it  is tint necessary to part with thut1
much  money,  for  there arc  scores of
citizens who would chip in and make
i ... burden lighter and we know they
t1.ould gladly do it.   Wo want a good
i uk devoted entirely to curling     In
i ie winter;  Winnipeg has a half-doz-
. n ol them; Calgary     has two     or
. nee. and surely  we can afford  one,
v ith bucIi n building    the    boglnn i
. mid  have a chnnce  to  become  pro-
. 'lent  and the professional  to devel
.  i himself better.   All that is needed
.  get  this required rink  is      sonie-
.  *.h   in  set   the   hall  rolling       right
,, iw    before   the enthusiasm      dies.
eople don't care to talk or    think
.i out curling  in  the  summer    time,
.ii  (act   they  haven't, time  to do anv
i ring else but talk an.l go crazy ..'■
baseball, cricket, tennis and    siitn-
. ior games- and we di n't blame them
ir     going' crazy  over  these  either
H ;t   richt now    lot everybody     get
. :sy on Hns rink  proposition      and
e e if we can't get a handsome huild-
ng   up   before   nest   winter's       frosts
*.i  in.   And   in   the  meantime,   wh n
ive have everything arranged and the
building in progress, we    will enjoy
the BUmmer'B sport  better in nntici -
ation ol
*. .titer.
the fun we will have   next
Perhaps—and     we   use the     wind
'perhaps"  advisedly—-by   the      time
his paper is on  the streets we    will
i.ivc  light   and   power  Item  our  new
ower plant.  Nobody is willing     to
i.'cept  the responsibility of assuring
... public thai  they will have power
i  any  specific  time.   Mayor  Hamil
n     won't,  n ne ol  the co n d!. i'.il  and  we arc  very  sure  wo  w  nt
.. tried to set  the public . n    . a.-..
treat last  week  by  informing    them
at   the bulk-head  wo ild  di**
ednesday at three "'cl* i
op   then,   but   it   has   dl
i.i that is as lai  ..    ■     .
vim-  the  public  any   n>- .
over.     Whetb i   it   «111
ictorily now Unit   It   has drol
i.i n-  i       • • we mav
n asonably certati
a  lew   .lay-,   but    ' dy    can
11.   Th
ame is played Bomethin
.... . ■    i       |]
anting and slide   .   * I ben per-
iver  r u    D
u l perhaps you don't.
Continued Irom Pago 1.
other than those already delegated
I., the General Synod, No I'aiiott or
resolution of a coercive character, or
involving penalties, or disabilities,
passed by the said Provincial Synod
i hall be operative in any Diocese un
ti! accepted by tho Synod of such
Diocese. Tho Provincial Synod shall
n it have the power, unless with its
assent, to deal with such matters as
fall within the jurisdiction of a Dlo
ci'san Synod at the time ol tho formation of the Provincial Synod.
Section     -'.   Appointment ol  Dish
.•: s.- 111    Election   by   Syn nl.     When
the Secretary ol any  Diocesan Synod
shall certify to the  Metropolitan    ol
lh ■ provincial Synod that  there Is a
\acan.y  in such   Diocese  Lhe      Metro
poii tan shall at  once lake such steps
if any, as may  be  necessary  in  order
to the election of a  Bishop who shall
bo duly elected by the Synod ol that
Diocese under its Canons,   Rules and
I,..,-illations.   The    Chairman or Sec
rotary of the said Synod shall trans
nut a certificate of such elect ion    as
Boon as it shall have  taken plan'    to
the      Metropolitan  and   to tho  Sccre
tary  ol tho  I'rovincinl  Synod.  Notice
o!  such election  shall   then   he      Belli
by the Metropolitan or the Secretary
of the Provincial Synod to the Bishop of the Province, and the Metropolitan  shall then  proceed to take steps
lor the consecration of the     Bishop
..'.   Appotntmenl     by    Missionary
n the case of a Diocc ie whose His
ip  i- wholly  or     mainly suppi i te I
i'. n .lii ui.. u,     rules of "i dei'
Canons ol  tho  Byn ..1  ol  the  Dl	
ol  Kootenay     » i    con    ' u .1 clan ■•
hy   clause,   and   Will]   lliu   OXCCpl	
Sect a ii 10 as contain d in the ordei
of procedure lor tho Byn ,1. and a
lew other small chnii. * B WUS passed
by motion.
Tho committee app*. utod to report
i n t ho Bishop's address asked that a
iniiiiiiiitee of three clergymen and
throe laymen he elected to doal with
theological quostlons referred to In
the Bishop's addrosB.
nn n vote being cnsl tho foil...vine,
woro olectod Olorgy, Uev, 0, li. Lit
tier, Rural Dean Grocno nnd Rural
Dean Procuni-er; laymen, Messrs. 15,
A. Cronse, Geo. John itoii un.l .1 .il.
n unison. A commuiilcalIon rocoh
e.l by tho iiishop on this subject wns
arc,ml Ugly     hanih .1   to   thiB       C mi
put tec.
A  in.I Ico of mot i ni i.. luccd    l.y
Mr. Prod Irwin • thai hei onftor th * of the .* ni ICootouay
mool biennially was eonsidorod, bul
the mutter was left with tho Bishop
as it Is purely his prerogative to
call   the  Synod.
'I he Rural Deans' report was read,
**■* i n; parish boundaries and
roporl in *, i n tho work done, which
was ..i lerod printed In i ho Sj nod
loin n il. The Bishop al o do n id
• he i .'lils of dei'n ng tho boun larles
of iuu und tho mnl tor was ac*
i ordin iy dropped «ith t ha explan i
tion thai these boun.lurlca were mere
ly suggested at thc rei|uest of tho
late Bishop.
Election for oII'kvi ol tho Synod
resulted ns follows
Registrar, Archdeacon Her; liens
ui'ci', iiiii. Johnston; auditor, .1. M.
Lay; executive committee, Rural
Deans Procunior, Grei in   an I   Plowol
moved   thai   11
*,.  ,     n   .    ,
*         Ml
i'l. i *v   Rellol
i'l 11*1    in.HI   .',    fol       1
pui ptwei .    No
.    tic    .1. t toll
i   wise  praclli
lo   UP  i into
taken  i li  tin
mnl 1 'i   i id  .i  huh
go 1
ion   ua      *i;|*i"*
1    l|    to   in. 1* '.'    1 li   :*
Imi 1
wil ll   11      Dill
i'llll  I'l II II. II  l.'llll.l
The  Rev   l),
fluckli           ''    ,
.   ■
'mtl **.  moved
i hut ,*-ii* ih bo      i
in   iccover  all
arrears from   Pai
whicli have in.i pin.i uni money Into
tho special ollortory. Ho also urgod
lhat i *i i ni I u1 .' - h id boon nude by
.nnny ol lho clergy In t ho Bj nod, but
it   was  n I   ac-. nl lal   lhal   I li '  i i.i
Iut ion.*, passed by Sj n l hould I"'
enforced,   The motion  was lost
ll. W. Blmpson, ol it" land, asked
whether nil churches coul.! nave llih
les containing t lie nPoi lij i ha, chapl
■ ■is ni which were road In tbo church. '
a ft 11' some Pul*. .li. en* - mi i ho      '
I ion was withdrawn,
In. 1. u      the   head n !    of i nlinl h •,!
In buying baking powder
examine the label and take
only a brand shown to be
made with Cream ol Tartar
Inini turns
tho  Rev.  W,  N,  Walton
!''.*! II     ■
movod thnl  bis parish
permit tc
,1   I..   1. w   $3, Kill     mi
church  i
        IIH   SI'CUI il V     'nl
ling and Messrs Vrn ililos, Hush anl
Cock; clergy d atcs to Synod,
Arehd. ac. ii Beer, ll ral Dean Groone,
and Rev. IS. A. St George Smythe,
Messrs Crease, Bush and Venables,
h titutes, li,".... i'l'oc tnler, Phllli
more ;.u I Plewollj tic and Messrs
Ai in tr. n *. John ■ "" and t'a.-s ir);
Bishop's appointments to executive,
Kev, Steele and Mr. Lay; hoard ol
management to Msec and s. s.
Commission, Archdeai un Dei r, Uev.
':i :,h u.i an 1  Messrs It u li  end Cock.
At t he suggestion ol I h * Blsh ip a
in.ti.n passed requesting the Rural
Deans to report ou their pal Ishu to
the Synod.
• ii motion Messrs Simpson, Flew -
■ .i> no. Armstrong. Johnston nnd
HiiiK were elected an Ecclesiastical
court •
Stand n •     commil tee on Can ns:-
Messrs     Ji hnsti n,     Dcnnison     nnd
Crease and  Revs,  Beer,     Klewellyne,
l'i*..cun*.•:  ioi i Graham.
Notice ol mot h n was i Ivcn by Rev.
Tret H n nf their n iw  i hnrcli, I le
i ked thai   the matter  he ren n e,\ oil
ih       ...iill     !•'   i llie   lo
lake nil the re i tlhllil y, Tli      was
i  roe I  it] on,  i  e  Diocc io ... n        so
i ui a., lion of tin    \:, h .. ,*ii i*n      tho
Itatl tical  .'-'h.'.'i  "l   lllC'.l  v as adopt-
•d,   Votes ol  than is      rei o  tuu nlm
ut  Ij   i ,i*  i-l  to  i lie  II. dor  ol   Rc\ ol
.: oke,   i lio  n as ur and     tl?.i n        Ioi
'.trie i.  in  enti i tn n n *       tho
. sitoi s  to ih.'  .*'. n *l  anil  ., .1 ng  In
its   sue*.*.
To i'h incollor i'i. j ic [or hi valu
able sen Ice i in tho Dloiac, to tho
,'nrlous ml sloii ... order i n l- n land
uu h n i the B.P.G., H.P.C.K., i tc,
* I ho * "in i ,n ih pn I. In
ofcrenco to i his Hi Ilh hop hope i
Lhal   wh bio imo      return
11      thO      *■ .   '.       n'. ll    IP
.. t ho    Soclcl lot   "ii n  Ian I      w hlch
ive   Ii ne *.. much  I o  **■
ork  in  B. c.   d.  Pcrkint
in  .    '   : .   fol    Ins   ci'. 'i
,i  the .'Ini'. li  iii    i 'i'i',,,   i
fOl      ■ ***-.i     M*    < il 1 .
Synod,  to th    Bish      fm
It . had  . * .   *i   ih ■
he  Rev.  M.  P.  Hilt
ll   on   V.
A pre, wiwtesome, reliable Grape
Creaia ©S Tartar Halting Powder.
She filsvor and adds
U dhe keaitlifulness ol the lood.
■No Lime Phosphate
Rcdnce tbe  Ileallhiulness
of the Food.
"S am quite positive 111'.: thc use ol ntum baking
powder sJiouiil be condemned."
— Prof,  Vaitghan,  Vnivctsily of Michigan.
Rased tho Label am! remember that
"Alum, soilitnu alum, basic aluminum sulphate.
