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" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation an-d
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $G01
Interior Publisnmg Co., Agts.
"SfcKSuif:  Visiting Cards
Interior PuDlishing Company
Eight Million Dollars for
Public Works including
aUO Total $16010
$2.EO Per Year
Public Works—Revelstoke
Hospital Graot of $51,-
F vi nil uie
Enamels for
Baths and
Gold. Silver
Paints Oils Glass Varnishes
Brushes Ladders Polishes Etc.
) oooooooooooooooooooooc-o-o-o
> Imperial Bank of Canada 6
) Hoad Otflo* -Toronto, Ontario. V
I Capital Subscribed -           6,000,000.00 9
Capital Paid Up -      -      5,996.00^.00 X
Reserve        - 5,996,000.00 a
Total Assets,       • -             f 72,000,000.00 6
Branches at Parents At all priiicip.il poluu in ilanada. O
Amenta in Gr»« HriUin and Unitml Stales—London, EnKlaiid, Q
Llovds Bank, LirnittKl.    Chicago- Fimt National Bank, Corn Kx- Z.
change National Hank.   8ea«l«—Seaf.t • National Bank,  San Fran- U
Cisco—WelU 1 argo Nevada National Bank.    Hpokan**—Exchange f\
National Ban! . A
savings Bank Department V
I Deposit* of $1 and upward, noelved, and Interert allowed at   Y
0   current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited. V
I     Revelstoke Branch- A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.    j?
Long and Shortening Dresses, Cloaks. Etc.
Spring Shipment Just Arrived
Mrs. A* G, Crick, <* First Street
Order  Early  and   Often
will refrtsli jou wllll Its lirlglit, iiplcj
llavor nml (ragralicy. Sold in 1 Ib,
lead package!,
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O. Box vmi QROCtR & BAKER Phono No. 23
Victoria, Fob. 24—Hun. Price Blll-
Bon delivered liis budget Bpeecb in the
legislature yesterday afternoon.      it
was an able oratorical eIlort occuiiy-
inc about two hours in delivery and
wns listened to With close attention
throughout. The minister in his remarks covered u wide held. He was
naturally  Jubilant  over  the  excellent
!showing which the finances of thc
province have made under his administration and expressed thc highest
degree of confidence as to thc growing prosperity which is hound to
mark the Immediate future. This is
the second budget which Mr. Ellison
has presented to the legislature ol
Uritish Columbia and he expressed
his pleasure at l.eing alile to show
this year an even better record than
he had laid before the house und the
country a year ago.
The finance minister, said he, is
bound to remember that along with
advancing revenue, there lies before
the province lor many years the need
for a continually increasing expenditure. Nevertheless, no one who knew
the province bo well as he did, and no
one, particularly who had the op -
portunlty of travelling with the royal commission on taxation last year,
c..ui.l help f.'eling a pardonnble pride
in the prospects which lie before th?
people. As a result of what was
learned by the taxation commission
he  wns convinced  that it was    quite
' possible to  secure   quick   development
, combined »with reduction ol some
taxes nnd thc abolition of others.  It
J was, he pointed out, Impossible under
the linancigl Bystems pursued in the
Dominion or in the provinces of Canada for a minister to calculate exact
fy either his revenue or his expenditure, but, nevertheless, au approxi -
Illation eould be made which was fair
ly acurate and would suffice for all
practical  purposes.
The minister then drew uttention to
the fact that for the yeur ending
March 81, lllll, the revenue actually
obtained was greatsr than the esti -
mated receipts by 18,492,865, although
there were some items in which the
expenditures were in exc?ss of the
Dealing wiih thc provincial debt he
placed this ut $9,418,037 on March 81
Mil; against this there was a valuable asset of $8,886,647 cash then in
the bank and other outstanding as •
-els such as mortgages on the Shuswap St. Okanagnu and the Nakusp &
Blocan railways, loans to creamery
associations and other minor loans,
thus showing a balance of assets over liabilities of $1,197,691. This compared the assetB hy $801.C44 and com
pared even marc favorably with the
fiscal very favorably with the prcv -
ious fiscal year when thc liabilities
exceeded year em: ing March 31, 1809,
When the liabilities exceeded the as -
sets by 88,894,577; thus in two years
not only has the balance in thc public accounts swung round lor lhe lirst
time since Confederation from the
debt t.. the credit side, but the
change represents a total accumula -
tion ol laving! to thc extent of ?4,-
792,271  in two years.
It wns gratifying to note the high
position which the credit of British
Columbia occupied in the markets ol
tbe world; on January 11, 1912, British Columbia 3 per cent. stockB sold
, at 81",, compared with 83 for Qiiekec,
B0| for Ontario, 79 for Nova Hcotin,
j 75j for Manitoba, and 73J for New -
This acknowledged prosperity, the
minister remarked, might interfere
with the demand whicli thc province
was now making on the Dominion
government for better terms, but he
d.d not think that such an argument
wns fair, as the demand for better
terms rested upon elements of jus-
ti.-e whichf he was sure would lie acknowledged when the matter was Investigated by an Imperial commis -
pi on.
Hpenking dI the finances ot the
present year the minister estimated
the revenue nt $10,:187,S3(I. Tbis, as
he pointed out. would I.e about the
flame as the previous yenr. The government has not found it possible owing to thc pressure of other business
to rmg forward legislation this session  bearing on the charges In thc in
ndence i.f taxation recommended   I.y
tbe Hallway Oomffiisslon which has
recently issued its report, aud, tbeie-
lore, al any rate lor this financial
year the revenue tas, personal property iax remain in torce, end there ls
in. serious difference in the    amount
estimated for income tax. Ill tbe estimated revenue Ior the year thei e is
an Increase ol $32,029 in the Do -
minion of Canada subsidy. Thc esti-
ni.'H.e tor land sales is unchanged, but
thnt tor land revenue is double 1, hern; * i "."I*I instead ot $200,000*, the
coal prospecting licenses being pru.ci
pally responsible for this inti' nao.
Timber royalties have licen Calculated at $.".<">.i;,W,  being an    increase   ol
$81   Timber licenses remain    thc
same, $1,800,(130. Free miners •-erti -
lici.tes have risen from $50,00*1 to
$7v,C*0O, and general mining receipts
from $90,0011 to $110,000. Probate i.s
Increased $30,0CO; succession duty,
$81 .'.i. The estimate for registry
toes lms risen from $350,000 to $600,-
OOU. The increase in thc revenue tax
is figured at $800,000. The land tax,
thnt Is the tux on wild, coal and tim
ber lands have come up Irom $850,-
000 to $4."iO,C*C*5. The royalty and tax
on coal are expected to reach $850,-
000, being considerably larger than
the past year, during which the revc-
lixi. J from this source were seriously
curtailed by the prolonged strike.
Th- figures under the Chinese Kestrie
Hon Act are placed at $5fi0,0U0, hut
this is confessedly a low estimate and
the chances are that the amount re-
reived from this source will he con -
sidcrnbly more.
(Continued on Pace   Ll
503.000 Men Down Tools in
Coal Mines-Government wil!
Work Mines in Last Resort
London. Feb. 88—A more hopeful
feeling prevails today despite fact
thnt nearly half a million miners
have alren.ly downed their picks and
q'lit work in accordance with notice
given. Conferences were held yesterday between Premier Asquith and
members of government, prominent
operators and representatives of the
Miners Federation without result,
but nre proceeding today on new has
is and with better prospects for settlement. Premier Asqulth makes a
grave announcement, that in last resort the government will operate the
mines in the interests of the Nation
with a view to averting complete
stoppage  ot British  industrial  life.
Ottawa, Feb. 28—Hon. Robert Rogers, in speech dealing with Immigiation mutterB nnd the policy of the
government, announced that Hindu
women would not he admitted into
Canada, Said emphatically that the
Hindu was not a desirable emigrant
and in view of the class of Hindus
now in Canada the government were
opposed to allowing their wives into
this country and that Hindu women
were not wanted here. The Minister
also announced that thc report of
thc special ollicer detailed to make
a prolonged investigation on the
spot regarding Asiatic Immigration
into British ('olumbia and condioions
in Western Province, would he announced shortly. These declarations
■Acre greeted with cheers by the British Columbia members ol the Ottawa
Rome,  Feb. 28—Official reports give
particulars of. severe battle between
Italians      and    Turkish  and   Arabian
regulars and allien (ought at L/ebda,
seventy miles enst   ol Tripoli, on the
Mediterranean  coast,   Italian   reports
.say   battle  resulted   in  eompli-tc    defeat  ol Turkfl who arc said to   have
lost heavily.   This  battle in the first
of a series planned by Italian  gener-
| als in    conjunction     with navy, the
j alan   being  to  drive,  back  the  Turku
I and Arabs from  the small  North  African sea ports which  they have been
using  as  a  base  of securing supplies
and   ammunition   by  mean" of  Blockade runners sailing (rom Turkish and
neutral ports.
Nomination Day March 12th—
Premier McBride, Hon W. J.
Bowser and Hon. Thos. Taylor will Open Campaign in
the Interior.
(Special to the Muil-licruld)
Victoria, IS. 0., Keb. }i — At lhe
Executive Session yestsrluy limned -
iutely after prorogatlj.i a CitUlitl
meeting was held unJ ,t wjs decide.!
to dissolve parliament and uppcal
at once to the country, on the Kin-
uncial record ..nd the UrtHw *.v Policy
of the g i.-eminent, liie Pr.ivuCial
elections will tuke place i.n ivlnrcli
8Sth, nomination day lii lixe I tor
March 12th, tne esti.v (JovernmvDt
Gazette contuining -.ae-ic auuo.ir.'v
ments was issued today.
Premier McBride an 10 in :c I, tmr.g
importance Railway Police M, in .tied
be considered it only right trat the
people of* the Province from v.bom
the government must I'.-Celva iheir
mandates, should he consulted, pi em
ler McBride with Hon. W. d. Bowser
and Hon. Thomas Taylor, will tour
the province, opening their campaign
in tho interior uud tiuishing .■*.* the
coast cities. The government will
luy their record oi pust achievement
nnd their plans for the future development ot the province squarely before the electorate during the course
ol this campaign, and will embody in
then- program thc platloiiu ot the
Conservative Party for the torthcom
ing session if re-elected  lo power.
With the possible exception of J.
Hawthornewaite, member for Nanaimo, it is believed that every member
of the present house will present him
self for rc-uomination. The sume
solid live will stand for Vancouver.
The Liberals have been caught nap -
ping hy the Buddeuness of thc iIIbso -
lution, but will make a strenuous el-
fort to elect Oliver lor Delta or some
other safe scat il oue cau be louud
their plana are apparently that Hon-
ebt John should continue to lead the
party if posBible Irom the tioor ol
the house, Instead ot from hie place
behind the scenes us during lhc paBt
lion. Mr. Bowser announces that he
will open his campaign at Vancouver
next Saturday in a great, speech before the Conservative Club meeting
ol that city. Prorogation occurred
at 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, the labors ot the past session
including ns they did the passing of
some sixty-two bills, being then
brought to a close.
Premier McBride announces inten -
tion of executive to give very careful consideration to thc report ol the
Taxation Commission during the
brief recess, with a view to nrrung -
ing amendment and consolidation ol
all statutes dealing with taxation.
Tho executive will consider the ndvis
al.iliiy ot introducing measures of reform inrluding the repeal of the Pro
vincial Poll Tax, and other reforms
but only after careful and judicial
consideration and along the best
lines of the Conservative Policy. The
aim of thc government in those Intended changes would be to bring
the system of revenue up to the most
approved  modern  standard.
The session concluded with the lis
ual ceremonies after Lieutenant-Governor Paterson gave official assent to
the large number ol important bills
referred   to  ns   having   been   passed.
Montreal. Feb. 88— lliipt'ece.|,*ntedly
heavy snowfall here last twenty-four
hours, two and a half feet on the
level,   resulted   in   many   roofs  giving
way.   Damage ostlmated at $ioii,immi.
Forty people had a very narrow escape from death uliilst skating in
the Foriiu rink, tlie entire roof collapsed under weight of snow. Cracking lieaniB gave short warning, and
skaters rushed pell mell from building a tew seconds before collapse.
The roofs of several big C.P.R. freight nheds also gave way under Htrain
ol weight of snow, the men were nt
lunch, and  no one was injured.
Royal Funeral at Windsor
London, Feb. 2S—The tiincral of
the late Duke of Fife, which took
place today at the Royal Cemetery,
Windsor, was accompanied by solemn
and stately ceremonies, tjiieen Alexandra, and Princess Victoria, daughter of thc Duke of Fife were unable
10 attend owing to illness. King
'Ieorge an.l Queen Mary attended the
funeral, and ri'iinsentatives of many
Foreign Powers uud the Services,
Wo have just put into stock a carload of Sherwin-
Williams' Paints including inside and outside
paint in all shades. \ arnishes for all purposes,
Oil Stains, Enamels, Floor Paint, Shingle Stain,
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Decorating. Wo have handled these Paints, also
their own make of Linseed Oil for years, and
there is nothing in the market to equal them. If
you want to met value for your money see that
Sherwin-Williams' name is on the can.
All colors in Alabastine.    Paint Brushes, etc.
Our Railway Policy Is
To supply to the people of Re\elstoke the best
in the Grocery line.
CHIVER'S JAMS are now in great demand—
these goods are put tip from ripe fruits antl pure
sugar and retain all lhe tasty quality of home
made Jans.   Prices are i ight   Try some.
John Mclntyre CB, Son
Revelstoke Meat Market, ltd.
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Men's Suits
New Spring Styles
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Splendidly   made of finest
Tweeds and Worsteds.
Prices from $20 to $35
Mercantile Go., Limited
Tin Slylci Shop'loi Men ind Boj •
American railroads arc thc fastest
and safest in thc world.
The American trainman
counts his time in seconds.
i-.*r. i-n ri:'ri>ad men ran-v nc
nich much n the HOWARD.
Oftioul imperii, n   of  railroid
witch-aex! ••*. in r i other country.
HOWARD Rl > *.'\Vi-  l,r (!.,'..-
i ' I and a-Ai-pte-d
 ..irrd in.l
f.rfty of llie leading tii".
r.*-"T tliin ihil, llir:*- d "y prtformin-ce
i*. Imrr, rente a. I MlM tl.in tlie irnat rtt.l-
. .
