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The Mail Herald Feb 3, 1912

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"Empire" ^writer
For ease of operation and
perfection in results It is
unsurpassed,    Price $(>()■]
Interior Publismng Co., Agls.
The Mail-Herald
»9i2Vising Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. lb
$2.60 Per Year
BTERLInS silver
President's Report-Election of Officers for toe Ensuing Year-Financial
Statement Shows a Small Surplus-Other Important Business
Baskets, $2.25 and $3.
Salt Dishes, 75c.
Candlesticks, $3, $4.
Vases, $1.25
Olive Dishes, $1.50
Puff Boxes, $2.50 $3.50
Sugar and
Cream   x
$2 per pair
Arrived too late
for the Holiday
Manufacture r s
have given us a
less than cost
price to clear
them out
1 and 2 Quart
$3. $5.50   $6
Vice   I'l .'Hi.lent   A     .1 .   Mellonell t
llie chair iii the annual meetlnit
ihe Rovolstoko Board ol Trado, «omo
twenty Ave mamhori being prosenl In
the ollj ball on Tbun daj, P*eb, let.
Tho meeting wae called to ordorat
8..in p.m., mul Secretary I,ium; pro
eeodi 'I i" road the minutes ol tbe
lust regular meeting, and which «ci"
adopted ai road. The
regular annual mei I tag
iluy,   Jan,   17,  were nisi
opted,     Tbo meeting
to the buelnoBB of tlw
inu uh provldod in the
k   inl
report, the etatomonl »l nocounl
showing a Bmall balaneo on band,
'I'lie Income ol tho Board amounted
iu $i^7^.'.i7 mnl tho expenaea to fl,
^70.110, the latter amount Including
mi expenditure ot * i»>7i fur publicity
purposos, Tiie flnanolal report was
signed  by auditora    RoberUon   and
Toi lord,   nnil   wns  unanimously  adopted,
ueh n poor service ns
ul tempi ou our purl to
Huiitli un absolute -tuock
'1'Iiih mul ter ih n scand*
mlnutee    ol
lii'lil   un  Tuck
' lend  uiul  ml   j
then procoedod [N ,.i,.,.|1,„1
annual meel
The next  buelnesa wae thc election
of offloera, the retiring president
viee president
"Whiskey Bottles	
 $6 Each
Whiskey Glasses	
 $15  per  Dozen
Sherbet Glasses	
$12 and $15 per Dozen
Rose   Vases	
 $1.50 Each
A Beautiful Line for Card Prizes
The I'lMHhiiut presented a    written
report reviewing clearly and concise
ly the business ot the Board during
the  pnsl "yeur,  ns lolloWs:
Revelstoke Board ol Trado, Annual
Report,  Dccombor 81st,   1911:
lu laying belore tho Board tho
Becond report which l. ns PreBldont,
huve liml the pleasure to prosont to
yuu, I tako ilus opportunity to con
gratulate the members upon tho
marked unanimity which lms prevailed throughout the year In seeking to
further the interests of our fair city
and the district of which Revelstoke
lurms thc centre.
Whilst, the Board cannot 'no claim
to having followed     to    completion
I mnny public undertakings during the
yeur, an apparent measure of success
lms attended the eflorts put forth In
u number uf -directions to     Improve
I conditions.
I During the year the booklet pro
pared uuder Instructions (rum the
Board mmle its appearance and sono
copies were forwarded to Uuu. J.H.
Turner, Agent General tor li. C. at
London. England. Consequent upon
receipt of these in     London    Mr. Q.
refused tu stnnii    (or
mnl Mr. 0, B. Hume was
nominated and     unanimously elected
[ns president lur 1918,
I    Mr,  Hume  then  took  lhe elimr, and
nfter u low appropriate remarks Irom
ih.' new   president, and a vote    oi
thanks to the    retiring oRtcere, the
iu, ii,I proceeded wltb the eloctton of
Mr, A. B, McOleneghAn waB unan
imuiisly  elisen   ns   viee  pivs.denl,   Mi.
v. Vi. Laing wus unanimously re-el
eeieil us secretary.
The Becretary then     proceeded     to
rend the names "I those eligible    us
morabers ni    the executive according
to tbe by-laws,
,    President Hume threw  tli,   meeting
open to nominations for the cxccii -
iiv • and the following were elected:
I    J. ti. MeKinnon, F. M. Qlbsun, A.
ii. McOloneghan, F. II. Bourne,    A.
Brant, A. McRae,     H, J, McSorley,
s. Sutherland, T. Kilpatrick.
This  concluded  the  business  of  the
annual meeting and the meeting there
nlt.'r ndjourned.
The liusiiiess of the regular monthly meeting wns then proceeded with
The lirst item wns the old mntter ol
the removul uf the Timher Ofllce mid
in the ahsenee of nny dcllnit-e word
from the government ■vibe matteryvas
cr.it. give
lu mnke nny
get hmUieaa
to the lirm.
nl, uud we shull i>e compelled to go
io iiie Railway Commission, tho   0.
i'. it. apparently will do nothing.
\ mot nm wus adopted Unit a ser -
ich of recent CaBCS of urrioiiH delays
to   shlpmi'iilH      to  uud   from    Allow
i.ukes lie collected   in   collaboration
Wltb   Hie   Retailers  Association  and a
ease prepared lor submission to tho
Railway Commission on their coning
western trip, nnd that the 0. 1*. R.
he uIho iiotilled accordingly
ll.  Sibbald, jr., and Mr. K.
wore proposed for menn.e-
vvill  lie  I.all,Ui*.I   for ul   nest.
Mr.  J,
Q. Foloy
ship uud
Resolutions from i
"good   ruuds"    mul
Freight Commission
ther    iiuiiris re
' were endorsed,
a motion was adopted thai ihe
■ity council be asked for a grunt of
$7r,u for publicity pui poses, and tbat
a deputation be appointed for that
purpose.   President  Hume,  Mr,    Mc
Curler mid Mr, MeDuuell were np-
potnted to Walt upon the new council
After a genernl disciiHsion on mutters connected with new business and
guud and welfare, the meeting nd-
Journed at 11 p.m.
Imperial Bank of Canada <j>
Hoad OtFIc©
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
-Toronto, Ontario.
S 72,000,000.00
Brunches ur Agents st all principal point* m Canada.
Agents in Or«at Britain and tfnit»d .States—London, England,
Lloyds BaiiK, Limited. Chicago- K""t National Hank, Corn Kx-
dhaan National Hank. Seattle—Seat il.- N.n lonul Bank, San Fran-
elsco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bauk. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposit"  of $1 and upward,  received, and  interest allowed at
'   of dei
of $1
current rate from date
received, and
Correspondence solicited.
Revelatoke Branoh   A.B.MoClaneghan, Mgr.
.(>0<><><KK><>0<KK><KK><MK><KK><K>0 0
Clearing Out at Cost Price
Bargains for Old and Young in
Ladies' and Children's Wear
Mrs. A* G, Crick, * First Street
Fruit Growers,
Market Gardeners,
Lawn Owners
and Ranchers
Should use BURNS' ANIMAL FERTILIZER to obtain
the best results from the soil.
Get the latest descriptive booklet
FROM and place your orders WITH
Wholesale and Retail Produce and Meats
will refresh you with Its bright, ipic)
flavor nml Iragroncy. S"id In 1 lb,
lead packages.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per lb.
P. O. Uox 208
Phone No. 23
Md,. Brown, European manager   ior
■ tbe Canadian Pacific   Ruilwuy   Compnny took  up with the Hoard,      the
question   of  supplying   him   with      B
larger numb?r thnn hail been     for-
[warden tn him by the Agent General
I An appeal to the eity councillor     n
grant of 8400 was successful and 10,-
jOUO     additional copies were    printed
were   printed  and   forwarded  to      tlle
Oanadian Pacific Railway Company
at  London,  for distribution through
their liookinir offices in the British
Isles. As ii result ot this distribut -
Ion in (Jreat Britain a numlier of inquiries have heen received from intending  settlers.
j For the year 1912 the only ndver -
tisiug to Which the Hoard has heen
committed is thc advertisement*- to
appear in Heaton's Annual and B.C.
Opportunities at a cost of $iK5.flo.
Acting in conjunction with the Retailer's Association und the Agricdl-
tural Society an ellolt was made to
get in touch with thc settlers on the
Arrow Lakes and an excursion was
arranged. As a result of this effort
n large numlier of settlers vi-ited
Hevelstoke during the lair and in the
evening of the second day this Board
entertained the visitors at a smoker
in  Selkirk hall.
fine of the undertakings for whicli
this Board has heen striving for several years and which is as yet incomplete is the appointment ol Mail
Clerks on the Arrow Lakes. This
matter has been under advisement by
both the Post Office Department and
C.P.R, and in a recent communica -
t."ii Mi. (1. J. Bury advised the
Hoard that the service would he com
iiit'iiied January istf
It is a matter of regret to the
Hoard and the town that the Crown
TimbW office was removed from Uev
elttoke '" Kamloops. but as ihe i|iies
tion of the Administration ol the
lands within the twenty mile belt is
now under consideration by thc Fed.
eral uud Provincial governments, wc
look for un early settlement of these
The establishment of a Lund Registry Office at Hevelstoke hns been
kept belore the Provincial Cabinet
both by letter and by interview with
the ministers ol thc crown during
their visits to thc town.
It is eipected that during thc coming spring arrangements will he com
plated for the establishment of an
experimental or demonstration or -
chard in the vicinity of Revelstoke.
The construction of a new govern -
ment wharf at Revelstoke and the
improvement to navigation In the
Columbia river above Death Rapids
have been urged upon the Dominion
In drawing my report to a close 1
desire to thank all those who so
willingly assisted in the work of the
Board  during Hie past  yenr.
llu. MQretary then read the tluauc-
lefl  over tor further  information.
Tin I'ommitte on "roads to wharf
es" reported thut the city council
ha.l promised io do all * ,"'eir power to mnke the approach to the
wharf and thnt the mnyor of old
Council hud already instructed the
surveyor to make a report on the
subject, besides going on reord us
recommending the work to their successor on the new city council.
A suggestion  by Mr. McCnrter that
Has Been Organized at Malakwa
With a Good Membership
An enthusiastic meeting of Con-
scivntives wns held at Malukwa iu
tli,' school house lust Friday eveniug
the Hnd lust, lor the purpose of form
iiiL- a Conservative association tor
the District of Malakwa.
! Mr. Theo. Wadman of Revelstoke,
acted as chairman in the interests of
the B. O. Conservative Association
and in a brief manner explained the
aims nml objects of the association.
There were at  this     meeting     thirty
the secretury  write  the engineer,  en-   memliers
closing copy  of  letter from  city  and   members
asking for a  similar assurance from  officers:
thc  Provincial   government,   dame  to      Honorary
le  submitted   to  the   Dominion   gov -   Borden,
ernmeni;    wns   unanimously  adopted.
This matter is still in the hands of
tbe city council.
Mr. MeCarter fluid Unit too linny
committees were working on these
similar matters mid suggested .* con
solldation and that these subjects he
brought before the council en-nloc. A
Committee "f two were struck oil uc-
coi dlngly.
who     signed
The following
the   roll  us
were elected
1    Honorary
I    Hon.   Vic
rell and  .1,
President—  Hon.    R.  L.
President--   Richard  Mr-
Secretary  Laing  reported  that  this
mutter  wus   being   held   over   i.y   the
C.P.R. pending    possible settlement
it  the  Kustern  meeting.
Discussion disclosed that the i'.i'.
R. had verbally intimated their in -
ability to do anything in this mut
ter owing to the ruling ol iUc Railway Commission. A motion waa
adopted thut  the     matter he     sub
mitted to the Railway Commission
for nu order to enable the C. P. H.
to mnke a refund of these uvrr-
Secretary Laing said Mr. Ooodevt,
M.I'., in conversation had stated lhat
be had personally gone into thc matter hut Unit the service could not be
inaugurated until the Arrow Lukes
ragulu ■ervict wns commenced.
Secretary Luing wns instructed to
write Supt. of Mail Service McLcod,
to draw his nttentiou to tho fact
that the service had not beeu commenced ob promised by tho mall department.
No further steps had lieeu taken the
government were still undecided us to
the location of this demonstration
government farm.
Presidents— Martin
P.   Shuw,   M.I'.I'.
I'res,dent—E.   Erikson.
Vice President—(!eo.   E.  Cue.
See.  Trcas.—(1.   E.  Fiiiucane.
Executive committee—F. .1. Bossley
Peter Allen, John Mlzon, I'eter God-
scn, A. Haycock and vv. Waddell,
After the election of officers, speech
h were delivered by the newly elected officers and the association passed
resolutions expressing their implicit
confidence in the administration ol
the Hon. II. L. Borden nnd Hon. H,
first League Rival Concert
The Epworlh U-uguc will give the
lirst ol the rival concerts on Monduy
evening it 8 o'clock in the Methodist
church, which tbey think will heat
Unit given by the ladies the follow ,
lug weak. Judges an to be nppointed. who will make u decision us to
who is tbe winner utter the second
one is giVW. Tlle admission is 25c.
for adults and   llir.   for  children.
was read  from the Cl
n remedy for these
\  letter
President C. II. Hume—We hnve
been trying lor three years to get nn
improvement in the C.P.R. freight
service Ixtwecn Revelstoke and the
Arrow lnkc points, ns n business man
1 may say our firm have almost censed  to go after this  business,    thc
Special bargains in wash blouses nt
McLcutiau'i. ft,
Dealers in Hardware of All Kirds.
Ammunition.  Harness,   Hcrse  Blankets.
Stoves, Ranges. Enamel end Tinware
Faints, Oil,  Varnish, Etc.
Crockery and Glassware
Plumbing, Heating
We are prepared to undertake any work in this line
Groceries, Fruit, Vegetables
A Very larqe stock of Fresli and Up-t.-Date
Carried in This Department
Hay, Grain and Feed
Agents for McClary's Famous Steves, Sherwin-
Williams Paint Co., Canadian Oil
Companies, Ltd.
We pay special attention to Mail Orders and Shipping
to Outside Points.
BIG REMOVAL SALE ON during month of January
Hardware Dealers     GROCERS     McClary's Stove
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
I I^Brookfieldi
ftf! y^-'   txtra Crrnmcr:
STO^ Butter
!&£$£* '.y®fii
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Concert and Sleigh Ride
There will be a concert and sleigh
ride under tiie auspices of tbe young
men of the hip worth Learn,' next
Monduy evening. I'oncert to commence at l.'Ml sharp. The program
will  lie ns lollows.
I'.ianiophone selections; Marrh of
the t'nmeron Men nnd Gordon High
Male  qunrtettc;    Down  by  thc Old
Mill Stream, Damaon, Anderson, k.
t'nmeron  and  Davis.
Tho next Item is Uncle Josh nt the
Dentists  by  V.  Stewart.
Heading  by   Wultcr   Bawl,
Vocal  solo;  Ralph  Luwrenco.
Piano solo;  Dr.   Watson.
After this there will lie n vocal
solo by Nml McGregor und tho last
will be an Instrumental duel by I'.
Samson and  K.  Dickey.
The sleigh ride will Commetioc at
* DO and hack to the church parlors
it 9 M where refreshments will lie
sei\cd. VdmisttoQ fol sleigh rldo und
concert i'i ceuts.
