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The Mail Herald Apr 29, 1911

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 MAY 1   13t
"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation'and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price,. $001
Interior Piibhbinnij Co.. Ag's.
The Mail-Herald
- ■ rn
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17—No. 32
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Otfico    Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      - $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed            - 5.575,000.00
Capital Paid Up             -      - 5 330,000.00
Reserve        ...       - 5,5ov,,j00.00
Branches «r Agents at all principal points inJCaunda.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch   A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
They build up and permanently enrich the soil. The greatly in-
created returns will prove a profitable Investment.
Am system "f agriculture which doe« not preserve tlie fertility of
ilie nil and increaselt when low, is not identinc nnd not Rood l,UB'-
ness. if your land is rich keep ii rich by using Burns' Complete Animal
Call or semi ler our pamphlet on Fertilizers whicli describes how to
me them.
p. gums & Company. £,td.
Children's  Straw  Hats
All sizes, all shapes, all prices.
The Best Assortment in the city
to choose from. Come in and
get  your   Summer   Hats   here.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
If you are going oul into lhe hills lei us
put up your Grocery order. Nothing
Inn the besl on the market and prices
no higher lhan the inferior goods.
Orders on short notice,
John  McIntyreI n. Son
Jas. Gavin, a Scotchman, suddenly expires at Three Valley
just after mid-day meal
The body of Geo. Gavin, agod 38
veins wns brought inlo the city on
Wednesday afternoon trom Three
Valley where the man had been en-
gaged at work on a steam shovel,
and had suddenly dropped dead.
Thc workman had just finished his
dinner and returning to work had
just started In on his afternoon duties, wh.-n be suddenly threw up liis
hands, and falling to the ground,
died almost suddenly and before aid
of any kind could  reach him.
The body was brought so the city
and efforts to locate bis relatives resulted In a brother-in-law being
found in OalgaTN. He was at once
notified nn.l is now in the city in
charge of the remains which are at
Howson's  undertaking parlors.
From papers found on the body it
is apparent that the man originally
came from Scotland and bad been
a member of the Masonic fraternity
at Peterhead, Scotland. He had
been In this country about four
years, and had just commenced the
season's work when his sad fate overtook him. The cause of his death
is pronounced  as heart failure.
T'h. funeral will take place from
Howson's undertaking parlors tomorrow afternoon.
And Enjoy Themselves After the
Weekly Drill
The local company of H.M.R.'s indulged in a smoker on Thursday evening of this Week, which
resulied in an excellent time. During
the course ol the evening's procedure
a show of hands was called to find
out how many of the volunteers intended attending camp at Kamloops
in June of this year, and yuitc a lot
signilicnl  their intention ol doing so.
The program run in connection with
thc smoker was as follows:—Toast,
Thc King; selection, t!eo. Hawker;
SOIlg, Mr. Burbidge; contribution, K.
Bond; Lannigan'a Ball, Hf Bdwards;
Reminiscences of Arm> Life, Sam.
Young; Fighting Mac, Kco. Hawker;
song, Col. Sergt. Donald; Lady of tlie
Lake. H. Edwards; five minute boxing bouts by  members.
Hobson's Store Burglarized
The store of Alex. Hobson's on Mc-
Kin-.ie avenue was broken into on
Thursday night last and a quantity
of eatables stolen. Kntrance was
gained by ft st.le window in the store
but evidently the culprits were frightened away before they had completed their depredations. A bag full
ot canned stufT, tobaccos, etc., whieh
tbe burglar or burglars had gathered
with the express purpose of tn'iin;
with them was lefc behind.
The local police are confident they
know the culprit who committed the
deed, but he had made his getaway
before he could be apprehended.
Estimated the Apparel and Ornaments Will Cost $55,000,000
London, April Ji..—S,,tno famous
jewels will be seen nt the Cor,unit ion
of Kin.- lienrg-e V. It is est minted
that the value of the apparel and ornament- worn in Westminster Abbey
will exceed $56,000,000.
Tbe value of the regalia was calculated at 115,00 DM at the enmmence-
mmt ol King Edward's reign. It
thin ranked second in value only to
that of the Russian Bmperor. Hlnoc
that time the Cullman diamonds and
several leaser jewels bave li-ccn addod
Th" actual   market   value of  Ibe fnm-
lotitb African stones is probably
not less than $10,000,000.
There will be present at the Coronation between 7*5*0 nnd mki peeresses
and .1.,wager peeresses, all ,,( whom
will wear their finest [ems. Some ol
them nre practicnlly jirlceless in that
they are unique and hnve. therefore,
no Standard of ■ nluatii.n.
The i nt ■•'. Aberdeen possesses
some famous emeralds. Lady Wim-
poseeasea th>* Hurst rubies ln
tbe world, nming them being the
Hope ruby, a sti.ne far exceeding In
villi;.* even the more famous Hope
1 nu. nl It is so blue in tint, that hy
transmitted light it might almost lie
taken for a very dark tonsd sapphire
With her magnificent diamonds and
pearls, Lady Wimborne will carry
about $500,000 worth of jewels on her
person at the Coronation.
In the mere matter of money's
worth she will be eclipsed by her
Amcrirau niece, the Duchess of Marlborough, who will no doubt wear the
historic pearls, some of whicli belonged to Marie Antoinette, while
others formed the collection of the
Empress Catherine of Russia. So
perfectly matched are they in skin
and color that their equal ns a Bet
could not bc bought for less than
Another wonderful set of pearls is
that belonging to the Countess <yf II-
cheeter. They are the most perfect
black pearls in existence. They were
purchased from the Hmpresa Eugenie
for $125,000 but their market Value
today is probably three or four times
that amount.
This estimate docs not take into nc
count the fortunes represented by the
jewelry of Indian princes and chiefs
attending the ceremony, some of
whom are said to carry from $5,000-
OflO to $25,000,000' eaeh on their persons on great state occasions.
Meeting With SpEc'al Officer
Macphail Here May 8 and 9
The census commissioners of thc interior of British Columbia will meet
E. S. Macphail of Ottawa, sjiccial
census ofiicer at Revelstoke on May
S and 11 for the purpose of receiving
instructions as to the manner ol
carrying out the taking of thn census
in June next and lor the discussion
of matters affecting the work of tho
enumerators in this portion of the
A. 1). Dockstcadcr, commissioner
for West Kootenay nnd tbe two
Boundary provincial ridings, will attend the meeting and Immediately after its conclusion will instruct thc
enumerators at Revelstoke. He will
then proceed to the Boundary district and afterwards confer with the
enumerators of thc  Nelson district.
Resident Engineer Appointed
Mr. J. P. Forde ol Revelstoke, has
been appointed assistant engineer of
the Department of Public Works for
thc eastern portion of the province.
Mr. Forde will continue to reside
in Revelstoke, which will bc the
headquarters of bis district and has
purchased thc residence of Mr. W. W.
Foster, Deputy Minister of I'ublic
Nor-Western Talking Machine Co.
Has Been Organized and Will
Do Business in This City
That this city is beginning to bc
recognized ns one of the big business
and commercial centres of the west
and a place from which big and profitable business can be done is evidenced by tbe steady and gradual invasion being made by reliable enterprises which seek to make their
headquarters here.
Thc latest evidence of this is the
establishment in tho city by the Victor Talking Machine Co., of a general distributing agency for Alberta
and the West. The organization here
will be known as the Nor-Western
Talking Machine Co., Ltd., and their
territory will cover the whole ol A'l-
berta and west as far as Kamloops,
including the whole of tho Interior,
and the Okanagan. In Revelstoke one
of the largest stocks of talking machines will be kept constantly on
band, and from here this large territory will be supplied.
The Victor Talking Machine Co.,
has its Canadian headquarters in
Montreal, and its business throughout thc Dominion is known to he enormous, the quality of tbis class of
machine having been proven to lie
of the highest grade. In looking around for a place where the most business could In' handled and to bbe
best of advantage thc company nt
once recognized the location of Revelstoke as being one of thc most advantageous*, and its decision to make
this the headquarters of so large a
territory ran only be construed as a
recognition of the strategic importance of Revelstoke as a commercial
rent. re.
Mr. 0. F. Lindmark will bc thc
•general manager of the Nor-Western
Talking Machine Oo., Ltd., but just
where the organization     will   locate
its stock has not yet been decided.
Notice of this will be given in subsequent issues.
Six Months For Him
A man named C. II. Adnms was
brought before Magistrate Hamilton
this moi ning on two separate charges
of theft, one of stealing a suit of
clothes from Real & Young, and the
other of stealing a coat and vest
from L. A. Brissetto. He was found
guilty on both charges and sentenced
io three months on each charge, the
sentenoes to run consecutively.
Montreal,   April  2*8.—
The harveBt machinery people arc
looking .'or an extremely busy yonr.
All the new -.ettlers will need new
machinery and there is going to be
considerable dilllculty in outfitting
every farmer or would-he farmer in
time. The BaWyer Haney people report that their factories are workiag
day and night to provide for the de-
man Is which are coming from thc
west for ploughs, reapers, rakes and
so on. They also notice that the
demand lor henviei machinery sueb
ns threshing outfits and trnctloa
ploughs is much greater thnn it was
a lew years ago, showing that the
tanners are getting more prosperous
nn.l preparing for operations on (1
liiigei  scale this year.
Barly this winter the Canadian Pa-
eille. the tlrnnil Trunk nnd Hie Canadian Northern placed thoir orders for
freight, cars to be delivered this summer In time to help haul the harvest
to Fort William. Smre then additional otders have been sent in for a
total of over ten thousand cars. Preparations aro also being mado tor
Increasing bbe tonnage of tho vessels
plying ,,a the Inkes, moat of them in
the grain trade, nnl of the Hoots of
Atlantic steamers, as n rule the rail
Ways me not fnr wrong iiiiiI it will
be very surprising if their propara
tions for a bumper harvest are not
Kaslo merchants have decided to
proclaim n Thursday hnl' holiday for
the summer months.
tion desired ns to the whereabouts of
Warren Adams, last heard of on
March Llth, MO, nl Itevelstoke, D.
c. In'ormatlon concerning Iiim will
be thankfully received by bis father,
Mr. Philip Adams, Tobermory, Ont."
frmy of Hoboes Strike Revelstoke and Ordered to Move
The annual trek of thc hoboes to
and from Calgary and the coast cities has commenced in earnest. No
less than eighteen of thom were
rounded up yesterday morning early
by the local police here and placed
In durance vile. There were all sorts
and shapes of tramps—tho long loan
lanky guy who could scarcely throw
a shadow, the short thick fellow and
the medium chap who fell somewhere
between the two make ups. But they
were all inmistakeably tired and
laid down on the outskirts ot the
city to rest. This proved their undoing, for thc local police pounced
upon them and run them all in. In
an interview with the motley throng
in police cells, each nnd all assured
the reporter that It was work they
wanted, but they didn't look like
The gang all appeared belore Magistrate Hamilton yesterday afternoon and were ordered forthwith to
leave the cily. Needless to say thoy
did so.
