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The Mail Herald Mar 6, 1912

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 "Empire" Tyyjwpiter
For case of operation and
perfection in results it. is
unsurpassed,    Price $601
Interior Publismng Co., Ayts.
^tiog Cards
Interior Polishing Company
$2.50 Per Year
Cereal Cookers, White Enamelled
Special, to  Introduce.
)ishes t" Steam
85 Cents
Pots and
40c 50c 55c
New Style
85c   90c
Cooks li) Steam
MARCH 7 th
Premier McBride
ser, Hon. Thos.
Hand Decorated
Tea l'nts
50c. and 60c.
Cut from $1.00
and $1.26
We have just got
the Agency for the
Electric Vacuum
Weight S pounds
Only $36
Steam  Fitting
Imperial Bank of Canada t
Hoad Ot*ic«— Toronto, Ontario. V
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
ui 0.111111111.
Hon. W. J. Bow-
Taylor will Speak
to   thc   Electors—Seats   Reserved
for the Ladies.
premier McBrltlo und Hon. W, J,
lii.wiu'i*. will undoubtedly receive u
right royal welcome Irom llie people
ni Revelstoko tomorrow, on fctaoli n
rival tor the purpose ..l addressing
tho electors ol ilus district on tho
issnrs before llieni during tbe coming
campaign. Hon. Thomas Taylor who
accompanies them in of course no
Btranger In Revelstoke, and it is tit
ting that mu popular member Bhould
have tho honoi ol Introducing bin
iim distinguished colleagues on    tbe
occas f tin* opening of tho cam
palgn ni lus liiiiin* constituency,
It  is not necessary [or us to     at
tempt tin' task ol acquainting     the
citizens  ol   Revelstoke   with  the full
details uf tin'     object  of  this    visit.
The speakers will do this ;,,r   tbero
selves nl  the opera houso tomorrow
night, and lar better and moro olo
quontly than is possible in the   cold
medium ol nowspaper type and headlines.   'I'lii* originators ol the    Rail -
way Policj in the persons uf the Pre
inter and bis    two   chief 11 lutenanti
will outline    sum,*   from   bhe public
platform, and doubtless will i,e cmi-
tiut   to allow the audience to judge
Sinn," lm  themselves.
Every resident of British Columbia
Is agreed thai the tuture prosperity
uf our province, depends upon the
utilization ol the great natural resources with which ii bountiful nature
bus endowed us. On every si,l>- in
this vast empire, alike from the tish-
iMiis i,i tbe s,*ii in tiie timber, agrt
cultural and mineral lutlts ol the iu-
tiTiui, and the treat waterpowers ol
the mountain sides, nature offers
wealth untold only waiting the mne-
ii- touch of labor an,I  the  llow of life
sustaining capital.   And tbe greatest
need of all is for railway  transporta-
large extent  thl> crying noed of Urll
lah Columbia, and by a series ol wlso
measures ho proposes to bold oul  tbo
I,.,   i,n inducements whieh will load
to tlii* rapid innl isiiui of many bun
dreda ol mtlea ol railwny transports
in.n lines throughout  tho more set
ib.i portions "i the provinoe,     and
along approved routes of proven val
uo nml strategic Importance.
it. is this policy whioh hlmsoll und
lu;   two rlgM   hand  suppm ti'i'-,      ure
coming in Revelstoke with tb<' Inten
tion ..! explaining same to the eloc
ton   and requesting their support  "f
in addition to this great  develop
menl policy, tho Promier will     also
|ilniv    ideally      before    h.s   l.u liinal .*
in*.hits, the outline of tha gonoral
policy of the Conservative govern
nu ut in regard to the llnanolal and
administrative reforms which tho
i iri i v are adopt Ing as a portion of
Hi Ir platform during tbo prosont con
t, un these broad groundB then,
hm.i mi the record ot the government
tho appeal i" the electorate ik to be
baBed, And sui-ii an appeal certainly
will m.i bo made In vain. Opposed
to iln* purty are the disunited, dis-
*i .iiuzi.l leniui'iits ol the onoe great
i. ral Partj ol British Oolumbia,
who years ai:ii were weighed in thi'
balances of public opinion in this
pii'V,nee, and found wanting. 'Thoy
,*. ill***iii ,i leader, without a plat
fm in. without hopo, The lose of the
Dominion government patronAgo ai
ih- ia~t Dominion elections, haa takei awiiy Irom tbe Ldberal Party their
nolo remaining pretext for existence,
'i'n lr recent convention was a repetl
i.iii of f.'i'iiii' criticisms and purfle
excuses, and after endeavoring In vain
to  lake  away   the  credit   coming    to
the present government by the excuse that Premier McBride hnd stolen ih,- Liberal platform, they were
compelled to fall hark upon "Votes
tor Women" as theil sole excuse for
opposing the present administration
nl the coming elections.        ^
It is between these two policies
ii. n. tbat the electors will choose.
'i i ■ I.*.,,ins ,,f the Conservative parti ,,i coming in person to put their
ease before us. we doubt if this district will hav, the sl.clitcst opportunity of henrinc the opposition case
put at all.   in nny event the electors
Branches or Agents nt all principal no  ._ .
Agents iu Great Britain and United Stales—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited,    Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Ex- ■
change National Hank,   Saottle—-Heart I* National Bank, Ban Fran- V
Cisco—Wells Fui'ijo \"evada  National Hunt.     Spokane—Bxeliimgu Q
National Bi-uni. JL
savings Bank Department ?
Deposits  of  Sl and upward,  received, and  Interest allowed at T
Ciiii'iiu rate from dato of deposit.    Correspondence solicited. tp
Rsvelstoke Sranch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr. £
C^(>000<><><H>O<KH><KK><H>0<KK><K>0 0
Long and Shortening Dresses, Cloaks, Etc.
Spring Shipment Just Arrived
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
tion. Premier McBride, hns placed will judge tor themselves, nnd vote
before the country, a railway policy accordingly, and the verdict can sale
which   is  intended  to  supply  to       u   ly be lelt in their hands.
Solid Five will be Returned in
Vancouver—-Liberals Propose
Two Candidates in that City
Vancouver, March i -With arrival
in Vancouver this morning ol Pram
ht McBrlde und Attornoy Q-eni ral
W. .1. Bowser, trom \ Ictoila, to com
iiimiiiv campaign tour of tho provinoe
much enthusiasm prevails m Conservative party circles al tbo big co isl
city, The opinion Is strongly held In
view of iin* weaknosa ol tho opposl -
tion and the poor preparations they
aro making lor tbo coming Hitlil here
that the Bolid five will assuredly bo
returned with Increased mnJorltK-s.
The l.ibei-.'ils hold their nomination
mooting mi Monduy next, iml are still
undecided whether to nominate a lull
tlcltel lor Vancouver or Concentrate
their itrcngtb on two candidates. The
l,.i l'ml party can no longer rely upon tho subsidies ami patronage "f
th.' Dominion government and ara
without lunds or greal leadei i, Thoy
advertUe their campaign to bo one ol
pin ity,   poverty   nnil   nro: i. ss, and
despite  bombastic  utterances that
l.i'i'i.ils will contest  overy sent in
province,   It   is   doubtful   if   tbey will
s nivid iii securing candidatea lot
on * third of the nominal lone, and
will probably confine the.r efforts to
ih, const cities where the people can
lie easily and chon] Ij reached, Str u :
pressure is being exerted to Induce L.
li. Tnylor of the Vancouver World,
i" stand as one ol the Liberal candidates.
McBride and Bowser, Interviewed
tins morning on arrival, express ax-
brums confidence that the govern -
ment will be returned to power with
nol mor.1 than two in the opposition
Premier McBride slates every pari ol
the provinoe will be fully appraised
nil the details ol the government
Railway Policy. Irrespective of
i her such constituency will bo
carried by acclamation or otherwise,
he considered that the measure rc-
cently adopted by the govcrom nt
was really ns National aa provincial
in scope, and hoped to secure materia! assistance from thc Fedirnl government on these grounds.
Engineers D. Murray and G.
Shaw Injured Delegates to
Kelson Conservative Conven
tion Stalled at Revelstoke.
Allic:l Union Men Joining with
Miners in Their Strike-Over
Million and Half Men Out.
(ut il wreck occurred this morn-
on the main line of tlie 0. I'.il.,
',:4*5 n.m.. one mile this side      ol
! P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
$1 Revelstoke, B. C.
Wholesale and Retail
will refresh yon «itl> its bright,
flavor and Iragrancy. Sold in
lead packages,
40c. and BOc.
I   li.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
O. W. 13ELL
P. O.  Box 200
Phone No. 23
Three Valley station. The cust-
iioiind paaaenger train collided   with
tbe  engine  and  ten.ler  oi  a  IikIh   in
eine travelling weat, the lighl engine
»as travelling al high (peed In an
attempt t.. make Three Vallej beiore
tin* paaaenger train arrived nt thnt
point. a< a reeull ol the collMon,
Fireman Duckworth ••! the paaaenger
train was pinned between the boiler
ol bia engine and the tender of the
light engine and m.-taiitly killed. D.
Murray, engine,*!' •■'. tin* passenger
train wns injured, and fie*.. Shaw,
engineer of the light      engine,      wns
siit-titiy Injured.
Among tin* paaeengera ••; ii». wreck
cl M*,sti..Hind,   were     w     0   Poater,
manager of the Nelson Daily News.
Harry Wright. 6X-M.P.P. and wile;
F. I-.. Ramaona of Nelson. II. (1. N'cm
I ind-, T. Vi. Brown o! Nelson and
W. G. OHlette of Vancouver. also
W. K. Baling of the Roaaland Ulnar,
the last mimed auatalnlng slight  In
the light engine saved the complete
telescoping of the train and frightful
lose of life. The engineer of the passenger is to i.e i .idly Injured, ba
jumped a few aeeonda hefore tha Impact, Dr. Sutherland left I.y special
.train to attend to the injured, and
*.ni' of the paaaengera returned   to
nevelstooe on   his speeial  at '.I a.m.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The train wns only slightly oatnng- I
ed.   UN  dining car all  set   for  l.reak - !     London,   March   1,-No   progNM   has
fas:  suffered   most severely,    Imt    nil   ll''rl1 made in the negotiations for the
th, kept to the track. Thc line  eetUement  of  the  coal  strike,  other
I unions allied to tha Federation   arc
Coming lo tlie aid of the striking
in.mrs with liinda to prolong the
struggle, liver one million miners
an.l a hull a million of in, n in allied
tildes are now idle. Terribly cold
weather  is adding to the suffering  of
.the poor and the unemployed.
Will he cleared in a lew hours.
In January Says a Stray Wireless from Scott's Ship—Particulars Anxiously Awaited.
London, Man b I \ i until is em* -
i.nt here todaj thai Captain Robert
F.    Sett,   leadei of the  Mi Brltiab
Anl Arctic Polar expedition, reached
tiie South l'olc early ill January. A
■tl \ wnvlcss message is sai.l to hav.*
hcen picked up Irom Se, It's ship
stating tins fact, but no further par«
Honiara can in* obtained,
Seal tie,   March   l',—tleol'ge   I''.   Coi
\i toria, March G Steamer Uakura
',,!:.irail.i. brlnga nowa of tiie terrible
death of an Indian f/ighthouae Keep
er ill      Navnl.i  t'naaage,    Moun   Hay,
K,iiiiii Islands.    Some Hindu witekers
a ii.. iii'i*** Incensed at the lighiboime
Iceepei lor keeping lighl burning, attacked   the keeper,      extinguished  tho
light then pound keroalne over their
victim  and  set   l.ght   lo  him,   I.'living
Iiiiii iii the boat, Keeper ran hack
up tbe lighthouse sii'i'i; and managed
!.. extinguish ihe flames, Hnn, al-
though fatally burned, re 111. the
lights. Wns still alive when rescued
n.'xt   day. and  before  dying  gave BVl
.1 me agadnal the wrtcken who are
all under arrest.
trell defeated     Hiram 0. 0441  In (Injury   to  neck,  whilst   nil  had a mlr - .mayoralty      light    ye*tor lay    I.y  MM
'is  escape.   The   NellOfl   pass ni-' after   the   keenest   municipal   struggle
era  were hurrying  'ark  to the Koote-. in the histor*.  of Seattle eity politics
tend the Conservative The Single Tax amendment was do* Ottawa, March i, - The Dominion
Convention tonigW bUi Wiil noi re- leated by a large majority. .-;. IS»ua RlflS Association expect to receive In
acl,   Nelson   until     Thuivilav   evening.   Of   Ponds   fol   harlior   improvement  to   B few days the  new sight  attachment
M   t of the i * leep meet the completion of Panama fan- Ior the floss rifles, aa approved     hy
In ihe Pullman when the collision oc-1 al is believed to have i in   '
rurred, and were severely lotted   The wa   tbi  Open Town candidal .
train wai   travelling thirty mUea an  was recalled Irom the Mayoi ■
i,ght '.v.*i,.-i.i     .*[ In Beattli .. year ago.
the  National   lllllc   Assoriation.
We have jusi pul into stock a carload of Sherwin-
Williams' Paints including inside and outside
paint in all shinies. Varnishes for all purposes,
Oil Stains, EnamelB, Floor Paint, Shingle Stain,
in fact everything necessary for Paintiug and
Decorating, We have handled these Paints, also
their own make of Linseed Oil for years, and
there is nothing in the maiket to equal them. If
you want to get value for your money see that
Sherwin-Williams' name is on the can.
All colors in Alabastine.     Paint Brushes, etc.
Mclntyre's Store
Chickory, Pure Old Country, per packet
[leinze's Sauer Kraut, per Hi
Chiver'sPlum Pudding reduced to
New Arrow Kool Biscuits, per lh
Mclntyre's Store
Fresh Fish and Smoked Salmon,
Halibut, Cod, Soles. Herring, White
Fish, Smelts, Haddie. Kippers,
Bloaters, Norwegian  Herring.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Men's Suits
Hew Spring Styles
They are smart enough to
hold their own in any gathering.
Splendidly   made of finest
,1    _W    Tweeds and Worsteds.
Prices from $20 to $35
Mercantile Co.. Limited
The Stylea Shop d-i Men and !:•■■ -
i Ihll     n ' Turn    il..Hi. Ii'iitlivr, wl-
i.ll-ll   111    Mrl.cllllllll'B.
American railroads arc the fastest
and safest in the world.
Thc American trainman
counts his time in seconds.
Foreign railroad men carry no
wch watch as ihe HOWARD. inspection of railroad
Watches exists in no other country.
Howard Railroad Winbo(Imr-
tr'iinr/) are officially certified and adopted
tr Ihr time in'pe-rtors nf me hun-lrrd and
forty of lhe leading rjiiroids of America.
