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The Mail Herald Jun 12, 1912

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jgltflVc ASSEJS
Do you wnt to win the Grand Trize Tlayer Ttano How on Exhibition at the 'ke-deUtoKe Music Ston
"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price
5 »«
.Interior Pubhsmng Co., Agts.y
The Mail-Hepald
Visiting Cai
Interior PuDlishing Company
Vol. 18-No. 40
$2.50 Per Year
W ading Gifts
New Gooils, Sterling Silver Deposit Goods.
Many Handsome Articles at Reasonable Prices
Sugar and Cream Sets.     Water Pitchers.     Vases
Baskets, Liquor Sets, bherbet Glasses
Cut Glass
"Libby's," the world's best
Tea Sets, with Trays
Water Sets
Soup Tureens
Butter Dishes. Candlesticks
Berry Sets
Candleabras, 2 or "> lights.
Wine Sets
Berry Dishes, Spoons
Bon Bon Dishes
Nappies, Knife Vests
Fish Sets
Knives and Forks
Cabinets of Tablew ire
Comports, Vases
Carving Sets in Pearl
Cake Plates.   Pitchers
Carvers in handsome cases
 !f4.()<> and up
High Class China
Wedgewood Tea Sets,    Cups,     Saucers,    Plates,     Jugs
Royal Doulton Tea Sets.ICups, Saucers, I'lates, Jugs.
Limoges Hand Painted Bowls, Plates, Biscuit Jars, etc.
A Few Suggestions
Electric Lamps, Irons, Stoves, Toasters, Chandeliers
Carpet Sweepers, Vacuum Cleaners, Motor Washing Machine, Steel Range, Line, Kitchen Utcmsils, Jardinieres,
Brass Vases, Candlesticks, Fern Pots, Clocks, Smokers'
Sets, Tea Gongs, Candleabras.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Ot*le«-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed - 6,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up -      -      6,000,00v.00
Reserve        ....        6,000,000.00
Total Assets,       -      - $72,000,000.00 6
Branched ur Agent* Rt nil principal points in.Oanadn. O
Agent* In Oreat, Hrilaiu and linked .States— London, England,   A
Lloyds Bank. Limited.     (Ihlciifco- First   National Bank,   Corn Ex-   Jr
change National Bank.    Seattle—ttenl tie National Bank,   San Francisco -Wells Firgn Nevada  National B»nk      Spokane—Exchange
National Bin*v.
Savings Sank Department
Deposit* of tl aiui upward,  received, and Interest allowed at
current rate from date ui deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelatoke Branoh —A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Children's Sandals
Children's Romeo Sandals
SIZES, 4 to ioi
Three and Four Straps
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
will refresh JIOO with its bright, spicy
flavor nnil IrBgrnncy. Sold in 1 11).
lend pHckagcs.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O. Box 208 GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23    J
Contestants Have Close Finish at the End of First
Period-Fifty Dollars in Gold to be Given to
Candidate Who Turns in Most Money Between June 10th and June 22nd, at 9 p. m.
-Everybody Starts Equal
The closing ut thc flrst period in
the Mail-Herald's great prise voting
content wns mnrknd with great c.i -
citcment. Whon the votes wore count
(id it was lound to Iw such a done
race thnt thc contcHt manager did
not dure to state who hail won un -
til he hnd checked up all tho subscriptions turned in, thoroughly.
Many and varied were thc BUrprls-
cs iu store Ior the contoat depart -
ment on Saturday. Miss Kdith M.
(,'oukc, who hus been keeping somewhat i|iiiet ever since the conicst
started, certainly hnd n surprise in
store for hotb us and for the public
at large. This lady, to whom goes
the honor ol boing at the head of
the list at the close ot the first period has certainly done some tail
hustling during the pust few days,
and certainly deserves the position of
Miss Ulauche McCarty, who is not
more than six thousand votes lie -
hind the lender, also has not allowed any grass to grow under her fcotf
Miss McOarty did not do nny active
work until about a week previous to
the closing ol the tirst period. This
talented young lndy is to lie congrat
ulnted on thc good work she has
done and will undoubtedly make
somebody go some belore thc ond ol
the  contest.
Miss Olga Koman was next ln line
and only a short distance liehind Miss
McCarty. Me. Roman has done
splendid work ami hopes to do much
better. She hus numerous friends
who nre anxious to see ber pull down
the chief honors ol the contest. Keep
your eyes on Miss Roman's votes and
watch  them grow.
Miss Elsie Hooley, one of Revel -
stoke's most popular young ladbs ,
has met with a splendid measure o'.
success. She is leaving nothing un -
done in lhe wuy of vote getting and
has already piled up a nice bunch of
votes. She has a great mnny fr:ends
who arc coming forward with the
best of support and she hopes to he
dcclurcd the winner when the votes
ure counted on thc night of  July 6.
There is nothing smnll about the
way Miss Cyndrenc Matz is going af
ter subscriptions. She is a very capable young lady nnd a persistent
worker. Auy person with Miss Mate's
hustling qualities will li« a strong I
contender for first place in the Mail- !
Herald's contest.
.Miss Eva Hay and her friends have
been  making thing*-  hum lately    and
If   they   keep     on  humming as they j
huve beeu,  ttie capital prize will very :
probably  bc won  by  this populnr lit-'
tie lady.
Mrs.  W.  Q,  Kile is    keeping things
moving west of Revelstoke.        Watch
this  lady's   smoke.   She  will      make I
somebody  get up  before  breaklast   tn
win   the  capital   prize.
Nakusp  is going to  be  hnir.l from.
Miss Irene Qenelle has entered    and
ia going to rcpr.-sent the lake town
in the Mall-Herald's contest. Miss
Genelle has a good territory to work
in nnd will undoubtedly *-ctirc win .
ning results.
.Mr. K. tl. Woodland has entire I
the contest and is out to win. Mr.
Woodland is well known in Revel -
stoke and vicinity and will lo al
strong contender Ior the honors at
thc close ot thc contest.
Mrs.    Alderton of     Taft and  Mil
Jennie  Wells  of Golden  are  r-pirtc I
to be doing   good     work.   Surprl os i
are  not uncommon  in contests,    .nd
either of th' latter  contestants    pre j
cupnble of putt nu- a  new fnee on   tb-J
' present   outlook.
The In.lenders may  Iw top notco-j-s j
when   the    contest    rinses.     line  run
i never tell.    Ul of the Candidates .ire |
j le»rvin^   of   congratulation*  for   the
Miss   Mabel   Henderson       M.IKMl
k. ti. Woodland     r>j.mou
Miss    Jennie    Wolls      48,000
The Fire Fiend
yesterday timber Hits destroyed
the beautiful home of Mr. .1. Garland
formerly owned by Mr. Hugcr, which
is some four miles from town. At
lirst, although the lire wns near thc
bome in tbe timber, it was not
thought that the residence wus in
danger, but a change in the wind,
placed conditions fur beyond the lire
lighters and todny only the chummy
alone remains to tell the tale.
The loss wus ubout $4000 nnd it is
reported that thee was $2000 insurance. Mr. Gnrlnnd wns absent from
home when  the  fire  occurred.
Cupid Again in Town
A (juiot but very pretty Wedding
took place yesterday morning in thii.
oity when Miss Valeria Durham
Schatcr and Mr. William Edward Oh
borne were united in the holy bonds
of matrimony. The ceremony was
performed by the Rev. Father Don-
noliy in the Roman (Suihoilc church,
in the presence of quite a number of
the immediate friends of the contracting  parties.
Miss Olive ltell acted as brides
maid, while the groom was supported by Mr. Arthur Connolly. Alter the
wedding ceremony the bridal party
repaired      to  the  home  of  the   bride,
where a sumptoua wedding breakfast
was awaiting them.
The    numerous   handsome presents
received by the bride nre a token of
the high esteem the young lndy is
held in by her many friends In Revelstoke.
The happy couple will reside In
Itevelstoke, Where the groom I mi.*
Of  our  prosperous   local   contractors.
Thn Mail-Herald Joins with their
many friends in wishing them a
lung and  happy   wedded life.
Last Friday evening Mrs. F. E.
Sine was hostess at a very enjoyabh
whist party. The prize winners at
the card tables lieing Mrs. Geo. S.
McCnrter and Mr. C. R. Miudonnld.
Dainty refreshments were served nnd
the guests dcclnre thnt they hnd a
right royal good time.
Card of Thanks
Mr. and Mrs. Chnrles Jolliff; nnd
family wish to express their sincere
tbnnks to the diflerent orders and
mnny friends who showed so much
kindness in sending wreaths and llow
ers during thoir recent bereavement.
Don't keep on paying money out
in rent, when you cun npply tho
snmc muney in buying a homo. See
what H. N.  Coursier has to ofler.
In Mail-Herald's Contest-Important Feature About the
Contest to Bear in Mind
As a further inducement to candidates a special prize of fifty dollars
in gold will bc given to the con
testant who turns in thc most money lictween June 10th and June '.'2.
at 9 p.m. Only business turned in
between thc above dates will be e • n
ted on the special prize. The votes
already to the credit of candidates
will not be considered nn 1 every ( nc
stnrts on an eiiunl tooting. A new
candidate  starts  equal  With   the  r. f.
ulgr candidates. Nominate y:,urs.lt
or a friend today and wii the filty
dollars in gold. Tbe votes tuive 1 In
on the special prize will ' e c muted
on the regular prizes at the clos..' of
the contest.
You may be the very »ne Who may
win the player-piano or '.ho s'x hundred in gold, yet you nr: hesitating
about entering. Make up your mini
get a receipt book and rt-tft -.1 wclk
Vote standing  of eonte .t.mta:
Progress Club Makes Report and Much Important
Business Was Transacted
The regular by-monthly session ol
the city council wns held ou 'he 7th
inst. in thc city hall.
There were preseut His Wor llllp
Mayor Suthcrluud uud all the alder -
men. The minutes of the previous
meeting were read and adopted. Owing to thc arrival of two deputations
thc rcgulur order of business was suspended on motion mud?.'
Tbc tirst deputation ens sled o!
Mr. li. Manning nnd Mr. A.13. Mill si
from thc Progress Club. Tho report
wus as follows:
Sheet Music ond all kinds of
Small cTWusienl Goods
Call and Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
splendid work they nre doing. -iiib-
-rnliers should r.ol h.'Sitate to 1'cp
| thi-ir f.iv.irites „s any of the "nut's*
tains are dewerring ot the very best
support   then   friends  ran   give   them,
Miss   Kdith   M.   Cooke    Ul) (00
MlM Dlnnche McCnrty    Pff.000 I
Ol,--    Roman '  112,000 '
Miss   iii,.*..   Hooley    811  I
Eva   1 180,000
\t    i Cj n'li'       '! .:,.''''
m , . u   a   .   ,
M.t*,    Aidirtoa     ro.oovi
June (itn.  'Sii,
Thc Mayor aud City  Council,
Ceutlcmeu, Vour attention If >;-
spectfully solicited to the su'iioi iei
recommendations looking towa (W tho
improvement of our city so that it
muy Ire mude more attractive loth
for residents und >i Inn. In making
thc recommendations the c uu nitteo
have borne in mind the necessity for
economy In ctvlc affairs, and have,
tlierelorc, been careful not to Inc'ude
any items that would involve heavy
or needles-, expenditure. Wc vould
nsk your curcftil consideration ol
these mutters, und sincerely trust
that you mny tind it possible to ci r
ry nil the suggestions, which are giv
en   below us follows
l—Thut uli by-laws wiih reference
to cleaning lanes Ihi strictly ciilnrc.-il
in both business nnd r.'siilentinl sic
tions of thc city.
2—That the appeur, n v of nil
streets be kept up to the proper
standard by making nnungiinents to
remove, ns often as mny be nfcefj -
nry foi .-his pufpOM, nny unnlghtli -
net!  i iu ,*,l   bj   i'ii'' ill,  ".ni I,   rubbish
"i grass.
Tba   the oticoi*- ba Improved for
driving, motoring uud traffic gener
ally  by  the removal  ol uny  tiueveu -
nest cu used by holes,  etc.
1—Thut all crossings be properly
graded, (in this connection it is
suggested thut only the finer grades
ol crushed rock bo used for such
5—That as soon as possible Mc -
kenzic avenue bc permanently graded
nnd macadamized Irom tho railway
track to Third street. (This work is
particularly nccessnry lictween Bee -
ond  street nnd Third street.)
0—Thut arrangements  be  made    to
have  all  rubbi-h   removed  Irom  VM -
ant  lots,  und,  us far  us prncil,:.i .1 •,
all  unsightly shucks destroyed  Ol in
7—Thnt the     cement   sidewalk   on
the east sido of McKenzie avenu • nm1
ith-e  one   on the  south  side   of     Kirs*.
I itreet,   (trom   McKenzie    avenue      t.
i Orton  uvcuur)   be   placed  inu   piopcl
stute of repair.
1    8—Thut ii cement si.l#w,ill    ie C .1-
Blructcd  on   the  north   eido ol      i-"
ond streot from   Uie  Hre  hall   td  Ve
K''ii/ic  avenue.
I 9—That the old Wuorisn Sidewalk on
the north side ot iiillway avenue bc
10—That  n capable   person     I whose
salary shall lie psM out ol tht tten-
,cral  revenue of .the city)  bo etndloy
cd to devote his whole  Umi to ktip
ing   the   boulevards  in   proper cotid. -
,11011,   curing  for  nnd   rcplnrlng  trees.
and  generally, to keeping  th" r.ppinr
I utice   ot     thc    streets      up to a   high
Let us nil wink togel hei to make
Hevelstoke the best and prettiest
i "home" city in the west. Wc have
the locution the surroundings, nnd
thc nnttirnl udvnntnges, nil tbat Is
rei|iiired Is n concerted effort on the
pnrt of the i-ltizciiB.
II.   Manning,   Chairman.
A. B, Miller,
.i. r. Hume.
Chas. F, Lindmark.
Garden Tools      Rubber Hose        Lawn Mowers
Carpenter's Tools,   Kire Fencing and Gates
Bicycles or Repairs    Stoves    Paints
Fishing Tackle     Sporting Coods
Cuns, etc, we can supply you
Grocers .„ ['.
Oranges, sweet, juicy, per dozen  40c
Olivers' Orange Marmalade, 20oz, glass   2Sc
Cream Cheese, McUuen's, per packet .... JOc
Eastern Maple 8yrup lu stock again, per quart     65c
Soup Powders, per packet    15c
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
To Get the Best Results
From Your Garden
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ldt
shouin*; .i iplcndid aaaortment o| fine
negligee coat -drifts in plain and pleated
bosom, pl.iill whites, tilue (hamhrayn
and man) Mripe effects in a galaxy of
patterns that will make clioooiiiK easy.
Some bave double "ilt collars made
nl s.nne matenal winch ute very popular
tbis seasou.
McRae Mercantile Co.
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
KOH   BALB  hy
E. 6. Woodland
I P. McLean
Best Strain of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and Partridge Wyandotte
P.O. BOX   181 WKDNESDAV,   Jl'XB  IH,  1912.
