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The Mail Herald Feb 8, 1911

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $60.
Interior Publisiung^Co.. Agts
;Ja' iibra
"I'l    'Oi
Visiting Cards
TTTTerTor PuDlishing Company
VI. 17-No.   9
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Ol+'ice—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorised      - $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed            - 5,575,000.00
Capital Paid Up                      - 5 330,000.00
Reserve        .... 5,5bu,j00.00
Ilr.Htrhra nr Agents at nil principal polnta InJOanada.
A.:- nti iii Great Britain and lTnii"U State.-,- London, Kngland,
Lloyd Hoik, Limited. Chicago-- First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Fran-
ciaoo—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank, Spokane—Exchange
National Bank,
Savings lank Department
Depotita of $1 and , \, fard, received, and interest allowed at
ourreol rate from date nt'deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoko branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Second Hand Information and a Visit to the Plant
are Rich with Promises-Bulk Head about
Ready to be Dropped.
II everything goes ns merrily us
the proverbial marriage bell, llic
water will be turned Into ihe big
1100 inlil Hume nt tho new power
ilnm todaj or tomorrow; the big
turbine wheel will revolve and sot
other and smaller wheels in motion;
tlii> ilm.I electricity will -imp through
the wires over its mile an 1 a hull
journey to the city; tho dead Btreet
lampa will light up once again; tho
wheels ol machinery will buzz once
more ami everybody will have every
reason to be baapy.
Such aro the prospects at present,
nml the Mall-Herald, together with
every citizen, hopes and trusts thnt
nothing hinders, and everything iloi's
ro ns merry ns the marriage bell.
The representative ol this paper, in
company with Alderman Abrahamson
whose efforts to get things running
smoothly, arc tireless, took a stroll
out to the plant on .Monday afternoon. Belligerently opposed, of
course, were foreman Gibson and his
men to giving any Information to
the Mail-Herald, believing us to be
anything but white men, but nevertheless at a clanee it could bo seen
that (accidents barred) things were
rapidly [tearing completion, and the
desired goal within siRht. The dam
is built, the piers are up, the flume
in position, thc machinery installed,
the bulk-head almost ready to be
dropped and thc water angrily surging down to perform its function as
soon as harnessed.
"Wheu will the bulk-head be dropped ?" the editor en iiiired of Foreman Gibson.
"Just as soon as it is ready,"
■iiiapplij ,i::.i,„d  the foreman,
"But, when will it be ready ?" persisted the editor.
"I don't know," replied tha fore-
ninn, "and if I did I wouldn't tell
you. I Wouldn't give you any information anyway."
llut there are wheels within wheels,
nn.l through Alderman Abrahamson
we learned, on information given by
this   satin'   foreman,   that the bulk
head will in- iliiippi-.! either tn day
ni* tomorrow, and wo choerlully pass
Hns same Information on to our
Alter the bulk head la Iropped.and
ii found tn lit perfectly i o that no
wuiei* escapes, the hole in lho dam
will li.' cemented up and Revelstoko
will again rejoice In the uninterrupted possession of unlimited light and
power. All will be ovei as far as
the completion of the dam is concerned, except the touching up of a
few little odds and ends, nnd tlio
settlement ot course.
Th*' work all through lias been
fraught with many difficulties and
unforeseen exigencies. li lias taken
more time and mora money than !
some have deemed absolutely accessary, and has occasioned lite a lol
of bitter disappointments to the
council, tlie ratepayers and the con
traetius. Non ■ have regrcl I od I b
nn ue than tlie Mail *I Icrald. We huve
taken an active part, in urging the
council, the contractors an.l the citizens to a necessity of getting the
work finished up ns rapidly as possible and probably havo di ne om little
share in expediting the work. There
are, of course, those who will take
objection to our claim in this respect
but still there arc a few lefl who are
with us in our every effort to further
the  interests of  the  city.
Whether the cost has been too
great, and whether the city is gci-
ting the worth of its money it is up
to the council gnd the citizens to deride for themselves, but of one thing
this paper is certain—nnd that is
>thnt when the job is finished up to
ithe satisfaction nl tlie engineer ol
lismith, Kerry & Chare, we will lie
I once more entitled to the cognomen
ol "The Electrical Oily." Revelstoke
will th.n have one ol the best power
plants on the continent and with the
probable addition ol another Hume
to the existing one, the city will be
in a posltii n to contracl with cor
poratiom and manufacturers feeling
absolutely certain thai the eity can
fulfill  its share of the contract.
baldness ol the head and tho facl
that siiini* locks ol hair around the
back of tho nei It woro I Ingod with
grey Is furl Ilor * * idenco i hnl I lie m
story un ounding I ho dl nppoaraneo
nf tho  uni * i.i.  i ravullor has boi n
"l od.
It is not kuown how the body came
Into the water but if is supposed that
Mr. Dull, who la known to hn o loll
tho Revel i oke hotel In ordei to como
to N'elson on nne of tho Arrow lake
steamers, fell from tho boal during
Its pa n .* ■!".' n the Ink**. Thai he
.a , ..ally wi iii on boni *l the boat Is
established  by  a punch  In  the i li I * !
round  .a  li     * -     ' el.   Al oul   $11)
wn    found   ■ ol hi i pool ots.
The  boal   upon  whii li   the late  Mr.
Hull  t ia* clli 'I      *  * ,   ' ho    'I    auci
'I", n I ho Vrrow lal i - makci her trip
In daj li lit, 'i bai ho camo to h -
death by drown n - la certain fi om
i hr rcsullH "i an examlnal ion     mado
by  the coroner,  bill  n ie u    Inr as
is known sun   him  fall  Into  the wai
. i    'I hero  i i, however,  no n ti ion    to
Biipposo ilm  ho    committed    Biiicide.
I'h.' bite Mr, Bull was employe I by a
firm in Tor,min and wa : regarded by
I "ein as ulii' of Iheir best men. 1 le
was a total obstaincr an I ol regular
habits.   Ilis age was 55.
\ numlier nf letters niiiii' i" tho
i [ui ie boi ■! al Nelson for him be
tween Oct. I and Oct. 1-5. As these
letters were nol called for and ns h.s
firm In Toronto lai,e.l to receive any
communications Inquiries were made
Inr the missing mnn throughout the
cot airy, t'uls an 1 a dc icripl Ion of
tho lato William Hull were publi bed
nd wide, il the mai ter remain
d a complete my..lay until the discovery of the body on Wednesday
last. Tin deceased leaves a widow
and family ,n New York suite, whn
have I,, en nam,' I ,,;' tli ■ sn I event,
through O'Shea ,*■ Parris, who were
asked by a Galgary firm ol lawyers
in endeavoi to find out what. had
happened to the missing man.
Coron r Rose, after iiuikin: n thorough examination ol the i....!y and
o! ihe situation where it was dis
. * en '1 has dei Idi .1 that n i inquest
Is necessary.
VM' ■* >" •"**•sH«te m, «*«**
ourne Bros.
p. £urns & Company. Aid.
20 Per Cent Discount Sale
Is Now in F uli Swing and Includes
Everything in Stock
Mrs. A. G. Crick, First Sti eet
Our Mim is lo Please.
The Store of Good Quality
The People's Store
li\  ,iii.,v *. keeping lu close I 'It "itli the oulnlde markets  we can
rn,-   .an  ,*,.,. I  ml ,-.    iim* ai  .an   S]',*, i. I- tin*- week
2 Tins Red Sockeye Salmon for 25c.
John Mclntyre Sr Son
Met His Death in a
Snowstorm While Operating
a Snow Plow
Headmaster Victor Anderson, ol
thc ('niiailinii Pacific linilwny nt
Moose Jaw, was killed In a rear-end
r il;.mu ol ii freight train and n
snow plough which he wns operating
aboul a mile south ol Tuxford, on
the branch northwest ol Moose Jaw
at midnight Sat unlay. The freight
was stalled, and in the driving snnw
the plough outfit ran into the rent'
uf it « tli'.nt seeing the iii;lit.
Anderson, who leaves a widow and
two children, was for twenty years
.■ii the Revelstoke section, working
his way mi from the lowest wrung
,,f ih. ladder to roadmaster, Sloven
* I** the ,iay bis brother
Charles wns killed In tbe memorable
■-n.iw side east nt here, an 1 ihoi t ly
aftei* that Mr. Victor Anderson blm-
1 -self was transferred to Kelson, B.C.,
and .n duly Inst was transferred again t" Moose Jaw, where be mei his
deatb, The deoeaeed was very pro-
i.ii.nt in railroad work having on
* aslon won two gold medals
for tbe besl essay on "Track Up-
keeping," which were offered by a
prominent railroad Journal. This
competition was open to the wholo
N. i'h American continent.
Mr. Anderson eamc from Swollen
sme nne ol tbe besl authorities mi railroad work in Canada.
•iier John, wh,, is now al
Golden, H. c. in the capacity ol
roadmaster, will be remembered In
connection with the an iw slide mentioned above,
Don'l   fl r.'«'t   lh '   ihirl   t'.n st   dance
..i.i ii .  a ispicei nf Naomi Rebekah
U,   I ti 0 1' .  m    nid    ol
the tuberculosis sanitarium at Trim
,aill,',  U.  C,   in  Selkirk  Hull.    l'eb.
Palhe'i Oaeette No,
Theater tonight.
at Edison
Body Found Qn Lake Shore Thai
of Missing Trave'ler—Froh-
ably Fall Oil Co t
Papers discovered on the body of
(he dead nmn found ,n the we I
shore of the Lower Vrrow lnke, four
miles north nt Renata on Wednesday
morning have    proved    conclusively
• i.n it was the coi i' ■ ol v, llilam
Bull, the commercial I atsllor     who
lias  been  missing silli nlly   iu  Octo
liei.    The   body   was   In ind   by  lluirv
iiibson ut Renata who ■     occupation
s i bat of a trapper, Mr. Dibson wa
walking along tho sl h ol the lake
* ll a  his dog which   i       '   'li n        at
n ibjeel    nn    Hi,* n |   an !
tching at the snow cu nd his ownni
in Investigate, Mr, 11 li ion Lefl tbo
body as he found ii and look steps
to notify John T. Blni . chief of pro
vlnclal police, who In oi mod Dr, w.
ti. Rose, coroner, in lo io went oul
.ai Friday with an nti orlakor and
liiinii'hl llie lindy in *n Sal ui da.
III I'll t.
At ihe s|.i,i where II v^aii found,
ill" snow wns only ah ui three Inch
es n depth nn.l tin* ii ice luy face
downwards amid a  number ol ri
will]   thi' head   (Irmly       Ml      between
(wo large pieces oi    I n i. 1 ho coal
was badly lorn nnl almost  pulled oil
the body. No |iii|h i wi ro found In
llie pockets of Ihe c il  nail  il   Is pre■
■ iiim d that if ally Wen in lb,* pocket
nt lh ■ unu* the lale Mr. Hull entered
tile wilier flley fell inll Inlo Ibe lake.
The body wan, ot colli ". flown iill.
and  il,   was only  after   .vni nilli      had
been applied afi ir II    ai I in to
tli    'ity   thnl   il   wns  p  -sible t,,  lal.,*
oil the vest mil othei  i lollies.
!     Inside  oil ■  nf  lhe  vi* I   poCkCtS VKStt
found a railroad ticket valid from
Vernon lo Rosslan I, *, commi rclal
traveller's certificate nnd meal tlcli
et. Ail ol these I.ore the name. Wil
liuin  Hull, nnil thus ideally eslnlilish-
■ I iln* Identity of tbe corpse The
face     wa«    unrecognizable,    but tho
with owh weapons
I'aStans Fight Stiletto With Stiletto and Bomb with Bent
in Chicago
Chicago, Feb. 5.—Wealthy Italian
victims of ihe Black I land, hopeless
.*.f protection from the polico nnd
fearing to tell what they know ol the
nlzation, have taken
their protection int.. their own
. and are n [bl Ing the mi ti ic
with II   "■*"  ' apons.
•*• eni*.iim; to the police, four Black
Hand agents have been killed by
their prospective victims within the
inst month, ."ill many more murders
aro expected.
Assistant chief Schuttler is firmly
convinced thai tho men who have
paid blackmail for years in silence,
leai iin. the vengeanco of " man*'
n aa," Bhould thoy complain, have
I'osolvod I" m. • I I li" t lletto witli
the si lletto und laiui h the ci Imlnals
lr i     a  in* e  with      Iheii'      own
Fo ir men, II Is now believod, wore
murdered hy  men ol their own
*. Im oi lm .My met them to pay
* I   ';.. all     n nl, fiiiin.I
i      '       ,        r of 132(1      l'i na
Lreet Novel i
chaile      iin  '■-. n '.      lived
ilm nm. body foun l al  same : Imo,
Can i*. n.ik
li a  in bead Januai .   :'i   al
.'..   I      lill. I **l    I"
■ *iii   i,, pul ,* ■, fo I. ml n ' hm I le   n
rt hi ■'mi   i.f  ma
,ii    •
1 llppn      body     i i.ii'-I
lb tl    .iia*    [ti nd  in .
rear of I li Paul n   itroel.
