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The Mail Herald Apr 9, 1912

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"Empire" Tyi/iiwriter
For ease of operation antl
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $(>Ul
Interior Publismng Co., Agts.
The Mail-Herald
Vjpflg Cards
Interw* PuDlishing Company
Vol. 18 -No. 28
$2.50 Per Year
Long ami Short   Handle
Special at       85c
Other makes  $1.1*0
If you want a nice, smooth Lawn, one that you
will he proud to show, ROLL IT, We have three
sizes, at           $18, $22.50, $25
Garden Harrows, removable sides $4.50 and $5.00
Plain Stave Barrows $4 and $4.25
Long antl short handles
Garden Trowels     15c
Garden I looks 20c
Cultivators, Seeders
Comhinalion Drill and
Single Wheel Hoes
Horse Hoes and Cultivators
Krom 75c. to $7.00
IU ft. lung   $1.50 to 1-1.50
Short handled, all steel
all lhe best makes
Lime ami -Sulphur, half
gallon, 1 gallon and liv*1
gallon cans.
In I lb. tins as recom-
mended by the government.
Agents for " DE LAVAL" Cream Separators
Plumbing      Steam  Fitting     Tinsmithing
To Mr. D. W. Abrahamson on a Commission Basis
-Construction to Be Rushed in Order to
Have Hospital Completed Before Winter
At b meeting uf the dlreotora nl
tin' Revelatoke Hospital Society,
Ih'IiI on Monday evening lust, the oon
tract lur the erection ol the new hon
pltal addition wan awarded to contractor 0. W. Abruhumson, on a com
mlBBlon hiiHiB ol 5 per cent.
Ah it is most desirous to have the
new hospital fully completed before
tlio winter the directors cunuitlerert
the time too short  to call lor tend -
ers in the usual way and so let. the
'contract to Mr. Abrahamson,
I The total expenditure or cost ot tbe
new hospital will lie approximately
146,000 to $70,00(1 and work will be
.started at once.
I .Mr. W. il. Wallace, lhe local architect, is engaged in drawing the plans
and making out the specifications and
we expert in the near future to puh
lish in the columns of the Mall-Herald a description of the new hospital
addition which will be a credit to the
Brakesnan Otto Ostermoyer Loses
His Lite-Remains Shipped
to tiie East
Another sad railway fatality occurred on Saturday last the 6th inst.,
at Salmon Arm, whereby Mr. Otto
•Ustcrmcyer lost his life.
Thc trelght tram ou which deceased was a brakemau,  had just reached
Given Under the Auspices ot the
Ladies' Auxiliary—A Large
Attendance—Good Music
'I'he dance j;ivcn Inst Monday even
Ing in the opera houBo, under tbc
auspices ot the 1,adies' Auxiliary ol
the 11. of B. T., was simply a grand
The     spacious     lloor of the  opera
he sanctioned hy thc police, as with
such an extensive field to cover it
would be Impossible with the force ol
olllcers at hand to secure immunity
fm every isolated camp at once, provided the strikers imdortook to molest
tbe far-away places.
The propaganda ol the Industrial
Workorn of the World seeks rather
social upheaval than to change work
lug conditions as affecting the men
alone, and to accomplish its aims
seeks to enroll workcrB of all classes
under one organization. They havo a
hook ol "batty hymns," truukly announced to Iki provided to "fall the
dames," in which the ills of the
worker and measure of his salvation
is dealt, with In metre.
l.ytton, April 7—When approached
and questioned regarding the Impending return ot tbe men to work, Secretary Whitehead of the Industrial
Workers ol tbe World at tbis poiut,
which is the central headquarters tor
the Industrial Workers, expressed
doubt as to the number of men who
would take up their shovels again,
hut stuted tbat if lt looked like a
general return work the men of the
Industrial Workers of the World
might go hack with t,hem"and strike
on the job."
Yale, April 7—Numbers of strikers
are coming here from diflerent places
and supplementing men who have
gone to Vancouver. Tbe number on
hand today is over HDD. The strike
headquarters has now got its commissary down to a better organised
basis anil is In good position to feed
all the men coming in.—Kx.
the  mile board at Salmon Arm.     It   '""liic wns "rowded "«* guests, while
.,      , , ...     .,      tbe     Revelstoke City  Band furnished
seems  tbe  deceased,   along  with    the ,,    , ,
excellent     musie     under tbc capable
conductor  ol  tbe   train    were  stttiug   leadership  of  Sid  Htimphr
in  thc cahoosc and  the  signal
out   lor   orders.   The   engineer
eys,       the
was  newly appointed band  master,
had      A   noticeable  feature  of this  dance
I <HH><XH><><><><>0<H><>O0<><><KH><KH><
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head otflo«   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
just made one application of air and WM thc ''«u<lBolllc co*-tumcs of many
.,                                ,,,,., ol tbc ladles.
the train wns gradually slowiug down ,.
Dining the evening a dainty supper
when all at ouce thc train went into waa served.
emergency, the deceased evidently This social effort of the ladle- ol
pitched forward, having just got up tbis order will long remain grern in
out ot a chair. In moving acro.-s the lhe memory of those guests who were
car be struck his head on tbe right present and on nil sides a general de-
temple, fracturing his skull. He was sire is evidenced that these ladies
conscious lor a little while uud then will in the near future hold another
lapsed into unconsciousness. He was similar pleasant dance.
taken to thc hospital at Salmon Arm                      	
Branches or Agents at all principal points in Canada. V*
Agents in Oreat Britaiu and United Mutes-London, Kngland, A
Lloyds Bank, Limited.    Chicago- First National Bank, Com Ex- ▼
change National Bank.    8eatlle—Seattle N.»* "mil Bank,   Han Fran- U
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada  Natioual B*tu      3|ukane—Exchange A
National Bank. A
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 91 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Fashionable Millinery
Latest Shapes and Styles
Mrs. A, G, Crick, / First Street
where lie expired about au hour and
ii hall after the accident. The re -
mains were brought to Hevelstoke,
where Coroner Dr. Hamilton beld an
iinilieBt on  Monday  last.
Tlie following jurymen were sworn
iu to deal with tbis inquest:—Walter
Hews, foreman; it. Smith, ll. tl,
Smythe, K. io. Sine, J, li. Cressman
and  K. U.   Mcllue.
The jest of evidence was that the
tram had gouc into emergency without any apparent reason. Thc Engineer bad not made any second lipoidica! ion  for  air  brakes
Martin Burrell Leaves for West
Ottawa, April 8—Hon. Martin llur-
re-H, who left for the west tonight to
attend the banquet to Premier Bob-
lin at Winnipeg, will, upon his return to Ottawa, arrange for the
transfer of the $600,000 subsidy ap-
pi ..pnut.'d for distribution among the
provinces under the Agricultural Aid
act. The money to be spent will be
handed over to the provincial governments after the passing of the neces
sary legislation by the local legisla -
Thc verdict of tbc jury wus tbut- tun's- The money, so fur as this
"deceased earn,* to his death by los- -ve<" IB concerned, will bc given to
log his balance mid fracturing his tllc l"'ov-»ccs with few restrictions as
skull when the train accidently went itu tb" Uet"'lli "f expenditure, but
inti. emergency."
will refresh you with Its bright, iplc)
flavor anil (nigrum-).     Sold   in   1   lb.
lead packages.
35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O. Box 208           QROCER & BAKER           Phono No. '
The deceased wus 2') years of age
and leaves a widow residing in Kevelatoke. He wus a member ol the
JJrotlierhood of Hallway Trainmen,
and ii 8:2nd degree Scottish right
Musou, he was also a Mystic Sbriucr
The Trainmen and Musons accompanied tbe remains tu tha station yet-
tei-.lay moi ning, they lieing rhipped
on No. 11 to Ashlund, Wisconsin, for
interment. Conductor J obi Beck,
accompanying the  remains east
Tbe pall bearers were i ondtlCtors
Hugh Hi uce and L. A. Wurnor, as
well as Sbrmers J. B, McKenzie, T.
I-.. L. Taylor, H. Howsou und J. H.
Is in Hospital
Mr. II. K. Forester, the newly el -
ccted member for Columbia riding, is
now iu St. Josephs hospital Victoria,
suffering from a temporary indisposition.
A mnn living in Revelstoke bus n  I'lnm ou which  he  raised
five line bogs and was preparing lo kill llieni.
We will nuke "ham, bacon, lard, ausaiie head cheese and
scrapple," he announced lo tin. admiring tatnlly, and u~i
everything bul tbi •queal.
That night his son called at the Music Btore, McKenalt Ave.
bought au Kdison Phonograph; when he arrived home he told
his lather that tbey coula now keep thi iqueal «" he bad got
lhe onl] Initrument of whicli anyone and everyone can make
Revelstoke Music Store,   -   J. Bingham. Prop.
Takes Seat on Commission
Ottawa, April S—The railway commission held ,i sitting and A. S.
Qoodeve, It, P, for Kootenay, tbe
aewl) appointed meml'cr ol tho com-
mlsslon,   took   his  seat  lor the     liist
plans for applying the money will
necossarH> be submitted to the minister of agriculture here for approval
0.0. James, who is to draw up the
plun under which the federal subsidy
for agricultural aid is to be applied
after this year, is uow in Toronto,
where he is tuking the preliminary
steps before leaving, ncit mouth, for
a  tour of  the provinces.
Mr. Hun-ill while in Winnipeg will
probably take up the question of federal and provincial co-operation in
agriculture  with  the  Manitoba
Strikers and Gangs Armed
Vancouver, h. C, April 7—Hoports
rcoeived here stale tbat work will be
resumed on Monday at several Cana
dian Northern camps between Hope
and North Bend. Whether the threats
Of thc Industrial Workers of the
World to interfere will be carried out
is uncertain. All strikers have lieen
notified hy the provincial police that
the law wilf be rigidly enforced and
offenders arrested. It is stated that
cartridges huve bcon sent from Vancouver by sympathizers of the strikers, who arc said to have gtiUB cached in the woods. Members of Btatlon
gangs who will go back to work on
Monday ulso have arms and have had
tin Tbe rase dealt with was not ammunition purchased for them and
nn Important one. The Here Mar have been practising pistol shooting
qticttc railroad which has suveral '. in more than ono camp, although it
branobu In Oanada, has for years muy he more foi the moral effect of
been in a precarious condition linanr- the action than anything else,
lally nn.l a short Line ago Lcratnc in Thc whole situation is regarded as
lolvenl ll was put inlo n reCelVer'i OM Of great delicacy. So far as the
hands .m.I the eiiliequcr Court up- [contractor* and tlle police are con-
l■■ .i i.-d Frank \N lliau Iiudley B. cerncd the utmost caution will lie ob-
Waters and Newman Etb as nreivcte ' sei -veil. While applications for pro-
.m.i.i.i, Thesi appointment were taction from thc station workoiB are
Confirmed by the railway commission   numerous thc returu of only     those
t...!..« -.'.In.   fun   l.c    .'I. *i.Ii.l        mi i ilt*i*t n.n   u-.11
The Allen Players
A bumper bouse last evening greeted Miss Verna Kelton and tbc Allen
Players, who commenced most sue -
ressfullv a week's engagement nt the
opera house with tbe production of
"The Divorcons" a chnrming and
amusing comedy, excellently put on
with the nice regard to detoil characteristic of this company in their
past productions in Nelson. Miss Felton has lost none of her charm to
please utrd nmuse Nelson aii-JienccB
since she was here la*t season, and
her lirst appearance on the stage last
night was the signnl for warm applause from every section of the
house, a compliment wns nlso paid
to Mrs. Allen's entrance on ths stage
living Kennedy, long a favorite here
is MisB Felton's leading mnn thin
season and beyond question -.he audience last night were glad to welcome  him  hack.
The play  last  night turned oil    tlle
husband, Mr. Kennedy, consenting to
his wife's divorce and then winning
her back before tbe separation to the
distraction of the lover. Tbc comedy
suited Miss Felton though it gave but
little scope for thc leading lady's
great uhilitv as nn actress. Mr. Kennedy and the rest of the company including Mr. Belmond, rendered really
admirable support.     The stage set -
ling was particularly well done in
both the drawing room and in thc
last act in thc private room of thc
Cafe (Irand  Hotel..—Nelson  News.
This company will appear for (ne
week commencing April ISth at the
opera house.
We have just put into Btock a carload of Sherwin-
Williams' Paints including inside and outside
paint in all shades. Varnishes for all purposes,
Oil Stains, Enamels, Ploor Paint, Shingle Stain,
in fact everything necessary for Paintiug and
Decorating. We have handled these Paints, also
their own make of Linseed Oil for years, and
there is nothing in the market to equal them. If
you want to get value for your money see that
Sherwin-Williams' name is on the can.
All colors in Alabastine.    Paint Brushes, etc.
Prepare to Double Tract
Kamloops, April 8—F. V. Husteod.
who hns been appointed chief engine
er in charge of the double tracking
of the C.I'.il. from Calgary to the
coast, has rented n suite ol otlices
here and they are now being adapted
to bis needs.
lie states that the work will take
fully three years to complete and
practically thc entire line will lie rebuilt, tirades will lie cut down and
tbc result will In' as satisfactory aa
the grades obtained b) the Canadian
Northern. Wherever possible the existing grade will Ik' used, but where
improved grades can lie obtained thc
old track will be used only until the
new  one  is llnished.
Theie will be un enormous amount
of rock work. Involving the huildlng
of double compartment tunnels, pnr
ticuliirly along the shore of Kam
loops lake and the Fraser canyon.
