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The Mail Herald Feb 16, 1910

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Array The ^ail-Herald
\K      6-No. 12
S2.5C Pe.   /hht
An Accident Policy
We have been requested by
the Perfecto Diamond Point Fountain Pen Company to offer with
each pen sold at $2.EO, the above
policy with all premiums and registration fees prepaid.
This is an absolutely guaranteed Pen, has 14k. gold point and
if not satisfactory can be returned.
The Imperial Guarantee and
Accident Insurance Company, of
Toronto who issue this policy, have
a Government deposit of $1CO,CGO
Lawrence Hardware Co.
I IMI I El).
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
At At, An
-  -,_3
Maundrell Meat Market
We are here to stay.     Phone 251
Were //ot
Idly—We're just assur-
.intf Uie public that our
present stock of meats
and iiot ltry is the best
we ever offered.
The poultry is dry
p'ckcd, young and tender.
The meats are the very
choici st—everj portion is
cut from younfr stock.    Leave us an order and you will
come again.
Fresh   Halibut,   Salmon,   Finnan    Hsc'die,   Kippers.
Herring, Cod. Smelts, W'hitelish. Bloaters. Smoked Salmon.
Jake {four
and you will find plenty
of good smoked meats to
choose from. Our hams
and bacon are noted for
their flavor.
Premium,   Star.    Pre-
mier, Griffins.
Sausages and Cooked Meats a Specialty.
Maundrell  Meat  Market
We are here to stay.   Phone 251
Regular Monthly Meeting-General Business Transacted
The rt'iruliir moetlug ol Lhe Uospitu
Board  was  li.-lil  on   Monday   night.   Ill
lliu  ulisi'iue  oi   the pro.iiili'lit,   It,  Uul
lion was voted  to llm chair,
I'min V. II. Ilolliur, complaining
(hat llir amputation of an ami whiuli
hu Innl to uncloi'go in the Itevelstoke
hospital soinr time- ago Innl not hoal-
i'il proptM'ly, anil tlnit nnoiluM' oporn
tion luul hi'rn iiivi'ssary. This wus
ilono ami still the ncrvi's of the n m
were always painful. IU1 claimed lin
should not rightly pay tho aooounl in.
the operation should have b«on done
properly in the lirst iustauce.
Dr. Sutherland explained lhc mattm',
Blating that in doing what the doctors il'nl at the offset they had Baved
the man's life. Mr. Solbur lwul just
und proper treatment, and in savin..
the shoulder joint he had been very
The chairman pointed qui the bo»
jiiial was not an accident insuran >
eompany and did not think the board
were responsible. .Messrs Coble and
Urquhart agreed with this saying the
doctors were not to blume in any
i The secretary was instructed to
write to Mr. Bolbur that the boar,!
were not responsible.
lliir Bend Lumber Co., enclosing note
for (800 to the hospital.
tiuei'ii Victoria hospital at Vernon .
requesting details of contracts for
patients ns used by the Itevelstoke
hospital. The secretary was Lnstru i-
ed to furnish information required.
F. McCarty reported on behalf of the
visiting committee, stating that everything at the hospital was satisfactory
The visiting committee for February
are J. M. tlolile and 11. II. Urquhart.
Tho secretary told the board that
the heating plant in the new wi:i_'
would be ready for use on Thursduy.
I The board decided not io mi ou with
the Ulterior plastering uniii the early
sprinir. especially as it would menu
oponing up the end of the old building
to make the connection with the new.
The matter of sewage tank wus left
with (j. S. MeCarter.
I Mr. MeCarter, who is taking up the
question of purchasing a lot to move
the old building on to when the time
conies, said he had tried for several
but the owners would not sell. How -
ever, the lot owned by .1. .1. Devine
would be best uud -Mr. Devine had
promised the hospital tho lirst refusal.
.Mr. McCartOt staled he I,ad bought
two carloads of ice al Banff for the
hospital at 83.26 a ton lauded in Itevelstoke.
'    The      secretary      rend   tlie  accounts
showing  a  total expenditure for     the
month  for  Itevelstoke, §l,3lS.ti
Arrowhead $435.45,  wiih  a oasl
alice in hand of over 85,377,
The meeting then  adjourned.
Special Meeting to Consider the
Power Plant
Scotcii Concert
A large audience filled tho .Wu- Hdi-
son Theatre last night to lieu- Guvii
SpencO .ind,Mi-- Nannie Sli'ai l,.'in. t he
eminent Scotch pntortainors. The concert was put on nnil. r the auspices of
Cold Rauge I nlgo S i. -'ii. Knights of
Tiie programme iva* a varied und
interesting one. Mr. Spen i n -nicer and i 'median worthy nl note, and
grontl) pleased hi . nlien ■• with a
sei e - of humi iron j ■ ei ml i "iui,'
Mi--      Sua. ii hi      iln'    , uiil
w iih a full    opi ",.,,    mi    In i  numbers
sweetly,  her soft  nolcti beiiiy partiuu
lurly  ti io  ■•!  ' < lour,
Vi. Strachan as an nvpononl of lhe
flute ami pici oh, i - ;; pn i master, his
music being porfocl and fonniu ono
of il.c best parts of il,   pi.,_ i nmme,
Om   drawback   to  li foiling      Was
the  fa.i   thai   llic   holl-c   wa-   nol     lllli-
clontly warm for - omforl and ii appears the furnneo wn ■ nol looki d nl -
ler very properly, otherwise such a
thing would nol  have occurred        We
have  interviewed  ih nlraglimenl   and
learn thai had llic lire I n looki d after there WOllld novel' have been any
complaint, and in tuturo tlio public
will be assured of plenty of heat on
even lhe coldest nit h
1'iisi  class programme tonigh
he -New Edison,
Special mooting lasl nighl lo con*
sillor power plant. I're-ent: The Mayor, Aid Hew-, McCarty, Trlmblo, Ah
ruhuiii-on. Cowan, MeKinnon. Mosses
Smith ami HalTnor, of ihe engineering
linn of Smith, Konry & Chaoe, wen
also in attendance,
llir. niNI ItACT,
Aid. Cowuu, as chuirman of the lire,
water and lighl committee, reported
the contract  wiih ihe engineers     had
not been signed. As there were some
points lie did nm agree with he look
the mat ler up with the late cluiinnan
oi ihe 1-ni- Water and Light Commit'
ice, wiio assured him the agreement
submitted was iu accordance with the
arrangement made with lhe late council, so liiul lhe lirst thing lo be done
was io ratify liie arrangement anil
executo the contract.
i In reply lo Mr. Smith, Aid. Cowan
said the lights in the town were rather  poor  in  some  place-  and      tin   c
appeared io lie a loss iu transmission
us they were all right al the power
I lu reply lo lhe Mayor. Aid. Cowan
considered the engineers should provide mr inspection of the work on
the high commission the cily was paying them.
Air. Smith said their Air. Foreman
could inspect work in day lime but
ihey would require to put on a man
al  night.
Aid. Cowan moved, Aid. Trimble
seconded, Thut the contract with
Smith. Keary & Chace be accepted on
behalf of the "City.—Carried,
Aid. Cowan said (he contractor's
bonds tor sin.linn had nol been completed and they would like lo know
whether ihey would be. Mr. Newman
had pul up a cheque for §3,01)0.
Mr. llahaer was surprised to learn
ihe bond had "ot been completed. Mr
Briggs, however, had lhe mailer in
hand.lie udvised the Council should
rcquiro ihi- bond completed before Mr.
Newman was paid any money ou ae -
count oi his contract.
In reply lo Aid. AlcKiuiion the Cily
Clerk said lhe cily held the contractor's cheque foi 83,000,
Aid. MeKinnon; The cheque has
nothing to do with ihe bond?
.Mr. Smith: -No, its merely a guarantee of good faith and hus nothing
to do with ihe bond,
A letter was read from the engineers
st.itiic.' thej had called tender- ior the
pipe line, leu a- the lenders were Lot
satisfactory they considered they
could do belter by purchasing the
material and having il erected here.
The engineers recommended nccep -
lance of      lhe tenders of  the Canadian
Drawn   Steel  Co..  of   llaniill        for
iron works at I.n." per hundred, and
ihut ol the Hastings Mill, Vancouver,
ior lumber al "'22 per thousuud,     for
the   pipe   line.
: Aid. Cowan considered thej could
not do better than buy lho material
us outlined by Smith Kenry & Cluice,
and Id a contract for orei tion'. lie
moled  accordingly.
Aid.    I'..','.-    -ei on,led        I   allied.
Mr.     Smith said  they   had      I, t  lei
from siv line- for supplying  the     tin
bines, and of those they rei ommundod
 .iderntion oi   thai ot v. in, llumilton
Muniifacl n ing * ".. and Joni ki \\ i
chin,   i      i " J he)   preferred    the
macliim ry mu lo bj   Ihi   •'■ i ■ ku   I 'mn
pany,    lllOUgll   li    il I    WU $100
moi,,  than  il il   il tin   Hamilton noo
pie,    and    I I! imi lllll d    tholl     I'lioel     be
Mi.  Smith    lated  u   European   Arm
hud writtei mpluiniag  the)   liud nol
nu opportunity ul tend 'ring, but lhe
engineers con ideri d  thi)  would     not
huie  i     m     ., I.uicm    from
Europe, though the' Iiiiii mpplic i
belter- machinery,
Aid. I ',.v, uu uid ll v ii no •• much
a mal tor of 1,101 y as 0ITI1 ienoy, Thu)
Wanted io got the busi material II.
asked when lhe dam would he road)
Aid.    Cow (111    IUO\ I'd.     I leil    no    tender
be accepted,  aud fresh  tenders called
This  wu     to  givo       the   1 .illopr.ill    lil'ln
u  chance  to  lender.
,     Mr.  Smith  -aid  i.i   would In   i.i I    il
I throe months,
1    Aid.      MrCarh    did  nol   hi llnvi      ll
at sending io Europe for machinery,
in event  of a break down they     could
bal -
Come and try a cup of Ridgways
Delicious Tea or Coffee. Mrs. Healer
kept busy demonstrating all the time
Bourne Bro
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,0Uu
Arrangement have recently been completed under which  the bmio-tas
of this Bank ore able to issue Diafts on I lie piincipdl point*
In the following countries:
Faroe Islands
la pan
Fr'ch Cochin-
South Africa
Straits bet Ue
Great Britain
REVELSfisrL.     kjfif^.
I'hillipine Islands    West Indie* m
Koutnama and ■ l.tcwh*?*
Your Insurau
Is  one of  the   most   important   n-
in your business
let Kootenay Agencies. Ltd.
Look after this branch ol" your  buMiu as
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offico-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
$10,non 000.00
I.i 111i'ii.-.   i A,'i"its at all principal point. In r*anaria,
A.genta in Qreat Britain   >mi Unitni Run London, England
Lloyd. li.mk. l.'.n.iii'il.    Cbii   ■•■     l'i-'   N '.,■■'.    i.
Cl   in ;•■ N'.ltiuli il H.i: k.     >m,'I|"     Sf-I   I     '■ '    U.l'k,    H   i            n
ii, .     Weill  Imh.,    •'              S_tio__l Kink. ,"-|  i.hi.i'    Kfului   it.-
National H ink.
Savings Bank Department
Ilepoiiti   <t $1 nml urn..ni.
cum at rati  fi   n
■ i luJ.
Ravolstoke Branch—A. B. McClonc^iian, Mgr.
d ioi   uul ia     In..
bi   ■ .. i        •  lh
hi     i.      i,., , 'i ,
l    Mr, Smith   mi I nil ll linioi
..  .■
nor,   H would mom        ;■ ■' H ■ ■  '        ■ ,   '.  Lba
moi il---     in
■ ■•'•. I 'I . .  ild i
I'roi    R hi i        ill
I    VM, 'l'i imbli
i <>v :ni and
Md,  Mi Ivlnoon a ked  whi tin i
,,    , lD| er of tl       Di
llli'il   |n ii OS  Iln .11 -
\li    Smith wai *ik
letter prici
Mil. CiM.in did nol  b
lei       i ■ i •■   . ■ t.
talk    lo 'li"    i . I'. II   about powi i       M
Thoy i i nm  talk to Ihem till
l i
M i
.; .
/ Page 2
11 i •«: Al a IL-11K !< a ii»i      v __L8T OKE, B. C.
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 10th, 191ft
Much disappointment is felt thai tho
Canadian Northern Uailway liill has
not yet been pronentod. li is stated
the reason is that tho terms promised
at tlif eleotions are not complied with,
and that Hon. Carter-Cotton will ro -
sign in consequence In viow ol Ins
pledge to ilif olottora of lilehmond,
Mr. ltr.wthornthwi.Up, f»>i ll'<'
lirst time in lhe bislorj ol Uritish
Columbia politics, siifr^OKtud Llmt lhe
house was justilled in refuslirg supply
i<» Hi-; MajoHty until uvh lime ns it
liud been made (icipminted with lhu
|nvii'.' ilci,nl i»I ilif railway contract
n< yot  not  • ubmil led in  implementing
lo(,islal  bused nn  iho irenerullj   nn
tlii  lood agreements.
\  \|-.\\  POUTKOI 10.
A- n roHtilt of the -uu* .4 import
ant conventions held tunt week al lhe
pru\ in- i.d capital nnd eacli ol w Inch
it* relulod more or less direclly to lho
Agricultural industry, tho (lovernmont
will he n i\cl t(» give earl) considern
tion lo lhe rrrntion ol u new cabinet
portfolio n minister i<> be exclusively
in enartet! of ';" Department of Agriculture.
SCMI     \Ml'.M)Mi:\T.
