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The Mail Herald Sep 2, 1911

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $60;
.Interior Publismng Co., Agis.
The Mail-Herald
/Va,> •-
Visiting Cards
Vol. 17-No.   69
REV?"   jTOKE. R C. SEPTEMBER, 2 1911
Interior PuDlishing Company
f— '
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Lid
awrence Hardware
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad OW co   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized -             $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed -          5,913,000.00
Capital Paid Up 5 793,000.00
Reserve        -      - :       -        5,79o,j00.00
Branches ar Agents al all principal points in'Oanadn.
Aijen'H in Groat. Britain and United HUtes—London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bulk, Limited. Phloago- Fintt National B.ink, Com Ex-
ctiange National B-iuk. Siuiule—Seat tl.i National Bauk, San Frun-
uij-jo -Wells l-'argo Nevada National Bunk. Spokane—Exchange
N' ition.il  H .ni*.
Savings Bank Dn^rtinent
Deposit* of $1 and niiwaid,  received, m..|  interest allowed at
Q   current rate from dato of deposit.   Or -"apondence solicited. V
t     Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.    £
Ladies' Summer Wear at Cost
In order to make room for Fall Goods, have decided to sell Summer stock of Ladies' wear
at a great reduction in price.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
Notice to Trappers and Huntsmen
We would appreciate very much your grocery
business. Careful attention given to every detail.   Lowest prices, best goods, our motto.
JOHN McINTYRE & SON.   Ph. i>:i
Special Prizes
Wc are offering 100 pounds of ROBIN HOOD FLOUR
for the best an.l fid pounds of UOHIN HOOD FLOUR
for the second best loaf made from ROHIN HOOD
FLOUR at the Revolslokc Full Fair Sept, llth and
12th, 1011.
Steamer lievelstoke Commissioned by Society to
Bring Crowds Up-Many Have Intimated
Intention oF Coming
Things nro rapidly getting into
shape for the trig fair on September
llth anil 12th, and it. is expected
that by thc time the Kates nre opened to the public thnt the grounds
will be in the pink of condition nnd
that the buildings vvill bo tilled with
exhibits as they never were before.
Every member of the association is
most enthusiastic over the coming
event and every member of every com
mitt.ee is working hard to have everything in ship shape at the firing
of the first gun.
A  meeting o-J the committee      was
At least four entries required. This
prize is in addition to the regular
Vegetables—best lollectdon of Vegetables from Malakwa district. Prize
—One case of Silverware, by Lawrence Hardware Co. At least four
entries required. This prize is in addition  to the regular competitions.
Fruit—For Fruit exhibits from Arrow Lakes district and uli points on
Arrow Lakes, (Arrowhead to Fire
Valley, inclusive). Fist prize, i'ii);
Second prize, $20; by CB. Hume &
Co.   At least four entries     reimired.
spent Tuesday at the Granlte-Poor-
man und other claims belonging to
the company. Th-ey made a thorough
examination of the dyke in whieh
the recent discoveries of platinum
uud other rare metals were made.
After visiting the properties the directors held a meeting at the mill office of the company, the following be
ing present:—Lord Aylmer, T. dough
K.E. Guile, J. T. Benlhy, VV. Col-
phum, E. B. McDcrmid and J. P.
Swedberg. They authorized the
manager to proceed at once with the
construction of a small plant to
thoroughly test the feasibility of
milling lhc platinum bearing ores on
a commercial  basis.
held   yesterday  afternoon  in  the  city These  prizes are in addition  to    the
hall and the Indications were      that regular  competition,
nothing  was  being  left     undone    to Apples—Best     exhibit    of     Apples
make  it  the great     success that    it from       Malakwa    district.    Prize  —
was intended to be at the outset. Gent's.   Furnishings  to  valuo  of, $10,
In  thj first     place it    was decided hy  MeKinnon     &  Sutherland.        At
that the steamer Revelstoke     should lcast four entries required. This prize
;o  down  the lakes to pick up      the is in    addition    to    regular cumpeti-
■rowds that have  intimated their in- tion 3.
tention of coming to the fair.        At Bread—Best Loaf of Bread      made
least fifteen aro coming from the lit- from  Robin  Hcod  Flour.  First  prizo
tie town  of Nakusp, while Kdgcwood ~ 1°"   pounds  cf   Robin   Hon 1   Flour;
will      contribute  its  quota,      Burton Second   prize-10   pounds  tf       Robin
will send a crowd, as also will     Ar- Hood  Flour,   by  G.  W.  Bell,  Grocer
P. O   Bom 208
Phono No. 23
rowhead, St. Leon, and all the other
places visited by the businessmen on
their recent trip down the lakes.
That they should all get a good
hance to come to the city, a committee was appointed to arrange
with the Revelstoke Navigation Co.
for dates of sailing and rates for return passage. This committee is com
posed of the following:—John Abrahamson. W. M. Lawrence, A. McRae,
G.  8. MeCarter and the secretary.
The race track is all being put in
excellent shape by the gang of men
nnd the teams working thei '.. while
Inter on the city sprinkling cart will
be put into service and also the city
roller, lt was also arranged that
carprnters should be put to work at
onoe t" repair the buildings where
necessary, nnd that arrangements be
made to give a plentrrul supply of
water to keep the dust in HUbjcrtion
during the days of  the fair.
The finance committee reported
that there had betn no less than
$l,17*i collected to defray this year's
expenses and that there were a numb
er of other subscriptions yet uncol -
lected. In addition to this theic ts
the city's donation ol $250 and the
government's of about *87fi. This is
considerably better than last year,
nnd is proof positive that the people
ol the city are at the back ot the enterprise when the society go in to
The chicken fanciers have been unusually active and it is expected that
there will bc the biggest exhibit of
pi inl try ever shown nt the fair or at
any poultry show in the c ty, This
committee has probably been ihe bus
lest of the whole lot and bus at the
back of it every man, woman or
child who has the least interest in
There wns nn application in fur
the society to let thc booth privileges of the grounds on the days ol
the fair to one man in order that
he might sublet them, but it was the
opinion of tbe meeting that the society should keep the matter in their
hands, uul rent thc booths ns they
see lit.
The secretary reported that be had
been busy looking after lhc mutter of
judges for the fair and had MCWed
Irom the provincial government the
assurance that they would send ulong
u judge for poultry and fruit, and he
was in communication with them to
appoint a judge for vegetables. The
,,nly judg.-s not yet appointed were
I,umi" f,,r manufactures and art, and
it was expected that these would be
in line In u few days.
The attraction committee hns secured the services ot a famous balloon ascension man who has mado
some wonderful and thrillidg ascensions und there will be some splendid horse racing.
It Is expected that the following
list of special prizes will prove n fea
turc of thc exhibition and will only
be the commencement of a movement
towards ttie intereKting of the Agricultural interests surrounding the
Vegetables—Bef!  collection at    the
Fair. Any district. Prize mednl,
value $2."i.0l), by thc Canadian Bunk
of Commerce. This prize is In addition  to the regular competitions.
Vegetables-Fm best exhibit from
Arrow      Lake  dlHtrirt   and nil   points
,,;i \ii.i« Luke-, i Arrowhead to Kiiv
Vnlley inclusive), Prize—Furniture
to v*»lu« ol 125, tij   Howson & Co.
The ladies are also exhibiting a
keen interest iu the fair, and there
will doubtless he a -arge exhibit in
bhe P30bton which Interests them
This is question in CP.R. Circles
—Bury May Get It
Winnipeg, Sept. 1—Who will succeed Sir William Whyte as vice-presi
dent of the Canadian Pacific railway
with bead ulticc in Winnipeg? This
is the question that hns lieen discussed at great length among the railway officials of tha city for the past
few days, ever since the retirement
of Sir William wns announced by
Sir  Thomas  Shauglincssy.
Many have suggested that (1. .1.
Bury will receive the position, but
tliere is a persistent rumor afloat,
and it Boems to have considerable
authority back of it, that un eastern
man will be brought out to lill tbe
vacancy. If this is lh' case the ques
tion narrows down to two men, (I.
M. Boswor.'h and II. MrNichol, both
vice-presidents at Montreal an.l both
operating men.
It is also rumored that the man
who takes this position will he the
next president of the Canadian Pacific, lt seems most likely that the
mnn selected if he conies from the
east, will be G. M. Bog worth, but
the president says the name will not
bo announced fur some little while to
Old lardeau Prospectors Make
Find at Vellowhead
A rich strike has been made in the
Vellowhead district by an old Lardeau prospector in whom many local
people will be interested, and the
news of tha strike was communicated
to this office by means of a letter
wbich speaks very highly of the pros
pectB of mining in that district. In
part the letter says that a big find
of gold, copper and silver ore has
been made on the Moose river, Yel-
lowhead, by tbe Teer Brothers, who
for years were prospecting in the
Lardeau, and the lucky prospectors
are very much elated over the find
Another old timer of the Lardeau
who has made a good strike in tlie
same district is Billy Holloway, who
it is claimed has located one of the
biggest showings of gold, and silver
ore ever made in the North country.
With him in his new locations is associated Mr. and Mrs. Nelson and W.
Douglas. Tbe ore samples from these
properties are now in Nelson being
assayed, and arrangements are being
made to devclope the property this
There are many old timers in thc
Lardeau and Fish Creek camps who
knew Billy Holloway in the early
days of the camp and who will join
with this paper in wishing him every
success in the new mining camp.
Winnipeg, Sept. I—Weather conditions throughout the west nre again
conducive to successful harvesting of
the big wheat crop. While local show
ers in n few districts have rctaiilod
(JUttlng, yesterday and today the
temperatures arc again much warmer
In the majority uf points during the
past forty-eight hours the thermom
eters have not gone below fifty degrees. Cutting has been completed io
min', sectlona of Manitoba and in
Southern  Baokatcbewan.   Binders arc
wiirkirg in almosl. all uncut BeUl
md  with  the beginning of next  week
threshing maohloei    will be working
pretty generally. Manitoba is tied
iip today by the rain of last night
Report! would Indicate lhat where
cutting has been finished the proi
perts   are      promising      lor   u  Iwttor
than average yield.
New York, Hopt. 1—The jury in the
case of Paul Gcldcl, the 17-yeur-old
hoy, charged .with the murder of
Wm. H. Jackson, in tho Iroquois
hotel, July 26, today returned n ver
diet ol  murder in  the second  degree.
fl Splendid Program
A program of extraordinary excellence is on at the Edison theatre
tonight, every Ulm of which may bc
.■onsvd:rc*,l a feature Iiim. There -is
something in the program to please
everybody. The film "Fatima" is a
magnificently staged historic picture
and the acting is splendidly .lone.
Rough weather courtship is tbe comedy film and is mi,' thit    provokes
mars of laughter. Ohew Chew Land
Is one nf those trick pictures that
the children especially delight m and
which the elder folks love to watch,
while tbe Italian Military drills nre
worth the price of admission alone.
On the whole a better program
could not have been arranged. Next
week Puthe's Gazette, Warwick's
Chronicle and other features will lie
on tlie sheets.
Fernie, B.C., Sept. I- The legal tt
presentatlves of tho Crow's Nest Pass
Coal company served notices in (lue
form upon the miners who occupy
bouses belonging tn the company nt
('(Nil Creek  to Vacate  Within      thirty
days.  This  action   was  taken   yester
• lay  afternoon and  nothing  Is  knowii
as to what action the miners     will
take.   The same  action  bas  been Ink
en at Michel  us at Goal Creek.
Bagot, Man., Aug. 31—At the (arm
of S Woolsey, two miles from here,
his little, boy, about two years old,
had his right arm almost severed
just below the. elbow, hy a binder.
Nelson,  Aug.  31—Tbe directors    ot
tbe    Kootenay    Gold   Mints, Ud.,
Excursion to Halcyon
If you are a lover of nature und
beautiful scenery, don't sit moping
around tho city on Monday, Labor
Dny complaining that there Is no
place to go or nothing to do,      but
I.: 11 - li   up your  duds nurly  lutbi in
Ing  and     hike   to  the    wharf  of    thc
Steamer Revelstoke, aad take in the
excursion bo Halcyon. Or if you wish
to go down the liver to fish jump on
the boat and you can be dropped off
at whatever point you dcBlrc nnd
will lie picked up again on thn return trip. As is generally conceded
there Is nothing Hint enn compare
with the scenery down the river and
It is one ol the Itest trips that ran
lie imagined, so don't mlsn it on
Labor Day when there is nothing to
The fare to Halcyon nnd return Is
only 91.00. Bout leaves the wharf at
7 o'clock in the morning, gets to
Halcyon at about in o'clock, und returns at 2 o'clock In the ufteininin.
giving excursionists ample time to
get Into tlie swim at Halcyon nnd
return home In splendid tune in the
Moving pictures nt  Kdison theatre
Stoves! Ranges!
McClary's Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Enamel and Tinware
We   can   supply    your
wants in the above line
with the best Goods made
in Canada.
Sherwin Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes, etc. It
pays to use good Paints.    We sell them
Fishing Tackle Rilles, Shot Guns," Ammunition and
other Sporting Goods. We are leaders :n these, and also
carry a very large stock of General Hardware, Tools of all
kinds, etc.
Harness, Whips, Horse Blankets, La,; Robes.
Crockery and Glassware.
P. Bum-, <&. Co
P. Burns C& Co.      tlmi
P. Burrs C& Co.
We Are
Dcst Served
Scrvini) (tiers
P. Burns C& Co.
RevelsMe Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors ior Swift's  Products
All our choice fresh killed
Beef; Pork. Mutton, %al,
Lamb and Poultry are kept
in our new Cold Storage
Cooling rooms and displayed
in the shop for sale in Refrigerating Glass Counters
and Window. We handle
nothing but Swift's Government .'n ;pected meats, silver
leaf lard, Premium hams &
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
11 u;n Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
■Vt'VV    -*. , ''~ ••■^'Vs-.v-m     ',']
-^iV.'.-'^^'yO*- i ~5T^
Tlie Victor and Berliner Gr.iin-o-
phone is the whole .show- .md you are
the manager. Put on grand opera,
minstrel show, baud c< n "it, high-class
vaudeville—anything you want. The
most distinguished talent in the world
is at your command.
Drop in antl lit its give you a sample of
the entertainment you can always enjoy in
your own home with a Victor.
You can get a Victor for aa little as $15.
Others up to $t»5. Victrolas $100, $135,
$200, $250 ami $yx>.     Basy terms if desired.
Nor' West Talking Machine Co, Ltd.
Wlioleiala DUtributon lot Province!
ni Min h.i .iml Britiifa ColumbU
A ents Wanted       Liberal Discount
SATURDAY,  SEPT.  2,  1911.
(Lhc ADaiUlbcralb
anterior jMibitsbino company,
Legal notices U cents per line first
insertion, 5 cents per line each
subsequi'ut insertion. Measurements Nunpanel tl2 lines make
one inch.) -Store and general
business announcements i'2.50 pet
incb per muulli. Preferred positions, 21 per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages aud Deaths, 50c
eaClt insertion.
