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The Mail Herald Apr 5, 1911

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $601
Interior Publismng^Co., Ag's.
The mail-Herald
'A, B. G"
Visiting Cards
Interior PuDlishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 25
Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hood Offico    Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized -             $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed -          5,575,000.00
Capital Paid Up -      -      5 S30,000.00
Reserve        - 5,bou, jOO.OO
Branches or Agents at all principal points in^lanada.
Agents in Great, Britain and United States—London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, San Francisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane-Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of depuuit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
p. gums # Company. £td.
$2,50 Per Year
A   Shipment just arrived from the East.
Also Ladies' White Dresses.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
W. M. Brown, an Old Timer,
Tells of $3,000,000 Being
Taken from Mines There
"I have by no means lost faith
in thc Big Bend," was the statement
of Mr. Wm. Brown, who is visiting
here when asked by the Mail-Herald
to recite some his *eminiscences of
the old town in thc old days. "There
are eighteen mineral claims up there
lying idle and some day when suftici -
ent capital is interested thc immense
capabilities ol that section will bc an
eye opener to the world. When a
railway is built up there these claims
will all be opened up, and wealth untold will be extracted from these
what are now* barren wastes, and
until that railroad is built there will
be little doing."
Mr. Brown, who first Came to Revelstoke in 1885, is possessed of g remarkable memory for names, dates,
and incidents. His interest in the
old town, which has now grown to
city proportions, is unflagging.
"This is my home," he asserts, "de'
spite th3 fact that I am now living
down in Oregon and in Uncle Sam's
domain, and my memory often reverts to the old town and the old
times despite the advantages of
weather and circumstances where I
am now living, and when I set foot
on the train down there for British
Columbia I feel always that I am
coming home again."
The old times in Revelstoke were
lively ones and have impressed themselves Indelibly on the mind of this
old timer and he loves to sit down
and talk about them to any inter -
csted listener. "I can remember
when I was proprietor of the old Columbia hotel, that we had a veritable concert every night ln the hotel
•Seventy or eighty laborers would
gather around the bar and in the
corridors of the hotel, and with
mouth organs, violins and concertina
they would turn the night into day,
and make merry all the night long.
"The town then was not by any
means a lawless one as I believe it
had been in former days before I
arrived on the scene, but all the
Bamc things were lively and went
with „, snap and vim that is not in
evidence now. Be/ore me Revelstoke
j had the name of being a very lawless
I town, but I had always found it very
peaceable for a new and inland town.
Shooting up lamps, bottles and glas-
(•es in the hotels had licen frequent,
and these caprices of pioneers had
left their indelible traces on hotel
property here, but I had seen nonj
of the actual damage done.
"In 1S'S5,  when I  first arrived here
from Clinton, the old town just came
to the foot of the hill opposite Central schoolf     Its first settler      had
his shack     on the bank of thc river
opposite the school, but that      portion of thc land is all washed away
now and no evidence is left   of   this
lonesome   pioneers existence.       Railway construction work wbb on     the
hum thm, the main line not     being
connected up until the year after   I
arrived here.     Thc Big Bend was in
its palmy days and minerals to   tho
value of $3,000,000  were taken  from
its mines.     Hundreds of men     were
engaged     up     there and the French
Creek and  McCullough Creek    camps
were     veritable     hives of industry.
Blasting was in full swing and accidents were many, and often thc noise
, and   merriment of   the hotel     gave
j way to scenes of commisseration. At
| times    instead of the nightly concert
| hall the place more closely resembled
I an hospital.     But even this did not
i deter the merry making of the town
in general for almost    svery     house
| was an illicit liquor shop.
"Wiih thc coming of thc railroad,
thc mounted police followed in its
wake, and great rivalry existed among thc local police, the Provincial
government guardians of the law,
and the mounted police representing
the Dominion government. The local
and Provincial authorities harbored
the notion that the mounted police
were encroaching on their territory,
Continued on Page  I.
ing this view of the mutter the association decided last night at a
meeting that if any twelve members
of the club wished to go and try con
elusions with Golden they could Cdo
so without incurring any expense to
thc club. ln other words each
must pay his own expenses. Should
the Uolden boys come through with
sufficient of the expenses to warraiit
the team going of course the boys
will go and the game will be on.
It was the concensus of opinion of
the meeting last night that practice
should be had just as soon as possible, and for that purpose the boys
will meet at the Y.M.C.A. athletic
grounds on Thursday night of this
week at 0 o'clock and do a little
kicking, the Y.M.C.A, having very
kindly allowed them the use of the
grounds until the Kevel.-toke Athletic
grounds are in condition.
Thc colors of the club will bc black
and white and a motion was passed
to that effect. A committee consisting of the secretary and Joe
MeKinnon, was appointed to see
what the suits ordered last year
could be secured for, they having
power to purchase the same after
consulting with the club,
Organizers for a city and a C. P.
R. team were appointed as follows:—
Walkd<n for the C.P.R. and Kirk
for the city, and these will report as
soon as their work is completed.
A committee consisting of Mr. Alexander and Mr. Sibbald was drafted
to attend the meeting of the Y.M.C.
A. sports to confer with them as to
whether their football club will enter the association aud on what
The football boys are very enthusiastic over the game and will meet
again on Tuesday next to report
Buy Groceries at Mclntyre s
Maple Syrup, Eastern, in hulk, per <|iiart jar  6oc
Puro for hot cakes or buddings, etc., per packet 26c
While Reans, small, clear, per II)..        7c
English Plum Pudding per 1 lb. tin 26c
Orders delivered to nil parts of City.   Phone 03
John Mclntyre Sr Son
Stay of Proceedings is Granted
by Justice Stuart in Case ot
Condemned Murderer
Calgary. April 2.— I, Charles Allan
Stuart, one of the judges of the Su
premc Court of Alberta, pursuant to
Section 70 of the North-West Territories Act, do hereby order and direct that thc execution of thc capital
sentence of death pronounced by mc
on the 3rd day of March, 1911, upon
the above named John l"'isk and directed to be earried out on the ISth
day of April, l'Jll, bc postponed until Tuesday, the 27th day of June,
1911, and that the said prisoner be]
remanded into custody at the Mount-1
ed Police barracks in the City of'
Calgary until that date, and that the
sentence ol death be then duly carried out.
The action of Mr. Justice Stuart
in chambers this morn ng, in grant-1
ing the above order on the application of P. J. Nolan, K. C, means
that John Fisk, the convicted murderer of Tucker Peach, will not hang
on April 18.
The stay was granted on the
ground that T. M. Robertson, confessed accomplice of Fisk in the murder, should first be tried, and that
the minister of justice will nut have
time to read the 2*,000 pages of evidence before April 1.
MeKinnon & Sutherlands and
Bingham's Music Store Are
Visited—Suspects Arrested
Ten dollars and a half in cash and
a set of piano tuning tools worth
540' were taken from the Revelstoke
General Agencies Music Btore last
night by burglars who ellccted au
entrance through thc back way.
While from the store of MeKinnon &
Sutherland a Pair of boots worth $li
was stolen and a boi of hats was
laid out in thn back lano ready to
bc packed away when the burglars
were frightened away by Mr. MeKinnon arriving on the scene.
The burglary ol the music store
must have occurred some time before 9:30 o'clock in the evening, as
it was then that Mr. Uingham, proprietor of the store, lirst missed thc
money. The burglary, however, was
not suspected till this morning when
Mr. Bingham open the store and
found the t0ols taken from a satchel
which had been ripped open with a
knife. The back do0r of the store
bad been pried on its hinges, and the
locks of thc inner doors forced.
Entrance was made to the MeKinnon & Sutherland store through
the back window which was complete
ly broken out.
"It was about 11:30'," Mr. MeKinnon said, "when I first heard the
noises down stairs and when I reached the store I heard two men conversing in a little room io thc back.
When I asked them who they were
they immediately jumped through the
window again and were gone.
"I immediately notiiied the police,
and shortly after this Constable Terry brought a man from the station
with a Pair of boots "which looked
exactly like the ones stolen from
the store."
Thc police have a couple of sus.
pects in custody.
Superintendents Meet and Discuss 'Railway's Progress
A group of the big railway men of
the Westein lines were in Revelstoke
this week conferring with Superintendent T. Kilpatrick on thc question
of the railway's business and progress campaign for the summer. Nothing startling was given out for
publication, but it is believed the
C.P.R. has somo big plans in progress for thc mountain section this
Among the visitors were Mr. Bus-
teed, general superintendent of
Vancouver; Mr. Graham, district superintendent of Vancouver; Capt.
Gore, superintendent of Inland Navigation; F. Vi. Sterling, travelling
freight agent; Mr. Well, district passenger agent of Nelson; Mr. phipps,
master mechanic of Vancouver, and
Mr. Main, master mechanic of Nelson
first Practice Called tor To-
Morrow Evening
The lievelstoke Football Association is not quite decided yet as to]
whcihci „ team will go to Oolden
on (food Friday or n ,t. It is prct-,
ty generally recognized by the players hero that tho Golden boys arc
very well organized, and would have
i n undue advantage over any aggregation from here in view of tho fart
thnt no local team has yet been got
together lor concerted practice. Tak-
Delightful Exhibition Given at
n. n. Y. M. C. A.
Une of the best evidences of thu
good work being done hy the Y.M.C.
A. was given before a crowd of between three hundred and lour hundred spectators on Monday alght when
the gymnastic exhibition culminated
the season'H work. The program uli
through was one uf which Mr. H. U.
Munroe the physical director, might
well Ite proud. The work of all Par"
ticipatus was admirable done and
somo remarkable feats of agility nnd
strength—all the result of Judicious
traiaiog—wero exhibited.
Commencing with a clapping dance
by the high Hchool girls' class, which
was a model of rythm and graceful
motion, the program progressed with
out a hitch. Mat Pyramids showing
graceful desigus wero formed by the
leaders corps, a tilting battle woh
Participated in by two midgets ln
character costume whicli croatcd lo
end of amiiKemont. Spring hoard
exorcises, toman ring exhibitions,
clown tumbling, fancy diving, parallel and horizontal liar exhibit inns,
followed oa<'h other In rapid sticccs -
sion, and schuol days antics participated in by a a umber of boys sent
everybody awgy roaring with laughter. The program all through wns
a thoroughly guod ono nnd every
participant is entitled to considerable
prglse for the excellent work dose.