January Clearance Sale
We are offering all of our high
Men's belli ribbed I'lidrrwear SOcaod 6*5*1
Boy's 1'iiderwtar al  HAUK PRICK.   This
ai StanfieWi ami Turnlrall's,
H„i - Milts at MALI'' I'liK R,
jjra-Jc  winter stock at
Pleece lined Underweai SOc
tu, hides sucli high daai  lines
ha\e 150 pair ol Men'-. High Grade Shoe*, consisting ol .ill M/e'-i,whieh
regularh sold lor S1 ;0 and 56.00, now •.riling for MkS.
llu; s School EUlOeS, all »i»e», sale price JI ,89
See our Windows and Bargain   Tables for Snaps
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
Something New
See our display of the nev,   Copperware
in the window this week.
These are the  very  newest jroods   and
comprise some very useful ai tides, such
as   Egg   Boilers,   Individual   Casseroles,
Chafing Dishes, Perculators, etc.
I>et us show you these Roods as they are
exceptionally fine.
F.G. BEWS   °p«<»> s \tit.i w  rai fra, iou,
SATURDAY, KEU. 3rd, 1012
Coal and Wood
Orders will now ho accepted for Bankhead Hani
Coal, Furnace size, us ii   s now in stock,
Bankhead Hard Coal   Furnace Size, pcr tun.   .   $10.50
Briquettes, per lun      8.75
Wellington. Suit Coal, per ton    11.00
oMixed Hardwood,   10-inch, per curd     7.50
Cedar. 16-inch     6.25
Baled Oat Hay at $17 per ton.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
' i.m.     inoliidlnR $300,000 inr lhe Van
im,liver      exaiiiiiiini;     warehouse      nnd
sMi,umi ior ii public building In Noi th
Card of Thanks
Ue desire i" express "in npprecla -
t.on mid thanks toi the ItlndnesB and
hospitality shown us during our tee
eul   snd   beieiiveiuent   in   Ihe   losn     ol
"in   loving husband and  brother,
Mrs.  li.   A.   Morris and  Sistei
Che fl&aiUlberalo
Snterloc HMiLinsbnm companr,
.1. K. JOHNSON, Manager.
RALPH  'i.  SCRl TON,   Kd tor,
y. M, C. II. NOTES
Busteed May Be Gen. Supt.
Winnipeg, 'inn 31—It is rumored
here on good authority thut !''■ '''■
Busteed, t'.r.it. superintendent at
Vancouver, is to become general sup
erintendenl     ol      WOStem   lines    With
headquarters at Winnipeg. Mr* Bus
teed bus been In the 'Hy tor Beveral
days conferring with Vice Prosldonl
'I m Hoys Aus nml Crafts Ktthlhll
<<ii i'h. exhibition is organised al
in i- the imes i,; th.  ordinary Indus
1 i ml   Ian .     Not   "Illy   does   il   serve lo
*' * .iago  lioys  i"  mnke  things,  Interest     llieni      in    ei,Heel ions  ol     all
^^^^^^^^^^ kinds, develop their artistic abilities,
Legal notices ie .en:*- per line (uBt I |„,j ,, ..IV,.., ,h,, Association an Ideal
Insertion, :, ecuis ;.,*i imo each me,*,,,,, ,,( getting into touch with
subsequent Insertion, Measure-'
me;.:.-  Nonparlel  (U linen
Superior May Be Frozen Over
Dltlllth, l''i'h. I II seems ns il Iiii
tlir lil-t till).' Within lhe ineli.i'iA "I
while   men   Lake   Siiuenor   will      Ilus
winter be completely dozen over, ai
ready Ice is lormlng over lour miles
from shore nnd oul as lar as can i»'
seen great does are hocoming welded
together. With such a beginning, the
usual eoid weather oi February will
Mime   Hkelj   complete  the  job.
Big Eddy School Report
Uotore you starl oul Shopping,
don't fail to read ilus column,
which Is hrlstllug with pointer lor
ihe bargain Booker,
i .    outside   its       nieinliei ship        II
make ■ ,.,V|.S ,.,„ opportunity to Interost mon
one inch, i       Store and     general | who cansenl to acl
business aunonutcmcuis }^.."iU per
inch \ier niouih.     Pretorred poll
tion*".      2b      per  eelit.  additional.
H.rtUs. Marriages ami Deaths. 80c
each insertion.
l^aiid notices $7.50. All n<ivertlt>e-
meuis subject to the approval ol
tbe management. Wauled and
Condensed Advertisements : —
Aueuts Wanted. Help Wanted, Bit
nations wanted, Situations Vacant. Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted. 2b words or lean, Mc,
each additiuoal line lu reuta.
Changes a. man,ling advertise-
ments must lie in by li a. m.
Tueti.'.ay and Friday ol eacli week
to secure cood display.
OORRBSPONDENCB invited on mutters of public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accombsnied by name ol writer
n*'t necessarily lor publication,
hut as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence uhould be briel.
Ineludini   postage  to  England,  L'nit-
rJ Statei" and Canada.
By the year ithrough postoftlcei 12.50
■ '\H-.
S XT' MAY.  FEB.  .ird.  1912.
■ the  mi lol     nn*.' ■ ,■
■   ...*     Board  ol Tradi.
-   ■    will   be     in
toresi   .-    • usii essmi n
and cil tens "i the city     Tbe repori
of  the   !'t-*-i.k':it   toi   the   past     year.
«  .,   ■ ivor  and  aeli eve
• tall ..'. "in  city,
I'ir Kddy sel I  Report       Ii   CViiX
Tho lollowing is thc report "l tho
Iiii; Kddy school lor thi month ending  January  Mst,   191'J:
l).i\s   school   was   ,ii   session
Tidal  Dally attendance 	
Total  actual  nttondancn  	
calls attention to tho public 'o the
things thnt boys will do and take au
uteres!    in   11       given   all   oppol'!  lllll V
.m.I  some encouragement.  Thn i*.\Iiiiiii-   .ncliide   i Iglll   classes   which   lakes Average  daily  at li'iidiiici*
ir,     manual   training,  miscellaneous Average actual attendance
•olleotioiis, models of electrical    and Pupils actually  attending
mechanical  apparatus,    photography, Boys actually  attending  ..
pen nnd  pencil drawings, aeronautics Girls  actually  attendlug
This exhibition is in the Interest ol Greatest   number  presonl
all boys in the city, whether n  "i M. Least   number  present
i'.v.   member or  not,   providing  thej ;    Names of pupils  presenl
h ive  not   reached  their  19th    , *i ili -
di y.
,.   li'.
. 27U
Hi. sl
„   11
..   ;i
. ...s
Program ■ may lie had for ihe n iking, also any Information re*i|ii "d.
hy applying to the physical Dlrcctoi
Ol   nn'   V.M.C.A.
Interest Is keeping up good In the
gym. Oh you hockey. Plenty of
good swimming these days, gel Inlo
it and enjoy yourself.
■ aro
lol   1*  I I'l
Ins been
vs In in
lx a good jHci  j
,i ■    t
every  session:—Roll     Carlson,     Allan    Granstrom,     Karl     Granstrom,    Ragnnr
Granstrom,  Agnes Boyd,  Neva Boyd.
Pettipiece Sent Up for Trial
Vancouver, B.C., Jan. 31—The cuuo
against R. P. Pettipiece was partly
beard today and will be concluded
tomorrow, when it. Is understood le
will be committed f"i trial at a high
ei inint. At the request ol bis coun
\\. DeB. Farris, r.i Mplece w as
not committed lor trial today, cuun-
A class Ior boys wl
i ■ is and who cannot
started.   TWs class Is Ioi   i
10 to II  yean- "1 ago     This
opportunity lor    hoys    who
swim. Bring your towel and i* ..ne* ., „,nting ho would not be aide to
•• l to bring a pair of wotcrv ug Lppoal before .indue Mclnnes tins
II.in,I in your name to Mr rimmsnn I afternoon to arrange tor new bail
"i Mi. Gilford. A charge "f '•< cents Lll(| ,f *.**.,,
pet losson will bo charged, payi
In advance nnd o  boy  will lie     i
K   lered   to   he   able   I"   swim   when
i used  wi i,  formally com
in  swim tin   length of  the tank.
\   new   feature   Tho  an   ol  photo
gi aphj  w ill be taught  by  Mi    Ki
H I     v  dark  room  foi   thc   ise    ol
members     will  be Biipplled  bj
t--oe,ation.    Leeliires      will   I*.'   e.\cn
ni   cameras, developing, * tc,  l»j  si v
oral gentlemen connected with photo
.    rgj  ai well as the   graph)   In   Hevelstoke    All   mem oi
public spirit  of the members   ol th*   who have cameras are requested     to
J   their   names   Into   th     V ■-
The ■   ■     * i on     Secretary ae
and    IS
t * at i ads   ol
are ejtp,*:. led  In | ibltcity
pn that  a    meeting mn)        called ol
ill  tli,-.       teres! -  ', ; mii-
imera rluo.
I   •    Ibvr-.   oi<r   «rt">■"•   —   r— 1  i
rk for tb* benefit : t
addition to thi   membei
have      "• indaj   ■''
I,-thi iddress I
.   t. .
Ml     ',■'.-•■   ■
ttt men, and a good
-• ire  for  all  those  who
Miipy a jnll cell until tomorrow.
The ci irgi       I iking part  In an    un
lawful   assembly.   Pettipiece   i**- i
deft nei .   Tin*  pal tial I
'eas cnpie.l ovei   an hi'iir.  All i   li
i    Prcaid nt   tt llkluson of the    Ti
and  Labor council  waa I  rested
■   trial   an
'••tee as  "anthro They
y.t jail
. I  •     •
. •).        members
tt  i i    -.* • - in no   un
.ii tlie mutter ..; pei
...      ind disbursei
-  the g   ■'■ irofk   11
• manner
.   * .-        | •    ■
■  •
:      . * tloi
tlieos   of
■•    ■  » • mtndi
-    ■•
.,     * ,       ,
fl    *   •   •-. •  • -
■ : •
i      . p
. *  . i
tbt I   ird o
-....        . .„
The Barrier
■ ■ -   ■'  the    pport      ■ Mi
1 .irry   Hyde will sing.   T
•ue full  ol  Interest om     »lx
. njoj  n good sing *..•••
to  bt  present
sed I
t*U.'l'       ■
Egg Laying Contest
•t Thi
M ible   friend
M.l.-l      '•      V
rn ment of ret
in this way Hi      P. fl   Hook       n
•  ii      ■
*   i
Mi.  v   l*.    Mi . if Lunenherg In
the quest
\   Lhoroughl)    up-to .ini'    i*i o  ' .nn
at    llle   Stilt'   lOlllgllt.
\ : nap   i  them in i Uiwson's w in
d"W.   IU   earpel   si|ii.	
II  you  want   v. I   i ul u   foi   m di •>
ceni  invest nl, I-.. I,, ihe Star theatre
Twolvo cai-pi't  BqiiareK in I lowi on's
window,     last      sea...mi' .lock,        ill
greatly  roduced prices,
I'lxcellenl music I.y McMaliou's or
chostra ut the St. Valentino's Dance
null Hail, Feb, Uth.
Soo llir Kevelstoke Siiiscries for
Ollt  Flowera,  I'boiie  50, I*  c.
H  vou  have read  Rldsr  Haggard's
IllllliillH book "She", see it ou ihe
cm*ln.n ut the Star tonight, Sec ll
an) wuy.
lllggosl   snap   of    tin*    10U8OI1
Howson's in carpet  squares and  Iln
oleums,   enll   nn.l   see   llieni
tt    i'arry  Auotilonooi  and Valuator
* "iiiinets  private  hoUBohuld  sulei    il
ymir   hollies.
Twolvo cm pel squares In Howson's
window, lasl season's stock, al
mi iai y  reduced  pricos
A     nap    -mm   llieni   ai   II"'.',. '     An*
dow,   IJ   carpet   sqilai.**,
si. Valentine'! Dunce In tlio Drill
Hall. I'YIi. 11th, given bj the Girl's
Hospital  Auxiliary,
BlggOBl    snap  ol    the  seiison      al
Hows.,n's   in   carp. I    squill ' *   Ullll   lm
oleums, call and bog thom
'Hi*, buys a square ol Inlaid lund
inm al Howson's. How is lhal with
Eastern catalogue prices,
Little Old New , ork, ul tho stat
tun.uhl is the best scenic drama ever
siiuwu  in  Rcvi Istoki.
vv. Party. Second street, tnkos con
liacts to clean and make your furniture like new*, at youi homes. Bend
Posl   Card
Don't forgot the grand oponlng ol
tt'. Parry's Auction Mart, Becond
Btreet, west, February 10th nest.
Bale commoncea al 2 '.w p.m.
'•Ue.   liiiys  a   Kquare   "1   inlaid   luud
sum at  Howson's.   llow Is thai with
Eastern catalogue prices.
MUSIC—Miss Johnson, pupil ol A
Miller, F.R.A.M., London, is prepal
ed to take a limited numbor of pup
ils for tuition in music. Por terms
apply at the residence of J. K.
Johnson, tirst bouse west of lhe bos
pttal,   first street.
Howson * Co, are determined to
supply the people ol  Revelstoki   with
* arpets, llnoli uma and lurnlturo ns
cheap as ll  can  bc bought elsewhere,
[I :  adde I,   li   we  have nol   what
you  want   In  stock   we will endeavor
•* •  it foi  you at catalogue figures
Tn    THK    PEOPLE    OF    REVEL
STOKE  DISTRICT—Seo our  List  ,.f
Specials  f* iry, iead on    and
make I    Storm sash and
doors, mouldings and turnings of all
•   tables   Btoola     and
ils, and  Hi
ablnet * ards,
tops       showcases.
paint,   varnish,
ind  building ps
prices        Hest
■ temi
■ doing any
;      Voui     en
K* ■   tin* host program ol mon!   up
<■■  'I.li'      |ll [I   I | • 11: '"    I"    I III*   Still
I 'I   Imi: i   lhc      Si.    \ iiImhI,in*
ilium.,  in  tin*  Hull   |tall,  1'YMuary   1*1.
Why    doOH llic    Still    gOl   llie   ll ow ll '
Hmc.     ll    isl he    lie  I    |)icllll'0   i.butt
Iii  ih.-  country,
Off to Mexico
in    Hamilton,   A.   10.   Kincaid,     V
McRuo  and  T,   IC'Hpatrlok,   lol	
'Iiuii s,lay     miil'lllll'g      last   "ll   a   two
months'   trip to  Mexico    Thoy  woul
' ia   Spokane and   will  visit  Ti'Mls ainl
California   before  thoy   I'olui'u.
During ihe absence trom tho oltj
ni Dr. Hamilton, his practico will bp
in charge ol   Dr.   McPhorson, ot Ar
. . . It Might Be Cold. . .
[lIb always hot in lho plunge al Halcyon lint Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are ihe mnM wonderful health restorer on the t'ontinent Ourrecord of cures
nl' rheumutisin and other chronic complaintB is unequalled
nml verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greutesl scenerj of Canada, easy of access,—the Hanitar-
ium is luxuriously fitted and llnisln'il for comfort and
convenience of guests,
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
I i
D e s i ft n e J   to   meet
every requirement ol
tlie newest fashions
Willi perfect comfort.
