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The Mail Herald Sep 16, 1911

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $G0|
Interior Publishing Co., Agls.i
The Mail-
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17   No. 73
VJi'-tn/i c
Premier McBrlde, Hon. Thos. Taylor, Hon. IS. I.
Ross and Mr. A. S. Goota Address :d the
[lectors on tlie Pcc'procity Pact
Lawrence Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
KKK><KH>000000 0-CH><H>C<K>00000
Imperial Bank of Canada o
Hoad Otfic***—Toronto, Ontario. O
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Taid Up
5 793,000.00
Bran.•!-."■:   r Agents at till principal points in'Carmdn.
Aqeuta in Great Britain mul United St^ten—London, England,
Lloyd- Bauk, Limited. Chicago—Vint National Bank, Corn Kx-
ohintjii N'ltionU Bank, Saattte—Seattle National Bank, Son Fran-
•-.'.' -Walla Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Kxchange
National Bank.
S&vlngs Bank £?>• "rtment
Deposits of Sl and upward, roceWeJ, tw.tl intorest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited. V
Rovelstoko Branch—A. S. bicOleneghan, Mgr.    2
fashionable Fail Millinery
Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats
A shipment of Ladies' Headgear direct from Eastern
Canada just to hand. We invite you to see the
display.   All the latest shapes.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, o First Street
We extend you an invitation to call on us. We
might be able tp interest you in the way of
general groceries. Phone No. 93 about fresh
fruit   delivered to any part of the t ity.
First Street East of Imperial Batik
Pn. 03
Robin Hood Flour Beats Them All
Mrs. 11. N. Coursier carries off two first prizes
with ROBIN HOOD FLOUR. The special prize
we offered and also for the best loaf from any
flour. If you want good bread use Robin Hood—
the flour of quality.
P. O. Box 208 GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
Before an audience thai packed the
opera house to ttie doors last night
Iimi. Rlohard McBrlde, I Imi. Tin s.
Taylor, 11. n, w. it. Ross and Mr. A.
;■!. Qoodeve, spoke In the Interests
uf tlir candidature ot Mr. Qoodeve,
Conservative standard bearer for
i liis rinding!
Mr. Huss sai.l hi lii. address that
it looked in Imn ns it Dr, King, the
Liberal standard bearer, has practlc
ally abandoned West Kooteny, and 11
is only u iiiicsl.il,n ot rolling up the
biggest majority ili.it any candidate
has over had in the ruling.
Hun. R. McBride, who only occdpl
ed t'.ie platform tor aboul half -nn
hour appealed to tho doctorate on
Imperial and sentimental grounds,
and urged the people lo vote against
ihe pact because it. would put Cana
,1a absolutely In tlir grasp of the
i'n i.mI States, and booause a com
mercial pad would ultimately mean
political fusion with thc United
States and the dismemberment of
tlie Empire.
His speech wns a Vigorous appeal
to tlie people to maintain the control of their own resources and their
own markets and not sell their God-
given birthright for a mess of pottage, There can be no question of
the return of Mr. Goodeve, he said,
but it is only a question now of rolling up one of the biggest majorities
thai has ever been polled in this rid
in< for any candidal . Let. us cm
pliasiac our opposition to this iniqu
Itous pact by giving him a majoricy
of at least four figures, and I am al
most surn tli it you will do this.
There is every reason for doing this
as it is conceded in the hotis? at
Ottawa that he is one ofthe ablest
speakers on both sides ol the Iioubs,
and is the envy of si-ores of the mem
hers of the house ns an     orator and
Discussing the political situation
over tlie Dominion as a whole, he
Bald that Liberals everywhere were
deserting the cause in the intcivsts
ot tho Dominion at large and wen*
doing so because tliMy hid lost con
ftdencr in their leaders whn had on
more than one occasion deceived tin-
people in amost Insolent manner. He
instanced -several prominent Liberals
who had deserted tbe ranks ai. 1 wen
now fight-tog the cause of Oonserva -
tism, and made n concrete example
of the Minister of the Navy, who, rr
cognizing the futility ol tbe efforts
of the Liberal party Iml absolutely
thrown over Ms portfolio and retired to the I each, leaving his naval
policy to its fate. It may be because one half the navy is on the
rocks, said tlie speaker, and the other half is out of commission, but I
believe it is because he is ashamed
of the record of the Liberal government. All through it has been one
continual round of maladministrnt
ion and deception, and it is time
the reins of government were handed
over to a party which had more re
spect for the national honor and
In regard to Reciprocity, the issue
of  the      campaign as  the     Liberals
would  have  it,  the      Premier  quoted
Sir Wilfrid's own statement that the
time  was past when  We should      np-
pMal  11, the     United      Stati's for tlie
privilege of entering their    markets.
"Canada   would  no  more  £0 to Wash
iagton." he had sai.l, "but if Washington came to Ottawa, they   would
receive nothing more than oourteoui
treatment."   Despite this    assertion,
however, we liml two old men  going
to Washington and formulating      a
treaty    wbicb    perforce the    govern
ment  would have us     accept,      even
though  it threatens our  independence
and  liberty. When  this  would  not.  be
tolerated then     dissolution followed,
and   I   might say   that  this  dissolution  yas  brought   aboul   under    very
peculiar conditions.      At  the       time
a Minister's conduct in regard to pul*
lie lunds was under Investigation and
thc investigation was to have      lieen
resumed   on   the      Monday  (ollowing,
l.vit rather than allow his actions to
be   made  public,   the  house   was    dis
solved.   Thia  is      one   if   tb*  things
thnt  the    Liberal  candidate  asks  u
to  forget,  but we  are not going    to
forget,  nor are  we     going to forget
th     irt'ons nf the Minister of Immigration  and  lhe Prime  Minister      of
Canada wbo bad deliberately thrown
open the doors of Can nia to foreign
laborers  and   admitted   them   in       to
compete   with our own laborers   on
_  contract   work.   And  let  mc  teU   you
J. i nl   the   premier,   tb y   W I     in  nov
luring to get in sufficient Oriental la
borers in buil.I the (irand Trunk Pacific.   Tliis Ihey  would   do aial  at thj
same time hold up their hi a Is     and
ask  lbe support of lhe lahorln : man
ni  the grounds of tho b noflcial log
lalatlon  they  were Introducing.       If
they bad  their way thore would      tic
on the voters' lists of thia province
.il least   ac-.COO   A -i.it.ic-.   wh,,       would
almost every c no of lb, m  be voting
n   the   Lib r il   ticket.   Tl. iy   b i.l  ,.\*
u cone that   far .n their tactiOs   to
win  bhis election  and  were  prepared
*' t lolate laws of l'i ir own making
is Ihey  have di ne twforo,  and place
these   Asiatics  on   thl   Vi I   is'   lists.
If we endorse tilts pact, tbe Premier said, we are going Into partner
hip wiib 90,00 1,000 peopl i, and jusi
is Biire a'*-* 5,00(1,0M ,"o Into partner
ihlp, tho eight million will got the
worst of .1 .in.I be controlled by tho
'.ir,.est number, The proportion of
.venllb in Amorioa Ib oven greater
.ban the population vmld indicate,
and such is tho organization of in-
lustry in tbe other side that two
ai: n   could   by   til!  pr. R lire   of a  but-
1 c.n tie up millions ol m my and
hrow oul of employment thousands
if honest workmen, so it would be
noro thi n foolish to allow theso men
o get their tentacles on tbe heart
itrings of our commercial life. If,
lowevcr, yon are sal islied lhat the
light millions can go in and do busi
less with the 90,000,000 and win,
then I say to you go abend to tbe
►allot box and vote your country
iway. Mr. MeHri.le.Was ot the opin
in that there were'thousands of Lib
rals who refused to be hoodwinked
nto tbis bargain or treaty. Mr.
•'nrney of Movn Scatia, a life-long
Liberal after Studying the pact long
ind carefully eould see nothing in it
.nt lihiie Canada would lo e, und
io resolved to wort***! tooth and nui
igainst  It.
Mr. McBrlde said he never hail
instil ii *.! bha loyalty of Liberals,
he Liberal press to the contrary,
■ait. be must condemn the Pact. Oiv.
he Unitod States » bold of our oom
nercial interests, he said, and it ul
imati'ly means fusion or annexatio
';■ urged every one present to kill
h ... l of Reclprocltywhlch is bound
mo mean the dismembcrm. nt of the
In conclusion be pleaded with   th
tudlence to for once forget      party
ines,   and  stand  for  the      good  old
'nicn   Jack,   lirst.last   and  all       the
witli the land question and showed
that Sir Wilfrid Laurier bad absolutely tied up the lands of tbis province so that it was impossible to
either pre-empt, homestead or Boeure
a title to it. This, he snid, could
not be allowed to stand for any considerable length  of time,   iii closing
lie said   that ns  far us  be  could    see
in his travels throughout the riding,
Dr, King, the Liberal Candidate had
absolutely abandoned West Kootenay
and be predicted a majority for Mr.
ii ime oven In     Cmnbrook,      Dr,
King's home town.
Relore the Premier commenced his
speech, Miss Kathleen SiqlUarelbrl-sJlgSi
presented him with a handsome hou
quet of Mowers, but absolutely lefii-.*
ed lo allow lhi< Premier to k'iss her.
'I'h' band dispensed music between
Bpeeches and ihe meeting was brought
lo a close hy Blnglng "God Bavethe
Over $1,000 Taken irom Vaults
of Bank of Montreal Frldaj
-No CIub
New Westminster, Sept. IC— Throe
hundred and fifteen thousand dollars
was stolen early Friday morn In <
from Ihe branch of the Dank , •;
Montreal in tli in city. Five burglars
entered tbe bank by tbe front door,
broke through the thin m tal coal
tog of lbe vauit, blew the s rfc by
charges ol nltro-glycerlne and got
clear away with their booty without
being seen except by n Chinese can
inker. They probably esoaped .lown
the Fraser river by a launch or else
by  automobile  towards  Vancouver -
but ol bow they  got away  there      is
no  direct evidence.
Tbere was in ali $350,000 in the
bank safes, i hiei of Pollc • Brutish.iw believes the men would b >ve
taken it all ll tl,cy could bave carried
it. As it Was tbey took all they could
carry away. leaving nil the silver
and notes of small denomination! as
wall ns damaged five hundred     and
thousand dollar bills 1\ n : around
the lloors and tables of the room al
,' of the clerks.
Mr. A. S. C.ood.'ve, dealt at length
vi h bis efforts in the house to de-
Mi ■ : ■ tt lt administration ol the pub
ic lands of Uritish Columbia. nnd
right in this line be sh .wed the fal
sit.y of tiie l/ihern'l argument that
land would be Increased in value il
tbe pact goes through, if as tbey
say the pact will reduce th: cost of
living 'dli per cent., it will n IC wearily
follow that produce will be 25 per
crnt cheaper, and this is reducing
thc earning power of the Ian I in
the same proportion. He also dealt
with tb" Asiatic question showing
how Ottawa bad admitted the daps
to Canada on belter terms than the
Uritish Immigrant and wiib also pre
pared to do the same for the chin
esc. The might Hour Labor law was
also shown Up in ils trui' light, and
llic way in which Sir Wiltrid had dc.
reived the. people in this respect be
cli.ii ictii izisl   as   shameful.   The   Lib
arals, be said, would have us (orget
all this bul he was certain thai on
election daj the electors ol the Do
minion would ovor keep the e thin
itppormnet in their tnin.Is, and vol
to turn such tricksters out, lie dcall
with reciprocity Irom an economic
rtnndpi Int and showed clearly thai
th •  ,'ii.l..r, il mn  ol   lht   pact       would
mean nothing more than bargaining
i ray ol our heritage.
lion. Thus! Taylor pointed out Ib !
progress tbe province had been mak
Ing in railroad building and show,* I
that the U.S. was stagnating in thai
line. It has only under construction
100 miles while It. O, alone has 1*800
miles, lie contrasted labor and com
mercial conditions in Vancouver and
Beattie and showed that conditions
never were bid ter in Van'ouver anl
never worse in  Seattle.    In  tba I'nil
.1 States bist month 80,000 railroad
men had been let out ropns lit ■ n -
94,000,000 Ot an earning capacity anl
be dreaded to think oJ the result tn
Canada il these men were admitted
to our labor market. In closing he
asked every voter to vote in the in
'-reals ol Canada and Uritish Colum
.       _     _ ^
Stoves! Ranges!
Sherwin Williams P
pays tn use good Taints.
FishingTackle, Rifle
McClary's Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Enamel and Tinware
We  can   supply    your
wants in the above  line
with the best Goods made
in Canada.
etc.    It
stints,  Oils,   Varnishes,
We sell them.
 :le, Kitles, Shot  Guns,  Ammunition and
other Sporting Goods. We are leaders in Ihest*, and also
farry a very large stock of General Hardware, Tools of all
kinds, etc,
Harness, Whips. Horse Blankets--. I :.{> Roles.
Crockery and Glassware.
Hardware, .Stoves, Plumbing
i i'omi.l : leak, .. It i
ai*'i ci \ ei M ilh lii fly
per pei   '"
 ^^^^^^^ lini''.*'
Imperator liacen.   Putin frying pm with
ii  fil ■ ami let '*''■ Blow ly on iai I. . ; ■ i* \
c, dredge with
,o il thin slices ol
Line   water,   cover
Use BURNS' Special Hams and Bacon
Imperator Brands
Beveist&ie Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors for Swift's Products
local rommlttee Discuss thp
Matter With Premier
The question of thc establishment, of a Land Registry office al
Revolstoke was again  taken ui
with the Hon.  It. McBride anf.
Hon. T. Taylor during their staj
in town on Friday.   A commit'6'
of thc Board of Trade consisting
if Messrs. G. S. MeCarter, J. D.
Sibbald and the Secretary, P. W.
Lninir, supported by a committee
of the local Conservative association met the visiting ministei 8
at Selkirk Hall shortly after theii
arrival in town.   Mr. MeCarter
acted as spokesman and referred
to a similar conference held with
those gentlemen on July 1^, 1!>(>!*.
when the ministers  promised to
take   the   matter   under advisement.   In reply Mr. McBride expressed pleasure in meeting the
joint committee and stated that
the  matter   had  been   brought
before   the    Executive   Council
upon a number of occasions by
thc   Hon.  T. Taylor.   The hist
time it was discussed the matter
was referred  to Hun. Mr. Bowser, ami at prcscni the inspector!
if unices  were  gathering data
for a report. This report, he iMr
McKride) had not seen yet as
hnd lieen absent from Victoria
for a rrotracted period. There
wns no desire to ket p from the
people any privileges they were
entitled to. Men were being
trained for the work BO thai
when the system is enlarge 1 a
competent staff will be available
for it must he admitted by all
that, only trained men can be
employed on such Important
work as the handling of titles.
The matter will come before the
governmenl for final review lu'
fore the next estimates are pre
sented to the House.
Krom as'Urances given by Hon,
It. McBride In onn^tiliallnn will.
Hon. T. Taylor und committee!
from the Board ot Trmle find Con-
All our choice fresh killed
Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal,
Lr.mb and Poultry are kepi
in our new Cold Storagi
Cooling rooms and displayed
in the shop for sale in Refrigerating Glass Counters
and Window. We handle
nothing hut Swift's Government inspected meats, silver
leaf lard, Premium hams &
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Phone 251
ti..\.~s Meat
p. o.
Pox 101
onservatives Attention!
Robert Cassidy, KC. of Vancouver—a life-long Con*
si -native -will address a public meeting in the Opera
Hi'tise, on Monday. September 18th, in the interests of Dr.
King, the Liberal candidate. A special invitation is extended to Conservatives to be present on this occasion, and
an invitation is also extended to any 'onservative speaker,
to take part In the discussion—ample time and a fair hearing will be accorded him.
I'«iir    lhal   tl ■    W!»l   ilhmetlt   Of a !n<'n<l  ,,i  incetU' this  morn n? in  te-
ilemoiihtHiition oictmr 1   ne  r   R \ '"•,l',1 ' ' ,l"' »bove,  but be hail      nu
,1-tok.' in.n   Iw   looked   fOMUrdtn '"■""'''•'tion   "I   the  kttllng  of  Og""..
i                  ,   i •■     Stating,     however,     that ul -ut
i->   nu   M ■!,!' il    Rrcomidiehmeni , ,   '           Bl  Ul
.   . two   mci ah  BfO   while   tie   was  strutl-
1 [ion Inereturn  ol ins  mini or ■^■^■■■^■^■^™
the mniii r nill  !"■   Inki n  un  witl
**»__,..........._        I
Mr. Win-low  who  mul"  a trip of
inspection over Ibediktriol  iccom-
p-inieil li)  ii . ioi"*!.-  "I   liio   liourd
of Trnil il In-  n porl ii  under
itood ii be "f a f ivorable nature.
Was Oscette Killed ?