Figures for East Year Mount Up
Considerably in Excess of
former Years
The progress of business in Revelstoko during thc past ycur is well ia-
dioated by tho customs returns for
the departmental liscal year just
closed, which ended ou Friday even -
ing, Murch 31st. The receipts at
tho Itevelstoke ollice which includes
those Horn Ashcrolt, Goldtn, Kamloops, Vernon and eleven small post
olllces, totalled up for thc twelve
mi,nl lis to $175,179.31, au compared
with $103,276.64 thc preceding twelve
months, and $9(1.529.18 lor tho year
Tho month of March just past
hroko uM previous records with a
total of $25,768.31, the nearest approach to that being in August of
the year past which claimed customs
returns of $17,841.50. Customs officers declare that tho coming year will
bc a bumper one, having opened up
for tho lirst throe days of April with
receipts of ovor $8,000. Thc growth
of lrndf iu clearly shown by these
customs returns, and the improving
conditions are an index to thc city's
Thc greatest amount of the import
ed goods of cotirso come from the
Htatos and consist largely of hard -
ware and machinery, while dry goods
aro shipped in in considerable quantities from the Old Country.
A carload of Sherwin-Williams Paints just put into
stock. This includes everything in the painting line for
outside or inside work.    Stains, Varnishes, Enamels, etc.
Good paint costs little if any more than poor paint.
We carry the hest that is made, therefore be sure that your
Paint comes from our Store.
A full assortment of Alabastine, Furniture Polishes,
Paint Brushes, Step Ladders and everything necessary for
House-cleaning time.
Bourne Bros.
Groceries,  Hardware, Stoves, Plumbing
Fresh Fish Arriving Daily
To increase your yield of Garden Produce, Fruits, Etc., use "SWIFT'S
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Hit.ii Class Meat Pcrveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O. Box 208 GROCER & BAKER Phon* No. 23
B> in
3 _.
CD o
V)   "*
=j <
</> a
~a —
Lots in City of Vancouver
Thc     ci/llcctlons   during    the past
year month    by month  were as loit
April   i 11,876.76
May      13,961.43
June      16.893.8S
July        12,038.47
August         17,847.50
Hoptember      14,451.09
October        12,018.23
November        11,882.1*5
December        14,017.02
January     12,018.26
February        13,210.83
March       25,768.31
The Conservative Association will,
on Thursday evening next, banquet
W. W. Foster, who has recently beou
appointed Deputy Minister ol Publio
Works and Railways, and who Is
shortly leaving lor Victoria. A largo
number ol invitations have been
Moving Pictures tonight.
A ma^on named John Hai?, WU
brought to the hospital here from
Three Valley this morning" on No. 96
with three broken ribs and a badly
bruised bead. He had been struck
by a westbound freight while walking thc track. His injuries tbousrti
pai nlul are not in any wax ■wtoui, THE   MAIL-HEEALD,    REVELSTOKE
Gbc flfeatl-lberalb
REVfiLSrOKE.  B.   C.
3ntcrtot pubitsblng Company,
Legal    notices 1ft cents per lino first j
insertion, 5 cents, per line     each ■
iubsenueut   lusertiou.      Meusuro-j
ments  .Sunpantl   (,12  lines    mass j
one inch.j       Store and      general
business  announc-im-uts  $2.60  pel
inch  per  mouth.      1'referred positions,     25     per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages aud Deaths, 'Me
each insertion.
Land uotii«s $7.50. All advertisements subject to the approval ol
the management. Wanted and
Condensed Advertisements ; —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uationa wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted, 23 «ords or less, 25c,
each additional line 10 cents.
Changes il standing advertisements must be in by 9 a. m.
Tuesday and Friday of each week
to secure good display.
CORRESPONDENCE iuvited on matters o! public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied by name ol writer
not necessarily Ior publication,
but as evidence ot good faith.
Correspondence  should  be  brief.
For 30 Days Only
uiih Bathroom Complete nnd
Kurnace, central!) located on
Kirst Street for
5-Ekomed House
$1,250   CASH
7-doomed House
$2,100   CASH
li vou are looking for  -i  house  call  and  we
in iv help yen secure one of these properties on
Centrally   Located   on    First
Street,   modern plumbing) for
The Hevelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
elstoke     then  wns the third groatest'
freight hauling station  on the    main
line of the C'.I'.U.  from  Mciitreal to |
Vancouver, all the provisions tor the
mining  boom  being  dropped oil hero
and then taken to thc mines."      Mr.
Drown    considers  that  the      govern
ment  made  a  grave  mistake  iu   per*
I mittiug     the Crows  Nest line to  lie
i built hs that ha* resulted iu 75 per
' cent of the necessities being shipped
in from Spokane and the South.
Mr. Drown has very mall, pleasant
memories of city govermn.nt at that
time. "About the fourth year of
the Incorporation of the city," ho
s„id, "I was a candidate for mayor
and succeeded In the contest. At th:
time 1     took ollice an epidemic     of
j smallpox  broke  out  in   lhe  ''Ity  ho
Including postage to England,  United States and Canada.
By the year ithrough postotlice) $2,50
JOB PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
Gbe fifcaillberalb
It has been charged thftt women
when discharging political duties will
vote lor any scueme tearing the
nam: of temperance or social reform,
regardless of its principles or practical results, Tlie opinion has received a rather emphatic contradiction  in ix plebiscite on the      practice
of  treating,   held  iu  Tacoma,    Wash.'       	
ln accordance  with  the  familni'  view   lulj Judge Sprout, who was then the
that  women   will endeavor to correct   presiding magistrate, had two of the
symptoms and surface developments,   mounted    policemen jailed on      very I self.
it  was thought that they  would vote   trivial  grounds,  while the      mounted j     "During my  term of ollice
(Continued from Rage 1.)
Take notice that I have received
objections in writing to the retention
of thc following names on the Register of Voters for the Revelstoke Electoral District on the grounds stated below, And take notice lhat at
Dr. Cross was th n city health a Court of Revision to be held ou
ollicer, and it was the will of my the Kirst day of May, 1911, at the,
council tbat a tented cily be formed Court House, Revelstoke, at 1(1
back   of  the   Kootenay   brewery. I   o'clock   in  the   forenoon,  1  shall   bear'
Objected to this thinking it heller to   and     determine     the  said   objections,!
quarantine tho hotel     Instead     aad   and  unless such  named persons      or
mnke  it an asylum for nil  the cases   some other Provincial voter on their
that broke out.      However, my eouu-   b.-half    satisfies me that such objected    prevailed  against me,      and    nl-   ions  are  not  well   lounded,     I    shall
though there were but thr.* mll'd
enses, thc hill whicli was presented
to the council at its regular meeting
almost staggered us. It amounted
to $4,000, and thc very first Item on
the bill wns $»7 for liquor supplied
the patients. Needless to say 1 objected to this, aud afterwards Dr.
Cross compromised by cutting the
bill In two and paying ona half hlm-
strikc  such   names  oil  the  said   Register.
Dated (his 1st day ol April, 1911.
Registrar of Voters.
Thc  following  persons  arc  reported
absent Irom the District.
solidly against treating. It was even  police retaliated by placing two     of
Brown continued, "the Duke of York
waa on his continental tour, an.l the
mayor of Vancouver  wrote all      the
No. Name
1 Roy I).  Ackmnii
26 Alb'.'rt Allerton
56 10.1 win   Armstrong
i'2 I'asyiiale  Barbaro
102 Samuel Bickerton
110 Carl   H.   lilnckndar
1-58 Walter   F.   Buck
165 George  Burrows
272 Harvey  Coomber
charged  by  lhe facetious that      they |hc local police in durance vile.  Such
would attack the glass-blowing tra.ie was    the    condition 0f   aiiairs   that 	
in their eagerness to lessen the   con- thare was scarcely any knowing     as1 interior  towns  asking  them  each  to
sumption  oi alcoholic  beverages.  But to     who were the proper authorities; prepare an arch  in  Vancouver at the
when the vote was held on an ordin- to look to for protection. lime of thc Duke's visit there. Revel-
nnce   to    make    treating an    oflence      "Judge Sproat and Mr. Farrell atjstoke was the only city which respon I 27'3   Ucorse Coomber
while  allowing  individual  purcbase  a thnt  time were  in  possession  of    the  ded, and it I do say  it myself,      the   "s;i    Darcey   A-   OoBtigan
large majority of the     women voted whole of the land on which the city I arch which this city prepared was a ' "M        '  Jolln' Coventry
against it.     Although the record was is  now      built,   they  perhaps owning   beauty. It  was  designed  to show   "l7    •*•   I)al11
secrot,  this fact was made clear    by 1100 acres of it,     True their title to | Revelstoke as the centre of the earth.
'■."■I'.I    Joseph  Dccelles
TM7 0--MGI1TS-- T W O
Commencing Monday, April 10
the number of women who registered this   property   wus   questioned  as    it'It was decorated    with     prospecting'^   V!'.88'   ^jduey  Dent      Revelstoke
the results where their -triigth     was wus  also claimed  by  the      Dominion! scenes of     the interior     surround.n;
material,  and  the      declaration      of government,  and    those      purchasing1 Revelstoke, while on each side was nn
many male  voters as to how      ihey property from  Judge Sproat found it'excellent  display  of  minerals       over
iioO   Alban w. Dickinson    Oamborni
367*   Dai id   A.   Doughtcrty   Camborne
bad voted.      The law was carried by not only necessary to secure the title
a majority iu the proportion of seven irom himself,  but also      from      Mr.
to four,      but ihis was accomplished Farrell  and  the    Domiuion      govern-
b,\   'he  male voters and against    the ment     too.     Some of the     property
adverse majority cast    by the      wo- owners in thc centre Bection    of   the
men.                                                            , city  have not yet secured  this      Do-
W linen have during recent      years, minion title to their property,
taki n a  more active  part  than men "Before the construction of the C.
