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The Mail Herald 1910-03-02

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 / .
N  '
Vhe Mail-Herald
Vol.16    No   16
to  I e
- nr
A^(|(ffl^r$l(ffi{r<$-.<f<|?^<$'<f<f''fr|:.«$^ tf r' v^ Ar ^f Ainft^At&
An Accident Frlicy
We have been requested by
the Perfecto Diamond Point Fountain Pen Company to offer with
each pen^sold at $2.50, the above
policy with all~premiums and reg-
istration_fees prepaid.
This is an absolutely guaranteed Pen, has 14k. gold point and
if not satisfactory can be returned.
The Imperial Guaranite and
Accident   Insurance  C< y,   of
Toronto who issue this p have
a Government deposit t 3,000
Judgement for Editor Macdonald
with $1(1,000 Costs
In   MiimI.uiiIiI l'.,-',.-i-   libel fuse which
is boing     ir e il  nt    Toronto,   ihr jury
brought   in  n  \inin'.   thut   Mr.      Mm
doliald wn- justified in nml,ini; th.'
I statements published in the tilulic. on
I Oct.  21sl,  UMlS.
'llmt while Mi.  Foster noted in good   nn-   uuu
f ii i t li  in  hi-  riipncitj   ns  miuinger     onto  the  re.'ht- ol  . i i i.-    allowing    tl	
the Ini,.i   Tiii-t  Company, lus notions I nol   in  prorood  "itli   the entire  nml
ure opon  tn critic! in, nml  thai  ho is   undertaken,  11    nol   t I     i ■    ir;
nut  entitled  lo rceovei from   nnd  authorizing  the  return  ol  itsi—
Air.  Mm.Inn,hi.  t  pn
|    After     rending     lhe vordiol  Justice   will not licnelii
Mngee  instruolcd   llinl   j'udgincnl      Ior
Special Meeting—Dam Contract
—Sewer Work
\   spor ini   incctili :   111   the   I 'ill   I 'i.iiii
ii im- lu'lil lusl night with the full
lui.'ii'il present, Tin' mooting wns i i
led t" discuss the newer question, Tbo
Mm nr-  -Inlcil   thut   the  iilf 'im 'i m rn i
il mc- bringing in nn iilui'iuluit'lil I"
the  Munieipnl  C'IuUhos   A'i   in  regards
 nt  paid hi   those whoni  tin
. the  ilcleli'hiiil   ui' '      '.  I-   li
At   the request  nf  Mr.   Ilellmiith,   K.
W.I     .     I'.liecs,    City Itnl. IVml
the   latter   from   the   attorney-general,
which  points  mil   ilml   the  City       11111
I        111      llll'    lt'l[IIO-l     III     .III.      IHI   llllllll,     |\,   Mlllllll    JHHIIl-    mil      llllll      liie     •    I
('.. e -el     for    plttintifT, u  Btay  nf  puss  another bylaw  canenllini
proc lings     nu- grunted im-     thirty   portion ni the sewer work nol     corn-
days, limll. i'.i.        with the        itssenl        nf Tl)  in SIMM IM:  IT.         the            Lieutenant     Governor       in
Fouler,  Council uiul  the holders ol lhc deben-
Mr.   Uriggs  said   ii   would    In
.1.  I'. Ilellmuth, counsel for
objooted   in   the  judge's  puntming    up. lures.      .,...   u..g
concluding linully   "I  make the lii r- besl   tn unit  iiii  tin. amendment   wns
til  charge  that    your  lordshipjs   sum- finally      passed    uiul    un  explanation
ming     nn im- unfair tn the plaintilT, -cut  tn the dobenture holders.
Vnu  pointed  oul      everything  against The .Muyor:   ii  tho debenture
him, nml whore you pointed mn  nny- holders   refuse?      1   suppose   wo   miisl
thing in his     favor yon followed     up ■ •• mi with  the work.
•fa    with something whioh tended  lo     do- Mr. Hriggs:     I    Ihink  it  "ill lie ul-
Lawrence R_r_t    Co.
1.1 Ml   KD.
Plumbing and Tir
slrny  its  effect.'
The   -my    «
in O.lfl p.
Road to RevelsMa
mid   he   would    try
At Ay Ay A A A A A A A- A rfr.ft' A AAArf r
A AtArAtAtAtAn
w nr nr nr
Phone251.       Quick Delivery.        P 0 Box 181
Birds of
a f .tidier
Flock tofrether they say.
You v ill be more than
pleased with your dinner
it' you let ua supply you
with meat, whether it be
Poultry, Beef, Veel, Mutton ar Pork
(ireen Hones Chopped  1'or  Vour  Chickens Daily
Tenderloins, Spare Ribs.   ~j-
Stcaks.   Chops.  Ox Tails i
for   Soup,     Boiling   and
Stewing Meats.
Wc eater to particular
people and satisfy them
every time.
Phone orders promptly
attended to.
nut  fun,i :i.."ti p.m.,     Tl.e Tin   Clerk  wu    instructed      in
i 8. IS p.m. '• ■ uie uli  the delicti lure  Im! !-i-      uiul
The    ln!,.l    ciM-    of    the    e.l"   OMiln.'l-     llotif.V    tllt'lll   lit    tilt     |u'n|H isei I   change.