.i ,, uai
it i:. v. ii known thai  mi   *  ul the
 ■   lol to      received II
lo d,i Italian Ami rli in bu Ino 11 men
ai ch,, n .. an : alii pal l ol the
roiintr; avi n *■ er hi • n hown to
llja police, nn.l  lhal  tribute has I n
i    llllv   pad    111     n     II*.    Dl       lllr e
iv ii! i anj compl iln    to the detec
line* .
■i'ii * police have round  it o trei
illllli nil  tn .miiii    in • ' mnl Ion,     even
: mo * hn i i"' n * ommlttod the
,lctlm   evidently      fearing      further
i.   * ami*   [lum   their   lm**      if        thoy
Bourne Bros.
Groceries,    Hardware.   Flour and Feed
i.wi*M.'irt.mi t*tm-mm^m"******"****—a*^^*mv^i***t*n^^^^^mamtMm^^^^^m^^^^^^^^^^^m- Am\^
eveistoke Meat Market Ltd.
Cut Fresh Every Day
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
High Class .Mi..w  Purveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
Then a cup of BELL BLEND TEA
will refresh you, with its bright, spicy flavor,
and fragrance.   Sold in lib. lead packages.
PRICE  35C,   40C,   50C.
0. W. BELL
|     P. O.  Box 208 GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
eo      -■
"C IT,    -.  o
ttt      —   /T.'   •"**
tn i-n ™ ut
fertilizer Talk
Vnmi.il     I nil I.i
o 'I II planl
foo I   i"   both I "hi i.itIi
.   Vnlll*   I el
in*   mi.I  glvei      thorn  i" ii' r iln*,..1,
i, m   to ' lio rich ■ ar   applo
crop, nluo mn 'ii '    Hn: yield ol your'
*.i.r ,i  well nm
i ur,-.i idy.
Hem. I       ial   Krrtiliz-
i   ii ii.-     youc
i  land, Biro   pi ov.'ll   ihiH.
\n .       t fi   ii tbo Swift. Fertlll*-
* m'-,   .    ted this 9oc-
r!  the
■   '     bMl that can
I*   .i.ible nt   Iti   Mr.
''    K    ' h«    ln'.-n  nppointeil
ioi   n   i matlon and prloee,
*    ■ ill on,    K'*'.' i toko     Mi nt
Market,  UweUtoke, 11.  0.
a trail company    Iwb )ust     hoen
created ;n Bcotland which will     devote M   energloo very largely to iho
i  of (unilH in Oanada.     tt
is tin* Bcottllh nn.l     I'niinniun    flon-
er.il  invi'stiiunt   Company  with head
n l*: I abui i-h, an*l n rnhlo     to
ihe Montreal Star   states   that   the
ol   160,000 preferred and   100,-
lK»Ii onlinnry shares of     one     pound
eurh    has      been     larpely    ovor-srib-
.'."n  out  on  excellent
ty    hm   the    Royal  Securities
it:  n ,,f     whieh Vi. M. Altken,
M. P., is president, took 20,000    or-
imres of thc iRsue and    that
Mi tken'    c.im]iany will    act    aa
.1 I  tbo inlviKors In    Canada
j in tbe Scottish cnterprliio,
-.' .-.  .. WEDNESDAY,  FEB.  STH,  1911.
£bc flDatMberalb
REVnlLblOKE. 11.   C,
Jntertoc publtsbtna Compans.
Legal notices IU cents per line lirsl
insertion, 5 cents per line eaeh
subsequent insertion. Measurements Nonpar iei {Vi lines nuiKu
one inch.j -Store anil general
business announcements JH.uO per
inch per month. Preferred i>osi-
tions, :'o per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages aud Deaths, Me
each insertion.
Land notices $7.DO. All advertisements subject to the approval of
tne management. Wanted uud
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uations wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechunics
Wanted, 2b words or less, 25c,
each additional line Id cents.
Changes in standing advertisements must be m by II a. m.
Tuesday ana Friday ol each week
to  an.n.  good   d.splay.
CORRESPONDENCE invited ou matters o! public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied by name of writer
not necessarily lor publication,
but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence  should be briel.
TbanKhead Hard Coal
Wellington Soft Coal
Always on Hand
Briquettes,   and   Furnace,  Egg, Stove
and Nut Sizes.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Real Estate and Insurance
Hold Range Lodge, K, ' P., No.
26, an 1 Company No. 3 -Uniform
Hunk, held a joint Insballatlo ol
(iiliei'is in (iililfeilows hall on Wednesday, Jan. 25th, whieh concluded
iu a nicely arranged banquet, furn-
isli.'d by Bro, Stuart McDonald of
U12 Windsor restaurant and given In
lmnor of the brother officers and
members from Arrowhead lodge, who
responded to a hurried up invitation
lo be iirescnt..
The following officers were duly  Installed for the ensuing term:
C.  C—J.  Y. Simpson.
V.  ('.—II.  Sawyer.
if W.—B. G. Burrldge.
anyway   we   are    promised unlimited
power by the end of tho week,     and
ini*  more we enquire "Is  Everybody
Happy '.'"
is    lal'i n    li'om llii
It reads rather odd
these dnys when we hear so much   Wjt|i the famous English opera sing-
Including  postuge  to  England,  United States and Canada.
By the year i through postotlico) $2.50
JOB PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
Tbc  f
about the high cost ol living:— "A
situation that does not reflect pur -
licular, or any, credit upon the typographical union- ol tha tinted States
and Canada is revealed by a recent
-ote taken by tbc International union on the question ol increasing tli.'
salaries of the president an.l secretary-treasurer   of   the   organization.
Juanita   Hush,   the   dainty       prima
donna, will aopear as "Mildred"    tomorrow night at the Edison    theatre
K. of R. & S. and M. of F.-G. H.
M,   of   Ex.-T.   W.   llrailslinw.
M.  nt  A—Stuart.  McDonald.
I. i;.-w. R. oampbell.
0. G.—.1. W. Garland.
Captain—J. B. Scott.
1st. Lieut.—(i. ii.  Brock,
2nd Lieut.—T. W. Bradshaw.
Sgl.   Recorder*—E,  w.  li.  Paget.
Sgt. Treasurer—.1.  Y.  .Simpson.
Guard—R, Gordon.
Sentinel—T. Smith.
Commissary—P. Somes.
At tha conclusion ol the ceremony,
the brothers adjourned to the banquet  hall on  the  lirsl   floor,      where
llll III-
i I'S in    "Managing Mildred,"      where
lii'i* beautiful voice will bc heard   to
splendid  advantage.   Miss  Hush    hns
n varied    operatic   experience.       As   Bro.  McDonald hnd everything wnit-
prima donna with the Aborn    Opera   Ing and nfter doing ample justice to
Company she sang the leading    roles   the gocd  things,  a couple of     hours
in practically all the Btandard lighl
nnd popular grand operas. Prior to
liar work  in opern, she held import -
M flDaillberalfc
was spent in n very enjoyable programme of toasts, music and song,
which was ably responded to by tbe
'lhe proposition was badly defeated, ,,nt church positions in New York, following brothers, Scott, Porter,
Yet both these officials have worked Pittsburg and Chicago. Miss Rush is Gordon, Taget, Simpson, Burrldge
hard and faithfully to secure for the a charming actress with a delightful nnd Bros. McGaghran, Pitblado gnd
members increases in their    incomes,   ^tags presence. Montz of Arrowhead. G
Charles Wesley Picquet has achicv- The Arrowhead brothers extending
ed a position among the foremost to Gold Range Lodge a hearty invi-
operatlc vocalists. As principal tenor iation to attend en masse at a bnn-
with ihe Herald Square and Savage quet to be held in lv. of P. hall.
English Opera Companies, Mr. Pic- Arrowhoad on Feb. 2nd, ut which
quet has familiarized himself with
ih.1 greatest operatic compositions.
His voice is clear, bell-like and of
wonderful range. He sings high "C"
with remarkable power and ease. Mr.
Fire Alarm Buxes
Signals nre given thus: 2 str ite*;,
nterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Bos
4. No. of box will also be shown
n indicator at Firo Hall.
Box No. 14—Corner First street
and McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume
& Co.
Box No. 15—Coruer First Btreet
ud  Hokeby  uvenue, post office.
Box   No.   IG—Corner   Second  street
and  Government  Road  aud
Box  No.  17—Corner Thud
.11   Campbell  avenue,   Globe
er compuny.
Box No. 18—C.P.R.  station.
Box No. 24—Coruer Filth Btreet
nd McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25—Corner Sixth h'.ieet
nd Orion avenue,  W.  A. Foote.
Box No. 2G—Corner Fourth street
ud Townlcy street, corner south
Box No. 28—Corner Second slrejt
ud Hobson uvenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall No. 2.
Box  No.  35—Hospital.
Box No.  36—School.
Box No. 44—Fire Hall No. I.
Box     No.  45—Front street      wcjt,
car C. P. R, bridge.
Box    No.    46—Coruer    King      and
loiiglns streets, Palace Meat Market,
Box  No.  47—Corner  Second       and
Vales  streets,  back  of  court bouse.
Box  No.    43—Corner    Third      ui.d
jhns.  streets, Cowan block.
Signal   for  practice—not  less   tiian
ix  (G)  slow strokes.
Cno  (I)  indicates line brokii;       cure out.
Is everybody happy ? At the end
ol this week nil our troubles will be
at an end, and we will be basking in
the delights of all the light and power we require. Tbe foreman of tbe
gang at tbe power plant Works shook
hands with the editor, and tbe latter
got a good calling down together
with thc promise ol a run out ol
town before tbe balmy breezes of
spring sweep uown the vallej'B and
over the mountain tops to loosen up
tbe snows, and send th; waters ol
tbe lllecillewaet singing on their way
to tae newly constructed sluice gates
down the flume way and on tc the
power house 10 drive the big wheels
to »upply the power aud lights wo
bave so long looked for. What a
sbamo that the editor will not be
here to see tbe results of the work
WO have so long striven for tbe com-
pletion of. But wc wont if the brag-
gdocio of this big foreman is to be
depended upon. We weep for ourselves tbat we will not be permitte 1
to see tho green grass nnd the purple
lided mountains and feel the warm
breath ol a Kevelstoke spring and
hear the sweet songs of the Revelstoke birds. Just think of the pity
.:' it that Wi should cine here when
tbe sno-As of winter covered up every
t^.ng lovely; tbat we should stay
here ali through the snow-covered
,,..        and  then     wh.n  we promise
to like the place to be
driven  out .i»ly,  simply b«-
cause we bustled on the     completion
ol the plant.   This man Gibson,    after rei .   us any  salisfae
.  as  to  when  tbe  bulkhead    will
:-ri-w back at US, When at
a ^a:''.* listance, the insinuation that
vet  wou ..        alii :       t of
pring       Happy    we    are
that be did not    pn mlao    anything
•am.   ..:
bailing    But anyway  this chap, wh.
*..  rks  ..t:*   a  trojan  i.nuael! at    the
>  burl
* , .*■■ .-  •'.   la   o
ng t thai
, a
■   e li      '   ■ •    ,
■ i.i :     ■
I    tl
nn I
on t ' .     ■ ■■■
way  A. : D
* nap.    and  has  m ich  to
i      mai y than
tn-   nl* I m
man thai Uu  b ilk head   il     th
dam 'ill I -   ;* -i. *m W   .*.
.  plant  ••■ II   ■  . ...   n
away ■•> Ith wat< i      wi i   astead
(*u,-, i dui Ing powei   In idi   ol o
[This Is the reason wo a k "i.   E *
> odjt Happy '"   Bverybodj
be happy, nn : nm week   tt lookloi
't ,* ■      ' * agral ilatorj lettei
lor bustling on the completion of tha
*. as we mo lastly pride oui
we have dons.   We have nothing ag
Blnst  the foreman of thc plant, be i
.i  , 1  fellow anl a   hustler bimHelf
and because bo promised U* tbe mn
il town we like lum the bettoi
Ji.      *,*.-   We   mi'   ii   good   wnti'Pi     but
wo don'l know anything about the
I lal t. We thank loin [ol tbe fnriuii
■ impi mi .f and relei lorn to ihe pub"
i.e. tor   tbe   latter   criticism.      llut
11 is estimated that the increase pro-
Posed for tbe president and secretary
: reasurer would have cost the members of the international union four
cents each per annum. The decision
naturally comes as a surprise iu its
emphatic reversal of 'doing unto
others,' but, illustrates one phase of
human nature that all the advantages ol practical fraterualism seem unable to eradicate."
time they would endeavor to return
the kin ness received, and after singing Auld Lang Syne, the company dis
pcrsed, feeling more enthusiastic,
more encouraged and more  determin-
Jardins has gone over to the Conservative  party  tbey  say!   The  Conservative  party  baa a  lot of      hurd
luck  in  this province.
