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The Mail Herald Jan 20, 1912

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I   I
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Organization Meeting Under New Articles—Officers
Appointed-Bye-Law Committees Struck iff
--Other Business
.-...ium twenty members ol tin? new
Agricultural Association were in at
tendance at the Oity Hull, when the
lirst meeting under the new Articles
ol Association, was held, Thursday
evening,  tho  lMh  January.
Mr. Alex McRae was unanimously
elected chairman Ol the meeting,
whilst Mr. W. 11. Robertson acceptel
the position of acting secretary.
In a Inlei speech, thc chairman out
lined the objects ol the me?ting:—being to form an Agricultural Association, acting under legal advice, wo
have been provided with Joint Stock
Papore under thc Provincial Act providing for the organization of such
Associations ns this.
Thc .Secretary then read the chirt
er. The full title ot the association
is "The Hevelstoke Agricultural A-) -
s'iciation" for the protection anJ
advancing of agriculture, horticulture, fruit growing, stock breeding.
dairying, poultry keeping and other
kindred subjects, within that portion
of the province of Uritish Columbia
comprised wiihln Un County of Ko-
I'tenay. The annual subscription
shall consist ol $1 per annum for
each member. The Board ot Dir.ct -
ors for thc purposes of commencing
the organization ol the Society consists of eleven members who signed
the Articles of Association, namely:
Messrs. A. McRae. A. J. McDonell,
Thomas Kilpatrick, J. Abrahamson,
Robt. Cnley, F. 13. Wells, CbrB. R.
Macdonald, Frank H. Bourue, R. M.
Smythe, H. J. McSorley and Vi. B.
The meeting then proceeded to consider thc proposed bylaws, fourteen
in number, nnd atter discussion, decided by vote to postpone adoption
of tbe bylaws. The Chairman then
struck off a committee of flve numbers to act as a bylaw committee,
with instructions that the commltte"
consider  the  proposed  bylaws,  drnft
suitable additions and amendments,
and submit same with a report, to a
subsequent meeting to tie hold in
The meeting then proceeded with
the election of olllcers and tho follow
nig were unanimously elected:
Hon. President—Hon. Price Ellison
Minister  ol  Agriculture.
Hon. Vice President—Hon. Thomas
Taylor, Minister of Public Works.
President—Alex McRae.
Vice President—A. J. McDonell.
Secretary—W. B. Rohortsonf
Treasurer—F. B. Wells.
Following the election of olllcers, a
general discussion took plnco as to
future plana aud programs. The
President called attention to the ad-
visibility of strengthening the Board
ol Directors by the addition of retire
s.utatlvc prominent agriculturalist
finiii the various centres within tho
county, and Mr. McLenneghan, chairman nt thc bylaw committee, in sup-
porting this proposal, Intimated thut
the bylaws, when recommended would
he found to contain provisions for
increasing the number ol directors,
thus giving the various district! ade
quote representation iu the executive
of the Association.
Secretary Robertson drew ntten -
tion to the necessity for nn early
preparation and distribution of thc
prize list und entry classes for the
show and fair, in order to give exhibitors nmple time eo prepare their
i"ihihits with a view to securing a
disjilny worthy of the country nnd of
the Association.
President McRne roferred to the
importance of Fecuring a building
suitable tor the exhibitions ot thc
Association, nud it was "in.iiiniuu»ly
tbc ,,pull,ni erf those present thnt nil
these itemB should be vigorously
dealt with by the full Board of Directors.
The meeting then ndjourned nt 11
p. m.
New Council Get Down to Work-
Turf Association Lease Con-
sidered--New Mi re Sewers
The city council held their second
regular meeting in the City Hall on
Friday evening at 8 p.m. Mayor
Sutherland took the chair and this-
present were Aldermen Bourne, MeKinnon, Howson, Abrahamson and
The minutes of meetings beld Dec.
2'.ith and Jan. 15th, were adopted ns
Mrs. Staoey called to make a Complaint regarding the sewage running
over her farm, contaminating the
well; Mrs. Stacey also lodged a com
plaint re the taxes and amounts con
nected with the tax sale as charged.
The Muyor promised un investlga -
tion into the matter.
Communications—Various communications were read and ordered an§ -
wered or filed.
C.P.R., who are meeting the light
hill for Y.M.C.A., applied for the
contract price on same.—Referred to
Vi. L. and P. committee.
Letter from the Medical Officer slig
gesting that a notice he inserted in
the local paper to the eflect that all
householders should note that it is a
misdemeanor to conceal from thc
Medical Officer any suspicious disorders or illness, this with a view to
enabling cases of infectious disenso
to be better controlled.
Tbe C.P.R. submitted an account
for siding rent. Aid. MeKinnon moved that, in view of the fact that the
Railway had this siding for their own
use, the amount should not be paid,
especially ns the city had paid out
•It'.O to have their lumber carried
round the cars. Account was referred to thc F. W. and I,, committee, !
•nth this recommendation.
On n communication (rom Hon, Dr.
V,,ung, stating that the scale of remuneration for the city police magistrate han lie, n set nt J75 per mon-
Ud. MeKinnon took exception to
the government butting into city |
attairs. Moved by Aid, Bourne, seconded i,> au. McSorley, thai the
he Investigated with u view
UecoreriOf  what are the  powers '
of the city in regurd to the salaries
ol police magistrates appointed and
paid by city corporations.
A letter was read from. Mr. G. 3.
MeCarter. re the lease for the Western Turf  Association.
Aid. MeKinnon—What light hus
this council to bind the council ot
1919; citizens money has beeu expend
ed there under thc Park bylaw, now
why should citizens be taxed for improvements on  leased ground.
Aid. McSorley—I don't think this
money will go to the shareholders of
the Turf Association, It will all revert to the city.
Aid. MeKinnon—According to CF.
Lindmark, about $1500 of citizens
money bus lieen spent, thero we hav.i
track of $1500. ln yesterday's paper
I see they are figuring on thc Agri -
cultural Society puying rent. It we
grant such lcii*-rs, the Turl Associa -
tion can settle the rent.
Mayor Sutherland—The idea seems
to lie lor the Agricultural Association to have a society nnd (air with
enough prizes to mnke a big fair.
■neb an association depends upon
continuity ot policy and I favor tbe
twenty years.
Aid. McKiunon-1 doubt it it iu
legal for the council to give u twenty yenr lease dating from 1919.
Mayor Sutherland—Perhaps we can
get Mr. MeCarter on thc 'phone and
find out our legal position now. Tho
Agricultural Association and the
Turf Association aro both anxious to
ret. this settled iu time for the present coast convention, so that they
will he able to proceed on a sound
Clerk l.uw.mn went to the 'phono
and returned stating that ho wos unable to get Mr. MeCarter.
The matter of Power rates for Industries was laid over for the Light,
Power and Water committee.
Account from Medical Officer Mc-
I>eiin was suggested to lie laid over
until Ihe parties are out of quarantine nnd wns reterr?d to finance com
The request of Medical Officer Mc-
lyenn lot publicity i-o thc notification
of inf'ctiiiiH diseases, was met by In-
itruetlonl to the city clerk to Insert
an official letter In the Mall-Herald.
Account for plumbing work done
by order of the plumbing Inspector,
was referred to the eity solicitor for
advice as to powers.
The application for nn extension of
lease by the Turf Association, was
laid over (or attention and advice by
city solicitor,
Aid. McSorley—It thii leaee can be
granted  wo might pass a  leuBC    for
I the twenty years.
I Aid. MeKinnon—I think wo should
lind out whore wo nro.
| Aid. Abrahamson—I think a uomiu
nl rent to the Agricultural Asaocia-
, tion Bhould ho included in the Tui-I
[Association lease.
Aid. Abrahamson, ro Public Works
committee report—I think some of
this council should bo appointed to
meet the businessmen nnd others and
got down to somo basis re the sewei
Mayor Sutherland—That is a very
good Idea.
Aid. MeKinnon—The difference in
the sinking fund between 20 and 50
years would lie some -$2,000 per year.
Movod by Aid. Abrahamson, s-.o -
emded by Aid. MeKinnon; that a
committee of tho counoil, with power to cull in tho aid ot citizens and
to formulato a scheme re sewer question, and report.
Mayor Sutherland appoints a committee of the wholo council in accordance with tbis resolution.
| Finance Committee—Aid MeKinnon
reports ro consolidation of dohentur-
| es; un amount was allowed the auditor, being a percentage of tho saving
effected. I think as such a motion
wus pnssed, tne auditor should rece-
ivo the instructions to go uboad and
consolidate theso doljcntures. The auditor was to go east, but tho mutter
dropped. All be asks iu uu amount
ot porccutago ou the saving, a total
ot ubout $300.
Aid. MeKinnon—If this consolidu -
tion cun be completed, it will put thc
city on its feet. The money which
would be provided in future could bo
spent on city improvements instead
of swallowed up by thcBe short duto
sinkiug funds.
On motion, the Finance committee
were requested to muke a detailed re
port on this matter anil submit to
next council meeting.
Moved by Aid. MeKinnon, second -
ed by Aid. Howson, that Auditor
Stein be appointed auditor for the
comiug year.
A temporary loan bylaw authorising the borrowing of $20,000 from
thi Molson's Bunk to meet expenses
due for payment betore tho city revenue comes payable for current year
to bo repaid on or before 31st Decern
her 1912, was adopted on motion by
Aid. McSorley, seconded by Aid
Bourne, second reading.
A matter of an account against
Mr. Stone, being bill for putting in
a grease trap ordered by the plumbing Inspector, was referred to the
l'uhiic Works committee.
A motion was passed that the
Siacluir account $531.33 bc paid.
Finance committee presented var -
ious accounts :or payment, genoral
ai-count, $3('»27.65; wator and light,
| A deputation from Firo Hall No. £
namely Messrs. McRae and Square -
briggs, waited upon the council asking that teams be arranged for conveyance to fires ut nights. Also thut
in coses of fires only some authorised persous be ullowed to cnll iu tbo
lower town brigade in cases of fires,
thus reducing expenses in cases of
small fires.
I Mayor Sutherland—No doubt in
winter nnd at all times, the horse
should be provided. The council will
have to go into both these mntters,
and will consider sume carefully.
Aid. MeKinnon—The best way
would be to have horses at tho fire
hull stabled there, and a man sleeping at the Fire Hull could lie on tbe
Job all  thc time.
j Muyor Sutherland — Perhaps we
could get a teum for tbe stable and
feed at night.
I Aid. Howson—I hardly npprote this
The Muyor—This matter is referred
to the Water and Light committee
for consideration and report.
Aid. Abrahamson—The second matter might lie tnk.il up by the two
brigades and submit recommendat -
ious to thc council.