The Harem Skirt
It oi tbey have arrived! We moon
the bai em skn t.
It or ihey was or wore exhibited tn
tha win low iit C. II. Hume A      Co.'s
stoic yesterday for the first tlmt nnd
"sassfety" expressed  its opinion   of
ll.e new lnnd,- of dross by a glance
at the spectacle, then like the priest
of old tbey |iassed by on the other
side. However, a few of tho grownups ol the mule persuasion made bold
enough to "stand oil" nod attempt
to criticize the thing. With their fingers buried deep among the roots of
their hair they puzzled as to whetlier
il sh*iiild be called Ihey, or they
should bc i-n I led It, and tile crowd
finally disiiersed agreeing to disagree
,*u the guostlon. Some had it that
the   iklrt Bhould be called it      and
. i.ine thy. nnd perhaps both were
In order lo settle the question thc
Mail Herald will oiler n year's sub-i
■crlptlon lo lhe person sending In to
the editor lhe best reasons expressed
in lifty words why the skirl should
be Called either It or they. None
barred In lhlH competition.
Our society editress not  lieing      in
tbt .illice just  now,  nnd  n*  the fighting editor  never yet  attempted    thc j
description ol a lady's gown without
having I" engage In some sott of a '
scrap afterwards, wc therefore beg off
Garden Tools
Wire .Vetting-, Fencing, Screen Doors and
Windows, Rubber Hose, Sprinklers, etc. Carpenter's Tools and General Hardware.
Basoball and Lacrosse Goods,   Fishing Tackle,
the best stock ever in town.
Bourne Bros.
Hardware,             Stoves,           Plumbing,.
*A_— —X
Swift's Blood and Bone fertilizer
To increase yiup jiEid of Garden Ppo-
b, Fruits, Etc., Ete.
Revelstoke Meat Maket, lid.
Hniii Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 261
p. o. box iai
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
™ a
to "■
- *
—-■ ce
=> <
en n_
ro </>
"" o
Lots in City of Vancouver
gg **
xr rt
c °
giving a deacrlptlon ..I it. Suffice It
ir, nBy, however, tlmt tlir thine Is
,11vut.-il. bul how lar Up it would be
immodest to itatt. It hns buttons
mi ihr outside "I earh—whatever you
inii them—and i* tightly laatao-ad around tbi' nnklr. BnOUgll anl, -but
II you want to nee it, Just dunce In
Hume'i. MiK'ii/.ii* avenue window.
Moving   pictures    tonight   at   the
Hdl <.n  theatre.
Tho Verj Uev. \feaa Paget ,,{ Calgary will preaeh in St. Peter's
ohurch  tomorrow evening.
The R. 0, political equality league
will hnlil Bn orgnnl7.lng convention
in Vancouver 0n Msy Sth.
The big Hteem roller recently plir-
rha>>ol by the city arrived here yen-
terday liom Brant ford, nnd was given h innl run through the city utppetn
It was lound to work Hatiidactorily,
and .- now waiting I, r the nrrival ot
tb.' itone enmher before it ran ba
put to work. Oltlaens were very
much nr.tHti-.l over the appi'nrnnot of
the tug engine on the Btierts. but
undoubtedly there would have teen
much nn.re satisfaction SXprMMd ha4
It lie«n tbe water wagon Instead. By)
th.   m$2)  where  Is  that  water  wag-Olf
anyway? SATI'RIUY   Al'HIL 39, 1911.
ihe jvL^.ir,-ja::E3K^.i:rjD. revelstoke
Gbc flDatMfoevalb
■yittettot publtablng Compang, |
Zbc fl>aU1beratt>
\l ill! I   *
Wednesday afternoon  next  will    be
tbe tirst half holiday ol tins summer
season,  according  to  the  pronounce
meat uf the Retail Association       ;tt
their la?:  meeting,     The spurt.-     of
:    citj   agitated ior  this half holi-
otei i bI    ol sport. and
.   -..  it       up to them to sh..«    that
sin ere m tbe efforts     to
■*, ■•   thi    nten  ts  ol  Bport.      if
mj   person laying claim to the cog
uotnen    I ., ipoi I     should     be found
loafing    around     wondering what in
to do with hiinsell on thai
uuld       ■     • ■ croly bumped,
With thia  ball  holiday  i lalmed o
new   I    ■' Id be given n" sorts
ol garni ;. an I matches ol oue kind
ui another should be arranged for
every half holiday.
If J lid  see   the  grotc-iijue  nu.l
horrible pictures ..f the common
house fly as tbey appear in » magaz
ine which reached the editorial <lesk
this week, and then Could read of
the terrible menace this creature is
human life you would wonder bin
little at the appeal tins papei is
mnkiii*.- to thi public to see that all
back yards are cleaned up and that
all refuse and disease breeding piles
are cleared away before the festering
hot weather arrives.
The rty which has previously enjoy
e.l the reputation of being a harmless
Inn .cent, lively anil interesting erea
tare, bas In tb? light ol the lal st
intiflc discoveries he,*n proven to
be one of thc most prolific of disease
breeding agents. Its reputation ol
.-.ears gone by will doubtless die
bard, but nevertheless It WILL die,
and eventually the housewife's en
tliusinsm to rid herself of this universal pest will in the words of the
Scripture "leaven the whole mass"
b imatttty.
"It   is  at  th.s  t ,nn*  ..I   tbe    yeai,"
-ays the magazine referred to. "that
the li luse-fly     begins to take on life
for  the ensuing spring and summer;
egga laid last fall will soon begin to
hatch.     At  first  he  Is only a    little
worm,     wriggling Ins tiny grub-like
' ■ m in - •im- incubat ing pile of tilth.
He  ie      Usually  found   in   the  manure
•    ■ ise,  oi   tl"' mound   of
ag<   In   the back yard.
In   this    -*:. lit:..ii   he   Is   easily   killed
Id be the duty ol     everj
kill him now.     The house*
■'■.  could n,.t cx.-t  If everything wen
■ i lei tlj • an an.l sanitary
Exterminate thi fly-worms, do away
with its irei ling places, and -here
will ••' no flit If we are to tight
tbe file    this s .miner we should    use
• rei ••   possibli   sg< n ■>■   and  tbe    besl
way t,, fight them Is to prevent their
"The common  i .use-fly  Is    coining
t..  be known  as th.   typhoid  fly,  antl
the     term  becomes universal,
iter care will be exi rcised  In  pro*
g thi   b * *ir. bis presi i * i
'Flies kill a greatei     nttmhei      ol
itnai   be ngs than all thi   hi isl
I the poisot
,*n'-   . * Tl ■ y     spread •
-and-   while big, pow
■ ■ - i -ie victims.
a- so thi  Mv comes oue   ol
■ -. -r. .. bt   ■- lull  grown an I start
•    n   th*-  World   to      make a
cm.    *  bo(  clean      he
.i ii   They oat
, ■
■ll     -      Ire    entei    ! oflal.     Tbe
the man u i
•    ■       eel i     VII the
a.    ;.'i th»    Imaglnabli   a
. i :   ■ hi ■*
• . ... ' tf   il tbi   f*3    Hi
■    ■ •■.-•   .  ■» ,-.r, :  »   ■
i |       f i
low .     . ....    M   *
*.*   • .'h   ,,i *1   .     ti. [I
thei.-        at >    '■ :'   In "i
tie I ■    ores li   'i    '
l-  ,- i,     bi in.       -1*. ich b "i u     l. *
h inda un thi                     >» '
•   11 •
■' •■     i                •*              i. them
•i tbi   -  ••>*    •'■ ■' ;
.at.   i*i* ng             on foi to
.ji„ Vjj •      *       •**, thai
Noii    .t,   a Ihe 1        snd on thi  lip
.... * ■      i
mi '•   to  ipraad ifi bold   *  m      and
H lirfantt n   . nti I
■  an an;   *,:"'   ';' '■*•"
S, i .'ally shown  ll i"
i an     nly   c\tfl  where   fillh  (..n.lit * ns
,„•*   rai    thom to extol   if th
I    to hi  clean nn I ii'1' '"""     ,b" ''
rootog d     il   ea       you must    ■ :• an
up your  lun k  yard,   i nd  get      your
neigh**   ra to  do t! ■•  -ainr.
HeKensie   i saw finer tbe addition
, |   M|     11     IlllWSOn S   new   block,     and
„,,   ihe       rough cleaning admlnls
,,,, ,i  lasl  '■*".*.       getting   to
i* or t.  n reap, i tab i   thoroughfare .
,n  which tht  citizens     nan
on*  *,**. ith •     »al "' I""'''
:,n.|       atisln'ti n       In:;* dual    mer
Canadian Northern Railway Yards
Not an "At" or "Near" Port Mann but thc choicest spot in Port
Mann Townsite and what will be Port Mann's business section There
is nothing on the market " in the townsite of Port Mann," rsearer to the
waterfront or to the wharf than this proposition, A spScndid buy the
map tells the story, nothing to equal this, and surrounc3ed by the Canadian Northern Railway. The industrial centre of the Fraser River.
Before buying investigate. $312.50 will handle a 33x132 feet lot. I have
photographs of the property. Title guaranteed and deeds can be delivered at any time.   Maps and blue prints finished on application.
tie. •amr.-r Jim. mwmmt
chants  too are showing  their enterprise and     pride In tha thorougb!ar ■
bj   painting   and   cleaning   up       th.-ir
premises, while the work ol the win
dow  artists  ,.f  the  various  stoics   is
eery  conspicuauslj   in  evidence,   Out
side  ol   newspaper  advertising       per
b;lps there le no better     advertising
than a well dressed window,     It    is
nn index ol what may be . M"" ted In
a de the store.     If the store window
,.- scrupulously clean and neatly dres-
s-d,   tbe   purchasei   enn  usually,   rely
upon n  that  the Btorc inside is   the
same; thai  the clerk   bi i as >
eb-an and thai  the goods are a
an i up todate a*- thc     «indo« dre -
Ing  ind.eates.      \  ij I  window    ai
list   is  uoi tli  to  the * n
,,   •      be     can    afford    tn  | n
and     thai  thi „ go il lew
,,( ill -in  goes  » ithoul Uul
what  ...  Btai *
the mattei  ot giving the frd
store a Iresl   •   .. '
while  is  a  verj   commendable
prise and  thai
a  man's own     b isiness  whetl
paints his bui
not  ai
It   preserves  thi
the stort
■     *
Mi    T   Kilpatt
a  week  in   HI *
i . ...