Several engineers will be sent out ns
soon ns they can get their mean ond
outllts together, to mark out thc
grades. Notch Ilill will Iw done
away with, nnd the line will follow
thc shore ol Hhuswnp In'te. This will
lengthen the mileage, hut will cut oft
one of thc heaviest giadeitts on tbe
Pacific  division.—Kx.
who cuu lit ufloi'ded    protection will
Elects First Mayor
Salmon Arm, April 8—The elections
for the lirst council in thc new city
of  Salmon Arm  resulted  us follows:
Mayor II, K. Scales, hy acdumu -
tion; aldermen, Messrs. tilbbard, I.a
cey, Haydock, Warren nnd (Ireen
away; trustees, Messrs. Counolly, Mc-
0liire and Holiday. The lirst two
will serve two years nnd the latter
one year.
There was a tie amongst I'm.' i.n
didates fm third place aid lUtura
ing Officer dackson gave thc caetlng
voto iu luvor ol Mr. Holllday.
Mclntyre's Specials
Pearline, in bulk, per lb  10c
Finest Japan Tea, per lb.             45c
Finest Japan Tea, 10 Ib. lots, at 40c
Silver Gloss Starch in bulk, per lb. 10c
Golden Russet Apples, 3 lb. for   25c
Maple Leaf Flour. Rolled Oats, Wheatlets
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Will     f   S\fl
.  *.
I it
f .'
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Roys' Spring Suits
We have a larger stock to
choose from than ever we
had in Boys' Clothing
Boys' Double-Breasted Suits
made of imported Knglish
and Scotch Tweeds
Prices-$6 to $11
Boys' Buster Brown Suits
in very pretty styles, suitable for the little fcllowc
Prices—$4.50 to 86c.
Bogs' 2-Piece Suits
Double-breasted, made of
best Worsteds
Prices, $5.50 to $16
Boys Odd Pants
Bloomer Styles. Prices,—
00c. to $1,75
Boys Soit Felt Hats
Prices.   $1.00, 11.25, $1.50
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
iou  sai.i: BY
E. G. Woodland
[. P. Mclean
Best Strain Of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and Partridge Wyandotte
P. O.  BOX   181 WEDNF.SIUY.  ATOTt.  lMli, T019
WEDNESDAY, Al'HII. 10th, 1912
Some Snaps in Local Realty
House and Two Lois on MacKenzie Ave $4,100
House and Lots on First Street  3,500
House  and    Lot.  South-West    Corner
Douglas and King Street  1,500
House and Lot, Fourth Street  2,850
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
[aa lite Judging will lako placo in the
evening. All exhibits will tic very
carefully looked alter, nobody will bo
allovvad to touch or handle them in
Inny way. This exhibition will he up
on to tho public nn Friday atternoon
trom two o'clock until al\ p.m., also
I on  Saturday afternoon  aud  ovoning.
I An admission loo ,,', 25 conts will lie
chargod (or adults, and 15c. tor children will bc made.
Thore is good hnl  ol outrles now,
All thoso who arc     Interested     in
football   and   Who   are   members      ol
tin- v.m.c.a. are asked 'ip meet In
the above placo oh Monday evening,
at. s* o'clock sharp to discuss tho pob-
rlblllty of (orming a tootball league
i This meotlug is called lor Monday cv
cuing April ISth.   Remomiier the dato
| A good attendance is requimuU,
Jntcrtot publlablno Company.
J. K. JOHNSON, Manager.
RALPH 0.  BORUTON,  Editor,
Land uotii'es $7.50. All advertisements subject to the approval ot
the managemeut. Wanted uud
Condensed Advertisements : •—-
Agents Wanted, Help Wauted, Sit
uations wanted. Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted. Mechanics
Wanted, 25 words or less, 25c,
each additional line 1*0 cunts.
Changes n. sinnding advertisements must be in by 'J a. in.
Tuesday and Friday ol eoch week
to  secure  good  display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters ot public interest. Communications to l*. i.i *, must be
accompanied by name of writer
not necessarily for publication,
bttt . as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence should he brie!.
Including  postage to  Kngland, Unit-
ed States and Canada.
By tbe year (through  poptolHre'j f2.3U
L'sal notices Ml ceuts per line first
ineertion, 5 *fin< per line each
• .:**->' ,M'*ui insertion. Measurements Nonpariel il2 lines make
one inch.i Btore and general
business announcements $2.50 \ut
inch per month. Preferred positions. 25 per cent, additional.
Births, Marriates aud Deaths, 50c
*ncb insertion.
<2#Z    ■
WKDN1 -laS    VPRIL 10th,  I'M.
The appointment ol Mr. a B
Goodevi M.P., tn a seat on tbe Rati
way Commission, rill necessitate h.-
i*- . ■   •! as the repre -
tentativi ■: Kootenay in the Domin
.ur, house, ■-■■■■; In the event ol tbe
*•■ it being contested, tbe
•    upon   a
suitable    in*u. to succeed hnn In tbe
ment .i< Ottawa.
Thanks to the tremendous turnover
o! the last Dominion elections, the
li -    [ I ,i  speaker and  dehat-
<:   .   Tbi  Member !..r Kootenay, has
pri   • '• blmsell to be, ».;i not be »o
•: vative par-
bave been
tbc cose bad tbe pari eprived
if hie services pr.or     to the     great
strei .•■ I .<-.,  tbe  part)     re -
• • •; that Met
"   test
M r   *.       ■   ■
1 I Wi -' •;..-  Rail*.»,,*.
rait- nuallfled :
Bt post,  all -  •.'*„;.
i    I a> ... •   treat
and "ta.
i   . I aa
• '-al.
..   .
' ot tbe K
I*. * '    ' 'MllWH
Ho se, i tment le     al
•  to ihe iterLn
worth i: Mi   U i-i- himself.
Kveryono who attended  bite  V.M.C,
\    Ulrcui  on  Friday evening,     was
WCll   pleased.    II   was   a   well   airang
ed and well carried out plan.     Tho
crowd was the largest yet. As ad
veitised, exactly at 8 o'clock, tbo
door ol the side show was thrown
open, and lu lell the truth the crowd
poured in (from that till 8:30) and
then the laughing commenced, until
they  were nearly  sick.
Tho lirst thing that the eye rested
upon was our old friends Mutt and
Jell perched upon the table, Krom
1'iem the eye wondered to the only
flit man who knew his own name,
line of the most attractive persona
in the whole side show whs the mosl
bcautttul woman thai has ever heen
.-.■.•ii. she was unmarried to and tho
funny part of it was thai she never
gol bo much as one oiler of marriage
Prom Hi*' beautiful woman the eyes
wondered to tbe Siamese Twins who
looked exactly alike. Then chum ohm
o! tbo most wonderful tilings in tho
animal kingdom, namely a dog-beaded snake. This show continued until
8:00 p, m.
\t v 30 the grand procenlon took
place. Tbis was beaded by the ring
master, then followed n well train I
(lephnni, alter il came tho lieautltul
woman, thou tbe snake chnmer, there
".as even a photographer   in tbe  pro
cession. Mutt an.l .ifii were tbere and
lasl   of  all  came a   take oil  on   it.in
lor McBride in tbe form ,,( Hn engine
an.l cars with C.N.II. painted on
| \,';et* the procession, who should
come Btumbliug hi but an old l.u uni
an.I his wile, looking for I seal and
getting into everybody! »m, the
camera  Bend waa after  them,     and
was   successful   in      getting    a    fairly
goi I snnp-sbot ol them,   The photo
g'.ii'her   was   real   generous   with
photographs, as in* waa quite •
to give them out.   The clowns lalrly
brought   dowi.  tbt  house wltb      •  ■
original  stunts.   Tbe  Marvelous  Ed
dys certainly deserve credit  foi    tbe
'ii;   they cai ned out the tumbling all
- of har work,  balancing, pyra
letter making and Indian  I
Candy wae sold on th
an I the management  lost  mon .
not     having about  three bime
nn ch     All  the signs that  was •
for public guidance were •,*■
• ■ ii iplcuously, the.,  *. . thii*    ■ go neai  the ai Imali    Tl  -
Ioi  tbi -   w.    The    marvt
ri;.   : • t .• '.        i.,        Be
• •f pickpockets    Leat
• \     u   tin*   vault.    Tbe  t* rt
I" "'clo<-k. Hiil the peoph   i .
rei I sat Isl
ts nnd Crall v.    ■<
ta for I       --      ■•.••n  must
tomorrow (T ■   m
Socialism for New Republic
Loudon, Apiil I -"1 bave finished
lhe  political   revolution and  now  will
commence tho greatest social revolution In the world's history," aaid Dr
Sun Vnl Sen, the 01 Pre-i'dcnt ol
China, in nn interview at Shanghai
loilny. according to a dispatch from
thai city to the London Daily Tele
"The abdication ol the Manchus i-
only the moans to greater develop -
ment and the future polity ol there-
public will he in the direction ol So-
"1 am an ardent follower of lleim
George, whose ideas are practicable
on tho virgin soil of China as com -
pared with their impracticability   In
Enrol '  the  United   States,     where
money is controlled by capitalists."
I'r. Sun says he has the full eon
sent of the government to start his
propaganda immediately, whereby tho
railroads, mines anil similar Indus -
tries will he controlled by the gov -
ernment, The single lav system, and,
as .ar as possible, free trade will he
did   they   finish','    Just  $502.50 in   debl
lo the contractors,
That     case   is   coming   Up   in   eoiirl
next week, 'rim nml ter has been
placed iii the hands ol Mr. Gordon
Grant, who on behalf of tbo meii, la
seeking Iii have lhe sum mentioned
which the contractors have threaten
ed (o sue the st.itioiiinen for, sel.
| it is hue thai tlle twelve m.'ii lind
considerable hard luck in their eon
tract owing to small slides und a par
ticularly hard roek lo cut. Thev had
to hoard at. tlie contractors camp, ol
course, und to huy all their supplies,
including their powdor, dynamite fuse
and caps from that source. The prices
thttt were chargod the sliitioumeii for
Hies;'   supplies is to   he   one of   llle   in
|terosting  features of  the ease  when it
comes  up  for  trial  next   week.
Besides this Instance of twelve men
who went $500 in dehl after seven
months hard work, (he executive of
the strikers claim there are dozens of
inztanees of men who Undertook stu
tion work during the winter under
glowing promises from lhe coiiIiim
tors of whal, Iluy eould make on the
Jobs, And after working several
weeks and learning lhat I h",' viae
not even making a living wage, imi the
contract owing lo tbo h!gu prices
they were charged for supplliR, they
threw up iheir conl rnels all i either
loll  for other camps or oven ln   .one
Reliable merchants everywhere display this.
box and sell STEELE, BRIGGS' SEEDS.
Look for them — accept no other.
Steele, Briggs' are the best grown. No
matter what you need in seeds, this namt
stands for highest quality.
Behind every packet is the strongest seed
reputation in Canada. Thousands of successful
growers everywhere use STEELE, BfyCCS' SEEDS
year after year because they are sure of what
they are buying.
Look for this box at your looal store. If your
local dealer cannot supply you order direct,   r
Reject Organ c Union
Toronto. April 3—Tho church union
committee ol the PreBbytorian church
in Canada mei tins uftecnoon and re
iv.vi'l reports showing llie total vote
ci ii was *is follows: Rldorshlp, Hi
lor union; 8,178 against, members lnC
T.'.."i for union. 48,278 against, .i.lhei
nils.  :17.I7.1 for  .   11,171 against.
Ninety per cent ol the elders and -M
pei tent ol the members voted.
A resolution was passed expressing
il pinion iiiiii thc ho  vote in fnv-
iii i,: the organic union demanded de-
linite action toward closer union, al
though the strong minority vote in
dicated   thai   organic   union   was   not
I* i* Ible at pn sent.
ru, committee therefore recommend
ed thai'the general assembly co-operate as far us practicable with the
Metbodisl and Congregational church
is    ii   foreign  and   home  missions, e.l-
ucational work and theological publications. An amendment Favoring
delay. in view ..f tbe lact that one-
half "f the membership retrained
Irom voting wa    rejected.
Get Worst of It
Btalionmen  oi tracton
S I!
Mr. Goodeve's Appointment
It   . I   •    ■ I   I    i:    Ml        V
i,    i. v..   the newly appointed mm
her  ol  tbe  Railway  Commission,  w I
represent  the Wr-xt  on th.   *      D
\ir. Qoodeve »«» born at    Ouelpl
Ontario,  la  1660,  but  went    wen'
i.uly  life, locating at  llo«sland.      Hi
was mayor of that   town   in   1S89 nn ;
l-'iit,  and  wa* piovindal  secretary h
the McBrlde governmenl in Hot ll
w.,k returned io the House of Cum
piouf ia  1901 and ie elected  in I'll
Tapping •&, Allw< ■ d M-
The White Sister
and tlie loss thus caused ly lhe suspension of other Industries, pinking
a  grand   total   of  $180,000,000,
New Minister of Mines
in ilu* recent re-arrangements of
tbo various departments in the governmenl at Ottawa, Hon. Robert
Rogers,   minister   ol   tho   interior   alld
in.inm niTairs, has beeu appointed
minister   of   mines.   The   Hon.   Bruno
Inland Revenue Standard for Cigars is 22 lbs. per
1.000. By statistics our Union contains 25 lbs. per
1.000. That proves quantity! What about quality ?   Ask the Smokers and Try One yourself.
and The Allen Players at Ihe Opera House Next Week.
instances,  went   to  work   In  'he name
■ amp again on day la
Millions lost By Stride
I...1: . ■       -    . ■  -I.M
vh" hav,*  lieen  figuring the toe
11 i VI        ,t I
.  :      I'lll.1
'•'•1! *      •    .    pi till
i   *       *   i   i,
• li
ii tion
:   coal
Mantel   retiring  us   minister  of  mines
Imt retaining tbat ol minister ol Inland   lev,'line.
While conditions In the mining regions of British Columhia may, it is
hum   be  new  to  the   new  minister    of
minrs. yel ins experience elsewhere,
and his readiness tu grasp all matters coupled with his great administrative powers will enable him to do
lull justice to one of the chief in -
dustries of the I'acilic province. We
people of Uritish Columbia can rest
assured that this department ol the
Federal government has an aide bead
In tbe person ol the new minister o!
the Hon. Robert Rogers.
