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The Mail Herald Jan 21, 1911

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 'Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results itis
unsurpassed.     Price $(50.
Interior Pubhsmng^Co., Agts
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No.   5
WELSTOKE, B. C, .IaNUAKY 21, 1911
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad ot^ico   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30.000.00
Branches or ARents at all principal points in'Cana-da.
ARenta In Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, Sun Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
p, &ums & Company. <£td.
20 Per Cent Discount Sale
Is Now in Full Swing and Includes
Everything in Stock
Mrs. A. G. Crick, First Street
No Inkling of Agreement-Contents Will Be Announced
Washington, Jan. 19.—Yesterday
thc tarifl negotiators hail another
holiday, bul this time they have
what is to them thc satisfaction of
knowing that nn agreement has been
drawn up between the United States
innl Canada, am! that if it meets
with the approval of the executives
of the two countries today, it will lie
sign-oil cither on Friday or Saturday,
and then submitted to the pnrlia-
nu nis ol the respective countries for
the f.nal ratilieation, if in turn it
proves acceptable to them.
Oi ntrary to tbe announcement
which wns made here at the opcn'ng
of thc negotiations, no joint statement on this ngreement will bc given
out by the State Department nt.
Washington. It has now been decided that the announcement shall be
mnde simultaneously in both countries and probably this announcement will be made some time during
the course of the next week.
Woman SchuOl Trustees in Nelson
The first woman to bc elected to a
municipal position in Nelson, wns
voted in at the elections last week,
wh.ti Dr. Annie Vcrth Jones, took
seiond in the number of votes cast.
Harold Selous wns again elected for
mayor, which makes his third term.
With him five members of his aldermanic slate won. The whole council
for the year are:
Mayor, Harold Selous; aldermen, ,1.
Fred Hume, J. A. Clilber, Geo. Ferguson. T. D. Stark, Thomas Madden
and P.  J. Gallagher.
School trustees :— Wm. Irvine, Ur.
Annie Verth Jones and A. D.Envory,
together with the former two trustees. When it was announced thnt
Dr. Jones had been elected, the
band proceeded to thc lady's residence and rendered a serenade, accompanied by cheers from the crowd.
In Fernie, A. W. Bleasdell was elected by a majority of 14. The aldermen are Samuel Graham, J. L.
Mclntyre, J. Robertson, S. F. Wallace, W. Rolichand and John Podbic-
Mayor Dr. W. E. Gown was elected
mayor of Sandon. The aldermen are
G. H. Wright, James Woods, S. J.
I.nogood, all hy acclamation.
School trustees, H. J. Maedi nald,
by acclamation.
At lhe civic election? at Greenwood, B. (*., Duncan Mcintosh defeated Fred B. Holmes for the mayoralty by a majority of 26 votes.
The aldermen are James McOreath,
J. Sutherland. H. McKee, F. W.
McLaine, F. C. Burkless and H. H.
Arrangements Being Made On An
Extensive Scale
London, Jan. 12.— The executive
committee having in charge the plans
relative to the coronation ol King
George met today and completed tentative arrangements which will, if
anything, be on a more extensive
scale than at the time if Kins Edward VII's coronation.
The route of procession lo Westminster abbey on June '.'2, will be
the same as on the last oension.
The royal progress through the
capital after the ceremony, which
was postponed in Edward's time owing to the King's delicate hinlth,
will take place on Juno 23.
Still another royal proce<u(on to
the Guildhall for the coroii itian entertainment has been arranged for
a subsequent dny.
The coronation festivities will lust
from June 19 to June 30, mi 1 wi'l include a naval review nt Bplthaad, at
which thc king will be present, and
probably n military review and royal reception ln the honor of the
colonial and foreign envoys.
The above is a photo of William
Hull, a commercial traveller who disappeared mysteriously in Uritish Columbia in October last. Any information with reference to his disappearance will bc rewarded in same
being sint to Harvey, MeCarter and
Pinkham,  barristers, Revelstoke, B.C.
Twice in the Same Place
Owing to thc 'fact thai Roy Macdonald was not duly qualified at the
time of his nomination and election
:or n'dcrman, another nomination
will lie called for Tuesday next week
nnd the election (if nny) tho following Friday. It is understood that
since the recent nomination Mr. Mac-
donald hns become duly qualified and
is now elligible for re-nomination.
Mr. Macdonald has also signified his
intention of accepting the nomination
should his name lie handed in, which
it undoubtedly will be.
Grocery Specials
For week beginning January 22nd :
Pearl, Peaches, Apricots and Cherries, preserved in
heavy syrup, per 3 lb. tin       «te
Jelly Powders, any flavor, .'! packets for 25c
Three lb. Sacks of Rice Flour, per sack 2Uc
John Mclntyre Sir Son
Has He Resigned ? 1 ? ?
Mayor Hamilton is authority for
the statement that he has not yet
received th? nsipnation, either verb-
at'y or writt. n, of Superintendent
Duck. Mr. Duck himself says he bas
nut resigned, and the superintendent
ninv  still  lie found (it   the same    old
sun,'1     Nevertheless there are those
in the city who firmly believe that
ibe superintendent did resign, temporarily or otherwise, lu some manner.
Medical Officer Must be Appointed
and Physical Chronology ol
Each Child Filed
Petitions for increases In smuries
and the passing of about •fl.-i.COO
worth of bills, together -j ith a number of small but importn.'it mutters,
occupied the attention ot ilie school
board at the meeting held on Wednesday evening.
H. Cunn ngham Morris was in the
chair and those present were Messrs.
Sturdy, Young, Brndshaw and the
A communication from Mr. Oolpltts
recommended that an ndditional
sum of $50 be placed in the estimates
for mimeograph, chemical and physical supplies. The rfecretnry Was instructed to attend to this, and also
to call for tenders for school station
cry supplies.
Thos. Steed, janitor, asked for an
increase in salary, as also did Miss
Alice Christie, Miss Mary McPhal. n,
nnd Miss Minnie K. Curric. The Biliary of the janitor was raised {S.OO a
month; the petition of Miss Chrisl ie
was laid over; the salary of Miss Mc-
Phalen was left as it is, and that of
Miss Currie was raised ?10.00 per
The attention of thc board was
called by the Provincial Health officer to the conditions of thc new i.et
requiring the medical examination of
all children as to their sight, hearing, throat, teeth, physical debility
or defci-ts liable to prevent th'in
from deriving the full benefit of
their school work. For this purpo ;c
a local medical health ollicer must
be appointed, and Mr. Morris wns
delegati'd a committee to interview
local physicians on  the matter.
The Provincial Board of Health,
along thc same lines, recommended
that several forms, samples of
which they submitted, be llllod oui
hy tcarherB nnd parents of pupils,
and tiled for provincial Inlormatli n,
These forms will follow the pupils
through the whole course of their
school career and, In a mcasuro de
(ermine the ability of tearhers iii
charge and the reasons for pupils
not getting along as well ae It is
thought tbey should.
Mr. Sturdy called the attention ol
the board to a breakage in the coal
shute of the new school hy some
body delivering coal there. The
ehalrmnn remarked that this tnatlci
should be looked into nnd the responsibility placed where it bclon red
with a view to the party or pnrtic-
responslblo lor such damage be ng
made to pay for it. Mr. Bradshnw
was delegated to look into this mnt
The attention ol the hoard was also called by Mr. Sturdy to thn fnct
that thc contractors were practical
September llth and 12th are the
Days—Revelstoke Transferred
to Third Circuit
Thirty-two representatives of agricultural associations in the Province
gathered in Victoria last week to attend the annual convention ot B. C.
Fairs Association, ami ng whom was
Mr.  Chas.  M. Field of Revelstoke.
Mr. Field reports the meeting as
being a very Interesting one at which
ninny Interesting topics were discussed. As regards this city the
most Important point was the transference of this fair from the tilth
circuit to the third, which will ensure for us a much larger nnd better
class of horses for the races. Coming
as it docs on September llth and
12th when all the best horses arc on
the move they will naturally take
in all the fairs possible md Revel -
stoke will come in for its share.
The dates of local fairs for the
year were fixed as follows:
1st Circuit—Alberni, Oct. 4; Nnn-
nimo, Sept. 20 and 81; Islands, Sept.
6; Comoz September 211 and 27; Victoria, Sept. 12 to IG; Shawnigcan,
Sept. 21; Cowiihan, 22 and 23; N. &
S.  Saaoich, Sept. 211 and 30.
2nd Circuit—Cin)iiitlam, Sept. 13;
Ohilliwnck, Sept. 19 and 21; Kent,
Sept. 12 and 13; Maple Ridge, Sept.
IS and 19.
3rd Circuit—Nicola, Sept, 7; Revelstoke, Sept. ' 11 and 12; Kamloops,
Sepi. II and 1.1; Vernon, Sept, 111 and
21; Kelowna, Sept, 26 and 27; Salmon Arm, Sept. 2K ai d 29; Armstrong, Sept. it and '.'2; Summerland
Bept. 17 and IS; I'eachlnnd, Aug. 29'
and 30.
4thCircuit—Vancouver, Aug, 31 to
Sept. 9; North Vancouver, Sept. St.h
and 9; Central Park, Sept. 14 and 1'5;
Delta (Ladner) Sept. 2i and 23; Surrey, Sept. 26; Langley, Sept. 27; New
Westminster, Oct. 3 and 7; Richmond
Sept.  28.
5th Circuit—Cranbrook, Sept. 19
and 20; Nelson, Sept. 86 and 28;
Grand Forks, Sept. 29 and 110; KaBlo
Oct. 2 and 3.
A. E. Craddock, the secretary, In
his annual report, said tbat the sum
of $50,<X>0', which was votr-d by the
legislature last year was expended hy
alloting $3*7,1)111 lo different agricultural organizations and by dividing
the balance 112,960 betv.eon thirty-
one agricultural associations on the
basis of prize money pro\ ided in thc
prize lists towards horses, cattle,
sheep, sw ne, poultry and fruit, taking into consideration at the Bame
time thc membership roll of each association. Thc lotal membership represented by the associati ns participating in the government grant amounted to about 7,000 members, nnd
the prize money alloated amounted
to W2.0OO. The secretary recommend
ed strongly the advisability of standardizing thc prize lists of all agricultural organizations in the province,
so that the small fairs might bc placed upon the same footing aa the
Members from interior cities complained of the apparent dscrimina -
tion on the part of the railroads io
favor of the larger cities in respect
to freight and passenger tariffs to
these fairs, and a motion was passed
which asks that the same considcra -
tion be given interior cities. This
resolution will be submitted to tho
railroads in nn endeavor to get
cheaper rntcs for both freight and
passengers lo nnd from the fairs.
Continued on lust pajfc
Dr. Beattie Nesbitt Wanted
Toronto, Jnn. is.—A warrant is
out for Dr. Beattie Nesbitt, a prominent politician and ex-president of
lho  Fnrmers'  Hank,  un  a  charge    of
falsification   of    returns.   Detectives
traced Nesbitt to his summer island
in Muskoka, where he was living wiih
his wife ami family, but he had driven eighteen miles over frozen lakca
and caught a train nt llnlndn for
Sudbury, whore trnce of Iiim wns lost
Police Circulars are Hooding this
Country ami the United States giving
ii dcsiTiptii ii  iit Nesbitt.
Following close upon tbe news that
Dr. Beattie Nesbitt, thc first prosl -
drnt of the Farmers' Bank, is a fugitive 'from justice, came the announcement tonight that the crown hns tnk
in action against, four of the piovis
ionnl directors on the charge of conspiring in 1906 to obtain $10,000 from
the Farmers' Bunk of Canada.
7 V
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Bourne Bros.
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ts a
No uncertainly about tbe sort of Roast you are
getting if you buy it from up. We sell only
tbe Choicest Meats in the very best condition,
and guarantee to give satisfaction at all times.
Snuesge and looked Meats a Specialty.
Swift's Premier Himp and Bacon. Coast
Sealed OysterF.    Silver Leaf Lard.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Hk.h Class Meat Pcrvkyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
Then a cup of BELL BLEN D TEA
will refresh you, with its bright, spicy flavor,
and fraprance.   Sold in lib. lead packages.
PRICE   35C,   40C,   50C.
P. O   Box 708
Phono NO. 23
Traffic Tied Up
Cranbrook, Jan. 19.—A tremendous
mow slide occurred at tbc loop to-
nighl which Ih lid feet long nnd six
leet deep. Trufllc Is tied up. The mid
night passenger Is held at OrOW'a
Nest ns lbe mow plow from the latter division is now at tbesccui; ol
■he slide.