Laud notices $7.50. All advertisements subject to tbe approval ol
tbe management. Wanted aud
Condeused Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uatious wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted, 25 «rords or less, 25c.,
each .i ..-M.ii.     linu 10 cents.
Changes il standing advertise
mints must he iu hy 9 a. tn.
Tuesday am Friday ol each week
to  secure  good   display*
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matter! ol public interest. Communications to Kditor must be
accompanied by nnme of writer
Dot necessarily (or publication,
but as evidence ol good (aith.
C'orrcspoudenre should  he  brief.
The Two Sides of the Question
Including  postage  to  England
ed States and Canada.
By the year (through postofllce) $2.5
Cbe flDaillberato
SATURDAY, SEPT. 2.  1911.
Th ngs are warming up in the city
"ii the election Issues before the p« >
pie .in*I ;t Is expected that belore th
election comes ofl things will he ie.1
hot. At BUCb tunes tlu people ar.
divided Into two Factions as they ar j
at no other time, and every man sett
every other man who is opposed to
him politically as more nr less ol *i i
antagonist. Whether we admit it ,*
not it Is human nature over and ov
er again and we can't get away Irom
it. It Is the hardest thing In th *
world to Bettle difference* without
just ii little bitter feeling, no matter
whether they be national iiuestlons,
but even In such a heated Iray as
ls being precipitated upon us we
Bhould always remember lhat we are
■still all Canadians ut one blood mnl
one (ommon stick, and thnt our In
tereets are common.* We must admit
too that no mat uu- how it may ap
peat  to tht  in.in mi the other   Bide
that we .ire all out lor the   g 1 of
try,  the  Liberals     believing
• reciprocity is best and the Con
-•   * it.vi-s ihat     protection is   beBt.
Then ai * ol course n few who     are
:   bound,  blinded followers ..f
partj  they     can Bee nothing     good
Irom the other man's viewpoint, but
these are  lew   .n.lt'ii!  and they exist
■Hi Bides uf  politics.
In   this  fray   it   would  bo      Bound
ce  tor  th,'  hot-headed  politician
■ mem    :   that  every  man  has    u
.hi   i.pillion     on       ill *
mattei  aud  ihat all the argument
■   •   ilways on bis Bide,   Th,. man on
the * thei   Bide believes just  as truly
•    i' IB I lgfat   ill     what
be thinks .in I -ays, so it would i ■
every  man t,. shake han is
with  ■■ *■*   man and let nothing
*  •   il good leellng pre
• the heated election cam
Opponents of Reciprocity pretend
to argue that the arrangement oam-
not Increase prices to the seller nnl
decrease them to the buyer, the far-'
mer, and the workingmaii. I'lcns."
read tih'BBa tables, following, nnd yuu
will Bee at a glance how it dues.
Can i.linn farmers raise more food
Btufls than they want., and a high I',
s. tariff limits their market, The
worklngman in ranitla is not supplied with fo".l products, and fruits,
and vc'etabl.s, etc., as he re,|uiri*es,
and, therefore, pays more for them,
through duties, thnn he should. Remove the duties, on fund products
and   prices   will   equalize.   A   bargain
which, implies mutual satisfaction.
Reciprocity is a bargain which, if
either side does not like it, can be
recalled at will. If making or saving money will endanger your loyalty then don'i buy or sell with profit
under tbis pact. There is no compul
sion about it- there is nothing to
ll ilie in it—it is an attempt to lirounl-
eii our Belling market and reduce tha
price of living to the consumer, by
the wiping oil of duties i/n food
stulTs and products. It has been a
Canadian poliey for forty years, km
never (.since the BixtyB) amicably arranged till now.   If you like it—vote
lor it.
The Buyers' Side
The Sellers' Side
After all, the issue in this election is larger markets for
Canadian natural products. Enemies of reciprocity who have
iin axe to grind nre trying by every mean3 to befog the real
subject. Racial appeals are made to the British-born, whereas
Gnat Britain's greatness is the result of her stupendous trade
with the entire world. Canadians aie urged to regard the
United States as their natural enemy, at least in commerce,
when as a matter of fact our present trade with that country
is over a million and a quarter dollars for every working day
in ihe year.
While Ihis is going on, largely for the benefit of manufacturers and city people, and millionaires prosper from its
profits, the farmers are warm d that they will be disloyal if
Ihey secure entrance to the treat United States market for
their products.
The farmers will insist on larger markets when they fully
understand what it means. Here are some figures showing
comparisons of prices of farm products in leading contiguous
cities on both sides of the line during the past five and a half
years, as shown by a report recently published by the Department of Labor at Ottawa: —
in ng ;.i ■   .i .il be upon us in
., w,,*k or two .in 1 it w.iiii.i be » I
It   '   '.'''I     poll
' i  a *lity  oi   two ,.i  least    an I
pull        - '•*• ■!    f"i   iln- ''i meat  lali
• *   ' ••'. "i    I, -.-i;   bl i !   ,n   tli •  eity.
.-•■ ■ elleni
 iiim '•■
■ipp. m * i ,,n!  thing    ,i.   ni a  -"'I
'   i    'li I   I    MUD
l be    i'* .'i'l'*  lown i be lake
*    ".   . ■ theli
|l    !
I then It .in*'  i'i'I Krt
m n *y
.1*.   i,*i  on       ol
.' -In' l   Q ii  . !
I M.-in leei that R ■
theii   i Illt    mi i
ii.cn you con  i ink  on them i mm
,;. hit ne years. And tli* n lon't
forget tin n wb   ci ui*  'i "in     "iii n
section .  Hi y  too would  be pl< use I
to   knOW    that    t li   11    | I   s Mire   is        ll|
preciab I     tl    "iut   "f   Ihem  ii in
'**t   ,.•...i timp, then b-t in ii,
'he   11111.1   as       lol>g   as   they       I etlBVe
themaelves. We mu i remetnbei too
that some ol tbeee fellows down thi
'it   hustlers   ninl        the,
will know .a ., minute H we b ive ..
society.   If we one
prove  I.,  tli.ii)   thit   we   have,       then
uai; tin- battle bai ie n won.     mri
thev Will ill future bark us Up in
anything Wl undertake, ami ill it t^
what      we    want.    Now  for     a   good
strong    imll fm one of the   W
and     best    Inlrs  that,  has  ever  b ea
held        IM      all   Revel toke   ami   hi
Wife be th'Ti*  at   least.
mn in'tin
Market (linos average
'rm*..nt,) -$8.88 $.">..r>l
ltiill'.iKi          ft.61 8.48
Toronto        fi.flO 5.20
tlnlTilo          6 05' uutl
Winnipeg    5.40 4.4(1
ChioiKo       6 02 7.01
Toronto        I 54 4.47
UnlValo         403 188
Tm onto        6 81 ll 1*1
Uuttalo         7,:ts 7.85
Toronto 200 2V) 125250
Cllii.iU'ii 'I'l'l'.iM lUO-SOU
Toronto          .SI .fKI
Wheit. vvi.ilri. No. liii'd Ditioii             ,01 1.00
Wheat, spring. No. 1 Nor Winnipeg      .02 .95
Whca', spiillg, N"  1 N"f Dnlulh           1.00 1 00
Dais, iiiii   No. 2 white.     Tmimto          Ml .40
nn-, Nn. 2wliiUi     ItulV.lo           ,H0 .40
lio h*v, (lil. No. '2 'I'm onto          fl I .*''"
Barley, malting  Ilulf do        1' fl .70
live, dn'- No. 2                    Tuiotit.i           .OT .71
Rye, N.i. 2    ...                      Buffalo          >7 .88
Hay, Tlmolhy, No. 1 tou   Montreal 11 Tr» 1208
Hay, Timothy. No lorn   li<>>i"ii '21 .:•! 10.00
Hay, Timi thy, No. 1         Toronto 12 10 1257
Hav.Tlu.oUiy, No. 1         Univ.,I" 17.28 Ms)
Straw, rye, oat and wheat Toronto B.H8 • ■-'■
Utvaw.rye                           Buffalo        8.00 0.43
Steers, expovt  	
Steers, prime	
Butchers' cattle, btet ra ..
s eil;. liutcheia' 	
Oi ttie, wes'ern prime.. .
Steers, good 10 prime, fat.
Sheep, ex port I'lirs, each
Sheep. i'ivi>, each.
Hogs, rln iff select, each
lions. Yorkers, eaeh    ■
lloi'M's.h y draiinliti lioii'i'
llm se-.iliaiifjliti I'S.i'linii'c
Wheat, winter, lint Ni
I' S duiy
27J P'f.
27 j p.c.
27*1 p.c.
27j p.c.
27.1 p.e,
$:io or 2.") i
.$:«) oi
4 00
1 UO
1 .--I
Fl ee
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Fr. e
F ee
a. Free
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I': 1*1'
l'i i-i-
Farmers who have done well in existing markets know
that no business can proRi ess whieh uses the motto: "Let
well enough alone'" That is not pood enough for a Canadian
manufacturer, and it is not good enough for the Canadian
Laurier and larger markets is the policy for Canada.
Frequemt mention has heen made,
long before the reciprocity pact was
ever thought of, of thc great disparity in hhe cost of living here and in
say. Seattle. The housekeeper, who
knows aa a matter of every-day business what prices are, has always
known this and generally paysa visit
to the markets when visiting across
the line, while the bread-winner has
had it borne in upon him sternly
that his day'- wage does not supply
Iiim with ns good a table as it once
A little investigation among the
Seattle dealers and then among the
home dealers simply nHorded corroh-
oratlcn  in spectHc detail. The prices
Cabbages:   Small,  3 for 5 cents; medium,  2 for .1  cents;  large,  5 cents
Oeleryl Small, I bunches for 5 cents;
large, 3 for ."i cents,
l'ras and String Beans... 2 ihs. for 16
Potatoes:   2  cents  peril);  sweet  potatoes,  4  pounds for 2fi cents.
Cucumbers:   Very  small,   10 cents  per
doz.,  4  for  Ti  cents;  medium,   2 for
5 cents; large  'A for 1ft cents;  very
large,  2 Ior 15 cents.
Cauliflower:   Small, 2 for 5 cents;  me
■ilium  to large,  5 to 1(1  cents;  very
large,   15  cents.
Carrots,      Beets,    Turnips,  Radishes,
etc: 4 tqi t; bunches 'for ,rv cents.
Plums:      25 cents and iit) cents      per
Apples:  2ft cents,  25 cents    and      :)0
cents  per doz.
Peaches:   Good,   111  cents  per       doz,;
very  good, 20 to 25 cents per doz.;
box    containing  'J  doz.,  small,    05
Pears:      10' cents   per  doz.;  Bartlet/t,
15 cents per doz.
Crapes:  4 lbs.  for 25 cents; 2 lbs. for
15 cents; 10 cents per lb.
Orab Apples: 5 cents per dozen;      20
cents per box.
Berries: 10 cents per liox; 2 boxes for
15 cents.
Cantaloupes:  3  for 10 cents;  G for 25
cents; fine, 2 for 15 cents.
Fresh Eggs:   II) cents per doz.; 2 -doz.
for  75 oents.
Creamery  Butter:  35 cents    and      40
cents per IT).
Land: 11 cents per tb.
Ham:  12J  cents to 25 cents per lb.
Beef: 7 5 cents to 15 cents per lb.
Lamb and Mutton:    1ft cents to      15
cents pet" th.
Bread Flour: $1.10 per sack.
Pastry  Flour:  $1.25  per sack.
Fresh  Salmon:  1ft cents per Hi.
Halibut: 2 tl>s. for 16 cents;.. 4 lbs. for
25 cents.
Chickens:  20 cents to 25 wnts per tl).
given below are the ordinary retail
market prices of today, at which
customers were purchasing as the
ordinary  man  figures.
Three-quarters of the lamb and
mutton sold here, as elsewhere
throughout British Columbia, comes
from across thc line. The same applies to the poultry. The duty on
mutton is three cents a pound and
on poultry 25 per cent, of the value.
Most of the vegetables pay 30 per
cent duty and fruit generally 25* per
cent. Apples are dutiable at 4Hc. a
ban-el, peaches nt $1 per hundredths.,
grapes at two cents a pound.
The llgures given lielow will Interest every   wage earner  and consumer:
Cabbages:  4, 5 and tl cents per      It).
Medium, 10c. each.
Celery: 10 cents per head.
Peas:  S to 10 cents per lb. 3 lbs. for
'    'J5 cents.
String Beans:  10c  to  8."c  per lb.;    2
I    lbs. for 25c.
; Sweet Potatoes: 10c to 12Jc per Ibf
Potatoes:  8 Ills, for 2oc;  $1.75,  $1.85,
j    $2 and $2.25 per 100-11) sack.
Cucumbers:  Small,  6  cents;  medium,
j    10 rents; large, 15 cents.
Cauliflower: 10c and 20c each.
Carrol«:      2c,  3c,  and 5c per Ib;  10c
per bunch .
Turnips: ,':*c,  4c and 5c per Ib.
Itailish'es: .'»c per hunch; 3 bunches for
1*0 cents.
Deots: 4c and  5c per 111;  10c per bunch
Plums:      50c  jicr  basket  (6  lbs.);  fie.
|    and 8c per lb;  $1.75 per box.
Apples:  Sc to lflc per lb; 3 lbs.    for
25c;  choii-e  table,  2  lbs.   for    25c;
$2.50* per box.
Peaches: Table,  15c per lb; preserving
$1.15  to $1.25 per crate of 5 dozen.
Pears: >c per lb; 21bs {or 25c; 3 ths.
for 25c;  $2.25 per box of 40 lbs.
Crapes:   10c,  12J  and  15c  per lb;  50c
to 76c per basket.
Orab Apples: 8c per Ib.
Perries:  12'c  to 15c per 11);  15c    per
Canteloupes:  10c and  15c each.
Fresh Eggs:  50c per  dozen;    cooktn-
eggs, d5c per doz.
Butter:   Eastern  Townships,  3,',c; Salt
spring,  45c;  Victoria and Cowicban
creamery,  50c; cooking,  30c and 35c
3tbs. for Sl.
Lard: 2flc per lb.
Ham: 20c to 2dc por lb.
Beef: 10c to 30c per It).
I.amb and Mutton:  15c to SOc per lb
lirend Flour: .*1.80 per sack.
Pastry Flour: $1.65 and   $1.78     per
Fresh Salmon: 10c to 15c per lb.
Halibut: 2 lbs. for 25c.
Chickens:  30c to 50.
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Best Grade of Pennsylvania Hard Coal.
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Nicol^ Soft Coal.  Cordwood in all lengths.
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Your Electric Fixtures
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Phone to No. 284 in the day
or No. 40 at Night
and they will immediately be attended to. There is
nothing we can't do in this line as years of experience
with electrical machinery has given us an insight into
the business that could not be obtained etherwise.
