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The Mail Herald Mar 9, 1912

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 . „
1 u Empire" TyfA'wriirr
l-i*r ease of operation and
|i, 11*   .       . it ii
ill .    ' ;      .   . :       '      i'ii
Inti i.'.'i Pub *  ■ ii l *.*. ;"■■, ii.
 ! -^
r... "S&t
■ i»«i»
\,y f* v% Cams
ftfetfciE'Pii.Dlishing Company
Vol. 18   No   19
\*;C    !) 191!
$2.60 Per Year
mm rive
('*, ial Cool ers, White E * imelled  Dish
Special, to Introduce,   35
s to Steam Food
Big lis Meeting Hears Premier McBriti J Hon.
I, J. Bowser—Hon. Thos. Tailor linaniiiinssly
Nominated Conservative BLandard Bearer.
Aiiiid Bconos ul enthusiasm, Premier McBrlde, accompanied by Hon.
W. J. Bowser an.l Hon. ThomasTay
■lor, openi'il tin' Conservative campaign in Revelstoke on Thursday evening last, in a big Mass Meeting al
the Revetetoke Opera  Kims*.
Prior to the    meeting, the   Party
ilit are ,n my hands of over $&,000,-
OOd anil in tlie pant the expenditures
have been along the Bame lines, al-
though the estimates this year es
oec.l tbe previous expenditures in tbe
history ol the Public Works Department. II is a ureat consolation to
me so lar to point I" the tact, thnt
nol had a gentleman in the
province ol BritlBb Columbia,     who
Plumbing      Steam Fitting      Tinsmithing
OO-OOv.    •
ooo o- OO .*■  H -,' -v I o o-o-o-
y. . .   Qa.n
.,v i-;  an    1 nrnn.o.  Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
v ipttai Paid up
Total Assets,
i ,99*J.'.'liv..oO
Conservative Nominations in Ter-
m'nal Clij —Return of Gov-
ernmeiit Certain—Two Liberal may run tor Vancouver
Vancouver, B.O., March 9— Same
solid live, Bowser, A.H.B. MclJowiin,
II. II. Watson, Charles E. Tisdall,
Dr. 0, A. McGwire, again nominated
to carry thc Conservative banners at
Vnncouver, at thc largest anil most
enthusiastic nominating convention
ever held in this city. Thc noming-
tion formally ratified by lull delegation two minutes after the conven -
tion was called to or.ler hy W. J.
Baled, president of the Vancouver
Oonservatlve Association. Housing
chos were delivered by members
of tha Bolld live, after which convention unanimously passed the resolution expressing every confidence in
the McBride government which dur-
Ing the past three years baa been
faithful to its pledges ln every respect. The Liberals meet to nominate their candidate on Monday, expect to put up two candidates if people prominent enough to make a de-
cat light > can be found to accept
.--'■ h a hopeless proposition. Social -
Ists are likely to hnve only two canii i lutes. Thc victory of the solid llvo
is regarded as so certain tbat bets
iu any price up to one hundred lo
one ia their favor can lind no takers
Toronto, March 9.—Sixteen injured
two dying, as result ot day coach of
passenger trnin rolling over high em
baiiknient on the Cinnil Trunk t'acl-
lir Railway nenr l'almcrton, caused
I.y rotten rail. Kngine anil baggage
i n passed over in safety, but the
day coach was derailed and turned
over twice before reaching the hot -
torn.   The car  came  to  rest  on    Its
| si !e, and the injured and dying had
to he hauled out through thc wind-
' ows.
We have just put into stock a carload of Sherwin-
Williams' Paints including inside and outside
paint in all shades. Varnishes for all purposes,
Oil Stains, Enamels, Floor Paint, Shingle Stain,
in fact everything necessary for Paintiug and
Decorating. We have handled these Paints, also
their own make of Linseed Oil for years, and
there is nothing in the market to equal them. If
you want to get value for your money see that
Sherwin-Williams' name is on the can.
All colors in Alabastine.    Paint Brushes, etc.
Intyre's Store
Chickory, Pure Old Country, per packet        20c
Hoinze's Sauer Kraut, per lb 15c
Chivor's Plum Pudding reduced to 4oc
New Arrow Kool Biscuits, pyr lb 25c
Mclntyre's Store
Hon. Rk ii \
wi Canada.
Hr,-,:;.***     **,   i *                   iri         I I 'll
\. ■.      ... ,*,i Unit»<i Status—London, Kngland,
B<     | L d     ■           *   ■    -i   :,*   nual Bank, Corn Kx-
': .         •-,! ■   ,v ...'   Sin lonal Bank,  SanFrau
oUoo—Wi •'      "al IJan't     Spokane   Exchang*
National B.    .
Sav ink aaparfcrnent
*     *      111
received,      I lowed »>
I   I    .1*.   I Ml    .      >■■ * ||    -. I
O- O-O-CO-OO-O-O-O-O OC--0-fH><KK)'00oooo 0
^ '.xzcxA.imv ^a.TOr*i^aagrgyi ■• g— wiaH«:
Mrs- A. G, Crick, First Street i
Ladies' Bfous:s ar.d
Mrs, A,G, Crick, • First Street
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Wholesale and Retail
.!*•:( a.
'it will refresh you with its  bright,  spic)
flavor mnl fragrancy.    Sold in  l  n,.
lead packagi ■*
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
G. W. B E L L
P. O.  Box ?08
Phono No. 23
Convention was h, IU in tho Conservative committee rooms, when Hon.
Tiiomns Taylor, who represented th.s
riding in thc last Conservative government and cabinet, ns .M-.nit.ter ol
Public Works and Railways, again
receiveh the unanimous nomination
nn the Conservative standard bearer
: the coming contest, Headed
by a Brass Band and a large procession o! citi/ens, the speakers par-
n.ie.l to the opera house, which was
packed with one ol the most repie-
rcs, comprising tbe
leading businessmen and voters, with
a sprinkling ,,! ladles, ever ent,
together   u tbe history ol Revelstoke
Mr. Rani Qibbons, President ol
the Revelstoke Conservative Association occupied the chair, and introduced the speakers ol the evening.
Mr. Huul Gibbons—Ladies and
gentlemen, it is with pleasure thnt 1
announce that the unanimous nomin
ation of the Conservative Party ot
this ritv and district was tonigbl
red *.. :,• : it',* Hon
Thotn'ii Taylor. Mints! *r of Public
World    Tl ' •   nil
know will carry   with .t the victorious
return  oi our late     member,  to thc
new  house.   1  hive  crent  pleasure In
calling upon    Mr. Tiiy!"i to ad
Hon. Tin,m.i.- Taylor—I have had
an   hi.iut  conferred   U] Wblcb
I appreciate very much. I have had
the  hormr ,,f   repr Httting   yOU   in the
legislai ire for the pa I
.ui.l tonight I bave the unanimous
endorsation of the convention whieh
wns representative ol every -onion
of this riding. I appreciate this l.c n-
.*r, and wl,il*.i proi al ly I have rot
all times  -
you   ri -lhe     S: mc
turn   1  ht "cry
(oi tb citj ''.
Rev. Istoki. .ii. I (or the ri ling winch
I have hn I the honor to repi
for the Inst twelve years. In connection with the department over
which I have the control in this pro
vlnce. there are many points I wish
to mention.
We  have  rear! D   we
can  mnke  the  proud   lx isl   that    we
Works tba m ,*   n lbs Hn-
minion of Cnnndn.  I have in tin*  Dl
partment  of Puhlii  Worke an expen-
I    ii.l  point  the  linger  to  one  wrong      Hamilton,     Bermuda,     March    lion  .ii  connection   Wltb  the  expen   Lieutenant     General     Sir   Frederick
ire  of  tbe   Public   Works  Depart -   Walter      Kitchener,      Commander  in
ment,  this is very  gratify! ig  i.,    me   rpief of Bermuda forces, and brother
and  I am sure it is to you. ] 0[ th(,    fnmous    Viscount Kitchener,
INCREASING   EXPENDITURES    ' died yesterday following an operation
*   expenditure  IC  :hr p.tst      hn*  for appendicitis.
Fresh Fish and Smoked Salmon,
Halibut, Cod, Soles. Herring, White
Fish, Smelts, Haddie. Kippers,
Bloaters, Norwegian Herring.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Men's Suits
New Spring Styles
They are smart enough to
hold their own in any gathering.
Splendidly   made of finest
Tweeds and Worsteds.
Prices from $20 to $35
Mercantile Co., Limited
The Styles Shop for Men ami Boys
Hon, in."-* T'.vi..'m  Minimus rn Pontic Works ato Rulw.ws
liJ'V great.
M • it Wll
million   il,
but our  io    n i"   i-  vith
I   I i*   InCl ,'vi 'a,
ii i, and  i   I    nciii
to say i.i       to ih*■ Ravi l
•toka than 11 ... thai tu I hftfl dr.r.e
i I wll '.If lu-
ture, l win ti i. ,. .1
the  Interests  ul    li \ ■   ■■
Conservative I'arty tu wipe i 1      am
proud to belong.
There in oooslderable interest  felt
by the people of RsrsJ'toVe nt    the
present time at rvu'ils tht F&tl«nv
Pollcj  of the    Mcltr.do  *\.llWnietra
*° tion, 1 do not lee) juntifl 1 in diccus-
""' '•," ^Continued on P»g« Two)
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
E. G. Woodland
E. P. McLean
Best Strain of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and Partridge Wyandotte
P. O.  BOX  181 SATURDAY,  MARCH 9th,   1912,
a'Hdn nviz^.ir.-i-iEK.^k.LC.r^Ei'VELSTOKZE!
Some Snaps in Local Realty
House and Two Lots on Mac" lenzie Ave $4,101)
House and Lots on First Stre< t  3.500
House  and    Lot,   South-We-t     Corner
Douglas and King Street  1,500
House and Lot. Fourth Street  2,850
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Cbc flDail-lberalb
slTl'lilin   AT
B.   C.
Company, I
interior pubttsblna
j. K. JOHNSON, Manager.
vnth cbannols, and we are not afraid so long as wo teel that our dli
lerent raovomeuts may be looked up
.ii with criticism by the outside
' world, ami loun,I safe aud Bound In
uli   their details,
Thii goverumoul wo Miami to bo
credited with tho accomplishment ol
tho construction to bo presently con
summated, of no les- than S,0i 0
mill's of standard guago lines (A
voice)   what are the wages,   f-    i*■ r j
day ? I'n liner   McBride - Ave     ...'ii '
ilie road.   Tho wage  ... i
illi1   .ill,      l ui y
Teachers Wanted, Mechanics,      ',.,.,, , ,,,   u
.,.„    must  I...  the standard     wage if the u
r    less,    Lx.,\
,        ,.    „..,.,    district,  nnil  if tin-v aro i-iuii'il.iiiicil
each     ad.ht.oual     Imo  lu cents. | ..,.„,„,.„,„„,,„ ^ f„. ,   |U
Laud nou.'es .$7.5(1. All advertiso-!
ments subject to the approval ol,
the mauatcmeiit. Wanted and,
Condensed Advertisements : — ]
Ajents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit.
nations wanted.    Situations   Va- B
lully  proviili-d  for  in
Changes     il   standing advertisements   must   be   in    by  9 a. m.
Tuesday and Friday ol each week
to secure  good  display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited ou matters of public     interest.        Com-1
munlcatlona to Editor must     boj
accompanied    by    name ol  writer j
n.*t   necessarily    for    publication,
but     as    evidence of  Rood  laith.
Correspondence should  be brief.
Including postage to England,  United States and Canada.
By the year (through post otlice) li.50
Legal    n.n ires in ceuts per lino first
insert.*.n.  5 cents per  line      each
subsequent   Insertion.      Measure-
Stats  Num.arid  (18 lines    make
one inch, i       Btore and
business   aunount-emeuts
inch per month.     I'reterred poBi-
Ui-'Us.     -J     per cent,  additional.
Births. Marriages and Deaths. M>c
each  insertion.	
ol the remedy lies with tho govern
ment  to aoe that the Btandard   current  wages  will  he paid.  (A volco)—
You   never  showed   it   ill      Va icoltVOI
this winter, you have tramped   the
working man to death.   Premier McBrlde—Ii  ie uo use my     attempting
to explain the contract   i" bim,  i*e*
cause  he  could  nevor  understand   It,
in order to hold Intact the financial
reputation of the province wo donoi
i.n.pose   to  move  more  quickly   than '
th    present   conditions  will    permit.
