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The Mail Herald Feb 14, 1912

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 **Empire" Tyjjewpiter
FCB 10 1912
For ease of operation and
perfeetion in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $(>0>. ^
Interior Pubhsmng Co., Agls. \
The Mail-Herald
Interior Publishing Company
$2.5 Per Year
Baskets, $2.25 and $3. Vases, $1.25
Salt Dishes. 75c. Olive Dishes, $1.50
Candlesticks. $3. $4.        Pull" Boxes, $2.50 $3.50
Sugar and
$2 per pair
Arrived too late
tor the Holiday
Manufacture r s
have given us a
less than cost
price to clear
them out.
1 and 2 Quart
$3, $5.50   $6
Whiskey Bottles	
 $6 Each
Whiskey Glasses	
 $15  per  Dozen
Sherbet Glasses	
$12 and $15 per Dozen
Rose   Vases	
 $1.50 Each
A Beautiful Line for Card Prizes
A Commission Appointed to Investigate the Merit of Claims
Made By This Province
\ ictoria, H.i'*. Feb. 12—A lull re-
it of tho correspondence memor ■
iitulii, i'ii-*, relating in tin* rocenl mis
mmi io Ottawa nf Premier McBrido
Attorney General Bowser ninl lion. W,
U. lions, was today brought down In
tlu' legislature, In addition t" touching upon almost every matter in
which the Dominion un.l provincial
authorities have lolni Interests, it*
contains tin' following telegram re -
coivcil by tlio premier from Mr. Bor-
den bearing date of Ottawa, .inn.
ild laBt:
"Respecting tin' claim nl British
Columbia for exceptional treatment
by reason nl permanent physical conditions anil otherwise, we ure prc-
pared to appoinf a commission to Investigate llie merits nl ttie claims
ma-do by youi- province in this re-
gard, one commissioner to tie named
by this government, one by your
government and the third to bo Bel-acted by agreement of tho two commissioners, or [ailing such agreement
by the secrotary nl state lor the colonies."
token   up
i <KK>0<KKHK^<HK>0<K>0<X>O<WOCK><J
i Imperial Bank of Canada ijj
I Hoad Otfioo-Toronto, Ontario. 0
1 Capital Subscribed - 6,000,000.00 $
Capital Paid Up -      •      5,996.00^.00 g
Reserve -      • 5,996,000.00
Total Assets,
■ 72,000,000.00
Branches or Averts al all principal points iu lanudii.
•ippnts in ltre.it Britain ami United .suieN—ivomlon, England,
Llovds Bank, Limited. Chicago^-Firot National Bank, Corn Exchange National Hunk. Beattie—8eattl' "'..-.onnl Bank, Sun Francisco— Welle Farpo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
DopiwiU of $1 anil upward, received, umi Interest allowed at
current r*te (ron dato of uepoeit.   Oorreepondence solicited.
Rovelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.    9
& O-O-OOOO-O-OO (XKKKH><M>0000<KH> 0
Clearing Out at Cost Price
Bargains for Old  and Young in
Ladies' and Children's Wear
Mrs. A, G, Crick, s First Street
Order  Early  and  Often
«iil refreili you with its bright, spli *
flavor mi'l fragrancy. Bold in 1 11'.
I,-ml packages,
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O. Box 208     UHOCfcU & UAKER     Phone No. 23
"This question li   to h
aa soul] ns     possible In
with tho new
right tu sny whether thore shall Iii!
any licensed places ol public acconi
iiioilutioii iii Ins community, practl
.ally conferring upon him thc power
to say what class ol accommodation
a visitor t" the city shall accept and
what price he will have to pay, Now
as ii tact, tin' householder or resident is not interested in the local ho
t.i'ls, as lm- uh accommodation is con
imi* i. He does not. require their accommodation; he has his bome nml
his woll-stocked larder, ami tho conveniences ol his cluh.
"it is a big question, gentlemen,
this question ol hotel accommodation, and ni the present time even
ihr city of Toronto, with nil its accommodation, is taxed to take cure
nf the ordinary traveller in umi out.
ot mn- city,
" Wi- have otten heard Toronto
gpokoil ol us "tbe convention city,"
lull we will have to DBase our eflorts
iu lhe ilireetion of bringing conven
tions bore unless wo are nblo to provide more hotel accommodation. At
the present time, moneyed interests
refuse to invest in hotel properties,
nml hoti-l business, owing to the uncertainty and lack of continuity ol
license, There is no line ol our clos-
lllg our eyes to the fuct that the loss
ui license practically turns one ol
theso institutions Into a large board
lllg  house;  ami   In   the   majority       ul
ens s ihe elas- of accommodation
provided at a no-llcense hotel ih the
class ol accommodation that eaeh
.iml every tourist nnd traveller tights
shy  of. I
Sam McMahon Breaks Leg in Two
Places While Playing With
Probably one ol the most peculiar
accidents ever rocorded In Uritish
Columbia, and at nny rule in Hcvel-
siuke. occurred lust ovoning. The
victim being Mr. Samuel McMahon,
tin* well known local blacksmith, it
steins thut after Mr. MeMalion retinue,! home from work last ovefftng
he, as was frequently his custom,
had a romp with his children, Tbis
had happened probably dozens ol
tunes before, but on thia particular
occasion this playful pastime wns
not to puss without serious results,
lor while Mr. McMahon wns playing
lie in some most unaccountable way
slipped on tbc lloor and fell fracturing one of hia le^s in two places.
Iir. Sutherland wus at once called
ami set the injured limb and we hope
that the victim of this unexpected
accident will soon he ubout again.
nnection I    "' Sl,y to your body: Let us cot. to
treaty with Japan,   to  Bother, and Bee if we cannot    devise
which Canada has nol  yel     acceded,   and create a class ol   hotels In   our
The interests of  Canada in   respect  of   pro.inn-  that   W 0 n credit  to the
Immigration will bc safeguarded and community, a credit to lhe man who
your government will he consulted Is operating tho institution, and
with regard to considerations Bptc something that the travelling man
lally affecting Uritish Columbia."      | will look forward to staying at when
Two resolutions endorsing tho atti- ■"«'".'■' Irom home."
tude ol the Dominion government in
the above promises and showing D de j
termina'tion to strongly urge British
Columbia's claims have hern given
notico ol by the premier in the legislature,
"The Secretary,  Commercial Travellers'  Association, Toronto
"Dear sir.-At yohr annual meet -
Ing   held  in   St.   George's   Hall,  December     2-1li.  sum.' uf your speakers
Revolt in Mexico
Washington, Feb. lO—AmlmBsudor
Henry l.ane Wilson, representing the
United Stutes in Mexico, todny telegraphed thc state department here
that the revolt uKainst the Mudcro
government is spreading, and thut
American citizens Irom the interior
are docking to Mexico City (or protection.
Rebels control the railroad und tcl-
ograph   lines  north  ol  Monterey,    it
is  reported  in advices received  here,
lt   Is  feared that the lives and property or Americans in thc trouble zone
ure  Jeopardised,  und  despite  tbc  assurances oi President Madera,      un-
A      new    Church    urgat Isat on  just   easiness  is felt here tor their Buloty.
i, rine,I  in   Hevelstoke  is thc "Child - j    Otlicinls of the wur department ad-
„[ Mary Society." this society is  ™'Hed today that orders had     been
f    the   l"epnred preliminary to sending state
Children of Mary Society
nn ol mary  Society
composed of the \oung girls
in      mi   to  the   Mexican   border to rc-
CatholtC church    who propose  giving mforcc  thp  regul(ir      ^.^    atftteB
their first entertainment on Tuesday troi)|)Bi but it was denied that     the
evening next at     St.  Frances   Hall, ,,r,i,,r |,ad been issued. It awnits thc
which will constat   ol  a supper    from signature ol General Wood to liecome
t; to B o'clock, lor which an admiB- effective.
s.un ..I 50 rent*- will he Oarged. while ThP  preparation orders are  precau-
in the evening there     will bc a pan- tionury,  it Ib cxplnined, the  dcpnrt -
used  very  strong  language  regnrding   cake social which will bc followed by mfnt officials here asking tho govern
thc  hotel  situation  in  our  Province,   a ilanre (or     which    combined enter- ors 0f  ,|,c different states to furnish
"I ns one ot that honorable     body   tainment   a   small   admission  fee    ot the wur department with a report on
of  citizens  who  hnve  our  money  in-   2b cents will  lie charged.   This dance t|lc  number of men available for ser-
vested in the business catering to the   will he the last one given before lent Vj,.c  j„  ivxnSi   Replies to these quer
wunts ol  the  travelling  and  resident   and     no lov-r of  the light fantastic jeB  „re expected  tomorrow,
public in our Province,  would like to   should miss it. I    Presidio,      Texas,    Feb.   9—  Three
usk  our Irlends  what  encouragement     lt is to bc hoped these young lad - hundred Mexican relicls hnve surround
ies will     he well patronised   on this ed    (ljinaga.  azrosa  the  river    from
occasion,  as it  will  lie their      tirst here, and threaten an attack      upon
effort.   The  proi-ecds  of this      com - the  fedeenls  there by f, o'clock      to-
bine.l  dinner and  entertainment  will night  unless the garrison surrenders.
!        voted     to thc   church* building
fund.   The  committees  are  doing  uli
in their power to make it a success.
Dealers in - - -
Hardware, Sporting Goods
McClary's Stoves, Ranges, Furnaces
Sherwin-Williams Paints, Varnishes
Plumi ing and Tinsmithing.
Hay and Feed
Up^tcvDate Stock of Groceries
We make it a point to keep everything in this line spotlessly clean,
and give our customers the best of
attention. Phone No. 22
Revelstoke Meat Market Ltd.
it&ac—vs.... ,*v^.,..-<*k— -t;<.>>.
^y.■/   Hxtrn Creamery     [Si
rN Butter ot
' the average hotelkeeper gets Irom thc
' district  he  dues  business  in,  to    lm-
■ prove his property or to take a part
In any civic oi   municipal  scheme for
j the advancement of his home town,
I village or city.   He can hold no public office owing to his business being
In polities.     He is almost    debarred
(rom attending any  place ol  worship
owing to his business being in religion.
"I  say  again,   what  encouragement
bas he from bis neighbors to become
one of them?  You Will all  trust    the
hotelkeeper at one time or the other
wlhii travelling, with your life uud
belongings, the care of your mother,
wife or children; surely you would
not trust those ymi love and bold
ii, " • dear In life to the care of u
person whom you eould not place 1m-
pllcll confidence In! Therefore, we as
holelkeepera ss a body cannot be tbe
terrible things that some ol thc
speakers made  us out to he.
"Now. as to the class ol hotels ln
thc province. What security has the
hotelkeeper lur his money, provided
he spends ■ "ti Ins property? Local
option comes ulong an.l Ins business
is destroyed under present conditions
and nfter his business 1,-eing practically confiscated, th. community in
muny of the small places stnnd around anl look at the hotalkeepei and
his family as il Ihey w, re Criminals,
IMI'ltm K Till'. BY8THM.
"Vou must have accommodation (or
the travelling public. Why not ugi
tate lor u Condition that Will re
place the one you intend to destroy
and create something letter lieforc
destroying the existing Condition '
Our present licensing system was created before any ol us were horn. Why
get mad aboul changing It" Surely
there must he some wuy of denling
with   this   iiiiestimi   without   all     this
Intense (Ming against s perfectly
legitimate business, if the present lie
anting system for hotels has outlived
Its   Usefulness,   let   us   change   it.   hut
change it foi some otbei system that
is  going to In- better.
"Th,' problem of public accommoda
Hon   rcmlres   very   serious   '
A New Business
American troops here ure patrol -
ling the border to enforce tbc neutral
ity laws. No firing into American
territory will be tolerated.
Another  new      business has spruug |
Into existence the past week in   this
city. It is the opening of the Hnvoy There is loom for a few more in
lunch counter and lea room in thc the ,|rsl |,„m. „, tbf (Winimlng class
premises formerly occupied by the win<h units on Baturday ufternoons
MiKintion Cigni store uud pool room llt g:gg [,„* |„,vs w|„, liri, not mcm.
• ui First street. | i„,,Ki    .\ fsw more an,| W(, wiu    i,avo
Tne inside ol these     premises have   l(1  nl||k(, MH,i\]n hour for tho      new
been completely overhauled and renovated, the front part is used for
a lunch counter and restaurant, while
i the rcur is suitably titted up ns a
| tea room. The proprietor, Mr. I,.
I'robyn,  is no stranger to our read
out*-, as It is the object of tlie I'hys
leal Director to give personal,   help
lo each  boy  in this class.   This class
is op<n  to any boy in (he city whose
ace inils from 1" to H.   A charge of
I lee   pet   lesson will  be made,  payable
ors,    It   ii   lievelstoke  resident  (or ,at  (.aci, Wgson.   This is a good     op-
some years  pust.  being formerly em-'pbrtUnKj  lor parents who wish their
boys  io hnve   supervision  while    thc
iiloved at lhe It. Manning establishment. Although only being open a
lew dnys lbe genial proprietor     re -
ports having done u very brisk business ami is optimism* regarding the
Poultry Assiciation Meeting
The Poultry Association will meet
iviiy  lust Tuesday   in  the inoiilh ov
er Bmythe'S Clpir Btore.