Royal Mail Steamers Sailing Every Saturday
New Triplf Screw New Triple-Screw
S. S. Laurentic S. S. Megantic
"Turbine ninl Reciprocating Kngiuca
l.;ist wort) in shipbuilding.   KlecLiic lilevHlors.    Kleclric Heater.'.,
Skilled Orchestra. Wireless and Deep Sea.Sigtiftl Apparatus
FIRST CtASS, $32.50.   S1CCND CUSS, $53.75.   THIRD CUM, KD] $32.50
Comtcrt nt moilorntc rates by cxcolltnt
one-class li ii Cabin service
S. S. Twin-Screw Teutonic     S. S.^Twin-Scrt w Canada
■ -J feit long. 51 I leet long
'I,ingest, fastest steamer Canadian Liverpool one clRSs(lI)rabih service
Hest accommodation given ^*:(l u)>. third-clAss(closed rooms) V'l 25
l uiMii.uiyi. OMIco Rocmo t>B" Bailey Building, Second nnil Cherry Sts.,  Seiitllti
A. G. BR00KER, Agent JRevels'oke
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me Before Investing.
IV. PARRY Conducts Auction Sale
Jeanne Fowier
Ameiica'8 Most Beautiful Fmotional Actress
Thursday, April 11, 1912
i'algnr; mul U'iiinipi torth)   of i: I  tin
jiulilli t,| Ki
\.iii*"ii.'i  Irnl*.   \\ .*. 'I    K*n    ■  I    '**'i'i in      • Ml m
1 ' *   It l Ml'i  n ■ doubt  It-e Iit -irtl Ml  (1.1lire -..■..*t*i; I ill llle  . nO*     m     "f   III
poiltan ••mt n •
Special Prices.   •  50c to $1.50
Sen     ■ i •  .ii  M it iIoimM ■ Ii
iii.Ill the "Whim Sister,   Opera House, April u
Auction  Mart,  Mackenzie Avenue
Every Saturday at 2 p. m.
Consisting of Ranges, Cook Stoves, Parlor, Dlningroom and
Kitchen Furniture, also Carpets, etc.
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
Marcbaiita, liouBoholdora and others
read    overy   word of Hiih adverMM-
ni.nl   and  note  uur  liKt  ot      .Speriuls
lor February, lot tiiin iH Your Op ■
portunltj  to 'uve money i.y placing
youi   ..1 .li-i,i  now   lictoiT  llie  iukIi     ut
iin* Spi Ing Uoaion.
To Mei* hunt*- We run lill your requirement! fm- hIiowi-hh h, ■noiintcrH,
moulding! and turning! ol nil iles-
tsrtptlon, drawer*, filing cabinctB, ot-
flre ilfskK mul Itooll, shelving nnd
partition!, plain ami funcy Bbcet
u'Ihsh, etc.
To Houiibolderi nnd Othere— Thl!
ik your chance to ryi all km.lii ol Ill-
tenor Bnilbingl, Imt l>v<l hhhIi, mould
Ings, cupboard!, kitchen cabinet*,
InlileH  unit   Htooln,   Binklioiirds  ehelv-
Ing, eliding doors, paint, vanish nml
knlsonrine, roofings, building imperii,
window umi picture kIuns etc
Material mul Workmanship are tlm
belt, and our prices are the lowest
possible, All orders, whether Inrno
or small, receive prompt attention.
Ki-tlmntes for all kinds of Constructional Work, freely Riven. Phone 2f.l
or write ub, P. 0. Boi i'.Ht, l*tter
sl ill it possible, pay iifl a peim.nnl
visit.   We shull lie glad to see you.
The Hevelstoke Sash and Door Factory
V. i). Hux J9o
CEO, l). SHAW, Prop,
I'honc No. .' 1 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10th,   1912
WEDNESDAY,  Al'IUL. 10th,   1912
l'urticB desiring Information regarding tho Valley of tbo Gunlcn ol
Eden, can obtain same free of charge
by writing to Mr. J. H. Johusou,
Malakwa,   B.   0.
Tho extensive buuk aud cook houses Unit the contractors mo now creeling at Craigelluchie, appear to ho
somewhat ol a permanent nature uud
would lend one to imagine that work
even mure permanent thuu the gravelling ol ihe truck was going to bo
carried ou there. At any rate u con
elderable number ol laborers will bo
at work there with tbc big rock
crusher for many mouths.
lt is not generally known, but   it
is nevertheless u (uct, that election
duy passed oil very quietly at the
Garden of Kden Valley. As this set-
tlement wus possibly the only oue iu
thc province where voting wus iu -
tended to have beeu held, but there
was actually no votiug at all owing
lo tbe ballot boxes being lost. lt
iB reported that alter the daj bud
passed, tbc ballot box wus found
douc up neatly In a store here uil-
droBBcd to the Malakwa Returning
Officer, while other reports are also
current. However, tbe fact remains,
tbat Malakwa and thc Garden of
Bden   voters      while   In   the   majority
The Valley of
The Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,   ard   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20.000.;Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
Character of Soil Sd, while8' °!ay Lo?m .anlv<^tab,e
on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn Irririltinn    Positive|y no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
iiu 111 lyauuil   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Climate   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars Ahout This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAILHERALD Each Week
government  supporter*,  did no vot •
Ing whatever.
Li. Johnson li helping to erect the
0, 1'. II. contractors hunk houses at
A good many ol the local ranchers
are mont seriously contemplating
qualifying as celery growers. Tbe
vast celery ticlds ut Armstrong, B.O.
which have even . o I.ir made in manj
Instanoes fortunes lor thoir owners,
are a practical illustration i.l just
what can he .lone. Now, while Armstrong district is unquestionably
specially favored for the growing of
this lucisloua product, the Valley ul
tlie Oar-den of Kden is equally as well
adopted. Here wc have tbe soil and
climute, ami a most uecesBary cou -
stituent.viz.—A market—markets on
all sides of us with six overland pas
senger trains daily passing our door,
Whal more favored spot can he found
anywhere in British Columbia, than
this most centrally located district,
known as thc "Garden of Kden Val-
Krom present appearance- In the
nest couple of years considerable progress in celery- growing will he made
hen*. Mixed fanning with an acre or
two of celery will make a sure win -
ning Income to tbe Bden fnruicr and
111 a few yean time be will be on
Easy   street.
.'. . It Minlit Be Cold. . .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continciil <> riecord of cures
of rheuniatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, -        Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly uiul uioiitblv tales to be uiriiiigi.il.      Meal Tickets, 2] meals for 56.UO
a. !'. l,i:vi'Snri;, Proprietor
Laughton -iS, Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
H. d. McSORLLY, Proprietor.
Strictly! First Class
Rooms Single, cn Suite
and with Bath
suitably iurnished with the choicest the
maiket aft'ords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    -AJLBJtilRT     ST03STE      PBOP.
Under New -^Management
First-Class Accommodation and Sample Rooms
Rates- $1.00 to $2.00 Per Day
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged   and Improved.    First-Class in every reBpect.    All modern convenience*
I .nine Ham pie Hooiuh.
Ratio $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
w—mmmmmmm OPEN NIGHT AND DAY »
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant- Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOR,       -       ^Manager.
Special Attention given In commercial
men ami lourlsts. Flrat-claw s«mpl»
rooms. Fine*? scenery In Uriiinh OolniM"
bin overlooking I'pper Arrow l.eke.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop'jjuj
Dr. de Van's Female PiTTa
A reliable French regulator:never (ails. TIucaq
pills nre ciceedinglv powerful In roK»Utlnn the
generative portion Dl thc letnalc svstftn. Xeftise
nil cheap tmitatiunn.   Dr. ds T»n'e are lold ot
nil cheap Imitationa. Dr, de T»n'» ore entd ot
Ifi a \"i\, nr three tor 910. Mailed In nny Rehire**,
Tli* Hcobflll onu- Co.. Rt. Cathftrtnea, Ont,
Shikh's Gure
till Mv    A top A   i nti (tht f     Miri-i    i nl.U.    Innl*
throat and lunrfa,      •   •   ■      30 cenU-
Telephone line Along Lakes
NakUip, April 4—Citizens ol Nukusp and thc whole ol the Arrow
lakes between here nml Edgewood ure
highly pleased over thc news from
tittnwu that *$(i,0iHi lms been included
in thc Dominion estimates for the cur
rent year for lhc construction of a
telephone line between these points,
im.l^t le understood that actual construction will take place at an early
It will llll a long lelt want and will
put thc ranchers along the lake shore
iu  communication with the   outside
Already there is an excellent system
in thc town of Nakusp mid one beiug
Inaugurated at Edgewood which will
be linked together by the government
The line will serve even more than
,i puhlii- want, tbt Domiuion government lieing directly interested by thc
fact that from now on it will have a
*   «.
OUI Pallscy That Pninkcnnca* Cannol
Be Cared Kxplodcd.
Slump Must Come
valuable river licet of its own in the
way of dredges, barges,  tenders, etc.,
working ut various points along thc |    A'Wt a ■**  weeks' trip through tho
river. oust ou  private   business,  Mr.  Camp-
To thc Canadian  I'acilic  railway thc   bell   Sweeney,   superintendent   ol    tbe
service   would   bc  uu   uutold   boon  iu   Uuuk ol Moutrcal lor bntish Colum-
locating   its  steamers  ou   the      loug
stretch ol over ninety miles at  present
without other communication     than
the  I'",its themselves.
Thc  re ognitiou ot  the  government
ma, hus returucd to  Vancouver, uud
"as seen  by  the Sun.
"While I went eust on private
business, that ol meeting my daughter on   her   return from  a trip  to the
is due to the activity  ol  thc  Nakusp Old Country.  I cannot suy tbat busi-
huurd ol trade a year or two ago at uess  was  entirely   avoided," said Mr.
whose   request an   inspector was  scut Sweeney.
out by lhc government to report with "What does Moutrcal think ol us?"
Ihe present result. The board ol trade he waa a^ked.
and the Conservative government have "Hitherto on my trips to thc cast"
formally congratulated   A.S. Goodeve, he replied,   "I   have   been  importuned
M.I'.,  uud  thanked him Ioi   his mllu- '■■!  financiers  und   bauk  officials      as
encc in thc mutter.—Ex.
To Ensure Uniform Grading
Nelson, April i—In order to ensure the uniform gruding of apples a
recommendation will be made by tbe
directors at a special meeting of the
Kootenuy Fruitgrowers' Union on April .n.l thut local associations should
jbe formed in thc various districts
| embraced   by  thc ussoM,ations  in  or-
Many men drink whn de-sire lo atop   der that arraugemcuts may  be  made
tbe habit.    Whisky, however, him un   '
fur  udopting a standard   lor   packing
and   grading.
This decision of the directors has
been reached as u result of the report
ol a speciul committee, cou-nstiug of
Messrs. J.J. Campbell, James Johu-
stouc aud J. D. Macdonell, wbich
was appointed ut thc annual  meeting
dermlncd Ihe constitution and created
■ craving that Is not to lir donli d,
and thc man must have whisky or
something that will remove the inning and bulbl up lhc system and restore  the nerves.
Samaria Prescription Itopi the craving, ateadlca the nerves. Imiim*, up it,.
general health and makes drink aotu-
ally   distasteful   ami   nauseous      It   is
taateleaa and odorleas, ami ran be given   with   or   without     the     pnticnt'e'ol the union,
knowledge,  In tea.  coffee or food      It i    „„„ ,,     ,
Is   used   r.aulsrly   by   Physicians   and I     ' "*   J,lector-   will  also   urge      that
Hospitals.    It haa cured thousands la   joint  committees  composed of  the ex-
Canada,   snd    reatorcd    happloeaa    to        ,  ..      . .
hundreds of homea. "«"■■■•   to   ocutlvc  ol  tho directors and  commit -
Read   what   Mrs.   Q. ,   of   Mull.   ■*<* "t growers interested in the par-
"^t0,,.llfounramW„^.'M,dd.J0r.^» ,,"* branch of sgriculture .fected,
started to use your linn.-l,    I follow,   be formed to negotiate for  the whole
ed  tha directions,  and   had  Dae  beat  of   «.n_        j     u.
reaulta.    Oo« weeh after I started ua-   HuUn8  ot  shipping  arrangements    for
to tlie huge values placed on Vancou
ver real estate, and anxious mquir -
ies us to the safety ol commercial eu
terpriscs based ou the 'inflated' values; but ou this occasion 1 hcarj
nothing of that kind, lor the reason
perhaps tbat Montreal itself la now
experiencing a boom m reality.
"Montreal und the cast generally is
very favorublc to Uritish Columbia,
aud will increase tbctr investments
Irom year to year as their laith iu
tbo resources of tbe province is
great, li.it it is likely that less money w ill be sent tbis year for pure investment iu mortgages aud such like
as tbc advance in realty values is
occasioning a larger demand for mou-
cy at rising rates at bome.
"Kor the next fuw years at least,
they expect that Vancouver aud tho
province as a whole will continue
prosperous, if for no other reason
than tbat large sums of money are
being spent and will be spent during
tbat time to insure both thc city and
thc province against any  dull  times.
"In fact tbe whole of the Dominion
la eujoying a period of activity and
prosperity   that  cannot  always    last
lm  your  Rsmady   th.  patl.nl  stopped   the disposal of small fruits    uotatoes   *""">'"lly   lDal   tnn,1°l   ^"ays    last
drlnklnr.  and   has   not  drunk  a  glaaa ', .      ' ,       " '  I""'110'-8   and while  the situation Is held     well
of liquor sine    1 hop. you will .erept   large  fruits  and  other  products. ,       .   ,    "7      u"lt'°" ,B n«la     *«•■»
my heartf.lt thanks. Moplnc clod will
blMS yeur Heraedy whtn.vsr triad, I
remain. .^
Mrs. (1 , Hull, qua.
