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The Mail Herald Dec 2, 1911

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V3  m	
H .1011
Empire" Typewriter
rFor ease of operation antl
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $G0]
interior Publisnmy Co., Agls.
•— —■
Interior PuDlishing Company
Vol. 17- No. 96
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada <j>
Hoad Otfloe -Toronto, Ontario. 0
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches t.r ARHnta at -ill prinoipal points in Canada,
Agents in Great Britain antl United States—-Loudon, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited.    Chicago—First National Hank, Corn Kx-
Bank.   Soattle—Seattle National Bank, Ban Fran-
Spokane— Exchange
change National U      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ci9fio— Well* Fargo Nevada National Bank
National Bank. ±
Savings Bank Daparto-ant V
Deposits of $1 and upward, reosiveu, -iini  interest allowed at Y
current rate from date of deposit.   Cnnpspondonce solicited. V
Revelstoke Branch— A, &. »3gUenoghan, Mgr. ^
Useful Xmas Presents
at Reasonable Prices
Mrs. A, G, Crick, <» First Street
Caledonian Society's First tnter
Tho Kevelstoke Ual&doniau Societj
held its lirst public entertainment by
oieorailu-g   Bt.   Andrew u  Nig'Uc     -ii
lllC     .-.lll-.HI*.     II,111    iill     \U'.lll*S*l.l,V     til.'
2»lh ul November, the meeting waa
a great bttucesi) and suowetl what tbe
Bocietj im Capable "I doing, and will
be i.'in.'iiiiK'iM.i ii> everyone whu bu.i
iin* privilege ui being present, us
Bbe best social gathering evei' betd
iu iln' city, 'i ue bull wus decorated
Willi Mugs ui nil untn .us an'! tlie lung
I'OWe   ui   tulil.ms       loaded   Willi   Ml'uti-b
bannocKS, lam* scones, cases and
shortbread warea "sn-iit lor salrcen'
ilie program was tti-u beet tlio Hav-
clstone puulic Iiave had tbe pleasure
ol libieuiug to ioi' a. long time. lii
Ins opening remains Air. W. M, Law-
im*,*, in.* president, made relerenca
tu llie history ul .Scotland as u nation uud pointed uul tbe luuueace
«Uich Uie lives ul such men us Ual -
luce, 111 uce, Hums, Livingstone and
Gordon, bad un tbe Scotsmen ut to-
Uay uud bow it developed tbe uatiun
ai characteristics whioh made them
uut uiiiy goo.l tieutsmeu but gcoJ
Luiiauiau citizens.
'ilie musical items were exception*
ally good uud were uli heartily eu-
eored. Mr. Kuoi opened tbe pro -
gram wiih u pianoforte selection,
Mrs. Vi. Uews sang "Bonnie Jessie,
tbe pride uf Dundee una responded
tu uu encore with "Will Ke Na Come
liucfc Again." Ah. Ralph Lawrence
sang "Annie Laurie", '"ibe Happy
Days ul Long Ago" and "An Ite-
voir." Mr. Watson delighted tbe
audience with his pianoforte selections, cuntinueil applause testifying
to their appreciation, Air. James
Sneddon, uf Nakusp, gave the Sword
Dance in great style uud wus loudly
applauded. Airs. -A..S. Oameron ren
ilercd "Ob! for tbe Dluuni ot my nin
Native Heather," and as an encore
aau-g "Agues McDonald". In re-
spouse lu a special request she suu^
"Caller Herrin."
At thc conclusion ul thc program,
tea was served by the ladies, after
whicli dancing was Kept up till tbe
wee sum 'oors. Ali. McKecheorn during the bight contributed bagpipe
music. The singing of "Auld L.ang
iSyne" terminated the proceedings and
everyone went home wiih the skirl of
the pipes in their ears, und decluriug
that they had never spent npleas.int-
er night in Hevelstoke.
ailop tarty
Make your Christinas shopping
easy by starting curly. Dy doing this
you have agreater variety of guods
to ehouse Hum, yuu will also avoid
the rush of the last lew days before
The Revelstoke stores are fairly
groaning with suitable Christmas
gilts fur both old aud young and
tbere is uo necessity lor anyone send
ing out to buy their Xmas presents.
ln a later issue of this paper we
hope to be able to mentiou at greater length sume ut thc greal burgaius
that ure worthy of notice hy tbe
Lhristmas  present  purchaser.
Winter Butter Supply for Families
Save money by getting your winter Butter in
bulk.    Get our prices.
See us, telephone us, write us, or give your
orders to our driver.
Wholesale and Retail Produce and Meats
Important Lectures
The Kootenuy Farmers' lustitute
has arranged for a series ol lectures
to be delivered at Nelson and var -
ious isootenay Lake points, by the
following gentlemi-n:—1'". W. Laing uf
Hevelstoke, un the Poultry ludustry
in Dritish Columbia; Mr. U.C. Clark
un tJuils and Air. T.J. Cullins, uu
general  Farming.
The.se lectures will commence next
week and Air. Laing will leave for
Nelson  the  luttcr  part of next  week.
Robin Hood Flour Reals Them All
Mrs. H. N. Coursier carries off two lirst prizes
with ROBIN HOOD FLOUR. The Bpecial prize
we offered and also for the best loaf from any
flour.   If you want Knott bread use Robin Hood
the Hour of quality.
P. O   BOX 308
Phono No. 23
Mark Hamdoury tmertains
nn Thursday evening at the concert of tbe world-famous pianist, tho
Scbumun Club, pupils ol Mrs. Hermann McKinney, occupied three rows
oi seats in the centre of tbe theatre,
and at tbe doss, AliS6 Kstella Bhut-
tlewood presented the artist with a
beautiful large bouquet of chrysanthemums, tied with the club's colors,
blue and gold. Alter tbe entertain-
meut the club Invited their parents
uud some musical friends to tbe
studio ou Third street to meet the
artist, Mark Hambourg, und his
wife, who bad kindly consented to
spend Rome of tlicir time in a social
Air. Hambourg was genial alld kind
ly and having asked to hear some ul
Mrs. Mr Kinney's pupils play, he be-
itowed very Battering praise on
Hisses Huns MeCarter and Alice Bell
who ha-i tbc courage to perform before inm, aftei bis own masterful dis
play nt electrical teobnlque, trcmeml-
"ii i temperament ami wonderful poet
Icel feeling, earlier in tbe evening*
Mis. Hambourg, with ilnesse ol tact
.ml grai made lieibi-ll at home in
Hi- part) A veiy pleasant two
hours passed all too nuickly, at the
end very dainty refreshments being
served. The thanks and appreciation
of aU those present is hereby ollered
the members of tbe club and Mrs.
McKinney, who spared no eflorts to
make the evening a success, and give
those      privileged   to be   present,      a
possibly never-recurring opportunity
of meeting llie wonderful virtuoso
and  his  wile in a social  way.
Hefore leaving, Mr. Hambourg, to
one of th,' ladles present, greatly
praised Mrs. McKinney's teaching lor
Its icood style, correct technique and
.-.puke particularly of the good ped -
ailing which ls often neglected to
the pupil's own  detriment.
rf. C. T.ll. Delegates to Chicago
For the lirst time since Its formation the Western Canada irrigation
association will send a delegation to
tbe uatioual irrigation congress, to
be held at Chicago on December Hth.
Word wua received last night [rom
Hon. W. H. Koss, minister of Lauds
of the province of Hntish Columbia,
and president of the association, that
bj would accompany the delegation
io   Chicago.
l'roiessor Fairlield, H. J. Curdell,
uud the permanent secretary of the
organisation will be the other mt'in-
bors  ol  the delegation.
lu consideration of this being the
maiden visit oi a delegation from the
Canadian organization to the uatioual conference, special honors will be
conferred upon the delegates.
alberta Government Announces
Construction of Two Lines to
Mackenzie Hiver
Bdmonton, Alta., Nov. 30— At th-
opening of the legislature today it
was announced that the governmtni.
would proceed with the construction
of two railroads from Edmonton to
lbe Mackenzie River, through the
Peace River country.
One will extend from Athabasca
bunding to Peace River Crossing and
the other from Edmonton to Fort
Messrs. McKenzie, Mann and Company will be the builders and operators.
Grave Apprehension Felt Regard
ing Steamer in Distress
Victoria, Nov. 30—Although nearly
two days* have elapsed since the
steamer Tees Hashed a message uf
distress   from Byuquot sound the   fate
of   the    vessel is still shrouded   in
mystery, The steamer Salvor and
the tug Jolille both arrived at the en
trance to the sound, but were unable
to get any closer owing to the heavy
log and the gale. Creat anxiety is
beginning to be felt concerning tbe
fate ol tbc vessel.
Special Meeting ol Trustees
\ special meeting ol tbc school
trustees wus held last eveniug, when
several applications for the position
oi teacher un thc school stall were
considered, au.l finally Miss Eva S.
Hong, of Cardston, Alberta, received
the appointment of junior teacher for
.ue incoming term.
The fact thut Aliss McCallum, one
o. the present teachers is leaving
shortly for her home In Stratford,
has mude tbc above appointment
Important decision
A delicate poiut ol law, Involving
tbc right of a mayor to refuse to
sanction a sub-division that did uot
show a roud in conformity with the
bylaws of thc town was decided recently in the court of appeal. The
court upheld Mayor Ruttaii, of bnderby, in the suit brought by Mr.
MoSctt, of that place, and dismiss-id
the appeal. According to the evi -
deuce ttie plai'nt'in had lirst applied
to Mr. Justioe Clement lor a mandamus to compel the mayor to sigu tlu
plan of a subdivision, which only allowed for a 33ft. road, the mayor's
refusal beiug based on the ground
that he would not sign it unless it
showed a I'.llfi. roud. Air. dustice
Clement dismissed the application,
uud Mr. Molfctt then upplied to tbo
court of appeal, but they upheld Mr.
dustice Clement's declsiou, and the
action of the muyor. Air. S.S. Taylor, K.Cf, appeared for thc appellant
and Mr. W.U.A. Ritchie, K.C., for
the respondent.
Tbe Late Mr. Vernon
We regret fco annouueo the death
of Mr. J. Vernon of Field, U. C,
better known as "Dad" Vernon. The
deceased passed away on the 13th of
November at thc residence ol Mr. and
Airs. Andy Murray Alclvor, ut Vancouver, from whose residence the funeral took place, tbe remains being
intcred in tbe Masonic cemetery,
many old friends beiug present to
smc the last sad rites performed.
The late Mr. Vernon was an old
resident of Field, and had the re
spect of all who knew him.
Siiriners Meet
Au important mooting uf the Shrin
ers was held this week at Victoria.
Among those from Revelstoke, who
left thc fore part of this week to ite
present, were:—G.S. AlcCartcr, Dr.
.Sutherland, A. McRae, Walter liyrd,
and Donald  Adams.
We have ;t large slock of Belle
Oak. Sunbeam <>ak, Hot Blast
Airtight  and other    heaters,
with specially heavy grates
ami ttamgs, al priees to suit
all. Our shipment <>i Kootenaj and  Sask-Alta Ranges  is
also due and we will he uhlelo
till all orders.
Hay, Flour and feed
Just unloaded a ear of Ko\al
Household Flour, one of Oats,
Wheat and Mill Feed and one
of Timothy Hay.
Choice Groceries
^   Fruits and Vegetables
You Want lhe Best
Use Our Teas and Coffees
Brazilian Coffee, a blend of 4 varieties, per pound,      35c
Ceylon Tea, in bulk, per pound   35c
JOHN McINTYRE & HON      Piionk 93
Shippers and Packers for the Hills
V. M. li. A. Nil I tii
Tomorrow afternoon the Rev. H.J.
AU-iutyrc will address Uie men oi
K.'velstokc, iu the association build-
in.;, also Mr. P. B\ Uiflord will sing.
The Boys' Bible class, whicli is huld
at Un ,i iin'*.. ou Sunday morning,
,6 still increasing in number, every
„oy  welcome.
Bowling—Highest score tor three
games, Uorley House, MDl. Second
Highest score lor three games, Y. M.
O. A., 21282. 'i'he tliroo leading teams
In the league are:—Y.M.(J.A., J.B.C,
Corley House. Une ol the most interesting game- ol the season will Iw
I'luyed Monday next, when the Corley House yluy the J.B.C.'b. The
game commences sbui'l> r.t 7:30 sharp
and every member of the teams are
requested to be 011 hand sharp ou
Boys' Bepartmeut—The boys are
delighted with the new games which
are being placed in their department
[rum time to time.
Kc«p January 1st iu your mind as
the day when t/hc new addition and
prcsentbuilding will bo opened (or
inspection, when a splendid exhibition will lm given.
Delegates Return
Hand Clibbons, Theo. Wadman, U.
J. McSorley, Boy McDonald and h'd.
Trimble, delegates to thc Conservative convention at New Westminster
last  week,  returned  home  yest-erday.
Cupid in Town
The marriage ol Miss Kthcl I'ayne
late of Waltham Ablx-y, lSuglaml, ami
Mi. Konald Macphorson, formerly of
Saltcoats, Scotland, but. present residents ol Hevelstoke, was solemnized
on Friday evening, Bccembcr Ilnrt., at
lhe Baptist parsonage, Rev. li. J.
('have olllcittting.
Kite i.i i. .,.i.■ No. 1 are hard at
worn arranging lor their fourth au.
nual ball to bo held ou Wednesday
evening next in lhe opera house. The
committees iu charge ol tho work
arc leaving no stone unturued to
make this the biggest ovunt of thc
Armstrong and Company, the harness makers, have been appointed
local ag-cnts for the 11. John Pattie,
N.SfN.S.W., oi \ ancouver. Messrs.
Armstrong und company have a large
supply of all kinds of internal aud
external horse and cattle remedies.
Further particulars of which can be
seen in tho display ud in a lain issue of this paper.
Owing to     the  failure to  obtain  a
quorum ibe city council  meeting fnr
last  evening  was  cancelled.   A  spec -
I lol  ini'cting  will likely  Im) called    be-
. lore thc regular meeting two   weeks
I Ueuce,
On Tuesduy night next, Wm. H.
West's Big Jubilee Minstrels will appear at the Kdison theatre. This is
the .:, ih season ol this premier imn
sirel organization, and its lirst tour
to the coust over Cunudian lines, is
by far the best—not only in individual merit of tbe various comedians,
vocal corps aud dancers, that has
ever appeared with this well kuowu
company, but the entire production
is new throughout—tho magnilic-nt
scenic lirst part, wardrobe and electrical investiture being especially
mudo for this tour. Kor an evening
of unalloyed pleasure and genuine fun
intorspersod with high class singing
and dancing, nothing that has appeared or will appear here this season oilers us much to the nmiiRement
goer us this well known minstrel
Come and sea the splendid program
of moving pictures at tho lildlson
Moving pictures at the Bdison theatre tonight.
f Hams   Bacon
T Silver Leaf Lard
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors for Swift's Products
High Class Mi.at Purveyors
Phone 2E1 P. O. Box C
Just 25 more days until Xmas. The wise person
shops early. Choose your Gifts now while stock
is fresh and a good variety. We invite your inspection of our dainty lines whether ysu purchase
or not.    It is a pleasure to show the goods.
F. G. BEWS,    -   Jeweler and Optician
Young Man land also the
man who stays young) make
it a point to try on some of
the Smart New Styles we are
specializing in Overcoats.
Prices: $15 to $30
the iM^iL-iKiEiR^iLrx revelstoke
We have been informed by the Bankhead Minos
that they will forward usBriquettes within the next,
few days and Hard Coal about, the middle of Decern-
The prices will be as follows;
Briquettes, per ton   $ 8,75
Broken Coal, per ton   10.50
Egg Coal, pei ton   10,50
Nut Ccal, per tea      9.25
Wellington Soft Coal, per ton   11.00
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
fthc nDail-lbevalb
Strut In)   IT
atvcksroKE. B. c.
i * ii source „i gratification to bim as
w dl as to -Messrs. Jamleson, Fisher
in I   Urinal i-, whom lie oalled    lo
hln assistance,  lhat he  was Uum Instrumental      in   saving  these     three
3-ntcrior publtflbtttfl Company?, uvea.