We hear of two yonnc members ol
lhe Itevelstoke Poultry and Pel
Stock Association going into thc
poultry ranching business in the
ncur  future,    we   wish  them      every
Public Meeting
During the convention ,,( the Grand
Orange Lodge, a Public Meeting wni
be held on Wednesday, February Hist
in  the opera  house.
The   Orange   Association    number
among Hr memlicrs some ol Iln best
spenkcrs in the province of D. C,
and  the citizens  of  Revelstoke       will
bovs aje in the water. There is no
rough play, nn throwing In and each
boy   is  looked  niter curefully.
Watch Saturday'! issuo for the pro*
glum of the musu-al trout thut aw
aits every mun who attends the
men's meeting on Sunday. Kvery
Slloii is being put torth lo make
next Sunday lhe best song service
that has he-en held in the building for
a long tun,'.
Last evening the boys ol the Inter
mediate class were Invited to spend
lbe latlei part of the evening lltllio
hOUM <>f William and Hussell Soulh-
worth. two members of the class. A
very pleasant hour wns spent. Mrs.
Soitthworth proved herself to be the
right kind of hostess, ns the mre
things  winch  hoys like     were amply
provided, w
Much Pleased
lhave the opportunity of hearing them the piano arrived «afeiy, and is
it thr    preeenl time irom   our on the nut.   v good program is be .every waj  whal I wns looking
municipal .uni proi tidal i.(„]irs. owing   to   tin-   tremendous  lipanl 00    of
■ ami Unite)   traffic thai    Is
taking i'i.,!.   ,h ,,*,,, ii,    Dominion,
At tin- pn int t.me. our local option
.1  Is now     on     • ii  statute
hooka,  ronlcr?  upon  the resident  thc
goisl program
ing arranged and an enjoyable
ing may Ik- expected. All are
i onu
Taft,  B.n.,  February   11,   I1M2
.lohn  llinghnm,  BSq,,  Revelstoko.
Dear   Mr.   llinghnm,- I   must   apolo*
irize for  not  letting  Vou   know    thut
ol uu
Is as
ven     II   has  the depth  and   bl illiutii \
wel-''li'l"  or  J'iIKi  piano,  the  action
IrespoflsiVt as any  piano  1   hnve ever
Don'l forgi i thai thc    pictures at
i'n* iviismi theatre an changed every
idnycl  on,
i   tnarkal.lc
and the volume nf tone Is
for   the  ■ ll '   and   slyle  of
Name Oiveu uu Hoiiuiet.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Men's Suits
New Spring Styles
They arc smart enough to
hold their own in any gathering.
Splendidly    made of finest
Tweeds and Worsteds.
Prices from $20 to $35
Mercantile Co., Limited
The Stiles Shop for Men anil Boys
Stc >ck-Taking  Sale
Sec Our Window Display ol Leather Hand Bags
We are offering these Specially Reduced Prices
for a few days.
Jeweller       J?    Q,   BE^WS       °Ptician WEDNESD \\    ri-ltl   |4th, I91S
WEDNESDAY' FED, Uth, 1913.
Some Snaps in Local Realty
House and Two Lots on MacKenzie Ave $4,100
House and Lots on First Stnet  3,500
Hi,use   and    Lot,   South-West    Corner
Douglas and King Street  1-500
House and Lot, Fourth Street  2,850
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Zbc flfeatMbevalfc
Jnterlot pubttablno Company
J. K. JOHNSON, Manager.
RALPH 0.  BCRUTON,   Editor.
WEDNESDAY' FEB, Uth, 1912.
■ i.m'iui'*l customei b call
g ii • tin*,- the other     day
i little     i'lll.  took  ii'ivan |
tage ul iin  nuspiclou   occasion     to'
* ret soul unto the ed  i
appropoe "f certain  leading ui
-   which  have  recently   appeared
u   columns;  he criticised us severely, and wound up with the brill! -
ui.t'iy     illogical    remark, "l <1" nol
know   what  youi  principles nre,    bui .
- *   thai you arc not n
This is the first tune we have evei
ergon's nationality blamed
on Ins  principles  Instead  ul bis pai
• we will Ignore thot little
■    and proceed lurther.
In ca e  others ol our readers    arc
Interested  in oyir principles we    take
rt unity ol w Islng them   up
Be H known to oil advertisers, Bub
rlhei    who ore   behind
w .th • i * ip1 lone and      whose
■i *        ■ gion, readers,     I lanadiana
British subjects,     Englishmen      uud
■  ■ rs   thai  the i Jltor ol this papei
was boi :* ,n that     part ol   England
which li situated neai   Yorkshire; be
- ,, mtntster's son (wMch muy     or
may   not     be  a  recommendation   , and
Bt  the time ol  bis birth was s,. young
.,- to be unable to make nu effective
• ■   ther   Ol       these        two
id   SO  Wl she. 1.     AU
-   p08St --   .,      wealthy
thi   i me we had reached ttx  agi  ".' ;?. we tapped tins pai■
.:   relative Ioi  a  loan,  and Ball-
■  twelve years were   spent
; .i rich    crop ol eipi i
homesteads burnt
In tl..   Bres   ■'   •..,:. and slaves    Bold
tin   highest   Mil -
• ili.uit-
,     . ■*..*.  ;
nee lMi'i rt,
gh thi  Bweli
■   Said, or London
unJ be strani Con-
■   :   I-"    ci       Naples     oi
r prim pii -   m
thai  u ■   tforld's      *.-
* tbe
Thai • lair pro
evils ot tbe    age
■   - ettei •    -•   -  -       the
-■ I*.     ,-    ; .
-   *        than 1
d Ik
Vt, •.'-,-,
■ .
■ tn would
pen pi  mpu..
-    •
ti ■  •     golden   days .tf
.   -    . nd tell
It all bail I  rather  lie
it a.«  "A  n  ■  •
Tla   •     ■ . *   ('„n
■1*1.tr ■»■-:,
■  •   .,*i.i  pri perty  li   *n « eountiv.
ler any wl Item a   who     In
i»n ,-. i • *.     comes to tbi    I) n
nod a il '** mi    ' ft■•  choice if
.IP   i;,,..,!   ,,       l '.,:,.,!*,,,ri   Iltf  filttpe     wbO
*  mm-- thej      i titilil
•    hinder   It     The   qualifications   Wl
poaaeee .'or Caaadian cltisenaMp, are
those   pOMSeeed   b}   nine   tenthn       of
the Inhabitants •.( this country west
..( ti,.     Greal i.ui-f. l'ml it   should
lorgotti it t    I i ■      a mors
uni   I'nt
■ i there ia between
i*i   aln,
i'ur render'     •■ ■ ti  )•.< know
'.ui>  more ahout us,     we respectlully
tlicin to (ul uit* issues ill this
Impi i. ainl to our lar*.:c colored
There nre always two sides to ov
|or.\ ijuisimn mul the subject "I delays in treight shipments to Arrow
I .tikes points is no exception to the
rule, It is learned from official sources that n local freight train   leaves
Revelstoko three times per week lor
Arrowhead, This train is now operating .-uul will be all summer. During
th lirst week in February there were
i Lms of coiiils shipped from Revelstoke over the south run, while lhe
average weekly shipments ol trelght
from Hevelstoks to southern points
since July let, 1310, was 70 tuns.
while more than half of this Tu tuns
tm' shipments of Bugar to various
Crow's Nest points and therefore not
local freight.
It Is pointed out that hi any I'Us-i
,* ■ s mistakes will happen and thai
the railroad business is no xception.
Thai delays In shipments ol freight
Irom Uevelstoke to Lake points have
occurred is admitted, but they were
only Isolated eases. It is also learned thai to accommodate Revelstoke
in rcbants the railway is running nn
ii l em- once a week to     Arrowhead,
while   the   oil   Shipments  selili.ni       e\-
c  .1 500 pounds.
From whal can lie gathered every
endeavor will he made to have Iretght
Bhipmcnts delivered promptly in lu-
in,*.   Freight leaving Kevelstoke ono
day should connect with the ho.it
leaving the lollowing morning and
land at Lake points thnl day or the
iluy alter shipped Irom     Revelstoke.
The Hallway <'otnpalu   does ti"t think
that  the     presenl    trelght  shipments
warrant  n dally freight  train to   \i
rowhead,  bul  will  endeavor to make
Igood connections     with their     in
»   ikly freight service.
I    ... .   ...	
i   Pianohorik Solo Miss Prances Lawson
j Pari Song., "Song of iho Vikings" The Choir
; Dukt "The Pilot" Mis. \V. Bews, Mr, R. Lawrence
4 Pari Song "The Parting Kiss" Tlie Choir
na) "Youre tho Queen in thc i
5 Songs  Kingdom of my Heart"     Mr, R. Lawrence
I (b) "Say an Rcvoir"
ti Trio " Gipsy Laughing Trio"	
Mrs. Squarebriggs, Mrs. Dent, Mr. Allum
7 Pari Sum;   "The Sea hath its Pearls" The Choir
i   PlANOFORTK Hi t.i . . . .Miss 1'. Lawson, Mr. J. \\. Watson, M. IV
Mai "The dear little Sham-1
2,  Irish airs.. J       rock" IMrs. W. S. Cameron
I (hi "Come back to   Brin"  I
3 Quartette. ..... "Conn- where tlu- Lillic's Bloom"	
Mrs. Bews, Mrs. Dent, Mrs. K. Lawrence, Mr. Mlum
.| Song   "The Beautiful Land of Nod". .Mrs. Squarebriggs
5 Oi.n English Air., "The Loss of Richmond Hill". .The Choir
ti Dri.v "Tlu-Cousins". .Mrs. Thus, Mrs. Robinson
7   OUARTKTTK "Killai ncv"     	
Mrs. Bews, Mrs. Dent, Mr. R. Lawrence, Mr. Allum
s Chori s (from I'aust) "Glory and Love to lhe Men ol Old"
The Choir
Conductor    Mr. J. E. Waston, Mus. Bac.
1 Mas is i    Miss Wrigley.
100 Ttinroihjhbred
White Leghorn Pullets
All Laying
100 Ihnroughbred
Rhode Island Red Pu'Jets
All Laving
Livelstokc Poultry Yards
at  Revelsti ke  R. C
or Phone 234
or Address
P. O. Box 227
Hevelstoke. B. C.
Sewing Machines
A nice new stuck of Sinu-
er and Wheeler Wilson -
inp Machines
For Sale cr Hire
by the month al Manning's.
All kinds "t' i. uch ine nei
H.   MANNING.   Agent.
Electric Restorer for Men
.ini an'l -.llai.lv.  Pftmilurodec* ij
iittknm >■■:'  i   '     "•    r>i";i''""":> »»
trVSAVK "ThiUuiii-.u,'
"ci.. St. fstliarln*". Ont.
Hold at MuduStO'r V'"l BUtf*
Admission 5Uc. - - Seats reserved al McDonald's 25c. extra
That the distinguished English Comedian
and his Company ot English Artists of the highest merit and standard with the
As played by" him over 2.500 times in London and at Ottawa Cct. 10th, 191 launder the
patronage and immediate presence of their
excellencies Earl Grey" and Countess Grey"
upon their last public b nee in Canada,
and they" were in poroxysms of laughter
until they" had to wipe their eyes and gasp
for breath.
Its a Scream from
Beginning to End
So all Say" whu  have seen it
Prices $1.50, $1.00, 75c and 50c
Seats on Sale at Mar.donald's
Financial Statement Dec. 31st, 1911
•     i   [mnl "j*
I  Vttt   I
IM! Ixrt*if« niljimlfl
*       mil  I'lani
■   i.iri-'l*
i avii ui «vent's ii
it.it,*! -in-:
■ *l  ■
i .ill
71      Pj^*._^^_^^_^_
...     , .,
..*:  .
'   '   ' .    •   |   -,      I   Hf    I  t'l.H    ',      UO
Packed in
60 $  a pound
in commemoration  oi the coronation o'
KitiR limine V," kidffWftyi" havr iml nn Ilio
in.iiUtt ,i coronation tin ol a most plcturctqua
and exquisite dcilgn, bearlnii excellent portraiti
o( Kmik George V» Queen Mnryandlhe I'rlnco
nf \\',ile»_ Special panels havo been designed
■ ri>rrscntinu Cnnnda, India, Africa, Auitralia
and New jBnl.imt.
Only :i fuiuu-.t mnnlipi have hecn iaipuitcd.
I'ricoftOo. I'M one pound tliu,
House Furniture
Second Street opposite
Presbyterian Church
Tuesday. Feb. 20th
I'lu- liitiiitiint niiihlsts oi Dresden*!,
Stimils, [ron nnl Hrnsa BmlsU'nil»,
Sprinijs iimi Matlrvanes like m*\\, ^iilt*-
liounl. Itxteiision tiiblc mul diners, Solid
i inl. .Munis Chair, Hed Lounge, nit B'-dav
Clock, A r.iiriH-.v Oxford Range, Art
Souvenir Heater, llelgiuin Pile Cnrpels
nnd i iii I'lulli, I'.u lm Tables, Kitchen
utensils and host ol other useful household effects in numerous in mention.
This is a greut opporluiiiu lo parlies
intending in furnish iimr homes.
Everything Sold without Reserve
under instructions Irom Mi-* McDonald,
llu owiu l*
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Cunnaught Avo.   -   Rovvlutoko
No,    21,    ROYAL    TEMPLARS    OF
Meets every   Hnd  and   nii  Thursdays
in     Oddfellowi    Hall,   at   I o'clock,
Visiting Templars ore cordlall)   In
vit.'d to attend.
w.  K.   Ml'NSiiS.  s.  c.