1'irquet's appearance in any city is a ed to push a good thing along, which
musical event of importance. proves that the social side is a great
The remaining principals of the or- feature in bringing  the members to-
ganlzatlon nre like favorites in    the gether, and working together to one
West and will bc well remembered by great end the elevation,  the      happl-
,-,11  who heard  th'.'m last season.
ness and
the     betterment
Social   poker  players  over   in   Loll
don are drawing to a pair of Queens
Miss   Lena   Duihie,    the celebrated
xponent  of  Scottish  and Irish  folk-
  songs and humor,    has been secured
A Brooklyn baker wants a divorce .'or one of her highly original and
because his wife makes him sleep delightful entertainments at th?
with a fox terrier.—Toronto Globe, opera house, Saturday evening, Feb.
Query.—How  does  he get into      the
kennel ?
Cn Friday evening, Feb. 2nd, about
twenty-live members of Gold Range
Lodge, K. of P., and Uniform Rank,
in command of Capt. Scott, proceeded hy special train to Arrowhead,   In  acceptance  of  nn  invitation
'.'.V.1'.   M'SS ""."'iC in '?' rC.C.ita!j>W'   f,om Arrowhead lodge No. 38, to at-
ti ir 1 a banquet given  in  their honor.
If all goes well with
plant this week what Will we
about in future issues '.' Ob,
there is the settlement yet.
■nuts in a concise and > Interesting
form the life of each nation in sunt;
and story. The national characteristics,   whether  pictured   in  the  quiet
Forcninn Gibson says  we nre
white.   We are not  yellow either,
There  is lots  ol  walking out to
power plant.   Wo would advise
citizens  ti * go  *   a  un.l  look at  it
lore It  is uli paid for.
Last      winter   wo    had    the    wi
storms yei. Tins winter we have the
name.   And there'll  be  thi* Mime "i.l
Ananiases around  t.ll   Gabi
his trumpet.
Lo Neve n-iks  [or a
Crippen    who    was   hanged,
It will
sure be a dead one.
Many Voices Raised in Protest
Returns Laid On Table
tl   wa, Feb   I     -i return     a
.'or by  Mr.  Fosti
■ * I the  Hi
*   red  [or and  against
ire        Wini
..t   Trad I
'.i       *       li * n      Foui di
of Can . la i ner ' inst
toria, B. i
nu. ti.i;,      ot Barrii Do
i.        pendei   I        nnl    Nlfl
'..■ni  Co,, ol ara       Qui
I*     :     *    :
..I   ;.   Hi ntn        . -   Manufacl u
oclal    * * I a    I. ■■ '
la t. .rr: -   19     in lo pal I       "'     '
countrj       i   ** Board of   Tiade
pel itioned for the placing oi Iron ore
on the free list.
Owing to ihe terrible storm on the
above night, it wns impossible to
eet a larger crowd together. The
tram left Revelstoke at 6:35 under
tha guiding band oi Pro. A. Crowe,
.nl Engineer Mawler, and arrived
at Arrowhead about s o.k., where
every arrangement was completed,
the lodge room was gorgeously dec-
orated in colors emblematic of the
older, nn I w.is well carried out in
I tail. After a warm welcome
;h' members an.l invited guests,
which numbered about 14u Bat down
to a table spread    with the     I'nost
. thine, and which would be
very bard  lo excell or even to dupli-
hicb reflects great credit on
tbo    Arrowhead   brothers,   especially
::,i, man      who    had charge oi
■ justice to all the rood
*  program of toasts, speeches,
i-   proceeded  with which
reciated,    especially
• tat   ii by Bro.  H.  Faulkner,
which were repeatedly
• :i'.*it Ion   ol  a  luind-
•   Chancellor     llro,
.i    Bro
hlgn   to
• * ■   "'ll     placed.
.   thanks
the Revel
th  i    train
Bowling Schedule
The bowling schedule for the second part of the Y.M.C.A. has been
made out as follows:
J.B.B. vs.  Corley's.
Businessmen vs. Dent's.
Y.M.C.A VS.  Corley's.
C.P.R. vs. J.U.C.
17, Businessmen vs.  Corley's.
Y.M.C.A. vs. Dent'B.
C.P.R. vs.  Businessmen.
Feb.  24.  J.B.C. vs. Y.M.C.A.
Feb. 27, Corley's vs. C.r.R.
March 1, J.B.C. vs. Businessmen.
March 3, Dent's vs. Corley's.
March G, C.P.R. vs.  Y.M.C.A.
March 8,  Businessmen vs. Dent's.
March 10,  J.B.C.  vs.  Corley's.
March 13,  C.P.R.  vs.   Businessmen.
March 15, Y.M.C.A. vs.  J.B.C.
March 17, Businessmen vs. Corley's
Dent's vs. C.P.R.
Y.M.C.A. vs. Corley's.
March 24, J.B.C.  vs. Dent's.
March 2", Businessmen vs. Y.M.C.A
March 29.  J.B.C. vs.  C.P.R.
March '2d,
Mnrch 22,
UA Timetable
No.  1, arrives     6:45 a.m., depnrts
7:05 a.m.
No.   97,  arrives  6:55  p.m.,  departs,
7:15 p.m.
No. 2, arrives 12:30 midnight.     de-
arts 12:45 midnight.
No.   96,  arrives 8:45  a.m.,  depnrts,
9:05 a. m.
South trnin leaves Revelstoke at 9
a. tu., arrives Revelstoko 5:25 p.m.
United States farmers nre organizing a campaign to secure the defeat
of the Canadian reciprocity proposals now before the Congress.
Walter Bingham, mnnnger of an
■ levator at Odessa, Sask., waB killed
n th.' elevator, being caught in au
I n^inc wheel.
Fiyure It Out
■i ni
- ii
A'.th .i      a..
John Adrian Doi it,  v.h,, killed hm
father  ,,n   their  farm    near      Seattle,
has been adjudged Insane,
K.x.Comptroller Carson of Winnipeg
i '• i oi i wook .n    i 'iiirni y   Urn iral
*  *
■ * ■
*      *
i   HI g
•| he    '.I nl     numbei
ide and    a
idar year   we 1 last Tuesday. A   ha i
Ir. Ws
was .    11-2.91 Jr. ■       iinibi'i     'I    '■
•j.ch      wore     |9 I' tbers from time ti   i Ime
p n ill ie .  t:*'i,-''         *        "i !■'   it '"                        Mi   Warren was
i, , i from Is *'.e ol timbei     lioen '          »ms time as th   its (oi
alone,     II * ': 861) "*      Tho   number Olarko H         *     Dr, Bcijtt •    Imith,
,,f coal        ■ ■    Issued
from     imi    II '*,. I I    l
transfer lees,    11,410;
WIIH   IW|   fl"* .
Km im i
provisional directors
ii i,,iiiii.i*ti,in   »iiii i*..ni and
Rebels outside ihe 'ii.,   of   .liuin*/*  tlmbor,  I n *5i   making    tho    total
Hi.*i     ti ik,*   is  up.
Thi   11 ii nun ii
bave joined force   and nre   reported  revenue foi the yeai
lo be in conflict with Federal troops,   tlmboi  llccnsos fl,7M,M8.40,
(imn coul    hii.i  ci n  'I. i i in   ni liability ni sn. ii
Opera House
Sat. Feb. 11, 1911
AN   l.\ I* MM,   IN-
'i I.AMI   \M>  11(1.1,AM)
Miss   Margnrrt   Dtniell   .it   Pi .n
Be served Seats, 75c
Admission, - 50c
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Mary Ann    Bain,
of Uevelstoke, B.  C, occupation mar
I ried woman, intends     to apply     Ior
permission to purchuse  the  following
described lauds.
1 Commencing at a post planted at
the north west corner of T.L. or lot
t)140, nud marked M.A.B south eust
corner post, theme west about 80
chains to the eust line ol lot 7065,
| thence north about 41) chains to tbo
Lake foreshore, thence ulong said
shore line in a north easterly direction about eighty chains, and thence
south ubout 80 chaius to point ol
commence ment.
Bated Dec. 19th, 1910.
Por F. \V. Terry, Agent.
Uevelstoke Lund District.
District ol West Kootenuy.
Take notice that Thomas Hope,  ol
Uevelstoke, B.  C, occupation     Verd
Foreman, intends to apply 'or    permission to purchase the followijg de
scribed lauds.
Commencing at a post pla.itjd
about half u mile in a. southerly direction Irom lot T58i and by the
north cast corner of U. Evans' pio-
eiuptiou, marked T.ll. i.orth w,st
coruer post, thence south 40' ehains,
thence cast 2U chaius, then~o uol'-th
10 chuius, thence west 'ill obdUU to
point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 17th, 1910.
Per P. W. Terry, Agent.
Uevelstoke  Lund  District.
tustiict ol West Kooteuay.
'luh.e notice that Abraham Ake
uurst, of Nutticld, England, occupation, 1'it Foreman, intends to apply
.or permission to purchuse the Joilow
-ng described lauds.
Commencing ut a post planted
about half a mile in a northerly direction from lot olio north west coiner post and mamed A.A. south west
corner post, tiicueo east aoo it 00
chains to the line of lot so&o
lUOunle) thence north abjjt 40
chu.us to the north west cornar oi
.oi. 4065, thence eust ubout ^u .lm,..
to the south west corner of lot 758"),
-.lunco uoi'th to tbo Lake guor-3,
ihence about 80 chains westerly kl-
lowiug along tbe Lake shore lino and
theuce south about 40 chains io tbo
po.nt of commencement.
Dated Dec.  19th  ,l'JIO.
l'er F. VV. Terry, Agent.
Uevelstoke  Laud  District.
District oi West Kootenay.
Tako notice tbat 1, J. II. Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, real cstuto
agent, intend to upply ior permission to purchase the lollowing described lands.
Commencing at u post planted 20
ehains west of the S.E.C. of L. 758-j
theuce south 4a chain's, thence cast
10 chains, thenco south 40 chuius,
thence east 40 chains, thence north
■10 chains, thenco cast 10 cbains,
thence northoo cbains, thenco vest
40 cbuins, thence south 20 chaius,
theuce wesl 20 ehuins to point ol
commencement,  containing  440 ncros.
Dated Dec. 23, 8910
Dec31 per R.  Smith,  Agent.
One hundred and sixty acres ol
good land, very little clearing, Bit-
fated on Eagle Lake, Cbilco Rivor;
close to Skinner's Uuuch.
Price, $7.50 per acre; Ono Dollar
per acre cusb, balnncc iu oue, two,
three uud  lour  years.
For full particulars, write to P. O'.
Box 1750,  Vancouver, B. C. It.
Box 282, Revolstoke,B.C.
Plans aud    Speculations  prepared    for     all   iim...**.,    of   bull.lings,
lite.     Draughting uud Blue Print
UnrristcrH,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial  Hank   Building  Uevelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Olllces- -llcvulstoko,    B.   C,     and
Ceo, S. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham,
B.  C.
J. A.  Harvey,
Mil.    H .    T .    W I L S O N,
BTUDIO—Music Store,    McKenzie  Avenue.
TERMS—Elementary, under 12 years
of uge, 75 cents per    leBnon.     Over
12 years of age, $1.00.       Advanced,
$1.25   per   lesson.       Lessons three-
quarters ot an hour, once or twice
weekly, an desired.
I.a ber of Voice, Piano and Organ
Pupils prepared lor Toronto Conservatory of    Music.      Local  examinations.
lu the Matter ol tlie hstale of   Ernest
K 11. Baynes. deceased.
Notice in hereby givon llmt. all cied-
itois and others biiviuR elsiins iigniuot
Estate of  Ktne-t H 13. Baynes, lite ot
iMnl.ik.Mi, B. C, deceased,  who died at
Revelstoke on or about Hie  17ib  day
of December,   llllll,   aro   nquired   to
send to the undersigned Solicitors Ior
D.iviil L. Baynes nnil Robert   Howson,
Administrators of the Estate ol said
dei eased, wii bin  Ul)   dnjs   [min   ilmu
full particulars   ol   their claims, duly
verified, and that aftor  that date   the
suit! Administrators   will   proceed   to
distribute   Hie   said   estate  amongst
bOBOentitled thereto regard beingbsd
uily to those   clainiH   of   which  Baitl
Administrators shall   bave   then   received notice.
Dated January 10th. 1911.
Hiutvi'iv, MoOarter & Pinkham,
Solicitors for   Divid    L.   Baynes
and Robert   Howson,   Administrators   of   the   Estate   of   said
deceased. JH (H),l
In the Matttr of the Estate ol August
Johnson, deccufed.