The School Acl Amendment provides
for lho adopti if tho very btwl  and
most modern methods for the prvvon •
lion of -Usease union.; the pupils and
(he discover)   and correction of hundi*
(■:t|i|i.; ,:    p    \    i< .il        (Jofocttt,   rili'iilir.'l.i' •
r . ii    if a higher standard und   moro
i Innl   suppl>   of com|>etent   teach -
erw;    extension of     junipr high school
\vo\ k lo the rural district*;  the development   of  practical   niirhl   schools    in
i: ion centres, \\ hich  later un
ide     n     technical  ns well as
in    .i       im '■ i|  i ducal ii nt;  it  trenernl
nnd  pro  it   Jive  plnn  h>r  Ihu  inci*ea«e
of  i ■ ii Iters'     snlai ies; assistaiu'e     for
r tudent      i ■ " ici'f  to promote     larger
nuei    m o  ni   ' he   provim ial   normal;
w. -i-'i.i    e     in     the establishment     of
mi idjuncts and     school
I.- 1 I I ' n   I \\ VT10\.
li   ■      ■. ■.   ISiiw er*s   tnxution   nedui' -
clips .i no less sum ihmi SiVv
IkMi .. >m  the tin contributions <>f lhc
i" ii.     i.i\.ii ictt   the lowest
lhal i .i  l)i en in the history of
i , ,i t't'i w ii i*e. The
red m* making up the iota! of
si.'.,i.t'-- ' hi. basetl "ii lawl year's re-
tro made up of >'Vi.nno qu
i a . ..'V 1(1 on income; $15,000 on
|wi ... . i; : und JC»,0tHI hm igli the
■ i    nt of il.e evi mption M\ furin
I lUd    !:■ m  $500 to >'l.	
\ essinent Vet went through
ommitlee stage. The At
Lome) ■» le ieral refei iin_.r to lho amend-
ment submitted bj Haw Ihornlhwnite,
exempting ad incomes under &J,01HI
!"■'     ■ ■. from    taxation,  said     it
| I    .   vei ■    lu    •   class      of
I- ■ | ■       mi   taxation  entire!;,.      with
km of tiie poll     t.i\.       The
nn     .ii.."
such   ii •   the  well-to-do antl
freelj in tint -
'    .  X .    I I :    v.   .
•   worst  kind,      I■"*.
111 owed   on  sl.Msi      ii
'   - pt
;,. ,,.,jT,  .'..,1
.       I
od reasons why
■ lie a mend im
i modified
tl     |    .
I iitu
il     lu>
ind  hi
■ i,.
the tn      inliniti
■■ ■   nnl>   Pur
koi   V  ■     ■    ,   !l ia thornthwftito      and
it! \ ii\'<; THE Pi BLIC
Ml I 1   )    - i :   i
\< l.    Dtftlisg  with
prim Ived proi idin - that i ■- r
the i rown
I ■   i ■ the ImJI v .
the wrong direction. Uuuer lite liill
the  position  of      a  BUbjeci   ... JUgfully
brought mto court, and pui io great
oxponso, with tho court prevented b\
the Bill now before them moating that
oxponso, was not an envinulc one.
Many instances of abuse might occur
under the present system, lint the
Courts themselves were not perfect.
The modern tendency was tn c.piulily,
and the courts should have tllO say as
t(» costs, Tlie Bill would make lh_
subject helplesN before the Crown.
Sue 11 legislation was unuouossury.
I he second  reading   passed      on    the
usual party  vote,
.11 \ lAII.K COUttTS.
Of the public hills now before     lhe
house   and   inn   already   dealt    \\ [th tho
most interesting is perhaps thai briny
ing  into     force uniformly  throughout
British Columbin of the Dominion legislation      pn>* iding  foi   lhe establi li
ment  of juvenile courts,
The  hill  provider   that   upon  nm
niue of any municipality   thai  i ••<
cidcntal expenses will be mel  and re
ipii red  provisions lie made, a  >l uvenile
Court      \\ ill      be established   for  sue'u
municipality.        The     idea     of  theso
courts i-  thut      they shall be entirely
separate     and distinct    from  criminal
courts, presided over by special judges
who      inii-t   be men  of good   temperament,  wise  in  their  special  knowledge
nf  humanity   such      men  a-  -hall    he
able   lo       discuss   boys'   problems   from
tho boy*s standpoint. In connection
with these courts there must be tie
lent ion homes, wherein youthful offenders will lie detained pending trial, il
being imperative that the hoy shall
al no time bo brought in contnet with
hardened criminality.
Provision \< also made for a probation ollicor in connection \\ iih eaeli
court, whose qualifications must approximate I hose »if lhe judge. The
of lice r will -ee the buy and talk wiih
him before he is brought up lor trial.
\o case run he brought before lhe
t-ourl unless lhe probation ollicor and
the parents lirst arc notified, The probation olliccr talks with the boy,
studies hi- peculiar temperament, investigates Ids environments, note- the
i-ircnmstuiiees under which he has been
leii into . i ior. mid i- thus iu a posi -
lion lo advise tho judge as be i^ re •
tpiircd :•• do; it i-. ia iht rare of the
proh it ion ollicor thai the buy i- al -
[eiwnrdh committed, for in no lirst »>f-
arc bo\ - to bo sent to ihe industrial -i hool, Fioiii time io time
uflerwurds he will bring tne boy back
to the judge, so that the progress of
In reformation might ba noted, and
if it is sullicientl) u I tea ted, the ><■>
in i\  be -il-' Imrged nl anj  time,
Onl)   ni   ih.- hoy p.o\in_ hojieless-
l\   incorrigible  under  probation      rnaj
he  '"■    • ■ i   lo I In'  iaiiii-t rial  home,   In
i»n   to  the judge  and   the  prolia-
i  I iw  pro\ ide
mil tic-  in eai h citj   ha-. ir_
oui      thi      one    composed   ■:'   Roman
1 e ol hei  ot  I'.'ot...
who will -it  wjih  tlie jU'L"   ind    informal!)   invpstip ■        Ino
li. P. R. Extensions
Ihi nuulii .)[ llioin in whou  thoro it ovi?
ili'iii'i' availaplo nl buqIi oporationa, to
pick up    the biggest    and wealthiest Montreal,     l^eb,    12.—Arrangements
mon nf the bunnh     and    put them i» liuvo beeu made by Mr. William Whyto
gaol tn herd with common oriminala. seoond-vlco president "I th<> ('.  P. H.,
Il,lian boon the boiiNt of Uritish    jus-   at Winnipeg, for tho i ling sonson's
tioe thai rii'li and poor aro alike     In construction programme  In   the wml.
il yos ni' the luw.   Lei  tho Oovorn- Thjs in pretty extonslvo and includes
nii'iii ol Canada show that it shall be some (llll miles, divided botwoen Sas-
so in this miiiiiry und whotlior ii bo katohownn, Albortn and Uritish Ool-
Morgan, or llookofollor, or Swift, or umbiii and Manitoba. Mui'h nf this
any of ihoir otnissnrioti, lot thu world work is in lho nature of oolonixation
see ilml while iJioso iImiil's may bo linos to upon up m'» (flrritory, and
doiio »iih Impunity In il"' United connoi'lutg lines botwoon already ox-
Slates, thoy innniit DO ihini' with im- Isling linos,
P it.ii>  iu Cnnadn. The piiigrnmmo, as sini.nl    by   Mij.
The Diiniinoii (jovornmnnl  has Inkon Whylo,     Ini'ludes   somo IMH milos     iu
ii Btop ihis si'ssinu nl pnrllainonl     in Sniknli'howiin,     iti mlloH In  Albarta,
wards faullilnling siu'h prosmmtions by ITI milos In Uritish Columbia, and   ■ri(i
n bill     iiiiiMiliii'i'il by   Hon.  MoKen/.iu ...ill's in  Miinitiibii.     The latter   being
Kintr. Miiiisirr ni Labor.   Under    this doublo Iracking.
lull any si\ porsons who boliuvo   Ihoj 1'ollnwlng are     lho details of     the
aro    being     imposed upon by a law- work n~ i_ri\in by Mr. Whyte:
breaking  combination  maj   appeal   in i   Complete tho lino (nun  llogina     by
n judge nf the High Court tor an or- n  IB-milu cul off (rom Cravon l<i Bui-
mr : i grant un investigation.       Tho yea, giving  liogina direct  uommuuioa-
|udgo will assure himself that u prima tion with Northern Saskatchewan,
facio ruse exists,   If sutislied  thai     a]    \ lii"' from Craven on the west Bide
combine exists which i- dcirimentnl to of Lost    Mountain Lake, northwestern
tho consumers llic jml^.' shull older an lo Coliiisuy, on  the line botween Win-
inveBtigation.     The gnvvrnment  bears nipog nnd    Saskatchewan.      Iln miles
the expense of the inquiry. oponine, up new  fnnning territory,
In     case the    board       Unci       thai j   A lii;.' bridge over the South     Sas ■
prices have been unduly enhanced     or katchewan at Outlook and from  . that,
competition     unfairly     restricted bu - point north lo Macklin, on the     Sos-
I'.-nise of ii dulj  lieinu'   impoHiid on (lie |katchewun-Wetnskiwin line
importation of articles of a kind made
or handled by them, lhc Governor
General in Council is uiven power (o
reduce such duly or lo uhnlisli ii al -
togcthor. Anothor clause provides thai
if the hnl.ler ul a patenl uses ihis in
improperly  boost  lho price of ii  or to
A line from a poinl -ll miles west,
of W'cyliurn, where the present line
en,Is 'J-'i miles furl her. This is a colonization line and will be ultimately
extended to make n through lino botween Wcyburn mnl Lethbrldgo.
On tho   tinnier colonization  line, the
retard  the manufacture and  sale     of |road  will bo continued from Tilst
ii, i lie patent may In* ciini oiled.
There is u further poniillj clause
that if the guilty parlies or corporations persist in Ihe coiulucl which has
been reported against, ihei shall bo
guilty of an  indictable oli'ence ami  li-
.ilil.- in n  penally nol  exceeding 81,	
and eiisls for each day   ihey  offend.
While some of \he provisions are
good, lho trouble with lho bill is thai
ii is in,i mild. Offenders should be
liable io prosecution criminally forthwith, and should have no more slilTei-
,-inic to repeal lhe i.-ffeiiie than any
other criminal has.
in course Ihere are cases when-   ih.'
abolii i     tin- dtit)    mighl  have
more far-reaching ellccl than a criminal prosecution, for ii i- easy for these
combines     to Iinil     n  fai lotum whom
L'I  miles west.
From Regiitn n line will bo buili
siuiiliii.'isi iii Caven m tho cul off botween Weyburn und Stoughton, Til
milos, in Saskatchewan.
In Albortn the programme includes a
line running north from Lnngdon,
which already extends 11*' miles to Kir-
I'icunn in the irrigation country. This
will be extended 15 miles easterly to
give further facilities to settlers in the
irrigation bioek and will eventually be
tarried north (o connect at Red Door
with tlio Culgary ami Edmonton line.
Anodier line will In- buill mi the
Kipp extension wesl of ihe Belly river
viaduct whirh now slops ill Carman-
gay on the Little Uow River. This will
lie extended northerly 30 miles.
In British Columbia in tho Columbia
ihey ,-an pul up. .-uul win. shall bear'nnd Kootenay valleys a line will start
ihe punishment while the men from near I'lko on the Crows Nest
responsible eel off scot-free, Vie Imp.' Boss, line up lo I'ort Steele, lo meet
ihe member inr kootenay, Mr, Good- the line already started southward
eve, and tin- member for Yale, Mr. from Goldon making a connection be-
Burrill will       lo ii   thai  ihi-     liill |tween ihe two main lines, a total die-
does mii  pass without  an effort  to remove  il vcmpliou  iioiii  immediate
Mil     |>rii-i-mi,hi   .uul   punisbment
ut   lhe   hind.        In   f.-nt   see-      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
inL' th,— mu,.In,..- I,  in hold up the eventually will lie continued io   Bran
I pie  i'"i'   i lie  « ir le  oi   iheir Idol.
i irder to .-\i-i. or  live   on j
bread   anil   \. uter  11   v\■ mid   !"■  ;i    u i
.    i„   ni.-I  ill;1t  i he Minn-
punishment  In- meted oui   to ihe olfen-
thej   -I--1,.  In it  to   the
tancc of ITI miles.
In Manitoba the line will lie double
tracked from Winnipeg lo Portage la
Prairie n distance of ,r>(i ...ilea and this
Intercolonial Railway
The Intercolonial in the nine months
ending December .'list last, had irross
receipts nf S7,O7!l,300, an increase over
ihe corresponding period of 1008 of
$142,152. 'li,- -rnss working expenses
mi.. $6,310,1112, ,i reduction ns corned willi lhe -nine period of P.IIIS of
m",7.iisi.i ami taking inlo account the
,     , ,,,    , i   thai     xlnii.iinii had been charged
,. ,„,,.,,,,..   (o renewals iln- net revenue was 8662,-
As  iln- winter ha-  been mild the
Intercolonial  anticipates  for  the whole
a surplus of receipts over work-
ti,   ■■   . .pen-c- ,,f about 8666,000,
I      NOTK I. thai  I  inieud     to
applii u( i"ii   lo   ihe   Siiperinlend-
i| Prn\ incial Police for a transfer
■ liquor     license     of ihe Beaton
1    - ,  Ileal      I',,  i'   now   held     bj
, .1     \    I'hew,
.i      il I.li.  inin
\  i \ ws.
ii. -
Tracing Lombines
pule      ,.i   m ,il,   [ i, ed   .md
l,i,- M,   ■ .ii. iho
I   ,      . - , Ir-    I    I-     'I   m
,, l. ,r ii idi
Loose Tea Loses Flavour
It not only loses flavour, but worse than this, loose
tea takes on new odors, such as coal oil, molasses,
onions, coffee, soap, etc.,—to say nothing of
its exposure to the sun, dust, dirt and
air.   Therefore for your protection
it told only in scaled lead packets—never in bulk.
—- Bluck, Mixed uiul Natural Green, 40c, Bile, COc anil 70c por lb.	
Garden, Field
and Flower
New crop now arriving from our growers in E .   ml Prion*,
Holland,  Canada  and   the   llnil"d   Sales.       A m1    is to
vitality inul purity on arrival. T.io lumt i" K i ■ • mhiii i for mr
customers.    Oiitaloi»i\« {run.
Business will lie continued nl, our o! i ■« -• ■' uni | Miv.
