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The Mail Herald Feb 2, 1910

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" Empire " Typewriter
Por enso of operation nnd pi rfeivimi
,n rusiilis pr,lucid, this iiiiicliine
s tins in passed.    1'iici—Iftlu Cash.
Interior PublihlngCo.,
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Catds
Wi- have a nood  variety at
u reasonable price
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 16   No. 9
$_;.60 J ei  \ et>r
A Clean Up
We have a number of odds and ends left
over from the holiday trade, comprising odd lines
of china in Plates, Fancy Bon lion Dishes, Baskets, Vases, hern Tuts, Candlesticks and such
like, which we are putting into
A 25 Cent Window
Pocket Knives
We are going to sell to dozen Pocket Knives
ranging in price front 40 cents to 75 cents
For 25 Cents
See  our  display   of Scissors   in our 25  cent
window.     It is an eye-opener.
Granite Ware
A number of odd pieces, some slightly damaged, worth from 75 cents to $1, also in our 25
cent window.
iiBiween hev.l.ioKe and Vancouver yudu uuu tiifii .UiiuUjf
of sciontilie fuel, and aiming ut 11
yoni towards which ail ciniunols of
industrial evolution! ure uuiiuumuiiiy
leuumg in all tne iieutu and uiuuuiius
ol mutuary toiluy.
Hero 111 llriusu C'ulumbii, where llu,
must irrecunelluole enemies ul sociuly
ns today constituted iiave    boon tore-
.■It   lu   put    llll'il'   iiiu'im   to    llm       I',1,llll''
Ucoun, lue uiuviiuieut lius lui-n ninuing
hiiiili'K     liming  ine lust
Tendered by Citizens to R. J.
'I ne iuu  locui daily passougor mu
licrvnc  in  nun, iiuii iitni.1 ueiiveeu i it
ttaiiia  uuu tvevuistoho \, ui "c tuaugu- pneuunieual
fiiit'.i ny ine 1 .uiiaiiiuu i'aeilio runway low years, tho lusi elections showing a
ou bunauy L'obriiur} (ilu.   'i will    ho voto moro than double,
nm in i <■ i ti.-, i     uniii  thu summer nun-       That  social evils und problems have
conlinuniul  service,  with   Ihroc  train- gut  in in, fucod nobody can dony, for
fin n     waj   liirough     lho inouutuiiw, ovory day soos     theiu in,,re pressing,
snail havo iii't'ii  ,,'siiini'ii.    lho     pro- unit     lho rapid    wso ol lho bouiaust   evening spe
posed urruuguuiuiit  \,ns uoutuod upon moventont    iu    kiuropo to ,, position
ni  i it-w   ui  me  inconvenience auoruod where it is giving lite orpwuod   hoads
tho public in iviuiov unit'  in uepeiui • very   serious relloolioiis,   „,„ uouluni-
,n i  ine siuglo sorvico.   li lias Iro- porary fuels ilint demand  lho ulleu
<[iii'iii!\   huppuuud liuu people     bound lion uf the world,
,u ami liuin  iiic  Kuuii'ii'iys linvc iii'tii     li hus boon slated  dint  lho Social -
uuiiged through fuultj  oounoutioui  io Iut  movement  lu lUiloln Una received
rciniiin ovor ,u  Itevelstoke lor -l   oi „ Bovore    shook.   Tho I.n t Is thai the
inure iiuuis. movomoul ovor Uiore hus boon     taken
Ine   ni'ti    Irani   Mill   Irale   \ nurutll ei n|i   hy       lliu       laliur   parlies,   IdoalistS,
daily at -.Mu u. in., antl will bo known Christian   Socialists,   Democrats,   ad •
ns   so,   I.    It      iiill   re,nil   North   Iti-uil inn,e,l   LlburillH,   nml- it   liust   ol  nther
ni  rj..,i, p, in., Ii'iiii- there ai   Llltl p, hopelessly  wandering sect's, who  havo
in., ami arrive    at kamloops ut OVJU disliod up so-culled i Socialism in     nn
p,  in.   Leaving  there  half nn      hour apparent!)  iiioxlricublu uhuos nf     re
Iiuii   it   mil  arrive  «'   Huvolstoko at form  monsurus  ,,,„l  nuvor ending woo
midnight. dj   contests,   Oul of this lungle     ami
Irani  Nu   :'.     nill    lease  UevelHlokc jungle lliero is urlplug  toduj   u     now
for     Vancouver   dailj   at  - I" a, in., |>urty,  known  ns  lho Soclnlist   I'urty
reach Ivnmloopt, at 7.IB a. in., mukc ti ol  Itriiaiu, modelled on much the same
stop of half nu  hour;  North  llend nl lines n<    the Socialist   I'aiii  of Can    j
I.I.i p. in . where thure will be unothur aila, with suon  tnultous as "Nu poll    I
slop oi hall an hour.   Tho train   nill lieul  tradiug,"   No compromise,"  audi
arrive in  Vancouver «i 7 p,  in,      I he " platform consisting ,,( il,,' ruvoluti - !
train  equipment,  besides   baggage and unary deinand for tlio ownership     bj \
mail cars, will consist of daj   coachoi lho people ,,f the natural resources of
only.     Through  passengers   lo      ami il arlh ami lho iniichitien  nf     pro-
(   Koultlo will  use iruiiis  Nu. II ami duett
At ihe I niiial Hotel htsl ovoning a
eoiupli etitury banquet wus londurod
by n number ol riovolsloko citizens tu
Mr. K. .I. Wutsou, inspoulor ni iho
llcpnrlnii'iii   ul  lho  Interim-, un   the ne
caslon ut lii-' dnpiit'tiiro for il n I
\ splondid sprond was Initl by Alini
lialiisun  Itrus.,  ami  a      most  onjoyabll,
Y'..  A.   liaggOII  |,resiiletl  nnil  was  slip-
portod uu liis right by the guost ,,t
ihe ovoning nml un ins I,-ti bj  W,  ll,
Dinner u\ er lliu toast l'i M n - l'i"
ii't'ileil w ilh. ami after the usual loyal
toasts, -I. Alintluttnsuti, olio of the
plollOOl'S,  nml      lur utility   veals  alder -
in,in, proposed tlm City of Uovolstoko,
OOUplod  with  the  mi ll li< ill  e.\ .1 ti li- llll ii ii
Macdonald, who was tlm tne, lim term
ul oflico ,'1111111111111 of ihr 1'ire, Water
ami Light committee. In proposing
ihe lonal Mr. Aliralianisiin roviowod
iln- growth uf Itevelstoke user ,, pori
od  uf -5 years  uud      eunileiuneil      the
absurd croaking about lho allHits ut'
1 he oily tvhii'h Initl sht,wn a eroditablu
I     In reply ine  I"  tlio  lonal   Sir,      Mm'
Wi" have just unlooded
another car ul' assorted
hardware, comprising tools
and implements of all kinds
fur mine, mill, blacksmith,
builder ami household use.
(Inns, Rifles, Revolvers,
Amni until,n, Snowshoes and
Sporting 1 limits.
We tlii' agents for Sherwin-Williams'  Paints and Mc-
Clary's Famous Stoves, Ranges, Enamel ami Tinware.
Give us a call or send in your orders,    Vou will find
our prices right.
School Attendance
uuuary wiih
Thi- iittcn,lilllli] in
schools lur the month
a- follows.
High  „,| I,  llii.   I.   JO;    llii, uj7
I',mii,     school,     Im    I.- Id: Div. 2.
311;  Div, 3,-311;   Uiv.   1.   ->ll;  lli\    G,
'.!li;   llii.  l'>.     IT.    llu .    s     .-,.);     |)jv . '.,
II    Hu.   In,   26;   llii.   II .   I'.'.'.   ToJ.nl,
1,1.    I'erceutugc   BU.-ll,    l'l"080Ut    every
session 212.
This is ihe purtj lhal Ihf capitalists
fear, but which eicry person who
tulles any interest iu his, ,,i liar. ur
noddy's eondilion, cunuol nll'oril Lo
uogloct keeping in touch with, Thi- ux-
' 1 auiili, nil's nun etin-ul Itiil- fair lu
shorllj shake lho Boelal suporslruu-
lure   lu it-  uai   fulllldatiotl
Court ot Revision
Lawrence tlardware (o., Ltd.
Imperial Bank of Canada §
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario. **
-    $10,000,000.00 I
5,000,000.00 f
5,000,000.00 g
Brnnch"'« "i- Acents at nil principal points in Canada. R>
AgenU In Ureat Britain and Unltna Stales—London, England, uj
Lluyiln Hank, Limited.    Ohloago—Flrel  National Bank, Horn Ex- J^
ohange National Bank,   8eattli—Seattle National B^nk, Sun Finn- )£[
Cisco—Wells Fargn Nevaila   National Bunk      Spokane—Exchange J*
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of  $1 and upward,   received, and   interest allowed at |
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
l.l.,-lul\K       VSSKHtfalEf I
IHSI l.'lt I.
I In i .uni 1,1 |(o\ i-i'Hi tut iln- [level
sinlie tVssessinenl Uistriet was held
la I week. ' SI. I'li'ltl -111 as judge at'
il itri
1 uittrat.i lu |itt'\ lull- 1 tail - I he liilln-
bt r nl a|i|iraU were lew. ami iu everv
ease adjustments wei-o mude.
il..' (', I' 11. appoalotl aguinst lho
1.111, ,11111 uf aereago ussossod, which
was allowed, when adjustuionts wote
inndo rn exclude     ihe lands sold,     It.
I.     Ma,nil    of   ll»'   C.   I'     li.       I.ami
department, "i Calgary,  appeared   mi
lll'lll,ll    nf    Ihf   I   .    I',    li.
I'h" appeal by     g syudiculu    ol tl
Mnl,u  Timber  limit  acreage  up il
lii/  llend  iv, 1
return ,,f     ti.  S.  McCarter from the  incuts from the Ine Marblehoad   quur-
coast,  who  is acting un  behalf of the   ly.   -\  now engine     has been pul     nn
syndicate. and Ike Crawford will certainly     pull
Hie Court Btands adjourned sine die.   the train in on time.
Inuniii said t tiiini,1 lutilil     1
worked htirdoi" limn Ihey did, ami lie
was glad tu In- nut uf il. ll mi'
irue they Innl     spout 11 Iui ,,f mono).
lllll    thoy   llllll   been   ll-lletl   ll}    iln-   rill/
ins ii, make these tmproveniauls and
ilm citizens themselves liud volad nn
and curried ihe bylaws to ,1,, lho work
thi-l     Innl   ran It'll   iilll .     I hoj    had     pro
\iiie.l ihr nu with iIn- besl lire ulurui
systom over devised.   Thoy had curriod
uiil the .-*-ln,-111 lldewulks and boule-
Vurdh.     Ihe)    llntl   enrrieil   nut   llu-  -ist
ago nf ihe central "t congested part
t,t th<- .iii. I he) Innl improvud lho
I'lihlii purks, anil Ihoj lun! iuuugural-
ed     1 lie iiistttlliiiita,     ui ,1 pormuuuul
ami   lip lu ilale   potter   ptlllll   tlellliimlt-tl
n\   ile growing t-cquirumouls     oi   lho
. ill    ami   the  >ll|i|lll    uf   [IOWOI'   tu        ll,.' !
I.uk.   gives    lho  It. I'. It.     \,, council had lo it- erod-
hiirilMiinc golliug   it  u bottor year's record "i work     o(
[Hiruiaueul  lain,-  lo the cily.   (Cheers)
1     I'fe.l   I'fasei'  proposeil   "UU1   Uuosl,"
luce it wus     first   ami in doing st. spoke of the excellent
located ami      j shipping about     livo'wuyiu which .Mr. WuUuu bad straigh
' lened -.ni   il.,-     .I1II1. .tin,.- .111.1  laiiglcs
mi,   bonded  bj    ihui  li.nl grown up during past  years
lu it,n iniii mill  luiiij nnd  nml" 1   in
,l,t< r.uliiai lull. Mi. Wutsou I,ail
Iii.l ami
credit mi
Trout lake
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,1 00      Rt'iit-rve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hive recently been rt rnpleted undei  which Ihe branch—*
of tills Hank ore able- to isstn- Drolls on Ihe principal point*
in the iiilluw'i ,.■ countries:
Atislriallun_»ry    Finland Ireland Fir.\i»
Belgium Formosa Italy S.-rvi»
Brazil Frunce lap.in St«m
Rttl^arta Fr'ch Cochin-C'hinA   j.ii* Seat It Africa
Ceyion Germany Manchuria Straits Settle
China Greai Britain Mextco Sweden
Crete Greece Norway Switzerland
Denmark Holland Persia Turkey
Kro'pl Iceland I'hiltip'nr 1st.in,1-     West Indies
Fame Islands India K.niniaina and t I i minora
Slush   in'   ii,   T,
t .   !'.   li.   -teaini'i
The Silver Cup i- showing up bottet
t Im ri   al   mn    liuu:
.   us   nf  uie enetl   liiul
ih,' i:iifi iii  ii
Spokane capitalists     has shipped
imi- ul high grail e ami  iln-     |
port}  is luukiiic, M-ri   promiKing. 'gone aboul  hi-  work will
I li.' Broadview   has -,a I up again   judgment   lhat  rullectcd  lii
ami made a shipment of 3U tons from   iho business iiilminisiruli t     II"
11 kl     workings.   Another shipment   i-'innl. Dliver,  Minialei  ui the I, e
i- exdected lo lie made uexl  mouth,      ,t'i ,-|.   l'|  „.-,. j.0|  lliu,li  to .1
liootouaian. ami Mi. B'uls ml now  such a tl...
ough grasp of ihe situution lhal     I,
RprrflPil '""' 'on" ''"'v'"'-'" ''vi"''i '"  ""'
^y '   "    "      '    ■ ■■     in i im i    n ■       , ,       —mm.
MRS, A. G. CRICK, First St.
Opposite the Wuldsot  Restaurant
MRS. A. G. CRICK, First Street
Opposite the Windsor Restaurant
i In
Trall'u   the  Urdonu  branch
C,  I'.  If.,     i-    laili.-r hoavj   in-i
botween supplies going up  tn iln
liilVerent  mines ami  logging ramps  besides     the lumber and nre shipment.
nut heard waiting   the  going nut, lo Bay nothing of the ship-
pul tfil    lain     \\ liilf    11  was -in.
complaint about tl,»' high tuxution,
li,. im hi- pai t iini im, cousidei i, jii-
litieil.    If  ili»'t   inii'  ," lii-..- exteuttive
Huspnai Ban
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Tin-  eighth      annual
taken     place tonight
in       til*1
Get the Best While You Can
Griffin's Premier hams and
bacon. Armour's Star
hams and bacon, whole,
half or sliced. They arrive fresh from the packing plant once a week.
We shall have ejrjrs also.
What has  Maundrell  for
us now ?
Some Rood ham and eggB
also bacon antl eggB.    We
will just try some.
Maundrell Meal Market
Quick  Delivery Phone 251
hew toison inedire
lew    . llltl    llrailull-   putli'V    ailiiptt'it        in i uiiipiiuiii    ait ..it iui..i t. .11.
,f   tin.  tliristi ,i   i |,o  -,.|H,.„i,.,it   of   ih,. h" '■« his pint  Uni  not  cotisiilei   it jn« IAIKI\,.   I'll   I'URES.
i    land- in  the rail way hell   Iriliiitiir)   ," litied.    If  thej   were  to have extensive \   higlil]   ,i.t.,.   tiiig  and novel  pto-
l.'i'i,-I.inin-.   While     tiii-.i   it'cifiii'il  ilm improvement li   „-  tvinent       *idu     .■ me In-  uoen prepared for theop-
iu-- ..I   Mr.  Wutsou „- „ citizen,   lhe\ walks antl sewers,  i"i   wliieh   iln- pa., eniug  night  oi  the nett   l'dison Then-
rucoL'iiized lhal  hi-  removal  i" tin,, I''1'  tliemcolves  had  asked an.l  voted, u,   tomorrow,
ua would event,tally prove   in     their ''"'>' "'"'' ''xl"''' '" l'''> '"'   ,l"'"' '' "' ''''     ''      Clramophone  talking pic-
inii-rest,     ,ts h,, had now a  thorough '"' hml "" '' plain!  i" make   againsl lure will !».■ the principle fcuture.
grasp ,,f  ihe     situation,   mnl  Ottawa ''"' '">   taxation.    Bather it   had In on Those who  huve neurd it  before find
mis the place from which ii l„„l     to " w°nder to inin they had ,...t had   a it hard lo realize lhat one id not ache handled effectively, serious epidemic     in their midst      in tuully viewing   iho originals lor every
The Western Canada   , mber Comp -      '" response,     Mr.' Watson expressed v"'w "' ""' accumulation ut Htm     in acUon       ,     mpanied by a -iiiiuiiuue-
!any nre shipping lumber to ihe prairio   '»» appreciation  ..f  il.e courtosy   and •" ogestoo port ol tuo city, nnd    ,. i ,  ..  prouu   ion.   tneluiwo in  me
at the rate of 5U cars a month                hospitality shown him since he     In..I overcome wi                     j   em   was programmt    Ioi   Inumday and fiiday
The new     Gerrard townsito is boing  b™" »' Kovclstoke, and regret      to absolutely   arj        w.i are                             I 5   i,.„.y  Lauuer,
ball l_i _,t t... ...   11..i.i._   ...,._                       have tu leave here.     II.• could a   nre doing     well, ami he    deprecated     tno Ada  Joni             Len  .^Mincer;     well-
ihem, howevor   that  he would aiu'ii- disloynltj  t" ih,  city   ...... a ...    ta.  .■ kuuwn ball              1  hue   viorton   aud
have the interest of     Itovolsloko     al wno wero preaching blue ruin in     1 no Morrison and    Ualdwin.    Ine McCanill
aro     The winter so fur has boon the mild-   benrt nud unythinu  ha could .1..     1., '"y ttttlur" •" ll l                            '"' W",iiu-ue »        ••  heard in some     of
est experienced fur year
nf snow il,,- lightosl.—Kootenaian
cleared by 1-]. Klobbs, who is also erec
■    '   ting n    splendid dwelling und dispos
I...11-.., commencing    wiih the    itruiut
.March ut U     p. in.    I lie    ticket
> I .mi und 60c. will I,,' charged admission  10 tin" gallery for spec 1,1 tors. An
excellent  supper mil l,e providod, and
with  music by  iln- Independent   Hand
a  good   Hint' is  assured.      As in   past
years tne proceeds will 1,.' givou     tu
ine     hospital.   It    is hoped that  the '■'"' n'l""'' t'euche
public   wilt liberally    patronize    this sources that     ihe
-". i.d us well ns churitable event     to 1'oplar is shortly  1
,,:- u by attending ,•„ mass,- and help- wealthy syndicate,
tm  to make the ball a signal  success sources      that   th,-    Swede  group   al
claims     on     the east  side nf  [foaloy
  Creek huve sever,tl carloads uf ore on
. ihe  dumps   thut   could  lie  shipped      if
1) u-ea;>eie.s roiitnai lampaip tbo ,,a,i „■,.,-., ■,.„ m„ „,„i „ bridge
nntl  th.. fall   promote     ihe progress uf the dlstricl i"st>"od.   He regretted mat  tuey  wero the newest pari .-ui,bs, and b. K.   Mc-
wuultl be dune.   IN-     had  lakou steps losing •-"■ " ■' vuluaoio citizen as      ... Innia, the 6i, -   1. uumediau, is a speci-
lo have a i»rmaiieut reservation made Wutaon had     proved    to be,     though oliy.   Miss Joan McJ-enub wdl     give
uf Mi.  Itevelstoke fur  ihe benefil     ..f ll"'-v  ll"' ''"' eoneolntion mat  un. 1..- Several idustratod songs, bar voice be-
the city and its water supply, (Cl re) moval meant better attention at    ,".- ing a rich mezzo soprano.
