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The Mail Herald Mar 25, 1911

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 " Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $601
Interior Publisning^Co., At; s
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 22
REVELSTOKE. B. C. IWAKCti 25, 1911
$2.50 Per Year
Difficulties in Construction were
Very Many—lllecillewaet is
Treacherous Stream
Thi' following account bl tbc build-
in*,' nt Revelstoke's new power dam,
by Engineer ll. .). Hafiner, appeared
in thr March number nf the Canadian
Electrical Engineer, and cives in
concise form some nl tbc difficulties
experienced in its construction,   Mr.
UnlTiUT says:—
Abuut fifteen years ago a private
company built the present power
plant mi the lllecillewaet river,
Ubout two miles wesl nl the centre
uf the eity uf Itevelstoke, generating
there 126 kilowatt hy water, diverted hy means of a timber dam at the
bead of a canyon, down which a
square Hume was built tor a distance
of fifteen hundred feet, about half of
whicli was under pressure, terminating in a steel casing in a wooden
power h.uisc. On one side of this
casing was a SOC h.p. Samson tur -
bine designed to operate under a
head of thirty-seven feet. Tbe single
phusc belt-driven generator was next
duplicated on the other side of thc j
turbine and  later  a three-phase  ma-
gate valve
No. 1 Is gated from thc penstock
by 48 horizontal valve. Tho old
flume enters the power house on the
line of penstock No. 2which will replace it and will Berve units No. 3
and No. 4, which will be duplicates
ol one and two; and will, in addition
have a connection to No. 2. The
next step in development, will he the
addition of penstock No. 2 and completion of unit 2 and units 3 and No.
•I may be added when the load in.
creases.     Tho  IStD k.w.  generator at
' present operating from the jack
shafts    from turbine or gas     engine,
• will bo finally moved and belted direct to thc gas engine. No details
in regard to switchboard gullery,
machine shop and boiler room have
been worked out.     Unit No. p     has
, been built In a separate building and
tbc new switchboard for it placed
therein temporarily.
i The old plant had a rated capacity
of 400 k.w., 2M k.w. of whieh was
single phase and 15n k.w, three
phase. The old casing ami turbine
are still able t0 operate Irom tho
old Hume, and a new 2fiflk.v.a. three
phase machine has been installed on
the old foundations to replace the
single phase machine, whieh will now
be sold. Unit No. 1 consists of a
'.umi h.p. single runner spiral easing
turbine, manufactured by the Jenckes
Machine company, directly connected
to a 4&ii k.v.a. three-phase sixty-
cycle    Westingbouse generator      with
Hardware Co. Lid
awrence Hardware
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head otfico   Torcnto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      - $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed -          5,575,000.00
Capital Paid Up 5 330,000.00
Reserve        ... -       5,5ou,j00.00
Branches nr Agents at all principal points iifCuinulu.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—-Seat tie National Bank, Sim Francisco—Welln Fargo Nevada National Hunk. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of uepotit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revolstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
p. &ums & Company. £td.
Ladies' Dress Skirts
A   Shipment just arrived from the East.
Also I.ailics' While Dresses.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
Buy Groceries at Mclntyre s
Maple 8yr,up, Eastern, in l»ulk, per quart jar  	
Purofor hoi cakes or puddings, etc., per packet
White Means, small, clear, per lb..
English Plum Pudding, per 1  II). tin
Orders delivered in all parts ol' City.   Phone 93
John Mclntyre Sr Son
I'b.ne of 150 k.w. was installed on the
same shaft to carry the power load.
This plant was bought by tho city
in 19-93.
On account of severe frazil
slush ice conditions peculiar to
turbulent mountain stream, it
decided about five years ago, to install an auxiliary gas producer plant
with a 1*25 h.p. engine, belt connected to the same shaft as the turbine.
The turbine shaft operated at a
speed of 275 revolutions, and the
engine at 175.
In the winter slush ice would sometimes block the lllecillewaet for a
distance of three miles to its junct -
■ ion with thc Columbia and back
into the tailrace, which was connected with thc river channel, and
about eight feet above low water.
I Tae discharge of the river has a very
large variation (as far as has been
determined to date being estimated
as high as forty to one). Owing
to land slides and avalanches it is
estimated that the discharge has
been as high as twelve thousand cubic feet per second for a short time,
while its low water flow is estimated
to be as low as three hundred. The
main line of the Canadian Pacific
Railway is built in tbe north wall of
the canyon overlooking the old dam
and flume, and any proposed development had to keep ihe water level at
Hood at a safe distance below the
rnils. Thc scour of water over the
old dam had eaten away a large portion of the schistose rock below thc
dam, undermining the timber apron
and carrying away timber crib sup -
ports and protection for the flume
immediately below tho dam.
In November, 1009, it was decided
to construct a new permanent dam
at a Point about two hundred
below thc old one on a reef in
bottom of the river extending
tween an overhanging canyon
on the south and a solid rock point
on the north side of the canyon. It
was decided to build this dam to o
height siiflliient to create as large a
pool as possible above for handling
the frazil ice; to provide sluices to
maintain a constant head at a safe
distance h'.'low the railway, and to
connect thi. power house and old machinery with a new six-fo0t wooden
pipe line replacing the old flume.
It was later derided to raise enough money at the same time to install a new unit and change Irom a
single phase to a three pbaHc current
for distribution in tbe city, rcmod -
tiling aa fin rs possible, thc distribution system  therein.
The dam is built with large construction sluiceway, blow off for
li,nulling silt and anchor lot close to
the rack bars, with an intak.i at
right angles to thc stream provided
with two sets of rack barB and provision for steam heating of same
in very severe conditions, together
with stoplog sluiceway taking the ice
raked from the rack bars.
The power house layout was designed t,, meet existing conditions,
and allow ot gradual replaceni nt of
old plant without Interfering with
operation. Thc 1910 addition to the
power linise is of brick on concrete
foundation, and thc proposed cx-
tensi'.ns ,,f this t0 take in thc three
.additional units. Penstock No. 1
was built t0 serve units No, 1 and
No. 2, and the Connections wefe so
constructed that the Mow-off nt thc
end of tli |Kiist,,rk eould be movod
when No. i wm installed, and placed
at the end of th,> penstock, while unit N\i* 2 «ill be connected to tho
penstock and No. 1 by 8 ft, plpa ud
Continued on page it.
Rev. J. W. Stevenson, of Keewatin,
Takes Charge of St. John's
Taking as his text "Love Never
Faileth" and elucidating bis subject
by the very commonplace illustration
of the dog listening to his master's
voice in the phonograph, Kev. A. M.
McCoIl, of Arrowhead, preached the
induction sermon last night in St.
John's Presbyterian church, which
officially installed Rev. J. Vi. Stevenson of Keewatin, to the pastorate of
that church.
In  the    23rd     Psalm   Mi.    McColl
pointed out was the familiar note of
the Master's voice.     It supplied      a
working principle in life.     We      can
hear the     Master's voice in it      although the Master himself is not visible to the mortal eye. This familiar
I lone  is  traceable  in  no other    voice
nnd so long as the church,  its    pas-
; tors     and    its  people keep      within
I sound ot that voice they cannot    go
I    Rev. W. C. Calder made a few very
appropriate       remarks  in  addressing
the newly-Inducted     pastor.     He instanced the peculiar conditions    that
. surround     a minister's life in      tbe
j West, and contrasted these with   the
j conditions as they exist in tbe east.
I As a member of the congregation he
j welcomed the pastor to the ministry
j of  Revelstoke  and  assured   him    the
hearty support  of  the   congregation.
Rev. C. N. White, of Field, addressed  the  people  and referred  to      the
strategic  position  in  which       Revelstoke is placed.     Its inland position
geographically  proclaimed  it as    tho
convention city of the interior,   and
being      the pivotal city  its  influence
was greal.     The surrounding     cities
and  towns    would  watch its actions,
an.l be largely Influenced by what it
did  anil   therefore Revelstoko    should
s,e  to  it that she sets nothing    -but
the  best  example  of clean   and   pure
living.     "The     surrounding      cities
would     be largely as Revelstoke is,"
Mr.  White remarked.
The new minister of St. John'a
church comes very highly recommend
ed as a live, alert anl progressive
pastor. He will occupy the pulpit
tomorrow at both services.
Spark from Pipe Drops Into
Detonating Caps
Nelson, I). ('. March 2*4.— While
looking over a box of detonators in
his bedroom a spark from tho pipe
in his mouth exploded tho box, and
J. HewinH, a prosperous ranoher ot
Arrow Peak, on Arrow lakes, was
l>l"v n into the dining room, horribly
mangled, and died instantly . He
ni me directly from Hcglna, where a
Bister still lives. The ro0m in which
the explosion occurred was badly
burned. His wife nml tour children
were in thc house, but escaped injury.    The funeral will be at Nakusp
Mr. A. 0, Voder of Nakusp, rcpre-
Benting I.imlley Bros., of Hpoknne,
was in the city yesterday. Mr. Yod-
er's Arm Is said lo lie the largest
I'Mmi'iiTs of telephone poles In Cana-
ibi nml this year hns the contract for
supplying the Alberta government
with *lii,wo poles.
New Business Being Light-Old
Questions Are Dealt With and
Wiped Off Siate
Last night wns hoiiscclenning night
at thc civic board. During thc past
year or so a number of barnacles bail
collected about the civic ship and
tho council decided, since little new
business was in sight to get. to work
and scrape these oil. Kor years and
years Frank Merino had been asking
the city council to reimburse him for
certain damages done to bis land
on the lllecillewaet, and each year
the amount was getcing bigger and
bigger. One year it was $5*01) he
wanted, the next $750 and now the
council considers that $%''!) will be
the high water mark with them.
"Something should be oflered him"
suggested   Alderman   Abrahamson.
"Well, we have an agreement with
him giving us thc right of ingress
egress and regress to bis land for
ever aird ever," explained Clerk B.A.
This wns something new to the
council, and changed the whole situation. Aid. Abrahamson was curious and wanted to sec this elucidating document. Accordingly it was
dug out of thc big safe and sure
enough everything as tbc clerk had
said was there. That of course settled thc discussion and tbe fire, water and light committee will have a
heart to heart talk with Mr. Merino
over the matter.
0. B. Gillan's account for legal
work last year was anotlnr barnacle
that was eventually scraped from
the civic ship last night. This account of some $35 was contracted
last year during the absence of city
solicitor Briggs. Mayor Hamilton
explained that it was Mr. Brigg's affair, he had made the arrangements
with Mr, Gillan and the council paid
Mr. Briggs his retaining fee. Mr.
Briggs, he said, had tendered him
his personal cheijuc to settle the account but Mr. Gillan would not take
it. Alderman Sibbald would move
that the council pay the amount with
the suggestion tbat it was thc easiest and cheapest way out of the affair. Alderman Barber objected on
the ground that Mr. Briggs had employed him, while Alderman Abra-
hamson's opinion was that if the
money was coming to Mr. Gillan
from the city thc city should pay
him, however, he did not see that
the city had any right to meddle in
lhe affair.
It was finally moved by Aid. Sibbald, seconded by Alderman Barber,
that the amount  be paid.—Carried.
Are we going to pay anything on
Mr. Newman's progress estimate for
February?     Asked  Mayor  Hamilton.
Aid. Sibbald—There may be teas -
ons why this should bc paid, but I
don't know them.
Alderman Abrahamson—I see no
reason why we should hold the money. It is coming to Newman and
should  be  paid.
Mayor Hamilton -I think it would
bc better to pay him $151)0 on account wiihout prejudice pending final
settlement. Wc must have receipts that all accounts arc paid by
Mr. Newman before final settlement
can bc made, and wo can't get these
until  ihis progress estimate is    paid.
Aid. Sibbald—So long aB wo aro
not Compromising ourselves I have
no objection to this, but I think wc
might as well pay it all as part ol
Moved by Alderman Sibbald that
$1.11)0 bc paid to Wm. Newman and
Co. ou account of progress csiimatc
without prejudice.
Mr. Newmun wrote the council
making an assignment of Ins pro -
gress account of February t,, Mr.
MoClatteghan of the Imperial Bank,
iiiiii llie clerk was notified to acknowledge the receipt of the letter.
A report on tho water mains of
the city from    Superintendent Scott
wus  referred  to tho File,  Wator    and
Light committee.
Harvey, MoOarter and Pinkham ou
behalf of  Julius  Cnshnto's  claim for
remuneration    for use of his   pump
nnd damages to same, wrote the
council, and thc city clerk was instructed to reply to same referring
tlio la* lirm to Its motion of a recent date and notifying tho lnwyors
that the city is prepared to stand by
Wm. Briggs made application for
an increase in his retaining fee ow -
ing to the large increase in tho wGrk
of tho city, His present fee Is $50O
a yonr. The mntter was referrod to
thc bnauco committee (or a report.
