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The Mail Herald Feb 4, 1911

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $60.
Interior Pubhsnmg'.Co., Ayts..
The Mail-Hepald
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Interior Publishing Company
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f    A
Take Them Into Their Confidence and Let Them Know Just How
Conditions Are.
Tin. presenl condition ol tbo city's am prepared to put np my share
power plant mi'l the possibility ol ol taking legal steps bo get the Pro-
Its i,..ii iiiiiii'iiiii'ti before tho spring vlnclal government t" appoint a
troaheta come, occaali ning additional rommlaalon. when some ol ti»'
damage and additional expenso, in prominent citizens tnke the lend I
naturally beginning to cause consld- will come forward with my nhnro ul
erablo alarm among ratepayers. Thin tho goods, nml it will he good solid
week two nf those moat vitally In- cash, not. promises, Oan a public
terested have tokon the liberty to meeting not bo callo.i for Monday or
address us on the subject, with thoir, Tuesday evening In the Oity Hall,
remarks dlrectod lo whom it     nny nt which the city council     could   bo
The Mall-Herald is pleased to sec
that the pointed remarks In Its editorial columns aro having tho desired eitri't In arousing tbe citizens to
n Bonse nl the   Imminent   possibility
ol future trouble.     These corrosi *
dents evidently realize, ns every good
citizen Bhould, thai both they t.nd
their city  have large  Interests      at
Kevelstoke,  Feb. 2nd.
Editor Mall-Herald:—
Dear Sir,—As one ol thc ninny mif-
ferern Irom tlio lack   ot   li-ght and
Power, 1  would like to hsk  if the
oounoll   is   taking nny  steps   to liml
Hurrah!  Hurrah!
A telegram just received from 1). M. Rae,
who is with the Uevelstoke curlers, at Golden
Bonspiel, says:
Revelstoke wins the
Hums' cup.    Foote and
MacDonald meet in final.
Foote has good chance
of winning grand aggregate.
I). M. Rae.
Strongly Oppose Action of Fielding-Important Resolutions
Hre Passed.—F. E. Sine is
stake, and thnt the only way to ob- out just  "where we 4ro at'
Nelson, 11. 0., Jan. 111.—The annual
convention ol tbe Mountain Lumber
Manufacturers' association   wns hold
in   Nolson  yesterday, and  was one of
with I the most important, as  well as    ono
tain any satisfaction Is to air their
views through the medium     ol   the
press. The question is a big oue nnil
needs careful handling, nnl suggestions such ns arc given in thase letters are always     welcome  to
Newman and Company,   The citizens ol the ircst attended conventions
cheerfully voted large sums of money
to instnl this plant, anil it is up to
tbo council to immediately ascertain
whether they enn force the contrae-
thc   tor to complete this work      without
Lawrence Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Ot+'co   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 330,000.00
5,5oo, .00.00
Branches «r Agents at all principal points ititOatiada,
Agents i„ Great Britain and United States—London, Kiinlund,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- First National Bank, Corn Excitative National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Fran-
cibco -Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1  and upward,  received, and  interest allowed at
curreut rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelatoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
council, Vie believe it was the intention of the Board of Trade to dis-
i-iiss the mntter fully at their meeting lust Thursday night had a quorum attended, and it is up to this
orgenlzatli n to consider the matter
hand for the benefit ol the city at
large. Vie append herewith tho letters from our correspondents!
Editor Mail-Herald:—
Hear  Sir,—In recent  issues ol your
delay, or if be will not do so, see if
Ihey cannot complete It themselves.
To the onlooker, it looks as though
the contractor, with the aiil ot a
clever attorney, has pul ihe city in
a position where it must wait his
convenience whether tbat be this m*
n.'xt spring. The current report is
that by giving the extension, the penally clause was rendered void, and
now Newman comes hack with a
large WU of extras. If this is bo,
where   was our   paid    city solicitor,
esteemed paper I have      rend      with
much  interest, as well  as alarm, the   w}° .ls *»IM>oscd to watch  matters of
statements ol Messrs.     Swing      mnl
PurneU with reference to serious con-
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Mrs. A. G. Crick, First Street
sequences to the city unpen line Wn
ease   the   Woik  at  the   power       plnnl
1b not completed t>y the contractor
within the next, lew weeks. Theso
statements are specially alarming in
view of the speedy settlement of thc
ilillieulty looked forward to at thc
time the new council took ollice. It
hus really reached tbe point where
the citizens should he taken into til?
confidence of the counoil and placed
in possession of the facts as to the
steps being taken hy the council to
bring the matter to nn issue. Has
the contractor cot thc city on the
li ip and the council afraid to admit
it, or bas the solicitor for Newman
and Co. got tbe city council nn.l
city solicitor under an hypnotic
Unless the present council is prepared to gran-pic with this question
during the present week nnd cither
admit defeat or force completion of
the work at a rate commensurate
with the importance ot the crisis
facing the city,' it would he well for
the citizens, who have large interests at stake in the city, to take the
matter into the courts an.l ask thc
government to appoint a royal commission to investigate the administration of the power plant construction from beginning to end and possibly secure such court orders as
may lie necessary to tuke the work
out of the linn*Is (.| the present contractor* with contiBcation of hoods
and judgment for payment of the
amount due under the penalty clause
of the contract.
At the time of the municipal election of 1910, it is sai.l mi good an -
thority, that the contractor is speak
ing of the defeat ol Kx Mayor Lindmark, said, "Thnnk Qod I have not
got that mnn to deal with any longer." What did he mean, wns It that
lie thought he had easier marks to
shoot  his designs nt?
1 nm not a man possessed of great
nrthly riches, but all  the savings of
this kind?
The citizens nre getting tired ot
this "alternating light system," (the
nights nre alternately light nn.l
dark) an-,1 look to thc council to get
iiiisy. nn.l nt once. The loss to users
of power has been very large, and
the inconviencc to house holders and
merchants very great, but up to thc
present time it has been borne with
a fair amount of fortitude, and they
want to see thnt some attempt Is
iieing male l>y the council to get
out of the tangle ill whicli they hnve
wound themselves, hy their apparently ill-advised action.
Revelstoko, Feb. 3rd.
Johnson Got Cheque Rightfully
Belonging to Larson
Ily the coincident of two men working for the Bowman Lumber Co.,
having the Christian name of Oscar,
one Oscar Johnson received a cheque
from the lirm for $137.SO, which
i rightfully belonged to the other Os-
eiir. whose surname wns Larson. Aa
a result Johnson is missing and an drawn is usually so short as to make
Information has been laid against'it utterly impracticable to comply
him of baring received money under | with the order, and the timber has
false pretences. Thc two men were to lie sacrificed. Thc Injustice to the
employoea of the company and  John-'| pie  who hnve' invested  their mon-
the  history  of  the  association.
Otis Staples, vice-president of the
association the past year, was elected president, F. B. Mine wns elected
vice-president, and W. A. Anstie wns
re-elected secretary.
A very strong resolution was -adopted condemning tho reciprocal compact entered into with the United
States, not only bo far as lumber
wus concerned, but on all commodities, but. particularly on fruit and
farm produce.
A resolution was adopted drawing
to tho attention of the Provincial
government tho disparity in timber
license rentals exacted in tho inter -
ior as against, thc coast. It was
shown that tho average stand of tlm
ber in the interior was only about
one-juorter that at the coast, while
the rentals on interior timber were
$115 per mile, those at tbo coast lieing $1+0 per mile. Taking Into consideration the inferior quality of interior timber owing to th.? smaller
growth, this was considered most unfair, and the government, in framing
its new forestry legislation, was asked to place these rentals upon a
more equitable basis.
Another resolution adopted called
the attintion of tho government to
the fact that, contrary to thc statutes, a large amount of timber waa
being removed trom mineral claims,
and placed  upon thc market.
The association strongly endorsed
a memorial whicli a deputation will
present to Sir Wilfrid Laurier on
Feb. 9, complaining of the policy •(
the department of the interior in
entertaining applications from set -
tiers for land including timber berths
It is set forth that these applications, generally speaking, are made,
not for bona tide settlement, but for
the purpose of obtaining the timber
whicli very often is offered to the
original owner for sale, The notice
which operators are given, to remove
Ihe timber on the sections to bc with
-nn in applying for his wages, whicli
amounted to nlKMit $80, received In
payment the cheque lor $1117.50 on
the time ot Oscar l.nrson. Johnson,
*.*. it In mt   demure,    took   tlie cheque,
,y in these timber bertha nnd erected immense plants in thc expectation
of having an adequate timber sup-
I ly is obvious, in the view of tho
lumbermen,    nnd  It  is    hoped,    when
went   to  tbe  Imnk  and  had  it cashed   the     matter   Is    set forth in proper
and  made off with it
The efforts  of  the  police  to  locate
lum  have so far hern unsuccessful.
Our Aim is lo Please.
The Store of Good Quality
The People's Store
By alw.ivs keeping In close touch with lhe outside markets  we can
uiu.us give  i.ui  (food  values.    One ol  oui   Specials  this week
2 Tins Red Sockeye Salmon for 25c.
John Mclntyre Sr Son
Calgary Delinquents
Calgary,   Feb.    2. -on   Saturday,
Ralph Begley, an employee of the cus-
l"iiis  house,   was    arrested,    charged
a h.'e time nre invested   in this city, ' wm, lhp thctt o( ft |200 diamond ring
and represent the sweat of years of
labor. Do I understand thnt what I
have will depreciate In value If thc
work is not completed within a few
Local contractors were turned down
in this contract, as the engineers In
charge ot the work favored the prcs-
int contractus. Have Messrs Smith
Kerry and iliiiee licen standing In
with the contractors so thnt their
lees, which are conditioned on thc
COSl .'t the undertaking, shnll he as
j-rent   as   possible     \Wiy     bave  these
and on bis confession four C. P. It*
employees, John Fnrbar, Edward
llillis, Wm. Appleiiiti and Edward
Stnrney were nlso arrested. The police claim that they have unearthed
a systematic plot Ior wholesale robbery and that a huge amount of
em..Is missing in consignment wuh
Iniinl in thc rooms of one or other
ol the men. The customs and pus
Inl authorities have been making In-
QUirtos following eoinplnints. Henley
Is need 23, a    native of Komptvllle,
N.8., and  was transferred from
gentlemen shielded the    contractors  post ,)Mirr CUitom« department
until     the  eleventh      hour    nn.l   then    |he wim*,|„,llH,, (wn month! ngo.
..ni,,     to      the      ciiineil      with      a I 	
complaint which appears » mere sub-1
terfuge to safeguard  their  reputation      Have  you  tried briquettes yet      in
as engineer*? ! your cook stove or open firo   plnce?
The  situation ih so gravo that    1,   The     Uevelstoke General     Agencies,
although a comparatively poor man,  Ltd.. have tbcra always for sale.
light, that, the government will adopt
a mure rensi.liable poliey and in line
with   the   well   known   principles       ol
conservation for whieh  sir    Wilfrid
Laurier ims repeatedly pronounced.
It   was decided  to  retain  tho bond-
Uiinrters of the association in Nelson
and  it is  probable  that this      point
will   be  the   permanent  headquarters.
PAST  Y10A11
Speaking after  thc  meeting,  W.  A.
Anstie said       "While   1910  wns  from
tho standpoint  of  production,       the
hest year in the history of the Mountain    industry,     wc  having oxceeded
|2?,WO,W0 feet, still  the results have
imt   been  satisfying  to  our      people,
not owing to the fact that the Can
mIimh  market could not tnke the lum
l»er, but becauso wc wore forced     to
meet ruinous competition   from   tho
American manufacturers ol thc western states. It is well known thnt
the Mountain innnufnrtiircrs produce
8*5 per cent, common lumber nnd It
is equally well known to those conversant with the lumber trndo of the
west that the western states are con-
linunlly glutted with over production
of thiB same class of low grade lumber.     Tbe consequence U tbat bav-
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Fresh Sausages Made Daily
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Farm, Liver, Blood, Bologna
and Weiners Sausages.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
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S =0 =
* 2 B °
a a _
ing no protection, we have been fore-
low  prices,  considering  tbe  high  nml
,*,i t.i mei't competition at ruinously
Increasing coil of producing lumber
in this province. As sn instance of
the conditions existing in the west -
ern states, at tbc present time <iuot-
atlons sre being made lor lumber
from nulls in that territory ot
prices less than the cost ot logs to
our producers."
