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The Mail Herald May 10, 1911

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Array J
"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation'and
perfection in results il is
unsurpassed.     Price „$60v
Interior Publisnmg Co.. Ag's.
*.. B.
Visiting Cards
Interior PuDlishing Company
Vol. 17—No. 35
REVELSTOKE. B. C, MAY 1(1, 1911
$2.50 Per Year
. iffiTE MAKES
learning tbat the men were not wanted there lie disappeared nnd lms not
been  Keen since,
The men  wore mostly Poles,  Slavs
und Austrians, and wero hired by. an |
employment .agent in    Spokane,   audi
VlC6"i r6SI(IB[]l OT l. ". li.   rSSSOS fares to Cranbrook, whieh made $8.80
Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada!
s Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Hoit.'- Office—Toronto, Ontario.
5 ^30,000.00
5,5ow,. 00.00
Branches er A«< nts nt. nil prim ipal points InlOftnada.
AuentsinGre.it Britain nml United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limit-il. Chicago—First National Bank, Oora Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Fran-
eisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, nnd Interest allowed al
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Reveletoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
I Luc you ordered your favorite cutting Irom lhe
Beef awarded First Prize ai Calgary Spring
Stock Show and purchased for our Revelstoke trade.
p. £urns & Company. X,td.
Children's   Straw   Hats
All sizes, all shapes, all prices.
The best Assortment in the city
to choose from. Come in and
get  your  Summer   Hats  here.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
Through Here, But Leaves
No Encouraging Message
Mr. wm. Whyte, vie* president of
tlio C.P.R., passed through the citj
tins mornlug on his way hack to
Winnipeg from the coast.
Mr, SVhytio when approached by tho
Mail Herald as to the possibilities oi
11111110 development "I the C.P.R, lu
RevelBtoke promised nothing definitely, but admitted tbat as traffic Increases it will It necessary from
tiini' to iiiiiii tu Increase the stall
here, and that ultimately there will
be considerably lurger works here
ihun ai  present,
"There is a pin.-islcut. rumor around this city thai the C.P.R. will
shortly establish auxiliary cur t-hops
here, is there nny found ition for
that rumor," enquired thc Mail-
"Well, there may be," replied the
vice president, "but so far there is
nothing of that nature discussed. The
car .shops will proba ly bo establish
i-d on the prairies some place, but
as yet we have not decided that i|in*s
tion, and until we decide that we
will not probably discuss auxiliary
simps. You/ have a splendid location hero and one admirably suited to
our work and the possibilities of
tli is place are good.
"In Winnipeg on May 15th," Mr.
Whyte said, "the master mechanics
of the road will meet and discuss the
general welfare of the system, and
it is possible that at soma future
date they will meet in Kevelstoke, as
it is customary for ilio.se men to
meet yearly at diflerent places. Some
times it is at Winnipeg, sometimes
Fori William, and possibly sometime
it may be here. That, oi course, is
for  iiiem  to decide."
when ciuostioncd as to the opening
"i the Big Bend road Mr. Whyte said
that all hnd been done up there that
was likely to be done unlil traffic increase demands the lowering ol the
grades, and when that time comes
it may i c advisable for US to open
up that road. The preliminary survey has of course, been made, but
that is as far as development has
gone so far."
.Mr. Whyte was advised of the action of the Hoard of Trade and the
city in extending an invitation to
the master mechanics to meet here,
but admitted it would be hardly likely they would tind it convenient to
accept tbe invitation. He admitted
however, that It was a good move,
I and would perhaps do some good.
With the vice president in his private car "Manitoba" were Mr. J. O.
Sullivan, chief engineer of the western lines; Chief Justice Mathers, of
Manitoba, and Mi. llm. Harvey, man
aging director ol tbe Standard
Trusts. The party has heen to Vancouver and Seattle, and in the latter
place Mr. Whyte opened up a new
ollice for the C.P.R. which wns ncces-
s.tated by the Increasing business.
"Traffic is uood," Mr. Whyte suiil,
"and we look for an exceptionally
good yenr." Tlie party came in on
No. 9G nud left on the sume train
for Calgary.
-Mayor Hamilton has received a
replj to in- invitation to the mechanical men of the C.P.R., asking
them to meet here. Tbc reply came
under tbc signature ol Mr. Grunt
Hall, superintendent of motive power
land slated that he would hand the
mess.ige to the mechanical men when
they gathered in Winnipeg, but it
was scarcely probable that they
would sec iheir say deal to accopt
i Itatlon,
were received by
Majri i Hamilton anil Mr, W. II.
Pratl from Mr, 11. li. Vaughan,
bead nf th mechanical department
at Montreal, itatlng that Mr. Hall
h ,s conveyed the Invitation to him,
lut he regretted thai it would ],<•
Impossible to come fn ther west this
time. If tei thanking both tho
Board of Trade and the city he hop
ed that in tbe luture the mechanical
men      could  see  then   way  cleat       to
•m in.   to Reveletoke.
Most of Ihem are broke and when
the foreman and Interpreter deserted
them Ihey did not know what to do.
The rest left on the train, hilt it is
doubtful if they will be allowed across tbo lino now. it is a contravention of the alien labor law to bring
them in, ami II is thought here that
il was a scheme to got them out of
Lhe United States Into Canada. II
took them over two days to get here
.•nnl it is thought they crossed the
border st night,
None ol them had any receipt to
show that they had paid ihe agent
anj money, and they were all excited
last night, If they got hold of the
employment man they will likely take
.usticc Into tlicir own hands.
Building Architecturally Beautiful
Which Will Occupy a Whole
Block-Faces Kootenay Street
let Here and Get Instructions
from Commissioners-Work
ysyiiis June 1st.
Plans tor tho new Provincial Courl
j House have arrived in the city    and
| are at the old < lourt House.       That
RevelBtoke will havo ono ol tho mosl
up to iiuii*. commodious aud archil ic
tiifiilly beautifully public buildings In
the    Interior      is  patent  to anybody
; viewing these plans.
The   building   Itself   will   lie   roust re
inl of rich ilarli red pressed brick,
with lavish white marble ornaments,
and trimmings. ISntranccs are provided for from three streets and the
front entrance which fare.; Kootenay
street is approached hy a series of
ax or eight steps. Tiie plans provide for the occupancy of a whole
block and tho grounds will lie laid
out very artlsrically. over lho tronl
entrance will he emblazoned u coat
"f arms and the words "Itevelstoke
Court, Houso," whil*' capping the
whole will be a largo copper dome
with (lag stall altached.
The plans give the details of the
building very minutely and are prepared with a view to giving the grout
est assistance to the successful tenderer.
Seed Potatoes
A clini pe i f m i i1 i fti n n i k< Bab tier en i>.
We have in a shii ti i nl of 11 stern potati i s.
which we would advise you to try. Our-seeds
all lir.st quality,
John  McIntyrn & Son
Phi    D8
Mr. McPhail of Ottawa has       i cen
here anil has told the census       commissioners just what their ilutios mo
and the commissioners have met with
the enumerators and told  them jttsc
what what they ure to do, s>   tbat
on the lirst of  June the work of cen- j
aus taking will commence in earn  ,<,
and everybody will  he thorJUghlj* 1*011
versant  with  tlicir  duties nnd  kr.ow
just     how     to approach  th    people
with a view to obtaining the urns
sary     information that tie    govern
ment wants,  in the shortest possili .*
Kootenay has boon dlvidud Iui..* tw o
federal divisions for iho oarpose ol
census taking with T.M. Roberts,
commissioner for Bast Kootenay und
A. B. Dockstcaer for West Kootenay.
Yale-Oartbbo Into two divisions with
Mr. Knowles as commissioner for
.Southern Yule-Cariboo aud Mr. Yor-
ston   for  Northern   Vnle-Ca. ,'>o >.
Enumerators were present at a
meeting In tbe Central hotel 'from
Revelstoke, Kaslo, Nelson, Rossland,
Grand Forks and Greenwood, The
enumerators who will take charge "f
the work as far as Hevelstoke and
vicinity is concerned are F. W. Laing
li. M. Itae. H. Cunningham Morris,
(ins Lund, ,1. A. Porter nnd Messrs.
McGaghran and Watts.
Mr. Laing will handle the eity all
east ol McKenzie Ave.; 11. M. Hue
west of .McKenzie avenue; H. Cunningham Morris to the bead of Arrowhead Lakes outside the city limits; (ins Lunil th,* llu,* Hend; Mr. Mc-
Gaghran, Arrowhead; J. A. roller,
east   to  Rogers  Pass and Mr.   Watts,
ai Comaplix,
Thc enumerators will receive $5.00
a day for tlicir work, which will begin June 1st.
Real Story of Real Estate With
a Moral to It        j
Not so  very  Ion*-;  ago  u couple  ol
nui  estate  boomsters struck       tlm
city and by cajolery ainl misrepresentation Induced  two waitresses in the
Central   hotel   to   [nvesl   one  hundred
dollui -   i"*i ween   iiii'iii   iii   i e;ii e i.ii'
in Vancouver,     These girls badtbor
oughly made up     thoir    minds that
they  would   get   info   the  game,     anil
requested  Mr,   w.  Abrahamson       to
pay the money over to these men ami
keep     it out  of  their  wages,        The
cliequo   was   issued,   hut   the   payment
of  it  was  immediately  ordered   to  be
| stoppetl until some Investigation was
made of the property. Mr. Abraham-
son went to the coast nnd In nn au-
tomobile started  od to  sec  the  property. He      was  taken  out  about.
eight     miles      when  thc auto  broke
"How much farther have wc to
go?" asked  Mr. Abrahamson.
"Oh, about four miles,"     said the
1 challcur.
Well this is far enough for him,
ml the Central hotel proprietor,
and the sale  was never made.
Thi- story is common talk around
this city, and is just one instance to
Illustrate the necessity of seeing or
knowing something ahout the property you invest in hefore you put up
your good elegant money. Nough
fifty Said to be Dumped There
By Slick Americans
1 i.iii'*!**"k,      ll.  C.i  M IV   i.— F.fty
. -it "f a gung "I ninety
two  who   arrived   from   Spokane       to
work on  die Kootenn)  Central start
.■I alien- the track to walk back   to
ht, Th,* bunch arrlv
. I Saturday nighl with blanket! and, loin*.
* "f a foreman and  will pi
Consarvalive Leader in Ottawa
Says He Will Not Be Here
Ottawa, May 8.—R. U. Borden, the
Conservative leader has been in tbo
ity arranging his western tour. Ho
will leave Ottawa on June 17 and his
tirst meeting will take place in Win-
nlpeg on Monday, .lune in.
He will go i" Regina, taking iu ail
the    places    possible on    the        way.
Ti.ei  he will proceed to     Calgary
and Edmonton ami pay a visit to
Red Deer, lie wl,l not visit British
The tour will conclude at Portage
la Prairie on July 7. No fewer than
two meetings will he held each day.
Mr. Borden will have a special train
ami wherever meetings can |,c inning
ed along the route, llie train will
stop io give lum
address' the | pie
Montreal Ward Politicians Ciaim
Commission Form Not Suitable
Montreal, May II.—The Board of
Control, or Galveston plan ol commission government for cities as it is
'illeil  in  the  I" nl  States  where it
originated, is a failure in so far as
Montreal is concerned according to a
band of ,-* aldermen, would he contractors, wanl hectors and othei
who bave formed themselves into an
organization whose aim im to recap
line llie City 11.ui Pa lhe old form
of aldermanic patronage ami plunder
carried on so successfully until last
year  under   the   old  system  of    en le
I'Im* m mlssloners havo held   the
i hi of oitice lot slightly ovor a
yoal now, Anyone who takes tbe
trouble i" compare, in ovor bo casu
al  a   manlier,   lhe  results  whieh   have
ny  opportunity  to   h *'*'"  ncbioVOil   in   lhal   short   vent     in
I Mim  way  of civic  improvement,     with
Garden Tools
Whi' Netting, Fencing, Screen Doors ami
Windows, Rubber Hose, Sprinklers, etc. Carpenter's Tools and General Hardware.
Basoball and Lacrosse Goods,   Fishing  Tackle
lhc hest stock ever in town.
Bourne Bros.
Swift's Blood and Bone fertilizer
To increase your yield of Garden Product!. Fruits. Etc.. Etc.
evelstofie Meat Market, Ltd.