(Name   withheld   by  request.)
Now,   If   there   Is   anyone     In   yo-ttr
town   who   needs   this     Hemedy,   tell
them   of   IL      Practical   philanthropy
Must Cease flirting
•In. ago,   April   i— Engineers,
men  and   trainmen in      general
can lak. ne batter form.    If you hav". ' warned to cease flirtatious  with (arm
a   husband,   father,   brother- or  friend '„„„•    ,   .,  u»
who drinks, help thorn help thani- ■"" •^"■Shtcrs and direct their at-
selves.    Writs  to-day. tenlion  to the  track ahead       iu    an
A KIUCK TBIAIi PACKAUK of 8a- ' „r,i,.r   iu„,lt.,i   -,,„,.„   ,    , „,
marls,  with   Booklet  living  full   pn>- | f  lBB"°'1 her'   ll"1">'   "»  un   offlc "
tlrulars, directions, testimonials. Iul "I a western railroad. The order
pries, ate, \HII ba sent In a plain aeal- 'came in tbe lorm of a circular which
cd packs** to anyone mentioning this ' circular  wmen
-.oar.    Corr-aanondcnce sacredly  eon   |-MMfl      that.  I,„nd  an.l    handkerchief . \,,^M„.   mnn   nr   |,nllk   offlcW Ol  am
Confidential.   Write   today.      The   Sa-. waving      must   CWM    and   Hint   then''considerable   length   ..f
rnnrln Kemedy Co.,  Dept.   It, I'l,   cul-   m,l*r  '"' m'"'e Concentration   on    thol 	
borne street,  Toronto,  Canada.  Also  l""'1 "*  employees, a general    toning     t>«t  the children  some  candies    at
for sale  by  0.   R.   Macdonald,   Drug-'llown  and  a closer      watch   on      the   the   Sugar  Bowl.   All  our  goods  are
in hand by tbe banks uud the tiuauc-
ial interests, it cannot be gainsaid
that a slump is coming at some distant time. In the knowledge of thie
by tbe controlling financiers of tbe
Dominion lies the safety of tbe situation.
"Now, I am not saying that a
'lump is imminent, but to expect
tbat the present pace can be muin -
tamed for a long period Is running
oounter  t..  tbe  best   opinion of    any
gist, lievelstoke, D.  0.
i company's   business.—Kx.
pun  and   wholesome. WEDNESDAY, APRIL lOlli, IOU
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10th,  1912
The First Three Are Coming In, But the Last (Money) is Both Coming In and Out of
The Seaport, Railway and Industrial Hub of British Columbia
and the Vancouver Metropolitan District
A Population ot
25,000 to
Judging by what railwny shops
have done for othei cities nol so Important a railway centre ns Coquitiam will lie. there will be a popula -
tion of 2-j.OOO to 30.UIMI directly supported by the Canadian Pacific alone
at Coquitiam in two oi tbree yeais.
Uut the Canadian Pacific, although
important, ib only the foundation
"iily the beginning, ol tins young
daugbtei of Canada's wealth and prosperity. Coquitiam 'rom its position
is destined to lieconie thc Industrial
centre   o!      British  Columbin.        Tho
mnn who owns property In Coquitiam     will be rich when otbciB    who
preferred to wait instead ol net will
• ;i plodding aloug.
Think ol an ideal siio for either a residential or Industrial city, a deep flea port, the terminus ol the greatest ruilwuy system in the world, and
the Industrial sub-city of a world metropolitan district, think ot a place being suddenly transformed into these things, out ot nothing but a lcvol
stretch of lnnd. ll you can think of thai you think ol Coquitiam, which is not going to be changed into these things but which is boing changed into them now. In three years where now only u thousand or two workmen are preparing plans (or thc greatest terminal development in the
history of railroading, there will be 5000 highly paid railway workers employed by the C.P.R. alone at Coquitiam, supporting directly a population of 2,">,000 to 3000 people.
But the C.P.H. Ib ouly the start at Coquitiam. Five other railways are coining to this new seaport— lhc Q, T. P., Canadian Northern, Great
Northern, Milwaukee and lliirrimann system. Dozens of steamship lines will huve their boats Call here when the Panama canal Is opened a year
or two hence. Two electric power companies are developing energy there now. They will supply both light and power to Coquitiam at low, competitive rates, and Coquitiam also can get black coal nt Ihe lowest rates, being an ocean port contiguous to Vancouver Island. This is one reason
why fifty manufacturers have already applied for factory sites at Coquitiam, Both ol these electric companies will build tram lines through
Coquitiam, connecting it up by modern suburban lines with Vuncouver nail other cities in the Vancouver metropolitan district, und the wlulo
Fraser  Valley.
The transition of Coquitiam into a great .ity will lie rapid—more rapid than the unexampled growtn ot Calgary. Kdmonton, Winnipeg, Sus •
katoon and Regina, where millions of dollars were made for holders of lots nenr the bUBlnossdlBtrlcl. Any growth which lakes place lu any part
of Uritish Columbia or the prairie provinces will hut add to the enormous trade to be developed with the rest of the world through Ooqultlatn
and the Panama canal, now nearing completion. THK tlHKAT OMNIPOTENT CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY IS BEHIND COQUITLAM. All
the tentacles that vast corporation has shoved in every direction to garner the cnormoUB crops ot golden grain which are making the Canadian
prairies—every one ot this railwny'B twelve thousand miles o! steel rails will pny tribute to Coquitiam. And this is not all. l'nrt at least ot
that freight traffic which will originate on thc innumerable lines ol these other railways will And its outlet through Coquitiam. Coquitiam will
be the tunnel through which thc products will both go out nnd come into feed nnd clothe tbe mighty population which will till up Canada iu tho
years to come.
MONEY! and How
to Make it Quick
were two mei   wbo came to  Vtnerica from tbe old country,
industrious and ■  ch »;i« apparently fully aa aide to bold   up
bit cn!   " thi  world and become •. num of influence and    weall
man.   T...la*. however, one la a millionaire, while the    ol very
■   ■ Ircumstances  financially.
The reason Ioi thia vast   . Iterance is nol because one
tbc otbei  didn't; ■■: ne drank and  the other didn't      It      was
simply because tht  nm:* « .,    millionaire     looki
the fundamental wealth ..t tins and aver)
real estate, ■-. ted I.s opportunity.       lie secure,i real!
le  at a groundfloor  price, and    waited  till
led Its ralui   to !um.
Evei  -.:.* el rj bai   ••       working f"i
tlie wb.de country.       The trbola o
\ I t ol
iL.r..      t   IS  yOU :.J"f
• In   iti er, or any ol
ii thefoundal on •■( thi
. .   ■
. . • ,..    . -.    all thi ••   i'.i. •*- *i* raplditj  uf   levetopm
ntuallyprobi i surpass them in a
rtual   ;
Coquitiam a Certainty;
Not a Mere Prospect
As there are many other townsltel on the market ai  the present time
... bear In mind thai Coquitiam   is   not
-IT   IS   AN   MTl'AMTY,   A   REAL  CITY   IN  THK
MAKING.     There  le  only  .me  Panama canal, and it  is almost upon us.
■ a result ind as ths Canadian Pacific   is   tbo
tbe world,  it   is only natural  nnd   log-
i the biggest result.
But .,     •       ■ to be, I oqttttlam is   something   to-
nnounced  a  program  of Improvement
-      - in  the annals of railway operation. It means
isnds of men w-.i; be employed there thii spring,  In tact,   there
["HERE  SOW—buHding houses       laying     tracks,    building
ctreett nd ti lnw      «..rk baa recently com-
indhouse In the immediate vicin-
■    ■ , un, and this ib but the beginning ot   the
expenditure  o!  over   naif  a  million  dollar!  announced    for    the   next  lew
An Industrial City
A Coming Pittsburg
■ l,   Hie
■  *  buy
..t.il     lull
thai     i ...(Milium Is a
...  tl,,.  ,,.|
-,,-,.     '   * I . ■ rl ......
,f  developing
.-•*'.' pallty.      This
.nei   ,n conjunction
i.r     lifty
mill   sites.
Amor • ■ i Sr ' -oqutl tm. Is I tl    lumbal
mill * • v the i'"    Rivei  Lumbei  Company,       It
will ,  *  * • ivery M hours.
Obey That Impulse
Watt Not Another Minute
Hilly a lew mouth*- ago was OoqUitUin horn and its lots thrown on
the market to make people rich. We knew ot these development! Iieforc th«
general public hnd heard cv.ii a rumor. Wc bought land at (arm land
prices right In the centre ol activity Mark thut—the ctntre ot activity,
right Where all the industries and rnllwuys arc coming. We aro ofioring
these lots for thc first time, with no prollts added to the price, except
one moderate legitimate prollt ol our own. Don't buy lota that have al
ready been turned over or prices advanced with every announcement of
new development. When you can get inside lots at tirst price. There have
licen millions — wc nre talking conservatively—-made iii Coquitlnm already. One Brandon, Man., lady made 1411,000 there, and has rc-invcetcd
both  principal  and  profit in Coquitiam.
One lot started a few months ago at ||0(MI, payable quarter cash,
is now held tor a higher price than ItHHk) by a shrewd business man of
Victoria, 11. C. DOMni of low-salaried tradesmen and clerks ot Vancouver. New Westminster and Cmiuitlam itself those who know what's going
on, and are right on the scene of activity—have Invested every cent tbey
can la-g, borrow or stenl in l'oc|ultlam, nnd many of them have made ns
high as I'll) to 1000 pcr cent on their original investment there. Over $50,-
000 of our property has been reserved by Coquitlnm residents, and 25
lots have i.«i*n sold in a bunch to the representative ol nn American rail-
nay system, said lo be tor city olllces. We know everything thnt it is
possible  to  know  ahout  Coquitlnm.
Ve unhesitatingly any that it is the belggeat real estate mooey-mabei
Ioi   tbe small  invcstm   ol UN age.  Wc are nw ell known financial firm and
1  1'"   you other  proposition! besides     Coi|iiitlnm—sound,   quick-action
Odes but take oui niluri* nn.l lind out something aboul Coquitlnm if you
huve a dollal yOU want to sec multiplied by itself quickly and surely.
Wbttbei you oc a prospective large or small investor, or even if you do
DO) Intend to bay at all, ask us about Coquitiam, and ask us today. At
the prleea we are .barging uud the easy terms our inside property will
not |„st long lor  new  big  things mc coming  out  everyday  about  Coqiilt-
hiin   and the Vaooouvei metropolitan district.
Special Representatives
Office in McDonald's Old Drug Store, Corner of McKenzie Avenue and Victoria Road
References—R. G. Dun & Co., and Union Bank. Vancouver.
The firm of McTavish Bros, is ono of the best known and most reliable Real Estate Houses in the West.     They havo made Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars*for their Clients
__^K_^_W_^_W/_^_W_W_^_^_W_^ WEDNESDAY, APRIL Uth, 1912
The White Sister
No play that has been prcscutcd in
lute years Iiub been universally prals
ed and eudors'M by tbo press and
public of this country us Viola Al -
len's  latest succesu  "The  White  Sis -
ed another ship which hud the np -
peuruiico of ouo engaged in tho slave
trade. The suspect wus tuken into
port, but sho had no papers or books
to show that she had done wrong nud
lho captain who bad arrested her began to fear that he hud done u ter -
tor"      in     which   the    gittod actrcBB  ril|le thing by making a talsc charge.
Jeanne Towler and a strong support
lug company will appear at thc opera house on Thursday, April llth.
Tiie Chicago Tribune Bays:
While the proceedings were In progress another ship arrived in port,
and her captain annotiuccd that he
■ had just caught a shark, that in thc
"Tho White Sister" is a play ev- shark's body was a tin case contain-
ery Catholic should be suro to seo, '"K papers which had been thrown
hut is a play bo cleverly written that out of tllu suspected ship. The papers
tho people ol every creed will enjoy Proved that tho ship was u slaver,-
It to the fullest extout. This sumo aml her captain wub convicted,
sentiment wub echoed by the critics ' Tll<3 tin c"80 and tho jaw-B ot the
of New York and Boston and in tact  slmrk may l,e ucon ftt the United Ber
ths Italian airships whose move -
meuts they view with equanimity.
"To sum up 1 givo it as my sincere,
opinion, lounded upou careful inves -
ligation and inquiry lor a long por-
iod thut the Italians will havo to
limit their operations to tho coa*t
towns whero they are assisted nnd
protected by thc guns ot their warships.
"Belore long, to escupo trom thc
tearful situation, and to satisfy the
popular thirst for glory, they will
huve to attempt action In the Aegean, or the Dardanelles, putting all
their eggs in ono basket. The outcome of this hazardous procc.-dlng
cuu not be foreseen."
Two Office Rooms, IStlS, pn 'be.
ground lloor in Dominion bcwrciils
Ollico building. Lighted ael hci.ted
wiih janitor service.     Apply to
Receiver and Manager.
ot thc whole country.
"The White SiBtcr" notwithetund -
ing its title is csBentially for uiuubc-
mcut sockers. It is a htinnin story
ot tho romantic love ot nn Italian
moid nnd her soldior hero, and
throbs with all the conflicting emo -
tion tho human soul Is capable ot.
Thc scenes aro laid in and around an
Italian   convent     aud   iu   the   apart -
vice raucscum in Whitchull,  Loudon.
Desperate Straits
Vienna, April MHPodcr von Zu-
oovics, un Austrian captain of 11 i:sl
stirs, sportsman aud huutcr, has returned trom Tripoli, where he vent
to Investigate existing ..'ouiltolona. He
ments ot the soldier.   The  interest Ib   says;
aroused Irom the rise of the tirst cm-
tain   and  keeps   increasing    until  the'
iiual fall ot thc Inst.     It  is a    real
Plan ot hall at Macdonald's drug
store. Opera houec, Thursday, tomorrow evening.
