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The Mail Herald Jul 17, 1912

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National Bank.
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Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
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P..O Box 208    GROCER & BAKER    Phono No. 33
City Council, Alter Protracted Meeting, Resolve to Pass
Bye-Law and Readjust Schedule to Provide for Overdraft in Connection with Sewer ^Account in c/4ccord-
ance with  Legal Advice.
A special meeting of the Oity Conn
cil was held in the city Imll, on Friday evening the l-2eli July. Mayor
Sutherland took the chair, und Aldermen Abrfihtunson, Uourne, Barher,
McSorley, MeKinnon, were also present.
The meeting was called primarily
to consider and arrive at some deeds
Ion regarding the sewer deadlock nud
the couueiloi-s at otiee proceeded to
discuss  this matter.
City Clerk Lawson read a written
opinion fiom Mr, O. S. MeCarter,
outlining the legal position of the
city us the affair stood to date.
high, hut it is not worse than other
things, which have hecn done, aud
there seems no other wuy. The procedure would he to borrow $10,duo
on the strength of this new I.y law;
the $4.37 would he payulile for this
year and for twenty years, being a
re assessment increase of $1.07 per
lot, or to he exact $1.0Ci per lot.
The schedule would he changed trom
$3.Ifi to $4.2i;j. The bylaw will havo
to bc udvertised. I think this is the
only channel which is le:t. The $111,-
IIUO over spent, lms been estimated
.iin.ii-i- the receipts for this year and
we have just got to provide for it.
We nml that it. would be Impossible
to make  up  the  deficiency  from    tbe
Aid. MeKinnon—Mr. MeCarter has | fieiierul rate, as this would he illegal
given his opinion tbat tbe sewer is a Alderman McSorley—We have the
unit within itself, uud ihat the only j legal opinion that this is lbe only
manner in which this deficit can   be j way.
raised, is by raising the frontage tax Alderman Barber—I think this mat-
to $4.37 for a 25 foot frontage, 1 ter will have to be considerably <Ub-
think gentlemen, there is nothing else  cussed.
we can do. We have estimated this , Ald. Bourne—Would it he possible
year on ten thousand dollars coming repay same out of the general fund,
iu from these sewer arrears, and to borrow $12,000 from the bank and
and which we expected to work tbrit' Mayor Sutherland, we have an opin-
oii thc lifty year basis, if we do not j0n already thut this would bc illegal
do something, we will be left going j Alderman Abrnhamson I have been
out, with u overdraft of betweeu | thinking about this along time, a
$11,500 und 12.000. The citizens of; certain percentage of the money ex-
the town know tbat $10,000 in excess i pemled ":or sewers was really spent
of the estimated cost, was spent in I on other work such as drains and they
connection with the drainage and sew will have to show me where thc city
ers, whether judiciously or otherwise ' ennnot pay-a certain percentage of
is not a matter for us t^i decide, aU this, and show me where it would be
so tbut  there is owing  to  unforeseen   illegal.
causes, un annual shortage on the ex j Aid. MeKinnon—I regret having to
isting frontage tax of about $1700 do this, I thought we might be able
per annum. The people who spent to get uway from it, I feel that we
this money were elected hy tbe people have come to the bridge, andwc must
and it is up to tbe people to pay for' ,-ross it. The people who spent this
what they have' done.    $4127 will  be  money were the representatives of thc
people, and we huve got to repay the
money that tbe representatives of the
people spent. The people voted for
Ithe parties who put this sewer lu, we
have to repay this money. 1 positive
ly refuse to go out with an overdraft
Wc huve bud the opinion of everyone
We have speut idles of money on
schedules trying to lit ill with these
opinions, and we huve failed to make
these opinions and suggestions good,
they have been tinned down by the
Mayor Sutherland— I will put Mr.
McKinnon's idea iu the form of a
motion, to test the feeling i f the
Ke-ult ,,l tvst vote—For, two; against, three.
Aid. Bourne—Why should we be in
bucIi a hurry to muke good the m:s
takes of  past councils.
Aid. MeKinnon—We bave lo leave
office without an overdraft and we
must arrange some means of covering
tins sewer deficit. 1 usk tboBC three
councilors who voted against my proposal to kindly suy how we nre to
meet this sum we are short, whicli
hus heen spent or paid out rather,
partly by this council.
The Mayor telephoned for Mr. Mc-
Curtei-, and on his arrival, the weary
council again turned to their problem
After a long discussion, and after
Mr. MeCarter In a few terse words,
had re Iterated the legal aspects of
the case, the following resolution was
proposed by Alderman Uourne, and
seconded by Alderman Barber: 	
That u bylaw be submitted to cover
the amount of the deficiency caused
in the general fund owing to the cost
of sewers, drainage, etc., having exceeded thc estimates, such bylaw amounting to approximately $10,000.
The motion wus curried.
Moved by Alderman MeKinnon, seconded by Alderman AbrabatnBon, that
after the voting on the $10,«00 by -
law referred to in lhc foregoing resolution, the council proceed to reaa -
justment of the schedule of the sewer bylaw, to enable same to lie raised
to make up the nmounts rrf thc minimi  shortages.  —Carried.
The council then adjourned at 11:15
p. m.
pianos mm pianos
Sheet Music and all kinds of
Small cTWusical Goods
Call and Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ive.
Local Lodge and City Band well
Received in lhe Big Parade
Over 15,000 Orangemen, tbeir families and friends, gathered in the Royal City,on Friday last, July 12th,
to celebrate thc liftyeth anniversary
of the Foundation of their order iu
British Columbia. The pioneer lodge
oi the province was L.O.L. 1150 New
Westminster, formed in March IKI,
among the charter members ol that
historic lodge beiug our respected old
time citizen Mr.  Johu  Sanderson,
Kevelstoke Lodge, No. 1056, and
Irlends to the number 50, Including
four buuuer buys, the membeis of tbe
Hevelstoke City Hand, left for the
coitst ut 6:80 a.m. ou the morning of
the lith. reaching New Westminster
tbut sume evening at 10.10, where
they were met by a delegution ol
Uruugctiicu aud escorted to their hotel. Uu the morning ul the glorious
12th,   by  street  car,   train   and stenm
boat, thousands were arriving, by
noon it was estimated over lilUi.-n
tiiuus.iii.i Orangemen .md then- friends
were gathered at    New Westminster.
Ni-vel before In the history of the
city, bud sUCb u lurge crowd been
seen. At 18:46 the parade sturted i.i tii in > lliii to ipH.iis Park,
5,000 Orangemen with Ufteen bund-1
mnl Innumerable banners representing
iln- various provincial lodges, nan
in tbut long proceadon. Revelstoke
Lodge wus    augmented by   membei
who uie living .it   tin-  i mist ulthoiigh j
still officiated wah tin- organisation
here,  and  allowed eime   forty mem
bers strong in the parade, beaded by I
the Kevelstoke    c.ty  Bond, and nil,
along the Une ol    waiting thousands
of  spectBtoiH,  siietching  for       three
miles,  tbe local baud and   lodge, were
received   with   volleys   ol   cheers.      It
wus well known tlmt   tin-  Revelstoke
lodge      u that parade, achieved tue
world's  record  for  long distance  travelling as a body,  t<- attend an   Oi
nngc celebration, having come a dis
lance of Hut) miles; the marching uf
tbs lodge, un i iii.  m tsli  provided bj
the   Band,   caught   tbe  eyes   and   SOTS
of the crowds, the Revelstoki   Band
Acre   given   credit  lor   be ng   thi   best
musical mii ,i which took part In
tbs parade, ind tbeli eflorts wen- «u
lhu   itIcalljp     cheered watel ng
thousands,     win.     lined thin n>tb< i  *.   .i   WbltMy, Orand i.m t
turer of British   .merles, during his
speech  .it the grounds,  mado  ipsctel
refei not to ths   ittendance ut   that
celebration, ol the lodge Iron    dm
t mt   Kevelstoke
 iti.n return I - n Monday
UL'  .1  -i'i- 0
during tbe cntus tup.
Oil and Gasoline Stoves
Meat Safes
See our window of these goods. Just what you
want for the hot weather.
For the next two weeks we will sell these Meat
Safes at the low price of $3.75. Absolutely vermin proof.    Every one a bargain.
Our stock of Oil Stoves is complete. Just what
you want for a quick meal.     Call and See Them.
Groceries for Particular People
White Figs, per lb  10c
Evaporated Apples, 2 lb. for     35c
Coledyke Baking Powder, per 16' oz. tin  25c
Old Country Chickory, per packet  20c
New Fruits and Vegetables coming in.
John McIntyre ^ Hon
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Following are Detail Results of the Promotion Examinations Held at End of Summer Term
The following pupil", of the public
schools have l>een promoted ns a result of their work during the lust
term. Thc mimes are arranged in order ol merit. Pupils whose Darnel
are bracketed arc equal  in rank.
High Fourth Header to Juuior Lc-
uving Class—E. MeKinnon, K. Urad-
sbaw, Vi. Smythe, L. Uauiphell. U.
Ringer. ltd onimemicil—1 Dunlop, F.
liotinic, E.   Somerville,  S.  Qalllcano.
Intermediate Fourth lieuder to
High Fourth Header—E. Bruce, N.
Fleetham, H. Tupping, J. Laing.
Recommended—ll. Little, M. Matz,
1).  lluunell.