It li currently reported in town
th it. Fred ' • tte wa« murd< red In
Beattie by     Black     I * n i men sum.*
' '.Ml        .1       llll       *      \S. .'I.-     ,1     ll.       I l-I'Mttl'      ll
the mnn wim while coming through
in*  on  the      platform  at tlu    tepot
two      :.: i aiiri'i**.      huth   ltaliaii3,   -ap-
proaobed hnn advbrtng Un that ik
li ■ it.m k-illed, and that they w ..»
on tl«'ir way east. Since u*-cett<' '.eft
Revelatoke over a year uko, nono ot
leodi here apparently have ever
beard trom him an.l it. is not kn.jwn
wii. Ilier  he  was  in  .Seattle  or not.
H Good Show
"Human Heart*" bhe idyll of 'he
Arkain-as Mills, produced at iho Lyre 11.cntrc I.ol night, says tbe Cal
l{ary   Herald,  nia.le  i[Uit.>  a  hit.  Tlie
i .   ,i     Mrs. .inl,.ai's reatdraoe character! of Tom Logan, the hero,
^C^^'rthel.rvativeA^U.io.it .ould .,
one ■ • ning about two years     bko,
Hacked   Iiy   two   Italians       an.l
lis  I liro il   rut.    The  II ilianp  Who 'li*l
the cutting -.oi.* arreated later     at
ry and  returned here lor trial,
.it.-i      1,,'in • f.niii.l i:iiilty     were
•enteneed to t n yean '.ioh   In   the
;*. n.l  ntiary   anil   air now  serving out
tlirlr   tei
The     Mall-Herald    intervnweJ     a
Jem   Manoii, the  Initio an.l  Huth Lal
kins. Iiy respectively  B.A. Anson, W.
J.   Sully  ami   Violet  K.  Fisher,   were
perbape the most luceesa-ful, imt i»r-
li,i|>s wc arc trying to .lo a (ooliiih
thing .n trying to discriminate -be-
tWMO aotora that were collectively
so clever. "Human Hearts" is a play
to bt s."en—"Human Hearts'' will be
at  the  Hdleon theatre October  2nd, Page J.
jsmstGr ifoir i^ooTiEisr^rsr
Election Day, Sept. 21st
Polls Close at 5 p.m.
In all Dominion Elections, as in ils public works'
contracts, Election Hay is an Eight-Hour Day. Polls
open at 9 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. All votes must be
cast between these hours.
There arc in Revelstoke Citv throe polling booths,
all in thc old post ollice building on Second street, next
to Tapping's Opera House. You can vote in one, but
not in all.     See that you Vote Marly.
A voter in Kevelstoke Electoral Dist id, on the list,
can vote anywhere within is boundaries. If a Reciprocity Voter do not mind if you are objected to by the Conservative agents, but get sworn by the Returning Ollicer.
Objected 10 or not Sworn or not if you want to VOTE
FOR RECIPROCITY, and are entitled to vote THEN
The Roll Call
"Our policy is quite consistent with thc desire to
extend our trade to all nations of the earth, including our
neighbors across the border. We have offered to thc
I'nited States to negotiate, like two sensible nations, desirous of getting mutual tr. de."
" The Government of which l am a member, is appealing to the country with a policy which wc !>elieve will
ba heartily endorsed by a great majority of the electors.
We have made to the Government oi the I'nited States,
through the Government oi Great Hritain, proposals for
reciprocity in trade, which we have good reason 10 believe
will result in an arrangement hy which the markets of the
I'nited Stares will be re-opened to thc products which our
people desire most to send there."
This is a light on behalf of thc common people, for
wider markets and cheap r goods. Whatever our differences wc are at one with Sir John Macdonald on Reciprocity. If the farmer is to bc benefitted all sections of thc
community will be benefi ted, because agriculture is the
foundation of Canada's prosperity.
Reciprocity is not a party battle but a measure designed to increase trade and reduce taxation ; and I am
not prepared, through it, to strike down any legitimate
Canadian interest. We must be guided by the interests
of Canada as a whole.
Did vou ever hear of the removal oi taxation increasing tbe cost oi food .'
The choice before the Canadian people this election
,s sir John Macdonald and Sir Wilfrid I, inner against
Borden and Bourassa.
As Canadian-American trade is now, each Canadian
buys each year $31 of American goods; each American
buys each vear of Canadian goods, but $1 40. Wc should
pay that balance in the things we have a surplus of, as
farm, forest and fishery products, insiead of GOLD.
" It means EVERYTHING to our Island."    Premier
•• Reciprocity will change Nova Scotia's exports from
MEN tc Natural Products."    Dr. Blackadar.
Reciprocity will give to New Brunswick, to her men,
soil, ports and industries, the proper benefits, long unrealised, of Confederation. Our days of sacrifice are
ended, we will now begin to come into our own.—Hon. W.
"Sir Wilfrid Laurier is a better man to-day than
he ever has been. He has the experience; be has the
confidence of the people; and look how splendid he is
physically, His prospects in Quebec are very bright. 1
think you will lind that the people of his province will return him to power as long as his country has need of
him."    Premier Gouin.
Note Reciprocity is little discussed in Quebec. There
it is, chiefly, Liberal, Nationalist or Conservative;
Laurier,  Bourassa or Borden.
" There is NOTHING in thc annexation cry so far
as Canadians are concerned."—Sir James Whitney, at
N'onh Bay, September 71I1.
"Reciprocity is the whole issue in this election. I
do not consider that thc Conservative who votes for Reciprocity in this election would be voting against his party;
any more than I consider he would be voting for Lauiier
and the Laurier Government."—Premier Koblin, Holland, September 6th.
" Reciprocity is the single issue. To extend Canadian trade is every Canadian's wish, and it is not denied
that it will do this. Saskatchewan Conservatives have
accepted it and are, very largely, supporting it."—
Premier Scott.
" Reciprocity is a matter of populating the prairies.
Where Alberta has now a half million, it will make it
Four; when land prices will go up, for population makes
land values." -Premier Sifton.
" It will lead to the dismemberment of the Empire.
Premier McBride.
"National pride can only exist where the resources
are ample for tbe continuance in power of a nation. Canada can do more than supply tbe whole of the I'nited
States with uheat ves. she can do tar more, for, of this,
siir gives of ;ier abundance.
" Tiie Reciprocity treat) onlj expresses llie exchange
of that which Canada can purchase without making herself the pensioner of the I'nited States. She is detetmined
to shape her policy so thai sin- shall preserve her independence, to which her vast resource . an I manliness of her
people, more than entitle lur.'' Duke of Argyle, in
"Yesterdav and To-Day in Canada."
"RECIPROCITY Your Executive does not hesitate to sa) 1h.1i 11 believes thi re iprocal agreement between Can*uia .uul the United State is in the interests of
the Cm.ub,in people."    Calgary, September nth, 1911.
Canadian Manufacturers Association
"Protection   is my  politics."    President   Rowley,
Vancouver, ioio,
Reciprocity Smiles—Have One
Clifford says he is a Liberal yet.
The Conservative Platform—Anything to beat laurier!
Borden's Imperial I/iyalty—"My I'ard—Bourassa."
Conservative   Platform—Plank 5   Cold   meat  again
Goodeve Committee Argument to Railroaders—If you
can't (10 of you) get work under Reciprocity, yournumberi
will be REDUCED by 10   and IF you have no work here,
you MUST get work elsewhere.
Newfoundland wants to join Confederation if Reciprocity passes.   This is no cod.
Sir James Whitney's brother Albert is strong for
Reciprocity—a case of Whitney et al.
Mr. Booracid is now out against Reciprocity—let him
stay out, he won't be lonely.
Reduced duty on Oatmeal—Scots wha hae !
Free Potatoes—Bedad Home Rule must be in sight.
Free Roast Beef   Isn't it jolly!
The King's uncle says we're all right—Lots of Scotchmen say—God bless the Duke of Argyle.
When the British Empire is dismembered by Reciprocity what member would you like to belong to ?
Liberal—Canada for mine !
Tory—I disre-member—ask Dick.
Laureer he a young man yet!
"Theold cock will win."   So will the King bird.
There will bo only ONE panic after the 21st—in the
ranks of the anti-Reciprocity party.
What b(.u)lligercnt posters, Goodeve's Conservative
Committee display to illustrate a voluntary agreement to
buy or sell.
Election Day is an eight-hour-day. Nine to Five
o'clock.   After that the tea-party.
Reciprocity will carry through the country like a scandal through society.
Wheat is King on the prairie. King is No. 1 hard in
Kootenay and no chaff about it.
It is said, by the units, that Mr. Goodeve has struck
out the National Anthem at his meetings, lest people
might think he was boosting for KING.
Hon. Mr. McBride and Mr. Goodeve
There isn't much space left, and its precious. Hon.
Richard McBride vvill be replied to by Robert Cassidy, K.
C, on Monday night. Mr. Goodeve is wilfully misleading—a gallery playei—and no more a sportsman than his
Conservative committee. Asked by a citizen to explain
his "fence cattle and grass" picture, he gave, as explanation, another picture of a man with 300 tons of hay—who
was waiting till Reciprocity passed to sell it, but then
would find that hay was cheaper in the U. S. and would
get his from there instead. But, said the questioner "if
he already has hay he wouldn't be buying any." Sit
Down! Shut Up! Sit Down! Shut Up! said Mr. Goodeve's Conservative Committee, from the back of the hall,
and Mr. Goodeve sat down and shut up without further
word picture. It was a fitting climax to his unfair and
unreasonable attempt at explanation of Reciprocity.
You Can Trust Laurier
" It was with indignation that I read in  a Toronto Conservative  paper  an article headed,  ' Aylesworth  Forsakes
Laurier.' When I forsake Laurier the breath will forsake me.
Ah, fellow-electors, I know the man.   I have sat back of him
in the House.   I have sat at his left hand in Cabinet Council.
I know him intimately and thoroughly.     I have seen him in
every mood and I come to you and tell you from the fullness
of my heart that he is a man  among men, and that I shall
deem  it a privilege to be his friend and supporter as long as
life is left  in me.   There is not a thought, nay, not a breath
drawn by Sir Wilfrid Laurier that is not single to the good of
Canada and her people.     He is a loyal Hriti.lh subject, a true
believer in that form  of Imperialism  which  he thinks and I
think is the true form ; that Imperialism which gives to every
component   part  the  fullest  freedom, and seeks equally the
well being and closer binding together of the whole.     Amid
the shrieking and the shoutii.g of smaller men with unworthy
motives, let me leave this with \ou.     It is my earnest word
to you as a man going out of public life :   You can trust Laurier.   He is worthy of your confidence in every sense. jThey
tell you that his Government has become corrupt, that impropriety and wrong are permitted to stalk at large.    Intimately
associated with  him and  his Government as I have been, if
such were the case I would know it.     It is not true.     In the
hundreds of thousands of transactions  which  devolve upon
the departments of Government it may be that here and there
men have taken advantage of their dealings with the Government to collect more than their work was worth.    It must. I
fear, always be so, but none has more firmly sought and succeeded in administering Canada's gigantic business with strict
uprightness and integrity than has Sir Wilfrid Laurier.   It is
due to you that I should leave this conviction with you."—Sir
Alan Aylesworth, Minister of Justice, at Newmarket on
August Uth.
of Vancouver
A Life-long Conservative
will answer Premier McBride
and address the Electors of
Revelstoke Riding, in the interests of
Reciprocity and Di King
My, Sept. 18th
Everybody   welcome.      Seats
reserved for ladies.
Oppnsition Speakers Invited
The Maple Leaf for Ever
Ab far ns the conduct, ot this campaign goes, thu Liliernl committee,
controlling this spare, hcgB to state
Hint, ii hnn endeavored to discuss thc
situation, the issue before tlie people
in a broad anil national way, without appeal to class, party or other
political advantage for  its candidate
It has in Reciprocity a measure of
Incalculable blowing and advantage
to tho country;  it hns in Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, mi Ideal    Oanadian lender;
and it has in Dr. King, a candidate
who in social and business ability,
skill and energy will, if elected, be n
credit to  Went  Kootenay.
Under such circumstances there is
very little occasion to bring in or
inllanie political passions or arouse
animosities, nml if nny such have appeared in these columns the excuse
is offered that they were aroused by
the unwarrantable proprietorship assumed by our opponents of love ol
thc ting and Umpire; and the insults
leveled nt Oanadian patriotism and
unity Involved in their talk ot annexation, nml co-operation, ln Que -
bee,  with Uoiirussu.
Without prejudice to our position
of peace makers, wc resent such a
means of discussion of a most interesting debateuble question as Reciprocity; iukI we recent for tbe sake
of Oanadian loyalty aud unity the
talk of annexation and the nppear-
nnce of Mr. Dourussn, on Quebec
Conservative platforms. Anything
to beat Laurier is NOT the issue, ex
cept with politicians, but even in
thut "the Old Cock" will win, on
personality. The issue is Reciprocity—good or bad—aud we urge every
voter In thiB district, to read, learn
and vote on It to the best ot bis
judgment in the interests of our com
mon couutry ("confound their politics") we all,after nil, love and wish
well to.
King and Kootenay
The progress of thc campaign on
Reciprocity proves its widespread
popularity and reveals H certain win
for Sir Wilfrid Laurier, by the -biggest majority he has yet received.
Conservatives nre hopelessly divided
on it, the party ones opposing it. tbe
patriotic ones supporting it. A news
paper full of names of prominent
Conservatives the coimtry over could
lie quoted in IU support but, spnee
Is preoloiis. What is true of Canada
is true of Kootenay. Dr. King, Ltb-
crafl candi,1,tie *f*or Reciprocity, has
the assurance of supimrt from hundreds of Conwrvutlves on this policy.
It Is, thcrelorc, with a quiet and
steady belief In the Rights of the
Issue being his, in the Interests ot
tbc district li-cing identified with the
winning Liberal administration, that
your vote, regardless of present
party association, is asked tor Dr.
King on the 21st inst. Don't put
Kootenay in opposition to n measure for tbe betterment ot Canada,
don't put It, longer, in opposition
to tlie government bringing ln that
Canada's wheat is of such superior
quality British millers want* lt for
raising quality of flour and consequently the demand Is small. Tha
U.S. miller wants It. too, and In
prepared to go further than Britain,
tO get It. He will keep « duty up
on all other wheats but. ours. It
ongbt to be a gaod market to sell
Every 100,000 settlers In the Wert,
means 20,000 eitr* hands ln tbt fee-
•.a* SATURDAY, SEPT.   10,  lMt.
rage 3.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, O.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L, President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
With its large number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling-,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
The leather that goes into our shoes and the
men who make them can always be depended
upon. That's why our customers are always
Our harness is the very best. Dusters,
Whips, Trunks, Suit Cases. AH leather goods
always in stock.   Call and see our goods.
Boot and Shoe Rspnlrera,
Hnrncns Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - -    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
But is always cool at the greatest health resort on
the American Continent
The Ideal Plaee to spend the Summer Holidays.    Natural
Hot Water Baths, 124 debtees of heat.
Rates from $12 to $15 Fer Week
Write us for particulars.   Wm. Boyd, Manager
Have the Best!    It Pays!
You can get the best of
Everything in the line of
At the Reliable Headquarters!
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows biro, he will
tell you lhat the whiskeys we are
selling are the best. Call and be
i onvinced. No household should
he without a Btipply of our Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskoy; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
30 yeai s old or Blackberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice WineB and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold hy all
the leading hoteb, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importer* and Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
The Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Have a very fine assortment of FRUIT TREES
Ornamental and Shade Trees and Shrubs
Budded   Stock   a   Specialty
All trees offered for sale are grown in our own Nurseries
on the Coldstream Estate
II. D. Curry, \Geo. Matheson,
General Agent, Local Agent,
Vtrnon, B, C, R$n1stoh, B. C
Horse Show an Added Attraction This Year
New Westminster, 8ept. 15.—West -
crn Canada's annual agricultural and
horticultural show to be held in this
city trom October 3 to 7, ag-ain
promises to uphold its seniority and
past honors as the premier fair and
exhibition. During the past month
entries from all parts of the province ot Uritish Columbia have been
pouring into the offices of the man -
agement until one begins to wonder
where all the displays and exhibits
will ba placed.
Fifty-live thousand dollars will be
paid out in prize money to the successful exhibitors together with liuii-
'dre.ls of .special prizes consisting of
medals, diplomas, ribbons and articles of value which have been contributed by the larger m.iiiutuctur -
ing llrms. Probably no greater inducements have licen made in any
part of the western Canada to the
fai'mer and cattleman to bring forth
bis produce and compete. The (air
in this city is now the recognized
agricultural show and the best of
everything is shown. Fruits, dairying and horticulture are given tlicir
place, whilst the line arts an.l Industrial display of Ca'ii'idijui staple
artlcl?s of commerce is representative
of the whole Dominion.
The lirst annual horse show will
be one of thc added attractions of
the 191*1 show. The great number of
puroblooded animals within a few
miles of the city and also through -
out the province has brought hefore
the directors the absolute ne.d of
hiving a show of this description.