Itcv. Mr. Procunler complained to
the council that he had no road from
the city to his land on tho outskirts of the city, asking that some
provision be mads for this. The matter was referred to Alderman Abra-
A carload of Sherwin-Williams Paints just put into
slock. This includes everything in the painting line for
outside or inside work.    Stains, Varnishes, Enamels, etc.
Good p.tini costs little if any more than poor paint.
We carry the best thai is made, therefore be sure that your
Paint comes front our Store.
A full assortment of Alabastine, Furniture Polishes,
Paint Brushes, Step Ladders and everything necessary for
I louse-cleaning' time.
Bourne Bros.
-   Groceries,  Hardware, Stoves, Plumbing m
G ,-   J3
Fresh Fish Arriving Daily
Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Smelts,
Codlings, Whitefish, Finnan
Haddie, Pickled Mackerel, Lock-
iver Herring, Pickled Herring,
Fresh Olympia and Coast Sealed
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251 P. O. Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O.  Box 208
Phone No. 23
Lots in^City of Vancouver
= 2
Civic Fathers Decide to Put Up
Names at Street Corners
Street signs—(rom HOO'a worth to
♦ 150's worth—will be put uii to Rev-
elstoke tins summer. Every one <-■(
the Imir civic luminaries who were
present at last night's council meeting, when the matter was brought to
their notice by a communication
Irom n firm dealing in sii;ns anil
uumbei.-. suild'nly came to the conclusion that "this here city" is getting too big to Uo without them any
longer. livery street aud avenue
will hftvu a regular citj tfigu   ou it
in f tit nro and the jas who somehow
loses his sense nt direction, will bo
rthlo Iii nnd out Juat where ho Is at.
"Its nn excellent idea" Baid Aider -
man Blbbald, "to get these sign*
up"; "a most necessary thin**.-," salt
AMerman Abiaham-on"; "a very line
thini; to do nnd I am very much in
favor ol it," commented Mayor
'Hamilton. while Alderman Barber
! acquiesced in the view taken by each
ol the other civic lathers. All being
lot one accord. Alderman Ahraham-
< eon move-d and Alderman Barber seconded, tbat the Public Works Commit tn be instructed tn get theso
signs nnl put them up. So tbat tn
future the excuse of not know-iH£
Where he was at, will earrj no
»olght with it when tho jag appears
betore Magistrate t'-Q&tt next Uaj. SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 1911.
&dc riDatl-lbevalb
iiitcviot ipuuiidDiiig tioinpans,
Aln KtU'lolMi ttAThiti.
Legal    UuUCOd lu  Leuus  pel"  nuc Uibi
insertion,   o ceuis pel   nuo       c'U^u
DUUtotiliUeUt     Uioe-i L.ou. .uciouio-
uieuu •Mjuea. .cl {li lines m»»"
ouo wen. J atom auu gcueiai
uuamess uunouuceuieui.o (i.uii pei
iiitu pur luoiuu.     fi'ewriau  pooi
UOUa,        ^o        pel'   CeUt.   UUUiUoliui.
ii.ri.us, marriages aud ui*a.u&, uu.
eacu insertion.
j.»LU i.UiUi:a *,.*jU. All advertise
u,tuib SUUJeCt io tiie applOVttl o.
tue iuunugewe.il. iiuamu an*,
couueu&eu AUVertl&euieUta '. —
,*.„**.uu, nanted, neip nauteu, &.*.
uul.ous wauu»l, OHUtttiuUS »u
euui, i'eacnere wanted, .uei.uuu.ca
,.a„U'.i, -o worus or less, Hot.,
eacn ujuitiuuui Iimi i-J cents.
•LUau^eo iu bianuiug auvertioe
menu must ue iu uy J u. m.
Tuesday ana 1-riUuy ol eacu Wee*
lo   a-ecie   gueid   ttlSpiay.
CURR-ita-fUNDCMH invited ou mac
tela ui puouc interest. Communications to hditor must be
accompanied uy name of wrltei
not necessarily fur publication,
uut us evidence ol goou laau.
Loirespuudenc.e  should   be  briei.
including  postage  to  Engluuu,   Uuit-
ed btate.- aud Cuaudu.
By the year (through postoilicej i'i.bn
JuB HUNTING promptly cxecuteu
at reasonable rates.
TEUMS—Casu. Suuscnptious payable in advauee.
tioe ADaillDeraU)
BATURDAY,   MARCH  26,   1911,
Monday will he voting day ou the
two bylaws to ra.se num.■>'—the one
lor the completion of the power plant
and the other to purchase road machinery. The council, the merchants and the citizens generally,
want them both passed and pa Bed
by large majorities. The sum ot
(50,000 ior the completion ol the
power plant is a legitimate debt and
however badly the people (eel about
the aggravat.ng delays In tb: completion ol the plant and tbe mismanagement in Connection with the
same, it would do no good Ur refuse
tbe money at this time to wipe the
debt ofl the municipal slate. Somehow, sometime and somewhere the
debts in connection With the plant
must be paid, and must bc paid by
the citizens. So why not now as
well as any other time? There is
no use letting tbe matter drni: along
and the unpaid balances draw in-
terest; there is no use forcing the
council to take lunds Irom other ac-'
counts to meet these debts, and
there is no use forcing them to seek
Bpecial legislation — which will cost
the citizens still more money—in order to pay ofl these debtt. Th.' best
thing by all means to do is tL. vote
the money and clean the whole matter up, Tbe voting ot the money
does n t necessarily mean Paying lor
the work before it is louud satisfactory. It simply places the money in
tbe hands of the council to pay oil
thc accounts wh n tbe work is certified satisfactory by the engineers,
and so found by the council tbem-
selves.     Vote for the bylaws.
For 30 Days Only
5-Stoomed House
$1,250  CASH
7-Roomed House *$
stile toi
#2,100   CASH
wiih Bathroom Complete find
Imniwtit', centrally located on
l-'iisi Street for
y   Located   c
modern plumi
i   First
ting, for
l yon
nay help yon
looking toi
of thesep
ill   ami
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
"It     IS    |1
tact   that
minus       I
the down i
matter   ol     absolute
the    moral suite    ol
havo   observed   on
,wn streets ol Toron
to, lute uny even tig, is worse
than anything 1 have seen In
any other city excepting uily
And so far us we are aware, no
one in Toronto bus disputed this appalling statement.
The women of Montreal aro hostile
because prospective wives for Western
men are being encouraged to come
Irom England und Ireland. They
wish ii to he distinctly understood
that they consider the whole busi -
ness an insult to the womanhood of
Canada. Far be it from the West
to insult thc womanhood of this fair
Dominion. The West bus again been
misrepresented. This glorious West
adores glorious Canadian Woman-;
hood. It. cannot get enough of her
and would do anyth.ng lor her. It
will take her to Uncle Tom's Cabin ■
the next time the show comes to
town and will send her a pair of real
beaded mocassins tor Christmas.
Mere's uto Canadian womanhood.
We'll he true iu her to the lust and
any little favor she enn show in the
way of reciprocity will bo gratefully
accepted. We only want those old
country twirls for sclio,,! inarms anyway—that's all. ll th y happen to
become Canadianlzed in ihe course
of a few duys or years, we can't
help it.
(.n the occasion of the coronation
ot the Queen it is proposed that the
Mary's of the Uritish Empire shall
offer a l-'i'1 to Her Majesty, and as
it is Intended to give all those whp
wish to so an opportunity to Join,
the donations will be limited from
5c to $5. A list ot all the contributors will be kept and forwarded to
Her Majesty bul not the amount given by each, and the gift will he limited tn tbose who bear the name of
•Mary, Mny, Mann. Marian or Mar
Ion, and Marie, Contributions must
not be sent direct lo Her Majesty.
hut to Mrs. raters*.n. hi n irary vice-
president of the Daughters of Empire, lor the province of Briti h Columbia, a1 Governmenl house, Victor-
la,      Letters should have     Q.M.C G
the outside,  nnd  no  conl
can be acknowledged unless ,i stamped innl addressed envelope
All contribution.- iin:.-t   be Bent   .
April Ki.
Merely   Mary   \iins al
Soldiers Were Employed as Detectives and One Played the
Hero's Part
In Vtterbo,  Italy, one of the most
sensational   trials ol modern times is
now under way. Somo thirty-six men
are on trial  for a hundred  crimes,     of
which the charge of having murdered
Genoro Cuoccolo and his wife Maria,
is the chief.   The prisoners nre     all
members of   the   Camorra, and    the
trial  is simply  a  desperate effort on
the part of the government of Italy
to    break up this    notorious    secret
It is understood that  King Victor
i'linmuinel is really responsible for
j the action of the authorities. Por
i iiiiiny years he has regarded the cx-
'. Istence of the Camorra ns a blot on
the  Italian nation, and when it was
brought to  his attention    that    the
brigands     were  tiuarreling      among
themselves,  be  nud  Signor Fani,  the
minister of justice, seized  the opportunity to declare war upon the      organization.
It was the murder of the Cuoccoloa
that gave  the authorities their due.     0n  Monday  and Tuesday evm'ngs,
The man had been known t0 them as  the  annual convention  of  the  Nicola
lei-ins with a number
criminals  whom he sUBpectod  to    be
, inn ol them, a young coachman,
named Abbatemagglo becamo his par
■ liciil,ir friend, but ninny inoiulis el-
lapsed before lh.* coachman trusted
his new friend enough to give him
any iufiu'iiintiaii about the Camorra.
A i length he admitted that he was a
member ol it, and he agreed to help
I'ltpizzutti   to  Join   the  society.
Finally, the detective was admitted to the ranks of the bnnd, ti ii. I
was entrusted wiih some petty
crimes, the proceeds of which he was
forced to surrender to bis superiors
in the society. lie was not able to
penetrate far Into the secrets of the
Camorra, but by rlvettlng his friendship with Alilinteni.iKiio, by the
loan of some money,
good insight into
personality of the Neapolitan band,
When the proper moment came and
tbo yoi.n*; coachman had sufficiently
Implicated himself, the officer reveal*
ed his identity. He gave Abbato-
magglo the alternative ol going to
prison for life or contlnuo to act   as
informer. The young fellow i ll se.
the latter coins*. and now shares
wnb I'ui'izziitii ibe honor of exposing the band ol murderers. He prevailed on Beveral other Camorrtsts
to make confession, setting the example hlmeel'f by a blood-curding
nn native.
Cuoccolo und his wife were murdered because be had been a traitor to
the Camorra, and because she would
have been able to guess at the identity of her husband's murderers had
she hern permitted to live, Cuoccolo
was at once a traitor mil n tyrant,
nnd ns a member ol the Camorra
sought to become its leader.
Tbe real chief, Enrico Allan i, who
is now on trial, decreed that the insurgent should die, Hall a dozen bandits were thereupon despatched to
murder him, and afterwards to sil -
ence his wife. A dimmr was then held
in honor of the occasion, and the
chief of the Camorra drank to the
health of the murderers on their return. Had it nol been for tha determination un I mcrgy nt the Indian government in tgnorln ; (hi Neapolitan police while investigating
tbe case the health ol the assassins
would be in little danger at this
monii nt.
of       CARLSON'S MIl.K  is  PURE.
We, the undersigned, have fed
babies with Carlson s  milk Irom
WeBt Und Dairy,  and  lind  it to
good  pure milk and suitable for
i Mrs. ii. M. Reynolds, Mrs. it. Gibbons, Mrs. II. M, Calder, Mrs. 1''.
Itoussell, Mrs. J. II. McSale, Mrs.
A. Hedsti'lim, Mrs. H. Laughton, Mrs
T. Steed, Mrs. W. A. McDonnsll.Mrs,
A. P. Levosuue, Mrs. d. I'. Fordo,
Mrs. A. tl. lilacs, Mrs. tl. Ur0ck,MrH.
T. Kilpatrick, live years a customer; Mrs. R, tirilllt.il, Mrs.
R,  Trimble,      Mrs.  A.    T.    Anthony,
[Mrs. J. M. NicolBon, Mrs. W. A.
Boyd,  Mrs.   .1. Morgan,   Mrs.    II.    M.
iRae, Mrs. .1. Henderson, Mrs. ll. p,
be gut a  pretty j dimming, Mrs.  A.  I'l.  Kincaid,    Mrs.
tho character mid   W'  A'  Foote,     Mrs.  A.  ,1. Oolllson,
Mrs.  Briggs, Mis. F. Olnnder,    Mrs.
w. ii. Sutherland, Mrs. Olllte,   Mrs.