Nolice iu lion by given tbat all crcil-
itorn nnd others having claims sgniust
ibe E-itate of August JohnBon,  late ol
Revelidoke,  B. 0 , dpre»s< d, whn died
at Revelstoke on or nl out   the 8th dav
J Scpii tuber, l'JIO,   are   ntinired   to
• nd In tbe undersigned S.dicitors  for
iVilliuni B. Robertson,   Administrator
ot il.e Estate of Hit iii deceased,   within
110 dajB from date lull   particulars   of
heir claims, duly verified,   and   thnt
(ter that date the said Administiator
iill proceed   to   ilii-tribute   the   Haiti
stBt'> amongst lh Be entitled  ihcreto
egard bring bed only  io those clainiB
■ I   which   said    Ailiiiii.iniiiitor shall
have ihen received  notice.
Datid January 10'h, 11)11.
Harvey Mr 'autkr & Piskham,
Bolilitoro lor \\ iliinin B. Robert-
fon, Atlinii i-trntoi uf lhe Estate
ol the Biiid (Ut'Uised.        JllOUil
In Hie Muit'i of Hie   Estate of John
T Joues, deceased.
Notice is hereby given Hint all cred-
ors uiul others hiving clainia aguitiBt
lie Estate oi John T. JobiiB,   la'e   of
Uevelstoke, II 0, deceased,  who died
it PiOHmotis in. or about, tie  lltli d«y
■f Angus', l'.llll sre r q.lired  lo   send
to tin* undersigned Solicitors lor Mar-
*,lia Jane Jones and   Thomas   Kilpatrick, Ad uiu i»t rat r x and  Adniiniatra-
or of the Estate of snid deceased, with<
in ll'.) dsy-from  dnte  lull  particulars
I tlu ii claims, duly verified, and tbat
Iter that dnte the   said   Administratrix and Administrator   will  proceed
o distribute tbe said  estate amongst
bose entithd   thereto   retard   bring
had only to those cln iiib nf which aaid
idininistratrix   and    Administrator
■.hull have then received notice.
1) tul January lOili, 1911.   Jll 00d
Harvey, MoOarter & Pinkham,
Solicitors lor Mnr. ha J-um Jones
and Thomas Kilpatrick, Administratrix  and   Administrator  of
the E.-,t»ie of suid deceased.
In the Matter nf the Kt'atc of James
A. Magee, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all creditors nnd others having claims against
lie E-tale of Junius A   Magie, line   of
Chase, IJ. 0., deueastd,   who  died   at
Uev. lioke on or about the   llth   day
I November,  lulu, Bie   required  to
ci d io the in,di rsiRoed Si licitors   for
Sarah E, Magee, Executrix of Hip last
vill 11-aid deceased,   within tii)days
from  date   lull   particulars   if   tin ir
•laims, duly verified,   and  Hist  ni. or
ilmt date tbe snid Executrix will   pin-
ceed   to  distribute   the  s.iid   esti.te
amongst those entitled thereto regard
bring bud  only   to   those  olnims   of
which suid Executrix shall   have then
received notice,
Dated January 10th, lllll.
Harvey, MoOarter & Pinkham,
Solicitors of Sarah E. Magee,
Executrix of the Last Will of
deceased. Jll (iuj
Revelstoke Lund District.
Distrlol of West Kootenuy.
Take notice that William Kennedy,
of lievelstoki, B. C, occupation, Special Coiislulile, imeiitls to apply for permission to putobaBO llie following dc-
-rniiui lands,
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe Fouth-niBt corner ol Lot fiOlll),
heiicr north 40 ulmiiiB, thence weBt
-0 chains to pre-emption No. '2l>2,
hence north '10 clmins, theuce ciibI 80
Chains, llieuce louth llii chnins to Lot
Xo. 8945, thence wesl •!() chains, thenco
-duiH ifi chains to Lot No. 1189,thence
vest 120 chains to point uf commencement.
Dated January 7ih, 1911.
Per T. W. Bain, Agent.
Itevelstoke  Land  District.
District of Went Kootenay.
Take notice that (Ieorge A. Stewart, of ltev'elsluku, D.C., occupation
gentleman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowing described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west comer of lot 7U05,
marked O.A.S. north wost post,
theuce east 40 chains, thejeo tojih
nix cbainu to the north cast corner
of lot »i07, thenco west M chains to
the north west corner of lot 8407,
thence south 34 chimin, thence went
15 cbainu, thenco north 40 cbains to
point ol commencement.
Dated Doc. lCth, l'JIO.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
SMuhb Gun
quickly >tnpi» coiikIib, enrm colds, heal*
the tbreat Md lungs. -  •   • K3 e«nt* THE   DVL^iri-rHIIElRJLLID,    BEYELSTOEE
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund $4 400,000
has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Having purchased the business formerly carried on by 1!.  A.
Spring we are prepared to execute all orders promptly.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Makers
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 Degree of lieu
Natural Hot Water in Batbs.    O        All Vear
Rates from $12 to ?15 Per Week
The Largest Stock   of Smokers'
Supplies in the Interior
We are the right people to do business with.
We are carrying an especially good line this
Come in and we will show you that present
for hubby, father or brother that was worrying
The Cigar & Pipe Business is Our Business
and we know it like a book,   and  you   gU  the
benefit of our information.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Doers, Windows,   Mouldings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Co. Ltd
11 E A D
Actual comparison of  Eastern Catalogue priced, freight added, with
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
ii      ii       I,
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
Winnipeg price
2 40
Price delivered
6 94
4.00 I]
A Symposium of What is Happening in
All Parts of the World .
We mnki' our prod' by shipping in cur load lots, thereby Having freight rales. Bring
catalogue giving description of oilier goods not speoified in this list to our store and we
will prove our statements.    Remember we deliver gnodH and set up free from breakage.
.   HOWSON'&   CO     -    REVELSTOKE, B. C
Are lo be found in abundance in
our lines nf WINES, LHJL'OKS,
etc Our bottled ji' ods lire a
pleasure in antidilution ami a joy
in realization, 'liny aie Uie beat
Ilml jh bntlliil, rich in llavor,
d.lii/iie in ibe fastidious palate
nml refreshing at a'l limes, l'i ices
lowest in tbe inin i «■ and our
swift delivery of all orders is
tecum! In mine, in  lbe   Domini in.
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers ar (1 Coalers in Furo Wines, tiquors, Cigars   nil Cigarettes
suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.     B'ist Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Ru°s Si a lay.    Monthly rate
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Ku'arieil e
Rat o $2.00 per day
Revelstoke, B.C
piuved.     tii-'-Cliiss in every reBpect.     All modern convenience!
lame Sample Koomn.
Special Weekly Rates
■ARUO "HKALl, ti. V.
Special Attention given to Commercial
men and tourists. Fir*-' cln-*- pauipl'-
roonis. Finest scenery in ISntisli I'oluiB-
bia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
Carriage and Sign
Shop   in alloy   back  nt  K  .1   Iloiirnc's
store, First Street. i
First   Class Work  Gvanrtccd.
Prices Reascnab e
Residence Cor. 'inl .Sl. a. il R. bsona.e
till in Business
We arc ncadquarlers (or
I'acilic Coasl Tested Seeds
and Koscs,Shrub*,Chinese,
Jap.'in, French and Holland
Bulbs and Ornamentals,
also Implements, Bee Supplies. Spray Pumps, Fertilizers and small fruits.
Catalogue Free.
Revelstoke  Land  DUtrict.
District of  Went Kootenay.
Tako notico that I, Hazel 1'oye ol
Nelson, B. C, occupation bpinjter
intend to apply lor permission to
purchase tlio lollowing uuserlbed
Commencing at a post planet at
the B. W. corner ol Lot USD, thence
east 20 chains, thence boutli 2U
chains, theuce west 2U cliains, more
or 1-cass to lake shore, theuce Following the lake shore iu a northerly direction to point of commencement,
containing 40 acres more or learns.
A. V. Lucjis, Ayni.
14. 1910. i'.26
-   Dated Nov.
In the matter of an application for
tho iBBue of a duplicate Certificate of
Title to an undivided -J of lot 4943,
Croup 1, except 19 4-10 acres.
Notice is hereby given that it 1b
my Intention to issue at the expiration of one month after the first pub
lieation hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above men
tioned lands in tbe name ol Thomas
Kilpatrick, which Certificate 1b dated
the 26th February, 1907, and number
ed 6612A.
Samuel R. Roe,
District Registrar.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B.C.,
November 3rd. 1910.
Have your architect prepare your plans for
your new building early and get my figures on
your work.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
of The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is allowed nt current rales. Ihere is no
delay in withdrawing the whole or uny portion ofthe deposit. Small
deposits are welcomed. 234
Accounts may be opened in lhc names of lun or more persons, to be
operated by any one of Ihe number or by lhe survivor. A joint account
of Ihis kind saves expense in establishing lhc ownership of the money
lifter death, and is especially useful when a mini desires to provide lor
his wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death.
Tinsmith Repairs, -Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
New Line
Stirrup  Attached
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
Send Your Orders
Tn lbe I'IhIitmkih-iI  Inr
Famous Gait Coal
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,    -   Manager
Hay, Oats, Wheat,Bran
and Shorts
(ii-i'ici::   Cor.  McKenzie Ave.
ami Shconb Stuij.t
Phone ".*■
Revelstoke Land District.
District ot West Kooteuay.
Take notice that I, Etlio 1'uje, 0
Nelson, li. C, occupation Spinster,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase the (ollowing desc.itied
Commencing at a post punted
about 8U chains south of thc S. W.
corner of Lot 1139, thence east 20
chains, thence north 60 chains, theuce
west 20 chains more orless to lake
shore, thence lollowing the lake
shore in a southerly direction to
point of commencement, containing
120 acres more or less
A. V. Lucas, Au.'iit.
Dated Nov. 14, 1910. N.26
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Full particulars of selc" bullriirc
hit- nhcn uponapplnatlor
Onlcr* left   nt   this   office   Inr  hay
nml grain, promptly attended to
W. B. Robertson
Gre.ii Wet! Permanent I.i.
Company Agency
We want all sufferers fr"m Kidney
and Bladder Troubles, Lame Hack and
Rheumatism, to test (UN PILLS, and
see for themselves that GIN PILLS will
really cure all these troubles.
If your Kidneys arc weak—11 It pains
you to urinate—if your buck aches—if
hands and feet are crippled with Rheumatism—(five GIN PILL8 a chance to
prove that they will relieve you and
cure you. It won't cost you a cent. You
don't have to huy them. Simply write
us for a free sample.
"A short time ago, I received a free
sample of GIN PILLS which I have
taken with such good effects that I herewith enclose 50c for a box of them. I
believe GIN PILLS are just the thinp
for me." RiciiARn Hamlyn,
Prhncii Kivhr.
GIN PILLS are so called because they
contain the medicinal principle of
Juniper berries, the essential principle of
Gin, but do not contain alcohol, 50c. a
box — 6 for J2.50 — at dcnlere, and
guaranteed togivesatisfaction or money
refunded. Sample box free if you write
ns. National Drug aud Chemical Co.,
Dept. W ,    Toronto. U
SMoh's Gure
a nii lily slop-* . iiiiillir-i.   cure, colda. htali
it Ikrual •ud luuda.      •   •   •      20 icul.,
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that William Brown, ol
Uevelstoke, B. 0., occupation, Clerk,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted al
the north west corner ol lot 6140,
marked W. B. south west corner post
thence east 40 chains, thence north
4U chains, theuce west 40 chains,
thence Bouth 40 chains to point oi
Dated Dec. 19th, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
Complaints that the railways were
discriminating against New York in
.avor of Montreal in connection with
Krain rates were made before the inl
terstate commerce Commission at New
Mayor Bleau declares his Arm purpose to refrain from signing the contract between the city ot St. Boniface and the Great Falls Power company.
Two persons were drowned and four
teen had a narrow escape when a
party of bathers were caught by au
undertow on the Australian coast.
The struggle is on at Washington
in connection with the reciprocity agreement. Tlie aaministration is prepared to make a strong tight.
Bronka CIsz, ot Winnipeg, aged five
years, was burned to death in a tire
which destroyed her home early Monday morning.
E. A. Lancaster introduced a motion to abolish thc senate ln the
house of commons. It was defeated
on a division.
Premier  Roblin  views  the recipro -
city agreement  with alarm, predict -
ng disastrous results to all the west
era railways.
Hon. W.B. Motherwell informed the
Saskatchewan legislature tbat there
>vas no coal famine in the province.
Publicity Commissioner Leslie, of
Morth Battleford, predicts a great influx of settlers from the south thiB
A large party of     western teachers
and    nurses     will go to tho British
slos  this summer  on  a     personally
onductod tour.
The London daily papers comment
favorably on the Duke of Connaught
as Governor-General  of Canada.
Thomas Mitchell Robertson was
committed for trial at Calgary for
the murder o' Tucker Beach.
The Hudson's Bay Co. will erect
large new stores in Oalgary.
A tidal wave which swept the coast
of the liiilipmo islands resulted in
tbe loss ol twenty live*.
Tha meeting of the Grand Orange
lodge, to be held in Winnipeg, may
be postponed until August.