Sulphate <•! nliimuiFiin, all mean the same thing —
namely, BURNT AVUM."-Katun. Stale Doatd of Health.
in  dlsm
rougbt by R
I. ■   ■
iter pu * tmisl
sternal  men.
'     * . *   !.
.* n in
, . ■*
.    • te
**t.     T
■  i,  . Oil    t.
e born    of i
tion ol such Bishop shall rest     with
lhal   Soeiet y.  after ci nsultat
ition by the Metropolitan an I
i 'i'i .*. ince,
'l ..* Provincial  8j n id     ms •
: ■ '
■ and Syn **l
the vol
Rural Dean Graham th. t tho period!
"Aci        tl     Rockies,"    published
by  the 11.  C.  Aid   Society,  be
uithorlt n-. o  par
lese "f lin
iti n iy.   Tbis wa - done  by     motion
11,   \    Pi  * .   pointed
:  b Si n la]
and ii was
magoi *n •     would
ICI    ol     ii
that     I
Mr,      v.n
have     n
S \ n
.**!.       The
th *
• *     * a l
ch *i :h
' '.iiii'ii   i ■:
To      ih*'
, i      the
the      wny
sslon,    to
i ie ilia     r of tin      lyi of   ex
icn * *   f the   lel    ..'        hro
ii oui ed mm h  i    .     and   t    was
n illy   .lei. d   thnt   llll   til     •        .'
...    delegate n   I om each
, ;u li ii ic paid.
.1 .   li.   |l 'll||,..: II,  nl   RoS  ".ll I,       sug-
. ,*sii*,l  all parishes     he n il llii d
hat  nil  	
lie    u'iven  lo    lhe ^^^^^^^^^
parish,   The tlcn   .vas adopted
ii. eh.   ii • tu.* Sj ii d i he Bishop ox-
. I his di •■;. ui'; : ."'iiii.. n  . l    ii
be visitin ; cli     *,   and   laity.       an I
lie  i' I i        itiflcd      io
mow  that   h *  h , I  been  ,i, pi cciatod,
le h.i*: been stii *   i h ■ ne .11
.' i h ■ i ii it c1     and pn    b     to itrivo
.  further  the  Interests  ol      church
irk    thro Dloci and
a. ,il.I do ...1  that  laj   in hit     i owor
..  promote *.    ..*. Bock.
.'.       Sj n ..I adjourned  «itu      brlel
I'M. .ii
hnll  ho ono Tnl oi nni h      n
mai .'  I* "i     bi n      Tn It
ho Tad   i into tli    L,oo
.* I li * ton!   logcl hei   that it
. ii.-."
■    ■     i*i * :i* h.'i   explain '*!    h        toxl
' hat  '  ** lai hi ■ and loops us-
i . couple 11.'     It rnelitcs'     tabcr
.. i... ol old »In n  pitched      in      tho
*.   Id mess,  were sj mholicul  rrf      tho
utiii u ni  t In   . li   *,  and  laity In    I ha
m ii :iry ..i ih * church by lho     bind
together of all pal ta. '1 ho | oldou
i:i. :.    .   WCI .'   Ill'
hruss i ho laitj
and those   of
ro strong and
j? io mit mm
iynod Evensong Service Well fit-
It. volstoke Land District.
Iiistricl   of Kootenay.
Tnke notice that .liitneu l'elors, of
Nutflold, England, occupation, brick
layer, intends to apply for permission to purchase tho [ollowing de-
. .ii licit lunds.
Commencing at a post planted nt
the .south west coiner ol lot SIlHIi,
.u.i marked K.J.I'. Bouth cast corner
post, thonco west twenty chains,
iii,ii.c north loriy chains, thence
enst. twenty chains, thence isoiilh for-
ty chains to point ot commencement,
Dated December iMth, 1910.
Iiicill Per Fred,  O.  Terry,  Agent.
,i irgj
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    who  I      ^^^^^^^
on  Eastei   Sunday   taithful supportors of tho church, lie
incumbent of   the    ,  , ,  u, , i, Bervlce to Ood    and
i en sveranco  In church  work.        Tho
ng "I lh.' Synod  will    tend      to
: n ii.-th. u our ii.-iii,Is for h.'i ter work
which (. ii only  he accomplish *.l      by
l1   help,   'i he clorgy,dopt i»d on the
...   to  further the  i , i end  ol God's
..or.I     and   with    unity     there     is
... n  ih.   He di ii.,uu. ed  Lh * split i Ing
the church Into opposing   parties
poinl ii*   out  thai   more faith should
. ■ exei cli ed and  less ci It .rem.    The
,i   ill   It.   0,   wa-   very   Ins   ill     rc-
d to    n    ed     mai    age i,      which
should not  I"1 tolerated, nud      what
was almost worse was the splitting
* : Ian ilie   amon ■ diflerent church-
There wns a vast   amount    ot
*  to be di n * yel     to bind     the
church together, mnl everyone    must
to Jesus, us the bead     ol     tho
church, for guidance and advice, and [tiOLD RANGE LODGE,
** themsi Ives  l" i lod,  In    ecu        NO
elusion  he suggested  three   thoughts
^^^ which would help the clergj   In  their
tended—Rev. I!. I. Hlltan" *•- '• L°va r°r ™"]»- *■ (-°-
15 A. K.
Gives forces ic Clergy
At  the Sj nod evel    ■ Ic   h *l 1
Pi '
in sdaj
iperntioti  in God's  work  with  dally
. ei.      ;.   i '..ii lecratlon.     The sei
ivbole was beautifully rend
ered and closed with a  procession of
LODGE, No. ^^
nud A. M.
Regular meetings arc held In MAS-
ONIO TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
nn the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. in. Yisiliui; brethren are
cordially  welcome
w. ii, ROBERTSON, Becretary,
SELKIRK     LODGE  12,  1. O. O. K.
.Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren  cordially invited.
K. i.. McRAE, N. G.
JA.S.   MATllIK,   Secretary.
K. of    P.,
26,  REVELSTOKE, li. O.
Meets every Wednesday except the
Third Wednesday of each month in
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visit-
itif;  Knights are cordially  invited.
BROCK. K.  of R.
M. of F.
& S.
. .* i'i * . I
[or  the . ...    i . i. :
ui - in  thc i hancel,   Tho Rev.  M.i'.
•     '* n    i     *   i   I..   (ii.-, io...   ., was
elected  bj   t i *■  Bishop,
i.   • lOxodu
:.■•■' ouplo  the Cur
and II
Meets  in 1. O
DEGBIE,    No.  3461.
VNTED   Men and   Women to learn i
.miii   tr.'iili;   * n'*>   ci.-ht   weeks  1 c- I'	
ed;    tay as long as you    vish     Meets In I. O   o. V. Hall next   to
for one tuition;  tools given      with   Tapping's Opera  House every second
.    fti-ship;   bosl    .h "1       in   nn.I  fourth  Monday  iu  month. Visit-
I'lin.ili.     II   * iana     oi    loco a lug brethren cordially welcomed.
furnished;     cutaloguc mailed    tree; •;;, w. BELL. ('. It.
write  for  pari Iculari .   Moler      8y-
t 'in      College,    i ui    Centre street,
ary,   Vita,
Card of Thanks
; :.. txpre   . on    be
half ot th * tftank
o all thi   .* • mernlisly   «»
listed ii i* ■ ti . *: hospitality to
th? visiting clergy and laity, nnil
who by theii i o operation, mftide
:hell -.*-.' '" Revel toi o o»« oi'
!•:.   i r nnd I'niiiiii nt Ion
c.   \.  PROCI MIBR,
Rural   llean.
Moving Pui nn-   ut
aire to-night)
lin    K'ii   oil   ill.*
an ■
.    *
rthel   * ■
.ill    11*   I,  ,      ol    tip..    I)-..
Columbia  •hnll be the Iti  I   il
iimi **; tin   provlnco
Sec    .    Basis "I   Repi ■' fl) at * tl
Tho has    .,i represcntat   n   it    I
Provincin        ynod shall i  ,   n adill
tl ..ii  i" tin*  Bishops "I tin   Pro ui"
[pui   il l*ni*    ol i.iiii onlci, clerical
i *
nun   I
,ii  .1
ii     nnd
i*    n  G '■      Kelownn
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec-Sec.
C. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp,  No. 228.
Meets Second    and     Fourth Wednesdays    iu  each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen are
cordially Invited to attend
11. W. BDWARDS, Con, Coin.
M it .    It .    T .    W 1 L S O N,
STliDlO—MuhIc Store,    McKenzie Avenue.
TERMS—Elementary, under 12 yenra
ol aj:c, 75 cents per    lesson.     Over
12 years ol ace, 41.00.       Advanced,
$1.25   per   lesson.       LesBons three
quarters ol nu hour, once or twice
weekly,  as desired.
Teacher ol Voice,  Plana and Organ
Pupils  prepared for  Toronto  Conservatory ot    Music.       Local examinations.
APPLICATIONS  will   he received  at
I'!.. iniitit's West   End Hospital
from bright girls wish ng to train
fm- nurses; applj  iht Barclay St..
ivel, li. 0. Iw.
ily  mm lis ctiudhs.
Ue Ibfuol autllunija.
h Cvne
•  •   ■      23 «tni»* THE    n^AIL-HZER-A-IjID,    EEVELSTOKE
riATPHRAY,   FED.   ISTH,  1911.
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund -    $4 400,000
Mas 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohos.     Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B.''. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Ilavlnu: purchased the business formerly carried on by  K.   A.
Spring we nre prepared to execute all orders promptly.
Boot nnd Shoo Repairers,
Harness Makers
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hoi Water, l-l DeRre»9 ol Ilea
Natural Hot Water lu Baths.   0       All Year
Rates from $12 to $15 Per Week
The Largest Stock * of Smokers'
Supplies in the Interior
We are the right people to do business with.
We arc carrying an especially good line this
\ ear.
Come in and wc will .show yon that present
for hubby, father or brother that was worrying
The Cigar & Pipe Business is Our Business
and we know it like a book, and you gtt the
benefit of our information.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Have your architect prepare your plans for
your new building early and get my figures on
your work.
Aie in he found in abundance In
our lines of WINKS, LIQUORS,
etc, Our hot tied goods are a
pleasure in anticipation and a Joy
in iciiliznlioti. They an- the hest
lhal is bottled, rich in flavor,
di'liciiti' to tlie fastidious palate
and refreshing at all times. PrlOM
lowest in the interior and our
swift delivery of all ordtl-l il
second to none in  the   Dominion.
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers ard Dealers in Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars end Cigarettes
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manaqer
CAPITAL - JI().(HK).(Mi()
REST, - $7,000,000
of The Canadian Hank of I'oniincric will receive depoiitl i'f $i ami
upwards, on which interest ii allowed at current rates. There is DO
delay in withdrawing thi whole or anj portion of the deposit. Small
deposit! am welcomed, 234
Accounts may bc opened in the names of two Of more persons, to be
operated by any one oi tlio number 01 by ilie survivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of llic money
nfter death, and is especially Useful When .i man desires to provide for
liis wife, or for others depending upon Imn, in the event of liis death.
