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The Mail Herald 1911-11-25

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" Empire" Tyjitjwriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $603
Interior Pubhsiung Co., Agts.
>■-  _ J
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
Interior Puolishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 94
$2.50 Per Year
Engineer Kiiled-First Minister
Uninjured-Will Attend Conservative Convention
Victoria, li. I'., Nov. 22—l'remier
and Mrs. McBride and party will return home tomorrow from their east
ern and southern trip, the tirst minister having curtailed his trip to he
present at the annual convention of
I ha provincial Conservatives to he
hal'd at New Westminster this week
The homeward journey was -dramat
ically interrupted by an accident to
the train upon which the party were
passengers, while passing through thc
Carolines, the engineer being killed
almost instantly and members ofthe
train crew as well as several of thc
passengers sustaining more or less
injuries. The car in which Hou.
Richard and Mrs. McBride and party
were  In escaped scathless.
Lawrence Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Otflo*— Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed - 6,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up - - 5,996.00^.00
Reserve ... - 5,996.000.00
Total Assets,       •      - $72,000,000.00 6
Branches or Agents at all principal points in Oanada. v>
Agents In Great Britain  and United States—London, England, Q
Lloyds Bank, Limited.     Chicago—First  National Bank,  Corn K*- T
change National Bank.   Seattle—Seattle National Bank,  San Fran- y
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank.    Spokane—Exchange (S
National Bank. X
Savings Bank Oaoartment x
Deposits of fl and upward, receivni. md  interest allowed at   I
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited. V
Revelstoke Branch-A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.    jjj
Bear Skin Coats for Children
i Brown and White i
Bonnets  to   Match
Mrs. A, G, Crick, + First Street
Winter Butter Supply for Families
Save money by getting your winter Butter in
bulk.   Get our prices.
See us, telephone us, write us, or give your
orders to our driver.
Wholesale and Retail Produce and Meats
To Opsrate Gold Properties ii
tiie Yukon
A new gold mining company has
been formed in London, ting., to op-
crate hydraulic leases ln the Yukon.
Thc company is capitalized at £1,-
.00,OM and the required capital was
subscribed privately. The deal was
made by Mr. E. C. Kbsloh of London
Kngland, who has been Instrumental
in bringing before English capitalists
a number of good Canadian propositions. It was through Mr. Bbsloh
that the Yukon Gold Company was
formed and disposed of to the Guggenhelms of New Y'ork. The Canadian I'acilic Lumber Co. also gets its
capital in London through Mr. Ebs-
loh's efforts.
There iB no man in London today
who Uas a better grasp ot the groat
possibilities ot Canada, and particularly Western Canada, than Mr. Ebs-
lob. His knowledge of British Colum
bia and tbe great west was uc-quircd
by personal investigation, he baving
visited it mnny times some years ago
In 1897-8 Mr. Ebsloh spent many
months in B.C. and in thc neighborhood of Revelatoke, and still owns
considerable property in the Big Bend
being int rested in the free-milling
gold lields of Ground Hog Basin and
in lands at the mouth of Downie
Creek. In speaking of the Granville
Mining Co. the Mining Magazine of
London, Eng., says:
"The new company to operate fan
the Y'ukon is called the Granville
Mining Co. We are informed that
there was no public issue, the necessary capital being subscribed private
ly. Tbe directors are Mr. F. A. Gov-
ett of the Ivanhoe Gold Corporation,
Major H. L. Sapte of the Consolidated Gold Fields of Houth Africa,
Mr. J. S. Wetzlar of thc Consolidated Mines Selection Co., Messrs. William Trnsk, A.N.O. Treadgold, A.
Chester Beatty, and II. C. Hoover.
Obviously enough capital and talent
is represented on the board to ensure the application <rf the utmost
skill and experience in dredging and
hydraulic mining. The capital ot the
company is £1,SCO,000. a power
plant with a capacity of 10,000 h.p..
with provision for B further 5,000bp.
if required, has already been constructed in lhe Klondike valley. Mr.
A.H. Rogers, al New York, is thc
consulting engine3r and is now on tbe
ground d"signing the further equipment necessary Ior enlarged operations."
New Cardinals Are at Vatican
Rome. Nov. 23—Cardinals-designate
Farley and Falconio arrived today.
The cccleciasts knelt, and kissed the
rings of the new cardinals-designate.
The clerical suit oa-rrieil American
dags  bound  with  the  papal  colors.
Thc secret consistory will be held
next Monday and th.' public consistory will follow Thursday. At the
secret consistory only tha pope -and
the cardinals resident in Rome are to
be present. At the public consistory
three days later the ceremony is much
more imposing, the new .cardinalB receiving their red hats froin t,he pope.
rovincial Asstciatioii in Session
in the Royal City Yesterday
and TMay-M Present
Robin Hood Flour Beats Them All
Mrs. II. N. Coursier carriet off two ftr-st prizes
with ROHIN HOOD I'M-OUR. The special prize
we offered and also for the belt loaf from any
Hour. If you want good bread use Robin Hood -
the flour of quality.
P.O   Box 308
Phono No. 23
Hon. Sam Hughes Has Thrown
Down the Gauntlet
Ottawa. Nov. 22—A fiery scene took
place More the minister of militia
yesterday afternoon an 1 cleared the
atmosphere of Pea.lman's Island. Ct.
II. Cowan, the city's special counsel
sent to Ottawa to assist in endeav -
nring to get the Isle of Dreams for
tli.*. city of Vancouver, thinks that the
battle li pretty well over.
1 Mr I.ii.lciitc was told by the
iii.n.i*!." .-mid Mr. Cownn to The
ProvlnM, that anything he and his
MIOCtetM get. on Headman's Island
th>y will have to fight for. This it
duration vvas made," continued Ml.
Cowan,   "at Uu  and at  a   remarkable
conferaiee, after winch i.udgate   nud
Kinmnn war* practically  shown      tbc
«. ,..|   !..!   Sale,   stove   lengths.
tin Cummipgt Trimeter Co.
New     Westminster,  Nov.  21— With
.n attendance of probably more than
150 delegates thc annual convention
i i the Provincial Conservative Association opened  in  bt.  George's Hall,
New Westminster, at 10 o'clock this
morning. The acting-president, Mr.
W.M. McKay, will occupy the chair,
and delegates will be preBent Irom
every riding ol British Columbia.
A meeting of the executive was
b -Id at i) o'clock, and an hour later
lbe convention began bu.-iiiu-is. The
appointment of Credential ..n-1 Resolution committees was the lirst mat-
t.r dealt with. This will iie followed
,y the president's, the secretary and
llic treasurer's reports.
Premier McBride, Attorney-General
Bowser, and tbc entire cabinet of the
I i ov incial government will bc pres -
.nt at this afternoon's session. While
the addresses to be delivered will he
largely of a congrntulary nature as
relcring to the brilliant successes of
the Conservative party in this province. Valuable suggestions will nev
ertheleBs be given, the application of
which will no doubt serve further to
itrengthen the party in all parts ot
British Columbia.
The election of officers will beheld
at the conclusion of tie addresses.
'1'bo Provincial Conservative Association have every reason to repose the
fullest ermttdenre. in thc men who as-
s: .wil so materially in winning the
splendid battle at the pollB on Sep -
tember 21st last and it is intimated
tint several of the officers of last
year, providing they are willing to
stand Ior office again, will be re-elected by acclamation.
Friday's proceedings will conclude
with a banquet in thc Royal Cafe, at
which lurther addresses will bc given
by the principal debators of thc convention.
Saturday morning the reports of
committees will be heard and discus-
si. n upon these reports will take
place. This, of course, will lie one of
lb- most important sessions of the
convention us the resolutions passed
ui this co.inection will directly nUect
tl..- araini/.ation and work of the dif-
f.-unt Conservative units in the province. A large number of resolutions
frnm various parts of Dritish Colum
bia  will  also  be discussed.
Tbt convention will decide upon the
ri'M place of meeting and will then
nd mum.     —
The total number of delegates en -
titled t.o he present at the convention
is I06, but it is improbable that a
, otnplete attendance will be recorded
Among ih.- resolution* which will
i-i ine np lur di-H'iission at thfl run
vention is said to be a proposal "-that
thi time is opportune to urge upon
tb' Canadian government the desirability of extending the northeastern
boundary of this province northerly
along the 120th meridian to tbe Arctic ocean; the northerly boundary to
be extended westward along t.he shore
of the Arctic ocean to the Alaskan
boundary at Demarcation Point, to
include all tbe islands in the Mackenzie Bay; the International boundary to lie followed southward to the
r.'lth parallel of latitude so as to Include within thc confines of tlie Pro-
I vinrc of British Columbin all tbnt
I region now known as the Yukon Territory."
And Seventy-Two Injured in An
j   Explosion at Oilcake Mill
Liverpool, Nov. 21— Thirty-thru)
persons were killed awl 711 Injured in
nn explimlon nt lllbbv A Company's
iiileake null here A boiler exploded
i burling mangled bodies to all parts
I of lbe wrecked building. Many ol
ih..Hi. lujured ure expected to »w*ll
the death lilt.
Held Last Night at the Edison
Under Auspices of Ladies'
Hospital Guild
Amateur Vaudeville was played last
night by local talent, to one of the
largest houses in tbe history of Kevelstoke, at the Bdison theatre. The
program opened with the Chinese
song by twenty of the wec'st toot«
that have appeared before a Revel -
stoke audience, each little member
doing his or her utmost to carry out
their part, aud this was doneto perfection. The vocal duett "Gipsy
Countess," between Mrs. R. Squarebriggs and Mr. E. M. Allum, was
indeed very pretty, they gracefully
responded to a hearty encore. The
duet and chorus, with as principals ,
little Miss Lillian Hayward and Mas
ter Clarence Lyons was excellent.
The principals were true little soldiers, their tiny voices were heard distinctly in every part of tho house
nnd well deserved thc applause that
was given them. The costumes of
tbe chorus  girls  were  very  fetching.
The double quintette was very pret
ty, the fair sex were most becoming
i'ach wearing a bonnet and carrying
a parasol of a shade most becoming
to ber own particular style of beauty. While the gentlemen wore smart
summer costumes and looked quite
tlie thing. Mr. Ralph Lawrence sang
"There Let Me Rest," this is the
tirst time Mr. Lawrence has appeared hefore n Revelstoke audienoe, and
liis singing was a rare treat.
The comedy "A Box i»r Monkeys"
was splendidly played by an able
cast. Mr. W.J.W. Brown, as Ralston
Mr. Charles "Gordon, as Ohannecy (>g
elthorpe; Mrs. W. M. Lawrence most
ally played the part of Mrs. Ondego
Jonss; Miss Pearl Robinson made a
very charming Sierra Bengaline, a
prairie rose, and Miss Frances Law-
son, as Lady Guinevere Slandpoore,
was quite at home in this role, and
delighted her audience with her many
The last, and perhaps the most
'aughable number on the program,
whs the local limerick chorus. Kvery
body wns remembered in this num -
The Indies who had in charge the
arranging and managing of this
graa* undertaking, are to be heartily
"i ngratulated on the success of tae
lerformance   last  night.
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Oak, Sunbeam Oak, Hot Blast
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Shippers and Packers for the Hills
Pays the Penalty of Death and
Meets His End Calmly
Hi.limon.l, Va., Nov. 24—Henry
Clay Bent-tie, Jr., before his death in
the electric chair at 723 a.m. today,
confeeaed to the murder of his wife.
'lb.- -tiitcmetrt, which was given out
in the rotunda of a downtown hotel,
"I, Henry Clay Beattie, Jr., deslr-
OtU ot Steading right betoi-c Clod and do ofl this, the twenty-third
day ol November, mil, confess my
guilt of thc crime charged against
im.. Much thnt waa published eoooern
Ing tho detail! mu not true, but the
awful  fact,      without  th.'    harrowing
i ..1'iiinntiiiircN, remains.
"Por thin action. J am truly sorry,
iin,I believing that I uni at peace
with Cod ami nm soon to pans Into
His presence, this statement Is
Ilea t tile's confession was followed by
iii* following    statement i.f the attending ministers.
"Tin.-:  statement   Waa  sun -.1   in   tl).'
preaenee of the two ■Wending ministers nn.l is the only statement thnt
■ nn and will lie made public by them.
"Mr. Beattie desired to thank tbe
ninny Iriemls fnr kind letters nml expressions of Interest and tho public
Ior whatever sympathy mtl lelt or expressed."
Hams   Bacon
Silver Leaf Lard
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors for Swift's Products
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251 p. o. Box C
Diamond Hall, Ltd.
EYE. STRAIN-The   use   of
suitable glasses save the eyes
from strain and all the evils
which follow.
Profit   b.v
the   experience  of
Election of Bishop
Victoria, Nov. 24—At 2:30 n.m. lhc
Anirlii'iin Synod ol ('oliimMn wns still
in cession having failed so far m its
effort! to electa bishop to tbe Dee of
('olumbin in succession to the Rijftit.
Kev. W. W. renin, who Waa recently
appointed to the Hee ol Wlllcmlrn.
Bight   ballots hnve heen  taken,     but
nona oi tbo oaodtdataa, among whom
arc Venerable Archdeacon Scrlven.
VaTJ Rav, t>enu Doiill, and Dean l)u
Moulin, haa been successful In scrur
ing the necessary majority ol clergy
nn.I lay delegates.
NV« program at the Bdison tonight
The benefits of properly fitted
lihsses are testified to by th-J
thousands who use them.
We examine eyes free of
charge and guarantee satis-
fat t on.
Fa Gi HEWS,  Jeweler ami Optician
Young Mun 'and also the
man who stays young i make
it a point to try on some of
the Smart New Styles we arc
specializing in Overcoats.
Priees: $15 to $30
McRAE MERCANTILE C0.} LIMITED 9 \ Pl t:i>.\\,  NOV.  35th,  nil.
'Viziz :m^il-:ei:e:r.a.:l,:d, revelstoke
SATURDAY, NOV.  2-Sth,  1911.
We have been informed by the Bankhead Mines
that thev will forward us Briquettes within the next
few d ys and Hard Coal about the middle of Deeem-
The prices will be as follows:
Briquettes, per ton   $  8.75
Broken Coal, per ton     10.50
Egg Coal, per ton  10.50
Nut Coal, per ton      9.25
Wellington Soft Coal, per ton    11,00
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
population ol the Mississippi. In the
early part ot the nineteenth century,
when Bennett flourished, the river
wus the great, highway ol traffic au.l
usually the passengers were well supplied with money.' since most of them
were on their way to transact some
more or less Important business or
were returning home with the pro -
ceeds ot some deal in their possession
Dr. Hen-tt's method was to introduce himself to the notice ol the
passengers by giving an exhibition
nf simple oard trloks in the social
ball, as it wus then called, making a
few small bets from time to time
ou his favorite game of calculation,
in wbich be used an unfair advantage
over the other players. * After this
preliminary, a confederate or some
passenger who hnd heard of liis skill
with the thimbles would ask him to
give „ demonstration. Invariably the
genial but modest doctor would protest thut it was an old trick that
everyone knew, and was hardly worth
i xhibiting anyway.
rawiiuD m
"die flDail-Tberalfc
nEVExsroKE. a. c.
•interior pubitsbtna Company,
J.  K.  JOHSSON, Manager.
pioneer settlements, which have be-en
j isolated, will be on the front street.
Ths people In distant countries, pco-
: pie in the Dominion of Canada, and
th; British Oolumbia people them-
.-*. Ives, will begin to know something
of tbe wealth and worth in this part
of North    America.—News-Advertiser.
Legal notices l" cents per line lirst
insertiuu, 5 cents per line each
subsequent Insertion. Measurements Nonpariel (li lines make
one inch.) Snore and general
busines*! announcements $2.51) pet
inch per niuQtb. rrelerred position.-. 35 per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages and Ueatns, otic
each  insertion.
Ijana notioes $7.50. All advertisements subject to the approval of
tbe management. Wanted nu.i
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uations wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted. 25 words or less, 25c,
eceb additmual line Dl cents.