Get tlie model that
suits your figure. At
thc hest stores.
Akovr il No -387. iin ftir-i
In,ill III'*,i-l llut it'v'"'",'
■ UP liiMirre tkr corrtcl bnra
(or tins ir.*' a itytei      ioi
Granby   Rubbers
Are  models   of exellencc
in  style,   service   and   lil.
Now Hold the Fort
in Kevelstoke
A large variety of Dainty
Hum's  in half-pound, one-
pound, two-pound and three-
pound si'/.os
The Finest in the Land
and  Canadian   cMade
in \i-ay
Gourlay Pianos Gourlay Angelus Players
High Priced, Rut Worth  the_Price
Come nnd let ua pint one ol tltc' muster pieces (or youS'aud'judge
fm   \ otll *., lies.
Tn mu noted Vloliim, Miiiidolins, Ciiilurs, llaujoa mul Accordeotii
oi .no oiln i Iuali i ni.
U ,   ,ue sole ,ii;i lit*   lol   iln* 1. i llllll >   I'.dllloli lit 10c,
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Have Been Used With Success
Four generations have improved tliem until they havfc no
Keep your horses, cattle and othor Btock insured by having on hand a supply of Puttie's Remedies.
Sold in Revelstoke by ARMSTRONG & CO
Rosedene Nurseries
Kevelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 5l
Phone 295
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
tan that enrnr by imi '    '■   ''"  '
..     ,        mills it the * uh  pi
... . •    * " '     '■'    ''"'
r.   He  »»nte»1 •    -     *
,,„,,;,..    ,.   . .-   ,.(     OranviJIe Uli" thlDK »»#» tribute to th« victory
• •.  • Tellamnch     fave bloi
■ >1 ti. ■     •   government in
com)  province
i    Mr   M■ ,iitt  -i.ml  i.m wae mirpiv
•. .. qu   i on        The     pro»| *  I
nc n[ i h ■ Panama ' !anal he iniil
would iubiik'H" unniciiHi'ly In
\ iinriniii, r  mm.I   VlOtOIia,
I    Hon.   Flunk   nlivii       pul   in   ii
i    4  ■
maker*   iniW    Tl
.. couple
thintr*- - '•■     '
me  and II .ill eomee *  *i *   i i
the villa
• he i'...., you
* ma.   The   ,i
i-ii.niirii.'fii    Vancouver   Provinw*.
'.i.rlv ncciirat* ilpprription "f thl
dli  wh" had a Bi ra  muatai be    Tlir
rn.i travelled  hacli and ("ith
nlty until « mnn answering Lal
lnmftHf- deacrlptlon tn* found. Con
■Uble Walker covered him with   h.i-
r'Ti'lvor wbil-c  hm f"nn< i   ____M ___\ 	
nd ,,t   alt raonrtaehe,  wWch prowl, hccaiiw the     toUl  vote Ioi     paMlc  Wool     Boap-T|H   Pride     »oap-th«
, , _ ,„„ ,m      ,s    ,i„,   iiii)i(tini:ia tor in.imii Columbia itandi  Uiimdr.- eoap   toilet eoapa also. The
'.,;..     .",*   .'iml   rami'   im.       tit.       , „• '
■   tcome Clement Thuwton wae cbarg <•!  |7M,(KK1   whttf KlltetU and  Hat    Pride     clonner.   Tbe prloei lor ihr,.,*
court tWi     morning  katcbewan togetbd  i->  t»lj I74C,(HK1  eonpa aro right to ilnii'l lali to call
.      .       .    tedwertend     Heveral of the    British   OoiiunMa , oepect tWa great variety before
yotee  iH'ii*  ihikhpiI  before    ll»'  lloinx,   |ini'li,isiin; ynur Clirjilmus  Sunl'e.
IOAP      SOAP      SOAP   Th<: Rev
clatoki' Meat Market him just open
, wl   up ii    fri'H'n ibipmeBt nl SwWt'a
kirk   fnini.iiH   Hufips,   amiini;   which   nre   the
To the People ol Revelstoke District
Win upend iieedlena ilollara on fuel bills iliis winter, when
foi .i null Investment In ;i lev STORM WINDOWS and ii
door <»i tun you can nave at least 50 per cent, ol your
present i utlny i" fuel Maybe you have nevet considered
tlii'-.    Think it over ami you will be convinced.
if you invest now in i few Morni window! and doors
you will S.W li THIUK COSTlong before the  airival  of    .
Spring.   Ask those who know and nv\ yout order in now.
[( you arc contemplating builditiu a House, Store nr
Business Block in the Spring, or anding an addition i«'
i in House, now is the time to talk it over* Come to »s
Avith youi plans .mil 1l-i us figure 'i out ("r youi Vou will
profil l>) uur wide experience aud S.W I-; M()NKY.
We Ki\<* estimates freely on all kinds oi C'oNSKt'U-
TIONAL work, umi your enquiries arc solicited*
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
v. ii. li,,x MS      GEO. I>. SHAW, Prop,       Phone No, 261
U-incli and 16-inch lengths
I umished House on 3rd st. Io Rent. $20 a Month
Ap|»l)' for particulars to the undcrsiencd
,1'IIHM   £76 •
Office on Second Street, next to Cummings Transfer Office.
Scene fram ' The Burrior(" Opera Houbu, Feb  ith
Hi in '.|*ti i.iii iuim, in ..ii varieties in Hefwon
• ■I Cul l'lmvii-. uur showing is iinsurpnsseil.
Come nml ins|ii'it   Inr  \mirsill.
W. il. l'OTTKi'il', Mineger.
On South Road, Half a Mile from Town SA n iin.w ,  PUB. Bill,  1918,
■SATURDAY   FKH   3rd,  1912,
W^-v.'-i.'i'.riu .',:.,*,&.,.£■-'>'-' .-V'fV'i,''^-'-* ''■< v>.'*■■'■■ '■'''■-\ifVMi''iittr'iJrl':,L-Ji -'■'*!■■'■' ■ 'n't ■". f-v:..^^^. .    ..... ,....
Sign Here-
your   A'-ama
our Pint true
UTE vnur n.iiiic nml addres   111 thi  linen ibovo, dip
mn  thia *nl   .uul  niuu  M  ti"".    We  will send,   bj
return mull, n bunlt thnl lolls how to miilto yours a
■ Tm ' ntleth  i 'el "■" farm,
ulrln'i I"- sntlstlod lo use .1 scythe to rul  your uraln
nun ii bettor, would .> ou 1
mm im 11,.11 your * umi Mors
1 up i" dnto rlillniv plough?
tbo .I'h.Hii.u'.i'.s ni' Twentieth
Material  Concrete  \ «5g
,.r i'ii,*!,.   11.rn.'.  rn*  w '*"i   is  lho
icj iii   ihr riding-plough la  ihi ad
,1  and easily plnrod,  11 resists heal nnd
,1  hence la bosl tor lee houses  moi
1 homes,    n nex'er needa n pnli   th■ ■■ r i**
1... fern M poata, culvorla, drain 1 li      m  1 y
nml eiilveria    11 cannol burns you * 1111 * lean
•house 1>i nilliiK 11 wiib atrnxv iind s ttlni   I
lice, ticks and all germa will bo     *
■and and gravel enn be taken from your own
1   iin* ,,iii\   material ynu mual  buy,  forms from
in one-tenth of the whola volume,
■uni  in know nmre uh..111  Concrete on lhe >' rn I
your name and addreii in lho lines nl 1  »n n
mall it i" nn, and noii will receive by return mall n
What the Farmer Can Do Willi Concrete"
.1 catalogue, bul  1 180 p ige booh   proi llu traled,
la.'nlng how you can use concrete on  l'OI R farm,
first Round of Scottish Cup
U-lasgow, Jan. 27—The tirst round
nl the scuiti.-li !•'. ,\. cup was played
1 ins afternoon, large crowds attend
ihk everj match, The scores are as
Hi.ut  ol  Midlothian »,  Hibernians
»»• . ..*.*■
Lcith J,  Ay 1  United 0
Broxburn Athletics 6, Beltb u.
Falkirk 2. Kings I'ark 2.
Tliiril  l.iiuiirk 3,   Ilenton 0.
Celtic  1,  Huiilermliiie 0.
Kilmarnock 1, Hamilton Academical 0.
llaitli   Hovels  0,   AirdiieoiiiaiiH  0.
Paisley St. Mirren ;i. Aberdeen 3.
I'atrick Thistle j,  Dundee 2.
Oasl  Stirlingshire 3,  Dumbartou 0
Armadale-Peterhead, postponed,
St. Johnstone ii, Motherwell 2.
Qreenock  Morton 2, (.'lacuaciuliu 0.
Clyde 2.  Abercorn Of
Glasgow Hungers .1, Steuhouse
Muir 1.
The English  canioi .ire at follows:
Hovers   ii.    Tottenham
Hotspur o.
boltou Wanderers 3, Preston North
Hnd 0.
Bradford City U. Oldham Athletic 0.
Bury 0,  Midtllehoruugh 2,
Bverton l,  Aston Vifla l.
Manchester City 1, Newcastle
I'm ted 1,
Sheffield Wednesday .1, Nolls County ii.
Sunderland 5, Manchester  United 0.
West Bromwich allium I, Liverpool 0.
Woolwich arsenal 3, Sheffield
United l.
Birmingham 2, Stockport County s
Blackpool a. Kiiiiiain l.
Bristol City  I. Leeds City 1.
Chelsea   2,  Leicester   Fosse   1.
Clapton l, Wolverhampton Wanderers i>.
Qlossop «, Bradford o.
Grimsby Town I, Burnley I.
lludilerstieltl       Town       l).       D'.'rby
County o.
Hull City i). Barnsley u.
Notts   Forest   2.   liaiusbiii'iiugh Trln
Ity 0.
Norwich City 2, Brighton and Hove
olblon 0.
Leyton 2, stoke 0,
Coventry City 1, Luton 0.
Crystal   Palace  I,   Northampton  2.
Southampton 1, Swindon Town 2,
Plymouth Argyle 2, Bristol Hovers 0.
Reading 3, West Ham United I,
Watford   I.   .MUlwall   Athletic  1.
New  Brompton  I,     queen's      Park
1 Hangers 2.
Exeter City  1, Brentford 0.
Leu ll,   Moseley 3.
Dcvonporl   Albion 20, Torqunj   10.
Iliirloqiilns 8, Blacklieath fi.
Ciiiiiiii mIl-i'     University   19,     Richmond i*.
London Hospital  IT,     Old    Allen -
lylans 0,
|   Cumberland ;..  Yorks I.
Cni'.lHT .'..   I,,,ii.Imi Welsh ii.
I   Old     Merchant  Taylor«   ll.  North
ampton 7.
United   Set vices   20,     Oxford     I'm
versity f).
Northumberland  16,  Lancashire  12.
\ reserpabion of fertile valley land
Is now open In Mexico. Homesteads
Free, Only requirement h t" have
live acres ol bananas planted within
live years! An authorised company
will plain tiie bananas and    market
them mi shares. Your share should
i bring *f2iin per acre annually. The
Jantha Plantation Co., Block 21111'.'.
|Plttsburgh, Pa., U.S.A., distribute
Mexican land in the U.S. and Canada
Write for particulars. Von need not
go to Mexico. t.c.
SOAP — SUAP — SOAP—The Revelstoke Meat Market has just opened    up  a     fresh  shipment  of   Swift's
j lamous  soaps,   amonj;  which  are  thc
i Wool     Soap—The    Pride      soap—the
Laundry soap—toilet soups also. The
Pride     cleaner.   The  priees  for these
soaps are  rijrht so don't  tail to call
and inspect this treat variety before
purchasing your Christmas Soaps.
£jpinir Hater u " Necia " in  " The Barrier " at Opera House, Monday night.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
Recount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Sttaionery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms    Tags, Etc
type and printing machinery.  Our
stock sf  printing papers is large
and well selected.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
REVELSTOKE, I. C. s vti'upav
SATURDAY, FEB, Brd, 1912.
■>%.■%<%•%•% %%^ev%^%^%^%%^%
i hose «|H
believe    in
real    ol the
ed  in  depn
1W Itcvelitoko
moat. When
, ,,. ,. h is been stoop
al -
al -
•  thu
%^>   'rii.i  eiflu   liere are iiini-iinlly bad,  anil
1 make climbing moro dillicult and clangorous, [like n poor truck im* horses.
tbey imt renllj bi'llllanl record-break1
inu' u.vploilH onl of llie question, In
llie Selkirk*, liowovor, tin* rocks nre
In-i i.'i.
In ilie matter ol ivoullior, the Times
llUthol'lt}   liml*  lillie ililTeri'liie.   In   tlie
in iii ti chain, iln- number ol line    days
j between ilm beginning ui .'nly nnd tho
middle uf Soplembor is probnbly ■."ine
"Barrie,1" a Success
ugnon act, vjio.
To    please  an  a.illior  with  a htuKf      *ulic0 is b«wby Klven thHt 30 dl»'s
production of his work in » dlffleull  otter .late application will he .n,.,le
lent, vet. "The Harrier" Company Ua.'.   l" tho      1,l»lri1  "'     Woenso <-'ommin-
succoedc'd s„ well in liiin respect that  "toners for tin- transfer ol the liccnsr
for the Bale ol liiiuor by retail iu anil
UC. cUtoko li.'-*
■Ued ihe e\en lonor "I hor wn>.
ways progressive, niuu;.:. Bouud
ways in the forefront, but never
playi     * .*     f      ' ie-      tlu'in. ter,   i
■   ■ imbli i.
1 iui        twellU -live   J ems
*: i:     *   the      'ii.-n ii* lion of      lho
i     I'll,      md     i adeled in what     i>
Did   I,m n" mi     From
Street,  Kev,    -   *.    hns  grown  steadily
•    -      . i i     ul    (.mill |Wll|l|l'.
ib ihi ■   i"* '  knowii n
l   ,    * *..    K   ..*.*.     .       ii,.
^  I'l-,*    f' 'I      lll'lll'      M* .1 -     il     U ,*|-     I ||,*    o,,|\
 *      rul   ''  fl "lu   ' ';ili.i'll:iii   i* .
tltlllll       * *'   ' i .ll.
I lime i-i neu  tin*       ih et
*   llu    Sloeill    icelneil   In      re ■
spon< *     ■* i    * ■'.  11 inn*  Foi hnn''*
bnu'l. foi   im .:     .  prosporoui   mini   • *
nuw-a-dayn  l'"'   i.i-  lirst  start  us  ilu
I   .  grub-slake in  iln*  Knoll*
\   M \~l II!  S1TI A I lUS,
where you wiil. you cun liud   no
.*  .....     poim   i"i   a   luuii-ii,
An Immense Sum of Money to
Be Spent in Mountains
11„. ('olumbin
.mill*   il""1   Hevi
row  lul  tor a
I In* iiiii'Jinli' '■'"''
.team bold "i|
The totlowlng ia » Bummarj
work  estiinat. .1  lor  b>   the C
' [or the work ti
of the
P,   It.
■••  ^	
■ ni   !:•■ • - I*,*,,*    prottilj   situntoil on
i tie  i   *. tmbiu  river,  where it   i- eros-
s   i "*    ihe n.-iii. line of tho ' uuadinn
Knilway;  ihe junction ol      iln.