The city council has wisely decided
to purchase with the money voud in
the *>•,       bylaw  a street s, r.a-uing
machine.      I uloruiiuueh   lhc       .waif]      ^^^^^^     ._
Herald accused the council ol tonnu-j ln tomperance work. This is true ol P. U. transportation was carried on
lating the plans for purchasing this the average as distinguished from by row boats plying up and down
mach.u.. at a meeting held at the Individual exceptions, Women have the river, although before I arrived
club. We ore in duty bound to cor- n„t only considered temperance as a on the scene there had been several
reel this statement us we were mis- i,,,,, d principle, but have carefully C.P.R. steamboats plying to the
informed an to tue place of meeting, watched the actual results of various south. Needless to say the treadier-
A little social aud business comma practical measures. They have seen ous water of the river claimed mamy
between some ol the unancc commit- the results of severity and of leniency lives. Provisions were brought up
tee and Mr. Newman was had there— In prosecuting drunkards, of high from the south by means of row
that was ail. However the council license and low license, of -jegregu - boats nnd smuggling wns rampant,
bas decided to purcbase this machine tloi and diffusion, ol total prohibit especially the smuggling of liquor,
and everybody is pleased with ih_ dc- ion, local option, and various spec- Laborers would come up from th-
cision. For years and years the city ml restrictions, of sale by the glass,
bas been subjected to dusty roads, tbe boitle, and live-gallon quantities,
dusty houses, dusty stores and dusty of sale iu clubs, hotels. and saloons,
goods until the citizens arc just as and o, all the various restraints
sick and tired of dust as they arc and requirements which reformers j
of the winters' snow, which so ob- ha\,' devised. The various expert-j
Btinately refuses to sink into obliv - ments hnve been carefully watched by
ion. According to all accounts thc t -• women, while the men hnve been
sprinkler purchased is a good one more deeply engrossed in other nf
and capable 01 las.ng care of tbe fans. It is natural that women
work for which it is constructed and • hould be more inclined to criti/c
al.*) the demands of the city, aud  ii   any     movement   thai  merely      deals
, this is the case then the city council with au ucc,dental or perhaps nans
has the '.hanks of every good citizen bnt habit. It Is -af-e to predict
Ior    Oiling a -"ug felt want.       iTht     hat the women who voted In a large
**{Smoney for  the machine, t*is5,      will   majority     against an     antl-treating
limine 0ut of the bylaw and will    be    aw In Tacoma would have entbusias-
':,::!>  covered by the $9,000.     It was  i,rally supported a  measure ol t,,t.,l
pretty gen lerst0od when the   prohibition,     unless It    were hedged
bylaw   was submitted  that the    am    about with such limitations that   in
er tb«* cost oi „ sprin    the light of then* experience it  would
kler aud perbaps that Is one ot   the      em     destined to failure      The Ta-
rea^ou" wuy it carried so readily. ^a vote h;,s been cited ,,s a
Lucki.y   Alderman  Abrabamson's un   that women are not iu favor of tern
tlquated suggestion of  watering   the  peranoe,  or at   ienst not  In  fa
street-   ■'* ' •      nnected to stand   imposing It on  indR
j,.;,-.     ,.;,,•„ MCltS.     WM-     ' "     aUttoHty, Bllt t ll I S     IS tOO
His principal   objection ial- hasty g conclusion,    They have seen
,,. iot expn    edj is 1 dieved   to impractical efforts bring    *
be th.* fact that  .  wel    ower      town tentions  to  ridicule and have
may  get  little  oi   no    enefit       Irom agttinst  ai tain  half way  meas-
tfae    purchased ma Bine,      '•  -   man •■'"      An attack ,,„   ,nc of a I ■
Abrahamson as cl urman     of     the and influei   *
Board    ' Worki     mmltt?e,     ihould '•■ *<**■ ,hn destrucl        • the weak
have iw much say a*- Rny oi tbi ,   ■ ■        '• :'"t appeal     to the     practlcal
,   |  „  M   |     A... ...  tbe  machine  will minded  women of this  western    city
which old timers in pioneer mining
regalia presided. The idea was, tbat
to these men the couniry owed its
Mr. Brown also has some plensant
memories of his elVorts to got into
the Provincial house. "In 1830'" he
said, "I ran aguinst Jim Kelly and
although every big interest was allied with Kelly, he beat mc by only
one vote."
Mr. Brown has bad some eye openers as to the short sightcdness of
city councils too. During his term
of office the property opposite Cen -
trai school was contracted for at a
purchase price of $2,Owl, hut th-'
council elected the following year,
annulled the agreement and consequently  the  property  passed      from
Revelstoke '
Revelstoke '
271 Joseph Dumont
100 James  Elliot
♦06 Vi.   H.   tilson
421 Alex M.  Farquhar
130' Allan G.  Findluy
116 William   Henry   Fogg   Uevelstoke
137 Edwin  Ren.   Fulton    Arrowhead
527 John    Gould Revelstoke
528 Louis W. Gould Revelstoke
539 kid. Thos. C.reenslade Arrowhead
519 James Haddon Arrowhead
5S6 Thomas Harkins Galena Bay
r.H'-t Ar'hur K. Hawkins Goldflelda
630 Ben. B. Hodgson Arrowhead
357 Sidney Hurd Arrowhead
600 James C. Hutchison Revelstoke
662 John P. Hyde Goldlields
6.75 Wm. S. Jamleson Arrowhead
677 Robert Jcchson
711 John  Kennedy
761   Howard G. l.nwes       	
790 Thos.  Arth.  Lewis  Jr.   Uev'tokc
S26 Theodore   Ludgate        Arrowhead
82*7 James  Ludgate
8*28 Wallace  Ludgate
S31 Phil D.  Lux
'.1611* Alexander McAdam
075 Fran.   J.   McConncll
liso Grogor McDonald
OF KOLB   4.    DILL
" Lonesome Town "-Mon. Night
" Dream City "—Tuesday Night
Prices: rsc, si, 1.50, a.00
Coniaplis j
HIS |Willlam Nevers
1150 Fred Orsatti
1170 Roy M. Partelow
13C0 Herbert  A.   Scott
1361 John   A.   Smith
1366 Mariner Smith
1118 Wm.   Harold   Swan
I 128 Lino  Tam
1160 John Thornton
l-.Ui Thomas   Wills
1561   Victor   H.   Woodland
The  following  names  arc    reported!
No. Name
223    James Casey
I'l."    Maurice Fitzgernld
509    David  Gilroy
i:i0S James   Scott
Il'l? Hugh  Stevens
operate,  so  that  h:s  object,  u  I
pui bit was sure!)  not well tounueu
That        they     Ised    ' ie*   fr -,Ii•
'tan'   fa'" tell
r      mis
il;  - Toi onto Globe.
W.  M.   Rrr
former  Mayoi   of Rcvelstokl',   «lin tells
interesting stories of *'k! times in this issue
The world is ■*.. . .-aiu^ •■,.     ...   .
ol a^etroog ;. u ,i.ut M.i... ,
; : even the admirerf       Dial admit 	
that    age     i.a- aci   mj     bed     thai
which     »ar and civic .,I ,...,:. re roasting,
not.      It    -   'I.*   'I* ■,■■:.  Ulle.
covering thirty ind il
not  diffici.lt   to  .'■:.. 1 . c  \:..     -i .._•■•   	
the  vctcr^u   -•*-     a ...   m , I       h.i ■■       y * .,  , ,,.,    , . ,,„„,
en I -••"••■   ■'■ ' '  ' 1 alt to mQka the ;lase
tht deman !  ...'   u  [riel ,,...,,,•   ,,*     provent ll
to tbe resignation of h.s cabinet.
up'iT ■nu*: HOU8I
Pastry "hell-   nlleii     with    roame l
■'.    mnke a   lellclous entree
"Now f
* biakey   told      aid M 'bn'
*    ■■ *       ■
■     Th *   ;*p,|..
*                                          ber season) M     Bi                          the city     (or
tbe>>e eachi   h'"'i  »hich
the old town wa             -*  n • *    *            •                    d tin    !
the  V'lctoi   1 'in",  '■	
run   bj
pn t took
I hai •■■      *: *     ', *,     . ■ ■!   was       run
I B 1 ■'-
Asidc Rom  the uucstiou of the rev ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.:.,'...       -..ure remains a     profound      A few pieces of gum cami   kepi i to*, father of
I unreel    outh **:  the  Rio  '" th ' ""k    ;j''  "'" :n'   ': "     ' ""f"  P*r,"
Gran.i,       11 „- a -tat.  oi mind, gen '      ^        ' "     '"    »'      ,t!i  l"»ve l"1 ,'hl' K"'t"rm bot?1 ' tn0k ll
eral.   m    »t ng  and  inevitable.   Dial   ' '':l'n'' 'l"rk
could crush  Wad ro In a brief     and      x lll)k,i:    B       ,,.   .     |l(l | ,,. lUi.
sustained    ca..'.ai*-n.      but the    the   Ulli  y.h ,       e(|iilvttlcnl   to    ball      a
feeling of resent. •*     throughout the  ,.,rrn),r,.ss,.,|     v..,_,   ,„k,, ,,,   „   v|„,|,.
republic li an eigin   ■    -tructi-d   on
the  outraged  leeliagi   oi     'h rty-nv.
years   of     "benevt/1-ent    de». ■** n,
Diaz probably reallisee t.iday      ntore
intimately     than any  other    p.rsoo   ^ w|„ mnnilge „ „.am ,„ thfl BlM-!rHn ncrnsR persons who knew me
aa! t*e ^^^^™
THK  I'Kl'.K      T MAN
- « man >
* abused
' | blind,
the mistnk-*- he has made,
up.     t , .*      n  the old   town      were
very  high  nn I   In  order f ice   *
enormous aseessmenl   I   >■;•■
to  teal   b,*cn nitc hall "I the   ild ' k)
lumbia hotel aftei   I had  ■ ,' ati
"During  my   term   ns   proprietor   of
: ih *-*.*'  hotels   I    made    an      enormous
Freeman,   the old  borne run   mrmber   of   Mr*innitit.anres,   and       fre
,.om Boston, Is still In the game  miently In my travels now  I      will
dry  yea I  cake
ciuebaii-i i   leagu '  his Boason,
the old days,      I do not know    them
There is n   rn,
Nor -mo. * * •
*  ,i flirl
nn o*
ii*-,   «rs
ib 're       , mee
\ thing thai ii  n *' right;
His wife can ■  ■     hi li
\t morning, no(,n or nighl
He'i dead
Th" Governmenl     \nti dope
certainty that his despotism      is   »t;   '          "                                                      I »" ■»« ""■>"■     ' "" '"»* r""w    w«"«| ine ..overnmenr i   Anu-oope       Bill
an  end.      He  probably      understands      The  Montreal   Kc.t.lr anioille.l    n   nt lirst.  but they will reeall some m has l^w^i enlargi          mnl;,* H  , crlm
now that he bull ded t,,o well on tbe' contrax-t. made by       Ho l»han   with   eiilenl which happened In the old dnys ,nai offence to have n,,t only opium,
aingle   rock   of  iiati"Dai      prosperity,   the father of  two gin  .            H    d   1'whi.h  will   immediately  bring      them morphine  or   cocaine,   but   also    anv
and ignore»i   those •   entlala     whlchl '6, for their services for ,*   *   .<*,,i<   ' ■ memory. i,its ,,r compounds tbewof,   or     to
contribute to the lasting uuniitirs of  ttt 11,60 a week,   ayijjg thai th   con      "M 'he time of the RoMlnnd boom Import, axpori oi ileal In these drugs
Rational stability.                                  Ir/ict was imiiiorfll.                               IliialttW livrc wo* ftt i^'b tide- Rev- exccj't under »trlct cp«dH10IW.
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ALEXANDER  LAIRD, General Manackr
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
With its large number of brandies, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Hank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rales. Rates wil! be quoted on
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At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. K. PBATT Manager.
Under New Management.