The selllenieiii uf Ihe land in the rail- tawa to tha     interests "i  11..   rail» ty Several    turn.-   in  reltued  vaudeville
here from reliuble  wny  |l|i|(  ]v|i(|  |K  li||l|)(,c. ^i,,,;,,^,,,, belt. by   the   versatUe    ilacks     should be
•wee,,  group      at   ).|i|| w0(1|t|     |mvc ,,, |j0 |,a,M||i.i|     on Other  toasts  were    Canadian  banks worth  seeing   ind  a number of     now
be worked by
•ery  respect.
lines entirely different from  the prairie  ,""' bankors, prop , bj  IV. I'.    Hob-  and    uptodate moving pictures   make
.uni    ihe     only clieriivr win   111 ileal erlson, responded by  II.  i'angman, an-   u splendid enti      .anient.
with the     siluntion hore would be in ""U manager    t,i  the I  inadian Bonk !    A     complete    change of programme
lake ilm rgilway bell u,n uf tl, ' - °' Commorce;    i"<,  Sutiloi   ' propo 1 1  each night.    1 ommenoing ut S o'clock
diuury work     "I    the department     uf b)   W. -I. Dickie, responded  lo bj      I.    Ihurbdu>,  l-'rido;   nml  Saturday.     Ad
< iiiitribiiteil.
,  .1 pronurtie
1   i-   none  and   strife  "f   the  pruvin -   '     '
1111 election* at,, over, an,! the hutch"
it buried by the louding political par-
nt'- \ut -.., however, with ihe Socialists. Having wound up the busi •
nest, of ono election ihe)' unmodiutoiy
-lun. iii preparing for tl,,' next, with
their  inviting  propaganda  worn,  and
a confidence worthy uf any crusade.
lur as  transportation ts concerned,  11
ll this wink  was dune Imil,
could    pack dowu un- uexl
The Mulili- 11.1111 mi liupid Civck.
which hus been extensively developed
fur a year past, i- looking vm-j encouraging. Ore Iiii- been struck in the
100-foot   level   ami   a   -hipnietii   is  ux
petted  1,1     I, iide shortly.       This
group i- uiie uf ih,' best  situated     .1
the l.itrileau district., ittnl will Im listail I
wiih     prominent     shippers from     ii-
The  local   Socialists  have  hired    the
ICilison Parlor Theatre ami  an, hold -
iny   public      meetings  every      Sunduy I
, . ,        . ,      -, 1      . present  outlook,- Kuuit
night. An outsider might   think     from   '
a casual viewpoint, thut they were u
I nit-'li tii fanatics, to be treulcd with
contempt when few in numbers nnd to
be guufdeii against as a menace io
society should ihey increase.
Ihe writer once hud an idea thut
ih.- Socialists wore a number of lazy,
ne'er-do-wells, but upon being challenged iu disprove     their theories, found
he wa-   It-tl   into  a  Btudy  uf  stit-ial  nitin
..,,,>. 11 Imi, priued decidedly Interest -
ing, and nut unly could nut disprove
their ideas, but  found the udvuticed, I    Tha very  llev. Dean I'ngot who has
"i   ii'vulil,Hiiiary Socialists, ns     Ihey I boon    visiting    Mr. ainl Mrs. (J,     I'..
mc culled, wcic working ulung     lines   i'ugel iclurued lo Gulgury Mouday.
tl... inlorlor. Tin- Minister had gone
thnrniighlj into ihi- matter an.l » 1-
preparing now   ruguliilloiiH.   lb'  th u.l-
ml them fur ihr honor lllo) lia,I ilniif
111111 by lhat uxcetlciil bniupiet and 1 he
kindness ihoj  had shown hint, aud   it
.1 nlllll   In-   Ills   I'Milf.'ll ,.,    I J lit
ihr railway belt al Ottawa thai ihe
intoresl uf sottlnmonl ami tin' lumbal
in.Iu-ii\ it.initl In- promoted in iheii
respective sphere* withoul thf clash
illg liuu Innl hi I hell 11 existod between
litem,   ft h '^j.   liovetstoko  hail   -ume
R. HI, ti. Notes
M.   bfagar;      Ihe   I'; »rs,"   proposed   mission  1.. hnlconj   50c.(  children 2Sc.,
by  II.  I'angman,  responded  10 by  A.   amphitheatre   '-"'   . children 16c.
• I    lii- k i..     lie.  Ladle      proposed   by
W.  .M. UiKronce, .u b)    ' .
K.      Mn ih.na,.1     and A.  Wai 1       I
II.. 1 , proposed bj   It. .1, Wai ion,   ■
spun,!,',I   tu   l.i    .1      \ll, ahtlasnii.
Tho      Ingiug "i      Vuld   I ..
brought   thi     .     lo
11 i-hitif   Mi.  IVn,    .ti ' .'..fs|H.t-.i
tin     I rnl.ti   afternoon     ilt. Atk.a-
rcad u paper    before  the  liileiuicdt   ti
British Elections
Tho following is tho alunding;
l.ihiTttU unci liubot1 	
... ^11
l)ulHtMiifliriLr   i»>ll^   	
... -jr.
Unionist uuiti*  in... .
l.iliiTal  _rniiis   	
Labor gains   (	
very high class men a- citizens,     and   I'uiany class of ihe High achool.   Ihi
ihey would make this a great city. | ubjeel of the paper ttu. the "Hiatorj
I.. .M. Ilugar proposed ihf "tutu- and Development ui Plant Familie ,"
niercial intorests" ami in lining so IThe paper presentea in the uioat in si
coupled with the nam,' uf Mr. Law - esling und insliiictivc form, tho dev licence, ainl pointed oul ihf dillicullies "piticnt uf plant life irom the oelltil u
-fillers Here under in clearing und uu't of pruluplusin to the vnseii 11
bringing Into cultivation forest lands, adaptation uf the most highly orgati-
I lis toad uf Inning In pay fur iheir ">ed Phanerogam. I'he nuturul iln ,»•
land ihey should gel a bonus tot "'" "' plant life into orders uiidei
clearing il up. gtcut iutlucu.ee ui hereditary toiiden.
Vi, M. Lawrence in responding,     re- woe dearly brought oul.   ilr. Atkins'
viewed  il neeptioually valuable an.I paper   opened up before the   students
successful work dune during   the   pasl ''lu    unbounded held of the    ...   an.
r by   Ihe lluard  uf Trade  ami  City romance of Dowel's, and his cuusuBt to
Mu'li interest ,   b)ing luken in   tne
weekly -t ing al   Ihe nil,' range   in
the drUl hall,   ihe following  are     the
scores fur lust Thursday:
I'tc. -ulhoUand, an.
Col.-Sergt, Ounald, 3«.
Surgi, (jitilier, 24.
(apt, Smith, 22.
1'te. I'nskins, '^i.
I'tf. Uvorton,  If,.
1'le.  \uung,  16.
Corp, Loslio, 11.
Sergl. Smythe, 20.
Corp. Jleck,   I I.
l'te. Woods,  13.
I'tc Fen ton, 13.
I.iout. Grant, 11.
I., imp.   Udridge,  In.
l'te.  Mi Inernoy,  UL
ShardloWj y.
I'l-.    lav lur,  7.
Council.    Revelstoke  never had   t    bel     ii'vu periodic    paiiers befit,.,  ihe    daM, 3Tnncnu-.fr   i"i    1   iiii   preliminary    tu
■",   Mayor than  Mi.  Lindmark, or     a 1 upou nui lavoiite subject wus   greatly
butler cutiuiil  ihuu Unit which     sup • I appreciated.
L>U. r. V>. Bodon loft last night   for
taking up his tesidcucu  in  thut
n the 13th ot Harch.
.■ity _/
Zhe _1i>..il-1lxraU>.
f"t,      I-UK I, tVt.H'l -sit l\    l\P
•All  I'll H        I  I
KEVGLSrOKB. n.  c.
jntcrlov pubUsbtno Compan_,
Subscription   Kates
■   i ! &"'Un,u"18lHU"
,        ■ ■      ■ ' i IM "'
11 • I! •• linn
|.|S : LSI.  | it'll) rM't'Ull'illll mi","
,., oriplloni payable In ad
■ pel  li"'- llr»t  "'-rr	
 '..ni   .t.-iini'ii
"I     ",i   .1,;. - """-'""''
tl   .""i.'i  tiUHinoss an-
'     -I -J"' and "licit
it* iiiiiii.
■   ,     All  udvcrll" 'nt"
il ..I . Ill  n is'',"' "I-
II , It .1.11. Ill-l-.ll. II -
.   in uu ua, mi.i.ni"ii»
     \... ..i.i,    i ■ ' >
  vVaiiloi, in wui	
..ihlilli.ii.u    llllll    I"     'flit-.
 - suvorUswmiuUi utiul
 -.1.1)    an.l   ITIUU)    "I
.    .       uuu display.
,    ,, .....I.Sl  I.   tiullfl    UU   a,,.,,.,.,.
i uiiilimuioa'iuua ut  rail
a,   uouumpamiiu   „>   uauu   ut
"..--.'i,i) i"   l'o "' "'
,.,.. im, ut tuui faliu.  veiifsi.,,,...,""
.   UUlll  IS   "U'i.
jfoti  S-_^n__iE
Seven- Roomed Mouse for $1675, Lol .son too in desirable locality.    C-t^li $675, balance to arrange,
Kiirlu-Rooined House, .ill modern and furnished. Lol
si,Mm,, contrail) located. For sale at $5,000. Terms to
sun purchaser.
Five-Roomed   House.      Contrail)   located for  sale  at
Building Lots for Sale in all parts of the City at prices
ranging from $1110 upwards.
Garden, field
and flower
Ni w 'inptiuw arriving from our growers in V. gland, Franoe,
Holland, Canada and llm L'nlttid Slates. All tested as to
vitality innl puiity on arrival, The l-«8t is good enough for our
customer?,   Catulogue free,
Business will be continued at our old uland until May.
Aft.r tImt in new locution, which will be announced later,
MT       UPWDV 3010 Westminster Road
.    J.    ULniVl,    VANCOUVER, B.C.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all ('.ranches     Interest allowed at highest current rate
rfvi. LSTUKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
New School
A.M,  I'l.NivltAM.
it.Milii-.il-l*". aUUOlTUHb, Mi.
SSSS '.:::".-.'"' <«■■ k'""
,kit. .-. a, '  l»Ta_
..   .1    ...-ft, "•
I.. ,. .
J. A.   Il.ll,
li.il I i-l'l
Soliciloi. tli •
S :.. i ", fort
1,,K , m.sai.i.vn BANK •"•' OOMMKBOK,
lil,-. MuLbUKb Hank, K'i't".
t'IKSl  ST..   •    KKVI-.I.MUM'.. IM
. ,olli'.iU .-.Ml ill
I'ltiviiiiiiil Uiuil burvi->oi,
.MllilllH Mil *•".>>''
bUKII.n-l llltl
McK.KM'11'.   AVKNl'K,
i„..\ imi, KuVKLsTi'Ka
Why Not Get Tke Best
It does not  Cost any more
Ask for
Imperabr Hams and  Bacon
Shamrock Leaf Lard
It you Get Them you  will know
You are Getting the Best
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
report   in  lliu liou.ua  Unit   llioro     lias
ui'i'ii perjury, unci tteuitinu ino     house
.aa,i  tuiio ULiwn." S1011K  U00J1      \\ AN 11.1)  AMI
in.  tugaley,   it ia open lo Ur, Uum, MUNISi  TO BI IU),
it in, iitiiftf   [lurjurj  uua i.ti,,    itati- i    iV'joint mooting ol tlio city    oouiiell
iiititi'.i,   to i.i   an ,i.ua n,a,iuu, oi      '" ami  ituartl  ol  suhool   tl'llslooa  wits liitltl
Btulu  itiii'i'   in,'  aiijuiitiiiiiiiii      oi   ,,,'■ I'i'iiiiiy miltrnooii'    luiit ,ii lho    ptlbllu
i-uiittitil tt',- Hull III' tu'li.'ii"- it [.aiti.u-
lar w Itlti'is tun |i.'i,nii'il inlii-.al, an.l
tints   lUKO   In,'  .Nan..' ot   11001.
Ur,  t arv.'l    li   IS II  till IIUlo   thill", lor
In Ituitl tu ..uniii n|i hero, uvmiiiiu,
i.in, ..ii ui in nroii'i lion autonsi lioi't
t a in. nil,, i ..t pul'llilineut, nit't iiiaiM'
a   ii li.nf-illt'   . lial'U„   llllll    II"'   « UIU'    ''
iii uu-. .iiM' ha™ ruiiiiiiiiifil perjury ,
uiuil- ul  lliu   mi,.' limo I"' duet     not
nana'   tin'   nil I   itliiiln   lit!   hi'lit'if    It,
111' |{lltll} .
III.   liiail,    Hull,   I  lull.'M-   llluiu      lin-
It.'.ai  |„!i',iuri   . oittiiitiit'il,  iiu.l  tlii-ii'  mil
ul,I,'I-  lllltt   llullUVU   III."  Mlllll'   thing,        I
im not intend iu lin Hi... mullet Uioji.
l inoiiou lo utijotiru wua iulorjucloil
' at   t nt-. Hltivu.    I liuu  liirnitig  to      Hi.
| i,i-iil.   Mr,  i urvoll aniil:   "Ami,     sir,
tin- i iiliilllilli'i' Inin ailjttlli liftl. llllll yoll
alt' lU'iilt'iii'tl llglllllsl lllti'l. I'lai tlral-
' Ij all ol lliu vv 11 in — -«•-• win, luivo givon
'evidence .-,,.' iii lliu room. I . Iialii'iin'i'
' i uu lu nana, u liiul] ut Ilium l,a uom
mitlutl perjury."
Ill     K.'i.l   inatli' UO at!>\i .a .
]     III.a   iiiiiIiiil'   ll   nu .nii'il t   Mr.  I'arii'll
• anl. "Sir, lull a
nol  iiumo i In- in;
a I'ownr.i;  \ OU llltl'O
Aia utTKCTii
V.l.M ill  V l-.ll   AM-'   1>K\ Bl_>TUK_,    li.   I
llll    St'lltllll    "III  VTlllN. till'  1'iilili.'   -.huul   h.-iits.-   r alU.-il   al
Tl Mimiimtioii ..f  |he uoiidiliona'l'« l'i''-'"t -I"'. "'"I tlml  i* i" iiuuoiil-
.,,  t|,D |,„i,|„   an.l hit'li auhoolH In   lhu   ■'"'"' with the Ileal nuthoritiua  lu-
L'itj i ..an. il nml s.l.uul I'fii-i.-.-. uutw
uttiiilv Iiii- iurviil i" pluec ulciirlj In- "''lioo
t   the  iiii/cua  lliu ui'ijeiiu)   ilml  ex-   -"'"  "' lliu mutler, let  the hiijli bi-IiooI
me lioinet
mil  oil iei
-.huul aitu iu ,1,,'
Mountain   viow C..-..M   «"••   «»
-..'".,   .".'I    f ,'"""    «	
iii BoiairU  ll..,.      i"»'u
- ,  ; "' >'"'"'1-
JOIIV ,   \ill.-,,N. ' UU, I 'uni.
j   MINI VH.K. Ulurk.
Koolonny uod«o. No. 15, A r. Ik A. M.
The regular „	
iuu- »r» imlil n. 11','
I     MisuM' 1 I'M li.i
'.    ua.it..:1..,v- Hull, ..i
I ti... third Unudti) li,
ji   , . •'.„■!,   month   al   '
Wg , " -., m. VI»ltiiiBhr«tl,
'■■j .«*^,;'^"'-v ;?'„„n,,"ll",ri ""
'... ^ '
J  T. 1'OLLO  K. U ,
. HAS J  AM \N  -,.. k, ' iki
8BLK1RK LODGE I'J   1.0.0  I
aV'Wij_»__ Mi ""
i^i       '       V.  day  '■" k*  ii.   n,'l
?*-•'■'_.    \klfk Hallatau
r ^kja_«9Vt_lJiiii lirathrau uri
oordlally invitt.l t,t Hileutl.
ALBERT IKMIV S l»,      J IS   51 inill.    ■
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P,
_i\    Ho. 26,  rtovelatoke, B C.
M.- : ■ . - ■ si  •• :;UNt.-: iv,
r.i \>    II'..- :.' >  t".
i-^t 0 a  ' i . .■
Hill    II   !    ,''!'((,
Kit.-. ■- Hall]    mil,
P.   SMITH, I . ('.
Q. H. .'Kili'K   K   ..(  H    . -
J   11   Ul'OTl       .    ' -'.
'.    !..,   i uaed n,. ummodiition     m   '"' plnued
iln-   |,a.nn        Hi-lmol       antl   a   new   l"|.'li   r"M   ''"''■
„   innliliiia.       Puttinu uaido     lh,"      ''     ni,s auggealeil     ul the    iiii-riiiit;
i ..uni   V.I'.HU, the Ural  uotuul    ilml
Iihh  11,','it  i isililu to  thu  uukeil  eye   lo
lu   M>inirati' ,»
itny extent  for lo yeura, wua seen here
an' .li'in' nijjht liuu week ul  sundown
li   ihe  soutltwi'st.   Comet   11,1010,      ita
iuu. l,  ihut  ha-   li  lulkcd   ,l,:"   ihe utial   end  site  should I, Id.
I  IOI.   litilllil,   ol   llll'   I  Ilivi-rsllV   ul    \\ll--
l.ii,'.Muii eulls il, t'Miitilt'il lur nlu,in
:.,, uejjreea, uud wus ubout a^ long ua
,i ,...ant diiimulura iu the uuked eye .
u....i    .;,,    i,,.,,,,,   I,.,i,|,i nut        mnl   ^'' don't   iigrce  willi   thai   view,   I.ainl   . , .    .   .
Until    illf   , n\    ut tiiL   ,,.,,,1.1,4,1,       an., ,],,,   i,,.;,,^       \t||i|,.  lit'ti'lii.   11;
                     .                 .                    ,..     ."..,.. m.a    ,,    1,..   . ..1....1. ..
in   Itevelatoke  ia  intitni   tu  I
if   \ alnai
In., t.i.
lie ileainihilitj   ..1  ijoinu  tu  lho l"',
I'll,        ' '     ' .11,   an.l   lishu an.l    ""'   ' ll"   "U    '"l""1    '-'' '   ll"1'1   '""
, km-   I..,     Inn-itv,   lilt   tlm,   Imaeoniu   :'1""1   '"   "■    Hl""   ''   "««   "
Un   the  st hool      ini-'.T-,  1 Hi    uoum 11    	
Ihere i-  ut  present  no
ainl      eili • ■
I III!   ,.".' nln.'li.   Iiii   .    p 11  ixl       lo
 limit   one-third ..(   iii ■     up to
■'■|."..,ii',,  Ioi     "I I   huildinu*.    n ivus
■ luted ut   ih.- in.'.-, iii-.'  1.-La 1, .1  to , liej
IVOtllll           .a'!     ■  "111 lilllli.      ...        '.Ill' lljl'll
In-.'   as   \ aint.-.
li..- new     I'ulustiul visitor has   uome
unit,, iiuexpeeledly, nnd was onl\  tllB-
tie' ■ ■
eovered ubout  ten tluya a„o by 1'iut .