After that iu new locution, whioh will be aim 'tin    ■   ' ilnr
1\.    J.    HENKl,    VANCOUVER,
3010 We tminsler Ro,id
B. C.
All kinds
Reasonable Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging
:-aii-t,ii timi Guaranteed
Notice in  hereby ijiven   mat 80 ilayn
Irom date I, Vi. Andrewi, oocnpatlon,
miner,  intend  lo upply  to  the      Chief
Comnliiionar of l,und», to purphami
the following described laud, situated
nliout '2(10 ohalns from moiilh of Wood
Hiver and a post planted on Mouth
Hide of river and marked VV. Andrews
N. K. oorner pont, thence noiith 411
- Imiii-i, went 40 chaiiiK, north 411
chains to point of Wood river, thence
following  bunk  of Wood  river lo point
uf commencement, containing Hid ao -
rei inure or less,
Haled  Ihis Hlth day of Dec.,     1'JU'J
I IKE Mil hi: ilml I Intend to
make application in the Superintend-
• ■!,t uf Provincial Police for a transfer
of rotail liquor li'"usc of the Zv\
Hotel, Camborne, B, ('., now lul.I by
ine to II   G. Wan'
li.ii.d ihi- 16th da)  '■( Keli   1910.
lin.,. .1,  A. T1IKW.
Water, [pi ana Pom De-
By resolution of City
Water   anl   L'Rht    Accounts
iiuisl lie paid on or before the 2l)di to get
llic 211 per cent discount which ia allowed.
No aoconnt will be allowed to run
over the month following lli.il iu which
il is charged.
Power Cmi'i;C'i nm,I   lie   |iaid irr
full on or before ibe end of the month
following that In which ii is charged.
Installation Charge* will !«■
30 days cash, and must then be paid in
liill before any discounts will he allowed
on water nnd lirdit.
PLEASE   NOTE:    This resolution
uiil he strictly enforced,   ind  il the sennit is nut paid nn   time,   lhe   water
liejit uiul power  will In'  CUl  "H wilhoul
further notice.
_L_ WEDNESDAY, FEB. Kith, 1910
THE MAIL1IKKA     , BEVEL 'iO»\  , I*. >
l'age  3
posing Out Prices
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
|       Having diftposed   of  our nurserv   grounds to be cleaned tip
by May, I nm prepared to offer special prices on all cash bargains
-I      Splendid anorlmebt of ornamental tree., acclimated stock,
having been growing on our grounds for yours, from 10c. up.
f       One  of   tlie   best  selections  of  roses  in U.C. in uli lending
vnrielins, suitable for this section, in good 'J-yenr blooming biz. s,
2,r)c. each, f_0 nor 100,1160 per 1000, smaller ones half-price.
60,000 Innl tries in leading yarielies.  i.et me prlcj your list
10,(1110 simile trees, in all sizes and prices.
i       Greenhouses full of plants in  all  siz.ea  antl prices, from $:>
per 100 pots up.
3010 Westminster Read, Vancouver
sixty duya from date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands for purchase ol land situated
•bout Kit) chains up from mouth of
Wood Uiver, pos( planted about 160
chains above mouth of Wood river nnd
marked E. A. Andrews, S. W. corner
post, thence north 40 ehuins, east 40
chains, south 40 ehuins, thence west
following Wood river to point of commencement,
Bated this 10th day of December,
1909. E. A. ANDREWS.
sixty days from date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands for purchase of lund situated
about 110 chuius up from mouth of
Wood river, post planted ou north
Mile ol river and marked P. A. Bed-
etrom, S. E. corner post, thence north
40 chains, west 40 chuijis, south 40
chains, east 40 ehuins, containing 160
acres more or less.
Dated this 10th, day of December ,
2STOTIOE   .._
sixty days from date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands for purchusu of lund situated
about 140 ehuins up from mouth of
Wood river, post pluntcd on north
sido of Wood river und marked G. E,
Hedstrom, S. Vi. corner post, thence
north 40 ehuins, east 40 chains, south
40 chains to Wood river, west following river to point of commencement,
containing  160 acres more or less.
Dated this 10th duy of December ,
NOTICE is hereby given that      pur-
uaiit to the "Creditors' Trust Deeds
Act, 1901" and amending acts, J nines
C. Hutchison, of the city of Revelstoke, iu the province ol Uritish Col-
umbia, Laundryman, did on the "Jlst
duy of January, A. D., 1010, assign
all his personal estate, credits und
effects which may be seized und sold
under execution to Frank llolten, of
tho said City of Revelstoke, bookkeeper, for the benefit of his creditors.
AND NOTICE is hereby given that
a meeting of the creditors of the said
James C. Hutchison will be held in
the ollice of Gillun 4: Elliott, First
St., Revelstoke, 11. C, ou Saturday ,
the 5th duy of February, A. D., 11H0,
at the hour of '_' o'clock in tlie after -
ALL PERSONS having any claims
against the suid dames C. Hutchison
are required to forward particulars of
the same duly verified, to the ussig -
nee ut Revelstoke, li. C, on or before
tho 26th duy of February, 1910.
AND NOTICE ia hereby given that
after that date the assign.1© will pro
coed to distribute the proceeds of the
estate having regard ouly to the
claims oi which he shall huve received
notice aud he will not be responsible
for the assets or any part thereof so
distributed to any person or persons,
of whose debt he shall not then huve
received notice.
Dated ut Revelstoke, 15. C, this 28th
January, 1910.
Solicitors for Assignee.
TAKE NOTICE (hat I Percy Harold
Pearse, of Trout Lake, B. C., occupation engineer, intend lo apply for permission (o purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing nt n post planted at
the N. Vi. corner oi lot 1728, thence
«ast 20 chains, theme north 20 chains,
thence west 20 chains more or less to
lake shore, thence south easterly n -
long lake shore about 30 chains to the
8. W. corner of lot 4728, thence north
along western boundary ol lot 4728
about 10 chains to point of commence-
•sent and containing 40 acres more or
December 16th, 1909.
Itevelstoke Land District.
Dlattlotof West Kootenay,
Take Notice thut I, M. K. Lawson,
ol Revelstoke, housekeeper, intend to
apply '"' permission tn purchase the
following described hinds:
Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east oorner of l.ni 8,608, and
marked "M. K. Law sons North-west
Collier l'osl"; thence III chains south;
thence 40 chains west; thence 211 chains
north: lliencc  20 chains  east; thence
20chains north to line of Lol  8,ntS8:
thenoe along aid line to place of eom-
Dated October [8th, 1009,
Nov. 17 II.    MINNIE K. LAWSON,
'cation for tile issue of a duplicate
iCertilicate of Title to Part 1.0 acres)
jot South Fast j of the North West
ii of Section 25, Township 2*1, Range
2, West of the sixth meridian.
it is my intention to issue at the expiration of one month after the first
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to lhe above mentioned land in the name of William
Edgar .Smith, which Certificate is dated the loih November 1909 and num -
bered U579A.
"T. M. BOWitAN"
Deputy Disui. i  Registrar.
Land Registry Ollice, j, 20.1m.
Nelson, B. C, Jan. 22, 1Q10.
Notice is hereby given thai
sixty days after date 1, J,
Brill, occupation, carpenter, intend to
appl) io the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands for the purchase ui 11,,-' following described land, commencing at a
post planted about -" chaini south oi
Wood River and ahoul 160 ehains from
thp mouth und marked •). ISrill S, Vi.
corner post, thence « ist 80 chains,
uorth 20 chains to bunk of Wood river, thence following south bank of
Wood River easterly about 80 chains,
thciii c 20 chains south to point of
commencement, containing 100 acres,
more or less.
Dated this 10th day oi Dec.     1909
0,  E. Hedstrom, Agent.
,RBOW HEAD, li. C.
I Special Attention given to commercial
men ami tourists. Flrst-clast sample
rooms. Finest icenery iu British Columbia, overlo king Upper Arrow Luke.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
TO RENT.—Boom with board, suitable for two young men. Bath, etc
Terms moderate.   Apply Box 300.
have been developed
FOUND,—In the lobby of the post
ollice a ladies gold hinge hrat'clct .
stono setting on the top. Owner can
recover same by Identifying property ,
and paving for (his ad. Apply at tho
post oflico.
For Sale.—Two lirst class cows on
point of calving.—Apply at this
ollice. 3.
Splendid Opportunities Awaitiny!;;,:,;,"/",
Judicious Investment
place. I.ii.iinps of a lend of this bn
OXtond up lhe north fork to the dividi
ul Stnnilmd Basin, nud .1. M. Kollii
ising looking crown grant
north  uf  the  Roseberi'y
FOR  RENT:    Furnished house,     apply at this ollice.
Two partly furnished rooms, suitable for light house keeping.— Apply
Mail-Herald Ollice.
1710R SAI.E-T. am of Him)   W. i
J      Horses, also a Knlii r nun Dn» li .'
Mure.      Can lie seen : I,   mill.     Revel
sioke Sawmill Co.. Lul.
WANTED.- ilohn Alex Elliott-Yuiir
mother wishes to hear from you. Mrs.
Elliott, 21K1 Nnres street, Winnipeg.
WANTED.—Representative to handle
Okanogan Valley Creamery Ice Creiiin
iu  Revelstoke, Devonshire cream, otc,
Liberal terms to right party. Nunc
but reliable persons mini apply. —()k-
anagan  Valley  Creamery,  Armstrong.
WANTED.—Capable parties to take
contract sawing lath by thousand.—
Apply The Sovereign Lumber Co., Ltd
Annis, 11, 0,
WANTED.-A second hand O.hnle
coal slove, in lirst class order. Ad -
dress, stating lowest price and where
to be Been.—W. S, A. P. 0. Box Iin.
(Continued  from   lusl   issue.)
The following is u luhle of (he distances from Revelstoke In various
points south:
Arrowlieuil 28 miles.
Boa ton lis miles.
Camborne lil miles.
Comuplix 110 miles.
Trout Lake Cily 50 miles.
Ferguson 54 miles.
Nukusp Til miles.
Saiiilun  lllll mill's,
huslo   12s mllosf
New Denver '.Hi miles,
Nhican Citj  '.Is miles,
ho iM.ii  152 milos,
Nelson  180 inilrs.
Trail   177 miles.
Rosslniul  184 milos.
Pii.gstnn Creek  15 milos,
Hiiiuyon  Hut Springs  It  miles.
Si.  Loon lint Springs Hi mileti.
TllK Did   BEND,
Rtvclstoke is the only outfitting
point for prospectors nnd miners into
the Big Bend, which can only be reached from   this place.
A   wagon   ro.ul extends  eight    miles
north  of lhe eity, passing through the
canyon   of   the  Columoia   river,   which
is one of  the linesl  sights  lo be seen
the world     over.   This is already     a
favorite trip of tnurisls lo Revelstoke.   n"~    ,'"
,     ' ,    ,    , , ..   (iiound   .in ■   i,asm nnd
iu  position above,   uul  ihr proportion of
clear mineral was therefore not what
ii  wuit,I otherwise     havo   been.   The
lark ui sufficient means at uur    command made ii  Impossible  in lap any
of the     main     veins, but  there is uo
question  that lhe showing in  the slide
is an exact indication "' whal   would
high in /inc. und  E.     Me-   lie found  iu  ihe veins,  and  shows cor-
. properly showing a large  roctly the extern of the mineral   they
i ulltain.   (Iui  of an  open   c il    mi    the
slide   twenty   fed   long   nnd  eight    feet
wide  ten      tuns    of mica  were  taken,
,hewing    the enormous  productiveness
veins,     My Inst summer's
n il ■ vein- showed ihii
live miles further up in
ci i, .  Kelly   has u   discovery
w hie i   i ■
Bean hu
body oi  msono-pyrlte oro, assays from
which    i.i   :*'.' in gold.
(In   Kuyi'lollo  Mountain there is     an
enormous show ing of mineral Hon I of
/ine,   silver-load,   gold-hoitrhig   quarts,   of     these
nml copper oi'os being scattered iu all  operations
ui , lear crj stain   free
Three men in five days
in uud  mining extracted  un,, ami     a
half tons,    which    split and trimmed
une  thousand pounds nl merchantable
t ml.     Mien crystals are found   in
ns well defined quarts lodges as other
miuerals, In this section it is in
s'l a and spar, generally capped by rumpir 1 layer uf conglomerate smokod mica, Immediately underlying this i- a ntratiim uf upas quarts,
which i- generally studded with miniature hlurks nf the crystals, and varies
fi uni two iu eighi feet in thickness.
Beneath       thi-       stratum   i-   the   silir.-t
former days,  McCul    quart/ in whirl, ihe huge blocks     uf
ml    French (reek   .'.n:  crystals are found.   These wedge shap-
large area  uf  ground   ed blocks occur in  the quartz in every
directions,     nml     ii  looks as  if  the   ty-flve i"'i  ci
schists     underlying     ihe     limestones  from blemish
mighl   he fi ,■   ii ii produeeih ol     mr
ml values.   South-west hum Koystone
Mountain    lies Standard Basin,     the
crater    ol an old   volcu  with    it..
sinters std   m ovidenco,  traversed   by
coppor-bonrlng diorlte dykes, ami wit
copper lodes iluvolopod  in a depth   o
BOO del.
On  Down •■
granite n"
pyrite boai ing
copper     v..lur
though pi*.i
gold creoivs  • i
lough. Camp,
there   is   still   ;
i reek,     between     tin
■ iiuiirt/ilcs    are union.
leads currying gold an
ami nf groat exlen
Ily undeveloped,
drains     the rich placei
unexplored, while indications point   in   imaginable position and run be     ex -
a Hold fur profitable Investment when   tracted  bj   dynamite used  with      the
Beyond the end of the road a trail
extends all the way from Revelstoke
to lute JauilQ Cache on the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway, a distance ol
ISO miles. At the head of the Big
Bend a ferry has been installed, by
which travellers can cross the Columbia   river  and   take  over   their   horses
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Replnta "••> -*u|ta- 'J|iis y™'- hundreds   of
people  will be going into  that northern country,     und there is no shorter
transport! i . i conditions are sufficient
ly impro.'i i i overcome ihe present
heavy cost nf operating, and up-to
date    methods    are    employed.    In
nil   lue     head -
walers ii I'lenrh Creek ure numerous
gold-beai li lodes outcropping ovei
the louuti
samples e
AN\ avHilabl-i Dominion Lhuus within tlie
Railway Bilt iu I'.nu.ii t'olumbih, may
be hftmsstesaen by any p«r«r,n wde is tlm Bale
head ot a family,or any male ovur m roarsiii
rk"", In III" r'.liMt iif t!!n,-'|il,,.nn- MectinU   lit   lii'.'
acres more or iess.
