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The Mail Herald Jun 18, 1910

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed,    Price $60.
Interior Publishing Co., Agts.i
The iWail-Herald
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 16—No. 47
argains in
Having sold the bulk£of our
Sporting Goods at a fair profit, we have decided to clear
out the balance of our stock
in these lines at greatly reduced prices, including:
Masks, Proteclors, Gloves.
and Gloves.
TENNIS GOODS-Racqueb, Nets,
Racquet Dags and Presses,
and last year's Tennis Balls.
See our Sporting Goods Window
Prices Marked on all Goods
Lawrence Hardware Co,, Ltd.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Ctfico -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      -      - $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed            - 5.575,000.00
Capital Paid Up 5,330,000.00
Reserve        .... 5,530,000.00
Branches cr Apiuitfi at all principal points In'Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London. England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited, Chicago—First National Bank, Ourn Kx-
cliange National Hank, Seattle—Seat tir National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Kxihange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Rsvalstcke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
We Put Up
Choice Corned Beef
and Pickled Pork
In lOO lb. and
200 lb.  Barrels
P. Burns & Co.
L 1 M 1 T E I)
REVELSTOKE. B. C. JUNE .18, 1910
$2.50 Per Tear
Spend a Day or Two in Revelstoke
Tli.- members "f the fi. C. I nivorsity
Site Commission arrived in tlio city
from iln- wesl ou Wednesday morning
uiul were, received al the station by n
deputation Irom iln- Hoard of Trade
Mii.,' lunch and p brief reel the commission wore tuken in a special car,
Itindlj provided Ior tho occasion by
iln' I'. I'. IJ., in inspect lho new pow-
or dam on Lho lllecillewaet,n number
of ihi- members of the board nf trade
accompanying llioin. Much interest
was evinced in iln- work nnd tho In-all
t\ ol the >'''iii'i> niii'li admired,while
several of tl"' visitors congratulated
lhe city "ii ii- enterprise in putting
in such valuable uso the powers of
Tlie parey then proeoeded nlong tho
oust track to the Box Canyon nf tho
lltcciltowneti tIn- visitors being greatly charmed by the rugged magnificence
of the mountains and the i-ivov lore-
ing i'- vva,\ through the narrow denies of the canyon. Al llii- poinl.
nl-- were in waiting on the flreeley
Creek rood and the party were driven
over lhe bench overlooking Iho rily.
Considerable lime was spenl here,
inn.-li admiration being expressed in
the magnilieenl   putioi'nma of the  l,,-i-
elsloke  valley,    file  view     Ir       lhe
Ijeni'li    was    superb    and  the visitors
were iiiiiili impressed with the seene
.•iml wiih the great possibilities ol
ilir grow ih .,1 ih,. .iiy. A i-lenr iden
ol lhe i'\i. in of iln- \ allej i an be oh-
lain.' I from tlii- poinl, ainl iu value
.inl a l\ ant;iLr''s as a rommoi'i'iul ren-
liv inii' iml losi on (he visitors. Hn
reni-hing the eity, ili'- drive wa- eon-
linilod up ll"' Big Bend mail a- far a-
tin- i-iiiraiin- of ilm I 'nlumbin canyon.
ami Iln- parly walked some distnuee
up ili.' i anion lo \ ini lhe I.ii'l'enl as
ii i-nmcs sweeping 'lawn between the
steep banks. Admiration an,I intoresl
was ihr key not.- of the li-it lo llle
' iii- on. and iln' iiiiii' was nm. li enjoyed, Tin- return trip was made in
good time ami iln- parly, iiu-luilinu
visitors anl several i-itizetw, dined al
th.- Hotel Central. All were enthnai-
a-i'n' over Iheir day's tour and spoke
iu high terms of tin- beautiful location
of lii'M-l-iok,. ainl iu almost iiiiliniil-
.-1 |n.--iliiliii..- as a iiMitre for comment', sporl and all that L'o lo make
up a charming tourist  resort,
Ml I  ITNi;  AT  DIMM,   MAI I..
iin Wednesday ovoning tin- Commission met ili" public al Iho Drill Hull,
I,ni   ihere na- a wreti-hedly poor     ot-
ii n I in....  and  ii  ;ookcd  a-  if Iiui '
no  inters!   wns  laken  in  tin-     matter.
Besides  tin*    i-ommissioners    il ly
|H'i-on- present were: Mrs. Bews,
Messrs  \\    II.  I'i.iii  an I  It.  I!.  Atkins,
I iln'   an.l   -t-. I >l ai y  resperlivcly  of
ii,- I'oanl of trade, A. I,'. I'.. McCleneghan,   -I.   IL   Stbbnld,     II,   I'.   Morris.
I      \.  Ilaggi'ii, Vi.  M.   I..iiii'.-  -I.  II.
I'nllo.I,. A. Mel.auriu, Aid. Bows, acting mayor. Clovt, Ageul Gordon, Sher
hi I .m.
Mr. L'ollock was in Hie chair, ami
explained thut tin- government being
desirous nf advancing tlie Interests of
education, appointed a commission of
[the wi-,' iii.-ii nf il,,- na-i I,, muke u
reeoinmendution a- in the besl -ite
for a provincial university. They    had
tl"- In   oi having these    gentlemen
with tin-in that evening, and it would
li.' fm them to submit their views for
iheir consideration,
Al I.Bews, on behalf of th.' City
Council, extended a welcoino to the
Mr. Atkins, a- secretnrj of the
Board oi Trade, then read tin- memorandum which had bocn prepared set-
tin,- forth th" advantages of ll.-vcl-
siuki' from scenic, scientific, -inning,
and engineering standpoints, laying
stress on it- position a- 'I'1' mosl
centrally located eity in tin' province.
Wi- regret we have not -pan' fo; it in
thi- i--ii".
Mi. Lawrence assured tin- Commission lievelstoke was n sound progressive city, which was here lo slay.
Within ih" next ti\*' uai- he believed
ihi- 'it\ would lm-.'' n population "I
10,1100 people. II.- tUnlike I ih.- Commission fm' coming here and going to
ih,- trouble they had to investigate
Mi Gordon suggested that if scp-
aratt lieges were established through
and up and down th" hill-. Thoy
had seen om- of those wali't' powers re
felled   lo and  they had seen with ureal
interest the effort Rovolstoke was '
making to utilise this power. The
rule lind been laid down lhat thoy
should listen oareful'1) lo all the dill.
eri'iit representations mado thorn,
watch carefully wjlh iheir eyes, luil
keep Iheir mouths carefully shul until
they "anii- to consider Iheir linal report io Is' presented lo ihe govornmont. And if they should eomo back
io see ilm progress of the university
when it was woll under Wily, thoy
would like to pay Uovolstoko another
.all.   Where the university would     lie
imi  if ilnin    know     at     prosont.
Thoy recognised that,the province had
givon a princoly  lowmenl, ainl  that
ihey in ihis new- province of iln- ivosl
wii" laying the Foundations of an In-
siinitioii which might in tl'" future
not only attain fame, as a t'aliahian
institution Inn as one thai mighl In-
world wide. Not tli.'in put forth their
besl efforts to nohievc ihis grand result,
Th" national nnthoin wa- then sung
ami tlm liitle party separated, lho
Commission leaving th" following
morning lor Nelson.
A Wonderful Example of Pnirie
HI   a   l I
.   Ilis    s
.1.   \,-ih..i ion.  tormorl.i   ciiiidu
tin- r.   I'.   If.  -\-telll   hei".  i
to   Kevelstoke,   anil   expresi
prise al   lhe growth  and  progress    'of
ih.- ril>   -in." h"  lefl   it.
Mi. N'ethertoli now ninkes hi- homo
il I'anii"-" w hi.li In- -ay- i- ;, won
ili'i-ful example of prairie development.
Hi,,  -ml   i- a   rich   Mail,   loam       wiih
•lav   -nh -oil.   ami   nu t   In-       beaten
for agricultural purposes. ||,< says
the ■ Tops ihere are nniiingsl th.. besl
to be -"i-n on ihi- piairii'ihi- season
lie has ., farm ol his own uboul Iw,,
miles north of Camrose aiidgoosiu foi
mixed farming.
It.f"iiin :  io th.- Gran I Trunk  I'm i
li. .eLliiioii which is now li"tll._' oltered
for -ale and which i- advertised in
ihe Mail-llernld bj iln- Camrose Land
anl Inveslmenl Company of Calgary,
Mr. N'ethertoli says he knows the subdivision  well  and  considers ii  nt f
ilm lies I residential sections of Cam.
rose, li is right 1,\ located a- il i- in
th.- wesl end of ihe cily where Ine
growth and development .-ire. As nn
instance of the conlidonre ihe investing publi" hale in Camrose, Mr. Neih-
erloli says Sir -lolin I.amnion, one of
lhe directors of the Grand Trunk I'n-
■ ilir Itailwny, recently visited lhal
town, and in :tMiti,ui to investing
$1117,111111 in business property, he
Ibought up a number of residential lots
ami is now Iniil line houses on Ihem.
A bank manager ventured to suggest
to Sir .lolin thai li. mighllmve mndo
a better inveslmenl than in pulliivgso
much money into Cnmrose. "Well,"
replied Sir .lohn, "I don'l think ii is
I who am buying that is th:' fool, if
iiiiii- i- one around, but he is rather
to U' found among those who are
Mr Price, superintendent of ihe ('.
I'. It. industrial department, has
bought up a quantity of property at
Camrose. School lands ihere recently
pul on the inarki-l brought X^H au
n''l'". lllo highest priee realised For
school lands in lhe northwest. A section was recently -old for s:i.,,iiiin „n,|
of two half sections just sold one
brought 8125 an acre and another
$100 „n acre. Tlml is going some for
a new   section of a country isn't?
Fine Land Offered at lievelstoke
in Small Blocks
Th,. block of land formerly owned
li\ I'. I'.in lis and l'o., and just south
of lhc Mleiillewaet, is oil the market
(or (mil farms. This i.s probably lhe
linos! blink of land lhal has yel been
offered in the vicinity of ihe oity and
those who want to own agood pice
of land and a fruit farm "jiuliot do
bi'iter than sei aire one of these lots,
The laml wi.ll Is: sub divided into lots
of from Iwo to llvo acres, bui tho
lirsl applicants inn arrange to hnvo
lhe urea and locution to suit tluim,
The block offered consists of SI) acres
I'lom which iln- stumps have boon
ilenrcd by lhe steam logging plant
which has been a' work there for the
pasl year. 11 is I hus praet inilly ,,11
ready for lhc plough. Willi the ox,
.'.['ii,ni of ihe small bench, it is ah
river bottom land, with rich alluvial
-oil. The fall of tin- llh-.'illewael affords "McNeill druinngo, while at the
same time lhe vicinity of the Columbia ami lllecillewaet provides good
sub-irrigat ion.
Considering that ihi- 1,1,,, I, ,,( laml
i- within a utile of lhc city, with
which it i- connected bygood roads,
and lhat it i- all ready for occupation
and cultivation, ihe opportunity is ,,11
exceptionally  favorable and attractive
• 1   of  ihe  land  will     average
a,re  accni'diug   to      location,
littering   that      il   cosls     about
clour up foresl   all  tend}     for
Th" .