Revelstoke, b. c.
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.      Bi-st Wines, Liquors ami
Cigars.     RatRS $ i a day.    Monthly rate.
T.   r_A_rjBlT,:R,T      F5TOTSTE      PROP
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Biiliirk'i'd '' proved.    First-Class In eveiy respect,    All modern convenience.
l,nri!(. Sample Rooms.
Rat c $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
E.    G.    BURRIDGE
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught Avo.   -   Revelstokr-
Carriage and Sign
shop in alley buck "of lv ,1. Bourne's
Btore, First Street.
First   Class Work Goaiantced.
Prices Reasonable
New Line
Stirrup  Attached
F.   B.   WELLS
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    - Revelstoke, B. C.
Residence Oor. Brd St. ai d Robson a ve
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Arriving dally our new nnd
fresh stonk uf Reeds, grown
under' contract by the bt"*t
growers in nil purls nf llie
world. Seeds that will give
yuii the bestrevults. One trial
will convince you. Also a full
line nf garden rtqiilsites, Implements of all kind-; Hei'
Siipiilie*-, -Sprayer,-..Spray, nnd
a flli] line of I 'hick Feeds nnd
Cnnkpy's remedies Tress thu
hiil Ion, i\e \i ill do the rest.
Inside Lots for Sale at M.    J.    HENRY
First Divisional Point   West   (,f  Winnipeg, ou Q.T.P. By.
Some Good Bargains  iu   Revelstoke
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,    -   Manager
Unnafarturad for (th oint-ss of   biUdtugi
.' R 10 MlKAI>. B, C.
Special Attention given to commends
men and tourists. First-class sampl.
rooms. Finest scenery in Uritish Colutn-
bia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Hay, Oats, Wheat,Bran
and Shorts
im i ii t      Cor,   McKenzie Ave
1'noNK  73.
For sal*, in 1-irtrft (ir smell iii-nittlllos
nt the lowest for cash
All kindsof building nnd cl..-lnrii.k-
Di.donn lorn
Foote & Pradolini.
Fruit Lands
liilena Was Innl- in purcel* nf
in nr '20 seres or en bloc. Ciirres-
poodsooe Invited,
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead    i
Hepairs of sil kindn  neatly dune
Bicycle bikI Oun work a specialty
Kstiniates given on sny class
of work
Front       Street.
And Take Mrs. Ripley's Advice
I/its of women nre suffering tortures
with their hacks, when thev need not
do so. Mrs. Ripley had smh frighlliil
pains in her back Uut .--lie could not do
ner housework. She tells how she
cured herself.     \Vii.i.iamsi>aj,k East.
"I cannot refrain from writing you
ahout the hi m-iiis I have received from
taking GIN 1'II.LS. I suffering dread-
fully with my hack nnd hnve suffered
with it for twenty yean. I tried every-
thing but got no relief, until I liouelit
GIN PILLS. I have taken six boxes of
GIN PILLS »nd now I have not the
sign of an ache or pain in my back. I
am now 48 years of age nnd feel ns well
is I ever did in my life. There is
nothing that can hold n place with GIN
PILLS for curing Pnin In The Back to
which women arc subject."
Mrs. Mii.i.anor P. Ript.nv.
Try GIN PILLS nt our ex|*nse.
Write for free sample box. Dealers
•ell GIN PILLS st 50c a box—6 for
end money refunded if they fail to cure.
National Drug aud Chemical Co., Dcpt
W.,    Toronto. ti
TO LET—Seven Roomed House on
Third Street., including huth room,
iiiii and cold water, electric 1 i^iitm,
iiiiii furnace. Olose to O.P.R, shops
Apply to I.. Oashatto, Third St.
BETRAYED—On Saturday. A Hull
Terrier Pup, brown spot* around
left cyn and cur. Adviuo the Muil-
Hcrald Ottlco.
WANTED   Woman to cook in hotel,
wages ,$.")(! pur  month.    Apply .I. II.
Young, Comaplix, H. 0.
WANTED—Men nml Women to learn
barber trade; 1 n'y eight weeks ic-
iliiireil; stay an long as you v ish
lor ono tuition; tools given with
each scholarship; host school in
Canada; Bltuatians or locations
furnished; catalogue mailed free;
write for particulars.—Moler System College, COS Centre strcot,
Calgary, Alta.
APPLICATIONS will he received at
Miss Olermont's West End Hospital
from bright girls wishing to train
lor nurses; apply 1147 Barclay St.,
Vancouver, B. 0. Iw.
Nenl Hull, tbe only player in the
major baseball leagues who ever
made a triple piny unassisted, tbat
Is, put out three men in one play,
is convinced thai women are more
Intelligent on tbe average than men.
but in squall} convinced that they
do nol understand baseball*. Accord'
ingly, when be talks baseball to a
woman, be adopts a light, facetious
tone.      ",V Woman once said  to mc,"
lie  tells   tlie  story,   "I   love  baseball,
Mr. Ball.   1 love especially to watch
the man at the bat.     it is so   cute,
too,   the  way  he keeps  hitting      the
ground   gently      with   the  hat's  end.1
Why      does   he    do    that,  though ?"
"Well, you sec, madam," 1 said, "the
worms    have nn annoying   habit of1
coming up to sec who's batting, and'
Unit  naturally puts „ num   out     a'
hit;  so  he Just   tups  them  on      the
head light, y,  ami down  they  go." —
Ohrlsttan Work and Bvagellit.
Hot Springs, Ark., Feb. 16.—"Terrible" Terry MoQovem,  in his     day
the greatest of all little light rs, Is
all in. Mctiovcrn is here critically
111 and Is contincd to his room in a
local hotel, where he wns wheeled on
his arrival In an invalid chair. No
one is allowed to sec McQovern, and
.lolin I'lillcn, a cousin, who has him
ill charge, refuses to name his ail
Church and Insurance
Montreal, Feb. 13.--Clergymen from
all over the country turned towards
Montreal tbis week when the nnniml
meeting of the diocese opened its
llfty-second session. In the routine
of business which was discussed there
is i na of particular importance to
nil churches of the Knglish faith,
although il carried out, it will Iw
somewhat of a blow to the business
community. It is a motion present-
e.l to the synod hy Mr. J. M. Kisk,
suggesting that the church undertake its own tire insurance. The
motion reads; "That this synod,
recognizing the advantage that would
accrue to the various parishes of the
Church of Kngland in Canada, hy
forming a mutual hre insurance union, to co-operate in carrying the
risk on all church property, such us
cathedrals, churches, rectories, parsonages an.l iheir outbuildings, col-
togei, church schools, halls, etc,
throughout the various dioceses of
the Dominion ol Canada ior such
dioceses as may desire such union)
reoommend ami authorizes its delegates to the General Synod to bring
tlie subject Ix'fore (hat hody at their
next meeting, with the view ol forming such a union."
•"Savelour Monef,
-(arcmence flow!
We want evnyorcelo know
fyat we are paying *
c~4% Interest^
peramium rrc9iTc9 m'tlilf
on savings deposits (M-
& upwart)) subject ToWifh-
drawalbr cheque &*
^ b% Interest"")
on time deposits of*
Sifmoatto & over. *
We invest uumq for clients
in first mortgages & do a
general financial business.
We want Xom savin Js acc'nt
& ifyou are not .saving -
ty&TematicallY', * * *■**■ •>
Commence NOW With US.
Deposits b^mait^7^
+ + + cas'ilf handle*) —
You can send ty Draft,
Post Office + express
Order or RcMsterctT^
Letter & withdrawals
can be made --»■•»'♦■>
Weare Responsible
Refer IG* * + * +
or to anyone in *
Write us about ity ay
Do it now!!!!!
DowTrasefl* Co. Ltd.
321 Gamble Street,
.Vancouver B.C.^
8. C. Anti-Tuberculosis Society
Has Decided Upon a Name
Thnt the Sanitarium at Trnuiiuillc
ihall he named thc King Edward
sanitarium, in recognition ul the late
sovereign's interest In the tight waged against tuberculosis, was decided
upon last Friday cvming at the annual meet ng ut (he hoard of dircc -
tors of the British Columbia Anti-
TuborculoBis society, held in tlie city
hnll, Victoria.
Officers were elected as follows:
Hon. president, James Dunsmuir;
president, A. 0, Klumcrfcit; vice-
presidents, R, Marpole, J. 8. C.
Eraser and A. J. Gallctly; treasurer, G. A. Kirk; secretary, Dr. 0. J.
Pagan; auditor, J. A. Anderson; solicitor, Hon. D. M. Eberts, K. 0.;
medical sii|>crintcndvnt, Ur. C. H.
Vroonum; board of directors, Dr. A.
P. Troctor, Dr. V. T. Underhill, Dr.
R. E. Walker, Rev. W. L. Clay, L.
13. Taylor, A. 3. Barton, A. J.
Dallam, J. A. Mara, A. E. Planta,
W. H. Megaw, J, T. McNayle, T.
Kilpatrick and W. C. MorBeby. The
society remains under the patronage
of the king, the governor-general and
Ihe  lieutenant-governor.
Veto Bill Monday
London, Ecli. 13. Premier Asquith
announced in the House ot Commons
todny that he would introduco tbe
Government veto bill next Monday.
As evidence of thc Government's intention to force this measure through
whip, stated in a speech at Edin-
John W. Gulland, Scottish Liberal
burg this afternoon that he was busy
just now compiling a list of men who
would accept i>eerage with the object
of passing the veto bill in the upper
chamber in the event of the Conservative  peers  proving  recalcitrant.
Some of tho many joys of the Canadian winter form the predominating
feature of the February issue of Rod
lnnd Gun  in Cnnnda,  published by  w.
I J.  Taylor,   Limited,   Woodstock, Ont.
A snowshoe tramp is not only enjoy-
'able   but   likewise   health-giving    and
as a recreation cannot be surpassed.
, When such a tramp can  bc taken in
'the winter woods, which have charms
'and glories all their own, ihe fascinations  of  the outing are  unequalled,
and he who has failed to indulge   in
such  pastime has missed much    that
goes to make life worth living.
Property for Sale
EdBon, the Calgary of tho Grand
Trunk Pacific, thc last prairie division point nnd the bent; thc time to
invest in a new town is right at the
start; by purchamng lots at Eds-cm
now for $26 each, on easy terms, you
are getting in absolutely on the
ground floor and will double your
money three and four times over in
a few years. Full particulars from
The Edson Point Co., 60S Mclntyre
HI.irk, Winnipeg. 2w.
Have you tried briquettes yet in
your cook stove or open fire place?
The Revelstoke General Agencies,
Ltd., have them always for sale.
C.P.P. Timetable
No. 1,  arrives     6:45 a.m.
7;06 a.m.
No.   97,  nrrives 6:5.1  p.m.,
7:15 p.m.
No. >, arrives 12:.10 midnight,
arts 12:45 midnight.