Muyor Suthcrlund—Yes, the brig -
udes can get together nud make their
rci'Otnmeuduttou. Motion adopted accordingly
The menl mi: ndjourned at 10:30
p. m.
Those who were out on tbe streets
ou Wednesday evening lnat beard a
fearful noise and wondered what It
wns. Well It wns only tho Junior
classes ol the Y.M.O.A. who wero trying to make as much noise as Big
Crouching Panther and his braves
At the invitation of the officers ot
the Association the boys gathered at
the Y.M.C.A., and under the enre of
the Physical Director thoy Journeyed
around town, then thoy went down
south. After about two hours ride,
they landed at tho building where re
frcHhmentB were served whicli were
provided by tbe boys themselves and
the way tbey took hold of the cake,
well, nut sed.
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Jeweller       P#  Qf   BEWS      °Pt'c««n SATURDAY, .IAS. -JOtE, 1912.
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(Coal and. Wood]
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Baled Oat Hay at $17 per ton.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
pt    ;.:-„■ iSE8DA\   ANU 	
b. a
interior publtsbmfl Company
j. K. JOHNSON, Manager,
RALPH G        RUTON,   Editor.
- VtiULiAY,   *l \S    2 Ith,   1912
An agitation is being carried on by
'.i     tongued   Astatli
orry to say,  i.y wi 11
in. aning    it m iguided white peo] le
wltb .1 view to adding to tbe already
,   iation ol     undeBirall i
province, by import
H     lu  women.
The unmixed evile ol Asiatic     im
are already only too   ap
t   in  British  Columbia.   But th •
•evil  h tin Ij   beyond  remedy,
rt,. i .* bold enough   to
sdopl measures an   have
• .. •     i, the Australian     Com
tnonwealth, when by thj simple    ex-
ul   -tsiatics, thc course ot two
generations would  rid  un  of     thou;*
•   irithin our midst, leaving tbis in
lact  .is .ii name, truly a  "Wbitemims
land"   Tbe proposed Immigration ol
■vaiatli   women, however, would close
this  avenue ot     escape,  and      would
iwn country into a breeding
ground tot   those cankers which,   ns
tbe history ol all such     experiments
ol tb,   past   Learly     proves,    afflict
those unhappy communities, who lor
temporary  gain  or  supposedly rellg-
mi oi  philanthropic reasons,   hnve
an  un sslminable,  alien and antago-
.' race.   Tbe great  black     prob
lem i'l the South, winch has already
ted States a war involv
g tbe 1  -h ol .i  million lives nnd a
. on dollars of property and gold,
.md  which ia today  as great  an    un
problem as ever, eating like a
canker Into the  heart   of  tt.e  fa.rest
■    : ■   •; the giv.it republic, should
warning to British Columbia ol
li ..y and danger ol paying b •■ I
to such .m-mhous  proposals.
Tbe •    I   ol   the   future      arc
tgh, without  saddling As! ■
,.i.c parmanent society into our coun
'   vvb ich     as
-   •    to such a betrayal o.' the con-
wh tern :. and     women
.Id be  trait,.:- to
I n  rae?.  and  to     our
n,   Our White     lore
led,  budirred,     (ought     and
.  cbopiied their     way thru'
*•j'-   .-. ■     , [on  n   I ■ tii
fi om tbe   Vtlantic   t
rder tbat  we
.    ■ ght enjoy   the
a se
mmunity bave tbe
i     tr land
tbe     fruits ol all  t ,    -
:. inded    ov i     to    the
-        !     .'lb.  i
thi? ct from issue of "Canada"
Dated Oecemiier Mil
The city of Revelstoke, British Columbia, of wliicb a large panoramic
view appeared in our centre doii 1 -
page l.isi week, is centrally local, d,
and is aii excellent distributing cen-
tre. It is on tbc main Une of the
Canadian Pacillc Uailway, and has
railway communication to the Arrow
Lakes, and steamboat and ra.lway
communication with i ii«- whole south
ern poi lion Of Ibi' Kootenays and
The city at tbe present time bus a
good opening for an iron foundry.
M.bich from tins point would tie aMe
I*, supply within forty-eight hours
any requirements ol saw tn.lls, rail-
roads and steamboats. The city
could supply electrical power to run
It. There are other industries that
should be paying propositions anl
good Investments in Uevelstoke, such
ns a brick-making plain.
Tbc Uevelstoke Genernl Agencies,
Ltd., report thnt tbey hnve for Bale
good timber berths, containing from
JTO million to a billion of timber, iu
localities easy ol access nt prices
varying from 7f>c. to $1 for a thousand  on  the slump.   They   also     have
for sale exceptionally good fruit
lands, nt prices varying (n.m |16 to
$75. from 80 to -in milts outside the
city, that closer in ranging from Jinn
to $260 an acre. The higher-priced
land is nil cleared nnd ready for
planting; land at $100 an acie is not.
cleared, and would cost in the neighborhood of from **7ii to $100 to clear
it. City lands sub-divided, extending
from the centre of business to the
boundary ol tbe city, are for sab'at
price- varying from 12b to as In. li
as $1,000. Two blocks from the c n
Ire the size ol these lots is 50ft by
100ft. In the centre prices are aa
high ,ii some cases ai $250 a front -
age   foot.    Tbe   lirm      have   lir-t *
on lirst mortgage realty at '*
i,> s per cent, on, which they cau assure any clients that the loan w
ff oil a baste of from 10 to 50 ; n
cut of the actual value of the prop
crty on which loans are msdt
Tlie   lunds surrounding   Uev..
are capable of raising
Kinds  ol  it,..luce  and   it:;
I luuis.  pears,  go se 11  Us
strawberries,  potatoes,  turnips   ma
gel, onions, carrot-, beets, eel r
lor all of which a ready mi
band.    The  produc,-  cat
the cars in Revelstoke in I •
and   i*e   on   the   market  in      I a
Alberta, in the morning.
ltii\:  \
.»y     ' A"
 t*$ *.,   *    ' '
i»      .s...... *   «,,-.    N
,v*-.*'      ■ t
- * ; &£>*tg|
i "
& ■>■■
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Enjoy the comfort of sitting around a handsome,
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Our Heaters will hold the fire over night, so that
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" Fire Out " your old Stove and " Fire Up " a new
FROM $2 UP TO $10.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Howson Biock
and   wo   can
feature  ot the exercise
see  the  results.
Now the form in Jumping is col
merely a matter of Individual t at',
we are fast learning the fact that it
is wise to learn ol those who know
more than we do, so we will quote
Sweeuey's form, one ol thc w ill's
champion     hi,;b jumpers,  who m
the boys gathered al their resldeuoo
whero all the nice thlni a lhat    boys
wb,.  have   I e.u  on   a   tramp   like   W I I
provided.,,Al ll o'olouli tho boys
wonded thplr way home all satisfied
with tho evening's fun and eutertaln-
U wry thing   is  in  full  swing  al   tho
gym  these  days,   tlle  classes  are    nil
in rood shape but there Is room tor
moro in the Business Mens Class, al
so ibe Senior class.   The    swimming
pool is in shape, if you do not. be -
I,esc it   mil*,  tlie  boys.
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Crafts exhibition is now ready,
enn be had lor the asking. Gel
and  see  what you  can  do.
Sunday afternoon at. ;):in, Mr, T,
Pagden will address the men al tbe
iifteinoon mooting,   All men welcome
quickly stops courfhfl,   curra cold,*,  ht'iili
t throat aud luitiJt
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es and  the chairman ol the National  take oil from the lelt [oot.   There
Laymen's       Missionary      movement,   uo rule tbat can  1 *•• bud down as !•,
which is to take ctiect through     the   bow  far away from  the posts a juin
whole of Canada. i* r Bhould start to    run, the nearer
lt  has been suggested thai on the the better because the less energy is
afternoon of  Sunday,  January  -1 he    sued.
tween the hours of three uud six Sweeney nnd Baltazil both start
o'clock, as best su/tid to existing about 75 feet and run slowly to a
conditions, tiie christian men ot all point about three bug rtri.lt--; from
communions In every city, town vil   the posts, this point should be abso-
lage or country place throughout the  lutely  fixed   by every  jumper.     Then   	
Dominion  be culled together for ona sent  In the middle of the noddle ol   WANTED—By lady, furnished
hour in n service ,,; thanksgiving and   tbe  runway  and      saving  slowly      t,,
intercession,    lt  lias     also been Bug-   wards tb.   right      idee  ol  the  iin.li
Igested thai clergymen trom the.r pul  track, turning sharply t,, the left at
pits Willi iu every way  possible, seek   this  poini  and then taking the throe
long stri.bs  as rapidly   and  with    at*
much   force   as  you   can   compel,   this
i rings your left  loot on  the takeoff,
getting over the bar.
\   good   Way  t ,      me:,mum  ,,   man's
,   est< '*       tance     tor the takeoff U to stand
well heated, centrally located, with
breakfast if possible.     Apply P.O.
Uox CT.
to enliht tbe Interest and attendance
ol tlie men of their congregations
and that Sunday Bchool leaders, ad
u'.t  bible class brother -
hood*   be  request *i  I perate in
ibis objeel     ll   ..- Iui -.her
that   « hi re It is nol : I    to
bold   a   public   in     La       "i    Ale :•
me i.■.!.-• ia .i to al
tend  such  mmi *   *
or in twos hour
upon     the     appoint ifterni on In
..   .
P.  Rupert church
.f  England  In  Canada;  A.   I..   I
cha.rm^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B are
'   '    -
Uisit of World's Greatest Choir
In the .Matter of au Application
for the Issue ol a Duplicate Ce till
cite of Title to ail minerals precious and base (Save coal and pro
troleum) under Lots 5325 "New
fork" Mineral Claim. 5326 ' Boston"
.Mineral Claim, 5327 "Chicago" V,n
oral Claim. 5328 "Montreal" Mineral Claim, 5329 'San Francisco" Min
i nil Claim, 5330 "Kairview" Mineral
Claim, 5381  "Metropolitan Fraction"
Mineral   Claim    and     :,.!;!;!       "Cha... 0
Fraction"     Mineral     claim,   all   In
Group   I.   Kootenay   District.
Notice is hereby given that .t     is
my Intention to issue at the explra-
i ton ol one month after the firsl pub
bar a- ice i   your   lieation    hereof a     Duplicate   if the
i   i iih,.le  of     Title  to  the      above
.*h  niniper is al-   mentioned  lota  In  the  name ol    The
,, i   Metropolitan Oold and Silver Mlntag
 ii lorn] anj of  Lardeau, B.C.,   Ll d.l Non
Running   Personal   Liability)  which  Ctrl.li.it'
;   ted   the   *"lh  day   ol   July,   chili,
ibre  balks  at   10:2H a.m. and numbered 5922A.
