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The Mail Herald Mar 8, 1911

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Shots Fired and Local People
Get the Worst of It.—Duck
Badly Beaten Up
Suffering Irom thc haunting hallucination that u gang from Vancouver
wero atf.'r him to kill and rob him,
nml that at thc hour of 12 o'clock
Sunday midnight the killing pro -
cess would take place in Room 40,
Union hotel, Robert Armstrong, in a
desperate frame ol mind entered the
Dominion Express olticc at the O.P.
It. station on Sunday evening at
ubout 7 o'clock, aud proceeded summarily to shoot up the attendant in
charge and everybody else thnt came
within gun shot. Thc result is that
Constable Cleland has n nasty scar
across the top of his head, presumably indicted by a Hying bullet, A.
G. Duck has wounds In the head indicted by a two by four scantling,
the desperado is shot through the
left arm and otherwise cut up in the
melee, Chief I'arry, as an aftermath,
is nursiug a badly bruised iacc and
head and several others got a legitimate scarfing that will do them for
the rest of their lives.
In these few words thc shooting a'_
'fray that roused thc whole of the
citizens of Revelstoke on Sunday
night may be summed up, particulars of which have been told and retold so frequently that the facts In
many cases are terribly distorted nnd
hardly recognizable by eye witnesses
of the aflair. The fact, however, remains that a tragedy was very narrowly averted owing to the mania-
ical actions of the principal in tne
aflair. Had he been in a more sensible mood and capable of cm trolling
the action of the pistol which he very
carelessly handled, the record of the
aflray might have been written in
with one or more deaths.
Armstrong, who came from Vancouver, entered the office of the
Dominion Express Co. by the side
door at the time mentioned, asking
that certain moneys which he had
in his possession be remitted to Calgary, giving out as the need of a
great rush his hallucination that the
gang were after him to kill him.
Walter Frisby, who was alone in the
ollice, invited the fellow to come
around to the front door where his
wants would be attended to. This
he did, and ut the same time the
train arrived in from the cast. This
necessitated the attention of Krisby,
who told the stranger that he would
have to wait a few minutes while he
attended to the business at thc
train. Suiting the action to the
words Frisby came from behind thc
counter and just when he reached the
Iront door of the oflice, found himself looking down the liarrcll of a
cocked revolver, which blazed forth
twice before he had time to realize
what was happening. In a jifly,
j Frisby bolted through the d'.or and
I drawing it shut after him, made the
j desperado a prisoner—the front door
.'having a spring lock to it—and all
j the other doors of the office being
I The police were then nntilled, but
1 before their arrival Mr. Inncs came
along and lorccd an entrance through
the back window, so that when the
police came on the scene he might
admit them. This bc did on the
arrival of Constables Cleland and
Kennedy. The two constables then
crept stealthily up to thc counter,
behind which Armstrong hnd hidden,
and from which point ol vantage he
threatened persistently to shoot.
Constable Clclnnd and the desperado
met in the middle of the floor where
a ttcrrc struggle took place ami shots
to the number of n dozen or more
promiscuously blazed forth from
both participants. nn" of these
went through the kit arm ol Armstrong, wbilc another thinly grazed
the top ol Cleland s hend- A rumor
that the desperado was getting the
best ol the constable brought Mr.
Duck, foreman nt thc power plant to
the rescue, nnd while with the constables attempting to overpower tho
maniac, he was belabored over the
head with n scantling in the hands
of rescuers, who, in the semi-darkness, mistook him for the culprit.
The latter, however, was dually subdued nn.l led away to the police station.
An examination nf the contents of
his pockets showed thnt bt h id    l>e-
hll 1! long revolver, a     heavy
slug ihot, n obaqui .'or |>16.76,      I
bank    i. o'<    showing a substantial
balance in bis favor, Cash to the amount of 166.60, un l a number of
.•th.-r artirles.
Bnqulries nt the Union hotel prov
cl tin* I'l i . n■ r I., he ii vi i y qlllnl
and gentlemanly leiiow before     the
nttaek 00 llic eipWM office, lie bad
arrived there at noon, registered iih
Ilobt. Armstrong without jiving his
place of residence, had taken room
40 and paid for it a week in advance
and had hchaved himself in every
way in a courteous manner.
An examination of the express office after the row showed that Frisby
had had a very narrow escape, the
two shots which were aimed at him
striking the door and the window at
his back, while several bullet holes in
lhe walls and ceiling and a liberal
sprinkling of gore around the lloor,
showed unmistakable evidence of a
fierce contest between the desperado
and the policemen. Two much credit cannot bc given thc lnttcr whose
plucky behavior in the face of threatened death is thc subject of much
favorable comment from eye witnesses of the affair.
That the arrcBted man is a thor -
oiigh maniac on thc subject of the
gang who persistently haunt him is
attested to by his behavior at the
police station. So furious does he
become at times that the police find
it necessary to shackle him,   and so
Continued on  last page
Delegates Meet at Arrowhead
and Hold Enthusiastic Meeting—Officers Elected
(Special to Mail-Herald.j
Arrowhead, 13. C, March 7.— A
meeting of the different delegates
from the Conservative Association of
thc Revelstoke riding was held here
tonight at which a large number of
delegates were present. The train
from Revelstoke arrived here at
about 7:45, the delegates being Ed.
Trimble. F. Young, H. J. McSorley,
T. J. Wadman, R. D. McDonald, B.
R. Blacklock and R. 8. Squarebriggs
Delegates were present from Beaton,
Comaplix, Camborne and Ringston
The meeting was held In Light -
burue's hall, Mr. Reid, president of
the Conservative Association of Arrowhead, being in tbe chair. In a
most interesting speech, he told the
delegates that the purpose of the
meeting was the forming of a central association. Mr. W. W. Foster
president of the B. C. Association be-
,ng present, was called upon to explain tbe nature of such an association, and speaking for half an hour
he explained to tbe satisfaction of
all present thc benefits to be derived ,
irom a central association. A com-'
mittee consisting of W. W. Foster I
Frank Young and Mr. Wallace was
then appointed to bring in the names,
tl those eligible for officers of a cen- |
trai association. Thc names were
-submitted and this central association was formed with the following
Hon. R. McBridc and R. L. Borden
Hon. Presidents.
A. S. Goodeve, M.I'., Hon. Thos.
Taylor and W. W. Foster, Hon. Vice
President, R. Gibbons, Pingston
Sec.-Treas., T. J. Wa.lmau, Revelstoke.
Executive—W. Reid, L. Parry, Arrowhead; J. Blnna, Galena; V. Hold-
en, Albert Canyon; .1. Lewis, Wigwam; E. Edge, Beaton; G. Graham,
Comaplix; W. Rcnnlc, Cambium; R.
Smith, St. Leon; P. Campbell, Glacier; F. Tector, lllecillewaet; It. McDonald and  M. Lawlcr, Iteuolstokc.
Mr. Rennic was the hero of the
convention, he having walked fourteen miles across country and ico
with a lantern made from a tin biscuit box nnd a Cattdle, to attend the
meeting. During his walk, lie
Htiites that be was followed for live
or six miles by a lynx. He arrived
n little late for tbe opening of the
meeting, hot and weary, but took
part in thc workings ol tbo commit
tec none thc less energetically     for
his journey.
Thc committee on bylaws then sub-
united tlicir report**, which were
adopted by the delegates. After the
meeting a nice lunch wan served by
members of thc Arrowhead Assocla -
tion nnd speeches were made by MoH
his. Wadman, McDonald, Foster and
It was moved by Hr. Koster, seconded by Mr. Dodil, and resolved
lhat this convention extind its
I hunks to the Arrowhead Assocla-
tnn for thc spleiid.d manner in
#Wch the visit.ll: delegates wore
enterto n?d.
Smith, of Smith, Kerry and Chace
Passes on Work and Gives
Council Some Sound Advice
Mr. Smith, head of the firm o!
Smith, Kerry and Chace, the engineers at the power plant, has formally
examined the work at the dam niid
power plant, and at a meeting of
thc city council yesterday afternoon
when asked for an exprcssii il of his
opinion, remarked that there was
little to be done now. He considered the work completed and completed satisfactorily. He had learned
that there were certain extras demanded by Mr. Newman and while
be did not wish to shatter his hopes
yet he considered that Mr. Newman
was not yet entitled to some of his
demands. He had made arrangements for a testing apparatus, which
he said would not be to hand for
perhaps thirty days and then the
firm would make a thorough test of
the machinery at the plant as to its
efficiency. There were perhaps several small matters there that needed
attention and when these were attended to the city could hope for an
uninterrupted power and light service.
When asked for his opinion as to
the existing hole in the dam which
Mr. Newman failed to close, ho said
that the city would bave no trouble
with this, as it would eventually fill
up with silt and there was not the
least danger of its enlarging. He
did not consider that Mr. Newman
was entitled to tho extra sum which
he had demanded for putting in the
bulk head as that was part of his
contract and covered by thc terms of
the contract. The claim of Mrf
Newman for about $5,DIM) extra cement Mr. Smith very much doubted
the legality of. Mr. Newman had
claimed that he had to take the
bulk head out whicli was lirst put
dowu in order to conform to certain
changes made by tho engineers.
Mr. Smith being asked about tbis,
claimed that no such thing was the
case. He said that Mr. Newman's
dilly-dallying along has delayed the
work so that the parts which had to
be built had not been done in time
and that had made the necessity of
'removing the bulk head. "The more
advice you give a person the more
they hold against you in the end,"
was Mr. Smith's laconic remark.
Mr. Smith advised the city council
to file statements of any alleged loss
of revenue to the city and statements
of the cost of running the gas producing plant during temporary shut
downs of the power plant, anl hold
them against thc final estimates. He
also advised the council to hold the
final disposition of Mr. Newman's accounts till a certificate of efficiency
had lieen received from his lirm and
also that lumber bills contracted he
deducted from the final estimate.
In regard to a bill ol about $11,-
(101), whicli it is alleged Mr. Newman
is owing thc Globe Lumber Compnny.
Mr. Smith remarked thnt il he
were thc Globe Lumber Co., he
would get busy. In the opinion of
Mr. Hrlggs, tho city solicitor, the
city is not by the terms of thc contract bound to pay this. "We m(ly
pay this, but we don't have to, "
was his rcmurks.
NEW  G.  T.  P.  HOTEL,
Vancouver, March 6, The G. T. P.
will erect a large modern hotel on
Main street to cosl ill lhe neighbor
hood ol half ii milium dollars. They
will nlso build a new wharf on tho
Moving 1'lcturei tonight.
Suspicious Looking Characters
Came in from South
Was there or wns there not to have
been a holdup nt the station on Hun-
d«y night last? There seems to bo
some little uncertainty iu the minds
of Home residents of the city as to
whether the actions of Robt. Armstrong were prompted on his own initiative or those of others. The falling down of his i*l,in and his creating of such a hubbub In thc Dominion Express Oo.'i ollice may have to
Home extent frustrated the plans of
others, who possibly may have 1,-ccn
in the background with more sinister
II. is certain that Armstrong is a
lunatic, but often people Ho affected
arc possessed of mole einiiung than
lhc  normally   constituted   man,    and
this fellow may have been Instructed
by others to go through tho very
performance he did, not expecting
such prompt action ou Hie part of
police anil citizens. Armstrong hnd
a loaded revolver with him and he
had o heavy slug kIioI, and people do
not frequently carry such things around with them for no specific purpose.
Add to thcHfl things the report as
brought In by a porter on the train
coining in from the south tbgt nlgbt
Jams, Jellies
We have a larjre quantity of Crosse & Blackwell's and Lipton's Jams
and Jellies in 4 and 7 lb.
tins and 1 lb. jHass jars
that we want to move
this month.
We are making a reduction of from ^u tn .'III
per rent, on the above
n'tfli class goods.
Ontario Honey in I lb. Glass Jars, at 25c.
Pure Maple Syrup.    Buckwheat Flour.
New i aid Eggs.    Oi.tario Pea Fed Bacon.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Hay, Oats, ftheat. Barky, Bears. Short:, etc.