Entry mn.it be made personally at tbe Iocs]
land ollice for the district in which the land Is
situate: Entry by proxy may. however, In-
made ou certain conditions by the father.
3 other, sun iinii. mm . brother or sinter niuu
intending- homesteader.
The homesteader is rouuired to perform the
OonditioDa connected the'ewilh under nno of
the following plans :
(1) At least six months' residence Upon Sad
cultivation of the laud iu each year for thr te
l-l If tho father for mother, if the father is
deceased) of the homesteader resides upon l
farm iu the vicinity of the land entered fur, ll.o
requirements as to residence may lio BStipfUsl
by such person residing with the father or
(3) If the settler has his permnuei.tresi.louce
upon farming land owned by biui iu the vicinity of his homestoad. the requirements as to
residence may bo satisfied by resilience upon
the said lund.
Six months' notice In writm? sbtuild be Riven
tn the Commissioner of Oon-inion Lauds at
Ottawa of Inteiitioi. to apply for patent.
t ciai. —Coal minim- rif-hls may bo leased for
a period of twenty-one year,, at au annual
routal of (I per acre. Not more than U.Slitl
acre.-, shall be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at the rate of live cents
per ton shall be col.ected on the merchantable
cosl mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the luterior,
N B.—Unauthorized publication of thU ad
vertisenient will uot bo paid for.
from Coldstream  is  Smith  Creek
well-known      {old-bearing stteam     on
which   hydraulicing  rights   have    been
seru.ei:  mn.i  ine hydraulic piant     o
lhe  beiii h  between  the Creek und    the
route   to      tlie  brand   I rank   railway   (- r
construction works which vvill bu |„
progress at Tele Jamie Cache during
the coining summer. Men going tu
work on the line, nr for laud seeking
or V. x prospecting purposes will liuu
Revelstoke a first-class point ul which
lu outfit for the trip, which cun be
made by saddle horses in about six
'Ihe Btoamer Revelstoke, however,
runs between Revelstoke and Downie
Creek, forty miles north of the eity
during the summer months, and horses )
are usually available at the end of
greatest possible rare in order to
avoid shattering the mineral. In plan-
on I have found beryl associated wiih
ur- quart/., and uni uf the opinion
that further development vvill disclose
lin.   From Tete Jaune Cache 1 traced
the   load   BOUtll   ten   miles   without   los-
.nd   some of   the  richest   ing  sight   nf  ihe  si\   vein.,  also    three
rought oul  oi the eoui,    mile- north.   Therefore I have no hesi-
try huve    i.un found in this locality.      tution  in  suying  lhal   these mica   de-
On     ihe      -i  side of the Columbia   posits are ihe i i extensive yel dis-
eovered in ihr world and will become
uf enormous economic value.'1
.Wl Im  us  here  snj   that  the   heart
of the Selkirk  Range  in  ihe north   of
Revelstoke i- yel  unexplored.   Mt San-
umbia  river hus demonstrated   i .    ford, highest mountnin nf the Selkirka
auriferous character of the ground. At   -lands      nut      from   the   heart   uf   the
the     huul     ol Smith Creek is a lode  raiiL-e overlooking a  maze nf awe-in -
which appears still  lu be replenishing   spiring peaks whose slopes are yet withe p.u.er values of the creek  and be-   trodden  by  the  prospector,   whose hid-
tween  thut  and  the old  Seymour trail   den wealth may he vast   though     un-
of the days     of the Big Bend excite-   known, and yet whose formation     in-
ment  is  l..e losl  mine whose rich ore-   diactes  a  promise  of   reward  fur dili -
created  u   wonder  of excitement    from   gent   search.    In   ihr   summit   uf       the
Victoria to San Francisco, hut the lo-   northern Selkirk- i- a peculiar forma-
cation  of which  has since defied      the   tion such a-  i-  iln   matrix of the rare
search of many an anxious prospector   mineral* whose  v nlu.-  i.-  fabulous,   t'n-
who    had     hoped to     again bring to   traversed, a sealed  book as yet, it  is
iglu the story of its wealth. possible,  that   in   ihi-   great   nortbland
North of Smith Creek i- uu immense   (here may yel be revealed resources ol
body  of  gold hearing  ore,   which    was   nature  lhal  will  astonish   lhe world.
Ihe most speedy and convenient way   halted   |)y   t|K.   |,lU,  ,,,,,,„   ,!ov<i>       lh(. 	
to make the Inp then is by taking the   -,ionwr „f „„,  -j,    „,,,„,   wl„; ,,.,,, ^
steamer and getting horses at Downie.   1()|.|lU,m in ,^       .^  ^  he
Wood For Sale
Orders Taken for
Early Delivery
Cut in 12, 18,18 or 24
Inch Lengths
First Street     Tel    B.
Approximate distances north from
Revelstoke, are as follows:
Harries Creek Mouth '28 miles.
Boyd's Ranch 30 miles.
Keystone Mountain 38 miles.
Downie Creek .Mouth 40 miles.
Laporto 11 miles.
Death  Uapids 4'2 miles.
(joldslrcam (i5 miles.
French Creek 65 miles.
McGullough Creek (il miles.
Ground Hog Basin, 68 miles.
Smith Creek (in miles.
Camp Creek (17 miles.
Canoe Uiver Mnulh 105 miles.
Tote Jaune Cache INII miles.
The lirst mineral bearing creek ou
the Big Bend Trail is l.uforiue, which
joins the Columbia at a point IU
miles north of Revelstoke. From eight
to ten miles up tliis creek a diorlte
dyke      crosses      lhe country,  and  the
wus drowned in the Columbia Canyon,
when   on   his   way   (o   Revelstoke       to
The School Problem
I'he delegation which went  from   Re
velstoke Inst  wi-ck to interview      the
record  the claims he had slaked. It  is    p,m jn,.j.,|
•tated     the     whole mountain is gold
government regarding a
grant of 830.0IX) for increased school
accommodation in ihe city have ln-en
must successful in theii mission. The
delegation consisted nf Muyor Hamilton, Aid. Cowan, representing the City
Council      und      Board   of  Trade,   and
bearing—a bleak barren ridge stand -
ing out prominently iu the country
like a cheerless thing which may yet
astonish mining investors with its
Wealth of the precious metal.
Fifteen miles north of Coldstream is >Jos-.,m. Manning and Howson, repre
Big Mouth Creek, also a gold-produc- nnling ihe School Board. (in readier of earlier days. At (he head of itig Victoria they set themselves to
Big  Mouth Creek lie the mica fields of their task, and al  first  met  will, some
the Big Bend extending from here   to discourag nt. ls-ine     mid the guv -
the extreme north terminal of the Sel- eminent   could  nol   increase  the  grant
kirk   Range.      Here  great   sheets      of on what  was  offered   lasl   year,  and iu
mica'   scattered     over a considerable fact   intended  cutting   out     all  grants
area of country indicate a new source to school-, in cities.      lhe delegation .
of wealth, repeated at Mha Mountain however, Btuck to  theii   object,     and
at the mouth of the Vellowhead Pass, had a meeting with  members     of the
whore according to the lute Sir G, M. Cabinet  al  win. I,  Ron. T. Taylor, and
Dawson,  has been located  the highest Won.  Dr.  V g,  Minister of     Eduon
only awaiting the advent of the Grand   dent  ,,f  Kduendon  were pr nl
A> :i  r.Miili   ihe Cabinet  said
il to
minerals occur in  the limestones   and   m''le ,m''.'"..Um,"   th* WorId, ?,ro*  '
schists in the vicinity of this dyke.
Promising galena claims owned by \
McGregor are found on the ninth
slo| I  thr valley, while across from
Ihere,   nn   the  ('.'lines  Creek   slope,   are
pyrrholite    and silver-lead ores      run-
Trunk  Pacific Railway to be o
(he markets of the world,
(if    these   mica fields, a pi
Who  has  visited   llu in  wi il.■-:
"The  mica  crystals occur  in
Union Hot *4
'.'wler New Mutiiu.    -     i
silver.   Further up ihe  blocks.  What    was obtained was
Eth     and flexible ■ lini ni lei
Stewart Mcciiii M
Creek, mi  the same slope, is the Adair clear,
gnu:]',   wine   ihere  ale   hides  of  gold- Th    vein:,   were  extending   a-   la
irsonopyrlle   and pyrrhotite. Uie eye could follow them      in
\i  thi   head nf iln- creeks are some of northwest,     'lhe countrj   wa-   rough,
Ir   I  ,  ,       inn  lr.nl dupositi  in ihr and iii order in follow  ihr veins     we
country,' and ii  is a question whothor made     a     detour bnek tn ihr Cm	
this ni" im boat he taken out    from River Valley, via the main nml     in
l.al'oiuii   Crook in  ihipped out via Sil- Tote Jaune Cacho, and thence
ver Creek  (o  Albeit  Canyon,  (he   do- """"' twenty miles.    Here the f.,,
a  result   Hie r.ih i  said      they
would consider  the  imh-     and  on tl •
■ , . ,ti,,n    returning      for theii   repl)
ihey were lold  il ■ ei nnienl   would
.nun   them  >:'»."im   towards  the      re-
mu      new   building, tld    only
'm.  . Ai  the   re
i|iie-i   .,• , however,
. ,, ,    . f,.,
tin       ■   ' ■ ,      1*15.1   11     ,    I,     p v,
mmi .   nr! i halanei
inked foi    .,   il Ik- i uised,
'   ' he      m a ei miieiil   i ,n. m ibu
■ '   "''".       in u :i. all}    Nun
I       lir      linn.:
MannrucLnrtd fnr til ••m. ■ •    n<
fortsil* In Laff4?or •mull in
at tlia lowest, prints fir   i
.\;i  "'.III'   cl Imi.'),..,: ,n    i
A. PRADOLINI, - f"*v
for observation weir bettor. Wo found   ;'
exposed n series of voins, which it was
ele.ii  wa- a continuation uf those pre
\ "ni lv vi dted, ihe  .'iinr number     ni
veins being visible, onlj   i h thicker
mi  i he stirfai e, avei a( in.   fi "in     ton
foot   iii       i\ty     feet  will,.      Selecting
whal I thought  lo be iln- mosl •
able spot,  I  made an open i Ul  in     a
posits being at the head ol the divide.
Carnos ('ink was a famous    placor
gold producer in ihe days of (he Rig
llend ofccilomoiit, and ii, is certain that
lhc  gravel  burs in the  C ilumb.'a  river
at   lhe i ilh of lhe      creek   must   be
auriferous,    presenfing     a      promising
proposition fnr n drodgo.     Six miles
up Carnos    Creek      is      the Rosellerry
group of mineral claims on which con- gigantic   lide which had been brought
sldernblo     work     has been done.     A down  bj   lhe  action  nf  the      glacier.
small  vein at the upper tumid     gave above, bronking awnj   imi,.  lhc parent
high   value-   in gold.   In  lhe lower  (un- load      ami      lod   ll ,,..   .     ,,,,,
nol is a shoot nf high-grado gold-cop- about  five hundred f   below.     Here
per mr. which appears lo be a second, mica wns obtained in lar.c blocks, nf
my deposit, and well worth prospect- l" ' '        hape,      weighing   from   lift)
ing for depth,     Across (he Roioborrj pound    t" three hundred pn |»,   id,
Hill is a remarkable depression, which U'i'    surface ranging betwcei   l
when examined     i.   found lo carry in and 31x36 Inches, and from  lhn
riiiini   -\ -ii-ii,
niii-i  I-   ■ "i ■' : i ■  a ei ndition.
Mee   • .-     i .   . ■ m,   • ■,..   s. | i   Ti,,
lees and ihe ( ,•■ i nnnril will be hei I
to con idei Ihi . ' i u :■ mi nl- for -uh.
milling   n   bylaw   in   i foi
i he amount   w hi I ily will   1
to raise a-     i,-    ■, ,,,. ,,,- t\,. ,,,.,  oi
, '   ,    W        M'lllll,].
British Folitics
Dublin.   Feb.      II.    Redn I.   at      a
 etiug nf Nntionali : lughl declared he belie' • (1 \ |lli'l, vv nil,I
• land li; ni home I lie pledge, anil
that  his | ■-.:   the   1 i-
Theso have been washed  down  and .nr   edge.      These  blinks,   however,      hav
the  II ml   from  a  large  body  nf      lhu   been   gre.aly  damaged  by   lir  u.  tu        I I  ll  I
ore,  though the ore body docs     not  bancc     in    fulling from thei   oi ,: Mi
in;   ■ ,i  >:  .Tohiis
! .ri i. March 1-t 1.
/ Page  I.
THE MA_L-HEK_M 1>, REVJtLSTO   i, „. 0
WEDNESDAY, VR\\. lGth, 1810
- .      .uiMDcuai-v
i' WKII    KS  .VV   AMI
(1 HI) 41    AT
it-.' jJj.SlOKII. B.  c.
Jnteiioi ir)ui>U8i)in_ ttoihpaiiB,
uj j.   r.ption   Rates
ny iln
li ni i
Loyal i
A Lun
"  ,,
r,ve i
itilli    .
I  lull,   ■■■   I     Mu
an 111 UJ H    V,   III.    '
■    ,:|i   iv   11 .-' I
ihllKefOI     K.NI ■!■
.rlillir    I   :      M-   .      I
^ir   n     ■- ■   ■
I, I'.te. .11     ■ i ' ■
ii..   tVluO'ii -•
■.i.U'l.'l   i.      •  i
B ■*■*!_
.,,   I'.mkI.i
,i,l.   1  in  IS
i diaiw
U I'lini 1.