.1. Manley.
ot interest, and the signature to the
Interest coupons may be either writ-
tin, printed, stamped or lithographed
I. The said debentures shall bear
interest at tbc rate of live per cent,
per  annum   from  date   thereof   whicli
assessed owners ot at least one-tenth
in value ot tho real property within
iho City of Kevelstoke as Bhowu on
the last revised Assessment Roll of
the said City requesting that a bylaw be introduced for tne purpose of
interest shall be paid semi-annually authorising the borrowing by tbB
nt the otliee at The Molsons bank at said Corporation of tbo sume of Nine
Itevelstoke aforesaid in lawful money I thousand    ilf'.I.IMKl.OO)  Dollars tor  tho
Corporation of tlio City of
BY-LAW  No..
By-law to enable lhc Corporation
of tiie City uf Itevelstoke to raise
b.v way of loan the sum of
$•30,0011.IHI to complete the work
of improving and enlarging the
capacity of the Electric Light and   such  purpose and
ot Canada on    the day
of and on  the day
of respectively in each
and every year during the currency
thereof and it shall he expressed in
said debentures and coupons to be
so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of tbe said Corporation lo negotiate
and sell the said debentures or any
ot them for less than par, but in no
ease shall the said debentures or any
of them be sold lor less than ninety-
two and one-halt per centum (92J)ol
the face value including the cost of
sale and brokerage and all other
necessary expenses.
II. for the payment ol the said
debt there shall be set aside and
withdrawn each year during tbo currency of said debentures from the annual current revenue ot the Municipality as derived from the said water
und electric light rates and charges
tbo sum erf $143.80 nnd such sum
shall be transferred from the annual
current revenue account and be paid
into a special account to 'form a
sinking [und for the purpose mentioned herein.
7. Kor the purpose of paying thc
interest upon the said debentures as
same becomes due and payable there
shall be set aside and withdrawn
each year during the currency of suid
debentures from the annual current
revenue ol the Municipality as derived trom said water antl electric
light rates and charges the sum ot
$2,5CO.OO which sum shall be transferred from the annual account lor
to  be  disbursed  ns
Sunday School Work
a bold and     cunning criminal,     an.l district ot the  B.  0,
they felt  morally certain that he was Association  Was held
a leader of the Camorra. More than (i,st  and  Presbyterian  churches    I  n
one  he  hud  served   the   interests    of Merritt.    A   large  numlier  of   promin-
justtee by  denouncing criminals      to ent  workers from various pons    in
Tower Plant ot the City and    to
provide  in connection      therewith
the     cost    of lnstalling an additional  pipe line.
Whereas the sums of money    heretofore raised for    the     Improvement
und enlargement of the electric light.
and power system of lh-' City      have
been found to be insufficient to make
nnl complete the Improvements    and
additions thereto and  in order      to
complete the     Works and to provide
for an additional pipe line it will be
necessary    to    borrow   the    sum    ot
$5C',0C0.tK)||     which   sum    the Council
proposes to raise by the issue of debentures secured  upon  the  rates  and
tlie vnlley, as well as from outside
points, assembled here for the oc-
The convention commenced nt 8
o'clock mi Monday even ng with
prayers mil  devotions.      Mrs.      Dr.
Sunday  School   charges which are chargeable and en-
in  the  Metho -   forceablc for the use ot water      and
electric light under the  "Water    and
Electric     Light     Regulation By-law
TJOil" and the Municipal Clauses Act.
And Whereas the estimated amount
of the said rates and charges chargeable  aud  enforceable  for  the      year
in  which  this  by-law  is  passed       is
And  Whereas  there  is now charged
Uev.  i'..  M.  Brew i
Toronto Globe suggest ng th.*
drinkers be licensed on
nonrnal  fee.        \
The senate of Canada has killed
thc bill for the fortnightly payment
I*! railway employees. It seems to
he tbe misfortune ot the senate that
whenever  it rva--   I .-.:--    It
becomes   detrimental.      It   bas     li ng   ,,
been  recognized  that  th*;       monthly
payment     of     workmen Is wrong In
:       I In effect,     In fact,
it U embeddi tnmon     law
tbat a man en.
and enl roe bl    h mand at  the   end
Ot each  •„:. I  evei y   lay  >*i
B II ii*. i : .    :        ' In?
regulated i to, i    ■ neral
r.t.l.ty   it .-   !. iwevi . • led   by
■ ■".• body that ti ■•: ..,i
li-et »•-■ I It
tends lo  extra ■ nun
.-j is reed ■ ta nm
• .- n.-
loan      «.tb*  it t to • i:.
' the mau'- labor.
The      '• * •'   ti   in ■ .
for abi   !;." Bg  thi   ;nr.ud  .n  tin
<*.' railroad     men are overwhelmln
hut  tb"  senate tfc Ihem  not
tfont  tad jn t and
The "Stork   M.'   r" of A
wants to pay ,*,   **
Plumb crazy.      When • '
having  to otter bribes  •
the police, and perhaps tbey felt
some obligation to run his ass:is.-.ins
to earth when, ono dny, his deal
body was found ;n a lonely street
covered with wounds.
When   messengers   were     sent     to
break the n ws to his wile they dis-   McKay, superintendent  of elementary  „n thc said rates and charges
covered     that  shs   I  o    had      been   Sunday school    work  in    Vancouver,   sum of $4,cso.22:
done     to death  :n tb' ni_dit.       Tbe  discussing  the latest   and  best meth-j    And Whereas the debt hereby creat-
murder vei ■   indicat    "Is    of     conduct ng   Sunday school   ed is   on    the     security of the said
ed a crime and upon that  work with children.     For     purposes   water and electric light rates      and
assumption      'h I track! itratlon she showed how „ les-  charges and is further guaranteed by
down  the sle ■*   At the  son should be taught    In order     to  the Municipality at large.
Insure  the    proper    appreciation    of      _\n(i     whereas   tor the payment ot
band y pupils.     On Tuesday ev-   ti1L, „aj(i principal money and interest
(earing, not it reason,       ng Ret    1.  W. Williamson, general  during the currency of the said   de-
I  ihe B. C.  Sunday school   bentures it is necessary  to sot aside
dealt  with  the       theme   am[    withdraw  from thc  annual cur-
Thi.i   rei ay Bchi ol a man's job."
i.   M, R. NOTBS.
Irum th'  prop-
•      *   inpnny. are required In
all at once.      Any   person
am,-  caa turn  articles      in
I  the earth.
The I;, yg'  Brigade will drill in the
I  in future.
the 31 the Sergeants
,-i,;   refreshments after
iblj   op-
bavmg move I
■ .1 Ih.
i      re-
iijmn Ins
Ikanagan   Vs
rent revenue derived from said water |
and  electric  light  rates  and  charges '
annually the    sum of $2,944.30;    the
specific annual sum required tor tho
payment of   interest being   $2,500.Oft,
and  for  the     payment     of the debt
And  Whereas  the  estimated defici - I
ency in said rates and charges      required to make up the amount of the i
annual interest and sinking fund up-1
on the debt hereby created is nil.
Now Therefore the Municipal Council of the Corporation ol the City
of Kevelstoke in open meeting assembled enacts as follows:
1.    It shall  be lnwtul for thc Mayor
of  the  Corporation of  the City      of
Kevelstoke lur the purposes and with   Office,
the object, aforesaid to borrow on the   Street
and when the Instalments of interest
become due.
8*. During the currency of said debentures the said rates and charges
to the oztcnt aforesaid shall not form
part of the annual revenue of the
Municipality. •
'J. It shall be lawful for the Municipal Council of the snkt Corporation
to repurchase any of the said debentures upon such terms as may
be agreed upon with the legal holder
or holders thereof, either at thc
time of sale or at any subsequent
time, nnd all debentures so repurchased shall be forthwith cancelled or
destroyed and no reissue ot debentures shall be made in consequence of
such repurchase.
1-0. As additional security the credit of the Municipality ut large is
hereby pledged for ihe payment of
the annual Intorest and sinking (und
required for the extinguishment of
the debt created by this by-law and
the Municipality hereby guarantees
payment of the same.
11. This by-law shall come into
force and take eflect on the day after
the linul passing nnd adoption thereof by the Council.
12. This by-law shall before the
linal passing thereof receive the assent of the ratepayers ot the Contortion according to the provisions of
nnd in the manner prescribed by the
Municipal Clauses Act.
13. This by-law may be cited lor
all purposes as the "Water and Electric Light Kates Loan By-law No	
l'Jll." ...
Read a drst time the llth day of
March, 1911.
Read a second time the Hth day of
March, 1911.
Read a third time the 14th day ol
March, 1911, and passed with tho
unanimous consent ot the Council.
Received thc assent of tbe electors
the  day of   1911.
Reconsidered,   adopted    and finally
passed thc Council the  day of
City Clerk Mayor.
Take notice that  the above   Is      a
true copy of the proposed by-law upon whieh the vote of thc Municipality
will     bo   taken at the   City Clerk's
City   Hall,     corner   Second
and   McKenzie   Avenue,  Revel-
Report lhat C.P.R. Summer Time
Table Includes Many Changes
Winnipeg    Man h 27.—
card   of   ii.e   C.P.R.,   »hli I.    Vlll
fleet   nil   April   I."..     will     i.
■h" nei i* addtn • of I
No,  1  and J  'n't i»een M n .
In reliable quarters, it. li
trnm  No.   21 nml  No.  26,  the T. i
t,, Winnipeg express,  will  run tin
to tii ■ nm ii and will ue   strict!
!  .    Irst-cla     t: mi.  '*m i .ni - onl,
Sixfy Years the Standard
workeis     themselves   approve      tin*
chanL'.    ibi   house ol commons      has
ed it. tio economist but .would
admit ■ i* abllitj, jrel here Is fl
body *•; ti, !, who awaken from their
lethatgy to defeat the bill.
When the negregatlod Issue waa be
fore the people *,: Winnipeg at the
last municipal election, Toronto wns
quoted aa • ne city which showed
that no segregated district was ner-
•ewaiy.—a city which refused to Boun
tenance such a *i -nlet and whieh
bad beneRtte i by so doing. Bul Mr.
II. W, lusman pre n nt of thc
Young Men's As Delation "f that city
in a public  nddicas recently snid.
nnl and tminst sleepers,    and     will
have all the luxuries of tli ■ I
California trains,   which include library,     barber   ihop and   bathi
Thei" .mii also is* compartment
How tin* pns.m n/i'is ..n this :
who do Di t ink,* ulcepera will be tak
en care ol  *    nol   known.      Last, year
tbere wai i on Idi rahle talk of n
second train between Tnn-mto and
Branches of the Imperial Hank ol
Canada have boon opened at Porcupine and South Porcupine, Ontario,]
in bt the management ol W, Bodrke,
formerly ol Oowgandn and cobalt
luauches. t>
Baking Powder
A straight, honest, Cream of Tartar
Baking Powder. Made from Grapes.
Makes better, more healthful food.
Sold without deception.
"Alam In food mesl therefore net as a poison."
—Prof. Jo-Won, Yale Utthntltf.
Read the label.
Buy no  baking powder unlearn
the label shown It to ba made
from Cream of Tartar.
credit   and  security of th,
and charges by     way of
said rates ! stoke, B.  ('., on Monday, March 27th
debentures ' 1911,  between  the hours ol 9' o'clock
hereinafter mentioned from any per
ii   pei on .  nnil.  body or     bodies
corporate, who may be willing     to
nn* the same ni a  loan, a   sum
exceeding in the whole
; Kiiy thousand Dollars ami
to cause nil such sums ralHod or re-
i  to  i"   i nui  Into  the hands    ut
tin  Treasure!  ol thi   Corporation of
tin* i ny ot Revelstoke,
2     It shall  be  lawful  lor  the    said
to ea      a'iy numbei ,,r     de
o in* mude, oxecuted     and
I   fol   llich   i*iiii   01      inns   us   limy
be required Ioi  tbe pui poses and ob
nui,   imi   exceeding,   bow
*  ii. iin* sum ol Fifty thousand Dol
Bu ii debentures slmll be   ol
the denom nal Ion ol     < Ine   thousand
Dollars each and nil ol smh   deben
hall be jealod with tbe seal oi
' In* I n, |,i,tilt Ion of llie City ill ltcv-
.•iitnki   at, !     IgnOd  by   ibe  .Mayor all I
I    :.*! «     1 lll'l I of
.;   The - i   debentures shall bear
tbe date ol tbe day herelnaltei named
Ioi the tiikinu i'lll'* t ol "us by-law
nnd shall be payable in Kitty yenre
trom   llle  nnld   dale   in   lawful   niotiiy
of Canada nt the office ol The Mol-
ii     Hunk   nl      Uevelstoke  aforesaid,
h im ii snul place oi paymenl      hall
be designated by the said debi ntun
mil tbe debentures shall have attached lo them coupous lot tbc payment
and 7 o'clock p.m.
linilCE A. LAWSON,
Clerk ol thc Municipality.