Tbe following are those in the
High Fourth Header Hush who failed
in one or two subjects, or whose av-
erage was below the required average
nf imi imt above '""     Recommended
to High r-'.iiilth Reader Huns ul Hi
Vision   I. —W.   Cook,   R.   Calder,      O.
Patterson, 0. Corson, M. Bulmer, ll.
Armstrong, 0. Urquhart.
Low Fourth tn intermediate Fourth
- li. Abrahamson, M. Armstrong, it,
«yiilit, 1. dough, U, Fleming, A.
Fraaer, ti. Lawrence, n. MeCarter, T
McRae, T. Morris, L. Morgan, .1.
Patrick, .1. Robbins, D, Rushford, J.
Tweedale, M. Wbittaker. Recommend
ed H. Cousins, c. McLennan, s.
Manning, I,, smith.
High Third to Low Fourth—M.
SiiiiiiioiiiIh, A. LUndell, P. Dunn, 8.
Turk, H Tomlinson, P, Lonto, M.
Johnson, J, Tweedale, R< Btone, w.
Suuth, it. Laughton, (A. Corson, a.
Butherland), D, Fraaer, a. Burridge,
<;. Bruce, Q, Jackson, I. Kimberley,
n. Picard, tj. (lolling, M. Brown, F.
McLean, R. Lawrence, Q. Campbell,
O, Davis,     I. Donaldson, I., amato,
\ . (iullii'iiiiii, ll. I'alter-on. Recom -
mended—11.   QoOdWln,      I ■     MrCnrty,
s. Lidy, .1. McLeod, p, Rlsger, 8.
Low      Thud   Reader  to  High Third
Reader—A, smytbe, H. Lawrence, I.
11.iy, II. Bradshaw, L. Maley, I. lOd
wards, J, Uourne, J, McGregor, H.
Robinsoni Recommended—D. lied
strom, c. Holten, T. Maley, H. simw
High Second to Low Third I. Mc-
Cauley, K. Tapping, 0. WHllard, B.
Williamson, 0. Field, ii. iiiiuIhIiuw,
<\ Davit, ,i. Oalder, C, MeKinnon, A
Kie^tham, B, Williamson, (A. Danish)
s Needham), O, Leigh. Recommend
ed—W, Blng,
Low Se.oiid  Reader to High Hen,ml
Reader—V, Abrabafflion, 1. Mot-gun,
\ Madden, K. Butherland, s. Nmni
un, D, Smyths F. Bourns, ft. Qordon
IK. Law, ii, MtMuhoin. A. MslunfUs
F. Caley. L. Lilly, W. McRue. Recommended—M. Hamilton, Ib
High First Reader to Low Second
Reader M. Bell, C. Lyons, Vi. Dunn,
.1. MeKinnon, E. Johnson, 1). Nelson
M. Daniels, W. Wlntiaker, S. Allen,
N. Hruce, (C Campbell, M. Shaw),
E. llavenpprt. Hecommended—J.
Flectham,  II. Armstrong.
Low First Reader Io High First
Header—E. Hiadshaw, 1). Uuuncll tl).
Siegfried, W. Smytbe, A. Needhuui),
E. uily, E. Jolloilc, J. McRae, J.
Madden, A. Abruhuuison, T. Barraclough, F. Edwurds, F. Watson, E.
I'icard,  P, Cowan, D. Holten.
High Second I'rimer to Low First
Header —T. Leigh, O. Trimble, (J.
Williamson, W. Jumiesou, G. Curlsou
(J.  Hell, A.   Davis),     D.  Sutherland,
P, Norman, T. Docnard, T. Uordou,
li.   Mainprise,   A.   Cressman.   Hecom -
mended— E.  Abrubumsou.
Low   Second   I'rimer  to  High   Sec •
ond Primer—A. Bourne, tt'. Dochard,
'I'.  Madden),   F.   Hamilton,   l-'.ng  Ming
c.  LeBeau.     Recommended—D< Leslie
High   Fust   I'rimer   to  LuW   Second
Primer— S. Durridge, \\. Cressman, A,im..mi, J. Mainprise, D. i.-.i u.
a. Parker, A. Morris, M. Oalder, K.
Kington. A. McRae, A. Carlson, M.
Mickleson, J. Bruce, J. Allott, 0,
Crussl, ii. Madden, W, Upper, Rec
ommended   l-. Hlddloton, M, Clelland
Low First Primer to High Wrsi
primer—T. Coueflin, Q, Morgan, ll.
Davis. Recommended 0, Nelson, I.
Trimble, J, Samson, I.. Parry, H.
Primary to Low First I'niuer— v.
Fleming, A. Warner, w. Smythe, ii.
Lily, F. Mainprise, T. Bdwards, it.
Milh-i, ll. McMobon, J. Fleming, li.
Allan, li. Fleetham.
Low Third Reader tu High    Third
Header- I).     iMaekeiiroi,    (I.  Lundell,
Pat Skene, D. Porta, F. porta, n.
Lyttle, S, Moron, t. Oamossl, w.
uinir, ,i. pugsley, f. Pugsley. Itee
ommended   0, Forde,
High Becond Header to Low Third
Readoi M, Qoodwln, l. Hobson, N.
(loch,  C.   Johnson,   A.   Cashato,    U.
Hay, ti), Miller, l. Qoodwln, s. Desimone,  II.  Laing, C, Oashftto,  ^ H.
Maikeiiiot, C. Hunt), M. MeClriitgh
mi,     M. McLeod,  II. McDonald,     •'.
Illftiitiiurhe. Itcciiinuifinlt'il M.
Desimone, v. Hunt, L, Manning,   w.
Low Second Render ta High Becond
Header—C. LoUgheitd, hi. Frey, I).
Rushford, J, Smith, T. Ulantouehe
T. Ficy, J, Murray, .1. tiorb, 1).
Ciilclli, F. Donaldson, (M, Dcsiuione
(Continued on Last Tags.;
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RALPH   t..   BCRUTON,   Kditor.
WEDNESDAY,   JULY   17.   1912.
eome weeks ago, through these
columm i tention *.is directed to
r: •   a] ; ng western tour ol Their
Royal   Hig tn< - Diiki   and    Dutch
ess    -■     L'ot naught, and  .i suggest ion
Preserving Pointers
illy a lnral housewife.! your preserving spoon thai
mean habit ol slipping down to tin-
bottom of tin' boillug jam whenever
you are nol looking? Try thin plan:
Take a strong new liulrpin, pass it
through i lie hole in the handle ol the
B|   give ii a twist and  bend    the
ends iiuw n wn ni. There you liavi' a
Btrong lunik tn catch nu the side ol
the put and it lms the advantage of
not costing anything in time or niuu
iy even though yuu have to make a
ui-w one every t Ime.
A l">\ ol parowax will save dollars
worth of canned Iruit (uuu working,
Keep ii in .i Inrge cup and it, will always be ready to slip on the back ol
the  stove   to  melt.   Stand   the  gems
Itevelstoke Lnnd District.
District ol Wiist Kooteuuy.
I .un- notice thut I Alice llilluiun,
ol Qerrard, D.C, occuputiou Married
Woman, Intends to upply Ior permission to pun-liusi' the lollowiug described lunds:
Commencing ut a post plunted on
tbe North sbore ol Trout Luke about
40 chains west und 20 chains north
Irom tbe North West Corner of Lot
7866, theuce east 20 cbuius, thenoe
south iO cbuius, theuco West 20
chains or less to shore of Trout
Luke, JO chains more or less to
point ot commencement, and cou -
taining about 40 acres more or Icbs.
Dated ISth duy  of May 1912.
I'er   t mn'  llillmun.  Agent.
ltevelstuke   Land  District.
District   ol   West   Kootenuy.
Notice is hereby giveu thut I, AJe-
laiil ri. Blondln, of Halcyon, D. li.,
occupation Shipwright, intend to upply lor permission to purcbase thc
following described laud:
Oommenelng at u post plauted 20
chains soutb uud 40 cbuius weBt Irom
tbe South Kast Corner ot Lot 7072,
Uroup One, Kooteuuy District, and
marked "A' S' Ulondln's North l'"ust
Corner l'ost" thence south in cbuins,
tbence wost 21) chains, tbence a.-rth
10 chains, thencc cast 20 chains more
or less to the point of commence -
ment, and containing SO acres, more
or less.
Duted this 25th  June, 1912.
ADELAHD  S.   BLONDIN.     thrown     out,   that   something on their heads una clean newspaper,
.     -,  the Civic author! mini cold.   Pick them up, being care-
od es,  in    mark fui uot to turn them right cud up un
tbis   occasion  in     a manner      which til yuu  hav,-     dipped    tbem over the
.would  alike  pa)   a lltting  tribute    ol ring In the melted wax.   The wax will > deceased,  who died  at  Itevelstoke on
lu  the  matter  ol   the   Kstate  of  William Herbert Joiutle,   deceased:
Notice    is    hereby      given  that  all
creditors and     others having ciuims
against the  Kstate of  William  Her
pert JolllHe, late ol Revelstoke, B.C.
respect   to out   Uoyal  visitors and be freeze  Immediately  and tb<- gem
worth)                        ion  occupied    by made perfectly airtight,
if.  Istoke ,i-  the principle  mainline 	
city  .;.  ib    intenoi  oi     British Co
lumbia. '"  Preserving ti   buy  sugai
it is a la t   that othei   cities,    less   tne  100  pound sack,  yuu
naturally  endowed  Ioi   the  entertaining ol  guests  than Revelstoke,    havi
save  Mlc,
ur abuut tbe Lib day ot June, 1912,
are required tu send to the undersigned Solicitors fur Charles Jollifle
Administrator uf the Bstate of suid
deceased, within on duys from date
full particulars of  their ciuims,  duly
mnl  you always hav,-  sugar un  band I verified, and tbat after thai date tb
when  berries arrive  unexpectedly. Be   •.;,,,!  Administrator will proceed     to
made     most elaborate    preparations sides ibe 20tb sacks an- no good lor _distribute the said     Kstate amongst
ilish  towels anyway.
in conuection with this Western
Toui il •:.- ' ■ ivei uoi U-eni ral ol Cana ..... ■ .i lop lug a policy of
, have suce. ■ ded
in appropriations pounds of raspberries
from tbr  I1- - vel nmenl, said  ■ —
»n on.   ,nstanci   I    amount  to $2,000,
i cat     e expi nded  in  ,i series ol i
etc.,   to  the    great
benefit assisted.