Verdict in Mine Disaster
Bcllcvue,   Alta.,  Jnn.   14.— The Jury
I in thc case of the coroner's  inquest
; into the cause of death ol tbe thirty-
one men  who came to their death ia
! thfl Ilellevue mine on the 9th of Inst
i December,  arrived  at  a  verdict      at
1 midnight,     after   hearing the expert
evidence  irf  James  Ashworth.      who
was the last witness examined.   The
verdict Is as follows:
"We,  the  Jurors  in  this  case    ftnd
i that thirty men came to their death
by carbon monoxide     poison,     and
that one mnn came io his death    by
carbon  monoxide poison    and  n fractured skull, the    carbon    monotide
being    generated by    tbe    percussion
• caused by a rock slide,    which      oc-
| currcd above 76 and 78 chutoe.     The
fo,lowing riders   were   attached   to
the  verdict:
(1) That morn inspectors be appointed.
(•2) That a dragee apparatus station be established In this district.
(3) That telephones lie established
in underground workings under tbo
supervision of the chief Inspector,
wherever practicable.
i4i That a thorough investigation
be made of mcanB of preventing loss
of life by cave-ins in mines.
(5) We consider that negligence la
In evidence on the part of operators
and miners In tbe carrying out of
the coal mines act. And we would
! mo-t strongly recommend a stricter
adherence to th* Intent Of that
One hundred and fllty deaths a day
is the toll of tbo plague at Harbin. i.i'W     (AN   218T   1511.
Tl LM    IVI ;\ I 1 ,   I , I'll l..\ I , ! )      ;   K\,        , ,;-, ,'OK-'
She flDail-lbevalfc
-, a li      ^^^^^^^^^^
uxvctasruKS. u. c
iiitcno*.' BMibUsmug (lompang,
Legal    notici    lu cents pet  llm
.   line     each
one inch.,*       Store .u.i
■*'  i
inch per i,. nth.     Pretei tod posi
per cent, add i lonal.
Birth .  i ■  *
n approval ol
iVanted      ond
i   :. .. :     ;       Ad :in nts  ;  -
lations    \ n
cant. iVanted    di chauics
.a ,, . .*  i    cents,
■ .
' a   in
to re i     I
*        :..... I   UU    lll.lt
I   I  Ul
:. . ■  ;   nu at      he
not    U ...:..
id   I
I  uN   UA PES
Inclu I uiul,   Unit
Uy tbe yei     l        . . postoQice) *>....
JOB     PRINTING  promptlj  executeu
at i rates.
TEHMS—( * Subscript ions    pay-
Cbe riuaii iberaU)
UN    ii
SATL'RDA t',   *JAN*  21ST
Burt   .i   ty,     H.
C, in I
against the- i      nl auth n
*  . and
Something You Ought to Have at Home
'iti !    •
.   : *V *"
THE PHONOGRAPH   \r       |'
Hew Rotary
Th    uev   roi  ■     i ;*
thn ii lb   1 lie   inounl uin
III! ..'
lm tailed   * ii   ' ic
the |
ISI      'M*    '    .    ,   II   *    "
:,   ir*
mod al   ii    *
it . ii .   ivni ■ i
Tho o      plow:   :
•  *
h 'ii
wii el con
II         *\   TV            li .     ****
i.   Two
ones ni" n*
ii .*,  inn
•■1   , nl
lb. Mi ii *
l '" arrlvi  . '   ;
in :i
fi w daj i,   Th   *
.nl    Impi". imi n
:*. i.   til
lhe old , n is,  iI
, i| on i
Km ^ajnvr.it,vk*i.r.-xt x Aini-iai
sommatm.nu cin *
Jt  ii
yet   this
Citj       aad
'.  be      much
.  *  and deliver I * *'*:'
.. :.      I ,1
.1 :,ll   I ,
... has 11;
'   .
.   • * klcl
b *
ci n
a  petitloi
lo        hell
n    sho  11 by ntenstis
,-oai    ;i ***   :i* ' '   '■■■■"l ■'      pro ■
I * ..11. o.l 1 ion 1 «n 1 h,
*■ ■ ,i *, Jo; en would bo worth
1,0 0.    Ii   Ii   gone 0 Ij   * 011 id r
u ■ lo . thai  tli i value   ol
poultrj e |iiala 1 hal of 1 *    that
.,*  ...   id  havo  there!  to      IS      .*
ns the valui  ol  i* mil 1 y and 01 :s    In
* b     !*i last  yeni.   Po iltry, well li
II r, «ill pay n *"" 1 i'-tinn.
tb, j are I be mo 1 in * Itahli ito :k
,n  1 lie fai in  todaj. .'■ 11    *   I hi ro      Is
j   .11  ih'  business,   The    whol
.   i 1 ice tor oggfi In i '1 ■ Ensl    is  IH
.*. n.   I'lii'iinr- cannol    il s-
*i   th;  chlcki n   hii *  * ss.    Kill 11 •
'■;..,   arc In; h.    li   1ays 10 rear
the   mm I.. 1.   "Gel   some     pure br *.l
[owls     1 om   a  * 1  lay n 1
nrn n.   Go in for more poultry   an 1
.111   poultry,  and  y. 11   will    n :\ >t
t,"    ■'.    .■ i* . .* h ,n 0.      The
years will seo u gronl  boo n
;i the poultry busiii
The world will be ci n ■ lei'al le ol.l-
r  before  tarifl Rcbe lulcs 1 an  In
,Ui i, dci i'.t>* 1 lie *"*"i ts ".' (inam *
.ii 1 dtplomnts,  which  will Bull nil
ies.    Indeed  yi ars  will  roll by
m * 11 'il     *     before all  clussi *■ '*- 11
I I.*,'    n  this  big  question    II is a
I li ti   which  «ill   lm ni   tho   I'n- s
.' nil   proi perity  so i* u.- ns  nal Ion
■\i.-t.   While the I rmers ol tho Wesl
in,I the grain grower   clamor Ioi  iv
Iui 11  ns, a u.i and vegi table gi owei -
II \:n Ious Beet ions "i  lhc     Domiuion
1 as loudly lor a mninti 11 inco
nf th 1 :. ■ nl ditties, 'i b [ai mi 1 *
il tho east at the same time     want
the in* n-iii..- "i  pr ci.' n  ibal   lur-1
1*  ailed, and the    association     ol
table commission mer-
ihanl    and  distributors call for      n
reluct Ion.      With all in erests 1
ng  1 heir cases,  the 1 ovcrnnu 111   will
-." n  be  in  possession ol nil      fact
but  where  to make  thi   1    lallzatlon
is  an ither   in a ler,    tl
daced  before politics a few    o!
" 1 a .i.i leglslal 01      *    fi  mi  ., si hi ,1
ll rules thai   '■
iver,  it  does n I
b iw      lhat    nl   lens'
11 consider thej
un Sunday night, without warning,
ho olectrlc lights nl 1 he city      w< nl
.ill I   ! In*   , ,1 *.     ,'.u I'l: II. ,'d        ill
Inrkne   .   to  use ti   vcnei able oxprcs
slon.—Pernte Free Press,
Those lire lint the expressions used
by R( 11 Istoke merchan s when the
citj wns siuldeiilj plunged in dark
11 *       Toi * mild.
li  is 1 iimored that 1 11 1 he    Stind ij
1   winn .tmi*. 11    1 rei] 111 'I supremo
n     the city churches save for      the
lini   glimmer of  tho  kerosene  tamps,
n ■ of thi  choir n nderod tho not un-
;  ....nnl,' anthem     "Lead    Kindly
their construction   bclni   verj
fhe design  Is  by   Mr.  \       ban       0
\l enl, nsslstnnl   lo  ,'lcc  pi I'siil.'til
111 n i. n
Poll   William  , anal  ol  t nnl ' :
s to secure bighor tarifl d .11 is
!•:.  1).   lln'di,eb  dl .1  su Id n'''
farm   near   Bills I'Miiii.   Man.
NOT!     I       CSS
|„ •'*,* '1  , .,,■(.1 ihn
T   In 1       cil
i'   n ilm    ill   t't'il
nil) olln      1, ,vi      ■*. * an ■ .'. mi"'
i 111 ,1 din   T, J"!        .       I 0    III
.   I like,   11   C , ll' III      '
I S    ,111 ul       ■     1        bunt tl I!   11   I   ■'■'!)
■  \   ■ ■     llllll in   ru|	
i * . ■    ■ii,.;-    1   1 *    ■
1 ,lni'i' ,lu    -.mi.!   Tli ':u*i-    : ■ pn
li   I,.    Vlln 1'  I   I ;:" I   \ ,1  ul    A Jill . I
II .'in    i*:     ■     ,1,1 ili ci ..-' il. will
III 11 I il    V     I I     llll A*    lllll     li II    idll '
1 citiinu   iliil)  mi ili 'I, nml 1 In
1 il * e 1 be    it id   Ailniiii.istrn-
*■    • il   Uu 'an  1       will    1 I'l mi i
. *.: uiu ilu     iiii  *■'.'*   .*iionv. 1
I   'i   ther .'anl   In in 11
1, those elu ma ol nbii'l
Ultiil ii nnil      .al . :   : 11 a. 1
1 hm    tluii ii'i'i'ivid imi ice,
|i ml .1 1, una   1(1 li, lllll      ,11! 1,11.1
ll,ut\ i.y, Mi  'aii'i i:ii & Pink     h
. ioit< 1   ;, 1 M  1 * In ,l,n< ,ln 11 *■
ui il 'I li in 11 ■  1     . 1 * id . Uliniii
i-n i'i .n   :i 1 ii    \.,iui*.i-iinior  ul
1 be 1*. 1  a*   1   mil do 1 i-fl.
Rovelstoko  Laud District.
District ul West Kootenay.
Tuke  notice   Unit  George  A.
Rovolstoko  Land  District,
in ii,. i  of  Weal  Kootenay, 	
i.n.,* Notlcu iimi   1, •! 1 V. Perks I   ip-ato notice that George A.  Stcw-
ol Revelstoko, B, 1 ., occupation, al.t, ol Rev'eUtoUo, B.O., occupation
Steward, intend to upply lor a gentleman, Intends to apply for per-
\u,n.'   i"     in*.i'ii!  lai  coul     mil  nilsBion to purohaBe the following do-
i* ileum uu  tho following described BCrlbed lands.
inn Is, I   Oommonolng at a post   plunted nt
Oommenelng     at    a    post  planted   the south west coiner of lot     71)05,
 a  tin,'.   miloB .'"ulii ui     Airow    marked    G.A.S.    north     wost post,
head, l>* 0., and ou tho south Bide of thence oast 'iu chains, tho .wo tui.h
L'rnnborrj   Crook and  oppoBito      tho 8lx chains to the north east   corner
uf lot 8W7, thence west 2*5 chains to
tho north west corner of lot 840*7,
-hence south J4 chnins, thenco wost
15 chains, thenoe north 40 chainB to
point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 16th, l'JIO.
Did fallacy Tluu Di 111 I   nne - I
lie Cured  1 Aniniiiil.
'I In a v. ill be nn enl in* 11 'v.
irarnni * al tin? Edison tb ial.
1: *iu ■   plclin
!i ih n  ■   II  be Pathc's Weekly
te oi I ii ■ World's news 111 motion pic-
im ■.   Pal lie's  (Inzi't te  is  viewed    by
■   I* 1 eople  w eklj   in  all   parts
, 1  tho world.
to    bc
1 in.   I
y men
hi   Iml  '      \\
I. : min it thu cm
,   ernUni!   thut   li    mu
.ml   tin    I.. 111   nn
'III   lllll u   III.11   i.
11.;   uu 1    I llllll    lip   llii    .
Sum u      Pi       I'lpliuii
1 1 lhu 1
:        ■ :   :'
sleli          oil
th    * t     ■     ii
*    *     .
il Align. I
1   ■
The Jeanne litis icil ' '■*
on  Mi inlay  noxl  al   1 ho
■iti'.   1 ir  tin  *.* in. hi
of plays.  Mondaj
will bo here
Mil..son Th ■
n repel toil
Polly  Prim
will b.' played; Tucsdaj nighl
a lharlcj 's -\iuit," which Is * on id ■
Lo he on * * ; 1 bc mosl 1 iiirrtiiiuiiu
corned iot ever written, and We 1
day nighl "Tin De II," a socii ty
drama with a dialogue of clever wit
and cynicism.
ai-     11  a iim
'iimulti,   anil    n 3I1 1  .1    bap
nu ml reds ol   honu
llend   whn I    Mi
ll) ail   ll    1   wh ll
"11    Is    I lul
1       s  dliectlc1
■■-llll:. Lllll        ' *
ll * III
lire.    J
mj    i     1 '      ilis   llu
Ill*   11,
!*'   III.llll,
Mrs.  tl
< Nam.    within :*!   h.v   1
,v,i.,.   II   tiler,
town   who   Hunts   I
111  111     "I      M.I"
■un tula* no lirl lei
1   lm* Imn I.   rather,
\ ii.,    : .   hi''p   : :*  in   ]
irlves      W'rlti    •*.