Nelson, it. c. gth January, 1912.
SAMUEL R. IH tl-:.
District Registrar,
on one toot before the bar. and   lift
*!  until you can touch
with your toes.
In the actual     lump, a     man who
m  tbe lefl   f""i  «i 1  throw
.•at   leg  up,    and  flexing     tbe
and at the same     time    t ikin:
* well up to tho
'. ui also tr,   to ke p   his
*   tbe bar as posts t wi ited     i se you
tt so that
greatly  in favor '      ,;'  1   '
the iuc J.20
No   musical   event.   ,11 ;.i        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tbe famous tour . *
choir last spring Is of great  i
est than thc tour of the  Ri '.       U
Ti-e   :•.     *'-     ' Male  choir.    The   oh* 'i
i.       if H "*■:|   ni
terrible    1 m ol   I
.. t ,        • fore
to I
11 .   in ii
ists,   ih.-.r  ri peto re Is ai
• ■■
. .   ■
..    a
  Vn ■   give
.    .    . *, .,.!..     ol   Hon  "ii   •:
•      M    '     I'Oll*
,.        . certainly   a <iu ted foi     a | hllanl  ropii
tbe Province ol r David  Dav
..•     ■ the
p ii pi *. - money tor
.    , |     • ■     i . .     ip| ;.     on ol  tu * * * tlosls in the
nnd prosperity * ■      '•■ ' '     ""   *'' ■' *i"i:'v  and  I
.  ,: test bentfll    lecompll hed     irocafl its     are
t .  that d.str.ct ,ui*i  to I      Interior  theii     services     free    Already these
illy,     from   a     typographical crusaders bave raised    :" and a
rtandpo   i  " o        •    .*m   llurther »100,000 is needed
cult   to surpass,   the   m ■'h mil   1   ll ,,;
of tbe News, by such a production,
•-'tamp themselves not only ae "Union men" b il a ai I lets In then cbos
en profession, and tbe descriptive
writings are aa    Interesting    an tbe
Subjects of which   they treat.
Running i%li Jump
,*       if
do pie
To   ,
,    . '   . *
in i
ou can *i" as high s    ; i
ond moi *'". Is I be (ro -
i ii.o ■ the     mm i   togethi
npurl        ..        ind
.     ,i gradually Incf
I would not .,*:
high  jump iii     ff Intel   oi  on n  bat l
dorii.     becau •■ one Is Ho
to jump
■   ■
...IH K
|   Port Maim news    A*i tho time lot
the  sab*   of  loin   in   tbe   I    ei It.   lo.'.n* 	
le at  Port Mann drnwH near in i< h and  gel   Injured,   One week  ol  P  "
Interest is being manifested in   tins Lice outdoors la i**,:ib more tl	
western terminus,   One and   a   ball whole month indoori    Now f*.r   tho
.million   dollars   have been    Invested lump Itsell
 lliMin     during  the   past   three     weeks,!     (loo.I   form   ,.   lo.b   lumping   IS  one
[q,, program     of   moving and     realty   values  are    advancing of tht prime n |til II s for suceei    ll
the    te.'ulily.   See    J, n. Watson Real itj       only within the lasi tawyoni   thai
t'v-'s Bd for simps In Port Mann lots such attention liuu been paid lo this
ind orchestra music at
a       . ■   . tn   tonight.
■o-pl  ,,t
min r of I hem have
. .i be      Intel mi i. .'*■
. t outing
osti ad    if he   a ■ 11. ■
yuite *.  merry  bunch
(tatheri *i nl the V M.C \   and al  / 90
the     nn i iln tai
' hours   "f   fun,   luud   work,
ind   I umbllng, nl i be kind Invltal Ion
..I  Mti *       *       i   oi*; r
lu tbe Matter of an  Application for
* ,,r a Duplicate Oertiflcate of
Title to Lots  v  and 9,  Illock I, Town
■•   \i lm. bead   being part of Dli trioi
I   Oroup  l.  Map 681.
hi rei.y given tbat it is
■   '  *m to      .1* ,,i  I,,.* expiration of one month alter ih** fir I puh
lii ition  b reof a     Duplicate of   tho
it ■ ,,f Title t" the ai.ove mentioned lol : In ' be uai il Bai ney L,
.ah    Certificate   is   dated
•' -   16th  day  of  January,   l M 9,    al
uu* i* i**!  L0079A
I', '        -,lb   .1 an'lal , ,    l 11-2.
.. \.\iri;i. it. ROB,
in, 17      Districl  Registrar,
(.  B
Nf>w Hold the Fori
in Revelatoke
i i"tv of Dainty
.. ,     In  half pound   one-
pound.1 ' " pound and three-
pound Mi/.I'H
The Finest in the Land
Canadian  cTWade
iu yours experience
. i
\   - Electrical Store
Day Phone--284 Night Phone, 40
And Still  They Go!
Several Second-Hand Pianos good as news
Special Hue of small [foods i"i  Xmas*
A tasting present is a musical Instrument.
Ask us for any musical instrument in the world and we can gel it.
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Have Been Used With Success
Font' generations have improved them until they have no
Keep your horses, ciiitle ami other Btock insured by having on hand a supply of Pottie's Remedies.
Sold in Revelstoke by ARMSTRONG & CO
Rosedene Nurseries
Kevelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
We cany a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
To the People ol Revelstoke District
Wii) spi ml nectllcsa. dollars on fuel bills this winter, when
Ioi ii -iiiiiii investment in a lew STORM \\ IN DOWS and u
door or two you cun save nt least 50 per cent, ol yonr
|,ii*M*nt < utlny in fnel ? Maybe you have never considered
this.   Think it over and you will be convinced,
11 you invest now in a (, \\ s'nnii windows and doors
youwlllSAVK THK1K COfcTlong before the arrival ol
Si>ring. Ask those who I.now and get youi order in now.
If you ore contemplating buildlug a House, Store or
Humiu'ss Block in the Spring, or adding an addition to
the House, now Is the time to talk it over. Come to us
willi your plims and let us figure it out lur vnu. Yuu will
profit bj our wide cX] ei lence and SAVE MONEV.
We'glve estimates (icily on nil kimls ol CONSRUC-
TIONAL, WORK, and your enquiries nr.' solicited.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
V. i). Box 29S       GEO. I). SHAW, Prop.       Phone Ko 261
12-inch and 16 inch lengths
Furnished House on 3rd st. To Rent, $20 a Month
Apply for particulars to the undersigned
[PHONE ^"6
Office on Second Street, next to Cummings Transfer Office.
(Milv p>< <1 product rs need
Bppl). fcHate ul' i« ni i r and
i \jn i k*u< i   (iood Dpportun*
:   I QpablC  pei son,
J. W. W. Stowait,
Managing Director,
The Monarch Life
Assurance Co'y.
l (iinn,un;. ntions confidential,
For Your Seeds
Ornamentals 5* Fruits
Henry Seed and Nurseries
We have the finest slock on the
Coast, I.nst yenr, my lirsl year
in tlie business, wns badly hand*
Icapped; owinn to the want of
stoCK, but not so this year.  Sciul
us ynur orders and we will ^ive
you satisfaction. See our new
catalogue, it is Iree to you.
A. R. Macdougall, Proprietor ;
SATURDAY, JAN. 30th, 1912.
mnm ■——■^■—■———
Kdltur Mnll-Herald:-
Reor Sir, — Your correspondent,
whom Settler ho uiiUignutly (not to
aay lihellously) relciB to as Sutan,
hus nothing to any ugaiust tho ud
vantages ami churiuii ot thu valley,
but ho doos uot believe that any
good waa over done to a pluco or
individual by an iin.lui' uraount ol
boosting. Ho boHeves with Battler,
that tho valley is bouml to grow in
population and lnjportuu.o, but cannot see eye to eye with him in regard to thc t,mo In whieh all the
groat improvement! will huvo arrived
Muy Settlor continue to boost, but
muy ho keep (roc Irom too grout exaggeration.
Tbc work uu lbe dum is progress -
Ing us sutisluctorily as can be expected.
A dance wus held nt the hull ou
Saturday evening. All tbc purtici-
puuts reporting uu enjoyable eveniug
It is utmost tiuio tbat we wero
utlorded the same facilities by the
C.P.R. as ure now enjoyed by Tuft
and Three Valley, Oue llag train
each wuy per duy is often very iu-
A movement is on foot to promote
u compuny for the purpose ol constructing a telephone line through
the valley.
Editor Muil-Horald:-
Doar Sir,—I think wc have here iu
tbe Valley ol tbo Ourden of Eden,
oue of tbe most [uvoruble spots ou
earth. A mild climate, fertile soil,
plenty of tbe purest water, timber
galore, for both building purposos
and fuel, daily mail, uud good transportation facilities all combined, certainly moke it a mecca for thc homo
seeker. 1 think the sumo ub others
with whom 1 have discussal tho proposition, tbat u lodging nud board -
ing house carried on lu connectiou
with some othor business would do
well. We ueither ueid nor want u
We arc glad to sec our citizeus enthusiastic und ready to boost with
clean     advertising,  but     we deplore
'-■'•■,  y y -y
Situated at MALAKWA. B. G.
Just 32 Miles West of   Revebtoke,  ant'   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20.000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
fVirirW nf Qn'il   Bench   Lands,  Clay   Loam   and  Vegetable
UlldldUtfl   Ul   OUli   Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn Irri/iatinn   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
lw III lyullUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply wateP for Do- j
mestic purposes. I
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Clilliate   Zero is  Average Winter Weather.
Pricks of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of R. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD [ach Week
Bomo wi tbe bit ' * rrsspondi i w
which actually blackguards ■ respect
able mhi.eii, because tie diflers with
tbeni in Ma    opinions,   Wa ure glad
to say tbut the better cluss ol     OIW
r.i 1..'.. 1    11.1t  111 luM'r     with this
 1  "i  insult.
bStlltOI   Mini lli'l uld:—
1 would like to ask tho readsra ot
your   paper   il   it  ever   occurred      to
them that there li not enough milk
or butler produced     within a radius
ut aeventj Ave in..'" ol Revelatoke to
supply   that city alons.   That Itevelstoke consumes mi amount ol     eggs
equal t" om eighth ol all tha
produce!  ,11  tha provinoe, that B.O,
Imports (our tilths ol all produd
suuit'il  lo  tba  province: that tbere is
not enough Iruit grown in U.   0. to
supply the cay ol Vancouvai  al
Did  you  i'\cr  atop  lo  think  "I      tha
onormoua     profit In    eggs ut seven
cents      apiece'   Thut  13.   0.  import;-,
liliie-tcntbs   Ol      its      buy.'    Mtilukvv.i
grown buy i-ells lor $25 to $40 u tuu
ut Malakwa and wc d'.'fy unyone uny
where to show us u better hay gi" iw-
iui; country than t'u.s Qardaa ol Ed-
eii.   There  is less  -v*Tk. uttacbid    to
u  buy   lunch   than  any  other  occupu-
tion. I have kuovn nay to Bell lor
lio a t"ii iit Malakwa, landing in
tha field. On an average crop this
would maan 130 pel acre and not five
minutes work. Thia la mora by lar
than the average prairie termer realizes before paying [or aeed or labor
to say nothing of hit own Work.