WliDNKSHAV,  JUNK, 12,  1912
Are You Insured Against
Accidents and Illness
NOT,  WHY   NOT—it is your duty both tp yourselves ami your dependents,
Call antl sec us.    Wo shall be pleased to point out the benefits to be derived from these policies.
Special double indemnity clause quarantine indemnity clause
and all illnesses insured against.
London and Lancashire Accident Co.
Railway Passengers Assurance Co.
Ocean Accident Corporation.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
To Enquire into iho Causa of
the Death of the Late W. H.
Jolliffe. Engineer.
hall   i
Cbc flDaiMberalb
revelstoki:. b. c.
jntertor pubttabtng Company,
J.  K.  JOHN80N, Manager.
RALl'H U.  BORUTON,  Kditor.
Including  pontage to Kngland,  United State and Canada.
By the year ithrough poBlotllcej Vi.'M
Legal    notices lu  cents  pel   nue lirsl
luseitlon,  5 cents per  Hue      eui.li
subsequent    insertion.       Meaauro-
1U-*. Mm      .N.n, HI.Ml      \.li     I.UI**, llllll.'*
uuu .un,.; .-"....*_■ aud general
busiuess annouucvuicnitt (2.6U pel
.iut, per uiuulh. Prelciied positions,    tb    iter cent
Golden, II. C, .lune 10—tiuly the
•bitting of tin' wind yestorday saved
tiiiiik'u irom destruction Inaloreat
lire which started Saturday morning
across ths Oolumbia river (rom the
null oi tiie Oolumbia River Lumber
Tliv blaze for a time on Saturday
evening was beaded directly tor Golden and tho town appeared iu imminent dungy.'!'. A cull was scut out to
nil citizens to turn out und btuincsj
wan virtually at a standstill, Heveral
of the firelighters were reported miss
ing causing considerable   excitement nt Tappen
inquest was held tn tha city
in Satiirduy, June, Hth, to inquire imo the olroumstances uttend-
lng Uie death ol Engineer w. H.
.Iiilllllc, who was killed in a head-on
collision on thc C.P.lty. ml Tappen,
li. c, June Gth.
Corner Dr. Hamilton preaided, and
the jury were, Messrs. T. 10. L. Taylor, foreman, K. M. tliliHon, II. F.
MeKinnon, W. J. Dickie, H. M.
Smythe and ll. J. McSorley.
There wns a large attendance ot
railway men, aud the general public.
Mr. (1. S. MeCarter appeared as the
representative ol Mr. R.D, Davis, operator at  Notch lllll.
The lirsl evidence wus u sericH of
document! relating to Train Order 31
for train 876, engine 1H71, to rim
extra to Kamloops and meet No. IM,
engine 1862 nt Tappen, ropcated at
Despatcber Swing, sworn, gave evidence  us  follows:
"I am a train despatcber employed
( by the O.P.R., working from it; to
34 o'clock, I was on duty from 10 to
24 o'clock on June Sth. I gave run
ning orders Irom Kevelstoke to Kam
loops (or Stock Extra 1871, Enii'lne-
er Jollilfc, Conductor Cochrane. Train
lelt Revelstoke at 21 o'clock. 1 recognise the order No. 27-fi, lorm -KM.,
Engine IOT1, run extra Hevelstoke to
Kamloops, meet No. in, Engine 1863
also there were orders (or
Revelstoke High School
Report of cxnininii'tions in Hirlor
Mati'U'iilutiuii i'Iiiss during month ol
May,   11112:
Class was examined  in  Latin uiil.u-
oi's, Latin sight translation,    Latin
^^^^^^^^^^ prose,      French    Uriimmnr,     Kraicli,
did not got there, it cio-ed up, l was sight  translation, Preaoh prose
left iu      the  call.    Nothing  was said,      'I'he     murks after eaeh  name  nidi
we   were   going  about   tour  miles    an calOS   the   percent   in   the   BUbJflutB   in
hour;  we were three uud u hnll tele- above  mentioned  order,   llelow  forty
graph poles irom the waicr tank, we indicates a failure;
at Tappen, engineer shut oil DUam,
I loosened the grates; I snul io t,lm,
the meet is good; he BU'.'d yci, wo
will  take   water,   nml   make   Kl.lou I' i'
tie' passenger; 1 was attending    to
my llros; whilst doing so he whistled
down, gave emergency nlr mid started for  the gangway;   I  started,  Mil   I
were intending lo sit on main linn
and fake water. Our orders at Revelstoke uh near as i remember worn
with only one meet nt Tappen, No.
1)4. I saw tho train from tho en -
gincern seat; I thought bbe truln was
waiting Ior us, I did not pay much
attention to It, 1 could not toll whether  It,     was travelling  or standing.
our light wns burning over bhe curve
1 saw both headlights; 1 thought
they woro Waiting tot us."
(Continued mi Page Pour)
50, 91, 71, 80, 0!)
Ior several hours. All turned up la - .i work train. I put orders (or 94
ter, however, The powder house of lo Notch Hill at 20:30, the order was
the  Columbia   liner   Company      wis   given to Notch Hill  just  at the time
UirUis, Marriages aud Death*, Mc j pai,( of m town ^
eaeb munition, i    T|lt,  conflagration
blown up.
The blaze is still causing residents
in tbe neighborhood, much anxiety
but     danger oi     destruction ol any
believed  past,
destroyed   camp
Laud notices *7.5tl. All advertise- II. ,„ construction camp and approximate subject to tbe appioval oi imately 50,000 feet of logs, but tbe
the management, rtouted aud standing timber is said to have heon
Condensed Advertisements ; — little damaged. About 225 nun were
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Bit'employed iu lighting thc lire and thc
uatioua wanted, Situations Va- On wardens in charge ol Theodore
cant, L-acUtrs Wanted, .Mechanics ! Wadman „I Uevelstoke, lent all poa-
wauted, ib words or lesB, 2i><*., Bible•assistanoo. Another forest tire
each     additional     line  10  cents,   la  raging  on  the     blue river    a' out
'lain was leaving Itevelstoke. 1 expected the train to reach Notch Hill
in fair time. Train !i*l left Kam -
loops 10:3.1, engineer Gray, Conduo -
lor Bchafter, Tho times for Bending
out train orders for a meet are governed by Rule 20V. 'The rule means
that the orders should he put out us
close to the meet time as possible,
this order was repeated by the operator at Notch liill at 20:37; I am
talking to thc operators all tne time
I cannot say whether I spoke to him
afterwards on this occasion; 1 did
nol speak  to  him  again  in  retereuco
(Concluded from I'uge duel
A committee representing thc nuance coipmitt.ee lot* the 1'rogresH
Club, next appeared before the council. It was composed of Dr. Hnmil -
ton, W. h. Pratt, T. Vi. Bradshaw,
and  J.  D. Sibbald, jr.
Dr. lluuiiltou addressed the conn -
eil in bebull ol the committee ou var
ious publicity matters among other
things suggested the establishment
ol a permanent publicity bureau with
u mun in charge. This committee
suggested that possible the city
might uiu in this mutter when striking tbe tux rale this year. He also
referred to tho auto road up Mount
Itevelstoke. He stated that this road
and improvements were now well under way aud he confidently expected
that aid would be forthcoming soon
from the Domiuion government, as
well as the Provincial graut ol $10,-
000. Dr. Hamilton also added tbat
the   publicity  commissioner   of      Cal-
Fred  Frasei'—-81,
Average 75.
Val  Tomlinson—74
r.o,    Average 70.
Bertha Hobbs—88, 40, B9, 66,
Ofi.      Average  64.
Douglas MoOarter— r,9,  40,  77, 58,80
68,      Average 64.
Harold   Gordon—63,
07.   Average  62.
Aided   Tapping— 7(1,
50,      Average 67.
Leon  Coursier—  74
•If.      Average 86,
May     Flold—70,  -W,
Average  58,
Donald      t 'alder— 78,
47.     Average 51.
Gladys Urquhart—68
40.     Average 40.
Irene  I'locanier  absent
10,   84, 74, 44,
ifi, 11, 08,
75, 41, 00,
44, 20, 72.
50,  44,
40*   48,  20,  30
Honor Roll Futlic Schools
roll    for    the  public
mouth  ol Muy,  ls us
The     honor
schools [or  thi        	
I    High  Fourth  reader— E.   MeKinnon,
W.  Smythe, M.  Hingor,  E.  brad maw
L.  Campbell.
|    Intermediate      Fourth      reader—II.
Little,  E.   bruee,  M.  Matz,   R,  Tapping,  N.   Fleethnm.
I   Low     Fourth render—J. Tweed-lie,
M.  Whittuker, M. Lawrence,  I), llus.i-
.lot'd, T.  Morris.
High Third—M.  Sluimouds, S.Turi,
A.   Lundell,   P,   Lonzo,   B,   Laughton.
|    Low  Third   reader—L.   Maley,      K.
I Bradshaw,  1.  Hay,     J. bourne,     A
. Smythe.
I    High  Second    render—J.  Medially,
C.   Davis,   G.   Field,   10.   Tapping,   IJ
gary  would  uid  ln any  possible  way   Williamson,
by giving information regarding the j    l,,^.
Second  render—1.   Morgan,   V.
Abrahamson, K. Sutherland, V. Mid
den,  R. Luw.
High    First reader—W, Dunn,    0.
Lyons,  M.  Daniels,  M.  Bell,   J.    Mj-
mittee  proposed   to   by   this  publicity   g*||jnon
bureau,  bring the matter  before him
starting   of   a publicity   bureau      Ior
General  Manager  bury  ol  the  O.P.
R.,  would bc here soon und tbo com
Tuesday and Fridny ol eaeb week ' square
lo secure good display. ~
UOBBttSPONDBNOB invited on mailers ol public interest, Communications to Kditor must be
accompanied by uuiue ot writer
not necessarily lor publication,
out as evidence ol ... .u
Correspondence  should  be  line,'.
Th*. request maue to the ouy to.in-
cil  by  tue i rouiess lIuu,  that     uu
eilort be maue lo eiean up
and alleys, in orue.  tti.tt
may   be   oiude   iuio  a  cily   beautiful,
in Keeping w.th its natuial suirojnu-
.ugs, .» a very reasonable on*.,   und
»;1.  be  re-ecaoed    by e.ery I atriotic
it  .=  obvious,  however, that wi'.h-
'   some propel una .tei,iai  ineiUOJ
..spos.ug oi thj luou.sb,     paper,
,.ius. asbes, etc.,   which will in   tue
ie bt.ecia
Bev ma ot.e
The V.M.C.A. olliciuls Int.ud
ning u boys' camp in July.
Camp will start ou July 3rd.
will tiuish on Saturday, July
Auy boy living in the CH) can go
whose uge runs ,'iom 10 to 15 years.
It is imperative thai ail whu intend
going .--hould baud the.r names to
the   V.M.C.A.   oilic.ais us souu as pos
trom    whom  uuy Informal
may  lie had.
In the event ol any  boys older than
i.'i    years    wiabiog lo go, an   extra
camp  will  be run,  but  th. r* mu
10 who  wi-h to      go.    Ever;   camper*-*)
nary course cumin-ace  io      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
:.ate   Immediately   alter   such  a  gen-   boxes  take  up   to  much  num. It
eral clean up bus     beeu carried ou*..   should coutuin  three heavy quilt*,   I
.,-   a. are all striving ioi cau   rubber sheet, 3xC,  pillow, stock
not  m ach.ev-ed. second  best suit,   bathing suit
nl ttie editor o. this   hoots, sweater,  brush, soap.  •
.'.;, n      Re. elstoke   needle     und      thread,   'mitone,  pins.
with,  or  ecu  dn-   comb.   Other   things  you  might take
musical      instrument,   lishing   tae*!"
, advertise-   twelve miles west  ol Golden,   it was   to  this particular order, I never  ag-
LtjaI1K   rnusi   be   in    uy a a. m. ' reported  to    he    shout    nine    miles  uin  mentioned  this  meet at Tappen-
mi 1  was  not  on  duty   when  Train      04
Two years ago tbe Columbia River reached Notch Hill. I do not con-
Company's mill was destroyed by Hre »lder -ending out un order at 20:37
but was rebuilt and la nowconsl-erud, conflicts with the rule tbat thoy
one of the best equipped iu the prov-' -should uot be sent out unnecessarily
nice, being operated hy electricity. ' 'o"K '"''ore delivery; it has always ,ore
Thc compuny has hud a logging rail |,0<v" eustoUUMJF to send them out to
road under   construction   Mnoe   laat  Nl»dl    "'"     •" ^lK"- tlult''   l havc
year on the west side o( the river. llul,e lh'8 •or tl"'ee i'v"rsi tra111 No*
Tbc logging railway has bctn operat !'< I'ad no orders east o( Notch Hill
ed now (or some months. , "fter  'e"v'ng  Kamloops;     all  Hums
must -top to rcgisti'r und get water
at Notch Hill I wns not on dut)
when Train •( reached Notch Hill." I
Examined by <;. S. MeCarter—"9*1
la a scheduled train due at Notch
Hill .'ii 17, actually arrived ther
1 I'.', there Is a difference o( 4 hours
the orders wert deliver d tl.en* 80:36.
Rule 208 uas for tb« purpoee o( pre-
venting being     delivered     to
the men  to me  in
order they might  not target     about
tbem:  ,t. might   ••  -u.it this rule wa*
protect  aguir.B'
It  Is   r;i-
ther  an  unusually  long  t.me  to — n 1
out an order   n odvanoe ■•'.  th"
zival •   is done
tl a rule  Ith  class  trams arc
-r.e-eta.   we   I
them       ' any time,  ■■:
V«n I am a
■ ' P i:    *■**.  *
I  r»heve.i
'clock    tr.,n»
ferreil Extra   1871    Bl
Craigellachie to Kamtoops, to     meet
M   it Ts r 81 for 94     ha I
lieen plaiv*.    •  •  rbofe  ii: tit
'. in and  :       mrtet occurred Ik'*"'
Ken  ffeel    tn  and  No    M      tb/
in**'   on  tk«  main  line i^twoen Tap   I
pen and Ksul-l    I  i-.-cHved a meeMgi
:r,m  brakesman   KaXwefl  i.y ou /*■
t^l   'hat th.-y  m;t    a i
ttie   niMin *. ' ■   was
killed,  reiki  train  had air" i iy II
.    .«       , I
tho   i [111   wai  r»
•     [94       ■    ■'   '   itOh   H1U   '' '
•'■III'       I
aaked  '
U ked   '
,i ler* '*'[   11    *
th* n ■
' then i * ill* i \   i-ii
Ilill   (ur   ;*•
the telephone   *vir"i   *■
ined   telegraph    ■
open; I could not
pencil,   I  could  not  har Ily  th nn that
*!       i,,,t   JOi   oti  .      I   i iMot
say   what   f  would   tlgure   . '  an      nn-
:,ly   long   time   mj   i"*r   r  ll    ID
i * ,- ,r*l   tfl   '' i "
Examined  by i:    -'*   M* ' c .      il
i a? I wus asked if I '. 11 *'ii.