Better than thir, thrir 2-i.)- performance
is finer, more accurate than the met eiact-
i* * r    • m*1 requirements.
The balancc-wheelof tiie HOWARD
Watch i: made of special hard-tempered
iteel—wiil not knock out of true with the
)ar and \:'****r: II of railroad service.
Ever)* HOWARD is made and ad-
] : * ' , ■ -catch. Cised and timed
il its own can bjr the HOWARD watchmakers.
The price of the HOWARD i« fii'd
—railroad models .$50 to f 140— and 1
printed price-ticket attached.
We u:i this distinctive wauh and
would like to ihow it to you.
«  '
Some Snaps in Local Realty
House and Two Lois on MacKenzie Ave $4,100
House and Lots on First Street  3,500
House  and    Lot.   South-Wcsi     Corner
Douglas and King Street  1,500
House and Lot, Fourth Street  2,850
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
t.i liill-c abOUl  ii i'iiiihc Ilml   in lor llm
publio good mnl u iH only ii question
ot ■iimi> until auaoeaa crowns our at-
forta, i would like avory aobool mas
tor mnl Hiiiioul mistress in Oanada to
cull tbi' attention ol tholi pupils to
tho iiii'i' I mn making and to give
ilii'in nil possible nsilfltanco in preparing themselves for llic writing ol
theso  rssiiyH,   1'it.lii'i*  by  giving    tin m
I'lilllpiiiUl IIUIS        llll   Hllt'll    Hlllijl'I'tS IIH
"i;.....i   iIoiuIh",     "Canadian  High
way",     "Tin'   Building of   Roasts",
"i''niii,iiin UiiiuI    Builders",     "Early
mnl    Modern     Road   Building",   ot
"Roads ni a Country's Aaaot,"
All ciiHiiyH niiiHt. lm accompanied by
tho iimiii' of tlii' writer nnd by u state
ment, signod by pnront or guardian,
declaring that I lio composition Ih
tin* competitor's own work mul that
thc writer ih under eighteen years of
Ehc flDail-lberalfc
I" BUSHES  wi;i,\i;sn.iY  ami
jntcclot UiubUsbtitfl Company
j. K, JOHNSON, Manager.
RALPH 0.  BCRUTON,  Editor,
Land aotloea 17.60. All advertise-
ments -subject to the approval ol
the management. Wanted und
Condensed Advertisements : -—
Agents Wauled, Help Wauled, Bit
uationa wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted, 2b words or less, 2be.,
each additional line Hi ceuts.
Ohanges n. standing advertise-
ments must be In by 'J u. in
Tuesday and Friday ol each week
to secure  good  d.sinus
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters ol public interest. Com'
munications to Editor must bi
nccompHUH-.i by name "'. writer
not necessarily lor publication,
but as evidence of good faith,
CorrespondenrB ahould be brief.
Intludini: postage  to England,  United States nnd Cnnnda.
By tbe year ■ through postofllce) $2.50
Legal r..>t.»•-.- i" cents per line first
insertion. .' i-ents per line each
subsequent insert.on. Measurements Nonparlel il2 lines makr
one inch, i Btore mid general
business announcements J'-l.SJO pel
Inch per mouth. Preferred posi
Uons. 2b per cent, ndditbnnl.
Uirthf. Marriages and Deaths, ji'r
each insertion.
I whicli nn' proving  worthy an ngon
I. i . ul the vast  employers 11 mblun
II Ions,   Today In al  leaBl  two     do -
pnrtnionts ol     uatlonul  liis,   Mining
nn l  Transportal Ion,  capital  iin I  In
inn  aro meeting lu opou conllicl   on
a class     basis,   A  thousand   million
.lull.ui. mi nm* Mile, ii million in ii
tbe othor, the stake lor which they
lighi being ilu* economic and political mastery of the British Isles.
Tbo winking out ol theBO struggles
in Europe, especially by people of our
own kith mul km In Britaiu, h1h.ui.I
bi watched with the doepest luterost
i,y every Intelligent Canadian. As
with Europe today, so with America
tomorrow, the lessons ol history nre
us applicable to Canado .is to any oth
er part ol the world, The problems
«; Britain todny aro our pro •' ivia a
ili.* inin future, people whu imagine
thai by u mixture of real st.iie iho
lits and llashy politics they can tl.iy
the. relentless march of the la.vs ol
evolution are living in a fouls par-i
ii-.*. Tho statesmen of Canada can
pi'olll nl homo il tbey will .iliiilv with
an opon min.I the course of e/.-nts
older im tint lies abroad; ur they
can hide thoir heads In the sanbs ul
pportuuiam to await In a spirit . (
ver confidence bred by wilful iguor-
•nice, tho bursting oi tbe approach -
inir storm.
•- ■ ■ pu    city  which has  lieen
meeting, and tbe hear
•        saued by tbe Con-
- • i ativi      Vssoc ation    under whose
mt     Is     being ln-ld, it  Is
I   iui   us to relt irate
equeel   that   alike  In  th.'.r    own
tereal "•   good    .>!      the
-  many voters as possible
Mm   •   •   ii   Ini to be pr ;  it
at I ting in tle ■*;*• ra hi use
tomoi '     rbe oppoi tunlts ol
•   in, m ers  of
.-. re menl   Including the  Pn m
■ . |f,     -   ih,*     i ubllC
.,1(111 •
plan!     i :
Bj ■ ■      Columbia,
.  • ■
I-   s   , gold-
*   * ii should i.,
• •». ii _••   . i... *    rill uol
,*: omot i
- *  *   t the meeting, but ■> ill
i •    *        ta ol Revelatoke aad
•. •
test, and f bat  th
-i. -..       «1 '
-r -.- .*: • .'     •
• •» b
I... . ■    I
i latin it   ■
I hop  ■     that !i
tereal i.
..,.., ...
Th" -i, ' .      .
Din •:.    '   lir.' ,.i
- If ■ .   growl ■      * '
■    ...
can;* I as I      mosl  conservative   .*.'
oil a. ■ trial countries
Tbt forming of giganl e    nt-gi .-,,
'■,,n*f of capital, as nen In the com-
tion of grrat   lolni    I .fi*:  <,*>,.-,.
■n the realms of Bnance, and trust*
i   tbe world ..f productive .nuustty,
•*.. i • *   ■     ne'ltai la       . ., 1 hi
■I.   *,f   ill,lty   HO   ably  , !"tn->i.   '    Ited
>n the world ••'. capital he "en ail
,'i;ckly mastered by tlle l inks ol
labor. Old craft unions have bffa
Mwr-pt aw«y to live short years the
T»pr*Hentnfist's at the Workers tia-v*
•   "I  politics   as  a   class  unlf       On
m„  ::*..,r ,,f toe bouse ,,f    commons,
■through   the     Federated Ti is they
welded the workers In  mine and lm:
jt" ftiguiitiM Industrial   i
Of the Financial Standing of the
Imperial Bank of Canada
Wo are In r dpi of tho 36tb     an
nual lepuit ..[ tho Imperial Hunk ol
Oanada, one ol Canada's Btrong tin
aiici.ii liiBtltutlons. The balance
sheet of which    wo herewith publish.
Will   speak   fm   ilself:
A. Brown, Koromeos; Saanlch, Philip
li, uoopel, i'ui.put '■; ttlooan, John
w. M. Tinling, Hllvertom V Ictorln
city, 0, S. Baxter, \ .tuna, Von
r,,liver   cily,   A    C    StOWort,   Viiiii'.mi
ver. Ymir. Uul ei i M, Perdue, Trail;
Val...   .lohn  McUiie.   Agasslz,
Visiting Oddfellows Entertained
Last.     evening    111   Selkirk
Hail n most enjoyable livening   waa
spent.   The occasion  boing tho     tho
bestowing ol tho Roboccn dogroo   on *
n number ol Salmon Ann Oddlellows
Ithe vlHitoi's being Bam  Miller. 8. M,
iMoOulre, r. A. Boot, n* Hai'bol, W,
lioiniH M. Carroll,  0.   Mousing,    W,
(iilibiinl  nnd  .lumen  Evans,
i   AKi'i- the oiiicnil    ceremony     had
been completed, dancing wns indulg
ed in, when refreshments were served
The   iihihIc wiih  good an.l   all   |iri'neut
state that the ovcnlng was au unqualified success ami roflects great
credit mi the local Rebeccas and Odd
fallows who arranged tho outcrtaln •
The Board ol Blroctors wish to con
vey   through   the   pross  tIuu'      11.links
to the Rovolstoko Philharmonic So
nety fm- the rendering ol then' Bplen
did program lor tho benefit ol     tho
association.   Thus,'  present  wore well
pleased with the entertainment,
The bowling alleys aro open   Iri m
I tu 111 p.m. oaCh evening, nil ii'ini
beis desirous of participating In this
game call do so. as all league gttmOi
have  been cauCollod.
Notes   in    circulation .. * 1,420,715.00
Deposits   not hearing in,   8,709,869,48
Deposits  hearing  Interest
Including Interest accrued
to dato   37,734,623,00
Deposits  by  other  Hanks ■
in Canada        I27.2lii.n-l     Last   Saturday  morning was Nee-
Total liabilities to the tor-all dny for the little hols ill the
public   5*1,051),453.53 gymnasium. About 50 boys '.ook ad-
Capital stuck paid up ...   5,760,589,25 vantage of the Invitation oxtomlod to
Reserve Pund     r,, 769,559,25 them  through  the  Physical   Depart
Dividend  No.  88  payable ment, ueedloss to say tbat lor   two
isi   May   i»il   tor   three hours they enjoyed themselves     uud
'are  wondering when the  next  insita-
172,18».r,l tion   will   lie  given.
. months,    at   the   rate of
12 per cent per annum...
Keb,ite    on  bills dis.    ...
Balance of profit and loss
account  carried  forward
Arts und Crafts    Exhibition   i-'nii>
.,.,., ,.,r ,..,   blanks  for  this  exhibition  m.iv      le
M.I, l J., .1,-1
 hail   at   any    tunc   from   the   I'l"   ICUl
Director.   There is     over une mouth
yet   iu which  to prepare.  BO got  busy
hoys and see     what  you can   make,
8,602,323.00   hibition.   Now  is  the  time  i .      get
i busy.
antl    silver    coin! 1,425,377,90   The reports are goo.I  fui  a u
ty the Canadian Highway Association
New Weatmlnater, B.C., March ■'*  ■
lu  order to stimulate  interest      in
good roads  throughout   Canada,  ff,
.'. Kerr, president  '•( tho     Canadian
Highway      Association,    is    offering
tin c valuable  medals,  for the    besl
essay on   "What  Good    Roadi   Mean
to Canada."   The    competition     foi
these medals is to be confined to   oys
and girls under eighteen years of nt"
and im distinction Is to be made I
iwii'ii the sexes.   Women  have    long
since taken a  place  In  literature eq
ual to tbat occupied  bj   mon,      Mr
Kerr believes, and a contest In which
.-.ii- will compete against  boys will
be mor.   Interesting to all *
t'linii oiie in which separate prizes an
Tne competition    will
.'   lent-   ii all  purts of Canada
tin re w,;;    * ird   nn.l  lest
....- to i he length .*.' tbe    »say
ed,  although  articles  ol  600
words ■*
nown    newspaper rule thu
ii     '    e ou ore side of the papei
Ij   will be strictly enforci
. ompetitora  will ■*,     *•*!      to
rlth    id
; - in the preparing
in i all esaa; - muat   be in  thi   b
• .retail-,   p,   \v    Luci
ibla street.   Sew   V-Veatmiost ■
. i  before May 15th.
—t  prise aril
lal  ■ earing on  "■.- ..'■■■ ei •
... .
I* .,*        v*--
■i , •      '
•    n   !■:
* *    .
,*. 1    . M
reiiii  pin
■'.,:. . "I •
ai lar i ,,f ma  I
.-  tbe  ,*■   i * titton  i.    •
ing peopii  la good
nl  this,un,       Vr.
11-   11   ,.  i i it it was impera
i   .   that    ha  ?o«pel of good    roada
ialiould  ■    p   a hi I i*   the boyi   .md
glrll      i au,       > : rr.iiirl
*i .,  ;. i in.,i • ..-■   i *   i      ipr*i-
■i    are  I.i i ng     in I    r|e .-
"Iiy Intel anting I      ■   ung     i * * 11
Canada In thi   ;     *    tion  »
■    ...:,, .i  Canadian  Highway
| will reach !i om   Uhernl   B    ' to
Halifax, vs ," says Mr. Kerr, i
expect to create ivlde Intereat in thia
movement, I reall thai onco *e.
bave tin Biippurf ami sympathy of
the public ni   large the success     trf
Ibis eiili rpi ISO        ,,I.      nut.    tl,,*
young  people  iiiteiiste.i  and  iffilllnf
1,981,353.57 ;
All members Interested In sports
are reijuesled to sign their name to
the large bliink sheet which is pinned
on the bulletin board, the line ol
sport they are most Interested nil-Spring Is gradually approaching and
we are desirous ul having everything
in roadinesa when the grass begins to
show Itself.
IVCt.    Notes    	
Deposit with Dom, Govt,
for Becurity of note circulation 	
Notes  ol    au.l   checks on
other     banks   	
Loans  to  uthei   hunks  in
Canada secure*!. Including
bills   re-discounted ...
Halnncc   ,lue   from    other
banks   in   Canada   	
Hnl i-i.-,-   due   fruin   Agents
in   United  King.bun  	
Balance due frum  Agents
in Foreign   countrtee
Hum.   &   rem-. Gov, Bee.
Loans    to   l'r..v.  Govts,
Canadian    Municipal   Securities   and    Uritish   or
Foreign oi Colonel Public
Seem ii m*s other than Can
Railwaj  and othei   Bon I -
ind short
-  and      bonds      in
la 1,576,12
than   in Following is  ih< i   al   lhe
*        .     .   • . *   I,,  the month
,il,-.l I*;  ,!„  Pril,,*,-
..   ,., ..  pa      the s Miss J. J   Mai kenzie:
ices M.233.1T  •" (1
i iver ■:    ■        ■ 27.J1 W     «i     S
• * . -•   *
'  ■
■ included
The physical department ol the As-
sosriation was honored with tbe pres
em, ol Dr. .lohn Drown, jr., ; the
International committee on Tt lay
4,065.80 (.veiling insi. The physical committee and membera of the board were
given a luncheon In tbe ns ocl il. in
parlors at I 30 p.m., when Ur. Iln wn
spoke t.. th.*-, presenl on oul door
sports .. -* ime practical hints
about the work "( the physic .;   ,1. *
pa run*
2.11-';. 107.78
Hi;h School Attendance
i -
113 Ll
111 77
II    Iui
I |uii;,e lu  let  near  Conl ml school,
Applj iu ii. s. Courslor,
For   high   clnsil   i Ii'ltioni'ly   u|   nil
descriptions,   visit, the  Sugar  Bowl.