(oil nt  K|n,  nil!  he borne b}   Con-I I'OWKH  HI I'.I'.VI I HIS. in. pnrtj   subscribers. |    -, ,„.  ri|y  n    „   .   |„_.,,„.„„|      ,,,
In :,-i- nil  lh ' ! "I let's  ol I'owcr deben
lure* wii h     ii \ iei-   i,, gaining     thoir
nu-.-ui   i.i  rlmnge  the  limit   Irom    2.1
Victoria,     Mar.   1.   It  is announced   lo 511 years,
upon excellent  ntithiiriti   thai   lhc go-;                   LAND COMPANY
vorninetn   hn- decided upon  lire     early        j l ,.   Mai,n
construction nf a road connecting Itcv-   nn,\ arrange a meeting  "ith the land
olsloke with  Malakwa.      liie construe-   eompnin   thi-  week   ami  discuss      the
limi nf     this     rond was urged by the   school question.
Rovolstoke   lli'.-iiil  if■  somo time                   l-'il'l' INSPECTION
during December last  when  llm,.     T.     ., h„ Mnyor.'   , n,„,',,, ,,k„ ',,, .,., lhl.
'Iiiilin- in,.     „,  Revelstoke .1 since   ,.",,„ Wu(cl. „„,,  , , .,„  r ,„iu„„ „nd
l,,ls '""" I" ' l,v •'•     ''• S1,,,w-   M- the .«,, Chiefs     rn'  the l'i,,- Brigade*
''■  ''■  '•"'  Kamloops,  ,n  whose  riding |md |lu.,,; ;„ ,  M  ;i ,,,„„„,u„„     ulld
lhe  Mnl,km,  district   is.     'I In      rond,   m.iUi.   y  ,,„„.     ,,f ,,,„ ,.||v  .,„,,  ,„„ ,
,t t-  stated,     mil he ,,f grenl  ndvan- n)| ,,„,     pMil   |,„1MillJ,    BH ,„  ,•„;,
tngo ... the settlers of Malakwa     dis- ^u-,,    ,„. Ih„ ,,,,!,,;,.
""'    ■'■"  !l"'"' I" '"tomar- M()Vm)   b,    v,,,    m.k;,,,,,,,,.   secmleil
kot.     As'.i;,  is being connected   .,v   u ,   j.cClll.t,   ,,,:i,   ,„;„  ,„.     d ,
with     ilu- Ukunugnu  Valley at  Mnrn, nn,.,.:wj
""' l'l"' - '"' lh™ '"■"' l"'1""1" Hev"     The ,' it...'    will commence their
elstoko     will  give  through connection   (|mi|._ n(   _
between  Revelsiokc mid the Ukaniigun ,,       , ,..,.
V II "A ' ' "N ' l;A(l •
  Aid,  Abrahamson:     I would like to
know iiliui  is to he done aboul     the
Bank of CommBPCB       ||"" "•"•""    t^ tim«»» « >■
pletion  iicrording     m  il.e contract   is
Will.   EKECT   HAXI1SOME   Ul II.H-  „,,,,„ M.„. I, nm,.       High wator will
IMI SlIORIIA. prevonl  an extension of time. The
A.  II.  Allen,  manager of tho Cann    m,.,lt     ,,.,.,1     i. being allowed  to  I
      I-'"      •"      ' '"       '....-. Ml.   'I llsi'U |s     IhUH^r     ullllMOII     ill     II
an lh,uk of Commerce, has informed   nUoui  under lhe snow which will ten
. i.. .    i        i ..        :      .,   ...n    . I    .. . .   .      . ...
to weaken it.  Ihere is [nsudicient gn
us thai  he hu-  recei ed full  plan
a hundsomo     nc«  I ink building    foi ve| ;l,r,l whal  there i- is loo line. Tin
tho city. In. K  of gravel  is  preventing  lho  run
The new  Hank ol Commen-e nill   be „;„_ ,„■ ,„,, shift*. The city musl  mn
'•"■■'•-I on a -i n McKeiwie Avenue i,,.,. a}    ,|i  _hla delay.   It  i-  loo Itrtc
in the centre of    the busi  Bection, ,,,  \,„,\, ,,„■ ;l,u„|.   ih,. contractor is
'""i will '"' oi i  ih- iin.-t  building. .,|.,,  .|„„.,  ,,,■     „„.,,.      |   ihinlc  it   IInin the Interior of U.I „ Tho hunk "ill ,|,,.,  ,,,- ,„,,A   ,|,|,.,,,,.,„ to ii mc nc-
be constructed     wholl>  of lerre cottn qunintwl with  the facts of this     mat-
brick ol superior quality, mid will con ,,.,.
nisi     of basement, bround     floor nnd      Aid. Cownn:     1     was out al      the
two upper     storeys containing   suili u,„l   this neck  ami everything  ms
of offices and quarteri for the     bai going ,,„ well.  Mr. Newman, tho   con-
Stan-. Th.   from  will be supported   bi ,,,„,,„., „:111|s     .,„ extensipn of lime
massive  terra  cottn  column,   and   the .ill April  I  I li  e it.  I'lu  eoinenl
architecture of n  rei lissance  typi ivi npjH-ars     i   ind dry.
make the      Idiug  ..  uu       imposil Aid.  Abrahamson!       I do nol  wish
addition to the Avenue.  Work ..i ... ,,, ,,,., nnj  ,|llr ,,„ ,|„. w,„i   |,u(     |
"tructioi    nil!   ...iul,'en ,   ,, , „,„,|,|   ;,!,,.   ,,,   .,,,   ,) ,,,.„.,    ,,!„.„
spring u- -...ri ns tl,„ mow -o*«. 'I he „|p atH\ ||,r„,hed oul  next moeling.