1 lu.ii Class Me > i   Pukvj vors
Phono 251 P. O. Box 161
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O.  Uox  208
GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
1        r"
ILots in '.iie City of
Victoria. B. C.
1        o
i  to ut
t    3	
1     ■="-   =
1 *i
j S.?
J    3   <
1    l/J_ <V
3 ca ia
: -■ o
A       *T"
Lots in City of Vancouver
,* 11, ,| ..it,,11  to obtain '•■ tu i "I  "I tli"
While the other speakers hava   not  the 'esults which  were promised  Iml
been decided i n, 11 Is certain   lhat which wore nover forthcoming during
Andrew Brodon ol Dundaa, the wnll-j""' many *V,'"IH "r aldermanic sway,   municipal purse strings once more,
unown     agricultural     expert ot tho  >nl1 ;,rl"' that the now system,   In
house i.f commons, will bo ono      of| "toad "' being * 'allum as    claimed
liuin.       There Ik no    moro popular
lum    heen a greal success,      There
Imvo   boon   shortcomings   ol course,
member nl tbo Canadian parliament,
and ni ii speaker on the mump be has ll"1' "" around It "my be ""''"ly Baid
probably no mperlor in tbo    Domi* that Mver before has the city's mon-
lon. oy and energy been put to better uur
Mr. Borden lum received nn Invita- |I|,1M during the laet twelve months,
tion Irom England to attend the cor- When tlio Board of Control was olcct-
onation and "considerable pressure in od the number ol aldermea    wns cut
boing brought to bear upon him from down Irom two to one lor eaoh ward,
the othor Hide to aecept, but It     Ih This b'fi   a lew   gentlemen at bonn;
very unlikely thai he will do ho   in wbo had had a tasle of political life,
view of the necessity    lor a western and hankered for more.    Up to   the
The programme for tbo tour presenl they   bave been   kept quiet,
babljr be formally snnotiouud but now, ii appears, they are getting
interpreter, whu Went tu Wardner. On j by tho opposition loader tonight,
i *i' i in-i   mnl ini'ii'l tu iiiukt a cuu-
Dl believe it, if you wish," ro-
marked an Informant, " but it is «
tact. The proposition . i" ..-sue u
petition which the people will bo
nskoil to sign praying for n referend
urn on tbe question. The argument
: i that the Board ol Control Is nol
■ati ifni i"iy results, nml they
contend ihol a referendum would put
the booi 'i oul "f exist	
"Behind this movement are i untn
her of the members of tbe Id older*
hi.him  regime nml cerl raotore
who   complain   thai  tbi   i   i trollers
are not giving them a tali *how.
"Thin pctitiuu ia actually ;u    pre-
paratlon, Unless tbo plana of th.*
i'i"m*'t.'is miscarry, however, thin
titlon will be launchod on tbc publi'- un Hi- ii'.u future with a boating
ol drums and tbe sound of trumpets"
SUDD for Y.M.C A.
a ium of IS.MO is now on its w»y
t,. Revel toke from tbc C.  P.  R. for
to   the   Y M.i'.A.   hero,
■ '.,' the blgge t * *' tors'
meetings evei held ,it the Association, r"iniuitte»s were appointed lo
look into tbe matter "f the coets ol
uy imi'toveuiontH, nnd nlsu
the advisability "f adding an ctteu*
Muii to tbu buildtug. WEDNESDAY,  May 10,  1911,
the mail-herald;eevelstokb
Che fl&afMfoenilfc
jntcvlor flbubitsbtno compang,
Cbe flDaillbcralb
Jr,:o>;Ar:LAni'_ ■
WEDNESDAY ,  MAV  10,   -.911.
With all duo respect to Aid.       Mc-
Kinm i.    '■ * iini     ai umen and hia el-
|  .     to curtail the expenses     of  lho
,-  ., • ument,     thi    paper mutt,
•    Q to I tit deci Ion ol   tli i
,* -;.   ci incil  nt   last mooting to   cut
... ,i cei tain  telephones.     There I    ol
,   i,*, quest*"ii as to this   bein ;
,:,*- ol  mu tuning expenses—that
.    ....  evident- but whether it Is    a
,... i     I ol an Iving at  that end
io   (jm   ■ I'lie   phollCS       well'
it    mt on the strength ol a report
brought .ii by tho finance committer,
' :.*      motion to actually du the
..  ..-. wa   made by Aldermen Sibbald
ind acquiesced tu    b.v
the whi li    ouncil.     The policy      to
say thi      * '    - a picayune one. and
.   mature  consideration  thc    city
ouncil n    t i   me to the couclusii n
...    tbe Mail Herald has done, that it
iu ist trilj   i reate .inst  a   litl I *
. onism bi tween the powers   thi i
and  its einployei i •     At  any  rate
itwill   be  ii.*  incentive  or  encourago-
men  I" 'I" their     ul -
most lor    the    benefit ol    tho     city,
■ ; l citizenship should ol com
sufficient  Incentive Ior every one     to
work Ior the best Interests     of     the
but  He n  the city employi *
.   ,    ,ve, are but human after all.
S body can possibly find fault with
. itting "in  ol the phone at   th ■
mayor's  private office,   because  he  I ,
in there,  and anyway  there is n
phone in the  next  room.     That wai
.. wise move.     Nobody can  find  any
fault with tbe counci, tor cutting ou!
C. ,i. Aman's phoni—he has no right
me at  the city's expense. Hut
if tins phone was lor the conveniercu
ind i ithors to get in
to communication with A. r.. Duik,
man ■:' the power plant. who I o-
ivith Mr. Aman, then the action ol cutting out the phone is op*n
to criticism. There is no telling ji it
when something may go wrong at the
power house whereby just a lew minutes saved by the use ol a phone
might sav,.- to the city thousands of
———i ——n—g—m
If you insure wiih us you
insure with some of the
oldest and strongest companies in the world.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Insurance of All Kinds
dollars.     The po-slbility Is tbere, Ol
course  th ire  Is tho alternative    thai
the council might I miploycd and
that Is i" appoint ti nighl superintendent at the plant who Bhould I)
thoroughly capable ol doing the work
Mr. Hu.!*. does by day, and to be In
every way rcspon Ible lor tbo working oi the plain by night, but that
would cost considerablj more than
the simple maintenance of a phone,
Were Mr. Duck so inclined, be wiglit
i.iii, the action ". the city council
as a Immutable mandate lhat when
he leave; the plant at six o'clock,
or whenever it is, that he Is through
with his woil*- und not subject to n
cull under any conditions.
Under the same circumstancei th •
city clork might also take the sain*
stand, .m.i absolutely refuse to r. pl I
to anv questions on city business al
imi six o'clock. We cun imagine a
ease ol a man In ing suildenlj called
out ol the city on the evening train.
lie wants certain information trom
Hie city clerk. A phono maintained
by ibe city might got him that information, but it Is not there. That,
man has a legitimate kick coming.
If Mr. Lawson keeps a phono at bis
own expense he Would be perfectly
justified in refusing any Information
regarding city business to the enquirer. Courtesy would uo doubt
forbid, but tho city clerk would be
within bounds to follow such u course
Fire Chief Foote's phone is also cut
out. Tbo chief would be thoroughly
justified ,n resenting such action, His
services ine Voluntary. The small
slim ol $6.25 has been paid Inm
since January 1st tins yeai, and it is
tin* least tho city in courtosj could
do Imn io provido Inm with a phone,
in regard lo ibe cutting oul ol the
phones ol C. North and Thos. Buln,
and paying cncH ol them in lieu there
of $2."iii a month, the city is paying
nl the i,ite "i $12 pel year lor the
iiiiiinti'iiHiu'.' ol a principle. The city
cm secure these phones at the con-
trad rate ol $2 pei month or * 18
a year tor the two. Uut instead
ihey prefer lo pay $00 in actual cash
i" tho two men and compol thom to
keep the phones. High financing indeed,  isn't  It?
Md. McKinnon's action was based
ou the information he received from
other cities. Following tho samo
. ne ".' acl ion I lirough, Ihen there
might tic n whole lot ol eiaie officials
here wlthniil phone who would be
entitled t" them at the city's expense. After all Revolstoke and her
council should be big enough and Independent enough in go ahead on ber
own initiative, and nnl he looking
for advice as to bow to run her civic
i nice more oui advice in these columns to the general public is to buy
real estate m  Revelstoke or       Irom
Rovelstoke   leal   e-late   men.   llllll     to
slum the Itinerant merchant who     is
here  today and gone tomorrow,
Fiats can be stated and proven in
connection with any city, and good
solid facts too, The growth has
been good, the building permits bigger '.ban a dozen oilier cities, bill
these are no guarantee that the property offered is good. Instances have
been known ol a frog pond lieing sold
f ood  building  lots,     If you    be
Ueve the stui'i  I i | I an 1  take     it
with that assunii I Ion thi n II Is your
funeral and nol uiu - I! :■"» "got
stuck." The poliej n! ii inor ml real
estute men is nol by any melius charity. When ihey have sold all they
possibly can ol the property In Vancouver or on Hi.' pinna's to local
buyers, and lind them lelvc' still tt'itb
ii whole lot ol stuH "ii their han Is
which tbey can lispoi e of to local buyers, tbe mod .** operandi Is I"
send a bunch ol thoir slcekosl and
smoothest nun oul to tho country
places to "unlond." \**d they do
'unload" alld la* p the money limiting back io head nflici ... Calgary is
subdivided for n i ity tho size of a
Chicago and many anothei' city tho
same. ft you buy on the outskirts
o: this subdivided men now, then
erhnps iu a hundred years or so you
mighl double youi monev. But thore
Is all kinds ol time hefore these cities gol  to the si 'c oi ii Chicago,
The prop" ■ i Ions look good on pu
per. You will lind tlie city all nicely
laid out; the intervening spots be*
I ween the clt} and I he place you al 0
m I Mil to bin .ill dolled over with
residences, u d beautifully laid oui
plot i, Boulev in il i. roads, driveways,
parks and gardens nil exist "ii paper
-aud tbey nut} be there in fact—but.
you had bettei know this before you
spend your hnrd-onrned cash. True,
ihere are many persons who have m
vested In real estate blindly and
in ide money in haadfuls, but the
eh,nice to lose lis well as gain was
tbere, and 11 you aie «tiling and can
afford to lose II necossnry, then go
right to it. ihis paper bus put you
wise as to whal you might he doing
il you iin.est blindly. But if you in-
vest and lose, don't be a groucher.
Stand up like h nan and take your
The cry of hard times in the smaller cities can largely ho accounted for
b}   I he    presi nei     of       real        estate
men, who, ;i   .*, ,* sod Inst week, come
aad  suck    the    places dry  ol     ready
Again      we     reiterate,   if you  bave
' money  lo Invest,  it is dangerous   to
1 invest, it in property you know nothing  of,      Invest   onl}   In  what     you
see or know something about.
nn April 8th the solitary Inspector
Issued Instruct Ions In this p .per that
I within the next thirty day- all buck
yards must lie cleaned up, Have
these Instructions been heeded? By
a short detour ol the city you can
answer tins question for yourself, and
the answer must decidedly be in the
negative. Fortunately the weathe
lms been decidedly cool so that    the
. eitizens can oiler thanks that the nc-
eiimmulnted garbage which Is scattered here and thore all through tho
eity does not smell so had, Had the
sweltering sun eome out theso piles
ol vegetable and annual matter, lying in the sun's rays would hive
been spreading disease with every
hour that went by. Can it he thai
Lhe citizens do ii"i care whether their
health     is     prot icted  or not?       It
Would appeal SO, Then it IS UP to
iiie millii.i'ilio lo make Ihem respect
in** health and rights of others. There
ro n whole lot of nitby disreputable
back yards thai must, tic cleaned up.
i hej are n disgrace to the city and
a menace to public health, ami it is
up to tbo civic authorities to make
an example of one or two of Ihem.
Should a ease or two come up ill
con ii this paper will have no heslta-
lion whatever iu giving publicity to
Him  mailer,
The local baseball boys will join
ney to Danvillo on Sunday, where
they will meet the learn ol that
city in the smcoiiiI game tins sea;.on.
A number ol local [aus will hIbo lake
,n the trip, -(irand Forks 0 iiset te,
Grand Forks amateurs rendered the
; lav "The Splliatei s lieiuiu." Here
the>   are  always  with  US.
eatnui,   answer   the  question   with  nil
emphntil    negative.
