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The Mail Herald May 31, 1911

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*, 7"^
"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation'and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $601
Interior Publisnmg.Co.,'Agts.
The K.? il-Hepald
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17—No. 41
REVELSTOKE. B. C. MAY 31, 1911
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Otrto«—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30.000.00
Branches nr Agents at all principal points InJCanada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane— Eichangu
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch -A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Vour requirements for hot weather garments are
here. A large and well assorted stoek to choose
from. A dainty line of Ladies' Underskirts at
reasonable Prices.
Mrs. A, G, Crickf * First Street
po tn
a _.
ro s:
tn ^
— co
3 <
co m
—* —
cd tn
Lots in City of Vancouver
<D      -
— o
Chief Parry's Boarding House
Will be One of the First
Places Visited Here.
Early tomorrow morning the counting of noses will commence all over
Canada, and tlie specially selected
bunch in this district, comprising ol
D.M. Rae, F. W. Laing, J.J. Porter,
Gus I.und and H. Cunningham Morris
will be on their rounds. According
lo special census instructions, jails,
and penetentiarii'S must be enumerated ou June 1st, so for one certain
sure thing Chief Parry's boarding
house will bc one ot the tirst places
visited tomorrow. As far as this
city is concerned the two enuroerat -
ors with whom the citizens will have
to deal arc F. W. Laing and D, M.
Rae—the former taking all ttie city
east of McKenzie and the hitter all
west of the same avenue. Iu this
connection it would bo well for the
heads of households to instruct their
women fdlks as to what answers are
to lie given to the various question's
propounded. As must be expected
the census enumerators will perforce
have to call at a large number of
places while 'the men are at work,
and unless the women folks arc given
the necessary information to impart
to tho enumerators a second call will
be necessary and will entail considerable extra work to tbe men engaged
iu getting at the tigures. As men -
tioned in these pages before all information given is considered sacred
and will be imparted to no one but
the proper authorities, so that there
need be no hesitation in answering
any question asked. A penalty is
provided for any infraction of this
decree and a penalty is also pro -
vided for persons refusing to give
the necessary information.
Every man, woman and child living
in Canada at midnight tonight will
he counted if the two or three hundred commissioners and their armies
of enumerators do what is required
01 them. Some will inevitably be
missed, but the will be good
enough to give the Dominion ol Can
ada a population ol eight millions or
thereabouts, and to give three quarters of a million people in the West
will mean twenty additional members  to  the Dominion  parliament.
Big gains are looked for in thc
prairie provinces, hut the province of
Quebec is making conlident predictions. Quebec has a way ot bobbing
up after each count with the most
surprising total. II the Quebec increase is as good as the Quebec people say it is then the unit of parliamentary representation will be bigger
and will get less than it is expecting.
Census takers will follow what is
known as the dc jure system of enum
eration. They will collect practically
all of their (acts with the conditions
of June as a ba.-is. A baby born
on May 31st will be counted. An old
man who dies ou June 1st will be
The count begins tomorrow and
goes on trom day to day till the
eud, but census enumerators are forbidden to do auy counting on Sunday. Commissioners generally get a
cent a name for correspondence, etc.,
and lor other duties, travelling expenses, special allowances is provided
The enumerators generally get flve
cents lor every living person counted
and ten cent* (or every death or disability. For a five-acre (arm be
gets twenty-five cents, for a farm of
one to five acres fifteen cents und
for less than an acre len cents. In
this district the enumerators have
chosen in lieu ol this remuneration a
straight salary of $5 per day.
Factories, churches, Sunday schools
charitable institutions, etc., are
worth a quarter each, but a mine or
quarry ia worth half a dollar. Allowances tor expenses are also based
upon work done.
To pay lor horse hire in the rural
districts, thc enumerators will get
three dollars per one hundred names
in Ontario and tbe east, four dollars
in the prairie provinces and twelve
dollars in British Columbia.
In 1901 the count showed a population ol 5,371,315.
"Bicycle stealing has been going on
tor some time in this city," declared
the magistrate, "and it is ubout
time a lesson was made of some one.
At the coast a bicycle thief is given
a straight jail sentence without the
option of a fine, but considering the
fact that your friends have come
forward and mude restitution for
tbe wheel, 1 am going to deal lightly
with you. The (act tbat restitution
lias been made docs not exonerate
you, You are still a thief and I
will have to deal with you aB such.
Were you a little older I would not
hesitate in sending you to jail. You
have deliberately stolen the wheel,
then to hide your crime you took
ofl the wheels ot the bicyclo, put on
another frume and threw the original
trame away in the hush on the outskirts ol the city. I will tine you
.$r>0 and costs or three months in
While under the influence of liquor,
Koht. Wisted, who has been employed ou thc C.P.R. steam shovel, called Clarence Gooch "a 0. P.R. spotter." He did not do it once, but
kept it up while walking a whole city
hlock. Gooch could stand it no
longer and but for the fact that
Wisted was a cripple be would havo
given him n severe pummelling. As
an alternative an information ol being disorderly and using offensive language was laid and Wisted after
pleading guilty and apologizing to
Gooch, wus let ofl with a warning
not to let it oecur again. Wisted
promised it would not occur again,
and  thanking  the  magistrate march-
d out a tree man.
You Make a "Home Run"
When you buy your Oranges, Lemons, Fresh
Fruits,    Dried    Fruits,    etc.,    etc..    from
Magistrate Hamilton fines Italian
$50 and Costs or 3 Months
"A bicycle thief Is the most* con-
tcmpttblt of sneak thieves, and any
sneak t ti io f appealing ticfoie me need
hope lor no mercy whatever," de-
rl.ired Magistrate Hamilton on Monday afternoon in dealing with tbe
BOM trf Joe Lamani an Itullnn youth
who pleaded guilty to the chnrge ol
hteallufi  tbt wbttd  of W. M,  «ymths.
Rumor that same will be Moved
to Kamloops—Board of Trade
and Timber Men Protest
Unless the Dominion government
lives the matter the due consideration that is becoming such a move,
Uevelstoke is to^lose its Crown Tim-
1 er ollice in the' ear future. . Out's ide of a lew of the leading spirits of
the Liberal organization nothing was
i nown of this intention ot the De-
i artment of the Interior to move
this office to Kamloops until lasl
Monday when purely by accident Mr.
O. S. MeCarter became cognizant of
the fact.
Mr. MeCarter immediately got busy
and found out thut there had been
sume little correspondence Irom the
Iepartment in ques-tion with a view
to amalgamating the Crown Timber
office here with the Laud office at
i'.amloops, and that it was almost
i xpected that the office had already
I een moved to that point.
Realizing the extreme inconvenience such a move would occasion th-a
local lumber firms and the gross injustice that would be done thew
enterprises the Board of Trade immediately got busy and met in spoc-
ial  session  at the city hall.
"It is most extraordinary that
such action should he lakcu by Mr.
Frank Oliver," said some of the mem
Iers, "and we can't let this matter
drop without sending in a strong
protest.1' Accordingly a motion was
passed Iiy the board appointing u
(immittee to draft a telegram protesting most strenuously against
i,uch action of tho government. The
. ommittee met later and the following wire was sent to the Minister of
Hie Interior:
May 2'Jth, 1911,
Honorable Frank Oliver,
Minister uf Interior, Ottawa,
Hevelstoke Board of Trade having
learned your intention to remove
Crown Timber ofllce to KamloopH,
respectively urge thnt the ofllce remain here, this being tho place where
practioally all the timher business
east ol Cascades enn bc moBt con-
\oilently transacted. Citizens and
lumber companies arc unanimous In
opposing tho removal. Please delay action until all interested can be
heard Irom,
A. J. McDonell,
Telegrams ol protest have since
liocn sent by Mayor Hamilton on behalf ol the city, and from tho Dominion Sawmills Ltd., the Bowman
Lumber Oo.', tho Yu'lc Columbia Lumber Co.,  and  the  Gibbons      Lumber
Number Has Been Considerably
Increased-Efforts Will Be
Made to Prevent Fires
The liro wardens in this division of
DiBtrict Five were announced yesterday by Mr. Allcrdalc tiraingor, of
Victoria, a member of the new provincial forest fire commission, who
was a visitor to lhc city on government business. Tbe liBt is as fol-'
T. J. Wadman, lievelstoke; B. H.
Baird, Nakusp; R. B. Allen, New
Denver; J. M. Farrell, Hlocan; Vi.
B. Strathern, Kaslo; W. Letcher,
Lardo; J. C. Murray, Golden; F.
Glover, Galena; J. McCoskrie, Atlrlc-
rncr Enst; B. Bogardus, Athlemer
West and Sinclair Craig, Windermere
Tho number of fire wardens has
hecn considerably increased and Mr.
Grainger, who was accompanied hy
W. H. McGregor, his assistant in tho
work of the government, described
tho steps which huve led thc provincial government to appoint the forest
(ire commission  as 'follows:
"Though the government doubled
the number of its wardens, hired regiments of men to tight forest fires,
and spent $187,000, the enormous
damage done to the timher resources
of tbe province last summer convinced the government that still more
vigorous action wus necessary. Hence
one of the first problems that confronted the Hon. W. R. Ross when
he became minister of lunds last
winter was the reorganizatiou ol tho
tiro lighting, or rather fire preventing
force," said Mr. Grainger.
"The law that gives its weak pro-1
tection to the forests ol this country i
wns passed 15 years ago. Though
Bome valuable amendments have lieon
made to it during the last lew sessions this hush tire act is still, in
its general scope, a relic from the
times when forest protection was
looked upon by the public and by legislators as impracticable and even
unnecessary. The western states
and several of the provinces ol Can
ada arc in advance ol British Columbia as far a6 legislation is concerned.
Soon after taking his portfolio Mr.
Kosb proceeded, therefore, to draft
a bill to supersede the present hush '
fire act. !
"For two reason,  howev-r,  it  wns
docided  to  postpone  thc  pnssuge    ol
this bill to next year's session. Firstly,     any     legislation on thc Biibject
must of necessity be drastic and thc
house this year     had already      too j
much work to do to spare thc great
amount ot time  that the hammering '
out ol such  legislation requires   Sec-1
ondly, the government has in      view
thc introduction of a general   lumber
forestry  bill  next session and a new ,
hush fire act could hest bc considered
"No such delay wns possible in the
reorganization of the forest protec -
tion service, and during the winter
and spring Mr. Ross was engaged upon plans lor this. As a result the
numlier ol fire wardens has agaiu
been doubled, a net-work of patrols
will protect thu dangerous districts
in a fur more effective way than ever
belore; the number of divisional inspectors has been greatly increased,
so that the work ol the wardens ran
he vigilantly supervised; and u commission ol throe has been appointed
to take charge ol tbc whole organisation under the direct control of the
minister of lands.
"The new commission is composed
nl last year's chief flrc warden, Mr.
