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The Mail Herald Mar 15, 1911

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Array 1
t» ' '        '     ■       N*.
"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $601
Interior Publisnmg^Co./Agfs.
2l l9i,    ■>
Visiting Cards
Interior Puolishing Company
Vol. 17-No  19
$2.50 Per Year
Lawrence Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
\ My**-»*««fa«»»**ra*»ras»^^
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Ot*i*t:o .Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 ^30,000.00
5,5i>w, jOO.OO
Branches or Aborts al all principal points inJCanada.
Agenda in firent Britain and Unitea States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Ohicrt-go- F nt National Bank, Cum Ex-
t'hange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits ot $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   CorreHpondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
p. gums & Company. £td.
Ladies' Dress Skirts
A   Shipment just arrived from the East
Also Ladies' White Dresses.
Mrs. A. G, Crick, t First Street
The Lenten Season
We woliltl like to supply your wnnt« lot tlie Lenten Season
t inr Goods -|" ik Iiii llieuiselvi a,
Reliable Fresh  Ekkn.  l»'iliti|f tit'  poaching,   per dozen
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Salmon, Red Bockeye, 2 tins lur
Sardines in tomato sauce. 8 tins for  -
Pears, Peaches or Apricots in heavy syrup, 3 lb. tins   -
All Orders Deliverered
John Mclntyre Sir Son
Power Plant to be Paid for and Machinery for
Building Permanent RoadsJs Needed-
By-laws are Submitted
The city council needs $!>'.l,(Klfl, nnd
they need it right nwny. At n mcet-
Ing on Saturday afternoon every
member present decided it would bc
a good thing to get thin power plant
business ofl their hands lor good nnil
all. Disgusted with the whole thing
ol course, they were, but the conditions ns they exist now must be
faced. The music has been played,
the dance is over, nnd the piper must
be paid—that is the attitude the
council seemed to assume.
Just where they stood anil how
much money was needed to pay ofl
thc indebtedness on the mismanngcil
power plnnt was the vexed question.
There is still a considerable sum com
ing to Mr. Newman, and here is
where the difficulty arose. Mr. Newman claims he is entitled to certain
sums antl the council alter legal novice, claim tnat Mr. Newman is not
legitimately entitled to these sums.
Accordingly with their heads together, with furrowed brows and worried
expressions the councillors figuratively tore their hair in an attempt to
tigure out just what sum would be
required In order to justify them in
taking the rag and cleaning thc
power plant trouble ofl the municipal
slate. With pencil and paper they
figured it out over antl ovor again.
They revised these figures and again
revised them and finally decided that
the sum of $35,000 would be sufficient
to clean off the whole thing and
leave a little for contingencies that
may arise in the wiping out process.
There were a number of thin;s to
be considered at the meeting, as
Mayor Hamilton explained at the
rail to order. "There is an account
against Mr. Newman which Mr.
Smith asked us to prepure." he said,
"there is the amount of money required to complete the work at the
Power plant; there is the qucstit.n as
to whether the cost should cover the
building of a new Hume; and there ie
the question as to whether it would
be advisable to purchate road ma-
be advisable to purchase road ma-
"This last question," he said,"had
been before the people before. but
on account of other bylaws being on
the tapis at the samc time thc people voted against it. Now I believe the story would he told differently as the citizens realize that we
must do something tor permanent
streets. We must have the road machinery in order to do this permau -
ent work and it is absolutely necessary that we discuss this question
in an impartial way with a view to
our own present needs and those of
our future citizens. At times our
roads are in a deplorable condition,
and it is up to us to do something."
With this premonition of what the
meeting was called for, the Mayor
closed with the remark "Now let us
get busy." And accordingly every
member ran his fingers through his
hair and got busy.
What'll wc do with this accouut of
Newman's, was the Mayor's first
question? And he answered it himself as he laid thc delicate morsel aside: "Oh well wc can't do anything
with that as we haven't got nny
money to pay It.
The next thing to bc considered is
how much do wc need to pay off the
power plant Indebtedness?
This of course was the signal for n
i-i i at deal of hurrying nn.l scurrying
niter books, papers, documents and
what not. Pencils were requisitioned nml sharpened, paper was in M-
manil, thc councillors furrowed their
brows adding and subtructing, and
alter a laborious hour or so arrived
at a decision that "we had better
ask the people to vote $35,0(1*0 for the
completion of the plant."
"Now let us get down to this new
flume biiBincssl" the mayor remarked. "Do we need it or do we not,
it is for you to decide? Alderman
Cowan, what do you think about
Alderman Cowan, after a few moments consideration thought it would
be a wise thing lo leave It alone
Bt present In consequence of new conditions. He thought last year that
two flumes could have been built for
the price of one, but they were not
built, Very shortly he thought the
lity should be taking up the question
ul A new design in the power plant
and Until then he wns of the opinion
we could get along all right with the
new flume that we have, and at thc
|s„me time fix up the old flume. We
will not require to use thr old
Hums perbeps more then a lew week*
in the year and wc could rebainl it
and fix it up at a cost ol perhaps
a few hundred dollars, so thftt it
would answer the purpose. 1 would
bc in favor of leaving il at present,
after fixing up thc old flume, until
we take up the new design which will
cost perhaps $75,COO or $80,000.
How long do you think it will bc
before we rcyuire this new design ?
asked Alderman  Abrahamson.
Oh perhaps three or four years, ans
wered Alderman Cowan.
Well, blankety, hlankety, remarked
Alderman MeKinnon, who just dropped in from snow shovelling at the
rink. I hope it will not he ten or
fifteen years before  we need it.
Alderman Abrahamsun, what do
you think about, this new Hume? the,
mayor demanded.
Well, your worship, wns his response. I am very much in favor
of1 this new pipe line, but in looking
over thc figures I believe I will
change my mind. 1 h ipe to0 it will
lie ten or fifteen years before we
need this new design.
I Aid. Cowan—If thc old council had
started right in with the new "design
I believe wc would have been money
ahead. The old power bouse and
Hume have got to go, that is certain, aud it is only a question of
Alderman Barber expressed himself in favor of the scheme as outlined  by Alderman Cowan.
Mayor Hamilton—Tbe question is
can we get the contract with the 0.
P.R.  without this new Hume?
Alderman Cowan was pretty certain we could if thc old flume was repaired. "At the most," he Baid,
"they will only require 35 or •W
horse power."
Alderman MeKinnon was strongly
of the opinion that the city should
have the new Hume, and moved that
a by-law be put to cover the cost of
the new Hume, namely $15,000.
Alderman Cowan asked the mayor
—Would you make provisions for the
extensions of the lighting system
asked f0r by the petition of a number of ratepayers a few     weeks ago?
Mayor Hamilton—If it will pay us
to do this we will, but if not I don't
think  we should.
Alderman MoKinnon's motion that
the bylaw include the new Hume, seconded by Alderman Abrahamson was
voted on, the yeas and nays being
taken as follows:—
Yeas— MeKinnon, Abrahamson and
Nays—Alderman Cowan.
Mr. Cowan explained afterwards
that he was thoroughly in favor of
voting thc money for the completion
of thc new plant, but not for the new
Cliairmnn Abruhainson of the board
of works then put iu his report advising the purchasing of a stone
crusher, a ten ton roller, the putting
up of machinery and repairing quarry, the purchase uf scrapers, motors,
etc, for permanent road work, and
strongly recommended thut they be
secured at once.
Alderman Cowan enquired as to
Whether it would lie advisable to dig
out the roads now and put jn macadam anil a lew years later to dig this
out again t0 put in pavemt'iit or
some other form of rond work.
Mayor Hamilton advised tho question t that the work proposed to be
done with this new machinery would
never bave to be t"in out again.
"Whatever Is put in now," be said,
" would be permanent work and
would be n foundation lor more improved bitulithic pavement, such as
Is strongly recommended in Eastern
This satisfied Alderman Cowan and
In fact tho whole council, and the
lollowing motion carried unanimously:—
Moved by MeKinnon, seconded by
Tarljcr, that a bylaw for $11,090      to
purchase   machinery for    permanent
roads be submitted  to the people.
It was movctl by Abrahamson, and
seconded by Barber, that Court of
Revision on the Assessment Roll be
held on April Kith, at 7 o'clock ln
the evening.
Moved by Cowan, seconded by
Barber, that Alderman AbrabnmBtm,
Barber, MeKinnon, Sibbald und
Mayor Hamilton bc the Court of
Deputy Minister and Chief Engineer Have Been Selected-
Will Have Large Staff
Victoria, B. C, March 10.—Thomab
Tnylor, Revelstoke's representative
in the legislature was today, formally sworn in by Lieutenant Governor
Patterson, as British Columbia's first
minister of railways, there being
present at the informal ceremony
Premier McBrlde, Hon. Dr. Young,
anil Hon. W. It. Rosb, each of whom
extended congratulations to tlicir
popular colleague upon the augmentation of his responsibility. It is
the intention of the minister to proceed forthwith to a systematic organization of the new department over
which he will temporarily preside and
tbe expectation is tbat announcements will be made by the end of
the present month as to the iierson-
nel ot the railway department staff.
This will necessarily be an extensive one, its senior members too, being necessarily possessed of wide and
expert knowledge in all matters affecting the construction and opera -
tion of railways. The senior depart
mental officers will be those of deputy minister and chief engineer, for
which positions it is understood that
selections have already been virtually decided upon.
The railway departm: nt as consti.
tute.l by legislation of the just closed session, in view of thc very im-
portnDt and expensive works now in
progress or assured throughout the
province, will probably be in tbe very
near future ono of the hai\lest worked and most important branches of
the provincial service.
All lots in Revelstoke, Vancouver,
Victoria antl New Westminster cities,
nnd in Port Mann snb-dlvlsion, for
Bale by Ohas. M. Field, have been
personally inspected by him.      t.c
Their Treatment a Great Problem
in Canadian Forestry
'The handling of cut-over lands is
the greatest problem in forest protection and forestry'in Canada today.'
Iu these words, taken from Bulletin No. 'J of the Forestry Branch of
the Dominion Department of the Interior (entitled 'Forest Fires in Canada, 1909'), the author, Mr. H. R.
MacMillan, one af tht; assistant Inspector of Forest Reserves, sets
forth one of the chief aims of Canadian forest management.
The danger from these cut-over
lands is two fold. In thc first place
they arc the worst possible menace
to the forests because ol the readiness with which fire starts on them
at the least provocation. After the
lumberman has finished cutting the
timber, there remain3, scattered over
the land, a mass of chips, tree tops
and other debris, whicli gradually
dries out antl in a few months becomes like so much tinder, anil away
match, a spark from a camp-lire, a
lighted cigarette dropped, and away
goes the tinder, and almost with the
speed of thought a Berious fire lias
developed. Perhaps the fire meets
with no worse fuel thnn more of thc
cutting tlebris.
Then thc loss Is not serious, but
even so tho fire may have consumed
much, if not nil, ol thc thin soil
characteristic of some forest regions,
ns.I any possibility ol further tree
growth is lost for centuries, if not
Bhould the tire come to mature and
valuable timber, thc loss from thc de
struction of the timber may be enormous, and in some cases such fires
have reached to the homestead ot
the settler, destroying his crops,
buildings anil other Improvements
I perhaps bis little all) and even tin
mail  life.
The other danger- not so much
appreciated uptll late years, and even now only by a comparative few —
is the hindrance to thc tree seeds and
ihe little trees which this mass ot
litter presents. Even when the Be-wls
fall, they have small chnnce to start
or germinate. Even it they should get
thus fnr, the delicate root encounters
nothing but dead wood, chips or peat
ainl dies frtmi lack of nourishment.
If by any chance a small tree does
spring up it grows with difficulty and
ban great chances ol being swept over and destroyed by the Hre.
Kven during the present year 1910,
mnny forest Arcs have raged ln cut-
over land, those of Soptembor, near
the city ol Vancouver, B. 0., being a
casc in point.
Mr. MacMillan figures thnt for
every foot of timber taken out ol the
forest by the lumbermen throughout
f'nnittla, un avernge of seven feet has
lioen destroyed by (lie. This, if mny
be said, is a lower estimate than has
been made of certain districts of Canada, e.g., tht Ottawa river   valley,
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Paint comes from our Store.
A full assortment o( Alabastine, Furniture Polishes,
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Mouse-cleaning time.
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Fresh Fish Arriving Daily
Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Smelts,
Codlings, Whitefish, Finnan
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iver Herring, Pickled Herring,
Fresh Olympia and Coast Sealed
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s£ o
whore Senator W.C. Edwards, one of
tlie most prominent lumbermen ol the
country, thinks that at least ten
times as much lumlier has been destroyed Iiy the tire as has been taken
tint  by  the lumbermen
Various other topics are discusse,*,
in the bulletin, such as the ebiei
causes of forest fires, the effects of
the tires, in the destruction of timber, the destruction of thc soil, the
interference with the water supply,
ami the clfcct on future tree growth |
and the means of preventing fire*
Anyone interested in these topics and
in forestry matters i-m.-rniiy may
obtain it ropy of the bulletin free of
charge on application to R.H. Campbell, Superintendent ol forestry, Ottawa, Oat,
Fertile, D. C, March 11.—A young'
mnn named Fred Shaw was killed at
the Coal Creek tipple yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock. He was caught be-
between two cars as they were Jammed together and crushed so tbat
he died almost instantly.