.' i   i*. Vi t.i*   • -   ,u .    hat
le thai *
B tn Re el
toke. •
man I th
'  •
ing   between   the   C.P.R.   all.l   the    eity
II ,, delegation ol the prominent ell
Izcns should meel together and extend them a formal invitation to
come right along nnd look us over.
w hat about the Board ol Trade'' -tre
they ali v. to the possible advertising
such net.on would give Revelstoke.
The officials of the road are willing
to do anything in reason to adv. 11
this city fm us Lhey will distribute
all the literature we can place in
their hand and be glad to do It,
then we in turn should jhow oui ap
... eciai Ion of then* good « ill  towai l-
V. hy  nol   in ■ ite  these  big    men
im       .. ■      i, here.
a hen      we   ;el   th m  1        tn at
vhite.      .fi   ip a
Tot   them and  make  them  want        to
Trout Lake Residents Will
tition C. P. ii.
t il  late in  the daj. ow ing    to     the
Bowman steamer attending to       thc
n tin     of the cotnpm s   in  prefi rt nc
to the needs of tin   travelling public.
The mail service was also taken up
an I ibe utter disregard of the publi.
Bcrvice made by the above carriers
bet wei a the above points Was clear
ly shown. To thc betterment ol the
Bervice and with ,*, view lo giving the
travcllijii public u service which
bc l died upon, ii was i esolve 1,
Tha'     a potil Ion be circulated     nt
Fi i Beaton, I 'nmboi n i     nnd
Troul   !...        ,'ii     ihr.  l\  It. Co.
:    ■ ui  from  Ai row ll in
toll*. . ■■   lij   pit Ing  a   pri'inan
■    ■ ■    *  .       rvice,        nol
only  •  ■   '      ronvinirn *•■ o]   th *  peo
■ ■*.  hit   ni .1. for
• hal ■     ; *       i. i al
I '*  * '' clnimed  Tm  daj.
lot h,  :,.-   li . ivlc
* *  ol ,*, general
tnak. :    tree   plani  ,
CP.il. Describes five Thausand
Only "a Crop in the Bucket"
'l b * [ollowing lei ter received bj Mr,
P. W. Lning, secretary ol the Board
... Trade, is evidence "f the appreeta
lu n ol thc booklets which the Hoard
secured thc printing of. The t'. P li.
. i. ni Ij anxious to give tli ■ citj
all lie* advertising li possibly enn.
lott.oi   is ir..in io*'*.   Met,,  Hi .*wn.
!:.,*.   u mnnnger ol the C.P.H., and
si enks 'or  Itself.     It  roads as      lol
Deal  ■
I i n *l • **;  letters
i ,,..:■ id  i "i v* ii*    ii    i    hot  and my
onilection With youi' letli'i ol
March 15th to Mr. II. W. Brodio, G.
I\ A., Vancouver,
Nt edle *   to   nj  i shall b ilj  too
;lad to ' ei p Revelstoke before     thc
Uritish public, bill as mentioned     in
•i.i   to Mr.  I's.-h ir, the supply
iAMxmiuww ymmmmmsuiz*
I    ran thi
II you insure with us you
insure with some (tt the
oldest and strongest companies in the world.
The Hevelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Insurance ol  All Kinds
Safeguard You,'!' Food
hy Always Using
Mim Powder
IVi&ijQ from Pure Grape
Cream of Tartar
Its purity, wbolesomeness and
superior leavening qualities
are never questioned.
"Aliiio I* I powerful astringent with vrry
rtfcM««i liritanl qualities, owing i<> which, when
taken intnimiiy iii ..uiil M 01 quantity, it u nmelle
unit purgative, and mn) toon eanae i.itui (iiistro-
lotcatlnal Inflammatl n."   U.S. Diiptnniory,p, in.
"Thr. ii'.<- ol alnm nnd suits ol alumina I i food
aimold b« prohibited."   Pnf. Wotti.Hamtillnlt,
Notico that all atlvortlaomontH
of tho ohoap baklnff powdor*
nominal tho prosonoo of aluntf
Tlwtofuro road tho labol.
The New
C. N. n.
People of Revelstoke and district wishing to get in on the ground
floor in Port Mann Townsite may
have all particulars as to the only
piece of land close to the Railway
Wharves not owned by the Railway
Company. The owner of this will
be in Revelstoke next week -after
the 1st. of May—and will be glad to
give information to enquirers addressing him in care of this paper.
The property, of which there
are only 20 lots still unsold, is about
3O0 yards from the waterfront, and
is side by side with the lots belonging to the railway. The latter will
most likely bring the highest prices
when the Townsite is put on the
market in July or August next.
This is the one and only great
•   chance to buy inside business prop-
__erty around which lots will be sell-
t ing at probably $100 to $150 per
foot in a few months.    It will take
$350 to $400 cash to handle.
Send your name and address to
care of this paper, and full particulars will be given you.
Care Mail-Herald Office, Revelstoke, B. C.
imi Imve   ent  ilie general agent   lor
II. ''.  ii- "only B   Imp in | In* bucket"
ilio.  Mel,. Ilnmn,
Kiiio|ii*Hii Manager.
I'lve   thousand     ul theso booklota
■vet i o* t
Wlnt  ; ■ ■      \|.ni   I-.   The  Wlnnlpog
I ■■ ,i i i,| 11ado iln i i u'liui,- |iiihhi'iI n
ii. n  Ij  u..i li ,l tesoliitioii which will
ie fm wm .i.'i to Ottawa contemning
iie* admission of negroea Into Canada
.i  . It  is set forth In the res-
ll -ii Umi   UieBp new I'Dtncrs     nre
• eiidlul  [armci'H nor agreeable
n mlilmi'K lo the white Kettlci'B.
The board aluo pniwcil a resolution
similar to that of the Manufacturers'
association on the proposal to atnond
uie Railway net to ennlile the railwny commission to suspend railway
tariffs or charges <m appeals Irom
patrons ol the rallwayPagalnst which
grievances mc held.
Kaslo merchants have decided to
proclaim a Thursday ball holiday for
the summer montlm.
Moving pleturea tonight at tbu
liillBou theatre. SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 1311.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, Genekal Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
of The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rates. There is no
delay in withdrawing the whole or any portion of the deposit. Small
deposits are welcomed. 234
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any one ofthe number or by the survivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of the money
after death, and is especially useful when a man desires to provide for
his wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death.
The Famous Leckie Loggers' Hoots ami our own
make always in stock. See our Pack Straps and
Pack Sacks.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
$4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural I let Water, 124 Degree of Ilea
Natural Hot Water in Haths.    O        All Year
Rales from $ 12 lo $ 15 Per Week
Have you smoked the
If not you surely
never tried them at
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Kvi-i j 11 ily knows him, he will
tell you thai the whi ' ■••« we are
wiling are the hest. Call anil he
convinced. No household sboi Id
I.i. without a supply of im Harvey's Cpeolal Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapin Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
BO yeat■ old pr Blaokberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our slock
of choice Wiiii sniil Liquois of all
kinds air unexcelled.     Mold hy llll
-*-"■'        tin. leading hotel*., m telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers ard Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Clgare end Cigarettes
Notice Ib hereby given that nil
back yards iintl lanes must lio cleaned
lip according to the provisions ol the
Ilylnw williin thirty days Irom the
date below. Alter tbe expiration ol
that time  It will  he duty to proceed
summarily   to convict those persons
upon whoso pronilHOH nuisances exlHt.
FirBt notillcatlon of thia  published
this Hth day ol April, 1911.
Shiloh's Cure
Sulckiy Ntopii cinmii*.. euro com*. ln.nl*.
>• throat and lungs. •   •   •  21 cent.
Take notice that "Kincaid & Anderson, Linited" alter the expiration
of ono month from thc lirst publication of this notice to apply to the
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies
to change the Company's name to
"lioldpii (leneral Agencies, Limited."
Dated at Hevelstoke, B. C, this
21st day ol April, 1911.
Harvey,  MeCarter  & Pinkham
Bollcltors lm-  Kincaid      and
Anderaon,    Limited.
Hpi'iiking at   B tons Wall,  Man.,
Robert Roger* condemned the
procity pact.
Revelstoke, b. c.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
All modern convenience
Sularicpd  r pioveil.     First-Class in avery respect.
Large Sample Rooms.
a $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke. B.C.
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a ilay.    Monthly rate
the Matter of the Estate of
Thomas McMahon, deceased:
Notice is hereby given tbat all
creditors and others having claims
against the Estate of Thomas Mc
Mahon, late of Revelstoke, B. C, de
ceased, who died at Revelstoke on or
about the 10th day of November, 1910
are requested to send to the undersigned Solicitors for Donald Mcintosh, Executor of the last will of
said deceased, within 60 days from
date, full particulars of their claims
duly verilied, and that after that
dato the said Executor will proceed
to distribute the said estate amongst
those entitled thereto, regard being
bad only to those claims of which
said Executor shall havo then received notice.
Solicitors of Donald Mcintosh,
Executor of the Last Will
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. 1 make a
specially of Logging
Shoes. Pants, S-ox, Shirts
blankets alld everything
required in vour business,
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
For Sale
25-foot   Lot  and   House, Third Street
Three Lots on Second Slieet, near thf
new Post Office, Slam
House and Lot near Y.M.C.A., $31.*ift
Two   lots   aril   House. Third   Stiet-',
House aid Lot, Kirst Street, neirlh
new l'osi Ollice, $2100.
.")5 feet on Sixth Street, $71 0.
54) feet on Victm-ia Hoad. $.V.0.
12 K'ioiii H use, ScLond Street, 50 font
lm, $4500.
And other fle.»t c'as« values.
Call and Investigate
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Let me paint your house rij-ht. 1 do
nothing but first-class work. Quality
considered my price is low. The best
materials used aud work done when
I promised. Try me on your interior
decorating. My work is guaranteed to
SIGNS— I can furnish you with any
kind you wanl. Class, brass, tin, cloth
or wood.    Get my prices.
Carriage and Wagon Painting at my
shop in alley back of E. J. Bourne's
■Store, first -Street.
Revelstoko  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Clarence H.
Behock, of Mount Joy, l'a., occupation coal merchant, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a Post planted 20
cbaini south of the south east cornier of lot 7635; thence north 80
chains, thence east 40 cbains, more
or less to the line of the Arrow
Lakes Lumber Company's, timber
limit 43232, thence south 60 chainB
thence west 20 chains, tbence south
20 chains, thence west 20 chains,
more or less to place of commencement.