Don't swear when the lights go out.   Let us do that
for you.
A. G. DUCK,   -   General Manager
Store and Office, Old Howson Block
The following comparison shows the rates of wages paid
in Victoria and Seattle for the various classes of wage-earners.
The standard day is 8 hours :
73c per hour Brick layers 75c. per hour
73c. per hour Masons  75c. per hour
812."> per day Carpenters $l.0n (rou^h)
. $5 and $0 ilim-liMiM
W  0 per day Plumbers $0.50 per day
.SI 00 per day Painters $1.50 per day
$'J.T.. ami $:l per day Teamsters $A5I) to $:!.5() per day
•IH* to *H0 per week Olerks $1S to $10 per week
12 73 nnl ff.i per day Laborers $2,60 to $1 per (lay
Pianos, Player Pianos, Organs
Ca   and see my stock and hear them play.
Judge the tone for yourself.
1 will quote you for any instrument made
in the world-
Edison and Victor Machines and Records
kept in stock.
J. BINGHAM, - Store Mackenzie Ave
Buried Beneath Earth and Debris in Laurie Tunnel
By the JI lodplivg    I ■  i
,*. *■!   and   li at
llli-li i      M
\:. i.f, ion   .i.'i   '■'
li .itli  on ^i'liu- • 11v   .u'i      tin*
ii.m   tying   ii      ii   i 'ii
taking  pai 'ii»
* tii*..
«t In i ommun
* ..t.t.li A itli ' III     II
, . .   *.! de ii h     i,••! i
ovei  ths remains on Thui -i.n      p«
i      /erdlcl   "*
Thi   i     i i.i
Ing I'"* .-I -,i'    t f..     it    appear.
iii.it  ii.i* gang  * 11'   * i. m:— i * i-ia* in
mi; up ilu* tunnel and  were i il
nut    a small houklei  In tin* rool ol
tlir tunnel     wWch (ell owl  carr; Ing
■.■.itli it   i huge quantity ol earth hu i
li-i,11 .     which     ihhIh-iI down     and
i.iui'lil        the   two   lii'-n,    As   a    iMWiilt
there woro burled beneath about iwn
hundred yards at earth,     Tbe prev
inllH   walliilii!   In   slaltil   luuk   lind   lint.
been sufficiently headed uh the    nun
stood   too close  bo   Un*  i.uiu*   ut  tlie
Immediately a hundred or so mm
WIN put to work ihi'i'in.' Hi* two
out but before they could l.c icaoh
I'll   lllo  Was  t'Xliiii'l.
Moving pictures l( Di.;bt.
Adopt [astern lustom of Disposing of Their Dead
v mony  t"<>k
[to the
*'.    |)opUl ,'
*  .i i
iiihI'Im   ill''- '    .
'I'll"   ,     ' I
,-Mi'iii ' i*. iin* paople      i*■
,  the  li' es * il     belonged,     .,«*i
ed   »lth   is  in nii   lolemn I,   u
I     ni.  ,i   platfoi .a  to  ' "   •
* i.-in it,.,i        i     ■ i        graat \
pile  "I old  i .nii ,   '    ii ith,
ind  •: n .   :   ■ iii. *  al oil '
ei iin* to, Then wbHe tne
ilnm"-! leaped i.u'ii bl e "•:.!'■'■■■ * •
i,i .in, was read white weird sobs and
incantations murmured through bbe
ii ,.i i. wtto were
pi, .nt to *Aiin,*:. iin* ceremony.
\innn,' iin*:"' were ,i number nf i*ai
i.iii women and children,
Tins method ol disposing ol the
remains nl tbe dsad is iwia; adopt
ed among many ol bbe wealthy In
cviiuteci ("iiinii-ii'M, iiihI is considered
to bave Its advantagei over tiie or
illnnry   burial   custom.
Card of Thanks
High School Attendance
Photos! Photos!  Photos!
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All Work Guaranteed. It will be your own fault il you accept
anything that does not fully please you.
Developing and Printing for Amateurs,    l'rices Right.   See  me
hefore sending work out of town
A. D. Toumer, Photographer
Trueman Studio - Over Macdonald's Drug Store
•   undersigned,  hereby    wiib     following is the attendance at   the
Hy acknowledge and thank  Reveletoke High School lor the mouth
. ...    .      , I of August, as compiled by tbe Prlnclp I
*. ml   fi ,1-inls   who  ilurini;    our
*M.*m,*iit   ii the death nf our
ileal   niiittier.   .shnwcl   iheir   kindness
M,|,ithy      to ux.  ami  fnr bbe
ii it.fni  «i laths and tlnwi-rs.
Wel Family.
•     .i **
.'■ I'       .'■ alls.
of the school, Miss J. J. MaiKi'ii/.ic:
Sigh school,  I)!v. I.
Div. II.
• -  4*
n iM 05 in
ia "ii<;7 is
86   Sin 14 81
"1'iiii-s for Mft.     Lump co.*,i [or heating,     nut coal
i.,>"Mi,M   pboni no. for cooking,   il. N. Oouriler,
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farm implements, ask us about them.
First Stroot, Watt,
Oppoalfa Poet Offlc*
Revelstoke Plumbing, Heating & Sheet Metal Co.
RltlniHtei given for SaniUry work, Blectric Lighting, Hot
Air. Water. Meam Heating and all kinds of  Sheet   Melal
Mollis, Lavatories, Water Closets, etc.
Prompt attention given to all orders.
See Our Show Room on Connaught Avenue
Phone No.
Box 401
V SATURDAY',  SEPT. 2,  1911.
SATURDAY',  SEPT.  2,  Uli.
Probably no athlete in the world
has the amount of wealth possessed
by George Hackenschmidt, the Russian lion, who on Labor Day is to
meet Frank Gotch in Chicago. Hack
has all kinds of reaidy cash besides
innumerable pieces of real estate in
England and owns valuable mining
property in Australia. He is a very
quiet fellow and highly educated. He
can speak a dozen languages, aud
at home travels in the higher class
of society.
That his massive frame hides a
woman's heart is exemplified by a
little story that is not press agent
stud. After returning 'from bis successful tour of America under the
management of Jack Curley, Hack
went back to England with a desire
to be near the seashore. He went
down to Brighton and picked out a
nioe summer home. He got a friend
to close the deal with the owner and
prepared to take possession of the
When Hack arrived he found a
Bweetfaced woman weeping as
though her heart would break. She
said her husband had died and she
was compelled to sell her home, but
could not get up tbe courage to
leave, She explained that debt would
take away the total sum she received
from the sale of the house, and she,
with her children, were practically
penniless. Pulling the deed out ol his
pocket, Hack thrust it into the trembling hands of the good woman and
toH her the house was again her
property to live in the remainder of
her days.
Another incident showing the gener
ous nature of this wonderful athlete
is the story often told by Hack's
acquaintances as a joke upon him.
Hack has a young and ambitious
brother. He gave him $5000 and tokl
him to go and get an education. The
young fellow, overjoyed at his wealth
proceeded at once to get rid ot it,
.-hich he did at the famous Monte
Carlo. Some one broke the news to
Hack and expected him to howl out
the kid. "Too bad," said he when
he heard the story, "but it is all my
fault. I totd him to get an education, but forgot to state what kind
of a one."
or a margin of .00033. On the other
haii'd,  New  York has won 24 ore
games than it has lost, while Ohi-
caga has won 2'.l more games than
it has lost, giving New York the advantage of half a game. In other
words, supposing New Y'ork breaks
even on the rest of its games this
season, Chicago must win one more
game than it loses in onder to tie
New York at the finish, although today it is ahead in mathematics.
Sam Langford, the Boston "Tar
Baby," will sail for Australia from
Vancouver, on September 6, according to a -despatch from New York.
Sam is going to the Antipodes to
take part in six fig-fats, and upon his
return he will demand a match with
Jack Johnson, the title holder. Hugh
Mcintosh has promised Sam that he
will arrange a meeting with Johnson
for the  heavyweight championship.
While discussing the Gotch-Hacken-
schmidt wrestling match, John Rush
ton, wh« has been a follower of the
game for years, said: "Gotch and
the Russian arc in all probability,
the two greatest grapplers in the
game at present. They are the best
seen in thiB country, anyhow, and
when they meet on Labor Day they
will doubtless put up a groat contest. I believe it will be wrestled
strictly on the merits, for there has
been a bitter feeling Iwtween the men
ever since their previous match
Hack claimed that Gotch had fouled
bim, and Frank retorted by saying
the Russian hnd shown a yellow
stieak and quit. Hack burin .1 to
England and told hiB newspaper
friends there that he had l>een fouled
and robbed in his match with Gotch.
The latter became indignant, and
followed the Russian to London,
where be shook all kinds of money
under hia nose, offering to wrestle
him for any amount. Hack refused
to wrestle, and Gotch came home in
disgust. Later on Hackenschmidt i
toured this country shortly after
Gotch ba-d announced bis positive retirement. He claimed the championship, and maile so many slighting ee
marks about Gotch that Frank tinal
ly was persuaded by Farmer Bums
to get after bim. This present match
Is the outcome. It is bound to draw
a big crowd for the promoters are
hustlers. Sl
Hack is said to lie much better
than when be met Gotch before, hav
ing learned a great deal about the
Inside stud in wrestling. He is a
powerful man and very strong and
Gotch was ln retirement for over a
year, but l>eing a careful living man
nnd young, be will doubtless be as
good as ever when be faces Hack on
Labor Day.
In my opinion Tom Jenkins, when
at 'hie- best, could have defeated cith
er Hackenschmidt or Gotch. Jenkins
was the beBt westler I ever saw and
up to the time be met and lost to
the big Turk, Yousouf, he was invlnc
Ible. That terrible gruolllng -given
him by the plant Turk broke Tom's
heart and he waa never as good afterwards.
Jenkins did not pursue tho proper
method In his match with Yousouf.
He should have gone on the defensive
at th« start, and made tbe Turk do
all the work for at least an hour,
instead of wiring lt as he did all the
Chicago, Aug. 29—A curious freak
of figures is the fact tbat if Ibe National Lcagno season, which now has
hut a few weeks longer, had ended
yesterday, Chicago would have been
awarded the pennant, although in
actuality they now are half a game
behind New York. The pennant ls
awarded by percentage of victories
won, and tbe percentage figures give
Cfclcaw .(0747 and New York .60714
New York, Aug. 30. — " Porky "
Flynn bad a shade the 'better of Joe
Jeanette, colored heavyweight io a
ten-round bout at the Fairmont Ath
let'ic Club last night. It was the
first fight in this city under the new
boxing laws, and for the first time
in years the public witnessed a ring
contest without the slightest danger
of police interference. The bout
however, was something of a disap -
pointment to the large crowd.
Chicago, Aug. 30—Battling Nelson,
former lightweight ohampion, has
closed for three fights before the
Armory Athletic Club in Boston.
Negotiations were concluded yester
day with Miah Murray, matchmaker,
for the club, for a bout with Tommy Nixon on September 19. Two
weeks later the battler will box
Y'oting Saylor and on October 24,
will meet Matty Baldwin. After closing with the Boston club, Nelson
wired the Sacramento promoters the
scrap with Lew Powell would bave
to be called ofl for the time being.
Later the matter may be taken up
and a match arranged.
London, Aug. 29—Jack Johnson's
match with Bombardier Wells may
never come off. It will not if the Eng
lish papers can prevent it, and, apart from the opposition, may be
prevented through failure of the promoters to raise thc maney to pull
the enterprise through. Newspaper
opposition is hurting the plans in
every way, the entire Knglish sporting press being strong against the
bout. It is regarded as tantamount
to banding money to Johnson, and
probably ruining Wells' entire future.
If the mill is on the level, some of
the experts claim that the Johnson
end ought to be 101) lo 1 on the
negro's chances.
Chicago, Aug. 30.—Because Hack-
ensebm. t 1 nr. t into song tlie training camp of tbe Russian lion was in
an optimistic frame of mind today
Dr. Holler, the big fellow's trainer,
Said tbat lie had been awaiting anxiously for the musical eruption, as
it nlways indicates thai, the wrestler
has  readied  the  pink  of  condition.
"I have been waiting for him to
sing ever since we left England,"
said Dr. Roller. "It indicates his
frame of mind. If he were worried he
would not emit that lyrical roar."
Hackenschmidt did a bit of roa.l
work today and Indulged in a plunge
in the surf.
Bob Deedy, who formerly managed
Al Kaufman, is now looking after the
interests  of   Hilly  Herger.
When ordered by tho court to pay
$125 each month to bis divorced wife
Bpider Kelly said: "Your honor, if 1
had $125 a month to give my wife, I
would go pver to the mint and mako
faces at   it.   '-
The New York state light commission lias decided that all referees officiating in thut state must bo licensed by It, and the number is to Ix-r
limited to avoid incompetence. All
agreements between fighters nnd pro-
100110111 must Im filed with the secretary.
The first !>et made on the Matt
Wells and Knockout Brown fight scheduled for next week, made the Knglish champion favorite. It was $500
against $400 that he would win by
the knockout route within the ten-
round limit.
Charles Johnson, brother of Jack
Johnson, champion heavyweight was
the victim of a mysterious assault
on Monday night In Chicago. He was
unconscious for two hours after lieing taken to a hospital. "He sure
got me allrlght," said Johnson, after he revived, "When that trip ham
mer swing hit me I went 'down in a
heap. That's all I remember. I
don't know the namr of the fellow I
hod trouble with, but my brother
Jack hasn't got anything on him)
Jack baa handed me nome pretty hot
ones, but tho blow that pin me out
would win aworld'i championship."
A Fair You Know and
So You Go
Nelson fruit fi
Nelson, B. C.
SEPTEMBER 26-27-28
$3000 in Free Attractions
Hurtistad's Wild West Show
Juuie.sE. Hardy, lhe Iiiiii Wire King
Dorothy deVonda, Queen ol the Air
Happy and Ills Trick Mule 'Dynamite'
Marie McDonald, llle Scottish Dancer
Inter-City Band Tournament. Rook
Drilling Contest. Log Sawing
and Chopping Contests Tie
Making Contes'E
Single Pare Rales on all
Transportation Lines
Ihe Biggest Fair Yet and Then
Some.   Don't Miss It
J.   E.   Annam.K,   President
G. HoKSTiiAii, Secv. and  Manager
1'. 0. Box 892, Nelson, B.C.
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf at Needles, B. C," will
be received at thia ollice until four
p.m.,   on      Moalay,   September  25th,
1911.  for  the construction of a    Tile
Bent Wharf at Needles, Division      of
I Arrow Park,  District  of     Kootenay,
;B. C.
Plans, specifications and form of
contract can Iw seen and forms of
tender obtained at this Department,
and at the otlice of G. A. Keefcr,
Esq., District Engineer, New Westminster, B. ('., and on application to
ihe Postmaster at Needles, U. ('.,
and Victoria, B. C.
