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The Mail Herald Apr 26, 1911

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JOHN    MClNTYRKl   **   SON
Some of these must be Torn
Down says A. F. Lundell, City
There are a lot ol old shacks and
veritable tire traps in thiH city that
should be torn down. Places in all
the varying stages of decay and de-
lapidation, some ot them ready to
tumble down and some ot them
already tumbling down or at leaBt
parts of them and theso the city has
decided shall be torn down, removed
or repaired in some way. Mr. A. F.
Lundell reported on some of these
buildings and the clerk was instruct
ed to notify the owners to conform
to  his recommendations.
The following communications were
A. G. Duck, superintendent of power house, asking tor leave ol absenoe
to visit the coast to have an injured
eye examined.—Granted.
Waterous Engine Co., Brantford,
under date of April 14th, 1911, enclosing original bill of lading dated
April 13, 1911, of one steam road
roller and parts.—Received and filed.
A. H. Calder, under date ol April
19, 1911, asking for crossing at his
premises.—Referred to public works
Application of John Shaw, asking
for position as caretaker of cemetery
grounds.— Referred to public works
From H. M. Parry, chief of police,
asking to purchase lots 11 and 13,
block 11, ward 2. Moved by Abrahamson, seconded by Aid. Sibbald,
that the Chief of Police bc notified
that the lots referred to are not for
sale at the present time.
Geo. D. Shaw and Louis Patrick,
asking for a sidewalk on tbe east
side of Robson avenue between Second and Third streets.—Referred to
Public Works committee.
Ohas. A. Lidy asking (or a sidewalk and crossing to his house on
First street west.—Referred to Public
works committee.
Joa. Callfn, M. M. Pettipiece and
J. H. Pettipiece asking for sidewalk
from Fourth to Fifth streets on
Robson avenue in front of their property.—Referred to Public Works
A. F. Lundell, city foreman, reporting upon the condition of uever-
al buildings in lower town. City
Clerk was instructed to call the attention of the parties named in the
letter to the condition of their premises and inform them that the instructions contained in the letter ol
the City Foreman must be carried
out at once.
Geo. C. Bergman, Lacombe, Alta.,
asking for the position of city scavenger. City Clerk instructed to
write him and say that the corporation does not require his services at
tha present time.
W. W. Foster resigning his position
as Police Magistrate, and expressing
his appreciation ol the courtesy extended him in all matters pertaining
to his duties. City Clerk instructed
to reply to Mr. Foster's letter.
Letter from R.R. Y.M.C.A., askin<
for the use of the recreation grounds
for May 24th, and that if June 3rd
is to be recognized as a public holiday instead of May 24th, that they
be given the grounds for that day.—
Request granted.
Wm. Newman & Co., acknowledging receipt ol the City Clerk's letter
of April llth, also cheque for 127.40.
—Receivi-d and filed.
Mr. R. SijuarebriggB, who was present at the meeting, spoke on behalf
of the Rovelstoke Lacrosse and Baseball Club, asking that thiB Institu -
tion be given tbe use of the recrea -
tion grounds (for practice*) four
days a week, and bIbo asking thit
the Corporation have the grounds
put In suitable condition for baseball and lacrosse.
After discussion of the matter It
was moved by Aid. MeKinnon, seconded by Ahl. Sibbald, that the city
Council grant the use of thc grounds
to anyone else on any special occasion. It being undcrBtood lhat the
City Clerk is to be advised one week
in advance of any special date for
special occasions tbat the grounds
will be required by tie Revelstoke
Baseball and Lacrosse Club. And
that the question of fixing the
ground- bc referred to thc Public
Works committee.
Mr. R. Sqiiarebrlggs as fireman of
Brk-Ade Sn. 2, asked that a call bell
be placed in his hniise. City Olerk
tn n itify tbe city electrician to have
thc WOtk ioDI nt once.
S. Needham, J. Jamleson and H.
Scigfne.i, who were also present nfl
a deputation from Fire Brigade No.
1, asked for a new water main for
Ward I, -t,itinL. thnt the lower town
is with,.nt adequate fir* prnteetinl.
and that with three streams going
o bead ol oDly 16 feet can bt    ob-
tained, and that the brigade is utterly helpless to contend with any serious fire which might break out.
Moved by Aid. MeKinnon, seconded by Aid. Sibbald, that the question of a new main reaching to lower
town be referred to the Fire, Water
and Light committee. Report to
be brought in as egrly as possible.
Moved by Aid. MeKinnon, seconded
by Aid. Barber, that the question of
repairs to Fire Hall' No. 1, bo left
with the Public Works committee
with power to act.
Letter Wm. Cowan, chairman F.W.
& L. committee. Moved by Aid.
Sibbald, seconded by Aid. Barber,
that the question of filling in the
retaining wall at thi permanent dam
the completing of which han been left
with A. Pradolini, as ner Cowan's
letter, be referred to tho F.W. & L.
committee with power to act.
Moved by Aid. Sibbald, seconded
by Aid. MeKinnon, that J. Palmer,
J. A. Dallas and H. Needham, receive an addition to their salary of
$5 per month to date from April 1st.
Moved by Aid. MeKinnon, seconded
by Aid. Sibbald, that tho question of
a crossing (rom the city hnll across
McKenzie avenue to the Howson
block be referred to the Public Works
It was arranged that the Finance
committee make a final review ot the
estimates with the City Clerk on
Saturday, April 22, at 2 p.m.
Oity Clerk was instructed to call
attention to nuisances on vacant lots
in the corporation and to have such
nuisances removed.
Moved by Aid. Abrahamson, seconded by Aid. Barber, that the corpora
tion supply free waiter to a pipe to
be built acroBS the traffic bridge by
the B. O. government free of cost
and that the City Clerk notify Mr.
E. Trimble, government superintendent of roads to this effect.
Moved by Aid. MeKinnon, seconded
hy Aid. Sibbald, that the Public
School estimates for the current year
amounting to •$23,00& he passed.
Accounts totalling up to $8,1*28.-26
were passed.
Highest Price Ever Paid for City
Securities With Possibly One
Tenders for the $59,000 worth of
city debentures, which were voted
on recently, were opened up yester -
day and the entire outfit sold to the
Canadian Debentures Corporation Co.
Ltd., of Toronto and London, at
97.818, which aggregates the sum of
approximately $57,713.
These were fifty year debentures
and the price is i-onsidered an exceptionally good one, as with tbc exception of the school debentures,
which went at approximately 98J,
this is the highest ever paid for the
corporation's debentures. There were
five bids in, running from 97/818 to
95}, the cloBest to the one getting
the debentures being 97.5*8, from a
Montreal firm, m
iev.R.JJcintyrelays Responsibility of John Bailie's Death
The funeral of the late John Bailie
took place on Sundny atternoon under the direction of the Loyal Orange
Lodge, of which the decoatted 6was a
In the MethodiBt church ln thr evening Rev. R. J. Mclntyre conducted
a memorial service for the deceased.
During th; couruc ol bin sermon Mr.
Mclntyre remarked that th* deceased
had come to the city some three
yoars ago with a comfortable bank
balance, and thnt since that tlmo
he had been working lor wages averaging from $3 to $4 a day. He had,
ol course, nut been working all winter, but could have been had he wished to, yet he died on Thursday ln
debt to the world lor the Bum ol
$400. "Somebody" said tho preach
er, "had got that money," and he
Olowd   rharglng  those  who bad    got
the money, il it was obtained niogal-
ly  with  lieing largely  responsible for
the sad death of this young man.
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Talks Interestingly for Mail-
Herald Readers on Questions
lhat Affect Them
"I took a fide around the city this
afternoon in Mr. McCartcr'B automobile," said Hon. Thomas Taylor,
Minister of Public Works, during his
visit to Revelstoke on Monday, "and
I don't think I know of a city in t^0
Interior that has had such a Bteady
growth as this city has. When I
lived here a few years ago there were
only one or two houses on Sixth
street, nnd now tho street is pretty
well built up with comfortablo
Mr. Taylor whose great Interest in
tbe roads of the province has earned
for him tho cognomen of "Good
Roads Taylor" is making his annual
trip through the province getting in
touch with the spots where good
, roads are most needed and wbcre the
I handsome surplus whieh the govern-
, ment has can best be spent.
I "This matter of making roads
throughout thc Interior is a difficult
one and an expensive one," he said.
"You cannot stake out a road in any
systematic manner or any straight
line, but owing to the physical feature, especially surrounding Revelstoke, you hnve to follow the lines
of least resistance, making tho road
wherever it appears possible. This
usually is along the course of the
streams of the province, but gradually we are getting the Interior opened
up and incidentally creating a good
market for Revelstoko. I believe in
Revelstoke, I believe it is by nature
and by situation intended to be a
big city, and though it may take
years to accomplish this end, I believe it will eventually be one of the
best cities (if not the best already)
in the Interior.
"My government haa faith in Rev-
stoke too, and there is little in reason that my old home city can ask
that will not be granted It. That
Is, of course, as far as my depart -
ment is concerned, and I believe the
other departments are fast learning
that Revelstoke is one of the most
strategic points in the province.
"Let me first call your attention
to the handsome court house you are
this year getting. This is ons of
the pet subjects with which I have
to deal. I am most interested in it
because it is for my home constitu -
ency and plan after plan has been
rejected, until now that a satisfactory set of plans are about completed
1 can assure you that Revelstoke will
have one of the best court houses in
the Interior. It will cost close to
flCO.OCO and will be completed by the
fall of thiB year. The tenders "will
be called for in a few days to be
opened up May 23rd, and as soon after that as it is possible the ten ler
will be awarded. The building will
be both commodious and handsome
architecturally. It will be a two
story structure with full basement,
containing a much larger number of
otlices than the present one. Its exterior will be of brick and marble,
the front entrance lieing decorated
with large marble pillars, which I
consider very handsome. I cannot
in so many words give you an ado -
quatc idea of what tho building will
look like, but I can promise you that
your paper will be the very first ono
in tho province to publish the cut ol
the new building and then you can
judge for yourself what it will be
like. We are building for the future
in this respect, and while just now
the building may Ite considered a
little more commodious than absolutely necessary, still my department
has learned by experience that It il
always well to look to thc future."