., ,„,-i,ill
mil,ll) ,
...   Lu
rt-.  puyuui
ii in *"
,,      UUI    1
     IllHl     ■>
miuh   in
»,I>|IH  III     II
|M  I'llUM
; ii. uiiui ii
lllRU UIU'
,.„!       .  11
ly'ilil    built UU-H    llll
,|        , i
MIC  !     1 «01
..    lift,      -
lliT        I'll
it.    nil-
,1 ll    ,
,l&  ■«     llllll
All   ml
ainl llu- i
■■ ,\.r.-ul
\\ .in.<ii. bill unltuiw
v.,, uni,     Louuiiera
A ,11,1'M, Hi UTUlllH ur
tUllt-1 UUU U> Willie.
■. i. un inutuutllH llltl*.
, i tj (iini iMitlay ul
t ili»pM)'.
■ ibuii un mutton of
,>ti.iiiit;a.UHln   u»   Kill-
,i    ..j     mnim:   ol
. tii>lit.)iU(Jii. but
Seven-Roomed House for $1675,    Lot 50 x 100 in desirable locality.    Cash $675, balance to arrange.
Bight-Roomed I louse,
50x100, centrally located.
suit purchaser.
Five-Roomed   I louse.
all modern and furnished.     Lol
Por  sale  at   $5,000.     Terms   to
Centrally   located for sale at
Building Lots for Sale in all parts of the Citv at prices
ranging Irom $ mo upwards. ,,
iy!   .-   g_f
::"i- i.''»!m
AKV -     .  •'
,.\K.,4 I     I- U
. H        . V   '.JO.1
.,,   ll'
.-.    ill'
IN 1 . ■
■ 1,.1.1.1
.,:  I'lN.vHAM,
1 i'i i|to, .TO.
C  111 II.IUNU  tt-V_ti'
vjrsubrpok, b, l.'<
. .V     llAKVKV,
,   II   .
liiur   lhu   lYi'inh'r.   Hon.   Tims'.     Tuy-
lor   .ml other members oi tho Ctibinot
mumbors    of lho  Legislature,    Mnyorn
und    Aldermon of neighboring    rities,
ronti'iirioi'-. engineers and   oflieiuls to
hi the guests oi the eity on thut day,
I After    lho   ceromoii;   a Imnquct mighl
lir    hold    and a dance in the    evening
would make a litling [irogrumtno for
'on'' "i the nuisi iinportanl events in
j the history of Keiplstoke. li would
I Im well     if ilm City (' mil    tuko   up
il    matter at their meeting on Friday   tho A. „  Is
_ ui, 1 ,,. ■
l .1K 0 A.N A I
tan. .
r: it.-. 1 81
, , vlLii.it 1
Ul    vK.MilK
niu'lii  and  arrange a  nouferenco    with
the Board of Trndo for the purpose.
Of course the constriiclioD     of     the
Kootenay Contral,  now   dolinitoly de-
terminod ou, will  roliovo ilm situation
somewhat, a* ii    will do away    with
ilu-     hunt over     ihe lloelcy Mountain
summit, leaving     ihr summit   of the
Selkirks us ihr only  remaining heavy
grude to ilml  with.     While     wo     ure
glad  to see the Kootenay Central tu-
In'ii iu hand, il hud beon supposed that
ving as ii  would both
k und  Uoeky  Mountain Humid l>r  ihr     more important
the So
,\ of I   i.MMKKCE,
.i.S.M.,    I'.l'C.
v i'.i,,".KIKE, B.C.
Thr London  Spcelntor, noted for its
Imperial  policy,  thus comments on the
policy of the  Dominion (lovernmoat in
undertaking   il stablishment  of      a
1 'anadian Na\ v:
"Perhaps tho complete naturalness
ni Canadian naval ambition will be-
r.nnr niiii'r appnrenl if we compare the
Munition now vviiii vvliut occurred
when the uurrisons of British regular
1 ro. p
md Australia. Canada und Australia mighl have said thai they 'Iiii aol
cure 10 r,, to the trouble ol truining
nnil maintaining troops "i their own.
nud would prefer to lii'''' British region ni- 1 ii1 ni.,.- iin   work of garri -
mining   ih.. country.   Instend  of  that,
' 1 In-,.   1 1 ■•■'. 1,  '  in  1.1' .;  11,.nil-  apprp -
•   in their peeuliui  duties.      When
v,r lool   l'i k nn thos    li nes  it would
■«'"""•""   "OK Canm   NO. !W ,,    , |,   ,;„,   ,,,1,,,,;.,.
•l,  Second .uul  Ifourth  \yudnu»aaia '■",    , .    ,
niriiih. in Selkirk H.-ll.   VUiini   W"uu-  hnd  come     1   'in.   n !M   ile mion.  And
mnUallyInvited 10attend. |wp .-,,1
'r'|llll 111!
nnstriu: -
A  ll     Mlllllllllll
.  Hill',    ltr>
■ I ..-lllll "ll.
., Lionl .Sin vcyor,
iVliuiug ouivuyor
.  v r.i.I.K. 11,
,.i iiii'i:! TS
v.\u  HBVELhTOKE,   li. ('.
no uildri s-   I in l'n-1
■      K.', .V lil   tic.v•>• pl'Ollipl
,    vV    O    W.
.iow Camp   nic, 279
the school subsidy.
IVe congratulnto Mayor Hamilton,
Aid. Cowan, -Messrs. Manning, chair-
ni.'in nl ihr School Board, und It.
llowson, ns the other representative
ni tIuu body, on the good work they
were withdrawn from Canada havo done in securing from the (»ov-
eminent 330fU(H) towards the construction of llir new school required at
Itevelstoke. Wo have also to tender
lhe Government the appreciation of
Itevelstoke for the fair mnl generous
manner in wlii.-li ii Im-. mot this cily
in this mat (er.
llir   I iiiVrl'llllirill    htiving   IllUv lloilC
; heir part,  ii  is uow up to the citi -
/ens  rn do theirs.     We understand tho
  ,'M- m-u, sun. thai  ,i  hundred years from   i:,,. t-  ,,,,.;,  .,,.,,  < i, .  i   r.,,,.... .. :n
JOHN CAKUON. Con. L-oin. ' n>   Louncii ami  School   I rustees will
J   MoINTYKB, Clerk, now,     when    n  consiilernolc i uiuidiui
 . —  uai'   will  bo  in  '■       ined  hi
Koo-cnav LoUliO, Ho. 15, A-F. A A. M.       ■;,,      ,.l  . n-|,0   inhabit        thi
Is of I aiiudu,
rogul ,r nine.
li   ,i,    J'.iir|isliin,.|,  will   vv.-i.' T  that   it
It    1£
arli other, and
public and take
confidence in any
y, ..s'lNIi '' _M    LK   , ,   ,
I       '.-   111     '...■ ""     '
I sthlrd JI md i> a
i'llll     ll.li'l.:.      It       ?
. m. .'. ltii ebnth     '
i^i.    .:, r.ii.i   y     ve'.-
J    r   I'nl.l.i.   K. Mv-il R.
I HAS   J. A.MAN   -
-i    I- IKK LODlifi 12, I.   '. "  F
ii " •    '■■    . '.   •'-
.III)    BVOI ,u«     II    :
ikirii U« ■  n
fVi-iliuK 'i    '
cordially iuviu-d lo mieiri.
Ml Mi  11 "v
mean I
I '
I..     I'lt'-IlM   N.    N.I..
?   P
Cold Range todgo, K. )f Pi
No. 26,  Revihr.n.v'. U C.
KKlf _V_RY  •'■ RUN1 II  '.V
•  '       I
titch -nie;   Ml '
Ha!l    «t    ,-    i*el nl
aulcbli- 111 ii .
SMITH  l    C
i,   H.   ,i. >'!v', E. of R. *
J - ' ':" .  'I    K
have    II,eel Hies   'w il ll
-llll     jointly     Hire]     t ll'
lllrln    Inlly    illln    llll'il    ^^^^^^^^^^^
was   proposals  thej   have  to make. The op-
ihouid nol be lost. The hul-
work     for .   .
aire   I    ),':.■:   'nun    : lie   city   In   carry
the w"il.  i-  nut  much, and  thoro
shm, hesitation on  tlie     pari
itep n ,'M   ii    trii  tie   thi ir i mi
.   ■        tbe by lav to   ei un
■  .- hare       Vie wish  to make it
J     ' ,        IV.     VV i 11   Ul ' I
OOOI I  lie     -
lo  use  the
Vou jndge a pair of shoes
■ what  by  the way they
perhaps you .iudp;e them
-i. i' by the way they feci, but
. ssured that if they do not
oaifortablo, tlio chances
■i to one that they will
k well.    Yen cannot be
I wi'.li a shoe unless it
■ fortable, and no shoe
rnfortable unless it
it. fails to fit it wili
c shape, for you can-
.' comforlaule in a vice—
i ,ot or the £ hoc must yield.
Now   Arnes'i-Holden   Royal
Purple shoes for women em-
>_y   just   these   features—
rfect fit, perfect style, and
ith it the maximum measure
" full comfort, ar.d that is
'.hy so many women ask for
»wr>c riDaU*Tberalb
■ 3
1       .   ■•    .
H   . i
lit,   the
market      Iherr  be)
f British C<
. i ■.  and     i . ■ It undei
I .ii
pro\ '.. -■     to  handle  thi    hi iipe ■■   ion,  I he
the best -vl' ante i    '
i      th*-
■ ■
journey diiianl from  A '■•  I
I .ii  11ij:vsberrifM and pot  '
there i'   an iinnii!  d fit Id be   ir
farm era,  the o rroj      I   ag p irtii ulai
ly  w-\\  herOj «hii   .m ■ n tl
ket ..Ini" t m our rlooi
lhe i     V,   U
,       ,   i
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ISpecial   hi'/f,     fho'il   ii
A-hii-h  to  bepin jNuintruHion  work,    ,.
i'li<   i
i ide
\  VOTAItf/l    RV1     I
\    ti.,   i     iimbin bi id) -    ■ ill be
f. i   traffi«   the fii  '  w -^  in  Man I    •<      ■■   i ■
.   - muim il     and     f nvoi    hli
md the wl
1 i . , hi
1' i    '    i. i'  ir    ,1    jMi-liinL'
tin    worl    ■. itho it  furl hi i   l< i•■■ ■.    <• -\
■ . .,    ' .   :. (' ■■  ■    I i
' foi     hf  ■ ■ r   if!"       '. llln.ll!     ! I,r    ;■-    .■
\hc    loop
I'uanl  of Trndo n celoh     i    mount i!n     :" i  lo    tw I
tho e\r-tit  \\iili fit tin imonj,      in- [und La     in,
r\|{|> Of*1 TFI \' f
[ v ■ ■ thanl
)r»   nil    I I,.,  ■■   who        \\ i I '     nu       i    Ill'tplflJJ
hand        •   mj    a I   fire
w    I       Ml i ii
3YKnrat8   OK    RBOULATION8   GC\
KltNMN'C   TH1-;    DISI'OSAI,   OF   DO
A   LICENSE to I'm   timber can  l>e a*.
quired   only   ut   public   competition.     A
rental  of $;» per BQUore  in ilu  is  chararP''
fur  all   limber  berths  except   those  situ
ated west of Vale for whieh the rental ll
ii the rub? of 5 cents per acre per annum
I n   addition   to   the   rental,   dues  at   th'
fo lowing ratei are uharire*!:—
Sawn lumber, 50 cents per thousand
feel   r.m.
Hiillway  ties, eight and nine feet long
1  1 2 and  1 W cents ear-h.
Shintfle boltH. 25 cents a cord.
Ml  other products,  5 per  cent on  tht
A license Is issued so soon as a bertl
is granted, but in surveyed territory n<
limber can b»« rut on :i berth until th>
iir-n.see has made a survey thereof.
Permit! to cut timber arc aWo grant-**
:tt public competition, except In the cits«
of actual settlors, who require the tlm
for their own use.
S.Mtiers ami others may also oMal'
!"-i-mlts to cut up to 1<W cords of wood fo*
■ale   without    competition.
The dues payable unrW a permit ar-
H.5Q per thousand feet B.M., for squar'
timber and saw logs of any wood ex
. rt-pt oak; from 1-2 to 1 1-2 yents per linen
iucutioti root for buildin« logs; from 12 1-2 *o 2
cents per cord for wood; 1 cent for fene*
posts; 3 cent* for railwav ties; and 6*
rents per cord for shingle bolts.
i.eases for grazing purposes are Issued
'or   a   term   of   twenty-one   years,   at   «
'.il of two cents per acre per annum
'Oft!   lands   may   be   purchased   at   tV
acre fur soft coal and fcM for anthrs
Not   mure   than   :i_0  acres   may   b-
•   i\   ii\   one   ind'vld'inl   or  company
■il-,   tl   the  rat- of 10 cnts per tor
"-   pounds  Is  collated  on   the  gros'
Entries  f"-   iand   for  acricuiturni   pur
;,   i ].   id' 'i nnallv io   tlm  '«
<:.        ..r tlie district In which
land   Lo   be   taken   up   is   sltu-it'd,   01
hom' steader  desires,   he  may,  ot
i   atlOn to the MinHt"r of the  Interin?
ittawa, ii"- Commissioner of imtnigia
.-  Winntp s   or tbe looal agent  fot
|. t,    Within    wiikh    the   land    b
■ <i.  re ■   ■■ i ithority for somo on<
n ike ent » for him
-   -,r $]» I-. oharfed for bomeate*.
tr trho lias raoelved an entry fn'
Dmeatead. in renuln !  lo perform th*
*l'h under on*
following  i   ■  i
,i       ,i  monl h     realdeni t upor
IWttlon of Ihe land  In saoh >es"
ng I hi    •-' n   if thi ■ •       i ■
-. me pf-R^ti^e of the Department U
rt | ilre a settler to bring 15 acres under
itlnn If he nrefer* he may sub
■    jta stock; and 20 head of cattle, to be
.is own property, with building*
' ttr Accommndatton. will bo required
>.|   of   ru'MvH Hon
if tu father <nr mother, If (he ft
ther  Is deceasfdi   of »",   person   who  If
to make a homestead entry tindei
trovisions of   the   Act.   rcsld'**   upon
' trrr,   in   the   rlctnltj   Of   the   'and   en
d for by surh  person us a hotnestesd
.  I re men ts of the Act »■» to real
«■   prior   U)   obtslnb g   pslenl    may   b*
• "■■ifled bv »'",t<  p**r_w.n residing with th*
.r  n.'-tH'i
If    the    settler    has    his    pennnnen'
denoe   upon   firming  ismi  owned   bj
tne  vlclnltv  of his homestead   th'
dements of the Art Rt to reefdeno*
l»e tatlSnad i>y residence upon th#
i'.f»n f^»r patent  should (.». mtdf
. i of Ihrt     ,esrs before ttie i'ms'
• ii. igsnt oi .i bomsrtead intpee
n 'r,re making spti !' itlo   foi <\ pnt*»nt
Ftar   must   give  sli   months'  notle*
n   writlnt   to  ths   '''-moilssiMner  of   Dn
OH   t,tindi   tt   rntnwa,   of   him   Inten-
tlOn  to do so
W     W    fY»UY.
