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 Solitaire Diamond Kings to be Gi*)en Abitay by Mall-Herald, JVobv on Exhibition at J. Guy 'Ba
" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     I'rice $001
Interior Publismng Co., Agts.
The Mail-Herald
Interior PuDlishimj^cwrojianv
Vol. 18-No. is
$2.1:0 Per Year
V%Ming Gifts
New Coods, Slerh.  4, 'ver Deposit Goods.
Many Handsome Artie."♦•
Sugar and Cream Sets
Baskets, Liquor Sets, fe
Reasonable Prices
"ilchei's.      Vases
(I lasses
Cut Glass
"Libby's," Ihe world's best
Tea Sets, with Trays
Water Sets
Berry Sets
Soup Tureens
Putter Dishes. Candlesticks
Candleabras, ii or •"> lights.
Wine Sets
Merry Dishes, Spoons
Bon Hon Dishes
Nappies, Knife Rests
Pish Seis
Knives and Forks
Cabinets of Tableware
Comports, Vases
Carving Sets in Pearl
Cake Plates.   Pitchers
.lars, etc., etc.
Carvers in handsome cases
 S4.00 and up
High Class China
Wedgewood Tea Sets.     Cups,     Saucers,     Plates.     Jugs
Royal Doulton Tea Sets..Cups. Saucers, Plates, Jugs.
Limoges Hand Painted Howls. Plates, Biscuit Jars, etc.
A Few Suggestions
Electric Lamps. Irons, Stoves, Toasters, Chandeliers
Carpet Sweepers, Vacuum Cleaners, Motor Washing Machine, Steel Range, Line, Kitchen Utensils, Jardinieres,
Brass Vases, Candlesticks, Fern Pots, Clocks, Smokers'
Sets, Tea (longs, Candleabras.
Candidates are Running Neck to Neck on the Home
Stretch-Hundreds of the Mail-Herald's Present Subscribers Have Not Given Any Candidate Their Subscriptions-Field is Ripe With
Opportunity-No More Nominations Received.
<> <KKH><><><KK>0^>O<H><><KH><H^
S imperial Bank of Oanada '"
Hoad Ottico   Toronto, Ontario.
'I'uiiM is winding its way   nml   nn
July   Gtb   at   '.1   11.111.   will   grasp   In,111
you thc opportunity lo win a player
piano „f $600 111 gold, Tin' Mail Her
old Iiiih ma,lv possible In thc candidates whn arc imw in tlie race tin'
chance "f alltetlme, Nominations
are now closed. From Him names imw
111 i.ln' viitr standing will come the
winners ol tin  valuable prizes.
Get every available subscription
tins week sun'. Tell ymir friends 11 ih
now ni  never.     MAKE IT NOW.
uut o( town candidates must put
their remittances in posl office, so
that pnst mark will show that they
were mailed before u p.m. on '»ly ii
or ihev will not be accepted, Con-
i itants, now is the time to show
your Irlends whal you an' made of
11 you desire to ihare in the prize ilis
tDilution, you should lie on thc job
early ainl   late   during   the   next   week.
There will he no extension ol thc
Campaign. The candidates now realize thm He degree of uucress whioh
attends their participation in tlie con
test will depend upon the work ol the
coming week. The lenders nre dome,
h.il«r work than ever beloro, anil
some of tbem have never ceased to
work sinco they entered tne contest.
Ill course there are many minors cur
rent, involving lhe plan ol the several workers but tlie contest is surrounded by as much socrecy as a
political campaign. Rumors are not
very dependable things anyway.
Tlie race between leading candidates
is very close, so Olosa in tact thai
oiiM subscription may decide tlie award ot any ol the prize-. Contestants
from the results you sscure before
July 6th at. lip.m. wlll your friends
au.l thc people of RevelBtoke and vicinity judge your ability In whatever
walk in life you may undertake. Do
not be weighed on the balance nnd
found  wanting.
Blessed is the how-legged man for
he shall never he knock-kneed.
Blessed are the contestants who will
get out and hustle for Hiey shall not
lie loft out in tlie cold when the ballots are counted.
Hustle!    Hustle!!    hustle!!! or your
campaign    win   lie a lizzie!   Qzsleii
The Flirting Princess
"The    Flirting Princess"   contains
11   real song  hits  than  any  other
musical  comedy  now  en   lour,     and
all  have  proven  so  popular  thai, they
have  enriched  the coffers  of  Joseph
I'.. Howard, who fathered them. Mort
11. Singer, manager and producer of
"The Klirting Princess" nlso comes
in for a large share of the royalties
ou thc sale of tho songs, as to K
1 Adams and Will Hough, who wroto
the lyrics. This season Charles lv.
Harris, publisher of all music in the
play, hus forwarded to tbe Princess
Theatre, Chicago, over forty-five hun
.dred   dollars   iu   royalties.   Thus   does
I it pay to bc associated with a   real
musical  comedy.
Standing ol Candidates
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches or Agents at all principal points inX'anada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Dank, Limited. C'hicago-Fuat National Bank, Corn Lx-
change National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, Sun Francisco—WelU Fargo Nevada National Bauk. Spokane— Exchange
National Bank,
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 an i upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelatoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Q <HH><HK>O<K><HX>O^K><><H>O<KKKH>0
Children's Sandals
Children's Romeo Sandals
SIZES, -1 to Illi
Three and Four Straps
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
Miss Blanche McCarty  532,400
Miss Olga  Roman  497,200
Miss Kdith Cooke  471,700
Miss Eva Hay  352,600
Miss Elsie Hooley  335,500
Miss Cviulrenc Matz  324,400
Mrs. \V. li. Kile, Craigellache, U. C  242,000
Mrs. Aldcrton, Taft, B. C  231,000
Miss Mable  Henderson  64,000
Miss Jennie Wells, Golden, B.C  55,000
Mr. E. G. Woodland  52.000
Miss Irene Genelle, Nakusp, B.C  5,000
Miss Bertha Evans  5,ooo
Canal Conference
Mr. v. VI. Laing, secretary ol the
I board ol Trade, hus received the following wire which hIiows that tbe
Oolumbia Uiver grain route will lie
tally ditiCiiHHed at this Important conference. The lollowing is the telegram:
(.'ulgai'y,   Alta.,   Juue  Uli,   11)12.
K.  W. LalDg, .Secretury
Hoard  ot Trade,  Kevelstoke.
Your wire June 86, programme
changed Columbia Hiver grain route
included iu subject ol truusportation
U. H. Atkins to leud discussion.
Culgury   Uourd   ot   Trude.
The Hevelstoke delegates to the
t'ulgary conference ure Mr. Dickie, of-
liciul receiver for thc Dominion Sawmills Co.; Vi. M. Lawrence, B. K.
Atkins, J. D, Sihbuld, jr.; E. G.
Besides thec-e it is expected that a
few  others  will    Ue    atlded    to    the
Card of Thanks
Mr. F. H. Young and tamily wish
lo express their heurtfelt thauks to
tlieir many friends, tor kindnesses
and sympathy extended towards them
during  their  recent sad   bereavement.
ST    TO  KK.NT-House  on  Third  street.—
Rent     120 per   mouth.     House   on
Third street, rent ill, per month.—
Apply Hevelstoke Lieneral Agencies
Wedding, Bells
A nuiet but very pretty wedding
took place ou Wednesday, June 2titu
at thro,' o'clock, at thc home ul Mi.
and Mrs, John Palmer, when tlicir
youngest daughter, Annie, was united In marriage to Sir. George H.
Knight of this city.
The Rev. H. J. Mclntyre, performed  the ceremony.
Thc bridal party entered lbe draw-
| aig room to thc strains ol Model-
Bonn's Wedding March, played by
Miss Gladys I'niuhurt.
Thc bride was ut tended by Miss
Kthei Knight, ol Ripley, unt., while
Mr. Charles 1'ulnicr supported the
The happy couple left on thc Im -
p»nal limited  for   lhe coast cities
The many beautiful gilts received.
Showed the high esteem in whicli the
young couple  were  held.
Prize List to Be Issued—flying Man Stark May Be
tngaged to Give An txhibition-Many Other Noted
Attractions Arranged.
will refresh you with ils  bright,  spicy
flavor nnd Inigiiincy.    Sold  jn   1   lb,
lead packages.
35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P.EO   Box 208            GROCER & BAKER            Phone No. 23
Sheet Music and all kinds of
Small cTWusical Goods
Call and Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ave,
funeral of Mrs. Young
The tuneral trf the late .Mrs. F.H.
Young, took place on Wednesday afternoon, (rom tbe family residence on
Fourth street, to the cemetery. The
('..Min was covered with beautiful
wreaths ami othei floral offerings ot
i-emcmliruucc, and the suil procession
which followed the hody to its last
resting place, was a litting tribute to
the memory o! tlie dear departed, including representatives irom nearly
'every prominent family of tins city,
land many sorrowing fnendB from the
surrounding   district.
Thc pall  bearers  were:—Messrs. F.
ii.  ii. u,     >',.  a,  Sturdy, A. Ksn -
Wood,   It.   Gordon,   II.   Manning    and
A. E. Kim    I   i.' •. i'. a. Procunier
officiated .,i   the  ceren y.  and  dur
.ng tli.   ceremunj  .ill  the stores     In
town were clo» .i  aa n token of     re-
• ased,
Mr.   P.H    s oung,   postmaster      of
I of decea m.i
with i in nl     one
daughter, were the principal mourners, and are left lo moum 'lie loss
of a must devoted and loved wife
snd mothi i
New   Cul   Skirt*  at New  Cut   ,
'at -McLcDuan'b.
A regular meeting ol ihe Agrleultur
ul   Association   wus  held   iu   thc  City
Hull on Thursday evening lust. Some
twenty members were present.
j Secretary vv. u. Robertson read the
(notice calling the meeting. President
I A. Mcltuc occupied the chair.
j A. J. McDonell—I think .100 prize
! lists would lie sufficient, the donation
i is lor one thousand uud thc secre .
! tury might get a price for live hundred  and   consider  the sume
Chairman—The secrotary will uct
accordingly nnd attend to thc securing oi 500 prise lists.
A letter wus ninl from Aviator
Stark, offering to Oy on two days of
the fair, uud staling his terms for
gimiuntccd flights, no nights no
A. J. McDonell—it would he u great
attraction und draw n big crowd,
there ure so many Who huve never
seen  u flying  machine.
There uro other attractions also
who  oiler  thomselvcs.
Secretury Robertson—The present
list umoiints to i'itlW) in  prizes.
1'residcnt McKue The Hying machine     would  lie a great attraction,
there nre other attractions wh.eh ws
eould have here at little or no expense.
President McRae — A commit tue
should in' appointed lo consider He
matter of amusements.
Messrs  McRae,   Kilpatrick.   Moduli
ell  and   McCleneghan  were  appointed
and   ihe  Stark   correspondence     was
iiii'ii banded over to the umuienenta
I Secretary Robertson reported having collected $U5 iu membership fees
I of the uew    association, and I pjk •
gesl I Ins amount be handed t„ ths
Secretary   Robertson stated cw ug
to his approaching departure     liom
| town he wus compelled  to tcnu.'r las
I resignation as secretary ol tne i.mo-
I elation.
! A. .1. .McDonell—As regards the
membership i think wc should bnve
u larger membership than lhn l.st
shows, before applying for tbe grant
Secretury Robertson—I huve tarried on a v. ry acti.o canvass and dono
everything possible to Increase the
President   McRae—Messrs,  Walls. 1.
Kilpuirick and MeCarter ure appoint
ed ii committee lo Walt upon the gov
erniiii'iit uud secure a grunt for lue
President McRae—Wo shull have to
appoint a secrotary, ns Mr. Robert
son expects to leavo about tin end
ol duly. We shull have to go slow,
und the best method would lie to
leave the executive to choose a secretary.
Moved and seconded  thut thc i seen
tive ho allowod  to choose usccreiary
A   committee    were    nppointed     to
arrange  for  disiiluy   on  envelopes   ol
ilie  Kail  Fair dates.
Meeting ndjourned ut  10 p.m.
Church Service
Officers und memlicrs of I...O.I,. No.
ICRSi will attend Divine service in
tlie Methodist church on Sunday evening, duly 7t.li. All brethren aud
visiting brethren ars requested to he
present at the lodge room ut d:50
on thut evening.
Oil and Gasoline Stoves
Meat Safes
Sec our window of these goods, .lust what you
want for the hot weather.
Kor the next two weeks we will sell these Meal
Safes at the low price of $8.75. Absolutely vermin proof.    Kvery one a bargain,
Our stock of Oil Stoves is complete. .lust what
you want for a quick meal.     Call and See Them.
New Cheese, real fresh, per lb.
Royal Anne Cherries in heavy syrup tin
Orange Marmalade, 20 oz. glass  	
Lemon Curd, Chiver's, per jar	
Lemonade Powder, per tin	
Green Vegetables, Fresh Fruits always arriving
Lowest Prices.
John McIntyre ^ Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Shovvini a splendid assortment ol fine
ne^li^ec coat shirt* In plain and pleated
bosom, plain while-, blue chambrays
and man) stripe effects in » galaxy nl
patterns lhat will make choosing easy,
Some have double soft collars made
ol -.one material which are verj popular
tin- season.