No. 96, arrives 8:45 a.m., departs,
9:W) a. m.
South train leaves Rovelstoke at 9
a. ui., arrives Rovelstoke 5.25 p.m.
,  departs
Samaiia Cured Him, and He Helpi
A m«n who hit b*fn released from
he awful cravliiKii ,.t drink, and who»,
ith  thought  is t.i  help  other*, showt
i"   spirit "f    im.   brotherhood    am;
, hllanthropy.    Read hin letter:
in...   .-amaila    Remedy    Co.    Torunu
i'lll :
rtlll   you   ple.i*,.   *»„nd   me   book   ..
■lrlnh,   also   rlrru.urn   mlauim'   I	
vaiui.d    rented)    Iui    the   .Irl.ik    Ii.i.p
1  wish  lo hand iih..5? u. a  iri-jnd   *ii.
I»   K'.iiik   Id   lull,   thn uch   .Inn,      > .*■
will 1.1111,11,1.11   thai        ...    .,«, „  ,,  „
remedy,  and   I   mi;.i  |t  all  >i,u -.lalm  rt
■o   n...     1   nevei    think   nt   lakm^    .,,
JBIlig  at runt;  drum   in  .11,.    v..,.     u a
desire   tor   11   ha»   left   m-      1     ,*.,,
• i.iak   iuu   iiighiv   .11   wiur   uronderfu
""■ '"■    1'"' !'.*'    me ni> i.ume >n at,,
uai   ■ ,,u u Ish "s : *     li
h i.i.)»ii... Urlgden, iini»rio"
s.inarm Prescription is tasteless
and odorless, and dissolves instanll<
In tea or codec, or can !.,. mixi-.l with
loud. It can 1.1 given with or with
"ui the patient ■■ kno«.. lit*, u rr.
movei the craving for dnnk. builda up
he system and restores lhe wri*,
I'rlnk iiecotnes dmia»t. fui anl «iei,
I'rlnk li a disease, nnl a rrlm» 1 in.-
Irlnk Of whlslte) always Invite, an-
Olher, The Inflamed nerves and
stomach create s craving ihut must
'■Ither bi satisfied by n:.,r.- whiskey or
'' "1*"*' *: ' ■■ I lentldc treatment like
Bamarls Pn rlptlon Bamarls 1're-
■crlptlon has been in regular nnj successful use hy Physicians and Hosi -
talji   for   o\er   ten   years.
If vou know of any famllv needlt-a
h.imirla Prescription, tell them ahom
IU If you have a huahan.1, father or
frl.nd that Is drifting Into drink, h. iu
him n,iif himself     Write to-dav
mnrla Prescription, with booklet giving full parti, ulars, testimonials price
etc., will he ».-nt absolutely fr.*e and
postpaid In plain sealed package to
anyone asking for It and mentioning
this paper yorreapondenee aacredlv
confidential. Write to-day. The 8a.
Msria Itemedy Co., Dept. 46-49. Col-
borne Bt., Toronto. Canada. Also
for SbIo by C. R. Macdonald, Druggist, Uevelstoke, B. C.
Dates stuffed with mar6hmallows,
arranged in a c rele upon a dessert
platter and Berved with whipped
cream, make another nice dessert.
To prevent baked potatoes from becoming soggy, break the skins upon
inking them from the oven. This
.rives the steam a chance to escape.
Dates cut up and     covered     with
.I'lini make a simple  but     delicious
dessert.   Pile  it  iigbtly  into a crys-
.al dish and serve with a white walnut cake.
Pecan sandwiches always win popularity. Cut slices of graham or rye
nread, butter, lay on halves of shel-
.ed pecan nuts, salt slightly and
It you tie the knot in the end of
the thread .ust broken from the spool
■tad run the other end through the
eye of the needle, tbe thread will
never kink in sewing.
If a Brussels rug persists in roUing
up at the edges it should be turned
over and a good coat of glue ap -
plied. Let it dry before turning,
and there will not be any more
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that Coreeno Cornish
Kennedy of Revelstoke, occupation,
married woman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted
about 40 chains in a southerly direction from tbe aouth west corner of
Lot 04*14, tbeoce west 40 chains,
thence south 4u chains thence east
4o chains to the west ahore ot Upper
Arrow Lake, thence north along the
lukc shore to point of commencement
1 .illuming aKn.t   160 acres
Dated January  19th, 1»11.  ...
Per M. Grady, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Mary Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intends to apply for permission to purchass tbe followinf
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
ths N. E. Comsr ot Lot 614*0 G.I.,
and marked M. S.s 8. E. Corner,
thence north 80 chains, thence west
70 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thence south
40 cbains, thence east 50 chains
to point of commencement, containing 460 acres.
Dated January 9th, 1911.
Ter 0. P. Smith. Agent.
a un n> atvps eaaSki,
lelkfOX aad In.*),.
ceres colje, keels
«S seals, SATURDAY, FEB.  IsTIt, 1911,
•t'HEl   jytA.IlJH:ii]l:iJLtJr>,I^£lVEXJSTOit£l
, .„        -. rnnir
Bi etbren —Hy the i trace ol God
who lias called me to this office ul i
'■ . ■,. in His church, mi l in accord
mice with the provisions ol the Can j
. n- ol this Diocese ol Kootenay, I
address you today as President of
this Synod mil Administrator ol this
My nr-i thought finds its moBt
fitting ex| ie lion In the woi .1-. 0
Hi.. Collect  "Grunt  lo us.  Lord     «■
. ,,. r 1 tin' Spirit u. Hun.
nn.l  to  do  always  such   thins us  In
■ *■ Thm   wi   1 11 nm
III   praj el   for   God'     gill llllll ■*   III   Ihli
■. it  n 111;   ,'. establishing Illi   King
di m   ■    ••>■: th and lr tbo hearts     ol
.:   '. II « mei . nn 1 timi  "iir I'ln.viT.-
I ones!     fnithlui
Ma ter'     >t\ ee     dolni
i..ik  .11 this world 01   workers in
* .*.   |i id relal Ion      Hi tlj an '"
ll\  luali and aeci ndlj  1 1 corpor
bi adtj 11 ■ a imn *.( the Famtlj
, I God, the Catholic Church, .     tins
the I    ' loral Ion  I place be
lore you 1 ■ la)     Vn I this loads, nat
urallj  ti   th *    thei    great    prlnolpli
which make.-, .ue common prayer and
common work possible, viz. Love lol
(.... and lor our fellows is that which
will bring into our lives and  work 11
sympathy Ii - others, a mutual   bar
ess, tbat Is so greata neces-
-■ ty In all common action,     and   is
tlcularly to la: desired by us   nt
Is new tin in our    Diocesan     his
Many and Important events     hnvi
irred   since  the  last  nieetiiiL'    to
gether of thc members of tins body,
a great King, Edward the Peacemak
er has finished ins course and his boi
■ beloved King George has succeed
to tbe Throne of his father.     Hit
training and sentiments one mnj
*. sny have been Imperial it.
their character wonderfully littun
lum (01 the arduous tasks with whicl
he is confronted. The advancomen.
anj ilu.elopm'nts in this Kootenaj
Country, 111 increased settlement, ii
.'nut farming, and the increased
knowledge of its scenic grandeur
which Is attracting holiday seekers
Irom all parts 0 tbe world: tliesi
arc so many cal I.i tor the Church td
be up and doing and to meet these
added requirements with Btrenuoue
Two Bishops have occupied this
position of leadership to which I
have succeeded and since your last
meeting the second Bishop ol New
Westminster, Dr. Dart, has been taken to his rest. His scholarship, liis
devotion to duty an.l his deep piety
are (haracteristics which impressed
themselves upon those with whom lie
came in contact. He did bis work
.luring increasing years and with n
none too vigorous physique with all
his might. After .lays of labors
abundant ,>f planting and watering
he rests from bis labors. As the
thii I Bishop ol this Diocese of New
Westminster 1 ask for your prayers
as 1 pray constantly for you: I usk
Ioi your sympathetic co-operation in
common work in this rapidly de-
ping Diocese, as you may always
count on my most energetic support
In all your rightful efforts; and " 1
pray that* your love may abound yet
more and more :u knowledge and in
all judgment."
On the da>    immediately following
my tion  last  July,  a  meet
lag was hel.l in St. Paul's school
- ol thc Bisn ps ol the Province
fin*i representatives nominated by
ler the question ol the
format;'..-, ol an Eccliastical Prov
;nce west ol the mountains. This
meeting -vas the outcome of the Coo ol Clergy and Laity held in
\ ictoria the prece-eding year, when
the advtetbtlity of such a Province
was discussed. The draft ConstitU
amended in some minor particulars by 'he Synod of Columbin. was
iht result of our deliberati/.'us, and
is printed on tht notlci p&pei f..r
vour con«iderBt;on
On the afternoon of that same day
July 21 th,  I  •■ •' :..   Bishop!  of    thr
Diocese  111  B,  t'.   met  in  the      ..a tin
giving io llmt committee tho power
to .net 111 ciiiiiiini In 11 With similar
committees appointed hy the othor
Dioceses, ro thai our rccommeinlii
tions mny he carried into eltoct. TIm
result of our labors arc embodied in
tho lollowing '
plan ic'"i  Thoologlcal Educatiou     in
the Church ul Kngland in tho Province ol  Hn' Ish  1'olumbia.
There shall bo an Anglican    Tboo
logical College ol    British Columbia
with n Board ol Governors, consisting  ,,(  tho  Bishops of  the several  l'i
ocesos "i tho Province, tbo Heads of
the Halls hereinafter to be mentioned,  ex officio,  nlul  1 lii ie  lay nnl thro'
iiei uni  members representing     each
Diocese  In  tho  Province clcctod       ill
such a manner ns the sovoral Dioceses  mav   determine.    Vacancies  among
11 leei,.,1  members ol tins     Board
oi Governors sfiall be lilted by the
respective Bishops till the noil meet
ing of lhc Synod of the Dlocoso,
Tlio Unties ol this Board of    Gov
ornors shall bo
A. Represent th • Church In all no
gotiiiiiniis with tlio Governmenl or
other outside bodies,
11 Divide the site allotted to thc
Church by th" Unlvorslty Into -four
equal parts, two of which tho
Board shall retain (or common pur
poses and one pari shall lie grant
e.l ..a terms to bc agrood upon to
each ol tho I wo Halls. 81. Marks
Bi.-hop   Lul imer.
C, Erect on tbo common site buildings which may be used 111 common
o.l'. Library, Lecture Hull ( con
talnlng lecture rooms) an.l Convocation   HrII.
11. Appoint Professors in old Testament and Apologetics.
B, Appoint  Examiners ln alternative
text-bo,, ks. I
!•'.    Issue all Diplomas.
'1. Use Pan Anglican Uraiit, the portion i»; tha British Columbia church
Aid Society Fund r ccived snbse-
quent to June the 2*2rd, t'.UU, tube
devote.I to Theological Education
in the Province nnd all other fun Is
raised for the General Theological
Education in the Province for th.'
