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The Mail Herald Jun 15, 1912

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 Do you wnt to win the Grand Trize Player Tiano Mow on Exhibition at the *Re-deUlo%e Music
" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $C0^
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The Mail-Hepald
Interior Publ
Vol. 18-No. 11
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Imperial Bank of Canada
Contestants Ire Receiving Good Support - Many
Subscriptions Paid at Office of Mail-Herald
Subscribersand Credited to Their Favorites
Head Ot*1o»-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branched ur Agents at nil principal points in^anada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank. limited. Chicago-First N Uional Bank, Corn Exchange Natlon.il Bank. Seattle—Seal lit- National Bank, San Francisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of tl and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Reveletoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
►(><>(><XXXKK><H>0<H)<><H>0 0
Children's Sandals
Children's Romeo Sandals
SIZES, 4 to 10*
Three and Four Straps
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
will refresh you with its bright, spicy
flavor ami frngrancy. Sold in 1 lh.
lead packages.
Price, 35c 40c. and BOc. per lb.
P. O.  Box 308
Phone No. 23
Tht Steam Laundry
Olga Roman by earnest en-
has taken ttie lend in tbe
Mail-Herald's contest. All (luring eke
contest uud especially during the
past tun days the candidates buvc
hcen getting exceptionally good support from friends who call ut thc ollice ol the Mall-Herald pay their -ub
BcriptionB and vote for their favorite
Uo not trust your friends to conic
to thc ollice und vote for you. tin
solicit their subscriptions. It is the
sureat wuy. Persistent work will wm
prizes us sure us fate. Thoso who
keep ut it until thc end cuauot full
of  a full  rewurd.
Whut do you tell your friends when
they usk you how you ure getting
ulong in the contest.' It is proDUbly
good poliey to tell them thut you
uro doing well but expect to do
ter, hut there ure lots of other
testants doing well. Thai's
what the average muu is doing,
doing  well.
hiver uotice thut those folks who
huve a job nnd ure getting their salary regularly, uro always doing well.'
They ure satistied and doomed never
to do hotter. 8o pretty nearly nil ol
the contcstunts ure doing well. They
are getting their votes every day,
getting a subscription when they can
and letting it go at that.
Wake up, shake yourself. Put tho
acid test on yourself onco in a while
and see how you stand it. Be a winder. Go out nud dig. Uo better thnn
doing well, and you've won, iu or
out ot thc contest.
How many votes have you hcen get
ting every day or every week? Now
ia the time to light   it out with your
turkey Biipper hold Thanksgiving
night was cleared jiM.Mi, ihe total
ol thc three making 16*69.76, Not only
were these gatherings a great I.nunc
ial success but they proved a huge
social success, especially thc Than lis-
giving supper when four hundred per
Buns were present, this numbor included a number of persons ot distinction.
Uuring thc year curtains have been
placed on every beoroom window in
the building, a book cnBe has been
placed in the reading room,
library table and two chairs
also been added to this room.
The   ofliccrs    arc:—President,
T.  Kilpatrick;       Vice-President,
J.    Lyons;    Secretary,      MIsb
The Bcbuman Olub (pupils ol Mrs.
Herman McKinney) arc giving a lawn
recital on Wednesday evening, June
19th, from 8 to 10 o'clock, at litho
residence of Mr. Ci. W. Bell. Quito
nn elaborate program will he present
ed by the pupils. Invitations for this
recital are already out.
Currying on business quietly but
steadily and  building up  an  enviable
nolo is thc local industry doing business In Revelstoke under lhc nume
of tho Revelstoke Steam Laundry,
lt Is a veritable lice hive of undustry
The laundry building proper is 60 by
100 feot, with an addition 16 hy 40
feet, while tho boiler houses and engine room nro in additions. The
weekly pay roll embraced some slv -
teen people and the laundry planl
has a daily capacity of 2fltM> pices pet
Mr. Karl Banoolagh, the manager,
bus equipped this institution with
most complete machinery of modern
style, nnd is prepared to ovon on -
large liiH present extensivo plnnt, us
soon as his rapidly growing business
warrants his still further branching
If this cily had ore local indue -
tries liko tho team laundry, it
would help the general business conditions very considerably.
K.   OK  P.   NOTICE.
A .Special Meeting of Gold Range
Lodge, No. 16, will be held on Wednesday evening. June 20th, at 8 p.
m. Special IluBiness. Election of
G.   W.  GARLANU,   C.  C.
Plans for City Beautiful-Heads of Canadian Pacific
Railway Interviewed re the Future of Revelstoke-
Five Dollars for a Slogan.
Carden Tools      Rubber Hose        Lawn Mowers
Carpenter's Tools,   Wire Fencing and Gates
Bicycles or Repairs    Stoves    Paints
Fishing Taokle     Sporting Goods
Guns, etc., we can supply you
self, right now. There are only three
weeks more of the contest. Uon't he
one of those who will say, "well, if
I'd of hustled just a little more, I'd
have  won."
Someone will undoubtedly lose   on
July Cth for tbe want of a few votes
Those who will win are not satis
tied  with their progress, you can de
pend on thut. They arc not wasting
a Bingle minute. Some of them probably wish there were more hours in
the day.
In order to do anything above the
average in tbis world, man or woman, must put every hit of energy
possible in their work. It is said
that genius is simply the ability to
work hard. You never heard of a gen-
genius with the hook worm. The talent cannot be let out on contract.
You can do what you set out to do
If you don't succeed in what you
attempt. It is your own fault. You
have the talent if you only give it a
Tho-e who bave entered this con -
test, and those who will are out to
win. If you arc in the contest what
has happened since you entered, if
you have given up the idea ot win .
ning. Think it over, and you will
liml that you began to have doubts
of your ability, followed by discouragement, and sort of a mental giving up. You can argue yourself out
of success in anything, If you have
too  many  negative  impuls. s  in  your
There was a good attendance of
members of the executive of thc Progress Club in the City H*U on Tues
day night,  some forty  lieing present.
Vice President B.  R.  Atkins  occu -
pied thc chair.   Minutes of past meet
ing were adopted as read.
Mr. H. Manning, as chairman of
the special committee to iactfViOW
the editor of the Mail-Herald— Wc
duly  interviewed thc editor, who pro
mised that he would carry out our
wiBhes. Several things had beci, in
the way of the Progress Club re tit-
I ing us much space aB might cU.tr -
wise have been the case, notably the
present contest which has been commenced to increase thc circulation of
the Mail-llei'uld, and tbe editor pic
mised to meet our wishes as far   as
1 possible; our conversation with mm
and the manager of the paper, was
frutik and outspoken and thsy promised to do everything they could to
meet our  wishes.
Report     accepted     and  the -apecii!
committee were thanked for their i-er
', vices aud discharged.
j Publicity Cpmmittce—Tho ataudlng
Publicity committee reported progress.
Finance Committee—Report l :-'CiV -
ed, held over [or fui thei discusniou.
Civic Improvement committoc— Mr.
H. Manning, us chairman of tbc com
mittue, reported tbe committee had
au interview with the city council,
and were informed the mutter would
be  further  discussed     in   the  ci.uncil
I and  a  reply  would  lie  given  to    the
makeup, your lost. Once in a while! progress Club delegation later,
your positive side of your nature gvta j Mr. Manning then read a litter
the upper hand and you wonder why ' from thc council re the variojs c.vic
you ever doubted your ability to win ' improvements suggested by the rtep-
If  you  give  your  positive,  your  I'll-1
do-it-eide a chnnce, you can keep the
negative down.
Every minute in the day, you are
one or the other. The one you favor
most will keep upcrmost in your
mind, and if it is the right one, you
will become a   success.
The Mail-Herald contest resembles
the battle of life to a great extentf—
IT IS A FIGHT, and it will he a
long time before civilization will
make life possible without fighting.
This article has beeji written with
the text in mind, "get the votes."
You are the master of your own destiny in this respect. No mntter
where you live, what you do, who
you are, you can get them.
"Hustle, keep on hustling and then
hustle some more."
public  opinion.   Without  that  influ
iiiMi* wc can do nothing along   these
lines, wn have tried all these things
nnd failed.
Mayor Sutherland—I second Aid
McKinnon's remarks, wc all realise
you are a body which will be an assistance and we are anxious to help
you. Some of your recommendations
are uuder wuy; the hill is lo bc grad
ed when thc sidewalks are in, and
the crossings will be lixed. The
shacks cannot be removed without
certain reasons und as Aid. McKin -
non has said your Influence is necessary here much more than any logal
action which cannot bc taken except
on  delimit* complaints.
Any assistance tbe council cu l give
will be gladly tendered. Thc time Is
coming when money will have to be
spent on these sidewalks; our policy
is to put in all new sidewalks of
cement, und the Progress Club can
help by using there influence towards
getting the citizens to puss the requisitions for cement walks. We are
trying to make it an offence against
the byelaw to spread ashes on the
streets which would help to mitigate
thc nuisance complained oi. All
waste can bc burned in the stovo,
thut is thc usual household garbage,
und if you all would adopt this plun
a let of the troublo would he avoided
The whole diliiculty is one of "lack
of funds"
Mr. .Miller—I think there Is a mis -
understanding, some of thc council
seem  to imagine  we  were criticising.
Mayor  Sutherland—No.  no.
Mr. Miller—Also it struck mo that
there was a desire to run the council
into expense. We do not ask for
anything except that all possible Im
done to keep thn streets nn clean as
possible, to look after the houle -
vards If thc money is available. A
all     citizens     to
utation to the council.
Mr. Manning—I consider turn letter
leaves  matters  practically  as     tbey ,
were, and I would like to hear f.-om  printed request to
others on  thc subject.
Mr. Howson—I consider aa
uals we should all clean up ourselves and beautifying their property in
and Bet an example to others us re- the civic interest. We must work to-
gards the sidewalks, wc have dltficul- Bother do our own share and get
ty as sidewalks cannot be l.iid in'.others to assist in fostering a pride
cement  until the  Improvement  bye-   '" clvic cleanliness.
work  with  the  council   and   Progress
ii.divid-  dub to     work    with   us in cleaning
ladies' AuAiiliary Report
Sheet Music and all kinds of
Small oTVIusical Goods
Call and Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
The Ladies' Auxiliary to the Y.M.
P.A. take much pleasure in presenting a report ol tun work for fie past
yc.u.  Sliding   \lnrrh  Hist.
im Apni llth. l'jii, u banquet was
held in the Y.M.C.A. gymnasium nnd
from tin- ths u.im of $107,50 was re-
^.ized,   ,,n   June  ;ird,  rnndy  all]
law has been accepted by lho hi use-
holders and businessmen whose frontage iB offectcd. The city arc short
of funds and the citizens uro i.ot
believed to be favorable to a byelaw
for improvements to the streets.
Mr. Manning—I think there nre
some matters which could be attended to without much extra oxponso to
the city, sucb us for instanoe tbe
boulevards and certain particular
Aid. MeKinnon—Cleaning up has
lieea enforced in some cases with bad
results, tho citizens some of> them
members of tho Progress Club refuse
to Btand for compulsory cleaning and
the council  cannot enforce such regu
Mr. Horrohin—Would l>o advisable
to ask tbo citizens to take a balf
day holiday, and have a clenn-up
day; this haB lieon done in other clt-
ies with success. Wc should ask tho
support of tho city council and of
every citizen.
Mr. Bell— A cloun-up day onro a
month would not lie too much.
Civic Improvement Olub to continue thoir work and report later. He-
port received and filed.
The Industrial committee reportel
as follows:—
Chairman Gibson—It is A matter
for regret thnt we arc not in a | option to give a more dclinite report;
but  Mr.  Bury's  statement  "thot  ho
NKWS at McIntyre's
Granite Cement tor mending pot-, per packet  15c
Carbolic Soap, Taylor's, four ban*.                                   25c
Sllaving'.Stick, Taylor's, per stick                         20c
Six cakes of oatmeal and lettuce Soap         25c
Fancy Box, three cakes, Taylors June Rose Soap  25c
Shipments ol New Groceries Arriving Daily
John McIntyre a* son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
To Get the Best Results
From Your Garden
Revelstoke Meat Market, Idt
Showing a splendid assortment of fine
negligee coat shirt- in plain anil pleated
bosom, plain whiles, blue clianibrays
and mnny stripe effects in a galaxy of
patterns ihut will make choosing easy.
Some have double soft collars mude
ol sunt iimii-nal which are very popular
thi- sc.iRon.
McRae Mercantile Co.
Intions in the face of opposition and
the opposition comes  iih  much  from ! hol»ed t(» have something good to^n
members of    the    Progress Clllb    as'nollncc f»r Revelstoke shortly" mus;
from  nny  ono else.   Thc influence  of! be accepted as very satisfactory and
Ice  so  many  men  belonging to thc pro -   thut the C.P.R. view Revelstoko with
(Team    booth  at    recreation     purkj gross Club,  might be UBed to miti -  ft friendly eye.
i brought the turn of 119.60. uni f.-om I gate these matters   by the force   of ^Coatinned on Page Two]
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
l'OK   SAl.i;   UY
E. G. Woodland
E. P. McLean
Best Strain of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and Partridge Wyandotte
P.O.  BOX   181 SATURDAY,  JtJNB 15th,  r.'l:.
SATURDAY, JUNK 16th, 1912.
Are You Insured Against
Accidents and Illness
IF   NOT,   WHY   NOT—It is your duty both to yourselves and your dependents.
