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The Mail Herald Feb 25, 1911

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 " Empire" Typewriter
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perfection in results it is
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Lawrence nardware
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Plan of Water Mains and Distribution will be made with
View to Bettering System
The multitude ol detnils considered
at tho regular meeting of city council last night and the general opinion that consideration of the power
plant and accounts connected therewith demanded minutest attention,
were responsible tor a quiet anil lather harmonious meeting, nnd thc decision on the part of the counoil
that a special meeting he called next
week to finish np the drag overs.
The meeting was not lacking in interest, however, as many very im
Portant questions were discussed among others the question as to why
the post otlice was getting its light
free, when according to thc motion
ol last year the provisions were not
complied with. A motion was pass- '
cd last year granting the otlice free
light provided a night clerk was put
on. No night clerk has been in evidence and yet no charge had been
made for light. The matter was
brought to the notice of the council
by a communication from J. P. McLennan on liehnlf of the Revelstoke
Retail Association, petitioning that
a night clerk be asked for, an 1 there
the discussion started, which ended
in a motion by Alderman Cownn and
Abrahamson, that ttie post master
bc asked to put on a night service
as promised.
Aid. Sibbald was desirous ot knowing just where all tbc money provided lor ritrathcona school hal gone,
since it was found necessary to
make arrangements with thc banks
to pay Foote & Pradollnl, A detailed statement ivns presented by the
clerk, and on motion the necessary
authority was given to pay thc account.
Alderman Cowan, as chairman ol
thc Fire, Water & Light committee,
suggested that the city secure accumulators Ior thc tire alarm system
Power on Monday
The power dam is just about completed now and it is expected that
the water will be turned on Monday.
Mr. Newman has Informed various
members of the Fire, Water & Light
committee, that everything is in
readiness now for the early operation
of the plant, but, thinks il not advisable to put the Increased pressure
on the bulk head open'n,- which has
just been cemented up, till the cement hardens sufficiently to withstand the strain. It Mr. Newman's
Piomi.se slim,Is good this time, power will be on Monday.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Otfloo-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Brunettes «r Agents at all principal no
Agents in Great Britain and (Tnlteat
5 S30.000.00
^  joints inJCuniula.
A«ents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Kx-
ch inge National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, 8un Fran-
CHi-o—Wells Fargo Nevada Nations' Bin't. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch
Delivering Northern Mail, Twc
Brothers Sutter from Storm
and Cold—Dags' Feet Frozen
Peace River Crossing, Keli. 17. —
Through the freezing of the feet of
the lines in thc train whicli left
here with the mail for Fort Vermillion on January 2nd, the delivery
of mail t.i its destination was delay-
eil nearly two weeks anil the lives ot
the two young men, brothers 0f 17
and 20 years of age, who had charge
gravely Imperilled. With tbe arrival
here last night of the mail (rom Fort
Vermillion, the Btory of the hardships suffered by thc two hoys ou the
trip to thc far northern post nnd
how the life of the younger was saved by the elder,  became known.
The mail left here on January    2nd
in charge of the two brothers, Ihey
I were equipped with a good dug train
i and  carried  60(1    pounds    j!      mail.
When about  lllll  miles out   they were
1 overtaken by the severe cold weather
j of  January.  After passing tne IVrtlc
river the cold became so intense that
the dogs' foet begnn to freeze     and
travel  became slow.  Dog food      and
provisions were running sho.'t fo that
I when  fully  80  miles  from  the.r next
supply  cache  the  young  msn       wero
| entirely out    of     provisions.       The
Building is Accepted by School
Board, But Heating Plant
Still in Abeyance
The school board has decided that
in the near future and as sot ll as it
can be ascertained when thc various
public ministers can be present, that
a public ollicial opening of SI ruth
cona school will bc held. Messrs.
Thomas Bradshaw nnd h. Cunningham Morris on Wednesday afternoon
visited the school and Inspected it
from top to bottom, finding it in
perfect condition with the exception
of a few odds and ends, which thc
architect who was present, promised
to attend to. Mr. Squarebrlggs,
who also went up with the delegation, found it impossible to remain
for the inspection.
A meeting of tire board was called
thc following evening and everything
being reported as satisfactory, it
was recommended the building Ire accepted and that the account of Foote
& I'radolini for $13,6*65.S0 be passed,
willi the exception of (26, which was
held over till everyth'ng is completed, The architect nnd contractors
were congratulated on thc excellence
of their work, it being ngrccd that
thc layout of the building was good,
the material used ais per specifications and everything in good condition.
lire heating plnnt, however, has
not yet Ikcii accepted as the plans
arc not yet to hand. Architect
King's account of three and a half
per cent, of the total work wns also
passed. According to the terms of
the contract it will bo thc duly of
Mr. Foote to keep the building in
repair lor ono yenr. All members ol
the board were present, nt this meeting except Mr.  Squarebrlgge.
Jams, Jellies
We have a larpe quan"
tity of Crosse & Black"
well's and Lipton's Jams
and Jellies in 4 and 7 lb.
tins and 1 lb. glass jars
that we want to move
this month.
We are making a reduction of from 20 to :50
per cent, on the above
high class goods.
Ontario Honey in I lb. Glass Jars, at 25c.
Pure Maple Syrup.    Buckwheat Flour.
New Laid Egg?.    Ontario Pea-Fed Bacon.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Hay, Oats, Wheat. Barky, Beans, Shorts, etc.
Bourne Bros.
Groceries,    Hardware.   Flour and Feed
of  the   two  brothers   v*   un-
that  Would cost much less than last • tcered to strike ahead, get thc    pio*
year both for installation and main-   visions, and return to meet the o'.it-
-A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
p. gums # Company. Aid.
A Shipment of Ladies Hats
Direct from the fashion centres of the Kast
to hand, well selected, pretty shapes, stylish
trimming.    Vour inspection invited.
Mrs. A. G. Crick, First Street
Grocery Quotations
Six Bars Lighl House Soap	
OUI Brown Windsor Soap, per do/en cakes	
"Lux" for washing flannels! per packet	
White Swan Waseing Powder, per 3 lh	
Hliiiug, per Quart Bottle     joc
Goods Delivered Promptly.
John Mclntyre Sr Son
tenance, and his recommendation was
left in thc hands of the committee
with power to act.
A motion was made by Aldermen
Sibbald an,I Barber, thnt 5011 feet of
hose be purchased for Brigade No. 1,
and 100 feet of garden hose, whieh
Alderman Cowan suggested that a
report bc made by Waterworks Foreman Scott as to the plan of water
mains distribution of the city with a
view to bettering it, and also that
an engineer be employed to draw up
the best system possible lor tb?
council to work on. The council decided that they had had ipiitc enough dealings with tngineers lately,
and shelved that part of his re.'om -
mendation. However a motion passed that Mr. Scott draw up the required plan.
Whether 6quare poles, round poles,
painted poles or any old poles at all
were best for use in wiring the traffic bridge in lower town, brought
forth quite an informal, and what
looked as though it might end in a
pyroterhnieal display of words between Alderman Cowan, Abrahamson
and MeKinnon. Just with whom and
where the proper authority lay in
deciding this momentous question
I seemed to be the bone of contention.
. and finally resulted ln Aid. MeKinnon informing the council that in all
j matters in which this committee is
interested he at least would have to
be taken into consideration before
any recommendations passed.
Two lights were ordered to l.c put
in at the gate house at th; new power plant on motion of Alderman MeKinnon and Sibbald.
Alderman Cowan recommended a
revision of the water rates, as they
had never been revised since they
were first made. Thc council were
unanimous thnt tbis was necessary,
and tbe matter was relcrred to the
Fire, Water & Light committee (or
It was moved by Alderman Cowan
nnl Abrahamson that « bylaw be
introduced to authorize th.- payment of a salary of i'M to thc
mayor for the year 1911. llylnw
rend three times.
It was decided that the council,
city electrician and Mr. Duck be present nt thn testing of tho new mnrh -
inery at the power plant, which perhaps will be made next week. They
will he there.
Sharks which were useless and a
Urn 1C« to the city came in lor nn
sidemble attention and the city
foreman and rhiels ol the fire brigades will examine these and bring
in a report to next council, upon
Which  Ihey can act.      A  bylaw    will
also if brought in governing build-
Inge and the appointing ol a build -
lug iDspcctpr.
lit. This he did. He made tbe
cnehe all right, but on the return
not meeting his brother ns a<"on ns
he had expected, he was com.iulelto
ramp  out nt  Might.
Having no axe or blanket with him
his hands and feet were Sadly froze:
before he managed to start a llic
with what small sticKs he r.-uild
break over his knee. P'l'Alng in thc
night, however, as best he could,
he bravely struck out next morning,
and travelled until iie met Ills brother with the mail. The younger brother's feet became so naiii' il that the
elder was compelled to unload lour
sacks of mail and pla-ie Mm un the
dog sleigh.
This he did, notwithstanding the
fact that his own feet .-.nd hands hnd
been badly frozen. On tbe 2Vrd of
the month, after being 21 dnys on a
trip which usually takes eight or ten
days, the brothers reached Vein 11-
The father ot the two boys who is
the regular courier, started o.i the
return trip to this place with anoth
er son on February 1st, and arrived
h?re last night, sixteen days • ver-
due with enly two dogs left of his
train, the others having dropped by
the way. They hnd no food for the
dogs or themselves for two days be
fore reaching this place.
The courier reports that when with
in 15 miles of this plnce they had
come across evidence of a struggle
to the death between a pack of wolves and a bear in his winter quarters
on the hank of the river and sue
reeded in getting him out of his den
and on thc ice. From thc amount
blood stains and the fur lying
around it was evident that bruin had
put up a good fight hefore being
The Ladies Auxiliary to the llro -
therhood of Locomotive Hngineeis,
held its tirst annual dance last evening in Selkirk hnll. There were
about seventy-live eouplcs present thc
floor being taxed to Its rapacity. At
11:80 p.m. a dainty supper was served, and the dance i tinned till well
on towards morning. The. ladies of
tha committee who were distinguish'
ed from the% guests by wearing of
Pink cain-itlons, arc to be eongrntii
latwl on the success of the ntlnir
whlcb was one of the most enjoyable
dances  of the  season       Tha      danco
hall waH appropriately d?coratcd (or
thc occasion, nnd for those who did
n it care to danco, various games
wen- provided ill llu- upper hall.
Now is your time to get furniture
cheaper than Hastens prices at H.
Howson'l sale next month,
Lett-ice, cauliflower and briMMlls
* pi L.uts at Bourne Broi.
Ho Reason to Deplore Our Decreased Exports
industrial Canada in a masterly
way and in an article as full ol facts
as a nut is ot meat, has dealt with
thc demands of the Grain Growers of
the Western Provinces, showing incidentally that the farmer is not the
down trodden individual that ho
sometimes believes himself to be.
These farmers who visited Ottawa
asked for a complete revision of tho
tariff, not knowing altogether what
they asked. The reference was made
by several agriculturists on their visit to Blr Wilfrivl Laurier to thc home
market, saying it was a myth, a
shadow and a joke. Industrial Canada puts forth the following facts
in contradiction to this remark:
Mr. Drury says the home market Is
a myth?
Mr. Scallion President ol tbc Manitoba Grnin Growing Association,
says the home market is a joke.
What are the facts?
Last year we exported J53,'J0fl,000
ol animals and their produce, $M,-
400,00(1* of agricultural produce—%IU,-
300,000' altogether.
Thirty million dollars of this Was
manufactured farm and lood products, leaving $11*1,4*00,000 purely
Ho as not to make their state-
mints appear too absurd, I will first
compare only thc produce of ono
province, that of Ontario:
Why, thc market value of thc grain
crop of Ontario alone last year was
$l<;x,000,000, or $.14,000,000 more than
thc farm exports of thc whole of
Canada, and this tnkes no account
of animals and their produce, dairy
products, or fruit.
As a mntter of fact Ontario farmers last year produced 2J  times     ln I
value as much as Canada as n wholo
exported  in  agricultural  products.
At the time of the last census thc
total value of farm produce In Canada was $:ii;5,1(00,000. Our exports
of farm produce, including manufactured fnrm products, were $80,000,000.
tn other words, we Consumed in this
mythical home market SO per cent.
ot all we produced. Hut this is not
all. During the same year wo Imported of farm products, animals and
their produce $30,000,000, or, In othei- words, the totnl consumption in
Canada wns 86 per cent, ot thc total
What, docs Commissioner Uuddick,
of the Department of Agriculture
The main renson (or thc decrease
lu exports of butter and choose is thc
Increased home   consumption,   I see
no reason to deplore our decreased
exports. On tlie contrary, we have
every reason to congrntulato our
selves that wc have found another
outlet in the enlarged  home mnrket.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Crushed Bone and Beef Scraps
for Your Poultry
Fresh Ground
Revelstoke Meet Market Ltd.
Class Mi.
Phone 2D!
P. O.
Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
s     =•
S so3
a n
i-ivi* more attenti. n to our home
trade, which has already been ot
more importance than wc batfc goner
ally recognlMd. I have only to state
Ilml we consume in Canada over two
tblrda ol oui total dairy productions."