Owing to unforeseen circumstances il
was impossible to finish the construe
tion of a mammoth horse show build
ing, Fo thai the show will probably
be held under canvas.
The interest taken in the fair
throughout the. province is minutest
when it is mentioned that as early
•as August 28th exhibits were received for displaying. One being a box
of beautiful prize plums from the
Salmon Arm district.
The displays of the districts and
municipalities of the province from
the mouth of the Fraser river to as
far east as Bdmonton, Alberta, are
the finest that can be seen anywhere
in the Dominion of Canada, and are
representative of the great agricul -
tural resources of this fair Domin -
ion. Apples ns large as a man's
head, grain stalks eight, nine and
ten feet tall and with beads of grain
weighing up to twenty ounces are to
lie seen. The fame of these magnificent displays has extended to all
parts of the world, and several years
ago Sir Thomas Dewar, of Perth,
Scotland, who takes a great interest
in Western Oanada, pre^nted „ huge
silver shield to l>e placed tn perpetual competition in these displays.
With the shield is given a prize of
$500 in gold. Other prizes are, second $100 and diploma; third, $300
and diploma; fourth, -S230 and diploma. All districts in the country
are allowed to compete and up to
$2C0 im allowed by thi mnnigemcnt
of the fair towards the expenses of
freighting and exhibiting the large
displays which are gathered from
all corners of the districts represent
ed. Diatrictfruit exhibits are open
to the world and the successful competitors are presented with gold med
als, silver and  bronze.
It would be a good idea to cut out
this paragraph and place it in your
hat or on the wall:
"Tbe Western Canada Fair ls held
from October 3 to 7."
their bodies nnd set on lire. Mr.
Bggleston's daughter ls in a critical
condition. Two dogs, who were lying
n*ar the girls wen' billed. Considerable damage was done to tha building and seats.
Brutal Assault
Manitou, Sept. 11—Three bloodhounds, 200 residents and (our detectives are making a clean sweep of
the valley for miles around the counl
try, in search of* the man who on
Monday assaulted Miss Price, thj,
little school teaoher at Rlverdaie.
Intense rage has spurred the P0BB3
in its unre'.eivtiog March and the 'belief iB current that it is only .a matter of houi'B until the brute is traced
to his lair.
In the interval, at the Patterson
farnilioime, Miss Price is confined.
Since the nervous tension hns relax-
ea she has boen in a state of scmi-
hystcrical collapse since her return,
physically she was badly battered Inl
her futile attempts to escape [nun
tlie brute in the accomplishment of
liis fiendishly repulsive purpoBo.
School House Burned
Killarney, Man., Sept. 13—During
a violent thunderstorm, which passed
over this district yesterday, the
schoolhouse at Fardale between Killarney and Holmfleld, was struck by
lightning. Miss Arnott, with twelve
children, were in the school at the
time and two of the pupils, the
daughter of Henry Rggb-ston and
William Chatham were seriously burn
ed,   their clothes  lieing  ripped    Irom
The C.P.H. have recently enlarged
the depot h-re. and put in an additional side track. The stution plat -
form has been lengthened and the gen
ernl appearance of the station greatly   improved.
Mr. Hnll has just completed a substantial addition to his store and
erected a commodious warehouse to
meet the requirements of Increased
'iiisiness, owing to th*a larire num -
her nf new Bottlers locating in this
Mr. Ohanoellor has completed his
new store about a mile and a half
inst a! Malakwa. Ths will l.e a
;reat boon  bo Craigellach c ranchers
Thc Malakwa Farms, Ltd., have,
cleared 25 acres of Ian.I to date and
intend in the near future lo cle«r
'arge tracts of land, with a view to
'omiieting wiih Armstrong in celery
The Provincial government have
teen liberal in granting $12,500 for
mproving and building new roads
it Malakwa. Two bridges will lye.
iut in this fall, one across Bagle
elver, one and a half miles cast of
Malakwa, and the other spanning
'5agle river at Baill. This will ul-
.imately lead to connecting Malakwa
with Revelstoke and the Okanagan.
Sept.  19-20.—Tho    Famous    Juvenil
Bostonians at the Bdison theatre.
Sept. 26-27—The MuBical Bckhardta
in vaudeville at the BdlBou thoatre.
Oct. 2—C. n. Reno's Company in
"Human Hearts" at the Bdison
October 1*6—Royal Welsh Choir, at
the Bdison theatre.
Oct. 17 to 28.—The return of the
popular Company, the Allen Players and Miss Verna Felton, at the
Bdison theatre.
Nov. 30—Mark Hamburg the great
RiiBBlan Pianist, at the Bdison
Doc. 18—O.P. Walker presents the Wm
Yule company in the HivalB, at th
Bdison theatre.
Ian. 10—Return of Wm. Yule & Co.,
in Dombey  &  Son,  Bdlaon  theatre.
'Jan. 26—Tho famous Ferguson's Jubilee Singers considered tho best col
ored concert company on the road,
Bdison theatre.
Feb. 26—The Caetlesquare Entertainers in high claBS concert at the
Bdison theatre.
Samaiia Cured Him, and He Helpi
Another Murderer at Large
Vancouver, Sept. 11—John Carlson
the Swede, who was shot on Sept. 4
lied In the General hospital yester -
lay afternoon, and another murderer
s at large today. The circumstances
)! Carlson's shooting were almost ns
inexplicable ns those surro.inlin; th:
nilling ol William Urvpihart.
Karly on the evening of September
I, Carlson and five or six of his
countrymen were Walking along Vernon drive toward tbe city. They
were walking in signle file owing to
'he narrowness of the sidewalk, and
Carlson came last in line. Thay met
» man coming In the obher -direction
He passed the first five without any
'rouble, but wh n he met Carlson the
'attar accidentally jostled him.
"What's that for," said the
"Nothing," said Carlson, and the
stranger pulled a revolver and Bhot
three times, one of the shots taking
effect in Carlson's side.
FOR SALE—ll'iO acres ol land in the
Bitter Root Valley, Montana, cheap
lor cash or trade for vacant lots.—
Box 287, RevelBtoke, B. 0. 4t.
HOUSE TO LET—RevelBtoke General
FOR SALE—Piano, Mason & Risch.
Apply Mrs. W. A. Sturdy, corner
Fifth  street and  McKencic  avenue.
WANTED—To Rent, three or four
furnished housekeeping roomB. Apply  Mall-Herald tltlloe 2t.
A man who lias been released from
the awful cravings of drink, nml whose
first thought Is tu help others, sliuwi
the spirit of true brotherhood and
philanthropy, Read his letter:
'"lhu .--amurla Remedy Co., Toronto
"Ulii you pleuae sond me book o.*,
■drink, also circulars ruiutlnp to vour
vuluod remedy tor the dilnk habit .*
1 wish to hand those to a It-lend who
Is going to ruin through drink. Y„ii
win remember Hint 1 have takan your
remedy, ar.J I Had lt nil you claim 11
to be. I never think of lukl.iK or
using strong drink in any wuy u« nil
deain, ior lt has left me. 1 cannot
•vnuk too highly or your wonderful
remedy. You may use my nume In uny
wuy you wish tn public.
■j "11.   Lllywhllo.   Ilrigden.   Ontario."
S.imurla Prescription Is tasteless
and odorless, an,I dl.-aolvcs Instuntlv
In tea or coffee, or can be mixed with
food. It can be given with or without the patient's knowledge. lt removes tho craving for drink, builds up
the system and restore! the nerves.
Drink becomes distasteful and even
nauseous. i
Drink Is a disease, not a crime. One
drink of whiskey always Invites anothor. The inflamed nerves and
stomach create a craving thnt must
either he satisfied by more whiskey or
removed by sclenlillc treatment like
8-amariu Prescription. Samaria Prescription hus been In regular and successful use by Physicians and Hospitals   for   over   ten   years.
If you know of any family needing
Samaria Prescription, tell them ahout
It. If you bave a husband, father or
friend that Is drifting Into drink, help
him save himself.    Write to-day.
A FREE TRIAL PACKAGE of Samaria Prescription, with booklet, giving full particulars, testimonials, price,
•tc, will be sent absolutely free and
postpaid In plain sealed package to
anyone asking for lt and mentioning
thia paper. gOorrespondence aacredly
confidential. Write to-day. The Samaria Remedy Co., Dept. 46-49, Ool-
norne St., Toronto, Canada. Also
for Sale by C. R. Macdonald, Druggist, Revelstoke, B.  0.
l We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Shaw's Sash and Door Factory
Manufacturers of Sash and Doors, Mouldings
and all kinds of Woodwork.
Get your Screen Doors and Windows made to
G. 2). Stiabv,   -    Troprietor
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props. ,
Enlarged   and Improved.    FirBt-ClasB in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rat' o $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigirs.    Rues $1 a "lay.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEBT     STONE      JPPtOI5.
E.   G.   BURRiDGE
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   RevelBtoke
Special Attention given to commercial
men and touriBts. First-class sample
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Notice is hereby given that the
time (or receiving tenders (or Court
House, Vernon, is extended up to 12
o'rlock noon, Friday, 2!>th day ot
September,  1911.
Public  Works   Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C.,  11th  September.
Fruit Lands
Galena Bay lands in parcels oi
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Juvenile Boatoniani in "The Rose of Blandeen," Edison Theatre, Sept. 19,
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexitime   Electric
Five Acre Lot
Suitable for subdivision
Close to City Limits
PRICE $800
Half Cash Balance on Terms
Residence Oor. 3rd St. hi d Kolwon an
Shop in Alley back of E. J. Bourne's
Store, First Street
It will pay you to
make a^call at
P.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
(or the bush. I make a
specially of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required inyour business.
Real Fstate and Insuranoe
Corner McKenzie Ave. and 2nd St.
Ummfnotnr»d for ah oia»M of   buildluft
For sals in law or small quantities
at th« lowest price* furcaah
All klodi'of bui Min* aud plastering
Foote & Pradolini.
Packed in
60 4  a pound
In com mr miration of the coronation r.f
Kinc (leoryr V," KidK\\av»" have put on the
market a coronation tin o( a most picture»que
and exquisite deiicn, ber.rinB excellent portrait*
of Kinjf (ieorge V7, yueen Mary and the l'rince
of Waler Special panels hare been desipneil
reprctentinff Canada, India, Africa, Auitralia
.in I New jpiland.
duly a Halite I numr-er have been impotteJ.
l'llceGOc. iut one pmintl tins.
Al lini H.--I--
Conducted br the Jesuit father* a» a
boarding and dajr school, cnlerB upon its
jubilee rear, with a well known record of
ctenrfy progress nnd succors. In it* present
stale of development, with ils complete
Mnirof competent profess™ and its up-to-
date equipment, it offers today the beft
edm-aimnal focilitie** uf any ln-tilutlon in
thcuonliwn.t Kull cjlleglate high sccocl
and commercial courses, also prepaiatorv
department Iui younger studet Ui Labi
years enrolment 516 Kail term opens on
Sept. 6, mil 0'italogue on application.
Aoare*" President, Gonsaga Clf.-iro, 8po
kane, Vvaah. Jjy ]5
Spokank, Wash.
OaUlogtll and Kit tea on Application,
Address :     Sihtkk Superior.
The Dominion Elections
will soon be on
so also will be
The Shooting Season
-—♦      ■■
Game Heads Mounted by
P   O. Box 31
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol restore! every nerve la the body
. , .to Iti proptr tenilon ; reitorea
vim and vitality. Premature decay and all aeiual
weilcneaa averted at once. Fhotptioaoi will
make vou I new man.   Prica J|abo«. or two foi
&  Mailed lo any address.  Tha SeobeU Drn>
.. it.< athartnai. Ont. ^
BuM at Macdonald'a Drug Btoro.
U- Page i.
tub mail-heeald,*revelstoe:e
SATURDAY, SEPT. Ifi, 1911.
dbc flfoaU-lbeualfc
Jntcitot puttusbtnfi Coin-pans,
Legal notices in cents per line lit hi
insertion, 5 cents per line each
subsequent iiiscrtiou. Moasure
menu Nonpariel (12 lines make
one inch.) Store and general
business announcements $2.50 pel
inch per month. Preferred posi
tion.;, 25 i'er cent, additional.
Births, Marriages and Deaths, 50c
each insertion.
Land notices J7.50. All advertisements subject to tho approval ol
the management. Wanted and
CoaJcnoed Advertisements : -
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sil
Uutious wanted, Situations Va
cant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted, 25 words or lesB, 2*5c,
each additional line lu cents
Changes il standing advertise
ments must be in Iiy 9 a. m.
Tuesday anl Friday ol each week
to secure good  display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on mat
ters of public interest. Com
munications to Editor must bt
accompanied by name ol wrltei
not necessarily lor publication
but as evidence ol good Initli
Correspondence Bhould  be  brief.
Including  postage  to  Kngland,  Unit
ed  States and Canada.
By the year (through postoHlco) ?2.',i
Zhc flfcaiUbeiai
SATURDAY, SEPT.   16,  19*11.
Comments on tlie inhibits
tlie Fall Fair
The  follow,ti.;  criticism  of  th.*
hii.its at  tlie inir in this departn
i 11
is contributed:
This was ona of the must difficult
-ections of the whole fair to Bbngc
as BO few people here work in th. s
branches, and all this considered,th,
exhibit was most creditable indeed,
and called forth a good .led of at
tention ami admiration. A p.gticu
larly beautiful picture of Lake Louis
and Glacier, loaned by W.W. l.e.'eaux
an.l painted by F. M. Hell-Smith, R.
t'.A., Toronto, being much admired.
This picture was on its Way through
t.i tbe Vancouver exhibition, but was
intercepted by a member of tbe eon.
nnttee aud held over for our local
fair. As a work of art it was ii.
itself well worth the price of ad
mission and tha committee were ver)
fortun.it,' in getting it.
Miss Wrigley, who holds a c mii.
cate Irom the South Kensington Ar
Scbo il, England, and who conduct*
classes in water colors in Revelstoke
put up a very fine exhibit indeel
which called forth a ro d .le.il <fa.
miration; The interior views an
Bowers I em; more particulaily plan
Mrs. Pratt Sl i.t a s 1 .1,11 it o
B.C. pictures. Her conception ol
tl. C, '■ . i, and c h.ring u eet'n
with much approva'. Mrs. Coursiei
in-. :'. th • comm'.tt?e, did not
cornicle, bur sent an . x'.i it In oils
water colors and china, I e.n-- a form
**r pupil 'f P.M. Knowles, R.C.A.,ol
T r.nto. her work speaks for Itself
Mr. Copeland sent a contribution
.n "!' oil, pen and Ink, which wen
•. iy nee and made one wonder why
bs d. 1 not lend mor?. Thei-' were
ni nice Hei i laon K.-h *r bead* in
ptn ar. 1 Ink, anl <,n * ol two other
n.ce piee.s, but ths rest w re m.id
rip chiefly <>' children's w.rk, some
i>!  which  Was  v. ry   tic.    in Lol.
Tho :.'■•     the     . tit r. ■     w ll i
lar," ae the eommitl ■• ixpect *l, th
* enlai ed this yeai
t., a* lur&ge i.i kl Idles • • get bu y
„„.! : ■:. . n.i b m ih it ap
prerl.it. ui   an .'li"i   y. *
tb moe "f th- 1 Bt b  n ■ ' ul   lown
The lOhtOft wai '* : *. pretty 1ml '
as wa, alio the Ui ias Work and
W, I C rv n [. A partic (lar'j pl *s
,ui l    m *st artlatii   clt ck in this
ex cut*-*!
and - ni
3 arrives at C a.m.,
leaves .''t
at 3.15   p.m.,    leaves
b 20 a.m.
No. 1 arrives
at 3:35  p.m.
No.  18,  Seattle train, arrives
4:36 p.m., leavea at 4:*6 p.m.
No. 14,  Beattie train,  arrives
7:14 a.m., leaves 7:35 a.m.
No. 2 arrives at 11:40 a.m., leaves
at 12 o'clock noon.
No. 4 arrives at 12:45 a.m., leaves
at 12:55 a.m.
Bouth train leaves Revelstoke at
7:35 a.m., arriving hack at 4:15 p.m.,
connecting here with No. 13.
Have You Obtained Your Winter's
Supply of Coal Yet?
PITTSBURG HARD, Furnace Coal   $18 per ton
BANKHEAD COAL (Stove Size) $10.25 per ton
(a limited supply on hand)
WELLINGTON (soft coal) $11.00 per ton
WOOD (16 ii ch) $7.50 per cord
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Sept.  19-20.—The    Famous    Juvenil
Bostonians at the IDdison theatre.
Sept.   2*8-27—Thc    Musical    Bckhardts
iu vaudeville at the Kdison theatre.
Oct. 2—V.. R. R.no's
"Human  Hearts"
Company      in
at the    Kdison
euwtvau.eAN.       surwio, h.v.