L1,n,ted Tlie actual rescue waa made by Mr.
j.  K.  JOHNSON    Manager. Armfttlong and  Mr.  BMsher, alter all
RALPH  G   8CRUTON,  Editor,   four gentlemen bad *, most strenuous
=====  ■ ' time iu  obtaining and  launching     a
ADVERTISING RATB8. leaky old bout,  the only one to     be
Legal    notices '" ceuts per  line lirst   llil ' at* this unfrequented spot.
:aseitii>n,  5 ceuts  per liue      each!     Mr. Hirling und family had been ex
subsequent   insertion.      MeasUre-l Posad ou  tho  Island fur three hours
ments  Nonpariel   illi  lines    make I v-'" ■*•> they   were rescuc-d  and  it    was
one inch,J       Store and      general   a,most  une  "'cluck  in  the     morning
business  announcements  %2.'M per | w'UJn "'cy succeeded in  reaching Ar-1 He schools for the month of Novem
inch  per  tuouih.      frelerred  positions,     21     per cent,  additional,
births.  Marriages aud Heaths, 60c
Billy Warmington with West's Minstrels Edison Theatre
The  Horn
of Revelstoke pub-
iwhead In „ half perished condition ' her is as follows.
each  .i, st it.on.
Land notices -$7.50. All advertisements buuiect to the approval of
the management. Wanted and
Condensed Ad'urtiseniculu : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
Uatiuns wanted, Situations Vacant. Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted, 25 words or less, 2-oc,
each additional hue IU ceuts.
Changes it. standing advertisements must be In by 9 a. m.
1 .-lin and Friday oi each week
to secure good display
( ORRESPONDENCE Invited ou matters ol public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied by name of writer
not necessarily for publication,
but as evidence of good Initb.
Correspondence should be brief.
Including  postage to Englaud, United States and Canada.
Kntruuce Class—L. Abrahamson,
M. Klcetham, L. Blackberg, I'l. Clay,
M. Brock. Omitted from last month
ll.   Burrldge, L.  Daniels.
Intermediate Fourth Header— t E.
MeKinnon, M. Ringen, S. GaUicano
o.  Peterson, (A.  Johnson,  H. Galli-
Kjimcis:    Institute   held     ajrano.i.
Low     Fourth Header
\.  A,  Huri-oii left for  Victoria, ai
oiscrvatiiva     delegate for the   con
..iiuon last week.
g  lust  Saturday  eveniug.
It I
-N. Fleetham,
is all over with the gophers, tbe sec-j "•  Tapping,  0.  Tomlinson, M. Matz,
■  ' *iiy  being  asked  to  procure     en
R.  0. CHURCH.
St. Francis of Assisii Cakhollc
church, corner of Fifth street and
McKenzie avenue.
Services—Ou all Sundays, except
the fourth of each month. Low muss
with Communion ol the Faithful at
a a.m.      High Mass at    10:30 a.  iu.,
' Christian Doctrine for cliildreu at
2:30 p.m. llosary with BenJiction of
The Blessed Sacrament 7:30 p.m.
I    On week days—Holy     .Mass     every
I morning at 7:80. Confessions are
heard every evening after 7:30      and
, in the mornings before  Mass.
J. F. McNBIL, P.P.
What to Get for Him
Is Easily Solved
at This Store
We have spent days and days
and days preparing, selecting,
buying and getting ready to
present to you this great slock
of things that men like best,
and now that everything is
ready it is with a feeling of
pardonable pride that we ask
you to come and see the result
of all this effort we have put
forth to present a line of Holiday Goods for men that would
excel in extensiveness and distinctiveness any that had ever
been shown in this city.
Don't you think you had
better get the benefit of all
this by coming here to buy
Christmas Gifts for your gentlemen relatives and friends.
Give Useful Presents, they
ate most highly  appreciated.
The things you get here for
Cheistmas gifts wil not only
be most acceptable on Xmas
day, but a source of use and
pleasure for many months to
come. Your thoughtfulness
in getting something he would
have to buy anyway, is sure
to be especially appreciated.
Cash Outfitters for Men who Know
B. Bruce
uuhb poison to teed them next spring I   H18h    Third Reader   M. URrence
11,     sectary     also had his salary J  MorrU.*. ''alder.   M.  Wh.ttaker umnaa„   nl(JI(CH
In .-.ed, which he deserves, having now * n-  swwmug.
Hi most members of any instant.- '"'"' Third Reader—M. Bftnmonds, | Rev, R. J, Mclntyre, pastor. Ser
• n the river. A meeting will be hei r s Turk' A' Sutherland, H. Tomlto- _ vices on Sunday at ll a.m. Mr. p.
lii-i  Saturday   to  appoint a  delegate  son'   *'   ''"n^11- Gilford   will   give  au  address   to  boys
iut the coming session ol the Central H,Kh *ecunl1 Reaoer—J. Ballyk, L* and girls, and then- parents. 2:30 p.
committee Maley,   H.  Bradshaw,   ll.  Scott,     J.   in., Sunday school and Bible classes.
' McGregor.   limitte.l  trom  last  month    Young  men  and  young  women  wnnt-
O. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp,  No.  22*.
Meuts Becoud    and     Fourth  Wcduos
days    In euch  month  iu    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting  Woodmen arc
cordially invited lo alien.!
H.  W.  EDWAHDB, Coa. Com.
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial   Bank  Building   Revelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan,
unices—Revelstoke,    B.   C.     and
Cranbrook, B.  C.
j lien. 8, MeCarter,
A.  M. Pinkham, J. A.  H«rv«J
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
on |,
iirough  postoffice p   $2.r,0', " "u  Ifeat   attentiou   and   was      very;
.i.t resting     und     instructive, and
should     piove of great help to budding      debaters.    Ralph     lshp  m,.v .1
Woman Suffrage at Arrowhead
H  ■■    ■■        inything io  '.tie couteu
-   a thai   - neral diffusion oi knov,
*.    ca .-    *••' th    upheval
g  Ti routo *u  tlie  matter ol
ihere Ib a surplus ol  nanus for the   - T. Maley.
.tlieonnng   packing school. I,,,w   Second   Kendei—1'.   Ballyk,    I.
McOauley,   C.   Davis,   ('.   Johnson.   K.
Hiirb  First  Reader-1. Morgan,    V,
Abrahamson, M. Hamilton' A. Mam
prize, K. Sutherland.
LOW      First   Reader—M.   Hell.      W.
Hutu,.   .1.   Fleethnm,   C.   Lyon-.  .1   Mm
I'lie  lecture  by   James  Cordon
Saturday   eveniug   was   listened
< ..it a Vote of thanks be given to Mi.
(..adou. wliicb wns passed iliiiill.m
otialy. Twq weeks hence the Rev, H.
i Durraut will entertain the mem
beiB of tbe M.L.ll. with lie.m Swift
Ills  life und  works.
High   Becond  I'rimer-
•E    J..1 life. A
led. 7:."..: p.m. subject, "Is there communication between ihe dead and the
living," u  talk  on  Spiritualism.    On
j Tuesday evening at h o'clock, the
Quarterly Board will meet. Wednesday evening at eight o'clock,  Epwor-
' thy League  meeting  in  charge of the
Christian      Endeavor      Departmuit.
Thursday evening, Junior choir prac
rn *•■    Friday    evening    Sentoi    choir
practice.    A cordial invitation i*  civ
Needham, C,   -vbrahamaon,   D,  Holten   en  the  public to attend  the services
Miss Agms s. Fa-ulds -.s in town on
.*   iucation, and will again r turn t ■
ertou,  B.C.
''iiss  Maggu   I*.i...,..*   came  up  from*
Aman,     G.
William-., a.
U.   Rngnur.
I.  McRa
I...W   Sec *n I   l'i met    '■
p.  Cowan,   E    Lilly,   S,
I*' i -•   Pi mer—li.
\     i: mi ■       I      Do *i: <r I,
T.   Ma Iden.
1     *   l-'.-*--i  Prtmei    w    I ressman, R
woman's BUffrage, there »omJ .il"l"'-" ; K., :ew„,„i  to see .1 thc effects   *,' the   M      v    vicRae     '.    I  .     on,      A
tj   that  something of   lauoe down  there  had  worn ofl    tli . _
a  -*ii. - is in store lor   M   .'    '""'i'1--  slxteei ling  Mr.  I-: SELKIRK  SOHOOL
heaJ    Since    tb     tmcyclopoedias   -Lister's dance last Tuesday. ^ Reader-I
ed we have been compelled     IU;1WmU5  .,,,.     ■,*.,„„,,.,,„,      ,    , ,..
*     .   ....   *  u subtle difierei.ee in the tb y sba„  ^ Mv t<j ^ , ^     ;[   ^^
tbu rivei   without flrst having to send Low    Second Ree
I H   to Nelson.    It  is  time     something ft.   Porter.   M    M<-I>>...
**.'- done, as ii just. laK.*.*, sevenday« <ci   enegban
* get an answei   Irom   Vrrow  Park, H ,r,   Fourtl   I:-,.-     •'     Beec
our  better  halves.
Tha murk  of erudition,  the
titude of then      most
.ry   remarks,   can  only    spring
Hunt.   M.
rom Uh-ineibaustible source now at  th4 neapest place to BurtM . .
H.eir 'jiiimand
The     arrival of the encyclopoedias
i   -.. -.c.-h has been  referred
;*.   , is a settl?d item of new-,
,, ui"- common knowledge.   In
more  thuL  ord.uaiy  read.
ess  of  tl        - lies   to  elucidate      for
*....      ..-■ el I    md   :* :*.* ^at ■ i.
,*.i>    onceivable
miles away.
'i ue government  dredge has m
)■ i ,her
--v.     T
I    Moran.   K
E   McDonell
Harrow [scape
\\.    w  i   Stl I   ''.ilmg  and  the.i   11 -
tbi   warmest congratu
tbe I mm'inity on iheir
■-- -ipe Ironl a most terrible
fate. Mr ii.iiing m the school tea
cher at Balls Lao liiHi and is a stran
ger in tins district, having U|k'*n up
bis present duties at the optnluj; ol
this term
Un     Sunday     nlgM List, when sn.
..,„■ . :n*f.   with   bis   f.imijy,   to  cross
tho Ice cboked waters of the Columbia from a point near th.* C, P R
■water tank,   the  loss of a low lock left
biaboat at the mercy ol tbe stream.
The night  was  piercingly  eld.      The
lonesotneoeM and terroi of then position   oxtteme.     Portunatrtj    tbey
Mere cast upon Cottonwood Island,
and were lucky enough to make a
| min-.-  ..ii   .1-   I**  fringed shore
Theil  cries foi  help were heard  by
Mr. Have Andom-n and l« must ever
Low   Fourth   R T
Frey *  e Lee   D   f'r»
*;*    i"     **:   ..cl  .i- ao*
in,  tbe gravel upon last yeai »bank
Sid Lear] ot Olec
- a ,'ew  .lays in town.
.< *   enegb in      *f
It. h. Forstet  hus dosed down bis  n,-,*rb   I)   Purvis   V   Hawley   I,  V-.r
111.-.. i.i '-hai-!
I'V  Vw  ' ■Hie    11.  Parker
.'    Rowlett     '
Mackenrot    \ mikI D   Kil
'    Rowlett    R   Law
0   Johnson
i   *    ■■-   ■ rant, T. P ■■••
Id the most cai       i    *■ ;Ur the winter, the boya ba
• ..*    that     met In
b      ■.*■■... td taken pl
li   -     imored        . .- *   ,
*       Mil. .
a    .:  ..\at\        ,!■■■- ,
<!...•   il - ■ 'ii    :     * i* - nerve
and -ni!*ol icned b)   the  ., suran •
■ mended   booksf
iy   :.ad   trip  .lown   tu  town
■ * *m.-mii sal ' ' be ' * .
■ hei l un the St th ast ■■■
..n.-  service
.J  tlie eiiurch.
mi Sunday, December 3rd, the pas
Bev,  B.  J    ''have,  will speak on
the     (ollowing    subjects:— Morning.
"The    power ol the   Early  Church,"
Ig,      II*  v   Jesus  Christ   went   to
il   mus,.-   by the choir
eomi    extended to all.
evening   following
u   tn. nthly   business  meet -
..   liv held.
Rev.     J       w.      Stevenson,   mnustrr.
it   11  a.m.      and
: M j. m    Tl.   S ,., la;     school     an I
meet   ••  I 30 p.m.
'*:ik- of  the  WeKt.min-
lay evening will
Mr,  Robs.-n  ot    tin-
" *''     ttrgan   re.i'
letore the evemu-*;
Mendelssohn's       Wedding
>*laifio from   Son
it,i   i i illi-t-i torv   solo,   Nu
There  will al
id tbe
. ..rla   in   Kx.-el
■   n,      Hoiart'a  Twelfth  Mass.
I h
Ttetxle-I   ts
Provincial  ljand  Suvcyor,
Miniug Surveyor,
W.      H.      WALLACE
P. O. Bon  146, Revelstoke, B.C.
KOOTENAY      LODGE,   No.  ;5 A.  F
and A.  M.
Regular     meetings are held iu MAS
ONIC TEMPLE,     Oddfellows'      Hnll
on  the Third  Monday in each montb
at 8 p.  m.      Visiting brethren      are
cordially welcome.
W. B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
IflBLiilRK      LODGE  12,  1.  O.  O.  F.
MeetB every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren  coi-dially  invited.
J.   S.  HOOLEY,  N.  U.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE.    No. 3161.
OF I. O. F.
Meets in I. O   O. F. Hall neit   to
Tapping's Opera  House  every  second
and  fourth  Monday  lu  month.  Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
O. W.  BELL, 0. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Bec.
OOLD RANOK LODGE,      K. or    P.
NO.   36,   REVELBTOKE,   B,   0.
Meets  every   Wednesday  eicept   the
Third  Wednesday nf each month      in
Oddfellows'   Hsll at 8 o'clock.  Visiting  Knights art cordially invited.
J.  Y.  SIMPSON, C. C.
Q.  H    BROCK, K. Of R. * 8.
m. of r.
.    I, n  left  .*n  Mi n
tl      foi  tbe east    tbe    Dr.    goes   to
! ''«..■ ' ■ ■ ■■ liege and will tak •
a    posi    gi   :   i'i*   ,,,,,,-,.    Ml ■   Uoi
' pee I * .n, her pai
ii, . in  London   Ont,
Mr.  K.  Tomlinson    *  ,,.  |a»t week
I. Vancouver on business.
Dr.  Hlciimliergcr came ,n on    Sun-
la)   to   take  charge   ot   Dl.   OordoO's
practice during his absence.
D0RN    m   Banfl on  Nov. 24tb,    to
Mr, mil Mrs. J, Bickerton, a son.
Another   obild   ot   Re'*     Mr    Hartley
was taken ill with scarlet tovar just
ns tbe '|..,.nntine was about to hf
lifted, Mucb sympathy is dxpressed
foi il.em here but as It Is a mild
type tb" children .ne doing nicely
Public Schools Attendance
Tli * '"     * .
cbooli for v..' en
. .-nl..,I Si hi nl. Piv. I
VIII .17
m ni.nfl
'Si 01 72
K) i ;.;•'
I", s:
i : » 7fl
US "tl Ki
.,- „,,**.,
71, "'I
•mm m.m
Selkirk   Sclionl   Div,  I
..     ||
12 ss II
117 PI. I I
"H O-'.'s
HO ! | IIK
i'umi' and fr the splendid program
.1 moving pictures at the Kdison
Totals ..H'U  »1 It«
in Ik on i>n« of Central school n
i.aiun the Nelson Shi-id m.'ikm-, a per
centag*- ol WM in punctuality anl
regularltj Division Three of «ei
kiek school wins tho Bbleld "i'h n
jui > flit .nre  ot  'J7.20.
I   Lu'i    I
i   ii   Heflron,   <A
■ ii       .."■ ipatlon i/ni<*
man,    at Iplj   f*.   i«-rniiH»lon
to     purchase 'in- following tm,
l»!   .''.nun di n ■   .•'    i.    post
'    r\\tt
21   i    M.ii, nell's     appHi atlofl to     pur
' chase, thence noi th KO cbains, theme
-    | .  ii* *      in uth     h..