Perns ot  yet   too  late    for
-•'int   at   b-.isi     M-. .ui.-;
share .  > ad publicity und
othes - wards,  w hich    night
be expected ii propel   advantage were
taken ofll pportunity.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      those     entitled    thereto regard  being
  linul only to those claims ol     which
To  niake  raspberry  jelly,  add    one   suul  Administrator  shall  have    then
pound ol red currants to every   four | received notice.
Dated duly 6th, 1912.
Harvey,   Mci'iu'ter and  Pinkham,
lollclton  tur  Charles    Jolllffe,    Administrator   ot   the   Kstate    of    the
said deceased, SOdys.
I ti C. i Baseball League
This     .:.  - tiuued,  uud
games   ■ ..      e played    ■  I -.  'I lesday
,,: I  F    la)   il    - ■ ockl
In the  Wednes la)    ae ■■   ol   tbe Mal
Herald thei . miss  print     and
11 lull     elow     will hi
.   ■
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are  playi ■'■ th    teams  .* II meel
.   •     thi     chedule    be-
,   23—C.P.R.  vs.   J.B.C.
dy 2"
..-.   C.P.R.
.    . vs.   J.B C.
■ '. .. -.    .      0     :.• -sincn.
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K"i    really   cheiet   I'll
ii at   tbe riugsr Uswl.
Tbc   ".-sugar
Spcnlow,   Jorklns and    Park  Frai
,.   Mi nei al  > i.i.ins, Bltuute in tho
Ti ..ui   Lake   Mining   I1 ■ ul West
Kuoteuuy  t'.sii. i     When    ocateU .—
| Hi i In .ii  Nol tiiern Mou
T.ik.      u il . ■■ that   I. ".H V  ft
\liDing and Milling ' ompan)   Ltn
Free      Minei -   I ■;' Hcati   I. ■  '■
teinl. sixty days Irom
peaches and cream al
o! thi
■ - lat  acl
^^^^■t.   WILKIE.
Vlctoi Hornless Machines I Irom
V2t) upwards. Kdison phonographs,
Irom      (10.60      upwards.—Revelstoke
Music   .-stole,   McKenz »  Avenue.
Don't lorgtt,
the  Savoy.
It Is Almost Over
Only a few more days of our sale and our
store will be closed up. If you want to get
your share of our bargains you will have to
eome soon. We have cleared up a lot of odd
lines, but there are iots of good things left
yet, and we want to clear them out. Come
here and save money.
Linen Tams, Straw Hats
Here is something guuil and cheap. Tains in linen,
duck ami cliniiibray, in white inu! colors, Regular up
to 60c, NOW 20C. EACH
Ladies'  Underwear
We are offering Kenl Bargains In tbis line. Corset
Covers and Drawers in cambric ami nainsook, nicely
trimmed, from ilie. Prim-ess Slips, only $2.00, Skirts,
lace or embroidery Iriuuned, Irom s.v.
Wash Dresses
The renewed warm weather has brought a new demand
for these, ami we have a nice assortment lioth in white
and colored. The styles are new and the prices very
tempting FROM $1.60 UP
Shoe Savings
We havi- two of the hest lines made in the Empress for
women and the Classic (<>r children. Kvery pair is
guaranteed, and we have made a substantial reduction
on all lines. It will pay you to lay in a slock at this
f McLennan frCo. J
tit i'ii ifo ii'i ii'i ttt 1*1*1 ii'i ii'i iTi tti aU ii'i 1T1 iTi 1T1 im ii'i i'l** ttt ttttti ttt ttt A ,-ti
Notice to Contractors
Sll,\ KKTON.
superscribed '
Try  oue  ol  Probyu a  epei
ol Ice cream caUeil tbi
,    ii..U.
I m. ,, A. Notes
e .  oi the
r_     . - laj '..ill
1;    .u-l e   good   las
P.R,   hutel. —il.  N. I     . i .
Ouly   a lew   hammocks   left  at lluw
aou's.    Wc offer  these  at  great 1;
.liiceil   puce*.
Low   priced   ou   Wl -•
Howsou's nest week.   v>atcn the
Miss   Fob isi
Miller,  F.R.A.M,    , par- j through
fl to take   '
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender lor Lock up, Sliverton," will be
received by the Honourable the Min-
isiei ut Public Works up to 12 o'clock
noon mi Friday, the 2nd auy ol August . r.uJ, tm th.- election and com
pletlon ol a lock-up at Sliverton, in
the Electoral Dlstriot, B, c.
Plan pecirli ations, contract. ami
luinis ol i.-ii'i, i may be seen un or
ufti i tbe 12th .i.i) "i July, Wilt, at
tbe oil the  Constable iu ebarge
-...-.   Denver,   H.   c,  the Government
Agents,   ie... ink,-,   Kaslo   and   Net
son.     .ui.I  tbe  Department   ol  I'ublii
Works,   I'urliument  Bulltlings,  Victoi
l-'..u .   musl  :■■  accompanied
cheque or     certWi ate
,  chartered  bank     ol
layable  to the Hun
ol   Puhlii   Works
u,  winch  shall     I-.'
party     tendering de
itract   when
contracted  lor,
Hcates ol deposit
rill be     re-
- ...ll ol
li  ed  un-
,:   .!■■      ul
■ ■  . a
■ f
.      - -   '  ■
, ..  nt     the     residence ol   l.    K.
ion, Ural bos
.   First  s'reet
to comi
• .ok,'
Ul     ..!•.•
•■I   ai
■ bi in
The*       ' •    .
leal  modi
Cement Sidewalks
■ •
Part ,        ,,iu
uunt  of   thai   tht
an .   .
they come bom-.   Parents whosi
are dm mi i rs ol tbe A
do well to let iie ■■     ■'. on tbesi   Mayer,  ol  Mini
hikes, a.s   ti,.;   i." - i«rk, intends to   -,-,
toke  i-n. 1 nut
i ,u e  nol Ii ■   ' bai      I
than can  be told -     ; apei
v\a*h Baby Ribbons, toi   underwear
I '     Imi       , -,. ' • OUI]      ' ■ ' .ll      Ml
Children's Laic .Sucks,  tuu or  white
JOc. pcr jiair, at McLennuus.
In   l'Jll   HoWSOn'l   pill   nil   ii Fui iii -
• nil I'aii'i't Sale wlmii pleased
.iml satisdeil then many ciiRioraers.—
Thm sale will lar exceed that in val-
acs. Come aod -i i- lhe stock on the
'.-ii. Of this msatk.
permission  to purcbase t.he
ied la
'i-i    - - apply foi
• ommonclng at a :.'i^t plan    I   al >•    the lolh
the    Noi th wesl   ' oi nei   nl   Lot   • i IS
thence   north   10  chn nommcnclng -   planted six
■Hi chains,     thonce     south  I    - -   ..     ty chs       ■    ■ ulns south ol
thencc east  lo    chains to     pjint "t  tbe south east  c u of     Lot   nn'i.
commencsmenl   and   containing     160 tbence soutb GO thence    west
acres, more or less. 120 chains,     tbence north   6ft chalfl
Dated   June  loth,   1918.
POK SALE Four Scotch collie |iii|> .
Apply to W. G, Watson, ca»l ul tlie
Ksilwsy btatiou.
chains to poinl    of
Mllllllllllg      |20     lUleS
tbence     I   !fl
i nlMlitellMeril, Ml
Uiul'    nl    U'HN
Dated June  ISth   i 112,
l-aii Datin H,  lllmidlu,
AsbUi  tj   Blondin. Ageut
-   the    lorth   8ldi
ond the     Basl  bom
of ini'ii   \ teiiut to the Wi  •    ind
,,. , .,' Rallwaj   \'.eii'ie, togetbei -aiHi
1,11     II" ■       ill y    Cl UHSIIlgS.
i    Along  the  North   Bide  uf  I
ll   (torn  the Kast boundary     ol
Royle Avenue to the Kast boundary
ol Wynn Street together with all tbc
necessury   crossings.
6.—Along the West Side of   Orton
Avenue Irom the South boundary ol
| First Street to the North boundary
lol the lane, with a crossing on the
said lane.
B.—Along Victoria Road from the
West boundary of McKenzie Avenue
t.o the Kast boundary of Connaught
Avenue, together with all necessary
7.—Along the ICust Sale of Cou-
naught Avenue from tbe South boundary of Victoria Hoad to tbc boundary of Second Street, together with
nii nccessar)  crossings,
s.—Along the Soutb Side of Seventh street trom the Easl boundary ol
McKenzie Avenue to the West lioiin-
dary of Vernon Avenue, together with
nil necessary cr»B»ings.
|    ^.—Along tlle Suul a  Side of Second
Street Irom the     Kast    boundary of
McKenzie Avenue to tbe West boundary of Uailway Avenue, together
with all nccessar) crossings.