Dated March 24th, 1911.
Ed.  McGagbrun,  Agent.
Resilience Cor. 3rd St. and Robson a.e
" Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Fruit Lands
(i.ilena Bay lamia in pp rcf li**** of
10 or 20 ncrcH or en bloc. Corric-
pondence invited,
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
John Lee
Manufacturer of   Ladies'
Ladies Suits Made to Order
Fit Guaranteed
All kinds of Silk, Gingham,
Muslin,   and   Fancy
things kept in stock
Prices Reasonable P. 0 Box 200
Front St . Lower Town, Revelstoke
Mannfnctnr»d fnr ah cia»»*» ot  bnllrhuK.
for «■»)• In larvd r>f «Tn«N <it'nnl('ll»*
ri  li-luw»-!  pr.cH fitfcaali
All hin.I- uf Innl Ii'i* Aud iflutvrloi
ui rlnrtftbmi
Foote & Pradolini.
Arriving daily mir new and
frcHli stock oi Needs, grown
under contract hy ihe best
prow-is in all parts nf I hi'
World. Seids th.it will give
yon Cln* best results. Ono ui il
\\ ill ciivi. ce you. Also 11 full
I'ih* of garden r quisltee, Iio-
pl.'Uit'iiia of nil kind-; Hi o
Supplli*-, sprayers, Spray, anil
a lul lino of (hick Feeds nnd
( nnkei *n iviiii'dh's. Pecaa tlie
button, »•* will do the rest.
H. J. Henry Nurseries
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,    -   Manager
Vancouver. B, (J.
Kepairs  ol all   kinds   neiilly  dune
Bicycle and f'lin work uspecial t y
Kntimaten given on anv clans
of work
Front       Street.
(Dr. -J 0. Morrlboti) (Mr. Ceo. H  Croon
Vancouverand Suburban
Real Estate
Coquitlam Acreage and
Lots a specialty
Special attontion given to Mall orders or Inquiries
402 Dominion Trust Bldg.j Vancouver, B.C.
f   A Symposium of What is Happening in
J All Parts of the World
i^v%/%-%*-*%«v%-%^%/** %^%%%%%%%%%%%«<%i%%%^« ■%•->»
Twenty-three miners are dead in 1 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Weir, of Sing-
the Ott Mine No. 2 of the Davis Coal hampton, who were married in Bow-
& Coke Co., at Elk Garden, WiB, the'manville, have celebrated their gold-
result of an explosion. ! en  wedding.
Five iiremeu at Seattle were injur- Mormon agitators were mobbed at
ed by   (lie collapse of a ladder. Birkenhead,   England.
Seven Indians from the Fraser
Valley  will attend the coronation.
1'aul Fitte, a young man from
Stony Plain, was killed in a runaway
at Taber.
The firm ol W. H. Martin & Co. of
Toronto, planing mill machinery
manufacturers, has gone into voluntary liipiidation. The liabilities are
about -$50,000, with assets slightly in
Johnuy Coulon, bantamweight
champion of ihe world, aud Eddie O'
Keefe, of Philadelphia, fought ten
rounds to a draw at Kansas City.
Dr. Frederick A. Cooke, ertswhile
polar explorer, is on his way to El
Paso, Toxas, today, still claiming
that he is the discoverer of thc North
Farm labor
em Ontario.
is very scare in     west-
A.J.  Small will cre.t
Berlin to seat 1,(100.
a theatre    in
Scarlet fever is prevalent
Dixie and Port Credit.
Four mcu were killed in a blasting
accident at Pitt bake, B. C.
The Keith Moving Picture Co., will
open a theatre in St. John, N.B.
Fred Markland, of Ernestown, bad
his facc badly bitten by a horse.
Solid ice still fills St.Mary's river,
and  blocks navigation to the  Soo.
John Halt, of Winnipeg may be thc
next Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba.
Tl 57th Regiment, Peterboro may
spi u 1   Dominion  Day at Brockville.
Fire destroyed the St. Nincent de
Paul penitentiary piggeries; loss $10,-
W. J. Davis, aged 00, Ior 27 years
deputy registrar ot deeds for Leeds,
is dead.
There is a likelihood ol tbe Montreal building trades going ou strike
May Day. 4
W. G. Hunt, a Brockville traveller,
fell tram a ladder and has concussion
of the brain.
The C.N.R. will erect a new passenger station on Victoria avenue,
Fort William.
A    coronation    issue
double the ordinary size,
sued next month.
if      --tamps,
will    be is-
Count Witte, thc Russian states-
man, is in bad health.
London, Eug., taxieab drivers, 7000
in number may strike.
The French budget has been Passed
and the Chamber adjourned until
May 22nd. u
Lieut. B. Yasson, a French naval
officer,  was  killed  while aeroplaning.
Tbe Tole.lo. Ohio, "Blade" was
burned out; I06S $200,000. One fireman was badly hurt.
Geurgc H. Hughes, aged 7'J, a New
York millionaire, will wed Kathleen
Douglas, aged 3*6, whom he met a lew
months ago.
Winnipeg and Ottawa amateurs
made good impressioes in tho open -
ing performances erf the Earl Grey
musical and dramatic trophy competition at the Walker theatre, before
a large and brilliant audience.
The iietitioners for the commutation of the death sentence on Nicholas Bilowus expect that their request
will be granted bj His Excellency
Earl Grey today.
In the British house of commons,
there was a lively debate on the
home rule question. Numerous amendments to the veto bill were pro -
posed by the Unionists.
VV. O. Sealey's amendment to strike
out the fruit and vegetable clauses
from the reciprocity proposals waa
the cause JI a sharp debate in tho
commons at Ottawa.
American immigrants give reasons
for their trek into western Canada,
being attracted by the rich lands
that can be secured at low prices.
A bitter campaign is being waged
in Australia in connection with the
proposals to enlarge the powers ot
the federal government.
A lecture on the hygiene of the
mouth was delivered to a large Winnipeg audience by Dr. Webster ot
The Winnipeg city council refused
to consider the amended agreement
with the Midland railway lor two
mission    form
ment ideal.
F.  Adams,  single  tax    lecturer,
in Winnipeg, declares the     com-
municipal govern-
AltltO VHKAll, 11. <;.
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. Flnt-olasn lam pit
rooms. Pines) scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
K1. M LOOPS, B. O.
Affords superior etuicalional advan-
tagi s, Handsome new brick building,
modern equipment, extenstvegrounda,
I 'lasses graded in accordance wiih the
ichool*. throughout this Province.
Complete Music and Ari Departments.
Special clauses in Shorthand, Type*.
wniing and Book-keeping. Particular
attention given to rennemenl ol manners ami correct English,
For Prospectus. Address Tho Ao ilomy.
F. H. Peters,
bein appointed
ation at Calgary
D. L.  S., C. E.
commissioner  ol
GIN PILLS Brought Relief
"I suffered untold misery even when
under treatment from the best doctors
for over ten mouths, and nothing seemed
to do me nny good or relieve my painful
condition. My trouble was Inflammation of Kidneys and Bladder,
I finally determined to go to the Victoria
Hospital, Halifax ,for treatment.
Two days, however, before my intending departure, a neighbor called and
happening to have a GIN PILL in
his pocket, insisted on my taking it. I
did so and six hours after taking it, the
results and benefits I derived were
simply nothing inoieor less than miraculous. Instead of going to the hospital,
I sent for a box of CIN PILLS witli the
result that I am a cured man. I recommend CIN PILLS to everyone suffering
Irom Kiduey Trouble."
Lswia MacI'iihrson.
Take GIN PI LIS on our positive
guarantee that they will cure you or
money promptly refunded. 50c. a box
—6 for f2,50—sent oil receipt of price
If vour dealer does not handle GIN
PILLS. Sample bos free if you write
us. National Drug and Chemical Co.,
Dept W.,    Toronto. ji
An ice  jam  caused  the   water
Montreal harbor to rise three feet
1111  hour.
to the coronation fund
to   date   the   Marys   of   Wiarton
given  $1.20  an,l   Georges   $1.50
The M.C.R. new flier made thc 111
miles between Detroit and Buffalo in
lf.2 minutes last night.
Eugenia Gaureau, aged 30 months,
was fatally scalded at Montreal by
falling into a tub of wgter.
Three ot a party of eighteen Austrians caught in a Sunday rRid at
Windsor, will he deported.
The T. and N.O. branch line right
of way is almost blazed through from
Porcupine City to  Metagami.
William McNoll, thc C.P.R. engineer injuri'd when his engine ran into
n washout near Ottawa, is dead.
Montreal   police   male   „   disarming
raid on nn Italian Colony Suiulay and
had   weapons.
arrested  four  who
quickly *-.:....1 ..,„,<ii,,  cun*.
tbi. ll-'ui»l end luBtl.i.
■ •uli,   hpoti
23 ■ml..
Mailn fnr hurd Bervicr, nn.l
guaranteed waterproof.
Beat Dealera Ever-jrwhera.
CLOTHING   CO.,   Ltd.
Toronto, Canada. SII
L. O. ti. KIM will hold a special
"Uoyal Arch" meeting on Tuesday,
May 2nd, In their Imll on Second Bt.
west. All sojourning members of tbe
order in the city are cordially Invited to attend. lit.
George Murray, Gore Bay. and E.
S. Smith, K. C, „f Stratford, have
been      made     deputy    county    court
Thc Western Ontario conference of
thc Brotherhood of St. Andrew, will
he held at Guelph May jth to 7th.
John II. Holmes has been appointed deputy registrar for Prince Edward  county,   vice      Lieut.-Col.   Bog,
Bishop Farthing, preaching in Montreal, Huggcstcl that tbc Hehertmar
riage annulment  be made a test cane
Jerome llefternan »g«*d It;, a Huher-
mnii, was dr„»ned nenr Hallfai. His
father clung to thc boat and was
Four of the o.dest employes of th-
Canada Cotton Co at Cornwall with
service of 7, 2d. 28 and J8 years have
Ola Humphrey, „ London actress,
has married a cousin of tbc Khedive
ol Egypt.
Winnipeg Salvationists tendered
Captain and Mrs. Arnold a farewell
reception at the Citadel.
Fred Lepard and his two daughters
were drowned ia Lake Simcoe as a
result of the swamping of their boat.
Germany will utilize one million
-oldiers m military manoevres to bo
commenced shortly.
Tbe town of Selkirk has taken a
strong stand regarding thc purifica -
tion ol the Red river.
A big boot and Fhoe merger will
be formed in eastern Canada with a
capitnl of 520,000,000.