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I*. 11 \ 11 ii\ ti i m s 1 in, he will
lill j. n il nl Ibe wliitki j> m* hip
telling ine i lie I. i-i. Cell end be
111 \ in i .1. No 111 .'i li. iii sl . hM
11 \* 11 11 i n hi i ij if i in Peril i i 11 k 11 i iii v hltttyi i M
rii|.ln I iqi cur III rdy, i umi in.il
:n iiiiii i i ii iiii tcny fierty
Ioi Mi <ii. ii rl | ni| i m -. Om ni i k
■ I 111 in \\ iniii 1 .ii*. nil i'l
kit (lh 1,11   1,1 I II I iii ll.        I'i ll! I \   nil
llu* ii mill g 1 i li li. 01 li li | I i 1 I*
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Mrs. Miu.anou P, RlPMtY.
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National Drug and Chemical Co., Dtpt,
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fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 strjkea,
nterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Box
4. No. of box will also be shown
n indicator at Firo Hall.
Box  No.   14—Corner    First    street
end    McKenzie    avenue, C. B. Hume
& Co.
Box  No.   15—Corner First       street
nd  Rokeby avenue,  post ofllce.
Box   No.   IG—Corner   Second   street
and  Government  Road and       Opera
I ■ ■ 11:511.
Box No. 17—Corner Third street
nl Campbell avenue, Globe burner company.
Box No. 18—C.P.R.  station.
Box No. 24—Corner Fifth street
nd McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25—Corner Sixth street
nd Orton avenue, W. A. Foote.
Box No. 26—Corner Fourth street
nd Townley street, corner south
Box No. 28—Corner Second strejt
nd Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall No. 2.
Box No.  35—Hospital.
Box No. 36—School.
Box No. 44—Fire Hall No. 1.
Box No. 45—Front street weat.
ear C. P. R. bridge.
Box No. 46—Corner King and
Jouglas streets, Palace Meat Market.
Box No. 47—Corner Second and
Vales streets, back of court bouse.
Box No. 48—Corner Third and
''lum. streets, Cowan block.
Signal for practice—not less than
Ix (6) slow strokes.
Cne (1) indicates line broken cure out.
0       "AI IT HiK£ SiP-O, IVOO:'
Sir Hiram Maxim hgs retired from
cannon making to go into the manufacture of military aeroplanes.
According to the London Times
War Secretary Haldane will be elevated to the peerage within a few
Provisional census returns estimate
the population of Austria at 28,567,-
898, an increase of 2,417,190, in ten
At I.i, iim I. France, M. Breget, in a
monoplane, carried a weight ot 1,262
pounds at a speed of 62 miles an
hour and at a height of about 65 ft.
Alex. Hollander, New York customs broker, was sentenced to 1$
months in prison for forgery in connection with customs frauds aggre -
gating $500,000. He wa6 arrested iu
Naples last July. 1
Geo. W. Mayiham, of Buflalo, formerly oue of the principal tug owners
on the Great Lakes, swt-ars he was
financially ruined through the operations of the Great Lakes Towing Co.
which the United States government
is seeking to dissolve as a combination in restraint of trade.
Russia will send an ullimatum to
China fixing a definite date for an
entire satisfaction of demands.
With tbe captain dead and mounr-
ed by his widow in tbe cabin, a
scanty supply of food, and without B
correct reckoning of her position, the
American barkentine James Johnson
was sighted flying signals of distress
100 miles ofl Honolulu.
World News World News     World
The National Grange of tbe United
States continues to protest strongly
against the reciprocity agreement on
ihe ground that it is unfair to the
farmers of the United States.
Lord Lonsdowne bas in view a bill
to which lie hopes to obtain t be
King's consent, limiting the powers
and prerogative of the crown as far
as the peerage is concerned.
Karl Grey and suite will arrive in
Winnipeg on April 22 for the musical
ami dramatic competition, during
which he will be the guest of Sir
Daniel McMillan-
Premier McBride ol British Columbia will not join the federal opposition,   but  Hon.   Robert  Rogers      of
m.     ... , • r>   1 r. Manitoba will likely become an active
The  Michigan   Railway   Commission     ■*-*■""•> 1       ■*■"*•>« «"■> a--
, .. . ». counsellor of the partv.
has authorized tbe western     division lwv
of the  G.T.R.     to  issue     mortgage'   After five and a half years'    work
bonds of *$3*C,O!>0,0OC for the     purpose  an<l an expenditure of *2O,0OO,OOO, the
of extending and  improving the ser- Loetschburg tunnel through the Bur-
vice and to permit the western divis- mcsc Alps was Anally pierced,
ion to  purchase the  Pontiac,  OrfoiM
and Northern branch. 1   Tbc dominion of Australia and New
Zealand will provide a fleet      wbich
The high wind of Friday last     at will be at thc disposal of the     ad-
the   coast,    played havoc    with   the miralty in time of war.
wbarf at Hallyburn. 1
I    High    Court    Justice      O'Gorman,
The eight hour system is now in Democrat, has been elected state sen-
operation in New Wes-tminster civic ator in New York succeeding Cbaun-
ilepartmcnts. , Cey M. Depew.
A new source of water supply bas
been discovered by officials of New
Vancouver post ofllce returns in
dicate that the city ranks fourth
among ibe cities of Canada.
A Vancouver resident left tbe city
on Mon.lay in an attempt to ride on
Allen, thc slayer of Captain Ellison
at Esquimau, B. C, has been granted a new trial by the supreme court
of Canada.
A company which will manufacture
military aeroplanes will be formed in
England at an early date.
The   Moose   Jaw   Baseball   club  baa
a bicycle to Montreal  over the C.P.1 decl,led ^ slay in tDe Western Can4.
R. tracks
A     campaign bas been  started   in
'in league this season.
A severe windstorm,     accompanied
Vancouver to raise 695,000 among the   by heavy snow, swept over    western
business men of the city for the made  Ontario on Tuesday.
in Canada Fair.
Fire did extensive damage at Cad-
A. Bradshaw, a workmen   employed   barn's hardware store at Portage la
at Brittania Mines, was seriously in-   Prairie.
jured  by  being crushed  between two
A   Seattle  judge  has  ruled  again6t'
the motion for the acquittal of    de-!
ftndants  in  the Alaskan  coai    lands
Senor Canalejas, the Premier, and
members of the Spanish Cabinet,
have resigned office.
Mr. W. Arnott, 0f Okanagan Falls,
B.C., bad an eiciting experience with
an escaped  bear.
There have been 2,000 suicides in
St. Petersburg in five years.
Miss Margaret Kelly will be made
acting director of the U.S. Mint at
Lord Strathcona will give J160,C00
to Y.M.C.A.'s in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Splendid prizes are up for competitions at the Winnipeg Horse show,
to be held in May.
A. R. Dundas was.elected president
of Cobourg Board of Trade.
Since Jan. 1, 35,000 immigrants
have gone into the Canadian west.
Alex. Munro, of Ardoch, ex-warden
of Frontenac, is dead, aged 67.
I     Rev. Mr. Wingle,     Baptist minister
at Frankv-ille, is dead, aged 22.
A suppo-ed mad dog that had bit-
«.      ... Ien two other canines   was shot   nt
Two Vienna chess club expert* play  Port coiborne.
cd 37  hours straight  before deciding
a game, in  wbich 1,400 moves   were1    Depositors and creditors of tbe de-
made, funct St.  Stephen, N. B., bank   will
,, bc P8'11 in '"■"•
J. M. Barrie will erect a Peter Pan
statue, of  which  Sir Geo. Frampton      Tenders are  being called for      the
Is the sculptor, in Kensington     Gar-  aiK departmental  block at     Ottawa
dens,  London. to cost  about $3,500,000,
Thc famous Monte Cristo Silver
Mining Co., of Nevada, incorporated
in 1863, will be dissolved, as the
mine has played out.
State Senator Brodenck of Illinois
was acquitted by a jury of a charge
of bribery in connortion with the election of U.S. Senator Lorimer.
Prcmi.'r Stolypin of. Russia will re
mam in office, while an Imperial de
crce suspends two ol bis reactionary
opponents on the Council of the Empire.
McCurdy, the Canadian aviator,
has i-ntcred a formal protest with thc
Aero Club of America against awarding the -J.1,000 city of Havana priie
to Hcnc Barrier, French aviator.
Two masked robliers entered the
First National Hunk at blue Mound,
Illinois, locked Stanley Peck, a clerk
at thc bank, in the vault, and then
obtained lli.ooo in currency and got
Dr. L. ('. Chisholm, of San Francisco, has been arrested on a charge
of murdering the man whose body be
produced to substantiate a claim for
Insurance, after asking a woman to
pose as thc widow.
John Vi. Rounding, formerly gener-1
nl manager </f the Ontario Farmers'
Mutual Weather Insurance Company,!
with bead ollice at Grand Valley, was
committed for trial without hail, on1
a charge of stealing three policies,'
registers and other books of the com-'
Pany. Tbe papers have not beeu'
located as yet, I
A coroner's jury blamed a high fender for tbe killing 0f little Richard
Smith at Hamilton.
The town of Sandwich, Ont., will
try to get power from tbe Ontario
H. E. P, Commission.
I'eter Lawson, a member of the first
parliament after Confederation, is
dead at  Port Dover, aged H).
Albert Fraser, aged 6, of Brockvil-
le, had one leg and several ribs broken when be was struck by an engine.
■Gordon H. Sherpe, aged 24, of Till-
sonburg, brakeman on the M. C. R.,
wa» la tally crushed between cars at
Victoria, Ont.
Sergeant Harrison of the Army 8er-
vic« Corps, Kingston, was sentenced
to a year's imprisonment and dismissal for forging officers' names
to cheques.
Dr. Wm. Inglis Bradley, one of Ottawa's besl known physicians, is
de„d at Montreal. He graduated
from Toronto University in 1688,
and from McGill ln 1888.
Prof. ('. E. Bland ol We»ley„n College, Montreal, and Rev. C. W. Bishop, college secretary of the Y.M.C.
A., Toronto, have been appointed to
the stall of the new Alberta University.
It is claimed that tbe reason
Guelph Hoard of Trade has failed to
vote aKain-t rcclpr(,oKy Is tocauBii
certain Liberal members bave, by
suddenly moving adjournments, prevented the question going before tt*}
i% %'%.'%.'%.%'%. V-%-%%-^%'%•%■%'%■'%%.•%•%•«. *-%"%%%^^%'%%'
.Sl'ORTS   WILL   MEET. Severn river;  it is in London.     It is
  a boat race in London between   utu-
A meeting of uli those interested iu   dents of Oxford and Cambridge,   and
either baseball, lootball or lacrosse not of Dublin, Glasgow, Leeds or
is called for Thursday eveniug in the Birmingham universities.
i'. M. C. A. parlors and it is hoped1 Oxford and Cambridge are t() the
that th:re will be a big attendance, rest of thc Universities, roughly
as plans lor the summer season will speaking, whit thc House of
be made. The grounds are now get- Lords is to the House of Commons,
ting in good shape and nothing re- Anl this intellectual House of Doers
mains now but organization, Turn semis to the greatest community of
om on Thursday evening and at least commoners, to London, its best train
encourage the sport by your presence  oil men for a display in the crnft uiul
  | art  of rowing.