10. Along the East Side of McArthur Avenue Irom the North bouu-
ilaiy of Becond Street to the .South
boundary of First Street, together
with all   neceasary crossings.
According to specifications and estimates prepared by the City Engineer nppointed lor tbc purpose, uud to
the   expense   or   cost   thereof
upon tiie lunil or real property abut*
ting  uu   tlie  parts  ol  such  streets as
above mentioned,  and  to  be  benefit-
bed     thereby, and    that a statement
ii'  the  Inini  or      real    property
liable i" pay the assessment therefor
and  tbe names of the owners thereof
a   ii   as iluy can  i"' obtained,    lo-
i  wild the specifications and ea-
iitiiali-   ui  the Oity   Engineer  and the
proposed af essmenl  and report there
on -.I the City Clerk, are now on file
«        ce of  tbe  <"ity   Clerk,    ainl
_ pectlon   I )   all  persons
n ited i oaf ol tbe woi k   is
i ii      intended thai
.. shall bear tbe whole
thi     work on  itreel
H-l lulling
■   third    Ol    the    eust       ul
t ii.    pi opei ty
narlng I wo ibirds of the cost
■rdewalk   the total estlm
„      mi li.-   l,y   ths pl'o-
.- ng   (6,8-1 116   .uul   by
on iu the proposed un
. nessmenl   therefore
sha     "• made by petition to tlie city
■ thin fifteen days Irom   tbc
i   •   persons en' Itled to
being thl "I     the
land affei u I  thereby.
llltl iK A.  LAWSON,
city i lerk
400 Cords ot" First-Class Hemlock and Cedar for
Summer   Delivery,   16-inch,   18-inch  and 4-foot
Order by Telephone No. b2.
Tonka Farm     -    W. C. CALDER
Sash, Doors. Mouldings' Turnings
We are in the manufacturing business of
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turnings, Show
Cases, Office and Bar Fixtures, Screen
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have ti full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cTVletal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., I.L.D., D.C.L., Preaident
General Mnrmurr Aai»iRtant Genernl Mniina>r
CAPITAL, $1.5,000,000
REST, $12,500,000
Issued by The Canadian Bank of Commerce enable the traveller tn
provide himself with funds without delay at each poinl ol' his journey in
a convenient yet inexpensive manner. They are issued payable in every
country in the world in denominations of
$10,   $20,   $50,   $100,   $200
with the exact equivalent in the moneys of the principal countries staled
on the lace of each cheque.    They are economical, absolutely safe Melt-
identifying and easily negotiated, g,a
Our Doctors Anti-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling along felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers, Saddlers Harness Makers
We make a specialty of the rapid transit of Trunks and
Light Loads.   Give Us a Call.
Day Phone—No.   II. Night Phone-229
A New Short Order Restaurant and Eating House 9
Only   White „Cooks   Employed £
fy Have had 15 years experience as a caterer j|
f Regular $5.25 Meal Ticket for live Dollars. 2
J. PappOS (Hid J. ChitSaS, Prnnrlotnrc »
\ J. Pappos and J. Chitsas,     ■     Proprietors L
a* Mimni'iniu Avenue, Kevelstoke, B, C _Z
Dated   ■'   Rewletoks
i-l,    1112
II.   C,   .Inly
bed hnust     ci ntral,
luttnlile lor small family,  no t b I
dren    Write  Mall Herald,   Boi  'in.
WANTBD Tsaebsi toi Mount Ue%til«
pulrllt sebool. Apply II. rfniytlic,
sm- Treaa.   Kniary, |M p™  month
WANTIOD      a    competent Kin   i"i
limine work, tim'r iii family. Apply
.Hull lim aid Ufflce.
h'MIl BALK—House ami Lot un t'un-
nuiiriit Avenue, one-hall block trom
H'it-ht     Btreet.   Price,   $1(00,    easy
Il'l IMH.
Double hnust' io rent an First Ht.,
Unity dollars ner montb. Apply
Revelstoke General Agencies, l.tu.
kkkk ■ Boys and Olrls, sell 'H ar-
tides     nt  IOc. eaeb nml receive   a
ri'niiy iiui'iui iiiiiiiiiiin pen tree. —
Writu Devan .Supply  Co.,  Llept.  ulx,
Vernon,  B.O,
TO I.KT -Modern bouse un McKinzle
Avenue vacant Jimp 16th, Apply
The   HcvcUtokc   Ucneral Agencies,
Foil 9ALK—BookcuHc Writing (leek.
Apply Mian McKenzie, at Mrs.
Snidcr'B. Third Btreet.
FUll   HA1.K—Several  louds   ;il    light
kindling   wood. Apply   to   Uevel-
Ktokc Hush and Door Factory.
Full 8ALB—A iiiu.lcrn tin roumed
houso, Situated on Third ntn>et,
Itevelstoke, In best residential diBtrict. Inspection invited. Apply
to Mr. W. Bnider, Third s».'eet,
llevplstoke, 13.  C.
WANTFD—l/ive agents lor quicksell-
ing novelty ol invaluable usefulness
Write V.O. box 13, Vernon, B.U,
t i'i
WEDNESDAY.  JULY 17.  1912
TIKE mail-heeald, eevelstoke
WELKESDAY,  Jl'LT  ,'.  1'JlS
. . It Might Be Gold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our.record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled;
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,      .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for £6.00
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
Laughton (S, Tapping, Props.
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night.
Meal Tickets, $6.00
Str'ctly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Eolsrueil  and Imptoved.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample KouniB.
Rate* $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Orangemen at Church
(Concluded from page Five)
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOR,       -       cTWanager.
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
ARltO* HKAD, 11. 0,
Special Attention given to commercial
nifn .ml tourists. First-das" sample
rooms. Finest scenery in Uritish Columbia, overlooking l'p|>er Arrow Lake.
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
W. J. Lightburne, Prop'Phone 42 -   Night Phone 85
Ma Temere decree, what la required ul
Iiim'.' That be sever his connection
with the church, no, no; the only con
sistcnt cuursc open tu tho church ol
Home is to excommunicate bim, instead ol going into the home and doing the Chris-Mike I?) work of breaking up the home and branding thc
children  as  illegitimate.
Vie admit the right ol any church
or religious body to make anil cn -
lorce such laws, by the imposition of
such spiritual penalties as they wish
so long as tbey do not interfere with
the civil status of the parties.
We do not challenge the right ot tbe
Roman Catholii-, to make laws to
govern its members, they are at perfect liberty to do with them as they
see lit, except when tbey interfere
with the duties which I hem' people
owe to the state, as citizens living
mi British soil, und in this enlighten
eil 80th century.
There are objections we raise to
the enforcement  of   this  decree. lt
leaches—1st,   Iiy   implication,  what is
elsewhere proclaimed by this body,—
thut the church of Koine is superior
to all other churches, in fuct N the
only true church, out ol which there
is no Salvation, will they d.-ny this'.'
This question we discutssd a year
ago, ami fi om ScriptiU'e ami history
uh..u.-a    that     the so called Roman
church is a great political urguuma -
t nm UDdsr the guise ill a religious
buily  anil  is apostntlcul  rather  than
Snd.—This decree challenges the supremacy of British law, again the
claims ui the hierarchy fur centuries,
that, ecclesiastical law is not subordinate to civil law. There is a real
conflict bet wi'i'ii tbis church und the
state. Human ecclesiastics would seek
to lead you to think otherwise, but
look—The church says mixed murri
aget by a Protestant minister arc
Inviilill. The state says they are
valid. (Ine Buys no, the other say»
yes anil the Catholic Register says —
"To nay that in a coiillict between
church anil state thnt the civlf law
prevails  is heresy."
3rd—From the enforcement ol thia
decree one is led to the conclusion,
that the Human Catholic church will
lead the peoplo under certain circumstances to break thc most solemn and
sucitd pledges.