Co' jioration of tho City of
BY I.A\.   No	
$9,1 I0.M     FOH '   STREET
purposes above mentioned:
And Whereas the whole amount of
the ratable property within the aaid
City of Kevelstoke according to tbo
last revised Assessment Roll is tbe
sum of ?l,S85,8'2ti.dO:
And Whereas it will be necessary to
raise annually by special rate sufficient therefore tho sum of $!KM.84 for
paying the said debt and interest
Now Therotore tho Municipal Council ot the Corporation of the City of
Kevelstoke In open meeting assembled enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of thc Corporation ot thc City of
Uevelstoko for the purposes and with
lbe object aforesaid to borrow on
the credit of the Municipality by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned
Horn any person, persons, firm, body
or bodies corporate, who may bo
willing to advance the same as a
loun, a sum of money, not exceeding
in tho whole the sum of Nine thousand Dollars, and to cause uli such
sums so raised or received to bo
paid into thc liaiidn ot tbe Treasurer
ot the Corporation of tbc City ot
2. It shall bo lawful for thc Mayor
of the said Corporation of tho City
ot Kevelstoke to cause any number
of debentures to bo made, executed
and issued for such sum or sums as
may be required for the purpoaes and
object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of Nina thousand Dollars. Huch debentures shall bo of
the denomination of Unu thousand
Dollars each and all ot such debentures shull be sealed with tho seal
of the Corporation of tbe City of
RevelBtoke and signed by tbo Muyor
and Clerk thereof.
ii. The suid debentures shall bear
the date ol the day hereinafter named tor the tuning eilect of tbis bylaw and shall bc payable in Pifteeu
yours from the suid date in lawful
money ot Canada ut the ollice of the
Molsons Ba'nk at Kevelstoke aforesaid, which said place ot payment
shall be designated by the said debentures, and tbe debentures shall
have attached to them coupons for
the payment of interest, aud the
signature to lbe interest coupons
may be either written, printed,
stamped or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of live per cent,
tier annum from the uute thereof,
which interest shall be paid semiannually at thc office ot The Molsons
Bank at Kevelstoke uforcsaid iu lawful money of Canada on the
day ot and on the day
of respectively in each
and every year during the currency
thereof and it shall bc expressed in
said debentures and coupons to be so
5. It shall be lawful tor the Mayor
of the said Corporation to negotiate
and sell the said debentures or any
of them for less than par, but In no
case shnll the said debentures or any
of them be sold for less than ninety-
two and one-half per centum tt)21) of
the face value including the cost of
sale and brokerage aud all other
uecessary expenses.
G. There shall be levied and raised
in each year during the currency of
said debentures the sum of Four hundred and lifty ($450.TO; Dollars Ior
the payment of interest and Four
hundred and Kighty-thrco and Eighty
four one hundredths ($483.84) Dollars
for the payment of thc said debt under tbe said debentures by a special
rate sufficient therefor on all the
ratable real property in tho said
7. It shall bo lawful lor thc Municipal Council of the said Corporation
to repurchase any ot the said do-
bentures upon such terms us may be
agreed upon with thc legal holder or
holders thereof, and all debentures bo
repurchased shall bc lorthwith cancelled or destroyed and no reissue of
debenture.-, shall be made in consequence of such repurchase.
8. This by-law shall como into
torce aud take alfoct on the day after
tho tiuul passing and adoption thereof by the Council.
9. This by-law shall belore the dual passing thereof receive the usscnt
of the ratepayers of the Corporation
according to the provisions of and ln
the manner prescribed by the Municipal Clauses Act.
Read a first time tho 14th day ot
March, 1911.
Road a second time the l lib day of
March, l'Jll.
Rend a third time the llth (lay of
March, 1911, and passed with the
unanimous consent ol tbo Council.
Received the assent ol the electors
the day ol 1911.
Reconsidered, adopted and linally
passed the Council the dBy
1 of 1911.
City Clerk. Mayor.
Take notice that the above iu a
true copy of the proposed By-law,
upon which the vote of the Municipality will be taken at the City
Clerk's Office, City Hall, corner Second Street and McKenzie Avenue,
Revelstoke, B. 0,, on Monday, March
27th, 1911,    between   the hours ol 9
Whereas It Is deemed expedient
that tl street! ot the City be improved ., id tor the carrying out of
such Im ■ iiveiiients to purchase necessary   run I making  machinery.
And     Whereas a petition lias been O'clock a.m. and 7 o'rluck p.m.
pn  rated to the Municipal Council of BRUCE A. LAWSON,
thc Clt) ol Revelstoke signed by the Clerk ol tlie Municipality, THE   MAIL-HERALD,    REVELSTOKE
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REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager
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World News W'orlil News World Eews
The machinists ot the Canadian
Pacilic railway have ilemande.l an increase in pay and shorter hours, and
the demands will involve all thc men
along the  western  lines.
W. M.  Kenly,  teller in a hank
Toronto,   committed  suicide.
The Winnipeg building permits for
IUU to date exceed the million
Reginald  Tuppcr  of  Vancouver,   B. \   Tw°  men  perished in a  hotel    Are
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effect a cure if properly used.
We know just what GIN PILLS have
clone for olhera anil will ilo (or you.
We know that GIN PILLS have been
solil in all parts ol Canada lor years and
to-day are tlie most populur and 'ni'..i
effective kidney remedy in tlu world.
We know that GIN I'lUJH will
promptly soothe the irritated nindder,
Relieve congestion of the Kidneys, take
away the soreness in the hack and
through the hips, and complete^ cure
Kidney Trouble and Rheumatism. We
positively guarantee that GIN PILLS
Will da this and we pledge ourselves
to return jour money ihould gin
PILLS not do all that we claim forthem.
Buy GIN PILLS on thia guarantee,
backed by the largest wholesale drug
house in the British Empire.
50c a box—6 for $s.,*5o-nt dealer! or
from us direct. Sample l>ox free on
request. National Drug ami Chemical
Co., Dept W ,    Toronto. ■,*
WANTED-CJirl tor
work. Family of
Mail-Herald Office.
WANTED — Capable Englishwoman
wants position of trust in Revelstoke or neighborhood. Good references.      J.   H.,   Mail-Herald  Ollice.
LOST—Brown Spaniel Puppy, white
chest, white feet, white tip on tail,
answers to name ol "Buster." Any
one harboring this dog after today
will be punished by law.—Cliff Ur-
Uiihart, H. J. Bews.
WANTED—We pay highest prices for
Furniture, Stoves, also men's cast
oil clothing. The Revelstoke Second Hand Store. F22 lm.
WANTED—Live man or woman, for
work at home paying $2.00 or ?3.i)0
per day with opportunity to advance. Spare time can be used.
Work not difficult and requires ro
experience. Winston,        Limited
Spadina, Ave., Toronto.     m.H 5t.
per, was presented with tbe king's
medal to a selected cadet of the
Cruiser  Cornwall.
John Redmond, Irish Nationalist
M. P., in a speech at tllasgow, Scotland, designated the fear of oppression of the Protestant minority as a
gross  insult.
At the Winnipeg spr.ng assizes,
Judge Richards sentenced four ot the
men brought belore him, two of them
getting  the  lush.
A despatch from Vienna says that
Archduke Franz Ferdinand, of Austria is to marry thc daughter of
tho Emperor of Germany.
Oshawa is considering the advisi -
bihty of the penny bank system in
thc schools.
An engineer reports lhat thirty or
forty horse power can bc developed
near Claremont.
J. A. riwan has just completed seven years as governor of the House ot
Refuge ai   Barrio.
roads  11
are only lii miies   of
Ontario,  and of those
J. C. Patterson, a C.N.R
man,  died in the police station
Winnipeg of alcoholism.       He
divorced a year ago.
switch -
miles are in the country ol Brant.
Farmers in Grey county, near
Fieslierton, claim that colonies o£
beaver have become a nuisance.
R. M. l'mcumbe has purchased the
Strathroy Brewing und ...aiting Com
pany's properly en bloc.
men  have  been  arrested
I Capt. William Robinson has been
at ' recommended for the position of
Hamburg 0n espionage charges. 'An ' lighthouse keeper at (Jodench.
Englishman   la  included  in   ibe  num   j ^___
ber. Tae town  council    of    Berlin      in •
creased the pay for their musical
band th.s season by JIuj. The band
will now get JSOO.
Frank Oliver made a      plea
iu u speech at Montreal for the de-
of  Canada along  national
It is reported that two new stories
will be added to the Winnipeg
ion     depot now in process of
F. E. Lafendal, carpenter,
the  Western    Machine and
FOR     RENT-Large Front Bedroom ]""*"*' '"' *»'0W damfl^'
is suing
and Sittingroom, Bathroom on
same floor. Apply Mail-Herald
We vtant eveiyoneto \iam
%t we are paying *
c~4# Interest
perarnium credited mlttf
on savings deposifoljM^
& U|war$ subject to wth-
ftsml bf cheque & *
<^5£ Interest
on time deposits of *
Sfrntad'b & ov?r>
Ve ftivcat money forcliente
in first mortgages&&<>,■>
general iTnatK^ksinesa.
We vratirtflar savin J5 accnl
& if you are nol saving +
lyitcmaticadY', y-. ».*•
Commence Now With Us.
[kposits \rf mail ^^^
+ + + easily "haaJM'-
YJucanMBd by Draff,
Pwt Office * G^press
Orhcr or RcaisterfiT^
Letter k withdrawals
can be made *♦ ♦* *
- * any way you wish.
Ware Rqjoiwible
ReferTtT^*+'■* * -».
or To anyone in*
Write us about it W&y
[Baw.n^ER^ Cd. Ltd.
It is reported that the C.l'.R.
make important changes in its
ronto-Wlnnlpeg service.
The United  States,    England,
many and France will share in a
OIXJ.C-OO loan to China.
The premier of Russia has resigned
following the refusal of the council
uf tbc empire to pass a bill.
Nicholas     Giovanni,     a  Corsican,
j was shot in the Roblin hotel, Winni-
! Peg, and died a few hours later. Gas-
| ton  Moiivuisin  waa  arrested  charged
witb murdering him.
The report  of  the potash  deposit-a
'in  tne     neighboraood   of    Godericb,
1 which caused some excitement a few
weeks ago,  has  not resulted  so    far
1111 any Jennite developments.
I People around Emo report having
been ehase-d by wolves, which have
come into the villages and in farm -
ers' barnyards.
Godericb has passed all interest in
the commercial wharf there over to
tne Dominion L-overnmeut, which will
improve it.
A violent epidemic of "chicken
fever'' promises to sweep over prospective poultry keepers of \Nalkerton
this spring.
A wild fawn wandered into Orillia
thc other day, going along West St.,
then disappeared inio Nathan Culver-
ley's farm.
The Davis Leather Company, Limited, of Newmarket, has been authorized to increase its capital irom -$300-
fM to |7GO,000. *
ballot for a nine or ten hour
day for motormen and conductors of 	
the Winnipeg  Electric  Railway  com- I
pany  taken  0n  Friday, resulted      ju '    A  number  ot    Winnipeg  capitalists
favor of thc former. I purpose spending $l-0,t,(Xi in  the er-
; ection of a large canning aud      pre-
I resident    Taft  and    Sir    Edward ! serving factory in Saraia.
<.iccy appear to  have  established  Bn I
era of peaoe for the world, and the | Tbc U'*D of Leamington has won
president is pleased at the reception 'lht all"cal ca*c against the County
of tbe proposal in England. °'  E6S<;1L  rc  u'e natural gas  supply
tor the county House of Refuge.
During a discussion in the house ol
Ct-mmons     at Ottawa it was agreed      Jubt?i h l'ear<:e- une of ^      oldest
that the homestead regulations    are   ros,J<:Ilu ui Markham,  died in      his
heing t0o strictly enforced. "■"'    )car-     ilr-   I'earce came     to
.Markham  Dearly  suty  years  ago.
A verd!ct of H3.im has been     re-'
wraed against the Standard o.l com ■    Thc braQtf"r,J Kr«-' Library board
pany as the result of the explosion of   is    cons'Jenng    the desirability      of
some    kerosene manufactured by  the   *wl"nS lhc Ubnary open for   a couple
company. ."I hours  every   Sunday altetnooO.
A human skull supposed to be ' Twelve cnrs of ice per day are •bo-
that of Maud Huntou who wus lost lug 6hll'l'ei1 out "•' Mildmay t0 fill
in the wo0ds ncar St. Laurent, Man., ,bc (ira,'a Truuk ice bouses at Strat-
was found near that place. ' ,,ljr^' London, Brautford and Palmer-
The Dominion government has    »- I
No. \, i.nl''"'      6:45 a.m.,  departs
7:06 a.m.
