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The Mail Herald Jun 1, 1910

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 /wc'ftTJl ;
The Mail-Herald
° fi i, .
  "•' *..  -
tr   . '   *^
Vol. 16—No. 42
; B. C. .H'NM I. L9Ki
$2.50 Per Year
Summer Goods
LAWN MOWERS—All the Best Makes,
from $4.50 to $10. They run like a
bicycle, cut like a^razor. Grass
Catchers to fit.
REFRIGERATORS—White enamelled inside—$30 to $65. ; Cheaper Lines
from $12 Up.
the latest one out "The Wonder"
just a little better than anything yet
Garden Hose
We have the best ever sent to the
West. Ask to see our " Red Record" and
the ." Green Peerless," every foot guaranteed. All the latest goods in Lawn
Shears, Garden Sprays, Pruning Shears.
Lawn Sprinklers.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Otfloe—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points in.Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States-London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn hx-
chnge National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, San Francisco-Wells Pargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane-Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 81 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch   A. B.McCleneghan, Mgr.
on coicii
,1 this
Wedding Bells
I liu   of   Mi-s   l-'rnn-ls     II. nl
y  to  Mr,  IV.  K. Wickens, of
Mew WutEr Supply Scheme Takes ";i';'l;rl;;:;,„::,!;r SriSX ut™
Ck,  n 1 The Rev. T. Vi.  Hall vvill perforin lhe
The     regular     i tiny ni the    eity . <.\Kl>\l I; Mi III ll\
council     ua- held la a   Fridoj    night, |    ,.\i tlio homo of ihs Rev, l)r, Fraser,
lho full board being present.     Several    ,,, die Firm Presbyterian eliunh, Van
 municiilion.       were    dispi I    of,   ,,„„,.,.. ,,„   \|liy  ji-i.   Miss  \Jinnifreil
numely: m..|; ,M. , ,'  |;, m.i ■ .,!„. «■„ Itod in
Insurance rale  power house and    mnrrintrt' i„ M, . Ivan (lardner, ol Hei
I'1""1-    ' •'"l  over. liii.rliiiin.    Wash.    After    lhe eeromi nj
'    Completion      ul eotnenl    | -      hj    lh„    |U1|)|„     yoll|la      ,,„,,,)„  |,,,  ,,„  „
Rh'kninn      &   Co,    I! rred lo       Fire   mur of the coast cities ou  their lion.
Wai.T mid  I'i.'lu committee. eymoon,     The    bride    is    lhe    eldest
Sower    outlet   near Chinese  gardens   daughter of Mr. and  Mrs. McKury   of
oxposccl    and    requiring    llxinif.      Ro-   ihis city, and  has  miiuy fricnls'fiere,
furred lo  I'ublie Works  mittee. w|„, wj|l join with the Moil-Herald in
Roquesl   from bcIiooI board for sew-   wishing !,„■ anl her husband a happy
e,- connection to present  public school.    .,,„| prosperous married lii".
- fl ranted. 	
i City Hand asking fm- a new band
stand    and  suggesting  a  silt- mi    Vi.
King's  iii' d  mi Govern nt  street.
Mr. King had agreed lo allow hi.
ground to be used.—heft with I'ublic
Wends committee to gel llgures on
the cost, etc.
| Aid. i'i,«an brought in a report
from the Fire, Water k Light committee. The committee recommends
placing a light at the top of the hill
loading to the C. I'.R.cottages, also
a porch light in the Second str,.,-t en.
trance of the public school. The report  was adopted.
i Tlu- tender of B, J, Durridge for
sewer manhole traps was accepted.
NEW WATER .-ri'I'l.V
l(. Smith, P. I.. S.. reportc I lhal
the new Sixth street school could be
draind into the central sewer section.
It would cost aboul S-IO(K) lo pul in
a sewer ic, tlie Bchool without extras,
.Mr. Smith also reported on tho practicability of an additional water supply io ihe iii> titan Revelstoke or
Three mile creek, north oi lhe 'ily.
It  would require  I'    mil,- ,,i I'J inch
pipe I,, bring the water into il iiy.
the estimatod cost including laying
and filling being about 821,iH)li. There
wasn't much rock cutting to ,1,,. The
supply would be good as the water
shed wn- very Inrge.i !'-. adopting I ;
system it would be do-.ihi.. i,, eventually tap 'lively creek through the
sunie pipe line. The council favored
the scheme and will  tike up the niut-
I ler oi co-operation with ihe ('. I'. II.
iu   lhe work.
| W. I'.. Robertson asked for a hydrant to be placed near ihr -team
laundry.—Referred to F. Vi. k 1.. committee.
|   Tlu accounts were passed a- follows
Beavers 10, Corleys \
The     above   tells      the   story. Out
bulled by Sammy Norman's peerless
liai tail-, ihe Corley house feeders
wenl di.wn io defeat last nisht iu a
league fixture. Smith, late of Comaplix, and Bill Mclnerny were at the
posts foi ihe Beavers and ihey hud
ihe lioodu sign on Ceorge Knight's
ball players all ihe way. Smith has
a greal wind-up anl it seemed to
strike terror in the hearts oi the bat-
terswho slugged wildly at the ball,
only 10 have Bill chuckle when thr
pill plunked into his mil. Bstridge on
lirsl base lid 1 down the ioi, in Hue
-nl- making a couple of sensational
stop-. Worley, I'urvis ami Freeman
wero bright stars with the stick, landing on th-' hall whenever il seemed to
In' necessary. The bunch are now talk
IllB of going down to the coast and
trimming ihe Northwestern Lenders
in a couple of exhibition games.
For ih" Corley House nutl'u Worth,
Stone. Poole and Knight were th.'
only one- who seemed ai all able to
conned with ihe ball. Worth getting
a seieatuing two bagger. Their bing-
i"- were -altered, however, and did
no damage. A- for the rest, uough
-aid.  ('• ■■■   were  not   on the job.
Th' teams  lined up as follows:
Ioi ley-  - Leosch,    Nolle.       Worth,
Stone, Harrison, Corley, Poole. White, i
Beavers—ITcTnerny,    Worley,    Smith. '
Norman,     Pun-is,    Estridge, Squnr
briggs,  Morgan,  Freeman.
Umpire, Sid Crowe.
Si ore by innings-
Heavers—1 2 :>, l ii—in.
Co. lei-    1 n n  I   3—4.
'w^/ Kitchenware
There's a satisfaction in
tlie purchase of a first rlass
article, especially when the
prico is no more than you
have often paid for inferior
goods. We have everything
in thi' line of fine Kitchen-
ware Stew Kettles, Tea
Kettles, Double Boilers,
Coffee anii Tea Pots, etc.
We carry a complete stock of Shelf and
Heavy Hardware: also Refrigerators, Lawn
Mowers, Garden Hose, Wire Fencing and Gates,
Ice Cream Freezers. Agents for Sherwin Williams Paints.    Kootenay and Sask-alta Ranges.
Bourne Bros.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hove recently been completed under  which  the   branches
of this Bank are able to Issue Drafts on the principal points
ln the following countries:
Austria- H vngmjj
Faroe Island
Finland Ireland
Formosa Italy
France Japan
Fr'ch Cochin-Chin*   Java
Germany Manchuria
Great Britain Mexico
Greece Norway
Holland Persia
Icelaai Phillipine Islands
Rou mania
South Africa
Straits Settl
West Indie*
and else
General  81,490.43
School   2,059.12
Water &   Light    1,399.41
I       < ol Mil. WANT SECURITY.
| Mr. Lee, <>f Efewman & Co., waited
on ih.- council and n-hnl them t«> return   tin-  810,000 rhegue of  tlu*    Vew-
Be regret   to announce the snd    intelligence ol tl"' dentb ni Mi-s Jessie
Thomas, whh'h  occurred yesterday at-
Watch Revelstoke Grow
Fruit and Vegetables
When Everyone Uses
P. Burns & Go.'s Fertilizer
Try a Sack of It For Your Lawn
man Co. and take a bond of a guuran- ,,.,.,„„,„ ;lt tjje home of ih. ami Mrs.
1 ompany     instead.   Th..    penalty K   ,;   M(.Kaei   The d&eased   ;.,    well
clause in   the contract  prevented    th,- k„iiUn jn  ReVeutoke, having occupied
bond    being    accepted,  and  Mr.    Lee l„ ,K,„;t|on .,,„„. years ago in one   of
|asked  the city lo to forego thi-.    a- ,,„. u„ dl._g  .,,„,,_ all,| ,;„,.,.     has
the work was finished a- far a- could epvn{ ,.„„ -^arable     time here.      Miss
lbe done thi-    Bummer.        Th tincil n,,,,,,,,. |m,|  |„,.M  j|| M„,„. time    pre-
Iagreed  that  while they .Ii.l uol    wish vi,„,,hi but it W.1S llot thought to be
to ti,. up  Mr.   Cewmanis -"I".  yet .,.,„„,'. unti| ,„.:„. t|„, ..,,.l. which came
,it wa- asking to,, much of th.- city t,, ,1„j,.,iv  Bnd  ,„.;tt.,.f,,ll>.   ll„. deceased,
jrelea .• th- penalt)  olause, as tho city who « .- but 2-1 years ..I age, was the
would have .... pr  tion if anything Idnuirbtei ..f Mr. an.l Mrs.J.Thomas of
should    happen.    They could   not lay Vernon, and sister of Mrs. K. G.    Mc-
themseh pen  :■. censure.        rhey Rae ,,. ,1,;. ,.ilv. ;m.] was   horn     at
would     have to take tl..-    mntter up pittsburg   IVnn.
with the    city    lolicitor.   The   bond The funeral will  take place tomorrow
would be quite acceptable if Mi   N'ew- .,,•,,.,„,„,,, (,,,„,  ,|„. residence  Mr.    K.
>"••>"    could     '-'■< one bui  the penalty ,-   u ,; ,..    , ;,„,, ,,,,,.,, „, :l p, „,.
{clause prevented that. The council ,;.,., mpnthy is felt for the belaid th- matter over till ., special ,„l,,.,l ,,,„,,, who ar,. „ll i„ tl„. city
nweting. ,1,,. ,Ai,Vin,. youth of the deceased
|    I'm    , itimate of 82,0015.4(1   In-    Mr.   -|M   m , „. ,, ,,'.„,  a]|  ,,„, ,,„ ,
Newman on tl„- work was |            ,.i ,,               ;|(j
Dandy little styles in Boys'
serviceable Two-Piece Wash
Suits^of fine English Galateas
in navy and white stripes,
well made and well finished.
Some'of the blouses trimmed
with Sailor Collar and White
Bands. All sizes. Special
values at
$1.50, $2.00
and $2.25
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd
ordered paid on .Inn.' 1-;.
Mr.    Smil; . nf Smith,  Kei!
al. 1
t  \>ll \ hi
■  ll   of   tlu-  littlo   IO]
,,[    Mr.
Chose,   ind  M.    Heffm       enginsei    of ,,,,,  Mr    j_ Coihato,  who raol      his
i'1"' "",; ■ ■        bj  being   nm ovor In  a    team
''"■   i ''■<"" in- ' irenti in.  Friday   last,
ll"""" i   '": '  ot    one   ,,,.,,   ,,. , „  Sunday, n  large num-
■'- I -1    Tl wneil  are anxiotu ;   ,     .   .,,„,!      attending.   The    Ym
to have two flumes, while the   en«i    |--;1,,,  ,.,lo read lh« burial lorvice
ers do not consider it   tessary    yet, .   11 \ N. I: I £
Md,  Powan advocates the two flumes' v.„.    ||M     ,,..,,.|„.,| the city of the
■' " •' ''• 'oi P ■■■•" with .i,..,,!, ,„• rharles     Haner, son of   C.
il"' C. P.  tl. i< made,      itinuous ||:,,„.,. „,- i;,,„.|y Creek, which oceur-
■    ''"• retl 1,-t week    nl    Spirit l.nke, Idaho.
You   Like   Mrsic
Hero it Your Opportunity !
go  into  the mntter    furthei
at  the icene ,,f the woi k onSn
Tho deceased by  sonic misfortune had
hi- f.„,t   crushed    and il»- shock     of
  which caused  his  death.   Ilis  brother
i        ... ur.   ..       and nde-   Milton "a""''' ho9 -""" '" l:l"1"1    '"
supply for the city is   at   bring up the body for interment     in
the    minds of    the   "evolstoUe,
. ii-       oum il    and     Ihe new   -, heme I
which  la-  been idbmitted appear:   to I   Mini    Bardie,    late ilenographor in
| u"   level    i-   done   the (llobe Lumber Co., has joined the
ih. ,',l iw gone into carefull>    for   no   -tali of il»- local branch of tho Can**
,,        ., ,   ,-., regards   dlnn Hank ,,f Commerco, in the   snmc
genet il welfare can be   had   position nml entered on hor new dut-
th.in a laiL-r' rapplj  of city water.        io   today.