We have jusi opened up our
Fall Stock of Men's and Hoys'
Sweaters and Sweater Coals whicli
consists of a large assortme t ol
diflerent colors anil qualities. They
come in lhe plain and far.C)
Pi ices from $1 to $9
McRae Mercantile Co.
I Ia*f the .Summer is slill ahead,
provided for it by   keeping  our
assorted in sizes.
Just received our Fall Samples for made-to-
order Suits.    Let   us  show   ihem   to   vou.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Foot-Rite Shoes.        -       Fit-Reform Clothing
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 >tt >*<n,
nterval 5 seconds-—I strokes. Hoi
4 No. uf box will also be shown
n  indicator at flit  Hull.
Boi   No.   14—Corner    Kirst    street
i.l    McKenzie   avenue, C. B. Humt
& Co.
boi No. 15—Corner First street
nd   Itokeby  avenue,   pout  office.
Hoi   No.   16-Corner   Second   street
sn.l   '.'.vcrnment   It'«i!   and       Opera
I' use.
Boi No. 17—Cornar Third street
• i I Campbell avenue, Globe l.um
nr company.
Boi  No.  18—O.P R   station.
llm No 24 Corner Fifth street
nd McKenzie avenue, Oetbolic
Boi Ko IS ' '.rner Hi ith h'.leet
nd  Urton  avenue,   W.   A.   Foot*
llo« No, It- « '.rner Fourth stroet
nd Townley street, Corner » . i'h
Boi No. 2H Corner Second slrert
nd Robson avenue,  Mrs   Uakor.
liox  No,  34   Kire  Hall No.  2.
liox   No.   3.1—Hospital.
BOI  No.   36   School.
Hoi  No.  44—Kirn   Hall   No.   1.
Uoi No. 45— Front street wc.it
ear C. P. R. bridge.
Box No. 46—Corner King and
louglns streets, Palace Meat M.irket
Boi No. 47—Corner Second and
Vales  streets,  l,nck  of court  house.
Box No. 40—Corner Third and
jhas.  streets,  Cowan  block.
Signal for practice—not less tr.an
li   If.)  slow strokes.
Cno (1) Indicates line broken or
re out.
Moving pictures at tha Kdison the
ntre  tonight.
Keep Sept.. 10th and 20th fir the
Juvenilia Hostoninns at. the /ril.-ioii
FOR SAI.K A good seiond-hitml
Range. Apply to Uev. K.A. Smith
or Bourne's Hardware store. This
Is a bargain.
Arthur Price of Vancouver, has
accepted n position on the local
post office staff.
October 1*6—Royal Welsh Choir, at
the  Edison  theatre.
Oct. 17 to 28.—The return of the
popular Company, the Allen Players and Miss Verna Felton, nt the
Kdison theatre.
Nov. IIO—Mark Hamburg the great
Russinn Pianist, at thc Edison
Dec. 18—C.P. Walker presents the Win
Yule compnny in the ltivals, at th
Edison theatre.
Tan. 10—Return of Win. Yule & Co.,
in llombey & Son,  Edison theatre.
Jan. ac—Tho famous Ferguson'B Jubilee Singers considered the hest col
ored concert company on the road,
l-Mlson theatre.
Feb. 2G—The Cnstlesqunre Entertainers in high class concert at the
Edison theatre.
J. & T. Hell's, 1 i.i.ton,' Spei i.ti and
Recti's < ushioit Shoes, McPherson'a
Tiaiiiiiieu's Shoes, and dress shoes ol nil
kinds, all of which are Union made,
Stanfield's and high grade Knglisl.
Uncli.*iwe.ir. Everything that the logger
requires ior comfort. Chippewa Kails
Driving Shoes and Shoe Pacts.
Howson's Ulock Kevelstoke, 11. 0,
Cash and Due Price
Revelstoke Land DiBtrict.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice, that I, Laura A. Ral
ston, of Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation married woman, int.nd to
npply for permission to purchns; th3
following  described  lands;
Commencing at a posl planted ad-
jaoent lo the Nortll East corn r of
Lot 9323, lieing the Nortll West Cor
ner; thence aouih Ml chains, cast 80
chains, north SO chains and west 80
chains to point ot commencement and
containing 040 acres, more or lesB.
Dated  AugiiBt  Sth,  1911.
James Fisher, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, John Kyle, of
Ymir, B.C., occupation Lumberman,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to the North West corner of
Lot 9323, being the North East corner; thence running south 80 ohaius,
weat 80 chains, nortll 80 chains and
east 80 chains to point of commencement, and containing 040 acres more
or less.
Dated AugiiBt 9th,  1911.
JOHN   KYLE,   Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent
a Pre-
C. R. Macdonald  Has
paration   That   Will
Hair Abundantly.
This is an age of new discoveries.
To grow hair after it has fallen out
today  iB a reality.
SALVIA, the Great Hair Tonic ainl
Dressing, will positively create a new
growth of hair.
If you want to have a beautiful
head of hair, free from Dandrufi, use
SALVIA ome a day and watch the
SALVIA is guaranteed to stop falling lmir and restore the hair to its
natural color. 'I%? greatest Hair
Vigor known.
SALVIA is compounded by c.rert
Watch yonr hair if it is falling f,ut
If yon don't, you will sooner or later  he  baM.
SALVIA prevents baldness iy fastening  the hair to the roots.
Ladies will And SALVIA j.ist the
hair dressing they are looking fi r. It
makes the hair soft and Huffy nnd
is not sticky.  A large  bottle, 50c.
Give comfort snd esse
without sacrifice of
style. The variety of
models meets every
woman s requirement*. Thebest stores
sell them.
Aliovt ',. it,, gracfllul, con.
Umfcls. t./C • I** fit... Mi.
iiiiii,Wi,k Si!«»2f)io30.
Slickly ■topa co-oiks.   nirM colHj,  tir.X,
• threat sad Uai..     ...     39 t.,t..
"H. M. B."    .    . $1.00 lb.
" 5 O'Cloclc,"    .     .60c "
" Old Country,"   .   .SOc. "
"Capital Household,".40c. "
At Best Shops
lievelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, lOiutna Fostor,
of Kosslt.nd, B. 0., intend to apply
for permission to purchase the lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near tlle South Enst corner ol
Lot 8178, thence south t-0 chans,
west 80 (hiins, nortll 80 chains and
east 80 chains to point of commence,
ment and containing 6-10 acres, more
or less.
Dated August llth,  1911.
EMMA   FOSTER,   Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice thut I, William 11 Mc
Whii ter, of Ymir, B. 0., occupation
Lumberman, intend to apply :.r permission to purchase the following de-
scrilied lunds:
Commencing at a post planted on
the East shore of Mosipiito Laid at
or near the North-west corner of Lot
8402, being the South Wc»t Corner,
thence running north hi) c lains t»'( ng
the shore of said luke, tliiiiee erst
40 cbuins, south 80 chainB ant1 wist
40 cliuinB to point of conim.-tifenient,
ainl containing 320 acres, t> '-re or
Duted  August llth,  1911.
James Fisher, Agent.
RevelBtoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Amie Treglown
of Patterson, B. C, occupation, mur-
ried woman, intend to upply for per
mission to purchase the following de
scribed lands:
Commencing ut a post planted
about Ten (10) ehuins East of the
South Weat corner of Lot 817li, being the North East corner; thence
south 80 chains, west 80 chains,
north 80 chains and caet 80 chains,
to point of commencement nnd con
taining 040 acreB more or less.
Dati-d  August Hth,  1911.
AMIE TRKCLOWN,  Applicant.
JameB Fisher, Agent.
Broadview   (Fractional)  L.   H.  an
Indiana  Mineral  Claims, situate      in
thc  Trout   Luke  Mining  Division    of
West Kootenay  District.
Where located:—On Great Northern
TAKE    NOTICE  (Imt  1,  O.  B.  N.
Wilkie,  acting as agent for thc Ohio
Milieu      Development      Co.,   Limited,
Free     Miner's     Certilicate   Numnbcr
17,   intend,  sixty      tlays       from
i.ite hereof, to apply to the Mining
U'i,,nler   for   a      CertiUcuto   of     Im-
proVemsots, for the purpose of   ob-
i.iiiong ,1 Grown Grant of the uhave
el a litis.
And farther take notice that action
nt''    SOUoB  *I7,  must be commenced
tin* ISSUaOOe ol such fertilioutc
.I Improvements.
hated this I7lh day of August,
0,  B.   N.  WILKIE,
Trout Luke.  B. 0
Don't leave your Coal orders too late.   You can get your
choice of the following right now.
Best Grade of Pennsylvania Hard Coa'.
Wellington Soft Coal.       Comox Soft Coal.
Nicola Soft Coal.   Cordwood in all lengths.
Your Credit is Good -  Prices Fight
PHONE No. 60
Your Electric Fixtures
If they go wrong, don't worry, but just
Phone to No. 284 in the day
or No. 40 at Night
and they will immediately be attended to. There is
nothing we can't do in this line as years of experience
with electrical machinery has given us an insight into
the business that could not be obtained etherwise.
Don't swear when the lights go out.   Let us do that
for you.
A. G. DUCK,   -   General Manager
Store and Office, Old Howson Block
Player Pianos, Pianos and Organs
(lur reputation is well known for square dealing.
We call give you better  prices,   better  quality,   than   any
other house ill the trade.
WHY 1   Call and we will prove this statement up to the
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
When you buy gro:eries you want woods that are fresh and that can
be t died upon.    We have them.    We are headquarters for
Groceries,   Provisions,   Boots   and Shoes
Tobaccos, Etc.
D. GALLICANO, Third Street, Near Railroad Track
KtvilHtokr l.mid District.
iJlatrlet iff Went Kootenay.
Take notice ihut 1, Mal*l Itiilnton,
of MarriH'inliiiri!, Vlrclnln, ocinpa
lion Hrhool TMWbtr, Intend to up
ply for prrnilwmin to pun Imae thc
following  ilcurrlliwl  lnndi:
Commcncltut nt a pout planted adjacent to the North HSa«t Corner ot
Lot 9.12.1, 1*-1ng the Houth Went lor
ner; tbence running north 10 chain*.
Mint Wi chnlna. south HO rhainii nnd
-v-.it o rlniins to point of commencement and containing 640 acrea more
or lean.
Pnted  Ausuat Wh,  1911.
MAUKI, RALSTON, Applicant.
Jtmee Fietaer, Agent.
Save Your Horses!
Provender is dear and hi is horse flesh, hut lixht running
wagons antl huggics are cheap.
The evolution ol lhc farm nt d Road Vehicles has kept pace
with modem science nnd now wc  ire ofTcring
All Spring-Steel Wagons
lilted out wiih perfect roller-bearing running mat jntt us cheap a»
the olil-fiishioncd wikhIcii   framed   wagon.    They run   lighter  and
caster and wear Icnger.
Those who purchased them : te our most itntisfied customer!!.
You don't have to take ofl the wheels to grease them; they are
dust pioof caps anil carry u  mtu.ll heavier load than the ordinary
A full supply ol lniKKirs nf tie newest makes also garden and
farm implements, ask us uliout ll.eni.
First Stroet, Weat,
Oppoalle Poet Office
Revelstoke Plumbing. Heating & Sheet Metal Co.
BethnatM given for Sanitary work, Hlectric Lighting, Hot
Air, Water, Steam Heating nud all kinds ol  Sheet   Metal
Hatha, l-avatorica, Water Tli  eta, etc.
Prompt ultcntion given to all orders.
See Our Show Room on Connaught Avenue
Phone No.'
Box 401
• SATURDAY, SEPT.  16, 1»11.
Page 5.
Home Baking,
Better every way
than the ready
made foods
Baking Powder
Apure,Cream of Tartar
Made frar\ Grapes
No Alum
In Your Kitchen
I Saves 20^o on Coal j
It is a wonderful patent device, the Oxford Economizer, and is licensed
for use only on
This marvellous regulator keeps the oven at a given temperature. No
heat is wasted—nothing goes up the flue but bad odors, steam and smoke.
The fire is held for hours without attention—ready for immediate use—
and all this labor, time and fuel saved by simply turning the crank.
With the Divided Oven Flue Strip you have even baking, because of
the perfect distribution of heat, secured by this expert arrangement.
The ReverubleCnts
is provided with strong,
interlocking teeth that reduce coals to ashes by
a single turn. In appearance, in details of finish
and design the Chancellor
is an ornament as well as
a necessity in any kitchen.,
The Range here represented and other Gur-
ney-Oxfords of every sort
for every purpose, displayed on our floor.
Lawrence Hardware Company, Ltd.
Don't think that people
don't judge you by
your clothes.
Will   you   kindly   tell   us   how
else   they   can judge  you ?
They see more of your clothes than of
anything else.
And naturally, they will form most of their
opinion from what they see the   most of.
Those who are always to the front in style
and appearance, wear Fit-Reform Suits, as
a matter of courie. w
~*i i* *' -
Complete List of Successful Com
petitors in the Different
Challenge cup—Donated hy Rev?l -
stoke Poultry ami Pet Stock Assn.—
Highest scoring cock and two hens,
nny variety,  R.  M. Smythe.
Challenge cup—Donated by McKinnon's Cigar Store—Highest scoring  Buff Leghorn cock,   J. J.   Devine.
Mail-Herald cup—Highest scoring
Rhode Island Red,  cock and hen,   J.
A. Morgan.
R. N. Doyle cup—Highest scoring
Huff LeghoAi, cockerel and pullet, H.
B. R. Smythe.
P. Burns & Oo. cup—Highest scoring S.Lf Wyandotte, cockerel nnd
pullet, K. Fleetham.
Mnundrel'l Menl Market cup—Highest scoring Barred Rock, cock nnd
hen,  H.  M. Smythe.
Smythe's Cigar Store cup— Highest scoring Buff Orpington, cock and
hen,   H.E.R.  Smythe.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co cup
—Highest scoring White Leghorn
cock and hen,  J.  J.  Devine.
Lawrence Hardware Cup—Highest
scorinr S.L. Wyandotte, cock and
hen,  R. 0. Young.
C. F. Lindmark cup—Highest scoring Brown Leghorn cockerel and pul
let,   E. G.  Woodland.
McRae Mercantile Co.. cup—Highest
scoring Barred Roek, cockerel nnd
pullet, H. M. Smythe.
Sawyer Bros, cup—Highest scorii."
White Leghorn, cockerel and pullet,
J.  A. Morgan.
En'erprise Brewing Co. cup—Highest scoring breedinj p?n, J. A. Morgan.
Rev. P. and P.S. Assn. cup—Highest scoring Black Minorca cock, Jas.
Burred Plymouth  Rocks:—
R.  M.  Smyths—Cock,  1st,  Hen,  let,
cockerel, 2nd;  pullet.   1st  and 2nd.
Mrs. HI A. Upper—Cock, 2nd; hen,
Geo.   Laforme—Hen,  3rd.
.1.   Shaw—Cockerel,   1st.
.7. Clelland—Pullet, 3rd; hen, 2*1.
White Plymouth  Rocks:—
J. Devine—Cock, 1st, cockerel, 3rd;
pullet, 1st and 2nd; pen, 1st.
R.  M.  Smythe—Cockerel,  2nd;  pullet, 3rd, pen, 2nd.
Bull Plymouth Rocks:—
R.  M.  Smythe—Cockerel,  1st      and
2nd;  pullet,   1st,   Ind,  and  3id;    pen,
1st nnd 2nd.
Silver  Lnced   Wyandottes:—
C. E. Young—Cock, 1st; hen, Ist,
2nd  and 3rd;  pen,  1st.
Rev. C. A. Procunier—Cockerel 2nd;
pullet,  1-t; pen, 3rd.
F. Flerftham—Cock,    2ml;     cockerel
1st and 2rd;  pullet,  2nd and 3rd; pen
Wbita  Wyandottes:—
J. Shaw—Cock. 1st; hen, 1st and
2nd; cockerel, 2nd; pullet, 3rd; pen
1st and 2nd.
F. Fleetham—Cockerel, 1st; pullet,
J.   J.   Devine—Pullet,   Aid.
Partridge   Wyandottes: —
E. G. Woodland- Cockerel, 1st; pullet,  1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Rhode Island Red, S.C.:—
J. A. Morgan — Cock, lst;ktien,
2nd; cocderel, 2nd and 3rd; pullet,
2nd; pen, 1st.
F. Fleetham—Cock, 2nd and ,1rd;
hen, 3rd;  pullet,   1st;  pen, 2nd.
J. Devine— Hen,  1st.
A. Johnson—Cockerel, 1st, pullet,
Rhode Island Red, R.C.:—
J. Devine—Cockerel,  1st.
R. W.  Lindsay,     Beuton—Cockerel,
2nd; pullet,  1st and -Hid.
White  IrfghornB,   S.C.:—
J. Devine—Cock.  1st; hen,  1st.
B. A.  Lawson—Cock, 2nd.
B. F. Somerville—Cock, 3rd; lien,
3rd; pen, 3rd.