'I went to Tripoli toll id out the
true stute ol nilairs on tiie Italian
side. I spcot about tour weeks there,
1 m thc course of which I penetrated
us lur as tho outermost ltallau forti
! hcations  ut  Hura.
'1 have como to tho conclusion ihut
tbe condition ol tho Italians in Tri -
Anaconda Standard, Butte, Mout., poii is getting more and more desper
Oct. 15—"The White Sister," with ate every day. The spirit oi tho tro-
Miss Jeanne Towler in the role mado ops is extremely depressed and de-
famous hy Viola Allcu, waB present- jeetcd. Drinking water has to bo
cd to a large audience at the Uroad- shipped trom Sicily, thc waterworks
way  last  night.   Miss Towler,   labor-  outside Tripoli  city  being  absolutely
ing under the disusvautugo ot comparison with her diBtiuguished predecessor, played her part In a way that
won ouly thc most favorable com -
incut. Her supporting compuuy is
good and thc scenery, music and of-
tiseless owiug to their contamination
which has caused muuy deuths from
typhoid fever. For my own supply
of drinking water I had to pay 51-00
u day. Thc prices ot tood and other
necessaries  have  been souring higher
fl Purse of Silver in Codfish
lects are thc same used in the Allen nud higher; the diatrcss of the popu-
production. "The White Sister" is a Iation is ulmost unbearable,
semi-church play and is of an ap - : "The duy I leftthe temperuture wus
pealing character. Its popularity ie 10-1 degrees fahrcuheit and iu April
ns strong as ever.—Opera house on "ud Muy it is sure to rise to HO.
Thursday eveniug. Further progress or march inland is
, absolutely  impossible under  tho   existing conditions.
|    "Tho morale ot thc troops has Buttered     greatly  under   the    incesBant*
A codUBh weighing 3't pounds wus uight attacks* of the Arabs, who are
being prepared for dinner at thc po- getting Btrouger every day and are in
lice bnrracks, ytieenetowu, near Cork, conslaut hard training under able
the other day, wheu the cook dis- Turkish ollicers. The Italians, wheu
covered inside it a purso coutuiniug they arc ready to attack, will Bnd
silver coins. that  a  perfectly  disciplined,   modern
Many a legend ot miraculous gifts army will oppose them, to dislodge
from the sea has been founded ou or defcut which will bo nearly impos-
such  an  incident  as this.   Fieh,   wheu   Bible.
hungry,  snap up  anything small en -1    "The  Arabs,  according  to  my in-
ough to swallow, if it be  bright aud   formation,   aro  amply Btipplicd    wltu
nttrsctive in appearance.
food aud ammunition and ure in thc
Au English ship at sea onco enptur  best spirits. They are not afraid   ol
Meet me at thc Hnvoy.
Seo tho "Sugar Howl"  windows lor
Saturday specials.
tict Howson's cash prices ou furniture.
Garden Tools, Wiro Fencing, Garden Seeds, nt llourne llros.
Asparagus, celery, cauliflower, cnb-
bagc, lettuce, greeu onions, rhubarb,
at bourne Fros.
It it ie ruuges or stoves, see us, W,
Turry,  auctioneer.
Don't forget tho Royal Templars
ni ie in I ou Thursduy evening Ihe Uth
00 Curte, the largest aud best r.s-
sortment ever -displayed in Revelatoke
at   Howson's.—Get their cssti pncc6.
Thc Sugar Bowl ice cream parlors
arc now open, the largest and moot
up-to-date parlors in thc city. ...
Carnations, DalTodals, Hyacinths,
Frecsia, Tulips and Lclluco lor Easter.—J. Maley, Dig Bend Road.
The "Sugar Bowl" ice cream parlors aro now open. The largest and
most  up-to-date proposition in     the
Choice, [at, dressed heel tor Easter
at P. Burns & Co.,  Ltd.
II It is furniture you reed, ite W.
I'arry,  uuctioncer.
Easter Beef, stall fed, juicy und
tender, ut P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
1 bints and cut flowers ot all des -
criptions at Bourne Bros.
Y'our losses assured, rateB reason -
able—W. B. RobertBou, real estate 6t
Drop in at thc Sugar Bowl for
that box of chocolates, your wile,
mother, or Bweethonrt will .,|.,uoci -
ate it.
II it is carpets, lloor Lovering, parlor furniture you want, or iu fuct
anything, see us—W. Parry, c.uction-
Victor Hornless .Machines i. trom
$20 upwards. Edison phonographs,
from $10.50 upwards.—Rovelstoke
Music  Store,  McKenzie Avenue.
Rose Bushes for Spring pluntiug,—
Bloom every month. Order uow tor
immediate eflect.—Jf ii. Cressman.
Revelstoke, B. C.
DO YOU OWN PROPERTY iu Edmonton ? deud ua Description,
best price and terms for quick sale.
MUSIC—Miss Johusou, pupil of A.
Miller, F.R.A.M., Loudon, is prepared to tunc u limit,*,i a,,ini.ei ol pupils lor tuition in music. Foi terms
apply at tbe resiaeuce ol J. lv.
Joiinsou, flrst bouse wcut ol tbe hospital.  First  street.
Purchaser wanted to buy old hospital building, 53x34 feet, three etrr-
ey,  high frame, building.
Purchaser to move building ort tho
present site immediately, to a convenient site somewhat adjoining the
present site, and to connect up all
drains, nnd heating, and put tbe
building in working order allowing
| the hoBpltal Association free use of
the building until December 31st,1912.
I Tenders to ho delivered to the undersigned on or before noon Thursday, April llih, 1912. >
Secretary Rovelstoko
Hospital   Society.
Notiee to Contractors
Corporation of the City
of Eevelstoke
PERFECT EASE and comfort—always the
mo£ popular feature of C C a la Grace Corsets
—is more important than ever since the present
trend of  fashion is toward the natural figure.
have never tacrificed comfnit fot fads or extreme* of style. Each model
ii deiigncd to preterve lhe natural poise of lhe figure and give flexibility
and freedom -al lhe same lime meeting fashion's requirements. Many
models—all sues—one thai just fits YOU,
Tha besl Mores sell (hem.
Subscriptions Discounted
Mr.  Subscriber:—
Tbe Mail-Herald bus sent ou: accounts to subscribers in urrca's to
fhe extent oi over 13000, and wo w.sb
to notity all these subscribers, ubj
may receive one of our accounts tnat
if tbey will call and settlo their account or send tho same to thc M tii
Herald by mail on or before April in)
uext, wc will give tlu'in a coah discount ot 20 per cent, off tbe nm n:„.
ol their bill. We ate maki if tr.i.i
liberal oiler in order to rvalue qb'Cl
ly ou these accounts.
II there is any inuccuracy lu tbe
accouut you bave received from us,
send it to our ofllce with your explanation and wc will be ouly too
happy to rectily thc mistake. If you
therefore want to make a ilu*..- gain
of 20 per cent, ou y >ur subecriptwo
account, pay it jelorc tbc inj of
April next.
rubltc Notico is hcroby given that
the Municipal Council ot the Corpora
tion of thc City of Revelstoke, Intends to undertake thc construction
ot Concrete Sidewalks on nnd along
llie West side ot McKcnsle Avenue,
trom the South side ot Second street
to the North side ol Bigbtb street,
according to specifications and cb -
timntes, prepared hy thc City Engineer appointed tor thc purpose, and to
assess thc expense on cost thereof
upon the land or real property abutting on thc parts of such streets as
above mentioned, and to bc licncfitt-
ed thereby; und that n statement
showing the land or real property liable to pay the assessment therefore
and the nnmes ot thc owners thereof,
ns far os they can be ascertained, together with the specifications, ami estimates ot the City Engineer, and
the proposed assessment and report
thereon of the City Clerk, nre now
on flic, in the ofllce ot thc City Clerk
ami open for inspection hy all persons during ofllce  bonis.
| Tbe estimated .-ost of the work Is
$2657.55 of which it is intended that
thc City at large shall bear tho
whole of the cost of tho work, on
rtre-ct crossings nnd necessary retaining walls, nnd one third of the cost
ot the Concrete Sidewalks, tbe property owners hearing two thirds of
thc cost ot the said sidewalks.
Tbe totul estimated amount to be
borne hy tho property owners being,
$1605.03, and by the city at largo
Any ohjectiou to tbc proposed undertaking and assessment therefor,
shall bc made by petition to the
City Council within (15) fifteen .lays
Irom the date hereof, the persons entitled to petition being the owners of
the  landB aflectcd thereby.
Dated this 4tb day of April, 1912.
City Clerk.
Scaled Tenders, superscribed "Ton-
dor for School-house, Nakusp," will
bo received by the Honourable tho
I Minister of Public Works up to 12
| o'clock noon, ot Wednesday, the 24th
day of April, 1912, for the erection
and completion ol a two-room frame
school-building at Nakusp, lu tbe
Slocan Electoral DiBtrict, B. C.
j Plans, specilications, contract, und
forms of tender may bo seen on and
after thc 3rd day of April, 1912, at
lho olllces ol F. W. Jordan, Esq.,
Secretary ol tho School liourd, Na -
kusp, Il.C, tho Government Agent
Kuslo,   U.C., and  the llcpartinent    of
Public Works, Parliament Buildings,
Each proposal must be accompanied
accepted bauk cheque or certilicate of
deposit ou u chartered bank ot Oanada, made payable to tho Honourable
tbc Ministor ol I'ublic Works, for thc
sum of $350, which shall bc forfeited
if tho party tendering decline to enter into contract when called upou
to do bo, or if ho fail to complete
thc work contracted for. Tho cheques
or certificates ot depoBit ot unseccess-
(ul tenderers will be returned to them
upon tho execution of thc contract.
Tenders will not be considered uu-
less made out on the lorms supplied
signed with tho actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public  Works  Engineer.
Department ol l'uhiic Works,
Victoria,   13.C,  30th  March,   1912.
! And in the Matter of Lot 4, Block
27, Revelstoke City, Map 636A.
WHBRKAS a certain title deed of the
above mentioned property bus been lost,
\'w :   2.1b NOVEMBER,  1904,   Mathew
i M. Pettipiece to Cecil r. Taylor convey-
of said lot.
Coal mining rights ot the Domiuion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan aud Alberta, tho Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion ol tho l'rovinco of British Columbiu, may bo leased lor a term ot
twenty-one years at an annual reut-
ul ot $1 an ucro. Not more than
2,5(10 acres will be IciiBed to ono applicant.
Application tor lease must be made
by the applicant iu person to the
Agont or Sub-Agent ot the district
in which the rights applied tor are
In surveyed territory tho land must
he described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions ot soctioiiB, aud in un
surveyed territory the tract applied
tor Bhall bo stuked out by the ap -
plicant  limiH.'ll.
Each applicant must bo accompanied by a fee ot (5 which will be refunded ll the rights upplied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall bo paid on the mer
chantnble output ol tho mine at the
rate ot llvo cents per ton.
Tlio person operating the mine shall
furnish tho Agent with BWoin returns
accounting tor tbe full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royulty thereon. If tbe coal mining
rights are not being operated, sucb
returns Bhould bo furnished at least
once a year.
Tho lease will include thc coal una
ing rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchuee whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary tor the working ol
the mine at the rate of (10.00 an
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to tho Agont or Sub-Agent
of Domiuion  Lands.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
I This is to give notice to anyone into
. whose possession the aforesaid title deed
muy have come antl who has any knowledge of the whereabouts ol the said
deed to deliver the same to Samuel R.
Uoe, Ksquire, District Registrar of
Land Titles, Nelson, II. C.
| Ami further tnke notice that failing
the production ol this deed within four
weeks of the date of lhe first publication
hereof that tlle said District Registrar
I will proceed to issue a Certificate of
j Title of the said Lot in the name of
Hugh Hruce. of Hevelstole, B. C.
Dated nt Nelson, B, C,  this 4th iluy
of April, A. I),, 1V12.
SAM l.\ R. ROE,
District Registrar*,
RevelBtoko Laud District.
District  of   West  Kooteuay
Tuke notice tbat Luna A.  Bloud.n,
' of Halcyon,  B.  C,  occupation lunr -
ried woman, intends to apply for permission    to     purchase the following
described land:
| Commeuciug at a post planted on
tbe South Bouudury sixty chainB west
ot tbe south-east corner ot Lot 7072;
thence south 20 chuius, tbence eust
140 cbains, theuce north 20 chains,
to said south boundary ot Lot JOTS
thence west along Bald houudary 40
chaius more or less to point ot commencement, containing 80 acres n.ore
or less
Dated March llth,  1912.
Lana A.  Blondln.
Hugh l'utinson, Agent
TO RENT—Furnished bouse on Fourth Street.   Apply to Muil-lIcrxlJ.
FOR SALE—A Remington Typewriter, No. 8, in good running order.—
Price 150.00, P. Burns A Co., Ltd,,
Revelstoke, B.  C.
FOR SALE Some Furniture, bods,
etc., can Ik seen nny evening utter
6:30 o'clock, Coiner Fourth street,
und McKenzie avenue.
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice thnt Adelard S. Blondln, of Halcyon, B. C, occupation
■bipwrigbt, Intends to apply for permission to purchase tbc following
described  land:
Commencing at a post plauted 20
liuinn south and 20 cbnlus west of
tbe south-east corner of Lot 7072;
thence south 40 chains, thence west
2H chains, tbence north 40 chains,
tbence cast 20 .hains mors or less to
Point ol i.i'inn nn .'iiieni and containing eighty acres, more or less.
Dated March llth, 1912.
Adelard S. Blondin.
Hugh I'attlneon,  Agent.