Vrroi   * id    nml  Kootenaj      Ituilwn
•i ,   any  l'ml  ilieir nhops  here will lie   en-   "	
thollargoil mnj run lo full capacity withiu  wl,a' tfreator   than   in tlio \1|
lhe ii \i year. I1'"'  Solklrka   ihe  .'limbing  sens.
The   nortll    is a vast     undeveloped .rathor shorter.
country   of known     wealth in limlior,
minerals,  nml   laml   suitable  for   fl'llit-
■^ruwing  ninl  catllo   ranching,        The'
Columbia river is navigable lor    over
llltl miles north "I  Uevelstoko,     wiib
the exception ol n distance ol live or
six miles m I'riesi ami Death Rapids.
around which it  i-  proposed to build
a  tramway  when dovelopmoul  condl ■
tii.ns  warrant,  ami   Inwards whieh  the
Dominion (iovormni'iit  mndo an appro-
prill! nil nl SIiI.iiiiii. I ^^^^^
^^^^ naviuiiblo  '"' ""' "'"'' '" '"' done on the main
ugh llie Ar-1 Ute rn the Revolstoke district for the
i i-ii mile-* I coming year
'<"'" ""   " I   in  District   No.   I.  Irom  Field     to
-*"iiii     '"i j,-     , ,    , ,
'ICumloops,  ten  liridgi'H are lo be fur*
ibed with concrete piers and abut-
,. iK.,n iiiieuis, and    aboul the Bame number
tnili'Ul   In   the   ilistr.ct   Ironi   Kamloops      1"
moun • ] Vancouver    nn'   to   be so provided.
.This   in   one   ul   the   heavier  expen.li
'i'n- i
,   itures which me now certain, (
in    d,,. 1   in     district No. ;i. the   Boundary]
gltieiors country, four  bridges are to he    te-
aml ice-fields tiimle conveniently     a,- .*,,,,.,  wiUl  pWnianent  Bteel and con
' -1'1"    "'     lourlsti.  Th.    London \ structures.  These    are to he1
limes, the world',  greatest newspaper, |
,,    ,       ,i      ,-,,,. ,   .,      .|„      nui.lenuzed   ami   e,|iiippeil   with  every-
re'.'Optn/i's   ilml       lho   I'.iuopeuii    Aipn, '
ami all  llu* attractions  thnt  Swltscr - , thing    that  is    up-to-date    in      this
land- alionls,  must   give place   i"  ihe
mountains ol British Columbin as ihe
world's play-ground,    umi in a reconl
article says:
A l'i ration ago ihu Alps nlTorod io
true mountain
itex Boach lum agreed i" two    com
panies   ol   "The   Harrier"   being   la""
ehed this season,     ""'1
has piven Mr. Sliipinnn tin* Brst refusal nf the dramatic rights i"   his
latest  serial,   "The  Nr'er Hu  Well."
ThO desirable tuwnn in lhe WiiHt
will be. revisited by the No. I company next sciihoii, while a No, 2 eom
pany will he organised to cover tne
Eastern mid Middle States.
Tbe excellent biiHiti.'Rfl done tiB encouraged the management to ol'ibor-
ate t.he si'.cnic oflectt., ..ml engage a
much Btronger     company;    thcrilore
"The  Harrier"  will  prove  i I tllO
coming Benson's strongest attractions, at the opera houso "" Monday,
February r.th.
for the Bale ol liquor by retail In und
nuum i..'." UI,on "'" premises known iih the
furthermore  l-''*y *"0'e'> situated at,    lievelstoke,
in the province ot British Columbiu,
(rum Robert t'aley to .lohn Caley of
J.HO 1st iss. Holder of License.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL,- $10,000,000 REST.-   $8,OCO,000
With its large number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Hank of Commerce is able to clTei't collections throtifhout
tbe world promptly and at reasonable ratCi,. Rates wil! bc quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, rouble's or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at Tbc Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
I'ike I I
,,i lhu
II.ilill    .
i nliimbiii i ii er iiiiiiii.t I..* .
\ UH Ids I itvii:k.
'lhe .iii,..,,. ,,f Uevelstoke i
.in in iWi11l* ihi*- llu- greatest
ne .. iv in I'rit ish I i.luinliiii. A
tnlneerbig Club bus I-».■.-r,
ium! i-* lulling slops, wiib tb
linn    of    llu*   ' i'iverilllll'1,1 ,    to
greatest available at i ra tint
shape ol  forests,   nioiimain-
11 *--
.*   w  '1
climber all il"' Joys
w 111* * :■■■  ' -   H.'I.   ' li';   pal.il ini
iei-    m.  '.ie* Anu"  Lake.-: with great
•   -   radiating     north     nnd   south,
cu-:    ii  west, .'iml  with  -mi miles  ol
red   nutcrw'uys tributary thereto,
Be' • stol       innol   I u*   to  bee 'ine   ilu*
'.!■        **!  • nn.   ,*.'k.*r-. investors, lour-
*    seekers.   Already men
ipi ire   ip;   ug   out   Il.e      land,
*  i  satislivd "iin  tho greol  Inlure
and .li---.i i - tributary thereto, ure
I ,* ting       theii     monej  where     thej
Know  ii nill bring big returns     ivhile
hers  .""kiiM_-   in  ut-     mi sing  I he •■
■ ■pp..'i'ui'*'..■-   .'.  iii.-ii   doors  u. ji.*. i'
■'        *  *        -iint  nhvnys  look
 ii who I'nils  i.,      : uke
..■s bis motto the old Bong thai "there
-■ home,"
I'Unbor, Mi'e*.-. i itj   Lots, Suliinban
■ -'*   nil   n'ii'l'l       inin and am.md  Uevelstoke
.**■•'     'ul  ui lii ing great  re -
turns  in   lbe     ii"i   i'.u   distant   future.
, ..,    „f [|l0 v.".Id: l'"l   "'''ll  I,ll*5   hB
.*,  ,,,.,,  i„„l  while  ih" iK-iiuty
,,i,nks remain
Lr. .ne
^^^^^^^^^ .f   ihe
unlouched and will for-
eiii* draw i" their slopes those     who
love   mmi in,*,   the  charm   for   'lie      'mm!
climber has    ]ms-*■. 1     never in return.
! i ** iv remains no fiold  ior ronquo&l  in
'In- Alp-. It lm-- all been done, ami tho
I.       I.,  mortl .itnliiiii.ns t'limbor    inu
'hope !'» accomplish i*- lo lollow in lho
if i footsteps "f -..tin* pioneer     lie'     \lps
v.*..n'm*.   the  si 1 1   in  which  llie clim
ber  l» ie-   initiated,  imi    i  when
.1    i,\ >\  and eonquesi .all iu bim, he
'*.   I onu Ins bnek on Dwityei'ltind.  Ili
...: \  i..nm in Nnrwiiy or lhc ' nueii   '-
In*  inai*   III    lbe   llitiliilit'. an   nl   the  \ti
■ It.-an kiiow, where,     il be seeks tinrd -
ship, he will  be eouteill, but   iln*   line
i*  i-iir,-   of  ttt. ,'iut tin. *,*t in j   :„f   ll'.il  t.i
In* found oil  the-i' immense heighi*.
I,. re *n
lot* him
..;'   tl,e-e
branch of railroad construct!
At Cedar, Robs     I'bak nud
Butte,  three small  stati ms
trict  No.  I. "en  si i,i ui ho:
he built.    A      station  an.',    lltitutlon I
Bhod  ih to be constructed ut Sun.es. j
It is probable thai   Ibis  Work  will  In' '
under way iu the course of : co weeks
or  a month.
nne of the largest appropriations ta
tor the    Installation     of   ill tuaks,
pumping stations and apparatus i"i
supplying tbe. oil-burning locomotl es
on  Division  No.  1   with  fuel.        rhls
equipment is to he imt in at Field,
UoWen,     Rogers     1'uss.  Revelst ike,
Sicamous  Junction,  Notch  Htll  and
Kamloops,   This    turning over from
coal io mi toi- fuel will be completed  in Mav or .lime,  and In he prepnr
eti   !••!   it   tlie oil-supplying equipment ]
,s t,. i.e Innl!  at  once.  I 'ne of the :e-
asoiis for the hastening ot  the woik
is  so  thai      I.y   Him  fall   of   this  veer
thi'ie will i.e m. danger "I fnresi Ri
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
I'ublic Notice is hereby given that
it is absolutely necessary thut disorders of a BUSpiCiOUS nnl nre he reported to Dr. McLean, Cily Medical
Health (lllicer or oilier physicians,
ns soon as known.    Failure to do this
is a punishable offence.
Hy Ord'r,
Notice is hereby given that Courts
nl Revision and Appeal, under the
provisions ol the "Assessment Act"
und tho "I'ublic Bchoola Act" for the
lii',els! ke Assessment lliuti'lct will
he   held    as   follows:—Com l      lloliue,
Monday      February   5tb,    1918,   at
l" a. m
Hated  nt  Rovclstooo,   10th  January
111 12.
C11AH.  M,  FIBLD,
Judge (.'.nut of Revision  md Appeal
tint issue  Jan.  Llth  1  w.
Record of Prog rets for Five Years
lu the Mutter ol an Application
for the issue ol a Duplicate Ccrtlll -
I'aii' of Title to all minerals prec -
loud and base isave coal aud pio-
tii'ieuiu) Under Lots 01125 "New
York" Mineral Claim, 5326 ' Host..a"
Mineral Claim, 5327 "Chicago" Min
en.i Claim, 5328 "Montreal" Mineral Claim, 53*23 "San Francisco" Mill
eral Claim, 5U30 "Fairview" Mineral
Claim, 5331 ".Metropolitan Fraction"
Mm.mil Claim und b'2'1'2 "Chicago
Fraction" Mineral Claim, .i'l m
Group l, Kootenay District.
Notice  is hereby  given  that ,t     is
my Intention to issue nt the expiration ol one mouth alter the tirst publication    It. re,I   a      Duplicate   d  the
Certilicate ol     Title to  the     above
mentioned lots   n the name ■-'(   'lhu
Metropolitan Cold and Sihcr Mlulug
WANTED—A   girl,   about   12 oi   W  Company of Lardeau, B.C.,  Ltd.(Non
years of age to do light housework   Personal  Liability, which Certificate
and take care "i a baby mi Batur-  is dated the 80th day of July, iJuii,
at  10:30 a.m. and numbered 5922A.
Nelson, )). C, 8th January, i'J12.
SAML'KL ll.   Hnl.,
1st lisue J.20 District Registrar.
Rosorve    -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
$ 3,000,000
$ .1,0110,000
nal Assets
Has 83 Branches in Canada, nnd Agents and Correspondents In all
tho i'i■inuipni Cltlas In the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rate.
Revelstoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
WANTED -Girl    tor   General   Houso
Work.    Must   Pe  good  plain  cook,
Apply Mrs. Sine, Hlxtb street
Our Doctors Anli^Septic 5hoe is Proving a Winner
This last is fillingalong felt want and ils waterproof qualities are Btanding the test.
Wc carry a full line of thc famous l'cnc-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoo Pepnlrers, "*-■■
Harness Makers
days.   Apply   Miiil-llctiilil OfDee
WANTHI)--situ.it;on in lumber cilice
ns stenographer and invoice clerk;
thoroughly experienced; uli reference. Apply, r...\ n-i. Mail-Herald
uilict, Hevclbtoko.
-in! l.lll 0 I'l   \K!
I Nl»'^	
then,  ulinll  iln* * iin  lun '.'j Hiicb  havoc
• only  nui jjreut   Mpnif liclil-|    As lar ns th,
lo  open nu'.  anil  iiii* ^renter
-   tin*  I'alia.ii.tti   l:
it   .>■ the desire ot     the    C.P.R. to   WANTBD-OfTers br
dim.niite as lar as posnible this .Ian-      «nU  tut  chickens.
irer winch  in  years p«h!   has  wrought      i-iilniob  Arm.
new laid eggs
Apply.   Vickeis,
i h.
... undei -t i Unit  th.* .m!     burners ;
ar*  more .*..silv to .*;. i ite   *.-   .uoy i
concerned   it WASTED- a cul or woman
--- • > -  - -'.     (...a.
■'- "■"'""',"" * ':"■""" ■"!"";"';; *;;:;ry™i™.i "tn*-!"™,..:..* »..■'.■ *".•«.»■.* '** "•■*•
■:::::r:. .;■.■"„:■,:.:.!;. **.      -rj—y;
- Sf
■       'r--:   ■    r:. :
ircncral house work.—Apply at lhc
Mail-Herald uiltce.
POR SAl.K-About lr.U tons of baled
green feci, also a quantity ci Tuu
othy hay.   Por prices write, S.B,
Sparks, Mllnerton, Alta,     ;tt. J.10
afforded bj buili for lhc nc
 ■ iti        f 1    m*:. i*i  in the .a*
•' i :    i**  ■        i.mI luinern     w li"
 ills  and     mount nine
theii   •  >tui     M ki<       piei
il*,* a, mai work
limi|er ami lhe   is driven Into I
i ^iou of height  on ii." •• ■ '"ati
■    '
much lhe same
ilio}.     ol  the  Hi
ih ut ii.*.-*   it   ih,    VI]
inviting  llu   n ouutu  iccr il  -■* ,*1-"*
** '      •..,* ,:."i |    I'ak :• ; ■' '
. -.- -
Hit  '
Thr»e  are ma
FOR SALE Modern nine-room house
all improvements, and fifty foot lot
fronting Thir.i street, three doors
fr-'in M thodlet chinch. Apply to
M   .1    Scott    BoJ 'T It
POR SALB—Young, smart .lelivery
team    Por are write    \
■••   ... i     n  !•
in thc Mutter nl an Application for
the isyuc of a Duplicate Oertiflcate ol
Title to Lots 8 und », Hlock I, Town
of Arrowhead, being p,n-i ol Distri.t
Lot 384, Group  1, Map 681.
Notice     in hereby  given  tbnt it  ;
my  intention  to  issue nt to» cxpirn
tion ol one i lonth alter the lirst publication  hereof  a      Duplicate  of   the
Oertiflcate ol Title to tlm above mentioned lots in the name ol llm uev I,.
Plumton,  which Certificate is dated
the  l.Mh dny of January,  I'M,   at
!i:30 n.m., rid numbered lOinHA.
Nelson,  B.C.,  Hth  Jnnuar,'.,  1912.
1st iss. Jan 17      District Registrar,
" '    '   ' ' "     """ i*      , ,.        -
'       "   ' , ... ... *   ' '
.       he i id lakes
\      is it only as u   nummci   •■    iri
i'n ii   in   ■    \ '-■       i rn-   .'.: Icntiou.   1 he
i *■ *   .\ill ■ ..ine « 1" n  ' he ii   ri*r -p* ii
..      ■ _'.       -non
pie 1
tracing - i
*•   wind  n*.
light ning    nun •'
,    j. , whieh   •••inl  to bill
Where then '        ■   • • tow >A'"*    *"'
i.~, IMS  ol  StO ;   ih'ng     tO   "(U»l
.1 ' 1      i      .. "
I be other
'.. . in, of which tha p ibli
-,»   * uf this gi I
'Uperi..n, bin sn)
Uo. Lh
ii ■ iliinj'   ii   '
\n"ii ■ -   ■•■!'