Endowment of the common chairs
and tho maintenance and erection
of common buildings.
I. Use   tha   Theological  Education
Funds "[ the several dioceses for
common purposes, or divide them
between tho two Halls either e«|iial-
ly or in proportion to the nember
of  students  m the respective   Halls.
\. There shull bo two Halls. St.
Marks alld Bishop Latimer. with
residences and attached to each
a staff to teach the subjects not
mentioned above as provided for
by the Board of Governors.
II. Kach Hall shall be governed hy
it's own independent council as m.i*
be decided upon i»> the Individual
.'. Students ol Loth Halls shall register in the Anglican Theological
College of British Columbia, nn.l
shall bo members ol tho general
student body with all tne privileges
urterod  by the Hen,.ral  Board,
1. Each Hall shall erect Its own
buildings, collect .ts own funds in
addition to the amounts allotted
as above by the Board of Govern
or- and employ Its own teach ng
.Signed 1
W, w, Columbia,
F.  H.  Caledonia
a. 1    New  Westmlo •■
November  39tb,   1910.
On the Becond Suoda. : \ . cent. I
irdained to the Diaconate. William
Bllcrd McCamm ,.f Montreal Diooes
an College and a graduate ol McGill
University   11 ied bim as     i.*
.•nm Tenons at    -    len; and    a;    I
request  of   V 'the   Kev
loo.  Stewart  was    n lain •    priest
' be Bishop of Ci ; imbis *:.mer
Burin*.-  September .. er   ol
last   year  I  bad  .1      imn'    nter..--
tour through tin   1.....
an   tinerarj    rei ared I     me   |
leai "ii  Bee:     I
sented by tbo Incumb nt
following places
■   Greenwood,      'in-ink       i
'.a**, .-:    Rei el it ike
Salmon  Arm, Grand  Prall t     *
Grand PriMrie, In comi Rev
1',. Stewart,  I consecrated
place  to discuss • problem which, in   ground and tbc church,     the
■ .-IVt-e. and m     the   butldlng In the valles
Ba   .     - traich 1    m-'a*-. •-.   '";   "   ' "   ■        ug Janus
of this   yeai     I      managed   to      reach
the greatest »:. j• •
' a-   : i    e&ted   .twlf thu.-  !Hr    in    my
«'.    life.   1     refer to  thi     Thei
..,-   1    1    lege"   ,..'-..   ue    were
•i'i- , ,..-h somi th.n ■ In th
>ay  ..'   .:..:. atlol     I the effort
■   -iiade   lor Ed
At that meeting.
We  realis^l  the   . " cult 1     tin
••my advantagi    that
from having one Ac- * ,-. •
i:   C. ,-nthet* than two we ne *
i-it-ht   ot    After much  corn  *   1    .
■■-.* interviews and a Becond     cos
f '-i*,-..*.   , n •':" .'ti- and 2 ith of    '•
confirm a ds                . . tbe
I                                           ■ •
■ind.      a
memorial to the late     Ra' Heflft
th of October last.
1      ■   • ,.- ..ji, .   . January
ed  at   '.'      .t.ji'i-.          if tl
n      Finn-     Cot,')     itt theso
buildings are  most   rredlt#bjc nnd
archil    ' .1 nil*,   coi rei I       The ch icii
nt Fernie .- the thii l built  .11 'welve
yenr.  Mii I      .   • he    loll IK v     ..f the
...   nei  the  provision made
speal. too highly ol the work he Is
undertaking and carrying out so
successfully under rat hei dillioult circumstances. The Rev, C, F. Yates
has been givon six months leave of
absence Irom Uoldcn, his place being
supplied l'\ ilu- Ke\ * W • i'.. .nei uuu,
previously referred to. The Rev. F.
V. Venables who last spring resigned
Groenwood  1'nrish  bus      been      given
a Parish   In   New Westminster Dio
coso.    Uev.  Williams from Qu'Appelle
Dlocoae is temporarily  In charge   of
New   Denver with  Slocan  City.
The Uev, Owen Bulkcly bus devel -
oped four or llvo small congregations
along lho Okunagai) lake and ut
Okanagan Centre is building 11 new
church, llie corner stono of which 1
hud the pleasure of laying last October. Tbe Rev. H. i'blllimoro ia doing
a most, magnificent work in hie extensive parish from Arrowhead one
hundred miles south along Ihe Arrow lakes The Diocese is deeply indebted to tho generous friends in
England whoso gilts bav made possible the accomplishment of bo much
and so widely scattered an under -
takings. 1 had the ploutturc of sotting apart as Lay Header, Dr, Heat
nil, whose knowledge of the local con
lit ious makes his help very valunble
to Mr, I'hillimore. Mr. A. P, Dur-
rant, a graduate student from Lou
noxvlllo College is undertaking the
now Parish of Botinington Falls, nil-
ll nl   to  Nelson.
At Chase, a new town on the main
Ini" of the O.P.R., Mr. (i. Stewart
has started a service alld thc prospects nre sn promising that it may
necessitate tho division of his prcs-
. nt Parish, altogether too large,
and  the placing ,,f another mnn there
In the Parish of Vernon the now
Hector. Rev. Despnrd, is undertaking
11 ".v   work  at  Lumby   where  a      new
st( ■hiirch is to be built   In   the
near future, 1 have licensed Mr.
LtimbstockB hh Lay Header under the
guidance and direction of the Rector of Vernon.
In company with Rev. H. Steele,
ltiiral lienii of the district, 1 made
a fairly careful survey of the needs
and conditions ,,[ th Hock Creek dis
trict ol Phoenix and tho adjacent
country, our day's drive preceded by
p celebration in the early morning at
tlie. house of mir host in thc Rock
Creek 'alley, 1 shall long remember,
Driving nil Jay and calling at almost
every house that we came to, baptising B child, visiting two schools, try
ing to locate tbc site for a new
church, these are a few of the incidents that marked a most interesting and profitable day. 1 cannot
speak too highly of the work being
done by Mr. Steele in the way of
supervising alld preparing for further
level, ip ments both 111 the Rock Creek
listrict and at* Phoenix and at the
Kyle Mines. At this latter place a
lot has been Becurod upon which it
is hoped a new church may be erect-
.-.1 to serve ns a centre for lhe many
win. frequent that watering lace In
the summer season «.-. well as f, r the
permanent residents. At Phoenix Mr.
Stele reports having held several ser
vices ni the church which ho has had
cleaned and renovated ami the Sunday school Is established, and i hope
•■ B resident Priest In
It   Is pleasing to report that efforts
,; J- the building
.■I a new * . sj -       The
chun •       *   very
• al ial ill  li cated.   V.    some
•ancc can  •*.
[Hands      I   feel   sure    the      new
ch    can    be    built  in the      near
,». k   ■' '
I  have   Von   .ir.abie  to  Visit   the   K.
• Ml
■ ■      ■ *,*
and  :
fuimrae-  ,,f „  *,.. - pectir.n atr.l
■ '
.Tier.'* ■      ■
■   . :
.■ru;.    *
'    '  •■• mii
schls A<
i ,*
* • ■
K, re
me        Hen    a'     *      .
M. . *
nan   Bl    Vort
•    i'KHKIN   •       l-l r
f   thi        . I''' ,'*  •
• .,
•en-  an  event in    the
church life of lhe Province cannot but be productive ol the most
boneiiciii results, both to us nn.l to
our tricn* Is and [ellow-workera at
home.     His vivid word pictures     of
events  ami  places  of note      in       lhe
history ol the church and nation, bis
anility to teach tho true principles
for wbioh the church stands and to
illustrate his points by the most excellent pictures un.'- has ever seen
thrown upon a sere n, his unflagging
energy, his geniiincnvss, ins broad
sympathy, these arc but a few of the
qualities that th:- short viBlt. wc had
with him revealed He will have, .because of hia visit. a knowledge of
local  conditions,  that no amount    of
correspondence could obtain, ami he
Is using that knowledge on every
possible occasion to interest those
at home In our endoavurs here. Our
great tvgrct in connection with his
visit, is that it was all too short,
and that, more efficient preparatory
work bid not t-ecn done before his
arrival. On his next visit which we
hope ■ ill not be long delayed, we
promise him a most hearty welcome,
with many frienda to greet him,
I hnvo received a communication
from one of the Chaplains of the Ar.
chbishop of Oantorbury asking that
we co-opernic with tbe clergy in Eng
land and the Emnugrnnt Chaplains,
In their endeavors to follow up to
Iheir new homes the many emmi-
gronts settling in our Province. 1
am sure that the clergy will do every
thing In their power hy paying careful attint.ion to communications received and by looking up as soon ns
possible new arrivals, to keep as
loyal members of the church of their
Fathers those who come to us from
the Old   Home  Land.
The thanks ol tho Synod arc due
to the Bishop of Calgary for his labors and great kindness In taking
confirmations at nu ny places during
the vacancy of the See caused by ths
death of the late Diocesan.
There arc t\e"u directions in which
I ask for you earnest co-operation
in the Immediate future, 1st-—Wc
must t-n.leavoi, more nnd more to
support the work of the church In
this Diocese ourselves, There are
tunny claims both uu the M.S.C.C.,
and on our English Societies for assistance. We must, end iivor to become self supporting just as soon as
possible. We caunot expect to ac
compllsh this object at once 1* t not
only does Heaven help those who
help themselves but men also are
inure willing to give assistance when
those applying for It show b) their
works that they are not trying to
leave wholly to others tbat which
they can themselves ai 1 in accomplishing. 2nd—And the reatest work
and the one which it. seems to tno
culls for our lirst attention     as     a
Diocese, is the completion of the
Bishopric bin lowmcnt Fund, so that
just as soon as possible Ko.itcnay
may have a Bishop of Its own. Thc
rapid growth ol the towns mil country districts to which 1 hive before
referred makes the oversight of thi
Hi: imp most necessary. 1 will do
all in my power dur 11.; my approaching visit, to England to accomplish
this onject.
In  this co'tuction   1  wi,-li to      e;-
prcss my appreciation  ol the services
reodered to the Dlooeae and to    mi
personally by the Ven. Anhdcacoii
Deer. H1b intimate knowledge of th)
history an.l present condition of tlie
Parishes, combined with Ills zoal
and untiring energy has made poH-
alblo the accomplishment of much
that,  would  otherwise    eniain un
done. He is certainly carrying out
the purposes for which nu Archlencoii
han n place III our Diocesan work,
and is a true oculus Eplsoopl.
Whan  this Diocese was sol      apart,
my pradecoBsor cemtderod tbe city of
Nelson as must suitable (or the Sec
city nn.l the church of St. Saviours
as the Cathedral church for the new
Dlocoso. I have expressed to tho
Rector nt Nelson n similar opinion
nnd would commend most h artily
the work which he Is undertaking in
the erection ol the Chancel of that,
church as a Memorial to the late.
After very careful consideration the
committee appointed to decide as to
the place of meeting of the General
Synod this Autumn has decided that
London, Ont., au 1 not Vancouver,
would have that honor this time.
