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The Mail Herald Apr 17, 1912

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' ^
"Empire" Tyiyewnter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $G0l
.Interior Publiamng Co., Agts.,
-  J
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
voi. is no. ao
REVELSTOKE. B. C. APlilu 17 1912
$2.EOPer Year
Malleable    50c
Steel    75c
The Very Best      ....$1,00
~t*r and Short    Handle
b,     ilat        85c
Ot     makes    $1.00
If you want a nice, smooth Lawn, one that you
will be proud to show, ROLL IT. We have three
sizes, at  $18, $22.50, $25
Garden Barrows, removable sides $4.50 and $5.00
Plain Stave Barrows  $4 and $4.25
Long and short handles
Garden Trowels 15c
Garden Hooks 20c
Cultivators, Seeders
Combination Drill and
Single Wheel Hoes
Horse Hoes and Cultivators
From        .    75c. to $7.00
111 ft. long   $1.60 to 1450
Short handled, all steel
.    ..-10c
all the best makes
Lime and Sulphur, half
gallon, 1 gallon and iiv^
g'tllon cans.
In l lb. tins as recommended by the government.
Agents for " DE LAVAL" Cream Separators
Plumbing      Steam  Fitting     Tinsmithing
Millionaires and Paupers Go to Their Death When
White Star Liner Titanic Goes Down - Many
Canadians Believed Perish-Most Terrible Disaster in History of Mercantile Marine
NEW YORK, April 1(5—Reports received here up to noon today
at the ollices of the White Mar Steamship Company indicated that
1(5111 persons were lost in the wreck of the liner Titanic, which
collided with an icebarg at 10:25 o'cl ink Sund:iy night and sank off
the Newfoundland coast at 2:20 Monday morning, less than four
hours after the accident.
The survivors, numbering 8(5(5 persons, mostly women and children, now steaming for New York on board the liner Carpathia, are
all that remain of those, including passengers and crew, who
sailed aboard the Titanic on its maiden voyage from Southampton
last Wednesday.
P. A. Franklin, vice-president of the White Star Company, admitted here to-day that it was impossible to give the correct list of
the survivors, as it was evident that the Titanic's officers had
shown no preference in transferring women passengers to the
Carpathia, women in the steerage being given an equal chance with
the wives of the millionaires in the lirst cabin
The hope that additional passengers had been picked up by the
Virginian and Parisian was shattered today when wireless messages received here announced that these two vessels had arrived
on the scene too late to be of assistance.
Not more than a score of male passengers are believed to have
been saved, the men evidently insisting that the women and children be trrnsferred first to the Carpathia. The identity of those
rescued, however, cannot be definitely determined until the Car-
parthia arrives here or sends a revised list of the survivors by
Colonel John Jacob Astor, Benjrmin Guggenheim, Isidor Straus?,
Colonel Washington Roebling. J. P. Thayer and George B. Wid-
ener, all multi-millionaires, are believed to have gone down with
the Titanic.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Orflo-a-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches ur Agents nt all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United Suites—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First NiMnnal Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Si-inn. •• -.1 Hank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bam.. >\i ikanu— Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch —A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
^<KH><KK><X>O<KK><KH>0<H><KK><><K> 0
by women passengers, placed at -$5,-
l ICO.000.
Value of baggage nnd mail, $2,0*00,-
Loss  from   probable  lawsuits      and
Titanic left  Southampton  on maiden   trip  April  10.
Just   before  leaving  port   narrowly
Fashionable Millinery
Latest Shapes and Styles
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
will refresh you with Its bright, spicy
llavor nnd (nigrum').     Sold   in   1   lb.
lend packages.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per lb.
P. O. Box 208 GROCER & BAKER
Phone No. 23
Charles M. Hays, president ol thc
(Irand Trunk I'acilic Railway, with
wife and daughter.  Daughter caved.
Hugo Ross, president ol Hugo Ross
Really Co.,  Winnipeg.
Mark Fartune, wife, son nn.l three
daughters, Winnipeg. One daughter
Major  Arthur  Pouchon,  Winnipeg.
Thompson   lleiittie,   Winnipeg.
Thornton Davison ami wife, Montreal.
Mrs.  K.  ('.  Douglas,  Montreal.
Mrs. James Baxter, Montreal.
H. M.  Molson,  Montreal.
Mr. and Mrs. H. .1. Allison, Son
and  daughter,  Montreal.
Mrs.  J.  ('.  Hobeboom, Toronto.
Vi. H. Harbeck, cinematograph operator.
That many Vancouver-bound pas -
seiigers were aboard the White Star
liner Titanic when she foun ler-.-d is
certain from the numerous enquiries
that are being made at Thc World of
lice regarding the fate of relatives
and friends.
Mr. Robert Douglas Norman, brother of Mr. U.S. Norman, of the real
estate lirm of Peers, Ramsay St Norman, of Hartley Chambers, was
known to be aboard the ill-fated us-
s.'l. Mr. D.R. Norman was bound
to Vancouver to v.sit bis brother,
with the intention ol taking up his
residence here. He hails from Edinburgh un.l is an electrical engineer.
It was only about three days ago
th.it Mr. fl. S. Norman received a
letter from his brother saying that
he  had  sailed  aboard  the Titanic.
Other local travelers thought to be
aboard thc vessel when she struck
.the Iceberg ofl the Newfoundland
coasl are the Misses Hannah and Nei
lie Charlton, sisters ol Mr. R. Chart-
ton oi sT:i Harris -tr-vt, Vancouver.
Mr. w.ii. Dick, ol the Sunset Lumber Co., is also anxious about     the
safety of Mr. A. A. Dick and wile,
"f Calgary, who are said to be passengers aboard   ihe sunken  liner,
In addition to these there is ol
course,  Mr.  T.   Mct'affry,  locui  man -
ager ol the Union bank, also Mr. J. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Sharpies, who it la believed accom- There must be money iu politics
panied Mr. M.-Caffry, having met him \ |n Bomc caBCB -A bentB the ncws.
In Parisl
escaped collision with liner New
Proceeded at top speed lor New
York, until she struck uu iceberg al
l*U-:ar> Sunday night, 15(1 miles south
of ('ape Race.
Titanic's wireless operator semis
out "S.O.S" calls throughout Sun -
day night, pleading for help at once.
Btoamcr Virginian ol the Allan line
pirks up call aud rushes to aid disnb
led vessel. Carpathia, Olympic, Baltic, I'nrlslan and other vessels rush
lo lhe scene but evidently arrived too
late to  be  ot  material assistance,
At 12:17 Monday morning the Tl -
lame's  wireless  station  was silenced.
Titanic, according to best oblain -
able Information, went down between
2 and  1 o'clock Monday morning.
All day Monday olllclals of the
White Star line gave out information
that, all passengers had been taken
oil and that the liner was being tow
ed to Halifax.
At S:5 o'clock Monduy night wireless from liner Carpathia reports
Titanic had gone down with all on
board except between BOO anil -bOO
passengers, mostly women and children.
At. !l o'clock Monday uight odlcials
of the White Star line give out messages confirming the report ol thc
greut catastrophe.
The    nortll     wind blew, [rom ,li-rgen
inysteel-shod  vanguards  go
I  chase     your     lazy whalers home
.from   the  Disko Floe,
By  the great North Lights above me
1  work  lhc will of God,
And     the   Liner    splits on the  icefield or the Dogger fills with rod
The  north   wind blew, in squadrons
the thoughtless galleons Ily
That   bear the wheat  and  cattle lest
street  bred  people die.
They     make     my night their po.i.er.
they  make my house  their path,
Till I loose my neck from their rud
dcr and  whelm  them  all   'n  my
I  draw  thc    gliding    fog-bank    as  a
snake  is drawn from the hole.
Tbey bellow, one to the other,   the
frightened  ship-bells  toll.
For dny  ie a  drifting terror  till      I
raise the shroud with my breath,
Then  they sec a white sh ipe »-'V0
them,     and are locked  In    the
jaws of death.
Garden Tools      Rubber Hose        Lawn Mowers
Carpenter's Tools,   Wire Fenoing and Gates
Bicycles or Repairs    Stoves    Paints
Fishing Tackle     Sporting Goods
Guns, etc., wo can supply you
..Grocery News..
Pink Salmon, 2 tins for   25c
Scotch Kippered Herring, 2 tins for        25c
Prunes, 2 lb. for   25c
Canned Schrimp. dry or wet, per tin     ._._„ 20c
Mellor's Worcestershire Sauce, for few days at 35c
Mr. Fred Manning ol Calgary, arrived in town last Saturday and in
company with his brother Mr. 11.
.Manning left again on Sunday for
Much Business Done-May Enlarge Fire Department
Petition for Sidewalk on First Street, South-
Grand Masonic Master Requested to Lay Court
House Corner Stone.
Sheet Music and all kinds of
Small cTVtusical Goods
Thu regular meeting ol the city
council was held last Friday evening
Those present were Muyor Sutherland
Aldermen McSorley, Abrahamson,
Douruc, barber and Howson.
The minute*- of the previous meet
ing were lead and adopti d. lt was
tin n moved by Aid. Howaun, seconded by Aid. Barber and carried, that
the Corporation accept the terms ol
the letter of the Acting Superintendent of April Dili,  11112, re the cost ol
er.b work to protect the weakened
I bank ou the llleeillewaet river, upon
tin- I Minis staled iii tlle letter, viz.—
$380, on the understanding that me
Corporation is released Irom any lur
iher responsibility. The City Olerk
then forwarded a copy ot this resolution to the Acting Superintendent
ol  lh-' C.P.R.,  asking lor a reply.
I Aid. Ahialiamsuli moved, seconded
! by Aid. llourne, that tin- city clerk
write to the Masonic Lodge and ie*
c|iii'st the (irand Master to lay tbe
corner stone ol the new court house
some time  before May  1st.
j On motion made the Oitj Clerk wiw
[Instructed  to write to Kamloops and
'ascertain if bbe eny has on band any
material  used  lor lue equipment, etc.
I A petition was presented by w. McMahon, signed by resident* on I lm
street,  requesting that  a si.lew ilk   be
laid  on  the south side ol Kirst   stieet
from McBatn'a corner to tbe   oornsi
of Wales street.     This petti    u    was
referred to tbe public wor'(s     con
Aftei several oi her matters "' Iiim
or  importance  had  been  dealt   with,
the council adjourned,
A Socialist Capitalist
Birthday Party
j paper business, iu fact wo do not
know of any business to equal tt
We cite the following examples.      In
1904 Mr. .). Hawthornthwaite was at
work on the roads ncur Nanaimo for
witl, the ship. Messages from :*-'-'<' P« <!<»' and « the truth were
.   path.1  stale  that  all    of    the'told,  glad  to  get that amount     for
St.   John's,      Nfld.,   Apr,l   16   Mr-
sages  from  Cape  Race seem  to indicate     tbat a large     majority of the
men      who were on  tin* Titanic went
In  nched  bv the Titanic     have, his   day's   work.   Kight   years   after
accounted for, \VMi»    *»    '">* pollttcs to one abb-
The     Titanic     catastrophe    is  the   and   proudly   boasts of the    comfort
greatest marine disaster   in tunc of.aj'le ■«» "' HW.000. No wonder the
peace, In the history ol    the world
Call and Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ave,
The loss In lives and money, according    to  the    I'est  obtainable  reports,
ll    .,S   follows
Lives lost—About ISOO*
i'"-st  to build Titanic—$10,000,500.
! woods are lull ol "hot air artists"
'when it pays so well. So much "unearned Increment" cannol he good for
a Socialist, and m luct we hae' our
doubts about HawHiornthwaitc lH!-
ing a Socialist  any longer.  He must
Estimated  value of     jewel- carried miNly belong to the capitalist class,
Last Monday evening the homo of
Mr. and Mrs. Unwind Mi Hue. Third
street, waa the hcoiio of much jiivi n -
I lie gaiety, the occasion lieing u birth
day party givon in honor of then
young daughter Jessie, (lame- of
all kinds were played and refreshments were Horvcd, there being about
thirty little giic-ts. The girls were
In the majority thus providing a
partner for each llttl* boy and still
there were some of the little lady
guests to spare.
As un entertainer for her age, Miss
.Icssim appears lo have lieen (|UltC
ei|iml to thc occasion as one and all
of the little guests appear I" have
only good Words to say ot their
youthful botteSS, whose (IM, effort as
all entertainer wus crowned with such
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd,
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Boys' Spring Suits
We have a larger stock to
choose from than ever we
had in Boys' Clothing
Boys  Double-Breasted Suits
made of imported English
and Scotch Tweeds	
Prices-$5 to $14
Boys' Buster Brown Suits
in very pretty styles, suitable for the little fellows.
Prices-$-t.50 to 85c.
Boys' 2-Piece Suits
Double-breasted, made of
best Worsteds
Prices, $5.50 to $15
Boys  Odd Pants
Bloomer Styles. Prices,—
iH)c. to $1.75
Boys Soft Felt Hats
Prices,    $1.00, #1.25. $1.50
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
ll-'OH   MALI-:   IIY
E. G. Woodland
E. P. Mclean
Best Strain of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and Partridge Wyandotte
P. O.  BOX   181 WEDNESDAY,  APRIL  17.  1912.
WEDNKSDAY. Al'IUL 17,  1U12.
Some Snaps in Local Realty
House and Two Lots on MacKenzie Ave
House and Lots on First Street	
House  and    Lot,  South-West    Corner
Douglas and King Street	
House and Lot. Fourth Street	
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Cupid lias again made    his appearance, ou Iho Aroow Lakes.   This time
led a somewhat dillicult part with
great care. Mr. D, G. Wood and Mr.
J. ('. Dow played well as Mr. Dalroy
nnd Hohson. Mrs. U. ll. Baird as
Clarice had a difficult part to mis -
tain,   and   played   it   naturally      aud
tho most interested parties were Miss well    Ml.g   rjarruthers made thc most
Olive  Vnuderhougb  ol Nakusp and Mr of Mrs. Tolman, the jealous and   not
Thomas Davidson ol Slocan Junction over young wife
The happy event took placo   in    the
(tbc fl&alMbevalfc
Jntertor publlebtnfl Company?,
J.  K.  JOHNSON,  Manager.
RALl'H G.   BCROTON,   Editor.
Including  postage to  England,  United States and Canada.
By the year (through postofDce) 12.50'
Legal notices 10 cents per line lirst
insertion, 5 cents per line each
subsequent insertion. Measuro-
meuts Noiipariel 112 lines mako
one inch.) Store and general
business announcements $2.50 per
inch per month. Preferred positions, 25 per cent, additional.