The Doukbobors are making rapid
progress in their new colony in British Columbia.
A C.N.R. crop report shows a largfl
I) increased crop area In western
A  numlier
have formed
of  large  crockery
a merger.
Montreal. April 2*.—
There are three wealthy and well
Kn..wn ntirens 0I Montreal wh0, useful and public spirited as they are in
life, will still be almost an useful, in
one i.phere of activity at hast. in
death. This trio are ,,1.1 Rn*l honor-
.1 memlreis ol St. Jnmes' Club. Al-
thoUfh almost every man of means
in the city Is a member of St. Jamea
and thc amount of money Hpent
there In a day for pleasures of oun
liml nn.l another would keep A large
sized family for a yenr or many years
the Institution has had difficulty in
raising enough money to add to ihe
present premises and make Borne very
necessary Improvements. Thia novel
scheme has been hit upon:—The committee has been empowered to borrow
and spend one hundred and twenty-
I've thousand dollars, thiB money t,i
lie raised by mortgaging the elub's
property, t,, pay ofl this mortgage
the lives of three (rf the oldest members are to be insured, the club paying the premiums. When they die
the insurance money will, of course,
go to the club. The three members
cannot make out their friends really
mean it now when thev raise H glnflM
and wish the proverbial "(food
Health' Pot the -word of Damocles seems to be swinging over theil
■•il SATURDAY, Al'iUL J'.',  1911,
TiT-iE IjVL^il-ieieir^lix :r,:e-v:e]i.,sto:k::e
. «««%««V1«W«
*.*»*-%'»,-%.-*•».%'%.%■•.'%. -v *-*■*.■%••.*% VI
WEEKLY  SHOOT. inexperienced  In wli'dlng.  He whs
Following    are the scores obtained | thermore of the sort the average man
iy the Revelstoke Gun Club members
[„,..   that
at the weekly shoot on Wednesday afternoon last. It will be noted that
the name ol Mink appears as having grade
secured a possible. Mr. Mink is n
proft sel :;;ii at tbe business, who
happened be visiting the city in
the Interests ol th,' Dominion Cart-
:. :.*•   i ompany.
Class A —
Sturdy   Ill
!■_::*.■:  21
points  to  and  remarks  (hat
never learn."     Rush learned,
a tough job,  but  Bush  made
Johnny   McGraw  is
manager    who    believes  in       having
youngsters practice base sliding. During the spring train ng McGraw  bad
bis men out nearly every     afternoon
teaching them  Ihe diflerent      Blides.
How  they  fare  out  this season    will
be answered     definitely     after
campaign closes.-   By Tommy Clark.
M .ar.,
Class is -
i'], iij i.
Class C—
Mink   ......   21
.Sturdy   22
Munro        17
Taylor    lr.
Lawson    li
Cronyn    Hi
Brown    18
Cummings        :,
Tuedday evening last the linal i"
the Senior basketball league of the
Y.M.c.A. was played ,.iT between th
Tinkers and the Intermediate teams.
While the playing was rather tough
none of the members of either teams
Indulged in any boxing bouts, as hai
often been tbe case in many of the
final games. The Tinkers were in
the pink of condition anil though thej
had not been iu the gym. to practice
for over H month, they demonstrate,!
that they still had their eye for th*
baskets at all times when tbey hal
an opportunity to shoot. They out
classed the Intermediate team from
start to finish with their pass work
and combination. The Intermediate
team did not have so many chances
to shoot for the basket and when
th y did they seemed to be iu hard
luck as they missed easy shots. Thc
Une up was as follows:
Tinkers—B. McEachren, centre; H*
Burridge. left forward; B, Cameron,
right forward; H. Mulholland, left
guard: W.  Kennedy,  right giiatd.
intermediate team—F. Lyttle, centre: M. Anderson, left forward; B.
Bruce, right forward; 6P. Daniels,
right guard; Ef Corley, left guard.
Why is it so little attention is given to base sliJin,- during the spring
season? But few big league manag
ers drill their men n this side ,.' Ibe
game. A Utile practice each year
an I serious attention raid to it
I nu'.-ii an abundance of stolen
bas s an.l more stolen bases would
mean in.-re runs, more games won
and bettei  baseball.
trouble with the train'ng camp
I Is that not     enough attention
:s   ;a:.t   to  sliding.   They  have  it    on
the tra ning program, and they    fix
the little san I  pile and do    little
ta with as little effort us possible
and mope around and scatter assoon
os  th ■■)        bi I h  J   do  lhat     each
i on   Players look on that
part ..f the  work  with malice     and
It  wo them      t"
nee t., sliding ellmln
B .1   -.:.:.n; sh ■ t   ,*,-      un-
.  .\t lea-t
uld   I c    de
voted 1 tict
Nearly an;,  one can sil le leei
■ ■ ■  ■     hut I        m.. bj    ca
tl      tb       '■ *:•'  I       I    left,
■ an   twist   then. •      B  or Catch  t
in a mnnn'*!  to evade tue   lull :        tcbing  tiie  ball'
■ pi ised to tiled   er thi
them  by  watching th
-* • ■ tict
•   ■
•'   ■
a-       •.  ' ... '*.
'lh re Is
,.■       n     taint evi
k n di    '
an   ill le ari        *   ■ ■
■   ■
th      •   n
i   ni * r.     In plaj
.       earn  th; fin
of slid!] .*
HU|       Jenning Del
■ ever In leai '• ng mi t
i„ -,.-:     o  the   ia»ei    I ■■■■ ' ■•
i ...     men—Bush     nnl
i . ho .* *   i sil
II po nts of sliding.
r -  two years Ji no ng   trlsd     to
i ro luce a few more ,,f then  type .   I
of his recruit* and veterans. The vel
i i,   learn, «hile tbe
.iher  lose ben  ,   ol   lack  nin
Uol ' ■■ ■ ■ tires m ich nei • ■ at I
Mist energy to become acgualnted
witl, •  ■      i,    le dope" "a sliding.
*  an i Btiab have t.oth served ns
examples        young and those not ->i>
;■     i, ttb bas evei como ol Iti
I     -tame cxpi it  m evasive slid
ag     |   ,   Rtlfl led   pin' i Ice nn I      the
n . ng    .f energy and efi.ut.    So
«iid Cobb,    when Bush    started out
(it  was au awkwa'd bam runner an 1
The Torchlight, edited mil publish
ed by negroes at Danville, and claim
e.l to be the loading negro newspaper
oi Kentucky, hands Jack John n
the fistic i )>.iin11.• .ii . the follow ing i J
it..rial  wallop hi a  recent  issue.
"We have u.'. er been able to see In
Jack Johnson anything worthy ol
praise and emulation. We have al
ways regarded the Incident at Reno
as the meeting ol two vulgar brag
garts, neither of them representing
; be beBt in the race to wiih h ho belonged, and neither of Ihem n wort-
thy character to bc held up to the
youth ol America as a hero worthy
of iheir respect and veneration. But
it seems that Johnson is determined
lo outdo himself as a lawless, reek-
less tough, Surely las attention
has n ner been called tj tlu passage
.li holy writ which .ays. 'He thai
ruleth his spiril Is mightier tin n he
that   taketh  a  city.'      Johnson    has
club when that aggregation was at
the top of the heap mil the best exponents of the most skilful way ol
playing the national game, has come
out with the statement that the
team lacks a good coach, and he is
oppose,I to the re-appointment of P.
Green who has managed tlu Caps for
he last six years 0r eo. Barney holds
the team is yellow away from
home, and thai the popular Petie
plays favorites in the matter of choosing the team. If this is so (nn.l
the record of the club seems to point
to the fact that they do stand up
' when off the Varsity Oval) then the
uulcker they do something the better
Modern lacrosse on nay team should
demand that the best men play on
the twelve. In Ottawa, there have
beta few French Canadians on the
tlie team, and the city league bas a number of good men of that nationality
thai coul.1 be thrown into a game
,*:ii*l not hurt the calibre ol the Cap*
at all. At any event, the man who
■ tan.Is up away from home ought to
be put in the discard, From this die-
dm •**. ii b.oi.s a i if old Barney had
something on th,* club.
Thai this is an age of realism was
well demonstrated by the fact thai
•Inn Coffroth, the lulil promoter,
wanted to take ,*i series of moving
pictures ol big .lack Johnson, tha
champ heavyweight pug, in the exciting exercise ol his jail routine du
ties.     Hue can  imagine the haughty
wuy   thai    John   refuse,I   the   offer    to
Immortalize himself.
The Hoy Scout movement has
spread all over the world, Great
Britain, Austria, Denmark, Sweden.
Germany, Russia, America, Argentlnfl
and Chile, all these countries have
ii.t only become a nuisance to the taken up Ib.s big movement lor boys
publi", but he ha- humiliated every-'wiib great success. It is ine of the
one who had any confidence in him biggest movements for hoys that has
,,i who was willing to accord him * * I been brought out. There are
in n Iship, while he hn heaped upon a great many people that do not
bis race eternal shame and disgrace, quite understand the meaning ol the
No honest, Intelligent citizen has any j hoy scouts, and seem to think that
respect, for the lawbreaker, and when
i, little money so turns „ fellow's
head that he thin'is he can trample
upon the law with impunity, a go id
term in prlscn is the best thin; that
can com., to him. Johnson seems to
think his money nud notoriety have
liven linn immunity mid that he has
special privileges which his fellow
creatures have not. Six months hard
labor would do Mr. Johns, u more
good than all the money he received
from the Reno bout, and perhaps
save the race fiom further humiliation."
Brockton, Mass.. April 27.—Jesse
K. Appleby, Brockton policeman-athlete, bus been selected bj John B.
Sullivan, former president ol the A.
A.l'., now president ol the Olympic
committee, t,, represent America in
the coming big I ilymplc games.