'   :    'I     I   luld   Inm   Hi ,1   ii. *   nn'   sl
Tappen etood  good;   i  I ns*v  tit bad
the order,  uh Hm*  . ,m ■ b.i.l  bes'i li an
nfi'ii-H to mt as having . > n i need
l''il'Wlia/l    lv    "d ii I oi.   SWOl n,    Haul
"I nm a flreman on tht CP.R., »e
ii*it Rovelstoke .'i U" i.n i:x11 > Welt
l»71, Kn,'.mei lolUlIe, ' .nduntoi
Cinlirane, «c blew (or till mie boi'fd
Uther members of the delegation
also spoke on the subject. The publicity question wus then turned over
to thc public works committee to be
taken  up at ouce.
Several accounts were then ordered
Roud Supt. Trimble had a Utter be
tbc council enclosing u letter
from Engineer Griltiths, rcpeutiug
thc oiler ol Hon. Thos. Taylor, that
the government will give .$4,000 towards the roud and bridge acroBs tae
lllecillewaet river. The city clerk
was instructed to write and express
the appreciation ol the couucil, (or
the offer and to Bay that the
chant.' ol the right of way and
Clearing Ol the road would he
ceeded with at once.
Letters weie received (rom
Jucques Machine Co., and the Ca'ia-
dian Westinghouse Co., asking fur a
The City (lerk was instructed lo
write tbem in reply.
Tht '  ty Clerk  was Instructed    tu
Smith,  Kerry and Chase,  ol
Toronto      and to say that tbe tit.y
council     want    a   personal interv.ew
with   tbei:   Mr,    t'.   b.   .Smith   to    to
matter  ol   rtnal  aeU'cm.'ii'
Low First reader— K. bradsliaw, A.
Needham, W. Smytho, P, Cowan, I'.
Joiiffc, D. Runnell.
High Second rrimer—Vi. Jamleson,
T, Gordon, G. Mainprise,  J. Bell-
Low  Second  I'rimer—C.  LeUoau, b.
Jones, A. bourne,  E,  Ming.
Low Third reader—O, Porti, A,
Lundell, b. Mackenrot, F. I'orta, U.
High Second reader—L. Hobam,
\V. Goodwin, A. CuBbatu, C. Jonu .
son, E. Miller.
Low Second reader—E. Frey, b.
Rushford, C. Luugheud, b. Critlli,
J.  Scarino,
High First Header—L. lleech, K.
Kincaid, M. McMahon, R. Uoech, R.
Low First render—H. Uebliss, li,
Frey, J. Crawford, K. Camoazi, V.
High Second primer—G. Uoualdsou
K. McDonell, N. Hughes, J. bocch,
b. I'urvls.
Low Second Primer—Guy Mlciolll,
Peter Lon/o, equal; Cecil Kimberley,
R. Micicllc, Fern bonaldson, Msr -
garet Blair,
High First primer—V. Pulcek, R.
Turk,  equal;  K.  Rowlett,   C.   .Macncn-
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turnings
We are in the manufacturing business ot"
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turnings, Show
Cases, Oftice and Bar Fixtures, Screen
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me  Belore Investing.
has install; i>
Wills, Title Deeds, Mortgages, Insurance Policies
or other valuables in one of these boxes
Our Doctors Anli-Septic Shoe i.s Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want an 1 its waterproof qualities are standing the test
We carry a full line of tho famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repuirora, Saddlors Harness Makers
*^*_ *^*_ rot.  equal;  J.  Itowlett,  Doould  Kil
irt     rvtemag     to      uMijhUy  patrick,  M. McRae.
■hacks,   etc..  council  could   roij*  mi, ,    High Firgt
to thin,  that the  liy-luws  oi  the (or   Porter,  E
In Ui
■.outent        ^^^^^^^^^
,ff '.it bap ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
metiiudb of dlspoMBfl "i ■<« 8am<«. books, a earners
bui gone by, aod  entertainments.   There    will  lx  plen
l-riuicr—J.   HcRuv,    N.
Bobbins, M. McLcoJ,   IS.
Low First I'rimer—R. Frey, J.
(losh,  II.  McRae, F. Fittaiitc.
I'riman—M. Uuzzo, H. Rowlett, L.
CrttlcHe, A. Micicllc.
.I u i a rd ^^^^^^
-  „:ia asbeC	
sum organized system ot c.ty scar-
|  ;..u-    -ecome a neceasity.
. . ■■      ... .  ' f
.   out  the   e ■    ■ -
••uole      Iui
. .     ■
; *j..er      this i
sugK*  '■
hoioei,  would 1 ro -
vide  :.
•m .roc ol ' >••    no,     and
■ruck    would
tr.c* ;l!' ..i'i i.
hall, all tha bins ..
>; proved     patu.
-   cm-,'t..'., ragulja.
• r twice yer «*w*k   b]  th- i ly,    and
tiie coflt   if i        rork wi i;M  I •• paid
lor   out   ol   tbs   :
K the town into ii,»
(nets, na I the cart  u-vnt
>tiirtr,rt iin  Spei
llie COM pl tl>   ■■ 11 .a   »,
There    will   l*
ty  oi  good     Mo.it.ng  and swimming,
and  games ul all  kinds under  proper
vie oannot fuarante* Irsi
accidents,   but  every  piecaution  w.ii
be taken  lor I
iki will  be i ui.
The lee lor tn,- entire camp
be 111,     Wblcb     will .nclu.le i i
*.   in
poratioo   wj'.i'l   nut  permit  iho
'■re   .hImhs said  nit tcks hi re
.lit.,,ii      r   ;,   [IU illC
'    and  sugg«*-ti-d   r.o	
..king   the      rr.iitti-r      up
■ be owners a v ■■
A   lett'-r   wns recMv*sd  li- .m  ilio C,
P.R.   ask.ng   inr   water  lor   nr*    pro-
MeUon lor • •  ■   P.R   bot -l.
Thp aetonni ol     Mi    -v.   '..  Pr.ggs
was   laid   iivi'i
A   lol
Gun  flub  W(	
«e<l ^^^^^^
totad i" K-rite th.* Pro-cress elu       ii">»i Ross Talcum powder, one ol
' u      tbe nicest mads, only Ue. a tin,    at
Macdonald's drug store.
Mr   w    .1   FUwcaHte,  '.nt pium.iiDg!
Meat mc at the Savoy,
Tbo "Sugar Howl" Imo cream    is
Pretty Patterns
Al   ._ ALL h£W
The Wall l*apcm wa wwii you lo sac
are strictly ilus twaitoim p iHiuotiona
They ara hih|.u->i i >imi  . *upctu*ot in
li.'.uil;  nf daitigli and artintlC   coloring
io any \»'* Iiave  oVor shown,   or ihk I
you#can sec eNewhere, m  ^^_,     mim
ll sh.'nui nol be dillicult   lo  induce
you to en   ni'in   ih. iu.      Will you do .so
soon ?
ishowson:&!co. i
Successful Candidates
\ •   thi   re* '■:.!  (lamlnal i
b ul in conn*
• *.   Mi l. .    I        ■   l    i loUMrra
tore ot M..-ir   tbe   * llos ing pupil" ol
'•I'.a  y,.  Wrigley   successfully   ps
<;riide in— Bdna    Corson,     Wtrtb
^^^^^^ ' lir.'wn.
round each j   (;IM,lf [V—Myrtle Brock, knob
. tbe waek  Lean.
ild lie very     Grade V—Bella.Laughton.
linuili and bj ' - ouans the gar-
iiBg* nuisance * mid ■■* put s »topto
i.iiic*  and  lut  all.
It    a  'iwifiw to  Clean  up  UBdtt   lli»
.-   coodltlona, ipcsuw the con-
■ '-im  being only eltects of the   a
■ ig   la<*k  "f .syst r* .   .'. oil] I   b ■    tin
knediateljr i" produced     provided tbe
■»««* allowwd i main.     The
cause "f "iu  pr   enl  ti  ul lei
•   ■ \ tern '*'i disposing
* *  *       tbe   nti * dui tion of   uch
a  plan   in-  me  have  outlined,  and  'IP
tboroowh clean up, Is tbs only proi
tlcaS mctliivl "/ oi | lho f prrtnani'iil
Qrade VI   Lao Hobson, Bdltb Qoi
ing. Hi la Tomlinson, passed  H-lttodie
tinctkm;  Violet   \brabamson,  pasaed
•mill)   dlwtinrt "ii
June   .'i   Fi i     one    *• ask, National
Btock Company.  HSmi r« i theatre.
Octobei  I   Managing    Mildred opera
Co.,  Kinpi'HH theatre,
Hammocks Iron \%M up,
i|lo«*»tin's .
at      R.
to let    ,n  'hi*
i ,     rdered
i*,Iierti<-«  m.iit oi e,|
n   v».'k  to   put
The City ' ink waa Instruct*! t.  It
,n thos* wbo   are
lo   pay   lic-rnaee   to   tbe   Cor;.
* 'i  licpart ■ .i " i
. :   that   .1   ■ ■
■    IMS th--y  Will
text i.t, the  hy-law.
Tbe  Oity   ''lerk   was   ;
-ocure the rervloes of a suitable man
oti  tat.
i lak wmh In* i icted to
notify \l K 0, Crimiey to complate
itin concrete -n*iewiiik on tbe Kasi
side at MrKi-n/iin
Tlie   finance  wimmltteo   [pres-°nt.eil n
iiiiinii'i 'i aooounts foi  payment, uf
i i  *.' im li un. council wdjoui N'-'i
BOO   tbe   ItevPlMlnkp   llnrilwnni   Oo.'l
advortisentant lot   bargains to screen
doiirs and  windows,
Try one of piobyn's apccinl dishes
nl ee ireiim cslled the "Carpathian"
MU8IO—Miss Johnson, pupil ol a.
Miller, K.It.A.M., London, is prepnr-
i'i to take a limited nuuiher of pup
Ils Ior tuition In music. Km tcrmB
apply at the residenco of J. K.
' Johnson, first house weal ol the bof
pital,   Kirst  street.
I'mc    Maple      Hyiup,     I.lnu*   JuiCS,
Ungton     strawberries at Bourne
Bros,, Fust street.
The ".-; 1,-ni Bowl" let cream pur
lors are now com plate, The hest
nil most up-to-date soda fountain In
tbe eity    i visit will surprise you.
■ ••',!   lon»i*s  assured,   iiites   reason
tile—W.  II.  Koliertson,   real tstate A
Victor Hornless Machines t, from
fil upwards. Kdison Phonographs,
fiom Jill.Ml upwards.- H-evolstoke
Music Btore, McKenzie Avenue.
Oo Carti, the lariat and hest ne-
I"i i iihmiI i'vim' displayed in Itevelstoke
ni Uowsou's.—Get their cash jinces.
Tho i-andldatc In a voting contsst
who does not know in advance what
Ihe vole schedule will lie up lo thc
very last minute ol the contest, iai
no guarantee that he will get a
square deal. The hard work ol pra:-
l.i' ally the entire campaign might he
destroyed hy a change in thi I'-te
schedule the Inst low days of the con
test. Fear of this action often de -
ters people from bediming eonUMt
Those who contemplate sntovlng the
.Mini Herald's contest havo Information in advance rcgnrding the vote
allowuu<-e   for  suhscrlpti jns   covtti' g
iin* entire contest, and nave the promise of thc Mail Herald that the
vute schedule that has hecn ; uncalled will not lie alteivd at .my time
under any pretext.
I'anillilates ran receive 7ct.e» Cily
by collecting subscriptions for lhe
Mail Herald* and the Oantdnn Home
Journal, The vote schi-Julo pui 'shell will prevail without Clangs, thru-
out the contest, ex<*cpt t'je twenty
per cent reduction which will ho nii.dn
at the end of earh period.
The Mail-llirald guaraut.ics Ilis
promise, At no time luring thc ti n-
tint will thc published votj fhedulc
be changed under any piclott ir by
any  device or rontrlvan *e.
Higned     J. K.  J unison,
R, it. Scrutcn,
KUIt 8AL,i>-Hoi.sehold Kurnituro,
good as *ie .*, consiating of dining-
room in niture, Souvenir range,
1'iuui , etc., bargain prices. Apply
to Mrs. ■ e.orge Black, next to Drill
Hall,  aeci.Ld street,  Hevelstone.
WANTED—At once, six capable men,
for w rk in 8aBh and door lactory.
Steady cinpioyr" ... lor experienced
men. Apply - '. i. and Door Fac
tory.  IU     jioke.
FOK BALIS—A mouerii ten-roomed
house, ii'i.-in-d on Third ntreet,
Kevelstuke, iu best residential diBtrict. Ini pection Invited. Apply
to Mr. W. Hiiider, Third a*..*i-et,
Kevelstoke, B. C.
TO LBT—Modem houso on McKenzio
Avenue, vac *t Juno loth. Apply
The Revelatoke General Agencies,
FOUND—On the Big Bend road, a
Bmall purse. Owner will receive
sume at Imperial Bank upon ideu
iiiii-at i"n auu payment of this advertise ment.
COWS FOK BALK-Apply to    D.  B.
Mitchell, Kault, P.O., Tnppou, B.C,
WE I' NIC I DAY,   JTJNB  12,   1012.
To the Candidate in the Mail-Herald's Contest
Who turns in the most money on Subscriptions
between June 10th and June 22nd, at 9 p. m.
New Candidate has equal chance with regulars.   Only business turned in between
above dates will be counted.
Enter Your Name an
ark for First Prize
i •*•%■%-%-%-%%M%'*va'*a»%'» •**%■»% *»'»%-%•%'%■»■%-%'%%■% **% -%%-%%-*.%*% *%.-»*% •« v
$1,800 Voting Contest
I   desire  to  make  the   following
nomination :
Nominated  by
NOT! Thl* r omlnatlon blank I. Rood tor 1,000 f roc vote.
Only ono nomination will bo acoeptod for oaeh oandldato
Tho name, of person* making nomination, will not bo divulged,
Please send me detailed information concerning the Mail-Heralds $1,800 CONTEST
and the method to be pursued to win one of the
many valuable prizes.
