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The Mail Herald Nov 30, 1910

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ORIA,  B. C'-;:'
" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $60.
Interior Publisnmg Co., Agts
The 'mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol  16   No. 94
$2.50 Per Year
Iffy iK
Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Ot+'ico   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      - $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed            - 5,575,000.00
Capital Paid Up 5 S30.000.00
Reserve        .... 5,5ou,j00.00
Branches nr Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Oreat Britain and United States—London. England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle— SeUtleNational Bank, San Francisco— Welli Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from dale of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
P. £urns 8fCo..Atd.
finnan fiaddies        Kippess
Smoked ftalibut
Manitoba White fish
Salt jterrings    Salt Mackerel
p. £urns & Company. £td.
Ladies' American Blouses
A shipment from New York just to hand,
Mrs. A. G. Crick, - First St.
Experts Baffled in Their Analysis
of tlie Black Hand Stain
The expert analysts nnil chemists
attached to the Department ol Inland Revenue at Ottawa and to McGill Univi'isity, have transmitted to
the Attorney-General's department
their report ol examinations ol tlje
little sort mn ol cuticle tnkrn from
the fnr.* nt unfortunate Frank Julian
ol Revelstoke, and showing the
brand presumed to have been made
by the emissaries of the Black Hand
responsible for bis assassination two
months or more ago. These experts are however as miirli in the
(lurk as were the chemists of British
('olumbia ns to the nature ot the
arkis employed in the significant
branding, their report being distinctly of a negative character and
affording no assistance to the police
authorities In their endeavors to
solve tbe mystery of the Julian murder The results—if any results have
been Becured—of the Eastern investigations are summarized in a report
transmitted through the Deputy Minister of Inland Revenue by Chief
Analyst A. McGill, which is now in
the possession of Superintendent
Tbis document  reads as follows:
Ottawa,   November  S,  1910.
Vi.  J. Gerald, Esq.,
Deputy Minister  of Inland Revenue
Dear Sir: I beg to refer to L.
73926 of F. 99551 dealing with a
piece of human skin, blackened presumably by an agent of the Black
Hand Society. It is desired to as
certain what material has been used
in blackening the skin. I regret to
say that the results of work (details
enclosed) nre chiefly negative, and
may be summed up  as follows:
1.—The coloring matter is not of
the nature of a dye.
2.—The black color is almost certainly due to tree carbon, produced
by charring the cuticle with a cor*
rosiye agent.
3.—Any one of a large number of
corrosive subtunces may have been
used. Oil of vitriol suggests itself;
but if this is the actual agent, exposure to weather and to moisture
have made certain identification impossible.
entered tbe palace und placed a
batch of document i on the King's
desk, remarking sign licantly that
they were merely routine and need
not be rend. King George made a
few remarks on his own account,
which contained a solemn rebuke for
the secretary's unbusinesslike methods.
Churchill, whoso worst enemy never
accused him of lack of confidence of
his own judgment, responded that
the King's business was to sign what
his ministers asked him to sign an.l
that it really makes no difference
whether he ever rend  anything.
The King is -aid tu have practically ordered the home secretary from
the  imlnrc.
Dead Letter Office
Ottawa, Nov. 29.—The annual report of tbe Post Ofller. Department
shows that the .total numlier ot letters, books, packets, etc., received at
the dead letter otlice wns '..',547,749.
These included 5127 letters containing money amounting to $27,2011,
3419 letters containing cheques to the
face value of $518,041, 460 letters
containing drafts to the face value
of $171,883, 2093 letters containing
letters containing express orders to
the value of $47,$17, and 39C-7 letters
with post otlice money orders worth
$43,CC9. Some of the contents of
the postal panels, etc., received at
the dead letter office are of a moBt
curious nature. There were 13 suits
of baby clothes.
320 blouses.
254 cakes.
12 packages of chewing gum.
21 packages of cigarettes.
1 marriage contract.
8 corsets.
1 ear drum.
Two grnmophones.
4 parcels of hair.
88 pieces of maple sugar.
15 pedigrees.
'.'8 shoes.
102 silver watches .
M artificial teeth, and G pairs of
The people of Canada posted during the year 45fi,0S5,W>0 letters, 46,-
~ 1O4.0C0 postcards, and 10,465,000 rcg-
ister'.'d letters.
Foul Play reared
Abductor of Young Girl Shoots
Himself in Prison
A special dispatch from Golden
announces that William Moors,
who was recently arrested at
Victoria on a charge of abduction
of a girl under age from the Windermere country and who was
taken into custody back to Ath-
almer to await trial, managed to
smuuglea revolver into his prison
cell and blew his brains out yesterday. An investigation will
probably take place.
Nelson, Nov. 29.—J. Wright, of
the firm of Aitkens and Wright solicitors of Calgary, has arrived at Hal
cyon Hot Springs, and is looking for
William Dull, a ronimerrial  traveller
i tween  Revelstoke  and  Nelson    about
been proven absent,    and ie the one ,October 18-
most likelv to have been      employed      Bul1  had   "een  travelling    for    the
Its absence makes  probable the   ab-jHu?h "T^!*"1?* f^E",..    3-°-"
sence of   gold,      platinum,   mercury
4*.—A  reduced  metal    (silver,    mer-
cury, etc., may have been used to in I who mysteriously     disappeared
tensify  the  black  color.      Silver has
lead,  etc.,  which  bave  not been  directly proven to be absent.
Yours truly,
Chief Analyst.
The  murder ul Frank  Julian ts one
of the     most   complex    problems at
present  engaging   the  attention       of
the    Provincial   police.     Tbe  victim,
who in past times had been of material  assistance  to  both     I'rovincinl
and Dominion  authorities      in      the
solution of crime-     arising   through
the  activities   ot   the   Italian     Mafia
in  this province,   had long anticipated that he would  meet his death   at
the hands of the secret enemies      nf
ronto, and since that date he has
never been seen or heard of. Foul
play is feared. His grips went down
on the steamer Kootenay on that
date, but it cannot be ascertained
whether he himself travelled on the
same steamer or not.
Mr. Wright has the Canadian Pacilic Railway detectives and the local
police looking into th? matter, but
to date no trace has been found.
bull leaves a wife and family in
New York. Mr. Wright is stopping
oil at all tbe lake towns to see
whether he can clear up the mystery.
Bath Tubs as Coal Bins
As an instance of the filthy habits
of many foreigners who enter      this
the public safety whom he had con-1continent,    the architects    who    are
stantly endeavored to bring to the
bar ot justice. Nor were his anticipations without foundation, as evidenced by his final untimely end.
Tlie murderers are still at large,
and no clue has been obtained to
solve the mystery.
Parliament Dissolved
designing new cottages lor the lab
orers in tbe U. B. steel Corporation
nt Gary, Ind., hnve completely left,
out the bntb rooms.
"Three years ago," sny< n steel
corporation ollicial, "we erertcd six
ty Well-apportioned houses for foreign workmen nnd their families and
placed bathtubs in each one. A year
later a report wns wuntcd from New
York as to how tbey were taking the
tubs. As an Inspection revealed   the
fact that in Do Instance   was     the
.•ver used,  bul   wns      being
London, Sov. 29.—The second Parliament in the ri ign of the late King
Edward VII., which met on Feb. 16
In-t, wn *      i yesterday in pur- I bathtul
siiance of  the   program of the liberal   utilized as ronl bins, etc., we-decided
government to go before tbe country   it was best to omll  tl"' tubs."
on  thc  question  ot  the  prerogatives	
of the House of Lords. Moving  pictures  Fridny and    8nt-
The King's speech was notable for urday at tho Kdi80n Theatre.
it« brevity the only reference to the
constitutional crisis being nn cxpres
sion of regret because the conference
between the lenders of thc opposing
controlling parties hnd failed of nn
agreement ns to thc reformation Of
the upper chnmlier.
The   political  agitation     attending
thi   ,i  rogutng of parliament brought
10 light yesterday the cause of fl
split betwern King George and Winston Churchill, secretary lor home
nflnirs. II.*- majesty Is understood
to have toll Premier Aequlth that
positively n •■ fa ii will be meet
Churchill either officially Oi  socially,
According to those who vouch    for
tbe truth of the stoiy. Churchill ar-
: the royal wrath In this way:
The King is in the habit  ol tend
Ir.c  carefully  every  ftati   uapcr Buh
mitted lo lum.
owing to the delay involved, so one
day. it il eald, tbe    home secretary
Oadbury'i Fancy Chncolntos in nil
Bleed boxes at Q. W. Hell's.
(iei one of our all Revelatoke cal-
ciidurN lioxcil lo uniii, only SOc, eaoh.
Macdonold's Drug .Store.
Cube   Cod    Cranberries at G.   w.
A men new lot of iiiumVh for the
Masquerade Ball just opened at Mao-
donald's Hiug Blore,
Not only on Cnbinet photos docs
Tucker give yon reduced rates, hut
en every site and finish, and until
January 1911. Remember the old
saying "leave your money in liciel-
stoke where yon can see it again."
We are showing g multitude of nr-
ticles thai are especially attractive
lor Christ inns gifts, nnd we wish yon
Le Bai Masque
The Third Annual Masquerade Ball
under the auspices of Fire Brigade
No. 1, to be held on Wednesday, December 7th, in tho opera house,bids
fair to be the best of any previous
ones. A large number of n>w and
original costumes will be sc n, and
it is anticipated that the competition
for the handsome prizes will be
very keen.
Spectators as well as dancers will
have an opportunity to cast their
votes for what they consider the
best costumes. Every facility for
the comfort and enjoyment of the
dancers will be looked after, while
the scheme of serving supper will be
such that everyone will he able to
enjoy it in comfort nnd ease.
Special attention is being paid to
the decorations, while good music
will be a feature.
Each masquerader on entering the
ball room will be given a number
which must be pinned on to his
and her person, so that it can bc
seen by thc whole room, and the
voting will he carried on, the numbers getting the most votes being
the prize winners.
The Grand March will start sharp
at 9 p.m., and the general unmasking takes place about midnight, or
n little sooner if ncccBsary.
This will be the first big dance ol
the winter season and as in past
years Fire Brigade No, 1 arc soliciting the generous patronage ol the
citizens of Revelstoke. Tha guests
of the evening will be the officers
nnd members of No. 2 Brigade, as
on former occasions, and with their
valued assistance the Fire Brigade
Masquerade should be a huge success
Repay tlie Motherland
London, Nov. 29.—Mr. James R.