Changes il stauding advertisements must be iu by 9 a. m.
T leaday and Friday ol each week
When   these   objections      would     lie
overcome, he     would seek to excuse
himself hy  declaring that he had no
thimbles;   but   somebody  would be dis
patched   to   tlie   ladies'   cabin,      and
I would shortly return with the     im-
! plenums.   Thru      the    doctor   would
roll   ii little  papei'   pellet,   with   great
reluctance, nnd  in a half-hearted man
ner  would  proceed  to  roll  it     about
the table, covering it first with    one
thimble  nnd  then  another.   Abruptly
j he  would  stop,  and  raising both    of
liis  hands  above  his  head,  would   invite  someone to  guess  under    which
thimble the pellet would be     found.
Trlflinj     bets    might be made    with
varying success,   the  odds  being some
what   in    t.he    doctors  favor,    since
there were two shells under which thc
pill  was  not. to the one  under  which
it was. fur  in  the  preliminaries,    the
paper   was always   under  one  of    the
shells.   The point  of the serious game
later on  was that  the  pea was  under
,,,..  manifesto deals  with  the famous   '"-»-'   '•'  the shells.   All  the  time    the
..,*,.,. and  its  application  to  mixed | passengers   were   guessing and betting
nm-riages    drawn attention   to     by   « <*'™> or a dollar, the doctor's keen
-    i,.ments  recently made   in Toronto eye would   be  searching the crowd  for
Lit   Winnipeg  papers.    After     saying   Ms ultimate victim, and since he was   tbe   people  throughout   Canada. > capital  judge  of human  nature,  he
rarely failed to spied his predestined
Archbishop  Says  Decree Has
Nothing to Do With Marriage
Montreal, Nov. 22—Arcbjjthtoop Bru- ,
in si   tod-ay   issued  a  manifesto deal- *
.ii;  with  the  -Ne  Temere  decree,      in
a.i,eh be intends to correct  :i number!
. .   misconceptions,      which he states.
evidently exist  throughout     Canada.
judging from newspaper articles and
conversations which he has over-
I.'.ird, do not seem io understand the
i.*. .living of the decree and that it is
".en spoken of as if applied to Cau-
:. I i only. whereas ii has heen in     throughout the world     Bince
: "mark."
I  ■ .re  good   display
CORRESPONDENCE invited on mat-j ".J'";* j^ ™,| „,,,,,„.., u, Cau-I    Am"ng ",e thoU8"ds who saw Dr.
tera of puhlte     interest.       Com-1    |a wl](,n,.is    it ^ been In BenMtt     operate at different times,
munitions to Editor must be m tUrou^out the worW Blnce »w at least one writer who hus left
accompanied by name ot writer I i^, [m Marriage8 are VaUd a Bood deacrlpblcn of his methods.
not    necessarily    lor   publication.       ^ ( ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ M  Tha  victim  on  tins  occasion     was a
bu,     „,    evidence o( good  faith. delegated by one „f theuv >'"""■< m<m wUo W:lS "u hls wa*   tu
Correspondent  should  be. brie!.    *,      (' )(i[mv  1wq  witnes8C8 j the west   with a large  stuck  of  groc-
8UB8CRIPTION  RATES ..^  lg no MW  (llm^..  ,„, statM|  erlea and some cash, and who became
Including  postage  to England,  Unit-,.  ^  ^ waa   .^  w,tbiatlll.  Councll | keenly Interested  in the game
ml States and Canada. .   , T[.ent  .^ ,563 amj ha8 always been
Hv  the year .through  postoflice)  »2.50   |n   hm ^^ „    H<  ^   ||oinU  ou(.
 . —— I   the   decree   says   nothing     about
! marriages  contracted   by   non-Oatho-
iics among themselves.
- -vTl'RDAY,   SOV    .'"•*
a, .uu
*  .
..       1 M
:     .1 "I
tun     i *,....   .
..      .loll!   lll.l" .1
,,,| , ,, |)      ,..*.ilf    I     OIK
.1 _• miii
.... ral ** i*     i" ""
i      ,* ■ *- 1UCIU1 illlil
.   .,,   ,*.* '     lol a
i    ....111,.|,t.    1I1IS'ia
proprietors, i wners
The archbishop then referred to
■.'...lings in Tin onto and Winnipeg
papers regarding the Shaughnessj
. ibam marriage, ^n which Sir Thos
r haughoeasy's son, a Roman Catholic
married ths niece of Sir  Hugh ilia ■   *,   I'l ilM.-lalll .   Which   have  theNe
Ti mere shatter! .1  to  pieces.     In   the
iing  telegram  whieh   Is dispatch
i** one ni the papers referred    to,
-peaks  of  this.
"lh. Ne Temere decree has nothing
ti I., with tlie Shaughnessy- ilrahum
a irrlage. The diocesan rules wen not
. i.iie.l, but for very Berioue reaBons
i have simpii accorded a dispensa
: u of mixed religion as I have pre
. nusly done In other cases Th-mar
ri.iige  ceremony  was  celebrated     ei
after time he spotted thc right thim
hie although the doctor good natur-
edly ollered to make bets with any
spectator but this younf man. whose
iy.**-, be saiil, were too sharp for
ii.m. Tins whetted tlie avaricious
pass, ugcr's desire to get some of the
celebrated gambler's money, and he
a ;si. i on be ting. Finally, nltei
stipulating that Hie young grocer
should give turn odds of two to one,
Dr. Bennett let himself be drawn
the game,   li*   lost  tw :  three -fl"
bills,  and  then   wanted  to  stop.  Toe
ttor «ould  not hear  of  li. and  finally   by  subtle appeals to bis  vanity,
lu    Bennett  induced him to be I  {500.
The Hospital a Live Question
!       With the Citizens
i    Tlie     hospital     situation   in   Arrow
head is causing deep concern  to    the
residents   of     tbe   towns    and    ramps
1 along  the northern  shores  of   the   lip
j pel*  lake.
The Arrowhead hospital ian branch
of the Hevelstoke hospital, and to
th** society in charge of the attalrs of
that institution has been paid the
very considerable sums of money deducted monthly from the payrools oi
the camps, mills and mines iu the
extensive district contributory to
It is uniuversally aud gratefully acknowledged that the Itevelstoke Hospital tioclety have always met in a
most generous spirit all lepresenta
tions made to them Irom this dis -
trict, and that any irregularities or
inconveniences which may have oc
curred were never the result ol any
carelessness or niggardliness on the
part of the soolety. What lhe Society proposes to do with the present
situation, however, is not yet known
nor is it probable that any decision
on their part has yet been arrived at
The rumors in circulation, however
are ol a most disquieting nature.
B'ear is expressed that Arrowhead
may be deprived of the services of a
resident doctor and that tlie branch
hospital  may   be closed.
Some color is lent to these rumors
by the present lull in lumbering op -
erations inducing rather earlier than
usual the annual migration of the
lumber jacks and millmen. That a
situation, which must necessarily be
oi a temporary character could in -
liuence, from a monetary point ol
view, a decision so vital and serious
to the community, cannot be
thought of for a moment,
Kven with, what may be called for
the purpose of this article, transient
labor gone, there still remains a very
large population in thc towns of
Arrowhead, Comaplix, Ueaton, Hal -
cyon, Pingston Creek and St. Leon,
as well as in the farming communi -
ties iu lialeiia Bay and Hall's Landing', and this population contains
a proportion ol women, children and
aged folk quite sufficient to demand
the constant presence of a medical
man. A suggestion has been advanced that a Revelstoke doctor could
pay Arrowhead a certain numlier ol
visits each week. We fail to see how
this arrangement could Ht in with
the wishes of the Revelstoke patients
of such a doctor, which it completely
fails to give even tl shadow of satisfaction to anybody in Arrowhead. It
fails to meet the case in any one
i While it is sought carefully to avoid the risk of alienating the warm
sympathies of the society* to its Arrowh ad clients there is a strong current ,,.' opinion that in tins matter
• : ve all ..tii.-rs. those who pay the
;• per may call the tune,
i The desire of one and iill In this
.- that the vacancy caused by
th departure of Doctor Elliott
Id In* iill.-. ,i .nice, and that the
o lety should not endanger its un-
loubted prest..-e by adopting any
*  .urse.
Your Electric Fixtures
Stop It :
If you are the man that has
Duen buying his shoes antl
iurnisliiiigs on nine; Stop it;
>ou ate wasting money,
uemeniber, it is not vvnat
jou earn, it is whal you save
mat counts. That's way so
many tntsn (men who Know)
ure now ouynig their siioci,
clothing anu turnisliings
irom JuHN ULJLL. llauuy
laii houi wouiU believe tnat
stien High class goods cotikl
be solu tor so little money.
but then the reason is simple; he bells i'or cash,  that's
Wliy   HE   SELLS   SO   KEASON-
AUlE, Ui course ll you nave
i,ought goous here beioie
,\ou Uon t need to be told
tnat our qualities are worth
noticing. We are showing
an excellent range ol biau-
held's Underwear just the
mud ior this weainor und
our shoe department is lull
ot such wen known linen as
,). & Ti lien's, Doctors
special, and Dr. Ueeu's
cushion bnoe—lhe easiest
snoe on eerth, and Mcpherson's line snoes lor men who
If they go wrong, don't worry, but just
Phone to No. 284 in the day
or No. 40 at Night
mil they will immediately he attended to. There is
nothing we can't do in this line as years of experience
with electrical machinery has given us an insight into
the business that could not be obtained otherwise.
Don't swear when the lights go out.
for you.
Let us do that
A. 6. DUCK,   -   General Manager
Store and Office, Old Howson Biock
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or  A^eek
Night Restaurant    Short Order
W. C.  BATCHKLOR,        -        tTWanagcr.
Player Pianos, Pianos and Organs
Our reputation is well knowii lur square dealing.
Wi* nui give you better  prices,  ln-ltcr quality,  tlmn  nny
oilier house in the trade.
WHY ?   Call ami we will prove this statement up to the
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
esa to -ny.  the doctor !-.n.l    the
extreme   g I   luck   to  win   on    this   Navgable Waters Protection Act
:.* *iv according  t..  tin   laws  ..f    the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ihurch before a priest.   No othei  cere h* ^"ore of the game tbao anyone
mi ny baa taken place. The  Protest -
imt  party signed bejore witnes
m-rairements  of  the  ehiir.-h."
the Mississippi
.* .*  . -  i   .  irrtga
i . sj   liaie  mutual  in
lauds     nieir  iiiith
i - - au.l foreshon -
iu,nt  .ii 1-iueb ;i   way
,„ I  * armonto is  ai
- uotli  nio   mtet si
*.o  io  this  prov.h .
.... A-int.i-   iinini -
M: .    i.   : dl u   ■   tl.„'!i
agrn ultural     policy
Tl      province 	
- u- U .     ■ -i .n une  transcon    n     n        iii
'* Or. Dennett s noted Career on
;--   - 'JL* ..:.:.        :
Thi   Dominion .■••n
.ncei!.   . . in i.
•  •   I'm.
"•I-.-- .      in a
.;    "Jt    .   ■ . |a ii,
l, call  for u
Ipfl TXl   ,. IIIlliM
-dot ireful study of coi. i
•t energctii   tie.itnir-ut.
.  . :.t  two  of  his   Colll-Kg-
... .    .:   -l.u.   i.* make
•u. tood by th    )*'
• i.ii i*      i. 'in ute C'Dccrneil with
Ibj * '   mattei.
Tbe I'rem..:  brings \?ith bim
'     assurances conewt       the     pro
- and  prosper..*,  *,! rallwuy    "-n
•traction in this province. Fn/m M*
■ Ub .* ..'■      * -1 tblit
two  years   nil!   linn*;  aboul    bonder
(ulii   ch.iiiL'-eii   run.In..ei-   in      Uritish
Columbia.   Tbn agricultural land h*.
uiiiiiiie ..n.i accesail Is .1 .ii  tit mull.
..11. .m.i  the other left   tbe party,
.if  three-card   monte  an.!   the  shell
L-.iin.*.   ami   11 M.iihly   of all   **ther  (a
1  ■ > .iQ   be
ject nf tbe     gambler
his  victim tae  ; ten     tbat
\ phrase thai im- paas*d from the
in-       the da)  to iti*' ib
bell game" and .1
all    Ilotlll.l. ■iOOHPK
r.    : ..y   celebrated,   it   wouhl     I...   ,,.
• 4.  .1  u, commemorate
■   1 in. iary of tlm ;
• ■:,* moat remarkable
1 history. The
game, ..1  "th
.    .' *       ,    *   . ii,     s 1
! r. Benn.l ■ ithemei.   who piled
- trade on I ■.:,: mats   iu   tlie
Hit.   He  rn,-, ,     .   [or! nn''  viith
- tin*.  11, iui.:,.     and -Aus one of tlm
Lr   Bennett
1 •*ni ,7..|. liutM ,. •     f  taper, '
llllll'.1 .* " \IT'I
.1- het-
. »s8 tbe
1 ed ami
. the tbim-
to pick
rard» turn
-!   ;.:* .*  **    iln- deal*
.   iinrkii.-K
nbUng witl,     the
*!;.., ,t.i, •   a
•lllfl tn
lip  tin' rai : ,
ii    .*.   Emp
R. S. C  Chap.  115.
■ ■'■■•■ .- *, en  that the
•boi Company,   Limited.
■ applied   •     the .Minister  &f  Puh-
I*'   Works ■ : 1   (or   permission
Tramway Irom
Dominion   , Berth     316,     over
'   -   ' ::. * * ,    ct/DB 'l't    with
ling    • Revelstoke ami  Ar
* '.hm b of thi   ■  ic   **.n  Pa-
Els npany, -arnl bave i ■
Minister     of
f plana and de-
* I*   proposed
work, - *  deposited   with
'11*  D *,    ;... 11.1  Titles
for i*                      ■   m   B C    dnpll
n.l deecripttop "f
ii:.' sard,  I'm
• i.*     '*    1     Honeywell &   Orabam,
H" \j:enti   Int     '■
■   ...  B   1      Solii
*   pHeants.   N -
0. w. 0. w.
Mountain  View Camp,  No. 22*9.
Minus 8ccond    and     Fourth Wednes
days    in  each   month  in    Belkirk
Hall.      Viaiting  Woodmen arc
cordially invited to attend
H. W.  1SUWA11DS,  Coa. Com.
JAMES  MclNTYKK,  Clork.
Barrister*!,   Solicitors,   lite.
Imperial   Hunk   Ijuililing   Kevelstoke,  U. C.
Money to Loan.
Otlices—Revelstoke.    13.    O.,     and
Cranbrook, U. C.
Ono. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial  Laml   Hnveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
BOX   106.
j Wellington Lump Coal,
W   \ Mi A 0 HI
A H 0 H 1 T 1
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
p. o. Box    l(
1' T.
Revelstoke, B.C.
:     \     i-:   M .
■ ■ osl   notable  gamblers
Di    B!,   Mc Vb< i, dentlsl
ii 1. bees .11 town since tb •  i '.n. He
' linfl   his      chinr     ill     the   office   **' Dl
: Hi,1 I..11     .1*1   all   i.;.|iiiriin;  to..tii ..i
I tention  art  availing  tb 'nn* l*. h ol
.f   which   we
'. ne any  record.   It. Is  only  a     few
.,-n that      Di    I>• -1,n rtt.'   curoer
. ,. recalled by tbe Issuing I f Ilhw opportunity.
h.a grandsons ot a patent device   at     Mrg   s*   M,.ni„„v ,,„,) i,,,,,. .,, ,.
Waehlngtoi), and tbe newspapers thai   ,,., ,,.., u„ H,,llh.,v (,.t a ,,;;, ,
.mtnentod  on  tbe  Inventor's family fntJwi   ,, „ Kansas 1
Piberltanue were all ol opinion   tbat   'ho coul'l iinn-e be was tbe     M!    U|".  Sloigbtbolm left  ofl
■ ,, 1 .„,  ,,r ,,i!  Dr.  Bennett     sould. 'iril«$  onavislt  to Iowa, nnd     will
oiled man) 1.rath by btac    completloo   raise a '.'".cl rntiml snm 01 money
.,f tbe trunk lines and theii   branches'   nJ  invention  without the menu
.,, I 1.1 *n.'