Thrl. WARD
*,..*.. . . .......
HOW/ RP i' nudr ind >d-
, it. h.    C.ied and timed
ll »- by the HOWARD Wit-Ji-
Thr pricr »C Ihr HOWARD rtjlntl
—nflrad Ittottk J.to '° lu*—*ad a
krt attifhrd.
We cirn thi. diiHnctive watch and
would blu to iI.mw it to yoa.
r n  DCUfQ Jeweller
I. U, DLffUy optician WEDNESDAY, PEB. 28th, 1U12
the n^^iL-iaiEii^k.LD, revelstoke
WEDNESDAT, FED. 28th, 1912
Some Snaps in local Realty
House and Two Lots on MacKenzie Ave $4,100
House and Lots on First Street  3,500
House  and    Lot.  South-West    Corner
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House and Lot. Fourth Street  2.850
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
BWoro you stiirt out Shopping,
don't tail to read tills column,
which Ib brlBtllng with pointers tor
tlio bargain seeker.
W,  1
arry  buys furniture,  etc., spot
double life
the flDaU-ibevaib |;:1;;,:::;,;,l,:;i";:t
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Changes il standing advertise
ments must he in hy 9 a. m.
Tuosday and Knday of each week
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CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters of public Interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied by name ot write!
not nor i* .-mi nly for publication
hut as evidence of good faith
Correspondence should be brief.
Including postage to Kngland, United States an.l Canada.
By thc year (through postofllcc)  $2.50
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Hon*. 25 per cent, additional.
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each insertion.
See the man who led
,ii  the Slur tonight.
Ecklmrdts Vaudeville at the Ellison
on Peb, 29th and March  1st.
Spring cleaning has begun, so send
for Vi. Parry to Polish your furniture
House to lot near Central school.—
Apply to H. N. founder.
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for our
cannot full to
part  nl  the  provinoe.
\ (ai .i- can bo gathered trom our
exchanges, the Railway Policy has
been received with a chorus of ap -
proval, even opposition organs have
little eroticism to oiler and that only on matters ol detail and present
Indications are that il the govern -
ment go belore thc electorate on lhe
policy,  they  Will  swoop  the  province.
Viewed from the broad provincial
aspect, the Policy is admittedly     a
great success. It is true tbat in Rev
elstoke und district ii considerable
amount of dissatisfaction is felt and
expressed al the omission ..' thc eon
sl i notion   of   the   Big   Bend   railwny.   grnm to |,e UB g(j0(i us
concerning    winch such bright hopes tlll. clty .,, any t,ricc.
the   "Sugar   Howl
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Don't fail to see thc thousands of
waliusos In the Siberian Sea at the
Edison  theatre  to-night.
The Kdison Is the most popular
picture house  In town.
A neat, comfortably furnished house
to let on Fourth street.—Apply to
H.  N. Coursler.
Tbe Star
guarantees tonight's pro-
any shown in
were held out to the electors of this
district by the Premier when  be >>p- '
ouo.i ilis lasl campaign In 1909.     lt
Is n goo,I sign however, to see that
In tire eflorts whieh are being made
i.v Hns community to Inliuonce the
governmenl In tho direction of prong llns railway, politics have been
rigorously excluded from the pro -
ccedings, nnd the Bubject is being
handled In that dignified and business |
iik,. manner, which is liesl calculated
to attain thc objeel In view.
The  interests  of  tins city  nnd  .listrict can  safely   be  left   in  the  hands
ol the very representative and nitiu -
i*-tial deputation of lome twenty live
mem) ers who left ye-tcr.lay for the
\«1.  anil   the  fact   Hint   the       lion
Thomas Tayloi an.l Premier McBrlde
bave arranged to receive the delegn
•;.*ii   s sufficient  prool tbat  they will
* given a courteous and sympatbc
■ bearing.
Probyn's store is well supplied
with candies made on the premises,
Don't forget that candies are more
wholesome bought  fresh.
March is—St. Patrick's entertainment at Opera House "Don Paddy
De Bazan" an Irish fin'ce presented
by Dramatic Society "I St. Francis
March 21st—J. H. C. Concert in the
Opera House.
On Easter Monday Evening— Grand
Hall under auspices of Ladles' Auxiliary  of  Railway  Trailimon.
wearing   gloves
WEDNESDAY, PEB. Mth,  1912
Thi      I'rovincinl      Budget   brought
down .,;  ^       ■ ..   ■   Friday by Hon.
Price Ellison,     .Minister of Finance,
marks forward  step in      in
tbe work • up .ni.'* render -
ivallable     the resources •■;   th,.
Premiei   Proi -ice.   The budget    pi"
rides tor t      ■ xi • ndlture during the
..*    - .in ..! Jli .
itltul   t a record ln the
•    I>    *.f    ll!   - * I*
s   irlj        •   :  i.l   ol  ttie  total
pendit -im ..! 5-
t .   .   .;.•-. Department of
'.-,.,rkt    prei  ;".! over I.y
. u,* mber :.*t     Ri  ■
the del
tbal    Ri ■
■   ■ ■
*   ,
*  rl
-• .
"a. ' .
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from Mclntyre's.
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day  nf next week.—C. B. Hume •£ Oo
I'ome and see the thousands ol wul
rUBOUS nt the E.lison on the 27 au.l
2Sth  ol   tins  month.
une of the most Important lentut-cs
..; the railway poltcj Introduced on
Wednesday, so lar as Kootenaj is
loncerned, is thc statement that the
governmenl has decided to purchase
in * i.m i grants ol th*    British Co
tumble  Southern,  and Colum!*. .    Bl
u.sieii*. railways   Th ■ .   .-*
These lands comprising some 2.5(H)
■ ■** in  Kootenay      have     not
hitherto been     available tl •
m,nt and the locking up  ••;  i
- *
si .ole to th.* pi ogress ol the
naj   I sti iet     The land will ni
Into tiie bands .*f the provim
* -.1  an.!   Will
il ion.
The eflect upon I
Mv       ..".
et •n-ing    the   ares
the Kool ■ ker,
i.li -.on,
•  planted mid th.
will  incr**,, ■•
to the agricultural development
rr'.nirc  .,<   »h«   ;*r  S| •
Alaska Jack is in the city today
with his fatuous Alaskan pictures.
covering 6000 feel of the moBt ineiruc
live and educative pictures ever
ShoWO   bole.
Cooking  bags,   all   the  go  m   Easl
era  cities,  now  for  sal    .,t   Macdonald's  drug   'tore.
i.i.lind Sulphur, thai wonderlu
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lonald's drug store
argalna   in   dwellings
in.I Thir: ii    N
,. -
n they
-    •    •
'. over
H.   N*
■   ■
Play Third Round
London, Feb. 25—Befol'O the usual
bid crowds the third round of the
Bngllnh cup was played yesterday,
definite results being reached lu elx
of the eight games. Tbe two draws
will be replayed next week. The
Bradford o,  Bradford City  1.
Fulham 2, Northampton 1.
Oldham  Atlil.tie  0,  llolton  2,
Bolton Wanderers i. Barnsley 2.
Sunderland I, West llroniwich Albion  2.
Blackburn Rovers ;i, IVolvornimpt-
on Wanderers 2.
West Ham railed I. Swindon Town
Reading 1,  Manchester I'nited 1.
Noits County 2, Tottenham Hotspurs 2.
Sheffield Wednesday :i, Aston UUla
Bury  2,   Liverpool   2.
Mlddlesborougb 0, Woolwich Arsenal  2.
Newcastle United  1. PreBton North-
cud u, j
Clapton Orient II, Notts Forest 2.
Derby County  5,  Blackpool  I.
Glossop 7,  Leeds Cily   1.
Huddcrsliehl Town I, Leicester
Fosse 2.
Hul:  City  n,   Stockport   County  2.
Chelsoii ii, Burnley 2.
Plymouth   Argyle  11,  Stoke  :!.
Crystal  Palace  1,  Lcyton  i.
Norwich City 2,  Luton '2.
Exeter 2.   Bristol  Rovci'B  1.
IJueens I'ark  Rangers 0, Millwuter 1
Coventry Oity :l, New Brompton 2.
Dublin, Feb. 25—Before an enthus -
inst ic crowd of Irishmen today Ireland beat Scotland by ten points to
eight in thc International rugby scries.
Rugby  results  were:
Devon 29, Northumberland 0.
Coventry  14,  London  Hospital S.
Old Merchant Taylors 29, Rosslyn
Park d.
Cambridge 29, old Alleyiuns .1.
Harlequins 21.  United  Services li.
London Scottish 2:1, London Irish
Blackheatb   11;. Oxford 3,
Richmond 18, Leicester 8.
Newport  .1,   Swansea fl.
Glasgow.  Feb.   2.", - The  third  round
..: the Bcottlsh Football association
pis .-*! oil as Follows:
\   .'I**'.**' *     !      1 leltic   2.
•'man 1. Dundee 0.
Kilmarnock I . Clyde I.
I  Lanark  3,  Motherwell  2.
The follow! league gam-
i.gers   1,   \,r Inc..minis 1
Falkil it   ck  '*
K.,.tl.  Rover-   I    St.  M iron 1.
96—England claimed
■**st mat-
wlth  a  si if 324.
•   1    ■ ,■
"ilia   at
..it      . ompl e.l   1*8*4
runs with the loss of five wickets.
Mjre about the Jotnston Median -
ical Rupture Appliance
Last week we told you something
about this rupture appliance, and if
you arc a ruptured person you were
interested, ll not, ruptured yon were
not Interest! 1 and need reau no further.
We confess that the greatest dilli -
cult} wti had in writing the notice of
lust week and this notioe .s to convey to you the real worth ol the appliance. In almost, any paper you
pick up are advertisements of rupture
trusses signed by self-cured rupture
specialists, and amongst them they
have managed lo, claim all that. Is
possible for a rupture truss. Ue
recognize that it is hard for ub to
persuade you that wo really cau do
what others profess to do—that is,
it. is hard to do here—but uot. a dlf-
Ucult matter if you could sec what
wu have to oiler.
We are daily lilting people,—men,
women uud children, and with the
Bame pleasing result to them and us.
Last week amongst others were a
child of four months, a boy of five
years, and u man trom New York,
who has been ruptured lor over 20
years. He fairly grabbed at the appliance the rniuute he saw it. To -
night We fitted an ex-locomotive engineer of 70 odd years al age, aud
when he left it wus with the remark
that he "was experiencing the lirst
comfortable feeling he had felt for
yours." Write us for pamphlet of Information. Thc Johnston Truss Co.,
594  Richard  Street,  Vancouver.
Music Store
McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Saving of Distance by Canal
The opening of the Panama Canal
will effect the following saving of
distances for such ships as muy
choose the new and shorter route: —
Europe lo San Francisco, 6,200 miles
und to Valparaiso, 2,Dm miles, England to Now'Zealand, 1,1*00, and lo
Australia, sun mil.-:. Qotwoen A mer
lean and Oriental ports the saving
will be as follows —New York lo
Shanghai, 1,4llll miles; Moni real to
Sydney, Australia. 2,Tlu miles; and
between Now York and Australasian
pons tiie saving of distance will nv-
erago about 2. Hid miles.
Don't fail   to sec  the  Eckhardta  at
the Edison on Feb. 29th and  Mar. Isl
New Lightning Method
Oil Paintinjr, and Painted Walls
Cleaned like new.
Paper Hanging a Specialty
Estimates (liven
Mirror Making ami re-Silvering
Glass Cutting ami Boring
Glass  Pasting and Staining
Picture Framing, etc.
Prices Reserved.
d. wTbrill
Painter, Paper Hanger, Decorater
Kevelstoke, B C.
News Service
i Her
Hi   ae proi   * . -a to
■ lav      V. •• .   ■
i.ith will the op
labors, toll
t -.fi  bei i ai  '• :* ■
Tb>* . itxtandii,- teaton    I 1
,. tedlj       NOT   i;
•  fori way Policy   bill
.,' wtriA »•   publish fail    particulars
tb.- IMN   ,md thf wort  ..t eon
*t ng tbc Statute" wei    also achievements    ,' r-Nil lmix.itiinei'.
The Railway   POflCJ  at. 1 il,    Btldgel
tog%tbsi  ttitiV,   provision f...  an    <-«
petrdlture ,.<   ..m,* |(0, 18   within
the next three {rears lo Hns pi..uiu.
. continuance ,.f    tbe
preteDt   good      Iiiiiii.   Ihr I    III  Hrtl
Columbia. Tbe circulation ol I paper*
■ 1
in '.nihil     , •
•*  ■
the heavy ts<
. ..
'.*rm      oir      i'n
, tetegraphte
Ol  tb' Is ..rid  nnil pro
■ -   1      .,
1 esdaj   *
**■**,ti, H 1 if  tin-
aie on iiii  eve nl •• , •
tion, the presenl   -
t.mi* 1.      ■ 1 ■• I*..    .. telei r
leg       it...       : e,    n.n  arrange -
ment mil enable im i i pnMM   ne»-
on      publication   d iff,   11   full
•..•ir Imum 'ib'-a 1 "' 11 - an I ral     **i
unclaineo coods
Pursuant  ti   notice dated February
.'■.tb.     i'U2, the    sale of unclaimed
(     nol     entered for duty, or
.■ ,1'hi.iis.-.i,  before the date ,.[ tale,
1 ill  take place al Cu t..ins Supper
Warehouse, C.P.R.      Freighi
Pl mi -dny,   March   2lHt,    11112,
.1   :1   .■
II    H    \TKINS.
Collector  ol  Customs.
*    '
.   lamp oh i.   ■
'   I
Ml HI       ' ,'   v
Mill'r.  V )'  ■ 11 pi.'pur
i.l   1..  1 ,.. .,1  pup
lis f..r  tuition                    •   1   I im
apply   nl -IK
Itihnl in. ht il
1'ilnl,   I
.   ■-
v it       vi.ti  v. tetrli
;hl   .
map fm
■,. temptal
■.Iter   1 ifimml.        I all
North    '.ipi-rintii. ttneal
Departi   nl   I .iv of Revelstoki
Revelstoke B.C., Jan 27th, 1912.