I:■■■ k *. the mors
*....;        ' " •
'   .iu    itai '
little hm i"
. ,il   nw ■
■ ll.K
•   • • '
Light n  tirsr
- le   Willi
*  •■ ■     iv,;i be
1 llll
1    .
Smoker's Supplies
Tbi' ohl iiliiiblc iiow has ilu* largest ainl besl line u(-Smokers'
Supplies ever in the Cily, nnd our prices arc right, Filly brands
nf cigars to choose from.   Price from $1.10 per box up;   uot matte
lr-.ni scrap cither,
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
Our Block ol Calabash Pipes is buioII on account of the
crop being n failure ibis year mul quality poor.
lb iui  Pipes in cuscs (rom $1.00 up.
Ask lot the famous 11. B. B. bruntl. Everj pipe is guaranteed.
tigur and Cigarette Holders, Cases snd Lighters, Pouches,
Ahh Trays and Pipe Kucks. Tell us what >*ou want and wc will
suit you. If you cannot call, phone 37 and goods will be sent tu
mur borne for approval.   Buy early while stock is complete.
Empire Typewriter
Slightly Used
Hevelstoke Lund District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that  1,  Ralph Parker,
ol Hevelstoke, 'i, 0,, occupation hotel
clerk, intend to npply for permission
to purchase •<• lollowing described
Cotnfni in r ,1 a post planted tieai
ll. Heliums touth-wesl corner, being
ill" Bouth-wcat point of Ralph Par
kei ■- ian'1 t*vu. e cast ID ehanis,
tti'ine   mn   .    ■    chains,   thence   west
i" chains, Ibenee south 2ti chains.
along like ihore to point nl com-
iit li . in.iii lining  forty     acres,
more or le i.
Dated  tliiu it       lay   if Nuveinhcr,
lir  W.K  Ogilive,  Agent
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody known him, he will
Icil ymi that the whiskeys we nic
i" lling are the best. Hall and be
i iinviiici'd. No household should
be without a supply of mir Har-
toy's Special Scotch Whiskey; uur
Trapln liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
luiyenip old nr Blackberry BrandyQ
inr Medicinal purpose". Our stock
nt choice Wines nnil Liquors tif all
U i nils- nic umi itli..].      Sold by all
• * ii •        a. * - ini tm    lm
iin -rran_*. ■
'•"■ ■ _
t*etn  tbo It to ttm ■'■:tish
''olunibis, • bey
'rom   their  ttm.!'   line  in   the   i.irtli    to
la -yj- |  |
in   '   m   this jsii'ii.    I be I «
inion  .-...uni.* -luinisH      to
.1 k up ■       Pacific ral
way in running iti     trom
i ■     Vel low In i        *.   i;. -.
i'        .. •. Dpin*^  ■ he * ■ if *-o .
ll     lo the m      i
will aim bi i with
theil    ". i.t.
v. Iiii i.   *l,i-  i "in:* ii       .',. • i   *
Intention buil
( |.,n .  \,.    Pa*".    J i *     Ihi   ''-■•
i .;    *■ ,       ' *.i..* in
\ lew   ihi Vrrmt
.  .in.I    Ivi.oien ij   i niuu, ,
,i ,n\.i   ..i ..      thi   H   ' .   -■■'•■ i
i rows Ne»l  -:■ -'■ m« willi llieli     in   I
line at  Kevel loko.  'im-  making  thi>
City  Ihe greatest  railway junction in
British (L'olumbia.
\.  ,,,►.»„(  Kevelstoke i- the    head-
* . ■   .,f i|„*    Mountain    and Hhu -
U   |    *    .( thfl I snadian  Pacllli
,„,.; ,    . nml ihi   Revelstoke
Iibvi iiii i mrancei ol
fee i • I 'he railway  eomp-
Slightly Used I  oi  «JF   f f   g%
Apply - Mail-Herald a-^-a^ rr.^H
the leading hotels, or telephone
  and Spirit Co.. L
Importer* nrrt Dealers In Pure Nlnee, liquors, Cigar i and Cigarettes
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
am- n..i.r. in rum wines, tlouora, Cigars and Cigarettes
FEB.  5th,  1912
I-   *■   I tal Tour ol
rm: Barrier'
krx Beach'i Mn iterpiece
Dirrt I lrt>m its long run Ht thc
Npw Amsterdam Theatre, New York City
Our Livery is equipped  with the bei-t horses and
rifis*    We alst) deliver express antl barrage tn any
liart of the city.  Heavy and lifiht teaming a specialty
F. McCarty, Proprietor
Phone 'J01
Prices, $1.50, $1.00, 50c.       CWMren, 25c.
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit j
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
* SATURDAY",   PRR.  8l'd,   191!
PATI'ItliAV.   FKll.  3rd,   1918.
Will Have Charge of All Company's Land, Mineral
and Timber Interests from Manitoba to the
Pacitic Dcean.
from thi' ofllce ul tho assistant tu the
president *
The liuiilH ul the Alberta & Irrigation Oo., which the cr.it. controls,
American lumberman Caught at
Regina -Only One of Many
Iteniiin,   Sask.,   J,in   3<t—The   puBi-i -
bilitj   ul n gigantic pint  to defruud
thc customs was unearthed In the
police court today im a result ol the
iit'iisecittion   of   S.    I. 11.   Mi'Diui'inlil,
Winnipeg, Jan 30—One ul the must
important nml far reaching announce
ments afleotlng Culgury and the west
that haa ever been made is givon out
today in the statement that J. S. hnvo previously been bandied at Win yardmaster ul the i.I'.ll. at Regina
iK'iiniK, manager ol tiro Canadian Pa- nlpeg by A. M. Nantou, whu waa charged with allowing cur No. 7483G
i^ilIc Hallway company's land umi lr- managing director ul tbe campany '" bond to puss through the local
ligation interests in Alberta ami boforo the Canadian I'ltcitlc took it yunls witliuut paying duty to the
British Columbia, hou hcen promoted over, will now also bo managed irom customs officers,
to thc positlou ol assistant tu tho tho ullit'i' ul the ii-.sistiint tu thc pres I A conviction wns BOcurod and the
president     and is also to     be given  Idont at Calgary,   Tho A.K. & 1. has railway company wns also couvlcted
greatly added powers,
This announcomoul is made simultaneously with one to tbo oflect thai
thc compnny has decided to create
a natural resources department ol
which Mr. Dciini- will bo In charge.
lu addition to being tho greatest
transportation Bystem In tbc world,
the t'.r.ii. occupies a unique pusi-
tiou  ill  being  tbo owner Ol  vnst   nut
now n rosldont luud commissioner at on ils own admission In connection
LotkbOdge, but It is understood this with tbe caBe.lt is alleged thnt tbe
office will nu longer be coutinuod but practioe bas gone on lor years either
will be * .inducted ns n branch ol the with or without tbe collusion ol tbe
C.P.R. laud department, ruilwuy officials and during      recent
in connection with Mr. Dennis'promotion, announcement is also math
ut tin' promotion ut
inuntiiH alone somo 30 oars bave thus
escaped the customs,
,   There i- In lorce a customs rcguia-
A. .s. Dawson, yon which allows tin1 tree entry Into
February   5—"The  Barrlor",   Hlrnest
Shipment nt the Uocrn House.
February 14—Valentines Dance, under ll iris Auxiliary ol tho Hospital
February    20—Philharmonic   Hucloty
February 22—J.
era House.
l'chrutiry ill—Castle
u. 0. Concert, Op-
Squaro   Enter-
ch..'! engineer ol     tbo Irrigation de   Canada ol rough lumber but demands
partment, to bo Chid Engineer ot the 'n duty on all lumber winch has neon
mul resources consisting of land, coal   Department ol     Natural    Resources.
manufactured  beyond  the Btage     11
planing on  one side,  it is snid  that
mines,    irrigation   projects, natural Mr. Dawson bus heen connected with ,„„„„,,. ,a tmm.a |i|lt of t|)c mj„F ,D
gus, metalliferous mines and smelters the company tor tho past fifteen years tho states planed on one side,    uud
large ureas of timber nnd  numi'i'ou.-i* umi with the     irrigation department  manufactured on the other Mdc,  but
sawmills,  und
Eire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 st.rA.i--i,
nterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Box
4, No, of imt will niuu bo shown
n indicator at Fire Hall.
Bui  No.   14—Corner    First    street
ml    McKenzie    avenue, 0, B.  Hume
ft Co.
Boi No. 15—Corner First street
nd  Rukehy avenue,  post ollice.
Boi No. 16—Corner Second street
and Government Road and Opera
Boi No. 17—Corner Third street
nl Campbell avenue, Globe hum*
nr company.
Box No. 18—C.P.R.  station.
Boi No. 24—Corner Filth street
| nd McKenzie avenue, Catholic
i hutch.
Boi No. 25—Corner    Siith     meet
nd Orton avenue.  W. A. Foote.
vast  numlier of  vil-' since  its  Inception, and  through    his  afterwards roughed  over  by  a  much-
luge,  town und city properties. familiarity with the west, is eminent.  ln8 with " vil,w '"     m,lk,• ll UI",ca'' ,
ns  lough   lumber  and   thus evade  the
lhese important assets huve,,, the ly fitted to lake over the icspui.K.h.1- duty jn ,,ii|lmla   TMg appUed partlc.| nJ Townley BtrMt(   corner
ttiCB   ul   bl
past   been   administered   through   several     diiiercut    departments uud the
moro Important position  nlmly to scanning and large lumber    rack.
Uoi   No.   26—Corner   Fourth   stroet
The    changes   in   the  C.P.R,
new organisation consul,.lutes them department us outlined In the above
into oue lurge department under dlr- dispatch have been expected for Home
ect supervision ol the president with time and many rumors have been
Mr. Dennis in Immediate control   as circulated recently in this connection
Th.'   niiiiuuncement   naturally     menus
lllB   USSiHtUUl.
Thc bead ollice of the     department   u groat addition to Calgary's Impor-
will be at Calgary, hut ihere will ol-, tance us n C.P.R. point.,
so be an ollice ui the department at]    Although Mr.  Denuis hus ouly  beeu
Montreal.    The  resources  to   be  hand-   In the service of the Canadian I'acilic   terred  to ill  the  foregoing.      The called by this department are valued at railway for a (ow years, he has, dur-  winch slipped     through thc    Regina
luud Scantling ol dimensions of 2 by 4 niuu could be prepared lor use and
roughed over, mnktug it appear us
rough lumber to evade duty.
The customs officers caught on to
this deception, however, und detenu
itied to put a stop to it. One step to
wards putting a stop to ibis cheating
uf the eust,mis was the passing u! all
order     in    counoil   ut   Ottawa   which !
brought into force tbo regulation re-
a vast sum. aud in selecting Mr. Den  Ing that period,     accomplished     us
yard was a cur of tins class.
Box No.  28—Coruer  Second    slre/t
nil Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Doi No. 34-Fire Hall No. 2.
Boi  No.  35—Hospital.
Dux No.  36—School.
Box No. 44-Klre Hall No.  1.
Box     No.  45—Front street      we.it.
ear C. r. R. bridge.
Box   No.    46—Corner    King      and
.   The  lumber  was  manufactured   be-   'ouglaa streets. Palace Meat Market,
ins lol   tins important post, the com-   much as    would  satisfy an    ordinary1        ,   ., ,,,,.,,'
yoiiil   thc  extent   allowed   by  the   law      n,n  No    47—Corner  Hpcnnd       and
.■uny has uo doubt been influenced by   man a      lifetime  ot endeavor.        Al-   (ur trce entry. No eBort WM ,,„„,, u, I Va|eB ^^  ^ Qf cQurt ^
ttie fuct tbat  today  there ib  no man'though  still  a comparatively    young   clear   it  because  the  railwny   shipped
in western Canada possessing a more [ inuu he hus spent the lust lorty years   "  "ut before the bills were  presented
to  the  customs,   The  car  had    been
intimate  knowledge  ol  conditions, or'iu western Canada ami during     tbat
better  qualified  to deal   with  the de-I time hus been iu  the service    of    the1
vclopment  aud  admiu.strattou of uu-   Domiuion   government,   the  lund    de-'
turul resources. partment   of   the   Hudson's  Bay   Co.,
The   placing ot Mr. Dennis at    the  as oh"'f BnKln««     and    then deputy
..... , ,      I commissioner ol public works for the
hcud ut ttie department  uf  u.itiual ie  _
liTntoi'iiil      government,  and  during
sources, In which lands are Included, U,, ,,.lst „,,, ycors in ,hc wrvlM   oI
means   that   tbe   administration     aud   the Canadian   Pacific railway,
control  of  the company's outire  luud I    Mr.   Dennis  has   tilled  an  important
business  will   be  transferred  to  Cal - 'part  (n  the colonization and develop
watched, however, and bud an application been made for free entry it
was the Intention ol the authorities
to seize  the  lumber.—Ex.
ment uf western t'aiiadii, and the re-
gut y.    At   pre-citt   Mr.   Dennis  admin-
mmkalile work which he bus accom-
i^uis   tbe   Alberta   and   11.    C.   lnmls ,    , ., ,   .
pushed   iu   the   construction   and   de-
from Calgary.     while the    Manitoba I velopment of thc vast irrigation un-
und      Saskatchewan lauds are looked   deitaking  of the Company   in  Alberta
after here in
and  the colonisation     ami develop ■
[ ment of the lands of ihe company in
Winnipeg by Commis -
smuer  K.   T.   Griltin,  assisted  by     J.
this   proi mr,'   and   Uritish   Columbiu,
L.  Doupe.      bui supervision ol  these  ,ms ,„, u, „  matter of nutlon.
will now  lie transferred to Culgury.   L] interest.
Whether or not this change  will ul- '    "   is   understood   that  tbe  changes
so  include   the   new  tuwtieites    which ';,s   outlined   above   will   iie.-essiate    a
,, . ....        great enlargement of the stall in the
nave heretolure all been handled from :   „,        ,    , ..
ollice  ol  the   assistant  to  the   preBl-
Winnipeg is  not  stated,   but  in      all ' ,i,*.„t nnd that several new posts will
probability tbey will also be handled ais.i be created.
Feb. 5—Y.M.C.A. v. LaRreuce Co.
Feb. 7—Corley House v.  Ramblers
Feb. 9—Uusincssmen v. Carlcys.
Feb.  12—Y.M.C.A.  v.  J.B.C.
Feb.   14—Lawrence Co.   v. Ramblers.
Feb.   iu—UusineBsmeu  v.   V.M.C.A.
Feb.   I'J—J.B.C.  v. Ramblers.
Feb.  21—l.aw(ence  Co.   v.   Corley's.
Box No.    48—Corner    Third
Dbas. streets, Cowan block.
bignal  for  practice—not  less   than
lx  (6) slow strokes.
Cue  (1)  indicates Hns broken      or
re out.
Somalia Cured Him, and He Helps
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelatoke
Nu.    21,    ROYAL    TBMPLARS    UF
Meets  every   2nd  aud  ith  Thursdays
in      Oddlellows    Hall,    at  8   o'clock.
Visiting Templars are cordially iu-
vlted to utlend.