.v'.-iil „
ami  fil
Slali 1, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ihe plough, and lhal unimproved bind
.11 llu- ii<inil.\ is -"Nine ni'olllltl S7fi
an aero, it is ivriainli ;l bargain as
fruit lands go, I uimpl'ovcil fruit
and. on ihr Arrow and booh-nay
lake-, nol nearly so Woll sillllllotl, aie
-ellin.: at ft I SO lo ?2S0 nil here, so
ihai   il   i- doubtful whether    such      a
favorable opportunity (o aiftpiire -j I
fruit Ian,I- at lhc <(atc- of lhe city will
e.-er again  bo offered.
The -ill e\ rn- w ill be put ou at oil",'
lo -uli,I'n id" ihi- block, Tho Hovel-
s ,,k" Gonornl Agencies are the sellimr
ngeiils, ami reasonable terms ran he
1 ri'anged  b.v  intending  purchasers,
\n owner of a five-acre fruil farm,
such a- i- now offered, has ;lM inde-
lendoncc for life, and it is now no 11,,
otiiinon thing io s,.,. young orchards
i.ii.llv y,-i in lienring selling al 8100
(,. •-'Toil an acre.
'llic funeral of tin-  Int.'  Mis. Tapping
look pliiro yesterday. The remains
were laken i<> Sl, John's church
whore Lhe Rev. Mr. Melvin conducted
mii im press ive nor vice. Thonce the cor.
i<'Lf<' movod i»i tin1 cemMory. where
llov, Mr. Molvin again conduct©:! iln*
s.-r\ Ice.
Thf funeral an'atiL.r«'iti''i>t< wore in
charge of iln- Ladies of ilia Maealwos,
of which order decoaMed wir a ini-rnMv
The following were the pull bearer*'—
Mesfirs Fred Prnaor., 0, l;. Mndmarkj
1 (ttj iVarbei, \\. -I. I.nw, 0, Human II.
V ('ourn ior, As ini lim I ive of lhe
high esteem in which the deceased was
held  the funeral was one of lhe most
mn  the province  ttcvelsloko would in- \\argQ\y  ,lM(.I|l|1.(|  ,|m,  has taken place
.1 suitable point for ..ne    making     a |jn t|)(1 rjtv
Ladies' Summer Underskirts
Sec tins shipment before making vour Summer
Underskirt purchases.     Lengths, 38, 40 .md -IJ.
Black Sateen, Moirette, English Silk
Gloria Taffeta
Mrs. A. G. Crick
All the old-timers of the eity, of
which the doceascd and her husband
were among the lirsl to make their
home here, turned out to pay their
last  tribute of respect.
Head-on Collision
Calgnry, .lune l'i. In a head on-.'ol-
lision on ihe Canadian Pacific railway
near ihe How river bridge, "n tlio
eastern outskirts of the olt}, Pli-oman
-1. II. .! teksan had lho f»llowin«
Im-in-'-- thin week a) (he city poJice
A. Sltcptwrd ilnm'; ami dinordcrly,
,\.*i^ liaetl 8S.M1 or ten da> -.
\'..   I iioinp-on.  nami'     offencu       but
more -i>rioii~,  w,i-  li I  $V2    or    ten
A. Wires, drunk nnd disorderly, was
ordered to leave lhc eity,
■ I. I hoinas. ehargod wiih having no
visible means of support, rclea^cti on
B'.uipeadcd  Kontenee.
w i:\ti:i;i*i;isi\<; iwiyit.k
II. Powers was ehni*ged wiih Bteal*
iii  liMin   llu-   hoUKO     of       Mrs.     C.     \],
l.undetl a watch, chain and ring, valued   ut   Sl.'i.
Mm. I.uiidcll testified to findinB her
hark door open on Wednesday afternoon when she roturaed to ihe house
after an ,-ilwll v of aboul half an
hour. The door was >hut when -lir
went ou l I Worn ing Kilspeeiouri nhe
wenl up slaii's Mni| found her jowelcry
missinu;. A neighbor told her thai n
man h/^l Iw-en soen to enter her hoiina
wiih paint |H>ts and brushex. Thin
nan had nlno been neen near lhe n<l
a.-eni hou-.-. Mrs, .)■ C'arlsf>u, who
lived near Mis. |,undeH, staled -he ha.I
ecn accused painting a door on W^i
iCrtday nfleriioon ami had al-o -.■.■!!
a man  in   Mrs.   I.undrll's house.
The chief of police -aid he had re-
C'ivod nfoiinatioii of llie rolih.i\ mm
W.iiii'   lay   afternoon   ami   on        L'"iiJL'
up to Mrs.  I.undoll.s house on llobson
avenue   and   Koiirlh   -ir.-el,   ,ui I ■ I
wiih   the  culprits  description   arrested
him down  1 he street  an I found     the
jewetory on him.
Accused  was drosxed  In  whii.' nvei
alls and carried     paint     pots      an I
Inn li.  .     The j owe lory    wa- Identified
by Mrs. l.iiiwlell.
Segt, Sturdy corroborated Chief I 'ar -
\'   evidence, snyinLr lhe arcused    hud
been Lr"inir round the city takiiiL'    or*
dors for painting door-,
Accused  w as  commit ted  nnd ole< '<"!
for gpoecty   trial.
uai   ^/ Kitchenware
There's a satisfaction in
the purchase of a first class
article, especially when the
price is no more than you
have often paid for inferior
goods. We have everything
in the line of fine Kitchen-
ware- Stew Kettles, Tea
Kettles, Double Boilers,
Coffee and Tea Pots, etc.
We carry a complete stock of Shelf and
Heavy Hardware: also Refrigerators, Lawn
Mowers, Garden Hose, Wire P'encing and Gates,
Ice Cream Freezers. Agents for Sherwin Williams Paints.    Kootenay and Sask-alta Ranges.
Bourne Bros.
The Overalls That Are As
Good As Their Name   a
UNION   MADE     '
McRae Mercantile Company, Ltd.
The Up-to-Date Men's Furnishers
Revelstoke Gun Club
W,,.|Ji   -I :   Ioi
.1.  1;.   RnrlMN
(i     Ill;,Mm
• I.   II,   S.   Muni',,  .
Vi.   \   Smr<l>
A. -I. M,ll,„i.ll
V. M. I.iiii.n.,
Baiting tiie Public
M , ; - . I ibndie entertainment
ii ;!,.■ Yi M. C. A. in-i iii.-l :, new
kind nt grafl tint nhiiultlbe dincour-
I i-i pvpi 1 |im-mI-I'' «a}. \ woman
If ... wnl in with iuk''t Pontrn.-tH
J" whii-ll -li,' ni.-'l 1., L''-t lin-iiifss 111,-ii
IS .,ti,| uilierr ■■. Iiikc up, ,,- -la. claimed
II    for  ll,.- benefit   ol  th.-   > .   \l.  ('.   A.  Hi,
■peeialty ol mining and engineering.
They had hero mineral deposit! of a
character existing in no other pari
nf th.- province. II" referred t" tho
- .- nslve mica fields tn the north
,uul deposits nl asbestos within thirty
mil.- nf Revelstoke tu the south,
whil,- ihey bad ,,l-n in tin- vicinity extensive areas of gold, silver, ropper,
li ,J thousands uf
hot-se'pnwei nvailab'o in tho streams
in  lh,- -. ii init>.
I si  ilmnkcd ill"    Board     -f I'"- «■ H"11'""" i"-' ll(- riBhl '""' ""-1 ,""n*' -1-""11 '""""' "'" ll"    ","l'71
Irade for ,1,- kindnesi and    courtcsv hi.  loft was badly crushed, whllo En- by tbo choir,   II." pastor, It. J, Mc        ^^
shown them.   From   Ihe    ti      tho gineci D, II. Mclunoi was badlj bruls jlntyro, will have chorgo of lho services particulars and dati
train arrived they    bad    taken    tho «d,    Both    »m uu the   cuuibound .for the day.  Thi public is    oordially 	
Ittoubl* to carry them e.tt and west, [iwlght. jtovltadl |   Moving Picture. To-night
Sturdy \i in- but i"ii  in 1 ' 1--   \    and
\liini.i in > la-<  R,
l'ii-i    -1 1      for  ih"   llunlel     \m,
I'o.'s \.i-,-. ."," birds, I,-iih barrels; 2ih1
pri/o pi "i"'l by ih.- Duponi I'owdei
Co.. a silver waleh fob; same eondi-
liuii-. hnndienp lo Ik- shot for eight
times; .,ii" win i" be hniklicap|>ed iwo
yards and for each Hia-ceeding win one
van I.
.1. (!.  Rnrbcr, 30   11 I out,
ii,.,,. Blakley, 6 an I out.
.). s.  11. Mimro, 21
\. .1.  McDoncll, 3fl
IV.  M.   l.-iwien v. 38
W    \. Sturdy,  II.
lh" elub ,ii" liolding iheir registered
-I t     on   -lull    30th.   following lhe
hi;.' three days (hoot ,t N'elson, ind
„ hit/ crowd vull Ih- here, tie- secretary
having   ived ,, grnal     number     "f
letters Irom   "hooter* all     ovei      Ihe
mntrv- saying they would bo with us
Molhodist ' Imn h services 11 a, >n.
subject, Chrisi identifying Himself
iiiih humanity." Ut.TO p. m., Sunday
school, 7:311 p, in.. Service ,,( Song,
fnmlllnr hymtts «ill In- explained ant
llu- following henvj weights «ill te-
present lho lower lown in tl"- ■ h imp-
ionship ball gamo ,1 lhc ball yanl
mi Honda) evening it - 30 ' i B.
Sngle, .1. Stew ,n. I; \. L'pl" r, .I.A
Stone, -I. Sutherland, Rob Laughton,
lini. Cowling, li. ttkini A. Rrnoker,
K.  Ivdward .
Tho u|'|>er t,,\,n uiil depend on such
husky hoi se hide li" ,• pi - 1-
I in I" l..m 1, n- •'. II) I' irher, Kitty
mi.ii/. Iln Schmidt, Rudd) Stune,
I'll. Corning, "' Sutherland, (1 S
McCartor, fl II Melvin, S ind) M R w
mi'l Sil ,    Mi 11. n.-ll.
\n)   and   ill qunlifi«1  residents    aro
in, iled  t'i  bo  in rendini
n.-ti. niiiiiL- to the probahilit)    "f    1
heavy cai uality list.
1 ii.- .imi,ul oi " a°d  li," toi
will please attend proft
All spectator,  please bring one iron
nickel.    YoUl Ily,
lh.  Y ,■ Ken.
these ike-offol   a   thinl.     If
-i uiil nol pi."      .1    *l" contract.