The Catholic Record says;— "llc-
tweon two Catholics a betrothal Is
uot binding upon cither party unless
made in writing and signed before a] "That Protestantism Ib a soulless
priest." We confess thut this would religion without the mass etc."
slugger us, such a declaration that I Mr. Mclntyre here read from the
neither party is bound by the most' Human catechism at length as to
sucred pledgcs-A Komun Catholic ; thc Eucharist ami Mass. Thc priesi
not bound by his pledged word. Ev- takes dour and water and makes a
ery lustinct of honesty and decency j wufcr, out of which be makes Christ,
rises iu rebellion. j body,   blood, soul and divinity ol Jcs
This is no tntlc. This is a serious'us Christ, whole and entire true God
matter, when is a Koniau Catholic; aud true mun, and in the .Mass, it is
bound by uny pledge? Kor il a mau ' said to be in substance in reality ths
will deliberately violate bis solemn j same sacrifice of the Cross. Then,
public pledge to a trusting woman.'said be, there are thousands ol tbem
he is uot lit compauy for any mau' ut one and tbe same moment. There
and auy cburcb which will advise have been millions of them, don't
such a course o! conduct can scarce- \lo8e 81Sbt oi the fuct that they are
ly eompluin if men hesitate tu ac-1 each a rea! ChriBt, body aud soul, eto
cept her pledged word. Canadian ] what has become of thvm, sunk into
law will prosecute lor breaking an eni nothingness or annihilated.'
gugemcut, but the priest will tell al What °f tb« wafers left, have they
mau to even break his marriage vow shown auy sign ol intelligence?
and hopes to go unpunished. j    A cuse is reported of where one was
A most incousistent position is ta- eaten by a rut. How cau corruption
ken  iu Canon  8 ol thc  decree,    uudei   be uvoided?
certuin circumstances a Roman Ca- "ohl, the priest claims the power
tholic couple may be married with -!to create the Infinite God out oi
out a priest, but il a protestaut min-J dough, a greater work than God per-
ister happens to be piesent, tbe ser- j formed in crcatiou.
vice ls thereby rendered null and void I •No necessity fur a repetitiun ol tbe
iu the eyes of the church. \ sacrifice, ot Christ.   In the Old TeBta-
Here a wide open dour is presented """^ the dacrifli-e was uflered once a
for the Immorally inclined. ; J,*ftr.   but  the     Roman church   ofler.
it is doiug a grave injustice to,them by the million, lu the Epistle
those wbu have lelt tbe Human cluir '"' the Hebrews, we read nf the Sac-
ch, and tu the Protestant party iu ntic« once ollered. Nur yet thut be
thc marriage. It is enough to make, "buiild urtei hiumell often, etc. Tb.
one smile. Non Catholics whether '"""" is a ebameful parody of the
baptized or unbapti/.ed. who con must solemn scene iu our Cbrlstiau-
tract ainung themselves, are nowhere lty. A fearful act ol idolatrj, Pug -
bound to Observe the marriage form li""ni ''as untiling to eiiuul it. lu
ol spouuuliu nr marriage. 1 should Masphemj anl absurdity are only
say not! but my what Condescension, "quailed by the audacity uf itB ac-
what a buou granted, very kind in- l'ir* "hat a contrast all this to the
deed. Communion  oi the primitive church.
This decree iu Its huul analysis will
be I., .n.i  tu teach:
1—That  marriage is a sacrament.
2—Only a priest Ol tbt Human
el.un li   can   perfurm  the  c. remotiy.
Father  Mineban says.-That a  mar-
It is :.-Ill-riling to turn buck uud reud
Hrcthi«u, it is uut church ur creed
ur sect, but simple fui tli iu Jesus
Christ the Saviour oi tbe World,
neither is there salvation [Q uuy other.   No other name  under Heavcu giv
;e outside o( the Komau Catholic |c» tt,1,OD* mtu wtawb» w* «nvu1' '"
church la not better than .ideal od,i"»WI l,ut tl,e ,utmc ol Jl,BUB' Be8k
,-attle market,  a  mere  mating  of an-   l" knu*  tbu trutb »nd  ** n""1» ir"'
The conclusion lur Protestants from I    Waish   Muslins,   only   lUc.   pvi   yard,
their  standpoint   is:—Were  you  mar - ] at McLennan's!
ried   lielore a priest?  If  not   what cun
iiiiiiiii are Protestants living in.'      It
iH    a  naBty    I'OnclllBlon. Ma.^.aaa.aaaa.aaaaaaaa»aaaaa»»»»»»»»»»»»aa»a»«»«
('iiunilu  must  hnve a uniform  mar-      Wash  llelts, pearl  buckles, 20c. such,
ringc  law,   Those      whom    tlml  hath  at  Mclaennaa's.
joined together let no man  put     as-j
Just a word or two in     conclusion
as  to Father  Vaughan's attack     od.
Howson's  Furniture  Sale starts on
July llth,
Four and Eight acres fruit land for
'sale near cemetery.—H.N. Coursier,
Set Howson's lurniturc windows on
our faith, not sati'stled with tbe Mb-J8«tuMay,  July  13th. lor Bale prices.
j crty   of  the  exercise  of  the      Bomsn      See thc  Hevelstoke  Hardware Oo.'s
I Catholic religion, he makes an     un-^IrertiBemcnt   foi   bargains  in  screen
I warrunted statement, duo" and windewi.
\: WK.iNKSP.AV.  .in v  r
WEllNKSDAV,   ,11'I.V   IV.   1012,
The lolli -    .        i sj oopsia ol   the
»erm ■ red  by  Hev.   n.   ,i.   Mc
Intyre t,, i he oflicet a and mi rubers ol
1. ii l.. No, l«58 ,.i thc Methodist
church,  Sunday evening, .Inly   fth
The :, \t selected !.,i tin occasion
waa from ::., Gpistli ol Judo, 3rd
verse, "it waa needful for me to
write unto you and exhot t you thai
ye s;., dd , .. tieetlj contend fm tho
i'i. which w.i.s once delivered unto
the Saints." 'l't,,- I- usoii t Ii om
the Se: iptun ■■■ Ii m ' mi , . pi,,.
iptei Emphai ,. wus
.... I upon the passagi i efct i ing tu
: be little boi a, t, :■■■ i. hud ej md
..     i . ...   greal   thlni
:..- bi     high,  making wui
With   : .     .    : mi     ,,!. .
.   .    . shull ' . eul tall)     bo
■   ;   ophccj
to     Papal
.,,   i    ie.i,1.
man ol  sill,"
on ol i" : dli	
. ,, .,,,
u  t,n.ii   in-     ae
'.,-.     ttel the ti ii.j-,,  ol God,
mse ■ I -...:   In   ...  i nui.
I Timol -. ■ "in
. .:t':      ; mi        mt   sha I  depart
(i - d   tbi       ■ Ioi bidding     to
marrj and     commanding to   abBtaln
you   know      ol
any tutioi doea   khese
Sow et m    read to you
• ■     j -        Uoi      pa   ugci
Some extra it Irom an accredited Ho
'SJ .:.:•:       ri    n, iptn   Ili li
t edition ol    * i- .'ii
i  .        rom H mi
rhe Po| real    liguitj
mi t.  man,  I ui  aa .t   were  I     and
:       lhe Pope I
, :  .- ime I ti     -   -
' i hi   :   ■ iwned with n ti iplo
Heaven and     ol
!■■ irth a ' ■   lowei regions ....
is mon gel     than
whom   . eatei
"He  li I thi   .-.une  trlb-
as .t   wore God    on
Eai t o greal     authority
• i   I pos in modif]     ei
'-'•■      i. .   lii mueil
and the Ri to do   that
■   le i that  be
trary to I
■v .ilioiii
-      ,!•     M.
tt ■ n,     Mr. Mi In
' .■'■•■ to   ;..    inns
t tei    -
■ ■• ; ve
•'■ D    bis    stale
ments.    i;   .i..- .. .-> stem
,   I .
a   :
• gem •      are
III   I Ol
it are l
.      .
■    ' ■   •
5 to l
the ten
Nee;  l  :
in? \
Are You Read; to Pay Cash for a Bargain 1
You will have the opportunity of a LIFE-TIME during our Mid-summer
SALE, when our $25,000 stock of Furniture. Carpets, Bedding and
General House Furnishings will be offered at greatly Reduced Prices
TI-IERl? ARE REASONS WHY we are holding this sale.     Wn will hi-: krank   uioui it,     WE NEED THE
MONEY,    We are not going into Bankruptcy    Do not misunderstand us, but the new HOWSON  BLOCK
cost us something to build, and wc cannot sell thc  BLOCK  so we must sell the  STOCK, therefore
we  have decided  to  place before you our   TWFNTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR
Someone will get the Pick of the Bargains !
Are you going lo be one of the fortunate ones?   Now is the time to buy thai  CARPET  oi   RUG.    We arc prepared
to give ,',,;',     discount on any RUG in our large stock, and \o   on a few which wc have carried over from
last year.    The first to ask for these RUGS will be the first to gel them.    SEE   that  our  CLERKS
give you at least 33' |    discount on every article in our STORE except  OSTERMOORE
NEVER uas our Stock so large and complete in Dining Room, Bedroom and Parlor Furniture,
TWO Car loads of Goods placed on our lloor in the past ten days.
See  our  Show  Windows   this  week  for proof of the
BARGAINS we are offering.    Special values in Couches
Carpet Squares and Rockers this week.
Wc arc offering GOODS ai prices during this SALE on which we are actually loosing money,  BUT WE MIST
Thanking our many   CUSTOMERS  for their generous   PATRONAGE  in the past TWENTY-TWO  years of
business in REVELSTOKE, we remain, Vou rs sincerely,
Smoker's Supplies
Tin- uiil reliable now lms tiie liireji'st iiiiiI Hest line of Smoker*'
Supplies ever in the City, nnd our prices nre ritjlit. Fifty luunils
oi cigars lo choose from. Price from $1,00pcr lum up; nol iiuule
frsui scrap either,
Meerschaum Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
dui   siiu-k   oi   Calabash    Pipes   is   siitnll   oil   iiceoiillt   of   tlie
crop being a failure this yenr nml quality poor,
Briar Pipes In cases from $1.00 up.
Ask fm tlie famous II. n. B, brand, Rvery pipe i.s guaranteed,
Cigar tuid Cigarette Holders, Oases nud Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Trays and Pipe Racks. Tell ub what you wanl uiul we will
suit vnu. II vnu niiiiiul i'iiII, phone 37 and K""ds "ill he sent to
your home for approval.   Buy early while stock Is complete,
McKinnon's Cigar Store
i I
I:. ....