The "Sugar Bowl" chocolates aro
see the llovelstoko Nurseries for
t'ut Flowors, l'lnmu 50, t. e.
Watch the "Sugar Howl" windows
(■ir  our  Saturday specials.
\ Ictor   Nicholas   $2n  uu l   $,i::,  and
upwards,—Rovolstoko Music Store,
i'hiiiiieiiH' Tunis, cloth, leather, vol
M'l,  2111*.   each  al.  Mii.Mllinin'H.
II yuu   would   be  "IT"   tnke  her    a
box of "Sugar Howl" chocolatos.
A iienl, OOinfortably furnished bouse
I to  let on  Fourth street.    Apply      to
In. N. Coursler.
Probyn'a store is well supplied
wub candles made ou the    premises,
liun'l   forget   that  cuudles  arc   more
wholesome bought fresh.
Buy your good weuring giovos
from   Mcliityt-o'a.
Heavy tweed pants, U.50 per pair
ut  Mclntyre's,
Sunn'   good   bargains    iu    dwellings
on Second and Thud streets,- 11. N.
why do thu buys always buy thoir
wagous at  Howson's,     Because they
always  got  what  they   wanl.
We have overy ISdlson Amberol Re
cord In stock, nlso Phonographs nnd
can sell at I'lasteni prices. Ask UB
now to gat iu Amberol records froe,
worth $6,50.—Rovolstoko  Music  (toro
Don't wuit until  duly  before or.lei
ing the Hunt! Ice you require. Cummlngs Transfer Company.
I.a.lies-hum   is   the   tune   lo       have
)    baby  carriages  made  new.—W,
Don't forgot that Howson's Sale.
, ol Carpel is still one, Come In and
I choose before the stock is pickod over
|    To  Ilent — nenr  Y.M.C.A itntort
ai.b* live room dwelling, ll. N.
llowson and Company request    the
..iiIimm   lu  luuk   ..ver   their  stuck       ol
I collapsible Go-carts  before  purchas-
We are ordering out stuck ol llanll
ice  now   and   are  taking   orders      for
summer delivery. -Cummings Transfer Company.
Howson ii t'o.'s cl. iks are always
pleased to show you their stock of
house furnishings whether you choose
to buy or not.
Only a certain quantity of Band ice
available. Customers ordering now
can bc assured ol regular supply. —
Cumming's Transfer  Company.
llowson & Co. have the largest
Stock of wall paper in the city; s*-e
Hum stock before purchasing elsc-
See uur display of iniittiesses and
bedding. Hue third of ynur life iB
spent in bed. why not spend it In
comlort on one of Howson's felt mat
Mrs.   Housewife—Stop cleaning old
sn.uky lamp chimneys send for one ol
,.ur new lii, Handle power white light
burners, rut the coupon out in our
big ad in this paper today. National
Ll .-lit  I'u.
HUSIO—Miss Johnson, pupil ol A.
Miller, K.R.A.M., London, is prepared tu take a limited number of pupils lor tuition in music. For terms
npply nt tbe residence of J. K.
Johnson, first hoiiBe west of the hospital.  First street.
Returning Officers Appointed
I tin
»    ■
\ •*•        *,,.,...      uiil
■        '
■ .<■ r I .• ■
■A: I I-i, m   H       mtth    i  ■
alt.Roberl    \    \
l-vri e,  Arthur Vi
f'.rnnd   Forks    i;*  .    *.
T.   Collin*,     i
Vlfrsd  i'    M ■ li    Katnlo
•a illlam     0    Ko b,  Kaslo;
limn    Llll
i..i i.  in   ■
" to    Nanaimo  mter
... - .1        Spw
minster;  We I apl    v>
li.   Mr.M.,11
A.  Shntfur.l.   V ei 111 l|;   I'i, hmofld,   la#,
T   Sexsmlth,    i',   n ie;     Revelstoke,
un     *i    l      * i   nr.   Revelstoke;
li       .ii. I  ell       ll    T    I'A'iuis      R
i.iii*i.      Iki nn     ImimhiI   h   Clarice,
Prince  Ru|. it   , milk, nm en   Jo »ph
State Insurance
.   for astat
\      .
the     govornmen'  ininr -
I    •.,,: *•
rill   in I on I
■i     it
Laerri iaa I
ihs •■'   -t   B
inel.   v.   i
Mai    i i       vi i   i
Mar, .....        I*,. ,,i,.|*e
,rl<*y   HoUBe   *.     Ilnm'
Mai    ii    f.B.t    r,  Mletdrahs,
Mai   ri  Beavers v. Mspi» Lsals,
Mm    U    M .|,lr  Uafs  v.   .1 II I
Feb   22-  V etdrahs v    I II 0
Feb.   27    MaplS   l.cnl-   v    Heavers
Feb. M   J ii 0   r,  Mni li ihs,
,1       uf
I plus   T ■ * i-iitticM will   , **.*-iiiiii,*    ,
■   ll ..-'ime.
March     Is   st    Patrick's   entertain'
menl al Opera Mousa "Hon Paddy
De Itnziin"  an   Irish  farce  presented
by Dramatic Bocletj ol St. Praneis
1st    I. ii. C. Conoert In   tbt
ra I ious*.
On  Baste)   Mondaj   Evening—  Grand
Ball undei niiHpicrii ol Ladles' Aux-
I'.aiiw.iv Trainmen
LA JT 'il wit:  Kt ilt  FRESH LAND.
i,   .   fertile rails) land
,i*. * *.    Hon
i. ii.  ut   ii   lu      have
bananai   plnnt,*.i within
authorised oompany
pla •  thi   i.iiiiion,h and    market
ban  should
•    pi *   .. i.    ., i.iir.       The
■ tion    Co . Block
\        dlsti    ii.
md i
i us    Vou rn*,. I not
go to Mexico. t.c.
I mpire   Typewriter
Rightly Used
Apply • Mail-Herald
See Our Stock of
Sheet Music. Player Rolls
Player Pianos
EDISON Goods Always in Stock
Revelstoke Music Store
J, Bingham,   -   Prop.
Rosedene Nurseries
Kevelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Wr urc spcciali/inx in '" voriellen in Season
ol Cm ['lower*, t'ui Khowlug is unsurpassed.
Conic and inspect foi yourself*
W, ll. I'O'i'TRii l*', ManaRcn.
Un South Road, Half a Mile from Town
Mi'ii'lmiitu, bouscboldera and others
r.inl everj word ol this ndverblso-
inciil mnl nut.. ..ui* Imt ul Spniuls
tor February, lor this m Your Op •
portrait) in Havi- money hy placing
your ordorK now- licfurt' tlw rush ol
Un' Bpring Season,
To Merchants- We can BU your ro
i|iiii'i'inoiits lor showcases, counters,
mouldings ami turnings nl all description, drawers, tiling cabinets, nf-
lii'c  ,lrsks mul  stm,Is,  shelving      and
partitions,    plain and lancy      sheet
glass, etc.
To Householders and Others— This
la your chance to net all kinds of ln-
terior Bnisbinge, Imt bed sash, mould
iiii;s. cupboards, kitchen cabinets,
tables ami stools, Blnkboarda shelving, sliding doors, paint, varnish nnd
kalsoinine,   roofings,   building   papers,
window and picture glass, etc.
Material anil Workmanship are tlio
Lest, and our prices are tbe lowest
possible. All orders, whether largo
or small, receive prompi attention,
[estimates for all kimls ol Constructional Work, freely given. I'bone 2i,l
or write UB, P. II. liox 2')b, PettT
st ill if possible, pay us a personal
visit.    Wc shnll  lie glail  to see you.
The Revelstoke Sash and Boor Factory
V. O. Uox 2')b
GEO. D. SHAW, Prop,
Phone No, M
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War,
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me Belore Investing.
YEAR WITH $137,969,432 OF
The lollowing were prominent features ol  the business (or   lill   ihe
Company 'e mosl successful year,
I,   Bffectlve field-wort and a wide demand (or profitable
l.ik luiurance, gaveatolalol APPLICATIONS RECEIVED $18,032,040
j.   This large business ami lhe persistence of well-satisfied Policy-holders produced a OAIM FOR THE YEAR of   $11,044,306
The SURPLUS earned in 1911 was      $441,074
I     THE INVESTMENTS again earn over if. witconl a dollar
lost .m.I in iln* iiu'st acceptable securities.
K careful selection of risks  and   good   fortune,   again   ri vvilt   iii  ii
mosl favorable MORTALITY, about 50c, ofthe "expected," according io the
1..... i ■ unu ut tables.
fi    ECONOMY   consistent wllb thoroughness and enterprise   has again
kepi tin   EXPENSE RATES low,
All ooniluclnR to success in thc first aim ol
Provide sound protection at Lowest Cost and
with highest profits to Polloy-Holdera.
Tin*-, with Increasing success, The Great-West Life has been doing
since iw.'.
HEAD OFFICE   Winnipeg, Man
Aik da tin* " Report lor 1911'' to be issneil shortly, ami for "Profit****
1912" now in |irim ■ showing Results to The Ureal West i.ii'e Policyholders.
'. I
Bk'.-tiAM. Slfeli
See Me at Once about
Now is the time to Invest
Agent, Royal Financial Corporation, Ltd.
Office Open Every Night This Week.
f--m ««%«%««%%»%«t%%««%««««tt*%««%%M *> f
The government oi Canada has n*
(used to allow the wives ot Hindus
to join their husbands In this cotin-
mi;.   11 this is a sign th it the hatred  wl      caused >,y tho vor   ol
more than lorty years aj-to, )s buried
! thc  whole world  will  have ciiiai    to
  I he thankful. It is to he (ear':.l tlungh
A Canadian street car company In *>»t old memories will ho stirred ei id
Kingston, Jamaica raised tho lares old jealousies, almost l,,-g, turn w.ll
contrary to agreement and there have   '«' »r"»s''1 '* ">« ProOOIttl.    In that
,,        x.. .„  .h„. m*u W|H'  K(nnce  lost two  lie.iu'.iful  pn.v-
heen terrible riois m that citj. »
  lnces  and  felt the  disgrace  of Itvas-
Sir Joseph Ward is still premier ol
New Zealand though ha bus a major-1
lty  ol only  one memtier,     It is very
iiilliciilt  to     carry  on  a  government
iv'ieu parties arc bo nearly equal.
There hnve been Interruptions in tbc
work ot the Panama canal. Groat
slides of earth have partly tilled up
one of the cuts. It is stated hy those
In charge of the work thnt no Ber -
ious damage  has heen done.
J uai ex has heen captured hy the
rebels. It is stated that two ol their
generals, Carapa and Rojas, will
march with lClii troops against Oal-
luiahua. the capital of thc state.
These who are prepared to defend or
to protect  I'nited States citizens.
Kngland, like her neighbors across
the channel will booh have an avia •
tion branch of her military service.
.000,0(10 is to bc set apart this year
for the training of men and the purchase of aeroplanes. Thc school will
be built on Salisbury plain.
A large paper mill may be estnb -
lisheil near Nelson, by a wealthy man
from Spokane who will form a strong
company. He asks the city to Rive
a tree site nnd cheup power. The
business of paper making must coin,*
where plenty of pulp wood grows.
i'Taiik Stiibhs. of Victoria, was
killed in a motor car accident near
Nanaimo. He wiih a challeur and was
driving a big ear in which tliere W6M
live others, some of whom wen* in
jnii'd. The jury found that no one
wns to blame lor the accident ex -
rcpt the poor driver, who was going
at too great speed.
The     German      Kinperor    ail    lho   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
French president nre planning a meel   many of whoso works wero destroyed
Mr. I'arren, a very old gentleman,
died in great poverty in Montreal
last week. He wns an artist and wi.s
tbc founder of the nrt association
and nrt gallery of that city. He bas
left n legacy to thc wealthy city
which none ol her millionaires could
equal! In the hearts of a few he implanted a love of nrt and that lovo
has grown though most ungrntelully
the old artist was forgotten.
Jamaica will not agree to rcciproc
ity with Canada, because she fears
that the United States, which is now
hor largest customer would refuse
to do business with her if she trnded
freely with Canada. It ia to he hoped Jamaica will change lur mind lor
trade between Canada and the West
Indies should ho very profitable to
both these parts of tho Britlflh Empire.
Hon. Geo. P. Graham minister of
railways in tbc Laurier cabinet, has
lieen elected member (or South Renfrew, Out. Thc Liberals are flighted with thc victory and the lender of
the Opposition is glad to h.ive his
party strengthened In the house il
rommons. Still Mr. Graham did not
obtain ns great a majority es tbo
last Liberal who wns elected In Si uth
Knur nais ago lasl Aiigmt, thc
great CJuoliec bridgo, which would if
i'oni|,leti'il, have been iho of
Its kind  ,u  the world,  was destroyd
In the fall nl the structure, Seventy lour men wore killed. It is not*
suspected Unit It might have loon
wrecked bj dynnmlte, as it was tiding  built by the I'hneoli BrnUe Co..
hy  thc  MaNamnra- and  Iheir .-<s-n.iv
! atcs.
The Industrial Workers of t lie
World are getting into trou'ii* in
many citit-e. In San Diego, C...1*.oin-
lu, they insist upon spe.ikiig tn ihe
street" and the magistrate threaten*
to arrest them aa vagrants a,.l set
them to work breaking rock*. I, Vi.
Vi. does not stand lor bonijt labor,
but Ior agitation, hatred and "le i
ness. The world is not made letter
by such people.
Tho Dominion government in--
ed tho salaries of all custom* houso
officials. This, most people w 1! be
glad to hear. The people who co! -
leet the customs duties in this big
country must work hard and be very
trustworthy. We will hope that our
good friends tbe post niife employes
will nlso have a raiBe In their in'ir-
ies. Canada is rich enough to pay i
all who serve her fair returns lor Ion
cat work.
Please Go Home
"Please como home," is tbe mes -
sage a Beverly, Mub*-., woman has
sent broudcnBt over the world to her
hm-!.an.I. a man who is thought to
he in this city. Says the Calgary
Her appeal continues; "Since your
departure I huve lieen ill and am
working In the same shop you did,
trying to support our two children
nnd myself on |C a week. 1 nm liv -
ing in a cheap three-roomed tone -
mont on Klliot street. It you da not
come back soon my strength and
courage will soon give out. Miefl W,
tnkes care of the babies while I am
nt work. Six dollars is too small to
give us the necessities of life. Come
to us, your wife and babies need
you."     "DOLLIE."
Dollic is Mrs. Chas. I. Baton, of
117 Cabot street, Beverly. Mbsb. Sho
appealed to the newspapers ol that
town lo assist her in her search for
her husband, and the appeal was
seen bj Chief MaCkio, of Calgary.
who answered it, stating that he
thought the wandering one was here
Ho hns received a reply from Mrs.