;.,,,.  ,|„,    ,,,..,   ,,   uvuiluble foi  lhu high sehool, sitve the
■ a , ,',„  „ud ,!    uithl n,.i be rut );' A   A,,K""' "' ""' '-irU Ubsorvutory
tu bcttci  use t-'ouieta ait' uutned by  thu yoar     in
li  would if «.il ii  the -'huul tin- ■ ttluuii 1 iii>   uppeur, anil in.' number 01
 - iv.a-  I..    ,1!   1  iniljli,'  eting tu I'"''1   upiicttruaeea     during tlml  year,
'■uiiM.I.'t   ll iit.i,  ivheu  11- Inii.a- "'it  being  uiu  toil .   eouiul  uiseoveruo
-..ni.-  null   iiiinj..     1    'lin      ..ii in   I'l".    li      is  imi  known  poaiuveij
I     pnnn
1    'j ■   1 . I  ■ ,
■'i-;: ''■•■  .-■■'•■ >■■;■.'- a;« :■>■> \ ■ ■ '
\ '      ;   pis
Your 'Xmrs Gift
Phi .■ s. ii .bi,., s n il'l   „i>d
I'',',,!-!"!' I'ltstlil t'11 FhI|1I'I',
Mmlii'l',    lltiili  l',     Si Il'l-     or
Kii'tnl, iltt'i" ii- no'hinn to
,',.,1,1 a,," willi ,1 Handsome
Plooe of Furniture.   Wu have ,1
New Sloek
(' mi' ami rtiou-|, vnni  Xnt"a
R. Howson & Co.
Import direct from country ol origin.
K.F:vm,STOKB   Irf. n.
.  I.iii   ui- don't    oe ,1 in
i' nut net  im-
a tifiv inint-t ui-     iut-
....I      lh,.1
■   • IS,	
. il.l   in'uli ,i.
.In       ,..
'in.'.I   ivoulil   11 1   Willi     ihu. ,-1    ai
i".    uud uum  nl    lie i-ilizena, an.l   I'euppeiirunue 01  an ..ni  one,  om  il
umiblu   llu oiiiu-il   to 111 runge f. a
-iilniu    iiuii   uf   th, lull      , Ilo
trust! ■ iit|
a-    possilll,
iihWtiU.I WtiAitF
considered prouublc it  i-; a new one.
Mm    - "in."!,  ::.   i.ti",  mu-t   noi      lie
• ■■:   aitii   il illt'j - L'umel,  vviii.cii is
I',- ,1   iiakeu  >'.\ 1'.  it.' •
t«»  llii' ____i.itli  Duny  in   in.
-•voninc,    " ' wi»eii tlupiiei  unci  Saturn .
li'I*i  w  nnly  about   an  hour
in,    liu!   -Inin'-   willi      a
nrtl;    after   ilnrk.    h       i^
lward    ":'l   prel tj   soon   li
irly n orning.
B0&O01, II. Manninu, us flmirniiin <>t
ilu1 school board, Invilvtl lliu uounoil
to inspocl tin1 iuu nil it: rooms nf lho
public sehoolj tn ImpvuHH upon thou.
tin1 duugornub risk uf liurdiuy uhildrou
in thr a 11 if. wild Utile nr no lilOUUt.
nf off row h in i;iHr nf lin', iimli'iniinin^
ili.'ir I1eull.l1 by slruiuiny Uwu' oyon 0»
a had light, and Hubjocting thorn lu
extreme., oi hout in *iimmor and bud
light in «inlor.
Tin' Council expressed lhu opinion
thut iln- utile rooms should mn Inii-,nl, uud ihut it \\a- a waslo of mon
oy rn Imilil a sunn Ih'o oseupo in iho
litnn", ;i proposal whioh was condomu*
,\ tali; of WOK.
Tin: mayor explained that ua (la:
city lliiuuecs were in mieh n proeurious
uoudition, tlii- uounoil did not know
where they wero ul wiih the oily nc-
eounls until tin- new uudUoi'd hud re-
porlud. A uuw school v\a^ ubsoluloly
impossible, llu1 tux rnlo could never
hope in li'1 reduced below 30 mills for
lho nexl leu nr twelve yours, ami no
mono) \\a- uvuilablo i*> do any public
Mr. Muiiuiiui- explained that ihe mini
bei* of pupils    was increasing yearly ,
ainl  tliat   more rooms  wore  reijuircd t
i lir al lii   imi   being lit   I'm- usi>.
Tlio government would assi<i     with
the ereolii f ti public school building, bill  uol n high school.   An oppot'
lunily waa lost  when tho purchuse   of
lllock •">- was  lurnod down  la-i  year.
A high school could U' built for S'JU,-
IUKI, ami put  upon 'itli street, can I, on
iln' citj  property,
Aid.  MeKinnon did not  lluuk i'  ud-
viHItblo   1"   put    a   high   KCllOol   away   lip
ilii'tc, uuvocutod Helling thi' property.
Mi. Manning pointed oul that the mat
ii'r was nf vital importance—udditiou*
,-il rooms were required and meanwhile
the children in tho condemned, un •
heulthy and dangerous attics were
workiug under great Uithcuities.
SAl'S Uli . IS BA.nMvlI'T.
H. Howson urged tlml the govern ■
mt'iii bo asked lo help, and suggested
lhai a strong deputation uum me
vouiictl, 8ehool bouid aud tiourd »>i
I rado wait on tho froviiitial uoverto
ti flit ul \ ictoriu, and toll mem laul
ilif tiiy is bankrupt  and wauls mono^
n,    l)Ulld    U    Ml   lOOl    With.      ll    WOUUl     nr
i'ic only thing tn ilo   to uppoui lo Lliu
^ovprnment   im-  help,    Itevelstoke    had
imt  any money in spend on ihf   work   — _— ,...    ■ , ■   ■        ——  '
ii.i-i'li. and if    the government    wero —^ ■«-_». ■ m j.   ««»*«  a   p             i    I /~\   I " Tmm I
ir___i_!J_xr^JORIENTal  HOI LL
, nine tu tIn- rn..'in-.
'    .    ^     "  ■
Central Hotel
.imson Bros., Props.
All modern convenlonw b
■.    i' rpapect.
■ tittr -.
Soeciai Weekly Rates
j\evelstokt\ B.C.
;bc tTDail*1lDcralo
:i).\Y, KEB. :
■ ■
■   • _    "
Mr,  Mainline/,  in reply   to   Mr.   How -
K-uUiaU   ,,,liiu,n 'oil's remurks, pointed oul  I Imt, while
ndiiwuy ituiuup ,„. lllUy bclicvc(|   „,„ p,.,,,;,,,.^! ,;„v
Pn,        I ruin  win     held  ernmcnl  noiild  iiKsial  the eitj ill build-
:   innskeil men one  mile enst   inu n  new   publie school,  antl     would
Mo.,  thii-tj  mile* Irom  St,  probnlily  give n  gruul   of  815,000 or
*-".  towiirds it, yet  it was ridieu •   J_       _\.T.T . I' IR
.      the    rub-   '0Uli     '" t'unU     tlml  the govornuioul	
Vfter  IliiBifins    the  ""'" uxpeu*
I., inging ,1      to
■I   the '',,Lri„"'  aa.I
■ tug n i,nrning '..
uai   n,.t    ,..
til   ■    ' ■ "  iui -   \ al
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rat;-s $i  i it)     Monthly rate
• N  K       PBOP.
Ahl. Hews suggested llmt ihey might
.•it.'   ill.'   eity   a   n.a,   school   insti'inl    uf
i t-oiirl  la,,i-i-, a sflnml being     moro
111''  t'-Mll'V.
I,   wa- eventually decided  llmt,     in
. ,,,,.,,„i     ,,    '■"■•  "i ll' '■!""- i,nun,' of lliositu-
hi    , I   ,'1"11 ;l1"' ,l"' dire necessity uf    more
ll""1    ■""'in lutlon,   a   stroug  ,1,"- f
ll 11 nai,   an.l   a    IVpi'tM'tltlltivo       un,'. '
 l.tili,,,,,.   '"    '"'   '" Victorin ubout   Ihe     timo |
 -liinai,-     ivore before     ilm;
'   ' lu-nmcnt, ami iniike a  strong   up •
ind  n 'i'i'' i  iui- a    tiui of iiiuiii'v
"nM  I"* -' !
I'l I'll -  IM KKASK,
iii  I'ollock    i..1.1  il..'  meeting
  Iui)   hisl  ..ua  mi iii-w  pupila
hool   ..'I   .  ■ omplotc new
,' 17  hnd i unie  iu Chiistinus
ii   .  l.uL'i'  iiiiiiiltia   reudj
|,„ |,    ' he next   lei in    I In. ('nun •
•   p..    .'l   ipprecin
.       ,, f  tin       • I.Mhlin. i,|   ,i„.      ,i ,
krse-Shoeing * Carnage Work a Specialty
 i it I'u ■
-.   .   . ■ ■
' i •,,
■ .'    ■.  .    ., .....
he I 'I, .•    . .   ■
i| ... mild win	
  i'l'   pub  i       a
■ ".     Minn
l- in.unlit.*
.■'...'   lil
,'.„     -'
, ■ t,..it
I , . i .
. ■. ...id
.    .•. -    .       -,..      • ill ' ,1, 'i
:, stion ati'i                      ■ I-,. •
mon      out
' .in.'
'I t■."   ion nf
~<>i.    one   »nl.    uniii    | pie,     I he pii
t,il>.a.   lust   ;.. ul   ,1". luictl      Ioi
.,i  publii
fori ""
Me   •     l.o il.,    l,anl ti , ■ Imjtnti
rhi . mpnign,    it
ihe  |.i"i iui; ,,„ ,|   . i|| ,„ ,   .    fn      i    ii,..,,.  ,
of  Ihe  w hurl  lo      'I  I  llovi       iki   I	
  ..I'M       I...    |x,„,|„ an
: M "    ■ I • ins   '"
■   "i'ln.      H-nll   lllldei      aaj
ll,     III id,  "i I in ll   die,   I"'   ipil llotl        |,y ,1 .  i .,i  l\,„,t, n,,
ii ol,   in    h    '!"• Iiii Ing    I Intend     In   ■
Wood For Sale
( Inii r ,   I iiken li't
I .irlv  I lelivurv
,; ■   Cut in 12, IB, 18 or \\
Inch Lengths
First Street     Tel. 6B.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
urt' disposing of their •• ''ire Sttvk «t a
small Hilvanct nn imsi It >\ill pa> you to
Investigate iheir prices on Diamondh,
Jewelry, Cut Class, Silvcnvarc,   Watchc*
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
l<t>val Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed ami Chicken Specialties,   Hcans, Peas,
Barley,  Breakfast Food*,  Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
E, W.  B   PAGET
**— -—  ■ «'.'Wp5
Scotch  Whisky
(Jenuinc Scotch is Qood for You.
Scotch Whisk) is .in excellent tonic and
digestive, Many elderly people find it
absolutely essential to their physical well-
lint, like everything else, it benefits the
user only  when  used  in  moderation.
Also, its benefit In vnu depends very
largely upon the brand you select,
Use a genuine Highland Pure Malt Whisky.
Use Wats,in 9 .1 brand that fur noarly a
century li.,s been b, Id in the highest esteem
wherever Scotch  Whisky is to be found.
Distilled in I he Highlands of Scotland,
from pure Barley Milt, and by the old -fashioned
Pot Still process, our Whisky is ailed in Sherry
wood until it is smooth, mellow and neb.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR'      A mild, ihoroutfhly matured Scotch.
"NO. 10"    A lull-bodied, richly llivor.d Scotch.
JAMES WATSON ,'"; CO., limited  •■  Dundee.
Larqe Budget of Business Gone
Through at Frihy's Meeting    ^•Ili,;;n;
A    -peeil.l    IIII'l'lillL'    ol    till'   t'ily I'll,
.il  iiii-  linlil  l„.i   I'Yiihiy night,
Aid. Alii-rihiuiiMtii    til il,.,  sin.     <i.m«. or o-n ,levy-fh« t^mffi^e J
iiy   .ai th" portion's nl n,.- city not he]
ti. ai'i'onuno •   lilted hi   tho debenture',
i'ho Mayor considered, they     ahdj
this matter utraightenod mn..
Aid.  Mi-Ki i set untied  iln- ino,J
\, hieh wtt,. earned.
away tiijlt the sewerage system in I
cast   an.l  ivost ends.
Aid. Cowan said it  would he a gJ
\l,l   Mil ni a i  supported iln- propoHiil  (led     In    Aid.  Rom  ,    ll   «a    resolved ^^^^^^^^^
providing  discretion  wn    Used  lis      in   thut  ihe matter lin referred to the I'lrc ing  to  be up  against  it   ill   tin
case ..f sii'liii,' Water an.l Light Coinmillco. gnol    I'hty were nimbi
The motion then mum,"I  ununimoii Si'UOOJ, I \ I' I ;.N SI.. date  tho |>i i.-,,mi ■  now,  und      would
1   Tl ,lima;i"   i.n   |Ihi eity  schools , have lo add  t.. ii     I'he in.,tion     was   liold special meetings     till they
HANDS OKI'   lnl;   U.lil.l.'UI.Y      'n    nlreudj   pulillaluid in our eoli  then eitrrjad.
I    suppose ilm-,' -. li.Mil  were mibmittod In  lhu school trust , Hlti: HUP  M)l>'.
..,i„.Iliin...  w,. .annul  gel '    The   Mayor suid   litis   estuiliile      ua-       ||u,  \|,iVi,i'   -anl   ihe  liuittei   of      lir,
Wiiy from, $11111(1 over la-1  yem     The eMrn     ex l„ iL„ul.> ei„ii„.  „ ,|  „„ve   to  lie gone      M'-  Hrigtw thought   they i-otild
City Cleric   \'n, pensu wiih duo lo ihe fuel  ihe iru-uei- ,„,,,  cflwfully  ami   he    ..ggesled  leuv •
Present:   The  Mayor.  Aids,     ('.man,      Aitl.  Huwa suggested Slimline,   oul   no-   hud   pell a  new   room   in  St.       lie mL,  ||„.m  nve|.  ,,,    another  moating   so
M.t aiiy,    Trimble,     Ileus, MeKiui   Hcos  advising  il nil   would   in    drows ehureli und provide for leneher, i|ml   (hoj   mighl     consider  lho newer
ami  Aliialutnisiin. sisi  nn prompt  payment  of iieeotuilH,     rent,    jiiuitor     ami furnishing.      I'hen eonll'ael    with  a  view   to gelling that   '"''"-' "     'hoy l'""1'1  "s •' w°Ol»
Hi,- Mayor anid .-,.-  Aid.  Dowa     hud      'Vld   Abrahams..n suggostod having iiehers'     salaries    woru increased by oloarod up. rreaso ihoir borrowing power S-l-l,'
matter,  to bring up aud had loluuvu  Hcoh typo-wrltton, to enclose with  the  (tllS u  month, Thi,  inoroiiso was juati-      .\l,l.  ('.man       Were  lho connection*   wl,i.-h would Bnable  tnem '" brin|
tho n ling earl}   lie would call     ou  accounts. lied at compared     willi  salaries olao • from main sewer to lot line     part   ol   :' -""d blS rivar 'or waUsr HllPP'.v
I,;m. |    Aid.  MvKI , -.ti,! ,t good  number  whore,   Theru ivus an eslimu I stitiii uriginal contractu CITY I'OHF.MAN.
;    CASU  SVsSTEM  I'nll Till: CITY,     """'ll '"' '''"I""1''1'   -«l  ii   would   be  for lire oscupo.   They had looked over      Ur, Buck      So, l;. Tapping  applied for tha posit]
Vld, Bew. reported lhal ho hud boon   '"'"n '" h"VB  "'I"1"'"'1 wl! >   ,"'", "l'l"'r '' '? In ","' *1I,<".'1',   , ' h"-v       VM-   »'*»'    '«'  "■*-«"  '"   ""     "' "i'r '"»'"<•"' »<  » "alary ol »!2f
■  -       ■ would not e,,-t much in loin "I thou     I,ml  n     e I ed nud rightly so. jnK money  to imike these eonneetlous    , .in,,nth.-  Uooeivod.
sands. Ihey  hnrdly ihotighl ii   wise to spend n would     be possible to run ii  under CONTRACT  CONDITIONS;
"Will on n mom   which had h on- iho Irjlnw, iu whieh ease he     thought       ,,,,,, . .
'  them printed. ■      I'm      that     *! ,v eonhl ti,,.,.,,  |,, , ,, ,„.,• left over      •>'*  ^'"T"  '   '"Til.
WATICH AMI I.KIIIT  lil.l'HIM.      rent  two  I Ills for „ your.   T it, ir  the balance     available'   , ver   ''"'  ''"""''" '  "' ''       "   '"''
In.iliiiiL'  init,     matters and found
lax condition  of nfmir-   Initl existed   ill       ,,,   ,. .,      ,  .    ,
Aid. ( ituitii eonsiilered ii boiler
the city ,,limes,    lie .ltd  not   it Ish      I
censure  Mr.  Luwson beeiiuse I
i elv   taken  hold  of a   condition      of       ., ,    ,,
Md,  ( own
altuirs i hnt hud eMsted aiui'o inuorpor-       ,   , • ■ .   ..
1 ami    l.tclil    t "iniintlee
iiiiini.   lie suggcslod thai  lho business  .      ,
with  thi' ,'ii\- -I Id bo placed slrietlv      aa ,       ,
'    , le   ma    el-   le eiced
..,, a .ash basis, and there should   '•••
im  fnv.ns.
To "lu
h.'til Ulan   of   Iln-    Wa,.
mi.ii eportod us  f.i
mti      iu     a posi.tion  tn  build n
tl  at     pi'oseut  Imi ,,n,' ivouhl linvt
the tost,   li   would onlj   amount      lo
sl',nun aiid     there    ought  to be some
n     the     ili-iiinni-
eiiiii|it'lleil in liiiish il  within a t-ertl
Mr,  llriggai   It was to 1» linishet)
,,„,, i  i „ aa      i         , ■■_______,       , October, and he got  an extension
l-'L-1   '    ""'  ■'  Uelegii ,     Irom   brunch     sewers,    It  ndghl   not  he     in
"'  """'     :l ' Hlliou from      Mr.   ilm s.l I  lloiml, Cily I  il      ,,,,,1,1 ,U„L1|   mt but  tliei-e      ii,- '   ! , ,      ,'    , ..      .