A. 1). TOURNBR,  lt.  8.
SKLKlHlv     LODQB l^, l. o. u. t.
Meets overy     Thursday evening   Id
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock.      Visiting
brothren cordially Invited.
J.   S.  HOOLKY,  N.   U.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
OF I. O. F.
Meets in I. 0*. O. F. Hall next to
Tailing's Opera House every secuuil
and fourth MouUuy iu in.uit.li. Visit
ing brethren cordially welcomed.
a. vi. liia.i,. c. r.
WM.   8.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Sec
O. W. O.  W.
Mountain View Camp,  No.  i.:t
Meets Second    aud     Fuurtb Wetlues
days    in each munth  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen arc
cordially inviU'd  to attend
H.  W.  EUWARUS,  Con. Com.
COL1J RANGE LOOOB,       K. ol    V..
NO.  N,   REVELSTOKE.   U.   0.
Meets every  Wednesday  eicepl   lbs
Third Wednesday nl rarh montb     lr
Oddlellowg'  Hall at 8 o clock.   \imt
ing Knigbts are cordially Invited.
'.    W.   i..Mil.ASH,   ('.   0.
.   li   BROOK, tt. of R. * 8.
M   of F.
i-.* *'il I-'.nav     LODOB,  No.  ;b A. F
»ut|  A.   M.
n i in,:**, in I ii'-i'l  hi MAS
i*'.|i   rHMPLB,    OthUallows'     llali
on ths Third Monday In Mteb month
,.      \ Isitiag brathrtn    ar«
rnrd.aiiy traleomi
a    i HoMI 01    i\* M,
N    u    ROBERTSON,  Secretary
hah', by. MeOARTBR
llsrrlslers,   Bollcltort,   BU
Imperial Bank Dol diog Rsrel-
itoke, B  ''
Mi.iKiy tn Loan.
H*nvel«tok».    II    <;.,    and
Oreobrook, n   0,
M.i oi t'l,
A    M    PiokhAffl, J.   A    I lin ■'?
Revelstoke, OrMbrook
nrial   Land   Hii.r*, ir,
Mining  Hiirveytir.
Mrll'S/lll   AVK,
,u iv   iik..   RBV8UIT0KH
M       ii       tr A L L 4
A li r H I r K ■   I
V. O. Boa 146, Rei elstoke, B.C.
Music 8lore
McKcn/i« Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Have Been Used With Success
Four generations hnve improved tliem until they have no
Keep your horses, cattle and oilier stuck insured by hav*
ing on liiiiul a supply of Pottie'a Remedies,
Sold in Revelstoke by ARMSTRONG & CO
Rosedene Nurseries
Kevelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell Prop.
Designs Uox Sl
l'lione 2(J5
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Wc nre s|hi i.ilt. uu; in ill varieties In Seanon
nl Cut l'liuM i -. inn -lifniii** is uusurpassetl.
I'niilr ami  iiisp,*, l   Ifi   yoursell.
\V. II. I'OTTRL'Fl',  MunaRer.
On South Road, Half a Mile from Town
STOKE  DISTRICT   Si ur  I,.si   ol
Specials lor K uary, read on    and
make a Bote ol it. St.inn sash nml
doors, mouldings mul turnings ol all
km.lH, kitchen tniiled. utmii* and
cabinets, ofllce desks, stools, and Hl-
Ing cabinets, drawers, cupboards,
shelving, counter tops, showcases,
imii-y window glass, paint, varnish,
Kalsomlne, rootings and building pn
i>,-is. all nt special prices, Ucm
Workmanship,  sutlstactlon  guarante
ed. See im il you are contemplating
huiidlng a house, store or doing any
i'.ii'-m repairs in tho Bpring, or ml-
ding .in addition nl any kind to your
present building. Vou will profit by
uur wide experience and save money,
We give estimates [reely on all kimln
ol constructional work, Ymir en-
quities are solicited. All orders
promptly attendod to, The Revel
stoke Sash & Door Factory, P. O.
Box 196, Hen. 1). Shaw, Prop.,'Phone
No, 261.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
p, ii. Box   9*5
i'.i i ■   n. SHAW, Prop.
Phone Ko. -''tl
lames Bancroft in " New Boy," Opera House, Feb, i; WEDNESDAY1 FEB, Illli, 191 '
WEDNESDAY' FICU. Htli, 1912.
. . . It Might Be Gold ■ . .
It Ib always hot iri the plunge at Hnlcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters arc the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent Oui'.i'L'i'iii'd of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaintB .h unequalled
anil verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,--the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for com fori, and
convenience of quests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Ttie Liquor Act
mmmmtmmmm open NIGHT AND DAY1 I
White Help Only Employed
Poard by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant    Short Order
W. C.   HATCHELOK,        -        jauntier.
H, J. McSORLtr, Proprietor.
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
VlCtoi in. l'i I), 11—Hon. Vi. .1 Bow-
ii. attoruej n'norul, baa given no-
iiim ui a bill tu amend tbo provlnolal
liquor acl ol 1910 I Iih objsct ib to
iImhI iii more drastic lasblon In main
taining I be sl indai d ol road bouses
ami country hotels and tbe removal
nl llconsos from these whoa tbey arc
luiiiiii to br bouses ui assignation
ami iik.'iI (ni improper purposes or
when Interdicts are served tbereat,
ii Iiiih also come to ii»' knowledge
uf tbc government tbat in Victoria,
Vancouver and other oltlos a number
ui itoensod hotels arc knowii to opet
ali' almost exclusively as assignation
iimiKt'H with nu pretense ol compll -
nnoo with tbe requirements named for
hotol licenso privilege,
Those places aro notorious traps (or
young girls. Oivlc tndlflorenoe bas
been responsible lor tbelr contlnuanoe
but now tbe governmenl mil step In,
oroattng n law in moei sueb oases and
in t'lTiM-t punishment,
Thai i be govornmenl Is rigidly en
forcing tin' liquor law is borne lestl
mony to by tbe taet thnl the total
numbor ol Issued liquor Hoonsos during 1011 wan 818, an Incronso nf only
ii ovor run. Ten licenses woro cai
rt'iioil during tho year or ronewal ap
plications refused and Ave others
lapsed, Tin' rocortl ol prosecutions
mill convictions undor tho ael In un
organised districts shows a total ol
108 prosecutions In which 86 tonvlc
tioiiH were secured, The caBos ot edi
Ing liquor without a license numbered
■I , ol Siimliiy liquor trading 12 mnl
uf having possession of liquor 13 und
ul having     poBsossioii ol liquor   for
thO purposos ol sale I.'i. A liital ol
H4,C75 was collected In linen, cr-
elusive uf court costs,
they exist In British Oolumbia, orea
tion ol a number ol new Supreme
Ci.nrt Judges iu residence In the mim
mis districts—an the Kootenuy, Nona
Imo, Bkeeua, etc.—ami such division
and diminution ol Supreme Uourt
work to the Individual Judgos as will
make It possible and practicable for
ibe Supremo Court Judges to lake
over the County Courl work, all ao
nuns in whioh lesser sums tbau $100
are Involved i,r<>ii>u. ol course, to tbo
magistrates in tho small debts oouri
Certain it is thai somo drastic   re
f mii.hi with respeoi  to tbe Coun
ty Courts In British Oolumbia bus
hecn dlsolosed In reooni practice to
tie imperatively neoossary, ami II le
understood to be the Intention ol lho
Attorney-General to take up with
the Minister ul Justice "i tbe oarl
leei opportunity this porplexlng prou
lorn in ail its complications.
His Honor Judge Thomson
Land Settlement Figures
Herewith  we  publish sume  Intorest
mi: figures showing ti»' wlatlve mn
,.nuts ul aoroago      taken   up   in      tin
provinoe the past few yours
During  lbe   past,   week   in   llie   1'ruv
Incial House Mr* Brewstor asked th
iiiiii. Minister ol Lands tbe lollow
lug questions;
i. How ninny acros ol land
been  pre-empted  In oaeh year
In   I'M 1   I ael usl ve 1
2. How  ninny  aeoes ul  land
luen  sold  in  eaeb your,  1'.105 co  11)11
i nei nsive,'
J. How many lines id land bnvu
ini'ii Crown-granted to pre-emptora
in e.ieh year,  1906 tu lull  Inclusive
i. How many acreB nt land have
heen Crown-granted to purchasers in
pul,  yenr.   1906  tu   lllll   Inclusive.
5, What were the classifications uf
I be lnmls suid m eaeb year from IU05
tu   I'lll,  giving   amount ul  land   and
I er classification I
'   1.. What amount ul revenue bus been
1H06—4B.00O acroB.
100*7 -mi,nuo acres,
I'-'i's 4*1,553 ncros.
1800 60,380 aoroa,
1910 .mi.:n» acres.
mu 109,088 acres,
I. 1908 94,188 iiMi-es.
I'.hii;   878,118 aei-.'s.
1907  :.;i;i,ii(i aores.
1008—103,824 iieres.
19011   883,390  arms.
i'mii, :M!i,iii„H acres,
1911—8911,316 neres,
8, 'I'lie  olassiHcatlon   uf  lnmls   is  md
given   in ibe    Crown grants,    ami
would   have to  lie ext.riiel.od   from Hn'
iimt riot  rogiebors,
0,  1906—$   141,610,88,
11106—    1(9,891,91,
1907— 668,086.31,
1908— 848,086,00,
1909*- 0^8,004.84.
1910- 8,618,188,76.
1911— 2,481,881,86,
Under New c-Miina^ement
First-Class Accommodation ami Sample Rooms
Kates -$1.00 to 22.00 Per Day
|     A   reseipiillua  nl   fertile  valley   land
is now open In Motlco, Homesteads
it'i'iv, (inly requirement Is to have
live aores ol bananas planted within
live yeursf An authorised company
will pluut. tho bananas ami market
I them   on shares,   your share should
bring   |800   per  aero   aiiniinfly.      The
'.) .1 itt lm Plantation    Co., Block 2009,
[Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.A.,     distribute
I Mexican laml in the U.S. and Canada
Write fur particulars.   You  need  not
go  to Mexico. t.c.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.'I
Enlarged   «nd Improved,    Firel-Clawi In ererj renpect.    All modern conTsniencss
l.nri;.' Sample lloumi,
Rates $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Victoria,     Feb. ID—Mr. George ll.
Thompson ol Craubrook baa been ap- received In eucl
pointed Counts  Court Judge lur theiinclusive, Irom
t'uuiity uf Kootenay, to succession to landB?
His Honor  .Indue  Wilson,     rrsiguod. I    The I lull.  Mr,
and will at once enter upon liis new lows;
duties. I    "J. Taking tin
Mr. Thompson bus practiced lu issued and assigning 160 ucros to
Cranbrook during tbo past ten yours each record, the amounts arc us lol-
and ie well known tu almost   every- | lows;
year,   1906   lo   l'.Ul.
the sale ol    Crown
Ross replied ue lol-
niiiniior uf    records
It'elniiaiy   11    Valentines   Dance,   nn
|    dei* (iiils Auxiliary ol tbo Hospital
February    20—Philharmonic    Hooloty
I     lOiiterlalniiienl.
Fobruary  22—J.  II.  ('.  Concort,  Op-
|    era   lluiise.
I'oliruury 2<l—L'ustlu     BqUare    Enter-
i    tainers.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBERT      STOHSTE      JPPfcOIF.
body resident uf Oasl Kooteuay. Ho
was burn In Toronto In 1871. Siuco
(the Incorporation ol Cranbrook, be
jlma aetod as eity solicitor, the duties
ol which ulliee will DOW bc assumed
by ex-Judge Wilson—a mutually satisfactory exchange ol responsibilities
being thus involved.
Various suggestions have from
time to time been advanced as to the
proper course to pursue In rcc-
tlfylng existing unsatisfactory conditions, some leudors at tbo bar even
Igoingsofar as to suggest the entire
abolishment ol the County  Courts as
1905—154,800 acres,
19C8—167,680 acres.
1907—191,760 acres.
1908-946,600 acres,
1909—269,900 acres.
1910- 397,840 .u-res.
1911—981,960 acres.
2, 1906— 50,101 aores.
1909—996,883 ucres.
1907—211,660 ncrce.
19118—181,911 acres.
1909—648^889 acres.
llllll—2.006.173 acres.
1911—918,669 aores.
3. 1905—11,00(1 acres.
Lute Polisher of Howson's
Furniture Store
Rcpolishcs.   Makes Old Furniture
Estimates Freely Given.
Drop Card in Post Office
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly aiid monthly rates i" be arranged.      Meal Tickets, .'1 meals for 'Mill
A. r. llKVKSQUK, Proprletoi
Laughton C&, Tapping, Props.
First Street. Kevelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Special Attention Riven to commeruia:
men anil touristH. Flrst-clasi sample
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlookiiiK Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
I A reliable French regulator) never (nils. Th/se
pill* nre exceedinRly pmverlul In U'RuUtttig the
Rcneruilvc porlinn of flic Icmalo nystum. Keluse
,<ll cheap imitation!*. Dr. rt« Tan's are sold at
•K a l>nx, or three Inr f 10. Mailed tn dnv nddresi.