Bourne Bros.
Groceries,     Hardware.    Flour and  Feed
Salmon, Halibut, Cod. Smelts,
Codlings, Whitefish, Finnan
Haddie, Pickled Mackerel, Lock-
iver Herring, Pickled Herring.
Fresh Olympia and Coast Sealed
Revelstoke Meet Market, ltd.
Phone 251
Class Me
p. o.
Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Heed Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. 1 Java and Mocha Coffee
G. W. BELL   I
O.  Box 208 GRCCEI.  &  BAKER Pk>.. u.   ..       !
P. O.  Box 208
that u number of suspicious looking the  Dominion  Bxpre     Co.'   . :ih-o at
characters came up on the train and tbe turn*     might easily lend to tho
It Is not altogether out of ;b" realm suspicion of c\,l intentions .*n     the
of possibility iimi a regular hold up part of somebody,
plot hnl been laid t.. tnke place that
night. Armstrong, it is proven, by
people nn nml tbt hotel bad been in
tb.* city all dn j     Sundny an I ii   Is
pi*.1 1 .Hide tbat lie had In*. II . in
ployed by others to spy out the Inn.I.
and tbat thcHc otben bid Intended
to follow up it 11 • 1 n- 1 1 bun in tbe
Bport. Tin' porter's itory was toW
in tht n itaurant nt tin* 1 p 1: ta
tion nnl wns embellished with possl
i.iiiii. ■; holdups, nn.1 quick moves
mi.   ini ].. there t.. .-. 1 nil    v.slide
cash out of siirht. The In't tlso
that a goodly sum ul tuoucy wn., iu
lin.K timukk DEAL.
v am ** * * B. C •;.. eh ".—Las-
1 1 Dai ' al ihi ui'iii u( 11 synii
csti   1   ch , * ■  i*ti.■< ted a     big
leal in the    purchase ..( the   entire
planl and 1 roperty of the 11 0, Palp
.V*   Pgpei   Company   at   l'ort      Mellon
Ioi   }.:   1,00 .\n      extensive  ei|inp -
on-ni       a 11  ut   once   lie  installi-d  for
iuu*. * mat ng pui puses.
Peaci   reigns in tbo house     where
t'oursiii .* electric clean* 1  13 at work WtUlNEdDAY, MAltt'll s'l'll,  Wll,
Gbc flDaiUlbcvalfc
MArUHD.n Al'
KEV£i,Si'OKK. B.  C.
Jntcrtoc ipuintsbuitf company?,
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insertion, 5 cents per Hue each
subsequent insertion. Measurements Noupanel (12 lines make
one inch.) Store and general
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inch per month. Preferred positions, :io per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages and Deaths, fide
each insertion.
Land notices $7.00. All advertisements subject to the approval ol
the management. Wanted and
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uations waut-e-d, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mcchunics
Wanted, 25 >«ords or less, 25c,
each additional line IU cents.
Changes il standing advertisements must be in by 9 a. m.
Tuesday and Friday of each week
iu secure good  display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited ou matters of public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied by name of writer
not necessarily for publication,
but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence should he brief.
For 30 Days Only
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$1,250   CASH
7-Roomed House
willi Balhroovn Complete
Kunuice, centrally lucHlet
Fir.st Street for
Ily    Lo
uli' IV
■.ih'il   on    Firs!
n plumbing1) for
82,100   CASH
you .ive looking lo
may help you secure c
fl' these
cull  and
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Sort ol blacklisted      as
Including  postage  to  England,  United States and Cnnada.
By the year (.through postoUico) $2.51)
JOB PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
Cbe riDaiUbeuatf)
ll ihose harem skirts ever become
fashionable here thc moving picture
shows might as well go out of business.
of a weather condition dominated by
cold winter storms and br.ng to us
that condition which is more favorable to the growtli of vegetation and
more agreeable lo man and beast. A
great rise in temperatures will occur. The storms will be of greater
force but rains will not be heavy till
n little later.
Dr,    Lindsay,  in Calgary,  appealed
just because they had raised his ns- I
scssnient from $1,(KW to  $11111,0(1(1      nil
one year.
The  Revelstoke  Lacrosse  and  has -
ball club has put itself on record es
being in  favor of  a short work  day
during  the summer  months  in      tlu
.uterests ol sport.     We are no     advocates  of  Sunday  baseball  or  Sunday sports ol any kind, but wc mu: t
have baseball, it is as essential      t i
the  public  hie  of  a  Canadian  aseai-
ing and drinking and Bleeping,    an I
if  we  can't   get  a short work      day
or a hall holiday each week     during
the hot   summer    months, then    thc
only thing left is Sunday sports and
nobody  can  reasonably  blame      th.*
youngsters  for romping around on n
Sunday il it is absolutely necessary.
But tbe sports don't wnnt     to     d i
this, they don't want to be forced tj
it.  and consequently will shortly  he
nosing  around  aud  interviewing    the
local merchants with a view to cloi
ing  their stores an hour curlier  during the hot summer months.    Goodness only knows that    nobody      will
lose any business by it. Just because
your  store  happens  to be closed    nt
.'. o'clock no person is going to    si
down" and write a letter to thc    J.*
partmental store to send along       n
hall pound  of  ten.      You mmlit  jm.
as well expect this to be done      b
cause you close at 0 o'clock.       Aftei
all this closing i I stores at G o'cloci !
is ■ nly u habit  that  people have  become accustomed to. and they  woul I
just  as reasonably  resign  themselves
to  lhe   inevitable  if  you  close    yo  i
ti res at 5 o'clock during thc sum
mer.     All the public requires is n*.
unable notificatii n and th .-      pa
ia willing to give all tlie ttottflcatl. a
ary in the interests of     sporl
If our  clerks  labor day  .n and      d  ..
out lor   you    conscientiously     i n
faithfully  aud they need u littti   I
reation     to liven them up—in     (i
there  .sn't  a  merchant  in  this
but  what points with prid* al   e
ol his clerks an.l says, "He   - a
st'ort."     You th.n-v more . I a m
who earns such a title   and  to
t8nd.i        i worth more I
be.ii.- a good sport.     Then flvi
a chance to show liim.-iil „ »p. rl
cutting bit .work day lh I I    u*■
d .r.n..- 'b- ■*, I'uimr i and li
t.ng him  gel  n il  Into '•   l't
air  to  I - •:.   -:i       * •   .
gen la.ltn mo intaln an      D  ■•■ n      n i
■ ilgary when » ba * ball mati b
the proprietor )"*--:   turn  th
the *!.. i   ■     *  mm n consi
.,-.   .,. ...   .. i.   n thi
to tht liai-eimll Match    ai
growls,     They are goo I   i
tb :.   and consequsatlj    i niga' >
last getting a placi     * *      map.
you  are   not   a   good  Sporl   *ll   C,i,;-
vou might pist as well gel   *  il
,  .........     Tommy  Burnt  It h
tpoi t, and be ..." ned n * I ire a '
;:»! > )U»t l*cause he said "'..If y
is a dty ot spoils" He km
i.. to n.l close hi" Store whi
want-ad to and go tp B base
match without pWPlt ■
•what the reason was. Reveli
would do well to earn mill ft J''l*
ttofl nnd thm the other cltlei
i.cgin to talk ahout her. Tbu. "
tbt name of all that Is good, '•
il.e boys n ohanct to gat out.
,|g'k   Johnson  draws  tie   enl   I   I   "'
on Sam Langlord     "the tar  babj
He says he will not  tnke blm on as
jae is two shades too ulai'k tor JoltO"
Montreal, March li.—His Excellency
Karl Grey, thc Governor Gineral, has
been having a busy time these past
few days—busy at least from a sporting and social standpoint. The viceregal party came down from Ottawa
to cheer on Lady Evelyn Grey and
the Ottawa team in the .'uncy skat
nu' competition which took place in
llu Victoria rink. Lady Evelyn was
the whole show on the ice, -for she
won the ladies singles and thc mixed
doubles with her partner Mr. Haycock, and His Excellency was more
than the whole show ashore, for, as
usual when he comes to Montreal, he
was crowded with attentions from
every quarter. After the skating,
His Excellency tried a hand at curling and he, with Colonel I'ercy Sherwood as u partner, played an excit -
  ing double ugaiust Mr.  J. T. McOall
Revelstoke  capitalists  should    take   and Mr.  W.  M.  Taylor.     Ten      ends
warning of the evils ul possessing to0   were  played,  the  Governor General'^ care of and
much  money.      Armstrong  was    just   rink      winning  by  twelve  shots      to
crazy over it. eight.     This is His Excellency's last
Moral—Divvy   up  n   little   in       the   winter visit to Montreal.       He    will
interests of sport. be  here  again  for  the Horse    Show,
"~~" and once again for the races.     He is
has not shown not going north to the Arctic ocean
as he had planned. Lord Lascellcs,
his A.D.C. says, and will sail for
home in the autumn.
When thc ratepayers sec Hi
bill lor this winter they will no
doubt conclude that there is such ii
tiling as being used too white.
The Lndics' Home Journal declares
it not necessary for a man to remove his hot when riding in nn elevator with ladies. This will relieve
Hevelstokers of a lot of  anxiety.
Bar receipts in excess of $40 per
day will be taxed in Ontario, accord
ing to an amendment to the liquor
license act in that province. Now
Watch for a grand nish to lower the
price of boouc in order to escape the
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
much respect so far for public opinion. II he had he would halt before
foisting his new-found tarill poliey
upon thc people of this country. But
of course, there is a possibility that,
he intends before many moons to
give the people a chance to pnss upon his reciprocity bargain. Let him
pass the agreement if he must, then
close up the business of parliament,
nnd appeal to the electors on a
straight issue. He can then lin.l
out in short order if his tarifl proposals nre popular. Or, on the
other hand, be may put the agreement Into cflect and postpone thc
election for two years.
An  Kdmonton  man  has  been      arrested, charged with stealing
Baw.     His defence will  likely he    insanity.     It ought to be anyway.
Joseph Prelfer Admits tlie Deed
and Goes to Reformatory
A very sad case of a lad of H oils years of age came up for healing
before Magistrate Foster ou Monday
morning. The little lad, named
Joseph Prciler, has rapidly been l»de-
generat.ng into a bad character, partially through force of circumstances
partially through bad associations,
and partly through inherent traits of
character that bine been growing on
He is a rather smart looking fellow, who, if given proper attention
and training, might make something
of himself in the world, but so far
as can be ascertained he is an orphan without home or friends, those
friends that he had had having cast
him oil as being Incorrigible and
unmanageable, He has a police record of petty thefts, and last week
he uas found living and sleeping ia
the sand house ol the C.l'.R. in company with others, and from his own
statements had made a nefarious living by robbing various hen roosts
throughout the citj an.l disposing of
the spoils to Chinese and other res-
taraunts. With tears in his eyes
he told of being sent out here from
Old Ontario where he had been un m-
lnnte of an industrial school, of how
he had worked all summer herding
cows receiving as pay the promise oi
a home for the winter, and ol how
through his wild habits he had frequently been locked out at nigh s.
As a last resort he tooi*. to the sa.id
house for home and lodgings and
robbed lieu roosts tor a liung.
The fact was patent to tlu magistrate that lurking behind this inherent criminal trait there was something good iu tho boy, and the magistrate lectured him something after
the following fashion.
"li you are allowed to run around
the way you are now, you will be
getting into such bad habits that
will evtntually lund you In the penitentiary. 1 recognize that you aie
unfortunate in many ways, so 1
think thc best thing that could ce
done for you is to send you to some
place where you will be well taken
ven a clmtue to forget the bad habits you have learned,
and learn to do someth ng honorable
for a living. 1 will therefore commit you to the reformatory for a
period ot not. less than two years."
Alfred Gillicano, a lad with a
good home here had also been living
in this   same   sand   house,   hut   no
lhc story is told of how Representative Champ Clark, of Missouri, get
his name. "My parents named me
James Beauchamp Clark," he saiU.