-h"   hi I   1,   >"   t-ontrnct,   .-iml   when   >hc
would full down on the W contract,
she "i.ulil prodace a one dollar con-
with ih.- i"-ult thai the coml
niunity was \\..il..-.l .-,- well n^ it could
havo been hv ibe Bevl Atlas or that
other Macedonian of IS0S fume. Th,.-
V. M. i'. A. got the small end, and
»i- in tli" -h:i|M' of the spratt held .
up to he  Mackerel   tbe     easy
Vie I opo the 1 hun hes and publio in-
stitut.ons nl Revelstoke "ill stop nib-
b  ■_   ,1  ih"-" i'"ii|'.it"ti" shows where
I,--, are simply > 1 -•«J by "it" anglers
«- hail to trap tbe public, There has
been and i- ., greal deal too much
,,f thi- kind of thing InUcvelstoke nnd
the sooner tl mmunity site     down
.,11 such -lum   trickery  the ln-n.-r    for
ite    entertainers     atxl     ih.'it'
Poultry Association
\ mooting ol tha Bovolnloke Poultry
nnd Tit Si-., k \ ■-.!' iui ion wai Uv\i\
.1 1 night, it'*- chiei Itou* «»f buaineM
wero tho pnwlng "f n renolution in
Ktipporl ol M. A. -lull for ilir dppolnt
in.mm nf It. ('. I.i\c S(...k Cinnini--i>.iiim , The Adopting <>i the by-lnwi and
' ut ion f»n 1 lir \<--t.' iatton ra •
writ*} framed, nliki a ra»olution thank
ng the Moil Herald for iheir exoellent
1.-lior i uf tin- meetltHJ held by Mr.
•lull reoentl) li wn decided <u make
earl} preparation^ for the Annual Knll
Ian, the in-< meeting of which will,
!»■■ held on Tueeday next. .lune *J 1 st»
in the City Hail.
CP.R. Moving Pictures
The C. P. li. Moving l'i fn, ,■ I
other «iilii."t- «ill Ik- shown al the
l-Misnn Theatre nexl   week,   B
Bridgeman Injured
l. linvor. a Gladan employed on n
i r. II, work gang, fli,"l on Thufi*
day in the hospital Iron, injuries re-
i.iv-i nt t'atnliie where    the     gang,
... mgaged in lifting a watsw tank.
One of the ji..U« slipped and the tank,
filling ideways, pinned Hregot down
erushli&i him badly, Tho Injured man
was brought to the hospital bui -it"-
numbed lo his Injuries on Thursday.
I in   imruest,  under Deputy Coroner
lit    W,  II.  -uthetlnud, tuki'i    pla'u to
d»y. \
Zbc nDail-lbevalb
jntcrtot pubUsblnfl Company,
Subscription   Rates
Inclttlitm i -"   " ^nglaaa, Uultod Suites
..ml causao.
B] lho rt '■■ [Uirough posWlHoo) *j-jjj
Halt    ;;      ;; „       ;;;;;;  i;w
j jn   I'.in FLs'U promptly oxeouted at reason-
TERMS:3''l'\..   Subscription Payable In ad
vaoce. .	
oouticen I    •    •" !'  ""nu ° it
dlihasL   Births.  Marriages  am.
Laud   in *
."   , «- ,;    au odvertlsementd
mil , ,i„i,n-"il Ailo'iii- im ii".
 :.   additional  lm>-  I"   " M*
i    ... ,m si linn advortlMommits must,
, . ,. „,, , „.,1;) ...,.i ri-eiay "■
H, ti ik-uok iu-"' '"' good display.
COKltBsHON'UKNCK tnvllod on ninttersiel
1 '','.. , ,.,..... uomtnuuloalious U) Bol;
.'." ' ., uconipanted by naine ol
wrlUM not neoeaaruy to uuUUoatlou, bin
w si Sum ol gu«.i faith. Uorrespoudonoo
Bboulil be bruit.	
i i'aKVKY, Mi-l'AKTEK
ijaKvn.1, vNU 1MNK11AMi
urriocst  Wkri« banslBoiujwo iuvbl
Money lo loan.
Office?; Kevul.-iokc. 11 I .
b«.0. A MOt'AHTHH.
A. M    1'lNKItAM-
I runbriiiik, Hi I).
J. A. Habvky,
U.L1AM 1, BK11.1..1
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor for:—
The Canadian Bank ok Commerce,
The Molsons Hank, Etc.
Provincial I.iiml Burveyor,
Mining Siuveynr
; blUgiUUBl'lUBJ
Box 106, Rbvblbtokk
Vl.lti.N \ BVELE10U,
mi, urn i ra
V.iNiiint.ii ash Uevelstoke, l>, C,
All L-iiiutmttiii-iilions iddresspil to Post
I'tli,",   Iti-vt'lsiok", will liuve |iioiii|il
C.   W.   Q   W.
Mountain  Viow Csmp, No. 128
■ Mt-eU   Second   and   Kmirth   NYtMlnct-tlays lu
e«ch month, in Selkirk Hall.   VlsltlD   Wood
men cordially invited to aitend.
\v   E u.-liiiliNE, I'on. t'om.
JAS. MvlNTYHK. Clork.
Kootenay Lodfco, No. 16, A. F. * A. M.
Tlio roKiihir meet
arn held in tbe
Uddfell,.ws Hall, on
lbe third Meuday in
each mouth at 8
p.m. VisitiuK breth
reu   cordially   wsl
J T  POLLO' E, Master.
CHAS. J AMAN Am uli mv
Meen eveij Thursday   evoniiiK   iu   M»l-
.kirk HullalBo'il'icl
fVUUlOl brsibreu are
cordts'.ly invited v-i alien,!.
L   PBOBYS. N.O.        'Art  MATHlE.Hsc.
HOUSE~Six rooms and bathroom, modern plumbing.
Close to First Street and McKenzie Avenue.
HOUSE" Eight Rooms, furnace and modern plumbing,
Fifth Street.-$30 PER MONTH.
HOUSE—Seven   rooms, Third Street, $15.00 PER
FOR SALE—Houses ami Lots in different parts of City
at reasonable prices.
LOANS negotiated on improved property. Fire, Life and
Accident Insurance.
iuu hu      Lown     wiili     I ml i  M  ilt i/f n politicians  in  whom   bo    hi
chuivlii'H  ;i*  is  a  hull   in  a » luuu simp, too   ntmli   trust,   ouU    in   le;
ili- work ami  [iowul  ior doing    good wurcls    with    regret    o! Lhu
aii- loo limit.-il mul nuiiliur fair lo hi in that may havo boon mado.
3      |.ImumI
in    uflor-
nor tin- lommunily in which ho Inborn
Power L-hiitvhoa ami IwUer BliuuLci Ih;
tlif domain) of tin- tiu\.
I'ho I .am i< 'i* goventtucut is i <rlaiiil\
to bo uoiigi'aLulaLod on tho mogrosa
thai Canada has mado during the
Liberal fogimo. Nolhing like it has
evof boon known in tin- I).amnion.
The irtuin- to hand for ih" yoar
just eloHod sho\\ a I'ocoril uurplua of
^■-'.iili-j, lVi, uf revenue out esneudi.
lure. The total reveuue showed an
incroaso ol sixteen and a half millions
over tho previous 3 oar. I hal i-- un
udmimsti itivo record -I whieh * inadn
may justly  be proud.
llll. MINING IN 1)1 S'J UN.
times with a sense of salUfuel-
ioii to note the active progress and
development in the mininj industry uf
Itrilish L'olumbiu. -Ml ovei th.- fro -
v'uu'o there ara signs of in inin.: devel
upment taking ou new life. In our
last issue wo published a review of
mining in tho interior, hou ing an
outlook siiliii'ifiilly hopeful to induce
ih.- prospector to don his pack and
lake advantage of tho midsummer
mouths, wlieu lho mountains are most
ii'.'*' From snow. Thr Big Bend, for
in-lain.-, is an unknown laud, which
has every prospect of rich rewards
for «j stem a tic     exploration. i"i-h
t'reek j tlio I.aid.-an, the count rj wesl
ot the Columbia river and the Arrow
lakes, and even the muuntniu ranges
adjacent to the maan line eurrj miner
ul sect ions of which comparatively
little i- yet known. The opening of
the Big Bend by tho new government
road and the apparent certainly of
railway transportation being [»i,a hied
by the C. I'. U, and |torhupH by other
roads, make tho country to tho uortli
a -|t.-'iall> nlti'ai live liohl foi tin
|To-|»'t t«,i   th,-  summer,
II..m   Krai
everj   inch
man  lie lull-
his  best   rei
iU Oliver ia a
if  him.    I.ihr
his enemies,
i hones I man
every strong
hu I   l hey   ai'O
I'm thr
arc   the   men
him  lot'  t'.ii'-
most  part   these oui
who  have sought   t(
rupt cuds and ahusr ihr man who.pro-
tectcd  the publi.' interest against their
A  sensational   virii,,.   Is   reported   in
I'oi'tluuil ,'anal.   The t'opoii  slutea    n
big Ir lining gold strike litis     just
been made, covering an oven    ol      2n
tnili's, oulside ni Stewnrt.
I'.M.'IIMI,.    il
found within
Hudson Iluy.
-ii-  huve
mill's    ol
1.0. f. Notice
\   meeting  whieh  was   i,,  lia\
held nn  llir   Illi  instiini   I,, atii-ml Sl.
■ I,,lm- ehuveh, has 1 11 uttered  lo the
-tiili.   All  iih'iiiIh'is  me   requested t,.
t t  ul   tin'      I.  tl. 0.   I''.   Hall,
post   nlliir, at   7:15p,  in.
K. of P. Notice
All  luembeiH  ,,f  Knight
air  requested   Lo    all,'inl
ol 1'illiia-
senii'i; on ,Suiul,i\ ultei'UoOn ui lour.
i,Mink. Meuibera will plcuso attend
ut ( uslle Hall nt 3:30. L'urude to
start  ul luur o'eloi I,  .sharp.
li. A. McDonuld, V. C.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except i'ii.tJ Wftdaesdi \ 01
e.ciaiMTH mi     ■■    .ddMl •«
Hs.ll   n   8   o'clock.     ^ Lit il
KaUhW'.r.' ouruwlljt   iivin-t
0. H. BKUi'K. K. ol  H. A !».
T. P    SMITH. M, of K
Mt. Begbie
Meets   ni   I. 0.0. I'. II ill   inxi   to
II i-.. evei y fourth
M               month.
Vi- ting   I      .   ■ :: illy    wel-
i -. ii   hn   si k Harte.
Kei   -••• . H. W. Khwaiuis
Cbe flftaiUlbcralb
S      s   i-'.Mll.
•   i ike
.  • ,    ,ii,.|
. '
_.   ;, .... '   Ill,III      VI.   Hill
lurni nn..   ' heap     dotnt    i
o Chi    i      i omes. •
,   'i iii   im| ■!   "i     M
oi ised li>  th" ' '.mi"
-,n'l market
■   ■     imh ,   thnl '    no
(i lit    Irom     lho
par,    11.,   reason
m I  > iskati hewati    will
over) thing     thai    tl"'
pro hire.        111
li.i ild, ili il
'     ll    isl       m'l   i
li iy.
i but lo over)
■ itrongly
i om;     I ik"     iiIIi.t
d nol   inl)     in   ud
i ,m   bul   it      ..,.,.   field "I
I bl i'ii' rgel   ,     p ibli    spirited
j;jicuu is u- ujutb out ul place   iu   u
I.l I li.lul .--     lull l;\M I
he  -ion,,   ni     il,,.   M,ili,,,Iim     i    ■
leivui e al    I'oronto    « heu  i lerj
In) ini'ii  threatened  to  leave  llu uhur, ;.
ii  the I'onferei mini-,.,I   .,    mir \
hunt      ul:mn-1      I'm.'.- oi
-linnlil  prove  ai,   ■ i. ■
I'tuu,-, lii   |>uri of tin     i •     In
I Ul       ' I,     ll>     V\ ||,, ll     Ml,  ll     ■ -
:akt n,   l'iofeesol  Juck ul   . ,-,   .■ .j.i,.-
-I,,M   !<■  \ iew -  \l In. I. ai ■   lu i.i  lil   111 111)
I..   have fore,
[lepple  iln-   Usui lungs  ui     i
nu*-1  uol oul)  conform  io
must      is        ..!..!•
Inn  niii-i  bt - .nun
Uud   I.inn.ill   i'\|".i mil ,
1 but
i ,n, ,!,  in •
,,,.1   |,i obli n
are   ut   pr ut
i uudiug   di
;,,  ili.'.eli,|,  al ■ '
ind ...
uf u uiul.'i i ii hell  in  * •
i   in i '
nlph iroit       lunu
doe    ,'    . m.
in    tl i. op ion
 I'l. I   ol   maul    |>l
Moving Pictures to-night.