1 ,.-k  and
bad  1    packed    bo
.*i.|ii   the
,     1     t lir   i
tion    fm     ','*.      University
■     )*',.*i..*t.   I    ,,t     |'..inl
■ .11        \ atiroav, I        III it ln11
1 it Government of British Colum
'.* 1 .impel .liv, plant f< 1 tbt
,'■ . l.o 11 heme and .lomf n Ioi tbe
proposed   ni*'.*.-     University,  togethei
ion    detailed   Plan   foi tbt
t*.   tit mi" '   !  ' ll   an M
1  cot)  oi f 1,800,000.
• lo.noi   ** ii **,  .•■'*. 1,   for
cetsful   Di ii.tnittcii
.'.,1 1 ,,f ibe compel ll ion and
Its  may  bt obtained  on  re
• an the underetgnsd
The design) to be ten)  In 1 v  .Inly
iddrwtad to
I'.illialtn nl   llilllillllgs,
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Wc arc specializiiir in all varieties In Season
ol Cut 1'lowers. uur showing is unsurpassed.
Come and Inspect lor yourself.
V. 11. POTTRUFP, Manager.
On South Road, Half a Mile from Town
^7\r.A.isrTBnD i uvlieust i
Merchants, householders and others is yonr chance to get all kimln ol in-
read every word of this advertise terlor BltlshingS, bot bed siibIi. mould
menl and note our list ol Special-: itiga, cupboards, kiteben cabinets,
(or February, for tbis is Your up- tables nnd stools, slnkboards thelv-
portunity to save money by placing ink', sliding doors, paint, varnish and
your orders now  before tbe rusb    ol
tbt Spring Season,
To Merchants We can lill your re
quirements for showcases, counters,
mouldings ami turnings of all description, drawers, filing cabinets, of-
liee ili'sUs and stools, shelving and
partitions, plain and fancy sheet
class, etc.
To Householders and Others— Tbis
kuls..nunc, roofings, building papers,
window and picture itlns-, etc.
Material and Workmanship are tbo
best, and our priees are lbe lowest
possible. All orders, whether largo
or small, receive prompt attention,
Estimates for all kinds ol Constructional Work, freely given. I'hone KI
or write us. P. 11. liox 195, better
si ill if possible, pay uh a personal
Visit,    Wc shall  be clad to sec you.
The Revelstoke Sash and Boor Factory
p. 0. it
Gl 0. D. SHAW, Prop,
Phone No, J61
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the lime of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me Belore Investing.
The Johnston Truss Co., of Vancouver, invite vour ;it-
lention in thc new Johnston Mechanical Rupture appliance
the) arc manufacturing. This appliance is the invention of
Mr. |. A. Johnston, of Vancouver, v»lio for the past three
years has been perfecting ii until now it is the mosl complete
rupture miss ever made. To compare it with any other mp-
turc truss is impossible. It meets with lhe approval oi tlie
medical profession, and every ruptured person \\\\o lia.s seen
it, The testimonials from those wearing it arc all thai could
be desired, li is made in a variety ol sims for men, women
and children) and besides permits ot twenty adjustments. Up
lo the present time most of those who are wearing this appliance are eases ol lon^ Standing, yet in every Instance immediate and continued relief has been the resuit.
I lie Johnston Truss Co,, whose address is J94 Richards
Street, Vancouver) has, in addition to iis workshop) two
properly equipped titling rooms where all  patients have the
11.il attention ol Mr. |ohnston himself) Call or write for
booklet containing full instructions for self-measurement, ^i\-
ing us it thc same time any particulars of your ease you care
in, .nnl wc will send you ihe information you require.
I.\    I   i'IIANCK  Kdll  KllKK  LAND, will plant the  banana* nnd     market
  Untn    on slinre*.   Yonr sluire slmnlil
t  rtStrpatloo Ol  tortill vnlley lnnd brlnt;  $200  per  acre  nnnnnfly.     The
i.   „.w  open   in  Mexico.   HomrstcmlH ''nnt.hn I'lnntntlon     Co., Hlock 200'J,
Krc...  Onl, nqulrtnunt U to    ban ^"•bnr*' ''"- VHA-    }****•
Meilrnn land In the I'.H. nnd Cnniulii
live acre* of i,..n..i,m. planted «„b„, ,W||„ fnr ,,„,,,„„,„„    v„„ n(,p(1 n(lt
Uritish  Columbia,  live yeaiuf   An     authorized company go to Mexico. t.c. WEDNESDAY, FEB.  28th, 1912
WEDNESDAY,  FED.   38th,   1S12
. . It Might Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our.record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
(Continued trom Page 1.)
Wm.BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
White Help Only Employed
Eoard by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant —Short Order
W. C.   BATCHELOR,        -        cTWanager.
H. J. McSORLLY, Proprietor.
Strictly Fiist Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Under New c/Wanagement
First-Class Accommodation and Sample Ri i ma
Rates-$1.00 to $2.00 Per Day
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props."S
Enlarged   «nd Improred.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern convenience*
Large -Sample Kooms.
Rates 452.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Week I» anil inuntlili rule tn be urrangeil.        Meal Ticket!, 21 minis (nr <6.(I0
A. p. LiBVBSQUB, Proprietor
Laughton f& Tapping, Props.
First Street, Revelstoke, B, C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
liiiir Polisher or Howson's
Furniture  Store
krpolishes.    Makes Old Furniture
Estimates Freely Given.
Prop Card in Post Office
Special Attention given to commercial
UMI ami tourists. Kirst-claa* ssmple
rooms. Finest scenery in Brlllih Colombia, overlooking Dppu Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A relmbla Preach ipkuI.,1*. ; nrver falls. IV'i
pllli nr* oiceatllnglf powerful In rrntilitlnir th*
Bfnmsllve poillnn nI tlir lpt.nl* .yiilein. Ktlu»fl
all cliaap lmliaii*.iia. Or. de fn'i tra aold at
t^ a I'**., nr three inr 110. Mailed to any iddren.
Tbe Ir.b.ll Dree Co.. It. Catharlnai, Oat,
The estimated expenditures are put
at $16,370,001,011; this is a considerable' increase over the flgureB ol the
previous year. Among the departments which show an increased tOBt
arc the administration of justice, the
maintenance of public institutions
and education. The great bulk of the
increase, however, is accounted for by
public works. S5,000,000 is set aside
lor roads, Btreets, bridges and
wharves, and $3,000,000 tor works
and buildings. There is to be $100,-
000 tor the development i:' Strath -
cona Park, $75,000 for thc buil l.ng
of the tranBprovincial road, $75,000
for thc road from Castle Mountain to
the Columbia Valley, $30n,000 for additions to the Parliament buildings,
$300,0*0 for thc new wing ot \ ancouver court house, $225,0"O fnr the
Prison Farm buildings at Burnaby,
$500,000 for beginning thc work of
building the provincial railway, $400-
HO0 towards the bridge over Second
Narrows, this grant being conditional
that the bridge shall be free ol tolls
for vehicular and pedestrian tr.ittic,
and Bhall bo subject to such tolltl for
railways as may be deemed :uir by
the Lieutengut-Governor In council.
Among the miscellaneous grants ere
$1001) for the Boy Scouts throughout
the province; $10,000 for the Protective Home for GUIs in Vancouver aud
$7000 for the Young Women's Chris -
tinn Association in Victoria. There is
also a provision of $-5,COO for royal
commissions, and several additions
aro made to the superannuation
fund.*.. In this connection Mr. Ellison
announced that a royal commission
will be appointed shortly to investigate the conditions ol agriculture and
irrigation nnd all that pertains to
the welfare of agriculture generally .
The decision of the government to
appoint this commission is largely
due to the eflorts ol Mr. Lucas, the
member lor Yale who has beeu active
in urging that tbis course be adopted.
The mini>ter then proceeded to denl
with the conditions cxistiug throughout the year in various industries. As
to agriculture, he pointed out, lhat
the totul produce of thc province iu
1910 was valued at $14,39'.i,o00, while
imports ot farm produce for that year
were $14,902,901. In 1911 the figures were $20,837,803 of home product! against ^14,709,854 ol imports.
The home products therefore out -
stripped the imports by more than
$6,000,000. The whole increased consumption of the year was provided
lor by home grown products without
any iucrease of imports.
Although it is undoubtedly a drawback that the province should be com
pelled to import so large a percent -
age of its foodstuffs. the situation,
nevertheless, in Mr. Ellison's opinion
hns thc advantage ol being an ndver
lisement to settlers wishing to take
up farm life. If an incoming settler
knows that for many years he can
raise crops, all of which will be loud
ly called for, and that he will never
be under the necessity of exporting
them, he will be impelled to come to
seek his fortune here, where such an
excellent market is awaiting him.
The Department ol Agriculture,
which in 190S had eight officials,
has now twenty-four, and provision
is being made to add live more dur -
ing thc present year. The fruit crop
of 1911 was rather poor. It did not
amount to 50 per cent of the produce
of 1910, one*, thousand carloads being
exported in 1910 as against less than
500 in 1911. Dairying has not do -
vclopcd ns might have been ci -
pecU'd. This is owing to the excessive cost of foodstuffs and the
fact that many farms have been acquired bj investors und subdivided as
suburban property. There is a gratifying improvement in the quality of
farm stock and u very :orwnrd
movement in poultry farming. The
tobacco growing industry Is making
good progress; the culture ol bees
has taken lirm hold in tbe province.
Horticulture is steadily advancing
and now requires the services of five
trained officials ot tbe department.
Tulierciilosis in cattle has been materially decreased through the work
ol the government inspectors, and it
is gratifying to observe that the majority of farmers nave come to recognize the importance ol supplying
pure milk and are cordially co-operating with the department in the
work of inspection. There are now
sixty-live farmers' institutes with a
memltfrahip of about HoOO. The main
object of these Institutes Is co-operation amongst the farmers with re •
spert to marketing produce and ae-
curing supplies. One of the main ob-
jerts which they have attained is to
secure stump powder for land clearing purposes at a greatly reduced
price through an arrangement made
by the government with thc powder
and transportation companies. The
movement for women's institutes Is
spreading rapidly. An advisory board
of four women from diflerent parte
ol tne |ir.iv,uce hns lieen appointed
t" advise the department m matters
relating to home work, .
Mr. Ellison then dealt briefly with
tbe condition of the timber industry
A blend of indescribably delicious llavor, peculiarly adapted to
cerving at social functions and preferred by many for nil occasions.
J-*. Owinslnilr.slrenrth, but thc small.
-' est quantity required. Sealed in
air-tight, dust-proof packages.
GOc.   per Pound
Olhri Pudgwaya Specialties
■Her Majc-sly'i nier.dn
CLIO pcrlb.
"Old Counliy"
!50c. per Ib.
"Capital Hoeiibold"
4Cc. r.ir Ib.
.I.'ni* yet" lm Jiad
111   1 iitett tit
'•°f       jSKP\ II
and tho lumber trade, both of wliicb
show very satisfactory returns. Thc
forest revenue for the past fiscal year
was $2,636,186. The lumber cut for
1911, was 1,1160,000,000 feet; of this
amount 1,013,000,000 feet were manufactured Into lumber and 47,000,000
feet were exported. The royalty collections for 1911 excoeded thoBO      ol
1910 by $50,731. The minister said
that   he  looked   forward   to    a    Btill
I greater  stimulus  in thc  lumber trade
I in 1912, especially aa there  will be a
! larger local demand owing to the de
1 velopment     ol    the    province.       He
looked     forward     also    to a     rapid
growth  in the pulp industry, as the,
supplies in the     United     States   are '
known to be rapidly becoming      in -
sufficient for the needs of that coun- \
try.   The  paper   making   industry    Ib
already     nourishing   In the province,
an 1 promises     to rapidly  grow      to
, enormous dimensions us it has      thc
1 great  advantages  of    cheap    water -
power,   cheap   timber,       with    cheap
transportation in close  juxtaposition
■    The     mining    development has not
been so satisfactory as     wus hoped;
thc Crow's Nest coal mine strike not
I only  diminished  tbe  output  of    coal
but. had  a serious effect also on the
output of the metalliferous       mines.
The estimated shrinkage in  value    is
about $9">0,000 in gold,  $270,000      ln
.-.liver,    $270,000 in lead aud     $G5,000
in zinc.   There hus been, however,   a
rise of $18,500 in returnB from    copper,  principally due to the  fine    output in the coast district mines.
The output of roal was lees   than
in  1910 by 365,0011 tonB nnd  the output  of coke  Icbs by      about    145,000
tons. The    new  discovered  coal  fields
ol Skeena River are knowii to be   in
extent at least two thousand  square
I miles and they give promise of hound
less riches. This coal is of thc anthra
cite quality such as does not     exist
I elsewhere in America except in    Pennsylvania,
i    A new nnd gratifying feature i*- observable  in   connection with  the salmon fisheries.   Despite the fact    that
1911 was an offycar, thc pack
brought in a lotal of ncnrly$6,000,000
as against a little more than $4,000-
000 ln 1910. These gratifying figures
are due to thc fact that whereas in
days gone by the sockeye was regard
ed as the chief and lavorite species
for exportation, there has now arisen
a demand from all parts of the world
for all kinds of salmon including even
value of the fisheries of 1911, including halibut, herring and nil food lish
as well as oil bearing fisheries would
reach  about  ?11,000,000.
i    The year hns witnessed  more than
.100 miles ol railwny construction In
I tho province.   It is claimed that the
three great transcontinental railways
| will spend $100,000,000 during thc
I coming year.    Trade   with Australia
and New Zealand bus shown     steady
growth through the year aad tho approaching completion of thc Panama
Cuual is bound to bc of great advantage to allof tbe Canadian ports on
the Pacific coast. Tho activity of pri
v.-ite investment in fanning and city
properties has been a marked feature
of the year, the returns of the land
registry amounting  to $613,000.
Taking the home production in man
ufactures, mining, timber, agriculture
and fisheries, the minister finds that
it totalled in 1911, $124,872,709, as
compared with $100,742,595 lor 1910.