 '"   'i ■«•"»«.  '■"'  -hitrtliiy    ni   II dof  li.nle, lo \ ,„, mget an   inonet   - ,,   fr   ,!„■„   loan! ,,„,       A '''  Al""l,''""7,"i    ••^ered     t
"""•   I"'""1'  l""1"" '»«!  «wl nn,  also  „  pe     reused grant from  Il.e Cover,,,.,  .   p,,,-,,,',-,.-  ,!,.„   „.„.  ,„„   „,   ,„, Man '""M '-"' on,wilh lhe "u«h l""ks "I
"""    *l*n I    ,- extra   II" thought   , 1,1 be ., 1   idea  >"' ,'" ''"' TC''"S° "T*™    \°l
-   v.,,nlil   iiii,   tl...  ;.,,  ,i.i. ii. , "'   ''-,'d, even      if it  eost   them a ll
11,1,11,1    |l.i>     tlie    llltele.-l   anil   ■ ,   |'e|„..,l    | ||C    l.llav,    f,,|     Hie   ea-t      ami ' . „ ,     „,
I'niiil  mi  n  in,,,    ..!,.,. I i,                              i it  '   .       t extra   in tin  ii   nu".    He  niovod.   1
"""i "ii a new   "In...I. li      it.,, ue.t ,.,,,1- I'oople who had  not the          ,,. ,.,   ,               ,    ,                  i
,.i.,.;.,, t„, <■  ;i i ,      ,         ,  . ,   "'•   ' i'v '   ei-k on ereil  tlie material
1 I., H"n   I"  Hit' I milled lo see  lhe newers  had      taken legal      advice and'
-h""M  '"'  I"'''1  -"''Hi   In   lho L'tlth „ ,1,1,,,,  0f  'j'on,   |,,,„_,   .in,|   c,thoi-M
m   water and light  nit  oil', ., ,,.,1,,,.,; ',  ,1,,.,,  „,,,,.,. ,. N ,,,
|,|lu "''>     ''"'""".ts - .1  be |  u,.  look  ih,'" mane,,   up very eiu'e- ki
mi a basis of .-irnil.i   monthly settlu     fullj   ami f id  ||,al   it   was  iieeossan „
Don't Be Caught
Another cold   snap   coining.
Car of Good  Lump  Coal from  Leth-
bridge just in.    Order now.
""''"'' to   huvu   the  -lial'ititL'   for   powei   plnnl    litions  at   ll 1 1. „,.,.,. ,.,|,|      ,,.,..   a.a  „,,.   ,„...„   .,,  „„,
■   •I                  Ml                                                                   I              'llll                                                                                                                                '                              ' l',l|l,ll|               I  I M    V         I I l< I       I l< I I        I | , t '.  • '       T I I          I   | \
,,AM' ..Mt;!  B ' "'"' •Vhl; ""ll" '  ■ »" 'I'" !'«.'      Md- C  M..I.I il it ,,  ,, , „, ,„.„!,,.
•""-   ,;"'1'    ,,"a',  '", rMty.  "I'    '" h" "'I'1-"'1 i   '»"">   ' ' >   "J I""""   '«' '"«•'« ' " I     I'l    re,     „,   I",   I,        "
'° 'Z ,ll.,° ,.rtl>    "^  ;""M^ '«'0   , "It y re is,,   tion ,,'ese vislinu     ut     the,     ,,„,,.,:„.,.      „,      ,,„.
'" '"",", K-'tly ••«*l« lm-l- 0WI..H it,      ,„     „.     ta.,;,,,      .,,,.,,,1   - I   The danger lo  ll hihlre,,    ,,   Hebe leetinn   ,l,e I      He
'" l"lSt-k '"'-  "'" ',"""","7,   'V     "'«'   ""•   """    -   l«irl   of    lhe     •■          I hi     ,1  ask   M,     lluel    ,   I ill  ,h,
""'" l>*»5-*««   luh'-osl   that   -I .1    not   ,„,„,.,   „,„,  ,„,„   i, ,  ,,„,|  R.j||      ,„.   |.„ allowed     ,,,   exist.      „„,      ,,„    «,.,.„  .,.„,.,,„|,
'"''   IU' rW' 11l,w!  "'',"1   ;""'  l;«h'   ™> I       |-r«tlii||   the -2M k.   iv,    ■ I   uttett.   was    ,,,.„„      „       M,    It,,,,,       |.-tl||,  ,,„„
accounts be paid s nellj   nish and   ,1   L„ „. , .,;ll „„ „  ,.  „,„ „,, „, ,     ,., ,„,.,     ,,„.„,      .,,,      „,Ki ;       ||(   , , 	
""''  ''""  """    U}'S '',""' , '•""•   I'1"1"'  ''""l  - -''I   Htcief    ,e      il   om   I,.,   proviihnu      -,- |.      ||,.    |  , „,,,    ,„  , .„;„,      „„,,
lat'tiii-.i' urrungeuienl  made,   llmt   wnlei'   viibsiniiliiil  im   .,, ;,,,    , Innl  ....,  I,  ;.   , ,•    , ,•
I,-,,. at i.inn.ii  iiii   some  nine  t .in,- Iuu t  licon  ui tana   ol   tin- expendi-   western   pinions   or  n lie or   ten vear-
,IU| ''-1"  '"' '■"' "ll; n]«u  ""'"   '"■•'        I""  coal  ,,„   ,-   i,„'   n-evi..,,    ,-,„ 'e  lil aw   il liti,,,,-  exist      yet
''I'     '""';'""!      "'"".l1""'    J   '"''l'1   f>' nl  I  " I" gns  produeerwl ll  sel I i,,   hi ,|f. '  T|„.  M(1V111,      „ h   Mf-   ,,,„,_
dm"B°   ,h"   ' Ia"'   "   '""'"-"■>•   bill    i ali.m.     I'his   will   -ate   ,1 ,        Ahl,   Hews  I,-,,.  |,.„   ,1a.    »,,„. |,„,   |,   „„,    , „,,   , ,„,,,   	
.       hu   Mai.,,'  d„    nol   llnnl,   „   advis-   ,'„,•      „„„.     ,    , mM      ,„,.,,„ v       „„„„„,,,   „,   .^         ,h 	
lb° Y'^W   hodiioduton.   tlepeudenl   on   ,he   gas   p„„| ,-  „-|    school,   The,   - ,1   hate   a   I,li,„      The   Slnvor:   We           .-on.iderahl,
.lu;.  bc™ml° ""'   '; "' "" I"'  -  »« being ,„„-„„"„,l.     r. v ehildie 1,1  -,-    „,   ,,, ,er the I	
i    ll„< l lerk s,,i,l  ihere ua- s'.i,,l io      He petition fio.n  T,„1V  |. iu.I »f lire, hul he for     one .lid nol      -,,       Mi    Duel        \-
lho city- for water and light accounts ,ors,  nskiim      for «  ,-ed    how t il,   hi build n sel I lhe Jlnvo,      M,    l:,,-   ,„■
'" : """' ' l .'' '■"", "uhl t ' ■ '<"- '!•" .ate "ii.,   m.i. v. ,,. ,,   „„. ,|p|. ;, , ; ,„.,-;,, f ,,.,
""'"      '"'7;''     "nd1IM.,nl I11'0";      ,,Jf  *•!» '•  "'■         imr.ies      all   allie Inll       in leunrd to      Mi.lt,,,,-        X„. I ,„-,., I„- ,,„ ,
f"1  """I""1'?"     "'"'  l-.'l'l- 7 ■'"■'   «'-'    this very nuvfully. nnd linil   -:           tt hen .he,    ■  ,         \|,|       M. Ki„,     ■,,,..,',     ,,,,_    , „
heuatui   business cred,tin such enses     , „,      ,„.„„„„„ „„.    ,„   „   llir lht,    , ,,,„,,,,       |f , „„,. ,„,,.,.,,     ,        , ,
lho good water and light accounts al   1V(,m,  „. ,„,.„„ ,-    r,         „, . „.,,,„, ,  ,„„,,     ,„ 	
" • ""llm  »  ' k  '"   ""' ''"" ''«"-•■   Long  i   others  vvill    „„,   ,,..,,,.     sn , ,     „    ,:„.  ,„  ., eslimate"
and gnvo no trouble, but  .hea-   wore men, win,. v,r     ns fnr us we    ,,„,  ,osl, s,,v a  "ir,.      - ,   „,,     „,,     „llt,ki    ,,„„,    ,,. ,,  	
tho ll.diire.-ent  accounts  which the,   ,,-   Ilml.   Th, ti ,.-,  ,„' _i__iBir. „„,.    i.ive had this senonl dilli ,   bill    xlend  the   k of ,1 antral s
quired some way "f collecting.
i'tc., has In
Inline   111    tin
P.    O.    B-^X    32
PHONli    248   ,,„,,   ,,,,,„„,   t|„.  |))u lopU>d   im   V|      uw   lheul8tilvos   K].m.^   i(i   r|(j       if   -(ij   iiv.  ir(|
nftor     also gutting informnli nsiderabl -i    over    thai'which  "I tlml c Iiii,
Garden Freshness el "SALADA"
the  faction,   lhal   lie  i-ecretted    t., lion after     tl -tiuuiie wo*  mudo ,
,y.   lie i-i,i.il,.,iiii which accounts for il x	
=   son,     ,'titt'i'     his,, gelling iniormnuoii   I'onsiiieraui -i     over    that   which   '"  uul1   conn,,ion    ,»l  things,      llevel \l,l.  Trimble: \  stiitemont      un-
fri.iii  Vtincouvor aud  Ncu   Westminster   uoiilti  occur  in  furnishing  witter      to   'Aoke tins too small n cil,   Ut bi   tli\i nuide on  the publii   platform  that   the
as in their systems, puriies   within   iho  corporation   lines.  ''''' "gninst iisell and ii  wus lime ihe ,-ily was up nguiusl it with the  con ■
Tin- .Mayor -aid  thoro ua-  tm, much   On  lho other hand  those parties liiiue   I ooplc tried  lo pull  ,.. .tl,.,     hn    the tractor for  the seweruge,      Are     the,
luxitj   lura,  with  these accounts,  and  as ihey do outside lhe cili  limits und   lenelit     nf iln-    i-iiy ami il"     I Is, any more free now  than then?
if they adopted a strict system   there   not  subject  lo tho Inch  taxation  ili.tt   ''"'  citizens     -I Id   hnvo   | hnsed      Mr.  Ih'iggs    Ves, al  the end uf two
would he im trouble. exists under corporaiioti  rule,     could  "lock A- I'm-     school purposes     when yeara the city i- tree.
Aid.  Hews -aid the ::u days allowed  hattlly expect to l„. favored uiil,
I ley   Innl      tin-  , 1
te i Iinil,1,-   -,,   a-   t,
ipiiekly as | Ible,
Md,  Mi-Curty  »oconded.~Cartiad.j|
, it, i:n<:im:i;u.
I he   Mityot   did   m.t   .'.insider       tl
i..|iiiie.l  tu retain  tha engineer ine|
Itllle   a-    tliele   u ,|-    III,   llulk    til  ill).
Mr,  lluek  -aitl nn engineer was
nil.d tu thirl)  da,s notiea.
thi,   I . linli.   did   nut   look  at it tl]
wu)     I lie,   wore only  laying him
,,M  the,  could resume work, nol
i        '     with him.
Vld, Ala dinni-i,n agreed.
'I  .   lliu k   .tated   he would nol
main here if laid utf as he intended |
in,  ,"  the Coast.
\!'l   Couun     iid   thoy  .-egeetted
i.n   mi)   man ..If. hut  the city's iiuu|
Mil  condition  compelled   them  to
down all expenses possible.
Aid.   MeKinnon did not  see auythf
lo  I.-   gained  by  laying  .Mr.  Hunk
tm n month, if iln', had in pay fo
i-  the,  would     have  to     get  an e|
gineer iu a  month     or  so when
work ua- resumed.
Oi    nn.,i",i  ..f  Ahl.   Ahr,11,unison, |
:  , by Aid. MeKinnon, it wus
.:. That as there is no work
in,,,  at   |ir nt   tin-   -erviees  of  the
,i,i..i  I,., dispensed wiih front .lamia!
Vld.    Abrahamson     ennsirtered
layipg of bra,eh  pipes  should  be «t(|
i»"d till they "uniii he inspected,
moved thai  Mr. Sinclair be instruct]
'.,. nop the work meantime.
Aid. McCarty seconded.—Carried.
CITY HALL.        >-
file City Clerk      sui,d the Fire
gadc paid a man $25 a month tj
i.. lh,' Mnyot     Would we ,"'  into   an,
by  ilm linn- accounts for installation eipul  ran-.   He    therefore  recommend     '"" P,i'nl> "'  "■ trouble with   the hebenture holderab;
uere got oul should tie siiliiiieut. timi  their    rates, heme 82 per month      A|d.  Trimble had  hoard  a g Ideal uslii(j  tho bulnn.-o     in hand for     iho
Aid.  \l.l\in lid nol -ee why ilu- net.     be e.iu"ii a discount of    -Jn per ': '""' '',r "'■"'' "' lll(' school from Mr branches?                                             ^^^^
eity should have to nllow  a hie     (lis- tout, if paid on or before lho 25th •■! 'Il,l"i"e. but did mu pa,   I, atteii Mr.  Briggs     I-  would not be      safe   after the furnace in No. 2f sta     |
count   I'm-  prompt  pnyi ,t  of   water ouch mouth.   Thi- «ill mukc their rale '  "' ■'  ,;l1 h" l"''"'1 ul„u had been to touch that  mone;   meantime.             il"' City Hall, C. Cordon aitended
and  light     accounts.     Instead     the)' M.MI higher pel   vour than  tho onliu- """,l  ,l""  '"t-'1"' U<1' Cow»" ''"'"''  "" lv,,3   "  rould   llcal,i"B lhe "l,M!  un<J attending t|
should charge heavy i, -.-i on oxer-  art  housel lor within     in, pora •      Vld.   Abrnhnn ,  said   ,1 „,,,,. not bo used. furnoce    during the day,   while Gc
line accounts, say 3 or m per cent.       i imits.   We    further roc mend l u* ";,l|i" >':i'""" '"' •' I"1','"'  •":• "'- ""' <-'''>' ''"'^ I"""1'"1 ""l the plana  -'able Terry  looked  after the film,
I    The morclmuts did  not  allow 2 per  lhal  nu agreement I vecuted bv lho '"•|"""' ,""1 ',"''"     ',l'""' '  Uam  ' ''-"'•',U   "'  "'Lr|'''   C5ordon ll"i"''  liketh<,w3
I_8___E_«mcr_?2;'a____Hr-        '"          cent, to peoplo as nn I icomcnl      to  fit) I -,, I bv the     parties     ,„      A Id.  Trimble:        Win,,      does       lhe and many extras put in. ami    ho suggested     arrangements
-                                          M**™*™*^   ™    "ll                          ! |,10 lo ,,„y their uccounts.                 .,...   1 ,■>'  anvt .-i..„-      bo" I tax i.moiint lo? Mr. »rigg« said tney could not     re- j made with the fire hall jaoilor t<
Fresh and fragrant from  the gardens or the tmest tea-       sul frimbk seconded the    motion granted.                                            •'''> ru'<k:   •-'""""•                         i"al ""' b,-la«    withom the con t it ni 82fi a month.
producing   country   in   the   WOrld.     Ask   your  grocer for    ,iml -,lpp,,,',e,l the views of Aid. Bows,      Ou motion of Aid. MeKi   ■       Vld.  Ahr„l,.„„-„„:     Hill      not      tl I the debenture holders, bdl  ..-   they I    On   motion  of  Aid.   MeKinnon,  se
a package to-day —— you'll  like  it.                                                      I    Aid.   Cownn   supported   the  proposal   ded  by Aid.  McCarty,    tin- te t  ua- ' ■' I   ,l"'  I'loviiiciiil  govern nl    are had al-.. ilm guarantee of  il„. i-ity  a,   onded  by  Aid.   Abrahamson,   the  C
  Black, Mixed and Natural Orecn, 40c, 5Uc, Cue aud 70c per lb.          of Aid.  Ucws.  I'oople cot an idea that adopted.                   ... ' "ilding south of  ii,   relieve us?
Water Notice
Nolice is hereby given that an appli
cation will be made under Curt V. of
lb" ••Water Act, 1900," to obtain a
licence in ilu- Revelstoke Division of
West Knotenuy District,
room*. Finest scenery in British Colum-      |a|   The name, addrcs- and ocenpa
Special  Attention given   to   cuinuicrcial
men   ami   tourists,     first-el,is-   sample
,,t   Aid.   Hews.   People not  an  idea thai   adopted.                W^M ' "'Idini: -"'ith of  it,   relieve ,,-• lai'L','.  lie  did   not   -ee  i,,.«   the,
becuuso it was     the    municipal body    IVATEH Sl'I'I'I.Y OLTSIDI-:   CITY.       The Mayor:   Not nuich. huve any objections
the)  could ,1.. a- the)   liked.                        (In  motion of Aid.  t'o«   -.•,,,n.l.-d      ""  """'"" "'   Vld.  Cowan,   I,-1 11"'   Mayo, iiggesled  .'.'ttitiL'      in
i    Aid.  Abrahamson favored   the      pro-   by  Aid. Trimble,  it   ua-  resolved: ''I   M,i-   H,K '•  ll'"  - '  "li"''    ' h    "i,h  ,'"'  ll"1,1"'- "'  ,h" ,l"'""" '
Iposul.                                                               That  all water pi •Mended     from ,w lvcre '"'"I ' '»*  »" '"'"'■ '""'" ""'' n %"'"  "' -''U"IL' tbcir TOn"
ily mains for lhe
.f ■
WOIIKS I'liMMH | | |
nt   behalf
of   liie        Mr.   I'.liL'u-   I. pii. .I   I,.
ahl  <|.i
plying uai,-,  I., nil)  |iers,ni ,.,  parti,-      \ld.      Mi-Curt
i-esiding outside  ihe eor|ioruliou  must works eouiniitl ,., |, ,,„ ,,„,„,,.,, |. Il'"   Mayor:   Could  tic complete  tin
                                                                                                                                                                     '"' ';"'~t""l"'l   under  plan-   ainl  ,|„.,-i . ing   II.   I.niitl |  1„.  |laj,|   |.-„     ,„,,   ,lr and u,-t   ends  and still   be    with
bio, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.          tion or the applicant -Corporation"of' Cninnsla nf Canadian   ltnrrt,r»c,s  Dan.,t.tla.a  '"'" * l'"'1 ''""" l,v  ''"' ( ilv"   ,""1 '"'   ""' ''  Ilr "■'   emiiloviil .,•  , ,,• ■ "' t1"'  total estimate?
the City of Itevelstoke, «('!                   I W«» « ■  HOfTIBStead  K E g UI a t: Q T, b   s..,H,-viseil b,     Cil,  ,',„.,„.„,.     and I'.n.e,  work II,. -fin   Clerk-    I  ll.ink    o
 SoKn=^ - • •■».---  - C Ll n.': :,::f Ll	
a stream Howlng off Mount Revelstoke1 acres mora or le... "' l,v ""' "pi'li'-niii-. ie<>ommeuded this stand „u>r fo,     the      VM   McKil i:     Anything Wl    ,.,
'    "    "      """  ''"' '"'   '""  ' - '" "   "-   "ll:':     1'  '  do Million,   meantime, without   injui
i lerk  was instructed  to arrange
separate janitor as  suggested  and
Aid. MeKinnon: What are the iterJ
"cash" in ihe seuer bylaw section!
the balance sheet?