Does tin- sound as it the home mar
ki't wen* ,i joke' Is it surprising that
our tanners are aroused when they
ore  taught aucb wrong statistics-'
I  tec no excuse for Mr.  Drury'fl position;  lor the      Western  man  I ran.
Although we consume half the wheat
grown   n Canada we havo a      great
, surplus to eiport.
n mind  lb.it  Mrlntyr.'s bave
ne .f white and jold dishes,
Tbo Utmon lor ue It that wo  "should ' at i ijjbt prices,
Capital tor British Canadian
Lumber Corporation
Montreal .Feb. 11.—Mr. Q.F. Johnson uni Mr. H.J. Allison of tbo firm
..' J..hn .ii. McOonntU & Allison left
Montreal last evening (or New York
en route to England in connection
with the completion ol a $20,400,000
Brit h Columbia lumber deal, tho
•capital t..r which is already largely
rltod. Tbe name of thia con
rem will 1* the British Canadian
Lumbei Corporation, the head offloo
til which will l.c in this city..
	 thiiq  im: ail-herald,   ii hi v m * stok:e3
£bc ADaiWberalb
Sntertot ipubltsbtno Company
Legal notices 10 cents per line lirst
insertion, 5 rente pel Une each
subsequent Insertion. Measure
ments Nonparie 12 lines make
one Inch.) Store and gi uei al
business announcements f2.5U pel
inch pel month, Preferred positions, 21 per cent, additional.
Birth.-, MarriageB and Deaths, 50c
each insertion.
Land notices J7.50. All advertisements subject to the approval ol
the management, Wanted und
Condensed Advertisements ; --
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uatious wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted, 25 words or less, 25c,
each additional line to ceuta.
Changes In Btanding advertisements must he in by 'J a. in.
Tuesday and Friday ol each week
to scuire good ... plaj *
CORRESPONDENT i: Invited ou matters ol public Interest. Communications to Editor must he
accompan.ed by name oi writei
not necessarily lor publication,
but as evidenct ol good faith,
Correspondence should bo brief.
Including postage to England,  United States aud Cuuadu.
By the year (through poBtofflce) $2.50
JOB PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates,
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
Zbc (IDatllberaU)
'BanKJ^ead Hard Coal
Wellington Soft Coal
Always on Hand
Briquettes,   and   Furnace,  Egg, Stove
and Nut Sizes.
Revelstoke  General Agencies, Ltd.
Real Estate and Insurance
inleleasible titles. A number ot otb
er changes are to ho made In tho
land registry office and the public
hours there shortened to ihe same
as bunk hours, so that the stall Will
li, ve i wo hours before the public
work of the .lay commences and two
h iurs alter it closes to clear up the
work  of the day.
A bill will be Introduced in the
Ontario legislature to abolish the
granting ol bonuses bj munlclpali-
t:.*s to in lust rial concerns,
The granting ot bonusos by muni-
dualities seems al times to be n
very vexed question and It is only
by such action us thai contemplated
hy the Ontario legislature that much
bickerings and strife can bo done
n vay with, When it is understood
by manufacturers that no bonuses or
*■■ million trom taxation will be
granted much undue suite and emulation betiyccn cities and municipal-
It es will be eliminated, and tin.so
b ■■I'llie grants will not be looked (or.
This wm not, ot course, prevent any
city    or corporation  from  displaying
SA I'l RDAY, FEB.   ■yvil.  l'Jll.
li;,, Heck! the retail grocerB will
not stand lor tbe action ol the poiiltrymen in dictating the priceB of
other than their own products, says
p consumer In a letter to tbe Mail
Herald, which appears in another
column. And By Heck we don't, believe the poultrymeu have a right
to Jo any such thing, aud moreover
By Heck we d..nt believe tbey in -
tend to do any such thing. We be
lieve. with the retail grocers that it
is perfectly legitimate tor thc poul
trymen to Bay at just what price
tbey Will sell their own products,
• when they attempt to declare
the prices that shall be paid for articles they have nothing to do with.
the committee is exceeding tbe pow
ers given them by the motion at the
meet;:       * Poultry   Association
on Monday night. We don't think
the Poultry Association had any intention to give the committee any
more authority to quote prices on
butter and potatoes than they did
to quote pries on dry goods an.l
farm implements. It was just simp
ly on eggs - an 1 new laid eggs at
tbat. as v .:    t.     Bul  we
•     not  think the committi •   i ■
ed tl.. ..  * * with any     Intention
of    - -  •■ rights  of  the retail
gl ers or retail association in that
respect, but rather with thc Inten
' I placing bi tbe public the
pr:*.-. - after   seen Ing
then: with  the groc-
tl •  *    etal •
tbe ret think it    is
*        the Poull
.'•*.-•  rial ••       rices     othei
than   thai ■■   a then    it
■  .-  papti   '* tbes
/rem ;-- ie  I    .«> le.   V
Poultry .A tion
i , •     ■
•i    protest.   Tl . t
m thi
:.  timi-
••i..  eome    l  ■      .rgnnlzatl :.   -    pre
.i a.-r.  ■ Sow Mi
ftetai and  Retail   '•. -
There      hi   14     be
i *  . lountaii
<   r  I
i       - Id create oi
to nl■•
ti i ,,t!ices.
In   :
t . 1 Mr
JB<   ..   . |    ,        ..i   .:    •
ge ' ch of the
•sei". . i, ch     I
>uii outline I I i theii ll   ■
if. -     i
re tf   'ul T   :
n*n system ;.   the land registry .f
■    .     -i. .     ".-iei an
if this wn-. adopted  it     wu
h.*)p...i tt .i  *.-. ithu. - i    bav
hi) title .i.i  i.n '. .- .m.-i.'i'. *
I;    TOM  in   this
mallei    th
.   ..... i,, uub-di-
.... *.* -Ible I
r tbo*      lot
■ •   .*■ ,in    wo Id ■.   o to '«
.* *. ..tin      nml t
ili.. advantages that will accrue to
manufacturers by local ing at a cer
ti. n point, but the decision ol the
manufacturers will not be biased by
si bsldles or gifts. Whether the cs
li blishment of a factory or a busi -
i. is house Is of greater advantage
to the city or to tho manufacturer
i -  business  man  himself is  a    much
 led question,     iino thing is cor-
tin and that is that no manufacturer will locate any place where h.
does Hot see legitimate scope tor
business nnd the making of cool
substantial profits, and if be wants
chasing public-.'
Nol i-.inb nt with their own
tbey, who are consumers, arc
to set the prices for articles
they do not, raise. I doubt very
much, whether a go".l ninny of them,
if turned loos,, on a truck farm would
ba able to rive any bettor advice
than Mark Twain in his "Agricultural Column," when he advised th..
[armors not to shake tho pumpkins
oil the trees, us it wns liable lo
bruise them.
How many "spuds" do lliese :-.*iii
lcuieii raise, and whal acreage have
tbey in cabbage,' Have Fred and
Hilly produced another cross thai
lays bricks of butter-.' I iiiii in
search  of information.
If I may be permitted lo make a
.Con. I mighl mention that
I li >y seem 1.. have ov 'i looki .1 <|ii*.t
Ing the price we must Pay for Ca I
em oysters and Okanagan peaches,
They nre as much in thoir line as the
oilier articles.
.     Hoping for some light .n  this sub
joct,   t   lllll  only
lice. 1st,.ke. Fob. 24tb.
1 Synopsis of Arthles on Which
Duties Will Us taveii--1
Short anil Concise R'e/iew
Tho pros ;.n.I •■* H uf the rec proi
ty in.*.i..i.i a rn .' si .il bein - argued
trom ono ond ol t 'niindn to i he oth r.
The Eastern manufacturer objocti i .
ii on de grounds thai li will >• iflcr
by lbe Importation of n numb ir ol
articles thai he sells to n largo ox
tent. British Columbin objects to
it on the groundi thnl 11 will lay
tlie live at the root of her infant
Iruit industry. Mm n *. in ere Is ob
|ecl to it in many way * and tb i
prairie province largely agree with
the measure. Ho tli ire you are, in
order that our ri arters m iy have a
clear and concise oi nlon o! what the
measure proposes we reprinl from tho
Monetary Times tho follow n- synoP
sis of the proposals ol tho agroe
"The lollowing food products are
made free by both countries: Wheal
and other grain, dairy products, fn all
fruit, vegetables, lish, eggs, poultry,
C .11 le  and  all   live  animals.
"Certain c immu titles n iw  free   t
  nre mado free to both,   such   as
cotton sei .1 oil ■ y Canada and
rough lumber by thc United States
Tin  plates,  barhi ,  « re i ncin  , mien
.--ii i gypsum, ar ,-i Ic tree     by   the
United States.
"Secondary  f,,.  '     sm ti    ns      fl  sh
moats,   ealill   .1   111.   .....   l.lM ou   I 11 '*  ll      .
lard, canned  vegetables, flour prepur
Safeguard Youi* Food
by Always Using
IViadlv from Pure Grape
&ream of Tartar
Its purity, wholesomeness and
superior leavening qualities
are never questioned.
ations mil  other
od ..... Isl nils are
a uniform duty.
"Duty  .n   the
ureil   articles   arc     	
both  to a  uniform  ratol
hides,  cutlery,  cb .*.n I
* i ly  man ifacl ir
.nil,ially   re.lue d to
"Alum Is n powerful nstrinficnt with very
rtet'Idted Irritant qualities, owinu to which, when
taken Internally In nullieieitt quantity, ll Is emetic
nnd puriiafivc, and may soon cause falal flaslro-
lutcstinal Inflammation."—*!/. S. Disncnsatoty, p. 144.
"The use ol alum and sails of alumina ia lood
Should bc prohibited."—Prof. Wood, Hataard Unit.
Notico that all advertisements
of tho cheap baking powders
conceal the presence of alum;
Therefore read the label.
■   locate  any   place   bc  should
lling  to  pay  for  thc  privilege
11 as an    other man.
When   Champ   Clark   annexes   Cans
,:,*.  there will  be but one     language,
one flag and  one     school—Hamilton
S ectator,   Wonder  bow our   Quebec
fi i uids will warm up to tb
■titer an eloquent silence.     li o
■;t says that  reciprocity may be   s
. * ry good  thing,  but  thia am
talk   is foolishness.- Calgary   Her ili
■ ire thing!
Pa,   what   is  a   mi '
Why   th
■nee ""
.;,■-, elstok '  parent
- electrical bill.'
• retail
ll I,tor   Mail-Herald:--
Hear Sir,—At a recenl mooting ol
the li. c. Dairymen's Association the
directors decided to divide thc Farm
Dairy Competition which bus already
been in progress for one year, Into
two classes in older thai a number
of our smaller dairymen in the Province may have s chance for competing for the cup, medals and honors,
and not to bc compelled to compete
against the larger dairies of tho
province thus giving the small man
an e<|iia! chance with the Inrne one.
In this matter the Directors are making arrangements for a cup.- tho
n ,me of winch will be published lat
er, but om* which will be ol equal im
i oi lance to that of the larger li'.
I hy given by the Proi Incial govci n
in ni. Th .y are also : li In j three
in lals corresponding with tl
ih ■ larger dairies.
The division of th i compel Ition in
t.. i Wo lots is n ows:—
*v- milking    and
lhe large dailies
* *a*s  milking.     T
■ . ■
dairymen in t
se that  is re ...
leather goods,  plat
striiiiii nts.   ink an.l
Canada   rcdUCOS   till
tural  Implements I
United   Slates.
"Canada  reduce
that  is, to 13c. n '
I Ic. per In! pounds
es  roduci .1   iron  oi-
also dressed  luml
ng  tiinnu,,
reduced       by
\, itor vi
V. .it'll   s.
Il'l.1.1    ill
i. -libs.
'I  1" I* ,1. ':
il    ,.' til
SATURDAY, FEU. 25TH,  l'Jll.
Revelstoke Luna jj..,irtet.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat Curccuc Cornish
Kennedy of Kevelstoke, occupation,
married woman, in.cuds to apply tor
permission to purchase the lollowing
described lauds.
about in chain
iiim from the south wost corner of
Lot 5414, tbcoco west 4(1 chaius,
thenco south 40 chains thenco oast
ui chains to tho west shore ol Upper
Arrow Lake, thenco north along the
lako shore to poiut of coniiiicuccuiciit
containing ubout IM) acres.
Haled January i'Jth, 1911. ...
Per M. Urady, Agent.
at    u    post  planted
in a southerly dll'CO-
Itevelstoke Laud District
District ot West Kootenuy.
Take notice that 1, Mary Selkirk,
ol Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase tho following
uescribed lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
tho N. E, Corner of Lot (lllll ti.L,
and marked M. S.'s S. 10. Corner,
thonco north Stl chains, tbence west
7u chains, thenco south 40 chains,
I bene., cast. 20 chains, thenco south
■HI chains, thence oust DO chains
to point of commencement, containing ISO acres.
Dated January 9th, 1911.
I'er (J. P,  Smith, Agent.