' ' '       ■
i i ^ —
Instructed  the legislative
kill  it." i
The battle la waging Bilucalioualll
over litlingiiallsm In thc sehools iu
tm- province of Ontario. Manitoba
seems in difficult) mer ihe change in
chool system in order to secure
extension ol boumlai Ies. Bul in i
Imps i which lms aroused i lie peo
I h more than anj i liing eb, is uie
iie Temere.
I   iut the  lotli ■   ii
,\U6 beld .it  Trent.   It  aimed in at ,i'
,,:  udniini ii.mull and   mi
I,ut   a,ih  the crash  ol  tin   Reformu
i .mi.     a fundamental     change    took
.i.ii .iv ..  review
- . |
Then   were -i  •■    ■ ■ ■
cil  extending  Irom   1541
In  tiie jlth session «.is p
di, roe "ii     in -
l'. mi tc
.   . ■  ■
Tickets will in- m cents each. The
couple will get a free marriage license, uiil be married free of charge and
get   n flee   huiieyil ll    trip       llllil       ll
house completely [uroisued. And yel
this church will  talk aboul  the »acr-
nl -.I,
Tiie i.uu,eil ul Trent, wo are told,
which adopted the canon upon wblcb
iii \e Temere decree Is bused, debuted im dnys whether women had
iouls and decided in the utttrmutivc
li) onl) two vote We also are op
n  Koinii
must  --■'.- vith     the
,: Corporation cl the Cit]
of Revelstoke
- I soon at
UI roual
ul.   •■■ .   ■   •   .
"hon.   .-■
Mr.   C.    Ma
House of Comi
lal costume.   IV,
-   wa     •■;
'    .1     ■  !    -t.«t.
Tin   -;      • ■ ... ;-•.!
ilte   Ml Si I'll! ute   Schools
«ii-,,I i« .    ■■ d, mis
understanding and are nevei tended
tn «-i-:,! tin- ;< ople li to one barmon
ou« whole.
Tbe Papacy cries oat against religious la • ,n tin- public -
and then - ■ •    gainst  tbc Ood
■■ in.   Recently In yuo-
.,1 act oi t.'.i  Quebec parliament
I rovWed foi   unifi l m  •■ tl  i ooks,  bul
It     -A,,-   :. •    iiii wi I,   Tl'   Toronto
« ii reaponaib   for thi   tat. mi i
uat tht- ppjx vptfled tbt bill una
, .
Me Te me n
»•   . i'.i,
mall   I
i iui    ervici I  I      thn nol
to   -   taken ,n hand  Inadvisedly,  but
■ lis, recti)   nnd  In  the feat
ol God,  bul  has tne Church ot Rome
shown     any    great concern   on tins
question,      \n article   has i-oms   to
band from Pittsburg, H.S , oi a yoai
ago, stating tbat a     bu lm     a
committee oi the Catholic cburcb la
, i ia n cburcb) have announced   as a
feature oi their coming orphan'   pi«
nic tbe mfile of a youm: woman of W
yean, who Imk consented to    marry|
thc bacbelpr holding the licky ticket
Sewing Machines
For S=i(e or Hire
All Kinils ot' machine needles
H.  MANNING,   A^ent.
Animal     Rugs,   Game
Heads  and  Birds
P.O.Box 31, lievelstoke
Notice is hereby given tbat William
Blair Robertson, of llevilstoke, B.C.
will apply lor a license to tuke an.l
use (15) fifteen Miners inches ol water
out ol Cariboo Creek, which Hows in
ii southerly direction through T. ll.
■ and T. ii. unit., nml empties
Into Downie Creek, about two miles
lunil its  utb, Columbia River. '! b •
water wlll be dlvei ted al ,i point  l;
miles  north  ol   Downie  i'reek,     and
on  tbe land  di - -   Lot   UM ID,
itoke  District,
ited on     the
. ,y ol June,  1912.
Bled    .n    the
■ :  the Watei   Rei ordei  at  Hev-
•    ■    c.
with tbe
.'■ ittl     tin-
\ -ent.
nt     Watei     Rl
Parliamen B.C
Ily    I loo,   Ageul
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Ktc.
Imperial  Dank  Building Itevelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
UHlcss—Kevelstoke,   B.   0.,     aad
Craubrook, B. O.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M.  l'lnkham, J. a.  Harvey
Revelstoke, Oranlirook
Provincial  Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
BOX    106,    RKVEI.8TOKB
Everybody  knows  him,   he will
tell yuu tlml llle   whiskeys we are
Bulling are the best. Cull and be
convinced. No household should
lie without ii supply of our Harvey's 8poolal Scutch Whiskey; our
Frapin Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
III) years old or Blaokberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes, Our stock
of choice Wines ami Liquors of all
kinds me unexcelled. Mold Iiy all
ilie lending holela, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Fresh Imported Groceries
D. GaUicano, Second Street
>V.      H.       WALLACE
P. U.  Uoi  146, Kevelstoke, B.C.
No.   21,    KuYAL    TEMPLARS    OF
Meeta every Jud and ith Thursdays
iu Oddfellows Hall, at 8 o'clock.
Visiting Templars are cordially in -
vited to attend.
W.   B.   MIN .SON, S. 0.
A. D. TOURNBR, lt. 8.
KOOTKNAY      LODOE,  No.  i& A.   F.
and A. M.
Ki-lfiilar meetings are held ln MAS-
BMPLB, Oddfellows' Hall
nn ths Third Monday in each month
'»t 1 n. m. Vmtinu hrethren art
eiirdially  welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON, Secretary.
COURT      SIT.      liEOBIK,    No.  Mill.
OF I. O. K.
Meets lo I. O     i   V. Hall nsit    to
. >     . or«  House  Bvery  second
>   in  month.   Visit
. i null;   welcouiml.
.   a   BELL, 11, a.
am   ri.  CAMERON,  itw. Bee
E.    Q.    BURRIDGE
Tinsmith Ropalrs, Hot Air, Plpr
nnd Furnaco work
Oonnsughl  Avo.   .    Ravolstohs
O.  W. 0,  W.
nl amp, No. fit
ai,,I      Ki.urlli   W.iliie.
ii eaoh month la   Selkirk
Hall.       Visiting   Woodmen   ars
Cordially   invited   In at'enil
a    j.   WOODLAND,  I "i.   ' u
JA.YIKri  McINTYRE, i lerk.
i BLK IKK     LODOH  12,  I. O.  O.  K
Msets every     Thursday svmnng   In
Hail «' 1 o'clock,     vn.ting
.i cordially invited.
Montreal Quebec Liverpool
Largest & Finest Steamers from Canada
New S.S. Laurentic. 15.000 Tons Each
New S. S. Megantic
Sails June 22, July 20, Aug. 17. July 6, August 3, August 31
one-class ill Cabin service.
Twin-Screw S. S. Teutonic Twin-Screw S. S. Canada
5SJ feet long, 18,000 bortepowet 5.4 l'Vct long
Sails July 13, Aug. 10, Sepl. 7. June 29, July 27, August 24
Compaiiy's Offices, 619, Second Ave., Near Cherry St., Seattle
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
1906 1911
Capital        ....        * 3,000,000 * 4,000,000
KcKcrvu 8,000.000 4,1500,000
Deposits       ....        28,677,780 36,042,311
Loans and Investments         -      27.467,0110 38,854,801
Total Assets        -       -      -        88,000,192 48,237,284
Has 83 Brandies in Canada, anil Agents anu lorrespontlonte in all
tho rrincipal titles in ihu Wurld.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoko Branch. W. H   PRATT, Manager
Fruit Lands
(iiilenn Hay IiiihIh in paret'ln ol
Hi nr'.'() aoree ur cn hloc. Corrw'
pondeuce inviu ii.
John Shaw. Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
'im.ii RANOH LODOB,     K. nf    P.,
No. iir,,   RBVBL8TOKB, II.  O.
Meets (ivory  Wi'ilnneilay eicept   tin
Third W*iln*iiday of each mnntb      li
Oddfellows' Hall at. it o'clock,  Visit
init  Knl^hle are  rnrdlallr Invited,
il. w. OAKLAND, 0. 0.
U. ll   LIHUUK. K. ol H. * B.
m. ail,
BaUlfaCtlon  Kiidrantrril
Agent  for  Flexlume   Electric
Shop in Cummlng'l Transfer
liuildiug, ieguml Street
Dr. J. C. Morrison
r.'st Graduate CUlcago.Utdversity
BpeclsJty   All   Porcelain  ami
>'nnl Crown HimUt Work
Cor. Granville and Robson Sts.
Over I Inn isoii's Drug Store
I'liotic Bey   ,S2.ib
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  RevelBtoke, B. C
lielore.huying yonr outfit of working clothes
Inr Hie huth,   1 make a
■i" ulii    ni   boning
Shorn, 1'anls. Box, Sliirte
Blankets end everything
required iu you bu»iut»»,
■■■■■ WEDNESDAY, .iri.v  17. 11112
Uli'T 'I  '.V.   .iri.v   , '    I'l?.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. S- /^MW« Si Co.. limited
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
1,000 Pairs of Hose
tidies' Fancy Cashmere, all sizes. Regular
$1.00, Ladies' Fancy Cotton. Regular 75c.
Ladies' Plain Cotton, Regular Price, 50c.
These are all in perfect condition. An immense bargain at   	
25c. Per Pair
Clearance of Wash Good:
1,000 yards of Linens, Muslins, Fancy Cottons, etc., a clearance of all our Fancy
Wash Goods. No use to describe these.
Come and S^e. They are 35c to SOc. goods.