TVpilty   Mtrilder   of   the   Interior
i i a Mini r nl  ihr I di -h, i. ■
I Fin Miner nt tli"  Kill ion tonight,
riiq Minn  .ii  lhc ICdlson lonlghl.
Fresh Ranch Eggs
Arriving Daily
Kippers Finan   Haddies
Smoked Halibut
Fresh Fish All Kinds Oysters
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Capital Paid Up S3 500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities ol the World.
At all Branches.     Interest allowed nt highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager.
'        '•
Standing on Its Merits
Oir Furniture holds tho lead
in the favor of discriminating-"
buyers. It sells on its merits;
art and honesty in every piece.
We offer furniture elegance
with staunchness and durability. You have a \vi:le choice
of prices you crn afford.
R. H0W30N & CO.
Import direct from country of origin.
BBVBLSTOKB    }=*- Ci.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthl) rate.
r.  j__l:b:e3:r,t   stohste    prop.
LP. Le Beau
Corner Third 5?& Campbell Ave.
Horse-Shoeing* Carriage Wott a Specialty
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are   disposing of  their entire  Stock  at a
small  advance on cost.      It will pay you to
investigate   their    prices    on     Diamonds
Jewelry, Cut  Glass, Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!.
The Mail-Herald is Your Medium WEDNESDAY. FEB, Iiitli, lllll)
Pa_ ■ 5
We serve ourselves by
serving you better.
A  pleased  customer is
our best advertisement.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the eitiz ;ns of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to plac3 before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders
Semi tbe children to
tlie -tore.   Come yourself.
Have our city traveller
rail at your home for
Ladies' Blouses
' Is it .lune? You might
think so to visit the Waist
and Blouse section today,
crammed as it is with the
daintiest of warm weather
muslin waists. Perhaps
warm weather is not the
right term, for these beautiful Muslin Blouses and
line Linen Shirt Waists
are the habit for pretty
wear in all seasons. They
come at $1 to $10, but
mostly around $2 to Sli.OO,
the price most ladies like
to pay.
We have many lines of waists that have pleased
the public but none better than this all Silk Taffeta,
full blouse effect, clusters of pin tucks on front and
sleeves. They come in Browns, Navys. and Black,
all sizes, at
Children's and Misses Wash Dresses
White .Muslin and Colored Wash Dresses, the
largest and most varied line ever Bhown in the interior. You will be pleased with them. Tbey are
situated on the 1st lloor. Take elevator and have a
pleasant half-hour with them.
New Spring Suits
Get an early glimpse of them. Take Elevator.
You will find them a regular fashion bureau. A
special with us this Spring is a well tailored ladies'
costume in every instance, the material trustworthy,
and the make work of the best character at
Fine Scotch Ginghams
Those new Ginghams are fine. Scotland hasn't
sent anything finer in color blendings so far. The
variety of plaids, checks and stripes is wonderfully
pleasing' and satisfactory, giving a wide choice in
selection. Every wotnun knows the wonderful laundering qualities of Scotch Ginghams.
15c. per yard
Special Dimity Muslin Sale
A lot we find we are overstocked in so you reap
the benefit. They are fancy pattern ones in the new
colorings, white cord muslins, plain musilda in a fine
sheer weave, worth 25c and 35c.     Special now at
15c. per yard
ART SATEEN SPECIAL, new designs, new colorings, fine English cloth, 32 inches wide, at 15c. yd.
Visit the new Ready-to-wear
Department on tbe Second Kloor
(Take Elevator or stairs) opening
new Spring Suits, Coats, Skirts,
Waists, Children's Wear.
Take the Elevator or Stairway to the
new Dry Goods Department.
Take the Elevator to the new Ladies
and Children's Waist, Dress, Skirt and
Suit Department.
Take the Elevator or Stairway to the
new House  Furnishing  Department.
The effort will be well repaid to visit
these Departments, new goods are being
opened and laid out for your inspection.
Lots of room and splendid light to see and
examine the goods by. No one will worry
you to purchass, plenty of eager woskers
to show you the goods.   Come and See.
Choice Fresh Groceries
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables
are hard to get at this season
of the year, but our facilities
for f'.o'ing andjhandling these
perishable commodities are
the best and we can always
assure you of an abundant
supply of Fresh and Tempting Fruits, etc.
Dovril Cardial
Strengthens and cheers.
What more appetising drink
when a person feels a bit off
color. Finest nourishment
possible for any person recovering from nn illness. 20 oz.
bottle for If 125; 4 oz. bottle
65c.: '-' Ot. bottle 35".
Ben Hur Tea Special
In lib. lead paokagef. Here
is a staple line of tea, we huve
an over supply, and are willing to |i-i■■- on a few hundred
pounds to you at a big price
saving.   Friday and Saturday
30 cents
Westey's Mince Meat
lieady for the pies. Fine
Fall Fruits handled under the
best sanitary condition, clean
and fresh, 281b. pail at 12Jc.
per lb. Dover's Condensed
Mince Meat 2 pekgs. for 25c.
Westey's, 2 packages  for 25o.
Pure Gold Jelly Powder
With natural fruit flavors
in package?—Lemon, Orange,
liaspberry, Grape Fruit, Pine
Apple. Strawberry, Vanilla,
Cherrv. Red Currant, Banana
Pork and Beans
For a quiok lunch or meal
Van Camp or Heinz I'ork and
Beam io 1 or 21b. oana, lino
and wholesome,quickly made
Crystal Vase Specials
\ fine vase. 17 inches high,
expansion tulip lipped, lovely
for table decorations, at a
special price of 35 cents.
Another vase of the same
family, 12 inches tall, similar
desinn, each 26 cents.
Hat Pin Special
An extra good pin, 12 in.
long, swedged heads, most of
them carrying fine stone settings, special for
25 cents
New Corset Models
1 'ur ipe< ial is tbe C. 0. I.a
i.race for Spring. Wo are
showing the new Long Hip
Modelt, without which the
new dresses and suits will be
hard lo lit.    From
$1.50 to $5.00
Boys' Clothing
"LION IlKAN'D" the
host the mnrket offer* can
only I"- suid of "'Lion
Brand" Clothing, Kv ry
->■:>--.>ii sees, a marked ad-
vance in style and finish,
and tlie present searon wo
can show you lines which
are strictly up to those
shown in the large eastern
Boys' two piece Norfolk
S'iiis,   in   liulit   and   dark
Weed-,   -'/.es    'In   to   .'!()   nt
Hoys' three  piece double
!}4jOTO breasted   -nit*,  worsted or
«"-/?. I n   '.. Is.   Price* $ 375, 4 50,
01XWXJU        5 00. 5 511, nnd $0.00.
Boys' two ; i  I»   H  -un-. light   or dark twe*ds,
double seats, kne. s   nnd   elbows   knickers   fitted with
belt stratis, at $7.50.
Boys' two pie-'e l> B. suit, " Lion Brand,"
bloomer knickers, price |7 50.
Boys' two piee- 1) U -n,i ., double seal-, knaes
and elbows, made from it" ' - \v ind dark pattern
worsted. Everv seam do ■ ewn and welted,
concave padded shoulders, bail cloih Btayed lapels,
bloomer knickers, fitted with '. It • rap*. Kverv suit
a beauty and perfectly tini-li" .   V  c»*$8,$9,$10,$12
Double Sea*e and
Double Knees, tbe
best wearing knioker
ou the market. They
come in tweeds, worsteds and -er;.',..., in
plain or bloomer 6t) le
Sizes 21 lo 35.
50c, to $1.50
Bays and Cirls Wool and Casta Hos.
Why buy cotton bote for gro >iir; boy», ■• 'In*
line of fine ribbed Wool and f!a ■ • Ho-e, *v» mini
warm hose for big uiri^ and boys, tbey are 50". ami
60o. bose, all one price now U5c. pair; or ■'! por for $1
1000 Yards of White Vesting
.lustin,:! or I patterns.      \   lot  of people got a
bargain in this game vesting   two week.- ago, well ilu*
bargain is equally as good, 25c. goods fir
I5c. per yard
Special sale   of    White     1,  « ii
Waists in new   EUadi lo-werti De
partment, Second    Floor       Take
Elevator. Tage 6
WEDNESDAY, FEB, 10th, 1010
Hew license law
Attorney (Icnertil Bowser
lirought down tlm new licenso net, ii
liill superseding tho Liquor l.ieonso
Ant of 1000 nml nmonding acts. Whilo
the old net applied only to the issue
«>I lirenses in portions of lho province
outside municipalities, tho bulk oi tlio
iH-w act applies to the wholo provinoo,
Part  1  denls with  tho granting     of
UoQQKOa   nnd   llii'   mode   of   Sllle       under
Ihem, nml iiii- i- tho only part whioh
is applienhlo only lo utiorgnnUod districts, where tho govornmont issue- t-
As   to hotel    licenses ii is p o' • :" .
lhat   only   three  lieollBUH  slui'.l   ' O I'l'lUl-
tod for  ihe  ii'iiiiori   within a radius
«,f   llir.-e   miles   of   the   first   established
promises until lhe population ol siieh
locality includes one thousand male
adults of Caucasian race. When lho
population roaches lhal point one oilier license mny lie granted and  there-
utter  one  lii se for eni-h one  thousand
A hotel most havo at least seven
bedrooms, each with a floor men oi
not less than IHO Bquaro feet, with all
the other necessary apartments,     The
River Protection
than nine months. Information must
'bo laid within six months of the offense. In proving side or consump- WORK STABTED ON MATTRASS,
lion i.t will not bo neies-nry to show The preliminary work wns started
that any money actually passed or yesterday morning on tho new mat -
any liquor wns actually consumed. trails which tho Provincial Govern -
Proof of consumption or Intended con- mont aro about to construct on the
sumption shall bo evidence that such river hank on lhe oasl side between
liquor was sold to the person constun- tho Big Eddy poinl nnd the C, P. II.
ing or aboul lo oonsumo or carrying bridge. A gang of men under .1,
away lho same. The occupant ol lho Hutohison aro now employed proper-
premises where any offence hns taken inur lho road-wa> for lho use of
place is personally liable, whether   iho ;teams.   Large quantities ol brash are
•ll   fo
offence took plnee by his diroetion or
not. A magistrate i- nt liberty lo
infer that liquor wn- an intoxicnut if
n witness so describes or name- il.
Provisions which, ii carried oul. will
protoct the purchaser of liquor to some
extent from being served with npurl ■
mis goods forbid tho oponing of botl -
les, ihe refilling of bottles or the use.
of any -iuu or Inbel which does     not      The new mntlrass between lho Edd
being i
mu It rnsi,
Thr t1 olumbin hn* mado n Bodon,
inroiul Ui property iiloii^ llmt bguUoii,
mnl i- doing lho snmo damage us it
did Bovoral yoara ugu to thut portion
tit' Lho city further eustj whore much
vuluablo liincl « uh w imbed away by |
ilu* uuutinuul     ei'ouiou ul ilu* current.
correctly state tho coniontf o( Lhe
cask or bottle, Tho inspectoi ot licensed preraiBos may ai any time enter     and  farry      away  samples     Ior
ami   tin
No. 1 fire Hali
Editor Mail-Herald,—
fees, in addition to an inspection   fee   Sir—Whilst  deeply   i
of $1C in  the case of new applications,   I'roceellill:
arc on a graded scale us follows:
Where   the   population  is   les-       than
ested   in
of u joint   meeting
between   the      city   council   nnd  N
Fire  Brigade as  reproduced  In
o. I
500, 8125 per annum; over    500    and paper,  I was somewhat  startled     lo
less   than      1.000,   J300.   The   transfer find  thai  J. .lainieson.  no doubt car -
lue is ?15.     No license shull be grim- ''"'d  away by the happy  understand -
ted within     300 feet,    inensiireil along inB arrived at by  the Council nnd the j
nnj     travelled     way,   ot an existing Vm     Department     nt   Baid meeting, \
church i.r public    educational institii- completely lost his head and mado tho
^M)tl sweeping assertion    that  "the polico-
_.,,,,.. , .     .     men were supposed to look after    tho
'lhe  wholc-a.c  license fee is      to    he
$!0li. with an inspection lee ol 815 in
the case of a new license. In ease of
i imnvnl lo oilier premises a transfer
of §011 will lie puyab'o in respect of
liuth wholesale and hotel license-.
In the niuiti'i" of unlawful  sales     it
is enacted  that   no hotel  licensee shull
s\n\\ SHOE « I.I TV
tine oi ihe best tramps held by   the
SUi mnl Snow  Shoe Club,  this BonBon
was inade this    week, twelve member*
uud live dogs turning out.