WANTED—At once, a good dining
room girl, lor the Union hotel nt
Arrowhead,  B.  C.
WANTED—Two rooms in bouse of
Prlvnte family lor light house keeping.    Apply   to   Mail Herald.
WANTED—Thc Sportsman who ool -
lected tbe stakes In connection wltb
the Newcaetlo election result, In error, to call on the Editur of tbo
Mall-Herald, and bring tbe money
with him.
FOR SALE-Ofllclnl Townsite Lots—
Port Hardy, northern terminus of
Vancouver Island, $126 each; $4«
cash. Will In- worth 1700 when rail
way is completed—Seven, Winch
Building,  Vancouver,  B.  O.
Competition    for     New     University
Buildings  to   lie   Demoted   at   Point
Grey,      near     Vancouver,    British
The Government ol British Colum
bia Invite Competitive Hans for the
general scheme and design lor tbe
propoecd new University, together
with more detailed Pluns (or the
buildings to bu erected first at an ca
timalcd  cost  ot $1,500,000.
Prizes ol $10,000 will lie given (or
thc most successful   Designs submitted
Particulars of (he competition nnd
plan ol site may bc obtained on request trom the undersigned.
The designs to be sent In by July
31st,   1912,  nddreseod  to
Parliament Buildings,
Victoria.   British   Columbia.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipo
and Furnace work
Oonnnughl  Av*.   .   Rovslstoko
Water Rights in the
Railway Belt
Revelstoke Water District
NOTICE is hereby given that nny
person, partnership, company, or
municipality having nny claim to
water rights iu the Railway Felt may
file with the Comptroller of Water
Rights at thc Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, a statement ot c.aiai to
water privileges on a printed lorn
(No. 50), which can be obtained from
the Water Recorders at New Weft -
minster, Yale, Ashcroft, Kum'ocps,
Revelstoke, and Golden, or fiom the
Comptroller of Water  Rights.
Evidence will be heard at local
points as soon as the claims have
been examined and tabulated f r determination by the Board . ! Investigation, and notices will be published
in the B. 0. Gazette and local pap
ers of the place and date wben each
stream will lie dcult with. Objections
may be tiled with the Comptroller ot
Water Rights. Tbe following atn.-r.ms
arc supposed to be wholly or pnrt.nl
,y within the Railway Belt In the
Reveletoke Water District:
Akolkolei Creek.
Albert Canyon Springs.
Armstrong Creek.
Asulken  Glacier Creek.
Battle Creek.
Big Creek.
Big Eddy Creek.
Bridge Creek.
Burns Creek.
Canyon Creek.
Canyon Stream.
C-nrnes Creek.
Cascade Creek.
Colbeck Creek.
Columbia River.
Cougar Creek.
Cranberry Creek.
Davis Creek.
Fan Creek.
Fifteen-mile Creek.
Fieh River.
Freeze Creek.
Frisby Creek.
Glacier Creek.
Greely Creek.
Haner Creek.
Hays Creek.
Holdich Creek.
Houston Creek.
lllecillewaet Glacier Creek.
lllecillewaet River.
lllecillewaet River,  North  Branch.
lllecillewaet South River.
Jordan River.
Lartlean  ('reck.
Left Hand Brewery Creek.
Long Creek.
Loop Creek.
Mnleys  Creek.
M.'I iou gal Creek.
MrRoe Lake.
McRne Greek.
Menhlnlck  Creek.
Mill Creek,
Moose Creek.
Plain Creek.
Ritchie Creek.
Sable  Creek.
Scott Creek.
Sibbald  Creek.
Small  Springs.
Sprost Creek.
Summit Lake.
Tapping Creek.
Tuppy Creek.
Thirteenth     Crossing   Creok,   East
Thirteenth      Crossing Creek,    West
Three   Valley   Lake.
Tonca Watla  River.
Two-mile  Creek.
Two-mile  Creek,  North Fork.
Watson Creek.
Yates Creek.
Stream  about     quarter  of  a    mile
soutb   of     Yates's    Ranch,    and
about two miles south of Illecllle
waet River,  near Revelstoke.
Smnll  Creek on Section 32, Town -
ship 211, Range 2.
Small   Rpring   within   rlghU-of-way
on     Section    16,     Township   25,
Range 28 west of Bth.
Small spring unnamed on C. P.  R.
main line.
Small  stream  flowing  into Colum -
bia River on left bank about nino
milee north  ot Arrowhead.
Small  stream  north-west of     main
line  C.P.Ry.,   Revelstoke,  near to
western     boundary ol   the com -
Puny'8 land.
Creek  flowing  through  N.W.   1    ol
Section 24,     Township 23, Range
2 weBt ot 6th,
Small  stream  flowing southerly  In
Sections 35  and  36, Township 23,
Range 2 west of 6th.
Unnamed stream in Town of Revelstoke nt junction ot Eighth street
and Connaught Avenue.
Unnamed      stream    flowing      down
mountain      between    C.P.R. main
Hoc and Jordan River.
Small streuni     running through N.
E.     1    Section 2*">, Township 83,
Range 2 wes>  of Gtb.
Smnll  Creek on Subdivisions 9 and
16,      Section    23,     Township   23,
Range 2 weBt of 6th.
Stream  running  between     Sections
21  and  13,   Township 23,  Range 2
west of 6th.
Unnamed stream flowing through B.
W. }     Section 2-1,     Township 23,
Range 2 west of 6th.
Stream   running   through   8.   W.   f
Section 3. Township 24, Range 2,
west of 6tb.
Two hot springs on  Subdivision 5,
Section   16,   Township  25,    Range
28 west of 5th.
Cold water spring creek on Subdivision  5,  Section  16,  Township 26*.
Range 28 west of Sth.
Spring north of Lot 6R, on Columbia River Wagon Road.
Small stream  running through Villa Lots 60 and 62.
Statements  of claims may also be
filed to water in any unnamed creek,
spring, stream, pond, gulch, lnke, or
other souroe of water supply.
Dated at Victoria, B.   C, 27th     of
February,  1912.
W.  R.  ROSS,
Minister of Lande.
Notiee to Contractors
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Lock-up, Arrowhead," will lx
received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up to 12
o'clock uoon, of Wednesday, the 17th
day of April, 1912, for tbe erection
und completion of a Court-room,
Lock-up, and Constable's Quarters,
at Arrowhead, in the Revelstoko Electoral DiBtrict, B. C.
I'latis, specifications, contract, and
forms ot tender mny be seen on and
after the 27th day of March, 1912, at
tbe offices ot tbe Constable in charge
Arrowhead, B. C, tbe Government
Agent, RcveiHtoke, B. C, and tb«
Department of public Works. Parliament   Buildings,   Victoria.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or certificate ot deposit on a chartered
bank ol Canada, made payable to tb*
Honourable the Minister ot Publio
Worke, for th* Bum of $300, which
shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract
when called upon to do so, or it be
fail to complete the work contracted
tor. The cheques or certificates ol
deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
be returned to them upon tb* eaecu-
tiou of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forma supplied
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed ln tbe envelopes furnished.
Th* lowest or any_ tender not neoee-
sanly accepted.
Public Works  Engineer.
Deportment ot  Public Worke,
Victoria,   B.C.,  March 25th,  1»U,
Notice to Contractors
Tenders will be received up to the
15th of April for tbc erection of a
dwelling for Dr. McLean. Plans and
specifications can be seen, as well as
lull particulars ran bt obtained by
applying at the residence ot Dr. McLean, First street. Wednesday, april u th, 1912
Not only this
as well
TVON'T think that concrete c»n be used
S only I -r building bridges, silos, walls
*^ ami walks; because if you do, you will
probably overlook all the places when- you
can use ii  now,
T. L. Irving, of N'ortli Georgetown, Quebec,
tisc.l concrete ior Sl iliffcrcni purposes on his
■farm in  1911,
Then are probably at least a dozen profitable uses for concrete nn your farm al thr present moment.
Perhaps vou haven't thought nf Concrete, except fnr a new ba
silo, or some other big. improvement for which you aren't quite re
Tim's whv you should read
rn, nr a
ady vet.
"What The Farmer Can Do With Concrete"
It will open your eyes to the hundreds of uses that other farmers have
found for thl.-*; material, tn plain language, snd with tbp
md nf many photographs, u explains Jusi whnl those uses
are, and how they can bo applied tu your farm.
Concrete can nol only be uaod for nil tho purposes to
which wood bus been i pplled, hul ils.. many uthora tor
whi. b   wood  would  i" ver  be  unliable.
II Is i."i nnly a building mnterlali It's n "handy" material, something lhal you'll grow to depend upon more
nnd   more,   us  you  lenrn   Its possibilities.
Sn write for this book. You'll 'md It lin't a
tatatoflur. nor .in argumrnt tor you to buy our
cement. Every one ot its IfO ppgrs Is df-votrd to
tilling you what (.irmrrs have done .ind can do
with   concrete.
Your namo on it postnl. or in a letter,
wll britit the book to you by return
mall     Cr uso thr coupon       -\ddrua
National Bank Building
4/t>%% a.-*v%**/«.% *%-*%^%/%.%%*%*v^*% %*.«%*>% ^-^m,^-* -%ri
ive n une new Bchool,     Three Ihousund dollars has heen col
recreal oi   park  and  athletic ground,   looted toward the establishment ol a
v.M.c..\. ot Cumberland.
i. .  :..,.,! .i  of  ii adc ie Invi i i
5 the pi icticability ol a trans       Rev-  ''""»*■ ',,i»»-'11' has been     incial    trunk   road    along     the  'h""'i  """ «"  l,nBtoral chwge     "'
naj  lake, 11 being pro  Knw Rreabytertan church, Hast Col
to have the route ol the i lad    "■'" '-
detlccte.l Irom  tbe Bayonue country.       Mr, w. Blair has Bucceeded the vel
crmi   Mr,  W.  Skene as secretary     ol
Chamberlain is urg-   lhi, Vancouver board i.l trade,
ing that ti. -    ild be so amen I
to  make  the  securing    o!     ..     Tllc    British     Columbin  Hnrtlware
permit   pre-i •■   to any puruanse  Dealers' Association bus jusi beld Its
earms. nnnunl convention .it North Vancouv
er, Bf C
High ' tm ■" is coul i     i e
been discovered v. th
,n thi • ■■:  \ nncouvcr, end   n
liuiic.hi's new un.l lirsl eity council
is presided ovei bj Major Kenneth
.    ...in. son ..f Mr.  V.C.  Duncan,    a
'""'  "'"' '"  and  thc l,,,m" ^lv'''-
• .; the town  his  hoard  including   M.I
A  . . . iciu
-  in
trict. Mi■ ' I
•- charge.
,.t N
.  . *  	
*       .
I  su
traders ■       ai
M    '1. Oidley, Smith and Campbell.
Louis Johnson, a Klspios railway
m. .i I missing nnd il is learc! bas
m i  deal h  I v   aci Ident.
"*.'.   w.ii*       cil
waterworks extei -   * »-s this
home burned the other morning. All
were deowsy with sleep and smoke
Alberni—the "old town," not Port
Alberni—is taking steps towards se-
curing Incorporation ns a city.
Cbllliwack's opera house has been
closed us ap laco ol public entertainment.
Her Hair Commenced to Grow
Alter Two Weeks' Uso of
Salvia Hair Tonic
l*'. vi i caused me to be entlrelj
bald. I hnd given up all hope ol again
having bair when I wns advised to
us,* SALVIA, Aft ft two weeks my
hair commenced to grow, 1 now bave
tbe most beautiful hoad ..f bair any
one ever saw.  I'rulse  t.. SALVIA,"
Thus writes Mrs.  Jackson, of  New
York.  Wo can poinl   to thousands of
instances    where the  propei  use     of
SALVIA   h.i.- been  followed  by
ible growth of boil.
SALVIA  is tbe    original      remedy
.   kills  the  damlrufl  germ,   and
stops Falling ba i
Sold at  Mu. Ions
fi * -n placer claims near Coali
Wini -...-.   the  1' ■
on   government   intends   t.
terminal     evator  at   Va
istom housi '   it   -   '
■ alley  bas
tn H
.'.   building
■te-1  nt   Misi
lell a
...... ■■ il   11,■   .'....,
l"   tl    death of  Michael 1
...... |       .
Tha c.i'.H. is i
u -.-
I .
' va  t:
.,-   ,i. ;.* .,- J       ' *   .      ;    .:   .    ipi
*  ...
N'elson *"
i ,.i for the .-• eve b p
H est Val
\: *,.- •  i ...-ii*:    ... team U i.   *..
. idei tally * ivi i   M.
heavy truck.
W,  ii   May bai been  n    ected i
.ie ol North Vancouvei    .j  acclama
Word  is received  from Ottawa th il
the  Kettle  Valley  line  is to  be  given
a subsidy f.*r a branch from I'entic
ton to tht    nternatlonal  I.oun.lary.
, > Dapt   its have extend
to Ret    MH    Marshall ol Mo
M. Barbel
am ''■ hii
itb mine, Coal i * *    killed
.   i".:kfall.
■ ■ * i     »tei    W in   It*   *
ren le ed   totallj
Min      I'unkh .int.     the   t
.iti igi it.*,   is ■'. ited  I
■   World to In   visiting   thai
cil jr.
A  3a .hnl    ,.,■!' ee ci usade  h i
been  inaugurated  .it   Coqtijtlam.
Two new lodges of tho Pytbfan Sis
ten bave hcen formed at North Vnn
Cl   II*. Ml
A  new First.  Metbodlel tihtircb li to
bo creel   i ..:  Port Alhornl.
ti'tce little I'h.I Iren  ol 11.  Steven
i   .im  Cottage,  iiMiH     Vancouver,
■ -im carried to safety while    their
New Zealand and Liquor
ry I
tor fat
■    .