"But," enquired tho Mall-Herald,
"you cannot fill nil these offices with
the employees you havo just now, can
"Oh no," replied thc Minister of
Public Works, "but we are continually adding to tbe staff as occasions
demand, nnd occasion demands pretty frequently, and It Is quite probable that we will require a numlier
of new employees by next fall.  "
"Don't you think it would he a
nice Idea to give the old building to
thc city for some purpose," enquired the scribe, "or whnt are you going tO do with it?"
"Yes, that, possibly would lie a
go„d Idea, but then wc never dispose
of buildings lhat way. In all probability it will either lie Bold by private Bale or public auction."
Speaking of the Work of road building throughout this section, Mr.
Taylor could not help but Compliment the excellent work ol Mr. I5d.
Trimble. "I think the work he has
done equal to anything in the province. Thc work In well done In tbe
face ot a. Kreat many difficulties and
altcitclher I am delighted with the
(Continued un I'agfl Six.)
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pi U>
a _.
CL 3
a o
— CD
3   <
vt n_
ca t/t
Lots in City of Vancouver
= 2
Mechanical Men of C. P. R. May
Confer in this Gity
Scattered along the main line ol
the mountain Bection ol the C.P.R.,
from Field to Kamloop«, there are
now at least lour work trains with
their larire nimber of employees at
work lifting side tracks, ballasting,
improving alignments and grades and
doing varlou« other kinds of improve
ments so necessary in keeping tbe
grades up to the standard ol efficiency,    Tbe    last «i tbete (our trains
went wesl yesterday. West tkero
Is one train gang engaged lifting side
tracks, one Improving alignments,
nml grades, whil>* a third consists ol
a shovel train. Kast thc work train
is engaged lifting side tracks.
Superintendent T. Kilpatrick states
that the serond week in May the
mechanical men of thc road meet in
conference ln Winnipeg, anil It Is Ju-rt
l>ossille that a meeting of thc lame
men mny later be h*»ld in Revelstoke.
A drill ot tbe R.M.R.'s will tnke
place tomorrow night at the drill
hall emmenring at 8 o'clock. \
large attendance Is requested. Thf
drill will be followed by a smoker. WEDNESDAY, APRIL
I'ece nyc^-iL-HEiR^r.r).. revelstoke
Gbc nfoatl-lfoevalfc
3ntcuor publishing Company
Zbc flftaU1beratt>
it ia iether bu uncharitable undertaking lor any person or group ol
ns to rake up a dead man's pant
• in the hope oi averting anv re
recurrence ol the sod event of last
week when a young man took his own
life by the poison route, some well-
intentioned persons are interesting
themselves i prove that J. bailie
took his own life as thc result ot de-
;.  .;. ;.       ;. . ;    .lent.**    inclined   at   the
gambling table.
Whether this he bo oi nol it |M not
thi province ol tins paper to Bay or
even to (suggest, until sufficient evi
dence Is produced to warrant such q
suggestion. The verdict uf the coroner's jury alter an Inquest "that thc
evidence waa insufficient to Indicate
the motive," precludes any BUggest
ion on our part as to what directly
or indirectly caused the death. The
coroner's jury has decided that fui
us as far as It was possible for that
jury to form an opinion from the
evidence produced. Whether this
gambling proclivity or the loss of
money at the gaming table influenced
"Jack" Bailie to take his own lift*
ui nut is a matter that the deceased
alone could enlighten us on. Some
there are possibly who could prove
that the deceased did gamble and did
lose heavily in the game, hut that of
course does not prove conclusively
that this was the direct or indirect
cause of his death.
However, it would be superfluous
for any man tu attempt to prove
that gambling goes on in the city
or that it goes on to a great extent.
Everybody is convinced that it does.
In hotels, in private houses nnd to a
mure or less degree in churches some
form uf gambling Is constantly in
evidence. There is the card table,
there is the slot machine, there is
the pool table, there is the crap
game, there is the ratllc and a score
of other forms of gambling and they
ail take place under our very eyes,
and every Jay of the year.
These aie all games of chance in
which somebody statuls a chance to
win and Bomebody to lose, and that
constitutes gambling. "Jack" Ilnil-
le took Ins chance and lost if that
was the cause of the despondency
which resulted in his taking his own
If it is the Intention of these well-
intentioned persons to put a stop to
this gambling, then the power is in
their own hands. Vie have a police
force here which is ijutte Capable of
dealing with the question, but as we
understand it the police force is largely hed.-ed in by instructions from
the police commission. This latter
body tells the police what to do and
what not to do. It tells them lhat
:' there ia a quiet little game going
on any place to "just leave it alone"
but by all means pick up thc t; pro-
fe-sional or tin lioin gambler. The
resu'.t has been that nine cases of
tin horn gambling were prosecuted
and convictions secured in every case
last year, while private games flourish. Whether the police have receiv-
rJ instructions from the commission
to leave local tin horn gamblers al
one is not divulged, but there are
ns who openly aver that resident tin horn gamblers do ex;*--, if
this be so. then it is clearly the duty
of those who know that such things
are going on tolay au information
against '.he person or persons carry
ing on the game, and in every way
to help the police to secure a con-
. *n. If these people are honest
in their intentions to avert any further tragedies such as that ol last
week ao personal frien i.-hi]>s should
be laid a.-* le ..ti i convict ions st
everywhere. They should lorm *. ■!*
legation to Interview th" police com-
mission rs and get them t.. annul
their Instructions to the police as it
.5 ijuite apparent from the act.
the police that instructions hav<* | :.
.* -.. n  them  to  leave  the   [Ulet    pnv-
IKtle game alone.     Then    tbis
paper will tuk* plea . iblish
ing  the  opinions  of  those   intei
in   the   welfare  ,,'•   tlie  <-ity    nnl       lie
able    to     prove   tbe]  are      • ru ere
in      their      efforts,        An'!  If li
the intent ion to eradicate gambling,
BS lal   a-  P *s-ible from the rit\, then
it m -• nol be left to flourish In
' Igh pin''".-, t* it should be treated
alike wherever it is found. Local men
• I high standing In lhe city tell fre-
ouently of the quiet little game had
perhaps last night and probably
1* ast of it quite openly. If llu* II 1
i- to be put on tightly, then this
pairtT has visions of m* re than one
name n,gh up in "sassiety" appearing *.n the polire court blotter in
the n^ar future.
It is .-* lo be the privilege of
1 erj woman to change her mind just
.. i 'ten ae she pleases, ami it in Said
to be no sign oi weakness, but rntb-
er •*; Itrength toi n man to change
ti;s  mind  wbtn hr  hnds himself      lu
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5n                    j    ij                    with Bathroom Complete and
Fitsl Street for
$1,250   CASH
7-Roomed Houso s°™"> modem piumwng.for
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$2,100   CASH
II yoi
help yi
ckiug Ioi   a   house   call   and   we
secure one of Ihose properties on
\The Hevelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
the wrong.     Although this paper has n hold of then and now it would be
never expressed  itself regarding   tho real hard to get the enthusiasm that
it pattedneBS  of  tho  school  board  In might   have  been  expected  then.   Vis-|
cgiinl io     changing the namo     ol ions ot Increased enthusiasm In   the
Strathcona sel I as suggested      by curling game and  pipe dreams ol in-
l'i    Robertson, yet wo have     always turcsling Columns ot  winter sporting
Id   the      opinion      thai   the   school notes   have,   alas,   fa.led   away       Into
hoard  was right.     In last     Wednes- thin air, and for that we are sincere
day's paper,  however, there appeared ty sorry.     But, however, wo can have
an item in the school  board      report
another try at it next, spring nnd
perhaps mature our enthusiasm into
With a record of having chewed to
l .ii'co for HO years, uf having never
used glasses or carried a cane, Henry
W. Suits is dead at Council DlulTs, at
ol lbe effect thnt the hoard had received a cheque from the Provincial
government tor something ovei $12,
ICO and bad previously received 0ne
oi $15,000, and still there is more to
come. If holiest argument i.i sulli-
eiint grounds for n change ol opinion th n we arc Inclined to believe the age of lOB.
that perhaps the school board is act- I    Perhaps some live  up-to-dati
; just a little arbitrarily  in     the   bacconist will want this for an    aid-
matter,     One of th? prominent eitiz-   uertisement—that  is  the  only  reason
a-  of   Revelstoko   who like  ourselves   we publish it.
has considerable to do in     moulding i 	
tiblic opinion, lias pointed out to A good many readers have come lo
s that the Provincial government, this ofllce during the Pas I two or
• tiiIt- in a wny pledged to help al- throe weeks complimenting us on our
ng thc cause ot education in the efforts to enthuse the citizens in tho
rovince, was not in d ty bound to matte or clean ng up the city.
aid us in building schools to the "Hut." they argue, "why don't you
ixtent ol $30,000, and that it was get after the city councillors and of-
irincipally through the efforts of Dr. i ticlals to set us the example?" quite
Robertson that this grant  was made ' correct Mr.  Reader,     they      should
to Hevelstoke. This being so, aud
the school hoard will know best whether it is so or n. it, it would seem
rather moan to treat the doctor's
suggestion in such a high handed
manner and put him to any little
inconvenience in his department that
might arise from Ihe prevalence of
two schools in the Province with the
same name. True this paper was in
the -front rank in the suggestion of
giving the privilege to the citizens
ol naming the school, true that the
secretary of the school board kindly
surrendered Ins vote to the editor of
ibis paper in the selection of the
name, and true that it rust the •
board $5 to secure the name, yet the
grounds are sufficient for the board
io honestly consider Dr. Robertson's
suggestion and change the name of i
the     schuol,      if      ihey      think      to
It would   be    altogether
Wife of W. E. Harkess,
Engineer, Passes Away
Arrowhead, II. C, April 24, 1911
The funeral took place Sunday, In
Arrowhoad. erf the wife of Mr. 13.