b»nk offices on ihe ground ll      will       \|,|   i ,,„.,,, s'.n.r  hn    aln id;
'"   '' "i !  '!>' I'ite.1 while th- nrrai been »penl  mil  ul   the work   bj      the
gemonl     of     the       i ■ ■   i imen . oiilrnctor,
•ul'    "eh   '"  faoilitule  llu   iiorkc .•       Vj,.   |.„,_._, \|,     \..,i „,.,,,'.   I |-
'"' ")' " ■•'"■ me   with ihe   i pnnj  al     T nto
'I he buildii .-  ., i ph     I uo-
'h-- enterpri  ■     nt I      -| |„.  Mllvol        11„   ,.,,   ,    .
progressive ,1  the     Canndinn the,ity nol  lo |iaj  *n.nln"" oul     lo
''"■i"1' "f Co 1.- gen . 1II3   i,ml   ii • the i-ontrnctor until  the bond*     were
••'en.' 'i'   nnd busi!ios<  like i eotiirned,
''  mch     in pusliiiiM forwaid :    Aid,  \\ Iviniiom     Mi.  N*ewinnn,    the
'-1-- ii'i-i-'- hi tl ii     mid contractor,   eenn lo think     thut   the
clistrirl.      It   i-  a Iut;.. ovel    .     yr   ■ ci,,   v,i|  ,.   |  |,,,  ,,„„.  u|„,|, teemn
opened iu     lh ,,    |,„ lv „,,     rfdoiti    th,, .   .   He
' -    '    ■ mid I,.- m,„le   I... ,,„ cMi-.-i effort     In
'"■'"- "i liie finish the work     ta    llinl  ilu- ,■.■ nl
ii ill line lime to -.-t before the wator
Lew  Fncej   ci;   Canned   Fruiis
and Vegetal es This Monin
All varieties of Siroled am   Cried Fish for lent.
Pancake Flour, Lul wheel Flour, Fure Maple Syrup.
California and Ontario 1 < ney.
A full steel of 1 ;h ware ircluding KeClary'sStoves,
Ranges, Furnaces, Enarr.el and Tinware.
Sherwin-Willtens' 1: ii ts Bnd Varnishes, Alatastine'
and Muresco W all rl ints.
General Metrchans
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under  whlcH  ti»«*  branches
of this Bank are dbl^' to Issue Drafts on the principal pomu
tn the luilowii,^ countries:
Austri.i-Hung_wry    Finland
1 Vnitmrk
Faroe Islands
Formosa Italy
France Japan
Fr'ch Cochto-ChiDA Java
Germany M.tnrhiiria
Great Britain Mi-xno
S.Mjth Afn, * :v     ■ rn^nu
Switzei a
Philtiptne lalandfl    V» e-si inn
Roumania an.l i
foll particulars   on  ap^
!Qia_M&__j__fi-M--^e---'_^gi^__'-. t-
Imperial Bank of Can.
Head Oft'ico—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
5,000,1 '
Brunettes nr Agents .-it uli principal nolntn io Can
Agents In Great Hritnin  and  United Stan-    I,, r,.
Lloyds Bank, Limited.    Ohieago—First  N'minnnl  ."
obongeNational Hunk.   Seattle^SeattleNatioi •! Bai
Cisco—Wells Fargo Neviulu  National Bank,     Sp,,i,»i.
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Im r
irk. I
■U. !»
ill. I
Deposits of $1 und upward,   received, aw
current rate front date of deposit.   ('■• , oi i
lir   I.-.'
Revelstoke Branch—A. B.McCleneghan.»
__SS3^ __B-__-_n-BffB_B8_S_fiBKa6aI
Md.  Mr Kiniion:      \\ lij   docs  nol   tlie    lum '
Chief ui   I'.ili...  who  i.-  Piuiitiiry      in-      r.i rt
... tn ihi-?     li  i- Ilis     work   nl .
nml   i i
ipeclor nee
mnl he should look nflcr it
I In-  \la\i.i:      I  will    him  and pul   ivmiM  In I
Ilim onto tho places »hc mpl ■ ■• . ..
Ii.,\ ..   li.'.-n   rn ill,- \ '.     ' \\\ i   ■
Medal tor Conductor
|    Ahl. i',.« mi     Mr. Ni done
I.i    ii.   I.     I i  a\ i', work     wra
i, Mnn-I        '.      liie I   ■ .. I .   I   npa\ i.'i  limn l"' nntlr Ipatr I     nnd tlio
... i.;.ii-   ..!    iuu. fm   ii -  dillleully in fretting lhe vrntoi     nwny
 ■        '   .           '        ' ''          i"i      tm      .iii — -,■
.ni"-. nnnotinres tli il   lh    Mnji   ij I   - *»' (/real,
been pie ned  lo contr r   lite   Vlliei;  n 0V8' lite iob
';.il     il     lii-i-.i i -     upon Condur lor IN'SA
Tbomn      Rej noldg     for    . ■ >n |>i■ i '    ',"' Mn) oi
hi:,". >'i \    in   le-. 11 i r * m   |.,i-,'n: . i
Lho S| :mi-li rivet rnllwnj wreck
[To «ill make no   ino
|\> tMTtllY PI  ^CES
\l.i- ..i      There hnvo be
l     i  . ..iii|.l:iiin-   that  certain plnco   In  the
There I avo been mntly
City are in niiitnrj
havo li.'.-n m id.-.
The Mnyoi   :i-k..l  Mr. Uriggn  il   ih
('iiv  i-ould  not   . laiin  .i  highei   lirei
from transient   land nsients.