Hn th.-,. Marriages aud Deaths, 5Uc
eaeb insertion.
Land noth-es JT.50. All advertisements subject to the approval of
the management. Wanted and
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uatious wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics!
Wanted, 25 words or less, 25c.,
each additional line 10 cents. !
Changes il Btanding advertisements   must   bo   iu    by 9 a.  m..
on   the
but  eflorts
r on the ivt.irn
are being made
induce the delegation to come
lii'iu Calgary via tlle Crows NeS
line, in whicli cuse they would
routed via Nelson and Hevelstoke
the outward journey to tbe
coast, i
So fai   a.s the  Editor has been aide j
to  discover,   no  plans   nave  yet   been |
made  by  this city,  or by  lhc Revel - I
stoke Hoard of Trade,  to tender tho
visitors that welcome which all of us
wmild  like  to see extended   to   Ihem, i
ui   io  prepare  for  their reception in
the manner most calculated  l.o     im-1
pi .-ss   ilii-m   with   the  resources      and
advantages   of   our  city  und   district.
.Meanwhile time is pa-sing, and other
ril.es  arc  completing  elaborate     arrangements fur receiving  and  catering
to  the approaching  visitors.
If energetic action is taken, there
is yet time, for the Hoard of Trade,
an.I tbo City Council, to get in touch
with these influential travellers, ascertain the probable date of their
arrival at Hevelstoke, and arrange
tor tin- party to stop ofl, and to be
given a suitable reception in our city
Memorial Service at Hospital
Tuesday and Friday ot each week ! s„,uilly alternooi
to secure good display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters ot public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied by name ol writer
not necessarily tor publication,
but as evidence ot good faith.
Corresponded* should be briel.
The ousting t.c up aloug tin- construction ol the c.N.H. throughBrit-
.-!. Columbia,   uused by a strike am
I ,1  laborers,  is a ser -
.    is   matter,   and   Worth]   of   greatei    ■,.;,,,,„
A abort memorial service lor Miss
Eaton was held in the hospital on
Inst, lt had been
the custom ol -Miss Anton to assist
Mr. Clay In a short song service every Sunday atternoon, for the ben*»tit
of the sufferers In the down stairs
ward. This had always been much
appreciated and her songs especially
enjoyed. It was lining then tbat a
considerable number should gather
tbere Sunday afternoon and hold a
slmrt service In her memory. Two
abort addresses were given by Rev.
a, J. Chnve, pastor of the Baptist
cburcb and Rev. J. w. Stevenson,
pastor of the Presbyterian church.
Ou.iri-ettes and choruses were also
furnished   hy   the   Methodist   cbolr.
Mi.   Clay  spoke  a  few   words      and
Presbyterian cburcb at Nakusp. Tbe
ccrcmooy being performed by the
Rev. Allan Wilkie, while excellent
music, suitable for thc occasion, was
provided by Dr. Lavclle at the organ
The bride entered tbe church support
ed by her lather, who gave her away. She certainly looked charming
iu a gown of white satin while a hou
i|iiet ol white roses were the flowers
she curried.
Miss lietiu Vipond was bridesmaid,
and also looked charming in a dress
of pink marquisette over piuk silk.
She also carried a bouquet of white
Mowers. Thc groomsman was Mr.
Wndhani I'addon. After the ccre-
mooy the bridal party repaired to
the bride's home, whore a sumptous
breakfast was served, after wliicb
a reception to a large number ot
friends was held.
Tbe approach to the wharf was
most tastefully decorated with Hags.
The bride received many handsome
presents including cut glass, peppers
and suits by W. L,. Paddon, wicker
arm chair by Mr. and Mis. R. T.
Bulger; cut glu-s bowl, Mr. and Mrs.
Baird; curving set, J. Russell; dish
and spoon, Li. Tillctt; table linen,
Mr. and Mrs. R. Abbic; baud painted
china berry dishes, Mrs. .Moffutt and
numerous other similar ban Isomc
gifts which testily as ty the gieat
popularity of thc  bride.
This  was one  of tbc most fashionable,  weddings ever
the  Arrow Lake6
the  province.
and Miss K. Miteh-
11   was a very fetching maid.
A lew members of the Nakusp orchestra played incidental music. A
newly painted interior scene added
greatly to the dressing ol tho stage.
It is quite probable that on account
of its success, tne play will bc repeated at an early dnto.
On Tuesday evening, a very enjoy'
able Cinderella dunce took place, to
which the members ol "The Beauty
and the Uca-t" company and their
friends were invited by the ladies of
tbe Ladies' Auxiliary aud Dr. Heaton
VTI also Mr.  A.  L.  Muy's "Romany."  A
i i selection of   Scotch airs ou tho mandoline by Mrs. J. Shule,  brought the
1 lirst part o*f the program to a con -
A move wus now made towards the
supper room where a most tempting
spread was done full justice to. Mr,
C. E. Daniel being responsible lor thc
tasteful arrangement of lho i.u.le de-
I'ocutions. The ce.utre-pieco, a huge
and very reulistic bird's nest, tilled
wiih chocolate eggs, attracting bpecial notice, During the progress uf the
supper, Toastmaster Daniel proposed
the health ot tho King, which was
responded to by the singing i.l the
National Anthem, alter which au il -
lumiuatcd address was read by the
Sec.-Treas. of tbe Ladies' Aid, and
presented to Mr. Wilkie, with n large
number of signatures att.icu'j.l, the
presentation coming as a complete
surprise to lbe recipient. Various
toasts were proposed and responded
to. At conclusion of supper a collection was taken up resulting iu $7.00
being added  to  the funds of the uid.
Messrs. W. Uailey, W. Faulkner nnd
0. Blade opened the second pint ol
the program with a sereumiiu.ly tunny shadowgraph pantamlne, clcveily
carried  oul.
held not only on   Faulkner
but the iuterior of i "Tbe   Crooked
The ladies of the W.O.T.U., at the
Methodist church on thc hill, gave a
most enjoyable evening on Thursday
April llth. The program consisted of
an oratoriul contest for a medal presented h\ thc society, the (ollowing
ladies took part: —Mis. J.S. Crowell.
Mrs, Uillcy, Mrs. Gregory. Mrs.
Quanoe, Mrs. Gardiner. They all did
execdingly well, and the judges, Mrs
1.. .1. Edwards, Mrs. W. J. Williams
and R. A. Mossman, awarded the
prize to Mrs.  J. S.  Crowell.
One of the most successful enter -
taiuments of the season took placo
at West Denials on Wednesday even-
ling th*§ 10th inst., the occasion being
a farewell party given by the I'rcsby
terian Ladies' Aid in honor of Rev.
A. Wilkie, who is leaving the district
A concert formed the lirst part of the
program, which was opened by Mr.
Wilkie singing "Father O'Flynn,"
followed by a selection on the auto-
harp, very skillfully rendered by Mr.
' E. Faulkner, who waB also the accompanist of the evening, number
three was a recitation "Tbc Mouse
and the Robin," by little Miss Way.
' After which a humorous reading Iiy
Mr, 0, S. Daniel sent the audience
into roars of laughter. Miss Lilly
gave a recitatiou entitled
House." Mr. A. L.
May's song "John Heel" wus a popular number hiB encore being "Tit
Willow." Mr. Bailey, being culled up
on sang "Tcssie" und met with deserved applause. Mr. Geo. Faulk -
ucr's song and chorus "Where did
you got thai Hat" was a decided hit
"Loch Lomond" Mr. Wilkie's second
contribution, wus rendered with true
Highland linish. Miss Way Faulkner
sang "Willie Ray" very sweetly and
was followed by a clever recitation
by Miss W. Bailey, entitled " Wy
Dream," "Gene" Mr. H. Garton's
song was loudly applauded, as     was
Thc remainder of thc evening was
spent iu various gumes, dancing,
songs uud surprises; among thc latter the song of the Siillrugctie rendered in character hy Mrs. J. Sludo,
who wub arrested during thc encore
brought down the house, und at i a.
m. everyone agreed they bad thor -
oughly enjoyed  themselves.
D. Mongllo of Nelson, is spending u
fow weeks at the springs.
I W iu. Doyd has had a force of men
working ou the hotel and villas for
the pust iwo weeks, painting, etc. He
also has had all thc rooms renovut.
ed and now uiuttrcsses put on all tho
beds, which will bc a great hcuctlt
to his patients. The ladies and gentlemen's bathrooms also have boon
overhauled. Ho oxpect to leave for
the cast to introduce and sell tho
[.un.ms Halcyon mineral water.
Mrs.   W.   A.   Sturdy      and
spend  Sunday  at tho springs-
Mrs. Boyd expects in a fow weeks,
over two hundred and lifty small
chickens to be hatched. She also experts to raise turkey and geese ou u
large scale this summer.
R, A. Johnston, C.l'.H. agent, returned Wednesday alter spending his
vacation nt the coast cities.
Andy Wurd paid Halcyon a visit
Un   Monday.   April  Sth,   thc  annual
;football      match      between  thc  town
team and   the    cMpyard  boys,    took
place aa ,t waa the nrst of the Benson   tin-   boya   showed   lack  of  eondit -
ii.*ii  i,ut  nevertheless  ll  was a stubbornly contested  struggle.   The town
recalled the happy services with Hiss I boya won by a  small margin of two
All joined in the expressions LOB|,, the shipyard boys are not sat-
atteotlon than the subject has up to  ,,, ,ylll|1JlUl).  , pr-.y-,k (or the .-or*   „,,„,,, and Wlll challenge the team for
tu,  prcsotit   been  receiviug,  alike    by rowing  loved      ,.nes.    Such    unsellish L   t-.lm,. uter on.
the pui'i.c and tbe government. ,,,,,,  ngtHtu attendance in helpful ser i
It   is   of   the      greatest   Importance,   v,..   ;,,,.   ,*,„.      <i(.k      ,1Mil   llt*,h,IS lg  a       A   number  from   town   attended   the
a'uke  u> lho  wheat  farmers  of     the jgpicndtd  example.   As  a   teachei   and   masquerade   dance   at      Uurton      on
worker m,ss Baton   Thursday    evening   and   all spent a
toy   it   was  to      help   1'b'asaut  inn*
• ,   , .       \.:;i test, aiid to thc pro- I M „     christian
Columbia,  tbut  the  WBI 0M trhtut
■. twu uew trans Can otberff
h :..ir.  rallwayi   ;."»   building uctoss 	
tbis pi * *.ilJ be completed iu
tba    penlng ••; the Panama
tt   la  easy  enough to     des -
crlbe  tbe strikers,  a* a collection of
aud   agitators,   but   tbe    main
r.amely   tua    these  men ure do-
,, -. vital importance
-.*  individual and to our country
allowed  to   I*   pushed
a' xgruund.
In  our opinion,  the complaint
the ruiirual laborers, as to tbe    uu-
-,n.ta:>   col pltvalllni at the
i,<mp-    the   uujust   deductions      from
pay, tbe delays in payments, the skin .
t-       • .- workers     by employment
• :. irks,  .n tact the whole list of griev
.•Lees,  should  be thoroughly  invest.
»        aad as Em a« p«*s.bic n
ii tl.- camps aloug     tin- Canadian
'•   r«haii..    Ill   .:.   no    .-'it:   toot I
H&4    wbteb wi  n»>» ptn
.■■   «•
.  i i:nca iti.; • tbs O.T
I -at
. not bt provau
H  rkMg on Haiti       < onau*.' Uon,
lataly t$)
rt\ •**.*
'Iiougb     to
MtoTCi   tbeli  orders, may soon degcu
- 1 *»tf   ,Ut"   .11. >h.cl,   ua   a
i*' ltt«l I only  foi
«tid tbe lowest •! woikers    to1
engage ,n. und if these so called hums
thvreafUi   . .*■,-    tbt  ijucation
at,»t»   »bet bet   it   would uot   pay    In!
the long run,  t" enforce lbe r.-gulu •
Uona und  thus make the  vital  work
of  building our  railways a  lit  0CCU
patiou  for tin- average  working  man
to engage iu,  without  losing his aelf ;
reaped and health.
Sicamous Boating Club
innual matting of tbe   Arrow
Lake*   Igr     • Society
•    K - .*.* iday
.: officers  «»n elected
• -■•:•   • el.
\ lee  I'res.—L    J
nne '   tbe      la*
IS   .*.«■•   Lumoer
Co.   expect   •* . isy  seas'.n
A meeting waa held at     Steal
B. c on Ths.lay last,    to eontlder
tb   formation ,*i a boating dui
wn i   resolved     tbat -inch bt '■
with   the   nam-   of     Shuswap
Bo it.tig club, sii amoua   n   I
Mr. ll. A. Brown waa elect*
mi  l"te and   Mr.   ES.   I.    Berry      .1    1
elected secretary   I Ltdgtl
111-  i lull   will   hold
Sicamous  on  Friday.   May
*   ,'•>  food prizes will  bt forth
ng foi  tpaad .n motoi  and
- also water sports.
I' irther part.i-slar*.  will  !.<• announc
• .   it a later   lata
Big Clearing Sale
Consisting of Saucepans, Tea Kettles, Pots, Pans,
Wash Tubs. Wash Boilers. Fry Pans and numerous
other useful articles.
Sale commences to-day. If your kitchen is in need
of utensils call and look over my* large assortment,
from which you can select just what you need.
who has  btM
Large Timber Business
.    tprti -   i'i .ii  -m.**,i*i» ■
•'.••   iii'Uitu  -.f      Mm eh
inrh    .'
-pnrtm'nt of lands
tl      lfta.li   '-f   -h-' i.inHnn
•    . Howe
l.---'nse«    .sMUf-l   for    laiidn
■ in
tht      - • "'I' S,   i_'.",  with
■'   'iiii      |  gall ea,   I'iVtii.
■■■ it, |6M
conl  prospecting     licenses U,  $9,7(10,
ari  coal   proaptctlng  license  tiaiisf,*!
bm    *'  Ml     BoM    Utlit
The i'
irli.„.l   nnl       -vh'ti   com]
bave ii
id af*
K    o
I  I',   uu
Cards of 1 hanks
rt. I. M./"ii and family. wihIi t.,
tli.ilik timi Iritnda 'd Malakwa dis
Ir.rt for tbt PBpatby entendod to
tlu'in   on   tbt   '"-iup,on   "t   tbt    dentil
About  the end of this month.  HtT-
rintoke   will   have   tbe  oppoitun.ty  of
welcoming one ol the most important i
delegations which  buve ever     visited I
thn city    in  tin- persons of our bun
■ iii'l   principal   i.u"ineSHnien  of  Winm
|-eg.  Who are "tt  tbeir atiiuiiil  lour oil
tin     Western   proi Incta aad  Bl it I b
< >.|iim-.»       li   ||    not    yet     dWldtd
wbttbti  tii--     I't'ininiiit gentltmtnI
prill   all and stop "ll at     Hevelstoke |
•( Mrs, Mi/.on.