The lirsl  branch goes to the Oka lag
an,  the  next bianch will come to the ;
Kootenay country.   1 understood two
years   ago  that   it   wus   part   ot    the
,ii,M,,li!*r> plans  of  the  Canadian  Northern   to  find   their  system  entriinn
mt.,  the Kootenay Including  Revel
■Jtiikc.   1     was encouraged to think
general I lhat ,„, ,,„, autborlty ,)f air William
r * McKeuzie, President ol the road, who
.some,  iimi    1    am    always runny
meet     thom nnd take oare ol them,
i that the city ami community of Rev-
,*lstoke  will   have,   must have
[which  will  be  brouglil   about   by  the
extension ol tha Canadian Northern
I Railway and under the action ol th*
! present   admltrlitratton.   (Ohieors.)   I
had a delegation   from     Revelstoke,
principle people ol the. eity and dis
trict.  iiiiiii'   to   ViMtoria  to  see       inc.
l was glad i" meet them, 1 was dc
lighted to have the opportunity to
discuss this question With them ttt
tirst  hand,  and lo  give them  the as
suranco that 1 have given In public
to you, openly tonight, Moreover
there were other subjects pertaining
to the welfare ol your section that
we discusM'.t. one had considerable
hearing upon tho Canoe Hiver country, The proposal we agreed upon
was more especially directed toward
the mineral development ol that see
tion, 1 havo given the assuranco ol
the Administration that the govern
nu'iii will i h.s summer prosecute a
thorough Investigation ul the minor-
nl belt which lies north ol the track
witli a   view  of giving  publicity       to
what  promises 11  may possess.       i
have  alsii  given  the assurance  ol  the
[overnmenl thai representations will
be at onoo    made to lhe    Canadian
Northern Uailway with a view tu hav
'ing  a  systematic  and   tniobgli  survey
carried out thai will make lor the
building of tho branch lines which 1
have Jusi dlalted upon. There is no
need lor tho slightest alarm In Revolstoke, there Is absolutely ii" nBces
sin for any concern. Your community  is bound  to grow  and  if  she    lia*^
accomplished .so much through the
agency ol one line of railway, with
the country thai surrounds you. with
competitive line bow much more
nan we expect tins city may do. The
f Better Terms for British Co
white  i*y  rubbing them
ee   .1    Wi.ll
lumbia is now in course ot Investigation bj an impartial commission, or
we hope shortly will be under investigation, and tho Oriental has also
i been recognized as a lit subject lor
thorough study lor tbe Urst time, gs
the result ol tho acquisition ol our
new government under Mr. Borden at
Ottawa. Another question of intorest to RevelBtoke hns been Bablflfac
tui'ily   settled.
(Continued on Page I'oni I
Kev.   C.
lis   lit    11
. VTl'RDAY    MARCH  9th,  1912
from I'agi   one1
*      gbt,   i" in'.B!
I .   ,.,..     ;       this     *,*•*'.  *i
ts  tbi    "
I   that    , oLcy,  but    l
■    .  : when yo i
Honoi     It       tie   i i. n 1.1
that he bas not   oi .-*',   in  KevtU'tke
■ ■mi    wbiCh   1    have   1*1.1
riie  honor  to re] for so  tni uy
.•*. ears.
Hot     Richard il Bi de-  '  a.n
spent many years ul active llle lu
tb.s section of the country, and who
knows a great deal about Its ie
sources. He told me not long sine
thnt In the early son, when no other
person would bother themselves ab
"at securing timber in this section
".' the country, he acquired large
holdings in tbo Columbia Vallej and
still retains his Interest iu thai
property. 1 know it ,s in the plan
ol expansion which has boon adopted
by the
'A.11.  TO  PINU  '
in the vicinity ol Canoe
A. Procunier, rector. Mat-
a.m. and Evensong at 7:30
p.m., every Sunday. Litany iui the
Second Sunday, and the Ante-Corn-
munion on bbe Third Sunday after
Matins. Sunduy school every Sunday at 2:30 pin Choir practice on
Pt Idays at s p.m.
i ine block west ol McKensb  ■■
,n Si ond street    Rev   E. J, Cbave,
H.  A.,  pastor.   Sunday services     at
11a.m.   and  THO p.m..   -
.m.I  adult  Bible class™    I
Monday     at   - p m    Young People's
Prayei  Meeting
down in the vicinity ol l 'anoe Rivi
t..  tiie     li.ir   Bend  "f the  Columbin  i
il   i.   then   later   i.n   t,.   come   B 	
■    t" enter Into compel I METHODIST - Hi In ll
Hi    C.P.Ry.   for the  Kootenaj R   3   Ml  tyn
and alsi   to com    north so as n
to lake part In the develop!
*i.    i comi   Irom tl;.* north
Bi tish Columbia,   l*.:  yi i mu il
■   •  .* governmi
■ -
must  nol [..:*•*    ti ngi ttt
tc, and '■■■■■       oflei ng i
with   a soft cbei'sM    cloth moi -* oned
with alcohol,
When ib.. piano ense looks dull and
smoky, go over ,l carefully with ii
soil, oloth moistened with cold water
then rub well with ll drj cloth. Bl
suit to polish vigorously aftor ia .ng
Be siii-c  to  leave your  orders    for
tuning  and     regulating  your  piano,
cither singly  or yeurl)  al   tho
MUSIC  STORE,      McKoiwIe  Avonuo,
Sunday afternoon at 3:45 In tho
lobby, tbo men's mootlug will take
place,   Kev. c. a. proeunlor will    bo
lhe speak, ,i      Come and enjoy a sing
lor  one hour.    livoi'J   man   welcome,
The   Hoys'   Bible  class beld   Sunday
morning at  lo o'clock, will bo con
duet ed   by   the secret.h y
Mr. Qairns, ol tbe BrltUh and
Foreign Bible Society, is mill In tho
City,   and   those   wishing   to   purchase
a copy ol tho Scriptures, can do so
by eomlng  to tin*  Association  build
The winners ol tho championship
howling league, will be delighted to
know 'hat the fobs ordered Irom bbe
Association Press, New York, hnvo
arrived. The J.B.C.'s are requested
lo call at the building and receive
the. The names ol tbo team are as
follows:—Paul   Sams..a,   Morris  Andcr
son, Mil. Corley, itev. R. .i. Mclntyre
iiiiii K. Camerou.
The regular monthly meeting of tbo
Hoard ,.( Directors mil be held on
Tuesday evening next, al 7.30 sharp*
Every member ol thc board is urg .
ently requested to be prosont, as important business Is to como belore
the meeting.
.iinn.'s Gordon, on bchall ol the
Uni ion city opera bouse management
opened the new ball to a large crowd
,.(  dancers  und  friends. The  lira.Hold
orchestra ol Nakusp was In attend
anoe and upheld then- old reputation
lor danco muBlc.   Amongst  the stran
gels present we saw there were It.A.
Landry, 0. !•'.*, ol Victoria. Mius
Smith. St. Leon;S. Milts. New Westminster; W. a. Calder, Edgewood;
and also a large following from Nakusp and Arrow Park, prominent am
ongsl whom were, 1. P. McDougald
und      wife,   A.   lv   Carlson   and   wile,
Roy Kofler, Miss Swiss, Mr. and Mrs
Tracy and Wllmot Tracy ol Webb,
Alberta,  Mr, .md Mrs.  Brooks,   Mr.
and Mrs. Hciuinacy. The lloor is uu-
oquulcil along tbe river and great
credit la .liu* the builders, Alto
get her n *va the pleasure ol walking
around the ball, and nol the dancing
and trying to pul Into oblivion the
. ,,| many pooky little siuliy
halls w • havi frequented the past
*■•.*,      v io-    \  .inn.-.'    will    '■  given
K.i* i,nay   new   on   Thursd ly
...wd   gut I.
under th es ol the MfL.D. So
ciety.     .latin- Gordon lectured      on
i and a- h.s helpers
[hlln   \\    II    Robson
Matron ol  I ■
ire   lt,.i.
in Burton was
Burtonltes responded Bwlftiy to i ho
i* die! fund started by Mr, Burton to
li dp the Messrs. Williams of Graham
Landing, who lost, their Bplendid log
bouse Willi all ils i .nt i'ii ts by lire.
Ono hundred and twenty I'm. dollars
and gifts ol wi in Ing apparoll     have
Ith   donated     already . 'I'lie      tJllaUCO
Lumber Oo,  donating  lumber,  nails,
windows, doors anil shingles to build
II   line new  house,  which is now  under
construction, Voluntary labor being
Government   surveyors   are   sound
lug   tho   rapids   again.    We   wonder   il
this   means   tho    protection ol   tho
banks in the rapids. The mean are
in charge of Messrs, Richardson and
Hal I ill   ol   Hevelstoke.   B,0,
Mrs, Clark Marshall loll lor Na-
Itusp iiii an Indefinite stay.
Two   Bplendid  typos   ol     English
Hoses are ilue in Uurton next May.
line  Will   In*   taken  charge  ol   by       a
Scotchman and the other by a well
known lliirtonitc ol lUngllsh extrac -
lion. We hope to all be prosenl at
the  tormul  delivery   ol  said   Hoses.
Sec Our Stock of
Sheet Music, Player Roils
Player Pianos
EDISGN Goods Always in Stock
Revelstoke Music Store
J. Bingham,   -   Prop.
"ttil"T*-""Tntrlii Mmm^BMBmil I in Jiu
tt  again  the  opport nitj
.    Hth  .he peopa   ol  Kev
- .it*,   ad.ng     d >tl tl
■j thi        *•■      ni"-'   ' ' 'i
,,. politics, and i-i ■
, .-•    .*.e  are  now   'nc.ug let
• mi    •• -  electa ite
B   C   lor t -sation. Tbe H
.s ine of tbe grow
.- , . II    mei     I tb      West.
iwentlj *•!*.       ekly, they .,
[ the counti
•    j        ,*,,*., .;„.-    fc     tn    '   '•'' ''
*    careful  nol • t all t
Northern System,
m,  u trackage is compli ■
m,   I  am  pl  > ATI:     .
officials ol   the comi n
■  th *.  win '*.* aide t*. r ol   Filth   street   an:
to  Kamloops   ind 60
fhompe .
.--.   . . ills.
■ .      ■        -; m|     ' ■
.-.  . ,    ■ pori
■   .--•..   ■     I  .■■;■      "    '
Po    ■
•ir-u *   ••«
ers    ■'  t hu,,; ■,
tt I f  the ..u
* , '
. *   * -   • roi   •   *    •   i: *.
,   •  .. .   •       pen gl vi
■ .   ■ II
I     ; .-..;*. *.  . .-•    In   what   1
t term political II
woul -  order
to    v      "tbi     • ■ *    ;t.     ol   ■■■ I
my fries pul       I        In the
\-r   */  Pai * .nm nl   tbat   would      at
.-.ce  .ml.rae,   tl munity  ,n   re
spect ..f Railway expansion and ex-
tensi.*: li:' ' Is more serious '.usi
nei--   In   my   opinion   and   ol  such       a
character as Bhould m>t be tindertak
en by Act of Parliament, until the
government In its wisdom will speci-
1. that the move ig along sound and
huw'ness lines, and that the object
to bt attained may be quickly nc -
compHitwd    TUB governmenl is mov
ing jiuil   nr.   iiincklj   as   the      bUBlBSM
,.|   ihi*   pn..M;iri.   will     ail.
•pjt,      * going   along   silfc  culiH'T
Care for the Piano
it -•• n as the wholi       tei ■  lul   at
baa red       tracks s ■    •
kmen,  to    bave tbe ent
i- l have   i.:**i, ly an I
ir tbe tail ol i .-• ■    •      •
this        impllsbmenl      • I   ■
' - are
rill I
it ...... the ext
•    the Ki   •
•i ■ in;*' ' •
*    * *
la  ti ids f hi *
to  come  from       mpetH
lim in th • 'Mt,  ...    i   *  *
*      * an claim '  moment
irnm ml    I        :*,-,  would   ■ •   "
M                                    *illi T.                                                t.
i tbat                     t the '■  ' •    '
.ment ol tin*   part  ol th intrj plec*  of campbi
mc-ys especially     when     you  realise should   ne  pl *
thnt I imvi. iu u .  own cabinet,     *■ i>*. nol allow    ihe piano to
ol youi  t* .a im i,,.... the Minlater     nl cold   damp wai     R
Public  Woiks .mi  luiiways.      who tbws is an ill  ipso                   ,
nrvrr   lii.        i     ,•,,,,. to  the  iiiH'n'i'.ii   and   wall
ol the govei nui,*ii' the    constituent)     T* '■ '"'
from  which he comes,  and  wberi     ...   tuning  a   piano,   Tin
many y. ars ol Ms in» wtre
Lad Iss  and  gentlOOMO,  1  *a,*,i
to  leave  this  meeting tonight.       -Mih
the n, suranee that,  no mntter wlmi
some ,,l my Ct I tlCS inn-, nny and I
shall always have ,nmf, no cnaclci
what some ol IB} pohllenl ensiuies
may     say and 1 eliull nlwnvs   Imvf
Favor Church Union
r.rni.., B.C., March I -\ .ding on
the church union proposal now Indole
the i'i. sbyteriau, Methodist and Con
grogtttional churches, is attracting
much attention, The Methodist con
* i   miii Ion   here   has  oxprosBOll       tbi ii
pn fewness in tho matter and the ro
sun as announced at tho annual con
grogatlonal inciting held ihis week,
shows a total vote ol u'i ol   wblcb
II.', were in luvur and (i agalnBt. ThiB
vote was a .surprise to t.he mosl ad
chill supporters ol the propositi in,
Tin voters wore dossed In four div
isi.nis, members ol tho official I, mi.I
in..ml,ers ol tho Church over IS .iii'iii
bors under is, and adherent
The official board cobI  bul one ncg
alive   vote,   uieinbi'is   over   IS        i ,*.sl
throe negntives and those under is
.ai two adverse voles. Thoro weru
uo negative votes among thc udhei
eni wbicb numbered 1-. There ate a
lew ballots still i.iii bul thej v 111
n.- change the ratio ol the votes in
nui against.