Mr.   I'.i iv.' ■       All   u.' Ir fur il
si'irt   i- t.. . Ii.iim,.  11,,, .-.', (ee a Mil.
In       lho    bj iavi .     ,-'|'   i il     1.    1  '   '
will  have    i"  Ite    made   i.. ruise      it.   llii
I  inliln....I,   I-   rn...    tryil ' '
fee  i ul •
The   Mayo Ml.
il... Chiel ..i   Police  in n
, ,.il,  tir...- nf  i' un ii'i i     Hi "i" ee.       li
linulil I... tho worl In   i
were I >• -1 . r  nblo  If*    do
dt)   li .11    I iff,   n i  •■
willit".   nnd   il   would  I"   In ...
tho i ■..'•■     di pn nt  llu
il...  • II    toil       The I a
. i.i,.,I i,, ;, Ir ipi  1 ho iden,
Vld.  I'..- tt'hnl i- tl
ilm     il,"     ii.'..  'i'i     "i
|    Mr,   I'm               Tl •■   city enn do   t.   iei
Mn      ni.     invr   :   I hei i    ink! fund    	
nil   l.i I    .'■(. llll
|    Vld. Ik-v I  would likr ■■ n_i    •■ ■
llri^ ('.
r rn COM  .-' I'i'i li S,
Aid.  MoKlnnon:     IIow doe   the   ity
uli   Ihoir conl?     Ii  MetAt  to mo     h
m.i lo ill a ly i" buy it in ton lol . I•L>I■ ■'
v |h'i...i   im-    m■■ mr.1. - i.'.   buj i
ii, |  hi by  tlia i in..      VII  the e  thinp ."II"
lUch ii" .uni    for    tho lire halls, etc., tte»i
W I    : I- ' II
ity i .. ■
li m   V,    Iti kmai
, rem   !     it
'   •      |      .u
Io facilitate Marriages
iin -i. i ii
P .,
___! I Page 9
M.Vlit'll   2,   1010.
sting 898,000,000, The
Look!  Look and Read!
Actual Comparison of Eastern Catalogue
Prices, Freight Added, with
Howson's Prices
Winnipeg price   Weight   Freight   Total    Howson's Price delivered
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Cstermore Mattress 15.00
Don  mtm\
^ Dreadnought
■ os'ttninto given by lho Uriiisli admiral"
lv for :i Dreadnought of lho latest
type is 82,000,000, und yi-l, iu lho fine
of Ihut tho opposition nro prepared to
give nwny J2fi,000,000 ol lho pooplo's
money, Alter nil, il Is nol n nueslion
of amount, but ol principle, nnd I am
hero lo endorse that prinolplo, Sir,
tlml will do moro for Canada nnd for
the empire limn tin' navy thoy nro
proposing nl this pnrtlotilnr time.
And ih,. hon. member Im- l'ieton (Air.
Macdonald) says:  S'nl  only  will   thej
give nwny 82(1,1100,0011 of your i icy,
Imi you will never receive nny bono-
lii from it, I would like lo usk hon.
in .. in li,. i - on i h .• other sido
nl iln. House, whether, nflor earefullj
weighing IhiiM' wonU, llicj honestlj
and sincerely can nub ■• r ihu lo thu doe
Iriin' ilm- expressed thnl money glv-
i'ii t.. lhc'i' country in n tinteol
need \\ ill pi ndui o no benefll lo Can
nd.'i nr ill.' Uritish empire, Thai Is u
proposition  lhal  hus been  thrown ne-
ins-   ihe l!    ..I  the  House     several
lim.     : his  ..ii. i noon   thai   wn are v'n
Ing   in nt   I he  pe iple's  riinnej.       from
«In li   thej   an'  In   receive  r o  lien 'I'll
We  have  uiki n   .'real  credii   lo oitrsel.
i.    fm .\ I..ifu] ui.iw iIi und i'i..
-['.'I Ily.   I   \\ .III!    In   -..V ,   :,-   ti   I 'lllludillll
born, ('iii ihcn i- un man in this
House iii-'ii' lot ,il in i iiiindu, more
interested in. or more pi olid of its
.1 ' lei), ; • nl, .'mi I .ur. yol I
.Mm     .. ul  I  ren    e      the
ni      i  ill our moll 'i   mil inn    lu<
I     In .1  i"  .i "m   lhc      il     of     our
!> i ill] ■ . liuu lire besl blood ol her
I: poop e ha In en shod thai «.- mi^lil
k hnvi' the pence and prosperity under
IS which we Iiave [frown frnin nn Infnnl
to a    real   iiution.    But,  while  I     do
n   ■ lul     ■•   ;i\. equnlly with il	
|   In   "ii" i   side ul  the  House,    thai
IS '  '"":> "      ■ ':' " i
L-i-i. uf t! coun
try ■ believe thai   we shull
h r.  I  be o liiul      ».•
shall lie a     r .       in (he empire,
'     tn     I      w.-iiii   in say   nl   ihut   because
ns  I  -;iid,  I  il.. mil   pro|   lo wonry
______________________________________________    llir-
"   lh rplr. i      over mid over ngnin
, .  ,■        n   .      mu     .    lid      e.  we   lhe lil'sl  vessel  lo  be lin ill  !' thnl   iln    liuu   will  com,, when we shall
.'   | i '     lhe I   iinatioii ol   ,  Heel   imii."        drop pnrenl  i .-   lhe fruit
thai                    Vie  huve   Ihere   nniple  n id 'li i      hat •'■"'        ''        lhc limb. I   I   n e    .i>   Hint
into ad'       ■ nisi   n    in rodui'cd   into Hie re    '" my  mind  ihe lime li           whan,
The native purity  and  garden freshness of
is preserved by the use of sealed lead packets.