Call and see us.    We shall be pleased to point out the benefits to be derived from these policies.
Speeial double indemnity clause quarantine indemnity clause
and all illnesses insured against,
London and Lancashire Accident Co.
Railway Passengers Assurance Co.
Ocean Accident Corporation.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Zbc flfoalMberalb
llEVF.I.hTOKE.   II    C.
jutaioi pubttsblitfl Company
J.  K.  JOHNSON, Manager.
RALPH  O.   HCHUTON,   Kditor.
All KUAY.   JINK  15th,  1912
oity  win, are  thoroughly  conversant
wltb  thc practicability ol  this route
to the sea coasl.
Tin- following article from the Yun-
couvei Sun, Bhows that the cos I
;*, opl •   like tbe idea   ol   the
Colum1',.i  Bivei   Urain
• .-tuke to Portland:
•Thut  tbe project advanced to the
Hevelstoke    Board   of  Trade   by  the
Portland  (.Oregon)  Chamber oi Commerce,  calling  for  the  'Hedging  and
establishing  ••:   locks and dams on the
Columbia river,   making    this   river
mgbl)   navigable   Irom   Portland
lOlsewhero     In  tbis  Issue  will     he
(uiind a, dispatch Irom Montreal with
bbe Important announcement that the
e.l'.It.  is preparing to make an ex
penditure ol some $60,01)0,000 ludoub'
lc-tracking the main line of the rail'
way   bbrougb   tbe   Rocky   Mountains. |
Tins statement is tbe more import -
ant as it comes direct, from the ['resident of the     O.P.R.,     S:r Thomas
Shaughnessy.    This  statement  should '
set  ut   ivst  (or   all   time  thc   foolish
Idea  that  the railway  company  con-!
template changing tho main line    to
the  Crows Nes-t   l'ats hue.
Tbis double  trucking  through      the
Route    trom mountains will menu considerable tor I
Hcvcl.ilnkc,   and   the   suggestion      of
the committee appointed to Interview
Vloa President Bury thai General Su-'
perintendent     Peters   be interviewed
with a  view  of obtaining certain rail
way  consesslons  for  Hevelstoke,   is  u
good one.   Now is the time to move !
in this matter,
iu Kevelstoke lor the purpose ot di |
verting the shipping ot the huge grain In view of the Publicity ihut Revel ip "i tbe prairie provinces from elstoke is getting through the pres
Vancouver to Portland by way ol tb.s "' Oanada and the United Btutss, vt
waterway  Is .,u altogether impossible  should adopt some Slogan thu will
■scheme. ,s the  opinion ol  Mr. A.   Ers
kine,     president ol   the     Vancouver
iiuurd  of  Trade.
"They  bave Considered bringing tue
grain-louded barges down the river,
said Mr. Erekine, but huve they con
sidered   bringing   ihein   back7      Leav -
funeral of Late Mr. W. Jolliffe
make Revelstoke's name a bouseboU
word throughout the continent ol
North  America.
The Becretary of thc Progress C:ub
would like to receive lurther Sl tgand
so thut the Progress Club could ib
lag the cost ol tbe undertaking which cide on the most appropriate one and
would In; many millions ol dollars out lor wblcb a price of $6.00 is ollered
ul thc question und tuke up the ex- for the oue used, livery citizen who
penee ot lowing the empty barges has the interests ofthe city ui lieu, t
back   through  this  swi<t  waterway.      is eligable  tu Bend iu  Slogans.
"Thc    *.ust      would   i,e  prohibitive. '
Personally speaking, l think thai  ium
whole   scheme   is   merely   talk,      uud
when tbe facts of tbeca*>are looked!   0w   „,    ths  Invest funerals ever
into  uud   the   estimates   drawn   up   it   hM   ,„   Bev*»lstoke   took   place      last
wiii  be abandoned.     However.  I do'.Su,ulay  Bttemoon  wbcn  the ,,„„.,
I   tl    *-.       it  eitber   Vancouver    ur   of  lhl.  latc   w    „    Jmnt   „,,,,.   ,  „,
Ne«  Westminster will take any ace- (1„u.t,y ko r,sl ,,, Uu. ,„„,,,,. ,
ton .:.   Iredgtng and     improving tbe ,,rv.   Th, ,u„,nil ,„ok pIttc, from the
and Tbompson rivers to Blc- bom of „k, ,,,,,,..,.„,-, „„ Flrst s[u,,t
*   suggested in tbe article,  M ,„r pwvious arrangements
fur this eust  would also be prohibi-'    As the deceased wai ., Forester and
also an Oddfellow, as well as        «.-
"Mr.   W.A.   Blair,  the  secretary ol  Ing  to  the  brotherhood  of  Locomo -
oard. Is also oi tbe opinion thai   tivc   Knginecrs,   curb  ol  these    tbrst
mposeible, ai be stat  strong  organisations were  repres
ed yesterday to a Sun representative, ed.   Thc Punsters pall    oarers were
almost an  Impossi    W.  P. Cameron and   \   W. Connolly.
Witty to perform  lb -  work on   the  while   the     Oddfellows   were  l<     0
In some places years would be McDonald     and    James Mathie,  and
make it navigab the Locomotive Engineers wee     re-
Th-   Vancouver people at best, con-   presented  by  1.    Pati   k  and     Kr*»l.
cede  that we have  tbi  advantage  one  Crick.
way- .,m. Numerous   beautiful   wreaths     ..nl
In  reply   we  might  ask   the  pcriin-   crosses  were  laid   on  the  cofEn,  sent
argsi  bj   the diflerent  ord i    ai     I
-' ' -     empty?   We ibtnk  the   leceaa        \t  the grs
not—w( think tbat tbey will be load- I      were perfoi   ed    *.   tb
rei im Irelgbt  Mi   Procunier.
idian  and Brit-     The deceased  was 33 years    :    act
.n    bon l   and     unmarri tin father
'-  ■•'■  Revelst Hi    C.  Joliide    «rh
>   I ail   I ts ..li   the   paiotil g .   tbe  C.P I
Thai     Revefwtoke     will  sides  Mr. mor   ths  n
>-ecome a giea-. railway and shipping  and family of brothers and sisters of
Ti.* • , .    I the Pi
■'.  Coalmen
tbe  .
that   in
tbe I
*   "( tbe .in
'    t g *   ■ ,    .
»g su .,•*..,   *Aa>.    in
have a greal
::' ralrii    prov
inces I'.i  .
ro *•■■   Tbi
' ■■■:■    lb:.,. I     ••     .1 ii.,*   Uth,       hu
seen tit to m.ik,   ,,., . ;..,., ,,i  ,,• this
"Wd     ■ t on anothei pag<
.r, ti...- issue ■•: tbi  Mail Herald
If the Hoard ,.; Trade and Progress
Club of tbis City along with tb
council, w-iii only continue their ofl
orts in showing the ureut-r udv.u,
ta?e thnt wi possesi h* re over Van
'•ouver or any other poinl that h.i-
lieen brought out,us yet, wc rnnn if
fail to sec wliere Revel-toke at tho
head of navigation ol the Columbia
river, can be passed over, and in a
few years hence ive will bc able lo
huve on tbe bunks of this mighty rlv
er a larire city. In view of tin1 lm -
port.-int convention that Ij beinghsld
in Calgary in connection with this
Important scheme, it is up to our
til}' lv tteiid down delegates from our
the deceased      vers   imong the
-   a the funeral,
The  lute  tt.   H    JoHlfli   was    born
at Arnprioi -.cars agi   ■   I
I ii te :   .i.  the * mpto}       '
P.R. aa a I tit    round
m ,i   ,t
Mi Larenea  Luntb. i   milli  at   h ■
1    ■   i.
The family of thi
* :  tint  in  tib.tr     rod
WATER    Knit   laws'.   RTC,
i My   Water   may   only   be   U '■•!   |oi
Lawns,   Rite.,   between   the   Hours     nt
i   to B *i in    and  i. to   ip.ni.
Tins Order will  tie rigidly enforced,
and   all   offenders   ploHivut.-d
Hy Order,
City Clerk.
Ihg  llend  travellers fdeass lake  no
tleo  that  my  place at.  Carnes  Crssk,
on   Dig   Bend   Trail,   bus   Item  OlofSd
Hated  June   Uli,  11112.
(Concluded from Page One)
Dr. Hamilton—I huve never honrd
Mr. Uury spcuk so conlidenily as to
the future of Itevelstoke; youi* tjni-
inittce who were instructed to i.ike
up this hotel us the mum Icuturo,
were somewhat on the wrong track,
us the hotels ure managed entirely
by another department; Mr. Uurj
said wc must put forwurd our ilu.nis
to  Mr.  Peters  und   we  would recj;vn
due consideration; tho O.P,it.    bave
spent $00,0011 tn surveys und wj ilii)
absolutely convinced this is in connection with the doable trao'lilg
through Itevelstoke mil w ni'-j, lu
bouud to benctlt our cily. 1 thins u
special invitation shouid i,e tendered
to Mr. Peters uud he should be* luk -
SU round our wonderful tiiitC rt, Mr.
Uury   t routed  us us a   dep itu on vt th
the    greatest courtesy umi kiiidusts,
und wns cntliusiustic in regut 1 to
tin* Iiitiire  ol  Itevelstoke.
Report unanimously adopts* .
The Eutertii'inmeut comiuifr.es is
ported  lu'ogress.
A letter was rend re the iiiinvi-.n
Kevelstoke mountain, from the Uoi .
Thomns Taylor, acknowledging letter
from tlle secretary and promising ins
support ol tbc sume.
0, it. Macdonaid—>Ve Iln I on investigation the plans that ihe Water
Reserve dues not touch tue N-..ou,il
Park Reserve ot Mount ite> elstoke,
uud the two mutters will '„a\e in bc
handled separately.
Chulruiuu Atkins—It Rejins in mo
that this national purk ts a mutter
winch might be rc.cir^d to uiu Dominion member Mr. lt. P. '.teen.
Ur. Hamilton—I have .ecu Mr It.
F. Green en route irom N'eNuJ, und
he will be here shortly to mwl the
Progress Club, when nil these matters can be put before h.m, ai.l be
will be only too pleased to nts si us
us he so assured me.
11. J. McSorley—I think wo should
huve an engineer make a survey, iu
wc will know just whui we waut ui.d
can put Mime before the government
Letter from Hun. Thos. Taylor received with tbunks and referred to
The Portland, Ore., Chamber of
Commerce acknowledged receipt of
news mutter from "Mail-Herald'' re
Uevelstoke und Panama und ufliiid
their uS8iituncc und support.—Letter
j On motion the time for receiving
Slogans was extended for one weok,
sume to be judged by thc Publicity
Finance Commit tee—The huunce report  wub then  considered
Vice     President    Gordon—I    favor
some  points  of  this  report,   and  dis-
agree with others;   we  have done very
well   so   far   without   Mr.   Miller      of
Calgary or anv   other     paid advisor
md   I do not agree tbut     we require
bia services,   Also  I  think a       mistake  has  l»-cn      made  in    usking the
council for money  when expenses ure
i.eing     reduced  by  thut body,     our
Object   Is as  .,   clul,  to  , ncouriige  tb„>
.    to do    tie     w-urk themselves,
•t  rely   .*n   others, we  li, ve   to-
night  had s,.me uoellei fiom
•   of  the  city  council,
they have thrown  th'-se  things    back
wily  raised
The recommend-
I tbe
:   ;  are
T      W      i* ;ea  as      a
was  l«,     en -
comnc re      tbe increase  of
membership     > * •
gran ol the e
Mi *
.*.  <-,,,,  -j'-al  with al>-
C.  1 ■      ■
.  ,**, I pu
I - :-b:p
membi * *i ,* ■
I   \tenit well of om 111 v an
Aid. Howson   1
il.   mt
.io*   anxiolll   to   kwp   down   our      ex
dHI on tbe rats would pro
■hue   H I'm   and    I   am   not   m     '
ol tins step for the balance of   ths
present  year.    I   suggest   wc  grt
i'i ii, r*. ;, in.,h rtei   Progress I tub pl
profit   ot   tl   on   every   ticket,   or   ab
profit   of  JI   on   every   ticket,   or   n!,
out twi for thc Progress Olub,
Chairman Atkins I have Istii requested t.o write a letter describing
tbO iitlKictionu of Mount, Rovslstoke
ll i Miliinittmg to Mr. Ushor, general
pMMORSI ii ci nt ol the c I'll., ami
I submit this  to tbe  club for     then
(indorsation, oi  othsrwiit,
On motion     \ iro  President Atkins
, ■!*. .i'i .r,,-!-, ,-r, ,-Ti il, iTi i'ii it'i 1X1 iti ii'i iTi iti iii iTi iTi eii eii ii> ,T, .l'i it, i-t-i
t i^i i^i ITi I"J.I f'J.i tj.1 mjb i"ji i'j.i i*j,i 1,1,11 *|,i ij,. i *j,i .j,' i^i i *j,i in i"1,1 iiji i^i ij^i i^i i-ji m
Closing Out |
Wo have decided to close out our business
in Revelstoke, and intend to dispose of all
the stock we possibly can in the next 30
Right now, at the beginning of the Summer
season, you will be able to supply your hot
weather needs at remarkably low prices,
and you will find some splendid bargains.
I Watch   Our  Windows
%    Watch Our Advertisements
See the values wc are offering in Shoes.