Telephone No
. *.%.% V-V* ■%■*%%%•% %-% •*%%■% ■*%%%%.%%•*%■%■%.%'*%'%%%%"•*•».'».*■■•* %*<
This Player Piano is One nf the Optional Prizes in the iiL-HERALD'S
Great Prize Voting fetest, and is nnw nn Exhibitinn at The Revelstoke Music Store. WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 12,  1912
the nyn^xr.-i-aiER^.Lr), revelsto kz"e
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 12, 1912*
(CC S  ' jded)
Engineer Grey,  p  i'1-i, stated:—"1
am nu engineer on the O.P.R,, 1 left I
Kamloops iu charge ol train el at
19:35. 1 have the orders heiv; 1 have
clearances at Notch Hill at 1:10. 1 '
had several meets before 1 arrivod at
Notch ilill, 1 took wuter at Notcn
lllll, conductor had a Cal to seal. ,
Thc conductor gave me the cleuramM
auu started out. l made t.ie usual
iuu down lull; 1 had my brake ou ut
thc Tappen west switch, and wub
running ubout lo miles un hour; 1
saw everything wus dear, relented
the brake and pulled open the throttle. Hall was between tae switches
l -saw my headlights shine; it    look
■, saining on glass, Use the win
lows  ol     a bouse;     over   tbe cur.'i*
. i got Closer, the light gut ing
•     •*.„■.  nm.'  a pile  ol  tlee  ol
something  merely dull reU; 1 iinug
.nc,l   1  suw   tuu  shape   ol  a  cab,      1
The win's wore sblll alright when I
ii'iiirocil ui I'M. I noticed they began to fail between 1:40 and 1:4s, 1
though! a tree or something mim.
have fallen across the track; I never
saw order for 94 until alter I pot
buck to the ollice, I had a message
from Tappen that there had hten a
wreck; lain quite positive that 1 told
Conductor Schaflcr ami Haad-brakoa-
man.  Hint the meet at Tappen    was
i i,  i nuked the Brakesman if   he
bad a mi'i't ai Tappen, 1 understood
him to Bay yen: I do not think that
the "inductor answered, ho did not
pans any remark when 1 told him
that the meet was Rood; wc do not
generally get such a long meet, we
do not often hold orders for that
length of time, It is longer than ub-
ual; if the order hnd been put. out nn
hour or two hours before the meet,
1 would never have missed it.
Cross examined l,y Juror McSorley
"If 'il hail been a pnssengor ttoit
could nol have occurred; when an or
der ia put out like that It I'oponds
altogether upon one man; there is no
, check: I think ii is a wrong non; it
was in my mind that the men bnd
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ pit liiul nii'i'l soiiicwl I .' i'Isi', and
, •'• on uiv emergency brake and yoi |thnl the me, i was still good, 1 ara
led Ioi iui hreman to jump; wo positive it was belore I went to the
would be running uuout 2\> miles un shop with the message for the en-
as i lumped 1 heard one wmstle fine that the despatcher failed me
it was about n.i* br sii curs from'up; to call up the despatoher before
where I jumped, to wbciv tue colllB- giving the c 1 anin ■ .'..ill simply
iou occurred, l hud no moot, or any mean having two checks Instead ol
onicr.- ,n regard to Tappen; 1 did one. I bad neveral clearances and
not aec any sidelights; there arc sup orders, three besides the one foi 94,
poscM to be sidelights on all extra that i- 31 orders, and four or live
train-." ill orders.."
Ll. Schafler, sworn, stated:—"1 am Answering Mr. MeCarter—"I am
c conductoi on the C.P.R., left Kam- here, not to exctiBe or blame an*,
loops on *.i4 at 19:35, Engineer Gray. else, except my defective mentor
We bad two meets; i registered in ut havi- never had any diliiculty in b
Notcn Hill. 1 aSlted what was I'or me dllng train orders, 1 time beci l.iu.il-
«us told clearance; 1 registered In ling train orders for twelve years,
and out, sealed a car; Night agent and never met with uny difficulty le-
guve me the seals; 1 naked him to fore. It is a slip of memory for
get me the clearance whilst I sealed which 1 mu responsible, aud which 1
the care, which lie did; gu.e me clear   regret."
unce for No. M, orders only at 1:10; Oanductor Cochrane, sworn, said:—
l^e mad*.* usual run down the hill; 1 "1 wa- consuctot on stock eftra 1S71
gave the signal (or us to proceed at west, leaving Revelatoke, luiu Oth,
Tappen -witch, nothing to stop lor; at 21:00. 1 hud order 2ni giving me
after   passing   owr   the  switch  about   a   meet  with  'J I  ut  Tappen.   At mile
H. W.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and  Birds
P.O.Box 31, Revelstoke
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by tho month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING.   Agent.
ten cur lengths, air went Into emergency; 1 though the train was in
two; trail, drifted a little west, there
wus a little .-hock. 1 thought we wore
off the track; air gauge was down
U   -1".  on alighting 1  hcurd  -team es
board ut Tappen, engineer blew whistle, mado usual apphuuee ol 'iir, slo
nail down to between three and four
miles uu hour; 1 was sitting below
in the caboose; brukeman 1 think was
in  the cupulo;  train  stopped  a  little
Fruit Lands
Uuleutt  liny  lauds m parcule ol
1U ui M aoien or ell Uluu,      -^ori'iB-
|iouueuco liivHtil.
ri John Shaw, Agent,
duxoio HrruwiiociQ
l.lUUUll   ACT,   l'JIU.
Notice is hereby  given that on  the
10th  day   of   Juue  ueit,      application
will be mude to the Superintendent
of l'roviuciul 1'olice for Uie grant of
a license lor the sule ol liquor by
retail in uud upou the premlBOB
known as Humbert Hotel, situated
near Revelstoke, 11.C, upou lhc iunds
described us Lot 1, block A, l'lun
636H. lb
Duted  thiB 26th of  May,  l'J12.
Rosorio   11.   .ni",im .   Applicant.
Caplng,  and 1  iouud   A*e had run into  more  severely  than  the  usual     stop;
stock train Kxtru No. 1S7I. 1 had
no orders to meet, I have I ecu eight
y.-ar» In the employ ol the C. P. H.
three yeurs running a train; 1 idcuti-
ced the remu.us of Vi. H. Jollifle;
I was in the cupulo, when we came
rouud thc curve; I sould uot sec
anything, i had no orders for east
of Notch Hill; there were 0o cars on
our train; Ibelieve 1 could detect u
head light rl one had aeeu burning;
1 wus look.ug ahead to so.* that tli'*
tra.a was moving properly. At Notch Hill Operator Davis said, when 1
asked what he hud to sign, 'nothing'
i do uot remember him saying anything ., "in a meet a1 Tappen. 1
aakeJ what h. had for me, he said,
'1 have nothing'; that ii all that was
■aid; 1 wai running to the trnin
J uie, we were about flve hours
late, whin 1 gave the highball, 1
could see thf engine past tbe switch;
1 gave the sign that us fur us I Aas
Concerned there was nothing to stop
for, eveiything was clear for us to
proceed, The head brakeman went
into the Notch Hill station Office
ahead of me. I registered and asked
af tbere was anything for mc to sign
brakeman Maxwell said, I guess the
cylinder cock hus burst; we both
Started tor the head end; hall way
up live or six head of cuttle pawed
us; I began to figure we were in a
wr.ck of same kind; got up to the
engine 1.S71, met hreman who sui'l,
something has piled into us; liill is
killed; 1 usked him where thc brake
man wus; he said, over on the other
side; Maxwell and I cro-sed to the
other side; found brakeman, asked
bim how badly he wns hurt; did not
say. told us to look after the hoys
in the engine, he would go to the
caboose; we started for the engine; I
could see there had hern a collision;
in th-' Woods, close to the pug ne, 1
met llrukemiiu Wright, he did not
know what had happened Sent lira
kt-man Maxwell to Kault to report
the wreck; told him 1 would go to
Tappen, Tins time met Conductor
Schafler; asked bim if he had met
un us. he said no; that IS alum: all.
I wcnt back to the phone atKalllt."      Seal I addressed
KiremunR.   J.  Mcyuarr-ie,   with   Kn    ■""":
Citwer Grey, ou No. 94, gave evidence  ""' *bttrl ■« N"ale6' ux/
but  added  veiy  little to  previous » I
nesses—"I     wus     tixiug  up  my  tire;
Kevelstoke Lund District.
District of  West Kooteuay.
Take uotice thut 1, Elizabeth
Hannah, of Rossland, U.C., occupation Married Women, intend to apply for permission to pu.'Chase '-..e
lollowiug described lauds:
Commencing at   a    post    plunted
about HO chums uoi'th of the North-
West Corner ol Lot H02, thence SO
chains south, UU chaius eact, ii)
chains    south,    IH)  cuius    i.>>,    *8u
poiut of commencement and contuining 240 ucres more or less.
Uutcd  tins 26th  of April,  l'J12.
Jobn  W,  lluiiuuli,  Agent.
The iiualifylug examinations tor
Tlurd-cluBB Clerks, Junior Clerks aud
Stenographers will be held at the
lollowing places, commencing on
TucBday, tho 2nd July next:—Arm-
strong, Chilliwuck, Cumberland, Run
cuu, Golden, Urund Forks, Kamloops
Kuslo, Kelowna, Ludysiniih, Nanaimo, Nolson, Now Westminster, Peach-
luud. Prince Rupert, l'eiitictou, Rov-
elB'toko, Rossland, Salmon Arm,Summerland,   Vnncouver,   nnd   Victoria.
Cuudidutes must bo British sub -
jeets between tho uges of 21 and M,
if Ior Thlrd-cluss Clarks, and between IG and 21, il Ior J unlor Clerks
or Stenographers.
Applications will not ho ncceplod
it received, later thun the 1Mb June
next. lb...
Soction 7 of the "Civil Service Act
provides  thut  temporary  clerks    aud
stenographers,    who    have    not   beou
regularly     appointed    hy    Order     In
Council, must puss this examination
Registrar, Civil Service.
1st issuo Muy Hth.
The next exatuiualion (or the entry
ol iNuval Cadets Will nc helu at lliu
examination centre oi tUu -uivil bai
vice Commission iu Navember i.ui,
parents or guurdiuus ul intending
candidates should upply lo the Secretary, Civil Service Couiui u' r.
ottuwa, ior entry papers betore 1st
October next.
Candidates uiusl be beCWiien thj
ages ol 11 and lu ou  1st October,'.'.'io
cudcts are trained Ior appointment
ns Olhcets in tho Naval Service, tho
course ut tho College being two years
followed by one year iu a Training
Cruiser, niter which i a.let. ire luted    .Mi'l: llll'lll. II.
Further details cun  bo obtain.-d ou
upplicutiou to uudersigued.
Deputy  Minister,   Depurtmeut
ol the Naval Service.
Department  ol  the  Naval  Service,
Ottawa,  Muy bth,  1S12.
received at this otho    ,:.   .   |
■ti  Thursday,  July  ith,   1'lj, b.r
. .ic Bent   e
'. \. :
ol   Koot.-I.a) , B.C.
contract     , .j-
he said  nothing; this  was its  so ,u a*< ('rc>' shouted jump,  I  followed bun   1
I arrived, I do not  know  whether  he h<>anl   JolliiV   whistle  down.   »*
handed  me  tbe  Mai      presi   or     the ""■■>'  "-"-<•* <'ur lengths uway."
brakeman, 1 sealed the cu  snd gave      '<•   McGUHvrajr,  sworn,  stated:—"!
::.pmeer the clear..:       Thectasi *'m •' brakeman employed by the C.
aoce wai ready  trim 1 .-ame in from ''*H    '  "■ r"u   brakeman on twin
-  the cur about liu. -Ving   Kamloops   19:80,   June
.Mr    K    D    Daves   sworn    stated - '   "««  *■"'   H  "'"  ■tation
•I am    night o^rator 'at   Notch "'"• Conductor cam. back, i wait* <"'"*"• Bt ■ «nd "n »«»"-"<"> lu
seven  ■""' '"* had no orders;  nothing
;ust s clearance; i ■•ma in the i
when  tbe  uc.ident      occurred; I    wa*-
looking ahead; I nsvei  mh   iny HgUrt
1   have  hcurd   Pieman     Mart.
th.it   the  tieu.l  l.gbt  was  burning;   I
bend  light;      I   was  looking
straight  ahead, if   there   had   lutea   s
cars  is     quite a     long train
Notice is hereby given that Willis
John Armstrong, oi Kevelstoke, U.
C, will upply lor u license to tune
aud uso six lo) miners inches of wuter out of Mill Crees, which nows in
a south-easterly direction thiougu
Section 2'J, Towuship 'ib, Range J,
West oi tbc oth Meridan, und empties into i'oucu Wutuu n.cr, uear
Big Eddy, B.C.. Tbe wuter wni be
ai>eiiea ai 20-j leet auote C. P. R.
trace und w.ii be used Ior irrigation
purposes on the laud described as VS
ucies, part scct.uii 2), towusuip io,
range 2,  west of  bth Meridan.
Tms notice was posted on tho
ground on tbe llth day ol April, U12
The application wlll be bled ln tbe
otflce  ot  tbe  Water  Kccorder at Rev
elstoke,  Bl C.
Objection*  may   be  hied  with     the
,;  aaid     Water     Kecorder or with tbe
;   Comptroller  ol  Water   Kights,    Par
liament Buildings,
Victoria, B.  C.
Hill;   I  :,.ive  been  there about
i      .*.. ■   r    f"r  ib
the moruing
• ■.' June •;!.. 1 rce.iej order N
fo:  n     *it** meet st Tappen,    it
■eceived  and  repeated   back      to
tbe   ie*; utcb-rr  about  ." ,7.   ire    bad
■       il  ordtrs  ,:.  I this
.-■■: I
I   '   '
ring s toag
. •   it    Istoki
■ •
and asked      t
Ing; t aaid fl '. he pa>a
the  i
ih a
:'n«   ., .p,.lied
.   I
ona  an!
In   tbe  r„s        *,'
there    ■ ' • *' "''■  "n<1   i'1 "
. .k »  residence ol each  member   tl ti
e. and I might aol  have aeeu mu8t '" •civen'
The C" ,rt   m  i.. then cleared
i- '.  th" ' .ml      i
bnif hours, then  returning a verdJci
*" : no Henry Jol
'   P.R,   ioc,,m..tive  engineer  tf
I*.in*,nations  for   the  position      ol
is of Bteaa-boilsrs and  Machinery,  under the "B torn aoilera Inspection   Art,"   will   be   beld    at    the
ian lianas!   BuUdio .   ■ on
• i.d-r     must be acco  I      nenctog   May   1Kb,   111/    Appl    •'
bad '.a
ed      a    r»m,,ra, ' i    *-ll. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
•nan 81  i
c      t- .     be had a Cu       ■**•        I C.P.R, appr
gave hn, *b. aaal .-ind pr.* ■" I'"1'* Ul»
•    . i      If therf a 'rl1* '" T"l"
ind freight train No H
■i ta    ut cUtfanta, nod stock extra weat bound  1871, st
I  asked
■I anything for
bank,   ;* ■'       -•
c..    of    the
(ail  ta
for.   If the  tend
to accepl  the
applicnt • .   ,-.|,      tr,
-in May
nonth, ,n
nth   ,''     annum   to
a maximum  uf ilsO per  month
'.-.*:    ',f   Machinery,
N«w  Westminster. B.C
leapaUber   rail-I  hln  »>' .f   !h'  h""r "'  '• ''• am    on      Jun. u*  "r'|e'*.