Commissioners Appointed
The appointments (or police and
license commissioners have been
gazetted as follows:
Police Commissioners — Mayor
Hamilton, chairman, ex-oftirio; Ciuy
Barber, the selection of the city
council, and B. Trimble, the outsMe
License Commissioner* — Mayor
Hamilton, Alderman Abrahamson,
and   W.    A.
F.  8. Sine and  Q.  A. tirohnm,    of
the  Dominion   -Saw   Hill  Co.,       were ' ],oord
delegates  to  the  I.umliermrnH'  Asso - (
ciatmn  convention  at  Nelson      this
week.   Mr.  Sine  was    elected      vice-
president for tbis year.
from tbe city council
Bturdy,   tbc  member  of last    year's
1   (loving pictures to-night,
i   Muring pictures tu-nlght, BAT1 Ul'AV,  FEB    nil,  1(111.
Sbc nDail-lberalb
SAl'UHUA^    li
uiv. i.Mi.M,. a. c.
Jntecloc publtsbinfl tfompang,
Lvgal notices iu cents per hue lirst
lusertiou, it cents pet imo each
subsequent insertion. Measurements Monpariel (12 lines mate
cue mcb.) Store und genoral
business announcements J2.otl pel
inch per muutli. Preferred posl
tions, 2i, per cent, additional.
Dirth=, MarnagcB una Deaths, 50e
each insertion.
Laud notl es $7.50.  All ndvei tl •
ments subject lo tho approval ol
tbe   i* '      it,      WantOd       mnl
i Advertisements : ■—
Agents Wanted Help Wanted, Bit
uatloni «uut»i, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanlos
iVanted, 25 iroi in or less, Wn.,
each ii I litional lino id eenta,
i. iim,.*. - .:i ■ tandlng advei use.
in. :,• . m .it : ■* in by 'J a. m.
j la] and Fi iday ol eaoh wees
tu ro good play,
CuKKK.-i t'M'KM )■'■ Invited on mat
ters ul public intcrci t. Cum
municatlona I E Utoi must be
accompanied by name ol wrltei
nut necessarily lur publication,
but «s i-.il nco ..I good faith.
Correspondence should be brief,
.-Hll-Si KIl'TlnN   HATKri
Including   postage  to  Englaud,   Unit-
ed .States nud Canada,
By  tbe year itbiough poBtOfllce)  *$-.5l.
JuB PRINTING promptly executes
at reasonable rates,
TERMS—Cash, Subscriptions payable iu advance.
C\x riDaiiiberaU)
TSanKJyead Hard Coal
Wellington Soft Coat
Always on Hand
Briquettes,   and   Furnace,  Egg, Stove
and Nut Sizes.
Revelstoke  General Agencies, Ltd.
Real Estate uiul Insurance
SATURDAY,   FEB.   ITH.   1911.
Two interested ratepayers have
this .*.**. k taken advuntage ol oui
columns to ask Borne pertinent u.ues
tion ol '!** city council. They, being :. . -.*; iii a large measure,
Huancially and economically, natur
ally want to know a lew things.One
ev,n goes bo lar as to suggest that
an investigation ol the whole aflair
tie made by a Commission appomtw
by the government. Tbey both seem
to tb n ab i • the same lines, however, .u regard to the extension of
time given Newman .v i o. to finish
their worn, That it was Ill-advised is
ibe opinion of  both these ( espon
dents    Nobodj   blames these men fur
:  so anxious  under the  circum
Blanks.   The city  at  present    ie    at
a cn=:s  wbicb  must be  Imme llatelj
. an lie **■.:■    « tbi  orherj     for
.ii the event ol n it being taken in
hand at once the city is pliio'.! in the
name position as it wns before. There
is Uj une trying tu evade tbe .
it must be laced {airly anl Bquarely,
lor tue citizens are, beginning tu
i.atnur for information; they want
lo know just "where they are at,"
ar.d rightfully ■ 8t thing for
II  Newman  fi  Co.
have : is one cot-
:ea; oi the
i ublic into their confidence and tell
ihem .-e I. .-ie-.; them tn th? -dark
.:. t:.e mattei .- t create a feeling
ct a*.." .... .  tnjui e  the  pros -
sing ol the proposed
bylaw .:*.i ■ • draft on tbe work,
cr of any othei aw Ioi that matter. I! tbi *..*i:. is finished up ii tisfai torSy,
even th ■ ■ the
worst I it and thej kn * it, they
migL". even l
: :   i •
; a g.a.; to get «bole aflair
.   ..btllll
tnj    '•■;       ' • they
I   th.
i xtr-ti  l Tb.a
place  thi •      iiibar
•    -
I mined i  mm
K'»te   '
B) -t.i    there a
of lie h to th
ty, thi
tractors and  the engineers   m    a
l*a I  light,        Tl ■      '
bave I
• i,
i •> . :. .'. and Mi. Bewman to pre
\ n;  it,
Mr. Newman has been solicited by
vrtve ; (•;:.• here ,*n,.l Bntsb up the
Job in a h u I y,   w hat is his ai
:i  Uni irtnnl   business  In  Winnl
pe^,.      He ais.. wires the men nt. the
works   to get n     move  on.      Is this
'net. ry  to  you    Mr.   Ratepayer,
and  Pro  B no    Publico '     Do   you
M rn tbe mercy ol a group
s    rei      irben you have n plant
.    ting  proi ably it"1,  at stake ?
Hum. i i a.- n .ii ilnm .. imple re-
. uesi «.il have to in* made if Mr.
Newman still pei leaving tbe
,;iv at 'in mercy ..I these workmen,
: .        srork luubi be finished uji ut
a.,* m. matter what tho cost. Just
hink ii over and In tho moantimo,
, ih ire are any more dlssal Isllod
atenayors wo will  bo  glad  to    bear j
rom iiiem I
At last ii appears to bo llnnlly sol
led thai   the   Duko of   Copnaught,
nclool   lh.'   present    relglllng   Snveii*
gn, is coming to ftldeau Hall.       In
i  the   protests   ollered     from
nn.,. .jiiaiieis against the ostabllBh'
nm ni   a royal court   in   Ottawa,
a imn- generally will he   ploased
■ iih tho appointment. Wc need nj|
ake sorioiiBly tho panic of those who
luuk that social values will be dls-
iirli. il an.l a reign of "snobbery" as
hey call it, introduced Iiy the real -
lence among us of an uncle of tho
ing uiul n brother of lhe late la
lented King Edward, Society in
an i.ln is in far greater danger from
lie aristocracy ol wealth than from
iie influence ol noble families. Mure
xtravagance, and more jealous
Ivalry are produced hy os
.■illations        rlchos than by
he influence ol royal personages.
he people on this continent, in
,!:*!■ cities especially, nnl more or
■ss in cities the size of Rovelstoke
o nol try to be princes and ilukes,
at ihere are signs of a struggle to
ittain the position thai it"' possei
.mi and lavish uso ol wealth are c>>
ected iu lirm -. Perhaps on • of the
est social services that the Duko
if Connaught and his family will
.ii.ler Canada is tbe'lesson of simple
ml natural living.
The Feiine Free Press says editor-
illy:—"Some day, when  every eitiz
n has gone through the trial   of   a
enn on  ih' city council, the people
-ill  wake up lu the fact   that B Cum
lii   .ii   Governmi nt      was wh u  w i
leeded for many years.   There is nol
single   gentleman     on the presen
ouncll  board  who held  office      lasl
ear and the difficulty and tedium ol
atbering    up    tbe     administrative
breads as    dropped     by ihe former
ouncll enn only be realized bj  th s ■
.li.. go through the ordeal. The pres
at  council  have this difficulty      t*.
ontend   with.    They  are   tacklil
roblom  manfully,  but   ll
real  waste ,.f time and thc tempi r
ry lack ol famlliaritj     «Ith
i the civic bi    ' - n *t tend to
n reuse   the  value  of   their
'wo  perman nl  capable mi n
ccomplish  m n tar      less
ime ami could mi re than ea n their
.ilar.es in increased effli
i\ e administration."
Kevelstoke    as  Bl
I Mr. w.  .1. Kurnii
fter  a  holiday   a
. thin'  ilu.n'. ' *
* gM i ma]
Ihis Country Styied the Mecca
ot the Enterprising Man.—
John Bull Answered
liniii-h rapers that Editorial Pago
Horatio Bottomloy's attack ou
Canada In liis publication, John Bull J
is answered almost daily in a British paper and magazine. In tha Empire, for Instance, appear two arl
eles, i n * ui iiie.l "For 'Ih iso Who
wish to go to can.nia," and tlia
other "How We lame to Canada,"
The suli title ol the former is "Tho
Mecca ut the Enterprl^tng Man," and
ir,in tins keynjte tha laudatory
character of the text may be under ■
stood, The writer observes th.it he
ii ■i,*r saw a badly ilresse.i workman
,n i nin.l.i, and mir mechanics when
iu iheir "glad raits" make the ordinary English traveler luuk shabby by
comparison, The writer also drops
a remark that Bhows mure than a
superficial acquaintance wiih Ins Bub
j:ei. when he says ih.it immigrants,
as a rule, do not leei the cold of u
Canadian winter as much as do the
Canadians themselves.
"Now is the time for the man who
bas a belief  in himself lo goto Canada, even if bo gives up a billet," de-
i lares tb lltor ol the limp.re Magazine, but be warns the waster     to
keep away,    lie  su>s  that   it  Was not
ihe Canadian employers,  hut the lull n ling  English employes,  who
i    , uuBiblc   !,.!   in.*  "No   En *i*
Need  Apply"  sign * that   wi i
a,, „ few   yeai * a o.    This wain ag,
i ny.  iin*  magazine,   *a*i    b nei
, i otection aga.n iin*    .* * -'in ■
.11.,.   ,   111, II   in,A.I.
ni.     'i'he  oppoi: .i. i *
:,,,s   .11   ... :.
, . ..I.' I.   i
li  .
i can
. u..*.
■ ■
.   '
a ii.n i  I ii.* fuiilish hazard.
I in; i* m'I'i .* a '>'s ,n Can ida wei i   n d
moro fori unu.* than h ■ do, orvi l nn I
lie speaks in npplrciiil IVO  I,Tins  111 nil
ih, Can i,inin; wll a \. l><.ni iie came In
coutucl. Hi' I. nn.I ii . prejudlc i
.i.i.ii i him i.n account ol h s I a : ■
llsli birth nii I accent. Tho chil lr m
were lain u In han.I by lun.Ily officials
an l forwarded to tin lr dei tinat Ion
Nun.' had the slightest difficulty In
: ol ting .'i posit mn mi.I at wa job thai
nun i havo Boomed pr n oly nccoi ding
to Old Country stnn lards, Dospll i
lhe  ileservin;,   pro [re Bin I    chur.iiici
ol ibis immigrant, ho might, had
luck hn n agalUBt him, b ivo had a
less Im■luiinie experience, Biippo4ug
thai when in1 got to Fonthill there
had been no work for llllll an I Ilo had
iiei ii uiili/1.1 lu pa> li a i.ue back to
this city, where he might lune arrived pcnnilossV
Exactly BUch a case happened tha
othoi day, and the man who had
spent his last ilulliu to i u to 0 pros
poctlvo job i n n I'm in "in ■ .1 itnn o
away discovered thai tho farmer who
lm.I applied (or help did not no * I
hia ii,* found lim *iii .iiiii li*I in
Toronto, without a ci nl In his puck
ot, unknown to a Bin »lo person in
the city, au.I ni tho omploj menl bureau iml III' slightest iiiiui inai mu was
glVI II   ll ,n   as   tu   where   be   eulllil     gel
ii meal or s| eu.l the night. Probably
be h is since found    friends or     em
ploynu nt, but his lirsl n i.ht in iln.
city  Is likely to lie a bitter memory
lu  him. i
The an i '.ii nieei'iit ol the ci icl ol
mil bi li il I on Thursd U even* '
In ' n. \i and a large attoudanco of
,1, :, interei tod In this i o .1 old
.*.„ |, ; nine Is roiiiiostcd as plum
wi',1 bo mndo Ioi Lb i com n * oas
i n .. progi ni i, whii li Ib '' tpected to
lie  an   lllti ie  lm*  "ii ■
KM nl RAGE  Rl\ AI.KV.
i.i*.ih  borso breodin *   Is  to bo   i a
couraged  In Grant Britain  this   yeai
by a governmenl  grant ul    KWfiW,
to bo expen led during tho Beason. In
pioccdlng     yeai b   o l rant  "I $2 i,Ki,
«:,:, dlsti .inn. .1 iii the form ol Kin
premiums to thorobn I i lallions     ol
. **,*,,n i  ime quality,  i'r* uch, Qorman
nn*l Austrian rivalry  in  tho produc
tion ol  horsos Biiltnbfo lor  romountfl
in Hie army in ipin .1 lh    now appro
liriatlon.      The Pron h     govom nenl
which derived  a largo roven i •    fi im
the inuliiil  ...Villein .'(  ." i ting   *ii op
, ration nl  all raeei oursi b in    Prance
Is Bald by En| lb li nuthoi il loa to ills
tribute aboul   *:*>*: '*"*,; ann mils  nm
, ag  ils   lire.-.lei's.