An old negro, being naked it thn
water of certain springs wa» pure,
replied "Von'um. Dis ynr water
had been scandalized by de beat
pbrunologers in de land a»d bey
khv. tley do, as how t mu i jiIm teo
parts ol exnide acid*. ti'j parts .•[
cowlionic acide, and Ue balance uqj
'Iui  bydrupbobia—yca»'uu,'» WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15,  1911
't'TTJi!   3VLA.T1CHIUK^-LXD,   ^EVIilluSTOI^in
Gbc flDail-lfoeralfc
SAl'UiiDAY   Al'
Ki.t'ii,ai*ji,t.  11.   C.
Jntertot ipuuiwDiug tfompanU)
Legal notices lo cents per line tirst
insertion, o cents per imo cavh
■suuseyuent insertion, Measurements Nunpuriel \\i lines waive
one inch.j Store und general
business announcements %'i.oti pei
incb per month. Prelorred posi
Uuiis, 2i> per cent, uduitiunai.
liirtlis, Marriages and Deaths, bins
each insertion.
Land notices $7.50, Al. advertisements euoject to llie uppioval oi
llie management, wanted uuo
Condeusc-u Advertisements : —
Agents Mauled, nelp Wanted, Su
Uatious w untetl, Situations V a-
caut, Teachers tvanted, Mechamcb
Wanted, j*j -srords ur less, 2,te,,
eaca aauiuuuai line lu cents.
Luanges il stautuui; advertise
ments uiuac be in uy j a. m.
Tuesday au.i Friday oi eacb ween
to sccu.e good display.
tcr» ut I'uuuc interest. Cum
mumcat.ons lu Editor must ijt
accumpun.tM by name ui ivritel
nut necessarily lur publication,
but as evidence ol good faitn.
Correspondence should he  brief.
Including  pustage  to  England,  United States aud Canada.
By the year ilnrough postotlice)  $-.51
JOB PRINTING promptly executeC
at reasuuahle rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
Gbe flDaU1berau>
WEDNESDAY,  MARCH  1*'..   1911
For 30 Days Only
wiih Bathroom Coniplele and
tilt lot*.it..: , a
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5-Jkomed House j
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Street, modern plumbing-! toi
sale lor
ll you arc looking foi .1
may help you ;>eeure oni* t
house   call   hiii
f these proper! it
Corporation of Lha City 0!'
The Revelstoke General Aqencies, Ltd.
Vie dun't wish to upbraid anybody,
hut f...r goodness sake, If not for
their own sakes, wont somebody uet
at it and boom this city a little i.it-
One week a lellow will drop in here
with a big advertisement from Kamloops. which is good' business for us,
and we r:n it. This fellow rants
and shouts anuiit Kamloops, telling
us all about the in..ney the 0. P. It.
and the C.N.R. and other corporations are Bpending there till wc almost believe Kamloops Is the only
place on the map. Then another
fellow comes along from Merritt and
booms that place till we conclude it
is nip and tick between the two
places as to which would In' the
best place to move our plant to.
These advertisements are nil good
business to us and we run them because we are in business for what
we can get out of it, and not for
our health. Nobody can reasonably
blame us for tbat, and yet we find
people who are su docile and lamblike in business that tbey positively
call us down, with the Intimation
that we are not loyal because we
boom outside places. Goodness only
knows we do our share in boosting
Revelst,.ke. but do you? Only a
week we told In these columns of the C.P.R, Bpending Irom
$1,000,00(1 to $1,500,  iu this section, and the item was published
helter skelter all over the Dominion-
First :t appeared in th( coast papers
then -.n Calgary, then In Toronto ami
the dear uuly knows where it will go
bef..i. the | Ball] Iropa it. and
if that la  • tl     citj      we
wi ..; tiki to mi* w what * * a bright
real estate fellow In Kamloops heard
that the cr.I: ., mere
quarter ol a mill.on  In tl
He t0ok his cue from that and went
around boosting for the cit
ling real estate on  the itrengt
:t.      He la   1* Ing  B  .*
ol it and lor hi de
.ser-t- •-'.• rj "•!.; be can gi I
lHhing a..   -    thai thi  I  i  ;.
-pei. 1 $l,S0O,Oi      n I
I. i i little in pis
<ity ; ■
ratting . '> *
rth. e."t«t' ird of tradt
of aont citj
the city on tl We
don t want
er then
iinless      .■•
tbat.     \
u .■ od  pa id    we
as wei; a   the i
and a- g i a country
the  Intel
"..m     dollat     "v .   *
them and will boost for     R
its all     we aie worth,  b'tl* We don't
want to g" a' banded.Have
you no faith in Revelstoke, Mr. Cit-
ireo" If yon haven'I you had tetter move out, bit ll you have thm
boost for tier. We bave all thf nd-
vantage* th-gl these othei towns have
ami mote t... and besldei timt per
haps wc have „ goo I powei plant
now. Nobody can tell. Mr. Smith, I
ot timitb, Kfrry A Ofaace, MJM      wc I
have ami li.. should know. There is
no reason whatever whj ail oui a.l
vantages should m.t in* coilocte l and
used for a good teal ei mi.* advertise
menl Bomo place, n would pay and
there is nn reason whatever why our
.■ity council Bhould u *i pul aside a
..niiiii sum every yenr tor publicity
purposes. Other en., s .In and tin It
cheerfully. Think ihis over some
night win ii your conscience troubles
vnu antl you can't sleep.
There an. purity experts mil there
are punty pugs. There are those
.tlm study carefplly condition*! us
they exist, then go at thc festering
■.tires which afflict humanity, probe
llieni tn llu* bottom, let tint the |)UB
and prescribe an effectual remedy.
llii'ii there an. those who malign every city where a prostitute exists,
heap execrations mi the heads ..i the
prostitutes themselves and without
rhyme ni* reason, pummel antl pound
nil the "districts" are broken up nml
scattered to the lour corners nf the
eity ami permeate every respectable
street In thai city.
Fortunately Revelstoke lias nol
nr. a burdened « ith site Ial;. t i ..
ami fortunately In*. Ernest Hall tvho
visited ibis city lasl Sunday mil lectured in large audiences, was nol ol
tins latter class. Imi rather nf inr
purity  expert   class. By   Hie  man
ner in w liit'ii li.. linn.He,; his subject,
he is entitled tn that name. Nol
that Dr. Hall was the leasl bit mer
t'iful tn Ins bearers or tn those re
sponsible for Hie existence nl the
proBtitute, fm* lus inik tens *, marvel
nf audBcity In handling B subject usually tiili"iii'.l by society.  His hearers
wen*   all   in.   .1. I   shocked   al        Hie
outset,  but  „ certain callousness set
in after  he  gut  wanned  up an.l then
it   was not   as  bail.      Hr.   Hall  rightly laid Hi*' blame nf tlie existence nf
the prostitute and  the  long    line  .•!
dreaded  diseases that  follow  In their
tram,  at   the  doors  ..f  parents    who
through feigned oi   Ignorant   modesty
neglected     in     teach   then  cbildn a
things they Bhould know.      Tlie sub
n't't Bhould l c treati .1 » iselj an.l well
ny parents jusi   when  it   will *
good, till this i.- don ■ there
hope of   eradical in i ostltute
i.an Bodety.     sh.' has been in existence Bince tiie world began,
long ns malt. .,u.l tenia!.        it      will
she  with us     1*
displaying  tin*  Hag i      and
letting the people know the i
run   in   . : Iti
'!'h..i.   • in*:*   wain ,1   the
is with th.'in .
The doctor km veil.
11*    -.ii*.' *, : hys i   . i
tn   know    it        But   a
m.t   .-..tu.
has u score
recelvii .-
rich,   ■•■'
KOTB '  '
A :
It   , ■
I     .Mis.    1'.   C.    Anslie   will   l: .1    receive
mi Thursday,  the  16th,
(Vatorproof h irse covei a, h.n n * :,
whips, cie.. at.  Bourne's.
j    New  ready to-wear hats  now      on
show at  ('.  B.  I lume &  I ... a  I.t.I.
! Mrs. \Y. 1. Hi Igga (rill ti .1 n*t*t*iv,.
Friday, the 17th.
!■'. Company, R.M.R.'s will com
in. in e drilling tor the aeason tomorrow   night   in  the  drill  h i I.
; .Miss Grant has arrived and taken
charge ol the dressmaking, We guarantee  satisfaction.—McLennan  ,v-  i o.
h. tiallicano i ■ offering one pack .
..I  Cream  Breakfast  food      free      of
'charge to every   purchaser of a
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for nii* week commencing Friday
morning. U. GaUicano, See,m.i St.
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: inke to their     Exhibition of   Wash
il Is and Spring cottons, Thursday
March 16th, all day ami evening,
[lead a r*  i *   - in* til   ai this is
A special matinee will be given by
ihe Allen Players at the Edison theatre ' n Saturday aft* I noon. The
plaj "Hiii ..| lhe Fold" is nne that,
run be enjoyed jusf as much hy the
grownups as by the children. It is
u comedy drama with a good moral
t.. il, and abounds with good clean
cut comedy. Matinee prices will
B\   LAW  No	
A l'.;.' law to enable Ihr I Ioi poi a' imi
nf the City ol Itevelstoke ;,, raise
i*. waj ui I... n Hu. sum ni
$50,000.00 In i.mn,...le Hie work
ni improving and enlarging the
capacity i>[ ih * I.i, ctrlc Light an I
I'tiwel'   Plant  nl   ll* *  City  an i     I,,
provide in connection therewith
ih*' fust ni .a i.,11.11.*, mi additional 'pipe lm .
Whereas the sums ,.: money bore
tofo *.* raised  foi    tl        mi  ...  in, nl
ami  i mm .* -i  I,.    ... ctrlc   In  n
an.l power system ..I i ho City     have
li    i found iu he   ii utlicient to make
an,I complete th.*   i vemi nts   and
a.ulii ..n, thereto ami In order tn
' ompleti lhe works and In piw ide
...i an a.l.hiii nal pipe line il. will he
IICCL'SI in ,V In hn. row I I:.* Bum nf
v :. which sum ih. Council
,n np.. ii - in raise hy the Issue nf debentures secured upon in.* rates i.n.I
. hai pres win. h arc i hat 11 able and enforceable for the use ol w: tei i nd
electric light under tin* "Water and
Eli en ie Light ii* i ial Ion By law
nnd the Muni 'ipal Clauses Act.
And l\ hereas the * I ims ti ; amount
of tbe said rates and charges chargeable mul enforccal * i for I he year
m wliicb this by law is passed Is
And When,is there Is now charged
mi the snid rate an I i ',,i g s the
sum of $4,680.22:
And Whereas th* debt hereby created is on the Becurity of tho Bald
A..'. c and . I.'fli ic I hi rat... and
charges and is further . larantocd by
the  Municipality        * i
Ami W hereas fm the pnj m mt of
ii;.* said principal mt n \ an : nteresl
during the currei o I lie Baid de-
r, in urcs it is ni" ■ ■ irj to sc! a :ide
ami withdraw fi om : iie ni n al cur-
;*, n| revenue dei. * rom ii.l water
nnd elect ric light , a nnd * hai
annually the sum ol -$2,94*1,-'.i , ihe
.* ec lie annual Bum i ** dred for the
payment ol Inte: * *■' h ing ..." ;*:
and for the pn.. mi i.l of the debt
And Whereas tl I mated detlcl -
ency in snid rale.- and charges required to make U]   the amount (.f the
annual  Inferos!  and ■ Inl Ing lund upon the debt hi r iby created 1b nil.
*..*.   Til  n Hi.*   ..inn,i*.|'al  I'niiu
' 11 of ih.. Oorpi rat *■ f the     Oity
H  *  .. I * *e  iii np. ii  meotln r      as
 led fin,, is as follows:
i. II. shall be lawful tor the Mayor
ol  tbe i lorpoi a1   *n of the City     of
iv l i nke lor the purposes and with
the nlijcci ui.ii. aid to borrow on I ho
credit and security of tho Bald rQtes
im i charges by way ol debi ntttroa
i: ti naitei* ment loned from any por
ai ii, persons, lirm. body or bodies
corporate, who may he willing to
a I.,mei the same as a loan, a sum
of monej nol exceeding In tho wholo
the sum of Pify thousand Dollars and
In cause all such sums raised ol' reel Ivod in be paid Into the hands of
: ii * 'I'n usurer ol lhe Corporal Ion of
ilu. City nt Rovolstoke,
.:. II shull ho lawful fur the said
Mayor to cause -iiiy number ,,f debentures to he made, uxocuted nud
Issued for such sum or sums ae may
he roqulred for tho purposes and object  aforesaid t.  exceeding,   bow
ever, i ho i um of Fifty thousand Dol
lars. Such debentures shall be of
; h * di nomination of nne thousand
11.'liars each ami uli ol BUCb deben
i un *■ shall in' sealed with the seal "f
Hi • i'.u *..i'ui Ion of tho City of Revel i.,!.c and signed by lho Mayor and
,  thereof.