I desire to tiprtst my apprtclal on
to the citi/etiH irf Itevelstoke. and rs
pecially the Kire llnga.le No. 2, fol
tbt prompt nssistanie hi dried nl
the lire whuh destroytil the bink |inrt
of ni) MSidin i'. I alio WibIi to tl
l*i.en my thank" for wiidint- in Lit -
a I arm.
11. P. (.UMMlNtid.
I fan-,.i
the   Xmaii-'n   Uramal onlti
in **' \li   Robl   Abbti
m.i. h     CO| I   toi    ti'"'
11 '
Waa   taken   '.y   tin*    -
cotnpanj    ■* ral ■
Capt. Robt, Racket Mr, T   i'**-, I
tiiiadi.ih Dawaon M
Tlmotb; Tolman Mr   w. Hudson
Mi.   Halmy ,„   Mi     U
lloliHon Mr    I    I "*
' larlct Mis.   i- iii. :
Mrs.    T.   Tolman Ml i   I Bl
Knty Mimh  W    M
Mlai A   Mother
\s Oaptaln  Rackrt, Mr, T,    Raid,
looKtd nnd iiil'"l will. iiiiiI Kept up
Ins rcpiitiiiion iih an awful Inn. |g
iin-  piny   throughout.   Mr.   It.   Al.ll,*,
iih   nlilnliiili   lliiWHr.ii.    kept   lhi'   audi
Mice   in   i   on ll\   nir.oil   hy   his  i "inn nl
handling "I the part, mnl hit makeup
was excellent As Timothy Tolman,
Mi. rt. Hudson    guv*    nu   IxotUtnl
pltul   ol   i lun miii   noting,   .iiidhiiii'l
/. C. Hull, First Street, West
Miss Verna Felton
The Allen Players
FRIDAY-*'Tho Third Decree"
SATURDAY -"The Transgressor"
25c, 50c, 75c
s,i,* ,,i c   i-   m icilonsld'a Urn* Slmr
Spring House Clearing
Sash and Doors, Turnings, Lumber, Two Boilers,
Wheol Barrows, Derrick and Irons, Building Supplies
in Line of Cement,]Plaster, Lime, Roofings, Glass, etc.
One House, 8 Booms, with Baths, Furnaee, Basement,
Etc. All modern conveiiicnccs. Price Beasonable. Easy
Two Six Boom Houses, Bath, Furnace, Modern Conveniences.
A Five-Boomed House with Bath, Furnace, Basement
and all modern conveniences.
All above dwellings situated on
Third Street
For Prices and Terms apply"to
GEO.   D.   SHAW
P. O. Box 295,  Revelstone, B. C.
Inland Revenue Standard for Cigars is 22 lbs. per
1,000. By statistics our Union contains 25 lbs. per
1.000. That proves quantity! What about quality ?    Ask the Smokers and Try One yourself.
Royul Mail Steamers Sailing Every Saturday
Ni-w Triple-Screw New Triple-Screw
*S. S. Laurentic S. S. Megantic
'Turbine ami Reciprocating i nrin. ■*
Lait wonl lu shipbuilding.   Blectric Ulevaton,   Rlectric lleaten,
Skilli-tl OrcllCltra. Win-less iiiiii Deep Sea|Si^nal Apparatus
FIRST-CUSS, S92.50.   SECOND CUSS, S5S.7S.   THIRD CUSS, [S] $32,50
Comfort at moderate rate* by exoellent
one-olaas (I li Cabin eervloe.
S. S. Twin-Screw 'Teutonic     S. S.jTwin-Screw Canada
fitii teet lung. SH (eel Iciik
"hardest, lastesi steamer Canadian Mverpool mie-elass (II) cabin service
Best accommodation given 150 up, ihird-claaa(closed romus) *.M 25
Company's Ottlot Rooms "B" Snlley BuildlnK, Second.and Chtrry SU., Seatllo
A. G. BROOKER, Agent,kRevelstoke
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War,
Now i.s the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me Before Investing.
W. PARRY Conducts Auction Sale
Auction  Mart, Mackenzie Avenue
Every Saturday at 2 p. m.
ConnistinR of Ranges, Cook Stoves, Parlor, Diningroom and
Kitchen Furniture, also Carpets, etc.
WEDNESDAY,  APRIL 17,  1912.
Parties desiring information regarding the Valley of the Garden ol
Eden, can obtain same free ol charge
by writing to Mr. J. H. Johnson,
Malakwa, B.  0.
Editor Mall-Herald:—
A gloom was cast over this fair
valley of* the Garden of Eden last
Sunday, when thc word went forth
that one of our good residents and
mothers hnd ceased this mortal life.
Mrs. John Milan having quietly passed away about six o'clock Sunday
The late Mrs. Mizon was only 34
years ol age, but had been ill tor
some time immediately prior to her
death. She leaves a husband and
two children to mourn her loss, as
well ns a mother and two brothers,
Fred and F.  J. Bosley.
A beautiful funeral service was held
on Monday at the Malakwa town hall
by the Rev. Mr. Ballard, the newly
appointed missionery to thc Garden
of Eden Valley. The remains were
then brought to Revelstoke for burial in the public cemetery. Quite a
number of Garden of* Eden settlers
coming also to Revelstoke to be pres
ent at the funeral, which was held
yesterday afternoon.
Among the Garden of Eden people
to visit Revelstoke yesterday were:—
J.  H.  Johnson,  Vi.  Waddell,    F,    J,
The Valley of
"The Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  and   Extending  between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-2o,ooo:Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
f harartar nf ^nil   Bench   Lands,   Clay   Loam   and  Vegetable
1)11(11 (IUM   Ul   OUII   Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
ISIft llTM iliim   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
I1U III KjdilUH   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
ModerdtC ClimdtO   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
Bosley and family, Fred. Bosley, P.
Uosden, Mrs. Thos. Dempsey. Mrs.
Loftus, Mrs. Jane Bosley, John Mizon nnd two chilnren.
Thc C.P.R. camps at Craigellai-hie.
arc now about completed and some
40 men are employed.
B. Brunson, brother-in-law of A.A.
Oast was here this week looking over thc tlnrdeu of Eden Valley with a
view nf locating. He left for his
horn'', Spokane, a couple of days ago
and will return with his family in
a few days. ,
Another prospective settler at
Malakwa is a Mr. Wells of Calgary,
who has been looking over the valley
for the past week, he will return in
a few days and decide on his future
The Malakwa Farms, under the
management of Vi. McDonald, have
engaged the services of two celery
expects from the lamous Armstrong
district and will cultivate several
acres of celery tbis season. If it is
successful tbis yenr the Malakwa
Farms will continue this industry
each year.
A. E. Haycock, A. Ericson and   J.
Allan left on Monday morning last
for Albert Canyon to hunt grizzly
. . It Might Be Gold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent Our lecord of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly nlul monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for J6.U0
A. P. LKVKSQUK, Proprietor
Laughton <& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Strictly| First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
suitably furnished witli the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Ratns $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBEET     STOTsTE      PROP
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.\
Enlarged  and Improved.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample KooniB.
Rat< o 4J2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C. BATCHELOR,       -       cTWanager.
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
What the Canal Means to Canada
It is interesting to see the dider -
cut moves being mnde by nil tho
1'uritic coast cities in antiripation of
the opening of this big new water -
way, which is bound to revolutionize
thc shipping of the whole workl. At
Hnn Diego, Sun Pedro, Los Angeles.
San Francisco, Santa Maria. Portland and Seattle, they nre making
big preparations for they arc all say
ing the same thing, improve jour
harbors and your facilities lor handling freight or else Vancouver and
the Northern Pacitic ports will get
all the business. They all realize
that Canada In the one that in going
to benefit most by the big ditch and
the coast cities are spending millions
upon millions to get ready.
British Columbia has just woke up
•   •
■anuria Cured Him, ud Ht Helps
8|ie< 111 Allenllon givpn to OOtBtDSrotS
men and tourists. Kiml-clus> aampl-
rooms. Finest scenery in British Colombia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
Dr. de Van's Female PlTTs
A reliable French regulator: BITOT falls. Thfse
J»llh are exceedingly powerful In regulating the
generative portion of lhc female system, Kefime
all cheap Imitations. Dr. <U T»n's are fluid at
Ifi a hox, nr three tor IIO. Mailed to any address.
The Knobftll Drag; Co.. Bt. C»th*rlnea, Onl.
Of  7  f,   •»
W. J. Lightburne, Prop jbB?S^!SKrJ,]H.wKS:
Ik. throat aad lu.i:      •   •   •      it cl..
A maa who hi. b..a relenaed (rom
th. awful cravings of drink, and who..
Drat thought la to help other., ahowa
th. >pkit of tm. broth.rhaod and
philanthropy. Read hi. lett.r:
"Tli. Samaria Itemed)* Co., Tor-eat.,
"Wlll you please ..nd m. bo.k on
drink, af.o circular. r.latln|- t. -four
valued r.medy for th. drink habll?
I wish ta hind th... to i frt.ad who
U going to ruin throagh drink. You
"ill remember that I hav. taken vour
r.in.iiy. sad I Sad U all rou ji.im H
to I'.,. I n.v.r think ei taking or
using etrong drink In an/ war, aa ill
dealre for Tt haa i.ft u»«. 1 cannot
sp.ak too highly or your wond.rtul
r.itt.tiy. ton may ua. my name la any
way rou wl.k Tn public,
m "H.   I.llywhite,   Hrlgd.n, Ontario ."
Samaria Pr..crlptlon I. taatalM.
and odorlt... and dluolv.a Inatantly
ln t.a or coffee, or can b. mlini with
food. It can b« given with or without the patl.nt'a knowl.dg*. It r«-
movsa tb. craving for drink, build, up
th. syat.m and r.store. thc nerve.
Drink become, dlitaat.ful ami even
naua.oua. •
Drink la a dl.eaae, not a crime. On.
drink of whl.k.y always Invite, another. Th. Inflamed nerves and
■tomaoh create a craving that mult
either b. aatlafled by mor. whl.k.y or
removed by .cl.ntlflc treatm.nt Ilka
Samaria Prescription. Samaria Pre-
acrlpllen ha. ba.n In regular and successful ua. by Physlclana aad Ho.pl-
tals   for  over  tan   years.
If yea know of any family ■a.dtag
Samaria Prescription, tall th.m about
IL If yen hav. a huaband, lather or
fii.nd that Is drifting Into drink, help
him sav. himself    Writ* to-day.
A FIUX TRIAL PACKAGE af Samaria Prescription, with booklet. (It-
Is* f»U aartleulara. testimonials, prloa,
eta, will ha aaot abaolataly free sat
putt all la plain *aal«d paakag. u
eapewe asking for It and mentleala*
MMS papar. tQtrraapaadenee saeradly
confidential. Write today. Tne Hani win Remedy Co., Dept. 46-49, Ool-
borne itreet, Toronto, Canada. Alio
for ial* by 0. R. Macdonald, Drug-
flit,  Revelitoke, B. 0.
Love Laughs at Barrier
to the fact that in the Fraser river
it has a valuable asset as n freshwater harbor and up to where the C.
Pflt. will build their grain elevutors
at Coquitiam it is only fourteen
miles. Take as a parallel the Columbia river in Oregon, the same kind   appointed  consular agent s<   F.cd.r
Boston. April IJ—Lewi! Di.lant
Edwards, recently American vice-consul at Plauen, Germany, and     i.'Wy
of a river as the Fraser, a shifting,
sandy bottom. But at tbe mouth of
the Columbia river is the worst bars
OD the American continent, and Portland up thc river eighty miles thru'
live drawbridges. Yet Portland ie
the largest wheat shipping centre in
the world. Work on the big jetty at
the mouth of thc Fraser has just
icton, N.B., will be likely tl r.tain
a vivid recollection of -.ie circum -
stances of his marriage, which took
place yesterday afternoon at the lm
migrant Society's rooms, alter he
bad been trying for weeks to overcome various legal dirti-: lit »i. When
Edwards received nott:*) cl his transfer to Fredericton, tie va.. engage,
to Miss Verona Klein, ul Plauen, a:,d
the couple decided to marry and sail
<jd!yu!1!0i!l7.t P.i{ye i*'°* dr'Ve" toother for Amenca. They tried a.st
in Gcrmanv and latei :u Belgium id
get married, bu,. lu bote, countries
were     told     that no ceremony could
On the big jetty contract. This contract is but the beginning of an undertaking  that  will  cost  million*    of
dollars and will do much for tbe fu- ukt  ,lace  uniCM u,e g,l)0IL     couid
ture development of Coquitiam. The
contract calls for (his section of the
work boing completed in a year and
every day on which weather condlt -
ions arc favorable will be used to the
Thc pile drivers used on this work,
which left yesterday afternoon for
the Sand heads, nre chartered (rom
thc Fraser Valley Pile Driving Co. exceptions. Mr. Edwirds t.»ok aihSB
The large mattress scow is eomplet-'. tage of one of these exception* ly
eil nnd is already near the scene ol having Miss Klein turne! over to toe
operations, while the rock scows, Immigration Society and Miss Kieln
tugs, etc.,  are all in rcadincan to be- 'lnugtiingly consented, as though there
were eome question as to the legality
of ber     admission     to this country.
show a b.rth certili'. ste, wulch naturally be did nol have. Then they deeded to sa i to<.i!h(.r and cct mur
ried on reaching H .mh. Here the
couple were again COdlruntsJ -*itli a
legal diliiculty. In this state a ceremony may not be performed until a
notice has been filed five diys in advance of thc ceremony, w.th but two
gin work as soon as required
With the C.P.R. working might and
main tu complete the terminals at
Coquitiam, so that the big elovatorg
they intend to erect there will be in
shape to handle the wheat of tho
prairie country in tho latest methods
of handling grain. The cars will bo
abided ou to the eido track direct
from the main line, they will be ipot
ted at the elevators, dumped Into the
recoiving  bins,  from  there lt will  be
This proceeding made possible an Immediate marriage.