London,  April  1.—Leading' all
No methods exist tor taking an
I ei.net census of the people who at-
t"0! tend this "open Cmei'ting," but ex-
way oxford won the anuual boat |lt,rta BgrM at considerably over the'
race today by two nnd a quarter | ,,nUl.c I)OI„ilations of either of the
lengths in nineteen minutes Hat- a 00UnyeB of Oxford (1-87,003) or Cam-
time which has only been twice cx-'j|,ridge (210,nil*.") and is very certain
ceded, tbe record of eighteen mum- )lmt l( ,,v,,rv n1IID> w0inan and child
tts forty-seven seconds having been ,,, Coventry, Bournemouth, Mcrthyr-
raade both by Oxford in 1893 and Tydvil, and limerick lined the banks
Cambridge in 1900. I |n piftce ,,f the ordinary crowd      of
The Oxford-Cambridge boat race of  boat race spectators, those     fnmilnr
today is very much  diflerent      from| Wnh the multitude usually      present
disappointment at tbe attendance.
what       it       was        when       the I wouia express a certain amount
event was tirst pulled ofl on June 10,'
1829.     The crew  looks  very  different
now from what it did when the long
series of matches between Oxford ami
Cambridge began.     Not only is     thc
rigout of the men  diflerent,  but   the
colors are    diflerent,    the oai'B
Rochester.   April   3.—The  Rochester
team of   the New York State  Ten   Pin
Bre J league  rolled  what  is  believed   to  be
diflerent, and the boats are diflerent;! ■*, world's record nt Syracuse the
in fact, there is no difference 6 so night of February 21 by piling up
marked as that between the old, safe | ;)37*i pins in three gnmes.
the National league staff la-M. season,
has accepted a position to umpire in
the  Northwestern league.
Mike O'Brien, Jack Gallagher, Peter Shea and Bill Mnckny invo been
appointed umpires iii thc 0ftrolina
league.     Puzzle:—Find thc     German
iu that bunch.
Lancaster, Newark, Marion, Spring
lii'ld, Limn, Portsmouth, Hamilton,
and Chilicothe, will compose the circuit of the Ohio State league this
season. The schedule calls for M0
games, opening on April 20, nud
closing Labor Day.
Kansas City, March 30.— Denton P,
(Cy) Young, who is here with the
second division of lhc Cleveland American league baseball sipiad, is 44
yenrs old today. He was the recipient of numerous telegrams of congratulations from baseball players
an*.! followers of the game. Young|
was born nt GilmorC, Ohio. This is
his twenty-second yenr in major league baseball, he having joined the
Cleveland club in 1890*. He is in
better physical condition now than
lio has been tor two years. He scouts
the suggestion that he is ready for
retirement. To date Young has won
504 and lost 306 games he has pitched in the major leagues. This gives
him a winning per cent, of .622. The
veteran player's record shnws that in
the last ten years he bas not passed
as ninny men as he did in the first
ten years of his playing, indicating
that he is acquiring control with
SajUttiia Cured Him, aud He Hcipa
A man who hns l"?en released from
iho awful crav:ni;s m drink, anil whose
.list inuught Is to hep others, sno»s
tin* spirit of tru* brotherhood and
philanthropy, Read his letter;
'i ,iu .-itiTiaria l.tr.ii.».v Co.. 'luroui.,
>.nl you please Bend nm iiouli Oi
drln., ulso cfrcu.ars i atlug to ..nu
valuud remedy for ii** urtnk liabl'
I wish lo hunt! llicae io u irltud ,\n*.
Is Kfiin^: to ruin through drill!.. V> u
•iui rutnem:..ti ihai 1 ii.**... .alien yi.iii
remedy, and I iimi H i>H you claim .",
io ho. 1 never lliln, oi lakl.m ur
using Btrong drink in all; way. ut- ail
(Irsiro Cor It hns left m-s. I .'litlliot
uiiuul*. too highly ol your wonderful
remedy. You may use my name 'n any
ivny  you  wish I.i public.
"H.   I.llywhiie.   Ijrigilen, Ontario."
Bumarla Prescription is tasteless
and odorless, and dlr-solves Instantly
In ton or coffee, or can be mixed witli
:ood. It can he given wiih or without the patient's knowledge, u removes the craving for drink, builds up
'ho system and restores the nerves
lirink becomes distasteful anu even
I'rlnk Is a disease, ii"t a crimi-. One
drink of whiskey always Invites hii-
oilier. The Inflamed nerves hiiiI
stomach create a craving that must
either be satisfied hy more whiskey ur
removed by scientific treatment like
Samaria Prescription. Snniarln Prescription han hecn In regular un.l successful use by Physicians and Hospitals   for   over   ten   years.
If you know nf any family needing
Samaria Prescription, tell them abuut
u. If you have a husband, failur or
friend thai Is drifting into drink, help
him save himself.    Write to-day,
A FREE TRIAL PACKAGE of Samaria Prescription, with booklet, giving full particulars, testimonials, price,
etc., will be sent absolutely free and
postpaid ln plain sealed package to
anyone asking for It and mentioning
this   paper.    -(Correspondence  sacredly
confidential. Write to-day. The Samaria Remedy Co., Dept. 46-19, Col-
norne St., Toronto, Canada. Also
for Sale hy C. R. Macdonald, Druggist, Revelstoke, B.  C.
and cumbrous inrigged clinker-built1
craft, and the present lighl narrow, I
single-streaked outrigger.
Tbe outrigger was a Tync invent-,
ion. About 1S2S Anthony Brown, of
Ouseburn. fixed pieces of wood     out-
The highest score  previous  to  that
made hy   Rochester   wns  SDH     pins,
mado by the Kocing-Kaisers    at St.
Louis in 19fl«.
The work of the team was wonderful, But  i ne  man.  Tyser,  gathered
board to carry thc rowlocks,  and in   less  than  56*7
1830 the idea was improved upon by
Frank Emmci, who fitted the Eagle
with outriggers of iron. The great
improver, however, of the racing
boat, was Henry Clasper, of Newcastle, who reduced her hulk step by
step until he irave her nearly all tbe
Hglitn?ss she now possesses.
There are few sporting events iu
the world which attract so much attention universally, and there is certainly no event which druws such
crowds ns the annual boat race.
What a spectacle it is to see the
hundreds of thousands of men, women and children packed aloni; the
bank of the Thames, from Putney to
Mortlake. They have come for miles
to witness the great event aud one
and all wear the dark blue or light
blue ribbons. The ladies, loo are
dressed in their sprint: costumes of
colors.      representing    i tie     varsities
pins,  while  Hufeland
, with an average    of
which  they cheer on  to  victory
immediately the race is over, there
is the most intense joy or disappoint
ment,  triumph and exultation.
Only those who have had the good
fortune to witness tbe race know
what a day it is in England, Look
at the immense crowds along th*'
banks. They have come from the
north and from ihe south and ' om
the cast and fryin the west. Vi hat
brings th"tn there' There is uotli -
ine to be gained by wiuning the event; and iherein lies the answer. It
is because the crews are rowing for
the sport connected with the great
race. Ii is because there is n.jth.ng
to win, and that is why the thousands and thousands are tbere. uth-
ered on tbe banks, everyone a t ue
Britisher to the heart.
When in 19u6 Surrey played Yorkshire at the Oval, for Lee's benetit,
the three days' play was witnc *sed
by spectators who in the agvi-gate
numbered 80,000; when in 1901, Tot-
tenham Hotspur played a draw with
Sbeitield United in the cup tinal at
•.„*.• Crystal Falun tbe crowd nuni-
'.>ered 110,000. 'ihesc attendances represent the hi-a water mark for the
national summer and winter sports
respectively in England, but even if
pit toeether. tbey would not eiiual
the total representing the number of
.-.pectat.jrs who year after >car
throng th*. banks of the river for the
■ ur anu a half miles from Putney to
M  itiake.
Al y. ar tollo year the interest
taken in this race .-bows tbat this
lavorite ipori ..• ent continues to
hold its own with all •iabses .jf the
Community. Nor • the keenness
with which all matt . - att'-ct.n*: tbe
•contest an .* y Uit.-l tuntined to
any ax one Lm.'.  there   are
men     wh* ■■ ■  Uni
versity  ""al   i"""    lince   1842,  who recall ■ ...•      * uti  such as the link-
Ing .*' tlr Cambridge craft in   '■■'•■
v h n  a  luturt  Ioi !  )Ustloe was      al-'
■   drowned.     Bet« ien  I
a  race rnth ifrlaaU there a
hug.  Multitude Pn."t their Are!  youth,
but wi, -ie memory goes back to further  thai,  "hat     memorable    day  In
1*877, when  .     Oxford bow damaged!
his oar when hi   crew was a   length |
ahead al Barnes bi  're, and in pl»c*
■ if a Hark Blue victory  .'"• race end.
.■I wiih the crews on an cxa. I    'innl-1
ity. I
It rerbiiuly is most instructive   toi
Bote bow thr deepest  and most   ille-l
interested  po-.ulur  enthusiasm  is aroused through „ boat-r^ee     between
students of the two "blest   iiniversl
I •   in tbe country,     in BSngland, tbe
i'n rerslty  Boat race  is  the  nalionnl
festival day.      It  is Dot   a  boat isi'c
lit  Henley, or     aiuuswlleie i*a      1-fee
hit 'cm tor
Thc Syracuse team rolled well
enough to win nine times out of ten,
getting '.iil:v2 pin;, but this did not
seem extraordinary In the face of the
work of the victors. Whtn practicing in tbe afternoon Larry Sutton of
the Syracuse live, picked up 299
pins, No, 7 standing up, after wobbling, in the last frame.
The  following nre averages:
Rochester- McNeil, 219; Suonomo,
229 2-3; Tyser, 199 2-3; Kallusch, 229;
Hufeland, MB.
Syracuse—Maurer, 220 2-3; Sutton,
175; O'Brien. ISO; RautenbcrK, 210 2-3
Kmerick,  20«  1-3.
Steve Kane,  who was a member of
i^,*j'"' *-*'-y ~~~r.
• ■ .•■
*|^||,>* ';"       "            ,
>■> .'  *-,»,         '"•-""                     ■   ^i
^*^s»-*i'*» .
ai *.-*. .    *i*               i              '■
rtllMfi-ffi*y'    **UH
O '*M
■,*'^P'. <M
$''Mb > *^H
• /jXxtM
^m *a.         t."-*
.'u*iJMlBt& mUt
i "fjM 1    p «.]
1^P>*, M
KHRSmJp ^%  *'.
tttmm'mmWk                        T'''       '   m\\\\
iSm  W;     Am
■ ■ ' Wl "w>
Jg* 'k\V\
*M .*     Wl\
^W;[B ■ .-.t.,'
- ~^  fl|
• "ytk
;:**'-'; W^^
& __
Some of the Beauty Chorus with the Max Dill Comic Opera Co.