"Little more than ball a century
ago," said the minister in conclusion
"did famous men by much toil of
hand uud sweat of brow enduring
hardships aud privations, boquenth to
us a nation in the making. Following
their great footsteps it becomes at
once, our duty and our wisdom to
tread the same high road, although
made Bmooth and easy by their undaunted passage, towards the goal of
naiional greatness on which their eyes
were ever sot. In the Book of Books
it is written; 'One generation sows
another reaps; some men labor, others enter into the fruits of their la-
Samiuia Cured Kim, and He Helps
A man who has been released from
lhc awful craving! ul drink, und whose
II. st thought Is In help others, shows
the spirit of true brotherhood and
thilanthropy. Head his letter:
i .iu aatnarla Kerned-*,- Co.. Toronto,
-iwil you please send me hook ol
.1:i:i... also cfrculurs relallnft to youi
viiiUod remedy lur tue dil.ik hatill
1 ,s ish to hand lliusc tu a Iric-lid who
la Kollig to ruin through tiring, i *.u
i.ui romembor that 1 liaco iiikcn v,,ur
rcinndy, and I And It all you claim l\
tu oo. I novoi* think ol taking or
unine strong drink In an. way. its nil
il. sue Tor ll hna luft me. i ran&tll
si.uk loo highly of your wonderful
f, ii.,'dy. Vou may use my name 'n anv
" v you wish In public.
0 11. I.llywhlle. brlgden. Ontario."
• anuria Prescription ia tasteless
ami odorless, and dissolves Instantly
in tea or eoltee, or cun be mixed witli
looil. It can 1„* given wiih or wlth-
..ut the patient's knowledge. It re-
llioves the craving fnr drink, liiill,la up
lhe i-ystem and restores lhc uervea
l.rink becomes distasteful uni "van
nauseous. *•
lirlnk la a disease, not n crime, une
.li Ink of whiskey always Invites an -
rn bur. The Inflnmed nerves and
stomach create a eruvlng thnt mual
cither be satisfied by more whiakey or
removed by scientific treatment like
Sim.iria Prescription. Bamarls Prescription has been In regulnr and auc-
ccstful use hy Physicians and Hospitals   for   over   ten   years.
If you know of any family needing
Samaria Prescription, tell ihem aboul
it. If you have a hushnnd, father er
friend that Is drifting Inlo drink, help
him save himself.    Write to-day.
\ FREE TRIAL PACKAGE of Samaria Prescription, with booklet, giving full particulars, teatlmonlals, price,
etc., will be sent absolutely free and
postpaid In plain sealed package to
anyone asking for It and mentioning
this  paper.    ^Correspondence  sucredlv
confidential. Write today. Tho Samaria Remedy Co., Dept. 46-49, Col-
borne street, Toronto, Canada. Also
for sale by C. II. Macdonald, Druggist,  Revelstoke, B.  0.
YEAR WITH $67,969,432 OF
The following were prominent leatnrti ol the btulneis for 1911 the
Company's most successful year.
1. Kffectivr lii-M-wor!  and a wide demand   fnr   profitable
Life Insurance, gave***total of APPLICATIONS RECEIVED $18,035,040
2. This large business and lbe persistence ol   well-satisfied Policy-holders produced a Mill FOR THE YEAR of. ill,044,30s
3. The SURPLUS earned in 1911 was       1442,074
4. THE INVESTMENTS again earn over 7c. witeoUl a dollar
lost and in Ute must acceptable securities.
5. A careful selection of risks nnd good fortune, again result In a
most favorable MORTALITY, ubout .sfic. ofthe "expected,"according io the
Government tables.
ft. ECONOMY consistent willi lliiirnngbness and enterprise has again
kepi the EXPEN8E RATES low.
All oonduolng to euooees In the first aim ol
Provide sound protection at Lowest Cost and
with highest profits to Polloy-Hoidera.
Tills, with increasing success, The (ireut-Weil Life has been fining
since 1K9-'.
HEAD OFFICE-Winnipeg, Man
Ask for llic " Report for I9IV   to be iss I shortly,    ami lor   "Profits
1912" now in print    showing Results to The Great-West Life Policyholders.
bors,' and this i.s our high destiny
il we will foresee it and grasp the
time. By quick and generous outlay
ou tho widening of our entrance gat-
ts, and on the opening out of that
vast unfuthoined wealth which still
lies buried iu rich rock and fertile
Boil, it will ite, I doubt not, in the
power of a wise and understanding
people to turn to our sboreB within
tho next few years mnny of tho shift
ing currents of the world's commercial stream. This, il we do, wc shall
bo udding stone to stone in thc great
work of nation building which those
who huve gone before us founded so
(Irmly and, when they passed away,
preserved to us their successors in
sacred trust lo continue and to build
This, if wc do, we Bhall prove ourselves tho true sons of our fathers,
who begat us, no unworthy citizens
of this ever growing province, wise
und profitable partakers of our splen
did   interitance."
Practical Information
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke.
All owners of dogs, and all
persons harboring dogs, are required to pay the Tax at the City
Hall, on or before the Eleventh
day of March, 1912. After that
date the police will prosecute all
who have not paid the tax, and
the By-law will be strictly enforced.
By Order,
City Clerk.
100 Thoroughbred
White Leghorn Pullets
All Laying
100 Thoroughbred
Rhode Island Red Pullets
All Laying
Revelstoke Poultry Yards
at Revelstoke. B. C.
or Phone 234
or Address
P. O. Box 227
Revelstoke, B. C.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexitime  Electric
lt,".i,l,*in*i' Cor. Hnl St. nml Knlisonare
Sliop in Alley back of 8, J   Itourne's
Store, First Street
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42  -    Night Phone 85
Regarding the
and Surronnding Country
in which over 200,000
Acres of Farm Land have
been reserved and surveyed for Pre-Emptors
Kor thc past two years we have
published u pamphlet in which is
given nil information available about
Fort George and Central British
Wc have continuously made public
the  outstanding  facts:—
That there is an abundance of pure
Fort George District;
That with the cxicptiou of small
areas of open meadows, thc land id
covered with a growth of timber,
some light and some heavy;
That 50 per rent, of the land is
light soil, with sand and gravel
That the mam rivers, such as the
Kruscr, Nechaco, Stuart and Sal -
mon, are mostly from 50 to 250 It.
below the bench land through which
they run;
Tnat toerc is nn abundance of pure
water iu creeks, lakes and rivers;
Tbat  the climate  is superb;  and
That one acre ol the good    land is
worth as much as flve acres in any
other part ol Western Canada.
Thc truth is good enough olout
Fort George, and wc are publishing
this advertisement so that the in -
tending settler and investor shall
know tbe truth and not be misled by
exaggerated reports ol the Fort
George District, whether good or
Fort George Is tbt "Hub ol B.C.,"
and tbe centre ot an empire rich in
aatural resources—-fruit «Dd farm
Uni, timber and mineral land. You
should know all about this vast new
Wnt« to us for the "B. C. Bulletin
of Information" and "Facts," both
Natural Resources
Security (o.
Joint Owners and Sole Agents
Fort George Townsite
Bower Blk, Vancouver, B. C WEDNESDAY, FEH. 88th,  1">12
THE  ^^.IL-HIIEIR^ILiID,  bevelstoke
WEDN'IiriDAY, FED.  2Sth,  1912
Stop Cleaning SmckyLamp Chimneys and Old Burners
Our New Lamp Burner will give light six times as much as the
old style lamp burner, and a clear vhite light. You can turn
light as high as you want to—it is impossible to smoke chimney.
Ymi can bum lamp in room all night. No bad smell from Kerosene. Gives a steady, even light, does not hurt the eyes, burns
any grade of Kerosene Oil, fits any No. 2 lamp, no mantle to
break, no black chimney to wash every day, always clean.
Burner will last several years -made of the best steel and brass.
Send us 36 cents in coin or money order, and we will send yuu one
of these burners prepaid. You use burner 60 days and if you
don't say it is the best lamp burner you ever saw, and you are not
well pleased, just write us a postal card stating you are not
satisfied with burner and we will promptly return your money.
This is the best burner yet. All wc ask is for you to Rive us a
trial. We guarantee burner to give satisfaction one year or give
you new one free.
We will send Three Burners Prepaid $1.00
llnrbara, Michigan
Kncncluscd fmil 35 , ents t»i
ivliicli Mini me one ot youi
White Light Lamp Burners per
your Advertisement, with understanding I can use Burnet 60
days, mul il 1 inn not well pleased
with sum in; mone) will bc re«
tui ned.
Name oi Orocet oi vour Citv
Light Company
Baraga, Michigan
M at EndErby Last Week —
Impjrtant Work Transacted
Tbi    I •■ rj   •■;   Kaniloofig   mei
■ ■   :'. ■'    -     .    u i  remu u
- Tl iy.     Tli n
*;.  *
i.i. the
rhe I terj lat ge
■  ■ ■    i - ■. '.tota thi
orth. Much
•. port *
and In
■   tbi   Im        ioi king   of
rt   ot  Mr    McLean,  whi
trncl C
* • *..        *. t
ted tbat I
nth i
» me-'    .
■...*• .'■■■:      i-i       R
ilersou; foreign Missions, lic\ "■ L.
Macrae; Social Service and Evangel
■m. Rev. w.i.. Macrae. Rev *i I'
Millai wns elected mi lerat toi the
ul- year. Rev. p. G McQueen,
1' li.. ol Kdmonton, wa uomli
' [or moderatoi of l
y, .m.i the lollowing     were elected
mmissioners to thi      -i ■■ -;
which meets In Bdmonton In
.). F. Millar.  W.  L.  Ma
hell, .). W, Stevenson   m
A   I.. Fortune, I>   McEachi rn
s vauaon,  w.   McNalt
Messrs.   Ball  and  Millei
I    VMS.
Ii was decided that  K iml
terj   assume      *\  I
are ol the    million   loll *
■—It to rais,' (ot 1912
was    allocati
.   *
i   *
S tei y   will   -
•■ in ,*i
tlle.   II     bas effected **
cure     i'i   ' I pet  cent        cases «hei a
ti   *i  pract
Ri ial      11    Hall  Tonic   - entirely
unlike, and we think,   in everj    par-
•  ter  than  *m> thing .
ch il
to try
■ * ■   risk.
- -    ■
Certain Ingredients that Really
Promote Hair Growth when
Property Combined
1 In
• otb .'** rn *
... ttseptti    ,   om
pi   perl
,   km * alp and be i    I
Vie have a remedy  wMi I
.* edient
I      ■ hei  ",ii ,i.
■■ •
-   i-olumn.
.'   •' I If. J
■ .'. I ■ ■•
'    *.  1
thn'      Mr. M
. ,     • ,       in,   * nal
m.i le ■ ■ m April HI
\ |\ K    lh i in.in tendere! to though  the
o   I     i  arge ol Kclowi ,      dp In spoilt ,    m     ol bait        if
nn,!  liervi.nlu,   and th,   mntt"i   Is to  then left in th
,.:      tl   it s ni'' ting nf     the    I  will  po ildt *
vtciv I" i»  hei I in l'. '''II   refund    "ii   ui v    l!    th
lay   Munli  Itti *' b In/e i    ih nj  appi *
T'i'*  Following  *i*i.   appointed cob-   It's ■>"  Indication thai    haldne
reners ol standing committee* foi the  permanent, hul In othei  in tarn
ii,.nre Missions,  Rev. n. Camp
i,>M;   Sunday    schools, nov. a.w.k.
■ '- \ \t     London,  is pr
Hardman;  Young People's
believe baldni i... I *
vie want everj one troubled     wi-tin
hralp dli   ise ot  loss nf hair to   try
It--.*   .1   Hyde; Statistics nnd Finance "exall   "98"  Hall   Tonic,   tf it doen
Rev   J   w   Stevenson; College     and not cure dandruff ami grow hair   to
i:..,„, „.,t„„, ,,; Students, Rev. 3. K.   the sa/tlefacHt I tbe usor,  we will
Miller  Church Property   .fudge Swan  wlthoirt     quem r qtribble roturn
Bvs. Beneficence?, Rev. P. Hen- "very cent. We print tins guaranty
.-' -ll
"Dunn*' V .■ isl last, 1 wnt tl
Montreal to consult a •-"pen a I ist aa I had
I"-n  siiff**-ring terribly with  Stone   In
llie Bladder.    II    lei Ided loop<
■Sid the   .'.tie w im too larjje to   - a
and too hard to crush.   I returne
md was recommended l>y a friend to
Iry Gin Pills,
They relieved the pain, I '"'.k two
boxes and went back to the specialist,
tie said the kintie mu smaller hut he
Otll I   III t    r-ino* e   ||   nltlinil-j.il   lie trie I
i ir two hours snd s half, I returne,!
home snd continued to uke i Iln Pills.
and, to my sur[,n e and j" '.   I pasted
tiie^tnue. tin, ire tne best medicine In the world, Slid, because thev
did me |o mu h V. '"'. I will recommetnl
tliriu all liie re I "1 fiiy life".
J. ALBERT LB!   IRD, Jollette, P.p.
gOC. a li**t, 61       .' I.JO   -It all dealer*,,
snd uum' '.• Iiacl if they fail to glvo
relief. : m pl ■ bos Iree. Nstirmnl
Drug .''• ( liemlcal Co. of Canada.
Limited, Dept \v   Toruuto. 89
Local Industry
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVlenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cAccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Sttaionery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms    Tags, Etc
type and printing machinery.  Our
stock tf  printing papers is large
and  well selected.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
\ WEDNESDAY, FEB.  2Sth,  1912
the;mail-herald: revelstoke
WEDNESDAY,  FEB.   28th,  1912
Editor Mail-Herald:—
A tew days ago a party signing
himself an "enquirer" asked tor Information regarding the progress ol
the Harden of Eden. Of course we
arc too young to boast of any phenomenal crops, but we can honestly
say thnt we have never had a fail -
ure with anything wc have tried to
grow. J. H. Johnson, has grown
tobacco, celery, tomatoes, watermelons, and all kinds of berries and the
best of small fruits, with success. He
also has 4000 apple grafts which
show a remarkable growth for the
past year. On thc ranches of A.