"That is to say ," said one of the
commissioners, "the chtldron are not,
Tin wind' in Ihe sense of lhe word,
which Is generally Interpreted as rtid-
miim,.s, nn the other hand, they are
bright, and show an absolute ab-i
seiiee of self consciousness which is
really delightful, tt indicates an
Individually and an alertness which
will make ihem good, bright, self-
reliant citizens of Ih * future It also
. peaks woll lor tho system of nisi tin i ion given in the schools, and
is a testimonial ol the careful work
oi the toachor, whose salary is not
commensurate with the eiTorts thai
both be and she must must have
made iu onler lo obtain such results,"
The I'niiiinissiou, winch is composed of lending British educationalists,
is making a lour of tho Dominion
wiih a view to reporting on the
School   system   here.
ihai as lumbermen returned from the
hush Inspectors found many cases ol
Dr. hi. I'.'llatut, secrotary ol the
Provincial Hoard ol Health, declares
that il is time to stamp out the contagion before II has become too general. "We are surrounded by smallpox, he suid, "Ontario is infested,
and the neighboring states arc also
on the verge ol an epidemic.
"Wc have discovered lately that
hundreds of cases have been shielded,
even by physicians, sometimes thru'
ignorance, and sometimes quite deliberately. This is tlie explanation
of ibe numerous outbreaks reported
Irom over twenty counties of the
province." 1
\ ictoria. May ll. Strung mil along
tin' trull lo th,' I'eia.' RlVi r Valley,
hundreds of wagons and vehicles of
ail sorts, .some with spans of six ox-
ens, some Willi au ox yoked with a
eaj use, some with mules and oseii
spanned together, aie carrying Wcst-
i in United States farmers in a great
rush lo seek uev.' grain laud;, says
Mr. Frank M. Kelly ol Vli toria, who
returned li re today fr mii an extclld-
tiip into ibe I'ea.e River Valley and
Slave   1, ike count i\ .
"All   along   the   trail   1   in •( tb,'
land hungry people." said Air. Kelly.
"From Edmonton to Great Slave
bake, those s, t.i1 r- to-be are strung
out with Intervals usual y not, mor.'
than a imw hundred yards. Hundreds
of them are With the strangest out
li's, many with signs painted on the
canvas sides of till ir wagons 'I',* ICO
River or Bust.' 'Grand Prairie or
Nothing.' 'Me for tbe Lust (ileal
West,1 ele. OI the lataiseekers most
'•: them come from the United States
—Victoria Colonist.
An open Held and one which has
long been In need ot direct attontiou
is now being supplied by the Com
nicrclal li*i lew, a financial and trade
"•uinil published twice a month by
•lhe iiiiii' in press at Mil Hastings
street, Vancouver, li. 0, British Columbin and Alberta compose lhe territory winch this papor covers, giving the retail and wholesale mer
eh,nn* und financial brokers a reliable
sei vii m and a conservative and ro-
iponsiide advertising medium,
lu its editorial and news columns
The Commercial Review amis to sel
forth nothing but undeniable fuels
mul arguments built upon them, ll
stands lor progressive, clean business
methods and is strongly opposed to
whatever savors of the oppo lie in
commercial life. Already its adver
tising columns ur? carrying displays
for some of the oldest and most reliable linns in lhe Wesl and hero too
the greatest car.' is being exercised
I" exclude the financial or trade pirate.
Montreal, May !l.—I'lighli'on hours
ol work out. of twenty four should bo
the limit lm any man, in any class
of work, not only on account nf muscular exertion and failing strength,
lull also because of failing brain
power, the man losing his capacity
io appreciate liis surroundings nnd
to direct Ins operations. Such is tho
substances ol tlie opinion given Iiy
in. Francois dc Martlngy, chief surgeon of tbe Hotel Dieit, who in the
cuse of      Hume   1,.   l.averdnre against
the Canadian Northern claiming $8,-
1 ;:<! for the  death  of her husband,
lirouillelle was killed in a fall at
ahout ten in tbe morning alter having been at work since seven o'clock
of the previous morning, having suspended work only tor meal hours and
Inning worked through dny and night,
The contention of the plaintiff wns
that, the company bad no right to allow men to work during such long
Dr. de Martlngy was called by tlio
plaint.id's counsel to slate what was
the limit. "1 a man's endurance, and
placed the limit ul eighteen hours of
continual muscular or bruin work,
reasonable time being allowed for
Monti";,|,   May   9.—Is   lhe  Canadian
child "forward."
Membors of  ibe commission of Fug- t twenty  counties
lish educational experts who are vis
■ ling Canada in tbe interests of edu
Montreal, May !).—General compulsory vaccination has been ordered by
th * Provincial Board of Health of
the Province of Quebec. This will
mean not only vaccination for those
who have never been vaccinated, but
reva.cination for those who hnve
not been vaccinated for the last seven years.
Tins stringent stop has been adopt
ed in  view  of the discovery that ens-
i v
j es  had  been   reported ill  more      than
Moreover,   the   attention      of
Hoard  has   been  called  to  the      fnct
In the matter of an Application for
the issue of a Duplicate Certificate ol
Titlo to Lots 1 and 2, Block 50 Town
■of Hevelstoke.
Notice is hereby given that, it is
my intention to issue at tlie expiration of one month after the first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate ol Title to (lie above mentioned land in the name of .Tames
Henry Armstrong, which Certilicate
is dated 12th December, l'.uil, and
numbered 4o;u.A.
s. it. roi-:.
District Registrar.
Land Reglstty Ollice NclBon, B. 0.,
May 6th, l'Jll. lm
Population 1911
Over 16.000
Conceded by all to be the Large City between Winnipeg and Edmonton.
Noted for being the FASTEST Growing City in America.
Exact figures for month of April were
$I,I88.0'.0. Among the largest new buildings row in course ot construction is the
King George Hotel at cost of $300,000 nt
the Corner of 23rd Street and 2nd Avenue.
J. L. Cairns has made a start in the erection
of a mammoth department store, and when
it is complete will cost in the vicinity of
We are an old established Real Estate
Firm. Not here for our health, but to make
money, and make you money. Very few
become wealthy working on a salary. Dollars don"t grow in your pockets or in your
stocking. You must get them working for
Get our Circular on Saskatoon and see
one d\  our A-ynts.
Put a few dollars in this coming town
and watch them grow.
Central  Park Lots $125 each, and up,
on easy monthly payments.    We guarantee
every lot.
Across the Street, on opposite Corner,
Saskatchewan Investment Co. are erecting a
Five-Storey Building.
Many of the Wholesale Houses are increasing their accommodations. J. F. Ash-
down is building a brick warehouse at a cost
of $150,000; Colville & Co. a warehouse at a
cost of $62,000; J. B. Cobbald are building
new offices and stores at a cost of $25,OO0;
Dominion Bank's new premises will cost
$33,000; New School being added at a cost
of $65,000. The Corporation has also public work on hand that will cost in the neighborhood of a million dollars.
Plan before City Council re damming
river for cheap power—-$826,000.
Street Railway applying for Charter at
present time.
Head Office:   711 1st. East Calgary. References: Union Bank of Canada, Calgary, R. G. Dunn & Co.
Branch Offices:   Winnipeg, Man, Toronto, Ont.,   Cranbrook, B. C,   Nelson, B. O, Revelstoke, B. C.
LOOK UP OUR STANDING. - F. W. McDONALD, Manager, Revelstoke Office, Taylor Block.
V>*»^»»»s«»«i»w»**»-*«»1*^»****^^                                                           ■■' ■ ■■■»■ ■'_> ■ s  in i si ii—i——ii i    j i mmwmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^/
^ ■ i   ■ ii    i ■       i m- ,      . ■ ■  ■ .i.i     i.   i   . ns ii      i ,,..   ■  m.,,  , ,11, i,     ■ ■ ■  ■ i , , limm^ . WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 1911.
- ZSS-'      '   ■■'■' LL-1—H--—y  IT V-^-*-***
The Famous Leckie Loggers' Boots and our own
make always in stock. See our Pack Straps and
Pack Sacks.
Boot nnd Shoo Repairers,
Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund -    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.     Intorest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Tin* Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hoi Water, 124 Degre™t ol Hea
Natural Hot Water ia Baths.   U       All Year
Rales from $12 to $15 Per Week
Have you smoked the
If not you surely
never tried them at
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Ever) body knows him, he will
till vim that t lie whiskeys we aro
telling are the best, fall and he
convinced. No household should
he without a -upply of oui Harvey's fpcdal Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
BO years old or Blaokberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our itoi 1%
of choice Wim s and Li(|iioi * of all
kinds aie unexcelled. Sold by all
the hading hotels-, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers ard Dealers in Pure Wines, liquors, Cigars end Cigarettes
Notice is hereby given that all
back yards and lanes must be cleaned
up according to the provisions of the
Bylaw wllliin thirty dnys Irom the
date below, After the expiration ol
that time it will he duty to proceed
summarily   to convict those persons
upon  whose premises nuisances exist.
Kirst notification of this published
Ihis 8th day ol April, I'lll.
Shi fob's Cure
am. Kh -ini" . ,n,,-ii.. enrc-a colUa, hcnl*
is  throat and  lungs. ■   •   -  US Mat*
Take notice that "Kincaid & Anderson, Linited" alter tho expiration
ol one month Irom the lirst publication ol thia notice to apply to the
Registrar Of Joint Stock Companies
to change thc Company's name to
"Golden General Agencies, Limited."
Dated at Uevelstoke, U. C, this
List dny of April, 19U.
Harvey, MeCarter & Pinkham
Solicitors for  Kincaid      anl
Anderson,    Limited,
WANTED—Waitresses for Restaurant.
Apply Windsor hotel, Laughton and
Tapping, Hevelstoke, B. C.
A Symposium of What is Happening in   .
2 All Parts of the World \
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
proved.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Enlarged  '
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Mo.nhly rate.
T.   "ALBEBT      STONE      PBOP
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
fur the bush, I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes. Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required in vour business.
For Sale
25-foot  Lot and   House, Third Street
Three Lots on Second Street, near the
new Post Office, 8l2t«l.
House and Lot near Y.M.O.A., $8160.
Two  lots  and   House, Third   Street,
House and Lot, Firsl Street, ne il* the
new Post Office, $2100.
">5 feet on Sixth Street, $700,
60 feet on Victoria Road, $550.
12 Room House, Second Street, 50-foot
lot, 84500.
And oi her first-class values,
fall and investigate
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
Fruit Lands
Gilena Bay lands in purcels of
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
In tho Matter ol the Instate ol
Thomas McMahon, deceased:
Notico is hereby given that all
creditors und others having Claims
against the Estate of Thomas McMahon, late ot RevelBtoke, B. 0., deceased, who died at Itevelstoke on or
about the lCth day of November, l'JIO
nre requested to send to the undersigned Solicitors tor Donald Mcintosh, Executor ot thc last will of
said deceased, within GO days Irom
date, lull particulars of their claims,
duly verilied, and that after that
date the said Executor will proceed
to distribute the said estate amongst
those entitled thereto, regard being
had only to those clnimB of which
said Executor shall have then received notice.
Solicitors ol Donald Mcintosh,
Executor of tho Last Will
Cnnnaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Let me paint your house right. I do
nothing l>ul first-class work. Quality
considered my price is low. The hest
materials used and work done when
promised. Try me on your interior
decorating. My work is guaranteed to
SIGNS I can furnish you with any
kind you want. Glass, brass, tin. cloth
or wood.    Get my prices.
Carriage and Wagon Painting at my
shop in alley hack of lv. J. Bourne's
Store, Kirst Street.
Residence Cor. 3rd St. in id Kuhsunavf
John Lee
Manufacturer  of   Ladies'
Ladies Suits Madeto Order
Fit Guaranteed
All kinds of Silk, Gingham,
Muslin,   and   Fancy
things kept in stock
Prices Reasonable P0  Box 200
Front St.. Lower Town, Revelstoko
Manufactured for ah citt»««i nf  bnildiugi
Fnr «*1« in lintt <>r -mull qiMintitifls
;r "li- lnW*»<   prlfW fnrcnili
AU Itludi nl l-uii ■'"* nnd plastering
ni 'Itirialfou
Foote & Pradolini.