All the balance of our Canvas Oxfords and
Pumps and Tennis Shoes at
Only £1.25 a Pair
Special Prices on all Empress and Classic
Shoes, A lot of odd sizes in Empress Shoes
$1.00 per Pair
Do not lose this opportunity to save money
McLennan SrCo.
Standing of Candidates
Miss Olga Roman  ^37,000
Miss Edith Cooke  335.500
Miss Blanche McCarty  328,500
Miss Elsie Hooley  308,000
Miss Eva Hay  280,000
Miss Cyndrene Mai/  277,000
Mrs. \V. G. Kile, Craigellache, 13. C  202,000
Mrs. Alderton, Taft, B. C  70,000
Miss Mable Henderson  64,000
Miss Jennie Wells, Golden, B.C  55,000
Mr. E. Ci. Woodland  52,000
Miss Irene Genelle, Nakusp, B.C  5,000
Miss Bertha Evans  5,000
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turnings
We are in the manufacturing business of
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turnings, Show
Cases, Office and Bar Fixtures, Screen
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cTVletal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me Before Investing.
$$$<N»$^$$»$$$$<&$$$$$$$$$  SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES.
Wills, Title Deeds, Mortgages, Insurance Policies
or other valuables in one of these boxes
wus  unmuiimuiisly  requested  to writ*?
tbe description referred to.
8-ecretary Hurrolnu—The British
manulin-tnr i- touring Western Can-
Mia frtU sh"i'tl> ire piisH.nK through
RevelstolK, about July .Inl, und I
constdrr thii part} should be met
•  possible,  t<j siuy oil
• .1 lev,   M'.urs here.
Ur.   Miller—I   support   this  suggea-
Mr.   MeKinnon—They  will  have    to
■ *,     jet to 1 llader or
*   itcip   uH.
\ I on to car-
•   appointed  i*y
th< executive.
iry   H 1 tain  oth ir
important     visiters   including their
Royal Hig • -•   ..nd imii
• tly be pa
■ ike aiid    som-" -
'    ii   Hum**— 1 an   a f.iv..r ol    ui
"   ,,t    Iti-vrlnt'.K*
, *.*
■ •.»  future,
on  '   • «     r.
I  II ;:
■■ approaeU  .-     • I
11   - *    ■ •*
lit   '1*    ■tf.'       a
Tbe   Treasurers report    showed nn
■ '.   memliership  and    i
Mlunce  In hand.
* im.iii   TM   repoi»  * ■   ■
.'mm  tbe  Pittance  commute*
m   ..*] ,i  in   til 1.... td iiiii
Including  ilie requeei   to  the 1 * 11m 11,
l"i    hi i-jlra mill  f'.r    Prof
Mayor Butberlan 1   1 an ah > 1 thl
yenr  the  e-ntimnles  nr.*  made   up   ind
Dot muiii chance to   I" 10;
ere 'I" uoi  know wh il hi'i     mn* would
in* legal; ». hnve given quite  1   lol
Hub   vear   through     the       II ■ ir I      ol
Trade Ioi adverMeing and «.* lell «.
writ- not over stepping the murk.
0. U. Hume—Thc lirst thing is to
j decide as to whether we ne.'d a pul)
Hetty man, If uot and I am uot iu
favor of sume this yenr, then this
rate would uot he asked for. With
our land question unsettled and the
lute time in tbc yeur, 1 think ere had
better let  tbis  matter  go for a time.
Ur. Humiltoti—We, thc commiitje,
only asked the council to t--i.it* if
they could do anything to help us
provided wc would wich to put a
Publicity commisnioiier iu here. The
council were very reasonable, 1 do
not ihink thc city council arc in u
position to put a mil ou tho lax rute
this yeur, I know same would not he
legal. Wc can do n Iui; work in the
matter irf land settlement, park re-
Ml vi*.   etc.,   without  any   paid   publicity   commissi.,n. i
il l McSorley—We ihould secure
sume I.ml.Img or place of meeting
for   this  -rlul.
I'hint mnn     Atkins-The   membership
queetlon   is   ihe  most  important mat
ter   in  this  report,  and  some  scliiiu
for    getting      I     larger  membeishlp
ii to the BHnanoe eon
1    ii   ii'iiui'   Wi*, „« ., pinanoi com
•    tbOUgW   we  would   all   got  to-
il   ' luncheon or netting an i
k"-i  every  membei   to pledge  hnm.ii
i" bring othere Into the club.
''" notion Olauee i, ol finance Ue
. • •' Ing tbe  inviting ,,f     Mr.
■   to   K.'v.-lsloki',   wm.  Innl   i.vii.
i i.uisi* i. oi Bnanoe repoi t, re mis
• y  means nf  ball  gallic, ft"
idopted   as   ifiiil
• 'iui. e *i ot Bnanoe i tpoi t, re mi m
berebip, was referred to Kntcrtatn -
*""*'  committee
Olauae i nf Bnanoe reporl re tbe
nf mill rate Iron oiy
• ■■ .in «i  irai iimi over.
Tin- • ii mm .* report a adopt -1 «n<
then i"i,.. i .mi referred back     to
Meeting adjourned al il o.m.
Km   really  choice  Ohocolatee,   drop
in  nl   tin*   Sugar   Howl.
MBN   WANTED   Kor   Sawmill.   Yard.
I'nmps,   12.SO   to   Jl.'u   pel   day.-
Apply nlh'r  in person or  by  leltsr
In  thr  Adanis  Uiver  Lumber  Com-
puuy,   Chaec.   H.C.
Our Doctors Anti-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers, Saddlers Harness Makers
Pretty Patterns
Thc W.tll Papers wr wanl vou lo sec
mc strictly ihis ■eaaon'n productions
Thej •tif uiiquenltonftblysuperior in
beauty of design and artistic coloring
io ain wo have over shown, or thai
you can sou elsewhere.
li should not be difficult lo induce
you io examine Lbem. Will you do so
soon '•*
ItSOt mc lit the Huvoy.
The "Sugar Uowl" let cream !•
titiBUi passed.
Try one ol 1'iul.yn'a ma-eial tllnlies
ol ico cream called tho "Car|iatbluu"
.Some nice nvtl.lcncrs ami luilldini;
lots, toot bargains! Sasj terms.—H.
N.  <_'ournlor,
Ml .-It Miss Johnson, pupil ol A.
Miller, K.it.A.M., London, la prepared lo take u limited number ot pupils lor tuition In him-". Kor terms
apply at the residence ol J. K.
Johnson, lirst house weBt of the lun
Intnl.   Kiist  street.
Pure    Maple     Hyrup,    l.lmc Juice,
Washington    strawberries al B'.urni
Bros,,   Kirst street.
Don'l lorget, penrbes aiid cream at
tbi   Savoy.
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and most up to date soila [ountain 111
the city.   A   visit  will surpriso you.
Your  losses  assured,  rates reason -
ble—-W. U.   It.iViti.oii,  real estate &
Victor Hornless Machines C Iron
|20 upwards. Kdison Phonographs,
from |H..Mi upwards.- -Ilevelstoks
Music Btors, McKenzis Avenue.
CUW8 KOH BA1,K-Apply to D. B.
Mitchell, Kault, P.O., Tappen, B.O.
KUil BALIS—Household Kurniturc,
good as new, consisting ol dining-
room furniture, Bouvenlr range,
Piano, etc., bargain prices. Apply
to Mrs. George Black, next to Drill
Hall,   :--.■•*.*,nnl   -.tint,   ilevelstoks.
WANTED—At ouce, sii capable mon,
fur work in Bush uud door factory,
tileudy employment for experienced
men. Apply at Bash uud Door Kao
tory.   Kevelstoke.
Koll BALE—A modern ten-roomed
house, situated on Thir J street,
Itevelstoke, in best residential district. Inspection invited. Apply
to Mr. W. Snider, Third a*, net,
Itevelstoke, B. C.
TO LET—Modern bouse on McKenzld
Avenue, vacant June 15th, Apply
The Revelstoke General Agencies,
Kolt BALB—The following Solid Oak
Dinning room furniture:—1 round
extension table, leather upholster-id
chairs, Diiffet, writing desk; also
one bed sofa, 2 spring eousbes,
rnrpets, pictures, clc. Apply to Mm
Uev. Black, ocxt door to drill ball SATURDAY,  JUNE 15th, 1912.
SATURDAY, JTJNH 15th, 1912.
To the Candidate in the Mail-Herald's Contest
Who turns in the most money on Subscriptions
between June 10th and June 22nd, at 9 p. m.
New Candidate has equal chance with regulars.   Only business turned in between
above dates will be counted.
Enter Your Name end Work for Special Prize
%^-e>»-%^*^%.'»>^-%%-»>^u*.%^.%%-%^^^%^.-*^>%.%-%.%-%.%^'%,-%.M%.%'%^-%., .-,
$1,800 Voting Contest
I   desire  to  make  the   following
nomination :
Nominated  by
NOT! Thl* nomination blank I. good for t.ooo fro* vote.
Only ono nomination will ho acoaptod for each oandldato
Tho namae of pereone making nomination, will not be divulged.
Please send me detailed information concerning the Mail-Herald's $1,800 CONTEST
and the method to be pursued to win one of the
many valuable prizes.
Telephone No
4/%.%%%%'^%«%«%%%%*V%*«/V%*%% ****%%%%%%%*%%%*«**<
This Player Piano is Qne of the Optional Prizes io the MAIL-HERALD'S
Great Prize Voting Contest, aod is now oo Exhibition at The Revelstoke Music Store.
* SATURDAY, JUNE 15th. 1912.
SATURDAY, JUNE loth, 1912.
to t'ltnii' uiul
The annual report ul tht R.R.Y.M,
C.a. was beld on Thursday evening,
Juu-v 6th, .ii tin* Gym, luncheon was
served by the ladies, alter winch re-
of the year's    work were_pres- ( lhal „„„,
ented.   Mr.   W.   H.   Morrlon  and  Mr.   •' '
D. M. Thomson, pave some very in -
iert-3t.DE words about the Association work as it is being carried on
in other points. Reports as printed
below will give Bome idea of the
work being a comphshed by thc As-
soda tion.
Annual   Report offthe Railroad Young
Men .- ' hrli tian  Association  Irom
■*.,    .   1st.   1911,   lo   March     31st,
! 112
men —
In  pn  ■ ill ing   the Sixth   Annual   He-
port   ■ •'  the   Railroad  Y.M.C.A.     ol
Revel •■ ki    it   Is  with  delight     and
rli •■--   :  i   the  woik  thai      we
*   to accomplish during
thi   yeai   that  has past,
Apr.! 3rd, 1911, th. annual gymnas
ium exhibition took place, the boya
were in splendid form, and 350 citizens availed themselves uf the opportunity of watching the boys perform.
April the llth, 1911, a banquet was
helJ in the gymnasium for tlie purpose of bringing the members togetb
er and to create greater interest;
Supt. Kilpatrick occupied thc chair,
and addresses were given by Mr. J.
M. Graham of Vancouver, and Mr.
J. M. Dudley of Montreal; the Ladies' Auxiliary havi charge of the
During the mouth of May two events took place; the annual meeting
of the Association and a lecture given hy Mr. (.'. Adams of the Henry
George  Association.
June 3rd was red letter day. The
Association beld their annual Field.
Day on the recreation park— three
outside teams were brought into
town and a large crowd assembled to
enjoy the sport. Tbe ladies ol the
Auxiliary served refreshments on the
The biggest event ol thc year took
place on Thanksgiving Day when the
ladies served a Turkey Supper in the
gymnasium. Over WU people sat
down to supper and tbe members oi'
the Oity Band favored us with some
musical selections, and Lord Desboio
was our honored guest.
On October nth, 1911, the Board ot
Directors signed an agreement with
Messrs Foote and Prudoloni, con -
tractors, to erect an addition and
to make alterations to tbe present
building. The work was carried on
at a smart pace under the supervision of Mr. W. Vi. Wallace, architect
and tbe building was completed by
the end of tbe year and tbe opening
day was January 1st, when performances were held afternoon uD-d evening, under the aide leadership of Mr.
Percy  F.   Giflord,  physical director.
The new addition has given us larger dormitory space, more lobby
space and a splendid billiard room;
also new beating plant has been installed and tire protection to two ,^^^_^_*******_
_,,„,. ..,,,. , ,. ery ao\ in the city was given an "P
points   in   the   building   thus   making *    -
our  .'■ :.  one  vi the  best      .u
tbe  Interior.
The  (8,500  received from  tbe   C.P.
R. company on mortgage fur building
purposes      was   carefully  bandied,  hl-
though  the  addition  and     improve -
ments     *  ■ -•   i-,-1* ,.',:,,  leaving  a  de
act  of  $3*4*6.35,   which  to raise      'j
clear  us  oi  debt..
Through  the  kindness  uf Mr.  F.M.
Black,     treasurer  uf the  P   Burns &
ilgary,  we  were  suc.essful    in
securing 1500 from Mr. P, Burn-,$2."'.'
having already been receive 1.   A let
ter of  thanks  was  forwarded   to  .Ml.
P.  Burns tor Us generous gift, wc.cb  •""' uUe h****""11 ,la>'-
to     P..-*  part cl     ,ur!    M"rcb  n,u"tl''   Ur'   li'u*n
■ ■■ ■ :*•-*   ......*.t.ti.,g    to   Physical  department  of  the   I
.  j,,., itional committee "( New  \.. r..      I
osurance on the iu.Idng'" 'PlM<lw "1;
li :,,  •■ ■ onnectlou with tbe Physical
100. •   i ,.«„,   ment. at a lund n  given bimin the
inks ba 0 paid :-jr tbe lasl
',  *.:.' -■ |
Witli    ■'.*
work  for
April ....