 Muck, Mixed uud Natural (I ">"   BOe, 00c and 70c por lb. 1
We make our profit by shipping in car load lots, thereby
saving fi < ight rate?.    Bring catalogue giving description of other
; .   ids not specified in this list lo]]our store and we will prove our
i. ii rr.t r.ts.   Ren err.Ler we deliver goods and set up free from
& Lo., &eyeistoKe,
.■ rffsc"EJ__a__a«_E_fiBHK^ miasma h. j. ■■-•■ ■••-■ ■•■■<
Kiiyai Policj
.   ;   ,    Ilill     Hell Prim,
!.;-.' ippm
Iii  ' er. ■   ■      | nm  nol    in
The   I il-.iii-n-r  -uiil   that   he 1 ■       i .
. ...       ■ , ■ '■ ■  ■ .....
'    ler ul earth bi	
,!,   i nm anil iilh
1   tile of   I
ul<l»  them in ilci.-iid
'■ M ' ...
in-. Ti-.n ii, position v
N hy'.'    I ...
i ......
■  ■      i • ■■ ■
in  ; I.   Vi'iiin   ihe ,■ ml   »s'  'I '-v   « I  i" grafted  upon   tho
,,,,,..    .       .,;  I,  ,.. ,,| : old    In i .    "   lhe dominions  overseas
shall be grafted on  lhe mother ,,f   nil
-ll i.   proposal.
" or,  ;  ■  ■
nations,  nnd  we  dtall   become :i  inii:li-
_________ _______ ..  ■   brunches  -Lull  shelter
nr/iition     anil   ol        ,
. , ,     . Mini ussure il.e iicncc ami commerce ..f
— he no    ,
Ino world,
l-|   M   ' llllY     < ,.1,1,11,. II
'     .
'■   mily    of       \ i-ii-.'ilbi   al   llu
bu        ..!-.
•   , ■,
Ihi-   fnilmvj, Lr   fr    th,,   V-Um, Daily
Si ah  w ill   Ik>I|    iii .. .■ * In*   public
ihnl   n  si It* n .• fm   puhlinn   i-  invnln-
Libit   fm   tun   i*it)   i Imi   I; .    uu  enter-
ivr   !*|»iri1   Among
|H'o|>l(*,      Ht*\ •' •■■'■■   hns   ■"'' anl n
i;        ,   • t httt   U*\\   ■ ii itn  i im   i*\ >■■   ho|)c    lo
i    . Iniiii  in ttnd  (In' tulvci'tisinuf     of
■ ■ .     ■ ■ i. ■    i.   of   : i. ■ -
t       . ;        i.i   ,.ii'-i!.-  world   lhat   this
■ - :■ t   i-       «!•■  i'  kbit*   f«il    im i'-i i.K'iit-.
tstri '    \ • \ircn      In-
■_..., ■ ".■   ■    ink*1    publicity
I    ■ ■■  the    iipporl   of tho
iinmunit \       i hi   lho tub untmjeH     of
Dull}    Now -  -ays;
Hie ib   lined from
:   n iiiiclorinkon un-
i ho iiiispii -"- of tho board of  trndo
■ .-\tr." Ifui ior;   mid  should
■■M ■                    ippfirl i >f i ho cil izens
isinu  on  bolmlf   of
* mi <cnerlmcn1.      11
■  '•:■■- tod    l>.\ till'
r inmunil im  on   lhe
wiih   lumlh   nn  ovoopUon,
■ I  rtppropHnttonn that
lol ho     f tn i-
;: ,'■'•   i   ..loni •■     ihat
(. . iron of I ho mo I
nnd    hnl   lho      in-
ri .     iblo ono i"i'
\  vvoll-di
•   doing   for
■ ■   for other
..   ba
' '■ '• h.i |
-.   ■
n nn  -.f
f   lho   rli
/    I for   in*
■Inmi- iFcnri1
luce ; fin
Uul tho ii,.'inii' i  for Pictou lyp.
But it wn    nol m r intenti, ., ,, moi
lo del ii        or mn        i
In !,"■■   be t ihi mid     bi
. .ii 11" I out, nnd  I  " n   only
to do   ri I     * ho   u irumcnl ol lhn r ighl
hon,  u..'  I i   i   Mini lei    Rut,   lir,  bo
fore wc can do lhal wo wnnl   to take
.    Dread
Iiih   ,
I     ■
■ I. :i ine*. • ' 000,DfKI   DI
...    "I rr t   i    matter ol 16,000,000 oi  17,1	
.    nntial pari  ol the fleet  unit,   in neither here nor then  with Ihi
il  i    important  thnl   ae  'indoml iment, l"'1   I
ol iho     'Dreadnought'  type Bhould be  where thoy gel   theii  aiithnrlt) lol
[I I
tl it 60 dayi
to the     ('In..I
' , to purchai
ind,  iltuated
it SOO chai  mi,.,( (Hood
. I ,i pool planted on outl
.. ..f n i-r an I rrinri . i w \ndrowi
Im corner po itltfa     'I"
m  i    pi     chali  ,  north   tn
1 dm lo p.iirit ,.l Wood ir ei.  Lhenot
• i. mk ol u.„i,l river to point
".niiiii,-rn i-iii. i.i,  rontnining   ir,u an-
in..!.. ... le
imti'd thii Hnl' i! v ,.! li... ,     I'Jdfl
Scotch  Whisky
Choose Your Brand Carefully.