The curling game is a merry gamo
That merry  men enjoj.
11 furnishes many a happy hour
111   pleasure  with nil  coy,
It drives dull care from many a heart
The furrow from iho brow;
ll  gathers up (he pleasures of
1 h • evor fleetin ; Now
It  unites  us with our fellow  men,
In Joyous rlvalrj.
li  li.i-   us ..hi  ol Belli luiess
To generous sympathy.
It tenches many n lesion
Pi r life's gamo, Btorn un I kei n,
". h.it applied in dally busltu
Mn ies   life    whole, u ia .   | ure       and
Then let us join the merry game
An.l piny with might and main
'Twill give us h.'ultli and happiness,
'Twill make us live again,
J. W.
i lb *., Ian I,    l*'. h.    -'.   Follow In    an
cxamia t ion by  i hj siciaua il   is lear-
. d   thai   An.   Atell „ Hghl n ;  .lays are
ill  ui ih • tract ure      o!
h sright    arm    i ccci red in hit     ...
: , ,    l...i..iii   .
i     .    ai :.. * .       . i,    ,
the fo irt i: roui ii had been
i..• at  a tei i ilie | ai e  whi n thej
went .n*.   a clinch,  Both tell '.u   tha
.   .*...:       Atell
* . i .*      it
:     bone" in
.*    bi * u ii* lh.. sic
. .*ii     tho   *
il 11 y,
•M.INii  Ai   V. M.  i .  A.
; d       ofl
.   * ..     an i ii the
U • k       as     fol-
113    111
•   *
* .ul '. •
. ,*.
ig to
n* *
I all si
ia build
publ      ervlci e ii
ncillo .''I      of
eta      fork    W hal    t >■ can I
l mayoi   hould be
: .,i tend ng to
rk,   I ie is an
nnd    the   dignity    of    bis
ho .1.1 be   "
Hocletj   ti;..    Mi   Cen land's   cow
returned la -t *■ rd from   pi n Hn ■ the
In.Inlay*, ahroa I.   Likely  tu  I *
Interest ng d mei      la tbis ca ie,
Medll lie* Hat   News
Dirk lion! losi III dog and nilver
Used tbe fact In tho Prei Press,
Next inuiiiin.: ihe dog came home
himself, it pay- tu advertise,—Fertile Free Press,
Al        .1' I u i*.,..li'.   .il   ilie   l.di
son Thcntrr,
■* ;
,. fall
ii.      .   ■■ practical
Ids tl
end i. • * *  tickets at
than half the   low and reg
a *    ..i ,    years.     This   man
in*, i   i ii       ippcai * *i    ii  *   ■      ral   ■
Iy easy i ■ knees to mo il  nl li
companions,  Ioi   we maj
iimi  the   ii  Iti    ol II oul  ..I >*
mil   ii   \.l y   i in,,li   a< I. *     mi i"     in
any  place  un  inilli.   We  ran   im.
ihem wiiii on.  accord luiviiiiu^   lain
M.C.A tramp
.    n a • will .. nted, pri
[ ,.i n t.i oils ul a    In.*
i me    Th
*   i  th i' *   to     Wll
.i.iin        ...      the
i for rcfi.' lun. ii
uud u isolgWe hour,
. OMM  HOI I'.   IN   MUU1UI
Tn.. !** i iii . I actlv Ity i - niiiii.!*' i In I
II on a tain in beavj ivoi hi i Irclo *.
,,n I nnl all I'" ■ fall, th re will
i, a con .•. i lor ih ih mu i mshlp
dtirln : tho pn Benl year, writes Big
Hill Naughton, Irom Sun Pranclsco,
So much Is i■■■* y to lorel ill, To Bay,
li m,.* or, \> hi ro the i n ■ « 111 I o pll
chad „...i.i require the glil ol pro
phocy in a iiniiiii -I *'*   roe.
The boxing iii lustry has Bplllad it
self all ovor the unu i rse, nnd foi
e.ipahle i ing I'm n there seem., to 1"'
big money everywhere, The next tus-
Blo ol the heavyweight B htors may
lake place in Hus country, Thi ll I '
uiu tho in; n nm) flghl In England, In
|. ranee or in  Australia.
.li.lii.iin. ol course,  i - tho key    to
the siiiini Ion.     He nn il  u\ n c i    i
be ono of the combatan o     tha
championship question Is    c .*       .1
\Mi i will be ilc oth
Barn *\ Oldfleld s r ic ii a I nipt to
justify •ic.Tr.es' elaini of bein • drug
•eo.l in i;,*i,o h ts caused a certain bub
.. li n iu arise. Bai n j says lh it llu
jell of today can defeat -l i bnson and
Hi ii Hi ■ nl.lm.1 l money is ready for
Investment on just smh a Imsis.
Sume people see in Ihis aii Inllmn
tion of .leil's il'S'ii to i il -i return
mai li with Johnsi u. I ,1 m'l roganl
it. m Ibis light. 1 think the Reno
nllair is as a nightmare to Jeffries,
and that he is leaving n i Btone un
turned to bring the public to a way
of thinking th it his defeat was
brought aboul by foul plaj. I" my
ui,.n .,. .'.*"*. has n ,i the remotei I
Id a "i  Bght In    again.
The sean h for a " white mini's
hope" is certainly becoming world
wide. This eoiiii ry has soveral
brand naw candidates for the cham
hip. Engln i.i has n fow, Aus -
iralia lias Bill Li n '. and n iw word
luines t. at Larry !•'..'..*.,. Nestor of
the box n ■ situation n Vustralia for
many    years,    has    located  a    likely
i ovlce,
Tac youngster's name Is Colin Bell.
He is rnwiii n «1 and tall, a- most up-
i ountry Australian yo ith ■ are. He
I ,s be n consli ni .1 to Foley's ten ler
. a bj a rich land own r n un.-.l
Warby, ..I Bell a home Bection, to wit
Moree, New South Wales. Foley
Hi n is w.il ol Bell, an I to b ive Po
i. ..  ;    Bl      n ■    .'    ■*■   .'ii      i ume
*,*;  .i   ia- ,.mii   ...lm develop
;  ,   Jackson,    Blavrn    Fltzslm-
i   a    ,i lm Hall and e few others.
.   . i.n-    Johnny    Thompson      has
i himself ns a trial horse     lor
and when the last mall steamer
n i ral .a it  looked as though a
Bell-Thompson match would be   m
horn]  * .1    ■'■ thi ; lum
1       : . **■•'*.       tO    |  1      ■ l ■   .
:  . .*:iie  ol Cyi li
counti j   a smile,    bul
i    hat the Aus -
clli ate     I..      a      affi
t ha         big
.   walks
. o legs.    II he carries     with
a,   ii'..   the i.     division
a icily
narked oralh ni     as   a
• i> *  *i
•feat   *:   ii* of
ild    of
b •
k   uilu
*     *   '.. .ii -
\li In
ti 11 Han •
We    nil
*.,*.,  I
ntly   uni
.*•   Mi inl ' proof
'. M. .     i,
are     pre
I    su
ll.    I'lll -llll
If      this
'. Ill  llllll  ll
. ct thfl man
illell -e
* ion,
Revolstoke Lun I District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notico thai   Mary   i    Bain,
oi Rovoli ti'ii... ii. i'., occupation mar
in*.I woman, intends    to apply     for
pi nn.. i..nil   tO   pur, li.ise   the   following
described  Ian Is,
Cunihieii.iii *. at a post planted ut
tho north west coi nei of T.i.. or lot
nlu, and marked M.A.ll BOUth east
e.niier pust, thenco west ahout hi)
chains to Iho oasl line of lot 7illiD,
i h mco ii u i li ahout 111 chains io ihe
Lako i'..i*i shure, thence along -said
shore line in a north oasterly direc-
iiun aboul olghtj chains, and thenco
south ahout 80 chains tu point of
common comont,
Dated Doc. 19th, l'JUi.
Per F. W. Terry,   A)',' ill.
RovolBtoko  Land  District.
I*, uni  ,,, Wost  |..u.iii*iin,.
'i alio nol ioi   that   i homus 11 ipo, ol
...    ... OltO,   11.   C,  o . il.'Uliu.i      'iiu*.l
■ i>..'inini,  mtonds lo apply  'or   pn-
iii..*;*i"ii to purohaso lla* billowing de
 I   I..11 is,
i . mmencing at a posl. pin itid
ah.-ui bull a mile In a aouthorly dir
ectlon Irom lot ?5S5 and by the
in i ,h oast coi n. r ol u. Evans1 lie*
.iii|.i inn, mai'iii J T.i l. i u, '.li »*, si
lOi ne,* pi ,.i, thi ,i e outh ,:, chains,
lh nee   east   -U   ili.i.n .,   theiiei:    iu'lch
rn eh.mu., thenco     west 211 ehi'iu iu
,iuial  ol   ei'iiiiiieiu'iment.
Dated Doc, l.ili, tuiu.
1'er F. W. Terry, Aycul..
Kevelstoke  i.i.u.i District.
 i l*   ".   " est   i'.uolia.ly.
lane notice ili.it, Abraham      Ake
i.i, oi mi, .,.*,„, i.*.n,,h. n.i,    ocoupa
..iu.  Pit Foreman, intonJu to apply
ui permission to purchase the iu»iuw
a,, .le.er.i.'. *i lands,
i   in ,. ncing    at a   pust    plantid
about ball a mile in a northerly c.ir-
■ i ua irom Lot i.ln, north west com
-i' post an i man.cli A.A. suutu witl
oi ni post, . ui e east a.o ii uu
ii*. ii -      10     ine      line  ul  lul      SUJ.'j
    i     Ihence   north     ab-ut   -iu
Uii.us to the nuii.il west cornar     ol
.ii*. m,.i5, thenco oaut about -. .n...
o lho south west coi n r ui lot ,,,,•.,,
,h n.e north to tho Lake bUur.',
ii .i e about mi chains  westerly kl-
lOWlug a.on , il,..   i.ai.e shore liao nl d
.hence sonln a.ioiil -lu cbuiua  lu  the
.o.ni ui commoncement.
lialeil   Dec.   Itlth   ,l'JIO.
ALiiiAHA.il  AK-tfHURST,
Per V, Vi. Terry, Agent.
Uevelstoko  Laud District.
i'.. trict oi  West Kootenay.
Tako uulice that  1,  J.  11.  Selkirk,
jf  Vancouver, occupation, real estate
igent,  inlend to apply ior     permission io purchase ihj following     do-
* ed lauds.