W. 10. MUNSON, a. c.
! i I'll, K IHK      1.111 Illli;  12, 1.  o.  o. r.
Meets every     Thursday evening   ic
Selkirk  Hall  at 8  o'clock.      Visiting
'brethren cordially invited.
J.   S. HOOLEY,  N. G.
JAS.  MATHIK,  Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BEGBIH,   No. 1461.
OF I. O. F.
Meets in I. a O. F. Hall next   to
lapping's Opera  House every  second
and fourth Monday ln month.  Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
O. W. BELL. O. R.
WM.   B.   CAMERON,   Hac.-Bse.
0. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 32*.
Meats Second   and     Fourth Wednes
days    in each month  in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting  Woodmen arc
cordially Invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS,  Cub.  Com.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K. of    P.,
NO. 26,  REVELSTOKE,  B.   0.
Meets svery  Wednesday except   th*
Third Wednesday of each month     in
Oddfellows' Hall at g o'clock.  Visit*
ing Knights ars cordially Invited.
Q. H. BROOK, K. of R. * 8.
M. ol F.
KOOTENAY     LODGE, No. 16 A.  F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held In MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddlellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. ViBiting brethren ere
cordially welcome.
W. B. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
A man whn hns been released from
lhe awful cravings of drink, and whoa*
i.m. thought is iu help others, an.iwn
Hi. spirit of true brotherhood and
philanthropy, llend his letter:
i..u bamarls lieinedy co.. 'I'urtituu
in  you
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank  Building  Revelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revelstoke,    B.   0..     aad
Cranbrook, B. 0.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
.*ou   plOHse   semi   me   bonk   (•
Feb.  22—Businessmen  v.   Lawrence l.'o    drink,  also  elreuiurs  laiallng   io   yuu
...il    r»*ni,*,J
Feb.  »6—Y.M.C.A.  v.   Ramblers.
Feb. 28—J.B.C. v.  Corley   House
Mar.   1—Businessmen  v.  Ramblers.
Mar. 4—Y.M.O.A.  v.  Corley  House.
Mur.  6—J.B.C.   v.   Lawrence  Co.
Mar.   S—Businessmen   v.   LaRrence Co
.Mar.   11—Y.M.C.A.   v.   Lawrence  Co.
Mar.  13—Corley House v.  Rumblcrs.
Owing to the large number ol mem
l ue ui ink
1 u .sh lo hand these tu ,. friend win.
Is gulng tu ruin through ilrmk. \ uu
i-i.. rotnember Hint 1 tiara lasen your
l.l...'ily, and 1 aial It ail you ciuiin A
ii. '•'■• 1 never Uunn of lauma oi
uiu ig ilioni! drink 11, uiu way. av all
n«« .a .ur ll has lull me. 1 rminoi
»li..k loo highly oi your wonderful
i.n... ily. You may use inv name 'n am
way you wish In public. '
, II. I.l l>* w.'n t... mi-.-don. Ontario."
Samaria Prescription is tasteless
in.., odorless, and diuolves Instantly
In tea or coffee, or ran he mixed with
luu.i.    It  can   be uli.n   with  or  wlth-
out   the  patient's  knowledge.     li   re-
, hers wishing to     participate in    the   moves tho craving for drink, builds up
bowling,  it was prcBsed upon  us    to!,h"'   'Vst'in   and   restores   the   nerves
I, , .,       \ | lU'ink   becomes    disiasti'lul   an,   even
t lorm a new league.   1-our teams Con   nauseous. t
I link is a disease, not a crime, One
■Sccnc from " The Barrier'   Ojtcra House, Monday Night
stitute thc leugue, nnd the games
will be played oil on the ulleys on
Tuesday and Thursday evenings, com
menelng at S p.m. sharp. Thus it
Will irive all others who huve not
heen placed on any team un opportunity to hnve a game belore eight
Feb.   U—Delivers v.   Maple   Leafs.
Feb.  X—Mietilrabs v.  J.B.C.
Feb.   Ill—Maple  I.euls  v.  Heavers.
Feb. 15—J.B.C.  v. Mletdrahs.
Feb.  lin— Beavers v.  Maple  Leafs.
Mar.  5—Heavers  v.   Maple Leafs.
Mar. 7—Mietdrahs v.  J.  B.  0,
Mar.   II—Maple  l.ciifs v.  Heavers.
Mar.   14—J.B.O.   v.   Mietdrahs.
Mur.   I'l—Heavers v.   Maple  Leafs.
Mar. JI—Maple  I.eals  v.   J.B.C.
Feb. Jll-MietdrahH v. J.B.C.
Feb.   27—Maple  Leal-   v.   Heavers.
Feb,  ."i   J.B.C,  v.  Miet.lruhs.
Humes will Ire Counted insteud of
pins. Two games will constitute a
league  game.
\ Coronation
Packed in
60 <   a pound
In CMratSoratlOfl ol tfw c^romtlon r>(
King Gtorgt V,' UiHc"?'^" h-'1 ■ put on Uie
market icor.fl ition tin ol n Pi'-st plcturobtiut
andetqulolti dMlaA. btarinseiccllent portmn*
ot Kirg (..enrcc V, Queen Mirjrindtbj! Princo
rt \Vtltt, S;>fisl pipr'* hue bfi d'^trnt-d
r^"-f*rnlt'*; ( .tnada. India, Alrui. Au«U«Ilt
».il VewJBil
PTn       ■   ' I tCfi iirpoitcd.
I'dcc lilf, i   r ■ ■ .  t    ■ ■   ■ I
drink ..f whiskey always Invltt-s an
iithei', The Inflamed nerves and
stomach create a cravlnn that niusi
either be satlslled by more whiskey ur
removed i.y scientific treatment like
Sniiirin Prescription. Samaria Prescription bus hien in regular antl suc-
i'.s.-.iiI use by Physicians and Hospitals   fnr -over   ten   years.
If vnu know of nny family needlny
s.maris Prescription, tell them nb,nil
it If you have a husband, father 01
friend thai Is drifting Into drink, Kelp
bim save himself.    Write tn-dny
\ I Uli: TltlAI, PACKAGE of Sa.
mnrla Prescrlpllnn. with booklet, giving full particulars, testimonials, prlee,
etc.. will he sent sbsoluieiy free nnd
postpaid In plnin Sealed package to
snyine nsklng for It snd mentioning
this pnper. iCorrespondenee sneredh
conlulentiul. Write today. The 8a-
i.iaii.i Remedy Co., Dept. 46-41, Col-
borne street, Toronto, Canada, Also
for sale by 0, lt. Maedoiiuld, Druggist,   HcvclBtoko,  B.   C.
Provincial  Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
BOX   10*.
. . It Might Be Gold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our.record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verilied by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Uot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
■M™"1^^^" OPEN NIGHT AND DAY»^——■■
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOR, cTWanaRcr.
Strictly Fiist Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props. \
Bnlariad  »nd Improved.    Fir»t-Cla«s in every re«p*ct.    All modern convenionui
Large Sample Koome.
Rates $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
.     H.      WALLACE
P. 0. Boi 146, Revelstoke. B.C.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P. 0. Box 31, Revelstoke
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A rei .iiiie Prench rtgulitoi I nevtl (mis. TIum
pllll nre riiccftliiiKly piiwrrlul In n-Riiliittnjf the
Rcn-fratlva portion of tlir Irnialf systcin. KW1H
nil cheap Imltitinnn. Dr. de T»n'e are *nl<l nt
thn box, ot three for ItO. Mailerl in nny »<ldrr*.i.
The Ncobflll Drag Co., Bt. CMh»rlneet Ont,
Shihhs Gure
aulchly elope contfbe,  rar«e colds* hetl*
is tbro«t aad lumi*.      see      80 caavU.
Late Polisber of Howson's
Furniture Store
Repolishes.   Makes Old Furniture
Estimates Freely Given.
Drop Card in Post Office
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET     ST03STE      PROP.
Union  Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.      Mt-.il Ticket., .'1 meali fr>r JM*)
A. I'. LEVESQUE, l'rnprietor
. . . TOnbsor Dotel "Restaurant .. .
European; plmt
ffloittbljg JBoacfc
Open E>a\? anJ» "Hloht
/Real Ciclicts, $i3.00
Xauobton & Uappino, Pvops. front stree1
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
Telephone House No. 97
Telephone Camp No. 215
SHtisfxction  -^uaratiteed
Agent  for  Flexlume  Electric
li.'hi.lrn.'i' (lor. 3rd 8t. and Robson are
Shop in Alley track of 8, J. Bonrnt'i
Store, Pint Street
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire  '
by the month at Manning's-
All kinds of machine needles
AKR.iWHKAl'.  B. C.
Special Attention giren to commercial
men anii tourist*. Fir*t-claa« sum pie
room*. Kine»t wenerr in British Cnlnm-
bi», orerlookinn Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
Fruit Lands
Galena Ray land* in parrels of
10 or 20 acree or en bloc. Corren-
pondence invited.
John Shaw. Agent
Box 616 Arrowhead
I        Transfer      Drayiny
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
H.  MANNING,   Agent, j phone 42 -   Night Phone 85 ')
I -vTCRDAY,  FEB    ll !.  PI2.
SATURDAY, FEB, 3rd, 1912.
mm, notes
Kiiitol   Mall Herald
Meat Blr,—Perhaps yoi. are awaro
that things are not runn.ng quite so
smooth in the \ alley o£ the Harden
ol Eden, aa must ol ua would wish.
I thought, pcrhapB. the following
iines would I.e appreciated bj a lew
ol "Ur Rood neighbors in this beau •
tiful  valley.
Forgive,  the very  word is sweet.
Forglvi   *■    you  would be forgiven,
.'*  *    *   :..ing   ic-ai  thi mercy seat,
Forgiveness you musl nBk ol heavcu
Mat!   b i*.it  human to nltend
By  careless   iei   01   wi.rd  unkind;
•   .*•    ol strife tri.-tl friendahip end
When this sweei      word  the  wound
maj   b i.i.
ii one with Borrowing hearl    Bhould
Dear Mien.I, lorgive me uneo again,
To   BBaooth   some thorns trom life's
; o it'll  way,
Would you refuse In proud disdain,
Methinks If one had  wroughi   me 111,
Vet penitent should say "forgive",
'Twould move my    proud aud stub -
born will.
Ko anger in m>  hearl  could live.
ft'i   cannol  tell what moves the mind,
IM   what   the   subtle   cans,'  may   \i\
v.   only know our friend unkind,
And we grow  col i in sympathj
I * *. yel "'.'"■ hearl  ' * m pain to save
What matter if our pride tnusi bend
We might  i.e partod bj the gravi
Life ie bo shoi t, toi   ivi  t hy friend.
Malakwivtn  the  S< n.l.
Thi   work ou thc government    job
-   Hearing  completion.   Work will be
Die Valley of
"The Garden of Eden"
Situated at MALAKWA. B. C.
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
rharartttr nf ^a'iI   Bench   Lands,   Clay    Loam   and Vegetable
UldldWtil   01   OUII   Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Na Iitim itinn   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
\W illKjdllUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted tor Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate GlimdtC   Freezing is] Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
commenced at onco building a bridge
ut llowie.
Mr, Lindsay is u regular visitor at
the Buckingham.
Our Swede night Bchool has licen a
great success. Meetings arc held every  Friday night at tho home ot Mr.
E. Krikaon. Thc membership iH
about twenty nnil the class in conducted by Mr. Unilsay, our missionary.
Our mall bag wan can ied lasl week
Under the trucks ol the mail ear,
down  to BiCamOUB.   We feel      deeply
grieved abuut it.   ii the government
want to give ns rural delivery, nil
right, but we object to chnsing our
mail twelve milos. Mr. L. M. Johnston wns kind enough to follow the
bng uud found some ol the muil. It
would lie a kindness if some one
would wake the mail clerk at Hevelstoke.
Mr. .lack Mizon has been ill. Wc
hope  he  is  feeling  all  right  aguin.
A petition has licen sent to the
government asking for a twice a dny
mail service.
We hear Mr. Smith, our post.mnst.
or is going to leave us. We wish bun
every ruccohs wherever he goes. We
thank htm for his service here; we
bave appreciated bis obliging disposition.
Word bas been received Irom our
former school toucher, C. IC. Bomor
ville, who is now at. ('ampbell creek.
We wish him every success. He is
missed from tho  Uuckinghnm.
A enr loud of feed has been received Irom thi' east. Men with the enterprise ol Mr. McDonald of the Mul-
akwn  farms,  are  in  demnud  hero.
Everybody is up in the air Bince
thc thaw. (We mean, ol course, shov
cling the suow otl the sheds.)
Pole Vaulting
Ke rn     running, jumping, hurdling.
e for the pole vault should be-
. >riv  in  the  winter,   lt   is plnln
*    # ■ ■    that  the  arms  and    chest
• -    -    -.   the "u.-s to be developed
.   1    nl .-.*.   th(   high jump where .lil
• ■■   style; ate     permissible,    tbere
■ one correat style of pole vaul
g    and the     slightest     deviation ,
good form  .» sure to .meet with
T»" marks Bbi ild * ied,  as in
■    running    hroad jump,  the    one
•   KH  leet from the tukeoil   and
1  .     thei   about  50,  and  while     thc
i umbered as he is wll
.  cannol run ti   the takeoff
••*,*  amount "f speed ae In the '
.mi.. b« must remember thnt
■ •     vei   any  considerable  height
I     must f      .'   top  -peed.
'.   >r,  in     thc     jump ;:self.   Before
*.*  -• -m ■    take thi  run, tbo vaulter'
1   1  ■''   against   tbe  bar  aud '
• » 1 with bis 1 fi tbi pl lci where .
•   . -  places 1 ||  rtghl hand |
■. *    :    es above tbis 1     I      The
is placed lower dowi    and
the ei       '  - s ti
the gri ii
. ■ that  v
t mai
I thi '       end Imparl
• -  • •• lu to tl
....        ...      -   ■
■,    gi       d just aa tht
*...*.   "-....
make youi
Itori Italy      laad
■ an      ai        red .'thleu
brought up. In Kngland climbing the
' ,.,,:,• if allowed, and athletes there
frequently bung the lower hand up
..nl above the otlice. and sometimes
making a battel record lor themselves
for it.
Following ai ■ somi   |    '
W. K. I)ra.v, 12 ft. ; *
II.  G.  Oggla,   lilt.  11   in..  Jul]
R.  I'asemun,
■ . [ord Bi Idge Li ndon
VV. K. Bproule, Hft
\ ancouver.
W. Hapeny, P.'H ■   •
1'KUi'V   K    m I'K.'l'.l'
I'l.**.,. * *.   1. .*   ■
local Option Convention
Mu li Inti res!        •*.-*.•
t thi   * nming     ii '-••■
.igi   li ".* •■
rovli ■, •  •
■ 11 show  the .mi*    '
• ets t.,  i.• diacune
' he prominent spas -        ■
iart    The meetings   i
.   .   . •* i  ,m "f the Cenl
v    ott street
,   run.'.*
ind ■mike
pei inci     rhe program is .is follows:
Thurgdaj.  Peli u iry I    •  p.m.,  op
pning Rei    Di    Wright.