Th« Scobf 11 Drug Co.i St. Catliftrlun, Ont.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42  -   Night Phone 85
Satlifactlon Kuiranteed
Agent  for   Flexlumc   Electric
Residence Cor. UrA St.. anil Rolwonsie
Shop in Alley back of B. J. Bourne's
Store, First Street
Mr. Investor I - -1 am Talking to You!
YOU   Have Speculated and   LOST
WHY NOT INVEST in something where you
WHY NOT INVESTIGATE fully before you put
your money into investments ?
VANCOUVER offers to careful investors-small
and large -- absolute security and certain
I have a few lots on hand in District Lot 200, South
Vancouver. Size 33 x 137.8 feet. 66 feet
Roads, 20 feet Lanes. Local Street Car lines
within a few minutes walk. Price, $500 for
inside Lots and $1100 for Double Corners.
TERMS : One-Third Cash and balance at 6,12 and
18 months. Interest at 7 per cent, per
These Lots are situated in the Best part of South Vancouver and are the best value
on the Market To-day. Secure one if you can possibly handle it. DO IT NOW. I will
guarantee your money.
Offices at Vancouver and Hollyburn, West Vancouver
WEDNESDAY' FEB, 14th, 1912.
:* itoi rm mo Mi Ki--. ol Ti uiu
K.S.,   ItcJ        Jat    I! *l 78,
pri Weill Tail Iibh signed I lie |)i a
clam .' ■ ' Imll I lug Ni » Mexico to
• n   i
\ atriki   ol ilreiiicii ami engiueerB In
1. ,.**     ..    '*. *. i      | ',,1 tn-,illy   1 H-,l   |||i
i siiwuj  •  iftlc .n Argentina,
Hi   i •■   i.i there,   editor    ol
i      Ion 'Trutl     II ■ I oo Jan. LCI li al
1     :.*;..:■    Italy,   agsd   M
\ **.i: -
the  birthplace  ol  Mr,
l-l        * . ,*. .'1   i red   H     I aim*
gnll loll   ul   bis      many
Di.  Sophia   Jex Ulnke   i he  dial mr
. .   u    , id di rn ill the
lid in **<i   ol  Medicine      lol
v.. .ii • ■     Iled        London on Jan 8th,
i. teams!:      Russ loun-
luring     a  gale  iu  tho
«In il<*
i % % % ■% % «.%-»%-%.-• *«,-5
nnd tjiieon lo liorlln, The visil will
lain*   plnci   ially   in   I In' spring      ainl
'.till  lasl   llir lays,   Tholl   MuJoBtlos
will    taj   al   llu- Now   I'alati',  al   1'itl-i
dam. An elaborate program nl (os-
tlvltlcs ii- i" in1 propnrod, Including
an army review, a gain |iortormntico
ai tin' opera, ollicial dinners ami a
llllll  ill   lli'lllll  (Jnstlo,
Tii.* Spanish I'romlor having rocom
men lod  i in- oxocutiou nl oi ii    "I
s,\ itl'lklng imi ri m, i-iiMili'iniicil in
ileal i lor murdering a Judge ami
wounding several  courl  olllclals      In
Vab a la *i Boptomhor, tin* Radicals
mi/. I iin* occasion in wage a cam
pnigii agalnsi iiim government ami
ivorli up populni oxcltsmonl in a
ti hi* *i ous state. 'I'lii' premier realix-
ml:, nn tic .-ul, t hat la- had made a
political blunder in excluding ona
m.in limn reprieve, resigned, but mi
tin* earnest retiuest nl tla* King con
-.inti',I tu retain oflU-e,
("highest quality
"eTsT'D \iiiit:.\
7*1?     A
The taste for Ridgwaya Tea, like n
laale for thc hest muoic, may have lo he
acquired hy some, hul when once acquired il is ,"i source of lar-tiiiR delight,
'lhe world's finest tea, always (vesli, i.lid
so strong it f'oes much farther than ordinary teas. Sealed in air-tight, dust-
proof, quarter, half and pound packages.
Jr^jja-^   "Her Ma
mr— Br>o'a
jesty'sBlend" $1.00 perl
ock" 60c,
Old Country " 50c.
" Capilal Household"      40c.
Mny Xoli' /■( llilil
num ol Rett Shops
ch look
m r.  r.
Son  on  Jan.   llth,   with  the    "nu.--;   |.v   n  |„,„,|.,,|, collision, wl
*   - ■ ' " *    a  ,"t"1 jpiaco "ii Jniuiary —tli. on th
Hallway al  St, Vincent do Paul, near
.....   *..        .,  ,•*.*,, ,*.„,,*i,i   has   ni'   Montreal, Bvc     mon wero killed and
the Diet i I which     is  ten  sorlouslj      Injured.   A   passonger
. , compe| all  loalers     and  train Irom Quohcc,  liiBtend ol taking  r
...*   ,., BUIu)0ri   their lam   tho    siding    m the station,     wenl   *
es to go to work straight  ahead and plunged  Into     n  i
..    ,   „.  .    nam   Irom      Montreal,     which   was
»     :;   -'■'■■■ ""   S"   V"k  ?!f"  standing on  the main line expecting
' -••-■"' -'"   proposes  the     abolition  ^ c ^^ ^ |ukii (h(i mnR
hm nt (or murder ami   ...
i tutlon ol llle Imprisonment
',  pernot   Di>   lavors tin* measure.
State im J  Cburcb In  Portugal
..I  the Quelioc nam al
accident   to  tbe      nlr
sponding owing to   the
.it.:  t onSlcl  over the new regu-
■ ■• - governing public worsblp. The
priests it Beveral places have abandoned  ili ■ church is ami services have
n - impended,
John  \1 nSaiuaia   '*! San  Francis-
known to tbe police ol manj cil
. •   .,-  ' \'i~tiai*.ni  Mack,'   has    hocu
.*.*••  ted  in  New   Vork   charged  with  band
.*  Jynamited  and     robbod    ou
■ i Ith o! $375,000 the branch ol
the Bank   of  Montreal in   New   West -
tei    li   C.   Mai Namara  has      u
.- * rlminal record.
Accord,in.- to a Bombay report tbc
Maharajah Bclndla ol Uwallor, lias
cancelled Ihb engagement to tbc -Jack
wur ol Baruda's daughter on account
o!  the  Ciuekwar'i   connection  with  a
* ■* ■-• d England, and his dis
* ■ in--;   it* K ng Beoigi   at  tint inn
ii  ,.'.  Delhi.
The engineer
tlilllltCS     till*
brakes not t
Th 'i'i- Is much anxloty In
it i'i- tlio probability ol tin'
coal  minors'   strike  wliicb  is
nal lonal
Ml?. Sainanth.i Stanton Nellis eel
ebrated bei 102 birthday at Naples,
NY., "ii Jan. "tb. Sbe enjoys the
• ilth. and each fall earns
enough to support hei lor tbe eusu
.nu- yeai by working In tbc grape
bouses ol tbc Keula dlstriot, trim
n  ng and packing Iruit lor market.
A  greal      * n ...-•   on  tbi   figures ol
■  .     :*;■**. ..ia:   marks   the  ship
iii-li results ns are knowii   ol
m miners'  ballot  thai  was conclud
! un Jan.  18th.   H a national strike
i   declared,  it   must  nol  begin     bo-
iie March  I, as the men have      to
in a month's notico, hul      <l
I* nly   I mrs  ol  ii  strike     are  * atislng
both largo  businesses ami householders tn rcploulBh then supplies ol  '"al
[or th*'    emergency,   Prices therefore
ar- rising, but thoro is Btrong   hope
that a settlement will tic com,-     to,
■iti agreement has as yet been i-eneb-
i*i   between   tbe     Lancashire cotton
a ill owners and operatives.
The tuneral services ol the lal    M
i' ,i Tennyson Dickens, youngest  sun
..I the great novelist, were bold in
iTrinity church, New York, on Jan.
Rth, ami wen* attended by n large
number ol notable persons. As Mr.
Dickens' object in coming to .America
on a lecturing tour was to raise
funds lor Impoverished granddaugh!
ers and other members ol his lather's
family, it is believed wealthy A m.t
iciuis will take Mn* mattei up mid so
somewhat oflsel the debl owed t*'
l' , kens by millions ol his readers
and admirers on this side ol the At
stng which began on Jan. 12th, show
enormous gains lor tho Socialists,
imt as second ballots have to bo
east in many places lhc result of the
■ li cl mus Will not Ihh definitely known
fm*   Bome   'lays   yet.    Tlie   scull Official
Cologne 0aiette, the mouthpiece nt
the B'orolgn Office, calls upon voters
to   suppress   petty  puny differences
ami to go to lhe polls with lhe pence
menacing     events   nf     last       summer
toil iii thoir minds, tn the oxclus
mn nf all othor topics. The supreme
need nf the bunt is ihe election of a
pn i'l lumen! thoroughly alive in th.'
li*.sh sacrifices which the dictates nf
self-preservation require the Fatherland to make. Tin* Imperial government's fear ol Socialism nml iis apprehension ihat the Socialists will
Kam swe ping victories In the u ir
stai: clictioiis are   betrayed   m  an wl
ection manifesto, in ll Socialism is
declared  to he  Ihr  'nrch enemy     ol
the   Slate,'   nnd   the  electors   are   ail
lured t i'onipiisii its iinai     ovci-
rates on goods transported by   such
ra.lway   In.Ill   Villi! OIIVCI    til        ' "HlltS
located In British Columbia,   Vlberta
ami Saskatchewan und Manitoba   on
the main line ami mi the time's Nest
branch tine as compared with tbo
rates charged by such rallwai to lhe
Bame territory (for tho groator dis-
taiieei Irom Montreal, Queboc and
other points on the Atlantic bob
I    "i In  Tease  from  mnking ami  i narn
Ing     discriminating ral n   wheat
I anil oats coilBlgltod ft"in Alherla to
1 the I'acilic eoasl as i*,.in|ial',*il Willi
the charges on wheal und oats ilor
tho greater dlstanco) Irom points In
the prairie proi luces to Lake Superior.
"(c) Conse frnin making an.l charging discriminating passenger rates l o
passengers In British Columbin and
ospoclall)   commercial   travellers,    as
i iparcd     with  tho passenger  rales
charged by such railway iii other sec
i mis of Canada."   Bx.
illdlng returns im   1911,  just  issued Inntic.
•:.   Clyd      I'h.   shipbuilding in       m,*. Andrew  Carnegie tcsl   \
...--.:;.  * a ti.,   Clyde bus bad a     re-  ;, ,,.  the  Steel   Investigating commit
cord  year.  The total tonnage "f the  ,,., IM Washington, sai.l tlm thi
-  Clyde  output is 1340,000      re   ,,   active competition In
103  Bbips,  as   compared  |,„8 pa8scd    He advocated  an
11 ' '19  tons   in   ,, .*,;     commission to conl
•    "*  and •-'   ions     last   *,,..i told the committei aboul   .
• .'h  Mr.  Rockefeller wheie j
Mr.   ft     ton .s  head ■■! ,:  '"'''  control  nl     Mr.   Rockefeller's
tiie  adn ounces   th-  lorm-
If You Have Either Scalp or Hair
Trouble, Accept This Oiler
When we promise ynur money hack
fnr  tho  mere  asking  if  Rexall   '")■'•"
I'liu   Tonic   'Iocs   not   ,1"   as   we el.nnl
ii will, ymi certainly have no reason
:■■•. even hesitating l" tcy it We
■ I., m.t  .isk v..ii in obligate yoursell
.'i   an>   wa).
I We could imi afford to so strongly
endorse Rexall  "93" Hair Tonli   and
Conl .nil'*  If   Sell   'I   as  w.    'In.   II   .1  'l.'l
imt Jo as we claim. Should mn   enthusiasm  carry   ns  away,   ami  Hexall
ii.i.i  Tonic nol give entire sal
tn  the  users,  they  would
n ns imh mn*   tatem<
nml m consequent ir but
tlge wo I
Therefore, when we assure you that
Rexall "93    li.i  Ti m .■   •      prompt
ite  dandruff   stimulate hair
growth am! prevent pretnal
what   ■*
Wo      boi
ll    - greasy an.l      will  not  gum
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P. D. Box 31, Revelstoke
Empire   Typewriter
Slightly Used
Apply - Mail-Herald
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
l'i If pliont' House No. 07
'lVlephnna Camp No. 21*5
ol a     ival war staff, which has
naval writ
• r«.   This stud,    rhicl    Ml    ' !ta
rain  ol  the navy.