"They didn't christen mc because
they were Campbellites, and didn't
believe in christening. 1 hadn't been
noticing things very long hefore I
discovered that there is a J-B. CWck
at nearly every post otlice in the
United States. One day I went
down into Kentucky to a place where
as usual there was a man named J.
B. Clark. Nearly all of my mail
went to him. He was a queer sort
of a fellow, and he opened my letters
and sent them back to the writers.
When 1 found that out, you may be
sure I got mad. I then and there
decided to change my name.
"The lirst thing I did was to drop,
off  the  'James.'  I  thought  it  would
T „ ,. . ,  be a nice thing to be called     Beau-
His Two Companions Draw 15 champ dark. But the erst thing i
knew they were calling mo Beechamp
Boochamp, Bichamp, llawchamp and
every other kind of 'Champ.' Nobody
could pronounce it right. I never
was certain I could cither. So I just
dropped the lirst part anl kept tho
'champ.'   "
Arthur Gillette, plainly o*! unsound
mind, told tlu magistrate that he
had been living around Revelstoke
for twenty-five years and had worked
but oiu month in that time. Chief
I'arry explained that lie was a prospector up the Big Bend. He wns set
aside for three dnys in order that a
medical examination could be secured
Last night he was taken to New
Fred Ibbotson claimed it was not
liis fault that he got drunk, or at
least that he was not to blame for
appearing In police court. However, assuring tho magistrate that, he
had a job waiting for him he. was allowed to get out into the fresh air
Years Apiece at Dainsville
Qalnsvtlle, Qa,, March 4.—George
Anderson, alias Bill Minor, who was
arrested a few days ago in connection with the holding up ol an express car on a Southern train at
White Sul,.bur, wus yesterday given
a prison term of twenty years.
Miner's two companions wore given
sentences of fifteen years for complicity iu the robbery,
The sentencing of Miner mean?
lhat the notorious bnnlit will not
be extradited to Canada, as would
probably have been the case hnd the
Georgia authorities been unable to
secure a conviction. ,
Twenty years Imprisonment is a
long sentence to any man, but iu
the case of Miner it is equivalent to
a lite sentence, as thc train robber is
now about sixty-live years of age.
With the record of crime Hint he 1ms
behind him, It is improbable that
lhe convict will ever bc granted liberty cither on parole or ticket of
leave, as his exploits of lho past
el,'inly prove that the man is unsafe
to be at large.
If he lives long enough, and the
Georgia penitentiary holds him until
that time Miner will be free in 1931.
He will then bo liable to extradition
tor breaking away from the penitentiary at New Westminster in 1907.
Miner is apparently a man fond of I
aliases. He was convicted at New
Westminster under the name of Geo.
Edwards, now he is sentenced as Goo.
Anderson. He hns been known under many other names iu this province and in the states. The name
under which he has achieved worldwide notoriety, Bill Miner,      is     aB
Edison Theatre
One Week Commencing
Verna Felton
Montreal, March li.—Early this
spring two exploration parties will
be fitted out from here, one to go
to the I'acilic coast, near l'rince Rupert, and the other to push its way
into the Peace Uiver country. They
are being sent hy Corporation Agencies, Limited, for foreign clients
nnd it is not unlikely that their reports, when they return this autumn,
will mean the Investment ot more
foreign capital in Canada. Both parties will be composed of competent
engineers. The I'acilic coast party
will report upon a new industrial undertaking which it is proposed to
establish nenr Prince Rupert. The
other exploring party, which will be
under the control of E, H. Urury, the
civil engineer who recently made the
preliminary survey of the Hudson's
Bay railway route for the Dominion
Government will make a report in
the interests of a French syndicate
of certain proposed undertakings in
the Peace River district.
The Allen
So ninny persons complained to Anthony ComstoCk, of the N.Y. Society
for the Suppression of Vice, of tho
lack of rainment on certain wax
figures in a Broadway store window
that be thereupon mude a raid. He
Informed the proprietors that unless
'he dee.diet.. ladies were removed
they would be lined and imprisoned.
'! h ■  figures  were at once removed.
proof being forthcoming that he had  false as the others he has used,
assisted   in   the  chicken  thefts,       he      If Miner cared to tell thc true story
was given one more chance nnd     al-   of  his  life,   it  would make mighty in-
lowed off on suspended sentence.           teresting  rending.
Frank  Seobo  drew  thirty  days  tor j 	
i.By Itevelstoke Poultry Association.)
Eggs, case  i   -SB
Eggs, fresh  50 to GOc.
Eggs,  new  laid        CD
Butter,    dairy         30
Butter, creamery  35c. to *l)c.
Potatoes      per     Mil), lbs $2*.00
Carrots     per    100 lbs  2.75
Wheat,      per  100 lbs *2 to J2.25
Oats,     per 100 lbs  U-W to .2
Caulilloweis  each 25c.
Opening Bill the great
being a loose, idle and disorderly
person, or putting it iu plain English, for being a vagrant. He in company with a bunch of others had also been occupying the same house as
a domicile. This fellow claimed to
lie  fiom  Vancouver.
LOST—On March 3rd. a Ladies Gold
Watch. Somewhere on Fourth St.,
east of McKenzie avenue. Kinder
will be rewarded by leaving same
nt Mail-Herald Office.
Seals on s:le at Macdonald's
Drug Store
A branch of the Imperial Bonk of
Canada has been opened at Rodcllft,
province of Alberta, under iho management of A. E. Fnrmcr, formerly
accountant at the Strathcona branch
of the bank.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Moving Ticturcs tonight.
Popular Prices
Montreal,  March  G.   The ant
ment thnt a miraculous    -piuu-   ha.-
been  discovered  bubbling  I *rth from
under the altar ol the I burch   ■   31
Clotilde, has brought  tl
lar nnd near on a     visit
church,     An altar, on which a     new
statue of the Blessed  \ Irgtn
cently been placed   - i; lenly
the attention of a
water bubbling from  tbe earth.     a
similar occurrence was reporta
time ago Irom a church ol "he same
name in  Leu. France      tt ti
that since     tbe
iprmg two people, .mi.*  i ire    tUei   <-
from diflerent ailments      vers cured |
instantly  by  the use pl the Water
■A'ashiq ;ti i, D ' Man b I Lasl
bulletin   .. iturbance
cool inenl
I to 6, *   • .' in ii   Thin dl«
tiirbauct:     will     continue   ; i l<j
stormj weathei thai began neat
Washington holiday and which rill
contlnup n.bi and Btot my nil aftei
the ...i'i w» ** ; ,.* on meridian 96,
March 10, -hull |)av« paj ed. th ■
-i.n spot period w.ll cofttupua •**
March K>, Venue, Mars, Mercury mil
.1 ipltei are all In magnetic contai •
■aith tbe earth und 'be moon, acting
at n go i"'' *'*.*' n. aiding in foimm ;
the      fieri nr    equilibrium       between
earth and planets, Tbe mnspoU do
nol cauM o.i ui'iither changes but
are ... ised by the same ki»d ol mag
netie disturbances that bring our
earth Ht.orms.
Next, disturbance will roach Pacific
cons* about. March 10, cross Pacillc
slope by doge ol 11, groal     central
valleys 12 to H. eastern BectlOpS 1*5,
Warm wave will cross Pacific slope
about March 10, great central vnl
leys 12, eastern sections W, Oftol
wave will cross greal central valleys
15, eastern section ;i7.
Thin disturbance Will pull us     out
[CALGARY- - - '
W II Ar ?
Everj iresent i                                Kamloops can stand the closest inspection in this respect.   It is as solid as the Rock of
Gibraltar. mate is the best in Canada ; ii in oui-- of the most beautiful towns in lhe wesl, the surrounding country is the best for
fruil and d it is firmly believed by those who have* investigated the situation that the population, now 4G00, will be doubled
u ithin the nt
twsthal thei in and immediately around theoity will be between $2,225,000 and $2,500,000 during this year,
Thei i bi and it is stated on the best of authority that the C.P.R. is building an alternative freight
route from Red . Yellowhei d down the North Thompson to Kamloops, This explains the unusually large expenditures being made by the C.l'R a * ar. Thi I expend $250,000, the province will expend $300,000 to $850,000, the Dominion government
will expend $25,000 to I hospil I H26.00O, the combination traffic and railway bridge to be built by the Canadian Northern and
the proi ■■ . * *'iii .. Old Man's Home will cost *200,000, the CP.R. bought 1260,000 worth of property last year, and it is stated that
ihey .'.ili 0 000 : ore mdi *' yards, enlarging shops, building new depot and making other substantial improvements, and the rest will be
expended in new business bli ead under construction or with plans ready to build, and many new residences. That is why all eyes are on Kamloops
ihis year.   The people kno ' ine   invested there will brin^ (food returns.   One of the best buvs is lots in
located only 12 blocks froi best-priced propertj in town, a beautiful building site with a maaniijoeij} view of the entire valley-   Lots will be.on
side on March 6th, al 1210 to 1400;  terms oi h do  n and the balance In monthly payments of -r' per cent of the amount due.   Only one half of the
addition will be sold, the even numbered lots, as the balance will be held until next year. This arrangement shows my -faith in the property, as I am
satisfied I '.'.ill make more mone , by holding half of the lots, You can gel In on the same basis now. ]f this was not a gilt-edged investment, those who
know ino'in the Kootenays know I would not be handling it.   Gel in early for there is going to be a rush.
F. L Simpson, (formerly of Cranbrook) Real Estate Broker, Kamloops, Gen.Agt. THE   MAIL-HERALD,    ZRZETVIELSTOIKIin!
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund -    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.
Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Having purchased the business formerly carried on hy E.  A.
Spring we are prepared to execute all orders promptly.
Boot and Shoe Repalrera,
Harness Makers
Under New Management. Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 Degree of Ilea
Natural Hot Water in Baths.    O        All Year
Rates from $12 to $15 Fer Week
Have you smoked the
If not you surely
never tried them at
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Have your architect prepare your plans for
your new building early and get my figures on
your work.
estimates;given. f irst-class work guaranteed
Everybody knows him, he will
tell you that the whiskeys we are
celling are the hest. Call and he
convinced. No household should
be without a Hiipply ot our Harvey's SpcclBl Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
:<0 years old or Blaokberry Brandy
for Medicinal put poses. Our Btoek
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold hy all
the leading hotel)-, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importer* and Dealers in Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and cigarettes
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
of Tlie Canadian Bank of Commcri'e will reive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rates. There is no
delay in withdrawing the whole or any porlion ofthe deposit. Small
deposits are welcomed. 234
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any one of the number or by the survivor. A joint Recount
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of thr money
after death, and is especially useful when a man desires to provide for
bis wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death.
Revelstoke, h. c.
A Symposium of What is Happening in
All Parts of the World
The financial budget of Hon. W.S. I Kingston hotel men say that their
Fielding to be introduced ia the daily receipts are under $40, except
commoiiB next month, will show ajon May 2-i, when receipts vary (rom
surplus ol 130,000,000, lar in excess SGO to $225.
of all records.
The United States government bas
taken legal action against the manufacturers     of    incandescent    electric
charging that  a combine  ex-
suitably   furnished   with   the   choicest th
market affords.      Kcsi Wmes, Liquors anri
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
proved.    First-Class In every respoct.    All modern convenience!
l.ari'.e Sample Rooms.
Special Weekly Rates
■Salaried r
Rat o $2.00 per day
Revelstoke, B.C.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Carriage and Sign
Shop ln alley] back "of E.J. Bourne's
store, First Street.
First  Class Work Guaranteed.
Prices Reasonable
New Line
Stirrup  Attached
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B. C.
Residence Cor. 3rd St. and Robson aie
Inside Lots for Sale at
First Divisional Point West  of Winnipeg, on G.T.P. Ry.
Some  Good  Bargains   in   Revelstoke
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
AKUO-VHKA1-, B. 0.
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. First-class sample
roomB. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Hay, Oats, Wheat, Bran
and Shorts
Ofiick :    Cur.   McKenzie Ave.
AMI SlX'ONll Strkut
Proms 73.