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Arriving  cUlly  nui1 new ami
fresh stock of Seeds, grown
under contract hy the best
growers i" all parts of the
world. Seeds th.it will give
you the hest results, One trial
will cmvince you. Also a full
I'no nf garden r. ipiisites, Implements of all kinds llee
Supplie-, Sprayers,Spray, and
a full line of Chick Feeds and
ronke\ 's remedies. Press the
button, we will do the rest.
M, J. Henry Nurseries
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,    -   Manager
Vancouver. B. U.
Repairs ol all  kinds  neatly done
Bicycle and Gun work a specialty
I'-stimales given on any class
of work
Front       Street.
Special Attention givon to commercial
men and tourists. First-class sample
rooms. Finest scenery in British Coluin-
hia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Affords superior educational aiKali-
tagi s. Hmi-usomeiiuw brick building,
modern equipment, exlenslvogrounds.
*'lasses graded In accordance Willi lhe
ichools throughout iln* Province.
Complete Music and Ari Departments.
Special courses in Shorthand, Typewriting ami Book-keeping. Particular
attenllon given to refinement ot manners and correct English.
For Prospeotus. Address The Ac demy.
Shifobh Cure
q-Jirkly  -.lop., cnudhs,  cures cult)
lb. Itiiool aud luurji.
.   berli
i*3 casta.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District ol West Kootenuy-
Take notice that Clarence H.
Schock, ol Mount Joy, Pa., occupation coal merchant, intends to apply
lor permission to purchase the lollowiug described lands:—
Commencing at a post plunted Ufl
chains south ol the Bouth cast corner of lot 7635; thence north 80
chains, thenco east 40 chains, more
or less to the line ol the Arrow
LakeB Lumber Company's timber
limit 4*3232, thence south 60 chains
thenco west 20 chain**, thenco south
20 chains, theuce west 20 chains,
more or less to place of commencement.
Dated March 24th,  1911.
Ed.  McGagbrun,  Agent.
Revelstoke  Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that the Arrow Lakes
Lumber Company, Limited, intend to
apply to the Minister ol Lands for
permission to lease the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted on
the shore line of Upper Arrow Lake,
at a point ahout 737.2 feet easterly
from the South East corner of Lot
384, Group One, Kootenay District,
ond marked "Arrow Lakes Lumber
Company Limited North East Corner
Post". Thence south into the waters of Upper Arrow Lake a distance
of 2C0 leet, thence westerly and parallel to the shore-line ot the said lake
a distance of about 3133.2 leet to a
point 200 feet South from a point
on the shore of said lake which is
3133.2 feet westerly from the southeast coinei of said Lot 384; thence
north 200 feet to the shore line " ol
said lake, thence easterly along the
shore of said lake 3133.2 feet more or
less to the point of commencemm
17 acres more or less.
Dated April 22nd, 1911.
Arrow Lakes Lumber
Compnny Limited.
Ed. McGaghran,  Agent.
Everv box of GIN PILLS Is sold with
• positive guarantee of money back if
they fail to give prompt relief and to
effect a cure if properly used.
We know just what GIN PILLS have
done Ior others and will do for you.
We know that GIN PILI.S have been
sold in all parts ol Canada Ior years and
to-day are tbe most popular and most
effective kidney remedy in the world.
We know that GIN PILLS will
promptly soothe the irritated Bladder,
relieve congestion of the Kidneys, take
away the soreness in the Back and
through the hips, and completely cure
Kidney Trouble and Rheumatism. We
positively guarantee that GIN PILLS
will do this and we pledge ourselves
to return your money should GIN
PILLS not do all that we claim for them.
Buy GIN PILLS on this guarantee,
backed by the largest wholesale drug
house In tbe British Empire.
Soc a box—6 for f2.,so—at dealers or
from u» direct. Sample liox free on
request. National Drug and Chemical
Co., Dept W.,    Toronto. 54
The original
(iin Pills made by
National Drugand
Chemical Co. of
Canada Limited,
Toronto, are sold
only lo thU box,
Vancouver  defeated  Portland
baseball on  Saturday.
Mr. Murdock ol Princeton has
bought $20,000 worth ol acreage near
Raw prairie laud 18 miles from
Blelchen,   Alberta,  receutly  sold    lor
Chinatown  in   Vancouver    may    bo '-- rt" ucre*
moved  to a site  just east  ol  Cump-
Tue school attendance ol Vancouver
tor April created a record.
boll avenue.
Contracting plasters, alleging
In the British house of commons
yesterday, Hi. Hon. David Lloyd
George  introduced  his bill providing
ers decided to declare a lockout
breach ot lalth on the part ol labor-1 stute   insuruticc  for     working       men
against   unemployment,  siekness    and
In an interview at Ottawa Ambaa-
eador Bryce stated that the Anglo-
American arbitration treaty opened
the gateway to great possibilities regarding the i>eace ol the world.
A verdict of manslaughter aguiust
two Italians arising (rom a tight
on Prior street was lound by a Jury
in Vancouver alter an all night sitting.
A Woman's suffrage demonstration,
attended by over 8000 persona took
place  In  Now   York.
Several large bush tires arc rugiug
near Konora. Ont.
Four hunters aimed with a 303 Savage, a. 30-30 Winchester, two Drowning automatic ritles und two dogs
killed a black bear near Nelson.
The school board ot Nelson may
separate the, sexes in the upper classes ol the schools.
Mike Nickett a Russian had both
his legs cut oil on thc C.P.R. track
near llosmcr und died as a result.
May 16th has been proclaimed a
public holiduy to bc kuown us Arbor
Day and is to bo devoted to general
cleaning up In Ferine.
Thc Moyie Leader hus suspended
operations tor lack ol proper support.
Captain Milne, D.C.O.R., ol Vancouver is the only marksmen Iron.
British Columbia who will go to Dis-
ley this yeur.
An abridgement ol the ten commandments will be undertaken during
the  Church   of   England  convocation.
J. Somerset Aikin, a prominent
Winiiipeger,  is dead trom pneumonia.
Plans tor the new Hudsons Bay
store to ho built on Portage avenue
iu Winnipeg ure nearly ready.
Premier McUridc has been invited
by Ottawa Conservatives to enter
federal politics.
Kbiiinc will huve a post otlice established close to the tram station.
All stores will close at Eburne on
iVedncBduy afternoons.
J. Frankish, ot Indian Head, was
killed hy a fall into a well he was
Chas. Sandcrcock, a boy scout ol
Indian Head, broke his arm by falling [rom a tree while on duty.
Five Indians from File Hills, were
arrested for selling liquor. Three ol
them get three months apiece.
Soaking rains have (alien in Alberta and will work great good to the
Street cars will soon run all night
in  Calgary.
J. F. Sproulc ot Victoria, B.    C,
hus sold the Savoy hotel at Winni -
peg to Chas. Herbert. The price
is said to be $150,000.
Tho Prcshyteriun Synod ut Van-
couper passed a resolution recommending the general assembly to
take action ou the ne temere decree.
Fernie gave grants aggegating $500
to the Italiau Bund, the Benevolent
Society and the S. A. Band.
The Kaslo Kootenanian has chaug
ed bands, J. G, Potter having sold
out his business to H. W. Powers.
The hotels in Quesnel huve abandoned the dice-box.
The  new station at  Enderby
cost  $60,000.
Last year tbc Iruit cannery at
Chilliwack paid a profit of $2,COO.
Tbe Mounted Police force in the
Yukon bus been reduced to 45 men.
Hub Edwards has resumed publication of thc Eye Opener in Calgary.
Several laundry maids from England havo recently nrrived in Coleman.
F. J. Finucanr, recently sold a lot
in Princeton to A.  D, Irwin       lur
Vernon Will expend $12,1100 upon a
new   lire ball and extra equipment.
The B, <'. Telephone Co. will extend Its line from Vancouver to Chilliwack.
Only printers and carpenter* worked on Gooil Fridny In South Fort
Doctors of the old school nre advocating vuccinatlon iu New Westminster.
The settlement work undertaken by
the parish ol All Saints, Winnipeg,
has got beyoud tbe means ot that
patlah, and all the Anglican parishes
ot the city will help.
The Winnipeg Trades and Labor
council expressed disappointment at
lhc refusal of the Y.M.C.A. to assist
in the movement tor a weekly rest
The Grain bill has been amended by
tbe senute in committee, so thnt the
ownership ot all terminal elevators
must bo approved by tbe commission
At the trial ot Dcitz at Ilayward,
Wis,, six deputies testified that ln
their opinion thc accused tired the
shots that killed Oscar Harp-
It is stated at Ottawa tbat parliament will ndjourn (or Juno and a
part ol July. Thc Liberals will hold
a caucus.
Premier Hnszard, ol Prince Edward Island, will be appointed to the
bench of the supremo court ol that
Winnipeg hockey officials do not
believe that Allan cup trustees will
chuuge rules governing the play for
The Lady ot thc Luke, government
cruiser, has reached Selkirk, being
thc first ol the icebound boats to
get free.
New fisheries regulations tor Manitoba and the district ot Keewatiu
have been announced at Ottawa.
Tho verdict ot $7,000 awarded J.
Anderson against the C.N.R. is before  the Court ol  Appeal.
Six indictments have been returned
as a result o( the probing ol the
Ohio assembly charges.
The motor cyclists wheeled
Grand Forks to Winnipeg.
The Winnipeg bank clearings for
the week ending May 4, show a big
The G.T.P. will start survey work
at once on a branch line into Bran -
Winnipeg athletes will compete at
outside  meets  on   Victoria  Day.
There will be five hundred warships
in one  fleet at the coronation.
Victoria, May 6.—That the mounted police party whose bodies were
found by Corporal Dempster and
party in the northern Yukon were
poisoned and tbat Indians are considered responsible was the Btory
brought by Mr. F.M. Kelly, who returned here Irom an extended trip
through the Peace River Valley in
which he met, neur Athahascu Landing two weeks ago, a secret servo ■
ollicer und guide bound to the scene
to make investigations.
The government ollicial stated to
Mr. Kelly tbat information had been
received showing absolutely that Inspector Fitzgerald and his party, including Constables Cnrter, Ktnney,
and Taylor, had been poisoned, and
the deed was probably the work of
A despatch trom Calgary says;—
The tenders ot the Canadian Equipment Company and ol tbe Canadian
General Electric Company have been
accepted (or the supply of 100 each
ornamental   street   standards and
equipments similar to the Toronto
type. The prire is $56.50 ench, Including globes, sockets, cutouts and
tour 12-Inch diameter on each post.
Thc new switchboard and uppratus
tor the new power station will be Installed by tbe Canadian Westing-
house Company."
The erection ol ornamental firelight standards on Hastings street,
Vancouver, is to be proceeded with
at onoe, and completed belore Sept.
1st. The total cost ol the Installation is placed at $20,000.
Lost on McKenzie avenue, envelope
containing money and ring. Finder
enn keep money hut please return
ring, as It Is H keepsake, also receive a reward,     Address Box 232, WEDNESDAY, May 10, 1911,
k%%%%"%%*a'i,'%'***V%-% <*%<••»>*.'%'% %%%<».■%.*% *%*•*%*•-*♦
V^ WANTED   Llvo m *,n or woman want-
*     ed lor wmk ,,i home paying    $2,00
A^K W%'%*'*V%-W^%^%%^^^%-%^%%^%*%'%%*%*'%*%^^*'*^W |
Pi   mptlj   at   t !,"•  Monday evening,  evidence combined with a wocltil lack |
the  Pirates  ol  the  Y.M.C.A,   league,   ol the ait ol mingling tints and lines
ti itted .11 ti* the field In thoir    new   Job  will be u rainbow streak audi
M bis stature doosnl attract attent
Ion his attire will Burelj start a riot. '
\ tor the mtroductlon to tho king
Johnson Is quite convinced on this
point, NovortholeSB tha Incongruity ol
this possibility must havo dimly stlg
*, itod itself, [or Uie big heavywolght
oi ) I a psi ,i*,y wiib opportunity
to advance, Spare tune can be
used. Work ti*t diflicull nu*l requires no experience, WlnBton,
Limited, Bpadtna Ave., Toronto.