No. 97, arrives  6:65 p.m.. departs,
7:15 p.m.
No. 2, arrives 12:30 midnight.     do-
arts 12:45 midnight.
No. 96, arrives 8:45 a.m., departs,
1:05 a. rn.
South train leaves Revelstoke at i
• * in., arrive* Ksvelatoka 5:25 p.m.
intention ol modifying the reciprocity agreement, and will work t() have
it passed at the present session.
Austen Chamberlain in a speech at
Middlcton lamented the fact that iu
tho reciprocity negotiations thc interest of  England
were overlooked.
Rev. F. 13. Kohold preached at 8t.
Raul's I'nwbyteriun church on the
evangelization of the Hebrews in
Recent purchases oi land in Tort -
age avenue near Vaughun street have
for tbe     Hudson's     Day
been  made
cum puny.
A  Detroit     motominu gave up a
large amount of  blood in order to
Bave  the  life  of  W.  L.  Fanson. of
Alxiinethy,  Sask.
Thc Allan  cup  trustees ndvisc New
Edinburgh book-ay club to wBit   till
next Docemlier io go ta Winnipeg.
The voting in the Free Press reci -
proeity referendum is now live to
one in favor ol tbc agreement.
T. !'.  Q'CoMlor  says  that thc iieai*
proiitwals nt  Sir  Kdwnrd Ur
very popular in England
Tbc G.T.R. has a large gung ol
Italians at present at work on the
section ol the main line at Drant-
ford, replacing the Ml lb. rails with
10U lbs.
Though Acton has sawmills in tbe
town uud vicinity ice packers recently suffered a local famine of saw
dust, and ordered shipments from
T. Frank Wright, principal and
proprietor of St. Catharines Business College, has been elected secretary of the Board ol Trade Council
in that city.
Negotiations are under way by,
which ;.*..' ii will have an inuuenso
factory plant, the buildings ol whicli
will cost fully $260,000, in the very
near future.
A farmer of Otonabee is being su**!
by a l;»i nm'I" Hume girl lor mon
payment of wages and for whipping
and cruel treatment m tbe work given ber.
•Five  men  were
of an  explnsii n
mine In Kansas.
Pathetic detail-
China have  Ix-i'n
killed as  thc  result
'I  black damp in a
of the
famine    in
at       New
The  town  nf  Itnottevclt,
badly   damaged  by  lire,
was lost.
t*nt jeftr KM good sized buildings
were erected in Diinnvllle with a
total  value ol 1130,000.
The inaide «lorm Up with our FUfUa EJff*
(palrntrd} absolutely ptev^nti water frr-M running ,n •' **»* 'fort' (^,,ltf f»vfrbutton*. A »k for
th<' FUh Brand REFLEX and *n <> Vtirr
wranm. Lrttrr finished, belter lookjnjt »l»eker
in every way
Toronlo,  Conadft. 411 SATURDAY,  MARCH
£% %M«%%««««iV«»*M%«%«%%t«t«'»M«««VI
The Revelstoke footballers held an
initial meeting on Wednesday evening last to lay plaus for a season's
work and as a result there will probably be at least one or two loot-
ball teams in this city this summer
to uphold its reputation. The meeting, while not large, was nn enthusiastic one and certain preliminary
arrangemenis were ma le for placing
the Revelstoke Football Association
on a working plane. A secretary
w*ai- appointed to get into communication with all probable players and
enlist their interest and it was arranged ihat a meeting be called for
next Tuesday evening ty formulate n
piau lor tbe season's operation. The
breed of lu»tball which will be play-
ed Will be the association variety,
a:;J 'he large number of new recruits
made up ol newcomers and old tim-
ers here, will ensure a lively interest
in the game this season. Everybody
who has the slightest interest in
chasing thc pig skin is urged to turn
out on Tuesday evening and give
the game a boost. Kevelstoke
wants all the sport ii can possibly
secure (or the coming summer mouths, and football must be included in
the list. Let there be a big turnout
on Tuesday evening.
Tiie match pool game between F.
Yojng and Wolverton on Wednesday
night, was witnessed by a large
crowd, McKinnon's pool room lieing taxed to its capacity to accom -
modate the spectators. The game resulted in a win lot' Young by seventy points. Saturday morn.ng entries will open for the gold medal
billiard tournament at McKinnon's.
Come around and get your name in.
Games  will start next week.
I into force, nnd loud erics ol lamentation resulted.      while the ball soem
led  to  travel nicely   when  lirst smit* -
| ten, it lost its shape In most ania/-
icaling fashion. This was only logical. To prove it just take a chunk
of rubber uud a chunk ot cork. Then
wallop each chunk with equal cruelty. Thc rubier will return to thu
original shape with tireless good humor, but Uu' e irk will soon liatton
out and go to pieces. Quod Brat
demonstrandum, by heck!
Late in thc season the makers managed to get the  proportions of cork
' and rubber better adjusted. Some
nifty whanging ensued. The bats -
men seemed to fasten their tangs in
the  September  edition  like       hungry
[ wolves, and there wus some elegant
hitting. Educated by these lacts, '
the manufacturers did (urthor expert- '
menting during the winter, und it is
now alleged that the ball will be
just what the pitchers like to throw,
nnd  yet just  what  the  batsmen  like
' to sting. 'Tis well. We wanted it
that way.
"More bread and
better bread"
Makes just the
kind of biscuits
you like to make
Chicago, March 22.—Before bis liout
with Samson Thursday night Champion Frank Gotch accepted and signed a contract with the Empire Athletic club to wrestle any man iu thc
world a hnished mutch, caicb-as-
caich-caa, for thc championship, on
any date chosen by tbe club within
six months.
Gotch will receive $20,WO tor his
services in this match.
Within the next few days the Empire club will announce the man it
has chosen as an opponent lor Gotch
and announces publicly its oiler to
him lor the match.
Lob Angeles. March 22.—James J.
Corbett has located a new heavy -
weight whom he thinks can bght his
way into the limelight, and tli.n be
matched with Jack Johnson. His
name is Mark u'Doiinell and. according to a letter received by Matchmaker Tom McCarey, be want;- to
ngbt  J:m Flynn or Al Kaulman.
Ottawa, Ont.. March 22.—Lieuteu- '
ent Colonel Stimsou ul Toronto and
Major Burland of Muntieal have been
chosen commandant and adjutant respectively oi tht Bisley team, which
sa.is in June.
Chicago, March 22.—The National
Amateur .nun record fur the 2iX>
yard breast stroke swim and the
Central A. A. 0. record fur the 410
yard BWlm were broken in the Central and National union championships b«re. Michael McDermutt of
the Cblcagc Athletic u"'-"-'iat,' u lowered the 80 yard record oi 2.10 2-0
by -'-'2 1-:. making the distance in
t.43 1-:. Percy McGilhvray ol tlie
Illinois A. C, clipped the UO yard
record Irom 6.27 to 6.17 1-6.
lxnd'.n, March 22.—An a,-,-
bas beet started lo England to , il
mure sna^ into cricket, and the
scbem-.- ol tbe reformers, act rdtng
to rep, it.- recclvtd is to make the
bat     Lai lower,    tbe itumpi   •■■
tbe game bi  , lay< • u  t,  taken t o
touch  time. The proi limit
the fiat to three     and a bai.
acro-« tb  ■ ' '   u  H   :
,a ijuartci, an 1
to increu*   tbi   Stumpa Iri tn  -V to .'
inches.     Tb.* .•, ..-  estimated rill
enable   til''   (o i   laolni :i !•■ I
m ■ m third ol th. time m *■. re
The tip is out—and on appan
pond authority—that tbe Bpaulding
lunch ball for 1911 will be ji t what
the batsmen have Uin riyim- for —
lively enough to ring loudly oil the
-tick Hcd to bounce high when it bits
tbe ground. In .-uch event thru' will
tae a. cbana lot ,i li «i about am-
«rr.ling rules ami the merry slii£-
smiths will be happy in their bulgy
averages. At the same time the
.-ipbeiiod will nd hamper the pitchers n. r will loM Iti .-hiijn' when
rapped  up.a tbe  -nuzzle.
Ther* wn titrable experiment
ing done with tin i.tii-i.'i/ii ball last,
•jew-on The Idea oi sn)" muting
cork for the rubbnr centre w/u    put
Over a Million Dollars Will Be
Spent Before Work is Over
; It will cost something to take the
census of Canada which will be begun in June next contemporaneously
in every eity, town und district iu
the Dominion. The appropriation for
the purpose is $l,IKMl,0f)U, but Mr.
Arcbiha.d Blue, the census commissioner at Ottawa, expects that thj
cost will cousiderably exceed that
The     commissioners    have all been
appointed. There     arc 22U in all.
Three permanent officers of the casus bureau will be assigned to meet
the commissioners at various convenient points throughout tbe Dominion. There will probably bc four
or hve meeting places in Ontario aud
thc same number in tjucbec. There
will bc one meeting place in the
Maritime provlnoes and one in each
of the Western provinces. The instructions to the commissioners will
be given in April and the instructions to lhe enumerators in May. The
latter bave not as yet been appointed. Actual work on the census will
be commenced June 1.
It has been arranged that the factors or district managers of the Hudson Bay company will take the census at tbe diflerent stations of tin-
company and one ol the principal <>t-
ticers of tbe company lias been appointed u commissioner. The Indian
agents of the government will take
tbe census at all Indian agencies.
They will receive their instructions
direct from th.' census bureau uiil
report directly to it Instead ol to
the departnuiu of Indian affairs. At
the last census there wen K It lull-
blooded Indians In Canada and 14,
mi haH-breeds. It is expected th.it
the aborigines, while not shi ■
any great Increase, will be aide to
bold their owu.
While perhaps thc most marked increase  in  tbe  population  ol    Cs
will be found  in the  irai 0
rapid strides bave been ma
rurai districts of   Ontai       and    ihe
West.       The provinces of :-asK,,
wan and Alberta  will,  it   ia ex;*,
show the greatest  Increases.     Mas
toba will ebon  a substantial
bm  the province  ia a comparal
small one and  a  large  portiou
has been settled tor years.
The ceusus tins  >-.'ar will   ihi W      a
marked change in tbe stan ling
various cities  in    Canada
w.th an estimated  population * I    •
■ "■   ha     imped      at
place.     Vancouve
tiftb.  Hamllti n .i    ,--.,.,.
th and probably [bth  h«i
lfai.   --it*   *l■'hn   ■
pretty cl,, e for ninth
Victoria and Edmonton n,*t I *
Th.'    increase * ( all ■
Monti ''ni * lalm    ,i,  inci i a -•■ nf     6*
pel ' ■ ;t. Winn
.•.r.n ; i. pei   ent ,  Udmontt n
■ '     nn :   V ancouvel   :.'.*      , it
be afraid to get into the swim, there
| will  be no spectators at any of    the
I classes.     The only ones who will Iw
at  the classes are the  boys or young
men  who  arc learning  to swim,    the
instructor and     assistants.      II   you
, wish  to see any ot the methods    employed   by  Mr.  Corsan  you  will have
to lill out an  application  blank    ond
inter one of tlio classes.     There will
lie four diflerent kinds of work given
in classes, as follows:
Beginners—All men and boys who
Cannot swim and succeed In swimming fifty feet, any stroke, are group
ed as beginners and will receive free
of charge a silver button swimming
Swimmers—A swimmer must swim
fifty yards, be able to dive properly,
nnd swim on thc back lifty feet. Up-
on payment of ten cents he is entitled to the swimmers button. Anyone rnn qualify lor this test regardless of previous ability.
Lenders—a "leader" qualities by
tench one person to swim fifty
feet: swimming one hundred yards;
diving and bringing up object*- from
the water, and swimming on the
back fifty yards. The leaders button is awarded without charge.
Life Savers—1.  Dive into from seven to  ten  leet of  water  and       bring
from  the bottom to the surlace      a
loose bag ul sand weighing five lbs.
2.   Swimming  two hundred      yards  :
One hundred yards on the back without using the hands and one hundred
-.arils any   other stroke.      :!.   I>em,.ti
strate:   (a)  On  lund,  live methods of
release.       iln  In    tbe  water.      two
methods ol release, (c) Schafer    me
tiin'i ,,f resuscitation (prone pressure)
nii  Rescue ami tow person ol     own
■ a distance ol ten yards, u-ing
two diflerent holds and strokes
\     beautiful watch fob ha.-     been
designed   un.l   will   be   awarded.       at
a  cost  of  fifty     cents    ti   all      who
•*■-• Don'l  (i rget
tbat ti:   ■    eaa       are fine.