Moving Pictures to-night.
Ilif   Ulth day   nf
[lead a first time
.liini'. inin.
Road n second time lhe Itllh day of
.Imn', llilil.
Head a third lime the loth duy of
.lum'. 11)10, and passed with the
unanimous consent ul thr Council,
Received lhe obboii) ot the Electors
day of
Reconsidered end finally passed and
adopted by the Uouncil llic day
uf imo.
t'I'I'Y  C'l.KIlK
Corporation of the City of ficv-
By-Law^No. 156
WHEREAS it is deemed necessary
and expedient in the Interest of the
Liily ul' Itevelstoke that the present
ivutor supply Hystnn of tbe Oity
shmilil lie improved, augmented and
AND WHEREAS to defray the
nisi thereof it will be necessary lo
liuii'iiw the sum nl Twenty sev.ui
ihiiiisuiiil (lf27,U00) ilull.iis  which lhu
I'nillieil piiipiises lu raise  Iiy   Ihe issue
jf debentures seciircil upon the rales
.mil charges whieh urn eiiargealile nml
enforceable for the user ol water und
electric light uuder the "Water anil
l'llecli'ic Light Regulation My-huv
1003," and the Munli ipal Clauses Act;
AND   WIIKKKAS the   estimated
amount of the suiil rules and charges
chargeable ami enforceable for tlie
year in which this by-law  is  passed io
AND WHEREAS there is uow
charged ou the suul rulut, unit charges
llic sum nl $3,0Ul).8li
AND WIIKKKAS lhe debl hereby
created is nu the security uf the said
Wilier anil elect i ie light rales anil
I'liatges ,mil is further guainniiMl by
lhe iNlliniciptllily al large;
AND WIIKKKAS fur the payment
uf the Baid pi'tiii-ipul money and Intel-
eat during Lhe currency oi tbedeb.u-
tures tn tie issued, ii is necessary to sei
aside and withdraw from the annual
current revenue derived from said
water aud electric uites and charges
annually the sum ol $l,."i.si).ns um
specilie antitiul Mini requircil lor the
payment ol interest Ik ing ^in.'iti.nii,
antl fur lhe payiuelll ul lhe ilelil
AND WIIKKKAS ihe esllmated
deficiency  in  suin   rules andchiuges
reiiiiltiil lo   muse   in,   the  umuuui of     Riivvsyml sgrlciiltiinil Doiululnii l.iuiil
the annual inter,,,  and .inking lund K«(1^r.W^^ «^S-SSS
upuu the debt hereby ureuleu is ml;     I i.tniui iiw i«»"i»»- "( iho itriiuii ilultiiuiiia
i li,.mini,ni I.nm Ik'Rulatlous.
BE   IT  TIIKUKI'UKK   liNAOTED|    h, t|,„ |„w,., i;„l,„„l.l,i n.vision ,.f tlio ltuilwu)
by the Municipal Oouueil  nl   tbe Our-   lloltimy undo |iui» rer eixhtwn yuan uf u<i
poiation nt the Oily ol   ReveUloke us   •'^^.'ilX"'' Z^nXZZ^LlZlZ
[OlluWB : | uf lurty at'rui «1   Hwuli  lauds   ItunUlunctj is  ru
(■itltud 1 i iii l'>1  -,x uiitntlw in e;u:li «.f llvo
1.    The     Mini     of      Tu,'i,t).S,.» ' >o»n.  IMtal cultlvull.... miulrsd u. earn intent
mutually agreed upon with the legal
holder  or  huldors   thereof and   all
delii'itllues su repurchased shall be
cancelled and no ie Issue of any such
delielilllte ur ih heiiliil'esslinll he made
in enii.si quence of such re-purchuse,
lu. As uddlllonal secuilty the
in iiii ni the Municipality at large is
he eliy pledged for the payment of the
annual Intiresl und sinking fund required fur the extinguishment of the
debt created by ihis By-law and the
Municipality hereby guarantees payment uf the same.
11. This By-law shull uome Intu
force and tnko effect en the 80th day
ot'June, lino.
li This By-law may be cited for all
purposes as the Water and Klecliie
Light Hales Kuan Rv-law, Nu, 166,
TAKE NOTICE thut the above Isa
true copy of the proposed By-law upon
which the vote of Ihe Municipality
will he taken nl llle City Olurk's ollice
lity Hull, corner of Second street, and
iMi'Kci /.ie Avenue, ltevelsluke, 1!. 0.,
un Sni in duy, .lune 2.11 li, llllll, between
thu hours uf Nine o'clock ,'i.tn. and
Seven o'clock, p.m.
t'leik of ihe Municipal Council,
|s|| inl,l Mill l, LOW Uli COLUMBIA
HI vision.
Mayor uf lhe I'm purai inn ol
ul Uevelstoke in burrow in the
I'llK      SAIJ \     [U llilil)   ill   -I.ill.Iiim
' lui "i.   I .ui"' li)  aud On   . ..... I foi
hut mi,.ii.   luirymen, el M'pl>   to
-I     I      l.oilg,   Kontenu)    lll'ewel*) .
,   „ tuilll>     U'I''    ll"lllisl...lll,    tOIL    ...
I huiisanil Duilais, ur so iiiueh Ihtieul   u,i..l atx cult ivuluil, mul n Hu- reiunliilnii Itionl.
as shall be necessary, shall he expend-   arms i- in unipUiil li) llw Iiiiiiiohu.iiIh iui niiiii
ed in improving, iiugmviiliug unu ex- |.V,",'„J. 11,,'",i!V.".'.?,'i'M'V-'r!■ :<■'■'.'.i."i^...'.'" 'iV.'l.'.'i.iil'i'.i',!',!
tending the Water supply   system   ut r,.-j,i,.i,,,   t„r ihu i-.-.- .-mi.te.n.    I'm-o ul pru-
tin- Oil v, and It shall hu lawful lor the uiuptiuii, llvo Jull i- l>ui aero, payable In live
1  Hie  I'uv liurtaliuuiin.wilM iiu.u-t.
r.-innlu,mil imn'ii.i- ■ iniiii- may lie ubtalitoil
, t„i i«,i,iv;,.i,».'i  llii'li laml li)  ii mule nv.-r
and security   ol   lhe   said   lutes   and ulul.luei,i,u,lolliu.vvine dlRlblo ami mil liulillng
charges by way el delitutures hei em- Iiuiuo«u.biI m pioouiptluii.   u««lileiice roi|uireiI
tllte. nieutloned  from any  person  or fflafi^^&^S' "n^."
p.isuns, hnily oi bnilies em pi,rale who Uraporavre, liv.- In.UUiiienti).
may be willing in advance llie same, nencliliinun In Uns Diviilun are lamlH below
u sum   uul   exceeding   lu   the    whole elgnl liunilml loet alK.yo L'lilinulila Hirer,   I'p.
ihe s„„i ul   Iwei.ty-Seve.1 Thousuud %^ffi$X£^1a?^^&
De.I its aiid lu cause ml such  sums su   uro'eiuptlun|irlvlle«i  auailj itg,fu«.) acres,
tiiise.l lu be paid into tlie bauds ul lho   Dplniuh m.i> be leiineil  tirlet twellutu lu
I'leisurii of ihe-..ul I uv ■,,. 11,. ■ ...,,-   Hellion for nmnliig purpusee.     II eil latuls raaj
itiaMiiii in  in,  s.uu i ji)  un ui,  |,ui- ltw)t¥Btf (or |my uu.puaes or leanetl lo nolllew
pi.si s anil  with   lhe   ultjccls   hiienine- by legal sulnllvUlulie.
lore recited,                                                   | Kmry fee furhoiuenletul, pre.eniplluii aiult-nii'
| ,|,i i'l enn li;i-,-, I ill iti-ll' i- nn en, lu'iiln   Alnr
2.    ll    hill  lip   lawful   for   lhe said   '
,in,n nub ih,. laml llm
mi) -iii,,.- anulbi
Mrs Hermann McKinney
Near Drill Hall
,.,.„, lliBI.li,nl llll'il
.nu,i..n lur, llie nelll
M.ivii lu cause .in numb r uf del en-   ., ,,,t i, inii uul fur un.ro Hum a Uiiul ,,i
till, - lu he Ui. llle rl, , in,-, I    uiul   i-slll'd    " Il"1 l-e'.l   ""
for such si l   sums as mtl)    he re-      l'k° Roiioml rvwrvat lun plu.-cil mi lamb Ba»t..|
,      .. , , 1 ,    • ll Uf,.   Ill,  \t,-sl SlMll   .11, I hll.lll.    Mill    ,IM>|. ,111 till'
ipim-.l   hi   lhe   purposes ami   r,|,j..els   J"" 3,,iV. l«l«.   Knlrlo. iorlliouoivrenul.1	
afori    ii.l  ii"!   exceeding however   lhe   mayllioreutterlie iiuulo i-u  laml. ilieit  "i„'ii t<,
SUIll       .'I       'I'll. Ill l -S,-veil        Th, lls.,1,,1    'i'l').  '""   ui) I,ll.I.lull.'II' IllllMWIl urtobo
,,     n |       , ,      ■ „ iltiill IWII lli'llll llllls'l  Ik'UIis   llllll   U'I    I'l    lll.ll i'
linll ii-, arh i.l said debentlltes   being   available, a« well iui new I) nurreyeil lun.b, will
ut lhe denomination el One Thousand  require ai'lvoribetuent fur llilrtj .lays;  An> auelt
Dollars and all  sinh debenfuns  shall   lamb will u„i be upon lo entry uutll public notice
..,  ,, ,   ,., aiven,    '-Burvereil lainb f„r Mie purpose uf entry
Im Beuled with lhe seal ,,l -,l„. i oipora- m'*Jn;w™".ulitlvkluiuabutlinu on a surveyr.1
lion ul llle Lity i'l ltevelsluke and lm,. or in ease ul lamb "ii which i'llll) i» pot
signed h)   iln- Mayor aud Olerk there-   iuiite.lluruiwUuwlrc.1 amislxiyacres,"sanroysd''
I,ii i- moans 'imii'i -i-i'ii'-u-
'"• | .,,,,I line.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has^65J3ranchcs in Canada, anil Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly [Delivered
Baggage Transferred
Furniture and Piano Moving a Specialty
Leave Orders at Steam Laundry Office
Clearing Sale of Boys' Suits
4 .'Uits, Size 22 $3.50 to $4 50 for $2 and $2 50
6 Suits, Size 23 4.00 to   4.75 for   2 and   2.50
4 Suits, Size 24 4.00 to   5.00 for   2 and   2.50
2 Suits, Size 25 3 50 to   5.00 for   2 and   2.50
2 ]Suits, Size 26 3.50 to   4.00 for   2 and  2.50
2 Suits, Size 27 3.50              for    2
i j 3-piece Suits, rj to ;,;,, $5 .mil $0 I'm- $2.75 & $3.50
MeKinnon S Sutherland
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under which Ihe  branch**
of tills Bank aie ul>l«- tu Issue Drafts on the principal polnu
tn tha following countries:
:;.    Th,- Biilil tlulientures shall liear
,l.u,- tli.- _i>t 11 tiny of   Inly.   11)10, nnd
shall lie made pnyahle in Itfty  years
it ■ in 1 In- -.,1,1 .mi,- in i.iii ml money of
1 iiiinda .it iln- uili, i- ul ihe   Molsons
11.ink ,t  Kevelstoke aforesaid, whieh
■  1 ■        Imll in- designaled
in -.   nnl   shall  nave
ihi in coupons foi tin- pay-
,ticl tin- signal nre tu
11a may  i il In i   n i itteu,
ampi il ot In tiugrapbed.
laid .I.-ii.-iit im-   Imll  l,ear
1 ,.1 further Intonnalsi
1 Isllllk-f, KaiuliH>|is.
abUltlllg mi ., ^nr
applj tu tha Dominion
V. 1
ui-:\ 1 s.