ABrairdon delegation will visit
Ottawa in an effort to secure a
branch line of the G.T.P.
Insurance companies doing business
iu Winnipeg offer lower rates on fire
proof buildings.
Port Arthur is to have an armory
to cost $135,<Wii. Works begins tbis
A $2M',000 extension of the expert -
mental meat packing plant, which P.
Burns & Co. have been operating at
Vancouver, is to be built at once.
At Medicine Hat, Mrs. Erickson
confessed to illltreating her little
niece, aged elx, by beating ber with
a knotted rope. The woman has
been sentenced to two years' im,
The munitoba Board of Health is
much alarmed over the prevalence of
•scarlet fever in the province.
A monBter petition praying for the
closing of all hotel bars in Manitoba
is being organized. Thc petition
will ask that a vote ol the     electors
if Manitoba bc taken at the earliest
possible date on the question of
baniBhin-g the bars, and II a majority
s recorded in favor of closing that a
law be put into effect without delay
lievelstoke Land  District,
Imili u'i* of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Mary Cornelius
Brook, of Lethbridge, occupation,
married woman, intonds to apply for
permission to purchase the [ollowing
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south east corner of lot 7045,
marked M.C.B. north east corner
post, thence west 40 chains to the
line of lot 2453, thence south along
said line about 10 chains to the line
ol lot 8300, thence ait 40 chains
along said line, thence north 40
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. lCth, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
Repair)  ol all  kinds   nrnlly done
Bicycle and Gun work a specialty
I'.i.i iiniiii'H iffren on any class
of work
Front      Street*
in accordance with the wishes of the
Canadian Pacific and Canadian
Northern steamers will be equipped
with wireless and will be ln constant
touch with Port Arthur next summer. A Marconi station has recently
been established there.
Officers of Canadian and American
express companies, at a conference
held in New York, announced a reduction in rates on inter-company
business soon to take cflect betw-Dlsn'
all thc offices of the United States
and many in Canada.
Industrial accidents occurred to
351 individuals working in Canada
during the month of December. Of
these 151 were fatal and 197 resulted
in serious injuries.
It is proposed to Oinvite His
Majesty to visit Canada and participate in the celebration of the Cn-
tennial of Peace between Great
Britain and the United States, which
will be held in 1914.
The provincial police authorities
have been informed of tbe arrest by
Chief Constable Maitland Dougall, at
Hazelton, ol Thomas CroBby, a wlrtte
man, who will bc charged with the
murder of an Indian woman named
Janet, one of the Kispiox tribe near
that town. The body was found in
the brush near the Indian village.
Crosby will be held for preliminary
hearing and it is believed there is
sufficient evidence to warrant his being committed for trial.
It is probable that the successor ol
the late Justice MacMafaon on the
High Court bench of Ontario wlH. 1>e
Judge C. D. Macauley, ol Dawson.
Charles F. Smith, under arrest in
Los Angeles, is believed to be A.
Schmidt, wanted in connection with
the blowing up of The Times Office.
Engineer   Dunn,    of    Portage la
Prairie, was scalded to death    ln a
freight wreck on tbe main line ol
the C.P.R. at Rush Lake.
Twenty thousand abled bodied men
are said to be out of work in the
city of Toronto.
A. J. Ferguson, manager of the
Dominion Bank at Hanley, Sask.,
shot himself witb a revolver. Business worry was the cause.
Two millions of people are reported by despatches to be starving in
the provinces of Ngan Hwer and
Kiang Si, as the result of famine.
John Blaisdell a veteran actor and
matinee idol of a geaeration ago, is
dead at his home in Chicago.
Mr. H. S. Rolston makes the announcement that the faire throughout the Northwest will co-operate ih
British capitalists may purchase
property near Vancouver at a cost
of a million and a quarter dollars.
General    Cronje,
leader, is dead.
the noted    Boer
Plague conditions in several Cfcin*-
■se provinces have become increasingly serious.
The Canadian Masonic Grand lodge
and Michigan lodge have ruptured
friendly  relations.
Sani-ed-Dowled, Persian miiister of
finance, has been assassinated in the
streets ol Teleran.
Tbc Canadian Northern Railway
lias been given power In a bill to
construct a railway from Hdmonton
through the Peace River to the Yn -
kem territory.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Los Angeles, California
WEDNESDAY. FEB. 18, 1911
9:30 a. m.
Fare from Revelstoke to Los Angeles, Betorn $115.60'
Above fare includes berth and meals from
Seattle on the going trip. ___^
For full Information regarding those and other
excursion rates, apply to nearest C. P. Ry. Agent,
or to
R. Q. McNolllc,
District Passenger Agent,
Calgtay, Alta.
——— ii  ———a—mm WEDNESDAY, FEB. STH, l'Jll.
»-■■» V%^%/%%<*V%'%*^^V%%%^%%^%%^^'%'%'%*i*^*^'fcT»
tVVV%'*^V%'V%^%^%^%^% .■%%■%'%•■%■'%■'%•%■'%■'*%'%'%
Revelstoke Boys Carry Off Much
of tlie Silver from Golden
On Monday morning thc enthusias
tic curlers       who attended      Golden
bonspiel found it really hurd     work
to settle down to business, so   many
were th*;* enquirers as to how it    was
dono.   In almost every  store    in the
c.ty   i;r"iips   W'.iild   congregate       and
with pencil and paper indicate     this
Btone and that  stone and that   play
andthis play; how  Mclntyre won tbe
.  aggregate for RevelBtoke, and
bow Foote'a rink did up the best ol
tnem in thc Burn's competition.
Anyway     Revelstoke   did     herself
..' i lolden  bonspiel      and
carried ofl no small .-share of the
silver, She even bad the honor ol
winning the booby prize, and as a
result Knight's rink disported themselves homeward with a small bottle
of Scotch and a bum Panama hat
apiece, which latter will no doubt
be much in evidence next summer,
In the Burn's competition Foote's
rink skipped by .Mclntyre, won the
:irst prize, with C. R. Macdonald's
In the Grand Challenge D.M. Rae's
rink took the third prize, which consisted of four polished brass eight-
day clocks.
In the O'Brien competition Revelstoke won nothing, but in the (Irand
Aggregate competition, of those mak
:nt- the largest number of wins,
route's rink held a place in a tie
with Pinkham. Thc play ,,fi between
these two rinks resulted in a victory
for Foote's rink, skipped by Mclntyre
This is variously described by the
boys in attendance at the 'spiel, ns
a well played game In which some
phenomenal shots were made by both
sides. A diagram would be required
to describe the shot, but every man
:n attendance was enthusiastic over
Mr. Mclntyre's play winch won the
fame. A merscham pipe apiece was
the prize for this game.
Rae's rink also contested for the
consolation prize and succeeded in
Winning a case of Scotch as third
The att.ndants from this city are
enthusiastic in their praise of the
entertainment put up by the sports
nt Golden. On Saturday evening a
smoker was given at which the prizes
were presented.
It has been decided that an effort
will be made next year to get up a
bonspiel for Revelstoke. Many of
the visit.iu- rinks, including Calgary-
have promised to be present, should
these eilorts  be successful.
On Monday night Bruce beat Anderson in a game of basket ball at
ihe Y.M.C.A. by a -score of 20 to 18.
The individual scores for the Bruce
team were as follows—Bruce 5 goals
on floor, 2 out of 6 tries; Robbins
1 goal from floor; Geo. Woodland, l
goal from floor; C. Anderson, 2 goals
from floor. Anderson's team:— M.
Anderson, 6 goals from floor; H. Gordon. 2 goals from flo...r; a. MeCarter
1 goal from floor. Referee, Munro.
time keeper. McGregor, Scorer, I.yt
On Wednesday night Daniels plays
Corley in the Intermediate league,
and on Saturday afternoon Muriel
ter'e team meets Tains Patrick's
team in the High School girls basket
ball league.
C.P.R. vf.   Dent's met in a    bowl
lag match at the V.M.C.A. a'.!.
itlng   them by     B
maj ns.   Ranum     lor
lhe Dent's, hon
getter, averaging ■  ol 165   Th
consistent ■    i ng ol the C. P   R
. * -   beat ■      •■ an  * i!
0.  P. R*
Mason . .13-1   ill   162
.    ...l'i.   ' (
J   : '      117        122
■ im 177   172
Roe ,........! A   Hi   123
Messrs.   Adams ami Berry,  old country friends of the Winnipeg curler.
i .*
' 1
; ,*!
■   rson
     1  ■
..       •-, n .
l ..:■
Beattie, Feb. 5.—Tommy Burns will
not light. Bill Lang in Australia on
April  17, und  is out of the. prize ring
or good. This wns definitely settle.I
yesterday, when Burns' injured knee
was examined by a physician,      who
aid that Burns would never be able
io stand training. Hums sent a
lablogram to Hugh Mcintosh explaining the case, and offering to
match Jack Lester, Burns' "hope for
he white race," against  Lang.
Connie Mark, manager of the
viii'ld's baseball champions, the Phll-
iflelphia Athletics, is home Irom Ilis
i. neymoon tour ol Europe, lie expects his nnn to win the pennantag-
iin this season. 'I! we want to win
ve have got to play belter ball,"
ie acknowlcd jeil,  "becausos nine    ol
1 tIn-i- clubs in the American leag-
le will be stronger this year than
thoy were last season. Boston and
Cleveland are bettor, and you can't
ell what OomiBky will do. The Ani-
Tii'Hii national game is making no
headway in Europe, The only place
where they play it is in Rome, nt
he American college, where the stud-
nts play against one another, 150
rf them."
\ r0!    *  ■    it:   206.'!
Winnipeg,   Feb McDlar
i^.d. the Stratbcona club curler,
Carried ..fl the premier b n      ;*i tl
■ rnatioaal bonspiel held in Swltz
erland is 1900   n Delved word on * *.i
day  Irom I'eter  I.ynll,  jr..      pati
<f the Manito; a Curling association,
that  it  was Mr.  l.yall's  intention to
t.,k" n  ''ink  through thc  Hwitzerlnn 1
bonspiel tins year.     Play in this an
fixture of the  Alps begins today
and Wlnnfpegers may expect to hoar
thai  the Thistle club -iup will make
n gn. M..  Rlddell,      who
played with Mr McDiarmld, will in*
. ne <( 'ho members ol Mi. Lyall'n
fink, and die   other   wcwbrn     att
round in Camp on Prairies oi
Alberta and Was Rescued
A gypsy van, an officer's child, a
tUBSlan priest, thc Kdmonton police,
uul an official of the Children's Aid
lociety, all played their part In tha
story of a child rescuework as conducted in Alberta, says the Calgary
Towards dusk one autumn evening
a handful of swarthy men, women
and children clnmered out ofa lumb -
ei ing gypsy van, built a lire and
slung their kettles before making
camp lor the night. Provisions were
low, cold weather wa3 rapidly ap-
proaching, and winter quarters had
to be secured, hmce everyone was
busy enough; in fact, little beyond
passing curiosity and attention tiu.1
beea expended on the outiit till some
I weeks after they weee installed in a
makeshift shack on the outskirts of
But one day. the keen, kindly eyes
of a Russian priest noted a thm
pinched Ind playing with the gypsy
children, whose language he had acquired. In so fnr a- outward appeal-
lances went, he was just as duty, as
ragged and begrimed as any ol them,
but   Ilis skm belled kinship.
With the Intuition of a countryman
the priest addressed the boy i" Russian an,l was promptlj  answered   in
h.s own tongue; nor   *
gleaning from tlu* boy detached     incident '     of     Ins strange i tperiences,
Little Felix was the
ollicer  who  was command.' .
Far  Hast   to  out-match    the
man.   shortly  after  which  his  m
died, leaving him In the care "f   an
aunt wh" * thing aboul    him.
A'hen news came that his father hal
been killed In th
*. the b ;*.*    lit of Felix
hard that he gladly   • in away
iv.th a  heavy    heart* ■
man who claimed to be a priest
ndivtd ial     I  a| peai
Lt this J
i nomad
lie life I
i »v over th      trang
:.'   n  111      ;'   S
*. I  I  lllll.
A' qui* k  i :i  in i amp,   a   fi ■■
■ :   ».'i. an i '■'■■<ei   if tl   Ch Idren
oi letjr, and ,, thi rough tubbing
rn the Children' •
..■   the   weary   Uttll     '
To lay Felix i *     .a ih- home
* lo Albei tan farmer nnd Ii.h
-vile, who regard th • boy as their
verj own   Mei t. intelligent, and ha|
i       th ling his els   imates
and whisi Hug about. Ioh evi D Dg
' hores. In short, Hie home life nnd
training ol thc e good iieoiile have
imbued hi in with th.' cheerfulness,
mutual Borvice iniiistry and optimism ol the Canadian Wi sl.