McRae Mercantile Co.
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
E. G. Woodland
E. P. McLean
Best Strain of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and Partridge Wyandotte
P. O.  BOX   181 BATORDAY,  JUNfl Jith. 1912.
BATURDAY,  JCNB 39th,  1012.
Because it is a perishable property,
Tlu'ii ill health may prevenl you.
To-morrow never comes,
No. 3.
N V Record in 1 con m ■      ■ pei inu       tin-  figure represents  Lhe
I ui in i. miiimm.i expenses to lotal income,
n     -     A Re ord in Consistency.       For ovei  IS years lhe Royal has puid
the same rale of profits lo policyholders.
\ Record  in  Dividends to   Policx   Holders   -'-':   per cent.    The
lus ui the lusl valuation | luced nn nvei c.c Cash Bonus
.'i -'., pel cent   "I lhe premiums paid.
,   and policies issued iippl> lo the local um-nts
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
nn exhibition, tho gate monev was
returned to the spectators, but a
collection was taken up to defray
advertising nml other expenses,
Cbc fl&aU-lberaLfc
jnteriot publtabtitQ Company,
J. K. JOHNSON, Manager.
R.M.I'll  0,   BCRUTON,   Kditor.
Including postage to  Kngland,  United  States and I'annda.
Uy  the year i through postotltcej  $2,511
advertising ratkb.
Legal notices 1» ceuts per line liist
insertion,   ;j  cents  per  line      euch
subsequent insertion. Measurements Noaparlel t.1'2 lines muke
one inch.j o'.oie and general
business announcements i'2.it) pel
inch per uioutb. Preferred posi
tions, a, bet cent, additional.
Births, Man.ages and Deaths, 50c
each insertion.
Land notices (7.60.  All advertise
ntents Biiuject to the approval ol
tbe management. Wanted uud
Condensed Advertisements ; —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Su
uat.ons wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
A anted, ii> words or less, 25c,
«acti additional l.ne 111 cents.
Change* il standing advertisement* must be in by il a. m.
Tuesday and Knday ol eaeh week
to secure  good  display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited ou matters ol public interest, Com-
m-nnatiouB to Editor must be
accompanied    by    name ol writer
not   necessarily    for   publication, I ,      ...   ", .   "
I Knock you give v.uir lioine
but as evuience ni good laitu.
Correcpondence  should  be  brief.
The Country Editor
The country editor hits to mnke
mm b ol i he iimu tie writes. The com
iimim.iI club, ihe church, baseball
tenm, thc law and order league, the
se] Is,  ihe whist  club,  political  >»i
/.nn/. it n.n-   and   llie   good   roads lllo
vi'ini'iil, nil  feci  the  influence ol    hia
guiding hand,
He must he In everything and run
errands Ior everyone, Bend out clrcu
lars, do tbo town's lying lor barm
.my Bake, philosopher, nnd Iriend to
those in trouble, and a mentor and
ndmnnlBher I" thoBe who arc aboul
!•>  M.i   min  trouble.
lie musl be able to submit to the
criticisms ol the "butt ms" wbo nd
vise Inm  how  in conduct   Ins     busi
n >88
The preacher, the town drunkard
the statesman, the Bociul climber the
real  estate  i mer,   the  mun     from
the grand lodge who is about lo exemplify the new work, tbc promotor
the I'lpinin nl Industry nn.l the girl
wiih the (ulliei les- bahy, all come to
Inm   to help  Iiiiiii   in  then   troubles.
I le is Hi ■ town confessor, the town
oi in.'i. .iii.l the town goal. dooi mai
rock i.f refuge, errand boy nnd the
\ ■■••.I.,, ms <ncr I flee.
Tii,' editor Is the only creature In
all the wide animal king,Imn that
needs the wings ■•! n dove, the strength ol n lion, the pi nii'il Ive odor ol
a skunk, the smooth crawling belly
ui the worm and the aspiration of a
V.M.C.A. Boys Camp
'I'lie summer time Is n period Ol
moral dflberuiration with mosl boys.
Five (rom restraint ol school, and
many times ol homo, boys wand sr
.lining vacation time into paths ol
wrongdoing largely because ol a lack
of directed play life and a natural
outlet I 'i ' expen llturo ol their
surplus energy.
Tho vacation problem thoroforo be
('•inn's a serious nne Ior both tho boy
and Ili- parent. Camping ntTcr- a
solution, A boy In the procoss "I
growing needs tho outdoors, He needs
room and range. Ho needs llie toulu
ol tho bills, woods an.l siri'inns. lie
needs to walk iinli'i i li i grenl sky.
lie needs to place IlimSell whoro na
turo can speak   to  hnn.    Ho ought to
be   i rlii'iieil   by   -mi.   Wind,   rain   and
'•••I.I. lie should ii.-ii, row an.l swim
r.iam through tho woods, gel plenty
ol  vlgoioiP  action,
'i'lie Y.M.C. \. Puis i'.imp will be
held ni St. li.'oii. and will stun on
duly Kh, The camp will occupy 10
days, The tare [or Bame will he $m
which  will  Include  railway [are  both
Below     Ib   ii    list   ol  things winch
-hould   he  pill   in   Iiy  il Ilii-ial   trunk
pucker (mother).
Second besl suit, sweater cont, un -
dei wear. three pair, ol stockings,
gym huiI nnd shoes, handkerchiefs,
plenty  ol bedding,  towels. Ughi   pair
of   slini'S.   heavy   pair   of  dloe.s,   snap,
brush ami comb, tooth parte and
brush, Bhirts, bathing suit, baseball
goods, pocket knif.'. folding drinking
cup, enmorn, small Bible, n piece ol
rope, in or 15 feet, buttons, needle
and thread, a watei prool suit, if
you have one,  fishing tackle.
Make a list   ,.f  all   you   put   in.       s,.
that when you return from camp you
will know just whal you have got
in bring i.aek. Also nnnk everything
you   take   in  prevenl   uu-lakes.
Revelstoke Gun Club
Remember Your Opportunity
SATURDAY,  JUNE 2»th,  IS12.
mind that even
community  recoils with  greater or  less lorce
upon   yourself,  and   that   .11  every   hen
.'in   that   follows  a   1 si   you     also
bnve a share,   II we     would    expand
ami  prosper,  we must   work  togi
foi      the   omtnoti good.   The opporl
unities ol the country, nnd yet  there
peal  to every larmer,  and  yel   there
are -umi'   Who   alway-   llOVI   a   I ainmer
w hat    lllt'll   should   all
m inai  expi Btl ion,  right   in  : he     ■. el y
heart ol this western countrj re
In  tbe mattei    ■
•   thi the
est   tbat   3 Vnd
what   al.ollt   the man
world wai.
our readei-   ivill     • lu"S
Statement      rei
that   the mat nal settle
ment    I thi
;:i   rail
.'.cll.eOt. __\	
'■■'... • ...
:   . 'tic   sue   pi
■ ■:   as   with    ' Dg  of
r   ■
I    '
".en:. a '
A. ; whal
'    ■'
rid, as
; tO    thl
_   ■ . r   every     il
bridge,  Alberta,  October  21-26  next,
Al   the      weekly   shoot  of   thi
tho   following   -iiiies   wire   made.
HaiPer gol  3,  broke  17, total 20.
Sturdy  gol  0,  broke 22, total  22.
McDonell got  0, broke 22, total JJ.
I-' ■ gol  n. broke 20, total 20.
Barbel   got 3,  broke 23,  total  26.
sturdy, gol   1. broke 24, total 25,
McDonell got  I,  broke J-', total 28.
Pool ■ got 3, broke 23, total 25
Our big annual shoot 1 gtstered
and will In' held on the 29th and :(oth
of duly, following Nelson. Huth
clubs are advertising together Don't
forget tbe dales. NelBon 26th
27th; Revelatoke S9th and 10th, we
we will have two da -. -isi 1 Ing at   1
a 111 (ISO   added   .a  ll    !,u
the pi "in
mill  Pe the
if the club.
■ :•■
■ .   .
t he 1 lit
•  •   •. 1 '"in
bi pointi that
wlshi 1 oi thi "f tins dlsti
warding and
terms of settlement  ol these lands,
prize     It   ■
•    '
$10 Reward
Ten Dollars Beward will
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       iml f"i
i]   lead  to     the
Hon "f ..ny party stealing ri
out "I my garden.
W.   ES.   Mel..M'i HI.' >'
the enl
ir      pr—
' ■
Baseball Match
the  1   • ■ -
day  evening    mt,
i'n   Ioi   I'm       '' I'    runs
Only  il.: ■ od,    the
threat latei
fire Alarm Boxes
gnats are given thus. 2 s'.rjUes,
nterval 5 seconds—I strokes. liox
4. N '1 will also be ehown
n indicator at Fire Hall,
aiirnal (or practice—not leas t.-.aa
lx 16) slow itroksa.
indicates Uai  Lr k«a      curs out.
KIRE  BRIGADE  N       ["Wl
Box   So.   14—Corner    F.rst    si
jjd    McKeai e    arenae
a Co.
nd  Rokeby avenue,  port ofllce.
Uoi -'.-e«t
and    .  rsrnmsnt ,v».ra
er company
.   : -     Fifth
nd     U   Canals      1 in n
1 -    - ■
\      r
acl   . •
nd   Robson avei,
Hm ' i
.   I
Boi n •   14   Ki,-- :i.
.11 r
.•ar   ',    I'.   R.   brlds-e
..   i 1 Ki»(       nud
loiiglan "are Meat Market
Boi  No   47   Corner Becond      and
Vales   Streets,   :.nrk   ol
Box N'n.    in   Oorner   Third      md
tan  block
! Do It Now a I
Now is the time to lako advantage <>f the
money-saving opportunities at our CLOSING OUT SALE, tf you [ml il off, the
vory article you need may be gone, Come
while the assortment is full. Wc can save
you money on everything you want.
For a few ilays we offer best quality, guaranteed Kid Gloves at a big saving. At
present we have all si/.es and all colors, but
Ihey will not. lasl long.
Regular $1.50 Quality lor $1.10
About 50 pairs of Classic Shoes for the
larger children. Oxfords and Bals. Reg,
$2.50 to $3.25.
Your Choice for $1.25
Soft sole shoes for the tots in black, while,
tan, blue, red, etc.
Only 50c. Per Pair
Sash, Doors. IVIouldings' Turnings
We nre in the manufacturing business of
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turnings, Show
Cases, Office and Bar Fixtures, Screen
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in yood order.
We have a full line ofbuilding supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
Children's Ribbed Cotton Hose in sizes up -(Jt
to ()'.    Two I'airs for 25c. ■»$»
McLennan SrCo. %
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Gapital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me Before Investing.
SIR EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O., I.L.I)., D.C.L., President
General Manager
Assistant General Manager
CAPITAL, Sl5,000,000
REST, $12,500,000
Our Doctors Anti-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a lone, fell want anil its waterproof qualities are Btanding lhe lest.
We carry a full line of the famous Pcne-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds ol' rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and 8hoo Ropulrers, Suilrilors Hnnio68 Makers
Interest at thc current rnte i* allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards.   Careful attention is given to every account     Small accounts
corned.    Account* may Ih- opened and operated by mail.
\ counts ma) >! i'i the names ol two or more poisons,
withdrawals to bc made bj ■>• j one oi them or bj the survivor! sr
Dominion - Day - Celebration
JULY 1, 1912
Football, II a. m.
K-unloops vs.  Revelstoke
Field Sports, 2  p. m.
ioi rut. Etc.
,ll. 4 p, rn.
Chase vs. lievelstoke
Pretty Patterns
Tho Wall Papers wo wnnl you to ace
uro strictly tlii*' season'* productions
Thoy arc unquoHtionnbly superior in
__     licit an I artisti     i olm ing
Lm       lo ;ui_.   t,.   It.i\     c\   i   ■ h. .■■. .   ui   iluit
yon can see elsewhere,
li should nol bc  it ill. cut I   to induce
yon to examine them.     Will you do so
% JUST   OPENED                              §
•J A New Short Order Restaurant anil Eating House       9
I Only  White   Cooks   Employed        «j»
jt Have had 15 years experience as a caterer             _\
i   §
Rcguliir $5.25 Meal ficket for live Dollurs.
S J. Pappus and J. Chitsas, Proprietors ]
op Maci'.cmio Avei i.e, Revelstoke, B. C
Atlnihsiini to Grounds, 25i.    Grandstand, lrn.
Refreshmanti will ha Served on Crounils
Oil    ll
ci,.,. (oi Children,      The
lll\ s
turned Into.,  heav;   rto I p'i  to m»k«
|ir«v< m.i, ■ .'.!,.,t  woul : ■ >:,    ■ lie h i ■■ lerrt   ol   Proi m al   I
heen  n  ■■• rj    ntorcstinK n it< h
Tho  weathei   waa  prohahly   tho   ;i   "! Hanoi   Iiy retnll ii,«
use   "I  a pool   attendnnce,   only     1%  protnlnw known II"
ipeetnton   lieing on tlw (jroiin'U when   tei, iltuntod al    I   Noon Hoi
Mme wa« called foi  commenceineni, ol  H.C    upon  tho  land        ■ ci   ad  nt
piny. | I"'   '"'   H39
Physical   Dlrectoi  Olfford acted »n     Dated thii Z7lh   lay ol June,  1919,
Qwlog tu t'"-' B»nn hdng run
400 Cords of First-Class Hemlock and Cedar for
Summei   Delivci rich,   18-inch nnd 4-foot
Oui u by T< l< phone No. b2.