•  *
: * *
•   red  Iui   m
•  , ■* *
But   the more n
■ i
i .hlbli   *.
III.I.'M     !
in  favoi    ■ m     i",  onl v  ' hi ■•   ... i
shoi i of iln- legal three llfths r upilre
In    .'.'iim     i.l;,in  thnl   *.   good  i	
i ph      liu   tote *    |'ro
hii.itiuii  voted nl n fm   lhi   i ontinu
miii' of tin- lir.ii i    , item in tbe con
i II lent '■     I*,,,.    * ,,,,   i .  con (Went
i.- dei i.i* thnl   llll I  will  bring com
|.h-t.' success. Others i   un     tbi
'biuknuii  swing ,.(   llu* p. minium
llnrrod Plymouth Rocks, iivod;
Rhode Island Reda, $2.00; White I rk
Ins liuck, $2.00; White Qmdon C4orao
oggs, BOc, eaoh; Day old chicks; ley
old duckllnga,   Stock for Bale, v-hite
and Hull LoghornB elieup. Write or
'phono 312, New Grove Poultry Pal in
Mrs. R. A. Upper Prop,       	
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
Telephone House No, HT
Telephone Camp No. 216
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent   tor   Flexitime   Electric
Resldenou Cor. Mnl St. and Robsonave
Shop in AlU-v back ol n. J. Bourne's
Store, First Street
(ialonn Bay lnmls in parcels ol
Id or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence inviti il.
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
Corporation of (tie Cily
of Revelstoke
iei ■ y given tbat
leeeaaary that   .hs-
•;ous nutiin-  be reported to Dr.  McLean, City Medical
Health Officer or other     ph]
ten     K.i.lure to do this
B.  A   LAfl
New Lightning M. I
; : Walls
ike new.
;,;        Mat ng .
Ko,   21,    ROYAL   TIOMI'l.AHS    OF
Meeta every 2nd and -ith Thursdays
in     OddlollowS   ilml,   at 8 o'clock.
Visiting Teinplui'B are cordially iu-
vlted to utloud,
W,  K. MUNSON,  B. C.
A. lb TOURNER, 11. B,
llarriateru,   BolicitoiH,   Ktc.
Imperial Hank tluililuig  ltevel-
atoke, O. C.
Mouoy to Luuu.
(jIllceH—llcveluloke,    13.   o.,     aad
Craubrook, It. u.
''.cn. B. MeCarter,
A. M. l'iukbam, J. A.  Harvey
Keveletoke, Craubrook
Provincial Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
A R V. H I T E C T.
P. O. Uoi 116, Reveletoke, B.O.
U.   O.
Dominion und B.  0
Land  Surveyor.
KOOTENAY     LODOE,  No.   i5 A.  F
and A. M.
Regular meetings nro held In MAS-
UN1U TEMPLE, Oddlellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brcthrun are
cordially  welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
OOUllT      MT.      UEUBIE,    No.  3461.
OF I. O. F.
Meets in I. a  O,  F.  Hall next   to
Tupping'e Opera  Houtio  every  second
and  fourth  Mouday  iu  mouth.  Visiting brethren cordially  welcomed,
ti. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Kec.-Sec.
O.  W. O.  W.
Mountain View Camp,  No. 224
Meets Becond    and     Fourth  Weduei
days    in each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H.  W. EDWARDS,  Coa. C0m.
SELKIRK      LODGE  12,   1.   O.  O.  F.
Meets every     Thursday evening   in
Selkirk  Hall at 8  o'clock.      Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
JAB.  MATHIE,   Becretary.
Meets every Wednesday except the
Third Wednesday ol each month in
Oddfellowa' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights arc cordially invited.
O.   W.  GARLAND,  C.   0,
O. H. BROCK, K. ol R. & S.
M. of F.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and  Birds
P.O.Box 31, Revelstoke
:' •     i : ..'•'   : *
I   '
11 '•'*•. 11 pay you to
•   ■: call tl
F.   B.    WELLS,
Fur I:
• i E ■ (.'.t ter
Old To ■ n,    - Jtevelitoke, B  I
i    'i..*   clothes
bath,    I  nnl.* a
*'     I
Sin Iiii i
Blankets and everything
re'iniri 'I Iii von 11.*.
Shifohs Gure
qtilckl-i .ii,p.. cniiith-4,  onrm epldft,   hrnln
thr   iiu'.mi i....i   binge. •   •   -  38 cents
Transfer      Drayin^'
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Phone 42  -    Ni^ht Phone 85
Electric Restorer for Men
Phoanhonol .'"'."""Tii'i" in ti ■ body
' "'. !:"__.. i*i pi .pei I-..- ... i ii< .fi
.ui.iv   1'reaislDre dseai and all nesaiil
<   tftrlM  »t MCI      rhoaphnnnl   <  il
*  ike yon a new na-n    Price lit l,A\, m lat. t >,
II    -f    ..tir, anvaiMrw    Thtioolwll Di u(
f,n..it. I'Mharlnaa. Onl.
Smoker's Supplies
Tin- ol.I reliable n. « bus Hit- largest and besl line ..( Sniol.cis'
Supplies cvi-r in the ( ily, nml our pi Ices nre rlgbt, l-'ill) brnntls
o{ cigars to clioosu from,   Price from $1,00 per box up;   not uintle
li sin si iup i-itln-r.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $.10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
(im- slock   .'(  Calnlmsb   1'lpcn is siinill on  account  of  lhe
crop being n failure ibis yeur ami quality poor.
Ilrinr Pipes in cases from $1.00 up.
A-sk for the famous H. li. 1), brand, Bvcrj pipe is gunr.in-
Cigar nutl Cigarette Holders, C'iiscs nnd Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Tra>s nml Pipe Racks, Tell us whal you want uud we will
suit vou. If you cannol cull, phone 37 and goods will bc sent to
youi home for approval,   Buy early while Btock is complete,
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows bim, bu will
tell yon Unit the whiskeys we are
Belling are the bent, ('all and be
convinced. No household should
be without a supply of our Har-
voy'8 Finn lul Scotch Whiskey; out'
Frapin Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
80 years old or Blaokbcrry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes.   Our slock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold by nil
the leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers ut il Dealers in Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
If You want   the   latest   in   Spring
Goods be  sure and   call  at
0. GaUicano, Second Street
Fresh   Seasonable   Vegetables Always Kept in Stock
SIR EDMUND WAVKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRC, General Manaqer
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $6,000,000
With its lar^e number of branches, ag'enl I and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce i.s able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of tbc world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can bc negotiated at The Canadian Hank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Sinir-
i-r anil Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For S->le or Hire
by tin' month  al Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H.  MANNING.   Agent.
Record of Progress for Five Years- 1906-1911
!90t> 1911
Capital        ....        * 3,000,000 * 4,000,000
Reserve 3,000 000 4,600,000
Deposits       ....        23,077,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments        -      27.4">7,0!)0 88,854,801
Tidal Assets        -       -       -        88,090,192 -18,237,284
Hns 83 Brnnchis in Canada, antl Agents and Correspondents In all
the Principal Cities in the World.
Interost allowed at highest current rate.
Rovolstoko Branch, w   H. PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors Anli-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This lust is filling a Ions felt want and its waterproof qualities are Standing the test.
We carry a full line r.f the famous I'enc-
Umk Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Mnkors
One team of  Horess
and one single Horse
weighi aboul 1400 to 1500 lbs,
r.n li, suitable fcf In' H v  unik.
Must be snid .it once,   Applj
to R. HOWSON. Revelstoke.
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
V WRDNRSDAY, APRIL 10th,   lllll!
WEDNESDAY, Al'lill. 10th,  l'.U2
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
Such a Galaxy of Lovely
As wc wc never had before, From Switzerland, from
Germany, from France and Italy all the new ideasare
here from tho Silk Baby Ribbon at 25c per dozen yards
to the most elaborate Sash Ribbons at $1.00.
This is to be a White Goods Year
We have anticipate tlie demand and have a complete showing of Cambrics, Indian Head Ducks. Piques
Linens, Muslins, Mulls, Marqucsettes, etc.,
from   Wc.  to $1.00
Old Country Prints
and Calicos
The stout wearing kind, and we have found
by test that they are all perfect washers.
Among thc patterns in these Old Country
Prints you will find the new Roman Stripes,
New Coin Spots and the Vari Colors
All 32 inch Goods a* per yard 15c.
Hor rock's Bed Linens
Just in from England, These Hed Linens
have hecn the British standard for two centuries. We have be n continually asked for
these by peop'e who know them. Come and
look the n over if you appreciate good bed
linens.    They will please you.
$10 Ladies Suits
We don't claim they are $25 Suits, but they arc a good
serviceable suit in green, brown, blue and black at pcr
suit $10.00
A Lot of Shirt Waists go on Sale
Thursday Morning
They are a mixed lot worth up to $3
each.   If you can get one to suit you
the price is $1.00
Groceries and Crocker; Department   Do Iou Know thePassword-'WellDressed"
Garden Seeds
The Springtime is here and with it the
thoughts of sowing, digging and planting. Our
minds turn to lhe hot Summer when we were rewarded bv thc good things we had to cat as the
results of such labors. Wc can guarantee you
good results from lhe Vegetable Seed, Grasses and
Flower Seeds we are handling this year. Our
Onion Sets arc now in as is also all the other seeds
requieed for your gardens, lawns and farms.
This is one oi our GOOD GOODS. In this
department wc arc offering only the best goods,
best values and brst service. Nabob Collee in i
lb. Cans, -,o cents; Chase ■& Sanborn's Coffee in
lb. cans, 50c. 2 lb. cans, i)oc; Mocha and Java,
O 0, and Santos, ground while you wait, al 50c.,
45c, and 40c. pcr lb. Ridgway's Coffee, 1 lb,
cans, at 50c.
d Jellies
ams an
Again we call your attention to thc best
brands of Jams and Jellies on the market. You
need them now if you need them at all. Crosse &
Blackwell's in 1 lb. and 2 lb. glass jars, 4 lb. and
7 Ib. cans. Wagstallcs, Robertson and llcin/cs, all
new good stock,
Fruits and Vegetables
We are receiving daily a large assortment of
Oranges, Bananas. Grape Fruit, Lemons, Cauliflowers, Rhubaub, Green Onions, Ripe Tomatoes,
Cucumbers, Lettuce, Celery, and all the fresh
fruits and vegetables on the market. We get the
best so that you will make no mistake in ordering
from us. Leave your orders early to insure prompt
Flour and Feed
We always carry a large supply of these goods.
The Famous Royal Household Flour is our leader,
also the best quality of Oats. Wheat, Bran, Shorts,
Cracked Corn and Chops. Let us quote yuu prices
and show you samples.
Ham. Bacon, Eggs
Do you know that Faster Sunday is ihe next
Sunday on the Calendar. We arc showing nothing but thc freshest eggs. Wc can procure also
thc best qualities of Hams and Bacon. Watch for
our display.
Canned Goods
Purity makes lhc process of manufacture and
we have been blessed even ic - greater extent this
year. In our Vineland brand ol '\ inatocs, Peas,
Beans, Corn, Peaches, Pears, Plum-, and Greengages.     Wc are sure our customers get the best.
AS soon as you start wearing 2Oth Century Brand Garments
you will find that you have joined the " Brotherhood of
Good-Dressers." The password is, " Well-Dressed." It is
never uttered aloud. You meet a member of this brotherhood
and unconsciously the password "Well-Dressed" is passed by a
silent, appreciative glance. He, too, has but a glance to see
that you belong to the " Brotherhood of Good-Dressers." And
remember, that a man who knows how to dress well is generally worth knowing. You can approach him, if needs be, with
the assurance that he is alive and courteous.
Do you belong to the "Brotherhood of Good Dressers" or
the "Brotherhood of Bad Dressers" ? Each has its password.
We have given you the password ofthe "Brotherhood of Good
Dressers. The printing, publishiug or uttering of the password
used by the "Brotherhood of Bad Dressers'' is contrary to the
statute therein provided.
Just one word more : We are exclusive agents for 20th
Century Brand fine tailored garments for good dressers.
Prices, $20.00 to $35.00
Our full line of Spring Window Curtains have just
arrived and wc arc iii a position lo supply your every
want, whether it is in Muslin, Madras, white or colorsi
nett, white or ecru, or lace. Wc can furnish (hese cither
hy the pair made up, or hy thc yard widths. These goods
are direct importations from the Old Country Manufacturers, and thus we arc enabled to quote you prices
which will discount anything you have hitherto been
Inlaid and Printed Linoleum
Fresh   arrivals   from  Scotland; a  complete  line  of
inlaid .md printed goods in absolutely new patterns.  You
Can't allord tO miss seeing these before buying. Wc
guarantee lo cut ihisc and lay them to your entire satisfaction.
Wc arc putting on sale to-day, (Wednesday), OUI
full line of Union Rug? and Tapestries, These were
extra good values at thc Regular Price! now you can't
afford to pass them up. Right near the Millinery Department; after you have seen the Hats, take a look at
the Rugs.
■^■^^H WEDNESDAY, APRT1. imii, T ■ 13
New Lace Curtains
Prices, $1.50 to $3.00
New Bungalow Net
New Harbcn Scrim
New Dalmor Cretonnes
Carpet Squares
Tapestry, Brussels, Wilton's
New Tailored Waists
New Soft Muslin Waists
Keeping this Department Fresh
With New Eastern Styles
Mrs. A. E. Miller will not receive
tomorrow, Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs, 0, B. MeCarter left
lor Edmonton lust week anil are expected homo the tnid.lle ol this week.
Secretary Horobin, ..; the Revel -
B "ke Meat Market, paid Golden a
business trip on     Monday returning
home  early  yesterday  morning.
The ICC en-am parlors of lhe"Ha
v,.y" are now running full blast and
this delicacy can now be obtained iu
assorted flavors at the Savoy.