,f  I1..I111
19U 1,1   i.Mt th'* -ettler comini"  p ■ device being too closely exatnln- »P«nl
bBCl     " Ith    h »*    Ml        HI'• 1 r-lit
.1111  munli'!   liillv.    who     have
tin. iiirtt mn    months
t.o  tbis province niny  make  bis home
in alrni. t any one of tbe rrent valleys
bu 1 plains of this provinoe and be in
the line •■' 'mid    Mill imin of acres
• .f inii-i. ii ■i<-t"f"i*c ..'it of reach ..f tbe
,.i'.   fui mer. »ill   ibeO   tie   .>n   tbe
1 1.
Ifiienils  there
lir. Bennett wns a ninn of education     Ladles    The     iiftern 1   cI.'ish   on
*ni culture, but evil    compnnlonehlp Hattinlnj  will   itlll  be continued     if
removed   imn   from   thc circle
.■lm..1   ..'  traffic   sm.'icn  0
;   .iiui,
iniflii  otherwise
1 • became .1 me
have ndorni'.l,
he  twenty   i*,*,ii  themselves of  the   op.
ninl   pi rt mi.iI i      I'i.i    t *iin* ,   ei*; .       |.Ih.ii.
mlier  of  the  floating:   No. 85
Sewing Machines
A iew stiK-k ot S
. r .ii,.I Wheeler Wilson
■j Machine*
For S le or Hire
hy tin.1 month at Mannii
All kinds of machine needles
H.  MANNING.   Agent.
lay, t rae!
Por full partlculai     ipplj     v     P
\l 1.1 II ..,, :   nr It.
Kn ■     111 ii'm'Iii   No    1    Masquer ii 1
danos, December (tb, opera bouse.
ffANTED Bert ml toi general Iiihihi
work.   Apply  Mil   I.l!,   Hamilton,
«ANTED a situation as n hones
keeper hy middle aged lady. Apply
Mrs. a 1....I.un, u.'U'.'.u1 Delivery
Revelstoke, B, i'.
KOOTENAY      LODOE,  No.  '.5 A.  F.
and A.  M.
Regular    meetings are held In mas*
UNX!    1 KMPLE.     Oddfellows'      Hall
.11  iiii.   Tiiiil   Monday  in  each month
at * p.  m.      Visiting hrethreu      art
/   welc.imo.
W. B.  ROBERTSON, Secretary.
-KI.KIKK      I.nlM.I*;   12,   1.   0.   0.   V
Meets svery     Thursday evening   in
Selkirk Han at « o'clock.     \i*itm»
ren  cordially  invited.
1     -    HOOLBY, N. O.
J.\H.   MATHIi;.   Secrotary.
1 oi HI     MT.     BBOBIE,   No. Mbl.
OK  I.  O.  K.
M«eU in 1. O   O.  F.  Hall next   to
Tapping's  Opera   House   eveiy   nscond
and fourth Monday hi month, visit
.ng brethren cordially welcomed.
1.    VV.  HELL, 0.   U.
WM    ri    CAMKKON.   Else-Sec
UOLD RANGE LODOM,      K. of   P.
Meets  every   Wednesday  eieept   the
Third  Weiln^mlay of each month      in
Oddfellows'   Hall  at  «   o'clock.
ing  Knights are cordially  Invited.
.1. Y.  SIMPSON, O. <*.
(». II. BROOK, K. of R. ft 8.
m. of r.
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
^WW m W^t^tH0Hm  T—"—rei 1~—■———jp — i j- lw     1 _i n ir _ ■_... ^_i_i a. ■    .J
Do You Want Windows, Doors, and Finishing
It will pui vnu tn net our Prices before pi rcliasiug elseiilier
WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY* We carry a large Mock 11
Winilims iiiiiI Doors ami can fill unu* orders promptly. We will
be pleased to give you a delivered quolutiun on anything yot)
require. We manufacture windows, doors, uionldlngSi storm
sash, screens, cabinets of nil kinds, tables, turnings, store ainl
Imi fixtures, church seals mnl pulpits, door and window Iriiincs,
finishing "I all kinds, etc. We an* large dealers in sheet, fancy
snd Plate glass, shingles, lath, ele.    Write for Prices.
S. C. SMITH LUMBER CO.. Vernon. B. C.
Storm Doors and Windows
IS VOI It IIIHSK WARM/' Uiil uni ever slop to comider that a
mu.ill outla) ni Storm Windows and Doors nt this time nf year will
make uuu- home more coin fort aide? You will save lbe cost of
windows "i doors Installed iu the s.ninn ilml il will make iu vour
fuel bills, i.ii 1 our order In Iniuitdialelv and gel the full benefit
You will never regrel ll. Let us rend mir man nround ond tnke
ilu* iu , .*-*..n. measurements Wi will ssveyou trouble, nud you
will save money by purchasing Iroui us. We manufacture windows. Doors, Mouldings, Cabinets. Tables, Stoic and ollice I'ix-
1UI ■ 1-'      liini: nf nil kinds.
II you want Linn* Cnu-nt and Plaster or paint for inside work,
K.ilnomine or Brushes, plain and fancy Sheet Glass, we hnve it,
nud can une you tin* best prices obtainable in lar^e or small quantities, No order is too snmll nnr 11" order too large for us to
handle We will gladly furnish you with prices on anything we
Sell in manufacture.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
p. 11. Boi -J93
Plume Nn
E 3ATUBDAY, NOV.  25th, 1911.
SATL'RDAY,   NOV.   2oth,   1411.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL. - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
With its large number of branches, agents anil correspondents, Thc
Canadian Hunk of Commerce is uble to effect collections throughout
the world promptly anil at reasonable rates. Rates wil! be quoted on
Cheques nnd drafts on all countries of llie world, drawn in Sterling',
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce ut reasonable rates.
Our Doctors Anii=Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund -    $4 600,000
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Revelstoke Plumbing, Heating &. Sheet Metal Co.
Estimates given (or Sanitary work, Electric Lighting, Hoi
Air, Water, Steam Heating and all kinds of   Sheet   Metal
Baths, Lavatories, Water Closets, etc.
Prompt attention given to all orders.
See Our Show Room on Connaught Avenue
Phone No.  ..... |)0x 401
Have the Best!     It Pays!
You can get the best of
Everything in the line of
At the Reliable Headquarters
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Uas 83 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Brunches.    Intorest allowed at highest current rate
Everybody knows Iiim, he will
tell you tlml llie whiskeys wears
bi llii.)., me the hest. Call nnd be
convinced. No household should
lu without a supply of cm- Har-
tey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapin Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
: ;ny.mi in old or Blackberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Winis and Liquoi s of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold by all
the leading botch*, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
The Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Have a very fine assortment of FRUIT TREKS
Ornamental and Shade Trees and Shrubs
Budded   Stock   a   Specialty
All trees offered for sale are grown in our own Nurseries
on the Coldstream   Estate
II. D. Curry, Geo. Matheson,
General Agent, Local Agent,
Vernon, B, C, Revelstoke, B, C
Great Change Has Come Over
Habits oi Members of Parliament
One evening,  towards th,* close  of
the  recent s.ttiugs  uf th;  house    of
commons I wus told by my friend Sir
(Ieorge   Croydon   Murks that   Thomas
Alva  Kilisou  was  iu the  gallery      ol
the  house  of  commons, and  that  he
would l>c     coming    down in    a   few
moments.   I ueed scarcely say ihat I
gladly     seized the    opportunity      of
meeting, if only for a moment,    one
whom  I  regarded  as the mosl      re -
murkali-le  man  of  this  time.   I found
myself talking to a man  who had no
resemblance  to auy  impression either
my  imagination  or  photographs bad
given me.   To  me  Mr.  Kdison  looked
like a   typieal   western   farmer.      His
ruddy     and  fresh cheeks,    his    plain
clothes,  his     expression  of    absolute
and unspoiled simplicity und  modesty
all     seemed to    proclaim    the     man
whose life was mainly spent in     the
open  air  and   in the  tields.   And    his
speech increased  this impre.-sion.      lt
wns brief,  simple, modest,     with     a
dominating sense of good  humor  and
a S-W dismissal of all compliments, or
anything that suggested  that he was
more  than  a  simple,  plain  man.  One
is now and then disappointed    when
one sees a hero In the flesh.   I    can
say     quite sincerely    that,    thinking
highly  of   the  great  Kdison   before  I
saw  him, I think  more  highly of him
since f met him in  the flesh.
1 have mentioned Edison'b name in
this     article as an introduction     to
some observations upon the habits of
busy nun  which are suggested  by an
interview     be  gave to  thc     English
papers.   1  gather that he does     n jt
■drink any alcohol, that he is a great
smoker,  and  that  he  is  strongly    ot
opinion that  men spend  too     much
time  in sleep.   And this leads n^c to
some  reminiscences  of the  prominent
men  of thc  present    day  and     their
habits.   There used to     be B greater
contrast some years a;., between the
habits   of   American-   and Englishmen
than   there  is    today.   When  I    first
went  to America, thirty years ago, I
was   inclined    to believe  that     there
were few, if any, Americans  wbo ever
touched   alcohol at   all. My   American
friends  used  to  laugh  at  this judg -
ment a- delightfully    simple  in      its
optimism,  but it    was a natural impression to one who took most of his
meals in hotels, where, one rarely, if
ever,  saw  any  alcohol  on  tbe  table.
I remember when, following the English method, I ordered a pint of some
light  wine,  that my friends so often
begged  to  he  excused  from    joining
me.   Public opinion,  especially in  the
smaller    and    more western     towns,
would  have   been  then  severe      upon
anybody  who  was seen  taking liquor
at his meals.     In    Kngland at    that
epoch  you  would  have been  surprised
if  you saw anyone  at  an  hotel    who
did not have a whisky soda or a pint
of wine or a pint of beer at his side.
I have seen a  great change  in  this
respect  in  England, an.l  especially  lithe   house   of   commons.   Today    the
number of  men  in  all  classes  of society    who never    couch  alcohol     is
enormous,  and is growing-      One    ol
the  lirst to set the example was the
Duke   of   Westminster—one of   those
gigantic landlords  whose  wealth      is
enormous.     He  was grandfather    of
the present duke, and Wus rather au
ascetic  in all  his tastes.      ln    thc-se
days  I  am  speaking  of—the  eighties
and   the  seventies—it   was   not      uncommon to lind members of the house
of commons all  the better lor liquor
after dinner.   Disraeli  was fond of a
good glass of    wine    until he  became
too old and too delicate to touch any
thing  but  weak  brandy    and    water,
llut  their  are   records  in  his  curlier
dayB of bis uow aud then winding up
a debute  with  a good  skinful of  wine
inside ol him. There is still living a
prominent   man   whose  thick    speech
was recorded iu  the  papers one morn
ing after he had  delivered  au  impas-
sioued address.     Urisraeli delivered a
■pcech  of some hours'  length   at   a
great meeting    in       Lancashire — of
length,    indeed,    so    portentous thut
some  ol the  papers  did  not record  it
in  its entirety  till the next duy.      ft
was a brilliant speech in passages; uot
ably in   the   passage  iu  which  he  described  Gladstone aud his ministry ea'
like extinct  volcanoes.  I  have oftin
beurd  that he  was supplied  on    tbis
occasion  with  un  unlimited  quantity
of  white brandy—he was really     too'
exhausted to have got through such a
portentous  speech  without some  such
assistance.      Bir-mnrk,    in    the same
way,    consumed    several  bottles     of;
Moeelle during     some of his historic
In  those far off days      there     were!
plenty  of member! who came    to tbe i
house   of   commons     nearly      always
more  or less  under  thc  influence    of j
dunk.      It     caiise.l some amusement, I
but It did not shock people,     as   It '
would now. CHadstooe belonged to tbo
end of   Ins days   to tilt good   ..1,1   gen-:
•ration   that   loved  good   wine,      uud
th.Might it  «    necessary  accompani -'
menl   lo  any   decent   meal.   Regularly !
be    took     hie    couple of   glassoB of I
champagne,  un<j regularly,    too,    be I
ventured oil th* cvrn robuster port—
a heavy wine thut inly men of strong
constitution and perfect digestion Can
stand, and now rather out of fashion
But then G'.alstone, unlike, Disraeli,
who was always delicate, had a
splendid i bysique, the digestion of an
ostrich, and stern self-control. But
he never couosal. <1 his love of wine—
an.l especially of port. He used to
say that if be had a hard job to gel,
through, and if were H bottle of
wine in the room, he would be tempt
ei to drink every drop ol it; he
found  port such a stimulant to    the
' activity of his brain. He never yielded  to the  temptation,  being  in     his
i use of food and wine as sternly temperate and regardful of health as in
all his other actions. Indeed, there
was never „ man in English public
life was such an example of that
arete—to use the Greek word and in
the Greek sense—which was such a
regulation ol all the appetites of the
body as always to preserve its beauty  and its health.
in reoent  years the man who drinks
too  much  has almost entirely     dis -
appeared   from the house' of commons.
Plenty of men still'have their champagne every  night at dinner, and  now
nnl  then pay the  penalty  in  a  sharp'
attack of gout.  But gout, which was
the outward and visible sign of over-
consumption of port, is not the prom
in. nt fact in  public life  which it  used i
to lie in  the  old  days  when the dis-1
appearance  of a  prominent man    for ,
veils from      the    house of commons
Irom  gout  was  a  periodic  and  uni -
versally  expected  occurrence.      Many
of  thc  lea-ding  men   in  the      present
ministry, for example, arc teetotalers
Ki ueimaii,   minister  for education,   is
a  lite teetotaler.        John Burns    has
never  bud a drink  or  a smoke  iu his
whole  life.   Lloyd  George drinks     a
glass or two of  wine when  bc  Is.   on !
vacation, or when he goes out to dinner,  but usually,  and when he is well
he never     touches wine.     It is     the
solace  of  hours  of    excessive  fatigue
which     comes    from   his   frightfully
llinl  work.
The most ascetic party iu ibe house
of commons are (he labor men. This
us ;1 not to be the Case ill th- old
days. Many a mail released from the
drudgery—and also the health—of activity of manual labor, and transferred to the sedentary and irregular
li'.* of the oflice of the trades iin-
ii n official, used to let himself go,
an I many a fine fellow was ruined in
tb s way. But today the Labor men
can be seen in a row at table with
glrsses of  water  beside them.      Keir
Kleet 'street scarcely a room in which
is as big as tbc state room of a good
.Atlantic liner, lt is called Glooms'
aud now has existed, 1 believe, for
nearly a century. It supplies nothing
whatever except, tea and colfee, and
those buttered buns which Knglish -
men love so well. A cup of colfee and
a buttered bun is the lunch every
day in this tiny shop of some of the
most prominent and wealthy members of the bar. I have often seen
Asqulth there taking this simple
lun.'h in the olden days when he was
a young barrister. How changed ure
these ascetic times from the days
not more than soventy years ago,
when the greatest judges of the English bench used to take lunch together at a wineshop in Parliament
street—still in existence—and never
rise, until they had each drank a full
bottle of port! T.P.  O'Connor.
,   i
Old Fallacy That Drunkenness CuuniM
Be Ouri.i Kxplodcti.
Many men drink wbo drelre to sto|
thu Whisky, however, has un
dermlned tbt- constitution arnl create.
a craving that Is nol to bc denied
and the mun must have whisky <>i
something that will remove lhe erav-
Ing an.l build up lbe system and restore  the  nerves.
Samaria Prescription stops the craving, Steadies lbe nerves, builds up iln
general health and makes drink nettl-
tilly distasteful and nauscuua. it lb
laatcless and odorleoa, and can bc given with or without the patient's
knowledge, In tea, coffee or food, ll
Is used regularly by Physicians and
Hospitals. It has cured thousands In
Canada, and restored happiness to
iiundreds  of  homes.