.al   8<
per   toil,
* '111**11!   In
'..      i* *i li :
Lastly,      papci
The l in
is free,   providing i ■**  provin ■*•        I
in. iv *'   I ll ■   restrict . n ;  , u   llie  r.,p. , I
an.ui of  pulp w	
"I  bave selectc i the follov big   re
duct ions as of iui irest  to us:        ( n
wheat Canada forep i a duty ol  12c
and the United Si ites cane ill i  I
bu ger  protectional  duty  than  Cri.t
l.   does.
"Hn     cattli .    borseR,    sh, op     and
i        ..       othei   .'io ial ,       Canada
..       .. 15   per colli .
tl     United  States tali      ofl abnul  :-">
.. i.n     , n hoi   *- only
"I ui  buttei   l 'a i.i.ln  ci ii*** Is   Ic.  and
United       il     * *    per pound, i in
i Ian i.i.i . .* ncels 3i       and    the
• it     .     per pound.        i in
'■i 'am Canada 1 nt. and    the
*  nl. and the
Stati in 1 ay    Canada
n *.*ls  I2jc,
■     .
*     ,     .... els 25c.
b shel.
I pe       *
Mali     n    :' .     ol   ill
li     ii*.   * Ill    tl f..I'llll, .     IV; ori
lie i      :ii ni  ainl  honii like    11  al
i *.    * *:    i i *      i a na     i
and  i heir accommo la whn It
is ei Id n     i   .*.   i he  in uilm
anii lu     nn  ci ci s   lioal
nu    *      n   ■    ui
i "" i   and  ct i ry  nvnil ible
... I     Lnter on  wl en
r ul
Tir.'    holel
.  ib   *    ni
r.*..lll is
III ■ sil nv
app ai ihere Is talk ol a lai *.-
i ' in n *. ! ; ng i. ale in lb.' \ ic.n.ly
d! th h      foi  oi char Is and gnrd
i * s, there belli?  In utli lent  producl  al
.*   nt to   i pplj  i he .i. :u. n i ol thi *
I opulni   hoi i.'l.'i-y.   The  tabli
.   from the  homo gal
■   i chard.   I'oulti y  is     also
raised   fol   I lie   table.
* :i.
many ai i. I'nls    ill    the
■,   nol ice  Mi       .i.    M.
R.  A.   .1*   i i Ing
« hii ii  l, ■ .11*1.11 • in
Vnd the power
Bt one
inl still there'
ment it
le all
il   -and.
ake a might '•
lard to
:■   Plan-
! .1 ttll
I   I- Is
I • ■ •
i n I ms
... -
iivin., ,*.
• ,    M.. ,  H
Dear I some
■i. ■      I'., ilti v   lo,
~.nie  nf  them   m * '   bs   *
. .     I* Roi
,     *        *   .* *       .1   *   ;,l   *
*.,.;," II i IIV
we will  n**i   - land  for It.      No
b.iibt. they hav« the i  :hl  to say al
i tl       ■ .  the product
*' tb.ii  Ian *    tock     :. ii    whin
mil to do w-'tii tii •
it of thc Mnlnkwn or Slcamoiis
i"n,  •..*;,*.        iiin the    prairie
• i ■   lis the  i  i no   -i... er i ol    th •
ii - i iihmil to the dicta
i .on of people wb . |o j it raise one
tenth of th ■ eggs noci ni . (or thi
market; or ll thej  •-■ 11 the pur
Mountain lion Escaped Twice
from Trap, finally Shot
. mai   -
te for e
. ■
.   |
hf n tip
A   i     ,    '       * i
foi ii.' . a   I....nil .   •.: il, I
dm Uai  a.   ■   i  im  mi- ■ -1   bul fm
he i ! * bounty l     I
1 in. ii    the
en  .-'
■  : a •
hi - son
li :■ vacat ion
the coa it.    <■ idi I     n-i   n Sc
ittle   and     Tae. ma. Mrs.    Johnston
ive i     for   b veral yi nre i' i'.u. tele
*  enl  at  this poinl and enjoj
, irn to tha springs occasionally,
'      Alii i- Bell o.' iVinnipcj.    Is   a
iii.       rings.   She accompan-
i   i     * i
The many friends ol     Mrs.  McKii
al      .  wore pleased to   no
ivhat  a  few .lays at  I lalcyon «!i.I
:  ■   h *r in rei toring her healt li.    She
i     om  tli    '.    i    in    tho
'. *:      nd   I ll ll.'
tr ai - ii  il    at    tins  v on Infill
', i ■ ■i.c ii    i      ■ i    he walked un
: iri       :..:    !   i      do
or  tl       oast to visil       her
, . 'iiy   011 *  ol   in,iny
Irs. Bio ' i*        iri.iii a
t to 1 I   nl       'oinapli:
    - * in*: in    a
,i,.i,i  i  .1111.1*1
Mrs.  llloi lin rep thc snow
.i.i     Won -nl1.  '\r.ii.   lineman
relieving Mr. Hei
He expects to     bo
in v> lady witli   "The Kissing Girl'
which will be here March 8th
Mayie Miner Likely to Die As
Result of Accident in Mine
Movie.  II. c, Feb. 20.—Aboul  9 a.
in.  Loday a soriouB accident occurred
in   the   St,   Km-..'ne   uuu...   by       which
\mlrew  Ostrnni  will  probably      lose
his life.   Mr. Ostrnm, who is a much
ii'  man,  was passing back  a    little
:..ck, using a pick al  the time, when
he  sti ui l*.   * bo   must  have  been      a
in *. exploding the same.
(in being brought  to the surface h
was   found   that   bis  scalp   was   badly
damaged,  bis eyes were  blown      out,
.ii'  arm and  one  lei*:      were severely
battered.   It   is  though!   he  is hurt
ntel a illy.      He     was conveyed      by
■   -.* .1  u.i ii  to iin*  Cranbrook bus*
i ital.
Uevelstoko Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that dames Deters, ot
NiiLlield, England, occupation, brick
layer, intends to apply for permission to iiiircha.se the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west corner of lot SliS'5,
aud marked l'i..1.1'. south oust corner
post, thencu west twenty chaius,
llunco north forty chains, thenco
cast twenty chains, thenco south forty chains to point of commencement.
Dated December 21th,  11)10.
DecSl        Per Fred, C.  Terry, Agent.
KOOTENAY     LODGE,  No. 15 A.  F.
aud A.  M.
Regular     meetings are held in MAS-
ii.sic TEMPLE,     Oddfellows'     Hall
ou the Third Monday in each mouth
nt 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcome.
KUUT.  tiOUDON,  W.  M.
W.  U.  ROUERTSON,  Secretary.
SELKIRK     LODGE  12,  1.  O.  O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hnll nt 8 o'clock. ViBiting
brethren  cordially invited.
K. G. McRAE, N. C.
JAS.   MATHIB,  Secretary.
NO. 26, REVELBTOKE, li.  C.
Meets every Wednesday except the
Third Wednesday of each month in
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. ViBiting Kuighta are cordially  invited.
BROOK, K. of R.
M. of F.
& S.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Jard Newspaper Comments
on "Iti: ■■      iiouse"
li •■ ' hs *. m. Field aboul tb"
llvlslon  I      . ng  Poi I   'i "
Ca/.ue*! I*,* iin* terminus     of
i nniiilinii   '■ il them   Uni!
lb ■
I   *
:.   .
,i  ■
■in . i
(film i
■i     * ton jhl
'I Ills
i ii
i un
i   CTION      SALE      OF     TIMBER
The  right   to CUl   limber  under  lie-
ise on  Berth  No.  539,     comprising
.  o following lands in the    Province
*   British  Columbia,  will   be  offered
III   I'ublic   Alien,,n  nt   the  upset   puce
(3,075 .*',  Includ ng cost   ol      sur-
. .it   ■ o'clock P.M., on Wednesday
tl Hi  Mm* next, ni  the ..nice     of
the Dominion Timber Agent at Revel-
Tlmbei   ll. uh   So.  539,  situate      in
11     Province ol    British     Columbia,
comprll .ii.:   .-. - : Ion   18,   Township   'S.I.
■■■ I, nn.l ih *  North  15a il quart-
i * * n hip 23, Range
tic nth Meridian, con-
... * b  ..;   1 28  square miles
I    llCI ii  .     *-. .il   nol    be   issued     until
COURT      MT.      DEGUIE.    No.  3461.
Meets in I. 0 O. P. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday iu month. Visiting brethren cordially  welcomed.
O. W. BELL, C. 11.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Scc.
C.  W.  O.  W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
Meets Second   and     Fourth Wednesdays    in each  month   In    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
11. W. EDWARDS, Con. Com.
MR.   R .    T .    WILSON,
STUDIO—Music Store,    McKenzie  Avenue.
TERMS—Elementary, under 12 years
ol age, 75 cents per    lesson.     Ovor
12 years of ago, H-00.       Advanced,
•$1.25    per   lesson.       Lessons three-
quarters ol an hour, onco or twice
weekly, as desired.
Teacher ot Voice, Piano and Organ
Pupils prepared for Toronto Conservatory of   Music.       Local examinations.
Uev,dstoke Land District.
District  of West Ko„tenay.
Take notice that D.  M. Hicks.     of
Greenwood,  ll.  ('..  occupation laborer,  Intends to apply  for     permission
purchase price  to purchase the following    described
i*   to
,      * Tl,
* i
ing Pii i
and  thc   ;rn in '  rental  for tbe    lirst   lauds:
have been paid I   Commencing at a post planted   m>
Tin   condlth   - **:  i.,:vii, in. rata ol   ""' '"jrth Hll"re of Trout Lake, about
.i.   e h-.n.l    io      'le   three nnd  tliree-guarter miles     west*
ll     a  copy  or which   from  the  town  i>f  Gorrnril,  adjacent.
■ . a..I ,„, application to tbe   to S.E. Coiner of l.ol 7966, thence 80
Crown Timbei*  chains east, thence M chains bouMi,
or  to lake shore,  thenco kii     chains*
west,  or    following    lake  nbore      to
point of commencement.
Dated February 1th, 1M1,
ng ■ ■     ■
I ..'   i:
mat - P, (
|1 Mii   1*1
^^^^ KEVES,
f the Interior.
nttnwu   Kebtuory llth, Wll. SATURDAY, VKll. 35TH, 1911.
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    ■ ■    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Hsvlng purchased the business formerly carried on by E.  A.
Spring we ure prepared lo execute till orders promptly,
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Hnrnoss Makers
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Tbe Greatest Hcnltb Resort on tbe Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 Degree of Hen
Natural Hot Water in Baths.   O       All Year
Rates from $12 to $15 Per Week
The Largest Stock! of Smokers'
Supplies in the Interior
We arc the right people to do business with.
We are carrying an especially good line this
Come in and we will show you that present
for hubby, father or brother that was worrying
The Cigar & Pipe Business is Our Business
and we know it like a book, and you get the
benefit of our information.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Hate, your architect prepare your plans for
your new building early and get my figures on
your work.
Kveryboily knows him, he will
tell you thut the whiskeys we are
selling are the best. Cull and bc
convinced. No household should
bc without a supply of our Harvey's Spoclal Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
111) yours old or Blnokborry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Lii|Uors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold by all
the leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers ard Dealers in Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manaqer
CAPITAL,- $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
of The Canadian Hank of Commerce will receive deposits of Si and
upwards*) on which Interest Is allowed al cm rent rates, There is no
delay in withdrawing the whole or any portion of the deposit, Small
deposits are welcomed. 234
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, to be
qpcrated fiy any one ol the number or by lbe survivor. ^joint account
pf this kind saves expepse in establishing tbe oivicrsbip of the money
after death, and is especially useful when •> mnn desires to provide for
his wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death,
Revelstoke. i*. C.
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Ratss $t a day.    Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Salaried '' proved.     FiiRt-ClusH in every respect.     All modem convenience
I.nr^c Sample Rooms.
Rat o $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke. B.C.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught Ave.   •   Revelstoko
Carriage and Sign
Shop in alley", back [of E. J. Bourne's
store, First Street.
First   Class Work Guaranteed.
Prices Reasonable
New Line
Stirrup   Attached
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
Inside Lots for Sale at
Fii'Ht Divisional  Point  Wesl  nf Winnipeg, nn G.T.P. Ky.
Smne Good  Bargains  in   Revelstoke
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
AKltO^HKAll, B. C.
Special Attention given  to   commercial
men and tourists. First-class BampU
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Hay, Oats, Wheat, Bran
and Shorts
Oi-'i-ick:   Cor.  McKenzie Ave.
1'llU.Nli   "3.
Residence Oor. 8rd St. and Robson me
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Arriving daily our new and
fresh stork nf Seeds, grown
under contract by the bent
growers in all parts of tbe
World. Seeds that will give
you the best results. One trial
will convince you. Alsn a full
line of garden cqulsltes, Implements of all kind ; Bee
Supplier, Sprayers,Spray, and
a full line of Thick Feeds and
dinkey's remedies. Press the
l.ni imi. we will do the rest.
M.   J.  HENRY
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,    -   Manager
Uaanfacttirtd for ati oirbsii of  btilldtufrf
For hbIa in InrRft or small qiNintitles
Ht the lowest prirqs for oasb
All kinds of building and iilu.sterfug
Foote & Pradolini,
Repairs  of all   kinilH   neatly dine
Bicycle and Oun work a specialty
Estimates given on nny class
of work
Front       Street.