Persons .tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
firms, the actual signature, the nature of Ihe occupation, and place
of residence of each member of the
firm must bc given.
Eacli tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent(lOp.c)
of the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so, or ■fail to
complete the work contracted for. If
the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returne-a.
The Department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
|    Ottawa,  August 25th, 1911.
Newspapers will not  be  paid      for
thiB advertisement if  they insert    it
, without authority from the     Department.
In Fall
Fit-Reform will
show you styles
and values that
in Canada.
The fall styles
are superb — and
the values even
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In Fall
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style   and fabric.
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Sole Agents in Revelstoir"
"That's the Razor
for Me!'
lhal pets thi
automatic ad-
Sl.»d.rd Sal la LmUiot
C*M a. iUuilr.led. m In
M.I.I Cm.    .   ■   IS.00
P.. Ii rl UllUoi $5.00 (• JS.00
Combin.li.., S.U I W.50 er.
A shave or two with
his new GILLETTE Safety Razor, and a man wonders
why he worried along without one (or so long.
Maximum Comfort—tlio GILLETTE, used with
the Angle Stroke, slips lightly through Ihe stillest beard
with never a pull, never a gash. Leaves the (ace smooth,
cool and refreshed.
Minimum Trouble—no honing, r.o stropping, ro
painful manoeuvring round the awkward corners c( your
(ace. You simply pick up the GILLETTE and SHAVE,
whether It's the thousandth time you've u:ed It or Ihe I.r.st.
Why deny yourself any longer? Your druggist, yoor
jeweler, your hardware dealer or your haberdasher can
supply you.
The Gillette Safety Razor Co. ol Canada, Limited
Office and Factory I 63 St Alexander Street, Montreal.
OfficM .Uo I* N.w Y.rfc, Chlcaio,
London. Ent. and Sh.mh.i, China.
F.cl.tl.. In Monlraai, B.Kan.
Laic-Mt.r, B.rlin aa« Pant.
•caw o in
Sealed Tenders addressed to thc
undersigned and endorsed "Tender for
alterations and additions to Post
Office fitMags at Nelson, B. 0.," will
l» received until (our p.m., on Wednesday, September 13, 1911, for the
work  mentioned.
Tenders will not be considered unless made upon, and in accordance
with conditions contained 'in forms
furnished by Department.
Plans and specitication to be seen
on application to Mr. Wm. Lynch,
Caretaker, Public Building, Neleon,
Mr. Wm. Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria, li. C, and at the
Department of Public  Works, Ottawa
Kach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per rent (lflp.c.)
of the amount of the tender.
By order,
Department of Public  Works,
Ottawa,   August  25,   1911.
When you buy jjro:eries you want gooils that are fresh and that can
be relied upon.    We have them.    We are headquarters (or
Groceries,   Provisions,   Boots   and Shoes
Tobaccos, Etc.
D. GALLICANO, Third Street, Near Railroad Track
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Court House, Vernon," will
be received by the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works up to 12
o'clock noon of Thursday, tbe 21st
day of September, 1911, lor the erection and completion of a Court-housa
at Vernon, B. C, in the Okanagan
Electoral District.
Plans, specifications, bills of quantities, contract and forms of tender
may be seen on or after the 31st day
of August, 1911, at the offices of the
Government Agents, Vernon, Revel--
stoke, New Westminster, Nelson; the
Provincial Timber Inspector, Vancouver; and the Department of Public
Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.  0.
Intending tenderers can, by applying to the undersigned, obtain one
copy of the drawings and one copy
of the specifications and bills of
quantities for tbe sum of twenty-tive
dollars ($25).
Each tender must be accompaMied
hy an accepted bank cheque or certificate of* deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to
the Honourable the Minister of Public Works, for a sum equal to flve
(3) per cent, of his tender, which
shall be forfeited if the party tender.
Ing decline to enter into contract
when called upon to do ao. The
cheques or certificates of deposit of
unsuccessful tenderers will he returned to tlwrn upon the execution of
the contract.
The successful tenderer shall furnish a bond of a guarantee company
s itisfactory to the Minister of Public Works, -equal to ten (10) per
r.ml. of the contract amount, for
tbe  due  fulfilment  of  the  contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied
signed with Ihe actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the
envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not neces
nuily accepted.
Public Works Mutineer.
Department of I'ublic Works,
Victoria, B.C., August 24, 1911.
Tax Sale Notice
NOTICE is hereby given that I shall sell at public auction on Saturday the 9th day of September, A.D., 1911, at the
City Hall. Revelstoke, B. C, at ONE o'clock in the afternoon,
the lands, or improvements, or real property, as described, for
unpaid delinquent Municipal taxes, special ratus, (except sewer tax,) interests, costs and expenses due thereon, unless in
the meantime the arrears of Municipal taxes, special rates,
interest, costs and expenses, as set forth in the schedule hereunder, be sooner paid.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, this 26th day of August, A.
D., 1911.
Collector for the Corporation of the City of Revelstoko,
Assessed Owner
Lot      nihek
Delinquent      Statutory      Total
T;.\<- and h.i.     cot-tHana    nniount
to I>ec. 3', 'IW      expennei      due
Cameron, F. W. in 11-12. Villa
lot 9. Sec. 2, Tp. 23 02
flatten, Luipi 7A
Doyle, Mrs. M. O. Vilia lot 30, Sec. 83
Falsetto. GuWeppn 3B
Karwell Estate of A. S. 5. 0. 7, Hlk 17, part
Sec.  24.  Tp. 23;  part  Sec. 27, Tp. 23;
Sec. 2, Villa lot 24
Julian, Mrs. Annie, Lots 0 10, Block 10
Morton, James H. Lot 1. S.W.% Sec. 27, Tp. 23
Mclntyre, James 1UA
dinger. John       Lot 1       Block 0
Sirianni, Dominic      Lot 2      Block 7
Allan, Wm. Lot 11       Add H
Bradley, E. A. "   12       "    49
llradiey, Mrs. Mae, Lots 1-2-3 4, hlk 49, Int 5 1.0
• 'ai inirliai'l. .luuu■!• Lots 111-11    Hlk.  18
Oowle, A. and Lidy, M. Lots 18-19 20. Block 23
Oralg. A. and Hillinan, A. East half 910. Iik .j
Doll, L. H.
Klson, Mrs. Wm.
Lane, Bertha
I.elViitix. Stanley
Lewis, Iiiiui. B.
Mar Kiilir
Monis, Mrs. Alice
MrOaily, Miss Julia
Mrliitviv, John and Junes
Oowlc A.. I.dy, AI.
McLeod, John
Nelson, John Villa '
Pagden, Thos.
'• 0
" 1
• 15-10
* 6
1 5
' 4
3 4
4 5
1 14
Poole, Wm. II. lxil 10, Blk 17; Lot 3. Hlk 2
Rev. Saab & Dom Factory " 3 4 " 98
Roan, Mrs. Jane " 21 25
Sawyer, K. and Hemy " 80
Sam, Henry " 0
Skinner, Mrs. E. '• 7
Slurry, Mrs.  Kiillih-en " 2
Stones. II. II. " 5
I 88
3 70
1 60
35 11
3 12
3 12
1 88
5 35
1 25
h  io
15 68
51 72
03 60
86 87
36 34
0 84
4 03
17 10
8 55
00 02
20 52
20 9<i
20 52
52 09
51 112
72 27
53 48
20 52
43 40
44 78
10 58
17 HI
11 90
19 8-t
10 20
2 45
2 40
2 20
2 10
3 75
2 15
2 15
2 40
2 25
2 10
2 40
2 80
4 20
8 18
0 85
5 30
2 30
2 20
2 85
2 40
5 30
3 00
8 00
3 00
4 60
4 oo
5 50
4 50
3 00
4 16
4 20
2 50
2 85
2 5(5
2 95
2 50
11 80
4 28
5 90
3 70
38 86
5 27
5 27
4 28
7 00
3 35
11 15
18 48
58 92
00 84
93 22
41 64
9 11
fl ,83
17 95
8 95
71 92
23 52
20 DO
23 52
57 49
60 12
77 77
57 98
23 i>2
47 (11
48 98
13 08
10 95
14 45
22 78
12 76
The'Woman Question
Three Meals a Day
This is the problem
confronting the average
housewife—a problem of
vital importance to the
home, and one best solved
by a trip to our store and the
purchase of
For the Woman Question is not only
what to cat, but how to cook it, and you find
the answer in Qurney-Oxfurd—first in cen •
struction, as well as convenience; first in
facilities for control and readiness. The
Divided Oven Flue Strip assures perfect
baking because of its even heat-distribution,
and in every detail the perfect construction
of this Chancellor Range assures satisfactory
cooking results.
Another phase of the question is
economy, and we invite a visit to our store
expressly that you may examine the marvellous fuel-saving device the
Oxford Economizer
Gurney-Oxfords are the only stoves
licensed to sell with this wonderful patent. It
needs only to be set at a proper angle to
hold heat for hours without attention. No
fuel is wasted—a saving of 20 per cent.
Thc Grate is Reversible with strong
teeth that save accumulation of clinkers
and   waste.
'In point of appearance—nickel trimmings, beauty of design, etc.—the Gurney*
Oxford has not a rival. Come to our store
and find the best answer to the Woman
Question—a Gurney-Oxford stove.
Lawrence Hardware Company, Limited SATURDAY,  SEPT.
SATURDAY, SEPT. 2,  1911.
Will Soon lead In Lumber Production of Province
The total  lumber cut of the Domin
ion of Canada for 1910 has just been
compil-ed by the     Forestry    Branch.
Reports      were      received    from  27fi3
firms  operating  sawmills,  which      is
nearly  TOO   more  than  reported    last
year.   Thus   the   1910   report    is       a
better estimate  ol the actual lumber
production   than  ever  belore.   Nearly
five  billion   feet  of  lumber  was    cut
during  1910  throughout      the      nine
provinces,  of Oanada,    which     represents a total value to thc country ol
seventy-seven and „ half million 'dollars.     There  is about tift.>e*n  million
dollars more  than the value    of   the
1909 lumber rut.   Ontario, as 'in form
,r   years,   holds  tbe   premier   position
as     a lumber    province.   Its foreets
ere     made    up  of diversified  species,
which      enabled      it  to  produce onc-
th.r.l  of  bbe lumber for tbe Dominion
British  Columbia,  however,   will soon
take Ontario's     place, from     predictions made on  the 1910 report.     In
1909,   the   Western   province   produced
a trifle  over halt as much lumber as
was rut  in  Ontario,  while for      last
year the amounts returned from the
two provinces were practically      the
same.   Although  one-quarter       more
lumber was cut In     Queliec     in  1910
than  in  the  year previous,  the      increase was not sufficient  to maintain
it in  Boeond      place  of      importance,
which position was usurped by British  Columbia.   The  remaining      provinces  New   Brunswick,   Nova  Scotia,
Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and
Prince  Rdward Island,  cut lumber in
the  order   of  importance  given,    but
together supply only  one-sixth of the
amount for Canada.
Modern Method of Despatching
Trains on Mountain Section
In a very sbi.rt time the telegraph
ic system as a means of despatching
trains over the mountain section of
the C.P.R. will lie a thing of the
past, as its place is rapidly lieing
taken by the more accurate and certain method uf telephones. Just now
the work is in progress ol installing
the phones • dear through from Field
t*i Kamloops, nn.l it la thougnt by
those most intimately in touch with
thc new system that it will have a
great advantage ovei   the old method
If you have travelled along the
main line of the C.l'.R. lately you
will have seen brand new copper wire
extending all the way through between these two points. This is for
use exclusively for the despatching of
trains, and as soon as the phones
are installed in the stations it will
be butting night and day with ord
ers for the trainmen in the dispose
t,. n   of   their   trains.
This .s no new (,r experimental
method, explains Mr. A. M. limes,
chief clerk to the Superintendent but
has been in use over tbe prairie see
tion f'*r -nine time and has been
found to have a decided advantage
over the telegraphic system. Iu fact
so popular lias the telephone become
for despatching trains that the C.P.
It. has ii,,w in operation over 2,0tjo
miles of the system, and may be
said io bave more ,,f this up-to-date
meihud than any other railroad on
the  Americnn  continent.
Every station will be equipped
with a perfect phone an.l a central
• in of its own. as all it will be
n-cessary t" do in order to call up
a certain station will lie to turn a
little switch liearing the number ci r
responding to the number of th
■',' n wanted and the connection B
made. In addition to this ever,
train, passenger and freight, along
the line will I* furnished with .,
telephune which w,ll be placed m
ilie  r-nl actor's  caboose,   and  should
anytl i..-  .'■• wrong along the   lin,--,
he ran   immediately connect  III
tern With  the (',.[,per  wire  am)
ronn-ecbtcii   with   the   h wl   office    Tli'
a !*. iiit.i!-»* mi   mn   thu-
immiil;a'<-ly he recognised ai it will
materially .imt doubly assure tbe
pnblli   -I lety ■ ■'-• tbe i.n *
The pbooea aril] nil  lx oi tbe i *i
ippl    v.    ',|        /..ll,    T h(>    i*Xt(*D-
• n   am   an I   ovei leu
Gets Rousing Welcome and BR
Crowd Hears Him
KeM. An.-. .11—Our public ichoo
(,|>ened for the fnll term on Mo
August 2Sth. Mlsa Hunter of H|irinr
Hill. N 8., is in charge. There w.t •
iM-gister-ed on tbe first day lor regit
Inr attend iiue 16 pupils, an increa
of  four   over  last  term.
Mr. Mitrhell of IoiUcii, preached in
Ht Stephens rhurrh on Sunday evening.   This win m ail probability   be
the last tunc mt leiiHt for a while)
thut th- people of Field will have
the pleasure of hearing this i'l'iitl
limn. as he announced that, tbere
would be n regular pastor (Rev. Mr.
Hartley;  who would  take charge on
Fresh enough to tako tho place cf tho broad and biscuits you bake yourself.
Because tlie MOONEY system is so perfect that every biscuit is shipped
t'.'.e same day it loaves the oven.
The big Winnipeg fnotory is so close that your grocer gets
nOONEY'S iu a few hours—no long haul—no deterioration.
Besides the demand for MOONEY'S—the popular
1 iscuit—is so great that his stock is always changing.
MOONEY'S never grow stale, on the grocers' shelves, ^W        /^&STj£S'~£>'
That's one reason why ^^r      /l5$$7 4is
are fresher, crisper and more appetizing.
Ask for the big package or a sealed tin and judge
for yourself,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Hot wiii'Til Im'tis especially reeotn-
mendetl for invalids and those in need of
toning up.
Exclusive baUis provided for ladies. 26
Private Rooms handsomely fitted up.