October .
aim to invite every num
take part in the work.
Membership — Although we hnve
made Beveral attempts to raise our
membership to MM), we bave not accomplished that end, as we have only practically 3i;*5 paid up members]
yet v.-e have not given up the otlort,
and wa appeal to every member pres
ent to arouse himself, and get ready
!ot the new scheme which will be
laiinei.,*il early uexl tall, just think
for a few* moments  and  go  over the
belong and write them down and when
the campaign is getting prepared,
come with the names nnd jump into March
the game and assist in gathering
tbem iu, the Association is what the
members make it, let us make our
Association "the best."
In closing, we appeal tu every
young nian and boy in Hevelstoke to
come and secure a visitors ticket given to those who wish to partake ol
tho privileges for oue week without
charge, so as to see for themselves
whal    inducements   the   Y.M.C.A.      is
giving for the     betterment of
ami   Hoys.
Aga.ii  thanking the members
there interest and subscribers
their financial aid in assisting
Association. i
Yours respectfully,
Annual  Report of  the  Physical   De -
partment  for  the   year  irom April
1st.  l'.Ul  to March  31st,  1912,
The   work   ot   this   department   was
under the supervision  of  Mr.  H.    B.
Monroe,  and    many  successful  events
took  place.
April  3rd  a  large  number  ot  citiz-!
ens assembled     in    the gym  to     soe
their  daughters  and   boys  perform at
the  annual  exhibition.
May month brought the baseball
enthusiasts out and a preliminary,
schedule was drawn up, all games
were played and 2*811 men participated. On June 3rd our annual lield di'y
wns held on the recreation park, the
entire dny being laken up with athletics, and three outside teams were
brought in to create greater enthusiasm, viz, Kamloops, Comaplix and
Vernon. Ladies served refreshm* nts
on the  grounds.
.Inly, August and September, were
quiet  months.
Mr. H. B. Monroe tendered hiB ies
ignntion early in July nnd was f.C-
cepted. After some negotiations v th
several of the leading associations,
the secretary was enabled to re' in
touch with Mr. Percy F. Qlltoi'l, o.
Fori William, and at the sumner
camp i-losed  the dei1 Mr.  Gldorj
commenced  duties nbo t tlie  n-tli ol
September, l'Jll,   '.be   eias.ies     were
'then organized,  at'!  t.he  boyp put  tt*
Mr.  Giflord is doing splendid work
among  the  boys,   two  junior  classes
j being  formed, and a  boys Bible class
i being  held  every  Sunday  morning en
rolled 22.
Occasionally n free-for-all  day    has
i been  promoted,  that  of  givinc     the
I boys  ill  town  that   do  not   belong,  u
chance  lo run around  in the  gym tor
an   hour  or  two,   the   boys   certainly
enjoy them.
Another new scheme  was presented
by  Mr.  Giflord to the  directors, that
'of an arts and crafts exhibition. K*
No.  of  meetings  ...
Bible Classes:—
Sessions  held   	
Visits   to  sick   nud
injured...   20*0
statement  ol  the  Religious
the year  1911-1912:
Meetings       Attend.
 1 :>5
 5 325
 4 K0
 5 14.-)
,..4 1*55
..4 165
„5 IC!)
24; At
Bible  Classes-
tendance,  223.
Those wlio addressed the men during the year were as follows:— Sir
Andrew Fraser, Rev. J. Smith, Rev.
.1. Vi. Stevenson, Kev. It. .1. Mela-
tyre, Mr. P. F. Giflord, Mr. J. C.
Kiibson, Uev. .1. G, Shearer, Rev. H.
McOullough, Kev. T. K. Ohave, Mr.
Paton, Uev. F. A. Robertson, Rev.
M. Slapleford, Kev. C, A. Procunier,
Kev. F. 0. Pringle, Kev. K. Hater -
brook,   T.   Pagiliu.
Soloist.*-—Mr. K. Itoiid, Mr. Puul
Samson, Mr. Sid Humphreys, Mr. W.
Robertson, Mr. Albert Armnn, Mr.
Davies, Mr. T. Pagdln, Mr. Percy F.
Giflord, Mr. Ralph Lawrence, Mr. A.
The men were delighted with the
success of the meetings, the singing
wns of a lively nature and the men
heartily joined in the singing and the
reading of the scriptures. We are
looking for great things next season.
( Chairman.
Annual financial statement of the
Railroad Y.M.C.A., Revelstoke, B.C.
from April 1st, Pill to March 31st,
Membership    dues     $2,107.65
C.P.R.   appropriation     l.V'i'.CO
Rest  rooms      951.00
Rebate    of    taxes         l'Ti 37
Subscriptions       '.'.S.00
Howling    and   billiards      .'41,25
Entertainments   &   ads     193.96
Baths      256.85
Lockers          59.75
Insur.   from  BUig.   Fund        2o2.00
Lectures  and   talks            9.G5
Total    $6,(»'!5.37
room         77.07
Insurance     403.80
Telephone    rental     4S.00
Howling   and   billiards     355.45
Rest   rooms     06.28
Repairs     241.45
Heat,   light  and   water     oil.07
Printing   and     stationery  ... 158.15
Laundry,   baths  nnd   soap   ... 311.63
Gym   supplies    304.05
Taxes  214,33
Religious     work    22.73
Incidentals     68.75
That means
Success irt *
The dependable
flour is
V~m)> TRADE MAHK        i/lff^1
LIQUOR  ACT,  1910.
Notice is hereby given that on tho
15th day ot June next, application
will be mado to tho Superintendent
of Provincial Police tor the grant ot
a license tor tht sale ot liiiuor hy
retail ill and upon thc premises
known as Humbert Hotel, situated
near Rovolstoke, B.C., upou the lands
described us Lot 1, Block A, Plan
1 mi* il it Ktl tiny cf May, 1912.
Rosorio  lJesimoiue,   Applicant.
punrry flour
Sold by Hobson & Co., Revelstoke, B.C
"Five years ago, I was taken down
with what the doctors called Inflammation of the Bladder—intense pains
in the back and loins, and difficulty in
urinating, and the attacks, which
became more Frequent, amounted to
unbearable agony. I became so weak
that I could not walk across the floor.
My wife read in the papers about
GIN TILLS and sent for a box. From
the very first, 1 felt that GIN PILLS
were doing me good. The pain was
relieved at once, aud the attacks were
less frequent.
In six weeks, the Stone in the
Iiladder came away. When I recall
how I suffered anil how now I am
healthy and able to work, I cannot
express myself strongly enough when 1
speak of what GIN PILLS have done for
mc". JOHN HERMAN, Hamilton, Out.
Regular size, 50c, a box, 6 for ^2.50
—at all dealers. You can try them free
by writing for a free sample to National
Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada.
Limited,   Dept. W    Toronto. B-H
Revelstoke Land DUtrl -t.
District  of  West  Kooteuay.
Tako notice that l'.ar.ies; Adolf
Mayer, ol Mlneapolts, Minn;*--.la, occupation Clerk, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the fol'. wing
described  lands:
Commencing at a yost planted at
the North-west Corner of Lot .-,115
thence, north It) chains, tbei.ee west
40 chnins, thence south If cluins,
thence east 40 chains to point of
commencement and containing 160
acres more or leBi.
Dated  June 10th, 1012.
PUBLIC NOTIOB is hereby given
that tlie Oanadian Pacific Railway
company did deposit iu the Luud
Registry Otlice in the City of Kuni-
loops on the Mh day of Novembei-,
1911, under No. 003 Plan, Profile and
Hook ol Reference of proposed spur
to he constructed by the said Company from its main line at Mile
Board 43.S near the
molls, thence running
North-westerly across
Section 1,
lown  af  Sicn-
Northcrly   und
the  South-east
and   North-west   quarters,
Township 22,     Range 5,
West   of   the     6th  Initial  Meridian,
thence   Westerly   across  lots  1035   and
52S,  Group  1,  Kamloops  Division    of
Yale  District  near  Sicamous in    tho
Province of  British Columbia, to the
premises of the Oolumbia  River Lumber  Company,   and  that  thirty  days
after  this  notice  or  as soon      thereafter as the application can  he heard
the   Canadian   Pacific   Railway   Com -
pany  intends  to  apply  to the  Board
of  Railway  Commissioners  for  Canada for authority to     construe 1      the
aforesaid spur.
Dated the  12th  day  of  .lune,  1012.
li.   W.  BATKMAN,
Local  Right of Way
and Lenso  Agent,
Canadian   Pacitic    Railway Company,
Vancouver, B.  C.
Treasut tr,
Report   of      Building   Fund     up    to
L'fF.R, f5.506.00
1912,    C.P.R.   ...2,994.00
Ma rib  31 «t.
iportuultyto     make something     and
put  it  on  exhibition.   The  osh.    '
was held in April  when some splendid  work  was shown   in  the   gym,   il
I though  we   wen   disappointed   in  the
i number of boys exhibiting,
January  1st,  1012.  open  day
performances     were     given, splendid
. work   was   done,   and a good   .':11m  of
I basket ball was played  betwi
' J.B.C,   and  Intermedial s      t *
two snowshoe tramps were held, .mJ
a Jul,ior sleigh ride was given.
I    February every  boy  was taug
-**.::.    Snowshoe   tramps,   one
:   • ,: ,.$8,500.00
K ote    .v   Pradoloni -:
Hardware   Co
Rev,  Plumbing a
Architect's  fees 200.60 j
Bev    Plum   -g  v Hi A   I
Sealed Tend* rs endorsed "Plumbing" will be received l,y the under -
Btgned until Saturday, July 6th, 12
o'clock noon, for plumbing Work ti
the    queen    Victoria   Hi ep t ,i  add.
tionS,   Revelstoke,   H.C.
Specifications, etc.. may be obtained upon application,
\  certified  cheque for  five per cent,
to accompany     each
**r      any    tender
■   ■ icce ted.
BoJ   Mi .   Revi Istoke.     B.   0.
There are no dead flies
lying about when
are used as directed.
All Druggists, Grocers and General Dealers sell them.
Revelstoko Land District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Tako notico that I, Elizabeth
Hannah, ot Rossland, B.O., occupation Married Women, intend to apply for permission to pii.chasti tje
following described lauds:
Commencing at a post plantod
about K0 chains north ol the North-
West Corner ot Lot 8402, thonce 80
chains south, 30 chuius cart, SO
ciiains south, 80 chains ifcsf, 80
point ot commencement and contain
ing 24*0 acres  more or less.
Dated this 2Gth ot April,  1012.
Johu  W,  Hannah,  Ageut.
1 Seuled Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tenner
for Wharf ut Boswell, B.C.," will be
received at this office uutil 4 p. m.,
on Tuesday, July 2, 1012, for thl
construction ot u Pile Bent Wharf at
Boswell, Division ol Nelson, Kootenay  District,   B.C.
Plans, specilications and form ol
contract can tic seen and forms oi
tender obtained at tins Depart neue
and ut the offices ot Q, A. Keefer,
Esq., District Engineer, Now Westminster, B.C., and on application to
' the Postmustcr at \ Ictoria, B.C.
Persons tendering ure notified that
' tenders will uot be considered unless
' made on the printed forms supplied,
uud signed with their actual signatures, Btuting their occupations uud
places ot residence. lu the cuse of
lirms,. the actual signature, the nature of thc occupation, und pluco ol
residence ot each member of tbe firm
must ho given.
i    Each  tender    must  be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a churtered
: hunk,  payable  to  tbe  order    of    tho
'Honourable  the     Minister of    Public
: Works,  i*i|mil   to  ten  per cent  (10  p
c.j ot     the   amount     of the tender
which  will  be  forfeited if tbo  person
tendering  deeliuc  to  enter      into
contract  when culled  upou  to do so,
or [ail to complete the work contracted for.  If tbc tender  be not accepted the cheque will bc returned.
Thc Department docs uot bind itself to accept tbe lowest or uny tender.
By  order,
Department of Public Works,
I Uttnwu,  Muy  30,  1012.
Newspapers will not be    puid    for
thiB advertisement if they insert   it
without   authority   from   the   Department.
Juno   ,'ith   1st   issue.
The qualifying examinations tor
Third-Class Clerks, J uuior Clerks and
Stenographers will bo held at the
following places, commencing on
Tuesday, tho 2nd July next:—Arm-
strong, Chilliwuck, Cumberland, Dun
can, Golden, Grand Forks, Kamloops
Kaslo, Kclowna, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Nelson, New Westminster, Peach-
luiid, Prince Rupert, Penticton, Revelstoko, Rossland, Salmon Arm,Summerland,  Vancouver,  and  Victoria.
Candidates must bo British sub -
jects between the ages of 21 and 30,
if for Thiixl-clasB Clerks, and be-
tweon 16 aud 21, if for Junior Clerks
or Stenographers.
Applications will not lie uccopted
if received later than tho ISth June
next. lb...
Soction 7 of the "Civil Service Act"
provides tbat temporary clerks aud
Stenographers, who have not been
regularly appointed by Order iu
Council, must pubs this examination
Registrar, Civil Service.
1st Issue May 8th.