J.   A.   Morgan—Cockerel,   1st,   2nd,
and   iti:      pullet,   lut,   2nd  and  3rd;
pen,  l«t ami 2nd.
Hud  l/cghorns,  S.C.::—
J. Devine—Cock. 1st; lien, lnt;pen,
H. B. n. Smythe—Cock, 2nd; cock.
ml, 2nd; pullet, 1st mil 2nd; |ien,
H. P. MeKinnon-Oock, 3rd; hen,
.'nd and Mj cockerel, 3rd; pullet 3rd
i«'ii. 2nd.
J.  Clclliin.l—Cockerel,  1st.
Buff   leghorns.   KfC.: —
V.  Vi.  lining—Cock,  1st;     hen, Ist,
2ml ami 3rd;     cockerel,  1st nml 'ind,
pullet, 1st, 2nd and 3rd; pen,  1st ami
Brown leghorn, B.C.:—
B. G. Woodland—Cockerel, 1st; pul
let, let, 2nd nml 3rd; pen lift nnd 2nd
llti.wn Ije-ghorn. R.C.:—
B. ''.. Woodlnnd—Hen, 1-t, 2r,i and
3rd; cockerel, l«t; pullet, lat. 2nd,
nnd 3rd, pen, Ut.
Minorca,  S.   O.;—
Mri.   W.   Armstrong—Cock,   1st; hen
lit, 2nd and 3rd; pen, let.
MlnoiCB, R. C.:—
.1.  Mathie—Cock,  let; hen.  1st and
Huff Orpingtons:—
H.   B.   US   mythe-Cock,   lit;   hen,
1st; pullet   lit.
SgtfMgtll   Bantams—
Douglas MrCorter-Oork, 1st; ben,
1st. and and 3rd; pen lit,
Largest and beet exhibit. Amtrieao
class—F.   Fleetham.
Largest and best exhibit, Medeter-
ranean class—F.  W.  Laing.
Langest and best exhibit—English
class—H.E.R.   Smythe.
Largest  and   best  exhibit of  whole
show—R.  M.  Smythe.
W. Morris—Cock Homer, 1st, 2nd,
and 3rd; Homer hen, let, 2nd and
:ird; Young homer cock, 1st, young
Homer  hen,  1st.
Ohas.   Field—Young  Homer      cock,
j 2nd; young Homer hen, 2nd.
Best collection—Mrs.   Jones.
R. A. Upper—Old drake, 1st; old
duck, 3rd;  pen, 2nd.
E. C. Young—Old drake, 3rd; old
duck,  2nd;  pen.  3rd.
B. F. Somerville—Old drake, 2nd;
old duck, lat; young drake, 3rd,
young duck,  1st; pen  1st.
W. Jowett—Young drake, lab;
young duck,  2nd.
H.E.R. Smythe—Young  drake,   2od.
Mrs.   W.   Armstrong—Young    drake,
Mrs. R. A. Opper-—Old gander, 1st;
old goose, lat; young gander, 1st;
young goose,  1st.
Belgium  Hares—W.  Leslie,  let; Flemish  Giants,  W.  Leslie.
Best Pen of Ducks—B. F. Somerville.
White  Pink  Eye—Mrs.   Laing.
Bread, white—1, Mrs. Coursier; 2,
Mrs.  N.   Abrahamson; 3,  Miss Hharpc
Bread, brown—1, Mrs, Steed; 2,
Mrs. W.  A.  Foote; 3,  Mrs. Hay.
Dinner Rolls—1, Mrs. Steed; 2,
Miss  Sharpe.
Baking Powder Biscuits — I, Mrs.
Steed; 2, Mrs. W. A. Foote.
Short Bread—1, Mrs. W. A. Foote;
-,   Mrs.   Oollison.
Cookies—2,  Mrs.  Steed.
Cake, fruit—1, Mrs. Coursier; 2,
Mrs. Hay.
Pound Cake—1, Mrs. Haggen, 2,
Mrs. Hay.
Seed Cake—1, Mrs. S. McDonald,2,
MrB.  Clelland.
Chocolate Cake—1,     Mrs. Coursier;
Layer Cake—1, Mrs. Collisou; 2nd,
Mrs.  S.  McDonald.
Spc.n»e Cake—1st, Mrs. Clelland, 2
Mrs. Coursler.
Fruit Pie—1, Mrs. Steed; 2, Mrs.
Mine*   Meat—1,   Mrs.   Clelland.
Plum Pudding—1, Mrs. Clelland, 2,
Mrs.  Hay.
Cake hy girl under 15—1, Kathleen
Special Prize, broad—Best loaf of
bread made from Robin Hood Flour.
Kirst prize—100 pounds of Rolrin
Hood flour; second prize—50 pounds
Robin Hood flour, by G. W. Bell —
Ist, Mrs. H. N. Coursier; 2nd, Miss
Lemon   Butter—1,   Mrs.   J.   Morris.
Apple Butter—1,  Mrs.  Coursier.
Marmalade—1,   Mrs.  Bunyan.
Strawberries—1, Mrs. Shaw (Gal-
,iia Bay);  2, Mrs.  Morris.
Currants, black—1, Mrs. Foote;
2,  Mrs.   S.  McDonald.
Currants, red—1, Mrs. Shaw (Galena); 2, Mrs. Lee.
Currants, white—1, Mrs. Field.
Gooseberries—1, Mrs. Shaw (Galena);  2,   Mrs.   Steed.
Raspberries, bluck—1, Mrs. Shaw
(Galena); 2,  Mrs.  Coursier.
Raspberries, red—1, Mrs, S haw
(Galena); 2,  Mrs. Steed.
Cherries—1, Mrs. 8. McDonald; 2,
Mrs.   Shaw.
Apricots—I, Mrs. Coursler; 2, Mrs.
Peaches—1, Mrs. J. Morris; 2, Mrs.
Pears—1, Mrs. Coursier; 2, Mrs.
Best    Assortment—1,   MrB.   Steed.
Jellies—1, Mrs. Needham; 2, Mrs.
PickleK, sweet—1, Mrs. Steed; 2,
Mrs.  Anderson.
Pickles, Bour—1, Mrs. Foote; 2,
Mrs.  Steed.
Pickles, musiard—1. Mrs. Foote; 2,
Mrs.   Garner.
Pickled white onions—1, Mrs.
Shaw  (Galena; 2, Mrs.  flteed.
Catsup— 1, Mrs. Steed; 2, Mrs. 8.
Raspberry Vinegar—1, Mrs. Steed;
2, Mrsf Mcicklejobn.
Horn." made wine —I, Mrs. Ooddiird
2, Mrs.  W.  Armstrong.
Best .illicitmii grown from McKenzie  kkmIh   I,  W.   K.   Smith.
Potatoes, Hohc of the North— I,'
J. Olellund; 2, Wing Chung.
Potatoes, Beauty of Hebron—1, W.
E.  Smith.
PotatOM, Carmen—1, D. R. Campbell.
P-i.tiil.ieti   —BlirlmnkH — 1, Win-g
Potatoes, any variety—I, W. B,
Smith; 2, (ho.  Informs.
Potatoes, Imported seed—1, W. B.
Turnips—1, Geo. Laforme; 2, J.
Carrots, Short Horn — Wing
Chung; .', 0. Garner.
Carrots, any variety—1, A. B.
Miller;  2, Wing Chung.
Parsnips— 1, Wing Chung; 2, 0.
Cabbage,* summer—1, Geo. Laforme; 2, Wing Chung.
Cabbage, red—1, Geo. Laforme; 'i,
J.   Matz and L.  Fioco.
Cabbage, winter—1, Geo. Laforme;
2, J. Shaw.
I   Savoys—1,  W.  Potruft. I N. Coursier.
'    Oaulillower—1,   Geo.   Laforme;       2, I    Best    collection   Pansies— 1,    Lydia
iWing  Chung. Steed;  2, W.  Robinson.
Onions,  white—1,  A.  Funo;  2, Wing '    Best    collection   Poppies—1,      Mrs.
Chung. r Bunyan.
Onions, yellow—1, MrB.  J.  Matz; 2, I    Best      collection   Stocks—1,       Mrs.
I Wing Chung. Lee; 2,  Gertrude Field.
|    Onions, red—1, A. Funo; 2, Mrs.  J.       Best   Truss Hydrangea  Parriculata
Matz. —I, Mrs.  W. E.  Smith; 2,  Mrs.  Geo.
Onions,   pickling—1,   Mrs.   J. Matz;    Meicklejohn.
2,  Wing Chung. I    Best collection  Balsams—1
Peas, unsbelted—1, Mrs. Bunyan; 2,   Lee.
R.  Lindsay. I    Best collection  Clematis—1
Beans,  green—1,   W.   E.   Smith;    2, j Janet Morris; 2, Mrs. Coursier
D.  R. Campbell.
Beans, yellow—1, Geo. Laforme; 2,
J.  Clelland.
Corn—1, J. Nelson; 2, D.R. Campbell.
Beets—1, Mrs. Bunyan; 2, J, Clelland.
Celery, green—1, Hume & LawBon
Ranch;  2,  A.  Funo.
Celery, yellow—1, Hume & Lawson
•J, A Funo.
Celery, red—1, Geo. Laforme; 2, T.
Lettuce—1,  Geo.  Laforme.
Rad'dish, long—1, A. Funo.
Radish, turnip—1, Wing Chung; 2,
A.  Fuao.
Radish,   winter—1,   J.   Johnson;    2,
Hume & Lawaoni
Squash, Hubbard—l, W. Potruft; 2,
.1.   Nelson.
Best collection Hollyhocks—1,   Mrs.
Best collection   Verbenas—1,      Mrs.
Janet Morris; 2,  Mrs. Coursier.
Best    collection  Lillies—1,   Mrs.  H.
N. Coursier.
Beat     collection Tinnias—1,      Mrs.
Best  hand  bouquet—I,   Mrs.   H.   N.
Coursier   2,  W.   Robinson.
Best  table  bouquet—1,   Mrs.   Steed;
2, Mrs. F. H. Bourne.
Best  Florul   design—1,   Mrs.   H.   N.
Coursier;  2,  Mrs.  Steed.
Best   Fern—1, Mrs.  C.  B.  Hume; 2,
Mrs. F. W.  Laing.
Best  three  Ferns—1,   J.   Shaw.
Best  Hydrangea—1,   J   Shaw.
Best   collection   houBe plants — 1,
J.  Shaw.
I Special  Prizes:—
ley, inclusive). First prize, JM,
Second prize, *20; by CB. Hume &
Co.—1, F. G. Fauquier;: 2, Sheill Bros
Special cash prire of $20, by A.
McRae, awarded to R. W. Lindsay o!
Squash1,    Golden Scolloped—1, Geo.'    Snapdragons—Mrs.   A.   E.   Miller.
Laforme; 2, W.  E.  Smith. j    Verennial     Larkspur—Mrs.    A.    E.
S'quash,   heaviest—1,   W.   K.   Smith.  Miller.
Squash,  any  other variety—1,  Mrs.1 FRUIT.
J.   Matz;  2,  Geo. Laforme. I Apples:—
Pumpkin.-!—1,   Wing  Chung;  '2,   Geo.      Red   Astruchnn—1,   R.   Lindsay;    2,
Laforme. F.  G.  Fauquier.
Pumpkins, largest—1,  W. E.  Smith.      Yellow Transparent—1,   Hume    and
Vegetable Marrow—1,  W.   E.  Smith   Lawson; 'i, G. Wizner.
2,  Mrs. Meicklejohn. I     Wealthy—1,    K.    G.    Fauquier;     2,
Tomatoes,   smooth—1,    Hume    and   Hume & Lawson.
I    Gravenstein—1,   F.   G.   Fauquier,  2,
and   E.  C.   Cameron.
|    Duchess—1,   F.G.   Fauquier;  2,  D.R.
La-   Campbell.
|     Alexander—1,  Mrs.  F.  A.  Fuote; 2,
Shaw;   J.   Shaw  (Arrowhead).
|     Maiden's  Blush—1,  F.   G.   Fauquier;
Oitron—1, W. Potrufl; 2,  J. Nelson.      St.  Lawren.o—1,   J.  L. Funk; 2, F.
Peppers, green—1, Wing Chung;     £,   G.   Fauquier.
W.   Potrufl. !     Beitegheimer—1,    C.    Haner;  2,    D.
Kail—1,  Mrs.  Meicklejohn. I Campbell.
Vegetables—Best   collection   at   the      Twenty     Ounce     Pippin—1,    Sheill
fnir.  Any  district.  Prize medal   value   Bros.
525,  hy Canadian  Bank  of Commerce      Keswick Codlin;—1,  J.  L. Funk> 2,
1st, W. E. Smith. I F.  G.  Fauquier.
Vegetables—For   best   exhibit   from       Any  other Fall variety—1,      Sheill
Arrow  Lake district and all     points   Bros.
on Arrow Lakes; (Arrowhead to Fire      Yellow   Newton   Tippin—1,     F.    G.
Valley  inclusive).  Prize—Furniture to   Fauquier.
value of 125,  by Howson ft Co.     1st      Northern   Spy—1,   0.   A.   Tiocunier;
R. W. Lindsay. I 2, F. G. Fauquier.
Vegetables—Best   collection   of   veg-      Spitzenhcrg—1,   F.   G.   Fauquier,
•tables  from   Malakwa district. Prize      Mcintosh  Red—1,   J.   L.  Funk;      2,
one  case   silverware     ihy      Lawrence  F.  G.  Fauquier.
Lawson;  2,  Wing  Chung.
Tomatoes,   ribbed—1,   Hume
Lawson;  2,  Mrs. Matz.
Cucumbers,   garden—1,   Geo.
forme;  J,   J.   Shaw.
Cucumbers,   pickling—1,   J.
2, T. Steed.
Hardware Co.   No  prize awarded  ow
ng to insufficient entries.
Barley, hulless—1, W. E. Smith; 2,
D.  R. Campbell.
Barley, bearded—1, W, E. Smith; 2
Mrs. G. Garner. I	
Wheat, autumn—1, W. E.  Smith; 2,   L. Funk.
R.   W.  Lindsay.
Wheat, spring—1, W.  E.  Smith.
Oats—1, W. Balder; 2, D.R. Campbell.
Peas, large—1, Mrs.  J.  Matz.
Peas, small—Mrs.   J.  Matz.
Rye—I, D. R. Campbell; 2, W. E.
Beans—1,  Mrs.  J.  Matz.
Hops—1,  Mrs.  G.   Garner.
Blenheim Orange—I,   Geo.   Laforme.
Rhode Island Greening—1, J. I.*
Baldwin—1, F. G.  Fauquier.
Golden Russet—1, F. G. Fauquier;
2,  J.  L.  Funk.
Grimes Golden Pippin—1, T. Steed;
Ontario—1,  F.  G.   Fauquier;  2,    J.
Turnips,   swede—1,   Wing   Chung;   2,   Mrs.  Sibbald.
Wagner—1,   F.   G.  Fauquier; 2
D. Jowett.
Jonathan—I,  F.  G.  Fauquier.
King ut Tompkins—2,  C. Haner.
Ribston  Pippin—1,   F.   G.   Fauquier
Stark—1, T. Steed;  2,  F.  Garner.
Baxter—1,  J. Shaw (Galena).
Mann—1,  Sheill Bros.
Canada Red—1, F.  G.  Fauquier.
Ben Davis—1,     F. G.  Fauquier;   2.
Geo. Laforme.
Turnips, white—1. O. Lundstrom;
2, B, F. Somerville.
Mangold—1, F. Fleetham; 2, Mrs.
Bunyan. H	
Sugar    Beets—I,  B.  F.  Somerville;   Garner.
Carrots,  white—0.    Lunditrom;    2,      Best  packed   box   of   apples
Hume ft Lawson.
Carrots,  red—1,  A.  Anderson;
Hume ft Lawson.
Potatoes—1,      W.    E.    Smith;
Hume ft Lawson.
Hay timothy—W.  E. 8mllh.
Clover hay—1,     W. B, Smith;     2
D.  R.  Campbell.
Best collection  of  grain  and gra«
ses—I, W. E. Smith; 2, C. Haner.
Wolf River—1, T.   Steed.
Pewaukee— I,  T.   Steed.
Bell  Flower—1,   F.G.   Fauquier.
Wnlhridge— 1,  F.   Fauquier.
Any     other     winter variety—1, F.
Dairy Butter—1, MrB. Hay; 2, Mrs
Honey In section—1, Rev. C. A
Procunler; 2,  H.K.R.  Smythe.
I variety—1, F. G. Fauquier.
2>'    Best collection  of apples—1, F. 0.
1 Fauquier.
2>   Pears:—
Bartlett—1, F.  G.  Fauquier; 2,    J.
I L. Funk.
•V     Sheldon—1, F.  G.  Fauquier.
Clapp's Favorite—1,   F.G.  Fauquier
2, Sbiell  Bros.