Commencing al a pust planted 2lt
chains west ol the S.hl.O. of L. Tiso
t lit inu Bouth ,j eiiiuus, thence easl
11 i.nuns, theuce south -lu chains,
-.hence easl iu chaius, thonce north
ui chains, tbence east iu chans,
.h. nee nuillii'll chains, tbiUec vcsl
ill chains, thence south 2D chains,
ilieuce wesi _i, chalnB lo point ol
commencement, coutain.ng  t4i) acreB.
Dated Dec. 23, S'JlO
Dec.il Por  R.   Smith,  Agent.
EOTKf   tntilLli
In tin- Matter nf the Ksinn- u|   Krnest
11   It, Uuyiiep, ilit'iMMi.l.
Nol ii ■■ is hen liv yiven ilml sil meil-
it is mnl ot lii'iu In. v ihk claims iig»iust
F.stntt' il   Kriun' H, 11. Baylies, Ute of
MnhikiMi, H C, ilei'.'iihi'il,   who died Ht
Hi vi'lstuko iiii or "liuin lliii  17ili   dny
n| D 0, ini.i r,   l'.llll,   nre   ri quired   to
send tn tha uuderaiitn'e.l Solioitora lur
I)  vul I,   II lyi.is iiiiiI Huliert   lliiwsun,
Ailiiiiiiisuutiiis i f  lbe K-tnii'  id  uniii
i'.i'. ens. il, wi liin  (10   dnys   linm   tlsia
lull umiu'oiiirs  oi   their claims, duly
. anlii'il, mai tint, niter  thst dnte   the
siid AiliiiiniHtr.itoiB   will   proeeed   to
liatillnite   tho   snid   estite   smnrtgBt
hose entitled thereto regard being liHtl
nly iu those   ohiinis   of   whioh   anid
VilniiinBirnliirB bIuUI   huve   then   re-
eiveil notice,
D.iU-tl January 10th. 1911.
II.MIVKY, Mcl'Al; liili A*  I'lNKllAM,
Bolioitom for D.vid L Baynes
and U lii'it Howson, Administrators ol   ilio   Ki-ttittu   of   Hiiid
lliPl'llM-il,         ,111 lio.l
In th' Maim ofthe Estate of August
.liilllli 111, ileceufi d.
N ui ice le hereby given thnt all creditor" mul ol I i is IlilVillK cl.iliiis agniiint
In  K-uit il Vngn«l Johnsiiu,  late ol
1* v       l, lie,    ll   C . ill i i* iS d,   win   lli.'d
.   Iti \e nti ke nn . t nl out   ilie N li dHV
I .~i'|i'i mi'l", r.MU.  are   ri quired   to
"III!  lu  I lie lllillelH -gl III    Bl'llOitOri    lor
vil'iiini li lloliertsiin,   Administrator
i.li   Ks  .leuiriiil iliei'KM d,   within
III ,I.IM. liuin llllll'   lllll     |m II icilllll'M    III
nil cli.ini-, iluy  venli'il,   nnd    that
Iter liuu dme tlm said Adininietiutnr
nil piueiiil to distribute the K«iil
-Hit- iniiongrt ill ae enlitled thereto
"g nil In iut; In-<l ui ly io iliu-i* claims
I w lueli B«iil Ailniini-il iiilor shall
nu' limn received nut-en.
D.u.il .liiuiniiy Kb b, I'.U 1.
11 Aitvi-.v Mc AitriiK ,(; Pinkham,
Hnliiitoru Ior W il nun B. H.u.ert-
urn, Adiniiii-tritui ol  lhu Estate
ul the i-iii.i ih ee Bed, J 11 (Hid
in i he M.i it,, i ..I tin   Estate i f John
T .I unes, ileeeasi il
N ime is hereby given I lint all ered-
iu> mnl uilu i- li vinu ulaiiiin against
he K-i.iie rn .1 lm T. Johns, hue of
lev. Isiuki, IS 0, deceased, who died
I, Sioamoup un or abiuit tie II b d* y
i Aogus', l'.llll ei*.. r .| lired iu sei d
u nn* liuin :*■ i;.iii il -S lull i.i ii Inr \Inr-
Ini .lain ,Inios nnil Thomas KilpiU-
lek, A.ln ii istrair -\ and   AdniiniBtra-
Or Of t 111   Eil, lite ol Snitl llecl'SSI (I, wii llll li I il.iy- funn   ilnie   full   purl ii'tilni's
ul iini. claims, duly verified, and tlmt
Iter tbi' diiie Hi.-   sn;d   AiiniinlBlra-
ii.\ imtt Ailii'inisirntiir   will   proceed
n distil'ul.  llu* fi,iii   rsln'e   smongst
hose enl il lul   tbenlu   rrgiud    hetlig
mil only to those els nm ul which snid
viliiiiiii.-triilnx    ni il      Ailn.ini-trnlur
liill bave then received nolice.
11 tul Ln iin> lu b, I'.U I    .111 COd
Bolici'ors lor M«r ha .1 me .lonrB
and Tli'jiniiB Kilpatrick, Administratrix ainl Ailiuii.isirnior uf
the Estate il snid deoeased,
One hundred    and Blxty   acres    of
u. .I  land,  very  little clearing,    situated uu Eagle Lake, Chilco     Uiver;
.   o to Sklnnoi -■■ Ranch.
ii Ic ', ■. ,*.ii por acre; Ono Dollar
iii acre ca ... I a an e m one, two,
■ ii *    and four years,
Vi i full particulars, write to P. O,
Uox i ...I., \ ancouver, li. O. ll.
a.  ii.  vi a l, i, a c a ,
Dux 2>>2,  Hevel. toke,H.C.
Plana and   Speculations prepnr-
. *i     all   class, i.    o|   l,ail,lings,
il.    Draughting and nine print
Bai' iBti i     . **  citors,   Etc,
imp, rial Hani,  Building RevelBtoke, li. c.
Money to Loan.
UlllCOS    lh veli,I.ike,    11.    0.,     uud
Cranbrook, B, 0,
u*u, 8. MeCarter,
\. M.  Him ham, J. A. Harvey,
Iiui*1 to Cranbrook
.1 It .    It .    T .    W 1 L 8 0 N,
i. Dli        .   i   Store,   McKenzie  Av. iiiiii.
. III m. nun v,   Under   1-   years
per   lesson.    Over
12 years ol age. $1.00, Advanced,
11.25 pi li n. Lessons tbrec-
quartcra ol an lour, once or twice
weekly, at di Blre I,
. i: INNl'lV
Ti in lu i ui Voice, Piano and < irgan
Pupill prepared for Toronto Conservatory ol    Music.       Local examinations.
In the Mutter of ill' Ks'nte of James
A. Msgee, ih ei in-, il.
Notice is lien! y riven that all cred-
'oi s 'Hid otl.i IK I Hiving r Ihi ll is llgaiust
in  E-tate of Jnmes A   Magie, late  of
Ini-e, II 0., llnt'HMtl, who diiil nt
lev. l-iule un nr nii Ul the l-l * 11 day
I Nov, mhii, liiin, aie r'quilfd In
.a il u lhe nn |, i- ei ed IS. lienors lor
S-uah K Magic, Exictitrix of ihelsst
vil 1 if "iiid iheess'il, witbtli 00 days
-uiu dale liill pur iuulsiB i I tin ir
■Iiiiiii., iiuii v nihil, aid ih*it, sifter
Imt date Hi' snid Executrix will pro.
nil to distribu'e ilie a*.id tetste
iniiii.gsi those eutilled thereto regard
iiingl'.ari inly In ilui-e cbiiir.s of
iliii-h said Executrix thall tfava theu
received nut ice.
Dated January 10 h, Wll.
Harvey, MoCakteh i Pinkham,
Bolioitom i I .Snrnli E. Magee,
Exieuirix of Uie Last Will of
decea-sed, .111 liud
Revolsiokf 1. md  I lis'rict.
I ns rim ul U est  Kootenay.
Take not ire lhat William Kennedy,
.1 it, iilsh.hi , II. ('., Ol'Cllpftl ion, Hpie-
.ii i in s'ni'li, in'endt to npply lor per-
in--1..n in puieli..si* the following dc-
■scriln il lands.
Commencing at a post p'anted at
*i !• Miiiib-iast, corner ol Lot 5009,
hence mirth 40 chains, theuce west
.ii chains in pre-emption No, %i,
in n-i norib .1(1 chnins, ilii'i ce oubi U'i
•imia", ihence iouiIi Ii'i chains to Lot
'mi o'.ila, I hei ce wen -IO ebniiis, llu nee
-nii'il In cli-im. I' Lm Nu. I lllll, thence
■i-i 20 obsina to piiii'. ol comniecoa-
Dated Jsntiar) 7 b, l'Jll
Pel T VV, Bain, Agent.
Itevelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that George A. Stewart, of Rev'elstoke, D.C., occupation
gentleman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowing do-
icrlbed lunds.
Commencing at n post planted at
tbc south west corner ot lot 7965,
marked G.A.S. north west post,
thence east 40 chains, thcjcc toiih
nix chuinti to tho north east cornar
if lot »1()7, thcuco west 25 chains to
the north west corner of lot 8407,
hence south 34 chains, thence west
15 chains, thence north 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 16th, 1010.
Per V. W. Terry,  Agent.
SMIohh Cute
aaickly stop?* couRhs, cures cold*,  heals
ic   ttirout uod   1 unc«.  -    .    -   25 coot*, THIS   «>TL-HBB^'n
Capital Paid Up $4=,000,000
Reserve Fund -    $4 400,000
i Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all pranohcs.     Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Having purchased the business formerly carried on by  U.  A.
Spring we are prepared to execute all orders promptly,
*   - onnnirors. Saddlers Harness Mak
VN13      head:
LOOK I L ^^Catalogue price,, freight added, *»*
Winnipeg price
Kitchen Chairs 50c.
Kitchen Cabinet $6.70
Dining Table IWW
Dining Chairs »»•
Dresser and.Stand 8.9b
D a 335
Bed 5.3b
Bed            «    ■  „ 9 40
Dominion Spring *•*»
Child's Cot 5-,u
4.00 |1
A Symposium of What is Happening in   t
All Parts of the World \
 m.   «.--r"te--—r:C
Tlie Reeley mine is in a -tate _
siei;e by  striking pickets
Ctina s oui
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
We mnke our profit by slippi
'■"""•''ition of (
tortM in car load lot,, thereby |™  '^ur store and we
CUlniugu.  p. „ iv.   ■**■*,
will prove our statements,    liemember we deliver goous aim m, u,	
R.   HOWSON   &   CO     -    REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Buchanan Yuill, G.T.U. lireman
was killed while stepping on his engine at Prcscott
William Allan fell one hundred feet
-i the Temiskaming mine at Cobalt
nnd received injuries that will probably prove tatal.
The offices ol the Dominion Steel
Company at Sydney were burned antl
a lot of valuable papers were lost or
—.   -    -ori*^. sec
lot blackmail
A  woman was «?«"*_ ^^
«  to
death  in New York and tbe      police
are  unable to Bolve  tbe  mystery.
Archbishop  Ryan,  ol   Philadelpnia,
iabelieved to be critically  ill.
Three  hundred  are  said   to       have
been killed by eruptions ol the   volcano Taal at Manila.
The death took place in Loudon on
unday last of  John Loehmoml Klp-
Our Wines are Bottled!
Boot and Shoo Repairers
n,,,Unved,i.   'haJWf^rtoplO
goods c*n ol pi .     ,.   the
*   lhe  L»,o.degor"omoUr\Varc;
buttled by
""" — -•    el ling   lather ol Bndyard Kipling
destroyed- Kire wiped out a ^arge Be Kamloops      1U-
K of Gowganda mining camp. j    , JJf^JjS urging the
        ,,„* hospital construction.
,    New   Hampshire has abolUh*    thei     Sew  Westminster  se^-^
^notice that y- ^ ' * fL —   - ^^^^551.
„n  Ignacio,   in  Mex     . I ^mW
.  t      a\a,.       \\\a\\
Uevelstoke  Land  District.