Read   what   Airs.   G. ,   of   Hull.
any. ot ll and what it did for her:
"It Is four months to-day sine* I
mnrtM to use your Remedy I follow,
ed tha directions, and had Itae beat of
■ *■*.'ills. One week after I started us
ing your Remedy tbe pallenl stopped
drinking, and has not drunk a glass
i.f liquor since. I hope you will ■ceepl
my heartfelt thanks. Hoping Clod will
bless your Remedy whenever tried, i
remain, a
Mrs.   G ,   Hull,   Que.
(Name   withheld   by   request.)
Now, If there is anyone In your
town who needs this Remedy, \.\\
them of It. phllaQtbcnpy
can take no better form \{ ypu have
a husband, father, brother or friend
who "drinks, help them help them.-
selves.     'Write   to-day.
tpari*. with Booklet giving full particulars, directions, testimonials,
price, etc, wtll be s<*nt In a plain sealed package to anyone mentioning this
paper. Correspondence sacredly confidential.    Th* trial package alone has
confidential. Write to-day. The Samaria Remedy Co., Dcpt, 4*8-49, Col-
borne St., Toronto, Canada. Also
for Sale by 0. R- Macdonald, Druggist, Revelstoke, B.  C.
Bardie is teetotaler; Ramsay Mac-
lb nald, the present La'ior leader, is a
teetotaler; Thom.-n- Burt, the first
1 a'-or member of thc house of commons, and still the most universally
r.spectea, is a teetotaler; and so one
mi„ht go  through  the list.
At evening parties, where you see
some of the wealthiest and most prominent men at table, you will often
lii .1 a long row of glasses of water
wh -re in olden times every man
would do his bottle of champagne,
fol'owed by two or three glasses of
port. Even at lunch time, in the mid
die of the day, men used to have their
pint of wine or whisky and soda.
Nowadays, most of them take Apol-
lin lis water. This is particularly
trus of barristers. Barristers have
indeed, to be very oareful as so much
.1 ip< upon th?m, and therefore
take every precaution to keep their
lunds cool during the day. And their
h il its have become extraordinary
There     ie   a little coffee shop     in
Notice is hereby given tbat, on the
first day of December ncx., application will he made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail iu the hotel known
as the Glacier House, situai at Glacier, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 28th day ot September,
l'JH. 30ds.
Canadian   Pacific   Railway   Company,
Half a Block East of McKenzie
194 Gordon .St., Stan.kton, N.Y.
"Will   you
kindly inform
in e     if
Gin Pills
are sold
in   New  York
City ?   I learned
about  them  last
summer.     My
daughter went to
Kingston,   Ont.,
ami spent the summer there. She got
■ome of your Gin Pills and sent them
to ine and I tried them and found them
lo be the best medicine that I ever used
for Kidney and Bladder Trouble. Oh !
Ilie}' did rie so much good and I am BO
much belter. I hope you can fix it so
I can get Gin Pills in New York".
Sold even-where in Canada at 50c. a
Ik>x, 6 for ji.50. Bsmpll free if you
write National Drug and Clietulcnl Co.
of Canada, Limited, Dept.   W  Toronto.
If you nerd a gentle laxative or Sw»ne-
thing to stir up the liver, take
La/y Liver Pills, 1J0. a box. 106
('hristniuB is Coming—Make glad
lhc hearts of your friends with a
nice photo of yourself, taken tii
Tourncr and Thorpe, at the late R.
H. Truemau'B Studio. Wu are doing
thc latest style*. 2t,
I'or Terms and Particulars apply
D.    R.   McKENZIE
Wood for Sale
First class wootl, any desired length and in any quantity can be had by leaving
an order at S. McMahon's
blacksmith shop.
Phone No. 87
We carry a complete siock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
■Snlarueil  and Improved.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern conrenieDcel
Large Sample Kooms.
Rat-.0 $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Rhode Island Red Chickens
P. G. Buff Leghorn
Parred Plymouth Rocks.
Pekin Ducks
Endden Geese
Young aiid old stock at reasonable prices.
Write or Phone to
Nw Grove Poultry Farm
MKS.  R. A* 1 ITI'i;.
Revelstoke, 15- C. Phone 212
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke I
ARRO i Hii Alt, B. 0.
Special Attention inven to commercial
men end touriFin. First-clans sample
rooms. Kinent eceiiary in British Colnm-
hia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
M Villa Lots
Close to Revelstoke
from 2 to / teres Each
Very Suitable for Market
Gardening.   This proper-
is   cleared.      For  Prices
and Terms apply to
Real Estate and Insuranoe
Cornar McKenzie Ave. and 2nd St.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexlume   Electric
Hesidence ("or. 8rd Si  ni <1 Ki Iwnn h ,e
Shop in Alley back of E. J. Kourne's
Store, First Street
W. Parry
Starting Sat. Oct. Hth and every
Saturday and Montlay
Watches, Jewelry, eto.
Ladies' Tailoring
Fit  Guaranteed
Hand-Painted Cups, Saucers
Fine Japan China Tea Sets
Opposite Central  Hotel
It will pay you to
make a call at*.,
F.   B.   WELLS,
Pur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying >onr outfit of working clothe*
for tbe bush. I make a
specially of Logvlng
Shoes, l'aiits, Soi. Shirts
Blankets and everything
required in yonr business.
Fruit Lands
(iulena Hay lands in parcel? of
10 or 20 aoreH or en bloc. Corree-
pondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent
Box 616 Arrowhead
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P. D. Box 31 Revelstoke
Lessons in Painting and Drawing
Oils and Water Colors
Miss Wrigley, liol.ler of South Kensington (England) An Master's Certih-
bale, Group 1. First**! lass
ior Mill Lite Tainting; Ornament I'nini-
ing in monochrome (oils);
llie Antique; Modelling iu Clay lioni ilie
Winner of National Book Prizes for
Interior in -Oils and l-'igure iu UilS,
A class forming for junior pupils on
Saturday alternoou.
l-'or terms apply lo
Cart Mrs. llaggen.
Kevelatoke Lund District.
District of Weat Kootenay.
Take notice Jumea A. Shields,
of Kevelstoke, British Columbia, occupation, I'acker, intends to apply
for permission to purcnuge the follow
ing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe South West Corner of Lot 2775.
Group 1, West Kootenuy District, B.
<'., and marked "James A. Shields'
South East Corner Tost," thence
west about twenty chains more or
leas to the south-east corner of Lot
2712, Group 1, thence north tu cbuins
tbence east 20 chains more or less to
the north-west corner of Lot 2772,
theme south 40 chains to point of
commencement, and containing 80
acres mora or less.
Dated August 29th, 1»11.
Andre*  Kitson,  Agent.
Packed In
60 * a pound
Io commemoration   of  the coronation   nf
KiaffGeontf VV Rttfrmy?* put on tlie
rri.t'kel  a ci" Utlofl tin o( a   BOM pfl ttlf1 ■■■in**
udnxquWu dttlifn. t*''linern'**!lent (vrtrutl
of King (ieoruc V, f>u*rrn Marv nnd ttlC 1*1 llll ■:
of Wjlet. 5«iK*<.i«l pace'< lia\ e bw n rt< i'riwd
rep-wnttnif Canada. India, A/m-. AuMiaiui
i i I Vvrf.UiiJ.
«*n1y a '      itr-1 nwmher have h«n impottcil.
I'ncriiic. fur on< p ■■•■■ i Hi •■.
Al   i:«-l fh»f>a.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSDhonol -*•«•'-'•'■■:■«•.«'» "'nt In llu body
! r '" Ilt pr •[»•;   t-snl.nn ; rrit**.ft
rim »od vltil.tT. Prcautura drray ■nl all --lexutl
wcakatis irvrted nl •" . Ffc-Mph-s-ael will
sisks you ■ nr-" in-tn. Price tf a box. or two ir.%
M. tf.ii.-l.-wnT.-Hf.... ThefMWll Draft
Cm„ St. CMhsrtn ... Oat. ^
Sold st Macdonald's Drug Btort.
I SATURDAY,  MOV,   28th,  mi.
SATURDAY,   NOV.   2.-|th,   1011.
Revelstoke Laud District*
District  oi   West  Kooteuay.
Take that I Edward Hussell
\.pond, ..' Nakusp, B. C, occupation
contractor, .mends to apply lor per-
n.saion to purchase the [ollowing described  lands;
Commencing at a post planted tu
cha.cs su-il oi N. li. Corner, ol T.L.
41274, theuce south 5*0 cbains, tbence
east about 20 chains, to Arrow Lake
thence north along Lake about SO
cbains, tbence west about 2 cbains to
point of commencement, containing
about  100 acres,  more or less.
DateJ September 12, lull.
8ept. 23—Not. 22.
u.   C,
Revelatoke  Land   District.
Bistrict oi west Kootenay
Take uotice that I,
tt.lliatn ViponJ, of Nakusp,
occupation foreman, Intends to apply lor permission to puichas« tbe
[ollowing  described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted L20
cbains soutb of N. K. Corner of T.L.
41271, tnencc soutn 80 chains, .benoe
east ahout 30 chains to Arrow Lake
tbence n**r.h along Lake about 80
cbains, thence west about 20 chains
to point ui commencement, containing about  200 acres  more or less.
Dated September 13,  1911.
8ep.23-No.22        E.R.  Vipond, Agent.
In the County Court ol West Koote
nay, holJen at Revelstoke, in the
Matter of the "Plans Cancellation
Act," won.
In the Matter ol John Audrew Mara
to cancel Plan  B-iHA tiled in the Laud
Registry  Ollice at the  City  of  Nelson, B.C.
To AU Whom it Muy Concern,
Notioe is hereby given tbat the
petition of Johu Andrew Mara dated
tbo 2»th day of October, 1911, for an
order cancelling and annuling and
amending all that portion ot map or
plan 649A, Block A, Revelstoke, dc-
•uribed  as follows:
Cutnmeucing at a i>oint opposite to
tlie West side oi Kootenay street and
the South side ol Douglas -itreet, and
running ulong houth side 00 feet
u! Douglas Btreet 492.-.12 feet to a
poet B-outh of tbe centre of Block 40
Plan 619, tbence In a Boutherly direction 123.48 leet to a post on tbe
bunk of tbe Columbia River, thence
in a westerly course D21 feet, thence
Northerly Illi feet to the South Eust
erly boundary of Canadian Pacitic
Hallway Company parcel 5, thence
Easterly t>7 feet to tbe Easu-rly end
of Canadian I'acilic Railway Company parcel 5, thence in a Northerly
direction along the east end of Canadian Pacitic Railway Company parcel 5, 40.37 feet, tbence Northerly 20
leet to the point of commencement
on Douglas street, will lie heard before Hi» Honor Judge Foriu at the
Court House in thi. City of Revel
stoke, British Columbia, on Thursday the 7th day of December, A.D.,
Mil, at the bour of lo:3U o'clock in
the fore-noon or bo soon thereafter
as the application can be beard.
Hated at Revelstoke, B.C., this lfltli
No.ember,  A.D.,  1911.
Solicitor for John Andrew Mara
Broadview  (Fractional) L.   H. un
Indiana Mineral Ciuims, situate iu
tbe Trout Lune Mining Division ol
West Kootenay  District.
Where located:—On  Great Northern
pake   Notre ibat i, o. b. n.
Wilkie, acting as agent lur the Ohio
Mines Development Co., Limited,
Free     Miner's      Ccititicatc   Numnber
B230.ii,   intend,  sixty      days      from i 	
date bereof, to apply to the Mining J \n tbe Mutter of the Estate of Louis
Recorder   for  a      Ceitihcate  of    lm- Soderman, deceased,
provements, tor the purpose of ob- .-.'otiee is hereby given that all
taining a Crown Grant ol the abeve cr ,i,tors and otheiB having claims
claims. | against    thc    Estate of    Louis Sod-
And further take notice that action j,., ulttni  jale 0|     Arrowhead,    15.    U,
under section 87,  must be commenced | ceased,  who died at Arrowhead,  B.
the issuance ol such Certilicate ; .   . on ur ubuut t^ 9lb day of July,
il,   are   requested   to send   to   tbe
of Improvements.
Dated    tbis    17th  day of     August
0. li.  N. WILKIE,
Trout Lake. B
undersigned,      Solicitors  for    August
i ...erson und Herman Carlson,     Executors     of tho last Will of said de-
c used,      within    t>J    da>e from dirte,
inii  particulars  of  their claims, duly
verilied, and thut after that date the
.-.j.d Executors    will proceed to    distil jute the said estate amongst those
that   I,  William R.' c"l»tleJ   thereto,   regard   being      had
occulta -   <-"!y  t0  tho<i*  claims  which  the  said
Bhall    have then  received
Revelstoke  Land  District
Distri t   ul  West  Kooteuay.
Take     u.-tice
Re.-d.   o!  Arrowhead,   B,   0
merchant,  intends to  apply for   B'OSUtora
permission  to purchase  ibe following  ni.ace
de6*-r.r.e".   ia'
Commencing at a post planted    «t
Angus    McKay's South West Coiuei
Po-t.  Lot 501   and running-uorth lo
chains    '- •*-..*•    • bi   10 chalas, theuce
. •   .t. iins      thence east    4u
dnt  .■; comnrtneement,
containing  1C0 acres,  mure or less.
-     1 igust   -drd.   1911.
imbed November 15th.  l'.Ul.
Harvey,  MeCarter and  Pinkham,
licitors  for   August   Peterson    un.l
Herman    Carls*.,u.    Executors  o!
tbe Last Will  of Pec-eased.    dOd.
Notice   is  hereby   given  that  undei
: and pursuant to the powers of    sale
c  i.taiued  in a certain  Mortguire   viat
i I  JJnd  March,   1902,  made  by   Chat
-'.■-.Mr Land Distr.ct.
District ul West Kootenay.
rake Botics that 1, Charles SUdlel   ;'; Turnross ta Lucj Law  and by hei
I!   C,  occupation Loger, assigned to Patrick Burns by Inden
.»   to  apply ior  permission    to  ture dated 20th  Mar-:. tbere is
..-. the following descr.bed lands one-fed tot sale by  teudei   Lot Ut: in
Commencing «t a post plauted    at   Group  Une,   Kooten.iv   District,  save
:Le North  Eabt Coruer of T.L. 412i4,'-'Hi  except  10 acres  thereof  compnl
thence south 4o chains,     theuce east  <■•' -n Certificate of T.tle No. U06SA,
. chains to Arrow Lake, tueuce   ll,c  'unds  odered  for sale
along Arrow Lake to poiut of   com-  ai^-iit    150    acres    aud being
mencement,  containing  4u acres more   a -■'' Trout Lake City in tbe District
„t> *.:   West  Kootenay.
Dated -September 28th, l»U. Tenders     addressed
CHARLES  3TADLKR, signed  Solicitors for the  Mortgage.
E. R. Vipond, Ageut   Patrick  Burns,  will be received  up to
 . and including the 25th day .if Novem-
i.  1911.
Terms ,.[  sale  cash.
I'.ited     this drd day ■*; November,
Ul, at Revelstoke, B.C.
Harvey,   McC-arter  anil   Pinkham
Solicitors  for   Patrick   Burn*,
NOW i.
hevelstoke  Land   District
District ..•' West Kootenay.
Take   Dl ' CS  li/   1    B    R    Rlj
,.;     Rev ilstoke, B   <
'• T   !   tO   appl)   fol    !'•
to pun      •  ■      '*u
* ommocini   .• s .
tbe   Sooth VVeet   Cornel  of  Lot  :
nnd  marked  B.   H.   Reyi oldl
. .' Poet, thence eust 10
> to ths South We»t Cornet o.'