Tho next exnmiuatiou [or tbe entry
oi iNuval Cudots will ue held ui inu
examination centre ol tno iMivil boi-
Vico Commission in cuweinber I'lti,
parents or guardians of unending
e.uiUiuates buoiiiu upply tu tuo Sec-
lotury, civil Service 1 .mini is', i\
uttawu, ior entry papers belore 1st.
Octouer next.
Cuudidutes must lie between tho
ages ol 14 uud 16 on 1st October,l'ji-i
Cadets are trained for appointment
as Officers iu the Nuvul Sorvice, tbo
course ut the College being two years
lollowed by one yeur iu a Training
1 1 a 11.**i, utter wuicb Cadets are luted Midshipmen.
Further details can bc obtained ou
application  to undersigned.
Deputy   Minister,  Department
of the Naval  Service.
Department of  the Naval  Service,
Ottawa,  Muy 6th, 1912.
'     '
twenty   men   were  pres
•*' t      .01 '
■ n of th
1822 ■:.
... pool
.     . -lib-'    Thu hrlnl!8 u'" r'''"'" "' ""' ''''''"
■■    md     ii*
ranun at   Victoria  fgovernmc.it)    to'"""1 '   f
forwa . Rev-1 trust that we
M.c.A., for I ■ 'greater  work  this year,  and that wfl
il rub is nlso
,1   ti        the
1 may   take  a greater   interest   .
1 »ork to build men   tod make
mem  en ■   a  *!* nation   ,,',    , at
bopk        11     to fil     the BDttte 100k
'■''-■• in    tue
m !'*r that purpose, H It 1 h
I * rei |50 toi * Let
ui show the ladles how wc apprect
ate their good ■•** rk by Bill ig the
large book eas ■ wh i*!i ■.-. HI boi I * 00
The   Cfl'.R.   employes   ma ll
did us. nf our Dlrecton 10 un for
their First  Aid  work.
Our physical work foi thc yial has
been encouraging, the clm-mes    being
well attended, under ihe tlireci, in of
Physical   Director  Olflord,
Tbe religious work of thc Associa
tion ifi worthy of note:—thirty-one
meetingw held for ucven months, attendance at some 1230. Boy's Bible
class—Sescions beld, 24; attendance,
Wr would !:ke to *'■*. this department of oui work for the eomlne sc-
well organized, as the men OD-
joyed the services and we ought    to
i'l,.rnman. Physical Depal
Annual     Btati tii il     itatement f"i
the   year     It   m
Murch 31st,   1012;
April   Ist,   1911,   ti
Attendance at    rooms  „
Re t  rooms,   time used
To' il
,30 542
4,1 11
No. occupying
Baths taken
No. committee
Attendance at
Attendance at
Hiime IM
ESxpfra ■   ■
Surplus   :•
Rl   Btptl
.   i ,11111       lug
Surplus,  I ■
Htrwcrlptton   I .-nmit
tee   v.M.i   A .   (20 OO
Total  receipts
Total   fflipenditurei
.Surplus,   $80.10.
v. ^ A
mativft icruKi-ija ji-iM.-al
Scaied    Tenders nddi«sscd
undersigned,   and  endorsed
fm   Wharf at  Needles,  B.O.1
received  at  this ollico  until  4
to    the
will  bo
p.  m.,
Notice iB hereby given that Willis
Johu Armstrong, ol Rovelstoke, U.
C, will upply for a license to take
uud use six (0) miners inches of water out of Mill Creek, wbicb Hows iu
a south easterly direction through
Section 20, Township 25, Runge 2,
West of tho nth Meridan, and empties into Toucu Wutba river, near
Big Eddy, B.C.. The water will be
diverted ut 'im feet ubove C. P. K.
truck ami will be used for irrigation
purposos on the land described as 35
ucres, purl section "20, township 23,
runge 2, west of 0th Meridan.
ThiB notice was posted on tbe
grouud on tbe llth day of April, 1912
The application will be bled in the
mine ol the Water Recorder at Revolstoke, Bl 0.
Objections may  bo tiled with     the
said     Water     Recorder or with the
Comptroller  ol  Water  Rights,    Par -
liumeut Buildings,  Victoria, B.  0.
Applicant. ...
.. nr,
...    40
Total        ^^
physical Department:—
No. of Classen     241
Attendance    4,045
Educational  Department:—
No.  of classes        50
Attendance      B79
Jli'Ilj-rioiiD Work:—
Just Hold .hP Gillette Naturally
lialena Day landx in parcels of
10 or 'M scrRP or en bloo, Correspondence invited,
John Shaw, Agent
Box 616 Arrowhead
Shaving wdh fli<- f jILLl. I 1 £ in not t fine art,
docj 11 require ilulled \»\*n.    You m.iy he
"no good willi loo1**!," yrt yon ran ihsvfl ynurvK
easily and well wild t\,m Cillftte S*(cty Razor,
I lold it li-Atly, at illiiilr.it--1\, end it I.1II1 nalnrally
into th**- ti/ni ihavinj] portion, blade nlge jmt
t g the skin.     \l,ea dr.iw il a' ron lhe lar e,
not hoe fashion, hut wild tln» Any,\e Stroke shown,
and the. k'Mn CILLE I IE blade will cut smoothly
in  any  direction    with  thr  nt.tn,  scroti it, ot
t ll
II vou want a lipid tlinve, or il your skin it
lea<\et, screw the handle tinhi.
1 1 Wanl a dote shave*, loo«*rn lhe hamllr
aboul ■ ti .ro-r inrii. I hit luOWi iIk" Made loipring
nw.iy (rom the Ri1.1r.-I n little and lake more hold.
liny a fi ILLI', P 11\ iin(llor«etyourthavingtrouhles.
Standard Sell, f 5.    Pocket Editions, $S. lo $fi
Combination Seit, $fi.lv*d up. IW
Al your Druggiiil't, Jeweler't or Hardware [)«al«r't.
"III- - and I-i. i.n,
Th« n.w cM.it. ntiti., Si.
Al-piftntt-ftr St.,      Montretl.
on Thursday, July 4tb, 1912, for tbc
construction of u Pile Ueut Wharl at
Needles, Divinion ot     Arrow    Lali.,
: ol   Kooteuay, D.C.
I Plana, specifications aud lorm ul
contract enn be seen uud forms    ol
tender   Obtained   at   tbiH   Department,
1 und at lbe olllces ol 0. C.  Woistdl,
' Km|., District Knginocr,     New  Westminster,  U.I .,  uud   on  application  to
llie  Postmaster at  Needles,  U J , and
'. lotorla, B.O.
Persona tendering ure uotlllud tbut
tenders will not be con^ld-ar .1 unless
in,nii* ou tbe printed tortus supplied,
uiul signed  wiib tbeir actu il .., \a
tines,   stilling   tbeir   occupations  and
places ol residence.   In the cuhj    ot
linns, ibe actual signature, tbe nature <>i ihe occupation) uud plicu i.t
residence ol each member ol tno Pi in
nm 1  i>e given.
Knell tender must lie aoco ipuuii>!
i.y uu acoaptod obelus on n chartered
lunik, payable to the or ler ol tue
Honourable the Minister ol Public
Works, equal to ten per cc.it (lu p
i.i ot tlio amount ot tne teudir,
wlnili will be forfeited if the person
tendering decline to enter into a contract when called upon to do so, or
imi to complete the woik contracted
foi.    If   the   tendei      lie  not accepted
the cheque will be returned.
'ilie department does not bind . t >-• it
to .inept  tbe  lowest or uny  tendei.
Ily  order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, June li, P.112.
Newspapers will not im paid for
ilin advertisemeni if tbey insert it
without authority Irom thc Depart •
OF   aTKAM-UOlLliltS   AND
Kx.iuiiiuiiionh Ior the position of
In. i'i* ioi .*. of . -tv.nii liiiilii;. mid Mu -
chinery, under tbe "Hteam-boilcrs Inspection Act," will be held at tho
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, commencing Muy 19th, 1912. Application
uud Instruction forms can be bud on
application to thu undersigned, to
whom tbe former must be returned
correctly tilled ln, not later than May
1st, r.1/2. Salary, #130 per montb, lu
creasing ii, per montb per annum to
a maximum of $180 per month.
Chief  Inspector  of  Machinery,
New Westminster, B.O.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of  West Kootenay
Tuke notice that Lana A. Blondin,
of Halcyon, B. C, occupation mar -
ricd woman, Intends to apply for permission to purchase tbo Io.lowing
described  land:
Commencing at a post planted on
the Houth Boundary uiity cbains west
of tbe south-east corner of Lot 7072;
tbence Bouth 20 chaius, thence eust
40 chains, thence north 20 chains,
to euid soutb boundary of Lot 707-2
tbence nest along said boundary 40
chainB more or less to point ot commencement, containing &o acres moro
or less
Uutcd Mareh  llth.  1912.
Lana A. Dlumltn.
, Hugh Patiaaoa, Ag»H
\ SATURDAY,  JUNE 15th,  1912.
SATURDAY,  JUNE 15th,  1912.
mm notes
PartieB desiring information regarding the Valley of the Garden ol
Eden, can obtain same free of charge
by writing to Mr. J. H. Johnson,
Malakwa,  B.   0.
(Continued from lust Issue.)
In quicker time than it takes to
describe it, the enemy was made to
lick the dust. His carcas was then
triumphnntly carried to a suitable
open Bpnce where severul photographs
of the victorious band were taken by
Mr. Coppock and Mr. L. Johnson —
two gentlemen who in no Bmall degree have lately distinguished themselves in the useful urt of photography.
When the bear party disbanded it
was tbc unanimous opinion that ihe
sport of the duy hud been a source
of mutual enjoyment, pleiisunt diversion and social intercourse—a wel -
corned break in tho ordinary routine
life of "the trivial round aud the
common  task."   Luboriug,  as     tbey
The Valley of
The Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  ard  Extending  between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
f kardrt-ar nf £nil   Bench   Lands,  Clay   Loam  and Vegetable
iJlldldWrjl   Ul  OUII   Mould, while on Lower Lands Black Loam
Mn Irrwiatinn   Positive'y no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
llU III KJu IIUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Climate   Freezing is Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HI RAL!) Each Week
do, in thiB promising part of British
Columbiu, where ardorous toi) in of
the tirst necessity in order to publicly bring to view its latent natural
resources anil many agricultural advantages, ihe RMtlers of' Malakwa ara
nil the more needy and deserving of
healthy sports and wholesome pleas
ures. for which this valley supplies
abundant scope, und those wbo woik
thc hardest know Ijcst of all how to
enjoy theinBelves. We would empU.is
ise for the benefit of prospective buyers and intending settlers that this
charming valley is by no means a
place of "all work and no play" for
on all sides there is demonstrated
both tbc "dignity of labor" nnd the
"social instinct"—in tact every purt
of man's complex nature cun find a
plenteous -ouree of ministration r-nd
satisfaction in tbe Valley of the Oar-
den of Bden.
. . It Might Be Cold ■ . ,
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent- Our.record of cures!!
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests,     r
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for 56.00
A. T. EKVl-IS-yrK, Proprietor
Laughton CS, Tapping, Props.    •    First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan S
Open Day and Night. ■ Meal Tickets, $6.00
Str'ctly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Bw>t Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
T.   ALBERT     ST03STE     PEOP.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged  »nd Improved.    Kirst-C'lass in every reBpect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample l.o,.int..
RaUo $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke. B.C.
-■■■•■■—■■■— OPEN NIGHT AND DAY'
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
. W. C. BATCHELOR,       -       cTWanager.
Rosedene Nurseries
*• Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
-Special Attentiin K'"-" '° conitnerrlsl
tan snd tonrislB. Kiwi *i \aa- Ittnpll
room*. Mt.wt Hii-nfry in Uritish Columbia, overlooking I'pper Arrow l.nks.
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Coal mining rights ol the Dominion
iu Munitoba, Saskatchewan aud Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion ol tbe Province of British Columbia, may be leased lor a term oi
* hi i.i j   years at an anuual rental ol *>l an acre. Not more than
2,."'l.o acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the
Agent or Bub-Agent of the district
iu wbich the rights applied for are
Xn surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sectious, and ln un
surveyed territory tho truct upplied
. lor shull be staked out by the ap -
i.ln ..hi   himself.
Kach applicuut must bo accompanied by a fee of 15 wbich wlll tie refunded if tbe rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shull bo pulil on the merchantable output of tho mine at the
rate of live cents per ton.
The person operating t'.,• mine shull
furnish tbe Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined nnd pay tbe
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
rlghu are not being operated, sucb
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
Tbe leaso wlll Include the coal mining rights only, but tbe lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
ii vii •. lit i.i.. surface rights may be considered necessary for tbe working of
the mine at the rate ot 110.00 an
For full Information application
should lie made to the Becretary of
tho Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to tbe Agent or Hub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy  Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not lie paid
W.J. Lightburne, Prop Phone 42 •   Night Phone 85
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator: never falli. Theie
pill* nre eiceeilingly powerful Id regulating th*
generative portion ul tne leniale lyntem. Kefnee
all cheap I ml tat I not. Dr. da T»«'b are mlrf et
IA a bm, or three tor 110. Malted to anv arldrem.