All atone price	
Per Yard 25c.
100 Children's Garments
Aprons, Waists, Dresses, Blouses. A cleanup of Print and Gingham Wash Garments.
All at	
50 Cents
Ladies' Muslin Waists
A new lot of Ladies' Fancy White Muslin
Waists; some of the finest we have ever yet
shown, with the New Square Dutch Neck,
short and long sleeves. A real Bargain at
Children s Wash D
A Table of Children's Wash Dresses, all new,
this season's goods; fit little girls from 1 to
7 yeirs. Some nf those cute French and
German dresses that we were selling at $2.00
and $2.50.   All going now at
$1.25 Each
Dresses for Young Girls
Another lot of Dresses for girls from 5 to 16
years. Linens, Percoles, Prints, etc. All the
best in the store in this pile at
$1.90 Each
Groceries and Crockery Department
Fresh  Strawberries and all other Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables Arriving Daily
Now is the Season for Home Preserving
See Us about your Fruits, Fruit Jars and all
accessories, They are here for your
inspection, in all convenient sizes-
A Large Stock for You to Choose From
China and Glassware
In this Department we are ready to serve your wants. You will be looking
around for a suitable wedding gift for your friends who are about to join the
largest society" in the world, and you will find it here among our Cut Glass. Fancy
China. Glassware, Tea Sets and the thousand and one pretty" things in  our stock.
We are putting on Sale the Odd Suits left over from
this season. They are all first-class stock and right
up to the minute in point of style. First-Class goods
in imported worsteds and tweeds, light and dark
patterns, in all sizes.
They are all the 20th Century and are the acme of
perfect workmanship and fitting qualities.
You can't afford to miss them at the price.
$15.00 Each
MEN will go on the table at one
price. These must be cleared out
at once as we cannot afford to
carry any over. Low and high
Shoes in white, tan and grey colors.
$1.65 PER PAIR
will also be placed on the table at
once at Bargain Prices. These
comprise grey and tan Oxfords
with leather trimmings, a few
white Oxfords and a few tan
duck Oxfords.
$1.50 PER PAIR
This Department has everything that you will require to make your home bright and cheerful for summer, and now is the time
to look over and make your selections, at prices that will suit your wants, from a well assorted stock of Wall Paper from the
best manufacturers in the east, Rugs and Carpets from Germany, England and Eastern Canada at prices from $ for a 9x9 Union
Rug to the very best that can be had and in all sizes.
Lace and Lace Curtains
We have the largest assot Uncut in the city, most of wh ch
arc Imported by ourselves direct from Englnnd, enabling us to
.sell at a price that sums you the middleman's profit.
Scrims—by the yard >>r make into curtains, a good assortment
Madras—Wo have both colored and white in very dainty designs, from 20c per yard up.
Linoleums and Floor Cloths
A good assortment of Nairn's printed and inlaid in patterns
to suit every taste at prices that are lower than can be offered
again owing to the advance in raw material.
Beds and Bedding
We also Btock a full line of beds, mattresses, blankets, comforts and pillows.
Bargains for This Week Only
We are offering a special reduction in Japanese Rugs 9x12
at $15.20; 2jxoft $1.26- 3xGft $1.05. Everything in that line
will go at bargain prices.
Anything not mentioned  that you want call  in and
ask for it, we will be sure to have it if in this line. V.t DN'ESO *
ft?Jl-3tE   T&J^TT.-TZTilttJLT.TD^T^TZ^&Ti&'TOKZtt
WIODNKSII.W.   JULY   IT.   1912
AH good v ashing cloths
Sale Price    05c
Trimmed with Lace and Insertion
Regular 91.50 and S2 lines
Sale Price    $1.00
I adii 81    W hitc   Muslin    l-piece
Dn sses.    Regular $"> and $0.00,
Sale Price-$2.50
Regular   Price  25c.   and    SOc,
Sale Price     15c
Regular $2.00 and  $2.50   Lines.
Sale Price    $1.25
Sale Price-   12'c
Ladies'   Summer   Knit    Under-
Sale Price    25c
Ladies'   Tan  Oxfords.    Regular
$2.75 and $3.25lines
Sale Price    $1.50
odd lines of Ladies' Pattern Leather Slippers
Rug,  S><j and f 1.50,        Sale I'rice  $2.00
Olid Lines ol Children's Slippers and Oxfords    Sale Price to Clear.
Mrs. Ii..-111>11 Lawrence entertained
twenty little guests on Friday afternoon in honor ol ln>r iluiiRbter Mar
Ion's iwcliiii i ,11li.l.iy Vlter tho hlrth
day supper, the parly nil wonl to
the star theatro, and afterward* on
loyaod loo nenrn al Manning's loo
oroam parlor. Tho lirsl prlao In tho
poalnut  luuu  wonl  Donna Hume.
The Editor has received a    Bumplo
. .'t tiio tvlnotoonth    crop ol   red our
rants, and ol the crop "i new  potnl
(imk.   grown    mi  lho Old  Plantation
lliini'li  by   Mr,   R, Tapping.  Thoj  aro
I samploa   which  are n crodll   to     tlio
growers and     tho ranch upon which
I they were produced, and     a sufficient
proof nl tno onpnolty ol  the sail und
climate nf tins dlstHcl  to furnish tho
hest fruit nnd vcgetnliles.
The Rovolstoko Messenger Service,
organize*I and doing husinoss from
tho commoncenionl ol this week, with
headquarters on McKon le nvonue,
nnl tolephone No, UUU, Is a new |>usi-
in i undortaklng, hul ono which wo
.■hm convinced «ill llll n long fell
want, The company consists ol our
uiil friends, .lack McOarty and Sunny
Jim; thi'.v aunounoo thai thoy aro
i uropnroil tn mi»woi' cnlls dny or night
i" execute commissions, collect an.l
deliver pnokages, ongngo hacks, etc.,
nnd a prompt sorvloo : guaranteed.
They are thc original nnd only lirm
whn have shown sulllcleul enterprise
to cator to theso nooil*, and are there
[ore entitled to the entire support
of Hn- husinoss communit) and the
day, tho storea being closed during
the game,
Tho line up ol the O.P.R. team is
as follows:
Rstrldgo,  pitcher;     Druco, catcher;
HollBOr, Isl huso; Uutohisuii, 2nd
huso; Wright, short Stop; Wilson 3rd
huso;   Rico,   loll   liolil;   Melnonry,  OBO
Iim Hold; Warner, right hold.
lOvoryimo   should   mudo   a   point     Ol
cancelling all othor ongagemonts for
Wednesday afternoon next.
Newspaper law
■     i.N    \i  221.     -in- ■ streel
s, ■.   \'.. s a     l       B.C.,   mi July5,
Mrs.   .M'- Clrlch-
ton. a     i
M lay.   July
the Rev. K. J    Ohnve, at
rhird street,  Wm.
Heal  n,   B.C.,    t"
An ■ "   '   •..'.  ol  0 tawa,
ippj , ouple lefl
'I LIUU.      'MM.'
train fnr  their
the   \: :•'"• lakes.
iii IDI ilK",   JI 'i|N-n\    i in   Sal in.lay.
.1 . .       'i.,  ,,l   thi   I."iin-  .,:   Mi-  .nnl
Mi r   ' !•. . i     Webstci.  First  street.
tht   Rev.   I-;.  J.  L'bave,    Joseph
i:    . ol   Revelstoke,  to
Amy   v.  Johnson   ol  South Wood-
■   ■ d     They   will   shortly
ta...      ip their rt 9idem-e on Second
-;:■••     :.■ relstokt.
A- Him time lnifi am\oil when mmi must iln youi seeding, ive uisli
I,, druH j "in Httenlioii lo the Iui t ihat our Beeiln arc all fresh ami
"'■" '".I. not anv old ones left to shift" off. Our Onion sots are
lhe best, eitliet tlie Dutch Sel oi ihf Multipliers.
FLOUR AND FEED We liu vv just unloaded oiu- cm ■•( Purit)
I-'lour, One Car of No.  I Timotln Hay,   One Car  feed,   includ-
lug Oats, whole or crusl , Wheal, llnrley,   Corn,   Bran,   Shorts
nnil t hops,    Ifyou reipiin anj of these, let u- quote you prices.
V, r t    ll Save Vnu .Mm,   ..
MacKenzie Avenue
You Who Are Constantly Travelling
Whal  Protection Have Vou in Cnnc ot ACCIDENT By Sen  or lnnd?
l':  p in and we will   explain  mir  Improved Gold   Bond
Am idcnl Policy, double liai ililv, onl> costing $30 a year,
.-   :l i life aii'l flu.OI u I1,,nhle liability, paying .-. 5.1X1
weekl) iiuii miiily.
Twi   .-, m •     m north s de ■ •:
Sixt     -'      '    $750 cash      I    ioth     II
\!:     David HI • llie      hns
mi i m i.e.   H
.mi ;   lor   ,11
Rev. W. -    ll
.... rothei    H.R.H   Ken
.... IDd-tel      .     i    I
trinsl ' Pui
ere she will
it a .
\ : stai
•• . ■   •  Abraham
-. id  the     ii
.-■-.-. See I
\i ent   visit
.-   •' Amerii
to  \
.   ■
ipal I
•   ,    R
...- es
■'r .
.   I • ■      '
that   Uiu
... •  .     ne ol
Wc i momI  i" announce the dealh w,    on ■■!  \ii. and Mi
man  ,,|   McKenzie  avenue.   'I'he lunei
al    was   held   yost.l',la\    (TliesdttJ '   al
t.i noon.