T. L. 6143, then<e soutk ubout. IU0
f%ti to the North East Ooroei oi
,.,, 7043, Ihence along Hoe of Lot * (
TMJ  tort,      vliaius.      west  40  chains , , _   ^   ^^        ^  ^
south and  20 chains  *est  to    line of ^
Lot     -U2,   thmcc along line of lot1
llll   10 clra.'s  north     and 20 chains
north    and 2U chaius
Oti-M   ll    hereby   giv.-u   that  under
, '■. i mIi contained in a
.    a.n Mortgage made bj     Alfonso
Ids The Canadian  Hirkbeck
lu sstmeot      md Savings  Company.
North     West     CornT,  thence north
about  WO !<et to tSm pla.e of   com-
m.ncement,      cmtalnln? HO      ncres.
more or less.
Duted September 28th, Llll.
(uMPAVIKS     A'T,   I'l"
Notice il Hen.'.*' «*»*» Uat "' ,h'
lipiratteo of ^r month from the
,,. ,     publication hutol. Uw   rttv'|'
'••: MaddalOSl,    ln lot
l-'i. r (4), m Illock Numbered Twenty
"1*t""to the ""' l2''''' "r",r,li'' to a plan of subdivision ot part- nt Sections 27 and
.1, m Township 2il, Range 2, West, of
Ine Hin'h di-prjeited ln the Registry otii~ at Nelfon, B.
t . and numliered i;2(,A, on which pro
j.;i ty is erect*wi a two storey frame
•-tee und dwelling rnmli.neil. Tendern
Will be received by tbi undersigned
Up to utiil including the D-'th day o(
December, 1911, for the purebaae ol
the rigM. t.tle and Interest of the
■aid Alfonso Miidd.'il'.ni In an4 to
lands and    premise! above   de
it.-. ■  ,*aa\ Ilill'll     .III". |.|.*lllin.r     ,»i,...*o        ut
stoke  AjrteuKnml    tociely    ",nlW;:.|. ribed.   ft*   terms  and  further  par
intrn.l  to apply  I" "" R«Ki",rHr        UieuUM  application  may   be  made to
Joint Stork Companies t„ rbangettie . ^ nndwili0!,(1i
name of th.-     Ompany to
Dntfh  the 181* da]   of
•Western j
Turf Aeeoefation, Limited."
li»tH tbil  I'-fli "In? Of    Novemtier,      ".
flMflO), llnrvey.  McOerUr snd PioiUinm.
«    n.  BOBBBTSON,       SollcltOTf tor tbe Canadian  Ptrk>i«k
Eccretiirv of laid Company*   In' eminent  « Barings Comj-any*
Second Annual Exhibition of lhe Revelstoke
Ponllry and Pet Stock Association.
Drill Hall, Revelstoke, January 2. 3. and 4, 1912
Entries  close Thursday,  December  2&th,  1911.
Looal ExhibitB must be delivered at Drill Hall uot
later than 'J p.m. Monday, January 1st, 1912; Exhibits .rom
outuide points muet be delivered as above not later than
8 a.m. of Tuesday, January 2nd.
ArrangemeritB have been made to take delivery of and
care for outside exhibits from the time tbey uni1.e at llev-
elsloke Depot and to return same to Expre.-s Company
at close of show. All entries bpo to be made on forms supplied for tbe purpose and should be iorwarucd to tue
decratary, Mr. It. M. Smythe, to as to reach bim not later
than  December  2Sth,  1911.
A I'llll report of the show will appear in tbc Urst available number of the .Successful  Poultrymun.
\ competent attendant will l.e on duty to care for and
feed stocK while in tbo custodv of tbe Ennlbltlon Committee
but lhe Society will not hold itseli responsible for any
damages whilst in transit or whilst in imbibition Building.
The Poultry Building is equipped with cixips for the ac
c-ouuuodatiun of exhibits.
No Exhibitor shall interfere with or enter into discussion or be ullowtvl within the harriers with tha judges
whilst ibjy are engaged in their work. Any infringement o,'
this rule will disqualify Bich E*.hiDitoi" and cause foriciture
oi uny premiums which may he awarded. Judges' decision
in ad cases Bhall ire. huul.
All birds must be entered singly as Cock, Hen, Cockerel
Pullet, Pen. biids cntvred singly may compete in breeding
pens, pens to cousist of thrc-e lemules and a male, it aU-
■diuoiiai f-ee is paid. This Exhibition will be judged by
score curd.
The latest Revised American Standard ol Perfection will
govern the Judges in all recognised  varieties.
Judging will cotniueuce Tuesday, January 2nd, at 8p.m.
All birds not in place at that time will be debarred trom
com petit iou, unless delayed in railway transit, prod oi
which must be given to the Superintendent ol tb..
All exhibits must be the bona fide property ot the Exhibitor at tbe time oi exhiuiting.
All protests must be handed to the Secretary in writing,
and must be accompanied by a deposit of $3.00. If, aiter
lhe matter baa been thoroughly investigated by tbe Executive Committee, the protest shull prove to be without good
foundation the deposit shall be forfeited.
Membership tickets entitle holder to free admission to
■building and may  he secured Irom the  Committee.
Ml birds must be provided with leg bands showing their
number. No other distinguishing mark such as riblons
will be allowed. All birds not marked will have leg bnnds
placed on ihem by the Association. These will be charged
to the Exhibitor and must be paid for before the specimens
ure  removed.
The following trophies are the property oi" the Hevelstoke
Poultry and Pet Slock Association, until won as luUicaicd.
Ail si-ecimens entered for competition will be considered as
onipeang lor both the regular and special premiums without additional entry tee. ftpeciul wilt ue awarded on
tue lollowing  basis:
1st Prize, o  points; 2nd, 2 points;  8pd, 2 points.
No. 1—Cup donated by Calgary brewing and Malting -Lo.,
tor largest and utst display in whole show. To ue
won tnree tuines before uecoming the property oi tae
Exhibitor,  Won .n lull  by !■'■  c.  wadueli of Eudcruy.
2--Cup donated by I iou. Thomas Taylor lor best male
i..i.i .a show, i o be won thi-ce times. Won in 1911
i.v F, c. Waddell.
i' ip donated  bj  11   F
-*ho** .    i o   .**   Vt. n t.i: •-•
Iou       ■: Enderby.
MeKinnon for best female In
t.meB.    uiu   in    r.'i 1   li.      i .
S i - up donated .'•) M x. McRae, '.■■;■ best Cock, Hen,
i *r.... and l'uuet in llaue.l noes t las.-., io ie «u.i
turee times, won in  un .y n.E. Wauey ol hmderoy.
No.  5—Cup donated  b)  Hardware tompuiiy     ior
i-ffr,,   ii.-r:.   t jc-ica.  and  iUiii-t,   l^.sh..tii   c ias^,
anj •■■te variety.   ... ue won tnree times.   «on in ivxi
D)   r     '       ■■ *   I..!.:•■[ ..>.
.red   by  Tayioi   Inetrumenl   l ompanj      for
. --   . .-* .   * ice.        ... *.       ■■ [Utpped  wuu
*..* ...
S      '       .,    lottated   I*;,   iie-.e.cinr.a   Poultry   and   Pet   stoi»
A- . .r   u-eHl   l.u...    u D     I ■-t.-i\..   ulij   i,
-   an)   va; etj      .       • •    1.00:3
'•■*..., • •■     1    ...*r.    aird    Pet      MloCk
*,- vest     hail    anal    remaie,  urpu.^tou
.        I     •    :.     Ell   -     nil.:*.
.   H ■    -Ayaodot
.  i.-..i pui. •!.    '10 ne won toi
.1.1 p.nii t    1. .1
- •    •:. ~* :.meb.
K    Lii. lm - ••   Ma"-  a.* 1
1 1  1 .j. *.  In sbov     1 *.    ■   -*
-.* F.G   Bews foi moi
■ 1, tlir-.*
• rlll>et« I*.
. ■ .[. iti    by Mis   n   vi
• ■ mei
vi- nated by A.  I
lite Leg 1 ■       •>•
. .<! uriw  1
1 . " A. 1..» o*
Hspla .    -    ■ 1. o n-.i   *
No.   I..   . !•     Sped       . 'ine   1 .-^kerel   and   tnr<w   I
it.   1    Red t Donated by  .1    a    Morgan
Hspla) .*' ii   1   1- ■ eonrt
11 .nm  nol  to . ■ ■mi- te
BAHllKD KOI i. ■
*    i*. ind M immlngs  r .,   ■     1   •
:;   Best Cockore   . ■ ■ than     et ear vers
1 -   Pen    Howson .<■  ' *
p.i   Cock an 1 n-i*    »    a   Fo t< wheal
■n   Cockerel and   Pollel     \    prodalonf,   1 -m. r   .1.1.
Pen    inn tn   t * Co., prlxe,    alui |6.i
111'KK   IC 11 T*
1 lock and H< 11.   11 A. if'   '•<   '   ... kn . ,11 ro
JI—Cockerel awl Pullel   T.Kilpatrick, npec,.*ii pn?e
value K.00.
2*  ivn.   Reveletoke Woe n spirit Oo, pri/o value 16,
11    * 11 WYANOOTTBS  ■
•/■   •    ok   111 ■■!   Hen*    McKInn'*   and   :   llberloBd,   f\   15.00.
..   Cockerel awl I'ullel    *'. Walker, boi Union!   |sri
21   P mi.   J. Ouj l''*ir; tt, j' i ■ ■ I .Od.
28—Cock and  Hon.   It. Gordon,  prize,  value J5.00.
29—Cockerel  and  Pullet.   \V.  Bews,  prize  vulue $.i.0f!.
80—Pen.   A.   J.   McDonell,  pri'/.e,   value  J3.UU.
31—Cock and  Hen.   H.M.  Smythe,  pri/e,  valu: T'-CO.
22—Cockerel   and  Pullet.   H.   MCAlnno.i, price, value  *".
2S-—Pen.   Cutler   $   Stokes,   box   cigars,   value   *3.'j0.
84—-Cock and  Hen.   E.F. Tucker, six photos.
US—Cockerel and  Pullet.   McKae Mercantile Co.,  Watch
3(i—Pen.   Vancouver Province,  year's subscription.
It. 1. BEDS, 3. C.;—
3i—Cock and Hen.   Mail-Herald,  prize,  value $5.00.
3-S—Cockerel and Pullet. CB.  Hume ti. Co.  prize,  value
■   J5.00.
39—Pen.    J.J.  Devine,  pair  trousers to 0 der.
■IO—Cock and Hen. Hcid & Young, prize, value $3.00.
11—Cockerel und Pullet.. H, Manning, prize, value &>.
42—Pen,   0. K.  Macdonald, prize, value $5.Uv.
12—Cock aud Hen,   A.G. Woodland, 1 sack wheat.
44—Cockerel  and   Pullet.   Dr.   E. 11. S.   McLean,   prize,
value (5.00.
45- Pen.   Wilsuu bros.,  prize,   value  Jo.00.
4tr—cocx uiiU  lieu,   bourue bros.,   prize,  value  (5.1:0.
■li—Cocserel anu I'uilet.   cb. .vic-cai te,, pin.8  value»5.   McLennan,  prize,  vulue J6.U0,
to—coca uuu  neu.   P. Levxs.jue,  prize, value J5.0O.
01)—i_-ocaeici  and   I'Uiltt.    baugutoil   <£  Tapi.iiig,     prizv,
value *»5.uu.
51—Pen.   r. M.  Uibson, prize, (5.0<K
liltOWN   LEGHORNS,  S.  8.:—
ji—Coca and  neu.   u,  Corning,  prize,  value  (5.00.
rn— Cockerel anu 1'uuet.   u. uuiiicauo, uox macaroni.
b4—Pen.   Abrahamson bios., prize,  value (u.Oo.
eii—Cock anvl  rien.   E.G.  Froiney,  prize,  (2.00 cash.
5-ti—Cocnerel ana pullet.  K. AlcDonald,  prize, »2.00 cash
di— Pen. If. b. wells, prize, value (2.00.
BLACK MINORCAS,  S.  Clue— Clock and neu.   caley BroB.,  prize, value (5.00.
oj—cociterei  ami  l'uuet.   hi,   uurndgc  two  uietui  icod
0«—Pen.   n. E. R. Smythe, prize, value -$5.00.
BLACK  M1NOHCAS,  H.  0.1—
01—Cock  and  neu.   A.   Sume,   prize,   value  (5.00.
1,2—Cocsoiei uud 1 uuet. Liuwrence naruwaie lo., prize
value (0.00.
td—Pen.   u.  iiueucito,  1 sack shorts.
tii—Lock and  Men.   A. Hobson,  1 suck  Hour.
bo--Cockerel and Pullet.   E.  McLean,  1 brc* shorts.
00—Pen.   Dr.   Sutherland,  special  prize.
lii—Cock and Hen.   A.B.  McCleneghan, special prize *>5.
UD—Cockerel uuu  Mr.  Duck,  rca-uing lamp.
69—Pen.   Air.  bingli-am,  special  prize.
iO—Cock and Hen.   W. Bachelor, prize, (5.00.
71—   Cockerel   and      puilrt.   bent  &   Humphries,    feed
72—Pen.   J.   Mclntyre,  sack  of   wheat.
73—Best Pair.   G. Vi. Bell, one Suck of Shorts.
74—Largest   anJ     liest    Display    In  the  whole  show.
Mayor Hamilton, (10.00 cash  prize.
7o--Best Dozen of White Eggs,   A.H.  Sing, box cigars.
76—Best  Dozen of Brown  Eggs,   Hevelstoke  .Meat  Market, 50 lbs. green bone.
Entry   Fee;—Single Birds,  2oc.   Pen,  (1.00.
PREMIUMS—Under 5 entrieB, 1st prize (1.00, 2nd 50c, 3rd
25c. Five entries or over, 1st, (1..10; 2nd, (l.utl; 3rd, 50c.
Ten entries or over, 1st, (2.50; 2nd, *2.00; 3rd, (l.liO.
Breeding Pens—1st.  prize,  (3.00;  2nd,  (2.U0; 3rd,  (1.00.
Plymouth  Rocks—Barred,  White ami Bull.
Wyandottes—Silver,  White.  Bun,   Black,    GobLn,  Part1
r.dee,  Columbian.
Javas—bluck,  A.  li.  V.
it.  1.  Beds—single und  Hose Comb.
uruumu—Light and Dark.
Cochins—bun and A. O.  V.
l^ungBhans—White and bluck.
3—MeJ i tt-rrunean ;—
Leghorns—bull, White and Brown, tS.C. aud R.G.J
Mlnorcas—whit*? und Black, iS. C. and It. C.)
Dorains—Colored,  A.  0,   S".
Orpingtons—Bud, White,   nnd  Black.
Ited Cups.
..   Polish:—
while Crested, Black, A. 0,  v.
1 i.illi'.  and  Silver  Spangled,  Golden    and    Silver    Penciled,  Bluck.
7    Ki. :.. i
HoUdane- La Flecbe and Favereles.
■   Exhibition Games:—
Any  variety.
No PeO   Prizes   Awarded.
I  Turkeyi    Anj   variety! Male, Female.
10   Duck*.    Any  variety,  Male,  Female.
..    ',--. ie     Any   .ai'iely,   Male,  Female.
Knliy Fee 25 Cents.
IJ bnutams. H<• I CoHeCtlOO, Any variety. Not less than
sn iiird.i. Ihi prlee, (l.r.n, 2ml, |1.UQ. Ten liiiMl*-. or ovei .  int. fl to; md, (1.50,
1 geons,   Besl   Collection,   Any  vanity.   Not less thus
h.x  birds.    1st  pn//-, (I.Vi, 2H.I pn-ie, |l,oo,     Ten birds
of over,  1st   pri/.<>, (2.60; 2ml price,  (1.60,
H ' sooliei IW-st. Colle.tii.n. Not le«H thnn four birds. 1st
prise, it 50; 2nd prize, ||,00, Ten birds ur over (..."iO,
.'nd prize,  11.60,
p Burns &, Company donates hum fol laodwlebel for
hungry   poultry  men.
The Sinr llie-itie *eil<.|iils a free Invitatinn to all visit-
ill?  Poultry  men.