The Ice be 11 Drag Co,. It. Cftthnrlnea, Oni,
Columbia  Uiver  Grain   Houtc   (HUH
Wc  reproduce   thc  following  article
from the Cnlgury  Herald,  which may
be of iutcrcBt to our readers :
"The people of Revelstoke, in cooperation with thc I'oitlund chamber
of commerce, arc agitating to have
thc nav-igution of thc Columbia river
improvod so that tbc gruin and other products of tbe great plains i>(
Alberta und SaBkutcbewun muy be
lloatcd dowu its broad watsrs ia
barges from tbr bead of navigation
at Revelstoko to tide-water at Fort-
land, Oregon, there to lie translorred
to occau vessels and taken through
tbc l'anama cauul to thc markets of
tbe world.
"This menus that the people of
RevelBtoke will intercept the graiu
and other products of Alberta and
Saskatchewan while in transit to thc
ports of tho I'acilic const and divert
it down the Columbia river water
route, und thus ctlect a saving to tbe
Albortu farmer of -$3.30 pei ton in
freight aud (1 per ton in ifreo) tolls
tbrougb the canal, or a total of li 30
ci|uul to nearly  13 cents per bushel.
"It means that in order to meet
tbc cheap water route cumpetitium of
the Columbia river the people of
Vancouver aud other coast cities will
have to combine and in self-defence,
develop a waterway of tbeir own.
The Fraser and Thompson rivers will
havo to be improved by a .ystem ol
dams and locks, so that barges din
U- taken Irom btdswattl nwny up into the Intel ioi- to Revelstoke nr as
near Revelstoke at possible, say Bi-
cumous—and then by offering a short
er route and clivii|>ci rate* endeavor
to offset tho advantages posscBBid by
the Columbia river route, and thereby capture nt least a fair share of
the trad.* of Alberta and .Saskatchewan.
"It nienns that unless the Cunad
ian const cities lietrtu themselves „ii,|
at once improve their own watei
route so that barges may 1* taken
from tidewater, via the Fraser and
Thompson rivcis, to Revel itoke— or
nenr Revelstoke, say Sicamous—that
much ol the trade .,1 Allwrta nud
Sa"kiitchewan will not cme further
west  than Revelstoke,  and w.ll     M
lost to  Vancouver  and  other    coast
And when the grain laden barges
come down the Fraser river, will
they stop at N\w Westminster or bs
towed around from the mouth of
the Fraser river, through tbe stormy
wuter of thc Gulf of Georgia to Van
couver ? We think not—wc think
that thc barges will be towed thru'
the sheltered cbaunels of tbe coast
Islands to the harbor at Victoria,
and tbere loaded on to thc Ing 1000
ft. ships drawing 40 ft ot water and
which cannot be safely taken to either Vaucouver or Westminster, on
account of tbe cross-currents, tide -
rips and dangerous sboals tbat ex,si
in tbe narrow channols on tbe way
to Vancouver and New Westminster.
Then there are tbc delays from fogs,
tbe extra insurance risks and tha pii
otage due.*, to be taken into account,
thus Victoria, will liecoone tbe only
safe deep-water port on tbe Canadian   I'antic  coast.
coming mm
June    24—For     one    week,  National
Btock  Company.   Empress  theatre.
October 7—Managing     Mildred Opera
Co.,   Empress  tbeatr..
See tbe Rovelstoke Hardware Oo.'s
advertisement for bargains in screen
doors and windows.
Notice m hereby given that William
lliu.i Robertson, of Rovelstoke, B.C.
will apply (or a license to take and
use ii:.| fifteen Miners inches o< water
out ul Cariboo Creek, whicli flows in
a southerly direction through T. B.
Jj:i7j and T. U. 43<)2<,, and emptier
into Downie Crock, about two miles
from its mouth, Columbia River. The
water will be diverted at a point li
miles north of Downie Creek, and
will be used for domestic purposes
on tbe land described as Lot 1*0494.
Revelstoke   Land   District.
Tbis notice was posted on the
ground on tin Ub day of June, 1912.
The application will be tiled ln tbs
office of tbe Water Recorder at Rovelstoke, II. O.
Objection" may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller of Water Rights, l'sr-
liament  Buddings.   Victoria,   D.C,
ler Andrew Kiteon, Agent, SATCRDAY.  JUNE l.'ith, 11)12
SATURDAY, JUNfl 16th, 1*>12.
of labor from farms, nnd by bbe tad
lag ol I Im* Inlluence ol bhe charat Iiv
building Institutions of the country.
Hn- mm *il, u grenl American th u..et
saji 'li new ideas aro abroad, n «■
hopes ai [slug, you will sea 11 bj tb *
,,_ mail.* thai arc building." Bimul
taneously with the movemonl lor tbo
need of good roads arises one luring over two weeks the judges select- inching idea, oven nun" profound
ea iu award tbi ;■:.*.- iu tbe L'ana- than the enhancing ol land values.
dian Higbway Association Essay Ii Is Mn* Bocial betterment by which
What    Good  Roads Canudn   is     playing a   distinguished
New     ft'esti
Alter aa exhaustive
D.C, June
ial ion last
etiti u uu
an t    * ana ...    have today    sub -
mHted the report  to President W1J.
Kerr  gold, silver gilt,
and silvet  medals.
The  ■•*.:.. ■   tirst  prize is S.
L ieman . . 2 Mu r sti set, Ti routo
n-hose ,.., : *- exceptionally good
lor a hi i.,   Tne second
Jberl    rt atson  tl. i
nl   S ■ David    'l'i*.."I
..... treet,  lidmou
  .... He     iini.iei
iver, 1ied lot
.......  eive    a
sili ■ ler ol  mei
. ■     ■    • *    *      ■■   ).; res  ■ 15 *  Bl
,   v. innipeg,   Gladys
■. .....    .i   ... •  Sinclair street,    lid
mor.; Leonai M i . * a * It * Hal
rist ... int., *. m.iili Welch (1CJ S42
rth av \ ancouver,   Bessie
Frasei   ■. ■   i.   tenth    I reel.  K.i
mont '*. *  North Van
The interest taken in tiie competi
tion exceeded .... expectations, no
less than 162 ess ys eing received
'rum Canada, and quite u number
frum England, including nine from
tbe   Park   sti et   ichool  al   Brighton.
The major-it] ays reached
tbe omce of Becretary P.W. Luce un
May n     ..   . me of tne paper
coming in by express, others bj pai
ce)  p st,   Sei eral  schi ols     sent     In
:ruin ten  tu thirty  essays, evidently
the best  ol a number written  by  the
students u! thut institution.
Ttie judges were Messrs. J.W. Bun-
ningham, b.C, editor of the British
<  ilumbian, a of   Toronto
University, and fur several years a
teach,: in Ontario schools; Mr. Cbu-
.\. .Sutherland, a newspaper man ol
many years * iperience, and P. Vi.
A large number of essays were
thrown *.   lbe  first leading,  aiid
they gradually dwindli 1 down until
about 70 papers remained. These
wen carWully considered by the Judges, a.-.: the best eleven picked out,
Mr. Oieman's essay uas easily first
among these, but tbe diliiculty arose
in awai ling tbe second and third
prizes. Each papei was critically examined, and tbe judges finally decided on tbe awards as above mentioned, in addition to the medals, President Vi. J. Ken announced some
time ago tbat he would give u silver
souvet every entrant whose
ttsaj   . standard of
thes   ; ns w ..
be    awui .* g one to tbe
-.■ it essayist la ; Phomas
Bird, who bas been nine summers on
the   ■*.    - ol  Vancouver  Island
Isl  prise,
and   *
undi* |uce u here
w.th -
"WHAT G  01     ROADS    MEAN    TU
The i ,    .   ■
of road on    de
rived i enefits     as
tbt every!
.    *     ...   -
- ■ -■• '   • * .
i ol Hei
cules to I isalem,
Ity l
'  ■
• -
ing placi
•■•••• S'. or iii -      * ,i«
I Ml •
to go I
tO    VJB.t    .1 fl It I.
suffer     tbt tnpl    I
They  w.ii  not
tor's  lull- nm
formed Into B il     In-
bsbftanti art     ■ log degrad  I i
■      illy, socially an i morally   i   ■
try   folk   are  not   migl itlng I     I Ith
because tbey    don't like    rural life,
but  liecnuse  the  roads,    (   tbej     maj
I* ca, ■ ible.   These
peoi'i' ..-'lit    iin   il,   to   He..
Hint aii the discomfort and prcren
tion '.; ■ ' . ijmeot in due io
tb* i.i' k ••' good roads, Here lies tbs
i| i Roman road ■
■ . i mate In
Uolliiin him! cenu ibe nal onal
•niaik-J   ly  tut  ctUHiaUt   withdrawal
pai i  .a Hie uplift ui iiit: world.
No iv we turn to tbe meaning of
roads iu the economic sphere. Is n
a good business policy? Canada's
manufacturers, men ol commerce and
busiuess admit that Oanada needs
sui'h a policy, imi because they can
not see any solid, unrestricted and
ai uilablo gain     i hat    would   accrue,
Hi .j        iluii'l       ear.'.    The   cost   of     a
brenk'ust roll would be trilling did
ii nol cost ilm (anii.'i- eighteen cents
i [[.-I hum* I., transport ulna;
a.ne iii.les ina railway station than
ii did from Sew \»>i li in Liverpool,
.i i I .iini ol i hr, c I In • 11 s-11 n.l one llllll
di'.-d miles. Tlie cost ol a bi lied egg
..- tbi payment ol transportation
from tho hen to ib.- household. Tne
.' trinsic value ol the egg Is a mere
trifle compared with the expense of
carriage  through  two  feet   of mud.
i ner ihe deep rutted roads, as they
exist at present, a farmer can haul,
mi au average, six hundred pounds
in five hours wub two horses, II
g I roads were constructed, however, ii has been calculated tbat one
horse could draw twelve hundred
pounds and mine in two hours. Nol
only would the farmer save time.
conserve his energies, make better
use  of  liis  vehicles  and  horses    and
•an tec J
by  McClary's   to
save fuel—to cut out
Just, fuss and bother
and   io   heat   your   house
evenly and comfortably
in the coldest weather.   We
Iguarantee  the   "Sunshine'
| Furnace to save enough to
pay  for   itself   quicker
than  a ny  o t li e
furnace you can
b ti y
■Made specially to burn B.C. fuel.
Repairs, when necessary, always in stock at Vancouver.
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sdle or Hire
by the month  at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING,   Agent.
and   cause   mud   to   "i'Ze  up   and   nits
to be renewed.
Well-constructed  roads shorten  distances  by  reducing the tune  to tra-
thereby save money; bm   the consum
,.    , ,.    ,ii , , ,    vel.    They   would   give  rise to n furtii-
er,   would  rccoive bis needs     at .   •   ,        . ..  ,
lower priees, Anl n Canuda's agricultural production is annually in-
crea Ing by leaps and bounds, a
greater proportion of money would
be saved by all classes of people year
ear; and. probably, the high cosl
of living in Him urban districts would
recede to  tbe  normal.
"It costs tbe average Canadian
farmer two dollars a ton to haul his
produce to tbc market town, to the
railway Btation or lako port, lt i-
known that the production of field
crops alone     amounts to ubout   10,
nun.unu tons a year, It would be
moderate to estimate that 25,000,000
of this tonnage is hauled over roads
one way or anothei; so We have (50,
000,000 as cosl ol teaming field crops
by  the termers.   Tins cosi  could    be
I'e.lui-ed if we bad first Class roads.
to (20,000,000, ,, saving of 60 por cent
leaving $30,000,000 as a saving on
oue class of product alone."
The building ol good roadt     I
Increase the value of     taxable lands
not  only   :n   the   vicinity   but  all
the tnoht remote   pans.   Stupei d   .
amounts could  be collected  in  taxta
and   the   assets   ,.;   lhe   nation ao   well
as  the  landlord  woul I    DCI d - ■    Sew
tonus would Bpring up;  new railway
branches  would  be  built;  and  Cana
da  would  i"'    cttled     and
at a miraculous rats.
Our  convicts  could     be
employed   building  roads,   Ol
;t  is useless to have them constructed  i
and   scientific   waj     1   ■
tit  "gra
water  will  quickly  drain  ofl   I
tii.it   in,
••   lorce     '.; - •   tbi
er exploration of sparsely settled die
iii'ts and would result In the eis-
eovi'iy and Bblpping of more miueral
and   timher   wealth.
I feel confident that smooth burd
roads would mean more to Canada
than any other project. I believe
that a remarkable awakening, a "6-
natssance would '.ake place, 'he
economic and national advantages
that would mi.siii' are incalculable
The energetic settlement and develop
ment. oi Oanada would seii the treas
my and the country would enji y an
era of prosperity unoiiUalled in lis
history, tiood roads in l'..uaii.i
would mean a higher ftrtUuai'd til
citizenship; a people pervaded hy wl
ue. it. mi and good tn.ui.; ani u. lettei understanding and a i.ui. m1 syv.-
patby l-etwi'i the diverse peoples in
tbe Dominion.
d.   '. 'KMAN
itii   Major   Street,
Tj onto,   Jul.
It w.
Animal     Rugs,   Game
Heads  and  Birds
P.O.Box 31, Revelstoke
Court of Revision
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given
tbat the Court of Revision of the
City ol Revelstoke, will be held in
the City Hall on Tuesday, July 9th,
1912,  at S p.m.
City  Clerk.
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of  West Kooteuay.
Take notice  that Adelard d. lilou-
diu, oi      Halcyon,    li. C, occupation
shipwright, intende to apply for permission     to      purchase  tbe  following
; el   described  laud:
Commencing at a post plant
iini  JO chains  «
to July 5th, 1912
Fl eight paid on Alberta Exhibits.