Fruit Lands
(I'lena Hay land-In psrrpls nf
10 or 20 acred or en bloc. Correspondence inviii il.
John Shaw. Agent
Box 616 Arrowhead    I
TvnitsmB P.O., Ont.
''I received your sample of GIN
FII.1,8 and after using tliem, I felt sq
niiuli better that I got a box »t nny
druggist's, and now 1 am taking the
third box,
The pain across my back and kidneys
has almost entirely gone mid 1 am liettcr
than I have been fnr years, 1 was a
great sufferer from Rheumatism hut it
has all left me. I strongly advise all
women, who suffer from l'ain In Tlie
Back nnd Weak Kiilnevs, to trv GIN
PILLS. Mrs. T. HahRIS.
Thousands of women, right here iu
Canada, owe their robust health, their
strength and vigor, their bright ryes nnd
rosy cheeks- to GIN PILLS. Aid ther
know lhat GIN PILLS will cut* t.8*
Kidney and llladder Troublci with
which so ^uany womfcn suffer.
Do just as Mrs. Harris did -first,
write for a frre sample box ol GIN
PILLS and try them, Then, if they iln
you good, get tbc regular lor y,t.e» It
your dealer's. Vour money pr,imptty
refunded if (UN PILLS fail to give
relief. Natioual Drug and Chemical
Co..  Dept \V..    Toronto, »
TO LETS—Seven Roomed Mouse on
Third Street, Including bath room,
hot an.l cold water, electric lights,
nml furnace. Hose to C.P.R. shops
Apply to L. Cashatto. Third St.
BSTRAYBD—On Saturday. A Hull
Terrier Pup, brown spot around
left eye aud ear. Advise the Mail-
Herald Ollice.
WANTED—Woman to cook In hotel,
wages $50 per month. Apply .1. H.
Young, (Jomaplix, B. C.
WANTED—Men and Women to learn
barber trade; cn'.y eight weeks ie-
ipiired; stay as long aa you v ish
for one tuition; tools given with
each scholarship; beat school in
Canada; situatians or locations
furnished; catalogue mailed free;
write for particulars.—Moler System College, 609 Centre street,
Calgary, Alta.
'ai n here sincE 1900:
1( ^SyF'*. 4
rSave^ur Money,
*(&mrntwit Now!
We want evoyonrio tow
ftjat we are paying) ~
c~4% Interests
pcraimuTO credited mftlf
on saving deposits (*1-
& upward) subject To Withdrawal by cheque &*
f^-5£ Interest^
on time deposits of*
Siinnoaflis & over. *
We invest mone^ for clients
in first mortgages & do a
$eneiat Rhancialbusinesa.
We want Yovx savin Jsaccnt
& ifyou are not saving -
systematically, * * - -a.
Commence Now With US.
deposits by mail *v***
+ + + easily banBleJ —
"VotTcnnsend by Draff,
Post Office * 6jfprcs3
Order or ReJistcretT^
better & witlidrawato
can be mailF*""* ■»"?■»
--any way you wish.
Wcare Responsible
Refer to"^+ -► * *
or to anyone in *
[iiii NEWS if paragraph]
I   A Symposium of What is Happening in   $
$ All Parts of the World *
it now
about fito-Jay
! MM
ryV&i\co\iver B.C.^,
E.M. Timetable
No. 1, arrive* 6:45 a.m., departs
7:05 a.m.
No, 97, arrives 6:55 p.m., depart^
7:15 p.m.
No. 2, arrive* 1JS-S0 mfdnlght.     de-
arts la:iri midnight.
No.  96,  arrives 8:45  a.m.,  depots,
t:»5 a. m.
South train Icnvca Kevelatoke at 9
a. in., nrr'.vvti H«vclatoke 5:25 p.m.
Huve you tried btltiuottes yet iu
your cook stove or open llro plane?
The Revelstoke General Agencies,
Ltd., have them always foe sate.
Kire destroyed the Felix Heber hotel   at   Wdinunilstoii,  N.   I)..  Iobs  110,-
I'ay nH-yoii-enter cars will be tried
at Guelph on thc line to the 0. A.
The Algoma Central railwny baa
ordered 10 locomotives from thc
Kingston works.
A Muiue Central train Ictt thc
track near Cookslnrr, fine., nnd three
train hands und a passenger were
Because of snow filled roads the
Inquest into the Lobinski murder at
Wellcsley will not he resumed to -
A coroner's jury at Colllngwood
has charged Pearl Smith with iu
tantlclde. She will appear before
a magistrate today
The staff of the (lovernnient Printing Bureau at Ottawa must now
register thoir comings aud goingB ln
time clocks.
w. 0. McKUllcan, ot Calgary,   has
been appointed superintendent ol thc
linminion Experimental Farm ut
Brandon, Man.
Two men, D.R. Dyer, aged 28, and
Philip Libirre, hail their skulls fractured iu Montreal by falling icicles.
M. J. Connolly, ol Brockvillc, has
been appointed overseer among the
Thousand Islands. Connolly is a retired farmer.
Jeremiah Shea, aged 79, was given
a year in the Central Prison tor assaulting a man at Hamilton who
had refused him 10 cents.
Andrew Carnegie has promised %l,-
750 for nn organ if the congregation
of Grace Methodist church, St.
Thomas, raises on equal sum.
Love's young dream was shattered
for Miss Antoinette Cote, of Ottawa,
When the bridegroom, Joseph Oull-
built, failed to turn up for the wedding.
Despite Sylvia Pankburst's assertion that girl workers at Hull, tjue.,
received as low as J1.80 a week, it is
Btated that J3 is thc lowest wage
A petition ol 31 residents ol Pus-
linch township has requested the removal of the township clerk by
whose blunder in wording thc 'jallots
local option was defeated on a technically.
Major Sharpc, M.P., North Ontario, has given notice of a resolution
calling for the House to meet with
a similar committee of the Senate
to consider and report upon a plun
of reform of tho Senate.
Wm. Laird, ex-M.P.P., is dead at
Charlottetown, P.K.I., aged 76. He
wns a brother of Hon. David Laird,
of Ottawa, formerly Lieut.-Governor
of the north-west and subsequently
Indian Commissioner and of Rev. R.
Laird, of Kingston, Ont.
Thc Jamaican government will join
with Canada iu asking tenders for a
fast steamship service.
The British schooner Dreadnaught,
has been seized at Isles of Pines for
breach of the immigration laws :n
landing pns8cngcrB.
General Riccuth Garibaldi, last eur-
viving son of the famous Italian, is
preparing a volunteer expedition to
aid thc Albanian revolt.
The Vienna council has ordcrnJ the
police to seize any woman's hat pin
with Unprotected ends, and 1.OH have
already been confiscated.
An Englishman and a 'ie.msn
fought a duel at Sydniy, N. s. Vi.,
with swords aud both were ,ia'',y
wounded. The quarrel ar .se o.rr a
discussion , f Germany ■*» b.r» ^c po! -
Tlie Christian Mission o! ■ hee Kuo.
Chiu-a, is cut od from tUe outside
world, as it is the centre .1 the disease plague district. TUe „lu»|«| {,*-
BOM kon penetrated the niiea...B compound.
The Jamitiran government v.l' revise the tun!! and lower the duty on
Hour blRciiltK nn.l other looJstuffs.
The island's railways are to ba extended.
An express collided witi a freight
near Oourvtlle, Fmace, resulting in
10  Intalili'^
thm cocninr vendors we^» gt,vra
(all sentences at Montreal.
The syndicate dpal to purcbua »••■
Tonke  1,1,-ok.  plnnt at  Montreal is 4c-
■?Urt*t o|T.
John  P,  Seimitt. aged ll",.    ,i    »e!l-
lui.iwo,    telegrapher,   dead at     8t.
ThuiH       nr-tmreheail was    freed ..n
ttv-ee charges nl (mud at      Chatham,
on cotKliti.m  tbat he makes restitution.
R.J. Reid, a Kingston undertaker,
fell under his team ot horses, which
were stulled in a snow-bank, but escaped  uninjured.
Premier Roblin, in thc Manitoba
legislature, said he was, personally,
in full sympathy with the abolition
of the bar movement.
W. J. Winn, a Hamilton grocer,
died suddenly at Cliflsidc, North
Carolina, Inr which place he left laBt
Saturday in the best of health.
Windsor has voted to bonus tt Canadian branch of the Maloney Electric Co., of St. Louis, and a branch
irt the Canadian Wnikley Co., Detroit.
The three-year-old daughter ol Geo.
Holden, ol Niagara Falls, may die
(rom poisoning, caused by chewing
bits ot wall paper which contained
It is estimated thut the St. Lawrence as a whole ban a capacity ol
ten million horse-power, aud the Ottawa river 2,375,000, most ol which
is at  present undeveloped.
Thc Canadian government has agreed to a cessation of pelagic sealing
on the I'acilic for not less than ten
years, if other nations interested also agree. It is to prevent seal extermination.
Adrian Hudon, aged 35, brother-iu-
law of the owner of a tailor shop in
Dnlbousie street, Ottawa, was arrested following an alleged incendiary
lire in tbe shop. It was the second
tire in a week.
Windsor immigration officers are
puzzled what to do regarding Mr».
Cecilia Fraser, a young woman now
in Detroit jail, who has been twice
deported from the U. S. and thrice
from Canada becuuse neither country wants her.
The seventh annual meeting of tho
Canadian Seed Grain Association was
bold at Ottuwa. Last year a collection of 10,000 bushels ot high-class
^eed oats were auctioned in yuebec,
and this plan will be extended to the
other provinces.
King Nicholas of Montenegro is
said to be in a critical condition because of a persistent hemorrhage ot
the nose.
A portion ot the Boor ol the Llb-
si.ii barracks collapsed during a public reception and tour soldiers and a
woman were seriously  injured.
Rev. Charles N. Read, aged 76, for
15 years theological professor at And
over Seminary, died suddenly at New
Haven, Conn., of pneumonia.
Four hundred delegates attending
the Farmers' Educational and Co-op-
eiative L'nion ol America at Solma
has condemned the reciprocity agreement.
F,re did JiO.uOO damage to thc
Hmel Euclid, Cleveland, five women
lieing seriously burned. The telephone
operator's promptness saved many
The wreck at Courville, France,
when 10 were killed, was .caused by
a station agent allowing a freight
to switch, expecting that tbc express
would, as usual, be late.
At tbe Samaritan Hospital, Phila
1.1 ii.oi. it has i....n demonstrated
that skin taken Irom one person may
tie kept on ice several days and thea
successfully grafted on another.
Dr. Ozwald, of Glasgow asylum,
is reported to have found a substance, discovered in Germany, which
injected into tbe blood of iosaiiA
;>er-ons, renders them immune from
further  attack.
The international fisheriefi MII, as
reported by tbc Senate Committee,
eliminates the commissioners' regula
tiona regarding Lake Huron, which
ofleadcl Michigan fishermen. Those
will be recast.
A delicious tilling for layer rake in
made by mixing a pound of finely
minced shelled almonds with twnog*g«
a cupful of confectioner's sugar and
a teaspoontul of vanilla.
Hemstitched  tablecloth*  and    nap
kitw can be nicely  mended when tbe
hemstitching  breaks by  tagoting  tho
edges together  with strong      thread
This will wear as long as the article
Some people think it improves thc
flavor of black alter-dinner code*,
which is usually more or less bittar,
to rub a little cut lemon cr lemon
rioul over the sugar to be used in it.
A slight sprinkling ol orange Juice
gives a delicate "finishing touch" to
light wbeaten pancakes servnl with
butter and sugar. Lemon juice is ot
ten used in this way in European
Meat should not lie given to little
children every dny Give fish, a bght
led cgc. or gravy with macaroni, Semolina is one of the most.
nutritious of farinaceous foods, and
is espcciall)  gocd tor children. 'ruin   MAIL-HEEALD,    EEV^LSTOKE
SATURDAY',  EED.  25'1'H,  Wll,
1 %%'%'%%*^.%%%%^%%%%%^%.W%%^.V%'%'%^^,«'%%^»
round  bout,  and  although  the    Eng- '       Heaven,
lishman  was handicapped by injuring     Then coitliircs belong on the list,
his hand,  none of those who saw the   And  Babylon's  Gnrdms,   could    they
bout  believed be  would have a chance eome to see,
Whether this aptitude for billiards
Is due to the bull players eye nt the
Imt or whether Ins good eye at lbe
bat is due to billiards, is na open
question. The records seem to bear
.-it the former. AH of them became
good billiard or pool players aftor
having made a reputation in base
ball.      The   same    keenness  ol     si**jht.
The rink on Wednesday nighl last
was tin* seen.* *.f several closely c.n*
tested skHt.ii:.' events provided by the
enterprising management for which
handsome prizes were offered. A large
crowd was in attendance and inter-
i *-t was keen in each of the events,
which bad   plenty of entries. The
various races, winners ami prizes
were as follows:—
Gents race—1st, Neil Lee, gold
medal -nd, Morris And rson, silver
ni.* :,i.