Attend Vaudeville
London, April 13—Thc King ntiA
qmi'ii have consented to attend nu
especially arranged vaudeville entertainment nt the Palace Theatre on
-.June 10. It will be remembered that
boised by the endless bucket sy.tem ln connection with last year's coro-
t.i the upper diviaion of tbe elevators natlon festivities they attended a
S«d tta elevator, will be close en- Luia performance at Const Garden,
OUgO to the docks so that a ship can I ttnd Hi. Majesty's theatre. In order
come along side, the grain shtrte|BOt to oflend members of the murtc
lowered into the hold and the grain haU worW, tHeir Majesties had ar-
loaded in the most economical man- rftngcd to pay them a similar honor
ner and at lhc same time with such ' by voting tbe Empire Palace, Kdiu-
■ ■ipnlity  that  It  will  mean  a  saving' burgh.   Before the date arrived,  how
"I time and  money  to tho railroads.
MUSIC—Miss Johnson, pupil of A.
Miller, P.R.A.M., London, ts prepared to take a limited number of pupils for tuition In music. For terms
npply at thi residence of J. K.
Johnson, first house west of tbe hospital,  First itreet.
ever, thc theatre wos gutted by lire
wbich co-t the lives of the -Great Lafayette and some of his company.
The forthcoming performance at tbe
Palace theatre here will be organized
by a committee consisting of all tho
London vaudeville managers. Tne
performance will last three hours and
comprise about twenty acts by representative vaudeville arMiti. WBDNESDAY, APRIL 17. 1912,
The Hoys' Arts aud Crafts Exbibi -
tion closed lust Saturday evening. It
was a Buccese in the truest Bense ol
•the term. quite a large number ol
people visited this exhibition, and
declared declared there was some ol
tbe best work they had ever seen
done by boys. The boys themselves
deserve credit lor the work they put
. :;. Un close examination it was
E-eeu that tbe boys took great care ir
the making of the diflerent things.
Some good work with tho pen was
put on, also Bome good work in the
cabinet making liue. The judges certainly hnd then work cut out lot
tii-.-ni, .11 some cases they put up a
[ostth pi ■•• themselves. The list ol
sntriu was uot very large, but all
tue woik submitted was good. The
: :. .i.i., - i list "I exhibitors and
A Tapping, croll work, toot stool,
nei plans model, design lor ureo -
Fred McMahon, carved frame, fancy lettering.
R. Tappiug, fret wtk, electric mo
tor) * ycloidal pen.
C. A. Field, Iree hand drawing, geometric,,! drawing, map drawing,
water colol painting, fret work, pos-
: ige st.in,; B.
Central School, penmanship.
Wiiliam Southworth, wireless telo -
graph, model, foot stool.
Howard Cook, chair, music cabinet
flower table.
C.  Manning,  postage stamps.
Eric   Robins,   Geometrical   drawing,
water color painting,  hat rack, electric  lamp.
Harry Hack, map drawlug.
Reggie   fabler,   pi.state   stamps,  tie
rack, pesmansbip, map drawing, water color painting, tree-hand drawing
design for poster, cushion.
Frank  Bourne, tree-band  drawing.
B.  MeKinnon,  map drawing,      pen-
Itussel Southworth,  bonk case.
J.   Boyle.   Klectrnplieroiis.
T. Morns, l'ost cards.
The lollowing is a list ot those who
were successful   ,n  securing  a  prize
Class 1. Art—1st, Fred McMahon.
fancy lettering; L'ml, C. A. Field, tree-
hand drawing; ;;r,l. Eric Robins, water  col»r  painting.
Tho-e who received honorary mention in tb.s class were—K. MeKinnon
C. A. Field, Fred McMahon. Itcggic
Class 2. Industrial Crafts—1st, Wni
Southworth. wireless model; 2nd, R.
Tapping. C.vdoidal pen, 3rd, Howard
Cook. cha;r. Ith Regs.e Calder. cushion.
Class I. Mammal Training—1st. 11.
I     -    Bower 2nd,  H.  Soutb
worth,  boi k . aa .     3rd, Wm, South-
worth, loot stool; ith. Eric Robbins,
hat ruck
Class S,  Mis.-elluueuus Collection*—
ii.  Calder,  postage stamps;  2nd.
T.  Moir.s.  post  cards; 3rd,  C.  Field.
• igi   .tamps,
.--  r—Penmanship—In this class.
the J mmenJed      that     tbe
v- trj   igainl   Tbere was no school
petit there Was  .inly     on,*
Cla-s   ■     \. ;   :  , ,-., s—1st.    \.   Tap -
model; -nd, A. Tap-
•     ;. aeroplane di -.e;,.
The    promol this   exhibition
-    •    thsnl v bo so kind-
malrlng this tlie sue -
- .t v.a$.
Ul I terested in  running ar"
•'-.', i   a  meeting  which
I     tiled 1 •'!.,>•  evening  at      *
o'ebek    :ur;*     The  object   being    to
form a I..-     - Th i meeting .
.*- a member   11
V.M.C.A. a terest< I in run
uni- eitbel  short or lone distance*.
Di        ■ datt .      Monday.
..  ;
Acr>als lor week ending April llitb
L.  Covers,  Chicago.
A.   S.   Wheeler,  Victoria.
Mrs. W. H.  Pierce, Nakusp.
U.  Orr,  Nakusp.
I).   William-,  Kelowna.
W.  I.. Little, Chicago.
R,   11.  Morgan, Montreal.
H.   I>.   Amos,  Coiiuitlam.
A.   J.  Trojolin,  Calgary.
Vi.   1>.  Klein,  Chicago.
R. M. Everton, Bholt.
A. Surry, Brutte, Mont.
H. J. Oratthouse,  Butte, Mont.
. H.  Slice, Field.
A.  II.  McDonald,  Arrowhead.
M,   Kdwnrds, Arrowhead.
Kisselt,  Vancouver.
14. Meyer, Vancouver.
Morleltt, Kamloops.
Kearns. Vancouver.
Hf Trussler, Arrowhead.
M.  Williams, Goldon.
s. G. Sutherland, Calgary.
R.  Dondencau, Goldon.
J. T, Calling, Vancouver,
Jos.   Martin,  Vancouver.
A.   \. Kiich, Vancouver.
Bowe, Field.
E.  Jones,  Field.
Jones, Silverton.
Vi.  Glltnorc,  Calgary
W. Wh'.tomnn, Molson.
C.  Johnston, Nelsoa.
II.   I.aiirry,   Calgary.
J. Kenny, Arrowho id.
II. (India,  Nelson.
c.  Manaka, Comaplix
Cockett, Nelson.
Cockett,  Nelson.
G.  Lahery, Oity.
Stokes. Kamloops.
Ross, Kamloops,
Mannki, Comaplix.
Fisher, Winnipeg,
J. Hull, Vancouvor.
Entrall, Kamloops.
Lomkoti  and  wife
Hi'lTmnn,   Holland,
Covan and wife, '''hr-c \ alley,
Open in Twelve Months
Ottawa,    April    Kl.-Ur.  Bell.      lor
years  head  of   the   geological   survey
Shot in Breast
Uev. 11. J. Mclntyre, pastor.
vices on Sunday at II a.m. and 7:30
p.m.; Sunday school and Young People's Bible clnBses at 2:80 p.m.; Wednesday at 8     p.m.,   Kpworth League
of  the   north  upon  which  meeting;  Friday  evening,   Junior uud
the Hudson  Senior choir practice.   A cordial Wellcome, awaits the public at all
in Canada, hihI who has now     heen
superannuated,     though still  active,
relates a most interesting story of the
northland and more particularly     ot
the  waters ^^^^^^
depends the succcbs ot
Hay  railway
I    lir. Bell first visiled the points on
I Hudson Hay in 1875 and two    years
later  he  traversed  700  miles  of    the
east coast ol the bay. Iu the inter -
vening     period     he hus many times
gone over the country and
the      waters   ot     the    bay    and the
"These  straits  never  freeze  over,"
he said. "It is impossible that there ' miinion  on
, difficulty in navigating     the straits,
I tor they are upon tide water,     and
I more  than  that  thc  waters of     the
gulf stream eome back this way from
i the north ol the coust of Europe."
"Then you believo that thc Hudson
Hay railway will always have an open  port?" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"Certainly,  there may  be some  lit- ■ Mid-week  prayer meeting  on  Wednes
I    Holy     Communion     every  Sunday
morning at 8 a.m., and nfter morning  prayer  on  the  lirst  Sunday      in
through'eaoh Mouth-
I    Rev.  C.  A.  Procunler,  rector.  Matins at  11   a.m.  and  Evensong at 7:80
p.m., every Sunday.     Litany cm the
Second   Sunday,  and  thc  Antc-Com -
the Third  Sunday    after
,t any time in 12 months be' Matins.   Sunday school every      Sun
day at 2:30 p.m.   Choir practice    on
Fridays at 8 p.m.
Hev.    J.    W.    Stevenson,    minister
Regular services on     Sunday  at    11
a.m.  and  7:30  p.m.;  Sunday    school
and  adult   Bible classes at 2:30  p.m.
A.   Jelly,  Winnipeg,
W. Glbound, Calgary.
Marson,  Kelowna.
1,,'incisnett, Arrowhead.
Maxwell,   Montreal.
Carlson,  Spokane,
H.   Hopirall.  Winnipeg.
Finbetg,  Calgary.
8.   Rulestead,  Calgary.
W.  Andezson, Calgary,
J. s. Major, Vancouver.
K.  L. Paddon, Arrowhead.
Vi.   ,1.   Fraser,   Arrowhead.
K.   Edwards,  Arrowhead.
ii.  Ostenson,  Washington.
A.   S.   Peterson.   Washington.
11. B. Kirk, Arrowhead.
Vi.   H.  Bohatitian,  Chase.
R. Glegg. Vancouver.
I'.J.  Mellon and wile, Chase.
J.  L. Storey, Arrowhead.
chas.   Roberts,   Coquitiam.
II.   II.  HefTnrr.   Arrowhead.
I). D. Howe. Vancouver.
A.   J.   Hlnney,   Nelson.
J. A. Mlddleton, Nelson,
C.   Vi.   Rice,   Vancouver.
J. I). Cavin and wife, Three Valley
.1. Olson and wife.  Vnncouver.
li    McManara,   Arrowhead.
K.   Morris,   Kamloops.
ii.   Gustavson,   Vancouver.
Christie and Flanagan,  Beaton.
lie diliiculty ncur the shore at some
times ot the year, but 1 do not think
that it will ever be necessary to have
ice   breaking  boats."
At Nelson river, Dr. Bell says, there
is tide water a very considerable distance up stream and water that is al
ways open.
"Why," said thc doctor, "tiavigu -
tion through the straits should bc
particularly easy, because while there
may at times bc flouting ice, there
arc no rocks and no islands upon
which to go ashore."
Asked if it would not he a bleak
coast upon which to be stranded, Dr.
Hell said tiie coast was very much uu
donated. What is more, there arc
some rcmnrkahly fine people, Indians
who live there Vou kuow, it is generally understood that many ot these
Indians arc descendants ot Hudson
and his navigators, wljo were stranded here, and who probably made
.i-iciids among the Indians and mar -
tied squaws. At any rate, though
they arc not what we might call civilized, I have been delighted at the
people I have met there."
Hr. Bell has made thc passage
through the straits something like a
score ot times iu all muuuer ot sailing  vessel and steamboat.
01 the east coast of Hudson Bay,
Dr, Bell says that it is thickly wood
ed for a great part right down to
the coast. He tells of the vast extent
ot Ungavn river, which he characterizes as one of the great rivers of the
world over 700 miles long and very-
wide nud deep. At its mouth is what
he believes to bc the greatest tide In
the world, rising 70 leet (rom low
water to high water.
Dr. Bell does not anticipate that
tbere will be a -ipeedy settlement of
the northland. He says then' ar.-
great stores ot pulpwood and that
tbe outlook tor mines In the country
well up Hudson Bay. through (intar
lo's new hinterland, is splendid. He
-ays further that there are good ag
r,cultural lands and that many things
are now grown there, showing the
llltfee for agriculture.
day at 8 p.m. Hearty congregational singing and Bpecial music by tbc
choir. Strangers and visitors are invited to the services.
Louts Loach was shot in the breast
nt the City Hotel in Vancouvor, last
night nnd lies in a serious condition
nt the General hospital, while his diu, ot Halcyon
assailant, Nick Svilla, is in the cells shipwright, Intent
at the police station, arrested on a
charge ot attempted murder. Au -
other mun, Geo. Groieh, was also arrested on a charge ot being concerned iu the fray.
Late last night a report went around that a man had been shot in
tbe bur room of the City Hotel, and
that the would-be murderer had made
oil along Powell street. Thc police
here immediately Communicated with
over the phone, and in the meantime
Sum Booth, night clerk at the Europe hotel, on Powell street, saw a
man dash into thc hotel with a smok
ing revolver in his hand aud rush up
the stairs. Without a second thought
Booth chased upstairs alter him, but
on reaching the second Uight of stairs
the man had disappeared. Knocking
at all id tbe doors on tho landing,
and finding thc occupants were not
there, he opened thc door ot a room
Where the lights were burning. Booth
then walked in, only to find himself
looking down the barrel of a gun. He
sprang to the switch and turned tho
lights out, while Svilla mudo a futile attempt to rush from the room.
At thut moment Detectives McRao
and Levis, accompanied by Sergeant
Mel.cod, arrived on thc scene and ar
rested their man belore he wub able
tu make ofl. Goo. Groieh was also ta
ken into custody ami thc two men
will  appear  in  the  police court    thi-s
Revelstoke Laud District.
District ot West Kootenay.
Take  notice  that  Adelard  S.  Blou-
U. C, occupation
to apply  tor permission    to     purchase  the  following
described laud:
Commencing at a post plauted 20
ehains south and 20 chains west ot
the south-oast coruer ot Lot 7072;
thence south 10 chains, thenco west
20 chains, thonce north 40 ciiains,
thence cast 20 ehains more or less to
point ot commencement, and containing eighty acres, moro or loss.
Dated March llth, 1912.
Adelard S. Blondin.
Hugh  Pattinson,   Agent.