Edison's Phonographs and Records, Graphophones,
Accordions, Banjos, Guitars, Flutes, Piccolos,
Violins. Fittings of all  kinds of finest quality,
Sole Agents for the Noted
New Scale Williams' Pianos
AU kinds  of Instruments  tuned and repaired.
Work Guaranteed
A call at the music store on McKenzie Avei
adjoining the City Hall, will convince yon of the
quality of the goods.
J. B I NO HAM, Mgr. i'ae
LOOK:        LOOK        AM)        READ!
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue prices, freight added, with
Winnipeg price   Weight   Freight   Total    Howson's Price delivered
Kitchin Chairs 50c.
Ki.ciic."', Cnbinjt $6.75
Dining Table 10.55
Dining Chairs 88c.
Dresser and Stand 8.95
Bod 3.55
B-d 5.33
Dominion Spring 2.4-0
Child's Cot 5.10
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
101b.       23c.       73c.
1501b.     $3.53     $10.72
3 87 14.42
28c. 1.16
3 52 12.47
3.76 15.01
1.41 4.96
1.59 6 94
1.41 3 81
1.76 6.86
Wn make our |iroli> by shipping in oar load lot", 'hcrehy saving freight rules. Bring
r-ii'iilogue giving descriution nf other goods nol upwtilled in Ihis list to our More nnd we
will prove .mr 'tntementR,    Remember we deliver gnnda and set up free from breakage,
U.   HKVWSON   &   CO.    -    REVELSTOKE. B. C.
ltf|iairs iif nil  kimln neiilly  carried  on
bicycle and linn work aspeclalty
l-.i-t iuuiles gfvon on any cIuhb
of work.
Front     Street.
Special Attention given to commercial
j men and tnuilBtp, l-'irst class SAtnpW
I iooiiih. Kiiirst MCtMipry in ItriliHh Colnin-
y   lilu, overlooking t'lip.-r Arrow Luke.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Pringle Stock Company
Canadian Resources
I'he   Pzingle  Si I   Compum   opened |„ iul(,thcr column  reference in  miidu
„  week'.-    ,.:., ,- „,   ai   the      Upec „,  ,,„. oxnloit.itioi,  ol faiiailian       re- Auction «n!oof  Timber  Berth
II,,,    M uy   niirhl.     The   I'.i..    .,„„,,...  hv  ,„!„.,. , ,,,,-i,,-.      ||,.,,.    ia Covering Dominion Lands
J.-'-   1, i   -ii-an-M!-   lo   lie-   licvcl-' H|so   .,   -ain|.l,-  from   llle editorial   col- Tl»' "Kht   In  cut   limber  utvlerliccilso
ike ihealn   ^-.^  public us ll>c\   have   linilw  ,,,   ,]„. American  i strj journal ""  l'"'l',h   N"' :,::'-'-  cnmpriKiiig  the fol-
r-la-M-i   li.-.r.   -oiiie years  a...   oil drew ••  ,-.,„., |n   -t<  ,,,...,_,,,;,,^   |let.    f,,,,!,,.,- lowing  land*  In   lhe  Province ..I  Brit-
a   liirge  lioii-e  ai   iheir one  i.ijn   per- ,...,.„,,,..   „„,]   piVpnrinn     to       protect '*'' ' olumbin, will  lx> offered at  public
foriiiniiee.      Monday  night's bill    was ,;„.,„     by  progressive    and       drastic miction at the upset price of 81(12,203,
■  lv      Lama.    "  Trapped    b> measures  agniusl   exploitation  for   the including      thy    msl  of survey,  al    '-'
I'n              "    I   i   piece   «a-   well   stujJ !„.„,.,,,   ,,,   wasteful   foreign   countries, n'.lock   I'.   M.   on  Wednesday,  the  IIHli
-.1   nml      hi               c-leil   nil  d.-sem I in,.|llt|i,1K  |„,,. „ ,M   ,],„„.  neighbor.   Wu "'   August   next,   at   lhe  ollice  of    tho
•   i   laivei   hmi-e  than  wa.   m-cordc I ,,llin,„   |,„,k  ,,,  ,|„. nortli i,„- our  -al-   ' '"'"'""    Timlrer     Agent,    at     Now
it.    Mis.-  I'liai           Hammer,  Ihe  lead- ,.,,„,„.     \\„ ,„,i-i  husband all our re- Westminster.
ini!  la l\  lm-  a -ii-.iM  iiersoimlitj   and main ng     resounds    nud    plain   iroes Timber Berth  No, .".:'■■-'. sittiute in the
--   mn   her  heavy   parts   willi     re- wherever   lhe\   ran   be    grown       in.,re Province  of   British  Collimbia,       Hast
alisin.    Her      strong  emotional   see  prolitnhly   ilian  other  crops;   in  order <'f Adams   Lake, anil comprising      ohe
ex elleti.       Iiowiiu;      a depth  of lhu,  ,,,,,. future may be assured,      I'a- N"1'11'      'l""''    ""''  c.ne-hnW miles    of
ler.   bold   In   lici   -ia_.-       work ,m.:|„   hn*   not   the    resources  for    her Township in,   Ilan.'c   II.  mil  Sections
mnl    also     very  iln>   lii.-.        With   ,,«•„  ,, |.  I)n(| ours  loo,    an,I -he    is '''• -*' and  '-'■'. of Township Si. Bange
 int    tag*   ippenra  ami  grim- sulli.-iently   wide    nwako    and    intelli- '-■   "''M   "'   l'"' ''"''   Meridian,      con-
iul niuiiiier Miss Mummer i- an actress _,.,,,   tll  gunK)  her own,       The    only lm"i"-'  an area of 23.H2 ncjuare miles,
ul iiiiiisiial   ihility,  whieh (jualitics can way   ilml   our  timber resources       and """'''    '"'    '''"•  n~  "'"'""  ""  P'UM "'
ii  any   nu.-liiMi.-e. I    . , l-,'.   can  be  mad.-    inexhaustnble >"m'V  |i."'■"."'.    -'-".-1  by   l-an-si    Vi.
'il -■   Melhn   Hermann,  .,-   lhe „dven- ;.  |,,   ,|„-  application  of    tho    highest l!"1''"-""-    !)-   '•■   "•■    dated   tho    7th
iui.--    ii .   s.-l   .....   i-M-.     a   brilliant scientific knowledge and  lhc    broadest ■•imunry,   I'.'l'i. anl of record    in    Iho
purl   an I   -iistaiiis   llle   -iii.-i.--t   ,,f   the common   -m-.-.'i I'illiber, ft razing and Irrigation Br.mch
,,„....      iliroiigl.out.         Miss      I'loi nf the Department  of  lhe  Interior,
Pringle,  .,-  the good i ttuted domestic A     license  will   not   lie  issued    imtU
...ad    main   friends  and  l>v her  bright FPIITI  tho  Fan  Ulpct ''"' '""  amount  of  the  purchase prico
11jiii uie ial ncai .„„, ,, ,., lt„, f(„. ,,„.   „rg)
an I hiiinoio .-  a 11"-  ino '" a plcnsii
coiitriist      to   i lie   lieu' ier  and       mori
ilramati.   seen - ol the piny.  .1.  l'i ugh
i ft.-n   lhat     we  he i
md   lhe  irr id   rental  for  iln
,      vear have lieen paid.
leans.atlantir     twang   in   the     Hon-.-,
iu   ihe   role  of  a   broken   down     show-    |,    , |..,|   ,  „\.,\u   ,,,■  two ngo       Mi
ll. iiiii,,n- of payment,  rate    ..I
  ental,  etc,   are  contained       in    -the
"""  «»"'         I      '      "■             '""";'   Mnr,in'  "    U'-"""  ' M,iala' mav I .ir-,1 on application in    the
'"     '>   lhl"  "'- "" : '^,lv   "'     ""'  »'•«   ""'■ '"'  ''"• ""■,"1'""  '"r    >K  iersigned  or  ...  the Crown    Timber
'    ■    '"'l   ''"'   mnn>   la"-1,,,bl       I*"'   »»*•     I'1"1  »   f""   l>ll,in   "'"■•'-     '" Suiy   al   \e«   \V,-,n,i„-i,-i.      A    Blue
in  which he took pail  were givatly    ip   -a\   to the gov.mmenl  about   the  lax- „, .      . ,        . ,.        ,  ,,,
,,•.,,,„. Prim     showing    il..-      l.-aiion  ..I   Hie
lire lilted.    Harry    Pringle,   ..-   Ill     iii.m   o     ami.    II.-   is  a   utoiitish   man , .... . .    , ,„.i:..,:„,
,.,,■• herili wi'l  be niMii-li-d   ,ii npplnation.
li-li    millionnne  anil  eveiilun  i         lie   ,,, 11,   up.-,   round  face,  tno   he  is     in- .,   (|    |» l-'YKS
man  whose eyes   I  .-     been  o|iem -        ...     i,,     bald       He   sticks     hi-
ihe lia-> n --  of  lair ileivivcr,   |i.ays     n   |,.,id-   in   his   | k.-i-.   |ilay.  with     In-
MiintifHclureH for nil < :n:.-». of   buiU1itit{i
fertile iu Inrtfe or small miHntitiei
i nt tli* lowfl^t prioes for fi-.ii.
Ml kind*/it hniMiiwr HndliilBiiterliiK
Foote & Pradolini,
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and Furnace Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
3 Superb Styles
The famous Fit-Reform designer
has created three models in 2
Button Sack Suits that surpass
anything of this style ever seen
in this country.
The combination of originality
and elegance will appeal
to every man who prizes
exclusiveness and good taste.
J0^^ty%.    The patterns—
& FIT-^4 ^n ^ne E-ng^s^
f* REFORMII  Worsteds— are
J§   equally   dislino
Revelstoke,   B. C.
  L' part, ii     k beii I..a -   ,n.i In- monc; .   md talks ii
ally   liu      '.... bnehi nvential  nay v h'n li  is   -np-
|or, did  uon.d work  while  A.  McKay ,   | . nn the
Ottawa,   Mn   h   Kith,   I'.'l".
Ue      proi
call for the construction
of four  houses
Sixth  Street,  I'lans
at. !   -|„- iii, al i"ii-  cai   i» a  ai     the
Hlohe   Lumber   Co.   Ten.
as  the
1 '  Hv  un ■ ine   to
i,  „i,i  ,„.,,, i !•■! -  m.i-'   ii"  nil'. 'I   in  ih,.   inder-
i  .. .   ,,    ,. nrnecl,     nnd   will   c i     I Inirsilav,
Ijetwe. -
H -nd, at li p.m.
I hi. lowest  nr ,im>   tonuor n«»i  needs-
ment     ii
\i i:\ m. i:.\i:.
Calgary Exhibition
I'll.       h
The Best Yet
\m p i. rn ■ uKurroHs
" > ■ 1 I I; .,• I ,,.   \m     ,„,, I
a ■    The
\i .  iw head
■    ■ -nan
, , n-
Splendid residences.
Suitable Building l^ots
Those interested will do well to call
and sue us before deciding to buy.
Vou can obtain fair rates for Fire Insurance in reliable companies with Dominion Charters.
Call and (jet figures*
Money to Loan on Residential Property.
JCor. Secon 1 St. anil Mackenzie Ayenue
{ mow is tbc TEUne of IL'car for 5ee& plantfno
JBeauttfs Jiour ©ar&ctis
A   large assortment of Fresh Garden and Field Seeds, including
AM") BURPEE'S.    Fine Lawn Grass, Clover, Timothy, Alfalfa
The Paget Supply Co'y.
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigare/Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Vegetable and Flower
Ornamental  and Flowering
Best varieties of
Send for Catalogue
786 Granville St.   P. 0. Box 1063
Vancouver, B. C.
■      I   i m  Thn
Ul   lo I I
:     ., , ;
'   ■ Ihs t'.io-   I hd
ii.   Lh     >. I,
,,ls [Reasonable l'rices
Painting and „
Paper Hanging
S;ii !-(,!■ tion Guaranteed
' or. Tlnnl St. and Robpon Avenue
A Good Line
Fop Sale Everywhere
Union Hotel
I'iiil'-r Now Management
Stewart Macdonald
Corporation of the City of Revelstoke
A vacancy having occurred on the
limn il of School Trustees, pulilic notice is hereby given to the electors of
the Municipality of Kevelntoke, that I
require the presence of the said electors lat the City Clerk's Ofiice,
City Hall, McKenzie Avenue in
the said city, on Monday the (Ith
day of June, 11)10, at 12 o'clock
noon, for the purpose of electing a
School Trustee,
The mode nf nomination of candidates shall be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated
in writing; the writing shall be subscribed iiy two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder, and
shall be delivered to the Returning
Ollicer at any time between the date
of this notice and 2 p.m. of the day of
nomination: and in the event of a poll
being necessary such poll will be opened on Thursday the ninth day of .lune,
llllll, in the City Clerk's office, in the
Olty of itevelstoke, and kept open
Iml ween the hour of nine o'clock in the
forenoon und the hour of seven o'clock
ill the afternoon, for taking and recording the voles of the electors of the
suid City, of which every person is
hereby required to take notice und
govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated for and eleoted as Bohool Trustees
shall be sinii persons as are householders and being British subjects of the
full age of twenty-one years and other.