■ .'• ■    IhIsions,   namely
eb will di al w,th war
rmatio         • ral oi -.   wbich    will
A-   .i   ■<■-!,,t   ul   tta   '.*, i*r,t   ri !,-*.   •
• -        :       . fferi ■ •    provinces
- •
of Manitoba    *.:■*  to lx       real
toi       I 11 ■•■ '" livid
- ,*,..   •-■:■■        1367.1
• _•   I2!t%   ' tla    »:■.Jar.
i      . j.   . I;  British  l'o
(191,701 " •     I
■ -"'t-   .
toba lo«     11,1 I'rlocs
'.rntttj. *    - :■".,.   e     ' ■
Pi ve pi . I Iou
■i     •     ■     a,
-•*»•  .
i **-r .■. :'■■       I -   •    r    .' *
,- the     api
■ .   •  -- nn. ■
  t   till- jifp   ol   •
try peri ; at I •■! bomi
'i ■    Tnrklf    Cl   ml er ol     Dep tl
bas hwn dissolved i *    ,*  to   ts i *
■',-■ rn t"'t  the     constltutl
..,,, ■  f'ftt.i       II,   pru     . ■ .-   that.    II,
.- iitai   m .v  d -- *i-'e >ii*  Parliamenl
• .., ; wai    This was    -attacked
i   ,.; the   Opposltlan,:
,.,..    . •:, ■,  .,   fee i, in* accompanied
.-ho debate on 'he proposed modlfli a
tinn ul ttie fnnst,ta<ion. 'i'ho Union
ir.,,j,.,i   to     provoks n  lIlflBolu   '
ai   ol*.'   holtllilL-s   .11   llie   l.ak
■* region al
holding rhen tm
tie  st.**
..  '.hl-m pari
• ■    t.,       \|,   Carnegie
i.tfeiri.l  i
nmph he  ii.i*! •
M        I  press i-
.t. reg ird to thi
i^    i.ut the Parle presi
lurm M nm   well loundi
•     ■      !..!-       •
• :ss 8 pa 1 *
>   Francs    -     -.   •
-,..|\    ,■ solute ■■
Western freight Bates
ll    *i   theil
  nd     the
Lai ulii- mnl   Rl   K-.nr
rd, t hi        il oi
'  *      , ned
''•alile •••'■
■ ul
■jh the medial the Brll Ideratioi
•   Pai Is    Then      •
-•'.-...* ii am)
■  thi    mtl   ■■     iri
ul  i'n*   *     ■      Unionist     ■   . * -     i inn
*    ..a  to recognise an  It -h pai
ths C.P.I mi
■f iti. ■■
Mon of tl* Obamber at nil cM»ts.
loimeul  ,m*l     demanding foi    Glutei i   '•
.   .  .,,      •,,.,   ..' their     exact I nei   iperatlng   ■     ■ .... t ■
nt Port    trthur
,-   the   i '* U I   :        '  ..      I   • " Vi'l'l'iat.. n    *f
•     *,    * ! i   t   ",.*t   II   ll       fm.,., I      ■  i
, •  the    nly  alti  nal       *     • -'      ":
ent    nilt *  ' ■•"'" ' "
Mi    King li   ''■•  an i Istei pi inrtnding
,,.   nl    tO  I    lie ' I*' '   ''        I'    "'    '*'   '
ii ,.  ,,i an .mi"    ' «  "'''   "'" '
,„,,.• . i,|,llihe.I     we   n * .leterm '.o.l C i' n   and f s it
■ | through   Thi  it-..I*.i      ■ iiio.I ,n oi„im« t  to    I
eluded im.  saying tl il  m,     n it exeessive and not proporMn
si-Jt unu BKOTION.
uwuig to tbc large numboi ol mem
hen wishing to    participate In   the
bowling, it wiih pressed upon un   to
lorm a new* league. Koiir teams con
BtltUts      the   league,    nud  the   games
will be played ofl on the alleys ou
Tuesday and Thursday evenings, com
tuenclng at > p.m. sharp. Thus it
Will give all others who huve not
hcen placed on any team an opportunity to hnvo a gams before eight
Krh. is- J.B.C. v. Mletdrahs
Feb. it -Lawrence Co. v. Ramblers.
Feb.   16—Businessmen v.  V.M.C.A.
Feb.   19—J.B.C.   v.   Ramblers.
Feh.  :o—Ueavern v.  Maple  Leafs.
Feb   -".   Law(ence Co. v, Corley's.
Fen. its—Buslnessmon v. Lawrence Oo
j..—v.m.c.a. v. Ramblers.
Feh. 28—J.B.C. •*,. Corley llmise
Mai.  i   n -.* • it nn a v. Ramblers.
Mar    1-   \ .Ma'  \.   v.   Corley   House.
Mar. 5—Beavers v.  Maple l.
Mar. 6—J.B.C. v. Lawrence t".
Mar. 7—Mletdrahs v.  .1. B.  C.
Mar.  ■   H.s a v.  LaRrence Co
Mar.  li—v.M.c.A. v. Lawrence Co.
Mar. 12—Maple Leafs v. Beavers.
Mar. 13—Corley House v. Ramblers.
Mar.  ll—.1 H i    v.  Mletdrahs.
Mapli  Leafs.
v.  .1 B.C.
* v. J.B ' .
M. tli.ihs.
■;.in ited li itead    ■.(
ii   constitute   a
Until Released by Wonderful Sa*.
,      maris Prescription
- «o'i  -p inflammation an4 lr.
•  stomach uol  *>aksns
• •       Tni i'Mtly t>r per
n««r     Is  often     t ■: :e 1     to
< • -•** against >'    'HI by his un-
«       lysis     condition.
?>•».«*- % rr..rriptloo stops tho -rav-
k       Sadies tho ntrvtt. buli.li ap ths
get -•-»■    ' •»,!«   »ntl   mltil   tlrlnk   SC-
..   •   Sisias'sl-ji   snd   aaussous        II
•    u'i >m aaj odarloss. anl  uan   be
I    SI    ■» tri  or  without  Ul* snow.o.lfi
• yti'.sat
Sfl      • • ,aSls     tiomu   ri...
N ••••1 from 'Jif.rr ln,l IISgTaCS
*,    f-,r-.*t    dovol** '•        ■nntrtar      or
it ■»•••-    -rojfh  Ihis wor. I|   - an
• .Uoi    ran *»lr        Th» nonii  r ,rm«r;/
wasted  i  i-.os ha*   watered   nappt-
•fi noma camf'.rta, aduoatton and
rsspsol   ts    'Sa    ramlllss formar.i     in
• •      • Mi.a.r
Haat   ths  ' ...cv'.of, tnt tt! the
m.   -a.        soHsllCl    tastlmo.*  ••      ••
• «i
-•a   laraf   '•»•/   tat   let       rut
• .*, ,1 IS worth • • uir. lit.
io »• air kaakasS KM t..n alt.r.i
■ i.     -   .... •    t]a«a   kui   wo-jM      r.at
It      rt. <«J4  It  tit4  ao  i-Jianr   tar
Ma   ut     Maj  fJaS'e sfiatea  klaaainft
• »*«r   'aai   in   ,**.   ttt  f. ira,   ara    mf
rrarara   mr     Ma   oka  koowi     it     kal
hefts •  o at*. trlaS it.    Aa sees aa 1
esn   I   will   ■••  ftthara    *»•■ .    ■»
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Public Notice is hereby given that
ii la absolutely necessary that dis
orders ol a suspicious nature be reported to Dr.  Md,can. city  Medical
Health   litlieer  or  other      physicians.
ns hooii us known.   Failure to do ihis
is u punishable oflenco.
By  Onlr.
b.  A.  LAWSON.
City Clerk.
WANTBD—Situation  in  lnnihci   ollice
as stenographer and Invoice clerk;
tlioroiiKhly     experienced; all  refer
ence.   Apply, Box nu, Mall-Herald
Ulllcc,   Kcvclbtokc.
WANTBD—Offers lor new laid ei-gs,
and lat chickens. Apply, Vickers
Salmon Arm.
iVANTED—A girl or woman to do
general house work.—Apply at the
Mail-Herald ollice.
POR  SALE—AbOUt  IM tons ol  baled
green leed, also a quantity 11 Tim
othy liny. Kor prices write, N.K
Sparks, Milncrtoti, .Alta. ilt. .1.111
FOR BALE ticin Oramphone, cheap.
and two doten records.—A. Kyfc
FOR BALE—Young, smart     delivery
team    Foi      particulars  write    A
Haggstrom, Malakwa, II, C.
FOR      BALE   Electrical    Machinery,
Two 2500 i.u-ht Generator! In lirst
■ •! k in>; order, complete with
eicltei sits, etc, wni be
together.   A snap for
irmill, etc . contemplal
M* ti ie light plnnt
ii.ti.it- offer refused,     f- tili
cation to dn.-.
■ i intendent ol Bl     i ical
i' i .ii ''mi '   CK]  oi Revelstoke,
*' >kl   l: C      lm  S7tb,   1912,
.! nine room house
id     fni't      lot,
fronting   on Third     street,    three
i    church,
rms      \|ipiy
Boi ST.
Rr. .i rta. aartaikf Ift fttftl Ikalr ,
iMi   fraia   Srlak      I     will   , .,    •
foar  aSSraac
Mta   I ,  Dwwl-wla*
«•   wllakaM   v.   rttiKl )
If   1
oa  ikte
If   r—
Iktr      —**^^^^^
»** If jm k»ww of anr fanOr
"•a" o« this raiaaJr isll Ikom akaul
it If r"t ami. ttf ttrtaaS •» rala
'iTt rk* -,«* ''.rmtl sr to tormtaf
■kt Srlak kaklt. Self htsk la raiMa*
ilmaalf Iran Mt awful aHtahaa aa
marl*  rrsaaHfilks la a**S  kf  par*
.... ..II   NaapluM «
a rtxmm trial paokaoe «t aa
i trrmin.-'ir.n  bail  been  greatly -itnii •
., h.iieil by th • adoption ■■( tin* Lord .'
is tbe Kine
in  -tiit-Ml  in f-ondon   thnt. ne«ot ^^^
IS gl , ,,,„.„,„     the.veto not and the Mcnnl  Vatican   iie
„,,,M, w,n  be  tipem-d  between     »
id  German  OOUKi,  as soon  ere,  prove,,.,,,*  c,,,,,,,,       „ ,,
;,*,!,., from rndla,   re- Ing eceliMrfastlc, as wl^nefm
■""««th^'" :'';,r;:f';;: "!<:,!; "SJiimrtuw ^..,,. s.m.D ™*>
\iH,t ■'   tne  «vih»
tin*   rati";   nn   the
goods in oertaln ntlur     ■ ompi
tpplli ii*.*n i.i W      *, .i.i    ■ t* ,ti.*
i I  \ in, mn ,-r, B.'      fol   an  .
,-,-tti.|t  iho OT I'
rseeslattlaa. wttk k*aktot. «1»
.nf Nil Mrliaetosa. Mfttlaaanlau. ari—
tt*. will ha taat akealauir trmt mmi
pamtpmii m plait ftaalil aastecs la
aaratt* aaktaf far ■ ••* ■aaMaaaaf
Mils papar      Otlim—*<*»	
toda)      The s,i
marls Remi   .  Co., Depl   l( ll* ''"■
it,nti.   , anads    \i**
it   Macdonald,  Drug
niak ng and   than;,i.i:    iliscrimlmitory   Fist.   Itfvrlnd.ko,   D.   C.
I'        toki   Laad  IhhIi Ii t,
' of Wset Kooi.'ii'i)
lOtlM      Unit       I.      H.i i v     I
*,: Rossland, li.   C, oi t spa
.-. Intends to apply Ioi i»-i
n pari hn-o the lollowing <io
,t ii post planted
a'mit in chains west ol tlie South
wesl Cornel of Lot III*. tbence north
10    rlinlna.      theiiro    WSSt   10 'hains,
11.        iouth m ehains,    thi ncs eas'
Wi ehains  ',,  point Ol mmmencoment
Containing .tan ucrea moro or lots.
Dated December, nth. 1011.
1st ls.  .I/mo     Per I). Klsbcr. Agent.
SIR EDMUND WA'.KER, C.V.O.,LL.D,, D.C.L., President
ALEXANDKR LAIRD, General Manaqer
CAPITAL, • $10,000,000 REST,-  $8,000,000
With its l,ir;_,rc number of branches, aponts anil correspondents, The
Canadinn Hank of Commerce is able lo effect collections throughout
lhc world promptly ami at reasonable rates, Rules will be quoted on
C1h'i-|iios nnil drafts on nil countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, mnrks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or nny other foreign currency,
can be negotiated al TlicCanudinn Hank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Record of Progress for Five Years- 1906-1911
Reserve   -
Loans and Investments
Totul Assets
i'ii it i
* ;l,00U,(HK)
27.461 090
$ 4 ooo.ooo
Has 83 Branobcs in Camilla, and ARonts anil Correspondents In nil
tho Principal Cities In tho World.
Intorost allowed at highest curront rate.
Rcvolstnkc Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors Anii Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This lust is filling aim g fell want find ils waterproof qualities are standing lhe test.
Wc carry a full lire of the I':.irons Pone-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoo Kapaircrs,
.'iiuliili i'.
Harness Madera
Smoker's Supplies
Tin- "I'l reliable now linn llie lai'Kest nnl lm-t line ol Smokers'
Supplies ever In tlie Cilv, unci our prices nre t ik 111. 1'iltj luniula
of cigars to clioosc from, Price from $1.CO pcr uon up; nol in.nlu
Irani Bcrup either,
Meerschaum  Pipes Irom $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes Irom $3.50 Up
iim  -ini-k   ol  Calaliasli   Pipes is small  on accounl  oi Uie
emp Inini; ;i failure litis year ninl quality poor.
Briar Pipes in cases Irom 91.00 up,
Ask lm llu-famous 11. B. B. l.u,ml. Kvery pipe is ^u.ii.iu-
Cigar ami Cigarette Holders, t'.isi-s ami Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Tuns ami Pipe Racks. Tell us what you wunt ami wc will
-.un mu. II you cannot call, photic 37 antl gootls will he sent to
nun home im approval.   Buy early while slock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody  knows  Iiim,  he will
till you Hint the whiskeys weiiic
selling are tbe Best, full antl lir
i imviiiifil. No household Hhonhl
Be wilhoul a supply of oiu- Har*
icy's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapin Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
DO yeai a old or Blackberry Brandy^J
for Medicinal purposes, Our stock
of choici' Wines nml LlqUI is of all
kind*- me unexcelled. Hold By all
the lending hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers an! Dealers in Pure Wines, liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Our Livery is equipped with lhe best horses anil
mrs. We also deliver express and baggage to any
part of the eity.  Heavy and linht teaming a specialty
F. McCarty, Proprietor
Phone 201
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
I WEDNESDAY' FUn. I itli, in 12.