Cash  offered   for  prizes  nnd  purses,
513, ' ' Attraction Programme, In-
ig Jimmy Ward with a Curtis
■  Famous N'avassar I,allies Military
■ • bants and  other
• june 15th.
I. S. G. VAN WART,  President.
Fi rms   Horn  I-i.
er of   Lot ,u.:,   Li R      . ... , 1>arki
. it   .
north lu ci.a _____^^____________
' i
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol'-^ WSe?«n>0«rvelBtll«body
 ' I      i pr iper teosl n : restores
Now is the Time to
Get Your Flower
Garden in Shape
We grow the finest bedding-
out plants that can be grown.
2r> different varieties of ASTERS. Write for our complete
price list of ROSES, SHRUBS,
plants now ready.
Florists, Columbia, B.C.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexlume   Electric
Simp in Cumming's Transfer
Building, Second Street
Corporation cf the City
of Revelstoke
i'ublic Notice is hereby givcu tbut
it is absolutely necessary that Uis-
orders ol a suspicious nature be reported to Dr. McLean, City Medical
Health Utliccr or other physiciaus,
as soou us known. Fuilure tu du this
is a punishable olleucc.
By Urd'r,
City  Clerk.
No.    iti,    ROYAL    TEMl'LAKS    OF
Meets every 2ud aud 4th Thursdays
iu Oddfellows Hall, at li o'clock.
Visiting Templars are cordially iu -
vitcJ.  to atteud.
W. E. MUNSON, a. C.
A.  B.  TOL'KNKR.   R.   a.
Provincial  Land   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
rim an . 'mature decay and nil sexual
, eaci     Phonphooo! will
- 1.1 a box. nr twr, Ioi
"     - ■•-..     TttoSi'obcll Dnu,
o„ St. Catliarlnvi,. Out.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial  Bank Building  Revelstoke, B. 0.
Money to Loan.
Olllces—Revslstoks,    B.   O..     aad
Craubrook, B. 0.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A.  M.  Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Smoker's Supplies
The old reliable now lias the largest and besl line of Smokers'
Supplies ever in the (ily, nnd our prices nre right. Fifty brands
of cigars lo chouse front.   Price from $1.00per box up;   not made
irsni snap either.
Meerschaum Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
Our slock   of   Calabash   Pipes   is  small  on  account  of   the
crop being a failure this year and quality poor.
Briar Pipes in cases from $1.00 up.
Ask for llie famous 11. B, B. brand, Every pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Oases and Lighters, Pouches,
Asli Trays anil Pipe Rucks. Tell us what vou want anil we will
suit vou. If you cannot call, phone M and goods will be sent to
your home lor approval.    Buy early while stock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows liini, be will
tell you that the whiskeys we uro
Balling are the beBt. Oall and be
convinced. No household should
be without a supply of our Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frnpln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
iti) years old or Blaokberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Willi's and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold Iiy all
the leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Fresh Imported Groceries
0. GaUicano, Second Street
:     '
is the til
real II
Look for tii'  MINERVA Head
i can conl ill 1 il
* .      H .      W A L L A O E
I\ O. Uoi nti,  Kevelstoke, B.C.
Itevelstoke,   H.   C.
.on and IJ.  c.  l.aml  Surveyor.
MJUIIS.NAV      LUUtiUl.   No.   <b A.  K.
innl  A.   11.
w    ur      meetings am  held   in  A1AH
lUfLE,     'Milialiows'      Hall
■ e  in,1.1 Monday in cacti montb
at * p,   iu.      Visiting brutal uu      art
-   ,      ■
i" ■!   "...   j», U.
w.  u.  ROBERTSON,  riecretary.
Montreal Quebec Liverpool
Largest & Finest SteamersfromCanada
New S. S. Laurentic. 15,000 Tons Each
New S. 8. Megantic
Sails June 22, July 20, Aug. 17. July 6, August 3, August 31
one-class il li Cabin sorvice.
Twin-Screw S. S. Teutonic     Twin-Screw S. S. Canada
582 feel long, 18,001) horsepowe] 514 Feet loiij;
Sails July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 7. June 29, July 27, August 24
Company's Olllces, 619, Second Ave., Near Cherry St., Seattlo
''■ i       BBQB1B,   .so. MIL
OF t.  O.  K.
• Ls iu I. u. (j.  K.  Hull  oeit    to
• «    ipsra   House  every  second
>l mdaj   iu   montti.   Visit-
I Hull;   welcomed.
•   a   BELL, 0. R
*M.   H.   CAMEKON,   Hoc.-Hec.
Revelstoke Hardware Co.
.nnl ii,loun.ihun.
M«<Jr in Canada by'
Pinrhin, Johnson and Co. (Canada) Ltd.
Established in I naland In 18.14
C. W. 0.  vv.
Mountain   View Camp,  No.  Wi.
ml    ami      Komtli   Wiidncs
lays    iu   bhiIi   month   In     rielkirs
Hall,     . isitloi Woodman arc
I  to attend
A.   J    WOODLAND,   ' on    ''..in
JAMBS   Mi INT', UK,   lAerk.
IKK     LODOE  Lt, 1. O. O. V.
Meets evety      Tliuimlay evening    in
-K Hall ni h o'oloek.     visiting
n   ' oi il.nlly  nr, ited,
il     BIBOFRIBD,   K, 0.
JAn    MATHIE,  Huaotary.
OOLD ItAMii: LODOE,      K. of   p.,
vi"«ts every  Wednesday eicept   ths
'llm I   Wednesday of each   month      in
Oddfellows'   Mall at  »  o'clock.   Visiting   Knights  nre rordinlly   invited.
'.   w. OAKLAND, 0,  0.
0, 11. BROOK, K. „f R, ft 8.
If. glL
Record of Progress for Five Years- 1906-1911
1906 1911
Capital       ....       $ 8,000,000 * 4,000,000
Reserve 8,000.000 4,(500,000
Deposits       ....         2o\C77,?;i0 36,042,311
Loans and Investments          -       27.4o7,000 38,854,801
Total Assets        -      -       -        88,080,192 48,237,284
Hns 83 Branches in CiiiikIh nnd Agents nnd Correspondents In all
the Principal Lilies In the World.
Intorost allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoko Branch. VV   H. PRATT, Manager
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnnught Ave.   -   Revolstoko
New Lightning Method
Oil Painting, and Tainted Walls
Cleaned like new.
Paper HanKinp; a Specialty
Estimates Given
Mirror Making- and re-Silvering
Glass Cutting- and Boring
Glass  Frosting- and Staining-
Picture Framing-, etc.
Prices lleserved.
Painter, Paper Hanger, Decorator
Kuvelstyke, if, C,
Dr. J. C. Morrison
Post OraduatsJOhlcagOaUnlveriltv
Specialty- All   Porcelain and
Ciml Crown Bridge Work
Cor. Granville and Robson Sis.
Over Harrison's Drug .store
Phone Bey   .sj.it>
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying yonr ont-
fit Ol working clothe*
'or the bUsh, I make a
•1'iciiiltv of tagging
InOSS, Pants, Six, Shirt*
uiimkrts nnd everything
required in your bueiuett, fcSATimDAY,  JUNK 15th,  11112.
SATURDAY, JCN'E 15th, 1912.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- Jtume 8t Co.. limited
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
Hoiian Silk
,i0 inches wide, all colors. This is
the hest quality of Raw Silk that can
be had and is in great demand.
Guaranteed at per yard
85 Cents
White Muslins
Are a feature this season in the
plain Lawns. Mulls, Linens, etc., also
the fancy patterns, in spots, checks,
stripes, etc., from...
I5c. to 5oc.
White Indian Head
Very popu.ar,—takes the place of
linen. Easily washed, and will not
crush, and has a better appearance
than Duck or any of the other white
plain cottons, at	
25c. and 30c
Ladies' Silk Boot Hose
With Lisle foot, any color,  black,
tan, sky pink, etc., at	
75c. Per Pair
House Dresses
This is the senson that the housewife is put to task to find something
cool to wear and at the same time
be trim and tidy. This showing of
neat House Dresses will please; they
have the style to them	
$1.50 to $3.50
Little Darling Hose
For the little tots, all wool, pink,
blue, cardinal, black, tan—all sizes.
35c. or 3 pairs for $1.00
Prints and Ginghams
New lot of Old Country Prints
and Ginghams, good washers, and
with the strong wearing qualities of
the Old Land materials. A splendid
line of colors and designs
25c per yard
Nurse Suitings
A wear-resisting cotton material
for children's and ladies' wash
dresses; comes in those fine hairline stripes and plain, perfect colors
30 inches wide at
20c per yard
Wki(e Bedding
Nothing so cool these hot   nights
as pure, clean white bedding.
FLU.   SIZE  SHEETS   plain   or
twill hemmed and well made at. . ..
Each $1.00, $1.25
Pillow Slips
IMI.LOW SLIPS—Pure snowy-
white cambric finish, made of Lng-
lish circular pi|lo\v cotton, all sizes,
25c and 30
roceries and Crockery Department
Fresh Strawberries and all other Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables arriving daily".
Fifty cases of Grape Nuts, Corn Flakes
and Post Toasties just arrived. We are offering Post Toasties and Corn Flakes at only
10c per package
which makes as cheap and refreshing a meal
as you would care to eat. Watch for our window display of these goods.
You don't want to wear yourself out over
the cook stove these days. Come in and get
some of our deticasies in meats in glass jars
and ca-es. Chicken and tongue, chicken
bicasts, ox tongue, lambs tongue, roast and
boiled mutton, roast and corned beef, lunch
tongue and chipped beef.
All Pure Food Goods
In this department we are ready to -serve
your wants. You will be looking around for
a suitable wedding gift for your friends who
arc about to join the largest society in the
in the world, and you will lind it here amottng
our Cut Glass, fancy China, Glassware, Tea
Sets, Ilin ner Sets, Toilet Sets and thc thousand and one pretty things in our stock.
We are now showing a large assortment of
Summer Drinks. Lemonade Powder, Welch's
Grape Juice in half pints and quarts, Rose
Lime Juice in pints and quarts, Montserat Lime
Juice in 1 pint and 1 quart bottles, Nabob Lime
Juice in pints and quarts. Cider from the land
of Evangeline, and Pine Apple Juice, the best
that can be had.
In placing our line of Toilet Soaps on sale
wc know that we are giving you value for
your money in quality and quantity. Here
are some of our lines:
Pure Castile Soap in 3-lb bars at 45c
Pure Castile Soap in 1,' i -lb bars at 25c
Pure Castile Soap,4-oz cakes 60c per doz.
Olive Oil, Cucumber and Glycerine
Soaps in 4-oz. bars at . . . ,60c per doz.
All the fancy Soaps on the market of
3 cakes to each box at prices from
 25c to $1.00 per box
Very soon, if not right now, our climate will demand of you lighter Underwear. Our experience
has taught us that a light wool or a loosely woven cotton gives just the tight amount oi comfort for hot days,
and cool evenings. We are prepared to give you exactly what you want in cotton, lisle, or wool underwear
in any weight.    Consult these prices or take a look at our show window.
BALBRIGGAN, natural shades, Sizes, 32 to 48,
Extremely good value at 60c. per garment
or _ $1.00 per Suit
BALBRIGGAN—Natural shade, Sizes 32 to 48.
Extremely good value at	
      75c. per Garment or $1.50 per Suit
BALBRIGGAN, pure white, spring needle
knit, elastic rib; made from pure Sea Island
cotton.   Price $1.00 per Garment
NAINSOOK COTTON--White, with self check,
short sleeves, knee drawers. The acme of
comfort 75 Cents per Garment
SILK LISLE- Comes in white, blue or pink.
Silk trimmings. Cool and comfortable.
... .$1.50 per Garment, $2.75 per Suit
NATURAL WOOL-Medium    weight,    dark,
natural color.     An extremely durable article.    Price, $1.25 per Garment, $2.50
per Suit.
FRENCH WOOL-Maucheffe's grey  natural.
Very light weight, absolutely unshrinkable
Price, $1.50 per Garment
JAEGER WOOL-Light natural shade.     Very
light weight.    Pure Wool   .. 	
 $1.75 per Garment $3.25 per Suit,
INDIAN CASHMERE—Fawn shade, medium
weight. Feels like silk, single breasted.
The best value ever offered in this line.
 $4 per Garment, $7.50 per Suit
unshrinkable.   Natural shade.    Wears like
 Price—$6.00 per Suit
sleeves,  knee drawers—the most  perfect
fitting of them all 	
 Price, $1.50 per Suit
Elastic Rib, blue shade only.   Feels and
launders like silk.    Wears like iron
 $4.50 per Suit
Do not Miss these; they last one day only and you can't
afford to pass them up. A line of infants and children's
shoes and slippers.   They cost from  $1.25  to $1.75  reg.
FRIDAY'S PRICE, - - -       85c. per pair.
This Department has everything that you will require to make your home bright and cheerful for summer, and now is the time
to look over and make your selections, at prices that will suit your wants, from a well assorted stock of Wall Paper from the
best manufacturers in the east, Rugs and Carpets from Germany, England and Eastern Canada at prices from $5 for a 9x9 Union
Rug to the very best that can be had and in all sizes.	
Lace and Lace Curtains
We have the laigest assortment in the city, most of which
nre Imported by ouraelvea direct from England, enabling ur to
sell at a price that saws yuu the middleman's profit.