•.•rand  rally,   public  meeting    ad-dree-
ll."    Dl    P Igei ■* *     "I
■ -: Hall
■    *
Sixth   \.''. ••     Mel i.urcb
Mr   Wm.  Hicks, on Thurs -
, Del
tment    ' I •'   "
•  ■
•   • •
.     - ■ ■ •
"The Uni.k Traffic and its Remedy;"
• Prof. Qiflord, Columbian College
\ IVorl l-wlde view;" ic. Rev. Dr.
Spencer, "What News'."' Solos (selected bj Mrs smart McDlarroid and
Mr.   .lack   S;
I hand furniture, Bto\
pets,  eti       ought,  fl.   I'arry.  aucl -
■ id  valuatoi.  Second    street.
. ii • ■   st: ,vi   Toronto.
Fresh Milk For Sale
Box 691,      Revelstoke
t "T>".
II       • .
;. m .   2
.. tf    ■ ■■■ i| inn-
J. VV. VV. Stewart.
m ;   ■ ■■ •
Thc Monarch Life
Assurance Coy.
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenuy.
Take notice thut I, llurrows Henry
j ltothwell  ol  Nakusp,   1).   0.,  occupation gentleman, intends to upply lor
permission to purchase thc lollowiug
i described lands:
Commencing at a post planted 40
chains soutb of the North-east Corner of T. Ij. 4l:ii4, thence Bouth SO
.chains, thence east about HO cbuins,
i to Arrow Lukes, theuce uorth ulong
Lake ahout 8'i chains, theuce west
ubout 2 chains to point ol commence
meat, containing ubout 100 acres,
more or less.
Ii* ■   ini.Mi   -.iln,   1911.
ii :i .we  Henry   Rothwell.
Edward  llusmill  Vlpond,  Agent.
Jan.   Bth  lirst issue.
The old     style ol       Id   .* tbe pole
•* the athleti   sal go nt ovei the
•   to have the left he
!..»   dowi     hut   in  tin*  new  -trie    the
Its tbi       *     hand     up
wards when the pole .c placi
.■••.ind,   ther,   With   both  lini:*!.-   In     ii
■ at ursi position '"i   • strong cllort,
the athlete pulls up with   .
gets ii ° '.•■• i I Ighei     that
I r a g *"*: eleao shoot ..ver tbe liar,
I ben  when  the  pole ts nearly upright
I .* pushes   • from inm and    It
arms straight up so that he will nol
trlke  the  bar ..n  bis descent.
Now it is a very serimiF mistake
to try and pimp high »1 lirst. Btarl
vitii' tile bar very low, until foul
have accomplished perfectly the run
t.. the liar, nnd also tbe life over the
latter must bf well mastered before j
tttemptlng to vault high.
It  is n't   permlnsnhle In  vaulting tn I
\merica to moi.   the upper hand    00
lhe pole, but tlir lower bund may be
For Your Seeds
Ornamentals & Fruits
i    im.
Henry Seed and Nurseries
A k MftcdouKHil. Proprictoi
Sold by Hobson &Cu*,  Hcvolatoke
ll ill  to
ll*'   .1 - ill ftl
F.   B.   WELLS,
V .r Bu .oi' utitl Exporter
OM Town,   -  Revelstoke, B, C.
l*e(.,rr Innlni'       * I 001
Hi   ..f " •   . * lies
I,.. * n '... 1.    i make ■
■  •   *i*i*     «.f     l....'i:ini'
Rlalllo'ta iinil "". n \ thing
isipnrrdiit'"Hi ■ <*
*  *. toke Land District.
i *.( Weat Kootenay,
Take notioe Unit I Horatio Levomo
ul  Nakusp,  it. i., ocoupn
• ion hank managei, Inti ada to    ap
foi  permission t." purohaaa    tbi
Isacrlbed lands
• ■ ii.ii,**n.-ing  nt  a  pout  plniiti .1  120
ii...*- houth ol the North tost Corn
. i oi t. i,   11274,    thenoe south   sn
hains, • *" '*' i '-.I il   aboul  10 ohalns,
Mnn   Lake,   tbenee   noitli     along
,1     "ll   ObalOS,    tin ine        »Ml
about  ^1  chums   to   poinl   ol      com
■  cement,     containing   about   .'in
Don or lean.
Dated  in iiniii'i   19th,  1911.
Horatio   l.everelie   HulbWdll.
Bdward liiieseil Vipond, Agenl
i in   i.t ti.
i [Q1 mi iCJT, 1910,
Kotice is hereby given that tl rtj
aftei date application will he
mn ii* io the Superintendent nf Pro-
rlnclal Police for the tanafer ol the
iieeniw for the mile ol llqUor by retail In and upon th<> prcmnwH known
as the City Hotel situate.l at Arrow
ben.I,   Hr.tiHli   1,'oliiml.lu.   fi'.m     John
(.iie, to Robert Oalej  of Arrowhead
I'nte.l il,ih ith  day of January 1113
1 lit issue      Holder of License
Coal ntiuing rights ol the Dominion
iu Manitoba, Suskatchcwuu uud Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories uud in .*. portion ol the Province of Uritish Columbia, may bc leused lor a term of
twonty-ouc years ut un unituul rent-
al ol *1 uu acre. Not more than
2,bW ucres will bc leased to oue up-
Application lor lease nuiBt be mude
by thc applicuut in person to tho
Agent or Bub Agent ol the district
iu which thc rights upplied Ioi ure
In surveyed territory the lund must
ba described by sections, or legal
subdivisions of sections, and in ini-
aurvcyed territory tho tract applied
for shall bo staked out by the ap -
plicant himself.
Uncii applicant muBt be accompanied by u tec ol •$& which will bo refunded il tho rights upplied lor urn
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output ol thc mine al thc
rate of live cents per ton.
Thu person operating tli" num' shall
furnish tin: Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the lull quantity of
merchantable coal mined mid pay the
royalty tbenon. if the coal mining
rights mo imt being operated, such
returns should bo furnished ul least
oni'c a year.
The lease will include the coul nun
ing rights only, but tho lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available Hiirface rights may bo coti-
ii'bieil iicccssury lor the working ot
the mine nt the rale ol lld.oij an
I'V.i full information application
should bn mniln to tho Hecretary    of
ihe Department ol the Interior, ot-
tawu, or to thc Agent or Bub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
W.  W. COHY,
Deputy  Minister ol the  Interior.
nii Unauthorised publication of
tins advertisement will not »e paid
Revelstoke  Laud District.
District oi West Kootenay.
Tnke notice that I,  H. lletlron,    of
Arrowhead, 11.  I'.,     occupation Lineman, intend  lo apply lor permission
lo     purchuse the following  described
I    Commencing    at    a    post    planted
ubout thc south west corner ol Alex.
J.  McDonell's     applicution to     purchuse, thence north SO chains, tbeucu
west    40    chaius,    thence    soutb    80
cbuins,  thenco cast  40 chuius    along
lake shore to poiut ol eomuiencemeul
contuining 1120 ucres more or less.
Per W.F. Oglllvc, Agent
li.it.-l Hub 28th duy of November,
l'Jll, lirsl issueUecJ.
Ilevelsluke Lund District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat 1, Alex. J. McDonell, ol Uevelstoko, U.C., occupation Hotel Proprietor, intend to apply lor permission to purchu-,0 tbe
[ollowing described lands.
Commencing al a pout plauted near
Ihe north west post of Lot 7'J-M, cast
nf Cape Horn, near the south west
corner ol T. L. WW*, thenee uorth
10 .hums, theuce west 80 chains,
thenoe south 80 chains, thence east
10 ehains, aloug luke shore to point
nl commencement, containing 040
acres more or leas.
Per W.K. Ogilive, Agent
Dated this -itli day of Novemlivr,
lllll. Hrst issue Dec. Ind.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol ["eftee awatj nm s la the body
. l I • III preptr i.m-    i. : ,.-•!,*,*.,
f im and vltility. I'remituie oecsy ind nil ■ *-*, **il
••• • i irtrti"! at tnr... rb-,i|.lim.,i »,||
tr.itit y»il s n»w man. Pore ill ■ he*, or twi". lit
IJ. Mailed ''Hit .ilrlt... The »i-obe!l Dim
Co,, tt. Cslharlnet, Onl.
Bold at Macdoaald'o Drug Store.
Uevelstoke  I.aad  District.
District id West Kootenay.
Tako      notice    thnl    1,     Hurry   I.
Landry  ol llosslnnd,  II.   C,  occupa
lion, mining, Intends to apply tor permission to purchase thc (ollowing described lands.
Commencing nt a pout planted
about 40 chains west ol thc Southwest Corner of Lot 8I4S, thence north
40 cbains, thence wost 80 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thenco eaBt
SO chains to point ol commencement.
Containing 320 acres more or lens.
Dnted December, 9th, 1911.
Ist Is. Jna.6    Per D. Fisher, Agent.
• H
• SATURDAY, FEB. 3rd, 1912.
' \ rURDAY,  FEB, 3rd, 1912,
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2. /fume S Co.. limited
See the New Cash Carrier
Every day there are lines turning up while stock-taking that we want to clear out.   The price you
will find on them ought to clear them out quickly
10 per cent off on all Sheetings, Towelings and Pillow Cottons
Here is an item of real interest to the thrift/" housekeeper. During our January sale we
will give you a reduction of 10 per cent on all sheetings, towelings and pillow cottons. You
will appreciate the saving on such staple goods as these.
25 per cent off the Following Lines During Our January Sale
We are offering the following lines at a great reduction' during our January Clearing Sale:
Ladies Coats Ladies' Dresses Ladies Furs Ladies Fancy Collars
Ladies Fancy Handkerchiefs
|    WE   ARE    ¥JAGENTS|      F0R   ™E
Get The Home Pattern Style Book
t_A 15c Pattern Free
Monday morning Five Hundred
Yards of Dress Materials go on
Sale at 	
50 Cents
Ladies Flannel Shirt Waists
Made of all wool English Sheeting Flannel; warm and comfortable, roomy* and easy" fitting; wear any" kind of a collar
with them; cuffs made to button or wear links.
V     Just $3-50 Each
This Week
Groceries and Crockery Department
Heintzs India Relish
You will lind this relish one of the hest
on the market It is prepared irom only the
finest ingredients and in every stage of manufacture due care is taken to ensure its perfect
purity. It has a pleasing llavor, and when
once vou try it you will use no other.
Pickles and Pickles
See our display ol Fickles in the front of
our Grocery Department We cany only the
best grades and can always give yon a good,
reliable brand] Crosse & Blackwell's in half-
pints, pints and quarts; Stephen's, Rowat's,
Heinz's, Gillard's, Swan and  Victoria Cross.
Never l>cfore in our business career have
we shown such an assortment of Olives as at
the present time. We have them all, from thc
green stage to the ripe. Olives stuffed with
Nuts, Olives Stuffed with Tomatoes, Olives
stuffed with Peppers, Olives in oil, plain Olives in all si/e hollies, ranging in price from
35 cents to $1.25 per bottle
Fussell's Cream
Have you tried any of Fussell's Cream -
(the whipping cream)? This time of year
When fresh milk is hard to gel, ImisscH's
Cream vvill fill llie hill. A pure, rich, thick,
eating cream, suitable foi any dish ymi care lo
make, pul up   in kev-opening.   Sterilised cans.
Boss Hand Cleaner
Boss, the famous hand-cleaner, dirt destroyer and skin preserver, will he on sale on
Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 5th and bth at
such a low price tha, everyone will want to be
the lirst to make a purchase.    Just think of it,
3 cans for only 25 cents
Be  sure you  get in on this bargain.     TWO
Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
The Lenten Season will bc here hefore
very long and wc arc looking ahead a little
and stocking up with the hest varieties of fish
that could he procured, Wc will offer none
hut thc kind thai HAS satisfied and WILL
satisfy. Our stock is first class, choice and
wholesome and comprise Finnan Haddie,
Kippers, Salmon Bellies, Mackerel, Labrador
Fat Herring and Dry Codfish.
Canned Vegetables
This is thc season of ihe vear lor Canned
Vegetables. If you eat more vegetables you
will feel the better for it. Our Canned I'eas,
Corn, Beans, Tomatoes and Pumpkins are the
best brand on the market. Green goods and
dry vegetables arc scarce and high in price,
while lhc canned goods are just as good and
very much cheaper.
See our display" of French Peas,
oTVIushrooms and o4sparagras in glass
bottles. Beets, t/isparagras and Succotash in cans.
We are putting on the BARGA1N TxV13LE all the remainder of our
lines of women's and children's Felt Slippers. They must be cleared out at once
and we consider the prices will do it in short order. Don't wait until your size is
all sold out.   Come at once.
Ladies  Slippers
LADIES' JULIETTES in various colors
and shades of velvet, and fell. Every pair
sewn, no tacks or rough scams. Perfectly
flexible and easy on the foot. Regular $1.75
values, and
wool and plaid felts, regular $1.50 values
o4ny Pair 95 cents
Children's and Misses' Slippers
A   missed  line of ankle snap felts thai we are
not going to carry over.    You will never be
able to heat them for value.
Price 25 cents a pair
Misses' Felt Slippers
both in Jaeger pure wool and fancy Juliettes.
Nobby little shoes that arc comfortable and
dressy for house wear,
Price 75 cents a pair
Children s Slippers
in plaid felt, cither with ankle strap or without
You cannot duplicate them for double the
Price 35 cents a pair
oA real genuine Snap, just the one you may" be looking for. At any* rate you can't afford
to pass it up. All our odd lines of men's Soft Felt Hats of the present season are on the
table at a price that ought to move them off.
This price will convince you—$1.50 Each
C. B. HUME & CO.. Ltd.
lil    1912
SATURDAY,  FEB. Brd,  191!
New Year's Bargain Sale
Girls' Winter Coats
Sixonh Girls'Winter Coats, all this sea-
eon's styles, Sizes, 8, 1". 12 and L4 years
Sale Prices $4.50 to $5 Each
,,u need a coat for any of tho above
s you cannot afford to overlook those.
If yi -ii
Ladies* Tweed Costumes
1 Grey Serge Suit, Size 36,  $10
1 Black Sei'KO Suit, Size 36 $10
il only Tweed Suits, Size 34, 36,  and  38.
Reg. *25and$30.   On Sale at        *Lr>.50
Furs     Furs
Oi •* only, Pony Coat   Reg,
s-Ta.   1 only, French Seal Set  Reg.
Sale Price, I'M).    1  only Astrachan Sot.
Reg. • is*    Sale Price, 25.
Chllds Sets—Grey Persian Lamb.
Ladies'  Sable   Stoles   Ladies'   Isabella
Fox, Ladies'Marmot stoles.   I'rico ranging from
Ladies' Dressing Gowns
Made  from   Eiderdown,     Sale
Fancy Wrapperettes.
Sale Price       $10
Sale Prices on all
Mens  Goods
Men's Winter Overcoats—Sale Price, *1()
Men's Youths' and Boys' Suits, odd
Trousers, House Coats, Men's Underclothing.
Tlm regular   mooting
council was held In tlie
Kriiluy    evening,     Fob, !
ol (lie city
city Imll "ii
■ml; Mayor
Sutherland took the cbalr nt 8:30 p.
in. I'ri'H.-iit. AW, Howson, Bourne,
Abrahamson, McSorley mi'l Barber.
city t'lerk Dawson read the mtnul
rs oi tbo lust regular meeting
were adopted.