Aud in this Garden of Edeu, we
huve everything on our tide. Vie huve
never known a crop lailure, n„r do
are have uny (ear ol oue. Vie -do not
huve bhzzurds, thunder storms oi
wind. We have hud but nine days ol
below zero weather this waiter und
but lew more ol freezing, wh.ch record I iim sure will compute quite
favorably with any plac in the Dominion. We cordially mvite every
home-seeker or iuvester to invest! -
gate tUa vail y and we will soon
convince bim ol the great superiority
of the     (Harden ol Dden, In climate,
soil, locution, shipping facilities, etc.
lt is one ot tha very few pluces in
U.I.'. where Irrigation la uot neces -
Conaract with Mr. J.D. McArthur'
Will be Renewed
Ottawa, Jan. 12^-Mr. J. D. McArthur of Winnipeg, wtio hold the
contract uuder the old government
for the first section ot the HudBon
Bay line Irom Thc Pas to Split Lake
urrived in the city yesterday morning. As was announced some time
ago, the contract will be renewed. He
held conferences with Hon. Frank
Cochrane, minister ot railways, and
other members of tbe government
and it Is understood tbat orders will
be issued ns a result for full stenm
ahead on tbe Hudson Bay
ua,863.<K>0 acres, und their value calculated at the local market prices,
amounts to $656,712,000.
10.310,000 acres, ol which 1,172,000
acres were fall wheat in Ontario and
Alberta, and thc production was 215-
•-i.MMii bushels ol tbe value ot $133,-
ti57,OUO. Bpring wheat produced 2,041-
I'liu bushels ot the value ot $21,161,COO
Oats occupied 9,220,000 acres and
yielded 348,180,000 bushels, ot the
value ot $126,812,000.
Barley, 1,404,0*00 acreB, yielding 10,-
1140,000 bushels ol the value ot $23,-
004,000, und flax 1,116,000 acres, yield
ed 12,921,000 bushels, of the value of
The combined acrea under rice,
peas, buckwheat, mixed grains and
llax was 2,481,000 acres the yield
was 44,986,000 bushels, aud the value
Hoed and cultivated crops, comprising beans, corn lor husking, po -
tatoes, turnips and other rootB, except sugur  beetB,     occupied 1,063,000
Held  crops  in  It'll   was as follows:
Prince Edward Island, $8,846,700;
Nova Scotia, $14,273,900; NeW Brunswick, $16,78'.i,CO0; CJuebec, $103.1ST,-
000; Ontario, $192,260,000; Manito'. a.
$73.1311; Saskatchewan, $107,147,-
000; Alberta, $47,750,000; British Columbia. $1,120,000.—Daily News.
Dominion liberal With Province
The total insreasc amounts to $1,-
188,570 divided as follows: Ontario
$267,657, Quebec $285,12b, Kovu
Scotia $26,207, New Brunswick $16,-
614, British Columbia $191,706. Alberto $87,653, Saskatchewan $318,-
213, P. E. I. subsidy remains stationary.
From the above it will be seen that
the Dominion government is treating
the provinces and especially B. C,
more  liberally than  heretofore.
Hall a Block East of McKenzie
For Terms ami Particulars apply
D.    R.   McKENVJE
Mr. McArthur will start at once
getting supplies into the north country so as to be ready to     commence •-•" —»—   -
full operations in the Bpring. Tbc first llcres and *MM 170,884,1X10 bushels
section tor which Mr.  McArthur has "' 'hA """ "* «™-»0-WO.
the contract consists ot 185 miles. It
, oi     coa.™,..*.,. ol 17-00° tonB <»* Ba«ar> ot th0 ™lue
mony conferences <* IU65.000.
tile ne.'   Fodder crops, Including fodder corn
Moving pictures tonight.
ot the value of $73,'.W0,OOO.
the contract consists ot 185 miles, a ' Su«ar beet in Ontario <iud All*rta
IB understood that Mr. Cochrane has had an acreage of 20,873, nnd a yield
decided os a result of considerable ol 1700° t0DB °* 8U-*ar. °f the value
Investigation and
with thc engineers,
  —^^^^^_     to follow
Iginal plan to build the line from
The Pae. Even if it is not finally thc
main line it Is n much needed branch
which will be ncceBBiiry to top Eastern Saskatchewan.
It is Bald there is practically no
,'oubt that the terminus of the Hud-
Bon Bay railway will be at Fort
Churchill. Thc roil haul to Churchill
will be somewhat longer than to Nei
Bon, but the harbor facilities are bet
ler nnd that Is an important consideration, more particularly In a northern climate.
The report ol thc surveyors anil
hydrogrnphers who accompanied tho
steamer Stanley to the boy In 1910,
is strongly in favor of Churchill, It
wna stated that Port Nelson was too
shallow und thc shlu could not get,
even within sight ot land. Nothing
definite In this respect has been decided, but everything polntB to Fort,
Churchill uk tht terminus.
Agricultural Bulletin
hay,clover and ullallu,  show  au ac
reage ot  18,290,000, a production    ot
15,459,000 tons and a value    ot $161,-
Alfaalfa, a record which was taken
for the first time, shows au area ot
llii,781 acres, with a yield of 227,joj
tone, of tho value ot $2,240,0u0. This
valuable fodder crop is being principally grown in Ontario, Quobec and
alberta, the average yield per acre
tor the whole ot Canada being 3 J
I For the yenr 1911 the acreage trom
which the yiclilB are calculated ore
those ol the recent cenaus nnd the
resulting dates nre therefore not
strictly comparable with the iBLim -
atos of tbe tbrea previous years,
which were based upon tho reports of
select correspondents. A most satis-
luctory criterion of thc difference between the two seasons 191ii and 1911
is afforded by the average rates ol
yield per acre which lor fall wheat
was 22.9 bushels in 1911, against
23.49 In 1910; spring wheat 20.63, against 16.30; oats 37.76, against 32.79;
bnrley 98.994, against 24.62, and flax
11.41,    against     7.27.   In  the  three
„..._..      provinces of      Manitoba,
Saskatchewan nnd Alberto, thc wheot
Ottawa, Ont.,  Janl 14-The census
..nice of thf  department of    agriculture  has  issue the following  bulletin northwest
_*<__ the «„a.  estimates 0, th* Md Saskatche                                    ^
"KS£i:     "ul.b-n Lmparn,  with WjJI  bu.bels
£ K oonipicd luat pU » total ol By provmce. tbe total value of .111
WOOD!       WOOD!
I have 100 Cords ol (u-etjn
Birch Cord Wood for sale at
$3.50 per Cord
on the cars
Canoe P. 0.
1 Hevelstoke Land District.
I   District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Burrows Henry
Kothwell  of  Nakusp,   li.   C,  occupation gentleman,  intends  to apply lor
permission to purchuse the lollowing
described lands:
I Commencing nt a post planted 40
chains south of the North-east Oorner of T. L. 41274, thence south 80
cbains, thence east about 20 cbuins,
to Arrow Lakes, thence north along
' Lake about 8 chains, theuce west
about 2 chains to point ol commence
mer'', containing about 100 acres,
u. ire or ieBS.
I    Dated December 29th,  1911.
Burrows   Henry   ltothwell.
Edward Ktissell Vlpond,  Agent.
Jun.  6th first issue.
Fresh Milk For Sale
Box 691,      Revelstoke
H< velstoke Luud District.
District  ol West Kooteuay.
TaP a notice that I Horatio Lcvernc
Kothwell ot Nakusp, B. C, occupation buuk manager, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the
lollowing  descrii i '  lunds:
Commencing at .. !o*,l planted 120
chains south ot thu iN ■"•th-nust Corner ot T. L. 41274, thence south 80
chains, thenco cast about 30 chains,
to Arrow Lake, thence north ulong
Lake about 80 cbuins, thence west
about 30 chains to point ot
mciicemeat containing ubou
acres more or less.
Dated  December  2!lth,   1911.
Horatio  Leverene  Kothwell.
Edward  Hussell  Vipond,  A;;ent
l^t issue Jan. 6th.
It will pay ,\ou to
make a c ill at
F.   B.   WEXXS,
Fur Buyer nnd Exporter
Old Town,   - Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr oul
fit of working clothen
lor tlle bush. 1 make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required i n yonr I uisincsfi.
LIQUOR ACT,   1910.
rfotlce is hereby given that thirty
days otter dato application will be
made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the tit Her ol --be
licenso tor the solo ol 1U|U* r uy retail in and upon the premises known
us tho City Hotel situated at Arrow
head, British Columbia, [rom John
Ciiley lo Hubert Culey  ot Arrowhead
Dated this 6th day of January 1 '112
Jun 10 1st issuo       Holder of Llcenao
Sold by Hobson & Co.
h Cure
Coal mining rights ot thc Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskutchewun and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and In a portion of the Province ot British Columbiu, may be leuscd lor a term of
twenty-one yeora ut an annual rental of $1 uu acre. Not more tbou
2,560 acres will be leuscd to one op-
Application for lease must be made
by the applicant iu person to the
Agent or Sub-Ageut o! the district
in which the rights applied tor un
In surveyed territory the luud must
be described by sections, or li gal
sub-divisions of sections, and in un-
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the ap -
plicant biuisclf.
| Ench applicant must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded il the rights applied lot aiv
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shull bc puid on the mer
chantable output ot the mine at the
rate ot live ceuts per ton.
i Thc person operating t:i'* mine ball
furnish Lhe Agent wiih sworn returns
accounting tor the full quantity o!
merchantable coal nuued ant pay the
'royalty thereon. II the coal mining
rlghta are not being operated, such
returns should he furnished at least
.once u year.
The leuse will Include the coal mia-
I Ing rights only, but the leaaee nmy
bo permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary tor the working ol
the mine at the rate ot 110.00 on
Kor full Information application
should be math; to the Secretary of
tho Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Hub-Agent
ot Dominion Lands.
W.  Vi.  CORY,
Deput;  Minister ol the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized  publication    ol
this  advert iKcmcnt   will   not   lie   paid
Revelstoke Land District.
Distr.ct  of  Hest Kootenay.
Tnae Lot.cc thai I,   11.  ilellron,    of
j Arrowhead, U. c,    occupation Line-
! man.   ini-ru.i   lo  apply   t',r  permission
to     purchase thc (ollowing  described
Commencing    at    a    post    planted
ubout thc south weal  corner ol Alex.