Baton in which she states that ahe
hns written her husband, but has rcoeived no reply as yet. although the
letter has not been returned to her.
Mi Baton is a machinist by trade
He is 29 yearn of age, about R leet
" im-hoB In height, medium complexion, bine eyes and dnrk hair. When
he 1*11 Bevel ly he wore s gray suit
and .iverront and dark Oap, He had
a heart  shaped pin In his necktie.
Smoker's Supplies
The old reliable How bus tlie largest aid best line ol Smokers'
Supplies ever in the I ity, and our prices arc light. Fifty brands
of eigars to choose from. Price from Sl.COper box up; not made
Irsm scrap cither.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
Our siock   of   Calabash   Pipes  is  small  on
crop being a failure Ihis year anil quality poor.
Briar Pi] es in cases Irom *$! 1)0 up.
count  of  the
Ask for the fan.ous II. B. B.   brand.    Every  pipe   is guaran
Cigar and Cigaretle lloMeis, Cases and Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Trays and Pipe Racks. Tell us what you want and we will
suit you. Ifyou cannot call, phone b" ami goods will be tent to
your lu nic for approval.    Pay enrly while stock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., Psesioknt
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manages
CAPITAL - 310,000,000
REST, -  $8,000,000
With its large number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates.    Rates will be quoted oo
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can bc negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Everybody knows him, he will
lell you thai llie whiskeys we aro
silling are lbe besl. Cull and be
convinced. No household should
without a supply of c ur Har-
voy's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln tlqueur Brandy, guaranteed
mi j eai s old or Blackborry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our siock
nf choice Wine* and Liquors of all
l bids are unexcelled.     Sold by all
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track   f
Vw;  '
Record of Progress for Five Years--1906-1911
 1906 1911
* 3,000, CK if I * 4,000,000
3,000 000 4,600,000
23,677,730 35,042,311
27.457.090 38,854,801
^^^^^^^^^^^     33,090,192 48,237,281
Has 83 Branches In Canada, snd Agents and Correspondents in all
th* Prinelpal Cltlee In the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Reveletoke Branch. VV. H. PRATT, Manager
Reserve   -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
Our Doctors Anli*Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairer*,
Saddle re
Harness Makers
Our Livery is equipped with the best horses and
rigs* We also deliver express and baggage to any
part of the city.  Heavy and light teaming a specialty
F. Mc CARTY,   PR< >1»KII T< >R
Phone 201 WEDNESDAY,  \1 VRCH i*.  1812.
Preaches on Marriage as Viewed
by Roman Catholics
W ;,,:*,*,.   p, *      5—An hblshop Dru
. .,*.!   thi   • cclcslastlcal
... - *.<n civil eflect  by Mt
lustlci      Laurcndcau, annullng      the
....I  bringing to u
*..-,  anti-Ne Temere    agitation,
preached I   lay on the subject ol mur
..    ,,.. *.., wed :;•  the Roman i.'atb-
chun ■*   Great  interest waB tak-
• .   , *....;  *■.< log tu the recent
Ml.   .lutuce   CbarboD -
il. i.i t  marriage
i   ,      * *  *■;,.; ol Ui<' civil law.
il ...: .ii  pait    "The n£i -
tut)on I on it "iu ono end ol our
counti |  -    thi  uthei. tho more     oi
...        ,i • cles appearing In sov
i *  -   tant  newspaper* against
in.- m ise  Bcent. yet i vldent
*,-.. .i11. >n ol    the
. iai: ■;..  and  tbe deduction*
• ].*. irom ., recent judgment ol
irt Impose upon nu* tin*
tj to ral •■ ii.y voice, nol Ioi the
rp -* ol trying to interpret the
text i'l human laws, but In order to
solemnly affirm the ever Immutable
* pies ■■'. oui '.i.tu touching tbe
uuguiu --.i rament ol marriage as well
as the Bacred legislation ..f tho chur
ch which neithei jurists' thesis nor
tbe findings ol civil tribunals can
evei abrogate ui modity. Havo we
■ *. ■: se n ., i 'attaollc priest celebrate
tbe marriage ol two persons belonging ;.. othei liuin tin* Hi,man i'.ill *
lie faith? No, Indeed, ll Protestant
ministers ba l acted in thia manner,
an I il t bej bad declined t.. . elebrate
tiie marriage ol imprudent and guilty i latholh b ipou tin* simpi • ino
sentation i,.' .i civil permit without
making enquiries .is tu age and oth
ei conditions, we would uevei have
iiu.l to deplore these scandals, wblcb
-•■ ,-ieatly trouble our society.
'II governmcuu make laws lor tbe
valid and legitimate celebration oi
marriage, and if these laws contra ■
those ol tbi" church .
tbe latter can iu no way be allotted,
lor thc reason that the fa.thiul and
all those to whom the laws ol tli»
church apply will remain loyal unless they want to be excluded from
it* Bacred jurisdiction."
He  then  .|Uoted  tbe  Ne Temere  d*
cree   *.      proceeded: "So here is this
Ni* Temere   lecrei   wltb which a scare
bag t,eeu created throughout the laml
and which they represent  as an   at-
pt to destroy the peace ol families ai becty   ol  conscience.
• li   : .<:• .1    outside      these
essential    conditions,   the conditions
menl   ned   in    the decree, is consequently null I.y the (act, both aB re-
gardi     mseii   ce und religion.     It it
■ v< ry easy        .-   however, to render such a union  valid, as they have
only  •■   present  themselves belore   a
er.   Should    they.
the case is submit -
:   * '    thi   or: nary  >■: the    diocese.
The                    but ..m* sentence     to
'      ■      ud that        to declare      tbe
marriage   invalid   according   to    the
Marrlagi     . In    all   othei   sacra
menu         ng   to the church.     and
to the church
thai  concern*
■■ -..*. . lity .•: mai ■..    was
tbe 'ioctnne  ol tbe CathoUc    church
te the  Protestant     Retormatl n
- ich   i ill   •             ill time,   ii.
,           erate         thren bave
■'  .    ■• .   it,    11  they  have  made  mar
• ag< a simple contract su inltted like
tbe l  V<1  powers,  »in*li
1           -                fty\       at it*  will,
ist a              •     ems •
r secular traditi.
in  ibe,   ,,; that liberty      wbioh
■•  claim lor then:.- Ivi *-   .* I    them
act according   t.*   the
■ '■   '.ii.tti.
■ y. hati * boly
".' thf  Church on the ma:-  .
'   •-  ■   |l<
::•   ■-   1.--
-.  Ing*       Ex.
field bciuc! Report
oee ...
■   ■    .**
i   ,                     attending
i.    . * —:      mhei
it  .
IllgllPSt     IP*.-.-'
Tardiness   ot   '■ ipill
A i-i tf-  i*    -i i.  »l
Mary   Augusta   il'iufr
Water Rights in the
Railway Belt
Kamloops Water District
NOTICK is hereby given that any
person, partnorBblp, cou),pnny, or
municipality having any claim to
water rights in the Railway licit
may hie with the Chiel Water Com
mlsBioner at the Parliament Uulld-
inns. Victoria, a Btatomont ol claim
to wuter privileges on a printed lorm
(No. 50), which enn he obtained Irom
the Water Commissioners at New
Westminster, Vale, Ashcroft, Kam
loops, RevelBtoko, Qoldon, nr from
the Chief Water Commlselouor,
lOtlidenco    Will      bo    hear.I  at  local
points  ai      Knoll   as   the  claim*  have'
i,.en examined and tabulated lor de
termination by the Board ol Investl
cai,..n, ami notices will he published
iii tin* ll. 11. Gazette ami local pal'
,.|i ,.( the place and dato when each
stream will be dealt with, Objection*
maj bo Bled with tho Chiel Watei
CommlsBlouer. The lollowing streams
are BUPposcd   to  lie  wholly  or  parli
ally   within   the   Uailway  Hell   in     the
Kamloops  Wator   District,  which  In
duties      Kamloops   ami   the   Ashrroft
Mining  Division*:—
\u.ler..un  Creek.
Alkali Creek,
All inlvee   Creek.
Alexander Lake.
Vlexandcr Creek
American Creek,
Adams River,
Adams  Lake
Amies  Creek.
Atkins Creok.
Aim.iiiiibiirv   Creek.
Asbcrott   Creek.
Avilv  Creek.
Ancsty   [liver.
Vnesty  Luke.
\-liton   Creek.
Antler  Lake
Acute Creek,
lloniiaril Crock.
Heaver   Lake.
Beaver Ponds.
Denver Creek.
Homes Creek.
Big Gulch.
Bains Creek.
Badger I'reek.
Bro   Cr-ei-k.
itottn Creek.
llic  au.l   Lillie   Lake.
Hm lies  Lake.
Bond Creek.
II,.nun   Creek.
Barnes i'n»k.
Had  1..-m.I   Lakes.
Brocktes  Creek.
Hush   Lake
iiii-h Creek.
Bonaparte  River.
Dtise Creek.
D ■_• Pigh Lake
Broom   Creek.
Brash i'rf*k
Lilt   Lak.*.
Bute   Lake.
Bonnet   Springs,
Battle Creek
Baillle Creek
Bi issey  Gulch.
Boundary  Creek
Hates Creek.
Brink  ■
"* ,i i cade Creek
Baleau Creek
Black Canyon Creek.
Harncs  Lukes.
Bull   Ar I.n   i'r..*
Blait ■
Bush i'reek.
nine Earth Creek
Blue Berth Lake
• ■ek.
Hr"Uss»:iii Crwk.
ltiiviri"   Cr'en
Hue* Ijike
Llack  Pine Lake
..mi bell I'tmmV.
~a I,
i . i tt
!   ->ui ...
lt is riported that ih>. nun   who
■es   n   dollar   never   iqUeeSM    his
»■ fp    An     «%*xerii    editor    remarks
in      li»>k.'0£  nver Ins  suliecrlp
hut. be is im to believe   thnt
I here  nr,*  «nnie   *wy   oice women  tn
DOtDcnuillty,   who   are   not    get •
I   -.,      return  they   ileeerve,—
.. .
,     *     ■raalt
Canoe i 'reek tb east  v> i«
<ek,   Bait   K  rk  ol
■ I   ( r.-ck.
t'iniliiiii.   iiivk.
i    '. *,;      II. e'r.
I    n.'iu'.f    t   It
l*t|    Lake.
■  I.,*
*.iil   Creek
m Creek,
i'I.,••» Cree*.
i'wik Creek
i'hum  Creek
Col.l  Creek.
Charcoal I 'ret >
Cougar Creek.
t'acbl   Creek.
Campbell Lake,
Calling  Lake.
Crown  Lake.
Clinics Creek.
Celesta Creok.
CrlSB  Creek.
Cralgellachio Crock.
Cnhlli   Creek.
Deer Creek.
Deep  Creek.
Dry Creek.
llu. k   Creek.
UiKon   Creek.
Dairy Creek.
Headman's Kivor.
Bully Creek.
Devils Luke.
linns  Creek.
Dnvies Creek
Drained and North Cameron Lakes.
Doberty Creok,
Do   Mars   Creek.
Hairy Crook  Lake.
Dominic Lake.
Dunn Creek.
Dubois  Creek.
Duck  Lake,
Elliot Creok,
Edwards Crook,
K.lwai.l'- Creek,  Nortll Kork
Edwards Lake.
Elk   Creek.
BSagle River,
Eagle River,  North Kork.
Bight mile Creek.
BHghty-tour-mllo Creek.
Eighty-nine   mile  Creek.
Five-mile Creek,
French  Ne.i Creek.
Pish Creek.
Fcnsom Creek.
Prog Lak..
Prog Creek,
Prank   Creek.
Perris Creek.
Fish   Luke.
Plat Luke.
Porest   Lake.
Pace Lake.
Prlsken Lake.
Ferguson Lake.
Port Dallas Creek.
Forest Pine Creek.
Fraser  River.
Fortune's Creek.
Fii.lear   Creek.
Guerln Creek.
Guicbon Creek.
Gulch Lako.
Culcb Creek,
Granite Creek.
Ueorge Creek.
Glanzler Creek.
Grouse Creek.
GaiitiH Creek,
Gordon Creek.
Griffin   Lake.
Heftlcy or Heflerley Creek.
Heffiey oi    Heflerley Creek,   North
Heffiey or Heflerley Lake
11. is,-   Ranch Creek.
Hat  Creek,
Humphrey Lake.
Ilo/el Creek
llyns Long Lak,*
Hughes  Lake.
Hudson Hay Gulch.
Hog Range i'reek.
Hall mile Creek
llumburg Creek.
li.ut Creek
Hidden  Laki
Hlghlan :  V alley   Divide Laki
ll>am   . reek.
Ily am  Lat
ii.'i.lull Creek
Himakws   i
• ■
Limestone  'r«vk
l/Apt Creek
Lanes Creek
i 'reek
u, Cree*
Mail    I
Mull.o II...
M*Hor* Dit. b
Mountain B| i
I       i
Mon*   *J: ring
Mod i'i.
Miller  Creok.
Mnnson  Creek.
Moulton  Creek.
.Mitchell   Creek.
Mountain Croek.
McCullum  Creek.
McDonald Creek.
Molvor  Creek.
McGonnoll Luke.
McClure  Crock.
McTuviHli   Crook.
McLean  Lake,
Maiden Creek.
Marble   Canyon.
Modlclne  Creek
Meadow Creek.
Middle Creek.
Middle  Fork.
McQueen  Crock*
Macauley  Creek*
Mabel   Luke.
Mara  Lake.
Miiuiele  Creek.
Mann Creek,
.Martin   Creek.
McG-lllvroy  Cr,-ek.
Noscantoll  Creek.
Nicola   Hiver.
Napier  Luke.
Neil  (Jreek.
Newman Lake.
No  Name  Creek.
Noble  Crock.
Nortll  Pork   Lake.
Nabaweekin  Creek.
Nekallist.on   Creek.
Narrow   Strip Spring,
Nelson's  Crook.
Nniset   Creek.
Nlcomen   Creek.
Nikwikoea  Crock.
Na na   Hiver.
Noisy  Creek.
Nlskonllth Creek.
Niskonlith  Lake.
Niihoiiieen Creek.
Nikw-ol   Creek.
Newbiwhoin   Creek.
Noel   Creek.
Nortll  Cn>ek.
HweiiH  Creek.
Oregon  J.'U-k  Creek,
line  Tree  (iulch.
titter   Hiver  Creek.
Peterson Creek,
Pennies Creek.
Phlllla Crook.
l'i.,.ley   Lake.
Palmer crock.
1'iixon  Cn-ck.
Paul  Creek.
Paul Lake.
Pendleton deck.