.-.,., i.t,,i\
Bush Fire Permits
Settlers on Dominion Lands can net
peamits ai the I'rovindal Police office.
Revelstoke, or any ofthe I'rovincial Fire
Wardens,   provide 1   they comply   with
Aii^tria-Huogaiy     Finland
Faroe Mains
Formosa Italy
France Japan
Fr'ch Cnchu.-Chin*   Java
Germany Manchuris
Great Britain Mexico
South Africa
Straits Si-ttler
Phillipine Islands    West Indies
Roumania and clsewh
NO   DtLAv   Id   I6SUIN8.
Second Hand Store
IKI.N    I If \ XK   nl |\ I i;
\  I .
II  I I llll  I
M ■ ind
i.ik,.   ,  pn ition mi tii'- rail ■
ll   i    -.,  ne ho]	
Ioi   ti..- reporl       Mi   '
, . i. iiii,,. ami lor
some - i-.ii    lo 'na lerii
-I pot • ml dop irlmi
• re, ml  ili'iu-ti  In- ,,	
I      ..in       in-
t ighl   and  iusl.    It i    Inn   h      itlmin
i lintlon tloas nol  mil  'In-    hit I      ol
_tail'1 -  and  land |{ialilieti    a in.    nre
Reeking ovm   iu fm '   i hem ol ■ •■      tin I
ili,.ii   iiitiu- th on   ili-  'I'l- " ' '   nnd
lil. li  Hi" publit   I.iii'l    Hi-'  Ihi       i" i
n-.-ip n flnam lal hat veal al  > lm
penss "I tho i pl«,   Mi   OH ft     work
foi   llm public r"""! « ill I'' ■   '" ptililli
memory and ll lo '"    '"■ hopwl     ho
maj   lum.' l"- "i  tho   helm "I tho tlo
pnrlmon! "I tha Inlorlor, whose allaii
li"  lm •  haudlod    " lull     OXCSpl       I" i
baps it, ihq In com to whioh bt ba
becu niUleU by sorrupl officials   und
ii  ihn 11  be  lawful  fm   tin.    aid
..ft li'in I." sold for less
;n  ol   I heir
and  ui lift
n ■ -
K the if I li"
H-   uf   t be  Munieip il
. "I,"
■ ii'i,.
i    ii-
■     i    hi/   futiil fin   i he
i.i. - here shall be
■ i   "utn-iit   11   pnint ui
■!    ft mii «.ml
in"    Hghl   rait
i uf   ll.IkV) lid    whii h
■i.i,    tli"
ii  iuu in'   !■■' "i.n" iu cottnl   ii -l
paid Into h    !'•■' lal  ■ ird   for p u.--li
pui pose and to be dlsbui net] i^ I" n ind
dmt - ' iii-
'lin .
i     Iim InR i !»■ ' "i I'"' • "'     lid  'I,-
in-ill i iiii   aid 'mi i Imi.
t In- " <i"iit   nfoi "-iiii    hill   i ..I   I ii ni
pari  ■ if t In-   annual  revi i I   i In
Munit ipality.
:i.   It shall i" lawful I'm iln- Munli >
| in I    I i.mn il     In,in      linn       lu      tm,.
lo ii- punin  any   at tald debet)
bursa iii sin li in It •■ m pn i.h aa nay in-
Kepalra nl all
Estln -
■  irk
Front     Street
I. 0. F. DANCE
Pires A'i.
J.   K.  MCI/HAN,
liivisiunal Warden,
'i  the rate    t   Five (5) per Sections j and 6 ol Uhapter 84
ilium   from   tin-   tl ite
- im li  Interesl   shnll In- pay
innually .it t he off! -    il the
liank it  Kevelstoke nfi i. laid
money Dl < Inn idi I he illlh
lai iIn- -inii day "1
I   in   each   n-i every
un Ing 'in- current > i hereof, and
■ ll i ipressed   in    l   dehen-
• and coupons to l»- so payable,
A dance will be held on
23rd in the Skating R
Price: $1.00 a Couple
Extra Ladj, 50 Cents
Miinnf«ctnr»d for nil cins^ai (if  bniUHnni
for.lt!! >>i litruft or    uwill'jimnliliui
IttthflloWtlt pricaa for < n-,h.
w. kindtgOl balldioa tod .pialtering
Foote & Pradolini.
Ttnsmithinit, Repairs,   Hot   Air
Plpo and  Furnaco Work
Connuunht   Ave.    -    Uevelstoke
One Car of Gait Coal
Will arrive next week,
Send in your orders for
early delivery,
W. B. Robertson
You   Like  Music
Here it Your Opportunity I
Edison's Phonographs and Records, Graphophones,
Accordions, Banjos, Guitars, Flutes, Piccolos,
Violins, Fittings of all kinds oi' finest quality.
Sole Agents for the Noted
New Scale Williams' Pianos
All kinds  of Instruments  tuned and repaired.
Work Guaranteed
A call at the music store on McKenzie Avenue,
adjoining the City Hall, will convince you of the
quality of the goods.
J. BIN OH AM, Mgu,
Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Co. Ltd
REVELSTOKE, B C. v'l'l KliW, JUNK Kill.  1910,
Page 3
look:     look     and     read:
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue prices', freight added, willi
Winnipeg price   Weight   Freight   Total   Howson's Price delivered
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
r.nlarge,il ami Imptovsd.    First-Class in t'vt'ry respect.    All modern convenience
Large Sample Kouins.
|nates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Import direct from country ol origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
j.  .ax.:b:e:rt    sToisrm    prop.
Jobbing promptlj attended to. Agent fur nil kinds of
Trees, Plants, Bulbs, etc. Lawns uiul Gardens taken care
ol for the Summer. Terms reasonable. Twenty years
Residence with F. G. Frisby.    Phcne 80 *
Kitchen Chairs 50c.            101b. 23c. 73c.
Kitchen Cabinet $6.75 1501b. $3.53 $10.72
Dining Table 10.55 1651b. 387 14.42
Dining Chairs 88c. 121b. 28c. 1.16
Dresser and Stand 8.95 1501b. 3.52 12.47
  1.25 1601b. 3.76 15.01
Bed 3.55 601b. 1.41 4.96
Bed 5.3'j 681b. 1.59 6 94
Dominion Spring 2.40 601b. 1.41 3 81
Child's Cot 5.10 751b. 1.76 6.86
Ostcrmore Mattress 15.00
We make our profit hy Bhipping in car load loU, thereby wiving freight ratcH. Bring
catalogue giving description ol other Roods not specified in this lint to mir wtore nml we
will prove our statements,   Remember we deliver noods ami set up free from breakage.
R.   HOWSON   &  CO.    -    REVELSTOKE, B. C.
fruit lands Near
IWow 13 the lime of ljcav tor Sccfc UMantino
BeautttV! L'ouv (Bar&ens
A   large assortment of Fresh Garden and Field Souls, including
ANU BURPEE'S.    Fine Lawn Grass, Clover, Timothy, Alfalfa
The Paget Supply Co'y.
We have for sale 80 acres of cleared
fertile lands ready for cultivation and
planting, half a mile from town, to be
divided into small blocks to suit purchasers
39 and $300 Per Here
This is the best land in the district, being
very fertile and suitable for growing fruit
or vegetables—no irrigation needed. This
is a paying investment.
Apply to
Revelstoke General Agencies, ltd.
From Our Own Correspondent.
There wns a large crowd Irom Com-
i|>li\ nnd lioulon attending the ball
riven in lho K. of V. find on I hurs-
lay  ovoning.   Ml  enjoyed  themselves.
li.     ,1,     Si'lllliall      is  back     Ui   lown
ipendiug n lew days with old friends.
I!. Simpson's tug boat "Tillicum"
whieh ho recently purchased ut tho
coast, is giving good satisfaction.
Ur. lilliolt's engine hus arrived a1"'
lie is now [ihieing it in his new hull
whieh lm hail built lastwinter. This
In ii i i.li is ,i very pretty oue und will
add nuieh lo tho murine Heel  here,
I'hos, Meredith, ,.( the I'ingstou
Creek Lumber Co., spent u lew days
in town this week.
Thetiow  aiduwulk up lo    the    sohool
is Hearing i-otnplolion and is a lino
piuuo ol work, enrriud out umlei lhe
supervision ul Thos,  Parry,
l;,.i. Mr. I'hilmore Iiii hero to remain at Nukusp lor a sveuk, and "ill
bu liu.l, ftl   ut  the li-lth.
I!.\. Mr, Dallas has gol his new
boal house completed and il is   about
tho besl hero.
Death ot lou Campbell
There passed away al St. Joseph's
hospital, Victoria, on Saturday night
la^t at tin- age ol 7s years one ol the
pioneers ol the province in the person
' .if Louis Campbell, who died of a
growth ut cancer in  theneck.
In 1800 Mr. Campbell Bettled on a
(arm on the Routh side '■( the river
aboul twelve miles below Kamloops.
ll- then innl. up stock raising on a
large scale, and han been considered
iln- largest rattleowner in the province
huvhig between 2,000  and 3,000 head.
June 30 to July 7,1910
AU freight refunded on  exhibits originating
in Alberta.
Over $1,000 offered for grain competition includ-
Acre Yield Competition.
Milking Machine demonstration ami lectures.
Magnificent Art and China Display.
Best music antl attractions, including
Grand Fireworks Display.
Alliers' Ten Snow White Polar Bears,
Herzog's Six Trained Stallions.
The Six Alulallahs' Brothers marvellous acrobats.
Kam/.a and Ainu, clever comedians.
Al. (!. Barnes' trained wild animal shews.
Reproduction of lhe making of the Blackfecl
Indian Treaty illuminated With Fireworks.
For rui/.r. List and Entry Forms Write
I. S. G. w WART        l L
Certificate of Improvements
" Hurry" mineral claim, situate in the
Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Where located;—On Poplar Creek,
near Poplar Townsite.