Hagstrom, M. Wiper, E. Eriksou and
others will be found bearing orchards
that produce a very choice quality
of fruit. H. E. lluycock a:so has
about 300 trees that will bear this
yeur. The Malakwa Farms arc known
all over the west as growers of good
hay and vegetables. Celery experts
have declared this locality as well
adapted to celery, and this farm will
grow it on an extensive scale this
year. Different residents here who
came from the Okanagan are going
to e\perlmcnt with grapes, peaches ,
and cherries, ami have no doubts of
anything but success. We have two
good points to oiler to the public
and they are—real soil and plenty of
water to say nothing of au ideal cllm
ate. There Is about 600 acre's in cul
tivatlon in  the  vicinity  of  Malakwa.
The Valley of
Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  and   Extending  between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20»0°o Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
fihararfpr nf ^nil   Ber>ch   Lands,   Clay   Loam   and Vegetable
UlldldWCI   Ul   OUII   Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn Irrigation   Positive'y no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
I1U IMKjCUMI   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for  Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Climate   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Pricks ok Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
Mr. CroBe, who has taken up land
at Malakwa. and who recently hailed
trom Washington, met his family last
Monday night at the station. Mr.
Cross is an experienced hunter, and
specializes in martin, one day last
week he caught ten. Theee martin
abound at Malakwa and are caught
right on the townsite.
F. J. Boseley has returned home
having been in tho Revelstoke hoe -
pital for the past week suffering with
nn acute attack ol arescipolesf He
is now completely recovered.
K. Erikson, J.P., and Mr. Ambro,
paid IlevelBtoke a business trip on
Monday last.
Mr. and Mre. Coppeck were Hevelstoke visitors yesterday.
During the past week there has
been two enquiries lor land from Alberta and two from Manitoba, to
rent or purchase farms in this dis -
•trict. Our enterprising real eBtate
man Mr. R. A. Coppeck, has the mat
ter in hand und any people who want
to dispose of their land at Malakwa
would do well to write or see Mr.
Coppeck at once.
Regarding prices obtained for produce at the Garden ol Eden, Mr.
Coppeck asserts tbat be got |50 per
ton for early potatoes last season.
Onion*' were sold at H per Back on
tbe ground ami strawberries at t'i.bt)
per crate.
saw.   f*mtn*wfr-f,'7-*:,*mF.«
G  B
Now Hold the Fort
in Revelstoke
A large variety of Dainty
Boxes  in half-pound, one-
pound, two-pound and three-
pound sizes
The Finest in the Land
and  Canadian   c7Hade
40 years experience
■ Kevelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
| Take notice that I, Burrows Henry
Rothwell  of  Nakusp,  U.   C,  occupu-
' tion gentleman, iuteuds to apply for
permission to purchuse thc lollowing
described   lands:
I    (Jon,*- j  at  a  post  planted  40
chains south of the North-east Corner of T. L. 41274, thence south 80
cuuins,   thence  east about 20 chaius,
. to Arrow Lakes, thence uorth along
Lake about 81) chains, theuce west
about 2 chains to point of commence
nii'in, containing about 100 acres,
more or less.
j    Dated December 29th, 1911.
Burrows   Henry   Rothwell.
Edward Russell Vipond,  Agent.
, Jan.  bth lirst issue.
For Your Seeds
Ornamentals 5* Fruits
Henry Seed and Nurseries
We have the finest stock on the
Coast. I..1-1 ce n . m> lirst year
iu the business, «*.is badly handicapped; owing to the want of
••lock, but not so.tliii year. Send
us your orders and wc will give
you satisfaction. See our new
catalogue, it is iree to you.
A. R. Macdougall, Proprietor
Revelstoke Luud District.
District ol West Kootenuy.
Tako notice that I Horatio Levcrue
Rothwell ot Nakusp, U. C, occupation buuk manager, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
lollowing  described  lunds:
Commencing at a post planted 120
chains south ol the North-east Corner of T. L. 41274, thence soutb 80
cbuins, thencc eust about UO cbains,
to Arrow Luke, tbeuce north along
Luke about 80 chaius, thence weat
about 20 chains to point of com -
mencement, containing about 200
j acres more or less.
|    Dated  December 2!>tb,  1911.
Horatio  Leverene Rothwell.
Edward  Russell  Vlpond,  Agent.
1st issue Jan. 6th.
It will pay you to
make a call at
P.   B,   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before liming yonr nut-
Hi ol working clothes
lor lhe bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
■noes, Pants, Sox, shirts
Blanket! and everything
required Inyonrbniiineii,
Shi fob's Cure
cun Mv  stops cundhs.   t-iirrs < ,,I,N.   Iim„i*
|b. Ihf o.l *aod luuda.       •   •   •      118
Revelstoko Laad  District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat I, Harry I.
Laudry of Rossland, 11. C, occupation, mining, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described   Iiiii.Ih
Commencing at a post planted
nlu.ut 40 chainB west ol the Southwest Corner of Lot 8148, thenr,* ninth
40 chains, tbence west 10 cbuins,
thence south 40 chains, thence cast
Kll chains to point of commencement
containing 320 acres more or less.
Dated  December, 9th,  1911.
1st Is.   .Ina.i,     Per D.  Fisher, Agent
Coal mining rights ol the Dominion
in Muuitoba, Saskatchewan aud Al
berta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and iu a portion ot the Province ol Uritish Columbia, may be leased lor u tern ol
twenty oue years ut an annual rent
al of ,-1 uu acre. Not more thau
2,660 acres will be leased to oue applicant.
Application for lease must be made
by tbe applicant in person to thc
Agent or Bub-Agent id the distiict
in which the rights applied for ure
iu surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, und in un
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by thc ap -
plicant   blmscll.
Euch applicant must be accompanied by a fee ol (5 which will be refunded if tbe rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall le paid I n the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate ol live cents pcr ton.
The person operating tba mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pny the
royalty thereon. It the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary lor the working of
tbe mine at thc rate ot $10.00 an
For full Information application
should lie made to the Secretary of
the Department of thc Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Hub-Agent
ol  Dominion  Lands.
W.  Vi.  CORY,
Ii, put}   Minister of  the  Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ot
this ndvertls*mcnt will not lie paid
E, B. C.
Shi/oh's Cure
qi..M»   ftt>p« rnurfht,    nirr*   MlQfj   li"nl|
lbs Ihronl sod \umm%.       •   •   ■       -1 <ti.
Public Meeting Discusses Situation—Resolution Ailoptei-
Deputation to (io to ifictoria
The public meeting held in Selkirk
Hull on Friday evening lust to consoler the Railway Policy and Revelstoke, was very well attended, the
hall  being packed with citizens.
.Mayor Sutherland acted as ii airman. Secretary K. Vi. Laing Had
thc various telegrams which nave
paaeed between the Revelstoke liourd
of Trade and lion. Thos. Taylor ond
Premier H. Mcllridc, oltcr wbicu lho
meeting was thrown open to discus -
siuu. Speeches were delivered by
Messrs. MoOarter, Adair, Siblmld,
I..i. limn!.. Manning aud others. Mr.
Gillun spoke in opposition to the
resolution, uud Mr. ll. Gibbons stat-
e.l that he was prepared to support
tht resolution ou the distinct miner
standing thnt politics were kept out
ol same, and that there was no a'tu
ul. or implied censure of the  present
government, win, In his opinion, hnd
done more thnn any other government iu our hisloij*. tc improve tht
railway communications o{ tbo | ro-
The lollowing resolution was llicn
put by the rliii.niian, and declared
carried practically unanimously, only
Messrs. (Milan aud Dull, voting In tuu
" Resolved, that this meeting ol clt
izeiiH of RevelBtoke have learned with
great disappointment that the Railway legislation introduced nl thiB
■Mtion of the Mouse contains no | ro
viB.on for the early construction ol a
railway to open up the Conoo River
and Columbia liner Districts, which
at present are totally without rail -
way      transportation      and     thto'Jgh
which the Canadian Northern  Rail
wav Company according  to Ibe  1,'in
ier's public announcement at  Revel •
stoke in 1909 were ready two wiiih
ago in  I.u11 tl a  railway,  and this dli'
appointment is deepened by tne Inot
thai other Districts wbieb all i ally
bai* railway facilities are under the
new legislation being given u eompet
Kite railway while our District re-
mains  undevclo|>cd (or  lack  ot    mil
way facilities and this meeting desires to place on record the earnest
intention ot thc citizens to continue
I heir ellorts by all legitimate means
to bring about the early construct -
ion of such a railway as also its
desire that the Government give some
dctinite announcement as to when
legislation providing such ruilwuy
will lie brought into force."
Tbe lollowing wire was received
from Premier McBride lust Thursday:
February, 23rd,  1912.
C. U. Hume, President
Donrd of Trade.
Plensc explain to meeting that wc
propose taking up further C. N. R.
extension through your section at
earliest Convenient opportunity. It
is not too much to ask your fellow
citizens considering importance ami
cost ot undertaking, to give Government reasonable time in which to
complete ith plans, (inly two years
have passed since announcement of
our lirst Uailway Policy. Today wc
have submitted an Important addit -
ion to it. Let thiB lie nn evidence
to you of our intention to prcSB on
Ht ill further with the view of giving
the entire province Its full right to
enjoy rompetltive railway transpor -
it. McBrlde,
After the meeting arrangements
were made for a strong deputation to
proceed to the roast, to lay the
whole matter before ttie Premier and
sonic twenty-five prominent citizens
have Intimated their willingness to
serve the interests of the city by lieing members at their own expense of
surh a delegation.
Rexul Orderlies. These are prompt,
soothing, and mo6t effective in act -
ion. They ure made of a recent chemical discovery. Their principal in -
gredient is odorlesB, tasteless, and
colorless. Combined with other well-
known iugredients, long established
for their usefulness in the treatment
of constipation, it forms a tablet
which is eaten just like candy. They
may be taken at any time, either
day or night, without tear ot their
causing any inconvenience whatever. !
They do not gripe, purge, nor cause
uuuseu. They act without causing
any pain or excessive looseness ot
thc bowels. They are ideal for children, weak, delicate persons. nnd
ngc-d people, as well as tor the most
hearty   person.
Tbey   come   in   three  size   packages, |
12  tablets.   10 cents;  36 tablets,  25c. {
80  tablets  50* centB.   Rememlier,   you
enn obtain them only nt Bewa' Drug |
Editor  Mail-Herald —
Dear Sir,—Apropos of Mr. A. G.
Carlson's declaration to tbe public,
on the purity ol tbe milk he sells to
them. If it is really a tact that the
only water he mixes wiih his milk is
"that which passes through the cow
tirst." Then I should imagine the
milk would be highly palatable indeed for mixture with porridge in the
morning il don't tnke porridge.)
Yours truly,
" MetaphraBtic."
Many Catliartice Tend to Cause
Injury to tiie Bowels
If you arc .subject to constipation,
you Should avoid strong drugs und
cathartics, They only give temporary
relief ami      tlu-lr  reaction  is harmful
ami sometimes mor,* annoying   than
constipation. They iu no way effect,
a cure ami then tendency Is to weak
en the already weak organs with
Which   Ihey  come   in   contact.
Wi* honestly believe that we have
the licet consipatlon trentment ever
devised, our faith In It is so strong
that we sell it on the positive gum
antes thai it shall not OOSt the user
,i , .'iit il it does not give entire ant-
isfurtinn and completely remedy constipation.   This preparation  Is culled
Ex-President Roosevelt Said to
be tiiier Enemy
Bt,   IMcrsburg, Keb, 22—The    mass
meting of the Nationalist purty held
, in   the   Hall   of tbc  Nobility  tonight,
! to protest against thc attitude of the
I I'mted     States in   denouncing      tbe
Riisso-Americun  treaty of  1832,    was j
attenileil by  lifty memljers of the Duma, muny public officials aud several |
thousand     others interested In      tbe.
retaliatory  action   which   RussiB  pro- j
Pobos.    After tour set speeches resolu
tions were read in support of tbe Notionalist proposals for the total    ex-1
elusion ol Americans of  Jewish faith '
from   Russia  nnd  for  tariff  reprisals.
These   proposals   were   introduced    in
the Ilumn on December 27. According!
to their terms,  tbe     customs   duties
arc to lie raised 100 per cent. In certain cases.
The declarations of speakers depreciating Jewish influence in the United States, which, It was alleged, wib
n-sponBihlc lor the ntt»m|it to meddle in  Russian international     affairs,
anl avowing the determination     ol
llussia to be their own masters with
in their own doors elicited some applause. In other respects the npeech
es merely reviewed nncieut matters.
M. von Wggert prais,*,! President
'I'aft. while Count Dobrinflky declar -
di that ex-rresident Roosevelt was
the sworn enemy of Russia.
Ottice ot Provincial Secretary
Insane Hospital Coquitiam
"Tenders lor Furniture, Insane Hospital" will bc received by tbe Hon -
orable tbc I'rovincinl Secretary, up
to 12 o'clock noon of Saturday tbe
lith March, 1912, lor turniturs un.l
lurnisbings tor tbe new Mental llos -
pitul  at  Coi|intlum,  as follows:—
(1 j   Bedsteads ond  Uedding.
(2) Carpets, Draperies nud wind'
"■-.   shades.
(3) Furniture.
Specilications   and   full   information
will  be furnished upon application to
Dr.   0.   K.   Dohorty,   Medical Suiieriu
tendent,      Hospital  for thc     insane.
New Westminster, I). 0.
Bach proposal must lie accompan *
led by un accepted cheque or certi-
tlcate ol deposit on a chartered bank
of Canadu made payable to the Honorable the Provincial Secretory for .
sum equivalent to Hi pcr cent, ot tbo
amount of tne tender which shall bo
forfeited if the party tendering de -
cline to enter into contract when
culled upon to do so or if he tail to
complete the work contracted tor.
Tlie cheques or *ertificateB ol deposit
will I* returned to the unsuccessful
tenderers upon the execution of tin
Thc lowest or nny tender not neccs
»arily accepted.
H.  K.  YOUNG,
Provincial  Secretary.
Provincial   Secretary's  Office,
23rd   February,   1912.
\ WEDNESDAY.  FEB.  28th,   t!M2
WEDNESDAY,  FEB.  28th,  1912
Prominent Members of the Order Address Open
Meeting nf the Citizens in Opera House
Box No. 44-Fire Hall No.  1.
Box No. 45—Front streot west,
ear C. P. R. bridge.
Boi No. 46—Corner King and
louglas streets, Palace Meat Market.
Box No. 47—Oorner Becond and
Vales streets, back of court house.