Wise qualified to vole at. an election of
School Trustees.
Every candidate nominated shall
signify by a writing accompanying
the nomination paper bis consent to
Hin-li iiominnli in, except in ruse such
person be absent from the municipality when such absence shall ba stated
in i in- nomination paper,
(liven under my band at Revelstoke
this 28th daj of Slay, 1010.
Returning Officer.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Creek, Big Bend. Apply E. A. Brad-
Synapsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
4 NV avaiUbln Dominion Lauds within ilie
.;\    Railway lfetlt in British Columbia, may
be ti"tm»: iimdfti by any por -mi whti is the sola
head of a family, nr any male over 18 years of
a«e, to the extent of oue-*juHrter section uf 16(1
m-ifl> more or less.
Entry must be made personally at the local
land omce for the district iu which the laud ia
situate: Entry by proxy may, however, bo
made uu certain renditions by the father,
Bother, gun. daughter, brother or sister of au
iuteudiuff homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform tbe
conditions connected therewith under one of
the (.ilinw ii-,: p'nti    :
(1) At least six months' residence upon and
cultivation of the land iu each year fur throe
(Z\ If the father utr mother, if the father is
deceased) of the homesteader resides upon a
farm in tno vicinity of the laud entered for, tha
requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such porsou residing with tne father or
(3) If the settler has his permanent residence
□pou farming land owned by him in the vicinity of bis homestead, the requirements as tu
residence may be satisfied by residence upon
the said lai d.
Six mouths notice in writius fthnnld be eiveu
U> the Commissioner ol Dominion Lauds at
Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal.—foal paining right.- may bo leaded for
a period of twenty-one years at au aunnal
rental of II per acre. Not more than 2,560
acres shall be leased to one individual or
company- A royalty at the rate of five cents
per ton shall be collected ou tbe merchantable
coal mined.
Deputy of tbe Minister of the Interior.
N R,- Uuanthoriced publication  of   this ad
vertisemeut will not he uaid fur.
Our logs are stamped
on the end "E" and all
persons are warned
against taking them or
the driving of nails or
spikes therein. Do not
touch our logs.
Revelstoke Sawmill  Co., Ltd.
Eggs for Hatching
I-Vrx  for  hatching  (rum  the follow-,
icy imported pure hrer] Btocn:
S. C. Rhode Island Red».-$2.00.
Silver Laced Wyandottes,—13.00
Barred Plymouth  Rockg,   82.00
S. C. Ilulf Leghorn»,-$2.00
Cornish Indian Game,—(2.00
White Crested  Black  Poliah,-$9.00
Emden Qeese.—$3.00,
Imperinl Pekin Dttokl.~91.78.
Also stock (rom  the above for sale.il
MRS. R. A.    L'Pl'I'.tt. WEDNESDAY, ,11 Ni) 1,  MHii.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Imptoved.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern convenient ei
Large Sample Rooms,.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Send a message to Mars
My Dear Sirs, if You Please.
Flash The News to The Stars:
Let The Tidings Be These :
Is The Hest in The West,
Golden West Washing Powder
And The Premiums are Fine!
Save The Coupons
And Write for Premium Catalogue
It is Free for The Asking
Import direct from country of origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBERT     ST03STE      PROP.
Jobbing promptly attended tu. Agent lor all kindi of
Trees, Plants, Bulbs, etc. Lawns uiul Gardens taken care
nf (or the Summer. Terms reasonable, Twentj yean
(  Residence with F. Q. Frisby.    Phone 80
eW**'*. ■%/%/*/%. "*"%.%•% "»iV%%/*V*V*l/%.'%%.-*'**».%%%%%%'%^
See Its "Artistic Arch"
Of all the 20 improvements of lhe clever-looking
Napoleon Shoe the feature which best pleases the
eye of the buyer is the Artistic Arch. Special lasts
are made for every pair of Napoleons—foot-sculptured
lasts—and inside there is a stout steel arch which
snugly holds the instep.
That free, athletic stride which marks
the man of action is not possible when the
arch support of the shoe fails in its function.
Showing the Napoleon Shoe is a
pleasure—whether you come to see or
to buy.
Sold everywhere in Canada, the
United States and Great Britain at the
same price—$5, $5.50 and $6.
Scotch  Whisky
A Genuine Highland Whisky.
There are hundreds of brands of so-called
"Scotch Whisky.
Many of these are not genuine.
For your health s sake, confine your choice
to standard brands ; use a whisky of recognized
Watson s Whisky is one of thesj : distilled
in the Highlands of Scotland—the district
acknowledged to be tbe best in the world for
whisky distilling.
We age our Wbisky in Sherry wood, and,
after careful blending, it is bottled in our warehouse and sealed with an adhesive capsule
bearing our name.
Everv such bottle carries with it our unqualified guarantee of purity and quality.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"—A mild, thoroughly mtlurtj Scotch.
"NO. 10"—A lull.boJied. rlcbly lUvord Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited  -  Dundee.
WANTED General Servant Girl
wanted in private home. Good wages
Apple ni Mail-Herald office.
WANTED A position as wrrklng
boutekeepei or cook. Apply Mn, <'.,
Room :I7, I'nion Hotel.
WANTED i im- Team Horses. Must
not gn less than 1600 lbs. each hni>e.
(iivc full particulars in Abhow Laki:h
Lumukk Company, Limited, Abhow-
im: mi, H. 0. my '.'.'i Si
WANTED—At once. Wnitrese for tha
(iranci Hotel, Nakusp. wages ?.'lll pet
month.—Apply at Grand Hotel.
WANTED— Smnrt   office   hoy.   Apply
in writing to Box 206, city. if.
Certificate of Improvements
Ry. Y. M. C. L
Police uiiiirt mientes
The fuiirili annual  meeting   oi    Lhe "It  there i- any other possible way
iiy.  V.  M, (. A.  was held on Thill's- lo deal  with drunks    and  minor    of-
day nighl for receiving niinuul reports fenders other than hj  bringing    them
nn,I    other    business.   Tl Icctlpn ol    lulu  the    I'olu-e    C >.,  I    belie'
directors resulted as follows: should    be  done.      Whether   men    are
T.   Kilpatrick,  Vi.   JI.  Lawrence,    li. lined for drunkenness nr    allowed    to
.1.   Rogers, \Y.   II.   Pratt,  Jus,   \l.  flo- go  free  after  sobering  up,  1    do    not
blr,   11,,In.    (lordon,  .).   II.   Lyons,   tt, boliove    that   die  fear ol a   line
llowson, ,1,  I'urvis, C,  li.  Macdonald, prevents  them  from  indulginj  in    too
II.  II.  Ilenjaniin,  \V.  \\. Foster,!', Vi. much    liquor."   Police    Magistrate   V,
llrndsluiw, I'.. Hull,
A vote of thanks was passed to tlio "The    dragging  of drunks  into    the
shill'  fnr  (heir     successful  work    dur- Pnl'ue Conn   goes  against   the    grain,
iuu- iln-    pasl year; and also to    tho I have had (his home in on me
Ruv,  IV,  P,  Freeman for hi-    conduct- lime,  and   if  nnj   feasible*, ...u,.-    can
Inu  of  tho "I.if.-  Problem" class, bo advaiued  to do awaj    "ith      the
\  resolutimi     Was pul  on lhe   nun- practice  I   will  he  in  favi                I'll,
ules expressing appreciati f the life fining   ol  n   married   mnl    ini  e   I'
nn I  Work  of il"'  Inii-  Imiil:   ttdward, I'mirl   fm   drunkeni                    him    n ,
The  .ollowing  i-   ilu-  statistical    re- good,  Inn.
I""'1   lor tho past  year: gnu ■  lii- laini end
Dull)   ni i,,iiilnii,-i.    20.2SO nothing     ..-ni-   tn   |)i             "'   ,•
Huihs   i,::-.-j i I,,,., ,,,- p,,ii ,. i:   r,   n .    .••„■..
Enlertninmonls,    nttenilnnee       -i',-J "I   <ee  no    reas.in  v                      ,,n.|
Men's    meeting*     ul tendance    ...    lisl   other  min Header*   «h<  ild   nol     h
I'.ilil.- iln ,     attendance       R5I tlisposed of o       li   •'.     p„lj .. Court,
\'isiu  to Rick  and  injured      '20',l   nnd if ii  ran be il  I willhi    i
Senior members       'J'J'J Vor of it.    Wide  frnni .,  morn
Junior momhers         II point,  n   _ ,.ni   deal  oi  valuable  time
Following is  the financial Btate ut: is  wnstcd  over  pett;   eases diirint   the
lil-:('l-:i|'TS "-'' I   "      rt,    while  on    the
Membership    fees    . S2 277.05  "1'H"r hand, ther ms to be no
('.    P,    li  I.iinn.iiii   iM'ied     bj   (he    | -nl    system,       1
Rooms                                      SOU..10 ,'",'l:'i",>   would  not   -mu    in   the  wnj
Howling  billiards  bnths  towU   B01.B5 ''' "ny |)l"" whirl1     v" ' : :       '•     " '
l^ockors KI il   I11'"'",!" ;' "' '''
ICnlertninmcnts      Y.fi.ln Ur;'. ''"""   ''"       "      ''•  K    K' '■ '
Cily of Revelstoke      225.00 '"'" "'  '              :                       :
Subscriptions      1 Hum lh""' I"'!"'!"" oil   in
Collections         '.i.'.'.n:, ''"' ' ""'   '  " ;" :' ■          "    ■ '
Advertising       "             IKI.utl "'' V": ,,;    '       'l|     ; " "'   '' '■     '
      , of Police i'n imberlin   .- '   P ili   ■ Court
- -||| ,,-    i'i" Hor      \\ i igree
Balan.-e trom last  year  '" la'.so "|,",'li"  '"' '"'' '    ; "'       ,,J
er »Mii' 1  he  I     tei   ii :' out-
ide  ni the  public wail*  nf th     P
Water & lighl 	
J**.").! •*>
Fuel   •	
..    011.113
.   222.ti:i
.    2U3.7II
..    2IKI.UM
Laundry and bath  supplies
..    21T.10
Ron ling and billinrds 	
i ,\ mnnsium anil utilil ies .. .
Postage and   Printing	
',."    II
Papers and  Periodii nl* 	
Trekntui In	
1 n. i 1,-nliil    	
ii  o( door    | i   i     Vpr.l i i <>*t..boi
All-:    ■
30  baseball    matches    1,01"
in  lacrosse  matches  1,033
1    football      match        53
1    umi    in,-i-i       lT.'i
71   senior  '-in-*,-*    Ti'.i
117    junior     classes   2,Ui.'l
20 leader     classes       93
17  basketball  mati lies      1^1
]- bowling    matches     I-n
Total  0,51 l
I   Al  the annual    exhibition both seniors nml .uni,ii- took part,
Willi I tingle Stock (
University Commission
\ i- toriu. May 2 •'
the    I uivei
i    Intermediate  busker  mil  le.tm   took   ''''   '    ''  ""'
part  in tournameue ul  \ii'ieo Victoria.    Mn;   20,  10:30   i.n,.:    N'a-
 n,iim,'.   Mnj   31.
Vancoti' er, J ine .'. 3,  I an 1 5, at 3
Spokane Teachers Imt     * -»•
Sew   A est I ■ 7   n p
Advices     from    Spokane state tlm'      \.,n,, Vancouver, June   :.   ll a. m.;
two hundred  school  teachers    of thai   m.; Chilliu    i,   lune ?   2 p.ni     Kum-
cit}   will i. i-it  various  parts    of    the   loops, June  1".  1" 10 a.m.;      Vernon,
provinces of British Columbia, Albei'tu   June     !'.  2    p.m.:  Nelson,   Jui
mi.I   Manitoba,  and  the state of  Min-   10:30 n.n       Ferui .     June   IS,  Re*,
nesotn on their summer vacation trip,   stoke, Jtu
n  special     train on  the Soo-Spoknn*'
leaving Spokane lho morning of -i un*-
llili.   The  train  "ill  run  through    to
Kootenay     Landing,    making    direct
connection     with    the steamer across
ili,- lako in Nelson, H, S., whi re    the
Lumber Traile Prospprous
Mi    Otto   I i, hnnin i.  general    man-
\i ro«     I ii •■-    I ii
Harry" mineral claim, situate in the ",.l/„ ".n    ...     '", -' . Y ,,   ' ""•!'"■ Vrn .