Roaf, barrister, Star building, Toronto, makes the following novel sug
gestion in a letter to the press here:
"Great Britain hns incurred a large
public deht in welding together and
protecting the different parts of th"
empire. How (ar should the overseas
Portions of the empire pay a part of
thip The overseas dominions have
large possessions of vacant land and
sny they arc devoting their energy to
developing these possessions and mak
Ing themselves strong parts of tbc
'Could not some of this development be applied in the payment of
thc  imperial  national  debt?
"Let Canada, Australia and the
African possessions each divide 10,-
000 square miles, or upwards, for im
perinl purposes, sny in areas of ten
square miles (6,t00 acres) each scattered over the different portions of
the respective dominions. These could
within  twenty  yenrs  be   brought  into
cultivation; the average annual pro-
iits should exceed Cl per acn—over
LTI,iiiiii,(iilll per annum. This annual
sum would ill forty year- buy at
par over £760,000,000 ol British Con
sols.   The   annual   return   would   utter
thnt period be sufficient to pay Interests nt 2) per cent, on a like
amount of consols."
Hard on Joe
London,     Nov.      29.-The    Horning
Leader says thai tbe only quito ante
seat of thn four districts m St. Pan
cms Is    the    north      division,  where
Dickinson (Liberal) bad a majority
of over 1,600, and ho will havo to
light, hard. The Dally Telegraph
Bays thnt In easl St. Pancrae doc
Miiitni is faced vith a luflragette
candidate, and if tbe latter goes   to
the poll there Is Utile doubt but
thnl the sent will be lost, to thc gov
eminent. The llgures nt the Inst
elect ion  were.  Martin,   472C;  Preston,
(i'i, mo.
Miss     Andcrtjuu's     jcwelcry
Premier McBrldfl has felt compelled
Ki decline the Invitation tn Iiiiii hy
Bll tames Whitney, of Ontario, and
Sir Lome! Qouin, nf Quebec, to    at
tend  n  con'eience of vnu Inrinl   piem
leffl to bc held nt. Ottawa on December 9. Mr. Mrllrlde hns replied tbat
OWlng to the approach Ol the session
of  tbe    Bill ish  Columbia legislature,
whicli opens on January 12, be is
unable to got away at thc present
New Raisins, Currants, Peels, Shelled Almonds, Walnuts, Nuts, Fij,rs, Dates, Dried
and Evaporated Fruits, Canned Fruits,
Canned Vegetables, Asparagus Tips, French
Peas, Mushrooms, Wagstaffes and Kootenay Jams and Jellies, Mince Meat, Ontario
and California Honey, No, 1 Apples, Spies,
Greening, Baldwin, Wapner and other good
varieties, Ca'ifornia and Japanese Oranges,
Lemons, Almeria Grapes, Cranberries, Ashcroft Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes,  Celery, etc.
CANDY -Webbs',Cadbury's, McCormick's,
Cowan's Chocolates and a large assortment
of Mixed Candies. Hon Hons, Xmas Stockings, Fancy Biscuits, etc.
New s'vles in Cut Glass, Dainty Silverware,
Carving Sets, Lamps, Electric Goods,
Fancy China, Dinner and Tea Sets, Toilet
Sets, everything in Cooking utensils, Roasters, Jelly and Cake Tins, Patty Pans, etc.
Our Store is full. Do your Xmas shopping
here. We have the Goods, and will try
and please vou.
Bourne Bros.
(   Groceries,    Hardware.   Flour and Feed
Proper Clothes
fabrics, making, that satisfy the best dressed
men in the world. The prices are reasonable
considering   the quality,  ranging from
$12.00 to $30.00
Our aim is to please you. A satisfied customer
is the best advertisement we can have.
McRae Mercantile Co., Limited
Men's and Boys' Outfitters
We deliver nothing but the choicest of
Beef, I'ork and Mutton to our numerous customers. < ince we get the o| portunity to serve
ymi with our goods we have a satisfied customer always.
Freeh Fish and Coast sealed Oyeters delivered daily.
Home Fed Turkey.-, Chicken and Ducks'
freeb arrivals daily.
Creamery end Dairy Flutter, Fresh Eggs,
l'remier Hams and Bacon.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Phono 251
P. O. BOX 181
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Tlie Oreattst Health K<w.rt on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 Degree of Ilea
Natural Hot Water in Hatlu.   OreU All Year
Rates from $ 12 to $ 15 Fer Week r»f.
Xtbc flfoaiMberalfc
R       ELSTOKE.  B.   C
jntertot pubusbtna Company
Including  postace  to  England,  United states and Canada.
By tte year (through postofflce) *2.50
JOB PRINTING promptly csccuted
at reasonable rates.
TEBMB—Cash. Subscriptions payable :a advance.
Legal i. 'ttcta 10 cents per lino first
Insertion, ^ cents per line euch
i .*■ * t insertion. Mcasurc-
i ■- Monparlel (13 lines make
, - inch.) Store and general
1 .-.i.t ■;:, announcements ?2.ou per
Inch per month. Preferred posl-
;. ns, ib pet' cent, additional.
U.rths, Marriages and Deaths, juc
each insertion.
Land notices $7.50, All advertisements subject to the approval ol
the  mi ' ■      Wanted      and
Condens'.-.l Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uati"tis wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted, 25 words or Icsb, 25c,
each additional line 10 cents.
Chances In standing advertisements must be in by 9 a. m.
Tuesday and Friday ol each week
to secure good display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters cf public interest. Cora-
munica?.•-•:..-; to Editor must lie
acd :: anted by name of writer
not necessarily for publication,
but as evidence of good laith.
Correspondence  should be  brief.
Barristers,  Solicitors, Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Revelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Kevelstoke,    B.   C,     and
Cranbrook, B. 0.
Geo. S. MeCarter,
A. M. 1'iukham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Solicitors   (or:—The    Canadian Bank
of Commerce, The Molsons Bank,
FIRST STREET   -   Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial  Land   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
BOX    106,    REVELSTOKE.
Teacher of Voice, Piano and Organ
Pupils  prepared  for Toronto  Conservatory ot    Muaic.      Local examinations.
W.    H.    WALLACE,
Box 2S2, Revelstoke.B.C.
Plans and Specifications prepared Ior all classes ol buildings,
Etc. ^raught'ug and Blue Print
Zbc flDail*1beiatf>
Lectures on Imperialism are being
given at Vancouver to the school
■ :\-u. The principles of Imperialism are outlined under the heads
cf "Unity", "Loyalty ", "Duty",
"obed.euce" iraga"    and    the
"Great      British attl Fair
Play."      Loyalty  and  duty   built  up
en unity,  spell    Imperialism. N
better explanation uf     this.       Which
i...  .id  be  the -greatest an.   '  rem
tbuugbt in all I anad       .  ■.; :.
ol I    oar.   be  ■**-•.*■ >   n:e    i. ■•.
lit to act up to, il *e practice
them in "jr u**.-. citj and o-r own
life in the community.
No  more    significant  verdict      bai
C'el      •
Jury    than tha: al      tbi
raotnt inquest at < algary     .,..    • ■
ueath   uf  a   ma. I
hind a hutel in that city last reek
The jury in th.**, ea»' brought in B
verdict dedai Ing that tbe de
bad died Irom the etlccts of alcoholic
poisoning, adding the lulluwing rldei
Lkat "We, thc jury, consider it a
profound duty of the legislature t"
jjasb such laws uo will make it a
ci.m.iiii. ullci.ie u : a man un.br tin-
influence   of   ll'IHOl   tu   be   fOUnd        "li
l.ccnses preui.>cs."
In dealing with the revival of Mining in this province and tbc danger
of "wild cat"  Bchemea, tho     Minim:
•nd Engineering Record says:
"While thc milling industry ol
British Columbia appears to be taking rm new life, and enlisting the investment c! new capital, there wan
.never a time in thc history of tlie
.province when the public reijtilre to
pt more on their guard against wild
cat promotions. The appearance ot
these regrettable accompaniments ol
mining development is one ol the mir
eHt indications of roturnlng prosperity. There are lota of good, Bound,
legitimate investments in the mining
sections ol the province, but somehow there are always, and In every
country, unscrupulous promoters who
would rather ofler the public some
rotten proposition, probably because
there is more money in it, than devote their time to the notation of
,1'gitimate projects. "
Nut size, per ton  $9 00
Stove sizo, per ton  10 25
Egffsize, per ton     10 25
Broken size, per ton      10 25
Wellington Soft Coal, per ton       1100
Briquettes, per ton     8 25
Mixed Cordwood, per cord                  7 00
tinder      the     bending  ol  Financial
Matters,   the      Winnipeg   Commercial
" The London market is now lite-
less and congested. This is how a
rest-dent Canadian, prominent in the
linancinl world in London, tersely
described the present situation in
reply to a question as to what prospects there were for the dotation of
Canadian municipal and industrial
issues. The remark must not bc in
any sense taken as indicating a tailing oil in the remarkably increased
attention which is now given by the
linnncial world there to propositions
which emanate trom the Dominion.
Indeed, it may he said that this increased interest which has resulted
in Canada obtaining so much money
on so much more favorable terms in
recent years is in the main due to
thc conservative'action ot those institutions which sometimes take active measures to protect the mere
spectator even  against himself.
"The very success which has been
achieved hy the 'gilt-edged' type ol
Canadian securities has been a source
ol danger. People ate now kept alive
to the fact that if there are any
very remarkable 'bargains' going In
gold, iron ore, timber or industrials,
there are quite a lot, of people now
on the spot In Canada who nre able
to put such issues on a business toot
ing before going to London {or
capital.  "
"John  Bull" n weekly journal pub
ilished In London, England, in recent issue lias been running articles
beaded   "The  Canadian   Siberia"from
1 n travelling correspondent, who does
not specify nny portions of Canada
In his attacks upon tbis country, hut
.unites Canada as awhole, Here is a
"The winter lasts seven mciiths,
during which the thermometer touch
es fifty below zero and stays there,
ami the expenses of living are more
than double what they are In England. During the winter all work
ceases, and many poor fellows living
on the savings of the summer are
frozen to death, and there is no poor
In.uses for the down-and-outer, who
has not even the sympathy of the
Cf.nadlan, who dislikes the Englishman and tells him he n?ed not apply for situations vacant."
It goes on to say further that,
"homesteaders are dispossessed of
their land if they do not stay on it
all the year round, while if they do
stay on their farms during the winter, there is nothing to do but think
and go mad."
It is such reports that do infinite
barm to Canada and while it must
be admitted that the winters are
long nn.l sometimes exceedingly cold
yet they have their benefits in many
ways, whoever the correspondent to
"John Bull" may bc, he should not
tuke one or two cases and then mag
iii-'y them as being the condition ot
the whole of Cnnadn. A fair and
true criticism of this country by any
responsible authority cannot be
found fault with, but the knocker
nnd thc biassed, disgruntled grouch
should  hnve tin  place found  for him.