A  It!' 1: Till ' I    1  '•
.1 ir|,.   *.*, Ith   II     '     ■
■   ■    ■*.       illi 1
tr., will 1
. .*     ,*.*.*..
ih . nut.     I'h.' trl:
*  u.i.     IVi it'   to      1
IlHI'lll        :..::'■'*      "
• ti  l'luinilirr8,  Jorilnn sti
1 lor sale I
■ t.   Itrvelsti
In llm M     [ ' In* I'.-tn'r
lohl     i, il   ' ■ til
N'oiici by ■    *..
itlif **,:,*-*        II:'
he K    "■    I t\        1 .loin sun    bite ii
Hi V   i   '*  :*'\     11. I I'    '■   11  il,   v :..
1   Itevi'lsf'iki! 01     a.  1 lu* H h iln 1
il Sup imin   .  I'.1!" ni) urn     *
send in tin- urn ■ 1
\Vil!iinu II  Iti in r mu .    'am    *
.III ,   i'* "l'i*:
lill    ...       dui ■ :
iu 11 **' >i 11 . iin y viTiliul,   mnl   ' hal
Iter 1 li.i      no tbi        I A-ini
,vill priwi 1 ii   1 '   "1   '     tm        ■   ■ ii I
I *  * 1      *:
regsril a ;    • ll  .!       y*     " I.
li   «liii'li   1 siil    Ad    1. i -,*""i  '.Iinil
bave 1 ii* " n rei veil    ■ '  '
I',*.I  laiai"   111 h, mn,
11 in 1 1   Mc   \ . i a  : 1
S nii- for \\ nun I!  I
for, Ad mi 11 i tl
ol tin il, .Mi
1 ■ :
:... n   us     ti
1    tele
telegraph     <
he Ag
i plains  that  1.
le Irom Mis
-.   CM.
il   *. - offli
un his
...ii.-     Mr.
tmation tb*
D i     them
•      .;'.,
e be I
'   '
'   '
.    |Ud|
. have
1 '.ny   trar'K
baa r than I
•r . Tbe
Ig i •     Western
• '   . laboi
■   ImOSt-
A   Inn I   .vr h iui   m 11
ut   man ipolii
.lies.    Si"   lii
Itopla.   A country where 1
I     of   a pi
Bts.   A land
ttle nation of  th
* ovei tj  and
.1,11-  land fi
■ ■
■ nil  cl
Baby Belan !. n  Utile child C y ars
old, is u leading membi •  ..; ;
111    lu"       Pni le Tom'i   Cu  in  t'o'.n
pany, for nol  1 ulv
.111  the    ■ :
tint to        * el ne
ol her pai t,
nera (i-ouss
i .,
lidillE 111 Cl'a.       *
I  i'l
lll III  Mat. 1 r. It    ^^^^^^^^^^
1;  1 *  1 t*
Ni tiee s In 11 by
itoi nt hei
I*   . .!:.,-::        ■' ,. ■
«»l,l "!'.'       *     *       iv I
He vi      * •   11 li       11     17 1
■I Di .*■ 11   'ii.    I'.'l"     ire    :  tf 11 ml    1
-"iii!*';   11 ■ • ■  .-■  liri 1 nrs   i
li 1 vnl I.  I'. ■■..'■>!>: *■ Hnwi
*,*> nil::-  nil I       *   *     * :
.1 .    bil    li'l    '    a    laiui   ilaii
inll p n* Iculai «   ol   llieir 1
, and ih it niter   tl  it date   tin
■■ *. I   1 cl in i 1    Inti   -   will   pa c 1.1   1
ill ■■ - 1 * * u' i*    i : *     .-'al    i    ;   '
'lm c in il li ii 1 In mo 1 . nnl 1   1   a hail
inly lull '       bicli   Mi'l
\< 11:1 llll    ll in-    theil    a
ceivi-il mu 1 i*
Dated Janunrj lOtl . 1011.
II '.'    1    , '• 1 ' \i ■■. ii ,v I i-,„ II ' '.I.
S 'i ■:■**•• I      i'i id    1*    B ■
a   ll   ll   In-rl     II.   vol ,    A I
u-'iii.   1 I llir    1.,-'."■    nl   - *
il ci * J!l BO!
mouth "I Bald  Creek;  thenco      north
so     ciiii.ns,   thonco   nu.1. mi chains,
ih in*.* south 81) liiuiau,  thenco   wosi
:.., uiu n.i, in all (140 acres.
a,a id 1 his  1 ub day ol  Dec,  1910.
John \. I'm Its, Locator.
i'ci  J. O, Bradley, Ageut.
Ucvolstolio  Laud  in.-iiui.
Ui. ; 1111  ul  West  Kootenay.
Take Notice that I, 10. M. Allum,
,., u,a,nii,ia, 1.1. o., occupation,
Jowollor, nn en 1 to apply for 11 Ilo-
. a, , • 1* 1 ui 1 [or coal au.I potrol
1 um in 1 nu mil "i .11 ' ^described lands
1  i- ing   ni    u    posi     planted
ni.mii Imllo a "ui lowi 1 wagon bridge
"ii 1 iiiii.., 11,1 Crook iu n South uni 1
an,, direction luuu tlie Baid bridge
nn .mii lio . oul ii side "i tho Creek,
ami ubout three miles South-wostci'
ij ..I Arrowhead, H. C, thenco easl
se 1 ham i, 1 hi uco north 8t) chans,
1: euro   a   1 SU 1 ba 11 -.,     thenco south
' ".. 11,..,   ill   nu   1.1   .1. I*,*...
Hat,*.: this  1 an daj  oi  Dec,  191U.
i-i.  M,  Aiiiiin, Locator,
ii 1 J. O, iii m.i .< j, Agent,
i i'iitTil-'K'.i'i ii   i.l'   IMPHOVEMBN'l
Mil'!'   I'l
■* Held,  Helen,     Cob rudo,      De.
1.■*.., Ban Jiinii, iii-l 1.1 .111.1   Marguor
l.uilrllll   "llllll . ,   Bll uuio     III        tin
. idtau      ', ..in..  Divi ."ii n,      \\ est
*u■ uny.     \\here located:   1 lu    Mo
    Cri ek.
1 :.   '*   UOl ll '■   1 uul        I,   A.    i I     laivii,
in 1 a'  as  11.   ni   im   John   U-   I li ary,
, .    .a   1* * *     .1.1:1:  Ocrtiilciilc    No.
 a* nd, . ixlj   days Irom      dati
i, to applj   ."  i ho  Miu.lig    ii.*
*   im   n  1 oil an nii*  ui   Impi ove
., , I".-:,   .",     I llu   i'n,"   1'   ol      0.ila.11,11,.
.1  Crown i.i.uii  ..1  the above claims,
nu , .1 1 iuu  tal '■ uol lee thai acl Ion
, .*, 1 ion ::.. in.1. 1  in* i* iiuni'i''*
n  .* 1 **  11        i  .lain*** ol Bill 1 Ccrl iliiiili
u.   improveim nti .
1 ii.     * 1 1 daj   oi October, A.
a ,  11)10.
A. 11. tli ecu,
Nov. ii' th Nelson, B.C.
Per v. W. Terry, Agent.
Rovelstoke  Land District.
1 iisirni. ol West Kootenay.
Take notice thut Mary Ann Bain,
ni Hi'Vii.sl.olie, 11. I'., occupation mar
i-led woman, ini ends to apply for
permission to purchase tho following
described lands,
Commencing at a post plnntcd at
the north west corner o( T.L. or lot
olln, and marked M.A.11 south cast
turner post,  thenco west nbout      80
li.iins to the eust lino of lot 7005,
.hence north about -10 chaius to tho
uako lureshore, thence along Baid
.shore line in a north easterly direction about eighty chains, and thenco
louth about 80 chains to point of
Dated Dec.  I'.ilb, 1910.
Por P. \V. Terry, Agent.
Itevolsloke  Land   District.
Distiict of Went Kootenay.
Take notice  that T'bomns Hope, ol
rtevolstouc, II.   V., occupation      \»rd
d'oroniaiii  intends to npply (or   ptr-
.ni.-siiui in purchase the lollowiag do
scribed lnuds.
Commencing at n post plant id
uliiuii  liuu n mile in 11 southerly dir-
ctiun ii"iii lot 7*585 nn.l by iho
north cast corner of It. IDvans' j 10-
emptlon,    marked  T.ll.   i.orth    wibt
co 1  post, thenco .south iu*   chains,
thence m.sl UU chains, then^u coifh
10 chains, thence west 'iu chain) 10
poiut ol commencement.
DuU-d Dec. lVth, l'JIO.
Per K. W. Terry, Agent.
5 A.  V
In the M.i U       :   ui. * ii
N',,1 ' 1     ; I'.-uii
i.i' ui i       1 i* ti
- ,!     1 lm   ilud   hi
]   I    *!      [Ifll
I  Nov min       ISUU    nn     i"'    ■ 11   lo
■-    ■ ■ 1! .-   I'citois    Ioi
I   mu."   '
"   il iy
' * 1
'•• ' ■'
id j i   pro
*   : I     1 ,-t   !.
one until
1 .       1 ' .    .      . . an -     ol
:   have thei
,1(1        !)1|
1 :*..'.' ;
        I.IIDCK,   No
nn.l  A.   M.
meel Ings are held  In
11.sir TEMPI 15,     tl ,*l."Hows'
a   lhe Third Monday  In each
at  8 in in.     \ Isll Ing brethri n
1*' 1 iluiliy  wi Icomc,
Uniii'.  GORDON,  W. M.
W.  II.   ROBERTSON,   Sect clary
! '/ice
Popular FrSc
Exi mn ri>
d    '     oil,
W 1!
.Ill BH
SELKIRK      LODGE   IJ,  1.  I).  O. V.
1   ■    every     Thursday evening   In
i-'i'lkirk Hall ut  8 o'clock,     Visiting
brethren cordially Invited,
K. 11.  M, KM..  N.  It.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
]. 1 fans la last
,    •   " bird      "i
"Hid lie
ud ut tbi* outne
.   tti  *■ r.ly
• ■
the m *  a
. ■ 'i
u-'.i by grafl  1. mi *        pecti
'ui   11      ih 1
•ml  publb   .'"iim        Tlm 1 in !
.*  1 ..ui  la solved by 1
nl  tb"  baste  iu Inclplo  lh.it I        iltl
male ha] pine     .1 ,.    rn     rtl      ,1 be
uni Ion  depend  nu* n nei .   itloi
il thi    "ii  ■>.  thi   :*' ,     n
onablc llmltatl i       th    nca to
late'bi granted each ouu. '
A Stubborn
. ■
i in«. Y.
il   In.
ul Wr-ii   Until
.a V. illiam  Ki nm ■■'.
u pec
i   !   DOB!)
IVI" ■
*  *   *.'i: '
COLD  i: iNGK  LODGE,      K.  ol    P.,
Mi    .   .   REVELSTOKE,   11.   O.
I         o  ol |   (Vi In        .   •   ' ept    the
lay oi "aiil month     in
i i.l.l,. Hows'   Hall ul   -     I..   Visit-
in.: Knights nn   cordially  invited.
DROCK,  K. ol It. & S.
M. ol l'\
i "i i:l
in   I. 0   O.   K.
*   llniiii
MT.      11 Ki ilil l'i.    No.  3*161.
lull  next    to
cvi'ly   second
.   in   month,   Visit
I.     : aa",*  welcomed.
O.   It., C, HARTE,
WM.   B,   CAMERON,   lbe.-Hoc.
I l.
PRICES:   Fir iws, $2.00
Bxt fivft rows,     :
Balance Lower Floor,
.ill!    $1.1
m Cen!
C, Vi. O. W.
Moun *     '  imp. No. 220
■ ii i   nn.i     Pom i ii Wednei
        a    Belkirk
i * Visit uu'   ','. in,linen   nro
ii*.;!. il  to attend
w, i        I      IK  run. Com.
RE, ricrk.
ed    li
'.'■   \ I. I, A i   I*. .
* . ..*  toke.B.O,
i un*-   prepar-
r    nil ol  IniilillngB,
l'i a ight'ng and Dlue Print
Revelstoke  Lund District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that Abraham Ako-
uiirst, oi Nuilielil, England, occupation, Pit Foreman, intends to apply
ior permission to purchase tho fo.low
.iii; described hinds.