-     ,   . -,      ...  ■        , • ,  .,,   ,  partv v\ill arrive nl -I,..-I-.   i.m,  Al     ,  , -        , ,,
"rout Lake Mining   Division  nl west,„ , , .,, ,
ECootenay Iiistrict.
Where  located;- On   Poplar   Creek,
near Poplar Townsite.
TAKE SOTICR that I, A.K. Ili-yl.-nid. boat over Arrow lake, arriving at thi
Nelson n -linn     -tn\     will he made,
l.enving m u p.m. lor «,-i    Robson, .,
i i •„  , ,, ,      ttri ' inshing '"ii
iii,' teachers will   cave al   II  o.ni.  m ,, ,
. . union I  .
"•'.    agreeing    to
free Miner'. Certificate No. B. 2S40S. ,    „,„„.    Illkl. „, L,,    , ,n     „„,""'
ntend, sixty days  limn dale hereof, to , ,,            , ,,     ,    I'"
ipply to the Mining Recorder for a tVr- flj|1;'"""-' '^ • »" "'"'  lo  Rex-el*  ,,„  ,,..     .
tlficate of Improvements, for the purpose "toke Uj  train, where ihej  will   irn i x]i
if obtaining a Crown Grant ol the above ,-,i 1:56 p.m.
■Inini i    .,., i, , inund bu . ,k will
""'"• I li" pnrlj   will stop ovei  night      nl
And further u<kc notice  ll.nl i„„,,„ ' ,;,.„.,.,„,„. ,   v „.n   h„ ta „ , „..
niH'cr Section A,.   must  lu-    nn-n,, ,| . > n
before the Issuance of such Certificate of j Canadian  I les,   Leaving     ,•    -m
Improvements, o'clock nn  the morning of June  L'-'li
Dated this  Uth daj ol  Apt il.  A. li..  lho party «ill go to    Greal   f!ln
"11- m'a.'  ' lltoro ni   11 18    Ini   1 n
A. R.  HHYLAND.    '•
Sea:er Ashore
TO LET—Furnished room, siiiisb'i
for either one or two gentlemen. Centrally located.    Apply this cilice.
Advertise in the Mail-Herald
FOR SALE Oil REXT-Ranch nt
Cl.inwilliam. Apply to Mi*. Mary
Palmer,   Clnnwitliam,   B.   C. tc
A man or a boy to hord
cows during the day. Apply
W Wi IU    \    girl     for     lighl   house
wi rk.   Apply     Wi       J,  1.    Telfor,
\l, Rem ir   \
To Ali. Whom It May Coxokbn:
I' l'<     Otloe that   We, Julius DoUBhl
lho hotel.   Tho    party will then  >to|
ui    i'iel I.     I aggan,  H u fl   u i    othei
points along tho Columbia river,  nnd
(hen oasl ... St.  P.ull. ''
Tho partv will disband at Si   Paul '
amlA. K. ..aiKli.nf thi.tnwn of   Na-,1^"'"^  Hi"  H'ni-lii.r*    wil ,     ,tJ '««
knsp. in  the Province o!  British Col- St, Paul ami will return to   Spokane
iinibla, intend to apply to the Chief of by tho southern ,  in    ample timi
Provincial   Police   :AI   days   after tbc   ,       ,, .    .     .   ,        ,
date hereof, forth..tranter of H-nee. ° m ""-   "f "'"
'ulii  hy II. J.  LaBroab, nl tlm lloici " '
Grand.  Nakusp, to A. 10. Halgh and
luliiiK Dougal,
Da-ted  at   Nakusp, B.  0., thlilStfa
day of April.
Ji I.i is DOUOAL,
given    the   current Go l<a»lo       the C. P.   II
■Ite of fm ti.*-i-     re ei \ e   of   land on   •
up 28 lm
A.   I'l.   ll.MIIII.
I owcr    Campbell lake mcl Cam]
river, in lho
1 district, in Lill -    Mad Vustral
;""1 ''"'' ■     '" Bulkley valley,    on    tan
hKad^pVTgtit g^rrarly^: f;°- 'f ' '" " ^ed. of   of I
Pnce    motlcrate.      Particulars    " x ••  the South     Bulkley,     Zumgofdi    null,
. Salmon Arm, B.C. Endnko rivei i. THE MAIL-OETCALD, REV.KLSTOKE B G
I'l'lll 1M1IKII Wl-'.ll   KSll.W AND
REVELS roKE.  ll.   C.
3ntcvtoc publtsbtno Company,
Subscription   Kates
Iiii'lu Uiik |joi4taga in KhK'i'i"<l. i "ii r.i States
und I'iiiiikIii.
By ihe yourlilirougli poatottioe] $2.M)
Huir      *•       ■* ••           i.au
Quarter "        " "           1.1m
J 'it    KIN i iNu pruuipUyuxoouuxttu ruttbuu1
nblo nun.-.
TERMS   (u-ii.   Bubttonptlc .k puyiililo In ad
A beautiful Dwelling House in a
desirable location, corner of Third
Street and McArthur Avenue.
For price and terms apply to
iLogn nnLlooh H) oont* por lino flrt*t Insertion,
.' I'l-iii- pur ltn** nidi Huhnnnuoiit Insertion
M.'.i-iii'fiiiini. Nonpurlol 11- Linos make one
Inolij, fcitnra uiul gauural bUHlnom] mi-
noiineu ntn $-J.An  per Inch por month.
I'i'.l.Tiril    piM'ttuiM,     Ji      prr      QttDt.       iul«
diiii Ml. Itiiih-, Murr logos and Dout.hu,
flOo,  oaeh in«urLton,
Lund nailoon fT.iu All advortlaomontd
mi b iuu I Lo Mm approval uf tlie manage mont.
Wnniix) und Uondenwd Advortiw nlu:
\UuniM IVantul, Nulp Wanted, Situations
w .in..!. MiLuutloiiH Vacant. Toacbord
w.ii.ini. m,. luiiiicH Wanted, l" words or
le- Ma., ttaeh additional line lu cents.
CbangiM in ^landing odvurtlHomonts must
nr tn i>> 'i u. ni,   [uHriday und Friday  of
Of rh wnok to secure good display.
GOKKKSPONDKNOH Invited  on matters of
publio 1 merest.   Uommtinloattons to Kdl-  HKi rilmt
tor  must bu accompanied   by   name  of    ,     ,
writer, not nooosKarlly (o pnbUoatinn. bui   lhe   Interior,   lho  future  looks  exreed- | I hefnllnwmtr wlitomil  From  lho     Wn
us evidence nCtcoml faith.   Correspondent
jbnold bn brinf.
poinl   i"
.   i
the  whole    ol lm,
ive   nil   II
itipeg i'ii'- l'i'
if lhe *iin,,|ii,iii
I        lll-'MiM'! IIIIIMU.
ill  ifive a elear i'leu
1 intli i'r  Tin ,'      ,'F       1 lie       I ,"\ ,'l lllll, III       of
I'aiiadn  lo  llle iu ' '  lies  .-nei putrinUu
|IIH-|',i  |>H    III    lh"     Ml'ilii' I 'lull nl I    ,11, I'lll
Jepiittiah'a Daughter
Hu Friday mnl Saturday ni-jlu al
iln' I ili-nii Theatre will be nhowti in
in,oil,ii pictures ili,- llihlenl ulnrj ol
,le|ihlhali mnl Ilie tluiiu'liter. I'liis
pi.'lure is |ial'tieilliir,.\ well iteloil antl
beautifully staged mi,I should bo
su -ti li\ Mtiiii"' atel old alike, Besides
ilu- |iielure there «ill be shown aoino
mil -r mi ii i'I subjects.
Swimming Contest
\    |" iii  fen I '    hi'   V   M.i.   \.
,„,,,     "    I'm i ,,     nil 'n   will  l»-      llm
wiminiii|i   mulcts   in     ih,<   innk,     iu
- In linj      iliv in_.     i I      iiii I  di
iii'i-,   ainl   milled*,    leiltllrei
I'lie   follnwill !     -    lhe   I'l. "M  niiiii-
.Iuu iii   even is    I''      I -ii-jili-      tvhn,
iiiii  t'.'i'i-,  i,'la\   race,   iw,,   lenulh  rare,
S. uiul- event* I'liin./,- for 'I inn e,
(wo li'ii'ji li buck in ike, . "in in ml;.
ami  .atiille  nee. J
In   llu- junior relax   ilie   I'iiI,ii.'  . I !
Ilii.'li   school   mi'l   .1,   II.   i'.   vvill    ei.iii-
l 1AKVEY, MuCAKTKK We would  strongly ndvise  thai   |>n- !    "|jv  ,]„. ,,.-;,,,,.,,1,,,, ,,,   \|,.     \     n
ANII  PlNk'MAM . , i   .- i       i-   ii I"'11'   '"''   '"'*'   I'laee.
xt AfluiiMMi/ua,  partitions   In-  ,-,,1111.1-11 el   for   the   I'iiII   Wheeler,   l-'.K.ii.S..   from   ihe To in-
BARRISTERS, SOLICITOHH, KTC. ..-   j,,   ,.j     v..||.      | |„.     ,,, ,.   js        „.,.       I'ii;, f  tl      II     I
°'"0M; i™x£w™«°«*™ nr, „i„;■,:,;,■,,, i... *... ,, ;;:;;,:;,:!,;,/;,,;•'l:z:;z Revelstoke united Football club
Monoyuiloan.  .„__.,       ,       befoic  niiytlung  ha*  been  done.      I lie   ,„ f  jls  „,,,.|   Hlicicnl   .,,„|   faiihful
Offloes: Revelatoke, B 0.   uraobrook, fi, €, ,-       , .1    1  . 1. . .        ,    ,
Geo,8.MoOahtkb Burlier Ihe -t;,n   the better  the results   SCrviuil«.    \| an  from lii- value lo  the       A   meeting  "I   lhe above elub      wn.
A.. H. Pinkham" J. a. Haiivkv. will  li,-.    \- ii   i-  lhe  ii  is by      ii"    lleiinrtmenl   1-  ■■  well eiiuiniied  olli.-inl   held   i"   Live   ^.   M      C    \    iiinm«   on
Hevtilsliikn. CraiihriMik , i    i       it    i  ,   -i .  , . .,       ,
    means loo I<• 1.^  lo eoiieiutie all Uetiuis   wnl,  an  enormoii*   enpaeilj   for  work,    Mondny  uveninjr,   when   ilie    follinvinp
iml ensure Oie suei-ess ol the      under* I \\ ;. ,„,, ,,„, nne li  lo say that  no see- L'entlenien  were  unnnimoiisly  eleetod
taking'.   Wheel's  should be eleeted  ami   vnnl   of   lhe   l)e|inrlinenthus   done    so ■'    II.   I.yohs,   president;   Messrs.       .1.
eommitteca    nppointed nud   the    work   inueh  in di*eover  lous    iii-    national M-Mill.-m   mnl   II.   Smythe,    joint's	
entered  upon,    li   is up  in  the soeiety   iniportanee  of our  moiinlnin    system, relnries;  -I. Davies, eaplain.
ml   i'i'' -'li/'-n-  11 rally      in gel    a   rovering   some   \\,n   hundred   thousand       'i   was  arranged      1,,  have |iruelino«
move nn  ami  iln  something    if    they   -,,u.m-e  mile*.   These   are    hcroie     liu- on  the reerenlion grounds,      Mi-lliunxin
Iwani  ih,- ulinir in he nnylhijig   of    a jures,  and   In  gel   some      approximate avenue  on  Tin-.lay  and  Thursday  ov-
Btieeess. ilea nf  iheir va-i   alpine  spuees,  ii  i- eningn.   Young  men   are  enrdinlly    in
neeessnry   in rompnre  the men  ,,f  the vited   in  ntleml.   Tl lors    ndoptod
vyil.MAM I. HKKJUa
Solicitor, etc.
8 Mieltnr fori—
Tuk ('anadian Hank ok ('ommkklk,
Tuk Molsons Hank, lire.
d      •     •  1 i,„i8,..™        "'i'     la-i   ihai    ('.Hindu  mnl     I ie le   Swiss  Alps,  whirh   i- -Im    ihnii-mi.l    hj   the elub nre bln.'k  ami  while strip-
Provincial Land Surveyor. ' . .     , .  ., , ' • . ,      ,. '
Mining Suiveyor 1   a"'   lll'°    ""'''   ''""'     neignoors   11ns   square mile-. oil jorscy, with white pants.