The Knox church congregation will
vol I on tho question next 'VOCk and
will probably cam n large vote In
favor of the proposed basis ol union
Thero is no Congregational organisation here.
Shi/ohb Gure
quickly Itopi cnnr.hs,  enrcs cold*,  hcnLs
tbe   throat anU   Langs* *   *    -   <!a • • i>!*
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P. 0. Box 31, RcVElstcke
Transfer     Draying
Hnndling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42  -    Ni«ht Phone 85
uMake^ more
J      bread
and better breaa
Sold by Hobson & Co.,  Revelstoke, B.C.
uwm wmi
Royal M -iy Suliirclay
■„l|.* Uen
neglected foi ioan   nim
.leleil   ii   good  lune*!   an I   | ■ Sp   miii.
'■vecv   turner   pursues   a   i|iH.*i*   I   mi
ih,,.i.  a     pi ni     *.    * shit   ,:   n uli
fat lire   bah*,    i lien   lun-1
' mn ■*
I bl      i        *'l    the pint)" *n*   ■ * i"
8. Laurentir;
S. S. Megantic
|    | ,   .
tl   \ pjml itUi
rHIRO CUSS. iseoM.i
Comlorl nt mnilerui     |f*H tiy o>oollsnt
ons-olnsi  i I   I. itci.i nervine
S.'-. fwin-Screw  Teutonic     S. 8. Twin-Screw Canada
■ t"       s fed
ii . i .      i
*    . * *' room
Lumimnii'l Ollico i*      n*   ItltSltl        <o,n.„l anil Ohorry •!*>.,   Itattlt
A. (i. BROOKER, Aqnnt. Calgary
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
We carry a complete siock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
\\ >■ ore specializing in uli varieties in Season
ol *.'ut I'ii.wn .. Our showing i^ uusurpasscil.
(.nun- and inspect i<m yourself*
W. II. POTTRUFP,  MttiiaRer.
On South Road, Halt a Mile from Town
MiTi'liniiiH, householders and others
read ovary word of thin adverttse-
ment mul nuto our list ot Specials
tor February, lur this is Your Op -
portuuitv to save mnney by placing
your orders nnw l.plorc the rush ol
the Spring Season.
To Merchants- -Wo can HU ymir requirements lor showcases, counters,
mouldings and tiiriiinns ,,[ all des-
iripturn. drawers, Sling cabinets, ollico desks and stools, shelving and
partitions, plain and laney Hlieet
i;lass,  etc-.
To Householders and Others— This
is your chance to get all kinds of in-
i.*iiiii- Bnlshings, hot lied siirIi, mould
IngS, OUpboards, kitchen cabinets,
tables and BtOOlB, siiikbuards shelv-
iiiK. RlidliiK doors, paint, varnish and
knlsomine, rooHngs, building papers,
window and  picture Klass, otc.
.Material nnd Workmanship nre tho
best, and uur prices nre the lowest
possible. All orders, whether lnrRfl
or small, receive prompt attention.
Efftimatos Ior all kinds ol ('onstnict-
lonal Work, freely Riven. I'hone 261
or write us, P, O. Boi 295, Ixstter
still if possible, pay us a personal
visit.   Vie shall  bc glad to see you.
The Revelstoke Sash and Boor Factory
p, ti. Bo:
GEO, I). SHAW, Prop,
Phone No. 2dl
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time or Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is tiie time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call antl See Me Before Investing.
YEAR WITH $67,969,432 OF
Tue following were prominent lealures oi the business lot I'Jlt— the
Conipan] ■ most auccesslul year.
1.   Kit,. in, in'il worl- ami a wide demand lor profitable
l.ili* Insurance, i;ii.iat.iialol APPLICATIONS RECEIVED $18,032,040
_'.   This Urge business and the persistence "f  well-satisfied Polic) holders produced a 0AIN FOR the year ol  $11,044,306
I,    The SURPLUS e.iriuil in I9II was        $442,074
I     THE INVESTMENTS again earn over 7c. witcout a dollar
b.st .nnl iii iiii most acceptable securities.
-. A careful selection of risks and lioocI fortune, anion result in a
moni luvorabli MORTALITY, about SOc, ol the "expected," according to the
< .i.m i anient tables,
ECONOMY   i.iiii.unt with thoroughness and enterprise— has agalu
kepi Hn   EXPENSE RATES low.
All comlucini; to success In tho lirst aim oi
Provide sound protsotlon nt Lowest Cost and
with highest profits to Pollcy-Holders.
with Increasing success. The Great-West Life has been doing
since USi
HEAD OFFICE -Winnipeg, Man
.\h1< lor ibe " Report lor isit'   to be Issued shortly*)—and Inr "Profits
191J    now in print—showing Results to The Great-West Mfe Policyholders. SATURDAY,  MARCH  HI.   1912.
SATURDAY.   MARCH  Hth,   1911,
C.P. R. Will Spend Over Half
a Million on Coquitiam Improvements During This
("World," Feb.   14,  1812)
tine  completely  oiiiuiipeil   unit
the mammoth new Ooqultlam terminal sebi'ine m to be eoiiHtructcil by
the Oanadian Paeifio Railway during
the coming Bpring and summer, according to an announcement made
today by Mr. Qeorge J, llury, vioo-
iiiYsiiiciit ami general manager of tbe
U.P.R., wbo is iu the city on an Inspection trip oi improvements that
are contemplated in the West generally, and Vancouver and UOQUitlam
in particular.
Tne expenditure that is to be mado
this year alone In Coquitiam In the
Installation and erection ol one unit
ol tiie company's terminal plant will
amount to over (600,000. Hut that
will lie only a start, Mr. llury de-
Clares. Tbe entire ihk terminal scheme is laid out in units, to bo constructed as the Increase <>i traffic demands. The first of these units,
wbicb is to be eomplotod next lali,
will   comprise   a   round   bouse,   about
a. miles ol tracks, car repair shops,
paint hIiuji, machine shop, temporary
biinkhiiuse lor tlie men, Coal bunkers
and such other minor buildings und
equipment as are necessary lor the es
tablisbmeiit of terminal facilities on
s'icli a large scale.
Eventually there will oe four or live
units, and about ninety-five miles ol
tracks at the company's Coquitiam
terminals, Hut it* has all beon de
Blgned on the unit principle, and the
units will be added ami the terminal
Facilities Increased as the growth ol
commerce and traffic warrant it. Mr.
Iiurj emphasised the fact thai In establishing theue terminal facilities at
Coquitiam the company was planning
not only Ioi wonderful growth and
demands of Vancouver's world-wide
commerce during tbe next few years,
but   even what  the Commerce mny iti -
crease to when tbe large proportion
of the trade that is expected to follow tin* opening of the I'unuma Canal is directed this way.
to Invest?
I made Five Hundred
Dollars for Clients who
took my advice about
Coquitiam last week.
John D. Sibbald
Agent Royal Financial Corporation, Ltd.
Details of C. P. R. Expenditures Between Vancouver and Field—Railway to be Double-tracked Out as
Far as Hammend—Arrangements
for Busy Season's Work in Yards
at Coquitiam
"l'roviuco,"   Jan.  Sl,   1912),
Approximately *$j,000,uuu will be
spent hy the Canadian Pacific Kail-
way (.'ompany tlurliiK the present yesr
for improvements aud new comtruc-
tion work on its main hue and 1 lunches weat ul Field, the easterly boundary of Uritish Oolumbia division.
This is an authoritative statement
received from VtinnipOK ny the i.per-
atlng and euinueerhiR departments of
the  railway  company.
The line between Hamra.ind and
Vancouver i.s to be double-tracked at
un  eipcnditure  of  about  J/ia.oO).
Hero the company has decided to
put into operation a part ol their
extensive plans for makms ibis i ne
of the largest terminals in ths Dominion. The full development o! tbe
terminal site will not be accomplished at once, but the approptiation
this yeur is suiiicient to keep large
crews ol men at work for thc year.
A twelve-stall round house is to be
constructed In addiiion to a coaling
plant and water'service, Twentv-live
miles of track lor yard purposes will
he laid this your and everything done
I., provide Coquitiam with complete
terminal  lacilitics. An    industrial
trunk line horn the yards into thfl
townsite is to he surveyed in tbc
course of a short time, uud will lie
constructed in connect.on w,th the
other work at Coquitiam.
Two subways, in accordance with
the agreement with tbe municipality
of Coquitiam are to be built. They
are to l>e located on the eastern end
of the company's property on the
llow.luey Trunk  Houd.
An Interesting Story Told ot Him
When He Was Chief
Tbere is com oft and consolation
for many B man win, has held pub-
he otlice nnd who now is counted am
ong the "has Iwens" and tin. "also
runs" in the Btorj that Colom ow-
ery tells in his paper, the Creenw, I
"Ledge" of the time that he Alle.1
a mayoral chair—and nol s Isw of
Dritish Columbia'*- old timers will
remember that occasion well. Here's
how the philosophic Colonel untolds
the little tale:
"I was once a mayor in a city and
now when I look back to those days
I am convinced thai I'd sooner make
my living as a profess.onal judge at
baby shows. I made tbe mistake tbat
many men make—thinking thai, the
i-ity was doing me nn honor, when
in reality it was making me tho
io.it. Before my term wub out my
vvifc had resigned her membership in
the Ladies' (luild ami bad .ome to
tbe conclusion that she had married
a criminal and an Imbecile and my
children assumed a proud and cligniti-
ed slleoie whenever my name was
mentioned When I went into ofllce,
I had in my mind to enforce thc law
I found that thc churches and sal -
oous had not complied with thc build
ing regulations, and when I attempted to remedy that they Called me
an anarchist and disturber and said
they wanted a business administration.
" When I tried to save money on
the city improvements by getting
Work done by the lowest bidder thc
labor unions called mc unfair because
work wiib not clone by day labor,
which would have cost a great deal
more. When a railroad Wanted to
cross a Btreet I was deliberately called a tool of tbe corporation, au obstructor ot thc city's progress. II I
stoppc.u to talk with the president
nf the iilreet railway company I waa
suspected of being in a conspiracy to
Hteal the city's streets, and If I said
'Howdy' to the business agent of the
Plumbers' union I was ■ demagogue
and stilling up the DIMM. Most of
iny time was taken up listening to
the complaints of the ladies, who
beard a lii'enian swear nt Ins horse
or Baw a policeman take a chew , ol
tObaCCO Irom  ii   hill-tender
"Kvcn   lim,.   lbe  Wobby  (Inlei     nl
Wombfttl      gave   ■   dance   Ihey   stung
llm $r, worth ol tickets, and  I      was
picked lor every church bazaar     and
i'uuiv*    livery time tlvt persons got
together they constituted a delega
tion for tho purpose of getting a
sircet crossing or removing u bark -
log dog from their neighborhood. My
private business wont to ruin 1 spent
my salary twice over, and when 1
went out ol otlice there were some
talk ol having a grand jury inv.sti •
gate me. lining a mayor is my idea
of getting ready so as you won't care
a cent what happens to you afier
you   dl I." - Kx.
Makes Hair Grow
Macdonald lhe Druggist has an In-
i goralor thai will grow hair or
money back.