( it) clerk: They are items paid fl
..it, of the cash ami for which voucl
.a - arc atlaehed.
\hl.   MeKinnon:   When  an  item
nplv   -tated   "rash"   jieople  n,
have Iw«nl   to know what  it means.
uni ll) Mil   si<;\ VOUCHERS.]
Aid.   Mehionon   said   ihere   were   id
_  -  ,  --. .-      .    ,    ,      t| , ..      t,.     .      ,       ln.lt     Uityc toiee- Have .„„-   pr „l   a-   addition-   tt d   be   re.pti,.    >""""<   »"-"' '   """<""   i"-"1"   ''•";  '"   >'"'  ;''»'l''''s^vhicb he did   J
raitilt i^eMdui am «„d on>pty,,:^ ^ if ^   u(i i(o p   f ^   Hjth rofuni ui nn tii  fi ,„„,.,,, ,..„,-,.,,, -,,,    v,mrhers    i
• " -   -   '---■" leuring tl idmialks,     S.    \|. M.,1       '    '   "k  ' ""  '"   '     ''       II. |i"gly and     ho would   not -ten     the]
\ I.I light   the  payment  of the sewer-   oither. l-or    insluuoe  there was.
item for chairs of 813.
McKemic   Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cignrs,Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
a point about half a mile west oI Greely
Creek bridge.
|" | The point of diversion—at a
point aboul iVKI feet above sea level
on said sli-catu.
|dj The quantity of water applied
for (;n cubic feet per second]- ten
cubic feet per seccmd,
i'|   The  character of the proposed
A. H. Sing, Proprietori^1.10::'..'"'.!' p'p8 'ine to'connect
Ii Bridge Creek
(f| The premises on which the
.inter is to bu ustd [describe same)—
The Corporation uf the City of Itevelstoke.
|k| The pin puses for which the
waler is to he used -Ci-ner.il city u>v.
(I.| If for Irrigation describe the
land ini ended <,, lie Irrigated, giving
|i] If the water is to he li-ed for
power or mining purposes describe the
place where the water is to be returned
to some natural channel, and the difference in altitude between point of
diversion and point of ,, turn	
|j] Area of Ciown land intended to
he occupied  hy  tbe  proposed works
-About Y2 acres.
|k| This nolice was posted on lhe
eighth day of January, 1910, and ,,p-
olie.ition will be made to the Couillds-
J -doner on the cigh'li day of Februa, v.
|i| Give the names and addresses
  ,,l any ripmian proprietors or licensees who or "hose lands are likely to
he affected  by the proposed works,
Hn       d_T_"^il^r aR* TiaT    '''t'"'1'   above   01    below   the  nutlet-
, _3.   _5 JI V/l^l aCw-^'V Government ':md as far as is known.
,, a-        l City Clerk.
Practical.. |tt_121nj BeveUtoke, B.O.
llepuirs ol all  kinds neatly  carried
nh'Tcle antl (iuu work a specially
F.stiinnle* (|f»en nn sny class
of work.
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
^u^l,n^Zbr''U'°' '" »""""""' inenl d al-., have the righl  lo en-  - ing  i,     S.    \l, Mai
The homes'-adet ia required to perform ihe lur     any building     iluriny   tTiitfoimblo i|M*tl«I Ih-um.-h s::.*.   nnil sl"
couiaitii'U>  couuuciutl liio.-WhIi under uuu uf , ■        , . #        m,,  it    *••        .1 . • ■ ut   tn\.
ibfliolloHtugplausi hoUM over)  day For Lhu purpoiw     nl Ko i».   iu|i|Hii_rv     i-intm for dumiiip<    -.
1 ny  Clerk:    I lu'se  are for  the enq
nevvn olHee til iln* power house<
Aid, MeKinnon: Oo wo have to bd
eh air. for Smith, Kerry Ac ('Im-I
Hero in Hliotlior item 9T.oU     for     tlj
-.nm' thiiiL'.
Mi.  LaWKon:   Thut was for'hire
E.    G.    BURRIDGE
Tlnsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
Front     Stree *• ponnmight Avt. - R«vftM9kf',iu** 8»wi»lJI (.:„., Ud
(1)  At Isaat'alx muothi'rsaldanes upon and  Inanoctina taps foi was f wnlor etc,    iktu  Iioiiwi hi   „non   i. 1.. ■, _-1,.     lhe Mr       ""KB*  »aid  the}   could  enllect
cliluvuilou ol Itn, limd iij  ot,et, iO«r ler llirtio ...              ,                                                                        , ,                                         , ,,,,    , ,.    ,,.,..    .1,,,   ,.1,,,|,.   .i,.      ,,,.,,, ;,!,. ,1
xars. Thai       lhe      rule  he  (fil,   |,er  nionlli    ll-'lllllt'   ».'-  lllll'  III  lhe  f.e :   Hint   M,       ""      ,N   ""'   ""    "' Il>>   l""^i'""
Il'l   If tlie fHllmr l.ti tnntliDr, if lt,o fiithoris ,.                   .                              ..       . .    •,■        .        .     ,                   ,       , ,      .     . ,1,,-   u.al,  ., n, 1.1   he  done  iiithin       a ren
dwoaswlJul il,» buinsstwdsr rastdsi mains »"« " discounl of ill |«r cent, ll paid    Itippinu  had n icramlii  that   tlnx'A Ihe
I .nn ,,, the vie,uilyt.f u,o taint nuitrai f. r, ihe |,y ,|„, jOth of each ,in.i,ih.                       -now   on one -il.   of the  milk, leiivin. ""''''"'   '"""'
rt-ituiromouls us In rubnleitce hih>- Ijo sBttstlott \i,     i    , It          \l,t  .,,, .,       .,,  ,,,
i,y  micu i.e..- u lesiilniK with  lho futhor ur Thai   lhe  n-e of water lor  -in h rate   I he  olhet   -nle  Iinil',   and   lliru«-|il|j till ■ "      wnium
'"°Vfi tho selller hn> Ids puriiioiioul lotidouco   '     COUllned   lo household  n ill.           .n. .„ |.l. .le.di acan.-i   ill,' po ' "'i! "",/','   '
tiltohifHru„„K iBiitl itwuau by I    in  tin, vic-tu- | „,.,l   an   itaieeineltl   Ite  d,dv  eve.illed         Md     Allllllllllll    -aidheu I   not Ml     "eMnllol    I lien         In,,,   in        the
^^"^^tu^ArT^Xnv^Z I i  tho fit,  i - ,- , ami .i„ I   like I.i r n.l , .".     ll d   ■ ""I »«» I ' Ms - - lav   and   cha.r, (..,- a public meeting     in     til
%'"»«_,.■• actio. tu«ritin. , oclv,,, hi   I plicanU bel  a..}   disc    »n.v d«n,n„,     ■'            '"      h«ll., bulkl , lal     n    'U>   U«M when Major Shepherd     wS
ttttuo.r.^tSiif' ■"» -■■ ' »'■ r*",',i"u Mr' '"'"""^«'• i! "'il; r t "'"'' "" .":;,, ■■"pvc "  ture"""':'
ton.     I nal mniiiiii num. i,ai) I.., le, liar .|,,,,|,e.l   will]   ual,a    fit.in   .ill     lllllin-    lowed   l"   Im.ld   In     le Ill   ovel       the '"'    '""■'"      ""   ","   ""''I'   '"       ■ '}   ,"'•''-
?.uKrt 11 iy__r_Sw_&.8_?S__   lhe ,-i  "I < and d  I.i.     >" '  -'""'  '«* from people      Vld   MeKinnon:   Well.  H,-«. has
KrPa0^^_lS,.nVY,S.Oa.,orl«l,.0c»«O„      Hmtall     a, ,-„,  in the / • -ide of  ic  '"'"'-1"      ,,,,. ; 'i-.'.l i.. ,',--,he,,, ,,,nl liio,,'«.TI,el
„',l..,,sl„.ll„o,,.:i«.|.',l„„  lho   „,or<'h.,.l,al,le „  „   |    |„.   a|,|.,..led    1,1     HlC    Malol      tllltl          lllC    Malta            II,'   n   lltei    had   l,.',le, 'l"'"1    •'■»•■''■'                                                                                    '"    '"'    """I    'Or   W.60   foi    |,.etl.r!
"'"'"""'"•            •      W.W.COBV,            I'ou.icil he  ■■  ,,,.., ,in ,„.„ ,1  le, Mil'.,,..-       V„u mn.l vive     them   frames «hat Is that far?
■<i?7ulnl;!u«!vn,^iT:li,".'"'\i ruSIPKXSATION   Hi I VMM.TV.        Md.  M.-K       «'n    nm    In    -"""'- "il1"" » "' »We li aj      l »>' \ »™i     '''"' framing tho poo|
v.,l|5.m,,„twill„„lhol,K,df„r. Ilte   Maio,    -aid   an   i,n|.,,.lai,l   innl       l    pn    l«l   old,',in       I'appln.   to     ,, "'.'"o                                                                        to-   of   Mayo,     „,„l   Co„„eil   fo,-       ('
le-   thoy   Innl   I.,  ,,,,,-nl,.,    lonichl '•'   hi-   |.n  la? VM    ''"•'"   »'»»   '»>   ' '   ttll1"     ."''
r-nrnir     n ■ __ _fe t# A  tlie difl n.wi holween the Cinv ('        Vld   M,,.,,,,       Ihoynn.    'I'"'"     " raue ,,f the n ,„|.. I    Md.  M"K„,„„„:     ffell, we got
Gi-IVSEftT BLOCKS---'""''"'"""!." i  ai MK ■'"' '- Im",kv ',i,,,u".
W-.llll.ll   I       l__.WV.%W              ^ fu< ^       ^       v||     n       Hi.   Tn|ip.ui, .     i   -..,-   ..,.,   f..i   iiihi',./ ■■   I      ih" .-ny  paid  817..,.) fo,- thi
Moicfactitrou far all clamoi ot  bnildlngj lyhift)   l In-   Land   I'.nnpani    had    «.'■ '   l"\|Ki-l   lo _-<>|   .In,,,..'-        lie   llll '"'      ''         !      ":   '''   '"  Pa}    ''"'   tax   Other*.
,.|,is.   Ti,,.,,. were Hue,'' poim-  Hiii'M i'l-" ' »      ll'      ","""l ""!':" ".'" '"-   l""vil1'"1 the -"i"'-.          ""' ,ilv  f'l«*!     Those    debentwj
Md     < ..u.hi     W,. must  .. ,   i,   ii ater 'coii|Kins
il  il    .'.,.   ...  KIISI,	
Md.   M- kii.non     li      ||„
tlm.  ihe bunks
can    gei
LhrYifcfNT AnC  LirriE FOR SALE   '"" idowi. The ii,-h< ti... ...,n|.,„..' i... ,......, i„. i,„i ,„,., ,u,{,i,m,',.i,
i-'IPC    PIAV    Akin   CIDC    DDIf>l/0'"'        l-and Company by i-,.fiiiidinir I    M.I   M.Kh I.  ,
tmC    OLA?    ABU    mt    DHMO  them the ™»t of thu Hume Ihey built. I    The Mayor:     If the bill i. right, p,,v !    Aid.  M. Is f     ,, „„„| „,>'the cheques for th»m    Tl
,      ,   .   , amounting lo sss7.   -, ,„. ,   ,,icil   ,,. ,,    ,h       , lion hn, „, ,          I . l"Pm-    »"<""' are supl
forsslsla Isrisarsmsl qauHtM ,,„. it,,, i, ,.f ,  i   •.-, ,   ' ' '"'l "" presenlnUon, anJ
stthsli,wMtprlcHlo?(a_)               ""     "e    } of w.   ,., t  who |    II  tm, ,|, ..,,,„,!  ,„  ™ver .,„,.i.-,  L-,„| .„iki„L, („„,| 1( wiN   ,|„. banks have runo no twi™    I,      T
"" Bh'hindfl'  H...I. It' ly, I,.-,,     , |     ,,„,,.,„... ,.,,,,„  ,,„.„,„„,     T|| f Up l ^L!?3
'"'m' ' I m       \U.  M.-K I   „. ,.    pu.iiuU  ,.. ',...„„. o bentures  ■,,,,!  ,h,,i,n       J
w'th waler at the s  rate a ,   l.ouglt I Ik- ado| I,   Ho did        uol      rho mayor said they c d not     en-'in trouble if thev «n ', j
'"'" ,'i'1"  ,l1" ''">•■  »" Wl} ■   lhl"»  thei    I...I ..„, ,,,. ,.,      ,,,„   | „   ,..,. | weal ends,      re'eh  i..,„.,| i„„„edi. ..lv "T    H
""• f L' "'     '' »hl   A     nleitall,.   „, ,. ,  re wer ,. ,„ pay ,-,„  ,    pjw , J, '„'"'\t *m ,„ ^
 h  "' ""'• "" - '•"" "  """"""       The Mas..,     U,. |,„vn the „-, of this »'»' had aewer.                                            other day on necouni  of ih!   ly
HI ilm). ol i,t,,i inn „,,,| p|ail«rlii(
Plus's  lands  „,„l   ,l„, ,i,s.  The  who ,-  „, go  through ,„„|  „, ,lamMr>.       Md. Trimhl s,d. Tha,   the  ,„„, -   i,..,„.   ,!,.„   hnd   „, ,,„  pai(|   ivm| "
Imnllor ss.ml,I involve ilu. cil>   In    an  niixl  ivinte.
lei   of  the  .en. ■
expenditure ol  nboul   KHKHI,   lie
l1'  i".l lho inniiei  I,,  referred lo
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^lerofci'ied    ,,"1   !«• allowed  (,, |j,.
Llllll SAI.K -Tu f H.'HW Work,,    ,   ,   ,, ,, ,        . MdM,ls„    , ...,       „,■,..-!     -,, nrthfmi:     ,. I he   Mas,.,' ev,,l„i,„,|   |u,' wol
JT      H'l-i'S.iilso„ltl,l1l,tf,....rilrivi„g   t" l",l   llm inalle,   l„.  ,,„. I   , n,,„,l,„L,   „U   ,!,„ „,    ,,,.  ,„,,„.,,„   I""V  ni      lo   iihelh,,   tj1P p^um-,;     ,,,„   >WI  ,  u      ,;,,    ,
Mi"'"'    ''"" '• "»' »'  "•«"•    Heve|.|J'i'". Wotor and Lig tmltteo,       il  < 850 ,«n.-l -I •■ ,.. ,•  UfUkV^fU*  „-  (..,-.. ,1,,. k,,,,,,,,,. t'o„„„i..
Ut, molK't, ol Aid. .M,'K,nnon, I.C0U-     Aid. .McL'urty:   1 l.cond the molioti.  'wring     to the     ea.ttn -t_uj w,«i,.rn '   The fo„,„il .hen. adJoiuT V
The well known COLONIAL TOURIST OPERA COMPANY, headed by the eminent
comedian MR. E. C. HUNT, in a magnificent scenic production of
The funniest musical comedy produced in vears.    Clever Comedians.   Pretty Girls.
Special Scenery, Costuming and Electrical Effects, and the Famous Queen City
Quartette    This is the largest Operatic Company touring Canada.
Seats Early at Macdonald's Drug Store. Price 50 cents, 75 cents, and $1.00
Closing Out Prices
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
J^JJ^Hiivnig disposed ,,( our uunsery grounds Ui be cluaued up
by May, I am prepared to offer special pries on all cash bargains
splendid tiFBorlmerit of ornamental trees, acclimated stock,
having been growing on our grounds for ye.ir», from 10c. up.
One oi tin" l,«st Feleutiuns ,,t roses in U.C. in nil leading
varieties, suitable f«,r this section, in good 2-year blooming siz s,
2oc, each, 120 por KM), $150 per 1000, smaller ones half-price.
50,000 Iruil trees in lending varieties.  Lot me price your list
lO.t.H'l shade trees, in nil sizes and prices.
Greenhouses full of plan;., in all sues and prices, from $:>
per ltHt pots up.
£ttg®^^&?tet£&£^:. a **^s_±._ _£_£_&
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver
I \l i: Mil H I. Hint  I  I',,,.,   Harold
I'e.,,.. . of Trout  l.nko, 11. i' ii'iipa
tion I'ttgiiioor, intend to upplj lor pur
lni.-si",, to pureliasu llio tollowiug ,li-
bci iltetl lands: -
Commencing ut u post planlsd al
tlie N, Vi. corner of lot I7_JS, llioucii
oust  'Jll eliiii.is,  llientt'  not tii  _U .it,lilts,
I tlielii'e ssest 20 chains tin,,,' in less to
lttkll  shore,       lllOtK'O  so,llll   easterly   n -
I loiiu; lain, short! about Ml chains to lite
S. Vi. corner ol lot 4T2S, ilium.-., north
along wesiern     boundary ol   hn   17'Js
',tliotti  111 ehains lo point of commence-
'nient ami containing  In ticrua moro oi
ri.Kt ,  ll VI(ULl) I'l.Ai;,-l..
Ileunilier   It.tli,   I'.HI'.I.
NO! It'll IS HEREBY Gl\ ICN that
lixty days from duie 1 Intend lo apply to ihe Chic! Commissioner of
Lands for purchase oi lund situated
uboul 160 chains up from mouth ol
Wood River, post planted ubout Hill
chains above mouth ol Wood riser an.l
marked I..    A. Andrews, S, tt. cornet
p,.-t,  th, nee  ii.  I" ehuins, oust   40
..   .,, .ti.   It)   , I..tin.,   I lionet"    sv.'.l
following  W,.o.! river  to  point of com-
■    .'tielll,
Dated mis l"ih iiny ,,i December ,
1909, E. A.  ANDREWS.
sixty disys irom uaie 1  inieud to   up-
tne     t met C'ommissiouer     ol
.  toi      p u  hose  ot  land aituatea
■   UO ch una  up from  mouth     ui
.    river,     posi plumed on north
oi riser aud marked l*. A.    bled ■
.   t;., .~. 1.. corner post, thence nortti
,.:..,  west -I" - iiniji., soma     4U
, -..a,:.-, east  l" chains, containing  Iuu
.-. iv. more oi  less.
Uai*,.; mis     10th   day of December .
soni i. l- hereby '.n i:-
list)  d_yi Irom date I intend I
I y to    :■■■■     '  ■ -■ I ( ommi	
.   ol lund  -
. I ip Irom    i	
H      ■     river,    |
■ •,.  I.
ii.i- -       ■'•      inter poat,
noril,  IU I"    hams, so ith
in , i.ai:. u    . ;  river, weal  follow
ing iivei     . |   int  "i   ommoniemeni .
,.,in lining  100   . rei m, re or leas,
Dated this    lotl    d ij    I !'• emb. i ,
.;.  K. III.li.- I ROM
'iTIl lv   li   I It-Is I UN
i>      tin     In.mil    I niiiii    I'm ilic
ReralaUike Land I.i-t.iot.
iJlstltel III    \\ esl   KlMlli hay.