I J.  McDonell s     application to     pur-
I chase, thence north 8U  chains,  tbence
west    lu    chuius,    th.nce    south    80
chains,   tbence east  40  chains    ulong
lake shore to  point of cumm.ncemcui
contain.ng UO acres more or less.
Pcr W.F. Ogilive, Agent
Datt-d   this  2sth  duy   ot   November,
I'll, tirst issueDec2.
Hevelstoke Laud District.
Histiict  of  West Kootenuy.
Take notice that 1, Alex. J. Mc-
Uoi.tll. of Hevelstoke, B.C., occupo-
t.on Hotel Proprietor, intend to apply tor permission to purchase the
lollowing  described  lauds.
Coiumcnc.ug at u post plunted ncur
lhe north  west post ol  Lot TOM, e*«t
t Oape Horn, ncur the south watt
corner of T. L. 434.<!i, thence north
HO 'hums, tbence west 80 chain*-,
thence south 80 chains, tbence east
SO cbuius, along lake shore to point
of commencement, containing 640
acres  mine or less.
Pai W.K. unlive, Agant
Datod   tbis  Mtb duy   ol     Nuveniber,
I'.'l 1. tirst  issue Dec. 2nd.
I 'ilct.lv .lo ,a eoui'.hs,   tt.iua cr.l.l,,  li,i,l-
tbe throat and lunil.      •   •   ■      20 c*»m.
Take notice  that the  annual  general meeting of the Revelstoke Agrici I
tural      Society      will   bc  held  In tho
City Hall,  January  l&th,  1012, at 8
o'clock   In tho evening.
Kli'ctlon ol     ofllcerB   and     general
Sen ct,u-y. | Sold at Macdoaald'a Drug Store.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol r''*loiea every nerve in the body
K .t.i Its proper 1,-ti*.   n ; restores
»lm mul vitality. Premature deem* ind all sexual
weakness averted at one Phoaphonot wil,
make you a new man. Htice 13 a box. or Iwc lii
*6.   Mailed to anv n-idre.s    Ihe Scobell Die
f'l>.. St. ( tltlm r I ii, t. Out.
Ran Istoke Laad District.
District ol WeBt Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Harry I.
Luudry of RoBslund, B. C, occupation, mitring, intends to apply for pci-
iiiiskiiui to purchase the following described   I.l 1Mb
Oommenelng    at    a   post planted
about 40 cbuins west ol thc South
west Corner of Lot 1148, thence north
40 chains, thence weBt 811 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thenco eust
80 chains to point of commencement,
Containing 320 acres more or less.
Dated  December,  Sth,   1911.
Ist Is.  Jan.6     Per D.  Fisher, Agent.
SMohb Gure
SUokly Mop* coughs, cnren coldn, heal*
•  Uiroat and   lungs. •   ■    •  25 c*mfc SATURDAY, JAN. 20th, 1912.
SATURDAY, JAN. 20th. 11)12.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL - $10,000,000
EST, -  $ti,000,000
With its large number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and ut reasonable rates,    Rates vvill be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on .ill countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any othei foi eign currency,
can be negotiated .it The Canadian Hunk of Commerce at reusonuble rales.
REVELS7C f e     BRt-ltr h-. F   M    GIBSON.   WGR
Record of Progress lor Five Years    1906-1911
* 4,0011,000
••J 3,000,000
■1,(0 1,000
Capital       ....
Ri Berve   -      -      -     -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
Has 83 Branches in Canada, nnd Agents and Correspondents in nil
tho Principal Cities in the World.
Interest allowed at higlvst current rate.
Revelst' ke Branch. W.  H   PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors AiUi-Septic Slice is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing' the test
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers, Saddlers Harness Makers
Smokers' Supplies for Xmas
The old reliable now lms the largest bi d 1 esl line ol Smokers'
Supplies ever in the l ity, end oui prices ere unlit. Fill} brands
ol cigars to choose from.   Price from-$1.00per box up;   not made
lr-tii scr.t;i either,
Meerschaum Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
Our ilock   ''I  Calabash   Pipes is Bmall on account of the
crop being a failure this yenr and quality poor,
Briar l'ipes ill cases from 81.00 up.
Ask for tin* mh.'Hi.-11 B. B. brand. Ever) pipi is 1:11.11.111-
Cigar and Cigarette  Holdcis,  Cases and Lighters,   1'ou
Ash Trays and Pipe Racks.    Tell us whal you want   and  we  will
si*.:', you.    If you cannot call, phone ;" and goods will be  sent  to
your home foi approval,    Buy earl) while Block 1- ci mplete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Evei s 1' ily   knows  Inn .   be a 111
tt ll y,,ii iimi tlie  n hiul
s, llmg ai- tin* lir-i.    Call and !*•
* "ti\ il'i'.'ii.       Nn hulls, hold
he without   11   sil| Hr r-
vey's Spscnl Scotch Whiskey:
Frapln tiqieur  Brandy.
BO yean dd  nr Blackberry Brandy
for Mi dli Inai pui 1 h see.   ' Iui
of ilim* t* \\ 1 1 ■    i'ii. qui 1
kinds are unexi elli d,
the It ading bi teU, ir '1 !• pl
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers ard Dealers in I ure Wines, tiqucrs, Cigars and Cigarettes
0     Livery is equipped with the besl  horses end
rigs.   We also deliver • ■ pn
partof the city   Heavj bi d ligl I   -
F. McCarty, Proprietor
Phone 201
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
illy  A.   13,   Waits,  WutlHburB,   11.    I'.I
Seeing tlml It'ls the only in.lllsl*ry
in Canada which Is unprotected and
that it is afflicted at the presenl
turn* by tin' dumping of hundreds of
milllous ol n'l't oi American lumber
at ii* s ilnm ball tin' cost of production, im man with a sense ol ju»*
, tlce enn sny thnt this industry lms
1 heen fairly Heated Iiy tin- Into government, initl readers must have oo-
need willi disdain ih.* cowardly attack nl Mr. Knowles, M.I'. (or Moose
Juw, iiii the Conservative government, sinii'iy because the lumbermen
"i Uritish Columbia asked tbe government     in entorce the law in   It
stands   nil   I lie   1.1.it),to   lloOkH. lie
I'l.iiid thai the government went
down before the Brat pressure
brought tn bear upon it by the lum-
in i combine ol the weet; that tbe
lumber    manufacturers    would take
the lust ux and the last stove ol the
poor settlers ol tbo prairie; that it
the law was enforced it "'ould mean
a Iobs ol (12, ,001) per annum     by
tbe Canadian consumers, The Hon,
member shows bj this statement tbat
bis arithmetic b as bad ns ins arguments, Three Inn,died million 'eel ol
lumber bave heen    Imported during
the year, and about one third ol the
total am*'imi would be dufelal le ii
the customs regulations worn enforc
ed, nud even if $2 pur thousand duty
was collected thut would amount to
>-''(i,i.uo or one sixtieth part ol what*
Mr. Knowles suites. But even ut
that, this was the most truthful pari
ol any ol the charges be mad,'
against tbe government. The Conservative government, Mr. Knowles is
well aware, defeat, tl the Liberal gov
ernment principally because the 0< u
-natives advocated prot ctlon tor
all Canadian Industries, coupled with
Brltisb preference and imperial unity
Presuming tbe government were to
grant what this industry is entitled
to it could not even then be
charged with being tho "Tool ol
t'nini Ines," as stated i.y Mr, Kni «
les, who knows as well as « * do
ihat the *inini*.I. ... ,,s special
ly made to protect Canadian Indue
tues, nml ii,. knows that that an 1
other measures enacted d.r the purpose were deliberately Ignored by thj
lute government, thai the ovastt n ol
the law was winked at In every ro-
specl when it was a matter oi prote
ting tbe lumber Industry. Dutiable
gooda by the thousands ol earloada
have bet n passed and all the repre -
sentattom mi i • to th ■ governmenl
on the Bubjeol  were Ignored.
it Is a mistaken Idea t" lm
that the prairies reap any beneftt
lii'iu the dumping nf tbis cheap lum
ben ' ii the Canadian market. Any
person who und, island.*, th . condl -
tiniis i,f the tra i ight  well
that    . i * tu    |28 mi  to
'hn  I at   the  pres, lit   '
*   -   :.*r c  in
mull   lumlx i,   »;. in,   ■
* I,ai
- tbat   tl •
re  ilu-
■    ' ■
.   ■
tn aide and  will show   in  iii.i'WO   nl
I nvei- |j,O0O,0<fO in grose for lhc mon
th, making the total grias Increase
for the lirst half ol tuo ) tir In tho
neighborhood of }6,800,fi00, nr at the
rate ol -fl-8,000,000 for the till year,
This expansion tn earnings In a.l tho
more remarkable when it is consider
od that business in the 1:1' U^ul
year showetl a gain  ol 9,17S,00ll liver
imo*, anii groBa for 1910 showed . u
increase of $18,1100,000 mer iiin'i,
it. muy be argued that the tort dx
mouths is  the most prospor.itu half
of the   O.P.R.'S   lineal   year,  and  llt'lllll
ly this is true, but this year thu
movement, of the crops han heen .'cry
late OWlng to vari'iun , Hit:*'*,, and it
is  fully  oxpectod   that   CTOS8  ret ii,is
will oontlnue to show i;ooJ expansion, The t'.l'.U. is also nbowlng exceptionally large Increases In net
earnings. The road ins been lav< red
with mild weather for this 'as a o!
the yonr until just a low wakl ngo,
I and no diliiculty has been oxperloucc-i
in keeping working expensea down to
around GO per conf,   i! gvos*,
The growth and '.•*-,,* insloil ol 'he
It .1' ll. only rellects rhe growtll m '.
j expansion of Oanad' ■ i trndo , a! mn
meree and general activity nnd may,
in  a  measure,  he taken n.-s n     good
Indicator of tbe country s stato ol
One two or four seat I'ord Runabout,
Motor ninl chassis In first class order,
leather upholstery almost us good as
uew, Wants possibly $11111 spent on it
lm new water cooler ami a tyre or two
then llle machine Would be aa KtiutI us
new. Will tuke {200 cash lor it here,
with lamps, pumps anil lubricating Oil.
it you want a machine don't miss this
snap.     Address
Camborne, H. C,
*   ^
OUI Fallacy Thnt Drunkenness Cuumn
Be Cured  Exploded.
Many men drink who ilcslre to sn
the habit.    Whisky, liuw, ier, has i a
dui mined the constitution und i n...
a  craving  that  la  noi   tu i
uiul   the   man   must   hu   * '.,    .
something that will rt m .*    i .