Rates $1.50 to %l per day, cr $10 per
KOOTENAY      I.Ol Io.  '.'.■ A.  F
in.i   A.   M,
Ki I'ular    mi ■ *. Ings i  .  .*■■   : ,,,
,     ;:' TEMPI jE,     Oddfellows'      Hull
en I bo Third  Monday in each month
at 8 p. m.     ViBiting brethren      are
cordially welcome,
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
Fruit and Vegetable
Boxes and Crates
Our Box Factory is now running and
wu are in u position to supply all kinds
nf fruil and vegetable boxes aud crates.
Those who have uot already scat us
their orders should do sc Btouce as they
are coming in fast, and we would like to
deliver all orders in good time' Our
boxes are equal Lo any on the market
and priees can be had on application to
S. MCMAHON, Uevelstoke, or to
Salmon Ann, B, C.
$5,000  IN  PRIZES
Agricultural and Fruit Exhibits, Live Stock, Poultry, Ladies' Work
Home Made Cooking and Preserves Manufacturers' Exhibits
Special Railway Rates—One-and-One Third Fare
for the Round Trip to the  Revelstoke Exhibition
Music by the Oity Band
SELKIRK     LODGE   12, 1.  O.  0. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren  cordially invited.
J.  B. HOOLBY, N. G.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BBGBIB,    No.  34C1.
Ob' I. O. F.
Meets in I. O.. 0. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera HoUBe  every second
and fourth  Monday  in  month.  Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. DELL, 0. it.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Sec.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K.  of    P.,
NU.   36,   KEYELSTUKIO,   B.   C.
Meets overy   Wednesday  except   the
Third  Wednesday of each  month      in
Oddfellows'  Hall ut & o'clock.   Visiting Knights nre cordially  invited.
J. Y.  SIMPSON, 0.  C.
G. H. BROOK, K. of B. & S.
M. ol F.
O. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229,
MboLh Second    and     Fourth  Wednesdays    in each month  In    Selkirk
Hull.     Visiting Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS,  CoB. C0m.
Rebate on Taxes For 1911
A discount of twenty per cent, will
bo allowed upon the General and
School Rate for current year, upon
all Taxes paid en or before September 20th prox.
By Order,
Aug.2,  Sept. 20 City Clerk
..A. McRAE. Pres.     F. B. WELLS. Treas.   W. B. ROBERTSON. Sec. L
\^^«tmmcammm—sww—bi ■»■■ i i ■   ■■«■■■■». ■ mp.u \ nnmmtmtsammmimmmmiimtmmmtimmmmmmmvmmmmmm. rmtmrnmrn ■■nmmmm■■wji^Jr
Darrlsters,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bauk Building  Revelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
OUices—Rovelstoke, ■ B.   C,     and
Cranbrook, D.  C.
Goo. 8. MoOarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Rovelstoke, Cranbrook
September 9rd
i * in-i't
ing In iin* V.M.li.i' i * ow * ii- tbe
availing ol  Mondaj    tug
tO    I '    I I    tl '       *    M* .,    Ill   I.II
'.-I in * thing ol ' ba kind a m
h hi i.-I... Mi Qoodeve Hie can H
lata,    pot ■ out two and      ■
half   hours    ni   defined,    ci n Indng
'.ni        11..   led   un  tba mnl nn'lil li mi
. ..i ii'i there    by almost tin'
luwn, win, kepi  un     constant
ih si Ing   hi' .i tba train bad left.
Mi. i'liu ke, o.P it. ' arpentei. went
down t" Calgary lali week uni mei
his     fiancee,     win, innl  come  Irom
'I'.ll.iii I      in  |,,in  lum     They       were
married  In  Oalgary.   We  wish      fur
Hnn  young   OOUple  every   ha ppttM
their   Wedded   hfc,
Mr, ft. Kinney returned on Monday
from Calgary whore be bad attended
the wedding of his oldest son, of
Biiiiklieail. Thc newly wedded pair
went on to Vancouver and co.isl
cities on their honeymoon.
SRI.  ns   I-'Mit.
b  n      Hun,ki.i Is
Wild  Wi* i  ■ how,   ui ael  i bai  la play *
,ii.*   ill *.ii  ih'    p
. **. i   .in    * ;.        ■
thirty* 1 aiwl
dally    alb ■■'.    Roman
. it-ii lol I...*        banding
cho hustli           .*        ' an I
;i        ng,  iii   I In 'urn
 in hi "Black Bt "My" wbo   H
;   'I;,I,,i, i !,,,,, only i
in Bv«
Other Irea  nitrac! lone  ara  H«i ly,
Hi ■   I H*gh   Wii-,'   Kin -.   known   ni     tbe
I iei'.  i.f  Niagara   full     Doi •"■
Vi.ii'iu bbe Queen ol fcbe Mi.   Happy
mill  hi« trick  Mule  Dynamite.     MIhb
Maria McDonald, Scottish Damon
Sm^ic lure pates ara oflered on all
■ rrnnapoi batlon lines,
* K i
.  .*■■    i
.*.    •   iCo *.
n i*   '
tei   nf   I/and-'  lol   inin,
ll   *i      ,n I
f le . f.,i
'   mn encing ilantad   1
Hi from the Bo *'h
and      m.irkeil     "D, B, M,   *   I.    I.i I .
A"  l    COTIH ,     I
noi ■ h     cl)     ' I. i n ■     i|m m      I i i   lu
,i ,    '   *
10 chains to ih   point of com
mi i" ment
Dated Huh -'th day nf I t, l»ll,
Dominion Sawmills tt Lumbei. Ltd
kg I i r.n     My  .lurni'M  Kn (land,   '     mi
Mil n !•:   TO   ORKI1ITORS.
MiKH Helen Gould Imn iII"ili ilml* I
MO,000 to the Army and Navy Y.M.
CA. of Fortress Monroe, Va,
Winnipeg cttltans arc aaked t,, pay
foi li-jfbl fi"iii ihi'H own |ii"ni mon
I hnn iloiihlo the r.it-H promised In
,.   ,: i be i.iii*  of Ja
k   i,nn,-, deoeaaed,
* ii   Ihil   all
in i "Hi. im   ' ".him   . i.iini-i
n.       i*; i..i ■ ..I     .inm
. iii.    .i i: ■.'■■fct.ir.c, M. ('., da
i   .'.bo died ..i  i ■ -ii m
'       lhc   121 li   d.iy   "I   June,     I'l,
  requested to sen i io the   undei -
■ i    lor Rev.   c.     a.
Kseeutoi  . i the i.i. t  will
.,f Mid  ii'<■ seed, u Him '0 daya limn
dale, lllll   pal I ' iin    "I  ili ii  claim ,
■inly     vmiim i.     an i thai aftei  that
:    ' ItOI    mil    I'l"       I
•   tba  Haul estate iiiii,
, iii.'le i   i.
I i.l  mily  to  I In >w<  claims  nf     which
oi     i'"■•■nii,i   shall bave then re
I     '   "IllC.
n,i, I   \*i *ii •  || I,,  i'iii.
UARVR1   Mn  Mii ki: A PINKM IM,
Hi iim inr it.'-. ,i     \   i *" unlef,
RSiei utur ni tba last will of
III   C-
The niuiiiin lily ol  Asalnlhola      ls
■ ■in i t" f' ic. tutomoblli uwa.
Scaled Tenders, superscribed "Tin
der for Kast Wing Addition, Provincial Home, Kamloops," will be received b.v bbe Honourable bbe Minister of Public W< rka up to 12 o'oloek
noon of tt *■*;..■ il i... bhe 20bb day of
September, S'.Hl, for the erection and
completion of an east wing addition
to the Provincial lioine, Ivamloops,
li. ('.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forma "' tender may be B-oen al tho
offices "f bhe Provincial Timber In-
•m|', etui-,   \ iuu* .,i.cr,   lt.   I' ;   lh *   (In*.
ernment Agents, Kamloops, N'e.v
Westminster, and Revelstoke; and al
the Department of Publio Works, Par
li.ur.i'nl  Buildings, v Ictoria, B. O.
luti'ii.i,n r ion li i era can, by apply -
Ing to the undersigned, obtain one
copy "f bhe drawings and one copy nt
bhe spei Ideations for bhe sum of
twenty  dollars  ii:'.ili.
Kach tender must be accompanied
by .ui accept' d bank > be |ue or ccr-
tiflcate of dopostl on a chai tered
haul, "f Oanada, made payable ta the
Honourable the     Minister u',   Public
Works,  f,.r  lhe mu ( (5,000,  which
shall be forfelte I it tbe party tender
inu decline i" outer Into contract
when called iiiinii to ilo so, or if be
fail to complete ibo work contracted
fnr. The cinques or certificates ol
deposit ut unsuccessful bonden rs will
be returned to them upon the exeou
inm i.f ihe contract,
The      sin-el      ul  I     il  i* r ' h ill fin li
i :h a bond ol a guarantee   company
satisfactory to the Minister nl Pub -
lie Works, equal i" tm (10) percent,
of the contract nmount, for bhe du
lulfilmenl "I the contract,
Tenders will i "i I a i on Idei *,i un
|a * niii'lc oul mi the forma suppli I
."•ii. I   with   ti».    i.t ii  I      .•nature    of
the tenderer, nitd i ni li ■ i In the ■ n
\el"|ii!i Furnished,
The lowist nr anj i. i ler n *i neeea
nii. ac opted.
PuhllO   Willi's   Kn, in . r.
i'ui,in   Wm ka ii inu i in in.
\ i.i ..m.i.  B.O ,  An i,*i  Mtb,  1911.
toki   i a nl  District.
District of V    i  koiiii nay. •
Tal i   I,  .1.  I'.   BUlOt, of
Ariiiwhe nl, ll. i  , ooi upatlon, physio
ian. inti ii I lo ipjily lot pel n.i "i"i
lo pun h.i: a ili lollowing ilcsei Ihel
('"inin, *n'.i' • .i .i |i ' plan! i dmi
N.w. corner posl    t Lot 795! an i run
b,      iIimiii.     '
ii   aoutb,
iiiMin *i.  ohalni wi  i in i'i ■ poinl n'.
i ".in I     I.ml I c I    "  .1.       ('.
''     .'*.   W.   I'l.in* r   Post,       " "
lii'i I   AUgllSl   '.lh.   I'll*
I'ci   l:    Aim. ii "I'M.   Agent.
Provincial  Land  Suveyor,
Minium Surveyor,
Moving pictures tcu.nt.
Kevelstoke Laml District
.aniiin .a \\ isi Kootenuy
i.\kl*. Nu'l It i*. that I, Samuel W.
i-ttilslouol Horrieouburg, Virginia, occu-
(>.tiiiin t'hoiogiapher,   inieiius   i"  apply
."I   {ill Iiiim.K.II l" llll.l.ilr.C tne lo.lowing
ics.iiin-il lallUs :
Comuieuciujf bi ■• i ■ *i planted sdja-
.iui in lul- bouihwest conn i "i Lot bl461
.iK-iM. noi ih ,--■' -. ii.i.ii.*., i\..t *io chain.-.,
• nan •" , hums; i .-i i 11 ;...,n> tn puiuL
i  . .n.ir.Mii. i a,....  .mii  luutaining  .yi
uli***. II101C oi  li i *
Sam i lil, V\. RALSTON.
,.iiin . i*."in i Agent.
, jlJalcil June l.lli, 1 J11 -
Revciiitoke   Laud   District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Tako notice ih.it 1, Harry .lolin ■
.i'.u, ol Arrowhead, H. C, occupation Merchant, intends tu apply for
permission to purcbase ihe lollowing
bed lauds.
Coniineucni!*; at a post planted at
about three hundred .. ,,ils south ol
Creek ou sand point about two miles
north ". i a,',' Horn ou Upper Arrow
Lake, running twenty cbaina north,
thenoe eighty chains east, thenco
twenty  chains south,   theuco      eighty
chains west along the lake shore to
point of commencement and containing one hundred and sixty acres moro
or less.
Haled  July  loth,   I'.u I.
it, vci.itoke Land District.
District ol Went Kootonay.
Tuke   notice   that  1,   Jos.ah  Hack,
of Revelstoke, D, c, occupation bair
dressor, intends to apply for      permission to purchase lhe following do-
, i    m.i muds.
i , .1,in.*i,i*.n,; ,,t a pi gt planted   ut
in.nil   Hi.   soul Ii east I * rner  ol Harry
•iiiini.il* . , ii i.iimm.  in purchase,
.iml running north , rt) chains,
thence c*">t sut) chains, theuce south
forty chains, thenoe ... t sixty chains
along  lho  i * n   to  point      of
commencement   and c ntaining three
hundred aud twentj aarea more     or
Dated  July  17th, lull.
Under Instructions r     undei ilgoed
-iiiii' itora for the k.*..*' ** di    ",   tba
,ust Will of the late .i.iinc * 0, 1,,-ng,
of Rovelstoke, It. C, a brewer, du-
ceased,  invite  t.'ndem for  bhe      pur-
;, . ni the business mu property
known as "Long * Bn   ary" at Rev«
■l itoke. 'i he ni ea ". the land in be-
twi ,'n Bva an    ., with a g"o,i
I,, nui   ol   Wal   i   nu,ii ii |   ilinnigli   it.
I'liu  bul i   .   ,       ,   nn nts con
sist of a bi * wi i y in. i dim , and a
profitable brow in j business has hcen
can i ii • n '■ f      ..i.i years
Tendera will ' ,* ra e   11 by tlm un-
■iei*.i-n *i    up    I,,   ,*,i.,i      including
"iim ImHi. mi, fm* th,.     pur.
i the propertj*
'   I   iii cul.irH, il desired, may
• obtained from tiie undersigned,
Solicitor  for  the   Kwcutor.
y ;'.V,    ill A '    !,  1911.
SATDRDAY,  SEPT. 2,  1911.
OF  CC: :
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAinD, General. Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000 REST, -   $8,000,000
of The Canadian Pan!; of Com
upwards,"*on which inl  i ul  rates.    There ii no
delay in w iti .- hole or anj p 11 tion
deposits are « t loomed.
Accounts maj '■■
one of I
of this 1 :   '
after di tl h, and i      pecii      ust
his w '*• , or foi otl -ling upon bim,
A   S_
■KBKSJEiilSL'   --  ' .    ■ ■       i
Tho leather - oea into oui    * *       nd tlie
nii a wh   i em can i '
un.":.   That's wh;   our 1 n
Our  harness is the   very   '
Whips, Trun   , All  li ■ 1      s
always in sti   '..   1
Boot and Shoe Rein:,   ,c,
.  i'.i.
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
li. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
*mi3iu.!itri.iri'm"MirawM * .■■..msggi-xstsaaaiaaBBBgacai
Door Factory
Man nd  I lo rs, Mouldings
of Woodwork.
Get \ Windows made to
Ord   .