Hutchison's Warehouse
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Arriving daily our new and
fresh stock of Seeds, grown
under contract hy the hest
growers in all parts of the
world. Seeds that will give
you the bestresults. One trial
will convince you. Also a full
line of garden requisites, Implements of all kinds; Bee
Dupptte*, Spray ers, Spray, and
a full line of Thick Feeds and
Conkev's remedies. Press the
button, we \\ ill do the rest.
M. J. Henry Nurseries
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,    -   Manager
Vancouver, 15 C.
WANTED—Competent girl nt once,
good wages to right party. Mrs-
S. M. Field, First street, next door
to Second Hand Store.
WANTED—Men and Women to learn
barber trade; only eight weeks le-
quired; stay as long as you wish
for one tuition; tools given with
each scholarship; best school in
Canada; situatians or locations
furnished; catalogue mailed free;
write lor particulars.— Moler System College, 609 Centre street,
Calgary, Alta.
FOUND—Revelstoke Badge Flag Pin
in Opera House after Whist Tournament by Roman Catholic church.
Owner can have same by proving
property and paying for this add.—
Apply Mail-Herald Office.
ROOM AND BOARD-$25 per month,
ln private family.—Enquire at the
Mail-Herald Office.
CEMENT BLO,0KS § l*V™"****
syacmaiicallY', + * ■»■ ■*>
Commence NOW Wiih 115.
Deposits ty mail ^^>
+ * * easily hanBlet) —
"VoucanaenJ ty Draff,
Post Office * Cypress
Oriler or Re^isteretf^
Letter & witMrawats
can bemaflr* '■»■»"? •*
- * any way you wish.
Ware Responsible
Refer tO* + + * -
or To anyone la *
Mftnofnrtnr3>i for ah oiaiass of   bulldtu«i
Formal* in lures nr imall qn&otltlea
at ihe lowost price* for cash
All kinds of hutldiuff hikI pla^tsriiiff
Foote & Pradolini,
RepairB of all  kin.!    neatly done
Bicycle and (inn work Bspecialty
Estimates given on nny ciass
of work
(Front       Street.
Fruit Lands
(iilPtiH llsv l.imls in psreels of
10 or 20 arrt h or en hloc. Corres-
pondenM Invlttd,
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
This Old Gentlemen
Cured oi Rheumatism
By On* Box of GIN PILLS
Yarmouth, N.S.
"I hnve been bothered with Rheumatism for the past year and have taken
1 Rood many different kinds of medicine
<nd found no relief for it.
One day a friend ndvised me to trv
GIN PILI.S, and nfter taking one box
of them, I felt like a new man, I
thought I would write you a few linen
to let you know how thankful I am for
the relief they gave me, and would
ndvlie all sufferers from Rheumatism to
Wm. Cokty,
Don't bother with liniments and so-
called "blood purifiers1'. Thry won't
help your kidneyn—and Rheumatism is
caused by weak, strained ot irritated
kidneys. The only possible way to cure
Rheumatism, is to cure the k id neys. GIN
PILLS will do this as nothing else will.
Take GIN PILLS NOW and be free
from Rheumatism this winter. 50c. a
box—6 for |2.,so—and money promptly
refunded if you sre not ■atltfieo.
Order from us if your dealer does not
handle GIN PILLS. Sample box tent
free on request. National I'rug and
Chemical Co., Dept. w,    Toronto.   (7
"AT II HERE S1PXE 1900'.'
We want eveiyoneto tow
ftjat we are paying ■*•
c~4<2 Interest^
pcratmum creSiteJ mthtf
ou savings deposits ($1°-?
k upward) subject To Wh-
drawat br cheque &*
on time deposits of*
SitHnotitb & over. ~
We invest money for clients
in first mortgages & h a
general financial business.
We wanl^&ur savings accnt
A despatch from Washington to the
ell'ect that Canada bad asked for delay in connection with the reciprocity agreement is denied at Ottawa.
Diversity ol opinion exists amun?
the business men ot Winnipeg on the
reciprocity issue according to thc
poll being taken by the Free Press.
James Robertson, former Manitoba
telephone commission employee, was
found dead in a chair in the Seymour hotel yesterday.
King George V. has expressed thc
desire that his birthday be officially
observed in his dominions beyond the
seas on June.-S.
The executive of the Manitoba
grain growers passed a resolution declaring that Western Canada is
btrong  lor reciprocity.
Fire in thc McLaughlin Carriage
company's warcrooms, Princess St.,
Winnipeg, last night did about $20,-
09O damage.
Frank Payne, an amateur aviator,
was probably fatally injured Iiy falling tifty feet at Bridgeport, Conn.
Three persons were killed and Bix
seriously injured in an explosion in a
power house at Niagara Falls.
William H. Ames, tried on a
charge of bigamy at Vegrcville, was
let out on suspended sentence.
Hon. Clifford S if ton denies the
rumor that he is to resign his seat
in the Ottawa house.
Russia and China have reached an
agreement in regard to the Man-
churian dispute.
The Vatican considers the new
French cabinet as unfriendly, and
expects trouble.
A railway case involving a damage
suit for $03,000, is up for hearing at
Berillo, tbe alleged slayer ol Dcm-
itro Prytkal has been committed for
trial at Kenora.
Shaker meetings among the Indians
of the Fisher River reserve are described.
The Kathleen  Parlow violin recital
at the    Congregational church,    Win-
.nipeg,   was  well  attended.
The Nicaraguan government has
condemned lortv-live conspirators to
J. Ellis Barker declares that the
cast is the best market (or Canada's
it now
about Whfaf
! TM!
321 fiambti Street,
.Vancouver B.C/,
Saskatoon  will  build    three
schools at a cost of $100,000.
The   Kingston   Mica  Works  will   remove to Trenton,  N.S.
St. Thomas hns a population
15,200, an increase ol -WO.
Geo. Saddlemere, aged 23, was electrocuted while trying to fix the
electric lights in the Morrisburg rink
prior to a hockey match.
Lieut. Thos. J. Hennessey, Quarter-Master at R.M.C., Kingston, has
retired after 31 years with the college or since it opened.
Secretary Westervclt of the Ontario Provincial Winter Fair, says additional accommodation will be provided for next year's fair.
D.C. Cameron, president of the Rat
Portage Lumber Co., and a life long
Liberal, says Sifton's speech repre -
sents the feeling of western business
Five cows perished in the burning
of 0. R. Whittaker's barn, Cote St.
Luke road, Montreal; while five horses were burned in Ihs stable of J.
Hughes,  Seigneurs Btreet.
Brant.'ord policemen are to have
increased wages of from 15 to 20
cents a day for patrolmen and 26
cents for sergeants. Chiel Slemlti
gets a salary increase ot $125. An
agitation for a weekly day off will
be  dropped.
The I.C.R.'s station at Sydney, N.
S., was burned at a loss of $60,000.
The Dominion Steel Co., whose offices were burned recently, occupied
part of the depot and again suffer
The National Transcontinental
Railway will be open Irom Levis,
Que., to Moncton, N. B., by July,
1912. The Davis section of 200 miles
from Chaudierc to the New Brunswick line is the difficult stretch.
The Dominion governmint wants
51,000,000 lor the Fort Osborne barracks site at Winnipeg and the proposal to purchase it for a site for
the new Manitoba legis.ative build-,
ings has been dropped for the present.
The captains of the steamers ol
the Northern Navigation Company in
1911 will be:—Harmonic, R.D. Foote;
Huronic, A. L. Campbell; Majestic,
ff. W. Cox, Germanic, F. Moles; Midland, M. Livingston; Waubec, F. 0.
Carson; Doric, S. Hill; and Ionic, M.
Drivers for wholesale groceries in
New York are on strike.
The amended U.S. naval appropriation bill calls for an increased expenditure of *l,190,70O.
Six thousand
-vomen, are on
•litions in New
box-makers, mostly
strike for better con-
Winnipeg Presbytery has voted  for
•hurch union hy 4C to 7.
Wm.  MeKinnon  (Pres.)       ot
has    been called to Chats-
Revelstcike Land District.
District of West Ko„tenay.
Take notice that R. M. Hicks, ,,f
ill-ecu wood, I). 0., occupation labor
er, intends to npply for permission
to purchnsc thc following described
Commencing nt a post plnntcd on
the north shore ot Trout Lake, about
three nnd thrcc-ijuarter miles west
from the town at (lerrard, adjacent
to B.B. Corner rrf Lot 7986, thence 80
chnins enst, thence 20 rlmins south,
or to lake shore, thence 80 chains
west, or following Inkr shore to
point ot commencement.
Dated February 4th, 19J.1.
London, Ont., customs receipts for
February were $91,867.30, an Increase
of  $11,000.
Thc   provincial   magistrates will
meet in Toronto March s t0 organize
l.u Maoclatloi *
Keeper John BniinisUr has retired
trom the KlDgiton penitentiary staff
alter M years service.
A Kingston hatterynian named
Young is missing nnd ho is h suitens-
btloDglnf to a comrade.
The mortgage of St. George's Anglican church, St. Catharines. has
been  burned  With   suitable rejoicings.
Kilward ii, I' Yt.unghvart, cigar
manufacture! •.; Montreal, is''dead,
aged   Is    lie  was  born in Poland.
Two Italians ware arretted by Im-
mlgratton ofDceri at Niagara Kails
for  crossing  the  lea to  evade      the
VicnrCeinnil Maboney ol Hamilton lias returned from Home, where
In- was vi*sii'il with the title, doctor
of canon law.
Clad in nlgbtdrwaei, a dozen
hoarders ol lv Sanguinet street Montreal, chafed a barglU in the streets,
hut   he   escaped.
Wm. McBrlde, Winnipeg, piesident
of thc Life I'nderwrlters Association
of Cnntula. wai biinijuetteil nt W in 1
sor last night.
Bafl-yuottad by Halifax Hoard of
Trade Sir Wm. Mackenzie admitted a
longing to take over thc I.C.R.
The Washington State senate has
Killed the "Tommy Burns" bill to
legalize prize fighting.
An American scheme to construct a
network ol railways in Asiatic Tur-
Kcy is said to be progressing.
Wm. B. Persse, aged 39, dry goods
merchant, of Syracuse, N.Y., dropped dead in the elevator ol his store.
Control ot thc Perc Maniuette railway has passed to J.P. Morgan &
Co., who have purchased J11,000,000
in stock.
Chas. D. Norton, recent secretary^
to President Tatt, will become first
vice-president of the First National
Bank, New York.
The L'.S. Consul-General at Shanghai asks tbe Americans tor $10,000 at
once to meet the needs of starving
Chinese. Thousands are dying[ and
thousands subsisting only on bark
and weeds.
The death of Mrs. Bila Goldberg,
whose age is given as 107 years, six
mti.'hs, was reported to the coroner's .(lice in New York.
Directors ot the American Snuff
Company declared an extra dividend
of two per cent, besideB the usual
live per cent quarterly dividend.
John Mitchell, ex-president ol the
I It, Vi., has resigned from thc Na
tional Civic Federation rather 6thnn
surrender his union affiliation.
The jewellery worth $126,1100 stolen
from Mrs. Drummond on an ocean
liner wus insured in London tor $100-
0"0, aud the underwriters are offering
$5,000 reward.
Hussia, replying to China's reply t<i
the recent ultimatum regarding Mongolia, requires a definite statement
regarding tree trade, and asks tor ,,
written bond.
Tbc Niagara Porcupine Co., in -
eluding R, W. Nortngton, J. K. Day
and J. M. Ferguson, ol Toronto, has
been incorporated in the State ot
Delaware  with  $20,000,000 capital.
Thc London censor has withdrawn
his ban om "Oedipus Tyrannus," lor
which he retimed B license wben Martin Harvey proposed to produce it
tome time ago.