II     gave   ii   l'12.    *nns JUI-.   f'lUll.*!   inl- thai I R    '     RBSROCHBBB
inefvine for them  to bll  up t nnaee  ""i'1 Ctdllalos  vaa paused  by th»lail
,•   . r aaid I had   that   » -   ,; Robert n   Davta . nighl
* . ■ itol  at   Notch  ll.li.  B.C.,  to 'bl*
wm  iron-l.  I told  the  brak«Mtan|*l  train order  No.  27f, to train No.
fon,i,, ■ •    • -|  ,. j 'i   ..wing to a lapM ..f memory, and
g.- ' 'I   tii.,1 tk»   en'irHy      mlb.ait     f-rinnniil
«eal   PTCM nnd  -r.tb       went  oul to i tbH  jury  ftinhei   Rndi  that
•'nt (i  car:   I   Wrote  h m .* ll  ., cl ■'
■      ••  i .»• tb.it thi
Dg  mi   the  table   w rt
• orktrafn    Vc-. timi i- tve deal
 ^^^^ If      lh.
n'"iieini  luuu  ,nei   interlocking  mil
of the ti' k   i ompan)  re ulri i   the
repeat in.-   i,v   tbe   OpCTal   l    of   r|.*nr
aiirrH   issiK-'l   I"   trnniH   h||Ck   to  dtl
ance   I gmvi  to  OoodUCtfl*  Schaffer;   I   imtrliiis  mnl   received  de pi ln-ia 0
had  m. nrdr- tei   Inm,  tft«l   he I"ft. i K     l"-'""'  Wfvsrlng      ibaraiice      to
,l„,..,i,*:e. eallH ip. I reported Mut train, tins double (beck wouM bave
.r,.,; . im oU( i:i6 „t I.M. I Md piwwted thii ueMenl oocurrtng
« lucMagc for n pn iai ortUi  which through thc Wlun ol om man todi
watchman In tb<   hop »v« u otiu u<r which he m
Ut 1 1".  W|  loth  rompnrnl  wntrbtt 'l> rrepon-ilble.
ant   ■•(   Public   WorKn.
Ottawa, June S
Ne vspapei i    -Aiil
SI •    • ne nl
Ir'.m   tb"   li ;■ u
Shi/ohb Gure
qui. lily   ttfnri-1 cniidl,-,.    rnrr,   < al-U.   h#«ll
Ik*  ih*".*l   anrl lunS*, ■>*.*. aft)  .rata.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol mjatai every aervi in n.« t.n<ir
X        *  {" nt i" !*•' lei
ilm nnil vltalltr. I'rfmn'tiiTQ tb- iv ami u'i letei]
-'ik.i"i ■.«['- 1 at MCI, Phainlio-aAl will
mak« yel maw man. Ti r. ill i li*frfti two lm
II. MalMtnanv a<Mr<-ii Tha SeeVeU Brai
Ce., tt. Catherine!. Onl,
Revelstoki   Land  Oistrir.t
ii.mnrt uf we«t Kootenay
ihat lyHiin A   Blondin,
*," Ipatl >0   mar -
ned woman,  mtetrda to apply for j<;r
to      imichiia"   tbf  to.lofflng
f th«"y Inaort,    It .ami
I at a post planted    on
the .South Boundary Mxty obalM *"*'•
ef the louth M I  lOnMI   "'  I
i   tbinM   n-nt
Pl Ohalni, tbence north N thaiM,
to Md lOttth boundary of Lol IVH
tlieiiMi aikI al.aiK uniii liiiiinilniy l'i
clialriH more or leaa to point of com
nil-Hiini'iii, containing N torn more
or  Inn
Dated March llth, 1912.
I anin A.  iiiiinilin.
Hugh nil.n«"n. Agent
Local Industry
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVlenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c/4ccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Sttaionery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms    Tags, Etc
We oMAIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery. Our
stock gf   printing papers is large
and  well selected.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
WEDN'B.SDAY,  Jl'NE  12,   1912.
Parties desiring inlormntlon re-
gnrding the Vnlley ol tho Harden ol
Kden, enn obtain eume free ol etinrgo
by   writing   to     Mr.   J.  II.   Johnaou,
Malakwa,   H.   0.
We Iccl i-urc lt can never lie said
ol the Valley o! the Garden ol Kden
uh was once Mid ol a deeciiHCil metn-
lier ol the DritiBh House ol Lord's
when n Iriend asked the eauno ol his
lordship's death, and the. reply wan
given:—"He died, uir, o( having noth
ing to do." In this district there is
always "something to do," and every Kdeintc finds there is more work
than there is time to ilo it In, und
ample scope Ior exemplifying the nne
lent Epicurean piotto, "live while
you live," Ior this vulley through -
out has a community ol sturdy pion
curs and indefatigable workers. However, although thc Garden of Kden
Irom end to end is essentially a
sphere ol strenuous and praiseworthy
activities, yet freuueiitly the Kden -
ites' innate sporting proclivities are
wont   to  manifest   themselves—a hoal-
The Valley of
The Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  and   Extending  between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-2°.°00 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
rkira^fnr nf  QnJl   Bench   Lands,   Clay   Loam   and Vegetable
UldrdUer Ul  OOII   Mould, while on Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn  Irri/i ifinn   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
liU  III KJiillUI)   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
ModcrdtB Climdt6   Freezing is Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
Tor Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
thy sign in any progressive community.   Wo were fttrnlsh-nd with an lllus
tratioti of this last  Wednesday after-
uoon  wheu  In  the  cast end of     thc
valley   it      was  reported  that  a hear
was   iu   thc   immediate  vicinity.    Thc
"wise     mon     of   the east" with thc
promptitude  of   true   Canadians,      at.
aucc set out to follow their star    of
good   fortune.   A   procession   win (or-
nwd Irom the residence of Mr.   J. H.
Johnson,  and   wns  aoon  Joined       hy
unite  a   numlier  of  other**,   including
Mr.  I.oyd  Johnson, his cousin,     Mr,
Barf   t-iwun,  Mr.   Ooppook,  Mr.  K,   l„
bush    of    Hpokane,     Mr.  WiVnlwrg,
Mikk  Kenedy,      Miss  Hains,   Miss  N.
Hains, etc.   Forward they marched on
and  onward  through the woods     re-
gardlcBB  of   all   ohstacles   and   armed
with rilles, shot guns,     axes, knives,
and  grim  determination,   (forsooth a
formidable company!)  the  hearts    of
thc   ladies  palpitating   with    minglod
feelings  of  heroism  and  intouBe    ei-
cilcmcnt—indeed  when  the actual attack ou  llruiti took place, thoir grace
fwl   presence  and  cheery exhortations
to  thc  men  served  to  remiad  ub    of
old mediaval days when fair maidens
would  ---end  their  favorite  knights into  battle  with  swordB  which nerved
ami  upheld  thc masculine heart     to
do valiantly.   Mr. Lloyd Johnson and
Mr.   R.  Coppock,    led the    way  and
stood in the forefront of the attacking  column.
. . . It Might Be Cold ■ . .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our.record of cures^
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, Haloyon, Arrow Lakes
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly nnil monthly rates to bc arranged.       Menl Tickets, 21 meals for J6.tX)
A. P. UEVBSQUB, Proprietor
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
X.   ALBEBT     STONE      PBOP.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged   and Impinvad.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern convenience!
Larue Sample Koonih.
Ratco $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan 2J
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, cn Suite
and with  Bath
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOR,       -       cTWanager.
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House'Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
\ Designs Box 51
Phone 295
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
.miiili west Territories and in a portion ol the Province of Uritish Columbia, may be leased lor a term ol
iweuty-oue yearB at an anuual rental ot $1 an acre. Not more than
1,560 acres will be loused to one applicant.
Application tor lease must be made
by tbe applicant in persou to the
Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in which the rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
ba described by sections, or legal
Hiil, diviHion. ot sections, and in uu-
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the ap -
plicant himself.
I'm" b applicant must be accompanied by a fee ol J5 which will lm refunded 11 the rights applied for ar.
not available, but not otherwise. A
royally shall be paid on tbe merchantable output ol tbe mine at the
rate ol live rents per ton.
Tbe person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity ot
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns Bhould bo furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will Include tbe coal mla-
lng rlgbta only,  but the lessee   may
f*T*«*kl Altenli >n givm to conitnerria
men and tonrlsth Flrst-olai* Mtnpl<
ooiux. ■ ii est M-eatry iu liriiieh I'olum-
l>ia. overlooking Opper Arrnw lake
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
W.J. Lightburne, Prop Phone 42 -   Night Phone 85
Egg-Laying Contest
International **gg Laying Contest,
beia under the joint auspices of tne
british Loluninia Poultry Associuti >u
Vancouver exhibition iloaru and the
Provincial  Government.
Total  eggs  laid  up  to  end  of seventh  momh.  May  Huth,   UU:
No. Class 1, biggs laid
2—White     Leghorus    514
•j—White     Leghorns   484
4—White     Leghorns    407
H—White  Leghorns     399
5—White Leghorns   371
11*—White Leghorns   3*54
3—White  Leghorns    349
13—White     Leghorns   349
ID—White Leghorns   342
23-Wbite Leghorns   338
23—R. C.  Bufl- Leghorns    329
8—White Leghorns  299
20—White Leghorns    292
18—Wbito     Leghorns   277
7—White     Legborns   274
(j—Brown   Legborns     273
1—White     Leghorns   270
10—White     Legborns   360
17—White     Legborns   268
13—White     Leghorns    243
21—Moitled   Anconas     219
11—White Leghorns   212
15—White Leghorns   149
Class Two
33—Rhode  Island   Reds     421
38—White   Wyandotte*    421
39—Bufl Orpingtons   419
31-R.  I.  Reds   406
34—White Wyandottes   3«3
26—Barred  Rocks    *tj
37—Barred  Ro<-ks    325
29—Bufl Hocks    •OS '
32-R. I.  Reds   304
■10—Silver Laced  Wyandottes    B74
35—Barred  Rocks     2*1
30— Partridge  Wyandottes     243
20—Bufl Orpingtons   239
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 30—White   Wyandottes     219
be permitted to     purchase  whatever ,a/—iiilvci   Pencilled  Wyandottes... 178
available surlace rights may be con-1 as—Columbian  Wyandottes     175
sidered necessary lor the working of I Average prioe received for eggs —
the mine at the rate ot $10.00 an 33,. p^ dozen. Pen temperature,—
acre. I highest, 89 deg.|  lowest,  38 deg.; av-
For full Information application I craRt meuD 57 ,8 H(im Ml m ^„,
should Iw made to the Secretary of I (layB; twclve dliyH (K.currc,| without
tho Department of the Interior,   Ot-j HUnBhinCi  ftml ,hc rcBt ^ Ul€     (1(kyB
tawa, or to tbe Agent or Hub-Agent
ol Dominion Lands.
W.  W.  CORY,
Deputy  Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication    of
were bright.       	
It had been hoped lt would not be
nccomary to have to Insert thc usual
paragraph concerning the dynamiting work,  owing to the 'act tbat no
this advertisement will  not  be paid ■ eIpiOBiong took plane during the flr«t
for. two     weeks. Unfortunately, however,
thc  blasting     during   thc  last      two
weeks,   more  than     made up  for  the
Luteh   tbo oity  nu -
thorities  have  lieen  clearing  the    en-
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Piench regulator: never fails. These,
pills nre eiceeillngly poweilul In regulating th.   fortnight's   li
generative portion ol llir female system.   Kefus. I
all cheap Imitation.. Dr. de Tea's tr. told tt
H a hnx, nr three tor I'M.   Mailed to any address.
Th. So.b.11 Droa Co,. St. Catharines, Oat.
rounding the pens.
Several pens in class oue have ]>a»-
ea tue century mam during the pa»t
Minimi, notauiy pens 9 illi), l.:Ui*),
i iuoj, iJ U05.I, and 7 tl*t>+J. Tne
loiiowing have ui*»o disunguisucd
taeniueUrs, pens 1 *,*.•*•', 1*« and 2U
l**> each;, ll (.94), 5 192). and 'i2fi)i)
pens 14, 2, I, H, and 13, are producing Dig eggs taling weight, sue, til
ture ot snell and evenness into account.
following pens provided broodies
in class one—l'en 3, 10, ll, 13, (.two
l'en 3 deserves special mention for
having produced hu eggs a day on
six occasions during tbe month, pen
12, 2, io itwiuej, anu peu» I, 5, it,
feather eating omangst tbc light
clashes principally, is still prevalent
necessitating lurtbcr use 01 tbe utter aloes aud lard mixture. Ibis '
proves very cflectivc, until tne bird*
remove  the mixture  by dusting.
Tbe star performers iu tbc beavy-
weighis during tue montb were: —
i'CUB 37 llOt, eggs 1, 33 Uiv;, 381104),
26 iiui;, 32 (90). The following lata
sig eggs in one day on one or more
occasions:—l'en 32 (twice), ii (.twice*
33, 38, aod 34 (once.)
A point brought out by tbe hot
weather experienced on the iitb,12tn
aud Uth ul May, waa thai the bea
vy classes were aflected more than
the light weight!,. In three instances
it was uotioed m class one of de -
creased tgg yield immediately aftei
tbe hot weather. This occurred id
those pen- only that were already
laying very poorly. In thc heavy
classes, altnout every pen dropped in
egg yield during the 151b, H Ui and
litb, und then rcgaiD«.*d normal pro-
ductMiT) again.
Coming to list of broodies lor the
month, we lind that pen 29, beads
the list with t> b.rds. 25, 27, 31 aud
39 (ttve each), 36 13), 28, 34 1,2), 35
and 40 Hi.
l'en 40 commenced to lay just as
thc month ended, and may be expert
ed to give a better account of thom
eelvea in the future. Their produce,
however, is still very small in sive.
Now tbat the birds are in full lay,
the animal food has lieen increased,
from seven to ten per cent., wblcb
is the limit proposed. The first in -
crease was given in the January-
February period.
Yi. H. Btroyau, J. R. Tarry,
tjupcrintendeut. Secretary
ormous cedar stum->e ininiediately sur
Thc  "Sugar. Bowl"   use  only    real
fruit syrup at their uoda fountain, \\ EDNE8DAY,   JUNE  12,  1912,
■i —
Mr. A. E, Watts on this Important B.C. Question
Duriug an  Interview,   \.  B.  Watts,
president ol the    Wattsburg Lum er'
Co., Ltd., Btated that the Watti burg '
mill wns cleaning up preparatory to
eluding down  indefinitely,  which  haa
bit iit i to alwaj      * *     operating summer and winter and still has ao • '"
undancc ol timber close by.
That their Proctor mill is uliulit to
sum operations but only lor tbo
purpose ol sawing logs thut n-oulJ
,-:...'■*... ,. I, not because the inm
ner was required, or profitable to
ii,.it.' . . :i.|* at tbe present price pre
rsilii ■ ring to the dumping ol
kmei lean lumbi: on to the only mar
ksl the Interloi of British Columbia
possesses, tbai this state ol aflalrs,
an I thi ii nl   loprei sloe ol .*n
b in th Interloi ol B.C., n tt
fijt.iel) il ,i* ;** ibi (act lhal the ittm
bei .M*l*. ti> was, und is, a martyi
to political expediency and tbe Ignoi
ance  an i   gross    I ipidltj   ol     tome
nuanufaetureie who an   afraid t< i
less thai  ib.'i    *'■ im -   if uni    I""
fitable, fearing the lash ol their ill'
ancial masters, otherwise even     tno
opposition hi Parliament to the   ue-
mands '..,t justice to B.C. would   be
willing  to grant  justice  to n peioC
MUteJ     industry.   But mor-' cl     tiii-
Mr. IVatts will explain in his ar*. ■■
les  now   being  written for  the    rum
pilers ol tbe history ol B.C.,    mu*i.
will     lie published in sbuit chapters,
;u thi* press iir,,n  tu publication   In
the  History  of B.C.
iBy   \.  fa,',  Watts,  Wattsburg, il. Ci
Specially  written    fur    tlio cotnpllei
of British Columbia, its    Hlawry,
Commerce,   industries  una   Hen.ir
ces,   which  will   lu*  a standard    mil
historical  work equal to the  i iuu
tifully   illustrated   volumes  .iali'. h
ed  bj   Messrs.   Sells of London,    uu
Africa,  the  publishes ol  this WOtit.