TAKE NOTICE that I, A-R- Heyland,
Free Miner's Certificate No. II. 25405,
Intend, sixty days from dale hereof, to
apply lo the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of the alwve
And further take notice that action,
under Section 37. must be commenced
lielore lhe issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 15th dav of April, A. D.,
Eggs tor Hatching
Eggs for batching Irom  the follow •
ing imported pure bred stocnt
8. C. Rhode liland Reds.-42.00.
Silver Laced Wyandoltes,—$2.00
Burred Plymouth Rocks,-«i.00
S. 0, l'.nlT Leghorns.-H.OO
Cornish Indian Game,—93.00
White Crested Black Polisb,-t2.00
F.mden Geeie.—93.00.
Imperial  l'ekin Duckl.-91.7B.
Alao stock Irom  the above lor anl.
MUS. R. A.     UPPEH.
Our logs are stamped
on the end "E" and all
persons are warned
against taking them or
the driving of nails or
spikes therein. Do not
touch our logs.
Revelstoke Sawmill Co., Ltd.
Wanted to Buy
A Small Steam Tug lloal in pond
repair, Vpply. giving full particulate
ai to ilce. style of machinery, price
. unci inl. etc,, to Mi'MiY LUMBER
C U., X11 It E t V ALLli Y, B.C.   m26 it
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars/Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
P.   B.   WELLS
Exporter of Furs
Suntmerland College
In  aeuorduuee  with   tho      uu luce
ntctit m oar LuHt issue, L'rieipal Saw-
Iyer of Ukuuagan College, mul with
I interested friends    ui  tne    prayer  sei'-
J V i, o in   tlie   Baptist   < lum li   on  We.llie--
I iluy evening.   The Principul    mude    a
'statement     regarding the work ol the
Past yeai- and uliat.  is pi'ol '1      '"'
I the year lo come.       The college      has
carried ou work   in     business,     lu^li
school or university eniruuco, and two
years ot university   work.
I   Thu members in attendance were nol
so large la^t year  us in the previous
yeur, owing   io inability   to  u>■-omnio-
' dale young ladies   fiuni   a    distance.
This draw buuk, however, will bo met
during the coming yeur us the college
' authorities have now  in course oi con-
'structiou u building especially designed for lhe  use of young ladies    that
[will aceommodate forty     girls      with
'rcsi»leni teachers.
The college uUj has a     gymnasium
building nearly uomplcted,   Tins build
ing measures some UOxlO leet on    lhe
ground und will be  thoroughly equip-
'ped uud put tinder the charge    of      u
[competent instructor, who has      hud
I largo experience  in  such work.        Tlie
I aim is lo tuuke lliegyiniiusitun an    et-
iicicnt purl oi tlie  educational      sys-
Item of Ukmuiguu College.
.V mule director tor tho musical department hus been engaged. this
I gentleman has hud u thorough course
of instruction under the Ix-st German masters uik! hus luul loitg experience in the work of musical direction
'lie is capable ol carrying pupils in
voice and piano to graduation at any
conservatory ni music, and comes lo
Okunagan with the idea ol building
I up u Btrong musicul department.
The work ,,f the college in the past
has met with the approval ol its
patrons and it is confidently expected
|llmt the worth of it< work will not
lessen in the future. The purpose ol
ili.,sc having  the oversight    of      lhe
college is to nd<l to it" efficiency each
R. M. R. Rifle Shoot
The following
were made l,y
members of" V
' Co.,
June llih—
I'le. Campbell
Color Sgt. Dun.
Id 25
Sgi. Smythe
^gt. li. Garner
Lc, Corp. Duff
L.-C \V. Allen
Corp. Overton
Pta. A. l'a.-kins
Pte. Baynes
Mr. W.Mai tm
l'te. K. Taylor
Pee. Fen ton
l'te. Watson
Baseball Schedule
The following is the baseball schedule I'm the Y.M.C.A. league for this
Tuesday " -1 Beavers v llus. Men.
Friday " -I Corleys v Bus. Men.
Tuesday " 28—Beavers v Intermeds,
Friday July 1—Beavers v Corleys.
Tuesday "
Tuesday "
Friday "
Tuesday "
Friday "
Tuesday "
Friday "
Tues. Aug
Friday "
Tuesday "
Bus. Men v Intermed.
S -Corleys v Intermeds.
12    Beavers v Bus. Men.
15-  Cm leys v Bus. Men.
HI—Beavers v Intermeds,
22    Beavers v (Joiievs.
'2)t   Bus,  Men v Intermed.
21) -Corleys v Intermeds.
2— Beavers v Bus. Men.
u -Corleys v Bus, Men.
9—Beavers v Interiueds.
All league players must \ e members
of the Y.M.C.A. No player can play
with more than one team. Captains
will please see thut this is enforced.
Games will be called promptly at 0:i)U
on scheduled nights, and 7 innings
will be played.
Wed. June 1 -Public School v J.B.C.
'• ••   S-Public v High School.
" 15-High Sohool v J.B.C.
" -22   Public School v J.B.C.
" 28—Public v High School.
"    July 0   High School v J.B.C.
•• 18—Public School v J.B.C.
•' 20 -Public v High School.
'• 27-lligh School v J.B.C.
•■   Aug. 8—Public School v J.B.O,
>' •• in    Public V High School.
" n—Hiah School v J.B.O,
Wed. June 1-Chuins v B.O.B.C.
"   8 	
•• 15 	
tt t.  .yt >. ». "
" 21) 	
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
IN THF. MATTER ot The Arrowhead
Lumber Company, Limited.
NOTICE is hereby given that oil
persons having claims ayuinst The
Arrowhead Lumber Company, Limited
whose registered office is at Arrowhead
in ihe Province ol Uriiisli Columbia,
are requested to send, not later than
lhe 7th duy ot July, 11)10, by post
prepaid or delivered lo Bodwell und
Lawson, solicitors lor tho liquidator
oi ihu nbovo company, at 1)18 Government Street, Victoria, 11. C, their
names  and  addresses,  full  particulars
^ i in wriliuiE ol  their claims and state-
9 I
'menl of thoir accounts, ami lho   nature uiul     securities (if any)  held    by
ANU TAKE NOTICE that after the
7tli day of July, 11)10, the liquidator
will proceed to distribute lho assets
ol the Company among lllo parlies
I'liiitloi thereto, having regard only
lo lhe claims ol which ho shall have
had notice.
Dated the 87lh day of May, A. I).,
Liquidator ol the Company.
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists, First-class sample
rooms. Finest scenery in Uriiisli Colombia, overlooking TJppet Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, .Prop
All kinds
Reasonable Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging
Saii-.liu lion Guaranteed
I'lilt SALE—Two high-grade Ayrshiro
Cows, freshening, heavy milkers,—
Apply  lo T.  Lewis,  It.-M'l ink.-, 11.0.
BLACK l-'.Mt'Ul FOR SALE While
oxcavatlng lor the llowson Block,
I will have good garden soil for
sale at 50o. per load. Apply lo the
Cumming') Transfer Co.
WANTED—Good Planer man. Apply
Kornaghan Lumber Co, Ltd.,Salmon
Arm, B, C.
Cull and net prices and see samples at
Studio, Also get particulars of our
special oiler [or a short season only.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Movini? Pictures To-night.
WANTED— Placer Mine. Engineer has
client desiring placer property, either dredging or hydraulic that will
stand examination as to physical
conditions n ssary lor ii- operation, i'i would consider quarts mine
State full particulars in first letter.
P. I). Box  235,  New   York City       3t
Moving Pictures tonight.
^^•acr— ■ ■       -
Cur. Third St. aud Kotoon Avenue ConnaUght and Victoria StS
The Damper Lever of a
Wood Furnace
is where it ought to be—at the front, readily reached without
groping in the dark or taking unnecessary steps. A turn of
the lever instantly changes the draft so the fire is quickened
or checked, at will. Turned on, McClary's Magnet Wood
Furnace produces the strongest heat in a few minutes; and
the nickelled steel tubes radiate this heat for hours after
the draft is shut off. Because of this stored heat McClary's
Magnet Wood Furnace is economical and a continuous roaring fire is unnecessary. The heat that goes up the smoke pipe
of ordinary wood furnaces, goes into the register pipes of the
Magnet. Like the position of the damper, the Magnet Wood
Furnace is n jJtl all through. Right in principle, right in construction; right in materials. See the Magnet at the McClary
agent's in the nearest town. Write to nearest McClary branch
for booklet, giving a detailed description. Free, postpaid.
tendon, Toronto, Montrssl, Winnlpsg, Vsncouvsr, 81. John, Hamilton, Calgsry.
For Sale by Bourne Bros., Revelstoke Tage i
SAT! KDAY. .11 XI'. KIM. 19101
7fo %
7%e Future
F1 rj
77ie 7oa;/i /Aa/ a;as Bor/i LacAy
25X120 Feet
Inside Lots
Corner Lots
TERMS: One-third Cash
Balance Three and Six
Months. Clear Title to
Every Lot Upon Payment
in Full.
25X120 Feet
Inside Lots
Corner Lots
TERMS: One third Cash
Balance Three and Six
Months. Clear Title to
Every Lot Upon Payment
in Full.
/ -T- v. /__ /ai 1 r.s
Is situated in the best residential district of Camrose. It is no" an outside sub-division. It is only Three Blocks
from the G. T. P. Depot. Every Lot in the property is level and beautifully situated. There are now some good
residences one block from our property. Remember there are only a limited number of lots to be sold at present
prices, so be one of the first to buy.
Facts that Decide
Camrose has Ssven Railroads, Lowest Freight Rates of Alberta, Cheap Coal, Cheaper Sites, Richest Fanning District in Alberta, Best Geographical Location in Alberta, Large Coal Areas, Abundance of Water, an Excellent
School System; and is the Basis of  Large Manufacturers.
Wholesalers  Know Why
and   they   generally decide   right where they
should go for   distributing  centres.
Who Are There Now
Georgeson & Co.
G. F. & J. Gait
Massey-Harris Co
Brackman Ker Co.
Donnelly, Watson & Brown
Imperial Oil Co.
Calgary Brewing Co.
Camrose Land
vestment Company
In addition to these railways two now CPR. linns
are projected; one from the South oast an
extension of the Soo Lino from Moose Jaw;
the other a continuation of tho CPR. west,
ward from Wetaskiwin to Yellow Head Pass
711 First Street East, Calgary
Revelstoke, B. C.
A Junction of 3 Transcontinental
Railway Systems
lino to Winnipeg via Saskatoon. West to
Wetaskiwin. South, via Wetaskiwin to
Calgary, the Crow's Nest Pass and Pacific
Coast.  North, via Wetaskiwin to Edmonton.
GRAND TRUNK PACIFIC East, via Tofield to
Saskatoon and Winnipeg. West, via Tofield
to tho Pacific Coast, through Edmonton and
the Yellow Hoad Pass. South, to Calgary.
North, to Tofield.
to Vogroville. East, via Vegreville to Winnipeg and Eastern Canada. Northwest,
short line to Edmonton, the Yellow Head
Pass and Vancouver. South to Calgary
through Stettler and Knee Hills, connecting with the Goose Lake Line.
\   V'l
THE mail-herald revelstoke, b. c.
s e3sj
If our methods suit you
tell others. If they don't
euit you toll us. Any criticism of our mode of
doing husiness will be
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Bargains in
for Ladies
We have gone through our
Slinc Mock and taken out
from broken lines. They are
all in A 1 condition—not a
shop worn pair in the lot.