Tonka Farm     -     W. C. CALDER
Harry Bulger, Famous Opera Star, Empress Theatre) Saturday SATURDAY,  JUNK 29th,  l'.Ul!.
SATURDAY,   JINK  29th,   1912.
Parties desiring Information regarding the Vulley ol tho Garden ol
Bden, can obtain sumo tree ol charge
by writing to Mr, J. 11. Johnson,
Malakwa, 13. v.
Tho recent damp weather ol tho
pnst few days has worked wonders to
the Garden ol Edon. Tho crops wero
just at that stage whon the ruin was
badly needed and now tho wholo val
ley is delightfully refreshed, Tho
crops • >! varied produce this season
m Eden Valley arc excelling them
solves. The fruit crops arc promts -
ing to ho most bountiful, while thc
strawberry and other small fruits a iv
already   being  marketed  at  good  lig -
urcs iii Revelstoke and other uolgh-
boring towns, it may not he generally known that Malakwa strawberries arc  famous  fruit.
It  is  no   uncommon   thing  to    liud
a lucious berry measuring from four
le Valley of
"The Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West  of   Revelstoke,  and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
f harartor nf ^nil   Bench   Lands,   Clay    Loam   and  Vegetable
UlldldUtfl   Ul   OUII   Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn Irri/nf i.tn   Posit've'y no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
liU IIIKjullUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate ClilHate   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
tu six iik'Iioh in Ircumn renoe, and
tbesc  mammoth  berries arc  lirm  and
possess a ihmsi  delicious flavor.    In-
deod   any   Industrious  man  ran   make
a good living out of growing straw,
berries exclusively in tbe valley ul
the Garden of Kden.
inquiries .-till continue ta como
in about fruit lands m BMen valley,
and there is no doubt that every available piece ol fruit laud will Ire
lacked  up yet  thia summer.
Many ol thc enquiries come (rum
tbe middle provinces, while not *
few are from thc Western States. The
exceptionally mild winters and early
springs strongly appeals to these A1-
licrtn and Saskatchewan ranchers who
have Bpenl a quarter of a century
amassing small fortunes In the teeth
ot blinding billiards, To these people especially the Garden of Kden,
with its balmy winter breezes and
early springs makes u very strong
a p |ieal.
. . It Miqht Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our.record of cures,)
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled ,
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor.
Halcyon. Arrow Lakes
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rales to bc arranged.        Menl Tickets, 2] meals lor $6.00
A.  P.  LHVKSQUB,  Proprietor
Laughton C& Tapping, Props.
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan  ..'!
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Cir ctly  First Class
Rooms Single, cn Suite
and with Bath
suitably furnishrd with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBEET     ST03STE      PEOP.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Euluiged   and Impioved.     First-Clase in every n-siHict.     All modern convenience!
Large Sample Room*.
RaUo $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOR,        -        rJAIanager.
Mormon Crusade
Montreal, Que., June 24—"Kvery
farm thnt is put up tor sule in South
em Alberta is bought by the Mormons," suid Rov. K.I). Reid in the
course ol sn address toduy to the
committee ol ministers who have been
appointed Iiy the ministerial association ol Montreal to examine thc Mormon (|iicstion. .Mr. Reid has just return.■d from Allicrtu. where he was
superintendent ol missions tor the
Presbyterian church, to take the pulpit of the  Stanley street church here.
Mr. Reid said he knew the Morm -
ons  at close  range  anil they   were    a
great menace to thc civilization of the
present time. There arc 20,01)0 Mormons in South Alberta. The little
town nl Raymond, alone, sent out 110
missionaries lo Croat Britain und
the Mormons cluim that they have
SOO missionaries at work in Oreat
Britain today. Their converts arc
Coming in through the port of Montreal at the rate of 10(1 a week and
Bomothing should bo done in thc mat
ter, it was announced al the meet
ing this morning S3 converts hnd
just landed  in  thc city.
Qeorge Perley  will if acting premier
and   the   various   depart ments   will   lie
divided among the lew remaining min
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Desiens Box 51
Phone 295
M •   i   .Min.lion given to commerclsl
ni.ii   ..id  iiururt*.   First-claw nnmpl»
rooms. Kinect scenery in llrilish Columbia, overlooking 1'fiper Arrow l.ske.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
W. J. Lightburne, Prop Phone 42  -   Night Phone 85
Ministers Leave Ottawa
Ottawa, June 24—Premier Borden,
Hon. .1.1). Ilazen, minister ol murine
and fisheries; Hon. O.J. Doherty, mm
ister "I justice, and Hon, L.P. Pel-
letter, postmaster   general, will leave
for   Montreal   tomorrow   night,   whe.e
they will embark on the steamer Royal Ueorge which sails Ior Bingland
at daybreak on Wednesday. A final
cabinet meeting will i,« held tomorrow, at Which odds and ends ol
business  Will   be  cleared   up.
Ill addition to thc ministers who
lire leaving, there aro absent from
tho capital. Hon. Frank Cochrane,
minister of railway", who Is in Tor
onto; Hon. T.W. ('rothers, minister
of labor, who iB In the west, and
Hon. Robert Rogers, minister of the
Interior, wbo is also in the west,
While Hon. Q.B. Foster, minister of
trade  and   , ommeree.     is   already     in
Bingland.   it is   Imported that Hon.
Frank Cochrane, soon alter his return to the capital ii.mi Toronto will
proc 1 in the     Pacific coast to In -
sport. Hie work at l'rince Rupert,
Coming back, he will go from Mont:
real   lo   tlie   Hudson   Bay,   leaving   in
Augusl  aiid returning in September.
Hon. F.H.. Monk will also lie absent
from the capital at an early dnte on
a fifteen-day   inspection   trip.      Hon.
Needles Made out ot Wire
Needles ar,. made from steel wire,
which is lirst Cut by shears from coils
into the length of the needles <
made. Alter a bath oi such liiis us
iiave heen cut out they are pluced in
a furnucc, then rolled until perfectly
straight, says the Chicago Tribune.
Next the noddle pointer takes up ,i
dozen or so of the w.res aud rolls
them between ins thumb and Soger,
with their ends on a turning grindstone, first one and then thc other
lieing ground. The litt..• st.-el hab-
liins ure next fed Into a machine
which flattens and gutters the heads
alter which the eyes arc punched.
See the RevelBtoke Hardware Co.'u
advertisement for bargains in screen
doors and  windows.
Excels for
Affect Gambling Only
Santo Fe, N.M., June 20—There
will l« no interference by Governor
Vi. C. McDonald with tbe Jobnson-
Flyn battle (or th. world's heavy
weight championship July 4, at Las
Vegas, providing tbe county and city
authorities "enforce strictly tbe state
laws." These luws relute cbielly to
to the suppression of public gainu-
The "Sugar bowl" Ice cream is
MUSIC—M.se Johnson, pupil of A.
Miller, P.R.A.M., Loudon, is prepared to tase u limited nuuiuer of pupils lor tuition in muBic. For terms
upply at the' residence of J. K.
Johuson, first house west ol the hospital,   First  street.
RevelBtoke Land District.
District  ol   West  Kootenay.
Notice is hereby given tbat I, Ado
lurd ri. Uloudiu, ol Halcyoa, B. C,
occupation Shipwright, intend to ay-
ply lor permission to purchase the
Uillowing described land:
Commeuciug at a post planted 20
chains soutb and 40 chains west Irom
the South Kast Corner of Lot 7072,
Croup Oue, Kootenay District, and
marked "A' S' lllondin'a North cast
Corner i'oat" theum soutb 40 chains,
thence west 2u chaius, thence n.rth
40 ehuins, tbence cast 20 chains more
or less to the point of conimeu.-o -
ment, and coutaimug SO acres, more
or  lees.
Dated this 20th June, 1912.
Sold By Hobson <& Co.
RliViu 8TOKB, B.C.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District ol West Kooteuay,
Take notice thut 1, Eli/.ubetb llau-
ah, ol Rossland, B. i'.. occupation
Married Woman, intends to apply for
permission lo purchuse the following
described   lands:
Commencing at a poet plauted
about iti cbains north of ibe North
West Corner of Lot 8402, tbence 80
chains soutb, 30 chuius east, HO
chains north and 30 chains west, to
point of commencement and contain
Ing 210 ATeS more or less.
I ited   .prii 2f,th, 1»12.
Per Jonaj, Vi. Hannah, Ageut, PATrniUV.  .IT'NE 89th, 1912,
SATURDAY,  JUNB 29th, 1012.
Session ot Board in West
Ottawa       June   25—The    Dominion
railwuj   i   mi n   «ill  hold .,  si i
■ • i hroughoiil   tho    wo i
tl   month,  starting  .,■   Fori   Willi
.iir.,      i ,.-. ml  i caching  Victoria
il   - month.  Al each
.. :...|i... ion will
thi   i -vi,  enl
:  oi   body  intern  freighl   rate
vlll    be
■  11|  pul lie com
i   mmi   ion re
ni   ■ ow  reached
■.     and  nol
■ p.l,  lt con
Hern  lienrings
'   ■ 111 IM     UdltioS
fi 'l ina
a th? I oar I
forn   I  f.ffi i  i ' i
th I omm
to i     tni      i'i' ti     In
' |       '. l'l"t    llll
of  the     n n 's
Foi t  Williai       i    '    ' Winnlpi
I     .'■'.' Jn       J lij   20;   Reg
itooi      Jul
July  21;      t' i-.'.ii v.   July
ivpi     July  27;      \ ictoi In,
Tbe     nin repi ■■   nl ■ I
Acting  Chaii man   D' Vrcy   Scotl.
'    mmiesionerfl       leve    and
M .
" ■ ■   fill   |>e  held  al
ngthy  HrI      "f
■' .   operations
ard.     This nnd
iiipIii     .'. -I  conclude
tl '      :       '
liuin Iimm tn tree by birds and in
bccI «ini'ii would accounl lor the
grout Increase at blossoming time, li
uppoara to develop very rapidly und
ihe hiuxluium umount of damage Is
ilon ■     .iini. i     .i     ii ui ai   i ho ni tuck
he ■ ■     nnl ic lablo,      As    uny I hliig
which produces uu uinliio growth of
biiccii .i wood Is con litcivc to
bllglii   .1  is well to cull Ivato and nv
n■■■      ub i"     produce ii medium
grow      on    i m. li miIi Iiy  v,ood.
\     m    orchni (Ib in the aficctoil ills,
irlcf     : m  .ii im;, i  ii   tine  I e.'tt  en,,
gcBte.1 thai MM'essiu' iriigntion Into
ni  n     l.ill  n.,.1  i     cun, .|ii.iii   excess
growth  of  « I  may  have  had  Borne
thing i" do with tho presenl out-
Bllghl ,■ ii ,l.s.'.is.' greatly [cared
I.y orchni disl ■ iu cm nil. In on ■ ic
i mi ol i '..I 'mi uiu in,i fruil prospc i i
woro i 'nn.'.I ii numb t ol youi b ngo
-' .i 11,;11 s ui m cone.'rn.',I because
ol n out break «liicli got beyond con
i roi. Neni'i i homo mi orrhurd In tho
northern (ikunagaii wns prnctioally
I m 'vi ml yours ii ■" Iiy the   up-
 :  i.:,rlii.   M   tho tirst    iip-
i ni m'm treinio n m n ;i i <■ should
lopti .1 without nny deluj. Th •
lonvi hi ih.' uffected purl look ns
though scorched ami browned with
Hume .in.l the wood becomcB black at
tho   heart.
Bervlces On all Bunduys, except
the fourth ol each month, Low tnusn
villi Communion ol Hie faithful at
X a.m. Hi fh Mass al. tO.'ilO a. in.,
i , i ian Doctrine lor children at
m;;io p.m. Rosary with Bendlctlon of
•I'lie iiii'sse.l Sacrament I'M p.m,
On week duys Holy Mass every
morning at 7::to. Confessions are
heard every ovoning after 7 :iu and
iu the mornings before Mass
J. 0.  MoKenzle,  P.  P,
i;,n. ,|. W, Sli'veii.i.m, minister
Ri gulai b ir . ices ou Sunday at 11
iuu. iiii.l 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
ii.i.i adull Bible classes at 2:30 p.m.
Mid-week prayer moi ting i n Wodnas
daj .ii S p.m. Hearty congregation
ul singing and special music Iiy the
choir, Strangers and visitors are Invited  i" Uie Bervlces.