Gladwin;   W.   H.   McGregor,   an       ex
perlenofld forest officer nt the ontar
io government, and myself. Mr. Mc
Grcgor ami I ure now making a tour
of the province lor the purpose ol
ilisen-Hing   ideas anil   obtaining    Bug
Garden Tools
Wire Netting, Fencing, Screen Doors and
Windows, Rubber Hose, Sprinklers, etc. Carpenter's Tools and General Hardware.
Baseball and Lacrosse  Goods,   Fishing  Tackle,
thc best stock ever in town.
Bourne Bros.
London,     May  26,—Ireland has    a
population of 4,68i,'J5i, according to
'be reimiiH returns made public today. This is a decrease ol 70,824
since the lust ccubiib wns taken ten
years ago.
Hummocks, just the kind you want
I *t Macdonald's drug store,
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O. Box 208 GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
Secure your Fresh Meats, Dressed
Poultry, Creamery Butter direct
from the Cooling Chambers.
P. £urns # Company. £td.
gestions  (or  thn   betterment    ol    thc
lorest protective service.
"Unusual eil,iit,, will he made this
sens,.a to bring to justice   offenders
against thc law. A circular letter
Irom the minister has drawn the attention ol every justice ol the pence
iu the province to thc tact that tho
least penalty that can lie imposed lor
any infringement ol the hush tire net
Is $MI. Departmental posters racked
to trees tell the public that the
shameful wasting ol our timher resources (and OM prosperity) by lire
must be stopped and that in a no-tt
uncompromising way the government
Is going to stop it. A special reward ranging Irom *$4!> to $120 is now
Olltred for evidence leading to nny
conviction, and tire wardens are to
have legal assistance in every In
formation that they lay."
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Brookfield Extra Creamery Butter
Keystone Creamery Butter
Coldspring Dairy Butter
Malakwa Dairy Butter
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
I!K.ii Class Mkai   PURVEYOR*
Phono 251
P. O. Box 181
11 will want luniks on "Mow to
Keep B»eS," "Mow to Make a Garden," "How to Grow Hoses," "How
to Keep Poultry," or any other lUb-
joct, you may want. Drop Into
Mscdouulil's drug store be bas tbctn.
Informant could notgive Evidence
Sufficient to Convict
John Uunlop, a lumberjack, appear
ed before Magistrate Hamilton tbis
morning on a charge ol common assault, the information being laid Iiy
Mark Meliivin The evidences of tbe
assault were theie all right as Mark
wore a patch of plaster over hie left
eye where the ,*,,■ need's teeth bad
hecn sunk, hut the informant's story
was decidedly in liivoi   of ttie accused
Mclaven's story wns to thc effect
thnt the aeciiscd nnd another man
stood outside nl the house where be
and a partner were sitting1 on tbe
verandah and talked lor a while. Un
his own evidence be went out to tba
street nnd after asking tbem to mold
on. be had knocked them both down.
Meliivcn  did not ihow any  provoea -
Ition why be should take the law in
Ul own hands and tbe eas.* was con-
' sei|iiently   dismissed.      In   dismissing
! tbe ease Magistrate Hamilton      held
I that any man oi set of men hnd a
right to stand and talk on thr public b.ghway providing they were not
I Interfering with traffic, and no man
was jim nlied in going -put and knook-
ing thein down. Any evidence tbat
thc iim i, were making themselves obnoxious or using bad language could
not be draggtd from the inform mi
V,,r\ lieing drunk and disorderly, how
' ever Dunlop was fined \':, and eosta,
' or 30 day-.
His port nei   for  being  drunk    anil
disorderly  was ulso  fined  $25      ant)
WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 1911.
Che ADaiUDeralb I f
Jntctloc publtsbinfl Company,
WEDNESDAY,  MAY 31, 1911.
It must be ihat the Department  oi
thi   Interior  In  deciding  to  transfer
I rown Timi Irom      this
;..      to  Kamloops bus either    been
..    .    *   I  or  is  acting  on  the  spin
*■:    !ii   moment  without  in  any    Waj
king into the merits or     demerits
..  ai ' ii :**     It  is     argued      by
•■ :   from Hon.  Frank Oliver    that
m iv convenient tor the
,   :   rtmenl   to have it.- timber    and
- combined,     This     might
conven   nei   a tew   Individuals in then'
 rs, but apparently  Individ
• 1 concerns having large     in
■ • —     and   investments here      have
•   . • n taken into consideration .<'
■ . thi *  grounds the     lumber
have ,i right to protest and
:*.. .-iini the Board     ol
th    guardian of     business
here,     have a  legitimate
to protest.     On the assumpt-
. ■     i  the Crown Timber office was
maintained here and would lie maintained  here,  lumber interests      bave
■     i.shed  their  head offices    in  tli.'
city  and  have  spent  thousands       ol
*r»   in      building   for   themselves
palatial  offices  and  now  at a mom -
nts notice they are to be     most in-
tinentry inconvenienced.    The Do-
■   SawmilU Ltd., recently ereci ■
ii utfice     building costing      pei-
;  i   iuu,       Tbe fact "f
. Crown Timber ofllce lieing maintained here largely influenced them
in erecting such a building and e.-
t.i: I staing their headquarters in thia
city. In a measure the same thing
may be -aid of a half a dozen oth :
lumber concerns in and around tin
r.ty. and it would be most unfair to
remove such a convenience as a
Crown Timber office a hundred or r *
miles away. Doubtless the Depart
ment of the Interior bus arrived at
the decision without looking inl >
the matter properly nnd doubtlei 3
the Department will reconsider IU
I move al the earnest soli -
itation ol the lumber interests, tl i
ol Trade  and the city council.
Many   of   the  so-called   "bush   hrei '
are the result of Inexcusable rcckb**-
'   -    "ii  tbe  part  ol settlers,       who
sta t   them   to  clear  their  land,  anl
If you insure with us you
insure with some of the
oldest and strongest companies in the world.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Insurance of All Kinds
take chances on being able to pre-' described as one upon which the sun
venl them from spreading* It is never sets, All the schools of the
not practicable io rid the bind of | province will therefore be closed on
its tores! growth and tit it lor cul* June 22nd, nnd on ibe day following,
ti vnu. hi withoul burning much of the Friday, us woll, such an Important
encumbering rubbish in the place event In our history may bo grasped
wl,erB ii  accumulates; but  the risk of   by every  pupil  in the province, I beg
widespread  n legislating      coniln-   in   Invite  your   valuable  co-operation
gratlon may bc reduced to a minim- In providing u fitting celebration of
nm by careful choice of the time when Coronation Uny in our schools. It
the burning is to be done. No lire i is suggested that the forenoon of
should be started after a spell of the previous day, Wednesday, June
div   weather,    or    In   any  kind       of   21,  bo devoted to such exercises      as
weather when there is a high wind.
In tins mallei* eternal vigilance is
the price of safely, nnd it Would pay
the people ol a locality to so arrange the starting of bush flres ns to
bave co operative help within easy
reach in case ol general danger. Pro
bably ninoty out of every hundred flres | history of Westminster Abbey      a
of this sort might have been prevented without adding materially to the
cost of clearing the lnnd. Frequently the loss of valuable timber from
settlers'  tires  is  quite  appalling.
will give a proper appreciation of
the great historical ceremony to he
performed the following day at Westminster Abbey, such as lessons of
national Interest; a study of the
greatness of tbe empire; its government  aud   loading   institutions;       the
thc Coronation stone ^^^^^^^^^^
"Tbe     program  for  the  afternoon
should consist  of exercises to    wbich
parents and  friends could  be  invited,
,ii 1      niiirht      well   include  patriotic
sours and      recitation-,  and  suitable
| addresses  by  trustees  and other. The
In  connection  with  the observance | National Anthem should be sung and
of Coronation Day in the public
schools of British Columbia a circular letter has just been issued to all
the various principals nnd t lachers,
by the provincial minister of education. Hon. Dr. Young, directing their
attention to the fact that Coronation Day, Thursday, June 22, has
been officially declared a public holiday throughout the British Empire.
On  that* dny."  says the circular
tho school flag saluted with due cere
"It will be gratifying to the department if teachers who succeed in
carrying out such a program will
send in a report stating the number
of pupils who took part in tho
The  Winnipeg  Free  Press of       May
King  George V.,       the    Immediate126th contains the following eluc.dat
auccessoi   to the  peace    loving  King
Bdward   VII.,   will   be  crowned      at
Westminster   Abbey,   London. and
duly   proclaimed   the   lawful  ruler    of
an empire so vast thai  it has    licen
ing remarks on the Ne Temere decree
alin'li is -,, exercising all religious
denominations. The article is well
worth reading
As  our columns show, there  is    no
diminution of interest in tbe situa -' tholic church alone lhc enormous
tion created by the enforcement of power of voiding marriages by tho
the Ne Temere decree in Canada. A enforcement of its regulations since
very persistent confusion of thought no other church challenges the valid-
marks many of the expressions ol ity of marriage solemnized by the
opinion even by person^ who from clergyman of another denomination,
their position might be thought to'We iiave therefore this extraordinary
lie well informed. ! situation  in Quebec that the law    of
The point to be borne i.i mind Is* marriage may be changed from year
that, save in the Province of Quebec1 tu year, not. by the action of the ieg-
the Ne Temere prohibitions are noth- Mature, but as the result of a
Ing but a disciplinary regulation by change in church regulations made in
a church. In these provinces a couple I Rome.
this arrogant claim of supremacy It
must be said thai it comports neither with this continent nor this century. Marriage having regard to its
relation to property and civil rights,
is one of the matters with which a
modern state must deal. It is difficult to believe that, the issue having
been raised and the need for the civil recognition of marriage made plain
the legislature of Quebec will fall in
its duty.
may be married by the clergyman of
nny reeognizi-,1 denomination. The
religion of the parties to the union
and the religion of tbe officiating
clergyman have nothing to do with
lhe validity of the marriage. Marriage is a civil contract; but the provinces (Quebec excepted) instead of
making provision themselves for executing it, huve delegated the work
to thc churches, recognizing all clergymen as equally competent to performed the marriage ceremony.