T-lki- Notice tll.il   I.   M.  K.   Unssoii,
of |t""st.|.i<ik,", housekeeper, inieud to
apply for perml*»ion in purchase tl"
[tillnivuig described I.,tnl-;
1'..inillelninc; HI ■ l",sl plillili'd ill llm
southeast co.uei ol l-ot B.IJ68, and
marked "M. K. Lawann's North-weal
Corner Poat"s thence lOchalns south;
tbent-e in ehuins west; thence 01 chains
north; thence _i chains east; thence
aOchniOa north to line of Lol H.IHI*:
thence along saitl Imi" to place of 00111-
Dated Octolier IHth, 1909.
IVKN   1 Imi
Iti..n. I,
I.i,.. . I I'tiii'ant will iippls ,.' die Parliament el I'.in.ui.i,  al   a.  preset.,   sessi	
lei an Ac. further unieniliug llic Act in
11-11'i'taiaic; lhe Company, 1 huplet   1)0 ..
liie Matnl.s ,.| mnl.. as a in,at,I,al hi   l Imp-
let 86 ol the Natntc. 01 19091 by authorizing the construction ol lhe t'olloss-ing
additional lines of railwnvi
til prom .1 point ..ii the Western IV
1 is-en ot tin- GranJ Trunk Pacific K lilwas
between the eaal limit ol Kange t -• and
the west limit ol Kange 17, wesl ol lhe
third meridian, thence iu a southwesterly
and ssest,us direction 10 a point
in the siciiiits i-i Calgary, Alb,
or 10 a poinl on the line which
the Compaii) is authorized, under pnra-
graph 14 ei clause 1 1 i-t s.ml Chapter <hi.
10 1 enstt a.I ,.' Calgan:
,ji   l-'roin a poini on lhe  proposed
mentioned.... paragraph   [1)  between
..,.   a,.,,.'! isangi 10 anu lhe  sst.i   iinut
.1 K ingt  ... i.i .1 in lhe   llnrd   menu
.Heine .a  au  easteil)   and  soul   easiei
Keg -
, ineieoi;
I- rom a point on 1 he p. oposi I
. ticu .a paragraph
...    . .    ...
.    ..- .s,'.i ot lhe sect  mei
nv, . > to -1 poini ui ibe s 1.
4      !■ 1 en. .. point nn , tie Weal
e laia -   - " '    '
\a        gnii
... .,'.   c.t.i, ns  ..IK,   sc'nl ll. .. •
is   au ■    .
■ i    ...
1' : t    ■     uttil  in
, id 1 ill J .
.,:..-   U      ' '   ■
.    :  ■
-   .   '
, 1
tl.e   IS ■■ - .
ud A
s   1     ft.,    -     I " .
lit $50,000.00
railwa) numbered   fj)  and      1
.a,.! line "  'i. .. '■ hal is del ".i'i
Acl as the "I 1 I 1 I
and also amending paragraph not clause
11 ,,1 ih.- said At ■    • - '.,;.. I tlhern
terminus .», lhe line ihereh) . ithorized. I
be constructed  from Regina  to the Intel
national   Boundary   ,0   or    near   Nonh
In the Count} t unit of West Kootc
1111.. Iiollluu at Id ScLloiii'. lu the mat-
'   "Plun  L'liucellutiou  A' 1,   11)00."
In ihe niaitei of ihe application of
Hewitt  I'lti.toiU  to cancel  a  portion ol
pi in.   lil'i'J   an.l   I'.a'Jn,   liie.I   11,   the   I.ami
Itegisiry Ollicu ai  the City  ol Nelson.
,11   ill   WHOM   1 I   MA.  1 ONI liUN
Notice     ,.   Ii.'lel.i    -is,-li    that    the   | . I 1
tion of Hewitt  linstock dated  the  2\  <
■ I ,.    .a   .-eplcnltei,    \.   II.   I'.'"'.1,   I"l   an
ol, i    itulettilillg   .ml    ilillllHillg   ..', I on
pan    .a plan, iiumben-,1 OH'- uiul <'.■'.-' t
being  pi,,'    "i   lubdis, , f      ptn
,  "i   I ...     .Ill   uiul   11 I'-',      tiroiip
lit.". Is...iienni District, uiul known us
, iiuipli \ I "„ nsite, tsill be heard at
the , "ii t House, Id i oke, ou Wed-
ne .1 j llic li'.il. .1 is "' I'cbi uurj, A.
|, . r.'io, ut ihe houi of 10.30 in the
..,,. mid I'l Kl III i: l \Kl:. NO -
I'R'I    that  the    lid p, fi ir the
I i:   [" n ' i '       said
j •'.',_'     I      1 "lapri.t'-l    SSlt!.'.
il  ■
| I lol       i . ti     "inii!-
poiut ■ .  ■
11 when
be iniersi
. • ■ .
... . _ • . -••
Mint i.
IN   I HI'.  .M \ 1 I li;  ill-   AN   M'l'l.l
, aii,m      lor  tin-      1- "ti.- of a duplicate
I ,alii',, a f      Till.'  to   I'a, t   111 „cre..|
of   South    la.I    |    of   lhe   No, III       Ne.l
, ..[ Section '-'-,. Township '-':'■. Kane.'
_',   West   of   ll„"  sistli  ineriililltl.
Nm ii r. is iir.Ki.r.'t i;i\ in   timi
it   is mt   intention   to  i- ue at  ll s
pi.-iittou of ..,„- i.iiiiitli itfler tho lirst
publication hereof a duplicate ol the
t.'eitilicuto of   I ill.-  to  tho above men
li" I      land   In   the   name  ol   William
liilgi.i' Smith, which Cerlilicnto is dttl
,.1 ihe 15th November limn und mini
liere.l  11570A.
"I. M. UoWilAN"
llepuls   llisiii.i   llegistritl'.
Laud Kegislrj  Otlico, j. lill.lm.
Sols  li. i"., Jan. 22. I'.'H'.
.Notice is In
sixtj       days     alt
I'rill, in cupuliou,  . tti'pent
gisell (lull
illlle I.       .1.
leii.l   lo
upplj lo the Chief i ommissioner of
Lauds for the purchusu o! the follow
ing ilest't ilietl land, ■ ttiuiii'iicing ul u
posl planted ubout '.Mi chains soutli ol
Wood Uiver nml aboul I till chains Iroui
ihe in.null ami marked .1. I'.rill S. W.
corner post, ihoncc west bit ehuins,
not lh Jo chains ,., buttli of Wood rn-
ei,     tlieti.t:    following .o.ith  bunk  ol
Wootl    Itil-el    e.l   l"'MS    tlbolll    S.I   , liains,
ilietiic -ii i huin     south lo point     ol
ciiniiuemeineni,   containing   l'i"    acres,
mote ol   less.
Uuled this llltlt day of He. .     limn
.1. BRILL,
il.   li.   Heilstrom,  Agent,
Notice is hereby given thai 00 duys
from dale I, W. Andrew's, occupation,
miner, intend io apply io the Chief
. .ii.-. of Lands, to purchase
. nt ing [escribed land, situated
about -"" ehuins from mouth of Wood
Uiver  and  a    e.l  planted i
[I PROTLaili.
Woman's World
(By Assi. Chief Davidson, New Westminster)
lite following   paper   w,t.  ttad ill   tlie   t .invention ol II. t
l-'ire Chiefs and l-'irciucit held at Revelstoke:
I in    \| KM KICKS UK   I III     P..    I',     \ssiii l\ I ION  Ol
I llll. null.-   \NH I IKICMKN,
i.eiul.iii. n.   'I'll., le.piiiem.'iit. of lin-  protection  lot small
loivns  tll-e  iuipot taut.  When a   tossii  spline .  up   • ot   tin- In -,
leipii.-e nt-   is  lire  proloet    which  will   bu  a   loliiuleei   lire
tonipans si ith a hose ieel anil olhel llppat at n . This is good fill
a   .tail,   lllll   hois   "Men   li.tse   I lies    ItllUg   on   ll,   lhe   system   I""
long'/   \..ii , ever  toll ivhun lim is coming so .sou   .....st
Keep  up your  liro etpiipmouts  ssiili   lhu growth  oi  the   pine
,.   ssliell   ll   plan'   gl'OSVS   III   has e   11   population   of   Ml}    between
inin or lise ihousund thes should hnvo soino paid lircmon uiul
horses iltiliunod ill lho Hull ,,, as lo net lho uppuratus i"
i tie scone of lire, I hen being backed up bj lhu voluuleurs who
mil ne nosh, m.t luiving to pull lho iipparnlus In thu liro  lit...
Mil   Willi,    llltli h    llellel.   llinl    11-    lhe   pl.lCO   gl'OSVS    1,1't'P   o„   put
tine; on pod men and apparatus until .sou hnvo ., lull paid
Kilgiide,    Ihi.  "ill  mean  a  reduced  rate of  instil t  innl fat
llettel    fill    I ll.-   people   lo   pat     thai    lo   a    lire   lll'igudc,   sslliclt   is
llll .pent in town limit pus il to nn nt.-aii ant e compim", which
nil Dili's oul. Another more iiuportuut thing is .In- wiilei
supply. Lots of water is illi a good pie-sure is the backbone
ol ans lite department ami .soil cannot hale loo mans hydrant..     I lies    are   much   elleuper   ill,ill   hose,   us   tune   Installed
ttte.s  I.i.t jot a loug lime, ivl.de hoso is a porishnblo sio, I,,   ..
it hell   .',..11   hase   lot.   ol   lit ill tut. .sou   lit t    need   -mil   a Itll'gu
Moeli of hose, ainl .mother advantage sou do not  t tl to load
y-timi-  wagons-  so  heavily a. sou  ssill  not   las   so much   if .sour
lis if, anl.   are  close   logclllcr.
Mattel', of ihi- ...ai  an- ss Iiii.  ite me hete l,u   to discuss,
this   should   I,.-  a   sel I   foi   I nemen     Wu   are  sent   hero    !"»>
lhal   purpose   and   we  nin.i   work   I.n   iln-   si.folj   of   lhe   bse
anil   properly    of   our   citizens'.     I ue   is   a    haul   euelils     Iii   .oil
ipie,    bill    if   we   L"'   al    It    ss 11 ll   a   will   we   call   do   IIIUcll.        Nois
hoping  llmt  every  u.embet   of  litis   \ socintion  will  noil,    ha
pies, lilion   of   lire   and   I IS    and   l.ul.t   the   lie   I    lueall.   for light
in-  lire adopteil in  the pi.,,.- he represents and  keep down  il.e
lire   loss,    I    Um
Ke-|..'. ilitlls   soui. .
A, F. H.WlH-iiN.
Vssibtunt Chief lire Department,
Now  W'esiniiustei, 1'.  t'.
I .  T.      Kite,„'cl.  I'liinpuuy,
il a   .
i of stun
foundry  in I alyais   at   a
■   rive.     '..1 marked  W    Andrews'
N. K. .     them e south    -10
chains,   north   -111
un.' person out of li'J of tin- populu-
Isaiiiloops is considering il„- re •
moval of coustttnptivo sunitarla from
ivithiu ilu- city limits.
of Wootl   user,   thence tion  of Vancouver    died  in   11)00.   One       ''"'  Chinese   .New       Vent   celebration
lowing "i Wooii river to pomt in ten of these deaths ssas front ml
oaiamiug   160 au - erctdosis.
CARE 01"' TillC i'lAiNO.
In ninny households there is not a
pioeo ot lutniiuro inoro soioly uogluu-
led than thu piano. Anyone who
has user studied lho const ruction of
a pianoforte knows that its uiochani-
eisin is iiiosi delicate, intricate and
sensitive, li is uo wouder then, that
it ri'ipiiies ii yreat dual of cure, and
-ulieis suvoroly from neglect.
.-some [leople lIni,k thai they are
Healing their piano well if llioy huso
a tuned once or twiuu a your, ll
should be tuned ut least (our times to
present   los..   ol   pitch,   and   should    bu
kept ui i"laeii pilch nil thu time. To
raise or lower it half ii lotto lucuua Lo
.pod it iiumudiutuly, »uy lhu authorities.
11 is almost us important lo place
ihu piano w.ll us lo keep il luuud. ll
should uol be put loo uuai the wull ,
a. llii,. ali-oi li* tin, tone, ll should be
pill Heal the l..tii'i null ..llhil Ihun
Hit, outer, ii, present dampness oi
i..Id limit ullccliiig il. Uuiiipiies.. is
in enemy of pianos a changing luin -
pcriiiuic is uliuoi i  us dangerous, und
o.o  c,ie.i(   Lent,  such  as is eausetl      bi,
Hit, pioMinii.s of u i.itti.iioi ot lire •
pine, has also its bad oIl'oulB. Heavy
..tipcls inutile the sound; Ihut is why
uiusic io..in-, .ho,ii,l alsia.ss havo hard
M..oil   llool      and   tl hy    piano-   should be
lie e.l     ou Inile ejus., insulators     ..
A  pi.iiiii .-hold.I      he kept   It'"      I>	
In,. a Inae,  pictures  and  lumps,      bo
 SO    llltl)    llll    lend    to   Inake    III',    lolie
nti-tallt. .   So     often  ssheu a  note      is
itlltiy    i.i     llellleloll.,    it.   IS   bccilUSO ,1
i- ,,, sympathetic libration with some
..I.,.-' t ou ei near the piano.
When tllO pedal'. .apical, lltc.i should
he groused nol oiled, ot a little ial
■ uiu powder may be puffed Into the
hinges, Urokcu hammers, ,t aot bndls
llumugud can be repaired wiih hoi
glue and bound wiih cord, and broken
is ories tan be inelide.l with a little
household  cement.   Volloss   ivories cuu
he       i leiineil     is illt   alcohol     I bey   need
.mn li light in order to keep then
whlleiic...-; that is why one should nol
always least,      the cover    down.— .iNuw
Vol Is    I i inline.
• ■
.   :  . . -       I'J
ind t hi
. ■
...  .
tat |
'    -I .
A     AMMil.WS
IN Ul'-LCJiii
Toronto  has ordered  advertisements
< ' gs ainl the owners hase
'."■ell going round with big sheets ot
white paper covering tho theatrical
noti e- on the bill-boards.
Dated at Monlre
•mliei.  I909.
,1 ll,". ."ilil tl.t>  ti,  Net
dec .i'i nn
Soli, in., t", Appli, ants
Lights- young .-'..i'ii girl    i",  dom
estic -ei si..   \i ill       .ul  i'i   1 1  orpool
ihi.   nick,  all    iijiplicd  ivilh  lioluil    "■
poi ■ '
lid plan till
'   1 lin,
.. ....
Ihorcof,  from    .   poinl   on
. rly limit  I'M   feet  tout I.     of   the
'.ei, h oasl   ■ orner   ol   !"'    I   in   ltl"..k   l'i
.. ■ n 01     iti pi in '.'
Dated al   I.'" ol loko, 11   I .,    hi    '."I
da;   oi .1 inuarj , A   li ,  1910,
Approved .1   A. !•'.
C,   I.   UI.I.AN,
Solloj lot
W.      Uoyd,   of   Nol 011.   ■• 1 .  a   ■ isitot
to Itevelstoke Monday.
i'KIAIl. ' nl RT OF
Mi   ' 1,i.i Ml',1."
:.'.  1 r At C"
■ler of
H  -
prov,       ■    -.
' 1.  I).,
• ,1,
1 ,th
Hrit i-i.
To Trappers
Raw FurB Bought
Uash Prices Pain
F.   B.   WBTXS,
(.cpjrbor of  Fura
j* J. UU    Aut.iUHU'    Jjl.i
How lo Sil' f uu'"u«ou  "Jl"ou
How to g^
a pure
win Di'yiu tui ,.utf__et.aay, L'eu. Hn ,
tne  tOHiiViuet)  lu&um;   ovoi   two WUOfc.-*.
i uc urat uiucuiug ui me oewiy tJiett-
Uti t niiiu.ai if. ui &t. L'UlVlH LfUUlLU
Will UU UUiU 111 Ilil1 L'tfClUl) LOUiUllOV\
UVUUili^   ai   ss   O CluCK,
laUCK Ui   COUL'Ugti  Ul  auvui.Uiiug.uiii -
IJUUlUUlIig il.- UUUliUU| Ut' I'lAtllolllJ L»,t3
UlinlcU UUd UlUdiUU lUUiU UlUaCUUallla
UlUU   UU^tlUllg   LlhO   lU   1110   \\U11U.
luulit  Liuu      u-  'j
ut-u      uu  uu-lu-u.vi-j
lOUlUUy Ui'Ullltt    IU    IUU lit'W    i^uibw.t
11...1.1.   tu.._u<ib iuu fiia ui  .uni'M.
"THF. obiccl of all 1 ■
lakers and cooks is 10
make a p'ire white loaf
■'    : : tttaine I
• ■ of
P ;, ■"/   e   a   hard-wl    ,1
flour of decidgrjly superior
vA •<•",■-        It   Lake, into a
1   ,f    S,\  yon
to 1   t the 1 'illy beauti-
1 .1 vA tt< loaf >     must use
/   :'r fy . i ird wheat
■ rta^-_£ajiiv\ flour.
-}      > y$$> "Mnrr B,c
Imn'mW        bread."
j WtiM <•■ -y icUPW Mills Co., Li
\ Off."   Vv'm-TM   M.n.iob*
I '     iu \mw ui   iuu iujfcU \uL'i Iui'      Iui mi
'   upliOOj     in\ aUiiguiiL-. ai. i'. i'.,     lor
VuDcouver, win imrouuco iu iuu i.vi:
LHlaiura a imi iu proviQe lor local *>\>
Hon in liruibii Uolumbio,
1    1 liu I'nucu Uupuri iunpir. uoiut_ out
uiui tout -Hi/urn! ni'.*  Deeu iuu    vie*
j timi uf   |.i-.ui.tn..' uuiHuiiiii^  by  iiiil'.i .
lOod   Ulllilll   till) puril  (ow   wookij    ami
irgeN Lhe govornuteot tu LuvoiUgat4).
I hi !■• Ini;,  Dot  o.-i'ii a ainjw  ului'iu nl
t'li/zuiii  111  .Muiiilolui iut   n muiilb, Uir
vwiiiii.'i  im-   boen mildj ami thu  hih.u
almorit  gOUO.   Jlutluytt OOtOOt  g«t«    Mir*
crtrdil  iui      Uiu ilcHiiublt) irunsfonnii
 1 "i  u prali iu wintur.
\ not Ik t bluob bond uutiugu in i>-
poi ini from Vancouver, three ItaliatiM
being wouudod after altetnpled ftsfiu-i'
inutiom uu ti a Lur day and Sundu; -
(inn t>i tbe Hijppuhtjti aesaBaini liu_
been urreaied. One ol tbo wounded nu 11
may die
, At the regular meeting ol tlio W. i .