WEDNESDAY1   KKD.  14th,  1911
Editor Muil-lleruld;-
Kitiit mnl poultry are not tho only
Industries that enn bo proBOcuted
Buccosstully nt the Garden of Kden,
lor hog raising would do admirably
nt. Malakwa. At. the presout high
price ul pork who would not own n
Imi; ranch, til course it mny be
pointed  out that  the feeding ol    tbo
pige, thnt Is of obtaining toed would
lie u iui; iiein ol course it would
but does this not also npply to hog
rauohes In othor parts ol the world.
Any tinnier nt. Mulnkivii where tin:
i-limulc   tn su   iinlil,   euiilil  ellllnirk     111
iin- dairy bu Inese and also keep a
lew pigs to atari with, by planting
a liberal rout crop and with that
ei,mes from tho dairy bo could raleo
quite a number ol bogs and uh they
multiply su lusl lie could in sny two
years tune plant rool crops moro ex
tensively   nml Could   not Iml   in      the
enterprise, providing bo attends to
ins ranch. It may bo argued tbat
tbo greal expense oi growing leod
would be a big consideration against
bog ranching, bul let it bo romemb-
iti',1 thai with pork ranging Irom 80
to ib cents retail, a handsome margin will bo lelt the rancher Irom tb'.'
price nl ins pork alter paying allied
and nt her running expenses. Vour
correspondent is perfectly In harm -
uny with a Malakwa rancher who
last week advocated mixed furmtng
at the Garden ol Eden. That, uir,
is just the only adeulutcly sure lorm
ol ranching, Kor instance if u settler
,iii .ii ks ni the fruit business strictly
nnd perchance a certain portion ol
the ft mt crop Bhould fall, unless be
bad prlvat ■ mean - be would bo pos
slbly cramped lor means until tbu
nexl fruit crop was gathored uud
marketed, Whereas a settler embarking ai me mixed farming starts
out with a small dairy, poultry, pigs
geese nn.l ducks, and a lew acres ol
grain and vegetables, also huy as
well. With tins combined form ol
ranching lie is fortified on nil sides,
11 his fruit crop Should fail he bus
the other products to fall hack on.
No sir. 1 have nnver known an in-
dustrous mixed farmer fail, bc hns
always got silver in his pocket ami
bis mind at rest I am enthusiastic
on tins question ol     mixed (arming,
and would like to see inure correu -
pondence  .mi   the  matter  from    other
The Valley of
The Garden of Eden"
Situated at MALAKWA, B. C.
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
r.harnrtar nf  Qnil   Bench   Lands,   Clay   Loam   and Vegetable
VJlldl clOIUI   Ul   OUII   Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn lin Ml inn   Pos'tive,y no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
\W IlliydllUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Modei'atC Climate   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot oF B. C, Watch This Page
oF the MAIL-HERALD [ach Week
Kden [anchors. 1 want to go oil return sn, fm* thia statcmcut that I
einiM-ieiil iiiualy believe than any energetic mini embarking in mueil fur-
iiiiug ut Mulukwa in ever and ever so
bumble a wuy, cannol fail.
In the (lafilen of Eden the winters
are hu mild that the horses anil cat-
lie an  well 118 hugs enn all led    oUt-
hMc, the valley ih Ideally situated
for mixed (arming In three respects.
First, it han a iiniHt inipurtunt factor all to itsell, it ban an admirable
market within easy ucccss. Three
daily truiiiH each way, which will all
stop at this station shortly can convey the live and other produce to
tbe  markets  uf Alberta  to the    east,
ami Vancouver and Kamloopa us well
as other places weit. Secondly, tin-*
valley is bloiied with an ..leal climate for any form of mixed farming
and thirdly, the vallei in -penally
favored in having B bountllul supply
of clear, fresh spriug water, which
presents itself in numerous creeks
that spiuie through the valley. Yen
sir, to the mun who will -follow mil
rd Farming in this volley, it will in
a very lew years prove to him to le
a veritable Garden of Kden.
Mueil   Farming   Enthusiast.
Editor  Mail-Herald -
.Sir,—Kor some weeks past I bave
read with much interest some of the
news items in tbo Mulnkwu Lutes. 1
must confess that, some item* ".re
more Interesting than others. It has
been stated pretty generally you
must confess that the i-lnnatc, soil
and local conditions arc ol a high
order, lint so far I fail to see among
the news item- any account of what
these Harden of Kden people are doing to Improve tbi' valley in which
they have east their lot.KKor in-
■tance how many acre* at Mal.ikwa
is now cl.-areil and how many ure
contemplated will lie cleared this
year, also what acreage ib inder cultivation In the Harden ol Kden and
what acreage will lie under CUltlva -
tion   this year.
Tbis and other like i iform.it un
such as the best method to clear the
land at Malakwa would e interest -
ing reading and I for one woi'd like
to hear thie information an i am
much interested in Malakwa lnndi,
nnd may become a land owner there
An Enquirer.
G   B
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in Revelstoke
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Fresh Milk For Sale
Box 691, - Revelstoke
Revelatoke l.uud District.
Hi--.liill ol  West Kootenuy.
Tuke notice tbut 1, llurruws Hcury
Rothwell ol Nukusp, 11. C, occupation gentleman, iuteuds to upply (or
I *. Hussion to purchuse tbc lollowiug
described  lands:
Commeuciug ut a post planted 40
i-ii.uns south ol tbe North-east Corner ol T. L. 41174, theuce Bouth 80
Chains, theme cast ubout 21) chaius,
to Arrow Lukes, tbence uortb ulung
Lake about 811 cbains, tbcuce west
about 2 chums to point of commence
im-iit. contuining about 100 ucres,
more or less.
Dated December IKh,  UU.
Burrows   Hcury   Roihwell.
Kilw.ud  Russell  Vlpuud,  Agent.
Jan.   tith tirst issue.
It will pay you to
make a call at
P.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Kevelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenuy.
Tuke notice that I Horatio Levcruc
Kothwell of Nukusp, U. C, occupation bank manager, intends to applj for permission to purcbaao thc
following  doscribed   lands:
Commencing nt a post planted I J"
chains south ol the North-east Corn
tr uf T. L. 4127*1, tbence south 80
chains, thence cunt ubout 30 ehuins,
to Arrow Lake, theuce uorth along
Luke about mi cbains, tbence west
about 20 cbnius tu point of cum -
mencement, containing about 200
acres more or less.
Duted  December 2'Jth,  l'Jll.
Horatio Lovcrene Kothwell.
Kdwnrd Kussell Vipond,  Agent.
1st iKsue .fun. Sth.
Old Town,
Revelstoke. 1!. ('.
Iieb'ic bit) inn mur mil*
ui  ui working  elothei
lur lbe liiiih.    I  make s
ipeclilty ol Logging
■noes. Pants, sm, siiiit'
Blankets end everything
rcqulredinvoar business
Shiloh's Cure
afileklT i-litp* conch***,,   cure* cnl.K  hf Bits  throat ami  luasa. •   •   •  JS mum
l.lgl'OR   ACT.   1310.
,<nlice   ll hereby   given   thol   Unity
days  nfter  date  application  will    be
ma.ic in the Superintendent »i Provincial police fur the tinster of the
license lor the sale uf linuor hy retail  In and upon the premises known
11 riiy Hotel situated nt Arrow
bead, British Oolumbia, irom   John
I'.ilc*   tu   Robell   Caley   of   Airowtirnd
Dated this nth day ol January 10*11
Jnn 10 let liiue      Holder ot Licence
Coul milling rights ol tbe Dominion
iu .Manitoba, Saskatchewan aud Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories und iu a portion ol tbe Province ol Uritish Columbia, muy be leased lor a term of
twenty-Otto ycurs at au annual rental of il an .ich . Not more tbuu
1,660 ucres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lcaso must bc made
by tbc applicant iu pern.hi to tbc
Agent or Sub-Agent ot the district
iu whicli  the lights upplied for     ore
In surveyed territory tbc land must
be described by sectious, or lcgul
sub divisions of sections, and in un
surveyed territory the tract upplied
for shull be staked oul by tbe ap -
plicant  himself.
Ka'h applicant must be accompaii
led by u fee of IJ which will be refunded if the lights upplied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on thc merchantable uutput ol tbe mine nt thc
rate ol Bre cents per ton.
The person operating tbe nunc shull
|furnish tbe Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the lull quantity ol
merchantable coal mined aud puy the
royalty thereon, li the coal mining
rights nre not lieing operated, such
nt una should be fucuished at least
once a year.
Thc lease will Include the coal mia-
i Ing rights unly,   but thc lessee    mny
ilie permitted to    purchase whatever
available surface rights may bc con-
'sidercd necessary lm the working ol
jthc mine at thc rote of 110.00 an
For full     information     application
[should Ire made to the Secretary    ol
Ithe Department td the Interior,    Ottawa, or tu the Agent or  Sub Agent
ol  Dominion  Lands.
W.   VV.  COKY,
Deputy  UlolStei   ol the  Interior,
s B.—Unauthorised publication   ot
this advertisement will not lie paid
In lhc Matter of au Application
fur tbe issue of a Duplicate Ceriiii -
cute of Title to uli minerals pjec -
ious uud busc (save -coal and pro-
tiolcum) uuder Lots 5325 "New-
York" Miuerul Claim, 5326 ' floBto.i"
Mineral Cluim, 5327 "Chicago" Miuerul Claim, 5328 "Montreal" Mineral Claim, 5329 "Sun Francisco" Min
crnl Cluim, 5330 "Fuirvicw" Miuerul
Cluim, 5331 "Metropolitan Fraction"
Miuerul Claim and 5332 "Chicugo
Fraction" Miuerul Claim, all in
Croup 1,  Kootenuy DiBtrict.
Notice is hereby given that ,t is
my Intention to issue ut th ■ expiration of one month after thc first publication h. rro! a Duplicute if the
Certificate of Title to thc above
mentioned lots in tbe name ol lhe
Metropolitan Cold uud Silver Mining
Company ot Lardeau, B.C., Ltd.(Non
I'cisi ual Liability) which i'i rt.ilir.it •
is .luted the 30th day of July, XOOU,
al   10 2>i a.m. und  numbered 5922A.
Nelson,  It. C, 8th   Juuuary,   1912.
Ist  i,sue J.20 District Registrar.
An Interesting Report Written
By Mr. S. f. Edwards, M.S.
Bulletin number l'J3, issued by the
Ontario Agricultural College, ls u j
most important document tor the |
breeder of fowls. The Outurio Dc-1
partment of Agriculture has done'
good work in giving it a wide circulation.   Mr.  S.   F.  Edwards, M.  S„
I I'rofcsBor of llucteriology, writes lu
this bulletin on      "Tuberculosis      in
IFowls," and he writes with such au-'
thoi-ity thut his words must b'.' received with respect. Wc here review
Mr. Edwards' importunt pamphlet— i
to wliicb we muy aguiu refer—and on
Widely distributed. It may be seen
from tbese fucts how important is
correct knowledge ou the subject und
correct knowledge must be followed
by  prompt action.
Tuberculosis  in  fowls   is   in    many
respect h  similar  to tulierculosis       in
man,  cattle and sw.ne.   It is  caused
by a bacterial     parasite,      "Bacillus
Tuberculosis," und it is u communic-1
able disease.   Tbe germ is always the   P««bl» the assistance ot the Domin-
dircct cause of thc disease, and      in , ion     authorities and ot  the various
no cuBe can It occur unless the germ   provincial  governments,
is cai ri.-d in some manner from      an '    (ine of thc most  remarkable things
Those Timber Fires
The Committee on Forests conducted an extensive investigation respec-
ttng the fires that wc had in the
Prairie Provinces, Ontario and British Columbia last year. In doing
this, of course, w» enlisted as lar as
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol1 " ■eCeveeynemlalhebed!
«im ud uutiii. Prtaattredecay ind "Manual
•»fiVnf«s liarM al tnrt FheaphMol will
mak- , til a nt*--***, man. Price lla ti >»,or Iwc In
»J. M..l*.ln anv idd,." TheBcobell Bin.
Co., ei. i «.li»,un--. Ont.
Sold at Mscduaald'i Drug Btore.
Iu tbc Mntter ot au Application for
the issue of a Duplicuto Certificate of
Titlo to Lots IS uud 'J, Block I, Town
ot Arrowhead, being part ot District
Lot 384, (iroup  1,  Map 031.
Notice is hereby given thnt it Is
my intention to issue ut toe expiration ot one month nfter the lirst publication bereot u Duplicate ol tbc
Oertiflcate ot Title to the above mentioned lots in thc nume ol Burney L.
Plttmton, wbich Certilicate is dated
the 15th day ot January, 1009, at
0:30 a.m., und numbered 1U070A.
Nelson,  B.C.,   8th   January,   1912.
1st Iss.  Jan 17       District Rccistrar.