Thus in  Manitoba  as in  the    other
The feelings of indignatioo aroused
throughout Canada hy the patent
cruelty of the Hebert case have not
been allayed by tbe defences put forward by various apologists. These
mainly consist, of technicalities
which exasperate rather than convince. For instance, there is thc
contention that it is not correct to
say that the Hebert marriage. was
voided because there had never been
a marriage, This, of course, begs
the whole question, Tbe ceremony
through   which  Mr.   Hebert  and  Miss
Canadian provinces, with the except-! Clotistre passed would constitute a
ion noted, the prohibition of the No I valid marriage in every part of the
Temere decree enn he enforced only i British Umpire save Quebec, and
by spiritual authority. To illustrate: would equally civilized nations of
If Iwo Roman Catholics or a Roman ' the world. Further, the couple lived
Catholic and a Protestant, nre mar- together'for three years, acknowledg-
ried by a Protestant clergyman, the, ing themselves to the world as man
marriage is binding on both parties and wife; nnd to the union a child
In such cases, the Roman Catholic | wns born. In not a few commiiui-
parties to these marriages commit allies this in itself would constitute a
serious offence against, the rules of common law marriage even hnd it
the church and doubtless lay them-! not been preceded by a public cere-
selves open to punishment. The mony. Thnt the state should not
chttrcb authorities may consider tbe recognize this marriage ns binding,
marriage invalid, but this does not deferring obediently to the ecclesiast-
ellect the fact that thc marriage is, leal ruling in the case, has seemed to
legal and thai all the civil rights' the people of Canada an almost in-
arising therefrom are enforceable in credible outrage. The indignation
tbe courts. It may iie true that bus found expression, here and there,
trouble is likely to arise through Ro-1 in language wbich shows u failure to
mini  Catholics  deserting their  lawful  discriminate  between   the   position   ol
mates from a feeling thnt their reh
tions are sinful in  the eyes      of
church; but the other party to     thc
union suffers no legal liability  thereby and the legitimacy of the children
cannot be questioned.
the  Roman Catholic church, which is
the   her  own   concern,  and  the action    of
the state,  which is the concern      of
us all.
The  Quebec  legislator!'  .should  hns-
ten to bring the marriage law ot the
In short the Hebert ease could not province Into harmony with the rcas-
nrise elsewhere than in Quebec. The unable and proper law operating
Legislature of that province, instead throughout the rest ot the British
of making a general marriage law, Empire, whicli recognizes us valid
has taken the position that all mar- any marriage performed by tho cler-
riages recognized as legal by the gymaii of*any recognized church. Quo-
churches in the rules governing their bee has apparently exclusive jurisdic-
membersliip, shall he so regarded by tion in all matters affecting the sol-
the courts, while marriages declared emnization of matrimony; but the
invalid by thc churches, owing to the legislature can hardly afford to flout
infraction  of  their  rules
ipso facto, hy the courts     	
islature has repudiated its own pow- an Influential minority of its own
ers and has made the courts of thc province. To the demand that this
land mere registering agencies for, be done, the reply is being made in
the decisions of church courts. Tech- certain quarters that the legislature
nically all churches are thus equally must not interfere, since marriage is
recognized; in practice, tbe effect of purely an aflair of the church, with
the law is to give to the Roman Ca-! whicli  the state has  no  concern.    Of
ire   voided, I the views of the  people  of the other
Thc Leg-   provinces,   which  arc  held  also       by
Montreal, May 29.—Officials of the
large transportation interests in
Montreal are questioning one another
as to the meaning of certain clauses
which appear in bills presented to
the United States House of Representative- recently. They fear that
they are aimed against them and
are worded with n view to seeing to
it that Canadian transportation interests do nol benefit as a result ol
any increased traffic between Canada
nnd the United States. liill 4660
which was introduced in the House
of Representatives by Mr. Utieker of
Colorado, contains the following
"Every vessel not of thc United
States that shall arrive direct from
ber own country, its colony, or pos
session, ln ballast or with merchandise produced there, or with pnsseu-
gers in a less proportion thnn one
third of her burden capacity, for
freight or passengers as aforesaid,
shall pay a duty on the gross measurement in addition to the regular
duty imposed hy law ns follows: —
On all vessels not exceeding 2,MM)
tons, 10 cents per ton; not exceeding
2,400 tons, 25 cents per ton; between 4,000 and 8,000 tons, 50 cents
a ton; between 8,000 and 12,(100 tons,
75 cents a ton; between 12,000 and
111,0011 tons, Ifi a ton; between 16,000
and 20,000 Ions, $1.25 a ton; exceeding 20,000 tons,  $1.25 a ton."
This is taken as a direct slap at
Canadian coastwise shipping, and
particularly at the boats ol the Canadian I'acilic, now doing so profitable a trade between Vancouver, Seattle and Alaska, It also hits at
tho ocean service, present or prospective, which may be run between
Halifax and the West. Indies, and at
Uritish bottoms, plying along the
Atlantic coast from Yarmouth, Hall-
fax or Bt. John's to Boston, Portland, or other American  ports.
Toilet ammonia, toilet soaps, toilet waters. Choicest makes at Mac-
doiial'd's drug store.
Moving   pictures  tonight.
Opera House, Friday Night, June 2
19-Gorgeous Scenes-19       20-New Songs-20       4l)-PcopIc40
The Merriest of All Musical Extravaganzas
A Bewitching Dazzle of Sparkling Costumes,
Scenery, Girls,   Music
Harry  B.   Watson and   Rose Boylon's-Arthur
The Sixty Smile a Minute Show.
60 Seats at $2.    200 Scats at $1.50.    150 Se ts at $1
Admission, 75c.       -       Children, 25c.
Plan at Macdonald's Drug Store
at ii
A representative of our company, Mr. R. H. Corbett, will be here at Mr. S. G. Robbins' office on June
7th with all particulars and data for the sale of lots in our beautiful subdivision MONTRELYNVIEW.
No doubt a great number have read of this subdivision in the newspapers recently, and if you have
you are eure to be acquainted with the success of our Name Competition, which was assuredly the greatest of its kind ever held in the Province. As evidence of this the number of letters received goes to prove.
There wsre over 5000 letters received, containing over 10,000 names of competitors, and from these
competitors over 15,000 names for the subdivision suggested. From amongst the 15,000 names
" MONTRELYNVIEW' was selected by our Board of Directors as being the most appropriate.
There Is no question MONTRELYNVIEW
is one of tho rheapest subdivisions ever offered
to the pub!:< . Its location, overlooking Burnaby
Lake, in addition to having three car lines with
in a few minutes walk, make it exceptionally
attractive, The new Vancouver, Westminster,
Burnaby line passing in front of the property,
the City car line witnin four blocks, and the Van-
couver-W'slminster, via Central Park, passing
close behind thu property. There is no question
MONTREL i NVIEW is the coming Bon Ton
residential section for both New Westminster
and Vancouver,
A $12,000 House and Two lots Free
With all these attractions we are offering
a beautiful house now situated on the property,
to the purchasers. Every purchaser ot a lot is
entitled to a chance in a drawing for the house
and two lots. This house cost $12,000, and Mr.
Gordon, who is now residing in it, has deposited
with us a marked cheque for $7,SOO to purchase it from the fortunate person, should he
wish to sell, immediately the drawing is
Every lot is over one-fifth of an acre and
range in prices from $550 to $850 a lot, according to location. Every street in MONTRELYNVIEW is to be macadamized and sidewalks laid
immediately. The views of the house and sur-
rounaing country can now be seen at the office
of Mr. Robbins.
Don't let this chance of getting one of,these
exceedingly cheap lots go by, in addition to
possibly getting one of the most luxuriant residences on the Coast. If impossible to call at
Mr. S, G. Robbins' office send your address to him
and our Mr. Corbett will be pleased to call on you-
The People's Trust Company, Limited
451 Columbia Street, New Westminster, B, G
the, revelstoke
The Famous I.eckic Loggers' Hoots and our own
make a ways in stock. See our Pack Straps antl
Tack Sacks.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Makers
REM3I.STOK1S.   1$. C.
Os  Atal Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - -    $4400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greyest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 Degree of Ilea
Natural Hot Water ill Baths.    O   "C All Year
Rates from $12 to $15 Per Week
Enlarged f
Have the Best!     It Pays!
You can get the best of
Everything in the line of
At the Reliable Headquarters
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows him, he will
till you that the whitkeys we are
telling are the hest. Call and tie
convinced. No household should
be nitbout a supply of cur Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guurantesd
80 years old or Blackberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcellid. Sold hy all
the leading hotelf, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
importers and Dealers in Puro Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Fruit and Vegetable
Boxes and Grates
Our Uox Factory is now running antl
wc ure in a position to supply all kinils
■ol Iruit ami vegetable boxes ami crates,
Those who Iiave not already sent us
their orders should do K Bl miii* as Ihey
are coming in last, ami we would like to
deliver   all   orders   in   good   lime'    Our
boxes are equal lo any on the market
and prices 11111 he had on application to
8. McMahon, Kevelstoke, or to
Salmon Aiiii, B. Ci
Eggs for Hatching
Klioile Island Red.
Bllver-laced Wyandotte alld Buff Leghorn, pel letting, $2.00,
i.iimUii gooae eras, .50c. each,
lYUin duels (11 eggs) J2.00,
Day old ducklings,
Daj? old chicks a specially.
Write or Phone 212.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
proved.    First-ClasB in every respect,    All modern convenience
Large .Sample Rooms.
$2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
X.    ALBEBT     STQ3STE      JFROI3.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. 1 make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes. Pants, Sox. Shirts
Elankets and everything
required in your business.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
For Sale
25-foot  Lot and  House, Thiul Street
Three Lots on Second Street, near the
new Post Ollice, $12(10.
House and Lot near Y.M.C.A., $8160.
Two   lo's  and   House, Third   Street,
House and Lot, Kirst Street, Dear the
new Post Ofllce, $211)0.
55 feet on Sixth Street, $7(10.
50 feet on Victoria Road, $o*">(i.
12 Room House, Second Street, 50-fo it
lot, $4500.
And olher flret-c'ass values.
Call and investigate
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
Fruii Lands
Galena Bay lands in parcels of
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited,
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
New Grove Farm, Revelstoke.
Moving i'lcuit* Tvnigtit.
John Lee
Drygoods Store
Dressmaking and Jewelry
Hand-Painted China, Rattan Chairs, and fancy
things, Ba'tenbnrg Bed
Spreads, Shams, Scarfsfor
Dressers, etc.
Removed to opposite side
of Street (rom Central
Prices Reasonable P 0 Boi 208
Front St.. Lower Town, Reveletoke
Let me paint your house right. I do
nothing but first-class work. Quality
considered my price is low. The best
materials used and work done when
promised, Try me on your interior
Decorating. My work is guaranteed to
SIGNS -I can furnish vou with any
kind you want. Glass, brass, till, cloth
or wood. Get mv prices.
I Carriage and Wagon Painting at my
shop in alley back of K. J. Bourne's
Slore, First Street.
residence Cor. 3rd St. and Robson a.e
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Arriving daily our new aid
fresh sto'*k of Seeds, iroivn
tinder coi,tract iiy the best
growers in all parts of the
world. Seeds that will give
you the beat results. One trial
will onnvince you. Also a full
line of garden requisites, Iui-
pli'ini'ins of iill kind-; liie
Supplies, Spray ers, Spray, and
a in1! line of chick Feeds and
Conkev's remedies Press tlie
billion, we will do the root.
M. J. Henry Nurseries
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,   -  Manager
Vancouver, U. C.