G. D. Shakes,    -     Vroprietor
Central Hotel
Reserve Fund -    $4400,000
lias 77 branches in Canada, and Agents ai
in all the Principal Cities of liis World;
SAViNQS     BA:\iK   D K
At all Branches.    Intoree . ullov'«ca at hlghoat em-rent rata
P.E\'Ef.8T0KE, B. 0. Brar
But is - ''''i'l at thi
• the American Contini
rhe IJ
Uot W Bai       1 .1      Riei    ol heat.
Rates from $12 to ' 15 Per Week
■^t—ximimip ipw'^i —gigsm^mt—"-aw*—-ap^g^nuni
Have the Best!     It Pays!
You st of
Every tiling in the lin
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
set,    All modem conveoleocci
2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
toke, B.C.
I ibly   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cl    rs     Rates $1 a d ty,    Monthly rite.
J.     • iEET     STOjSTEI      P^^ODP.
. Kil'l'•■ HKAi), B. C.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pips   s-.<*.,.-,,i  Attention given  to  commercial
and Fupmi c work Firat-clasa   sample
■ i-ry in I'ritish (Vluni-
*i; it Arrnw Late
V.'. J, Lightburne, Prop
;illCE 1100
five Acre Lot
. riNG
Suitable for subdivision
Close to Citv  Limits
PRICE $800
JGIlt me   Electric Half Cash Balance on Terms
R. Z.
■ ■ ■    :     1 *
Shop in
. . *
Real rotate and Insurance
Coinci UoKenzle Ave. nnd Ir.d St.
f  - -    -   -v*. -   t -,^ •mr
\ 1
At the Reliable Head quarters
IL.:"U'-.'m. '
■■■11 at i. ir*p ir     -r »       Bmaaaammm,. n» n mma**r*
Mac liiin.
F r o n t        Street
1 *'. -.■*
'1    I Ui
:   Ilt
I- 1 '     orter
ni*: Town,        ■ B, C.
lie I
:  '
.    •'  .i.-ii:  Km hei    u n
K mi'l ilnv *..*i>.*i*:   1 Miii. upon i'*.
.*•   M.  "ill,    :.  Mill  Ii;i,',||    1, , ,.r,l nf
..'-...        It, ji   |.ri Kent
n'nti' "I  *!.■!!■! 1 incut, »i||i  ii*.  ,* mull \c.
-I.'ll if IMIiili* I. 1-1  pi-i f.        ,!-.],J    i--i;|i|,,.
*   * * ' 1  ,11   ' il r- lodu ihr Ik>i
* *,  He nl   11  it—•;•-.• 1..11 im
"'■■I     full ,. 11. •_ i.-il.- h-i.l      ,,., 1
III .1 , 1,mn . n-i il   ,i,iir.i-, ,ij.ii  ). 11,),, 1,:n, ,r \
* ill  ni  youngi r  -I*.,mmi        I..-1
• 1 '     in     Hull li'i-in iii*'*!. on
■-* 1". 11.  inll    r iiuii-Kni' nn »np
I'    *        ''II.     lll'l,*'   ||p|     I'l,||,   *...*,   Sl...
'• Mil. jly 10
I'.it.ili.L'ii   uni Rates onAppllcnllon,
Aililii- .:     Sim in BUPKBIOR.
The C       oke Wine ai
Importers a'il Dealers ii Pun in.it. i I
Tlie Dominion Elections
will soon be on
so also will be
Tho Coldstream Esiaie Nursen
I lave 1 very li
( li numental  uvd
Budded   Stock Spec
All in
Pradolini   TiiE lM^ tara
♦ .
Fntii! a ids
; 'i
I/. D. Curry,
0o/ii roi ■<
Vi mi a, 'J, C,
Game Head? Mounted by
P   O.  Box 31
Electric Restorer foi^Men
Phosphonol rsslorsa awry nam In tlie l.o.ly
 _ 1;■, 11. props! t.-n.1 11; iciiinea
»'"' "M 1 '■ .1 ■'*.:•.     I'lilllil'iiu ilriay *.i,,| »IUi*in*,|
■ f-^l m ''">'■ I'lMllKil'.iuiln.iv ..*.*l nil i,.,ii*,
[.ilili     '*  Jt'iii;;       ftprti-ii     arealtnaaa arartad at ones,   rhoaphonoi «>i
,!.>,, .-., IT.     '"-'if-''-"" »''""■'       "      '       "  '''Hl'Mi.nrlwf. In.
V,IM"'       ftWwIllj     ty    ,,, TI.eSeobeUDrus;
i, ,'i n 1 1        I HO..SI. t'»»lmrliie>, On».
!>OX blO Arrowhead        aclJ ut Macdonald's Drug Btore. SATURDAY,  SEPT.  2,  1911.
SATURDAY,  SEPT.  2,  1911.
Items ot Interest [leaned from
Various Sources
The biggest warship in the world
o! 28,000 tons, lieing built for Argentine Republic, was launched at
Quincv, Mass.
The New York police dogs are not
to be transfened or dismissed from
the lorce for incompetency or any
other cau9e.
Mayor Gaynor ol New York, removed Irom office as an extortionist
the city maeshall attached to tlii'
Ccmtrollt-r's office.
Mrs. K.i.a! ah Hillm.ui of W.lkes-
barre, Pa., 'J'J years old last March,
who was operated upon for appendicitis two weeks ago, has completely
The Queen Mother Marghanta lias
purchased at tbe American pavilion
of the International Art Exhibition
the painting "A Tropical Sea," by
Charles II.  Woolbury  ol Boston.
Making or repairing of any hii ich.
for any employ by prison labor will
be prohibite-d after Sept. 1 by order
of Attorney  General  Wickersliam.
At the request of the Seattle chant
her of Commerce the revenue cutter
service has ordered two of its ships
to Seattle to patrol the harbor when
Admiral Togo sails for  Japan.
Politics, it is sai.l has Caused the
demoralization of the food bureau,
of the Chicago health department,
and the filing ol charges against lir.
Benjamin   Perry,   chief   .Oixl   inspectoi1
It requires! three doors of the big
Plaza hotel, where the late John W.
Gates made his home in New York,
to accommodate the '2,000 people who
attend? 1 the funeral of the financier.
With 200 vacancies existing, only
ICo candidates from civil life have ap
plied to the war -department for appointments as second lieutenants in
tbe army.
Mrs. Hussell Sage is to be request
ed to pay an inheritance tax on oil
her Minnesota lands held under contracts of sale. It is believed the tax
will amount to nearly $600,000.
Arrangements have been perfected
whereby second class mail matter
consisting of magazines and periodicals will be enrried by fast freight,
beginning on Sept. I. The order has
been  is-ued.
A one-pounder gun, designed by
Rear Admiral Nathan C. Twining,
chief of the Naval Bureau of Ordnance, to destroy aeroplanes in l>at
tie fin. .1 at an aagli of STi degrees,
sent a shell  2,000 yards  high.
\ party .,; twenty-one children in
charge ct teachers of the W.C.T.1I.
settlement school at Hind man, Ky.,
were given a trip to Cincinnati as
a reward for having taken a bath
daily  for  thc  last  year.
Mrs. Mary Deftney Baldwin, wife o'
a Milfor.l, Conn., blacksmith, learn
eJ through a newspaper advertise
ment that she is heir to $200,0(10.
Her uncle George Clark, recently died in Kansas Oity and left her his
It i- reported that Esther Cleve
land, .-I lest .la'iL-liter of the late
president Cleveland, is soon to mar
ry Randolph D. West, son of Proi
Andrew West of Princeton University
Miss  Cleveland  is 20  years  old.
Ei-Gov. Pennypocker of Pennayl
vania. denouncing the proposed m.linage ol Oi Ast..! to Miss Foice as
a moral menace, charged that Ool.
Astor's Srst wife got a divorce be
cause   her  husband   "kept   a   harem,"
The 5-year-old son ot Mr. aud Mis
John All.a of Browntown, Pa., was
blown from bis bed and narrow); ea
csp-ed !•- ng killed this morning by .,
dynamite explosion, which is berg
Pd  to  tbe  Black  Hand  s..c,,-ty.
Every adult In the United Stat**
*a» ,i quarter "f a cent .very day
In the year through abort w. .. lit
and measuii- ,,; butchers, grooera
and Imll iieddlirs. according to 'li
t-nspeotor .1 w.-irht and Measures ol
i   I lane p .lis.
The estimate! lor the t'.s. army
for the next fiscal year, it I .innoun
ced will be in the aggregate ahout
the same aa the amount appropriat
ed by Congress for ilie military es
tablmhment during the current year.
which  was  $84,810,400,
t'nder the direction ol an alleged
butter and egg 'rust, thousands of
cases of bad eggs are being placed in
Chicago storage hotiaes for tutiin* lin
man consumption. The stork of good
eggs in storage is being constantly
Increased, while new laid eggs, which
cost tbe commission man 17 cents a
dozen, go to the housewife for 2.i to
30 cents.
The padrone system, agmnut winch
the United States immigration authorities aird various philanthropic and
reform bodies have contended for
many years, prevails among the
Greek bootblacks of Detroit, according to tbc findings of a young Greek
Investigator employed by the State
Jjabor Commissioner.
Methodist Pastor and Congregation Buckling Down to Work
Rev. R. J. Mclntyre, who is now
hack from his holidays at Albert
Canyon, will occupy his own pulpit
on Sunday next. It was owing to I
thc death of the young lad who waB
so prominent in Methodist circles |
that Mr. Mclntyre was in liis place
last Sunday, he having previously intended to complete his holiday lie-
fore returning. However this week
he went back to the Canyon and
biought the family with him and
will in future, ns far as possible, occupy his own pulpit. In his announce
ments last Sunday night Mr. Mclntyre expressed himself as very picas
ed with the progress the church had
made during the past quarter and
voiced his determination that the
next quarter ns far as he himself
was concerned, would he still 'better
than the last. In this cllort he asked for the hearty co-operation of his
congregation and was positive that
everybody would join in and make
the coming quarter one of the best
in the history of the church.
"The church," he said, "had made
great advancement of late both in
attendance and linance," and he personally thanked every member, adherent and ollicial for thc excellent
work of tho past. It is believed that
the next quarter will Iw the banner
one of the church, as every department is taking nn active interest in
it-j welfare.
The choir, whicli is generally con-
eeiU'.l to be one of the best in the
city,will shortly re-organize for the
coming fall and winter work, and it
is anticipated that with the addition of a few more vocalists who
have recently come to the city, thnt
the choir will live up to the enviable
reputation it has already earned.
Under thc able leadership of Mrs.
Pent the choir has become one of
the most potent factors in the
church's success.
W .      H .      WALLACE
A R C H I T R C T.
Box.  282,  Revelstoke.
Plans  and      Specifications  prepared
for     aU    classes     of buildings,  Ktc.
Draughting  and Blue Printing.
Montreal, Aug. 30—Citizens, awake
awakel ltefu.se to be vaccinated.
Vour health and your liberty are imperilled" Vaccination is blood poisoning. Fifty thousand circulars bear
ing the above headings in bold type
over H startling warning against the
evils of' vaccination are now iie'.ng
distributed broadcast through the
city. They represent the opening volley tired hy the newly formed Anti-
Vaccination Iieague ol Canada, in a
war which they have declared on vac
cination in Montreal. Chief ol Police
Campeau has given orders that the
circular be suppressed, and has instructed his men to arrest any one
found  distributing   the  leaflets.
No. 3 arrives at 6 a.m., leaves at
.1:20 a.m.
No. 1 arrives at 3:16 p.m.. leaves
at 3:35 p.m.
No.  13,  Seattle  train,  arrives      at
1:35 p.m., leaves at 4:45 p.m.
No. 14, Seattle train, arrives at
7:15  a.m., leaves 7:35 a.m.
No. 2 arrives at 11:40 a.m., leaves
at 12 o'clock uoon.
No. 4 arrives at 12:45 a.m., leaves
it 12:55 a.m.
South train leaves Revelstoke at
7:35 a.m., arriving hack at 4:15 p.m.,
connecting here with No. 13.
Eire Afarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 strjte-t,
nterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Hoi
4. No. of box will also be shown
n  indicator at Fire Hall.
Box No. 14—Corner First street
nd McKenzie avenue, C. il. Hume
* Co.
Box No. 15—Corner First street
ud  Itokeby  avenue,  post  office.
Box   No.   16—Corner   Second   street
and   Government   Road   *   1       Upxjra
Box No. 17-Corner Third st.net
>i I Campbell avenue, Ulobe I.nui
Sf  company.
Hoi No. 18—O.P.R. station.
Box    No. 24—Corner    Filth    Street
avenue,      Catholic
nd      McKenzie
Box No. 25—Corner Slith stieet
nd Orton avenue,   W.  A.  Foot*.
Box No. 26—Coiner Fourth strjet
nd Townley street, corner south
Box No. 28—Corner Second strait
nd Robson avenue,  Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 31—Fire Hall No. 2.
Box  No.  35—Hospital.
Box No.  36—School.
Box No. 44—Fire Hall No.  1.
Box No. 45—Front street we.it.
ear C. V. R, bridge.
Box No. 46—Corner King and
louglas streets, Palace Meat Market.
Box No. 47—Corner Second an.l
Vales streets,  back of court house.
Box No. 48—Corner Third and
'ban. streets, Cowan block.
Signal   for  practice—not  leas  than
lx  (6) slow strokes.
One (1) Indicates Una brok-io      or
te out.
What it is   A   school     that    teacnes
practical  commercial work, bookkeeping, letter writing, Com  la * ,
orthography, shorthand, t>pe writ-;
ing, rapid addition, writing.
What it does
Gives the students all the course**!'
necessary to lit  tlicui lor a good
position.    ICach student gets constant attention  and  lull   explanations willingly.
What it means
is that yon have here nil you get ill
oilier schools and (what others can
give) a course ill the college gymnasium ami all privileges of a life
at college.
For particulars write Okanagan Col
lege, Suiiiinerlanil, B. <"., whicli
gives Instruction in College, matriculation, vocal and Instrumental
September 4th, 1911
For Round Trip between all
Stations on Western Lines, going
datea Sept. 1st. anil 4th.
Final Return Limit
September 6th, 1911
For full particulars apply to
nearest C.P.R. Agent, or to
R. G.  McNellie
District Pas. Agt Calgary
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, William Rumley
of Patterson, B. ('., occupation Lumberman, intend to apply for permission to purchase thc following dc
scribed  lands:
Commencing ut a post planted ad
jacent to the North Kast corner ol
Lot 9323, being the South Blast Corner; thence running north SO chains.
west 60 chains, south III chains, east
4(1 chains, south 41) chains and east
^0 chains to tiie poiut of commencement and containing 4SU acres, more
or less.
Dated  August '.Ith,  1911.
WILLIAM   ltl'MI.KV,   Applicant.
James Fisher, Ag«nt.