The vast areas o, valuable timiur
possessed by Hritisli Culumbia bave
jirovided tbe province with .me third
of its tutul income, consequently tms
industry is of great importance, uol
only   to   ihose ilncctiy  engaged  ;,i .ho
business    but to the allied    trades,
uieribatits    and  others.      Whon    tbis
bus.ccs- ia depressed the eflects are
keenly frit throughout the province
The rapid development anil expau
sion of business in the adjoining
prairie provinces, Allierta SaskatCha
wan .in,! Manitoba, provided u meg
uiflceut market Ior the product of
the interior mills'of British Columbia, but that is tbeir only market.
Tbe coast mills hate ih.' woiiJ for
their market, consequently the; do
not feel the results of tLe severe com
petit.ou caused by the dumping of
the cheapest grades of lumber by Am
er.can manufacturers from tbt ad
joining states ol Washington, Mun -
tana and Idaiiu, whieh enter Canada
free ol duty, the luml-cr industry being the only une left open to tbc ravages of foreign competition. Thc re-
asons for this are peculiar, tbe lumber busiue68 being the victim uf po-
i.t.cai  .ipedicncy.
Tbe     question    is often asked  why
Canadian  manufacturers  cannot make
lumber as cheaply ,,s tlvir neighbors '•
They   can.   although   they   uiv   liandi ■ I
;.  on all tb   supplier
tfcey *i ag   to tl     - ipei i"i
B ink i g    In-
lurlng times of avi*i. *
so hard prcsseJ
the financta      - mixl-
• rati :•   .-.  i an .      than in the Unit-;
- Dai ;.   An-* tlaCt
■   r"mpc-!le<i   I      ealize     on
theii    - -   -.* ii .  I,, ,
cost       .' .     '    i    ■     I
;  i»
'    *
I:.        -
• ■'.   li
..*:.    di>
reading tor I
w.ii show  tbe ..,*,.
ptonei .-f     .arty bods «
■-..   . proepei -'is emti.
■M  struggling for fexilti
• lirm. ed by fc
en   wil
than tha  N, ir^-11r  drivera
ml .ill
inload -d
holdings  m,tu  Britisl l-**i
wam B|a I ■> 'if  i."ii
jtrerie I     have incurred       murh
History should ba truth uovarnlsb
ed. If spare permits I shall tell a
lot of it, of scenes behind tlie seme*.
political, financial, comim-n-.ai and
■ itber; imw and w-by the magnlfloent
tim.'ier resources of this Country Bit
wgsted and rapital squandered win
no result, and unjustly injuring the
credit "f Canada, and diaconntlng nei
vast resources In the llnauelal ce.i
trr-s of the wild. The simple truth
plainly fold w;!l restore ronfuleil'v in
the potentialities or possibilities in .i
i,, .„* ,,i  endowed with ,*it-
Vjit    wealth     awaiting    Jrvelopmcut,
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 12, 1312.
bul haiulii'appeii by si'liisb politicians
and tiiosr whu wi li  iu unload  L'jelr
liiihlings        by     " got     rich      iiiiiii '
(To   be   Cunt inlli-il. I
New Time Table
I Hi   .I line   Hnd,   a   new   O.P.R.     time
table   name   into   illiet   for   the   uum •
mer, changing tbe botirs <>t arrival
ami departure ol lho trulus, whieh
are na follows:
No. Arrive ... Leave
;i   5:56   6.15
l  15:35  16155
18  10:40  17o.k
i  Arrlvo  Leave
 24:45   24:55
  7:20    7:10
 11:65   12:15
\u IvuB   10 80,   leaves  7:10 a.m,
Dates for B. C. fall Fairs
British C'uiiml'i.i'H [all inn ilntes,
now compiled, show datea ranging
Irom August 10*17, the week ol the
\ .unniiiei exhibition, in Oi'lui'ii 80
31, when the Summerland exhibition
«ill in* iii'iii. following la tbo list
Arrow  Lukes  October 1-5.
Allienn-  September  18.
Armstrong   October lu-17.
<: u r, I ii 11 Imn   September 2H.
Delia Ooola   October 30.
Cowichan—September 20-21,
Comox—Uetobcr .1
Coquitiam—September 20.
Chilliwack—September  18-21.
Central   I'ark—September   1H-13.
i iranbrook—September  18-19.
Delta—September 20-21.
Grand Forks—September 26-27
Greenwood   September 30.
'iui,leu—September 24-25.
Islands—September 18.
Kent— Beptsiflber 12-13.
Kamloops—-September  ls-lD-20.
Kelowna—September   20-27.
Kaslo—October  15.
Langley—September 25.
Mission—September  24-25.
Maple  Ridge—September 25 26.
Matsqul—September 26-27.
Nanaimo—September 17-18-1'J.
N.  anil  S.  Snauich—October 4-5.
Nicola—September 25.
North  Vancouver—September 7.
New   Westminster—October  1-5.
Nelson—September   22-23-25.
New  Denver—October 2.
Penticton—September 29,
Hevelstoke—October   8-0-10.
Richmond—Septoml-cr  25-21'..
Shawnlgan—September ls.
Salmon  Arm—September 27-28.
Summerlund—October  30-31.
Surrey—September 24.
Trail-September 25-2:;.
Vernon—October 23-21.
Valicouvei—August   Pi-17,
Windermere—September 20-21.
Victoria—I Provincial exhil Ition 1
September  24-L''-.
Court of Revision
PUBLIC    NOTIOB Ih hereby givon
tbat the Court of Revision ol   the
City ol Hevelstoke, will be held in
lhe City Hall on Tuesday, July 0th,
1012, at 8 p.m.
Oity  Clerk.
to July 5th, 1912
Freight paid on Allien.1 Uxhibits.
ChbIi oflered lor pthat nnd purses,
si,1,umi Ati ruction Programme, iu-
limliilg Jimmy Ward with .1 Curtis
Tin* Famous Navasaar Ladies Military
Loin Kast India Kleplianta and other
features ul merit.
Exhibition entries close June ISth,
I. S, G. VAN WART, President.
Prize List ami limtv Forms (rom lv.
L. Richardson, Manager, Victoria I'ark,
iiuassa lowmminiwi
Kor really choice Chocblates,  drop
in nt  the  Sugar  lliiw I.
Don't lorget, peaches and cream at
the   Savoy.
Hevelstoke Laud District.
District of West  Kootena]
Take  notice  that  1   Alice  11.11man,
ol Oerrard, M.C, occupation MarrieJ
Woman, intend.- i" apply lor permission   to  purchase  tha  lollowl
cribed lands
Commencing at a post  planted   on
the North shore ol Ti   *:
40 chain., west and -«    chains 1
from the  North  Ue-r   Cornel   ■ '.  Uol
:•' •. t.:. •'    ■ aal  -1 chains,     t
south     20     ciiains     thf '* I     Wl ll
chaius  or    less    to      shore  ol  T
Lake,  2"   chaius      mora    ot  less
point of commencement,  and
taining about  10 acri
Dated 18th day ol May I
I'er Lance Hillman.  Ag-mt.
Sealed Tenders addressed tu the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf at Boswell, B.C.," will be
received at this office until 4 p. m..
on Tuesday, July 2, 1012, lor tin
.■■n-i nei hm. ol a Pile Dent Wharf at
Boswell, Division of Nelson, Kootonay District,  D.C.
Plans, specilicatious uud form of
■ ontract can be seen aud forms of
tin.ler obtained at this Dapartnunt
and nt thc olllces ol (!. A. Keefer,
Esq., District Engineer, New Westminster, H.C, und oil applieatiou tu
the Postmaster at Victoria, B.C.
Persona tendering are notified that
tenders  will  not  be  considered   uules*-
iii.i.Im   on   the  printed  forms  suppluil,
and   signed   with their actual ■
tures,   stating   their   uceupntions   aud
places of residence. In ths cate of
firms, y> actual signature, thi- ua -
ture ofwle occupation, and place ol
residence of each memlier of thc lirm
must be given.
Bach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable t" the • r.i. i of tha
Honourable tbe Minister .<•' public
W irka .  ten  per cent  (10  p.
the   amount    ol tha tender,
•        i
contract when
or fail to complete the writ co
t.-.i lor.  l: Uh
The  Departmi 11
*    •        .   .   ■■
, Seam-in-front
\ iii stockings ^^^^^^
V would seem absurdF
W,   Then   why any seam'
You hsve kept -in weannj 'I-m kinm
wnh  ii lean) up r!'p bark    thspaless,
urn ' nifnrtalile things ' pro
bahl) didn't realize ths perfsi tion rs* hed
These nre bn*e tflthnitl lhe »lnn nfn ..rnm—lnriY tar the «Hn of the
trade mart*   A , thev ar.* being knii ibey nre Ahni«'ii lastingly to
the cum i of the fool and lea  Thttg /it   tbey wear ii.'iter—
anil tin* iiii i  iiis mi '* "f nn: v un at nil makes ihem
i ver so mm !i mure comfortable      Nn difference
in cosl   but luneh in quality. In economy
ami in comfort. 85
Makers of
MjHr by
Pcnmans Limited
Paris, Canada
In ibe County Court of West Kootonay   ilolden  at   Hovolstoke.
Krunk  AUAuliiy   vs.   Boatrloo     Mines,
Ltd., (Non-personal Liability.!
A. a. Uoiuuu vs.     Beatrice     Mines,
Ltd.,   iNou-personal Liubility.J
John Uuudorson and others vs.  Ilea
trice    Mines,  Ltd.,    iMuii-peisuiial
. Liability.J
I'ursuuut to the Judgements in the
above actions bearing date the autli
June mil, ihu order lor Mile therein
contained aud tbo Directions given
herolu on the 2nd May, i'J12, tenders
will be rcoeived by tho undersigned
for tlio purchase ol lbe lollowing
mineral claims.
"Beatrice" Mineral claim being Lul
No. 45Ul>, Croup  I.
"K.lmuiul" Mineral claim being Lot
No. 2*884, Group 1,
"Foliom" Mineral claim being Lot
No. 4687, Group   I*
All situate near Camborne in the
Lardeau Milling Division ol West
Kuotunuy District, 11. C.
Considerable development work has
beeu doue ou  ibe  Beatrice claim.
Tenders are lo bc made iu writing
And sealed and marked "Tender for
lleatrice Mines property" and addressed tu thi< undersigned at Rev
elstoke, 11. C, un or belore the ISth
day ol .liiin*   1912,
The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Further particulars of the properly will bo furnished
on application to Vi. I. lliiggs,
Hahitifia  Solicitor,   Itevelstoke,   D.C.
Dated this 8th day of May, 1U12.
w. k. Mclaughlin.
Deputy   Registrar  County  Court,
Hevelstoke,  D.  0.
First  issue May  S,  iwooks.
..-I —i^
Laud  Hegislry  UUice,
Vancouver, B.C.,
21st   May,   1U12.
ill     lue      liiuv.,!   u. .. i.i km.i  ii,,!'-*-***-
In. ..L     Ul     OiAl-     ......      ,.«.*-M«d*-     u» A.v~.t
...    i,.,    a.,   aa   ......   wt   ...        ■UHlUttflWM
i>       ,       l,IJlb      uW      lit,       U.       IU      KUWUUlOlwU
'   K.      uuu   uu.b   at    uuu   mtl   IU   OU..U1..B
iou "v   , umca   wo,  iiiSulwt  iiui mvam
Uiby     Oi     idulUUKl,    UitUU    Olll uUlj,
iota, enttti-tfu     imo  uj  uuu  uocwuuu
i.iiii.tui   r.    i ..ll   iiiuviil,',   ol   taw   cue
,■.,.<    ,i,M.    i uu.u.i.-.   i i-iull   oi        tail
Ubuai   i-.u I,   .iii.i   .ii   lue   ui.iUui   ol     a
■M. i i.i.n .i|,n'. lu- 11m iu . .i.m .,11.1 t'tll -
Human  ul   l.ni   S4,   in   ...,,•.., . ,M.nl   "13'  ,
u.uci*.  toa,  oiolI'Ii.1 uni Suiu,      Utile*.,
_. i i ■- I,., i. . _, m..i i... iuio uy
auu ui'i»i*'ii "i.iiiiiu i . i.m .un.wii,i
oi luc una jail .ma louci ca.i-jeroi
iut- oilier purl.
■> nti mh»     satiafactory   prool     oi
U.lUlll    ^Uil    Ul     U.'-l*,.llj
auu   ictu.cij   ui       ,'i*i*i ■ i* i.       . y   au.
mi   owiie:.
M..IQ. 1...M   i.   IJ.   Aluiisou.
.,   l,.c   i.ekisti...
11.3    UlllC.
.>o*-. i,   ; ii.ii ,   at tii,
.liUli    u.     lu.il/     u.ijn    UOUJ       luC
l   3CI..LC   Ucleu ....il   i-.i.e. i
""..l.u,,   u,
,    lU.n   ol-
*   u    i.u      ui
,        ,illlil
u;   auiu. sectiou  io soaorssu Usrson.
AliTlH . * ,i
' .ii ry i
. gtstrai   bas   -
Now is the Time to
Get Your Flower
Garden in Shops
We grow the finest bedding-
out plants that can be grown,
20 different varieties of AS-
TERS. Write for our completf
price list of ROSEB, SHRUBS,
plants now ready.
Florists, Columbia, B.C.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent   for   Flcxlume   Electric
Ki'siileiien Cur. Hnl SI. nnil Rnbion are
Shop in Alley buck of li. I. Bourne's
Store, first Street
Corporation cf the City
of Hevelstoke
Public Notice iu hereby given tbat
It is absolutely nocctesiu-y that iim-
orueru of u huhpiciouu nuture he reported to lir. McLeuu, City AleUicui
llenUh UlUcer or other pbysiciuus,
aB Boon us known. Kulluro to do tbis
in a punishable olleucu.
by urd' r,
13, A.  LAWSUN,
City Clerk.
No.    21,     UOYAL    TBMPiiARd     OF
Meets every 2nd aud Ub 'IburudayB
in Oddfellows Hall, at 8 o'clock.
Visitiug Templars are cordially iu -
vited to attend.
W.  K.  MUNHON, 8. C.
A.  D. TOURNKH.   H.   8.
Provincial  Land   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Ute.
Imperial  Hank  UiuMing  Kevelstoke, B. O.
Money to Loan.