.':. The said debentures shall bear
Hi late o i .* day hereinafter named
for the taking ei'u 11 of this hj -law
an I ; hnll  be payable in Fifty   years
■ * the Bald dale in lawful money
... i a .-.la al. Lhe ofllce of The Mol-
*■ a Bi nk at Revelstoke aforesaid,
which said place ol paynienl, shull
be designated by the said debentures
and i h di I ntui..; shall h ive attach
ed to them coupons tor tha paynunl
ol inti ri .-I, a il iin' signature to I lie
In ircsl coupons may be eibh r writ-
i .1  ,*i .*..i,  stamped or lilhographnd
l. 'I l.e sai.I dob. nturoB shall bear
in' \ti sl   at the rale of live per conl,
■ .* n in [rom date thereof which
Inti rest * hnll he paid semi-annually
nt the office of The Molsons Hank at
Ri vi Istokc aforesaid in lawful money
nl Canada on the day
ol mil mi the day
nf respectively in each
and every year .luring the currency
tli roof and   .1   Bhnll  be expreasi .1  In
.i  i del .i.i ui s and coupons to      be
■ *  payable.
.".. li. shall he lawful for tho Mayor
of the said t'n:;'.uai ion to negot lal e
an ' .- ill i h.' m!*. li bt ni urea or any
. I them for li *■■ than par, but in no
all the Bald deb ml urea or an ,
of them he Bold for I is Hi.ni inn ity
two and one-half per centum (031)°'
the face value Including the cosl nf
.uie mil brokerage and nil other
necesBary expenses.
6.   For     the     payment of the said
debt there ..hull be i el aside and
withdrawn each year during Lhc cur-
rency of'said debentures from the annual eurront revenue of the Municipality as derived trom the said waler
ami electric Ugh! rates nn.l charges
the sum nl $443.80 nnd such sum
.'.h mi he transferred from the annual
current revenue account and be paid
uilu ii special account to form n
sinking fund tor the purpose nun
liiilieil herein.
7. For the purpose of paying the
Interest upon the said debentures as
same becomes due and payable there
shall he set aside and withdrawn
each year during the currency of said
debentures from the annual current
revenue of thu Municipality ns du-
iiw',1 iiiiui said water and electric
light rales and chargoa th*' sum of
I $2',5CO.00 which num shall be trans
[erred trom the annual account for
such purpose and to be disbursed as
ami when lhe instalments ol Intorest
become duo.
s. During the currency ol said do
I,nil.res 111,', sai.l laics and chargoa
to the oxl ni aim i*snid shall not form
part of the annual royenuo of the
ii. ll shall be lawful inr liie Municipal Council ol the Bal'd Corporation
to repurchase nny of the sai.l do
l.ni res upon such terms aa may
he agreed upon with the logal bolder
or holders thereof, either at the
I nne ul sale or al any BUbsequcnl
linie, ami ali debentures bo repurchased shall bo forthwith cancelled nr
.I.mi nn "il an.l nn reissue nf tl.'l.i n
turcs shall he made in consequence of
such repurchase.
l.. is addll lonal Becurity Hie credit nf the Municipality at huge is
hereby pledged tor ibe payment nf
the annual intorest an.l sinking fund
required tor i lie oxl Inguishmi nt of
Hie .iill i rented ny I ms hy law and
Hie Municipality hereby guarantees
paynienl  uf the same.
11. Tils by law shall como into
fol'Co aal lake eltecl mi lhe day nfter
the ri; in I passim; and adoption tlicrc-
*:  i.\  tin' Council.
1". This by-la,v shall botore the
kail passing Cur,'nf receive the as-
scnt of ilu' ratepayers nf Hie Corpor-
tlon ne: ni .lim; in lhe provisions nf
mil in Hie manner proscribfd hy tli*'
M  nicipal  Clauses  Art.
13. This hy law may lie cited fur
all purposes as lhe "Water mul Electric  Light   Hales  I,nun  Ily law  No	
1911." ...
Rend ik licit, lime the Uth day of
March, 1911.
Read a seem,| time lhe I Ilh day of
March, 1911.
Read a third lime Hie I lib day ol
Manh. I'.'H, mai passed with the
unanimous consent nf the Council.
Reci :te.I  the assent  nl the electors
(1 IV   nf
DRUNKENNESS   CAN    IH   it inn
i   >•
old fallacy  i n.n  I > •     .* , u - - i ...
lie ( ur. .1   I.*.. il.
th.*  h.tl   •      u .
■   ■
the           ^^^^^
Reconsidered,   adopted
passed the Council  the .
City Clerk
ami finally
 duy of
i fc
,    /
Take notice tbat the nbove is a
true copy .if ihe proposed hy law upon which lhe \.'i.' "f lh" Municipality
will he taken at the City Clerk's
Office, City Hall, corn?r Second
Street ami McKenzie Avenue, RevelBtoke, H. ('.. on Monday, March 27th
mil, between the hours of '.i o'clock
a.m., and 7 o'clock  p.m.
Clerk of the Municipality.
Corporation of the City of
-St. Patrick s in
ii      nn's Rem
Wi   l'i:, Itei    il.    ..I   *n   .■ .:(   he   held at
l I,      Mull
:;t>    April   IVth.
Look    in     a1     ii* carpel
■j h* re an      mi
bai ':* I
Shi/o/is Cure
qniekly Nlop^ t titi-ele.,  enr-r*. « nl.l ■.   Ittntr
tbc   thro-nl ami   Iiiiieil  -    .    -   '2A < onta.
wini  1* ill have then
i i.
Dated March  15th,  nn
,,t Donald Mi Ii
*    .llm    nf   Iln*   I.n. i    Will
1 hurch
Edison Theaire, FnJay, March   1 7th
ResRivcil  ! "ats $1.     Admission  75c.     Children  50c.
■ ild's ] li us Store
$9,000.00      FOB     STREET
Wbereaa it   is     deemed     expedient
Hint  Hie  strei t.* ..I   llle ( ily   he       i III -
proved and fur the carrying   out of
such Improvements tn purchase neces-
. ,.i v 11.u.i making machinery.
Ami Wbereaa a petition has been
pi. . nie.i tn i he Municipal Oounoll nt
ih,. tiiy nt Revelatoke signed by the
: • l owners uf ut lenat. one-tenth
in value nf ihe real property within
ilm City uf Revolstoke nn shown on
the l,i i revised Assessment Roll of
Hi .ml City requesting thut, u bylaw he Introduced for ihe purpose of
authorising tbo borrowing by the
.uiil <ioiporatmn nl the Biimo ot Nine
tho :  i    '     WW.00) Dollars lm* the
above mentioned:
Anil   Win lea.    the   whole   iiiiii.iint  o!
ihe ratable property within the said
Oity ..f Revelatoke according to   the
IukI  ii        !   I    ei-snient Hull    is   the
■UO  nl JI.Mt.n.vM.tX):
Ami Wbereaa .t will be necesaaryto
raise annually hy special rate miiilc-
lenl  therefore tbe sum ol IBM.W fur
paying     the     said debt and interest
Now Therefore Hie Municipal Oounoll "f Hi.. Corporation of tbe City of
Ravelttoke in '.pen meeting assembl-
icl   ii ■ follows;
1. It shall he lawful for tbc Mayor
of tbc Corporation ol tbe City of
Revelatoke for tbe purposes and with
lhe object nfm. sai'd to borrow nu
the cicilii of the Municipality by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned
from ni iv poison, persons, linn, body
nr bodies corporate, who may be
willint; i.n advance the same us u
In.in, a sum of money, not exceeding
ni llie whole tbe mini of Nine thousand Dollars, and to cause all such
Minns sn raised or received to be
Paid Into the hands of tho Troasuror
ol the Corporation ol the Oity of
-. It. shall be lawful for the Muyor
nf the suitl Corporation of tho City
uT Revelstoke to cnuse nny number
of debentures to be mado, executed
and issued [or such sum or sums ns
unit he required for the purposes and
object aforosald, not exceeding, how-
over, ih.. hu in ni Nina thousand Unl-
Inrs. Such debentures shnll bo of
tho denomination of Hue thousand
li..Mars each and all of Bticb debentures shall be soaloil Willi tllO seal
|of the Corporation ol tbe City of
Revelstoko nud signed by tbe Mayor
mi.I Clerk thereof.
■ i. Tin: suid dobontlires shull bear
tho diile nf tho day borolnaftor named for lhe Initio : eili'i'l. nl this bylaw and Bhall bo payablo In Flftoon
years trom the said dato In lawful
in ii',, of Canada at the ollice of the
Molsons Hank al Rovolstoke aforesaid, winch said place ol pnyinenl.
■ bull he doslgnatod by the snid debentures, und the debentures shull
have attached tn thorn coupons lor
the payment of Interost, and the
signature to lhe interest coupons
mny ho either written, printed,
stamped or lithographed.
I. Tho said debentures .shall bene
Intorest at the rate of live per cent.
,, i ui ii iiii from tho dato thereof,
which Interest shall be paid seini-
uiinual'ly at tho ofllco of Tha Molsons
Bank at Rovolstoke aforesaid in lawful in. uey nl Canada on the
day of and on the dny
ii,' respectively In   each
.ni I overy year during tho curreuc;
thereof aud it shall he expressed iu
sul'd del.i nt urcs and coupons to he so
5. li shall he lawful fm the Mayor
of the said Corporation to negot late
and sell the said ileiienlurcs or any
of ili *in tor le is than pur, but In no
case shall the sail debentures or any
nf them he Bold for loss Ihun ninetj
I tvn nn.l one half per centum (92) I of
the face value Including Iho enst of
sale an.l brokerage and all other
necessary expenses.
c. There shall be levied and raised
in each year during Hie currency nf
saiil debentures lhe sum nf Four hundred nnd fifty ($450.(W') Dollars for
the payment ...' interest nn.l Knur
hundred and Eighty-three nnd Eighty
Inin   nne hiindre.lt.is . , . „.M)  Dollars
tor the payment of the sai'd debt under the snid debentures by a special
rate sufficient therefor nn nil tbo
ratable real property in the said
7. it shall be lawful for tbc Municipal Council nf the sai.l Corporation
to repurchase any of the said debentures upon such terms ns may bc
agreed upon with the Legal holder or
ladders there, .f, anl all debentures 80
repurchased shall be forthwith enn-
... II *,l nr destroyed un.l no reissue of
lebenturea -hall he mado in conse-
quence of sin b repurchase.
s. This by-law shall come Into
force an.l take affect mi thc day after
tbe linai passing an.l adoption thereof by the Council.
ti. This by-law shall before the final passing thereof receive tbe nsscnt
of tbc ratepayers of the Corporation
according to the provisions of and in
tbe manner prescribed Iiy the Municipal Clauses Act.
Read a tirst time tbc llth day of
March, 1911.
Read a second time the llth tiny of
March, 1911.
Head n third tune the llth day of
March, mil, ami passed with the
unanimous consent of the Council.
Received the assent ol tbc electors
the day of l'Jll.
Reconsidered, adopted and finally
passed the Council the duy
of mil.
City  Clerk. Mayor.
Take notice lhal the above is a
true copy nf the propused Uy-lnw,
upon which Hie vote ol the Municipality will he taken nt the City
Clerk's Office, City Hall, corner Sec-
mid Btreet und McKenzie Avenue,
Rovelstoke, B, O., mi Monday, March
J7th,   I'.HI,     bet ween    lhe  hmirs  ot  9
o'clock a.m. ami 7 o'clock p.m.
Clerk of Hu* Municipality.
AT   GOLDEN,    11. C, FOR THE
Seitbii Tenders ure Invited for the
erection nf Six Chalets of Swiss design at the 0. P. R, Swiss Village,
"Edelweiss" nenr Qolden, u. C.
Hlitiis and Specifications may bo
obtained on application to the undersigned. All applications must bo
accompanied by a certilletl cheque for
Jlu.iiO, which will be returned on tho
receipt of bona title tender and the
return of tbe plans antl spccitlcations
Tenders nre to be delivered not
later than 9 a.m. on Saturday, April
1st, 1911, addressed to
Manager,     Irrigation.     Alberti*
and 1). C.  HantlH, Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Calgary
Tbe lowest or any tcudcr not necsa-
sarily accepted, THE    MAIL-HEEALD,    KEVELSTOKE
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Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of thc World.
At all Branches. \ Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PP.ATT Manager.
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
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SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., O.C.L., President
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
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Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates.    Rates will be quoted on
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Abrahamson Bros., Props.
proved.    First-Class In every respect.    All modern convenience'
Larue Ham pie Rooms.
Special Weekly Rates
Rat o $2.00 per day
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Bicycle antl (inn work impr. i.ilty
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GIN PILLS Brought Re laf
"I suffered untold misery ev n when
umler treatment from the l« .1 doctors
for over ten luontlis.uud nothing seemed
to do me any good or relieve in, painful
condition. My trouble wus ^.animation of Kidneys and Bladder,
I finally determined to go to the . ictoria
Hospital, Halifax ,fortreatment,
Two days, however, before niv intending departure, a neighbor called and
happening to have a GIN VI ,i. in
bis pocket, Insisted on my taking it. I
did so antl six hours after Inking it, lbe
results and benefits I derived " "re
simply notbing more or less than mil ac-
nlous. Instead of going to the hospit il,
I sent for a box of GIN PILLS witli .he
result that I am a curetl man, I recommend GIN PILLS to everyone suffering
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LBWIS MacPiikiison.