BHHB ■■■■I
mm Wednesday, March stH, Wii.
njjzjn iMrJLirL-^rEiR^iLiD, ^lErsneriSTOKis
%%%%.'%%.'a'«.'%^%%V%^l»^%.'*^'%.'»'%^.'%' %♦♦%*» 1
LACROSSE AND BASEBALL Men's     Christian     Associations     of
Now that tbe final curtain has been North America. He is one of the
rung down on curling and Winter best swimming instructors iu the
sports, the Held athletes are getting world, holding all world's records as
busy to formulate their plans for a n swimming instructor. He hns
summer's season ol uninterrupted ' given as high as 2400 lessons in one
lacrosse  and  baseball. week  at  the      Y.M.C.A.   Worchester,
Between twenty and thirty of Mass., U.S. A., Mr. H. H. Corsan,
them, with K. (1. McRae in the ' and his father Geo. Corsan taught
chair, met in thc city hall on Mon-' 30,000 persons to swim last year In
day night to lay plans for the Bum- the United States. He has covered
mer, and at tbc outsetl by dubbing ' lhc Eastern, Southern. Middle and
themselves the Kevelstoke Lacrosse ' Northern States, and is now milking
and Baseball Club, decided that an extensive trip through Canada.
these two sports should bc their No person call afford to miss this
hobbies for tbc season of 1911. The ' chance of learning to swim and thus
meeting was a most enthusiastic one prevent many untimely deaths in the
in which everybody had sonic little ' water through ignorance of this sub-
suggestion to offer, and so anxious ject.
were they to throw these suggestions
open for discussion that at times
tbere were two or three occupying
tbe floor at the same time. This
was of course, a matter for congratulation as showing the enthusiusm of
the younger fry ot the city in good
clean legitimate sport.
Large crowds at the games attest
the interest that is being tiikcn In
thc pool tournament at MeKinnon s
these nights. This is practically the
blue ribbon event amongst the local
cue weilders and now that the finals
While thc name iff the club assuni- arc in progress some good games
cd a double meaning thc club will have resulted. In future the man -
nut hy any means lack organization,'iigcmcnt intend to announce the
as it was decided by motion that games as they are to lie played, so
the two committees which were later that everyone will have an opportuu-
appointed, bo managed under one ay ot witnessing the games,
head, with committees representing ] The prizes this year are lor first,
each club. This will obviate any a gold medal; second, silver medal;
possible  connection  ot   interests       iu   and  toi*    high  break,  a      pipe.        J.
now prairie town. How Iteginald
Snippctt, thc imaginary son of an
imaginary banker, living in the English Cathedral city of Higbton—also
imaginary, comes to Canada and
learns to live and think and work
like a Canadian, alter being almost
swamped, is indeed a story worth
Sovereigns Wish That the Day
Shall Be Officially Celebrated
Ottawa, March 3.—Saturday's Can-
nda Gazette contained a dispatch
from Downing street stating that it
is the wish ot his majesty the King
that his birthday should bc officially
celebrated in the Dominions beyond
the seas on the actual date of tho
anniversary, June 3.
Another dispatch fixes the following dates for the firing ot salutes:
Anniversaries of the birth, aceeddion
and coronation ot the reigning sovereign, the birthday of the consort ot
the reigning sovereign, the blrthduy
of the ijuoen mother, on whicli days
a royal salute shall bc fired at noon
from all his. majesty's ships in port
and from all forts and batteries from
which triumph salutes are usually
Howson at present holds high break,
with tw'.'nty-one balls. As usual
this year there will be a tree guess -
ing contest on the filial game which
will likely take place about the end
ol next week. Immediately the po0l
tournament is finished the manage,
rn'.'ut intend to run a billiard tournament.
Sam Langford, who looks like the
i nly man to give Jack Johnson a
Lattle for the heavyweight title, is
Mill gathering up easy coin in Europe, while the champion is recuper-
i rating in California and positively
declines to talk fight unless someone undertakes to put. up at least
.■JliO.UCO as the Galveston black's share
'lie may then consent to take some
exercise. Prospects are no brighter
now for a battle tor thc hoavywe ght
i hampionship than they were six
1 months ago. Thc numerous "white
hopes" don t want any ol Johnson's
:;nme and arc giving the champion a
wide b'.'rth. Al Kaufmnii is the only
and to arrangcl if possible, u home mau wn0 issued a challenge aud he
and home series of games. | .,vajted     until    Johnson    get      tbroa
The club put itself on record as thousand miles away bciorc he op-
tavoring the early closing of stores iJJe(j |,|B muutfi.
ln tbe city by a motion that the As
sociatiou make an effort to get tb.'
proprietors of the business houses to
close their places of business at five
o'clock every night, except Saturdays, during thc summer mouths,
possibly trom May 15th to September 15th.
In order to secure    the     necessary
wherewithal to run thc     association
the two good old Canadian games of
lacrosse and baseball.
The election of officers which was
the principal object of the meeting of
these enthusiasts,  resulted as follows
Hon.  President—T.  Kilpatrick.
President—K. tl.  McRae.
Vice-President—J.  MeKinnon.
Secretary—H. MeKinnon.
Treasurer—Len Howson.
Lacrosse executive—Art Woodland.
Frank Worley and Sam Norman.
Baseball executive—Thos. Hope.
Kev. R. J. Mclntyie and H. Mulbol
It was resolved that the club commence immediately to make arrange
meuts for securing the grounds for
the season and also for getting them
in shape iu good time. To attend
to these duties the president, thc
v,ce-presi*deut and Robt. Square
briggs wero appointed a committee.
At the suggestion ol Job. McKiu -
uon, the secretary was instructed to
write the various towns in tbc interior with the object of getting their
co-operation iu the buscoall     game,
Jimmy Ooffrotb, the Sun Pranctseu
promoter, is figuring on a match between Owen Moran and Frankle
Hums the Oakland scrapper, to take
place in San Francisco tn May.
Hums recently trimmed Powell in
nineteen rounds iu tbc Golden Gat
They have discovered tnnt A 1  Wol-
through a summer ol legitimate sport   ..iult suffered a severe  injury to     his
No Consideration Given Representations for Province
Ottawa, March C—Natural opposition to the reciprocity treaty conies
from Western Ontario an.l British
Columbia where the fruit and market
gardening industries arc threatened
with extinction. Mr. Burrell, the
Conservative member (or Yale-Carl -
boo, has championed the cause ol
the British Columbia truit-growers,
and has brought out some facts not
heretofore knowii to the country.
When the monster deputation ot fruit
growers from the Niagara Peninsula
came to Ottawa to protest against
the ratification of the reciprocity arrangement, the members of it were
told by Sir Wilfrid Laurier tbat they
bad spoken too late. The impress -
ion was given out thnt the Govern -
incut had inadvertently put fruit on
the tree list in ignorance ol the
peril which would thereby menace tho
Canadian growers. Mr. Burrell,
however, produced irrcstible evidence
to prove that the Iruit growers had
made representations to Messrs.
Fielding and Patersou while they
were at Washington and before any
deal was consumated. They were
promised consideration, ,but a tew
days later learned to their constern-
ution that no consideration bad been
given and that no mercy had been
shown  them.
tickets will be sold tor a lot in Edmonton valued at tiW, drawing lor
tbe same to bc done at a public
dance which will bc given by thc
club some time in the near tuturo.
Auother means ot securing funds will
be provided in a big basketball gam
which will be played ofl in McKm
non's rink at a date to be decided
upon later.
Arrangements are also  under    way
arm when he (ought Knockout Brown
it  New   York  mi   Friday   nicht It
may  be  right,  nnd  then  again    Tom
Jones may be kidding the public Into
tbe   belief   that hi*-, protege     '•--     »
world's champion  travelling  In
luck.      WolgMt  might  just as      »«U
give up the ring nn.l -a*...     bimsali
•lie  expense  of calling  in  a  Cor,
, liysicians after  every  fight.      1
are  lots ol  Bound   '■ ■■'■■'■ ■
.'or the preparation ol a big sport i^uared circle who l..ok better than
tournament some time during the ,|lc Cadillac tighter from every an-rle
t-ummer,  which matter will bc    gone   ^j lt.s the real tighter that tbt
Tbere has been another iiflray be-
tween Turkish and Greek patrols on
tbe frontier, two Turks being killed
niter four hours'   fighting. There'bavc
..*     several  of  tbe-e  skirmishes    recently.
Virginians    >-■ ii-i i.i.-r    references    to
masters and negro -lave women in a
.-t  introduce:  In      Hoanoke
College to be an inault ti  the Si It .
and  father*.    !   I is  are  de -
man I '   drawn;
Kx ; Zelaya     '   Nicaragua
a pamphlet ■'-•■■-
'-.. arag en     re-
-'■'■ ai-irran dixement     D   >
into thoroughly at future
of the association.
hi a majority -v' 84 Pins the C.P. I
R. team beat the Y.M.C.A.'»    at     B
»rame oO Moaday night.      The    scoi.
was tut  follows.  —
C. P. R I
 IM   153
 180     K
 IM   168
 Ml   Itf
X'UL.a ..-
 142     St
680    Ui
. M. C.   A.
Vei tli
 161     101
• 1    1-**
Thomson ... ..
...ia 169
McLeod .
111  11"
Lie   wants     nowaday.-      *'vn*;  Boi   00
icatiiig his way around on an em
Hugo  Kelly,  the New  'i „m  ml
velgbt, has again claimed the ta.
...eight championship    He    B
ready to !..rce his claim.      and
itart   to climb  this  weak    w*be
■ ■■: to meet ont  Jim Smi'b   a
New   York  miJUleweigiit    In  Gotham.
Samaiia Cured Him, and He Help*
man a
now mat
bo?   650   713   -'•
The locnl Y.M.i  a. baa made     •>
nrraneemeuts t.i have H    II.  Col
»he  Internet.oanl   8wmnn.n :  In-';
tor ol tbe Y.M.'.A , to < ome to U«
elstoke tor one week beginning Man
87 to April 1st.     Mi   Corsan      i
■give  Instructions  lice   to  all   pei ■"'
who   triah  t*<   learn   the  spluu lid    h'
Ud exercise ol swimming.     AH boi
in  Revelstoke  ov»   Id  years  ol    B
Mould not miss this splendid oppi i
•tunity.     Vic mea-m the boy» ol    li
years  as well  as  those under.      f •
you are a hr.y as long as you w »•
to („■       Yin an- Bo older than    •'
Cur:    M..rna.      thc
/ nklaboma
,, ,    ■ m        * -Mack     it
UWa .   March    .'•     Phi
bancs lor Morris to fatten t»U
.   average,  but for tlie  g . *.i        '
general reputation m the   |.*
.. :.  ,t   *ould  ha*'.*   ■ • I      Sl
he hadn't cancelled  Ms match      "Tith
p nblo     ,1    Klynn. Flynn
Iiave pfoved exactly what thei
and   what  th re leo't IMW« ol   M
The avsragi <    e«»dl#fl born prob-
ably has not time to »toP M ■ " "
h0w much It mnans to <■
Englishman ol the middle rless ol ■ ■'
any Mass, to pick up his luggM*
nnd strike lor Canada. It m a M
• licult. thing to contrast the llle In an
'old BogliSl) towo-n cathckral town
tor Instance, wit* 'he life thnt If
'led in n brand ne* Canadian town
Mr. Augutus Bridle succeeds, h/flf
'ever, in doing thi In his article on
A Se* Town lor an OW One, In the
i y»u to i .• ' March Issue of MacLenn'i MftgMlne
your joints ,i. good working onl M, The article Is Illustrated with |
and keep young.
Mr. Corsaa is a member ot the I
H-rnntional Committee t-l the Yoimf   hy slit with tbe boujd stocks ol   n
it. Tne article  is niusj.rni-i'u  "".■■    i""'
ItOgraPha    and    etelniig-H  showing the
In-   old crumbling  walls ol  Kngland, side
A  m a -   *
.   n.Kn
ll    A"i"<
■ '
■    ■
■ ■'ul
iut   th.
' * -   ■
-1: k   becomes    •'. *
-  *  ,.
if whlske) u   .