Kngiueei-iiiK i-nii-eil   ih-  latter  to  look   at   Cunndu 1    „A(i .,,„„,,,,„.,.,!  ;,,  ,,„,. „..„.  ,.„|,
McKknzik Avknitk. | „„  |,i-  „wn   parii, nlar preserve      mnl
Boat imi   Rkvki.ht.ikk  i,|v,.  ,|„.  p;,.ts  ,,
iX'ON & EVELEIQH, |made periodieal d on    nriiain   ,„.,,„. „ rmit'him  trjeonduet    ih
. .t'-   resignution  i-  nw ing  to
"'"'   llm refusnl nf  the  Minister of the    In-
, Mr.   Win
Baseball Schedule
• •■,,,,,     ,,,    ,,.,,,,,,     ,,,„,    ,,(   iniene 1       i lie ~| >1). I'lllOWItlg is  t III*   llll=cll;lll    selieil
In   ,-111111   1 mini ;l   a*   a   hnppv    iiiiiiiUl: ' \i,,;.,     ,-i.a '     <  I       l      .-     <-,-    i ■
- Alpine iini,-  School m    Climbing in   „i„ f(„- ti„.   Y.M O.A.   league for thi
ARCHITECTS Iei'ouihI    on    whieh to derive    wealth J„lv, as he has hitherto eondueled it. !„.«,„.
I I    - 1f*l 'I' M   MSIIII,
VANCOlTVhK A.M. RRVBL8T0KK,  B, 0.   " ,,"""v"r     '""   """   ""'W"   U"1''       '"" The   Vniiu.il   I'miip.   whieh      I.-,-     ,,„,'
  |«'n>  Cnnnda  .- wnkina up to ,1." fact week|  i(l  il,,l„l,|,„|  ,n   ,-,,„„       hll|).
ildress,.,! to Post L'1"1. is  ""u    'l,lr  'o eonserde  her  nut. ,|,,.,| ,U|(|  ||flv   ,,,  (vvo    , ,,.,,,,  ,,,,.,.,.
Friday. .lune '.I    To leys v Hns. M"n.
Tuesday   •'   7—Beavers v Inteimeds,
Al   ' iliniiii-al inns nldress,.,! lo I'nst   LM"   '     "°"   '"' ""   "'"•    tired  ami   fifty   lo   (wo     hundred   mem-    ,, . ,   _      ..   ,,,    ,, ,,    ,
offlee,  R.-velsmke, will have prompt   ural  rosourees  for the 11 1 her own   ,„.,...   ,lN„ ,,     „. ,    .    .      1'l",,v "'   ""'^'•',"' v ' '"''"".
" * *"'*»lll^MI',,fc'»IIM"l,l|**IITI'*OII|lMllllfl» _lb_ift1t 11 %t T- 1
I" •    ''"' rl>     ;'      «as      P"l".li,r   , „,.;,„,.,„,,;„,,„-,„■   Mi,,,",.  ..,1           ,'T'"' .'       "^'"n "   "*"''»'-«'
,"l—  I"   'he State, lhal  Ca lum* , ,„. , „ >, ,„„.„„„.    ^Iday 17-Oorleys v IntmneUm
Iw.'ii' licw.'i-  of  \\imi I umi draw
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund       _• ;    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and A^cnis and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
c. w. o  w.
Mountnin Vlow Camp, No. 229J       Kvuter      for     lii-h    Sam.    llut    thing™
■Meet*  Sn,-nml nml  Fourth Wedneadan tn  , ,  .     ,
'•|s    '"    her- of  lhe --Inli.    A-   lhe  lainp'-   pi
Tuesday   "  21    Heavers v Hus.  M--n.
each month. In HellOrk Hull,   virtitiu   Woml
mon oorUinlly i„vito,l in nMeml.
W    1-:   11-ll'IUVK Cnn. I'om.
i US, M.iNTYIIK. Clerk.
Hoo.rn.i,   Lnrtlca. No.  IB, A   T. tt A. M
Tlio rtwalitr meet
hnve fhanited now ami I nele  Sum
i- il rimi-   one ,,f elimbi
1 I'", iday
"- |,v- ITiiiwdn
I    Cot-leys v Hu-*. Men.
28    Heavers v  lnteriiicds.
ploiini;  and  mountain   xludv, the pres- i...:,!.,., i„i„ i    n„„,.„,.^ ,. i<«,.i.,..„
tnkiiiK a bark sent and    ilia,    opinion   '       „, •■«,,.   Wll„ .,,.,.  .,       ,,,.,,, Iri.lnv .July l-Renvere v Oorleyn.
i. (.,,„;,;n,  u,i em* of All    "I lei   an     I icsidenl     .i Tuesday " fi   H-is. Men v Int-inied
'   '"  1J'"   ! W,l>- ' essnry to its ellieien-y,    i! l„,le ,,,.,,        .. 8-Oorlevs v Intermeds.
\\,-,-k'- eourse l*4»inij '- lie ii'J wiih ill-
v'"   ']"f   ■'"   l;- ''• L'niversilJ   Com.    „„,.,  mi|ltnn  l„-,.,.]y„m.   T] I]i,-ie„'-v I ,*,,Hn
mission     lm-     il- ii.-!   io   mm'   Hevel ""1"
i  the Camp,   ii,    return,   i
"f- '."• i'":l '■'.I'"   itol i    .1 ine -'nth, ii   i-  1"  !»■  Imped    ,,,   ,,„, ,,,
12 Heavers v Hus. Men.
y     "    I.'i Porleys v Hus. Men.
"sry   Tuesday "    lil Heavers v   Interineds
"""-     '"    Friday     "   22 He.-ivers v Corlevs.
,1..-,^,..,    .......   uui - l-llll.l, i^. ll.-.x.uir.   >     .>,,,,->».
ul.if.ei'.w-Hiiii.an , ih i' il'-'i i ,'•    inepai'iition*     will     i«-   (-.,.,.,,] ,   „!,,,.,. ,„,,„,,■,   ,,, ,i„, ,,,,,„;„,. „,      ,       . .,„ „       •,,         .  .          ,
•imihirii m-'u.Ikv in                                                                                  mpou  i<, nu  e,,,wiMLr Tuesday" 2't Hus. Men v In termed
„rh   m.M,ih   »,    g   ""'" •"   "            ie|HHl.,«                        i    „,■„,„„.   i,,,^,- empha-i,,.,]  a,'.-,i„  and |.*,i(Uv     .. 211 Corb-ys v Inlermeds.
m. \ismti*hrntli-  make ui,   ihi                                      minis
i     enrdinlly    »•
j  T  POLLOl K. Uahtkb.
('HAS. J. AMAN. Si.' KM ikv
i: op-
: , ■
-nil    have    iii,
Toes.  Autr.   2   K<* tvers v Hus. Men.
'amps    Pild.iy     "     ">   Corleys v Hus. Men.
 fv lltinf brethraa aro
cordially loTtted t" wiifi.l,
•       ihai   the   VJpine  club's  methods ITuesday "    n   BeaversV Intermeds.
 mended    ihemoelves I    A,| i»,lK„„ pi„Vers ,„„st I e members
,'limbers  ami explorers ' ofthe Y.M.C.A.'   No plaver can  play
'  le I them. Resides mnk* ' with more tin.,, one team.     ('..plains
".in,   in   Bel* "'     ' .inailiai.-.     ihe   will please   see   that   this  is enforced.
. -, Hall at S o'eloeli ...      ,. „ i        ,,,...    ., .,,   ,        ,,   , .,      .,..„.
it^e .rn ui,, ,, -me   (lames will hp called  promptly at n:30
|'i"" of the (ana- | ,,.< scheduled  nights,   and   7   Innings
Phe I .-.i-laiiii,,- ,,i  Vlberta I will be played.
money   .....       ,    „ ...   u ,     ,     , .. ,,
,   wed. June 1    Public School v J.B.O.
"■ii   ihere  i      nlu -ited
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly   Delivered
Baggage Transferred
Furniture and Piano Moving a Specialty
Leave Orders at Steam Laundry Office
Cold Rans;e lodge, K. of P.
No. 16,   Revelstoke, B. C.
-,\. M   ■
fm- -, month, in Idl
Hall    at    *    'i'i "■*.     Vliltlne
Coifhtaare ooMlall}   nv-.t.-'.., —
I).  A.  UoD IN ILU   '   ''■
0. H   BBin'K, R   nt  R   * 3.
T   P    SMITH.  *t. of r.
I-      i-
I."-   K-
Court Mount Beoi ii
Meets   in     I-  O. Y.    Hall   ni t
Tapping's  Opel i   H  ■■■•
\\      ,] IV ill in, nlli.
Vlsitiug   l'i'',
(■ i:
Ke,   ~ ■    II   W   Edwards
Club .  work
le ally
I     inter*
i  I ■• hu   ' ,,    the
i'    im
ilue   In
Zbc flfcaiUlbcrato
.. -,-,.
'I   I  •
11,,-   I'       .
'    ,
■   ir.il-
i       Long*
•i     Ifow
a  poi '
,1,      nl
"   8    Public v High School.
" 15-Hlgh School vJ.H.C.
" 22    Public School v J.B.O. '
•• 2»-Public v High School.
"     July (I   High School v J.B.O.
'• IU    Public School vJ.H.C.
" 3)-Public v High School.
" 2V—High School v J.B.O.
"   Aug. 8—Public School v J.B.O.
•• 1(1   Public v High School.
" 17    Hiah School V J.B.O.
\V ,1 .lun.- I   Chums v HO.BO.
••   s 	
" I.-.       	
.1 ,,    £, M l| .,
" 211 	
M      V.
' ' hei
i     -'
n allow Wr. V I
with  her  uni I "' idvlsed   even i
R.M.R. Rifle Shoot
The following scores were made hy
membeii. nf " Y   (In., KM.It.:
Maj -'Iih
200 SOO 800 Total
■*L't   ... ''in in-.        21 ill 211 7S
I. , i nip. Iinil'         27 21 2U 71
Corp. McDonald     in '2.". 2! .',;
- m   Shardlow        27 22 12 ill)
i  ,,p.  Vldrldgr       II 2" 2n :.l
i orp, Overton       21 is 11 53
I",-, \ enable 21 21 12
May 2
Pte, ' ampbell        27 HO 211 su
tt, Donald 27 .12 21 83
Sgt, (.   ., iiiiii        'Bi mi 2U xl
-./i   II   Sh n.li"■>    '-■ 2'i is 75
I.n. . I pi, I Mil         27 20 21 77
Kgt, Smvthe           20 20 Ifi 70
l.ii-.it.  II " :■                Ifi :',s IS III
Pte, U'. Allen         2H in In .",2
Pte. VV i' nn           17 21 In is
I'm    I-   Taj lu        20 8 13 12
\li, Mi'l,,"              •, 10 12 70
''■'' IllllllHf
ImmI,.    '," po.ll   !    1' ittlo     ll        1'" «
Clearing Sale of Boys' Suits
4 Suits, Size 22 $3.50 to $4 50 for $2 and $2.50
6 Suits, Size 23 4 00 to 4.75 for 2 and 2.50
4 Suits, Size 24 4.00 to 5.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 25 3.50 to 5.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 jSuits, Size 26 3.50 to 4.00 for 2 and 2.50
2 Suits, Size 27   3.50 for    2
12 ;rpiece Suits, 27 to ;,3, $5 and $6 for $2.75 &$;v5°
MeKinnon S Sutherland
WWII.n  Good    Planer   man,   Apply
K, im,-linn   l.utnlier Co,  I,t,d.,Snlmon
Vrm, I'.. 0,
..   Bews1  popular 7.*i cent books,—
every  volume worth your time.
111 11 t Front Bedroom mi First St.
11 ,. ,,f bath, luitabla lm- nee nr two
,„ nil, „„„,.     \|iply   M,   1'.  0,   Itnv   108
I i. ,!  Beauty     Cream, 'imply a de*
, .   75l .   B   I"'1    Sl    Y.m:   '    [rug     lure.
UUM w COOK— Wants occa lonal
work in private families. Apply
three doora west  nf  Knox  Church,
New i.-it'liy perfume odors at Bewa*
drug store.
\n\v i-- the time to have n Inreo
photograph token of your home, soo
Tucker the photographer aboul it now
Fool Comfort, giinninteed to do
good work, L'5 cents n box nt Bews'
drug storo.
Cherries, strawberrieR, bananas, new
cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, spin-
aeli, rhubarb, lettuce, etc.j at Ilourne
Hros. ' '
excavating fnr the Howson Work,
1 will have pood garden *oil for
il" at SOc. per load. Apply to the
Cumming'fl Transfer Co. WEDNESDAY, .11 ST! I, 1010.
Page 5
If our methods unit you
tell others.    If they don't
euit you tell uh.    Any cri-
tieism  of    our   mode   of
doing   business    will    be
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders.
Send   the   children   to
the store,   t'ome yourself.