Notiee to Contractors
W.  Parry, auctioneer und commie -
sion  agent,   will  conduct an   Auction
Sale  of   Household  Furniture   ut  tho
Corner  of  Fourth  street  and   McKen-
■/.ie  avenue,  at   1:30  p.m.,  Thursday,
April  18  inst.   Consisting  ol      Solid
Oak  Sideboard,  extension  and  parlor
tables,   Oak  lounge,   toilet  set,   bur -
cans and stands, iron and brass beds
springs and  mnttressc*-
oil cloth and  linoleum
ney  Oxford  Steel  Range  valued      ait
Settled Tenders, superscribed
der for School-house, Nakusp,"
be received by the 1-louourablo
Minister ot i'ublic Works up to 12
o'clock uoou, ol Wednesday, the 24th
day of April, 1912, tor the erection
and completion of a two-room frame
school-building at Nakusp, in the
Slocan Electoral District, B. C.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen on and
1 after the 3rd day ot April, 1912, at
' (he otlices of F. W. Jordan, Esq.,
' Secretary of the School Board, Na -
1 kusp, U.C., thc Government Agent
Kaslo, B.C., and tho Department of
' Public Works, Parliament Buildings,
1 Victoria.
Eaeh proposal must bc accompanied
Btair carpet,   accepted bank cheque or certificate ol
masBivc  Gar-   deposit on a chartered  bank ot Canada, made payable to thc Honourable
thc Minister ol Public Works, tor the
One   block  west ol  McKenzie avenue
on Second street.   Rev. E. J, Chave,
B.  A.,  pastor.   Stiuday services      at 	
11a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school  nioruiug, the latter being charged as
and  adult  Bible classes at 8:30 p.m
a confederate.
The injured man is still in an unconscious condition at the General
hospital, but the doctors say that
there is good hope tor his recovery.
At present nothing bus been discover
  ed that will give a reason    for     the
CATHOLIC CHURCH \Atlalt.   Svilla   Is   believed   to   be      a
Catholic   Swede,     and  it is said has    secretly
Monday at 8 p.m., Young People's
Meeting; Wednesday at 8 p.m., church
Prayer Meeting. A cordial invitation
extended to all services. Strangers
made  welcome.
Siill Refuse to Move
St. Francis    of    Assisii
church, corner of   Fifth   street   and
McKenzie avenue.
Services—On all Sundays, except
tbe fourth of each month. Low mass
with Communion ol the Faithful at
8 a.m. High Mass at 10:30 a. m.,
Christian Doctrine for children at
2:30 p.m. Rosary with Bcndiction ol
The Blessed Sacrament 7:30 p.m.
On week dnys—Holy Mass every
morning at 7:30. Confessions are
heard every evening nfter 7:30 and
in the mornings liefore Mass.
J.  C.  McKenzie.  P.  P.
State Lite insurance
(By Frank Richatds. F.I.A.S.J.P.)
! Compulsory Insurance has tor some
years been in vogue among the working classes in Germany. It has been
found to be so satisfactory that it
is lieing widely extended to clerical
nud other classes ot employees. Widow and orphan*- are also included aud
suitable terms provided. A private
"ttic.nis     Insurance law is uiso     in
cherished a hatred for Leach over a
quarrel that took place several months ago.—Ex.
$7.1.1)0', refrigerator, crockery, kitchen
utensils and a hord ot     other useful   sum of *3'50.  which shull  lie forfeited
household     eftects  to  numerous      to!" the  part>'  tcllll<!ri»g  ul-''-'li"<' to en-
mention.   No  reserve,
tions of Mrs.  Payne.
Under instruc-
Kvcrv up-to-dato woman should
hnve radiant hair.
There arc thousands ol women with
harsh, faded characterless htiir, who
do not try  to improve it,
in Engluud an-d Paris women take
pride in having bcuutilul hnir. Every
Canadian woman can have lustrous
au.l luxuriant hnir by using SALVIA,
Thc Great American Sage Hair Tonic. Macdonald sells a large bottlo
for 50 cents uud guarantees it to
banish Dnndrtifl, stop tailing nair
and itching sculp iu ten days, or
money back.
Meet me ut tbe  Savoy.
See the "Sugar Bowl"  windows lor
force, .t  includes tbe whole ol     the
well-to-do   middle   class.   Austr.u   led Saturday  specials.
tin   way aud Germany followed, |   <.;et Howson's cush prices on Itirui
Under tbe new    German law    there t,Ure.
an   nine classes, ranging with wages If R jg rnup)8 w itoftg( ^ „„_ „
from one hundred and fifty dollars to rarry   auctiollecr.
earnings of    twelve    hundred i' jliata
More Beautiful Than ot Oid
Berlin, A
per year,   This would  i.e equivalent
to aboul   tbn e thousand  dollars    in
this country.
The  monthly" premiums  range  trom
ty cents I      ■ en dollars.
French Sardines,  two tins lor    25c.
at   Mclntyre's.
Choice Plum Pudding each   15c. ut
"    t'urts,   thc  lurgest  uud  bust us-
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Public Notice ih hereby given that
the Municipal Council ot the Corpora
tion of thc City ot Revelstoke, intends to Undertake the construction
ot Concrete Sidewalks on nnd aloug
the WeBt side ol McKenzie Avenuo,
from the South side ot Second street
to the North side ot Eighth street,
according to specilicatious and es -
t'.matcs, prepared by the City Engineer appointed for thc purpose, and to
assess the expense on cost thereof
upon the land or real property abutting on tbe parts of such streets as
above mentioned, and to be benefitted thereby; uud tbat a Btatemci.t
showing the land or rcul property liable to pay the assessment therefore
and the names ol the owners thereof,
us fur as thev can be ascertained, together with the specilications, und estimates ot the City Engineer, und
the proposed assessment and report
thereon ot tho City Clerk, are now
on flic, in tho ollice ot thc City Clerk
and open for inspection by all persons dining ofllce hours.
The estimated cost ol the work is
J2S57.55 ot which it ie intended that
the City at large shall bear tho
i whole of thc cost of     thc work,     on
ter into contract when called upou
to do so, or if he fail to complete
tbc work contracted tor. The cheques
or ccrtiticates of deposit of uuecccess-
ful tenderers will be returned to tbem
upon  the executiou  ot the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made ont ou the forms supplied
signed with the actual signature of
tbc tenderer, aud enclosed iu thc cu-
velopes  furnished.
Tbe lowest or any tender uot necessarily accepted.
Public  Works  Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria,  B.C.,  30th  March,  1912.
or it unable to work
Ottawa,  April  13   At  an es
an order will be issued hy th.   Ubei     ,,.iy arf more ^^^ than ww the  ^ aD ^^ ^    ,„        lty to work
tn     goM-riiniMiit      to  the citizens  ol ,
Frank living In the danget  tone     ■■   v imen "r A tew ' ™an* a d"crett,!e ol "orm'4' ca'"'r'ty
ti ■ overhanging mountain an I the "*
rles operating therein, to ovai •      en mure :k,
ti. lr premises,  which, ac ording ■ -.,,-^y
tl     recent  report ol the ioint   om     ,
ii. *-.,..ii   appointed  by tbe  proi.
ai I  federal   governments,   arc 'loomed ; n'"riB
to destruction. I onl' ■D attention
This reporl    Issw 1   iftei     a  tuor     wealthy m I  women on the
o gfa   investigation,   declared
The  insured   eiva  a  pension      lor  s,,rtmciit ever displayed in Revelatoke  ctrect crossings and necessary rctain-
.., li    l: sick, dom sn cents
:oilar per day.
i   It   ■ iat British Co -
Protiabaly   [um               ■   ■ classed with old
(ul won                  thickly   ; This
appreciated  than  la   \ir.cr.- *..   '■<■■< '     ""'
tbe time to commei rovlnce
ut Howson's.—Get their rash prices.   Illlg WB[i8i unu ollc thiru ot ti„. COit
The  Sugar  Bowl  ice cream  purlers   ot thc  Concrete Sidewalks,  the prop-
arc uow open,  the largest aud most  erty owners bearing  two thirds     ot
up-to-dute parlors ln tbc city. ...        the cost of thc suid Bldcwalks.
Cornations,     DuUodols,  Hyacinths, I   The total estimated amount to he
,t portion  of  the  town   were    roi
-utcd  it would shnre tbe  ' I
portion which whs destroyed from
■ same cause u number of yc,
th the lose ot many lives.
The  report   has   not   bad   tbt
Inducing tbe  * It isei i  to
■ territory     and     slth  *m:
malnlng In  tbe
-IgT     /"tie It IIS   1 • etl
by  S
rat re,
Kr.-esia, Tulips uud  Lellucc tor Eas-, boi no  by the property  ownors  being,
ter.-J.  Maley,  Uig Bend Road. J1C05.0B, and     by     the city at large
Thc  "Sugar  Bowl"   ice  cream  pur-  *        "' '
, «,*.    i .  „,  „„.,      Any  objection  to  the  proposed   uu-
lors arc  now  open.   The  luigcBt  aud1 ' "
— ^^—*, „ _,..„_  ,,       ,,,    dertaking and     assessment    therefor,
 ■f»™«. ^e people "•    I  «"»t up-to-date proposition in     tho ^    ^     ^    ^ ^.^ ^ ^
l«  by    th-     it it is furniture you feed, ..re W.   my C(JUIlcl, witUill (15) flrUcn d    „
"" r""rl" Ibllitles  Parrv.  auctioneer. I
liabilities  Parry, auctioneer.
'from the date hereof, the persons cn-
m   iwaj
ti Crown iuti'is *ne apportioned I i
fotni  a  ei,-
tbt I events    (
This ah* tbe
v   Korlowskl, a
prom ■
'rom n  tour       .f    the
The doctor declare :  thai     *   ,»m -
* the ni.-'
fui in tbe woi •
der   " *
H i wit ii.   Austrian sod  K ig   '"
lish.   lie said   there   n-re  several  tip
es  of  liOauty   ,n    Vnnrcn    mil
Youi   loHsea  assured,  rates reason - |**tl«d to petition being the ownors ol
K    B. Robertson, real estate tt   the lauds aflectcd thereby.
And in the Matter of Lot 4, Block
27, Revelstoke City, Map 636A.
WIIKKKAS a certain title deed of the
above mentioned property hns been lost,
vi/ : 28th NOVEMBER, 1904, Msthew
M. Pettipiece to Cecil !•'. Taylor convey-
ot said lot.
This is to give nolice to anyone into
whose possession the aforesaid title deed
may have conic* and who has any knowledge of the whereabouts of the snid
deed to deliver tbe same to Samuel R.
Koe, I*.*.'lune. District Registrar of
Land Titles, Nelson, 11. C.
And further take notice that failing
tbe production of this deed within four
weeks of the dale ol the first publication
hereof that the said District Registrar
will proceed to issue a Certificate of
Title of the said Lot iu llie name of
Hugh Hruce, of Rcvelslol e, B.C.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 4th day
of April, A. I),,  1912.
SAM C.  R.  ROE,
1 listrict Registrar.
Hevelstoke  Land District.
District  of   West  Kootenuy
Tuke uotice that Luna A. Uloud.u,
ot Halcyon, B. C, occupation married womuu, iuteuds to upply for permission to purchase the to.lowing
described land:
Commonclng at a post plauted on
the South Boundary sixty chains west
of the south-east corner of Lot 7072;
theuco south '20 chuius, thenco cast
40 chuius, theuce north 'ib chains,
to said south boundary oi Lot 7U72
thenco nest along said boundary 40
\ chains more or lesB to point ot commencement, containing 80 acres more
or loss
Doted March  llth, 1912,
Luna  A.  Blondln.
Hugh I'ntnisoii, Ageut
Drop    n   .it   tbc   Sugar   Bowl      (or
no. oliitcs,  your     wife,
mother,   or  sweetheart  will   hpprSOl-
■ ny.   alt  it.
waibb notice,
Notice is  hereby given  tbat Willis
Jobn Armstrong, of    Revelstoke, B. jforrta, wers taller and more
C .   -xill   apply   for   a   license   to   take
i a   ix n.i minei   inches -•'   i i
I  .   ..ut  of  Mill  Creek,  which  Mows in
n   south-easterly     direction   through
S Ctlon 29, Town hip 25, Kange 2,
West ot the r.th Mertdsn, and emp
ties Into Tonca ffatha nvcr. near
Big Bddy, B.C.. The water will be
*i rerted si  200 leet above r   p,  it.
track  mi,I   will   be  used fur  irrigation
purposes on  the   bind  described  a«  M,
acres,  par  lection  19,  township 28,
range 2. wesl of 6th Mtrldan,
This      notice      was    posted   on   Uiu
'ground nn the llth day of April,  1912
I Tbe application    will ba Blod In the
ollice  of  Ibe  Water  Recordtr  at  Revelstoke,  Bi C.
Objections may bc liled  with     tba
than a .tenth      Wl..
it foes *>  nap
•littiruit to say which was tba   roost ul da
beautiful or tj pieal America ■ ..-   	
The  doctor  said  thut   tba   WOIUI       ' -
tba i'n<-iiir roast, particularly  I ' loHai», •*>■■'   I       stim
fui than those of the middi»   ■ bus*
ea t.  ■ even  U thev Mi have      argi   " *;
feet."    He   attributed   the   "feet"   Sltd   : »      goods,      best   values  ever   shown
atatura to th rtdoor iif-   v,'*«' to ■ .'"■ UU tennis belli
tbe  1 alifoi niiuiH.  be  predicted  tha  ■ ' *   Hardware Oo,,  I.Id,
mon of tbe south stoi  lltirolew    Uaehlnas 1. Irom
lu  vivacity, .harm nnd  lii  ts      ..,,   .,,,„„,,!,,        Kdmon   I'lioiiogruphs,
he considered the Ann (Travel co •'    '■ from     (19-M     upwards.   iV'volstnke
men   mure   like   the  French   thnn    sny |     l';'1*''" '»r   Insured   lo    -    •*,(.,   .     ,,,,,,     MetUUla  Avenue,
other  American   type    The   women   of   *"|! ' ■ ■■'    |„,     ,,,,     ,)WN    pROPHRTl   in  Kd
the east, be said, were  a t     atjmch ttina.. __ |   „„„,„„,     H,nil     ,„   QlMMptloo,
fui,   i.'it   showed   the   luck   of  outdoor
- tnjoyed by tba soutbari
i.iii  women.
If ,1 is carpel*, Hour tovenng,  pur-
. .1   ' ,111,1 ura   foil      want,   1,1   .11   IhCt
iinitiniiK,  *< iik   v   Parry, 1 ui tion
Una lu gel a good cur-
pet equait  sl  Howson's,   Cul  prion
llow.  Hushes  foi   Spring   plantm,'
libm,in every month,   order now   for
immediat*    afcot,   if b   Ormmsn,
toke, B  l
Just received—a  ne*   line of TSnoU
Duted this ith day ot April, l'J12.
llltl 1 i*; A.  LAW HON,
City Clerk.