Repairs ol all   kinds   neatly dolus
Bicycle and Gun work a specialty
Estimates given on any class
of work
Front       Street,
f-'pecial Attention given to commercial
n.'n and tourists. First-class sample
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
VV. J. Lightburne. Prop
Maonfftetartd for Alt oia*tat of  boildluffi
For snl* in lure* or 'mull QPAOtlltM
Rt thn lnwn-t  i-rm* fi rcn.«li
All kiii'1- (if bui Mine nml ih«-t«rln«
Foote & Pradolini,
Adonis superior educational advantages. Handsome new brick building,
modern equipment, exlciiaivogrounas.
Classes graded In accordance with lhe
ichools throughout this Province.
Complete Music and An Departments.
Special com scs iu Shorthand, Typewriting and Book-keeping, Particular
attention given lo refinement ol manners and correct Knglish.
For Proapeotue. Address The An- domy.
ShiM's Gure
n  slop* Tondbl,   cures colds,   h>*nla
I.. Ibrsat aad luafa,      •  •   •     39 casta,
you ciin be,
our Business is
321 Cambie Street,
i^Vaixcoxiver B.C.^,
>   A Symposium of What is Happening in
J All Parts! of the World *
i^m*%*»V%.**V»fc%V%^MV%.*» s-k**V%^sv». *»>•%. 1w-»i.*%.*%.'%.%'»V»V»V»V%%'V^
This Old Gentlemen
Cured of Rheumatism
By On* Box of GIN PILLS
Yarmouth, n.S.
"I have bten bothered with Rheumatism for thc past year anil have taken
\ good many different kinds of medicine
ind found no relief for it.
One day a friend advised me to try
GIN PII.I.S, and nfter taking one box
of them, I felt like a new man, I
thought I would write you a few lines
to let you know hnw thankful I am for
the relief they gave me, and would
adriae all sufferers Irom Rheumatism to
Don't bother with liniments and so-
called "blood purifiers". They won't
help your kidneys— and Rheumatism Ls
caused by weak, strained or irritated
kidneys. The only possible way to cure
Rheumatism, is tocurc the kidneys. GIN
PILLS will do this as nothing else will.
Take GIN PILLS NOW and be free
from Rheumatism this winter. 50c. a
ben—6 for J2.50—and money promptly
refunded il you arc not satisfied.
Order from us if your dealer does nol
handle GIN PILLS. Sample boi sent
free on request. National lung and
Chemical Co., Dept. W., Toronto. 57
The original
'iin Pill* made by
National Drugand
Chemical Co. of
Canada Limited,
Toronto, are (old
only In thlt box.
FOR SALK—Two cheap propertied on
Third street, nenr Cowan Blook,   l|
storey    liouM,   alio    u Bungalow
Handing on a corntr lot.      Apply
.lollll   llnl by. I,ii",     1:112,      GludtftOUS
Avenue, Victoria, B. C. lm
Moving J'loturei Tonight.
Dr. Peck died iu Colvllle lust week.      In Hazelton Peter Pavich was fined
$2u  fur refusing to clean his      backyard.
ick c
will   soon
have   three   barber
There are lour  baseball teams      in
Italians are  raising tons ol grapes
at Sirdar.
1100 brewery.
police lorce has      been
will   soon   have   a     $60,*
A   dyeing   factory   has   beeu started
in Cliil'liwack.
P.   B.   Burns
shop in Hope.
is   building   a
Wisconsin   potatoes  arc  lieing  sold
in Scuttle.
Slabs are selling in Grand
for {1.50 a load.
A daily auto stage line is now in
operation between Keremeos and
The provincial government has given $1,000 to the fire department of
Hope now bas two newspapers, one
of them printed on golden colored
Cranberries are to be grown extensively in the vicinity of South
Bend, Wash.
In  Vancouver   thc  cily  market   opens ou June 12.
The sawmill
nt  Kaslo  has  resumed
A   cement hotel   will   be  built
Rupe this summer.
Sloan  Bros,   have
office in Steamboat.
ipencd   an   assay
The      Royal   Bank   has  opened
branch at Rosedale.
There are three  baseball  teams
Skagway this summer.
A  C.P.R.   engine  recently
10S curs out ol Kamloops.
J. S. Morgan has been appointed
polico magistrate ill Merritt.
About 12,000 speckled trout were
put Into Violin lake last week.
Near Bossburg, J. C. Anderson
has planted 15 ucres in beans.
A new townsite has beon put on
the  market  at   Spcnce's  Bridge.
It costs  $20  to  get drunk  in
George, for the whiskey alone.
Herman (.'lever of New Denver
buying  beef cattle  extensively
Jim's pool room in Ashcroft
been  bought by  J.  0. Freeman,
Maple  Creek.
Percy Godenrath  expects to
the   first newspaper  in      the
River  i*ountry.
At Canyon City in Kast Kootenuy thc saw mill is cutting 40,000
feet of lumber daily.
For the Skeena River trade P.
Burns & Co., are building an ab-
battoir  ai   Port  Essington.
James Munroe, tbc Mayor of
Chilliwack, has sold his hardware
store  to  Denmark  &  Burton.
There are five autos iu
summer -
J. S. Murray has opened a short
order  restaurant  in  Blairmore.
Harry     Hughes    has    opened
ice cream parlor in Ladysmith.
I/ester Patrick, tho hockey player,
is now a resident ol Victoria.
A Summerland barber does business in  Naramata,  once a week.
S. S. Fairhead has 5,000 tomato
plants on  his ranch near Cieston.
From 15 to 30 prospectors daily
arc going  into  thc Steamboat camp.
Five carloads of soap have been
shipped from  Vniicoiiucr to China.
There will be a Local Option convention in Kclowna, on  June 27.
During the past winter 40.000 Can-
a-dinns paid a visit to California. 1
A stage now runs three times a
week, between Oroville und  Penticton
Paddy Murphy hns been elected captain of the Enderby baseball club.
Pete Annauce is operating a pack
train   between   Hope  and   Steamboat.
The police are breuking up the
Chinese gambling dens in Chilliwack.
McPhee & Kerr ol Abboisford, have
opened  a grocery store  111  Hope.
Little Axe is the name ul the richest Blaekfuot  Indian  in Alberta.
There are many strangers in Bark-
ervillc   looking   (or   employment.
James Banford. the well known
miner died in Chilliwack, aged 40
The Bank of Montreul hai opened
branches at Athalmar and Port
Kclowna had given its brass band
a grant of 150 a month, for sn months.
Pool aiid Millard rooms in Hu;-*
are not inrmittcd to do business on
M. It. Jamie-ton has lieon granted
a llcjiior license lor his hotel at Stewart.
George Fagcon hns bought the Intercuts ol L. A. Manly In the Kettle
Valley, near Grand Forks aud will
settle   in  that  locality,
Calalogup nnri Hntes on Appliratiou,
Address 1     blbiKK hWKiiiuji.
The section men of the Cnnadian
Northern railway have bad their
wagos increased 14  per cent.
Lcni Broiighton is driving the first
Hock ol sheep trom the Chilcotin
country  to Bulkley valley.
Ei-mayor Stork of l'rince Rupert,
and Fernie, and his wife have gone
to  England lor  a  four months  visit.
Harry Williams died of hean failure in Hazelton. Years ago he lived on the ,west arm of Kootenay lake
During March 600 drummers stopped at one ol the hotels in Sicamous
on their way to the Okanagan.
In Merritt the chiel ol police is
on duty 18 hours for $100. The second constable receives $60 a month.
Lawn tennis and lacrosse, are the
favorite sports in (Juesnel. Poker is
only played by a lew ol the old-timers.
Ignace Van Der Bom has bought
.10 acres ol land near Chilliwack,
upou which he will establish a nursery.
The Provincial police headquarters
for the Atlin and Skeena districts
have been established at Prince Rupert.
The Hope News says that the trail
to Steamboat is like a path in Stanley park. This will make it easy (or
Jack Delaney alter being in busi -
ness (or 16 years at /New Denver, and
making $10,000 has moved to Idnho
to settle down.
It is astonishing how the west is
advancing. An Indian is being pro-
s.cutcd at Creston for shooting a
blue grouse out o( season.
lu June the government telegraph
line will be into Stewart. Tho toll
from that camp to Vancouver will he
•>I.5U (or 10 words.
Rock uytters are being shipped
nom the queen Charlotte Islunds. In
nine these oysters muy make Rupe
the  Baltimore  ol the  Pacific  coast.
Tlie asses-ed value of the real estate in Prince Rupert is a little over
|1»,000,000. In thut city uo taxes
in* collected (or improvements.
Between, Stewart uud the Naas river there is a glacier to cross that Is
!*• miles long, and the journey over
it sometimes takea prospectors flve
The North Pacific Lumber Co.'s
Umber limits on Cultus lake, "nud
the Chilliwack river have been sold
lor $1,650,000. Tbc price averaged
$44 an acre.
In Ladysmith many small boys are
addicted to jumping onlo railway
trail a in motion. Thc authoritieM
should stop this dangerous practise
in  every  part  o( the country.
Liquor licenses have been refused
the Cosmopolitan hotel at Blairmore
and the Imperial at Frank unless the
marui*.t*ment of these houses is changed.
Murphy Bros, of Bonners Ferry,
b.iv. liken over the suwmill at Buck
Creek m East Kootenay, and will
employ *'.» men. Their lirst vnh
will he 1.1 HII a large order for |jcs
Irom Ihi Canadian Northern railway, llu) will ship lumber to
towns in  Alberta.
MoviO|   pictures  tonight. WORD
Opportunity for wealth is knocking at your door.    Will you a<
You can count on your finger tips scores of persons of your owi
have purchased property and have become independently rich,
if you act right now.     Do not let the other fellow get in aheail
The City of the Interior!
The City of Steady
A Retrospect
A Regret
Twenty years ago she was but a little
village of four or five hundred. You could
in half an hour count every house. Then
you had no faith in her possibilities for
growth and you didn't invest your earnings. You passed the opportunity up and
to-day you are not much further ahead.
Have you been a Rip Van Winkle and
slept for these past twenty years ? If so
you must now wake up to the possibilities
of the next twenty years and regret your
inaction. Sit down and look yourself in
the face, ask yourself if you have acted
wisely Be honest about it and answer the
question in all seriousness.
If you invest in Revelstoke Property now, you are investing in a sure k£r
tion but an investment, and one that will pay yon handsome dividends,
make money, write,  Phone or Call on us without delay.
Dominion   Seeupii
CHAS. A. BARNUM, Secretary and Manager. m$><H*$>-
t ?    If you do she will lead you on to fortune and independence.
intance who have stepped into cities before the boom started,
[are just as clever as they and their experience will be yours
pu and take all the profits.    No better investment in the West.
Persistent Growth!
Invest Right at Home!!
A Prospect
With the surety that Pulp, Paper and
Lumber Mills are to be established here,
you know that this City must go ahead
in leaps and bounds in the next few years.
Can you afford to let the opportunity of
becoming independent slip by for ever?