Harkess, mill engineer. The deceased passed away after a long lingering
illness. There Was n very large attendance at the funeral. The Knights
ol Pythias turned out in goodly number.-, but out of respect to the wishes
rn Mr. Harkess, they did not parade
in funeral regalia. Both Mr. Hark-
ess and ln.-i late wife belonged to the
an hi norablo procedure, and mi ■ that
would cast no reflections on th-
business ability ol the board.
Then too, some day we may n >e 1
another school, and future boards
would not care to be hamper* ,1 by
the arbitrary actions ol predece
In such a way that they could not
honestly expect the aid asked fur.
Just thiuk over th-' matter Mr.
School Hoard.
The  Interment  took       place!
in  the burying  ground  near      Arrow-!
head.      The deepest  respect  and sym- j
uathy  were telt anl shown     by    the
I thi   leceased.
Last   Sabbath   evening   In   th ■    \:'-I
I rowhead  Pi ch the Rev
A. M. McColl preached [rom the sub- I
i :•    *•    .. * T iere
.   g tod  attendance.      In h -
mon Mr. Md oil  remarked, tha       It-
was  not  thi                                     :.tro -j
When the winter of 191-2 gets
the  little  two-rink  condition      thai 'hit
prevailed      last   winter  will  probably
still prevail,  as apparently the    tremendous rush     ol enthusiasm     with   I prac-
which thg curling club starti        t to
build  the new   rink  has all  -imn mari-
down to nothingness.     This   en *
[asm is be a perennial plant • i   ol
Bhi ots    up every spring to d*
w,th    the     advent  of warm  weather      Tie
and springtime.     This paper advised
taking a hold of the mattei   when '*.* where.
curling  fever  was  at  its  height,   but
i       me  reason   it   was  not      taken   stitute for motherhood.     That sons
to   -
• MISS EYDTH T0TTEN, appearing with tho John Griffith
Company, in "Othello," the great Shakesperlan love tragedy
The New
People of Revelstoke and district wishing to get in on the ground
floor in Port Mann Townsite may
have all particulars as to the only
piece of land close to the Railway
Wharves not owned by the Railway
Company. The owner of this will
be in Revelstoke next week -after
the 1st. of May- and will be glad to
give information to enquirers addressing him in care of this paper.
The property, of which there
are only 20 lots still unsold, is about
3O0 yards from tne waterfront, and
is side by side with the lots belonging to the railway. The latter will
most likely bring the highest prices
when the Townsite is put on the
market in July or August next.
This is the one and only great
chance to buy inside business property around which lots will be selling at probably $100 to $150 per
foot in a few months. It will take
$350 to $400 cash to handle.
Send your name and address to
care of this paper, and full particulars will be given you.
Care Mail-Herald Office, lievelstoke, B. C.
•Uiy.     Ci *
index to tt
of a    .. * - . le mai be  letermlned b)
■ mn *>i* I
I'.A    KHAI.I.
,.\ ,-Mtne is undei     ** ' ■.
to let uh »al<i* 'be    players    play,
wRhoul „ grlel ..I  fear; "h. lal   is iH
like brooding  Inwla,  and  howl  again
Im   lhal   we   pul     11[■
ii      We'll roast n playsr ffban
be    makes    a     series nl disastrous
breaks,      mil      call    Imn   nn""'     like
'' jmiu'i.-.''   and  il  linusell  he    should
in.  we'll  liml Inin with „ joyous
ii      i.li'l     uy   be   is  „   prince.   We'll
gn  Idol every day, mill swoar he
haM no f'-et of elayi our plaudits will
ind; we'll limine him till be
i*. : thi bull, and then Ihe lame old
names we'll call, and hoot, him from
the ground And In these happy
baseball days we'll resurrect each
chestnut phrase,  Irom out our   pile
of junk; we'll rail men bonobeads
•eb* n      tbey      try   in  vinti to stop    a
whizzing ily, and sav their work     is
punk. We'll sit ninl 'hew lhe same
old rags, and spring again the same
uld nii'il, and mnke the name old oots
we'll use the same snrcnstle strokes,
and aM the prehistoric jokes,      and
Property owners in the City
are hereby notified that all
houses must be connected with
the sewer within 60 days from
By order,
B. A. Lawson,
Ap. 12-lOt. City Clerk.
Take notice that thc store knowii
as Wing Wo, Kwong Kee, opposite
Y.M.C i A., Kirst street, caBt, has
been taken over by Mike l'at nnd
t hung Lock, and all claims duo to
undersigned must he presented for
payment withiu 30 days from dato of
this issue.
Dated April 8th, 1911.
lie   Estate of   George    Nkho'ls,  Jr.
Notice is hereby given  that all persons  having  any   claims  or  demands
against  the above  deceased,    George
-Mchols,  Jr.,  late  of  Kevelstoke,    li.
C,  railway  employee,  who died near
Rogers i'uss, D.  0.,  on or about thc
Iih day of March, 1910, arc required
to send particulars thereof duly verilied to  the undersigned on  or before
the Kirst dny of May  19111 aud that
alter said date 1 will proceed to distribute the said Instate amongst those
entitled thereto regard     being      bad
only to those     claims of whieh      1
shall then have received notice.
Solicitor,  Kevelstoke,  b.  C,  Administrator  with  Will  annexed of
Estate of said George Nichols, Jr
Oertiflcate ol Improvements.
Glad Hand Mineral Claim, situated
in the Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District. Where located:—At head of Seven Mile Creek
and adjoining the Winslow Mineral
Take Notice thnt I, O.B.N. Wilkie,
acting as ageut lor Bruce White, F.
M.C. B29U09, William Dennett, F. M.
C. B25221, and Nettie Davey, F. M.
C. No. B25561, intend sixty days from
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must he commenced before tho issuance ol such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Ninth day of March, 1911.
O. B. N. WILKIE, B.C. L.8.
Trout Lake, B. 0.
Revelstoke Land District
District ol West Kooteuay.
Tako notico that I, Mary Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. E. Corner of Lot 6140 G.I.,
and marked M. S.'a S. E. Corner,
thence north 80 chains, thence west
70 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence east 50 chains
to point of commencement, contain
ing 480 acres.
Dated January 9th,  1911.
Per O. P. Smith, Agent
Thurs , April 27
Comedian, brother <if the world-
renowned Hurry Uauder, supported by his own Co*y Including
King ol Instrumental Music
Reservod Seats Si.    Admission 75c
Children 600.
breathe the same old threats. I wish
there would arise a man, a gifted
soulful basi'ball Ian, a being real
anl true, who would upon the hlca-
ebers sit, and throw some novel sort
ol ht. and yell out something new!
—Walt Mason.
All those who can kick the football
at   all are requested  to meet at thc
Y.M.C.A.  grounds at 6:20 on Thursday evening tor practice.
KOOTENAY     LuDGE, No.  it A. F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
ou the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. ra. Visiting brethren ers
cordially welcome
W. B. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
SELKIRK     LODGE 12,  1. O.  O. F.
Moots overy Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K. ti. MoRAE, N. G.
JAS.  MATHIB,  Secretary.
COURT      MT.     BEGBIE,   No.  »461.
OF I. O. F.
Meets ln I. O*. O. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, 0. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Sec.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K.  of    P.,
NO.   26,   KEVELSTOKE,   B.   0. r
Meets overy   Wednesday  except   the
i'hird Wednesday ol each month      in
Oddfellows'  Hall at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights aro cordially invited.
J.  Y.  SIMPSON, C. C.
G. H. BROCK, K. of R. & S.
M. ol F.
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meets Second   and     Fourth Wednesdays    in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H.  W. EDWARDS, Con. Com.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial  Bank  Building  Revelstoke, B. C.
Moucy to Loan.
Olllces—Rovelstoke,    B.   0.,     nnd
Cranbrook, B. C.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial  Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Eggs for Hatching
White Leghorns- No. 1 Pen, hcniled by
first pri/e cock, Vancouver 1911.
$5 for 15; $8 for 30.
No. _'Pen, headed by n large white bird
from Kast. iji.'.lKl for 15| $3.50
for 30.
Huff Leghorns S. C. R. 1. Reds; S2.50
foi 15; J4.IK1 for 30.
John J. Devine
Revelstoke, B. C.
Eggs for Hatching
Rhode Island Red.
Silver-laced Wyandotte and Buff Leghorn, per setting, S-'.tH).
Kmiien goose eggs, SOc. each,
l'ekin duel s (11 eggs; J-,2.00.
Day old ducklings.
Day old chicks a specialty.
Write or Phone 212.
New ('.rove l'orm, Revelstoko.
Coronation Y.R.U. and North Star
Mineral Claims, situate in the Trout
Lake Mining Division of West Kootenay District. Where located.—Ou
itapld Creek.
Take notice that I, 0. B. N. Wilkie
acting as agent for Cutler Thomas,
Porter of Spokane, Wash., U. S. A.,
Kroe Miner's Oertiflcate No. B 94976,
intend, sixty days from dato hereof,
lo apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certilicate of Improvements, for tho
purpose i/f obtaining a Crown Grant
of thc above claims.
And further take notice that ai-tion
under section 37, must bo commenced
ImiIoic thc issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of April, 1911.
0. B. N. WILKIE.
Take notice lhat "Campbell Shingle
Company Limited" intend after tho
expirntion of one month from tho
lirst publication of this notice to apply to the Registrar of Joint Stock
Companies to change the Company's
name to Atlas Lumber Company,
Dated at Revelstoke, B. 0., this
7th day of April, 1911,
Harvey, MeCarter & Plnkbam,
Solicitors for the      Hbinglo
Company, Limited, WEDNESDAY,   APRIL  26,  UU.