A   proposition  has  been  made       I"
the city council  ol  Nelson  to    erect
nn electric Blgn over that  city's  pow
er house at  Bonnington,  which    will
help to advertise  Nelson as a     city
of  cheap  power,   anl   the  same   thing
could very well l>e accepted here and
the attention  of  the travelling  public    called    to    tbe   fact  that   Revel
stoke   has   n   first-class   electrical   system and otters special facilities    tor
industrial  enterprises  by cheap power
The  lllecillewaet  gorge,  the  box can
yon and the power dam itself are all
objects of interest to travellers
the  trains,  and  passing  thi
a rush  is  always made to  the      car
windows to .--et a glimpse   of
attractions.     There is thus an   ex-
cepttonal opportunity lor the     city
t"  get   m  a   lot   ol  ilea'  and  eflS
advertising and In s     most spect*
lar    way draw attention to the tact
that Revelstoke is an electrical
hav.: . r   mail i'.a' I
I by the     I • ■        >■■
if   tb*
itertal the
■ lam  wa
II *
• md thi
*..*,   ilium
, .    , ■ iiy  with  him  the num
.*- as,a manufacturing cenl
every point  "'  '■■•"'■.
tf Of 1 i'":".  ";* I  tl
tl   e Of SU iti ItTilllk   WOllld       be
very Bma U nl   it
wo ;id bt ai       '*'   n on   lerj
tion. such an ad * * rt li menl to thi
traveller entet Inn I latoke
cause ■* tde -pi'' '* Ini "i" t win* h
would naturally ca isitors to
stop to coi lei tbe inlimlted laeii*
.ties f"i   Ind ■ il i lal pi "iii   to bc had
in thiH locality*
We believe thai thc city council
wish to attract manufacture) to
Itevelstoke and to sell them power,
nnd here is n dimple nn.l novel way
to let. our electric powel ad 'i' Is
\ number of Chicago saloon keeper.' have tieen charged by the inspector of weights nn.l measures with
selling beer by the "count" instca 1
of the capacity of the "growler."
says the Province. F'T a pint the
bartender counts seven, but sume
rapid numeral repeaters have reeled
off fifteen before the froth reached
th' h gh-water mark. The law does
* - cover the oRence and the only
redress Is to tin 1 a saloon where
the Bpigi I engineer stutters and the
■'  » is more extended.
Opera House
i 'lie N
Thursday, Dee. 1st,
'   r   *
j Foi
Sergt. James
"The Wolf"
PRICES, i   0..m>. &1.00
Moving pictures to-night    at    tho
Ellison Theatre.
Saturday. Decf-mber, 3, 1910
, ,,,,
"Christmas Carol"
Miss  Eugenic  Fox
Thf famous Dramatic
Reciter from the
Queen's Hall
Crystal   I'alace
Admission, - $1, 75c, 50c.
f cul'. ,it Mmtlonalcl'fl
Drug  Store
Capital Paid Up $4,0 0,000
Reserve Fund    - •    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
This  Oven Bakes Perfectly ^
because it is evenly heated—■-because it is thoroughly
heated, always. The heat-flues, broad and deep,
encircle the entire oven so that it bakes as well
at the top as ai the bottom, and in the corners
as well as the centre. The bottom is doubly stiflencd
so it can't warp and tilt pies. The inner body of tho
Kootenay is thoroughly protected with asbestos -the oven
walls can't Inini through. Besides, the Kootenay oven is
thoroughly ventilated. No food can be tainted by fumes or
steam Y"ti get perfect baking results. Ask the nearest
McClary rgent in show you the in.my other advantages found
exclusively in a
At all Branches,    interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Write to the invest McClary branch for booklet and detailed
information. It wll show you why your range money will bj
best invested in a Kootenay.
ii. mm ''fQs0fiMat^kMa Ji f^f      hat*
ndon,     Toronto,    Mont: a!i    Winnipeg,    Vancouver,     St. Jo'.ic, !° 3,    Il'.r.Lltns,     C:.l^ary
The underwear
without a fault
Having purchased the business formerly carried on by K.  A.
Spring we are prepared to execute nil unlets promptly,
Boot and Shoe Ropalrors,
Hnrnoss Makers
Doors, Windows, Moudings
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Go. Ltd
Hay, Oats, Wheat,Bran
and Shorts
tin ui::    Cor.   McKenzie Ave.
AMI   Sl-.l'oMI  Sl'kl.l.T
1'HONli  73.
ndersigned will accept ten Sera
•    • * * *   building
-. Block
2.     Plana .mi spec '-an   be
seen at the otlice ie  l.um-
Reve'.stokc.     Tenders
••.  *n  December  5th,  t'.uo,
■*   lei  nol  neces
.     .   .;.. 0    Ltd
10   :
'        :
RepairB of nil  kinds  neaily done
Bicycle anil Oun work a specialty
Estitnait'H yl\ea on any class
of work
Front       Street
Card of Thanks
■ tl   !.'l'"l     ti,
'    I.li li'l* I
na.l    Ord-ei i,    I i   iii'-ii
brotbei ly   al te I on * 11 *
nl our
Mi       I    A     \li,
Mrs   I''   11    \< lii'i i
Mi    I''    il Uki'i
Shi/ah's Cure
quickly .Ittpa i iinilli.i,  cttr.a i "l't*.
ill* throat and luii||*
.  l.".i*.
■I cent!.
Send Your Orders
To the undersigned (or
Famous Gait Coal
Special Attention (liven to commercial
men ami touriata. Firat-clasB sample
rooms. Finest Boenery iu British Columbia, overlooking I'pper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Tinsmith Repairs, Mot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Full particulars ol Belect building
tots Riven upon application
Orders left   at   this   office   for  hay
and grain, promptly attended to
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
The  Fun  Making
11oup(; of   Pierrots
Reserved Seats   75cis.
General Admission 50c
Children  25c.
MRiinfactnrad for Ah nn^ii of  bullditifrf
Fur sain In Inrire tir siimll qnantUlft!
at the lown-Mt tirictt* fnr cnnti
AU Iliad! <>f huildiiiu nud I'lii mriiiK
ui tlortiiknii
Foote & Pradolini.
©kanaoan College
Summerlanfe, .iB.d.
COURSES   FOR   1910-11
Preparatory; Iliuli School; Two
Veins University; Business, Including Stenography and Typewriting; Piano; Vocal.
Separate residences for young
men anil young women.
Well epuipped gymnasium.
1'ai.i, Tkkm Opkn.h Sept. _'l.
Kor Calendar apd further particulars address ihe Principal
Moving picture! to-myht
Kiliuuii Theatri.
at    tlie
Palace Restaurant
McKonzIo Avonuo
Meals Uf) cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Still in Business
\\Y .uf hcndqunrlcrs for
I'.i. itu Const Trsiril Sccda
.uul KoscfftShrubf (Chinese!
I.ii'.iii, French and Holland
Bulbs .mil Oi nRitientnlii
a It. a tmplementii Bee Supplied. Spray Pumps, i< rli-
lisem and small frulti«
i atalogue 11«*■.
3011 Westminster Road
A, R. McDoucall,   •  Manager
Fire Wood
For Sale
To lie cut and delivered aa
ordered during the winter
months. In carload Iota, two
tier to the cold, 111- or tnm-
arao, green, 18.76 per cord,
dry, $1.25, f. o. I), enrs,
Orlndrod Biding and Kn-
derby,   Apply
Bernard Roxoman
Carriage and Sign
Shop  in alley hack of B. J. Bourne's
store, First Street.
First  Class Work Guaranteed.
Prices Reasonable
Residence Cor, Hid St. aid KoliHonate
New Line
Stirrup  Attached    ]
F.   B.   WKLLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    • Revelstoke, B, C, WEDNES'
Municipal Loyalty
No word appeals more strongly to
the average person than loyalty. We
all love to he spoken of as loyal to
family friends, country and our own
ideals, We should also include our
home city Kevelstoke.
There is no 'doubt of our sincerity
in this and we would feel very much
otfcnded were it questioned, hut is
■ this loyalty always of tlie right sort
is it intelligent and active or is it
sometimes a sentimental and pleasing fancy with which we delude ourselves.
The happiness of the people of a
city depends largely on the prosperity of the community as a whole and
this protpciity depends in part upon
the amount of money circulating
there. The more money the people
send away for things they can huy
from their own merchants, the poorer the community will heconie and,
conversely, the more they spend at
home, the more the place will thrive
Do those who patronize distant
mail order houses ever think of the
harm done? If all the good people in
Revelstoke, for instance should ignore the local merchants and for one
year buy their supplies in Toronto,
Ottawa or Montreal, there would be
"For Sale" signs on the city hall,
the public library, the schools and
the churches. The same principle applies to all communities.
■ Patronage ol home merchants is
the life of a c ty. These mail order
houses by offering attractive (?) premiums with indifferent goods, have
drawn from us large amounts of
money which, if spent at home,
would have helped to pay for schools
paving, lighting and general civic
improvements. Out side business
houses do not pay any part in our
city tales.
But "Business is Business" some
say. Yes, but business is more than
that, it is reciprocity, and it should
be appareat to everyone that business dealings with those who are
working for the same local interests
as ourselves will be far more productive of good, than trading with
people who are far away, who bay
nothing from us and whose only interest in our community is the amount of money they can get out of it
Do you recall when times have
been hard that these mail order lions
es ever eitended you credit to help
5011 over the hard places? Will
they? Not in a thousand years—it's
money down, or no goods. The local
merchants are the ones to whom we
must turn for assistances, but how
can we do so with good grace or
reason unless we support them in
prosperous times?
They are alert, intelligent and pro
gressive and, if given the opportunity, will sell better goods at the same
. or lower prices, than the mail order
hous?s can or will and deliver them
a* once—no express charges, no long
delays,  no disappointments.
Let us cease, thn, enriching a few
people in whom we have no sort of
interest, at the cost of lasting injury to our own community. Try
supporting 011 r own home bus:n:s
for a time.
Surely loyalty, in this instance,
means spend your money at home.
Christmas is a season when we
should be especially careful to -lock
to the interests of our home city,
when once a year at least there
should be a warm feeling of neighborly friendship between man and
man. We cannot impress upon our
readers too strongly the fact of build
Ing up home industry and we can
guarantee that Revelstoke stores can
compete with any house in Canada.
They are all looking ior a big Christ
mas trade and have stocked accordingly, therefore we urge our people
to give them all the support ani
patronage they cortainly deserve.
diagnosed a case, a druggist who
never made a mistake, a post official
who never put mail in the wrong
box, a woman who never forgot to
put in salt while cooking or to put
tea in the teapot before ' putting in
the water."