• UK an I liulld up Iln bj , .,, ,,nj ,*, .
store tin* nerves,
Siuiiai'i.i Prescription sinpi ■     crai
int;. eteadlt s Un* nervt .*-. l.ui: I.i   ip .1
lieneral health und makes drink netu
..ily   iliiaasti lul   anil   a.,...   ,,is      ii   I,
tasteless and odoricss, et. . can be gl\
■ n with or without the i■ n, In f
knowledge, In tea, colTee nr fuod,    ii
used regularly hy Physicians and
Hospitals, lt ha.t cured thousands In
Canada, and restored happinesa to
'.uiiulii-ds  of homes.
llend   what   Mrs.   O. ,   of   Hull,
says of It and what it ,101 for her:
"lt  U  four nifiiitlis   tu-Uay    slucv* I
started to use your ftenu -iy    i
■it tha directions, and  bad  Uie besl  -*f
esults,    Om  wQok ai:, i   ;     mud us.
■ t;  your  Remed)   ilia  pa stuppod
liliililiiK. md lias nui tiiuiiK ,i Klosi
I liquor sn.ei*. I hops > ii i* I , a, cowl
my Heartfelt thanks. Hoping t;.i nui
bless your Etoniedy wlienevei tiii-j. I
lemuln, r,
Mrs. 0 .   Hull,  gut).
(Name  withheld   by  request.)
N«iw, if there is anyone in youi
lown who mods this Itemed/, tell
them of It. Practical phllanthropj
can take no better form. If vnu hue
a husband, father, brother nr friend
ii ho drinks, help them help thein-
rn-lves.    Write to-day.
A PRRfl TRIAL PACKAGE of Bamarls. with Booklet givtiiK full particulars, directions, testimonials,
price, etc.. will lit* sent In a plain srui-
■ tl package to anyone inentionitiK this
-m-ti-a-r Oorresiin*; lence BUftTQdtv ron-
Confidential. Write today. The Ba-
marla Remedy Co.. Dept. 4C-49, Col-
horne street, Toronto. Oanada. Also
lor sale hy ('. lt. Macdonald, Diug-
eist,   Hevelstoke,  B.  C.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
- I renchrtg ■   ■   i ■   ;;, These
ui regulating tho
pori       it- Female lystem.   Refuse
ni    Dr. de T«n'e are tiflil nt
t three I r $10.   Mailed lo IOI
i    -   -. ..iM-n Ilruir < «.. Bt. r»t»uirlnri( OnU
•lolLN LEE
at   bUa-
From Jan. 2nd
All Prices Reduced.
Ladies'    Tailoring   Our
Fit Guaranteed
Low I.i; TOWN
'*   .1    Hull*:
" * I
<r, ,i
Md       hir
t-P. ri. fro8|*erity
ItS hi   ' Hi  ,rf      the
I      in
■      \ :
* oss business showi I an     in
■■ut in * i   ihi
*, i **• tei 'ii.       nn     in-
I   IlllUi*      llf      |],(   10,0    " .      ,|        ,,       y,   ||,       ,!,•,,
I tl   I tht
Dei ■ ni * published
In a ic. ..,, ool i
. it t
•1 Dlstrkt.
Take I  1. ituiph Parkar,
• I
;,,/   [Of   p'l
irtog      1-icriM
'  i.mti ''I  netn
II     llelti •   ••
■   .r  Ralph  I'iii
ker'.      lnnd,    tbsOOl  BMl   10  ehains,
iHtlns, thenee west
in • h ,,ii , ihenee soiiih ;:n ehuins,
along   lake   ulnae   to   |kiiiiI   of      com-
'ntir  fully     acres,
Illi'el   liiin   .'  Mi   dnv   Ol   N'.MMiiher,
w r    iV'UI'e,   A-^eat.
fc.   Q.    BUKKiDGE
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
o..n.ii.u..i Awo.   -    Kevelatoke
BBltiKIKK     LOUUlil 12, 1, o. O. F.
Meots evory     Thuraday oveuiiig   in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock.     Visiting
brethren cordially Invited.
J.  S. HOOLEY, N. U.
JAB.'MATHia,  Uocrotary.
OUUHT     MT.     BKUU1K.   No. M61.
OF I, O. F.
MuotB in I. a O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera  House every second
and lourth Monday  in month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
U. W. BKLL, O. R.
WM.  B.  OAMBRON,  Rec.-8ec.
O. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229
Meets Hecond   and     Fourth Wodues
days    In each month ln    Bolkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen arc
cordially invited to attend
H,  W.  KDWAKDS, Coa. Com.
. . It wm Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural not medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent- Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm.BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Meets every Wednesday except   tht
Third Wednesday ot each month     in
Oddfollowe' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visit
ing Knlgbts are cordially invited.
J. Y.  SIMPSON, O.  O.
Q. H. BROOK, K. ot R. m S.
M. of F.
.6 A.
and A. M.
liegular meetings are held In MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
ou the Third Monday ln each month
at 8 p. in. Visiting brethren art
cordially  welcome.
W.  B.  KOBEHTSON,  Becretary.
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant-Short Order
W. C. BATCHELOR,       -       c7Manager.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Revelstoke, B. 0.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revolstoke,    B.   0.,    and
Cranbrook, B. O.
troo. S. McOarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial  Land   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
//. J. McSORLEY, Proprietor.
Strictly Fiist Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props, j
Enlarged  and Improved.    First-Class In every respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
Ratto $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
W.      H.     WALLACE
P. O. Box 116. RevelBtoke. B.O.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P. D. Box 31, Revelstoke
Late Polisher of Howson's
Furniture Store
Repolishes.   Makes Old Furniture
Estimates Freely Given.
Drop Card in Post Office
Wood for Sale
Apply lo
Chas. Turnross
I'.'lt pit nc 11'UIH" No, 07
Tsltpbone (,'amj) No, 215
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
T.    ALBERT     ST03STE!      PEOP.
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly retes to be arranged.      Meal Tickets, 21 meals lor f6.00
A   P. LBVRSQDE, Proprietor
. . . TOinbsor Ibotel IRestauvant .. .
European gMnn
fflontbty .i6oar&
©pen H)a? nnb 'Miobt
/Ideal ^ichcts, $0.00
ILauobton & tapping, props. ■»>•*■■««■«*
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexitime  Electric
Etastdence Oor Hnl 8t. and Robson are
Simp in Alley back of K. J. Hournc's
Store, l-'irst Street
Special Attention giren to commercial
men and tourists. First-class sample
rooms. Finest ecenery In British Colombia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Fruit Lands
Galena Bay lands in parcels ot
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H.  MANNING,   Agent. Phone42 -   Night Phone 85
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
I SATURDAY, JAN. 20th, 1913.
SATl'HDAV, JAN. Mtb, Mil.
See the New Cash Carrier
Every day there are lines turning up while stock-taking that we want to clear out.   The price you
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10 per cent off on all Sheetings, Towelings and Fillow Cottons
Here is an item of real interest to the thrifty" housekeeper. During our January sale we
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Ladies Coats Ladies' Dresses Ladies Furs Ladies Fancy Collars
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dowdy, criinmoii|J.ice garments lo be
comfortable, just ask your dealer to show you
Garments for Women
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il is—soft, restful and comfortable.
Srecial Frices en these Dressing
Gowns during January"
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Ladies Flannel Shirt Waists
Made of all wool English Sheeting Flannel; warm and comfortable, roomy and easy~ fitting; wear any* kind of a collar
with them: cuffs made to button or wear links.
<y    Just $3-50 Each
This Week
Groceries and Crockery Department
A large shipment of Naval Oranges, Jap
Oranges, Lemons and Bananas arriving this
week. The stock is in the best of condition
this time of year and the prices are lower than
in the early season. Nuts and Table Raisins
are also in big demand now. They possess a
high food value and are a very healthful dish
this time of the vear.
We still have a few boxes of the best
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Syrups   Syrups
Have you tried any of our McNally's Pure
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Bovril!    Bovril!
Winter weather is Bovril weather ! You
will eat well, sleep well and look well if you
drink a little hot Bovril each day this cold
weather. One bottle will last you and family
a lung time. It is nourishing and helpful to
your system. Put up in 2 OZ., 4 oz., 12 oz.
and id OZ,  bottles.
Crockery and Glassware
Stock-taking is now on, and we are making a big push on all lines of Crockery and
Glassware. Wc will make it worth your while
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Cups and Saucers, Dinner Sets, Tea Sets,
Jugs, Vases, Fancy Trays, Water Sits, Mugs,
Water Pitchers and Jardiniers,
Big Discount off Any Article Ihis Month
Canned Vegetables
This is the season ofthe year for Canned
Vegetables. If you cat more vegetables you
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Corn, Beans, Tc ma toes and Pumpkins are the
best brand on the market. Green geotis and
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See our displajr of Frer.ch Pees,
oMushrooms end c^sparsgres in glass
bottles, Beets, c/lsparagras and Succotash in cans.
ins in joap
On Monday and Tuesday, January 22
and it,, are Soap Days with us as well as with
Cucumber, Olive Oil, Oatmeal and Glycerine Toilet Soaps, regular price 60c per
doz., at only 40c per doz.
Cold Cream Toilet Soap, regular price 30c
per doz., at only 20c pcr doz.
Remember, only cTVIonday and Tuesday
Mince Meat Matters
Monday and Tuesday we will put on sale
Davies' Mince Meat in packages at only 10c
a package, regular price 15c.
Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
We are clearing out all the remainder of our splendid line of Winter Overcoats. Now, just when
you need one, is thc time to investigate these prices. It will pay you. Every coat bears the famous 20th Century Brand Label, and is up to their high standard of quality and workmanship.
O •*• ^*"*Z+J**9
$15.00 Value
A line of coats that we were
justly proud of at the regular
price. Cut in the latest fashion
with easy, pleasing lines, they
come in black or grey cloths
with velvet collar, either in 45
or 50 inch lengths.
Sweater Coat
All our Sweater Coats must be
cleared out by the end of the
month. To do this we are offering some exceptional bargains. Our
line consists of Hewson's and
Vancouver Knitting Co. goods.
Both standards of excellence.
Men's Pure Wool Sweater Coats
Both plain antl lii|<h neck. All
the new patterns ami weaves.
Tbey were (jootl values at 84.511
and $5.1X1.
Sale Price, $3.50
Men's Sweater Coats
Median quality,   high antl   low
necks.    All shatles antl pattern*
Sale Price, $2.00
Boys' Hewson Sweater Coats
Hanil   woven,     kcick\   wearing.
Pvrc Wool.
Sale Price, $1.75 Each
Boys' Sweater Coats
Mctliiini quality. Sii.Mi . ol
lirown, ({ray anil greet), l'.xcep-
tiomil value at
$1.00 Each
$18.00 Values
Tweed Ulster with wide, reversible collar. No extra hardware around the neck and a
perfect fit, in high as well as
low- collar.