C iiiples' race- 1st. Ruby Berger umi
Dei. Dickie, cut glass wine set; 2nd,
Nell Lee and Mrs. Palmer Dean, jrw-
t*. set.
Boys' race 1st. ll. Gibbons, cold
medal; 2nd,  d.  LeBeau, silver medal.
Relay race—C.P.R. team won oys
ter bu] per.
l>. M. Rae with a green rink hero
by challenges any other skip with a
green rink to a curling match on
Monday night. skip in each case
may be au old curlei ■
Lower town rink met its Waterloo
on Wednesday night at the hands of
Hamilton's municipal rink by the
phenomenal score of 18 to 5. The
game was pretty wefl one Bided all
the way through, thc lower town
rink, skip Coursier. not seeming to
be able to t'et up sufficient steam to
forge  ahead  ol  the      municipal       pen
Th The bachelors beat thc bene
diet.- to the tune of 11 to 11 on
Thursday night, thus showing thai
more than good feeding and careful
pampering are necessary to win hun-
ors .n the ice. it was 1). M. Itae's
benedicts against Hose's bachelors,
the teams  being made up as follows:
Benedicts—C. IS. Hume, d. Hume,
Hamilton and  Rae.
Bachelors—J. Devine, .lack Masson
Cronyn and Rose.
The work of the latter proclaim
them better men thnn the former,
hence they are all eligiblr for the
marriace altar an.l open tor proposals.
Salmon Arm oddfellows are some
bucket players. They journeyed down
here to assist m degree work at the
lodge, and incidentally demonstrated
to the local three linkers that they
bave a whole lot to learn about handling tbe hockct sticks and puck. It
was just n friendly game, ol course,
but still nobody wanted to lose it
very badly. The score ol 7 to 5 in
favor of tbc visitors sh iwb that our
boys came out at the slim end of the
bora, but they argue that it would
'i*   po0r etiquette to beat thc visitors
London.   Feb.  23.-The  weights  for
lhe Liverpool Grand National     have
jnst   been   made   known,   the       allot
inenl**, showing thnt  the American en
tv.es  have  been  very  lenientlj     dealt
■with.    This  :- especially       the      case
with  Rubio,  the winner ,,f 1908      and
;        nly American horse to come    In
first pa.-t  tlie post.     His burden will
k   I and  win u  it   is      re -
numbered thai a horse who wins the
s  ever   afterward     placed
i.ear   the   'unit   ol I7*'*  pounds,    he    is
.greatly   lai il •■'.    W Ilea   il
tbe money he ba '..I-   ip and
whei .n : oi. ji»
.: is       :' .,,-   m .     weight
■did .-. i  -" in t.. mil bin      for     he
tame a ' r< p. ei    ■■•.-  the   sat!
:n front   if tin  grand stand «ft»'
tons 1    ' the co ii-•      Pi ntor II ,
r. ■ cy::. ..'. Pol .*. ' K-. L - bit *'fl
• . what .." V I ■ ■ ■ leather-
, .-.'■. :" po ii.. It,. • a. ,-n
, ihi 'a. '■ Istol Mi nk V.
Ud -rhVamer. havi
«     ■••»;■   ;|- '    ■
j... ,.■■■:■
. ■ i In ll
i, than li
rette   ■ thi     mit •
« -.•
i :       .., ■    eat  , •
■ a tht
.    ,
■  i
ry M. and be hi
I :'■'■..!■'.
with the dusky champion. O'Kelly
has been outfought b.v second-raters,
but that keen judge of fighters, Tommy Uyan, is still sticking to his protege, so be evidently believes that
be will improve. It is not probable
Irom anything that he has shown bo
fur that he will be dangerous in the
near future.     Jeffries'  tuial an.l   de-
The gardein   of stuff women wear,
Would  frankly admit they  were    one,
two,  three.
Make  way  for  tic  Wonder  of  Hair.
The Tower of Pisa is wonderful, too,
That mossy old refuge of bats;
llut   some  idle hour    go     sauntering
ci.k',1  statement  that  he  will      never '    The hat stores nn.l look at the hats
light again an.l the permanent Injury Go gaze on the wonders of latter-day
lo Hums'  knee eliminate these      men nrt,
from consideration.      Stuckey   is  new       Uo revel   in   women's chief  bliss,
is required in both.
Have Smith, the Australian Cham
I'.oii, who gained notoriety by bis
defeat of Hilly Papke, lhe American
champion middleweight, on n foul in
t.n rounds, is a native ..I New /.call, ml. He is a husky young fellow,
ill years ot age, and stands 5 feet S
Inches in height, lie won the amateur championship ol tbe commonwealth in 1908 and turned profession
al the following year. He met and
defeated most of the middle weigh I
liLhters hereabouts, including Pat
ii Keefe, duck Blackmore, Al Scaulan
ICH McOall, and (ought a draw with
Arthur Cnpps. Smith was taken ill
w th diptheria and did not tight again until last October, when he met
ai 1  defeated  Arthur Cripps.      He al
defeated Ted Whiting at Brisbane,
an.l then won bis famous battle with
I'i'Pke  at   the local   Stadium.  Thc  lo-
critics gave  Smith thc light      on
.nts  up to  the time of  thc      foul.
bit  it   is    a    question    whether       he
uld haVi gone through the twenty
io mils so successfully. Smith has
bo n after Papke for a contest at the
middleweight limit, as they [ought at
Iti pounds liofore, but it is very
doubtful whether Have can scale 158
in. inds. It is a good bet he cannot.
He takes excellent care of himself
an 1 is always in good condition, He
wants to visit the United States ami
lh n  return  by  way of  England,
New York, Feb. 23—ft is more than
probable that some time within the
year there will be another fight for
lh- heavyweight championship of the
World.    Eight   promoters are well  n«
to  the  game ami  Without   the oxper - ' And  learn
lence necessary.
This would seem to limit any mcct-
iut; to KautTnian, Langford or Morris
It is admitted that Lnnglord or
KaiitTuinii could give Johnson some
sort of a light; but neither one should
stand a chance with .lack at bis top
Langford would be lighting a    man
much larger than himself who is prob
ably  c everer,   bits just as  hard    and
can stand  Just  as much punishment, I
It would be a good little man ngain-
sl  a goo.l  big man.  In spite    of    the !
constant defies of Langford'a manng-1
er,   it  is  extremely  doubtful   whether
Sam could  really  be  induced to enter j
the ring  with  thc present title hold-
that of Pisa no parcel or
Hal anything ever like Ilus,
Tbey  lenn   more than  I'isa's ,d I tower ever  did,
Krom a  perpendicular base,
Take Hole of  thai   towering temple, of
That   comes  down  half  over       the
They're higher than Pisa's one tower
ever reared
Its column   majestic  on  high.
Nor    ever      has    any  great    pinnacle
The arch oi ethereal sky to
Such an extent, as these new wonders
They rise to such marvelous height,
taller ones go break
'MARK    TWAIN  ON  Till':    POTATO.
"Among the many plunks of Mark
Twain's journalistic days," said a
Virginia City editor, "was lbe con
Cocticn of a speech that was put upon a  famous Senator.
Tbe Senator bad attended a Virgin
ia Cily brniuel, bul hid no Bpokon.
He hail a sore throat.. A brother
trom a rival paper reached lhe ban
quet   late,
"What, dui the Sena I or speak
about':'" the newcomer whispered lo
Mark  Twain.
"He made a very interesting speech
on  tlie potato,"   was  the reply.
"The potato, oh? That's odd. Let's
have the points, will you"
"With pleasure," said Mark Twain
and he dictated „ half-column thai
the reporter duly printed the next
morning as the distinguish id Sen i
tor's Valuable contribution to agri -
cultural science. The speech began
like this:-
"Ladies an.l gentlemen,—Had ii
been my lot to be born and reared
ill Ireland, where my food would
have principally consisted of the
potato—-that most salubrious and
nutritious root—I should now be, instead of the poor, Infirm, Btunted
creature you see before you, a tall,
stout, athletic mnn, able to oari'J
an enormous weight."
cr except for a big loser's end, of the   And some of thi
purse.      When  a six-round  bout    was I       ing through
offered   turn   with   tho  champion       be      The  dome  that   the  twinkling stars
promptly   sailed   for   England.     More- !        light.
over ii  is not probable that a    fight ] So we must a.l.l bals to the wonders
between Jack and Sam would draw-
as well in this country as a tight
between  Johnson and a white man.
Kaufiman is a strong tough proposition, and he carries a hard punch;
but Johnson Is too clever and fast
for him. .lack demonstrated to the
satisfaction of the fight followers at
Hen., that Al would be a proposition
which he could solve without much
difficulty. Hilly Delaney stated after the Jeffries massacre that Kautf-
mnn was the ..nly man who could
give the new champion n battle, but Now, Coronal
uo one has noticed tho astute Wil- There's on
Ham spending much time over Al
-nice then, although be was m his
coiner at the Lang fight in Philadelphia. In spite of these thiugs a
mooting between KautTnian and the
champion seen far from improbable.
.1. Iinson has recently declared that
he would back  Moiiilian against      Al.
of  yore,
That  only makes
I'm sure had  you
matter  before,
You'll  wonder  how
Kor Glory   the  hat
For fame it  unceasingly
So let  this
Make  way
nine ou the list,
thought    of the
they    hail been
is   without anv
The executor of Mrs. E Idy's will
has asked an injunction to prevent th?
will   lieing declared  void.
To aid to the festive appearanco of
a jelled meat loaf insert hard boiled
eirss into it before moulding. The
sliced eggs give a pretty effect when
the loaf is cut. This is snid to have
been  originally  a Cuban  idea.
w wonder be registered
a- tlie wonder ol lids.
lies that   we learned of
of Latterday skirts'
.lied  so  scantily,  tight,
you'll   see  without
bul  whether Jack  is really in earnest
iro of  the  fact   that   if they could Be-   .limit   nii»h  .   n,.  „    in ,„
about  such a  proposition  is a  diflerent   matter.
.man   gets
mre any oppom in for Johnson who'
■vi uld make him extend himself to '
he limit  it  would mean a fortune to
li -sc who staged the battle.
If tight enthusiasts could be
to i    Morris is to g certain extent an unknown quantity, but he bas done all
he has been asked to
lo up    to   thc
present time.     The managers of   the
**,ced that some white man wh., had   Tusla  Athletic club|  whcrc  Car,
.-.., even chance to defeat the present   tought|  have b(lch confldence  ,„
champion,  interest   |„ „  match       be*   tbat   „,„>.   Rnlll,UI1C0  M|nt   the      d
tween tbe two would   be   „t     fever  wU, „, March , ^ „,c em.tion d
""it. ....     I* .1.1
hi cast stadium with a seating enpac-
o stone Is being  ofl unturned   to .,, ol „,,*,:,,   wlt„ tll„ iil0R „ltlraaU,.;
find such a fighter.  Every rumor of a ,y „f stlu.m, „ wurl,,v champ,on8hlp
nnn with the physical attributes ne- ,-„„, ,„.twmi „,„.,.,, alM   ,ack John.|
* 'My       S"     " 'tl   'S ' "-' "'"' '""      "  m»>  * » *'-"■"'>• °PP0Mi1
id to Its source.     Ihe difficulty     is tor „„. conqueror ,.f Jeflries
* hat   it  takes  more  than   physique  to      Whoever
make champion. Main .., giant      who ..,
li  the heavyweight  title bas been
ipus and Ultima Thule
other      wonder      that
Ahead of thc
at school,
The wondci
They're   fasbi
nnd so thin,
Their     won ler
The w< nder is how
And afterwards how  she gets out:   i
The wonders  tbe ancients have tush
loned   grew   tame;
Their title to grandeur grew less,
When somo modern  tailor got    Into
the game,
And  gave  us this half of a dress.
Th? Spinx  In dismay must have hidden her face.
Colossus  ol    Rhodes   have      crown
\ud other old  Wqnlers     hern  pushed
out  of plnrc,
When   this  hobble  skirt   struck    the
fohnson'a enl     may
all signs po nt  to the     promise
that  III ■ year 1911  will  see a    heavy-
■ .* . lit   battle  for  the    champ
biatcn by  ie veteran middleweight
-.Ci .se    rtry;     science an    i •
mi re than made up for  the     pounds
nnl inches he was giving awaj    Most
ese  big m. n were i lumsj
I  and   never  could   be   tailgbl   •
•'" anything
* ind  i ut  the wonders of  Earth
t ■ just  ten;
li    irely can do no one hurt.
Hii Kame spread the scroll ,,'.  them,
Take   down   bis   pen  and   write       in
the  Latterday Skirt'
Prom  Saturday Evening Host.
i leave their jaw ,>.\|,   . ■
Even  if a n..vi.*.
a' ..  tin    ipee
takes iu:.;: ,• contests I
■: ' exper *.. a cham-
*   n    He   must   learn  *
ol  tb.*  .-am.     He -
I.    v        t..       pn'      ,    .*:*
ilgth  and   m   |hl
i     ti     delivei
ie of timi
lie must les
la •  that  be ,- hurt and st
■■•'it  him int	
■  ■
Man* fo. h-trd *»-»rvir-s nnd
f.i.t.nte.A witerprnof.
ft**.**! Tl.al..t* F.v-«rr*wticrs.