7H .*ii..iiis,  tbence east   10 ob-alni   along
lak.                               **i'     .'       .nun 'n. nfiiniit
' llll lalP  *■ ,    Ii.'ilii   m    ItlMH,
I*,*,    0    F     ...OMVI*.    \,'i*  ll
Hal   !  'I.      *ni Jay  "f Novembei
PHI. first, fofi'trttec:.
Hevelstoke Land District.
*'  ./ West  Kootenaj
1   that    I.   Alel.   J.     Mc
•   R, -, | itoke,   H.C .   occupa-
*,i.   Hoi   .   li.ipnet.ii,   intend  to ap
i, i mi   mn in pun ha •    the
|l   * i ii.l'l   lands.
' .uniii im mi/  ui  a post planted near
tin*  ii ,. tli  west   po I  "'  Lot   i')ii'2. ''ast
* Horn, near tbe soutb went.
. T. L. 18498, tbence north
•mi chains, thence wi i N chains.
outb M iIihiii . tbence end
•a . i, ,i, i, tioog lake shore to point
*.i 'i.iii.'ii.-ii.Miini.t, containing oio
i. * . mon ni less.
m.kx   j   McDONBLL,
Pei w f  Ogillve, \i'"iit
*   lay *.f    No ember,
i'.ui hint Issue im-i   /u'i
Your Electric Fixtures
If they go wrong, don't worry, but just
Phone to No. 284 in the day
or No. 40 at Night
and they will immediately be attended to. There is
nothing we can't do in this line as years of experience
with electrical machinery has given us an insight into
the business that could not be obtained etherwise.
Don't swear when the lights go out.   Let us do that
for you.
A. G. DUCK,   ■   General Manager
Store and Office, Old Howson Block
Shifoh's Cure
.illt' I lv    »ltl>t»«   ■r.-fifOn.
lhn l!w"M  Ari'l Itifljll.
rurr*   tol.U,   lit
•   •   •       Jft crnt*
Moving picture* »t tb« Bdlton Mm
.i'l,'     tonlgtH,
^^mw^m^Battm OPEN  NIGHT AND DAY
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant - Short Order
W. C.   BATCHELOK,        -        -^Manager.
12-inch and 10-inch lengths
Furnished House on 3rd st. To' Rent, $20 a Month
Applj' for particulars to thc undersigned
riiiiM*: -'id
Ollice on Second Street, next to Cummings Transfer Office.
Player Pianos, Pianos and Organs
t inr itpiit.-itiuii is well known lur squsre dealing.
Wi  inn nlve you better  prices,   lu-tter quality,   lliau  nny
othei Inmse in the tra'U*.
WHY ?   Cull ami we will prove this statement up lo the
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Wellington Lump Coal,
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
Storm  Doors and  Windows
l^ Vol K inn SK WARM? Iiiii you ever itop lo cotitider that a
tuiall outlay In Btornt Windows antl Doors at thin time ol year will
make "nn home more comfortable? Vou will save tlle cost of
windows or 'lours Installed in tin* laving that it will make In your
Iml Kill-., iai inm order in Immediately antl x'-t the full henefit
Vou will never regrol It, t<el us send our man around and take
iln- necessnri measurements Wewlll save yon trouble, antl \ou
will save mum \ in purchasing from us, We manufacture Win-
ilimv, Doors, MonhllnKs, Cabinets, Tables, Store anil otlitie l-'ix-
tiin*s       ]•'     Iting ni al] kinds,
II JOU ".ml I,hum ('inn-lit mul I'luster nr paint Inr insid-  work,
"niuu in   Brushes, plain and foncy Sheet Glass, we have it,
anil ran em* you the best priees obtainable in large or small quantities.    So order is too  small   nor  no order too large for  us   to
handle.   We «iil giudlv furnish you with prices on anything we
Si 11 "i inanuiiuiliri.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
I', tl. Hem J'/i
li...,., V.   161
the :m:ail-iie:r.ax.:d, kevelstoke
WM.   H.   WEST
Ireateet Singing, Dancing and Comedy Aggregation Extant
Every Musical Number a Feature.   The Real Old Darky
Melodies Magnificently Sung with perfect accompaniment
JAMES E. CARROLL. Comedy End-Man,
autif ully Staged Attraction of Its Kind
The first part is a magnificent Spectacular Scene with Wierd
rind Beautiful Light Effects, totally different from all others.
Must be seen to be appreciated.    Special scenery for every act
Closing with the Funniest Farce on Earth
A Burlesque on a Modern War Drama
Finishing with a Grand Finale of 20 voices
Prices $1.50, $1.00, 50c.   Seats on sale at Macdonald's Drug Store.
Of Brier Rabbit, Tar Wolf ar
tne terrapin.
I bit to a toot race, 'llic day wus fixed, the Starting place agreed upon.
Tbey were to rim across four mountain ridges, an.l the one tbat came
out first at the end wus to lie tho
winner  oi the  race.
"Br'er Rabbit said to bimsell that
. it would he a shanie to take anything
Among  the  Cherokee  Indians     the so easy, bo be said  to the  terrapin:
lollowiug story  ol  tue  rabbit     and I 'You can't run, and everybody knows
the tar »olt used often lo be told:—  it.    I'll  give yuu ti.**  first   ridge  and
"Once tbere  was such a long  seas    tben  you-ll have only  three tu cross
ou ol dry weather that uo more wat  while . * ■ over four.'
er remained iu the creeks and springs "To tbis tho terrapin assented and
and the animals held a council to went home to arrange :<jr the race.
see what could be done. They decld- He ul - irhis terrapin Friends and
td to dig a well, und all agreed to frankly told them thai he knew Lhal
help except the rabbit, wh.. was a he could not outrun tlie rabbit, but
lazy fellow and said: he wanted to stop his boasting.      He
" '1 don't need     to die for water,   tb n explained bis plan lo them   and
The  dew  ou  ttie  grass  Isenough   lor  the>   agreed  to help bim,
mj • "Thc     day      came and  the animals
"The other animals were not pleas were all mit to see tbe race. Tbe
id with ih.- rabbit's remark, but tbey rabbit took bis station at tbe Btarl
Mit to work to dig the well. 'Ihey '»-■ Point, and tii** I rrapin wen'
noticed that tue rabbit kept sues ahead, as tbey bad arranged, und
nnd lively, although it was still dry ttie, eould hardly toe him on ac
weather and the water was becoming ,'""nl "' <** ,al1 BraM- v'h" lha
low in tbe well. j word was (flven the rabbit startt
"The  other animals suspect, d   that  wiUl  '""-      J""""'   "•'  '"'   '"       '
expecting  to  win  the  nice  before  the
terrapin could get down the     * thei
side     of     It.   Before ho got up  the
mountain he saw the terrapin go *
er tb   ridge ahead of him.
"lie  tan on,  and   when  he   reached
ii* could nui an.l the terzapin, mid
so thought the terrapin was ahead,
an I if he Iii.l met une of the other
t.-ii- ipi is he would have thought it.
was the same one because tbey look
mi   much   alike."
thj tricky   rabbit   was   stealing
water at night,  und  they  made        a
wolf of pine  gum and tar and placed
.1 by   thc  well  to  frighten   the  thief.
That  night  the  rabbit  came,   as    he
had     been coming every  night,     to
drink ouougii to last him     ail      the   the  top bo  looked  all around,     lut
next     duy.   When he saw  the queer  could not see the terrapin on account
blackthing by the well, he Inquired:— "I l1"' tall grass,   Br'ei   Ra .bit kept
"  'Who's there','' "" down the mountain aud began to
"but there waa uu reply. The tub «li»b bhe second ridge, btti when he
bit cume nearer, but the woll didu't look,,I up again there was the terra-
move, so he grew braver and suid:—   P'"     ills'-     going over the top,    Hum
" 'Get out ot my way or I'll kick , was surprising, and Br'er Rabbit be
..ou>' ! gan to take longer jumps to catch up
"Still tbere was no reply. Then 1,ul whc" he e°* to the top there was
the rabbit kicked with his hind foot *tlu' terrapin away in the front over
so hurd that H   was caught      in    the  lhc  thil(1  ridB«'
gum und he could not move, audi "The rabbit wa ttoW getting tired
there he stuck uutll the animals came an.l nearly out of breath, bul be kept
for wuter in tho morning. When they ,,„ ,[,,«„ the mountain and up the
discovered   the   thiel   they   bad   great   other  ridge  until  be  got  to  the   top
sport over him tor awhile anl ili a
prepared to kill him. Bui an soon
as tho rabbit was rolcas I trom the
bar  Woll  ho  managed  to escapo."
^Wc ChcrokeCH also tell this story
about  the rabbit and  the  terrapin:-
"Br'er Kabb't was a gloat     runner
Just in time tu     a.*.*     Mr. Terrapin
ihe fourth ridge, and thus win
the pace.
"I'.i'.i   Rabbit could Dot  mai
tin*) lump, but toll over on :
crying  'Ml,   ml,   ml,  ml,'  as  the  rabbit baa  lone evei   inoe when he
and everybody  knew it.    The terrapin   t ire I   :,.  ■ uu ,.,»>   in..re.  The  i aie wus
was a slow      traveller,   us   everybody   given  to  the  toi    iptn    though  all the
ulso knew, but he was a great war
rlor and mihlushlugly lunched ul it
The terrapin also bad a (Mt oi enn
ulug iti no small  measure,   ainl an tlie
rabbit was always playing tricks on
tho other animal* Mr. Terrapin Coil
coetod n practical  juke willi   uli uh In
proceeded to victimise bbe oM  |okcr.
"Tho terrapin challenged the rab
animals wondered hot be mana ■ I H
Hut  Im   :*. ipl .-till au.l in"' i   told.
"tt was i asj  ono i| h. however, i»*
*   .* ail the '
i |u i alike, ,.i d
.* l .*iim n.* .1* the top til each i   I
«ait  until the r.ii>t>ii i*.un.   in
and   th li  climb   ovei    ID I   hub'   in tbc
l"ii)   itrnsa,   When th'1 rabbit came on
Sprinting,     which    include.*;    races
i   I   yards  to a mile,  is fast   be-
ne ol  lib    forem   t  branches
1 * ;    are several re-
:'. i* this.   First, people ar i I •
realize the dangers if mar
wh ' b me ins .-.  li ng,    har I
with all Its attendant evils.
.  cause no one wishes     to
two hours ur more and watch
11  themselves.
a    ,    a thought  that  one     of
' .    mo -  Important requisite s  f0i  a
sprinter,   was  that he     should
ill   with  long  i'^-s.   These  points
ure hard   lo dispute, but  tbey     still
are  n tely  essential   because
a lol   i '.     our short    distance
stature.      It is noting le not so much
,, bIrain on tbo mu * it Is    on
ih    nervi sti tn.   How  often     is
It to he   observed    upon the cinder
manner uf the Bprin
i        ! le     may    I' :■ and hide it   but
unable to bat-
tie     * tbi *".. .  i be Mutitost.'
\       ,            the build of a sprinter's
bod) .i leal,  or     in
developed ner-
with   a   BJ in  irii-.il      body ,
aie  I requisite ol  aa     ideal
pi nl I
Sum to    beginners,'
ii it       age
ma i"     de
bet  mo
is .a   i: la tbe must
Tho     bones
ai** nto shape,
ptibie     tu
:       I    Woul I      say   thai    for
>n  'ii ■  g) iiiii i
al, Th * running
■ m ,i   rery gently     in
ial ,      .    , *    tb,.    hys
iii*.    Tb • bound-in •
•  ■    '•  i   •..      tbat
:.   thl
Ible, i ins i« prao
Tbe body
I lOCl        1,1     in   an *i *       ul
u.i        to     I)  "i.'i.'
; ;*. ndiciilai *    \  com
I*. tint  tin*   body
is io straight *in-i rigid,   Tbc   urnis
; lu'iilil b«    swung diagonally    across
the    chest and work     simultaneously
Ith the legs.
1 stan inii start is fust going out
... in** ami the crawling or crouching
atari is the lust known today. An
illustration mny he given ot the
crouching position of a cat as it
spr ngs for a mouse, to give thc rc-
d ler an idea.   Let the body bc over
* mark as far as the centre of dill
urn will allow. Let the weight
. ! the body be on the forward foot
uni arms. Let the forward foot he
a. nt. five Inches from the line with
Hia bands not loo far apart, just so
..- tbe legs will pass between them
without touching. A push must be
■ .it. .1 by the legs so that thc
body will bc driven forward. Both
legs must be called iuto action at the
same   time.
.-'.i much for the theory of the start
in.,, im the practical. At the coin-
man.I, on the mark; thc atheiet approaches the line and assumes the
crunch in a perfectly easy posture,
awaiting the next coimuund, Immediately the next command is given he
:.b.. .1,1 strike the position known as
"Bet"; bis body should bc well over
the line, with his hands behind the
line, every muscle oh the alert. At
the report ot the pistol the left arm
is swung diagonally backwards. This
will be found belpful when mastered.
The   great,  secret   in  sprinting   is     to
be the first t" get into running.
Tbere is great  Importance laid upou
the first stride.    This is a jabbing mo
tion thrown directly from the hip
and kept cloao to the ground. Under
no condition raise it high in tbe air.
lie sure  and jab straight forward.
Breathing should bo through the
mouth and not through the nose as
usual. As you approach the starting
time the inhalation should lw rather deep, the breath should bc held
lill   t.he   report   nl   the   pistol,      when
the air should be forced from the
luiu's quickly. On your second Htcp,
tbe lungs should be refilled and held
until yuu have iuu about a" yards,
iii n exhale, but do imt exhale     all
the an      frnm    the    lungs for just, us
.■nm as the lungs have nu oxygen iu
them you  naturally  weaken.
Much inin ,* could be said un train
Ing, but imtIihpb a few words on
proper diet would sulllce.
First, a runner must eat well, remembering thai it is not what we
digest and assimilate that we derive
benelii from. While in trnluing do
not   indulge  in pastry, ewecta,    such
as candy, ice     cream,  but a    liberal ■
menu  of     roast    beef,  steak,  chops, I
eggs  and fruits  of  all  kinds.   On no
account   whatever  should  liiiuor      or i
tobacco lie used.
A few words could he suid on mas- j
saging,    but   space    will not permit.
Bullice  io say a good rubbing after a
i.n  is good,  hut a good rubbing  before a race is better.   It is not absolutely  necessary  to  use  some  particular liniment ns a  rub down.     Any-
tli.ng in the line of witch hazel
alcohol  will  do,   thc eficct isnot
much   from  the   liniment  used,
the    elfects  of  applying
Physical  Director Y.M.C.A.
life Story of a Button
I was born in one ot the button
factories in oue of the New England
Slates. 1 am made ot brass and wus
very pretty. I have an anchor stamped nn my fare and the letters U.S.
engraved on my hack.
When I was a mouth old I was ship
pe*l in tlie Smith with the rest of
my family und sold to adoaler in buttons, who put me in u showcase out-
.si.le  his store.
1 luy there severul duys, and presently a man, seeing mc, took quite a
luncy to me and bought, me. Soon
after this my purchaser und 1 started
tor the War. It wus good thing for
him that he took me along, lor 1
saved bis life at the Rattle ol Chirka
manga, Kcpti'inber I'.I and -fl, 1868,
whin  two  bullets  struck  my  (ace.
Alter the wnr 1 Was tnken home
ami put in a safe, where I am today,
but, alas! my shape and brilliancy
are gone.
Riot in Revelstoke
will he when tbo crowds aro lighting
fnr a sitting at Tourner and Thorp's
studio to got their photos in time
tor Xmas. Come early as the en
trance is small and the stairs nar -
row. but the studio is large, well
lighted und  warm.
WANTED—Married man seeks work,
ollico cleaning, furnaces looked a*f-
l.i, eic, by day, week, or contract
For lull particulars apply A. p.,
Mail-Herald  OHIce. It.
Fire     Brigade   No.   I    Masquerade
dunce, December nth, opera houso.