Revelstoke has her share of this,
and all we can say is bring on some
of your mistakeless paragons, who
lind it so easy to critize the newspapers, and we will give them the
chance of their lives to find out
whether they nre really human, If
where, in anything, we want to see
it, and will gladly pay the price.
Ready-Made Farms in West
Montreal, Nov. 25.—It was announced at the O.P.R. offices today
that a cablegram had been recnvc.l
from the Duke of Sutherland requesting the colonization departm nt to
proceed at once with preparaiicns
for the readymade farm ,'..'■< ny t.t
Brooks, in Alberta. It is possible
tbat Earl Harrowby will also ef'a1)-
lisb a readymade farm colony on
these  lines.
Fire Alarm Bones
Box .So. 14—Corner First street
and McKenzie avenue, u. B. liuiuc
iic Co.
Box  No.   15—Corner First      street
nd  Uokeby  avenue,  post office.
Box No. 16—Corner second street
and   Government   lioud  aud
Box No.  17—Comer Third
al   Campbell   avenue,   Globe
or compauy.
Box No. 18—C.P.R.  station.
Box    No. 24—Corner    Filth
C.P.F. Timetable
No.  1,  arrives     6:45  a.m.,  departs
,7:05 a.m.
No.   97,  arrives  6:55  p.m.,  departs,
7:15 p.m.
No. 2, arrives 12:30 midnight,      departs 12:45 midnight.
No.   96,  arrives  8:45  a.m.,  departs,
9:05 a. m.
South train leaves Revelstoke at 9
a. m., arrives Revelstoke 5:25 p.m.
Advices from Ottawa state that a
re-organization of thc Conservative
party insofar as the whips and the
methods of organization for the work
during the session is concerned has
tnate'ialized. A. S. Goodeve, of
Kootenay, is one of the western
The apple crop for the past season
was beyond question the heaviest on
record. Nearly all the orchards in
the district did exceedingly well and
the class of fruit grown was tlie best
ever produced on the Arrow lakes.
This was largely due to the greater
attention that is being paid hy ranchers to spraying.
Tickets for the Third Annual Masquerade Ball held on December 7th,
under the auspices of Fire Brigade
No. 1, can he obtained at Macdonald's drug store, Bews' drug store,
McDonald's barber shop, McKinni ns
cigar store, Smythe's citrar store,
■Mail-Herald office, Rosse's barber
shop, lower town, Central hotel, and
any member of Fire Brigade No. 1.
Tickets $1.50 per couple, extra lady
50 cents.
Premier McBri.le has felt compelled
to decline the invitation to him by
Sir James Whitney, of Ontario, and
Sir Lomer Gouin, of Quebec, to at
te-iil a conference of vrovinclal prem
bi ; to be held at Ottawa on Decem-
ler 9. Mr. McBride has replied that
owing to the approach of the session
of the British Columbia legislature
whicli opens on January 12, he is
unable to get away at the present
We may take it that the cold
weather has fairly set in now. The
Canadian winter with its short days
and cold spells is properly regarded
as the great compensating force of
these northern latitudes. It means
rest for the land, and social recreation for the work of the government
revival and physical rest an.l its enforced suspension is no small factor
in building tip the vigorous national
characteristics ol this Dominion.
nd McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25—Corner Sixth b'.icot
ud Orton avenue,   W. A.  Foote.
Box No. 26—Corner Fourth stroet
nd Townley street, corner sjut-h
Box No. 28—Corner Second sUo.it
nd Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hull No. 2.
Box  No.   3D—Hospital.
Box No.   36—School.
Box No. 44—Fire Hall No. 1.
Box No. iii—Front street wc.it.
ear C. 1'. R. bridge.
Box No. 46—Corner King und
loiiglas streets, Palace Meut Martet.
Box No, 47—Corner Second and
Vales streets,  back of court house.
Box No. 48—Corner Third 1.1,d
Jhas.  streets,  Cowan block.
bifnal for practice—not less than
IX  1.6) slow strokes.
Cne (1) indicates line brokin or
re out.
Signals are given thus: 2 btrjus,
nterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Bon
4. No. of box will also be tihown
n indicator at Fire Hall.
Wakefield, Helen, Colorado, Del
Rey, San Juan, Delta and Marguerite mineral claims, situate in the
Lardeau Mining Division o.* Wes*.
Kootenay. Where located:—un Mohawk Creek.
Take notice that I, A. H. Green,
acting as agent for John H. Henry,
Special Free Miner's Certificate No.
S810, intend, sixty days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, lor the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above  claims.
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must bc commenced
hefore the issuance of such Certificate
cf  Improvements.
Dated this 2ttli day ol October, A.
D., miii.
A. H. Green,
Nov. 3C'th Nelson, B.C.
The Mistakeless Paragon
are somo people and they
are to be found In nearly every city
and town in Canada, who have an
unhappy knack of finding fault, and
entirely overlooking anything ther..
may be along the lino of virtue.
Apropos of tho above the Regina
Standard comes out with the following:
"Wc will pay ton dollars each, for
copies of this paper, that can he
shown to bo freo from errors, citi.er
typographical or in statements of
supposed facts. The search may
cover the entire twenty years of the
paper's existence. The proprietors
have long cherished the hope that
some day a perfectly accurate issue
could be brought forth. If there
has been such it escaped our attention and wo should like to see it.
"Vie will nlso pay on.' hundred dol
lars fur a good square look at n
merchant who never made a mistake
'"Putting up n» order; n lawyer wh,,
never lost a case  through his      own
errors, a doctor who uover wrongly
The great spectacular event of the
season of 1911 will be the coronation
ceremony at London in June. Every
country on the globe will be represented and the attendance (torn the
colonies promises to be very large.
Managers ol the Canadian steamship
lines state that after January it will
be almost Impossible to secure accommodation as reservations already
booked indicate that transportation
facilities will be Inadequate to supply the demand.
Edison, thc great inventor, is at
present perfecting a device .which if
successful, will be the crowning achievement,  of his life.      It  consists of
an automatic arrangement that will
fasten the back row of buttons on a
woman's dress without assistance.
Advices from Winnipeg state that
the C.P.R. has received word that
as the Pablo wild buflalo are doing
great damage to -arm buildings and
property around Missoula Morlnnd,
Canadian hunters will be allowed to
shoot them.
Shi/ohh Cure
quickly  stop* condhs,   cures cold*,  ti
IDC throat •nil lunjs.
23 ctsls.
FOR SALE—Large Bungalow house,
with live lots, situated on Second
street, west. Apply J. E. Taylor,
P.  O.  Box 411.
FOR RENT—Large airy comfortable
rooms 111 the Taylor Block, JS.0O
per month. For -further information apply J. E. Tnylor, P.O. Box
411, Revelstoke, B. C.
FOR SALE—Fine large Store known
as "Taylor Block" standing on
two lots, with fifty foot frontage.
One of thc best business positions
in  the city.      Price    Jll.OCC A
half interest can be bought. Apply
J. E. Taylor, p. u. Box 411, Revelstoke,  B.  C.
LOST—On the corner of Third St.
and McArthur Av., or between
Third and Sixth streets on Mr-
Arthus Av. A Ladies Mink Mull.
Finder will receive a reward if
left with li. s. Bquarebriggs at
C. B. Home & Co
LOST—I'.ii-ket book, somewhere between Hotel Revolstoke and Post.
Offle. Finder leaving same at this
Ollice  will  receive  rewind. t.c.
WANTED *\ Resident agent to writ,'
Fne iii uranoe In the District, only
good pin.innl* need apply, giving
full particulars with credentials;
good   commission.        Applications
t"  i..'  I. 1 .' aid' ,1   tn      A.   I., ('ardiii.
60S,      Dominion   Tt u t    Building,
\ iuu "iiver, B. 0.
WANTED-Woman wishes work by
the  day.      Apply   Mail lleiald  ulbc
LOST—On Third Bt. and McArthur
Ave., or between Thirl St. an I
Sixth St. on McKenzie Ave. Ladies
Mink Muff. Finder will receive reward by leaving same at C. II.
Hume & f'n.'s Store.
POUND A hunch of keys, arc mark-
el C.P.R. Owner can have saftlB
bj proving th iir property nnd pay
Ing fm tins advertisement.
NOTICE is hereby given    that    tlu
esorve  existing   upon   the  luuUs  embraced in Special Timber License No.
5848,  situate in    Kooteuuy District,
cancelled,  and that the said lands
.will be open for location under     tbe
provisions of the  "Land     Act"      at
liidnight on  December 22nd, 1910.
Deputy  Commissioner  nt  Lands.
Lands Department,   Victoria,  B.C.,
15th September, 1010. td
NOT U'I':.
Revelstoke  Land   District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Hazel l'oye oi
Nelson, B. c, occupation Spinster,
intend to apply for perm; in ui to
purchase the following inscribed
Commencing at a post  (ilaitol    at
the  S. W. corner ol Lot HS'.i,  thence
easl 20' chains,      thence     bouth      ie
chains,  thence  west  21)  ch.iin.-i,   more
or leass to lake shore, thence following the lake shore in a northerly direction to point   of     commencement,
containing 40 acres more _>r leacs.
A.  V. Lie; is, Ai,. r.i.
Dated  Nov.   14,  1310. ;-',26
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Eflic Toye. 0'
Nelson, B. C, occupation Spinster,
intend to apply for permission tu
purchase the following dcsv.ilied
Commencing nt a post punted
ahout 8ii chains south of the S. W.
corner of Lot 1139, thence easl 2:
chains, thence north 6(1 chains, thcnci
west 20 chains more orle.-s to lake
shore, thence following the lake
shore in a southerly direction to
point of commencement, containing
120 acres more or less.
A. V. Lucas, Agent.
Dated Nov.  14, 1910. N.26
is   11   money-str 1 i
eausi il v II < ul v.
it boltirr guaranf
not to KI?.
:- ive—Dell o'.l   "v
:   sitively
hard wear.
the hand.
Seams at finder tips, concealed by AN EXTRA PIECS CF
The almost wear forever
Backed up by the II. B. K.
Brand and sold by kadin? dealers throughout Canada.
Made and guaranteed by the
The  Expert Glove  and Mitt  Makers   cf  Canada
The right to cut timber under
license on Berth No. 540, compromising the following land- in the
Province of British Columbia, will
he olfered at public auction at the
upset price of $5,620.<X>, at 2 o'clock
P. M., on Wednesday,  the ISth,  Jan-
is to use a "RYRIE" Catalogue. Vou get an immense
selection of
Jewelry, Silverware,
China, Glass,
Leather Goods,
Stationery, Novelties,
to choose ffom--at a great
range of prices. Weguaran-
tee safe delivery-prepay all
postul or express charges —
and refund the money if desired.