Rev. ll. .1, Mclniyre, pastor. Ber
vices on Sunday .it n a.m. and 7::m
p.m.; Sunday school and Young People's Bible classes at 2:30 p.m.; Wednesday at 8 p.m., Kpworth League
meel ing; Friday evening, Junior and
Senior choir practice, a cordial wel
i ome awaits the public at all these
Pear Blight in QKanagan
■   ■ ■ J |—Tl       , pearance
■ ■'   i  list .   .  Bti iking
M   I  illH'S
to    tbc
■   thai   thi    leavei    on   tho      trees
ii id  li   ti  bi   i'ii
e :   v !i   ' li     orchil! Is   ar
tve ks ago,
tl    ■        of tl      trowcrfl
■  ■ > ent   i" Vmi
king foi  i k
pert. ■ -•!■ nn.  provincial In
ut h :
ant,  M     ; ■' meed    the
In   I however,   the    apples
were i dy   iflcct td  than the
the   acreage    undei
pears      s nol  lai ge and     ihe conse
• -..it  val "ty small. Bul
rds were bo sen
■ hat   for a  time  it   ap
peari th tl ■ ■     season's oul
;   •    ■ matei   illy de-
y   the  i ly use
ol eflect eradica
minated.      Ii
.   ■   - except In
iSe has
I   -
Thi ' 'it ofl the
ifool   below
; roperly tl at
■  ■
■  l
■ : I t ie diffl
-   t to tn
•  .
-   |   •  ■   • cevei    that tbi   dis
•-  ,.vui
.  - •  • invcyed
Another Link Completed
Toronto, .lune J.", Sir William Mac
i em le Bails tomorrow lor Bristol
and London nnd will be absenl foi
uboul   live  weeks.   Before  Bailing    Mr.
Mackenzie   ri Ived  Irom   British   Co
liimbin t he tinnouno mi nl t hnl ano
thor linli in tbe eomjiany's trnnscun-
i iiiiMii.il road had In i n completed In
I uie I lope lino from I lope io I'orl
Mann li connects the trunk line ol
the road with the western tcrminUB
at Pol I Mann, where the huge shops
and yards of the western dlvisli I il i
lieing  built.
Abolish Treating System
The anii treating law  which  will be
ni roduced     by   the Ontnrio  go\ ei n
rn. ni al  tho next  Bcssion will In   lai
i caching     In Its    eflect.   The    lioti l
keeper,   the   bar   tender   and   thc   man
who is giving the treat   will  lie : : ■-
ectitod  under  lhe  new  law.   The ten
tatlve     plans   are designed to reach
overy  person   who  may  commit      an
Offence under llie law. The bar tender will likely be lined to the amount
ol $100 to $200 and the "treatcr"
will   be dealt   with  m a similar way.
Holy Communion every Sunday
morning at S a.m., and after morning prayer on the lirst Sunday In
each  Month.
Kev. C. A. Procunler, rector. Matins at li a.m. and Evensong at 7:30
p.m., every Sunday. Litany on tho
Becond Sunday, and the Auto Com
inunion on tbe Third Sunduy alter
Maims. Sunday school overy Bun-
day al 2:30 p.m. Choir practice on
Fridays  at  S  p.m.
une lilock west ol McKenzie avenue
on Becond street. Rev. !■]. J. I'h.ivc.
II. A . pastor. Sunday services at
I lu.m. and 7::i0 p.m.; Sunduy school
and adult Bible cluss.s at 8:30 p.m.;
Monday at x p.m., Young People's
Meeting; Wednesday at S p.m., church
Prayer Meeting. A cordial invitation
extended to all services. Strangers
made  welcome.
New Time Table
On  .lune 2nd, a  new c.P.R.    time
lahle came  Into eflect  Ior  the sum
mer.     changing  the    hours ol arrival
and  departure   oi   lhe   truins,      which
are as followi
1   .
13   .
•   I"    . ...lTo.k
 24 15
  7 20
Arrives  15 30,  leaves '. 10 a m
i  I!
15 55
i.i ave
St.  Franc
church, corner of    Fifth    street    an!
McKenzie avenue.
will be celebrated in
£1 .uul Cushion than
ever bcfoi e al
Armstrong, July I
Aeroplane Flight
I wo flights l>\   Aviator  Sl irk
in ins \\ righl Ui-pUii.. .
I-n m Aerop "'   tiie
\ IVtlH
rb)  \ -. Ai in
Horse Racing
Grand Ball
Special Train
108 Cheques Will be
Distributed Among Canadian
mers. Will You Get One of Them.3
I ■ '     ■ ■
i;    Ci
-   .     .    • •
■ ■
. '
of your
Prize Contest.
Addrci. Publicity Munngrr
Canada  Cement  Company
501 Herald Bldg.   -
•      ■  ■ •
■ '.
I <        I       '■
.    .
■ ■
- •
Iree book,
What lhe former;
fin Mill (unm'tr'
.'■ni to all
I  del,ills
( fullest.
Gold Medal.
London, 1011
I.trrr.l Sail  •" '    " DRADB   Ttt
,,,   il .n.l
The best ot tea—
from the best of
land—for thc best
of  drinkers.
Si'iiloil Tenders minis'.I "Plumbing" will iir riTiv M.i lij tli ■ undor ■
signed iiul.il Sal irday, July 6th, 12
o'clock noon, tor Plumbing Work t
the Queen Victoria i li s t il a.iili-
tionH, RevelBtoke, B.C.
Specifications, etc., may l>e obta'n
cil  upon  application.
A certified choquc lor five per cent,
of the amount to accompany each
tender, The lowesl or any tender
not  noceeaarily  ncccpteil.
W.  ||. WALLACE,
P.O.  liox  Hi,,  Rovolstoke,    B. 0.
Sewing Machines
A nice new Btock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sew-
ing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING,   Agent.
H. W. [
Animal     Rugs,   Game
Heads and  Birds
P.O.Box 31, lievelstoke
Court of Revision
PUBLIC    v iTICE  le  hereby  given
1   i>     ion   ol    tiie
ll he  held    In
T .ms lay,  July 9th,
E   A   I.AU
tj   Clerk.
to July 5th, I9I2
Now is ihj  Time to
Get Your Flower
Garden in <Shap i
We grow the finest b< dding"
out plants thai can be grown.
:'.i different varieties of AS
'I ERS. Write for our complete
price list, of ROSES, SHRUBS,
plants now ready.
Florists, Columbia, H.i'.
Satistactlon guaranteed
Agent  for   Flexitime   Electric
Simp in Cumming's Transfer
Building, Second Street
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Public Notice in hereby giveu thai
it is ubuoiuuiy necesaury that dis
ni'il.ira <il a aiiHpicioiiH nature lio ro-
uuricil lo Ur. MoLeun, Cily Medical
Ileal 111 Ulliccr or other uuysiciuus,
as soou au known. Failure tu do luib
ib a putiisiialilo ullenee.
By Ui'tf' r,
Oity  Clerk.
Sn.    il,     110VAL    TE.Ml'LAUd     Ob'
MeetB  every   2nd  aud   4th  Ihuredayb
iu      Oddfellowu    Hall,    at S  o'clock.
ViBiting   Templars   ure   cordially   iu -
vited to attend.
Vi. E. MUN80N, S. C.
A. D. TOURNBH. R. a.
Provincial  Land   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
AlcKENZili  AVK.,
BOX    l'J6,    Rli\ELSTOKE
BarriaterB,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial Bauk   Building  lievelstoke, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Olllces—Revelstoke,    B.    O.,     and
Craubrook, B. O.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Reveletoke, Craubrook
O. Boi 14b, RevelBtoko, B.C.
Revelstoke,  B.  C.
iJuminiuu und  B.  C.   Luud  Surveyor,
KOOTENAY      LODGE,  No.  18 A.  F.
hi).I  A.   M.
Regular     meetings aro held iu MAS
ONIC TEMPLE,     Oddlellowa'      Hall
on the Third Monday  in eaeb mouth
ut  1  p.  m.      ViBiting brethren      are
cordially  welcome.
W. B.  R0BBRT30N, Becretary.
MT.      BEGBIE,    No.  ilil.
OF I. O. F.
« in I. O. U. K.  Hall next    to
g'l  Opera   House  every  Becond
i'i.   Moinlay   in   month.   Visit'
. i. cordially  welcomed.
0    »,  HELL. 0.  R.
V.M.   B.   i AMBRON,   Rec.-Sec.
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhe.i'l
Electric Restorer for Men
Photphonol1   ' rese eryi o the body
           In ii. pi .iif 1.-ii'i miii | ri'.l.'t.a
.lm anil rltallly,  prtnim in   li i
wreaknfl I avsrtca si on-.     riirtaiiin»n..i      i
maki you n .■ "Mm.   l'i ... »i a bM. or Iwo I >|
It.    MmI.I to «nf a'blrr   .     TllO Hi iil»'ll UniL
Do,. t», Catharine*. Ont,
0.   W.  I).   W.
M . .Mini,    . |( *   i nn.p,   No.   i'i')
■' ■ a    «...ii i   Mini     tfourtfa Wednes
lay*    .n each  month  m    Selkirk
Hall       . letting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
A    j.   WOOD! Com
J .MBS  MctlS i . RB, l lork,
KIRK      l.nlii.K   IZ,   l.  O,   0   Y.
Phui   lay evening   m
Irt   ilali ni  I o'clock      Vimting
'. ' ii i.ally Invited.
ll.   BIBOFRIBD,   N   0,
JAB.  MATHIB,  Becreury,
'iui,li RANOB LODGE,      K. of   P.,
•   tc.  RBVBLBTOKfl,  li   r.
Meets «»ry Wednesday except   tin
llm I   Wrilm-Hilay of eaeh  month      in
Oddlellows' Hnl) nt. it o'clock,  visit
in*   Knights nri>  roriliiilly  Invited.
0,  w. OARLAND, 0,  0,
0. II. BROOK, k. of r. 4 a.
u. otr.
Smoker's Supp '
Tin old   irliiiMr in vt )\ii.- llii' lini'1 •■! hi (I  lifsl Illli   "i ' tin    i
Supplies evil in Il.e i il>, and ( ui  pi .res aie  riylii.    I iilj   l-ii-i.ds
oi fii.'iirs U» ( hnoHO lioin.    I'l ice from $l.U0ptr liux up;    nti inmU
li; III  HClllp iitlli'l .
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
nui ■ liiork   ol   inl.I'.ili   l'i| rs  is  htimll   on   uccoiiiil   nl   ilu-
rrop Inini' , i fiiihiri'thi.-. mmi nnil i|li.il,l ,   poor.
Hrim I'ipiai ill ciihcs Irom $1.(10 up.
Asl. lm tin- liinii'iii. II. U, I': liiuiiU. Kvery pipe la Kutuau-
t ii'iu iiiiiI t iriini'i' lloliliis, C.iMS iiiiii I.ijiiiiis, Pouches,
Asli 'I ia\;. in il I'ipi1 Kih'Kh. Tell us tt lull you wiuil nml we "ill
Miii yuu. II iou iniiiii'i full, phone 37 antl k"'"Is will be sent to
youi home for approval.    Huy earl) while stock Is complete.
Icilinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows him, h« will
till ymi thnt lho wliiskryH we are
Bulling are the best. Call and be
convinced. No lioimt'liolil should
hr without ,i ii; i.li of oui'Harvey's Spcclnl Scotch Whlskoy; our
Frnpln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
8(1 yeaih old or Dlnokborry Brnndy
fur Medicinal purposes, Our stork
of choice Wiues and Liquors of all
kinds mi' unexcelled.      S"Id Iiy all
Uu- leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
iiniuii lm s nnd Doalers In rm u Winn., Liquoi S, Cigars and Clgarettos
Fresh Imported Groceries
D. GaUicano, Second Street
Largest & Finest Steamersf rom Canada
^ew S.S. Laurentic, 15.000 Tons Each
New S. S. Megantic
Sails June 22, July 20, Auff. 17. July 6, August 3, August 31
one-class (I ii Cabin sorvloo.
Twin-Screw S. S. Teutonic     Twin-Screw S. S. Canada
582 leet long,  l\umi horsepower SM Feet loun
Sails July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 7. June 29, July 27, August 24
Company's Offices, 619, Second Ave., Near Cherry St., Seattle
Record of Progress for Five Years- 1906-1911
1906 1911
Capital        ....        $ 3,000,000 * -1,000,000
Reserve 3,000.000 4,000,000
Deposits      ....        23,077,730 35,042,311
Loans antl Investments         -      27.467,090 38,854,801
Total Assets         -       -       -        3o,0i)0,i»2 48,237,284
Hub 83 Brunches in Ciimulu. mill Agents uiul Correspondents In all
tho Principul Cities In tho World.
Interost allowed at highest ourrent rato.
Revelstoke Branch. W. H. Pit ATT, Manager
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
WORK   8hOP-
Onnnaught  Awe.   -    Revelstoke
New Lightning  Method
Oil Painting, antl Painted Walla
Cleaned like new.
Paper Hanging a Specialty
Estimates Given
Mirror Making antl re-Silvering
(ilass Cutting and Boring
(il.-isH Frosting and Staining
Picture Framing, etc.
l'rices Reserved.
Painter, Paper Hanger. Decui'Uter
Revelstoke, B C.
Dr. J. C. Morrison
Post Graduate Chicago University
Specialty—All   Porcelain  ami
. ast Crown Bridge Work
Cor. Granville and Robson Sts.
iimi Harrison's Drug .Store
Phone Bey   5238
It will pay you to
make a call at
Ft   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying ynur outfit  of working clotim
lor the' bush,    I  make a
specialty oi Logging
Bnoes, Pants. Son, shirts
Blankets and everything
requiredmyoui bueiueit, SATURDAY, JUKH Milt, 1912.