A Scotch address on the label dues not
always nnun genuine Scolcli Whisky in the
linttle. rhcre are many brands trading on tlie
reputation ol Scotland s 11 ghlanda as a whisky
producing country be; ond compare brands put
up under fictitious names, and which, though
bearing Scotch addresses, never saw Scotland
at nil, much less the Highlands.
Choose as i/oun beverage, a brand with a
ri putatn>n bn, I; ol it.
Watson's Scotch Whista ho« been distilled
in the Highlands i I Sc tland since the year
IS ' 5 i' is "i 11 ' .■ a pure, n ' ::. nuine
Scotch . it is a Vv in ky exceeding tigi cable
to the palate. ihis is duj primarily to the
(ad tl nt ive ill nl !>.■ the old I. ii ned Pot
Still method    slowlj   c refully, skilfully.
Moreover, w'e .r a ur whisky tn .'"'berry
wood a^e it lor \> rs i ntil it is thoroughly
matured .inu mellow t,i the taste.
CM ___________■■-
o n
 'S ■
"THREE STAR"    A milJ. thoroujlily miturtd Snatch.
"NO. IO"- -A lull-boJitd, ,icl,ly llivotod Scolcn
JAMES WATSON & CO., limited       Dundee.
You judge a pair of shoes
somewhat  by  the way they
look   perhaps you judge them
more hy the way they feel, but
rest assured that il* they do not
feel comfortable, the chances
n to one that they will
not look well.   Vou cannot be
at peace with a shoe unless it
comfortable, and no shoe
can be comfortable unless it
If it   fails lo fit it will
soon lose shape, for you cannot be comfortable in a vice—
Ihe foot or the shoe must yield.
Now    Ames-Holden   Royal
Purple shoes \'nr women em-
,   ju i   thi se   features—
■ ■ i ,'it, perfect style, and
with It the maximum measure
*<f full comfort, and that is
why SO many women ask for
\11 kinds Reasonable Prices:
Painting and J
Paper Hanging  j
SiitiM.'.. lion Guaranteed
Water, light and Power Department
By resolution of City-
Water   and   L'ght    Accounts
must In-piiid onor before Uie -otii i*> get
the20 per cent discount which is al-
No aocount vvill lie allowed to run
over the month following that in whii'li
it is charged.
Power Charges must he paid in
full on or before the end of the month
following Unit in which ii is charged.
Installation Charges will be
30 days cash, and must then be paid in
full before any discounts will he allowed
on water and light.
PLEASE NOTE: This resolution
will lie strictly enforced, ami if the account is not paid on time, the water,
light and power will be cut off without
further notice.
Keep tho date in mind—St. Johns
church Tea, March 18th., at Mr*.
Laing'a. \
SIAP.Cn  2,   HMO.
'I hi;   ail-herald, revelstoke, b. c-
Page 3
Closing Out Prices
Fruit and Ornamental Tpees
__ia". KMfWiti.
• Having dlsj'Oeed of our nun-en sroundp to be cleaned up
by Mb) , 1 nm 1 ri'i'iired to offer special prlCft- in all each ImrgainH
Splendid assortment o! ornamental iritn, acclimated Htock,
having been Browing on our grounds for years, from 10c. up,
One ol the best BeleotiODB of meet, iii H.C. in all leading
varieties, Buitable for this Beotion, in good 2-year blooming Blzee,
'25c. eacli, 920 nor LOO, 1160 per I0OO, smaller ones bull-price.
60,000 ftnii treen in leading yniiitii'.. Lei me price your lint
10,000 ahade trees, In all Bistee and prices.
GreenhouBea full of plants In all slaes and prices, from $;i
per 1(H) pots up, .ga_. !____:.
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver
Loeid examinations      in    'I'lieiiroti, id
Mu.sie for all grades      will Im   held ou<
APRIL i:iih 1910,
Looal priu'iii'iil examinations    eon •
dmied by Dr. II.    C. Perrln and    an
for the work on whioh thoy aro    em- NEW  STATION   \l   BANFF.
ployed und  iheir oonduot, punctuality RanlT will    have a now  and artiatie
mnl attendance must   bo satisfactory, station  costing  about   810,000,      and
, otherwise their services ns approntloea Luggan "ill Im. Improved.
( . I'. II. AI'I'IMATH'I'.S.             wj|| i,,, dispensed wkh. On  tho Crows NokI  brunch there   is
Hie host  wa>   to obtain skilled     la-     VAK10U.S CLASSICS OF TRADES, also much in contemplation, Tin-town
bor is tu mttlto it, |   Irrespective ol tho trade tho appron-   of     Mu] I     i-  not  being forgotten,
This is tho conclusion that tho    (',   ii,.,, |,„s i„ vjeWj u,0 n,.st yew's ulna- 880,000 having been - i aside    for Ira-
Asaoolato Examiner     for    nil centres ■ I'. !!■ has roachod after trying various  s,,s ar0 ||„. gumo j,,r evory boy, provemonta there.     The railway yards
from Vuni'ouver to     Wlnntpog)     bold j mothods nnd watching how  tho    cor-|   Theso clnssos    tako up tl"1 prolimln-   will be greatlj   increased, aud n large
from May 2nd. to May '-list, 11110 star
ting ut Vancouver,
Application Forms, Riled In and accompanied by fees. must reach tho
Central Oflloe In Montreal on or    bo-
•ixty days from dote 1 intend to apply to the Chiel Commissioner ol
Lands for purohaso of laud situated
about IGU chains up from mouth of
Wood Uiver, post planted about 100
chains above mouth of Wood river and
marked E, A. Andrews, S, Vi. corner
post, theme north 40 ehuins, oast 40
chain-,, south in chains, thence west
following Wood river to point ot com-
Dated this 10th day of December ■
1909. _. A. ANDREWS,
sixty days Irom date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
I..i-i.I. for purchase ol land situated
about 140 chains up from mouth of
Wood river, post planted on north
side of river and marked P. A. Bed-
■trom, S. I'.. corner post, thence north
40 chains, west 40 chains, south 40
chains, east III ,'lmins, containing 100
acres  more or less.