OHlcea—Kevelstuke,    B.   0„     and
Cranbrook, B. O.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M.   l'inkham, J. A.   Harvey
Kevelstoke, Craubrook
Smoker's Supplies
Tin* nl.i reliable nov linn the largest and beat line of Smokers'
Supplies evei in lhe ( ily, nml our prices arc rlgllti hillv brnlllls
of cigars to chooau froui. Price Irom $1,00per box up; not nuulc
Irani scrap cither,
Meerschaum Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes irom $3.50 Up
Our siih-U   of   Ciihiliiish   Pipes   is   small   on   account  of   tlie
crop being u failure this year and quality poor.
Briar Pipes In eases (rom $1.00 up.
Ask lor llu* famous II. H. B. brand. Kvery pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar end Cigarette Holders, ('.isrs aud [.fighters. Pouches,
Ash Trays nnil I'ipu Kacka, Tell us what you want nlul we will
suit you, 11 cmi cannol run, plume 37 ami goods will he scut to
\uui home furapprovali   Huy early while Btock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows bim, he will
tell you that the whiskeys we are
selling are the best, (lull ami Iw
convinced, No household should
be wilhoul a supply of oui Har-
voy's .Special scotch Whiskoy; our
Frnpln Liquour Brandy, guaranteed
B0 years old or Blaokborry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold by all
tlio leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
importers and Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Clgnrs and Clgarettos
Fresh Imported Groceries
D. GaUicano, Second Street
W .      H .       «   \ I. I.  \ i    i*.
A It I* H 1 T B U T.
P. O. BOX  HU,  Uevelstoke. B.O.
Royal Mail Steamers Sailing Every Saturday
Wireless and Deep Sea Signalling Appatatus
New Triple-Screw New Triple-Screw
S. S. Megantic   is.ooo tons eaeb   S. S. Laurentic
Blectric Elevators       Skilled Orchestra      Blectric Heaters, etc.
Sails May  llth, June 8th, July 6th.
May 25th, June 15th, July 13th
FIRST-CUSS, {92,50.   SECOND CUSS, $5*3.75.   THIRD CUSS, f) $32.50
one-olass ii li Cabin sorwico.
Twin-Screw S. S. Teutonic     Twin-Screw S. S. Canada
.ss^ leet lung, ls.utHl horsepower 514 Feet Iouk
Saiis May lfith, June 15th, July 13th.    May 4th, June 1st, 29th
$55 and up, Third Class, $32,50. $50 and up, Third Class, $31.25
.Ml steamers sail (rom Montreal, calling at Quebec.
Btnbark ni^ln before sailing.     No hotel expenses.     No transfer charges
Company's Offices, 019, Second Ave., Neap Cherry St., Seattle
fit.t  Koo
niisaion    tu      purcbase  the  foUowiag
..-  at a pus'
real     ul
-"    cbains,     tbence luiUi U
1"SS to
i. res    mor*  01   lens
.*■!.   llth,   1 '
A'lHinl  .-1   IIP
ii*ii(h pattlnson, Aicent.
■ ir:. /    ,.,    , .
ilays alti     lats 1  Intend to apply to
.11,1,,IMW,"lll'l       |    l
Hitters' Inohw ol w.it.i  to lx taken
Irom Davis 'reek   and ■**   ■  hioiI Ioi
i" |atl ■ .... ii*.' lollowing
land    Part ol the H.   w.
Strip   2".
Ilangs   19    \:  .  ..Iti   Mei .<li.ni.   im*i Ih "I
Arrow lien I, U   01
Dated Lb    *in day oi Mny l»l I
li'l T A  I     II \H. 11
Hevelstoke,  li.  0.
IJoniiniou anil  I).  U.  L,nuU  Hurveyor. !
IVUUlbAAl IjUUUk.,   l\0.    .9   A.   *'.
HUH   A.    Al.
Kcglllur       nieeliio;h  ale  liel'l   iu   iVIAc.
.i'     ll*..ili i.e.,      unutelioivM        Mali
ou tlie   Tiiinl  .Vlouday   in cam  iaoiii.li
al o  p.   111.      \t mii iik  hieinrin       ara*
eord.aliy   nelcuine.
vs. THOMSON, w. ,M.
W.  u.  ROBHRTSON, aecrstary.
COURT      MT.      liHUlilH,    No.  HU.
VV 1. o. **.
>!••'•  lo  1.  U.  U.   t>'.   Hall   uett    to
rapptng's  "i'eia   House  every   secouil
iin Monday in montb. Vult*
.u. hreinion cordially welcouistl.
a,  A. HKIX. C. K.
wm. h. CAMKitoN, Bee.-Bee.
0. w. o. w.
Mountain View Uaop, No. at
»lwls  Hn'.n.l    and      funilh   Ai'ilnri
'lays     io  aaob   month   in     rielkirk
Hall.      VisiuiiK   Woodmen  arc
iiilially inviteil  to i.tienil
A.   .1.   VMinlil.AMi,   ('on.   Com
JAMKH  McINTVItlC.  Clerk.
MKI.KIKK      bODOl   IS,   1*  O.   0.  K.
Meets every Tliurmlay evening In
rlelklrk Hall st a o'clock. Visiting
niirthren   luidially  Invited.
II     BIBOFR1BD,   N   i.
JAH.   MATIIIK,   Hccretary.
.'il.li  KANIJK MililiK,      K.  oi    f„
nii. it.,  RBVflbSTOlUP, Ii. 0.
■i.t*. tv.ry  Weilnesday eicept   tbt
Third  Wsilnesday ol each m-nth      In
■ I'lfellnwi'  Hall  at 8 o'clock.   Visit
ing.  Knights are  cordially   Invited.
II.   VV.   liAllhAMi,  0,   0<
0, il   BROOK, k   oi ii. it »
u. oi r.
Record of Progress for Five Years- 1906-1911
I'Jtin 1911
Capital                                       I 8,000,000 * 4,000,000
Reserve 8,000.000 -1,000,000
Deposits      ....       l;i,077,730 86,042,811
Loans and Investments        -     ^7.4-;>7.0!H) ;i8,854,80l
Total Assets        -      -      -        88,080,192 '18,^37,^1
Kits 83 liii.iiLl 11. In (.hi nlu i ml AkchIs iiiiii Con csponciinls in all
thu Prinoipal titles In the World.
Inlorost allowed nt highest ourrent rate.
Revolstoke Branch, W. H   PRATT, Manager
Tinsmith Rcpuirs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Onnnaught Avo.   -    Revelstoko
New Lightning Method
Oil Painting, and  Painted Walls
Cleaned like new.
Paper Hanging a Specialty
Estimates < liven
Mirror iMaking* and   re-Silvering
(ilass (Jitiinn and Boring
Gloss Frosting and Staining
Picture Framing, etc.
Prices Reserved.
Painter, Paper Hanger, Decora ter
lievelBtoke, b C.
Dr. J. C. ^^
Post Orsdnate^Cbicago^Utilversltv
Bpeclallj    \n   Porcelain and
I'ust Crown HiiiIhi.' Work
Cor. Granville and Robson Ms.
Van con ver
Over Harrison's Drug Store
Phone 8ey- 5.M8
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,        Revelstoke, B. C
before buying yonr outfit of working clotbes
Inr tlie bush. I make s
specialty ol Logging
Sliors, I'anls Sox, SltirU
Bianki-is and everything
I squired iu your business.
WEDNBS1UY, JUKI! 12,  L913.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. flume $ Co.. 4imited
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
Honan Silk
80 inches wide, all colors. This is
the best quality of Raw Silk that can
be had and is in great demand.
Guaranteed at per yard
85 Cents
While Muslins
Are a feature this season in the
plain Lawns, Mulls, Linens, etc., also
the fancy patterns, in spots, checks,
stripes, etc., from.
I5c. to 5oc.
White Indian Head
Very popu.ar,— takes the place of
linen. Easily washed, and will not
crush, and lias a better appearance
than Duck or any of the other white
plain cottons, at	
25c. and 30c
Ladies* Silk Boot Hose
With Lisle foot, any color,  black,
tan, sky pink, etc., at         _
75c. Per Pair
House D
This is the senson that the housewife is put to task to find something
cool to wear and at the same time
be trim and tidy. This showing of
neat House Dresses will please; they
have the style to them	
$1.50 to $3.50
Little Darling Hose
For the little tots, all wool, pink,
blue, cardinal, black, tan—all sizes.
35c. or 3 pairs for $1.00
Prints and Ginghams
New lot of Old Country Prints
and Ginghams, good washers, and
with the strong wearing qualities of
the Old Land materials. A splendid
line of colors and designs
25c per yard
Nurse Suitings
A wear-resisting cotton material
for children's and ladies' wash
dresses; comes in those fine hairline stripes and plain, perfect colors
,■50 inches wide at
20c per yard
Groceries and Crockery Department
Fresh Strawberries and all other Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables arriving daily.
Fifty cases of Grape Nuts, Corn Flakes
and Tost Toasties just arrived. We are offering Post Toasties and Corn Flakes at only
10c per package
which makes as cheap and refreshing a meal
as you would care to eat. Watch for our window display of these goods.
You don't want to wear yourself out over
the cook stove these days. Come in and get
some of our delicasics in meats in glass jars
aad cases. Chicken and tongue, chicken
breasts, ox tongue, lambs tongue, roast and
boilcJ mutton, roast and corned beef, lunch
tongue and chipped beef.
All Pure Food Goods
In this department we are ready to serve
your wants. You will be looking around for
a suitable wedding gift for your friends who
arc about to join the largest society in the
in the world, and you will lind it here amoung
our Cut Glass, fancy China, Glassware, Tea
Sets, Dinner Sets, Toilet Sets and the thousand and one pretty things in our stock.
We are now showing a large assortment of
Summer Drinks. Lemonade Powder, Welch's
Grape Juice in half pints and rjuarts, Kose
Lime Juice in pints and quarts, Montserat Lime
Juice in 1 pint and 1 quart bottles, Nabob Lime
Juice in pints and quarts. Cider from the land
of Evangeline, and Pine Apple Juice, the best
that can be had.
In placing our line of Toilet Soaps on sale
we know that we are giving you value for
your money in quality and quantity. Here
are some of our lines:
Pure Castile Soap in 3-lb bars at 45c
Pure Castile Soap in 1 J.-lb bars at 25c
Pure Castile Soap.4-oz cakes 60c per doz.
Olive Oil, Cucumber and Glycerine
Soaps in 4-oz. bars at .... 60c per doz.
All the fancy Soaps on the market of
3 cakes to each "box at prices from
 25c to $1.00 per box
White Bedding
Nothing so cool these hot  nights
as pure, clean white bedding.
FULL   SIZE  SHEETS   plain  or
twill hemmed and well made at. . . .
Each $1.00, $1.25
Pillow Slips
PILLOW SLIPS—Pure snowy-
white cambric finiih, made of Knglish circular pi|low cottrn, all si/.es,
25c and 30c
Very soon, if not right now, our climate will demand of you lighter I'nderwear. Our experience
has taught us that a light wool or a loosely woven cotton gives just thc right amount of comfort for hot days,
and cool evenings. We arc prepared to give you exactly what you want in cotton, lisle, or wool underwear
in any weight.    Consult these prices or take a look at our show window.
BALBRIGGAN, natural shades, Sizes, 32 to 48,
Extremely good value at 60c. per garment
or      $1.00 per Suit
BALBRIGGAN—Natural shade, Sizes 32 to 48.
Extremely good value at 	
  75c. per Garment or $1.50 per Suit
BALBRIGGAN, pure white, spring needle
knit, elastic rib: made from pure Sea Island
cotton.   Price $1.00 per Garment
NAINSOOK COTTON White, with self check,
short sleeves, knee drawers. The acme of
comfort 75 Cents per Garment
SILK LISLE--Comes in white, blue or pink.
Silk trimmings. Cool and comfortable.
 $1.50 per Garment, $2.75 per Suit
NATURAL WOOL-Medium    weight,    dark,
natural color.    An extremely durable article.    Price, $1.25 per Garment, $2.50
per Suit.
FRENCH .WOOL-Maucheffe's grey  natural.
Very light weight, absolutely unshrinkable
Price, $1.50 per Garment
JAEGER WOOL—Light natural shade,
light weight.   Pure Wool
.$1.75 per Garment $3.25 per Suit,
INDIAN CASHMERE-Fawn shade, medium
weight Feels like silk, single breasted.
The best value ever offered in this line.
 $4 per Garment. $7.50 per Suit
unshrinkable.   Natural shade.    Wears like
 Price—$6.00 per Suit
sleeves, knee drawers—the most perfect
fitting of them all
 Price, $1.50 per Suit
Elastic Rib, blue shade only.   Feels and
launders like silk.    Wears like iron	
 $4.50 per Suit
Do not Miss these; they last one day only and you can't
afford to pass them up. A line of infants and children's
shoes and slippers.   They cost from  $1.25  to $1.75  reg.
FRIDAY'S PRICE, - - -       85c. per pair.
This Department has everything that you will require to make your home bright and cheerful for summer, and now is the time
to look over and make your selections, at prices that will suit your wants, from a well assorted stock of Wall Paper from the
best' manufacturers in the east, Rugs and Carpets from Germany, England and Eastern Canada at prices from $5 for a 9x9 Union
Rug to the very best that can be had and in all sizes.
Lace and Lace Curtains
Wo havo tho III pent Assortment in the city, most of which
ara imported bj <> ■ Ivi 8 din et from England, enabling us to
sell at ;i price that Bavea you the middleman's profit
Scrims—by the yard or make into cui lairs, a good assortment
MadiasMW Iiave both colored and while in very dainty designs, from 20c per yard up.
Linoleums and Floor Cloths
A good assortment of Nairn's printed and inlaid in patterns
to suit every taste at prices that are lower than can be offered
again owing to the advance in raw material.
Beds and Bedding
We also stock a full line of beds, mattresses, blankets, comforts and pillows.
Bargains for This Week Only
We are offering a special reduction in Japanese Rugs   9x12ft
at $3.20; 2Jx5ft $1.25* 3x6ft $1.1)5.   Everything in that line
will go at bargain prices.
Anything not mentioned that you want call in and
ask for it, we will be sure to have it if in this line.
—— WBUNE8DAY, JliN'B 12,  1912,
WEDNESDAY,   JUN I'l  Vi,   1918,
Here   is   an   opportunity   of   buying your  Muslin
Underwear at Special Sale  Prices
Women's cTWuslin Drawers.
Women's o-Wuslin Combinations
Women's Muslin Corset Covers
Women's cTVluslin Princess Slips
Women's Petticoats
Call in and  look  over  the  Specinl
Prices for this Sale.
Embroidery Needs
Swiss Cambric and Fine Nainsook
Edges and Insertions, Flouncing,
Bargains, Bargains
Throughout Our Entire Stock.