Mr. H V Brown, owner ol the
"Savoy" Illock, has made Ins word
good and is now painting tbe front
.-; this popular tea room.
Don't forget the I.U.K. "ut home"
on Monday, April 29th, at the opera
house. Tickets for sale at Macdoti-
aiJ's drug store and McKinnon's Cl
gar store.
Tut. While Clover Il.'ti.". in .1 lb. Ghin.   This is  something  you
will fin.1 awfully niiv.it tlii- season of the year.
HOME-MADE JAM    in ptutsailil quurts, kIuss jars,     llii-  is
absolutely  pure an.l well put up.
SYRUPS    I'ure Maple Syrup in bottles or cans, which we glial
iilltee lo be the best.
MacKenzie Avenue'
To select aii'l make the fii^t payment on ei home* Then vou can
move in and plan a Kflrden, a poultn vnrd .tint all sorts of tilings vou
woul'l onjoj during ;i Summer. If von Iiave a littlu capital we can
make it eas> foa you i t acquire i liome immediately.
Miss Verna Felton
The Allen Players
I 11 One Week Only, commencing
Monday,  April 15th,   1912
Opening with
A Modern Comedy
Dealing with Divorce Laws
25c, 50c, 75c
Si.it- ..ii s.ib- at ('. K. Macdonald's Drug Store
Paper for Chase
Allen Players Returning
H.    II.    Dohnnnaii,    ati     > iiioi'iran       i.,,.,,,  „•„ .
•Mrum  i\e are to bave a visit  from
tw-wapaper man,  has  1.,'Cti in  tow the   ,,.      ,. ,, ,.
, .,     ,  ..        „ ,      ,j„  •*„„,„ .      .Mihs   \ i-rnu Kelt on anil the ever  iion-
loiT part  of tli<-  week.    He iiiten.lstol F '
start a newspapea at     Ohase, ll.  C. "''"' AI1(M1  '''".vers.   This well known
Tbe  llrat issue  will  appear  in    about company   will  appear  at,  tbu      opera
two  weeks time an.l  the  Chase J'ews bouse for one  week,  commencing    on
il as  thc  name     of Monday    „ext>      Apr„   mh    ()penlllg
witli  a  bill      wbioh has  never  before
b.i'ii presented in     Western Canada,
hus  been
the new- paper.
The  bright little  town  ,f  Chine is
specially   endowed   with  excellent   fa
cilities lor thc making of one of the This play is "Divorcans" a high-
important cities ol Uritish Columbia, class comedy dealing with the ab -
It has a good agricultural country Biirdlty of modern divorce laws,
all around and its citizens arc high- The Allen Players are presenting all
ly progressive. The Chase board ol new plays and tbc company has been
trade is composed of practically oil pronounced by critics to be stronger
the   business  nicn  of  the town,    each and   better   than   ever.
one of     wbich  is a     booster for the
homo  town
The Mall-Herald wishes Ml. Vi Ian-
nan the greatest measure .•? prosperity with bis new paper at Chase,
wbich. being located in such a highly
progressive young town is sure to bt
a  success.
Building Material
We have a most complete line of one, Iwo, or three Ply
Roofing Paper, Building and Tar l'aper antl Tar.
Which we have recently taken thc agency for are highly recommended by our local painters to cover more surface to the
gallon and wear longer than any other paint on the
on the market.
The following are the different kinds we carry in sizes
from half pint toi gallon cans:—Minerva Pure Prepared Paint,
Minervalac, Minerva Art and Craft Stain, Minerva Interior
Floor Paint, Minerva Barn Roof and Bridge Paint, Minerva
Porch Paint, Minerva Hard Oil Varnish, Minerva Floor Wax
make the finest dressing for polished lloors.
Have you tried our "Silkstonc" flat wall color, it has a
finish as hard as stone and as smooth as silk and the surface
can be washed free from dirt without affecting the color.
to 2
Wc stock a complete line of Poultry Netting in al
from 24 inches to 72 inches and in mesh from a half ine
inches, also Lawn, Field and Barbed Wire Fencing.
Garden Tools of all kinds, Tree 1'runers, Sprays, Rakes,
Hoes, Shovels, Forks, etc.
Wo have just received a complete line of high grade Sporting Gooils at the lowest possible prices.
See our Lally Special Lacrosse Sticks, the best ever put
up, extra heavy guard and clock cord, and one combining
strength and lightness.
Our line of Baseballs, Gloves, Mitts, Heel and Toe Plates,
Bats, etc., cannot be equalled anywhere for quality and price.
You will "strike" it right off if you come to us for your
Baseball and Sporting Goods.
Our "Special" League Bat will score a "home run" in
any game.
We do not "pitch" stufl" at our customers, bul treat politely those who come in to look at our goods whether they
buy or not.    Come in ami have a "business innings" with us.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Howson Block
The Royal Hungarian Sttlng yuar-
tette arc  still  supplying the     music,
an,I will  render many new- selections.
During their stay  here,     the     Allen
Company will present, among    other1
plays "The Third  Degree",  by  t 'has. |
HI, in;   "The  Lottery  Man",       " The   "'"'•ning
Transgressor"     and     "Under     Two
Waters Subsiding
Toronto, April s—The worst is ovor
such  is  the    report   from      dillcrcnt
sections of the  flooded districts this
the damage Buffered by far-
Successor fo Mr. Goodtve
First Cricket Match
C, P. It  Conductor HMgar M.l.auch-
lln   and   Mrs.   Mcl,auchlin.   ol      1- ort I
William, Ont., spent a tew .lay.-* last '
week in tbe cty,  tbe quests of    Mr. !
W,   B.   McLaiicliliu  and  Mr*.     •-'      J
Lee. brothel  and si-ter of Conductor!    \u Knights dt Pythias are io.|ii..-t*
McLfltichhu. L| ,,, Bttend lodge ihis evening, Ap
autos have been ordered   "'-''
in th
Two  new
for prominent Hevelstoke citiaeni
Leu    Howson   returned  home   Mon
day evening (rom a two weeks'  trip
to tbe coast.   He     visited    Victoria
: '. ancouver, and stopped oil at
Kamloops ■ > couple of .lays ou bis
•>«! home.  li.   ..,ys tbat ..t thc coast
.al  weather  prevailed.
W,  Parry   auctioneer,  will  hold  an
•   ■:. sale again on Saturday when
ij-ecial bargains in  hureaues, st.m Is,'
• >i -       .--  and     mattresses,
r I  loth.   Conferring ranks and spec
;.il business.—J.  vv. Garland, t
the     Dominion
Nelson, April 8- Consideration is al
ready being given to the choice ol a
successor to Mr. A.S, Gooeve, \1. I'.i-; representative ol Kootenay nt Ot-
; -    Many arc in favor of Mr. UK.
tireen   ol   Victoria,   alld   il   he     Jbould
consent  t.. oiler himself for the Con-
But  whal  justice Is there  gervative     nomination,     his ejection
punish bachelors  WOuld probably be unanimous.
1 spinsters? in     should Mr. Green not i anJUate
,t is probable that Mr. \v. Garland
Poster might be elected. Mr, Poster
:■; managing editor of "The Daily
Sews" and a staunch Conservative.
To Ins work in Kootenay much ol thc
At Dnintford the river began subsiding at S o'clock this morning, and
is gradually decreasing.
At Krindalc on the Credll nvcr. engineers of the Brill-dale Power com
puny dynamited a porlion of the
concrete dam.   A   block  was torn  nvi-
proposition to
f..r tbe improvidence
lys ..( equal rights should not
it contain a complimentary clause fining spinsters whose refusal to **. more
than sisters t.. eligible hgcbelors  in-
C,  K.  Lindmark,  ..f  creases tbe  involtm ol      un-
Sawmills Co.   Ltd.,  married  taxable* undei  the proposed   _;,,*,.^. ,,r the party ha- been
There will be a regular practice of
the Itevel-toke Cricket Club n Satin lily afternoon next. The list match with an outside team will be play ay and the water rushed on down the
ed at Kamloops on May 2tlb, be-' nvcr anil the dam was saved.
twecn the Hevelstoke and Kamloops
cricket teams.
  s.s    in      diflerent      parts of Ontario
_   would  be  hull a  million dollars. The
at   losses arc dilTcult  to estimate,      be -
A   conservative   ostimatc  ol thc los-
"Rolllcklng Hed- Big Lark"
Neater Film and a very good one,
the  Empress  tonight.
"PlCture8quo Colorado" a great
scenic iiim at the Empress tonight.
Four thousand feet ol the best pro-
gram you ever saw at the Empress
Uon't forget the Johnson Jeffrie!
light pictures Monday uight at the
EmproBs—Popular  prices—MlOO Icct.
Now is thc time to get a good oar-
pet square at Howson's.—Cut prices
for cash.
"The Typists Revenge," showing
bow the typist got even with thc
boss and bow the boss got all the
pretty ladies in the world <maybe) nt
cause it is practically impossible    to  the Empress theatre  tonight.
made a business trip t.*     \: row
and ..thii  lak.' points th.s week
'...iv that  tbe garden
:t  is up to tbe owners ••( poultry t..
bi ■  that  the  I.ads  are  each -
as not  to destroj   neighboring [.hi .
ens,  lawns,  - ti     and  thus  :■•
lav '  till t wl 'he  call
pari ning     n*..m and kitchen   public  nuisance
furniturt   ■       •    .flered. No reserve
terms cash   at     auction  mart,  Mc
liable t.* he prosecuted.
\    Mis     l  :   *
Vestei ifternooi    h   horse      he
t.   p.  Burns & Co.. display
phenomenal     kicking   qua! I ■
■ tie     -. Fil st street    Onlookers
;. kicking    was bard
animal fairly     kicking
tsell   out  ol   tne  harness    However,
- ery    ttie   lamagi    rag ■: .nc ti}    11
Tax on Bachelors
Mi    K    \   Storkey   president ..f the
.- ol Trade ol     Eastern British
Columbia, and Mayor Annable ot Nei
son, nt" also prominently mentioned,
Ml    CR,   Hamilton.   K.C.,
ell known lawyer formerly  .f Hobs
Mi   Hon |r Wright pposed the
v.Turnout s   candidate   nt
• provincial elections, is now
taken i.ack within the
v ty fold   in 1      ll    working  f..r the
tlve nomination.
Teachers in Session
* .
■■ ;<.ii t.,
r •   i-ad • ■-     '      -•    Petei     i iiurcb
* -.1   s  tea  au.l  salt    of
:   '-'■• dm ■   ■.  \]:.:  17th
and on    •*.'  b .mi        In the tv.
uben t-ntrrtainment  will be
They have l-e-en fortunat-t   in secui i. •
* In store   latl j   •   i ...-       .   i
Bros., .-t. M Kenz.e Avenue
The   Ln !.»•**.   Auxllial .   •
I -.ter.an  i burch   :..*'*:   a speci.
.- Tuesday afternoon at I .«• *
■A-bich  wuh  **»-»U at. i.'i  i
'. r   ,*f   purcl •   ■   :.■•.*.       . ,i
I':, . It   was i i»,f '..    I"u
• - decided  nl  preseni II o.
»-urh family "t  .-.nc!.* - uu   , m*i
Ioi  I! ""   * i   upwards ■ ■   ... i.trit i *
tnmittee on total
-ii ■
J   St   hn.l   ii
• *
lor  a  tai
unman   ■*.
its, tbe proceeds I
•   of   .nii.ro-. dl   ■
- •■
i   ir i.n make you get  mai
patently  laboi Ing  ns It
• ..t  tbi   pur|
lore to wed.  Mrs   Smith and bet
■ *
I :,„..  stated plainly that tl
■ • , bent t It Is I
■ -   n  ■
■>■   . .i-   i*   ih
i   t  mi»iri*"l cvrrj  yeai      Thi
lorn-Mi   f*.i   improvident
-. tni would I* enough t.. plat
mnim ..n Improt. Is
Ith   The   I**   ■-'   M -
II bold a  «h -t  t- ur
■   Ft t
■ ■• ire nt the
• Music nnd hII kind . of
Srmill -TWusiCiil GmkIs
c-. ■
Call find Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
Fishing Tackle
Spring Cleaning
A large i and belli I   tuck of
1 lnlirniiHU'a    need*    tli.ni
hitherto csrritnl.
■   Hottll    ll",*  ■   '
Steel K.»ls  U-ll, W nml •-
1   bl,mi .* "1   lillie
Split Cane and Orecn Hearl Hod
Chamois lot Wlmlus 1 Ic u
I in■*.,   * *   to #1   0 pel dozen.
Dpotlgcs    l.iri'f lllirnt) Idh*
i ,   . ,, i
Hooks  ed
( H-.|lr Sosp (shell)          o,    |„ , |l,
Smart Clothing for Easterhde
NEW  FASTFR  DFRBV    AND    BOfT    MATS        ill lhe
' ' ni,'..   or
SPRINr, ^ u IT <",   ANO OVERCOATS    Oils bi
ISI ."   ' . |    mi'I    psttl ' li
I* 11 Reform ClrillnnjJ Slr'son  H.i ts Fool-Rile Shoe<
An Extra Good Buy!
We Have   SIXTEEN  LOTS   For Sale In
Inside the Mile and a Half Circle, only Four Blocks from Car Line and Sidewalks, adjoining the Properties owned by the C. N. R. and G. T. P. for yards
and shops. We can show you by comparison of Prices in Moose Jaw
papers that these are a Positive Snap at
S1T5.00   EACH
One Quarter Down    Balance Over Eighteen Months
House on 25ft lot 3rd St. west $1000 Terms
House on 50ft lot 3rd St. east ■ $2650      "
House to Rent on Second St. West
House on 50ft lot 2nd St. east -    2800
House on 50ft lot Mckenzie Ave   4100     "
If you have a House to Rent, we can
Rent it for you.
■ ■**!■!        I
B. G. FOLEY. Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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