*.' I  e.' Thi-       ll   llfl "*. *'
*.t**ri.,..*l -i     till-*
either lie ».hi»i
ren i
i     .   ■
■< ripilon has   *
,,  oful uni -   iii*i  n up
-* i   .,*, >•]   tei    v.- * -"
If you  knnw ut nnv  fnmllv
■   Presi i i ' **'    tell  Ihem   ihoui
o      if *.*..u  hi   *■ ..   '   . '* * *  '   '
fr:ei,i thnl  In drlftln* Into titlnH.  help
him aava hlmsi if    Vft lie
\ I III■>'. TltlM. I'M li\(il r 8n
mnrlfl l'reni*rlptl"ii. With booklet, giving full particulars, teal mnnlnls, pi li a,
etc. will he n.'iit ii Ii.-.i!ij'> !. fi ■ .* .md
postpaid In plnln lealed pnrknitr i
I0yon< naklnn for ll and mentlnnlnM
lhl«   |.M|><r     (   '.rt '■'•).' :..l. n* .    Pllcredl)
confidential,    Write u, ,i.,.     ti,,* »..,
Maria Hcmedy Oo., Depl   46 IS, Cfll
Lome   St.,  Toronto,    Cnnndn        AU..
lot   lole by ':* R. Macdonald, Drug
gist, Itevelstoke, U. Q,
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Itevelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Olllces—liovelstoke,    B.    C,     and
Cranbrook, B. C.
Geo. S. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A.  Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
I'rovincinl  Land   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
KOOTENAY     LODGE,  No. 15 A. F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each mouth
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,       K.  ol    P.,
NO.  2li,   REVELSTOKE,  B.   C.
Meets every Wednesday except the
Third Wednesday ot each month iu
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially invited.
J. Y.  SIMPSON, C.  C.
G. H. BROCK, K. ol R. & 8.
M. ol F.
C. W.  0.  W.
Mountain View  Camp,  No.  229
Meets Second   and     Fourth Wednesdays    in each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS,  Con. Com.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District ot  West  Kootenay.
Take notice that Basil R. Reynolds, ot Revelstoke, B. C, occupation clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west corner of Lot 7818,
thence east SO* chains, thence south
C chains to the north east corner
of Lot 7013, thence along line ot
said Lot 40 chains, west 40 chains
south and 20 chains west to line ot
Lot 2112, thence along line ol said
Lot 40 chains and 20 chains west to
the north west corner, thence about
6 chains north to place ol commencement.
Dated March 1st, 1911.
Agent  John Sahw.
SELKIRK     LODGE  12,  1. O. 0.  F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K. G. McRAE, N. G.
JAS. MATHIE,  Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE,   No.  3161.
Meets ln I. O O. F. Hall neit to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday in mouth. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, 0. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rcc.-Sec.
Revelstoke Land District
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that I, Mary Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intends to apply lor permission to purchase tbe lollowing
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. E. Corner of Lot lillO O.I.,
and marked M. S.'s S. E. Corner,
thence north SO chains, thence west
70 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thenco south
10 chains, thenco east *>m chains
to point of commencement, containing 480 acres.
Dated January 9th, 1911,
Per O. P. Smith, Agent.
MR.    R.    T.    WILSON,
STUDIO—Music Store,   McKenzie Avenue.
TERMS—Elementary, under 12 years
ot age, 75 cents per   lesson.     Over
12 years ol ago, $1.00.       Advanced,
$1.25   per   lesson.      Lossons three-
quarters ot an hour, once or twice
weekly, as desired.
Teacher ol Voice, Piano and Organ
Pupils prepared tor Toronto Conservatory ot   Music.      Local examinations.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ot West Kootenay.
Take notice that James Peters, ot
Nutficld,    England, occupation, brick
luyer,   intends   to   apply for permission to purchase thc lollowing      de- I
scribed lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west comer oi lot 8G85,
and marked E.J.P. south east coiner j
post, thence west twenty chaius, I
thence north lorty chains, thence
east twenty chains, thmce south forty chains to point of commencement.
Dated December Slth, l'JIO.
Doc31        Per Fred,  C. Terry, Agent.
Oertiflcate of Improvements.
Glad Hand Mineral Claim, situated
in the Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District. Where located:—At head of Seven MUe Creek
and adjoining the Winslow Mineral
Take Notice that I, O.B.N. Wilkie,
acting as agent for Bruce White, F.
M.C. B29009, William Bennett, F. M.
0. B25221, and Nettie Davcy, F. M.
C. No. B2S561, intend sixty days fr0m
date hereof, to apply to tho Mining
Recorder tor a Certificate of Improvements, for thc purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant ot thc above
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced lHiforc the issuance ot such
Certificate ot Improvements.
Dated Ninth day ot March, 1911.
O. B. N. WILKIE, B.C. L.8.
Trout Lake, B. C.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ot West Kootenay.
Take notice that Corecne Cornish
Kennedy ot Revelstoke, occupation,
married woman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase thc following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted
about 10 chains in a southerly direction from the south weBt corner of
Lot 5414, theoce west 40 chains,
thence south 40 chains thenco east
4U chains to the west shore ot Upper
Arrow Lake, thence north along the
lake shore to point ol commencement
containing about 160 acres.
Dated January 19th, 1911. ...
Per M. Grady, Agent.
Affords superior educational ndvan-
tuguSi Handsome new brick building,
modern equipment, extensivegrounda.
Classes graded in accordance with the
bchoolti throughout this Province,
Complete Music and Art Department'-.
Special courses in Shorthand, Typewriting and Book-keeping* Particular
attention given to refinement ot manners and correct Bngllshi
For Prospectus. Address The Ao demy
John Lee
Manufacturer, of  Ladies'
Ladies Suits Made to Order
Fit Guaranteed
All kinds of Silk, Gingham,
Muslin,  and   Fancy
things kept in stock
Pricua Rtasonabla P. 0. Boi 200
Front St.. Lower Town, Reveletoke
rm_\\T: vv cccvc?rrrerrcrcrecv*^r^
In the Matter ol tbe Estate ol Ernest
R fi. Unyiii n. deceased.
Notice is liereby given tbat all credit-jus and others li.. vinn claims against
Estate of Ernest It. B. Baynes, Ute ol
Mslakwa, B. C,deceased, whn died st
Revelstoke on or about tbe 17th day
of December, lil 10, are required to
sei d to tbe undersigned Solicitors for
D.vid Ij. Baynes and Robert Howson,
Administrators of the Estate of said
deceased, within 60 days fiom dale
full particulars of their olaims, duly
verified, and tbat after tbat date tbe
Baid Administrators will proceed to
distribute tbe said estate amongst
I hoBe entitled thereto regard being had
only to those claims of which said
Administrators shall bave then received nolice.
Dated January 10th. 1911.
H*rvey, MoOarter & I'inkham,
Solicitors for  D.ivid   li,   Baynes
and Robert   Howson,   Administrators   ol   the   Estate   nf   said
deeensed. Jll ROd
In the Matter of tbe Estate of August
Johnson, deceased.
Notice 1b hereby given tbat all creditors and others having claims against
the Estate of August Johnson, late of
lievelstoke, B. G, deeensed, who died
at Revelstoke on or about the Sih dav
ol September, 1910, are required to
send to tbe uudersigned Solicitors for
William B. Robertson, Administrator
ol the Estate of snid deceased, within
110 days (rom date lull particulars of
their claims, duly verifnd, and tbat
•Iter that dale the said Administiator
will proceed to distribute tbe said
estate smougst tin se entitled thereto
regard being bad only lo those claims
nl which said Administrator eball
have then received notice.
Dated January 10th, 1911.
Holititors lor William B. Robertson, Administrator of the Estate
ol the said deceased.        .IlltiOd
lu the Matter of tbe  Estate of John
T. .Lines, deceased.
Notice is hereby given tbat all cred-
iuii> aud others luving claims agaiust
'lie Estate of John T. Jubus,   late   of
Kevelstoke, B 0 , deceased,  who died
at Sicamous on or about tee   llth day
of August, 1910, are ri quired  lo   send
to the undersigned Solicitors for Martha Jane Jones and   Thomas   Kilpatrick, Administratrx and  Administrator of tbc Estate of said deceased, within 60 (Uy. from  date  full  particulars
ol their claims, duly verified, and that
slier that dale tbe   said   Administratrix and Administrator   will   proceed
to distribute the said estate amongst
those entitled   thereto   regard   being
had only to those cla ms of wbicb said
Administratrix    and     Administrator
shall have ther. received notice.
Dated January 10th, 1011.   Jll 60d
Harvey, McCartkr A Pinkham,
Solicitors for Martha Jans Jones
and Thomas Kilpatrick, Administratrix  and   Administrator  of
the Estate of said deceased.
In the Matter of tbe Estate of James
A. Magee, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all creditors and others having claims against
rhe Estate of J•»mes A Magee, late  of
Chase, B. C, deceased,   who  died   st
Revelstoke on or about the   Hth   day
»f November,  1910, are   rrquired  to
send to the undersigned Solicitors  for
Sarah E. Magee, Executrix of the last
will of snid  deceased,   within 60 days
Irom date   lull   particulars   of   their
claims, duly verified,   and  that  after
that date the said Executrix will   proceed   to  distribute   the   said    estnto
amongst those entitled thereto regard
being bad  only   to   those   claims   of
wbioh said Executrix shall  bave then
received notice.
Dated January 10th, 1911.
Harvey, MoCarteh & Pinkham,
Solicitors of   Sarah   E.  Magee,
Exeoutrix of the   Last   Will  of
deceased. Jll 60d
Revelstoke Land Distriot.
District of WeBt Kootenay.
Take notice that William Kennedy,
ol Kevelstoke, B, 0., occuparion, Special Constable, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
tlie south-east corner of Lot 601)9,
thence north 40 chains, tbence west
20 chains to pre-emption No, 262,
tbence north 40 cbains, tbence elst 80
chains, thence routh 65 chains to Lot
No. 3945, thenoe weBt 40 chains, thenoe
south 15 ohaius to Lot No. 1139, tbence
west 20 chains to point oi commencement.
Dated January 7ih, 1911.
Per T. W. lum, Agent.
lievelstoke Land liistru-t.
District ol West Kootsnay.
Take autice that tbe Canadian Vo,«
1'iiie Railway Company intends to
apply tor permission to lease tbe
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
tbe shore line of Upper Arrow Lake;
said post bearing South 41 degreea
West a distance ot 224 feet from tbe
South Kast corner of Block 49 of tbe
registered town site of Nakusp, in
Lot :i'U O. 1 Arrowhead, and district; tbence Westerly along said
tr..ir lino a distance of 3860 leet to
a point; said point bearing South 41
degrees, West a distance of 687 feet
Irom tbe Head blotk of Soutb leg
ol Nakusp Wye; tbence Bouth Into tbe .
Waters of Upper Arrow Lake a dl»-
tance of 8U0 feet, tbence Easterly anil
Parallel to the Shore line of said
lake a distance ol J»50 feet, thence
North a distance of 800 feet to true
point of commencement, containing
70.8. acres more or lessf
Dated February !)tb, 1911.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Per B. W. Batemaa, Local
■Right or Way and Lensc Agent, V«m
couvtx. Ml     llllll  1 1
Get the Boys and Girls to
find the misspelled words in
our   advertisement  on this
page next Wednesday, March
Sth, and win a prize.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. J4ume Sii Co.. limited
Mail    or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Wall Papers for Spring
We are now takeing in stock a
very choice selection of high
grade wall papers, which includes
a fine selection for every roon in
the house. Our papers are all of
the newest colorings and designs.
Having cleared almost entirely
out in the past season, we have
no old stock.
We have a nice line of Japanese
matting and matting squares.
Just the thing for summer use.
Sanitary, looks well and gives
good service for a small outlay.
Floor Oilcloth and
We carry a nice line of the
above goods imported direct from
makers in Scottland, the best
goods procurable. Floor Oilcloth,
Printed Linoleums and Inlaid
Our line of fixtures are well
assorted. Window Shades, regular or made to order. Wood poles,
Brass poles, and fittings, a complete line.