At the Opera House, April 10th and llth
KOOTENAY     LODGE, No. '.5 A.  F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday iu each mouth
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren ure
cordially welcome.
W. B. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
Assessment 1911
given that the Court of Revision
of the Assessment of 1911 will be
held in the City Hall, Revelstoke,
B. C, on Tuesday, April 18th,
1911, at 7 o'clock, p.m.
Bruce A. Lawson,
City Clerk.
Eggs for Hatching
Rhode Island Red.
Silver-laced Wyandotte and BuiT Leghorn, per setting, $2.00.
Linden goose eggs, .iOc. each.
I'ekin ducts til eggs) $2.00.
Day old ducklings.
Day old chicks a specialty.
Write or Phone 212.
New C.rove Farm, Revelstoke.
Eggs for Hatching
White Leghorns- No, 1 Pen, beaded by
first pri/.e cock, Vancouver 1911.
>5 for IS; SS lor 30.
No. 2 Pen, beaded by a large while bird
trom East. 1*2.00 tor IS; »3.S0
for 30.
lUiff Leghorns S. C. R, I, Reds; S2.S0
lot U; |4.U0 for SO.
John J. Devine
Revelstoke, B. C,
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Clarence H.
Schock, of Mount Joy, Pa., occupation coal merchant, intends to aPPW
■for permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted 20
chaias south of the south east corner of lot 7636; thence a0rth 80
chains, thence east 40 chains, more
or less to the line of the Arrow
Lakes Lumber Company's timber
limit 43232, thence south B0 chains
theuce west 20 ohaine, tbence south
20 chains, thence west 20 chains,
more or less to place of commencement.
Dated March 24th,  1911.
Ed.  McGaghran,  Agent.
Richard H. Trueman, deceased.— All
persons having any claims or demands against the above deceased,
R. H. Trueman, lately carrying on
business as. photographer at True-
man's Studio, 700 Georgia Btreet,
nnd who died at St. Paul's hospital,
Vancouver, on 22nd February, l'.Ul,
are required to send the particulars
thereof to us, and all persons indebted or liable to the above deceased, are required to pay the amount of their indebtedness or liability, to us the undersigned, on or before the 31st March,  1911.
The Dominion Trust Co.,  Ltd.
Dominion Trust Building,
Vancouver, B.C.
Afford* luperiOf educftllptwl attvan-
tnjp v Handsome new brick building,
modern equipment) extensive grounds*
< Itassei graded In accordance with < iie
ichooli throughout this Province^
( omplete Music and Art Departments*
Special courses In Shorthandi Typewriting and Book-keeping* Particular
nt tent ion given lo refinement of man*
ncrs and correct E£ngHsh<
11 fl Mfl  HODBRA1 B
For Prospectus. Address Th« Aosdomy.
C.P.P. Timetable
No.  1, arrives     6:46 a.m., departs
7:06 a.m.
No.  97, arrives 6:&fi p.m.,  departs,
7:15  p.m.
No. 2, arrives 12:30 midnight,     de-
arts  12:46  midnight.
No.  96, arrives 8:46 a.m., departs,
1:1)8 a. m.
South train leaves Revelstoke at 9
a. m , arrives Revelstoke 5:33 p.m.
SELKIRK     LODGE  12,  1. O.  O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk: Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K. G, McRAE, N. G.
JAS. MATHIE,  Secrotary.
Open canned fruit or vegetables and
pour nnio n dish sevrrnl liniirs before thry arc served.
COURT     MT.     BEGBIE,   No. 3461.
Meets in I. 0. O. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera HoiiBt; every second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   S,  CAMERON,  Rec.-Sec.
NO. 26, REVELSTOKE, li. C.
Meets every Wednesday eicept the
Third Wednesday of each month in
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially invited.
J. V.  SIMPSON,  0. C.
G. H. BROCK, K. ol R. & 8.
M. ol F.
0. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meets Second    and     Fourth  Wednea
days    in euch  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting   Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Con. Com.
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  Bunk  Bull-drug  Revelstoke,  ll. C.
Money to Loan.
Otlices—lievelstoke,    B.   C,
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A.  M. Pinkham,
B. C.
J. A. Harvey,
Ci un In ook
Provincial Land   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
BOX   106,
Teacher of Voice, Piauo and Organ
Pupils prepared for Toronto Conservatory ol   Music.      Local examinations.
(Or. J. 0  Morilioni (Mr. Coo. H   Green
Vancouver antl Suburban
Keal Estate
Coquitlam Acreage and
Lots a specialty
Special attention given to Hall orderi or Inquiries
402 Dominion Trust Bliig., Vancouver,B.C.
In   tbe     Matter   of the     Estate   of
Thomas  McMahon,   deceased:
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors and others having claims
against tha Estate of Thomas McMahon, late of Revelstoke, B. 0., deceased, who died at Revelstoke on or
about the K.th day of November, l'JIO
ure requested to send to the under-
siguud Solicitors for Donald Mcintosh, Executor of the last will of
said deceased, within 60* days Irom
date, full particulars of their claims,
duly voriiied, and that after that
dato the said Executor will proceed
to distribute the said estate amongst
those entitled thereto, regard being
had only to those claims of which
said Executor shall have then received notice.
Dated March 15th,  19*11.
Solicitors of Donald  Mcintosh,
Executor of tho Last Will
Scaled Tenders are Invited ior the
erection of Six Chalets of Swisb de-
Bigu at the C. P. R. Swiss Village,
"Edelweiss"  near Golden, B.  C.
Pla.>B and Specifications may be
obtained on application to thc undersigned. All applications must be
mi umi .niii'ii by a oci I ninl chc.iuo for
110.00, which will be returned on tbe
receipt of buna tide tender and the
return ol the plans and specifications
Tenders are to he delivered not
later 11..hi 9 a.m. on Saturday, April
1st, 1911, addressed to
Manager,    Irrigation,     Alberta
and B. C. Lands, Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Calgary
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
SMIohb Gure
qui. I,Iv  alone rnndhl,   cures colds,   heals
lbs Uuusl .ad lue*..       .   •   •      »» '
Revolstoke Land District.
District of West Ko0tcnay.
Take notice that B. M. Hicks, of
Greenwood, B. 0,, occupation laborer, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted ou
tbe north shoro of Trout Lake, about
three and thrce-ijuarter miles weBt
Irom the town of Gerrard, adjacent
to S.E. Corner of Lot 7966, thtnee 80
chains cast, thence 29 cbains south,
or to lake shore, thence 80 chains
weBt, or following lake shore to
poiut of commencement.
Dated February tth, 1911.
Rovelstoko Lund Dibtrict.
District ai West Kootenay.
Tako notice that Corecno Cornish
Kennedy of Revelstoke, occupation,
married woman, intends to apply lor
permission to purchase thu following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted
auout 4U chains in a southerly direction from tho uouth woBt corner ol
Lot 5414, thcoco west 40 chains,
thenco south 40 chuius thenco cast
iu chains to the west shore of Upper
Arrow Lake, thence north along the
lake shoro to point of commencement
coutainiug about 160 acres.
Duted January l'Jtb, 1911. ...
Per M. Grady, Ageut.
Oertiiu nlr of Improvements.
Glad Hand Mineral Claim, situated
.u the Trout Lake Mining Division of
west Kooteuay District. Where located:—At head ol Seven Milo Creek
dttu adjoin.n., tue Wiudlow Mineral
mui Notico that 1, O.B.N. Wilkic,
act.ug as agent lor Bruce White, F.
.il.C. li-iiMJU, William Bennett, F. M.
o. U2b22t, uud Nettie Duvey, F. M.
O. No. B266bl, lntenu sixty Uuys fr0ui
uato hercoi, to apply to the Mining
iiecorUcr Ior a Certiticato of Improvements, lor tho purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho auove
And further tuke notice that action, under section B7, must be commenced belore the issuance uf bucU
* .*! i mi-nil* of Improvements.
Dated Ninth day ot March, l'Jll.
O. B. N.  WILK1E, B.C. L.S.
Trout Lake. B. C.
Rovelstoke Laud  District.
District of  West  Kooieuay.
Take notice that Basil R. Reynolds, oi RevelBtoke, li. C, occupation clerk, inteuds to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west coiner of Lot 7818,
tbence cast 8U> chains, theuce south
6 chains to the north east corner
of Lot 7048, tbence along line of
6aid Lot 40 chains, wost 40 chains
south and 20 chains west to line ot
Lot 2112, thence along line of said
Lot 40 chains and 20 chains west to
tho north west corner, thence about
6 chains north to place ol commencement.
Dated March 1st, 1911.
Agent  John  ttahw.
RevelBtoke Luna District
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that 1, Mary Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, inteuds to apply for permission to purchase tbe lollowing
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. E. Coruer of Lot 6140 G.I.,
aud marked M. S.'s S. E. Corner,
thence north mi chaiiiB, theuce west
.ii chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence east 50 cbains
to point of commencement, containing 480 acres.
Dated January 9th, 1911.
Per O. P. Smith. Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of  WeBt Kootenay.
Take aotice that tbe Canudian I'acilic Railway Company intends to
apply for permission to lease the
lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
tho shore lino of Upper Arrow Lake;
eaid post bearing South 41 degrees
West a distance of 224 feet from the
South East corner of Block 49 of the
registered town Bite of NakuBp, in
Lot ail7 G. 1 Arrowhoad, and district; thence Westerly along said
shore lino a distance of 3860 feet to
a point; said poiut bearing South 41
degrees, West a distance uf 887 leet
from the Head block of South leg
of Nakusp Wyo; thence south into tbe
Waters of Upper Arrow Lake a distance of 800 feet, thenco Easterly and
Parallel to tbe Shore line ot said
lako a distance of 3850 feet, thenoe
North a distance of 800 feet to true
point of commencement, containing
70.8 acres more or less!
Dated February 9th, 1911.
Tbe Canadian I'acilic Railway Company, Per E. W. Batemaa, Local
Right of Way and Lease Agent, \ »u,
Watch   window   for    Big
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 8. /fume S Co.. limited
Mail    or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
House  Furnishing Department
New Hugs
We have just taken in stock,
direct from England, a choice
lot of Tapestry and Velvet,
dainty colors, newest designs:
also hall and stair carpets in
greens, reds and fawns.
Linoleum, Oilcloth
Our stock of Spring Linoleum
and Floor Oilcloth is complete,
with a choice range of patterns
suitable for any room in the
house; 3, 6, 9, and 12 feet wide,
all heavy Scotch goods.
Matting, and Hemp
A choice lot of new Japanese
Matting in yard goods or squares
Cocoa Matting and Mats.
Hemp Stair Carpet and Web
Corrugated Rubber Matting
and Nairn's Linrubber for stair
treads and landings.