About 25 Pairs of Oxfords
(urn Metal, Ten, Vici Kid
and Patent Leather. Nobby
lasts of the present season.
Sizes from "J.I lo 5J. Regular
$■1 and ifi 50 lines."
About 30 Pair Ladies' Slippers
Bright, new-looking goods,
with high and medium heels,
liegular if:'> 50 goods.
About 60 Pair Ladies' Boots
Turn soles and Welts, both
Bluohei and Hal out, Patent
leather, vici, and calf; they
are all here. Sizes 24 to 5.1.
Regular prices $3.60, W 00,
%4 50 and $6.00.
These Shoes are all
on the table now but
none will be sold until
the morning of
Thursday, 16th
Kindly do not ask us
to send out Bargain
Shoes on approval or
to exchange them, as
we will be compelled
to refuse.
Call and look at the
Shoes, then remember the price is
Only $2.25
The Klevator is the most perfect type of passenger elevator
made. We spared do expense to
get the best and most reliable, All
the lafety devices so far produced
you will lind on it. The most
approved automatic safety brake.
Quick Pudding
By using Quick Pudding a
first-class and delicious Sum-
dessert can be produced in a
very short time. Wc carry
the Pure Cold Quick Tapioca,
Quick Custard and Quick
Chocolate Pudding—ready for
instant use right from the
Are you using Huntley A:
Palmer's Famous Biscuit ?
Vou will do so if you try
them once. It will pay you
to use them. Put up in air
tight cans and sealed packages in a great number of
varieties, including Monarch,
Coronation, Marie. Nursery,
Madeira, Cracknel, Brazil,
Wheatmeal, Olal Cakes,
Short Bread and a dozen
other kinds of the best and
purest biscuits on the market.
We Are Sole
We are always, giving Snaps.,
but there is one snap that we
are selling that is a Snap—
The Magic Hand Cleaner
For Boiled hands Ihere is
nothing half so effective. It
will remove Grease, Tar,
Paint, or any dirt in tho
quickest time, and, moreover,
it is beneficial to the skin.
Get It at Hume's
We have just opened up a
couple of crate,- of Crockery
and Glassware, made up of
Hotel Tea ami Coffee Cups
and Saucers, Clover Leaf
Cups and Saucers, Syrup
Jugs, Teapots, Jugs, Water
Sets, Baby Plates, Cake
Plates, Bean Crocks, Toilet
Sets nnd Dinner Sets. Dur
('rockery Department is now
full to overflowing with some
cf the choices! goods in the
City. Come in and look them
over. No trouble to show
Who Willi's lo save money on
Hosiery .' Vour chance next
Saturday night. Se v e r a 1
tables of Hosiery laid out
Saturday night for easy
choosing. A specie] tablefor
Saturday night, July 18lh,
of Ladies', M:.--c.-'. and Children's    all one i iiii'
25 Cents
l,:i.-t call "ii iin e Snowy
\Vlute ' "iiuii rpani.- and
Pi d Spreadf; nol more than
20 of them left, They nre
of lbe Knglish ni '1 Krenoh
Patterns,    < lei   al   le i i one
before they ale all picked Up.
They come al
CB. Hume Sr Co. Ltd.
Revelstoke,   *   B. C.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders.
Stud   the   children   to
the -lore.   Come yourself.
Have our city traveller
call at your home for
Cool Waists
For Midsummer wear—the
lighter the latter says the
Summer Girl. liven the
Waists bought a few weeks
ago havt a way of looking
heavy and forbidding these
hot days. Here are thJ kind
lo take Iheir places during the
real Summer weather. Thin,
inviting Pawns and Muslins,
beautifully coo1, a mixed lot.
High1, as you step off the
elevator—they nre $2 50 to
$.'100 Waists fo;
$1.50 Each
The trim, coo' comfort of a
Tailored Waist always appreciated by the neat dressers
—smart and tidy, 20 only,
White Linen Shirt Waists,
the   $;j,50   kind   for    51.75.
l'i only, White Linen Shirtwaists — the new Soutache
Braiding appears on this one.
A $1.00 Waist ior
How cool she looks ! Look
again I Isn't it time she is
wearing just an every day
Blouse, but with careful
thought to Neckwear, many
styles and various qualities
and values in Chanticler collars. Lice Collars, Dutch
25c. to $1.00
New 'Arrivals
Belt Buckles
Bone Hair Pins
Bone and Turquoise
Hair Ornaments
Hat Pins, Brilliant
Take the Elevator
You may lind ■ mistake in
our accounting, let us know if yen
do. We have installed the finest
ollice system possible and are doing
our utmost to keep apace with the
times. You can help us if you let
us know of any mistako thatjmight
Hutau Page 6
Saturday; june lsth, wm
Sale of Summer Apparel
Sale of Undermuslins
Women's Night Gowns, 75c, 95c, $1.50 and $2.50
each. Women's gowns of fine muslins and Cambrics trimmed «iili Laces ami Rmbroideries in
Slip-overs and button front .styles.
Women's Skirts
Prices ranging from 75c, $1.00, $1.50, $2,00 and
£5.00 each. Dainty styles in fine muslin and
Cambric skirts.
Drawers for Women
am] i
nn  50c   to $2.50 encli,  trimmed
i nnd Vnl. Laces  and   Dainty   Swiss
Princess Dresses
. |n      - .""  and   $7.50,   in   white only,
irimmed   with   Val.   insertion     and   embroider)
The season's most fascinating styles.
Summer Dress Fabrics
prii. s.    Fancj  Muslins   15c,   20c   and
\ ird,    These come  in  fancy  stripes nud
English Prints
Full widths    warranted the best al 12ic per yard
l'ancv stripes, dots, floral designs,
al 15c.
Now selling
White Muslins and Dimities
Prices from  15c,  20c., 25c.  and  40c   per yard.
Mulls and organdies in stripes and checks.
Wash Suitings
Repps,   Chambravs.  /eplnrs,   I.iueu  and   Indian
Fancy Parasols
In all the lending
to st.mi.
ilors and new designs.  I'm'
Millinery at Half Price
Our Table Pattern Hats at half price. This Clearing Sale mi all lli^h (.'lass Millinery will bring
this beautiful hat within lite reach o( all.
Mrs. I'. Vi. I.aim; I.'l'i Tlmiwliij lo
attend the Vi. (', T. I . ."nvelili.ni al
New Westminster.
Mr. and Mrs. I'.. Krfeknon and lain
ily, "I  Malakwa. are in  ilie eil.v today
Mrs. T. .1. I.awr.anv « ill nut rr 'pivu
Wednesday, llu- 'J'Jrnl. nor again till
Mr. ttnd Mrs. .1. M. Scott, .,i Iviim,
loops, an. visiting Uevclsloko llie
gnosis ol   .Mr.   a„d  Mrs,   \.   II,   Allen.
The marriage ol Mi-- Kiln M. Kon
liodj lo Mr. A i ! Iiui -I. Wo.. Hand, will
tnko  place  Wednesday,  .lune  JJnd.
.V.Annan lias obtained leave ,,i nb-
-ei>.-e    fr      lhe  C,   I'.   I,',   simps,  an.l
ha-   gOIIO   lo   llle   . ..a    I    l"l llie   liellelil    oi
lii- health.
IC.   Kiev   and   Itudolf   Aeller, Swiss
11 Hides,  were  iii   lhe eilj     il.i week
I'r,,in  Switzerland en  route  for 11lacier
lo   prepare   for    lhe      sil r lollrisl
i;.   M.   Clark 1   il Id timers
ot   HoveUfoke,  and  a   large     property
owner   here,   hn-   returned   In   lhe     eity
h,   lal.r   the   position   of   -il|..'l Hilellilenl
of lh.. HevelBtoke Sash and  I    fail
or.v.    Mr.   and   Mi,   Clark   "ill    probably   aenin  Innko   iheir   home  here.
['.  C,  Ain-lie. win, has been    iu the
('.   I'.   It,   s|,,,ps    „|      Itevelstoke tor
some years, ha- heeii promoted to tho
foromanship of the I .  I'.  li. shops al
,     . ■   \|v  llegbie,  I. U.K.. are adver
••.-nu a dance in lhe Uollerliink for
1 bursd iy, June 23rd,
I'he  i        uiiinber  uf ihe  Abbotsford
,■               ,,,   hand,   alld i-  a   live  1-011111111
foui   pag.   |i ipi i     W, .•. i i.   da-       new
■   -.li.-iii   all   sil.."   -.
Ai   ih-  I. ie   I'.  ii nn- on   Monday
ll    ided    Mull    llle   . ollll
.   I   hold   their   al al   . Imr.li   pal
Sunday   • • oiling,  .lune   I'.MIi.
.-.   M  M d    ■iistaine I   -evere   injuries I u   ine  of  in-  haml-   ihi-  week    al
Salmoi    \' ■".  beiny  ■ aughl   iu nm\ ine
Mali   lh"   hand   ».i-     lorn
to .-hi.   i  .
We acknowledge llit.' pri/i* li-i for
lirst exhibition o. be held in
ouver,  the dale- Ix'ing  August   15
in  -'".    I he  prize li-i   i- liberal,    e -
and  well   compiled,  and    should
ensure n tu, cessful exhibition,
|    a-i 1 nnl j i men have deciiled  Lu or
.  .- .,    ■•iii|>.,n\   In   ..pen  yard-       ,.|i
the prairie and deal direct with the
consumer, fifty yards will !-• opened
to start with uud il is intended to
work oi iihe organisation to live
•«i v ards.
Wing Chung   informs a-  he w ill  ha\ e
U'uwbe -   "ii   ihe  mail.ei   next
wees     Hi-   strawberries  l"..K   Inst   hou
'..     '       ,.ir.     ICxllibitloU and
■ *l Ioi   lleveh tuke  the     reputation
besl     ' • twbel i te-        in
■   ' ulumbiu.
P.   I-   -tated   now   I It .uu lhal
. ■ ike . ' '   inl   lUght, brol hei i if ' he
King     I   iw aid   will  mi. . ml   Kiul
' -• '..lal   .,i    i il, id a.
...     lil .I'M i..
I    i' '      '.■.;.
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important   items
in your business
let Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch uf yi ur business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
4 NY available Domluiot) Lands within thf
i\ Railway Hull iu Uritish Columbia, maj
In* h-MiinsLmimiit hy any person who is tho sole
hand of a family, ur any main ovor 18 yearsof
age. t'i tho extent of oue-ijuitrtor sBctiou of lbO
ucras moro ur leas.
Entry must bo made personally at the local
land oilicn h>r thu district in which tho lund is
sitnate: Entry by proxy may, hnwevoi. Iib
mado un cortnin roudltlnns by tho fteher,
Bother, son. daughter, brother or sistor of au
Intending Immestoader.
Tho homesteader is required tn porfi rm the
aoudittous connoctod therewith under imo of
lhe fidlowii.K plaint :
(1) At least six months' roMdenco up(tn and
cultivation ttf the land in each your for three
(2) H tho falhitr (or mother, if tho fiithor is
deceased) of tho homesteader resides upon h
furm in tne vicinity of the laud outi-rod for, the
requirements as to rusidouee may ho salislloc!
hy HUeli pCSoii rosidiiiK with the father oi
(;i| If the settler lots his itnrmanunt rosnleiicf
iipon farmini: land owned hy him   in  lho vtolli
ity of his homestead, the requirements as p
residence may be satisfied by re-ddouco npoi
lho said Ihi d.