Box No.    48—Corner    Third
Hhas. streets, Cowan block.
Diicludcd Irom I.asi Issue)
Mrs.  f!    Squarebriggs theu rendered
a BOi0 "We'd Better Bide Awee" dc-
•: istlc encore,  tollow
, | tn mbone    solo by   Mr. P.
Sams '■■   Thi  Lighthouse" and encore
■Ar. n..'      Mrs*  Dews  aud
vince of British Columbiu, wishes to
place itself nn record us being in favor of a uniform ruurriuge luw for
Him whole Dominion of Canada, so
that a marriage performed in one
part of thc Dominion, shall be    held
Mrs. Robinsi a sang a humorous duet i valid in any othei part ol tho Dominion, in spite of any eccleasistical
law or decree, and thnt when a mar-
ridge is performed in accordance with
ilus law, it should be made a i'liu) -
Inai offence for any person to at -
tempt to sepernie a Couple on ac -
conn' uf any religious opinions or
belief.    While     we recognise thc   fuct
"The Ball   ' and Mr.  11. Norrls rend-
"Say  Aurevoir but not Good-
is ing   tenor.
;>.,■:    f  rey   * '.  Kamloops,      member
I the  L.O.I.,.,  then took     the plat -
form  an I  *•* * ki   al   considerable  length as t * hia reasons for joining thc
:. 5.,. i *• *. gi   i. idgi, hie Bpeech con-
s to overcoats ami that thc constitutional point involv-
family secrets and gravedig ed as to the respective jurisdictions
gers, with a fling at the editorial of the Provincial and Federal pariia-
ar.t'*: ol thi Calgary News Telegram j ments must be determined by the
. ided, I felt forced to say to Privy Council, yet we beg to call the
my brethren, you are In this tight, | attention of the Dominion govern-
and I am not going to stand back ment to the fact that the people wish
ngei and allow you men to tuke all ! a decision on the question at the
the struggle alone. I do not mean j carliest possible moment. The Pro-
;.. Bay that I was uot. lifting at tbis j testants of Canada will not brook de
weight before 1 became an Orange-] lay and will not be satisfied until leg
man, there are splendid men who are j Islatloii is placed on the Statute
lifting grandly, but after seeing the book nullifying any civil cllort that
developments ol these things In re- i has been given to the Ne Temere decent years I did not feel that there Icrce and providing punishment for
Was any organization or anybody in nny person who attempts to separate
community whieb was meeting I a legally married couple and that a
the situat,on like the Orangemen of copy of this resolution be sent to thc
British North America, and In as Kight Hon. R, I,. Borden, to the
much as they were a resistance to Foderal Members from British Col -
that power that stood to destroy the umbla and to the Press.."
throne, to put oui the King and to! "Moved by Rev. R. J. Mclutyre ol
put In the I'op*. as they stood to Revelstoke, seconded by Rev. C. W.
resist that Inlluence which would take (* ,rcy ()f Kumluul)8| aml unanimously
away  any  civil  and  religions liberty,   carried,  that in view of the fuct that
I felt  I ought  to throw in my      lot  our brethren iu Ireland arc confront-
with  these  men."   (Applause.) ,,, Wlth tho Hom(, Rul„ i.robitmi  we
The   Bining or   the National Anthem   ex„re8B to tbcm our Uearty assurance
brought the     meeting to a     close at j ol 8ympathy and aid in their hour of
II n'm- I trouble.   Home Rule  under     existing
i circumstances   incvitabij   foreshadows
The Grand Orange Lodge resumed
business Thursday morning at 9:30
o'clock. The first mutter taken up
wns thc consideration ot thc proposed changes ,n the constitution and
laws. Tbe proposal to change the
basis of representation to ellmlnat -
.ng life votes was defeated by B larire
majority. The proposal to prevent a
member    iieaig   suspended for       non-
Papal interference. The protest of
the brethren in irelaud against this
measure we believe to be well founded for thu records of all states oflor-
ing opportunity to the Papucy for
chll interference is eouhrmutiou of
tin- fact that it proves to bc a mcu
aec to thc state, tbe history of the
struggle  ol  the  Orange.  Order in     ltB
cltorta to preserve the integrity      ol
payment  ol dues until he was at least   the Bmplre ^ ^^ ^ ^1 and
,..,*.*,-,-p    m,,ntlia    In    urra.trii    n^et     witl,   :, ,. .
religious  rights  of  the  citizens,    bus
twelve months In arrears met with a
better fate and wns earned tinntiini -
ously. The proposal to conduct all
the business ol Primary lodges in the
Royal Arch purple Degree was turned  down.
The following ollicer- were then el -
rrted —
Grand Master. E. J. Clarke. Van -
, .*:•,.'    Deputy  Grand  Master.  Edwin
beon tbe outcome ol the bold and iu-
conslstant claims of thc foreign au
tocracy on thc Tiber. Now therefore
we bid our Protestuut brethreu In
irelaud good cheer in their struggle
and trust tbat uo stone will be left
unturned in defeating the progress of
the alien ruler at this juncture."
Contest for next place ol meeting
f  Grand   Lodge and   votes  "ere      as
anaimo 6,   Windermere  I,        Tbe
Imperial Grand Tri-ennial council will
meet this year in  Scotland,  and  .1.1
Tulk  head of the  Black   Knights  and
E.   J.  Clarke,  Grand  Master,   will  at
tend the   Glasgow     meeting and are
in borised to press the Invitation to '
\ ancouver for 1915.
Junior  Deputy  Grand
Mast.:.  J. H.  Armstrong,  Revelstoke   j^™^
Chaplin.     Rev.   C.   \\.   < oiey.   ](     .,
Kamloops       Deputy  Grand   Chapllns,
Rev    J.  ''    .M.i'llll,  Vancouver,     (lev.
William Govier o.' Hammond.  Itcv. K.
.1.   R Itherfoi I.   I.a !  smith,   Uev.  Mel
V'am ouver, and  Captain
\   1.   Sti    ■    Ci anl rook, Grand Bi c
.'. Iham H.  Bn tt. Vancouver;
i'.    •-.  Grai     Secretary, K. ('.  Morgan      Vai     iver     Grand   Treasurer.
>.      im T   •'.,-". v ancouver;    Grand
rei       i*   D.  McCall, Peachland;
;       • Cen monies, \v. G.
i,. ml   *      ' ••.*-■    i,rand  And,tors
Ge *    s.    ifi '*.■•* ivel   and K.  K.
Deputy    Grand
British      America,     S.   C,
•r* tions  «r< re IMS
"Movi i      j    i'nst    Grand Master
.- \ ,■ ,.. ivel   k*", on led
: ■;■ and Organ set     *i
Vi. T. Whiteley, Grand Organlzi
B.i'.. was appointed   lelegal
t.nd tlie  Supreme  Grand   l. ■:.
I'   tish  America,  whieh will  meet
Fi derickton,  New Brunswick,
Brother J, G, Saundei * - Rev
• i  toke,    thc  only   living  Pas-     ,
Master   ol  the   tirst   Grand   Lodge     *•*!
V\   stm.aster ol     50     ■
an honorary life membi i  ■ ■; !•
Grand Lodge, be is over i *
if age.
The  Orangemen   delegates   and '
ads  dispersed  for    their      homes
.,    *A.  ....   , -  Van!    :•■•■   that    tins   y   day after one of thc greatest
Irand   Lodge   composed ol       itlons    In the history ,.;     B
.'..;,,..,-.    ■   ■•    * . parti * I th   1""        umbia.
SBCOKD ■•'r.t 11   '■
■•% ... .• sum I ■ ■    I mi od
,:. . ■ pari elpats
,. id upon us   to
K   .:   U..H.     *    '•
_■ ■  .. : the  rame.
played     I       the sHeys   on
l  Thn*  lay ei
ig   ,t   •   p.m.  sharp.   Th'is     it
... ,, . there  sbo  :*.■■•       nol
Kn  ] I    anj   team  an   ", .
t it..ty to bave a garni before light
Feb.  U— J..B'     V.   Corley   Mouse
M„i    i -ii . v.  Ramblers.
-.1,-.  \~\. M <   \   -.-. Corley House,
Mar.   .',—Dcavrti   v.   Maple  LeaK
Har. •-- J.B.C   ». -Uiwrines Co.
Mar   :   Mlitdrabi r. i   I*   '
Mar.  »—li *•   ■  '■■!■"'■  v   tABwnoe Co
Mar.   ".I-V.M.C.A.   v.   Lawrence  Co,
Mar.   13—Maple  -Leu's v.  HeaverB.
Mar.  It -Oottoy ll-mir T. Ramblers.
Mar.   M—J.B.C.  v*  Mietdrahs.
Mar.   I?—Beavers v.  Maple lje*ta.
Mar. 21—Maple  I-eafs  v.   J.B.C.
22-Mlrtdrabfl v.  J.B.C.
Feb. 27—Maple Leafs v. BeaverB.
Feb.  th-J.B.O,   v.  Mietdrahs.
Games will I* counted Instead of
puis. Two S"inr. W& constitiHc u
IfaflM game. . . »
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals art given thus: 2 stole*.
• lerval 5 seconds—» strokes, Moi
4, No. of box will also be shown
i   indicator  at Fire  Hall.
...,i No. 14—Corner First street
t 1 McKenzie avenue, C U Hume
S  Co.
Dox   No.   15—Corner  First      street
nd   Roklby  avenue,  post  ofllce.
Mux   No    If,—Corner  Second  street
*> . M.i*ri.iiu»nt   Road   and       Opera
i. use.
liox  No.   17   Corner  Third
i I   Campbell   aveoue.  OloM
ir company.
liox No.  I*—C.P.B   station
Dol    No.  24—-Corner    Fifth
Arrivals for the  week ending Peb.
K.J. Wborton   and   wife,  Arrowhead
Mr, and Mrs. Wish, Salmon Arm.
H. Kirk and wife, Arrowhead.
11. Soyler, Arrowhead.
II.   Cook. Arrowhead.
A. Cook, Arrowhead.
('. Kirk, Auronda, Mont.
H. Saver, Field
Then.  Brown,  Aucinda,  Mont.
F. S. Winterberg,  Malakwa.
11.  Soyler.  lucid.
1!. F. Fold, Aucinda, Mont.
B, Duff, Mission City.
r. II. Naden, Golden.
T.   Brown,   Sicamous.
D. Seyron, Sicamous,
A. Kcneehik, Arrowhead.
B. Kugtcnco,  Arrowhead.
A.  Peterson,  Donald.
N. McEachren, Arrowhead.
W, B.  Heath. Calgary.
Vi. S. Schlicger, Portland.
A. (',. Brown, Vancouver.
.1.  Oldson,  Arrowhead.
L,  T.  G.  Wilson,   Vancouver.
W, Schlieger, Beaver Mouth.
E. Vlnney, Vancouver.
W. Edwards, Ferguson.
J.   Goods,  Kamloops.
A.  Desrocher,  Kamloops.
vi. B. Plthblado, Arrowhead!
0.  Peterson. Donald.
S.  Uobirk, Arrowhead.
Arrivals  for  the   week  ending    tbo
23rd lust.
J,  Murphy, Crystal Oity.
P. Farrell, Three Valley
W.  Boyd,  Halls bunding.
11.  F.  Arnold,  Vuncouver.
J.E.  Nagle and  wife,  Stouey Plain.
P.  B. Asghridge, Brandou.
G. 11.  Fernbcrg, Vaucouver.
P. K.  Jigama,  Vancouver.
Miss C.  Eraser,  City.
H. Koch, Vancouver.
W.  Boyd, Halcyon.
J.   Kelley,   Vernon.
Mrs.  S.  irom.   Vernon.
R.  11. Soles.  Boidcreek
.1.  V.  Soles, Galena.
A.  W,   Lee,  Golden.
vi. it. Brldgman, Vancouver.
E.  J.  Clark,   Vancouver.
W.   Jickson,   Vancouver.
K.   Faucett,   North  Vancouver.
Vi. V. Findlay,   Vnncouver.
K.  Tunberlake,  Edmonton.
J. Bennett. Vancouver.
Thos.  Connolly.  Vancouver
1'    Connolly,   Vancouver.
!•'.  K.-rr. Vancouver.
Geo.   l,eece,   Vancouver.
G.   S.  Kidd.  Galena.
U.  A.   McKensle,  Wilmer.
M,  IV,  Mcintosh, Galena,
lb   Mcintosh.  Galena.
W.  H.  Alton. Galena.
A.   .1.   Hopgood,   Kam
p. Vi. Del ison, Wainwnght
G, K   Stockey   w
J,  M.  Coskrle,   Windenneri
J.   Bbaw,   Galena
'•'    iin-. :,  Steam
T   i' inntngbam,  Vaac
R.  Bell,  Kami*.
H.  Delor
* . m-   Parker,   * - -
lv   M
!. iter
J.  Williams,   Vancouver.
W. A  Stl
Arr   •■■
.1    B
■»■ in Paso
.* ,ry.
'■t    \        Hi * lee, i opperville.
-. ^mloops.
Fruit Lands
(i.ilena Bay lands in parcels ol
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Empire   Typewriter
Slightly Used
Apply ■ Mail-Herald
Barristers,   Solicitors.   Etc.
Imperial  Hank  Building  Itevelstoke, B. 0.
Money to Loan.
Olllces—Revelstoke,    B.   O.,
Geo. 8. McCartor,
A.  M.   Pinkliaiu,
B.  0.
J, A. ilarvey
Provincial   Land   8uveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
W.      H.      WALLACE
P. O. Box 14G, RevelBtoke. B.C.
GOLD RANGE  LODGE,      K.  ot    P.
NO.  26,  RBVBLSTOKB,  B.   0.
Meets  every   Wednesday  except   thf
Third Wednesday of each month     ir
Oddfellows'  Hall  at S o'clock.  Visit
ine Knights nre cordially invited.
G.   W.  GARLAND, V.  C.
Q. H. BROCK,  K. ol H. 4 B.
M. of F.
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Public Notice is hereby given that
it is absolutely necessary that disorders ot a suspicious nature ho reported to Dr. McLean, Cily Medical
Health Ollicer or other physicians,
ns soon as known. Failure to do this
is a punishable oRence.
By Ord'r,
City Clerk.
and A. M.