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Dept W.,    Toronto. gj
rSavelour Money,
-feinmence How!
We want evoyoado know
ftjat we are paying -
c~4/v Interests
peranum credited mttilf
on savings Jtepo3ite($1-
& aymty subject Withdrawal by cheque & *
^ 5£ Interest"^
on trnie deposits of*
§np mow\h k over. -
Wc invest mouy for clients
m first mort#ig;x,yoa
^snewl-fihancial business.
wc vranVMar saving accnt
& iVyou are 1101 saving *
f.y.sTcmaTicallY', ---•*•
fonmeuce NOW Willi U3.
Deposits If mail ^^T>
*** easily lian^leJ —
"YofTcan send byfrraff,
Post Office + Caress
Oricr or Re&stereo*-^
Leitcr \ wijhdrawato
can be roaife + ■•"+"? ■♦
- * any way you wish.
Ware Responsible
Refer to +V+ * .*
or to anyone in *
Write ua about ttyay
321 flambie Street,
^Vancouver B.C.^
•Sealed TcntlcrB are nvited lor the
erection of Six CbuletK of Swiss design at the C. P, It. SwiKs Village,
"Utleltveiss"  near Golden,  B,  0.
Plans and Specifications nmj be
obtained on application to t : under-
ni(;nod. All applications mus. bc
accompanied by a certified cheque Tor
$10.00, which will bc returned on the
receipt of bona title tender and tho
return of the plans ami ipeclfloatione
Tenders aro to be delivered not
later than 9 a.m. on Saturday, April
1st, 1911, addressed to
Manager,     Irrigation,     Alberta
and B. 0. Lands, Canadian Pacilic Railway Company, Ca'lgary
Tbc lowest, or nny tender not necessarily accepted.
Port Arthur hockey team will go to
Ottawa today to meet the champions
for tbe Stanley cup.
An artificial loe rink will be es
tubliKlied  In  Vancouver at a cost of
Judge Etly has issued an order (or
the Bale of tbe Crystal Palacel hut
gave to the defendants leave to ap-
Tho old Industrial school at St.
Bonilace  was  totally  destroyed      by
lire on Friday afternoon last.
It is understood that Hon. It. P.
liolilin, premier ol Manitoba, will
attend the Coronation ceremonies.
Five thousand persons vigorously
protested against reciprocity in Mas-
sey Hall, Toronto.
Tho new passenger steamboat being
built at the ('.P.R.     shipyards     at
Nukusp,   will   be   in  COUDtiSSlon       by
July lit.
Thc estiniatTs for New Wcetminster
will probably include a sum for motor wagons tor the Ure department.
Bui,ding permits to the value of
$54,000 were issued 111 New Westminster.
One hundred and twenty lives were
lost in a moving picture show tiro in
St. Petersburg, Russin. Most of
these were children.
The Perc Marquette railroad, recent
ly acquired by the Morgans, will
spend  $1,000,OHO  in  equipment.
A million dollar lire swept the city
of Minneapolis, wieh tbe possible loss
of two lives.
A new park site has been oflcred
the city of Vernon by one of its real
estate tirms.
Money has been raised in Vancouver for launches for thc use of Methodist ministers on Arrow and Slocan
A   violent  cyclone  rag«d  in
land, Australia!
A  post ollice has
Three Forks, B. C.
bi-'cn opened      at
The body of Theodore R. Pearson,
a well-to-do Canadian farmer, was
found in the mud Hats at Seattle.
Free trade does not Hecm to interest Americans at all, says Colonel J. White, of Woodstock, its annexation they want.
An avalanche crushed ninetten work
men at Liflis, Russia.
Father Bellot predicts that there
will be trouble among tbe Indians of
the north this sunmi'T owing to oppressive legislation, and he th.nns
an uprising would be justincd.
The Grand Orange Lodge in session at Darrie, Ont., oppose home
rule for Ireland.
The Board of Trade of Victoria is
agitating for an observatory in that
Wm. Schwitzer, father of John T.
Schwitzcr, chief engineee of the C.P.
R., who died a short time ago, was
so grieved over the loss of his     son,
that he tell
and died.
a victim to     pneumonia,
Moving Pictures tonight.
Abe Ruef, convicted for the murder of Polico otliter Hitues, ol San
Francisco, has commenced his life
The Kingston Presbytery discussed
church union aad approved thc basis
submitted by thc general assembly.
Thc resolution was moved by Principal Gordon of tjuecn's University and
thc Vote was 24 for and 11 against.
A dozen numbers of Hamilton Pros-
bytcry have signed the Mackay resolution favoring a working, but not
the corporate church union.
Twa women lost their lives in a
linre which destroy.-.1 the new Loch
Crystal hotel at Lakevicw, N. C .
Three persons were seriously injured and  twenty others slightly    hurt,
Thirty-seven whales have been
stranded oa the coast of Perkins Island, Australia.
Floods damaged oilfields in Sunta
Barbara, Cal., on a ia'gc scale.
Douglas, Alaska, is tbe scene of a
conflagration, in which the whole
town may Iw destroyed despite the
efforts ol hundreds of tire lighters.
Tho steamship Ncoaua had fire
smouldering in her bunkers for seven
days while cu route to Vancouver.
The Saskatchewan legislature kav«
endorsed reciprocityl at the earns
time asking fnr a reduction in the
preference granted  to Great Brieain.
The Liberal party in caucas at Ottawa, has decided to accord their
strongest support for the ratilication
of the reciprocity agreement.
Eight hundred dollars were added
to the Vancouver civic exchequer as
tbu autcomc of a nociuidc raid on a
Chinese gambling den on Thursday.
The police had made their plans carefully ami tbey descended in force upon a group of the gambling joints.
As a result two places were raided,
lieing specitioally Numbers 12 Market
Alley and 42S Carrall street. In the
former place there were captured two
Chinamen and IS white men, and in
tho latter one Thinaman and one
wkite man.
The License Commissioners of New
Westminster have expressed themselves as opposed to thc granting of
shop licenses.
William Gracey, of New Westminster was sentenced to three years
o« a charge of robbcty.
Tae family of Normandi dit Bean-
solcil of Montreal, has fallen heir to
$60,000,000 by the death of a widow
u France.
The body of a man registered et
the Metropole hotel, Vancouver,
was found dead in his room. An
empty tin labelled opium was found
beeiae his bed.
Western Graingrowers have issued
a manifesto alleging deliberate effort
to discredit reciprocity agreemeat,
by  United  States grain men.
Thc official announcement of the
intention of the G.T.P. Railway company to build their Fort G?org?-Van-
couver branch is expected shortly.
Japanese aspirations for commercial leadership in the 1'acihc are urged
at Los Angeles as reason for tbe
United States largely increasing its
Mr. A. j. Balfour, British ex-Prem-
ler, points out ia Imperial Parliament that reciprocity between tbe
I'nited States and Canada means
that the former will be the predominant partner.
as the result
in Toronto.
of a Street cm   mllUiou
Dr. C. A. N. Worth.ngton, M. P.,
for Sherbrooke County, was stricken
with apolexy, and is in a critical
In Persia there are no distilleries
nor breweries and native wine is tbe
only  intoxicating  beverage  used.
Three carloads of dynamite exploded at Kenosha, Wis., which destroyed
the village.     Death roll is  unknown.
A Iliilfbreed with a serious charge
against him was arrested 111 Vancouver.
A man injured lu a coal shaft has
entered action against a power company for unstated damages.
The public schools of Vancouver
wi,l organi/.e a baseball league and
bold an athletic meet.
Horrors of famine in China arc In-
•'Teaslng despite all efforts at alleviation.
Montreal, March 13.—Is hanging
obsolete? Sheriff Lemieux of Montreal certainly thinKs so. There are
three murder cases before the courts
in one stage or another and Radcliffe
ehe public executioner, is dead. Tho
government has announced that no
successor will be appointed and that,
hereafter, each sherilt will be expected to be his own hangman. This is
■iiutt' as it should bc and according
to law. But tne sheriffs don't like
it.     Tbey want a man with     somo
perience for such an important un-
dertakiag. Mr.      Lemieux   has   a
standing offer of a new suit of clothes
and a nice round wad of bank bills
to any mai who will come forward
and put a satisfactory finishing touch
upon anyone of three men now up (or
trial who may be convicted.
Montreal, March la.—No less a Person than tbe Governor General himself is said to have taken the other
end of the small wager Earl Percy,
made that he could walk from Montreal to Ottawa in three days. Tba
Earl who is an attache to the viceregal household, left Montreal early,
on a Saturday ami arrived at Rid-
eau Hnll the following Monday night,
thus covering the one hundred and
ten odds miles in three days. A Yukon dog driver iu the pink of condition would hardly do better. This
is not altogether a record for tho
peerage, however. When the Earl
of Lonsdale Ras in Canada fifteen
years ago, he walked up the same
route Karl Percy took a» far as Como, crossed the Ottawa river to Oka
gnd continued across country to St.
Eustacbe in one day. After resting
at the old Beignoury of the Globen-
skys over night he returned to Montreal by St. Rose and Terrebonn* —
almost nmety miles in two days.
fc«.    C»MI   CO
ft WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 1911
become hii toric. "To the Canadian
people," whs the closing message t.i
lbe statesman, now near the sunset
of ii llle dedicated to his country's
weal, "1 would sny Unit il it is
possible lor us to olilii.n smh relit -
nuns of commercial amity and national good-will between these two
yoUllg mil urns, t 'una.la Will have
rendered to mo England, the mother
oi nations, nny. to the wholo Uritish
Empire, a service unequalled in its
lueseiil,  ellt'i'l,   antl  still   more in    its
iar reaching consequences."
The scene in the House was a
week on the reciprocity memorable one. All the galleries
were crowded to overflowing, and
scoros were tinned away lor lack ol
accommodation. Seated beside the
Spoakor was the Countees Grey, and
a distinguished party Irom Rideatl
Hull occupied the Speaker's Gallery.
Sir Wilfrid was given a great reception on ris ng to speak.
Sir Wiltrid Laurier Lauds it and
lion. Clifford Sifton Cun-
demns lt--Are They Both Hight?
Two memorable speeches have
been made in the House at Ottawa
this     past
iuu. un .     'ihe  Mail Herald      would
like to publish   these   verbatim, but
owing  to  tin*  limited  Bpace    at our
.   ,   Bai each week this is impossible.
however  im* give h-srewith a resumo
oi  Sir  Wilfrid  Laurler's speech    an i
introduction    ol   l Ion, OliHord
silton a Bpeech,  which contain      tbe
if   their    remarks,    Both     ol
these are Irom  the Toronto'Globe,—
Ottawa, Mori h 7.- Sir vs lit rid
Laurler's vindication ol  the lincin.i-
why we adhere to g political party
is thnl. party In general represents
the principles that wc think wight
lo lie applied lo Hit' government ol
ihe country; and when one's patty
Is le.l to npply principles which are
of inn.lain.ninl mil far-reaching Importance, affeoting tha whole national structure, and one leols that ho
cannot conscientiously adopt or follow those principles, then Mr, Chairman, his party allegiance is nocossar-
Wloh much troublo the burglar lioil
oflecl I uu en!iiiiui. in., the trust
company's office As li' approached
Hie big strrl saie bo was confronted
hy this sign:
"I  ili.n'l   know     nhal   Hum    little
game is," he said, "bul   I'll just see
ily dissolved, uiul if ho desires to re-   if it really is unlocken."
tnin his own  self lespecl,  it  becomes'     lie grasped  Hit' knob nn.l gave      it
absolutelj  necessary for him lo   tie-  a turn.
dine to follow thnt of which he doos     Whereupon ho received     nn e.ectrlo
nnl. approve. That is the position shock that neal'lj (ioOl'Od him, an nl
in which I liml myself today; nnl, nun bell rang loudly, Hie ollice 1)0-
however,  painful  the prti.ess may  lie,   came Hooded with light,    a door    in
I take the  only  course which I
take uiul  retain  my  self respect.
Mr. Chairman,  I agree with   what
has  Wen saitl   hy   members    of      tne
j House who havo preceded     me     rational     reciprocal trade     agreement! speotlng the very great     importance
was comprehensive,    lofty and   com-  0( the question wo are now discuss ■
To  Its stirring     eloquvnje  ing,     l have lound It the must    ini-
...    added  the note "l convlctl >l   portant question whieh has come be-
the     righteousness  "f     the Govern-   f0re  tbis  House since  l  have      had
ment's  policy,  ol confldenco    ln    Its  the honor of being a member of   it,
■   isiattic acceptance by tho pool ■■'  nn.l when I say Irankly to the coiii-
and      ol     determination    to   carry  mlttoo that the result ol my Investl-
■•: Canada's part  in tho undor-1 gatlon  hns  been  to lead mo to    the
taking.     "Wo shall  go on,    whether  conclusion  that  1  cannot follow  the
ipposition follow or not*       We  leader of the  party  with  which      I
will drag them on, even against their  have been idintitied practically     all
will.     Our  policy  has  been,  is,    ninl   niy lifetime  it   will   lie     very evident
will  be,  so Ion,; as    the     Canud.an | that to mo at least it is un extreme-
Kaslo, B, 0., March in.— While
crossing between the Flint mine and
tbo Granite King with Qoo, Banbury,
P.O. Johnston met nstant death iu
a Biiowslide at 5 p.m. yesterday. 'I'he
men were . n snows-boos, Danburj escaped unhurt, by throwing his body
hack downwards ou tho moving nvnl-
ani'lie, being carried safely In llie
font uf Hie slide. I le vas able to
pn.inn. help ami extricate the body
of his comrade ami bring the
hero oil a sled.
the      wall  Mew open ami a big      dog
sprang at him.