Excels for
M Villa Lots
Close to Revelstoke
From I to 1 Acres Each
Very Suitable for Market
Gardening.    This proper-
is   cleared.      For  Prices
and Terms apply to
Real Estate and Insuranoe
Corner McKenzie Ave. nnd 2nd St
Speeisl Attention given to commercial
men hiiiI tourists. First-clatm nunipl-
i-ooiiis. I-'inevt scenery in Uritish Coitus*-
liiu, overlooking Upper Arrow l.nke.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
Broadview  (Fractional)  L.   H.   an
• Indiana Mineral Claims, situate in
< tbe Trout Lake Mining Division ol
i West Kooteuay  District.
! Where located:—On Great Northern
i Mouutain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, O. B. N.
Wiikie, acting as agent for the Ohio
Mines Development Co., Limited,
Free Miner's Certificate Numnber
B25597, intend, sixty days from
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, lor the purpose ot obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe abeve
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance ol such Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this 17tb day of August,
Trout Lake. B. C.
Revelstoke   Land  DiBtrict.
District of West Kootenuy.
Take notice thut I, William R.
Reid, of Arrowhead, B. C. occupa -
tion, merchant, intcndB to apply Ior
permission to purchase the lollowing
described  lands.
Commencing at a poet planted at
Angus McKay's South West Cornel
l'ost, Lot Ml, and ruuuing north -40
chainB, tbence west 40 chuius, thence
south 4u chains, thence eaBt 40
chains     to  point  ot  commencement,
* contuining  160 acres, more or less
Duted  August  '22ni,   1911.
Revelstoke   Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tuke notice that I, B. 11. Reynolds
of RevelBtoke, B. C, occupation,
Clark, intend to apply for permission
to purchase tbe lollowing described
Commencing at a poBt plauted at
the South Went Corner of Lot 781S,
and miiiked B. It. Reynolds North
Weat Corner l'ost. thence oust 80
cha.nB to the South West Corner of
T. L. 6141, thence south uboul 4tX)
leet to tbe North East Cornet ol
Lot 7043, tbence along lino of Lot
7043 forty chains, west 40 cbuius
lOUth and 2<> chains west to line ol
Lot 21 IJ, thence along line of lot
2112 lu cbuius north and 20 chains
north and 2*0 chains west to the
N'ortb West Corner, thonce north
about 400 feet to tbe place ol com
tneuepmen'. cntnlnln? ItiO acres,
more or leas.
Dated September 25th,  1911.
B. R. REYNOLDS. SATl RUA^    Oli i:Mli-:i,
'Tlie Coc
Water  .
Ash   ... .
58.8  per  cent.
31.6 per cent*
...IT.ii per ci'iit.
... 3.8  per cent.
always xeeis
1 confideni of !■      ««
I pure and wholesome I
| f o o d when using |
faking Powder |
I IIW I      ■■ ■■!■■—
■ No Alum
i Baking Powder   1
litoi   Agricultural   Journal
ol British Columbia, i
The     iin* b i >.  fow I    winch  will   lay
,i  to in   *■-•.--   m the yeni. ..- verj
largely   lepcndent upon artiBcial feed
■ g  to enable her not  merely    to do
her work,  but  even i" maintain   bet
.  ilil*.    'i'l in idea ol     allo«   * •
luuu animals to tend (ot    themselves
thi ough   it   ' '*'   '*'." - ol leaving them
:..:  ■      as it Iscalled,
.ii   ■    !»   an  * :i or,   l.u cause     no
■: . . .- can  be in ",i state
Their  domestication  im
*   thi     havi    .mm*'im* depend
int   u] ministrations  of     the
tockmao ■      grt ati i   tl.    do
adaptability—of  ttie
ial lor th     ervice of, the groatet
ii .   : leuci   upon,      num
Th;.- is true * i tin* (owl to n great
legree    ihau of   any other {aim
■-.luck,  because ol the Immense nctlv-
itj ol hei  functions.   We require   her
io mu at high pressure, to
18  or 20 eggs n ruouth
• ii.  v.* ,r.     Hence
upplied con-
keep it    in
ii addition
or it to tun iiii
■ :_■   tw ■ even   thre
21  b.mus   ol
ijs iu succession,  It
lie  modei u fowl
■ ..:   stem ol
tl  artifii ul feed-
iitrj   m  tbe  world.
'   ' • that
•   n .i* hint llki .  * I .ill
the expi. ■■■..'    ol all
.*. M thai   the    ost of
■   ■
r net Is    '■• ill  al-
"i laome mai
i thcomii .- ft om her
>od bird
and as
thi   had cau lie
■ • ■ al  feeding,
i ■ mly, or
not worth
keeping, nn.l Judged by this standard
lh ire are few Hocks on out farms
iv'.iich i-.ive nn adequate return for
; li * loo I supplied to them.
The labors ol ninny rliemists, pliy-*-
.   ists  mnl  practical     poultrymen,
ii   many   i ntr . s.   have   now      given
the  inini mat imi  winch  we require
:* i    i1!   practical   purposes  in  enable
in know how  to fi   I  our     fowls.
*,..* know  the composition
I i   i >:  the fowl's  body;
.'■   in  the ogg;
i-'l i   nt all  Un*  food-stuffs available
.■ 11   Vic    also  know    what   propor-
i    ut.  the     constituents of the food-
si  ils Bhould bear to one another in
KjkPerience has shown    that    apart
frnm their suitability as regards com
po. ition, some loud sl uffs are     more
i * at.ihi" I,, the fowl than others and
in an    Important     point    which
in ist  be taken  Into account in con •
I it ing  a  ration.   t)o,again,  the di
m .ability of one  tood-stufl is greater   tlinu  another,   nnd   We  mu-t    con-
.-  ler    this    point    also.   The    tables
..n   below   arc   based   upon   the   am-
nts "I each constituent, estimated
I** be digested out of the whole ra
tion fed.
On   the ofcbei   band,  the uumbei   oi
id stuffs  commercially   available for
Hi* farmer,  arc  tew  in  number,    and
ex peril nee ol  thousand    *■    poul
11   men   in  other  counl riee      t\
n   valuable guide  to us. when conskl
*i iu   how   in combine  whal      ti
we have to i
* i.ii  is nol   necessarj ucti
il   piiultryniaii   to   work    ml
■ is  with  minute ai
in - *    merely  given to
n   -"ii for and to  justify the import
■   *■  i'n* balanc  1 ratioi     I
*   ' je of what  is theoretics
i of great   - -rvic
a  pi.,. neu ly thol
prevent us frnm ;.
with injn i
i   nown.   We bellevi        t If It   wore
... thai
■ i' i. 11i -  ■ ■.   r y tl   i
■ " th,*      ttet
t a ment, nor  .*•
. i iBtable.
''!:•• m*.iiii*. sitlon ol th od
118   Follows   ' .li-nter   -
.*. .**>
No Other
J?& Offers
LIh--'' ■ lhal fil  witl
r\-^. . nu will readily st
. /, the only
';.'*  t    i
Sea m less and
Pl ' r.
' t know   Ihei
--.    nfort illness,
. • t i  •  „• .• •!
Penmans   Limited
—•A.     Panr, Canada
X,> ,^N      Underwear,    Kwealei*,    Hi.siny
■SccilnlcSi J|
The composition ol  the egg  I Jem
cr's analysis;  without  the Bholl     or
the water, Is as tollows:
Protein    19-8 poi  cent.
Kni    88.6 per cent.    I
Ash       :'..."   per   cent.
For the practical poultryman all
food-Btuffa consist ol  prut* in.  corbo
hydrates   and   lots,   the   ash   and water
We may still further simplify the
composition ol our food-stuffs by
grouping i.li;- carbohydrates and fats
together. The fats have a feeding va
lue nearly two and a half times
greater than tho carbohydrates; so
that if we multiply the fats by two
and a half, we shall be able to add
them lo the former, as we shall have
brought tlicm in the same denomination—to the Bnme feeding value.
We tin 1 the same materials com -
iiiiui lo tho fowl's hiKly, the egg and
the food-stuffs, viz., protein, fats and
carbohydrates nud the ash.
Wo  will  consider the functions     ol
lhe  ash   later,   I nasi'   it. is owing  to
the Ill-balanced supply of these oon-
stituents to our poultry that many
if the disease In our lowls aro due,
an "pinion continued by the research
es of that groat authority, Hie late
Chief "f Chemistry Division of the
Agricultural Department, Transvaal.
Vic only, therefore, have to consider
th* tvproteln and the carbohydrates
mild  fats),
The practical poultry keeper need
only regard the protein as furnishing
the material tor t.he machinery, the
carbohydrates land fatsi as thc fuel
which drive the machinery and the
ash as the oil, without, which the ma
chinery of bhe fowl's body will
come   to  a   standstill.
What is the proportion of protein
to lhe carbohydrates (and fatsj whieh
we must have in our ration to give
the best results tor matured hens'.'
Experience has shown that one part of
protein to live of fat will be near
enough  for our purpose.
We now want a table shotting thc
composition of the food -tuffs available to the majority of farmers.
Digestible constituents ot various
fi m.I stuffs:
Cni-ljo- Nutritive
I'li.liiii hydrates  Fat   It.iloB
('"in   7.0 66.7 I. i    IMf
Wheal  1".-' 69.2 1.7    1:7 3
Wheal bran 12.2 }i 1 2.7    1:3.8
i i.r-     9.2 17 3 |.-'    I " *;
Barley   8.7 65 6 1.6    1:8.3
K.iiiir corn   7 S 57 I 2 1    1:8.2
Millet             8 9 15." 3 -'   1:4.0
Sun (lower   seed.  12.1 20.0 2'i.D   1:7.6
Lucerne,   green     3.9 12.1 o.S   1:3.6
Cut Hi-ceil bone'.._' 1.2 Jo 1
S.ini milk* S3 1.7 0 9
Dried   blood*....81 I 2.5
Men sei ii** '    ...58 ( 33.8
Buckwheat        !"   11.0 64.5 -' I
Potatoes       ,...      2,1 17 3 U.I
The    composition of the too i stuffs
marked     with  ,m   asterisk .     taken
*i"in a  paper of Mr,   H.  E. Muss, a
great  American   lack     breeder;     for
the "ther  ffgures  I   an   In lebt< I     tn
Mi.   Ingle,     tho   lat ■   Chief "f     tbe
lion,   Agricultural   D ■
pnrtment,     Pretoria,  to whose kind
i    ■ ted f ir checking
liven     .* iw.
a i   heade l     "Nutrltv*
carbohydrates,     which,
i ''ill.    sboul :
natured   to
1 that it onl]        tains
: carboby -
t M much too
ne.  As an
•••   cr:.
that   Die
■ .. .
Vi I, iiiii   ■     i   '
' ■ ■       cai
Let  as  try  .' part.-  bran  I
coi ti on ilmplett ■*•*
in  tibe decimal two
•'•   wbich .-
0 md
DtgtsttMfl DinetlWe DiMftiw***-
tralain Cjrboliyi.i-ttin    Ttttt
ri his
isolute porfecti     I u
i- if you'll glanci ii lhe
"   mile i   i1 . *. main ■ .i id thai ■ both
ith -i -cam up ■ ifi front
and uni oml   I
om up the ini< « only
, kind free from tint
There  i .  however,   Vou
■•' weigh!   ii  color  if you
n ;do hy
o    . I
*    .
it the I
multiplied m* .  ,
Its feeding    iltte squal to ths
i equals
'**.,:      *   .* **     **:  : :
The  "i'ii'-iii then
Ira tei ■*>'■    if we
id ■   mim,nd     i.v im     ii ■   nt .'!•'  cms
pari   "f      I'i'.iM.n   to 5.2 of       *
ii al.        *:i I    ' its      This   IS   mil'        i'ii
ough for     practical   purposes to our
** in lat I   rl "I**   to live,
ft ,   often asserted thai cot n uboul i
never   l.c   d-i   to  fowls.    This   ih a it.
evotlfi error,   (loru is, and mil
n lily   remain   lhe  staple  f rn ,-i  nf fowls
iii :ii.iiiii Afri'ii, AiiMtralln and    \to
oi li i,  nml :i  II ■* mi *   ii in-  in it.    corn
wclc        Injurious   I"   fowls   no   lmlllll i
industry  would be    possible In  these
Countries.    As a mattei    ot   fail     '"in
Is now known to be the most vain-'
aide foiling Btllfl which we have. It.
is imi inten.lid, however, to he tho
mil., lin .1 given I" animals, nor is
any one single grain so Inl ndod I"
ho us;* 1. All that is required Is to
add I" Hi.' com some fiio,l stufl
wii ch is rich in what the corn lucks.
Tho New South Wales Oovcrnmenl
Expert lms collect*) (1 tor us the fol
lowln» very interesting evidence up
..a the subject; "Many sclentilic ev
periments. combined with practical,
havo been carried oul in \merica in
relation to poultry-teeding. 0 ne "f
the most important, most elaboral \
and most concise was carried oul by
Mr. 10.w. Brown, Ph.D., and prepared under the supervision ot Mr. B.
A. tie Sehweinit*, Ph.D., Chief ol the
Blochemic Division ol tho Bureau ol
Animal Industry of the United States
of America." Tho r stilts of these
experiments were embodied In a pamphlet, "Digestive Experiments with
Poultry," The nm n conclusion was,
"that the organic matter of cun is
digested to a greater extent than was
observed In any ot the other funds."
"The dlgestlvo co-efficients (l.o., tho
amount digested) tor crude protein
possesses the highest value in tho
eas,' of maize and peas." Tins would
apparently   mean  that   while, corn     Is
I mi   than   wheat,   tor   instance,    in
protein, there is a greater proportion
of the protein of corn digested by t>ha
fowl. Again, the availability ol the
.rude fat of maize is slightly greater
than thai ol oats. The digestibility
ot the crude fat of wh at is conspicuously less than thai "f maize nnd
oais. This tact may, iu fact, ae -
count for the untoward results of a
sole wheat diet,
"Chickens consume a much greater
quantity of maize than oais, an important fact to he kept In mind in a
comparison "f the digestive coefficients of the two grains.
"The nutritive superiority of maize
over oats is Indicated by the body
weight. An increase is manifested
under the use of maize, while a tendency in the opposite direction is Been
with oats."
Maize   is    cheaper   than   oats      and
Thc experiments showed lhat no
had effects followed the exclusive us--
of maize, but when egg production Is
the object In view, "the nutritive ra
tio may be too wide," i.e., the fatty
matters  may  be  in  excess.
To sum up the whole matter (rom
the practical poultrymsn's point of
view, it would appear that corn may
be fed freely provided that more ni
in * s'.ii 'mus foods are given as part
of the ration, such as meat, milk,
blood and  bran.
The writer's experimental work in
feeding during the past year, con -
Arms this experience ot the value of
the com.
We  have  nuw   got   the  hulk  of    our
ration.   All  that remains to he done
le to recognize the fact that the protein    which    is   ci utained   In    meat,
bli od,  etc    * animal   protein i,     mm i
ais**  he   pre.-.,nt   .n   our  ration.        We
may,     therefore,    add    about     four
ounces of lean meat, cut  up tin.-,   to
every  three  pounds  of  our  bran and
corn-meal  mixture.   Dried  blood may
-.-il.  orboth  in* ii   mil  milk  may
■ ■.I.   All tb ii   Is required is    to
■   thai   the  fowls  get  animal      pro-
n   -.mie form.   A  pinch  nf table
- ji iy«  be  added to this
*   '   for   the  practical
tryma i to Is  that     the
pn i *;ii  in the  ra
p. ■ i   .   extravagant,     as
a.      prat    ii  are    gen Tally
too  much  thun
littli •  out ., sufficiency
ts machin-
:. ;  ' be  material
Irj  'm.i'i* i  nf the
n  I'.:*.*        pt "l*   D
ctlon unduly
s the
■ *.   may  then     ll
ag i *-.'■.' or '■ .mh
times   *  week    Thn  besl    plan
* i •■'*,* day
.   • ■     rheal
'..*,' .
. •    •
ent * . <iy
■     '      '. : .
mh" i« reinl
* h 'i'i'*i
B. C. Poultry Association
'l'i.'*    name    *.f    ill .*   "nei ||
prominently    m
i",pilar candidate lor  Hn*
"I  the   B.C.   P .ulii y   Association    Ml
Plthi i  enjoys   .   well mt i Ited  repute
""i   as .' breedt i   ol One    took   hii I
and  as  h<   bos  BOW     *■ i.