CAPITAL - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
of The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rales. There is no
delay in withdrawing the whole or any portion of the deposit. Small
deposits are welcomed. 234
Accounts may be opened in lhe names of Iwo or more persons, to be
operated by any one of the number or by the survivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of the money
after death, and is especially useful when a man desires to provide for
bis wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death.
The Famous Leckie Loggers' Hoots and our own
make always in stock. See our Pack Straps and
Pack Sacks.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Knrness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - -    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in ail the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.     Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Createst Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 Degre"! of Hca
Natural I lot Water in Baths.   O    i   All Vear
Rales from $12 lo $15 Fer Week
Have you smoked the
If not you surely
never tried them at
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Kvciyliily knows Iiim, he will
tell you Unit lhe   whiskeys we me
telling are the best.    Coll and be
lonvinced. No household should
he without a upplj of om Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranti ,><1
80yeail old or Blaokberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our Muck
of choice Wini k nml Liquors of all
kinds me unexcelled. Sold by all
the leading holeh, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars snd Cigarettes
Notice Is hereby given     that     nil
liHi'k yards nnd limes must lie cleaned
up according to the provisions ol the
Ilylnw  within thirty ilnyn from      the
dnte below. Alter the expiration of
that time it will be duty to proceed
summarily to convict those persons
upon whose premises nuisances exist.
First notification of this published
this 8tb day ol April, 1911.
Shi/oh's Gure
quickly stop* cough*, core* colds, hem*
Ui* throat and lungs. ■   •   - it c«ot*
Take notice that. "Kincaid &■ Aad
crson, Linit-ed" alter the expiration
ol one month from thc Hint publication ol tlliH notice to apply    to    the
Registrar of Joint stock Companies
to change the Company's name to
"Golden General Agencies, Limited."
Dated at Hevelstoke, 11. 0,, tbis
Silt day ol  April,   UU.
Harvey,   MeCarter   &   Pinkham
Bollcitors f.i  Kincaid     nnd
-Anderson,   Limited.
Speaking nt Btonewall, Man.. Hon
Robert Rogers condemned thc reci -
prgcltj pgeti
Revelstoke, ij. c
|j<*   A Symposium of  What is Happening in
$ All  Parts of the  World
KulariEed r
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
proved.     First-Class In overy respect.     All modern convenience
Larue Sample Booms.
I    Uevelstoko Land District.
j    District  of West Kootenay.
Tnke aotlco that Hie Canadian l'o
I citic  Uailway  Company  intends       to
npply for permission   to   leuse     thu
lollowiug described binds:
j    Commencing at a post planted    on
Rat'o $2.00 per day
Revelstoke. B.C.
Special Weekly Rates itho Bho,e lln0 of Dppet A,TOW Lake;
r said post bearing South li     degrees
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Ratss $i a day.    Monthly rate
J.   'ALBERT     STOGIE      JPF?0:P
It will
pay vou tu
a call at
F.   B,   WELLS,
Fur Buyer ami Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
fnr the bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes* Pants, Sox, Shirts
fc lankets and everything
required inyour business,
For Sale
25 foot  Lol and  House, Thiid Sheet
Three Lots on 8econd Street, near the
new Post Office, Slam
House and Lot near Y.M.C.A., $81150.
Two   Id's   and   House, Third   Street,
House and Lot, First Street, near thc
new I'ost Office, $2100.
SS feet on Sixth Street. 87(0.
.V) feet Otl Victoria Hoad. $550.
12 Room House, Second Street, 60-fool
lot. SI.100.
And other Brst-e'ass values,
Call and Investigate
W. B. Robertson
Greal West Peruiani nt Loan
Company Agency
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pire
and Furnace work
Connaught Awe.   -   Rovelstoke
! West a distance ol T2\ leet from the
Bouth Kast corner of Block 4'J of the
: registered town site of Nakusp, in
Lot 397 U. 1 Arrowhead, and district; theuco Westerly along sau!
i-hore line a distance of 3860 (eet to
a point; said point bearing South 41
degrees, West a distance of Hiii feet
from the Head block of South leg
of Nakusp Wye; tbence south into the
Waters ol Upper Arrow Lake a distance of HOU feet, thenco Easterly uud
Parallel to tbe Shore line of said
lake a distanco of ■>■*•" leet, thence
North a distance of SW feet to true
jioint of commencement, containing
70.8 acres more or lessf
Hated February Uth, 1911.
The Canadinn I'acilic Uailway Company, Per E. Vi. Bateinaa, Local
Kight of Way and Lease Agent, Van.
Revelbtoke  Land  District.
District ol  West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat Clarence 11*
Let me paint vour house right. I do ,««hock, ol Mount Joy, Pa., occupa
nothing but first-class work, iJuality . tion coal merchant, Intends to api'ly
considered my price is low. i'lie best for permission to purchase the fol-
materials used and work done when
promised.     Try   me   on   your   interior
lowing described lands
ecorating,   My  work is  guaranteed to
SIGNS  -I call furnish  vou  with  any
kind you want.     Class, brass, tin, cloth
or wood,    Oet my prices.
Carriage and Wagon  Painting at  my |
shop   in alley   hack   of   Iv. J. Bourne's
Store, First Street,
Residence Cor. 8rd St. m.d Robson am
Fruit Lands
(inlena Ray land? in parcels ol
IU or '20 acre:? or en bloc. Corre?-
pondpnee invited.
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Commencing at a post planted 20
chains south of the south east corn
y | er of lot 7635; thonce njrth 80
j chains, theuce east 10 chains, more
or less to the line of ihe Arrow
Lakes Lumber Company's timber
limit 43232, thence south GO chains
Ihence west 20 chains, tbence south'
20 cbains, thence west 20 chains,
more or less to place of commencement.
Bated  March 24th,  1911.
Ed.  McUaghrun,   Agent.
John Lee
Manufacturer  of   Ladies'
Ladies Suits Madeto Order
Fit Guaranteed
All kinds of Silk. Gingham.
Muslin,   and   Fancy
things kept in stock
Prices Reasonable P 0 Boi 706
Front st . Lower Town, Revelstoke
Arriving daily our now and
fresh stock of Seeds, grown
under eonliacl hy the best
growers in all parts of tbe
World. Seeds that will giv.'
you the best results, 'hie trial
will convince you. Also a full
Mne of garden ti ipilsites, lm-
I pleiuents of all kind-; li. r
tilipplleo, Sprayer.-,.Spray, and
a fllM line of Ulick Feeds and
Conko » remedies. Press the
button, we "ill do the real.
M. J. Henry Nurseries
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,    -   Manager
Vancouver. II* 0,
Repairs  of all   kinds   nen Ily  done
Bicycle ami (lun work taped* Ily
Estimates i-rlven on «ny class
of work
Front       Street.
A Kill) vllKAII, B. <•
special Attention given '" cominerciil
men   and   Inn, ists.     Kirslrlas*-   Bainpll
rooms. Kinesi scenery in British Columbia, overlooking I'pper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
iDr. J 0. Morrison) Ml   Ceo H  Crccn
Vancouver and Suburban
Real Estate
Coquitlam Acreage and
Lots a specialty
Special attontion ;*,ivi*n to M.iil ortlors or Inquiries
402 Dominion Trust Bldg., Vancouver,B.C.
iAp'ttifncrrii  for r 11 cir.nss (if    bof It. nt
For •nl" in Iftfftt '»r on nil qrintll I
*• ■!,» loWMl   tr r§« fnr en  f.
All k'i.ti - ol Mill Hue nod n imt* r I ok
iii  lor'nlei
Foote & Pradolini.
Aflords iiiprrior educal kmal iidvati-
turi •.. Iliuidsomc new brick building,
model n . qiiipiiivnt, extensivegnjunda,
Classes graded In aci oi'dniiee with Ihe
.iliool*.  ilu,.null..rn     llili   I'rovlnce,
I'OMipl.'lr Mus i,l  Al I I '''I' • Hm.nK.
Special coiirnca in Shorthand, Type*,
writing and Book-keeping I'arllculnr
auentloti given lo rennemcnl ol manners ami correct English.
l l iim*.   MODI RATI
For Prospeotus. Address Tho Ao-domy.
GIN PILLS Brought Relief
"I suffered untold misery even when
under treatment from the best doctors
for orer ten mouths, and nothingseemed
to do mr any hou.! or relievo my painful
condition, My trouble was Inflammation of Kidneys and Bladder.
I flnallr determined to j{o to the Victoria
Hospital, Halifax ,for tn.itnienl.
Two days, however, before my i'i tend
ing departure, a neighbor called and
liapprniiig lo have a ('.IN I'I I.L In
his pocket. Insisted on mv inking it. I
did so and su hours after taking it. Ute
results an I benefits I derived were
simply nnthing more or less than miraculous, Instead of going to the hospital,
1 sent for a Imx of BIN I'lLLS with the
result that I Bra a i nnd in in.   1 icroni.
mend c.fS l'li.i.s lo everyone suffering
from Kidney Trouble."
Take GIN I'lI.I.S on our j-ivlivr
guarantee thai Ihey will cure foil "r
money promptly refunded, y-c. a bos
—6 for fa.50—sent on r-vript of prirr
if ynur dealer docs n.l handle GI.N
PILIvS. Sample bon Inr il v.u wrile
in. National Drug and Chemical Co .
Dept. W.,    Toronto. 5J
Shifohs Cure
oiiickijV   *sl<ip* coudli"*   cum  coliU,   hind
lh« Ifcruot nud lusfli*      •  t   ■      »•"» crnl*. I
1 he Ions Mrrvicft
■ nti :tif rotnlort it
fiv-fa make* 11 tha
Slicker of Quslity
Sold Evorywliar*
Toronto, Canada. It)
).*'%^%^'%%%-sk-sjv*sV'V«k%%'»VSVSJV%'%-%.sV%%''%/***'V%*%'^'V% ^s*
''   interfeii  fiftj  cent pieci
: culated In Winnii ■
I ■       : cpoi ti 1 al Foi 1  w llliam
the  inland Lakes  lines have puri
,*ii .;.!*•      feel  oi   land foi   wharfage
pui 1*. *-.*.-.