Call in and see what we have in
store lor you at Cut Prices.
i mmlng tlml tho oxpendltura i *f.*n'ml
I to was i» oooneotloii with tho com-
pany'B donb;   '.rucking plans.
ilo rurthor Intdmatotl tli t Mr. Pol
ers, general superintendent nml ox -
mmi,in.* h,,, i ol the CP.R. lor Brll
■lab Columbia, wub the proper party
to ■-..'■' regarding Revelstoke's wants,
Vein- committee also had a short in-
U'l'vlcw with Mr. Peters, In whioh
they Intimated thai In the near till •
| in-', they would extend him a writl in
|-invitation to visil ReveUlokc al his
on rl iml convenience with n view to
looking over tlw Rroimd In the nui
t'i"i interests of Mb company nu.l
the oity,
Mr, llury was enthusiastic regarding Revelstoko'e future, and Intimated his satisfaction tlmt tbe company
aid the cily wore now Boeing cyu to
We would suggest that Mr, Peters
he communioatod with at onoe with
ii view to ascertaining when ii will
meel his oonvenienoe to visit Revelstoke, and thai when be does come
ho be tendered a banquet by tbe clt-
Isena in general, and shown suoh oth
er nttenUons ns will enable him to
get ii camprohenslve Idea of what
Revelstoke poasessos in the wuy ot
location and natural Bcenlc advantag
os, which should i"' a great doterm -
Inlng (actor in liifltionoing bis company's views us to the location ul
thoir hotel when ilu*v ilu ,l*eciil
Yours  truly,
A. McRae,
l'\   M. GHbson,
J. H. Hamilton,
mill*, shorter, li will be noc.ssary
also for tlio Revel toko delegates to
be well versed upon the distances
nnil tbe rates »l»e ihey may fail   to
impress   their   iiuclio.nco   Willi   the   nc-
curacy of their statements,   A thorough knowledge of tbe entire siiim
tion    in all its details Is absolutely
We must not lot Vancouver or othor coast cities scoop ub In anyway,
We have the best, route and wo must
lie able to prove It, If we ara to
piotit by the experience and example
of   Germany   mnl    Austria, wc will
mnke  our  river   work   for  us-mnke il.
do the work of the railways al  ab
oul  one tenth the co*i  per ton mile
—and curry freight trom Oaigary to
the deep  water ports  of the      Pacific
at less thnn one-balf the present rate
The $1,00 in free tolls lliroue,h the
canal Is an advantage that Rovelstoke will nlways huve over Oanadian  Paolnc coust cilios.
High School Attendance
I'ollowiiiK is   iiii* nlleiiilsuce al   the
'•'cvi'lslokc I li*,;h School   for   llu   month
ol   Mm*,  ii" compiled   b\   llu*    l'rinii-
| pal oi the school, Miss J.J. MacKenzle:
lliKli school, Div. I., ..   17     ll   00.53
Div. II..    18     8   08.84
Totals —   —	
80   17   0888
Mrs,  .-smith  Urquhart  will  not re-
Oeive  tomorrow. ________
Mrs. K.  H. Urquhart will not  re
ceive  tomorrow.
The report of tho fuiieul
late Engineei W. II. Jolllfl!
pear In  Saturday's issue.
Mrs. Miller will not receive to-
morrow (Thursday) or again till
Mr-.  F.  M.  Gibeon will receive      ou
Tuesday, June I8tb and thereafter on
tbe lasl  Wednesday of each month.
A lengthy reporl of Om meeting of
tbc Progress Club will appear In
Saturday's  Issue,
Mrs.   McDonald  of   l\ *• opt nn I
M. — Fraaer of Vaneoi/T, are oa a
visit  to  their    mother,    Mrs. Frc
Ki a Ber.
R. /.   Crawford, the     painter,     ia
movittg  hi-      paint  slop   into  Cum •
mines' transfer building on     Beoond
street,   where  be can  be  found  here -
,    ,     ,    ,     ,   .     i,        Professor   J.   K.   Watson   mil   leave
All members of the Ladies   Auxil-
,  ,,   tomorrow   iiiui-mn*:  for  \crii,,n  where
lary   lo   the   V.M.I   A.,   arc   requested,, ,. , .  . .. . .,
As the tiiiie has arrived when you musl do your Reeding, we wish
lo draw your attention lo lhe fact thnl our Reeds are .ill (rcsh and
mu siock not m\ old ones lefi tonluffoff. Oui union acts are
llie best, ellher thc Dutch Set or lbe Multipliers,
FLOUR AND FEED We have just unloaded one car of Purity
J'loui*. One Cm of No, I Timoiln Hay, Une Car Peed, including Oats, whole or crushed, Wheat, Barley, Com, Bran, Shorts
.ool ' Imps. If you require snj of these, let us quote you prices,
We Can Save Vou Money.
MacKenzie Avenue
You Who Are Constantly Travelling
What Protoct.on Hnvo You in Cave of ACCIDENT Dy boi or Land 7
Drop iii ami we will  explain  our Improved .Gold   Bond
Accident Policy, double liability, onlv costing £3U s yesr,
-    • n life and $10,000 double liability, paying ?'-.->.iw
weeklj indemnit;.
to be present at u meeting tu be beld
.it the V.M.C.A. on .Mon.lay the 5th
.ast.. at  8:30 p.m.
R,   D.   McDonald lm-  move.I   bis bar
■ii shop to tiie uew location In the
i'. Uurns Block. TbeM tonsorial parlors ia their new quarters will rank
among the best in tbe interior.
Results bi McGill Medio!ne are oul
and Mr.  Fred  Urquhart of this eity,
i .-  mcce ded aod taken 8rd place in   j''"^
tbe year,  making aggregated honors
on all subjects.
be will reside In future. Mr. and Mrs.
Watson will in* greatly missed by
their many Irlends winch Ihey bave
mii'ii* during their short residence
Mr. C. it. llradiey. managei "1 lhe
Bdmonton plant  of  tin'  Bwlll   Cana
ih.in Company,  Ltd.,  accompanied
Mi    c.   Strotr,  "f  Winnipeg,  getieml
manager "f tn,' SwKI  Canadian i'om
Canada,  have been ■■
I'UHin.'S-   ;u   town   f"i    tb,*   lisl      few
Of Committee Interviewing Mr.
i    J. G.  Bnry, Vice-Frjs.   and
General Manayerof C.P K.
Revelatoke,   B.C.,   Jun    li.   I'U
rill    In iu-:: .al   i "iiinuttoi*.
Uev, .
Revelstoke, it.
Hear   Sir-.-.—Vour     committee   ap -
point* Mr.  il   J. 1
.  general     manager
v met
,i    June 18th on 'he  of Skeena Crossing,  secretar]  •*!
lawn  of  the  residence  recently  occu -   V.M.C.A.   ,n  tiie  conl
The Ladies' Auxiliary ol 8t. .f"hn's,   ii. Thomson, secretary ol :':•■
i-hurr! I  tbeir annual    luwn '' troal   Y.M.C.A.,  and   I'll    Morrison       m ai   Eb
f   th'
s:an.lp*     *      . b y  further
- .-TOUr.il-
higb  -chool  principal,  on  I '■■•   - »Wch,   nt   •.'    .,-
..'.  .-, resolution | s
■   ■
projects, ut
in thta di»-
p wl   ij   M-   Wai tei noon    an 1
e'eninp.     Batnl  in attendance.
The   K."- '*.. .:.'■'    ni""
th>-.r  new     offices on  McKensle
■ ■'.  this  week.   These
■ -'"fully     arrange .1
ag tbi most highly appoin
with  Secretary Thoma
elstoke   V.M.C.A.
'I'h.* school  ni*-'"     havi
the resignation oi     Mis
_m I to the  eflect  "that it   is    i.  '
'   M ' ki •   Ltd ntercsts of the student ■
movi    •,*    theii   ne*  *iu.ir principal   be  employed,     fti       &*
SZt   »eek.   the)   ..:>•  n.'W   instal- ,,tiltl,|     ■,),,,,        \|r      p
-i .t .■ counters  and    one t,aII,i,.,i  ln  nis rettgni
if     tb>      !•       -•      '     Ml..    •*•• .   .      itOrS  -    - ,   ,t        *       ,|;,.     j,;^!,     ..
The   annual   meeting   * .'   I'l   R >'*i
»tok'   Diet!   -     .■■ '.  .
■ .      ■
Irom   I
■   -
faded bi   •.;,.  I. W. W.I
that   be  I
Tin   following telegram   i  - .- .,**. h* •**«
.*i    v  the  I'l.'Sii.nt   'f t.n' li. * .1-. *f   iware th»y     w«re nol
Trade recently from   P    nlei   Ml. -„i   ,n  ,hlt  ,||t-h
•  ri.-,.  B.C.. June ' ■  ■■     | ■•    *,' mate I
■   Boar i ' f Trad     Reveletoke   B
w  i   '   -Took up nw'-' * • •:.
McKensIa  when here   Tueada)    under •        )H railway renard
sto.'.l   (rom   bim r,.m
be . ,  ..,. : Bg  )60,
I        -' ■     .n  t
workers n
for tbeee gj
in- .   ,*'■!*, .    '**   111..-'
O   |,.l
....     R    McBl
Panama Conference at Uivj
What preparations are being made
by the people of Hevelstoke lo take
part in the Panama ('anal confercnen
at Oaigary '.'
Has the Board of Trade, o" tbe
city Council, or the Progress t'lub,
been making any preparations to
send u delegation to Oaigary to take
part In the conference and to tell
the people of Alberta and Snska cue
wan about tbe Columbia Hiver grain
route from Kevelstoke to the I'acilic.'
ll is imperative that something
should lie done at once. Ucle;,i' IS
■bould I*.' appointed as soon ns I*os-
sibb—so as lo allow them time to
collect sufficient information and
data as will be necessary to enable
them to prepare their brief so as to
put Up a ntrong plea for Uevelstoko
In its case against Vancouver, and
other const cities in tbe discussion,
that will take place as to the advantages and disadvantages of the vnr-
ious  routes  under consideration,
Not only will it l>e necesary for the
Revelstoke delegates to familariw
themselves as to the merits und demerits of the Columbia River route,
so as to be able to defend their cluim
to ihe superiority nt thut route, but
they will nlso have to know viry
much about the other routes under
I ration, so ns to he in a posi-
:.' carry the war into Bgypt, as
II were, and attack their weak points
to Revolstoke*.- advantages.
No -ton,, must Ire left unturned by
the Revelatoke delegates In order to
make as strong a case as possible for
the I '..lumbia  River  r
N" doubt bui our claims will lie
ably supported by the delegates from
Kelson and  tbe   le [i om  Port
land, who will       there to overcome
land  liar,  down  all  opposition..  We
must not fail lo ,,'  . n e 'ilo* in aa
•ires  to  •..•cure   the      assistance      .md
■*■  • these powerful allies
from  Portland,   .is     they  bold     the
"K,*..-   ■ 'h*   whole   situation,
and  :c.  the ir destiny.
make   ,    ti  ng     appeal * ilberta    and
itchewan   and  ask  f-,r  their  as -
..ti,-,n   in  tho dc -
meat ot I ., nvcr water-- *                        - 'i.   • me    • n
tbem 'Hat   !,*   doing
• •* -i. tbeir
»lll  provide
•   ...     .   • hi DD
m       r   ton oi     freHrbt  (taking
to   '»"rk
pnv -
•  given only
\mer • rrum
doil,, sS      iii
It   mus" •   ,
"iy  2*f,7     mil***-*--
I'.  Burns & Co.     lost    a valuable
horse    lust   night,   The causa being
City  Water  mny   only   lie   used   for
Dawns,   Ute,  between  tho  Hours    of
li  lo '.I a.m.  and  li to llp.m.
This Order  will   be rigidly enforced,
and  all  otlondors  prosecuted.
By  Order,
Cily  Clerk.
llii; Bend travellers please take notice thut my place at Oarrna Creek,
on Bi'g Bend Trail, has l«eu closed
Dated  June  ith,  1912.
Some niie residences nml building
lots, Rood bargains, eas) terms.—H.
N   Coursier.
MEN WANTHU-Kor Sawmill, Yard,
Camps, $2.50 to $3.00 per day. -
Apply oith'.'r in person or by letter
to the Adams River Dumlier Company,   Chase.   B.C.
KOR HADK—The following Solid Oak
Dinning room furniture:—1 round
extension table, leather uph ilstored
chairs, Bullet, writing desk; also
oue bed sola, 2 spring coushes,
carpets, pictures, etc. Apply to Mrs
Ooo.  Black,  oext door  to drill  hall
We tiave a few Screens, Doors and Windows left
at Prices never before offered to the public. Owing
lo large shipments of Hardware coming in daily,
we are obliged to sell these at a sacrifice to make
i 'onm, and, as well, it is a pleasure to us to give our
patrons a chance to buy at less than Eastern prices.
Screen Doors, Regular $3.00 Now $2.15
" " "      2.25 Now    1.65
" " "      2.00 Now    1.45
1.75 Now    1.35
Screen Windows, Reg...30c Now...20c
35c Now.. .25c
45c Now... 35c
Complete wiih Springs, Hinges. Door Pull, Hooks and Eyes
Come Early, They Can't Last Long
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Agents for Minerva^Paints and Chancellor
Ranges—the best on the market
JUNE 29th, 1912
Week of June 24th
Plan ai Macdonald's Drug siorc
j jews' imrc; stork
: I
"bargains iin soap
iVn/o Glycerine,  .
Elderflower & Cucumber
oum e Cakes fnr .-"v.
lr.-ni tl to K excellent
Well Known Books
at 75c. rach     3 for $2
" Tlu* Inner Shrini '
" Tin- Sj|uhu  M.i li
" 'llu* Harriet '
•' The Sllvei 1 i"i■ !■
" I'n
*■ Rppjlci
■' Tin-1 rHs "
law ■*»■-""
Smart Clothing for Summer Months
DERBY AND SOF l   ll \TS   in latest
.md sha|
WE SPE( I \II/I'   in  Men        *   ■ ,  striped,
fancy oi corded, frnm $t up.
Late Spring Suits and O
Drop in when passing and  ^rr our  l»rge stock
and patterns i" suit the most I * tidiout.
Fii-Reform Clolliinfj        Sielson Ha(» Foot-Rite Shoes
Others Are Making Money!  Why Not You?
Jubt read of a few instances of how successful our clients have been in recent
investments recommended by us.    We   made for one   Revelstoke  man   in  five
weeks on
A Cash Outlay of $375; A Net Profit of $475
Another client, investing i 20, made a net profit of $IOO 111 foil' weeks, and
two other men in six weeks on an outlay of $285 each, made a net profit of $205
each.    We have made good money for t li      Kevelstoke businessmen.
Last week we sold out thc balance of our 17s dollar lots in Moose Ja*v and
have secured a few more closer in at the original price of $200 each, which our
s.ilcs manager, who has just returned from Moose Jaw, informs us is at least $,so
under market value. Two new railroads, locating in llie east end, aie causing
big advances and fte are expecting a big price advance very shortly.
These Lots arc Only Cue and a Quarter of a Mile East of Post Office.
They Are Recommended By Us As a Bargain
AT   $200  EACH
We Can Make Money for You if You Buy Here
Terms,-0ne Fifth Down, Balance Over 18 Months
Local Agency, Home Loan and Contract Co.
E. Or. FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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