Python Mine Tunnel.
Pot Hole Lake.
Ptarmigan creek.
Paul   Lake.
Pant*  Lake.
Pot Hook  Lake.
Palmer Lower Meadow*.
Palmer  Upper  Meadows.
Proctor Creek.
I'enviiu*  Creek.
I'emlicrton  Creek.
I'eter Creek.
I'ark  Creek.
Papiilqua  Creek
I'.nanton  Luke.
la.-s Creek.
I'.lSS    Lake
I'ut nam Cits •*
ua Creek.
.   .!    Creek.
-   Lake
,,   Creek.
Pemynoose Creek,
. r,<ek
■ ■ Gulch.
*   *
I * ■   tn  l<ake
• -k
It, Worth I
• *
Bpatlamet ••„ Lak*,
ii i  ,„k
Bq   *.i. *       ita-i
a      ttt
Htein  Crook.
Slw'be Crook.
Shiimwuy   Lake.
Shubum Croek,
Boparatlon  Lake.
Sonitton  Lake.
Skakum Creek,
Houth   I'ass  Creek.
Soymour  Hiver.
Scuittoe Creok.
Scuittoe Luke.
Skaraana Luke.
siuiiiHX Croek,
Stinking Lake.
Three-mile Ceeek.
Tronqiilllo   Creek.
Ti'aiii|iiille  Lake.
Tulo  Lakes.
Tulee   Lake.
Tobacco Creok.
Trail Creek.
Thompson Hiver.
North Thompson River,
South   Thompson   Hiver.
Trapp   Creek.
Trapp   Lake.
Todd  Lake.
Twelve mile  Creok.
Twenty-throe mile   Crook.
Tsuisus  Croek.
Tappon  ('rook.
Trout   Lake.
Tooiikun Lake.
Tsolin  Luke,
Twaal  Creek.
Trinity  Creok.
TbooIoos Crock.
Twig Creek.
Usshor Lake.
Vick Crock.
Verney Lake.
Venables   Creek*
U'lllon  Croek.
Walker   Luke.
Wilson   I'reek.
Warren Creok.
Willis  Lake.
WentWoith   Luke.
White Rock Crock.
Wlllnr.i   Lake.
Waterfall   Creek.
White Lake.
White Creek.
Woods Creek.
Watching croek.
Witches Brook.
Wright   Creek.
Woodland  Creek.
Vale Creek.
Yard  Creek.
Statement* of claims may also l b
Hied to water in any unnamed Bpring
stream, creek, pond, uulcta, lake, or
other source  of  water supply.
Dntcil   13th February,  IHI'2.
Vi.   H.  HIiSS.
Minister of Lands.
Pursuant to notice dated February
filth, r.112, the sale ol unclaimed
goods, il not entered tor duty, or
warehoused, botore the date ol sule,
will take place at Customs Supper -
vances Warehouse, C.P.R. Freight
Sheds, Thursday, March 81st, 19*12,
at  ll a.m.
H.  It.  ATKINS,
Collector ol Customs,
Fruit Lands
tialonii Bay lundR in parcels ol
10 or 20 acre!*) or en bloc, Corres
pondenoe invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  Honk   Building  Rovelstoke, B. C.
Monoy to Loan.
Otlices—Rovolstoke,    B.   C,     and
Cranbrook, B.  C.
Geo. B. MeCarter,
A. M.  Pinkham, J. A.  Harvey
Revelstoko, Cranbrook
Provincial  Land  Suveyor,
Miniug Surveyor,
BOX    1116,    REVELBTOKE
Corporation] of (he City
of Revelstoke
l'uhiic Notice Is hereby given that
il is absolutely necessary that disorders ol a suspicious nature be reported to Dr. McLean, city Medical
Health Ollicer or other physician*,
as BOOn as known. Failure to do this
is a punishable offence.
Ily  Ord'r,
II.  A
City  Clerk.
WANTED—Gents tine underwear carefully washed and repaired, Miss
Payne, corner 4th stroet and Mc -
Kenzie Avenuo.
P. O. Box 14fi.  Revelstoke. B.C.
liOLU RANliE  LODGE,      K.   of    P..
NO.  26,   REVELBTOKE,   B.   O.
Meets every  Wednesday except   the
Third  Wednesday ol each month      in
Oddfellows'  Hall  at 8  o'clock.   Visit
ing Knigbts are  cordially  invited.
0. W. GARLAND, 0. C.
0. H. BROCK. K. of R. Ht 8.
M. of F.
Competition    for     Now     University
Buildings to be  Berected at  Point
Grey,      near      Vancouver,     Uritish
The Government ol British Columbia invito Competitive Plans for tbo
general schome and design tor the
proposed new University, together
with more detailed Plans for thc
buildings to be erected tirst at nn estimated  cost  of  $1,5011,000.
Prizes of $10,000 will be given lor
the most successful   Designs submitted
Particular* of the competition and
plan of site may be obtained on re-
iliiest from thc undersigned.
The designs to bo sent in by J lily
^1 st.   1918,  addressed  to
Parliament Buildings,
Victorin,  British   Columbia.
Dominion and B.  C
B.   0.
Land Surveyor
WANTED—Three Apprentices for Millinery Department— 0. B. Humo &
WANTED—A good small hoy about
Ll or Ifi years of age to loam tbo
clothing business. Apply to John
Bull, Cash Outfitter lor Men, McKenzie   Avenue.
WANTED—Salesman tor latest, uud
most perfect gasoline light iu the
world,    Cheapest    and      hest    light
known to science,   Exclusive torri -
tory,   big  profits,   permanent  busi -
ness,     MacLaren & Co.,   Oaigary,
Mbet'ta. 30d.
TO   RENT—Furnished Room
lo Mail Herald  Box H14.
KOOTENAY      LODGE,  No.  **5 A.  F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are bold in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddlellows' Hall
on tbe Third Monday in each montb
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren art
cordially  welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Becretary.
SELKIRK      LODGE  12.  1.  O.   O.  F.
Meets every     Thursday evening   Id
Selkirk  Hall  nt H  o'clock.      Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
H.     SIEGFRIED,   N.  U.
JAS.  MATHIE.  Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE,    No.  3161*
OF 1. O. F.
Meets in I. a   O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera  House evory  socond
and fourth Monday in month.  ViBiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   8.   CAMERON.   Rec.-Bec
LOST—A Hunch ot Keys. Finder
please leave same at the Mail Herald Ollice.
WANTED—Reliable local agent lor
strong old established Boord Firo
Insurance Co., with assets ot over
$3fi,110(1,OOU. Write Franco-Canadian
Trust Co., Ltd., 11115 Domiuion
Trust Building,   Vancouver,  B.  O,
FOR sale—Eggs lor batching, (rom
pure bred While Leghorn heus, and
I'ekin Ducks. My breeders are nil
Irom prize Winners, liens Eggs at
$1.25 a setting, $6.50 a 100. Dm Ik
Eggs, $1.7."i per Betting, Apply 11.
F. Somerville, Grandvicw Poultry
Farm,  Malakwa  H.  C.
for sale—a Piano at u bargain
Apply   at  once.   Mrs.   McDonald,   Becond Street, opposite Knox church.
POR BALE—Two good lots, cheap,
on Third Btreet, Apply to Thomas
Bain, Police Station.
Foil SALE—A Remington Typewriter, No. 8, in good running order.—
Price $50.00, P. Burns & Co., Ltd.,
Revolstoke,  B.  C.
WANTED-Offcrs  for
and  fat  chickens.
Salmon  Arm.
uow  laid  eggs,
Apply,   Vickcrs,
Office of Provincial
insane Hospital Coquitiam
SEALED     TRNDERS superscribed,
Tender*   *"i   Furniture,  Insane.   Ho*-
mil   i.e  received  by the  Hon
•   t be   Provincial   Secretary,     up
docl  aoon ol Saturday   tho
.!.,; b   * iu, lor furniture   and
iho now Mental  Mob -
„i Coquitiam, as loUow*
Bed nnd Bedding
i,   Cai pets,   Drapei to* and  wind
and  lull  information
■ ..    ibed ui".n applicat Ion to
i     Doherty,  Medical  Bupeiin
Hospital f"i   tin-     Ii   h
*   In.,aster, II   i
Kach  proposal  must  be ancompan
.*,•   accepted i h*qu« oi eerW
;* posit   .ai  a chartered l.nnk
mad* payable to lho Hon
.   •  ':.   ri... Inofal Becretary foi a
,   . r.i    | ,,    |0    |"'t   mi nt      Ot I tit
,'i .„■   lender   shall tit
■    i,   party tendering   tie
tei   .nt..    contract   v.hen
■      do  »0  "i   .1   hi   fail   tn
eompleti   the    work   contracted lor
.-I I.iii ales  Ol   deposit
iiii,„..i t,, ibe unaucoetalul
temlen upon the execution ol the
contral *
Th*'hI  or ony t*en*l"i   not  neces
snniv accepted,
Provincial  Secretary.
pii.v Iiii i ii Bwretary'* I
23rd  February,   WU,
O. W. 0. w.
Minimum  View Camp, No.  229
Moots Second    and     Fourth Wednes
days    in  each   month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen  arc
cordially invited to attend
H. W.  EDWARDS. Cob. Com.
fc.   G.    BURRIDGE
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Avo.   -   Rovelstoko
FOR SALE—About 150 toUB ol bulcd
green leed, also a quantity Ol Timothy huy.   For price* write, N.E.
Sparks, Mllnertou, Alta.       3t. J.10
FOR SALE—Young, smart delivery
team. For particulars write A.
lluggBtrom,  Malakwa, B. C.
WH HAVE position for a good man
with a fair education who can fur- reference we will give steady
employment and pay a straight sal
my to the right party. People using Intoxicating liquor* save your
stumps, sec our big Ad in thiB pu-
por today. National Light Co.,
r,inu-.i. Michigan.
FOR SALE—Modem nine-room house
nil improvements nud 50 foot lot,
fronting on Third street, three
doors from Methodist church.—
Price $3,000 cash or termB. Apply
to M.  J.  Scott,  Box 57.
S,..    ill,     ROYAL    TEMPLARS     OF
Meets   every   lind   nnd   Ilh   Thursdays
in      Oddlellows     Hall,    at   -   o'clock.
Visiting   Templars   are   cordially   Invited to iii lend.
W,  E. MUNSON, B, 0.
A    II   TOI'HNER.   R.   S.
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer antl Wheeler Wilsun Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H.  MANNING,   Agent.
FOR SALE— Electricul Machinery,
Two 2500 Light (ieneriitors in first
ilnss working order, complete with
exciters, meters, belts, etc. Will be
sold singly or together. A snap (or
a town, sawmill, etc., rontcmplnt
ing installing an electric light plant
No reasonable offer relused. ...Full
particulars on Application to Conn.
North, Superintendent of lCl?:tncnl
Department,  City  of Revelstoke.
RevelBtoke B.C.,  Jnn 27th, 1912.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
r. 0. Box 31, Revelstoke
1 j
WEDNESDAY, march *    1912,
Parties wishing ,Vu.'l;d .iitotnm-
tion about. Malakwa ar tho Gsrdeu ol
Eden Vulley, can ohiiln same Iree ol
cost by writing to J. H. Johnson
Malakwa, 11. 0, Any other parties
who desire to furnish this tutor jm -
tion to enquiries from tue i ntsMe,
can do bo by applying to Mr .1 IL
Johnson ut Malakwa.
Editor Mall-Herald:- ^^
Hear Sir,—Thinking periups a ,i«
ligures to demonstrate wbnt -lun te
done on an aero ol ground In I' o
Garden ol Eden Valley might i'Hi'.' -
est your readers 1 will en b-nv it to
give you what 1 consider an uveiHgo
estimate ol what can be lone o'l au
acre according to rcsultH :jl iiuson-
ublo cultivation and average , "li e.
Allow ; lor buildings and lawns and
by using fruit trees lor uruamentol
trees and shade there would ! •.» rocm
for 10 to 12 ol Choice fruit, such us
plums, cherries, pears or peaches, it
even a nice variety ■! apples. v.'tltb
would inlil beauty and cuin'ort bS
well as profit to tlle borne* Then we
will take au J of an acre ot potu -
toes, whicli should give a *> lebi ul I.J
tons, or about 56 bushels at $20 or
J30; 1 ol an acre to cabbage would
be about IWO heads at an average ol
six to the bead which is a very ■ w
estimate, but this would gl/e ui '.'■
tons at $;i'l to $'»(>; ; "I .m uiiv ol
strawberries, winch should give soo
quarts at Wc., *so;2-s ot an av.-o lor
bbsh fruits which should yie.d J,L'U,
and then wc have i "1 nu acre lift
I.i poultry runs and ki!:h..ii garden,
osidc Irom aU "( this j.i.i cau plnnt
ainl cultivate trom 75 to |i.O licit
trees on tins same acre and 'ney will
be maturing at the same  time      you
are getting ap Independent luxurious
living ofl thia  -ame acre ol land when
The Valley of
"The Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,   and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
f.harartar nf Wil   Bench   Lands,   Clay    Loam   and  Vegetable
UlldldWCI   Ul   OUN    Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn ll'rid'llinn    Positive'y no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
liU IIIIIJCUIUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for  Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Climate   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of tie MAIL=HFRALD Each Week
at Hi" end ol four or live years the
fruil trees will five you n nice little
Income anJ your acre ol land is
worth in,m tiniKi up, without building* or other Improvements.
The tlguret*, given are mc-d.uni uver-
age yields they can be made to go
far nbovo thia with good care. Then
nmdc [rom vegetables and Iruit there
ih the hay crop which is a very easy
crop to raise ln thc Garden of Kdeu
Valley as all the clovers and timothy
grow wild even well up on the mountain nide, nnd when seeded on our
good Boil it produces from two to
lour tons to the acre and sella as
high as $10 per ton, and thc average
price in from %IH to J2*- pcr ton and
you do not have to Bhip to Montreal
or the eoast to sell it, we hnve tho
market, right at our door with tho
numerous saw mills, and logging
camps, mines, etc., the market quce-
tion is solved for the ranchers of It.
('.. Another item worthy of notioe is
the ability to pay (or land In B. 0,
as compared with thc prairie laud ev
cu taking the un.-lcnreil land at S10II
ner acre and allow from 125 t,, $7r,
lor clearing. Ono crop of potatoes
will pay tlio whole bill the flrst year
in tUip Garden of Kden of ours, al
thc laml grows lug crops from thn
start you don't have to cultivate it
three or four years belore you can
raise a crop, you simple elear oB the
stumps and if any. and plow-
up the nice clover sod anil plant
what you like, it will grow to meet
your highest expectations. What our
valley needs is more settlers, wc want
to see every foot of it rultiVHte.l anil
producing as we know it ran, the
finest fruits and vegetable! and tne
giwiteat erops of hay and the most
bappy homes to the square mile ol
any part of the Dominion ol Canada
and 1 believe this will be the (uturo
ot the Garden ol Kden Valley.