Commencing ut a post planted
about half a mile in a northerly dir-
jctiou from lot til-10 uoi'th west coiner post uud marked A.A. south wcet
comer post, theuce cast aboit CO
cbama to tho lino of lot Eli85
iKonnlo) thence north aluat id
chains to the north west corner of
iot Siisi, thence east about J.c chanm
io the souiu west coruer of lot i'58"i,
thence north to the Lako suoro,
thenco about 8t) cbains westerly fcl-
lowlug along the Luke shore Hue nnd
thence .south ubout in chaius *o tho
po.nt of commcucemcnt.
Dated Dec.   l'Jth  ,l'Jll).
Per B\ W. Terry, Agent.
Itevelstoke  Land  District.
District ol  Wedt Kootenay.
Tuke notice thnt I, J. H. .Selkirk,
ol Vancouver, occupation, rcul cstnte
agent, intend to upply for permission to purchase the following do-
scribed lands.
Commonciug at n post planted 110
chains west of the B.E.O. of L. 7.W5
thence south to chains, thence cast
111 chains, theuce south iu chnins,
Ihence east 40 chains, thenco uoi'th
10 chnins, thonce cast 10 chnins,
thence northliO chains, thenco vcBt
10 chains, thence south 20 chains,
thence west 20 chains to point of
comnieiicement,  containing  440 acres.
Dated Dec. 23, 8'JIU
Dec31 Per  R.   Smith,   Agont.
Revelatoke  Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Notice that I, A. W. Thompson, of Rovelstoke, B. C, occupation
Hotel Cbi'k, intend to apply for a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described
Commencing at a post planted
about three miles South of Arrow-
li a*l, li. ll., and on the south side of
Cranberry Creek nnd opposite tho
mouth of -aid Creek; thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
south Si) chains, thence east 80 chaius
ai all 040 acres.
Dated this Uth day ol Dec, 1910.
A. VV. Thompson, Locator.
Per J. O. Bradley, A Rent,
Teacher ot Voire, Piano nnd Organ
Pupils prepared for Toronto Conservatory ol    Music.      Loral  examinations.
i SATURDAY,  JAN. 21ST,  l'Jll,
TELE   kAIL-HBEALD, ]],EV   l-luSTOKli!
Erratic Mails and Detimberingof
Timber Berths are Dealt witli
at Some length
At the annual general mooting   ol
the Honnl of Trade on Tuesday evening, President W. ll. Pratt pre-
united his annual report, which ap-
poarb herewith, nml u number ol Im
port-ant mutters wore dealt with, in
cl&Ung tho drastic, legislation regarding the detimbcrlng of lnnils in
the proximity of Rovelstokei Referring to this (i. B. MeCarter point
nl out that the enforcement ol tbe
directions ol tbo Dominion governmenl would work a lot of permanent
Injury to ibis city, and urged tho
board to petition the government I"
withdraw Mich legislation or extend
tho tune Ior tho cutting of thi*-* tlm
her. A communication Irom Burton
Oity, B. B.. regarding the erratic
mail delivery at certain points ol tho
province was also taken up and n
motion passed In respect to same.
The election ol officers resulted as
President, W. U* Pratt; Vice-President, A. J. McDonell; Secretary, F,
W, Laing; Executive, Messrs. Lawrence. McClenneghan, Kilpatrick, Mc-
Rne, McLennan, Howson. McDonald,
and McCarty,
The communication from Burton
citizens tinted some of the time consumed in tbc delivery ni mails. Mail
'from Needles to Arrow Park, a distance ol IW miles occupied three days
in delivery; Irom Burton to Nakusp
takes three days and travels 210
miles; while from Burton to Arrow
Park a distance of uix miles, travels
195 miles and takes live dnys tor delivery. "The tart that there is no
telephone or telegraph communication between these points, makes con
dittons still more Inconvenient,"
says this communication. In respect
to this the following motion was
Moved hy MeCarter-, seconded by
.McDonell. that the petitions received
from Arrow lake points he forwarded to Inspector Greenfield at Van
couver, and that copies of same be
forwarded to Hon. Senator Bos-
tock, A. S. Goodeve, M.P., nnd the
Postmaster General.
A motion was passed as [allows,
drawing the attention of the Provincial government to the promise ot a
new court house in the city:
Moved by McRae, seconded by Mc-
Carter, that the secretary be instructed to write to the Hon. Minister ol
Public Works, drawing bis attention
to his promise to put in thc estimates for 1911 an appropriation fur
the construction of a court bouse
at Revelstoke, and to express the
hope that the Board will see the amount provided for.
In respect to the dettmbering ol
lands, Mr. MeCarter presented the
following motion which wns passed
Moved by MeCarter. seconded by
Macdonald. resolved thnt this board
place on record the fact that they
view With alarm the results thnt will
follow from the enforcement of thc
directions by the Dominion Government issued to owners of timbei'
berths within the railway belt and
in particular those along the east
6ide of the Columbia river between
Revelstoke and Arrowhead, controlled hy the Bowman Lumber Co. and
Yale Columbia Lumber Co. and recently sold to the Dominion Sawmills and Lumber Co., Ltd., which
directions require the timber on
snid berths to be cut and removed
belore 1912. Thc mill at Revelstoke
now draws and must continue to
draw its supply of logs from the
timber berths in question, nnd if
the owners are compelled to cut all
this timber lietore the date mentioned it means thai after February 1912
thc Revelstoke mill must be closed
down as there is no other source to
draw from. Thc mill, inasmuch as
its operation requires the employment of a large stall of men, who
have their homes anl families here
and it also affords a source of supply
of lumber at rensonnhle prices and
a cheap supply of fuel for the citizens. It Is one of the chief Industries
of the city and the closing of this
mill will bc severely felt bythe merchants and other business interests
here aud will result in tbe removal
of a large number of regulnrly employed men from our midst and do a
tasting damage to the city, and no
corresponding advantage can be derived from throwing the lnmls within these timber liirtbR open to settle
ment, and in the opinion of tins
board a sufficient lime should bc allowed within which to cut the timber at  Uevelstoke nnd  this  direction
vhould be withdrawn and tbat tho
secretary !«• Instructed t" forward
copies of Ibis resolution to Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Senator Templriiiun.
Hon. Senator BoltOCk, Hon. Krnnk
Oliver and A. 8. Goodeve, M.P.
'the President's nnnual report read
an (-allows, wns received by the
i,"imi nml adopted
" in Birtunlttlhg   the annual roporl
lm the year W10, 1 regret to sny we
are unable to Mport the publicity
hiuiklel as on band. -Owing to u
jninbn  nl delays     which apparently
t'1. ,  Mil.      . •*•*,'.
■*» AJ ni' -     "*■■ \> ;r* -i"       *    •,
'- ". ■
k -Ju ""     X ■     • -I »'-
fjkg   \ ;.■'-;.
m/ Hw'wZAMOtt'
$'*v;?y'''y %$?*$
■ *Xt''if>',  '■ '
.V   ■ t       ■ -v ■ we,"-.- ,'ii"
-&$ (Ah-i     't. *•;>      <■■;* -i
k&r y
ML  fk ■ . •■.
 ild nol  be avoided',  the     bookli I
ni* as yet In the ban.is ol the print -   secretary's
ers, but are promised [or distribution   poB*tg ,.
Disbursi ** fi
Salui j   	
with n   a  lew days.   Th i     Canaill n
Printing ni tl   advertising
in,, i
view    at   N'elson  	
Expenses    ro Laurier     Re
Bxpi n ie   re '    versity < lorn
,      mission  	
Lumber account   I;")'1 Bowman   Lumber   Co	
Halniicc   carried    to 1911
M.*'l.    h
..    19.20
.     I.";.
'    *
..   11.10
i'acilic  Uailway Companj  has     neon   Telegrams
asked to grant   tree     transportation   pi10tos
tor 5000 cine.- i.   he forwarded     to   Bxpcn .    ,.,. ,,,, „,.,
he  Agent  Cen ral  [or  Britl.-h  Colum |
ida resident In     London,      Englan I
Numerous   apl'li .'"'ii   have   lie. ti   ro
ceivod  Iiiiiii  persons A islrlng  In'orm-
atimi  regarding  this  district,      anl
these  are   being  held   .ner      awaiting
the arrival ol the booklet.
"The thanks of the board Is due to
Lhe publicity committee, and e pecial
ly to the late secretary, tor the work
entailed In tho compilation ol the
Information contained In tbe publication,
"I am please.i ilml among the list
of public works completed duriug the
nasi year 1 ran Include the Columbia
river bridge. Ai the members ,,f the
board tor tho past two or three years
will remember, this work was one in
which the Board ol trade took a
very great interest nn.l very largely
owing to the pressure brought by I Two very interesting games uf I
the  hoard  thc work  was undertaken,   basketball   were   played   nil  Thursday
"Among the uncompleted     matters  evening In the v.M.t'.A.  gymnasium.
whicli   the  board  has    Interested    it-   The lirst  one wns between Morris An-1
self in are the following: lei -..ns  team  and      Edwin   Corley's
Laiui Registry Ollice — Unlortun- learn. Tbc score was 19-16 in Ander-:
ately the governmenl has not sen sou's favor. The second one was |:c-|
its way  to take any steps to lessen   tween Fred Lyttle's tenm and Prank !
Acting Secretary
Son|i 'ar ui ! Tlir cni I" is air iff. 'I |i" Sen'i irs lm ve ilonnorl
their plaWu nnil tn ■ ms, nml I, a luddies nre down to li sin-ess ni h
l lini r si a ms iiiii in > i nii-.. S nn i I n.r |;nii|. s an* tin iii i pitted in llm
nrnr ftitum ami si'ini' int-meniing fen in res art* i-xpec'ed, The follow ng si'lieil'ilr -l.u '.:• the draws aud games |du}'<d in the d.ffereut
OOUi| e iliims so fn i :
i \i c \irs hrkwim; co. ci r
Mi liiij i e I
i        iii ! E< ■■       i
Slmili I
I . .',' I
ll.lll.. I      I-' I   ,,  ,
1 niuld *   i     l"ll"r I
lii'l.l |
knr ..i I
M.ir.l.ni,iiii III   I
Ktiiurhi        11   i
the evils caused through the exasperating delays In lhe registration of
legal documents.
''Construction ol court  house—lam
pleased that wo can  Inform the meet-
Daniels train, the score was ".3 to L'S,
in Lyttle's favor. Thursday night the
Tinkers play the Businessmen.
The     bowling schedule for the s.-'c- j
nn.l   part of the Y.M.C.A.  hns      been
Ing that the llovernnient  Agent has   mr.de out as follows:
assured   the   board     that this work
will  be  completed  within   two  years.
"Dominion Government offices —
*\s the site for the proposed buil 1
ni;s has been purchased by the Gov
srnment, we have the assurance thai
something definite will be done during ibe coming year iu the way of
affording better facilities for the con \
duct of Dominion Government busi
ness  in the district.
"Water   Supply    Conservation— In
this connection  thc Department      o' |
the  interior has been  asked  to mak   j
a  reserve    ot    the      Water  Sheds  ol
Bridge,  Hamilton nud Greely creeks.]
"The imancial   statement,   herewith j
submitted shows  under the  items    of [
revenue  50  membership  fees of ?•"•' '• \
each  paid  during the  year, leaving 7
member*- still  in  arrears.   The      in
crease of the fee has materially     increased the revenue.
"Under thc items ol expenditure   -
a small amount fur the expense     of '
entertaining the  University Oommis
sion  which,  however,   was  unable    to .
recommend Revelstoke as the Unlvcr
sity site.
"An item ol Jinn also appears   a
the assistance granted tbe Mounta
eering Club for the pamphlet that is
being    prepared     by   the club     end
which will im doubt attract the    il
tentlon  of the  Alpine  Club  membei
t"   tlll.i   distiict.
"As indicated in the auditoi
port the Board ban assumed a Ual il
Ity "f 8180 lor e one ;* *
ment,     nn.l    write-up  In tho publ   a-
tions of  Hcton  an.l  companj
'Opportunities     in     Canada'
'British Columbia Opportunities.' Ol
this   amount   (80 la  payable dui ng
the current mniitb and the     balcncc
to be sprea i ovei b tei m of mi n hs
"In    retiring     from  the office
President nl tho hoard,  I wish     '■
tender my tlinuks to tho     ■■ ho I "
assisted  nn the different  con
and i" the late secretary Mr. Atkins,
who cave Bo much of his time, m'-n:
and energy tn the work ot ihe board.
w, it. PRATT,
Balance    carried     lii'iu   I'"'!      i     '  I
; Membership   tees SO al   ti    tii ■■
Laurier celebration Doonl on
I      by   A,  McRae 80.00
Publicity    Fund 168.01
Jan.  2,1.  C.P.R.  vs.  Y.M.C.A,
Jan. _'■!. Dent's vs. Corley'a.