Dated thia    10th   day of December
Synopsis ut o.nadian Homestead Regulations
VNY urn t labia Domlotnn Landi within ttm
Kfltlwity   Bftlt  im  British ('olumbin,   miiy
to homut-Hdea by any par«0Q who is tlt« lola
lioiid nf ii f*i ituy ntalti over >H yimrsnf
n«o, .<• lhn hxh'iit uf mie-QUItrt6f socliuu nf UH)
HtTHH DBOra nr  IOS".
fchtry mURl Im* tinulf pnrsiiimlly «t tho lOOftl
huul ..iln i- fur ihn district in which tho himl in
BltUAto! Kntrv hy pmxy nuiy, hnwttvnr, he
iiimi« nn certain cnudlUOM l»y tho fiithor,
3i>th«r, .i'ii dauirhtnr, brother nr lUtarof to
iniomluiK homesteader
Tho homes eader la required u> perforin the
litit-rici    hor. with   uiitlor nno nf
ix in     i •' re»idence upon and
In       m  year f<<r lhr«o
••I    i tnnther, if thn father li
 «tender resides upnna
mi t>    i ilu* liiini entered t< r. tho
!-      rt.-i'tMiro maybe nativtiotf
'    -• -nl itifl   wiih   On*   ftithor   nr
■cr   >-i-i-. iiHriMHiioiit resldenoe
^^^ '!•'       wii<     h\ Inin  lii  'hn vicin
ity nf > h home* n the requlremeuts as to
rrsii i'ii • nt ■ ■•< hod hy r- itdeoce u,kui
tho i;i   i      tl
Six in ' a it te hi uriiinu-himlii ha urivon
tn tho ' ni - t.i-i "f I'umlnliin Lauds at
Oitnwn   f    •    i ni. t   Hpi 'j for patent
I n vi.    i ...> i, . ii«hi- may h- leased fnr
h per Ind ol >wen*y< nn years ot en annual
rental "f ji . .■,- ire. N"i more than 8,560
nores >hnli !»■ Ii»h- i tn nno Individual nr
etmtnau] \ royalty h< tbe rate ur llvo cents
[ii-r tnn-hui • ■ i.-.-t...! nn ih«> merchantable
aoal mlnwl
W. W. t.ORY,
Deput) <<i th»    inlster of the Interior.
N I*. t imiiit..ri/.- |iiililicatluu uf ibis ad
vertlsemeui w»'l •> ' he paid fnr.
Di mill
• ha'nil.'
(1)    A     -
Mllllt   ■     I
l_)    it;..
IncaHio ■
t  rni '" tlio vi
rpqulrem■■- I
hy   Mieh   i     •
(Si   I  i hi
mii. fa-- in
----- -    ■•-•■                  ■- I       i uunu   I'liinnua       Hl»u   ii|>    UIU    |iri'HMiiir win    vv   ^iwttt-ij     m. i i-u.-n-u,   hum    a    ••" k>-
(torationH  ffol   Ihoir    upply,   li   ih fur- ,irv WQt\. MS ou tli nod abnvu,  Aftor tho uddition mado t" the roundhouw. The
thormoro   dotorminod thai tlio mnkijig Hral yoor Lho boys aro advanced     t<> station building at  Lothbridge i-^     to
nf it shall Im thorough. what li known aa tho jonoral iiwlrui:- 1)0 Increased in si/.- considerably, and
It  is saiil lhal  allhnujjh aomo    rail timi duns,      lleiv  tho work  Is     froo- other feature! of tho equipment    there
ways ami Industrial inns which   havo |mhl|   drawing,     geomotrical drawing enlarged
font April 1st  1010.     Forms are    i'1*-  ontored    upon elaborate Nchomos     for (elomoiUal),  olomontal  projection    and tfKW  ROt'N'U I10USKS,
talnablo from C. M. MoFarlano, Gon-ltho  training of apprentices,  lho   cdu- dovolopment,  mochnnlcul  drawl nu  and M Coleridgo    n roiiml homo    wiih
oral Soorotary, 323 Sherbrooke St., W.  cational schemos, with on ■ two ox- ,!„,!, mechanics,     This lattor ombrac *ix     Rtallfi will hv constructed,     The
Montroali                                               poptlons,  lack continuity, Thoy   loavo ,.s the princlplos of friction, lovers and •''','1 between Critwf N'ost  station and
Information about  the yearly exam- off whore thoy pructlenllj  should com simple machines.     Aftor this course is C'ranbrooki    also   botweon Cranbrook
inatlom    for    diploma ol Uoontinto  monce,    and    lho    approiitlvo or om- eomplotod     tho boys    aro allowed to aud Sirdar, will !><■ Increased   t-»   the
and dotzroc ol    Mua, Bao, can bo ob-|ployoo     i« turned out  after a partial   upociaUu    along    llnea compli ntarj '    ''   'f   standard WS pound rail. Thii
training and loll i>> his own resources, i,t tho shop prnollco of tho particular work will coal  approximately $200,000
Tin' question ol iln- "making   of   a trades whicli Uion  nro following. Perminal  fadlltios    at  fVoyburu and
skilled   moclmnieM   is  dlsousaod  In   an M.\\\  THA.DES TO CHOOSI. KKOM. ^u'11   irrenl  will  l>-- improved,
artit'lo in Canadian  Machinery, by Mr, I   Thoro arc    thirty    trades to chooso Alunii 9AO,O0u ha- been set aside foi
Two 6-roomed houses and i aoresof   \\ rj,  D. Wlckos, H. Sr.. who     lakes from 0( which the following    Ion list; work m  Medicine Ual   This will   pro-
land. Boon cultivated for years.     All   M his subjoct     lesson tho schomo    of Locomotive      machinist,     loolmaker, vi**o fm      unoiiB othoi  things, a tun-
kinds of small fruit.  A  good looation   iho C.1MI. for obtaining sklllod labor, brass  finisher, electric  mechanic   boil- chine  dmp.        IUkI D.-i  is to get
*• ../..»  _______________BB^_____BS_^_SJ______
talnod from tho General Soorotary,
For Sale or To Rent
just  outslclo of olty  limit,.   8.1,000,011
Half cash, Will soli or roni any poi
linn ni thiw property,
A good    invoatmenl
_,  I'H'AKI),
Eggs for Hatching
TIM'. IIH'.AI. SYSTEM ermnker,       ■Uvomraltlt,      locomuii o  ""» s-'11'  I,!   k «*«<»n.