'inii from i.n ilriess,  he will he   uble
to   til      * I   dial   ..f   Iimi   I    :*,
lhe   Km "• lotion and five 11 the    nd
■ *"i' '*•" of iii-. i..i..| business capac
Local Industry
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at I"
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ocouts Should Spruce Up Their
uhiTuiiiiS .ur raiaue
l huve nol iced upon several occ n
inns Llmt fcicouta are rather dilatory
in Hi.' in.n.u *i in whicli they went'
their uniforms. Let every -Scout
throughout tho provlnco buck up and
appear upon parade, with hoots
clean, uniforms looking spick anl
spun, Shoulder knot n-jut. and tidy,
scarl neatly tied, hair properly combed. What a ilitlerence it makes to
tins appearance of a troop. Then let
every scout us he goes to and from
his headquarters on troop night not
lounge along with hands in pockets,
but with head erected, step aloft,
arms swiugiug, proud that you arc o
member ol the great scout movement
proud that you are a bod ol the old
Umpire, doing your bit towards making    the    conditions   better tor the
other tellow, Joint; your good turn
every day, looking tor the good
points in tho other fellow whom you
meet at. business or iu the school
yard and In after years you will look
back with leellngs ol pride and thank
fulness that you were onco a member
ol  tlie great Uoy  Scout  movement,
il you played ymir  part, in the world
ni men,
v, iiy, tin- critics will call it g I,
Death comes wiili u cruwl or oomes
wiih a pounce.
Bul whether he's slow or spry,
11. ish t     tlie    tuct unit you re ilcad
thut counts,
Uut  only- ii*i«   did yuu die'.'
Having lound out that a troup had
orders to assemble at a certain point
ou Saturday atternoon, 1 resolved to
huve an outing with them, says a To
ronto gentleman. Arriving at. the
point of assembly sometime helore
thu hour arranged, 1 found a number
of well-set up, sturdy, huppy lads
gathered with haversacks packed and
all prepared for their outing. A game
of "dues on the rock" was indulged
in until the arrival of tlle scoutmaster, whu, I may say, was right on
time — a splendid example tor his
Tbe troop was then culled together
and the atteiiioon programme explained. The hist hour was to bc taken up by a "Tracking Game;" alter
this a ramble through the woods turd
u talk ou forestry by the scoutmaster
Two scouts were selected, and, the
tracking Irons having, been fastened
to their bouts, they were given live
minutes start. At u signal Irom the
scoutmaster oil starts the troop to
follow tiie trail or tracks. Steadily
they go, with a splendid imprint lett
In the sand by the tracking irons. All
ut once they hud lost all truce of lbe
trucks. Scouts were sent out in large
c.rcles, and ill a few minutes wo heard
a patrol cry, and, running up, we
found a young enthusiast zealously
guarding the tracks he had found. Uu
again we weut, every scout alert with
ruddy luce, thoroughly enjoying tbe
health-giving country air. Several
times the track wus lost and theu
found again, euch Under receiving so
muiiy murks, to be counted ,u the
end ot Lhe day* Tne hour allotted
tor tlie gam.' arrived ana tne beoiu-
uiaster and the traca layers, to Unu
thi in airnudy there and some good-
nauued eha.i was indulged in. Alter
a rest aud someth.ng in eat they
again started oil t*jiuii(,li Lue woods
—the Scoutmaster explaining the ilil-
ierent Kiuus of trees and how to toll
11' in, it ijeiUj, especially interesting
ueeuuse the trees were entirely stripped uf their leaves. ilim he wouid
scud tbe troop out to discover a eer
tain Kiud ol tree; the boys successful
,u Hading uie tree were then asked
hy the Scoutmaster how it was they
kuew it to be the correct tree, when
they had to give a description ol the
marks of tbe tree and the reason they
bellevedlt to be thc correct ti\c.
A gentleman appeared upon tbe
scene-and stood watching the hoys lor
several minutes, ami the writer eu
gaged liuu in conveisatiou. iie then
slated that be had no idea that thc
Uoy Scout movement took up tbis
class ui work; then, alter following
thc boys lor some time, left them, go
ing bome an enthusiastic Uoy Scout
worker. If we can show, as tins
Scoutmaster did, the pcoplo of our
province the ud vantages the boy denies frnm the educational side of our
movement, una along with discipline
the laet thut a boy through his play-
is seeming an elementary knowledge
of diflerent subjects, the future ol the
movement is assureti.
Did you    tukle      tbat   trouble    that
came  yonr  w.,y
With a resolute  heart and cheerful?
Or hide your face Irom th'* light ol day
With a craven heart and fearful?
Ob,   a   trouble's   u ton,   ur a trouble's
un ounce,
Or trouble i»  what, you may make it
And it isn't the fact that you're hurt
mat counts,
Uut only—how  did yuu  take it:
Yuii are beaten  to earth.   Well,  well,
what's that'.'
Come up with a smiling face,
It's     uothing    against yuu  to     full I
lown  flat
Uut to lie  th. re; that's ,i disgrace.
The   harder   you're   thrown,   why     the
higher you'd bounce;
He proud   of   your blackened  eye;
11     -nl   the  facl   thai   you're      licked
that count*,
It's  bOW  diil  you liirlit  and  why i
An I  though  you  lit     done to death,
*■ hen then
It you battled. Un bee! you *
siui'j ur inti in me w Norm
On Tuesday last the people oi
trtetlakatla gutueiod in t.ne.i school
loom to fiijuy a pieasaiu eveniug.
'the entertainment consisted oi a
numlier ol reuiuigs, between whicli
u gruniiiphon.' supplied music. Tlie
readers, read ill hnglisb Ural au.l hIl*
erwards in the Indian language, sn
that ail might understand, tat. p
baldans, obiei councillor,     presided,
and  those laK.n:  part were      Messrs.
A. Oeigiitun, I1', fot'Kor, J, Lolghton,
( .    A in-Kin ud,   ii.    l.elglllull, W.   I. ligb
luii and 11. Olllton. The following
story, road by Mr. li. Oltfton, may
orvo as u Bpecluun ol the readings:
".My story times us away up north
wh re it is terribly cold und people
live In snow houses, awl wear clothee
ol skin. It is so cold at nlgbi that
ili*** enn sleep in skill bags. Tbe
people who live in that cold country
are called Ksiuiuos. it is about one
nl   these  people  that my story   speaks
"He was a young mall, and, like all
young men, Ue wanted a wife. Su be
pa.d a visit to all tbe houses in the
village where there were any young
women, but though he loun,l many,
they would none of tin ui h-.ivc him
for u husband. At last he came to a
house where a niuu lived who bad sev
oral daughters, and a-ter trying very
bai*lhe at last got one uf the young
women to promise to marry him. Uut
her lather would not give his consent, .-.o the young people used Lo
ni. it secretly. At last they arranged
their plans. The young man prom-
Is. I to come to the house at night
and tnke tbe girl away. When night
came, he crept up gently to the door
an I opened it. Tlle mun and his
lainily were all sleeping soundly in
th lr skin bags. Just the a dog
baikud, und the young man was so
•ill aid of being detected that he did
not wait for the girl to get out of
her bag. He took up the hag, threw
It over his shoulder and rushed oB
with it to Mb zairoe on tho beach.
Then be found out that he had made
,i m.stako. It. vvas uot. the girl be
had carried oB. It was her lather."—
Ci .ist Kxchange.
LOiHiM ms
December —West's Oreat Minstrel
Show and Hig Uatid, at thc Edison
December 6.—Masijuerude Ball, under
auspices of Kire Brigade No. 1, in
the  Opera House.
December 8—Pollard's Lilliputians of
Australia,  Kdison theatre.
December 15-High School entertainment, Edison theatre.
Dec. 18—O.P. Walker presents tbe Win
Yule company in tho Rivals, at th
Kdison theatre.
Jan. 2. 3, 1, i'.U2—Second Annual
I'oultry Show to be held iu Drill
January 16—"Private Secretary" at
the  Opera  House.
Ian. 20—The famous Ferguson's Jubilee  Singers considered tho  best col
ored concert company on the road,
bdison theatre.
February 9—Everett Kemp, Imperson
ator, auspices ot St. John's church
at  ihe  Kdison theatre.
Feb.    20—The    Castlesiiuare  Enter-
Oi.t> r.iunr.tfpoRT, c. n,
"For the p.-i-t |i years, 1 have been
uttering with Rheumatism. Winn I
read ill the papers th.U OIN I'lI.I.S,
would positively run' rheumatism, I
*■■! ite you for n free Bample lo Iry, I
conlil not raise my i ighl arm because ol
the awful pain in my shoulder —whs not
aMe to drink. After taking a few CIN
I'lI.I.S, I was able to lift my hand and
put it on the top of my head.
talners in high class concert at the
Edison theatre.
April —The Royal Malo Quartetto,
auspices of St. John's church, In
the Edison theatre
No. 3 arrives at ti a.m., leaves at
11:20 a.m.
No. 1 arrives at 3:15 p.m., Iou ves
at 3:35 p.m.
No. 18, Seattle train, arrives at
4:35 p.m., loaves at 4:45 p.ni,
No. 14, Seattle train, arrives at
7:15 a.m.,  leaves 7:35 a.m.
No. 2 arrives at 11:40 a.m., leaves
at 12 o'clock noon.
No, 4 arrives nt 12:45 a.m., loaves
ut 12:55 a.m.
South train leaves Rovelstoke at
7:35 a.m., arriving back at 4:15 p.m.,
connecting hero with No. 13.
Until Released by Wonderful Sit
,     maria Prescription
Liquor Beta no Inflammation and tr-
rltatlou nt the atomach and weak-ana
llie iKl'vea* Tha sternly or periodical
tspreel drinker la 'often forced to
drink even agalnat I' .'111 by hia unnatural phyalcl condition.
Samaria Prescription atop, the crav-
Ing, steadlea the nervea, bullda up the
general health and maUea drink actually dlataateful and nauseous. It
la taateleaa and odorlaaa, and can be
given with or without the knowledge
uf the patient.
Thouaanda of Canadla homee have
been aavsd from mtaery and disgrace
by aome devoted . "e. mother or
daughter through thia wonderful Canadian remedy. Th« money formerly
wasted In drink haa reatortd happi-
neas, home comforta, education and
respect to the families formerly In
want and despair.
Head the following, one of the numerous unsolicited testimonials received:
" 1 can never repay you tor your
remedy, lt la worth more than life
to ne. Uy husband haa been ottered
liquor several tlm.a, but would net
touch It. He said It had no charm for
hltn now. May Hod s choice blessings
evi-r rest on you, and yours, are my
prayers ever. No one knows lt but
i.Mime who have tried It. Aa aoon aa 1
r.in I will aee ethers that 1 know
would five anything ta stop their hue.
bands from drink. I will glr* there
your eddreas,
•' lira K , Dewtmen. AJIe."
(Name wltkkeM  en  request.)
Now, If you know of any family
needing thia remedy, tell them about
it. If you have any friend er relative who haa formed or Is forming
the drink habit, hel» htm ts releas*
himself from Its awful elutehea Samaria Presor-lptlon ls used by Physicians and Hospitals. ,,
A FREE TRIAL PACKAGE of Samaria Prescription, with booklet, giving full particulars, testimonials, prt«v
etc., will bo seat absolutely free aad
postpaid tn plain sealed paakacs to
anyone asking for tt and mentioning
this paper. >   Oorryp—denoe oaorodly
confidential. Write to-day. The Samaria Remedy Co., Dept. 46-49, Col
borne St., Toronto, Canada. Also
fnr Sale by O. R. Macdonald, Drug
gist, Revelstoke, B, O.
Half a Block East of McKenzie
I'or Terms ami Particulars apply
D.    R.   McKENZlE
Wood for Sale
First class wood, any desired length and in any quantity can be had by leaving
an order at S. McMahon's
blacksmith shop.
Phone No. 87
I went to the Islands of St. Pierre and
Miqnelon and met an old fisherman
named La Pape. His limbs were stiff
from Rheumatism and I gave him some
t'.in Pills. I met him again in a few
days aud he told rae be could lift his
artus, which he bad not been able to do
inr ten years.    ADOLPHB B. MAIIE.
5'>c. s box—6 for f i.$o—money back
if ii I satisfied. Sample free if you write
National I)rii(; and Chemical Co, of
Canada, Limited, Dept. W      Toronto.
manga-Tone blood and
NKRVH TAHLKTS-«n ideal tonic for
weak, nervous women. 50c, a bo»,   107
W. Parry
Starting Sat. Oct. Uth antl every
Saturday and Monday
Watches, Jewelry, eto.
Ladies' Tailoring
Fit  Guaranteed
Hand-Painted Cups. Saucers
Fine Japan China Tea Sets
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
fularged and Improved.   Flrst-Clses ln e.ery reppoct.   All modem oodtsdIsbcm
I.:n k'> Sample Komim.
Rat.o 4>2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.     Monthly rate.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Rovelstoke
AUKO    HKA1>, U. t'.
•S|ifrial Attention |!i»*en to com 111 eri'lnI
men and touriMs. Kimt-rUck miin|'le
rooms. Finest prpiifry in British Colnin-
liia, overlookinn l'pp*r Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
R. Z. 'CRAWFORD   \\ |fj||a ^QtS
Close to Revelstoke
PAINTFR from z to ? "crBS facl1
Satisfaction guaranteed
Very Suitable for Market
Gardening. This proper-
is cleared. For Prices
and Terms apply to
Agent  for   Flexitime   Electric:
n   "7    nn a mr nnri Real *8tate and lRMn|w*
ll.     L.     vtlAWrUnU        Corner HcKcniie Ave. and 2nd St
Residence Cor. 3rd St. mul It. Iwwn.ej   ■=
Shop in Alley backol E. J. Bonme'i
Store. First Street , j^jgg     WRIQLEY
It will pay you to
make a call at^
P.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying \011r outfit of working clothes
for tlie bush. I make a
•pecialty <'f Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets ami everything
requiredinyour business.
Fruit Lands
(iiilena Hay IhikIu in parcel:' of
10 or 20 aerec or en bloc. Correspondence invited,
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
Lessons in Painting and Drawing
Oils and Water Colors
Misv Wrigley, bolder of South Keli-
eiqgton tKnglsnd) Ari Master'-, Certifi-
bate, Group 1,     fint-Clase Certificate!!
mr Mill l.ik- Painting: Ornament Painting in monochrome (oils); drawing fivni
iln* Antique; Modelling in 1 lay from the
Winner "f National Huok Pri/i-s (or
Interior in oils anil Figure in <ii'-
A class (orminx lor junior pupils on
"Saturday afternoon.
l-'or terms apply to
Care Mis. I^ggen.
Furnished Kive-roonuii house for
rent at oni* on Fourth street.—H.N,
Coursier. t.c.
lost— A Purse cootaining a sum ot
money, nt tho C.P.H. depot. Kinder
please return same to Mail-Herald
WANTED—Servant for itencral bouse
work.   Apply  Mrs.   J.H.   Hamilton.
WANTED—A situation as a housekeeper by middle aged lady. Apply
Mrs. A. Tristram. G«ie(al Delivery
Revelstoke, B. C.
t'l'l'i'site Central   Hotel
Animal    Rugs,   Game
" Heads and * Birds™
Mounted      |Q
r. fl. Box 31, Revelstoke
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by tho month at Manning's,
All kinds of machine needles
stocked. ■  ,—■,
H.  MANNING.   Agent. Electric Restorer for Men
Tlm au*l vitality. frtBlature deciy iM nil nrxnal
• rtVntu tTtrttd ll mn. rhviphoant «il|
mike v"u « oew * -tn* l'i *.c I.t 1 box. or two lor
tt. Mailrl loanTU'lilr'" Tta*» SeoWU DrvS
t'n., St. calbsrlnM. Onl.
wiS.au. I Sold at Macdomstd's Drug Btore.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never tails. These
p;lH are exceedingly powerful ta regulating tht
generative porttnn ofthe female system. Refuse
alt cheap imitations. Dr. d« ▼»■'• are *. 'Id at
t'i a box, or three for tlf>. Mailed to an\ address.