Have our eity traveller
call   nt   your    home   fnr
Robe Dresses
Scini-iittc.l llohe Dresses, just a
little work hy a practical dressmaker and tbey will be ready-to-
put on. Lovely White Organdies
and Mulls, beautifully faxhioned
and trimmed, mude in the high
waist Russian Blouse styles.
There ure four or live distinctly
different patterns to choose from,
and the price
$7.50 to $12.50
New York Wash Suits. Nothing
has been shown so far this season
to approach them. A decided
novelty is a heavy white net
hraided collar, with wash Soutache
liraid. The skirt is made to
match, highly trimmed with Soutache
$15 and $19.50
few M Sis
In White and Tan Linens, heavily
braided with line Soutache Braid
The new Russian Blouse Coat,
very smart and dresBy. We want
to demonstrate them to you at
Here is an assorted Box of Neck
Kuchings in mixed colors or all
white. Some contain the new
Cofd Edges, others contain the
new Chiffon Edgings. Six Frills
in box, at per box
Tourist Frilling put up in boxes
about ;! yards in a box, makes
about seven frills. Nice for wearing with wasli dresses and waists.
So cheap can be thrown away
soiled, at per box
The Klevator is the most perfect type of passenger elevator
made. We spared no expense to
get tho best and most reliable. All
the safety devices so far produced
you will find on it. The mosl
approved automatic safety brake.
.y-   .
Summer Underwear
Nn\v is the lime, when our stock is complete, *o inspect,
our hn.- of Summer Underwear—ll-illiriggnn, Merino, and
Natural Wool—we have them all here and the must particular dresser can lind what he wants.
STANFI ELD'S pure wool, rib kind, summer weight,
at $1.25 per garment.
NATURAL WOOL, "I!ol>in Hood" brand, a very
licht weight, pure wool underwear, just the thing for this
season of the year—$1.50 per garment.
SILKKTTK for the hot weather. A*k to see it. The
most comfortable of all for hot weather.   $1.75 a garment.
B.V.D—Short sleeve coat shirt, knee drawers, neat
and comfortable.    $1 per garment.
FRENCH BALBRIGGAN, made from pure Egyptian
cotton—75c. per garment.
The famous W. ti. & R. brand in all the
latest patterns and fabric*. You can't make a
mistake on this brand. Every one is perfectly
finished and every one ia full fitting. Light
and dark Cambrics and Zephyrs.
$1.25 to $3.50 each
—and so doei every other well-dressed man here. Hicy're the
smartest shoes that money can buy—exact reproductions of
expensive metropolitan custom models. They're made in quarter-
sizes, giving you an exact fit. Regal Shoes are the greatest shoe
"alues in the world—that's why we sell them.
Let us show you the new Spring styles.
$5.00 and $6.00
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
Revelstoke,   *   B. C.
I rcsh Strawberries, Ripe Lomal	
Cucumbers, Oreen Onions, Sun-
kist Oranges, Bunanss, and Sun-
kist   Lemons  an.l   Grape   Fruit.
Telephone your orders early.
If you are requiring a high-grade
Tea, at a moderate price, you will
have no difficulty in lieing suited
with our famous SUNBEAM TEA
in bulk, it is blended especially
for us and is put up in two grades.
Ask for SUNBEAM when you
want a good Tea.
40c« and 50c. lb.
Eight Harrele, and 7(3 Cases of
Price's Baking Powder, or 153
dozen cans, just received. We are
now in a position to supply your
wants for Baking Powder with
pure fresh goods. (let our Prices
on PRICE'S, wholesale or retail.
We also carry a full stock of
Schillings, Blue Ribbon and
When you are looking for Wedding Presents come in and let us
suggest something in the Fancy
China and Glassware line. A
large assortment of Cut Class to
choose from, including Fancy Cut
Bowls, Water Sets, Wine Sets,
Cut Plates, Butter Dishes, Nappies, Water Bottles,Salts, Vinegar
Bottles and Mustard Dishes. Also
a thousand different articles in
Fancy China that would please
any bride. j
.lust unloading to-day Two Carloads of tbe beet feed oats, l -t
us ijuote you price- by the *a,'*.
or ton. Also a large quantity of
the best quality Prairie and fim.
"Uiv Iluy, wheat, Bran, Shorts
Chops, and Cracked Corn. When
you   want  feed   wo can  save you
You may Snrj i mistake iti
ouf accounting, let ,:- kr.ow if vou
do. We have installed tbe finest
office sJsTem possible and ar,
our Utmtist to keep apace with the
"""'s. Vi-:, can help ui if youjlet
us know of <<ny mistake thatjmight
Police Comniissioi ers
The Whits Death
\  11 ...ii.,.. nf ilu- Police Commission- '    ''  >s o«tiimitod Ilml  in Panada [rom
.-     ,  ■    Mil  1'riilnj   ui i  s- i  IIM     people    .lie aiinimllj
\lu\ in     ir|, uai ,|  |ta\
vea fi-,,,,,  iiihcn nl,,*;-. iiiiii ol ili.-" nil  ll"'
,       i ,mii,,i i- urn neroed ilini  « ighl    lo
L   "  wrj ""' ;;;;';,[z: iiTaLtMmid i.,..i. u tw
;,       IrithV  ll" The clilnmd'r;     .hi    ' Ir,   I  frj.m 81«,n00,000 to
.    '                ,    ,          • jeju, unu. nun       iiiimmlly    trom       these
,,||,|,, I llll-    |,-:,M-   nil  I    till     HI UOI1
,.  M ... .„      was    .-im 1... -.-• 1 b>     ilie di'iilhs.
Tlii-      u.i-   aii  outslivmliiig   sentence
i       m ,   i .in , •                 . ,i
 I,..,,  on ii.- ".mi"!' »'« ™,,"il:le '"«!"'.f1":'1 ,u"Ti
, , ,          ,,, ,.,l   m„„ ill un In   Hi.   I'.   I..  hclmlliiDi
i                 I                                                 '"' ,        , ■ i
,, - i' ii ,•„ .'«w. t>"1-™1 <r]  i ;,","    '
,l„,  ,,„i.    |„„ ,  l.i.i   'i"« "'   '"'" '  ,,"'M  """"       U
,    ,    ,|„.„.l  in   "H     mr>    i   si, ,	
II-l'    III            lie   .plan                          I'      in, k I                                               -
,    |                                   ii. |..-1   vein   ni  I'n", ''■    ill" '    nniiiL'l ii I
!     n|ii! im,,  Tu              tthulcvci   in i\     I"'  said
.. '      '   '         "'' "," li""'««riinl. ,iH    ml
[or   mil   'hnl    >   '"" "'"   '"""'   '"   '"
,. ,,,-i ,,,   ■ • ''' 'i,ivt'' '""• ' ;
  ,,     lull    i-vcnimciil     I Id    I I i' '"'IVI
,„     ,i   i„  ■„,,  I      i '       ,ml   [ ""'   ""'  ™m
, ,  .,,,  „w„ ,,',,-u . :,- well ii- pitying
i       tabic Terry. '"     '"'   """' "    '""J """"-
reported   that     the    di,       '    I1"1    I I'1"   'h"   '"   ™»sumP-
,, ,.    ,,,-   timi  a lallv,  '....i     i uiiiidii  al,m.'.  id
■   matlei    ui '      ,      , ■ i
,    ,   ,       ,,„, il,,,   colintrv   willi   wliu-l.   we  arc    eon-
i         ised          ml   in cnnnii. 'lal      llic '
,  I    I,   , corno I   lodnv.    li   i*      Mini  llmt     there
, :-.    I     ,  n-i       XMIIU     --l'-1.        HI   I        llllll
...      ,,„,    in,- nl   leasl   in.1.1  iin.   to     ill, il
i :   ilml   tins   v n      -  >■    ir; .    i..n
!,,.„,, nill'    IIP llll'   ill    III-        111,'in-Ill    Slllll i   tl
v       lefl   nvpr  li                            yonr, i"'i '                             ,
.    ,      .               ,.,,i;. rom      iln-   drond  disoaspi   il      olntms
I          i,M        nil    tlie               ot    police
.'•,,, .   tlealli   al   least   12,1100  ol       our
, ■     il   in   nunc.
I      ef   I'lirr       I ited   I I'oli  .'     I"   "*""    '"'"''     , ,    ,,
'     ■■■ -ii:'i,si;	
,rl   ll that i  '":" ti_iniito. «nd tho.los*
"   '   '''"■' [  ''■' '"""";•">•, "'  •'"■
■mm, ' I    ' lur...,, the ycn»   ho is  .11    at
.    y.ynn i ,.   ihai   makes     82,000    fm'
•   |   ■	
, .    , li  lii-  l.'*i   from   iln-  'I *oase,        llii
i               I  in IlUlll'e  a  re                         '•".•.
i llii*  I- i-i-      iln     i       - -      Irom
I           lv.    ii                               • ,,
1*1(1  1 ,,       ,--_'il,l.':'l..iiM    an-    i  ill'
'                                     '                         'nm  ,           ,                     , -'
I-,,., ilnne, I ,'       ivci anient*
ro*,   !        ■   ,,     , ■■ ilile amount
,    i.   ■ ■  .>"    ■ a,ilia"
':.-. [ idelions < ■-"■•'.___
|,    , I                 1    .         ■       , ,.j V-"k*,i-,w
Marvellous Growth
British Columbia's remarkable industrial an.l   commercial expansion is
tjivell  latest  ,.\|n-,---iiin  ill  tt  volll I
lii'Jil    png     il"'  lirst   13.  C, Gnzotler
ami Business Diractorey which tho
Henderson Publishing i ompany hua
issuod in five years.
In   100S     when   ll ompany   issued
ii- Inst liu/ciii-r. the twelfth edition,
it volume of 782 pages was sufficient
lo cover lho commercial and industrial province ui that  year.
lu ihai i- -ii,, TOO iniinicipalii es, villages, towns and cities wero described.
In   llllll  these  have  increased   to   III 10,
I'lir  impiilnli I   the    province    is
ihown lo bnvi nearl, doubled within
nine years. In 1001 il via* 100,000,
I'lie "cm i no p iii it ni 317,000 ai
the  • lose  ni   lasl   j pal    w Idle   populn
tion  2SU,    Imi, in    "'.' ,    I I" e
17,000,   .lap.ui    111,11(111     anil     Iln,ilu
I he    iim,I,,  ol     Uritish  Columbin,"
,\ ihi- issue, "is lho Inrgosi of nn,
country in lhe world per liend ui
population. In 1001 tlio imports
aiiiiiiinii-,1 lo 812.0711,0**5 while iln- ox-
pons totalled 81 (l,SHti,32S. I'or lhe
liscal yeur outline Murch 31, 1008, the
imp,,ri* wero 824,180,452, and tlio exports 823,041,187, nn in. rense in tho
total trndo of the province in four
years  ol  $10,506,223.'.
I' er, iniliiM r\ i- sin i\\ ii lo In' in a
nourishing  state.
Viiticouver  i-  growing   so  fust    that
tlie company      ha    nol   attempted    to
in  , ,i I   im   populnl ii n    in  1 iii-   business
"Our   annual   oil,    directory   will   be
iv.i.ly   lor  distribution    nexl   month,"
said  Mr.   Henderson.      "ll   will  show a
substantial   increasi    ii    population.'*
i lie  popul tl ion  of the  fi illi >\t ine  cil
\ ictoi in  HI, i
S'ew  Westminstor     12,000
il   T.iinii
Kamloops   3,:|IMI
l:..-i -i,-,i
Prince    I! i| oi I   3,000
\, irth    Van'   3,5110
Fruit Lands Near Revelstoke
We have for sale 80 acres of cleared
fertile lands ready for cultivation and
planting, half a mile from town, to be
aivided into small blocks to suit purchasers
Per Acre
This is the best land in the district, being
very fertile and suitable for growing fruit
or vegetables—no irrigation needed. This
is a paying investment.
Apply to
  .V,i"> 'Is
 7,500   VV
    1,000 j   \>
Ssys Liie is Cheap
!'        .'     ■ \ .f.    -   l'i
■    ti    n   bai
n   ■ to nn    l'i;_li- ■
Mi      n     .   Garnett,
■;. :
■     t'liotiim in ('anad i
.-  e M iris.-- i
. ■■
does   noi
who !
baek by this ;:-
\. ork I
■   rioti t 30 days after dati
. . ■ ■ \     to 1 he Superin*
;' ial Police for n    ro-
■'   Ii'i ior   licom e  for
■i    r.Iac er H G     i< r,  B. C, f« i
(row Jum   30,   1910-    to
m     nbi    31  t.  1910.
C.   !'.   Ry.  I oy,
Navy Not Rushed
1    the
TO     W110.M      IT    .MAV       ■
i .     i . '■.   that I 1       a cow
insured with the British American
Live ■"■'in k Association, Ltd., for J40
and that I have iiii* date received,
through W. Y.. Robertson, th-ir li"-nl
representative at Revelstoke, B. C,
settlement in full.