KOll SALK--A House in good condition, grounds improved with SO ft.
lot.—Apply to K. li. Bews,  Jeweller
Full HAI,10 A Remington Typewriter, No. H, In Kood running order.—
Price |69,00, I' Burns ft Co., Ltd.,
Itevelstoke,  B.  C.
I'in/l I   rants      her
,,!  well hoi      ence h
.1 in,
1 iiinei.t *.f iiui ah
and -.-res   Columbia mav   on ■ nbeme
as    letting    .immIi*    i'lll.hi     boilH       !■■
Dr. Kiirlnwskl declared that thew., future     Inaurence fund u U aflj
men ot Die future  would   ba ev. 11 mote bill 'h"   l»nds   me   avail I'.le   ,1
beautiful than those uf today beaouN " ""' '""" '" "ml" " eommencemenl
"buutj was being cultivated nssld H •■"  allocate tbem tot  tlia •■•
  uoualy and sensibly." n« Htntmi thai "' lnrl lucntion nnd impn
■add     Water     Recorder or with the',,, Russia and In Amen.a. alio    to "'   """ital    sottrtty, whv  ihcsrid we
Comptrollei ol Watei Rights,   Pai   'eome  axtenl   In    England, "beauty ""' "" so foi whal l» ler more   lm
[lament  Buildings,   Victoria,   II.  0.       [fades slower,"     and    women    remnin I""1""'   to the mini m  Hie street, tin*
ea  in. I  terms  fm   ipurk  Hair.
1.1 \i 1 ri--.li. BDMONTON, ALTA.
Snltl Hy Hobson C& Co.
ju;\ BUJTOKB. B.C,
WILLIS   .1.
beautiful longer than In molt   other 1 'Isbmsnl nnd protection <-f bodHy
cuuntrtn. jatieimll, ,md tietHli.
omul ROOM TO i.LT
Two OfBea   Itixuns,   I2tlt,   111    -be
ground Boot    In Dominion hawitiils
niliie   building        Ltghti-d   a id   hri.tml
With  Issltor servlre.     Apply  I 1
licccirci uud Manager,
FOR BALM Home Furniture, beds,
etc., can la. seen any evening utter
1,30 o'clock, Corner Fourth street,
and McKenzie avenue.
WANTKK*—At once, a good dining
mum girl, for tbe Union hotel ut
Arrowhead,  li.  O.
W'ANTUD T»0 moms 111 house of
Prlvste Iniiuly for light house keeping.    Apply   to   Mail Herald.
WANTBD Oeneral Blacksmith, good
nagcs to right man.     Apply Palace
Livery, k  MeCntj. prop.
FOR SALF, Olllrial Townsite Lots-
Port Km.I-., northern terminus of
Vancouver Island, *|12fi each; I4S
rash. Will tie worth 1700 when rail
way Is completed—Heven, Winch
Building. Vancouver, D. C.
Competition    for     Now     University
Buildings  to  be   Korcctcd  at  Point
Crny,      near      Vancouver,     British
The tlovcrnmeiit of British Columbia invite Competitive Plans for tho
gencrul scheme and design for the
proposed new University, together
with more detailed Plans lor the
buildings to bc erected first at au es-
tminted   cost  of  (1,500,000.
l'i 1/.en of 110,000 will be given for
the most successful  Designs submitted
Particulars of Ihe competition and
plan ol site may be obtained on request from thc undersigned.
The designs to Ira sent In by July
31st,  PI12,  addressed to
Parliament Buildings,
Victoria.  British  Oolumbia.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
•nd Furnace work
Oonnaught Ave,   •   Revolstohe
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17,   1912.
Read the Papers and see "what the
Just think of what 5 RAILROADS togother with
50 applications for manufacturing sites will
mean to Coqitlam.   It should give a
Come to our office To-night and pick out your lot
Don't be too late and then wish for the rest of your life that you
had bought at the opening prices
Lots $25 down, $10 a month, or qnarter Cash, balance 6-12-18
OFFICE-McDonald's Old Stand, Corner Front and McKenzie B^HHHI
the nyc^ir.-iiEK.^Lr), revelstoke
British Football
London,     April 8—Following
home.     Bome tinn- ago the police ds
partment disbanded, the clm-l doclai   ;
ing there hud been no arrests mado  Hl.
are  within  six  mouths ainl that lt  wan  a
Subscriptions Discounted
the result*? of today's league football
Barusley  1.   H.rmmgham 0.
Bristol  City  1,   Bradlord 0.
Clapton  Orivnt  4.  Kitlham  0,
Derby County 2.  Chelsea 0.
(Jrimsby Town c. Glossop ".
Hull City o, Huddersfield l.
Leicester Posse 3, Burnley 2.
Notts Forest 1. ritockport County 3.
Wolverhampton Wanderers 0, Gains
boro Trinity ".
Brighton and Hove Albion 1, Luton 0.
Stoke  !. Northampton 0.
Bwindon Town l,  Coventry City 1.
Leyt*'ti 0, Bristol Rovers 0.
Norwich Oity 2. West Ham United
Crystal   Palace  'i.  Mlllwall  Athletic
Southampton 0, Queen's Park
Kanger6 0.
Plymouth  Argyle 1.  Brentford  0.
Kieter City 2,  Heading ul
Watford ii,  New Brumpton 1.
Everton 1, Notts County 1.
Oldham  Athletic   I.  Aston  Villa 2.
Sheffield Wednesday 1, Blackburn
Hovers 1.
S tnderiand 1.  Bury 0.
Tottenham Hotspurs 0, Manchester
City .'.
West Biumwicli Albion 'i, Middles -
borough 1.
Woolwich      Arsenal    1. Preston
North End 1.
wasl j ol public money to keep sal - j Tho Mail-Herald has sent out neurit l policemen. counts to subscribers in urroa:s to
The village records show one lire in tho extent of over $30*00, and wo wish
two years, with the damage at $200. to notify all theso subscribers, who
A r.i ent census sho«s the population may receive one of our accounts tnat
to I c composed of 0il7 Irishmen, el - il thoy will cull uud settle their ac-
even Welshmen and Ti2 Cermans.Tbcre count or. send the same to tho Mn
are only eleven men in Irousport who
had no church, nud a Zniii'-sville
pric-t now claims he has succeeded
in converting those eleven.
Tbi school teachers (our iu number, declare that Ironsport children
are unusually bright, owing to the
moral 'Influence of the town. There
hus not been a poreon Heen ou the
streetB so late ns midnight for three
years,   when a circus struck town.
Missouri Receives Sad News
The Houn' Dawg.rfoug may turn
a serious campaign ou behalf
Champ Clark, into a burlesque,
souri is in a state ol alarm because
-Mrs. Clare, of Arkadelphia, declares
tii.tt the song was written by a slave
years ago on an Arkansas plantation
She s.iys:
"The much discussed 'dawg song'
is among my earliest recollections of
60 years ago, lt was 'composed' by
one of my father's sluves— a tall,
gaunt  Hercules   whom  wc   knew      us
Quite Understood
It was early in thc morning. Tho
park wus alinosi deserted. Henpock
nud   Meekhen  met.
"Sir, you are a scoundrel!" said
.Mi ekhen,
ll.npeck  made  no reply.
"Sir, you ure uu Insignificant ltu -
age ,.f a monkey!" continued Meek-
hen.  Then  h-  tweaked Heupeck's nose
Henpock wus Btill silent.
"Yon are a crawling worm sir and
for two pins I would tear you asunder!" With these words Meekheti took
HetiiH'ck by the right and left whiskers nnd pulled in opposite directions
until he grinned like a gargoyle.
"Stopi" cried a horrified spectator
of the unprovoked assault.     "1 will
not stand   by  and see a  fellow cres-
of   tltrc   used   thus.   Stop,   sir,   before     I
Mis-  knock you down!"
Meekben gave Henpeck a ulunce of
withering contempt und walked awuy
Henpeck turned to his preserver and
-poke. "Sir, you must not interfere,'
he suid meekly. "Allow me to ex -
plain, Tin- gentleman who has just
passed me is Air. Meek-hen, the only
Iriend 1 have ln all the world. Wc
mcethero at this time every morning
ns we go to business. Mrs. Meekben
hns  doubtless  been  particularly   try -
Herald by mail on or before April JO
next, wc will give them a cash discount ol 2U per cent, off the am iuu;
of their bill. We aie maki-it! thia
liberal oiler iu order to realUo (j'J'tl
ly on theso accounts.
It there is any inaccuracy iu the
account you have received from us,
send it to our ollico with your explanation and we will tie only too
happy to rectify the mistake. If you
therefore want to make a <ki," gain
ol 20 per cent, on y uir subscription
account, pay it jet-ore thc end ol
April next.
Notice to Contractors
thank you. Good morning,"
|    And  Henpeck  moved  away  slowly-
, Tit-Bits.
"L'ucle  Dave.'   This negro owned and   Ing  this     morning.    That is why  he
cherished a gaunt, yellow hound nam : v,'"ts hls wretn  uP°n DK- * ll"    U»fl
oi   iu. _   .»   .   i ,       .,   .    ,     same to him when Mrs.  Henpeck     is
e.l    Moreover.     I  remember   that    be
mn  ol sorts.      It's a little arrange -
was a   cow dog' aud was an unusual J mc|lt that exjsts  betWM„  „„   enu|,, .
ly intelligent animal, and copied    no] ing  us  to  retain     our  self    respect.
living     dog.   Beiug a  'scripture  pup' '. Without  it   we   should  cease  to      he
He knew his duty us u     'cow dog'   mcQ'  Llllt yuU meftUt wcl1'  "-1".  and  I
and nothing could tempt a derelict
ion.  Rabbits,     squirrels,     and coons
were  uo  more  utraid of     'Moreover'
than  of each  other,  when   'Moreover'
wa6  uu     duty.   Indeed,  he  had  been I
known to pass a coon iu  the     road !
with only u     whine of     regret wheu ■
driving the cows to the sieudow.
"Dncle Dave's voice had often sx-1
horted mm to strict attention to :
duty. Be.ng a 'scripter' pup had beeu I
impressed upou iiim—sometimes with
B board, o.'tener w.th a stick, from '
ender puppyhood.
"These  made-up  songs  of  the   neg
somehow had a  lilt aud rhythm
that we heur seldom enough now, the
wild, freshness of melody lingers like '
'A glimpse ol a burnt out cinder   I
Recall***- a regret of the sun.' "
Mrs. Oalre's father's home was
known as tbe Good Luck 1'iautation.
und was in Ouachita County. She
gives tbe following verses of the
■S'.'ng as sung by Uncle Dave.
Vou Jes'  juit kickin1 my dawg aroun'
I don't give a damu ef he is a houn'
Vou quit u kickiu' my duwg aroun'
tiveiy   Ime I come t' town.
It meal an' give him dc hus'.
Eat an' give turn de crus';
J I-  knows  he's yaller'n all    covered
w.f tieas,
But   Lis  bide,   thank  de  Lawd,  don't
.- at the knees.
Vou quit kickin' my dawg urouu'.
He's le  -  |.;■:.: ; .;*  i_%  licked   :
i l.   !u'.  Lazarus     man    at  de      rich
nia us do',
H.s Lam- -  More-over, an' he th** :i B
.Vin.it.-  heavy I   n.e weight an
•   up.
Jes' yo- |Ull t.i n.:. uiy dtwg ...
1 am t steered I   tell )    . SO   i
keel   .   ..nun,
He je=    rhat  hi   are an> -
Mon.    . .   ,    rhat rkeUik.    .
coon .
An .- jaw au' hollers al ■'•••
Jes'y'.. [Uit   kickin'my dawg  aroun'.
Scaled Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Lock-up, Arrowhead," will be
received by tho Honourable the Minister ot Public Works up to 12
o'clock noon, of Wednesday, the 17th
duy of April, 1012, lor the erection
and completion ol a Court-room,
Lock-up, uud    Constable's Quarters,
at Arrowheud,  iu  the  Revelstoko  Electoral District. B. C.
Plans, specifications, contract, uud
forms of tender muy be seen on aud
after tho 27th day of March, Vil'i, at
thc offices of the Constable In charge
Arrowhead, B. C, the Government
Agent, Revelstoke, B. C, and the
Department of Public Works, Parliament  Buildings,   Victoria.
Kach proposal must he accompanied by uu accepted buuk choline or ccr-
titicato ol deposit ou a chartered
bank ol Cauada, made payable to tho
Honourable tho Minister ol i'ublic
Works, for the sum ol fMu, which
shull be forfeited if the purty tendering decline to enter into coutruct
when called upon to do so, or il ho
tail to complete the work contructod
lor. The cheques or certificates ol
deposit ol unsuccessful tenderers will
' he returned to them upon the execution of thc contract.
Tenders will not bc considered unless made out on the forms supplied
signed with the actual signature ol
the tenderer, and enclosed In the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any. tender not necessarily accepted.
Public w.,rk» Engineer.
Department   ol   Public   Works.
\ict.iria.   HI',   March  2'th,   1912.
Barred    Plymouth    Rocks,   .>2.C0;
Rhode Island Reds,  J2.01I;   .Vhitc l"rk-
ins  Duck,   $2.00;   White   Emden  Ceiso'
eggs,  50c.  euch;  Day  old chicks;  Pay j
old  ducklings.    Stock  for  Bale. Whito ;
and  But!  Leghorns cheap.   Write    or
'phone 212, Now Grove Poultry Faun
Mrs.  R.  A.  Upper Prop.
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
Telephone I louse No. 91
No.    21,    ROYAL    TEMPLARB    OF
Meets  overy   2nd  and   4th  Thursdays
in      Uddfellows    Hail,    at  8  o'clock.
Visiting  Templars  arc   cordially   in -
vited to attend.