Tlie »Mt»ll Drag Co.. Bt. C»tU»rines, OnU
Packed in
60$  o pound
In cnmmrmir.ition of the cc/ronatinrt nf
King^-Torcc VV' Kirlfprays" have put on the
1     -'.:■' natlufl tin of ,-\ nv.-i jll tui
•tqutstte drvtin. bf.vincexcelled portrait!
ot KtOg GCOrRt V, \ltit -.mi V1.1"/ it.'I ti.'- I'rintT.
of Wales. Social pttocti bave N<n de«*irned
rcnresenttafl Canada, Indu, Africa*. AualfMte
411 1 Ww tftl.tntl.
Oi lytrnnned nur.ber bi1. r heen imputted.
Trice tile* fur pn< |. und tins.
anlckly alnpa cim-iha.   ,-or,. cold
lh. throat aad luntf*. BAflURDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1911
the imail-heeald; revelstoke
Iu the Matter ol an Application tor
the issue of a duplicate Certificate ul
Title to Lot l'i, Block 21, being part
ol Election 27 and 34, Township 23,
Rang* -', West of the iith Meridian,
iu«n ol Itevelstoke, Map 686A.
Notice io hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration
ol one month alter the first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of T.tlo to the above men-
t.oned lot in the name of Fiodericka
Tiede, which Certilicate Is dated the
16lh day of Octobei, lSOd, and numbered  6164A.
Dated this 13th day ot November,
1911, Nelson B.C.
District Registrar.
Land District,
i   strict  ■ ' '■■■  bI  Kootenaj .
*   n   tlce   that   1,   John   A. Stone
;  Reveletoke,   British  Columbia,  oc-
cupation hotel-keeper,  intend to   apply   lor   permission  t<i   purchase    the
• i* •    lescrtbed  lands.
*   tnmt nclng .it .i post  planted     at
the     North  Wesl  Corner ol 1 in I ap
■    toi   to  lx   pun bai ■ I  hy    W. B.
Robert ii d    an l     Marked   "John A.
StoD**'*- 8.W, Oorner,"    thence north
forty chains,  ttien**e east lorty chains
thence      Bouth    forty  cha ns.   thence
west     forty  cbains  to  the   point,    ol
commencement     and containing    one
.:.;■,,•.       ind   -iMty  acres  mure     or
Dated  17th  October,  1911.
Pel*  Jnmes  A,   Shields,   At-cut.
COMPANIES    ACT,   1010.
Not, * hereby given that at the
expiration ol one month from the
ur-t publication hereof, the Rcvel-
stoke Agricultural Society, Limited.
intend to apply to the Registrar of
Joint Stock Companies to chance the
ti.ime of the Company to "Western
Turf  Association, L.tnited."
Dated tbis 15th day ol November.
1911. N.18.DI18.
Secretory  of saiJ  Company.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol '■'•est Kooteuay.
Paki iice that 1 Edward Russell
■ pond, ••; Nakusp, B. C, occupation
Contractor, intends to apply lor permission  to  purcbase the following de-
■    -J   lauds:
Comment-.u-; at a post planted 4u
chain*! tth I N B, Corner ol T.L.
41274, ' i mm*..- iouth sn chains, thenc*
east about 20 chains, to .tno* Lake
iter mj nortll along Lake about 90
nee west about 2 cbaina to
pom1, ol commencement, containing
.:  .   ' acres, mure or less.
Date-i  September 12,  l'Jll.
tiept   23—Nov. 22.
NOTii K.
i'.e.•...-. ke "Land 1
• Kootenay.
lhat    I,       Fredi ck
■•■ .. tm  \ ipon :, ui Nakusp,    D.    C,
• man      Intend    to ap-
* ii   to     j.ui chase   the
•■d  iand>
■   mmi -f .n_- at a poet planted  120
[ N    Ii   i lol nei   w, T.L.
4..; I, t     ci   -mul mi chains,  ihence
east a hains to Arrow  Lake
_ i *     ,;***..• Lake aboul    80
, -■   chaius
to j     I mtaln
.ng  .     it 2      * : ■•■ lean
-•■ mbei   I'J,   1911.
.' :■    !2        i.i.   \ [pond,  Ageut.
,lu the County Court ol West Koote
nay, holden at Hevelstoke, in the
Matter ol the "I'luns Cancellation
Act,"  lmn'..
In the Mattel- oi John Andrew Mala
to cancel Plan  649A tiled In the Land
Hfgistry  Otlice at.  the  City  of  .Nelson, B.C.
To All Whom it Muy Concern,
Notice is hereby given that tho
petition of Johu Andrew Mara dated
the 28th duy of October, 1911, for au
order cancelling and anntiliug uud
amending all that portion ol map or
plau 04'JA, Block A, Itevelstoke. de-
i- mi bed  as follows:
Commencing at a point opposite to
the West side ol Kuotunuy street and
the South side ol Douglas street, and
running along the South side CO feet
ol Douglas street 492.32 leet Lo a
, Bt south of the centre ol Block 46
I'lan i'.i'.', thonce in a southerly direction 125.48 I et to a post on the
bank ol the Columbin Uiver, thence
in a westerly course 521 foct, thence
Northerly 110 feet to the South Kast
illy boundary ot Canadian Pacific
Railway Company parcel 6, thence
lOastorly 67 feet lo the Easterly end
oi Caiimliiin Pacitic Railway Company parcel 5, tbence In a Northerly
direction ulong tho enst md ot Can
adlan Pacilic Railway Company p.u-
cel'5, 40.37 feet, thonce Northerly 20
leei to the point ol commencement
on Douglas street, will be heard bo-
fore His Honor Judge Forln at tbo
Court House In the City ol Revelstoke, British Oolumbia, on Thursday *,^c ith iluy of December, \.D.,
i'.'l 1, at the hour of lll:,|ii o'clock in
the lore-noon or so soon thereafter
ae the application can  he li'urd.
Dated at Revelstoke, B.C., thia loth
November, A.D.,  1911.
Solicitor fm  John Andrew Main
lu ibe Matter ol thc Estate of Louis
Soderman, deceased.
Nolice is hereby givcu that nil
ce d.tots and others having claims
:i.,ainst * the Kstate oi Louis Sod-
■ i inin. late of Arr-owheaJ, B. 0.,
•ticcused, who died at Arrowhead, 11.
■' . on or aboui tho 'Jth day of July,
1911, are requested to send to the
undersigned, Solicitors lor August
i eterson and Herman Carlson, Ex-
uiuois ol tbe last Will of said de-
' 'used, withiu 60 da>s Irom date,
full particulars o! their ciuims, duly
\eritie-d, and that alter that date the
la.d Ezeuutora will proceed to dis-
ttibube the said estate amongst those
entitled theroto, regard being had
only to those cla.ins which the said
Executors shall have then received
Dated November Uth, 1911,
Harvey,  MeCarter an.l Pinkham,
Solicitors for  Augusl   Peterson    and
Herman   Carlson,   Executors ol
iii ■ Lasl V, ,ii ol Deceased
1.Rili.il.  Al   i
■ i:. ■i   next,  api'l    i
':vii made to tb
renewal   o; the
_. .. -    *   ret i tbe hoi     known
as the St. Leon hotel, situate at St.
Leon, la ihe Province <,( British
C  lumbia.
Dated " *   i.y •>! B-yte.nUr,
1911 30de.
2 District.
;  o.  West  Koi 'enay.
Take notice that Jamei A. Shields,
bl Revelstoke, British I  dumbla,    oc-
,'ion.   Packer,   inten la   to    apply
(.,r permission to purchase tbe follow
Ing '1 » ribed lands
Commencing at a pi st planted ui
• hr Mouth Wesl Cornet **: Lot BT7»,
p :, '.Vest Kootenaj Dl tl Ct, i:
f.. and m.Tkcil "James A. Shields'
Houth Kast Corner Post," theme
west about twenty chams more or
less to tbc south-east corner of Lot
2712. Group I, thenoe nortb 40 chains
thence east 20 chains more or less to
the north-west comer of Lot 2772,
thence south lu chains to point of
commencement, and containing 80
ncres mure or Irs-s.
Dnted  August 10th, llll.
Andicn   KitlODi   Agent.
Notice  is  hereby   given   lhal   undei
i pursuant to the powers ol
contained in a certain  Mortga
• 22nd  Manh,  1902,  made bj  t hat
Turnross to Lucy Law an
. -igned   to   Patrick   Burns   by   ll
ture dutt-d 2'itli March,  i u
id lor Sale  tii   lender  Lot   1147  in
Group  Oue,   Kootenuy   District,   save
and except lit acres thereof oompris
e, in Certilicate ol Title n.m i   *
me  ian is  oSered  lor lining
al   "Jt     150    acres    nud   be
n *ir Trout Luke City  .n tbe D.btnct
* :   West   Kootenay.
Tenders     addressed     •   the
-*:ned  Solicitors  for   the   "
Patrick Bums, will : .
1 including the 25th day ol N
.,  Llll.
'.rtus of sale cash.
Dated     this 3rd day  ul
. at Kevelstoke, B.C.
Harvey, MeCarter and  Pinkham.
Solicitors  for   Patrick   Burn*?,
N wimble Waters Protection Act
R. S. C. Chap. 115.
•o'. *     ..-,    Iieri-t.y     gnen  tbat   ' Ih
ll  .bona  Lumber  < ompany,   Limit, 1
'I appl.ed  tu  thc  Minister  of   Pub
''• ■■: *     ' inula  for   perm
■   <-„[)-!■,.,    .;. \,   ,,  Tramway from
i    ii,a,on Tli  ,,v, i
t ,     Co,umb.i,   I;
,, -nling ..f the im- . ., oke ,lTi,| \,
rbead llraneh ol tbt tnadl in Pa
*   Railway Company, und ba\c ds
i ■ -ii'i  with tba   al i     Minister    of
Pl blir  Works copies ol  plans and de-
IpHon    ol    ai'c ol -mh   proposed
ivork, and have ale" depot ted
th' Distti't   lie.,* trai   ■■'  I-an I Titles
for Ki.otcftaj at Nelson, lie., iiupii
ci.es of siirb  plans and description of
Dated  November 83rd,   llll.
Mocdonalil,    Honeywell  .*   Grabam.
Ottawa,   Ont.,      Agents fof    0.   H.
MpCarter, Revelstoke, ii. <'., BoHc
ilors  lor   the   Applicants,   ft.25  MtJ,
Shilohb Gure
OnJfklf *>»r» en$igh*    cmr*m rtiM»,   *«■!•
tht  throat and   m««*   -   %   -   .'• -mt*
Second Annual Exhibition of the Revelstoko
Ponltry and Pet Stock Association.
Drill Hall. Revelstoke. January 2, 3, and 4, 1912
Entries close Thursday,  December 2Sth,  1911.
Local Hlxhlblts must be delivered at Drill Hall not
later than H p.m. Monday, January 1st, PJlz; hxh'lblta from
oiitrfid'O points must he. delivered as above not later than
8 a.m. ot Tuesday, January  2nd.
Arrangements have been made to take delivery ot and
care tor outside exhibits from the time they arrive at Uevelstoke Depot and to return same to Express Company
at close of show. All entries ure to be made on forms supplied for the purpose und should bc forwarded to the
Becretary, Mr. lt. M. Smythe, so as to roach him 'not later
than  December  28th,  1911.
A full report of the show will appear in thc first uVall-
ablc number of the  Successful  Poultrymau.
\ competent attendant will bc on duty to care tor nn.l
ford stock while in tha ctistod\ ol the Exhibition Committee
but the Society will not. hold itself re.ponslhle lor any
damages whilst  In transit or whilst, in hlxhihitlon Building.
The Poultry Building is equipped wiih coops lor the ac
commodatlon of exhibits.
No Exhibitor shall Interfere With or enter Into dlscus-
siou or bo allowed within the barriers with tne judges
ivhilst ih 'y arc engaged in their work. Any Infringement o.
this rule will disqualify such Exhibitor and cause lorietture
of any premiums which may be. awarded. Judges' decision
in ad  cases  shall   Ik'   huul.
All birds must bo entered singly us Cock, Hen, Cockerel
Pullet, Pen. Birds entered singly may compete in breeding
pons, pens to consist of three leinaUs and a mu1", if ud-
■ditiuiiiii fee is paid. This Exhibition will bc judged by
score curd.
The latest Revised American Standard of Periectlou will
govern tbe Judges in all recognized varieties.   ■
Judging will commence Tuesday, January -ud, at Sp.m,
All birds not iu place at that, time will he debarred from
competition, unless delayed m railway transit, proof o.
which must be given lo tha Superinteud'at. of IbJ
All exhibits must he the boua Ude property of the Exhibitor at the time of exhibiting.
All protests must lie handed to the Secretary in writing,
and niu.u be accompanied Iiy a deposit, o.' $5.01). If, n.t.r
thj matter has been thoroughly investigated by the Executive Committee, the protest shall prove to lie without good
foundation the deposit shall be forfeited.
Membership ticksts entitle holder to free ndmissiun to
building and may be secured from the Committee.
Ml l.ir.ls inn-ii be provided with le.: bunds show in j their
number. No other distinguishing mark such us n;.,ois
will be allowed. All birds not murked will hive leg bands
placed on them by tbe Association. These will be charged
Lo the Exhibitor und must be paid ioi before tae specimens
arc   removed.
The following trophies ore the property of the Kevelstoke
Poultry nnd Pel Btock Association, until won us indicated,
All specimens entered r-ur competition will be considered as
■uuue.mg for both the regular and special premiums without additional entry fee. Bpecial i'nies will lie awarded on
the lollowing  basis.
lsi Prize, ,'■ points;. 2u*d, :i points; 3rd, 2 pomu.
No. 1- Cup donated by Calgary Brewing and Malting Co.,
ioi largest and uest display in whole show. To be
won three times before becoming the ptoperty oi tne
Exhibitor.  'Aon  ,n  1911  hy  V.  C.   Wadoeli  of  Enderby.
N". 2—Cup donated ti} Hon. Thomas Tayl"! for best male
...i i in show, Ti be ^"U tbrc- times. Won in lull
by K. C, Waddell.
Nu. •:             , ■ .it'M  bj   H.  F   MeKinnon tot   besl   female  in
l'o   be   »on t    times    Won   In   L'Jll   bj     T
•   .:
.v*   i- '  ,; j    \.   .    \ii Rae,  tor    «st   I ock,   I ten,
a  Hurl   .  itoek Class,   To bo woj
i .nr-, timi s. Hon li r.   B a *     ul   Buderbj.
•  .,         ated  by  Uowrenie Hardware Company    lor
H       •     -*          ind Pullet I. gh in  i ms.-.
on three en, " on In lull
.-'   i.  Waddell of En let
ip i lytor  lost   .ii* , impany     for
m   incubate,    equipped   with
Thermomi l
.    Pel    Stork
Cock.   Hen    Cue* ; tl   an i   ltilict,
ftyai.. any  »anety.   To be   i  tt  taree tui.e=
No. ■   • Pet    Stock
- -■      Male e, Oi piugti a
...... .      •
.    .      • -    Wyandot-
■Od   Pallet       i
'    .
ii* i. *     ■* nl -       To
,i |
ited by K ' ■
■i  ,,n I
1 up dooat" ■• *.*..*
•',  w wte i'; rj..-' •*
* nu
■   I   -
Med il   i*
; ited by M
,   .
■     . ■ m      ct
Bated by J.  A.  W
i,,r   b .(   C     1.   !■> Ih
Ii *n -te
Ut  ■   i uck  uul  it ii i i
i;   11"- ■■  • pullet. I
I!   pi.a    llowson  A  I " ,  pail  ttctin
v, nm*; I'm *
i '   Cottk   ii, i 11        •'     I    !■ pot  it
■■    * *. ;    I \     .  - , ,
JI    Pet      \i in I:   ag I   Co.,   in 1st,   value   (,
I.i 1*K   Hm I*.
I  i lock sittl Hen    H.A   I . ■ on        icke i bi ruts
■.;   Cockerel and Pullet   T.Kilpatrlcli      ,*, ,,i prlss.
value (0.110.
'i   pin.   rwvf'rtok-i Wm.. * Spirit Co, pri?e vain*' »r,.