JATURDaV,  .11 M-: 29th,  L9l2.
\l ',
Boi    ,    II   ii   Inlil'    Ml'nt'lOilliC li".
.■ii ii imlnlstet'ing  decide 1 shuck,
French society    i   i no ■ s
Lnsomblc and Chorus
In .'ly  t
ol lectures, according li, up ,n.n in
Purls newspapers. To the ultra (ash
iininiili' audience lhat have liooko
to lii'nr lum li' has sal l very plainly
Is .i st,\ lu which Is m turn classical
ninl nlu up, ly, humorous and tragic thai
while llu' From li woman Is distinctly
[urging ahead tho French man is
dogsneratlug vory Inst.
Whatever historians mny Hunk ol
tho French Revolution, he said, tihe
t.H'i remains thai tho period ol the
Terror marked an outburst ol mere
bostvnlity, n positive return to savagery, Slnoe tho days ol the Revolution, Frenchmen havo Btoadlly degenerated.
The leaders ol tho Revolution were
religious at least, uud orbuni<.eil nu
iiuiiiil (,'Mivitii's uu Uir worship ni
ilir Supreme Bi ing. i be Frenchman
ol today bus no rollgion. n i therefore has degenerated, because the
normal man is, according tu nil de-
liiiitions, n religious man,
Tbe   Cave   man   who   fell     on      raw
meat but who at uight from tne opening ol his cavern looked at ihe
sturs and adored the mysterious pow
er he felt enveloping him wub more
ol n nmn and less ol an animal than
the boulcvardier whose collars are
laundered in London, who dines within bailing distance ol the opera,
and who thinks wheu bc goes i"
bleep that human apes havo snuflud
up the .stars.
The men ot tbo Revolution were
enthusiasts; the modem butterfly has
been Bhorn ol us wings and is after
all a crawling caterpillar. Literature
iiseil to be an art, finance u trade;
ui present the order is reversed.
"Vie boast ol our progress. What
do we owe to progress besides celluloid collars, in.ii ...u in and horse
meat?" Mgr. Uolo asked. "Our progress is purely animal. We are trying to Ily. but any stork or sparrow
cau bout us ut tbat game. In ge
ometry ami architecture we haven't
gone further than u.vs uud beavers
"Ignoranoe is growing; nol tlie kind
of Ignorance that simply knows noth
nn: imt the kind tbat knows everything and re wis iu denial, destruc -
tion ami blasphemy. [is the foremost  agency  of regenera-
"ln military Lie as well as in civil tion fur man; it is the salvation of
Lfc every man is shirking bis dutieB. modern society. For Individual bap-
ln twelve years the number ol deser- piness is closely bound up with aoc
tors baa risen from 7,00a, tu 70,two. lal happiness. An oriental sane ex-
The Increase In the ■ onsumptlon of pressed tins idea beautifully when lie
alcohol is simply appalling, In some said ihat two hearts were very near
uurtnern towns there is one suloon giving euch other perfect happiness
fur every  fifteen inhabitants uud    it   wueii nu vice stood between them."
Jm 55? ^tffc
Grouping seen  \iili Harry Bulger in  "
Empress I lieatre, Saiuiday Night
I he Flirting Princess" coming to ihe
New   Westminster
JULY 12, 1912
Revelstoke to New Westminster and return
Children half this fare—$6.40
Tickets good going July llth and 12th
returning July 14th.
The Officers and members ol I,. 0. I,.  No. Icy will leave on the 6:15
train on lhe morning oi the liih Jul} accompanied by the Hand
All Orangemen intending   lo  visil  lhc  celebration are requested
leave theii names with the W. M. or the Recording Secretary.
\\ orshiplul Master.
RcvelstuaS  Land District.
iiistriei ui   Wesl ivouteuuy.
'lane      uutice      thut    I,    eiliv.ul.eth
Hannah,  ui  itusslund,  B.C.,
Lum Married   women,  intend  in  up-
i'iy  Ior permission  U   purchase    !..e
loiiowing  uescribcd lauds.
t-umuicncing ut    a     post     plauted
uijouc sj cnums north ui tho .ni 'iu-
Ui.sL turner   ui   L,ui  s-ili2,   luence    so
chainB     suuth,    jo   couiub
i n.i,i.i,    bui.eu,     o.i   c...,
the County Court ol West Koote
nay    n..l,l,'U   at   He.el tO&O.
i' ian..  lucAuiuy   vs.   lie..u i m    Mines,
Ltd.,   l.Non pei. uual   i.la. i.ie) ..
A.   A.   I,..num   ia.       lie. ill. .e       ..i.ui",
i.i,i,,  (Nou personal  Liauillty.j
.Juhu liiiii.ieisuii uiul others  vs.   i   a
nice    Aline.,,  i.iii.,
Pursuant to tho judgements in the
anu,.' actions hcuriug uute tbe Jinn
.luuu uii, me ur.iei lot ...ie ltii I ii
contained and tlie Directions given
herein uu Uie iiui May. im2, tenders
win uo received by ine uudersigne.l
ior me purchase ui ihe lollowiug
iiuiiei.il claims.
"iie.iti.ee" Minoral claim being Lul
Nu. toil), Uroup l.
"K.iiiiun.l" miuerul claim being Lol
-Nu.  21)34,   Croup   1.
"Kolsoin ' M.iieral elaiiii being I.ol
No. t.toi, Group l.
All situate near Uumborne in tlie
Lurdeuu Mining Division ul West
Kootenuy DiBtrict, U.  C.
Considerable development work has
beeu done on  the Beatrice  claim.
Tenders ure to he made in writing
uud sealed nnd murked "Teuder Ior
Beatrice Mines property" alld ad-
dreBsed to the undersigned ut Kevelstoke, B. C, uu ur before the lstb
jluulf duy uf June, 1912.
'.In, oc-1 The highest ur uny tender uut uec-
accepted.   Further partlcu -
Revelstoko   Land   Disti'let.
District   ol   West   Kootenay.
Take   notice  that      Laiiis.
occupa -  Mayer, ol Mlneapolls, Minnei
cupation Clerk, Intends t.> apply for' essarlly
permission  to  purchase the following  lurs of the property will lie furnished
described lunds: Ion    application    to   W,    I, Unggs,
Commencing at a yost planted   at I'luintitls Solicitor,  Hevelstoke,  B.C.
tlie    Nm ih west.  Corner ol   Lot :-11ri
thence   north  40  chains,  theice  v.ibt
euct, 80 (40 chains,     thence    Bouth ii   cln.wis,
ui-',     »•)   tbence  east.   In      ciiains to      point  ot
po.nt ol commencement .uai contain-  commencement
ing ^10 acres  mure or less. acres  more or
containing     ino
Dated this Sth day ol May,  l'J12.
W.   E.   McLAUUHLlN.
Deputy   Registrar   County   Court,
Revelstoke, B.
1 Kirst  issue  Muy  S,  iweeks.
J-'uteil   tins  _elh   oi  April,   1912.
Johu W, Hannah, Agent.
Dated  June   loth,   1913,
MAY Kit.
will uut '..ike this system long to
create In uur nutiuu u fourth estate,
the drunkard-.
"We cun uo longer consider such
drinkers us human beings; they ure
properly speaking, human tanks,
throats .u delirium. Most disgusting
fuct; oui legislators do not dure tu
•Hem  this surging tide  uf rum.
"Fauiiiv       lies are     Ireconiiug    very
loose.    The  family      cuu  uot    he    uu
agency  fur purity  uud  righteousness
unless   it   submits   the   mutes,     tu    u
severe discipline and  lays  upou them  and
heavy     responsibilities.  The    woman'
who marries acquiriea thereby a lord I
und master; tbe mun    who     marries
takes   uuiu  himself,     us  the   pupulur
i-.iyiug  goes, u  boss.
"In the=e Jays we observe u strike
ol eligible men. The lliau who refuses tu many as lutig us marriage
appeurs to him u had bargain is sure
to many as soon us u certain union
seems to him u good burguiu. 1 do
jiot criticize the cu^tum uf giving
girls a dowry, A father should not1 insurance,
punish his daughter lur loving a poor I
mun by refusing to share his comfort!    Victor  llorulesa
Meet me ut the Savoy.
Big reductions in baby carriages at
W.   J.   Curtis,   piano  tuner,   w.ll   ie
at  Revelsioke about  July  5th.
Meat chests ut llowsou's,   for $3.00
Kor really choice Chocolates, drop
iu ut  the augur  Bowl.
Pure Maple Syrup, Lime J nice,
Waamngton strawoerriea ui Bourne
Bros.,  First street.
A fresh supply ot Muui'es' nuteil
cbueuluioB bus just arrived at me
Savoy.—Try them.
Your   losses  usuured,
ble—W. B. lluuerlsuu,
rutcs  reusuu -
real estute  tt
Cranbrook—September ls-l'J.
Delta—September 20-21.
Grand Forks—September 20-27
Greenwood   September 3o.
Borden— September 24-25.
Islands—September IS.
Kent—September 12-13.
Kamloops—September ls-10-20.
K'-lownu—.September   20-27.
Kuslo—October  15.
Lungley—September 25.
Mission—September 21-25.
.Maple  Ridge—September 26-26.
Matsqui—September 20-27.
Nanaimo—September 17-ls-lu.
N. and s. Saanich—October 1-."
Nicola—September 26.
Nurth  Vancouvei —Septeml er 7,
New  Westminster—October 1-6,
Nelson—September 22-23-25.
New  Denver—October 2.
Penticton—September 2a.
Hevelstoke—October S-9-10.
Richmond—September 25-2G.
Sbawnlgan—September   18.
Salmon Arm—September 2;-_v
Summerland—October 30-31.
Surrey—September 24.
Trail—September 25-26.
Vernon—October 23-24.
Vancouver—August Id it.
Windermere—September 20-21.
\ Ictoria—I Provincial  exbl
Bepb ium i   24 28.
Notice is heieny gi.en tuai WUliaui
illu.l' l.o,,. I la,,,,, oi itti.UalOate, ion .
mil apply lol' U liC.liSe IO I....C ..tl.
uad \±oj ...neu .ii.ucia AUCllea oi iia.a
u..b   Ul   v.al.uou    LieUa,    V.UiCi   ,.UWS   IU
a auiiiueiiy mreution torougn X. Ij.
. laid   umi    I',    io.   -iuM.t|   u,.d   11%'Ll.a
.uiu Downie reea, uuuin t.vo mires
irom ll uioutn, culaniuiu iu>e.. ilie
Water  will  ue  lUVerica ill  ii  ,,, ml  lu
Ull.eS    UOl'lU    I
.. i.i   ue   ,      ,1
ou   lue   luuu   dcaoriuej.  as  Lol  iJi.u,
tteveiatOate  i^unu District.
The time for receiving tender* herein has beeu extended to August lBt,
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and   endorsed    "Tender
[or V, In,:: .11 Bo well, B.O.," will be
: i, ived at this uihrc until 4 p, m.,
,.n Tuesday, July 2, 1912, tor tlu
construction oi a Pile Bent Wburl ui
11 iwell, li.vision ol Nelson, Kuole-
i.ni.ii      suuul  naj  District, B.O.
Plans, i] i' Be itlons and form ol
contract nu be seen and forms ui
tained at thia Depart mm
and al the offices ol il. A. Heeler,
Esq., District Engineer, New West -
minster, B.C., and on application to
the Postmaster al \ ictoria, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified that
i.n.bin will not Le toiim.icre.1 unless
ii.ad i on th priul I toi mi supplied,
i I . . ne i wll n beir h itual sign'
tures, stating their occupations anl
placi« ol n -;.!■ nee. In the cat: of
firms,  the actual signature, the  na-
tu !  the  oc  .; atii n, and  plac I  "I
i     deuce of each memlicr oi the nrrn
must  be given.
Each tender must he aceompaiiied
hy an accepted cheque on a chartered
bunk, payable tu the urder ol the
Honourable thc Minister uf Public
Works, equal to ten i>er ceut (10 p.
c.) ol the amount of thc tender,
which will be forfeited if the person
tendering decline to enter iuto a
coutruct when called upon to do so,
or full to complete the wurk contracted for. If the tender be not uccept-
,'d the cheque will  be returned.
The Department ducB not bind itself tu accept the luwest or auy tender.
By order,
Department of Public WorkB,
Ultawu,  May  30,   1812.
Newspapers will not be    paid     for
this advertisement  if  they  inBcrt    it
without  authority  from  the  Department.
June   5th   1st   issue.