The parly assembled at tho residence
oi Mr. nnd Mr-. Vi. II. Pratt, and nil
the trail alone; lhe Big Bond vouil as
far a- lhe old log house al the entrance oi ihe Columbia Canyon,
The recent heavy fall of snow made
travelling very laborious, but excellent   lime  was  made.       Sealed
Eggs for Hatching
ICggs for hatching Irom the follow -
ng imported pure bred stocm
S. C. Rhode Isluiul Reds.   82.00.
Silver l.nced Wynndottcs,—J'J.IMI
Burred Plymouth Bocks,—12.00
S. C. Bull Leghorns. -82.00
Cornish Indian Gumi'.-fcl.OO
White Crested Blaok Polish,  J-2.00
l'.mden tlease.—8.1.00.
Imperial  l'ekin Duck.-.--81.75,
Al-o stock from  the  above for side.
MRS. tt. A. TUPl'ER.
wns  uppi
men were supposed I
fires before Mr. Hide;
but never did it."
Now, if such Wa- really lhe ease .
what wns the Chief of lhc Fire I'ii -
gado doing in not reporting the Constables either to the Chief of Police
or Police Commissioners for neglect
of duty.?
1- it really true that  up till Iho time
of   Mr.   Haley's   appointment,   for    six
months out of every twelve, lhe eh
cal engino    mighl
'.   been on the scrap heal
a roaring lire    in lhe cabin the parly
enjoyed a     good    lunch, and after   u
rest a move was made for home, which
mod , |was   reached   about   4.30   p,   m..  every'Central Ofli
'one  boing      tired      oul   by   the   heavy
Local examinations    in   Theoretloal
Music ior nil grades     will lie   held on
APRIL 13th 1010.
Local practical examinations     conducted by Ur. 11.     ('.  I'errin nnd     nn
Associate Examiner      lor     nil centres
from Vancouver lo     Winnipeg)      held
round 'from Hay 2nd. to May 21st, 1910 star-
time   to   should be naked  to  resign In- pi
someone who will  take the
see   lhat   those   under   him
sell, give, or barter any liquor, or
permit these ads, io any person apparently under the influence of liquor,
liny miner. any Indian, any habitual
drunkard or "any chuulTeur operating
nny vehicle propelled by power am
intended and plying for the onrriago
of passengers for hire"
l.ltjl Ott DEBTS.
Pari 2, which, with the balance of
the ail. applies to lho whole province,
deals with agents, railways and stea -
mors. Commercial travellers and all
agent- soliciting liquor orders in tho
province shall pay an nniiual license
foe of $200; dining car licenses,   which
mu-; be taken oul for each ear. cos'.
$Tiii: steamer licenses arc placed at
Part   '2 declares  lhat   no debt   incurred ior liquor -hall be recoverable at
law  unless contracted at one
the amount of *."> or more.      It in forbidden  to take any pawn or pledge by
way oi  security  for  lhe payment of a   their duly.
liquor debt,     the penalty being     810     Thanking
for any such pledge.
Sunt ty  closing  ni bar-  i-  I
foctive all over the provini o
Municipal bylaws will govern   ..-   ii
the   i'M'.   but   where   liie   lev.-. -    ,.:•
under   Llu   governmenl   directlj      bar-
must   b.   closed inun   11   o'clock   Salu
day nights until  1 o'clock ■■■!  Monday
mornings.     Any bona    lide traveller,
"who arrives a',  the placi   ,:.
tlie hold    i- situate   by   inj  r..
mean- ol conveyance ii   thi   ■ r ■ -.
tiol'       r   upon   the   ten:
gular    journey"   can ha'
meal-,  hut nut   otherw
vide'i.     howe> m      thai
travellii g I
of conveya	
-  \S V-IIIV.   lllll  M
b I i
travelling in  the fresh,  soft und   deep
The .-pons in connection with     the
'mi [son und Moj
iu-l   a- well  have
Rossland Carnival on Friday included  ""'t'011
boys- jumping competitions und race-.
horse     and   dog race- nnd the     open
challenge hockey match between Nel -
This gome wus   very
evenly contested, lir-i  one team being
ahead     and then      lhe other.      At  the
call     of lime    lhe teams stood even
six  goals each.   An extra  ten minutes
wu-,   therefore,      played,   and      Nelson
-cor,,I the deciding point.
Buchanan won the    Hudson
I  served for two winter-  on the  lie
velstoke Police  i'orce.   and     an  hone-1-
ly sny thut during the Irosty weather,
wleiiever there wu- eoal. there wu- a
fire in No. 1 rile Hall and on one
ocension when the bottom of the
stove burned oui. lhe Chief of the
Lire  Brigade got  busy, and on going   V'A-   Cu«' nt  ll"' N"'~"" bonspiel
on duty the next   night,   I  I I a now    ^'I'l'"1  lho Vancouver rink.
stove installed and a l'o.. burning,
I consider i;   is  up  !■•  Mr. .latnieson
to publicly withdraw   hi.-  hasty   state- 1
men:, or else prove   thai   lhc I'l,iei   ,,f      Bj   thi       New   Zealand mail,  received
No.   I   Lire  Brigade  hu-.  during      the   Saturday,     Mr-.  Vi.  A.   Morris,     and
pa-:  .car-, taken -o little interest   in   Mi--  McLean  n ived particulars     of
the     safety     of    th,-    publii   thai   he   lhe       wreck of the       Union
'uip.iio -
le io   Waikare al  Dusky Sound,     on       the
'il'l        out     -011111  We-:     ..i-l   ,,f  \'ew  Zealand.  Tllis
i- tic great holiday  louring gro ado!
a.  M, ial     country     during    the summer
kindly inset I months,   ind on board the steamer at
ini; a wrong. I ren ■   wreck were Mrs,   Mc-
"t '-I-   ■■ irni     .     iter oi Mrs.
. ,!,. JOHN   -   SOTLEi   w     ^    Morris  and  Mi--   McLean.  With
■ M. ■     . hildren     ami  two
d».        Tie-  steamer had nu.  onto
and   H i-    i   total
i quarter of ai   hour.
the passenger* -md the
■ il being oil
it  all theii      relrj
■ :      in
• were
British Columbia's Market
un envi .
■    i
Minstrel Troup
ting ut Vancouver,
Application Forms, filled in and accompanied by fees, must roach the
Montreal on or be -
fore April 1st 1910. Forms arc obtainable from ('. M. MoFarluno, General Secretary-, :\23 Sherbrooke St., W.
Information about the yearly exam-
for diploma of Licentinte
nnd degree of Mus, Bac can be obtained from  '.he General  Secretary.
What Our
Means to You
IT means that Lie flour con-
taiiteil in bag's and barrels
so trade-marked is decidedly
whiter, :t great deal stronger
and more nutritious than
other Hours.
it means mat the flour hasbeen
properly a;icd to mature its
full strength.
It means
"More bread
and better Bread"
and better pastry, too.
.-'1 !■ ■    drunken dehaui h,
any pe
ipior the
trimei nr those deperi
del I   tranir
fhere are two s< .
the giving of notice of       prohibition
.   power of prohih
iu ii o hai I    n dent a
I  I . ial    pole"      i, ,.   ,,,   ,„.,.lor   of   li        'lie   I
censed pren ises or thi poii i
of any     municipalilj ,
satinli.'d that  nn;   pel on tvi        '
pro .
0   Ik'
It means elimination of un
certainty—"your money back"
if Purity fails to givo entire
Cnstsmorethan theothcr kind,
b ii 'vorth the difference.
tern < (uitda Flour Mills Co..
■      t    11, S 'ANMim.
.     -! d..i
Scotch Whisky
A Genuine Highland Whisky.
There are hundreds ot brands of so-called
"Scotch Whisky."
Many of these are not genuine.
For your health a sake, confine your choice
to standard brands ; use a whisky of recognized
Watson s Whisky is one of these; distilled
in the Highlands of Scotland—the district
acknowledged to he the best in the world for
whisky distilling.
We age our Whisky in Sherry wood, and,
after careful blending, it is bottled in our warehouse and sealed with an adhesive capsule
bearing our name.
Every such bottle carries with it our unqualified guarantee of purity and quality.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"—A mill. thorou|jMy miturtj Scotch.
"NO. 10" —A lull.bolieJ. ticMy (lrvored Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited -  Dundee.
Don't Be Caught
Another cold   snap coming.
Car of^Good Lump Coal from Leth-
bridge just in.   Order now.
P.   O.   BOX   32
PHONE   248
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
171 h.
m ,,;
tha i i.   In.
twoen ii imtl J
drinking  nf   liquoi   mi   pnni        tt ite l,,"ri'      '
or le*-' ns     his estate or inju
health m   nndnngei    oi   int< i rup
pein-e     and happiness nf his Inmi "     '
The noxt section five    thi    [n.wer   in n*«" '■■> t-hl i \l   f     \
nny court of nummar)  iurisdiction. ',,,r thi     ,■ Ipatwl        I illn     will
Breach of nny of iho provisions   ol "'"" '",!|t"' ''"' onlj     aboul I  o race iiii II [.   m, All
the set nr nny    o(Tonoc under ii     ir ^': handled, howovei       nothl iuoaIoiI
punishable by a fine of not  loss   than "l.'"1"    oass      of     Hum i   Colnmbin   to hand li   :. card   il  tho d      wiih
fldO nnd not more than 1300, or   in prunes,    and aboul  1215 earl the]i   name mnl oharactei   rij
dolault to  imprinonrnenl  for  nol  more ftPPlei. mitten OB i1
Palace Restaurant
McKenzle   Avenue
Krin'.' ■ndiec,Cigan,Tob_ceo.
MohIh 35 oentt.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
lle|inlr» of sil kinds noslly iniT'ed on
I ■. i < • y 11" and 'inn work a specialty
I   L!mates ufven nn nny iIiih"
of work.
Front    Street
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
EnlirRt'il anil Improved.    Kirst-Clasn in every rpHpect.    All modern conveniences
I.artte Sample Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Tinimithinii, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and Furnace Work
Connau.lit Ave.   -   Rovolstoke
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs. WEDNESDAY, FED. 16th, 1910
Pngo 7
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock §f printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
oTVlenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c^lccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
The l.ahor
ih ■ Dominion
I    "The nttitu
flji' Hallway
Uniln>nd  ^,-
Gazette, publis
Government say
de of  ||l(l C'liMliiii I'*-
Company towards     the
tl,   C.   A.,  is  l,>,.i'i1      o!
I„. attitude ol hiiisl of tin- ""'■'' '• '"
Way systems ol Nonll AfflfeH '■'>'
wards lho Association. Tho iwlgeiiries
of ill.' railroad Bervice make i in 'os -
sary in some instances tlm -hiv- ,
yards, lorminals, ote., where 'nrj/e
nu.'uhors of ini'ii are employed, and
divisional points where einploj
lml,.i lay over .ii il"' I'lul of thoir
runs -lio.'1'1' ' stublishod in sparely sottlcd localities in which condor.-
:.|>I.- living
ipul reason for
of this niovi'in.'iit is no doubt this fact
, ,\\fjtd\ each RssoelnUon i's an organiaa
'   tion ol lhu men themselves, Conduct*
vf diversion
ililf form
ned.   In n  boo.1'1"1 entitled
Work" irhiuii has  l"''" published
..ml   do
uniii it   hi1
li siaii'il that boarding house*<yero
erected by that Company and given'
over to individuals who made what
thoy could oul of them, but, that as
this had nol proven altogether satisfactory, the Company was trying an
experiment with tho Railway department of the V. M. C A. li is further added in ihis booklet ili.it tin'
satisfactory working of one building
ni lievelstoke, !'•. I'., during the past
two years, hud induced tin: Company
io increase the number of points nt
which these buildings ure established.
In addition to tin' comfortable anil
commodious building at Itevelstoke ,
11. ('.. Schreiber anil Chaploau, tint.,
iln' Canadian Paeilio railway has recently erected anil furnished a build ■
ing ai Ki'iiora, tint., costing 860,01)0
and  a lifth building at White Uiver .
(im..  costing aboul   $27,        Tin's.'
buildings have been given to the Y.
SI. ('. A., lo operate because of its
unselfish purpose to bo of service to
railway  inon without financial  gain.
The general plan on which these
buildings are operated is ns follows :
The Uailway Company makes a month
lv appropriation sufficient to cover
the salary ol the secretary, in addi -
lion io providing light, heat, repairs,
etc, the iin'ii paying a leo of -So which
covers use of bath, reading room and
general soi ial privileges of the build -
ing. They pay $1.25 a week for room
ami 83.40 a week for board. The operation of ihe building is in tne   hands
of a local eoiiiiiiiiti mposed ior lhe
most pari   of railway men.
On liie
there Mould <vvm to Imi in all no fewer than sixteen associations, as follow.: Island Pond, .Montreal, Niagara Kails, Fort Hrie, Toronto. Spa-
dina Avenue, Toronto-Fast, Toronto-
Alimico, Stratford, Sarnin, Port Huron, Durand, Chicago-Edison, Chicago-
Dearborn Station, Ailandale, East
Deering ami Bridgeburg.
'lhe interest, which has been taken
by the Grand Trunk Uailway Company in the work of the railroad Y. JI.
C. A. has found expression in the following published letter of Sir. ('has.
M.   Iluys:-
"Wi believe that the railway Y. M.
C. A. has been and is doing a very
neeessniv work for the social, mental wa8 good
and physical improvement of our em- poses
ployees, ami because of this opinion,
(he Grand Trunk Uailway Company
has contributed to Doc. 31st, 1907 the
sum of N7-,7.r>S, toward tbe construction, enlargement ami Improvement ol
the fourteen associations located at
division points on our system ol railways..'
Tin- Coinpnny is also contributing a
large sum per annum towards the
expenses of i
I'*'? thei*, and in tlicir interest, alone.
Generous appropriations have boon.
made by the railroad compani*. towards the erection, cpiipuicni atul
maintenance     of the  nooessftVy  build
i. <       ;.'    kui  l)ui _wu |l'ei)!««U
■ ngs   ami  stall,, '
ves    hate home      also      au  important
share of  lho expense.
The work of ihe Kailroad V. M. fc,.