Jan.   85',   J.B.B.   vs.   Businessmen.
.Ian. 27. V.M.C.A. vs. Dent's.
Jan.  30,  Corley's vs.  C.P.R,
Feb.  1,  J.B.C. vs.  Dent's.
Fi b   3, Businessmen vs. V.M.('.A.
Feb. 6. C.P.R. vs. Dent's.
Feb.  8,  J.B.B,  vs.  Corley's.
Feb. in, Businessmen vs. Dent's.
Feb. 13, V.M.C.A vs.  Corley's.
Feb.  15, C.P.R. vs. J.B.C.
Feb. 17. Businessmen vs. Corley's.
V.M.C.A.   vs.   Dent's.
C.P.R.  vs.  Businessmen.
J.B.C, vs. V.M.C.A.
Corley's vs.  C.P.R,
March 1. J.H.C. vs. Businessmen.
.March 3, Dent'.- vs. Corley's.
March 6, C.P.R, is. y.M.C.A,
March 8, Businessmen vs. Di   t'
March 10,  J.B.C. vs.  Corley's.
March  1.1.  C.P.R,  vs.   Busines mi n
March 15,  V.M.C.A. vs.   J.B.C.
March  17.  Businessmen  vs. Corley's
March iff,  Dent's  v..  C.P.R.
March 22,   V.M.C.A.  vs.  Corley's.
'March 24, J.B.C. vs. Dent's.
March 27, Businessmen vs. y.M.C.A
March 29,   J.B.C.  vs.  t'.l'.U.
Feb. 2".
Feb. 22.
Feb. 24,
Feb. 27,
Fruit Prosecutions
A1 the Victoria police court on
,ian mi v lyth, before Mag*
i umi* Jay, Ed. Plowi Ight, Iruit
grower, Btrawberry Vale; and Fred
Saul, fruil grower ot Victoria; were,
o i Information laid by Dominion
Fruit Inspector D, M. Robei I n
each iiii".I 2iii,*,ii au.i costs, or in default, one nn nth'i impi li onment for
violation "f the Inspection and Bales
Act iii not having then* boxes of
Iruit properly marked In a plain nnd
iii i I ible manner, In letters nol less
than : Inch In length, with theii full
names and addresses, the variety of
Iruit, ami the grade. Mr, u.n. Lang
ley appeared tor the brosectitlon,
MariDfaetnr*d for II1 eiai»«« nt  bTitdlupf
Pot -nl" tn l«nra nf ■mull qfnntlHoi
it* th* lowwl   ifi'    fnl Ofl  ''
All Iriitdi "f bnlMfi a Q&d pin t«rini?
n« dar'fllfsa
Foote & Pradolini.
P.  lil'KN's .**. t'O. tl  I'
Sun.I'. .    |
Ibnil        II |
Mi-lnlvie       -   ,
Pone I"   i     ., ,- Rom
iwii.i        "  I    '  '"  I
M.i  donn'ii I
Kni'.;ln I *    I * I
'' ' '"    I      IJ., .
Edwards     11   I     K'"
Bnrber    .    1"   I
li. ul..
EQl'ITAI I.l*:   ill'
Hamilton ,
Slinih Ml    I      ,. . .
,   , . l;i wards
l-.uwards     I"   I '
l'i,    i               I   )     ...... ,
lsUI'.;*lil I
zti^ixsMivm'r.jrmfimr.'.ia'fii'* if*rvi:.'m'm*t..ni%i%amDmM*KiH.PMtuKt*nBemr-
Doors, Windows, Moulding
Tiifr" us, Etc.
Write for P • ~cs to
Revelstoke M § Boor Co
Corporation of the City
of Bevulstoko
Notice !
Owners ol  pruperiies  with cornices
ii i'i * lm* k " 11M tin ■ -iili'ii . I ...I r in which
i he snow « ii! drop mm i i 'ni e" i lie
mini', us ll is :i ili in • r i i ihe I'ublic,
B.  A.   I.WV-liN,
j *" Is 21 ('in* i'l. rk
-V'"   *5?>s
Corporation ol the City
of Uevelstoke
Xi lice  i-i  herehy  ptivpu thnt owinK
tn ibe wi.t"! power hiiiv cl'»n! ill'
.inl In iiiK enlirilv dcpn ihut "11 tin-
Ous Engine the Pi-wer wi 1 be turned
nn a' I |i in. 'ill ■'> i' in.. «"'! the Uiuht
tr ni I p in. iill 7 n m. Until further
me ii e.
jm 18 21 I'iiy C crl-.
This Oid Gentlemen
Cured of Rheumatism
By Ono  Box of GIN  PI'.LS
Yarmouth N.S.
"I have been bothered with Rheumatism for the I    ■ andhave taken
i :;<tn*l niany different kiudsot mi .*	
enl found no relief for it.
One day a friend advised me to try
GIN PILLS, and after taking one \nx
of them, I felt like a new in n, I
thought I would write you i few lines
to let ynu know how thankful 1 am fur
the relief tbey gave me, and wot I I
advise all sufferers Irom Rheumatism to
Wm. Contv,
Don't bother with liniments and so-
called "blood purifiers", They won't
help your kidneys—and Rheumatism is
r.iuscil by weak, strained or irritated
kidneys. The only possible way to cure
Rheumati itn.isto'curethekidneyi GIN
I'll.I.S will do this as nothing ci'-e will
Take GIN PII.US NOW and be free
from Rheumatism this winter. 50c. t,
box—ft for $?.>••—air! money promptly
refunded if vou are not sati't'i* il.
Order from us if vour dc.i'':r doe* not
handle GIN PILLS. Sample boi sent
tree on request. National .'tik and
Chemical Co., Dept. W.,    Toronto    57
"AI II HEBE SiiKS i<jwi:'
■ yyj. .^
y   '^'^Jf" £
^ •Sve^our Honey,
m -"(Smmcnce Hou-!
; I   \.!";'■..,'", i",.-iytiU-flo 1^10.*'
..)  \\}, we arc paving *
t) per annum cre3\te3 n I'lhlf
i~i) on savings JeposHd^l-
© SuprarDjaa^edV^fti
(3 9rawd b}- cheque k *
Q <^-5Z Itiexti.■">
fy ontimedeposttaof*
O Sip inoutlio & over. -
m \x wcJ. moncf for dicp ta
Q mfirstmortaagcs&Joa
tneal Rnaadal business.
\   ucn)Your savinisdcf nl
A  S '.fYouarcnotaavuiJ *
I Icmatitdtr.	
Commence NOW WitHUs
lb."".'l'v mail *-•'
*p * ** easily )nn31f J) - -
<*' Ywi ?an sen3 b>'IVor*
O Iv.]G(titi'*evrir"
(4 Order or Fiejistereo*
*h better \ witMrawaja
% tv£i be ri.itF^-^ ■*"♦ -
- - oiy \va^ you wb .
Wcare Rc^onsible
fiffrrin'v- * •* »*
i) or lo anyone in *
Revelstoke Lun ■ Ul f .et.
District of WeM Kootenay,
Tnke notice that  11. W. Crawford,
ol He nn id, B,  C,   occupation     en
glneer, intends to apply tor    permii
■-nn i" purchase the following     de-
1 Ibod lnn.ls:
t'ommcncmi;  at n  post planted ten
'chains  Irom the BOUth cast corner ol
Fullmer's     Pre-emption,   Lot    7191,
i thence west 40 chains along the south
boundary of Lot 7491,   thence   south
! ii"    chains,    thence     east 40 chains,
thence north 20 chains to point     ol
■■■unmencement.       Containing   eighty
•teres more or less.     Located by,
Dated December 2n;l,   l'JIO.
Itevelstoke  Land  District.
I'.strict  ot West Kootenay.
i    Take notice     that     Silas Maddock
Brook,   ot     l.ethbridge,   occupation,
Merchant,  intends to apply for    peril  • .  purchase the following ilc-
■ 1 Ibcd lands.
Commencing nt a post   planted at
, the suutb  east  comer of       ot    704.",
■ul marked S.M.B north v.est   post,
"c suutb   10 chains,     thence east
bains,  tin nee  north  4t>      ehains,
' thence west 10 chains to     point    ot
Dated Dec. 16th, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
Revelst ike Lai 1 Distiict
District of WeBl  Kuo*t*uay.
Take   Notice   tbat   I,   D.   McCarthy,
rl    Revelstoke,    H.    (.'.,    occupation,
I Contractor, Intend to applj      for   a
license to  prospi  '  tor coal and petroleum     on  the  Following    described
' lauds.
Commencing     at   a   post piant-d
ibout three miles Soutu ot     Arrowhead,  B.  C,  nnd "11  the  South    side
ot Cranberry Creek an.l oppoBiti   thc
■■ 111 "itli  "f  said  creek;   thence east    80
chains, thence south SO "bnus, thence
west   SO   chains,     thence   north    90
'.1  n     .11 all 640 acres.
Dated this  14th day of Dec,  1910,
D.  McCarthy,  Locator.
Per J. O. Uradley, Agent.
In  thc    Matter  of    thc    Instate      ot
Eleanor N. Tapping, deceased.
in .    to  the  directions ol His
H  nor Judge Forin,  L"cal  Judge ot
the Supreme Court,     Staled Tenders
will    lie  rccei.' ,-d  by  the  undersigned
up       u ul ..^ei^ding the 23rd January
1911, tor the purchase ol an undlvid-
'■ 1 ■ ne bait interest  in aud tu    Lots
* 1     and  Two  In  Block  Twelve,  Plan
C36,   Revelstoke.
Dated this cth January, l'Jll.
W.  E    McI.AUCHl.IN,
Deput..   Registrar Supreme
4t. Court, Revelstoke, B. C.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of  West Kootenay.
Take notice that Jnmes Peters, ot
Nut field, England, occupation, brick
layer, intends to appiy for permission to purchase the following de-
scribed lands.
Commencing at a pnst planted at
the south west coiner ol lot 8680,
and marked E.J.I', south east corner
1 thence west twenty chains,
thence north forty chains, thence
cast twenty chains, thence south forty cbains to pt 'nt of commencement.
Dated  December 21th,  1910.
i'ic' Per Fred,  C. Terry. Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ul West Kootenay.
Take Notice that I, A. J. McDonell
ot Revelstoke, U. c, occupation,
Hotel Proprietor, intend to apply
for a license to prospect (or coal and
petroleum on the following described,
'omnic-ueing at a j-ost planted
about three miles South ot Arrow-
bead, B. c, and on tbe sou ' :-"V,
oi Cranberry Creek nd pposite tho
mouth ot said Creek, I nnco west M
cbains, thence south 80 ch ns, thence
east •" chains, tbence north 8vi cha.n.,
In all OP) acres.
Dated this Uth day ot Dec, I'J'  .
A McDonell,  Locator.
Per J.  0.  liradley, Agi...
Do il
it Way
l Uf!
SSiCarcbif Street,
V^jvcouver B.C. o
Revelstoke Lun I  DI ti let
District  ,,f  w,..s'   KnotSMj
Take   notice   that   I.   Mmy   Selkir ..
■f Vancouver,     occupation,   mam  1
woman,  Intend* t,, apply for      permission     tu   purchase the (©Hewing
described landi *
Commencing at a post plaited   at
tbe N. 1.   Cornci "I    Lot >  v •; 1
and    marked   M. U.'s S. K   ll ,rner,
"     north 80 chains,  thence    wnst
to cbains, thence Boutb 10 chain.-.
thence cist 20 chains, thence south
4'i cbiiins. thenoe enst 50 cha.u-i
to point i.f commencement, containing 180
Dated January 9th, 1911.
Per 0. P. Smith, Agent.
For Sale
12 Room Hnu-i', Furnished,
suit.iMe for Koomirc 1 I"»iifp, m.ir
CPR. Shops. A RHtg.in. For
partittilats apply to
SATURDAY,  JAN. 218T, 1911.
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund -    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branobcs     Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
business formerly carried on by
Spring   ■     ■■ prepared to execute all orders promptly,
bi.   A.
Snddlars Harness Makers
Boot antl Shoe Repairers,
Under New Management, Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Tbc Greatest Healtli Resort on tbc Continent
N.itm.il    Iii.l   W'nlcr,   U-l   Degree   "(   linn
Natural Hot Water in Baths.    U        All Year
Rates from $12 to $15 Per Week
look:     look      and     read:
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue prices, freight added, with
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
■i       ii "   "
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
Winnipeg price
Howson's Price delivered
70c. .