"Ilain my tool hide!" he exclaimed
an hour later, as tin* door of a fell
in the polico slat.mi closed mi him;
"I know what's llie matter with ine,
I'm tun trusting."
There was ret intly had bofore the
Uoologlcal  Society  of     Londi n n
mathematical  diBctiBsIon  o(  the dlt-,
'.'i. ners  ill Hie sliupes of eggs.  A low
j Oggs,  like those nf th,. owl    anl thfl
itortoise, mi' spherical, or naarly so;
n few, like ihe grebe's or the cormorant's, nre elliptical, wiih symmet
ileal en.is; Hie great majority, like
Hi.. Inn'.;, are ovoid, or blunter nl*
uue i'ii.i ilnm the other, The hen's
egg is always laiil blunt ond foremost. Kggs that are the most un-
1 symmetrical nre nlso oggs of large
' size relatively to tho parent bird,
The yolks of eggs arc spherical, what,
ever the form of the enl ire oggs mny
he. This has been shown to be
due to their being enclosed in a
iiui.I, tho "while," which mnkoB tho
pressure overywhoro on rho Burfaco ol
the yolk practically constant.
vii toria, B. ''., Mn" h 13.- 'rhe pro
vinclal public works department     is
again  Inviting tenders (or  tho orac
tion nf a n 'w    Grand    Porks court
bouse, siit'h  tenders   to be    received
until April ;ir.I next,     A deposit   of
remains   $2,-000 Is required to accompany Oaeh
iml and tho scccobbIiiI tenderer     will
ho called upon in furnish n bond snt-
isfnetory     to tho minister ot   public
^H I works in  lh.' sum ol $51000' fur     Hie
13.—Although  the    atisfactory complotlon of tho     cuii-
people continue to place in us the
conudence they have shown during
iifteeii years, to seek markets wherever market- can oe found."
In tins declaration the Prime Minister met at tho outpost tho projected demand ol tho Opposition .or
the Indefinite postponement of lurther consideration of the proposals.
There will he uo waiting for Washington.
By his speech Sir Wilfrid raised the
i^stie to a level from which il tould
be viewed in its true perspective, lu
luminous language be traced tho history of the reciprocity movemi nt
Irom its inception under the Conservative regime  prior to Confedcra-
ly important quostlon. A diflurence
with llle political parly with wll.cll
1 have been associated nil my life
I line iniisl necessarily be of un extremely painful character. With the
members of th? government 1 am
and always have been upon the best
and closest possible terms political -
ly and socially. Some ol the members of thc govcrunii nl. I regard as
my closest personal friends. And,
away hack in the county ol Brandon
there me a greu.t many men who for
23 years have been my supporters,
who. I am quite Batisflod, will Un.l
great difficulty in understanding why
I lind it necessary to vote against
the  party  with  which  they    and       I
Montreal, March
provincial health authorities say they truct
aro not In the leasl alarmed It is evident that the dread disease, smallpox, hat hy no means hcen eliminated from the Montreal district by tbo
Isolation of tho three casos discovered here In as many weeks. There nro
suspicions of further outbreaks nnd
several suspects are under surveillance,     A woman Is being
Costlegnr, B. C, March 13.- The
lirst Borlous accident to occur In the
IDdgowood Lumber Company's mill
happened at B:iM Thursday afternoon.
T. Parker, working on tho planer,
carefully   while  making  some  alterations  n ar
watched  In  Mais iouvo nnd      three the bolt below tho pinning room, got
children have been placed In a vacant caught  gild  every  bit   oi   his  clothes
house In the north end with a heroic were stripped  ml  before  tho  macbln-
trainod nurse.     The medical authorl- cry wus stopped,     He was appar'fnt-
ties are doing their utmost to keep ly not soriou ly Injured hoyond being
the enses quiet with a view to   nip- bn Ily  bruised  but     Manager  Waidle
ping any public unrest In the
Montreal has not yet forgotten
trying  times  of  1885 nnd  1SSG,
hundreds lost their lives.
took him to the Nilsoii hospital   on
the Boundary train.
tion, through successive Governments |,aV6 been Identified so long, it will j
to the present time, demonstrating |u, readily understood, Sir, under
that when the last Conservative A,l- those circumstances, thai my con-
milustration left ollice in 18% they , victions upon the subject Oro ex-
remaiucd pledged by the tbcu Minist- ' tremely strong.
er of Finance, Mr. Foster, to tbe | Twenty years ago the Liberal par-
policy of reciprocal trade. The ty had as its policy a policy ol uu-
Priuie Minister placed before the restricted reciprocity. As a young
House aud the country the advant - man, young in public liie nt that
ages now offered to Camilla th.ough time. I followed the leaders ol my
the concessions made by the I'nited ,,arty; 1 took OIl active part in that
States, and one by one, iouk up tbe election. There nre 1 think Botne
obicctiuns urged, dealing with each gentlemen In the House here against
in detail. He met the argument i whom I spoke in that campaign, and
that trade would be dellected from t0 the best of my ability I endeavor-
Canadian channels hy pointing out' ed to convince the electors whom I
that the bonding privileges now in addressed thai the policy of my
force already gave to the Canadian party wns a wise and prinlitii policy.
exporter access to the American i „,„ (,-,,. to say, Mr. Chairman,
routes, but that the shorter and Unit almost before iii" campaign was
cheaper-Canadian routes gave them a 0Ver i had succeeded in convincing
Compelling advantage. I myself.
Dealing with the objection lhat the     From that time on my view., have
natural  resources  of  the     Dominion   undergone, perhaps n gradual,    but a
would t>c  menaced,  he claimed    that   steady and certain change.  When the
tbere  was nothing in the agreement  tarifl was revised In  IS87  l was satl
which removed the present control ol   [sfled  that  the  tarifl ns  we  s
the Federal or   Provincial     govern- it at that time represented B     go0d
ments over forests,     minerals,     etc.   policy lor the Dominion ,.f   Cat
The cry   that  industries  would       be   and possibly the best policy wo
imperilled,  was, be Contended,  wiih-  adopt.     And, ever Bince  1898,    when
out foundation.     The agreement con-   under the Joint High I ommie
cerned chicrty  natural products,    the  (,,rts were made to  -* kind
only    manufactured    products    dealt |ol reciprocity  with the I:,
with beiag agricultural     Implements,   mj conviction lias been rtrengl
The     Governiniut     negotiators   had   in that direction,      \
taken every  precaution not to      iu-  ago t had honor   il   I
jure any existing industry,     finally,   address in New  '•
he took issue with those who    main-   ,,t Commerci   ol thai
tamed    that the     agreement    meant   l  in.:,   iti t      thai
the     fiscal     dependence o!      Canada : time,  though   to  a   -
upon  the  United  States,  and  tiltim-   ttudience what  my   ...**..- are.
ate'.y annexation.      Thc     Dominion's      Now,   I  am  well  awar**,  Mr.
nscal autonomy remain.'d    ahsolutcly   man  that   It   is  a  matter    I
unimpaired, and her loyalty to     the   small  ci
motherland     was to,, deeply founded   my
in the hearts and  minds      of      the   I will ask n    rae
people to  be affected by tb,-      mere  lor mentioning the facts
matter     ol selling more good-      to   that my set     is
their southern neigh!,,.rs. There    was   not a  spasm,.iu-  .
i     ....-loyalty  .n exports
T   .rhinj on the fa. n  as-   whicl
pect  of  the arrangement,  il.    Prime   lomethln        ei  I
■ :   i; .ted individually tn* conn      -.--, i       ntad
.   ...i. es to ■•! Canada
...... .
t in     a  was
\erj  limit ■•    tbe | roducu tbat    ip. n tb •■■:
' ana.la   I.. it fol   'he <•(
Brit d out'l have     perhaps avoided    *.
that Great  Brita t.   .t
a     bnshel      il an]   •   id a i. to because 1
,da. "Engla .       .,  : •!, ... (eel  that.  1
..  i.i mar- oring t. t     my
ii .ni pi* i.t    II -h • opln i     d not d
choee  to      inge hei      ,. Hi v.      an I ol     my  i *
then we would bi Ive |rti I   what  l  wa    prepare,
Upon  her man.:' to   ay -n Hi" ,      ence       the     mem
-   ad ■ ai ;n ••*.     The imi ni  ai *i
ol Canada is just the lame the  ii   . .
three mnnth, ag...  when the arrange i have to   .*..  aboul tbii   ih mis   We
mint was made; It li the *..- n ha re In tb    D *.,.    * 0 at < en ids pi '
as it bas been for tbe lust     twelve ty strong party  ties      Do nol
years, nnd it will be the policy     of I our party lot  .-innii  reasons.  ...
the Canadian Government   at      tbo nol  leave dui   party if It happens I
next Imperial Conference"
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals aro given thus: 2 b'.r Xtf-i,
ntcrval 5 seconds—4 strokes, lloi,
4. No. of box will also bo shown
u indicator at Eire Hall.
Box  No.   14—Coruer    First    Btreet
aud    McKenzie    uvenue,  C. B.  Hume
Montreal. March 13.—Archbishop
Hriicliesi of Montreal, has placed the
ban on mixed marriages in his diocese and curiosity has reached hubb,-
ing point in society circles as to bow
Miss Alice Shaughnessey, Sir Thomas Shaughnessey's oldest daughter, is   & Co.
going to get the knot tied when    she      L)0*j  No.   15—Corner  Firut       Btreet
becomes the wile of Mr. H. Vi. Beau-    mi Rokoby avenue, post ollice.
clork,      Miss   Shiiuglineescy       is      a     Box   No.   Hi—Corner   Second   Btreet
Btrong Roman Catholic and Mr. Beau  aiui  Government Road aud       Opera
clork a protestant.     Houses  Point,    ituse.
just across the border line, is     Mi u-
treal's Gretoa Green; but it is likely
lhat it will be unnecessary     to     g'o
tbere, although then* hnve hen many j
weddings in the little boundary town
Box No.  17—Corner Third
a I   Campbell   uvcuuo,   Globo
cr company.
Box No.  IS—O.P.B.  station.
Box    No.  24—Corner    Fifth
.'.' late on account ol the ban. There
arc other  mixed  marrlagVa  whicl
causing  trouble also,   but  they    are
nol to bo mentioned In     the
breath.     These are thr     i n . n      ol
Chinese to white women.     Orientals
.:  to have a strange lascin ition
lome women.     II th..y     cann.it I
get married they go to live In ch.ua- ■
town any*' i ': ..'nee say  it    is t
winch  ati *   It'*
. ling bells !
ure  fi  ■        '   '
w -. t h .1 lew
I hus-!
•   -
is an eloquent nnd Inspiring pero
t, Sir Wilfrid Laurier struck a.
ringing patriotic note, culm nal ing in
the tleclaratiun tbat II lhc United
.States had lounded a nation UUon
separatum from Britain, Canadians
had set their hearts upon build ng a
nation without separation. "Rather
than part wiih our national existence we would pnrt with our lives,"
Jie Affirmed in a phrase destined     to
.:.,     mottling thai  *'' ''" ""'   '
i...imi in      *'.;.;.■ ''   1"":'1
... :,-* ,. .i ... .it ho *
public building oi even a i"1'1 ""'
that we do not think ncr.cHsary at
the time. We have B pretty ;" ""
idea With regard to party allegiance
and my conviction Is that it Is a
;.,„..I ih ti;- and contribute! to ^ tbe
stability ol governmenl tbat wo have
lhal. Idea, Bul It must bo remembered   nevertheless tbat    tbo     reason
' ar. Ami*:
tin> vei
ige In
!ir.      Uniii
.' Tt
I ii -lv  pn *■
le    Innlia   mi I    rth *r
*., The   tubers   of
dahlia, too acrid Ioi Mosl ta-stos, are
.ii.-ii  ,n   ..ii,.* pai ts ni Prance
nd     McKeniio     avenue,     Catholic
Boi No. 25—Coruer Sixib btieot
ud Orion avenue,  Vi. A.  Foote.
Lux No. 20—Corner Fourth stroel
nd Townloy street, corner south
Box No. 28—Corner Second stre.-t
nd Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 84—Fire Hall No. 2.
Boi  No.  35—Hospital.
Box No.  36—School.
Boi No. 44—Fire Hall No.  1.
Box     No.  45—l-'ront street      wc.it,
ear 0.  1*. R. bridge.
Box    No.    4b—Corner    King      und
louglas -trecta, 1'alace Meat Market.
Boi Ni .   47— turner  Second      and
Vales streets,  hack  ol court bouse.
48—Corner    Third      and
!lbas.  BCects,  Cowan hlock.
for   pract.ee—not   lejs   ti.an
.   ites.
lutlicates line  broKin
C.P.r. Timetable
IS a.m.