Appleby  Is t *■■*, ntj sevi n. He
youngest    member    ol    the Bn
force an 1 oue ,,;" the best athletes in
the city.     Sullivan ha upon
l). nnts .1.  Mahoney, wbo holds     the
siioi puttin *  an I     hamm r tl
champion it Ian I  an I
land  but    Mah n *y   Is
the University ,,:  California     «
iblowers and  Will
llvan   nee Is   -i\   nn li   ll    I miner
an.l six mi a  ,n th * .1   ■
trials w Ul be held In N «
st, and Applebj
e.l be will get a      " >am
In a "'id un   ■
pleby threw
In h is,     and th
with 138 feet l '.     chee
Barney Q linn,
it is ., sort of a elub that gets to-
gethcr and goes out aud plays war
and Indian or something similar. The
main purpose of the Boy Scouts is t,,,
make nun. nun with character and
backbone, men who will know how t0
take care of themselves under any
conditions and circumstances. They
learn many things that are very es -
scntial in cases of accident, such as
tirst aid to thc injured, resusitating
the drowned. If lost In the woods
Imw to find their wny out, how to
tell directii n with a Watch, how to
build a tire without the aid of matches, bow to cook (camp style), how
to tie all kin Is of knots for packing,
sailor knot.-, etc. Signalling in
many   different   ways. These       are
only a lew ol the many things that
are taught, space pr vents a full de-
work and  •■> h it      it
will accomplish  for  thi   ' • ■• s.       Th
Po    Seoul     ■   Revelstoke will bi
■ ini:  ■ ; .ii  tbe \ .M.C.A. , n  M  **
I   18
.i*      wb >ther  mi ml   rs of tin
,' \   oi  nol  maj   " :        >
n**   to
..    .,
H. E. PIERCE & CO., present Edwin Milton Royles
Unquestionably the most fascinating
American piny of a decade
Exactly as presented, 2 years Wallack's Theatre,
New York.   Original Cast and Production
25-WELL    KNOWN    PLAYERS   25
PRICES—26c, 75c, $1, $1.50
and a company of competent players
in Lhe Shakespcriati love tragedy
Ar mission   ■    $1.50. $1. 75c.
CHILDREN    25c. -,
>    ml
THAT is the name, and
below is the trademark,
you are to look for next
lime  you buy underwear
Your sizi* in any Sarmt'iii
with that trademark will
Ht perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink. Yet you pay
nothing extra for this
extra value; and you get our
Guarantee of "moneyback
if you can fairly claim it."
ll  Paris  in  Canada.
by Pl N MAN'S Limited. «
Othello," at lhe Opera House, Mondu*, Mty' 1st
GRAY   and
Brown are
lhe dominant
s!mdcs  for Spring
\"/i are snowing
boll e col its at
lh< ii .  uperb
I n . h Worsteds
and Scotch Tweeds.
rit-Ri form was first
in Canada to | it
I ich ' i , hand
■ 'lured garments for
men  al  reasonable
pin es,
Property owners in the City
are hereby notified that all
houses must be connected with
the sewer within GO days from
By order,
15. A. Lawson,
Ap. 12-10t. City Clerk.
Take notice llmt lhc store known
ns Wing Wo, Kwong Kob, opposite
Y.M.OlA., First street, cast, lias
been taken over by Mike rat nuil
t nung Look, ami all claims due to
undersigned must lie presented lor
payment within 3tl* days Irom date of
this issue.
Hated April Sill, l'Jll.
ite   Estate ot    George    Nichols,   Jr.
Notice is hereby given  that all persons having any ciuims or demands
against   the  auove  decease,!,     George
.mcuoIs,  Jr.,  late  ol  Revelstoke,    D.
C,  railway employee,  who died  n.ar
Rogers I'ass,  U. 0., on or abo..t the
■ith day oi March, l'Jlu,  are required
to send particulars thereof duiy verilied  to  the  undersigned on  or  belore
the First day  of May  1 '.11 -, and  that
niter said' date 1 will proceed to Jis-
ti'iinite the said Estate amongst those
entitled thereto regard     being      had
only  to  those     claims of  winch      1
shall tiuu  have received notice.
Solicitor,   Revelstoke,  B.   C,   Administrator  with  Will  annexed  of
Estate of said George Nichols, Jr
Certilicate ol Improvements.
Glad Hand Mineral Claim, situated
in tiie Trout Lake Mining Division ol
West Kootenay District. Where lo
cated:—At head ol Seven Mile Creek
and adjoining the Winslow Mineral
Take Notice that I, O.U.N. Wilkie,
act.ug as agent lor Druce White, F.
M.C. 1J2'.MI9, William Dennett, F. M.
0. li'25'2'2l, and Net tie Davcy, F. M.
C. .No. B255G1, intend sixty days Ii'oui
dato hereof, to apply to the Alin.ug
Keen dor (or a Certificate of lin-
prov'enicnis, tor the purpose of ob
taming a Crown Grant of the auove
And further take notice that ac
tion, under section 87, must lie colli
menced belore the issuance of such
ten un,ne of Improvements.
Dated Ninth day ol March, l'Jll.
U. li.  N.  WILKIE,  U.C. L.S.
Trout Lulu. D. C.
Revelstoke Land  District
District  of  West  Kootenay.
Tiiiic notice that I, Mary Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, morriou
woman, inleuUi. to apply lor per
mission lo purchase thu follow,n*:
described lauds.
Commencing nt a post planted ai
the N. E. Coruer of Lot 6140 U.i.,
and marked M. S.'s S. E. Corner,
thence north -SO chains, theuco west
70 chains, thence south 10 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thence Boutb
1(1 chains, thenco east 50 chain.-
to point ol commencement, contain
ing 480 acres.
Dated  January 'Jth,  l'Jll.
Per 0.  P. Smith. Agent
i.i Ravcli ok'
Revelst..ke   l.luul   District.
in nui ni West  Kootenay.
Take  not lie  lliiil    llasil     It.     lleyn
i,id., ..I Revelstoke, u* 0.,     occupa
tion clork, Intends to apply for per
ii io purcbase    the     follow,n.
di ,ii ilieil   lands:
Commencing at a i">st planted   ai
tin* . .iiiiii west, coiner of Lot 7818.
thence east si; chains, tbence south
i; cbains to the north east corn.ii
..I Lol NM3, thonco along lun ol
said Lol lu chains, west III cbalui*
south nn.l '■"■! chains west to lino ol
i.i.i .'i u, thonco along line ol said
Lot In cbains and 211 chains wesl t.
the in.rth wed corner, tbence nboiu
i. cbains nortb to place ol commence
Dated March 1st, Uli,
Agent  John Babw
Ml ro; RHLATIVflS- In'oima
tli I. : Irod b '*. ihe whereabouts of
wm ren A lam Itfl in'aid ot on
March 13th, i 111, at Revelstoke, B.
i'. Informal * n concerning him will
be thankfully reoelved by bis father,
Ml   I'bilij, Adumn, Tobermory, Ont.''
KOOTENAY      LuDGE,   No.   'it A
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MAS-
OM1C Th!MlJi_,E, Uddiellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcome.
W. B.  ROBERTSON,  Secrotary.
SELKIRK      LODGE  12,  1.  O.  O. F.
MeetB every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K.  G.  McRAE, N. G,
JAS.  MATH1E,  Secretary.
MT.      BEGBIE,
OF I. O.  F.
No.  3461.
Meets in I. O. U. F. Hail next to
Tapping's opera House every second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially   welcomed.
G. W. DELL, C. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Soc.
■JOLD RANGE LODGE,      K.  ol    1'.,
NO.   26,   REVELSTOKE,   ii.   C.
Meets  every   Wednesday  except   the
i'liu d Wednesday oi eaoh month     in
uddiellows'  Hall at 8  o'clock.  Visiting Knights ure cordially invited.
J.  Y.  SlMl'SON,  C.  C.
G. H. BROCK, K.  of R. & S.
M. ol F.
C. W. O.  W.
Mountain  View Camp, No. 229.
.leeis Second    aud     Fourth  Wednesdays    in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen am
cordially  Invited  to alien,I
H.  W. EDWARDS, Con. Com.
JAMES   McINTYRE.   Clerk.
Barristers,  Soliciiois,   Etc.
Imperial  Bank  Building  Revolstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Olllces—Rovelstoke,    B.    C,     and
Cranbrook, B.  C.
Geo. S. McCartor,
A. M. I'iakham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoko, Craubroolt
Provincial Land Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Eggs for Hatching
White Leghorns Nn.l Ten, headed by
first prize cock, Vancouver 1911.
$5 for IS; Ss for 30.
Xo. 2 Ten, headed by a targe white bird
from Kusl. ¥2.uu lor 15; tri.-Mi
lm 30.
lull Leghorns S. C. K. I. Reds; $2..SO
lm IS; $4.00 for 30.
John J. Devine
Revelal'ike, II. C.
Eggs for Hatching
Rhode Island Red.
Silver-lnced Wyandotte aud HulT Leghorn, per setting, £2.00.
Iviuileii goose eggs, .iOc. each.
I'ekln duel sill eggs) J12.U0.
liny iilil ducklings.
liai uld chicks a specialty.
Write or Rhone 212.
New Grove I'iiiin, Revelstoke,
Coronation Y.R.U. and North Star
Mineral Claims, situate in tho Trout
i.ake Mining Division ol West Kootonay Dlstriot. Where located.-On
ial'i'l  Creek.
Take notice that 1, (). II. N. WllkWi
acting as agent for Culler Thomas,
.'oriel' ol Spokane, Wash., I). S. A.,
eree Miner's Certificate No. H 1)4976,
nlend, Hixty days from date hereol,
o apply Ui thc Mining Recorder lor
a Ciriituate of linprovoiiunts, for tho
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claims.
And further take notico thnt a.tion
under section 37, must bc commencod
before thc issiiaiK'O of such Certilicate
of  Improvements.
Dated thiB 27th day of April, 1911.
O. B.  N.  WILKIE.
Take notice lhat "Campbell Shingle
Company Limited" Intend niter tho
explrntion of one month from tho
lirst publication of this notico to npply to the Registrar ol Joint Stock
Companies to change the Company's
name    to     Atlas   Lumber  Company,
Dated at Revelstoke, B. ('., this
7th day ol April, r.i: I.
Harvey, MeCarter & Pinkham,
Solicitors lor thc      Shingle
Company. Limited, SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 1911.
Watch   window   for   Big
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. ftume 8t Co.. limited
Mail   or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Dry Goods Department
Nowhere will you find a better
choice of Aprons than at Hume's.
Plenty of the big all-over kind,
that will keep the housewife
spic and span through the "upset" of housecleaning days, and
all the different styles of Tea,
Waitress, Nurse, etc., apons
25c. to $1
Ladies'   Cotton
Underw ear
Ladies fine knit cotton underwear, nice and cool. Vests with
long sleeves, vests with short
sleeves : vests with no sleeves.
The season of change. You will
need these
15c. to $1
The vital parts of a corset are
the designing and boning. Your
knowledge of these points must
ome through actual wear for
you cannot see them, hence the
fact that most ladies place their
reliance in such well known
makes as Crompton's Corsets,
and D. and A. Corsets. The
new Spring styles and models
are here from
$1 to $5
Summer Gowns
Exquisite Summer Gowns in
Marquisette, made in such a
variety of bewitching styles, so
daintily trimmed, they will be
most interesting to the ladies.
These are having a special show
this week in the windows and in
the ready-to-wear department,
2nd Floor, take the Elevator.