!■ ■■ '.   at Revelstoke, B.C.,  this  10th
day of M iy,  1910.
1 -■ :'■ nt   thirty days    aftei
clnic I im,-nil to make application to
the superintendent of provincial polieo
for ,-i renewal of lictail Liquor License
for the Kootenay Hotel, Burton, B.C.,
for the half year ending December 31,
t   I. ted May 1st., 1910,
i 1 ake notii ■■ that 30 d j - niter (late
' 1 intend to apply to il"' Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal
• t the retail liquor license Ior tho
Criterion Eloti Cai lorne, B. <'.,
for the half-year from June 30, 1910,
to De ■ nil.,-.- 31st, 1910.
,'   ,i  May  Ith, lOln.
after   date   I   Intend   i"  apply   to [tin
Superintendent ol the Provincial   Pol
for a renewal "f the retail liquor  licensi
for the '.im en's Hotel, Comaplix,   II. I
Ior the half year from June  30th, 1 I]
to Dec.31st, 1910.
Dated May 4th, 1910.
M ..  1 lm .1. II. VOUNC.
We olTer full quarter ncres Imperinl
'ark, bonutiful location, easy term*.
Write for pnrtieulars. Western Broker-
| ge Co.. 720 Pender Pt., West, Van-
ennver,   B.   C. B.lS.fi.
Wanted to Buy
\  -ii ill   Steam  Tun   Boat   In (iood
repair.   Apply, giving full particulars
Blue,  *iy|i' oi' machinery, price
-   ted, -   e„ '..   MINDV LUMBER
$10 Reward
Canada's Preference
, ntim ■-
■ 1                   :
• l
, ,i
i ■■• I 	
•  i  -   iay  that in th.. hu
c foroe Canad
than '        '    ^l    ,    ,,.i ,
ope ontiidi     ril i ,.,.    i,   ■.,! will be thrm or foui
There  ii    oi     Hi, to wn
countries      in   il ■   m . ■ ,, ,   . , re    of   it
■     I-i  I   ;        ■ propei '•
Big fruit C
It       '
'   %
I'm *   •
\     ■ ird nf ?in ia ofTerefl for   such
information  as "ill load  to the arrest
tion of the person or   per-
fr.ns  who,   nri   the  morninc"  of    A[iril
milked  mv l.ln^k co\f
.a  'Ik- liable.
I I I  Will!   '.. TAPPING.
Ird lor  thi
• " ' ,
(rallies   nud
' iteel   Win.
rl tend"
oi   I"!   the
i   [hi     Blue
l .   II   Wi II s
■i,m\ I,.. ■ • i T. wn
POT!     U.I        ■   ;   i
fine     tl me ai ••I""   ma-
I'-. 'in nil I  k
■i i.i'.    fi.
inii' Ith h ,.!»■    keeping
Ioi   particulars, to
M ,,l fli • ■ rl on .
Take  a,nice  that   30 days after dnto
1   intend  to apply to  the  Superintendent of I'rovincinl  Police for n renewal
.1 the retail liquor license for the Eva
Hotel.  Camborne, B.  C, Ior the half-
year from .lune 30, 1010, to December
31st,   1910.
Dated Mny 4th, 1910.
Take notice thnt thirty dnys nfter
dale I intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for n renewal of Liquor License fur the St.
Leon lli.iil. St. Leon, B.C., for the
hnll year from May !tl*t., to December 31st., 1910.
11. GRADY.
li,.   police have secured the services
ivenger,   Any persons desirous
of having  their    .Insets or cesspools
, leaned,     should leave ward   at    the
police station,
Chief of Police
lil-- notice 'Imt we intend to tnnke
tion io the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of our
retail liquor license f"r tho premises
known n- the I,.land hotel, Nakusp,
It. f'.. for the half-year from June 30,
ILI    ll mii".'  81St,   1910.
(iL-ilvie ,v  McKltrlok.
May 3rd,  1910,
Take notice thnt 30 dnys niter date
1 int.-nd to apply to the Superintendent nl Provincial Police for n renownl
of the retail liquor lieenso for tho Lar-
denu Hotel, Comaplix, B. C, for the
half-year from June 30 1910, to December 31st. 19in.
Dated Mny 4th,  1910.
Ti ■■<■ nolice that I   Intend  to  a; ply 1
the   Supcrintetidi ut   "1   the   I'i■   i
P   ice for a renewal "l the  retail   li'
,  for tin-   Kootennt   Hotel,   Huiti *
t':i\. fi. !'., for ilu- Imll \i.n   lliau
iOlii, 1910 to Dec, 31st, 1910.
Dated May 4th. 1910.
Maj  1 lm \VM. LOVATT.
Take notice that 30 days after date I
iiiii'iul to appl\ to the Superintendent i
Provincial Police tor a renewal ..f tlie
retail liquor license for the Halcyon Hot
Springs Hotel. Halcyon, It C, f"r the
half year from June 30th, 1910, t.> Dec.
.'.1st.  1910.
Dated Maj   Illi, 1CH0.
Ma) -I liu. II- McIntosh.
Take notice that 30 dins alter date I
intend to apply to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police for a1* renewal ol
the retail liquor licence lor the Unioi
Hotel, Arrowhead, II. C. for the hall
year from June 30th, 1910, to Dee. 31st,
Dated Mai  -Ith, 1910.
May I lm. \V. J. I.niiiriii'RM .
Take nolice thai I Intend to appl) t.
the Superintendent "i the Provincial
Police for a renewal of the retail Hquoi
license tor the Cin Hotel, Arrowhead
II. l'.. for ilie half year from June 30th
141", lo Dee. 31st, 1910,
Dated May 7th, 1910.
lii.M , lm JOHN CALEY.
Take notice iiiiii  in .lavs after  date
we intend lo apply to the Superintendent of the Provincial Police fora renew:.'
uf the retail liquor license for the Lake
view Hotel. Arrow head, It, C, for till
half year (rom June .imll. 1910. to Dec.
31st, 191.1.
Dated .May 4th, 1910,
Maviini. Chapman & [rwin.
Thirty days after dnte of this advertisement   wo   intond to mnke applica-
ion to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal o!
l.'iinil    Liquor Liconso    Ior the Grand
loiel, Nakusp, B.C., Irom July 1st to
December 31st., 1910.
Pi.-e 30
„\- ..- v.- -r
—      -^*       t^t^    -±
'fkd/^2%      >
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock tf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
oMenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c/tccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
City Life Surveys
Rail and Steamer
j    St.  Louis, May 27,    If  tho  Pittsburg       n„.      Empress    of    Irelai '■ <sed
Survey,   n*   an  experiment   in   placing   ihrough   the  Straits  nl  llelle   I n
n  oily  under a  microscope nml study-    |'uCsduy,  outward bound  Irom ',■■•-<•
inj ii   in  nil  il* detuils, did  not  give   ,,,  Liverpool,  milking  a  r rd ■      ha
nil  tho results  desired,  io  at   lenst  es-   ,\,y      passengei     vessel     lo   I he
lablishod  ii  proi'odont   lor similar, but    northern  short     out  in  tho n    i ol
moro farreiii'hing surveys of other cities    j[ny.    The     Ireland was  lo by
■John   Unniels of  llull'nlo,   \.   V.,    in   the Tunisian  nnd  the I'assn    I •.•!
nn  ,,'! li.'** before  the S'utional Confer   ,!„. early openinp  ol the strn one
.■i.'-.'    ol    Charities     nnd    Correction,   ,,f  th,. mosl   remarkable ,-■-, tho
l.i'iv  llii-  morning,    denned    a    social   history  of  St,   l.awren
survey as n study ,,i tho oitios' oondi-                        . ,
,.,.'.,       .        .        ,,       l.i'Uniii     i-    preparing  In   -■ ne
l *  nl   nil   lh.'ir  Mini   points   in     all , . ,
,   .       . L'l'oalest   H'','i   of  warsnii
.1 '  viliil   I'lm ■• -                                         , ,   ,         ,                       . ,
1,1.-1 I,, her colonie* ind
"If a oily has a  largo loreign popu-   f|ll, ,.,.„„„ u i;,:.    ln|j  u|i  .   . ..
"»'""■     «•""   Ml    " ''•  ",h ml   ,,.,.,   ,,,  ICmiuimiilt.
survey ought  by  all   nn*  (,, include
mi  inquiry   c wiring  llic various rn.      ' '"'   :"" ' l ' "li:  ~! ' '
-ml  groups  with   iIm  purpose    ol    o - l"*u1'   '"P ■       "'     ' :
hli liing    ih.-    I'niidilions    lhal    nro '" '''■  ""I""'" boats   md    de*n    ■ rs.
.•mnmon tn nil the o group,  nnd those ll   "                       '   "
| whieh  arc peculiar,   the ipialilios    and "'"""  '*   '"     '''   ''"'   r'    ' '
e Iiii....-   wl ieh    should  be    fostered ''"'    I
Hut  aii.\  stud}  nf racial group* should The  t!,.,-i   will  go  i',i-i   i,,  I          tar,
be subordinate In a slud,\   nf tho com- then In tin     ■           I '    V                 i i-
und   those  which  -I Id  he eliminated ti,,,,   |,, !i „    nnd       Vustralin.    -        .1
nniiHi-,   a- a  whole, socially,  political n,i,...,.  |i,,rt*  will  be i        d  li      sub-
ii ■ '" ".' i' ''I- • -in I ph.. sicully.  In an ,1m ision.   nf  the  n        In,   '                  I
in piirj   im,,  uii'inl  'Mi, lilinns, the firsl |„.,,    ,.   ,                                             I
question      -In,nl.i  bo   thill   nf  how     In heal   ,,,-rnss      ,    |             ,,,  San    I'   in-
wold   the rlillorein   racial  groups    into   ,',-,■,,,   ,„,|  ihn  -nil   thwarri.        ha
a  single community. .,. u-j|| t.,!„. f,.':,... in  pjll.
T,,cn   ll 'millions   win h   prmlii - •,.,„,   „,„.,,,..   nij|,,  1(]   M)[4..|      ,.„      ,
!",v"rl>' """- ""'• ,lls?,ls°. ' "'■      - •:
uy  and crime should  1, ■    invo tiLnited   ,.,,„„.„,      |;;i;,„;iv.      ,      ,
;"l!l  """'•    ,l'"'   llw    ""•'-'""     "•|li''1'    nn ,- fn
need   tn   he   taken  alnnn   the  lines    nf    ,,       .    .
sanitation, educat "i. and  religi iu* en-   fH
ilenvnr     i,,  'uri.._;   tibnul   in
^^^^^^^^^        iniproveuient.   fl,im   ,,,.,,.„■„   ,„   siaunrn   I'.-ill*.
With   respo.-t   ...   those   citj   ,-niiditinn*   ,-„...,   ,,.„;   ,,„.  ._,_,, .     _,.,,
miles,        - ■   -.-r
lime  i.l  JIT  niiiinte*.
Perils of Paper Mcney
N*pw York, May 27. Officer* ,.f tha
boat*') "f health bore have airaiii palled
attention in lhe pectin thai lurk in
germ-laden paper money, Soiled liilU
tlwy say, are found to contain an average of 142,0011 bacteria each and, although some of thene germ a have losi
their virulence, the money inuftl re-
ma;n   an  object   ©f  suspicion  anl    an
■ ..tl menace to tho health of the
Urging rapid withdrawal* front circulation of soiled bills, the healthoffi-
cers quote front a New York medical
''It has been ascertained that money
can be infected by handling; it also
has been shown that the germs of
diphtheria and tuberculosis may live
on infected paper, There i« little
doubt thai disease i< spread in ways
thai we know not even in these days
of advanced research. If paper money
does spread disease, though to an ex*
tremely small extent, this i« reason
sullicient to insiat upon quick renewal
of dirty hills."
which  mi J i   bo   termed  political    the
ii ial  survey   should ascertain th » fn- i
relating the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—
,,f promoting  nlerl  and  I -;  citizen- '    ""'   "e»      P",,,tinl   ':":' ''
ship nnd  would  attack  the problem of   ,;""'"-"-    ",r     r1"'    '''   ' •  ''•  '
the mosl   apprnpriati.  and  ninsl   effect-   wl>»'h     h:ls      >""   '"" '
ive  plan  of cih   organization.  Finally   N"»-'-'1' '"'  >'.vnc,
the    -ii.,,,  of   the   -I..M-,   de\ I   In   Ume  v">'af!*  '"   ^ '        ' '      "'
studying   the  city   physically,     should    lhe S:'';'il-  "f Mn«»lln«.    SI     left      ,n
deal  with  the  many  problems of civic   ' a^   '   ll
improvement   and  city   planning.
New Gansdlan Coins
Tho    last     iiiunhci      of  the » .