Coal uiiuiug rights ol the Domiuiou
in   iWuUiLuuu,   £>unh.alcuewuu   uud   Ai-
ji  uo.ijie  creed,      una  ueiia,    lue    uauii    territory,      mc
ior   uumestlC      purposes   .Nureu-wesl 'Imiiioi les  una iu a  por-
liou  ul   the   Province ol  britisu   Cul-
i.miiia,  may   bu  leused lur a term ol
'iui.   notice      was    pusled  ou      tno   iweuty-oue  years  al uu   uuuuul   reut-
giiiuuu uu iuu 4tu Uuy ul June, liu.:.   ul    ul      *i  au acru.    Nut    mule luuu
iu    lue   i.oijil acres  will   uu  leused  lo uue up-
w,lh  her.  uuthuig  ,uu  be mure legl - 120   upwur
MiichiuuB  0  Irum
Kdisuu Phonographs,
timatc.   li u young man accepts her from     *rj.i>o     upwards.—Hevelstoke I
dowry  and  increase.-   .t  through    his   Music  Stole,  McKeuzie Aveuue.
personal labor, thiiB laying the fouu
datiou of enduring prosperity lor his
uud her desccuduuts, who cun suy
ihut  hiB conduct Is  not  honorable.'
The 'Sugar Bowl" Ice cream pat
lors arc uow complete. The best
uud moat up-to-dute sodu fountain In
the  city.   A visit  will surprise you.
Ouly a few huuimockB lelt at How-
sou's. We oiler these ut greatly reduced prices.
Try oue ol 1'iobyn's special dishes
u[ ice crcuni called the "Carpathian"
Low prices on Wicker furniture ut
Howson's next wees..    Watch tho show
"I cuunot, however, see that there
is u dlflerence between the ambitious
egotist who tuk,s a young wotnuu's
dowry while knowiug very well that
he can not give her iu enchuugc tho
husband, the liie aud the love to
which nlu: Is entitled aud ihe highwayman who murders a bunk messenger to rob bun ut  his Manh.
"Woman is superior to mun for uii-
other reason, because -he bus for ceu
tunc* l«en submitted to the truiuiug j window.
of  a  vary  strict  discipline. Discipline      Don't lorgct, pcuches and cream at
ib the iiest educational agency. Whut-  the  Savoy.
ever bus strength, power uud artistic Hee our Window ol Meat snaps aud
finish is born of discipline. Ask the °il stoves. Hot weather •peclllUol,
urtiBt or the virtuoso whether he islUourno BroB.
not indebtod for everything he hus
achieved to the discipline ol continuous pructice.
"A third element ol superiority la
Imparted to women i.y Ohrtstlanlty,
Christianity bus treated woman harsh
ly  but  It has also  honored  liei     and
niaile  ber  great.
"Feminism mind bo encouraged in
ttie measure In which It helps woman
to   many   and   biiug   up her  chlldl en,
whatever throws woman oui  ul    her
clrts i, makes nor rodlculoii i oi  gi ace
less in,Isl. ho li hi  like n   in i.ii pes
"The tblckosl  nl  llie  fro;   is    now
ruling nn,nml ibe ninl rlage n In h
and thi'ii'loii'  ,i   ImIiimivi'i  women  to
make married  I le  n  more attractlvo
n Inii,hi      Mm i Inge i rtdorod    with
Ji.    ji'lUshueas and    mom cn uestucss
iue appiicuilou will ue niej
Oince  ul   lhe   Wuic.   iieeo.aer  ui  Bti-
elstulte,  B.  tj.
unjectious may be Bled with lhe
Bald nuur Mucorder ur with tue
Comptroller uf Wuter Rignts, lar-
Lament Buildings,   victoria, B.C.
WILLIAM   IS.   KoBe,HT.-5u.\.
Per  Audruw hitaon,   .\   c  i.
t'"or u License to lake und use Wuter
..ou.e i.s nereuy givcu thai James
a. .-ihieius, of Uevelstone, B.C., wni
upply ior U license to ta*e ami use
hiiteen u.,, Miuer s inches ol .v..ie.
out in i an uuu tree.., whan UoWa in
u aoutherly uirecl.on ihioiibh \l,inner Limita ji'.,,., auu -iDoiti, und empties into JJowuie .'reek abuut two
mues irom tue Columbia river. rine
water w,ii ne uuerted uiu point
■ i no   i bail miles nortu oi
no ,'ule i ilea, trail and w.ii ue u»eu
in uomesi.c purposes on the lana
..e.-i.i.„,i as certiucuie oi pu chase
ii,   Le.eisione  l.uua Disirii t.
luia nonce wus posteu on the
i.iouud on tne -Uh uuy of June, Id.
ine application will ne bled in t.i,
on.ee u. mu Muter Heiui.ier, Hevel -
stone, B.C. tlojeciluus muy be ino I
With iiie said Water uccuiiter or WItU
...' Comptroller ul Water Bights,
\ ictuilu, B.C
JA.ui-JS  A.   UHUdlaUb, Appiii
By  Anurew  ).. t> ..    .leunt
Dates tor U. C. .all fairs
British Columbia's
nuw compiled, shuw
Irum   AugiiBt  1017
lull   fair   dates,
dates  ranging
the  week  ul  the
i„ gistry Office,
\ ancouver, B.C.,
2lBt  May,   1912.
In   tbe    matter ui a c i tali   .,,
ment  ul  aule  und purchuse  ui      Lots   '"..laiucm   Buildings'
14, ib, 19,  ... and -i in     auud	
"li",  Lult,  30 auu  31   in   BubdlVlaii   .
"0" anu Luta 27 aud is ui Suudlv.s
iuu "D", Bluck   158,  H.strict  Lut 2 4u
City uf Vancouver, date-d atb     July,
1892,  entered     Into  by  and  between
William F.  Van Antwerp, ol the one
pari    ini  Thomas tii.  Wilson   of      t..e
other part; and in tbe matter of    u
certain Agreement ol  .-ale aud l
chase ul  Lot 21, in Subdivisiuu  "B",
Hlucn l5o,  DiBtrict Lut aula,     d ,'
21st October, lsii2, entered     iuto by
' and between William P. Van Ann i
of the "i.i part uud Youel Carr;   i
I ner purt.
• eas       autia.'iietory    proof
breach of convenants and ot re-entry
uud recovery u!    possession    bj  the
registered owner.
Cutherine I. B.  Malison,
has  been  produced  to  the  Kegisiini
and hied in this office.
Notii tven tli.it, at tl
expiration  ol   thlrtj   duys  (rum
Vancouver exhibition, to October 80-   ,i.,i,   ,,; ,   Ucreof, 1 shall ce i
;;i,   when the Summerland exhibition ou ol   the said agree
will be held. Following la tlie list
PUBLIO NOTICE is hereby given
thut ine Canadian PaciUc i.ui.-.i,
company did leposit in tue Luu.i
Hegisiiy Unice in t..,, lily ut tvum-
loops on tlie 8th naj of iNovemuer,
l'Jll, under No. 'JJJ i'luu, l'lolilu and
Book ot   Helcrence   ol    propusud   spur
f    ,e constructed by tno suul Corn-
pan) .ium its   main   lino   ut    Mile
.  Board  t.i.H near tne     lown ai Sicu
niuu,.,  theuce  running Northerly  and
, North-westerly ucruas the South-east
North-east, uud North-west quarters,
.Section j, Township 22, Range 8,
West of tbu i.ih Initial Merid nu,
thence Westerly across bus UWS jh
an, Group i, Kamloops Divl Ion oi
ifale iiiatiict near Sicamous In the
Pro ■ ol British Columbia, to the
'.in, i.s i,I the Oolumbia Hiver Lum
ber Company, nnd that ihiriy days
utter  Ibis   notice   ui   as soon      there
Applicutiou ior leusu must bo tnuue
ny lue uppucuut iu person to the
Ageui ur ouo-Agoui ul tue uisiriei
iu wuicn lhe righis upplied [ur ure
iu ourveyed territory tho luud musl
be nescritied n> sectiuus, ur legal
aub-du .b.uun ul oeciiuns, aud in uu
burveyeu icinlul^ lue lluct upplied
tor i....iii bu bi.u.iMi out by tho up -
....uni   himsoil.
I'.aen  uppucuut   must  bo  uccompuu-
.eu by u iou ol Je wn.ch  wlll be     re-
luudud  if  lhe rights upplied lor    ure
uot  ....... i ... .   but  uol  otherwise.   A
royalty snuil ue paid ou tuu mer-
i ■..,..!.. a. output ol tlie mine ut lhu
rale ol  live cents pur tou.
Tlie person operating tue uiiue ahull
[uruibU lbe Ageut wiiu sworn leluriis
uccuuuliug fur lho full quuutily ul
uiiichaiitaiiiu cuul mined und puy tbo
royalty tbereou. 11 the cuul miuiug
rights uro uut beiug uporated, sucu
lutunis ah,.nui bo luruished ut leasl
oiicu u yeur.
iho lease will Include thu coal mining rights only, but lho lessee muy
ne pel untied lo purchuse whatever
mailable surface rights may bo cun
inhered necessary tor tho workiug ul
lhe mine ut lho rule of $10.00 uu
Fur full Information application
should bo mudo to thu Secretury uf
lho Pi i'.u 'im.'nt of tho Interior, Ot
tuwu, or to the Agent or Sub-Ageut
of Dominion  LundB.
W.  W.  COHY,
Deputy  Minister of  tho lutorior.
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication    of
I  b  ttdvcrtiBcmcut  wlll  not   lie  puid
Allow  Lake*   October   I m.
Alberni   September 18.
\m,, 11..ni.-   Octobcl   ll  17.
Burtiultiam   Septembei  28.
Bella Coola   [" tobei   I 0
CoWlChuU    .lepl   inlK'l
t'oiiuu   Ovtobei   ■
Coquitiam   Septeml   l
Chilliwack   Si ptem   I   19 .1
Lciili.il   I'mk-Scpteiui,er   12-13.
alter as the application can  be hcurd
ment  upon  thi   regl tei    ol th.B of   the Canadian Pacific Railway  i'"m
In  pui   ia i section  ir>u   oi  puny Intends to apply to the Board
the "Land Itegl try  a t"     a reprint ol Railway  Commissioners f,,r ('anu
ol   which  section id hereon,   da lor authority to    construe!     the
ARTHI K 0.  SMITH.      jaforesald spur.     ...
DUrtl Cl   11 ,,Mti;ir.      Dated  the   12th   day  ol  JUM,   1912.
,    mu   -1. .'■ h "nei Carryer |
The  Disti li t   u. gistrai   bos dlrei ted
tbat th re nol i fed     by,
: ,i,n thereof im one m nth In Canadian
a  Kooteuuy uewapupei. 1
l,i,inl  Right "I  Way
aud  Lease  Agent,
Pacific   Railway Company,
\ uucuuver, B. 0i
Notico is hereby given that Willis
J uu Armstrong, ol Hevelstoke, B
C, will apply Ior a license to tako
and use six (6) miners inches of wuter out of Mill I'reek, which Mows In
a  south-easterly     direction   through
Sertion 20, Township 25, Range 2,
A i i ol tlio 0th Meridan, uud ernp-
ties mi" Toncu Wuthu river, ncur
Big Biddy, B.C.. The wuter will be
diverted ut 2110 leet ubovo C. P. H.
track ainl will bo usod for Irrigation
purposos on the land described as 05
acres, part Bection 29, township 20,
iii    e 2, west of oth Meridan.
This notice wub posted on tbe
ground on tlio llth iluy of April, 1012
The application will be filed ln tbo
office ot tlie Water Hocorder at Revelstoko, Uf 0.
Objections  may   be  liled  with      the
snul     Waler     Recorder or with the
Comptroller ot  Water  Rights,    Par-
liiiiiiini. Buildings, Victoria, li. c.
Applicant.  ...
Seuied   Tenders addressed   to   the
uudersigucd, una endorsed ' Tei.dei
lur Wiiurr ul .\eoulcs, h.i ,", will ue
received ui una ornce uuui 4 p. in.,
mi inuisduy, july ith, 1J12, for '.ne
construction of u rue iicut Whan at
neuules, Bivisiou oi tuit.it Lus.,
oi  ivouteuuy, B.C.
Plans, specincations uud form of
contract can in- seen una .orms oi
lender ubtuiued ut this Uep.ntin at,
aud ut tue uuiiua ul C. C.  worstjlu,
liaq.,   BlStl'lCt   CUgluttSr,       -lew    >> . bl
uiiuster, u.._., unu ua application to
IUU    1 OttlUAuSlSl    ..c    ..SvlUOo,    l-l   w   ,   UaU
> ictoria, B.C.
I'eibuiia CwUue.iiig aie ..u i 1 .:.u.
teliueia win ..oc , ,_ ..... u uUlcatf
mane ou lue , r.nua t,,r„.s > ,p,.u.,,
uud aitneu w,eu ineir actd.ii aib-a
lurea, aiaiiiig luen uceuj.uti.ms una
places ui residence, in ;u. i,,.: o.
urins, tue uctuul sibu(ituic, iuu nut
uie ol lue oeeuiniLioU, ail 1 pl tic oi
esidcnce ol vueu memuei A I.m;-. .a
in,mi  uo given.
euch tender must be acco j;uuiti
by uu ucceptej cneque on ucnarte'ni
bans, puyahle tu tho oner ot t^e
llonouiunlo inu     Miuia'.or  ol    putut
Worse, equal io teu per ceut ilu p 	
e.) ol tho umouul of tne teudu, The qualifying examiuatioul tor
vv null will be lorie.ted if ibe pei sou Third-class Clerks, Juniur Clerks and
tendering decline tu euter iuto u con- Stenographers will be beld at the
tract wnen called upou to do ao, ur lulluwing plucca, cummeuciug on
fuil tu complete the wurk cuntracUJ Tuesday, the 2ud July next!—Arm -
lur. if the tender be not accepted strong, Chilliwack, Cumberland, Dun
tho cheque  will be rciumed. cuu, Uolden, Oruud Forks, Kumluops
The   department dots not   land   .ta.lt   Kuslo,   Kelowna,   Ladysmith,   Nuuui-
to accept  the  lowest or uny  tender.     mu,  Nelson, New Westminster, Peaeh-
The next examination fur the entry
uf Naval Cadets will be held at tliu
exumiuutiun centre ul the Civil Service Commission iu Navember l»i2;
parents or guurdiana of luuuding
caudidutea Bhould upply to tho Secretury, Civil Service Coaiin. .»\.,r,
Ottuwu, Ior eutiy papers before ltt
October next.