The time to take care of your hair
la when you have hair to tnke cure
If your hair is getting thin, gradually falling out, it cannol be long
before the spot appears,
The greatest remedy to stop the
hair fram falling is     SALVIA,     the
Qreal American Han* Grower, tirst
disrovered In Kngland. SALVIA lur-
ulsbes nourishment to the hair roots
and arts SO quickly thnt people ale
amazed     A  large bottle for SOc.
We have every Kdison Amber. 1 Kc-
cord iu stock, also Phonographs and
can sell iit Kastern prices. Ask US
now to get lu Amberol records free,
worth 16.60.—Revelstoke  Music  ttora
Ml'.SIC—Miss Johnson, pupil of A.
Miller, F.R.A.M., London, is prepared to take a limited number of pupils tor tuition in music. For terms
apply at the residence of J. EC.
Johnson, first house west of thc hospital.  First street.
Th.* great White liner, tlie Olympic,
was damaged by a submerged wreck
when near the coast ol Kngland on
In* last voyage from New York. She
will   be  repaired   in  llellnst, the large
,1   it  of the north of Ireland.
Flaky Biscuits
1 Delicious Cake
I    Healthful Food
| made wiih
IDr. Prices
|        CREAM
Smoker's Supplies
The old reliable now lias lhe largest and besl line ol Smokers'
Supplies ever in the (ity, and our pi ices ore right. Fifty brands
of cigars to choose from, Price In m $1.1 Oper box up; not made
ir-iii si rap either,
Meerschaum  Pipes frcm $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
Uur  -iock   of   Calabash   Pipes  is  small  on  account  of  the
crop being a failure this year and quality poor.
Hriur Pipes in cases from $1.00 up.
Ask for the famous II. B. B, brand, Every pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar and Cigarette HoldeiS, Cases ami Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Trays and Pipe Racks. Tell us what you want and we will
suit vou. If you cannot call, phone 37 and goods will be sent to
your borne for approval.   Buy early while stock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
The product of
i rapes
: No Alum
M   *
ALEXANDER LAIRD,  Gembal Manaqes
CAPITAL - $10,000,000
REST. -   $8,000,000
With its larpe number of branches, apents anil correspondent*, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries pf the world, drawn in sterling-,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Everybody  knows bim,  he will
tell you that the whiskeys we are
selling are the best. Call anH b"
convinced. No household should
be without a supply of our Harvey's Special Scotch Whinkoy; our
Frapln liqueur Brandy, giuii.iiiie.nl
:io veins old or Blackberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes, Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold by all
the leading hotel*, or telephone
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
♦ 3,000,000
* 4,000,00(1
Capital       ....
Reserve   ■
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
Has 83 Branohss In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents In sil
tho Principal Cities In the World.
Intorest allowed at highest current rats.
Revelstoko Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Dealers in Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
Our Doctors Anti-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and lho* Repairers, taddlsrs Harness Makers
Our Livery is equipped with the best horses and
rigs. We also deliver express and baggage to any
part of the city.  Heavy and light teaminga specialty
F. McCarty, Proprietor
Phone 201 Saturday, March >v> 1012
. . . It Might Be Cold. . .
It is always hot in the plunge al Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal wnti 13 aro the most wonderful health restorer on the Contini 1* Our.record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
ami verified by mir gratified patri as. Located among the
greatest scenerj of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and lii shed for comfort and
convenience of guests,
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor. -        Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
(Concluded from Pakc Two)
 ■■'■■ OPEN NIGHT AND DAV=-ia=     —
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant - Sliort Order
■aa—M-am-m —— awnjnaci'xmn. taarAtaimmni j*a.*w*aw.**«t^aaE^i
Strictly Fist Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
wiiinii ilie Railway Dolt, having
imn,I,-il ovor io im' control ol
I'rovincinl governmenl,
Vie thought also it     woul
gtlod  Iliini;  for
Columbia,   if
way   Belt   111
la deeplj
1 lir
hi'       11
you, ami lm* British
llll'    IlllVllS    ill    till'    llilil
111 which also     Rovolstoke
illtl'ITBtOll,   could   III'   111-<1UII
here to encourage thai prosperity,
ami io control Hi" aflalra ol the
country in an honest mi'l capabl i
manner, tno thm wm ium. earned In
past Hm practlcallj unanimous support of 'th* electorate <.! tha people
of this provlnco, umi ihai by our
past   record wc ar.' uatlslled   to   bo
JUdgO-d, mul in your liuu.Ik wc leave
the verdict of the approaching con
i,y mc provinoe
anil  thrown  open
settlement, and .wo are now nego-
ol nuc -
to ^^^^^^^^^^^
Hating with every prospect
O0B8, a measure whioh ln return lur |
certain monetary compensation, will I
bring these lands tinker Provlnc ;
im administration, to the great advantage oi Revelstoke and district,
AU these Items nre ol moro than i
passing Interest to the people ol Hev-
OlttOlco,   an,I   llic  success   of   our  lali
ors hi these dlrootlons in bound to
meet with general approval In this
city au.l district, Thanks to the new
rogemo at Ottawa, wc are well on
the way io u satisfactory BObtloment
of theso 1.*i.i- delayed an.l vextlsous
'I'ln* rcasoue urging ihe governmenl
on towards tbo completion ui these
now trims continental rondis across
British I'ohiuil.iii arc two fuld, urst
the wonderful development of th,.
West, thai Western movement which
is the most striking feature of Canadian history ol the last twelve
years, and secondly, the approach -
oil' completion ol the Panama Canal
and the necessity tor lii-itish Oolumbia and Canada being prepared to
take .very advantage of the change
iu the world's trado routes, which
will l.c brought about by tlio open -
ine  ot the canal.
There  is  no other course  fnr the ,i.|
ministration  to follow  than the one
Meet,  me  at   the  Suvoy,
House to let near Central school.
Apply to H. N. Coursler.
March is—St. Patrick's entertainment al Opera House "Don Paddy
lie lia.um" nn Mali ttirce presented
by  Dramatic Society of St. Francis
March Hist- .1. H. 0, Oonoort iu   the
Opera House,
im  Blaster Monday  Evening— Grand
Hall  under aUBplCeB of  Ladles'  Auxiliary of  Uailway Trainmen,
I April  IS—I,a,lies'   Auxiliary  to  11.  of
Ii.  T.,  al   home  in the opera  houso
See  thc  HevclBtoki'
Out Flowers, Phone '•
t. c
Nicholas   [211
mil   $:I2,   and
liny    your    good
Irom Mclntyre's.
Music  Sloce.
wearing gloves
Fresh   local   cream   every   day at the
Heavy   tweed   bants,   $1.MI   per pair
Visit, the Bugar Bowl
confectionery, our m<
cheap imt how good.
Some good bargains
mi   Second  nnd   Third
ioi high-class
itto,   not   how
iu    dwellings
streets.— H.   N.
(let. the Children some candies at
the Sugar Howl, all our goods are
pure and wholesome
Why  do  the  hoys always  buy  their
wagons at Howson's.     Because they
always get  what  they want.
Watch the Sugar Bowl windows for
our Saturday specials, always something uew.
A neat, comfortably furnished bouse
to let on Fourth street.—Apply      to
we  have  proposed   to  you   which   williH.   N.   Coursler
» —
CAN    UK   OUltl'lll
old Fallacy Timi Drunkenness Cumin
lie Ciii-oil  lUiiloilcil.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Be*; Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a dny.    Monthly rate.
J\    .A-LBEIRT     ST03STE      IPPtCyP
Under New cTVlanagement ^anzz*
First-Class Accommodation and Sample Rooms
Rates   $1.00
■52.00 Per Da!
Centra/ Hotel
Abrahamson Cros., Props.
Enlarged   ami Improved.
First-Closi in every respect.
Large .Sail |';e Hooms.
All modern convenience
make for the completion of these con
tilieiital   road-,     hy     melius   ol   whicli)
the      traffic of  the   Interior  of  B.   C.
an.l the prairie provinces, cun come
t,, the ports of our I'acilic coast and
thence via the I'nunmn to the utter-
iii.'sl parts of the world. Our policy
is destined if completed. to enable
this province to forestall American
competition, and to enable British
Columbia to take ber proper place
and advantage i.. be derived Irom
the opening of tbe canal. To besl -
t ue t.. pledge the resources ol our
country for legitimate expansion
would be to show that we were tiu-
Korthy ot the name ,,( progressive
Canadians, and untitle.) t,, occupy ,
the government benchos ..t it'j 1-rov t
mce ol Uritish Columbia    11  Is g I
Hound      i'aua.hnn     I.us.ness     Vic  are*
I   us 11 government  t,. take   the
lend,  and   be at  the   Iront,  In every
legitimate enterprise which will bring
increased  prosperity   and    .-l*.      lo
this province and to  ihe     Dominion
• ■'. Cana la   and we appeal to tbe el
rote  tn  supper)   us,    .**.  *i,*    re-
cord ol ..in   past acl
which  I
:   .*■
t that the
en t.   Hi
eb to 1
* ' ■
Uon't wnit until duly belore ordering the Banfl Ice you require, t'uiu-
iniiiL's  Transfer  Company,
Don't forget thut Howson's Sale
of Carpets is still oue. Come iu und
choose before the stock is picked over
To Rent
— near Y.M.C.A.,
able    live
room    dwelling,
H.   N.
Howson and Company request tbe
,adies to look over their stock of
collapsible Go-carts belore pnrchas-
Drop m at the Sugar Howl lor
that   l„,x   ,,f      chocolates  your     wile,
mothei  ot sweetheart  will aprreclate
Mnny men ili-lnli who desire In stop
the hu bit. Whisky, howewr, hns uu
dei 111111, d the constitution'and ,.*i,iii.*,i
*, craving lhat is not tu he denied,
and the mnn musi ban* whisky in
sumethlng mat will remove the orav>
mii and build up the system und restore the nerves,
Su marls Prescription stops the craving, steadies the nerves, builds up the
general health and makes drink actually distiintel'ul and nauseous. -It Is
tasteless and odorless, and can be Riven with or without the patient's
knowledge, In tea, coffee or food, 11
is used regularly by Physicians and
Hospitals. It has cured thousands in
Canada, and restored hupplncss to
hundreds of homes.
Read   what   Mrs.   CJ. ,   of   Hull,
says of lt and what ll did for her:
"It Is four niontliM In.dny since I
sinrti'ii to use your l.'eniedy 1 follow.
e,l ih* directions, and had the besl of
results. One week alter 1 staricd us-
h'K your Remedy the patient slopped
(lilnklnK, mid has not drunk a glass
,,f liquor since. 1 hope you will accept
my heartfelt thtinks. Hoping? ilo,l will
bless your Keinedy whenever tried, 1
remain, _
Mrs.  0——,  Hull,  Que.
(Name   withheld   by  request.)
Now, If there Is anyone in your
town who needs this Kemedy. tell
ihem of It. Practical philanthropy
can take no better form. If you have
a husbnnd, father, brother or friend
who drinks, help them help themselves,     Write   to-day.
marla, with Booklet Riving full particulars, directions, testimonials,
price, etc., will be Bent In o plain sealed package to anyone mentioning this
-.m.«r     ■j-'arresiinuilen,*,'  BU Iiv  M,,n
confidential. Write today. Tne Samaria Remedy Co., Dept. 46-49, Col-
borne street, Toronto, Canada. Also
for snlo by C.  lt.  Macdonald
gist,  Revelstoke,  D.  C.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imporial   Dunk  Building  Hevelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loau.
Offices—Rovelstoke,    B.   O.,     and
Craubrook, Ll. C.
Oeo. 8. MeCarter,
A.  M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke. Cranbrook
We ar dering our stock ol Banfl
ice now nnd ure taking orders for
slimmer delivery.—Cummlngs Transfer Company.
Hows.m ,v f.'.'s clerks ure always
phased   to  show   you   tlicir stock    ol
house furn>8btngs whether you choose
t*.   buy  or  not.
only a certain quantity ol Banfl Ice
available      Customers ordering    now
1   ,.f  regular  supply.   —
Cummtng's Transfer Company.
Hows,ui      .v    Co.    have the  largest
st,,ck  ol wall  paper In the city;  see
-   before  purcliiiB.ng      clae-
laj  ol muttressi s    and
eg      i ine  • bird   ol your llle is
• .       * h>   not  spen,!  it   in
H   * felt  mat
Mrs     Hi ' ip cleaning old
imp chimneys send lor one of
cr white light
ipon ..nt in our
r to lay   National
Provincial  Land   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
BOX    lfl«,    REVELSTOKE
VV.      H.      WALLACE
P. O. Box 146. RevelBtoke, B.C.
GOLD RANGE  LODGE,      R. ol    P.,
NO.  26,   REVELSTOKE,  B.   C.