Just look ahead. With the increased development, property must advance correspondingly and if you act now you are the
A Resolve
Decide right now. If you want a Lot
or a few lots, get them now before they
double or treble in value. Make up your
mind right now that there will be no more
of that Rip Van Winkle business for you.
Thousands of homes will be needed for the
large number of workers in these various
enterprises and you don't want to be forced
to live out in the suburbs owing to the increased price of property. Think it over
and decide at once.
Baker.     The element of chance is entirely obliterated.     It is not a specula-
and to win several hundred per cent, and lose nothing.    If you want to
Corner First Street West, and Connaught Ave WEDNESDAY, MAV 31, rut*
.%^^^%*.^v^^%»^%^%^^^^ %%%*%-»%>j
m/% +%^%&%i+%i%I%++WW+'+ ^ %'%'%/*^*'%/%'%^'%*"
FOUR TEAMS WILL COMPETE.     | Two fingers  might  lie a  signal,
It  ih  expected  that   belore  this
the player would touch his cup
Revelstoke  Land  District.
RevelBtoke   Land  District. I    Dirt-Hcl; ol West Kootenay.
District "I W.'st  Kootenay. |    Take  notice  that Edith  Ci.  MeVity
Take notice that Lydia A. Wick, of ,fjf  Hevelstoke, B.C.,   occupation  mar
Nelson,    li.  c,   occupation married ried woman   lntends to apply
woman, Intends to apply Ior perratu- LermlSBlon 10 purchase the   (ollowing
i        ,i,n loiiowlni'     do- mission to purchase the [ollowing de-
sion to purchase the following     ut    de80rjb8(j iall,i. .      ,   . ,    ,
.,    ,  , i                                                        ,   ,           scribed lands.
scribed lands. i Commencing a    a post planted    on
r. „..i  Mi.nted    10        """"r"     =     ,',,,,,                   Commencing  at a post planted    on
Commencing at a  poet  pl.intcu    iu i ,          t ,     k    f  tlle  Columbia river1                        •                      \
..    , u ,,.      ,',„.,„,,*    of , ... .,     .,     .,   „,    .   the shore ol Shelter Day at the north
chains  south   trom  S.E.    Uornei     oi   8U ohalnB north   rom the North West       ... '
Revelstoke  Land   District.
District  ol  West  Kootenay.
Take notice that I, R. Smith,
Tor ' Revelstoke, occupatian,    B. C.
Surveyor,   intend   to  apply  Ior
sue reaches th- public  that the rcgu- j other  times  with  one,   three  or  four
lar baseball schedule lor the summer seuson will be arranged and
tbut publication will be given it in
our next issue. The preliminary
schedule, which has just been played
ofl, is significant ol the (act that
there will lie real lively emulation,
as tbis schedule Bhows that ol the
three teams which were playing there
was little to choose between them
as .'ar as games were concerned.
These three teams—the Corley House,
the Business Men and the Pirates —
e.ich won two games out  ol the six,
it . the matter ol runs the Corley
Hous was away Id the lead «ith a
16 i uns foi three games
played The Pirates with five games
playi I succeeded In getting 2ti inns,
avl tl Bu ness Men with lour games secured 17 runs.
Por tii" coming schedule it is expected tl'Ait four teams will be lined
up, ■     le    the   three already    in
the tield the youngsters are lining up
and organizing a team which will
play under the cognomen ol the
"Baby Giant3." This latest aggregation will be given the chance to
show what they are made ol and
where tbey stand In comparison with
thc other teams, on Saturday morn
ing when they arc scheduled to lead
oft the season's spoil with some one
ol   the   other   teams. Tho       Baby
Giants will be made,up from the following aggregation:—Bruce, J. Hume
Lyttle. E, <'.. Woodland. MeCarter
Daniels. Corley, G. Woodland, McLeod, Anderson and S. Samson. The
battery will be .1. Hume, pitcher and
Bruce catcher. Among this aggregation is some pretty classy little play
ers and it is ami* ipated they will
give the others In the field a run for
their  money.
fingers to protect his signal.
lading right or left, foot,
Hitting  the  plate   with  tin.
number of times.
Jerk the shoulder.
Turn one foot.
Throw   the head  back.
A good hitter will generally look
a I the man on lirst hase hefore the
pitcher winds up, This is probably
ilu* besi of all the hit and run Big
nals employed, it Is one thai defies
detection. Nearly every club can
show  a  few   players  who employ   It.
"H. ML B." . • $1.00 lb.
" 5 O'Clock," . .60c. "
" Old Country," . .50c. "
" Capital Household," .40c. "
At Best Shops
I Timber    limit    9898 and on  the  west
i side ot  the  South  Fork  of Fosthall
Creek six miles west of Upper Arrow
Lake  and   running  north   SO      chains,
'east. 811 chains,  south    SII chaius and
west 80 chains to point of commencement,    being  the    S,   W.  Corner    ot
The Emperor of Russia and the
King oi Sweden Iiave given evidence
ol their inieiMsi in the forthcoming
games at Stockholm by presenting
new challenge trophies lor competi
tion at the 191*2 games, The disposition ol the trophies is left to t he
discretion ol the International Olympic committee.
St. Leon
ot Springs
Although the ollicial list ol spoils
lor the Y.M.C.A. held day on Satui
day ne\i. which is a public holiday,
lias not yet heen completed, it is apparent that Bport lovers will be provided with as good a day a- was
ever dished up on local grounds. The
program will include running, jump -
ing, luittiiiL* the shot, lacrosse, baseball, pole vaulting and bicycle races.
In the morning a baseball game will
be played on the Y.M.C.A. grounds,
between the Y.M.C.A. team and another local team. In the afternoon
at the recreation grounds the Y.M.C.
A. team will compete with a team
from Comaplix which will arrive in
tlie city the night previous, while a
lacrosse match will he arranged between the high school lacrosse team
and a team trom Vei non if the lai t ir
can possibly get up here. If they
cannot gel here another local team
will play the high school hoys. In
addition to these games ihere will bi
i.lulling, jumping, pole vaulting and
bicycle races. Sports commence at
1.30. Th* la lies auxiliary to tin
Y.M.C.A. will open a booth on tin
field where refreshments can be pur
\ the close oi the sport
in the afternoon Mr. C. !■'. Lindmark
will distribute the  prizes to the win
. * -    ;■ of the grand stand.
Admission to the grounds will bc
25 cents and to the grand stand .''
i ent-  extl I
During the imi ent fanfest in Brook
i •     il   :    yer figured thi     mus!
be ,'.*  least    00 difli rent Bigns       l  *
major league.      Since there is  •
: • .t..   it  ...  the hardest  thing     n
• la   game I ting ilsh them.
K •     il   move  may  lie  .,   hit
and  run sign      when an    expei *
player   - at tbe bat,     For  Inst
for seven years  Hughic Jennings  had
a hit and rtw *'<-'n that waa
olved lar a*- known not   ised
by any othei player during the
■I'M   MM.*        *,.'*. '     hlS
over in- ihouldei    I hi     •* n le
give tb        Ign and     re
■:   ■ bro igl •
'•'.. w playi
"ia   ■■*■• Jennings
the  ilgi tence
- t ■* ■   Urodte
team had .*. mid
pull  up 1 i       It did not
i long li Bush and  ti ti id on •
*   the game, Co     nearly
.ilw,*.,..-  in i ...•*■*     .  * hewing  „• .in    in
the grtiii".     wn, a  the Georgian    wh
working ; hi   gum It  meant     that ,.
would hit tlir Ik's!  tit
"We w inie ' Keeler u«ed tn
his hand across Ins   h   I I 11
''hase thought It wan a goi   . ■ a" and
also employed   ihal   signal
evei *■! clubs wero "wise ti   it."
A  good way  to keep thc lill      hii
run  - L-.     "i.t  is to use 11.-in    with
nobody on. a player like Cobb, who
is always In motion at bat, has iho
easiest time In getting away with n
hit nml run sign. Cobb makfi
•bout thirty different moves, any ot
which might he n signal tn a man on
Here are a few others thnl hn *e
been used in tbe majoi  leagues:
Bringing np the km eg.
Spreading the hands "ii the bat.
Touching the tap with tin   dnplt,
His Majesty the King hu- presented
a silver cup to he competed for under National Cyclists' Union rules
nt the Norwich chanty sports on
June ll. The cup. whicli is to ho
known as llu* "King's Cup." will be
a   perpetual   challenge   trophy,
tt is possible that Bernic Schweng
er, northwest tennis champion, may
bo ->eni east this summer to compete In some ol the big tournaments
M.t Niagara, Ottawa Or Huston. This
iS being seriously discussed Iiy the
members of the Victoria Tennis
Sau    Francisco   will  not get      the
Olympic games for her exposition
1915.      Instead the meet  will  be held
the following year at  derma
act  was   made  known   yesterday   in
ahlegram  slating  that   the  Olympic'
ommittce  now  is  session  at  Buda -
ies!  is pledged  to Berlin.
Hot baths especially recom-
uii n led for invalids and those in need of
toning up,
Exclusivi baths provided for Indies. 26
Private Rooms  handsomely  lilted up,
Kates -.' per ilav. Special Kale lor
weekly visitors,
H    CDJ.5IN5,   PROP.
Ni3\v & Secondhand Store
We buy ami sell ot exchange
Furniture, Stoves, Kitchen ware,
Men's Clothing, etc., etc.
■'T "* <J. C. Hull, - Proprietor
t..,. i.,.. *
Vi. Fogwell, the New 'Zealand chain
aion, has challenged Ernest Ban;,,
lor the Knglish championship and is
ipparently thought a great deal of
iy his intimate friends. amongst
.vhom is Hick Arnst, the world's
Moving   pictures   tonight.
WANTED—Live man or woman wanted for work at home paying $2.0*0
or $:;.":) per day with opportunity
to advance. Spare time can be
used. Work not difficult and requires no experience. Winston,
Limited.  Spadina Ave., Toronto.
FOR SALE—l'CO acres Crown Grant,
near Okanagan Falls, Osoyoos Division, suitable for fruit, S100 per
acre. Apply to Harris & Sturgess
Victoria,  B.  0.
Corner ot Lot 8301A, Group One, Kootenay District, and marked "Edith
(1. McVity's South-West Corner
Post," thence east *10 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 40
more or less to the east bank of the
Columbia river; thenee south along
Lydla  Wick's location containing 640 |the eaBt bank o( the  0ol!ambla river
acres more or less.
Dated   12th April, 1911.
M.lO-tiO .1. II. Feeney, Agent
Revelstoke   Land   Disl rict.
District  of   West Kootenay.
Take nolice that Henry It. MeVity,
of Kevelstoke, B, 0., occupation, accountant, intends to apply for permission to purchase lhe lollowiug described land.
on       the       east
80  (hains  more  orlcss  to  the    point
ot  commencement.,      containing      320
acres more or less.
Dated May Kith,  Dili.
Per  Charles   Robbins,    Agent,
Revelstoke  Lund  District.