Ti I ■ laet week ii wbb deeldod tlml
the memben ol tlit- union would nol
ilu uny ihopplng after 9 p. m. Sun.'
il.iy-, it. order to allow tlio "->■•<
ch*rki i" get t" Iheir homnn uurly uiul
obtuin .1 good night'* i" t. <» Umi
the} m.iy bo i\U\t- to attend ohuroh < ii
Sunday  morning,   It  la believed   Ihui
'the example of the W. C. T, U.     will
b-   followed by th" city ni large.
ttUUlCuD   OL   llltli   ULLL.LI
Un I llsau^     ,u itiiuvui. mi,    ._t.f_.Ut)
i'LHi.1   u  papul     uuiuii;   luu  lui.iiuuuiu^
I'll. ..!!_» LlUSU Ul luU »"(," IH.UUUJ. lUtl
kUliJCUli Ul tuU pUj.i:!' »ao iu« infllui^
UUU       LlUVtUUplUUUl   Ul    i   ......    A. uuuuua,
iuu I-,'.". _jieauuLuo iu tuu ii.uai uuui
■ I, •„    UUU    li.ii. in   i.W    i" .i ,, , ,     i ,,i'    uu* ul*
I :... ..     oi   j ...I.,   iuu   »■■-..    iuu   CVi-UluC
UU.L      Ul piuiUpiUctlu    lo    luii    \ U..tl>Ul'
uuupiuliuu ul   ihu  imwt  uibuiy   i.ilV.u
loud J iiiiih'U»b,iiii. iuu nattii.il Uivilt-
IOU   ul   j.i.m;    lliu   inin   uiUUlb  UUUUl'   IU0
j;iuui luuueuue kji uuiuuiiuiy  i.tn... i- n-
t\un oiouny  uruugui oul.   .ui.  AU\_ut)
paper    upuuuU up uuiuru iuu    mho, i.i .
tuu    uuouuuuuii Hum ul  tnu    tiuHLuuiiu
romance ut uowum, uua in., euuwuit tu
glVu   pi'l I'Mlh       pupui'H   iii-lt,jr    Iln.      t i;i ..-
upuu nm luvuruo yuLijuct wtm gruutly
in a light bulwuuo InnusJiuu Luihui •
iuu wurduub uud American pou.buit*, e
puucliur      of       Uutiulu.   uumuU   Uuurgu
Wicguiid.     woe killed un the Niagara
I lie     i.i.'imi   1 runk  i'u.iDu  Kttilwuy
'    Llll)"  Wi}       Will     hit'..       tllO    |!t!llllH!l     i'lllll'j
Kupuit iu uommieaion u, ruu butweon
I'nutu  Kupoil   'ind  other  l'aciliu cunii
points     by     Juuu  li-i, and u    moutju
later tho Prince t<eur^u will ni- ■. b<i <*
"ini'ii.-hioii iu thu niimii trade.
The Can ad iuu Kortborn survey on
working towards Vellowhoad t-asa
irom the Northern Thompson report
■uuw is twu und a half foot deep from
I Lull Gate, above nuvigutiou on the
North Thompson, fo Starvation Flut,
near the Oaoho, ntu\ thut all the hoc
-••■h turned out by tin* surveyors aro
ihiad i"' waul "f feed. The Hanijt/1 on
piirt} i- now worldug nhfin 1 uuue
river croseiujf and utill hns a lit tlf
work to do about Hell (Jute, but ex-
pect to b*? through in ubout a week's
WZSKmB!Sa2aBiB8XiaBKi\\ 111 'l'-1!aa.i!-ta--g.S--_J
We   serve  ,'tir-clfi'H by
Bervlr.g you better.
A  1based cubtoocer in
our best advertisement.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding towns and settlements.   Our aim is to place before the purchasing public the facilities of Our Big Department Store
Mail I Inlet.-.
■ ■ , j bone Order*,
S r l   ilie   children   lo
the store    Come yourself.
II. ,- ..nr .is traveller
call ut your ltou.i for
Overcoat Sale For One Week More
The following goods will be kept on the b°rgain counters for one week more, after that new goods
will take their places. This is the last chance to procure a winter overcoat for man or boy at less
than cost prices    Remember the values, and that the sale only lasts for one week more.
Men's Overcoats
Regular $18 Cir;iy coat, 52 in. long, for $11.50
Regular $27 "Muto" coat, 52m. long for $17.00
Regular $22 Russian Ulster, 52111. long for $13.00
Boys Overcoats
Regular $11 brown tweed ulster for $7.00
Regular $10 brown tweed ulster lor $6.00
Regular $6,50 gray cloth ulster, imitation
fur collar and cuffs, selling now for $4.50
Regular    $4   gray    frieze   reefers   for   $2.50
Men's Hosiery Specials
A   line  of  hosiery  running   fiom   regular 50c.
ribbed    hose   to    75c.   fancy   effects
Any Pair 35 cents
Choice Groceries a Specialty With Us
Fine Teas and Coffi
We are headquarters for Tea anil Coffee.   Try sonic ol uur
brands, we have then) all:
Hani   Lais  iii   Ul.. ami lll>. lead package?; 31b. and 5th. can,"
S iln.la Tea in   Jib, and Ilh. lead packager;
Is ue Ribbon Tea in Ub. and lll>. lead pkjis.
Telley'a Tea in Uh. and lib. cans
Lipton'r Tea in Uh. and lib. cans
Five O'clock Tea, Ilh. lead pkgs., 5'b. cans, 6lb boxes, or hulk
Hen llur in lib. lead packages
Kidgewavs Five O'clock in lib. cans
Ridgeways Old Country in lib., olh., and Vl>. can*.
Hulk Teas at 35c., 10c, 50c, und 75':.
Always a stock of the best Green Tea on the market.
Our Coffees are always new and fresh, kept in air tight cans
and ground sshile you wai'. (>ive m a trial when you
want Coffe>\
Honey Honey Honey
Our customers ask us for Deadmnn's, the purest and beat
Honey on the market. in Glass Jars at ',0c. and 85o, and in
"ilh. cans at $1.25.    Trv some and he convinced.
Salt and Smoked Fish
Always a full line of Salt Fish ill stock —Salt Herrings, Salt
Mackerel, Silt Sea Trout, Salt Salmon   Bellies,'JoaOsb, and
llnlliind Herring in small kegs.
During the Lenten Season we can BUpply your wants for
Silt Fish; alr-o a fresh shipment of Smoked Kippered Herring
and Smoked Halibut arriving semi-weekly.
Dinner Sets at a Sacnfi
See our corner window for Dinner Sets, Purine .?tock
taking week we have placed our entire stock of Dinner Sets on
sale at a very large reduction. We don't want to carry these
through the winter, therefore the sacrifice. Remember, the
sale only last-i until January ''.l-t. See the Set-. ->„ the pre »"•
in our corner window.
See the Sets—See the Prices
s in Our Dry Goods Department
Flannel Waists
A clearance nf waists. About
40 Flannel and other wool stuff
vsaisls, all in a pile at
$1 each
500 yard"1 nf Thread and V il
Lace's, all kind , worth lOo.
and 15c, al! selling at
5c. per yard
Apron Gingham
40-inch   wide;   blue  and white
ubeok,  different  lines, a   floe
width for aprons
12 l-2c. per yard
English Flannelette
a new importation in 32-inch
good , fine colorings, s imething
belter than usual al
17c. per yard
Cashmere Hose
All   wool,   prey   heel  and toe,
ladies size-, 8J, 0, '■''-. at per pair
35c. or 3 pair for $1
Ribbon Remnants
Reduced. Do/.ens oi endr, not
worth taking stock of. so thev
are thrown in a basket for you
to choose.
New Spring Goods are arriving now. We are pleased
to have the opportunity of
showing these at any time.
Come and have a look.
With the additiontal Floor
space on the second floor we
will be in a position to show
our Dry Goods and Fancy
Goods to better advantage.
More and better light.
The House Furnishing Department, second floor, are
offering some special prices
on Mats and cut Carpets.
Ladies Underwear
That ladies' Underwear is going
fast :;t the price. There are
several dozen pieces left yet,
white or natural color, al! ,-izes
vests or drawers, 85c. each or
4 garments $1.25
New Frillings
Now Satin Uibbon Frilling,
New Gilt Gauge Frilling, New
ChiffOll Frill with gold threads
New Nett aud Hatiste Frilling,
all new at
I5c, and 20c. per frill
Linen Bargains
If you have not looked over
that table of linen pieces, it ie>
well worm your time yel—
P iio.v Covers. D-apes, Linen
pieces, Children's Collars, all at
25 cents
Lace Trimmings
80 pieces of l.aci- Trimming,
stveral different kinds, nil
worth 15c. to 'J.V. per yard, all
in a box at one price
10 cents
There is room for one
or two dressmaking shops
ns well as several Indies
lo go out to homes lo do
sewing. II y» have any
lady friends in the eaal
you would do well to advise them to come to
Knitted Vests
A line of  Jaeger   I'ure  Wool Knitted Vests
which we are clearing out at a price.     All new   |
and clean stock, patterns that will suit you
$3.65   each
A Snap in Men's Shirts
Men's W. 0. .V I,    Shirts, soft  and stiff fronts.
" Coat Shirts
Big Value at 85 Cents Each
Hume's \
lfc» «|
First Shipment of New Spring Goods
New Dress Goods. New Zephyrs. New Chambrays.
New Colored Muslins. New Dimity. Cotton Suitings
New Embroidery. New Laces. New Victoria Lawns
at 10c. Per Yard. New Table Linen and Napkins.
New Towels and Towellings. New Lawn Waists and
Shirt Waists.
Don't Forget That Our Coupon Sale is Still On
One Ticket tor every 50c. worth of goods purchased
First Prize--Sewing Machine, - Valued at $55.00
Second  Prize—Silver Tea Set.
Third Prize—Cold Filled Case Watch, fully guaranteed
Fourth  Prize—A Grant!   First Class   Marbleized   Clock.
Y. M. C. A. Address
Ki-s .   \\     I'.   I L'I '',,,all   OU   Mil,"la
turnout] apoKo in thu \ M, C, A,
from ,lo him 1:11 "b,' a(i'uii_ and ol n
tiooil    i uiira'.a '    llu     ■ aid  ' 'iiiiiinii .
lit,-   Ian,I   ol   | ItSO,   tt'lll.,1.   las    bulull)
ll,,'  ,'!iil,lr,'ii ol   I i'lll  ilou,    im -
mo   lluas'un ," it, . I",i  iii,' i'l,,','    "I
itin-  iiiaiilioiul     and  coihmii'i .   i'l  lliu,
C'ulll'tlgU sia.,    lhe  D8H0nlilll   I"   ll"'   "in
ni.iM   ul ti,,'   Ilill   ei a, nits.    I rn,' colli' -
,i<j,r   I- lit,I   I'l os iui..   uur        iinli'i'lllii;
lit-rsi's. Ilt.l   tin'  man   is   Irnls   null .
Mi IHI. t   horoby jlvcu that     puv
muni in llm "t'li'iliinr.,' Trust Di'ril.
\,t, 11)01" a,,,l anii'iiilniK' uulii, illlll.OH
I' lint, In on, nl' ll"' i-lly ol Uovul ■
i loko, in  lhu province ,,f Ui'llUili   Col
illllhi,l,   I.ni,lull's,!,an. ,11,1  "ii  ll,,'     -I'.I
duy ,'t'   January,     \. I),, 11)11), UHsign
nil   111,    pia   ,.iuit      ,'Stall',   t-rrililtt      aial
olTuuti   »Im It  s  be „,'i/,',l nml     bold
iiinli'i   oxol'Utimi   in  I',anl,   lliiliiai,    ol
Ilia       Mini   llll      nt   lii'Si'lsltiUf,    I,mil,
tin" Iti'iii'lit  nl  Ins lai'iliior.s.
^i-iiits uiu, i'0iu[uuruiy vvutikiiuMm
llimsull,  ll({lll    I"  sun Man,'   in,,' ulltl,
Mans   haul,',   will   IlilS't'   In   lii'   lourjlll
in  iln- valloyi, in  iln, )i uni. lim ii      ul
hi'i'.     I In I     t,(it'll    thu   Cl'UlltUSl    S iiinl'il's
a,,'      sua,  lho.0,  ill      Hi- livill. Oil!  of   ^l" J'0™1810^,11/....1
lulls   |iiinri|il.';   in   lhu initial      ol  l..ss
■III li.tlllilillys.
Tlm Childiuii "t Ufitul iniii;lii will
a powor iii tin- i.'inif lhal huld llti'it
uu uni' |n'ii|ili lim I |...tsnr wit-- iln
Talifi'iiai'li', |{.ul lhu won hip ol one
dud, Willi.an llinl iln-.s worn -unjl,
Willi Ilml , lilllli..it'll in a in in' llii
In- llllll a .-.-nl ii- about wllll'll all Ilil
I.i. ill liuu ,'ln-i.'i
I, ' I'"1'' '■
\ \ll   Mil It  I.   is   llul'ub}    ^tsiai     llinl
a    ,'tllii:   nl   tin'  i r.'illliiis   ul'   llm   sHttl
Jami's I', llm, hi .ni ssill l„< hold In
III.' ollh'U ,.i lllllllll & Kllioll, I'li'st
OU Salnrtlits ,
Ihu 8th 'las ul I ,-l,runt's. \. II., I'.iln.
| at lit,- hour ol - "'. Ii.'ll lit Iln- all,',
\l I I'l UMiV-- lias mn nil) I'lnitlla
Haulm l In,' anl I.nn,'- I . tint, 111 m.,,
nl'u ri'.),nii'il lu l"i ti a,'I pill I miliars in
Ilia    anm   ilnl,i    si-i llinl,   ti,   lln<   itss.u ■
t- at   l.'i's.-l iloltu,  I'..   I ..  ..i,  or buloru
_—.... ^, _^,r_,...Y—
W.W I  I.I).      I   ."tt   IL.'    "I'    sllitr    Ill, HI   ll
. , i,,ii jiing,    A,ltl,i'-M    I ■    ^
,     M iii Herald,
I'rvuiiu.   Sit In uh'  miss   thut   luxiiliuii
.- rcduix'd,     and  lliu _uvui' nt
nre   i.tinnt;      llm  poll   ins   int..      uuu
in.- Ukuuuguu liourd    oi Tradu liusu
,-k..,   tin-   lion.   I'l'iou   i.llt-.'i.   I..   11, _■ ■ ■
'.I,.'   , ...si'l'iilni-nt    tl,.'   .101 .' IbltJ   "'
. .,-. , M"ii      ,.i   ills'   L'uiuiiluin   Nurtlii'i'ii
into 'ii.- Ukanugan without dulu}'.
,   i.laml   1'i.rUs  liulullc   -ill -        I
»   I'oiki'i   loll  "i,  Saturdu)   i.n    I "ii
George, alloc upending ,i lew   duys   in   -i
".'.It   ssnti   his   bit tin, -l,    I'.    I'll,k,a.    II
loi.Ks   lur   ll   IUg   1UUUX   10   the  r,'l
miry   una spring.
To those who have nol yel given Purity Flour ;t trial we
would suggest .Mm doing so n you wish to procure the iu-si
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Y.our money refunded ti ii"i .inst whai wc represent it in be,
Wi' have a lull stock of the leading lines in Teas ami
Coffees and can olt'er you the best values on tho market,
ranging in price from -$1 per lb. in ll Ilis. for $] as a special,
A. H08S0N. BAKtli & GROCER
___ -imii-""*-' ----- mMMB
\ auuouvor liourd  ol   L'rnila      ,ins inn
invited     mi    hiiiml    Laurie.   I., sin       \   hnlfbr I,   iimnud   Hans   Uiu-urei.
Voucouver, l'ruice  Uupeit  Uonrd      "i   "»•- uciUimi  '" '"'i'111 ""  Mcouion  I
l.illiu   llll.IKS  11   WO..10    UU   ,,   good   I',' a
:,' ,^',:i   h.ni' u,   stsit   1'iiinL'   Itupcrt    ,
tlie storm  lin,.- an.l  tiro inviting  him.
A  resoluiion  lecouuuondiug  that   lhu
' ...s I'liiiimiit       airnltgr       I",'   a   illlihnui
system "t  muiimipul  book  kecpiug
appoint  an  iinfii'i'iitr ui  audits
Ml..    Hash., I,    ttlll
.his  st'.asi.n.
|iu-l   luaslt-i   gouul'lll   ha-      iii
I."I   all  |Mail   inasli'ls   that        llflul' I
I,    Im      Hi.-  I,,1,1,it-      uf   tin-  sin-ions
lorlliurn I post   oll'ui's  ssill  It," closed  ou  M.mlas,
 jll.'lll ll     111    ini mi'    I |.L'   ss ill    II"I
libit"  l" im'   mail  im   llinl  ilas .
.Ml        Wall,"! Hull
Ii. an   an i-.a -Im n   I ftp,
land   "ii       lliuisilas    all.a      a   drunken I     Nll~-   ''■   l->""-   ni|l   nol   ""vis
hrnsvl     l'i-'  •   ,  I      uoiiBtublus are    '"" ■  ' I'liiiisdii} i
scare ;; '"'   "iu  Indian who i- sup   ;    m.,.Si ,-,   \;   Kenned}   wili nol
posed ii. I.,. tli.. murderer     ll,,-     s i,     .yniorross   afternoon
lint  lull a  widow   and tlii'eu uhildrut
n I   M I,
Mis, II   i  limine, hum  Mo. ,>- si ,11 ,...,
lh" ' ■  I'   H   buvu offered  lhu  N    M. \,evei\e t row   nltein	
\    sv iu    '" uiu am        .,    s si,   ,,.,.,    lll(|   \    vi, |j,	
diall   b.'   as.ui .■   sslu-ii   n'.piii.'ii. « i-   -.-'t-'- "'  ""'  v  M-  '-■  A-  propelty, but   lu  .     ,,,,       ,,,,,,    ,L,     (1|  .
adopted ns   '.i„   Okannguu  Uourd,     ol   "«' '" iuleiesi  foi   .'.'■ yours, foi      llu
l"r-_o pill'l '    t.u.ki.l^     in.'    iin|.it.s ,-ln.i I
t.-.jll I    I"   ,1..'    in - III III I",i        .111-1        l"
M.     "I     •Siorl     .,',,,!' ..>a    ,   ,,...i
is   nip It, hi    ! mm' i'    I'i  '	
, luiiuiug in:it a religious ,,..' i i
spread ih's.-ii.I lho ui.nn.l- >.l Aighan
.stun,      1 i.iK.'.-mti and ovou  into     Hit
...rluuru  pol'liou  oi   In.li.i.   Kii-m t   i. .
Hwpaiclieu a lurgo foroo i" Uiu tl
gbuo uur.tii llic Uriiisli i,,,..i i
.uuu.  husu protected.
i n   . ■       pccitil audit ronulvud
,..- I algary      t ..titn-il       in.-   llui
ays:   "It  in  not  only   ., nuesiiun
sj"sn--   t,. tt     ,s involvod.    Ih
at ,a proponed will  !„■ impoi
lo   lii--   tlts   "I   l algarj, .     ll   -li,',
tbL'tui iii giviug Calg-ary  an    ,.■
•.a   siai.,.-  .,,,  tno mono}   market
'.    11.1:    ,lt    I.'I.-.-L'llt.''
lieorgo .\Ui"iiiu,  an Intl..
ud ii,  ti,-   uoutttruotiou uump   -
\"!  ' |  .-t |l     I   liilS    |S      I-IOSI
lirnltou,   i,tit.,   ahoi   and   killed   I
i , foreman  lor Stawarl
-.J.'.l.i. ;■ as,   aial    -• ■ • "
.,.,   ,,, n. i    I ■
■ hi'h uius   hase   to   b,
t..-J  and   lhe '..titer in   m.-  nb,
A resolution  urging  the '     I1   11
. sign board ai  Si
og .' _.. hero foi
I   in  their  tu,.'      .'■ ■
Si   ini'jas  the  ss.,1-1-     -I .