Drop .1 postal card right now
for Catalogue L.
Diamond Morohants, Jowelora
nnd Sllvorimltlia
134*138 V0MCE ST.    .     TORONTO
1.  RvRIf.,
IIakkv Kvrik,
nary,     1911,   at the otlice of the Dominion  Timber Agent at  Revelstoke:
Timber Berth No. 540, situate in
the Province of British Columbia,
comprising Section 10, and those
portions al the Spallumchecn River
of Sections 14 and 15, Township ID,
P.ange 6, West of the Gth Meridinn,
containing an area of 1.55 square
miles, more or less.
A license will not be issued until
thc full amount of the purchase price
and thc ground rental lor the first
year,  have been paid.
The conditions of payment, rate
of rental, etc., are contained in the
Timber Regulations, a copy of
which may be secured on application
to thc undersigned, or to the Crown
Timber Agent at Revelstoke.
Department of the Interior, Ottawa
October 2Hth,  1910.
and A.  M.
15 A.  F.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
J.  T.  POLLOCK,  Master.
CHAS.  J. AMAN, Secretary.
SELKIRK     LODGE  12,  1.  0.  0.  F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren  cordially  invited.
R. S.  Syt'AREBRIGGS, N".  G.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
GOLD RANGE  LODGE,      K.  of    P.,
NO.  ZC,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
Meets every Wednesday except the
Third Wednesday of each month in
Oddfellows' Hall at S o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially invited.
d. a. Mcdonald, c. c.
G. H. BROCK,  K.  of R. & 3.
M. of F.
Moving  pictures to-tiight
EdUon Theatre.
at    tbe
Tvnbsidb P.O., Ont.
"I received  your sample of GIN
PILLS and after using thnn, I felt so
iiincli better tlml I got a box at my
druggist's, and  now   I  am  Inking the
third Imix.
The pain across my luuk anil kidney!
has almost cut,,, ly gone and I inn I.. II. r
tlllltl   1   have Iim 11   lur   wins,   I   w.is   11
rent sufferer Irom Rheumatism imt it
lttt un-.   1 stronglyadvis
Women, who suffer  from I'.iin In
lal nil  lift uu
I   strmiplv llih 1*1* .,11
•| he
Back mul Weak Kidneys, tu try GIN
PILLS. Mus. T. lUiikis.
Thousands of women, right here in
Canada, owe their robust health, their
strength nnd vigor, their bright eyes nnd
rosy Cheeks lo GIN PILLS. Aud thev
know that GIN I'll,I.S will cure the
Kidney mul Bladder Troubles with
which so many women RiilTcr.
Do just ns Mis. Harris did —first,
write for a frrr sample box of GIN
PILLS and try them. Then, if Ihey do
yon good, get the regular .sue boxes at
your dealer's,    Your monev promptly
refunded il DIN 1'ii.LS fall to give
relief.    Natl d   I'rug  nnd  Che111n.1I
Co..   Dept. VV.,    Toronto. S»
A  Court  of   Revision and Appeal,
under  lhc  pn,visions  of the  "Assess-
menl  Acl," In respeel  ol the   I
menl   Boll for tbe yeai   1911,     will
be held at tb 1 C t Hou e,    Revel
stoke, on Thursday, the 16th day of
lii'i-'mini,   I'll   .   nt   the   hi.111   of       to
o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated  nt  Revel itoke,  B. 0.,     this
19th day of November, run.
('.   M.  KI lll.ll.
Judge ot tiie Court of
Revision  and   Appeal.
Don't forget Tuesday's   dunce
bolklrk Hall,
Meets 111 I 1. 11. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday m month. Vialt-
.11.- brethren cordially welcomed.
C. li, C,
A Goon Line
for  lVuFiYbody'
Fop bole F.vcvt'whepe
C. W, 11. vv.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meets Second   and     Fourth Wednesdays   ,11 each month in   Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen are
cordially (nvit.'.l to attend
W. E. OSBORNE, run. Com.
■     «   « -        - .'*■-■ •
Meets svery Tie.,lay night in oddfellows' Hall, Becond St., west. All
■" It 11,: neighbors are Invited to attend.
A. T. ANTHONY, Consul.
Wm, Bi SLOAN, Clerk,
Page S
R E A 1)
Actual cotrjpariBon of Eastern Catalogue prices, freight added, with
Winnipeg price
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
Dominion Spring
2 40
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress
Weight Freight Total Howson's Price delivered
101b.       23c. 73c. " " lOc.
1501b. $3.53 $10.72 "          " $9.60
165ib.       3.87 14.42 " " 14.40
121b.       28c. 1.16 " " 1.20
1501b.       3,52 12.47 " " 13.00
1601b.       3.76 15.01 " " 14.00
601b.       1.41 4.96 " " 5.20
681b. 1.59 6.94 "          " 7.20
601b.        1.41 3.81 " ■' 4.00   j
751b.        1.76 6.86 " " 7.20
" 16.50
We make our profit by Bhipping in car load lots, thereby saving freight rules, liring
catalogue giving description of other gooils not Bpecified in this list to our store anil we
will prove our statements.    Remember we deliver goods and pet up free from breakage.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V. O.,  LL. D.   D.C. L,  President
ALEXANDER LAIRD,  General Manaser
LONDON. ENG.: 2 Lombard Street, EX.        NEW YORK: 16 Exchange Place
MEXICO CITV: Avenlda San Francisco, No. 50
In addition to tho offices named above the Bank has branches
in every Province of Canada (including all the most important cities)
and in the principal Pacific Coast seaports of the United States.
211 It is thoroughly equipped for tho handling of collections and
other banking business in the territory covered by these branches.
Import direct from country ot origin.
REVELSTDXTm    "B.  o.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
•X.    ALBERT     STOISTE      PBOP.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged an*! Impi ■■-'..    r *
Revelstoke Land  District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that W.  13.  Kobertson,
I Kevelstoke,  occupation,   Insurance
gent,  Intends  to  apply   lor   pcrruis-
Ion to purchase tlie following      de-
cribed lands.
Conirncncing at a post planted    at
the n^rth east corner ol Lot    2772,
tinning north  id chains,   thence west
0 chaius,     thence south 40    chuius,
hence east 40 chains to  the    point
1 commencement.
lated  Sept.   0, 1910. S.17-N16.
u    thc    Matt, r of    the  Estate      oi
Thomas  Harvey,  deceased:
NOTICE is hereoy given   that   all
reditois and others having     claims
gainst  the  Estate  ol  Thomas  Har-
ey,  late  of  Revelstoke,  13. C,      dc-
eased  who  died  at  Revelstoke      on
or about  the  lost  day  ot December,
11909, are required to send      to     the
I ndersigned      -Soliiitors  fur Thomas
Kilpatrick, Executor of the Last Will
of suid deceased, within 00 duys trom
ate full particulars of  their claims,
duly verified, and that
fter that date the    said     Executor
ill  proceed  to distribute    the   said
. state amun-st  those  entitled  there
to regard  being had only    to   those
i laims of which said  Executor   shall
have then n celved notice.
d October Uth, 1910.
Solicitors fur said Executor.
)ct.  lit. Dec. 17.
an application (or
r     I .rtiticate of
■ ■■!   \   of lot 4949,
m ii    that it    ll
I ■
of   the
above men
■  ■*: Thomas
and number
: igistrar
i; 0.
ovember 3rd, 1910.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Ratej
Revelsfokei B.C.
Title     '
I^^^^H   Kevelstoke,
I!* • ■
Nut Coal $7.25 Per Ton Delivered
S.   G-.   EOBBIIsrS
i     ibe
II      (  n
IJ      '
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly Collected and Delivered
Baggage Transferred and General Draying
Furniture and Piano  Moving  a Specialty
Office   Corner Connaught Avenue and Second Street
Phono 270 REVELSTOKE, B.C.      NiKhtcniivi
Ripless Gloves
hnvr rxtra piece* of leather
nn the finger-tips, which
hide the team* and protect tho Mitching. Neat
and Comfortable nnd
Coming Events
•lovemlier 18.—St. Peter's Ladies'
Guild entertainment, afternoon
nu,l evening,     Opera Houae.
Nov. 22—Boston Bean Supper ln the
Methodist church.
Dec. 8—"The Merry Musicians" under management O, P. Walker,
Edison Theatre.
)ecember 7.—Third Annual Mus-
querado Hall by Eire Brigade No.
One.     Opera House.
Jan. 13—"Lyceum Players" under
management C. P, Walker, Edil
seal  Theatre.
Feb. 9—"Managing Mildred'
management 0
son Theatre.
P.  Walker,
an. 21—"Stubborn
the Opera House.
Cenilerella."  In
Bowling Schedule
Wed., Nov. 30-Uenta v J. 13. C.
Fri.,  Dec.2— C.P.R.  v  Y.M.C.A.
Mon., Dec. 5—BuBlnesBmen v Dents.
Wed., Dec. 7—Corleys v  J. B.  0.
Fri., Dec. II—C.P.R. v Dents.
Mon., Dec.  12—Y.M.C.A. v Corleys.
Samaria Cured Him, and He Helps
mnn who h ia been released from
awl .il erti\ Iiiks ol tir ink, und whose
ih  .li^.ii  Is to hulp others, shows
;     i   ol     im     brotherhood    and
ni tiopy.    Keiul  ins [< tter:
. imurla    ..... .i.    lu     To ron tu
« i,i ,
ii   you   please
. Itiu  efreuuu
f'.'lll.   il V        .il'
i  in hand  tliei
n     Lu   ruin
ti In
. ;i ni.
that l have
imuuy, ami 1 in ti It all ;
■j be, l never i hlnk oi
ronn drink in an.
■ s;ie ""!■ it has h fl mi
ipeuk    loo   lite In v
sonti   me   book   o
.     I'.    a. :   .        In     ViM,
Lhu   dtl ik    h ibl*
u   lo  li   i rlui d  w n
ih  dr.iii
nkoii youi
ou  L'lalm   ii
takiiiR   oi
way, a« uli
1   cannot
your   wonderful
i ul lie.
.   i in ;don,
. uimuy.    You in
11 I    Viul    Wish   i,
"H. LUywnuo, un ?don, Ontario."
Bami .'iii if- icrlptton Is tasteless
ind odorless, anl dissolves Instantly
. t'.i ei coffi v, or can be mixed with
ood. li can be given with or with-
• in the patient's knowle ige. It re-
uoves the craving for drink, builds up
!.■ .in  and   r< ston b   the  nerves.
i■•-i'liu b    dtstusti inl  an I  even
in us* > us.