Chief Justice Mathers  refused      an
application  to tax  In excess o(    thin:!    11 refi '■■ nei   1*1 ': •   ma tei
Iu the bouse of commons, Sii Wil
fn.1 Laurier Bald that tbe reaBon ' !ar
ada liiul iini ni.-nli- any proposalB for
the Imperial conference was because
there were enough matters left over
from the last gathering tu lake up
all the lum'.
The   Hn t ish governmenl bas   given
notice of its decision to stop the
sidy     hitherto paid  for b steamship
aervice  between  Oanada and tin'West
Senator Nelson, ol Minnesota, declares that reciprocity will result in
the building up oi Canada al the expense of the United states.
Fir  the Lake ol thi   « !   M 11
Ing company warehouse, Winnipeg,
resulted In the desti ictlon ol 1,000
bags of Hour.
It. Is stat.-il ,,n g 1 authority that
there is M world wide shortage of flax
nnd ihni  prices arc likely  to remain
hil,-h  for  : 10  nine.
Iii the debate on ibe veto bill In
tho British house ol commons, Pretn
lor Asqulth said thai there would be
im compromise.
A   (..ndhall    associal ii u    has been
formed  in    Toronto    to control tbe
occer" gamo througl 1  tbe Do
Calgary and     lidnionton Uascball
clubs  will not admit   Mnn-'- Jaw  and
Saskatoon lo the Western Cnnado
Clarence H Mai        I101       : 1   Mas
iai:. isetts,     won  • tie em        B
Marathon run.
Very lew ol th<    *   ■
to '■; 'er    Canada     at 1
Sask ,  an*  rejecti I  a
City Impi    * !■ *   *
an 1  a   half  111.Hi,.11.    1 * ;■ lei
ed bj   '  •   >'
Two Be    in
have amalgamati
Il is expect
111;.,*, .1:   *.      pro]
before  May 24,
['he citj             ihui ban  1
som was v-'-n 1,*,   Musbi	
It   Is  propo   *i  to  mai '      tt inn .
est lighted citj
Three important
brought mil. at tbe
nt Springllold, III.
points       were
Lorimcr inquiry,
Joseph Ochocki, ..I Tieheine, was
arrested in Winnipeg on n chargi .*:
Canada extends a heal tj welcome
to all immigrants seeking land In the
western provinces.
The Spanish oablni t. baa completed
a decree   of      separation    regardin
church mul state.
NaT Sufficieut Evidence to Send
Him Up tor Trial
■■ ttlei,     Alt«.,   Vpril i Vlei
aii.hr  Snd- rbci ihout the ha|
est man  in uH
nl    of      lh
William Lennox   inasm pro
■ *
ce to warrant I
lor ii lal on the chai
The Mormon church  has Invited an justices ol bhe pea Mitchell
mill iry into bhe charges made again    and Wm. Gray.
it it in England, Ni   soonei  had Mr   Mi
,|'1" ■,>   and * beere I age
the     Iriende ••■  thi   .
aroun 1 him,  oflei ing  wai m
'I he youn
Hope, the Liberal candidal   in Uu   ' celebraticn was in progn
Haddington  by-election,   was elected.      HaM  'v'>   l"vv;l ,u' block bc
In the     Uritish house *••' commons I were    m*>.st   afli ii, n sur-
yesterday, Right Hon. L.-w is     Hai of ia
court made an importun'     announce-   of whom I . tbe trial,   the
ment regarding Britain's foreign poi- young
ley and Its connection with tbe over- street.
seas dominions.
A Hour mill with a
of 500 barrels may be
established in
Nikola Bolowua baa been grant*
reprieve of one week till May 2.
With   b!
The lirst  clans.* ,,f tin*  veto bill,
lai nm to tbe powei  ol the lords   to     Witl
veto money bills, was passed In   I
British In,use ,,f commons. ,   ...,,„   pb  ,
F. it. Taj
Speaking before 5,000 peo *
Bklmonton, Hon. Frank Oliver and
Dr. Clark, M.i'.. Red Deer, defended
tbe reciprocity agreement.
The I'olidi'ii club ol  Englan
pliments the Orain Urowere' ,.        i
tion mi its advocacy ot free    trade
Robert Hilesone, believed to be ■
notorious yeggman, wai arrested in
Winnipeg by the provincial polii e.
an 1 J
i-  from wh i b   be   ws
mine ;
'   the      local
police have come in i   ntacl wlthdur-
Th    n   ■ " i iiada
ai     North     Portal    durii
bt     tl   wii in* *     -
Scene from Act 1 of  "The Squaw Man," 0|n
Saturday; April JlUh,  l'Jll WEDNESDAY,  AfltlL
%%«v%% vewwt %%%♦**%.% %^w%.%%^t*%/%.%
waft the stage, that the interest ot
the spectator is held as hy a spell,
nnd the Bnal curtain brings a satisfaction to the auditor that it is hard
to duplicate. It has been said that
"Tlie  Squaw- Han"  is the great Ani-
This is the original company carrying   twenty live   players  and   a  Oat  uf
siaii'iy, and is the largest dramatic
attraction tbat has ever come thru'
Tbe metropolitan Btakes, run at Ep-
The average Yank is a good sport
i! everything goes his way. If. bjw
ever, there is a spreading of the rails
aud a dislocation of tho even tenor,
then he is usually uu unscrupulous
fighter, Ti .* * portsmen prefer to
give uu ol i •■* i*; tbc benefit of tbe
doubt. Nut so your American
port." He wants it all if there is
any w,,\ it.     It      matters
i. thing ; * in that the other fellow
ba travelled many miles at groat
i ipensi and m ich Bai i L&ce. All be
I ial : here li something he
wanl   an 1 il   I  .- obtainable   he   is
:, ha * • I W, a*lams' expel
ience .ii thi L15Ib, class at the Nui
tonal $ '   uni y at Boston, Mass
when iton   declai *• be was Irlg-
nothlng new to I lana
dial havi  gone over there     on
B] .   nl      'ih ij have all had tho
same . rt .*: treatment meted out to
them when opportunity arose. Often
have I heard the late Ned Han an
say, when asked why ho so decisively
Bbowed up his lorm at the Philadelphia regretta- "Because 1 wasn't go
ing to give anybody „ chance tu foul
me and ihen get the decision. After
the treatment the London Rowing
club received, I knew there was only
one chance fur me au 1 that was to
get away in [root a- far as possible"
Sin e that day in yachting and rowing many foreigners, especially Britishers and Canadian-,, have been
th- victims ul the same unsportsmanlike treatment as were the Lahatt-
Uulstou crew representing tho Loudon
Eng., Rowing club. Therefore it is
not to be wondered at tbat British
rowing men hesitate to come and
row in America, neither does the raw-
deal handed out to W. Adams of
Toronto turn sh reasonable cause for
mai vel.
wrenched bimsoll away, getting ou
' Ins fed again, The Orook wriggled
| like an eel, getting uu his feet like
' lightning whenever opportunity pre-
' seated Itsel'f.
Tremblay had a rough lime, nud
just before the two hours were up
the nicn were BaVagO. Nineteen
minutes after the second Btart Tremblay, with a great oflort, succeeded
in getting a fall Irom (l scramble,
I managing to hold lillonls, though he
erienn play,  bui  thai   question     tlu    Bom Tuesday, were Wen by Lord St.
audience is left to decide for itself,    i David's Kilbronsy.
fought frantically  tu  break  the hold.
It rather looks that with Increased
interest in  the Canadian Wheelman i
association tbere is going to be a revival of bicycling.     And what sport'
liiere      used      to  be at  tbe old-time !
meets.      Then  the public entered into '
tbe spirit tbo attendance amply show- I
id.    it was only when tbe sport became utterly rotten, by icasuu ui the
"loafing," that the people began to
stay away  ant cycle racing fell inlo .
decay.     But  what  great fun it    was
ut one time with its masks and fare-
its horseplay and  us  robust   humor.
What days,  what nights were passed!
What a sijrht it used to be t0 see M-
helJs come swinging- past the Btands,
reds, blues, yellows glinting in      the
sunlight   and   dazzling   tbe  eyes       as
they dashed     past.     'liuu the pistol
shot, the wild rush, the whirling muss
of jumping color streaking round the
track  in  hall  a  dozen  hunches.  Pres
ently    one     would glide out from a
rear group  and  spurt  up  tu a  bunch
aheai.   till  the  long procession      ol
groups  had  dwindled down to  Ihree,
then  tu  '»'u.      And as     they swung
round, rider after rider, with hi- lips
drawn i*ai.k.  his teeth shewing   ln a
grin ol exhaustion, as be beut fierce
ly over his handle-bar-, till there was
only  one  bunch,  and as  it  travelled,
reeling .instead.ly in tbe garish, Hick
ering   light, lying close to the rails,
one would hear, "L.o it Hac." "Well
d0ne, Uuu,"     "Keep it oi>. George,"
"Naw, get along Doc,"  "Don't     Let
tbat Trojan  beat yer."     Then     tbe
cian^ing of  tbe  last-lap  bell,        the
len an, tremendo&s rush, the roaJ
i;   thousands  ol  bellowing spectators
and the crack of the pistol ol    fate.
Yea, thej  were sights.    Then thc bu-
Istero..;,      ride      butac and thc
beads m the niyrnin,:.     It makes one
young a-.-a.i- to l:.iuk of .1 all*
f York, April 2      .;
ed out A ii  Uli.  .-.,
iu  the nicth round ul tbi
coa teal it   thi
Nat. nal   -,   rtu
i*. . ■
ly   t*.
■ .
I   '. ■
altei  th.r
all his In tbe n
one tn.n . ■ ■ I lighting, Ji
knm k th Ml hlgau *h U
on bl - be' r.      >.       •   ■
fi..   iinck at the cud o!    thc
ht the Theatres
Mr. John Griffith, the dlstinguishad
Irobust  tragic actor  now*  before    th.'