Meets every  Wednesday  except   tht
Third Wednesday of each month      tn
Oddfellows'  Hall at 8 o'clock.  Visiting Knights are cordially  invited.
O.  W.  GARLAND,  0.  C.
G. H. BROCK,  K. ol R. Ik 8.
M. ol P.
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Public Notice is hereby given that
It ls absolutely necessary that disorders of n suspicious'nature ho reported to Dr. McLean, Oily Medical
Health Ollicer or other physicians,
us soon nu known. Failure to do this
ls u punishable offence,
By  Ord'r,
B.  A.
City  Clerk.
WANTBD—Gents lino underwear eare-
, fully  washed and repaired.       Miss
Payne,  comer 4th stroet uud    Mc -
Ken/.ie Avenue.
WANTED—Three Apprentices for Millinery Department—C. B. Hume &
WANTED—A good smart hoy about
12 or 15 years ol age to Icurn the
clothing business, Apply to Johu
Bull, Cash Outlutcr Ior Men, McKenzie  Avenue.
WANTBD—Salesman for latest uud
most perfect gasoline light in the
world, Cheapest and nest light
known to science. Exclusive terrl -
tory,  ing protltB, permanent busi -
ness.      MacLai'cii   H  Co.,     Culgury,
Alberta. 30d.
TO    RENT—Furnished Room
to Mail-Heruld  Box 214.
Dominion and B. C.
B.   0.
Luud  Surveyor
LOST—A Bunch of KeyB. Finder
please leave sume at the Mall-Herald Office.
WANTED—Reliable locui agent lor
strong old established Hoard Fire
.Insurance Co., with assetH ol over
$36,000,000. Write Krnnco-Cunndiun
Trust Co., Ltd., 1105 Dominion
Trust Building,  Vaucouver,  B.  C.
FOR SALE—Eggs for hutching, from
pure bred White Leghorn beus, uud
1'ekiti Ducks. My breeders are all
Irom prize winners, Hens Eggs ut
•5*1.25 a Betting, >t...",0 a Hio. Duck
Eggs, J1.75 pel' setting. Apply B,
F. Somerville, Gruudview Poultry
Farm, Malakwa B. c.
Corporation of the Cily
of Revelstoke.
All owners of dot;s, and all
persons harboring cIors, are required to pay the Tax at the City-
Hall, on or before the Eleventh
day of March, 1912. After that
date the police will prosecute all
who have not paid the tax, and
the By-law will be strictly enforced.
By Order,
City Clerk.
New Lightning Method
Painting, and  Painted Wall?
Cleaned like new.
FOR SALE—A Piano nt u bargain
Apply ut once, Mrs. McDonald, Second Street, opposite Knox church.
FOR SALE—Two good lots, cheap,
oil Third street. Apply to Thomas
Bain,   Police  Station.
-   *
Rat' o $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rate?
Revelstoke, B.C.
Don't envy the well dressed man—
wear Fit-Reform Suits and be one
Union   Hotel
I i a
$1 50 PER DAY
M      .
IT. ki.viii.stoki;. B. <
Laughton .t*. Tapping. Pr
First Street,  kevelstoke. B. C
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Nitjht. Meal Tickets.
Late Polisher or Howson's
Furniture  Store
spinal Attention given to nommercla
men   and   tOOrlntfl.    Kirnl-clftwn   rnimpb
roomp. PlnMt ncsntry in British Cnlan
___ bin, overlooking I'pper Arrow l.ske
Makes Old Furniture   W. J. Lightburne. Prop
Make up your mind that this spring
your new Suits arc coming out <>f
thr Kit-Reform WvdrotM
Kit-Retorm spring itylei— in ill the
new ami elegant effe< t«   are r<
f >r your choosing,
Let ut show you these I it-Reform
creations — that well-dressed mi n
are wearing.
KUOTENAY      LODGE,  No.  *»5 A.  F.
and A. M. '
Regular meetings aro lield in MAS-
UNIO TEMPLE, Oddlellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
SELKIRK      LODGE  12,  1.  O.  O.  F.
Meets every     Thursday evening   in
Selkirk   Hull  at  6  o'clock.      Visiting
brethren  cordially invited.
H.     SI EG Kill Ell,   N.  G.
JAS.  MATHIE.  Secretary.
KOR SALE—A Remington Typewriter, No. S, in good running order.—
Price 150.00, P. Burns & Co., Ltd.,
Revelstoke,  11.  0,
WANTED-Offers for
and  fut  chickens.
Salmon Arm.
new  luid  eggs,
Apply,  \ ickerB,
FOR SALE—About 150 tons of  buled
green feed, also a iiuuntity oi Timothy hay.   Kor prices write,  N.E.
Sparks, Milnertou, Alta.       3t. J.10
KOR SALE—Young, smart delivery
team. For particulars write A.
Huggstrom, Malakwa, B. O.
Paper Hanging a Specialty
Estimates tiiven
Mirror Making and re-Silvering
Glass Cutting and Borinpr
Glass Frosting and Staining
Picture Framing, etc.
Prices Reserved.
d. wTbrill
Painter, Paper Hanger, Decorater
Revelstoke, B C.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for
lli'siili'nri' Ool*. -'il S'   ;ii '1 It' li^otiflie
Shop in Alley back "I !•'.. J. Bourue'-i
Store, Pirtt Street
"Estimates Freely Given.      ^^^^^^^^^^^
.    _»•«■      plil*< are MMtdingly p.iwfT
GIVE ME A TRIAL ff««jS!.te
^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^_ •»« li.m'nr thr«f tor 111.
Prop Card in Post Office ri.. •«•»>•» D"»« «••
|Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French refftilatr.r; never fill*   Thr"*
rl'il In regulating i   -
m»'o ■\>l«m.   Hf I
rf* Tan'i *'* «-M it
MiitH to anv RHrtreM.
ft. C»th*Mn«i, OaU
COURT     MT.      BSGBIK,   No. M61.
OF I. 0. F.
Meets in I. <X O.  F. Hall next    to
'i'upping'B Opera House  every  second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially  welcomed.
(I. W. BELL,, 0, It.
wm.  8.  OAMBRON,  Rec.-Sec
(!.  W. O.  W.
Mountain  View Cump,  No. 229
ttaetl  Becond    and      KnurMi   Wodnee
iIhvh    hi  nii'il   month   in    Selkirk
Hall,     viiiting Woodmen arc
oordlaUj invltod to attend
H   w. BDWARDS, Oot. Com*
.1AMK8   MclNTYltK.   Olerk.
Tinamtth Repairs, Hot Air, Plpa
and Furnace work
Oonnought Ave.   -   Rovolatoke
WK HAVE position Ior u good man
with a fair education who can furnish reference we will give steady
employment and pay a straight sal
ary to the right party. I'eoplo using intoxicating liquors save your
stamps, see our big Ad in this palter today. National Light Co.,
1'araga,  Michigan.
KOR 8AL10—Modern nine-room house
all improvements and 50 foot lot,
fronting on Third street, three
iIooib Irom Meth.idist church.*—
Price Jll.UOO cash or terms. Apply
to M.  J.  Scott, Box 57.
Pull BALE—Electrical Machinery,
Two 2501) Light Generator! in HrBt
class working order, complete with
exciters, meters*, belts, etc. Will bt
•old singly or together. A snap for
a town, sawmill, etc., contemplating installing an electric light plant
No reasonable oiler refused. ...hull
particular! on application to Cubs.
North, Superintendent of Elestric'al
Department, City ol Revelstoke.
Revelstoke B.C.,  Jnn 27tb, 1012.
Pursuant to notice dated t'ebruury
-Sth, 1012, tiie sale of unclaimed
goods, il not entered lor duty, or
warehoused, before the date ol sale,
will take place at Customs Supper -
viinccs Warehouse, CP.R. Freight
Sheds, Thursday, March 21st, 1012,
at 11 a.m.
Collector ol Customs.
Fruit Lands
(Inlena   Bay  lands to parcels of
10 or 20 acres or en bloc.     Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent
Box 616 Arrowhead
'*...   21,    ROYAL    TEMPLARS    OF
Meets  every   2nd   and   4tli  Thursdays
In     Oddfellows    Hall,    nt  H o'clock.
\ lulling   Templars  are   cordially   in-
l i".l  lo attend.
W.   K.   Ml'NSON.  S. C.
FOR SAI.E-A Five Acre Iruit
Ranch in the Kootenay !i strict,
I'losc to a thrifty town of 2,i;00 people. One acre Is cleared aiil i lant-
ed in fruit and there ls a new tn_use
size l(ix20 on it. Ten dollars down
and $10 a month for 60 months,
buys It. Payments can be made in
work at $3.50 pcr day If deBired.—
Apply at once to F. P. Creech, Box
US,  Revelstoke*
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H.  MANNING,   Agent,
I ■
SATURDAY. MARCH Ot.li,   1012.
t'h:3±] mail herald; revelstoke
SATURDAY.   MARCH  9th,   1012.
A Population of
25,000 to
Judging by what railway shops
have done for other oltlea not so important a railway centre as Ooqult-
lam will he, there will be n population of 25,000 to 30,000 directly supported by the Canadian Pacific alone
ut Coquitiam in two or three years.
Rut the Canadian Pacilic, although
important, is only the foundation,
only the beginning, of this young
daughter of Canada's wealth and prosperity. Coquitiam from its position
is destined to become the industrial
centre of British Columbia. Thc
man who owns property in Coquit -
lum will be rich when others who
preferred to wait instead of act will
be still plodding along.
Yesterday a forlorn junction point on a transcontinental railway, a patch of level land at the junction of two large rivers; today a'ompur-
atively small, but extremely busy town where the carpontcr's hammer, tho noise of dynamite blowing rut stumps and masses of earth the steam
shovel's everlasting grind, and the wild whistle of the locomotive foretell better thnn eloquence of the greatest orator what is going to happen. Tomorrow a metropolitan city bustling with street cars, great manufacturing industries, fust transcontinental freight and passenger train,
trans-racitic und trans-Atlantic steamers, great business blocks and places ot amusement, and everything else wbich goeB to make up a great
metropolis.     THAT IS  COQUITLAM
The change will be great and rapid—more rapid than thc unexampled growth of Calgary, Kdmonton, Winnipeg, Hnskatoon, nnd Regina, where .
millions of dollars were made for holders of lots near thc business district. Any growth which tukes place in any part of British Columbia or
the prairie provinces will but add to the enormous trade to be developed with the rent of the world through Coquitiam and the Panama Canal,
vast corporation has shoved out In every direction to garner in the enormous crops ol golden grain which ure making the prairie province- of
Cunudn famous—overy one of this railway's twelve thousund miles of stoel rails, will pay tribute to Coquitiam. Coquitiam will be the funnel
through which lho products will both go out and come in to feed and clothe thc mighty population which will fill  Canada up in the years to come
Coquitiam a Certainty;
Not a Mere Prospect
As there are many other townsites on the market at the present time
it would be well for thc reader to Lear in mind that Coquitiam is not
an ordinary townsite—IT IS AN ACTUALITY. A RKAL CITY IN THK
(CAKING. There is only one Panama canal, and it is almost upon us.
Coquitiam is a result of that canal, and as the Canadian Pacilic is the
greatest transportation system in the world, it is only natural and logical to suppose thut Coquitiam will lie the biggest  result.
llut apart Irom what it is going to be Coquitiam is something to
day. Cana-li n Pacific olllcials have announced n program of Improvement
and construct.0,1 ..uparalleled in the annals of railway operation. It means
that thousands of men will be employed there this spring, in fact, there
are hundreds THERE] NOW—building houses, laying ti-acks, building
streets and installing electric and trolley lines. Work has recently com
menoed on a hundred thousand dollar riiiunlhoii.se iii lhe immediate vicinity of Meridian Centre, Coquitiam, and this is but the beginning ol the
expenditure ol over half a million dollars- announced for the next few
MONEY! and How
to Make it Quick
Once there were two men who came to America from the old Country.
Both were industrious and ench wns apparently fully as able to liol-l up
his end in thc world and become a man of influence nnd wealth — a big
man. Today, however, one is a millionaire, while the other is in very
average circumstances  financially.
The reason for this vast difference is not because one workeJ hard and
the other didn't; or because one drank and the other didn't. It was
simply because the man who is now a millionaire looked ahead, and
knowing thnt the fundamental wealth of this and every other country is
in good real estate, seized his opportunity. He secured realty when lt
was sellable at a ground-floor price,an,I waited till increasing population  multiplied its value to him.
Ever since the whole country hus been working for h.m, while the
other man hns lieen working for the whole country, The whole country
will work for you if you own part of Coquitiam. Meridian Centre, Coquitiam, offers you the Shanes to become independent—tn enjoy the life
which it  is your heritage to e.ijoy.