.all."    Wlla    pa
mot-ting ni U„- Okanagan  I
, ' .-    lllla    UlgeM      .
i Ikanag in
■ .'   ' - i good
■'■. . 1 <.kn .
,. .... i   will
an     • :
■     ■
I a ratlin
,-  •     ■ -     ipated
-i   Mm
.   ■  ,
st ,i.|-   it Iiii I,   i I.,-   l'„,ai,i   i, tjuu   letl
_ I   ,:.!    li-:       llll     i        I'.I;.   "I   $1.1,1X111. I
tl    ' lui.li,  who   i-   . hargod   nill.   theft        '    I'    vil
i.;  .s.'ii  in tin       1}   uiul ; isvuj i   .... .
Nelsuii,   t. a-        .    . .   ■   i'
"I     ..    .s a. I   i nl |ltl
I. .■      I 111,'I    I'm IS     .SI
let III llt'tl    la
, i,   ... ulort
sun,   ■' I'    ■,,..  ,.. a ■ a..
M'lll.lll.i.'.i    l"t     I SS "       ,   ._.
li,   parlui •!
.    . ■ .    II
... i. , ..
... ■
'      '..     ■'
ii.,i   ai  Is,
i .
I    Hi,
The Late Thomas Hay
N.n lh  Hay,      Uni.   .Ian.   -'I.     I a
■ Has .   t  .    I'     It     , latin .   I.g.i.ll    it In.   Has
injured in tin' wivuk neat' Wubbwou.l,
l'i alas, ilinl tin nn.,mm.! a, eight o'
elm I,   ,ll   lu-  nun   ii-Milenie   iu      North
ll'. it.  1,1 1  |im  ii«   Imvinti    <<      In
lis   a   t.'still   of   lhu  st.,nnil-   In   his lluilll.
'li     III.} ' .      , undiliou   ss as   las i.ralili-
Ul.til    I'll.-'I.i,    till.-a    the   , Imiim    for lhe
; ts.n-e   sel       in.     Ill"   ' Ul.till..I'd   I"       fail
j .ill   this        ling   nml   "a -   lOI.HUlolla
( till    IiihI.
Mi      lla.s   tta     In   In     tilth   sear       and
Innl  1 ii     ii  ruili'iiiiilei' fui    IS  seai - .
joining lhu t' I' II. in I--:'-, nfler wr-
sniii   li.  T.   It.   I'm   st nm'   te.n     in I',i,„ I,
, ill.'     llu ua- burn  ti   Kim..-i.n, ami
man,"d Mis, tirnllt, of 111... I,s die. Mi.
lias eiiti'liil lh, r-nire of I he (', I',
ratlu.is al (lllaw.l, ll..'.. .-llllll" llesl
ami U'us iiHMlstanl supui'inteu.lenl uf
the Sehreibo. 'lisi-iim f.n l.flueu years,
lun.ina i" North I'.-u to till the |msi
liuu   "f .l.i.ui-    ,mmi   i, I.i.-h   In-  ha-   .n
lllll}    held   fill    lhe   pl.sl    ten   le,,,.
Illli   in.-nl   nil!   lie   Hindi    al       IV.i.l,
s ille  Salu,das .
StOMlll't   Hat,   s j   . I,.,,..,-.-. I.   who
"a- employed mi lh.- I . I'. II, at l(u\
ulslolie, left fui North llm ..n Thut.
,la v.
IN    I III'.  M I'ltl'.MI.   I III IM   UK
IIUII IS1I   t nl.i MI'.IA
In the IUU I tut  "I
WINIIINI,   I I'  Al  I"
And in the matter uf
M.    "|...In,in i...Id aud Silver .Mm
I' ^ I  ; nil}   "I I.ardent., R. ('.
I id.,  (non*|iersonnl  linbility,
N   thi! tu . leilttiir.s to uomo fte. 	
Mil       Ah'l.   IH'.lt'KI'.V  ro.|uire<]      lo
and       [nose   lhe  del,I   illli.tied
b}   }'.... ■    (iltttsi,  it,lined i "iti-
i '..,   ,- il.tj   }u..l   „lliil,tsi.   ami giv-
a -■ lllorcof i" nm un or he -
In ■ I'm! iv. the I I das of A|„,I, A.
II . IBIH, ami you a,e in attend In
! nil Suli nm al lhu rhantln-i s ,,i
i - u  I'..-    m  .i inlgc >,, i humbora    on
III     -Il'l   das    ill    May,    A.    ll..
■   i "in i   Mourn in   the i it)
l   \ l.l.'ii .  pi ,   II.  ('.,   at   III :'.n  ..1    lhe
-   in   lhu  l"i.-i n.   being   the   time
In   ■ ing  an.I  ...I'ii,ii, ...
lie   ,1.11111.
I-   Jl-I    d is    ..1   lie.-nil,e,.    Al
I     11    M  lll.UMIII.
I iquidator,  whoso
Imai    i-    Nelson    Pan ish
( nhiniltiii
. \\ ni   ilml  'in ii.i\ s
H     ^mlrowa,  uccupation,
lo apply  to tho     Chief
ni.'i    ol    Land \,  Lo purchac.
: bod   land,
■  ■I    nii'il' K m!  \\     ,|.|
pi-uiii'il  "ii      -until
caarked ^    Andrew*
■  ■ i"
r  tO p'inil
n .    '■"  .t
lhe  'J.'itl,  das   uf   I eln n.n s ,   IUU),
\N|I     Nill II  Y.   is   hilfle,    givull   llllll
after  ihut   .hue the assignuo still   pro
I'UUll I" "Ill I llnile llle 1.1",,.'.I- ..I lhe
e-tale has ing tenant mill lo the
.In i ill - ul st hit h he hall little rui'uivud
It.line ami he tt III tail lie I i'-|i. .11-i I lie
foi* the III I I- "I ,'IIIS p.ll I lllelenf si,
di-.ll lllllleil I" UH} pUt'Ktll. ", pul .Oils,
nf tvllOSII del,I he -hall a,,t then hnse
teeeiietl   tn-tlee.
Dl I   III    Itl'VUl   l"l,e,   11,   I'.,   I III-   '.'-III
January,  llllll
'.III AN   ,v    I I,I.Ilil I .
Solicitors I'm   As-!,.	
Wash Goods
I in- lust ol ihe spiint; «,isli goods are now ready for
your inspection and wu can confidently say that you havo
never seen a prettier assortment ut the city. These were
all bought early in the fall, before the last big advance in
cottons, and you will liiul Style, quality and prices right in
every way.    Out showing comprises:
Besl English Prints in all Colors. Ginghams
Zephyrs, Linen Suitings, Indian Head,
Veslings, Muslins in Checks. Spots and
Floral  Designs. Poplins. Batisle, etc . etc.
,   fcil.UiUi
1"       t.t.v
III.       UN.
--■ "i  M   i i       Iti'.'.i   I.A I lll.M'     UV \
I-.1..M.M1     llll'.    UiCtlJU_»Al_    Ui-     l.»u
AliNlUN     lwt.U'.'i     uiiiu.s      . ...
iwViU^VAl      UltUX     l.N      llll:.    I'lil) .     i
I -Nt   I.   Ul''   HiUllriH   COl-UtUJJUi.
\   uH __N81_  to nn   uitiiii-t   cun  bu **_   i
lUlliU     UUl>     ill    (JUUlit,     hUllirJIullliUti,       4    I
i In.".    "I    *.i    (n I    i»iii.iii     UJ»ly    ir,    I'liitiii'
lot   ..:i   ii.ituvr   bi-ruia  uxoupi   Uiu**   •■"•■
.< >. ■*« n, -; i .t.t. Lui vv,... i. Uiv) i > ii.... i
.   :  ■•■  .  ' l     ..1   j i'i 1Kb (a i   u* 11   i■«. i   -ii.......
• • i    Ul*.     It IUU   ,     il'K 0    .11     .h      '
Urt     'h   i     .. >   .11 ir   , II ii gt -i .
:••"'"    i.i.i.mi,    .«   te in*    |ni    LiiuUHain   .
iuu   i;.m.
.......  ..  i...-. i-(giit .iuu tnin   lu.i lui.d '
-   .   ......    ,   „   .    , i IU-   tilU Ii.
-   buiLb, :» <> i.i.> a cut'U.
An   uiiiei   pi'utiuuia,   .   ,,. i   it'tu   on   Ui<
»  .IL'S.
A    .1' ' IIM     tb    I»»IH''J    -"    MHl||    IU    U    I'1
h>     "" li,      ■-     le. i llUI }
• ■    >'»i    t - in   mnl ii
i'l llhl'i    ll.14  III.nl>   ..  »U. Vij      In
i ■ i it, s  iu cut  uimtt'i   ai.   .u
i   i i<   culilpt ui .t> .. i-x..,.,   ,
i   itctUtti   Mit.ii.',   t\ in.   mgiiu
,. ,i    uvv li   Uni".
.1. 11, i-i.-   at.<i   u.iiria   iii-iv    ,Hm     <>,-i.,i,
, • I I'll..--   IU CU(    Up  IU   lUU  rut iIm  ul   V.   't.i,j   Ui
*,UU        Wl.ll.Mil Ullll'Llltli'll.
i hi    Ultra   t-.i. a.mi    UUUtl    U   pi'llU.i    ■»'
l.uU   l"i    UlUuMiiiil   It i i   I-.ai ..   li.i     'i "
..liu. i     .uiil    n^.^ug."    ul    uu.     nuuu    < a
p(   i .i.i.   Hull)   r-   IU   I    \-m   <> 'I'M   ,l'i    .111*
,    I'l     Iju.Ml.UK    lUge .    II Olll    I-    1 '<<
h..-   ," I   lulu   IUI   MuuU,   i   l.lll   iui    lvl'.\.
,    aia,    j    _. III.-,    fui     UiitVA :i>     llUM,    KIlU    .
■in.', pii  cvtU im  ■tiiiiuiv uuiu-.
i.l.tA. B     U'I      glUi-llly     ,,ul;.t'M  .-    -ill'     ln-H>  ■
i    .i    Lvllli    I'l    iwi im>->>iu'    H'lia.    ui    .
Ii«al   ul   IWu   CUIUV   |><i   .it. i v.   p'1   --Uuiil
i i_ui   IumIs   uittj   Pu   pul utmnwl   <u   $i
.    .nil'   I.n    Hi'tl      ia.   J-lltl   *..   tUl'   U.ilill.-
.v.    :»ui  iii..t) I...... ._.., diii'B  ii".i>   ■
<l'.lliU    I'.s     .jilt-    IHU'\ itii.il. Ul    UUllttMl
.»>■>,.}    al   Ul«   i.ue   ui    iu t-vllto   pul    I
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L.11. i ii h   _ur   IhiiU   Iui   un.' ICUll uiul
,  l._U_    UIU)     bV    IIIH.I.     I'-       •  l.-,.l»     il.
.,    .hi, .    ulticv    ."I      ii      ilia  I ■«
. md    lu    l**   luhv-ll    ui'    ,-    *tll*.tl   U
l,<> ii.B.iMii, :     lltlttlVO,     lu*    l»».»,
,   .      Hull   LU  U«_  ilHll*UI   ui     "-.*   iln- I
Ml,.    n.   Uli    V "llMll ..»-t..i.. i   u.   Ilu.    i..
Oil   -■ I     i\ lllUlp*.'tl.   i'l    l '.--   «!.,■-■
I'.i I. I.     11 Itlllll     »- lllw'li     I !.«        ■"
- uitiirO,   l«t_«IV_   a.'U.Mi  ...    iui   »fUi
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v    .. .    ui   llu   la   Cuuitfvtl   !> i    liuUI
A    -i-lllr-|    Aim   I..1.-   l-«»"..-.l   .il.   unt
.   liullivnU-ui,   in   ivtjUiivU   li    piil'iiv     Lii
■:.lti.'li>   L'uniMI'li'il   III. I. Willi   ijUtl        Ui
uf Llic  fotiuwinn plum:—
ii.    vi   .....-.   -._.   i .it-    ii *;>■*- •■
■ Ml   cUIIIVUtlon  Ul   illt*   ikmU   in   mit-'li   >«"«i
during iiif term ul Hire. >«-.h>
it is tii*. pnicU.u ui ith- lit'ii.utnii-iH i
i"i|iiir_ a s-iLiei uj briuy l~ ttctc. utiui
. .uiv..iiiun. but tf hv ^iei«r. tu- um> tin
a tlulO Stuck; «nij _U lieml ul i-ali.'. lu li
_   lUHlly   ilia uwu pruptilj,   Kiln   Liiiiulc-K
is_r ihvir Kccummutimlun, wii. b»- ri-quiiw
inktead of cu;tivatiua.
i_i ii ihe fuiber lur mother, it ;h> tn
Hut   Is   d*?v*?;iat ui   ul   aU\    p«*i - ti   *h*i   •
ui^ilnf tu make ii huiin-.il. ail ..ut'> "i. il<
the provUiun* of Hit? Act. r.«i.le> upoi
a.   iui in   in   t:u-   vlciiilt)   ol   thy   ih.iiI   fit
nr^d fur by ulich pvrnOn us a iiom.'.iifail
lhe i oiiuirenieiiis uf lhe A t n> lu r«»i
O.OCfl pnur io ubiumliiit patent in-iy l>
talUtlt-d   b)   HUi'li p»-i»'-ii rMlillIlK Willi  Ui-
I ■ .-.   '-r  iii.iitur.
...i ii    •:;■    VfttU-r   hni   his   p-iiiian«n
•hi .)■ ■ - •■   upon  farming  lunil  own..j   ti-
Mllll 11. slit' VlClnll) Of hit* liOI!l<-Htt'!ul '.It
■   | 111 I'ft.ftltH    ul    I lit-    ACI    «IH    10    r.-H|il.:n
ii* > I.. i.i i mtltnl In r. -ui. uc« uiHin lh-
i      land,
Apphca'.iUii   fur  patent   nhmilil   he   inmi
i,   . n.i   -f uirw >furs l»*fui»' uiv  '•■•
. .  igeni ur a  humuktvAil   n*p-
llffore rnnKng Bppllcatlnn fur m pat.-t.
• ii .r   itiiml  give ^t\   tnomh-   not11
hvrlttn*   tu   th-   i'"mnil.f.i.»'i.-'   iif   i>
■i  ui   Land*  ai   otrnwa.   of  hln   Inteii
.,-,  in ,i    -.
w   w   cmv
T>-r-ii v    M'"l-»*r   of   ih*-    ttlt**no>
Embroideries and ta
Wo are alwavs Itoadqunrters for these lines, nnd our
stock this )ear is better than ever. Bdgeings and Insertions to mntch in lhe prettiest designs you could wish for.
Wide insertions in lu let and Shadow designs for panels
for princess dresses Corset cover embroideries in the new
patterns ;itnl materials. Insertions and .'Vppliques for
trimmings in white, cream, ecru, black and colors. All
over laces anil embroiderii.s in all ihe rt quired shades.
Come and see these goods.   We take
pleasure in showing them.
o, a     co o o s.
Why send .to New York for
your fresh eggs when you
1?     11 n   i  if can obtain them from us at
flirthfr,   _)Ul   YOU    the same price and save the
5 You Can Go
express- Try Nabob and
Brown Berry Coffee. Noth-
iiiK better for the money.
I Can't Do Better
Cream Rolls ami I'ulTs mntle ssill, inirt frs'iiin ever) Wednesday and
Saturday, alsoh full line of lri.it I'ake, Genoa Cake, Laser Cuke.s,
Lunch Cakea every day in the week
G. >V.   HKI.I-
P   0.  BOX 208 CftllCMl AND BAKER PHONE 23
6<K>OCKH>0-CK> CKHD<><><><><K><><H><>0-0-6
C—l, uni;   and   Sodium   Hyp
phos] :..-.■ .    The l>e»l
prepai n^ ii]
the satnt
and mttr'ii
Wi 1
Bbws'Drug S Stationery Stt
i ■ .
i,.' i.
..   .     ■■•  :     i   . .
I   of fill ■,.        i      ,1   ,11.1
SI-XT   lll'.MI-'   III (I   K
SV.   HKMH. II     '    I1KW
Iku     Hull,  I      i .        ,     uiu I
I'M,',.' HI
ii   I      111   whnn  tin, dninlii,         r„ I,,   i     p   p     n,
 -   "'I.   nnd  i' i"i
' 11 "  0(1    i   a   ■  '   pit] I   ml   ,   r>uii          i. ,1   th,    I11  ll
,|".'   ' ungiiio"   lioi       . from     Honolulu,
motion,   (In      a   Intel   rl ltd   lhe  indie     «ill  ret   lo  hi
''"I"' i" run ..    i           t ,. |(„ mi
era hou i ,,    .|,,.
..   ii
;    i	
lion    H
III     l|.    Ill ,' III   i,l  .1 ."    I..II ll    l{l.|tl|,   |-v
II.-    nil   , I   ,.|       lie   'flllH    li"
K     'I   l  ', !''       Ill     S"  ' ,1   ,*,.       I "SS llll      IM     I     (l|     III,"    llll,
llll , all ,11    ,• s, i p,    5H     ai I''-    IIlid    Ilil-
III   tt as I  1", i.i Hill" III   li,  r.
V, Ii I',",till',iif I'l 'I'll i" Nn.
I, ,      Ii, 1 i'illlal.,1 nl -    ill
■       llltl    || .K  III in   liwl
-I    il'l    ..'pin II   Iuu    I , ,-.,
,  ,1,,    I'.il   a   till),|ii al,   i ll.-i. Ill)
.■I.J UIV."II llllll   .1  ilnpli
nl till."   Ill     lie   alinsf
'li I mi I •■   ,-■ I   ill   , la-
', I    Ii t   il is -    li-.in   i lie
[Inii    -I     ta    ia  ■ (nii'il- ai lull tt.'i,',,!
'Hit'  -III      ll"     II'          S.lllll   ,.l,|l-i  I I,,||
■    i ll I i .,, s     lit    I.null-    I     in
u   II   KDMOM)-*,
In     mm    Iti i IM ia, .
)     Mil.
Is     in,.,.   |...   If,   (',
In • .   I ,    I HI III lie,    18 llll
Your Insurance
Is  one of   lhe   most   important   items
in your business
IET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look .lit.r this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Board of Trade
i -.       ■       i im ni liu.
I'Ml.l I,| I   I     ||||       »   'II      Ll       lll'lll      IU       li,.'
' '   ' '' . .   ,       .. ,'|'|      ,,      ,|   |        , ,, .
p II,
II II \ll\l\-.
He. ii'tiiit
■   "n   , he   '  in 	
1..   .;„•,' Mi I    .   i'    ■ ■     I ' ', -inii.n, ss
-I  i ' I ll  II    I' ■   • '
I .'In | '   ilyai s
\\Y are carrying ;i full line of General Groceries and
sell at lowest prices.
Window   ilispl.ts   of all   kinsls of Soap for lhe Toilet
,mil lhe Wasliitib.    Orders called for
Gone ral Merchants
Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!!
In the MAIL-nlMD and Get Results


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