G  B
Now Hold the Fort
in Revelstoke
A large variety of Dainty
Boxes  in half-pound, one-
pound, two-pound and three-
pound sizes
The Finest in the Land
and Canadian   cTVlade
40 years experience
Kevelstoke Laud District.
District ot WeBt Kooteuay.
Take notice that I, Burrows Henry
Kothwell ol Nakusp, D. C, occupation gentleman, lutcnas to apply for
permission to purchuse the lollowiug
■ lesi-n' ,-.l   lands:
Oomi „   at  a  post  planted   40
chains south of the North-east Corner ol T. L. 41274, thence south 80
chuius, thence east about 20 chains,
tu Arrow Lakes, thence uortb along
Lake about nil chains, thence west
about 2 chaius to point of commence
ment, containing ubout 100 acres,
more or less.
Dated December 29th,  1311.
Burrows  Henry   Kothwell.
Edward Russell Vlpona,  Agent.
Juu. flrst issue.
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
Telephone House No. 97
Telephone Camp No. 216
Kevelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Tuke notice that I Horatio Leverne
Rothwell ol Nakusp, ll. C, occupation bunk manager, intends to apply tor permission to purchase the
lollowing  described  lands:
Commencing at a poBt planted 120
chains south of the North-east Corner ol T. L. 41274, thence south 80
chains, thence cast about 30 chains,
to Arrow Lake, thence north along
Lake about 80 cbains, thence west
about 20 cbains to point of com -
iiienieineiit, containing about 200
acres more or less.
Dated December 2Utb,   1*11 -
Horatio Levcrene  Rothwell.
Kdward  Russell Vlpona,  Agent.
1st issue Jan. 6th.
It will pay you to
make a call at
P.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B. C.
Iiefnre buying vour outfit ol working clothe*
lor the bush.    1 mske a
ipci-i.iii-*. oi boning
simes, Paau.Sos, shirii
Blnnkels nini everything
requirrdinvoiir business.
Revelstoko Laaa District.
District at West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat 1, Harry I.
Laudry ol KoBBlana, D. C, occupation, mining, intcndB to npply for permission to purcbase the following de-
sci iheii lands:
Commencing nt a poBt planted
about 40 chains west ot the Southwest Curlier ot Lot 8148, thence north
40 chains, thence west 80 chnins,
tlionrc south 40 chains, thenco east
80 chains to poiut ot commencement.
I containing 320 acres more or less.
1    Dated December, 9tb, 1911.
, 1st ls. .las.i,    Per D. Fisher, Agent.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
iu Manitoba, ■Saskatchewan und Alberta, the Yukon Territory, lbe
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of Uritish Columbia, may be leased lor a term ol
twenty-one yeurs at au auuuul rental of $1 an acre. Not more than
2,500 acres will bc leased to oue applicant.
Application for lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the
Agent or aub-Agent of the district
in which the rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by aectious, or legal
sub-divisions ot sectious, und in iin-
Burvcyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the ap -
plicaut  himself.
Each applicant must be accompan-
iea by a fee of J5 which will be re-
tunaea it the rights uppliea tor are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output ol the mine at the
rate ot live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn retuniB
accounting tor the tull quantity of
merchantable coal minea ana pay the
royulty thereon. It the coal mining
rights are not being operatea, such
returns Bhouia he furnished at least
onco a year.
Tbe lease will iuclude thc coal mia-
ing rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purcbase whatever
available surface rights may he considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of 110.00 an
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department ot the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
ot  Dominion   Lnmls.
W.  Vi. CORY,
Deputy Minister ot thc Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorised publication ot
thiB advertisement will not be paid
Loss of Appetite or Distress Alter
Eating a SyniptomThat Should '
Not Be Disregarded
Appetite is just a natural aesire
for fooa. .Loss of appetite or stomach
distress after eating Indicate indigestion or dyspepsia. Over-eating is a very dangerous to a person's
good general health.
It is uot what you eat but what
you digesi and assimilate that does
you good. Some of the strongest
heaviest, and healthiest jiersons are
moderate  eaters.
am  having another  cold    snap
The  weather has been
strengthen the digestive organs, to
regulate the bowels, und thus to pro
mote perfect nutrition and eradicate
all unhealthy  symptoms.
urge you  to try a -,1c.  box    of
Dyspepsia Tablets,  which giv-,f"r a chanK«-
lays' treatment.   At the end of   zero and 1 and 2 below    for   the last
tbat  time, your money will he      re-   three days.
turned to you il you are not satisfied.   Of course,  in chronic cases leng-     Throe more families are unaer Scar
th of treatment varies. For such eas-1 let fever quarantine, and the citizens' asked,
es,  we  have  two larger sizes,   which '
sell   for  50c.   and   $1.00.      Remember, '
Questions on Marriage law
The terms of tbe t.i the
Supreme Court of Canada in reject
to the Lancaster marriage bill wre
' made public last night. On i':e ad-
i vice of the minister nt just-cc the
following questions are those upon
which    the court's .ioaour.c-.Tie- t    is
can obtain Rexall Remedies in
community only at our store—
Rexall   Store—Dews'  drug store.
generally    were  very   much     alarmed i    l.  (ai   Has thc  parliament  ol   Cantor a while but arc breathing    more ada authority  to enact in wi.ole    or
Albert Canyon School Report
I    Foolowing  is  the  report  of  Albert
There  is     nothing that   will cause  C<Wm  PubUc  scho,>1  for ^ u'""th
more trouble thun a disordered stora  ot February, 1912:
nch, and  many people daily contract   Prescribed   school   'days         21
Days  school   was  in  session
Total   daily  at.tendanoe  ........
Total   actual   attendance   	
Average   daily   attendance   .
serious maladies simply through  dis-
ignrd or abuse ol the stomuch.
Wa urge all in Kevelstoke who suffer from auy stomach <lcrang«m?nt,
Indigestion,   or      dyspepsia,    whether   Average actual attendance
acute or chronic,  to try Rexall Dys-   Pupils attending  	
pepsin Tablets,  with the distinct un-   Hoys 	
derstunding that we will relund their   Girls   	
money without question or formality   Qroatest  number   presont  .
..     21
.   290
..     17
if alter reasonable use of this medi -
cine, they nre not perfectly Bntisflca
with thc results! We recommend them
to our customers every day. and
hnve yet to hear of any one who has
not. been benefit..d by them. We honestly believe them to be without
equal. They give very prompt, relief
aiding to neutralize tbe gastric juices
Leasl  number present      11
Highest  register   numlier         19
Number ol monthly reports *.      12
SADIE   MILLS,  Teacher.
Shi/oh's Cure
mckiv stops coughs, caret, colds, heal*
on..mi mh.i   lungs. •   •   • U cent*
freely now as no further cases have
developed. The school was closed for
two weeks but reopened on Mouday
the 20th of Feb., ana all hope tbat
with these cases the dreadful disease
will he wiped out.
Mr. tl. A. Uuckhiim spent pnrt of
this week in Calgary on  business.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Webster ure
leaving Field to make their home
ln Kevelstoke. Mr. Webster has been
promoted to the despatching department nt that place and '.--ft en
Thursday tor his new charge. Mrs,
Wcbbter will follow ,u n woek or so.
During tlicir residence of about a
yenr and n half here they have won
the respect and esteem of cveryono,
nnd thc beet wishcB of tbe many
friends here gn with thom t" their
new home.
A very pleasant dance v as held In
Biirkham's hall on Friday. Feb. 23rd
under the management "t our young
men.   All report an excellent tine.
Shilohs Cure
a iiii Liv  stop* enndb*.   cure*  cold*.   DMII
.• (bro.i a.d Jtmfr.      •   •   -     20 "Bt*
Reliable merchants everywhere display this,
box and sell STEELE, BRIGGS' SEEDS.
Look for them   accept no other.
Steele, Briggs' are the best grown. No
matter what you need in seeds, this name
stands for highest quality.
Behind every packet is the strongest seed
reputation in Canada. Thousands of successful
growers everywhere use STEELE, BRJCCS' SEEDS
year after year because they are sura of what
they are buying.
Look for this box at your local store. If your
local dealer cannot supply you order direct.
in part Bill No. 3 ol thc Unit si-sion
the 12th parliament ot Cu.iadu, Instituted "An Act to amend :..( Mar*
lage  Act."
The bill provides as lo!'.o,vi: 1—The
Marriage Act, chapter 106 ot the le-
vised statutes, 1106, is amamlnl by
aaaing  thereto the (ollowing sect.on
"3, Every ceremony or form ot
marriage heretofore or hereaiter irr-
formeil by any person authorizea to
perform any ceremony of marri.ige
by tbe laws oi the place where it is
performed, and duly performed according tu such laws, shall everywhere within Canada be deemed to
be a valid marriage, m.twittist m.) -
ing uny differences in the religious
faith of the person eo married and
without regard to the religion of tho
person performing tbe ceremony.
"2. The right* and duties, as mar
ried people of tbe respective person**
married as aforesaid, and ot tbe cbil
drcn ol such marriage, shall be absu
lute ana complete ana no law or can
onical decree or custom o. or iu any
province in Canada shall have nny
luii'' or eflect to invalidate or quality any such marriage or any ot tbe.
rights of tbe said persons on then
children  in nny  manner whatsoever."
lb) 11 the provisions ol tbe said
bill not all within the authority of
tin- parliament ol Canada to enact.
which, .1 any, of the provisions arc
within such authority?
(2| Does the law of the province oi
Quebec render null and void, unlesn
contracted before a Roman Catholic
pneBt, a marriage that would otherwise be legally binding, which takes
place i nsucli province, (a) between
peisiuiM one ot whom only is a Human Catholic?
(3) If either ia) or lb) ol the last
preceding question Is answered In the
.ri or It both of tbem are-
answered in the nfflrmative, bmm the
parliament of Canada authority to en
art all such marriages whether (a>
heretofore solemnised, or (b) here
after to )* solemnized shall be legal
and  binding?—Bi, WEDNESDAY . MAlii'll i, 1912.
TlttXritt LSTOKE
. . . It Might Be Gold ■, .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal watei i are tho most wonderful health restorer on the I'ontinoi ■■ Our.record oi cures
of rheumatism and other chronic i implaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patro s. Located among the
greatesl Bcenerj of Canada, easy i>f access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOVD, Proprietor, -        Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
HIE C, N. R.
, ua branch, Two • *;. I  e Or
■ tension.
Isl ■ ex
I  I liinili.'l.ll
Two mi  tin. IJ l   le extoiisiti
i_xji OPEN NIGHT AND DAYprr"n'r~'T~r ■
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant    Short Order
maizxAMis '.vsa-K
T*m*w*,*^T*p- m.t,.Kt^. -aM***..****,*, a^rtt *-,■■***■»■ t^^VV. .VL-tli^C UJLai K.'^^Siy . ,3-tw.- I ■
H. J. McSORLLY, Proprietor.
I    -..-;       ss
So. on fui to
• *;: I
Will Open Sixty New Towns io
.    _     . j   'l'i. *  Gorman  Ci iini '■'"""  company
ths trains rruViiice       ■*"*■ that mmim > mB m«
verj   satlslactoi \   manner,   nml   thnl
Tho   will  upon    sixty    new I thoy  have dispoi   I  •*•' two lots then'
towns this year. ThiB should provo ol   rocoutly lor lhn mini  nl fl.'.'Ol),     I.n
Grange ik also mi>\ Ins in Rood Bhiipe
umi   two Iota being i old hy tins   lirm Ioi
Inteivst   to many  real  estate opera
i,its     .in*l    the    various towns
names are herewith given,
Altogether tl'" I'niiinliiin Northern
will open sixty new towns tins year
ulong the company's lines in the
pralrio provlncos, ProvlBlon is mode
I,, place *i" additional 20 on tbe mar
ki'i. inn ii is expected they will bo
lu'iii over until 1918. The majority oi
th,. new towm will ho situated ou
branch inns now being constructed lu
Bashatchowan, though there will lie
nt least hall n doaon locatod ou the
main line, Including the divisional
poinl wesl uf Edmonton. Tho follow
nig lisi shows where the new lowns
will he located:
Moose i.nki', extension betwoon
KhisImv nnd Junction ol Vegrevlllo,
Oaigary line, one of tho new town-
sites in tins dlstdot will In' mado n
divisional point.
To   Jncktlsli  lino,    run m
North Bttttlolord in Athabascn Land
Ing, will become the appearance of
four new townsltes, Probably the
best of these will be one whioh will
i ■ know n ns Mervin.
Three will he placed on tho Shel-
h ke Nortll Battle:ord line.
iin   lhe Thunder  llill   branch  run
ning from Swan  River to  Humboldt
arrangements  will  he made    t.i    imt
three additional  lownsitcB    on      the
Six will in' situaiM.l on the main
line  w.'si   nf  Edmonton,
Among    these will    l«'     Toiler!	
which decided upon .-is lho flrst
divisional point west of Edmonton
lt is situated .ni the banks of tho
Vlacleod river.
Six will he located iiii the Dunveg-
.in line winch runs between Edmon -
ion and  tbe Peace river.
nu Hu' Braaeau Coal branch line,
r lining   from  tlio   Vegrevllle-Calgary
ranch t.. the Rockj  Mountain HouseI They may be taken al uny time, day
i   was decided to open up six other or night. They « II  positively relieve
•'■'■   towns.     Two ol them    will    ho'chronic  or  habitual  constipation,    ll
esignated al Bylvan Lake an-d Rocky | not  •■'. surgical variety, and thc myr
in*ls    of ociate    or      dependi nt
chronic nilmenti. II  taken with regularity  tor u  reasonable  length      of
time.   IS! tablets,  10 cents; 30 tablets
.25 routs:  SO  tablets,  50 rents.      Bold
Two on the line runniug Irom Mac    in Revelstoke only a1 The Bews drug
Icral  to  the  International  boundary,    store,
i-'.m.i   .ui  the     Maryfleld Lethbridge
it inslon wesl ol Radvilli
i* •     "ii  the  I ne  between      Henry
iii.l Swill  Current,     Tins,' will    In
the  town  ol  Grnvelburg  which]    According to .i    Hindu legend thii
lexpectcd  to  he tho  bi it   the   com    Is  the origin ..f woman.     Twashtri
pany has to oHer in the wesl      thia  the g 1 Vulcan ..; the Hindu
Your Money Beck if U Are
Satisfied With the Meificln
We Recommend
We are so po Itlve that our remedy
will  permanently relievo constipation
no matter   how     ch Ic ii  ma,\   be,
thai we offer to furnish the medicine
ul. our expense Bhould II lali to pro
duce satisfactory results,
li is worse than us ilea to attempt
in euro constlpal Ion with cathartic
Irom drugs. Laxatives or cathartics do
much harm. They cause n reaction,
irritate, nnd weaken tho bowels and
tend in make constipation moro
chronic, Besides, thoir use becomes
a habit  Umi  is dangerou .