A  committee consisting
i'.il. Hume, ,1
Donell mul (1.
attendance to
innl tin1
ul   Messrs.
I). Kililml'l,  A.  .1. Mo-
S. MoOurter, were   In
lny certain matters bo-
I8up.   The above an.' all new.
This Sale includes everything in
our Entire Stuck. Come Early and
get first choice.
c_AU our Millinery going  at   Half
Price at this Sale.
,v   \    i'
u.1,1 1
JI   n  l>
air at
F,  l..h
e ii
- f
• *
ci v.lieai
1 and
* m - week
Tli,-   -
, :   Him
i.'v iii 5 11,. (.'am..    This
t iliis Benson ui 11 io vour
V.M.C.A., '■• ii    *   tortainod Inst Mon-
.- nt  il-.c home "I Mi    mi''
\|.-    i'    V    I.in.lmiirk.
1..    m.   .inin .--"ii.     "iu* "I the most
Garden o!
at   Malakwa,   was   a   Kevelstnke
• ■   oi   Fri lay ■•;  tin- week.
Among thi   Malakwa  resl-dents who
Revelstoke  visKors  tli-' end  ul
.   teel    wi i'   Mi   A. Haycock
B,  Leabmai    B,  F.  Somerville,
and  .'nek  Ml oo
The  annual meeting  w,  tla*   Rovel-
Itoke   Poultry   an*!   I'd   Sturk   /VB80
held   in tha  City   Hall
oi   T le-sday  i ve ling  next, at ■
li .-.- Hon oi     officers
; .   mnual  report
The W L'.T.I     held .,  mosl   iucci
Inl tea and  iale *■!  home cooking on
Fi   lay afternoon at tin* home >■! Mrs.
V. J. Scott. Tin* VV.C.T.I'. Wish tn
thank the ladies wbo contributed an.l
patronized tbi  tea.
Mr.  J. M   Doyle, tli,* Oaigary manager  fur  l'   Burnt  .v  Co.; spent the
im: i    I thii       -    n town, and
• nn Wednesday Foi   Vancouver, lie
return  on   Sunday  and   will   pt"
• stter r malolng ovei  a day
at Revelstoke.
Club   bad a tun'
le on Thursday,  going     up
tl     Hi- Bend about eight miles, thej
a stovi      with
hal     a  inn   repast,       Tin'
* tj was moBt successfully • a
■■ Mr   v\. r.
J.  H.   9 of   tli,    St.,:
- jtanl
port     in*' ■        istom   house
bvr. •:  Mr   McMartin,    who
Mr. Moi
»t Thursdi
Wadman, tra-. * .r,,r\
>*    • ■  •  .     i
trip to Pri no
-" ■   - ' .
• r-■- ■
I'm*,' Wliiti Clover Hi
will liml awfullv imi*
HOME-MADE JAM    in pintsaml quurb
lllisolulelv  pun* ami well put up.
SYRUPS    I'u"  .Ma | Ic Syrup in bottles oi
anU'i t" be tin' best.
ulass  i.n*
wliicb i' i  :*;ii*ii
MacKenzie Avenue
I tow    il"'iit  last   mm!
iiitenil  io build  that
most   ilesirable  lots
prices advances.
'-  resolution
hi,im* ui  uoi
ui   gone, 'an
iu   regard to Lniililii k '    lio
If so, diitt't  wait   until all
get  bnsv ii in I -,.1111' oue l»t
Moving  pictures at   the  Kdison  tn
Mrs.   li   w.  Foot   will  receiv i
'I'    1 .lav   all   l ID   Illi'   Gtll   in-i .
Moviug   pictures  al   tin   star    to
ni -lit
Rmpress Shoes regular M and *"*.
i'* * ' ixforda and I'umps Vour
choice toi   (9   ii  McLennan's      Jt.
I   will  lv   in  Revelsti Ki a .lay  or
two to attend to nny pianon that
no -.1 tuning, .l.ini' s Carl * Mason
i-  Kiscii Tuner.
During tin' absence Irom town "I
Hr.   Hamilton,     police     magistrate,
• .  ■' mi k Bruce La« ■ in will tie
ing  magistrate.
The tiirls' Hospital '•■: Id   •
■ - regular monthly   a *■
lav     Feh     "111   at    till'   ta ni* " m
Fi    •■       All   til,'   i
mpi ■■'.'■ I
irch,     Fi      rth, the
.   ■ ■   •
Im papers, -     ■
Ci   ne.
[hi  ihe ami
tbe Bapl
Io Be Shewn Next Week
The   Sim*   theatre   has
nundlip      pictures  (nun
Vernon, cbam-  '"■'  present
,     ,,     cl!  and  Mim
tor the
ecured   the
Pi ndleton,
Oregon,  the  iccoud  annual  northwest
round  up,   vv Ud     ste< I    ontcsl      be
Dell  Blai chel I   champion ol the
real   and  Buffalo
* I
ampionsblp.    Bertha   Blan
champion ati atght up
forld      a  her
It    (tbi
In,li,in   en
-• * .-
'    ■
■  *
■   ■
'   •   •    :■
H    Bai
Ut  iiuestlon—Tin
advertising signs.
2nil question -The aid of the council in the shape of n contribution, n
siini Btlggested as $750 to be aililed
ns ii yearly contribution to the
honrd ol trade publicity lund.
:ir,l question—To ask tho council to
lake   steps   to  BOCUl'0   ni.lusllies      for
Rovelstoke by olferlng Inducements to
eapital    to   lui'ate   in   Uevelstoko   and
district and advertising to tbe world
that nny new enterprises which would
assist hi the development of tins
district, would be welcomed by tho
The deputation presented the views
nf the Board ol Trade on the matter
nl encouraging industries and     new
enterprises lo come to Revelstoke and
the council  passe.I a resolution     expressing their willingness to go mor?
than lutlr way In the matter of sup
city serviees,  tn all  new      industries,
| plying cheap power, light, water und
railways and    similar     undertakings
which would liegin active  work within a  reasonable  period,   with  n   view
to opening  up thc  Ulg  Ueud country
and otherwise rendering available the
resources of tins distiiet.
Mayor     Sutherland- Mr.   MeCarter
has  brought  up ihe mntter    nf    the
park  lease  t" llie Western Turf   Asia,
I'iatimi     satisfactory     arrangements
have heen promised as between      the
Turf  Association and the Agricultural Association, whieh bodies are work
inir together.   The association      proposes i"     surrender iheir old    lease,
whieh  has still  nine years  tn run and
request that the council accept same
and issue     hy resolution lu lieu    of
the surrendered lease, a lease for )i"
years from date. I am ih favor "1
tins proposal.
Aid.  Abrahamson—Before    tins res
olution  is  passed.   I   think  vve  should
iai   behalf of the  ratepayers,  have  In
sorted iu tbe lease ,,  clause thai tbe
Western      Turf      Ass,,rial inn    should
grant   the   Vgricnltural   Association a
leas' of tins     ground ul   a  nominal
rent.   vv,. should see thai   the Agrl
cultural  Association  is  protected ag-
iiinsl  ib*   possibility of future trouble
when the Turl Association might    be
in *i posi thm i*. dictate tei ms t" the
Agricultural   tssociatl r  else   by
putting up the rent torce the Agricul
tural Ass,.ia,it  mn  ol  the grounds
Aid. Howson—If a proviso Is put in
lease   between    the   enull-
Turf   As ociation,      that
the  lease  Is given     Btibjccl  to     the
gemeni  .,i ,, lease  betw    the
Turf   Vs.-.*'* .:.*.a  and  tbe  Agrtcultur-
•'.   v—i r( on  that  would meet    the
Mi    McCartei    «  behalf of the
Turf   v-s.*   ition,  are   prepared     to
bind  oui - come  t" an agree
ment  with   thi    Agricultural   Associa-
*   to    both a
lei        the
minal   rent   .,;  ,*|     per
:::  'he Turl   -VRBoclation  to
• lal Ion     should
tion  of i lor  2a
yeai -  •     the Turl   Vss-.e,at ion.
■ ' '*■:
o'tcers ol the Turl and Agricultural I
in socintiuiis will remain tho same for i
:' me mouths     und 1 think vve  would |
bo fair in promising that these pur-
ties within the time o! three months
can como to au equable agreement as
per the elnnse In this lease,  whieh in
my opinion safeguards nil parties.,
Aid. Barber—Oau we Rive the lease
to the Agricultural Association and
let ilu'in BUb let to the Turf Associa
t Ion.
Mayor Sutherland No, becuuso tho
'Pari Association are lbe heavy end
nf tllO Fall' and have spent Ihe Vast
hulk ol the monoy laid oul on tho
grounds tn dato.
The motion rends "thai lease be
grunted suhjeet to n clause that the
two associations get down to un ag
reenieut between themselves tor the
lease to the Agricultural AbsocIh -
linn." Tho motion curried. Aid
Abrahamson voting against,
Sewer Bylaw—A letter from 11 s
MeCarter giving legal opinion nil the
sewer bylaw wus road; thc gist ol
this opinion is iiii That uu action
in' taken tins BOBSlnll ol the luiuse
tlie Sewer Bylaw, as the date tor
submitting such bills tor tho present
Session has passed; (b) Tbat   it  would
be impossible to get the    legislature
to puss a general amendment to the
Municipal Clauses Ael that would
deal with the local diliiculty, u-i The
legislature would pass a reasonable
speeial act approved by the debenture
holders to raise the balance ol the
money spent In excess of money raised and to authorize the ohango of 60
year debentures for the existing 2n
year debentures; (dl All those properties named ni the schedule to the
present bylaw wbioh have bad sew -
■is constructed opposite them, ara
liable fnr the arrears standing again
-t them, and paymenl of these ur -
rears can bc enforced In tho ordinary
way; iei Those properties which have
nol had any sewers constructed opposite them yet and opposite whieh
it is nut Intended tn build any sew-
*t as proposed under the original by
law, 1 advise no action  be taken.
We are proud of our Store because it is a successful
Hardware Store.
You do not " fork over all your money to us for
poor goods, but pay us only a reasonable price for the
best hardware made."
When   you
want   Hardware,   remember   we've
got it.
Come and look !    We like lookers!
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Howson Block
Rev, c. a. Procunler, rector,  8opl
nagesina Sunday      lluly Communion
and  after  .Matins  at   ll   a.m.;   ISvon ■
Ing at   Taill  p.m.
in* ,.. cordially Invited
vices ol the church.
ill thc aer
(Continued  in Wednesday's  Issuo.)
St. Francis   of   AbsIsII      Catholic
church, corner of   Fifth   street   und
McKenzie avenue.
Serviees—tin nil Sunday., MM'.epI
the fourth of each month. Low mass
with Communion ol the Faithful at
8 .ini. High Mass at 10 80 a. in..
Christian Doctrine for children at
2:?.(l p.m. Rosary with Uendiction of
The  Blessed  Sacrament 7:;10 p.m.
On week days—Holy Mass every
morning at 7:80, Confessions are
heard every evening alter 7:,'1U und
in  thc mornings before  Mass.
J. C. McKenzie. P. P.
Hi"*,,  u.  ,i.  Mclntyre,  pastor,
vices "a Sundti)  us follows    u
Mr.     Kverett     Camerou
speakei giving au address
will he ti"'
tu  boys and
i-ii'ls.     i luud nuiBli   i,y  Junior choir;
'   Ul   p 111 .       Sun.lav   BCbool   and   Bible
ilass,*.-. i;30 pui . Mr. Percy Ulflord
of the Y.M.C.A. will give aii address
. nbject. "Thai Boy ol Yours." Par
T.is ar.* specially Invited to beai this sing
latere ting subject discussed, The
Senior choir will render Bpecial music Monday ul >> p.m. tbe tiist uf the
rival concerts will be given m the
church. To lie given by men only,
Wednesday at 8 p.m., Bpworth Lea
meeting in charge of  the Christ
Rev. ll. Q. Ksiabrnok, superintendent u[ Baptist missions In Dritish
Columbia, will speak in the Baptist
church Sunduy. February 4th, bulb
morning and evening. A cordial Invitation extended to nil.
I ian    Bud * IV
,i ;m.|il.    The   pub
Rev. .1. vv. Stevenson, minister, sor
vices tomorrow   al   il  a.m. and 7;:io
p.m.; Sunday school nnil adult Bible
i lasses at  2Ml       p.m.     Ill   tllO  evildr;
"Church  Union"  will  be the subject
nf  the addiess. and  Miss  Wrigley will
'ii Real iu the Lord" Iron
Mendelssohn's Eli jab. The l,adies'
Auxiliary will meet In Hie church on
Tuesday al 8:30; On Wednesday the
tmlnstcr Guild will bold a speeial
Dickens' evening when the liie and
Work nl the great anl bur will be
reviewed. There will also be special
A glance at thc map will Bhow ymi that Bdmonton must be the logical
distributing centre for the Great Peace Kivor Country antl Northern
B. CM covering a territory hundreds of miles square now being opened ui>
by the Canadian Northern ami  Grand Trunk Pacific  Railroads.   New
nis this coming commercial centre and
The C. N.
Industries aro now heading towar
'the railway development   this year will be enormous.
are putting in their Shops there and the C. P. R.  are Bpending
$3,000,000 in the City alone.   Everything points
year   for   1912  and   Realty   values  wi
Our Subdivision there called
to a record
adva' c:.
I < rr of bob
- .*     •
11   .
i   •  - •   '
•■ ■   ol
-* ■
and   a   ill- ...
\    -pa-   1    ■ ...,.;;
--   en constating .<•   ,  mail
id     CbOll      ,llllll' !!'-
*i   ,;.|.      *
.' '   ' '        '        '
. .   *
■ aw
I don 'I
■.    1 feel  thai
IW    vllu   will   fui
tn   pen
should    ■    ible
. • cant
:'   te V.'i .'• illiiral
-: "iliuls
A Window lull ui i Jopj -
righted luK.ks nt $1,25
—Now selling i'ii'
25c.   Each
•• Foot-Easer " for al
Fni'i troubles
$2 and $3 Each
i. ni'i i    ii
Mtnoni  ' i' -iin
all  dclli'li'f'
fr.r an "f  mi'
i .,.'   I..* i     i   irrcl    nn
>, rup   H\ |io»philel  i '.a,
•.".uiul   po Imttli ■!
nainboo Brll t blow! na ili
.in.'      II
In all kinds ■■'' Mer -* and Bo s Wen
Dressing Gov Smoking   Jackets
for men a specialty
Shoes 'if all kinds and al a   |
is   located   but  2#
miles from post office,
commanding   a    magnificent view of the Saskatchewan river, and from its
convenient and  pleasant situation, will in the near future be
the centre of building activity, and
should   be worth  double  its present
value in a short time.    Lots are now on
sale at
50  EACH
$30 Down and Balance Over 18 Months
Wn hare for sale a few specially selected lots in Port Mann, the western
terminus of the C, N* It*, at 2276 each, with a cash payment down oi lio.
Over B million and B half dollars have been invested in Port Mann during
il„. last three weeks, and these lots which adjoin the townsite will more
than double as soon as the < . N. K. Townsite is put on the market tn .
March.   Gel in on this bargain at once ior a <|tiick clean up.
E. Q. FOLEY. Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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