Nolice ih hereby given thot 30 days
after date application will be made
to the Board of License Commis
doners for the transfer of the license
for the sale of liquor by retail In nnd
upon tba promises known ue tbc
City Hotel, situated at Revelntokc,
in the province ol llriti b Columbia,
Irom Robert Culcy to John I'nley ol
J.20 1st lis. Holder ut Licence.
which we invite questions and re-
Tuberculosis In towls is uot new to
Ontario, and it is becoming annually
more widespread. This entails a serious loss lo tho poultry industry ot
the province and lhc Dominion. Thc
control of this disease in fowls Is
therefore a problem ol considerate
economic  itnportnncc.
The bulletin under con-iderntioo Is
issued to spread Information on the
subject, and it gitee valuable suggestions lm   itH control.
In liml a fowl from Knderby, British Columbia, was reeeiviil at Ottawa, and another Irom Renfrew were
examined.    In      both  cases  the    dis-
egse tuberculosis—was found well
advanced.   Since      thin      date,   fowls
siiflid-liig  Irom  the  disease   were found I
Ito  have  rome from   Middlesex,   Kent,;
Lambton,   Ilrant,   Biffin,   Bruce,   w>l-
land.      Durham,      Hlmcoe,  Hastings,!
Crey and  other places—ln fact,  11    a
star is placed on the map of Ontario I
indicating   where   tuberculosis       had '
been lound. only Kssex,  Huron, Mur. '
koka,   Hnlllhhrtoii,   Renfrew   and   tin-
dlstrlrts   between    the    St.    l.awrenee '
and   the Ottawa    rivers     would      lie |
lound   free  from   murks.   Oregon    has'
' Hiificred   also  from   this  disease.      In '
I l'.llll) Hix outbreaks  were reported audi
'investigated.   California   has   suffered I
much,   lu one. (lock  ol fourteen  bun
' dreil fowls  there  were  two     bundled
'nnd lifty deaths from  thc disease.  In
New  York state there   wus nn      out  '
break   in   111(17. nml   the  -.-ime  year it
1 iriiii** its appearance in Miebiggn. lu
I I'lll'l Minnesota was the scene,  ol   an {
outbreak, in Burope tho disease   is
existing cnae to u susceptible individual.
poorly lighted, poorly ventilated
houses; insufficient or unwholesome
lood, errors in building, tbe present-.
of mites, all these are accessory causes. They tend to lower the natural
vigor ot thc fowl, resisting power is
diminished and susceptibility to attack increased; but, be it remembered, liclore thc disease itself can cc-
cur, the germ must gain a foothold
in the body of thc bird.
In fowls—as in man nml other animals—the disease is slow nnd insidious in its progress. It may exist
sometimes iu a flock without detrc -
tion. Therefore it should be closely
watched for. It is not like some
other contagious diseases—the louses
esperially at first, are only occasional. The farmer, unfortunately, pays
small attention to the lose of i bird
here and there, and then and COW,
nnd It is nol until frequent deaths,
coming with some regularity, make
him look for a cause and week a rem
edy. By this time—by the time the
farmer's eyes nre open lo danger —
the disease hns gained a foothold iu
the llnrk, and drastic nnd sweeping
mcasuiTs, enttuliiiK considerable lim.
must lie adopted to eradicate it. By
tuberculoid one fnrmrr lout M lowln
in seven  months.   Two other turmers
that was shown by the report was
the fact that in British Columbia J
per cent, o! the known cases of flres
were started by railroad locomotives
and tbe number known to lie started by locomotives wns 25 per cent.
of the total, showing thut in all prob
ability railroad locomotives can !*
blamed for 30 percent, of the flres
that occurred in Britllh Columbia In
r.iio. The convention made recom -
mendation to thc government that
the Railway Act lie amended to provide for a line of tl.'»»i for each and
every fire started by railway loco -
motives unless it could be shown
thnt rhe company had the l>est
screens and was carrying out an efficient patrol nystem. The Railway-
Act was amended, not to provide for
tbr line ■>( 11.000, but to order the
company to install the best Are fight
ing appliances of all kinds. I need
not reler to the wo inl part of the
eastern slope of the Rocky Moun -
tains as a forest reserve—thst, to
my mind, is nne d the greatest advances that  has been  made, so fnr as
protect ine tbe forests is    concerned,
since the sy-^t.m of forest protection
was initiated, and I only regret that
tbe Brit,sh (olumbia government haa
not set aside larger areas in this
province I annot conceive of nny
greater   advance   than   to   have       thc
lost 100 In two years,   (rther farmers ] western  slope of the  Rocky     Moun -
sny they  have lost from this dHeaar   tains     set aside as  a forest  reserve
about   one   fowl  n     week.    This  If a
loss   whieh   counts'
In January of Inst yenr It was
found that a farmer in Livingstone
County bad lost about 14" ■
12 months. Ills flock consisted of
mixed Minorrns and llrowi, latjtboMU
Tin- farmer Wanted to know to what
extent those remaining alive were
afTerted. One hundred and fotty
fowls were killed: and forty ot thai
number  hnd tulierculosis'
West nf the Rocky Mountains we
have a great valley, kept by the
Kootenav, Columbia, Fraser and o'h
cr rivers extending as fnr north I
«' .in-, which would form a natural
Slickly   alopa c-ft-arfha.   rmr.a  colSa.   kaa
• Ureal aad lun,.
Saskatchewan Crop
Th» government crop report issued
I last night place* the yield of gram
tbt province irf Snakatehewnn for
11911 ,: *,T om OOt bushel.". Odtdtt
tancing Minnesota, North an.l South
iiHkot, The report MttnatM that
there are 00,000,000 bushels still un-
'dei   the snow. WKDNESDAV    FEB   Illli, nlr.
WK.IlNlCrUlAY' FEB, Ht.li.  1912
Stop Cleaning Smoky Lamp Chimneys and Old Burners
i lur New Lamp Burner will give liu'ii six times aa much us the
old style lamp burner, and a clear v. hito light, You run turn
light as high as you want to—it is impossible to smoke chimney,
Ynu i'liu burn lamp in room all night No had smell from Kero-
Bene, Gives a steady, even light, does nol hurt the eyes, burns
anygradeof Kerosene Oil, tits any No. 2 lamp, no mantle tn
break, no black chimney tn wash every day, always clean.
Burner will lasl several years   made of thu best steel and brass.
• Semi us 35 cents in coin or money order, ami we will send ymi one
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satistied with burner and we will promptly return your money.
This is the best bin ner yet. All we ask is Tor you to Rive us a
trial. We guarantee burner to give satisfaction one year or Rive
you new one free.
We will send Three Burners Prepaid $1.00
Barbara   Michigan
t*l.MI.i Ml S
. .   im ,* ii    ttn
wii ich -iml nn- one '-I lou'
Whiti I.i.nln I.mil' Burners per
j0Ui _-, ■■ enn nt witli uniler-
stanilinn I can u*« Burner ft"
anO it I i'ii not well pleaseil
with -mii-.. in* mone) '*ii;' Is ' *
t ..... ■  ol
Light Company
Baraga, Michigan
Mr. and Mm   ■'■ McLennan left on
iver,  where  thej
■ .*,  - immond on account ■•;
...   ii tbe tormeri eUrtei
Mre.   \.  McLean   elt  laet  -week    to
**, _ •   n coast  -; • ■ al sl   ,i-,, to   un
w. ..: *.  succeee     and
tion to health.
',: -   k who  t..i- been
.. .-.*,.-   -   *
- i
l.i iRS- \-  l ,- ■'    -Vita., on Friday,
i * to Mr,  and Mre,     U
.-   ■
- .   .
young t to tbe clt
tterl .        ■      lien tbi
i      .
thi |   -
■ .•       r .- -. ■
thing out ot thi
i       • lent
i .*  • .    .
•  •
Madami '      I   t»ln
it a ■'' •        I pl
•cJ i.-r
Sid  bearj   Irom  Lil »ai
in to»n.
J*;r-i,» Ma • i- •■--.: town 't iffl
Bdgewo .:
;<,,.   :   a with  Nn
— Ium broken, lof
theii gl n ee an li pal '• ■', Bod w«
j,at  Edgewood mi   the  liack.
wr em! the Mall Herald etall to ■•
nil tlir j claim t" be umi more.
.    •   Ban    na,      Voile,   t'nniiuine.
r:,c\ nml blfick. your
t ;i ..   ,,t  McLennan'!
An Offer That Involves No Money
Risk if You Accept It
tt    .iit*  ... poall re oui    timed? '
completely  relli vi    onetlpat
l  bow  chronic   t  maj
vi   ifler to (urnieh .1     *
.. .1 11
Constipation      1 * imn
* ■ thi  nervee  11
ol the large
cur ■ you mui 1
-ti tngthen  tboee  organs
tt    wai t you t
it* guaran
en like caod]
tu act
...-.I..-    Thej   i;*i'.ii*
■1  on tut * •
.1     ,
•. • ndent    chn
it tbe VI iltei  Bev
Pleases Lumbermen
*.,.' *    r'.- Uritleh   Ci
■   •  ■
I to
gulat li
1 ill.    ';  .. ' '      • •   mm
'I   . -1    I.
Mm ■ ti  It'i' rell   min   I
• re, and h i 'he British 1 lolum
. * •■ tent    Mew tei
.1 ition theil    al
t,   il ''nn
t.t,     more than 011 Aiilr
Tl   1  urged  the governmenl   to
thai   thi    I ■'     ' ■■' '
lorccd and ' hnl    ti taken      ' n
prevent  eva -•*>**•'     "1    n gnla
Bvldeno   n.i"*  - *.n!.'i   . tn uiu.-*  the
Importance nl the Industry nn i
nreettit)  ■*' H    receiving the     pru
tcctlon    afforded   II at the preeenl
I nm
Hon, H*  1.   Borden, aMei
in ilie repreeentntione, made 1 ■« im
lee tba* tbey would recelvi    *      lef-
Oh You Suffragettes!
I.ns     Angeles,     Feb.    8—Janel  A.
Kroeck, n ithor and lecturer on    1
l-'.nii.:.   Di     • t Ioi   dl-
-   .1 contra I
Mt-    Ki ■
.  • ideal
•    ul
ta (orth that
..-  ■   ■
- • ■
Hoad Improvements
• -
ehenetvely  e I
In ankf 1
er,    1: '■
* *!   prom •
Fruii Lands
tlnlena Hay lands in parcel? of
[0 ot 20 lores or en bloc. Correfi"
pondeuoe Invited,
John Shaw. Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Local Industry
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVlenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cAccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Sttaionery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms    Tags, Etc
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type and printing machinery. Our
stock gf  printing papers is large
and well selected.
Agents for the famous
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c/4.ny Pair 95 cents
Children s and Misses' Slippers
A missed line of ankle strap felts that wc are
not going to carry over. You will never be
able to beat them for value.
Price 25 cents a pair
Misses Felt Slippers
both in Jaeger pure wool and fancy Juliettes.
Nobby little shoes that arc comfortable and
dressy for house wear,
Price 75 cents a pair
Children's Slippers
in p'aid felt, cither with ankle strap or without
You cannot duplicate them for double the
Price 35 cents a pair
c/4 real genuine Snap, just the one you may" be looking for. Al any" rate you can't afford
to pass it up. All our odd lines of men's Soft Felt Hats of the present season are on the
table at a price that ought to move them off.
This price will convince you—$1.50 Each
A few lines that will interest the housekeeper
who is prepairing for early spring house cleaning.
These lines are extra special in value and will not
last long at the prices.
Japanese   Mats ^eal Bargains, 4x7, $1.75
4x12 at $3.00 each
Union Squares Al1 sizes'a11 colors
and combinatious
You  can't  get away from the values we
offering in these.    Call  and see them:  the  prices
are awuy below actual cost.
Our new lines of Wall Papers have just
been put in stock and we can assure the public that never has such a complete line of artistic papers been shown in the city. Rich
and artistic but at prices that will surprise
you by" their cheapness. Now is the time to
see them while the lines are all unbroken.
We import direct from the manufacturer in
the Old Country and can supply" you with the
best article for the least money. Our patterns are
all new and bright. Just compare these prices
with any you may" have
a    QUALITY -Inlaid, the best  that  is on  the
**•       market, at $1.40 per square yard.
"D QUALITY—In a wide range of patterns
at $ 1.20 per square yard
f** QUALITY—In attractive new patterns
at 90 cents per square yard WEDNESDAY' KEB. IUU, 1912,
 N|   Towed On By Police Boat
These are the first advance Costumes to hand.
Made of the best heavy Navy Blue Serges and
are Plain, Tailored Styles. Considering the
quality of Serge, they are the best value we
have ever offered.
New Goods coming to hand daily.