Constlpat ion li cause I by ii weak
hubs of the nerves and muscles ol the
largo inii'si Ine or di * * ndiiig colon
To expoci permanent relicl you mlisl
therefore lone np and strengthen
these organs nnd rest iro them to
healthier activity,
We want to you try Rexall Order
lies on our recommendation. Thoy
are exceedinglj plcnsunl to tnke, he
Ing eaten liko candy, and nro Ideal
for children, delicate persons and ol 1
folks, as well as for tho robust. They
act directly on the nerves and muscles of tho bowels. They apparently
have a neutral action on other asso
elate organs or glands. They do not
purge, cause excessive looscnesB, nor
create  any  Inconvenience     whatever.
r 1 .ill  his mi i ai Ive  mai Brlals,      and
n il   one  soli i  .lini. nl   lm I he'.'n 1   i
ial      i * rp] ixod  Twashl rl    *   I
l   bli *   l.o   fall    nto  u   profound
modl'tntion.   When   bo  arose  from   It
I.m took:
Tho  roundness ..I   tho  iiiiiiiii.
'i'l.,'     undulating     curve     of    tho
The  graceful   twlBl   ol   the creeping
Tho     lighl    Bhlvorlng ol Lhe   (?rnBs
hln lo .iii.l   the  Blonderness of the
Tho volvol  of tlio (lowofB,
Tho lightness of tho feather,
Tho gentle gazo of the doe.
The frollcsomenesB ol tho    dancing
The tears of the cloud,
Thn li nsisti'iii'v ui the wind,
'' he timidity of tho haro.
Tho vanity of the peaoook.
'i ho hnnlnoss of tho diamond.
The cruelty ol the tiger.
Tho chill uf the snow.
The cackling ol the parrot.
The cooing of the turtle dove,
.Mi of these he mixed together and
for ned :i woman.
nu   the E.l
Fountain House
Two will Ue established
i,.m*.n Calgary line.
P ve  will     bo located on the Onl
n . Let hhrtdge  line
Under New ^Management
gcmcni .^.cBzssp.
First-l "lass At <       odal     ■     Scrapie Rooms
Rates   $1.00 to P2.00 Per D«j
Origin ot Women
year.   Th \ \ . •       its name
Fravel  GravpUe.
Two  on the  i 'nmrom.
from  ology, created the world, but on Ills
commencing to create woman he dis-
• ■ ,-       .  covered thai for nun he bad exhausl
Until Released by Wondorful Sur
t      marla Prescription
Liquor sh i.s ui) Inflammation and tr.
rtt.itlon of tha stomach und weaknm
ili" lurve*. Th« st«ady or periodical
(MjircuJ drinker la often forced to
lii :k even ugninit h'j .'111 hy hit un-
ub uiul physio. 1 condition.
■   imarlft t'rtucrlptlon stops the crav-
iteadlss tho nerves, builda up the
■'    ■ ral   health   and   makes   drink   ac-
,       >     ill;-ins, I'ful    and    imiiHi'ii'iH 11
i.s tasteless and odor lust*, and can Imi
given With or without lhu knowledge
i>l  i he patient.
Thousands of Canadla home:! havo
been saved from misery end disgrace
ii\ .iurie devoted i%, mother or
daughter through this wonderful Can-
adiiin remedy. The money formerly
wuated In drink has restored happiness, home comforts, education and
res| ect to the families formerly in
want and despair,
Itead the following, one of lhe numerous unsolicited testimonials received; «.
" I can never n*pay you for yuur
remedy, it is worth more than life
lo mo. My husbnnd hes heen. offfreJ
lhl nor several tluifs, but would Mot
touch It. He paid lt had no charm for
hi in now. May Uud'a choice blessings
ever rest on you, and yuurs, are my
I" rers ever. No one knows It but
those who have tried It. As eoon ss 1
en n I will see others that I know
wo ild Klve anything to atop thnlr hue-
bemls from drink. I will g\y tbsra
your  addreas.
" Mrs. X , Dewltiton,   A.lta "
(Name   withheld   on   request.)
Now, If you know of any family
needing this remedy, tell them about
it. if you have any friend or relative who haa formed or Is forming
tho drink habit, help him to release
himself from Its awful clutches- Samaria Prescription Is used by Fhyet-
■i nnd Hospitals. i>
A KKEK TRIAL PACKAGE of Samaria Prescription, with booklet, giving full particular*, testimonials, price,
etc., will be sent absolutely free and
postpaid In plain sealed paokage te
an>one nuking for tt and mentioning
Lhls paper       Correspondence ssoredly
leutial.   Write  today.     Tue
marla Remedy Co., Dept, 46-49, Col-
borne street, Toronto,  Canada.  Also
tor sale  by O,   R.  Macdonald,  Di
gii t,   Uevelstoke,  B.  C.
Stop Cleaning SmokyLamp Chimneys and Old Burners
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Eros., Props.
Em ai-'-*'   ind l-r...i. •.•■&*,'     First-Class in every respect    All modern convenience
Large > n , '■■ llooms.
Rat ^ j$2.00 pcr cJay        Special Weekly Rate?
Revelstoke, B.C.
\ Mon   Hotel
RATES,      .      S:..iO PER DAY
i   .; si- HTKl i:t. i.i - i;i.stoki:, h. i .
Laught ■ •     l •' ,
Strict. Revelstoke. B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
Eur. 'Ian
Open Day and Night. Meal Tii   its, $6.00
kV.<'M   II li. c
. ai much ; i lho
V*..i  can  turn
inti ■ le  in smol e cl imney.
ell from Kero-
; the eyes,   burns
No.  2 lamp,   no mantle to
chimney  I lay, always clean.
'   ■
eel ai <\ brass.
.1 ii you
.* not
*  not
We will send Three Burners Prepaid $1.00
Lhic 1'nlisliiT ol' Howson's    •- - - *«< •
■ii .. i i.i,-i>t
FiiPiiitiiPP   SI L.^ i*i ;"i-|;"''• ■
  I  ..... , ><'  i'"i  trrow l.u.
Repolishcs.    Makes Old Furniture! VV. J, Lightbume, Pm)
T.  .      ' r   ,   r- 'Dr. de Van's Fcmi ^ .'■!!-.
Estimates Freely Givt-ii. ,   A,[lMt ,„..., „     ,.
G.. am.     m . r~     ri     Til'  r   '       P< '■ »'• OXUtillatt     I        lul IB I
\/F     IV! T      .'        IH , nerntl rap rl  * ■    •> *   i
I VE*    IWlC   I |   *,.,,, ,*, ki   ■     Dr. d.  *
 I'M' ' '   *
Wliii,   I
11     *
■ *
,V \ il i
.  i \i\
Light Company
Karaga, Micdigan
'opporation of the Citj
of Hevelstoke.
All owners 11 di •,;■ *. and all
lersons harboring dogs, are required to pay tin.' Tax al thc Cily
Hall, on or before the Eleventh
.layor March, 19l*i. After that
dale the police will prosecute all
who have not paid the tax, and
the By-law will be strictly cn-
By Order,
City Clerk.
New Lightning Method
Oil Painting, and  Painted Wai
('lea i u'i I iiko new.
Paper Hanging a Specialty
Estimates Given
Mirror Making and re-Silvering
(ilnss Cutting and Boring
lilass Frosting ami Staining
Picture Framing, etc.
Prices Reserved.
Painter, Paper Hanger, I lecorater
Revelstoke. B C.
100 Thoroughbred
White Leghorn Pullets
All Laying
100 Thoroughbred
Rhode Island Red Pu.lets
All Laying
Revelstoke Foaltry Yapds
at Revelstoke, B. C.
or Phone 234
or Address
P. O. Box 227
Revelstoke. B. C.
S.ili: f.ii*',i.,ii  >:u.n i::ti i il
Agent   for   Flcxlume   Electric
lie Monro Coi    ' il HI   '.''I !•'. li mi.1 ,i
Slio| in  Vlli ■* '...ik ,,l I'.. I. Hourne'i
St. reel
im ■^ m     w
f radical Informaiion
Regarding the
and Surrounding Ctuntry
in which over 200,000
Acres of Farm Land have
been reserved and surveyed for Pre-Emptors
Pot tbe pant two years we hove
published a pamphlet In which la
jlven nil Information available about
Port Qeorge and Central British
Wc have continuously made public
the outstanding fuuts:—
Thai I heir IK all a|.ili..lalliv ol pure
Port   George District;
That with the exception ol small
areas ol open meadows, tbe land .*
covered with a growth i>! timber,
.-.".hm light and m.iii>i heavy;
That mi per cent, ol the land is
light noil, with sand and gravel
That the main iiviim. Biich as tho
Fraser. Neeliaei,, Stuart anil Sal •
mon, are mostly Irom Ml to ISO ft.
ttelow thi  bench land through wbich
they  run,
Tnat toere Is an abundance ol pure
water  in creeks,  lakes and rivers;
That tin* climate im superb; uud
That une acre "I the good   land *
■Auitii as much as ii,e acres in any
other p.ii i ol rt'ostern Oanada.
The i ruth is good enough ul out
K,iii. Qeorge, and ue are publishing
this advertisement so that the In ■
tending settler mul Investor shall
know the truth and imt i,e misled by
exaggerated      reports  ol   the       Foil
ge    District,     whether    £°<*»1 °r
i Qeorge is the "Hub <>i Hi'.."
.,. i iin* centra ol an implre   rloh io
natural      reaouices—Iruit nn.l      farm
i.m,I, timber and mineral land. Vou
abould know all about this vast new
Write to us lor the "13. ('. Uiillclin
..! Infurmution ' nnd "Facts," both
Security (o.
Drop Card
Ilio Sr-ibdl Dr ik t'n,, m Cnthsrlni
Transfer     Dmying
Handling Pianos a  Specially J<.int Owners and Sole Agents
  Fort Gcur^e Townsite
Phone 42  -    Night Phone 85 Bower Blk. Vancouver, B.C
Revelstoke's Department
C. £. /fume 8 Co.. limited
See the New Cash Carrier
Ladies' Belts
A Clean-Up of all Ladies' Belts
All our Silver and Gilt Elastic Bands and Silk
Belts 11.00 to $2.00, goon Sale at each
New French Baptiste
for Ladies' Wash Dresses and Waists in the new
colors, King's Blue, '.'op. Blue, Quaker (irey,
with White Hair Line Stripe—a perfect wash
material at
20 Cents
English Sateens
in Fancy Floral Pattern for decorative purposes. 30-inch goods, all the new wood and
pastel shades, dainty and fresh as the Spring
(lower, at per yard
15 Cents
Get a Cushion at $ 1.50
and take it easy. This lot of Cushions are
complete with Frill and filled with Cotton Down
Humes $ 10 D
Have yon seen the Afternoon Dresses Hume's
are selling at $1(1. We are told that this is one
the leading questions whenever two or more
of the ladies meet.
This Bargain line consists of a lot of Pure
Silk, Pongee, Shantung and White Muslin
Dresses. The Regular 1'rice of which were
$15 to *17. No two alike and a Heal Bargain
at each
Hume's 1.90 Waists
and Blouses are another equally prominent
Bargain a new lot this week, ^ome extra
choice lots of Fancy Muslin and Tailored lined
Waists—all at one price   Jl.iKj.
Silk Waist
150 SILK WAISTS go on Sale Thursday a. rn.
No use to describe them. There are no two
alike.   Come pick one at
Groceries and Crockery Department
Tea and Coffee
Are you using The and Coffee ? Where are
you buying it? Arc vou getting value for your
monev.-' Does the quality and llavor please you?
If you have the least doubt as to your tea and
coffee try a pound of our Sunbeam Tea at 40c and
,Soe. per pound, and a pound of our 00 Coffee at
40c per pound. Mocha and Java at 50c per lb.
Ils qualitv is uniformly high and it has that true,
lingering flavor lhat pleases.
Fussell's Cream
Fussell's Cream is new to mosl of us. ll will
reach vour goodwill ifyou g.\>- 11 a lair trial.
U is a whipping cream and that in itself should
appeal to each and everyone of us. 'Sou cannot
get a better article for serving wiih fruit or jellies
lliau Fussell's Cream.
Fish for Lenten Season
Wc have just opened up for the Lenten Season
some of the choicest Sail Fish wc have ever
Salt Mackerel, large, fat and well cured,
Salmon Bellies, the best pick of lhe year. Labrador Fat Herring, well packed, well cured, without any particle sign of rust, and Salt Codfish
cured and packed by lhe besl packers in Nova
Scotia, in 2 lb. blocks and 2 lb. boxes, also a
quantity Of Smoked Halibut and Kippered Herring always on hand.
Pickles !     Pickles !
Now that our Spring Groceries arc arriving,
We can assure our customers that we can supply
their wants to the fullest extent and in no line do
we show up to such advantage as in PICKLES.
Crosse & Blackwell's, the well known brand, are
our longest suit. Mixed Pickles, Chow-Chow,
White Onions, Walnuts and Cerkins in half pts.
at 25c. Pint bottles with patent stoppers at 35c.
and quart bottles at the exceedingly small price of
os cents. You will do well to look at our prices
in these lines.
Crockery and China
We arc always showing a large assortment of
Dinner Sets. This Spring we arc showing a
larger line than ever before. See our new \\ hlte
and Cold Pattern. This makes up a nice Dinner
Set for a very small price. We arc also showing
a large range oi Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers,
fruit and Salad Bowls, Biscuit Jars, Tobacco
Jars, Cream and Sugars, Cut Class, P.rass Goods,
Toilet Sets and a large assortment of fancy
Our Twentieth  Century Brand  Clothing
The Men who Dress well are the men we cater to in the Clothing
line. Not the men who wear freakish, ultra-fashionable clothes, but the
men who insist on having the best in fashionable, clean-cut, gentlemanly,
wearing apparel. They know as well as we do that'only in the 20th Century Brand can they get exactly what they want. Clothes that combine faseion with easy elegance and sterling wearing qualities are just what
the good dresser wants and just what we are prepared to supply.
This Season's Cloths are the exact goods which are being worn in
all the Eastern Fashion Centres. Browns and Greys predominate in the
Tweeds, while stripes in worsteds of the same color are also good. The
Camel Browns are the new thing and will be worn almost exclusively in
Tweed of light weight by good dressers.
Wide shoulders, longer
coat, two button sack,
two side rents at the
back, long lapels and
shaped In at the waist.
Trousers half pear.
We can supply this
model in tweeds and
worsteds in all the new
Brown and Grey
tweeds predominate.