A. has now been developed to so general an extent ih.it it has been rooog-
nizi'd. iu the words of President Mc-
Cren, of tin- Pennsylvania Railroad,
as "a permanent institution" and "_
most important ^flttor iu general rail-
mail worl," In a leiicr written by
the Senior Vice-President of the New
York Central System ii is declared by
him that "the contributions   of     tl*
Railroad  Company  have  I n   among
the roads have made." Sir. Ceo. ,J.
i Gould, l'rcsident of the Gould lines,
writes: "During tho past ten yean.
we hnvo helped establish the Railroad
\. SI. I'. A. ill thirty points on our
lines. Our employes are very appreciative of ihe benelifS derived from
these organizations, anil we regard the
money expended a- a good investment."
'I li.. foregoing statements an- representative ii iln- general altitude oi
lhe railway officials of Korlh America
towards ihe Railroad Y. SI. C. A.
This work is now established in Canada, the United Males ami Mexico,
railroads comprising over eighty jier
cent of iln- railroad mileage in these
countries. It  has  lhe  loyal support
of all   railroad   men   and   lhe      hearty
support  ni ihe corporations.
lhe work oi 'he Young Slen's Christian Association hus been carried intw
many branches of industry, and the
following tribute has recently bean
paid bj • l nls'c Elbert II. Gary", Chairman l'liii.i of Directors, United States Steel Corporation, in il.e Bervioa
which the association has rendered
to American industry.
1 am glad to declare my belief in
ilu- advantages of having a Young
Men's Christian Vssociation in an in-
dustrial community a- tending greatly
to the building up of nu- character of
the men. aid therefore increasing their
efficiency." One of the branches of
work in which tic Y. M. ('. A. has
been found nf very great practical service i- the railroad construction camp,
and it may In' of interest to Canadians to learn lhat on tic portion of
ihe Grand Trunk Railway now utuler
construction in the Provin f British Columbia a Young Men's Christian Association Set n lar.v is at work
among the men, am1 lhat the contractors. Messrs. Foley, Welch & Stewart,
are bearing th- expense involved.
Poultry Raising
Poultry rais,n_ i- fast becoming    »
popular industry  in  lievelstoke,      and
whereas     iln- common barn door fowl
inough   for ordinary pur-
' I ail     ila\ s, now  thr
thoroughbred i i-i.i  after, and very
perfect strains too. Since the inauguration oi the Agricultural Society in
Itevelstoke poultry breeding has received considerable impetus, and at
the preseul .It., there are a number ol
hnal fancier- wiio L.", in for particular
breeds, ami for raising fowls on the
latest -- lientifi   princip ■
Revelstoke can boasl of a large nam-
perating and maintaining 1>cr ol lirst class poultry farms, and
these associations, with the belief that among them that owned by R. A.
the indirocl boneBl in n financial wnj 'l'!"1. is "" I "> hi irticle si par-
is in excess of Uie umounl expended, Hoularly interesting,
because     of ihe better condition     of      Mr. Upper's ranch is situated     near
tho race  truck,  Coltunb'a Park,      ana
contains    well      over "IHI chickens     of
various breeds,  including pure strain*
of our mil   ml.I 'in-  "' Plymouth Barred Rocks, Silver Lm
ed Wyandotte*, Rhode island Ited*.
Indian Game, Bull Orpington, Whit*
and  Buff Leghorn,  White ami dented
'■in nnui, both mentally anil physical
ly, io perform their duties in connection wiin ilic operation of oui trains,
(he maiulennni
service generally."
(Sgd.) ('HAS.  M    HAYS
Second \ ii'• Pros, and Gen. Mijr
In a booklet entitled "Efficiency and l'l'"k Polish.    Sum.. ,,i tba bird.  ar»
Dividends," Issued by the railroad de Imported, and    oome from thorough-
partmcnl of I'"''1 Ht'"l>
THE INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE ''I"" run i- divided iim sections,and
of the S.     M.     C. Associations   tea M kept scrupulously .lean, (rash,   Mrs.
timooy is borne by iln- president, ol Upper taking a keen interest in     the
tho most     important railway  systems welfare oi her poultry.      The birds are
on, (he N'orth A rican continent   to all extremely health}   ami of line siui
the value of the service whioh is he- and appoaranoe.
ing     performed     for  their  respective ^r-    Upper his also a number    oi
companies   by      the   Railway   Depart- Pr>'"' geese ami dinks.    Senial special
ment ol     the  Young  Men'    Chrl tian ettingi   ..i eggs from  ihe prise   white
Associations; and statistic also   fur- Orpingtons thai   recently fetched $1(1,-
iiishc.il  of  lhe  number "f   \    Delations, ''00, are     on the     way to lievelstoke,
ihe. membership,  the daily attendance consigned to Mr.  Upper.     The selec-
at llilil   classes and religious meetings tion of lu\cr-, ami  table birds is     ex-
ond.the     number and valuation     of  oellenl, and the wl  ranch is    jut
buildings devoted lo this work. ono of    many others     in this vicinity
ll   i    most  significant ..i  the   luccesa which arc well looked  after, and proof lhe movement  that  there are      in litable as an Investment,
exist •      in   Canada   ami   the  United Mr.   I p|»u   i- ,| .   ■•   ■., nvpert and i
States, ai  ihe present  tini", 22n mil - offering settings nf ihe in-st strains,so
road  Y    SI.  ('.   A.'s,  with  a member- that     locui fancier*  can here conven -
■hip ol ubout    85,800   and buildings iently replenish <u        ige theii stocks,
valued   it  $3,625,000.   due of the prin- or got a good start in poultry raising Page 8.
TllK \LAH,-t!__K_\Ll> KKVELSTOK'E. B. C.
p.i in
[First Shipment of New Spring Goods
New Dress Goods. New Zephyrs. New Chambrays.
New Colored Muslins. New Dimity. Cotton Suitings
New Embroidery. New Laces. New Victoria Lawns
at 10c. Per Yard. New Table Linen and Napkins.
New Towels and Towellings. New Lawn Waists and
Shirt Waists.
Don't Forget That Our Coupon Sale is Still On
One Ticket for every 50c. worth of goods purchased
First Prize—Sewing Machine, - Valued at $55.00
Second Prize—Silver Tea Set.
Third Prize—-Gold Filled Case Watch, fully guaranteed
Fourth Prize—A Grand   First Class   Marbleized   Clock.
D. McCarthy,     contrneloi   ioi      the |
school to bo built south of thi      Uie- .
rilliwaot, will start work on the building beginning ol next month.
It,,,,. ,1. J.. Turle will Hump the
country in opposition to Hen Bour-
jbbb who declares French Canadians
.,,-,. opposed lo granting anything to
empire defence.
]„ i, speeeh in the America! Con
gross, Senator McCitmhcr -aid thai a
Dakota steer bough! Ioi >'" cosl the
consumer $2,500 by the time it reached the consumer's (able
M Kaslo, vhii, n ne- little Johnny Keeiic hi' control ol hi- sleigh ,
and went through tho guard rail ol
tbe trestle. He fell twentj leot and
waa unconscious when pii ken   ip
M a meeting of Fairview Liberals
u resol ition wns passed prote linn
against the election ol Hon. W
Templeman as honorarj vlce-i residenl
of the Libei   I Associnl '      N "'
Hiving to liie prevail ni • ol i bie ■■
Ontario the provim ial govi i • ni nt
have ordered that nil dogs be kepi
muzzled Fi rt)  om   pcrsoi
been bitten by sup] I     n ' ' ■1"'-'' •
Mid are Under tli ■
\\l„., lie boo       Mr.  31
chain:,  i.      oi  Hi"  Hi
Board,  took  thi   op|
tiiiL'   ■ li irm  '
ol operati
will be abh   to
the school  boai I some
-   l*i"T
■i :
■   I
.     ■
To those who have not yel given Parity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
(From our own correspondent.)
A Bible t'lass has been organised be
the people in connection with the
Presbyterian church, to be held each
Sunday afternoon, with Mr. McAllister
,is president, and Mr.  Dallas, teacher,
Wo iil-n learn with pleasure that the
church is to have Installed Iwo gnso-
line lamps which uiil lie a decided improvement OVOr lllO llilil liejlls which
have been in (inc.
II.   Kirk,   secrelary   of   I he   Bit.   llend
Lumber Co., is away to Ontario una
business  I rip in connection with     his
company .
A meeting ol lhe representativoi "f
ihe uiil Arrowhead Lumber ('"., Ltd..
was held here iiii Saturday. Somo of
(hose present were "Messrs. Frnsor,
Meredith. Avery  and Gibbons.
IV. I'ai'i"ii is expected to liuish hit
contract with the Bowman Lumber
Compauy within  the next  two  weeks.
R. II. Smith, local oontrnctor, will,
In about ten days, brine |o a clnso a
very successful season's logging al Albert Point.
Miss Anderson, who has been spending the winter willi Mrs. F, II. Hall,
of this place, leit for her home in
Seattle un Saturday, and a goodly
crowd gathered at the depot to say
good bye i" one who has mado many
friends during her short stay here.
| The usual glad Bmilo which, under
no other circumstances can be made
to appear, nou' plays on the countenance of our popular friend L. A. Dodd.
—Its a girl.
Come lolltgllt anil see the famous
Mad Miner of ihe Rock) Mountains at
the Edison.
All home mountain scenery  in     lhe
Mad Miner ul  the Edison tonight.
I:   11    Tnl- man i   hero aud will   be
al  tho Studi" mini Tuesday, March  I.
The  Maundrell  Meal   Market  are ar
ranging   i"  "!M,t'   up   'everal      bi       I
Lore    '    tin rior.
It  is estimated    that damage   launs
md lot   ol propcrtj us a result "f the
Weiibw ! wreck on the C,  I'   II   will
om   millioi
Don't forg R   M    R    Dana   in
the drill bull on fht,  Feb'y.
IS     .
.. iph I I .    In
'     .        .
0. II. V IWIkie and Rupert Haggen
left on Sunday for survey work
round Fori George.
Miss Anderson, of Vancouver, is
vituting her .nun Mr . (*. F. Lindmark.
Mrs. 1'. Caley left for Vancouver on
..   ' ighl with I" i  daughter Flor-
who nill und. ren an operation
For appendicitis.
•    l    K Ip.'itri.k, w!c> a| present
i mrters at   Vancouver,    ar -
rived in tho    city from the Bouth   on
I . li. |,- tion \ isil    over
tl ■   I i mn.
'■' "f * '.it ■ ross,  Yukon,
and ■ ■.;. tap,  i, on a vi
er Mi-. K. II. Bourne.     Mi.
istoms agent .,i
s      \ '■( II-
boi ■ Ij   join   M .      Sim -
me in
" i
. i    pro-
■   ich  will  I-
New School District
II. T Hay. who is secretary to the
new Bchool district boing arrangod for
between the cily and the settloment
east ot the [lleeilliwnet, informs ns
that it is proposed to place the new
school between the eastern boundary
of the City and the llleciliiwaet, and
he expei ts arrangements to be completed shortly for the erection ol the
Bohool. This will, with the school on
the east bank of the Columbia river .
givu two Schools on the east and
south of tlie city, and the territory
adjacent thereto, and wijl relieve the
city .school of the cost of pupils liv -
ine; east and smith ci the city boundary.
Steps will also be taken to get a
s.'h""l at  Big Eddy.
The Mad Miner To-Night
Tonight there will be put on at the
Xew Edison Theatre one ol Selig's
Famous Mountain Pictures, entitled
The Miner. This i> one of the most
realistic mountain and mining sceues
ovei shown here, beautifully photo-
graphed. The balance of the programme will be up lo class. This
will be repeated Thursday night.
I..-1    Finnan Haddie, Halibut,
Kippered Herrings, Holland Herring,
Labrador Herring, Boneless Cod.     at
ild Furniture,—Apply !■   U i
('. Vi. Bodan, Tl Ird St., ECai t, I ,
£axt tive Cold Cure
i   'I
25C. U   &0X
Bews' Drug ^Stationery Store
.    rn   ii    mu k
,i   ni'.- it
'     I'    M      I ,
i i   'J i ii
I i ..Ij.r   on
'■''        s»ie i      'c   ,' imi   ol   Mi    and |
Mi i. F. 1    Wel    while m, hn  way to .    Vn entin
tiro    I "i   Mia the IMI ...
I'll 1.
.     '-
Thursday Night
FEB. 17. 1910
Lady's Prize,
Golden Slipper Pm Cushion
Gent's Prize. Briar Pipe
Comic Prize, Kodak
Girls' Prize, Work Bo.
Boy's Prize,     Collar ind Cuff Bo<
Skating until 11 o'i
after Relay Race
Hand in Vour Name
Shoe Talk
Nothing is prettier or
gives a well dressed woman more satisfaction than
a dainty shoe such as this.
While wearing it she is
conscious of a perfectly
dressed foot, always associated with comfort. We
have many other styles of
the Empress Shoe for
Women. It is always a
pleasure to show them.
"Classic" Shoes
For children have proven their worth, and those who have
been buying them say they are the best and cheapest shoe
for children that they have had. They are made of the best
stock, with stylish, good fitting lasts and you will liud them
the highest quality at the lowest price. From infants to
growing girls sizes at prices to meet the popular demand.
Buy -'CLASSIC" SHOES and you will be satisfied.
A lot of our Spring
stock of shoes is now oil
our shelves and we will
be pleased to show you
how well we can tit your
purse and foot. You will
find this a much more extensive showing than
usual, comprising a full
range of shoes and Oxfords for the Spring and
Summer wear, including
some very pretty shoes,
pumps and Oxfords in
grey and tan Suede.
In addition to the
well known "Empress"
Shoe, for which we are
sole agents, we have a
number of other first-
class lines, including "the
CANADA " and you will
find these lines are splendid fitters and give you
every satisfaction in appearance anil wear.
Empress shoes sell at
$3.0n $3.50
$4.00 $4.50
and $5,011
Everybody Invited to a Free Cup of Tea
(5. TO. Bell
Grocer an6 Saftet
•Phone 53.        P. O, Box j1^
0.-_-— 'ay
Ladies' Blouses at Sale Prices
I MRS. A. G. CRICK, First Street j
Choice Groceries
A full and complete line of Choice Groceries now on hand. Our prices are
right.   Orders called for.
General Merchant*


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