Vi. E. MUNSON,  S. 0,
A.  D. TOURNEH.   R.   S.
(Jump No. '215
Satisfaction Ruaranteed
Agent  for  Flexlume   Electric
Residence Cor. Hnl St. ami It- bnnnave
Shop in Alley back of B. J. Bourne's
Store, First Street
(Silena Bay lands in parcel? of
ll) or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited,
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Corporation cf (he City
of Revelstoke
Found America's Model lown
Tbe most lemuikalde town In
America according to Dr. CGI I'd
cival, editor ••'. Health Magazine ••;
New York, wbo bus made (5,000 Bile
in tin- Abbott-Detroit "Uu.; Dog
to lie found among the bills ol .Soutli
crn Ohio. The town || Ironsport,
with "0u Inhabitants, ten mile, east
of Zancsvilii. Their postoffice wub
dosed Oct. 81 localise Jo.-m'|i!i Harney
tbe postmaster, cud he hud not -old
a single stamp in live weekh, QOI bad
be received any incoming or outgoing
mails. Tlie inhabitants say that
tbey have no friends to write tu. alf
all too busy anyhow. There has not
lieen an idle mini m IronspOft sine-
IW).      lhc mines are     running     full
time .mi ever/ ui.nn  owns his own
•rr cl r a i j» n e 'I in many
models, each closely following the lines of some particular type of figure.
Each model il made in a
complete ranj-*e of .«i/c<.
Rarely indeed do we find
a woman who cannot be
fitted " just as if lhe corset
were made for hr-r alone."
I he important thing is lo
get the model that suits
your figure.
If your t\en\et lusn'l thr nght
one lie will gel it lir you. If
you arc inlorrslcfl in llm new
models write for our Iree ityle
Crompton Cori«t Co., Limited
SMoh's Gure
ftulrkly «tnp« coniha,  rami coMs*  bvnU
&• tiuomt Md luaii.     f * •     90 *•*+
Coal mii.   ■ I '-i.e Do minion
In   Manitoba,   Saskatchewan and  Al
Kon    Territory.      '.he
. west Territories and in a por-
' -
r. t*rm of
'     tl  an acre.   Not    more than
-meii  to one applicant.
Appllcatii »o must  ne made
Agent of Bab Agent, o! tbe district
in which tbe rights applied !••'
In  . rntory  the land must
US     descrilieil    by sections,  or
I .   *      - D   un*
.•rntory   tl ..plte'l
-   uimself.
Kuili   applicant   must   tit
ied  i.y ,i fee ,,f (5 which will IK     rs-
fiind.-d  if  the rights applied  for    ar«
not  available,   lint   not   oti,.-iw.se.    A
■y     shall     tit paid  on  tbe mer*
chimin!,lo  OOtpnt   ol   the   mine   St   the
rate of  live rents per  ton.
Tin' parson operating tba Bins stall
•i .worn rsl
f,,r the full gaantlt!
bantabU  coal  mined and   ,<
royalty   thereon.    II   the  coal   in
rights are not being operated,     such
returns   should   he   furnished   nt  least
oiji-e a year.
Thn lease will Inolndl the r.,.,1 in,a
ing rights only, nut the lasses may
he permitted to purebsM whal
available surface rights mny ne con-
Hidrieil ueresHury lol the working ol
the miiie nt the rats ol 110.00 nn
Kor full    Information    application
should lm mude to the BSCTStarj of
the Department of the Interior, Ot
tawn, or tO tbi Agent ,,r Huh Agent
ol Dominion   Lands.
Deputy Htnlstai ol the interior
n.h.- Unauthorised publication   oi
i tins advertisement will not be paid
Public Notice is hereby given that
it is absolutely necessary that disorders ol a suspicious nature be reported to Dr. McLean, t'.ty Medical
Health OIHcer or other physicians,
as soon as known. Failure to do this
is a punishable offence.
Uy OrdT,
B.  A    LAWSON,
Oity Clerk.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial  Buuk  Building  lievelstoke, B. U.
Money to Loan,
unices—Itovslstoke,    B.   O.,     aad
Cranbrook, B. O.
Ceo. 8. McCartor,
A. M. 1'iukbam, J. A. Harvey
He>-olstoke, Craubrook
Provincial Land   Suvoyor,
Mining Surveyor,
.      II.      WALLACE
P. O. Box 146, RevelBtoko, B.O.
Revelstoke,  B.  C.
Dominion and  B.  C.  Land  Surveyor.
KOOTENAY      LODCE,  No.   *5 A.  F
and A. M.
liegular meetings aro hold in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each montb
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
COURT      MT.      BEGBIE,    No.  3461
OF I.  O. F.
Meets in I. 0.   O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera  House  evory second
and  fourth  Monday  in  month.  Visiting brethren cordially  welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   8.   CAMERON,   Rec.-8ec
O. W. O.  W.
Mountain View Camp,  No. 229
Moots Second   and     Fourth Wednes
days    in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen arc
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS,  Cos. Com.
SELKIRK      LODGE  12,   1.  O.  O.  F.
Meets evory     Thursday evening   in
Selkirk  Hall  at 8  o'clock.      Visiting
brethren  cordially  invitod.
H.    SIEGFRIED,   N. G.
JAS.  MATHIE,   Secretary.
Moets every Wednesday except tht
Third Wednesday of each month in
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially invited.
G.  W. GARLAND, C.  C.
Q. H. BROCK. K. ol R. Sc S.
M. of F.
Smoker's Supplies
Tin- old reliable in w-lins llie largest anil best linr of Smokers'
Supplies ever ill lbe f ity, nnd our pi ins are iiiiii. lifty brands
of cigars to choose from, Price from $l,00per box up; not innile
irsin sirup either.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
• lur Biock   id   Calabash   Pipes  is  small  on  account  of  the
crop being a failure Ibis year anil quality poor.
Briar Pipes in cases from $1.00 up.
Ask for the famous 11. B, B, brand, livery pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Cases mul Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Trays und Pipe Racks. Tell us what you want and we will
suit you. Ifyou cannot call, phone .H and goods will be sent to
your home (br approval.   Buy early while stock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows him, he will
tell you that the whiskeys we are
selling; are the best. Call and he
convinced, No household should
he without a supply of our Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteod
80 yeai s old nr Blaokberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold by all
tlio leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers ard Dealers In Fure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
D. GaUicano, Second Street
New Lightning Method
Oil Paintin/, and  Painted Walh
ir:e new.
I',,.* Specialty
Bsttmati - •
Mirror Making ami re-Silvering
.ttiriK and Boring
Picture 1 ■   ate.
l'rices Reaei red.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and  Birds
P.O.Box 31, Revelstoke
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of SitiK-
er and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H.  MANNING,   Agent.
With its large number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates,
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
19(16 1911
Capital       ....        $ 3,000,000 * 4,000,000
Reserve 8,000000 4,600,000
Deposits       ....        23,077,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments          -      27.4.r>7,0!)0 38,854,801
Total Assets        -      -      -        33,090,192 48,237,284
Has 83 Blancheb In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents In all
the Principal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoke Branch, w   H. PRATT, Manager
r. Paper Hanger, Decorator
Revelatoke, B C.
It will pay you to
make ;t Oul at
F.   B.   WELLS,
B iy«r and Exporter
Old Town,   -  Revetatoke, B C
*.(*„, mi ont
ht   .,f   ■ *.    mi'   clothe-*!
lor tlir i.imii. i maks ■
•pecialti ■' iffeinK
siioci, Pants. Hos, siiiiti
Bl inketi awl everything
Shiloh's Cure
anlokw »t<ip« <!im»h«. enrw ooWj, hmtn
i»  throat aad  tons*.  ■   ■   ■  it oint*
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Phone 42  -    Night Phone 85
Electric Restorer for Men
I'hiiMihiiiiol "-"mi" STSTTB-artsla lhl l""lr
rniittpnuiiui ,   nt ,,,,,,,„, |tnl|0n ; rntorn
tun ami vitality- PrtSMlirsd«ca* *''"'l ill inai]
a.tl/neat ti.tlrrl at oik*.    rhoBplioaol will
*'lin«i»>n.   Pfles MsMkiOMwj lot
&MjI|»-I t'l »n» .Mir:    Th« flootx-11 Din*
.. St. C«th»rln*M. Ont.
One team of  Horess
and one single Horse
weight about i4<"t to 1500 lbs.
each, suitable for heavy work.
Must he sold  al  mice.    Applv
to K* HOWSON, Kcvclbtokc.'
Our Doctors Anli-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is fillinRa lon^ felt wantand its waterproof tjualitieB are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Nnrness Makers
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
! WK11NRSDAY,  ArMI, 17,  1912.
WEDNESDAY, AI'RIL 17,  1911.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. B. Jtume 8t Co.. limited
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
Such a Galaxy of Lovely
As wc wc never had before. From Switzerland, from
Germany, from France and Italy-all the new ideas arc
here from the Silk Baby Ribbon at 25c per dozen yards
to the most elaborate Sash Ribbons at $1.00.
This is to be a White Goods Year
We have anticipate the demand and have a complete showing of Cambrics, Indian Head Ducks. Piques
Linens, Muslins, Mulls, Matquesettcs, etc.,
from  10c. to $1.00
Oh! the Cute Little
Child's Rompers
All colors and Sizes, Only 50c.
Babies' Dresses
Did you see the lovely little dresses? Snowy White
Muslins for Babies and 1-year olds. ?2 to $4 ones at
half price.   You can get some nice ones i'or $1.00
Wash Dresses
A great showing this week of Ladies' and Misses'
Wash Dresses, ready to put on, some beautiful creations, a Spring garden of colors, and in any size, from
$1.50 to $18
$10 Ladies Suits
We don't claim they arc S^.s Suits, but they arc a good
serviceable suit in green, brown, blue and black at per
suit $10.00
A Lot of Shirt Waists go on Sale
Thursday Morning
They are a mixed lot worth  up to $3
each.   If you can get one to suit you
the price is $1.00
Groceries and Crockery Department   Do You Know the Password—"Well Dressed"
Garden Seeds
The Springtime is here and with it the
thoughts of sowing, digging and planting. Our
minds turn to the hot Summer when wc were rewarded by the good things we had to eat as the
results of such labors. We can guarantee you
good results from the Vegetable Seed, Grasses and
Flower Seeds we are handling this year. Our
Onion Sets arc now in as is also all thc other seeds
rcquieed for your gardens, lawns and farms.
This is one of our GOOD GOODS. In this
department wc arc ottering only the best goods,
best values and brst service. Nabob Coffee in i
Ib. Cans, 50 cents; Chase iSc Sanborn's Codec in
lb. cans, 50c, 2 Ib. cans, gocj Mocha and Java,
O 0, and Santos, ground while you wait, at 50c,
45c, and 40c. pcr Ib. Ridgway's Coffee, 1 lb,
cans, at 50c.
Jams and Jellies
Again wc call your attention to the best
brands of Jams and Jellies 011 lhe market. You
need them now if you need them at all. Crosse &
Blackwell's in 1 Ib. and 2 Ib. glass jars, 4 Ib. and
7 Ib. cars, Wagstaltcs, Robertson and llcinzcs, all
new good stock.
Fruits and Vegetables
We are receiving daily a large assortment of
Oranges, Bananas, Grape Fruit, Lemons, Cauliflowers, Rhubaub, Green Onions, Ripe Tomatoes,
Cucumbers, Lettuce, Celery, and all the fresh
fruits and vegetables on the market. We get the
best so that you will make no mistake in ordering
from us. Leave your orders early to insure prompt
Flour and Feed
We always carry a large supply of these goods.
The Famous Royal Household Flour is our leader,
also the best quality of Oats, Wheat, Bran, Shorts,
Cracked Corn and Chops. Let us quote you prices
and show you samples.
Ham, Baconj Eggs
Do you know that Easier Sunday is thc next
Sunday on the Calendar. Wc arc showing nothing but the freshest eggs. We can procure also
thc best qualities of Hams and Bacon. Watch for
our display.
Canned Goods
Purity makes thc process of m.t nu fait ure and
we have been blessed even to a greater extent this
year. In our Vineland brand of Tomatoes, Peas,
Beans, Corn, Peaches, Pears, Plums and Green-
gages.    We are sure our customers get the best.
AS soon as you start wearing2Cth Century^Brand Garments
you will find that you have joined the " Brotherhood of
Good-Dressers."    The   password is, " Well-Dressed."     It is
never uttered aloud.    You meet a member of this brotherhood
and unconsciously the password "Well-Dressed" is passed by a
silent, appreciative glance.   He, too,  has but a  glance to see
that you belong to the " Brotherhood of Good-Dressers."   And
remember, that a man who knows how to dress wel! is generally worth knowing.    You can approach him, if needs be, with
the assurance that he is alive and courteous.
Do you belong to the "Brotherhood of Good Dressers" or
the "Brotherhood of Bad Dressers" ? Each has its password,
We have given you the password ofthe "Brotherhood of Good
Dressers. The printing, publishiug or uttering of the password
used by the "Brotherhood of Bad Dressers" is contrary to the
statute therein provided,
Just one word more : We are exclusive agents for 20th
Century Brand fine tailored garments for good dressers.
Prices, $20.00 to $35.00
Our full line of Spring Window Curtains have just
arrived and we are in a position to supply your every
want, whether it i.s in Muslin, Madras, white or colors;
nett, white or ecru, or lace. We can furnish these either
by lhc pair made up, or by the yard widths. These goods
arc direct importations from thc Old Country manufacturers, and thus we art enabled to t]note you prices
which will discount anything you have hitherto been
Inlaid and Printed Linoleum
Fresh arrivals from Scotland; a complete line of
inlaid and printed goods in absolutely new patterns. You
can't afford to miss seeing these before buying. Wc
guarantee to cut these and lay them to your entire satisfaction.
We arc putting on sale to-day, (Wednesday), our
full line of Union Rugs and Tapestries, These were
extra good values at thc Regular Price: now you can't
afford to pass them up. Right near the Millinery Department; after you have seen thc Mats, take a look at
thc Rugs. WEDNESDAY.  AmtL IT,  1912
WEDNESDAY,  APniL 17,  1912,
Wash Fabrics
20 Pieces best English Ginghams.
Prints. Muslin, all warranto I fast colors. These are regular 18i\ and 20c.
goods. Sale Price—10c. Per Yard
Ladies' Hose
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose
Sale Price—13c. Per Pair
Curtain Muslins
Scrims. Nets and Muslins
Sale Price—15c Per Yard
Carpet Squares
3 x 3 Tapestry Carpet Squares	
  Sale Price   $8.00
Wilton's, Brussels, Carpet Squares	
 Sale Price -$16
New Goods from the East
Just arrived. Keeping our
Stock well up with the
Latest Styles.
Vpril jt Ton :* " tile* Club, In the
Empress  theatre.
May ■ C«U brated Toronto La lien
Quartette,   Empress  iheutre.
M.iy 16—The Kenny, Harvey Enter -
tainoi-   Empress theatre.