Li i "i   Brown   Spaniel  Puppy, white
i,.* t, white leet, white tip on tall,
rs to name of "Bu tei      \n i
on..  Inn boring  tbll  dog nfter   today
Will   Ire  punished   hy  law.   Chit   Hi
Utihart, H. J. Bew».
d parls
.-' '.      ili-
IT,   nn*:-
rain  ' " at 1
■   '    p in.
Bowling Suhedule
*• ■
i   P R,
l.  *I l
29,   J.B.C.
,i borne pa
r with to     .oi
lot dlflleult nnd
\'. ii i*.n.       Limited
Bpttd na. Ave., Toronto      in ii  SI
SMkffv Gum
nn., lily   -.100*0 Ml'(11,1.   tllfa.  Copt
A. il.f...,l  aotl lunil*
.1*1.   hr.,l|
*S , -ul..
Revelstoko Land District.
Dim net of West Kouti'ii.ty.
Tnke notico that II. M. Hicks, of
Greenwood, B, C, occupation laborer, intends to apply lor permission
to purchase the following described
j Commencing ut a post planted on
I tbe north shoro of Trout Lake, about
three and tbree-QUartor miles west
liuin the town of Cerrartl, adjacent
to B.K, Oorner of Lot 7966, thenco XI)
chains east, thence 20 chains south,
or to lake shine, thence Ht) chains
west, or following lake shore tu
point of commencement,
Dated February 1th, 1W1.
Until Released by Wonder!nl Samaria Prescription
I.i.in.ir sets i-i. Inflammation nnd lr-
rlln ..in ni' tne stomach and weakoua
li.. n, rvi-s. The stoutly nv perludical
i ■ pri ti i drinker Is often forced t.i
.i Ink ..veil ngiiinst I ' 111 1>.\ bin un-
nai mul pby-slc I condition.
s.tm.ifia Prescription stops lho crav-
iiik, steudles the nerves, bulltls up the
Hen.Tal health antl makos drink ac*
ii.iii> distasteful and nauseous. li
ui tasteless and odorless, and can bo
niton wiib or without tbe knowledge
.i the patient.
Thousands of Canadls homes hate
been saved from misery and disgrace
... .*..i-n. devoted fe, mother or
daughter through this wonderful Can
.i.linn remedy* The money formerly
.vosted lu drink bus restored happiness, home comforts, education and
respect to the families formerly In
'.viim und despair,
Read the following, one of the numerous unsolicited testimonials re-
"I .nn never repay you for youi
remedy. It Is w..rth more than lli'o
lo in... My husband hns been offered
ilqunr *-»*\*..i*iil times, nut would not
loueh it. Ilo .-"ilil li Innl ii" charm tor
ulni now. May Qod's cholco blesBlngit
ever resi on you, nml yours, nro my
prayers evar. No one knows It bul
those who hnve trleil II. Ar soon ns 1
.■••in 1 will see others ttuit I know
would give anything to stop their lius-
bands from drink. 1 will -five them
your  niliiress.
"Mrs.  K , Dewtnton.  Alta."
(Nnmp  w-lthlit'lil   on   rfnuesl.)
Now, If you know of nny family
needing this romo-ly. tell them about
it. If you have any friend or relative who has formed or Is forming
the drink hnhlt, help him to rol.'iise
himself from Its awful clutches. Sa-
marla Prescription Is used by Physl-
.■lan.s and Hospitals.
A FREE TRIAL PACKAGE of Samaria Prescription, with booklet, giving full particulars, testimonials, price,
ele will be Bent absolutely free and
postpaid lu plain sealed package tn
nnyone nsklng for It and mentioning
this paper. Correspondence sacredly
confidential. Write to-day. The Samaria itemedy Co., Iicpt. 46-19, Ool-
borne St., Toronto, Canada. Also
tor Sale by C. U. Macd. u.tld, Druggist, Revelstoke, Ii.  C.
KOOTENAY      LODGE,   No.  lo A.  F.
uud A. M.
Regular meetings are held in WAS-
u.ilC TEMPLE, Oddloliowa' Hall
on tbe Third Monthly In each mouth
ut H p. m. Visiting brethren arc
cordially welcome
H011T.  GORDON,  W.  .M.
W.   li. ROUlilil'SON,  Secretary.
dlSLKlRK     LODU hi  12,  1.  O.  O.  V.
Meets every Thursday evening iu
Selkirk Hall ut S o'clock. \ isiting
brethren cordially invited.
K. G,  McRAli, N. G.
JAS.  MATHIli,   Secretary.
COURT      MT.      UEUllIb;,    No.  3161.
Meets iu 1. (X O. 1''. Hall next   to
lapping's Opera House every secoud
aud lourth Moiitluy in mouth. Visit
tug brethren cordially  welcomed.
U. W. UKLL, C. R.
VtM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Sec.
COLD RANGE LODGE,      K.  ol    P.,
NO. 2ti,  RBVELSTUKE, 11.  C.
.Niiets  every   Wednesday   except    tbo
Third Wednoeday oi each mouth     in
Oddfellows' Hall at !> o'clock.  Visiting Knights ure uoitlially  invited.
J.   Y.   SIMPSON,  0.  C.
G. 11. BROOK, K. ol it. & U.
M. ol B\
C.  W.  0.  W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
Meets Second    and      Kmirth   Weiluea*
days    111   each   month   in     Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting   Wuoilmen  are
all)   in. ited  to attend
II.  W,  EDWARDS, i.n   1',.in.
JAMBS  ,\l. IM'i KM,  Clerk.
linn .* cltors,  Ute.
Imperial  Bank  Bulldiug Revel-
* ,., 1:   0,
Money   In   I,nan.
1 nl ■.,     H.    <;.,      and
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Geo. H. Mel »i i'i,
\. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
1 Iran brook
ROBERT smith,
dc "i Lun 1  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Kllgil,.'*! .11,
McKBNZIB   \vn„
liox   106,   RBVBLBTOKB
Teacher ni Voice, Plana ninl Organ
Pupils prepared lor Toronto Coiumi
.aioiy ol    Muair.       I.ti.nl  examinations.
Revelstoko Land District.
lust net ot Wesi, Kootenay,
Tako notico that Ooreono Cornish
Kennedy ol Revelstoke, occupation,
married woman, intends to apply lor
permission to purchase thu lollowing
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted
a.,out Hi chains in a southerly direction [inin llm soiilli west coiner ol
Lot .'iill, llieoce west 40 chain 1,
thenco south *10 chains thence east
111 chains to tho west shore ol Upper
Arrow Lake, thonce north along lhe
lake shoro In point ol commencement
containing about mo acros.
Dated January  19th, l'Jll. ...
I'er M. Grady, Agent.
O01 tltlcato oi Improvements.
Glad liniid Mineral Claim, situated
in the Trout Lake Mining Division ol
Wost Kootenay District. Where located:—At head ol' Set. 11 Mile Creek
.iini adjoining the Winslow Mineral
i. laiui.
Tako Notice that I, O.U.N. Wilkie,
acting as agent im Bruce unite, F.
,11.C. B2IW0U, William Bonnett, l'\ M.
C, B25221, mul Nettle Davey, K. M.
t'. No. B255W, intond sixty days from
date hereof, to appl) to the Mining
Recorder lor 11 Certificate of Improvements, lor tho purpose ol obtaining a crown Grant ol tbe auove
And furl her take notice that 11c
lion, under seel inn 117, must bc commenced before the Issuance ol such
Certilicate of Improvements.
Dated Ninth day of March,  1911.
Trout Lake, B. 0.
Revelstoke Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Basil R. Reynolds, of Revelstoke, II. C, occupation clerk, iiitciitis to apply for permission to purchase the following
described binds;
Commencing at a post plautcd at
the south west coiner of Lot 7818,
tbence cast ni;. chains, thence south
1. cbains to the north cast corner
ol Lot 74)43, theuce along line of
said Lot 111 chums, wesl. 4U chains
small aiiil 2U chains west to line of
Lot 2112, theuce along line of said
I...1 10 chains and 211 chains west to
the north west corner, thence about
1. chums north to place oi commencement.
Duted March  1st,  l'Jll.
Agent  John  Suhw.
Revelstoke Land District
District of  West  Kootenuy.
Tuko notice tbat 1, Mary Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intends to apply lor permission to purchase tbo follow.ng
described lands.
Oommenelng at a post planted at
the N. B. Corner ol Lot C14U G.I.,
and marked M. S.'s S. E. Corner,
thonco north 80 chnins, theuco west
." chains, tbence south 40 cbams,
thence cast 20 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence cast 50 chmns
to point of commencement, coniain
nig 480 acres.
Duted Janunry '.Ith,  1911.
I'er O. P. Smith. Agent.
Revolstoke  Land District.
District ot  West Kootenay.
Take notice that James l'etcrs, ol
Niillleld, England, occupation, brick
layer, Intends to upply lor permission 10 purchase the lollowing de-
m ribiil litii.Im.
Commencing at a post planted   nt
lhe ..'.ulii west cm ner of lot 8085,
and marked E.J.I', south east corner
post, thence west twenty chains,
tbence uorth forty chains, tbence
cast twenty chains, tbence south forty chains to point, oi commencement*
Dated December 21th, l'Jiu.
DecSl        Per Fred,  C. Terry,  Agent.
AITurda •niperior educational .ulvan-
t-'K< -. Iliiiiunoine nett brick building,
11 *..t I.-i n r,pn pin, ni, uxlensive grounds,
1 Li-.i*. gi ,,,1, ,| hi .,,, uiil.nu ,- wiih Ihe
kcboola  throughout    ibis   Province,
. ,\l. in .uul An Departments.
.mi v, -.  In Shorthand, Type-
I'.u uvular
...|..iih..t  in a  to n n. emenl ol man-
in*i■- .11.1 . .*!i.*, 1 English,
For Proeptotut, Address Th* Auadomy.
In the iMuliiriil ihe Estate of Krnest
It 11. HnytiiH. tlici'iicetl.
.Notice is hmliy given 1 lint all cietl-
itotsHii. "is hnving I'liiitns iig*«insfc
Ki-titte t.i Line' It li. Diiynt s, l.ilo ot
M .iik'tii, ll . , tleoeased, who died at
Kevelstoke 1111 or bout lbe 17ili dny
oi l). cemlnT, l'.llll, nm ri quired to
se> d to the undersigned Solicitors lor
I) vid L. Baynes mul Robert Howson,
Atlinii.isiniloistl ibe Estate ol snid,
deceased, within (ill tlnjs luuu ilmo
full par'ieulars ot their claims, duly
verilied, and that after t.lint. tlnto the
snid Administrators will proceed tn
distribute tlm snid estate umongst
those entitled thereto regard being hud
only to those olnims of which snitl
Administrators shull have then received notice,
Hutu! January 10th, 1011.
Haiivky, Mt'('Ai!'l'l*:u & PlNKHAM,1'
Sidieii.ii*- I' ,1   ll ivid   1..   li.tynes
anil Hubert   Howson,   Administrators  of   ilu:   Estate   ol   said
decerned. .Ill 60d
In the Muttered the Estate ol August
JohuBon, deeensed,
Notice is btirt hy given that, all crctl-
iturs miii oil ers liuving cliiiiiis ngiiinst
the Estate of August Johnson, lute of
llevelsinke, H C,dccesstd, wIn 1 died
ii Riv Ifi. ke .11. r ul iuu. llic Kill dav
id Scpti niber, l'JIO, nre rtqilired to
-. u.i 10 1 lie nntliis gin tl Solicitors lor
Wil.'iiim li. Kohertson, Administrator
..(il.e Kstitiinf suid deceased, witbln
110 tint s irom dntti full particulars of
1 heir cbtitiiH, duly verified, uiul that
.titer tliitt (late lhu snid /.iliniiiiHtiutor
will pn mi eil to distribute tlm suid
cst.nt.. iiiiiong-t. tin s>. entitled thereto
regard being b»d only to lliose claims
..f which said Administrator ebnll
linve tlmn rccciietl notice.
Diititl January Itlih, 11)11.
SSiii' ilnrs (nr \V 11 liii 111 li. It..Pert-
son, Ailmiiii-trulor of  lbe K-tnle
ol llie ..nill lb ce  sell. .1 1 I titl.l
la lbe Mult'i ul the Estate of John
T. Junes, riecessed.
Notice iB In rtby giien ihut, nil cred-
. ore nnil other* hiving claims ugniust
* be Ei-i.tte ot .1* lm T. J.1)08, hue of
Kcvt ii-'oki, H 0 , deceased, who died
ill. Siiiiiiu.in- on or ulioiit tic lllll dny
.1 Angiii.., l'JIO, nre n quired to sei.d
1.. tin- undersigned Solicitors lor Mnr-
tlui Jinn Jones snd Tlioinus Kilpnt-
rlek, Atlii.ii*i"liiitr*x nnd Administrator ol tin Km'uu ol said deceased, within 60 day* from date lull pun icnbirs
..f ilnii claims, duly verified, and tbat
niter thnl* time the snid Administratrix nnd Administrator   will   prooeed
to distribute tbe ssid estate .■ r...i
those t iiiitb il thereto regaid lieni«
luttl only tu tlii.se elu ms ot which nnitl
Administratrix and Administrator
ahull bave linn received notice.
Duted Jauuarj ltltb, 11)11 .11! lidd
Harvey, MoCahtek & Pinkham,
Solicitors ft 1 • M r liu J«ne Jones
and Tliumns Kllputriok, Admin-
istrutnx ami Ailininisiriilor of
tbe E-tiiie of saiil deceased.