I public, supported by a company     of
unusual excellence, will present Shak-
! espcarc's Immortal tragedy     "Othello"   at   the   opera   bouse   on   Munday,
May 1st. The nicre announcement
that tins attraction is to give ii performance of this famous play ought
to attract enough students of the
drama and admirers un.1 lovers uf
bhakespeare, iu fill the largest the-
iiere in the country. Mr. Griffith is
one of the most talented and power-
1 Lil robust actors that bus ever play-
id through America. He is nn immense favorite in Eastern Canada,
where his Shakespeare and other clus-
sical roles are looked upon with ue-
light. His "Uth.'llo" is a careful
study and vlgorus performance. The
star is supported by Miss Edyth
Trotten, a beautiful and accomplUb-
i .1 actress, and the strongest company of players that has ever visited
tbe Northwest. "Othjllo" will bc
given a splendid scenic embelisbment
and the magnificent Venetian costumes will give atmosphere to the
performance. The sale of scats be-
gins ul Macdonald's brug store, May
Saturday, ApL 29
H. !•:. PIERCE & CO., present Edwin Milton Royles
"The Squaw Man"
Unquestionably the most fascinating
American'play of a'decade
Exactly as presented, 2 years Wallack's Theatre,
New York.   Original Cast ami Product ion
PRICES-25c, 75c, $1, $1.50
For strength und mi cresting iiuali- !
ties in dramatic form, there is uothr
ing to surpass tbe coming presentation of thc well knowii New York
Bltccess, "The Squaw Man" iu which
John 0. Livingston will appear at
lievelstoke opera house on Saturday,
April 39th.
In   writing  this  play   Mr.       Edwin
Milton  Royle,  the author,  has    gou;
a Btep farther than many dramatists,
i nu I has succeeded In putting together
u comprehensive structure and    one
niny travel fnr to Had an equal  to   '
There is always a strong interval  In
I tbe West,   but   lew   have shown      thai
life of the plains ol twenty      years
j ago  as  it   really   was,   With   it ai
Biosphere    of and heat, strong pas
.-ions and faithful friendship.
Mr. John i'. Livingston m the title
role and Is necullarly suited to   tbis
character.     Human emotion Is shown
at   every   turn,  and   yet   it   is  bandied
delicately, so aldy. that there i- not
one discordant  note to  lx- found    at
' any  point.     Througho it   only      ab-
i solute strength  nnd  virility,        with
| clean cul   human   pass os  an i  ,
I tain   element   ol  Bell   saw.:
which the play hinges is to I •
So vital is tbe ta ns ath
ainl ;i company of competent players
in the Sbakespt rinn love tragedy
Monday, Hay 1,1311
Admission. $1.50. $1. 75c. 50c
Sauii..ia Cured Him, ai.d H
Montreal.      April  -' .—Caana.
Montreal      policeman,     broki      tb
Worlds    record for  weigh I    HI n*    al
Bobmi r park last n. .-■
171 l. ittl   Cyi     hi*:.i tbe prev-
I  I   W.ti.   J7..J   Ihs.
Eugene Tremblay, ih.* world'
weight wrestling  vnu' can, took     ■■
Inii from Kill nis,  ihe Am i can wel
ter-weigbt champion, aftei   wrestling
foi  two hours and nineteen minutes.
Tremblay received an ovation    hh h"
Btcppmi on the n„,t        Tbc men     nt
once  settled  d .wn  n<  though  expect
in? a long and  Imrd tussle      KiloBIa
pinned Tremblay to the mat but
i . i bold ii.m. Tremblay re
la    ted by i ndeav oi n.* to Bet a toe
bold,  but   Kilonis kicked  Inr  with Ills
waft vs too, ii nm »biih puittlon be
A man wh*
list thought la
I ; ; i. i. .  .. -
Vlll . . ,r
nlul   I   til.*I
■      ' *
I  ri   « 'i
' *t   over   ten   yea rs
- .a. .-.*,!'-- . ■ :.  tl.* ni   .
II If you hn       I I
trend thai li rli ftl to  Irlnk, h.'ip
*  '     '.'.    •.. •    * I i -.
A   I 1(1 1    IUI M.  I'M k M.I      '
mi r'.d   I'r. ll ;  : I nn,   •* I'h   1 k
Inr full p.irt ' ulnrs, t' Itln nnl *
etc,  win  he ••■nt absolute] ■   free and
-•■*!,'  tkaffe    to
anyone ai
ti-it* paprr.  | a aai     lit
nu,). lent al     Wi ite to Jaj.   I ■
mai ia  Rented *  ' *  .  Dept    18-43   ' lol
norne st , Toronto,    Canada.     Also
lor   Sale   by  C,   It.   Macdonald.   Druggist, Itevelstoke,  11.   0.
I-i ilt BALE.
Btrawberry, earlj and l^te ofebbage
cauliflower nn*i tomato planta. The
itrawberry planta „!•■ g laranteed
ft,  II    I'HTTItllKK,
I'boBc tf,
d 4a *&idc&
Style -correctness. -shapely cora-
■ iri ind long wear YOUR idea
ol  i parted  eoi sel!     Prices arc
'   nt*
Aatip-aa ll.it m lat ■
, I        *     . *
A.V  lor ih.rn Kv a.m. in
. -*^p,n«
*'" » '      ITI,ltd,
Take Reyn
tion clerk,
i ..uni" i" ing at a
ni   Lot  V'.i.;,   ih., of
laid  Lot hi 11.uiul. *.'• -d   i'i     ' io	
h.,-ith ami 'M chain »e il to Itna of
Lot .iii;!, bbenca along line ol laid
Lot Id . bains and 20 chain * west to
tin* not ih vi* •! coi » ii . thence aboul
6 * balm n..i tii to place ol commence
Dated  Munli   Lit,   1911,
Agent  John Subw
*    .,      ,   tate   oi
■   .1 ;,!.*, i,   decea
.■     * Tb ,maa
ii   i   , de
ad al  I *u "'
lay of N
.   I. i,„i*l  Meln
,;  tb '■'
o Irom
.ino i "I  tbe i * *
„. i    bai   *' tei      that
.* ..*i
. |    itati  amongst
, then to, re [ard   being
had onl * hose claims ol     wbich
Kind   |.;«,     •   i     iliiill   have   Mien        re
■    ||     i-ll     I,* ,1 ;* i
dlcltori of Donald Mcintosh,
Bxtoutor of tbe Laet win
Local Industry
type and printing machinery. Our
stock if  printing  papers is large
and well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cAccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms     Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash WEDNESDAY,  APRIL  26,  1911.
Watch   window   for   Big
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. B- .Hame & Co.. limited
Mail    or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.     Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Dry Goods Department
Nowhere will you find a better
choice of Aprons than at Hume's.
Plenty of the big all-over kind,
that will keep the housewife
spic and span through the "upset" of housecleaning days, and
all the different styles of Tea,
Waitress, Nurse, etc., apons
25c. to $1
Ladies'   Cotton
Ladies fine knit cotton underwear, nice and cool. Vests with
long sleeves, vests with short
sleeves : vests with no sleeves.
The season of change. You will
need these
15c. to $1
The vital parts of a corset are
the designing and boning. Your
knowledge of these points must
ome through actual wear for
you cannot see them, hence the
fact that most ladies place their
reliance in such well known
makes as Crompton's Corsets,
and D. and A. Corsets. The
new Spring styles and models
are here from
Summer Gowns
Exquisite Summer Gowns in
Marquisette, made in such a
variety of bewitching styles, so
daintily trimmed, they will be
most interesting to the ladies.
These are having a special show
this week in the windows and in
the ready-to-wear department,
2nd Floor, take the Elevator.
Modest priced gowns
$4.90 to $10
Garden Hats
for Women
Wide brimmed, light Mexicans,
just the thing for gardening.
Price only
25c. each
$1 to $5
for Men and Boys
The widest range we have ever
handled, comprising everything
in straw headwear for Men and
Boys. Our goods are best quality and prices are right. Just
see for yourself.
Men's Genuine Panamas at
fl2, *10, and $5 each.
Tuscans at $250, $2.75 and $3.
English Boaters, $1.50 to 13.50
Men's Peanit, 3">c to 75c.
Men's Mexicans, 25c. and 35c.
Boys' Mexicans—25c.
House  Furnishing Department
English Tapestry
We have a special line of these
Squares in the following sizes,
which are exceptional value.
24x3 yards, price $ 8.00
2ix3J " " 10.50
3x3 " " 11.00
3x3J " $12 and 12.50
2{x3     "   velvet $13.50
Heavy English
We have a choice line of these
squares, which is the standard
for quality, in fawns, reds, blues
and greens; sizes 9x9, 9xl0J,
9x12, and 104x12. These squares
are suitable for any room and
cannot be excelled at the price.
For Kitchens and Bath Rooms,
in fact every room in the house
can be finished with this durable
material, permanent colors, can
be washed off.
Brussels, Wiltons,
A choice assortment of these
high-class squares in all the regular sizes, in Floral and Oriental
effects, in red, green and brown
grounds, splendidly adapted for
living rooms, dining rooms and
Linoleum, Oilcloth
A full range of Nairn's Scotch
goods, the best procurable Hall
rims, i, i, 36, 45, and 54 inches
Printed and inlaid linoleums all
Dainty floral designs for use in
bedrooms, etc
Iron Beds, Mattresses
Pillows, Bedding
Splendid value in Maish laminated Cotton and Eiderdown
Friday Bargains
Ladies White Waists and Blouses
See the window.    They are an interesting
lot of $3 and $4 waists.    On sale Friday, April 28
At each $1.65
Sanitary Hair Goods Sale
A lot of Hair Rats, Hair Turbans, Hair Rolls,
on sale Friday at each
April Sale of White
April—House cleaning month—you will be
sure to find when rummaging through your linen
closets that you are short of nice pillow slips,
sheets, and white bed coverings. Here is the
opportunity to fill up your stock.