G. P. I.
lawsuit of Far-Reaching Inipart-
anee Decided by Privy Council
London, Feb. 4.—Judgment was
given yesterday by the privy council
in the important case ol the Minist-
erof Public Works of the province of
Alberta against the C.P.R. respondent with the Attorney General of Sns
katchewan intervening. This was a
tist case regarding the exemption of
the I'.l'.R. lands from taxation and
resulted in a win lor the railway
company all along the line, the case
being dismissed without costs.
Their lordships held that unoccu -
pled lands were not taxable until 20
years after the actual grant of letters patent to the settlers, iven
■-hould there be a delay ..[ many
years on their part in taking out
these letters patent. They also held
ib.it C.P.R. lands sold :.n tne Instalment plan are not taxi'.ie u til
all the instalments are | aid.
Victoria,    B.   C,  Feb.   I.—The fa.l-
ti  *  case of the pro'
[A re the Privy Council
'. ng  taxation  of  C.P.R.     la
will he widely regretted in the prair-
* •    ■
al ty an ng af-
men' ittltud
-e in
r  h
it is Bald it iias been definitely de
i .de i that lho Dowagoi Queen Alex
■nnflrfl will not attend th. coronation
f   l|        I'r i, n'lir   *
no bi tier
ind    r 'i'i* '
help   He in
■i .*. * ite  li
marla,   .
K'' in an)   *
l* il . r     i lm respal
lllll i n .1        II,.-   Ilhil   |. ..'I'
often . ii ■ i     Wi Hi   lo *. 'i in* fi i
iiinil,i       Icni    ly   i    ■
•I in  * '. imhors, Jm i.in
ti,     i I... for will.- Lv r   i.
drugg it,  iiuvelstuko. t
i   Enquire Into Coal Prices
j Victoria, Feb. 2.—Mr. McGuire's
resolution for a commission to inquire into the reason lor the     high
; price of coal was accepted by tbe
government. It was supported by
Carter-Cotton, Watson and Tis.la'.e.
anl was opposed by Hawthornthwaite, Williams and Manson the mem
her for Oomox,
Thebill providing for the giving ol
railway charters without nn act of
the legislature and specifying the
conditions on which charters may be
obtained from the department was
gipen its second rending.
An order of the provincial hoard of
health requires all persons to be vaccinated who have not been vneeinnt-
ed within seven years and also gives
the hoard power to quarantine dis -
trlcts. There arc now ahout 100*
cases of small pox in the province
chiefly on the lower mainland.
• *>&&   ''
KOOTENAY     LODGE,  No.  15 A.  F.
nn I   A.   M.
nu-etin^s are held in MASONIC TEMPLE,     Oddfellows'     Hall
Monday  In each month
..*   ■   i     m       Visiting brethren      arc
cordially welcome.
W.   D.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
-    sec.
DR1 ski.nvi-   « \N   RK
Mil Fallai y Thai  I
Be  '
The   Road   to  Fortune
Your last chance lo gel good farm
lands in Uu- las.I Ureal \\cm, J. I'ht-
point t\iorgan saul, "\\lt\ i \ t Vul U
.uu.\ \:\     i.n    L*m\kb .'    wlicii    KbaL
l--.il.Vir.     blingh    in    iiltii     IA 1 Lki'.S I
aha }tii. st-ciuu) is i m.i,i. io metcast: in
vaua:. I'UKl LiSub .'.Ki'. M.ii-i. IA
M.i.i'iAo \ ul K uAi'liAL A i UOUk
ALt- iiic. i i m i. \ Ma lit \ invested it.
i OKI lnvOKOu. district *\>ii pav you
uoin oU lo it'o |H i ctiu. Large .n.usniai
i.n ms ioi ..i.i u. .i. tlie lownsile ol Gordon-
\,.,«'.    Ue have been iiiiui tin- Helling oi
.iu     lionioH    I'.m.iIi',    VVlliCil    ■tiillu'ill.tU -i\
adjoin a 11 ic townsito ol ljordou\ mc,
ui..>.ii is ahout hlleeii miles uorili ol Kor*
uuorgc. This laud comprises lhe vullc)
ot iuu Salmon Kiwi, und is utmost read}
lor tuu piougtu ti lies ueaii) level and
siupo& gciuij Duck n viu lhc itvcra t\U
iiTigatiou isit-.juiiii:, un' euutate is warm
ui sum mer, anu muU| bui nui yvel in win-
lur, tm sou is ver) ncn ana produces
*. uoi mous crops, t runs gram and mixed
larm.ug wiii pay uandsoiitc returns; out
good Li*op \\i.. pa) lor ihe land, 'lhe
v. r.i ik. 11 utile taedic passes nlong the
I- raser i iv. r just ut the mouth of the
. .i.moii i in i, .imt .i ciiunu lias been
applied lor a railroad vvuieh will pass
liu ough the centre ol ihis property. We
have subdivided tins property into .S and
lu .nii blccks, uniiii we aie selling Ioi
$J5U and >3Uu resp* ctively, per block, on
a small cash payment oi §25 and Llu
nalance .it tlu- tale ol % 10 pel month* So
great are lhe producing pow'era ol this
i,uni, ma. ..■. -ooii .is hus utilroad is
completed, ki^ui!s l'"s locaiily iranspor-
lation (acuities, uie laud wm easil) be
woi th Sich' .nil S^JoU pn .ii ii'. It _\ ou are
uncreated write us imuwdunelj .nui we
wm give \ou lull tuloi mn.i-n regarding
ilie LOuutr) .out .lisii regarding lownsite
tula which we are giving nee lo purchasers
of the acreage, >\ uo draw the mcky num*
... i hi om conti si. one .nui .» halt aen
uiocKSt three nines Irotu I'orl IJeorge, an
seiung .a $i-k)U pel lot.
UtsTEUN Canada Townsites, Ltd.
jjj l'i inter Sir* ei, Uuotn S
Vancouver, t>. l .
LODGE  12,  1. O.  O. F.
:'.   i even ng   in
*   .   Invited.
>*. G.
MATH1B,  Secretary.
.K   I.HIJGK.       K.   of    r .
. '
.*■    '
"i       lii:
t. 0   O. F
, i.   *     i
,    \\!i   ,     *
0, w. 0. w.
\i . [ev Camp, I        1
'     * ' IM.    II'
.., h   ... i,. i   iii    rtelklrk
Hall      vi iiimi'   *\  ".i"n n .rn'
nordlally Invlt. I in rtttnd
u  ...  i;r»w inn i, '" ,''*1"
MMM8 MtlNTiiU'i, Oltrk.
FOR BALK—Rhode Island Iteds, ono
i year old Cock, i lu'U.i uud 5 Pullets; including 1st Cock and 1st
aud 3rd prize lions ut our Full
Fair. tiunic um now lnying. A
good chance to stint right in Hods
Apply  to  duo.  J.  Devine.
MAGIO LANTERN und .Slides Ior
Bale, gnu.I uutiit, ch-jap. Thomas
Plimley,  Victoria,  li. C.
PRINTING  l'ltliSSKS-Gordon Job
licr,      for    sale,       cheap.     Thoiuus
l'limley, Victoria, u. c.
WANTED—A  li.* .iini  agent to writ.*
■ii* .* ,u iiiii District, only
icei    ii. • ii apply, giving
partli dan  with credentials;
■*!    .* .mu,.*.   ...i Appllcal ions
led to     A. I,, (in'ilin,
Dom      liuildmg,
'.  B. 0.
BALK   V .hi.,   now   nt  railway
iii mi sacrificed
*. .'i been
l.ii.ly    niiiii,i.   I., keep it.       Aw'ly
in    in si    i     * ii* ■■    Mis. Mungeam,
li. O.
took       In
I.n   Kim  Mi   l:*.I,I,i*i   I'ii.,        1,1.1  ,
I     .   .   dividend
ir. ii.   ■ i  i'.'l  . • rn    first yi ai      and
Highi  i   i.i
\,    HI .    cnin
im cent,      I.* i Mr\i
\     ii    i-i*     *   '    i, ni in Bee
..  *   ii
Apply li. n. Ooursler, ^t.
I for bouse w, rk.     n .
ii   I, i . .tn .*.
in...I House     nn
I.li    ... :   ft,    .in lilill*,-   lilllli   in mi
imi nn I ini,i watei. ' ii** ti ii' lights,
,in i ;mii ice   ''in ■'■ I.. C.P.R. *;
Apply tu L. Cattatto, Third dt.
-■'. :*,.*.     .i." fc£ V.t,»i*\ff*/Tj
S ^\&^'±i\J'*>*K2WXWJyi!>'$tl
$    "a ri here smcE 1900:'
'Swelonr Money,
q *(sm.mtxict Mow!
£3 We wattt evnyoiiflo Ifticw
m \\a\ wc arc payinS *
§ c~4^ Iuterralr^
f ) pcrarrauTO crc3itc3 m\\i\
0 on saving iepbaite^
(i) (^ upward)subject loWilh-
(>) t)aY,;.A by chcijiiic & *
m on lime deposit or *
G 5iii monlli'o & over. *
$ Wc invest moncf forclienta
(j in. first mortga^eaS doa
|| 4eneal Ifnancial business.
rt) We Wfltil^ur saving accnt
^ & if you arc not saving -
tr^TcmaVicnttv, * * ■»■ ■*• ,
Commence NOW Willi US.
+ + + easily liartt)le<) —
'Wean scut) ly Droit,
Post Office * Cypress
Orficr or ReJistcreS *+»
Letter & withdrawals
cciu be matte*"-*- ■»"* *
* - any vmy you wish.
Wave Responsible
Refer To"^+ ■*■+->■
Duna, Braddtrccta,
or to auyoue ta *
it now
I I ! TT
DwfJipiA lllll
32! Cainblf Street,
\^j\co\iver B.C.';;
MnnnfRctnrttt for nit oinkoo uf  balldlugi
I'nr 1 iie iit!tci. >>r -niiiii qraatttloi
nt lhn Inwnxl   prlcei f"r OftlU
All kind 1 1 '. bulMlnR mnl plustoriiiu
in dnrtiikMii
Foote & Pradolini.
Revelstoke Un. Ui^u'ict.
District of Wesl Kooteuay.
Take notice that H.  VV.  Crawford,
of Gerrard, U. C,   occupation     engineer, intends to apply for     permis-
j sion to purchase the following     de-
ucrilK-d lauds:
Commencing at a post planted ten
ehuins from the south east coruer of
Kullmer's Pre-emption, Lot 7491,
thence west 40 chains along the south
boundary of Lot 74'Jl, thence south
20 chains, thence east -111 chains,
thence north 2(1 chains to point of
commencement. Containing eighty
acres more or less. Located by,
Dated Decemher 2nd.  l'JIO.
Revelstoke Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Bilus Maddock
Brook, of Lcthbridge, occupation,
Merchant, intends to apply ior permission to purchuBe the following described lauds.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south east coiner of ot 7U4:>,
and marked B.M.B north west post,
I theuce south 40 chains, thenco east
■IU chains, theuce north 40* chains,
thence west 40 chains to poiut of
Dated Dec. Kith, 11)10.
i'er F. W. Terry, Agent.
Revelstoko Laud District
District of West Kooteuay.
Take Notice tuat 1, D. McCarthy,
ol RevelBtoke, L. C, occupation,
Contractor, iuu.ua to apply lor a
iictu.,e 10 prodpect tor coal ana pet-
ruicuni on tho lonowiug described
uommeucing at a post planted
about three miles South 01 Arrowhead, li. C, and ou the Bouth side
01 Li'uunerry Creek un.1 opposite tho
inouUi 01 said creek; theu.e east 6*0
tUains, thenco south Su* chans, thence
west so ciiaius, theuce north Se
chains,  iu ail uiu acres.
Dated this Mth day of Dec, l'JIU.
D. McCarthy, Locator.
I'er J. u. JjiaUicy, Agent.
iu  tho    Matter of    tho    Estate      of
I1.1ea11.1i' N. Tapping,  deceased.
Pursuant to  tue directions oi liis
Honor   Jud^e  Form,   Local   Judge  oi
I iho  Supremo Court,      Sealed Tenders
I will     bo  received   by   the  uudcrsigue-d
I up to and moulding tho aird January
! uli, ior the purchase ol an undiviu-
1 oa ouc uau interest in and lo    Cots
June and  Iwo in li.ock Twelve,  Plan
; Wii,  Rovelstoke.
Dated tuis i.iii January, 1911.
ft. E.  McLAUOHLiN,
Deputy Registrar supreme
4t. Court,  Revelstoke, li. C.
RevelBtoke Lund District.
District of  West Kooteuay.
Tune uotice thut .1 nines Peters, of
.Nutueld, England, occupation, bricn
layer, liueuds to apply for permission to purchase the lollowing described lauds.
Commencing at a post planted at
tho south west corner o, lot StlSo,
uud in.uim,I E.J.P. south eust corner
post, thence west twenty chains,
thence north forty cini.ii., theuce
east twenty cUaius, th, lice south forty cUuius lo poiut of commencemeut.
Dated December 2*lth,  1910.
Declil        Per Fred,  C. Terry, Agent.