CLOTH I NG    CO  .    L'O.
Toronto, Cnada. Ml
Until Released by Wonderful Su
maria Pi escription
Liquor sets i'ii iiiilammaiii.ii and lr-
i';:. ui of the stomach mid woukons
ilio lurves. The sternly or periodical
i-pici-i drinker la often forced to
I Ink . ven against I ' ill by his un-
.i.i tural physic  I c Iltlon
Samaria Prescription stop? iho craving, steadies the nerves, builds up the
general health an.l makes drink actually distasteful an.l nauReous. li
is tasteless and odorless, and can be
a v wiib or without ibe knowledge
..;' tbc patient.
Thousands ot (.'.Timlin homes h*\s
been saved from misery ami disgrace
i*. none devoted 'e. nml her .n
daughter through this wonderful can
,1'ii.iu remedy. The money formerly
wasted in drink has restored happiness, home comforts, education and
respect lo ih» families formerly in
want an.l despair.
Hea.l lbe following, on* nf the numerous uusollcitsd testimonial;! received:
' I can never r»l)iy you tor your
remedy, it u w-ortb nmr» man lire
i" me. My hviabitnil iiaa been offsred
liquor «i.\*-nral limea, but would no:
touch tt. He *abl It had no charm for
him n'»w. May iiod's choice blesslngi
m*r rest on you. and Town, are my
pi*A\era e\er. No one Knowi It bill
l n-se who bave tried It. Aa a..nti as 1
.-.in I will fee olliera lhat 1 know
would fflve anything to atop their hua-
bands from drink. 1 will give them
ruur addreas.
" Mra. K . Dewlnton.   Alta."
(Name  withheld   on   request.)
Now. If you know of any family
needing this rame.ly. tell them about
it. If you have any friend or relative who haa formed or **. forming
ihe drink habit, help him to reloaie
himself from lla awful elutchen. Samaria F'raarrlptlon Is uaa.l by Physicians and Hospitals.
A FREF TR1AI, PACKAGK of Samaria Pr-aacrtptlon. with booklet, giving full particulars, teatlmonlala, price,
etr , will ba tent absolutely free and
postpaid In plain saaled package to
anyone aaklng for It and mentioning
this paper. Correipondenee SRcradly
confidential.       Wrlta to-day.  The 8a-
Mnria Remedy Co., Dept. 46-19, Col-
borne ^t.. Toronto. Canada. Also
lor Sale by 0. R, Macdonald, Druggist,  Uevelstoke, B. 0.
-iil.AI.i,   AM'  HII..1.! .
'ji   I
or i.i ni . plajei a rnthi i ..*.
Mtli *• '*"■' that '-in:** • * llriit ti
. *  .-  L ..       .' * .   Doyle        - a
trying tc gel     lini t'has and    lol
kfcGrs ■   to pii) a three-'    hlon in'
llard match before thi   >• am       *'»'
■    I**;    prlng | in" ■ *
( l,a- nnl  McOrow aie botfc  I
■   •   •..   and  it  was   wh ll     ■■■
■»ere being k 1 Pop  Anson call I
ttent        to i'i,* fa< i that nil   ■■
.;[. al   li ttei       "'I'   .V    *1   With   tl
. *.. \i,-.mi   ll   ii   rrch-ter  expi
.   .        •   --   McC.rnw or  Clins  mt  Ul
,    I It l« nl.Mo tin* Hint   be wn   i
,,.,       .   bitter  thi'1
...    •■•■   ba..l
abo*   .,     ,,^,.   *
I M give it
■   -
I .:. ■
enl champ
•    *■
i   *
in "i
•  napirani ' *•   •.      -  •■
■ i   ., - *..*..*      I
c   Ki    'uniii    c,,n  u'Keii
I .an •
•  . . i -. :    Joe Jennet te,
:. \ey    Welti i      Monlhan  and
tuckey,   •      ■   .*.   i*
Onl* ap
•enr to have „ remote ihai,.. : ,*
i • Johnson air. kind ..( a i ""''■ I
Moll  Wai ■. Tommy Burn
n.l »ui4 been knockr l tiiil  bv  men ol
-.    ».u.  ,    ii,, Moll    Mi '•. .
. defeated ,..  f$fuftttf     '"''
iiaiielte   by   Uinglnrd,   Motiitnii,   l,e i
o  '..it,,M,  who   **a    n.lhing  bill      "
.iichiii,.   lun.'   lm    ,li   .a on   at    Km..i
(aulmu oul i led Long in "
h *.
Come swil
i '
John Lee
DRY f.uoos
Manufacturer  of   Ladies'
Ladies Suits Made to Order
Fil Guaranteed
All kinds of Silk Gingham.
Muslin,  and   Fancy
things kept in stock
9.i>.rs..aaarial,i. P  0   gn> 70S
Front St    lower Town, Revalstoke
Homes in the Fort
George District
The land of opportunity. A
farm in Port George District
where tli«' land is rich and fertile, where every aire can be
ploughed and croped the first
season, can now be had for
one-tenth of what it will be
worth in ten years.
The climate is ideal. 1'iesh
pure air, never exceedingly
hot or cold, If you are looking
for a home or an Investment
v here safetj or your money is
considered, and a good profit
is tn be hand, w here there is a
future for you and your family.
We would like to hear from
you, without ;m\ obligation on
your part ami we will furnish
you wiih a [und of valuable
regarding this
11 -,
; The Western Canada lowmjites limited
III «*   .. ....   in >, I  W, .1
In tlir Matter ul ilio Keiato ut Ernest
li II. Baynes, dtcum-ed.
Notice in hereby given llmt nil cinl
it.orH mid ot hers lin vinn I'UiniH mu»inet
Estate ol Ernest. K H Hnyms, Ute uf
Mnlakwn, ll. 0., duneneed, whn died nt
Itt'vplHtnki' nn or ir limit tlm 17ih dH.v
ii 11. c, n.i.i i', l'.llll, are ni|iiiied ui
ie. d in tlie undersigned tiolir.it.nra ler
It vid I.. Ilayina ui.il Kobcit Hiivtaun,
A'.liiiiiii»iiiit.iu» i I tho KitH'e ol snid
deceased, within 00 dityB luun dmo
full partioulara ul their claim**., duly
-eritied, and that after thnt. date tin
said Adniinistratora will prooeed in
disirihut'e the hihiI estate Binnnpst
hose entitled thereto reft&rd being liml
mly tn thiii-o cbiiniH ul which said
Administrators shall have then re
utilvcd notico.
Dated January 10th. 1911.
Harvey, McOahtkh a Pinkham,
Solicitors for   Divid   I.    Baynes
and Hubert   fctuwsun,  Aduiinls*
tramim   ul   Ihe   Katale   ul   said
lb censed. .Ill liOd
UevolHtuke  Lnnd  District.
District ol West KuutcnHy.
Take notice thut Mary Ann Hmn,
ol Uevelstoke, 11. C, occuiiatiuu mar
i ied woman, Intends to apply tor
iinniisiiiuii lu purchase thu 'tulluwiuu
described lands.
Oommenulng nl a puiit planted at
the nurth west corner ut T.I.. or Iut
liMU, and marked M.A.B suuth east
corner post, theuce west about 80
chuius to the east Hue ol lot 7UUD,
Ihence north about 411 chains to tho
Lake foreshore, thonco along said
j shoro lino iu a north easterly direo-
tion about eighty chaius, and theuce
south ahout SO chnins to puiut of
Dated Doe.  I'Jlli, J'JIO.
I'er P. W. Terry, Agent.
In the Mum r of llic Koiauol August
Nolice is hen by given that nil crcd
il. i- and others having claims against*
tbc Estate uf August. Johnson, lite nl
Kevelstoke, H 0., deceasid, wii i died
at Uevelstoke on or about the Slh dsv
of Suptrinbor, 11)10, arc ruiuired tn
semi to the iindcisigned Snliuitnra for
William H. Uoberlson, Administrator
of the Estate uf said deceased, within
(ill dais Irom date lull purticnlura ol
ibeir olaima, dii-y verlflid, and that
• Iter that dale, the said Ailministiatur
will proceed to distribute the said
astate amongst thi 8« entitled ihereto
regard being had only 'o (ho«e claims
ol which said Adminimmtur chall
have thou received notice.
Hand January 1(1; li, 11)11.
H.lltVHV   Mr "AKTKll & I'lXKIIAM,
tiolititors Ior William U. l;..icrt-
sou, Adniini.--tral.oi ol ihe K-tuic
oi the sau! dcceiscil.        .! 11 (i')d
lu the Matter ol ihu Estate of John
T. Jones, deceased,
Notice is hereby given that* all crcd
i ors and others having claims against
■be Estate nl John T. Johns, late nl
Revelstoko, B C , deceased, who died
at Hican ous on ur about tie llth day
ul Aiigusi, 11)10, arc nquiied tn send
tn the undersigned Solicitors Inr Martha .lain Jones and Thomas Kilpatrick, Administratrix and Admiuistra"
tor nl the Estate of said deceased, withiu (10 days fiiuii dale lull particulars
ol llu il claims, duly verified, and lhat
iller that dale the said Administratrix »ud Administrator will proceed
to distribute the said estate amongst
those untitled therein regard In ing
had only In those da ins ol winch said
Administratrix and Administrator
-thill have then received notice.
Dated January LOth, 1011.    .Ill (illd
Harvey, McCaktek & Pinkham,
Solicitors Ior Manila Jane Jones
and Thomas Kilpatrick, Admin
iatratix  and   Administrator  of
th, K I..II* ul said deceased.
fn the Matter of tin Kstute of James
A. Magee, deci us. d.
Notice is hen by given that all creditors ami olbcis having claims against
hr E-tatc of .1. inca A  Magee, late  ut
Chase, 11  C, deceased,   who   died   ai
Uevi l-mke on or about the   14th   day
il  November,   lllll).   are   rt quired   to
send in the iimb reigned S. lienors   Inr
s nab IS, Magee, Executrix uf the last
Will of said (liceased, nllhlu (iU days
from date lull particulars of their
claims, duly vcrilicd, and lhat alter
tint date the said Executrix will proceed to distribute the arid estate
amongstthuse entitled thereto rig.ml
being bad only to ihopc claims ol
which hii id Executrix shall have then
received nolice.
Dated January Kl;h, l'Jll.
Hauvkv, McCaiiteii a Pinkham,
tioMollors ol   Sarah   E.   Magee,
Executrix uf the   Last   Will   of
deoeasod. .Ill tiitd
RevelBtoko  Lund  District.
instrict ul West Kootenuy.
Tako notice that Thomas Hope, ol
liei-elstoko,  Ll.  C, uccupatiuu     Verd
I'oreiniui,  intends   to  upply   'or    pti-
inissiuu tu purchase tho foUoWi-lg do
Mii bod hinds.
uommoaclug ut a post plantid
niioiit hall u mile in a soutueriy dii-
ciLiou Irom lot 7-5S5 nud by lho
north east corner of R. livuus' i,o-
cuiption, marked T.U. , or'.h w. st
corner post, thonce south 411 chains,
tu.ncc cast 2u chnins, theu-'o aorrh
lo chains, thonco west 'M cha.ui to
Point  of  commeuccmeut.
Hated Dec. 17th, IWO.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
Uevelstoke Luuu District.
instrict of West Kootenay.
take uolico that Abinlnmi Ake-
hurst, ol Nui.tiold, England, uccupa-
ticu, Pit t'ureman, inteuds to apply
lur permission to purchase tho Wow
iu^ Uescribod luuds.
Commencing ut a post plunted
about hull a mile in a northerly t'.ir-
ectiou from Iut 61-411 north west comer pust aa.t marked A.a; south west
corner post, tuence east auoit tu
chu.us to tno line of lot Hfc-i
lnounlc) thcucu north ubjJt 40
chains to the uorth west coru.'r of
liu SGS5, thence east about Uu ihaiuj
io the iiouth west corner of lot 15S">,
th.ueo north to the Lake snori,
thenco about 80 chains westerly fU-
lowlng aluug the Lako shoi-e line and
llieuce south about 40 chains to the
pout of cuuinionceinonl.
Dated Dec.  tilth  ,l'JIO.
i'er V, Vi. Terry, Agent.
itevelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, J. ll. Selkirk,
ot Vnucotiver, occupation, real estate
agent, intend to apply for permission to purchase tho following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted 20
ehuins west of the S.E.C. of h. 75S5
thence noiith li) chains, thence east
In chains, thenco south 40 ehaius,
thence enst 40 chains, thence north
40 chains, thence east 10 chains,
thence northliO ehuins, thenco vest
40 chains, thenco south 2b chains,
thence west 20 chains to point ol
co lencement, containing 440 berth
Dated Dec. 'Sl, 8910
DccDl pw  It.   Smith,  Agent.
Itevelstoke Land District.
District nl West Kootenay.