4.00 |'|
We niako our profit by Bhipping in car load lot, thereby -«& »«J »^ J«g
M^tt^S!£m ReSt de!tv8ePregoods and « up free from breakage.
R.   HOWSON   &   CO      -    REVELSTOKE, B. C.
A Symposium of What is Happening in
All Parts of the World
Largest Stock" of Smokers'
Supplies in the Interior
We are the riolu people to
We arc carrying an especia
.. . ■.
Conic in and we will   show
for hubby, father or
Jo business
v good  lin
■   this
You Will Always Have Time
For another one^wheti using
Harvey's Special Scotch the
genuine .'illicit', is a. greal
fortifier against tlu* inclemency of the weather. But
put not your trust in doctored
or distilled stuft—it won't fill
the bill. You run no risking
getting your "inside overcoat" in tlu* shape of a bottle
or sealed Harvey's) Special
from any of the LEADING
HOTELS or by the case ;tt
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Aerated Waters, Pure Wines, Liqueurs, Cigars, Cigarettes
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the
market afford:;.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Ratns $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
vou   that  present
brother that was worrying
The Cigar & Pipe Business is Our Business
and you   get   thc
and we know it like a book,
benefit of our information.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Abrahamson Bros., Props,
proved.     Piiut-ninBu in everv rpHPOi't,    All modern convenience!
$2.00 per day
Revelstoke, B.C.
Fiint-Clai»B in every respect,
l.arue Sample Kooms.
Special Weekly Rates
Special Attention given  to  commercial
men   ami   tourists,     First-class  Banipli
moms. Finest scenery In Britiih Colnm
bia, overlooking Opper Arron [.alee.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Cummings Transfer Go. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly Collected and Delivered
B^gage Transferred and General Draying
Furniture and Piano  Moving a Specialty
Carriage and Sign
simp in ail* \ 'i ■ k *nf E *l   Bourse's
■   i   -  8ti set.
First   Class Work  Cua artcca
Prices reasonab c
*   Cor. 3rd Sl
Office   Corner Connaught Avenue and Second Street
Phon:   276 REVELSTOKE.   B.C. Night Call 71
Good Coal and Wood for Sale
LETHBRIDGE   Besl Screened Lump Coal.
WELLINGTON   I. in p Coal.
DUV WOOD   Hemlock and Fir, cut last winter, In lengths to
ve a stock on band it all tire
A'. * rdei - pi * mptly attended to.
PHONE    60
Tinsmith Repairs. Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
New  Line
Stirrup   Attached
F.   B,   WELLS.
Still in Business
We are neadquarters for
Pacific Coasl Tested Sccd.1
miuI Roses,Shrub? tCliitiesci
I ipan, Frenchand Holland
Bulbs and Ornamentals,
also Implements, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps, Fertilizers .uul small fruits.
Catalogue Free,
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDoUGALL,    -   Manager
Hay, Oats, Wheat,Bran
and Shorts
Rovelstoke Land District.
District of WeBt Kootenay.
Take notico that I, Hazel Toye of
Nelson, B. C, occupation Spinster,
Intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post pin ate I at
tho 8. W. corner ot Lot 1120, thence
cast 20 chains, thenoe south £0
chains, thenco west 20 o'jalrm, more
or leass to lake shore, thenco foi'ow-
ing the lake shore in a northerly direction to point of commencement,
containing 40 acreB more or leaeu.
A. V. Luciib, Ai,i.ni.
Dated Nov. 14. 1910. ;-'.26
In the matter of an application for
the innm' of a duplicato Certificate ol
Titlo to an undivided J of lot 4949,
Group 1, except 19 4-10 acres.
Notice is hereby given that it is
my intention to issue at the expiration of ono month after the tirst pub
lieation hereof a duplicate ol the
Certificate of Title to the aiovo men
tionod inn,in ln tbe nareo ol Thomas
Kilpatrick, which Certificate iu dated
the 26th February, 1907, and number
ed 6612A.
Samuel R. Roe,
District Registrar.
Land Registry Otlice, Nelson, B.C.,
November 3rd. 1910.
,   •    M      ■:.■,'■   '•'■•
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Effio 'IVye, o'
Nelson, B. C, occupation Spinster,
intend to apply lor permission to
purchase the following duso.'ibed
Commencing at a post planted
about 80 chains south of tlia S. W.
corner of Lot 1139, thenco east 20
chains, thence north 60 chains, theuce
west 20 chuius more orless tu lake
shore, thence following the lake
shore in a southerly direction to
point ot commencement, containing
120 acres more or less
A. V. LucaB, Ai:int.
Dated Nov. 14, 1910. N.26
Revelstoke  Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that William Brown, ol
Revelstoke, B. C, occupation, Clerk,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase tbe following described
Commencing at a post planted al
the north west corner of lot 6140,
marked W. B. south west corner post
thence east 40 ilwiin,;, thence north
40 chains, thence West 4(1 chains,
tbenco south 40 chains to point of
Dated Dec. 19th, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
W. R. Travers, former general manager of the Farmers' Bank, has been
sentenced to six years ln tbe penc-
A severe snow storm is being experienced in Spaiu with all trains
As a result of the severe storm on
the prairies Regina finds herself (ace
to faoe with a serious fuel famine.
"Joe" Martin, who is now iu Vancouver, says that useless leaders
handicap parties iu England.
Wm. Armstrong, of Uoderich, fell
one hundred feet and still lives.
James O. Lewis, Indian agent at
Selkirk, since 190C bas resigned.
Three men are under suspicion in
connection with the murder of Frank
Lobinski pi   Berlin, Out.
Cameron's bakery at Cauora, Sask.
wub burned to tho ground. Loss
about $2,0*00. Six hundred dollars In
cash was also burned,
British Ambassador Uryce, at
Washington may retire.
Owing to carelessness thc $100,000
bond ol thc company build ng the
lirst Quebec bridge has been lost to
tbo government.
The question of whether the Bay
of Fundy is territorial water or not
uas been referred to thc department
otjustice at Ottawa.
It is believed that reciprocity negotiations are ncaring a finish. Pulp-
wood is said to figure largely ln the
Vervillo's eight hour day bill bas
passed the committee stage in the
commons and is ready for Ub third
Tbe missing German balloon Hilde-
biundc with the bodies of two aviators bas been found in Russia.
Thc Winnipeg city council will petition tbc government to name the
next Canadian battleship "Winnipeg."
It is believed that a seamen's
strike, which will aRcct the main
ports ot tho world ia likely to take
The aucstion of keeping anarohiBts
out of England Is one of the biggest
problems facing the country,
Soldiers near Paris found a man,
believed to be an American tourist,
bound to a tree in the woods.
Four persons were killed and three
badly injured in a gas explosion in
an hotel at Niobraia, Neb.
Arrangements have been completed
for a steamship service between Canada and New Zealand.
Between 10,000 and 15,000 sheep arc
reported to have perished in Montana
as the rosult of storms.
An Ottawa paper BtatCB that work
will bc Btarted on tbe Georgian Bay
canal at an early date.
John Aird, manager of tbe Bank of
Commerce at Winnipeg, bas been
transferred to Toronto.
A plot to assassinate the Emperor
of Japan has been discovered at
Fur Bu
Old Ti
,, ,*  B C
6H1 EDMUND WALKER, C. V. O., LL. D.    D. C. L.,  Pnr.sintNT
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $10,000,000   RESERVE FUND, $6,000,000
LONDON, ENG.: 2 Lombard Street, E.C,        NEW YORK: 16 Exchanfe Place
MEXICO CITV: Avcnlda San Francisco, No, 50
In addition to the offices named above lhe P>,mk has branches
In every Province of Canada (including all the most important cities)
and in thc principal Pacific Coast seaports of tlie United .States.
,n It is tlwroufihly equipped for the handling of collections and
other banking business in the territory covered by these branches.
Send Your Orders
ned  for
Famous Gait Coal
Fire, life and Accident Insurance
Pull particulam
lots  |
,|   elect  'mil.!'.:■!/
.n appltcatlo
(irilcrn led  ni   Hns  ollice   (or  ha*
.uul grain, promptly attended to
W. B. Robertson
Cieiii Wisi permanent Until
Company Agency
POR  9 \ ind   Reds,  on.
trot and 't P .1
Cock and  lit
111 hi.     our      Kail
now  laying.       A
• - ight in Ite'ln
MAGH      I.'i ■   I .-Hides     foi
Q ,  ion in.
ber,    lot     " * i,' ai,.    Tbomai
a, a   0.
,,,,,'■    t',   '. I .'•■
*   i,  • (.''. onl)
good  producei    iiited apply
full with  credential..,
good    communion Applications
to be forwarded to A. I,. Cardin,
tOt, Don nlon 11 iitt Building,
Vancouver, B. 0.
POR SALE 'Piano now at railway
Ht.at.ion near bare Will lie sacrificed
for tail). cash. Never been used.
Lndy unable to keep It. Apply
In firm Initanoe Mm. Mungonm,
20*1(1, Columbia street,    Vancouvor,
B. U.
Uevelstoke Land District.
IilHtrict nf West Koote.iay.
Take nolice that Mary Cornelius
Brook, of Lethbridge, occupation,
married woman Intends to apply for
permlsstr 1 to purchase llm following
described lands.
Mi1 r.g at a post    planted at
he  south  "ast  corner ol lot      7045,
marked     M.O.B.   north   east comer
post, theme west 40 chains   to   the
in'  ol  lot   24M,  theni'.c south    along
-anl line about 40 chnins to the line
ol   lot   S800,      thence east 4(1 chains
along    said    line,  theme  north      40
-Imliih  lo  point, of commencement.
Iiut'-d I*t   lf.th, 1910.
1'er F.  W. Terry, Agent.
Itepslrs  of  all   klndu   ninlly dune
Bicycle and Oun work » specialty
Estimates glten on sny claee
of work
Front      Street.
Seven inspectors are busy ehecking
up the Winnipeg street car iervlce.
Dr. Douglas says the epidemic of
scarlet fever in Winnipeg is not alarming.
J. B. Schwitzer ol the C.P.R. formerly of Winnipeg, is ill in Montreal.
W.T. Johnston, of Wawaueaa, Man.,
has succeeded in growing oranges.
The general public of London are
opposed to the arming of police.
A million ■dollar chewing gum company, with head quarters in Toronto
has been incorporated.
Capt. Thomas Wastle, the first
engineer of the London paid tire brigade, died at Ban Jose, Cal.
A young man named Lavasseur,
was drowned at lint tuu ot, N. II.,
while trying to recover his hat which
iimi blown into tbe river.
Uir John Aird, the famous contractor und engineer, is dead in England.
A Canadian crew was saved from a
wrecked Hhip on the Atlantic.
A rigid censorship is still maintained in yrnzll, from which come diB-
. I., fm- rumors.
A general treaty by arbitration be-
twecn tlie United Btateu nnd Great
Britain is proposed by President
Ottawa Is threatened with a scr
ious outbreak of typhoid fever.
Ratepayers ot Vancouver will probably lie asked to vote a quarter ol a
million dollars lor adequate drainage
J. M. Macom's party from the geological survey reached Winnipeg Monday having travelled overland from
Fort Churohill, a distance of over
1100 miles.
As a result ol a large amount   of
] cold storage produce being placed on
the market in Chicago, it is believed
in some quarters that food prices
will becomo lower.
Tho Manitoba Amateur Alhletic association will decide on the charges
of professionalism made against several members of thc Brandon Hockey club.
United action is being taken in
England to stamp out Mormonism,
which has been making a large number of converts there, especially in
Many points that had caused trouble were straightened out at the conference at Washington in connection
with thc fishery regulations.
Fire in the Kelly block, Winnipeg,
en iii.nl almost $400,000 damages,
mostly covered by insurance.
It is suggested at London that flog
gingshould be revived in order to
free England from anarchists and
other undesirable foreigners.
Mr. Justice Robson, who conducted
tho investigation into Red Light District conditions in Winnipeg, has
made his report, which is mildly derogatory to the city.
Harry Smith, a former Winnipeg
hockey player, was arrested and fined for assaulting the referee nt a
game at Hailey<bury.
Tho Canadian Northern Railway is
seeking permission to bulhl eighteen
additional liucs in the Prairlo Provinces.
Chinese are protesting strongly
against the order to burn tbe bodies
cf all persons who die from the bubonic plague.
F. W. Murray, of Winnipeg, was
run down and seriously hurt by a
street car.
Many eastern rinks including J. D.
Flavelle of Lindsay, will attend the
Winnipeg bonspiel neit month.
The report tbat Hon. Robert Rogers would enter federal politics is
not taken seriously at Ottawa.