District ot West Kootenay.
Take notice that  the Arrow Lakes
Lumber Company, Limited, intend to
upply to the Minister of Lauds      for
I   a    post    planted   permission to lease  the  following debunk      ot      tho ; scribed lands
end ot Arrow Lakes at an angle of
L 8110.1, and marked R. Smith's
Angle Corner Post, thence north 40
chains more or less to a poBt ot Lot
811G.1.) thence west 20 chains, thence
south 60 chains, thence east 40
chains moro or less to the shore ot
Shelter Bay, thence north along the
said shore to the point ot commencement, containing 100 acres more or
Dated April  13th,  l'Jll.
KOOTENAY     LODGE,  No.   A A. *F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings aro held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddlellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in,each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
SELKIRK      LODGE 12,  1.  O.  0. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K. G. McRAE, N. G.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
Columbia river at the north-east1 Commencing at a post planted on
corner of Lot 8301A, Group One, Ko-ithc shore line of U')"cr Am,w Lalsc'
otenay District, and marked "Henry* at a Poittt about 737.2 leet easterly
H. McVity's South-West Corner jfrom the 8°nth Bast corner of Lot
Post," thence east 40* chains, thence |a84. Gl'°uP 0ne> Kootenay District,
north 80 chains, thence west 40 innd marked "Arrow Lakes Lumber
chains more or less to the cast bank j Company Limited North East Corner
ol the Columbia river; thence south Post". Thence south into the wat-
along tbe eust hank of the Columbia j ers of uPl>er Arrow Lake a distance
river 80 chains more or less to     the !°f 20° ,eet* thence westerly end par-
point of commencement,     containing
320 acres, more or less.
Dated May ll'dh. 1911,
Per Charles Robbins,    Agent.
Plants for Sale
Strawberry Plants
$1.00 Per Hundred
Phone 56
i allel to the shore-line of the said lake
a distance of about 3133.2 feet   to a
j point 200 feet  South from a      point
on the shore of said lake which      is
3133.2 feet     westerly from the southeast coioei  of said  Lot 384;     thence
north  200 feet to the shoro line  " ot
said  lake,  thence  easterly along    the
shore ol said lake 3133.2 tcet more or
less to the     point ol commcncemt«t
17  acres moro or less.
Dated April 22nd, 1911.
Arrow Lakes Lumber
Company Limited.
Ed. McGaghran, Agent.
THIS   IS   -A.   EEAL   S1*"-A:P II
Tenders will be received up to June
3rd, 1911 tor the erecting of a Hoard
ing House at Rogers Pass, British
Columbia, for the Canadian Pacilic
Plans and Specilicatious can be hud
at the Office ot thc undersigned.
Resident   Engineer.
Revelstoke, May 20th, 1911,
Certilicate  ol Improvement.
WaikOiieid, Helm, Colorado, Del
Norte, Uol Hey, Man Juan, Delta,
and Marguerite Mineral Claims, situate iu the Lardeau Mining Division
West Kootenay District. Where
located:—on Mohawk  Creek.
Take Notice that 1, A. H. Green,
acting as agmt for John R. llinry,
Special Free Miner's Certificate No.
3K1U, intend, sixty dayB trom date
hereof, to apply to the Miuing Re
colder for Certificates of improve
ments, for the purpose oi obta.nmg
Crown Grants of thj above claims.
And further take notice that action
under section 3*7, must be commenced
belore the issuance of such Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day ot October, A.
D„ 1910.
the    Mutter    ot    the    Estate
Thomas McMahon, deceased.
This House is offered   for   sale   at   a   large   discoiint from
value.   Terms to suit purchasers.
Notice is hereby given that
creditors and others having claims
against the Estate of Thomas McMahon, laic of Revelstoke, It. C, deceased, who died at Revelstoke on or
about the 10th day of November, 1910
are ieyiicsted to send to the undersigned Solicitors (or Donald Mcintosh, Executor ot the last will of
said deceased, .within 00 days from
date, full particulars of their claims,
duly verilied and thai alter thut
date the said Executor will proceed
to distribute thc said estate amongst
those entitled thereto, regard being
had only to those claims of which
Haid Executar shall bave then received notice
Hevelstoke  Land District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that Marie Scott, of
Nelson, 11. C, occupation married
woman, intends to apply for permission 10 purchase tho 'following described lunds.
Commencing at a post planted 80
chains west trom the S.W. Corner ol
Lot 8148 and running north 80 chaius
east 80 chains, south 80 chains, west
80 chains to point of commencement,
being Marie Scott's South WeBt Corner Post.
Dated May 15th, 1911.
Per  J.  li. Feeney, Agent
MT.     BEGBIE,   No. S461.
OF I. 0. F.
Meets in I. CX. O. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every Becond
and fourth Monday in month. Visit-
ng brethren cordially  welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   8.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Sec.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,       K.  of    P.,
NO,   26,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   O.
Meets every   Wednesday  except   the
Third Wednesday of each month     in
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock.  Vlsit-
,ng Knights are cordially invited.
J. Y.  SIMPSON, C.  C.
G. H. BROCK, K.  of K. & S.
M. of F.
C. W. 0.  W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meets Second    aad     Fourth  Wednesdays    in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS,  Com. Com.
Revelstoke   Laud District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Taac notice that W. D. McArthur,
ol Nelson, B. c, occupation timber
cruiser, intends to upply for permis-
sian to purchuse the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
N. E. Corner ot Lot 8148 planted at
north 80 chains, west 80 chains
south 80 chains, cast 80 chains to
point ot commencement, being S. E.
Coiner ot W. D. McArthur's locution
and containing 040 acres more or less
Dated 13tU April, l'Jll.
M. 10-00 J. H. Feeney, Agent
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Revelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Rovelstoke,    B.    C,     and
Cranbrook, B. C.
Geo. S. McOarter,
V. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
In the matter of an Application (or
tho issue ot a Duplicate Certificate ol
Title to Lots 1 aud 2, Block 56 Town
of Revelstoke.
Notice is hereby given  that    it    is
my  lutein om  to issue at the expiru-
HARVEY, McCARTER  &  PINKHAM  tion ol one month after the drst pub-
lieation hereof a duplicate of the Cer-
Solicitors of Donald Mcintosh,
Kxccutors of the Lust Will
M27 2t.
of   Deceased.
Co*-,  ihird Street and McArthur Av
LIljUOR  ACT.  1910.
Notice is hereby given that on the
2-Sth day of June, 1911, application
Will he made to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police Ior thc transfer
of the license for the sule of liquor
by retail in and upon thc premises
known as tbe Hotel Beaton situate
at Beaton, British Columbia from
John A Thew to Harry Nellis of Ferguson,  British  Columbia.
Hated   ibis  211th   day  of  May,   1911.
Holder   of   License.
Applicant for transfer.
iiiuaie of Title to the above mentioned 'lund iu tbe name ot James
Henry Armstrong, which Certiticaie
is dated 12th December, 1904, and
numbered 4036A.
S. R.  ROE,
District   Registrar.
Land Registty Office Nelson, B. C,
Mny 6th, 1911. lm
Revolstoke  Land  District.
DiHtrict of West Kootenay.
Take notice that G. H. Scott, of
Nelson, B. C, occupation, Agent, in
tends to apply Ioi permission to purchase the follow described lands.
Commencing at a post planted 80
ehuins from N. W. Coiner of Lot 8148
and running north 80 chains, west 80
chains, south 80 chains, cast 80
chains to point of commencement, being thc S. IS. Corner ol G. G.
Scott's locution, containing 640 acres
moro or less.
Daled   12th  April, 1911.
Coronation Y.R.U. nnd North Star
.Mineral Claims, situate in tbe Trout
Lake Mining Division ot West Kooto-
aay District. Where located;—On
Rapid Creek.
Take notico that I, O. B. N. Wilkie
acting as agent for Cutler Thomas,
Porter of Spokane, Wash., V. S. A.,
e'ree Miner's Certificate No. B 94976,
.ntend, sixty days from -date hereof,
co apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obta.nmg a Crown Grant
of the above claims.
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certilicate
of Improvements.
Hated this 2ith day of April, 1911.
O.  B. N.   WILKIE.
LIQUOR  ACT,   1910.
Notice  is  hereby   given  that,       on
thu 15tb  day of  June uext,  applica -
tion will bc made to tbe Superintendent ot      Provincial      Police  for the
transfer of the license for the sale of
liquor     by  retail  in  and  upon     tho
premises known as the St. Leon Hotel,  situate at St. Leon,  British Columbia,     from    Michael    Grady,    to
Herbert Cousins ol  Revelstoke,  British Columbia.
Dated this 12th day of May, 1911.
Holder of License.
Herbert Cousins,
Applicant :ojr '     . ,
Mother Goose antl the Merry Makers, Cat and fiddle Co.,  Opera lluiiae, Friday, June 2
PubHi  notice ih hereby given   thut
ail property owners an* required   by ^^^^^
. itj  Bylaws to keep tbel ilevards "' Lot   M18'   u"a ruuui,1K corth
in good older. Failure to do this
win empower tbe Corporation to do
the work and charge tbe expense up
io the propel tj to be collected a«
ordinary taxes.
fly Order,
i M87 lm. City Clerk.
Revelstoke  Laud  District.
District ot West Kootenuy.
Take notice that Maiie Scott, of
Nelson, H. II., occupation married
woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase thc following deal i bed  lauds.
Commencing ut a post plunted oue
hall mile  west trom the S.W.  Corner
hams, west 80 chains, south 80
chains east 80 chains to point of
Commencement, being the S. E. Corner of Marie ScoU'b location, containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated  Uth April, 1911.
M.10-60 J. H, Feeney, Ageut
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay-
Take notico that Clarence H.
Schock, ol Mount Joy, Pa., occupation coal merchant, intends to appb
Ior permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted 20 ,
chaias south of tho Bouth east corner of lot 7036; thence aorth 80
chainB, thenco east 40 cbains, more
or less to tho lino of (he Arrow
Lakes Lumber Company's timber
limit 43232, thence south 60 chainB
thonce west 20 ohains, tbence south
20 chains, thonco west 20 chains,
more or less to placo of commencement.
Dated  March 24th,  1911.
Ed. McGaghran,  Agent.
Any person wishing to do
burning for agricultural purposes
during the closed fire season,
may do so by complying with
Sections 5 and 6, Chapter 84 of
the Bush Fire Act, and have a
permit from the Fire Wardens
or Government Agent of the
Div. Fire Warden,
Revelstoke, May oth, 1911.    2m WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 1911.
"The King."
Saturday,   June   3rd,   the
King's Birthday, will be celebrated in Canada by Government proclamation. We have
made special window and interior display for this festive
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. Jfume 8 Co.. £imited
Mail   or    Telephone   your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Shirt Waists
The tailored shirt waist
for ladies is pronounced
the acme of good taste for
business wear. The showing was never better than
just now. Lovely, pure
white linen, dainty patterned vestings, made up
in such good styles. Some
with clusters of tucks,
some with Gibson pleat,
can be worn with starched
collar and tie, or stock
collar, etc., from
$3 to $5
These pretty Lingerie
Blouses are pleasing the
discriminating buyers.