Regular meetings arc held in MAS
ON1C TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on tbe Third Monday in each montb
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Becretary.
SELKIRK      LODGE  12,  1.  O.  O.  K
Meets every     Thursday evening    in
Selkirk  Hall  at » o'clock.      Visitinj
brethren  cordially  invited.
H.    SIEGFRIED,   N.  0.
JAS.  MATHIE.  Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE,   No. 3461.
OF I. O. F.
Meets In I. 0.  O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera  Houbo every  Bocond
and tourth Monday In month. Visit
ing brethren cordially welcomed.
O. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   8.   CAMERON,  Rec.-Bec
C.  W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp,  No.  229
Meet* Second    and     Fourth  Wednes
days    in  eaeb   month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen  arc
cordially  invited tn attend
H. W.  EDWARDS. Coa. Com
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
FOR SALE—Errs for hatching, from
pure bred White Leghorn hens, and
I'ekiii Ducks. My breeders are all
from prize winners. Hens Erk'S at
•fl.25 a Betting, $6,60 a 100. Duck
EggB, $1.75 per Betting. Apply B.
F. Somerville, Orandvlow Poultry
Farm,  iMalakua  11.  ('.
FOR BALE—A Piano at a bargain
Apply at onco, Mrs, McDonald, Second street, opposite Knox church.
FOR SALE- Two good lots, cheap,
on Third street. Apply to Thomas
Dam.  Police   Station.
WANTED—Situation iu lumbei ollice
aa stenographer and invoice clerk;
thoroughly experienced; all reference. Apply, Box 'Jll, Mall-Herald
Ollice,  Revelstoke.
WANTKD-A Girl for general bouse
work, three in lamily. For particulars onqulre  .Mail-Herald  Office.
FOR SALE—A Remington Typewriter, No. 8, In good running order-
Price J5U.00, P. BuniB & Co., Ltd.,
Revelstoke,  B.  C.
WANTED—Oilers for new laid eegs,
and tat chickens. Apply, Vickers,
Salmon Arm.
WANTBD—A girl or 'woman    to   do
general bouse  work.—Apply at thc
.Mail-Herald   Ollice.
FOR SALE-About ISO tons ot baled
green feed, also a quantity , i Tim
othy hay.   For prices write,  NE.
Sparks, Milncrton, Alta.      3t. J.10
Full BALE—Young, smart delivery
team. For particulars write A.
Haggstrom, Malakwa, B, 0.
Connaught  Avo.   -   Kevelstoko
,;.    TEMPLARS    * 1-
A    D   TOI RNEH   i.    -
nd      McKenzie      avtmin.      Oathol '
liox No. 25—Corner    Sixth     s'.ieet
nd Orton avenue,  W.  A. Fo ,'•
Box  No.   26—Corner  Fourth  stroel
nd Townlcy street,    comer      south
Boa No. 28—Corner Second    strert
nd Robson avenuo, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34-Flre Hall No. II
Box  No.   35—HospUsi.
JUyj No.  36-HchoOil.
J. J. Ms •      •
\   ;.e*    Spokane.
T. Mai
P   I'll   *!    *
!''.    .1 •
J.   .1   Garnlicr,  '.
Mars      mco
*,.  tt    Roj     r**i
Mrs     Mir     ,       I al^nrv
,    Q
w. Deloney   i tig
i k i   * bio   ■     Msrril I
\ Barnel
C M   Hartlej
T    *    Helton   M
.' liendssle,  Ross
I It. ,rv
ii   Baker, Band
'*     I'l'Timr,   Nelson
i*      i Hon i
.1 Mitchell, Vane..
I ll Mason, Knderby.
.1    Blndlser,   Arrowliend.
P   o   Uonoall, Kamloops
H.   i arson,   Knnilooi»i.
P   Smith, Arrowheud
A good proriiim
11  tbo PMlson to
Animal     Rugs,   Game
Heads  and  Birds
P. D. Box 31, Revelstoke
Sewing Machines
A n
er ami        .. ,r Wilsm  -
. Machine*
For Sale or Hire
by the ii, .nill at Mannlntr'i
All kinds of machine i alee
* ked
H.  MANNING,   Agent.
WK HAVE position for a good man
with a fair education who can tur-
n.sh reference we will give steady
employment and pay a straight sal
ary to the right party. People us-
iii: Intoxicating liquors save your
stamps, see our big Ad iu this paper today. National Light Co..
Parana,  Michigan.
TOR BALE—Electrical Machinery,
Two 2500 Light Generators in lirst
class working order, complete with
■•iii-. etc, Will ia
lold singly oi together.   A snap for
etc., eontemplat
" trie light plant
de  ofler  retimed.      Hull
tiara on application !>■ Coas,
'   Mdent   ,,f  K| "trical
i ity   id   Uevelstoke.
' *k,'  II i    .   .Lin  .!7th,   Itli
ifodern n * m bouse
loot lot,
Third    . tir, t.   three
Methodist    chureh,—
1    "-     .-I. ■ i     huh.     Apply
•■   Boi
Wood for Sale
Apply lo
Chas. Turnross
I ■ .' ; i,*,i I   I I .   •■■   Nii    97
• pbone ("tup N i   116
Shihh's Cure
anlckly wlop* . itnnh-",  onrm oolj<i,   htnl*
Ibt   thmni nml   lung*.  •   •   •   || cms
SIB EDMUND WA'.KER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
CAPITAL,- $10,000,000 REST,-   $8,OCO,000
With its Inrn-c number of bruin lies, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to elTect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rales. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of thc world, drawn in sterling:,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can bo negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Record of Progress lor Five Years—1906-1911
Reserve   -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
$ 3,000,(1110
3,000 000
* 4,000,000
Has 83 BranchcB in Canada, end Agents and Correspondents In all
the Principal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors Anii=Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its water*
proof qualities are standing' the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed,
Boot and Shoo Repairers, Saddlers Harness Muhcrs
Smoker's Supplies
The uld reliable now has llie largest end besl line ot Smokers1
Supplies ever in lbe City, nnd our prices are ri^ht. Fifty brands
of cigars to choose from, Price In in $1.00pcr liox up; not made
tr.-in sirup either.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
Our sinek   el   Calabash   Pipes  is  small   on  account  of  the
crop being a failure this year ami quality poor.
Briar 1 ipea in eases from $1.00 up.
Ask for ihe famous II. H. B. brand, livery pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Cases ami Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Trays uiul Pipe Racks. Tell us what vou want and wc will
suit \(,u. If you cannot call, phone 37 and kihhIs will be senl lu
your heme lur approval.    Buy early while stock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody  knows  bim,  he will
lill you that lbs whiskeys we are
silling are lhe hest. Call and lie
• miviiK-i'd. No household should
li* wilhoul a supply :*f , ur Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln tlqueur Brandy, guaranteed
111) yeai s old  or  Blaokborry BrandyJj
for Medicinal purposes, Our stuck
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
Kinds are unexcelled, Suid hy all
the leading hulels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
importers and Dealers in Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Our Livery is equipped with the best horses and
tins. We also deliver express and baggage to any
part of the city.  Heavy and light teaming a specialty
v. McCarty, Proprietor
Phone 201
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
V-. WEDNESDAY, FEB.  23th,  1912
the:mail-iierald: revelstoke
WEDNESDAY.  FED.   Mth,  1912
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. B- Hume S Co.. 4imited
See the New Cash Carrier
Ladies' Belts
A Clean-Up of all Ladies' Belts
All our Silver and Gilt Elastic Bands and Silk
Belts H.00 to $2.00, goon Sale at each
New French Baptistc
for Ladies' Wash Dresses and Waists in the new
colors, King's Blue, ' op. Blue, Quaker Grey,
with White Hair Line Stripe-a perfect wash
material at
20 Cents
English Sateens
in Fancy Floral Pattern for decorative purposes. 30-inch goods, all the new wood and
pastel shades, dainty and fresh as the Spring
flower, at per yard
15 Cents
Get a Cushion ai $ 1.50
and take it easy. This lot of Cushions are
complete with Frill and filled with Cotton Down
Groceries and Crockery Department
Hume s $ 10 Dresses
Have yon seen the Afternoon Dresses Hume's
are selling at $10. We are told that this is one
the leading questions whenever two or more
of the ladies meet.
This Bargain line consists of a lot of Pure
Silk, Pongee, Shantung and White Muslin
Dresses. The Regular Price of which were
$15 to $17. No two alike and a Real Bargain
at each
Hume's 1.90 Waists
and Blouses are another equally prominent
Bargain a new lot this week, ^ome extra
choice lots of Fancy Muslin and Tailored lined
Waists—all at one price -$1.90.
Silk Waists
150 SILK WAISTS go on Sale Thursday a. m.
No use to describe them. There are no two
alike.   Come pick one at
Tea and Coffee
Are you using The and Coffee ? Where are
you buying it? Are you getting value for your
money? Does the quality and flavor please you?
Ifyou have the least doubt as to your tea and
coffee try a pound oi our Sunbeam Tea at 40c and
50c. per pound, and a pound of our 00 Coffee at
40c per pound. Mocha and Java at 50c per Ib.
Its quality is uniformly high and it has lhat true,
lingering llavor that pleases.
Fussell's Cream
Fussell's Cream is neu to mosl of us. It will
also reach your goodwill ifyou give 11 a fair trial.
It i.s a whipping cream and that in itself should
appeal to eaeh and everyone of u.s. You cannot
get a better article for serving with fruit or jellies
than Fussell's Cream.
Fish for Lenten Season
We have just opened up for the Lenten Season
some of the choicest Salt Fish we have ever
handled. Salt Mackerel, large, fat and well cured,
Salmon Bellies, the best pick of the year. Labrador Fat Herring, well packed, well cured, without anv particle sign of rust, aud Salt Codfish
cured and packed by the best packers in Nova
Scotia, in 2 Ib. blocks and 2 lb. boxes, also a
quantity of Smoked Halibut and Kippered Herring always on hand.
Pickles !     Pickles !
Now that our Spring Groceries arc arriving,
We can assure our customers that we can supply
their wants to tbe fullest extent and in no line do
we show up to such advantage as in PICKLES.
Crosse & Blackwell's, the well known brand, are
our longest suit. Mixed Pickles, Chow-Chow,
White Onions, Walnuts and Gcrkins in half pts.
at 25c. Pint bottles with patent stoppers at 35c.
and quart bottles at the exceedingly small price of
65 cents. You will do well to look at our prices
in these lines.
Crockery and China
We are always showing a large asscitment of
Dinner Scls. This Spring wc arc showing a
larger line ihan ever before. See our new White
and Gold Pattern. This makes up a nice Dinner
Set for a very small price. Wc are also showing
a large range of Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers,
Fruit and Salad Howls, Biscuit Jars, Tobacco
Jars, Cream and Sugars, Cut Glass, Brass Goods,
Toilet Sets and a large assortment of fancy
Our Twentieth  Century Brand  Clothing
The Men who Dress well are the men we cater to in the Clothing
line. Not the men who wear freakish, ultra-fashionable clothes, but the
men who insist on having the best in fashionable, clean-cut, gentlemanly,
wearing apparel. They know as well as we do that'only in the 20th Century Brand can they get exactly what they want. Clothes that combine faseion with easy elegance and sterling wearing qualities are just what
the good dresser wants and just what we are prepared to supply.
This Season's Cloths are the exact goods which are being worn in
all the Eastern Fashion Centres. Browns and Greys predominate in the
Tweeds, while stripes in worsteds of the same color are also good. The
Camel Browns are the new thing and will be worn almost exclusively in
Tweed of light weight by good dressers.
Wide shoulders, longer
coat, two button sack,
two side rents at the
back, long lapels and
shaped in at the waist.
Trousers half paar.
We can supply this
model in tweeds and
worsteds in all the new
Brown and Grey
tweeds predominate.
PRICES: $25.00 to $35.00
This cut represents our new 3-
button sack suit.
Medium length
coat. Trousers are
rather smaller at
the bottom. Lapels
shorter than last
season. They come
in'GreyCBl, Brown
Tweeds C& Worsteds.
PRICES: $20 to $35.00
A few lines that will interest the housekeeper
who is prepairing for earl/- spring house cleaning.
These lines are extra special in value and will not
last long at the prices.
Tapanese Mats ^eal Bar*ains' 4x7'$l'75
4x12 at $3.00 each
Union Squares A11 sizes'a»colors
and combinatious
You  can't  get  away from the values we
offering in these.   Call  and  see them:  the  prices
are away below actual cost.
Our new lines of Wall Papers have just
been put in stock and we can assure the public that never has such a complete line of artistic papers been shown in the city. Rich
and artistic but at prices that will surprise
you by their cheapness. Now is the time to
see them while the lines are all unbroken.
We import direct from the manufacturer in
the Old Country and can supply* you with the
best article for the least money. Our patterns are
all new and bright. Just compare these prices
with any you may* have
*    QUALITY -Inlaid, the best  that  is on  the
**       market, at $1.40 per square yard.
XD  QUALITY—In a wide range of patterns
at $1.20 per square yard
/"** QUALITY—In attractive new patterns
at 90 cents per square yard WEDNESDAY,  FEB. 28th,  1912
WEDNESDAY, FEB, 28th, 1912
By Express To-Day
Thirty Ladies' Tailored Costumes and Ladies' Spring
coats. Early Showing of New Spring designs. New
Whitewear, New Linen Waists, Cotton Voiles, Wash
Silks. Gloves, Hosiery, Umbrellas. New Goods Com-
ing to Hand every day.
Mr.. Robbins will not receive again
till after Easti i
Mrs, G. S, MeCarter will not receive again until alter Easter.
Tlie choir ol the Methodist church
purpose holding a s.irrdl concept on
Goo I Friday evening,
Tbe W.C.T.D. will meet at tb«
home ol Mii-* E. M. Blay on Frldaj
next, March 1st. nt 3:30 p.m.
The  Girls'   Hospital   Auxiliary   beg
to thank all those who kindly assist
e.l them with  the  St. Valentine •dance
Mr. Howard Greig, a prominent
real estate man ot Meriitt, was a
visitor ti, the city on Saturday  last
Dr.  Jekyll and Mr.  Hyde, tbe play,
made immortal by tho late Sir Hen
ry   Irving,  at  thi   Star theatre    t"
Thc ladies ot the Altar Society will
hold an Irish tea on St. Patrick's
Day at St. Francis Hall on the 18th
oi  March.