Modest priced gowns
$4.90 to $10
Garden Hats
for Women
Wide brimmed, light Mexicans,
just the thing for gardening,
Price only
25c. each
for Men and Boys
The widest range we have ever
handled, comprising everything
in straw headwear for Men and
Boys. Our goods are best quality and prices are right. Just
see for yourself.
Men's Genuine Panamas at
$12, -110, and $5 each.
Tuscans at $250, $2.75 and $3.
English Boaters, $1.50 to 13.50
Men's Peanit, 35c. to 75c.
Men's Mexicans, 25c. and 35c.
Boys' Mexicans—25c.
House  Furnishing Department
English Tapestry
We have a special line of these
*Squares in the  following sizes,
which are exceptional value.
21x3 yards, price $ 8.00
21x3 J    " "     10.50
3x3       " "     11.00
3x31     "   $12 and 12.50
2Jx3     "   velvet $13.50
Heavy English
We have a choice line of these
squares, which is the standard
for quality, in fawns, reds, blues
and greens; sizes 9x9, 9x101,
9x12, and 101x12. These squares
are suitable for any room and
cannot be excelled at the price.
For Kitchens antl Bath Rooms.
In fact every room in the house
can be finished with this durable
material, permanent colors, can
be washed oft.
Brussels, Wiltons,
A choice assortment of these
high-class squares in all the regular sizes, in Floral and Oriental
effects, in red, green and brown
grounds, splendidly adapted for
living rooms, dining rooms and
Linoleum, Oilcloth
A full range of Nairn's Scotch
goods, the best procurable Hall
rims, {, I1, 36, 45, and 54 inches
Printed and inlaid linoleums all
Dainty floral designs for use in
bedrooms, etc
Iron Beds,Mattresses
Pi/lows, Bedding
Bplendid value in Maish laminated Cotton and Eiderdown
Hew Parasols
The New Parasols are in.
Among them is the new
Plaid Silk Umbrella with long
black Mission handle, they
are pure silk, hemstitched
edge, very close rolling and
very light, any color
At each $5.00
April Sale of White
April—House cleaning month—you will be
sure to find when rummaging through your linen
closets that you are short of nice pillow slips,
sheets, and white bed coverings. Here is the
opportunity to fill up your stock.
Lovely pure white hemstitched Pillow Slips
at each 25 cents
Extra heavy English circular pillow cotton
pure finish, no dressing, all widths, 40 to 46 in.
at per yard 25 cents
63 inch. English Cambric Sheeting, pure
bleach, full width, no dressing, for \ beds, at
per yard 35 cents
72 inch English Cambric Sheeting, full
width, for full sized beds, very fine, no dressing,
ready for use, at per yard 35 cents
72 inch extra quality, 20 twill sheeting, full
width, for large beds, no starch, very heavy
quality, at per yard 40 ci>nts
English Honeycomb Counterpane or White
Quilt, extra large size, fine pure bleached   $2.50
An extra fine English Merselles Quilt or
Counterpane, largest size, lovely snowy white,
beautiful designs (registered) this one at a
special price.   Ask to see these at each $2.90
Goods We Recommend
Noel's high grade specialties — Preserved
Peaches, Strawberries, and fancy bottled fruits.
This line is in a class by itself.
Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits
Known and appreciated throughout the entire world for their quality and freshness. We
carry in stock 50 varieties of the choicest brands
Crosse & Blackwell's Pickles
White Onions, Walnuts, ^ixed, Queen Olives
Nothing but the best and purest vinegar is used
in |),- eparing this stock.
Han Camp's Soups
A profitable line of 12 flavors. One can
makes sufficient soup for five or six persons.
Ask for our different varieties.   3 cans for 50c.
Bargains in Ketchup
On Thursday and Friday of this week we
offer our customers Campbell's Tobasco Ketchup
16 oz. bottle, at the exceedingly low price of only
20 cents, or two for 35 cents. Remember only
two days—Thursday and Friday.
Men 60 Years Young
This particular 20th Century Brand style is specially
designed for men who are younger in spirit than in years
It is particularly suited to elderly men of refined tastes and
conservative manners. Note the nice, quiet lines of the
garment. Tailored in a beautiful range of new tweeds.
Let us show you some of these fine garments and you'll be
as enthusiastic as we are about them.
Prices $23 to $35
Newest Styles in Womens Oxfords
The newest ideas and novelties of the present season have just arrived. You can find nothing more new or
more nobby. We do not carry freak styles, but rather
those which any lady can wear and be proud of. Excellency of workmanship combined with the utmost comfort
to the wearer, make our lines the most popular in the city.
Here are a few of the new ones, ask to see them :
Ladies' Tan Calf Oxford
Willow calf, Goodyear welt,
either dark or light shades, cuban heel, J. & T. Bell makers,
widths D and E, all sizes
Prices $4 and $5
Ladies' Tan Oxfords
Goodyear welt with the new-
bump toe, short vamp, three
eyelet tie. The product of the
Regal Shoe Company
Price $5.00
Ladies' Tan Pomp
Short vamp, plain toe, willow
calf, Goodyear welt, cuban heel,
two strap, the newest
Price $4.00
Ladies' Tan Tie
Turn sole, kid, two eyelet, military heel. A very comfortable
easy shoe
Price $3.75
Ladies' Patent Pomp
Goodyear welt, patent colt,
plain toe. military heel, two
straps and tongue. The newest
of tHem all-
Price $4.50
Ladies' Patent Oxford
Regal Shoe, Goodyear welt,
flexible sole, new short vamp
with bump toe, all patent, three
eyelet, cuban heel
Price $5.00
Ladies' Blaek Tie
Turn sole, patent tip, two eyelet, military heel, all sizes and
widths.   Easy and dressy
Price $3.75
Patent Button Oxford
New short vamp, patent colt
with matt calf upper, Cuban
heel.   New and dressy
Price $4.59 Saturday, apIul 29, wu,
Our Seasonable  Drygoods Specials
Latest in Ladies' Waists
Direct from the Best Eastern  manufacturers.
White Waists, trimmed \.ith lace and
embroidered front, either half sleeve or
full length sleeve. Good valucat $1.25,
now Soe.
Tailored Waists, made in fine quality of
linen, laundered collars and cuffs.      Our
g pi ice, $i. .,-**,.
■*. ilored 1 louse Waists, made in fine
:;;jlit and dark Print.    Sale Price 70c.
Black Waists, made of very fine muslin,
trimmed with lace and tucked,     Price
S .00,
Smart Girls' Dresses
I'eter Thompson Serge Dresses, navy,
trimmed with black and white, all wool
plaid. Price $7. Fit girls from 12, 14
and id years.
White Muslin Dresses
Trimmed with embroidery and lace.
New Spring styles, kor girls from 15,
iti and iS years.     Selling Price   -$4.50
Colored Wash Dresses
I'm Misses, in Prints and fancy Cham*
brays, sizes 10, ij, 14 and Mi years.
Price $2.00.
Mrs. A. E. Kuieitiil will not receive
Monday, Mny  1st.
Mrs. j. j. fi.it.ci will imt receive
Wednesday,  May 3rd.
J. M. Doyle, district manager uf
P.  Bans & Co., was in tbe city  yes
Hon. Tliomaa Taylor wns in the
city yesterday and today on ins waj
home to Victoria.
Harry Ferguson bus been appointed police constable in place ot Win.
Kennedy,  resigned.
Mr. Gibson, manager of tbe local
branch ..I the Canadian Hank of Commerce, loft tins morning for Salmon
Mi. c. w. Rowley, manager of tbc
Bank of Commerce at Calgary, was
ai the city yesterday on las way  to
\   little   cal   Marjorli   0 Neill.   was
•   ight  in tu tb.* hospital here    the
th ■      Jay    .'.Ty    Beriously  ill with
mi nengitis.
Mr.-,. Vi. E. Shuttlewood, with the
Misses Sadie and Bstella Shuttle
wood, arrival in tbe city on Friday
from   England.
K ; girls wanted tor Trail Mag*
.•ine contest, y.,u can win ,, 150.01
diamond ring,     At   Miss    Anderson's
jewelcry store.
L'ean Paget ol Calgary, is „ visitor
to thi ■ the g ies! of his brother
Mr. ('. B. Paget.     The Deun will lv
here a couple ,.f  weeks.
On Tuesday afternoon  Mrs.  Gibson
was   ';.•      hostess     ol an enjoyabli
the handsome  1 ■■* es 1 eing
■ y   Mrs.   Taylor,   Mrs.  McCal I  '
..n :  Miss MeCarter.
Presbyterian  Synod  *.(  British
will  meet  .1:  St    Andrew's
on Wednes lay ev
Maj It will 11*11111, n     m
thn      r foui    lays,    on*l
ttet    ■'■ by ministers     Irom
- - Ioi   tin  delectation |
theal        •      >■ night are
Hi   .•      a  splend d
'    -*• ted;  "Take in.   *   .1
■ii-    Baa     Gami       .*,   very
*•• Pal ,. *    • ,*,,|;
p.     ■ \*
ect will lie T .
od al
t al p
•    Vi ■   ,
D   t '        ■
*"      '
• *  • Ml        nn '
ted 11
'    '
*  '
*   .
We have just received u shipment nf White Clover Honev put up itt
livr lb. cans, which we will guarantee to he absolutely Pure Money,
ami as ti is is tlie season for honey we would advise \ou lo try thia it
\oa wish to ^et the genuine article.
The name "Wa^statTe speaks for itself in regard to quality. We have
a full issortnit.nl oi ihis Pure Jam including Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach. Plum, Hlack Currant anil Apricot.
A.  HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Watch This Space
Kjootenay Agencies. Ltd.
Successors :o Kincaid & Anderson
Grand Concert
Thursday, May 4th
Canada's Greatest Baritone
supported by a select
company including
Miss Mildred Gordon
The Talented Elocutionist
Miss Bsrtha May Crawford
Lyric  Soprano
J Don't Miss This Great Treat
Reserved Scats $1.00.   Admission 75c.
Children 50c.
Plan of Hall at C. R. Macdonald's Drug Store
Ruthven MacDcnald, May tth
j liels oi' 93.'29  per oent, innl  thfl tjuan
tity in hand at, tho end uf March w
tin Thursday evening next, May Uli I i*-'7.r.s7.iit>(i bushels nr .iti.ll per cent.