PRICES: $25.00 to $35.00
This cut represents our new 3-
button sack suit.
Medium length
coat, Trousers are
rather smaller at
/ the bottom. Lapels
shorter than last
season. They come
in Grey & Brown
Tweeds £& Worsteds.
PRICES: $20 to $35.00
A few lines that will interest the housekeeper
who is prepairing for early spring house cleaning.
These lines are extra special in value and will not
last long at the prices.
Japanese Mats **"■ B»^"s- «•*'■»
J   F 4x12 at $3.00 each
Union Squares An sizes-u11 colors
and combination
You can't  get  away Ire-n Ihe values we
offering in these.   Call  and see them:  the prices
are away below actual cost.
Our new lines of Wall Papers have just
been put in stock and we can assure the public that never has such a complete line of artistic papers been shown in the city. Rich
and artistic but at prices that will surprise
you by their cheapness. Now is the time to
see them while the lines are all unbroken.
We import direct from the manufacturer in
the Old Country and can supply you with the
best article for the least money. Our patterns are
all new and bright. Just compare these prices
with any you may have
a    QUALITY—Inlaid, the best  that  is on  the
market, at $1.40 per square yard.
X3  QUALITY—In a wide range of patterns
at $1.20 per square yard
(~* QUALITY—In attractive new patterns
at 90 cents per square yard v,   DNE8DAY, MARCH 6, 1912.
WEDSEflllAY,  MAIU'II  f,   1012.
Amos lu on old i•.*■■' Icnl  ol  Van loin
""V,r,  tliurouplilj   l"   I il   ill ■"'    "" j
* mmmi   man iIIoub dovoloi ni   ■' ■ I'l'im
1 Coiitiltlum,  the Iiiiui,* mmi,i.i    *i  i'l'
i;y.   nativity   In   Vnnconvi t  nnd   illi
ir*. i. nnd he will  he  m  ■ >■■•'  '"
limy  Imntirors at the hotel.
Ladies' Costumes
Thirty Ladies' Tailored Costumes and Ladies' Spring
coats. Early Showing of New Spring designs. New
Whitewear, New Linen Waists, Cotton Voiles, Wash
Silks. Cloves, Hosiery, Umbrellas. New Ooods Coining to Hand every day.
& Yours
t,       Mr
rd, 1912
i'   'i'i*. .,1     .,
Whitt Clnvi i llmi. *   iii i 11
,* full)  iiii ral Ihis -'■' ■
onu lliiiiK  yon
.I.M     ■ '■■'•'■   ii.l. Thursdn)  i "> row.
$  '
HOME-MADE JAM    in pill
,•!'-,.Iuu I;   pure nnd wi 11 pul up.
ol llu   !
; nun Is
m'im*    jura
- *, * *.i in
**\  1   ll|'
in Uitth  cans, which ive Kiuir-
VI -   T. K.  I.. Tayloi  will nol    i •
M    •■.   Danci    *   Drill  II.ill    r"
.■  ■       . *. n,  ...     .
,  .     -    . teed
E    B   I   ■ pi esentlng the Ca-
M •     ,   mpnn)   ... Toronto and
i: -...sink.*    i    flying
t this wee! -,
Mi    l:    .         ,t the I ai i II in Bi nk
•'  i '■■inin. im*   stall,  Icavi today  Ioi
(ill   i vacancy in lhe Bunk
■ ■ ii   town.
'•      11      I * ' n.l
■ \ .      * '   11..
iin   , en   Revels! ike   >        rs
l«t    Till -
!. W. K. SI lanul)    in
week Irom
il   Winnipeg
-    leen  unusually tine thin  winter.
I     A.  HOBSON.
MacKenzie Avenue
Hdll .i  Moll Herald
11.'.•!• Blr, -Swing nn article in yi m
IhbI   Saturday's odition  ol  tin   '> **;
Herald, ro the Boj   *' ■   MovetnMt,
I would Hko to anj n word In <lu-
tencu of tho "blood tlilisty - ",l" ''■ '
who ** m.ii.mi* is pii im** i so v!vl Ily
by those (hot air machines) who
bIbh llii'ir names al Urn ond ol Ihe
article. I wonder ll eithci ol '.'ivm
have ever Been a soldli r, I .l"11 it it.
ul course I musl iidmll thai un ro
arc innl ones as well ns Rood ou is In
Hi., army.   Having apcnl a numlier ol
years In their mldsl   I  - i      lound
thai out, lini il ,*i young man who j
joins l In- ranks goes to thc hud . Is
, ni lr dy his own r,*iiili and h i I i.s
only himself to hlnmo. Bui I'M nv-1
erage "Tommy Atklni" s * "Si Id
ht and a Man" when ho has rtonc a
few months training and tine: t in -,icd
iln* lessons of Obedience and i l-vinil *
ness he ran hold bis head np with Lho
hest in the land, l notice thoj limsh
their article with a quotation from
ihat historic poem "Tho Charge > I
the Light Brigade," I « e\ ler hi w
ilii'si* "walking pop factories ' i! I a
io rend such n Btor) i i the "a iart -
loss, soulless, murderous machines"
that they term the soldier, nnd again I won,Iit H either nf ih • n i i id
i ass the medical examinati m menial
and physical that qualifies f,,r a soldier, 1 don't t In nk so, So in.-
i ice to tlu'in Is:
In speaking of a soldier's i. u'tn,
Pray don'l  forgcl  your own.
Remember those with hom^s uf glass
siiniil I  s.'l.l.'in throw   i    tone.
If you have nothing *'- ■ to do,
Hut  talk of thus,'  who sin,
T s better yon commence   it   lioine
\n.l from thnl  poinl   i ■ ri'i.
Vail  remember   Don'l   i.i.i
era faults until you have nono
11.  E, BROWN,
Late of 53rd Rsgiui ml
London, March i* v> and Mi i*.
r l ..r.i i nl.i', cil. tors ol "Vol is
[or Women" were arrested lasl nighl
Tbo London polico raid '.I their c
l.ilil.i.limnit anil scrni'i'il details ol
.in i i.f suffragcl tos lor the uexl two
.ii niii   and will     bo able to ohook
n ii.. overy     move ol   tho   militant
. j   women until thoy havo propur
.i fro ii i.i* :; . Premier As pilth Is
mi,i*li worried ovor anonymous letters
bi'ing received, threatening that him
self und family will ho poisoned un
less women are enfranchised nl onoo,
li Is believed hy prominent medical
men ol ibe World Capital, thai many
,', tho inini' advanced sulTriigotti'S arc
In coming mriiiall) unbalanced an I
that rocont outbreaks are decidedly
symptoms ol nervous Insanity ou the
part of tin- society women who Link
Vancouvor. March 2. Following
sentences Imposed by Judge Mclnnes
yest-orday when lour free speecbera
were given terms ol Imprisonment
.* ii ging (iiuii ihroo months to ono
month, tho Interesting announcement
is made toda) thnt R. P. Pettipiece
tho International Typographical union organizer, who will tic tried on
Thursday, will contoBl vmir in tho
coming provincial elections, lor tho
Socialists, Pettipiece has elected Ioi
■ pei dj trial and il the charge ni is
Ing oui ol tlir [roe speech demonstra-
i Ions is provi n 11 Is probable he will
hnvo to conduct bis campaign and
trj  to in' elected Irom jail.
.<m..-£y fiN
- «*..* - .
l'o scleol .md uiakt   llic  iii ' pa mei    on a lioine.    Then   you   can
im>*. <• in *.inl plan n *.: trden, a poulti -  > nnl and nil sorts ol things you
would onjoy during a Sumti ■       11 yoi   haven   littU
in i'.m it easy (o.i you i i acquire *i honu   immediately
cap '   wc   . •
Wi  jm* glad to reporl thai  Mrs. C.
v.  Lilly Is rapidly recovering     from
mi*.*,., i  serious Illness,  having un
■ ' : gone *i dangei ous operal Ion al the
Ital.   Great  credil  is due to iin*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    attending    physicians      ai     Ih
ut     ol i Di ctors     Sutherland ami McP
ha* returne.l  :*  m     V'lctoi the skilful manner In  which they
1:   llll.  Dance      in
*  *  ■ .-    ','  n n
sharp      at
'nues  until   IJ I"*    *\
■ teed,
Di rm R
vcterl    rj
.u.,\     I'he    l'i
i Guy  H
to a      i
-.rn    In      u
"••ks time.
- . .   * tnlned froi
IV. Th.uii
llonell     r
died  thu case.
Tomorrow morning a spi >a. lil group
mng   men  « (lgblng   12511   ..   will
the mountain citj (or Vancouv
er,  under thc auspices ..( thc  Y.M.C.
v.   Mr.     Pcrc)  I-'. GWIIord,     ph;
* ector, » 111  hnve charge ..f the boys
u.   are oonllden    thai  the
- 1 struggle in      thc
H.C. Ba
The  managers  ••(  the  Kdison  then-
:■'     made     arrnngem
with  Managei       I R.  Lav
■ *    *   *  *
*.f,mt,.a   lor the
duel Ion ol   Dnnl
After a short but very I,
piorogued **'* Tuesil -
it l
"    • * --.
Mi.  l.awi*. in*.'  hue  the  sole right for  Tbis will he a busy     mon
tern i'     Mi    ! awi
eels In 1
T| rnmeni   ■
tl; othei
t takes one h
: i papei
a.   Tb. -.  "
it ike on or about the lirsl of May.
.*. i      .. mi ae was
nt.   Mr.   W.   [I    Wallace    id
mi',    Then
prop uu '       Wr.
it   this
.    -    . (hr sea
« * .
■    :    -    ■ ter I *    ■
■    •
Will Crooks Philosopher
Mr. Will Crooks, tho well-known
Labor M.I' , speaking at the New
Islington Hall. Ancoats, recently,
i;.iv.' utterance to the lollowing original aphorisms among others:
Some  people's conception  manhood
Is tbat a man Bhould be maBtcr     In
I      own  house.  Hut   1 say  thai a man
i should   a.*v. i   be  master  In  bis    own
■ .i  portnei ship and
don't you torget  It.
T e man  who thinks thai  the    "I*
all llll !.'   is the
will live long enough
al se     thai  no one cares     for
vei   people  in.wa ■
cept tl .-..-:    ' **        i
*   .,    olut ly
.   do,
thi   Bi i sh  Em
[lire exist ii toilel
itio an     1
: • ma ..  those     Im.hua
"Wl   - :   ihould look
,   I      : * •   told thai
■      irda bis
i   look
in  suii-
-  will
-   ■        ol
ftODiTiQNAL mm mm
Mi'.i  me al  tho Savoj
Tho World's Huppcnings iu lho
Graphic al  thc si.ii- tonight.
Fresh local en am •■•• iry daj il the
"Over the Hill," n verj i rcttj
drama at  the star tonight.
The awakening druma, a real
sl i. .in*l a picture you will nevoi
forget,   .stai   theatre  tonight.
At tin' star tonight, Interim! i >o il
Auto Races, chumpioushlp tho
world, 75 miles an hour, you cun Bee
the auto at   lull  speed.   Don'l    miss
iii Be.
POR SALE \ Plve Vci l i nil
Ranch in the Kootenaj 11 strict,
close to a iin iltv town .',' Z.Oflfl people, i in, acre is cleared u*id i lant-
i'l .a Innl anil there is a niiw btuse
size li x20 on It. Ten dollars down
and $in a montb :..i go months,
iiuys it. Payments cau be made In
work at (3.50 per day if desln J
Apply ai once to !•'* i'. Creech, Box
138,  Revelstoke.
We have taken the Agency for " Minerva Pure Prepared
Paint," and are in a position to give you a paint that will last
longer, go Earther.and stand more wear than any other paint
mi the market.
If you arejthinking of painting this Spring, give it a trial.
For buildings inside and outside use "Minerva Pure Pre-
pared Paint.
For shingled roofs use " Minerva Barn, Roof and Bridge
For doors use " Minerva Exterior Floor Paint."
For Slain and Varnish Finish use " Minerva Lac."
For cupboards, shelves, kitchen chairs, use ''Minerva
Pure Prepared Paint," put up in convenient household sizes.
We also handle all colors of Alabastine.
Revelstoke Hardware Go., Ltd.
Howson Block
WMtB-blar-iMniGn gags
Royal Mail Steamers Sailing Every Saturday
New 'I'riph'-Screw Kev Triplc-Scrcw
S. S. Laurentic S. S. Megantic
llll Ilim'    lll'l   Ki C'lll 'Ml.'    I' injurs
i iiiiiii        Klecliic 1 Icvatoi -..    lilecli i,* Healers,
Skilled Oi cln tm. Wirvli s hikI Uccp Sen Signal Apparulua
FIR8T-CK88, $32.50.  SECDKO CLASS, Si5.73.   THIRD CU8S, [%$KS] S32.5U
Comfort nt nictlcrnlo rn'os by oxcollcnt
ono-clasj il ii Cuhln scri'lco.
S. S. Twin-Scrfiw  Teutonic      S. S. Twin-Sen w Canada
l, 11 Ii.iik* 511 leet Inai;
Icaiiier Cniiiuliaii l,iver| I om cl ■**- III)i *:*m ■*. m ice
nun,i.l.ili..ti in in :- ll ii| , lliiril i-l.i"* i.l.i-i .1 ii..'ins. * :'*
Con-|i.inv'ti Ctncc Rooms ' B" U.uloy llttiilini;, Scrnn.: anil Ohcrry SI.., Su.iltlu
A. 0. BROOKHR. Agent. Calgary
. ■ ■
in town
hotel.    Mr
Buy There for Sure Profits
LotsS on the   2 i *..•   Mile  Circle   Well   Located in Crescent View
DRl i-   STORK
$10 to $2C   '
Special 3A Folding Brownie
Post Card Damera    -   $12
2A FoUjuj; Brownie      -      $7
Eastman Films
\*..       \l*   I..     'i,|
\ .'.*'•   .    ,11   I'..;
All al Lisl Prices
Rivaii Or-J"'*ie',
Rexall Bt^.Winc and Iron $1
[A spi end ii
Best Sarsaparilla     -   $1.00
Wi- hnve Monti   id 1 Mi's
; i* :   .i i| !       ' i    i
.11,    |.i, |    * * .!   ,.,   ;, ,
...... pun*.
Ionic    I''*   ' '*   '   coht $1,
Ni cktiea of all  kinds and col
i i derv eai
every shadi
■ galore.    Bud and cloth
When in search of liar Rains don'l overlook
bews IHE REXALL STCRE bews j
Outfit!   '. for Revelstoke's Men and Boys
TERMS:   One - Fifth  Down, the Balance
Extending Over 18 Months
Let Us Make Your Money Grow
B. G. FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue
■ .■MJW'l    I U


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