Look at the big men In Winnipeg. Calgary, Edmonton, Baskal i in
Regina, Vancouver, or any other big city and nee when tbey get the
foundation of their fortunes. In almost every rase it was through the Increase in land values, directly or indirectly. Coquitiam will eclipRe all
these places In rapidity of development and increase, nnd will eventually
probably equal or surpass them in iictual   population   and   weulth.
An Industrial City;
A coming Pittsburg
Coquitiam is situated in the Vancouver metropolitan district ,,n the
main line of the Canadian Pacilic. The Orand Trunk Pacific is also buying land for terminals in this vicinity, and another transcontinental rail
way is buying right-of-way. This added to thc fact that Coquitiam is a
deep-water port, means that manufactures locating here will have the advantage ot  thc cheapest  transportation  rates,  both by rail and  water.
Two big power companies arc developing enormous electric energy
near here and Iheir power lines paBs through the municipality. This
means electric light and power at Competitive rates, nnd in conjunction
with cheap sites and trackage explains the fact that already over lifty
applications have come in from manufacturers for factory and mill sites
Among thc big industries assured for Coquitiam Ib the largest lumber
mill in the world, to be built by the Pitt River Lumber Company. It
will cut f,no,000 feet of lumber every 24 hours
Everybody is talking About the Small Fortunes
Made by Coquitiam Buyers
A Brandon, Manitoba, lady recently cleared 14000 on Coquitiam pr,>
perty on a few hundred dollars' investment, nnd immediately on realizing
this profit instructed her broker to re-Invest the whole amount in Co
quitlnm property. One fortunnto person bought three lot* on tbc school
house road, and after paying in 1100 turned them over for a t'JOO profit
in one month. A lot sold in Niivembei* for 11000 was again turned over
recently for $1500, showing n profit ol ISO0 in two months. C. S.
Crompton, of Victoria, wbo bought n double corner In the name locality
for %t2bil in  NoTSmbST,  has just refusal  an  ofler of I40O0 for  this    land.
These nre not isolated Instance*. n,,r ,s the time gone post for the
man with small capital, tin the contrary, development has Juet etarted.
You cun buy a lot In Meridian Centre, right in the line of tbe coming
development, for a email  payment and  monthly terms.
INFORM YOURSELF AUOUT Coqt'lTI.AM. It is your duty to do
ho. Coquitiam Is one of tbe last—and perhaps tbc greatest— ut the opportunities this last west hue ollered InVMtOfl for MoraKMM nnd quick
profits. We arc on the inside. We know and can tell YOU all about
the situation.
Special Representatives
Will be at the King Edward Hotel Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Next, March llth, 12th and 13th
References   R. G. Dun & Co., and Union Bank, Vancouver.
The firm of McTavish Bros, is one of the best known and most reliable Real Es'ate Houses in the West.    They have made Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for their Clients
m ■'■■■
I - VI". lil> \Y     M \l!,-it    n!,     1912,
the nyc^-iL-HCEK^Lr)/ revelstoke
SATURDAY, MAKCII illli, 1912.
u lot these
but no one
■ottiest Hpot
i   Mail-Herald -
Sir,   We   heal
laj • uboul     Malakwa,
*,.-miii   to remember tbe
n the (iarden of Eden,
Nevertheless ll   is goiug ahead lu    a
* I     way ami several new sett.era
ivi   already started to build    tueir
homes, while others are Retting hm
beds ready for plant.nn cabbage, cau
lirtowers and tobacco, all of which
grow to a great si/..' in a very Bhon
time, PeaB, com, onions, parsnips,
carrots and bceta can a so he grown
with greai success,
Hav,' you ever  heard i t tin-    Norili
Fork     Poultry     Yards   situated  o1
gallechie, tbere ono can boo bens.
* ■ vs iiiiii geese  In  gi ea'   numbers
I  it   Blr, don't run awaj    * Ith Hie idea
• * il    i   is nil  work  an,I  no  play      lu
beautiful valley, wi hnve picnics
■ Bhing parlies In the summer,
and musical evening's n thn winter.
at mosl "f the settlers have an instrument ..f some kind tr un a jews
:  il;   to ;i  piano.
I bein Mr. l.lov,i Johnson bus   removed from     Buckingham to Band
inghani   (the  lone  shack)   UbOUl     half
way   between Malakwa  and   Craigcl
Icshle,   l  suppose  the  bachelors  will
....  .i collection now. nud give Buck
Ingham .i    spring    cleaning,     Lloyd
waa  visiting at    Cralgallechle      last
lay, and Baid he was going     to
my a new stoue, and a rocdlng chair
might    expeel   to lieni   wedding
i   thi   neai  future
In conclusion I shall add that in n
few  years  ibis  valley  will  be known
*.  the uame ..f the land ol the   big
red apple, and thc i".,,r monf-s para
Malakwan  Hi,'  Second.
ii musl be confessed thai thfl lirsl
impression the casual vli *t,.i receive!
' Malakwa after leaving the cars is
disappointing. Thii stump strewn,
and gravelly wilderness that greets
the visit,,! Is undoubtedlj a great
drawback t.. the Bottlement Or
tintiiv Mi, Hall's handsome residence
tends t., relieve tii» monotony of tbe
■ iv   and the st.,t ,.n   store   and
■ give a certain commercial as-
■• * •   to   th      .' Hat ion        However,    a
• ■■! walk of about  300 yards to the
top ■•! the t"'st   utile lull reveals the
• *   iltual Ion **' .,n.ms mi.I tb. come
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,   and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
CU irw>4flr nf  ^nil   Bench   Lands,   Clay    Loam   and  Vegetable
1)11(11 dWul   Ul   OUII   Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn Irrisiatinn   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
IIU IlltljmlUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for  Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Glimate   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land rkasonahi.h
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of D. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
what iiessinvmt.il' view ol Hit visitor
iu rnpi.tly dispelled iik his eye mums
ovei one oi the ni'»si picturesque
scenes ol BrltUb Oolumbia—meadow,
orchard un.l river combine together
to lorm a landscape tbut pen (uilu
adequately '" doscrlbe.
Tno visitor is biiwi'vci only starting mi iim journoy aud further pene
trntlon Into tho tortile valley iUb ■
closes prosperous homes and mucin's.
un tlio I.it we buvc the post, iiiuee
ranch possessing a great reputatloo
tor Its straw bor rlos and line tlavored
Irults. Passing along we nre forcibly
struck by the substantial dwellings
nml barn ul Mr. Blmbeau and liis nr*
I'lmrii.s ini'ii,lows form a plctdreitque
romo to bis Residence,
i)n the lelt we pass Mr. ,). John -
son's tortile ranch and ,iulldings,
«ini'ii inm k the owner ns .1 prosper-
ous [armor, Prom tbiH ranch timothy hay ui the finest quality is pro-
iiin'1',1 nn.l large crops nre harvostod
overy yenr, Hotting tho owner sub
litnnliul returns, Wc now 10111111 1,'
duo uortb nml skirting the •iinc. <-il
ibe Malakwa Farms property, wc ur*
riv,* .it   Mr.   Wipers ranch.  The  lioiisi:
is beautifully   situated on a   gentle
slope .uul  lbe vi, w from ilie commod
ious verandah is to sny ilio loast impressive, taking in the broad expanse
ot the ISagle nvei* uud tbe vust si retch ol tortile menilows oxte idlug
northward and to the west. Buiow
tbe bouse we have a Une be unit; orchard from Which prize winning fruit
lms been frequently obtained,
Wo now .no, practically    Bpea'iliig,
111 the  heart  ol the valley and rnpi.l-
ly  p.iss on     admiring the lusty ; nd
vigorous crops on    both si,les ,*i us,
demonstrating  the  remarkable fertility ..1 ibis liniioiis     bluck land soil,
Une milu now uiul wo have arrive.! nt
tlie main resbdenco ,.f the     Malmcwa
Farms,  Ltd.,  who bol.l several bun
ilreil ,.( acres In (liis vicinity,  Again
ono is Btruck  by tho substantial rosl
deuces nud hams for from hero     no
less than six orchards are ln slghl
and llie streteh ot tbe grooil  gross  is
.Milium: to the eje. Anothor linlt
mile ami WO arrive at Mr. Ilugg -
strum's ranch with its bearing orchard and well kepi meadows, ami on
the lelt we noie Mr, May's residence
;.i prcsonl in loins,, ut construction.
Time creeps ou and it is with regret
tho visitor retraces bit steps (relink
iini Indeed .1 profttab.e day bus boon
spent ami Ibal tbere is more 111 Mai
nkwn liuin meets the eye, utter referring to the poor view from tho
■ *——'■miTTwm:">
O  B
Now Hold the Fort
in Revelstoke
A large  variety nf Dainty
Boxes in half-pound* one-
pound, two-pound anil three-
pound sizes
The Finest in the Land
and  Canadian   -^Made
111 yean experience
Paris    March  3
* ■
Wood for Sale
A/tply to
Chas. Turnross
I. . 1 t.  1 • 1 .mi.I' So. -'!*'
synopsis of coal MjNiHGjForbidding Ecclesiastics from At
regulations. tending Receptions
Coal mining rights ol ibe Dumu .ji.
1  Manitoba,  :-**.ih„..i
eii.i,    the    Yukon     I the
S01 ib west Ten iti .11 a por
tion ol ttie Provlni.    : 1 1
i.uibia,  ui a y  p..* ;,.,. 1 1    tn .•!
ul   ot    (1 1111 a.i,*    Nol    more
.,. 1 *„ will    •   ..*.,,.■ 1 t<     I
1 '.icant.
Appllcatioi   [ol   least
1 thi
\ tjeiii  or     Dub Ageol I net',
.- .tu;itcU.
Ill I
a    described   by sectl 1
.    :.visions ol
A *
■     •
It will pa> you in
make a c.ill at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Expoi •
Old Town,
. K. ('
btforc ' uyini
tit   of working  clothe*
(or tlir lumli.    I make •
|| HII* 111 'if        '■
«|ji>r«. PSUtS. Sox, Bhlrts
Hlaiikru stulevrrvilinin
ftouitml in > mir bOMOMf.
it shall iie staki
I   uimaelt.
i-i., mt mint
■ tes ol Ji *b.eli wl
1  .! the rights applied ("r    ars
H   nt lbe mine ut the
.  ■ 1        ton
tgsot wil      rorn rei
.   .(.i.int lv       ot
,'eil.       inch
.  ||** *1     it
m  **-.n li *  ids lb* ei
r permitted '*
rights  may   I.e
mmi ths working
iii at tl •    t" in
I-',.1 lull    Inloi in.' ■ m    appl   nl
. i 1* made I** tha Seeretnry   nf i
■ *   ii. partmi nl    I thi   [nti rli 1    01
i.mii, ..r I., tha  Igsnl ,.1  Su', Agent
of Dominion Lands,
Vi. v.. OORT,
ol  the qualities ol beaut;   is tbut It
should  lie poetic and mysterious un.l
ihow too much.
"M   Fredei ■   Musson     *i   long nc..
wrote       * artii      in tins very
11 Red  what .,  mif take
It wae ...        111 womi n
9 *.*. mothei    to appeal     what
* •   Tbere   is., cei tain 1
* girl ..r ..i .1 v rj
■...unu-  woman wliu i*.  ie entirely losi
ij  oldei peri
■ \       *.*.   : i enl
*..:.:.   ■ hal   ul  .1
en she is m
noi  .1 very  v..uni; « ■ -
■   to ■  way be
to outdo
. -s ab-
111    11
in in
permitted  In    'be
1, the
•    *
course, ngrei  entirely with thi  decree
11  would banish all kinds ol decollo-
Republican France does not leei
Itself much bound to religious decrees, yet the Pope's decision is cer
,:!, i,, create ome excitement In
urlstocratle circles. M Is s*..ll quite
the fashion in the provinces to Invite
prelates to dinners and recept one
Manj ol these are ol arlstocral li la
mllles themselves. Bight French prel
at 3 occupying  Frenoh sees at  pres -
nl are ol Hie nobility. The rope's
I* *,*. decree .1- 11 bus been published
here, suites that no ecclesiastic or
prelate is to attend a reception or
imi.In   gathering  where  ladles    wear
i,1 ..ll.-iM,'. The decree was not only
communicated     to  the      diplomatic
corps at the Vatican and to thc oul
side world, but pri.-es. prelates and
cardinals nro ils*. fait., expected to
conform to II  the world over.