We hope, however, that Vancouver
will be the meting place ot that
body in the iieai future.
I And now Brethren may our labors
nt this Sjn ul thus begl n be continued iiarnii a'oitsly and expeditiously, and m iy they I'Mound to t he
Glory of our Fatlrr which art in
Moving Pictures at the  Edison Theatre to night.
lu tlie Miiitirul lliu !•.:.,....( nl Ernest
R B. Bsynes. ilecesi-eil.
Notice is hereby givon ilist all cieil-
il.ius iiiiiI others buying claims Hgiiimt
F-tate of Fmei-t R ll Bsym-s, Ute ol
VlnlakwH, B. C,deceased, whn died st
Revelstoke nn-nr about the 17'b ri»v
ot lb01 inbir, llllll, are r<quired to
sui (1 to the nml. reigned Solii'itnra or
liivul L, Baynes ainl Robeit llnir. 11,
Ailminii' lal.nisi I lhe Estate ol sn d
deceased, within tit) d.iyii limn ds e
hill inn 1 ionium ol their claims, duly
\ei ilied, and ilml alter that dale the
snid Administrators will proceed to
distribute the said estate amongst
ili*im entitled thereto regard being bail
only to 1 hose claims ol which suid
Administrators shall have then re
ceived notice.
Dated January 10th. l'Jll.
Harvky, MoOaktek & Pinkham,
Siilieitnrs for   l)«vid   L    Baynes
and Robert   Howson,   Administrators  ul   tlio   Estate   nf   said
,1. ,■„....,..1 .111 miii
Tke long »«rvic«
■nd the romf»K rt
ttvrt make* it tk«
Slickrr ot OaolitT
Soldi E»erywfc«r*
CLOTHING   CO.,   Ltd.,
Toronto.   Canada. 1"
In llie Matter ul i he Estate ol Augiisl
Johnson, deceased.
Nolice If hereby given that all oreil
(tors and nl hem having claims againni
the K-lnte of August .loliniion, late ol
lii vel toke,    11. C , iii i-liini. ll,   who (lied
nt Itcvelhiiike tin nr about lhe 8th dav
' ol September,  I'd III,   are   r( quired   to
aeinl to llie undersigned Solicit.m   lot
William I). Uobertson,   Administrator
of the EstttB of said decesecd,   within
till days Irom (late lull   particulars   nl
I their claims, duly venUfd,  and   that
' niter that dale tlm said /.dniinirtiatiir
will proceed   tn   distribute   the   said
eststa amongst Ihi sn entitled  ihereto
i regard being had only  lo I bode claims
I ol   which   said    Administrator  ■ Imll
have then received notice.
1'slid January 10th, 1911,
Harvky Mo 'arteb it Pinkham,
Soliiitoi-h tor William B. let mi
son, Administrator ol lbe Estate
ol the «»iri dere ised. ,111 Will
In ihe M*,ti* i nl the Estate ul John
T. Jones, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all cred
mn and oi heiii ii„ving claims against
ilie Estate ol Julin T. Johns, late of
Kevlntoke, B C . deceasid, who died
at Sioamoiis on or about the   llth day
ol August, 1910, are pquired to  send
to the Solicitors lor Martha Jane Jones aiid Thomas Kilpat-
in I, Administratrix and Administrator of the Est me oi .. ml deceased, within fit) days Irom date lull particulars
I theii claims, duly verified, anil that
Iter that date tbe snid Administratrix und Administrator will proceed
io distidliute tiie said estate amongst
those entitlid thereto regard being
had only to those cla ma of which ssid
Administratrix and Administrator
-h.ll have ilu n received notice.
I).tnl January lUth, IUU    Jll liUd
Harvey, MoCarteh it Pinkham,
bolici'ora lor Manila Jane Jones
and Thomas Kilpatrick, Admin
i«ir*''rx  ami   Administrator  ol
the i'.-i ,.i* ol .-.(id deceased.
An Absolutely Reliable Roof
t- om nftlii  1"-i mei ■■!:.n t.;- n farmer can possibly make.    The
trifling  addition 1   bu hi   y-mi   |oj   for   NepdnseT   lioolingji   Is
many timw over in tin/ additional pnitcctioti to your build-
in Iron  ' pair bills, lire rislu ami all r loling troubles.
Tl     '   tl      Bl tf! Coi rnmentf oil '-he leading mllroarta, many nf tlie
ring ii   t, tii-s .iiui  thousands of planters ami farmers have
NfooN9E.T I! RiNiftiitr f*r years,    The tveurd ol N^ponseT Uuufmgs
*.- i ,i    ■ ■ f   ,.*r n-'
.. I, is u *d NeponscT ParoM Roofing and gel tin* story
r dealer c;in give y« »n thts name ot' su*li ;\ nun in your own
^ d {■■■ i, nl NeponseT Roofings )<>r tlifllurcnt types of build*
i NE^onscT Walcrpruoi Dui id ing Papers lur every purpose.
W*'.' f Mr Berk of Plans And Information on Poultry Houses
. rt to rUir just what yim nre butldlng or repairing
and givj exutt dimensions.
Nt» is'" Dettft ertrywbw*    II fas lo not know tits one In ynur locality, nk ut,
I. \v. BIRD A .SON. Makers, Hamilton, Ont.
■   ,     -■   ;><m/ ■/.. An.*- in./ »titar,-;..,f IntltHtitj /Vi|i*r«,
*    Tnnii'' Mon*r«« i       f *. 3nhn, N. B.        VinrnnTtr, B. 0.
...      UpoU V*. ■ H«wtort       %'ubtnston       tU< jb*       fortUnS, 0r«,        Pan yi»n, lir»
t'«»i>»l    H    i'tllll   Ioi    thi-    \I,.       :...', ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
left ol B. C, nns adopted nail  ilgnel ;":   '  " l'"1"1 ."m-M   '■••; thr addition
i,i  thc ihrar Bishops, which I     iu!j '' ■' ■ iini'''1,' it  lmpr«w«i o#«   ft':   f
ta  •      rewi'li  '/.  th.*-  Bynod.     V«rj "'"';'   l«alrahle   mdertaklng
recii'lv   ifl feet jiim a daj preccdK - CHANOBS  IN THK ri.KIKlY  LIST
the  Byeod  m-sctinfrin Va«<»uvor lm       Several chaftgn ftave or.currc<i     fi
*■   I necelrad trom KnRlM-1      cei u"' 'lerijy list since yon,  Ipjit. meet.
.    tlOD    ittth n  inomiirflniui,, ,n--'. r Wl11 r«tai  however at this iw
li !   reti -i ng to thu. quertl i
•*hirh m .lm' course nill bo jrcsen'r I
>.. jrou    The question ih ol HO   noiti
olej n nntiiri' sii'l proscoU ho   aoaiiy
■■   Sties tJi»t t  ilncerely hope -thn*
Sjn   i  .'  11 appoint  n strong coromlt" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tl'l   Ui Hri'orilaui'f      ».Ui  pur l "lyiext.' lilfc'lttUd  lu  0reWWtf(Kl.        I    CliuDot
Id the Matter ol iln ICutste ol James
A. Magee, ilm in-i-il.
Notice is hereby givea that all creditors .mil others having claims agninet
'he K-tste of Jnmes A Msgee, lata of
Chase, ti. ()., deceased, who died at
Kevdiloke ou or about the 1 ith dsy
nl November, Mil), are required to
send lo the uudtirsigoed Solicitors lor
Sarah K. Magre, Executrix ol tlie last
will ul said deceased, within 00 days
from date full particulars of their
claim,, duly verified, and alter
that date the said Executrix will proceed to- distribute the said estate
amongst those entitled thereto regard
being bad only to those claims ol
which said Executrix shall have then
received notice.
Dated January Kith, IUU.
Hahvey, MoCakteh it Pinkham,
Solicitors of   Sarah   E,   Magee,
Exeoutrii of tbe   Last   Will  of
deceased. Jll tiOd
to those only which bave beefl minlv
:,lin i* tiiv I "li ..Tintiol, Ttie Hei.
\i 11. Wn,in lm- p. .-iicil the I'ai
ish of  Mnliii'.ii   Ann mil  hn* M9«pt)|il
...  k iii I'i line IfHwai i Island,    'rim
Iti   .   M.   P,   Hilton  hits como      from
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that William Kennedy,
oi Revelatoke, B, C, oecuparion, Special Constable, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner ol Lot 6009,
thence north -10 cbaiim, thence wem
20 chains to pre-emption No. 2K2,
thence north 40 chaius, luence east 8C
obaina, thence routh 0*0 -nniuu to Lot
No. 3045, thence wesl 40 chains, thence
south 15chains tn Lot No. 1139, thence
west 20 cbains to point ol commencement.
Dated January 7th, Hill.
I'er T VV. Bain, Agent.
Revolstoke Lend District,
District nt West Knotciiay.
Tnke aotice that •!..-■ Canadian t'a
cilic Uailway Company intends to
upply for ini mi**i, ..n to lease tbc
Iiillowiut; (Ic-cribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the shore line of Upper Arrow Lake;
said post bearing South 41 degrees
West, a distance of 224 feet from the
Houth Kast corner of Uloek 4U of t.he
registered town site ul Nakusp, iu
Lot 397 (1 1 Arrowhead, nnd district; tkencc Westerly along said
-bore line h distance of 3800 leet to
ii point; said point bearing South 41
degress, West a distance ol S87 feet
fiom the Head hlock ot South log
of Nakusp Wye, thence south Into thc
Waters ut I'pper Arrow Lake & distance ol too te«t, thenoe Easterly and
Parallel to tlie Shore line of said
lake a distance of J-S50 feet, thcBoe
North a distance of 800 feet to true
point of commencement, containing
7H.8 acres more or lessf
Hated Kelniiary  llth,  1911.
The Canadian I'aellic Railway Com-
any, Per K. W. Batemaa, Local
Right of w„y Bnd Lease Agent, Van-
Revolstuke  Land  District.
District ul West Kootenay.
Take notice that Mary Ann Ban,
ul Revolstoke. D. 0., occupation mar
iled woman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the 'lollowing
described lands.
Commencing at a post plunted at
tho nurtb west corner of T.L. ur lot
(UK), and marked M.A.U south east
corner post, thenio west about 80
chains to the east lino of lot 7965,
thenco noi-th about 40 chains to the
Lake foreshore, thence along said
shore lino in a north easterly direction about eighty chaiiiH, aud thence
south about 80 chains to point of
Dated Dec. 19th, 1910.
I'er F. W. Terry, Agent.
Revolstoke  Land  District.
District ul West Kootenay.
Take notice  that Thomas Hope,  of
RcvclstoRO, 11. C, occupation     \»td
Foreman, mtoiidB tu apply 'or    ptr-
niissiuu to purchase the foilowijg de
scribed lunds.
Commencing at a post plau'.jd
about, half a mile in a southerly direction Irom lot 7585 and by lbe
nurth east comer ut R. Evans' l.e-
rmptiou, marked T.ll. i oi'.h
corner post, thence south 40 cUallli,
thenco east 211 chains, thenoe torch
to chains, thence west 'ill .iid.m lo
puint ol cummenccment.