' lazel Li i ain*   u  pn de.
scribinjj   iho di -ijn-  fm   iho  new i i
of  lhe   Dominiou.   Tho  -il • or * o(
the valno of r>0 onl *, -" I
5 routs ,u<-  i tins desceibed
Kor    the    obvor  • •»
etligy of His Mnje^t\ Ki-i_ 1 • 1
VII., ■ onsisting of head uid
weariug the imperial crowi »be
of state with the ollm of ho ' ■ tpr
and looking lo tl .th tho inscription "Ivthvaitlus \ll. Dei '■ itia
(c\ Imperutoi." and i^\- thi Ci ■ - se
he ivords and rrguros "50 ■ -. ?,-
ali" (cliangi .1 imi ording to valu< i,
iui<1 rlatc of y>-.if w tthin a w real' "I
maple surmounted by the in | d
crown, with a graining u|H>n the
The oi ml  design  i-    Kor ■■'''■ er96
impressiou the efligj- of Ili-- Late Majesty King Kdwurd VII., consisthii; .,f
head and bust, wearing the in,. ..I
crown and rob.' of state, with the ■»!-
lar of tlu '- irter and look tig lo ih»
right, within a beaded circle, ind
surrounded  by  the inscription Rd*
wardus VII. Dei Oratta Rox Impera«
tor, Can ad a, j'  and for the reverse ihe
wolds  "Hn it"    and  date of    ; ".ir
withip a beaded ii le surrounded by
n wivuth of entwjued maple 1» i\*eflt
\vil li    i   plain   cdgl .
Remarkable Discovery
Council Bluffs, In".-,, May -.'7. \
pint bottle filled with inn- old whi--
key, iln- age .if which i* uncertain,
I.n- been louud hero embedde I solid
ly in the heart of a maple tree almost
f.nir feet in diameter,
M.-n were ei/i*nLrcl in cutting super*
fhiniis iii'i-- some nf \\lii,li wero planted over Tn years ncn,    and the    saw
-i 1,  Ihe bottle in the middle ol iln'
. i iml,    Uow    tho    l»'i lie of    whisko)
i;.n  Into il -n, f the huge   tr.*-
i-* a mystery lhal even the ,,l,l,-i -,-i-
ili-r i- unable in ,,!■.,•. I. mu i hove
boon iln-.,- thirty years ,.' I. ist. ill.I
-,-nl.i- *mie that tho bottle i ol Lb.
I\|ii-   in    i -    I",in   lif",    in   -i\' '
Canadian Turf
I in,     May     27.   Tho    hi
l\inLi'. pl ii,-.  iho blue ribbon ol    the
i  modioli    "nf.     (nr    ilm"' yt i
Cnnnilinn bred,  «ai  won bj   lini die'
Vnllej  I ,,i,i, entry, Parmer, who romp
.-il homo   in en \   h innor ton    lo
abend    ,ii l,i-  it able mate,  ' ommola,
• li  Shun . tin   So u • im entry, «lii"ii
ili,- Waterloo  ilnblo Innl     pinned    ii*
i.nil. In i ail y the black ami yelli
\ iclorj. Ihorcby adding Lho thii
win  !-, the credil  of il"- stable,    was
iim I,   The ii  was 2:12 2 5.
I'he V, at. ' lo   mi rlus reigned
in  (he  'ui' H ■     i in ,.  tho    pr. ■■
being     T to  10, while in
quni i".'    I i,i  I  hn I been laid  i
the ll.'inlii'      iblo,  whi h    onl    three
'',,, lo  ih-   pn '.    Ml of ili-.    lag
,i i    m.i thn card for tho plate fa ed
tl..' -tm ]. i.     uni 11  en   ,' ii''     wero
Expansive Millinery
I'.iniiiin. M ,\ ',' I ' -• ,/• 1
shape of ihe new     styles  of millinery
were gravely    discussed    bj eminent
, ounsel  mnl  ' omi at    '.ha
i ■: ir>M   nf   the    Dominion Re   . iy
i 'ommission this -    mil
I In  ■
...lllll,, • I Bl
i  maxim i     of      a,
with I  -h»y
j I In- .- i
• ,1
|',ii   • I
C. fi. fi. Investments
i    -        to
Ur. Win. M | reai"
-■ i_*vrs
who sailed
Uo vith
'    I
• I
■   and
' a Not
■ hi i ii  nnlv, by HK'.-ins  nf    a
north ol
oi. V-.y-
Hot Weather Garments
Ladies' Summer Knit Vests
A, Inc., 25c 85c, ninl "."ic. each.    Undoubtedly
these vests tne the besl   value ever presented
nt I lii---.- i-cspcct ive prices,
Anderson Scotch Gingham
and Zephyrs, absolutely fast  colors,  25c,  'Me.
nnd 35c.    Selling nt 20c.
Princess Dresses
Beautifully   cool   and  comfortable for   warm
Weather,    'I'tetlv ill.'.*.-i-* ill line  Mulls,   LllWllS,
Scotch Gingham
I'laiii, nlu-eks and Stripes   Selling now at I2jc.
We want you to see this line.
ami Muslins.    Prices   $n. $11 nnd 98.
Smart Suits In Linen    Repps.    Indian  Head
l'i ices lunging from $5 up.
Beautiful Soft finish—n large rangenf patterns,
Bargains in Our Wash Goods
Values Hun every woman who tends will wanl
Ul Inches wide,    Regular 20c,    Now 15c.
White Crossbar Muslin
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English Prints
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our display, it is worth jcurwhile.
at Sale Prices
Al.--.  .1.   I).  Sibbnld is visiting      in
Mrs.  .1.   II.  Lyons     "ill  not  receive
tomorrow  (Thursday.)
Air '11.   \.  1.aw-mi will nol     receive
on Thursday, Juno lind, (tomorrow.)
I Mrs, H, M. Corley and Mi** C'orloy,
have returned from a visil to lhe
coast  cities.
j Friday, June 3rd, Ladies' Auxiliary social '■'• in II p .11... nu tin-
V.  M. C  A. gro Is.
| (I.a-. Dent, ol Vancouver, i- a visitor in tin- lily iiii- week Ior the wedding  ..I  lii-  nister  Mi-I'.D.-nl.
I M . mnl Mi*. A. flranat and family
left today un an extended vi*',t n,
Rwoden.   They oxpeel  t>, be nwa>      a
I li. Rossei, barber in tho lower town,
i* visiting at Kanilnops. He returns
tomorrow and will bring a bride with
I .1. Mi-Mnitiii. local custom collector
returned  this morning From     Vernon,
i where he hits been relieving the customs oflicialsf
Fun and Fax at the Edison
Theatre June 8th.
i anadiaii   Pacific    Railway,    nl-
n        enterprising,  "ill     shortly      bo
tun        onl   "ready  made" fruit  farms j
1 i.      ni u      addition  t,.  Ihe Queen's :
hotel   i-   making   rapid  hendwaj     and
v.      •     ■■  'iiiiii-  aii  imposinu    nppcar-
mice when finished,
1:   A.  Upper lm- been appointed     I"
the  local  police  force during  llle    nb-
gei      nf I   ii   table  Prod Terry, who is
vi;-it  to England
I ■ -i :\ next, -liiin- 3rd, being the
King' birthday, «ill in- observed as
a bank holiday throughout the city
Tho  banks  will   therefore be closed  on
tin- -i i'.
V.m   M> It ii       i-   callinc   foi   ti n 1. rs
Jo ereeti. ■'    nf  loui   now   . nl tages
,,--■.     ■ reel      I ■ ndei     arc    lo    l>e
i-   ir,   ti,,,, ii -.......   I bin   In*.. -I nne and.
Th    •   «;:i  lie lor rentinc.
Fun ond Fax at the Edison
Theatre June 8'h.
Foot, & l'i idolinl nr-' ii iklnti good
i ..,,   tli,,   foiin i.llii'll-   of        tl*
new     Cai    :,  •      Dank oi    ''onu u i i
I-      ■.   _ When i omple od
will  li,   one of  i1"'  finest   strui tm
tl     pi ■'. in '
i     i     i'-..,., ;
livision  of    the  C.  P
in_;    Mr
\. ■
<'   !'   i: ■        nd
The l Oral
' ■
tion of oil lim
V lie ni
Di    Sproul U    ■'
■'.,   I  ■ '      '■   M
1    ■
''       '
•   n
i  ■ ' " '
, -r ii,
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack.' Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Mr. Vi. M, Drown i* a visitor to
I Ihe cily tins week. Mr. Drown lm* a
| valuable farm property In the Lilloet
[district where he will reside fm- the
Ali*. ii.  S. MeCarter entertained the
young people    on Monday night
progressive whist.   The fortunate pr
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
winners were Miss JInry lOdwards and
M.. I', Dent, A verj' dainty supper
followed b.v dancing concluded a
iiii.-t  enjoyable evening.
Tho Lev. li. ,1. Mclntyre, of tho
Methodist ohurch at Stiiivnierland, arrives this week to take over the
pastorale of the Methodist church in
Revelstoke in place of the Rev. T. W.
Hall. who lm* been appointed to
Chilliwnck....Mr. Mclntyre will lake
the servoees ne.vl Sunday hen- and
enter upon  his  new ilutie*.
The Rev, T. IV. Hall and Mrs, Hall
len\-' tonight for Chilliwack, where
Mr. Hall lm* been appointed to take
charge of the Methodist church, General regret will be felt at Air. Hall.s
In.-*, a* during his residence here he
lm* been extremely popular, not only
among his own congregation but also
among nil classes of the community
with whom he came in touch. Air.
.mil Mrs. Hall have made roanj
friends during  their Btay  here      whu
will deeply regret their loss and the
church here will lose a good and faith
Fill pastor. The besl wishes of all
will    accompany     them  i,,  their nen
sphere nf usefulness.
Fun and   Fax   at   the   Edison
Theatre June 8'h
Fun   and   Fax   at   the Edison
Theatre June 8th.
night   passed
\        Ml     ,111111,,      Of
,    proof
The Eastman
mi s^ at Kodaks LlstPriC6S
• I
No. 1  '
1'n.i i  iri
:.".,'      I'lli
Bews' Drug Store
Fun    and   F,   - B CdltOn
Theatre   Juno   fith.
,,n   ' Vii-
'l ,, ' •
1 I,,    Ri
One Night Only
Wednesday, June 5th
Jimmy Fax
And His Ail-Star Company
JIMMY  FAX   is   considered   the  greatest  living
g comedian on the
An erican Continent.
'■■ er ''.I Seats will be on
Sale al Macdonald's Drug
3a1 ->'].'!    June uli
Reserved Seats, $1.00
Admission, 75c. Children, 50c.
PI    ,. and Mounts.   Hand
nd of film made.   A
thai are adapted to all
ind kodaks,    Papei
and  for Daylight  use,
, Amateur.   iou wanl
,   i film camera of the
da ,   Guaranteed.
McKenzie Ave. Ground Floor
Revelstoke, B. C,
Get In on the Ground Floor
Do your shopping where it is cool antl comfortable
and easy of access. You will find our goods well
displayed, marked in plain figures, and we are always showing seasonable goods ol* the latest styles
at special prices.
Sacrifice Suit Sale
Everything we have left of our Spring
Costumes are offered at a big reduction.
Every suit is new this Spring; beautifully
made, silk or satin lined, cut in the latest
style from the newest materials and shades.
You can get a high class suit at a very low
Hosiery Special
A special purchase of Lisle Hosiery enables us to offer a splendid value at the
price of ordinary quality. They come in
white, black, tan, sky, pink and cardinal,
either lace ankle or plain. Our Special
Price is 40c. a pair or 3 pairs for .$1.00.
Children's Straw Sailors
A large variety of the best shapes, all sizes,  from
25c. to $1.50
Embroidery Sale
Come and see the big values we are offering in
Embroideries, Edgings, Insertions and Flouncings at
Special Prices.
42-inch   Edgings  and   Insertions.     Regular   20c.
Now Two Yards for 25c.
FOR G   O   C3   O        GOODS.
Good  Bread
—nnd you should insist upon getting the hest nt all
times—get ours. Our reputation for goi.tl bread is not
the result nl chance. Our customers nre satisfied that
ours is the most satisfactory bread they can buy.
Try it an.l ynu will become a regular customer. Our
Groceries are also in keeping with our bread,
G. W. Bell
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
Ladies' Summer Underskirts
See tilts shipment before making your Summer
Underskirt purchases.    Lengths, .is. 40 and 12.
Black Sateen, Moirette, English Silk
Gloria Taffeta
Mrs.  A.  G.  Crick
A Remedy for the High Cost of Living
Use more Government inspected Roast and
Corned Beef, Cold Lunch Tongue, etc., in tins.
Special in Rockeye Salmon—2 tins for 25c.
Orders   Promptly Delivered.
McIntyre   &  Son


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