Wall Paper
You will be interested in our
Wall Paper department.
We are showing the largest
assortment of new up-to-date
wall paper ever shown in Revelstoke. Do not buy wall paper
until you have seen our samples.
Good dependable Hall and Dining Room Papers in greens, tans
and browns. Choice bedroom
papers in newest designs in
greens, blues, French greys,
yellows and creams.
Our parlor papers include the
choicest of Parlor Silk Wall Papers, best heavy stock, colors
green, cream, blue, and yellow.
Don't fail to see the above
lines if interested in Wall Papers
this spring.
Wall Covering
For Kitchens and Bath Rooms,
in fact every room in the house
can be finished with this durable
material, permanent colors, can
be washed off.
Canned Fruits at Special Prices
On Thursday and Friday only we offer
a special discount sale on canned fruits
at the following prices:
Strawberries, 21b. cans, 6 for $1
Pears 6 for $1
Greengage Plums "        7 for $1
Red Lombard "     "        7 for $1
All new  eastern  fruits,   in sanitary cans.
Have you tried our new Mocha
and Java Coffee? We are being
congratulated every dav by all
who have tried it, because superior merit and better value are
bound to win. Mocha and Java
freshly ground is the coffee with
that exquisite aroma and flavor
which appeals to your taste. It
is the best that money can buy
and retails at 50c. per lb. We
have a full stock of all other
coffees, 45c, 40c, and 31b for $1
Milk and Cream
This season of the year, if you
find you cannot get enough milk
for your daily wants, try our
Jersey Cream or our Reindeer
Milk. The finest substitutes for
fresh cow's milk. Their purity
is unequalled and they are canned from the richest country
milk.    Don't forget the brands—
Reindeer Milk and Jersey Cream
Boss Hand Cleaner
You want an article in this line
that you can depend on. The
public, so cute and discerning,
say there is no preparation like
Boss for the effective chasing
from the hands of dirt, grease,
paint and tar, or anything else
that sticks to your skin. Once
you use it you will not be without it in your homes.
Crockery and China
Have you looked over our
stock of Water Glasses, Wine
Glasses, Toilet Sets, Tea Pots,
Water Jugs in glass and china;
Glass Vases, fancy Tea Sets,
Jardinieres, Dinner Sets, Japanese Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers,
Creams, and Sugars, Bread and
Butter Plates, Fancy Plates, and
Fancy Cut Glass, new shipments
arriving every month from the
best eastern manufactures.
The Hed Cross Shoe
for Women
has no superior. Made with a
medium weight pliable sole,
black vici-kid with patent tip,
Both Oxfords and bals in blucher cut.    Prices $8.60 and $4 pr.
Ladies  Spring Suits
If you haven't looked over our Ladies'
Suits for Spring 1911, you have missed a
treat, but there is still time to repair the
damage.   Come and see them*
Ladies Spring Coats
They are fine. The most admired are
the nalural Pongee and Tussore coats.
They are elaborately trimmed this season,
and with the nice full length they make a
stylish and becoming garment.
$15 to $25
New and Natty
A natty three-button sack, with soft roll
lapels, showing two buttms buttoned.
Distinctly young mannish and absolutely
correct. Tailored by experts, perfect fitting and styled smartly throughout. One
of the very newest 20th Century Brand
models. We have a dozen other styles for
you to choose from. Ready or tailored to
your special measure.
Prices $23 and $25
Dry Goods Department
Hair   Dressing
The style of hat worn this season makes it necessary to have
an abundance of hair and this
properly dressed. We have all
the hair Pressing accessories in
the good sanitary lines :
Turbans 35c
Hair Pads 35c.
The new Phillis parted Hair
Roll 50c
Hair Nets 10c
Turban Nets with elastic, three
for 25c
Braid Pins 10c
Real Human Hair Switches.
Hed Cross Nurse
for Ladies' Wash Dresses, a
superior cotton fabric in those
lovely clean looking blues that
always look well after washing.
This is a special line at
20c. per yard
Friday Bargain in
Shirt Waists
100 odd waists, muslin and colored shirt waists. We have been
demonstrating our ability to give
you a bargain in waists this
spring, and this lot is up to the
standard.   Look them over at
Friday Bargains
in Laces
See window on McKenzie Ave.
for particulars, there are some
great plunder for you at per yd.
Bridal Cambric
for Ladies' and Children's un-
dermuslins, a lovely pure breach-
ed cotton, fine finish, 30 inches
wide at per yard
0/d Country Prints
Those Old Country Prints are
making their way- Perfect wash
goods they are in all the light
and dark colors at
Hair Comb Bargains
For Friday Only-Hair Combs,
Barretts, Side Combs, etc. These
are 50c. and 75c goods. Pick
them over and get a good one at
a Friday bargain
Beautiful Ribbons
fl Such a galaxy of lovely patterns and such a riot of color.
A touch of real spring time and
gladness in this showing. Dresden, Persians, Oriental effects
from the narrow baby to the
wide sash ribbons from 30c per
dozek yards to $1 a yard.
Boot and Shoe Department
The best line of shoes this town ever saw, but not a pair too
good for any person who lives in a good town like this. We
have no hesitation in saying that our stock of shoes is the
largest and best assorted in the interior. Before you go elsewhere give us an opportunity of showing you what we have.
The famous J. & T, Bell shoe
for women—either in Oxfords or in
bals. Our assortment is large and
up-to-date, and we feel confident
that we can give you exactly what
you are looking for in either blacks
or tans.   Prices
$3.50 and $4.50 a pair
The Instructor Shoe
An ideal Chilli's shoe, made on lasta
which are exactly the shape of a child's
foot, broad toes which do not cramp the
foot but give it a chance to develop naturally. These shoes are made from the
highest grade of vici-kid, box-calf, and
tan calf, and will insure to the wearer
both comfort and service.   Prices
$1.75 to $3 a pair
At this season of the year you want shoe polish. We have a
line that will interest you, and to get you interested we are putting
it on the bargain table at a price—A jet black liquid polish, will
not injure any leather, and is particularly good for ladies' and
children's fine shoes, standard size bottle, regular 25 cents—
This Week Only 15c, or Two Bottles for 25c.
In this season's distinctive designs.
Pretty wash fabrics that cverv woman
Lingerie,  at 90c.    each.    Pretty   patterns attractive styles.
Colored House Waists in  good  washing Prints at 75c each.
Womens' Black   Cashmere  Hose—4
pairs lor $1.      Womens' Black Cotton
hose- 5 pairs for $1.
All-wcol Panamas in all shades.
Eagle Shoe Co.'s Boots- best  value
in   the   market;    Doctor's    Antiseptic
Shoes, every   pair   guaranteed   waterproof.
This section was never belter assorted
than at present—all the   best   patterns
and prices low.
This department   is   kept  up-to-date
with a picked assortment of ihe latest
creations of Pattern Hats.
Guaranteed fast colors, at i2'_.c pr. s'd
At Reid Sr )
Toung's Store
to U.H.T.
Remombor the L.A
Home cm April ISth.
Remember the Dutch Tea at
W.  Bewu', Thursday,  April 6th.
The     W.O.T.TJ.  will meet at
Methodist church on Friday
noon. I
George ti. Woodland has joined thc
office stafl of thc Dominion Sawmills
Co. here. 1
Vi. G. Watson is prepared to take
either contracts or job garden plowing.     P. 0. Box 3S,
AU will bc made welcome nt the
Dutch Tea Thursday the (Uh, at tho
home ol Mrs.  W. Dews.
Remember—Methodist Choir Con
cert—Good Friday night in the Methodist church. Admission Mc.
A new program including Fathe's
Gazette No. 99 will be given at the
Edison theatre on Friday and Saturday.
Sunday afternoon next the Rev.
Mr. Stevenson, thf newly appointed
pastor of the Presbyterian church,
will address thc men's meeting at
tho Y.M.C.A.     All men are welcamc.
The first cricket practice of tho
■s-egson will be held on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock on the cricket
grounds, and the first game of the
season will be played with Kamloops uu May Mth.
Hon. Thos. Taylor will bc through
the KooUnays shortly on his annual
spring tour over the roads ol th i
province, It is expected he will .ie
in Revelstoke about the middle of
this month.
McLennan *n Co. wn, hold tho I -
mai opening ol their new store. 1-
morrow, Thursday, all day and evening. They will make a full sho .*•
mg of the latest Kaster and Bpi us:
novelties. They have engaged the]
harp orche8tra fur the evening
7 o'clock. Every nae is invito.1 1 *
see the new goods and the new sti re,
and hear the goud music.
For G0od Friday and the Sat
following the Edison theatre m lament have -ecured the film Uncle
Tom's Cabin at con iderable ex-
I ■ Th s leatun dm is photographed <n a Uu.* scale Irom outdoor -coDes. n.l will exhibit the
play .n a real.tic manner never before attempt'*: A man. o will
probeblj l» j ■ ■•;. >n Good Friday
n'.terr. .on.
By  the  time  tl
.-,;-      we  -hall have had     special
1 .   ting       *   t;.'       '      . .'..ick  district
b|  *&:•' o!  1    ial ."'ii rings
Itation    an 1   letl -: t:.e   iocs
machinery in motion ' r future work.
Then  tb- n .ent   goes       to
Hum. oP> (or A I to 7th for a
•tries       ui ■ ii      othei
■work 11    can  '•   '■  '      11 that di
After  thnt,  it Dl   . ati I,   RevcO
stoke ■'*      ■■ *■: li  tbe   ai
Local 0 ti n Standard.
We have just received a shipment o( White Clover Honev put up in
five lb. cans, whioh we will guarantee to be absolutely Pure Honey,
mid as tl is is the season for honey we would advise you to try thia "if
yoa wish to get the genuine article.
The name ''WugstafTe speaks for itself in regard to quality. We have
a lull assortment ol ihis Pure Jam iucludiug Strawberry, Raspberry,
roach. Plum, Black Cm runt ainl Apricot.
A.  HOBSON,        Baker and G-ocer.
Is one of the most import,
ant items in your business
will look after this hranch   of
the business for you.'
iXpotenay Agencies. Ltd.
Successors tu Kincaid & Anderson
Jerry Terry _ Tells Poultry fan- Whiled Away the Hours to Harp
ciers how to care.for Fowl
The Revelstokf Poultry fanciei'B had
reason tu understand during the early part of the week why lhe name of
Jerry Terry has become so intimately ausociated with tlie science of
poultry 011111111'. That interesting
gentleman paid u visit to Revelstoke
in his capacity as Provincial Poultry
Demonstrator. What he does not
know about chickens it is sute to
say no one around Revelstoke does
know. .In thc company of Mr. J.Jt
Devine and other members ot the
Revelstoke   Poultry   Association,   he
visited the diflerent enicken      yards,
and was able to oiler a number      of
timely suggestions to those  who had
J      hs , ,, 1 orchc.-trn,  whicli  is en route through
been crowding iheir 'fowls up all win-1
anil. Violin Music
Taking advantage of a superb orchestra consisting of harp and violin
which chanced to be in the city, the
Itevelstoke Snowshoe Club hurriedly issued verbal invitations to its
various members for a dance to take
place last night in Selkirk hall,
and the affair proved to be one of
the. most delightful in the history of
the club.