DO you want
to know what
kind of spring
Overcoats will be
By giving us a few
spare minutes, we
snail be pleased to
furnish the information and illustrate
what the new
Styles are.
We have them at
prices which appeal
to the pocket of
every man.        309
mil >KKNN!.v-    C\\     BE    TTHKT>
Old Falls*? Thnt nrmiUennrw t »nm«
B» Oared r.*Di<vir»i
Sole Agents in Revel«lol"»
Big Swimming Campaign at tlie
^.Y.M.CJ, Opens Monday| ft
M mda)      Man h  jti.Ii  will      .,, en
up ihu big • campaign     m
the Y.M.r A Mr. I orsan will lm
ish u|i Ins work nt Kdmonton Saturday, March '■ ti mi 1 1,11 eome tjlr-
■illy ti Bevel toke The gppjloa-
tlofl Mank« are nm. n- In vory Inst
innl all boya and young iih'ii wii,,
wish I,, lake ^(vantage ol tbisfre»l
opportunity hould ho i their ap
plication! ni by Bai 11 day at the
latest, sn that arrangemenis can lie
mude  lm  all   thc ClasOW.        Do    pot
i'i"' men Ii -.  irho  lealre te nop
the hi W .    ■
a craving that  11
be   man   mint  hi        whii
■omething that . -
.ne    * *
*    v     *
m»   iteadlu th«  net
,-* -1  -.   health I
-.*'«*- - - .    g
knowledge    •      »
•   used   -i'r
tloepiul*.    It has
•».    a»in    -       -   ;    hapi n»s«
iiiin^-   :.  at
» ■■ ,   of   Hull.
•aye   .f it and   -    * - ht
.■ur. I
.•*.-.4   'n ,,a*  pour   R-nm-ady •
■»d   •h* Slr-ncion*.   and   --ac.    *.•   a**,   at
.. 1   .     Obc   ■•*■»*<   »* ■>-       .-.'-,a   ,,,
ng    .   ,ir    ',ir*rt. ' . ,'rfi -4
■           g. and %  . .aa
-it      . 1   -   ' till irr.pl
•*>    irar"-           a    -i    .Ifipinir   *^>|   w II
&!■»■■   /our   I*>m*n1\ .    •       -     i-imi    ;
Mr. .             11,.
IVarne   wtihh'M I j   r.quel
a     If    th^ri"     I    mivfin.       In    jmir
i*-.»n    who   neat,   thia      k-amedji      .1
'h»T,    of    t       Pl
can   '.Ig.  n*  h*l"-  '
• tmn-i     fatl ■ - -        -   '-    -
who   drink*.    h*ip     ■ he ,>   their
■        .       Writ'   •*
\ KKK.r rniM   imi hu.f o* =
mnrl-a,   Willi   Root
.ra        llrertlena, * it ■
-   etc.. will li* pint  If   j
' tl  ruirk&f* tn irvni'  in-»nl on r..    - *.
~<irrem>enrimr.   ...   *-*
:" Ii it lal.    Tha trial D-trknn--   *    -       ••
■   *.*       la *
iniu ii   i'. . • Depl    ll   I
to,     I inii"!"        \ *'•
(r.i   Hnl-'  by C   it   Mai i n •* i   Drug
toke   h   '
Assessment 1911
Ilevclstoltc   Land  District.
Dlstriot of West Kootenay.
Take nuticc that Clarence H.
Schock, of Mount Joy, Pa., occupation coal merchant, intend*-* tu al'P'y
for permiBsion to purchase the lol-
lowlug described lands:—
Commeacing at a Post planted at
the south cast corner of Lot 71130
thence north 60 chains, thence enst
40 chains more or less to thc line
ol Arrow Lakes Lumlier t'o.'s Tim-
her Limit, thence south 611 chains
thenic weBt 40 chains more or loss
j to place of commencement and containing about 240 acres.
Dated  llltli   Match,  1911.
Ed.   McGaghrnn,   Agent.
PUBLIC   NOTICE is hereby
i mir'. of Revision
ent of r.n i will he
hclil it, the City Hall. RevelBtoke,
l; C, or : n'silay. April 18th,
1911, al 1      ock, p.m.
BRI    :   A.   liAWSON,
Eggs for Hatching
i   * tiona i.n nil  ea
cl.! ■** *      f     hool    ""'I  'hoi i, nv ti i
ln«    linli  nn.I   oapa,   n»   ll    ^"i
nd .tn*,*'
While tin* church   tell  m the Angli
can   church in   Markifale   wns
rung tot ■ *     *        * ippol ti
<nv. allowing ilie bell to    fall
in.in the tower,
Shi7oh93 Gure
Utv  .Iup* rnndhp.   evraa  iiiM,,  h-^rill
lk« iluuui uud juuip,
'■   * I  inn
it (•••»>
Eggs ior Hatching
\\ llitt l.l'H'i H : -     N(i. I    l'i ll     iii'ii'i"!   li)
•      01 • '  (i.i
hum    l*i      #2 00   lm    I   .   |3   in
lur  Mi
Hull Leghorn I    H   I   ftedll   I2.M
tm i     • i  ii foi W.
John J. Devine
Luke, U. t..
TENDBRB   Kou   awiaa chalets
AT   GOLDEN,    B. C, FOll THK
Healed Tenders are invited (or the
erection ol rtix Chalets ol Swiss design at the C. P. It. Swim Village,
"Kdelweiss"   near Golden,  H.  C.
Plans and Hpeclflcationa may be
obtained on application to the uuder-
,'ii»'i       All  applicatinnt must      be
accompanied by a entitled cheque ior
110.00,  which   will be returned on the
receipt  ./f   bona  tide  tender  and    the
if 1.1.f• |.iniin and spccilicatione
Tenders are to be delivered not
later than 1 a.m. on Maturday, April
1st, l'Jii, addressed to
I    H    DKNNIH,
Manager,      IninnlmB.      Allierta
and ll. 0. Lands, Canadian Pa-
' h.  Uailway Company, caigary
,«re«t or soy tendei nut ueces-
•anly accepted.
KOOTENAY     LODGE,  No.  '.5 A. F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
ou the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
ROBT.  GORDON,  W.  M,      .
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secrotary.
SELKIRK     LODGE 12,  1. O.  O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K, G. McRAli, N. G,
JAS. MATHIE,  Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE,    No. 3461.
Meets In I. O.. O. V. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   8.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Sec.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K.  of    P.,
NO. ab,   HliVELSTOKE,  B.   C.
Meets every   Wednesday except   the
Third Wednesday of each month     in
Oddfellows'  Hall at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights are cordially invited.
G. H. BROCK, K. ot R. & S.
M. of F.
C. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meets Second    and     Fourth  Wednesdays   in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W.  EDWARDS, Con. Com.
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  Bank Building  Revelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—RevelBtoko,   B.   C,     and
Cranbrook, B.  C.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol West Ko0tenay.
Take notice that B. M. Hicks, ol
Greenwood, B. 0., occupation laborer, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted on
the north shore of Trout Lake, about
three and thrce-ijunitcr mileB west
Irpm the town of Gcrrard, adjacent
to S.E. Corner of Lot 7M6, thence 80
chaiiiB east, thence UO chains south,
or to lako shore, thence 80 chains
west, or following lake shore to
point of commencement.
Dated February 4th, 1911,
Reveletoke Lund District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Corcene Cornish
Kennedy ot Revelstoke, occupation,
married woniun, intends to apply lor
permission to purchase tho lollowing
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted
about 40 chains in a southerly direction from the south west corner of
Lot 54*14, theoco west 40 chains,
theuco south 40 chains thence cast
4t) chains to tho woBt Bhore of Upper
Arrow Lake, thenco north along the
lake shore to point ot commencement
containing about 160 acres.
Dated January 19th, 1911.  ...
Per M. Grady, Agent.
Provincial  Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Teacher ot Voice, Piano and Organ
Puplle prepared tor Toronto  Conservatory ot    Music.       Local  examination.
lDr. J 0. Morrison) (Mr  Ceo. H   Qroen
Vancouver and Suburban
Keal Estate
Coquitlam Acreage and
Lots a specialty
Ipoclal attention givon to Mall orduro or Inquiries
4U2 Dominion Trust Bldg., Vanoouver,B.C.
Itiiliiinl II Trueman, ileieased— All
;■• * onl linvini< nny claim! 01 de-
mati'l- mcainxt Ihe above deinased,
it ii Ti'ienmii, lut'-i) carrying on
i,,ni,ii*m nn photographer at True-
man'i   Btudlo,    109 Georgia   Btreet,
nnd who iIimI at   St.  Paul'a hospital,
Vancouver, on 2^mi obi-uniy.    l'.tu,
arc   required   to  send   the   pai tlriilarH
thereof m m, nmi ail person! in-
debtld nt liable to thr above de-
i-MMld, are required to pay the amount nf their indebtMlnenn or liability, io un the underalgned, on or l>e-
fi'i.*  the :11st  Marrh,  l'Jll
The  Dominion Trust   tn ,  Ltd.
Dominion Trust Building,
v»0vuuv!r, B.C.
Iu  tbo     Matter   ol tbe     Estate   ol
Thomas   McMahon,   deceased:
Notice is hereby given tnat all
creditors and others having claims
against the Estate ot 'Ihomas McMahon, late oi Revelstoke, B. C, deceased, who died at RevelBtoke on or
about thc 10th duy ol November, 1910
are requested to send to the undersigned Solicitors tor Douald Mcintosh, Executor of the last will ol
said deceased, within 60 days from
date, full particulars of their cluiuis,
duly verilied, aud that after that
dato the said Executor will proceed
tu distribute tbe suid estate amongst
IIiobc entitled thereto, regard being
had only to those claims ot which
Bald Executor shall have then received notice.
Dated  March 15th,  1911.
Solicitors of Donald  Mcintosh,
Executor ol the Last Will
Revelstoke Land District.
District ot  West Kooteuay.
Tako aotlce that tbe Canadian Pa
cillc Hallway Company intends to
apply lor permission to lease tbe
lollowiug described lands:
i  iiH'iii ui,: at a post planted   on
the ,-ihore line of Upper Arrow Lake;
said post bearing South 41 degrees
West a distance ol 224 (eet from tbe
South East corner of Block 49 of the
reglateied town site of Nakusp, in
Lot 3'JI G. 1 Arrowhead, and die-
trict; Hi im Westerly along said
linn* lin,i a distance ol :i860 leet to
a point, sun] point bearing South 41
degrees, Weat a distance ot «87 leet
Irom the Head block of South leg
ol Nakusp Wye; thence south into the
Waters ul Upper Arrow Lake a dls-
tniirii ol soo leet, thenco Easterly and
Parallel to the Shore line ot said
lake a distance ol 3850 feet, thence
North a distance ol 800 leet to true
point ol commencement, containing
70.8 in 11    more or lessl
Dated February »th, Hit,
The Canadian Pacilic Railway Company, Per E W, Batemaa, Local
Right ol Way and Lense Agent, Van,
Oertiflcate ot Improvements.
Glad Hand Mineral Claim, situated
in the Trout Lake Mining Division of
(vest Kooteuay District. Whero located:—At head oi aeven Mile Creek
unu adjoin.ub' the Winslow Mineral
Taae Notice that I, O.B.N. Wilkie,
acting as agent ior Bruce White, If,
m.u. tti^oa, William Bennett, V. M.
o. ti'ib'2'41, and Kettle Davey, V. M.
0. No. bi555bi, inteiui sixty days fr0m
date iiereoi, to apply to thc Mining
uecorder lor a Certilicate of 1m-
provomencs, lor thc purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice tbat action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such
certilicate of Improvements.
Dated Ninth day of March, 1911.
O. B. N. WILKIE, B.C. L.S.
Trout Lake, B. O.
RevelBtoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that i*u.,ii R. Reynolds, of Revelstoke, B. C, occupation clerk, inteuds to apply tor permission to purchaso the following
dCBcribed lands:
Commencing at a post plunted at
tho south west cornar ot Lot 7818,
thence enst 80* chains, thence eoutu
6 chains to thc north cast oorner
of Lot 7*043, thence along lino of
said Lot 40 chains, west 40 chains
south and 20 chains west to line of
Lot 2112, theuce along Imo of said
Lot 40 chains and 20 chains west to
the north west corner, thence about
6 chains north to place ol commencement.
Dated March lat, 1911.
Agcut  John  Sahw.
Revolstoke Land DiBtrict
District ot West Kooteuay.
Tako notice that I, Mary Selkirk,
ol Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intonds to apply tor permission to purchuse the lollowing
described landB.