Take nonce that William Kennedy
ol Revelstoke, II. 0., ocouparion, Spec
ial Constable, intends to apply (or per-1
mission lo piiicbiise the following  described lands.
Commencing at a pnsl plunted at
the south-east ooruei ol L..t 60(11),
thence north It) chuius,   thence   wesl
it) chains  to   pre-emptinu   No. 262,
l hence north HI chains, I hence enst 80
chains, llieuce nu h li-'i chains to Lot
Su. [V.I ID. thence west pl chains, t hence
south l'>chnins lo Lot Nu. I Kill, the nee
west 'JO chains tn point nl cnntmeiicc-
Dated Jsniiari Tib, I'.U I
\\ ll.l.l'AM  KENNEDY.
fur T, W. liuin, Ageut.
Hovel itoke i.nn.i lnsiiui
l'i  ii nt   ol   Weal   Kootenuy.
Tuke notice  that  the ('nnudinu   I'a
i iln*   Itiulwuy   Company  intend:.       to
*.i* Ij lai pei mission to lease tha
lullowlng described Ian.in
Commencing al a post planted   on
the shore lini of Uppei Arrow   Luke;
mid i i bearing South il    degrees
West a distance ol 214 [eel tium the
South East corner ,,[  lllo. k   19 ..I   'he
I*,  '.nl   in1, n  site  of    Nakusp,    in
|   197 0,  l   Arrowhead, and      dis
trict;   tbence   Westerly      along       said
bi rt   i ii   „  disi *,. ot 381 i   to
ii point; said point bearing Bouth 41
Wi i „ distance ol Hb7   (est
(loin the lh ml block ot Sotilh leg
"t .Nakusp Wye; thence south into the
Waters of i pper Arrow Luke a dis-
tance ol •* test, tb u <■ Easterly and
Parallel to the Shore line of sai*i
ink" | dlstanos ol MM let,     th nv
North a distance  of IW l*-n  to  tTUI
i" nt oi commencement, coataning
*'| • in ii    .... ., ,,i  legal
ruary nth, ian
Th • Can i imn Pacillc Rallwaj i   n
Poi EB   w   Batemaa,    Local
Waj  an■! I*1 •-. *   kgent, Van
Itevelstoke   Land   District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Toko notice that William Brown, ot
Rovelstoke, 11, ('., occupation, Clerk,
intends to apply Ior permission to
pun-huso tho following described
Commencing at a post   planted at
tho north west coiner of Iut 6140,
marked w. li. suuth west corner post
thonce east 10 chains, thenco north
•Hi chains, thence west in chains,
thenco south 40 chains to point ol
1 luted Dec. l'Jth, l'JIO.
Per K. w. Terry, Agent.
Revelatoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take  notice  thnt  George  A.   Stewart, of Rcv'clstokc,   H.C.,  occupation
gentleman, intends to apply for permission to purchase tho following de-
oi Ibed lands.
Oommenelng at a post plnnteel at
the south west coiner ol lot 7065,
marked O.A.8. north west pu»t,
theuce east 40 ehains, thc leo totili
six chains to tho north east cornel
ol lot »1(17, thence west 25 chains to
the north wost corner ot lot 8407,
lh nee south ;I4 chains, thenco wert
16 chaius, theuce north 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated Dec. Utk, l'Jio.
I'er V. W. Terry, Agent.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc,
Imperial  Rank  Building  Revels
stoke, tt. C.
M' n..y lo Loun.
unices—Rovelstoke, v..   c,    aarf
Cranbrook, ». 0.
';>". 8. MeCarter,
\   M, Pinkham, J. ,\. fft
itokii '.'imii.'i. ■..••». SATURDAY, FEB.  2.1TII, 1911.
February Bargains
In All Departments
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
TliiH week we will giw you an opj ortunity to
buy those Spring Shoes at a price. On the table
will he shown about fifty pairs of Children's Sboes
at a bargain. Box calf, vici kid, bluck, tan, lace and
button, nil will be here. You can't mukea mistake-
any shoe on the table will cost you half as much
more any place else. Sizes 3 to 10.J. These shoes
sold regularly at $1.25 to $2 per pair.
Price Until Saturday Night
Only 95c. Per Pair
We absolutely will   not   send   out
Bargain Shoes on Approval
About twenty Boys' Suits will be eold at less
than cost thia week. They are all " Lion Brand."
All first class Tweeds and Worsteds that will insure
your boy satisfactory appearance and wear. Don't
be afraid to ask for them. It costs you nolhiDg to
examine them thoroughly.   Sizes 24 to IIO.
Price Until Saturday Night Only
$2.95 each
Kindly do not ask us to send these suits out on
approval as we will be compelled to refuse
Our new samples of Men's Suitings fur Spring
have just come to hand. We invite your inspection-
These Suits and Overcoats aie "20lh Century Bench
Tailored." You know what that means in quality of
goods and workmanship. We wish to inform you
that this yeur our range of special measure swatches
comprises over .500 Bamples. and is made up of the
newest Tweeds and Worsteds. We guarantee to lit
you perfectly. Special measures can be procured In
two weeks from date of order.
Prices $23 to $36
Our New Dry Goods and
Ready-to-Wear Departments extend a hearty invitation to you
to come in and look us over.
We have been busy re-arranging our stock and passing in
New Goods, and while we are not
in ship-shape yet, still we are able
to give you extra good service
and a better selection than has
ever been shown before.
Extraordinary values in
Swiss Embroideries on sale on
Friday, see JI Keuzie Avenue
window. Get here early and
get the best selection. 1100
yards at a Friday Bargain
price of
10c. per yard
Mm Silks
A whole lot of new patt. ms
and coloring'-, 27 inch, goods,
pure silk and made to wear.
H ndsome designs, at only
75c. per yard
New Neck Fixings —Collars
Jabots, Ties, Scarves. There
are sume pretty creations
among them, and the price is
very reasonable.
35c. to $1
School Umbrellas
Children's School I'nilirellas
line and strong, nice eize for
the ohildren, at
Lawns, Nainsooks
A jublot of Lawn and Nainsooks go on sale Thursday
morning. All new, fresh goods
and yuu can have all you want
of them at
I5c. per yard
New Ribbons
A line lot of new, crisp, Taffetas. I inches wide, all colors,
nice for Bows, S.ishes, etc., at
10c. per yard
Ladies' Skirts
20 Ladies' Skirts —Vou will
have to look them over, there
is sure a bargain ir you need a
bargain at
Cambric Shirting
English Cambric Shirting,
"ill inches wide, pure finish,
fine, even, plain weave, the
nicest shirting fur fine wear at
35c. per yard
Why not buy the brand of Baking Powder that
you know will please you. No other article is of
more importance to you than baking powder. You
want it good, pure and cheap. That's the way you
get it when you buy Price's. <ioz., 12oz . 2 Jib. and
51b. cans.     No less, no spoilugr. no trouble in Price's.
We have just received a large shipment of new
fruit. The celebrated Sunkie-t Oranges in four different Bizes and prices. These are all navel oranges and
new stock. Also a full line of (Irape-fruit, Lemons
and Bananas. You will find our stock of winter
app'es the largest and best assortment in tbe city.
Ou these chilly evenings you will feel better for a
little syrup on your pancakes or bread. We have the
beBt assortment for you to choose from.—Corn Syrup.
a very tasty and clear syrup, in 21b., 51b., and 101b..
cans ; Imperial Maple Syrup in quarts, i gallons and
gallon cans ; Lyle's Golden Syrup in 21b. cans; Pride
of Canada, ;he PURE MAPLE Syrup in quart bottles.
Java Cane and Honey Drips.
In this department we are always able to quote
prices. We are in a position to fill from the smallest
to the largest orders. Always a new slock of Swifi's
Premium Bicon on hand. La.d in 31b., 51b., lOlb.i
and 20.b. pails. Minee Meat, Butter and Kj.'gs always in stock.
Two more cars of Feed just arrived. The best
quality on thejnarket to-day. Timothy Hay Xo. 1,
Dairy Chops, Wheat, Shorts, Bran, Platted Oats.
Cracked Corn and No. 1 White Oats.
Just the thing: for the working: man; neatly
made coat shirts. They wear, they fit. they look
neat and attractive. Dark blue only, but it won't
$1.50 Each
Dry Goods Department
Second Floor
Take   the   Elevator
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke ™d Arrowhead
Watch the Windows
for Special Linen
DuiiiiR February
SATURDAY,  FEB.  25TH,  1311
New Spring
Embroideries and Laces.
New  All-Over Nets.
Nainsook, India Linen, Mad-
apolin, Long Cloths.
Indian    I lead,    Fancy   White   Muslin,
1 Suiting,  Rellicour Suiting, Check and
Stripe Zephyrs.
English Gingham
A  nice  line  al   ij'.c. per yard.    War-
J fast ci lors.
Boots and Shoes
Fifteen Cases Nov Spring Styles.
Men's Famous Stridors.
Ilovs" and  Misses' Inuu'lad.
For Misses
Boots  foi   Misses    Patent   Calf,  B<
Calf and Vici Kid.    Sizes 3' _•, 4, 4 1-2, 5.
For Children
~x [ Mr. Ailams, vice-president ol
Diamond Sawmills Co., is in
Messrs. MoOarter and McRae, who
have been lor sunn, time on a visit
In New York nn.l Eastern citloB hit
expected to arrive home 'Ins evening
I Mr. M1111.lv will return with them,
His son, William,  left  yesterday    lor
i Glacier to meel them,
rhe ScotB defeated  11
In small children's sizes we have
range, Come in and look around our
department and inspect our fine sto
a full
■k    of
MCCARTHY—At Revelstoko, U. ('.,
Fi bi lai .* :i'h. 1911. Mrs. Denis
McCarthy, aged 19 years and eight
March 8—The Kissing Girl,     popular
comic opera.
I.O.O.F   a    Home, opera house,    on
March 10th.
Wi* huve just iii-i' veil 11 shipment "I While -.'liner Hotie\ pul up in
live Hi. culls, which we will guarantee tn he absolutely Pure Honey,
mnl ns I. is is ilie season (or honey we would uilvise you lo try thia if
\ou wish to get Ihe genuine artic e.
The name "Wagstaffe speaks for itself in regard toquality.   We have _
a full assortment <'! this Pure l.nii including Straw berry, Ruspberry,
l'ench. Plum, Black Currant ami Apiieot.,
A. HOBSON,        Baker and G'ocer.
Allen  Players,   Bdison  theatre,
March  Uth.
March 17 St. Patrick's Hay entertainment under auspices of ladles
ol R. C. chinch.
April  18—Ladies'  Auxiliary  to the B.
ol R. T.   nance in Opera House.
April 21—Musical entertainment at
St.  Peter's church.
Th,* C P.R. Is negotiating lor 100,-
000 t,.ns of Bteel rails to be used on
Us new Western branches.
Rev. Mr. Thorpe will address the
Y ing Men's class at the Y.M.C.A.,
on Sun,lay afternoon at ole.
D.  i. has     been     appointed
roadmaster of the C.P.R, at     Revel-1  "
stoke.   Mr.  Rush lord has been      em
ployed  with the Greal   Northern    in
M nn a -.-. : 1  some time.
Texas     Guinan and the merry sup
porting    •   mpany ..I    "The    Kissin»
Girl     - ag  perfectlj   the catchy    Von
Tilzi ■   • ol t bat   opera  which
.will be here Manh Sth.
Mr.   Murray,   assistant   post     iltice
•        while in     Chilliwack     .ui
Fr; la;       ■ '■   * * that    city     a
tfici thai ■ ni having been provided '* r in th.* 1 *
The ladies *.f the It. C. church held
a  whist  party  in the opera      house
,n Thursday evening   at  which sum..
;.-...   .        ghl v wen   1 ri sen;.    The
Is one of the most important items in your business
will  look  after  this branch   of
the business for you.
Kjootenay ./Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Irish last
nighl In a came .if curling by n
scori ol 13 to 9. For the Irish the
players wore C. ll. Hume, .1. Hume,
11. N. Cuursier and Kev. R. J. Mc-
tntyro, skip. Por the Scots, Mitchell, Mass..11, Donald and D. M. Rue,
Pnthes' Gazette No, 02 will be the
principal feature ol tha program at
the Bdison theatre on Monday night.
I This gazette will Include the terrific
oxplOBlon whieh sbi.uli New York.
The Frozen Neva ol St, Petersburg,
the new statue to Ulsmarck at Hamburg, preparing lor the Festival ol
Empire, Gale in London, and various
porting events.
ft', IJlUaon, u brakeman cm the   t'.
t P.R. was arrested this weok     on   a
I charge ul having stolen a large quantity   "I  silver  un.l   t'hiiiawaiT       from
tho Union hotel.     Many ol the     articles were found  Ln his     possession
when he  «us taken  In charge.        Ac-
J! euse.l came up toi  trial this morning
but  lhc case  wns romunded till Mou-
ii.ij* morning.
The marriage occurred last evening
at 5.30 ut the home uf the It. 0.
parish priest of Walter Skkluski and
Francis Korokoska. Rev. Father
O'Noil performed the ceremony.     The
' uri.le is the little Polish nil who
created such a sen. .it the police
court last week when hor brother was
sentenced  to  serve sis  months      in
: Kamloops jail on a charge of     vag-
'    On Wednesday  cvtning at   the rink,
one of the     most interesting curling
gameB    of   the    season was played.