Itevelstoke Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tike notice that I, Otlio Ralston,
of Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation
House Decorator, intend to apply lor
permission t" purchase the tollowin-g
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about two and a hall 2-Jj miles m a
South westerly direction 'r. -ni th •
:. Weal ' * ■ .*..*: ol Lot 1123; I «
ing the North Weet crner, th nee
running -outh  tc '      80
chains. north 80 c:.u,ns. anl
west li" chains to point ,,! commencement,  and containing Mfl acres more
Dated    \   |    I Mil.
uTIl'i   i:\l..-'l int
James Fisher
Ravi: toke Land Di-i
We.t   Ki,.*'
Tskc notice Ui.it  I   Nettie ll   Piatt
iif     i .'               **   ,   ■
ekeeper, Ink nd to apply      lor
pel in -- ion  '.. pur base  I be  lollowin •
ii ;
i'..nun in in/ .it ,i  posl   planted    al
ar the    Bouth
i..a      * '  ■ il     i" chains,
noi til   IH   chains     an I
iiimiii    in.i i ontalnlng U 0 ai res nun.'
Dattd   August   !'■'*
SKTTIK  II    I'l.ATT.  Applicant
Janes Mehei
The di-ilruction ol lli« Iimi* iy ii ■ puhlir
iluiy. Almoti evi-Ty Amfftic-in Slala Bond if
ite-ilth i. e«rryinR on ■ cniudf i-gain-it him.
Hii filthy otijin ind htbiti. ind llir (art lh«l
hii hody ii genmlly laden with dwnt-ptodii'-ino
grim., mike* him onff ol thi- greit*it Mi.mw ot
the human race.
II the houKkeepen ol Canada will uie
Fly Pads
penl.trntly,   thin  petil   would   be   tremrndmiily
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice, that I, Laura A. Ralston, of Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation married woman, Intend to
apply for permission to purchase thi
following  described  lands:
Commencing at a posl planted adjacent to lbe North East corner of
Lot 9323, being the North West Ccr
ner; thence soiiih 60 chains, cast B'o
chains, north 80 chains and we3t 8
chains to point of commencement and
containing 640 acres,  more or less.
Dated AugiiBt  ttth,  1911.
James Fisher, Agent.
Itevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that 1, John Kyle, of
Ymir, B.O., occupation Lumberman,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to tlie Nortll West corner of
Lot 9823, being the North East corner; thence running south 80 chaius,
west 80 chains, north 80 chains and
east 80 chains to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres more
or less.
Dated  August  9th,  1911.
JOHN   KYLE,   Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Emma Foster,
of RossUnd, B. C, intend to apply
for permission to purchase thc following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the South Enst corner of
Lot 8178, thence south **0 chains,
west 80 chains, north 80 chains and
east 80 chains to point of commence,
ment and containing 640 acres, more,
or less.
Dated  August llth,  1911.
EMMA   FOSTElt,   Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, William R Mc-
Whirter, of Ymir, B. 0., occupation
Lumberman, intend to apply t.-r permission to purchase the Following de-
scribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the East shore of Mosquito Laic at
or near the North-west corner of Lot
84112, lieing the South We^t corner,
tbence running north 80 ciiains tJcng
tbe shore of said lake, th nice erst
40 chains, south 8U chains aud wibt
4<i chains to point of commandment,
and oontaining 320 acres, d i re or
Dated  August   llth,   1911.
James Fisher, Agent.
Itevelstoke Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Aniic Treglown
..f Patterson, B. C, occupation, married woman, intend to apply lor permission to purchase the following described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about Ten (10) chains East ot the
Bouth West corner ol Lot 81711, being the North Kast corner; theuce
jouth so chains, west 80 nhalns,
north SU chains and eaet 80 chains,
to point ,,f commencement and con
tainln • mor.' or less.
Dated August  llth,  l'Jll.
AMIK TRBOLOWN,  Applicant.
■lames Fisher. Agent.
Fractional)   I..   H.  im
i laims, situate      in
*    L.o*.    Mining   Division     of
Whi Oh   Oreat   Northern
TAKE     Null. K   ihat   I,   0.   B.   K.
.*   . . * anl for bbe Onto
tin.   Limited,
Km*     \i i. *       * artlfloata   Numnber
days      irom
I ,i,    .,.' sol    -        pplf   to   thf   Mining
.■linn*.,1..   of     Im
•    of     ol.
.' .in*   '•(   tbe  al.eve
\    i I..aire that action
must  lie i oiiimi-iiced
'   ud. i .-11 lAoate
of   lin;*'
l'i- l.y  ol      August,
il    N    WILKIE,
Trout lAke. B. C.
. ICE.
I District.
Distil- • .'i-ii.iy
Take  i* I,  Mabel   fl
Ol     Ha' .iiiiiiiii,    ', rn ipa
tion   Sed,,i,l    , -il.-ii.l     to   ap
ply   lor    • ii,   pfl|   I,,,ne     the
following described lands:
Comment Ing   •'   ,  pott  planted ad
jaii'nt to tha Nortll Bast Corner   ol
I M'l    ISM,   In mi'   tba   South   Wr ll   I in
nei; tin-in,, running north k<> chains,
east. 811 Chains, aouth HO .hams and
wesl -'I rhinn.i i,, point of commit r i-
ini'iit. nml roiitioiiin | MO aci R mmi'
or less.
Dated Augutt Hh,  I'M I.
datnra Fisher. Agent.
Local Industry
oMAIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery.  Our
stock gf   printing  papers is large
and  well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTHenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c/4ccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms     Tags, Etc.
Agents f r the famous
$60.00 Cash SATURDAY, SEPT. 2, 1911.
SATURDAY,  SEPT.  2,  1911.
See special window displays.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. Jtume St Co.. limited
Mail   or    Telephone   your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
The Six Footer and The Five Footer
Can both be fitted perfectly with the 20th Century Brand type and model
system. It ensures not only perfect fit but perfect style. It is a marvellous
achievment in fine tailoring and worth knowing about.   We are Sole Agents
Prices $22 to $35
Sweater Coats
We are headquarters for high class sweater coats that will
appeal to all. Coats with the "Hewson" label, made from
pure Nova Scotia wool; coats made from fine imported
wools. All the new shades, made either with the low vest neck or with the high military or
reversible collars; light, medium or heavy weights. Also the heavy hunting sweaters with
extra high reversible collars, either plain or in the pineapple  weaves.—Prices $2.50 to $6.00
X House Furnishings X
Wall Papers
WALL PAPERS-Why have your room
look dingy when you can brighten it up with
a pretty wall paper at so little cost. We have
a choice line of this season's papers in dainty
shades of Blues, Fawns, and Greys, Crossbar
Linens, as well as the heavier shades of
Greens, Reds and Browns, suitable for dining
rooms, living rooms and kitchens. Call and
look them over. We don't blame the cus'
tomer who is hard to satisfy, but show them
something that is sure to plaase.
Blankets, Bed Comforts
We have a splendid line of Blankets,
heavy weight, for Fall and Winter use, in
White, Red and Silver Grey, also a choice
new lot of Children's Crib Blankets and Comforts in Blues and Pinks, exceptionally dainty
and splendid value -90c. to $175 each.
Regular size Bed Comforts in Eiderdown'
Lambs wool and Maish Laminated Cotton.
All Choice Goods
Iron Beds
Mattresses and Pillows
A nice range of cheap and medium
priced Beds carried in stock at our warehouse.
A splendid line of Feather Pillows. See
our Special at $1.75 PER PAIR.
Window Shades
Curtain Poles and Fixtures
We make window shades to measure, any
size, an exceptionally fine line of Shade
Goods which do not crack or pinhole. Brass
and wood Curtain Poles, all sizes, with fittings
to suit.
Veribnte Venoil
The Magic Furniture Polish
Havve you tried Veribrite, if not, do so.
You will be surprised at the ease with which
you can keep your furniture looking like a
Try It for Dusting
New Tailored Suits
01 Beauty and Distinction
Your suit MUST be right; style
MUST be up-to-date ; material
MUST be Rood, and most important point of all—fit and workmanship MUST be perfect.
New Fall Coats
In Latest Styles
Made in Broad Cloths, Mixed, Diagonal and Basket Weave Tweeds, with
Military and Shawl Collars; man tailored
and lined with best mercerised lining,
finished with velvet, silk and heavy
fancy buttons.
Our New Fall Suits
Embody the latest fashion tendencies, are made of best material procurable by highly skilled labour,
you will like them knowing
that in fit and finish they cannot be
Call and See Them
Ready-to-wear Department
Second Floor
X High Class Groceries X
Seasonable Fruits
We can always assure you of the
best quality of fresh fruits. We are
now receiving daily Peaches, Pears,
1'lums, Canteloups, Oranges, Bananas, Lemons, Watermelons, Ripe Tomatoes and ('ucumbers- Place a
standing order with us to be filled
from fresh arrivals each morning.
Get Hume's Prices
Baking Powders
We are just opening up a new
shipment of I'rice's Baking Powder
in 6 oz., Ilio/., li'ths. and Mb. cans.
The constant and rapid increase in
the demand for this Baking I'owder,
shows the public's appreciation of a
medium priced baking powder that
can be relied upon as being pure and
wholesome. In PRICE'S you have
Quality. Quantity and Price.
Hume's for Choice Groceries
Condensed Coffee and Coc
Reindeer brand condensed Coffee
and Cocoa is made from the best
grades of Coffee and Cocoa, pure
granulated sugar and cream. It is
rich, and always ready by simply
adding boiling water. One can makes
twenty-five cupfuls. It will keep in
the same can after being opened. A
choice article for the campers and
summer widowers.J
Breakfast Foods
Quality is the main consideration
in the manufacture of food-stuffs.
We handle only the best and purest
goods on the market and consequently our Breakfast Foods are in big demand. We handle them all and can
always give the best to be had. Ask
us for prices per dozen packages.
We  are   headquarters for Hay,
Oats, Bran, Shorts, etc   Ask prices. SATURDAY,  SEPT.  2,   1911.
SATURDAY, SEPT. 2, 1911.
Wire from East received :--MISS CALL
leaving for Revelstoke with latest Trimmed
and Untrimmed Novelties in Fashionable
Ladies' Hats.
V.Mi should see tonight's program
uf moving pictures at tlie Rdison.
Miss Kate Mclntyre, with friends
Irom Notch Hill, is attending tho
Vancouver  fair  this  week.
Miss Hattie Jones returned from
Kdmonton where -lie has licen visit
ing ber sister Mrs.  Neil McEachern.
Miss Katharine 11.nipt, of I'hila
delphia,  must  rem.iin  unmarried      ll
i sires  to InhcS'lt thc $:i.i:i -
t.it ■  i '.t   by  her  moth i.  Mrs.   Mary
iv   Halipt.
Mr. A. Matnprizc has been appoint
ed night y.ir.lmaster of     Revelstoko,
He  wns  formerly  yard  foreman       at
Field   anl   later   ui   charge  of  switching at  Okanagan  Landing.
Paul Peek, one ol the most promln
ing aviators of Washington, lias da
lar. I that he will take his bride,
formerly .Miss Until P. (iwens. on a
flight with Iiim at Connenut Lake,
M:.-s M. A. MacKenzle, ot Sask.i
t.'on. who has been Bpending the
summer With h.i sister, Miss .1. .1.
MacKenzle of the high school. left
for her bome yesterday morning, going via tbe Crow's Nesl  branch.
No attempt will be made    by    the
State to interfere with plans for hold
In order to get the liest results from your chickens
you tii it-1 | nnii ie tlie hest foods uvai'tilile, ns without
these, eggpto'tucin-j foods vou certainly do noi ..ct
thc hest results, but to avoid this try our Heel .'-era',
Oyster Shell, Grit, Crushed Bone or Alfa'fn Meal. '
FEtrr We also carry a lull stork of [lav, Oats,
Wheal, Hurley, Corn, (.'hop, Hruii ami Shorts'.
A. HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
ing  the annual convention    of
New York State     Win *.    1'** >i
Li   . r   I ealers   Association     In
,-tite  Armory  at   Blnghamton,
L, A. Dalrympl ■ Percival, pi si
.lent  of the Amalgamated  Paint Co.
I N w  i ork, while awaiting a he ir
[ng  In  bis  bu t  lor divorce al   H mn
Nev.. planned     n sparring exhibition
and invited the women In Ihe illvorci
A  rew.iri  ■■! 1501   Is offered  tor  P.
Warn n an I E . ■* n ■ v. Ii. bbs, i (lit i
of The   \;*.■      -    ic ison for intern'
to  r:*e dlscovi ry of  fi ■
■  Geo.  H*  Shoal
er for that itli n,     who      h n
— ■   missing ,'r,*m  I.**-  An
:.• 1ST   ' -   «   In a lay    evi all .-.
tw en  Mi i. Mora ind
toi      •'    '  "    ■ II.      \   I.i '■■ »'  ,;   •
H tn :     I" ■     ci ntninlng embro
work, a P        ' Bpect idei     .... I
sum ..: mon iy, • tc.   K ii !
!*e    rewarded  by  returning  the
an 1 c intent part of tb ira ti>
A.  J.  M icdonell.
P.0 acres first class land (.-lose to city, suitable
for either fruit or mixed farming. Will sell in
lots from 5 acres up, $S5 an acre. Easy terms.
at    Ellison   til. atre
Any member of F Company, K.M.
H.. wishing io shoot hi the Labor
Day shoot is re [Ueste'. to be ready
to commeni e ai S a.m. -tmmunll on
can  be oi,tain .1 from Lieut.  Brock.
Tho  new
by  Di.  Wil
of     Asm*.n.
ivlng pictures
it  the  Bdison  t he-
Mr. and Mrs. A.  McHae are on   a
vs.t  to the coast cities.
Miss McOauley leaves next  week foi
her home In  Edmonton.
Mr.   Eddie  Edwards  returned    this
morning Irom tbe coast.
comet   recently  *l.
i.im  U.   Brook, .  professor
*ni>   .,t    ll.. inrt    colic, e,     ''""' i f" I Bee  "Patlma" the
li.ll.'Va  College,   N.V..   has   l.i'ioin
III ..* hi    as   tO   I •'    *MMii   u   ; ;.   nn     i
rr* [. i'l ooks says ii  will Boon
.- visible t"' the naked ej
The stores w: the city  will
...1 at  12 ;*' on the two daj   »ol    th *
exhibition, September llth ni
and win up* a again al -even o'clock
.a the evi ning       I Ive   the
clerks  a      eh ini th *   lair,
iiiel ih.* crowds trom outsi le a chance
to 'I ■ theii -li* pping while in th*
C ffill
BO    '""'   l»l
I'.'l .1  "
' au
n to-
Lyons   in I      *. returned
'rom .. frii n Is    at
I   Calgary
■''""'       ' ■- ■ , •-    --*   and r. si
■   ' •    town .,n
•   ' *'•';      live,..:
Mi .