I 'iini. is q disease, not a crlnr
Irlnk  i f  whlske>   nlwuys  Invite,  ....
other.      The    Inflamed    nerves    and
-iiiiiinii  create  .i  craving   that  must
Ither he satlsfled by more whlskej  or
n, ■ ■  I   by  i Ireatmeni   like
■ i tf • Pr- mi Iptton. Siimarln Pre-
icrlp l< i has been In regular and iiio-
essful use by Physicians and Kospl-
als   foi   over   ten   years,
I:  y<  i ki   of any family needing
i■. * i.j [umi. ti ;i them about
it. ir j ou ha> • i husband, father nr
friend that Is drifting Into drink, help
him save himself.    Write to-day,
\ ILI I. TRIAL PACKAGE of Samaria Prescription, with booklet, giving full particulars, testimonials, price,
etc., will be sent absolutely free and
postpaid in plain sealed package to
anyone asking for it and mentioning
thu ■ per. Correspondence sacredly
confidential. Write to-day. The Samaria Remedy Co., 46 Jordan Chambers, ] rdan St., Toronto, Canada.
a: .. foi tale bj •' K Macdonald,
UrugtfL*'., Uevelstoke.
Warrant for Conductor
Montreal, Nov. 29th.—Judge Lnnc-
tot, at the request ol the crown
prosecutor, has issued a bench warrant for the arrest ol K. Smith, e
former sleeping-car conductor in the
employ ol the Canadian Pacillc Railway company, who al the time ran
between Montreal anil Vancouver,
ami latterly between Montreal and
Toronto, says the Montreal Gazette.
Smith is accused ol tho thctt ot
sleeping-car lares.
The case caused a good deal of in.
torest In railway circles and it is
probable that, other than railway
pie will become interested, aa the
naiiii'S and addresses ol quite a number ol people with whom he has been
doing business are known and it is
likely that Iwifore the matter Is finally disposed of several ot the hunters for bargains in railway transportation will be dealt with.
"It is really too bad," said a high
official of the Canadian I'acilic on
Saturday, "that the travelling public should suggest such dishonesty to
conductors. If passengers would refrain from making conductors steal
from the company by offering them
facilities and indue.'ments to do so,
it would be better 'for them in every
way. Wc have the names ol a good
many men who have done this, in
Montreal and other places and they
includ? some pretty prominent men.
Morally they are guilty, il not more
so, than the conductors whom they
train to be thieves and the practice
ot trying to get this cheap transportation at the expense of the company
and the honesty of the conductors
can not be  too sharply repressed.
"In the present instance it has led
to the ruin of a young man and the
breaking up ol his home. Whilo we
are sorry for those who suffer by it,
the company must stop this business
of stealing fares and prosecution will
follow every instance that is discovered."
For Use on Cariboo Road
A gasoline motor engine of peculiar design and four freight cars are
now being set up at the C.P.R.
yards In Vancouver ready for shipment to Ashcroft, where tho train
will bo utilized in a freight service
trom Ashcroft north into the Cariboo district. The cars have a
capacity of four tons each. This novel train has lieen designed on workmanlike lines nnd it ia expected to
do valuable service toward solving
tho freight transportation problem.
whicli during tho last two years has
assumed serious proportions ln that
district and the country adjacent to
it, owing to the large traffic which
lias developed.
The Coronation
Lottdi n, Nov. 29.—The King's proclamation, fixing the date of his maj
csty's coronation, is issued ln a
supplement to the "London Gazette"
Tbe date chosen is June 22. The
proclamation further warns all loyal
subjects who have, by royal command, by ancient linage, or by
right of office, duties to perform In
connection with the ceremony, to at-
linl, except those whose duties concern the part ot the ceremony formerly held in Westminster hall, of the
procession. These arc dispensed
Compliments B. C. fruit
Writing under tho dato of the 3rd
inst., lo Mr. W. E. Scott, the deput
inst, to Mr. W. K. Scott, the deputy
Minister of Agriculture, Dr. J.O. Orr
the secretary and malinger of the
Toronto exhibition, pays, especially
high compliment to Uritish Columbia fruit. He says in this juat received communication: "I beg to
advise you that your exhibit has
been awarded a gold medal. It was
one of tho finest fruit exhibits that
has ever been made on this continent; no other exhibit in our provincial governments' building attracted
such attention as did yourB. Tho
number of visitors from Kngland who
were especially directed to your exhibit were astonished that such fruit
could he produced in British Columbia. The attendance at tho exhibition this year was over 825,000, an
increase of some 80,000 over last
year. This increase was largely duo
to the lact that excursions on the
railways to our exhibition extended
Irom San Francisco to Boston."
Civic Government
Granby  Rubbers
i.i   of  exellcnce
rvico   and   lit.
\m» f^m
Toronto, the Good
Toronto, Nov. 29.—Anglican, 63,-
408; Methodist, 40,!102; Presbyterian,
40,5SO;  Roman Catholic,  21,535;  Uap-
!tist,  11,804;  Hebrews, 7,328.
Thc above llgures represent thc
results ol a church census ot the city
1 whicli was taken by nn army of 30,-
luiii church workers on Nov. 12. The
net results ol thc census indicate
that  while      approximately  !>8       per
'cent, of thc citizens of Toronto profess to belong to Borne denomination
■ many ol them are not regular attendants at church.
The same may be said of Revelstoke or indeed nearly every city in
Canada, while many profess to adhere to one denomination or another
few arc really church-goers and regular attendant!. It is a pity that
the order of things cannot be reversed.
Collar Bag, $1.00
CIIIS Collar Hug would lltlkfl n
most priolioil and nltruttive
Cbriitmit Gift lor iny mn«   41. It
in in nlr ol hot DfOWfl DlOrOCCO
ll ill,* r, lifted with Mlk . till It ilin r
iir iw  siring tin I tav.-fK, und huldi
i I t ollirii
will bi ivnl fi ii upon rtqutiti It
ooatilnt M2 p*|ti ol lllutlfilloni
-I   JftwotrVi   Silverware,   etc.,   re-
iduei olori.
Olnmonrt M«rchnnt«, J "velort
nnd lllvaramltlt'i
I ll 110-I.W YONCE ST.
III i'n
II .uny i:\nm.
Prepare tor Scott Act Vote
As a  preliminary  to  tho  taking  ol
*  ,,(  l'i line Rupert and Chilli
■aink i,n tin' inii ut December on tbe
proposal   to  lUbitltUte  tbe      Canada
Temperance a.< Id timse centres for
the proeent inch license and strict
ii plan of dealing with thc
liquor traffic, application has been
ninilc to the provincial sorrotary for
co) I tiie reviled trotari1 list for
the districts in queitlon and these
are now being printed, and Will bo
■enl forward ns quickly as possible
to  tbe  r.'SpcrtlYc returning olllcors.
Civic government by commission Is
being discussed in many parts of the
province, and its advantages cannot
lie gainsaid.
The sentiment that municipalities
governed by a mayor and council Is
not the best form of supervision is
making progress everywhere and the
substitution of a commission is advocated aB lar preferable to the existing method.
Krom the viewpoint of the business
man that which may have served in
the past has practically outlived its
usefulness and the difficulty exiieri-
enced in securing fully competent
and absolutely independent men to
attend to the onerous duties of the
otlicea ot mayor and alderman is becoming mare evident dally.
Takiag as a point of departure
material interests, which striped of
all verbiage and sophistry governs
practically everyone, we are forced
to acknowledge that tho inter-rela-
lionship between a man's duties to
the municipality and his own private
interests make it almost an Impossibility to dissociate thc two opposing
He may accept the civic office with
thebest ol intentionls (with which
by tho way Sir Walter Scott says
the nether regions are paved) to ful-
111 thc duties incumbent upon him
to the best of his ability and understanding, but before his term has
been completed very probably he
may be placed In a position where
bis private interests and his public
duties clash and he will be forced to
debate with lum* Hf as to the proper
course to pursue. Such a perplexing situation is obviated with a com
mission as then tbe governing body
lakes .'barge much ln the same manner as a manager of a large business
concern operates with an eye single
to tho welfare of the ratepayers, M
his position depends Bolely upon the
showing mado, hence he enn administer allairs without fear or favor.
Dec. 3—-Miss Eugenie Pox, rccltallst,
etc.     Opera House.
■ i nucting liebl in Victoria
it ha', been decided to have a
iliiinit "I ibe above ut the Kin-
; ■* Hotel, V'li toria, n. C, on
Saturday, the 21 nt Hay of Jami-
" 1911. in nilimen winding
t'. I,., preienl nre reipiested to
write to the underlined enclosing the price i.f   h   ticket   which
|3   im luslve "f liquor) and
to Mate the name  ol   the  school
thev «crc at ami thc date tbey
were there.
Chas. St. Bekbk
0* Box 696, Victoria, B, C.
Apple Shipments
Tho following Is the statement of
the last weekly shipment of Canadian apples to England as giv« by
Woodall & Co., London, fruit brok-
Total number of barrels,  40,430.
Tho lew Canadian apples that have
arrived havo done well, Baldwins ln
particular showing better quality
than previous arrivals, prices up to
$0.(10 being made. The quantity ot
seconds and thirds continue excessive
In every case Canadian fruit has
fetched higher prices than Amorlcan.
The leading apples from Canada r?-
celvod in London this week were
Daldwins, $5.35 a barrel; Spy, -15.25
Davis, $4.25; Russets, $6.00; Greening, $5.35; Kings, $6.00; Starka
The EngllBb market, however, Is
in a sensitive position, and a continued falling ofl in receipts would
'.•us? as Immediate advance. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 30TH, 1910
Pag* I
Toy land, Joy land,
Little Girl, and Boy land.
The big Santa Clans show
2nd Floor (Hume's). Take
Elevator. Bring the children
\   to see the Toys.
Everyone welcome.
Shop early.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. J4ume & Co., limited
Mail  or   Telephone  your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Men's Xmas Gloves
lias any mnn too many gloves?
A-k him and you will nnd that
there is no more acceptable Xmas
gift. Realizing this fact we have
made special preparations for
Xmas and our glove stock is complete. We will box any pair worih
more than $1.50 in a fancy Xmas
DOG SKIN, with Jaegar wool
1 ning, a most perfect titling, comfortable glove, wrist, strap aDd
dome fastners — Price, $15 60.
DCKi SKIN, unlined, extra
heavy weight, button wrist. Price,
DOG SKIN, unlined, light weight,
button wrist.    Price, $1.SO.