Dainty collarless blouses
and pretty high-necked
ones too. A constantly
changing variety to choose
from. They never were
prettier. The lovely lawns
and batistes, laces, etc.,
used in these blouses were
never better. You will
surely be pleased with our
showing of waists, from
1.50 to $5
Bed Linens
Nothing cooler and more
pleasing than nice white
bed fixings.
Pure white sheets, best
quality, 72x90 in., $1.25.
Pillow Slips, 40 to 46 in.
hemstitched,  at each 25c.
Pure white, English
dimity bed spread, 78x90
inch, at $2.50.
Special This Week
Wash Dresses Friday Bargain
We have been rummaging through our
ready-to-wear department and find we have
too many wash dresses. This means a
bargain for you. Friday 20 of them go
on sale, worth up to $6.50, all at a real
Friday bargain price
Saturday, June jrd, being a holiday, this store ivi/l be closed all day.
This will mean the croivding of the
next three days' business into two. We
advise shopping as early in thc day as
possible, to avoid thc usual afternoon
These hot days this store is a
comfortable place to spend an hour
shopping or looking around. Perfect
ventilation and electric fans. Quick
elevator service lo the upper /lotr, and
just now the the summer stocks are
particularly inviting aud well worth
looking over.
Sewing Cotton
Friday you can buy
Black or White Spools of
Sewing Cotton at 3 forJlOc
40c. per dozen
Fancy Silks
300* yards of Paisley
Silks make good hat trimmings and hat drapes.
Tamolines make lovely
waists and linings. Taffetas make good petticoats,
etc. They are 75c. to$l
goods, Friday bargain
50c. per yard
Yardage Goods
A clean-up of yardage
goods for Friday. Colored
Linens, Lawns, Spot Muslins, Scotch Plaid, 20c. to
35c. goods. An interesting lot, go on sale Friday.
Get your share of the
plunder at
15c. per yard
Voile Skirts
It is only half the duty
of a skirt to look well,
there must be a reasonable
amount of good wear behind this before a customer is satisfied. Those good
with Silk
looking voile skirts that
we have been selling have
the appearance and they
have proved satisfactory
as to wearing qualities.
$ 10 to $15
Soft Collar Shirts
Have you seen the new ones?
The latest results of the shirt
makers' art. W.G.&R., high,
soft collars, both attached and
detachable, tiie dressiest and
most comfort.-.ble shirt on the
market.    Creams, tans, stripes
$2.25 and $2.50 each
Wdll Papers
A choice line of printed tapestry effects
and high grade silk finished papers for parlors
and dining rooms. A splendid range of wall
hangings throughout.
UIAPHRAM—stained adhesive window
decoration—ask to see it.
CJuny Lace Curtains
A complete range, particularly effective
and in patterns suitable for any room in the
Dainty Scrims with Fillet Net edging.
Choice Battcnberg.    Irish Point curtains.
Bimgalo Nets
White, Ivory, Ecru and Arab novelties,
specially choice goods.
Window Shades, EK.
Brass Extention Rods.
Curtain Poles and Fixtures.
Window Shades in Green, Cream and
combination colors, regular or made to order
any size.
Art Serge, 48x50 inchas wide in green
and red.
Denems in Greens and Reds.
Brocatells in greens,, and old rose.
Tapestry 50 inches wide, and Tapestry
Portieres highly mercerized in greens, reds,
and browns: cord and tassel trimmings.
Finest French Velour in reds, greens antl
old gold, reversible. The svellest material to
be had, 50 inches wide.
(arpet Squares
A choice range in Tap strys, Brussels,
Velvet and Wiltons, Wool Ingrains and unions,
in good colors for betl rooms and living rooms.
The finest range of these goods wc have
yet attempted.
Scotch Floor Oilcloth, <>, 9 and 12 ft. wide
Hall and Passage Cloth, 18in., $, I, and
full yard wide.
Nairn's Cork Carpet and Inlaid Linoleum,
known to be the best goods manufactured.
Oxfords Our Specialty
Two Late Regais
Oxfords to fit any foot and in style.    Call and see
the new ones before purchasing.
No. 1—Smooth King Calf, blucher, bump last.
An exceptionally easy fitter. Note the style of the
snappy heel and toe.    PRICE   $5   A   PAIR
No. 2-The Student last;
patent colt, thin eyelet, new
high toe, medium heel. The
dressiest of them all.   Price
Hot Weather Shoes
For hot, tired feet the best remedy is cool, comfortable shoes. Let us ease your feet and at a price
which any pocket book can afford.   See front window.
MEN'S CANVAS OXFORDS with tan leather
trimming, neat and nobby shapes; light gray and dark
tan shades  S2.75 per pair
MEN'S CANVAS BOOTS with tan leather trimmings, new lasts, dark gray colors  ....... $2.75 per pair
sole, neat and comfortable, gray color      . $2.50 a pair
MEN'S ALL CANVAS BOOTS, heavy welt sole,
gray color only.   Price  $2.75 per pair
MEN'S WHITE CANVAS BOOTS AND OXFORDS, welted soles, new lasts, all sizes      $2,75 pair
Make the child's heart
glad and his feet comfortable, with a pair of
our barefoot sandals.
Sizes 4 to 7. $1, $1.25,
$1.35. 11.75; sizes 11 to
2, $1.35. $1.75. 12.
Baking Powders
Dr. Price's Baking Powder in 51b., 2{lb, 12oz.,
and 6oz. cans, is one of the
best articles on the market. Perhaps if you have
not been used to it you do
not know its value. You
want to be informed as to
its nature, utility, and
merits You want to have
your interest in it awakened and you must try it
before candemning it.
unbeam  i ea
Nine out of every ten of
our custamers ask for our
50c line of Sunbeam Tea.
We have it at 40c per Ib.
but the best grade is always in demand. We make
it a feature of our business
to push the high grade
goods and we always find
it better business. Sunbeam tea is Goon Tka,
the 50c- is Very Good.
Canned Goods
With our stock of Vine-
land Brand of canned fruit
and vegetables we keep
our customers satisfied.
The ever increasing sales
of Vineland Brand iB the
surest sign that these
goods are the best. The
best is always the cheapest. Don't hesitate but
order Vineland Brand of
Fruits and Vegetables. WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 1911.
WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 1911.
White     Lawn
1 )resses.
and      Muslin    one-piece
Sale Price, $4.50
T.u'or-made Skirts, $1.65; trimmed wiih
insertion, $2; other skins, Indian
Head, Reps. etc. Price $5.50 and
$5 each.
A large and varied assortment. Sale
Trice on all. Special Waist Sale
Price. SOc.
new shipment just to hand. Priees
ranging from 85c. to $5,00. Our
85c. Skirls are
trimmed   with   good
wide embroidery.  This is extra value.
Large variety of every kind   and quality,
Prices,  $1 to 7 50 each.
the Summer
Straw Sailors.
$2.00 Each.
from  25c. to
It you want to buy or sell realty—. time  !>ut  to  the  great  astonishment
ee Coursler,
3ee U. Bj Hume & Co.'s     windows
1 honor ot the King's birthday.
! ot the conference the  tirst call    Baw
thc  delegates  settle  the  matter.
ln view of the stand taken hy   the
smaller  districts  of  the  province the
Some     choice     city lots at      sane ' move was rather expected.     But two
prices—H. N. Coursier. I of these districts voted against    the
A  number of city merchants      nre' motion and they took tbe stand that
elaborately   decorating   theii-       store ' they were not ready  to vote just at
windows  for the  King's birthday.       ' present.     The suddenness with which
Every person should read     C.    B
Hume  &  Co.'s  advertisement in this
■ the vote was taken was a sensation.
It. R. Jamieson, ex-mayor of Calgary, died at Vancouver yesterday
morning after two months illness.
Notice is hereby given that under
and by virtue of three several writs
of  execution  to  me  directed  against
I the  goods  of  the  Revelstoke       Sash
Eleven     and     six acres of splendid   & Door  Company,  Limited,    I   have
garden   property  convenient  to  town   seized and taken in  execution a large
Mr. F. W. Laing spent Monday and
Tue daj    a Nelson "ii business.
See the Ca: anil tl»' Fiddle at the
opera house Friday evening.
Maps of British Columbia for sale
...x M icdonald's drug store.
A first-class program oi moving j
picture- at the Kdison theatre to- ;
Mis. C. K. Lindmark left on Saturday last to visit with friends in lhe
coast cities.
Mr. Vi. 11. Pratt, manager of th,*
Molsons Hank, spent the week end
,n Vancouver.
chas. A. Barnum left St. Paul on
Monday night ami will return to
Revelstoke on Friday this week.
Tho Board Md Trade will hold its
regular meeting on Thursday nighl
ot tnis   week.
The lt.M.H.'s about thirty-five
strong will form for church parade
on Sunday morning next and march
to St.   t'eter's church  tor  service.
Citizens are asked to co-operate
with the city officials in making this
a city beautiful hy keeping their
boulevards  neat  and  tidy.
Mi. A.H. Allen, former manager ol
the Bank * f Commerce here, will he
;a the city next week en route ti "in
California 10 McLeod to which latter
place be goes t" assume management
,.; the branch there.
Judt*. Wilson will iie in thf city
Thur- tispi -•*   ■:  the rase      ot
John Lyons th* Findlander who created BUCh a disturbance In the Oriental  hotel  ..  week  ago last  Sunday.
lr.   . ' ■  the  sport   program
ior ;; ■ ..*> of the V.M.C.A.. as
appearing on our sport spa_*'* ol tliis
a  tool lali   match  will   be   held
in tin*  :i. rning between two     Local
.Mm. .1..'    !*.' tar -   toi   ."    ,    first class
■  iii.     i ui Pi  lay *,i 1  Saturday
.. i   mplet '•   -I  nltus Including
"A F - Daughter" showing a
I "No  Real      for
the  Weary,     the   great  trick m
* H
prog    ■  -  ■ ■ ■;   pres uted at the E li-
Win suffer with the heat during the warm weather
doing vour own biking when we will deliver lo you
ever) dav Fresh Bread, Cakes ami lastly nl all kinds
ind as quality, is our mnlto, we feel sure a trial
older will mean asteadv customer.
Lettuce, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Green Onions.
Strawberries. Cherries, Coconiiuls, Pineapples,
Oranges, Lemons, Gtapc Fruit, H nanus. As we
buy these in small quantities you "ill always find
them fresh aud good.
A. HOBSON,      Baker and Grocer.
Before investing in outside property don't overlook the fact that you should first have some good
inside property at home.
Our success means your success. Every day we
are pleasing somebody.   Your turn next.