.' *   i '*■• k   iii*'i   l leu     Mi*Kiiimi,ii   , * lan<l    I I
al     :   i
.''    i   ' ..* : *   ,i.mi  Pull 'I     J. Walk*I. hoi  U i '  gat
.'*   Pen    *i   0 iy Dai bsr, prist, value 15.00
2S—Cock and Hen.   H. Cordon, prize, value *f5.(IO.
29—Cockerel and Pullet.   W,  Hews,  prize  value  $5.00.
80—Pen.   A,   .1.  McDonell,  prize,   value $5.00.
31—Cock  and Hen.   H.M.   Smythe,   pri'/c,  ValUJ Jl.i'O.
82—Cockerel and Pullet,   l-l.  Mo.xlnnon, prine, value -j.",
38*—Pen.   Cutler   A   Btokes,   box   cigars,   valua   J5.00.
34—Cock and Hen.   E.E. Tucker, six photos,
iiii—Cockerel and Pullet.   McRae Mercantile to., Watch
;',(',—Pen.   Vancouver Province, year's subscription.
It.   1.   BEDS, S. C.:-
87—Cock and  Hen.   Mall-Herald,  prize,  value  $.1.00.
8S—Cockerel and  Pullet. CB.  Hume & Co.  prize,  value
89—Pen.    J.J.  Devine,  pair  trousers to order.
•10—Cock and Hen. fteid & Young, prize, value If.'i.UO.
41—Cockerel and Pullet. II. Manning, prize, value S.i.
42—Pen.   C. 11.  Mucdoiinld, prize, value $5.uu.
BUFF l-iECHOUNS,  B. 0.1—
4o—Cock and Hen.   A.11. Woodland, 1  sack wheat.
■It-Cockerel  and  Pullet.   Dr.   E. 11. 8.   McLean,   prize,
value J5.0U.
45 -Pen.   Wilson Bros.,   prize,  vulue ?.'i.00.
BUFF L110HORN8, lt. C.i-
4tr—cock and lien.   Bourne Bros., prize, value $6.1)0.
47—Cockerel and Pullet. tj.U, niccaricr, pi i..c valuet5.
48—Pen,   McLennan, prize, value sfru.uo.
I'J—Cock uud  lien.    P.  I.cics.ittc, prize, value $5.0U.
50—Cockerel and  Pullet.   Uiugiiton « Tappiug,    prize,
Milne >j.iM.
51 -I'm.   Fi i\i.  ti-ibson,  prize, ?5.00.
5i~Cocs and  lieu.   E. "Coming,  prize,  value  ?5.'*0.
5-J— Cockerel and Pullet.   D. tuilucauo, hon macaroni,
54—Pen,   Ahrubumson Bros., prue,  value $b.DD.
J5—Cock and Hen.    E.c.  Eroincy,  prize,  ?2.00 cash.
ati—CockcicI and Pullet,  lt. McDonald,  prize, i'2.W cash
57—Pen. F. B.  Wells, prizu, value $2.b0.
.us—i_ock  and  lieu.   I aley  Pros.,  prize,  value  (5.00.
oj—cockerel  and  l-'uliet.   E.  Burridge two  incial  tei<d
(W—Pen.   lt.  hi,  lt.  Smythe,  prize,  value $5.00.
01—Cock  and  Hen.    A.   Stone,   prize,   value  $5.00.
it'2—Cockerel and Pullet. Lawrence Hardware Co., prize
value 15.00.
0-1—Pon.   U.  tluellelto,   1  sack shorts.
lii—Cock and  Hen.   A.  Hobson,  I  sack  Hour.
(id—Cockerel und Pullet.   E.  McLoau, 1 bacs shorts.
to—Pen.   Dr, Sutherland, Bpecial prize.
OV—Cock and Hen.    A.II.  McCleneghan, bpecial prize ?5.
lit-  Cockerel and  Puliot.  Mr. Duck, reading  lamp.
O'J—Pen.   .Mr.  Blugh.nn,  special  prize.
70—Cock and Hen.   W. Bueuclor, prize, $5.00.
71—   Cockerel  and      puilet.   Bent &  Humphries,    teed
72—Pen.    J.  Mclntyre,   sack of  wheat.
78—Best Pair.   C. W.  Bell,  one Sack ot Shorts.
74—Largest   and      best    Display    in  the   whole  show.
.Mayor Hamilton,  $10.00 cash prize.
7*"i-  Best Dozen  of  White Eggs,  A.U.  Sing,  box cigars.
76—Best  Dozen of Brown Eggs,  Revelstoke Ment Market, 50 lbs. green bone.
Entry   Pee:  -Single UirdH.  25c.   Pen,  $1,00.
PREMIUMS—Under 5 entries, 1st prize $1.00, 2nd 50c., 3rd
20c. Five entries ur over, 1st, $1.50; 2nd, $1.00; iird, 50c.
Ten entries or over,  1st, $2.50*; 2nd, ¥2.00; 3rd, $l.uo.
Breeding Pens—1st,  prize, $3.00; 2nd, (2.00; 3rd, $1.00.
Plymouth  Hoiks—Barred,  White and UufT.
Wyandottes—Silver,  White, Bun, Black,    (Juldm, Partridge,  Columbian.
Javas—Black, A, O. V.
R.  I.  Reds—Single and Rose Comb,
Brahma—Light and Dark,
Cochins—Bull and A.  O.  V.
Lungshaus—White and Black.
Leghorns—Bull,  White aud Brown, tS.C.  and R.C.J
Minorcas—White und Black, tS. 0. and lt. V.)
Dorkins—Colored, a. 0. v.
Orpingtons—Bufl, White,  and Black.
Hed Caps,
5    Polish
While Crested, Black, A. 0. v.
i laniLui <.-.
Kold,a  .md  Silver  Spangled,  Golden    und    Silver    Penciled,  Black.
•:   French:—
II"i i.m-;- La Fleche and Puverelcs.
-    Exhibition Cames;--
Any  variety.
No Pen   Prizes  Awarded.
•   -      Vny   variety,   Male,   Female.
. I   Ducks    Any variety, Male, Female,
\n>   variety,   Male,  Female.
Entry Fee 20 ,*, „> .
l'i   1 terns,   it, i Collection,   -tnj   ••aricty,   Nol loss than
ill liinl).    Isl prise, $1.60; inii, $1.1)0.   Ten birds or ov-
• r, Ist, ».' 50; .'nl. II.*"."*
1     1' .- "i.     1.11  iiii.tii.il.   Auy  variety.   Not loss thnn
■   blrdl     1st   prise, $1.50; 2nd prist, $1.00.     Ten buds
■ 1 over, ist pnze, $8.80; 2nj price, $1,80.
Mil •:     Bt il  ' oil,** tii.11.   Not less than lout birds.  1st
.  $1.50;  2nd  prize,  11.00.   Ten  birds or over $2.50;
'i.'i prise, :i 50.
P.   Itiirns   .4   Compan)   donate*   bum   (or  sun lwiches  for
hungry poultrj mn,
■•'in  tin* iti, * ei tends t (its Invitation t*. all visiting Poultry ini'ii.
Tht Revtlttope poultry Association iritbtl to thank th.'
merchants mid others, who 10 Ubtrall) contributed to thc
above  prist list.
Don'l forget the late. January 2nd, :;rd umi ith. 1912,
,i 11,1 Dr.ll Hull. AdtnlttlOh M . for adults; 15c. (or
children under  15 years of age;  Evhlbltors Iree,
Corporation of the City of
Notice Re Sewers
Whereas under the "Local Improvement Sewage Assessment By-law No.
100, P.I0T" provision was mado for
the construction of a Bystem of sewers iu the City ol Hevelstoke, the
funds therefore tu be provided by
special rate of frontage tux levied
equally upon the laud or real property nnd portions of same in or on
or (routing or abutting upon tb*:
streets and lunes immediately bcue-
lited by  the suid works.
And whereas the said By-law has
been acted upon by thc construction
in Purt ol the works therein provided
And whereas thc Council deems it
inadvisable to complete suid 'works
as originally provided lor and contemplated by said By-law and have
determined to amend uaid By-law and
to cause a readjustment ot assessments to he mudo upon tho lauds or
real property and portions thereof
immediately benefited by the suid
works  so carried  out  iu  part.
NOTICK Is therefore hereby givcu
that 11 statement showing the lauds
or real property and portions thereof liable to and proposed to bc specially- assessed under the said readjustment und thc names of the owners thereof so far as the same can
he ascertained from the last revised
assessment roll and otherwise is now
on llle in the Otlice of the City Clerk
and is open for inspectii n durtug of-
tlce hours.
A sitting ol the Court of Revision
will be held in tho 12th duy of December, 19*11, at thc hour ot .S o'clock
in the altetno n at the City (illall,
in the City of Hevelstoke, to hear
and determine any complaints or appeals against the proposal readjusted assessments or accuracy of front-
n;c measurements or any other complaint which the persons Interested
may desire to make nnd whicli is by
law cognianble by thc Court.
All notices of appeal shall be served ou the Clerk of the Municipal
Council at least eight days prior to
such Court of Revision.
Dated the 17th dny ol November,
1911, t.d.
Oity Clerk.
Kevelstoke  Laud  Bistrict.
District of West  Kooteuay,
Take notice tbat I, Hugo Koch, ol
Vancouver, B.C., occupation, traveler
intend to upply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
about three-quarters of a mile nortll
of Lot SliO on Arrow Lakes running
west SO chuius, tbence uorth 10 chaius
ihence east ttt) chains, thence south
40 chains, aloug the Lake shore to
point of commencement and containing three hundred and twenty acres,
more or less.
Bated November ith, 1911.
N.18J.13 Per W. Ogiltve Ageut
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take uotice that I, Charles Stadler
ol Nakusp, B. C, occupation Loger,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands
Commencing at a post planted at
the North East Corner ol T.L. 41274,
tbence south 40 chains, thence enst
ubout 2 chains to Arrow Lake, thence
along Arrow Lake to point of commencement, containing 40 acres more
or less.
Dated September :26th, 1911.
K. R. Vipond, Agent
Notice is hereby ghen that, on the
(iist day of December ncs:, application will be made to the Superintendent of i'rovinciul Police lor
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liqUOf hy retail in the hotel known
as the Ulacier House, situat at Ola-
clcr, iu the Province of Drltnih Columbia.
iiatcd this 2ath day ui September,
rill. 30ds.
Canadian   Pacilic   Railwny   Compauy,
Furnished Five-roomed house for
rent nt oni-e on Fourth street.—H.N.
Coursler. t.c.
LOST-A Purse containing a sum ol
money, ut the C.P.R. depot. Finder
please return same to Mall-Herald
WANTED—A situation as a housekeeper by middle nircd lady. Apply
Mrs. A. Tristram, Uenclal Delivery
Revelstoke, 8. 0.
! HATlMtDAY,  DECEMBER 2,  1911
32 Colored Paget
2000 Illustration* of
Sc if purchkied with a 15c pattern
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have uur Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
See special Window displays.
X) Dry Goods Department *<i        Men's Furnishing Department
ONLY three weeks till Christ
mas and we all have the
experience of shopping other
years. So let us see if we can
do some better this time and do
our shopping before the grand
rush of the last week. Stocks
were never so full and complete
as they are this year - something
for everybody and we put up
everything purchased in nice
Holly and other fancy boxes,
which enhances the appearance
of any useful article of wear and
gives it that glad holiday touch,
No extra charge for boxes.
On  Monday. Dec. 4th, We
Have a Special Sale of .. #
There is a mixed lot here of all colors  of Chiffon   and Spotted Nets
worth $1 to $1.50 a yaid.    They ah go
c^VIonday at 25c per yard
A Seasonable Bargain in Fancy Linens
This is a lot of samples, all sizes, all kinds, no two alike,  embroidered
linens, drawn linens, etc., and the price is just one half regular
5 0c to $1.50
Silk Kimonas
Bargains in Silk Kimonas nnd Dressing Gowns. No use to elaborate und try
to describe this line; we simply invite you
to look them over. Dozens to choose from
and the price ranges from
$275 to $15
Tea Aprons
A most useful Christmas gift The danti-
est and cutest lot we have yet shown, all
boxed in Holiday Boxes, at
50c to $3,59
Dress Goods
Another chance for those who did not get
in on last wesk's Dress Goods Bargains.
Here is a lot of good dress materials
worth 75c to $1.00, going on sale next
week all at one price
50c per yard
How about draperies for your archway and
windows. Wc have a choice line of heavy mercerized Madras, Brocketelle Silk, Silk Tapestry,
all suitable for archways and over draperies.
Tapestry Portieres in reds, greens and
mixed effects.
Heavy Reversible Velour in red. green and
old gold, as well as all wool basket weave
wrepps, suitable for stencilling. Colors Red,
Greenand Brown.
Linoleum and Floor Oilcloths
Ml the new patterns in Inlaid and printed
Linoleums and Oilcloths, all widths from :\ feet
to 12 feel wide.   Best Scotch manufacture,
Prices trom 40c to $1.65 per.sq. yd.
Neckwear, Belts, Jabots
These make such sensible Christmas
Gifts and thev are always appreciated.
Ml our lines this year are attractively
boxed in Fancy Boxes for popular priced
articles.    We never had BUch a chic show
50c. to $5.08
Shopping Bags
No dress accessory is so much appreciated for a Christmas Gift as a nice
Shopping or Hand Bag. The lines this
season are particularly attractive. Some
new ideas are shown in Suede leather with
strap to slip on the arm pieces, all the way
$1.50 to $15
New Hair Ornaments. New Hair
Nets, new Handkerchiefs, new Frillings, new Neck Fixings, new Gloves
new Belts, new Hat Pins.
Eiderdown and Lambs
Wool Comforters
These are by far the choicest goods on
the market at the price-
Choice Eiderdown Comforters, covered
with best English Sateen, quilted and ventilated, choice bordered etfects.
Same cover with pure white carded Lambs
Wool, light and war.n.
Now is the time to buy wall paper. You
can brighten up a dingy room for the winter at
very little c«>ft.
All our papers are this season's goods, and
can be relied upon for quality and good taste.
For the coming holiday season we have
made special efforts to have all the latest
novelties on sale. Our lines of Fancy
Suspender Sets, and arm bands are an
exceedingly choice collection ofthe latest
and only the latest novelties.
Suspenders in Separate Fancy Boxes
All shades a d all \\ea\cs. They come iii
cotton, lisle, silk embroidered and pure sill*,.
 Prices, 75c, $1, 1.25, 1.50, and  2.00
Suspendrr Sets in Fancy Hody Boxes
Made up of suspenders armlels and garters.
 Prices, 7,sc $1. 1.50 and 2.00 per set
Sets Consisting uf Armlets and Garters
Fancy boxes, neatly mounted. Silk and lisle
web, all colors.    Prices, $1 and $i.^,s per s 1
Armlets in Fancy Separate Boxes
All colors, lisle and silk web. Priees, 35c to
75c per pair.
What man has too many handkerchiefs?
We have yet to hear of that man. Cur
stock ol" Linen, Excelda and Silk Handkerchiefs is complete in every detail.
Silk Handkerchiefs with Revelstoke Souvenir
or a neai  Xmas legend  enibroideied  in  the
corner Price, 35c.  and 75c
Silk Handkerchiefs  with  fancy   Borders,  at
 30c. to ■$ 1.2 ,s
Silk Handkerchiefs with embroidered  iniiia's,
;tl 50c to $ 1.00 each
Plain Silk Handkerchiefs, hemstitched, either
in plain, silk or twill,. .irom 50c to$1.50 each
Kxcelda Handkerchiefs, plain or fancy borders
at. . . . joc. Each; ,*; for 50c, extra   large si/e.
Linen Handkerchiefs—Finest of  Itisli   linen,
either wide or narrow Item stitch	
 Fiices/asc. and 40c. Each
An extremely large and complete range. All
colors, including grey, black, pearl, navy,
white, rid and brown.
Black, brown, or polka dot, with fancy li ings,
 Prices, 75c. to $2.00
Black silk or satin, with heavy white silk
lacings. Put up in fancy hosts. Prices—
 $.;. 50 and S4. .so each
All shades and weights of si'k. All boxed in
separate fancy boxes.     Prices, 75c to $3'each
Either in Fxcelda  or wool.    All   put   up   in
separate fancy boxes.   Prices 50c and Ooc each.