Lovely pure white hemstitched Pillow Slips
at each 25 cents
Extra heavy English circular pillow cotton
pure finish, no dressing, all widths, 40 to 46 in.
at per yard 25 cents
63 inch. English Cambric Sheeting, pure
bleach, full width, no dressing, for ] beds, at
per yard 35 cents
72 inch English Cambric Sheeting, full
width, for full sized beds, very fine, no dressing,
ready for use, at per yard 35 cents
72 inch extra quality, 20 twill sheeting, full
width, for large beds, no starch, very heavy
quality, at per yard 40 cents
English Honeycomb Counterpane or White
Quilt, extra large size, fine pure bleached   $2.50
An extra fine English Merselles Quilt or
Counterpane, largest size, lovely snowy white,
beautiful designs (registered) this one at a
special price.   Ask to see these at each $2.90
Goods We Recommend
Noel's high grade specialties — Preserved
Peaches, Strawberries, and fancy bottled fruits.
This line is in a class by itself.
Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits
Known and appreciated throughout the entire world for their quality and freshness. We
carry in stock 50 varieties of the choicest brands
Crosse & Blackwell's Pickles
White Onions, Walnuts, ^ixed, Queen Olives
Nothing but the best and purest vinegar is used
in pr eparing this stock.
Van Camp's Soups
A profitable line of 12 flavors. One can
makes sufficient soup for five or six persons.
Ask for our different varieties.   3 cans for SOc.
Bargains in Ketchup
On Thursday antl Friday of this week we
olTer our cu.'tomers Campbell's Tobasco Ketchup
16 oz. bottle, at the exceedingly low price of only
20 cents, or two for 35 cents. Remember only
two days—Thursday and Friday.
Men 60 Years Young
This particular 20th Century Brand style is specially
designed for mon who aro younger in spirit than in years
It is particularly suited to elderly men of refined tastes and
conservative manners. Note the nice, quiet lines of the
garment. Tailored in a beautiful range of new tweeds.
Let us show you some of these fine garments and you'll be
as enthusiastic as we are about them.
Prices $23 to $35
Newest Styles in Womens Oxfords
The newest ideas and novelties of the present season have just arrived. You can find nothing more new or
more nobby. We do not carry freak styles, but rather
those which any lady can wear and be proud of. Excellency of workmanship combined with the utmost comfort
to the wearer, make our lines the most popular in the city.
Here are a few of the new ones, ask to see them :
Ladies' Tan Calf Oxford
Willow calf, Goodyear welt,
either dark or light shades, Cuban heel, J. & T. Bell makers,
widths D and E, all sizes
Prices $4 and $5
Ladies' Tan Oxfords
Goodyear welt with the new
bump toe, short vamp, three
eyelet tie. The product of the
Regal Shoe Company
Price $5.00
Ladies' Tan Pomp
Short vamp, plain toe, willow
calf, Goodyear welt, cuban heel,
two strap, the newest
Price $4.00
Ladies' Tan Tie
Turn sole, kill, two eyelet, military heel. A very comfortable
easy shoe
Price $3.75
Ladies' Patent Pomp
Goodyear welt, patent colt,
plain toe. military heel, two
straps and tongue. The newest
of them all.
Price $4.50
Ladies' Patent Oxford
Regal Shoe, Goodyear welt,
flexible sole, new short vamp
with bump toe, all patent, three
eyelet, cuban heel
Price $5.00
Ladies' Blaek Tie
Turn sole, patent tip. two eyelet, military heel, all sizes antl
widths.    Easy anil dressy
Price $3.75
Patent Button Oxford
New short vamp, patent colt
with matt calf upper, Cuban
heel.   New and dressy
Price $4 50 WEDNESDAY,  APRIL  26, 1911.
Our Seasonable Drygoods Specials
Latest in Ladies' Waists
the Best Eastern   manufac
Direct from
White Waists,   trimmed  with
embroidered Irom, either half
full length sleeve,
now Soe.
lace and
sleeve   or
Good value at $1.25,
Tailored Waists, made in line quality o(
]men, laundered collars and cuffs. Our
selling price, $1.25.
Colored   House  Waists,  made   in
light and dark Print.    Sale Price 70c
Black Waists, made of very line muslin,
trimmed with laee and tucked. Price—
Smart Girls' Dresses
Peter Thompson Ser^c Dresses, navy,
trimmed with black and white, all wool
plaid. Price $7. Kit girls from 12, 14
and 16 years.
White Muslin Dresses
Trimmed with embroidery and lace.
New Spring styles. For girls from 15,
16 and iS years.     Selling Price—$4.50
Colored Wash Dresses
For Misses, in
and fancy
brays, sizes   10,
14   and   id
Price $2.00.
New Secondary Storage Battery
Installed in No. 1 Fire Hall
(Continued from Pn^e One.)
Oity Electrician Ohas. North bas'economy he hns exercised, This year
just linisheil the Installation work of the government lias granted $75,(101)
a new secondary storage battery in -for road building and I think that
the fire hall, whicli he estimates will will be enough. A sura of $600,000-
save the city fully $200 a year. II was also set aside tbis year for
will do away with practically all the bridge work, and tbis district will
expense that was incurred in former get ahout $17,500 of tbat. In oiddl-
years  in  connection  with the  electric i tion   to  tbis we have already    spent
apparatus of the Are ha", nnd at the
same time makes the system much
more reliable. Its cost which is
practically $250, will all he saved the
lirst year as it, is charged with city
power, of which we have plenty and
there will be little chnn:e of the machine getting out of order.
Mr. North also wished to inform the
citizens that he lms installed a new
lire alarm box at Strathcona school
on Sixth street, which will be No. 8*7'
ol the system.
Moving pictures at thc bdison theatre  Friday  and  Saturdaj
The nurses at the hospital will not
receive Friday, the 2(stb nor again
until further notice.
Al.ck Lauder, brother ot the lam
OU6 Hairy Lauder, at the Edison
theatre  next Thursday night.
Mr. Vi. Snyder, who last week still-
ered a severe paralytic stroke, is, we
are pleased to learn, getting along
well and is considerably improved
this  week.
L. O. I,. 105S will hold a special
"Royal Arch" meeting on Tuesday,
May 2nd, in their ball on Second St.
west. All sojourning members of the
older iu the city are cordially invited to attend. 2t.
Mr. H. N. Sereth, president ol the
Riverside Lumber Co., of Calgary,
has been in the city thc past couple
of days trau-actiug business, Mr.
tiereth was a guest at the Hevelstoke
Mr. Juhn Grittub will lecture on
Julius Caesar, .Monday afternoon, at
a n clock, in the high school before
tbe high Bi hool class in English, An
invitation is extended to the pupils
aud parents of pupils who care to
McKenzie avenue is uow looking
spick aud span as the result oi the
general cleaning up given it yeiter -
day anJ today. When devoid of all
papers and rubbish it had the appearance of a thoroughfare of an up-
t* date city.
The C.P.H. tug steamer " What
Chan'' left Arrowhead this morning
[Ol .*n. Isp, with Mrs. Capt. Fraser
and utiiem en board. At N'akusp
Bbe will stand by during tbe launching of tbe new C.P.R. steamer which
is  to  sail  on  tbe lakes this summer
Th lotfal oPdem ol Oddfellows mar
rhed to the Baptist church on Bun-
da] ' n'.ng i ccupylng the centre of
tbe church.     About sixty-five ol the
-nt, which number was
tnented by a liberal attendnn,    ol
- a Rev,  llro-  Smith deliver
ed an  excellent sermon.
T * •: miosis 8 .n lay   will   be   ob
'iie churches       hi
northwest .*n  April
. M  to  an  appeal   Irom    thc
national   organisation that   Is   coo
d ctil _•  ,,:,    c : icative  cnmi Sign
■ :     wl Iti  plague, many
■■. * ■    •*   talk •    theii
gat ■ unions I hat
■ .served
We have just received a shipment of White Clover Honev put up in
live lh. cans, whieh we will guarantee to be absolutely Pure Hon^y,
and as L is is the season ior honey we would advise \ou to try thia ii
yoa wish to get the genuine urtifc.e.
The name "Wagstaffe speaks for itself in regard to quality. We hnve
a full assortment of .his I'uiejaw including Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach. Plum, Black Currant and Apricot.
A. HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Watch This Space
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Retail Association Decide by Vote
to Close Wednesday Afternoon
At a meeting of the Retail Association held this morning it was deckled
by hallot that tor thc next preceding
lour months Wednesday afternoon of
each week shall be a half holiday.
Three meetings were held      on    tbe
cjuestion  this  week,  the tirst on Monday night being to get the feeling of
I the  public  on   ihe  matter,  and,       fts
| expected,   various  opinions   were  ex -
| pressed.     Some favored the half faoli-
' day,  some  flve o'clock closing      nnd
I some moving the clock forward      nn
I hour to allow of more daylight after
I the day's work  wns done.     The out-
I come of the     Monday     meeting was
| that T. E. L. Taylor, W.  A.  Sturdy,
It.   Sijnarebriggs  and      Mr.  Connolly
were appointed n committee to interview the  Retail  Association. This interview was had last night and nothing definite resulted.     This morning's
meeting of the Retail Association resulted as above by a large majority.
Where a holiday occurs in the week
of course the Wednesday ha''' holiday
will not hold.
Mr. and Mrs. J.I,. Stark will lay •
in a couple of weeks fur Chilliwack,
B.  C.
Mr.     and Mrs. .1. T. Teller
move to their own home on McKen
zie avenue ..n Friday.
i'n Sunday last B cb I -
Bt,   l'eter's church  wish  to express
gratitude to the mothers ut tho
. :en  who  took  part  in  their    re-
c* nt      * ntertainment,    ! r
them   with  suitable ...nd  al
ta.mug  ten cents  was  found neat m w the  ..ract.ces h.r the
recreation  grounds,     Ownei  can    *
same bj ai ply ng al tbe Ma.; Herald   .
office. •,.; |Q
On Wednesday, May **n   the « talnment  and to   I
T,  r.  will hoi I     a tea and culinary
table at the home    I Mrs. F.W   Laing '■"  a   state
in aid ol the Resi ■ al
Mr. an 1  Mrs. tt    M      a
for tbe past sevi i al m* ul
wintering In Honi I il *   *
les, will return home .*•
this week.