The lUvelstnpe Poultry Association wishes to thank th"
mi 1. bants ami OtbtTI, »h<> M liberally contribuied to the
•hove  prize  list. foigcl lhe dale. Jaioury 2nd, 3l\l nnd 4th, 1!'I2,
at the Drill Hull. Admission -Me, for adults; lai'. (ol
ehlldren   und-'r   15  year.",  o' ».e.   Inhibitors  li-yc.
Corporation of the City or
Notioe Re Sewers
Whereus under the "Local Improvement Sewage Assessment by-law No.
100, lUOT" provision was made for
the construction of a system ot sewers in the City of RevelBtoke, the
funds therefore to be provided by
special rate of froutage tax levied
equully upon tbe laud or real property and portions of same in or on
or fronting or abutting upon the
streets und lanes immediately bene-
titeil by the said works.
And whereas the said by-law bus
been acted upon by the conatructiou
iu part of* the works therriu provided
And whereas the Council deems it
inadvisable to complete said works
as originally provided for and contemplated by said By-law and have
determined to amend said By-law and
to cause a readjustment of assessments to be made upon the lands or
real property and portions thereof
immediately benefited by the Baid
works so carried out iu part.
NOTICK is therefore hereby given
that a statement showing tho lands
or real property and portions thereof liable to and proposed to be specially assessed under the said readjustment and the names ot the owners thereof so far us the same can
be ascertained from the last revised
assessment roll and otherwise li now
ou tile in tho Ollice of the City Clerk
and is open for inspection during ollice hours.
A sitting of the Court of Revision
will be held on the 12th dny of December, 1M1, at the hour of S o'clock
in the atternoi n at the City BHnll,
in the City ot Revelstoke, to hear
and determine nny complaints or appeals against the proposed readjusted assessments or accuracy of front-
uge measurements or any other complaint which the persons interested
may desire to make aud which is by
law cognizable by the Court.
All notices of appeal shall be served on the Clerk of the Municipal
Council at leaBt eight days prior to
such Court of Revision.
Dated the 17th day of November,
Wll. t.d.
Oity Clerk.
Kevelstoke  Land  District.
DiBtrict  of West Kootenuy,
Take notico thut I, Hugo Koch, of
Vnncouver, B.C., occupntion, traveler
intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing     at  a    post    planted
about three-quarters ol u mile north
of Lot SliO on Arrow Lakes running
west 40 chains, tbence north 41) chains
thence east 40 ehuins, thence south
In chains ulong tho Luke shore to
point of commencement and containing three hundred and twenty acres,
more or lesB.
Duted November 4th, 1911,
N.lSJ.13 Per W. Ogillvo Ageut
In the Matter of an Application (or
the Issue of u duplicate Certilicate of
Title to Lot Ki, Block 21, being part
of .Section 27 and 34, Township 23,
Range 2, West of the Gth Meridian,
Town ot Revelstoke, Map 03CA.
Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration
ot one month utter tbe first publication hereof a duplicate of the Oer-
lillcate of Title to the above mentioned lot in thc name of Fredericka
Tiede, which Certificate lu duted the
i.'i. day of October, moil, and uum
bered  6164A.
Dated this 13th duy ot November,
IUU, Nelson B.C.
District Registrar.
Itevelstoke Lund District.
IliBtrict of West Kootenay,
Take notice thut 1, John A. Stonu
of itevelstoke, British Columbiu, occupation hotel-keeper, intend to apply (or permission to purchuse ths
fo'lowing  described lands.
Commencing at a post planted ut
the North Wesl Corner of land applied for to lie purchuat*d by W. B.
R"li«rtson and Marked "John A.
Htone's H.W. Corner," tbence north
forty chainB, thence eust forty chains
tbence south forty chains, thence
west lorty chains to the point of
commencement and ron kilning one
hundred und sixty acres more or
Dated 17th October, 1911.
per James A. tihiolds, Ajreuti SATURDAY.   NOV.   2."til,   1911,
SATURDAY,   NOV.   2.'.th,   1911.
is Now On
Do you realize what it means to a City to have thousands of Steadily
employed men supporting" it. It means, as has been demonstrated in other
places, the establishing of Retail Stores, Banks, Offices, Schools, Public
Buildings and Public Utilities. The C P. R. Shops will employ over 2,000
men. The C. N. R. are also putting in Shops, and the G. T. P., which runs by
our property, has secured a Terminal Site nearby. In addition to these,
large manufacturing plants have purchased sites in the locality, which
means that an industrial city of at least 12;000 will soon be established.
We are sole agents for two Blocks in Calgary Junction Division adjoining this great Industrial Centre.^oniy one block
from proposed Street Car Line; every lot high, dry and level,
and every agreement bears a straight guarantee from the
owner that if vou cannot dispose of your lots at an increased
price within 12 months he will gladly refund all money paid
if so desired.
Price While They Lasl
$1£5 A LOT
Terms Easy. Small Payments Down
Balance To Extend Over 18 Months
J. B. Watson Realty Company
E. C. FOLEY, Manager.
McKenzie Avenue Saturday, \i<\. 2.1th  i m
ise ayc^ix.-HiEiiJk.riXD, revelstoke
SATURDAY,  NOV.   25th,   lllll.
1 Ungear   -
THAT is the name, and
below ia the trademark,
you are to look fur next
time  you buy underwear
Your size iu any garment
with that trademark will
fit perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink. Yet you pay
nothing extra for this
extra value : ami you get our
Guarantee of "money hack
if you ran fairly claim it."
Made at Paris in Canada,
by  PEN MANS  Limited. M
Said to be Ahected by Fruit ik
Di1 liaiowin spot
This   * is  'mm ii re
ported  '      - incut ut Agricul
ture troi *    icallj   every     apple
grown i        the province this
ily is I he  Interior aflect
■     . well, while prob
•■ ■,- ,i   ...,-.-.■- are iBporl *i
prom d ml  Iruit    Bee
During l:..   i.i n six weeks, en-
subject have IncreaBi il
 * al ing  a   iiii*. I  develop ■
ment    il  the   lisease jasi   previous  to
•jiii ;*      fii g  shipment.
Uui.: .- ■ .. on  ., Btmil-
.    though  ii"i i"
•    i- this year.     In
some ,:v*     .  ;i  ;
Iruit  picked
and   wi I  ol othei      casi b
wheri   , .*.      * ipments  have  had    t"
be    -* arrival al  destina
devi lopment  iu tran
*--,; i
This    ti * .   under a    con
-■  variety of names.   The [.mum!
mm •: Ij   .-.■.. a  by     fruit
Baldwin    Spot,    Fruit
■   Rot,  Bitter  Root, Brown
Rot,     I    ■ Dry Rot,    and
Fruit   Pit.    In   liermany,   the     corn-
is     .-lii'i" u. or   Btlpplch
wcrdon;  ..n.l     Bitter  I'n  in     Bouth
Africa.   No  scientific  name  has been
given , is    no specific cause    has
; Bcovered.
noticed appear -
il roundish brown spots
just tht skin, mi
:     i  ol  an  inch   deep.
■ ace  th ii •  is      .,
;        1st «
* ' ioU    of
.   .-   SU1TOU11 I
.-  ,*       .: * ■ i    * hai
-.*.*.      poi
an ;     coin
the  -*>' I
\ ■ ■ •    ,     moi    -.* :
.    ' ■ ■.■■:.,..
ntpl ite net
iuter tissues _    ol
■ *        •   ■•        i hi
-    * il   not   bit! 'l       Tlii
* ibilitj   ai ■*   iei y
ind, evin foi
■ li * t* I (ruil    a  i,ui
In tbe tl th    apple     Ief
comes practlcall) entirely brown, aud
I unite worthless.
in it * iu it tag is, tha Fruit I'll
i- hard to distinguish irom the effects uf bail. Another type ullects
11,nly apples particularly, causiug a
inure or le s complete browning ol
tlu tissues surrounding the core, lu
ths case, the apple becomes faluo -
less commercially before Its outward
appearance  is  much  affected.
variations of the above forms, nnd
very similar luiius, arc found in the
..i'iiio,  pear and  prune.
ihi-   disease  lms  been   known    anl
I .* u un hi in ,'estigatioii for thirty
years, principally ,n Uermuny, md
iiui'ing  the  last   ten  years espicn'V
.. the United Stai.-is un I i .mum.
\\. have consulted al .tie i n ..... '
.. i.horitica   in   t'aiin. ii  ..ll'-1   the   ' nit
, .i dtnl i  the .,u i * *    Thi J    a. ■'
* i thai it is not ' .oi'* I I j any
: ii.'uiis. bactorlum or Insect. The
nnisui causing u - absolutelv in
l.duwu, Hpr&ying experiments havr
pioven absolutely ..iu.mI. :. Scien
tits arc now tboro'i^hiy n.:rcoi I. im     it. us a u'_-i ial
II luble in the same class us Vv iKtr
i . re.
The trm* Baldwin SpcJI of Ne-.v V itk
Si ite, the true Bitter Hot ul the
M.ddle West, the true Apple Sent) or
Black sput—are all fungous ili it. s,
ai.d tho liie history of nie .■•,
i ke that ol Typhoid an-l Cu'_ercttl >s-
is. is well known to lnviistlipit'>"s.
'if disease above described is i •»■; c
ii these.
While tho al,solute cause ,. nnkn Wu
i.i re have been discovered cettain
.: luctng  ciiuses.   These  are:—
1. Light yieiJa of sappy, usually
i. rpe fruit.
-.    Heavy   Wood   growth,   fl" n     IWO
;.   i'ui  i.i live lei t in length.
The light yields and heavy growth
.  m due to Hie following causes
I.    A   heavy   crop   the   pri vm.ii-   j   iii
Voung   irees,
11*-,,\ j   winter pi ii
I.   Kxcesa    ol     watei
page an 1 irrigalion.
■■.   Clean  cultivation.
Nitrogen  in  the     soil
' *. i* potush
..   Unhealthy    or     ft intei
; ny one .a  any cotnbiuat
u      '* ,*,!:.! t.. n- mas   be -*. '    mt  to
n.- .u Fruit  I'n.
*    ; ■    are
A     I ■ .1-..11 i
»• i th tlu    . •
I m.-m
I.    Rational   .*■
placed  by Bumrai i      prunl
I i: sly  necessary.
2. The maintenance of tin- proper supply, less irrigation, proper dralQage,
:;. Less clean cultivation. Put th3
ui chard  In sod, if necessary.
I. inciM.i ,* ii** amount of soil uit-
ro;iii by les.-.nn: cultivation, by
putting the orchard in sod, or plant
in j intercrops, ,u..l wh re nei .'.-*■ iry
balance the nitro.-.m supply by adding i'o.i-h and Phosphoric acid.
.Unhealthy trees should he given proper conditions as a^.ove, to regain
vigor. Properly caved tor, th-ey will
pn. line n much higher cia-s of fruit
Badly diseased trees had better he
It Is the application of the above
remedies under local conditions whicli
calls  forth  the skill of tiie grower.
More rational methods ol orchard
cultivation are absolutely essential
to permanent control of this disease.
Its prevalence this yeur has aroused
much needless apprehension in tha
minds ol fruit, growers. The disenso
can he avoided nlmoBt entirely, by
the propel* nietlioils. It ia significant
that good intention*,, rather than
wanton neglect, have brought it on
to a very large degree. The meth -
ods abooe recommended, skillfully up
plied, will result in much greater
yields of fruit per tree and per acre.
Tli * cost of production per box will
he actually lessened considerably nnd
the general quality and color of the
fruit raised In equal degree.
Iu view of the possible injury which
may he caused our province by need-
1m.-s alarm, it is to bc hoped thnt
fruit growers will Investigate the
subject rationally, and, hiving formed their conclusions, work out the remedy best adapted to their own or-
'iiMi-.ts. li is encouraging to note
that the prevalence of Fruit Pit In
in' orchard lias no eflect whatever
on tbc orchards of thc same district.
Contagion and infection nre impossible; on this account, no government or municipal eflorts at control
are possible or need he undertaken.
This does n"t absolve any progressive fruit grower [rom endeavoring
to bring b s nealghbor into line with
proper methods so as to eliminate
this trouble, and with it. Water Core
Winter Injury, to some extent Aphis,
from tin* district.
I hive lieen instructed by the Deputy .Minister of Agriculture to prepare for general publication, a lull -
let in dealing fully with this subject,
which will he issued ill time to he
of service for ihe coming season.
In the meantime, fruit growers who
have seen  stleciiil phases of the sub-
-cct  not   pn- dj   brought    to   our
nol iiv.  are asked to correspond with
us  ,r dingly,   Co-operation  in  the
matter will do much to secure a reas
unable attitude iu the matter and
the adoption of feasible methods ot
cut ml.
Provincial  Agriculturist.
K-. iN-SKS S««i vw::vaWvV>:«:>n\vx\\n$
I    No .anxieiy on
I Baking-day if you use j
CJV1IIV a^-r-»-r»J.
a* Apure^Creamoffcrterm
m Powder §
Insures light, swee
wholesome    foo a
No Alum
Dox No. 15—Corner First stroet
nd  ltokeby  avenue,  post  office.
H"5   No.   16—Corner   Second  street
aud  Government  Road and      upera
It. use.
Dox No. 17—Comer Third Btrtwt
a I Campbell avenue, (llobe ),inner  company.
Dox No.   18—G.l'.II.   station.
Uox No. 24—Corner Fifth street
nd McKen/.ie avenue, Catholic
Dox No. 25—Coruer Sixth s'lect
nd Orton uvenue, W.  A.  Foot*
Dox No. '20—Coruer Fourth stroet
nd Townley street, cornor south
liox No. 28—Oorner Second sti 6 .it
nd Robson avenue, Mrs. Daker.
Dox No. 34—Fire Hall No. 2.
Box  No.   U5—Hospital.
Dox No.  36—School.
Dox No. 44—Fire Hall No. 1.
Dox No. 45—Front street west,
ear C. P. R. bridge.
Dox No. 46—Corner King nnd
louglas streets,  Palnce Meat Market.
Dox No. 47—Corner Second and
Vnles streets,  back of  court house.
Dox No. 48—Corner Third and
lm.i. streets,  Cowan block.
big-nal for practice—not less than
lx (6) Blow strokes.
One (1) indicates line brok-jn cure out.
No. II arrives at li a.m., leaves at
6:20 a.m.
No. 1 arrives at 3:15 p.m., leaves
at 3:35  p.m.
No. 18, Seattle train, arrives at
I:.')3 p.m., leaves at 4:15 p.m.
No. II. Seattle train, arrives at
7:15 a.m.,  leaves 7:35 a.m.
No. 2 arrives at 11:40 a.m., leaves
at 12 o'clock noon.
No. 4 arrives at 12:45 a.m., leaves
at 12:55 a.m.
South train leaves Itevelstoke at
7:35 a.m., arriving back nt 4:15 p.m.,
connecting here with No. 13.
forestry Press Bulletin
■\n interview with an engineer glv
*n n* . western paper to the
effect   th.ii   there  is abundant  timber
ni M*i the  H'i-1-* :*  Bay  raii-
is  nn  illustration   ol  tbe     mis-
- - tins mat
sts in tl mind.
i. land
:. wbioh there  ia  tin Kind, th ■ i    is
ached  t ul   val-
n  un-
\- a mattei   ol fact
Umber al-
;.  B.»y rail-
•  .
; the   De -
ibowa that
• mtxr
"rm of th*
;a ■
.   •  ir,' v
i sate i 'i.e. ii ta tell
fwber*  fire    has
I   tlM  '"i"s»
mere >■
*      **'.-.       \i. !