Candidates must be betiveen the
ugos of 14 and  „   on 1st Uctobor,1013
Cadets are trained for appointment
as Orlicers in the Naval Service, the
course at the College being two years
followed by oue yeur in a Training
Cruiser, after which Cadets ire iat-
e.1  Midahipmen.
Further details can be obtained on
application  to uudersigned.
Deputy MinieUr,  Department
of the  Naval  Service.
Department  of  tbe  Naval  Service,
Ottawa,  May Cth,  1912.
My   order,
Department ol  Public  Works,
Ottawa, June 5,  1012.
NeWHpapers     will     not 1* puid for
lund, l'rince Rupert, Penticton, Hevelstoke, Hosalund, Salmon Arm,Summerlund,   \ uucuuver,   uud   Victuna.
Candidates must be British sub -
jecU between the uges of 21 and 30,
if   for   Third-class   Clerks,   aud      be-
tlns  advertisement   if  they  insert    it   tween 10 and 21, if for Junior Clerks
without authority  Irum the Depart-   ur Stenographers.
ROYAL    NA\ Al.    i nl l,K'..K   OF
Tbe next, examination fur tuj tntrj
uf Naval Cadets w.ll be beld at the
uxamiiiution centres of the t ivll Sei
vicu Commission In November i •'.-.
parents ur guoi'dlatui ol intending
candidates should upply to the beers
lary, Civil Service I'ummiHSi in, Ottuwu, fur entry papers licfure Is.
Octulicr next.
Candidates must lie between the
uges ol H and lii on 1st JANUARY,
Cadets ure trained Ior appointment
aa Ollicera in thc Naval Service, tbc
course ut the College being two years
followed by une year in u Truining
Cruiser, after winch Cadets ar. rat
ed  Midshipmen.
Further  ih t.uls can  be  obtained o
application to undersigned.
0.  J.  DBBBABAT8,
Deputy MiiiiHiei  ■■'■ the Naval Service
Department ol the Navii feci\ice,
Ottawa, May Bth, IM»,
hist issue June 22
Applicuiiona will not be uccepted
if received later ihun the 15th June
next. lb...
Section 7 ol tbe "Civil Service Act"
provides that temporary clorkB and
Stenographers, who huve not been
regularly uppuinted by Order in
Council, must pass this examination
Hegiatrur, Civil Service.
1st issue May 8th.
Uevelstoko Land District.
DiBtrict ol West Kootenuy.
Take notice that I Alice Hillniun,
ol Genard, B.C., occupation Married
W'omun, intendb to apply lor permib-
sion to purchuse the lollowiug described lands:
Commencing at u pust plunted ou
the North shore o( Trout Luke abuut
40 chains west und 20 chaius north
Irom the North West Coruer of Lot
7mm, tbenee east 2m chums, thenco
suuth 2o chum*, thence Weat 20
chains or less lo shure of Trout
Lake, 20 chums nmro or less to
point "I commencement, and containing about  In acres more or less.
Dated mh duy of May  1012.
Per Luuoe HUlmao, Agent. BATORDAY,  ,11'NE 29th, 1312.
SATURDAY,   JUNE  20th,  1912.
4  Vt*»* <i I
•a>-,;i    *
' •*.'' I.V
>•■ J
Time is Flying, Opportunity is Passing
Hustle, Keep on Hustling, and then Hustle Some More!
Haiiway Belt Lanes will be
Handed Over to the Province
tor Aaniinisirauon
lbs elapi
. ■
to  l
i i more
.-   ill
• • ' ■
i li" i
It      nol       tli pated,  howei r, thai
iffaira will last very i"ni:
Mr Ma er has completer!
ersl   id     iimi tbe
rtmenl  ot tbs Interior will Issue
.\ ...ili     Iim   mn., ml   .
land  which a homesteader can take up
in ti i II be i • luced '"
i     . nd at I me time tor
■ ■, ■ i    ',n
■     I'll   Mile. I
..    .,..0 w.ll 01    that inlj.il   ll'.'lUl'SUuU- '
ng .n tbe  rallwas   hell w ill he  contin l
ethei   ;"  lands I
mi;  Irrigation. I
I I.i. ne    i i .ini'ii. .it.,I these regulii
I inns,   thi'     In, in. then   haul
thc  whole  bell ovim
for administration,  tbe oi
ed to homestead  tlie
empl   il al      a doll V
Pom ii
' mii
i m
the 1 .ii,
t pro|
'I'h .,n I
x hnn   wolll I   com
ll        :. -I     li',I
mnde i hnl   i he revi ■ o I  li im
i he laj .'..i. belt, ovei nnil alio' i thi
expen e ol admtnl trntl m ghl
iim.,i i,y ihn Dominion I u i on unci
Ing roads In lhc rallwn) licit, Hitch
.rn niiiiiii'i'iiieiii would, .i liellevorl
,iiMi, I,, absorl thi reveuue trom
tine source ioi sons yoan.
V, IN i'KIi    Row    i
■ ■It. . I. I..
. .nnl
ets.     Applj
COWS   FOR  SAI.ES—Apply  to    I).  BJ
Mitchell, Katilt, P.O., Tappen, 13.C. '
———■ " ~ c
FOR     SALE    v    n.o orti  ten-! oomed
!   .n   I'liir 1  street, ]
■  :   residential ilis- ;
ti Id ■.     .iiv.t .1.     Apply
Mr.   v\.    Snider, Third i* est,
Rei ■    '
l. ,1 '. .■ Required immed
ii , nl-
,    ■..
Id  bens,
111'' ■     UM
Great Exhibitio
At the Empress Theatre, July 1st, 1912
of Nanaimo,
of \ancouver
ii   .i   \   ' ■
\|,i I 2nd
'   ,,i   I v Mpi, al
lninl- i,,i
i' n
Hu- Hi ini ii n .<i ii'i    jiieai e take
in-i   thnt mv   i.i i,     ,i   '  ,i
,,n  iin;  Bend Trn .,  lm    In n i
111111' 111111 • -1 y
Duted  .inin'   Ith,   1912. '
J. l'. KBliLHIY.
r.i   III    I i   ivi iveij 'it   I hampion
S 'inii Aim i
Will   Spar   10   Rounds
in the Empress Thea-
. July Ist, 1912
Spe< i.i!  Seats  R
i"! tor Ladies
Or. C. Gordon  Hewitt, Do
minion   EntomoloiC'ft,
■   n   i
■M'      '
; Mr.  O'Don-
,1   llir Illli" I    sp IH l'i
i jri'il '          I-1
ill ■ for
Mr.   I..'    Man I
hampion i     I
Watch  foi   I       ■     nnl
in,ill lim.I I
1 BATORDAY,  JUNE 29th, 1912.
TSiE^nyc^iXi-iaiER^Lr), revelstoe-e
BATDRDAT,  JUNE 29tb,  1912.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. /fume Si Co.. limited
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
10(1 Ladies' Blouses and Wtists, Peter Pans, Middys,
Sailor Waists, Linen Waists, Colored Muslins and Per-
coles, all at one prije, worth up to $3.00, for each	
five Dozen Children's and Infants Dresses
Lovely creations, pure snowy white. Some are a little
mussed up, but most'of them are in prime condition.
They are half price now, and you can get some nice
ones around	
$1.00 and $1.50
Ladies' and Misses Corset Covers
A clean up of Ladies' and Misses Corset Covers and
White Cambric Drawers. They go as high as $1.25
each in price. We have placed the lot on a table and
you can pick what you want at	
50 Cents
Another lot of Corset Covers, worth up to $2.00 each
at 90c. They are all our choice ones, lovely lace and
embroidery trimmed and the new shapes, all one price—
90  Cents
Children's Wash Dresses and Middy Blouses
The greatest selection we have ever offered, to fit any
girl from 1 to 18 years. All the improved models and
materials are here for the warm weather. We surely
have something cool and nice for the girls, from	
90c. to $9.00
See the New Blouses
Colored Rajah and Pongee Silks
30 inches wide, in  Tan,   Brown, Navy,  Black,  Green,
Apricot and Grey, at	
85c. Per Yard
New Summer Hosiery
A new idea in cool hose for ladies. Silk boot wiih lisle
top, fine and cool, and they have the appearance, in
pink, blue, tan and black, at 	
75 Cents a Pair
FINE SILK FINISH LISLE HOSE, for Ladies, in tan,
Black, etc.    Good wearing hose at 3 pairs for $1.00 or
35 Cents a Pair
New Pongee Coating Silk
In heavy Cord,  natural color,  a perfect washer,  and
absolutely no wear out to it, at	
$1.50 Per Yard
Groceries anj Crockery Department
Fresh Strawberries and all other Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables arriving daily".
Some Specials in Groceries
New Potatoes 3 lb. for 25c
Jelly Powders    3 for 25c
Sunbeam Tea 40c. and 50c. per lb.
Pork and Beans in Tomato Sauce	
 10c, 15c. and 25c. pcr can
Corn Starch IOC. per 1 Ib. package
Crosse & Blackwell's Pickles	
 Pints, 35C.1  Ouarts, (15c
Nabob Seeded Raisins 10c. per package
Fruits and Vegetables
Pineapples, Strawberrtes, Ripe Tomatoes,
New Cabbage, New Beets, New Carrots, New
Radishes, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Oranges,
Lemons and Bananas, always fresh in slock.
In this department wc arc ready to serve
your wants. You will be looking around for
a suitable wedding gift for your friends who
are about to join tbe largest society in thc
world, and you will find il here among
our   Cut   Class, fancy China, Glassware, Tea
Sets, Dinner Sets, Toilet Sets and the thousand and one pretty things in our slock.
Fruit Jars!  Fruit Jars!
We know—Do you know ? That ils what
you get for what \ou pav, that counts. You
will notice it more than ever in the price of our
Glass, Screw Top Fruit Jars in pints, quarts
and half gallons—thc best and only brand that
gives satisfaction.
Try a small quantity of our several varieties
Plain Canadian Cheese. McLaren's Imperial
Cheese, in 15c., 35c, ,s.se. and $1.10 Jars;
Ingersol Cream Cheese, 20c. per package, and
tbc old familiar Limbergcr Cheese in 2 lb.
bricks, for Ooc.
Quality is the "come before any" consideration
when Sealey's Extracts arc asked for. Pure
goods in this line will save  you  money and
tune in cooking : ' .• 02,  hollies for 3JC.
Cool Summer Shirts
Let us cater to your comfort and convenience with the very latest stvles and patterns in Shirts.
We have the sole agency for the celebrated W. G. & R. Shirts and Collars in the City, and are
convinced that if you wear them once, you will always wear them. Dressy patterns, standard
sizes, full bodies and long arms are the great features which point to comfort and durability.
Nep'lip'ee Shirts *n p'a'n co'ors' ^ne stripes,
___m^^mmm_________u    hair   lines, pleated   fronts.
All the fine prints, cambrics, chambrays and zephyrs
are here.
rices from $1.25 to $3.00 Each
Soft Collar Shirts In plain  white  linen-
m^^m*mm^aaammmmm white crepe, white chambrays, and merceldas, stripes, solid colors and high
grade silks.
Prices, $1.25 to $3.00 Each
C;iU QViirts   'n P'a'n w'''te' k'ue' ant' Shantung.
_■■■■■■■■■   l>n'vs 	
$3.50 and $4.00 Each
High Soft Collar Shirts with double
mmamaatmmmmwmmma^i^Mmmma^mm French cuff, in
all the new shapes antl patterns	
Prices, $1.50 to $3.00 Each
Bargain Hats
To clear out a few odd lines, wc have reduced
the price to as low a figure as could lie wished
by anyone.   A whole table full at
25 Cents Each
Bargain Shoes
Ladies' Oxfords <*hich sold regularly from $3
to $4.00, now on the Bargain Counter at clearing priees.   You can't affortl to pass them up.
$1.95 Per Pair
This Department has everything that you will require to make your home bright and cheerful for summer, and now is the time
to look over and make your selections, at prices that will suit your wants, from a well assorted stock of Wall Paper from the
best manufacturers in the east, Rugs and Carpets from Germany, England and Eastern Canada at prices from $ for a 9x9 Union
Rug to the very best that can be had and in all sizes.