Flemish Beauty—1, F. G. Fauquier;
2,  J.  L. Funk.
Howell—1,   J.  L.  Funk.
Any other (all variety—1. T. Steed
Buerre  d'Anjou—1,  B.  G.   Fauquier
Winter Nells—1,  F.  G.  Fauquier.
Best collection   of   Pears,  not    less
Honey, strained—1.  H.E.R. Smythe   than six varieties—1, F.  G.  Fauquier
2, Rev. C. A. procunier.
Best collection of Annuals—1, Mrs.
Best collection of Asters—1, T.
Steed; 2, MrB. Lct>; 3, J, Shaw.
Baft collection of Roses—1, J. II.
CrcsHmnii, 2,  MrB.  Coursler.
Hest collection  of      Sweet Peas—1,
Any other  winter variety—1. Hume
ft Lawson.
Bradshaw—1,  J    Shuw (Galena).
Lombard—1,  Hume  ft  Lawson.
Wa«hington-l,  Sheill  Bros.; 2, Mrs
H.  N. Coursler.
Yellow  Egg—I, Hume & Luwson; 2,
J. T.  Nelson.
Damson—1, Mrs.  F.   A.  Foote;      2,
Mrs. F.  H. Bourne, 'i*, Mraf Coursler;' J,   8haw (Galena)
3,  MrB.   A.  B. Miller.
Best collection  of     Carnations— 1,'
John  Shaw.
Best   collection   Dahlias,   Cactus—1,
J.   P.  Mcljennan;  2,  Lillie Pettipiece.]
Italian Prune—1, Sheill Bros.
Columbia—I,  Mrs.   H.N.  Coursier.
Green Gage—1, J. T.  Nelson.
Pond's   Seedling—I,   D.   Campbell.
Any  other  variety—1,    Geo.      La-
Best   collection  DnhlinB,   Pompon —'forme; 2,  Sheill Bros.
1, J. P. McLennan. Best box of plums,  any variety—1,
Best collection of Dahlias, any Mrs. Coursler.
variety-1, J. P. Mclennan; 2, Thus. Crab Apples:—
rt(cwl ' Transcendent-1,   Hume   ft   Lawson;
Best collection  Gladioli—1,    3,    l'.\'2, Mrs. 0.  W. Bell.
Best collection Geraniums—1, Mrs.
Janet Morris; 2,  Mrs. Coursler.
Hest collection  Mignonette—1,    Mrs
Best collection Nasturtiums— 1, Mrs
F.  H.  Bourne;  2, Thos Steed.
Best collection Petunias—l, Mrs.
Best collect ion Phlox Drummondl-
triiBscs—1, T. Steed; 2, MrB. H. N.
Coursler. H	
Beat   Parenial     Pblox-1, Mn. H.   row Lakes. (Arrowhead to Fire Val
Hyalop— 1,   Sheill   Bros.;   2,   F.    G.
Siberian—1,   J.   Shaw  iGalena).
Martha—2,  R.   A.   Ivindsay.
General Grant—1,  F.  0.  Fauquier.
Blackberries,  any  variety:—
Hume ft Lawson; 7, B.O. Fauquier;
1,  K   Gnrner.
Special Prines:—
Bor     fruit  erhibits   from      Arrow
Lakes district and all points on Ar-
Oil Painting, original—1, Miss
Grant;  2, R. R. Copeland.
Water Color, copy—1, Mrs. Pratt.
Pencil or Crayon, original—1, Miss
Pencil or Crayon, copy—1, E.
Pen and ink, original—1, R. R.
Pen and Ink, copy—], Kathleen
Sibbald;  2,  Eric Coursier.
StfOcMling—1, Mrs. W. H. Sutherland.
China Painting—1, Mrs. J. Hamilton;  2,  Mrs. Goddard.
Perforated Brass—1, Miss MacFarlane.
Wood Carving, relief—1, Mrs. Miller,  2,  R. R. Copelarod.
Wood Carving, chip—1, Mrs. Upper
2, A.  E. Miller.
Collection Amateur Photographs—
1,  R.   R. Copeland;  2,  E.  H. Bond.
Pyrography—1,   Mrs.   Goddard.
Peni-il Freehand; boy or girl under
12—1, 0.  Coursier.
Pencil Freehand, boy or girl over
12—1,  0.  A.  Field; 2,   R. Haggen.
Water Color, boy or girl under 12,
copy—1, O. Coursier; J, D. Madda-
Water Color, toy or girl over 12,
copy—1,  Leon Courser;  2, R.  Calder
Map in colors, Public sohool children—2,  Kathleen  F:.id.
Map in colors, High school child -
ncn—1, May E. Field;  2, 0. A. Field.
Specilben Penmanship, box or girl,
under 12—1, 0. Coursier; 2, Nellie
Specimen Penmanship, boy or girl
under 16—1, Lydia Tteed; 2, R. Calder.
Best   collection   Souvenir  Postcards
 1,   K.   Sibbald;      2,  M.   E.   Field.
Special  prize—T. Morris.
Best Fret Work, boy or girl—1, C,
A.  Field.
Point Ijice—1.  Mrs. F.  H.  Bourne.
Honiton  Lace—1,   Mrs.   Needham.
Battenburg—1, Mr<. F. H. Bourne;
2, Dorothy  Morrison.
Lace Handkerchief—1, Mrs. Needham; 2, Mrs. C. H. Foote.
Shawl   in  Wool—1,  Mrs.  N?edham.
Knitted Stockings—I, Mrs. Matz;
2,  Mrs. GaUicano.
Eyelet  Shirt Waist—1,  Mrs.  Upper.
Tatting—1,  MrB.   C.  H. Foote.
Netting—1, Mrs. C. H. Foote.
Tea Cloth—1, Mrs. F. H. Bourni;
2. Mrs. Upper.
Tray  Cloth—2,  Mrs.  Robinson.
Wallachian—1, Miss MacFarlane; 2,
Mrs.   Siegrist.
Tea Cosy—1, Miss Wrigley; 2, Mrs.
H.  Smythe.
Eyelet Embroidery—1, Mre. Goddard;   2,   Mrs.   Needham.
Sofa Cushion—1, Miss MacFarlane;
■>,   Mrs. Upper.
Shadow Shirt Waist—1, Mrs. Needham.
Pin Cushion—1, Mrs. F. H. Bourne
2, Mrs. W. H. Sutherland.
Knitted Mietens — 1, Mrs. H.
Bedroom Slippers—1, Mrs. C. H.
Foote;  2.   Mrs.  Neeaham.
Eyelet Collar aod Cuds—1, Mrs.
Embroidery Hardanger—1, Alma
Best old ladies work, over 60 years
—1,  Mrs. Foote; i, Mrs. Booth.
Best collection of Embroidery— 1,
Miss  MacFarlane;  2,   Mrs.  Upper.
Collection of  Lace—1,   Mrs.   Upper.
Bureau Set—1, Miss Grainer; t,
Mrs. Upper.
Embroidered Pillow Slips or Tow-
ells—1, Mrs. W. H. Sutherland; 2,
Mrs.   J.  Matz.
Crochet Quilt—I, Mrs. J.A. Stone;
2, Mrs. Upper.
Smocking—1. Mrs. Sihbuld; 2. Mrs.
C. M. Field.
Hand   Made   Undergarment*— I   Mrs
0. H.  Foote;  2,  Mrs.  H.  Smythe.
Crochet Coat—1,  Mrs. Footc.*.2Mre
J.  A.  Stone.
Colored Centrepiece—2, Mrs.  Upper.
White Centrepiece—1, Misb MacFarlane; 2, Mrs. Goddard.
Crochet Lace—1. Miss W«ugh; 2,
Miss Wrigley.
Stencilled Sofa Cushion,  special —
1, Mrs. H. N. Coursler.
White Embroidered Tea Cloth
special—1,   Mrs.  W.   H.   Sutherland.
Embroidered Slippers, special — 1,
Miss De Feo.
Knitted Cuffs, Bpeclal—1, Mrs. J.
Embroidery on linen—I, Olga CoUr
mer; 2, Estelle McDonell.
Monogram on Cotton—1, Estelle
Darning—1,  Lucy  Brock.
Dressed    Doll—2.  Gladys  Campbell.
Bewt Button Holes—1, Lucy Brock;
'.',  Nellie Picard.
Scrap Book—1,  Kathleen Field.
Colored Sofa Cushion—1, R. Calder;  2,  Katie Homewood.
Embroidery, colored—1, Dorothea
SAMUEL MULLETT BAWYER, Under the Will of John Sawyer, formerly of Adelaide Place, I,. 1n.l1.11, (Eng
land) Chartered Accountant, deceased
tbe above named Is entitled to a
share of hia Estate. Apply to
James Robinson, Solicitor, 23 Phil-
pot Lane, London, E. 0.
*i Page 6.
SATURDAY, SErT. Ifi, 1911.
Lovers Quarrel Eniis in Murdej
and Suicide
Calgary, Sept. 14— A love nllair
which terminated in a broken engage
ment was the cause ol a murder and
suicide Monday morning at tho residence of Mr. G, C. Robinson, 237
Fifth avenue west. The tragedy occurred at  1(1:25 o'clock.
The victim was Miss Emily Grata
an attractive looking young woman
about 2S years of a^c, employed as
a nurse by Mrs Robinson, and tho
man who did tlie shouting was Ohas.
Staddcn, employ.-.1 until recently as
a teamster hauling stone from a
west ,nl stone quarry fin a local
contractor   Iiy   tlie   name  of   Neisi ti.
StaJdjn called at Robiason's boUBj
at 11:15 anil asked to SCO Miss Grilbe
They had I ■ n carrying on a oonvtr
sation in the hall for ahout ten min
utes, an.l no one in the house hal th*
slightest intimation of what was
aiiont to occur until they hoard ra-
volver  shots.
wii.n th.' other servants came to
the front of the house to ascertain
th," cause cf the disturbance, they
found the girl lying on the porch in
a pool of blood with Iimi* head towards the door nnd Staddcn lying
in th? hall, -hot through the temple
Both  Wi?re dead.
The determination of the man tn
kill Miss lirute was evidenced by his
having shot her twice at such clos.i
ranje that the flesh of her face was
lla 'toie.l by th' powder from the
revolver. One shit had entered at tie
I ft si :.• u.i the girl's mouth an 1 th ■
• thr at the li.ht ear. ShJ appea ei
to hive fallen backwards into th*
porch at tho lit' tl shi t en 1 St A 1 a
must have bent .lown and pin-..I t'w
revolver to liar .ar anl iiie.l n ssc
onl time in make sine of killing her.
He afterwards turned the revolver
upon h'm.self and shot himsalf thru'
the ritrht temple, falling backwards
into  tho  hall,  his
that prohibition was not defeated in
the special election of a duy or two
ago, as indicated last night. The re-
I suits thus far tabulated show a majority for prohibition of 4t;.r>. Most
of tlle towns yet to be heard from
have been unofficially reported small
majorities favoring retention of tho
prohibition amendment In the constitution and any change in the vote
of these places is likely to help the
Rich Ore Strike
ll.i/„lion, H. ('., Bert. 14—Mining
circles here arc all ago.; over the reported rich sit ilie mad.' on Hudson's
Hay mountain to tho south of this
city. A prospector artlved yesterday
from that, loo ili ty bringing in about,
leu pounds of ore which runs twenty
per cent, native silver, Native leaf sil
ver weighing up to two ounces to the
leaf were taken from the specimens
brought  in here.
The discoverer ciuims   thut   other
lar.'.er samples equally rich, are lollowing. He also reports the lead already traceable for four hundred
A large number of prospectors and
mining men in this vicinity are pre
paring to leave imnii' i'at dy fnr the
locality. Further detn'ls of the rich
strike arc expected to arrive within
a few  days.
'.  arrives  at C a.m.,  lea.
at 3:15  p.m.
Nf        ^^^
6:20 a.m.
No. 1 arrives
at 3:35 p.m.
No.   13,   Seattle train,  arrives      at
4:115 p.m.,  leaves nt 4:45 p.m.
Seattle train,  arrives      at
leavea 7:35 a.m.
a.m., leaves
No.   II,
:lfi   a.m.
No.  2 arrives nt 11:40
feetsepnratcd  from   at 12 o'clock noon,
the f:*ct of the murdered girl only hy
a few inches. The revolver with which
the .-hooting was done was a 38-oal-
ibre and five-chambered. It was load
at 12:45  a.m.,  leaves
No. 4  arrives        	
at 12:55 a.m.
South train  leaves Revelstoke      at
7:35 a.m., arriving back at 4:15 p.m.,
ed  in  all   live chambers,    and    when   connecting here with No. 13.
picked  up by the police showed that	
three  .-dints  had  heen  lired. ^^^
Miss Grille was an English girl,
having been in this country since lasl
April. She had not been in the employ of Mrs. Robinson very many
weeks, hut wns very much liked by
tha other servants of the house."She
was such a nice girl'* remarked one
of the other iritis with tears in Iit
eyes. "If that lirute had only shot
himself lirst." she blazed hysterically Indignant. "And here .lie Iwo let
ters for her from thc old country
which she hadn't even open .i," c\
claim .1 the girl picking up two letters that hid apparently heen dropped
through the letter boi hy the post
mnn  delivering  the  morning  mail.
From the meagre details gathered,
it appears that Staddcn nnd Miss
Grute were engaged to he married,
but that she had broken the engagement about three weeks ago. This is
all that is known of her love affair,
she n^ver having communicated her
heart throbs to the other girls in the
Retains Prohibition
Portland   M  in .    S -i-i. 11- After a
lay   ■' ;lm  sl  *     itant  surmise*.
appeare I  th ,t .,:,  tli.. face of Hie i
turns  from  town an*!  city clerks    I.i
ali   hut   !'•     towns      and   pl: Il'-atii n :
A Fair You Know and
So You Go
Nelson trait Fi
N-lson, B. C.
SEPTEMBER 26-27-28
$3000 in PreeAttractions
Hunislad's Wil.I Wesl Show
James K, Hardy, lhe High Wire King
Ilorotln tie Vomla, Queen of the Air
Happy and his Trick .Male  ' I >\ ll.iinit. '
Marie McDonald, lhc Scottish Dnncei
Intor-City Brincl Tournimcnt. Rock
Prillinir Contest. Lor Sn.ving
and Chcpp'n? Contests Tie
Making Confess
Single Fare Rate- on all
Transportstion Lines
the Bitjqest  fair Yet and Then
Some.   Don't Miss It
I    l-i.   .Annum ,   I'res
G. HoksTi- ..*. Secv. a.i.l   v..
!'  ti   Uox "•'.. N.l ;. ■'   B.C.
!   ARE i
St. Leon
Hot Springs
Hot mineral baths especially recommended for invalids anil those in need of
toning up.
Exclusive hatha provided for ladies. 26
Private Hooms handsomely fitted up.
Kates $1.50 to %l per day, or $10 per
That makes thom neater, crispor, daintier, moro appetizing;
Thc one biscuit good enough to lake tho place of your own baking,
Fresti as the Wscuits from your own oven.
Think what that means!  Freedom from a broiling kitchen—leisure on tho porch
or in the parlor.   Time to do the little knick-knacks that have been neglected.
Are the creamiest, crispest crackers made.
They are baked in the big sanitary factory in Winnipeg—
right at your very door.
Use MOONEY'S and be sure of a biscuit that is
absolutely fresh; a biscuit that will satisfy the family,
In tempting packages or sealed tins
as you prefer.
KOOTENAY     LODGE, No.  '.5 A.  V.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held In MASONIC! TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren art
cordially welcome.
W. B. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
SELKIRK     LODGE 12.  1. O. O. F.
MeetB every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited.
J.   8.  HOOLEY,  N.  G.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
OF I. O. F.
No. 3161.
Rebate on Taxes For 1911
A discount of twenty per cent, will
he allowed upon the General and
School Rate for current year, upon
all Taxes paid on or before September 20th  pros.
By Order,
Aug.2, Sept. 20 City Olerk
Meets In I. a. O. F. Hall neit to
Tapping's Opera House every second
aud fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
O. VV. BELL, 0. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Roc-Sec.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K. of    P.,
NO.  36,  REVELSTOKE,  B.  O.
Meets every Wednesday except   tha
Third Wednesday of eaoh month     ia
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Vlslt-
ing Knights are cordially invited.
Q. H. BKOUK, K. ol R. * S.
M. of F.
O. W. O. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 221.
Meets Second   and     Fourth Wednesdays    in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.      ViBiting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H.  W. EDWARDS, Con. Oom.
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Court House, Vernon," will
lie received hy the Honourable the
Minister nf Public Works up to 12
o'clock noon nf Thursday, the 21st
day •>[ September, lull, for the erection and completion nf ii Court-house
ut Vernon, 1). ('., in the Okanagan
Electoral District.
PI,tiis, specilicatious, hills of quantities, contract and forms of tender
may be seen on or after the :tlst day
.if August, 1911, at the olliccs of th.'