,!•■  taken
ind I
If  tin-  northern  ("i '*,.n
• i is tn he ,, permanent ioui        ,>i
wealth to thi inti |
lV       ll**''!'   *        ll   '.        i  ll   I I       Ml
ti'in  iboul I     (traded    ainl     'ba'
proper  m"tho Is  ol  m ol
'    * applied      and
public education to ' >1 tbe
■ n  moi     i-aceisarj
In Sweden, whioh be
of n it tii n n tor M'liiv     un
InhaMte i     lm lai  to those In noi I h
i* n i am In    * >       •  il e! tn
:,i *       m.iu'mi   In     i' li   districts  n
by e.iiic.i!,ni' her people to thl
tit iin   [ores!
fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: i strAe*,
ntervnl f, seconds 4 strokes, Doi
4.     No.  ol box will also tit   shown
n Indicator «t. Pire flail.
Flltld BRIOADH no. TWO.
Dol No. 14 Coiner First nt.reet
.nd    McKenzie    svrnue,  0.  B,  Hum*
* Co.
Ladies cf Culture and Refinement Use Salvia Hair
Tonic. It Makes the Han
At last a remedy bas been discovered that wiil positively destroy thia
Tbat Dandrufi is caused by germs
lis accepted by every sensible person.
J Dandrufi la the root of all hair
SALVIA will kill the dandrufi
germs and remove Dandrufi in ten
layi     <-r money   Lack.
C, It. Macdonald guarantees it. It
will grow hair, stop itching scalp,
'.'.lling hair and make the hair Ih.rk
and  alniuitalil    It   prevents  hair   irom
turning gray,    and    adds life     and
.salvia is . hair dressing that has
become the favorite with women of i
taste mid culture, *ho know th,* bo-
eiai vulue ■ I :,.-aut.fui hair, a large
generous bottle coats only 5uc... at
leading dmgg it everywhere, and In
Revelst. , R.   Macdonald
The    word      "SALVIA"  (Latin (or
Lliji    i:   viT,  1910.
en  that,  on the
nrst *,   next,  ap| Ilea-
.    i*.* Superin
il   t     for
■ tl   license to  sell
tne   hotel   known
hotel, iltuati at St
tic .,;      Bi
[late l     i .v  <i.' s , '•■ *
* it BINS   \pp! cant
i ONTH M'l  Ul
| !    I.e '
■ nber, Uli
.1    F.    GRIFFITH
* *    ',,:.,   Ul    w-irlts.
■ ..  , 111  ,  llth   ■
iim   for
li N
1,081 Pin i a
money     ll   the  I    I' 11    d«p   '    Kunlei
Mall Herald
.'- I    i BD   Pali       icond    • .id    Hull
-<!<-.i-li- ,    mUll    Ire   in   gOOtl    H'l'iiil
.1.   II.   Johnson,   Malakwa  ol   Mall
llernl'l mii" 9t
Dr. dc Van's Female F»i:!:>
A ri I *'i' * t'nt ii rtgulaf i  i" >■' i    -    rheifl
plitu nrt »•« ««tlinfl ■ puweil il iu t?u lUUng U.t>
i:rt,pt..ntr p 11t.i.n iif thr Irnjalj nvfrm. Iftfiiifl
,\)\ i ii-",i|> : , || -.' nr. tin ▼■«'• mn mid *t
•r.i bn«, ^r thrw i i im.   MjiIH to toy ittHceix).
J'li« ^' oh-ll   lirm m., Hi, * »th«T In*-., Onl.
Local Industry
^AIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery. Our
stock gf  printing papers is large
and well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVienus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cylccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Sttaionery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms    Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash SATURDAY, NOV.  25th,  1311,
SATURDAY,   N'OV.   2oth,   1911.
Ei  JiiaSS
32 Colored P«gci
2000 Illustration* of
5c if purch.ied with * 15c pattern
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
Xo order  too large or too
small for us to handle.
See special window displays.
Dry Goods Department A,
Christmas Gifts are becoming more useful
each year, ought to bring you to ihis Department
Store. Our lines, all big lines; they are also uncovered lines. Any Store can have a big
lot of goods, but our aim is always to
have a select assortment. Come and
bring the children and enjoy an hour
or two looking over Santa's Goodies.
Furs always please the lady for Christmas Gifs.
swell Sets we are showing from
$10 to $100.00
Look  at  the
Neck Fixings
of irresistable attractiveness: all the dainty trifles that go to
make up a well dressed person. The touch of white that softens the dash of color that smartens up the plain costume. The pretty" hand made laces, the
exquisite Lingerie from Paris, the London Bow, all are here.    A multitude from     25c to $2.50
New Goods
New Fancy Linens, New Eiderdown
and Berlin Wools, New Fancy Goods and
Toilet articles, New Furs. New Ribbons,
New Hair Bandeaux and Hair Ornaments,
new Silk Kimonas.
Special Millinery Sale
For one week only we will place on sale
20 or 25 of our Hats at special prices.
Ten of our regular 17.50 to $10 hats, all
new styles.   Sale Price, $4.50.
Ten of them ranging in price from
13.50 to $6.50.   Sale Price-12.00
Children's Hats while they last. Only
25c   Have a look at them.
You can be comfortcblo
and stylish too—
Get nwny from the old idea lhat negligee garmcnli do not need io be stylish
an-d form- filling. You can pet style and.
Tit as well as comfort and teslfulneia in
Garments for Women
Ea.:h garment n cul to pattern  and carefully
made.    1 here i.; a pcrf*e.-.t fit for vou - -
House Furnishing Department
Eiderdown and Lambs
Wool Comforters
These are by far the choicest goods on
the market at the price.
Choice Eiderdown Comforters, covered
with best English Sateen, quilted and ventilated, choice bordered effects.
Same cover with pure white carded Lambs
Wool, light and warm.
You will do well to examine these goods.
Now is the time to buy wall paper. You
can brighten up a dingy room for the winter at
very little cost.
All our papers are this season's goods, and relied upon for quality and good taste.
Linoleum and Floor Oilcloths
All the new patterns in Inlaid and printed
Linoleums and Oilcloths, all widths from :5 feet
to 12 feet wide.   Best Scotch manufacture.
Prices from 40c to $1.65 per sq. yd.
Curtain Poles and Fixtures
Window Blinds and Fixtures
We have just taken in stock a lot of the
famous *chuman AxminsterSquares. Oriental
and conventional designs. Also small rugs.
These are exceptional values and very pleasing
How about draperies for your archway and
windows. We have a choice line of heavy mercerized Madras, Brocketelle Silk, Silk Tapestry,
all suitable for archways and over draperies.
Tapestry Portieres in reds, greens and
mixed effects.
Heavy Reversible Velour in red, green and
old gold, as well as all wool basket weave
wrepps, suitable for stencilling. Colors Red,
Greenand Brown.
A choice selection of Health Rugs
Axminsters, 27x51 ainl 30x60, in mixed and
Oriental effects.
English Oag Dag Rugs—a fine range of these
splendid goods suitable for the best  rooms
Mohair Plush Bugs in reds'and greenB, sizes,
13x27 and 27x54.
Choice Byrmna Hugs in plain colors and floral
and Oriental design, reversable, and will
ifive splendid service. Sizes, l8x:so, 30x60
arnl :'.C>\"2.
Men's Furnishing Department
What boy does not want a new Suit for
Xmas ? If you are going to buy a suit
for your boy, let us interest you in our
" Lion Brand " Clothing. It is made in
a factory which
turns out nothing
but boy's clothing.
It is made by boys
clothing experts.
Every coat is finished just as a
man's high grade
tailored coat is
finished: collar and
lapels that will not
break, but will
lay flat always.
Shoulders full and
padded. You cannot make them
sag or pull over on
the arms. Knickers in the full style
bloomer shape,
very heavy double
stitched seams,
buckle knee, belt
The College Suit
" Lion Brand "
These suits come in fancy worsteds, very
strong and hard woven: rich dark tweeds
heavy and strong.
Prices, $5.00 to $15.00
Odd Knickers, either in  straight or  full
bloomer styles.       50c. to $1.75 per pair.
We are receiving daily lines of Xmas goods
from every manufacturing centre of the Dominion. Numerous and varied are the lines
which we handle, especially for the holiday
season. Among the special lines which we
offer this season are Pipes, Smokers' Sets,
Cigar Holders, Pouches and Cigar Cases, Military Brushes, Collar Boxes. Purses. Bill Folders, Fancy Arm Bands and Suspender sets.
Very special, ebony backed, medium size, long
bristles, leather case Price—$3.50
A special for early shoppers. Good heavy weight
feather, silk cord draw, smooth  leathers only;
colors black, tan brown.    Price each $1 00
Best quality meerschaum, amber mouthpiece,
either curved or straight stems.     .   . $4.50 to *7.50
With meerschaum bowls, solid amber mouthpiece.    Prices, $4.50 to $S. 50
Many different shapes, curved, straight stems.
Prices, each   *1.50 to $9.60
Solid leather, finest workmanship        75c. to ?3.50
Containing two, three or four pipes. The pipes
in these sets are all highsst grade French
Briar with sterling silver mountings and pure
amber mouthpieces. Price per set from
  $0.50 to $25.00
Separate boxes., pure silk and lisle webs.
 Prices per pair, 35c. to $1.25
Containing Suspenders, armlets and garters-
Fancy and plain weaves. Prices per set—
  $1.00 to $350
Groceries, China and Brass Goods
We are now .stocked with our new Xma.s
Raisins, and are ready to fill your orders for
vour Xmas cakes and puddings.
A large shipment of' the finest cleaned
Currants on the market in bulk and in i-lb
packages, full weight.
Some  of the   finest   stock   wc have ever
shown.     In pouitC packages and in bulk.
Lemon, Orange and Citron Peel, fresh
slock, carefully selected and neatly packed, always sold  in bulk and mixed as you wanl it.
The Home of the Little People
is now being lixed up willi some ol lhe daintiest and pretties) packages of Xmas Chocolates
in the city. Nuts, Candies and Crackers
adorn our shelves. Come before ihey all go.
Wc will put anything you desire away until
vou want it sent home.
See our table ol neu Bras'- Goods. Some
of the laiesi designs and patterns, 'lea Kettles in three si/es. Trays, JarUineres, Teapots,
Fern Pois, Baskets, Candle Sinks and Vase--.
Remember we carry China and Crockery
Our stock of Royal Crown Derby, Moorcroli
China, Royal Doulton, Japanese sets, Cups
and Saucers, Cut Class and Glassware.
See our large assortment of
Water and Wine Sets. You
will need one for Christmas.
Tea and Dinner Sets
Do you stop to think that the Xmas season will
soon lie here. Have you thought of thc friends
you will be giving gifts to. Just come in and look
at the large and elegant assortment of fancy china
and crockery.
TEA SETS—A dainty and high class bargain
in four different patterns of 40 pieces at
$6.00 Each
DINNER SETS Some of the best we have
ever shown—97-piece Dinner Sets in blue and green
patterns at
$10.00 Per Set SAYi:hday, MOV. 23th, 1311.
SATUTtllAY,  NOV.   25tb,   UU.
Women's Department
c,A  Special  Sale
Of Girls' Winter  Coals
Of Ladies'  Winter Coals
Oi Ladies'   Top Skirts
Oi Ladies Fall Costumes
Of Ladies' Furs
Oi Ladies' Sweaters
Of Mis es and  Children's
N'avy   Blue  Serge Dress s
'Men's Ladies' and Children's
\ I
Jill, renl \ arietie:
it ihe lowesi pi ices
Men's   Tweed Overcoats
Sale Price $13.50
Men's Tweed Soils
Sale  Price $12.00
Men's Odd  Pants al per pair
$2.00 and up
Men's Heavy Working Boo's,
every pair warranted,
Sale Price $3.50
Men's Prank Slater-Strider Pine Hoots
are the  besl.
Uev. C. A. Procunler, rector. Sun'
day, next before Advent, services will
lie as follows;.—!! a.m.. Holy Oommuo
ion; 11 a.m., Matins; 7:30 p.m., Bv -
eusong. Sermons by the Roctor. Sun
day sohool at 2:.!ii p.m.
New arrivals in NEW HATS
Procunier in St. Peter's church.
Revelstoke, B. C, November ISth.
I •! I, Arthur Gerald Talbot, of
Shuswap, B.C.,  tu  Ktbei  Margaret
Hcmslev.     ol
Mr.   11 pgg    :   I'ancouvei.   waa u vis
elstoke  ou Thursday.
..>■ r':**:.\ '■ \   - Vancouvei    and    Cou-t
: .1..      iltar Guild ol the Ro
uuu  ' burch  intend  holding
* , a-ai  ■ y."■  *n !•• cember,
Mi..-.        Bowman,  ol  'U.   Bowurd
Lumbei   i '-■■.  is al    present  in     tb.*
tj   **i     usiness.
LUci hall i million dollars ol Ce
peeai real estate Bold, See S-(j. Roi
bine  and  get  in  the Bwiin.
Messrs   Hodgea and UnuuunJ •*. tbe
uion s.i^m.iis uni Lumber, Ltd
-  city,
•i       i   ■    ...-  prepared  by     Mr.
t\    ii    .... ..*•■-   architect,  lot  -an en
. .    un to the hospital.
Mr. J    i     Mi Ken! e bus bi engine  Ior  the  past   (e«
..,.- I   llness.
.  .    es Hi   ;*.:.i   ' iuild will |"*st
pone  • * - lla    meeting  until  the
Mj 8.   I     ■.,. :'..:.... ., .     S.if i*...      is
sick bed
tl    i-i piece
■ • ■,'.,:-■ mai   gilts, bome
....        ■ -.    uie    al
,i   '1 .'*s*la>.   SoV.  asth.
I. .-.    li    Robertson  ban
Irom McKenzie uvenue tu
-. ■ ■■   in \i tbi-   Cummlngs
• bouse.
Mi -.   i   !■:   Km *.i-.i
* .   .  -ti,.;■ i  card paii>  on 'I'lu.i- lay
m ,-   Sturdy     and
id     the
•kt 1 • *. ' ..     *
nm, t ...
t tbi Mm    i   P it
n        i.  .   •
■ •   •
'oi        «I     Howson
• u        an,,ii ai
"■   * np •:
■  'J*.
'Jul) 'n*
n tbe   Mlaoa
u'       1: '     ,    Mai Ion-
li ik  store.
We have just received our winter stock of this
celebrated brand. Let us quote you a price by thc
case.    Every e,eg guaranteed.
None better; nut any as good. It'you
take your winter requirements we vvill
give you a price that will satisfy*
look  At This
We have ninety cords of good, clean, dry cedar in 11 and
16 inch lengths. We also bave cedar, fir and hemlock
mixed.    Get your orders in early for  immediate  delivery.
Mrs. Frederick ■*.;. Hews     will     i-e-
ve on     Wednesday    the ~.'th inst,
,i..l thereafter on tbe last Wednesdaj
; eaeh month, at hei  home on  Sixth
The Westrainstei Guild ol St John's
lurch win not hold its regular meet
ii-  n.'xt   Wednesday,  on  account    ol
m,,iii-Mii   in  he given  undei     tbe
uisptces ol  tin* GuiH bj  the Ml Hand
* ncei i  i 'ompany, in the  G li on the
.;.  that  evening.
Mi.   in,I  Mrs.   Smith   Uri|ub<trl   en
i  rtained   at   progressive   live hn..
ilcdnesdu}     evening, al  thei
. * *:.  i-'*   rl      treel    Mrs. R     H.
i rqubart   carried   oil th*   la-di ia
,    and  Mi    Harr)   i 'ai pi n' '   «< n
.*.*nt!emi n'a pi   *
The v\'in.
.1'ilin'.- Presbyterian church
'.i ild theii rogulai montblj m
n  tin- church  un Tuesday  aftei
,lt    l In .*.-   u'cll 'li       \:      * -. '
■in   ■■   '* * i   men
i I   ;*,'-li* !     i,    til'-* ,i
Mr. „u.l    Ui-..  \i
I ilighter.  ..;   Morriebut.-    I ml
n the city lor a tew  dayB
..! In    m.I Mrs.   Mel.  *
were  retui n ag   r *■.
nded  w.*-. Mr
l.hson .   inn I)   t.ik.-n   up
•  west,  anil  is   part,e.i,ai I]   ■:■
■».th Mi     vi.-it  to rn -  province
.*..!   Ml.-.   GttXOG   Ml   '
i Si lor I
ii om pan
,v  Msci racket
'*•! \. i   .   J        *. i      •
11 ,)f.        reiiiln:
■     • .*. ..
i ttraal
■ ti,       I
s?atH   :: cents.