Scarcity of coal and wood is reported Irom many points in tbe west
F. C. King, a Winnipeg real estate
agent, was arrested on a charge o*
London Is planning to erect large
cold storage plants ln order to control the meat trade.
William Valens will again be a
candidate in thc Russell, Man., by-
election to bc hold Feb. 4.
Robert Hamilton, Canadian immigration officer at Emerson, Mao., aged 66, was struck by an engine there
last night, and is in St. Bonifaoe
hospital with one leg amputated.
The Winnipeg city council will be
asked to pass a by-law to compel
Electric Street Railway company to
give an all night car service.
Harry Medwell, a C.P.R. dining
car conductor was electrocuted in the
bathroom of his boarding house in
An anti-corporation resolution introduced in the federal house by W.
F. Maclean failed to get support
from either party.
A Toronto promoter and a New
Vork broker are being sought by tbe
police in connection with the Farmers' Bank case.
John McSorley pleaded guilty at
Cayuga to stealing the body ol
Matthew Johnston from Jarvia cemo-
t*nc - U^anl
Two shots were fired at Premier
iu nm.! of France during a session of
the chamber of deputies.
Forty barrooms have been closed
as a result of tbe recent local option
contests in Saskatchewan.
The general store of Shields and
Arar of Methven, Man., ncluding the
pout ollice, was destroyed by fire.
The appointment of Geo. H. Shaw
as general traffic manager of the C,
N.R. has Men confirmed.
Over twenty persons were Injured
in a wcock on the C.P.R. between
Monroe and Bolton, in Ontario.
A wireless message to Seattle tellti
of the destruction by fire ol tbe
town ot Gardiner, Oregon.
Tbe Canadian hockey team of Ox*
ford won the Belgium cup ln a tournament at Brussels.
Hundreds of American families are
preparing to migrate to tho Peace
River codutry.
An explosion on the United Btntcs
battleship Delaware resulted in a
loss ol eight lives.
The farm house of Harvey Bartlett
near Clearwater, Man., was destroyed by fire.
J.A.D. McCurdy, the Canadian aviator, will attempt to fly from Key-
west to Havana.
H. H. Hansard of Ottawa has Men
appointed assistant solicitor of tbu
G. T. P.
SATURDAY,  JAN.  21ST,  1511.
January Bargains
In All Departments
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- /*«»•« * Co.. Aimiled
Mail   or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
A Great Snap in
Boys' Overcoats
We are closing out our line of Hoys'
Winter Overcoats at prices which it will
pay you to investigate. Some of these
lines are away below cost, antl all are in
first-class condition.
Full length Overcoat—Gray stripe
tweed, velvet collar, sizes 34 antl 35.
Regular $9 now $5.25.
Same style as above, sizes 30 to 33.
Regular-*?, now $4.50.
Same as above, size 29 only. Regular
$C50, now 84.
Full Length Overcoat—Dark stripe
tweed, high Prussian collar; sizes 34 and
35.   Regular $9, now $5.25.
Same as above, size 29. Regular
$7.50, now $4.50.
Full length overcoat—brown tweed,
high Cossack collar, sizes 30 and 31.
Regular $11, now $6.25.
Full length overcoat—Gray cloth,
sizes 24, 26, 30.   Regular $5, now $3.
Boys' Pea Jackets-Heavy stripe
tweed, a beauty, sizes 30 to 34. Regular
$7.50, now $4.25.
Same as above, size 28. Regular $6,
now $3.50.
Boys' Pea Jackets—Heavy blue beaver
cloth, double breasted, sizes 28 to 32.
Regular $6, now $4.
Same as above, sizes 23 to 26. Regular $4.50, now $3.25.
Boys' Reefers—Heavy gray frieze,
sizes 21 to 24.   Regular $4, now $2 50.
Coffee and Tea
Are you getting the value for your
money in your Teas and Coffees. Try a
pound of our Mocha and Java wnole roast
Coffee and you will be satisfied that you
have received full value for your money.
In this department our eustomers demand
the best, and by the increase in our sales,
we know wc satisfy their demand.
Always a special value of 3 lbs.
of Coffee or 3 lbs. of Black Tea in bulk
Dry Goods Department
Second Floor
Take   thc   Elevator
We are stock taking this month and have weeded
out many desirable lines that we are clearing at attractive prices in all the Departments.
In the Dry Goods Department there is a huge pile
of Remnants that will entice almost any one. Odds and
ends of almost everything sold by the yard. The price
and length is on each piece. Come and pick them over.
Sure to be something you need.
Misses Suits
Five Only small women
or Misses Suits "North-
way tailored" goods worth
$15 to $25. You will need
to get here early Thursday
to secure one at the price.
Any one for
Silk Underskirts
A clean up of our Fancy
English Moireen Silk Underskirts or Petticoats, all
colors and Black. Beautifully made skirts, and the
price now is a strong attraction. They sold at
$7.50 to $9.50. You can
select yours at
Fancy Ribbon Sale
500 Yards of Fancy Ribbons go on sale Thursday,
4 to 6 inches wide, all colors; some Moires, Stripes,
Plaids, etc. They are 50c
to 75c, Ribbons. Get them
while they last at only
25c.  per yard
A collection of odd and
ends of our Handkerchief
stock, mostly fine soft
Mulls, with neat 1-8 inch
hemstitch border. They
are all in one lot at
3 for 25c.
Get It at Hume s
Hand Cleaners
Ten cases of the fam-
aus Boss hand cleaner on
special Bargain Sale on
Tuesday and Wednesday
of next week, Jan. 10th
and llth, at only 10c per
can. This cleaner compares with "Snap," which
is sold at 20c per can. Be
sure you get a quantity.
For two days only
IO Cents Per Can
Flour and Feed
Remember we are headquarters for all kinds of
flour, wheat, oats, bran,
shorts and chops. You
can save money b.v buying
your supply at once.
Get It at Hume's
Drygoods Dept.
Second Floor
Neck Ruchings
New Neck Ruchings,
at 10c. the frill. Almost
all the kinds that are in
use are in this lot, all
clipped ends, plenty for
frills for any person, at
per frill only
lOc. per Frill
Japanese Silk
Japanese Silks, 20 in.
wide, a good variety of
colors for linings and
trimmings at
1 c. pe- yd
Towel Clearance
A clearing of towels —
White Turkish, Colored
Turkish, Honeycomb Cotton Towels, all at
Sale of Dishes
We are sorting up our
Crockery and China before Stock-Taking . and
have a few odd lines which
we are offering at a bargain. See our table of
cups and saucers, tea sets,
dinner sets, vases, bowls
and other articles. If you
need anything in these
lines get them now while
they are cheap.
Fruit and Candy
Come in and inspect
our Fruit and Candy. A
large and varied stock to
choose from.
Get It at Hume's
Blankets, Comforts
There is nothing that
gives you the same satisfaction as fine, light and
warm bed covering; you
get this satisfaction when
you buy a Maish Laminated cotton Down Comfort
We have a choice range of
these goods, also a line of
pure white Lambs Wool
Comforts which excel
anything on the market
Try a Queen Alexandra
blanket, the best the market affords, at $5 to $7 per
See our Linoleums and
Carpet Squares before
purchasing elsewhere.
Felt Slippers at
a Bargain
Just now when you need them we will
put about one hundred and twenty-five
pairs of Ladies' Felt Slippers on the Bargain Table. They are all this seasons
goods and all in first class condition; they
comprise some of our choicest lines of
Felt and Velvet Juliettes.
Ladies' sizes 3 to 7, regular price
$1.75, Sale Price 95c. per pair.
A small line of Children's and Misses
Felt Slippers will be cleared at 35c. per pr.
Hats at a F
We have gone through our hat stock
and taken out all broken lines. These
comprise some of the nobbiest of the present season's blocks. Without regard to
cost they will all be put on the bargain
table at one price. All colors and shapes
in both Soft and Stiff Hats. Sizes 6s to 7}
Commencing   Wednesday
the price will be
$1.50 Each
Get Hume s Fnces
Breakfast Foods
You always want a nice cereal for
Breakfast during this winter weather. We
are always ready to cater to the public
with all the Breakfast Foods on the
market. If you want it ready for use vre
have Malta Vita, Puffed Rice, Grape Nut,
Wheat Berries, Shreaded Wheat Biscuit*,
Toasted Corn Flakes, Orange Meat and
Biscuits, and if you want food to cook we
have Quaker Rolled Oats, Cream of Wheat
Pettijohn's Breakfast Gem, Carnation
Wheat Flakes, Cornmeal, Wheat Ground
and Rolled Oats. All the purest and finished goods on the market
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke ^ Arrowhead
Watch the Windows
for Special Lines
During January ■Saturday , Jan. 21ST, iiii.
January Clearing- Prices
Ladies' Coats
Ladies   High Cirade   Imported Coats,
Sale  I'ii''' * $10.   $ll).i'iii ones lm* 812.   $111
Furs for Everybody
All new this season, in fan I « row of thoso
I ,!.- arrived Lou t.it«- fur Xiin b. (ine sel of
Isabella l-'ox, re^-ului *75, no \ $*>ni
[sahella Salile, legolm'$35, n >w fit:
of Mai mot, repnliti $111, now $10,
Stoh    $3.5    $11 and $10,
Misses (irey Persian Lamb Collar.    Regular
£7,5      Sow sl.
\l.-,.,*- in, y  Persian  Lamb  Mult
SU '.".    Now $1.
I  set
ul  i,n li,**. Vests   iin
'I iin.I uli - N'alural \V
drawers al BOc.eai'h.
I.nlu-   Heavy   Itiblied   L'utlerweiiv
■     I
I  ,n ,,,,,„.*  *i Cbildreu's I nderwear nl  Sail
l'i Ice.
Men's bei.vy Uoats.   liegular $18,    Now $12,
tiood Overcoat, $11.iill.    Now $7.
Hoys Overcoats and Iteefets all  to clear at
S ii'i* l'i ii'i-.
Velvet Cord Coats
'l'o lil rliitdren from .'I In
Sale I Vice $3 50.
Misses Heavy Coats
ReKu'iir Price, $7.50.   Now $1.
Ladies Hosiery
20 down moie Ladles' Ci.-liiin're  Ilus
Sale l'i ut    l pairs for $1,
ir    Illi'
Blankets: Blankets!
.Inii in bund 30 pniis while  blankets
•il $1, $11, ST..'*" nml $1" per pail
, .  , ,,    ,.,   „. ,        ponsce pii|.,i.   whn is responsible   for
,eghoms,  iliinnli'il  hv II.   10.  Wabey, I , ,, ,.
_ „   ,        ' , ,, ,,  ttliesc expenses? Mr. S unly askra.
lest pan- K.i . Brown Leghorns, 1-..I'.   , ,
Come i" i im* Clearing Sale.
fnr cv. i vlinilv.
Dargains here
1911 Diaries
A complete range of
Otlice and Pockel
Diaries, all sizes and
prices.   See them al
Macdonald's Dr-ug Store
prescriptions Filled Promptly
We have just rece ml n shipment at While Clovci Hotiev pul up in
five lb. cans, which we \*111 guarantee to he ahsoluteh Pure Honey,
nnd ;is it.is is the season for honey we would advise you to try thia if
mm wish to yet the genuine artu i
Tin ■ n. mi' "\Vi::-.i, iifi speaks foi itself in regard to quality. Wehave
,i lull assortment of this Pure Jam including Straw bei r;. Raspberry,
Peach. I'luiii. Black Cut rant and Apiicot.,
A.  HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
Wyamlottes,   !•'.  C.  Waddell's
W yali.liit'li'S.
Cup di natod b) Revelstoke Poultry
nml Pet Stuck Association, besl
uniii' mnl female, Orpington, nny
variety, lir. Keith, Enderby, black
Orpington cockerel and pullet.
Club  Special,  donated  by      Single
| Comb  Hull  Leghorn club,   Plymouth,
II.   Mi'KiiiiH'iu*,
Mr.lul donated     by Canadian Poultry Review, best cockurel mul    pullet
silver laced     Wyandottes.F.      Fleet
Modal donated hy II. E. Walioy ,,i
Endorby, H.t'., best cockerel and pul
let in II"' show, T. Pound, Bnderby,
light Brahma cockerel and pullet.
Setting 1'ggn from S. 0. Brown
best i
Peters, Armstrong, cockerel ami iml
Setting Barred Rocks eggs, ilmiul-
od by H. i'l. Wabey, beBl pair Barred
Rocks,  It.  A, Upper.
Subscription to Successful Poultry-
man. Second prize to Special No. l.
ll. i'l. Wabey, Enderby.
Second prize to Special  No,
vi. Laing.