District ol  West Kootenay.
A strike „. compoaltora la threat
l.ned  in  Uritaln.
Udson   UTb., occupation     apmster ,   „
'purchase     the     following
^menelng at a Post  trct
i    Preeaufctona    are being taken
a  I prevent the   spread ol     "" *"
oSTTS-r ; Lot 1*. tbence   ^ int0 Burope.
Th, O.P.B. ta. »■•;-2J   *
to Inn   immense  danI •«£*£,   U
hundred men.
,    FlIty-tour eases we.e heard m
Ll court at New Westminster,
majority due to drink.
The Largest StockT of Smokers'
Supplies in the interior
We arc thc ri^ht people to do business with.
Wc arc carrying an especially good  line  this
Gome in and we will  show  you  that present
for hubby, father or brother that was worrying
The Cigar & Pipe Business is Our Business
and wc know it like a book,   and  you  git  the
benefit of our information.
—— bOttlOU   I''
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,    Rat°s $i a day.    Moathly rate.
'ALBEET     ST035TE1      JPROIP
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
pioved.    I'iiBt-Class in every reBiwet.    All modern conveniencet
Large Sample Rooms.
$2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
;ast 20 chains,     thence     south     Wi" anno«ncement is made that
Si   thence  west  2, ^iH^"' *- *» «* "T
I or Icass to lake shore, OHM    •• ^^ 	
I mg the lake shore in a norm     y ._. wag
A   V   LUOJts, Afti. Ue recent blockade. I        d
N0TICB ening. L^h., securing »e" in cash.
,   the matte! of an application for     Hundreds of lamiliee     we. «*«      A   & . prominent Toronto
11 .    .,»    .111   aeri'S.
Uroup 1, except 13 4-10 acres
Notice is hereby given   that it   li
my intention to issue at the expira
, tion of one month after the lirst pub
•-,'-'*«       nf    th«
ern West Virginia.
Mutinous     sailors   on    —
tren,  Ruth   murdered  Oapt.JDW
Reports indicate that there will be
the  dredge   a tuel tamine in Southern Alberta.
-*    Irm
1 Eniaried e
I Rat a
tion oi one muu*.*. „  [>ub  Irene  Ruth   miiiw.v^
lieation hereof a duplicate ot the and crushed he skull o! First Mate
Certificate of Title to the above men John Adam at Colcnial Beach, Va.
tioned lands in the name of Thomas ThrM ^ ^ U]M % ^
Kilpatrick, which Certificate is dated   mRtuw  exp[ rf      namite ftt ^
the 26th February, 1907, and number   ^ min    gt Marle
ed 6612A.
Samuel R. Roe, The Federation  ot  Labor  at Wash
Diatrlct RegiBtrar.  ington plan to erect a Jl,00O,0OO of
Land Registry Office, NeUon, B.C.,  Oco building.
-  *•   ..h
Mr. and Mrs,  Harold
H. H. Carrol   having
William Kanaggs was found frozen
to death on thc prairie near Regina.
The   departmental    store   ot   tha
Linch-Hickey Co., Ltd., at    Stewart,
B. C, was wiped out by tire, entailing    a   loss of     $22,000.     Insurance
There are over 300 cases ol typhoid
I lever in Ottawa.   All the     hospitals
are lull and an emergency     hospital
ren     a   has been established.
Spei'ial Attention given to commercifl
men and tourists. First-iIhmh Hmnpl
roomB. Finest soent-ry in Uritish Colnm
bin, overlooking Upper Arrow lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
Revelstoke Land Diatri*.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Bffte   l«»«.
ZTa, B. C occupation     BW
intend to  apply for  permiss.on
purchase      the    following      ''-.
More Details Needed
Customs Receipts Increase
McKinnon's Cigar Store] Carria9e ^ si9nL;x "henry
■"U,1,n Z.   - - ■ — r.   •   !*.«« onu Westminster Road
A. R. MCDOUGALU   -  Manage
tamly will  result  ,n ve      ■*-*
l,ur, for a lew  years   at  anj
 - , .    lhe   if my interpretat.^ of the te m
W. A.    AiBslie,     secretary    ot    t.ie ^ correct."
,r.,Mountain Lumber  ***#>»» £\
S m^mafttZ*-]    	
ahout 8b chains south ot th.   8. W.  «*>£^ luBmbermen llse, and we are .months ol    *** AH 0„r
t on I think tbe new schedule      w„    of »***£    February and     March
ear,  is the    correct    one.    then      I   the months <, ^ ^      ^
Li the new schedule will ^^'lllZ-'l considerably over
._,  ... ih<.   nmbcr in-   hscal  yeai
Write tor Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Co,
«^w*ri STOKE, B C
Famous Lethbridge Lump Coal
WOOD_Dr    Hemlock and Fir, in lengths. 16, 18,
WOOL!    ury aml 24 inches
I Shop in alley' back 'of E. J. Bourne's |
II store, First Btreet. I
! Firat  Class Wcrk Gua.antecd.
Prices reasonable
Residence Coi. 3rd St. and Rt.bsnmwe
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught Ave.   •   Revelstoke
New Line
Stirrup   Attached
T.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old-Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
iStill in Business
!':.,*;   ioui.Mn.il.    fruit*.
Catalogue Free
  "  " wear,  is tue    ***»***-      , m-u„ n  total  iu"iodv —    _„_
■30n Westminster Road        1 ..v.W —«&"rJSr«5—■ »   -i««^-
ARMCDOUGALL,   -  Manager^ HoT.x4, Mi.. I
chains, nini... uu.	
west 20 chains moro orless to l&ke
shore, thence following the lake
shore In a southerly direction to
Point oi commencena«pf., containing
120 acres more or lest
Revelatoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
|Hay, Oats. Wheat.BranU-•» -* EST=-
->   eUArto' 1 lands. pianUd at'
Coromen.ing at a post     i«
the    north     west corner ol lot 6140.
mrk^W.B. south west corner poat
Xnce east 40 chains   thence    north |
40 chains, thence     west      «>.**-' ,
thence south 40 chains to point     oil
Dated Dec. 19th, 1D10.
Ter V. W. Terry, Age«t.
Canadian Pacific Railway
and Shorts
(u-'iici*.:   Cor.  McKenzie Ave,
ami Second S'iki-.i-.t
PHONB  73.
hutchhs mum
—TTTZTt 1  n   D.C.L. Pkesic
"-T7o_Ll-D., D.C.L., President
^o,ooo.ono__   REST' - 5/,uu
COLLECTION    _ corrMpondenta
wi wssis^SrirsR'satt
Canadian Bank     w    r,„0nabU rates.   Kates
the world promptlj ana
application. ^...-u    BUSINESS MO
FOREIGN     B7 vi,rM,  drftW„ in  sterlinR,
We want all sufferers from Kidney
and Bladder Trouble*, l.ame Hack and
Rheumatism, to U-nt OIN PILLS, and
«e« for themselves that GIN 1'lLLSwill
really cure all these troubles.
If your Kidneys are weak —if it pains
you to urinaU—if yonr back aches—it
I hands and feel are crippled with Rheumatism—give GIN PILLS » chance to
prove that they will relieve you «nd
cure you. It won't cost you a cent Vou
don't have to buy them. Simply writ*
lis for a free sample.
"A short time ago, I received a free
sample of GIN PILLS which I have
taken with such good effect* tbat I here-
with enclose 50c for a box of them, I
believe GIN PILI.8 *re just the thing*
_ lor me." Richard Hamlyn,
^^^^^ I'rknoi Rtv»»,
fire, lite anii Accident Insurance! «*Sn aJ^MsSSii ,vfiAt «i
I Jnnlper herrie*, the essential principle ol
■•ji.... 1 Gin, but do not contain alcohol, joe. a
box — 6 for $1.50 — at dealen, and
guaranteed to Rive aatlsfaction or money
refunded. Sample box free if you writ*
us.   National Drug and Chemical Ca.,
Send Your Orders
To U>e 1 ndewlRneH for
Famous Gait Coal
Kevelatoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that Mary Cornelius
Drook, ol ).'*i iiiii I'lo', occupation,
married woman, intends to apply for
permission to purchime the following
iii i.n iln-.1 lands.
I'omnii'ii' uu; at a post planted at
the south caHt corner ol lot 7M5,
marked M.i Ml. north east corner
ii...t, ili.'ii* i* v.iibt, in chains to th*
line ol lot 2453, thence south along
said line about In chains to the lm*.
of lot H300, thence cast 40 cbains
along said line, thence north 40
-bains to point of commencement.
Dated Dec, lGth, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent
lull particular! ol m'.iv bulld'.fv
loti Kiien ilium application
Orderi left at thii  office   lor hay
mul KT«in, protnptl) attended to
W. B. Robertson
Great Went l'criiiiincnt Loun
Company Agency
I onuuMi^GunlF roni
Repairs ol all  kind*  neally done
Bicycle and Oun work a-specialty
Estimates given on any class
of work
81 r e e t,
Los Ange&es, California
WEDNESDAY. FEB. 18. 1911
9:30 a. m.
Fare from Revelstoke to Los Angeles, Return $115.60
Above fare includes berth and meals from
Seattle on the Roinn trip. ___^
Por full information reRanlin^ those and other
excursion rates, apply to nearest C. P. Ry. Agent,
or to
R. Q. McNctlie,
District Passenger Agent,
Calgary, Alta.
Have your architect prepare your plans for
your new building early and get my figure* on
your work.
i wggg|
Honey and Effort Must Be Expended in Prevention and
fighting of forest fires.
The final report ul thc Forestry
Commission whicli is just to hand,
contains a heap ol useful and in -
etructive intormation -such ,,^ would
be of great value to local mill men
and manufacturers, The report
starts out by giving the causes
which led up to the Institution of
the commission of enquiry nud the
• ■•*:. :. were sought io be attained. Fi m thii grew a i 'a.' 1 i-st
of witl .'..*.    in the main ei*' re-
; the     . 11r..inn
i ■ ■   bi *"■*.     and
.:.  whose i'Vi lence  man;   oi  the
pro] mmi n iiitio.is     rcjultod.
a    that  .a  1J07 ",1a*
It Imbei    caleil in ll ( , v.
; *:   ■.... ,      :■■■ ;    ...   . ■"-.  il I' ,312,12!
.   •    In  '.'" I    181,260,17*4  feel,  and In
the ol in on ol the i htei Timbei    In
pectoi   ': •  total cut ol ilie l'rovlni e
including the railway belt,  has prob
ably been about double these  ...mii-;
in eaeh year.   The secretary  of      tbc
T.C,  Lumber,   Logging nn.l  Forejtry
Association considers that during tbe
past lour  years the cut has     varied
between 650 million leet and sr.'l million f-eet. the lutter tigure beinb'   approximately correct for 1901).
The tii-'t serious attempt to collect
annual statistics concerning ;he forests of Canada has recently been
made by ihe Department ol the la-
teri :. For thc year 1308, Ontario
led with 1,294,794,000 feet, Quebec
came second with 690,135,000 feet,
and British Columbia third with
647,977,000 feet.
At the end ol 1909 a return from
the Chief Timber Inspector shows
that there were In llruish Columbia,
~lj lumber mills with an approxim -
ate daily capacity of 4,500,win feet,
and 59 shingle mills with nn approximate daily capacity of 3,3-55,000
With a great deal ol laborious lig-
Unni; which in the end but approximates thc nctunl situation the Commission works out that the estimate
of the total stand of merchantable
timber in the Province covers an
area u! 1*5,001,000 acres, capable oi
yielding under the present methods
ol logging nearly 200 billion feet of
merchantable timber, which amount
the Commission surmise may be appreciably increased by restrictions
placed .ip, n tbe present liberty to
destroy  and  waste,     The  forest   re\
D .*■ to the government for 1909 was
ximately (2,450,000.