.. •   :   vi,. taging     Mildred Opera
Co.    Empress  thotttrc.
Friday; April 19th—The I... es' fc] -
tar Society will hold a uniot ti ur*
nament In St. Francis Hall un Friday,  April 15th.
I'm.  Wlut, Clover Hone) in 5 lh. Cans.    Tliis
\m11 tinil awfully nicest this Reason ofthe year.
HOME-MADE JAM    i" pints ami quarts, nl«ss jars.
absolute!) pure .nnl well put up.
SYRUPS   I'tiii Maple Syrup in bullies nr cms, whicli w
nntee in l'i* tin' best.
something  you
MacKenzie Avenue!
"The Unwritten Law," a powerful
drama on the groat Thaw-White case,
showing all Incidents in the fatuous
tragedy—Empross theatre tonight.
tin Wednesday night the Toronto
Glee Olub will give tbe Hevelstoke
people a treat in classics, humorous
ami  comic  selections. K
The great San Francisco earthquake
anil lite at. ihe Empress tonight. Prices 15c,  'ibe. ami 86c. 6000 feet in all.
Don't miss these great entertainers
the Toronto Glee Olub, Wednesday
night at the Empress. Popular prices
$1,  75c and 50c.
WANTED-A gentleman looking for a
large front room, also hoard if required, with respectable rarr •!>. Address Professor Vovros, Revelstoke,
B. O, * ' 1 Ise,
When you put away your furs for
summer, get some of our moth killers, erilar Hakes, camphor and moth
bulls, also large ami small sizes of
ninth bags, at Macdonald's new
drug store.
The Favorites oT the West Score
a Big Success in their Open-
ing—The Lottery Man Tonight
Mi*. K. Howson will receive FrMaj
afternoon, tin  I9tb Inst.
J. D.  &lbbaW sailed Irom Sew York
nn tne  lith inst.
Mrs. Ung^s  will  not
Im   Kngland.
ii Cflive
Mrs. j. V. Stevenson *■■'.
ceive tomorrow. Thursday.
Ute   Thomas   Sturd>   will
. Fi .*.*!:■.  fc.pril 19th,
, = '.'U
Ren-.i-m ei  the tbe  R   M     I
lo th'* Drill Hall        I    ■ iy i v. i, i'g.
■Vpril   I Ith     It 9 O'l lock  sharp.
Kvery* *.-        -   aSSUn ■!   *.*!    i   s. ".I
*  •   R.M.R. dance • a Fi luaj .
■ :. "f t!..s week.
it tbe handsomely appoint *i
: >mi .: the Mi Kinnon block are
now n   •■■
.   \. .:. i   *..      .,-.     ball team
will play tbe     King     Edward hotel
tarn .> mat'    tomorrow atternt
the   V Mm l1      I* «
r  .*. . match,   Mi
■ .
r.  F   Lindmark,  Supt,  ••!  the  !'
f last (
thei   southern
.s i ompan;  opt i.. ■ -
li.    -    ■*.**■
To s,*u*, i ami make the fir-i paynienl on .i home. Then you can
move iu nnd plan it garden, .i pmtlln vnrd .nnl nil sorts ol things you
would onjoy during a Summer. II you haven little capital we cau
make it ea»i loa you 11 acquire a home immediately.
Mr. F. Briggs,     organtur lov   ibe m,,   Hlslop, ol Winnipeg, who bas
H, 'vns. vmII i.e iii town today,    and hecn visiting Mrs.  v.  \. Bturdi   toi
the B.P.O.F. will bold  'he,i    „'.'..:ii  9  ,,,,„.   ■ .*,  ,,„ Tuesday morning
regular meeting nn Thursday r-.rning ;,,,   Kdmonton
the   ISth  April,  in   the   bull   u v       tn
tin' opera bouse.
I Ml • "
■  ■
l.O. F
I)   anl
•   ■
ll       '■'    KlL
I'.'l ,
<** "leoiiii
■ ■    Mmi Ma
■'■  | > into tl     pi m
*■* i,
.1    i     ■•   •-       lealtj
B» store now
Meal M.irk<i    Th-
\\mt  Mai • ■   ■  :-. •■■■ na
• * •• I    ;i>"4    ','!■ >•     '
i Ittdlng a III .i
\. s. Goodeve, membei  ..f thi   Ba '
Commission,  arrived  in    town
,.,-t   sim.l.iv  n i-i't  from Ottawa   Mi
• ; leve waa on h.s way ■<> ins home
in     Rossland     nn.l   ""k the     south
train .it   i IS Monday morning.
i..ist evi ning .it  tht   V.M.C.A        i
very   Interesting  meeting  took   *
A  full ntt. * 'in- prospective
players In tin* V.M.i   \     *■■   •
gn.* were present, mi'l much bui   ■
wis transact tltui
eague ws •   v
-.  Ill,'   nl   til''    Hill's    W( I
I   .t„s .hi ,'|."l t.i put the grout   -
In tb'-  Vancouver S
,, m ,  *.*,.   notice ii. reft
s- rculal             ' ll
\   Coursier's name atanda
t   N...   7   ni
.■ ■
iking    I
Ml er may pull
■ ly        it a    ttie
t that v
• *    lentil al   r
•   * .*      . *•
 Menl;   "< lw>r' (ml
ie.   Tb* d-ee-ea
' '
The Allen Players, starring that.
Western stage favorite "Miss \iruti
Felton" scored a lug succosb in
"Divomins" their opening presentation of a series ol offerings running
this entire week at the Hevelstoke
opera house. The people of HcvelBtokc
seldom have an opportunity to enjoy drama or comedy ol the high-
class presented by thc Allen Players,
and they showed their appreciation
of this fact, by crowding the opera
house with an attentive ami demonstrative audience. The acting thru'
out was ot a high quality. Miss Ver
nn Felton, Mr. H. Irving Kennedy,
and Mr. Half Belmont made admit- -
able principals and they were well
supported by the rest ol the company
whilst the Schranko Orchestra lived
up to their reputation as- municnl artists turning thc usually tedious intervals between acts, into pleasani
Interludes ol melody. The plays
scheduled lor thc remaining nights of
visit, Including some of the latest
successes in drama and comedy, give
tbe public of Revelstoke a chance to
sec this talented company in a var -
lety of offerings, well calculated to
afford amply rtmni for a display ol
thc ability of thc players, aud at the
-nnie time t.. attract all classes of
theatre goers, and we predict that
the Allen players will draw crowded
houses fnr the balance nf their all
!""  shnrt  stay  In  this city.
80 ;"' ■'"     '" '■"l '"'i:i*   '"    ""'    The    presentations tor the balance
""" l: '   district,       .10**!-  ,,, the week aref—Tonight,     Wednes-
teams dp ,laV    ■T,1,. |.,lt„.,v M.in**   Thursday,
1   Camille";   Friday,   "The  Third   Degree", Saturday, "The Transgressor"
and  Matinee  Saturday  afternoon.
Fed    'l.rertly   11,    the
' D    -   ibald
e.i  from  st.  John  on  th.
'■ r   i..mr| 1.   woul
1 lr-'
There was the contented hum ol
bappy voices at St. Peter's rectory,
yesterday afternoon. It was the occasion on which fitting presents were
made as souvenirs ot faithful zeal and
work in thc church. A large number
of Indies graoed the farewell with
their presence. The following addrest
se-  were  read:
"Heur Miss MeCarter—'The ladies
of Ft. Peter's shurch feel that they
cannot allow you to depart trom
their midst without heartily and sincerely asking you to he kind enough
to accept this small loken of thoir
love and  regard.
"Vou have been a vigilant and untiring louder, undaunted hy enrcs and
dillicultics, and where real hard work
wan, you were always lound there, in
faithful sympathy with thc church.
We shall miss your wise and wholc-
-1 une leadership and our esteem and
appreciation accompany you.
"May your life be as bright as the
sunny clime you purpose making
your home.."
"Hear Mrs. Porter,—Inasmuch as
you are leaving their city the ladies
ol St. Peter's church wish you to
accept this slight token of their deep
esteem ami appreciation. Vou huve
been a title and tried friend, a wise
and constant adviser and a faithful
helper in all their church work and
activities. Their great loss is the
decided gain of the community in
which  your lot muy  be cast.
"I'lease bo good enough to nccept
tlicir best wishes lor yourself nnd
your dear ones on behalf of the ladies of St. Peter's church.
0. A. PROCUNIER, Rector."
Ught refreshments brought tlie
pleasant  function to  a close.
The Rectory, Itevelstoke, A-jiill IC,
Building Material
Wu have ;i most, complete line of one, two, or three Ply
Roofing Paper, Building and Tar Taper anil Tar.
Which we have recently taken lhe agency for are highly recommended hy our local painters to cover more surface to the
gallon and wear longer than any other paint on tlie
on the market.
The following arc the different kinds we carry in sizes
from half pint toi gallon cans:—Minerva Pure Prepared Paint,
Minervalac, Minerva Art and Craft Stain, Minerva Interior
Floor Paint, Minerva Barn Roof and Bridge Paint, Minerva
Porch Paint, Minerva Hard Oil Varnish, Minerva Floor Wax
make the finest dressing for polished floors.
Have you tried our "Silkstone" fiat wall color, it has a
finish as hard as stone and as smooth as silk and the surface
can be washed free from dirt without affecting the color.
Inanimations [or tbc position of
Inspectors of Steam-boilers and Ma -
chitiery, under thc '•'Steam-boilers Inspection Act," will be held at the
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, commencing May 19th, 1912. Application
and instruction forms can be had on
application to the undersigned, to
whom thc former must be returned
correctly tilled in, not later than May
1-t. 1912. Salary, )>130 pcr month, in
creasing $5 pcr month per annum to
a maximum of $180 per montb.
Chief  inspector  of  Machinery,
New Westminster, B.C.
We are now located in our new
building and prepared with a fresh
stork ot the purest of drugs and up-
to-date appliances to till your proscriptions, firing them along and
get tlie liest at Macdonald's drug
We stock a complete line of Poultry Netting in all sizes
from 21 inches to 72 inches and in mesh from a half inch to 2
inches, also Lawn, Field and Barbed Wire Fencing.
Garden Tools of all kinds, Tree 1'runers, Sprays, Rakes,
Hoes, Shovels, Forks, etc.
We have just received a Complete line of high grade Sporting Goods at the lowest possible prices.
See our Lally Special Lacrosse Sticks, the best ever put
up, extra heavy guard and clock cord, and one combining
strength and lightness.
Our line of Baseballs, Gloves, Mitts, Heel and Toe Plates,
Bats, etc., cannot be equalled anywhere for quality and price.
You will "strike" it right off if you come to us for your
Baseball and Sporting Goods.
Our "Special" League Bat will score a "home run" in
any game.
We do not "pitch" stuff at our customers, but treat politely those who come in to look at our goods whether they
buy or not.   Come in and have a "business innings" with us.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Howson Block
6,000 Feet of the Latest Motion Pictures
including Turko-Italian War Scenes.
"The Unwritten Law," a powerful I.u-
bin drama on the Thaw-White case,
the San Francisco Earthquake and l-'ire
and many others.
USUAL PRICES for the Lengthy Program
H. Ruthben McDonnld. Popular Prices, $1.00, 75c, and
50c.    Plan at McDonald's Drug Store.
Additional Business Locals
.  want,
t tbe I dm thai  ■•■ -
■"" *:"rk v The Toronto Glee Ciub
• porta,   tin'   \'.re I
Ii    rganislng tba Toronto OIm elub
■* 111   winch     will    appear .»t tbe Empress
bad mnk    •  •  I |aj  oljbt, April 24th,
; baa taken evei) care
: be best ol
toured   ihe   west.
an     *n i'imn.In li more
Mill    Ituthvrn Wac- .
tl t a     "* lv   ol   -itiKTs.
ihould be lufficl
lalitj   "■*  thia
, u
ind  while     the
the    innl
*        III    ,,!
. i
i equal
.•MnllllK     in
*,,,.' * .      •
.|    ll   IKI
*  I       If.IK
t al   Mat
■    J *
*   .   '
,.•   ■  uli
rr!   Mm) tli"
tha put law      'I" »>"
Mt    Brlna "•'  ' ■"'   T ir'"
■ ..   Kr.it. rns .        *    "    "-nnl   li*
tolrt, .""i I to i.kt  nn    i. ir ud one
.,.-,•'!  *,n  thia  *"rv     n   '*- ,      ,,iy     [urnlabed     kppl)
■ ■     rtH  '"   '""v ''      Ma i ih'i'ii'!
.,ii> ._******_**********__*****—*_—*'''.—'—•—*****^——
l.i-«tl er r."m.I Poi 'a' ■  Edll
■ *c ] ith . . I     I -i' n
Ralph « on  Workil
Di Morgan i Work     11 toi
Nrw Spring Books
Worth  While
Tin* Mt'.T-nrr   .1 I M.ui      ti.U
(Till ol the BiR Woodil
Woman and l«l*<f
 (OIlTI Silirrinrt
He, Who Pawed
- reel Pi *   In Imlk
Iim .tl  Sa .nullum III III Ik
Mk-ii.Miitli*   lm*;' " ''"I''
(]  .•-,
will afaaolnlcl] pr-mul
limr  Irntn  htllllR "»'•
Smart Clothing for Eastertide
NEW  EASTER DEBBV   ANO   «,OFT    HATS in all !•"•
,1,     ,, ,     |   ■
S|.tnn* Blilrl *'   • red   with liroki r
. 1 ... I. * • in ) ■ orded ii lollai up
in iti'iii n or ('•tren, Cro
large rn nge lo bavt ill Idea ot the iliadei and  patterna they
Iim* '    I"     ft    lr "111
Fit-Reform Clothing Stetson HaU        Foot-Rite Shoes
An Extra Good Buy!
Wc Have   SIXTEEN  LOTS   For Sale In
Inside the Mile and a Half Circle, only Four Blocks from Car Line and Sidewalks, adjoining the Properties owned by the C. N. R. and G. T. P. for yards
and shops. We can show you by comparison of Prices in Moose Jaw
papers that these are a Positive Snap at
$1T5.00   EACH
One Quarter Down—Balance Over Eighteen Months
House on 25ft lot 3rd St. west $1000 Terms
House on 50ft lot 3rd St. east - $2650     "
House to Rent on Second St. West
House on 50ft lot 2nd St. east -    2800      "
House on 50ft lot Mckenzie Ave   4100     "
If you have a House to Rent, we can
Rent it for you.
E. G. FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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