FOR SALE -Lol and House partly
bulll, very cheap. Apply linn 106,
Revelstoke. It.
and nlltj baseball uniforms and began a preliminary practice tor the
game wuh the Businessmen. Tho
Pirates uniforms are green shirts aud
trousers, with red trimmings and
red stockings, They are very neai
looking and will stand all kinds ol
ivear.     The  Businessmen   were    very deems it nooessary l
in appearing on tbe field    and
then  when  a  lew  reported  thej   had
ll   llle
"<; |   e
iClal cluis,
i offer  an cxplu.ll
the  top notchor
be write**  willi ll
11 pick  iii'iu  the crowd  tu till     out tuml,iarlty  born  of  hitting  tho high
d positions.     The game Btarted spots,  "and  I'm  the  topnotchor     In
*..ih Buddy stinie as   ii tn 11. my  class."     JohnBon  thinks ibis is
Tne Businessmen were the lirst       in a    uilieieiit   bridge  to carry  him ac
the     big suck, ngiunst  Bur- ross tho Intervening space  to Buck -
. ..-•   in the box,     Estridge was tbo Ingham palace,
• . :., ,- the  pitcher and  munng Starting at   tho  toet,  Johnson    in
, : to pick oul   to bis satisfaction toads  to encase Ills  pedals  In highly
and put  ii   "in   into the  let!   garden polished patonts with  "hunting tips"
basi tnderaou came    i" *> rather remnrkabl imblnntlon, bul
it     m.i   (ailed  i" boIvo  Burridge's nevertheless   unltiue.     The   "hunting
*   lei   and went to the bench mi the tips" curve like u Chinaman's finger
line,     Squarcbriggs followed       suit. nailB upwards with a sharp point.
A.  Woodland  connected    with       the Tho champion's graceful ankle.-, will
horse hide lot  n hase. scoring      Ks besport  auklots ol  rabbits'  leet,  ibis
tridge,     Lepitro made a hll  Into tl"' idea having been filchod    Irom    Now
right Bower bed which was only good port  belles who     wear     anklets    ol
lor one  base but be thought   dilleiein pearls.      These  adornments   Will      bland wns put out trying to get     to deck handpainted  pink Bocks  through
second un it, this tied tho side. Mul which will run delicate streaks ol cor
boll and was the lirst to tare Estridge onatlon purple,
and got a  two base hit on a       low His  trousers  will  be .croam-colorod
drive  through   lirst.      Burrldge    died dink, turned up several  inches   su as
.a a  pop to the     second     baseman, not  to bide the sucks.        The  upper
Haug got to lirst on an error by tho portion  ot  bis  manh   form   will      he
catcher.     ('aider mude a clean     bit. shrouded  In a swallowtail  coat,
through the first baseman's territory A broad oxpuns ol starched     whits
lor a base,  Lyttle gol a hit through shirt will adorn his chest  and across
Becond,   Lee  struck  out,   Palmei   gol ibis  slanting  (rom  his   left  Bboulder
to tirst in an error by the short Btop inwards his right hip, will be athree
Burrldge gave Bennett a free pas**
to first, stunt went down on first
un a grounder to third sack man who
relayed it to first ahead ol him. Tins
put the side out. in tbe meantime
the men  who got  to lirst   were splint
inch wide band ol purple ribbon, and
un I ms, just over the heart, will be
printed the faces ol King George and
.lack Johnson Intertwined In a heart
i haped border.
A  brand new celluloid collar     will
•   uuand so last   to ihe home  plate "'iiee   bis   nock,     and   a   neat        little
that the scorer could nut keep trad, cream and yellow  tie will ho fastened
ol what  plays they came in on. Tin In front.        Diamond     (or near da-
game was called on account of dark mond)  studs will troll    down       the
ness alter  three   innings   were  played, centre   of   the   shirt front   at   Intervals
One seriou-  accident  happened     in of two Inches,
the game     when    Arthur     Woodland      The sleeves of Ins coat will be cu
broke  Ins  linger  behind  the  bat.  Tin shun,  culls fastened  with links mude
drunkenness  can   he  cviiv.n,
i   «.
old Fallacy That Drunkenness Cuiinul
Be Cured   lixplodi ll,
Mnny nun drink w ho desire tn slo;
tb.* habit, Whisky, however, has uti
dui mined thu constitution uiul en n
ii .Ta**, ind that Is not to I * di uh
and tho man must have whlskj n
suniBtliliiK that w ill remuvu Iho erav
lug nui Imlhl up Uu* ajat, ni .nui im
stni'.'  the  nerves,
Siimnrln Prescription stops iho erav
Ine., steadies llu* nervi s, builds up till
general health and m.i u. .*** ilrlnk not il
ally distasteful and nauseous, li ii
tusleless and odorless, und cun bc yl\
ou   with   or   without     tho     path nt'i
knowledge, In  ti a,  coff ir r I,    li
Is use,I regulurly by Physicians and
Hospitals. U has cured thousands In
Canada, and restored happiness to
hundreds of homes.
Read what Mrs. G *. ul Hull,
Bays ui li  I whal n did for her;
"It is four Mii.iii Iih lu tiny Hlncu I
i'i' tod i" u •■ uur liie* nv t fallow-
e,l tlie directions, liiul had t-Me best of
i * ■ ults, One week al ter I sun i. d us-
Inn your Homed,*, thu patient Btupi sd
drinking,  mnl   lias   not   drunk   a  glass
of liquor since,    I hopu you will a *i*t
my heartfelt thanks, Hoping uod will
im, is youi* Item, dy whenever tt led, .
Mrs. G ,  Hull, Que,
(Name  withheld   by  request.)
Now, If there is anyone in your
town who n.eds this Kemedy, tell
them of it. Practical philanthropy
can take no better form. I! you bave
a husband, father, brother or Iriend
who drinks, help thom help them*.
s, hes.    Write to-day.
A FREE TRIAL PACKAGE of Samaria, with Booklet giving lull psr-
tlculars, directions, testimonials,
price, etc., will be sent In a plain sealed package to anyone mentioning this
paper. Correspondence sacredly con-
li*1* ntlal.    The trial package alone haft
confidential. Write to-day. Tho Samaria Kemedy Co., Dept. 46-49, Col
am ne St., Toronto, Oanida. Also
fm- Sale by 0. It. Macdcnald, Drug
gist,  Itevelstoke, B.   C.
P.rates won out B to 3.
Pirates ab, r.
Mulholland     2 1
Burridge  2 1
Haug  2 2
Calder     2 2
Lyttle  2 I
Lee 2 0
Palmer  2 1
Bennett   0 l
Bto it  l o
of four tiny little boxing gloves. Ag-
i,u. as. i am. on the etuis, the hair-line purple
■j      p      u stripe   will   be   In  evidence.
(i    o    (i Johnson omitted to mention      lm-
t     ii     ii headgear.  Perhaps  he  has left      that
0     2     o Item  standing,  sn  as   to   pick  up tlie
r,    u    3 latest  (ashton In  London,
out) Taking  it  all  round   Johnson  gets
li      1      a ihe  palm   fui   genuine  orlginallt)   and
0 o    n ability  to  mix   thlngi       After     ins
1 i     i debut in this garb he will undoubted
Batteries for Pirates—Burridge and ly gel " job as fancy blender at sume
Woi .Hand. t;.
I ■
*-     * .
'am    lunula,li   al
Corley       1
1  .  Tl      day evening at 7 o'efoe
V.M.I'   \    Will   I'M.,; let    a   Cl'   *
a stai ting at tb    Y.M.C. \
ling.     The limit  will  ne thi
ice of the men.
swell   ice
2    (i    u    u     But  Johnson  has also  been  brush-
0    0     11 lug up Ins table manners, or perbnps
u    u     1     (' " would be more correct  to Bay Hut
0    2     1.- lie's  heen   LEARNING   table  etlq let
a      1      n      1 lie .my-  lie can already   resist        tbe
ii    3     ii     .' temptation  to  lick  lm*  knife already
o    o    ii    0 provided   the  gravy   Isn't   too  thick,
o     '    a    o and son ne has put him next to the
n     i,     o     o stunt  ol    picking    uul   :  ■
Batteries for Businessmen—Estridge spoon (or thc soup.     But    he
and A. Woodland and M. Anderson plains that  be Btill gets tangled   up
Umpire v.'. St me,     Scorer Munro '" the forks and som the
All baseball men who ,ue not Blgn large     knife     to     butter bis
• I    d any team should hand in theii "but,"  be says the
Dames to H. B. Munroe and get sign other members ol the t* yal
,i fourth team. while at table l believe 1 can      pull
  through   Without   B   break."
("Watching the OTHER men.'
the royal tamtlj
Johnson conclud. d
he wouldn't ii*' any m
til after the coronation   not  ■
  tu run the risk    •! gi t *
KAMLOOPS' TROUBLES UP fur tins evoat.      He   ii
Tho Kamh   ps Stand !|i - term In jail  won't     u  I
- *   will play  K .in *    a
'.   C.
innounced later. — —
were oi I what POSTER   3AYS
.': * m 	
lally,      In  th ■ mean      W
■.. cricket hails, etc.,  have  letin
i    ,  , • warm
i ning   wave 8 I
tt   ia Ten
■    -   a en ■ ike       id- ■
raw til.    whicli ■
bas been prepared on I
t together I
* ■ •    ■ tbi
.'   .. disl
J \   K   HAS  AMB1T1   S
. .; ■ to i
natiot lr« ■•■•■    I        life  is,   ''* i;'
about I      ■ ■!■ it Mat
.- •-     *   i*-- tions 17.     Cool ws
... *
production ol the letter,   for tt
i ...  :.. ■!    .   ;n* ml. .
red   by  thi
;   than  b -  h     •
Ta      '-lb tne  refrain    [rom   I irdt n-1 cal
I .i- .■ th   i  rerbatlm    re        * '
Ctlon     . •!'*!•.  fur it        ie
quired three hi lesperate i truggh
to il,*i pher th        ■ * . . phirs and an
othei halt an hour to wad"   through
I  irr*.
A i Johnson, be hi   had
his "tri i" r< ady lur      months,
* I ,      I       I     '   * * .    w !li'*h
mi tec    all tl con   di i d I
Tha in.iidi* llorm lap wiih our (*Wlrx Fdge
(pfltrntrfH absolutely prevent* water from run*
ning in at the front. On'v live buttons, Auk f r
tl>r I-tsh Brnn-1 REFLEX and getobeltei
wearing, better finished, better limiting nii- krr
in every way.
CLOTHING   CO..   Ltd.
Toronto,  Canada. 411
R *
}0(J WORK.
61 PEro5ITnc VOl'R 54VII"H^
WIThiSTtinr wl|■,^^ir'
4P1P ■'lOrtK't ISRPTlJRn
CH* CflRR^ IT.
OUR BUitfiett 15
TRd»SHCTf'.P ^ Pi,M"F^S
-wwf.pb' fton£ or
&ffffiHCST fnTC6RfTX
■1P0ST1I.   'A '
WANTICU—Two girls ot once Ooma-
plix Boarding House, $25.00 per
month with board an I room Apply Comaplix Boarding lions:1,
Comaplix, li. c.
Any person wishing to tin
Iuu niii;; for agricultural purpos2S
during the closed fire season,
may do so by complying with
Sections 5 and 6, Chapter 84 of
the Hush Fire Ad, and have a
permit from the Fire Wardens
or Governmenl Agent of tht
j. k. Mclean,
Div. Fire Warden.
Hevelstoke, May 6th, 1911.     2m
Rovolstoko  Laud  District.
in.-it.i lot oi Wesl Kootonay,
Take notice that Lydla A. Wick, ot
Nol i,    It.   C,    occupation  married
woman, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowing dc
Bcrlhed lands,
Commencing al a post planted in
riinins south iioni S.E. Corner ol
Tlmbor limit !)8i)8 and ou tho wesl
side ot tho South Fork ol Posthall
Creek six milos wesl ol Upper Arrow
Lake and running north 80 chains,
enst st) chains, south sn chains and
wost 80 chains to point ol commonco
ment, being tho B, W, Oornor ol
Lydla Wick's location containing 640
acres mon' or loss.
Dated 12th April, mil.
M.10 i.n .1. il. Ii'i'i'iiry, Agent
Rovolstoko  Land  District,
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notico that Minn' Bcott, ol
Nolson, li, li.. occupation married
woman, intrnils In apply lor per
mission to purohaso tho lollowing do
scribed lnmls.
Commencing at n post planted ono
hall mill' wost from tho S.W, Corner
of Lot 8148, and running north hii
chains, wost sn chains, smith sn
chains cast 80 chains to point, of
commencement,^boing tho ri. Bl, Corner of Marie Scott's location, containing 040 acres more or less.