Six mouths notice in writiun should ho (flvei
Lo the OommlHslouer of Domiulou Lands a'
Ottawa of in ton tion lo apply for patent.
Coal Coal mluing rights may lio leased feo
a period of Iwonty-oiie years at an annua
renin! of fl per acre. Not morn than 2,5tH
acres shall be leased to nne individual 01
company. A royalty at tlio rato of live conb
por ton shall he collected on the merchantable
coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of Lho interior,
N H, ■Unauthorised pnbM''Ptl"a ot   tms ad
verlisemout will not he i>aid for.
ispjuw, untl  hi
lii-^  now   duii(*s
friend*  uiil  com
prouiol ion.
left   hero
Mr. AiiiHlii
nlnte him
in any
Dramatic Recital
Mrs,   Harriet   Liibiulio
ritnlist,  pros I  Iln
SiM'vnnt  in  lhe Moii*p:
lho   V.   M.   i'.   \.    lo  i
lhe [Irnmntii'
ti      Kenuoily'n
Insl niiilii nl
ve  mi    entire
\ iif li\ e neln iiii'l iinperson ite
en I'lmrnrU'i'H pudi with a tlislinel-
iu's^ nf their own, i-. no small tusk,
Imi ilir |.1.,\ was well 1'iirrieil out anl
ntriisi'ly interestinir, Mrs. I.iihntlie in
i gifted netress, her Impersonntioiis of
In1 vnriona elmrneters beiny exeellent.
4neh a perfornmnee is a pleasing nov-
ilty, ami wiih a high strung imngin-
iiioii nml attention Ihe an lienee
■oul.I l.'t themselves believe thoy
were netually witnessing Iln- ilramn
tself. From a literary ami hisioiiir
mint of view Mis~ I.nbnclie's work lasl
night led initliiiiL' lo lie desired,
I.O.O.F. Notice
All Oeldlellows ami   Hebeknhc      nre
iquested    lo meet    al     Selkirk  Hall,
Notice is heri^iy given llinl un application will he made under Part V. of
the "Water Ael, 1909," to obtain n
license iu the lievelstoke Division ol
West Kootenay District.
(a.) The name, address and occupation of the applicunt, Jacob S. WAens,
Nukusp, 11. ('., fruit grower nnd vegetable gardener.
(b.) 'I'he name ol the lake, stream,
or source (if unnamed, lhe description
is) Little slream, unnamed, running
out of small lake i of mile east of said
(o.) The poinl of diversion, '20 rods
A'est of east end of lot 2, sub-division
of lol   I'JTI Croup  (I).
(d.) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second) one cub
ic foot per sceoud.
(e,) The character of the proposen
works: Taken will truxi :i\ic^hs trom
treain  to garden.
(f.) The premises on which the wilier is lo be used, Lot 2, Subdivision
al l.oi   I'JTI Group (I)  Kootenay.
(g.) The purposes for which Ilio vta
ler is to be used,—irrigating vegetable
(h.) If for irrigation, describe the
land Intended to be Irrigated, giving
joreage,—1 ncre on west end of Lot 2
tub-division of Lot 4274 of Group (1)
(k) This notice was posted on the
Utlrdny of March, 1910, and nn application will be made to tho Com
Sunday next at 3:30 p. in., for the I niissioner on the 1-1 tli day ol April, A.
Vnniinl  Decoration nl   the cemctory of   U., l'.HO.
Ladies'    nud     ihi'iliiiis    Trimmed ;     I'heii
Hals al   cosl   pine      Mm.   \. I.. I  ie k,
two doon* i-iu.t "I  KilisoiiTl.c.ilic.
     -   II
 I.'i'. ries  ligl -
rt    Mai,"I    I'
,li   ,ii   ' \ev.
 ll   1 1 -    in   I'h lonix,
' ..
■   ■
l; II     liuein
. md   Will   I I'lll .
indent   ,J   ilie ' ,
I 2'2u I     &ii! u
«"         |M'
11.   II    M
|»f   till 'I'll.
-   .' lie-   '111
ihi» week V
I .   I'lobi i ,  ol   II     M ,i
lore,   '
itch      hud   ol
•   .     |.M'        and
-   ■
'  •'. r      to
bi ui    aa
■ '        ni    t Ill-
!n e inn, I '        op.'   i
W a'   ill  ill II   into   till
help  il
nf deeenRed  members.
L.  I'lolnn.  \. G.
Busin°ss Locals
I.,   loan   oil   real   estate
V   '  o
Hair   I in-   are
'   not   so
■   Mclntvrc
Mill,'   J I   s.,tl
expensive a-  '"i
TUCKER, (lie lonsl pl!nto"">i>l'cr.
aka yon in vi pnws on wlirov-r
von want in phnti^B srd rump tp him
and lie will nmle vour wrlc ns rh'"nr>
aiiiivn"e will, if not chenpor and
better, too
Moving Picture! to-night.
M      • ■ Pietnres Lo-nlirHt.
'•' lures tonight.
'-' ti night,
ll   i                            Up
Thf UfHtr*ir.iblf Covern*«ii
II*      M.IM-.M     f,l,l*fl|l.l
The   Forttiftr    Hunter                        By   Vance
A   Modi rn   Chronicle
By Winston  Churchill
Kllmtny ol  !h* Orxhnrfl
By MontKomery
The lutterfly   M.i.t
By Mi i,ni. in nn
The Cretn Houm1
By Chnmbore
WhMt M.ikii
By Oavitl Crnham
Don Q ■ Love llory
By Prltharrt
Under the Thatch
By Allen Ralne
Bews' Drug Store
llie      lp|
the       I ''
'■i '
I'l '
■      "
\      11
■I. '
.-.Mi I
ellin ■ ■''
I ,|.' I     I     Ml ,' \   M '    li.        .1
fl.       ! ...II.
nn   fruil   '        ol   will
u kel
\\       -      I     on.  '
i      | i   in   Hi Ken/in
i  .ii'i    Mn in     i     tili.
rpnpivii inju olid
I ii"    I .el'l.'l    "   i      11.   ■■           m      •
■ lippOll    f I i .in    llu.   I....I |i|.      |
I,.'inlloii, I.,   'li.     round
li.'ighi   ii was   ,   mo... I.    lhal   he    del
not  meal  with Inl          break
||M\    boll. Mi        f il,,,,-,..,,.     i
II I        I."   II CL  I III,.     f|'!,|n     ' OIL  a       e.n        ni
III"    III   Oil     lull ,    f.,| !i||,,|lel-      |       i.n        'lie
high load i.. recovery und     will     lm
I about   again   la  ,i     bol I   tine
(1) Give the names and addresses
al any riparian proprietors or licen-
lees who or whose lands are likely to
be affected by the proposed works
either above or below the outlet,-
lluisnall Bros., Itoberl La Rue, Nakusp
B. ('., below outlet.
Dated March Kith.,  11110.
(Signed) in. Ifi.
NaUusfi, fi. C.
Vegetable and Flower
Ornamental and Flowering
Best varieties of
Send for Catalogue
786 Granville St.   I'- 0. Box 1U63
Vancouver, H. C.
If  you  want  a miro  InvofitrtiRiit, antl ono
that will Bland 0)6 OlOOOat Inspection writo
The Over-Lard  Financiers Limited,
VANTOUVCtt,    B   C.        ii ch 12 28
ild  i„
Moving Pictures To-night
...... ...
i„. ituil
1,.   1 .1. ....   1 ll..l'l.,
m 11    In      1
p        .. in ne ■
lil"'    III.HI    II,    '. , ;        I'M    III'
FGft 111
THE PALACE" - oe i 11 dressed
1)1 i,i' Canada's l»'si
i; erin enting   by crucial tests
- ethoi n! material or
hip, v .." earl   worked perfection
all tl    im the large I nml besl i quipped
irieg in Canada   guarantecinK Ames-Holden work-
An '   Holden qualil     Ames-Holden service
Your Dealer Handles These Shoes
After Supper Sale, No. 24
Our last Sale vvas certainly a wonder. The
way the lines we advertised disappeared was
surprising. To-night we are going to duplicate the success and will give you another
opportunity to secure needed goods at a very
small part of the regular price. Every one
knows that when we advertise a cut price, it
is a genuine cut and away below the regular.
Empress Shoes
About 7."i pairs of Hals., Ox-
I'linls and Slippers, all si'/."e,
from 21, to 7, noi all sizes in
any line, bui all sizes in some
lines. There aie Ian and
black, and line kid and patent coll. Regular values
$:i.t)i) io $4.50.
After Su/>p:r Sale Price
Only $2
Boxes  of  peel I ily  assorted
UuchiligP, li ti ills  iu a  box.
Attcr Supper Sale Price
Only  20c.
Hair Ribbons
Oood T.ill'eln Huh' Ribbon,
all colors and good widths,
Itegllllll DOc. and 35c.
Af'er Supper Safe Price
20c per Yurd
Last, week we sold you Insertions at absurdly low
prices, Here nro some pretty
edgings this week,
li inch Kilging, beautiful patterns, with extra good edge.
After Supper Sale Price, llic
Three and 1 inch ISdgtng, a.
big range of pa tt errs, all
new designs.
After Slipper Sale Price
7 l-2c.
All colors and all sizes, iu
black, brown, navy, green
and red. Venetians! Panamas, Voiles, etc. All new
stocK.     liegular  up  to $1(1.
After Supper Sale Price
S5 00
cushion Frills
fli'iv is ;i pnod chill ice to get
vnur eiiHliHins m .de up.
TIu'm> li ills nre all  in gnnd
mloi'H.     Sei int   KuOli s,   nnly
oUc. enth. Ililibon RultUs,
good ^Jitin lilihoii,
REMEMBER that these prices only hold good
from 7 p.ni. until closing. Nothing will be
sold at those prices before or after. Many of
out' friends came in this week and wanted the
goods we advertised for Saturday, and we
were sorry we had to refuse them.
O to o      <z. a  o o s.
Good  Bread
- nnd you should iusisi upon Rolling Die lust at. all
time*- l\ t't our . Our ii'i ii' ition I'oi' good I Head is not
lhe lCButt of chance. Oui cUNtoniecH arc t-ati lied tli«t,
runs   is   111"   most   s it islarloi y    lit-ad    they   can    Imv.
Try It and ytui will hecome a regular ciulnuier. Oup
Groceries aie also iu keeping with oui- bn ad.
G. W. Bell
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
CHIVER'S" English Jams
PUT  11
Orders Promptly Delivered.
McIntyre  & Son
tip-to-date Styles in Photoa and Mounts. Hand
Cameras which use every kind of (ilm made. A
full line of ihe best films that are adapted to all
kinds of Iiim cameras and kodaks. Paper and
Post Cards in (lasliejil and for Daylight use.
Everything needed for the Amateur. You want
to see the Ensign, the best film camera of the
day.   Guaranteed.
McKenzie Ave.. Ground Floor
Revelstoke, B. C.
Ice Cream * Soft Drinks
All Kinds Furnished during
the Summer Season
Cowie's Restaurant


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