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Gat out your flags and let      them
y   oil    Sat 111 day
Mis     V.     Nl.,lias   Will   nol
aturday, June 3rd.
Mrs.   ftibbald  w 11
[•day,   next,   .lam
■ *     *.  Calgary  —
one  piper's      Th^re
tally r. iwspa |
Roj   Macdonald wbi laid
,ck "t puemonla     lur
■  id   a    the     igi
, | .■ i I *    I .      '   • *   '
i ,•..!.       ot Alaska        He     wai  l
man   *■        ■■ st  *.*.-'!    the Start
:,.., ...i in  i 9| 7.
Th,   t ■*  iltt  "•  H      ■
,    ...        i, ■
by  tlie    O.  T.  1'..  an*!   WlH  I*** *
■*   rli        * ■ mi m
Hi     -'ton.
B   Pl       •    l: ipei t   on   \ iCtol
I*..'. . '.     i
•    *       i •*.
J.  H.  tiraj I'
■ • *   .   *-■*;.
.1 i-n.
Nelson Rets
■   *._•   iu   the   near  '.   '
The King and Qui
'boenix   i'*" -   i • *"  races,   In
n  July 8, wt1
specially *■•"    ■ ,m    "tH
.* arrangt .
be Cranbrook Hei
'.nglaiid t" eloae up a
ave a look at  the * oronal
for sal«.—H. N. Coursier.
H. N. Coursier has a few nice residences for sale at prices listed before the recent real estate rise. Favorable terms obtainable.
t'ISHER.—Energetic local represent-'
alive or agents wanted for Ihe Universal Fire Extinguish" . An excellent "seller" needed in every house. \
Apply to H. Jacobsen Oomapny, Van-1
couver,  I).  0.
R. M. R. Shoot
Following are thc scores for the
R.M.R. shooting for thc week ending
May 27th:      '
Name UUU 50(1 €00 T. |
Col.    Sergt.    Donald    ...29   3a   33   96 i
Sergt.    Garner     27   27   25   79
Sergt.   Uul!    31   25   20   70
l'te.  Jas Fenton  23   20   2U   72*
Ft*.   John Fenton   25   25   lil   001
Sergt.   Smythe   ...
Corp.   Allan  	
Ptet   Watson   	
Pte.   l'askins  	
l'te.   Tweedie  	
I'tc.  Roe 	
Bugler   Bond   	
quantity of sash, doors, lumber, glass
moulding,   turned    goods,* and  hardware  which I will  otter tor sale publicly  at  the  building  formerly  occu -
pied  by said Company on the corner
of Third Street and Connatiglit Avenue in  the Oity ot Revelstoke,    11. 0.,
on     Tburshay     the (ith day ot June,
1011, at 2 p.m.,  to satisfy  the    said
executions  and   preferred  claims    for
wages owing by said company.
Dated this 30th day ot May,  1011.
W.  J.   LAW,
Sheriff of North
M 21 2t. West Kootenay
..25 22 21 OS
..2H 24 10 OS
..2S 10 10 03
.21 15 23 02
..24 22 7 53
...14 24 14 52
.21 10 12 40
Ninety-live  by   Col.   Sergt.   Donald, i
is thc highest score tor this Beason.
On Saturday, June 3rd living's
Birthday) the Steamer Revelstoke
will carry an excursion to lhe Big
Bend, leaving Five Mile Wharf at the
head of Canyon at 7 a.m., returning
the same evening.
Tickets for the round trip Issued at
reduced rates for this date. Fare,
$2.50. Meals furnished on board at
50 rents, or parties may take their
picnic baskets and have luncheon on
board or at Boyds Ranchc where a
stop of two hours will be made.
erymen lor conveyances to and from
erynien for canveyances to and from
M 31 2t.
Auction Sale Of
Surplus Furniture
An Auction Sale of Surplus
A Sure Winner
it you know Vancouver you know
Burnaby and if you know Burnaby
you will want to know Montrelyn-
view, one of the newest subdivisions
lhat have just hcen placed on the
market.     In an adv. on another page
ot this issue the Peoples Trust c„f, j Furniture will be held at R.
with otlices in New Westminster, Van     U„...,*.■*.•*,'.. nu   IT..--It.. c*--_
couver.  Ladner and  Kamloops,      are  f.0^S°n.S 9'd   FUrm,U™ St°^
oiiering lots for sale m this    sub- McKenzie Avenue, on June 17.
division, and if you want to get in 1911. at 12:30 O'dOCk. All
on a sure winner you cannot do bet- Furniture IS in gOOCt Condition
ter than invest in a lot or a    couple   including     Bed     ROOtll     Su'lteS,
of iota m Montreiynvie*  The i>™i>- Washstands, Dressers. Pillows,
erty   ia  handled   by   a   reliable    lirm,   „   .. '     .       -.. . .   ,    '
through „ lo.-ai agency „,i.i is s„id in Mattresses and a Pitner light-
lurge     lots at acreage prices.       Mr.   'ig  System.
Corbett one of the members of      the
lirm. will be in Revelatoke, at the
ollice of Mr. S. O. Robbins on June
7th. ami will he able to tell you
how he can sell property in this subdivision at lower prices than pro-
petty  further out is  offered at.
H. J. McSORLEY, Proprietor.
H. MANNING, Auctioneer.
H. W. Edwards
Calgary,  May 27.—With the calling
vote on the question,      whieh I  ,	
have  lasted  tor some      time,'
.f the  Alberta  confer-  Corner of Connaught Ave. and
Victoria Road
- mi rrow
t the Ml    mem-
1     •<
n ex*
a. m
ence  «,,-'    reached.      Every     delegate
*  f'.r  the resolution and  it    was
carried tn tin- affirmative,
It bad been i vpected that the   dis-
n  would  iiave  lasted  lor    some
O.  Box 31
ai- io*
;, ,. ,        number
* •   .* >
. ■        ■. . I.t*l
■    ■ •   ■
•  ■
M;      H      : I      \1
-.1   ,
Shows Sash and Door Factory
Manufacturers of Sash and Doors, Mouldings
all kinds of Woodwork,
your Screen Doorsand Windows made to
G. T). Shaba,   -    Proprietor
Save Your Horses!
]{j;\VS'   DRUG  STORE
Kent's Wlisletanc Sriisb
*.*.|    rt   *
...    tion i i.'i   ■■" pri ir.oti
growth "' '   i
Pi  i . i    Ideal Hn  In  ,fl
i lenuini      Russian    Hi ii>ll«
brushes *.: to *; each
OetiuineKbom Bai • I ni'ln '
.fl i" 5.
I I* . I    i liffl " id     'rn  '       '■'
brush)     to choose Irom and
1 vcfj pun liasi a '■
!   Brownie
i      • i
• ,
No. 2 1 Hiding Brownli
i        •   ,
la I "I'liia*  I
i.i  I  I' i:     i" ni
lal  I' K	
t  i  i' i;
'    'I,
.1    (III
I    '   '*
7 iio
'i Ui
10 Ml
10 Of,
I , 00
Jll "II
17 Ml
See Our Fishing Tackle
i' . *    .
llic     Mill  kli'MA II       ll ii •-
m in ii Urov r   I'rofet "i   Jm i<
ll'  Ml     I)"'  |l
Kttso (tins       •    i  triple
pint a ii,    inclui
ill I,*     I'll''   ■ '
CUT HOOKS    I  i    ,-i .
i.. ml Ti "lini.■ ainl   I i"ii laic*
, 3*«'» -rm.""V'
i *u im tL.
. . .       nd so i     ***• ■   il' ill,  I*ut   li'.lii  runniiiM
,,.' heap.
in and l' I  \ ehli b"*  bas Vi pl   pat e
model ow we an offering
All Spring-Steel Wagons
i| "id wiih perfi' i rolli ***.   [i si  I" i  a-'  cl" ai* '!'■
iKdlcll   lion"!   *.\.ii"iii     Tin",   nm   lialiter   and
m'l new i' in*'*'*
Those who purchased 'lain art '*"i   mosl   sail i'l  customers.
ii don't ii'i'* to l»ke   "il the wheel   i" nn ise tin-tn   ihey mc
i |„.,. ,i  -iimi h in I* i.m  load Hi*in ii"' ordinary
\ (nil'an.|.i   "i I'lii'i' I the newest tii.iki*« ni*<o garden nnd
i " iu Ituptrmi i il I Uni"
f imt Streot, Weat, - Oppoallo Poit Offico
Saturday is a Holiday
So you will have to do your shopping early. Summer is
with us anil we can Bi'pply all your needs for the hot weather.
Tbe very prettiest, and the pick of many makers are to be
found here, and you will liml tbe priees are down to "BED
ROCK.'' There are lots of things you will need for the hot
weather, and we are always glad of the chance to show our
goods and quote you prices"
Summer Blouses
We can sell you Blouses
for all occasions. Blouses
tor the morning blouses
for the afternoon, blouses
for the evening; you will
lind them all here.
We would call particular
attention lo our St. Margaret blouses in white
and black silks. Vou
cannot lind as good for
the money in any other
place, and the lit is perfect.
Tan Shoes for Summer
Are the correct style and wc can show you a splendid
assortment iu Atinips and Oxfotds. See our window (or the
btyles. Wc guarantee every pair we r^ell to be satisfactory.
PRICES FROM $3 TO $4.50.
New Neckwear
We have the prettiest and cheapest line ot Neckwear in the
cily. We have just received a new lot ot Jabots and Dutch
Collars. The new Battcnberg Jabots are beauties. Our prices
range from -'dc. up.
Summer Underwear
Whether you prefer cambric or knit underwear, we are in
a position to supply your wauls. In knit gooils we carry the
celebrated '"Oxford" make, and there is nothing better made.
Vests with long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves, drawers
and combinations.
Watch for our   'Alter Supper Sale" on Friday evening.
for      cioc»,o;     goods.
How About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring: Samples for Suits anil
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Retorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
That intangible thing which appeals to all men—particularly the
younger chap whose clothes must
lie distinctive—has been attained
in this new spring Campbell's
Clothing model with its long,
gracefully shaped lapels, its well
made, slightly dipped coat front
and the new features of cuffs and
pocket (laps shown in illustration.
It has smartness and individuality—while the wear ia in it too.
Italways is in clothing bearing the
Campbell's Clothing trade mark.
Mc%ae Mercantile Co.. JL)td.
Jhe Jtyle Jhop for Men and Boys b)ho Know
POR BALE—Cauliflower nml cabbage  FOR SALE—A Delivery wagon      as
Rood ub new, made by Hamuel McMahon.—Price $135. Apply at the
Hotel Revelstoke. It.
plants, per hundred 7f> cents, per
thousand (5.00, I'hone r>20, Oeo,
l.aforme. M27 lm.
Moving Pictures Tonight.
Moving pictures tonight.
Moving   pictures tonight.
WANTKD-Apprentice boy, willinR to
work and learn a good tradt. Apply Denver Cigar Co.


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