Second prize to Special Xn.
Dawson,  I'l'iii'lilmul.
Sn I prize to Special  No.
Second prize to Special  No.
\ Uppei
Second prize lo Special  No.
II. Waddell.
Trophy valued at $5.00, donated iiy
Milt.'i.' Mercantile Company, besl
male and female Rhode tslan I Reds,
l''. li'lectham.
Trophy valued at $0.50, donated by
ll. Manning, bust male and female
black Minorca, S.C. nnd R.C., Jas,
Continued from  Pane   I.
i ly ready to hand over the si li ioi to
I iho city willi llu* except Ion ol the
building "( the -tepB, "Hoinohodj
will have in take care o! the school
[or ih.' city wlu'ii tins is dono," be
-mil, "and Inasmuch us the board
sanctioned the alterations in thc
stops causing conshlerable delay, thi
city should accept bhc responsibility
"Tho school," he said, "requires
heating and would ime half a ton ol
coal u iluy, while n janltorwould bo
required to be put  In and  his     ex
3,    W.
I,     K
\ unit mu covering llii. uns pasBC
usti net in*.; tho socretarj to notify
Ihe official school janitor to look
after the building after the nrchl'
teel has request! .1 tho board to take
the building over.
On nml inn ol Messrs. Bradshaw
and Sturdy tho Janitor was also om
powered  I" secure small  supplies nii
"lutcly ni'ccssi'iy without obtaining
tli,* sanction nt tin* board. 'I liis nm
ti, n referred only to mi nil Items
such as brooms, a Pi " ' of elu: s oi
articles required immediately, and
wus passed In savo I he Innltor Hi'
ind nvenii nee nl v a il Ing I ime looking for lhe members of tho board.
Hills to lh' amount ol [3, igS.DO
were passed includln $1,401! Inr
losks, $314.75 lor electric llxiures,
$1,380 salaries mi,I $389.70 lor coal,
as well as a number of minor ac
Al the nexl meotinu it ie thoiighl
tin* matter ol dividing up the city
Into school districts will bo taken
Carnival at tbe Rink Wedueeday,
J in. 'J"i li, weai her perm ting*
The Ladies' Hospital Guild will
meet T lesday, Jan. 24th, at 3;30 p.
in., in tbe City Hall,
J. M. Doyle, manager of the
Kootenay branch of P. Burns i: C9.1
is a visitor to the city.
John lb Slbbnld anl H. D. Pringle
left mi Thursday evening on a busi-
-. trip •*' Kamloops, Salmon Arm
an 1 the Okanagan Valley.
MrB. Vi. a. Foote gave a delight
fui th m • party 1 n Thursday after
n 11 u last, at which between twenty
an 1 twenty-five ladies were present.
p, Fi,, tham entered four "' his
fancy fowl at Summerland poultrj
-';■, w held this week, what prizes
thesi       *     • ■ ,(  >'"■  been
baa      been
•;*. ..,*..    , .;.   nted  to  tbi      poi
1 yard n isl 1 '
"   . ■      "
■   ■   switch : .:
A lai ge attendai 1        ted   a
rh-j S        • ' ig ot tl
M.C.A    lb Mr.   Mclntyre
erett  Cameron     will
Bing &
Mr-    Macleliai ,     W •'  ■
Mies M   Small   Masters Jack      b
. ■,   '.■    lellan an.l Mlsa McCrao,    o
Mell     rne, Ausl
thc home ot Mr   Wm. Mori
Is one of the  most import,
ant items in your business
will look after this branch   of
the business for you,
K^ootenay Jlgencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kmcaitl & Anderson
(In ,1   niti-ii'   (or    t   •'    I'l"   v
\Vi ilni'-iliy night, .1 1 '  -■">'!'
II     '
, 1  tm • ;it   Vlbei t Oanyi n
■ :'VS.
rent.     App 1
Messi'i     ti
Ct • d pi
■ * -,!:*> nighi  J       . '
■   ■
'*   •
•    .   •
1 ■
will    leave     ton
p.m.   The  Mess •
-   •    • charged    w if     upon.
*      ' ' I *   | ..
■ 1       emai
.   .. * • an 1  »a -
nee not bell
•     1 • ■   •
T •
■ to me'of 1 r a sleigh ride.
ind   thi
the mei
■    • at tl
.*'.-■ i    a Tl '•  *    n n _•
At the Ci   *.u    rim ■
lei   ■
Popular Couple Married
Quite a Butter was caused In Boci
oty circles Inst We.In '.-.lay afternoon
when ihe wedding took place of Miss
Isabel Woodland, daughter "f Mr.
and Mrs.  .1.  .1.  Woodland,      of    tl"
city, i" Geo.  it   Singer.     Tl vi nl
wus celebrated al Sl, Peter's church
at 3:30, with Kev. c. V, Procunier
officiating, nn.l h twei n forty and
ftfty guests in attendance, Promptly
m the hour mi nlioned the bride on
tcre.l the ehurch lean ng on the ai m
of bar father, Ml. J. J, Woodland,
whiiis foreman ol the Bowman Lum
her ('".. while the    organist,     Mrs.
l'rnci mor. ri u.lerel very sweetly
"The Voice that Breathed O'er Bd
,*u" ami th' customary Wadding
.March. The liiidc was attired in a
handsome gown of white silk eolicn*
ne nnil white silk all over lace mil
carried a beautiful boquet of ruses,
earnatlona an.l Illy ol the valley nnd
was attended ' 5 b *r sister, Miss
Lillian, as bridesmaid, attired in a
•: tile .-; '■ 11 silk crepe de ch ne
au 1 green velvet  an:! per-
ian turban.       Her boquet    was     of
ca ■ ith ti- and     mafdi n      hair
'eric-.   The  bride's .nun.: away  gown
* colore i chiffi n    broad-
n ide,    with  white sal in
VV,d           *,.   ,iil wiuc colored velvet hat.
\ •■ ■       remonj  the party     re-
fa  me of the  liri.b 'S I'm
I treel    east.   »'.ere    a
' taki u of, and nt   10 31
inger left on the
I" fi 1     \ ancouver, \ Ic
ilnts. They
* • a month, and on
ci n
■'*.* articles,
• imaid,
n -
irlde,   ol
D !it Will le Consolidated
Mayor Hamilli 11 rei 111 ned this
unu a in* from \ Ictoria where lr ba 1
been attending n meeting ol lh Pn
ion of li. C, Mtimcipalil li and inter
\ lew ui : 1 he \ 11 ornej 1! mernl in regard tn special lei lalnl Ion In coiinec
tion with fie consnli Inf Ion ol Itevel-
itoke's debt, Mr. Hnmllti n ban
every reason to believe the legii la
tinn will go through.
Rnfialo Hili Pictures
The Buflalo Hill Wild West tiltns
will be sliowu at ll"' Edison theatre
January 30th and 3-lst mil February
1st. There is 3000 feel ol pictures ol
this lamouB acout'a mnn air slum-
given and will be Interesting to both
old and young, li will be an oppoi
I unity to ninny who bave never seen
the 'aiiU'Us old war scout an.l buffalo
hunter to meal htm life Blzo on his
lamoiiK charger in animated pictures.
<iwine; to the big expense In procuring this picture there will be n
small'advance tn the pine of admission, but not i" exceed 10c. ol
an advance on the regular prices.
■   '
K    II.   Imh
Burj    reneral  mai igti        '      ol timber   1. Mai *
■*    •    : t the C.P.R
■   •
Irom  R. J
C.P.P. Timetable
No.   1,  arrives     6:45   a.m.,  departs
7:0:i a.m.
No.   'J7,  arrives  6 55   p.m.,  departs,
7:13  p.m.
No. -. .ut Ives 12 30 midnight,     dc
arts  i'l.v., mi.lnight.
No.  'li;. arrives 8:45 a.m., departs,
9 05 a. m.
South  train leaves   Uevelstoke nt 9
a. m.', arrives'Revelstoke 5:23 r.m.
Wo linve a phonograph. Now Is
youi lime to think of getting nne.
aa the Revelstoke Music Store hns
1 big jfjck of them in; also n liie
itiick  of  the  lour minute rcrord*
WANTKD     ficneral    Servant.        Ni
ren,    Apply   to  Mrs.      ,1.      T
LOST—Bv   a   little   girl,   (rem   h
I.n, k. T.VH 11 in   bank   bill"
between 0. It.    Home's   a'rtre   and
li-i* 1 luh, Innl  uii'lil 'tin ll' 6 llll p.in
1 hi  H del «     bc ri varded  nn   n
tun in; tin money to 0, ll. Hume's
I    s*
.    ■
0"mm"tu •■ I   I irin I
■  *
Special Prize Winners
1 ■
manic I tie
-    :,,.    **t ''■'•   '   '
*       '
Hot Water Bottles
For thc Cold Weather
Cheat   Protectors   A<«1
Chamois Vests
Bews' Drug Store
Iir.-1 to I ■       ' tb
'    Th      inlrmn 1 '     '
■   ,,      •),  t'n* board n'"'
in  1,    to  had   ■■n't,.
Russell  I n   hn * post- eocl             n.    ci
pone nicn opening al tha     Bdtson 11«. 11 •-■ 1
1 in ,t;'     ntll 'ii'   next, iIn Isibj
Januai '■     lid, lor I 1 he     C1111 donati
.... ,. ,
company will npm
Lhe Civil     Hi
■ Polly     Pi ■ fm ■ ■ 1
nighl  1 In   i'.u ill li
Aunt"    and elu   11
un1',' nnri     '        *   '
I  .1111.. .1  .1   pulu 1     levli   ; t* ;   '  .   Wi, I
' .     Tuesday dell   Underby
Imi ley's      '    p   . *" il' 1  ' *    * I'oitll' v
'     In     *l'l * mi 1   1 * >
d -hi hi "The 1 I
* .md pullet, ,'u> variety
3-NI Ci H T S-3
Commencing Mon. Jan. 23
Iti following Repertoire
Coll) I'rimrwi "
'l i i.  h > , Ubarld)      Uol"
"The  Devil"
Populai   I'i ii es
Seats on Sale .it Macdonald's Drug Store
How the news spreads, nnd how the goods are
going out! Every woman loves a bargain, and
when everything in the Store is ;i bargain, she
lets her friends know. At the way it lias gone
this week, there will 1»' Ints of room for new
goods in tho new store, and that is what we are
aiming at, look al the prices we offer and then
come and see llie goods.
Children's and Misses' Coats
About n dozen thai we v ant to clear out, Velvet,
Serge and Tweed. The; were all good viilne at
the regular price.   Now $0 00  Fnrh
they are less than half price    V'-VU  i-ULII
Ladies' Coats
Aluiut one dozen of this season's coats, in Serges,
Broadcloth and Tweeds. They are all gootl style.
Your choice i'7.50.
Another dozen of lasl season's coats. We will
imi carry them over - so PO Cf) Cnf\h
you   can   have   them  at      V*-*'U  t.Ut.11
IVlu'I Dresses
A lot of pretty Mull Di isses in pink, blue and
white, .lust what you \ ant for a nice afternoon
or evening dress, All prettily trimmed with line
lace and insertion. Reg. $10 to $22 60. On sale
Boys' Sweaters
Fine, soft,  cashmere—navy,   while,  brown and
Sizes 2ii to 28.
75c. Each
Misses Flannelette Gowns
Pink and white-well made, of sol'l, Saxony
flannelette, nicely trimmed, sizes 12 to 16 years.
Regular price, *1.25. 7%n   Fnnh
SALE PRICE ' JL- i-atd
Striped Gowns, si me sizes, 50c. each.
Don't Miss This Sale
3   tr
I .*».'
Your Winter Overcoat or Suit
If you haven't purchased tliem vet vou
had better come ai '.I look at our large
and complete assortment, We can suit
the most iastidious in the clothing line.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Reform Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
Men's Dressy Winter Suits
At Sharp Clearance Reduction
Our entire stock of Fine Suits and Overcoats are
reduced Eor immediate clearing,
Regular 12 Suits
Regular $15 Suits
Regular $20 Suits
Regular $25 Suits
Regular $30 Suits
$8 50
$10 00
$15 00
$19 00
$24 00
Mae Mercantile Company, Limited
I he Stvle Shop for Mm and Boys Who Know
'    .
Wll,I,I \M I. BRIQ08,
i im i i.t. rlollcltor,  Mr.
ollclton   lm     The    I'nnii'liiin   linn';
ol i lomtni tea. The Moi on   Banl .
1TI:.T , i l.u/1    -    Bevel toko, U.C.
Provincial  l.nml Bttvctfof,
Mining iiurveyor,
DOX   106,   RifiVUl.BTUKB,


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