J. Martin Applies for Permission
to Sell Bottled Liquor
An application has been made to
tbe license commissioners by Jas.
.Martin for a bottle license in the
city, but it is quite probable that
the commissioners will turn the applicant down, as they have done with
many another application licfore this
It is a well known fact tbat the
hotels of the cily have recently assumed control of the Revelstoke Wine
& Spirit Co.'s business and it is
thought this latest application is
prompted by outside dealers who
- n t the turnover of the local con-
cm tind it impossible to place any
of their business in the city.
$20,COO on mattress work on thc
Columbia river, and havo granted a
subsidy of $25,000 for the steamer
route. We nre also prepared to recommend a further subsidy for the
route past Death Rapids to Canoe
river In expectation that the Do -
minion government will do some work
above Death Rapids in order to make
the river navigable.
"Then, too, you must also remember that we have made a considerable grant to your hospital and nlso
a sum of $1111,IMXl to your new school"
Asked if he expected a general election this year, Mr. Taylor expressed
himself us hardly of the opinion that
there would he until after the census
is taken. "Tbis," he said "would
no doubt give the West a much larger representation in the Dominion
tin the Question of reciprocity Hon.
Thomas Taylor holds some strong
opinions. "Tbe entire population of
Uritish Columbia is opposed to it,"
he snid, "on the ground that the
agreement would work out most disastrously to the infant fruit industry
of the province. A reduction on
fruit entering Canada from the United Stales whore the orchards are
well established and fruit can be produced much moro cheaply than in
Western Canada will very seriously
retard the industry in our own province. But apart from this altogether there is no general demand for n
change in the tariff relations of the
two countries. The Dominion is
just now enjoying nn era of except -
lonal prosperity, and there is abso -
lutely no reason why conditions
should bc upset and the commercial
status of the country thrown into
Mr. Taylor left Tuesday morning
Ior Golden an.l will be hack to this
city today, and afterwards will mnke
a general detour of the country in
the interests of good roads.
Business Locals
New  Books  at  Macdonald's      drug
.  a in J28-,    free
n    for  use      at   Macdonald's
- I   ' WANTED '    ■ ■*    for Restaurant.
*.. ■       • •*  ■
■    FIRST
Ma.    H
3. A. Mul '   tbe
n      y.. I.t :
ty on ,. jiuin
Bradfi rd, Pa., i * :* tit
for about      „
•*■>•' di        '■' ■ iing   of
ii ■ .,■ *   ■
t thai
ih.   .   n p I. ■
month. A
Itota I
h it
Next  Thursday
ven M.I1. nald.
baritone iin
it tl a
..•ht to   lai
McD .uni**
I: sal  . tore for the cil sen   n * c
m   •      )7 lasl
pita I  !i** I despite s
ithei        b ol
■Ah,,ni    had    . * '    i ome     il      from
one    of the pretnii
do nol
ber of
will   llu*
Laughton and
rtoke, B. C.
tie of Household Furnl-
of week.     All new and
I.  I..  Stark.
• ,*, n -    '. *.     ill
.,,,.. * *     uli  the nest
■  *
in  BXP1/J
Vpril result
■     ,
Mle    ,-n
B   '    Else
•    ftal     B
Say the Outlook for Harvest This
Year is Better Than Ever.—
Activities in Various Spheres
Montreal, April 24.—Thc hanks, the
millers, the harvest machinery manufacturers, the transportation inter -
ests, are all looking forward to thj
farmers of Canada making a record
in tbe matter of the country's total
wheat crop this year. Tbe banks
lend money ou the crops aud they
are prepariug to lend money giscr-
ously this year. Tbe millers grind
wheat into Hour and they arc expecting to keep their mills working overtime this year. The transportation
companies handle the crop nud they
are increasing their rolling stock and
lleets of  vessels this year.
In connection with thc harvest outlook au important announcement was
made this week that interests closely
identified with the Canadian Cereal
and Milling Company, hud purchased
tbe International Milling Company,
and thai a holding company was
ahout to lie formed which would direct thc affairs of both companies. Mr,
.1.   I).   Flavellc,   the  president  of    the
former organisation Is Hpokcn of ns
tbe president of the new company.
Hotb ih.* Oereal and Milling Company .,ni bhe International Milling
1 ompany stand high financially mid
commercially and tbo joining of the
> wo win bave no little effect on tba
handling   of    tins year's crop,    The
I "Lul Company's mills are all located in Ontario, namely al Tlllaon-
i.'irg, Lindsay, Toronto, London, Far-
.- • ■, Km bro Woo i itoi k, Ayr, Gait
and Hlghgate, Mn,i bave a combined
capai iiy ut ,,*,*. i ....'.im barrels par day
..( Hour, rolled oats and oatmeal,
The International, as its name Lm-
pile lum nulls ,,n both aides (,l the
boundary, lom in the United States,
JVebif SilKs
We nre showing a very dainty line of Silks
for Summer dresses. Foulards, Shan ungs,
Fancy Jacquards, Taffettas, Tamolines, etc.
These make light, cool, stylish dresses.
We have all the leading shades at 65c. and
75c. per yard.
Children's Sailor Hats
Wc have just put a splendid lot of Summer
hats for children in sailor and mushroom
shapes. You will find them good values
for 25c up.
Summer   \/nderbvear
We handle the celebrated "Oxford" Knit
Underwear. There is nothing better for
the price and very few as good. Drawers,
combinations ami vests, with no sleeves,
short sleeves or long sleeves.
]Vazaretb   XOaists
This is the ideal garment for Summer wear
for children.     It  is   porous  and does   not
irritate the skin. It is fitted with (apes that
support the weight from the shoulders. The
most comfortable and coolest waist for summer   wear.    Sizes    2    to     12.     Price—35c.
Watch and Wait for Our
Saturday Night  Specials
How About A New Suit
Mado to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits &nd
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fil-Retorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
Tin*    ')■■    of    imateut  1 lioto
raph)  ire limited 10 no j lace 01
delights 1 re sa great
in mniii.sv, SPRING .1- in full
bloom, Sutnmt.- In the tinted
I Ml or «hcn lhe ground Ii white
with Winters mow; incloora 01
om, the whole year round la
camera time.
v..u m" missing much genuine
1 leasurc if you nave w> earners
.    .  Canters*,  Films,  mti\
In tin ill ilil • '" leal snd judge
niialitj lo know iloaes, anil to
idi in mil 1 hcmical
in coi itioi ind to be able In
combine Ihem correctly snd In
the propet
II is
preai rl
who ki
irtani to ■ ou
•. filled
lit tiie
Wr   prii
r*  ourai b ea
ol  |,T.   ripl
1 nui
drop In  «
-. ... ■
. .ill. mil get a bo
to lake with you.    Thi    '   li Ioi
. .ind*.  li  wel< ome   ■ here* et the
heal nnil pureal                   1
|... .*.l
*.    ,1      \ lull line ol
1 11. i.i 11.    1 .1
Carbolic Sulphur, rchthyol   Ri
, 1         Rn
M.1,1 nui teli pliom   '.i-i. 11 re
 prntnpl ntti ntien.
eti       Ili! nnl
 ■ 1 1 ■■ I   1  * hi*  :*...|.
MM      III   MK    III IHK
MS I     III   Ml
It      wan
. A. Bean,
who start
Today   It
Walls and
ami one nt  Moose Jai
; iunded In  1896 by Mr. I
il    ■ ■■■■ Prague, Minnesota
D      mull   mill.
ns   11.ii.   al   '■!■■.  Prague,
111 IS   B«l Hi,   Minn.   ,,in,   nnd   al   Dav
inpoi t.   I.,.',;,,  anil  al   M,„,ae        Jaw,
1 liswan      In making thcHo ex-
'.**   '".' n dol lai ."it ildi nf bbe
11' ''.ni earning! ..1    ibe organisation
Imn bent spent,    This year Uu    in-
1 <in,,m..nui ih enlarging tb«     Mooee
iif- mill, erecting „ rolled mitx null
m  the Maine pl*i p „nd aoqulrrflg     n
ol elcvatora throughout     tlm
wesl     The inw comb nation Ih     in
11 ■  able banda financially,      It ih
 lei ' 1 ih*,1  the   Iln ctori ol the
new holding company  will be cboflan
(rom b ith tbe International nnd One
Oereal Company's boards,    it i*< nl-
" '! 1 i'i  tood     thnt A.  J.    Netbltt,
Vnu m<i lhe lii'iu'-
lii ni the most
modern footwear
when purchasing
Walk-Over     the
leader ol Americnn Footwear,
If \nii bnvr lint
worn Wnlk-llvcr
you do nnl know
imw comfortable
new Footwear cun
be, We have them
in various ntylea.
To    lectin-   your
patronage permanently, wc luive
Initio fit you once,
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
The Style Shop for Men and Hoys Who Know
M ii ■  —————tmm^tm—ee— ■  ■'■■ 1 ■ 1    1      »—mmmW
managing director oi the InvcHtmont
Company Limited, carried through
1     negotiations   which   led to   the   tb.n desired as to thc whereabouts ot
Warren     Adams     laet heard of   on
March  Uth,   1910, al   EUvehrtokt,    B.
in'    0.   Information ronoernfttg him    will
lead   he  thankfully   received   hy  hln   father,
Mr. Philip Adauti, Tobermory, Ont,0
combination being formed.
Ilill Cartley, who mnntmed th*
gnry hnll team Inst yenr, may
thc Wmo'peg team thi« yigrt


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