A  French  ecclesiastic     when  iiuei
[viewed on tbe  Biihject gave  thefollow
Ing curious explanation;
"Bci'lesiastical disapproval <.f .1"
colli tee dress is not new. lt dati ■
hack, In tact, many centuries, St,
Francis de Bales, the mildest and
most condescending prelate that ever
lived preached sermons against the
abuse by the women ot tbe day nt
decolletee. Various Popes In Rome
cMiressril tbcie disapproval, Sl. Paul
ol the Cross, the lounder of the Pas-
Blonlat Order, bH Ms followers nov«r
to accept invitations to dinners and
worldly receptions because the     wo
men ol bhe day persisted In appear
ine 111 decolletee,     Vitien the    Balnt
met any  Ol  the  fashionable  ladies "t
liis time in timi  attire, he used   t"
shut his eyes,"- Bx
A ceserpatlon ol lertile valley land
is now open in Mexico. Homesteads
Free. Only requirement i.i to huve
live acres ul bananas planted wit bin
live ycarst An authorised company
will plant the bananas and market
llieni on shares. Your share should
bring JliUll per acre annually, Tho
Jantha Plantation Co., Mock 20O'.i,
Pittsburgh, Pa., u.rt.A., distribute
Mexican land in the n.w. and Oanada
Write tor particulars, You need not
go to Mexico. t.c.
p«Ht        It      '   IK    HI"'
it tha lessee   maj
purcbase what-
Deput; MiniHvr of ths Interior,
sn. -I nautborlsed publication   <>t
this advertisement win not 1* paid
* vei, t inn,-
\l oi*.   thl m   -
io ,11 ilu*  Ira 1
*,i. the   '   ■
(rom il"
. ijfgei .'
ind 1 ostume whii ■ .. *
Shiloh's Cure Shilolis Cure
* ;   vein   111   '
1   „.. ,i,i   lun< tl 11,   awl  Bnd  oui
In 11.r.v.1, i who
,,!,*    .'• IP   tO    US.
"Ali   SXtl ■  n   such
' 1,1     |||l>     |,.|,*lll '  ,I,S.     .lllll'.*   I"     tO     Hi"
fm in nt 1    '       id > ■ i*i •  *   ' nm   In
'■ ml ol   the 1.■mai II ture bee
I nl iui, in.iki* im* Bgure 'u'i* ous. OM
as 1 had
■en 1 / * *    * -
h    I r* turne
in.',  ll        ■■ a   Irieii'l to
They [took («'.
te nald ibe ei bul he
,*- ,„, ' ,*       ough he tried
f,.r two hmtri nnd 1 hall     I returned
boms m ' 'in ."I I . tske i.m Pilll
ninl. lo   .7 nurpriir end lo      I |* *
1 ti *     Oln i'ii.'* 1" |h*' irf":t niedl
cine In   i« world, snd, because th'y
did me    ram b p.'**!.' will rtsommsnd
ihi 11 ■   ibe rest of my life",
j.   VLI    ;'T LB89ARD, Jolii-ttc P.Q,
5... . . i..,«, f, for$7.^.,   ul sil d'il.
i'ii. '
1 irua
Link   if Hi'*.'   fall  10 glv-
,|-   b,,T   Ir—       Nrtln
cal  1 ■
Limited, ljept
W   Tuiuiito.
,f   Ciuil.i.
■p^ ■  ****1^,'* r''
III     '-'i-V
When a farmer opens
his first bag of cement
be lms taken a lime mep in ibe march of Proem*
which luaiis to Prosperity,
After I"' uses thai ban if only fur n hlii-hlnK-
i.in.n ..r n porch »i ,-i> -hs hns learned some pmiimbie
11. knows thnt It doesn't taks nn export to use
concrete successfully,
II,. knows lhal he has added a permanent Improvement lo bis property, somsthil g that win hist ub ions
ns ths farm Itsilf.
II. knows that be ha* added convenience, snd
tin r* tore profit, to bis home,
lie knows lhal It didn't east him more. In money er
time, than if he had used nn inferior material nml
made .1 temporary Improvi 1
Ha knows thai  be wants t.. tend the book.
" What thc Farmer Cnn Do With Concrete "
(n Dnd OUI how he enn apply these lessons lo nthor
plni '• ..ii ii    farm,
This ini* eri . 11. nt is tn letl him Umi his copy of
this profusely Illustrated hooh is ready In he mailed
im s'.i.n us li. s.iiils In Ills name and address. It
makes no different 0 whether he hnn yet uppil Ihut
I ll 1 hag of • eni'iii or not, If be hnsn't. lhe book
will 1,11 him how lo use ll i" lhe best ndvnntage.
And  in any case P's
A hundred ond »lxty p,i(iil« ot plain deacrlp.
lion, telling hnw other farmer! have Uied con-
irrte. with phitnoranha ■*,„ ui„,tr,te every para-
praph In the text.
J.ut i''id your name and addreit on a poatal,
In a latter, or uli the coupci, and tha book will
be aant by return mall,
Nstiontl Bank lluililmr
SATI.'RPAY.   MARCH   Sth,   lfl
I Si
See the New Cash Carrier
Ladies' Belts
A Clean-Up of all Ladies' Belts
All our Silver and Gilt Elastic Bands and Silk
Belts 11.00 to $2.00, goon Sale at each
New French Baptiste
for Ladies' Wash Dresses and Waists in the new
colors, King's Blue, * op. Blue, Quaker Grey,
with White Hair Line Stripe—a perfect wash
material at
20 Cents
English Sateens
in Fancy Floral Pattern for decorative purposes. 30-inch poods, all the new wood and
pastel shades, dainty and fresh as the Spring
flower, at per yard
15 Cents
Get a Cushion ai $ 1.50
and take it easy. This lot of Cushions are
complete with Frill and filled with Cotton Down
Hume's $ 10 Dresses
Have yon seen the Afternoon Dresses Hume's
are selling at $10. We are told that this is one
the leading questions whenever two or more
of the ladies meet.
This Bargain line consists of a lot of Pure
Silk, Pongee, Shantung and White Muslin
Dresses. The Regular Price of which were
$15 to $17. No two alike and a Real Bargain
at each
Hume's 1.90 Waists
and Blouses are another equally prominent
Bargain a new lot this week. -Some extra
choice lots of Fancy Muslin and Tailored lined
Waists—all at one price—$1.90.
Silk Waists
150 SILK WAISTS go on Sale Thursday a.m.
No use to describe them. There are no two
alike.    Come pick one it
Groceries and Crockery Department
Tea and Coffee
Arc you using Thc and Coffee? Where arc
you buying it? Arc vou getting value for your
money? Does thc quality and flavor please you?
Ifyou have thc least doubt as to your tea and
coffee try a pound of our Sunbeam Tea at 40c and
50c. pcr pound, and a pound of our OO Coffee at
40c per pound. Mocha and Java at 50c per lb.
Its qualitv is uniformly high and it has that true,
lingering llavor that pleases.
Fussell's Cream
Fussell's Cream is new to mosl of us. It will
also reach your goodwill ifyou g,,v it .1 fair trial.
It is a whipping cream and that in itself should
appeal to each and everyone of us. You cannot
get a better article for serving with fruit or jellies
than Fussell's Cream.
Fish for Lenten Season
We have just opened up for the Lenten Season
some of the choicest Salt Fish we have ever
bandied. Salt Mackerel, large, fat and well cured,
Salmon Bellies, the best pick of the year. Labrador Fat Herring, well packed, well cured, without anv particle sign of rust, and Salt Codfish
cured and packed by the best packers in Nova
Scolia, in 2 Ib. blocks and 2 lb. boxes, also a
quantity of Smoked Halibut and Kippered Herring always on hand.
Pickles !    Pickles !
Our Twentieth  Century Brand  Clothing
Now that our Spring Groceries arc arriving,
\Vrc can assure our customers that we can supply
their wants to the fullest extent and in no line do
wc show up to such advantage as in PICKLES.
Crosse & Blackwell's, the well known brand, are
our longest suit. Mixed Pickles, Chow-Chow,
White Onions, Walnuts and Gerkins in half pts.
at 25c. Pint bottles with patent stoppers at 35c.
and quart bottles at the exceedingly small price of
65 cents. You will do well to look at our priees
in these lines.
Crockery and China
We are always showing a large assortment of
Dinner Sets. This Spring wc arc showing a
larger line than ever before. See our new White
and Gold Pattern. This makes up a nice Dinner
Set for a very small price. Wc are also showing
a large range of Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers,
Fruit and Salad Bowls, Biscuit Jars, Tobacco
Jars, Cream and Sugars, Cut Glass, Brass Goods,
Toilet Sets and a large assortment oi Fancy
The Men who Dress well are the men we cater to in the Clothing
line. Not the men who wear freakish, ultra-fashionable clothes, but the
men who insist on having the best in fashionable, clean-cut. gentlemanly,
wearing apparel. They know as well as we do that'only in the 20th Century Brand can they get exactly what they want. Clothes that combine faseion with easy elegance and sterling wearing qualities are just what
the good dresser wants and just what we are prepared to supply.
This Season's Cloths are the exact goods which are being worn in
all the Eastern Fashion Centres. Browns and Greys predominate in the
Tweeds, while stripes in worsteds of the same color are also good. The
Camel Browns are the new thing and will be worn almost exclusively in
Tweed of light weight by good dressers.
Wide shoulders, longer
coat, two button sack,
two side rents at the
back, long lapels and
shaped in at the waist.
Trousers half pear.
We can supply this
model in tweeds and
worsteds in all the new
Brown and Grey
tweeds predominate.
PRICES: $25.00 to $35.00
This cut represents our new 3-
button sack suit.
Medium length
coat. Trousers are
rather smaller at
/ the bottom. Lapels
r shorter than last
season. They come
in Grey -SB. Brown
Tweeds C& Worsteds.
PRICES: $20 to $35.00
A few lines that will interest the housekeeper
who is prepairing for early spring house cleaning.
These lines are extra special in value and will not
last long at the prices.
Tapanese Mats ^eal Bar*ains' 4x7'$175
J   ^ 4x12 at $3.00 each
Union Squares A11 sizes'a11 col,,rs
and combinatious
You can't get away from the values we
offering in these.   Call and see them; the prices
are away below actual cost.
Our new lines of Wall Papers have just
been put in stock and we can assure the public that never has such a complete line of artistic papers been shown in the city. Rich
and artistic but at prices that will surprise
you br their cheapness. Now is the time to
see them while the lines are all unbroken.
We import direct from the manufacturer in
the Old Country and can supply- you with the
best article for the least money. Our patterns are
all new and bright. Just compare these prices
with any you may have
a   QUALITY—Inlaid, the best that  is on the
market, at $1.40 per square yard.
"D QUALITY—In a wide range of patterns
at $1.20 per square yard
■O QUALITY—In attractive new patterns
at 90 cents per square yard
jaxteacssaz: \ 1
RVTl'HDAY,  MAJRCH  '.Uli,   l'U2.
BATURDAY,  M IHOH 9th,  1912
umtmm »' mmawswi ■»
A i
..  dies
Tailored C. sit  .* *■•
d Ladies' Spring
Showing ol         / S,
:    designs.   New
:we: :'
w 1 .inen "Wa its, Cc
iflo l  Voiles,  Wash
Hosiery, Umbrellas.
New Goods Com-
Hand -..-
/ery day.
'i iim  i\.iim*. [ng  m,  r *  .I ,n. ;,m\
the  ri't'inkT and  Part)   dui In
i-i, mhi campaign;
Leave Victoria 11:40 pm., Tuosday,
March Bth, nrrlvo Vancouver ; a. m,
Wednesday,  March i.iii.
Leave Vancouver 8 Ifi a.m., Wednes
ii,'.*lay, March Tth, nrrlvo Kamloops
i, . *  w. .in.* ilnj   March 6th
I, av,.  KamloopB al   I  in  aim.,    ,.ii
'llu.ik.lay.   March   Ith,  arrive   Revel
^^^^^^^^^ stoke 7:25 a.n,., Thursday,   March 7.
S,.wn ilea.! aii M iml is tin      lieave   RevelBtoko   I'J '■   a.m.   Pri
toll which vi ' ' ''■'      vl:"r"   "'"'   ;,;'""'    '''"'"'  8 '"
nine o'oloek  *,*  **   I      morning when  a.m.,  Friday,  Via,on :*.
occurred  In tho      I'm   .    Uiavo    Reid   11:35   a.m.,    Friday,
March Mn, arrive Golden  12:2*5 p.m.
Joclics have all been Rccim r-
ed—Six Dead and Iwo seriously Injured—The mine not
C !■'. Lindmark returned Irom ihr
coast   yesterday.
Third Sun.iay in Lent, Rev. Dean
Paget will preach at Evensong in st
Peter's  church  tomorrow.