Among the recommendations [or
' rest reservation the commission
deals largely with the destructii n ol
timber caused by nre and recom
men is as (ollows:
"  As settlement  progri a end.
i country public op
iimi' inevii
able changes. At *^ist lorest tires arc
Jooke-d upon as a nal mil accompanl
gress an l
development; Indeed they may even
St-T.ni desirable means ,,; opening U
new terntorj.   Then, as  tbe iui
tba control   o:
sma; timber land,      thes
flres appeal u» u vague menaci
..te  interest; a menace,  h •
•ua:   ai   .-■-    little    anxietj
tbe |i rest
of fri ,.   Alt
nt * :   merch ti
. 11/
and  in
•,'.enc ,
|   I
inUri ■
* -■.  •■; ai. : t:..
t<   ■ | tabli
est is begun.  Tl *
, ■),
• '   ". l|      ,        pill I
iff tbi ■'•
■*• land
liefd«  equal  eai. i.   II     ib*
pend i - ■ '"'"lllu' '"
■r.    -:   '   *
tn«rc« c     ' n" ■
thnt mom     ■ "' rl   B ; I    "'      I"
ve*te<i in Un    revantlon    "i
M   -well aa  :n   tb*  litrlitw.
those     -hat    have bean allowed to
-.thy  WILL r.K injRSKH Ur
.    |.  ,    . nrflerteken the goW
,,. „-   fa >uld take (Sic mattei up with
•hr- Ra Iwaj '"I* ■•'       that a-
,,, |0i Hi. scasi* iA J -• J J     iiovicii"
Kire  Wardens  may  bo clothed    with
lull authority.
"Uailway  construction,  on  a  large
I cale,   is about   to  take   place   in    Hi ■
Province,   i n'.ess    a'n eftlcii nl  patrol
system is pul in force bj the govern
inenl,  railway construction  will spell
forest   destruction.        Kor       example,
th ire is said lo We b'avy timber tli i
whole wa;   from Tele Jaune Cm-lie to
Fort Goorgo, covering a  very    large
area,   In evi lence given  before      tho
commission n  witness who has cruised in thai  belt of timber says "unless there me regulations as  to    tho
construction ol the Grand Trun'i Pacific   that   country    is    -going to be
burnt up.   It   Is virgin  forest       an I
very Inflammable,   There should      bo
special  legislation."     It is n matter
ol common knowledge that the black-
rued  record  ,,[  railroad  construction
ia the past justifies to the full fore
! odings sin h ns  these.
"Your commissioners urge emphat-
iiiv    that     ilu- Provincial govern
i lent, in any ci ntracts it makes with
'*■ railway compi n es,  -hould    take
i in* i,, .nscrl  the mo t strlngi nl con
litlons to provide lor thorough   pa-
■ uilu'! during ih ■ time ol construe
lion ol all timber lands adjacent to
he i iiht "( may, and i" compel    tho
i roper disposal and destruction     of
li debris cause l by their operation
i* lying n lar the roa<tbed,  to      tb ■
itlsfaction ol thc Forest Officer   In
"Any railway company that ob
ains permission to cut timber upon
.acant Crown Ian is for use upon its
ne should be subject to the general
Provincial regulations concerning the
Utting ot timber and tha disposal of
iebrls. Such permission should only
e granted on the express condition
hat the compauy give formal n 'filiation in the Department ol Forests
eforo commencing logging opera-
inns; so tliiit due supervision may
e exercised by the Provincial otlic -
ils. Heavy penalties should be at-
.iched to the breaking or the ni n
ibservanco of any of these n-gulat-
"In conclusion your commj^ffoners
. ish to emphasize tbe neces,,,. y ol
diicnting public opinion in,| British
olumbia ia order thnt oui..forests
lay be tin- better proteoftcd from
tupidity and carelessness. In thuds of n member uf the Washing -
in Stiiti- Coniinissiuii.
"The Interest ol the community In
very tool ol stnuding limber is live-
■lil greater than that of tbe Indlvtd-
al man. The ruilroud will set lire
i us right of-way promiscuously
nd destroy millions of leet vf stand
ng timber nnd millions of dollars of
iturc traffic wltboul an eflort     to
ur.ls pnvent i,ui. The logger will
perate h.s donkey equally as reck
■ssly as long as he thinks Illt own
ropeity la sale The farmer will Bet
slash.ng lire that will destroy bun
mis or thousands "i acres "f ad
.cent iimhei. the development ol
Inch would bring railroads   to   h
 s. build towns an l * it lea in   his
. icinity, increase his markets anl en
innce the value of bis land-.        Th
.iniper witl, likewise,    leave i
y, a tire t,* destroy  at   its  ;*
roperty whose loss will he felt     by
n eiiuie    Stati    We   can
,',,,1 im  tn,   protection
ny cross road . * n than
hai ever mi on."
Revelstoke L..ud lllstr.-st.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notico that H. W. Crawford,
of Qerrard, 11. c, occupation engineer, intends to apply fur permission to purchase the following de-
Bcrlbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted ten
chains trom thc south caBt corner of
Fullmer'a Pre-emption, Lot 7491,
thence west 40 chains along the south
boun lary ot Lot 7491, thence south
20 chains, thence cast 411 chains,
thence north 20 chaius to point of
commencement. Containing eighty
acres more or less. Located by,
Dated December 2nd,  l'JIO.
Revelstoke  Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notico that Silas Maddock
l.rook, of Letbbridgc, occupation,
Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lauds.
Oommenelng at a poBt planted at
lhe south cast corner of ot 7045,
and marked S.M-D uorth wost post,
ihence Bouth 40 chains, thence east
•lO chuius, thenco north 40 chains,
thence went 40 chains to point of
Dated Dec. 10th, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
which  wns of  import i ce  in; ng    h
merely   heard      reports  as  i,    fraud
inl  Prosecutor  McCrjwin coul.l -'0t
nothing out of Iiim.
The exninin it, in if .'ocuiontary
e. i'lui e was "i iu .1, ino cablegram to a Hong K i- lirm nadlng;
"Yip Un suspended from p uillon last
boat; tell all people." A lerk nt.
ih,* New Westminster relegrnph n'i.c
Identified yip On's p.irtner bb tbo
party Bending ime mei lages i"
Hong Kong,
For Vip en -'. 8. Taylor, K.C., Introduced a letter from Iho I Ilin*: '
consul, Chang to he interpret??, tn
closing photographs if passport men
and asking him to see that llie intn
were properly passed.
We have a phonograph. Now is
your tune to think ol getting one.
as the Uevelstoke Music Store has
a big stock of them Id; also a big
■ lock ol the four minute records
Jhinese Witnesses Who Came to
Canada on Passports Purchased in Hong Kong
\ ai.
Both m
\i i
in,in  ;ral   I
He sal I i
i ■
■ *i   thai a
tm .-in  be   ■ ake | at I     i
Mr.   M«i.,''*,,nl.l  had  r-p     I    '
trai  ■■•■io- i*.
era were i uni ng to cna.-e    iii i »*»i
in.*.i im I prompt i lho   11
POSRI     Ul     I ' I"*!   I'll
Itnn   ijuiii    Mai do? i.J        '  I
loimuni, was aim
mil )je ■ Iifflnglj fyruj,    [ -.i,-.'- Itj
IAV     LODGE   '- k    I
\    M.
ii .
•   . -n     are
FOR BALK -Rhode Island Reds, onu
2 year old Cock, .1 I bus and 5 Pullets; including 1st Cock and 1st
and ird prize liens ut our Fall
Fair. .Same are uow laying. A
good chance to Btart right lu Reds
Apply   to   Jno.   J.   Devine.
MAGIC LANTERN and .slides for
sale, good out lit, cheap. Thomas
Plimley, Victoria, u. 0.
her, for sale, cheap. Thomas
Plimley, Victoria, 13. 0.
WANTED—A Resident agent to write
Fire Insurance ln the District, only
good producer need apply, giving
lull particulars with credentials;
good    commission, Applications
to be foi ward d to    A. L. Cardin,
Dominion    Trust    Building,
Vancouver, B. C.
FOR    SALE- Piano now at  railway
-ei near here will be sacrificed
;■ .   $250, cash.      Never been      used.
Lady   unable to keep It.       Apply
in    firsl    Instance    Mrs,  Mungeam,
la street,    Vancouver,
WAN! in
lima Rubber Co.,     Ll I.,
POSlt   ii*    .1.'*
15 ti r cil      fil  I    eai      and
Highest   rei
. peg,   Man.
\   - to 1
.1 . n' No
■ •
" !*'*£*?-
i |    "ai n keke smcE ivoo;    $
*. M
^ ffiavelour Money,
(| *(5<mTOence Mow!
fa \^c want cvnyow \o Ivtiow
(•) %\ wc nre paying *
O c-4^ Interests
peranum crcSitc^nnhY
William Buil
The above la a picture of William
Hull, n commercial traveller who .lis
mi.sly in British Columbia In October last. Any Informal .' n wil h refori ai •■ i" his disappearance will be rewarded on same
being s. nt to Harvey, MeCarter anl
Pinkham, barristers, Revelstoke, D.c.
(lie  Road   to Fortune'■
Volir    lasl    , I'.ili,,    10   gel    good    lai 111
,i!Ul-   ill    llle   i*i-l     I 'M.it     U t'Sl.      J.     I'i'*l -
igun mud, "\\ U\ l i I U'lK
uuMA I.N kivks; wb.n MM.
lisl \ I i*.   brings   in   ,-, lloi    IN I bKhhl
-, ,  l.l I* *,    ,-.1,1.1,0    10    Ml. I , ..s,     ill
.,,,.,'*.     I'OKlt'.M'.!)    AKt    MrtUll    l.\
-i. M'i K . M'li.il.Al WOUK
ALL   Ilil*.   I l.Nl I. !       Alt a.i   tnvi -a.*.! hi
i i'K'1   i.l iiKi.l*   district    "ill |'i>   jou
lo lull i" i * * ii .    Large ami *.iu.iii
. . ms I, i s in' in .ii ie* lownsite ul i"* , on
Ue Imii  In . ,* gm-n  im*  -M llnig ol
.   v\ Iih b   ainl,, ,ii.o, i\
oi     i ,hi .loin iiii*,
lill, i*n miles  in-i lit ul  l-uil
ll I ,-n,| I i-i *.   llu*   l .inel
K. nu is   iililiosl   i, ,iio
ll    Ill's    n. ,o ii    i. ul    -ill.t
Im. I,   li "in   III    i iuu.     .No
d, I in . .    is u.uni
d, bul  l.ni i\, i   in  vsiii-
i      11* a     hi,I   pi. *,
i * * .uu .mil IlliXl d
in-   nun ns) one
il  ,*.ii   nu    iin*  I.,ii.i.    'I lie
ung   lhe
.1     llu*     ill.null    .il    On*
h.i-.    lu-i'tl
ll     lllll    p.o.s
,     pi'iiy,    M .■
■ "i  .uni
* i * ■
r und llu
* *
i .tile*,
HI       I ,',,,1       IS
ll  I oil .in
.111,1     Ul*
.■ pin i liasi-i *
i.i   iiiini-
i   ,i, ii
Q ou savings dcpos'itol'M0-
0 S upwaro) subject loWilh-
Q Srattul by cheque & *
ou]uiic tirposits of *
o\$ \w\t\\ti & over. *
Wc mvesl money forrlicnta
0 iufctmort^ca&doa
(\ tfemTcil flnaiiciaUusincM.
fa we wanl Yflur savin js accnl
&" Wyoix are not saving -
Itevelstoke Laud Uiatrlct
District of Went KooteDay.
TaKe  Notice  that  1,   D,  McCarthy,
ol    KevelBtoke,    li.    C-,    occupation,
Gontraccor, intend to apply     for   u
iidnse to  prospect lor coul ana petroleum     ou lhu lollowiug    described
Commencing     at   a    post planted
aboul. three miles bouth oi     Arrow-
uead, li. C, aud on the 8oiith   Bide
oi i. runuerry Creek aud opposite tho
moiiin ot suid creek;  thence eust    8-U
luaius, tlience south He cbans, thence
west   no   chains,     thenco   north   81)
I in. in*    in uli  elu acres.
Uuled this Hth duy of Dec,  11)11).