'■ Muto" Coats, — In heavy
tweeds, full 52-in. length, collar may be used cither close
fitting high or as an ordinary
open collar.
Herring Bone Worsteds, plain
neat cut, 45-inch length, velvet collar. A neat, scrvicable
coat, suitable for all occasions,
C. B. HUME & CO., Ltd.
BATllllDAY, JAN. 20th, UU,
New Year's Bargain Sale
Girls' Winter Coals
Six onlj Girls' Winter Coats, all thia sea
Bon's styles, Sizes, 8, I". 12 antl 14 years
Sale Prices $4.SO to $5 Each
If you need a coal for anj  of lhe above
ages you cannol afford to overlook these.
Ladies' Tweed Costumes
1 Grey Serge Suit, Size 36, MO
l Black Serge -Suit, Size 36 WO
6 only Tweed Suits, Size 34, 86, and ;>S.
*25and $30.   On Sale at . * 15.50
Ladies' Dressing Gowns
Mado  from   Eiderdown,    Sale  Price
Fancy Wrapperettes.    Salo Price      $10
Furs     Furs    Furs
 nly, Pony Coat.   Reg. *95.   Sale
$70.   1 only, French Seal Set.  Reg, W0,
Sale Price, *"•".   t  only Astrachan Set.
-18,    Sale Price, 25.
i irey Persian Lamb,
Stoles   Ladies'   Isabella
i       I
..' Marmot   * 'les,    l'ricoranu-
ing'from *3up.   The above are all new.
Sale Prices on all
Men's   Goods
""Men's Winter Overcoats—Sale Price, HO    j
Men's   Youths'   and   Hoys'   Suits,    odd
Trousers,  House Coats,   Men's   Underclothing.
This Stile includes everything in
our Entire Stock. Come Early and
get first choice.
o4.ll our Millinery going  at   Half
Price at this Sale.
Mil    M ill ns, dui .'■ ..i t1    ii** i'ii ,i
i *   ,   laj lust.
Judge Kuiiii palscd throupb town
* .*( tlu.* week on inn way
to Nelsoi   .'i'.'in tlif t't'iiht.
K. B   I i ng le expected back todaj
irtmi tbe coast where he baa i n al
tending the annual Provincial Poul -
trj Bho«   a Vancouvei
Klank Hopkins, Hauugei ol tbc
i\mi; Edward hotel, lift "ii Wednes-
da] lasl lor Nelson nu n ten doye
3pei lal  meeting ol tbe CJirls litifl
pital iuxiliarj   Monday evening, Jan
-.'. at the boui-c ot Mrs. Harry Bews,
A lull au-omiiiaci' ib requested,
Don'l     lorgtt   tbe   81   Valentines
iliince. in-ill Hall, Fsbraary nth, under the auspices ui tbe Girl's Auxil
.  ■    tbe hospital.
Mi     \i thm   Johns in,  ol  the   Mail
Hei ild -till, letl     Thursday evening
lur the coast, be will visit Vanoouv
er at toria mid  will  return next
■it* tu. Revelstoke Sut-it and I t
i-'act *i. .1 oul those storm Bash that
you need :* i your liomo. 1'riven down
to rvtk bottom, thai every one oan
nlloril special this month.
ff. C. Blklngton lerk at the King
Edward hotel, returned last Baturdaj
Pure W'liltt Clover Hoiioj In 5 lb. Cans.   Tbis is soinctliing you
«ill iimi nwtully nice ut ibis season t.i the year,
HOME-MADE JAM    i» pints and t|iiaits, ulass jars.    This  is
absoluti U pure nml well pui up,
SYRUPS   Pure Maple Syrup in bottles or cans, wliicb wc k11**u"-
sntee i" be the best.
MacKenzie Avenue
You can'l  expect  lo
have all the comforts
ol biniic  unless >"ii
bail' OUe "I > t .nr own
the exact location ol
these Ilium's wt b.uc
lm sale mi Third St.
only a short distance
fri.ui the C, P. R.
Shopa .uul Station,
in be Independent
ami not be paying
rent when you can
easily pay for a bome
through our loan
MUSIC—Miss Johnson, pupil ol A.
Miller, K.H.A.M., London, if prepar
eJ to take a limited number ol pupils for tuition In music, Por terms
npply at the residence ol J. K,
Johnson, tirst house west ol tbo hospital,  First street.
Tbe l.adi v Md ol the     M I
rburch liebl a mont successful sale of
night ;r..m a ten days trip to   Cal- home cooking on Tbursdaj afternoon
gary    He rays tbat the weather was . . ning al  the home ol x'>
quite seven   luring bis stay there.     W.    Lindmark.   The ladles wish    !*•
,.   „    _ , ... ink tiie congregation which
■a. \\. Foster, Deputy Mlnistei
fi'allv   funti ilaite I.   an.!
..*    Works,    irnved  in  town    lasl
tt.'Juc-.iay   :..L-bt   from   Victur.a,   uuJ ^_^^__^_^^_^^_^^_^^__
the morning train [or     Nelson. I   Tbe U.Y.I'.t". ol the Baptist church
  the  pul Uo
[which so well patronised the sale
scries  ol  I:'''
He  will   return  to  Revelstoke Tues- will  be putt.in: on
.    .. ,. ary and social evenings during
w nter. and Mondaj  evi ning   *■
,n's pool io"m uiul ,),. Baptist church will    .  spent with
• gar ston   will  be moved Into     his "Canadiai       tuthors       \    pie
.te the old loea . ,.,i perl ipa   nsti ol ■■  - me promts
eel    This new block ,i to those wh** avail thsmaelv
thi    est In Revelstoke and the opportunity to
?hly modern and is a credit to     _,       „.  , ,   ,     ,  ,. ,
I    Then,   ttailiiiiui   ami   Ral  '
.   •   • .
I le t lor Victorl
k   C. Pringle, who lab- enlng.   Mr   Wadman  wen:
mbei ol ■-* at    In the  the annua
Iresa the Me:, .■' it. v   •■! thi Ass
•   .*        -  .   VT.M.C.A,  building to-  elation which was   a meet
;t     •.-        Every  al   the Queen city  yesterd j
man oake it h poinl to be  Mr. Gibbons will proeeed as *.i
•  s.Dt-'ln*;. I Alberni,  where his company ,s    in-
ling  a saw mill  plant   'nil
t BiMe elawes of 81 M tt few wcekB
)  1 l ■   ■■'•rlan  church  h.i      a
now shoe ti amp   on Th* flnnunl meetm* ■''■  8<    ■'•'hn'-
...   T..        ,.     . . pegaUon     win i* held
Mi   '■•  rgt Math  - 'rh "" Thursdaj
where they reo                 tj th at eight o'clock   ln»l
A ver;. i ' AJ announced. At
i   The reporl of the poultry show   at
Vancouver and also a number ol un*
;',*itant infills are held over until our
next  issue.
Tbe  regular  monthly  meeting     of
the board of directors will be beld In
the parlors of the v.m.i.'.a. building
on Tuesday  next al  G 30 sharp in tlie
Ing,   Every  member urgently re-
-:.,!   to   be   i'i
R * elstoke Caledonian So<   tj
in i  ;ii the city hull mi     (V'ednt
and completed arrangements lor cele-
g   Hums'   Anniversary   on     the
24th    The  committee  In  charge    are
making ev to enaure     the
ntertatnment. A Burns
Rev, r. A. proounier, rector. Thn J
Sunday after Bplphotiy, Tbc follow
Ing is a liHt. ol services:—8 a.in,,
Holy Communion; it n.m.. Maims
ami Anti Communion; 7 30 pan , Ev
BllSOng;   Siintlny   School   at   £:80  p.m.
Rev, It. J. Mclntyre, puBtor. Services on Sunday nl H a.m. ond 7:30
p.m., Siin.liiy BObool ainl Bllllo class
nt. 2:;t<l p.m. Spoclul UlUSlc at each
Bcrvloo. in the eveuing tbe choir will
hIiik the anthem "Holy Art Thou,"
On WedneHiluy ovenlng tbe Bpwortb
League lias saourod Mr. J.R.D. Mo
Aiisianii, the world renowned tenor,
who will givo- all Miili'itiiinnit'Ut in
the  I'liuifli.    Junior choir  prai'tiec on
Thursday evening; Senior choir prno-
lief Friday evening, \ cordial welcome awaits the public ft! all those
Sun,lay next Key. ti'. .1. Chave "ill
speak on the following subjects:    tn
the morning, "How to know a I'lulHt,
ian"      Evening subject "Jacob   nnd
Israel,"     A  cordial  Invitation     es
tended to both these   Borviccs    and
to the     Bible     school ot 2:30, adult
class lor both men and hoys.
i    Rev.     J.   \V.  Steveuson, minister.
I Services will be held  on  Sunday    at
|n a.m. mul 7:80'p.m.   Sunday school
i anil  adult  liiblo  classes at 2:30  p.m.
Westminster (Juibi on Wednesday at
8 p.m. Annual congregational meet -
in on Thursday evening at X p. m.
Uev. Ceo. c. p. Prtngle, formerly of
Dawson, Yukon Territory, will preach
in the evening, The lollowing special song service will he rendered: —
Solo, "Drifting," Mr. A. Thornton;
solo, "One Sweetly Solemn Thought"
(by special request) Mr. It. Lawrence
solo. "Hold Thou my Hand Dear
Lord," Miss Francis Lawson; tluott,
"He Wipes the Tear from Kvery
Bye," Mrs. McFadyon and Mim Mc-
Parlane; solo, "The Holy t'lty," Mrs
\v. s. Cameron.
at.  Francis    of    Assisii      Catholic
church, corner of    Fifth    street   and
McKenzie aveuue.
Services—On uli Sundays, except
tho fourth of each month. Low maSB
with Communion ol lhe Faithful at
8 u.m. High Mass at. 10:80 a. in.,
Christian Doctrine lor children at
2:30 p.m. Rosary with Bcsdictlon of
The Messed Sacrament 7:30 p.m.
On week days—Holy Muss evory
morning nt 7:30. Confessions are
heard every evening alter 7:30 and
iu the mornings before MasB.
J.  C.  McKenzie,  F.  P.
Jan. aa—Y.M.O.A,  v.  Ramblers
,lan.   M — J.H.C.   v.   Corloy   House.
Jan.   ail—lliiHiiii'ssinen   v.   Ramblers.
Jan.   211—Y.M.C.A.   v.   Colby   House.
Jan. 31    J.H.C.   v.   Laurence   Co.
I'Yii. 2* Buslnessmon v. J. U.O,
Feb. 5—Y.M.O.A. v.  LaRrence Oo.