Revelstoke Lund District.
District oi West Kootenuy.
'lane Notice thut 1, A. J. McDonell
oi Rovelstoke, li. C.„ occupation,
Hotel Proprietor, intend to apply
lor ., in . n.. to prospect for coal uud
petroleum ou tho lollowiug described
Commeneiug ut a post planted
about three miles South of Arrowhead, B. C, and on tho south side
of Cranberry Creek and opposito the
mouth of said Creek; theuce west 80
chaius, thence south i>0 chuns, thence
eust ml chains, llieuce uorth HO chuius
111 all 1140 acres.
Duted this llth day of Dec,  1910.
A. J.  McDonell,  Locator.
Per J. O. Bradley, Agent.
Fruit Lands
1 ■ ii-ni   r.i.   inii- in psrcela ol
in ur 'jn   . * *   ■' 1 n bloc.    CorreB-
|i..i,.li*ni'i. inviti il.
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
Revelstoko Land  District
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that I, Mary Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intends to apply lor permission to purchase tho following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. E. Corner of Lot 6140 (3.1.,
and marked M. H.'s S. 15. Corner,
thence north Ml chuius, thence west
70 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thenco south
40 chums, thence eust 50 chains
to point of commencement, containing 480 acres.
Dated January 9th, 1911,
Per O. P. Smith. Agent.
For Sale
12 Room House, Furnished,
• 111 ■ 11 lilt [of Kootniiiu llnUHi', nenr
i\V R. Shops. A bur^.iin. For
particulars apply lu
January Bargains
In All Departments
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. j}. Hume S Co.. limited
Mail    or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Through the coming weeks and
months we have decided to put on
Weekly Bargains in our Men's Furnishing and Shoe Departments.
These bargains will be advertised
in the mid-week issue of this paper.
They will consist of one genuine
bargain in Shoes and one genuine
bargain in Men's Furnishings every
week. When we say bargains we
mean bargains — genuine price
smashers. You will recognize these
snaps when you see them every
time. Remember—one bargain in
shoes and one bargain in men's
furnishings each week.
Real M Bargains
Regular $5.*i() and ifli.00 boots at a price which
will make you realize their worth. They are all the
product of .'. and T. Bell; all bear the union label.
Genuine Goodyear welt.
dull matt top.   Medium sole and heel.
VICI KID BLUCHER—a snappy, serviceable
Bhoe on an up-to-date last.
BOX CALF BLUCHKR-leather lined, Doctor's
special.   A natty Bhoe.
Sizes 6 to 9 1-2, $4.25 pr.
Sit Bargains
All the balance of our liiHt season's shirts will bv
put on tbe bargain table and sold at the one price
for all. These lines comprise soft fronts in I'rints,
Zephyrs, and Oxfords in neat and attractive patterns.
A few lines of snappy stiff front shirts in plain and
fancy patterns. Tbey are all good value at the
regular price of $1.25 to $2..r>0, but genuine snaps at
75c. each
Ladies Suits
5 only Ladies Suits going at
a bargain. Sizes .14, 36, and
and 38 See them, you will
be interested at
Ladies Underwear
A clean up of Ladies' warm
Underwear, hoth natural color
and while. Vests and Drawers
all size1-', at.
3 Garments for 1.00
Ladies' Skirts
30 Ladies' Skirts on sale
Thursday, Friday and Saturday at $8 90. They are a
selection -uf odd skirts worth
up to ST, all colours and sizes
Ladies' Collars
Ladies' new laundered collars, im'iroidered new shapes,
pure snowy white at
Ladies' While L'nen Liun-
d red Collars, 11 inches high,
all Linen, good finish, at
Ladies' Hose
Ladies Block Cashmere Hose
Full fashioned seamleBS stocking at 85o. or
3 pairs for $1
Stockings lor Baby
Little I'.iilm:! Cashmere
Stockings for the Little Tots —
Black, Tan, Cardinal, White
or Brown, at  3 pairs for $1, or
35c. per pair
Get It at Hume's
A new pile of remnants to
look over—P/ints, Ginghams,
Flannelette and Cottons in
this lot. Coming on 8| ring
sewing, you will do well to
look over these Remnants.
Wool Goods
A lot of wool goods—Bootees
II mil*', Wool Overalls, Toques
etc.   All in one lot, clearing at
iah Silks
New R»jah Silk, 28 inches
wide—Reseda, Natural, Tan,
Brown, Navy, Green, Copen-
Lagi.'i    it per yard
Japan Taffeta
New Japan Taffeta, 27 inch
goods, and Momie cloth, any
Colo*." you can name at
Soutache Braid
New Soutache Braid,all Bilk
No. 2 and No. 3 Braid, any
color you want at per dozen
New Frillings.
New Beltings.
New Collar Supports.
New Ribbons.
New .Waists.
New Gloves.
New Hosiery.
Every day brings its quota
of new seasonable goods. Our
system of adjusting stocks always finds us each new season
with a clean, fresh, new stock.
Take the Elevator
The lateBt productions of Canada's best shirt
makers. All with the red W. G. & R. trade mark on
the band. We can show you the snappiest and
dressiest line of shirts ever brought into the city.
Let ue show them to you—they are just opened and
you have no broken lines to contend with. All the
new Prints and Zephyrs with cuffs attached. Oxfords
that will wear for years. Tbe new soft, double cuffs,
fine and broad pleats. These we can show you and
many others.
$1.25 to $3 Each
Every Shirt is a Coat Shirt
We are making a special push on Starches, and
as our prices are away down you cannot do better
than inspect our stock. We have them all. Silver
Gloss Lump Laundry Starch in lib. packages, "lb.
cans and 12?b. boxes. Celluloid in lib. packages.
Canada Corn Starch in 1 lb. packages, and Benson's
Corn Starch in lib. packages.
We have just received a consignment of Soider's
Tomato K-itcbup. This is one of the best on the market. We also hsve Blue Libel, Heinz, Campbell's
Tabasco, and Bar Harbour. Look at our pric s before
We have just finished our stocktaking and have
sorted out a lot of odd lines that we are selling at a
big discount. A lot of useful articles will be found
among this lot. Come in and look them over. We
have also a large range of Dinner Sets, Toilet SetB,
Fancy Plates, Vases, Tea Sets, .lardin.eree. Teapots,
Jugs, Lamps and a thousand other articles with the
prices to suit moat any one.
In this line we are offering a large assortment-
Labrador Salt Herring, Holland Herring in kegs,
Salt Mackerel, Canned Lobsters, Shrimps, Clams,
Sardinea, Oysters, Salmon. Herring in Tomato Saucei
Smoked Red Herrings and Anchovies in bottles.
When buying Extracts you want to be sure of
three things- Quality, Quantity and Price. In our
2.J oz. bottles nf Sealey's Extracts you are sure of all
three. They are pure, full weight and retail at the
same price as most al! 'Joz. Extracts. We bIbo carry
•loz. and Kloz. bottles in a little less as tine a quality,
at a little lees price.
Dry Goods Department
Second Floor
Take   the   Elevator
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke ««<* Arrowhead
Watch the Windows
for Special Lines
During January WEDNESDAY, FEU.  STH.   1911.
New Spring Goods
Embroideries and Laces.
New All-Over Nets.
Nainsook, India Linen, Mad-
apolin, Long Cloths.
Indian Head, Fancy White Muslin,
Linen Suiting, Rellicour Suiting, Check and
Stripe Zephyrs.
Boots and Shoes
Fifteen Cases New Spring Styles.
Men's Famous Stridors.
Hoys' and Misses' Ironclad.
For Misses
English Gingham
A   nice line  at   u1.. e. per yard.    Warranted fast colors.
Boots for Misses Patent Calf, Box
Calf and Vici Kid.     Sizes ;,':, 4, 4 1-2, 5.
For Children
In small children's sizes we have a full
range. Come in and look around our shoe
department and inspect our line stock of
Pathe's (I izette No. ST at ICdifon
Theator imiinlit.
llnvc you tried briquettes yet in
your cook stove or open llro place?
Tin' Revelatoke General Agencies,
Ltd., have tlicm ulwnys for sale.
On I'Vliriiii' v, 17' li. wvii her
p'rniiuinjr, ther* «ill he a race
meet al lhn rink and anyone wishing to praoiioe fast skati"8 enn d"
so every night from 7::l() to 8
o'clock. Prizes will be annoiwtri
in Saturday's pai>er for onuplt's
nice, one mill'; gem'.-; race, 1 mil';
re'ay race, I men, two miles, for
oyster nipper; boys under 16, one
mile.    Skating after races.
Iled Officers, Transact Business
and Gather in the Shekels
for Paraphernalia
The cricketers are oil. Krom a
score to a score ami K half turned
out tc the nnnugl meeting of Revelst oke Cricket Club last nitfht end
in one of the most enthusiastic meetings ever held in the citj made preliminary arrangements for the season's work, In substantiation of their
enthusiasm a goodly numlier dipped
 ~ I down  in  their pockets to the tune of
si'iuli'l  nnd  gold. Troops lined every
Inch ol the route.
Arriving at the main eotrance to
parliament, their Majesties donned
the royal ruins ol scarlet and ermine
Th 11 a brilliant possession was formed to the House oi Lords, where there
wns a perfect phantasy of colors, embroideries un.l jewels,
i The Duke of Norfolk, earl marshal
nt England, headed thc procession.
Behind him came the garter king-at-
nnns and lhe lii'inlds, pursuivants, a
qrllllant splash of eolm* which vividly recalled th" time of tho lirst
I A fanfare from the state trumpeters outside the ''House of Lords
I brought the assembled peers and
.peeresses to their feet. Ascending the
steps of the dais, King George assist
nl tho Queen to her throne,and then
took liis seal alongside. The Prince
of Wales was accommodated1 with a
minor throne on the right, while thi
1911 Diaries
A complete range of
Office and Pocket
Diaries, all sizes and
prices.   See them at
Macdonald's Drug Store
Prescriptions Filled Promptly
Massing—At   Calgary,  Feb. sth,
1911,   to   Mr.   and   Mrs.   II. |A.
Manning, a eon.
We have jusi received a shipment of While Clover Honev put up 111
five lb. cans, whieh we will guarantee to be absolutely Pure Honey,
nnd as tris is the season for honey we would advise you lo try thia il
yoa wish toAgel the genuine article.
The name "Wagstaffe speaks for itself in regard to quality. We have
a lull assortment oi this Pure Jam including Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach. Plum, Black Currant and Apt icot.j
A.  HOBSON,        Baker and G occr.
So'.OO a   piece as   membership
McINTYRE—At Notch Hill. Saturday. Feb. 4th, Christine, youngest
daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. John
Mclntyre, ol Revelstoke, aged 13
M     ing   Pictures  at  the   EdisoU  The
atre to-nipht.
Managing   Mildred, musical   comedy,
Edison theatre. Feb. 9th.
Con dcII Meeting, City   HII,   Fridny
Cricketers Concert abi.m Fib llth.
Race Meet at Rink, Fib. IT b.
L. A rl n K.  T.  l'micc.  April  18th,
Opera House.
April  IS—Lgdiee'Auxiliary to the B. |
of R. T.    Dance In '    *'.    House.
Febi laey 29—Jl B   C   Concert in thc
Methi list  church.
I.O.O.F.  Ai Home, opera house,   on
March 17th.
Allen  Players,  Edison  theatre,      on
March 13th.
Is one of the most import,
ant items in your business
will look after this branch   of
the business for you.
Kootenay Agencies. Ltd.
Successors lo Kincaid & Anderson
Moving pictures to night at the
Edied-H the.itre.
The lievelstoke Cricket Club will
aive a concert on nr about Feb. 'JI
Mrs. J. M. Keliie ic visiting  hi r
'laughter,   Mr**". II. A. M.im
A   huh'.-   muff   was   f. mnl   this
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ fees
mul Immediately arrangements were
iiinile for the acquirement of a full
I I .yini; outfit so that when the winter's snows are oil there will bc no
time lost in getting iu good fettle to
meet opposing tennis. Anil what
Kevelstoke cricketers will do to opposing teams will bc plenty if the
same eniliusiasm ol the annual meeting is carried by every member of
the club to the cricket field. At tha
very least Itevelstoke is assured of
one live sporting aggregation for the
coming season.
The  principal  object  of  the  annual
meeting   was,   of  course,   l.he  election
ol officers, and enough names      were
put  in  nomination  for    gt least  two
or three clubs.     However, the following were almost all  unanimously elected in due form:
Hon. Pres.—Hon. Thos. Taylorf
Hon.   Vice  Presidents—  Kilpatrick,
Kincaid,  Holten and Lindmark.
President—\V. W. Foster.
Captain—J.  Maley.
Vice Captain—F. Fleetham.
Sec.-Treas.—Chas. North.
Executive—Field,  tllncklock,  Barnes
Brier, Bovallo and Bourne.
The executive will be enlorce with
the duly elected captain, vice captain
and secretary treasuret, making a
I'i.ll completment of nine.