Government Agents,     Vernon, Revel-
m! ike,   New   Westminster,   Nelson,   tie'
Provincial Timher Inspector, Vancouver; aa.i the Department of Public
Works, Parliament Duildings, Vie
toria,  B. ('.
Intending tenderers can, by applying to the undersigned, obtain
Corporation ol' tbo City of
the Municipal Council of the Corporation of tlle City of Uevelstoke Intends to undertake the construction
along the east side of McKenzie Avenue Irom the south side of Second
Street lo the north side of Eighth
Street, according to specifications
..nl estimates prepared hy the City
Engineer appointed for the purpose,
and to assess the csjicnse or cost
thereof upon the land or real prop
■"Hy abutting on the parts of such
Btreets as above mentioned and to
he benefitted thereby; and that a
statement Bhowlng the land or real
property     liable      to  pay   the  assess
one  ment therefor, and the names  of the
copy  owners   thereof,  as far  ns  they    can
copy  ot  the  drawln 's  and   one
of the specifications     mil     lulls   of lbe ascertained, together     with the
quantities for tlie sum ..; twenty-five specifications and estimates    of the
dollars i }_'*'". City   Engineer,  and  the  proposed as-
Buch   tender   mosl   be   accompanied sessment and  report thereon    of the
ui  acct                                        ••' 'uy     Clerk   are now on file in thc
■ ,,!|ice of tlie City  Clerk  alld  open for
Sept. 13th-20th
Opening Night, Comic Opera, "Rose of Bfcndeen'
Tickets, $1.00,75c, 50c.
Plan at Macdonald's Drug Store
bank  of i an ida,  n * .*•*"      to
bbe Hoi of Pub-
'ii   p. r cent   of  b whieh
.   tender.
when  et Tho
sful   tender
inspection  by all persons during ollice
The estimated cost of the work is
57.55,   "f      which   it   is     intended
it large  .shull   hear the
*!..ilc   of    thc    cost of   the   work on
:ii'M,    and  necessary re-
BDd  one-third of      the
oncrebe sidewalks,    the
ipon the sieeuth bearing   two thirds
the laid il lewalks,
■ .1  estimated amount to lm
the  property owners being
11,6*0 hy   the    Cily   at  large
'"        |>»r   J l.o.'.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that, sixty days after
date Dominion Sawmills and Lumber Ltd.. ot Hevelstoke, B. 0., a
Lumber Company intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for permission
to purchase ('.M0) Two hundrtd and
forty acres of land described as fol
Oommenelng at a post planted 2
chains south from the South Kast
corner of Pearsons Pre-Emptiou, Lot
9092, Group One, Kootenay District
and murked "D. S. M. & L. Ltd.,
South West Corner Post," thence
north CO chans, thence cast 40
chains, thenee south GO chains, thence
west 40 chains to the point ol commencement.
Duted this Sth day of August, 1911.
Dominion Sawmills & Lumber, Ltd.
Ag.19-60     By  James Kngland,  Agent
In the Matter of the Katate of James
K. Long, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that alt
creditors and others nuvlng claims
against tlie Estate of James E.
Long, late of Revelstoke, li. 0., deceased, who died at Revelstoke on or
about the 12th day of June, l'Jll,
are requested to send to the undersigned, Solicitors for Rev. 0. A.
Procunier, Executor of the last will
of said deceased, within 00 days from
date, full particulars of their claims,
duly verified, and that after that
date the Baid Execdtor will proceed
to distribute the Bald estate amongst
those entitled thereto, regard being
had only to those claims of which
said Executor shall have then received notice.
Dated  August 16th, 1911.
Solicitor  for Rev. 0.  A.  Procunler,
Kxccutor of the lust will of
tin. mt,        lor
ti.e line fulfilment  of tbi
.nsldered   M
'   ..ii   Hie f-.rrnii   mppl «■ I
--.-iieri   ..* th    in   actual
n      th'
pe * (urn -shed
Tbe lowest ,.i   inv tender noi neres
Hi ily   ii' epts l
.1.   EC   ORIFMTH
public Works Bngln ■
■'.   I'ulilie   V.
UK.    ll   C '   .        -' I       I'lll
\n*. ■;  t-. bbe proposed un-
tseessment      therefor
i.y     petition tn   the
mm     FIFTEEN i ir.i
'   th *   per
. petition  being      the
owne' „n*i   .iit, . ,.,i thereby.
city Clerk
Dab ki.  ii,   ■ ' September,
•f   2'i
Revel itoke   Land   Disl
in itrlcl  of Wesl  ■
Take notios *h.,t     hi   McO
of      Arrowhead,    n    p.,   iccup ition
Lumberman   Inten ■   ■  for per
■ i  I., lease 'he follow n?     d-e-
lands (or marble and     lime
quarrying purposes,
Comm.MH m I     ttt   *i    pot I    planted
about two miiei mi.nth of     Pingeton
Creek   Villi   and   marked   "E     MrOnirh
ran's  South  Bast   <■..mer",     bbeni *
went 10 chains, thenee north 4t|
chnins, thence Pant 40 chains, more
or   less     to   the   lake   shore,      thenee
miii ii along the Inks ihoi e i'1 ehuins
more or less to the point of com
mencement, containing IN aCTM
more  or less.
Haled   Aug,   2'i,    I'lll. I N -•
ion   McOAOHRAN,
Moving Pictures Tonight.
Sd  District.
V«St Kootenay.
Taki that I,  Otho  Balaton,
,i ii |, Virginia,   av spaMon
*. inten i to npply tm
perm .Mirrha-w     he   foil*.
. in selng     at     a    post  planted
iI.om* :   a half'2}|   miles  in   a
terly    direction    from    th
i nei   **f  i.'.t   I':/:.;,    lie
mm   North      Wiwt   corner,   tie in ■
B '.n      . fi ilriH,   cant      Wl
north     n't     chains,     §n I
wesl in point of commence
ment,    "'I       iitainoii'   M0   acres more
or less.
Dated, Aaguet 1Mb, nil*
OTHO   RALSTON,   Applicant.
.lames Fisher,  Agent
TO RENT   Several large comfortable
Bedrooms, heated hy furnace nenr
McKenzie avenue, south. Enquire
st tbli Office, t.c.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Nettie H. Plait
of ItoHsland, B. 0., occupation
Housekeeper,      Intend   to apply       for
permission to purchase bhe following
described hmdH:
Commencing  at a  post  planted    at
i   mar   llie    South     East  Corner    of
i.oi     7900;     thence south 4h chains,
west   In chains,   north   411  chains    mid
east 40 chains to point of eomineii.e
meat, and oontaining 160 acres more
or less.
Dated August loth, mn.
NETTIE  II   I'l.AIT,  Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
Ilevel.itoke  Land  District.
Dtstl let  of  West Kootenay.
Take   notice  that  I,   William   llninley,
of Psttersoo, li. ''., occupation i.um-
ircimiin. Intend to apply for permission to puretMUM the following described  lands
Commencing at a post planted ad*
latent I*, thl Nortli East corner of
Lot. 9328, lieing tbo South Kast Cornet, thenct running north SO chains,
west. M rhains, south Hi chains, east
40 chains, south 40 rhnins and east
20 chains to the point of commencement and contnlnlng 4H0 acres, more
or less.
Daled   August 9th,  1911.
WILLIAM  RUMLEY,  Applicant.
Jsmei Fisher. Agent.
Senled Tenders, superscribed "Tinder lor Kast Wing Addition, Provincial Home, Kamloops," will he received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up to 12 o'clock
noon of Wednesday, the 211th day of
September, 8911, for the erection aud
completion of an east wing addition
to the Provincial Home, Kamloops,
B. C.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tendei may be seen at thc
otlices of the Provincial Timber Inspector, Vancouver, B. C; tlle Government Agcuts, Kamloops, New
Westminster, and Rovelstoke; and at
the Department of Public Works, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.  0.
Intending tenderers can, by apply -
lug to the undersigned, obtain one
copy of the drawings und one copy of
tbe ipeoiQcatlons for the sum of
twenty dollars  (?2l)*).
Each teudcr must lie accompanied
by un accepted bank cheque or certilicate of deposit on a chartered
bunk of Oanada, made payable to the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, for the sum of $5,000, which
shall he forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract
when called upon to do so, or if be
fail to complete tho work contracted
for. Tbc cheques or certificates ol
deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
be returned to them upon the execution of the contract.
The successful tenderer shall furnish a bond of a guarantee company
satisfactory to the Minister of Pub -
lie Works, equal to ten (10) per cent,
of (he contract amount, for the due
fulfilment ol the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on tbe forms supplied
signed with the actual signature ol
the tenderer, and enclosed In the envelops furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Public Works Department,
Victoria,  B.C.,  August 24th,  1911.
Revelstoko Land District.
District of West Kootenuy.
Take notice thut I, J. C. Elliot, ol
Arrow head, B. C, occupation, physician, Intends to apply (or permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted neai
N.W. cornel' post of Lot 7908 and run
ning Oil chains north, thence CO
chains east, thenco GO chainB south,
thenco 00 chains west to the point ol
commencement and marked " J. C.
Elliot's S. W. Corner Post, containing somo 400 acres more or less.
Dated  August 7th,  1911.
Per R. Armstrong, Agent.
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  Bank  Building  RevelBtoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Olllces --Rovelstoke.    B.    C,     and
Cranbrook, B. 0.
Geo. 8. McOarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
RevelBtoke, Cranbrook
Revelstoke I ami Distiict
District ol West Kootenuy
TAKE NOTICE that' 1, Samuel W
Ralston ol Harrisonburg, Virginia, occu*
palion Photographer, intends to appl<
lor permission to purchase the followiii)
detcri-bsd lands:—
Commencing sl a post planted udia
cent to the sontliwrst corner of Lot -BHH
Ihence norlb 80 chains; uest 40 chains,
south 80 chains; east 40 chains to poiir
of commencement and containing 32'
acres mote or less.
lames Fisher Agent
Dated June 12tb, 1911.
Provincial  Land   Huvoyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Mckenzie avb.,
BOX   10*0.
Box. 282, Revelstoke.
Plans and     Specifications prepared
tor     nil    clauses     of buildings, Etc.
Draughting and Blue Printing.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Harry John -
ston, of Arrowhead, B. C, occupa -
tion Merchant, intends to apply for
permission to purcbase the following
described lands:
Commencing ut a post planted at
about three hundred yards south of
Creek on sand point about two miles
north of Cape Horn on Upper Arrow
Luke, running twenty cbains north,
thenoe eighty chuius east, thence
twenty chains south, thence eighty
cbains west along the lake shore to
point of commencement and contain'
ing one hundred and sixty acres more
or less.
Dated July 10th, 1911.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice tbat I, Joslab Hack,
of Revelstoke, B. C, occupation bair
dresser, intends to apply for per-
niinsnui to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing ut a post planted at
about the south-east corner of Harry,
Johnston's application to purchase,
and running north forty chains,
thence eust sixty ohaius, thence south
forty cbains, thence west sixty chains
along the Luke shore to point of
commencement and containing three
hundred und twenty acrce more or
Dated  July 17th,  191L
Under instructions the undersigned
Solicitors for the Executor of the
last Will of the late James E. Long,.
of Revelstoke, B. C, a brewer, deceased, invite tenders for the purchase of the business and property"
known as "Long's Brewery" at Revelstoke. The area of tbe land Is t***-
tween flve and six acres with a good
stream of water running through it.
The buildings and improvements consist of a brewery and dwelling and a
profitable brewing business has been
carried on there during several years
Tenders will lie received 'by the undersigned up to and including
September 16th, 1911, for the purchase of the property.
Further particulars, if desired, may
be obtained from the undersigned.
Solicitor for thi Executor.
f ent
SATURDAY, SEPT. 16, 1911.
Page T.
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Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- Jfume Si Co.. limited
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Fall Millinery
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Corn Starch
Have you ever Blopped to think how
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Headquarters  for Hay,  OtU, Bran,
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<•..    « -  ■ ■••    «, B vrnu'AY. sept, in, i9ii.
u^iwwi n*^»nir*»**rr*»w-*M u 1 ~J**~—im 1 l.-wto«i^*
Conservative Committee Rooms
Selkirk Hall
Moving pictures
Mrs. Williams
heen the guest "I
at,  Edison  theatr.
nud  Mrs
s' yi   I
The famous Juvenile Bostoniam
nest Tuesday and \\i.ln:sla> al the
B lison.
La lies' Auxiliary  . I  tho   I'r
i in  church tea  i"  Howson Hook    on
Sept. 23rd.
Book      ynur      Beats    early   tor   :h
Juvenile   Bostonians  at  the    Bdison |
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i..ry   i I  I'r Bbytarian  church,   Sntui
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A. HOBSON,       Baker and G ocer.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Glover,  *:  Vanci
. r, ai .* vi, .; ;n_  al  i h * home of
nnl  Mrs.  Donaldson.
H. M. Smythe leav; s on Tu. s lay
morning with fifty ol Revelstoke'u
hest l ir.ls to enter thnn n the Vci
n* n fair next   week.
D, ni   li r.it  the i Ig s k ■'   to ;
i in Selkirk ll.ill on Wednesday
evenin ■ next, at 8 o'cli ck, by th ■
Cons rvntlve   Association.
a   a..n. t be .inl* 'I tb.it  Howson'
rash prices are as low     as    Easter.)
catalogue prices, freight added. Brin
your eat.ih,Miie to our slur,' and  wo
w.'.l  make actual  Comparlsi ns.
A dance will he iriven in the opera
house on Thursday night next, Sept.
21(t. Th ■ dance is i,, liig held under
the aus; ices of tlu* n iw , rchestra,
under the leadership of Prof. T.
Sk it: udf   Particulars later.
Mrs.   lt.  II. i'r inii iri     enterta
at progressive Five Hundred, Frldaj
* ■ *. , n.   Mrs.   A.  McRue and  Mrs,
P..  S. s ,ii.,: ei i iggs bein - the     foi I
•    prize winners.
Mrs.  J.  i.a igbton entei aim 1  1 is:
e\eniu.'  in  In n i   ol    Miss  Mori
■rho ls I -.*■*. | Mon to).        \
ous   sh iwei   was  tii
ure ol     the evening.   About     thirty
Tae Misses Deutschman, of     G
III.,  sisters of     Mi    l b is,   D
man.  spent  Thursday  In  th ■ i M
•   an 1   Cali
fi r\,c. altei  ape   ling I
Deul ives,
.Mr.   \    II    Holdswi
it  Realt)   Co    ol  I'ali'ary
rny *  '       up   rial   *
' 'Hr.* ID  t
no*  occu|    !    *.   MeKinnon  Ht*
,» ti   ' to lat K
hold a big . illy   ini    if • thi
. Irk      II ...      on   ■'*   I  I
l good
program in «m-
I >odj
We have some first-class lots in
prairie towns along the '.; T. P.
sl atoon and Medicine
lis is genuine Grand
•: itively guaranteed.
some of lho leading
ilso lots in Edmonton,
from  .
LOO to   ,
s. n.l  your ol 1  pai li r fui nltur
How * n's  >i' m ..I  .1 s ounts 'or
Every  100,0 iO settlers in  th • West,
ni' aus 20,00(1 extra hands in the fnc
i"l ,,'S.
Mrs.  E.  A,lun. of
visiting  friend     in I
Howson  fi  I
upholsterer to do
nun tine pollshe ',
FOR  SALE    ll 0 ni i        I  I  i
Bitter il* ol   Valley, Mi ■
for rash ,*i  tra le toi   *
Box  287,   R B.  C. tt.
Vancouver hai  I
,'i ftihai'
a       tl
.   *'
Mr. C
Mall Hei iM M
.*aih,  life In thi
Utll)W   he   •
III.Ual lh
,11.  I     !
all 1    .
*  ,11.        ,      ll
t,        "
pn    nl
St.  Francis    of    Assisil      Catholic
church, curlier of    Fifth    street    nui
\ aucouvi i,     i:   McKenale avenue,
rclal  * * : *n* s   i ui    all     Sun,lays,   except
the foul th ol ■ ich month. Low mas
...iti Communion of the Faithful at
■ mi.     High Ma s at    10:30 a. rn..
also Christian   I - n     for children     al
;* m.    Rosary  ,*.   h  B in I c   .ui ol
I Saci 7:30 p.m.
Mas-     every
in 'n ng at   7 30,     I • are
■     " 80 all*!
.1.  F. MtM'.II
keep   ■
repair wi rk,
and in
.    :       the
*   *    *
*-14.00 and $5.00 baga
The Ne'er 1)*. Well
hv Ri     B
The 1         in La ■■.
bj Chambers       •'■  16
Selling at $2.00 for
a week.