U. McCarthy, Locator.
Per u. v. llradiey, Agent.
lu the    Mutter ol    the    Estate      ol
uiieanor N. Tapping, deceased.
Pursuant to tne directions ot H1b
Honor  Jailge  Porta,  Local  Judgo ot
;he Supreme Court,     Sealed Tenuers
will    be  received  by the  undersigned
up to and Including the Mrd January
mil, lor the purchase ot uu uudiviu-
eu uue uau interest iu and to    Lota
une aad Two in iilocit Twelve,  Plau
iiilti,  RevelBtoko,
Dated this Uth January, 1911.
Deputy Registrar Supreme
Court, Revelstoke, B. C.
Deposits l)y ma\l *•*■*•
* * ■+ easily tianSlw) —
"Youcanacn3 t>xDraft,
Post Gificc * 6j<prcss
Order or RejistcreST^^
better -X withdrawals
can be made. * -*- -»"^ *
* * ?Mf way you wish.
or to anyone ra *
us about Wbkf
Hovclstoko Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tiiko notice thut James I'ctcra, of
Nutueid, England, occupation, bricn
layer, intends lo apply lor permission to purchase tbe lollowing described luuds.
Commencing at a post planted at
lhe south wcBt comer o. lot 8680*.
und muraed E.J.P. Bouth east corner
poBt, th,.uco west twenty chains,
thenco north torty chains, thenco
east twenty chains, thence south torty chains to point of commencemeut.
Dated December 21th, l'JIU.
Dec-Jl        l'er Kred, C. Terry, Agent.
it now
M! Tl
SaiibLf Street,
Vw\co\ivcr B.C,
IlKI.I,.  '
i-    1»
■■ '
l-'I'W   Ml' 1      ■
.. reme.1
. - ■
1 awfu
- eel tali.
4 mi 1   MiiAt, imi inu
K   f.r   II
-.,* .     I)      |
Will*   Id   '■
-ir *.ii 1
■ itreet   j *.   j
11   Mutontld     'inii.'
M'liuilii' oir.l (ur nl, num ol  buildluRf
Foi    il» In lnr«« -»r rnnAllWantltlAfl
at Ih* low^nt   pru v.*. t>)| ciimIi
All km-'-; 11 M\dh ami plastering
ui efvrtakeo
Foote & Pradolini.
'     NOTICE
Uevelstoke  Lund  District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Tnke Notico that 1, A. J. McDonell
of KcvelBtokc, D. C, occupation,
Hotel Proprietor, luteud to apidy
for a license to prospect for coal aud
petroleum ou the lollowiug described
Commencing at a poat planted
about three miles South ot Arrowhead, li. c, and on tho south sido
of Cranberry Creek and opposite the
mouth of said Creek; thenco west 80
' bains, thence south 80 chuns, thence
east SO chains, thence uorth 8*0 chain*
in all 1. in acres.
Uatcd this llth day of Dec, 191t>.
A.  J.  McDonell, Locator.
Per 1. 0. llradiey, Agent.
Jan   ll
•     1 11 30, No.
a,  U.C.I
v,    .1    *.'
M   il.*
Fruit Lands
f!ilf>nn   Hay   I.imN fn jinrffls of
"i i" n■- or 111 liloc.     Ciirri'f-
|."l,ill-Ill i- inviti ll.
John Shaw. Agent
Box 616 Arrowhead
Itevelstoke Land  District
District of WeHt  Kootenay.
Take notice that I. Mary Bcffcilk,
ot Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intends to apply for pcr-
misuiou to purchase the following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. E). Corner of Lot 6140 G.I.,
and mnrked M. H.'s 8. E. Corner,
thence north 80 chnUiB, thonco west.
70 chains, thence Bouth 40 chainH,
thence cast 20 chains, thenco south
40 chains, thenco east 50 chnir,.*
to point ot commencement, contain-
Ing 48(1 acreB.
Dated January 9th, 1911.
Per O. P. Smith, Agent.
For Sale
12     lllioui     House,       Kurl>i*sIlOi?,
-Ulinble   lor   [1 mining HoUft, Dear
C.P R.  *SIio|jij,     A l>ui>i>iin.    lur
particulurs npply to
sATrnriAY, fed. mi, mu.
ll'l>    f
January Bargains
In All Departments
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- #um* ■* Co.. /limited
Mail   or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
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No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
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We are closing out our line of Hoys'
Winter Overcoats at prices which it will
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Full Length Overcoat-Gray stripe
tweed, velvet collar, sizes 34 and 35.
Regular $9 now $5.25.
Same style as above, sizes 30 to 33.
Regular 17, now $4.50.
Same as above, size 29 only. Regular
$6.50, now 14.
Full Length Overcoat—Dark stripe
tweed, high Prussian collar; sizes 34 and
35.   Regular $!), now $5.25.
Same as above, size 29. Regular
$7.50, now $4.50.
Full length overcoat—brown tweed,
high Cossack collar, sizes 30 and 31.
Regular $11. now $6.25.
Full length overcoat—Gray cloth,
sizes 24, 26, 30.   Regular $•'>, now $3.
Boys' Pea Jackets-Heavy stripe
tweed, a beauty, sizes 30 to 34- Regular
$7.50, now $4.25.
Same as above, size 28. Regular $6,
now $3.50.
Boys' Pea Jackets-Heavy blue beaver
cloth, double breasted, sizes 28 to 32.
Regular $6, now $4.
Same as above, sizes 23 to 26. Regular $4.50, now $3.25.
Boys' Reefers—Heavy gray frieze,
sizes 21 to 24.   Regular $4, now $2.50-
Coffee and Tea
Are you getting the value for your
money in your Teas and Colfees. Try a
pound of our Mocha and Java wnole roast
Coffee and you will be satisfied that you
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In tbis department our customers demand
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Always a special value of 3 lbs-
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We will not boast in print of our January
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The Remnant Pile has been built high with
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Spreads or Counterpanes
pure white, in large sizes,
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Ladies  H
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those all wool Cashmere
Hose, seamless at 35c. per
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Towel Clearance
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Honeycomb, Linen, Turkish Bath in White and
Colors. You can have all
you want at only each
Ladies and Misses
Five Ladies and Misses
$15 to $20 suits. They will
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Take the Elevatoi
Canned Fruits
Your stock of home made
fruits getting low ? We
have received a few days
ago from the east a full
car of canned fruits and
vegetables put up by
Christian, Fretz & Bros.,
of Vineland, Ontario, in
sanitary cans and are of
the best quality. When
you get Vineland brand
you are getting near to the
fruit that mother used to
make. The car includes
raspberries, strawberries,
plums, peaches, pears and
cherries, in fruits, and
tomatoes, corn, peas and
beans, in vegetables. Do
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Fruit and Candy
Come in and inspect
our Fruit and Candy A
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Furs Reduced
All Furs will be reduced
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Thus a $10 fur will cost
Silk Underskirts
A clean up of our Fancy
English Moireen Silk Underskirts or Petticoats, all
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pairs of Ladies' Felt Slippers on the Bargain Table. They are all this seasons
goods and all in first class condition; they
comprise some of our choicest lines of
Felt and Velvet Juliettes. "
Ladies' sizes 3 to 7, regular price
$1.75, Sale Price 95c. per pair.
A small line of Children's and Misses
Felt Slippers will be cleared at 35c. per pr.
Hats at a P
We have gone through our hat stock
and taken out all broken lines These
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the price will be
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Hay and Feed
Anocher car of hay and
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and'wheat, first-class bran,
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See our snap in this line
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For the benefit of our
customers we are offering
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Chow pickles <.t only 20c.
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goods. Get them while
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Hand Cleaners
Ten cases of the fam-
aus Boss hand cleaner on
special Bargain ^ale on
Tuesday and Wednesday
nl' next week, Jan. 10th
and llth, at only 10c. per
can. This cleaner compares with "Snap," which
is sold at 20c per can.
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Breakfast Foods
You always want a nice cereal for
Breakfast during this winter weather. We
are always ready to cater to the public
with all the Breakfast Foods on the
market. If you want it ready for use we
have Malta Vita, I'uffed Rice, Grape Nut,
Wheat Berries, Shreaded Wheat Biscuits,
Toasted Corn Flakes, Orange Meat and
biscuits, and if you want food to cook we
have Quaker Rolled Oats, Cream of Wheat
Pettijohn's Breakfast Gem, Carnation
Wheat Flakes. Cornnie*al. Wheat Ground
and Rolled Oats. All the purest and finished goods on the market.
Dry Goods Department
Second Floor
Tako   the   Elevator
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke ™* Arrowhead
Watch the Windows
for Special Lines
During January IHE   nVt^IXa-HIERJk.LID,    K,B"V3Ilf-,STOK:E
SATURDAY,  FEB.   -ITH,   l'Jll.
 1 sai-rr.
New White Goods
New    White    Cotton   Dress
New Duck Suitings.
New Muslins.   Zephyrs.
India  Linen,  Nainsook   and
Madapolin,   Bleached  Table
Linen and Napkins.
New    Embroideries,    Laces
and Insertion.
CORSETS-American made
Several styles of these well-
known "W. B." Corsets just put
in stock. We have the W. B.
Reduso Corsets also. They are
simple of construction, and perform the service of reducing
well developed figures without
the aid of straps, buckles, bands
or any other harness-like attachments. They are guaranteed
for Style, Fit and Durability,
and give absolute comfort.
BGDV FOUND if Bt     I
Thia column is opi n to all na lers
for the un'iia ed dli * itsslon ol pub
In- questions, bul iho for personal
alius.'. Corre ipi ml. n ie is Invited,
but eaeli lottor raiisl lie accompan
i, d by III I" ua ud.' Blgnul ure of
writer, nol necessarily tor publico
lion, but (ni* our ov n protect Ion,
We do not  Iml.I ourB Ives   reBpons-
Answer Description of Missing
Upon Shores ot Arrow Lakes' lble tor °',in'°r
r                                                      |    respi n lent.   Ed,
'I'lie    dead    Andy of „   middle agod PROTEST TO CITV COUNCIL
man, whieh may poBBlbly bo llmt    of Editor Mail Herald:
William Hull, the mlBalng commercial Dear Sir,—1 bog to put  In a     low
traveller,     was     found     Wednesday words   to the Oitj Council regarding
morn.iu; lyinj,' face downwards on tlie lbe splenlld  way  iu     which Seventh
western  shore  ot  lbe   Lower       Arrow street  si.l.'ivall   is used  by  toams and
lakes ai  a   poinl  about  four      mill's express rigs cutting il  up and punch
north of Itrnaia. Henry Gibson,     nf Ing ii  full nf holeB un.l causing     Hi-
id imtit made tin' dlscovory, walk  to be dnnjcorouB to any ono, as
'llie n '\vs was contained In a tolo well as in tlu* [ioople «b • are o llg
iraiu received aboul  I o'clocli 'l burs eil in v„ and come thnl  way.     This
day afternoon     by    John   T. Black, sorl  of thing  bas botn going on [or
chiel nf provincial police,     from    A, lomo   ton.'   now,     an.l    ii  la   only
Connor nf Deer I'ark, who came in on ri. i'l   tn  Mu*  ratepayers that  such a
ili,   liiiiuidary Irani that  night,    Mr. mntlci   should  be  |ml   a  stop      too.
Ci.nnor    brolighl    with loin a    letter These     rigs    . li ,ul,l    ubo   the Btroot
Irom Mi. Gibson In which some men which  could  be opened  up I'm'  team
tn details of ibe inin,: of the body "i '*  instead ol  the   sidewalk,     Tax-
were givon, payer,
Prom    Mr.    Gibson's   Btatomcnl  it Revelstoko, dai. 31.
appears thai   ibe body     when  [oun.I	
*M 1>ii: fa" Suggests United Potest
1911 Diaries
A complete range of
Office ami Pocket
Diaries, all sizes and
prices.   See them at
Macdonald's Drugstore
Prescriptions Fillod Promptly
We have just received ;i shipment ol White Clover Honev put up in
five lb. raiis. which we will guarantee to he absolutely Pure Hon*y,
and as t. is is the season f<-i honey we would advise jou to try Lhiu if
vnu wish tOjget Uie genuine article.