Keb. 7— I'1111.'y   House   v.   Kaiulih is
Pebi II- lliisinessint'ii  v.   Cai'leys.
Keb. 12—Y.M.O.A, v.  J.B.O.
Keb. It—Lawrence   Co.   v.   Ramblers,
Fob, Hi   Buslnessmon v.  Y.M.O.A.
Kch. 10—J.B.C. v.  Ramblers,
Keb, 21   Law(euce Co,  v.  Corley's.
Pob. 23—lliisiiiossmoii   v.   Lnwreneo Co
Ceil. 2i,—Y.M.C.A. v. Ramblers.
Fob, 28—J.B.O, v. Corley Houso
Mar. 1—Businessmen v. Ramblers.
Mar.   -1—Y.M.C.A.   v.   Cm ley   1 louse.
Mar.  6—J.B.O,  v.   Lawrence Co,
Mor,  8—Businessmen  v.  LoRrenco Oo
Alar,  ll—Y.M.O.A. v.  Lawrence Oo,
Mar. 13—Oorley Houso v. Ramblers.
Owing to the large number of iiiein
burs wishing to    participate In   tbe
bowling, it was pressed upon us    1"
iform a  new  league.    Four  teams cmi
slitiit.e      the  league,    and  the  games
Will     be  pltiyetl  till on  the alleys    ou
Tuesday and Thursday evenings, com
inoncing at S p.m. sharp. Thus it
will give all others who buvo not
been placed ou any team an opportunity to have a gamo before eight
Jun.  18—Mletdrahs v.  Heavers.
Jan.  23—J.R.C.   v.   Miet.iliuhs.
Jan. 2*5—Beavers  V.   Maple. Leafs.
Jan. 80—Mletdrahs v. Heavers.
Keb.  1—J.B.C.  v. Mietilrabs.
Keb.  0—Benvors  v.  Maple   Leafs.
Keb. 8—Mletdrahs v. J.B.O,
Keb.   18—Maple  Leafs  v.  Heavers.
Keb. 15—J.B.C. v. Mletdrahs.
Feb.  20—Heavers v.  Maple  Leafs.
Mar.  5—Beavers  v.   Maple  Leafs.
Mar. 7—Mletdrahs v. J. B. 0,
Mar.  12—Maple Leafs v.  Heavers.
Mar. li—J.B.C,  v.  Mletdrahs.
Mat",   19—Heavers v.   Maple  Leafs.
Mar.  21—Maple   l.eafs  V.   J B.C.
Feb. 22—Mietilrabs v.  J.B.O.
Keb.   27—Maple  Leaf-   v.   Heavers.
Keb.  2'J—.I.H.C.   V.   Mietilrabs.
Humes will bo counted instead ot
pins. Two games will constitute a
league game.
LIQUOR  ACT,   1910.
Notice is hereby given tbat 80 days
after date application will be made
to the Superintendent of Provlnolal
Police for the transfer of the license,
for the sale of liquor by retail in n it tl
ui on the piemiscs known as tbe
City Hotel, situated at Uevelstoke,
In the provlnco ol British Columbia,
Irom Robert Caley to John Caley of
J.20 1st iss. Holder ol License.
funeral of the Late D. f. Jackson' No Marrying in Hasls in Missouri
Before    you     start    out    Shopping,
I    don't   fail     to   read this column,
which  is  bristling with  pointers for
!    the bargain seeker.
January 30—Pbtlharm
I  * .   ...-.*.•   *
tnnual Conet
J    H :•
Square   Bnter
which   the  homeward  jour ■
I before th<    nd    ' 'hv season
etit    the        rts for the   •
-.... '.I, i    ■:   1   :•!',       nee  ,
Vfter     '
ind   r.'lrrshi"
membei    md ad
its should attend this me-rtinir.
.Snaps .i. mj  Hanoi
■*     12.','1
Mn   McDonald,
Good Monks like Coursier's coal.
Howson's  for  Carpet  Biuare-;
and Unoelums.
Ladies' and children's sweater coats
gain prices at McLennan's.
No dirt,  im smoke, no soot in    H.
N. Coursier's enal.
Ladles' and children's underwear at
■ _• prices  it McLennan's.
If ■. ilean lasl Ing coal
-Tier  ■ Lethbridge coal.
I' look the Bdlson'a    big
;ram of moving pictures tonight.
sea - *ii  to get     your
I   at   Hows  a -
i'.v   fur.   muff.   Ci 1
.ii'   price   at   McLen -
Pii ■• I iiii       of      U] iVtl *_'
■'!,estra   music   at   the
eatre  tonight.
Tint  'icst all  ' il Is     Rob -
• •    ri.ige coal.
Ive eat    cl iai   lump
■   II.   N.
It    ■
ip to f i *""■
.   y.air old parlor turn
iture t I  newe'l.
BEWS' Dure; stork
Rexall       ry
Ccugh Syrup;
35c, 5Cc. $1 a bottle
Rexall Cold Cure. 25c
We rt t otntni nd llicte i< im iiii
■■• \\   refini'l   your   iumh \
;f nut satiifactory,
Rexall 93 Hair Tonic
50c and $1.00
Fine'.Linen Salioneiy
35c a box. 3 lor $1
A New Stock of
500 Tally Cards
■* W Itinl
Office Supplies
files, Ittilgt t*.   I'.ui'M ili  i b li
Rooks, etc.
1912 Diaries
In all kinds of Men's and Boy«' Wearing
Dressing Gowns and Srnokin/   Jackets
for men a specialty.
Shoes of all kinds and al all prices.
Tbe fiini'i'al ol lh* late llaiuel 10,
.i.imKm  killed by n snowslWe whilst
' oil  iluly   Slliiibi' .   .1 ii nil:. I y   1 'til,    ali'l
which i' "li plni o on Wi iIiimm.i.'v in,,rn
,.o*  the Llii Inst,     iin" oi I   Him
In iv <' t  tl. nm s nilli n i nf   sympathy
| i'i*i i* ■ ii a in i m oil toke, The robin
was covered with mnny handsome
wreaths (rom tho Catholic Olub, the
local ordoc I.U.P., nml lh * Micliln -
m,is Union, as wi ll ns tbo limn rolls
ivi * h'is Irom  in liviiiuiii irlends    ol
lour ili'i'iMst'il citizen, The poll hearers woro Mi*. A W, Connolly nnd M.
Mclnron ol the l lathollo Olub, Qordou
Hcholo nnil Oliver Alnsley, Ifratern-
ni Order i.o.i''., Oharles Palmor   und
C,   II.   Vaughan  of  the  Machinists llll
ion.  The wife  1 family ol deceits
t,l Wl 11' |>i Inclpnl iiioiinuTs, antl lhe
s.i.l   |,i*oi*cssioii   whicli   followed      Him
body i" its lat'i resting plate lu the
i|iii,l I'Miii.'Iciy incliiili'il a Iui'kO iiiiui
bor nl prominent oltlsens trieuds and
fellow workmen ol docoasod,
\inoiii' I hose who being unable to
iitli'iiil In person conveyed 11lieir con
di lence to tbe »Itlow And fnmlly,
woro lion. Thos, Taylor, Minister ol
Puhlio WorkB and parliamentary rep-
it'siiii ni ive oi Revelstoke ml n^ In
tho I'l'ov incial i louse, and W, w.
Poster the Deputy Minister ot Public
The Rev. father MoKensle wiib in
obarge of the burial ceremony.
Kansas Oity, Mo., Deo. i'i-That n
"declaration of Intontlotts" be hlod
by ihe prospootlvo in-ill*' moi groom
thirty days provlaus to th? Issuance
of H license to marry is one ol the
i'!'!|iiiri'iiii'uis ol a bill to remedy tbe
divorce evil to he presented to the
next si'iutiou of tlm Kansas legislature
it tentative draft ol the bill wiib com
lil.'lt'.l today by .liiilge .lohn T. Slum
ul Him ii'i|Ui*til. of the Kansas Associn
Hon oi Probate JudgeB,
'The bill nlso requires that n published announcement of the marriage
in   the  iiilb'ial  country  pa per be miiilti
iit tbe expanse of the contracting
couple during two cotuooutlve weeks,
Another requirement Is the passage
of ii pbyiical examination to ascertain i hai thoro is no insanity or
hereditary disease on oithor side.
p v - e.
Moving    pictures   ut   the   Edison
tbi'ittre  tonight.
tfh^y.'. .   •»
|    Notice   is  hi'i'cby  given   that Courts
ol Revision and Appeal, under    the
provisions of tho   "Assessment Act"
anil the "I'ublic Schools Act" lot the
Rovelstoke Assessment  Dlstriot   will
be  held    ns   lollows.—Court     House,
Monday,     February   Sth,   IMS,   at
io a. m.
|   Dated at Itovclstooo, loth January
Judge  I'oinl  of Revision  mid  Appeal
lirsl. issue  .Inn.  LSth -1  w.
The Royal Welsh Moelwyn Male Voice Choir
Under the direction of Mr. Clan nee Robson
25   Voices   25
4      Soloists      4
PRICES, - - SOC.   75C.   $100
tickets will bc on Sale al Macdonald's Drug Store Jan. 26th, 1912
We aie -| tt i ib ini; In ill varieties iu Heanon
of Cut Flowers. Hut nhoulug is unsiirpSBseil.
t'otiu* antl inspect for yourself.
\V   11. POTTRUKP,  Manager.
On South Road. Hall a Mile from Town
A glance at the map will show you that Edmonton 'imst be the logical
distributing centre for tlie Great Peace River Country and Northern
1!. C, coveting a territory hundreds of miles square n »w being opened up
by the Canadian Northern and (hand Trunk Pacific Railroads. New
Industries are now heading towards this coming co nmercial centre and
the railway development this year will be enormous. The C. N. R,
are putting in their Shops there and the C. P. R. are spending
$3,000,000 in the City alone. Everything points to a record
year   for   1912  and   Realty   values  will   rapidly ail a' ci.
Our Subdivision there called
is   located   but  21.'
*   ^    miles from post office,
jfr    commanding   a    mag-
.^   nificent view of the Sas-
^   katchewan river, and from its
^'   convenient and pleasant situation, will In the near future be
the centre of building activity, and
should   be worth  double its present
value in a short time.    Lots are now on
sale at
S150 uacii
$30 Down and Balance Over 18 Months
We have for sal" a few specially selected lots in Port Mann, the western
terminus of the C. N. K*. al $276 each, with a cash payment down of 175.
Over it million and B half dollars have been invested in Port Mann during
the last three weeks, and these lots which adjoin the townsite will more
than double as soon as the •'. N. R. Townsite is put on the market in
March.    Get in on this bargain at once I'or a quick clean up.
E. Gh FOLEY. Manager, MacKenzio Avenue


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