Xmas Stationery
\l   l'i ll ' I. '•!    I'I.-h ps
i hit i melts
I;...,. i
$5c or 3 for $1.00
.; SOO U5c 75C
Children's Books
i;* .. ■:   i,... o   (.'In
Si .nt books, tj no each
iiriiiiin - end Man- iitilerson ■
l-.oiv Tales •1.00.  -tt.60
r  1 large collection nf Books
for old   and   yoiinf;.
Fountain Pens
• ini lUjck r* • "mii" *i I ol Sl
i ami' '.   i!    • 11   ill
CuiiUiiit ttt I Mon i
Military Brushes
VI  ll  *   *        i,.,,r iu   '*>•"•-.   (min
Prl0"« »J BO to I.OO
I'.ir i -■ in 11 ui i l*i n h"**  t '"I.
 1    Mill"!
"i   a.    liver ii.lines
T5b eaeh to »* 00 e"oh
Don'l  target  a tirst class program
Is i n ai  the  Edleon tondght.
A memorial servloe to the late Rev
T. W. Hnll will be held in the Met*-
* lisl  clmroh  lomoi row   n-.irht.
Mi. Jack McCarthy, ol Seattle     la
n  the citj   visiting  friends an.l    old
Tli ■   uexl     -'i.i-     I    I
■   nill  be held here on  Deo ml •■
, • .     *
; -..*..-**     iuj   :;m  v   work
attend tbe
', • ..   Guild      I'.-ar  early    in
Mr.  (ii - rush
•tie  MrKiti-
,   •  .1   * "ii..
ns only »
- •-
.*■     -*      !-.      *    '
rt tbe I   ""'
tt tl
H    M.irr,.
*     *■
.   nerved
i     i
■ hnn
' ■ * . in*..*-
'. ■       Hi»ir
n,  I' K I
tb-   n ■•HKiie
*■ i  i. ■
,.t     ii relopmenl      by     I'ani
D m        ,s   n   i*
.,' Development     •*-.- Mm   M, lh
M' *-lnp
ll    the
[I nn       re
trrs-tit,. lil.,
even hi
in     i'.i.*.   ml   tntlei   I
I   I,    i,- *       \.e ■ :■    *:.
bach * *     n iuiim'   i*
i *   in I  there on tb lei  *■'
I ii       Pai rj     n     whoee band
I    „    u. I l in nl    lUt U'I" I'l,.-
pri *M. * i-i on tna clini ■'• ot
breaking Into a ''.I'll   I'm  In     the
.inii nnd aLeniiii/ therefrom :, quail
di*.   ol  nn rebun'V'ie     ..hum  |,,.,t mim
mei Chiel i'mn haa lieen on the look
Olll   f"l    Hn-     m in      hi I   li.i     I'i'l    ''in
iiai'e.i mei  to Winnipeg.  Bnakaitoon
| llilil    i  lll'l     |i,,|||l*        ,,|,,|    ,,!     ]„.;!     |
bten ."I* * • i * ' lilt capture sl r
Rev, R. J. Mclntyre, pastor. Services on Sunday ai 11 a.m. aud 7:il0
p.m. In the evening n memorial service to the late Rev. T. W. Hnll will
bo held. Mr. Hull waa the Inst pas
tor of this church, and his friends
with to pay some tribute to his
memory. A meeting for the reception ot members will be held at the
close of the service. Wednesday evening at S o'clock the Kpworth Lca-
tznc will hold a meeting undei- the
t'itizenifUip Department, when "The
Franchise" will be studied. The Hoys
Brigade will meet in the drill ball nt
7:;iii p.m. Wednesday. Thursday evening, Junior choir practice; Friday evening, Senior choir practice, In connection with the Suii'day school,
which meets at 2:30 p.m. Sunday afternoons, there are boys and tcirls
classes to which the young people arc
invited. A cordial welcome awaits
bhe public at all  the services of the
"Revelation in Fire"a*nd "Mow is a
Man Justifled," will lie Rev. K. J.
('have's subjects for Sunday, morn-
in; an.l evening, In the lluptist
church.    Ail   welcome'
Rev. J. W. Stevenson, minister, ser
vices on Sunday at. ll a.m. and 7::'.ll
p.m. Sunday school and Bible class
at 2:80 p.m. There will he a twenty-
in nute organ reelt-aI preceding the
evening service, Including " Grand
("horns," Cuilinant, and selections
fiiiiii Hardens "Crea*tton." During
the offertory Mrs. Vi. S. Cameron
will sing "Beyond the Hates." Strangers aud visitors are cordially iuvit-
c.l  to all  these service*.
To Aspiring Musicians
(Concluded from last Issue.)
"The secret ol mastery ol nerves is
inly to be acquired by long and con-
Btantpractice in public playing. An-
ain, the yotinx pianist must find out
ami lake Into account the* varying
.acoustical properties of Ine places
played in. It is a vastly diflerent,
thing pluyiiiR a piece in one's own
small room to performing this same
piece in a. great hull. Details hnve to
he exaggerated, Unlit and shade Intensified, outlines thrown into bolder
relief  t.o lill  the larger space.
"I do not, lielieve more than four
hours actual hard practice a day can
be spent to advantage and certainly
never more than two hours on an
end at one time with a portion of
this  iciven   to  purely   technical  work;
Roval Templars Organize
I in Thursday last, a meeting waa
held in lbs Methodist parlor, and a
council of the Royal Templars of
Temperance was organized, and the
following  olbcers elected:
Belect  Councilor—W. E. Mansou.
Vice Councilor—Mrs, F. w. Laing.6
Past Councilor -J. C. Robson.
Chaplin—Rev.  It*  J.  Mclntyre.
Sec.-Treas.—A.   D.  Tourner.
Cnat-.l-E.  Cameron.
Sentinel—J.   J.   Ijapwortb.
Herald—('.   Vi.  Painting,
Trustees—Mrs. K. M. day. Rev. R*
.1   Mclntyre, Mr. E. Cameron.
'i'ii* next meeting is called for
Thmsday, N'ov. .'Hull at -' o'clock p.
in when lurther members will be :n
tinted and inybody desiring to join
will be heart ily welcomed.
Editor  Mail Herald -
Sir. * 7' Vi of the su.I.le,, di al b
of   Hevf T    H    Hall at his  home      in
.i   in ck   Indei 'I   One
- kindly fa*■•■ .ui l feel
.'   hit   Iiui**'.     lt  was
it yes! ...  ..uli  *i-      The
Meih* Ild fl n Ise thing
hia appointment    to
ning   .it .1  I line        when
i l anxious,     he
witl,  a common
.ihiih   were admit
rlii-c .  .   to,   In-
a' l to  i ■•
* -a leavoi He
W'*l k      .11   I
i,    of
■ '     . ,,*
■  ii.ii -
Hi*  i i    np
in. ■
.-  •
* ■
ap|« led thi
i*' ■ '
'  '
. .  *
ii. .
"'ni'i'm^i       Vi'i    He.
i.ui' I     H
*        .  *    repre
ii- . bul
'    *n ""'   ''i'l-
nf     tin       n.n. *i ini '•.: Ini i"-n'
l'i i.Iism Ai|..rii'"V M( i andlMMI lipp*
,ih d !■■ I.. ,'i! v ni Hn' ti ml of ' l'i 'i
iniHint   BltUWPl"   iireii'ieil   ,,(     i,.ii*iiiir
llllll     fl-llttK I'   III-     MN!    ''ll  lllllli'l Inin,   I'm*
I'li-llv   i'miii;-  Nbool   H'Mi'licr
li In expected   tb«l   the  can       nill
reach the i"i\   by nn n
"Il'l i <|H'i*Iim1      Hist*   ilolwl nnl*
nnd pl" '. uf ii ii nre i*i nil b'lll of n
li|i"liil'l'    '     nit
tin minutes of scales, ten minutes to
nrpeggi and linger exercises, of Heu-
ni.ii and C/.eruy, which are super excellent fm- producing au even and
rapid  articulation.
"Myself, I greatly advocate <ke.ep -
In ; the lingers pressing closely to the
kpys of the piano and thus acquire u
warmer and more elastic quality and
modify the naturally more or less
wooden tone, whieh pianists as a
rule,  have to contend  against,
"Without a perfectly supple wrist,
there can be no power or elasticity.
no proper play for the fingers. and
the performer will generally fail at
(he critical moment, in dillicult and
rapid piiBBages.
"The piano has, I think, an elevating influence on most people undream
el Of, and in many cases unexpectedly, f have found this to he so
in my travels, and even hard busi -
n-ss men, pioneers, backwoodsmen,
roiiKh miners, farmers from the lonely prairies, sailors, stokers from the
ship's hold; in short, people of all
races and conditions, are apt to
come uuder tbe spell of the piano."
Soldiers of Forture, Veterans
oF Hot d Forces Flock to
Chinese Rebel Army
Sergt.-Major Jack Train, soldier ol
I ii-tune   and   ievii.ul.ionist, hnd a busy
day  yesterday.   He is recruiting     a
foroe which be proposes   to     take to
ihina to go Into the field with     the
rebels,   and   yesterday   be  signed     154
volunteers,  nearly  all ex-service men.
'I hose  who signed on included 20 former members of Strathcona'fl   Horse,
; ex members i f the R.N.W.M.P.,   5
retired   British   officers, and a number
I formei  members ol the U.S. cavalry  who saw  Bervlce  In  the  Philip
Many   of   the   Britishers      who
I   for    ei vice  in  China  were      iu
Sum: I ■ * !      time    Vt ■ :       *'I    lh
■ -■.iirn- *■■ campaigns.
■■    i *i* i   Ti umi     n't    "Victoria
' h in*.*.e  are  guaranteeing  145,000 in I
in    ntal    ■  has    been sent      to
\ anii*.        when .  ii li expected, the
•  put   ill  a   bunk
11 .ni"in i   :lM I   thin   wm   Will
art    .1     ini'     We   trill   : tii I   iih soon
months' pay lor i dirre    ni
put  up. and  ii Hns     is
■ i       '   'm may sail  hy the
timi   '   in nlu   Mum   which      leaven
i ii daj    He «iii     i" '.cur'*
.   > In    Cb n.i,  anil  il
...  lunil somewhere neai
ii. I   in,mh the   I'.i   miles   to
• i v: t, adqnartei   neu  Hanko*
:       ii   .■ *t    .hv   nullum!   of   men.   Yen
I   .....    ..I   lill-,   ll ti *'.*  and  lei
|l   in       .uiiuiYMi   ,i  kinn      the
'im    "f service, nnri I have Igmd I'll
.    to  inte.    1  cun  only      lake
l.o   can rid'   mul   handle a   jfiin
!   preferably ex eavalrynm
1 li ii ii Imn.In il   infanti y.
mu liter I shIIiiis.   Imt      nm
•     . i      mi-ii   wbo can   i nl'  'I'l	
■ to pe      ' lootoi'
i.i Mb,,*.!* tbey Bro    In
" before *c leave
lajoi    Truln satd I "i ve I
" .  ' ■     I . Hi     •"llll      III.*, | |
i pmpany ol the    Ml Idletei
'i "iiiniinrv, „nd wm formerly In Lord
' ompton'i  llm hc nnd the  Kith  Urn
ll'voi want sonietlu'ng comfortable in winter,
stylish in appearance and reasonable in price, you
will find all these in our Furs. We have a nice
assortment of Neck Pieces and Muffs in Mink Marmot. Grey Squirrel, Black Oppossum, Japanese
Mink, Coney, etc., and you will find our prices are
very reasonable.
Comfortable Coats
Everyone is delighted with our Fall Coats. They
are the most stylish and up to the minute in make
and materials of any that are shown. They are
going fast, and you .should make your selection while
there is a good range to select from. We have a
nice range in misses' and small women's sizes.
McLennan & Co.
t'MIKR AUSPICES dl' 1'IKli nUIC.AIII*;  Ml !
Refreshments Served at Midnight
Prizes give'i  for the Best l.iuh's.  Gentleman's ami  Oomlc Costumes
for Particulars Apply to S. Needham Cheif or Thos. Steed sec.
Wait for no man or woman. Don't get
McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke
Edison Theatre
Mitchell & I5ymc.ll. Props.
riilrbly   Itopg ciiudlii,   I'OfM   tnH«*   hrnli
Hi* « nml lun jf.       •   •   •       <C3 ctali
Something for Nothing
Some time earlier in tbe season the
Westminster Cuilil ol St. John's
church, trom the Midland
Lyceum Bureau tho Midland Concert.
Company lor a date thin winter. Thia
company consisted ol three well
known artists, Mils Sara Huth Hates
being especially well knowii in niiiny
ot tli,- western towns. Miss Kay Mac-
Oracken, the Blnger, and Miss Anna
l.iinn,', violtnlwt, are exceptionally
lin.' in their respective lines, having
received the best ol training and j
being alile to give thc most classical
-elections. At the same time a professional accompanist who would enable Miss l.ncng to play her biggest
numbers und enable Miss MacCrack.'ii
in sing ber biggest songs seemed imperative,and the Midland bureau In
their search for some one to add to
the compuDy wero very fortunate in
securing Miss Itutb B. (Jencva, who
..>! i nly is an exjtert accompanist,
bin who has a very beautiful soprano
voice of wide range and beautiful
Dur readers will not recognize ut.
Hist glance what this extra cost :
nn .iim; It means mil only extra anl-,
ai\V but traveling expenses for an
extra   person  and   it  menus that    lb'
local committee and the  patrons ol
Ihs  Course pay no  more.     Therefore, !
we  thougbl   it   would     be of interest'
to announce tbat the Midland Oon
oeri Company    win   consist of fouri
people, the fourth person being in ad-
dltilon   in  whal   bas  already ad-1
i'ii*.     I,   un.l      lhe addition of    Miss
Qenevs  to Hns     compnny    makes it
[■       Ml   lor  tlu'in  to  put ou  quartet
numbers and arrange other cnmhtiia-
tltni heretofore impossible.
Miss Geneva is a graduate of vocal
and  piano under  the biggest Chicago
teuobcrs,  while  the     whole company
i.  *   coaohed their program nt great'
expense  under   Silas   Day.   This  com-1
puny in Its present    condition    will,
uiiik   with  anything  on ihe  rond nnd , ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
l .-.In.  miss   il   will   miss  a   rare   win  '"•' wllon  ,l,e crowds ure lighting
treat,   Their   date   here   will   bt     on   lor a sitting at Toiuner and 'I'horp's
w itoesday, November 2Mb, at    tbe studio to get their   photos   In time
'' "  ,l"■",,"       8*U  ""w  '"' »«l0,f,r   Xmas.   Come early  as  tbe     en
at   Mui'di n ild's drug store.
] trance  is small  and  the  stairs  nnr -
Hear  Mikh Kay   McCracke,,.  thew,,,,'1"*'     but   tbe    st,,,1"J  iB  lar*c'  wcl1
dc. lul lopreno nml MIhh  Anna l/iinng .'iKhted and warm.
fli •   i-ieirl,  violinist,   with tbe Midland 	
in., ii Company, Wednesday, Nov. J i^,iieB-The afternoon class un
"oi. General admission M cents, re- Saturday will »till be contlmied if
served NaU Tr. cents, on sale at 0, twenty avBll tbemselvcs of the op-
't.   MaodOQSld'S drug  store.  Children  purtunity.   Kor   terms,  etc.,      phone
1. Ihe Winning of Miss
I Sailor Jack's  Reformation
I Clothes Makes the
4. Effecting a tore
See New Program on
Monday Night
Riot in Revelstoke
RlOT   IN'    RBVBLSTOKB -Tliciv


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