Thc funeral ol the late G.E. Duck-
Worth will tuke place this afternoon
from the Howson undertaking parlors
Mr. W. White, of Thornliill, Man..
an uncle of Mrs. R, .(. Mclntyre, wns
a visitor at the Methodist parsonage
during the week.
The regular meeting of the CHrli1
Hospital Auxiliary, will he held at
tbe bome of Mrs. R. H. I'niuhart on
Monday evening next ut H o'clock.
The choir of the Methodist church]
will  give  a  sacred     concert  in    the j
church on  the evening  ol  Good Fri -
day, u splendid -program is heiug pre
pared. i
Uon't lurget the Irish teu and '
L.menek conte-t on Monday, March j
l»th. Handsome prizes will be nw -
ar led the  lucky  guessers.
At the evening service next Sunduy
in the Presbyterian church, solos will
be sung by Mre. H. W. McLood nnd
Mr.   Ralph   Lawrence.
i>: course >ou Will lie at the Irish
tea on Monday, March 18th, ami see
* .r grand display of home mnile delicacies, also real old fashioned potato cake served with thc ten.
In the Uaptiet church on Sunday
'.ext. the pastor. Rev. E. J. OhaVe,
will speak on the following subjects.
M'.rrani: 'Tii, Voice from the Burning
bush; evening, "Temptation anu Endurance.1'   Sunduy  school   und  adult
le  classes  at   2:80  p.ni     \  ,*
welcome extended to all services.
Pure White Clover Honey in 5 lb. Cnns.   This is lomcthini*; you
will find awfully nicest ibis season ofthe year.
HOME-MADE JAM   in pints and quarts, glass jars.
absolutely pure and well put up.
SYRUPS   Pure Maple8>rup in bottle
autee to be lb>- best.
or cans, which we guar-
iin  explosion   _
inond     Vale Oolllrrlcs near Merritt.
The explosion Is     heliovod tu     bave
boon due to a  pocl ct ol gas      I
struck  in  l.b,. No,  l  level
Soon alter tin* terrific blast OC
curred, hundreds ol pei'Bons wen.I.*.I
their wuy to the mines and pitiful
scenes wero witnessed as the dead
wore   brought  to   the  surface   by       a
party ot rescuer, who Immediately
rendered assist.nice upon bearing ,.t
tho accident.
Mr. T.J, Smith, ol Vanoouver, pres
Ident of the Diamond Vale I'ollieries
Company, Is now on bis way to the
j COal  fields  to  investigate  the    tragic
! Merritt, B. C, March 9—All the
bodies are now recovered of the vlc-
. tlms of tho terrible mine disaster of
Thursday  last,   The  dead  are;   .lohn
I Hogg, H. Grimes, John Patte, Vi.
Kelly, William Baxter, William Herd
Injured—Harry Hogg, II. t'oleshl,
both badly injured. The charred bodies of Blair ami Herd wore found
lat ■ laBt night, by the rescue party.
Mine officials and mon, who Bhowed
great bravery venturing down llll'il'
gassea ana ila..ia, , 1 . m cool o!
slopes in order to rescue minors il
possible, made remarkable discovery
that the mine Is practically uninjured, and work can I e resumed immediately.
JWfl '.'.iSSYYOOp
! *i    /jyk mta****^?
MacKenzie Avenue
fff*MF*''*n;'f,-"aWMaun,Mga3*lj i
To select and make  the  first payment Ol
move ill and plan a garden, a poultry \ ird
would on joy during a Summer.
make it case foa yon to acquire i
a iioiue.   Then  you  can
ml all sorts of things vou
If you haven  Hub' capital   wc can
home immediately.
Mr.  W.  T.   Duvies,
who I.lithe
K. G. Briggs   ■: Kam
<h:ef  leaver, arrlv
•lay.   He  Is
a view of Dl
ent Proi   tit
ers, which  ;       I I
-  i .-
l time,  lias  been working at the  C,   P.
' It. shops uud who was with the Kirst
Aid  team  at  Vancouver  nud   Winnl -
peg,  has  been  promoted  in his  work
an.l has  gone to Winnipeg  lo  reside.
ln the Methodist church on Sunday
'night the choir will sing anthem,
; "The Sun shall be no more'' and a
M ..irtette "Remember me Oh Mighty
[One." Tbe subject of the address Is
.   ' ,'lie  Unpardonable  Sin."
\ splendid audience un*- out    last
s mday evening iu     the     Methodist
church to bear the sermon on
m.'iis'   Suffrage."   The  , real    i
v ry pronounced In his rtews and
toward p i
. *
,-'.>   refrain
:   .nts i
Chicago, March '.!-— Six are dead,
and four fatally burned, seven others
In hospitals with serious burns and
;aiur..*s as result ol terrible Brefhis
Dn    which   ; art.ally   dl
Barnett and Balvation   \rmy hotels.
of others and
burned,  but not seriously. Two hun-
.Ir.'.l   guests  :n   adji
narrow escape.   Wh.lst  being rescued
on the ladder,     Mrs.  Annie Anseller
gave   birth  to a  ba ' mother
The Firanco Minister w 1 •
liver His Budget Spe ch ;*■ .:
Ottawa, March 9- -FoJi ml     B idgel
will be brought down     in th i ho
next Wcdnesda]   l y Hon. ff.T.  Wh '
No turitl cbang a are I kely, the Mtn
Ister expects to snow the rery hand
Bome surplus of  thirty  million  .'."I
lars.   Hon. Kraal, Cochrane, Minister
of   Hallways  an I   Canals,   intends    to
.* ch b * personal examination
of the railway nn.l canal system ot
Canada ddrlng the coming sumtaer,
si.tnethin.-  no other minister ol thin
**,:;     coma
Pi    aj.   March 8th.
I. ave Golden 1:30 a.m., Sal urday
:.:.. ch '.'Hi. arrive Uc.< l itoke li '-•• a.
iu. Saturday,  March 9th,
i. .ive Revelstoko 7:46 a.m.,  Batur-
daj   March   9th,   arrive   Nakusp   13:08
p.m.,  Saturday,  March  '.Hb.
N dson 0:30 p.m, Sat in,lay, March
'JUi, spend Sunday iu Nelson.
Leave Nolson 7 a.m.,  Monday  Mar.
llth,   arrive   Kuslo   11   a.m.   Monday,
March   llth.
I. ave Nelson special steamer 7 u.
m..   Tuesday,   Mar, li   llMh,   arrive   al
Ferule 6:80 p.m. Tuesday  March  12.
Leave Pernio 10:20 a.m., Wednesday
March 18, arrive Cranbrook 1-mI5 p.
111.  Wednesday, March bl.
Leave Cranbrook 12:5*8 p.m. Thursday, March 14th, arrive Nelson 7 p.
ai. Thursday, March  Uth.
1 ave Nelson 9:20 a.m., Friday
Mb*.eh 15th, arrive Trail 12:15 p.m.,
Fr .hry,  March   1Mb.
Arrive   RoBsland,   Friday   March   15,
1 Bave  Rossland  7 a.m.,  Sa1 ui daj
March   loth, anu**        Ic ar 9 a.m.,
Saturday,  Mm :li  Uth.
i,  ive   WcbI   Robs 1
I ..-live  IV * I   Robson 9:16 a.m.,  Mar.
li   '..   ui rue   iir    11   v 01 .1   2:50     p.m.,
Saturday, March  I6th.
.' rrivc Grand Korl a Mondaj.
; 'ave Qron I   Fori     Mon laj    ' II li,
an Ive Headloj 18 all   110 in
1        wiling.
. .1 .   iv 1   noi il 1 * ii i
.;   . ,*  Pi iii lei on, 'i     daj   March   19,
rrlvi   Kelowna and  \   rnon,   I   * ■
.      .   Marc):   I Ith,
1   a',e   \ ornon  Bpecial   train  1
arrl te Bicamou 1 E 1.1 n in.    nn
'■ *.'•   Inesday, March .." 1 h.
lay, March     th,    I
ver  Thursday   the  21st;   1
Thursday  . renin ; Ch
March 22nd; Delta Fri lay  the 2
Vancouver  island  Saturday, March
j: i.l.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I,,.,* L'repared
Paint," and are in a posiiii n Lo give you a paint that will last
li nj er, go farther and stand more wear than anj other paint
on the market.
If you are thinking of painting ihis Spring, give ii a trial.
For buildings inside and outside use "Minerva Pure Prepared Paint.
For shingled roofs use " Minerva Barn, Koof and Bridge
For floors use " Minerva Exterior Floor Paint."
For Slain and Varnish Finish use " Minerva Lac."
For cupboards,   sin Ivi.-,   kitchen  chairs,   use   'Minerva
Pure I'm'* a  id Paint," p coin    ienl   hous    old si:
*    ....... .   *    .. ne.
,   . ..  .e.l'  IO.,    -        -•
. UUilb
.; ti
"Bast   Lynns"        ..,, 1  .;    pri due-
i on of : :i iwn Hn,;
;• • at Hi** Btar tonight.
stoke nnd  riclnl
t,.  iin* every n   bl    .  1
, , ■              ' ■
".     .
'. '.       .  .: bM
iiJuLiiij SJuiiiil
Owing I.** thc largo n    ihi r ol mom
... . ■     participate ln   tho
, 11    ... . j ..  . ,*,:  .., ..a us    to
form a a. a  ,.* .  ue,   Pour teams con
.1 ...      the Ioi   * * ,   :  .*!  . be , amea
i. ill    i.e pi;..., eys    on
ii .,*  ...in   r,..ii  daj   • •..   n. ;*■, co a
. ;   •  p.m. ;.h,..   .   '1 Iii e     It
all ol bi rs  *■• bo  ba re     not
placed  i.n  any   te .in  an  oppor-
tunltj   to have a game  butoro eight
.. clock.
.lar,   ii -Y.M.C.A.  v.  Lawrence Co.
.*.  12 -Maple Leafs v. Beavers.
l'i—t'orley House v. Ramblers.
H—J.B.C.  v.  Mletdrahs.
19   Beavers v. Maple Loafs.
21 Maplo Leafs v.  J.B.O.
22 Mletdrahs v. J.B.O.
27—Maple '■■ ■
.'.. : •   J.B.C.  v.  Mietdrahs.
1 lami b will 1 I in      d    ol
ns.   Two gamos wiil    constitute   a
ague   game.
.< -  «., jr *«ie w- ■
ar.d child will  di.
an 1  minor  burns.
th * shock
De| H    •
- •
,-•■ G    E.
•      . *;
:     *    ■ M "
1., ri-pL'  aci
'    ■ .ugh bit
ter tment
1 ■
th  i"   IT
hold      -
tbe ca the
on duty
* .- ■'.
.-   ■ . *
I -
RobbtaJ    Q.   i!    Mr  * r    V.   O,
F. H   Yo-r.g nr; 1  H
•   tWl
I thl *.
» Hoed •
.* ■. ittAini
:     .   -. •  ■    t-.'.. ■ rtdence the     in-
Premier  McBi  ;
l*.wser   and   11
•   i*
•** dere   they  were  well
I   Id a  very
to Gi
u re
11 .-.*.* on.    We
Bit   Mr.  H.   R,   Pol
so run  us an  Independent  ■
■■ i'm* vemment,
,r lnirh class
,^ry,   our      motto,   Bi
il  bow good
iCDiTiflKii mmi mim
■'    ■     leads
,     ,1    .
[in   Yot:   OWN   PROPBRTI
Come   md   tae *;■
1  *
*    . on the  2 1-2   I liie  Circl 1   Well   Loci scent View
. .Cr
$10 to $20
Special 3A Folding Brownie
Post Card Dam-era    -   $12
2A Folding Brownie $7
Eastman Films
Velox, .\yo. AriltO ninl
Velvet Green Papers
All at List Prices
Rexall Orderlies
d toi
,* can rei "ui
.ii ti]iati.,u
Rexall Beef, Wine a.-d Iron $1
[.\ splendid pii i< in,* np
aiid ionic
Best Sarsaparilla     -    $1.00
nl behind ibis
Ioi   1*3 yean
uul are prepared to rec-
We lw
id  it
a  spring
I,nm .     IIK' IVmfb cost $1
We have in itocl a
Neckties of all tl
Spring i fnderv ear.   We
ors of * ide to suit    e most faatid
Qloves galore.   Buckskin lea her and
When in search of Bargains don'l overlook
Outfitters for Revelstoke'* Men and Boys
TERMS:   One - Fifth Down, the   lalance
l xtending Over 18 Monti.
Let lis Make Vsur lie
J3.    . ! aoEenzi( Avenue


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