Capt,  Robt    Sin tl R.M R   -
left  ■ ii  Kn.ldj  moi n
ip up the l
trip  it   is ex| e. te
• ...in lis, an I will include t •'
veylng ol bon this month be leaving I
Ii. il, * Mr. 81
pleU-d  Mr    -'n  tl .. ■
pect   to
on's  ■
M   ■ Laura  Way,        ■ A,
John:-. :.   an 1  Mil    E llth Tl
".'  s iult  Ste. Mu '
■   .■ 'i»ie, returned fi om I i
•i   .. •        t ha ■■   •••
tog fi ... i ih   tu-"
ol n't**- ■   -ir bome   On th
way  bftel I villi   ■>"*;
* .  • * • ■ a
Bdmonton,     Brand l       other i I I
i:,, ... mimical on
Ralph  Men
established     tbe ij I Bi
Moving pictures at Edison theatre
Tako your family for a pleasant
outing down the river on Monday,
Labor Day.
Mr. H. J. Haflner of Vancouver,
was in the city on Wednesday and
Thursday ol this week.
Don't forgot the R.M.R. dance in
the Drill Hall, Mon lay evening, Sept,
■Ith. Admission, gentlemen 7*.i cents,
ladles free.
The little Samson hoy who has
heen so seriously ill with diphtheria
for some time pnst, is, we .are pleas
ed to state, considerably Improved,
and the physicians have hopes of.his
The contract for the erection of
the Bourne building on First street,
has heen let. to Abrahamson ami
Fromey. The work of clearing the
lots in preparation tor building is
proceeding rapidly, and it is expected that the building will be ready
for  occupancy   soiue  lime  ibis   fall.
(iu Saturday, September 10th, thc
big musical show "Eorty-Five Minutes Krom Broadway" will be hero
and play in the opera house. This
show is one of the best on theroa.l
today and Bhould get a bumper
The     cricket     team     to represent
Kamloops at Revelstoke on Labor
Hay will he made up as follows:—U.
Holt, captain, .1. Burton, S.M. Cosier, T. Poster, 11. W. God'by, 0, Hop
kinsiin, K. ('. Mog-g, W. Moore, . A.
McKarlan, P. VV. Pain and L. Q.
Grouse shooting season opened up
yesterday and Ihere were a number
of the local spoils out enjoying the
sport, with the result that a number
of birds were shot. The closed season
has made tha birds rather hold aad
one of them was killed early yestcr-
! day mornin ; by Sandy McRae, jr.,
1 ill the back yard of Mr.  A.  Johnson.
I Mr. K. M. (Tay, while painting the
house of Mr. Dickey, last Saturday
fell from the roof, breaking his right
leg at tbe ankle, and severely bruising his ribs at an old fracture. Mr.
Clay fell among a number of small
stumps aii'd the wonder is that bees
called so lightly. He was removed
to the hospital, where Dr. Sutherland reduced the fracture so successfully that Mr. clay is convalescing
very  rapidly.
On Thursday evening of this veek,
Mr. Alfred A. tl. Hansen was I nkiKl
in marriage to Mi.*:s Adriina \e:s-
telgh, in the presence of only ihe intimate friends of the yo-ing co. p'e.
Miss Emma Hemeyer acted uu brides
maid nnd Mr. Bohn ('.. Pahlln ass st
ed the groom. The bride wore n most
h.c,lining gown of cream rolienne,
trimmed with satin and l.io.i insertion. After tlia ceremony, wh'.cr was
performed by Kev. J. W. stavcnson,
M. A., the company sat ilnwi ti a
dainty luncheon. The bride \ aii the
recipient ol many beautiful presents.
Mr. and Mrs. Hansen will make I en
home  in   bhe   Hevelstoke  district.
Kev.  J.   II.  Cameron,  II.A.,  ol Van
couver,  will be in the     city on Wednesday,   Sept.   i.th,   in   the  interest of
the .Missionary  Convention    to      he
held in  Vancouver on Octob-i r  lx, 19
and 120.   John  K.  Mott and  Sir An-
dri-ii      Eraser     are    to be the chief
t-ers at  this great provincial gang,    Mr    Cameron  will  address a
meel    •  ;n the Baptist church
Wi it  8 p.m., .tn.l    after
:   With  the men   to a.'-
■ •.*     delegation      from
Revelstoke    It  is hoped that a spec-
be secured for the del i
Interior of the     pro-
, in,*:,' - movement ... I
pected to   ittend     on
*. evening i be l 'miser -
.in n held „ smoking
i   club  room,   Selkirk
, ii  i iiei*.■    was a  large
i be ii ill i ring iilleil io
.' ..I  .- * * ■    given
it     and
:.   .*mIi     -  - [|  | |
R   Hamilton of Nelson
rib   l  the re dproctty
• *.al        I   •*, ids   into
* I,        \ Hi'-! il   ill    11  .:    I ,i|
tl Irom
tn it
r«  ol oui   • '*,
IMS      au.I
■ hole   ," th
• h ,t tin' in *.!., .i'ii M
,     wo ild be 'I.** "nti'i
acres or garden     property near
town,   cheap.—H,   N.   Coursier. tf.
Something to look forward to, a
day's outing down .'he river on Labor   Day,  Sept.  -ith.
The funeral took place this after
noon of the two men who were killed in the accident at Laurie tunnel.
The Revelstoke Mall-Herald hands
out a hot roast to the Eschman
shows, and it was coming to them.
The people of Revelstoke were stung
for twice as much as ihey were here
Salmon  Arm Observer.
Public Schools Attendance
TIh> attendance at llie Public sclic
for    llie   mouth    of   AugilBt waa
follows :
(.'eiilial Sei,ool, lliv. [...
1)3.75   in
H2.I11)    18
05.80   3d
1)1.711   33
S7.SII   23
lla 1(1   2li
IID.III)   21
9(1.06   27
,113.11 310
Stiallicona Sclil. Div. 1.
112 S3   88
110.22   80
113 52   32
1)1. IKI   31
WM8   21)
06 11 1(10
.-I 00and$5.00bags
TheNe'er Do Well
bi Rex Beach      ¥1.50
The Common Law
i.   1 ha '. *           $1.25
Selling nt 82.00 for
Pyramid Fly i ad9 Sc   [ach
Wilson's F.y Pails, lOo. Each
a week.
The largoBl assortment <>f
local Posl Cards to choose
from.—26c. per dozen.
Drug Store
I III     Mr    Smith   will  go  Ime*   t,
i     '    I-'   i.ui Imark     *       \
to    Hie    \l'l   ail*,*! *ii      ''ri'»k
mine In   ■• ii.'ii • • ■*!   n
'ievi.,| in,, i i--it ,■ mm
n*' operatloi
Tht  '. II.C \   I"' i'i.iii   beam   irhleh
* n \l n lay  nil 1***1111•• v to '■ ci"iii.n to
:   lllo '.'
.,o.,l     T     "',-.    I'm,I    ll"l VV     HI,hi
ami *i   il   Kerr;    H ill   B i ki      n
WoimIh.   I),   (in   ami   .1    Mull.       l''"i"
N o il  ,   I,,   Lindsay.      W.   Allan.       A.
Ilnnl',|i   .Oil   8,   HopltlUS;   extras,     w.
i: imi  \. Carnegie,
Moving pictures tonight.
The Nelson shield in each school is
to lie awarded this year to thc department making the highest per-
oeotage in punctuality and regularity. Miss Munro's department in
Selkirk school and Miss M. Hyatt's
department in Central school are respectively the winners for the month
of August.
At a meeting of the officers and
men of P. Compnny, 11. M. R., on
Thursday niwht, August lldst, it wa3
dei'ided to hold a dance on Monday
nigiht, September ilh. This is the
iirst of many to be held dnrin: the
season, the committee at the head of
which i-s I.iciit. Brock, are arranging
to make the dance a stiocets, and
will do their utmost to mate thes?
gatherings  popular  In every  way.
Sept. 11 and 12—Revelstoke Fall Fair
agricultural exhibits, live stock,
poultry, horse racing and other attractions.
Sept. 19-20.—The Famous Juvenil
Bostonians at the Bdisoa theatre.
Sept. 26-27—Tho Musical Eckhardts
In vaudeville at the Kdison theatre.
October  16—Royal  Welsh  t'hoir,
tbe  Kdison  theatre.
Nov. 13—Return of the favorites, The
Allen  Players in repertoire.
Nov. 3U—Mark Hamburg the groat
Russian Pianist, at the Kdison
Dec. 13—C.P. Walker presents the Wm
Yule company in the Rivals, at th
Kdison theatre.
Ian. 10—Return of Wm. Yule & Co.,
in Dombey & Son,  Kdison  theatre.
Jan. 26—The famous Ferguson's Jubilee Singers considered the host col
ored concert company on the road,
Kdison  theatre.
Feb. 26—The Castlesiiuarc Entertainers in high class concert at the
Kdison theatre.
"Jim" Flynn, the Pueblo fireman,
and conqueror of Al Kaufman, is ou
the way to New York, where he is
in meet Carl Munis, the Oklahoma
lighter, in a ten round contest. bhe
middle "1 next month. "I am cer-
laiii 1 can heat Morris," Flynn said
just hefore his departure for Chicago. "If I i! i 1 am going attar John-
Mnviiig  pictures at  Kdison theatre
1000  fed  of  tlle  news  of  the world
nt ti»' BMIson theatre tonight.
The  iimicipality  of  Assinibola      is
i. imin i to force automobile laws,
Moving  pictures at   Kdison theatre
ti *   *in
Stock foods,    imr !• ami dog medicines,  all kind- at  Macdonald's   drug
Mountain Lumbermen Opposed to Reciprocity
ditor of the Nelson Daily Nows :
Sir,   I learn from   our paper of the 24th thatthereis
•ulated hy the Liberal  party a campaign leaflel
ihe Mountain  Lumber Manufacturers' Assoeiation
n of reciprocity.   I happen to be president of
thai -i M'l'ia'ion. and I don't know of one member who is
nol opposing II tooth and nail.   The party who is sending
t.ni thai leaflel musl think the lumbermen of the mountains fools.    Of course, Ihey mny look foolish,  hut it's not
the man, It's only the overalls and blanket coats thai make
them look lhat way.
V\ diffe, B. C, Aur. 24, advt.
We are ready to-night with some splendid opportunities to
save money. You can always get something seasonable at
a very great reduction at our After Supper Sales. Tonight there are some extra good bargains, See that you
get your share ol them,
Here are a lot of Minuses that
only came to hand this week.
Maile ol beautiful sheer lawn, with
Uire-i iliifciinl styles of collar,
trimmed in different shades of blue
iu all sizes from 3J to-10, and selling at the absurdly low price of
$1  EACH.
Going Uirough stock lias turned
out a lot of Remnants from tlie
season's selling. We have already
marked them at very taking prices.
Now is the liiue you will lie
looking for Bomelhing ior yovrself
or the cli.lilren. Vou will find our
slock full and complete. All tin
best gooda aTe here, and some
extra prettv iliiii.ns in suit lengths
of which there are no two alike.
Anythingyou waul in dress goods
to-night at one third off  the price.
.100 yards of the best Knglish
Prints, absolutely frst colors, all
kinds, light and dark, Reg. 15c.
To-night 9 yards for $1.00.
cTVlcLennan CBb Co.
Ha'f the Summer is still ahead. We have
provided for it by keeping our stock well
assorted in sizes.
Just received our Fall Samples for made-to-
order Suits.     Let   us  show   ihem   to   you.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Foot-Rite Shoes.
Fit-Reform Clothing
We have jusi opened up our
Fall Stock cf Men's and Bins'
Sweaters and Sweater Coals, which
consists of a large assortme t of
diflerent colors and qualities. They
eome in lhe plain und farcy
Prices from $1 to $9
McRae Mercantile Co.
It. 0. OHUROH.
Ht. Francis of Assisii Catholic
church, corner of Fifth street antl
McKenzie avenue.
Hervices—(In all Sundays, except
thc fourth uf cull nu,ulii. I.ow mass
with Communion of the Faithful at
X a.m. High Mass at 1(1:110 a. in.,
Christian Doctrine for children at
2:30 p.m. Rosary with Bendiotlon of
The Blessed Sacrament 7:80 p.m.
On week days—Holy Mass every
morning at 7:iio.     Confessions     are
heard  every  evening  after  7:11(1      anil
In the mornings before Mass.
J. F. MeNHIL, I'.I'.
Services of  the  Baptjst church lur
thc  cumin*,'    w.ek      are    as     follows.
Preaching Sunday morning ll a.m.,
theme    "The     last   Buying of   th.*!
Ohrlst on the Cross." The 'iiliji'il for
H • • .i i ' en :■,'. '.". ' i It N •'..* ' ." i *
Yon."  Sunday  school  at 2:1111  p.m.
Kev. I. W. Williamson, provincial
Sunday school secretary, will hold a
Sunday school rally In the Presbytia ian church, He will treat upon
pertinent suhjects. On Wednesday
evening instead ol the regular pray
ci meeting, Mr. J. A, Cameron, Sec.
ol the I. ay nun s Forward movement,
will address n union meeting at thj
Baptist church. At Hi,* close ol tho
■i'. Ice he wishes to meet with the
in,'ii   of the churches.
Rev. H. J. Mclntyre pastor, services on Sunday as follows:—11 a.m.
An Object sermon will he given to
hoys and (.'Iris; 2:80 p.m., Sunday
school;  7:30   p.m.,   subject   "Labor,"
a sermon suitable to Labor Day. Tho
Quarterly Official Hoard will meet on
'' «ta*y evening at x o'clock In the
church parlor. Ch,,ir practice Friday evening. The public i8 cordially
invited to lire servloes of the church
.1.   -X: T.   Pell's,   Doctors'  Special
nml Dr. Reid'fl Shoes.
Mcl'herson's bi^li clan shoes of
all kinds.
Stanlieiil's  Underwear. Sanford's
Rubber Pool wear and Union made
Howson's Mock l-'evelitoke, It. ('.
llowson Block, Revelstoke
make $7(MH) per year as our agent,
■$200 caah secures sole agency-
Suite 7, 788 Hastings street, west,
Vansouvcr. Ag.   2-0 iit.
FOK SALK-KiO acres of land in tb«
Hitter Root Valley, Montana, cheap
for cash or trade for vacant lots.—
Box 287,  RevelBtoke,  B. C. 4t.
LOST—I/a-dles Small Watch nnd
Chain. Finder returning same to
Ohiefj of Police, will receive reward.
TO LKT—Four unfurnished rooms on
Fourth street, near South track.
Apply Mail-Herald Ollice. 2t.
HOUBH TO Ll'lT- Kevelstoke Ceneral
WANTED-Blacksmith, must he first
Class. Good Wages, Apply to thfl
I'alaee Liver Stable,
FOR BALK—Piano, AliiHon & Hindi.
Apply Mri, W. A. Sturdy, corner
Fifth  atreat  and  McKcnvle uvouuf,


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