Teams—W.  A.  Sturdy     (.skip),      W.
liuin. F.  I'Teetham and J.  Lee.     11.
S.  Coursler  (skipi,  II, Whiteside.  10.
Smith and    li. Fergusi 11.     Alter the
skips got tlicir players settled  down
to the game, a remarkable exhibition
of the  fascinating  canic  was  witnessed.      Great  credit  is due tin*  UoViceB
with  respect  to the  manner  .11  whieh
they wielded the brooms. Old and ex
perlenced curlers witnessed  the  game
and  we  presume  picked up  many  useful pointer.  At the eighth  end      Mr.
Coursler's men  were leading by » to
1, and were     congratulating     themselves un having gained the victory,
but their hopes were of short duration.   Skip   Sturdy  pulled  his       men
together mul exhorted them to make
one supreme  efloit and  right    nobly
ihey responded to the call,     and   a
I" mi*   battle   ensued,   when   the  latter
team  ran  out      winners  hy   11   to  il.
Challenges  are      being  received daily
by tbe victors and as promptly   accepted.   Next  week will see some cui
ling aad should be a reoord   at   the
Mrs. D. McCarthy Bedridden fur
tears, Pusses Rway
The death occurred yesterday moi n
n of Mrs. D. McCarthy, who for
years had been n patknt sufTerei
[mm muscular rheumatism. Pur the
past (our or live years deceased had
hi *n confined to her bed. I ler chi er
fui and uncomplaining disposition
during her nill in I ion bad hecn re*
nun liable, nn.l bad endeared her to a
large circle of friends who sincerely
mourn ber Iors. By her doath tho
Roman Oathollc church losos une of
the most .faithful members nnd In
hi r own quiet wuy, une of Its inusi
energetic workers. she leaves a
husband. Mr. D. McCarthy, who Is n
contractor, and a family ol three
daughters, the Misses I.ney, ISUon,
and Nora. The Funeral will Like place
from lhe Family rosldi nee < n Third
street wmt. tomorrow attorn on al
i 15 For thc Homan Catholic church,
and  Ihcll'-e  to I ho comotei y
The Mar Herald jo n with Hi*
many Friends of lho bereaved ones In
ixtitiding it . sympathy,
I ."■eo-.o-c;. *•-*■■
To all pood things, and our "REMOVAL SALE"
will come to an end next Saturday. It has been
an unqnalifled success, Many lines are sold out
completely, and we will show an entirely new
range of goods in our new Btore.
There are some remaining lines that wc wish to
clear and you will liml lots of Rood articles on sale
at a fraction of their original price.
Ribbons !    Ribbons !!
A very special offering of our best Taffetas and
Moires. These are the besl hair ribbons you can
buy. All the besl colors, black, navy, brown,
cardinal, pink, blue, white and plaids. Regular
up to 45c.    On Sale at 25c.
Have You Seen Our Shoe Snaps?
We have sold lots of shoes the past week and will
sell a lot more nexl week. Nut a few odd and
broken Bizes to choose from, bul our whole Block
ol bals and Oxfords, in all leathers.
$4,50 Shoes ior $3.50 and $4 Shoes for $3
i 'n Man ii 81 li, the musical come ly
success,    "The  Kissing Girl,"   direct
from its    pliinuinin.il run of     nearly
2.V.1 performances al tho Cort theatre
Chicago, will reveal tho charms     of
Its tuneful score mil the beauty of a
cast of pi Inclpals and ch irus said to
**    : great loveliness.
It  sholil I  prove doubly  w ilcome  to
lho  tlienln: o.ii;  public  ot  Ibis    lily
icaas * ..;  ' he originality ..f its dialog *.*. and  lhe musicianly  quality of
ts melodies, together with t'ua ;   'in
... ne,' ol it.- cast  of principals.      Mr.
Ilocum is alive to thc value of lhl -
own  in  Its apprecial Ion      il      g< od
iu ileal  comedy  an I  has  more  faith
n  thc discriminating taste ,,f      the
'.ity  than  bave ninny  of th ■  Kasl irn
.hcatrical magnates.     With bis ,
■ it's, li ■ hns lavished a vast sum    In
roduclng  "The  Kissing Girl,"    i,n I
s lirm  In the conviction that      the
mi any   :;cininll>   will   support
lever situation  which  ho  now
'i ho ■ company selected    tor '
Kissing Girl"  is ono of power— not
only In musical sense, hut in draran*
ie  Interpretation of lyrical     works,
li  is healed     by tho     accomplished
Texas Guinan who will     bo featured
m the name rule.     Supporting     ber
will  bo  Harry   Hertnson,   the  corned
ian, Thos. Whiflcn,    "Vcnlta,"     Mr.
London,   the  tenor,  nn.l   Ida      Kltz-
hugh, a distinguished German comedienne.   These, with o churns of hand
ime in.ii .'in.I beautiful women turn
ii mi ensemble of W people.       The
istuming designed hy Schoultz     is
: a' l.-.l as particularly brilliant and
White Blouses
Aboul three dozen pretty white blouses in repp,
linen and lawn, sizes 82 to 40. A nice lot, ranging iu price from $1,25 to $3.00.
Now Clearing ai Half Price
Children's Tarns
See our table of Tams. All kinds, in cloth, enamel,
leather and velvet; black, frown, navy and red.
We have two lots. One sold from 65c. to 90c.
Your choice for 50c.   The oilier lot sold at -35c.
Now 25c. Each
tt; ^s^E^SKsEiszss^aBinae
T"" BrsargB
The splendid  program  produced  at
th ■ Bdison theatre last night  will be
put ..n again tonight.     On    Monday
will  be an  ent in* change      of
; l'i .tram.
Mr, O, It. N. w ilk,,    Domin   a sur
,i*.  ;s expei ted  to arrivi
. ■■   on Monday  to take th
.*. *   i preliminary to the I
i *. ■  new  $75,01 which
been   .    m by   th*. Di m
rernment.    This mean     that
work  will   be   indei   way   In the  very
:   future and Its ci as-
l  before the   snow     Hies      next
Edis a theatri    in
Word ha i been rea
•"■"' '   ~     —    -        ,       ii ,    •        R.  H. Tnieiiiaii the ph
r*,*a.r  -.,- a must en ni   and . . ,        ,     .,
. visited here   t	
.n |  up  w.th a dance.
ay  at   -■ -..ital.
.rvatn at	
Mon lny  night.
The W1C.T.U. will meet at the  *
*   Mi     '■"   H    La    • k
March    ■ n,     A full    at*
*  ■
•        ■
: -
•   '
\ | ai' *   lai Ij ■'   iver, on We Inesday   on
t at I     Ed        '      Mr   Tr teman bad   ■ i
the tiln [rftal foi  tb     ast I
. ■ A     Tenderfoot's I    rards thi   la I    i rally
' *   * Tbe   Rob    I    Hapi
.:.*  ■
. ■ ■ * - -forth j
l:.* : '
Ar,   .    '    -      :
gainst the I     '
in respect
'■    II ,t   C.Tl
*      *        *
.    *.■     lay. Ms th.
< a   !•'•■;t  n      ,.: '      i i
■     .
"a fl! ' .
. i. 11
i     cell • rn     • * I  •
!► ',. ilai      ay
use of
f     B
an I
Bws' Drug feicic
T»VLy    C-SRDE    trrerty   -etylMi)
SCORE l',03
Bows' Drug Store
etd oul
■'   .eiv   ine)
Methodist   cb ireb   -. I
11 a.m    m'l
Hell , m
ni Btbli ! '.   ■    at   ■
..  *oi •'.:•*,
• * ■
■ -  *
i,        i
p.     J     Metntj
.   ti i
. ,i ibllc tu "II  the .    •
n tl
■ it ■ i.*   ro   H
..,  .,. *•     I erne
rial a yard
'.P l:     .   Th ii     .     *      * ioi a
..'.*» ., * nghly   siii *
.'..!. ,    . I   *' et until ■
,i   w.rn   n*. .*.*
'itni ,'   '• 111,"11,• ■   an.l   wi.
. di   ..! doing Ihi   work of fl
.mini.ei ..( men lr a *"i y   hort tun.*
Headed     Into     n     now  Riled trad
which  had  di Ifted  I * i  during the
I .,lllsl'    Ol    Ihe    WlBt-CI    *      I..I III-.. Hi"
i ..tm v .. n led .'      into the snow
ihoppcd  .i   Into  pi vdcry  flnkrH    mil .„*,.. ■ . -1,,. * . i,, -,*  ami ngcorted  the
lunleil   ii   fully  for I.j   leal   Into      the illnged rnlprll  back  to thr    rene    of
lilr on i-illici     ul**       (ho  lin'*k.         \ , VII     l*'   I     n  n
unci, ol   ..in.  fifty [i*.*i ..i  more    wa l.u tin   vork .,: r.,n* ini.i.* t,*, i . chni
tboroughly  cleaned mil   m aboul    n ivcterl/.i i It  ns n vorj
1,111,11,1*   llllll.ll" Whal    thii    up  Iu dale      ..:!     „n    | |,,.   ,,nll    ,,(   lhe   I,,,*,,! ,.,,,,
machine    would   do to a «now glide atahle   The alleged olloO'lci  fave tbo
Westminster Guild Decide trie
Question in ilpsn iitoeee
...,.*       eipial
clsion ar-
n.ne nt    a
It. J a  un
tbe   Westminster
.;*     at which a lair
■   pres
.     even
thi    -ulijcet
..    D
ii      the
.:.   .,".; mat ive  wa
M r     W A
\l    i i
J. 6. C. Concert
The Junior Bible claaa ,.l the Moth-
idiat church cave a very creditable
• inert to a large attendance ut the
hi h ..n Thursday evening. The
erformance from beginning to end
il a ** bi y entertain ng nature
and exhibited much latent talent.
. who took part in the program
..... .\i,.ss i,. Lee,     Miss C, Pagdln,
tl i.   lle.es.   Mr.   II.  Maxwell,  Mr.    K.
* y   Mr.  A. 1 agdin, Mr.  P.  Bam-
on,  Mr.   R.  T.  Wilson,  thc      Knszoo
:,  the. four little curly      headed
i. n-. an.l  the moonshine quartette,
The  price  of  admission   was  st.ipulnt-
• 1  by  the following verse,  and about
.. i esulted:—
Phis little sue. we give to you,
it  is n,t  lor you to wear;
mull Iply \..ni* ilzo by two
\n*l  place therein  with cure;
a penn ,-s or iii cents
*    the number that     you
i  la Immense.)
ow About I New Suit
Made to Order
'  hB	
ue     wired
ind appri
. ,   Imn
ui... * id took him
|y  ti    . - *       ;.    an
the  \      ta autl ■     I Po
'rum     High    River nrrivwl
Our Spring Sample B for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect lil, style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
cKinnon & Sutherland
Fil-Retorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
iei / * •
I .*
loo .*. ** i.   ,i
wimlil be plenty
'inline ,.|  Uciiilcy.
i ■ ,i *    iiard innl JhhI     mi
I i im i ni   \ in .
i:. I., min i   ll..*.i ion'    11 nu. ni ■ low
 *      *'ui*l     i
<  Hi** ne* '  Important     mat
Ol    I   ' at   the  nu ''Imi;
.'  ihe  Nelson  Po :lti y      \ . oclatlon,
a   poul
liter  a      imi.
ciation dei Ided  to
to    hold    ll       HlluW
■■       I' * :       *!       ■       11 I |'|, ,S     Will
..   the .. nal ire thai
n  '   I    uni
1 i ael    .lit | ie . nn I
iii all   pan *      ..:
ii.     uul      leinil,    COOk      Up
i ,*.i Mclni "
ii*. on'
* ,     .1, . ei nulled      1"
Illt   p "... I uiullH    Will
he auld undei     * '
i    ,
.i  cttlea,
an i  in   i "ii.    i"i
...    * have     been
a I by I  in       t.c.
I..."     . a '
.,■1  clot! .a ■      Tho   IU
...in,. ■ im.
i  , .      i* in •  pin
i II
ame by     provlnn
".,   .   II   ... ■     .
It ia nol often that high quality shoes are
available at low prices, But owing to the fact
ih: i our Spring linos aro due to arrive any
day, we musl dispose of most of our past
Beason's stock.
They consist oL' kid, patent, Run metal.
velour, vici kid with patent top, which sold
for $5, $5.B0and $6,
We arc clearing lhc odd
lol for $3 75
Mcllae Mercantile Company, Limited
Th-e Style Shop for Mvn and Boys Who Know
Darrl ter, -Solicitor, Btc. Provincial Land Bttveyor,
,.„, to,     ■ ,    The   Canadian Bank Mining Borv«yof.
,,i i ..miii i.e. The Moll on   i * ik,
FinST^TIUSKT   -   HcveUiuku, U.C
^^^^^^^^^^^^ KntUicerintf
LtlX    M,   r.e'MCLHT'OKB,


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