Dated  llth April,  1911,
M.10-G0 J. ll* I'Vcncy, Agent
Fruit and vegetable
Boxes and Crates
Our Rov Factor) Ih uow running and
we nre in ;\ position to supply nil kinds
n( fruil und vegetable boxes nnd ci ites.
Those win) have not ,tin-.nly went us
ilii'ir ordi rs should do s<. at once .is the*)
are ca nil h in t ist, and wc would like t<>
rle.iv r .ill orders in pood time' »Kir
boxt-s are equal i" any on the markel
.ni'l prices cm lit- hud on application to
S   McM vhox, Re^ elstoke, or to
ide mmm mm company, ltd.
Salmon Arm, B. C.
Eggs for Hatching
Uevelstoke   I.anil   District,
District ol West Kootenay.
Toko notice that  fi,  ll.    Scott, ol
Nc.soii,  B,  C, occupation,  Agent, in-
teuQs to apply for permission to pur
cnase tho follow described lands,
Commencing at a post planted 80
chnitiH from N. W. Coiner of Lot SMS
ami tunning north Ml chains, west stl
chains, south -Sil chains, cast 80
chains to point ol commencement, being itie s. Hi. Oorner ol tl. tl.
Scott's location, containing 040 acres
more or less.
Dated  12th  April,  1911,
Hevelstoke  Land  District.
uistrict of West Kootenuy.
Take notice that Vi. 1). McArthur,
ol Nelson, II. C, occupation timber
cruiser, Intends to apply for permls
man to purchase the lollowiug ile-
:;'Tilled  lnmls.
Commencing at a post planted at
.\. i*;. Oorner at Lol 8184 and running
north stl chains, wesl SU chains
south SU chnins, east SU chains to
point ol commencement, heinc; s. K.
Corner of w. n. McArthur's location
anil containing 640 acres more or less
Dated  liltli April, 1911.
AI.lil 60 .1. ll. Feenoy, Agent
li  and I'nfi Leg
Km len |
1'ekin * {Rs
..* klings.
or I'hone i\Z.
SHOi/iPYOi n^vRiirfv
Pimm ■■.<>. siNESsin
miWfffTfi POfl .MI.K"
nORTGrt&eSTt i..'K4FTfi«
W. /IRR PLfidfii^G
TO Pl-fifW. vO)J.
i,   A
i  *   ..
, ii,.
.   ■     i  i .
will m.t in* ol   hi . :• eat Inti
Mo t ii i* *    tn thi     tortn   ravi
expected along and   •■ thin     **
ol lattltude 87 and In tb* Wuh laid
cast ol tbc Itocklet an ' north ol l"t
ilm!*   :.i.      l.u it ol   i  line  drawn fi "iii
Winnipeg to HI    Loui    and  parttctt
ii«l    mt" ire an elab    llllv ;,!  ""I *lth,n ;:"" '"
• •    [atioi        -vbich an     ad j « ' Irawn Irom D     M   nt     Iowa,
mirablc appradatloD ol colon l«   tu   to Quebec, l^apada, b itrloui drouth
Mii      Itreet,
-VaiNcovvf.r B.C.
, .*, ted to di   rlop 'im im'       the
r>| the   ii'** 'nrii
■in     ■ tthoi
;,*. ted in   ci i li i "' *o  11"' ';,||;
of MnxiC'i mnl  tli,*  uppei   'miIIiv*      "f
the (Uo Orundc. i
i*    u
iii   .i ,i it .n-s i ii \ppllrnl i'lii
Ail'!   i* Sisl'lilt  M I'l 1:101:
Court House, Hevelstoke.
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Court-house, Rovelstoke," will
be received ,>y the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, up to noon
ol Wednesday, the .list day ol May,
1911, for the erection pnd Completion
of a Court-house at Revelstoke,
Drawings, Specifications, Contract,
and Forms of Tender may lie seen nt
iii* offices oi the Government A^cn.s
Hevelstoke. Nelson, Kamloops, New
Westminster, Provincial Timber In
 'or, Vancouver, and at the Department ol Public Works, Parlla-
ini ni  Buildings, Victoria, li. O.
Intending  tenderers enn,  hy  npply-
n .*  tn  the  undersigned,  obtain    one
*,f  the specifications for the sum
•  iitv live (}2S.0*Oj dollars.
Bach ti n ler must     be ace mpan od
by nn accepted bank cheque . i     ccr-
te   il    d iposlt    mi a chartered
ol     Canada,     made no able
to  the  Hon.  the  Mm ster ol    Publu
Works, i'i  n  .nm e mai to Qve    i."n
.  i     m   of his ten lei. wh ch     ball
II the party tendt i In ■ de
to   ' ii"i    Into  im nliacl when
!       Upon   to   do mi.       'Ill    ill ■■jiics
ite   ol depo   to
II i.i* return id to them
' on ol tha corttract.
> i    ii    li ,ii ruin
.* iai anl ee com*
'   lai tor)   i *  tho  M n   t i   ,,;
* itial  to i ti i IO)  per
amount, foi  iln*
■ diiini. m ol ih.' contract
''         i red    rn
iiia-li   oul ..a ih • foi in      ipplled,
'      ! i*      of
I ,    nil I   'in I  I     ii   th      , ,1
'     I   '1**1     li     I     II,  I  .
*l. *.|
I     I*    '.llll'!' ITH,
Public Work. Kn ■ n ei.
".'nt of Public Works,
'■  C , Isl May, :in.
B li a  - d tun
m  repalrin , havi       lone hy   a
thorough,    practical man ol t« ntj
Ave yeai -:   axpw lenced,    Foi     term
nail    I    H n.-'iiiii.  nt   thr  Mn i|,   store.
Reveletoke. 4t. .
Revelstoke Land  liistrlut.
District  of   Ucsl   Kootenay.
Tuke  notice  thai   I,   It.   iMiiith,      of
Hevelstoke, occupation, ii. 0, Land
Surveyor, intond to upply tor permission to purchase tbe loito^iug de-
Bcrlbod  lands.
Commencing at & post planted on
the shore ol Shelter Hay at the north
end of Arrow Lukes at. au angle of
l, 811Q.1, and marked It. Smith's
Anglo Corner Post, thenoe north tu
chains moro or less to a post of Lot
Slid.I.) thonco wesl, ..'.ll chains, thelicu
smith till* chains, theuce eust lu
chains more or less l.o llie shore of
Shelter Hay, thonco north along the
snid shore to the point of commence
nicnf, containing 160 acres more or
Dated  April 13th,  1911,
Mill lill HollI'lHT SMITH,
Take  notice   lhat.   the  store  known
as Wing ^\", Itwong Kae,    opposite
V.M.OlA, Kirst street, enst, has
heen taken over by Mike Pat an.I
i hung Lock, and all claims duo to
undersigned must bo presented lor
payment within iin days from date oi
this issue.
Haled April Sill, 1011.
ite   Kstutc of    Oeorgc    Nichols,  Jr.
Notice is hereuy given  that all per
moiis iiuvrng any  claims  or demands
,it;iiii».-.L  the auove deceased,    George
.-.icnois,   jr.,  late ol  Hevelstoite,    o.
•J., railway  employee,  who  died u^ai
itogei'S lass, u. o., on or auout nw
.ih day ol March, 1010',  are reiiuireu
io Bend particulars thoreoi iluiy veri-
iici to the unaorsiguufl ou or beiort
Lhe l' list day oi Amy  191.1, and tuai
alter snul  date 1 will proceed to ois-
tnuute the said Ksiate amongst those
eiuuled   taereto regard      lieing      haa
only to  loose     claims of  wuich     i
Shall tneu have received notice.
Vi,  I.  BH1QGB,
Solicitor,   Revelstoke,   H.   C.,  Administrator  with  Will  annexed o,
h-stutc oi said UeorgO  .Nichols, Ji
Certilicate ol Improvements.
Glad liau.1 Mineral Claim, si unite,,
m mc Trout Luke Aliiiiuii Uivisiou o.
v*,esi UuuuUiij uisiriuc. Where located:—At bead oi seven Mile Creeu
uud adjoin.nfa' the Hinslow Mineral
Ta..e Notice that i, O.IJ.N. iVilkie,
acting as agent lor bruee Wuiic, K.
.il.o. bii9009l William Bennett, V. M.
O. u-t>ii2i, uud Netiic Davcy, V. M,
■J. Ao. UiijjUl, inteuu sixty uuys Ir0iu
date uereoi, to upply to the Aiming
recorder (or a Certilicate of im
proVemtnis, for the purpose of ob
taming a Urown Oraut oi the uno.c
And   lurther   take notice  that      uc
tion,  under seetiou UY, must be Com
uiciiceU   before  the  issuauco  of    such
Certilicate ol Improvements.
Dated Ninth day of March, 11)11.
O. li. N.  WlLlvlhl,  B.C. L.S.
Trout Lake, H. C.
Oertiflcate  of Improvement.
Wakefield,   Helen,  Colorado,       Dol
Norte, Del Hey, San Juan, Delta,
and Marguerite Mineral Claims, sit
Hate in th.' Lardeau Mining Division
o' West Kootenuy District. Where
located:—oil  MollaWk  Creek.
Take Notice that 1,     A. 11. Green,
acting us agent ior John it. Hiary,
Special Kree Miller's Certificate No.
j-sln, Intend, sixty days lioin date
hereof, to apply to the Mining ite
corder for     Certificates of Improve
ments, for the purpose ot obta-UMg
i i oh ii  Grants of thj above claims.
And further take notice thai action
*m lei section -ii st | o con,a,, n tea
".uie tbe Issuance ol -muIi Oertiflcate
Oi improvements.
I'aici  this 20th day  of October, A.
D., 1910.
Revelatoke Land District.
i'ii i n t oi West Kootenay.
Take notice that llasil it. Royu
olds, of Revelstoko, H. C, ocoupa*
tion clerk, Inteuila to apply for per
mission to purchase the fol.ow.ut:
ii mii iiicii lands;
Oommenelng at a post planted at
tbt outh **.' ' corner of Lot 7818,
tbence east  BO chains, theuce   south
i,  'h.iin*.   In  tin   in,ilh   enst       COrntl
"i  i'i   ,  18, ti ce along i.ne     of
-aid Liil In chains, went 1(1 rlmini-
•outb and H chains west to line ol
I,"i .mi;:, thonco along line of   e.nid
Lol   I"  'bains  nnd  10 chftlnt  west to
b  ■■■•■ i cornet. thinco aboul
i, chains north to place ol commence
Dated March Let, 1911.
Ageut  John  Habw.
KOOTKNAY      LODGE,  No.   .6 A.  V.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held In MASONIC TBMl'LB, Oddfellows' Hull
on the Third .Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visaing brethren ore
cordially  welcome.
W. 11. ROBERTSON, Socretnry.
SELKIRK     LODGE 12, 1. 0. O. P.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hnll at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren  cordially  invited.
K. li. McKAK, N. ll.
JAS. MATHIE, Secretary.
COURT      MT.      lllSGUllO,    No.  S461.
OF I. o. K.
Meets in I, O, o. !•'. Hnll next to
rapping'B Opera House every second
and fourth Monday iu mouth. Vlslt-
lug brethren cordially  welcomed.
G. W. BELL, 0, R.
WM.  S.   OAMBRON,  Roc-Sec.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,     K. of   p.,
No. 'M,  REVELSTOKE, li. c.
Meets overy   Wednesday  except   the
Third Wednesday ol each month    in
Oddfellows'   Hall  at  S  o'clock.  Visiting Knights ure cordially luvited.
J.  Y.   SIMPSON,  0,  C.
G. 11. BROCK, K.  of R. & 8.
M. ol F.
C. W. O. W.
Moiinluiu  View Camp,  No.  'i'i'i.
ilo-els Second    and     Fourth  Wednesdays    lu each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially   Invited  to attend
11.  W. EDWARDS, Con. Coin.
Hamsters,   Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial  Hank   Building  Hevelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—llevt'lstoku,    11.    0.,     and
Cranbrook, U.  C.
Geo. S. MeCarter,
V. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Rovelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial  Land  Suveyor,
Mining Stirvoyor,
Coronation V.R.ll. nnd North Star
Mineral Claims, situate In the Trout
Lake Mining Division ol We*>t Kooteuay District. Where located:*—Ou
Rapid Creek.