MOCHA, fleece lined, the hest
we can offer you in a comfortable,
neat, attractive glove.   Price $;!.00
MOCHA, fleece lined, a durable
and attractive glove at a price
Both brown and grey.  Price $'2.50
MOCHA, fleece lined, extra stork
and made by the best of domestic
makers.    Price -13 00.
Mocha, silk lined, various shades
of brown, good stock nnd every
glove well tiuished. Either Dents'
or Fownes'.    Price, $2.50.
the best of imported makes, in all
shades of tan and brown. Price,
of our line and makes an ideal
Xmas gift.    Price 13 00.
for Men
Our line of Neckties now on display and we can assure you that
nn investigation will amply repay
you. All the up-to-date patterns,
shades and shapes. Our Persian
and Paisley's will delight you. All
price?; we can sui* any pocketbook.
Remember, we will box any tie
from 75 cents up ftee of charge.
Prices from
25c. to $2.00
Mulders Ior Men
A  wide   line   to   choose   from
when you think of  Mufflers, come
to us   lirst.   Our   line   cannot  be
Themulller is a folder of heavy
twill silk and lhe tie a good, long
12-inch four-in-hand. They come
in greys, wines, bluis, browns and
blacks,   Price per Eet, 18.60.
shapes and nicely lined with light
shaded silk.      Prices 75c. to $1.50.
silk or satin, each boxed separately.
Prices $3 and $3.50.
kniited mulllers, either in wool or
mercerized goods. Prices 60o. and
In your preparations for Christmas do not
forget the fact that this Holiday time belongs preeminently to the Children. The wonderful holiday
time that cannot be separated from the brightness
of child song and laughter, and when everything
centres in the children why not have a Home Xmas
Tree and why not make it
properly attractive. For a
few dollars any person can
decorate a tree with the
many beautiful glittering ornaments and candles to be
had. This will add a rare
and radiant pleasure which
is the birthright of the children, and be worth ten times
the trifling cost.
S Boxes
Gift articles put up in fancy
holly and other holiday boxes,
have an added attractiveness
that is worth the trifling ccst.
We have hundreds of different
styles, shapes and sizes at only
10 cents
Ladies Neck Wear
Fancy neck wear in holly boxes
always an acceptable gift. The
styles were never prettier and
more genteel, at
50c. to $5
Shop Early
flinty Belts
Put up in fancy holiday boxes
make an acceptable gift. There
is a wonderful variety to choose
from. You never make a mistake for we always exchange
when they do not fit, at
50c. to $10
clear   at   one-third   off
prices.   Some with new
25 Only Ladies' Umbrellas to
handles turned silver and gilt:
some with gold and pearl handles
others with solid metal hpndles.
You can get a $10 one for 16.75,
or a $7.50 one for $5.
Shop Early
Flinty Waists
60 Fancy Waists go on sale
Thursday at -.3.75. Fancy Lace
and Paisley Waists are worth $5
to $7.50.     At a clearing price of
ied fruits
Get busy at your Xmas Cake. We can
help you. Send us your order for Raisins,
Currants. Sultanas, Peels, Spices, Extracts,
Shelled Nuts, Frostings, and everything
needed for vour Xmas cooking. We guarantee good clean new groceries. &ood service.
Quick Delivery.
Japanese Oranges
The first shipment of Jap Oranges arriving now. Leave your order at an early date
so as to ensure delivery. Also Lemons, Bananas. Navel Oranges, Grape Fruit, Sweet
Potatoes, and Celery, always fresh and. new.
Bargains in Bowls
Fi iday and Saturday are always bargain
days with us. This week we are offering
Fancy China and Glass Salad Howls at only
35c. each. 10-inch bowls in very pretty
patterns, regular 75 cent articles. Don't
forget the bargain price
35 cents
Toilet and Dinner Sets
See our display in these lines, direct from
the manufacturers. Toilet Sets often pieces
in green, pink, blue, brown, and grey—$3.75,
$5.50, and $6. Dinner sets of 97 pieces at
$10, *12, and $14, new designs, new patterns
and new shapes.
fancy Tea Sets
Just placed on sale Fifty fancy Tea sets
40 pieces in each sot, rose and violet patterns
nifty shapes.   A handsome Xmas gift.
Blankets Bed Comforts
There is nothing thut giveB tha
same satisfaction as line, light and
warm bed covering; you get this
satisfaction wlii-h you buy a Maish
Laminated Cotton Down Comfort.
We have a choice range of these
goods, also a line of pure white
Lambs wool Comforts which excel
anj thing on thii market. Try a
Queen Alexandra blanket, the best
the market affords, at $5.50 to $7
per pair.
Shop Early
Carpet Sweeper
your curtains
and draperies by VMiivtf
a BIJv$£LL
Carpet Sweeper
Who could imagine a more
choice Xmaa present than a His-
sell's Carpet Sweeper. It sweeps
thoroughly, makes no noise, raises
no dust. Call and examine the
new hall hearing lines told at retail prices set by the manufacturer.
Shop Early
Holiday Linen
A new lot of Fancy Linens to
show you. Embroidered Bed
Coverings at 17.50. Dalmatian
Linens in Tray Cloths, Doylies,
Crumb Cloths, Side Board and
Bulfet Cloths from 50c. to $7.50.
Shop Early
ittin. Yarns
New.Wool and Knitting Yarns
double and single. Berlin Wool
in all colors.
Shop Early
The best of all Christmas gifts
for a man. Call and see our line,
then be convinced that our coats
are as good and our prices as low
as any you can find. Every lining is Musk Rat; the shells are
all finest quality beaver. We
can give you either an Otter or a
Persian Lamb collar. Ask to see
these coats. It won't take much
of your time and we will be
pleased to show them.   Prices
$90, $100, $110, $120
Suit Cases and Grips
Solid Leather Suit Case, leather
lined, shirt pocket and flap, handsomely fitted with sterling silver
toilet articles mounted on detachable leather stand.   Price $33.
Solid Leather Suit Case, leather
lined, shirt pocket and flape. Fitted
with cut glass toilet articles with
silver plate mountings. A handsome case and will last a lifetime.
Price $25.
Genuine Bull Sea Lion Suit
Case—the moet perfect travailing
case we have ever seen. Leather
lined with nickel trimming?. Heavy
English handle, two spring locks.
It will wear a lifetime. Ask.to see
it.    Price 140.
Travelling Bag, same material ae
above   case.     Finished   in   same
manner, 2-1  inches   long.    A  reg--
ular beauty.    Price $40.
Suit Cases, leather lined, in all
sizep.    Prioea, $0.50 to $20.
Club Bags, drill and leather
lined.    Prices. $2.50 to $18.
Watch for Our Cut
Glass Announcement
Iron Beds
Springs and Mattreese*. \V>
carry' a choice range of theee good*
in all sizes at prices that will stand
investigation. Health brand and
Felt Mattrasses guaranteed perfectly sanitary.
shop Early.
The best things always picked
up first. You can huve any article in our huge stocks laid aside
till you wish it sent out. While
stocks are complete) make your
Shop Early,
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke «** Jlrrowhead
Hail! Spirit of Yule Tide.
Bring forth your Christmas
This tho glad season when
everyone rejoices and can put
aside paltry hatred, and make
for universal goodwill toward all.
t: r»e«
WEDNESDAY, NOV, 80TH, l'.tlil
r*                           ——                                 ">
Warm Underclothing
Ladies' and
Misses" Underwear
Uea\ y winter weight, per null      75u
, „:,*      Natural    Wool    Underwear,
!"■!*   Bull                              *-'10
Misses and Children   Winter  b'nder-
wi'iu*. pei garment           :fll('*
Ladies    Flannelette   Night   Clowns
each                                    $1.00
l .im Hosiery values, ladles' full size.
i; , k i .i-liiiiiir Hose, Belling ai   ner
pair             -"■
Men's Winter
Men's Winter weight,  hoavy  i-i 1 ■ t•«•<!,
Men's Natural Wool, per suit.,  .%'i.iiii
.Mini. Heavy all wool  Ribbed Underwear, per suit $2,oil
We  have a large win ik    to
rlii'iisi' iiiiiii.    Men, If vim ii'-
quire  iinyl-hlng  in  lilts iin.', n
glauce over our stock will  convince > otii
L ,
Xmas Cards
Come in and choose, Wc
have thousands. If vou can't
come in, write us.
Leave youi orders lur the
Illustrated Xmas paper*-. We
have them all with tin* Ini;
colored pictures, 35c. and SOc
Church of England
Prayer Books
fust ipened a nice lot ol the
New Edition Church uf England Prayer Books. AH prices
II you want small calendar
pads lor Christmas work we
have   hundreds   t»    choose
Irom nt
Drug Store
Your Xmas Groceries
Arc now iu slock mul are strictly fresh and good not only
good, Ian the besl that money can huy, including New Raisins.
New Currants, New Peels, New Di les. New Nuts, New l-'iys, in
fact we have everything required for your Xmas Cake and Pudding at prices within reach of all.
Try our Fresh Apple Ciller (' r your mincemeat.
All Fresh Fruits in season alums in slock.
Grocer and Baker
Is one of the  most import'
ant items in your business
will  look after  this  branch   of
the business for you.
I^ootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Mis. MoOleneghan will nut receive
on Friday, Nov. 2 ul.
It. Tapping I.'lives licit Satin.lay
mi nn extended -.'Isit to Ungland.
Mrs. ,1. D. Silih.ilil will nol receivo
on Saturday, Deo. 3rd or again until
nl' er tin. Ne.v Vear,
Mr. innl Mrs. John Wear, uf Vancouver,'have taken up their residence
in this city.
Mr. anil Mrs. PYlshy nml family left
yesterday for Vancouver, where Ihey
will iii future reside,
.Miss Briggs, who has licen visiting
Mr. nml Mrs. \V. I. Urlggs, lel'l this
week   fill'   hei'    home    III    New    Wesl
minster.    She   was  accompanied  hy
hei' niece, Alls*. Helen Uriggs,
The Misses A. mnl lv Blliokbei'g
entertained ihe Kpwoilh League at
ilm Meilioilisi church mi Monday last.
A mosl enjoyable evening wns Bpenl
in   nm -ic   nnil    giVHICS,   toll.iw eil     by
We learn thai !■'* M. OHison, of Fi
l'iiin.'.'s, wbn w is in hnve in.'ii  here
shortly aa relieving   manngei   of  ilu*
Bank of Oonimeicu during .Mr. Allen i
lenve of abseni"'on nil  extended   hull.
iluy. will not I." able to reach l("vel
stoke h. f"ie I'liii uni y. so temporary
H'liel win be -em iiiiiii Vancouver.