The name "WanstnlTc speaks for itself in regard lo quality. We have
,i lull nssortnient ol ibis I'm.* Jam 'uelinliui; Strawberry, Rnspherry,
Peach, l'liiiii, Black I. ui ram ami Apricot,j
A.  HOBSON,        Baker and Gocer.
BRUHN—At Salmon Arm, on Jan.
.'1st, 1911, Oscar Fredrick, youngest son ol Mr. and Mrs. K. W.
Bruhn, at the a«e ol tour years
*ri   ii mouths.
y.M.C.A,    Si owshoe tramp to night,
-   ■
Moving Pictures at  the  Bdison The
atre to-night.
Managing   Mildred, musical   comedy,
i-:*i son theatre, Feb. 9th.
1.0 OK.   Al   Hnnie.   opera   house,    "ii
March 17th.
■   Players,   Edison  theatre,      on
March 13th
Is one of the most import,
ant items in your business
will look after thia branch   of
the busint ss for you.
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid A Anderson
I'vt irom the water's edge. The Under did n it disturb tlie corpse, bul
Immediately took tli*' noceasary steps
to Inform the polii ,*. I le stales.
however, that it was well dressed,
lhat, the head was bald on top and
that the locks ol bair around the
lower part of the head were tinged
with grey.
Dr, W, 0, Hose, coroner, and an
undertaker from tha establishment ot
I). .1. Robertson & Co, left Friday
moi ning for Renata.
It will be recalled that William
Hull, a commercial traveller, disappeared, without leaving any trace
whatever, from Revelstoko about the
middle of October. Inquiries were
male by the police and by relatives
of the missing man bul without nny
result. From photographs it is
known that Mr. Hull was a middle
used man anil that lie was somewhat
bald. He would also naturally be
well dressed. It is possible that be
may have {alien
either tbc  upper
and been carried down to ibe point
Where lb.' body was found on Ui'd-
n's.lny and there thrown up onshore
by tbe swell caused by ibe steamers
plying on the lake. There is therefore good reason for supposing that
the body found by Mr. Gibson may
be that of William bull
That a mass me. i u ; ol reprosinta-
tlves of every board ol trade i n I ol
every town an.l district oi the Kool
may, ought to be held al tho earliest possible moment, to protest ag-
a a i Hi,' terms of th * recipro ily
measures submitted to parliam nl by
Hon, \V. s. Fielding, minister of lin-
iii'C, is the opinion held an.l voiced
ny F. tl. Fauquier, tbe well known
X.edlcs rt ii her, and pre id nl ol'the
If. iK'hers' Union of tho Arrow Lakes,
In the Nclsi n News Mr. Fauquier
states lhat, so lar as lie can learn,
ii arly every community In the Kool
uii.v  would be willing to co-operate.
"The a.Ivan age of followin s this
plan, Instead ol each local board for
ward ng its own In livilual I r* te I
to Ottawa, Is obvious," said Mr.
Fauquier, "tine big an 1 th iroughly
re r sentative gatberln ■ spi ah In ■
for the « hole of Ko it, a iy, aud for
each industry In it. will be beard,
nto the waters oJ whereas the individual local plot,*sls
ir lown Arrow lake tt'*,!l their sealtei n_' eflcct, are burl
Ij likely to accompli b ninth ng.
Other Boctlcns ol Canada and Individ
nal inlu*tries are speaking ni units,
ini the Kootenay oughl to speak
with i ne united voice. Furib r, the
matter ought to be considered nl
that mass meeting, ol Bending an
Nelson able and representative delegation
direct to Ottawa, to cntorce in person the views of the protest  meeting
"1  i, ipe  i 'rn   steps  will  lie     tnken
at   the     Nelson    meet ng   tomorrow
night, to suggest an Immediate conference or     mass     meeting   tor the
The     man   feature ol   the curling  whole of Kootenay, to be held     at
, 1 at  Golden In     whicli Revel    Nelson, as the most ctntral point foils so much inteiested,  bas   sn  the  territory  as a  whole, sny    next
.  n  the knockout given  McLeod  Tuesday, No time sl t be  lost   In
:  Calgarj   by C. H. Macdonald, the  taking up tins matter, nnd I     hope
wiih b
l. ght  Hi ise .-*■'.;   at  Mi Intyre's,
M  ring |    I .res at the E I  ■
atre Friday and Saturday nights,  in
ptttl       Gazetti  No. -i*.
A *.  Court   of
* eld  in    the
i       I  bou9e h,r,     :    - * Feb.
The B   ■     I'm   "        '■ - the
•: e    An
'   ■
t. |   !:.-      '       '■'■   ' -       trail',.
at       Kam
;■:   ft •
i •. f. their vieil
*        . Bid      thi
'      '.   ' '      I
i   r.
,    . *     * . F"1*
1    I,''*,
•     -
i' i:     i •■ a
I. G. McN      c. District   Pa
\    ii,**- u    *i.;:   not
Mclntyre s
\l     -*..* • * v..
at  :
Hot Water Bottles
For tho Cold Weather
Mnl illg    i'let UH'.-   tn night.
Mr. nn.l  Mr-'   I'    v    McCannell    I
i    n.*.I this week from an
un'    tn    California and      so iti
n m't  •• ■ gel   '■
I.' dge,  No    .",    '.
; . *  t  ■   •
H llle,  B.  C .   n
I th.
■ ■
Th ii -•'* i ■
city  ti   N<
■     Ol    I'M**-     *
tuberculosis sanits
, .llie.    I
Owing t - '
VI   ' .   \
i,.' i
I work their A
* at * n
A.   ill      ■* I.l. nn.,a
F.  tt.  I..* n
fi mn ii,'*
i • ■ ..a, •
" ' '
.i   ii i pari
iut;,*i*  winning the  game  with      the
rock  on an extra end.
D.   M.    Rae, in   writing   The Mail-
Herald under date ol February   3rd,
■ n 5 information:
Calgarj   two,
nkham     and     McLeod;
lad I n.ti.n;  Golden      live
i .....    Sang-
llr,  skip-
.*.!.'.!     I  te,    -Mae.I. Haul,
Dge games
;.*!.   11, M  I.*     *
'." Sang
'i.   'i.      1 .ni.l,.uu. I al
■A'arrei          I in,   10. Hue.
Sad lingti n. UantT,
the various districts will cause themselves to be immediately h.-ar.l from
as to taking part in this monster
•   ke,    it,
DuKe Expresses Pride
Lond n. Feb, 2.- Sp< akin ; at tli
ban pii't at the Guildhall,   when   the
,:. sts Included t*e Duke ol Ci n
niu ht, Lord Strathcona and agents
. n al ,*;' Can ol.i. the Lm d Mayoi
ia rc'eir,ng to the Duke ol f, n
n.ught's apponlmcnt, said they hnd
read the announcemeni with the
st interest. Whilst t.'ieir tirst
feelings were ol regret at their loss.
great   though   thai   was,   there   would
* ei rresponding ga'n to   Canada,
land they congratulated the Dominion
■    lr good fortune.
tn ih * course ol his reply the Duke
■  ■ '.i.n m *':t   laid lhat it  would bo
ii 'lily   Ii a   pride  to  be  closely    nn.l
Rae loped     alii ctlonati ly    associated
-*      .ih the limu.a mi ol Canada.
School Attendance
Tlir attend mce st tb" puhlio sclu
li r .Imni . rj  wan •"< I   ll'iiv*.  :
I'.il lie mliool.   Div   1        'In
B8 ■•'!
1  il no -i-l,,,, 1.  Div. il     ,'i7
ST 1 1
p ildie   Diiool    i* i   Li
B'J 7:;
-     1   •■   1 \     13
-i 1 * ■ i    1 ,i    '.      II
"ii III
h    *    D i    VI    In
*.  \ i 1    ll
,     ,,
Di   \ in :;:i
|t,H IM
. |, in.-    i
1'            1, Div. XI   .."
,'.i .;.:
1   Min                            1 : ■
ll b*
Rill '..
Chest   Pro'OCtors   and
Chamois ''csta
Bews' Drag Store
,N, .   II in      H • i-i
: |       i.       M
people ol the city mi Th i lla •
•   thle    ■   ... „i   which   BOO uri.'*                  '  i   mi a
vt   iio* principal amu anient.      The *
lu-t iui/'  for the ladies *»« won bv „ ,             i*-,,,  the   ■              >                               ""M"'
Mlaa   Gillan,   ami for tba gentlema •"'■    n                       Hi"
bj Mi   *i   \ Bti ii    in tin* bight sl mi I new                *   ■                                                        E'ythla                    to Ai
: draw altei   Ihp game tl ■■ pi Izfl      ■ i the     * * i      '■                                           I                           ml  nn I
, ":   '.v m      Hyatl     \   dainty   Inn make thi   ni   tnnl     tl  *■   ■' the       ■   ■ in.
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11'  i.: ■ • I Hoi ■ •'     on
11    '     nclnd ng  bath room,
In,I   au I  * i li"'ti ic   lighl I,
and  [Ul ii * Cli       '.I M'.lt
Applj I.. L   Caoh   ' i, Third St.
Everyone is headed for this Store. Never was a
better opportunity offered to procure dependable
poods al the price of the cheapest. Every day as we
gel nu with our stocktaking, new linos come to light
which we must clear out. Our counters are full of
bargains that are real bargains. We intend to have
the freshest stock in the town in the new store, and
this month will see a big clearing. Here are a few
new lines fnr this week,    Every nne is a winner.
St IK. and JVct Tilouasef
Tin's is your chance to secure a pretty waist aboul
half price, We [are putting on sale about oil of our
niccsl blouses, regular values up to Ml.Mi, si/.os ;s*l to
in, in colored silks and black, cream and ecru net.
Only $3.00 Each.
Cor at ets and Corbet Waist 4"
About LOO pairBof the c lebrated D. & A. Corsets
in sizes from IS to 30. They include a lul of the
"Health"   Waist.     Regular   76c.   to  $3.50.     Now
Half Price.
CHILDREN'S   WAISTS-Made of good, strong
jean, in all sizes.   Regular Price, 60c.    Now 25c
CORSET  WAISTS FOR  GIRLS.   All sizes, in
white and drab, for girls from 7 to 17 years. Reg. Wic.
Now 35c.
Ernhrot'dercd  ConJers
Runners and Cushion Tops. You do not want to miss
the showing in our window of these goods, and you
want .lo notice the prices that are marked on them.
They are beautiful goods, and we are selling them at
less than yon could buy the materials. The range is
too extensive to quote prices here, but they are in the
window plainly marked.
Fancy <C>otveling
We havo a now lot of Ihis popular material, in
several differehl designs.   Luring this month we will
slump all towels free.
Your Winter Overcoat or Suit
11 you haven'l purchased litem yel you
had better come and look al our large
and complete assortment. We can suit
thc mosl fastidious in the clothing line.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Rttorm Clothing - Foot-Rite Shoe
We have some odd lots in Underwear embracing
Borne of the beat of our regular lines whieh we are
offering at a very low price.
Men's Fleece-lined, Penman's.    Reg. 75c.    Now 50c.
Mus  Truro Knit, a'l wool.     Reg. $1.25. "Now'90c\~
Men's Heavy Fleece-lined, Frown. Reg. $1.    Now 75c.
Men's Heavy all wool.    Reg. 1.50      Now    $1.
Buys   Heece lined, Reg. 45r. '.o 55c.
Now 30c.  to 40c.
Boys'  Tiirnbull's.  Reg. 50c. to 85c. Now 35c.  to 65c.
MeBae Mercantile Company, Limited
The Style Shop for Men and Boys Who Know
i.i,*i   t.i, Bollcltor, Etc.
Ioi   -Tlm   Canadian llnnk
ot Commerce, The Molaona iiaiik,;
Provincial  Lan.l   Smnor,
Mining Burvoyofi
FIRST STREET   -   TUveletokf, B.G Box   106,   BEVELHTOKB,


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