White Waists
Crisp White Waists, always
add a clean attractiveness to the
Good Dresser. Styles for
every woman, whether she loves
lots of fluffy ruffles and fullness
or the loveliness of straight, simple lines
$1.50 to $7,50
Ladies' Raincoats
Women will welcome the double
utility of these Raincoats- they
can be used rain or shine, close
and easy fitting styles in a satisfactory range of slow soiling
shades. Just as ready to protect light evening gown as to
serve as storm or dust coat at any
$10 to $25
Kitchen Dresses
Twentieth century women demand grace in the kitchen. One
great principal of good dressing
is suitability, so the sensible
housekeeper wants dresses of
washable materials. In these
dresses you have a combination of
durability and pretty ness. Some
have Dutch necks and short
Take the Elevator
Children's Contest
Now, children, be good
and pay attention! To
the lucky girl under 12
years we wfll give that
Beauty Doll in window
and to the lucky boy
under 12 years the nice
Sweater Coat who find
the greatest number of
misspelled words in
this advertisement. All
answers to be posted in
a mail box in the dry
goods department, 2nd
floor. The prizes will
be awarded at the children's Reception on
Thursday, March I6th,
at3;30in the evening.
Read next week's advertisement for further
Whatever else
the spring wardrobe may need,
one thing is settled in most
women's minds
— she must have
at least one tailored suit.
No belter combination of correct cut, faultless tailoring,
quality in every
line from the fastidious cluster
of pleating in
the skirt to the
close fitting single breast coat
$15 to $25
Spring Wash Goods
Exhibition of spring wash goods
goods. Thousands of goods of
new, fresh and charming fabric,
the most sunshiny showing ever
attempted in Revelstoke. We
await a chance to show you.
10 Spools Cotton 25c.
Friday Morning Bargains—10
spools of Standard, (200), good
Sewing Cotton for 25c. On Fri-
March 10th, (morning), only—10
spools for 25c.
WOyds. Empire Twill
on Friday 1 Oc. per yd.
See the Bargain in the window
for Friday—100 yards of Empire
Twill and Kimona Cloths—make
Children's Dresses, Wrappers,
Kimonas or even lining for quilts.
They are worth up to 20c-, for
Friday selling 10c. per yard.
Small Boys' Smart Suits
Satisfy the Bay and buy him a
smart suit. Not only satisfy him
but yourself for the line we are
showring for spring will please
any person. Small trig Sailor,
Buster and Russian Suits in the
new greens, browns, tans, and
King's blues. You will appreciate a look at them in the Dry
Goods Department, 2nd Floor
$2.50 to $5
Little Girls' Chic Dresses
Oh the swell little dresses for
the little gurls. Never such a
chic lot to feast your eyes on.
Striped and Spot Percales, etc,
trimmed with solid colors, among
them the new long French waist,
with full pleated skirt
$1.50 to $4.50
Take the Elevator
Jams and Jellies
Wc have quite a number of I
lb. glass jars of Wagstalfe's jams
and jellies left in stock which we
are placing on cheap sale for the
balance of this week. These are
all pure, fresh goods and at the
price we are offering it at is
cheaper than you could put it up
20c. Per Bottle
Canned Goods
No malter what you buy,
quality is thc first consideration.
Price may be an object, but
qualitv comes first. Quaker
brand vegetables and Vineland
brand fruit is a sure guarantee ot
quality; put up in sanitary cans
of 2 dozen to thc case. These
arc all new eastern fruits and
vegerables and our prices are
down below the average.
—and io does every other well-dressed man here. They're the
smartest shoes lhat money can buy—exact reproductions of
expensive metropolitan custom models. They're made in quarter-
»tza, giving you an exact fit. Regal Shoes are the greatest shoe
values in the world—that's why we sell them.
Let us show you the new Spring styles.
Prices $5 and $6
Groceries of Highest Merit
You will find in our Grocery Department the newest
and Choicest Stock in the City. We buy only the best
on the market in carload lots and give customers the
benefit of the freight saved in this way.
Ham and Bacon
Swift's Premium Ham and Bacon,
unexcelled for their mild, delicate flavor
and rich juiciness of the meat. These
are our sellers. If you try them once
you will use no other.
eas an
d Coff,
We have just stocked up in this department and are prepared to handle
heavy trade. These arc articles that
you want good.    We have them.
Our Coffee is specially selected and
ground or pulverized .while you wait.
We carry a'l the teas that are worth a
A fresh shipment of Fruit unloaded
this week. Sizes 126s., 150s., 1 70s and
216s, extra fancy Queen quality brand
Navel Oranges, also Lemons and Bananas. This is the time of year that you
need good juicy oranges and Queen
Quality supplies the demand.
Men s Dress W
For Friday night don't forget that wc carry the
most extensive line of Men's Dress Furnishings in
the city. We are here to meet all demands in this
line and take much pleasure in anticipating your
every wish.
W. G. & R. Full Dress Shirts.
W. G. & R. Dress Collars.
W. G. & R. White Pleated Front Shirts.
W. G. & R. Dress Negligee Shirts, the most
comfortable up-to-date dress shirt on the market today for dress or semi-dress affairs. Soft bosom of
French Pique, effs to match.
White and Black Dress Bows, string or made up.
White Gloves at 75c. and $1 per pair.
Patent Leather Pumps and Oxfords.
Shoe Bargains for Boys
This week we will put on the table about 50 pairs
of Youths' and Boys' Boots to sell at a price that will
make you want them. They consist of box-calf,
chrome, and grain leathers- Some sewed soles, some
standard screwed, and some pegged soles; both bai
and blucher cut. You can't make a mistake in them
as not a pair sold regularly for less than $2 25, and
some as high as $3.50. For the balance of the week
prices will be—Sizes 11 to 13, $1.50; sizes 1 to 5, $1.75
A Stylish
Spring Suit
This cut shows the newest in
spring styles. Note the easy
graceful lines; the entire absence
of fancy trimmings.
Neatness and simplicity are the
feature points of this season's
The above three button sack
suit comes in tweeds, fancy worsteds, and blue and black serges.
Prices $22 to $34
Let us demonstrate to you the
superiority of 20th Century
Clothes. WBDNE8DAY,  MAlK'll s'1'11,  1911.
Fashionable Spring Whitewear
lUbitc Jrteb
Xineri Maists
Pleated and embroidered with pocket
and starched culls. Selling price
$3.50 to $4.50.
flIMsses Masb SDvesses
Ages to, 12, 14 and 16 years.    Smart
designs, good washing materials.
lUbitc Sailor Blouses
Misses sizes, in regulation Middy
steles. Ages from IO to 16 years.
We consider these one of thc prettiest
lines we have in stock for this Spring
for \ ounc ladies.
flew Spring Corsets
Ell Si3es
"W. II." and "D. A." makes. The
best lilting and most durable Corse s
on the market to-day.
Bav\j Serge IDvesses
Several styles and makes lo lit girls
Irom live to to years.
Mew lUasb Suitings
Here wc are again with a complete
assortment o( New Wash Suitings for
Spring and Summer wear. We invite you to call ill and see this line
il you are thinking of buying suitings.
t^onliuued Iron; l'ane 1.)
1.0.O.K. At Home, ol'era house, ou
.March 10th.
Allen Players, Edison theatre, ou
March 13th.
March 17—St. Patrick's Day entertainment under auspices of ladies
oi R. C. church.
April IS—Ladies' Auxiliary to tho li.
ol R. T.   Dance in Opera House.
April 21—Musical entertainment at
St. Peter's church.
We Iiave just received a shipment of White Clover Honev put up in
live Hi. calls, which we will guarantee to be absolutely Pure Horn y,
and as ti is is the season for honey we would advise jou to try thia if
yoa wish to e,ei the genuine artice.
The name "WngstnfTe speaks for itself in regard to quality.    We have
•a lull assortment ol this Pure Jam  including  Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach. Plum, Black Currantaml Apdcot.g
A. HOBSON,        Baker and G ocer.
Easter Sunday is on April llith
this year.
County Court will be held at the j
court house here i.n Wednesday. Ap- j
ril ith, at 10 o'clock.
Next Sunday is the iast Sunday ;
Rev.M.G, Melvin will occupy the pulpit of Si. John's Presbyterian church
Don't forget the tea in March 'ii,
at the home of Mrs. J. P. McLennan.
Culinary, candy and iancy work
tables. 2t.
L08T— Ladies' Cold Watch, between
R. Gordon's residence and lowci
town. Finder will he rewarded 01
returning same to .Mrs. R. Mae
donald, Third street.
Monday's program will be repeated
at the Bdison theatre tonight,
l'athe's Gazette No. 89 and Dr,
t'harcott's trip to the North Pole,
au  two  most Interesting  features.
Edmonton    exhibitions     will     this
year    be    held     as follows:— Spring
..-.   Ipril -'.th and 27th;     Spring
races,  May  24th and  25th;     athletic
Ehow,  Aug . • to  lull,  and  (al
meet,  July  1st;  exhibition and  stock
stock show Dec. 20th.
Quite a large number spurious *
quarters are still .n clreulatioi
throughout the city and it would be
well lor those wh 1 happen to notice
them 1 asaing over their counters.
; r. it :':■ tbi * ilice In 01 *ler that thi
culprit may lie tracked down.
On Sunday afternoon next from
3 15 to 1:45, tho men of Revelstoke
will have an opportunity ..f beartn
Dr. E. a. Hall ol Victoria, B. C,
a noted lecturer on Sexual Hygiene
.n the gymnasium ol the Y.M.C A
\:-,, ;n the • vening Irom 8 30 to 'j ■'*■
be will deliver a lecture to both m 11
:. In the gym, with -stare,
tican   ■•'•■ :-> ■' *  ■■■'■ '■   - ;-';''
uho i!  m ik,   ;*n effort to bt   ; reatm
N.w et od and    bj
nti :*        ■ '■ •   ■'
It yeai ' '
•'...'.*   n.   tbi        ■ ■■'■  <•-'■'     '
trb,   Bod ' ■   ' ■■ "■'■"
•     ' ■ '
■'. th,       iui '
be 1	
B0o Is * partm ■ '
prizes  will  *. '■'      '  '   '
ren'i 1 1 tion  01   Th 1
ISth,   a'   •  .*■    -i   thi   ' ■  r' n-        H"' I
next week'
powerful is he whon seized hy these
tits that it is dillicult to keep him
Under control. It was during one
of these attacks thut Chief Parry
came in contact with thu prisoner,
who, having been given a chair in
liis cell, proceeded to cieate rough
house. An attempt to quiet the
maniac resulted in the Chief getting
a clip over tbe head with a leg of
the chair, which the culprit had
smashed to pieces and also a cut on
the bridge of the nose.
At times thc prisoner talks quite
rationally, although his conversation
is very disconnected, Asked why Ire
did the shooting he replies, "Oh,
they didn't attin.l to me quick en
OU'gh." He is a man of medium
build, apparently middle aged with
dark hair tinged with grey, has
strong aquare shoulders and is pos
aessed of abnormal strength at times
That he had been dickering in real
estate at the coast is evidenced hy a
numlier of receipts among his possessions, and that he had been successful in a number ol these deals i*~
borne out hy thc fact that he ha.i
considerable collateral in his possession.
His maniaical outbreaks pronounce
him a dangerous man to be at large
especially when carrying a revolver,
and a slug shot. The kilter showed
several cartridges that had missed
lire during tin1 scrap an.l which
might providentially dene so in older to avert a tragedy.
With the none-too-efficlint shack
ling appliances at the police station
it is dillicult to secure the prisoner
during his outbreaks, he having al
ready torn a thick leather thong asunder, and it was decided to remove
him to the asylum at New Wcstmins
ster, where he was taken last night,
in company with another man who
had been adjudged of unsound mind.
Should Armstrong recover at any
time he will be brought hack hort
and tried on a charge commensurate
with his actions at the express office.
! Armstrong gives bis home as origin
ally a small town in Quebec.
Business locals
Is one of thc most import'
ant items in your business
will  look after this branch   of
tho business for you.
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kimaid & Andtrson
announcen. 1 '
(.', P.   11 ime .v C
Al Beivs' Drug ! tor* »ou
find   -nan.    *
mes, slso 1, ";'":
collection, wind    ■ mtl 1 ■■'
,,•*..      ..   ..( .1 deli, ate 1 ul  1
ing i'*>i'* 11 ■     -u'h a- will pit *  1
the mosl part
Hulk P    unten
unci     "I
lo :
Bews' Drugstore
Nl XT I If MI'  111.1 " I.