Between thirty and forty of thc
members of the club, who are also
devotees of tlie torplschoroan nrt,
assembled, to while nway several ■delightful hours which were punctuated
nt midnight by a daiuty supper. Tho
ter in unvcntilnted houses.
On Monday evening a meeting was
held In the City Hall ol those iater-
ested in thc poultry industry and at
the close of the meeting every ona
present expressed satisfaction with
the able manner in which Mr. Terry
handled his subject. After throwing
a number of pictures on the screen,
showing the different classes of
bouses in use and the kind of runs,
lie gave some practical demonstrations uf killing and plucking fowls
nfter which some diseased animals
were killed and cut open to illustrate
the ollects of the diseases from which
they  were suffering.
The Association wishes to express
its thanks to Mr. J. J. Devine for
tho birds furnished for the plucking
Moving pictures   tonight   at     the
Edison  theatt't'*
April  18th  is lhe date of the I..  A.
in B.R.T. dance.
The Hand of Hope will meet at  the
city  hull  mi  Finlay  a'teiii  •
Hear  the best     Anthems    by
Methodist choir—Good  Frida    night.
Mr.  H.  C.  Mot:  - is spet
lays hunting an*; fishing at    Albert
mmittee ol "i
M.c.A.  will  meet Th -
a'   ; *   'iock.
Mrs.  F.   M. GI
Thursday  the  1  "
and  thereafter  t
each  month.
Mrs, B. A. Lan
ceiv.'  T
ai ring day
duy following
Mrs    iv   II    I.;,
I Kaali    n  Ci an'. m   -
Mr.  and Ml -'■      ..'ind.
Tl •
1 ■       ■     - '
i at 7  :■■     111. nt  tin* V.M.I    *    | arlot
U   1;
B   ■
id, ot I
fir. Kni>« m[ Kelown *
•al  was replaced  by D
■ 1. 1   members
with     tii<*. exception of these      two
' han.'is  wore returned.
the city, trnvclB under thc name of
"Reed's Harp Orchestra," and were
most liberal with their selections, responding to encores to every dance.
Mi. Reed snys his orchestra will remain here as long as engagements
warrant such action.
Keep Tuesday, April 1\ lor the L.
A. t0 B.R.T   At Home.
Open canned fruit or vegetables and
pour unto a dish several hours before they are served.
Tb • many friends ol Robt. Laugth
* n    -. ol     his    iv-
I tack       of
;  tbe V   M.
CA      ■.      ■ requested to
many    tbey
ening     of
■.re  on  sale      at
lama -
ia     remark
Worlds' Work Quotes Some Interesting figures
The following article from World's
Work, a leading American magazine,
may be of considerable intcres! to
those who favor reciprocity with the
United States. The article appears
under the caption ol "Some Figures
About Reciprocity" and may be an
eye opener to those who hold the opinion tbat American manufacturers
are not looking to thc monopoly of
our markets:
"In the little town of Wellnnd,
Ontario, are 2l> manufacturing plants
which have gone from the United
States in the last ten years. These
include branches of the Plymouth
Cordage Company, of Deere & Company, plow-makccs from Iowa, ol
ibe Pittsburgh Tube Company, of
the United Motors from Detroit, nn.l
sixteen others. The town has, in
fait, been made by Americnn munu -
lecturing plants. Hamilton, Ont.,
too, boasts of 36 American industries
including branches of the American
Can Company, the Intel national Harvester Company, the Oliver Chilled
Plow Works, and the like. And there
are other Canadian towns that boast
of a similar transplanting of American factories, for 755 companies from
tbe United States have built factories in Canada since 1900. Many of
these are larger than thc original
plants in the United States.
"The tariff against    Canada—which
was necessarily met by a     Canadian
tarifl ai;ain-t us—was, of course,  designed to  protect our manufacturers;
but  tbe  result     has     been  to  drive
"."•1  estnblishnunis  out of    tha
try .11 ten years.     Most of them
were built  1 n the other -ide of    the
:   to  take  care of thc Canadian
Many, however, moved  from
ted  States because they  wleh-
take  advantage either of      the
•   of  living  for  their      em-
,.f tbe mure favorable tariff arrangements  thai  Canadg enjoys
pro Iui te    In      EClirope&n
itj treat y ia eup-
and      eome
■ .ial  areas   to '"' B  bin,Irance
merlon prosperity.'
"Lonesome Town," ns delightful a
musical comedy as is on the boards
today, will bc the attraction lhat
Max Dill, the famous German comedian, late of Kolb and Dill, is to offer at the Opera House 'for the two
nights, April 10* and 11.
It was in "Lonesome Town" that
Dil'l scored his greatest success. In
the piece he impersonates Bakcrsvi.le
BUI, a tramp of Teutonic perstiasioo,
who is desirous of acquiring wealth
without the formality of working for,
it. An opportunity in this direction,
is disclosed in the town ol Watts, a
boom community of Southern C'uli-
Isaac Watts, the founder of the
town, having died without apparently lonving a will, is suddenly discovered to have left many claimants
for his properties. Watts, it scorns,
disappeared before Imb death, and a
designing San Francisco widow, Mrs.
A. Marvelous Wonder, is one of tbe
many who appear on the -oCciie seeking a slice of the estate, claiming
that she is the deceased Watta' willow. BakersviUc Bill, with iwo other knights of the rond, ,s another
claimant; and other applicants for
tho wealth are disclosed in two hhar-
The endeavors of all the9e -schemers
to outwit one another mnae for the
action of the piece, nnd It ran be
readily seen that all sorts of humorous complications come ol this, ln
th? end tbe will is discovered and
the rightful heir gets the estate.
Thc comedy throughout is highly
diverting, and tho musical numbers
thnt besprinkle the action are bright
and whistcablc. The chorus is a
great feature o'f the show. There
aro numerous costume changes, and'*
a military march by thirty pretty
girls is unite as beautiful a spectacle
as the modern musical comedy stage
Dill's company embraces fifty people, with the same all-star cast as
he had during his recent notable San
Francisco engagement of one hundred
1! NTKI'.FKIT  llll.I,
Mai : '01
.,! the Bai ll' iwa   of
ire In
iln- amo ii t ,,i .* *
. the
* ii . 1
i* laj n *i*' .11 tin
1.       Idi
Starting on a journey of nearly 3,-
CvU miles on a bicyle,  Mr. Thompson
Clarice of this oity, will leave at   12
o'clock noon  Monday    for    Montreal.
Mr. Clarke will make his journey to
Montreal riding over the C.P.R. road
from where he will take an ocoan liner to Liverpool.     From there he will t
use his bicycle again  to ride toLon-|
don.     Mr. Clarke will leave the city
without a nickel in his pocket     and
hopes   by   selling  postals  to       mako
money enough to pay  for  his -toam-|
er fare.     This way of crossing Oanada  will   be  thc  lirst  attempt       ever
made.      Mr,  Olarke is in the best «[.
condition  and   is  confident  of    overcoming diilioiiliios on the road.
The main object of his journey Is to
obtain a trophy for the British Columbia Si,0111 League by one of thc
in * 1 1 famous athletic papers in the
Old Country, The traveller expects
to reach Montreal In about two
months, which will give him plenty
of time to arrive lo London for the
tion * * remonlea,
Mi. 1 lario is ,1 former player of
ih* Shamrock Club of this city.—
Vancouver News Advertiser.
We have pleasure in announcing
that we will hold the formal opening
of our new store, and a grand showing of Master Novelties and Spring
Goods on
Thursday, April 6th
Afternoon and Evening
We will be pleased to show you
our splendidly assorted stock of Dress
Goods and Trimmings, Wash Goods
in all the staples and latest novelties,
Blouses in Silk and Wash Materials,
Lingerie Dresses, Whitcwear, Shoes,
Hosiery, etc.
For the evening we have engaged the HARP ORCHESTRA,
and you will hear some delightful
You are cordially invited to at-
How About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Rctorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
>i:\t   iirsn:  iiLtx K
>K\ I      III   MK     III...   I*.
htens Lay Better
Alo I ' '*ti givo your i liii la in
Waii Ii hmi i uii i ly they pick
up and ho« nun h in erll-e; laj
Thev need a Spring I ■ nd lion
Ponder to tone ihem up.
B5c. a Package
Not Too Early
To   Stock   with    FISHING
TACKLE    for   the   lirsl     cast
Ki l a snd  Anchor Brand   Files
an*  hard  lo  beet   30i * to 11. •■"
por dozen,
$.4 and $6 Each
Easter Cards
PANCY RA8TKB c arjis
*        ' r ,       D|
POI 1     •   '.I'll      W.Ht'MS
50c. to $2 Each
Nir.f*; Kodaks
Brew . *      IS  tt
ind    *    * r.i-i-i  .nui
Goods at List Prices
MAT     III   MK    IIMK'h
\I'.\T     III   Ml'    III.IM   |(
Kilitin   M«illl.ia!<l: —
Iioiii Blr,- Win yon ho kind enough
tn oorrect yum Htatcincnt In your
lael m in regard to using tlm
byliiuit'i  li.i   watering the      HtrootH.
My   luggeft     wbh to put li  Inch
•tanplpe le each comer on one Hide
i"" m tin- iniNiiioHK centree,
»hlch,   ti my opinion    would     give
i.ln*   (or   loun   expend.'. I
* *"!; I Dol  Ini v.- paid nny attention to
tlii- had it nol been inr being op-
PO •■ I to ueUg Ute hydrants d.r wat-
rrlng purpoeee, Alno thc council
meeting was not held In the club but
in the city ball.
Reveletoke, April ith.
Smart New Suits for Boys
Our stock of Hoys' Suits is complete and
made up of a well assorted line. Mothers
will find numerous styles and patterns for
all ages, from 2 to 17 years, the largest
size worn in short pants. They show the
latest cut and fit, and our prices are the
lowest possible for the quality. The best
sellers are double-breasted with Bloomer
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
The Style Shop for Men and Boys Who Know
TO     I.KT- Twc light home keeping
roODM,     Apply to thin Office.
WANTBD-OIrl     iur     general   Soueo
work.     Apply Mail-Herald Office.
WANTKD-CUrl lor     general      hou« WANTED-A Oood WaltreBe at once,
work.    Family ol    ♦•"•ne.      Apply
Mail H«"»'d Office,
(or lunch counter.     Apply to   Mrt.
WUeon, C.r.R, Heetaurant.      at.


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