Take notice that 1, O. U. N. Wilkie
acting as agent lor Cutler Thomas,
Porter ol Spokane, Wash., U. S. A.,
free Mluer's Oertiflcate No. B u-iUT-D,
a tend, sixty days ft om date hereof,
.o apply  to thj Mining  Recorder  for
i Certiticnte of Improvements, lor the
.iiirpiise of obla long n Crown Grant
if the above claims.
And further take notice that action
inder section :17, must be commence J
Before the issuance ol such Certificate
nf Improvements.
Dated this 2itii day of April, 1911.
O. B.  N.  W1LKIU.
Take notice lhat "Campbell Shinglo
.'ompany Limited" Intend after tho
expiration of oue mouth Irom the
nrst publication of this notice to apply to the Registrar of Joint Stock
Companies to change thc Company's
name to Atlas Lumber Company,
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, this
ith dny ol April, 1911.
Harvey,   McCnncr  &  Pinkham,
Solicitors for the      Shingle
Company,   Limited.
Companies   Act.   Oanada,   Provlnoe
of   Brltiib Columbia, No. 42GA
Tins  is  to oertlfy  that  "Wm.  Newman Company, Limited"  is authoriz-
* 1   nud   licensed   to  cany   oil  business
.vitiun the Province ol    British Ool-
tmbia, and to carry out or cited all
it nny ol lhe objects of the Company
io which the legislative authority of
the l.egisluturc ol British Columbia
extcn Is.
The head ollice of the company iu
iltuate at Aehdown Hli.ck, In thu
Oity of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba.
The  lii'n'l   ollice  of  the  Compnny  In
this Province is situate at the offices
of Harvey, MoOartei mnl Pinkham,
Impel ml   Hank    Building,  Revelstoko,
mi George Smith MeCarter, i)arris-
ter-at-Law, whose address is Rovelstoke, aforesaid, is tbe attorney for
the Company*
I'he amoi nt of thc Cnpitnl of tho
Company is One hundred thotlHan I
dollars divided into On* tlioiinul
Given under my band and seal ol
olhce at Victoria, I'loviiii-c ol Uritish
Columbia,  this Brst day ol May, one
thousand nn' hundred and eleven,
Registrar ol  Joint-Stock Companies. WEDNKSDAY,  MAY 10,  1911.
i mi iiw»ganar,;i,Trag caai
Watch   window   for   Big
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call, Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for ns to handle.
Hand Bags
The now Cordeleric Ladies'
Hand Bag, made in Silk Velvet or
Suede leathers, all colors, with
long cord and tassels, very stylish and just, what they are using
in the cities, at each
Fancy embroidered, for ladies*
Pure white, mellow finish, with
fancy edge. A special - 20 cents
each, or
Three for 5Cc.
Ladies' Umbrellas with the
new long Mission handle, extra
good Gloria top and corragated
frame at
Ladies' Wash Underskirts made
of good galatea, etc, in stripes
of blue, brown, grey, etc, at
Dresden Ribbon
These are wanted goods, all
widths from hrlf-inch up to 54
inch widths for fancy work
10c. to SOc.
Tea Aprons
Dainty little creations of lace
and ribbon trimmed at
35c. 5nc. 75c.
Cotton Hose
Rock rib, fast black, for boys
antl girls, any size from 5!> to !)'•.
Special at iter pair
Hair Goods
Sanitary Hair Goods, new turbans and rolls. They are needed
for the latest styles of hair
dressing that suit the present
millinery styles, at each
House  Furnishing Department
Carpet Squares
Our splendid assortment of carpet squares is complete in all sizes.
English Tapebtrys, Heavy English
Velvets, Choice Brussels, Wiltons,
and Axminsters. Full range of
sizes and prices to suit the most
Curtains, Muslins
Wo are now showing an exceptionally tine line of curtains and
curtain goods. Choice Nottinghams,
dainty Scrims. An excellent line
of Cream and Colored Madras and
Bengal NetB.
Imported French Velour, revers-
ihle, for Portieres and Over Draperies; Heavy Banket Weavo Wrepp
in green, red, and brown. This is
choice goods for stenciling, ennnot
be beaten at the price.
Linoleum, Oilcloth
We have the choicest line of
Floor Oilcloths nnd Linoleums
ever shown in Revelstoke. Dainty
patterns in blues, greys and
greens, suitable for bed rooms;
wood parquetry patterns for Halls,
Dining Rooms, and to put around
rugs. Splendid inlaid linoleums,
in block, tile and iloral designs.
Printed goods 2, 3, and 4 yds. wide.
Inlaid goods, li yards wide only.
Iron Beds, Mattresses
Our Health Brand mattresses
are the best medium and low price
mattress on the market. Perfectly
sanitary, wears well, looks well,
and gives good, solid comfort.
Iron Beds in all sizes—ask for
Wall Paper
Our rang" of High Grade wall
papers tbis year excelB any previous attempt; dainty patterns in
blues, greens and greys for bedrooms.
Ladies   White Dresses
Friday   Bargain
This lot is slightly soiled but nt the
pt ice t liny are n great bargain, One-pic. o
dresses well made and nicely trimmed with
cl uny and  Valenciennes luce, o good rnngo
of si/.e
Linen Tabic ihpkins
A clearance of these napkins, They
nre 2*1x24, pure limn, full tlozans of each
pitiern, regular price $4. Bitter pickup
ii dozen or two,    Will sell u half dozen, at
$2.75 per dozen
Grocery Special
Thursday and Friday Only
Ten. Dozen bottles of Heinz's Mundalaj
Sauce on sale Thursday nnd F.idny only at the
very low price of only 35o. per bottle; regular
price 50 cents. Kvoryone knows something of
Heinz's ">7 varieties and will appreciate a bargain in any of these lines. Don't forget Man-
dalay Sauce on Thursday and Friday.
Baking Powder
When you come to compare results from
the use you bave made of tbe different brands
of Baking Powder, you will find that Price's
Cream Baking Powder easily takes its place as
the best for every purpose. You are always
sure of good results when you ibe Pi ice's. In
(i iz., l'Joz , 2Ubs. and 51b. cans.
A Tasty Breakfast Delicacy
Crosse & Blackwell's and li .bertson's
Orange Marmalade gives an added satisfaction
to your morning meal. Made from the best
grade of Oranges, and is pure and wholesome.
Put up in lib. and 21b. glass jars, lib. and 71b.
tin cans.
Picnic Supplies
At tbis season of the yenr with all thc
holidays in sight you nill all be enjoying the
picnic trips to the bills and valleys. Pack
your lunch basket willi some of lho good Ihtiga
we bave in store for you. Try our St. Ivel picnic brawn in lib. glass jar?; stuffed and plain
olives, sweet and sour pickles; Crosi-o & Black*
well's pastes, jams, and jellies, and our famous
Sovereign brand pineapple.
There is solid satisfaction In handling a
good article. When you see our Ajux ham and
bacon you will feel that you cannot secure a
belter article. Wo lind Satisfaction on both
sides our counter in dealing out these goods,
They are noted for the purity and sweetness as
well ns for their firmness.    Ask ue for prices.
Style Book Free
We will bo glad to send you the latest edition of " Dress^
a Magazine for Men," illustrating and describing till the new
20th Century Brand styles for Spring and Summer, 1911.
Artistically and typographically it is a little gem. Eighteen
suit and eighteen overcoat styles are illustrated and the 20th
Century Brand method of bench-tailoring is fully described.
It will help you in choosing your Spring clothes.
For Men, Women and Children
Tin best line of shoes this town ever saw, but not a pair
too good for any person wbo live*; in a good town like this.
REGAL SHOE8 FOR VKN" in all the new lasts and
leathers. Shoes that fit. They come in quarter sizes. All
are made on tbe two-piece last-.
THK BELL SIIOK FOR WOMEN haa no equal on
tbe Canadian market. Made from the choicest of stock by the
best of Union labor, on the newest and classiest of lasts.
FOB CHILDREN—The celebrated "Instructor" shoe
has no equal. Made_,on lasts which are the shaps of the
child's foot.
Do Your Feet Ache?
Now with the warm weather coming on it is time to
be looking to the welfare of your feet. Foot comfort
means happy summer days. If your ankles ache, if your
instep is broken down, try a pair of arch supports. They
will relieve the pain and in time absolutely cure the
worst case of broken down arches.   They fit any shoe.
man silver, triple spring on leather mount. Men or
women's, any si/.e $3.50 per pair
FOOT EAZER—double Gorman silver spring on
leather mount, men's or women's, any size $2 per pair
FOOT REST German silver support on leather
mount,  rubber heel rest.    Men's or Women's, any size.
Price $2 per pair
Enjoy these cool, summon- day?. Get a Hammock
and take life easy. We can show you the largest lot ever
shown in the town
From $1.50 to $12.50 each ttEDNKSDAY,  M \\   10,
the mail-heeald,:eevelstoke
Another shipment ol Trimmed
I hits iusi arrived, comprising
the latest New York  high class
st\ ll"*.
\V, K. mc i'i lhc besl .N'lK-iican
fitting Corsets. Nui >i in and
\\ . l'i. Rcduco Corsets,    Prices
$2, $3, and $5
Ladies' Waists
Tailored Shirt Waists, made "I
fine white linen, plain pleated
fronts and embroidered fronts,
pen I buttons, starched collars
ami cuffs,     1 'rices
$1.50, $3 and  $4.50
A beautiful range of new I ties
to select from. Thc latest
styles   in   a   variety i>l   colors.
Prices ranging from
$1 to $5 each
('.  1*'. Lindmark  lefl  last ulght    oa
■ the coast.
Tn. evening tbc Corlcj House ami
the Businessmen will piny baseball
on tbe V.M.C.A. grounds.
Anyone requiring information uu
tne B. C, 'iv.I Service Examinations
can obtain tin1 Bame al tbe High
School. •it.
Kootenay Lodge, So. 15, A..F. .^ A,
M., will bold .ui "At Home" iii the
opera house Friday evening. May
l.'th.     Curds and dancing.
Cutter and Stokes will open up ti
pool room in the building pn McKenzie avenue recently used as .1
In Vernon recently sixteen     people
wcii.' inn*'! ■;-'.5(1 each tor not keepin
theii     back     yards clean.     Prosecu
tions  will Bhortly bt made hire    uu
less some people get  busy.
The  Ladles   Ud  ol  St.  I'eter's wil
bold an afternoon  tea, sale ol     cul
.  and sale  ol work In  thc stoi
recently     occupied by the    Dominion
Sawmills  Co.,  McKenzie    avenue,  on
Thursday, May  18th.
A number oi merchants und citiaen.i
ait complaining ol tbe [zequency wiib
..ii.,:. :  inded express parcels .it** . |i
and coutents stolen.     The mi.t
ter sl subject ol the m "
itest  invi itigat "ii  bj   tbe i ompan
Rea.  T.  Albert   Moon.  geu ru
:;.   ol  the  t. mperance and Bociti
.  ■ ii ni .- ig m ". the Methodist cbu    .
,*t Canada, preached in the Method.! .
church     'th morning und evening ou
in ■■ I
I  ul   the  *i .M.C.A,   ,u  the evi
E          ■         ii ates the - ub ol M
yeai        i gulaxy ol ;- i     *
re deta ment     ,n
tl ..li
* ams will be
\\v have just received n sliipmu f White Clever Honei  pul   np  in
five Hi cans, which we will guarantee Lo he ahsoluteh Pure Honey,
and as this is the season for hunej we would advise \ou i<> In Ihia if
yoa wish to get the genuine article.
The name ' '\Vagst;;ffe speaks for itself in regard I" quality ■ We have
.1 full assortment <»i ;hi-- Pure Jnm hicluiHuK Strawherry, Raspln rry,
Peach. Plum, Black L'mraiiland Apiicot.
A.  HOBSOiM,        Baker and G ocer.
Before investing in outside property don't overlook the fact thai you should first have some good
inside property ai home.
Our success means your success, Every day we
are pleasing somebody.    Your turn next.
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Mr, and Mrs.  Harold t"
lillewaet,   spent   n   lew   daj
this  week.
Vi I   » io Hand  suffere
M.'i* while p
V. M. I'. A. .
n    ....