Commencing at a poBt planted at
the N. E. Corner ot Lot 6140 G.I.,
and marked M. S.'s S. E. Comer,
theuco north 80 chains, thonco west
70 chains, thenco south 10 chains,
thenco cast 20 chains, theuco south
40 chains, thence cast 50 chains
to point ol commencement, containing 480 acres.
Dated January 9th, 1911.
Per O. P. Smith. Agent.
lii'Vi'li.|nkii Land   District.
District ol Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that William Kennedy,
ol Reveletoke, B. C, orouparion, Speo-
lal Countable, intend* lo apply for permission to purchase the lollowiug described lands.
Commencing at a poet planted at
ibe mnilli-iiim corner ol Lot 60(10,
hence north 40 ohaius, thenoe weat
2ti chaius lo pre-emption No. 262,
hence north 40 ohninn, thenoe east 80
■immi', iin-i,ci* inini, tin chains to Lot
So .'lit I.'i. thence wesl 40 uhsins, thence
■uuu li Ifi clminn to Lot. Nu. 1139,thenoe
-ict 20 chain* to point ol commence"
Dated January 7th, 1911.
Per T W. Baiu, Agent.
Affords superior educational advan«
Itngi s, Handsome new brick building,
modern equipment, extenslvigroancfs,
i'Iiiimh graded in accordance with the
hooln   throughout     thin    Province.
i omiilele Music and An Departments.
Special cutirscs in Short hand. Typewriting mid Book-keeping Particular
attention given lo refinement ot manner* and correct English.
rtRHS >1nri*»Alt:
For Proiptot.il. Addrcu Thi AQ*»dini' THE    MAIL-HERALD,    REVELSTOKE
SATURDAY,  MARCH   25,   1911.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. Z- /*<"»* * c°- Aimited
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
March has gambolled along
like a lamb so far this year,
turning the trend of thought to
New Styles, to Lovely Fashions,
and to Easter. At Hume's the
styles displayed in profusion to
charm, to afford inspiration, to
lend helpful suggestion to discriminating dressers.
Monday Morning Special
10 Spools Sewing Cotton 25c.
Monday morning between 9 and 10
you can buy 10 spools of Standard Sewing
Cotton for 25c. One lot of 10 to each
Ribbon Bargain on Monday
for Early Shoppers
5 inch   all   Silk Taffetta  Ribbon, all
colors, Monday morning at 15c. per yard.
Ladies Spring Suits
The new Spring (1911) Ladies' Suits have
been on show now for several days and have met
with open arm approval from all the ladies who
have looked them over.
You must not miss the chance of having a
look at the most comprehensive showing of Ladies'
garments ever attempted in Revelstoke, ranging
in price from
$15 to $25
Spot and Stripe Dimities
Fresh and beautiful as the (lowers are
the new Spot and Stripe Dimities, standard quality, a unique and distinct showing
25c. per yard
English Delainettes
A breath of Spring in this display that
will put the ladies on tiptoe of delight so
graceful and dainty, 32 inches! wide, at
20c. per yard
New Sanitary Hair Goods
New Hair Roll 30 inches long, full
and fluffy at 35c.
New Turban Frames in new solid retaining shapes, all colors at 35c.
New Barretts in the cross bar crescent and oval shapes, will retain the bright
finish after washing, 35c.
Embroidery and insertions
A new lot of Embroidery and Insertions in pretty small patterns at 5c per yd.
House Cleaning Wants
This is the season of the year
when your mind turns to the hard
task of house-cleaning. Let us
help to make your work lighter
and easier. Get the necessary
goods and your work will be done
quicker and easier. Old Dutch
Cleanser, Ammonia, Soaps, Pear-
line, Washing Powder, Washing
Soda, Gold Dust, Sapolio, Blue,
Starch, Washboards, Brooms,
Mops, Scrub Brushes, and Bon
Ami all help the housewife.
Fish for Lent
At this the Lentel season most
everyone is asking for Fish. We
have a complete list:
Labrador Herring, Holland Herring, Sea Trout, Mackerel, Salmon Bellies, Stock Fish, Dried
Codfish, Herring in Tomato Sauce,
and all the Canned Fish on the
Selected Seeds
The few bare spots of earth
suggest to us the time of sowing
and planting. In a few days you
will all be digging and cultivating
whatever space you can spare in
your back yards for the season's
vegetables, and your front lawns
will soon be suggesting to you the
need of flowers. We are prepared
to fill all your orders for garden
and flower seeds. We buy the
best selected seeds on the market.
Garden and Flower Seeds in bulk
and packages. Timothy seed,
White and Red Clover Seed, Lawn
grass seed.   All pure seeds.
Hay, Flour and Feed
Look around before you buy
your Flour and Feed. Often in
asking for prices you can save a
few dollars. This is what we aim
to do. Save you money by quoting you prices on Hay, Oats,
Wheat, Bran, Shorts, Chops,
Corn Meal, and Flour- Two cars
just arrived.
Fruits and Vegetables
The new Vegetables and Fruits
are now arriving in the best of
condition, and although the quantities are not very great yet the
quality is good. Green Onions,
Celery, Ripe Tomatoes, Cabbage,
Cauliflower. The new Naval
Oranges are cheaper than for
some time past, as are also Grape
Fruit, Lemons and Apples. Now
is the time for these goods.
Carpet and Drapery Department
Showing Many New Arrivals
During the past week we have been busy placing in stock
the finest assortment of new Spring house furnishings ever
offered to the Revelstoke public. Courteous salesmen to
show you through, whether you wish to buy now or later.
Lace Curtains and
Curtain Goods
We are showing a very
ahoice range of these goods
in White, Ivory, Ecru and
Arab. Fine Battenberg and
Irish point curtains. Madras
muslin in creams and colored
effects suitable for curtains
or draperies. Choice Bim-
galoand Egyptian cluny nets,
plain and colored scrims.
Direct importation from the
Scotch mills.
See our Special Display for
Carpet Squares
and Hugs
Our stock includes the very
newest patterns, in Axmin-
ster, Wiltons, Brussels, Ta-
pestrys and Velvets. See the
new pro-Brussels rugs for
bedrooms and living rooms.
Can't be beat at the. prices:
$12, $14. $16, $17.50
Floor Oil Cloths and
We are just taking in stock
our new spring assortment of
Floor Oilcloths, Printed and
Inlaid Linoleum, imported
direct from Scotland, in 6,
9, and 12ft. wide goods. A
choice range in the newest
Mens New Spring Styles
Window Shades
If you are building or furnishing your home, the matter of Shades is a matter of
importance from a view of
artistic appearance and general utility. We carry in
stock the regular sizes, and
are prepared to make to order shades any size. See the
Lancaster shade cloth, plain
cream, green and combination colors, does not crack or
pinhole. A very desirable
shade at reasonable prices.
Whether you buy your
clothes from us or not we
would be delighted to
show you our new Spring
styles in 20th Century
Br&nd bench-tailored garments. They are admittedly the leaders in style
and an inspection of them
will put you right on the
style question,
A style for every size
and build.
We invite your inspection of these goods, and
we know that we can
please you.
Our prices arc right.
Great Slater Shoe Sale
Still Going On
We have still about Seventy pairs of the celebrated Slater shoes on sale at cut prices. You could
not wish for better styles or better leathers at the
regular prices. At the bargain prices you will be
more than delighted.
Don't be afraid to come and see them. They are
all on the table where you may examine them thoroughly. The regular prices are stamjied on the shoe
by the makers look for this price and note the sale
Remember this sale will last only this week—after
then then the same shoes will sell at stamped prices.
$4 Shoes $3.25 $4.50 Shoes $3.35
$5 Shoes $3.65 $5.50 Shoes $3 r
$0 Shoes $4.26   $7.00 Shoes 4.25 SATURDAY, MARCH
Millinery! Millinery!
Oontlnned trom Pago I.
New arrivals by Express of Fashionable Hats
-the  Latest  Eastern  Spring  Styles.     We invite
your inspection of this new consignment.
IUNUM- At Revolstoke, B, 0.,
March 23rd, to Mr. nml Mrs.
J.  Rauiim,  a  soil,
ri unlay    alternuon
4,i: Mi. Geo.  Carter
city  representing  the
association, will
Wi* huve jusi received a shipment ol White Clover Hoi
tivt* Hi. cans, which we will guarantee to be  absolutely
and as tl is is the season for honey we w
you wish lu yel thu genuine article.
•*,   put   up   111
  l'uri*   lli'ii">.
uiil advise >oil to iry llii.i il
from 3:45 to
wbo is in the
Sun.lny school
address the nun ol
Revelstoke In the Y. M. C. A. building. A large attendance is requesl
At a meeting ol the Lodge Selkirk.
I.O.U.K.. held last nifclit, it was "llii
ially dei ided to hold thc annual
church parade un April 2*3rd to th'
Baptist church. where Rev. li. A.
Smith, a member of the order, will
preach to them.
A meeting of the police commissioners was held in thc council
chamber ot the city hall on Wednesday afternoon last and the con -
tract for the making ol new suits
and tunics for the police was let to
Geo. Kninht, his tender being the
I'has. Nelson was last week sentenced to two years In New Westminster penet-entiary for forgery.
From photographs received at the
local police station it is learned that
this is the man .John Nelson. who
victimized Hubert Howson by pass -
.iu- forged cheques.
The annual banquet of the Y.M.C,
A., which was postponed, will take
place on Tuesday evening, April llth.
A special meeting ol thc committee
is called for Monday evening next,
at 7 p.m. AU those who have tickets tor sale are requested to notify
ticket holdcis of date of banquet.
The Boys' Brigade concert will lie
held in the opera house on Thursday
evening nest. A good program is
being prepari 1, Quite a numbei ol
tickets lia'.i been s dd by the boys
and the concert promises to be very
.- iccesstul. T:.e Hoys' Brigade di
servi igi  of every boys'
parent as good work is being     done
em* :. ys ol the ■ Ity.
At a meeting ol the school
on      Tuesday    night   It    was  decided
that   the   matter  ol   man ud   training
I   :   tbe    i :.   lars be left over fur  this
year  at  lea=t   as  the   board
not see its way deal  to finance   the
• me  at      present.      A  n uur, .una
tion wm received to the eflect   that
?•!:    WcD maid   -    ■ l rei .m to   the
school      : itlei  Bit r Easti r an'
■ ther th I  v -   Parker wo ild     hold
the position
Method! •  ch ■ i, Ri      I'.
J. Mclntj
a.m.     and m
ter of Vlctot
Mr.    art *:;  'i    M. 0    v.
to ties
S mday »cl '■'
■ ; .m     '.'■       rth  Leag *■
at 8 p.m.. subject B
le char act r:"   Prayei   Met In?    Wed
rr       \  heart]
itendi    I
The name "Wngstaffe speaks for ilself iii regard toquality.
ii lull ussortnienl ol ihis Pure Jain   including   Strawberry, K
I'each. I'l uni, Black Currant and Apricot.
We have
A.  HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
outboard exciter operating at a
speed ol t'.tto- r.p.m. This unit was designed to operate under a head ol
seventy-three feet and cany the Dull
lighting and power load. With overload this would carry the n irmal increase of the cily lighting, and some
additional power, tor another year
or two, The balance ol the plant,
was designed to operate a« an auxiliary until the old Hume wns useless,
at which time penstock No, 2 would
be built and connected lip with a new
turbine to 2341' k.v.a. unit, which will
then complete unit No, 2. The other
extensions have already been explained.
The construction of tho dam in the
canyon  was Interesting and dillicult,
owing to the fact that the work bad
to  lie done during lo*.-*.   water  in    tho
winter time with    only  limited time
tor     completion, and  thu difficulties
which  obtained   due  to   necessity     for
keeping the proscnl  powor plant, run
n ng and carrying that water and ad
dlttonal water diverted hy the temporary   Hume   through   and   over       tho
site of the  new  dam,  while the fn,,!
mi's  were  being excavated  and    eon
meted in.     Added to this, avalanch-
is above, cans ng sudden rises     and
tails for  whieh  ilie stream    is noted,
nn.l  unusually high  water during the
winter,  were  a  constant  menace    to
lh,'   progress   of   the   work. Water
was diverted by colter dam to the
south side of the expansion joint, and
the central part oi the dam built up
i to  an  elevatio
Is one of the  most import'
ant items in your business
look after this branch   of
the business for you.
Kootenay Agencies,
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Mi.   .1.  T. Poll
tor Yale district
school inspector
In the city.
Mn'* ii,- Pictures     tonight.   i h inge
of program mi Monday.
Mr. .1. n* Sibbald returned   to the
city on Thursday after  several  '■•*
absence in prairie cities.