A line oi fancy Knitted Ties especially pui up
for the Xmas trade.     Each lie   in   a  separate
holly   box.    Over   one   hundred    patterns  to
choose from .md no two alike.
 Prices, 75c Each
Atkinson's Irish Poplin Ties
Por the lirsl lime these celebrated Pophn
Tics arc being shown in Kevelstoke. We
have secured the control of this line for lhe
city  and   have   jusi   opened   a   magnificent
range.     Full length and all shades	
 Prices, $1.00 and $i.^s each
Groceries, China and Brass Goods
Our Jap Oranges are now commencing to
arrive, and ue can assure you of good fresh
slock. Don't wait for the last shipment, order   now.     Lemons,   Oranges,   Bananas and
Crapes arriving daily.
Did you see our display of French Peas,
.Mushrooms and Asparagras in glass jars?
This is tine line you will want for your Xmas
dinner:    The besl article en the market today
There are good Biscuits and bad; nice
packages and ugly. Our lltinily & Palmer
Biscuits are neither middling nor poor, but
absolutely superior to anything on the market
today. Thai is saying a lol, bill we can prove
we are right by sending you a small order.
See our table of new Brass Goods.   Some
ol lhe latest designs and patterns. Tea Kettles iu ihrec sizes, Trays, Jardineres, Teapots.
Fern Pots, Baskets, Candle Sticks and Vases.
The Home of the Little People
is now being lixed up with some o( the daintiest and pretties! packages of Xmas Chocolates
in the cily. Xttts, Candies and Crackers
adorn our shelves. Come before ihey all go.
We will put anything you desire away until
vou want it sent home.
Remember wc carry China and Crockery. See
Our stock of Royal Crown Derby, Moorcroft
China, Royal Doulton, Japanese sets, Cups
and Saucers, Cut Glass and Glassware.
See our large assortment of
Water and Wine Sets. You
will need one for Christmas.
"""      '    "     ■    '    " '    ~- - "■' ■   ■     -  —■   ■■—      — nm ■■■ u.i.    1      ■ ■—*■,.■■■
Tea and Dinner Sets
Do you stop to think that the Xmas season will
soon be here. Have you thought of the friends
you will-be giving gifts to. Just come in and look
at the large and elegant assortment of fancy china
and crockery.
TEA SETS—A dainty and high class bargain
in four different patterns of 40 pieces at
$6.00 Each
DINNER SETS-Some of the best  we  have m
ever shown—97-piece Dinner Sets in blue and green
patterns al
SIO.OO Per Set BAT! MUY,  iu'i
Sale of cMillinery-
Our determination not to carry over any of this
Season's Hats. All Hats selling at prices to clear.
Regular, $12, Sale Price, $6;   Reg. $8;  Now $4.
Men's Coals
0       i few of these Heavy Winter Coats
...    d valut   il $19 and $i 7.  To clear al
low price of
Sale Price
tin- season's
>n   Misses'
Wintei   Coats,   all
ist 1 lear 0111 at Sale
Men's Suits
In Pine, fashionable Tweet's. This is a
value that should not be overlooked by any
man wanting a suit.
Call in and sec the bargains that wc have
in stoic for you at this Sale. We are sure
vou will go awav  well satisfied.
f'omi! anil aye ttie great Indian
stiiiy in moving pictures al the K>li
si.11  tonight.
Our books ol Mouiftutn Siv.nury at
$t.50, are thc prettiest we ever hull—
ut Mac.'lonald.s drug store,
Mrs. Daniels, ol Demars, is spending  n   tew  dtiys with   Mrs.  MeKitriek
.. if, 1 toke,   B.   C,     on
•  s'ovembei    P911, to Mr.
in *, ji,.    w   s   Knox, n daughter.
HV havo in si.H-k t'vtTythin^ tli.it i
Xmas Cakes, I'tidclinjj.s find Mini
ui'.-il,   iiK'Hiiliiiy;  New   Raisii
■ for j our
Mfflt, All fresh
Curranth,   Peels,
. ancou\ mi    and
1   1
•   .*                     rth
Si  .
i             ..      l will not 1 eceivc
r 4 tl
■ mn  dressed
••  tl     12th and
13th. :
Kijfs, lif.tc   Nuts
NEW DRIED FRUITS All our X.•«■ Dried
|-'i tuts have arrived and ihey nre certainly nice. Thev
consist ol Apricots, Peaches, Prunes, figs* Pears and
MacKenzie Avenue
look At This
We have ninety curds of good, clean, dry cedar in 11 antl
IG inch lengths. We also have cedar, fir and hemlock
mixed.    Get your orders in early for  immediate  delivery.
Thousands  ol  Christmas  cards    to j    Mrs.  W.   M    Lawrence will  not    re-
ilinise from nt     Macdonald's     drug celve W .lues,lay, December 6th.
■~;"r''- !    Oar ol finlr Coal arrive I,     w.   B.
Mrs.  11.  11   ilmlaiil will receive on   Robertson  or  A.   Davidson   Kill  take
Wednesday,  the (".tli  inst, awl  ther.*    „oll|  ,.*.,|,.r
.-■   mi ,.ii the third Wednesday ol each
11 ,ntli.   llii  mother Mrs. AH. Noble
,:*,.*,     \! tn,    IV.is      11
itj  Ki iday.
Leavt      you       rders I ill  I oa
■Vmlj   Dav
[f present tii mtinue there
■   ; 11 * mayoral-
tj   contest.
He  chiel ol 1.'. r   it*
•    • isrteri   al   Van
An address  on Spiritualism  will  be
*   Methodist  church  Sun
it,*.    R.J.  Mclntyre.
wbo bas lii'iu i"
the  ni.. .        •'  1.    Massou,   let!      [or
\ let' :..•  last  T .* - laj.   * hei e  he  will
,n  future.
Mi    T. H *i 'e in  tbe
.--.     ii lays  lor   London,
•   ivith   Ins
I'.ireni -  d I   the  ;.■ SI    biei   months,
ilcKinnon    and
-  ■ . .       n this issue    They  are
I   th     unu
:* ned   by
• the   vital  U til '* "ii the
,.  specialty.
*.    tli       Altai
1'   church,  will     he
t Wednesday, D        I
■   -.   Parish  ball,  alt-
61   '..
I ' [llVISlOB    lotS nil-
.1.  11.  Watson
Brm   reports
a   at   ilnily.
ntj   Xmas
'.    ■       >ttai Prancblse.   A  paper was roe
tod  Wednes |   Ir.   Everett Cameron  un    "the    his-
WANTED   A   good  l-mit.i1  servanl
(iood     wages.   Applj   Mrs.    VI.  M.
Lawrence Dec.  2  1  t.
;   Vancouver,   will  receive with  her.
In. Ernest Hall ol \ ancouver, Is to
1, Revelstoke about the 1 ."tli ol
montb,  in deliver an illustrated
1.-i mre   ..ii   "Alcoholism    Whtte   Mav
pry, etc."   A men's meeting is rn be
1    n  the  eventnu.
The men  ol    tbe    yuarterly  Board
il   ih *   Metliu list   church  .ire  anl
,  -"i lal evening to bi
1L. -in in Uie  strangers  In the city at  I ent for
tbe Inline of Mi.  J.C  Robson, Third' I  It al    Mc
,-npet. on Tne-t.i>  evening, Dec,  Uth   K.111.**
The Midland Concert .; .      ,.   ■
-I'.i.s ol  the  Ladles   Vuilliary    .1!   yaa -.- ■ „n kinds.
St.   John's church,   presented  a        ' * -        ■    .:.-'. n
entertainment   last   Wednesday   :i; y    ;r ;.*
at  the   Union  hotel.
Kodaks,  oameras,  etc.,
presents, our line is complete.—C, 11.
Mii'-ilonaid's   drug  store.
Mr. .1. K. Watson, Bachelor In Music, lessons on piano and organ, voice
production and sight  singing.
A first-class prognam Including a
splendid Indian story nnil "Her Uncle's Will," at the Kdison theatre
Don't forget the high schuol concert on Deoember 16th, at the Kili -
son theatre. Interesting program in
Some of the nicest bound books mil
Poets this year we ever had, We also have all the new hooks tor gifts,
at  Macdonald's drug store.
Mrs. ,1. M. Keliie left this morning
fur Armstrong with her sister Mrs.
Harry, with whom she will spen<1 a
few days visiting.
We haven't got B greal supply t'.of
toys, but we have the largest ami
best Hue uf dulls for the money yet
come in mul see them at Macdonald's
drug   store.
WANTED—Board and Room for a
young high school student init'l).
where household services will he accepted in payment. Apply Miss
Mrs. B, tl. Burrldge received the
sad news yesterday uf the death of
bar mother at Hai rie, Ont. Mrs.
Burridge.left last ni.lit for the east
to attend  the funeral!
The Mall-Herald is pleased to announce there is a decided improvement in tha condition uf Mrs. M. M.
Pettipiece, who has bein seriously
ill in th3 hospital for the past
West's Jubilee Minstrels
An evenn: of laughter, mirth, mer
riment and pleasure will he at the
B.lison theatre Tuesday night, wh?n
Wm, H. West'- Big Jubilee Minstrels
will appear In this city. This is the
lirst time that this renowned min
strel company, band anl orchestra,
lias ever appeared in this section of
the country an.l is by far the     very
Revelstoke Land District,
District  of  West Kootenay.
Take notice   that   I,   Hichanl I'arker
ul  Kevelstoke, B. C, occupation hotel
clerk, Intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following     described
Commencing at (l post planted near
II.   Hellion's south-west, comer,  being
Xmas    the smith-east  point of  Richard  Parker's      land,     thenee   oast   10   cbains,
thence    -tb  20  chains,   thence  west
■1(1 cbains, thence south 20 cbains,
along lake shore to point ol commencement. Containing forty acres,
more or less.
Dated this HKth day of November,
Dec.2, Per W.l'\  Oglllve,   Agent.
Edison Theatre
Mitchell & Byrnell, Props.
1. The Blackfoot Helf-
2. Oad's Girls
3. Iter Uncle's Will
i The Ghost of ths
5, Oh, Vou Skeleton
See New Program on
Monday Night
Our specialties Tor Christmas are usetulness
•-combined with beauty. We have given a good
deal of thought and attention to our buying for
this season and you will find the nicest selection
we have ever shown.
Christmas Silks
Beautiful soil Silks in all llie
lcitliiiK shinies, also in checks
and    stripes.    A     sill'     ilrcss
would mnke nn ideal nill and
not mi expensive one.
Infants Wear
The many new babies must lie
remembered and »e now have
everything necessary.
Beautiful Belts
and Neckwear
See what we are showing in
clastic belts iu black, gold,
silver and colors, all ill Xmas
l'ul lars anil jabots in all the
new (ads and fancies. The
reasonable prices combined
with their newness ami daintiness, make them very attractive.
McLennan & Go.
under Auspices <>i; fire brigade no i
Refreshments Served at Midnight
Prizes give]  lur the Hest Lady's,  Gentleman's and  Comic Costumes
for Particulars Apply to S. Needham Cheil or Ihos. Steed sec.
The Boys and i.ui.- Own, Chums,
Scout, Strang's \..n * Chatter Box
all new at   Mac I tore.
*   , nilar   ol    it ■■ .*'.-■■■
vie* i. on I v. ly  to
on ii I -
. nt  in
West's Minstrel
Show    Tuesday
Dec. 5th
Revelstoke Skating Rink
Frank W. Hopkins, Manager.
Ladies single tickets        - - $4.00
Family ticket, not to exceed 5 members 15.00
Gentlemen's single ticket       - -      6.00
Children's single ticket    - - 3.00
Secure Ticekts Early and Have a Full Season's Skating
•i n.:i'_- at thi     Bdison  th   .•
,n :  to  the racl   that   I iere  »et ■
:  other local entertainments    thai
ui .-lit the audience  w ■
, ■   misrht have been expect'
A Bplendid me»?tin.' of t.i.
L  tgfte ol the Methodist ch
:.! on  ffedneedas   even n
* ck.   The  program was a study  ol
,    b   i   ■   . .ih
. * - reek  II   ;..
thai I start yet I
n tt • * - ui ,rh to
. ■iver*-     '.      So Mi    Easl   C
'■'■:■■.■ :. '    '  i
I  ' „,,   ■    ia .u Iteve-
•-  ul  making
*    •        ■ *,. ;.owe.   planl
■ d  '.'  * * .   I ;*   leave
■   t  • '   ' ■
ry ul the struggle to obtain     th.'
inchlae.'     Mr.   H.   Manning      irave
address on "who nee qualified    to
municipal,    provincial     nnil
'■'■ -mimon elections, and what changes
-nil    r made "    Mr.  R.J. Mclntyre
id   , : .;.••> .**i "Woman's Sutlrnir'*"
Mrs.   '•'■'    Han
-      ih
■ *     Mm    Dickej
Keliie.   Mrs,  Hat
■ (  hf r
trued   to
ili ■      let ease * bt Ide     ol
our  months.
■ h ■ m. *.    tn astrel companies
ie   West Minstr.'ls
have - the others have
* * ■ ite.
.    un ler    ihe
knuun manag -
Bo and     WlHiam
ilpment, etc.
*:  ,  I   ■
tin * - dancers, etc
,.. n seen in tin;
Dot  • late and
.-■I    now for     .ui
mite  you   will      lun-'
1 renifmbfr
$530 Down
Balance Over 18 Months
..:     I ben*   *..
ian church    Mr   W
usual  organ  recital  preceding ttie re*
■■* n-i tu with  leep   iiim- mi i  .
: i lively    Alienation   the   hi .  k«
i   .-..,,<!  number   i -1 rl i" Irom M
■ •;'  meeting, tinder   Tb** beaut •*■
■ '' I »»n  * >    le part ment, is tu   he    ning  bj   Mr    K»lph  Lawren * * **.    »»",
i    Masquerade
SI ii    upet a hom*
N ,it  tin* EM
opportunities Edmonton Real Estate offers you for a safe, sure,
profitable investment? The unprecedented development of
Edmonton, the Capital City of Albersa, due to the remarkable
expansion in mining, agriculture and trade has engendered a
growth which has been little short of phenomenal; while the
increase in population, predicted to double in a few years, point
to a steady demand for Real Estate.
\   Mock  iit.   I'uiincil"  to  be     hell   Mr.   Allan   Tl
in  this  month        ..l,,  "Drifting."
ing    the i
Vnr  Inll  particulars apply    A
Hail l!»ra!'l  Office. It
ItKWS     ])K\'(;   STORK
The advant igi 9 ot   being able to offer exclusive novelties from
the European markets ure considerable.   You will find
an entire line of t.\dir ive goods ,,\  our store.
White Cootls    -P-Wis'sil Ivory
Tin* !!■ * *  '     ne   f pre
in Hair, Cloth and Hal Bru
Mim      ' ap "■•* I ""' ' ' "
:>.!:,, ;  i '... I,     fra    . Coinlm.
10 lines Brass Candle Stloks,
i inched t ill ;" ':  " '■'
i-. cai It to $4.01)
7 lines Brass Tea Kettle*,
>.'nii*. >i' ,00
Manicure Sets. 54  ■" to JlO.Oti
l hotn mnl Silvt i   *'
The nolilui .1   .uul  l„. i     .   .;
i   in.irUit  are   found  In
u.,1*   tore,
Ladies Card Cases,    ' lo -. esclt
Cents Letter Cases. • ni h
cents Wallels, Sl lo   7 , „ h
Ladies Hand Bags. Sl SO In $10
The largest stock of tlie
above goods ever shown in
Wc havo jusi received a large Btock  of now
goods, consisting of Men's and Boy's Clo
ing, Boots, Shoes, t'nderwear.    Rubbers i'i"
our specialty.
Don't fitil to i eandinspect (nr yourself.   We are the outfitters for mmi and boys
of Kevelstoke,
two and a half miles from Edmonton Post Ofticr. commanding
a magnificent view of the Saskatchewan River, is now offerered
$30 Down and Balance Over 18 Months
This property, from its convenient and pleasant situation,
will in the near future be the centre of building activity and
Should be worth double its value in a very short period.
Take This Opportunity and Reap the Reward
Sec Us for Full Partlcula s


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