Dated Dec. 17th, 1910.
Per K. W. Terry, Agent.
Revelstoke Lund  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice thut Abraham Ake
hurst, ot Nutticld, England, occupation, Pit Foreman, inteuds to apply
lur permission tu purchase lho to.low
mg -described lands.
Cummeucing at a pust planted half a mile iu a northerly direction from lot 6140 nurth west coiner post and marked A.A. suutb west
rurner post, thence east abo it 60
(bums     tu    the     line of lot     £686
iKi'inni'l ill. lire      UOl'tb        Ilh  'll       40
chains to tbc north west cuin.T uf
Iut 8685, Ihence east about liu thai. .
lu the suutb west corner of lot 75S'i,
thence north to the Lake *u u-.
thence ahout 80 chains westerly (cl-
luwing along the Lake ubure line uid
thence suuth about 40 chaius to the
point ot commencement.
Dated Dec.  19th ,1P10.
I'er F. W. Terry, Agent.
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, J. H. Selkirk,
o[ Vancouver, occupation, real estate
agent, intend to apply (or permission to purchase the following da-
scribed lands.
Commencing at a post planted 20
chains west of the S.E.G. of L. 7585
tbence south 40 cbains, thence cast
lu chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence cast 40 chaius, theuce north
40 chains, theuce east 10 chains,
thence northtO chaius, thence west
40 chains, thence south 20 chains,
thence west 20 chains to point of
commencement,  continuing  440 acrta.
Dated Dec. 23, 8910
Dec.'.i Per R.  Smith, Agent.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
Distriet of West Kootenay.
Take notice that William Brown, of
Revelstoke, B. C, occupation, Clerk,
intends to apply lor permission to
purchase the (ollowing described
Commencing at a Post planted at
the north west coiner ot lot 6140,
marked W. B. south west comer post
tbence east 40 chains, thence north
40 chains, thence West 40 chains,
thence south 40 chains to point of
Dated Dec. 19th, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ot West Kootenay.
Take notice that George A. Stew *
art, ot Rev'elstoks, B.C., occupation
gentleman, intends to apply (or permission to purchase the (ollowing described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe south west coiner o( lot 7965,
marked G.A.S. north west poat,
thence east 40 cbains, the ice kii.Ii
six cbains to the north east corner
ol lot 8407, thence west 2*5 chains to
the north west corner of lot 8407,
theuoe south 34 chains, thence west
15 chains, thenoe north 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Datod Dee. 16th, 1910.
Per V. W. Terry, Agent.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Revelatoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.       .
Offices—Rovelstoko,    V.   C,
Cranbrook, B. C
Geo. S. MeCarter,
V. M. Pinkham,
J. A. Harvey,
CrauWuok SATURDAY, MB. ISTII, 1911,
•    i i
February Bargains
In All Departments
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. Hume S Co.. limited
Mail    or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
A Biflji in Shoes-US
Have you considered thnt a pair ol PATENT
this price is something which you will not see again
in a long while? Think it over—do you remember
what )OU paid for your Inst paii? Tbis price includes several lines of gun-metal calf and vici-kid
thai are the acme of shoemaking. Also a line of
" Doctor's Specials"—heavy viscol soles, leather lined,
blucher cut, either in box calf or vici-kid.
They are all tbe product of .1. iSt T. Bell and are
all up to their well known standard of shoe making.
Every pair bears the I'JJJON LABEL. Regular
$5.50 and $t> values.
Until Saturday Night $4.25
These Shoes will not be sent out on approval
We have on our shelves about TWENTY of this
season's up-to-date overcoats which we must clear out
as soon as possible. These coats all bear the well
known 20th Century label, and are bench tailored
not factory made. They come in gray and black
cloths with a sprinkling of stripes ; both 46 and 50
inch lengths. Not one of these coats sold regulaily
'or less than $20, but for one week only they wil be
on sale at a price. Sizes "ii to 11. Watch our V.
Kenzie Avenue Window.
$14 Each
Dry Goods Department
Second Floor
Take   the   Elevator
Our up to date methods of
merchandising always insures a
new fresh stock each season.
Huge piles of New, Fresh
Spring (1911) Goods are being
opened up for your inspection
every day now.
Special lines of " Old Country
Goods," splendidly bought are
here and at fair and comparitive
values in any market.
Knit, natural and white,
all sizes. Splendid for the
Spring season; 50c. goods at
what you need of these at
25c. Each
New Arrivals
The following are a few of
the many new lines we have
just put in stock :
Patent Leather Belts
Elastic Belts
Fancy Collars
Spring Gloves
Spring Hose
Waists and Blouses
Hair Ornaments
A job lot of Torchon and
Yal. I -aces came alon^ to us
at a snap. You will recognize a bargain in these. You
will find them spread out on
a table on Thursday and Friday.   Pick what you want at
5c. Per Yard
Ribbon Specia
T.ffeta Ribbon, H inches
wid<\ all color?, nice Btiff ribbon for Hair Bows, will tie
well and hold shape.   Special
15c. per yd.
Silk ftiji
For those who did not get a
chance at our Silk Bargain on
Monday we will have another
bargain for Thursday and
Friday. This is a .'!00 yard
lot of Metselaines, Taffetup,
Tuniolines, in a lot of good
sbadep, 85c. and $1 Silk for
50c per yd.
See The Windows
White Bed Spreads
Lovely new snow white Bed
Spreads and Counterpanes,
fresb from the Old Country, a
special line large size spread
fur a   Thursday   and   Friday
bargain at
Why not buy tbe brand of Baking Powder that
you know will please you. No other article ia of
more impc.-tance to you than baking powder. You
want it good, pure and cheap. That's the way you
get it when you buy Price's. <>oz., l'2oz., 2-jlb. and
.r)lb. cans.    No loss, no spoilage, no trouble in Price's.
We have just received a large shipmfrt of new
fruit. The celebrated Sunkist Oranges in iour different sizes and prices. These are all navel oranges and
new stock. AIeo a full line of Grape-fruit, Lemons,
and Bananas. Vou will lind our stock of winter
apples the largest and besl assortment in the ci'y.
On thepe chilly evenings you will feel better for a
little syrup on your pancakes or bread. We have
the best aFRortment for you to choose from: Corn
Svrup, a very tasty and clear syrup, in 21b., 51b. and
101b., cansi; Imperial Maple Syrup in quart*, \ gallons and gallon cans; Lyle's Golden Syrup in 21b.
cans; Snowshoe Syrup, the syrup with a flavor, in 31b
cans; Pride of Canada, the PURE MAPLE Sy.up in
quart tattles; Java Cane and Honey Drips.
Tn this department we are always able to quote
prices. We are in a position to fill from tbe smallest
to the largest orderB. Always a new slock of Swift's
l'reu.ium Bacon on band. Lard in 31b., olb , 101b.,
and 201b. pails. Mince Meat, Butter and Egga always in stock.
Two ^morejjears of feed just arrived. Theibest
quality on tbe market today. Timothy HayJNo. 1,
Dairy Chops, Wheat, Shorts, Bran, Flatted Hat*,
Cracked Corn, and No. 1 White Oats.
-lust tbe thing for the working man; neatly made
coat shirts. They wear, they lit, tbey look neat and
attractive.   Dark blue only, but it won't fade.
$1.50 Each
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke and Arrowhead
Watch the Windows
for Special Lines
During February
SATUB1UY,   FKD.  18T11,  Wll.
New Spring Goods
Embroideries and Laces.
New All-Over Nets.
Nainsook, India Linen, Mad-
apolin, Long Cloths.
Indian Mead, Fancy White Muslin,
! en Suiting, Rellicour Suiting, Check and
Stripe Xcpln rs.
English Gingham
A  nice line  al   i-''..c. per yard.    Warranted fast coli
Boots and Shoes
Fifteen Cases Now Spring Styles.
Men's Famous Stridors.
Hoys'and Misses' Ironclad.
For Misses
Hoots  for   Misses    Patent   Calf,   Box
Call and Vici Kid.    Sizes ,*;'-. 4, 4 i-j, 5.
For Children
In .small children's sizes we bave a full
range, tome in and look around our shoe
department   and   inspect  our  line  stock   of
Organization Thinks Reciprocity
Negotiation between Canada
and U. S. should be Deferred
At the Provincial Grand Orange
Lodge held in Victoria on Wednes
day tliis week, it. was decided thut
Revolstoke be tho place ol mooting
in xt yenr. .Ins. J, Armstrong, ol
this city was oleeteil Grand Director
ul' Ceremonies, and Kev. H.P. Thorpo
une of tho deputy grand chaplains.
At the morning session on Thu inlay
tho standing committees presented
bhsir report and considerable business
was transacted. Mr, .1. ll. Whltely,
provincial organizer, was re-ongagod
and given an Increase In salui-y. Tho
provincial secretary, Mr. Wm. ll.
Brett, also had his salary increased.
A set ot bylaws tor the Grand Lodge
was  adopted.
A resolution was passed regarding
the reciprocity quest mn as follows:—
"That ai Uie judgment of this provincial Grand Lodge, the highest interests of the Uritish Empire; Including Canada as a most Important
factor thereof, are seriously menaced
by the proposed reciprocity treaty
between Canada and the United
States;     and that until  preferential
LAUGHTON—At Revelstoke,   11
,    lay,  February  Uth
to Mi. and
a son.
Robert  Laughton,
Feb,  20—Cricketers Concert
. i] ■ ra Huns..
Feb. JI—Banquet at  Y.M.C.A.
February 23—J. B. C. Concert In tbc
Methodist church.
Feb.  24—Ladles'  Auxiliary to tho B,
ol L.E. Shirt Waist  Dance at Sel
kirk  Hall.
Allen Players,  Edison theatre,      on
March 13th.
I.O.O.F.  At  Home,  opera house,    on
March loth.
March   17—St. Patrick's Hay   entertainment under auspices ul ladies
ut R. C. church.
April IS—Ladies' Auxiliary to the B,
of R. T.   Dance in Opera House.
April 21—Musical entertainment     at
St. Peter's church.
We have just received n shipment of White Clover Honev put up hi
five lh. cans, which we will jpiarunlee to be absolutely Pure Honey,
anil as ti is is the senson for honey we wpuht advise you lo try thia if
you wish to get llie genuine artif e
Tin name "Wajjstnffe speaks for itself in regard to quality. We have
a full assort ment <>f this Pure Jam including Strawberry, Raspberry,
reach. Plum, Black Currant and Apricot, j
Baker and G occr.
trade with the Empire is established,
negotiations looking toward reciprocity trade between Canada and the
United States should be deferred."