If Clay  Miller,  ol  F ■    *
will write to Harvey  Swi rdl igei    i
P.  U. agent al  Field,  ii   C . h    will
learn   something  to   bis
Rev. K   \. Smith, th   o n mil
of the  Baptist church,     w
the  pulpit at boi
day, and mi Tui Ding a
ceptloo will be tendered
J    o  Mai Dona
Ing o
■    *. ■
jail.       i ami
drunk  and  disorderly  paid
Mr. Leo. Carter Says Local Conditions Demand Manhood
eratlon ol tho old flume, was difficult
and expensive. On It there arc a
number of sharp curves, one of
which is less limn one In fourteen.
The timber In the flume is Douglas
Br, kiln-dried, and Is of the very
best, quality. Hoth it. and tho sills
are painted with preservative coat
of aspliahiiiii paint. This part of
the   work   was done   by   day   labor.
On the pipe-line are one way poppet' valves, a man-door at the lower
end, and a relief valve on the turbine easing just outside of the power house, discharging Into the tail-
The design of the dam is interesting,  in view  of its location  upou    n
micaceous schistose rock      on      the
north side,  which WaB seamed      with
quartzlto and very treacherous     und
faulty,    which in  thc centre of      the
stream came in contuct with a later
| intrusion of more evenly     laminated
layers  of  diorlte.      This  south    wall
of   the  canyon   was   precipitous,       its
top   overhung   the   base  about   twelve
feet.     The dam was located    on the
tool connecting the two   walls     and
given  the form  of an arch upstream
by     the bond in the dam near     the
north end.     In this way, and taking
advantage of the position of the wull
mi   the south side,  it   was possible to
lighten the section ot the dam,     to
take   lhe   penstock   out   at   right,  angles to the abutment nud at the same
time  obtain  a  suitable angle  tor  the
rmk bars iu reference to the current.
The structure was built with     the
least      expenditure   possible  and      to
Ihis  cad  the  favorable location      in
reference to gravel and rock and aid'
Ity io handle these   by   a     compact
an.l  overhead  traveller,  were  advantages not, often  obtained. The  lllecillewaet  is  one  of  the      most  dillicult
Btreams of the  province to      handle
in Hood, due to the immense amount
of  silt   carried   in   suspension,       and
the   large  quantities  of  logs       which
come  down  the canyon.  It is  Intended t,, handle these latter by    booms
iu  the  pond above.     The most dilli -
cult problem  in  design  was  to      obtain satisfactory sluices at a minimum cost which would     satisfactorily
permil  of quick operation mid maintain a  eonslanl      head  during  Hood.
The  location  of  tho dam in  the  canyon  so situated   In reference    to    the
railway track and with no possibility of enlargement of spillway     area,
Without   tunnelling  on   the  south side
had to be mei   by construction      ol
gates which could be lifted     clear —
were not too large—and yet      would
penult of passage of drift      through
them  over      the    crest.       Tbe  piers,
therefore,     had to bc made as small
with  strength and    are
f one hundred feet
between thc expansion joint and the
power and diversion Humes. These
were built on the slide rock from the
railway cutting above, and it was a
dillicult problem to carry them over
thc dam site. A concrete cut-oil
wall under the iiuwatcring Humes
was built on the line to the north
wall. It was found impossible lo
complete this portion of the dam lurther, until tho last thing in the
spring, after Ihe footings on the
south side had hei n obtained by diverting the water b\ a second cotter
dam Into Sxl2 sluice above mentioned. Serious delays when this stage
of the work had bein reached caused
grave apprehension that it would
not bo possible to complete the dam
before high water; and it was necessary to carry on the work with this ]
possibility in view so as      not      to ]
jeopardise the safety of the supply of  Uii consistent ^^^^^
power for the city until high    water .heavily reinforced with the best steel
hnd subsided.     A short shut     down
ol  ihe     power    plnnt wns necessary
when  the  power  flume  was cut,    and
the lootings under the    lower     rock
slide.  Immediately below the railway
track  on  the down stream side      of
the dam.  were  being excavated    and
concreted.      This   work   it   was  necessary      to  push   forward   In   lhe  early
spring, night and day.     Twice     the
water  rose   In  the  river  lill ng      the
8x12   spore  and   threa tiling   to       get
beyond  control.     Finally    the      new
looks were built in and the north
tl    -ides raised alternately to
level   ol  the central completed
The  gate house  was under
': ii ' • :■   *. h ii  *i   :! 1,  the result
caused a rise     of
•    . the water against ths
ay, brought    down     a
richoi "' "'''  crib and  looeen-
»ei   Hume.      This  ilrifi-
r, bending     the
mpletion be-
lo ibttul      The water
dam   to
.     *  ■    and It  will lie
nil  ot
Rev. I
obtainable. The full head in
water will not be required for
years, and until that time the
gatet will not be installed in
ihe openings.
Tlie handling of the frazil ice, as
above indicated, is one of th' chief
points in design, and the gate-house
with the rack bar*- will indicate the
method adopted. Water is taken ill
between eight and twenty-five feet
below the surface, and the rack bars
are situated so as to take advantage
of a minimum amount of water to
slush the accumulated ice through
the 1,5 ft. sluiceway. Thc blow-ofl is
situated at thc foot ol the rack bars
under n ll('ad of forty feet and will
han.He small amounts of anchor ice
an I keep them clear of silt.
t at I      ■ in.* tin' 8-3
head "l tl
. hie t
Moving Pictures tonlghl
Al Hew-'  Drug Store .on wil!
:':.,! •     : *!i*   i.iii!     I i|k:ii* n I
i , i * imi i,     -iii .hi Inlil assorted
ooUection, which .in* ifi txl umi not
i-Tjir-n-r i*   of ii di In ;ile  bul   last
ing fragrance, such as will please
ihe mott partli ulur.
y.i o an
.i..|.-;..,. ....*..:. *..;..;..;..,..'.-, .(..;..L + + + + +
■*t- + + + -l--i-T + + -M--l'*.-
: mi t I
Ml --  M.i   .
Mi    C    I:    «.i**:
trip to i
,!,*  * *,;.,*< i    to be abaci
chun       teg
ln'bl   ut      Mi i M"
l.i-ioi ,n      on  Wi .1  . ■  ' i
■ i,i, ,i, • i eallzt i   I'1 ' ii
M ' *hi * t le     in Ing the fortunate
k I'lrtu" i
,   to
Bews' Drugstore
111 Ml    I 1,1 ICK
Howson ■
■ nil i .,*
Dally    It ; mei)i
Three Becond
nt  Howson's.
dl in,I   (nuts  are  tl
: imil ire and carpel    .*
they   night see an
,1   fresh   egg      "'
hand   pianos for  lal*
I .i ii   lh ii■'■■       an
from   .in   pei
■ eat.    below   regtilat
oul mu   itock.
nqtiai i* *
madi  cre»mery
lb,   III   Ml lul   l'*'*:.
1,11 I'll
liie.   per   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Td    1,1'iT   Two  llll nl .lied   I'oiiins
bath,   in  'I nl ial   part nl city,
idy  P. I).  tlo.x  705,  City,
w h ii    11, I*,' irrti
cut   In   ih,'  bon I,      i inn
vlnciil bv eoiiii'.'ii ti ■ th It
Kasirin catalogue pi lei i
Moving Pictures tonight
,nd  turn
tl dam,
n      the
ion.* for •
the      water
' idual-
I] (ael ,,f
It   fell   to
D ,m  ol
.    '
let'  ' .      ni
•   dui   '
i h ■
Phi      ■ ii •
. i     thai
will be     mpleted, the bulkhead   ■
IdOl   and        'he   full   lie,,.I
imi i*.  the ' m   'ii
• ii r«.
.ii n  nt   die
HI *i    in '   pipe line,   Bhovo
1 ■ jb.ti    the I'.,.i    ol   the
railway mtmnttmont, II   construct
ion. «iii, ' intei (oi ing * **u tt ■ op
.March 27 to April 1-Mr. H.I I. Corsan, expert swimmer at the V.M.
0.  A.    -
March ill)—Boys' Brigade, first Annual Concert at opera house.
April 18—Ladies' Auxiliary to tho 13.
01 R. T.   Dance in Opera House.
Vpril 17.—Blaster High Tea at Methodist church.
April 21—Musical entertainment at
St.   Peter's church.
-Knights ot l'ylhias Ball.
tn pet
prices   thoy
nnd in ii
,< with
Bggi, case   <l6c.
lu'i    50c,
ii   mi,     daily            '1(l
ft, Ct i;"ii' ' V *'••'"■   to 40O,
i*,,iii. *, iu* ...12.00
I*' '      I0Q   lbs.   2.7!i
Wheat,     p"   i"1 lbs v~ to W.M
ini   1  , 11.W to fl
. each 25c.
i m.i. o ■     '.m.i-.  i    nui';.
I   ha ■ '■ fed our
trom 'i b
■   Kn i  linn |. mi l find  it  to be
milt an i   iu I table tor our
Mi*    l(. 01b
.!■      li    M    Calder,   Mm.      F*
i   ii   McSale,     Mt •
s   ii. ; ti .in H   l/aughton, Mrs
ill        *      ■*     \ti*|i.,iui -II.Mi
\       I'       I.,*   .   .-,    * Ul  •      .1.1'      Kii'di'.
'.!, Ml       i.     I'.I,,"
t   Kilpal mi        "
i ,,„,,,       Mrs,    i;    Griffith,       Ml
K, Trimble,     Mrs, A.   T.   Anthony,
.IMN' Vi.      A
i M       i   Morgan, Mrs.   D.   M,
lb,,*    Mil   .1    Hi Mis.   II.   P.
i 'i ,,**,,,, -   Mrs   \   I    i   ncald.   Mi
W,   \   Footo,     Mi      \   ,i   Colli ■'"
Mi ,   iii , - .  m*     i'   "i:,n in.   Mi .
v    ii   Sutl 'iimi I, Mi . Ollfli.   Mn.
J,  Maul")'.
This style of "Empress" Shoe can be
worn at' all seasons of llie year, and is
especially adapted for dress occasions.
We have many others in lhe "Empress"
jusi as stylish.
Spring Shoes
and   slantl
unsatisfactory in
and arc ready lo
I cad)'
Wc arc particularly proud of our showing of
Footwear for ihe coming season. All the best styles,
a I ihe besl lasts, all lhc besl leathers, made by the
besl workmen and snid al the besl prices. We
guarantee every pair id shoes v c sell,
nothing but the besl branded makes,
to make good any pair that prove
any wa)'. We know thev arc good
assume all risks of any delects.
Our line comprises
"Miss Canada," and H   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
can be bought.
Hals, iu Patent Colt, with matt or glove kid tops,
also in brown and Grey Suede and cloth lops, kid, in
black, tan, chocolate and box calf.
Oxfords all Patent, Patent dull top, dull Russia,
oun metal, ian and chocolate.
Pumps will be more  fashionable than  ever and
flowing id  Snap   Pumps  is excellent.    Black
Suede,  black patent, dull   Russia,  brown
I'.in press,
bellcr or more
Vassar,    and
srvlish shoes
uur  s
and grey
and ian.
'I'he prices of lhc different lines range I
rom  S3 to
Classic Shoes
I'or Misses and children there i no better line
made th ui tbc "Classic." We give the same guarantee with these thai ue do with oilier makes. They
may not be the lowest priced bin they ate iho cheapest shoe vou can bin. They wear well and look
well uniii worn oul. Wc have llieni in all styles and
all si/.cs.
See Window for New Spring Styles
ow About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect lit, st\,e
and well tailored uarments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fil-Rctorm Clothing - huot-Rde Shoe
New Spring Creations in
l.ci  your hat (his Spring have thnl air
pression thai bespeaks for youi- taste .' id lam
with fashion,    You can depend upon 1 ur m
1,'i jusi thai  perfection  of style,  all
touch oi skilful workmen.    Our steel
besl makers.
uul ex-
ol the
Stetson's,   Hawes Von Gal, P.yalty
Bonnington and Redmond
Prices: 8--i.\jr> to $5.00
NeRae Mercantile Co, Ltd
The Style Shop lor Men and Hoys Wn*   Km
v. iNTI D     lliiu-'inail  to 1V1 ■.•encral   W-AHTBD-GIrl
Apply to
work.     Apply
tor     ccniTal   htmeo
Mail Herald  Office.
TO    1.' *   Pwu lighl houM keeping
rooms.    Apply t„ thin Oflloe,
MuvIdj Picture* tutu-shi.
to    RBNT—Bight roomed    modern
bonne.        Kull  si/o ccIIbi   nnil ftttlC
Available  April   1st,  at *3l».00    l'-ei
month.     Apply  Kevelatoke Oncral
At-«T.ricK, l.lil.


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