Scrims—hy the yard nr make Into curtains, a good assortment
Madras   We have both colored antl white  in very dainty designs, from 20c per yard up,
Linoleums and Floor Cloths
A good assortment of Nairn's printed antl inlaid in patterns
tn suit every taste at prices that are lower than can be offered
again owing to the advance in raw material.
Beds and Bedding
We also stock a full line of beds, mattresses, blankets, comforts and pillows.
Bargains for This Week Only
We are olTering a special reduction in Japanese Rugs 9x12
at $11.20; 2}xoft >1.25' Sxtift $1.96. Everything in that line
will go at bargain prices.
Anything nut mentioned  that  you want call  in and
ask for it, we will be sure to have it if in this line. SATURDAY,  JTJKB 15th,  1912,
SATURDAY,  JUNK 15th, .1912.
Here   is   an   opportunity  of   buying your Muslin
Underwear at Special Sale  Prices
Women's rJMuslin Drawers.
Women's oMuslin Combinations
Women's Muslin Corset Covers
Women's cJTWuslin Princess Slips
Women's Petticoats
Call in and  look over  the  Special
Prices for this Sale.
Embroidery Needs
Swiss Cambric and Fine Nainsook
Edges and Insertions, Flouncing,
Bargains, Bargains
Throughout Our Entire Stock.
Call in and see what we have in
store for you at Cut Prices.
WATKINS—To Mr. ind Mi*. William
Watkins, on the 13th Inst, a faugh
ter. Tti.i was the first coli red
; rn in Rei Istoki. The < lilld
crill bi nam . i cil Itevelstoke
Oil Btoves, the best makes, buy one
and avu.d thc hot kitchen in aiim -
mei. A choice assortment .it Uourne
Oabli . ■ - trom England ^.ve.
among the King's birthday honors,
the I'remicr ol British Columbia nn<l
the Premier ol Manitoba, who have
both b>ecn knighted—Sir Richard McBride and  Sir R.  I'.  Roblin.
Mr, l'. B. I.t.- bas iMturne I (loin
Beaton, when hi was visiting iis son
h.w.B.   Paget.   Mr.   Paget   Bays  that
tbe a.m..I.r.   ;,-,  the
Beaton   ,:;?tr.ct.   Mr.      Paget   junior,
has 30 :.ind at Beaton.
a^ i :.- Bl tne, was driving bis
team through an alley In the citj
one day this week, bis mare had the
m.-'. rtune t i   i ess  pt-ol.
Th.- proot   tbat     at
City   is  not
At St Peter's cburcb tomot i ow
Rev. .1. a Miller, ol Rlverdale
chUK. i : : • . speak ' otb
morning and evei ag il the evening ■ - Mrs. H. u. McLeod will
- i .- •'■ tb Mi an I Mi kl
Ian  Tb ms :.  will  .-.: _•  "Drifting."
Quite a st Creek
.s d  ..        • ■ the
to bave I
•:   French   Ci ■>•-■■■   Tl
:■ . e ISO pei   lay foi   tbrei
it ■ ... is within
IS feet to   ed i    ■
Th..-   Kootenay
we  agent
ion. Calgary    This valuabli   propert]
, li d   ayt
See t
porti   .
.-    .
• .     • • . .    ■
I    It- V
.    ■   .        -   . ...
J:.   •
1 David   •      9    .
As the liuic lms arrived when yon must ilo your seeding, we wish
I., draw your attention to the fact that our seeds are all Iresh and
new siock net any obi ones left to -duff olT. Our Onion sets arc
the best, either the Dutch Set or the Multipliers.
FLOUR AND FEED We Iiave just unloaded one car of Purity
1-lour. One Lar of No. 1 Timothy Hay, One Car Peed, including Oats, whole or crushed. Wheat, Barley, Corn, Bran, Shorts
and Chops. Ifyou require any of these, let us quote you prices.
We Can Save Vou Money.
MacKenzie Avenue
You Who Are Constantly Travelling
What Protection Huvo You in Case of ACCIDENT By Sea or Land?
Drop In and we will explain our lm proved Gold Bond
Accident Policy, double liability, onlj costing f30 a year.
$5,000 ou life and $10,000 double liability, paying f-'.\uu
weekl) indemnity.
Mrs. H. R. Butler, of Summerland,
is vittitiug wiih her parents, Mr. unci
Mrs.   J.   C,   Robson,  Third  street.
See our window of Meat Hnups and
Oil stoves. Hot weather specllUiCB,
Bourne  Bros.
Sunday School Convention
Hevelstoke District Sunday SlLcol
convention will meet in this citv on
Wednesday evening the 19th Inst, at
St. John's church. On Thursday iv-
ening there will hen session in the
Methodist church.
Rev. I. W. Williamson, general Bli
retary for the province aud Mr. \S.
0. Finlay of Vancouver, will bc present anil address the meeting, na well
as several local speakers. There will
be special music for each service, at
the close of which a collection will be
taken up, there being no nihilism■.■.!
fee. The Hevelstoke district ecten.ls
from Three Valley to Field, anl from
Hevelstoke to Trout Lake. II IS hoped that these outlaying districts v dl
be represented at this convention.
It is nlso requested that earn ol
the local Sunday schools will send
delegates to thi- convention. ".'.; one
can deny the great work that the
Sunday schools are engaged in, this
being the case let those Interested in
the good work make a point of being present at this Important convention.
Y.M.C.A. Athletic Meet
On July 1st the Sports Committee
of the Y.M.O.A. intend holding a
monster athletic meet, which Aiil include baseball, football, tug of war,
running, jumping, etc. It is the intention of the committee to spare
no pains to make this meot a buccchb
thc prizes will be the hest that can
lie Hecui-ed. The Revelstoke City
Band will bc in attendance!
I Following is thc list of events:
100 yards, 100 yards final, running
high jump, 220 yards, running broad
Shot put, 100 yards, 10(1 ynrds linul, running high jump, 221) yards, 3
mile handicap, pole vault, 440 yards
relay, 4 men team, running I load
i An entry fee of 26c, will be charged for seniors, and  lSc.  for Juniors,
i Entries may be had from Percy F.
Gilford, Y.M.C.A., Revelstoke. All
enliies must  Iim  in   by   June 2'.Uh.
Meat  chests  at  Howson's,   tot
and  J5.00.
Mrs. K. Davis and daughtei Gw .,
uh of Vancouver, are spending the
summer with Mrs. R. Davii at tbe
Big   Kiddy.
Mis.  ,1.   K.  Johnson and  Miss John
sun will not  receive on Mnn,In    the
17th.  in"   thereaftei     until     furl
Mr,   and   Mrs.   McEai   i (or
Edmonton Wednesday last  aft i
ing a visit to theii tei  Mr-, ll
The      many      ll Ml -
i i imi that
- rapidly recovering from
Mi     i ..-• il
with  bei   daughti
■ ..
lal   Hank   there.
Mr.   It.   1
Dominion  Sawmills
A   r...   I
■ | ■' R      .
y.M.C.A. at
.  - |uested t
■  ■
■ '■   I
M.- lira, ol
i; .i   Mclntyre   i be)
Mrs. o.  Ralph Lawrence will   sot
receive  on   Monday   next,   nor    again
thi    -Mason.
i    Sunday m the Methodist church   At
ll  a.m.. Bubject "Baalim"; '. JO i m.
Song   servii them   "Nearer      My
' ibid  ■.. T! ■ soli .  " Hi
.   Mr.-.  ItMiit. an I • 11 ' i
miliai  bymi • gregat
I Ited.
..  Every
-  i    .    -; ■■
-       -
Panama Canal
The following editorial appeared In
thc Calgary Herald of thc 13th inst:
Hevelstoke is waking up to some of
itB possibilities. The people ol tho
town are discussing the practicability of milking thc Columbia river nav
igalde as a trade route to the United States to tbe south, unci Portland, Oregon, is out to back the
Bcheme, suggesting that the Influence
of the Panama canal on Interior trim
sportutiou throughout the continent
is worth the attempt. Portland j,oes
further and is enthusiastic. It argues
that "it is possible to make tha
whole Columbiu river navigable from
the ocean to Revelstoke at no greater expense than has been incurred in
milking the Ohio navigable the year
around for great theis of coal barges. Thc wheat ol Alberta and Sas -
katehewaii could then be hauled by
rail to Revelstoke unci thence brought
by boat to Portland, where It could
he trans-shipped to ocean vessels for
the foreign market. The Canal will
so reduce the distance lit tween lure
nnd Liverpool that, although that
distnnce will still bc greater than
from Montreal and thc proposed
porta on Hudson's Bay, the fact that
Portland is ice-free while the Canadian ports are closed by ice during a
iai cm part of the wheat-shipping a a
sun would certainly Becure to Portland a large Bhare of the traffic of
the Canadian wheat belt. Sah an
mprovement would ie In line with
the policy of making railroads feeders to waterways which has letn -o
powerful an Instrument in thc nidus
man;. Pie; ts
d   cen th,.
match     the
the   Ohio.
[ :. ■ mt  r   .i! be ra
ckads    wh c'i
•   ci mmence 1     oil"
ts agitation for a
Panama  confer'-
C.P.R. Double Track
Montreal, Que,, June 11—Sir Thos.
Shaughnessy this morning announced
that plans are preparing nnd surveys
arc in progress (or dauble-tl'acklug
the Canadian Pacific through the
Rocky Mountains »t an estimated
cost  of  $00,000,000.
The above announcement by Presi -
dent Shaughnessy means, without a
doubt, that the C.P.H. is pror-anlng
for the grcnt business it cxprcts to
reap from the completion of the Panama canal, lu connection with his
statement that the line to tho const
will bc double tracked it is said th"1
company contemplates thc reduction
of ihe grade and the elimination of
curves on the present main line to a
considerable extent.
For a License to lake and use Wator
Notii-e is hereby given that James
A. Shields, of Itevelstoke, B.C., will
apply for n license to take and Use
Fifteen (151 Miner's Inches of water
out of Caribou Creok, which (Iowa in
a southerly directiou through Tim -
her Limits 311373 and 43020, and empties into Downie Creek about two
miles from lhe Columbia river. Thc
water will be diverted at a point
about one and a half miles north of
Downie Creek trail and will he used
for domestic purposes on the land
desi ribed ns Certificate of purchase
413  Rovelstoke  Land  District.
This     notice     was    posted  on  the
ground on the 4th day of June,  1912
| The application will he filed in    the
ollice of the Water Recorder,  Revel -
stoke, B.C.     Objections may he tiled
with thc said Water Recorder or with
tha Comptroller    of     Water    Rights,
Parliament   Buildings,   Victoria,   B.C.
JAMES  A.  SHIELDS, Applicant
By Andrew  Kitson,  Agent
We have a few Screens, Doors and Windows left
at Prices never before offered to the public. Owing
to large shipments of Hardware coming in daily,
we are obliged to sell these at a sacrifice to make
room, and, as well, it is a pleasure to us to give our
patrons a chance to buy at less than Eastern prices.
Screen Doors, Regular $3.00 Now $2.15
2.25 Now    1.65
2.00 Now     1.45
        1.75 Now     1.35
Screen Windows. Reg...30c Now...20c
35c Now.. .25c
         45c Now... 35c
Complete with Springs, Hinges, Door Pull, Hooks and Eyes
Come Early, They Can't Last Long
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd,
Agents for Minerva*Paints and Chancellor
Ranges—the best on the market
JUNE 29th, 1912
Week of June 24th
Plan iii Macdonald's 1'rui; Store
Ild bottli        Oi    I
Elderl i ""'',' i
REXALL    CLYCEWNI   80AP    J.njit
1 inin (  t it'i.1 *■   I.'i   Wi.
I i"tn    sl    to    tt
Well Known Books
at 75c. Each     3 for $2
The Imn i Shrine
The Squaw Man
'' The Barrlei
" The silvii iinuli
"      I     I'M   UN"    ''
'   Bpolll t-
''   'J'llC   III'
The Union Jack
.   There I
Smart Clothing for Summer Months
IiKkl;',   AND SOFT   IIA I
and    li '   ■
WE  M'l'.C lAI.I/i'.   ui  Mei
in ci t'lril, from jll np.
Late Spring Sims and * >ven
Drop in when passing and   ei      u   large
and panel na to Buil the mi ist fa itidioua.
Fit-Reform Clothing Stetson  Hats Foot-Rite Shoes
Others Are Making Money!   Why Not You?
Just .cad ofa few instances of how successful our clients have been in recent
investments recommended by us.    We   made for  one   Revelstoke   man   in
weeks on
A Cash Outlay of $375; A Net Profit of $475
Another client, Investing  uo, made a net pro.it of $.oo m four week* and
two other men in six weeks on an outlay of $a85 cub, made a net profit of ?a65
each.    We have made gcod money for the Revelstoke businessmen.
Last week we sold out the balance of our 175 dollar lots in   Moose Jaw and
have secured a few more closer in at theoriginal pi ice of ^-.•<><> each,   which our
ili    manager, who has just returned from Moose Jaw, informs us is .it   least  $50
under market value.    Two new railroads, locating in the east end,  aie causing
big advances and we arc expecting a big price advance very shortly.
These Lots arc Only One and a Quarter of a Mile East of Post Office.
They Are Recommended By Us As a Bargain
AT   $200   EACH
We Can Make Money for You if You Buy Here
rerms,-0ne Fifth Down, Balance Over 18 Months
Local Agency, Home Loan and Contract Co.
E. G FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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