Vuncouver,     B.C
again tbo pollen rm
Fob, ii- Once
im.,i Powell street
park iiiin atternoon, Ula|»oi-sln« a
meeting ol the industrial Work-era nl
tin- World, OtberwlBo the alleged cam
palgu tor tree spoueli bad u uul-ol day
Ail atternoon n crowd ol tour or llvo
thousand algbtseors thi'ouged the park
imt no until 1:80 did n spoaker appear, 11 Ik remarks wero uvlilontlji Ini
promptu .-mil delivered in Russian. A
score ol peoplo protended to llBten,
iml. took t*n thoir hools when tin- po
lieu appearod,   One man, too slow In
1 quitting tin-  Held,  wus knocked    oul
' by u pollcomun's baton, but   no    ur
. rests were ma-do,
Earlier In tbe altorni  T. Hudson
; was arrested, but tbough'ho waa bold
nl police headquartors no charge wus
made agaltiBt bim. Prom tho dock ot
n launch ho ntt ■ ptod to addroBS u
crowd mi the Bhore* ol Stanley park
'In- police patrol boat lowed tho entire out111      nwny.      Tlie eplBOllO  wns
greeted more by laughter than groans
though thore wore n to« ol tho Inl tor
mingled with hisses,
Touight the tloclnllata liohl wi ll al
tondod meetings at the Umpress Ave
nuo and Grand theatres, nt oaeh "I
which .1. ll. Hawthornwalte and oth
ci- Bpeakor-H denounced the attitude nf
the polico, Ths membei tor Nanaimo
nn,I a delegation Irom tho Trades and
Labor counoil will wait on Mayor
Klndlay tomorrow morning to dla-
i-iihs ilie situation,
I": ty
i;. -   Mi  ,i let  left on Sunday
tee trip to thi  cobbI.
A   i   • the da ryman, who hu t
with iMii'iimi'tiiii.      is
hettei   today.
Phi   Revelstoki   Caledonian   Society
mothei   *' theli  mosl
lances on March 6th
vi. ii   h it, among thc ta
grippe '■ ctlma this week   being con
home  Mondaj   and  Tues
Thi * • • \ ni iarj ol Un* Y.M.
' \ w.ii hol-d n meeting al the par-
i r-   •; ••...  v M.C.A . on   Thursday,,
'"tll"II Wa |  at   ■'.   Ill   p ill      A   l il   lit*
tennam ■    i n iui sted
Patron   t I I he ' ",*• t a House wil! do
well keep Feb. 26th open,   an
'   have secured      The
Caetli  ■ lar li n Entertalnei    Ioi    thai
\-  ■  n Man ii 18th
81   Pati ' i. - Daj. the     St    Prances
t .i Lm.  comedy en
.   Paddy   Di   Uosan."    Admits i.  .iii,i    ;,n
irj *•( 81   John's
church will  In-lJ a t,-,, |n CB   Mac
■ >    tore oi   Mi Ki ns      Vv
m mi.I evening ol Tues
Jay tbe - I On tins occasion
thc culinary tai'le will be a specialt)
I'm,' While Clover Hoiu-j m "• Hi. C ms.    This i-  something
will find awfully ulncut this season ot'thc year.
HOME-MADE JAM    hi pints anil quarts, glass jars.    Thii
absolutely pure ami well put up,
SYRUPS    I'ure Maple Syrup in buttles or cans, which we guur-
anlec to be the best.
Before ymi start out Shopping,
don't tall to read tiiit, column,
which ia liriBtlini; with pointers tor
tho bargain Booker,
Why iIook tlif Kdison have Buoh good
pictures?   Ask ilio people,
Don't   forgot  McPouald's    salo    on
Peb, 20tb, Second street, al  i  p.m,
MacKenzie Avenue
nuse to lot near Central
Iv to II. N. Coursler.
\ g
oil drogrum ut
ilnn't torget il.
the  ISdlBon to
llm*. hIhiiiI last rear's resolution In rcgnri] to buiUling? Do vou
inuinl i" build that liomi ot not ll so, don't ".iit until .ill our
must desirable lots arc gone, bul get busy and secure one before
prices advances,
See the UevelHtiike   Nurseries
Cut Flowers. Phone 56. i. c,
,-..,! ,i few
■   ■   *"i!   ,,ii Thursday
lir-;. W. the
■    - re Mi-   11     Cun-
,n.     M::-   Mrs   .i.T. Teller,
i.  lirni    Dainty
rek's httti -
... -  1 ■ u
I  Mrs. fl
• I*       •   ■ '■     r\
■•■ M--    I;
• 1   '■!: -    W    M. 1
Mrs. »■   A.
- ■   ir ts
i - ■ -.
-i*      • Mi
"  • ; ■    '
-   Ml.*!' ''I v
Mi, ■:
\    11   M • ■■ "■      V.     '■'
T   f    -■•    Mrs   Tf     ll
rt.O.   Robbll
W. 11. Pratt, Mrs. li. ll. Alkins, Miss
Prances Paget  and Miss Muriel    Qll
Inn.   During the evening dainty     re
Ireshments were Bervod and the pi   *
were   whu   by Mrs. W. M.  Lawrence
ii,*I Wise Muriel OiUan,
tight Governors Agree
Chicago,   Peb.   11—Klghl   governors
,iu.l delegates Irom 20 states uum here
t  day nnd  in nu Informal confi
■ -united ,i permanent campaign   to
push  lhc candidacy  ol Theodore  Ro,
t   tor the  Republican  nominat -
*   ioi   prea di nt    The govi *
dressed *> letter to Colonel  Roi *
in which they explained the purpose
ol tin* meeting and **.-■
it be known tbat if the people
monded tbat
Hon. t       li
ij   lain
I ■
moi   Osl nrne  ol  Mil big in   nnd lorm
Govt rn ii   i-    I ■   ■
■ ■ I tin* plana  ol tl
•*. arly romp
Th.   meeting
* '
■ —
• hijl'llt     V,*t**>r-.
* .    ,
: wen   -• *   m ol Kansaa   t i
*.   Michigan   Hsdlej   ■ ■'  M   - \
.' ti iA Bast
•, assi ■' •   ■■•    *   ■
Should Not Butt In
Toronto, Peb 11 - Toronto's l,ut -
ting in" tendency according to Mayor
William McNelah "I North Vancouver
.- very ludicrous. Seen today ho crl-
■i the societies In Toronto which
were freely  reiterating  their  opinions
ihe  Sikhs  win* are
' lom ttlon.
"Why should Toronto butt In on
tbla aflair?" ,i>k>"l Mayor McMeish,
"Toronto I     in
things tbat  do not concern  It        It
: at tend  to Its -    tl
fni-p  .t   wades  Into adairs  •■!   Brttiah
Colun notice
eve l   it thi   -
ey   are
.: the
«       to
Don't forget the ISntortalnerB on
Pohruary 2fith.
Watch for tbe auctioneers' red Uni-
on February 20tli, Second street, at
i  p.m.,  Mrs.  McDonald's residence.
A nover (ailing Blgn ol Bpring is in
evidence here tins week, viz:— The
small boy playing marbels.
Whether ymi ever expeel to Bee tl"'
real thing or ivr, you Bhould Bee
Dante's Inferno at the Star theatre,
! Don't torget that Howson'd Sale
ol Carpet* is still one. Come in and
choose before the stock is picked over
New supply of Christie's biscuits al
' Mclntyi e B,
St. Valentine's Dance in thc Drill
.Hall, Peb. 14th, given by the Girl's
■ Hospital Auxiliary.
I    Hunt  fail  i" attend the lasl danco
re  lent,  which  Is  the one    given
, iy tbe "Children ol Marj
WANTED—A Uni for   general hous.'
work,  three In lamily.   Por partic
■I : iin   Mall-Herald i itHce.
Huwsnn & I'n.'n olorks are alwaya
pleased to show you their stock ol
house furnishings whether you choose
in buy ot  not,
nit; reduction iu rnon's rubltora, Including BllUg proof, lnci',1 nf liiicKl,',
'nml nlso ovorshooB, at Molntyro's,
|   Only n oertuln quantity ol Band ice
available, Customers ordering now
,0(111 i;c assured ol rogular supply, -
Cuinmlng's Transtor Company,
I   MUSK'—Miss Johnson, pupil of A.
Miller, K.ll.a.m., London, is propar
[ od t" take a limited number ol pup-
1 ils for  tuition  In music.   Km- terms
apply ut     the    residence of J.   K.
Johnson, lirst. house went, of the lms
plt.ul,  First  street.
llemomhor tho supper ol the "Chil
iii-Mii ol Mary"  hi St, Frances Hull,
mi Tuosday ovoning next.
We are ordering our stock of Hanil
ICO now ami arc taking ordore for
summer delivery,—Cummlngs Trans
in  Company,
iion't wait until July before order
Ing the Banfl Ice you require, Cum
tilings Transfer Company.
i'liu BALIS—A Remington Typewrit
cr, No. 8, iii good running order.-
Prioe $50.00, P, Burns & i'o*. Ltd.,
Revelstoke,  B. 0.
Como yourself and bring your
friend to tho suppor of the "Children
ol Mary" Time. Tuosday evoing next
liuin i; to s p.m.   Place, st. Prances
the original hundred thousand dollar production Ol Dante's Inferno will
in' shown ul the star theatre on Friday and Saturday lu addition totbe
regular program,
LOST A Diamond Ring, between .Mii
nml Orton, and 6th and MoKenxle
avenue, Plndor will recolvi n 111 >
iml reward i*y returning the Ring
in the Mail-Herald Ofllce, " ,,.e
wot koeps wot Isn'l hlasen, if he's
cotched lie goos to Prison."
FOR RENT- Seven room house with
ill modern Improvement, on Four
lh street.-Rent. (28.00 per month.
Seven room house with bath on
sixth street, Kent. $80.00 ii month
Seven room house with hath, on
Sixth street.—Rent, $30.00 a month
Kootenay  Agencies, Ltd.
A nont, comfortably furnished house
t" lei on Fourth .street.- Apply to
ll. N. Coursler.
Boneless ham coats very little more
iii.-ui ordinary  bam and cuts so easl
ly and clean   get  Borne at  Mclntyre.
story of the
; ick Built?   Well, It you
have   ■ ■ •■• i ■   •     ;i_iit at
which are  .*.
' •  ■ ,     the largest
me      why paper ,„  the clt -
■    - ■ ■ • '        • else
• South
- '
- a
. ■    ,.      , -   .mt  see   '       ■'
•  Star   Dai I t's .. '
•   mind
tconomics of Spooning
pair, installed
is ma
whfn hould
Spring cleaning lms begun, so semi
'.•"■ Vi. Party to Poll li your Furniture
t,. Probyn is now open for bin inei
.a the Brown Block, the location for
m ■•ly occupied by McKinnon's pool
room on First street, lire will lie
lound n ftrst-clnss light lunch count-
11 ,iml commodloua tea room, which
Is known as the "Savoy." A (resli
supply of all kinds of candy kept on
hand,   which is   mado right on   tho
| :   in,ses.    Give   US   n   call.
Wc are proud of our Store because it is a successful
Hardware Store.
You do not " fork over all your money to us for
poor goods, but pay us only a reasonable price for the
best hardware made."
got it.
you   want   Hardware,   remember   we've
Come and look !    We like lookers I
Rovolstoko Hardware Co., Ltd.
Howson Blook
Parry buys furniture,' etc., Bpol
Ladles- now Is tlie Mmo
your baby carriages madt
in     havo
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals aro given thus: 2 strjkes,
ntorvnl 5 secuiuls—4 strokes, llui
4. No. ol box will also bo shown
n  indicator at Kire Hall.
Box No. 14—Corner First street
■nd McKentle avenuo, 0, B. llumo
ft Co.
Uox No. 15—Corner First street
nd Hokeby avenuo, pout ollice.
Uox   No.   Hi- I'orner   Second street
and  Government  Hoad  aud Opera
Box  No.  17—Corner Third street
,i I Campbell avenue, Globe Lum
rr compnny.
Box No. 18—C.P.R. station.
liux No. M—Oorner Filth street
nd McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Inn ch.
Uox No. 25—Corner Sixth stieot
nil Orton avenue,  W.  A.  Foote.
Uox No. '20—Curnor Fourth stroet
ml Townley Btreet, corner south
Box No. 28—Corner Second street
nd Huhsuti avenue, Mia. Baker.
Box No. 34-Flre Hall No. 8.
Box  No.  35—HoBPital.
Uox No.  36-Hchool.
Box No. 44-Flre Hall No. 1.
Uox     Nu.  45-Front street      west.
ear C. P. H. bridge.
Uox No. **6—Corner King and
luiiRlna streets, Palace Moat Market.
Uox No. 47—Corner Second and
Vales Btreets,  hack  ol  court house.
Box No.    48-Corner    Third      Mid
iim.   Btreets, Cuwuu block.
think   *
;i  in-'iiih  afte
■  Mi !*• enan's,
ol      till'
■    .
BEWS'   Ilill'll  STORE
$10 to $20
Special 3A Folding  Prownii
Post Card Dtffltri     -    $12
2A Folding Brownie     -      $7   ,
Eastman Films
Veltij    \*>"   \r".t" and
■ • i *-, *    Papers
All at List Prices
Rexall Orderlies
I ' .      . -i    •.*,.    ■ hu rei '""
mend foi co-neti)
Rexall Beef, Wine r.nd Iron $1
\ ipli ml id j *     n • up
,n"l tot
Best Sarsayarilla
\\ . have Uood lieimi '■ tlii"
; n parsllan fni   I '  >esr«
mul nu   pi' [ ■'    '
minmcnil  it  *i* *i st'i-iui'
inn p * c< "• I ll-
In all kinds "f Mi Wearintj
Drewlng Gowm and Bmojting  Jackets
for men ;i specialty,
Shoes of all kinds and al all prices,
On The Market To-Day Is
TERMS : One Quarter Down, Balance, 6,12 and 18 Months
Over   200   Lots  Already   Sold.    Original
Prices Last But a Few Days
E. G. FOLEY. Manager, MacKenzie Avenuo


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