H. Huth.-cn MacDonaW, the world re- In tho Maritime iirovlnces thoro was
nowned baritone vocalist will l.o „t. ! ■'■ hand at that date B,986,0OO bus-
the Bdison theatre with a company ihols, in Quebec it.-ht.hih bushels, In
ol refined nml talented singerB nn.l ' Ontario &0,712,000 bushels, and in the
readers, Mr. MacDonald's company' Northwest Provinces exclusive of
has received most complimentary no* [British Columbia 52,413,000 bushels.
tices from all the papers ol tho wost * *" the preceding your the muanlity in
in whioh  towns and cities thoy  havo | hand out ot a harvest of 358y466,0O0
visited, and it goes without saying
Unit he will gel an enthusiastic "reception here and a big audience.
With Mr. MacDonald are Miss Mildred dordon, reader and Miss Bertha
May Crawford, soprano. Remember
the dato, Thursday evening, May 4th.
Nakusp  Association    h'ootball  Club
has written the local club n>-
a game  between  the tw,
Nakus|. on Mas 24th
1     .*  * :   *   . *    *  ■       1 I'*  *.
to turn out  ..a Tuesday evenii :       '
Mi K.*n tie avert
The  Ki otcnaj    . -.
ers.     On ol
Btreel   Ml    Bdward Ti ■*
ing a  hot
The Woman's '    i istian 1
Union will
table at t V,
Laing on W *
Lost   on   Mi Ki
■ ■
,!     till*
Rev.    Mi.    Smith ol I tbe    Baptist
on irch   w I Jen's  meet
!."* in tho T.  M
\     H       .!.,** t wi be     " Si m
•   that  make a v Bright
• *    ,    ■
■ *  • *        .
Public Schools Attendance
Tlio attendance at the I'ubl
fin*   ilif   nuiiiili    ut     April
io schools
was    as
Central School, Div. 1  .    24
 II       31
 IM... ii
 IV     11
 V... Ill
 vi    :::
 Vlll :::;
ST. 2    10
83 18   in
K158    12
82.22   II
8i is   11
82 Ul    18
11'! II     IS
S IUU      It
Tu'a's                         281
8I.5I in
...ii i S 111. Div. 1    .18
 1   .    I.'
•■    III.    II
'•   IV.. 48
ti.",. 17   2fl
nuns 2ii
!• 1.8*2   211
05, I.'i   iS
Totals  .....               187
'.tl.n'.l    111',
The   N  Uni   Shield   u.i-
■ii. i,lit   Iiy   Misn   Hyatt,'*   I',
inii    in    St * .t ■Ii.-ii li.i   Suhool
• ihrihi ie - ,!• i ,1 ti i-iit
won   tlii
pari llll'il
Iiy   Mis
'    , '
.if  admin-
*    ', i -.; an l
ies to le •' a hul-
*    * H tents show
i yield    of   ! I"
r   11  per      cent,
tn l  that  al    the
*     or 22
1       in
'     .    lield
bushels was 141,499,000 bushels or
40.03 por cent, and there was a total
of 321,190,000 bushels or 00.86 per
cent, uf merchantable oats.
'lit., barley yield ol 1910 was 45,147,-
000 bushels, and ol this quantity
thoro was m band iit the end ol
March 13,135,000 bushels or 29 percent. The merchantable yield ,>ns
11,505,000 bushels or 9-1.93 per cent.
Tin barley crop of 1909 was 55,398,-
OC'I husbels and the quantity on hand
ai the end of March last year was
I6,K7,0!>9 bushels or 29.81 par rent,.
Tbo merchantable quantity if tfcer.
crop was 51,499,000 bushels or '.'/.Si
per cent. Ontario's crop lust year
was 20,727,000 bushels, an 1 lbj.1 of
the threo Northwest pr.i-.nun 21,-
:i77,ili;()  husbels.
The merchantable yield nf i*o. n last
year was 83.G3 per cent, of tii9 whole
crop, of buckwheat 88.56 per celt,
of potatoes 77.;il, of turnips an 1 other routs 85.Sl per ctnt. an i .,' hay
and clover S8.72 per cent., vhi'ii arc
nearly the snmo Hn the ;iL cetttttgea f
tha same crops in the previous y tu
The quantities of these crops on baud
at the end ,,( March were nearly the
saino in both years except that thc
supply of potatoes this year is 20,-
- :i bushels loss and the supply ol
hay and clover 2,494,COC tons more
Tho      per    cent,    condition   of  live
.-took on the farm- ranees close     to
the  same  figures  for  both  years,  but
.,  little hlgbei   ior all classes   this
year.     Por the respective years 1911
,n I  1*10 horses are 95.37 to     98.98,
nuloh  rows  'III.211  to  91.12,  other  cat
He      '.IU.87      to  89.30,  sheep   98.77   tl
■ i :, and   iwlne 94.36 to '.12.77. These
iroportlona      are  closely   maintninod
lUgbout nil the provlncos;      thoy
denote the condition ol live stuck as
!    B   healthy  nnd  thrifty  state.
band District,
We '  Kool nay.
Tako  notice  that   lbe  Arrow  Lakes
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^km^m^Omm^^^^^^^^^mw .
. iml . '    I  *.',:;*..','. .   I, in.toil,   intend tu
•|   ,         ;,.             .....*
* *        ,            1  lu III                *
1     |                                            <;nl    jlld   I
lh       '•
*    ■           1   '
in.iu , di ;t   si t ini
'    om,    s-,      i«r    iu   llu    Li ii t < il
nnd flu inn .ii
.   |(| to    '     l!lll   tl)
' mnl   in    thetii  coi ri L'tl)    mnl   iti
■  ,.■' ■ ,                             ; i ■ •
with   Wintci'      hum . iti Iftors  m
tule   von   roanil   i-
It ii    !■*■ ■ ■   ittt to 3 "ii that wit
lo l.iko with iuu.       il,       || ! * !•*
i,iinl\   ii.  well n,                  . •  the
Of   i*l|
cniiu *
Yoi    i   mii sin ■ much *.*• niiim
il   i ..ii hat o  nu i ..ti'. rn
pri MTifitii in  in- filltil   by   Uiu -
U Iiii klHlM   ItCiW,
Htci    ••             1
■ ino. Ichlhyo
W '      '      ■ ||          i                   on       "i"
|n ..'
io ii
;            Rli
Mile 1    * •          Kiln        nnl
know li il«i   "I   im  • riptioti  < nm
Mail  1 Iclrplioni   nnli in
f ,11.
,1*           111
ll .md
,.i* ii        1       I'iui ■
I'MMIl'  1
■ prnnipl iiii ntieu
. ..iit ■
I.i,m.i   i      ' ll     nip
■    *i *     tei   "I  Lands      for
Ion ii. i.-in.: tbe lollowing do
b   *
  *i b po I  planted on
i ppei   \i row  Lake,
.  , ■ it- i     easterly
      from the   louth  Baal  cornei   ol Lot
i   fJroup One,  Kootenay    District,
^" marked     "Arrow Lakes Lumber
^^    •  ,in*..oi,  Llmltod North Bast Cornor
PI    ci   Houth Into the Wat-
1  i ,..■■ <   \, row Luke a distance
'     i  * *'.*i li   and   pat
th i.*   ol i li * . .ml lake
l,i. .* ol aboul  in 13,2 feel    to s
u '', Irom u      p.mii
* i.   ih ■     I,,,io  , I   laid   lako   wbioh       ih
«. tei ly Irom bhe -outh
* in-i ol   ;,,d i,,,t 884;     thi-nce
north  "i" feel to tbe  thore line " <>'
lake,  tbence ee itet lv ai'.n *    the
.t   a ,i in* c .;i.: I ' |«t*( more or
i . ih      |., ni ,*' * ommenoemt-Bi
ire **i  li
mint   in mi    in • ii i*.
bews' ]>ri;c; stoki:
.1   \ I     III   Ml      III.OI   I*
Dal  ll   April 22nd.   I'lll.
Vrrow Lakes Lumber
i'om|iimy  Limited.
Bl I    Mnlnirhian.  Agent*
No. 56
Another Saturday nitfht antl another bunch of
bargains. We, of course we had a crowd last
week—we could not help having: one-the Roods
were so good and the prices so low. We have
some good ones for to-night, and you had better
get here early i'or some of them will not last long
at these prices.
A splendid silk, 34 inches wide. ,lust what
you want for summer dresses for yourself and
children.    To-night, K(Zp   npr  unrfJ
after 7 o'clock, only JJC- PGr yara
Here is an opportunity to got something nice
in Dress Goods al a very low price. A nice assortment in the new materials and colors, antl some
nice Shepherd's Plaid in different size checks.
Regular l'rices are 60. Ann   nor   l/nrd
and 65c.   To-night-      *uc. per yara
We put this on sale last Saturday, but it is
good enough for another run. You can't lind
prettier goods in the country. There are all the
new colors as well as the new materials and
weaves. There are Shantungs, Dimities, Vest-
ings, Linens, Jacquards, etc. The regular prices
are 30c. and 35c. and they are good values at that
price. To-night you
can    buy   them    at
-ill f ^OUIl   VU1UCB  cil Lliau
25c. per yard
See the showing we are making of theso
goods, ('-inch insertions at 10c. per yard; 9-inch
insertions, loc. per yard; 13ic. and 15c. insertions
and edgings at 3 vards for 25c.
Fine Lace Edgings and Insertions, just what
what you need for your summer dresses. A big
lot at 3 yards i'or 25c.
^^ mW. QLJ.mTmW   MM   A A
How About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Sin ing Samples for Suits ami
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, stylo
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Ri'torm Clothing - Foot-Rite Shoe
\'ou uol lhe benefit ul the most
modern footwear
when purcliasinn
Walk-Over the
leader ol American Footwear,
II vou have nut
worn Walk-Over
Mm du not know
how comfortable
new Footwear run
be. We blivetlieni
iii various styles.
To secure your
patronage perma-
| lenlly, we have
but tu lit you encc.
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
The Stvlc Shop for Men and Hoys Who Know
WANTED—Wiiltre»«ee (or Restaurant.
Apply Windsor hotel, Laughton and
Tapping, Revelatoke, it. C,
POR  SAI.K-'I'wu Teams  ol      Heavy
Horses lor sale,   Vpply to J. K«r-
iiiii'hiin,  Salmon   Ann.
vv \sn*;|i   Tenders lol    slashing lifty
linos oi lighl timber nnd bush. For
lurther to ■■i^^^MM^^^^^B^^H
,.    „    , .  , , .iwi,.*-.,   nvp -veal,i   oi|icrienoed.     Kor     tertm.
Kiimi-h-ui   Milmon Arm.     Tenders      , .
rn^k  J. Bingham, ut the Muslv Store,
Uevelstoke. it. 1
When you Want piano or organ ttm-
inc or repairing, have it done by a
thorough,   practical mnn ol twenly-
to be in by May lwb.


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