).,   1  —■"—' 1
Moving Pictures tonight.
Scotty  McLean has :.. en ta ...    :
he hospital suffering trom pneumonia
John Masson left  this morning (or
■ ancouver.  where he will   imploj
1 in th..     P.     Burns ,  I
Miss ni. nn.in. miilinei  al    C.      13.
Hume's,  has  returt a Tor, nt.
where  she  ha ttending       tb
aillmory   opening
See (has. M. Fiel I about  -
division  touching  Port   Man:-,.       the
lazetted Pacific terminus
''anadian  Northern   Railway
Constables i'pper K
land aud Sergeant Sturdy accompanied the maniac* R. Armstrong and
• be Imbecile   Vrt h ir 1 N'e«
Westminster on T leads
The cond.r;. n        Mi
it the hospital   is repoi te
much     Improved,     and the  h spital
authorities exi ect him I    b      it and
around in the ,*.
a   K.  Kin   lid '  nday
morning ti ' irtrfa,
fedUng 111 ich   n ■ as a
I He de cribt as a
■*.'.. .    :
transai ted  *       Werable   * *    11 ot
In latei   *•-
1    Ti.wai 1* th    end ol  the
Edison    'h.i,';      uiil have
nai kabl.\   reali tli   pii
tures .if Uncle   I
graph Co     1  '■   *   '. *.    ...
.... *      cun       *   ■• plot
art claimed to he m ch  mpei ...1
to its ■■■       cen      *. ■  thej
*>     oul 1	
'   Word     rearhe.I here op     Saturdaj
*:     death  ol  Ml -laek-e.'i
*,,,... .*, Royall   D    M nne
ta       n     ie     itei    "■ ■    fackson,
'milliner  at   Held   &   Young'*,   at   the
time   i.i   attending tb   mlllln iry opal   the     ** il   .... 1  was      *.*;
mediately notified fit the sad   eve#l
by h,.r fi .    1      VI Cl nn;•,      with
the result that Miss Jackson Immediately etait.i lol   Royalton, leav
ing  Seattle  M lay.        Mr,       Jack
son's borne wn In Calais, Maltto,
1, ;i bis .I1"'! ii . i-eiii ie 1 ai 1 ne home
ul his brotbci with whom be was
visiting at thc time li. death was
nnl wholly unexpected a be had been
Ul hv svmc time.
v m.  Redfern left   Saturda    for I
ild man.-' home at  Kamloops.
All  lots in  Revelstoke,   Vancouver,
Victoria and New Westminster cities,
i.a 1   m   Port   Mann   sub-division,    for
sale by Ohas.  M.  Field,      have    been
n    icted    y him.      t.c.
Mi    Th  *
-  • ■
.'   irsda
Gold Productioc of Canada Exceeds Ten Million Dollars
B10 ti I c
.      . ,1 from
7  to    ll,1   I
katch  * .
Alberta Irom  19,047,047 to
lirm ih Columbia In *
1   the      Vnki n
1,932,678 1,98
Allen Players Here Monday
The Allen Players, who are so well
nnb favorably known from their
former visits to this city, will be
here Monday next in a repertoire of
plays at the Edison theatre. Thc
company has lost none of their old
] charm as is evidenced from tb.' fol -
lowing report from the Nelson News, where they are at present
playing to big houses:—
"Miss Vcrna Felton and the Allen
Players opened a week's engagemtn,
at the opera house last evening to a
crowded, fashionable and greatly
pleased audience, with "Merely Mary
Ann.'' a charming comedy-drama admirably presented.
"Miss Felton and the company arc*
all well and most favorably Kno'.vn
to Nelson theatre-goers, and last ev-
tn'ng the talented anl artistic lead
n.- lady demonstrated most delight-
filly that .-h * has lost none of her
power to please and attract the Nel-
Bon public.
"   Merely   Mary  Ann'  has just    en-
ough pl I   :.   '  to maintain the     in-
. I the audience throughout the
lour aet.-.  Is I 11 ct humor anl gives
plenty .*f bcopi  ior Miss Felton's I'.n-
cting  .a  the  character  of    an
y,"    who  becomes an
.in*- her heart ol gold,
thi Is captured    by   the
The plav  is full of hu-
'id was produced   .ast
.   regard to     ietails
,1   tm'   Alien     players.
a them.
OCCH ' ..11 I,   H.   Irv*
udmlrably     supported
M ss Ft ■ I   Mrs.   ' ilara    Allen.
and   Miss   1 Ireen      all
theii most acceptably."
California onions n iw in at Mclutyre's.
.See Coursier for prices for eleetr e
house cleaning. 'it.
Stock nn.l poultry foods nt Macdonald's drug store.
Two car loads bard coal just arrived.*— Revelstoke General Agencies.
Water and oil color paints at Mac
doiiald's drug store.
Turnips, good turnips, only 3 cents
per pound at Mclutyre's.
Prescriptions Idled carefully with
the purest of drugs at Macdonald's
drug store.
Quick, effective, convenient house
cleaning done hy Coursier's Vacuum
t'leaner. M.4 2t.
17th id March and April Fool
post cards uow on sale at Macdonald's drug store.
Montreal,   March   6.— A patient at
he hotel Dieu owes her life today to
one of thnt institution's physician's
nerve and self sacrifice. The wo -
man was dying from lack ot blood,
and her brother and nephew hnd
promised to submit to an operation
lor the transfusion of their blood
hut failed to appear; whereupon Dr.
• diaries St. Pierre, who was standing
nearby, volunteered. Thj operation
was successful, a pint of blood being
exchanged, The physician is going
about his duties a little weakened,
.ind the patient is safe.
When the soap is on the stairway and
the carpet's mi the line,
Then   I  do  not mope and long      for
any   Home   Sweet   Home   of  Mill';
'\ir I know the hooks arc corded    in
the cellar hy  the coal,
And the pictures nre reposing hy  the
punch and salad  howl,
ind the mops and rags end dusters
in confusion  Intertwine,
When  the  soap      is  on   the  stairway
and tha carpet's on the line.
Phe  piano's  in   the  kitchen    and   tbe
feather  beds  are  hung
'n the fence above the Mowers where
the bric-a-brac  was Hung;
There's    a    heap on the    verandah-
crockery  and  jardinieres—
And a sound of mighty whacking    in
tbe backyard strikes my cars;
So I slope away directly,   for   some
other spot I pine
When the soap  is on   thc     stairway
and the carpet's on the line.
They  would  feed  me on cold vituals,
1 would sleep upon a cot,
They might even say "get busy!" —
make me help them like as not;
So I hover at a distance till I    see
them gather  in,
\11 the furniture ami  bedding,      and
complacently I grin
That a fellow's mighty  lucky    if    he
knows the mystic syne
■A'hrn the    soap is in thc   stairway,
and the carpet's on tbe Una.
Oppoeitlon Will Put Up a Fight
• Against Reciprocity Measure
.!     i1    .        Boi
I h ■>■
■   mi 1 ■
Don't   disarrange   your   house   ilo.n -
rl  h*.   .        ...        Oouri
ler's    Vacuum Cleanet  tnl ■    up    the
lust   * iih*,ui   nn onvenlem e to
y.,.1 mi* 1 a,,I  lake up cm p 1      nnl
tnov 1   V..111   Iui ml ure   Lo       houso
clean   il   von  engage  OOUI   let '■'   VaCtl
nm Cltanor. M.i -t.
p TO     1
i     II.,n
.   a   ma
1 ,, call  on th
hei   to re , it.   to   , : u *
I *!;.,..   I I
1 inmi 111,   ..* ,    1, •   him   to   ta.:*
action  be  n:.,;-  d»H!ro.
C.P/. Timetable
No.  1,  arrives     6:45  a.m.,  departs
7:05 a.m.
No.  97,  arrives  6:55  p.m.,  departs,
7:15 p.m.
No. 2, arrives 12:30 midnight,     do-
arts .12:45 midnight.
No.  96,  arriveB 8:45 a.m.,  dcpartB,
9:05 a. m.
South train leaves Revelatoke at 9
a. m., arrives Uevelstoke 5:25 p.m.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Moving Pictures tonight.
AT   GOLDEN,    II.  ('.,  POR THE
Sealed  Tenders are  invited  for  thc
.11*1*1,..a of Six Chalets ol Swiss do-
.i'i.   at   the  C.   P.   It.   Swiss   Village,
"Edelweiss"  nenr (lold.n, ll. C.
Plans and  Specifications may      be
■ italned on application to the under
1.'ii.' I       All  applications must       be
accompanied ny » certified cheque tor
$10.(10,   which   will   he  returned  on  the
ecelpt  ..I  bona fide tender and    the
: et .. 11    .1   the  plans an.l speeilicnt ions
Tender      are to bo delivered     n .t
at.1   than 'I a.in   on  Saturday,  April
Ii ei ''I to
1   .    DENNIS,
Manager,     Irrigation,     Alberta
an 1 11. C, Lands, Canadian Pn
Railway Company, Calgary
Ubei in
Tbe lowest or any tendei not neoea-
We Will Be Ready
to sec you, although It will take a
week to get properly settled, and
our showing of
Spring Goods
opened, marked and displayed. Wc
will have thc best .showing we have
ever made and lhe nicest place in
town to display them. The iist is
large and thc variety larger. Wc
were completely sold out of all our
Spring Goods, so our showing will
be entirely of this season's eolers
and  materials.
Wc will open our Dressmaking
Department the latter part of next
week in charge ol Miss 1$. Grant,
of Calgary, Alta., who comes highly
recommended. Wc will bave an
elegant line of the newest SPRING
DRESS GOODS and we invite
your inspection.
How About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Retorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
1  .11 ••■ nmn ml of woi"   d     nmii
1 .,* 1     '. I. 1 nm iier'e    I'lei-ti n
When       Want mil >lc  Imol        01
mn "nr ..1 piece of iiHini'. Try Mnr
... imi.r 1 ili .I,* tore, if nol in «t.n'k
tli y "ill gel   il   for you.
ROOM  TO  RBNT    Largfl,   warm    and
comfortabl * room to n m to gentle
1    n  ffftet     March      15th,        Every
mo lei n    1 on..:, 11 uated on
'Ihud      ..Inii.     s.uh  ol  McKen'.ie
avenue,      Apply    at.   Mall Herald
Ofl  2t.
1    Di.... n      pan   1 PupP),  white
1 ..' h.i ■   i  Ol .   white  I ip .,n  tall,
..   vers ta name .,f "Utietei," Any
ii** liai I...1 in,: tin 1 dog after to'lay
will be punlHhed hy law.—Clifl Ur-
eiduirt, II. J. Dewa.
y ' '— ■   ■ ■ ■—■— -■-'-■ - ■**■*—"•'     ■■   •   - -       ■-   ■ .g>
Suits of Style and Quality
Now our Spring stocks aro in the full bloom
of freshness and beauty. Come in and see
them. The success of this Store is duo to thc
fact that every suit and overcoat bought here
has stood the test of service. In the lirst
place the making is of the best. Our tailors
are tho sort that will not. wink at careless
workmanship. Designing is done hy the
cleveresl tailors in the business. WE CAN
# I "  TO  *:{5
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Style Shop for Men and Boys Who Know
WANTED—We  pay highest |>ricon for   WANTED—Chumhcrmaid.       Apply to
Furniture,  Stoves,  hIho men's cast ,    Hotel Revelstoke.
oil clothing,     The  KevclHtoke Ute-  „„, ,
o„d Hand st..,,.        P22 lm. '" '    hAJ'1"-'' m'r Typewriter, via-
i    ible.     First clnns condition, W0.00,
BOARD AMD ROOM—In private fam-      Apply nt Mail-Herald Office,  'it.
Ily at reasonnble price.     Apply at,
j    Mail-Herald Office. I    Moving Pictures tonight.


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