Lace and Lace Curtains
We li;m Llu sortment in the city, mott of wheh
mi' Imported by ourw Ives direct from England, enabling us to
: "ll at a price thai Buves you tho middleman's profit.
Scrims—by tho yard or make Into curtains, a good assortment
Madias- We have both colored nnd white In very dainty de
siiniH, from 20c per yard up.
Linoleums and Floor Cloths
A good assortment of Nairn's printed and inlaid In patterns
to suit every taste at prices that are lower than can be offered
again owing to the advance in raw material.
Beds and Bedding
Wc also slock a full line of beds, mattresses, blankets, com-
forts and pillows.
Bargains for This Week Only
We are offering a Bpecial reduction in Japanese Hugs 9x12
6t $8.20; 2ix5ft $1.26" lixfift $1.96. Everything in that line
will go at bargain prices.
Anything not mentioned  that  you want call  in and
ask for it, we will be sure to^have it if in this line. SATURDAY,  .11 'Mi 29th,  lllll
SATt'MUY,  JUNE 23th.  1912.
Here   is   an   opportunity   of   buying your  Muslin
Underwear at Special Sale  Prices
Women's o/YIuslin Drawers.
Women's cTWuslin Combinations
Women's Muslin Corset Covers
Women's cTHuslin Princess Slips
Women's Petticoats
Embroidery Needs
Swiss Cambric and Fine Nainsook
Edges and Insertions,  Flouncing,
Bargains, Bargains
Throughout   Our   Entire   Stock.
Call in and see what we have in
store for you at Cut Prices.
Call in and   look  over  the   Special
Prices for this Sale.
White labor
What's That
STEEL Ti IWS -KM' at the resilience
ol R •. E J Cha\ Th ■ ; iim. i,
nn     Fr [tei in on,    June 21st.
of Nui imata,  B.
C, to  Kati   B   Townsend, ol Glai
■  >.   s ol    ■>:    The  bride was «iv-'
•   i:,'..   v. K.  Forrest :
ol Gl    :• me,  S otland,  wbo had ac
comi .-    ■', hi r as lar as Revelstoke
The bappj   c le  lefl   for Narama-|
whore   they   will    make their
Garden    Party  next
\v   . ■ sd ij   ■ ■• n.ng.
Mrs.     Frank      Hooli y   is  Buffering
Irom ., severe attack of qulnsey.
j,   p.   Ford,   government   engineer,
, trip to Nelson this week.
Mr,  i .•  l Brag   ti"1 nnil*
o! wood Ii i   Bale.   See  advertisement
ou  another   ,
Mi.   \   ' Irani  was also one ol   the
Revelstoki     • egates   to  the  Calgary
• nee.
As tin- time hnsai rived when you must ilo yout seeding, we wish
to ilruw youi attention i" the Im, i Un t our seeds are all Ih'nIi anil
new siock uni ,un old ones left to slnff off. Out Onion sets are
the best, either the Dutch Sel or the Multipliers.
FLOUR AND FEED We have just unloaded one car ol Puritj
Plour, One far of No. 1 Timothy Hay, One Cai Peed, including Oats, whole oi crushed, Wheat, Barley, Coin, Bran, Sh<»tt>
and ('hops. If you require nny of these, let us quote you prices.
Wc Call Suva- Vou Mom i.
MacKenzie Avenue
You Who Are Constantly Travelling
What Protection Have You in Case of ACCIDENT By 6ca or Land ?
Drop in and we will  explain  our Improved Gold   Bond
Accident Poliey, double liability, only costing $30 a year,
| ,rj i lilt- and 510,000 double liability, paying fiS.VU
weekly indemnity,
See  the hall  pric
McLennan's  I'lo in.
Hi ,-:■■■   lloOlll
Oul    Sale.
By   telegraph c   d< spaiches we learn
ihe  Flirting  I'rici      •'■       ■••
.,  packed house in     Kamloops lasl
n:_-lit   nnd   the   indii that
will have the sami   to
the match,
Kootenay  Lodge No.   if.  A.F fi  A
M • Evi nsong al   St. Pel
tomorrow evening,
The tli. m goes to Kam
night  to  play the
'   ""y' mit.   , num bi   of
Alls thi  Mail-Herald |ng sold Ioi   the sparring  mat
pecur, 1  thi nl   M.reula Monday evening next     Vi,
tart fi om Julj   1st prelimii arlcs « ll lie
The man tfacl
Hay  ol  the  Ha
Factory a      the  "Nifty"
Joi es."
■    ■ the I1"
, - itessrs Hale
•   «
■    -   ri
■.   bi i    a
July 1,
Mi   (_'. North
• effect
Mr, Rolierl
"   ■        '
tictoi Revels
mily in it 'J I
•   ■
..  H    Mil-
In the Mel
at   11   a.m.,  subject,  "Ln ing  R   I
\   ■ ■ oml ■■■    -"'■
Mr.   I 'aui   5an  oi
rtette v
din,  Mrs   lit
nd Camel
In tbe Baptis!
•   i E
Guaranteed Kid gloves, all colori,
all sizes, Bpecial pi ic • al McLen -
nan's  Closing  Out   Sale.
The Bteamei   Revelsti
Ii.t  rogtilai   trips  tomorrow,   Sunday
morning    at
"My   Jn
.:   ill il-
-   ■
As a result ol an Inquiry conducted
by the British Oolumbia Fruil Grow
,mk' Association throughout the various fnnt districts oi the Province,
asking whal labor would be required
for the currenl year, it la ol Interesl
lo noto thai the Iruit districts are
much more thoroughly supplied with
ago, when thc laBt general inquiry
labor than was the eas, two yoars
was Instituted. At that lune IrUil
growers made application for 1450
men; us a result ol ths present Inquiry  they  Iiave asked for  ouly  BOO-,
Wages In the trull districts have
advanced slightly In two years and
the eon,lit urns of the working man
iiave also improved In that fruit gro
were are mole generally supplying
more eomfortable lodgings mul suit
able board,
From the Inquiry II was leared thai
on Vancouver Island and In the lower
mainland suitable help can lie seettr
nd with little difficulty without   any
speeial etloll. nu lhe part of organisations lor the purpose, li is true,
however, that In these dlstrlctB ihe
Chinese and Japanese to some extern receive the preference over white
The Okanagan which will have the
largest crop ol fruil In its history
tins year, lias ma.le lbe most in
qutrles for labor and it. is evident
lhal there will be suitable employ -
menl for men adapted to the work
of  harvesting  and  handling  fruit,
July Celebration
All lovers of spoil will Iiave the
opportunity of enjoying a day of
sport In our city on Monday, July
1st, Dominion Pay. on the recreation
grounds, undei the auspices of the
In ihe morning al 11 o'clock, the
fo,,t Mali.us will play the Kamloops
football club. The [ollowing team
will represent Revelstoke Y.M.O.A.:—
Goal, Thos. Ogg; backs, Win. Blair
and     J.H.  Ken   (Capt);  halt backs,
A. Bell,   .las. Bell,   W. K ih; forwards
A. Dunlop, Wm. Allan. Geo. Millar.
.1. Ogg, Vi. Cameron.
At two o'clock  sharp,  the athletic
meet   will  commence.   The  prizes for
competitor* are now   in  the P. Burns]
show  window.    See   Ior   yourself.
Ai   the close  ot   the  races  the  liase-'
ball    cam.'     will commence   between
Chase and Revelstoke.   A  good game
of   ball   is   in   store   for   those      who
Boost   their  home  team.
Another Important feature is the.
Ladies' \'ixiliary are making listens-1
Ive preparations to look after the
spectators while on the grounds, to
avoid them from having to go home
to lunch, all kinds of refreshments
will he served, (rom ice cream to a
nice cup ,,f tea,
The admission  io  tl"'  grounds     is
only  25c.  and   the  way   in  which  our
men  and others have asst-t-
llg spoil   for tlie First
Is worthy  of note,  and  everj  citizen
ite  their  eflorts     bj
iyalty   by being pree-
■ i amis.
■   •;.    Hand   will   he
ii d  play patriotic aus
ng all  your friends.
; Osition   will   l,e drawn
m j;  2nd, hat
■    . ,■ : -   !    camera;  2.
.■ tackle.
Ik  umbrella;
■ and ball
'I'ne Chase lnvineililes will no to
Revolstoke on the First of July for
the purpose ol wiping up the earth
with the baseball team ot that city.
Thai Ihey will do it no oue doubts
for a moment,
Harry  Law, the rotund and urbane
malinger, says  the players are all going   line   now.   On   a lirsl   class   ,lia
monil   there   is   reason   to   expect       n
great deal ol Improvement over   the
class   of   baseball   served   up   on      ihe
Bachelors May Be Taxed
Pari-. Prizes for mothers ol more
lImn four children will be provided In
a hillwhich M, MosBlmy, ex minister
ol war, will shortly Introduce In the
French chamber, The sum of $UM>
per child Ih suggested, half to be pay
able to lhe mother ou the birth, the
other half to be held by Ihe National
Hank as the nlU'lell" ol annuity later
In ll te,
A tax on bachelot'8 and childless
households is suggested as a means
of raising part  of the money.
We have a few Screens, Doors and Windows left
at Prices never belore offered lo the public. Owing
to large shipments of Hardware coming in daily,
we are obliged to sell these at a sacrifice to make
room, and, as well, it is a pleasure to us to give our
patrons a chance lo buy at less than Eastern prices.
Albert Canyon School Report
Monthly report of     Albert  Canyon
public school,  in thi   municipality ol
lievelstoke  tor     month  ending   .lune
30th,  1912;
Prescribed   school   days          -i>
Hays   school   was   in   session          2(1
Total    daily    attendance       851
Total  actual   attendance      M9.i
Average   daily  attendance   18.55
Average actual attendance  12.17
Pupils  actually  attending        bl
Hoys attending        6
Girls attending        7
Greatest number present       Hi
Least   numlier   present           fl
HigheKl   register  number    6 19
Number  of   monthly   reports        13
BAD1HS   MILLS,   Teacher.
July Roil and Gun
" Reminiscences of a sojourn at a
Hudson Hay Post" by Prank Houghton, ilie opening number m the July
issue of Hod and (inn In Canada,(W.
.1.   Taylor.   Limited,   Published,   Wood
siock, imt. i contains an Interesting
comparison between the character* of
the white man and the Indian Illustrated in the most quixotic honesty
displayed Iiy "Wabun Annung" when
temptation, in the guise of imminent
starvation, might well have proved
overpowering. A profusely Illustrated chapter of the popular continued
article. "The Culture of Black and
Bilvei Foxes" is another feature of
this ,ssue which contains many stories and article of outdoor life in the
various  Oanadian  provinces.
Screen Doors, Regular $3.00 Now $2.15
       2.25 Now    1.65
2.00 Now    1.45
1.75 Now    1.35
Screen Windows. Reg...30c Now...20c
35c Now... 25c
         45c Now... 35c
Complete with Springs, Hinges. Door Pull, Hooks and Eyes
Come Early, They Can't Last Long
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
Agents for Minerva^Paints and Chancellor
Ranges—the best on the market
SATURDAY.   JUNE    29,    1912
A Most Noteworthy Attraction
America's favorite Comedian
In the New 1912 Deluxe Edition
By HourIi Adams Howard
A Real Musical Comedy Original Company
341 Times in Chicago.   Same company thai appeared in Portland,
Seattle and Vancouver in the Fall.
PRICES, - - $2.00. $1.50 and $1.00
Seats Now on Sale at Macdonald'" Drug Store,
,    i        trop
i to I
ther I
.        .■    ■    	
I Others Are Making Money!   Why Not You ?
Just read of a few instances of how successful our clients have been in recent
investments recommended by us. We made for one Revelstoke man in live
weeks on
A Cash Outlay of $375; A Net Profit of $475
Another client, investing i 20, made a net profit of$!oo in four weeks, and
two other men in six weeks on an outlay of$2Hj each, made a net profit of $205
each.    We have made ^cod money for t      Kevelstoke businessmen,
ttt 1
. ..
the •        ' 1   1
BIG    BOTTLE    FOR   50c
Fruit Salts in all Sizes
Lime Fruit Juice
Grape Juice
Kodaks and Films
Thermos Bottles
Thermos Lunch Sets
Smart Clothing for Summer Months
DERB 1    \'-l>    OH   HAI      it. late t styles
UT  SPKC IAUZE    n   Mi 1
I.,ilo Spring Bull -   1
I )rop III  e. hen  |.a isfn        Del In gt    ifm k
1   1 pattei ns to    lit thi isl idious
Fil-Rrform Clothing Stetson Hals Foot-Rite Shoe*
Last week wc sold out the balance of our 175 dollar lots in Moose Jaw and
have seemed a few more closer in at the original piice c( $200 each, which our
sales manager, who has just returned from Moose Jaw, informs us is at least $50
under market value. Tun new railroads, locating in lhe east end, a;e causing
big advances and wc arc expecting a big price advance very shortly,
These Lots are Only One and a Quarter of a Mile East of Post Office.
They Are Recommended By Us As a Bargain
AT   $200   KACH
We Can Make Money for You if You Buy Here
Terms,-0ne Fifth Down, Balance Over 18 Months
Local Agency, Home Loan and Contract Co.
E. G FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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