Presbyterian   church   basen
broken     bj   d
probe '  -'"■
:-      lOl"
2 2	
-  ••*
Will   lll'l'    III
At  • tit   red :*'-  • laminat ion  in    I  •
*..* i in     ■ *    tion w.l
•  .  * • - . i       ervat
C.  11.   Ma
Mr.  K    *
•:• "'*
Montreal, tht
.: - -    Ethel   ft'i igl< y  sui *    -uli;.
*    I ■       Cathie
■ ,  .    •-'■:.       and
■ •■  ii a       Tl ■-  Is  the  tn - mi
lar I Reve itoki
•   •■-•      i .in.11.r .
Comb  Bull
It is
Tue       leaui •   'tion
Itala    in two n  Is ol
H .tun
tbi   Pall
Sketch of the Poultry Business
tram Iln Early Period
The writer In this sh or I article
shall endeavor to glvo u brlel history
i>[ the poultry business und some of
the methods adopted nt various limes
beginning with the Brsl Hen Fevei In
America al about  I860,
The average hen probably welghn
about live pounds and yields a profll
of sny ono dollar per annum, which
is a low estimate when she bus reus
onahle rare. II she weighed as much
us a cow "i a hi'ii'.' nml yielded a
profit in proportion to her weight the
history ol the I len lTc\ or would have
bogun  before  1830,
A sea captain or captains landed In
New England with Borne very remark
able chickens. Thoy were very largo
and tall, In Inct could with oaso, so
ii is said, ent oil the t"l' ol an or
ilinary barrel, thoy were wonderful
layers ol big brown oggs printers'
iuli did tin- ies' Those who miinng
ed in   gel a lew   birds in the   oni ly
days certain!)  in*"' ""' easy mon
ey  witl c • ai   ten dollars por S''l
l Ing, and  indli [dual  birds Belling n i
high as liliv  or     more dolLus each.
Iluyei's conn   trom  the smith,        tho
* north ami thc west;     poultry i how
| Were   held   nnd   I lie   Coclllll   China,   he
en mo n famous fowl. New lu*e» I ;
Wore added and the business grew
moderately lor some tune.
Early in tho eighties tho demand
In large centers for new laid eggs uiu|
fresh-killed poultry practically wan
the beginning "l the commercial poul-j
try farm on what might he called tho
intensive plan. Incubator manufacturers weie beginning to see a future
to the buslnesB, mul the catalogues in ■
some Instances, told you how to i;et.
rich quirk. These were the years of
the broiler fever, hot houses for laying eegs, daily menus for laying bens
ami growing chicks; the longer and
more elaborate the bill of fare, the
better it pleased the people, because
suceess wiih poultry in those days
was thought to be in those famous
mushes, etc.
A few years later and lhe business
man left the ofllce to show ihe farm
er and the mechanic how to make
money out ol chickens. The business,
we were told needed business methods
and wc had the sho* factory system
and numerous other systems of how
to grow many chickens to the square
inch propounded. Poultry farms failed, the business by many was condemned as being a  myth, etc.
The beginning of the new century
introduced the tact that poultry on
the farm amounted to something, In
'ael was equal to the wheat crop and
hence tlmsp engaged m agricultural
education slowly began to awaken to
the fact that here was a branch of |
farming sadly neglected. We have
now a number of experiment stations
working oul the problems of poultry
mi  the  ii; in. a-  u,*;;  as poultry farm
'HIS. |
Tl ■■  failures  ■■; the early  days may j
sily account id for in the simple
words, a  lack    of   common       sense, j
Poultry essentially  demands fresh air
dryness  and  light;   these few     facts,*
couple  with  non-exposure    to    dirert
the     essential   points   of   11
ise.        Vou may get  them'
any   way you     like.  If they are present, tla house is a -access,   but to be
im    masses,   the  bouse
cotti m   *-,*i eens to move;
good  *.;' properly used, hut
* m person does not stop to
,   we hnve the introduction
own       "ii    Iron!     house,
■ii,-    latitude   approaches
oof   idea.
ni   years  that   the
•  *.   keeper has   learned
..t.ii na ,,: crops
u after year
a  small  area  is
.... ,,       i '•, i K    grow  best
n    'lie
ns it  takes
. iduce
lesh tli..a .'
ind      ol
lieve Ihis prnldem will soon lie solved
when we exen ise common sense methods of loeding, housing and rearing
All i he common grains grown are
guild poultry foods, as are also hay
anil loots. SI iilling laying hens wi.di
i ieh concentrated meat foods, per
haps poppers, Johnny cukes, etc.,
may Increase the yield for a tim",
ml the results in the end are not
always desirable.
In conclusion lhe outlook for the
business as a branch of farming,
novel' was heller. Prices of the pro
duet.; are very high and I eaa see no
reason why the average larmer
should not keep a hundred good bens,
which would mean a hundred and
Hit> dollars clear profit, I believe
lhe time is not far distant. when
[locks of from live hundred to a
thousands birds will he common upon
the farms of Ontario W.R. Graham,
professor of poultry husbandry, tin
imin Agricultural College, Guelph, In
ii. V.C.  Review,
OSTRICH   FARM   FOR   13.   0,
\ despatch from Nelson Bays Mr.
ini" Becker, "f llamburg, Gormanny,
has purchased n block "f land near
Wnrdner where lie vv ill Btarl an i s
ineh f.'iiin lie has been enguged In
omIi a h farming In Bouth Africa and
alter n thorough Investigation of
Mast Kootenay has decided thai con
dltions thoro .ire ndmlrably adapted
for ostrich raising, Ostrich mn hes
me successful in California, Arizona,
Texas and Florida. The land near
Wnrdner has been purchased from the
C. P,  It.
Kiyh School Attendance
Attei llm CO   ut    Hevelstoke      Higl
Bchool lur month ol   Marob,   lllll,
High school, Div. I.
ID   !Ui;|  ii
It)   116 on   ii
28   bl 77 17
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals nro given thus: 2 btr iie-i,
utervnl 0 seconds—l strokes, Box
4. No. of box will also bo tltown
n indicator at Firo Hull.
liox No. 14—Corner First street
end McKenzie avenue, 0. U. Hume
& Co.
box No. 15—Corner First street
nd  Hokcby   avenue,   post  ollico.
llux No. IG—Corner Second street
■nnd Government Rond and Opera
It use.
Uox No. 17—Corner Third street
nl Campboll avenue, Globe hum*
rr company.
Uox No.  18—O.P.R.   station.
Uox No. 21—Corner Fifth street
ud McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Uox No.  25—('orner    Sixth     h'.tcet
nd Orton avenue, W. A. Foote.
Uox  No.   2C—Coruer  Fourth  atr-joi,
nd  Townley street,    corner      south
Uoi No.  28—Corner  Second    stro.'t
nd Rohsoii avenue,  Mrs. Baker,
Box No. 34—Firo Hall No. 2.
Box  No.  35—Hospital.
Uox No.  36—School.
■•■-.     .
fhi , •*      .. th
■ *    : i.
. *   '
• 1
o to
ted   and toned lx
.■ ■
Customs Shew Increase
lh of A
rime month
i* * ming
■ .    Per
M   \ I      II I   Nil.     llllll   U
bews' inu a sroiii;
i    ih  w r     in < •' K
Soap News
\v    • i-  running       ureal hai '■■
3 Cakes in Box. 25c.
pun   na|    veil mill' il, uul
from   I'm     olive  and   I1 ilm  I "I ll   I
md  bcncfiiliul   i u'i 11   "ii llu
il in,
Reg, Price. 40c. a Box
New Books
i INK   '''■■■   "i i
OOP     lllll 'I I '!*'
MAI 11   BAX'l Kit
WII \T '    III      .'-'AMI* *1   ■
Adventures ol  i  Modi ■ i   M in
\mi ).,iv full ptirrlwfM price for firsl honk
uliit li von "\\ n.    \\ c   pxi lim:"     mttie fri]   |,
-if our in \. In imn foi
20 Cents
' ii
Eastman Film i, Promi Film Pa iks,
Velox. and Soho Papers and all
Chemicals iif.ed in Amateur or
Piofesslonal Photography.
]{|<;WS'   ]>K!'<;   STORK,
N'« XT To IH mi; IU.oc k
(ome to Enderby
r.uh year wc have emleavi n tl
in nuike our Victoria I)»y celebrn-
tion ii little luii.i tlmii the list,
mid this year we huve ni.iny new*
ninl interesting fenturi b,
Revelstoke,  Salmon Arm aud
Ver noli-Revel Bloke
*   ii;*< n.   I.i $5;  .'ml I****
 •*■.;      "  ■ I
ll.i I mile "        "  ■  ii      "  - *■
: * . 'i it* *. ■*   i
I',   , Ihlol e    - 0
I ■       in        dui      nil
r    *        i     *
nl   l-'iri   Uri   uli
III,      |    Ml   I      *
:>■!,,nn . i mil
Imi.i.i      ' ml.
Hotel   ,ni*l   refreshment    i Ill
*   IIiimI it loll    I II       ' i
* * . ii    . t
lillh   i n me
in  id  liuv-
iiul return     i nine!    Voll « ill
' ii    allien!
i Kl.l'.flH '* I'loN (.'OMMITTHI
■ hi - ~ v. ■< -
• it;    ■'...hi Coin potato ,   foi
Bale        Apply       to   A.   Kiltnli.   Wn
warn, li   '' 2t.
v. y. i BD   In   At nl agent  Ioi    th
i 'i "" ii   hn.*   In IUI .in     '    iiipiiny   "I
Toronto,      Liberal  cnmi n    to
in in  who produci    thi   hu lm   *
Apply     Maritime 'l'i ■, *t    I ompan]
l.i.l     "    ii * I "*     ii,.,.i    H   vnu
i*   '    General   Scents   lor
ll    ' M1U-3
Wo have never shown such a pretty and comprehensive line of Wash Drci s Goods as wo are showing
this season, and we have never been able to offer
Ftich pood values. Hundreds of yards of tempting
materials wail ynur inspection, representing the
mosl distinctive and attractive woasos and cslorings
nf ihi'sea: mi. Not the least attractive point is the
small price Lhal wc ask for Ihem.
We have all the 'eading colorings in Indian Head
Linen, Shantung, Voile, Dimity, Poulard, Vesting,
English Prints re one of our specialties. We
carry a large variety of pr.tterns in lighl and dark,
and guaranleo them to be fust colors.
Dress Skirts
Wo can lit you out with a dressy skirt at a very
reasonable price. Voiles and Panamas are the
leading materia's this season. We have them in all
sizes and some as low as .';'i5.U0.
Nobby Neckwear
Have ymi seen our window of Neckwear this
season '.' The goods are so pretty and the prices are
so small that any one can afford a number of them.
Jabots and Dutch Collars irom 25c. up.
Summer Hosiery
For ladies and children in the good wearing
kinds, in tan, black, white and colors. We buy tin
best quality and can reco: imend them as the besl
value procurable for the money.
m\ \ New Suit
e to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoi is just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices,
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fil-Rctorm Clothing
Foot-Rile Shoe
T mt i itangible thing whieh appeals t i all m di - particularly the
younger chap whose clothes must
be distinct!v«—has bei n attained
ii ihi ■ ne v spring Campbell's
Clothi ■: model with its long,
gracefully shaped lapels, its well
made, slightly dipped coal fronl
and to* new features of cuffs and
p. c ei 'Lip' shown in illustration,
It h is smartness and individual ty—while lhe wear is in it too.
ll always is in clothing bearing the
Campbell's Clothing trademark.
Jflc%ae Mercantile Co.. <£td.
Jh.3 Jtyla Jhop for Itlax a id Boys lOho Know
ft- -J
WANTKii  Kit! lor    general    hoUM  1''"u BALB-Tw.o Teami o!     Heavy
No children.     Apply B. A. :   ""rK"s for »ale.-Apply to J. Ker-
|]ym.>ll, tt, ' ,:''"'"' •■'ulini'ii Arm.
POR BALE Two cheap properties on
WANTED Tend i Ioi ilaehlng fifty Third itreet, neai Cowan Hlock, ll
i,.n- ni lu-iit timber and buib. For etorey house, also a Bungalow
fm ther particular! apply to J. etandlng on a corner lot. Apply
Kr*,n i: lum. SmIiui.Ii \im. TcnJcrs John Darbyehlre, 1818, Qladelonq
tu ue in hy May loth.
Avenue, Victoria, u. 0,


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