One of Hie iimsi enjoyable ilnnei s
ever held here look plaec lisl nighl ill
Selklik Anil under Ihe iiu-plcesof ihe
I .ulies' Hospital Guild. All present
entered heartily imo ihe fun of the
evening and unanimously voted ii a
huge oneness. K\C'Menl music was
provided by ihe following ladies ;
Mesil.unes 'll. II. M< Vlty, (i. S. Mc.
•Tarter, A.It. Mien, WMI. Sutherland,
MissesPaget and McLennan, mnl Mr.
f\V. Yciih, With ihe ini'ii being in
the majority, ihe ladies co i.l pnjov
every dance, supper was sei veil m
aboul II o'clock uiul consisted of
dainty bread .nil butter in every enn.
eeivable foini. whieh gave lhe name
of "hiviui iiiiiI Iiiii lee dance" to ihe
affair, li is ihe Intention nf th,.
I.iulies' lliispi il Guild lo In*lil diese
popular danues monthly, nml judging
from llic un.|ualilted success of li.sl
night,    which    wns   the   lii-st    of   lhe
series, these dunces bid fair in he well
patronized nn.l    lonk. il   forward    to
. with much pleasure during the winter
seas in.
One clean up of old genu ilusl willi
Ooursler'e ISJeotrlc Machine may save
nine trips or more by thedoctor,   -t
Thermos hollies ami pitchers our
specially   Macdonald's Drug Stniu,
Apple Ciilei lm Xmas nt <i* W.
How about un unihri'lhi for your
Bister, mother ur sweetie in I Look
ii|i   Miss  An lei sun's  jewelcry  stoi'O,
1    Whal   would   he   nicer  for n   Christ
mus  rill   Ihun   n   lla inl s 0111U  cul   kIiiss
cream and sugar sei.     only $8.60 al.
I Miss Anderson's jewelcry Btoro.
Sec Triiemiin fur high class photos
Established iu Revelstoko for -i:
years, which is n guarantoo of lhc
Don'l forget sou uut* Xmas display
Anything you wanl in Toy Hooks al
Macdonald's Ding Store.
Tlieilusi don'l iiv imi is drawn ii
from every Inaccessible cornel by II
('mn siei 's I'ileet cie Cleaner. Nov. It'lll
Km* cul glass .'nil silver ware, we
me always worth Boeing Drst.     Mihs
i An.l.'ismi's  jewelcry   stot'O,   next   door
; lo   lhe   Impel inl   Hunk.
Fresh Raisins, Currants and mixed
reel fur \iiins baking al Q.W. Bell's
Beautiful selection of ihe Poets foi
Xinns gifts ill .Mi eili uiu Ill's Ding SI uie
Don'l discharge your help just be-
e 11 ise I'in 11.sice's Electric Cl. a net* takes
uii gallons of dubt unremovable in any
ii' liei   way. Nm   .'III 2t.
Nurse Arnold desires to tnko engagements in general or maternity
work. Certificated Mldw fo. Terms
moderate. Address Third St. corner uf Robson avenue. t.c.
Don't tern* up your carpets mul
Bcalter tacks and dust nil through Iln
I llll ise;   (' lUl'MCI '.*- elect 1 ie In.'lehillC will
do the house cleaning anil leave everv
thing but the dual just as they are.  11:
H. II. Tiiii'inmi.  photographer,   lias
decided  lo  reifiain  io  Revelstoke all
December on accnunl of lhe many np
p.iiiilnii ills I'm   similes  ami   lo   I hue
Dughly Introduce mn* superior p'ttti
niuu photographs mounted on  up iu
date mounts  mul  folders.    Will givi
an   s x lo  enlargement    wiih   each
dozen of above up to 81st Decemhei
1010.   Studio over C. It. Macdona'd's
Drugstore. Nov, 802t.
A.  : been elected by     uc-
iti :. as member "*u the     Con-
e for Yale in the   B. C.
.. iglsl It .:
:-. .-   n pool   taste  t" call the    at-
tentioi     I .: man   wtb an early uutc
it I      i-ank to the (act
-    - • rowing sl irter.
All .n   culling  are      re-
•• -U'I  a  meeting ni  the
* •*.* . lay, Nov.   30th,
at i . •      lisi iss  arrangements
Li A. tigai     formerly  ::i    the
■ ill    : the Bowman Lum
,| Coma) lix,    has
:i   of    accountant
: s       Supply I    m
• :■:
R ag     car
i   legisla-
ter   is     a
The committee ... tho lour railwaj
orders     giving   an  "al  home"
December   16th,  requesl   the  men
of the respective orders to hand  the
names to the at   home coram
those wh'in they wish     invited.     In
anticipation of n lai
the at  home the i   a
augurated a plan by wh
attendance  will  be able  to   .
-   pictures   to-night    at
i Theatre.
We regiel ti   hear that   A    E, K *"-
e id i- iii the hospital siiiT.uini; Itoiu .
fractured leg.      Report a from the^ios-
pit u this nu i nil -
i consideriihle   ps i .  Mi.  K
Tl e   I lominii n   Sawi l_\
comfort, by pinning on l
of each  gentleman  eutei
a numher from  one
ac i even  a imbei *   ■■*
floor alternately.
Advices from    f
the Bank Clei *
ada ;s being organized v
ject of uniting all  th   en
the .liti.".*
t.on for  mutual    benefit
li-*. elected
.   *
Bews' Drue Store
The Place of Presents
Our   Stock   abounds   in   High Class Goods
Secured from many markets
Julian Sale Walrus Bags
   $22.00       Gents Fitted Club  $38.00
Cow  11 idi: Suit Case, fitted    $40.00
Brass W
• Candlesticks
* ment  and  advai *   mi
. *
■ .
-   ;
'    1     *
j .
'  *
'       '
:.      '
*     ■
■     *
•   * .  ■
■ *•
le t
1 the 1
thereby ki
■  il   he
1  11
.   • *     ."■*     * . |t
ll ,     1.
* ■ *. 'ncly
,    but      hy
''•■■■     all dim    iv
^iis sta-.en will be avoided,
I romoters claim that
. -1 up
...   -Imo
is ao hostlli ■
,-   that      n.. • .  ■
kept sei ret so long as d
•  -
■   -
Sterling Silver Lines
I I 1111" I V     11    ;
to  '
en its A
Is.     II   will      be
•|.i,        *!*
I thi       ea lie f
1 .1 la Daily  Ni *
uh* outshone pro
Miction ■ "   1. ' "Tho
ii.t uf the si -., ■        ter 1 ui
11     ma I' *. lei ■    and    thi
career,     Bellingham ml,m
(llobe; "\  pies    1 I   a |y  \. attributed  to the noon
delightful     treat,'     Ti is   Ned ,  .
Bettei   than   •'■  on  ho played  Rlchel mi, authorll,   ,,.     mt 0
lue," Westminster News;     "A     )••■
loci delineation ol a difficult part,
\ ancouver Province.
Hunt forget Tuesday's   dance
Selkirk Hall.
■*""• 1  work and keeps In In tti 1 con
Htlon  if he la univ (od at mo 1
an 1 at night,    TMs If n mattei thai
Revolstoke liorse owners mighl very
well  look  Into,
Learner Goods
Shin Cases  fi.SQ
Collar and Cuff boxes  -i up
Wallets ;,iL.. lu 57
Ladies' Bags 50c. to|12
Tobacco Pouches >l to $.2.50
Cushion Covers £6 to f 7
it Caid Albums   si..su
Photo Albums >| to sj
Card Cases many lines
Letter Folios $1 lo $9
Music Inlius.    75,., tl] <111
Travellers' Sets fitted... J110, flS, >_'.i
Shavers Supplies
■  Razors     J5 to J112
luto Strap    ■*..*, to $7.50
mloi 1.....     . .-I.nn, -I..in
ilu         fii - 1.50
■    !  $1, to $5
~'r >P« ..   Sl to $3
Loony Lines
* *   11
Fountain F
. 1        I... * *
Mi 1
Holiday Gift Book;
I.i .I'i.ei   Hound   Poi Is,      Uibles,
H *' H hlunty,   K illusion   and
I* . '■     i\ h .iti,   an :   i' tf. Carey,
B Chatterbox.      Rocking  Ani-
.• 11  II     Children    Hooks, largei sti * k than e ei
Bews3 Dreg Ste
should be done early. You get the best selection, and we have more time to wait on you.'
Later in the season the best goods are sold
and at certain times of the day the store is
crowded. Our selection for the season is llie
best we have yet, shown. Nothing tawdy,
nothing trashy, but everything combining
beauty with usefulness. Come in and havo a
look around,
,    . ■'
We hove just opened the prettiest lol of Belts ever
slinwti in the city. They conic hi gold, silver, blnck,
ond Paisley designs. Some ore potent leather, Borne
Suede, and 11 large range of I'nney nnd elastic. The
buckles are all new designs. The prices ore the lowest
we have ever been able to offer, ranging from	
50c. to $1.50
Fancy Hat Pins
We are showing a new lot of the latest novelties in Hat Pins, in jet, metal and brilliants.
You will find them very pretty and very
Fancy Linens and Drawn Work
We have always made a specialty of these
goods, and in no store in the Interior will you
find a selection equal to ours. No soiled,
mussed samples, but clenn antl fresh and our
prices will compare with any. We have doylies in all sizes, Sideboard, Dresser and Stand
Covers, Table Covers, Shams, etc.
Embroidered Work
A beautiful lot of Silk Embroidered work in
all colors on scrim and Linen, Cushion Tops,
Table Covers, Runners, etc.
There is a reeson for this, quality and fair treatment lias won
the volume <>f business we now enjoy.
Our Xmas goods are in, ond our slock is better then ever.
By careful judgment in buying we can offer the public exceptionally good values this year.
To gel lhe best results use ROBIN HOOD FLOUR for
home halting.
G. W. Bell
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
Although apple crop was short in other
provinces, B. C. produced a Rood crop. We
are offering good eating apples at $1 75 box.
Cape Cod Cranberries per lb. 15c. Peels
new in from England, also new Sultanas,
Raisins, Currants, and Rood stock of Spices.
Try us for your Christmas Fruits.
John Mclntyre & Son - PS
Men's Fall Hats
We bave just put in .stock a large assortment
of Stetson, Carter, Redmond, Pitt and
Headform Hats in stiffs and softs. To see
them is to buy onnt that is why we want
you to look our stock over.
We lii'e prepared ourselves to meet the
growing demand for Shirts with soft, double
cuffs and separate I'eter Pan collars, suitable
patterns, in rich, lustrous cloths, to sell 'at
popular prices.
McKmhon & Sutkerls i \


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