In the Mutter ol the Estate of Jatnos
A. Mngee, decrOBed,
Notice is hereby given thai all creditor unit 1.thi is having clamis ngniuitt
. be E-iaiw of J Lines A Magee, lute of
Chase, H 0., deceased, who died ut
Rev l-iokc on or nii .ul the 14th duy
I November, 11)10, are ruiuirfd to
send to ibe undersigned tiolicitore lor
Sarah E. Mngee, Executrix nf ibe lust
will uf suid deceased, within 00 days
(torn tlnie lull pnriiculurs i.l their
olsinic, duly verified, and tint niter
ili,1 dute the suid Executrix will pro-
ttttl   tu distribute  the  Biid   estnte
amongst Ibosu entitled  t Inn hi  n gum
l.fiiig llllll    1 Illy     to    those    rbillllH    of
which said Executrix -bull  have then
received notice.
tinted January IO1I1, 1911.
Hauvey, MoCaHTEH tti PlNKHAM,
Solicitors if  Surah   E.   Mugue,
Extcuirix uf tbe   Lssl   Will   of
deeensed. Jll fiOd
Kevelstoke Land Disiriot.
District ol Wesl  Kooteuay.
Take notice 1 imi William Kennedy,
ol Uevelstoke, Ii. C, occupation, Special Constable, intends lo applj lor permission to piiichubc the lollowing de-
„ci iin d lauds
Cuiiiu.cueing nt n post planted at
n.e ooiitii-iast corner  of   Lot  6069,
ili.net* north 10 ehnlus, thence went
20 chnins lo pit-i-niplion No, 'lft'2,
1 In nee north 40 clmius, lliei ce east HO
1*1.11111-, tbence >until 115 chains to Lot
No. 8946, tbence west 40 chains, theuce
-1111 ii I.i eb.in io 1...1 No. 11HU, thence
west 20 chnins 10 point ol coinmeuce-
listed J.tiuarv 7th, 11)11
\\ 11.1,1 AM  KENNEDY.
IVi 1   \\. Uaiu, Agent.
Revelstoke Laud District.
District ol  West  Kooteuay.
Tnke notice that the Canadian I'acilic   Railway  Company   intends       to
npply for permission    to   leaso      tho
' [ollowing described lnntls:
Commencing nt n post planted    on
tbe shore line of Upper Arrow    Lake;
'said  post bearing Hotith 41     degrees
1 West a distance of m feet from tho
Smith ICnst corner ol Hlock 49 ol tho
registered town site ol Nakusp, in
Lot -TJ7 O, 1 Arrowhead, and district; thenco Westerly nloug said
I --hore line a distance ot HWVO feet to
u point; said point bearing South 4t
degrees, West a distance ot 887 feet
from the Head block of South leg
ot Nakusp Wye; thence south Into the
Waters ol Upper Arrow Loko a distance of 80!) Icet, thence Easterly and
Parallel to the Shore line of said'
lake a distance of 3H50 feet, thence
North a distance of 800 leet to true
point of commencement, containing
70.8 acres more or less!
Dated February Hth,  1911.
The Canadian I'acilic Railway Company, Por B, W. Millennia. Local
Right ol Way and Lcnse Agont, Vao<
couvtr. ^H TET.E!   MiA.TlL.-JZrE'RA.TJD,    iRE-VlELSTOieiE
Tlio prizes  fnr   Ihe Boys
and Girls Competition (finding the misspelled  words in
our advertisemenl i will be in
the window tomorrow,Thursday, wjth llif names of the
winners, and will be given
out at 8 o'clock in lho evening
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. B- fame 8t Co.. limited
Mail    or    Telephone   your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
New Wall Papers
Beautiful new Wall Papers in
the latest effects. Make your
home more beautiful at little cost.
It's time to buy wall papers.
Our now Spring patterns aro now
all in stock, all new and up-to-
date. Beautiful effects in extremely dainty colorings and designs. We have never before
offered such up-to-date papers at
so reasonable a prioe.
Curtains, Curb in Muslin
hut ride up to the second story on
it and examine our new Curtains
and Draperies suitable for every
room in the house.
Battenbergcurtains, Irish point,
fancy Scrim, Nottingham lace, in
white, ivory, ecru and Aral).
Somo choice Madras Muslin and
Bengal Nets, the very newest,
you will appreciate them at a
Japanese Mattings
A now lot of Mattings just in
which includes a nice range of
patterns 36 inches wide at prices
from 25c, to 65c. per yd.
Japanese Matting Squares, size
6x'J, 9x9, 9x10, and 0x12, also
small mats 3x3.
A Friday Bargain in
Ladies' Spring Coats
Ladies' Lighl Fawn Spring
Coats, neat jaunty styles in the
short coat for separate wear, several stylos to choose from. They
are worth up to $111. On sale
A Bargain m Corsets
on Friday at 50c.
Fifty pairs of Corsets goon sale
Friday at 50c. a pair. They are
all good stylus and worth three
times this money. Come pick a
pair at 50c.
Carpet Squares
A choice range of Axminster,
Wilton, Brussels and Tapestry,
suitable for any room. See the
new pro-Brussels Squares for bedrooms and living- rooms, a choice
range ot' colors, easily cleaned
and made to stand exceptionally
hard wear. Sizes 7.6x9, 9x9,
9x10.6, and 9x12.
All New Goods
Take the Elevator
Jams and Jellies
We have quite a number of i
lb. glass jars of Wagstaffe's jam's
and jellies left in stock which we
arc placing on cheap sale lor the
balance of ihis week. These are
all pure, fresh goods and al the
price we arc offering it at is
cheaper than you could put it up
20 c. Per bottle
Canned Goods
No matter what you buy,
quality is the lirst consideration,
Price mav be an object, but
quality comes lirst. Quaker
brand vegetables and Vineland
brand fruit is a sure guarantee of
quality; put up in sanitary cans
of J dozen to the case. These
are all new cistern fruits and
vegetables and our prices are
down below the average.
' rssfp.
Sale of a Shoe
that has made
Shoe History
in the
British Empire
For the first time on record SLATER SHOES
are offered at less than the seal-Stamped prices.
Never before has the "Sign of the slate " broken
into a bargain week.   Possibly never again.
But radical changes in styles and lasts—changes
more acutely noticeable than usual, urged The slater
Shoe Company to give us the privilege of selling out
all broken lots and shapes that are to be discarded
after this season.   NOTE WELL THE PRICES.
The Big Shoe Sale is Now On
Spring   1911
Wash goods opening-
Thursday, March 16, 1911,
all day and evening.
The most up-to-date expose of dainty wash fabrics ever attempted in
These beautiful goods
are displayed in the windows and in the Dry Goods
Department, 2nd Floor.
This exhibit marks a distinct advance in designing
of wash fabrics.
They provide one of the
most cheerful and sunshiny displays of the year.
Come along and enjoy
a view.
New English Calicos
The showing this Spring is
unique. Like a real breath of
spring they are welcome with
their tasteful spring colorings.
The designs are especially nice
this year at
I5c. per yard
Fresh Ginghams
You can fairly see the parley
vous sticking out of these they
are so French. Such pretty dresses thby will make for the kiddies,
one lady remarked. Such delightful colorings and neat patterns.
You must see these French
ginghams at Hume's, per yard
French Voil
In Dresden and Artou stripes-
The most harmonious blending of
shading shown in the wash goods
fabrics. This is a very sheer material and will lend itself delightfully to the style in vogue, at
50c. a yard
Shepherds Check
"Woolsey"—a fine soft fabric
in all the different size plaids black
and white, 42 inches wide, only
25c. a yard
Persian Lawns, French Lawns,
Swiss Lawns, India Lawns, Grecian Lawns, Mercerized Mulls,
plain soft Mulls, and all the other
plain white dress materials in the
effective sheer effects that are
wanted for the spring and summer gowns from
15c. to $1
Ladies Spring Suits
The new spring suits are the
particular lode stone that is attracting all the ladies to our ready-
to-wear department (2nd Floor)
these bright days. The designers
huve excelled themselves this
year and have produced some
things of beauty that we welcome
the chance to show every lady in
Honan Silk
A weave like the Rajah in better quality. All the colors. King's
blue, brown, tans, helio, mode,
navy, etc. This is 28 inches wide
at a yard
Take the Elevator
Groceries of Highest Menl
You will find in our Grocery Department the newest
and Choicest Stock in the City. We buy only the best
on the market in carload lots and give customers the
benefit of the freight saved in this way.
Ham and Bacon
Swift's Premium Ham and Bacon,
unexcelled for their mild, delicate flavor
and rich juiciness of the meat. These
are our sellers. If vou try them once
you will use no other.
eas an
J Coffi
We have just .stocked up in this department and are prepared to handle
heavy trade. These are articles that
you want good.    We have them.
Our Coffee is specially selected and
ground or pulverized while you wait.
We carry all the teas that are worth a
A fresh shipment of Fruit unloaded
this week. Sizes 126s., 150s., 176s and
216s, extra fancy Queen quality brand
Navel Oranges, also Lemons and Bananas. This is thc time of year that vou
need good juicy oranges and Queen
Quality supplies the demand.
See Oar Big Bargains in Slater M
Patent Leather Snaps        g^   p^
All sizes from 6 to 10, light
and heavy soles, but all Goodyear
welted. Either blucher or bai
cut. Regular $5, $5.50 and $(5
stamped prices.
Box Calf Snaps
You can't make a mistake in
theso. They were all good values
at regular prices. Sizes G to 10.
A real hard wearing article with
the genuine Slater stamped prices
of $4.50, *5, $5 50 and $6.
Vici-Kid Snaps
All late lasts and all sizes and
widths. Something here to fit
any foot. Think of the prices
quoted and remember that all
bear the regular stamped prices,
15, $5.50 and $6 regularly.
Any Shoe stamped $4.50
will lio sold Tor $3.35
Any Shoe stamped $5.01)
will be sold Tor $3.65
Any Shoe stamped $5.50
will be sold Tor $3.95
Any Shoe stamped 0.00
will bo sold for $4.25
Children's Shoes will be
sold for $1.95
Ladies' Shoes
All the remnants of our last
season's stock. Sizes from 2!* to
8.   Widths D and E.
Men's Congress Shoes
Just a few lines of the well
known Slater elastic side shoes.
They will all go the way of the
Children's Shoes
A line of Boots and Oxfords,
from size 8 to size 10i- These
eome in black and ox-blood, and
are make from genuine willow-
calf.   Regular $2.75.
Come in and See
Our Shoe Bargains
Coming of a New
Style Cycle
Selling Slater Shoes at
Less than Stamped Prices
For the first time in the
history of the famous Slater Shoe, we are permitted
by special license to offer
all the odd lines and broken lots at a reduction from
the seal-stamped prices.
There's a radical change
coming in shoe styles. It
is a sale without precedent
brought about by extraordinary reasons.
New Lasts, New Styles.
New Shapes are coming to
the front and every pair
of Slater Shoes made on
lasts that are passing out
will be sold at cut prices.
To-day we are suggesting just a few pairs in
particular, and there are
1911 Millinery Opening 1911
Monday, March 20th and following days
we will display our Spring Millinery. We
promise you that Our showing will by far surpass any of our former efforts in this Department.   You are invited to inspect the same.
I'll.'   Hus.ii.*..:;   Mi'ii   bowled   llii'   Cl'.
H.'h on iMuiiiliiy night, and witli MeKinnon Ktill to howl lur the UuslnuBB
! Men,  the 0.  P.  it. aggregation    Iln
„,      „ , .,      ■    il    n i     . tlu'msi'lvi'.s    :,i,:i inn*, ahead,        Upon
Miss uerna Felton in tne Roleoi wi,,u,,,  MeKinnon <■<„. make   m.
thoBe 503 pins depends the game. The
"Magila" Displays Wondenul — ™ «i°a™*
0, I'
Munro ..
Mason ..
Ran mn .
Roe ... .
111?   168
,188   189
Mc I tno
Opening with n, little romantic
drama the Allen Players appeared
bore on Monday nighl lor a lull
week's return engagement, and a capacity house greeted the favorites in
the piny "Merely  Mary Ann."     The
ttU'dlenoe     wns     thoroughly satisiled  Hume 	
j witli the performance, which in Itself   S-yuarebrlggs
is the highest mood ol   praise     thttt   Footo ■	
run bo rendered. In this piny Miss
Yoi'un Felton played the name pari
and the Jump Irom that role to hei
"Magda" ol last night shows thi
remarkably versatility ol thai
... 98
615   2130
' ] MeKinnon to play,
J59   .'illi   402   1:507
Allen  Players,  Edison  theatre,      all
ihis week.
March 17—St. Patrick's May entertainment under auspices ot luilies
ol K. O. church.
Maicb 22— Tea in nnl ol Ht. John's
Indies' Aid, ut .Mrs. J. P, Mr
March 27 to April  1—Mr.  II.H   Corsan, expert swimmer at the  V.M. j
C. A.
March  30—Boys'  Brigade, first      An |
uual Concert at opera house.
April IS—Ladies' Auxiliary to the Li.
ol K. T.   Dance in Opera House.
April  17.—Easter  High Tea at  Mctli-
ujut church.