Mr. J. M, Keliie ol Revelstoke with
Mrs. Keliie, yesterday visited the
b,.upe ol parliament, ol which      Mr.
Keliie w.is ;,.i some years an active
and useful member.—Victoria Colon
.-;  ol Feb.  -'uth.
C. M. Field, Judge ol the Court of
Revision and Appeals f"i Revelstoke
assessment district has just com
pleted bis work >•! revising tin* roll.
H states that then1 were nol muny
appeals from tin  assessment.
Mrs. Hi*" H. Singer has returned
*,*; bomi .ii Kaslo Siding, aft,-i
an extended Visil to her mother Mrs
Jas. J. Woodland. During which
time .-ui was attending her sister
Miss I.. Woodland, who has quite
:':*.*in  ber  long   I
Church L'nion will be the subject ■■'■
:■■■   ■    r.n   meeting ,■! the WeBt -
*i     . *f st.  John's church,
:. i. , *. *   ii %    F   v.    i. ling and      F.
ech   nill '■■  and  Allan
Thomson ami 1). M. Cowan will support t ■ egat tt. i he meeting will
. ■   •■!■> ■   to  the  public,
1  .   Ri *.*  rl   lu  i'.i!,* loni ii    Societj
*. || .nvr . itjrk  Hall  on
Man b bth, commeni lug .,i   l p u.
ted foi
-    ■     '  •! ik : .-   ill things i
;,,, • • timi
ore I     ; ■    •      '   •*   lane
. ■. the sixtl   iA   ■• it in
\ *
... tbe Cricket
, *,. tt
Pure While Clovci Honej In 5 lb. Cans.   This is somethiiiK  you
will liml awfully nice at ibis season of the year,
HOME-MADE JAM    ill pints antl quarts, glass jars,    'litis  is
absolutely pure nml well pul up.
SYRUPS   I'ii" MapleS>rup in bottles or can*-, which we gunr-
,iu ee to be lhc best.
MacKenzie Avenue
The Methodist church choir have
decided to give a sacred concert on
Good  Friday evening.
Contractor Ham Hunter returned
from Seattle, thc tore part of this
week,  where he  spent  tho winter.
"Woman's Sphere anil Influence" ts
the subject of an address announced
for mat Sunday evening In the Meth
odlst clnitvh.
Miss Agnes Thomas ol the Vernon
Jubilee hospital, returned to her
duties Friday last, after a short vis-
It to her sister Mrs. K.G, McRae.
Mr. F. Vi. Hess, ol the Uevelstoke
Sawmill Co., with headquarters at
Calgary, was a visitor in town tht
fore  part of thiB week.
0. R. Macdunalcl slart.'il yesterday
to move hiR large stock of drugs and
stationery Into his new Btore. He
expects to he all settled in the now
hlock  within  a   week.
Reserve Monday, March lsth, lor
the st. l'atrick's entertainment      at
the   Opera   House.    "Doll   Paddy     De
Hazan" an Irish farce presented     hy
the   dramatic   society   ol   St.
T>> select ami make the first paj menl oil .i .ionic. Then vou can
move in and plan a garden, a poulln vnnl and all sort*, of things vou
would onjoy during a Summer. Ifyou haven little capital wc can
make it easy (oa yon t.i acquire a home immediate!)
i.     ,■
11.   H
'  *
M ..!••.     I
"n**;    :
I. Will   ■•
• '   • .in*    en  *
Rev. J. W. and Mr-. Stevenson
spent  last   Sundiiv   at   Thn.*   Valley.
On Thnrs,lay evening last, In the
Epworth Ueague of the Methodist
church, a most interesting debate on
Church   Union    took      place.    Messrs
u'. t. Davies, A. D. Tourner and P.
Samson,   favored   union  on   the   pres
, ni  propoa .1  has,.-.   Wh n*  Mi mi     ft
Cameron, \\.  Munston and ,1 ,C,  I
son opposed  it.   Bonn   strong  argu
ments were brought  forward f"t* and
against, and    put In a strong    waj
Th * vote at the close of the meet
however,   lav,,re,1   rhureli   union
u was decided the lei aten
affirmative had won.
Alaska   Jack's   Moving   Pi  ' 11
tii    -vrctlc proved a decidedly  -,
night, the li..ur-.
il    **i!i  pcrformal  et
having to  be  I urne I  awe
■   ..tii    Thi   verd *■• ol
wn: that  ' ' ii
I.y     I '•**■
■ *.  ,n  tin.- ,-ity     The  walrUI
Ol -1 polar  hear hunt  **"
■ i* sting, and tbe dog •* am
•i p i n ., ■
•i* .•> t.. hie  in evei v respei I
to the I ,i
M*    '*  .1 |l      ' ' * .
ires the  management   lias   ,i
to give another perfor , •*
Kamlooi 1  Standard
■ tbi i  ,;
■   ., it   i*   ,
;,, I   ,■        *    •        sn      ,
■ *l I*
A.-ek       UthOUfh th'
*    I   organ - *
t   • u In m-.mi . • ■
. ,s Ml V««l  '"*rn  *   t,, |  p   ai
.     .       ■ till I.   .lane,nf   was   in'lnl,-*
until midnight. Pancakes were serv-
,',1 .hung the evening, reminding one
,,f the old i iim* mardl gras. Great
credit is due io the young ladies for
the excellent  table they set and the
merry      time  they   gave  all     present
Mesdamea Hobson, Caley, CHlliflx and
i'.,, | *t  acted as   baperons     Thi
ceipta of l he evening amounte i
R. Hov turi ed  Sunday    Irom
Halcyon,   ,   .   eft        Tuesday  aftei
noon for the coasl   it   i member    of
\..,-» i   .1 ,rk-  m* v.:-.,
■t night
: •
The  : Hunt -
ty  in
tbat it
itate thai
',r»r« bouse
• -I anil
The ladies mink stole which was
lost recently, and which lias been advertised for the past few issues in
the Mail-Herald, has heen lound und
returned to its owner by Mrs. J,
The Epworth League meets tonight
in the school room of the Methodist
church, Subject "The Drink Evil
and hest Method of Regulating." An
open discussion will follow. Three
short talks an the subject. Public
cordially  invited.
Vaudeville and feature moving pictures at the Edison theatre Tburs -
day nml Friday nighls of this week.
Tbe Mnn of Mystery. Howard nnd
North in one act comedy. Twin City
Quintette in Musical Novelties. Two
shows each night. Entire changes of
dims nnd acts each night. Admission
L'5c., Children 10c.
Quite a number of the Salmon Arm
Oddfellows are coming over to Revelstoke on Friday, March 1st. for the
purpose of receiving the Rebecca de
greo, after which Selkirk Lodge proposes giving a social dance. A Cord -
ial invitation is extended to all Rebeccas and  (1.1,11. Hows.
On Tuesday evening at the home of
the bride's mother, Mrs. B. A. Livingston. Fourth street. Mr. Andrew
Jones an,l Miss Maud Livingston,
wrie  iinitcl   iu  marriage.   Rev.   15.   J.
('have officiating. They were the recipients of many beautiful presents,
both being well known in the eity.
The happy cmiple left on the midnight train for an extended trip to
Kdmonton. Toronto and various
points in the East.
Tho  new   bridge  across the   lllecillewaet   river,   near  the  Moran     ranch.
is  well      under      way.  In  fact   nearly
completed, and  promises to  he     one
of the very best wooden bridges     in
the  .listrict.   The heavy  timbers are
all coast  :*:     Ed. Trimble,  road superintendent  ie ;n  charge ,,.'  the work.
•  W,  Fleming,  is foreman  ol the
mattressing w.rk.   To stop tbe wear
away of the hanks work is being
,m almost to the Lewis  farm.
Twenty-five Prominent Citizen;
will interview Hon. Thames
Taylor and Premier re Big
Bend Railway.
The largest delegation of representative businessmen ever sent, out
from this city, left here yesterday afternoon for Victoria, where they will
interview Premier Mcllride and Hon.
Thomas Taylor on the matter of the
go.ernment making some provision
which will facilitate the building of
the railway round tbe Big llend to
Tote Jaune Cache from Hevelstoke.
The delegation comprises scmic of the
leading men ol Revelstoke and dis-
!i iei, among their number arc those
Who are thoroughly familiar with
the existing conditions, and the
vast resources ot the Big Bend country, (in Thursday by prearrange-
ment, they will have an interview
with Hon. Thomas Taylor, Minister
of I'ublic Works and member for this
riding, who will introduce the deputation to Premier McBride.
The delegates are as follows:—CB.
Hume, A. .1. McDonell, G, S. MeCarter, ('. F. Lindmark, K. Corning,
A. Stone, Clayton Tapping, M. Luw-
ler, J. G. Barber, F. McOarty, B.
Keegan, II. HbWson, 11. P. Clilumings
('. Holten. Vi. A. Foote, H, Loug-
liee.l, 11. MeKinnon, H. Manning, J.
I). Sibbald, S. Sutherland, P. Lcves-
<|iie, Walter Pews, I). (Iallicano, P.
Bourne,   A.   Grant,
Ino ivgiflFtyfiK
• onlc    benefit    concert
held al f.M.C.A   lasl evening,
. -     The  various
eared  i" great  advan-
.: ••iui* ,,i f,.im ir
•   *.
.- - ■ *     ne,* t>( nervous
: to il.e effect  of the
were  fre
■   .- - im
HI   nf      the
V M i    l       \'.',-t    the   M,,,ir,*rl    the    la-
■  *■   i  M.C.A
hfermni   McKtnnej
110    oil
•        * *   !   Ml
-■   '     •
'     •
I ..I    •■*    *
Washington, D.C., Peb. 28—Answer
ing the Chicago Convention when
seven governors announced their Support of Roosevelt for president, and
Roi s.'velt himself slated his hat Was
in the ring for the nomination, nine
Republican Governors now announce
their support for Taft for president
todny, with four others promising
their support also for Taft. The Bern
ocrats are urging the postponement
of the Democratic Convention at pro-
sent dated for Philadelphia June 25,
and which will only he one week after tbe Republican Convention meets
at Chicago. Present appearances fore
sha.low a hot light between Rouse -
veil and Taft for the nomination of
the  Republicans.
WANTED—Three Apprentices for Millinery Department—C. B, Hume &
We have taken the Agency for " Minerva Pure l'reparetl
Paint," and are in a position to give you a paint that will last
longer, go farther and stand more wear than any other paint
on the market.
If you are^thinking oi' painting this Spring, give it a trial.
For buildings inside and outside use "Minerva Pure Prepared Paint.
For shingled roofs use " Minerva Barn, Roof and Bridge
For floors use " Minerva Exterior Floor Paint."
For Stain and Varnish Finish use " Minerva Lac."
For cupboards,   shelves,   kitchen   chairs,   use   "Minerva
Pure Prepared Paint," put up in convenient household sizes.
We also handle all colors of Alabastine.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Howson Block
Eight Millions lor Public Works
The estimated expenditure for the
next year in the department of public works amounts to $»,;ir,:i,«i;u, an
Increaso of $3,000,000 over the pre -
ceding year. This very large appropriation is made up of a general vote
of $3,3«9,000 tor road work; $60,000
for location of new roads; $140,000
for purchase of road making machinery; $10(1,01)11 for toad enterprises iu
the development of Point (Irey; $50,-
000 for wharf building throughout
the province; $HK),ooo tor develop -
ment. work at Strathcona park, $76,-
000 eaeh for the Blind •Windermere und
Hope -Princeton roads. The total appropriation for bridge building am
ounts to $1,086,000, This includes a
conditional grant of $1110,000* toward
tbe construction of a bridge at Second Narrows on Burrard inlet.
I    The appropriations  lor  works    und
buildings amount to $:',,! lll,r,0(l. Kor
ferries, hi idge tenders, etc., a vote of
$48,360 is asked and [or contingencies (150,000, making the total appropriations In this department $8,958,
Cranlirook.   $125,000;   Pernio,   $185,
000;     Grand  Porks,   $80,000; Green
wood.  $05,0011,  Kaslo,  $90,000;  Revel
stoko, $110,000;  Siinilkaniceii. 8190,000
Blncnn, $1*00,000;  Ymir,  $149,000.
The sum of 822,500 is set aside for
the completion ol the court house at
(Irand Forks and $10,500 for alterations at the Fernie court  house.
Kckhardts Vaudeville at the BdlSOU
on  Peb.  2'.lth  and  March   1st.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol reitefot every nerve in tlie body
I ***■■ its Jirnppr tension; restore!
vim anil vil-Uity. Premature d*s n\* nml nil ncxenl
weakness averted at on.*--. Phoiphonol will
make vou a new nmn. 1'ilrc JUa hnx, or twr, l.ir
IS. Mailed to nnr aildre-v Tlio nrubcll III or,
Oo.. Bt. CuttiAi-ln-nn. Out.
Sold at Mac,lonal.!'• Drug Btore.
$10 to $20
Special 3A Folding Brownie
Post Card Damera     -   $12
2A Folding Brownie $7
Eastman Films
V«Mo\. Ayo, .\nslo ami
\< !wi Green Papei •
All nl List Prices
Rcxa|l  Orderlies
i h<*  i" -*   * •   can
in,ml h.i ii     ■    ition
Rexall Beef, Wine ,ind Iron $1
[ \ aplcmlid pit l uu np
ind lonii
Best Sarsaparilla      -    $1.00
v , ii.,-,   looH behind lhl
p!M]*,ir:illMll   lm    : *   ■ ■   ■
mid nn* pr pin .1 i" rn
|l, IIIIIIIII, I        ll ' | |,|||l
tonli      l"i iv. -t Al.
In .JI kinds ■* md Boya' W«■■■■■
brewing i;«,\mir md Smoking  Jacket*!
for men a ipeciali
Shoes of nil kinds nml nl all pricei,
■> ■"»»
Buy There for Sure Profits
Lots on the  2 m   Mile  Circle   Well   Located in Crescent View
TERMS:   One - Fifth  Down, the Balance
Extending Over 18 Months
Let Us Make Your Money Grow
B. G. FOLEY. Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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