Miss I-: M i, left on lh,- in.a a
Ing ..; the llili on a  trip in  \ Ictoria
M: I; \ Law mi will ire 'ivi tu
morrow ul hei borne on Third streol
Mr, i: Papping repurts that the
Wucduuulil      banquet    "ii
■ ■ i--111  i'.i-  a huge Buccess
'I'Iim reporl   of I
lute  Kttwanl   Mmi laghi ii    ol   Vrrow
■ , i
Mrs.  Vi.  Thwa ti
toria (nee  Misi    li
ll   th'.'  liiraii   ol   Mi.   and   Mi i
Mi    Kallih Simps  .     las in ttn
attending  iin-  Urangi
Ml.  tt .  Ti ■
this     feel
Comi   ti
Mrs.  R.
•   I p in
(Concluded from Page L),
Don't  fm .a i   the  lawn Bocial on the
Methodisl   church  lawi   Thursday,
.Inly    IXtli   i weathei   p, i tnittlug i,   at
tern,.on  and   evening.    Han!   In    ul
tendance in  il venlng.
Mr.  i 'ha .  Taj lol ■ ■ .i  well
known  trupper  iu  this district,    a:,.I
ii"«   a millionaire   mining    mau      . ■:
N' ■   ii..     n.i ■    .a    tl..'   m.I J    . ;., .
.  l.lll.iiiiv -
.1, I .■■.,:.     . :.'•   '
I tea
i low
uintl)   spent   with  mm
and I' Curveonj, J. Quzzo, -\. Lee.
Recommended—J, I'ugsloy, II. Hughes,
High Kirst Readei to Low Second
Hen.lee u. Beerh, M, Porta, K. Kin
eai.l, M. Southworth, F. Turk, M.
Laing, lv Gulllcana, l.. Beech, l(.
Lindmark,   U.  Cancelltere,   M,   Good
win.    ''.    LonZO,    I'.    Kellal,    M.        Me
Mahon, .1. Patrick, Recommended —
ll.  McLenn.
High Second I'r.mer to Low Kirst
Render—a. Donaldson, lv McDonell,
K. Hell, n. Purvis, K. McCleneghan,
I.. Morrison, .1. Beech, K. McArthur,
M.  lioiii,  v.   Hooley,  W.   Hughes,  M.
Kill.'lllte.   .1.   Kueen,   It.   I 'uinillllics.
LOW        Pinil     Header   I,,   High   KiImI
Reader—15. Prey, K. Camozzi, .1.
Crawford, l.. Hayword, V. Camozzl,
H. Mackenrot, P. Tevini, II. Dehlas ,
M. Ringer, T, Jackson, ll. Oashato,
\ Lawrence, V. GaUicano, G, How
-"ii. K McCarthy, J, Moran, C.
Recommended   11. Gnllicano.
Low Second Primer in High See
"id l'i.m. r G. Mieieili, it. Mlclelll,
II r.'itn. r. Kimherley, A. Tovlnl,
R, Gomlwin, hf Colllson, I'. Lonzo,
!■' Donaldson, .). Carmichael, I,.
'. I Cretllli, K. Pagdln, It,
Pettantj     R.  Trimhlc,   .1    Blair,     M.
■ \.  Collison,     .1.
Recommendi .1- I   Don •
ie  Southworth.
High   Kirst   Primer  to  Low   Second
\     Paleck     M.
McRae   I     Mai ke i.   \   Corning, A.
1     Mm ken ol    \   Corning    \
Row ••■    J    i;  »ietl      n.   K41patrick,
R'   I-i '■' ■    • |;    Turk.
■ ,.    .1   Blantouche
11   I'                       tti   ■'    r.  Cashato,
«    Robin
i'    Porta,     l,.
V rl.erj,      p.
■>«   Soonnd
1      •■ ■        ii
M     Ml  \1 tl
VI    Mi !.'••:     \     Jai It son,
:•"!     .i.
'     ■ 'A
et  -"'e.
H.R        ■ •     :
I—A postmaster is required lo give
notico hy letter (roturiilng the papor
does not. ullBWor tho law) whon a
sun erilier iloes uol take Inn paper
oul of Iho OfllCO and slate the leas
mi  lm   lis  imt.   being   taken.    Any   ne
o.ieet to do sn makes ihe postmaster
responsible to iho publisher lor pay
2 II any person orders hm paper
diseoiit iiined he musl pay all aiivar
aj,'0H, oi the publisher may continue
tn send it until paynienl is made ami
col loci llie whole uiiniiint whether tho
paper is tuken Irum the oltloe or imt.
There ean he no legal discontinuance
i until payment is made.
il Any person Who lakes a paper
mil nl tho Posl Ofllce, whether directed Iii his name nr  nol,  or  whether he
has subscribed nr mn, ih responsible
for  t he pay.
i ll a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and    ibe publisher continues
to send, ibe siibsenhor is bound to
pay   Inr it, if   he  lakes   it   out   ol      the
l'ost office.   This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
bo uses.
fi—The courts bave decided that re-
lusini; to take newspapers nr periodicals from the rust office nr removing ihem, leaving tlnin uncalled for,
is prima faole evidence of intentional
Ladies' Smoker
Oan you heal this in the form nl
a surprise'. Hardly. Tins is what
the I'nresters and Iheir friends tan
expeol nn Monday evening, July iiii,
al   I.u.U.K.  Hall.
The companions ol thc Independent
Order ol Foresters under whoso dir
ection the ''smoker" will he given,
promise something  entirely  new     in
lhe vast array nf BOClolfl promised for
the season.
While it is denied thai any 'Copying alter" the male sex and tlnir'
sinnkers, it is known that during the
evening cards, refreshments and a
musical  program  has  been  arranged,'
Other pleasing surprises are promised and in all, those anticipating a
pleasant evening will imt ho dlsap-.
A small admission will be charged.
All Foresters anil tbeir friends arc
cordially  invited.
We have just unpacked a complete line of Sporting
Goods of all kinds. Mr. Fisherman, don't forget to
inspect our stock of FishiiiK Tackle. When you see it
you will say. "BEST IN TOWN."
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
Dealers in all kinds of the Best Hardware
Agents for Gurney Chancellor Kanges and iMinerva Paints
Dominion Conterence
According     in   statistics    gleaued
from the  Census of Canada,  the
total   value   nl   the   Iruit   growing   in
diisiiy  in British Oolumbia, Ontario,
ia)uebec ami tho Maritime provinces is
iu  round  numbers $12,000,00. This is
tho estimate worked nui  by  the Chiel
nl the Markets Division of the Dairy
and ('old Storage  Branch nf the Department nf Agriculture, and publish
e.l in th.' printed report  nf the   proceedings ni     ihe  ibnd conference  nl
fruit growers     ol   Canada,  bold     in
Ottawa last   Pebruary.     This conterence,   which   lasted   throe  days,  was  a'
very Important  one from many stand1
points, as it was busily engaged dur-
it< six sessions with matters of    tbe'
greatest  moment  tn the greal     and
growing industry represented. Among
the subjects dealt  with  wore, cooper-1
at ion, new fruits,  refrigeration, fruit
packages, amendments to tho inspection and    Sale   Aei, transportation,,
crop  and      market   reports,  etc.      Ini
addition  a  number  of  uddrcsBcs  wero
delivered   hy   such   notable  men  as lhe
Prime Minister, the Hou. Martin Bur
roll, Minister ot Agriculture, himself
a largo fruit growor, and lir. Jamoa
Vi. Kobertson. in order in give the
Innl growers and others Interested in
the Industry in all parls of Canada
the bonelii of iln conforonco, the
Hon. Mr. Burrell, Minister ol Agri •
inii in., has authorized the printing
oi several' thousand copies of the report which will be sent free while the
supply   lasts   to those   Who   apply   for
it to the Publication Branch, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa.
KOH SALE!—Cottage on  Lake shore
lot at Canoe, facing good Sandy
lioacb. Kor further particulars apply   Miss   11.   L.   Wright,   Canoe,B.C.
in     RBNT—Nicely furnished     front
room on     Third street,      one block
south   ol   McKenttfe  Avenue.   Unlet
house,   suitable   (or   gentleman,   Apply  Uox 284.
KliK SALK   Pour  Scotch  collie  pups.
Apply to W.G.   Wutsou,   east  ot   the
Railway Station.
Sii] Ball Game
Rose and Glycerine Soap, half pound cake, 20c,  3 for 50c,
$2.00 a dozen.
Babv'a Own Soap -'<'• Per tlozen
fucumlier. Oatmeal. Buttermilk 50c. per dozen
Smart Clothing for Summer Montlu
DERBY   WH son   HATS    in I il
Wl. SPKC IALIZE   in   Vfei hirl
f.ini■'.• "i i. orded, from $i up.
Late Spring Suits and Over, oal
I)rop in  ' hen passing and
and patterns to suit, thi mus.
Fit-Reform Clothing Stetson  Hats Foot-Rite Shoes
By the End of this week or first of next we
expect to be located in our new premises
recently vacated by the Revelstoke Meat
Market, where we will offer for sale a
splendid Residential Subdivision in
At $150.00 Per Lot
Watch the window of our new office for
large Oil Painting of Regina, and this
space for full particulars.
We Have Some Good Snaps in Revelstoke Houses
Local Agency, Home Loan and Contract Co.
E. Q FOLEY. Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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