Pyramid Tly 'ail; Sc    Each
Wll .oil's r y Pncl-i, IOc lach
The i.iri'i il ai "i in."nt of
local l'ost Cards to choose
from.   25c, per dozen,
Thk Rexaix
DRUG Sioin:
\ , i
Wedding Sells
,1 iy  "*. inn •
* ..hn     ..( Win
a     wife   nf        Mr
nth ii,   in pei iiit'ii.h m  "i
Mich   The  ceremony   was
performed        R        I.
in Hi" pre it,-- nl '.ui*.  i he Inl lm i1
ll  mill  nf   the   |,i, h*
Mi    nn.l  Mis.   Siclie ntl.ul I  ft   ofl  Ul ■
foi       HI imimi*        ami
allel       i i iit in,'    .,1 hrl     polntl      III      III.'
i(,„ IcIm i hev * iii proeaed to     tlwlr
botrw in Republic.
Liberal politicians and their associate advocates uf Reciprocity nre
basing their appeal for the votes ol
British Oolumbia workers on the
ground chiefly that the ratification
of the Ue, ipnicity agreement will nia
Inially cheapen tho eust. of living ia
this province. Leaving aside altogether the fact that cheap priees ai-
ist. Invariably go hand in hand
with hard times, what, is the rational and honest answer to this seductive     appeal:   That the highest    pos-
blfl rates ot dlfferenco in the     cost
iheir respective class s (A employment, unskilled labor obtaining from
111 In 20 per cent moro than at any
other Pacific coast paper making
antra. 1
Tire cost of living at  Powell  river, !
says  Mrf  Soaulan,   Is no higher than \
,i      Victoria or     Vancouver; indeod,
taking     into account the    factor of]
rent, it is lower—in part, due to thn
policy of    the company  In  providing
Bret-class     homes  for  its employees
at a cost of ,1  per rent, only on    the,
invested     capital.   As for foodstuffs
generally,   the  company's  stores  s-11
at  Victoria and  Vancouver  prices.
Deputy Minister W. Bl. Bcott, of
thc Department of Agriculture, bears
witness that the standard price of
agricultural labor in Uritish Oolumbia is from $25 to $i.ri per month,
with hunt'il ninl lodging, or tiny labor at from If'J to $3, as contrasted
wiih $1,50 to $2.25 in Ihe states of
Oregon and Washington, where the
monthly standard is from V2II to $30
This fact must not be lost. Bight of
in recognition of any possible minor
inference in ihe cost of farm produce, fruits, etc., to the consumer in
slates :ust across the border and In
Uritish Oolumbia; also the related
and Important fuels that, farm produce exported to Uritish l'i liimhia
from these states cannot be as fresh
and wholesome as the home-produced
article. The rigid enforcem: nt of
the Pure Pood Laws of the United
states, too, leaves the American pro
(Hirers with a considerable quantity
tf Infer! r and unwholesome produi;'
upon fchelr hands which Ihey will be
rertaln to utilise for export British
Oolumbia bein; made a dumping
ground for this grade reject ".1 nl
Labor Criiicism of legislation
of foodstuffs nnil other domestic es-
sntlals is bul trifling in any event
nn.l altogether disaportlonate to the
IIITerence in the rates of wages anil
the market demand for labor In this
Canadian province, that the adopt -
mi of Reciprocity must bring about.
\lso that homo-grown foodstuffs are
'iiliile.l lo some slight protection
luring the infancy of the agricultur-
il Industry in Uritish Columbia, and
ih it ih • money spent for the homo
product remains In British Oolumbia
'■ r lh' development i>r our own conn
try to th*: advantage of all, Instead
if I ***'n • livet i .1 1* reign for the pur
lose of building up a uei hhor country at   the  evp.'nse of our own.
Do than, the workingmen of British Oolumbia waul Reciprocity with
the United States, that is, so far as
Ihey are conci ivxl with the neighbor
itates lust over the t ■" Reciprocity
f it. means pnvthing, means of ner.es
sit.y, equalization of conditions. Do
tho work ets of this country want
their wages brought down t.*i the
'. ittle standard, nud lhe market for
!:. ir services slul'ted mo thit they
nay le forced to lake anything they
ian I'd for ili'ir labor in order to
oi l o ly a''.) soul together?
A prominent officer of the Norton
'. n miction Co., one of the If esl
firms in t>-" building trade in West
■in Cui.'i.ii, nnd cue ol tlie largest
■iiil'loyi*rs--an ofllcer who is entitled
to speak Willi authority hy his posi
lion iu lhal compnny, states thai
owing lo the depression in tlie ad
,.,,-. nl Ana" aaii slates, contractors
of Seattle and Tacoma nre now in
v.uling liriti ii Columbin and tendering upon lar,:.' undei takings in our
cities basing their calculations on
insufficient investigation of local con
.litions anl baking it lor grant.'.I
that labor is here available at Pug
„; Bound prices, with the result that
their bids are invariably under the
actual cost and they are either un
ible to complete tht ir contracts and
they are compelled to throw them up
an,I tilt hack to Seattle or go thru'
■.vith  them at a  heavy   I,..is.
lu  tlie  allied  Innl,Unu-  trades wages
generally  are  from   15  to  27, per cent.
i   in   Uriiisli   Columbia   than    in
Seat He.   V, lul.*     unskilled lal.or      is
able     in  any     quantity  in  the
. 1   citj   at   irom   $1.50   to   i'2   per
■ b le   here   il   is  scarce  at $2.75.
lowing  i"     conditions of   depression
tated  that,  as a mntter   Europe and  loaned the necessary  $25
:   Is  possible to getlabor In   which is then taken from them    and
,uv price on i d. given to other laborers in order that
Vnothei      heavy employer of labor,   they  may meet .the requirements    of
.„ th'   treel   paving line, an     ollicer   the law.
ui.a.uy employing hundreds of|    Solicitor O'Donogfoue remarked that
m n  | ...  I;i,  state    th it   w.iil ■   t h ■  Immigration  law at   present wns
lay  |s here  paid for     un-'really not worth the paper it     was
, i   in  th li   uud irtaklngs,   written on.
.    .   in  .    .uie is $2 pee;    Delegate Bancroft thought the    iml
ruing ,*■
nven I
Calgary, Sept. i'2—This
sessii n of' th ■ 27th annual
Ion of Hit! trades and laho
I ii n of the trades mid lahur congress if Canada wns taken up chiefly by the consideration of n number
nf resolutions and .he bearing of
various  reports.
The various commiDtaSB wire busy
and Will lender their reports in lhe
course of the convention.
Embodied in the various motions
were many Important principles
whieh, when ratified by the congress
will place that hody on record as opposed to much of the legislation
that has heen enacted by tire present
Liberal government In so far as it
affects  lhe   Working      classes. The
Lemieux act was subjected to ninny
attacks, while the immigration laws
the alien labor laws, and the methods of the government in Sealing
with labor laws in general weic sub-
; "ted  to criticism.
A delegate quoted an instance of
how lhe Immigration laws are being
evaded.   Men  are  brought over    from
!      ticks to th ■ rate
i   ..*  men are glad to
tl-nie an I  ai .my
1, nt    J,    •!■    Warran, of   the
, .■   .    now      under
■   ,„.      •,     I :  i    while       the
11  MM*
b»i n'li   the i ui in -c est. is
ni   higher
■ *,    ,'.•    Co.,      '    Bl
migration  law  wns  worthless  so  far
as labor was concerned.
A resolul on was moved hy I) ie -
■ate Frank Bancroft that the congress resent the insult offered to nr-
i-anieil labor in Oanada hy the
■ tat inent of a representative of labor appearing before the senate in
Which he said that the workingmen
ol  Oanada   were  "Improvident."
The resolution was carried Unanimously.
the splendid na-
Oanada for the
fm* the     United
Templeman'a Victoria     Times,
11 "'"      Which is it to he
'      "       aial   resources   of
"   '      ',,,,i'    t   inallall   people   or
,,f    ,h"  st.it,„ Trusts?
len lab j
■ a       Mr
a,,     thm
',,    i'       "II  .   n i the duty of immigration
nis to enforce the Alien      Labor
\. ii        ii.    not. On the contrary
,   .ii     i ompleman     and  his colleagues
i, loiind  have Impi     i on them the duty     ol
a.ak.li.'   Hit*    Mien    Lalml    ml.
',d        ':•
>h,.   |ir*. m       Com
Th,*   ii.* i|uocllv   agreement     will
il,  clt   the       Bast  and       Wl »l    Develop
uu nl   ,,f      i an ida  .hi.I      make      that
country a business pari .,f tin* Unit
. i   -iii",     wiib ili,** lines "I   11ulii"
' ' '     ■ iiiii.ii:'  iiioce  to  Hie  north  and south
ti"-''   "l    t*1** . M   reaUy  , n      Canada
•m ,,(,, I*,,,, counti les    The seel ion east
I.      i  Powell i ,,f i„,ii,  Huperioi  will merge with the
■< i.uii' rn i   papsi • ,* t*  i'i., 11,*,.i  State , and  We I   will
■     '  i ' in ■   '*,,, t   ,,f   llie  wesl   of  the  l'ml
■•here   in   Il.e    /.*,i,l        m ,1   States     New   York   American.
Klectors take notice that the Polls
Open at 9 a. m. and close at 5 p. m.
Vote for GOODEVE and the Union
Jack. A Greater Canada within the
New Fall Dresses
We have to-day
opened the first of our
new Fall Diess Goods,
making' the best showing oi' new materials
that we have ever displayed. The new
weaves and the new
colors are all here and
they are all exclusive,
no two are alike, We
will be pleased to show
them to you.
Warm House Slippers
I f you want something comfortable for home wear, we
can fit you out with a good, warm pair oC slippers. We have
them in all sizesfor women, misses and children.
cTWcLennan CBi, Co.
Reports Presented and Directors
. Elected Ter Ensoiog Year
The tenth annual mooting of the
Revolstoke Hospital .Society was hv 1
in Ihe City Hall on Thursday, Wefit.
rth,  mil.
'I'he following members of the
Board were present:—R. Gordon, ln-J
vice-president, in the chair, l*\ tii.
Sine, A. hi. Kincaid, .1. II. Armstrong, It. Ma,'1101111111, .1. l.yonsl (1.
Holten, P. Hooley, A. II. Mcdloneg-
hnu, Dr. Sutherland and the Secretary,  \v.   n.  Armstrong,
'I'he minutes of ^be Inst annual
meeting were read, and on motion o!
Mr. Kincaid, seconded hy ,1. II. Arm
strong,   were  adopted  ns rend.
The financial statement anl hal
unrc shi',1. for lhe year llllll 11 were
presented. Tb' secretary slated that
au auditor ha.I nnl. he. ii appointed,
nill rei i ii est ed that, one now be employed to verity the statement submitted, tt was moved by Mr. Sine,
seconded by Mr. Muotloiiald, that this
be   left   wiib   the financial   committed.
Cirri. .1.
The Medical Superintendent's reports of Hevelstoke, Arrowhead nivd
('has-, were presented hy lir. Sutherland, an.l in rn.I ion of Mr. Sine,
seconded by Air. Holt-en, were adopt
nl and  ordered lilisl.
The chairman, in the ansenco of
Hie president, Mr. Kilpatrick, then
read lh" address to thfl Hail, and
in moving ils adopt ion thought that
in view ol I'm." kind words expri s-a-.l
towards the medical und nursing
staffs of Il.e hospitals ot the Society
the secretary he instructed to convey to tbeni the very gi^it appreciation of this Hoard for their scrvic s,
tooling that the success and popular
ity the institutions now enjoy, ure
due in a great measure lo their un-
tlring /.enl, kindness anil courtescy.
This bavin-: heen secon*1. :l hy Mr. .1.
II. Armstrong, the m ion was put
and carried.
Gentlemen:—In presenting to you
the tenth annual report of th > Uev
eh.loke Hospital Socirty, 1 caiino:
dwell too strongly on the neotsaltj
of further increasing the accommoda
tion trl oiic present Hospital. Notwithstanding Hie completion of the
new wing and general repairs to the
old building, tbo capacity of the hot
pil.ai lias been taxed to its limit dm
ing tbo past yenr. and aa all in.lien
tions poinl to a season of great activity in Ibis district it will be well
in the near future to discuss Wa} B
and means lor the erectioliof an up
to'date building on the site of the
old boBkital, as Ill's building has
quite outlived its usefulness.
As  will      I 0 80 ui  from  the  Ireasur
,1'; rep,n-i, there h ia I et n a inrplu
of  95,901.1!  over   i\p, n I.lur I,     win *h
has hen plat*, I lo cap,lul aecouill,
This  surplus   is  due   to   lbe   per  cupi
i i .*!.mi fn,m He Provincial Clove n
menl, Without which we would hiv
a deficit ill. the end of the year. Las'
year   we   had   ii   special   grant,  of*}sOH'i
from the Provincial government in
ahl of ihe new win.- which enabled
us in complete this building wlthoul
going info debt. With the addition
lo Hi.' hospital, the expenses hnv •
Increased, hut Fortunately the raven'
ue   has  also   increased,      und  I  thin1.
shown t'i in
l wish to t lm uie the directors o'
tin* Society lm* ibe ati ntioti th iy
hive riven lo the affairs ol the llu
pital, the Ladies Hospital 'In 1 I f '
Mi i ri o| work In supplying th ■
hospital with litnn and other neccs
sn ies and r I (UMlthlB - i n * of th >
private winds. The medical and niir
slnir staff i of which there nre non ■
better)  fnr their  pro-iipi  and      loyul
it ten tion to duty, alio our contra*!
patient* for their prompt payments,
ami the ritiwns nnd corporation   ( I
this eity for the valued assistant-!
I beg to move tho adoption of the
The lirst meeting of the Hoard of
IHrectors for 1911-12, was hold Immediately after the adjournment of
the annual meeting.
There were present Messrs. Gordon
Sine, Klncad'd, .1. II. Armstrong, R,
iMuoilonnlil, J. Lyons, Molten, Mc-
Oleneghan, Hooley, Dr. Suthsrlamd,
and  W. 1). Arnisln n ;.
The chair  having  I   en  vacated,  the
folloWlog  Were  fleet:'.I  as  officers nnd
committees tor tha year 1911-13:
wo arc in be congratulated m.i having
saved tliis amount.
The Mt'dicul Superintendent's re-
Port of Revelstoko and Arrowhead,
show a lm m." Increase In the number
of eases treated and hospital days.
Th' hospital at Chase his. now
been in operation ahout nine months
With a doctor and nurse in charge
and I am happy to say, is paying a
percentage on bhe investment ol tlie
The   Alexandra   hosi'ital  at   Arrow -
lead has proved a great convenience
and  benollt   to  many,
I am very pleased to siy there haa
I.imi no fomplaiiif< at our service,
and overy patient 1 uvin,; the bos-
pit.nl ba*. nothing hut praise for the
klndnOBB,      collides *y     and    attention
President—T,  Kllpatridk.
1st  Vice-President—R,  Gordon.
2nd  Vice i'i ,: h"i     \.  b.  Kincaid.
Arrowhead Board Ol Trustees-
Messrs  Lnchmun.l,   ('roper.
Chase Hoard ol Triistc.s— Messrs.
Haylock, Sawyer, Ackers an.l Underwood.
Sec. Treas.    \\.   I).   Armstrong.
Executive—Messrs. T. Kilpatr'ck,
ll. llowson, McOarter, llct'len'_hm,
ainl   the  secretary.
Building Commit t.-'.— Messrs. T.
Kilpatrick, Howson, Mct'arl.T Dr.
Sutherland nnd bhe secretary.
Tiie lollowing names were placed in
nomination for dire, tors for the year
B.R. Atkins, A. K. Kincaid, P.
Hooley,  A.  Meltue, \V. D.  Armstrong
There being no th r nominations,
these gentlemen  were  declared  electi.l
It was moved by Mr. Kincaid, and
seconded by Mr. Sin,', that the (Lotion of the three oilier directors to
HII the vacancies on the Hoard, lie
deferred to the next regular meeting.
The meeting on motion thon adjourned.
This is   Julia*, 1'.   Kochau  who  left
Kansas Cily, Mo., in July 1910, ami
whoae relatives ilcslrc to (jet  In touch
with   I,iui.    I'm*   any   information   cun-
c-inlng his whereabouts and loading to
bis location, t bailes 11. I'rye, Ninth
Avenue and Columbia Street, St attic,
Wash., r, S. -V, will   ] :i>  a  reward  i.f
II Mr. Rocliau sees Ihis il   will   lie  to
his advantage to communicate with Mr.
i'i\f a', oiiit* ns everything is all right
and there il   no reason   why  he   shtiultl
not return to bis family Immediately.
Card ot Thanks
TO the neighbors, friends nml llro
brigade who Wndly assisted during
the lire at our residence on tho »tli
Mr.  nnd Mrs. T. Hughes.
TO LET—House on Third street near '
t'.l'.U.     Shop. Apply   Uevelstoko
General  Agoncle». t.c,
WANTED—Dressmaking at bom Hint ladies' home*. Miss Hiiyner. at
comer of Fourth street and Mc
Kcnzle avenue.


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