II. S. Committee on Affairs De
cides Against Resolution
Washington, Feb. 17.—A special to
the Toronto Telegram this morning
"Tbe explanation of thc Bennei bl
calling for annexation of Canada
i-eeins to be this: \Wi n Champ Clark
fredJilliers, English War Correspondent says Dinkey Jap War
Boat Could Dictate Terms
Port William, lint., Feb. L7.— The
Yellow Peril in Canada was treated
In a sensational manner before the
Canadian Club here by Frederick Vil-
liers, the famous English war correspondent. Although he veiled his allusions to the danger ol the Japanese Invasion of tho Pacific roust, in
the opening phrases of bis speech,
later he warmed to bis subject, an.l
became open in liis declarations of
the Imminent risk of the Japanese
control iu Uritish Columbia.
if Canada was prepared to rejaot
Japanese Immigrants, she should be
ready to back up her refusal ami
she shoal,I be ill a position to repel
Ihem it they persisted in coming, The
solution of the problem lay in the
organization of a universal militia
service fashioned after the hoy scouts
among the men of tho west. The
newspaperman dwell on tho value of
preparedness. As an Instance of Canada's laxity in this respect, Mr. Vil
Hers declared that when iu Vancouver a year ago, it was plain to see
that a dinky Japanese gunboat could
have dictated terms to the mayor
mil the hanks of the city, and to
hack up such a move the Japanese
Could land IKl.Ullfl trained troops in
a month.
Alluding to the treatment of this
subject in the Dnitod States, the1
speaker sai.l il was felt i n the south
em slopes of the Pacific that war
with Japan was ultimately unavoid
aide nml the United  Slates eould not.
mobilize or maintain 30,00 ■    40-,-
-i*-i troops on the Pacific coast, it
was not sufficient therefore, that the
United States should point to ,-i mili-
(tla organization as keen as any in
he world, bul should be ready to
call upon a force equal, man for man
for thai  which  Japan coin.I  throw in
Js one of the most import'
ant items in your business
Mrs.  Purvis will nu'  receive      on
Wednesday.  K-eb.  22nd.
0 a'x ■-, : gel ii'-   Shii t Wmst Dance
under the auspices ,■'. Ladies' Auxil-
to the B. oi 1- K * on February
* .  ol Cranbrook, B. C.
g a  bylaw  ' lor
the p '  Installing and     con
struct ■ '■- -:i-'-   •'■''• m
.  ■ ,..„.   M   Field .*.    Ul  the   sub
•rt   Mann,      the
Cazetted Pacitii   terminus'      ol      the
Canadian Northern  Railway t.c.
Rev. T. v. Harrison and Mr. ■!. B.
look after this brand
the business for you.
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
declared for thc reciprocity
means of annexing Canada, express -
Ing what Is, and has been, for years,
his ti\c.l hope and belief, he showed
the stand-pat Republicans how they
could have beaten the Taft agreement. Clark's declaration so Beared
tbe reciprocity Republicans from Pres
Ident Taft downward, that thc standpatters woke to a realization that a
Powerful weapon had lain ready
! their hands. It was too late.
1 when Taft, Knox and company
gan to raise their hands, palms outward, and solemnly assure the world
1 that iiothn.- had been further from
1 hi ir thougl is than annexation, the
opportunity came back, Annexation
eoald he nia.le au issue. An.l liennet
had procee led to make it one. The
bill will in all probability get no
further  than  its  present  stage."
bill   ns a   to  the Held.
Mr. Villiers concluded his speech
with a oulogj of the new governor-
gi neral, the Duko of Connaught.
Mr.   Fishor,  premier ol      Australia,
in an interview recently,      said   the
111 rival of thousands ol Japanese at
N'aoumen was a  matter of crave importance to    Australia,    owing      to
to   danger of New Caledonia  being made
But   an   intermediate    settlement     ground
°*|   for  hordes  of  Japanese,     with    Alls -
tralta as then- final destination. Nno-
umea correspondeats state that   tho
arrival   of   the    lirsl     shipment       of
Japanese     is    causing     disturbances,
The bringing of Japanese     was     arranged  in  France.
Mr, an 1  Mrs, Shei win, t
■ 1 -ere ai rs « ill  bi
K.lis, n tlu*;.•        rue   la)   ■
will assist  m the program
.... pictures.
Mr.  and  Mn I     T       Mi
I * •
:. r.lav the t * '     and Mi -
II, Cunningham Mori
i- 11    Hi-:
Lads   '•'  '■ England
B. A. Cul an.l
ition, wa        thi *
*   tllflll.
1   the dir
■ ■ ■
Washington, Feb.  17.--To offset the
,.l:an annexation talk which   the
.*, lm 1    tration  feared might      affect
agreement, the house
. affairs    by     a
01 t.i adversely on
introduced  yesterday
Bei a 1   ol      New
V1.1 ■• i   11 ■_'.'tuitions
.   . ■  Britain  looking     to   the
ol Canada.
Colored Singers Kext Week
Il   is  expected  that  towards
middle of next  week Mr.     and
, B. C,   wi        His L< rdsl      the B
* - . '  Mr   an I  Mi-.  .1. .1    Vi    ■'■ tminsti
Synod session     this   .;m:,n,,,, m  -t   peti
rem 1
Revi   ■ '■■ in
•    ' '     'or
-.-   1
1 l»
'       Win.
■   I
id     ln
I, ,,. • iretk.
Th.   K< •     \    I
of Yens -a :
- :■
I   •
M.S.-  Ma
\n   in
Mr. '"•    '■
* ,    *'
n '• rmi la * m*. .
r u
.....     „ ,
*  -
o, ol
* ..
* i     •  -h  I
■  ■  • •
A part)
rbich  I
tin    ll   i-    Hay.
•   ■
,    :
... I  Ml      !•' I-
• • i. *. abl
'  ■    ■
Bews' Drug Store
tally eaaos  im«m ■»»!••)
invitation caaoa
Bewsv Drug Store
,v..    II
Down With tiie Scotties!
Dave  Rae,  not   In  the least      dls-
.Pleat   lor   the
.   Hamilton rink,
, mi el in *     ol
*.ut a      Be
-   I     .vi...|,
D i .*.   Hottentot.
..*    nal
*   '
T.  ..  to      the
Will Tax Cnurches
* *
Sherwin, the celebrated colored sing-
(.- an.l eome.han; will be at the
Bdison theatre for two nights. They
will put on a vaudeville stunt lit' -
t v.e, n lilms for the b. n 'lit of the
patrons ol the theatre. This will not
.J course curtail the regular moving
picture program, which will bo thc
same at at any other time, but will
1 .' an addition to the program. No
extra charge will be made.
Bowling Schedule
The bowling Bche.lulc fur the second part of the Y.M.C.A. has been
made out as follows:
K1I1.   2d,   Y.M.C.A.   vs.  Dent's.
Feb   32, vs.  Businessmen.
Feb. 24,  J.H.C. vs. Y.M.C.A.
Feb. 27,  Corley's vs.  C.P.R.
Manh I. J.B.O. vs. Businessmen
March  ;i, Dent's vs.  Corley's.
Manh 6,  O.P.H.   vs.   Y.M.C.A.
March 8, Businessmen vs. Dent's.
March  10,  J.B.C. vs.  Corley's.
March 13, C.P.R, vs.   Businessmen.
March IS, y.M.C.A. vs. J.B.O.
March  17,  Businessmen  vs. Corley's
Den C.P.R,
.   .1      '.     ...   Corley's.
March    I, J.B l Dent's.
Man i. I .. vs,   Y.M.C.A
Match 29, J.B.l '- l-.H.
and    Worm n t	
traili      I. ... ht   weeks i e
■ 1       V li-ll
given     Wiih
i        best si ii nl       in
■  nl i-iiii;     rn    l.
til hi *ii   logiie  mailed    free;
lai      MniiM      By-
 ni i »• street,
!   i irlnK ..   •
*   nf tl '■ mrmhT.
ml;.*, nl  Ml *   I-   IpatrlCk, TOM      ii,
ictnni'-.i m     'i    home to   roll
r,■■.     Mi   an t
Mrs.      Kilpatrick  provi i     i -1 -.''•'< -1
,. , ,. i,     and n moKt 0*11
able i a..* wn n i On Th n
nighl t Hum  i<---.ii wan Indiillt  *   -
,,*  the rlub ainl the V.M.O.A
nlso fin.!  airilli.i   "f      l.brtr      trump-,
th.*     am.*   I. elil
iMwwui: Picture   i"u. thi
.i i
,   i   i.       nti
i,'»i.i   thai   I
.....   .   |
ri..* nju *
..•ii  iuiu I        *
Mn   a ■ I'a-t nn    tm    lit
M :,   -     I'lll HII'        :
*t Ptcturoi ti
I-., i a.   tontglil
Revelstoka Cricket Club
A plea g ■ ill bc glvoi       :
Opera House, Monday, Fob.   20th, [911
t ..inin"      i  s p.m. Shaii
t  hi .  i
ADMISSION - - oO Cents
l i, kets t hi Hi  I'uri lini * Uiv Mi mhci ol lhe Club
Great Shoe Sale
Next week is going to be "Shoe Week " :il our
Stove. We carry two of lhe best lines that you
can get, "EMPRESS" and "Vassar," and we
are going to clear out a lol of them at a I>ivr reduction. They are all now, some of them just to
hand, and this is your opportunity to lit yourself
out for Bpring.
$4.50 Shoe for $3.50. Our full line of
$4.50 shoes in I'.als and Oxfords. There aro Patent Colt, fine Box Calf and Dongola.   All tho best
£ looking and most comfortable lasts. Now all at
ono price—$3.50.
$4.0O Shoes for $3.00. mi kinds in this lot
too. You cannot find better value for your money
in any store for $4.00, but we are Belling them at
$3.50 Shoes for $2.75. Tho range at this
price is not so large, but thoy are all nice, serviceable shoos and you will find them grand valne
at $2.75.
See Our $2.50 Shoes, We have gathered
upall the broken sizes in our stool*;. Thoro are
rials, and Oxfords, in black, tan, chocolate and
ox-blood: Thevsoldfrom §8.00 to $4.50. i'our
choice for $2.50.
Soo the linos in our window. We guarantee every
pair we sell. Those aro all branded goods and
most of them with the price 8tamped on the solo.
Your Winter Overcoat or Suit
If you haven't purchased them yel you
had better conic and look at our large
and complete assortment. Wc can suit
the most fastidious in the clothing line.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Re form Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
It is not often that high quality shoos are
available ul low priceB, but owing to the fact
that our Spring lines are duo to arrive any
day, we must dispose of most of our past
season's stock.
They consist of kid, patent, spun metal,
velniir, vici kill with patent top, which sold
for $5, $5.50 and $6,
Wo are clearing the odd
lot for $3.75
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
I he Style Shop for Men and Boys Who Know
Ham  in.  Solicitor,  Ktc. l'mviiic nil   band   BtlveyoT,
Sollcltoi    Ioi    Th«   Canadian Hank Mining Bnrvayor,
i>r ComnMTM, The HoUoni Hank, EDtflnetring
Etc. McKBNZIB avi?„
FIRST BTRBBT   •   UcvcUtoku. B.O
1JOX   106,   PiiVlilAlTOKB,


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