An honorary list ui members    will
be opened which  will entail a     subscription of not  less than    that      of
Dg members nn.l  as  much more
ns tbe Interest of members subscrib -
"_•   will   warrant.      Mr.   Hilton,       a
7 at E tisoi    visiting    cricke£er    from   Vancouver,
signified his intention of being in this
,,     . .,,1  , ,  last with a substantial donation and
Moving picture? will be - -mrm! ;
,,'.        ,, ,• , ,   ,.   a    numniT of    others have  promised
n at Ivin-on theatre on  r ri 1 iy
I'.nbe'.- Gazette Ni
I 'heater lOOight.
week   by  the   local   poi,re.
nn be had by the lofer  by
ng at police bead quarters.
Mr. \V, Kini:.  archil
eek for  Kamlnopp, where
eft this
he  px-
uiul Sttutday nights, to-morrow
bonn: given over lo "Managing
Milil ri
Mr. Water*, ledger keeper in th*.
M ii-... -   Bank
f rr--. 1 to Sew SVesi mineti r
*.f the  -..-: ■    '■ u k   in   V
II- will lea •■ '
If our ■■*.*-.■    1;
1 .    . , ■< 1     ;   ■> u          1   '
.:.--.■ -      '  ng I with expenditures
ims of two figures for the honor of
ag  their  names  enrolled in      thc
1st.   Bi   that  taking it all   in
* ike    cricketers     gut
away  to .1 -• 1 start,  together with
apturing many of thc
.nt. may be hung Up
'.  In and out of     this
Receipts for last year showed    the
Duke ami Duchess of Connaught and
other members of tho royal family
were placed on the left and slightly
The great court ofBclalB took up
their proper places around the
thrones, and the mlng Invited all to
be soated,
A nml Irom tho Duke nf Norfolk
anil the gentleman Usher of tho
Black Hod (Admiral Sir M. M. Steele mon) departed to summon the
"Faithful Commons." While ho was
gone there were a lew moments of
dead  silence.
In the peeresses' galleries a wonder
fui bepy of English beauties gazed
down on the scene. All wore robes
niul coronets, which glistened with
rare jewels. Dazzling groups of white
sky-blue, sea-green and other weird
1 niforms marked the position of the
foreign em ssexies, ministers and military attaches.
A rustle from the direction of the
House of Commons proclaimed the
1 'turn of Blgck Rod, and, headed by
the Speaker, Premier Asqulth and the
leaders of tho government anl opposition, the "Faithful Commons" took
up their position nt the bar of the
Once more tbo Duke of Norfolk
made a signal nnd the trumpets Commanded silence. Then ihe Lord Chancellor, kneeling on the steps of the
throne, handed the king the parchment roll on whieh wgs Inscribed the
lirst speech of George V. to his parliament. The King, who wore a field
marshal's uniform under his robes,
placed his plumed lint on his head
nnd, rising to his feet, rend the
speech  in clear ringing tones.
The House of Lords was packed
when the imperial procession entered
from the robing room at 2:30 o'clock
A numlier of peeresses had seats on
the floor with the peers. The bishops
and ambassadors with their wives
occupied seats at the left of thc
throne. In the absence of American
Ambassador Reid, who is having a
holiday at. home, tho United ,-Uates
was repr?sented by William Phillips
secretary of the ambitssy.
The colonies for the tirst. time were
represented by the colonial agents
general. Lord Sirathcolia, high Commissioner for Canada, was present, in
this capacity, and with him were
ine representatives from Africa, Australia and N'ew Zealand. Other diplomats, including others of tho Amel'i-
' can embassy occupied places in the
royal gallery. The women wore
mauve in half mourning.
Speaker Lowther and as many of
the members of the House of Commons gs could crowded the lloor ai'd
stood in the aisles.
lecte to secure the contract of draw- leaving a snug little balance
, t     .    . t. „    .,.,«.   ~',.,r.        -_..» Tl.    r.r.n-L.     -1 ll rr. ■ .... n    rl...    I.nnlr In    a    cnortfl-
The Ju     .   Bible Club will hold alho'elat  Naku
•   .    rt in  the Methodist church    on
ian  -3rd.
ing up the plan? for lbe  new winj
[the   Leland   Hotel.    Mr*   K ng
ileo  has   prospects of secui due io correct
ame clase  of   work for a big new      T. _
power plant.   The power  slumped n the bank,     in n sports
v.f   were   manlike  manner  the  club  agreed    to
n -aid lull at Vernon
u • • .*.   mi. .*  ncen paid
A    ii. • • ng     I    the Band  of Hi   ■
• ..1 in the city  hall  Friday
m   *. the C. P.R
.   .    cut        the
. ■: vac  laterdressed
t the 1  ipltal
Tl ■ hoe Club on Th
?ery enjoyable I ramp at
fort      r fiftj   nt ri   prci
•   the party     if
* •  th
" i ■   wh re a ty 1
. .-. am)  dan Ing  was  ;r. I ilg
i '.   t.
T.   Cassldy,    machin -•    al
hai ■•■
.,:   foreman  at    Rog
will h . I'er
• •   ' ' i ar
vioe W, B. Stei ■ ter take    n
•  ** ■ lace    I Mr. Keswti
to Kamloops as I com -nan.
li r. i   forget the   ih M    *
.ii.l-i  the s
Lodge,  Mo   -'*    I 0.0 P.,  in   ■
■ inita
!■*   C n Selkirk  Hall,    Feb
An informal meel *.
ham   '
' "
... ,       * '      "
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    .
.    ..,    ....   nal   \t      - ' '" ^"""nr ,uture'
,.;    Builders    Exchangi r* " '
will be held *r. tbi   Usi mbly r*..,m ol
the Builders' Exchange I i Iding, Win
,  *...-    i*'<*'.   lary   15th nml  16th.       A
,   •,,-■*.-'        being pn
ide*'.  ■  "     •'." *' te"   '•"
i an gel*
Hot Water Bottles
For the Cold Weather
We lio,*        largo   v*   '*■
jf   raarani *   til
mem      . .    i   Rubber.
Chest   Protectors   and
Chamois Vests
Bews' Drug Store
A man        n *	
, ilie Newman
I   I      into
I   the    C.P.R,      i,n
Mondaj   ■• tl     ii * ' wily   fro wn
frost   bitten.
The man   wn
:,   ' :,.     ...
•!.    lm. It I        '  expei ted
amputation will ta necessary.
.i   club
(Ncxl llunii
early  part  of  the
*  ,.*K      :i-
M l   A., has    .
• ■       ■
-    .
M.i   A •   wi n
■ ■
to ill      rhe
 i*:-|. M
VI  . ii ...*ri!   K  *   • .ue t m
oi en   ri i<
nl    in   thi
* .
unced,    I..
amei  were | 11 ed   K nigh
ion    R ie   bating   Knight in the
i,:''     ime i   a   ■     ion  and II ie
M  [nl   re        be IC-tiuitable
an i      A lette      im a   i itei i    r  'ign
it   town.
'*.   :. I :*eased     the
■tall;  * I   '*■''  *
i express
i .* day    Revel
out there
ud with  tl
I M. R. Dance
Owing to Conflicting dales of other
entertainments P. Company, R.M.R.
will linlil iheir ilance in Drill Hall
Friday evening the 10th inst, toad **f Thursday as previously arranged. Good Floor, Good Music.
Come anl  have a  good  time.
Important Session ot British
House ot Commons Opened
on Monday last
ED   I In   Hut in iluy.      A   Hull
I ■ •: : lei        Pup,     i.l 0« n   spot   around
.*.*■■ .hi I t .ii Vdvige the Mail-
Herald nil*"
WANTED \\'..t,i.i, in conk in hotel,
wages $30 per month, Apply .I. II.
young, Comaplix, ll. t'.
WANTED Hy experienced bookkeeper nml stenographer, position
.iiivvvIii-i e ai oniiil \i row l.ni*.. h dis
ii iri.   i .io ,ii-i-i   io »tore  or tinie
keeping, lunitier  I Iness, etc.    Ali
nl ' ■ A.M.,I. run- ol
\l Ml. Ill 11 M.I'
Arc you one of tlie many satisfied customers who
have profited by our great sale, in which we are preparing to move to more modern quarters with a fresh
and up-to-date stock ?    If not, whv not?
We are clearing out lots of goods at prices vou
cannot afford to overlook. The freshest and best
stock in lbe city at lbe smallest prices ever asked for
good goods.
See Window of $3 Silk and Net Waists
Dress Goods
We arc offering a particularly fine line of Dress
goods at a very special price.
Suit lengths of the leading shades such as biscuit,
taupe, wisteria, gobelin, navy, etc., in thc l cwest
materials. Reg. $8 to $15, are now selling al One-
Third Oil.
Plain aud Faney Dress Goods, in lustres, checks,
pi,litis, crispine, etc., all colors. Reg. up to ,s.sc
Now 35c.
Fine Mohairs, Cashmeres, Plaids, etc. Only
50c. per yard.
See Our 25c. and 50c. Tables.
They Will Surprise You
Ladies Fine Shoes
We are offering a real snap in extra good shoes.
These are the celebrated "Vassar" Shoe. They
come in Patent Colt, Dongola and liox Calf, in the
best lasts, and arc very dressy. We h ve two prices
in them, $4.50 and $4,011 and arc offering them at
$3,50 and $3.00.    Do not miss these.
We bave a table full o( the besi value in remnants, thai you c n find, They comprise almost
every kind of goods, and are sell'ng at a fraction of
their former price.
Your Winter Overcoat or Suit
If you haven't purchased llieni yel you
bad belter come and look at our large
and complete assortment. We can suit
tbe most fastidious in the clothing line.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Retorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
Civia   - * *
v ng
•   (,ai ilnm* ni    of    hie
:,. 1     ,,|    *.V,,li* ,i, I       hull
, t.i .,( oheei 1
TV*   I  M.''*A
•tw»ntv    io..k   in   the unow covered   w Ih the letters ol   ivatepajei
Pro Bono poWlooM  »a.   ,..,     i  waa accompany by Queen Mary anl
night for a couple irf hours,    t-unch   this morning for publication    '>■•
:r,r;:,: ;■:;;/;;:::';;:: 'i::;::.'!.: • . ******
'"'■   "       ,           ,    .,        «„„,,„„   ,l«n     Ihli     \noii.er  r* m" "'■ sioorted bj   i glittering escort of Utt
ZT^ToSr ',f U, rtSiion«rlhi..M.K , o r ll,h,   ofthe   coach
,     ,                 ,    ,r„ line alileniiiin  will iil.'O.ipiiiirie xi marched the Yeomen of the Cluni'd In
'Vill   linve  nn   idea    i.,w   ninny to    ue-   IH|! iii'i'iinnii, niinu.  '.|l      ' .._,,„              .
Vl" "" ',        ,                                    I iHHiie tbtrtl   -I'mn»t  old world tiniforms     of
yam luucbeou lur.                               jIMHlu"
Hi veliitoke l-ilnl Ili  ll.rl.
1.     , ,* 1 ..1 VV"«l K..*.ti*i,..\,
'I ik.. nolle.o 'Imi Frederick W.Teri'V
Kevelntoke, nceiipa< Ion   Peaoe OUI
.1   u*ii*ih!- tn Bplilj  for pel uo-vioii In
*   *  *      llie     loll. « iut'     .li* ,1 1 Iln .
11 iln;
OnmnienelnR   ni   n  posl  plantfl al
Ihe V.iHi I*';ihi 1*.,rner pn«|  ol I, ,| '/i'i.
liuin ..   Noi ill   f ui y   chains,  iln in e
K      1  riy rhalni, i In nep Sonlli forty
. 11      ■ j,...,. ,*  Wesi   fm 1 y   chains to
p    ii.l   of    Ill'" .'.III. III.
I'liKhiaiii k  \V. TkhiiV,
I ee M i. li nl lliiiilv, Af,"'iil
D.ilnl .Lum.,iv BOlb, 1011,
fell BOW
Oio Reductions in Underwear
Wc have some odd lots in Underwear embracing
some of the besl oi' our regular lines which we are
offering at a very low price.
Men's Fleece-lined, Penman's.    Reg. 75c.    Now SOc.
Men's Truro Knit, all wool.     Reg. $1.25.~"Now~90c~~
Men's Heavy Fleece-lined, Brown. Reg. $1.    Now 75c.
Men's Heavy all wool.    Reg. 1.50      Now    $1.
Boys' Fleece lined, Reg. 45c. io 55c.	
 Now 30c. to 40c.
Soys'  Turnbull's.  Reg. 50c. to 85c. Now 35c. to 65c.
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
The Style Shop for Men and Boys Who Know
william 1. unions,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Solicitors   for:-Tbc   Canadian Bank
Provincial Land  Suvcyor,
Mining Surveyor,
"of Commerce, Tho Molsons Bank,! Engineering
FIRST BTREET   -   Revelstoko, B.C


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