April  21—Musical  entertainment      ut
St. Peter's church.
May 23.—Knights ol I'ytbias Mall.
We have just received a shipment of While Clover lionev pul up in
live lb. cans, which we will ^uarmitee u> he absolutely Pure Honey,
and as li is is the Benson for honey we would advise jolt to lr\ thia if
you wish to yet the genuine article.
The name "WagstnlTe speaks for iisHf in regard to quality. We have
a lull assortment ol ihis Pure Jam iiicliuliug Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach, rium, I31ack Currant unci Aptlcot.
A.  HOBSON,        Baker and G occr.
An Boater High Tea will ho held at
tbe Methodist church parlors, Monday, April 17th.
rice Chas. M. Field about thc subdivision touching Port Mann, tbe
Gazette*! I'acilic terminus ol tho
Canadian Northern  Railwny t.c.
A bright BOUg service was given in
the Methodist church on Sunday
nijrht last, the feature of winch was
a well rendered selection by thc Junior  bible Glass male  quartete.
Mr. J. E. Miller, inspector of Inland revenues, whose headquarters
are in Victoria, was in the city yesterday on his way 'rom Golden to
the Okanagan-
The Kamloops Sentinel, in stating
that Hobt. Armstrong came here
from Kamloops. is in error, says
Chief Parry
Is one of the most import'
ant items in your business
will look after  this brunch   of
the business for you.
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successes to Kincaid & Anderson
WANTED—Ofrl lor     general      ho ine
work.     Family ,,l     three.       Apply
Mail Herald Offlci.
Don't forget the tea afterni . a an I
evening, March -J. at the home "f
Mrs, J. P. .McLennan. Culinary, can
.ly and Fancy work tables -t
Swimming Expert Will Teach Him
How at tlie Y.M.C.A,
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Lindmark      re
tunic.1  home  from  ihe  East   *
urday night last aft
about sc - n  weeks    ii   I .
The maniac came here [During their stay  in  I
direct  from  the coast  lie  says,
bis bank book showed a deposit
Lindmark un
ciation  at   It
mining.     V,
ne ti
an.l the        tocraU a
prev-. y-.tnl. and ret irns to
The Arm-   much  Improved  In  hea
mark made a uum
tbe Vancouver banks the Jay
to hi- arrest here,
strong    arrested in Kamloops   must
have  been a different individual      -altogether.
The Hume store employees an
spirts  and tbe  word  is  being passe.i
nd tbat that business bouse will i
turn  out  one of  tbe  crack     araateur I
baseball teams ol the city this sum-1    0n  riun,iny  last  Rev    \i
mer.     The bead ol tbe nrm is us en- i wil0 shortiy leaves  toi pit    in
thusia-stic for the success  of  the tmll   s*,,w   ■,*,,.,,,,
team as he  ..-  foi   the  twi   oi   three   two it  ,[,,.   ;1..
rirlir,.-   riflki which hi*   I.■*,      I ,   present at  Sunday    i
while away, one ol  wl
visit to Ottawa where be was pi
in the Hi    *     ■      mm
Clifford     Silton  ma*i
ipeecb     denouncing  the
emit  from  h.s
winter's sport.
employees  :' r      next
ii    ma'le
no attempt       i
A   ten ton  cold  storage  plant      iu
w.tb the  Ri      toke Meat "■
111 ' •■ in operati
May      '
hark by  Mi    '     K.   Linda .rk       wh**
recentl]     et    ned   from tbi      East.
■ T*,,   | .„[,- * ■   ' * ati* na   are
,   I   M
I latest
im.:  ■: *'        ichiners
es." The ma-
'    ' '  ■       Roy W      -.,.'.'•■
and when eloped
hav, I    *■■•M     storage  {. .llHI   ,,*,.„,„, .-,.,   .,.,,..
plants  in   the  inter
*   *
stay :
.  :   tbi     'iim*     ippoi'
ressor.     Ni
.    ii c ipied     |   U>".    M    Mi' al
day    I tei. Mr.
t ■
art  t
.      '
*   '*.
In Sudormann's tragedy of provtnc
lal life Miss I'YIton dlBplajod wonderful histrionic ability. The battle
of wills that rages In "Magda," the
titanic struggle botween the father
with his strangoly perverted notions
of honor and parental duty, and the
daughter, who with a will that
raatchoB bis, has attained a broader
and saner view through sin and suffering und expiation, brings these
w two figures into sharp prominence
almost to the exclusion ot the others
The role of Magt)a exhibits the fineBt
lloreseenee of .Miss Veinn Kelton's
art. She plays the part In such a
way Hint it is not, as might be supposed absolutely repugnant, Her
Magda is a noble woman, who after
;,!!. has atoned for sin* by toll and
achievement—sins that In tlm final
analysis must be considered the fault
of that father who drove ber out because she would not mat i y as ho
willed, and who after eleven yearB of
neglect suddenly strove to resume the
parental role lie  bad So      ineon il Ioi
ately    abandoned.     In   the    earlier
scenes Miss Felton showed Unstispecl
ed facility in comedy, and her scene
with the gentleman's card party
I wliicb by the way is deftly substituted for the ladies' committee in
tho original) wus richly droll. She
was cheated of the audible recognition her acting deserved by the odd
habit. Hudcimaun bus of arranging
liis climaxes in the middle of his acts
and of sending tbc curtain down
wbile the audience is left in suspense.
Sbas. C. Dale's portrait of the old
man was strikingly line—a piece of
character not excelled by anything
in the Allen engagement. Richard
Prazler made his *,wn best record, in
bis portrait of tho punctilious, utterly weak and Hellish Counsellor Von
Keller, although he appeared not as
thoroughly conversant with his lines
.,.. might be expected,
.Miss Ella Houghton was girlish
anl natural as the younger sister
Marie, and All. Dendofl was personable „"*' acceptable as bar cousin
lover, the young lieutenant, H. Irving Kennedy, played the pastor in
rather t„o young guise, but yet with
ci :.-..ierablc individuality. Miss
Evelyn Green was the Colonel's wife
and Mis. P. K. Allen extracted occasional comedy from the role other
T night  tb    Vllen Players put   on
the board tbe comedy drama   " Thc
Heir to the Hoorah," Thursday night
rection," Friday nighl " \
n.   isand i an Hi   ," Sat-
iii.,* nee     "(iut of the Fold,"
Hi        Bill."
.   *  plays is worth seeing
•  a  full   house,   as       they
,n,ly bandied by the Allen
Wlltl  IS   .lEZKHEl,'
So deep rooted is sentiment against
reciprocity In tbe peach belt ol the
Niagara Peninsula 11%! even Sunday
school teachers are drawing parables
from it, yesterday a trull growor
tooll advantage of the lesson lo teach
both  patriotism and  morality   more
of tlie former than the Lit I.t be it
known, since he profe.ses to be n
good Tory.
"Take heed and beware of covctoflS
ness," Bald he, repeating tho golden
! text. "Ami now my children," bo
continued, "tbis beautiful Lesson has
n special meaning to us today. Vie
are facing B  great   national  crisis,  in
some respects a national peril, Cov
clous eyes are set upon Canada.
"In     this    niuguilieeiit  Btrotch       ul
country, commonly known .is the
fruil garden of Ontario, we have
whatmlght be styled Naboth's vine
yin I. To the south of 118 lies the
United Slates, and in the person ol
Uncle Sum we have the wicked Ahnh.
Hnl worst than that. In our own mid
Bt we have the character roproBtnted
by .iV'zehcl. And who is .Jezebel ?
None other Ihun Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
lb* Is the one who would betray the
Canadian Naboth Into tbe bands of
Uncle Sam Ahab, that he may despoil the vineyard that we live in."—
Toronto World.
At pews' Drug store yon will
find  nun)   i.in* and    expen
in*      llso ,i < niifuii* .i *■** rtt(J
collection, whii b 'ire gi od anil :*.* '
expensive, of .■ delicate bul  In I
ing fraprniiic, smh ic- will i
the most particular,
Hulk I'i rfu'iK !
io $3.cn
Bews' Drugstore
Sl XT llt'Vl'.  l.l.ot'K
,*..* performed  un one of
ions havln
(oi bl Irom    othei    **■• *
Mr.     Smytbe's     fowl have recently   norance ol an t
. bown .iu ni noi mai appetite Ioi   l ■ i     ne
which    they    have gobbled  up    with  ce  ittj **',i.l  to let
i,uch     avarice as to seriously efltel   Dpportunltj     to  leai
tbeli health the I nt bei omlng lodg
ed and matted In the crops, The
amateur vet. undertook to open tbe
food   bBK of  one  of   his  hens an I  el
trlcate the offending substance, sew
mg the incision up afterwards.      So
nieeessful  was  the operutuui  that his   umi- expert, will  be al  tbe  V
bens arc clucking around ns proudly  Marcb Wtta
umi ns n consequence    Mr. i —	
Mature I si,nlr|
* tbe itupld.     wm >*	
*.; these, or bave to
on ne drown because    on ,o
norant   d     something so easy     to
I,*,u n'      Mr,   II.   II.   Oorsan,      swim
M '    \
ae ever.
Smythe im. gained an enviable reputation among loca' I'i'gstcrs.
Two ear loads hai 'i coal |u it     nl
lived.— Reve)»tokc  (lencal  Agencies.
min ter,   Mai ■ h   I. To
D •; thu
oi.. *
: i u Juan
•■::.* '        * 111
* *i  the
■ bai
•| be
rip I
,n HT,    *•* I'll  th..   Port   0 o
*.:. " 'I *
mm. I      lol
the Prince  Rupert  and  Bktna  Rivsr
likely I e hack  with In .   ild i imi nn .
i in ni.ii*    |.',ii..i, ihwoman
wioii    | no n ..f trust   in    Revel
i.iukc oi  nslghboi hi i-i   imi. i i ci. i
j.  ii., Mail Herald office.
Eggs, ease    35c
l'lggs, fresh   50c.
Bggs, new laid    5Uc.
Butter,    dairy     " 30
Butter, creamery   35c.  to iOc.
Potatoes     per     IUU* lbs $2.00
Carrots      per    100 lbs  2.75
Wheat,      per  100 lbs %2 to  $2.25
Oats,     per 100 lbs  $1.00 to $2
Cauliflowers  eneb 25c.
Shiloks Gun
qulcMy .sinivt condhit,   currs colds,  hcali
tbo "
i throat aad lund**
23 cants.
(Or. J 0 Morrison) (Mr. Ceo H  Croon
Vancouver and Suburban
Real Estate
Coquillam Acreage and
Lots a specialty
3iinii.il Attention given to Mail orders or Inquiries
402 Dominion Trust Bldg., Vancouver,B.C.
Assessment 1911
PUBLIC   NOTICE  is  hereby
ii thai ilio ( omt oi Revision
ni the Asseasmenl of I'.il I will be
in the ( ity Hall, Revelstoke,
li. < .. mi 'I ut sday,   April  ISth,
LU] I, nt 7 o'clock, p.m.
Bri ' i. A.   I.AU.SON,
City Clerk
Md'!" f"r hnfll ■Tvir-f ftnd
mialliiterd Wftleipmol.
lif.l Dialers Evfrywhere.
Tornnlo, Canada. "I
New Wash Goods
To-day wc make our first showing of the
New Wash Goods for Spring. Wc have always
led in the newness of materials, colorings and
des'gns, and wc think wc have excelled all previous seasons in the showing for this Spring.
They conipri.se all the besl of several o\ the
largest houses in the trade. Everything is now
as we cleared oul everything thai we had left
from last season dm ini; our Removal Sale.
Our show ing comprises Ginghams, Zephyrs,
Muslins, Indian Head, Linens, VestillgS, Voiles,
Organdies, Foulards, Repps, Poplinettes, etc.
You will find the whole range very attractive and
the prices still mere SO.
New Madras
Anothei' line in which we have no old patterns to show. Wc have some new materials to
show this season in Macianie and Xels. Something entirely new and distinct from any yet
Whitewear and Dresses
We are opening up the daintiest line of these
goods that we have net shown, li you like to
look al pretty goods come in and see these.
Miss Grant will be here next
week to take charge of the Dressmaking Department.
cut A lew Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit. style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Rctorin Clothing
Foot-Rile Shoe
Suits of Style and Quality
Now our Spring Btocks are in the full bloom
of freshness and beauty.   Come in and see
them. The success of this Store is due to the
fact that every suit and overcoat bought here
has stood the test of service. In the lirst
place the milking is of the best. Our tailors
are the sort that will not wink at careless
workmanship. Designing is done by the
cleverest tailors in the business. WE CAN
# i r> t o a a 5
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
The Style Shop for Men and Hoys Who Know
WAN'TKIi-Wc pay hlt-hest prlceB lor
I' irnlture, Stoven, bIbo mcn'H cast
Ofl clothing. The Rcvclstolie Sec-
-.11.1 Hmul Hture. F22 lm.
KnH BALE—Oliver Typewriter. Visible. Fii-Bt clans condition, I50.CO.
Apply at Mail-Herald Office. 2t.
ROOM TO Rl'lNT-Larpe, warm and
comfortable ro()m to rent tt) Kentlo-
men alter March 15th. Kvery
modern convenience, situated on
Third street, south of McKenzie
avenue. Apply at Mail-Herald
Office. 2t,


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