Tl„.     idoal     K,v-tem   ol training ij.  Iilnoksmlth,       enrpontor,     loroinotive A!1  "'""U  "•     linw "' ,l"' western
■aya Mr. Wlckiw,'thai whlcb allowM an drafliman,     locomotlvo   painter, put- tlivisioi   ti           is points there    will
iw is your  employee when I"' Joins u railroad   or   torn-makor,     uir lirnko Otter, Ine - l'"    »P« ,: '       "'  twentj live     section
'othor industrial eorpornlioii (provided   Llvo litter, frog [lltor,     car,   ' on«tnicted  tn be used  n    rl
l„. l„,s tho mentnl nnd physical quali-   tinsmith,     co| r smith, car     lilwk- -"I"'""-      I" all Wleen to twentj new
ricntions)  to bo pul   through n  systo- 'smith,     cur plumbers, cabinet maker, 'intion*  « n tru ted al  differ-
mntio and continuous  training   whioh 'upbolsteror, moulder,  Iroighl  car   i-ai ''"l I"""'~
will enublo him  lo qualify for   minor  pentor, car ileamfllter, wood mnchin- I
y. m. (   \   \ r ntAvnuooK
j "...   ■ ■". ,...,.••.      |ii-riu.|,   rar   Mrilllllll UT,   wmill   111MCI1111- I '■    "■   '        ...    ■   n \ . i .in i, ii\ .
positions,     Then     by further inatruc-   [at, oonch enrpontor, car puinler,   cur'    ^' frniibiinik   tl  "J     railway Y.
 BJ ■ \. ■ ■ iniiii.l^^^^^^^
fniir      lii-'     ivpnrl      ■ 'ii"    from  I.ivor| 1
| cation for the issue ol a duplicate
Certificate of Title to Part (U acres)
of South Fast J of the North West
i of Section _5, Township 23, Bange
'.', West of tlio *i\t!i meridian.
NOTICE, IS Ill'.lil'I'.V GIVEN thnt
it is my intention to Issue at the ex-
piration of one month nfier tlm first
NOTICE IS lll'.UKHY GIVEN that publication hereof a duplicate ol the
sixty days from date I intend to ap- Certificate of Title to il»' above men-
ply to the Chief Commissioner of tinned huul in the name of William
I,an.I- for purchase of land situated .Edgar Smith, which Certificate is ilm-
ulnuii 140 chains up from mouth of ed the 15th November 1800 mid num-
Wood river, post planted on north!bored I1570A.
side of river and marked G. E. "X, M. BOWMAN"
Sedstrom, S.    W. corner post, thonce j Deputy District  Registrar.
north  Id rlmiris, cast   10 chains, south  Land  Registry Ollice, j. 26.1m,
40 chains lo Wood river, west follow-l Nelson, IV l'., Jan. 22, 1010
ing  river   to  point  of  eomnietii'cment ,
containing  Hid aires more or loss.
Oattid this    Huh   day of December ,
TAKE NOTICE that I Percy Harold
Pearsc, of Trout Lake, B. C, occupation engineer, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Notice      is
■sixty      days
hereby given that
after dute I, J.
Brill, occupation, carpenter, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands for the purchase of tho following described land, commencing at a
post planted about '20 chains south of
Wood River and about 160 chains from
thp mouth and marked J, Hrill S. W.
corner post, thenoe west B0 chains,
north "Jn chains to bank of Wood river,     thence    following south bank  of
Commencing at a post planted nt
the K. W. corner of lot 4728, thence'Wood Riw pn**llv ■lh"llt 80 chains,
east 20 chains, thence north 20 chains, Ithence -" phftil» "0uth u' Point f,f
thence west 20 chains more or less to | oommenoement, containing 160 acres
lake shore,     theneo south enstcrly n
long lake shore about .'10 chains to the
S. W. corner of lot 172S, thoneo north
•long western boundary of lot 4728
about 10 chains to point of eommenrc-
Bient and containing .10 acres more or
December 16th, 1009.
more or less.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Dated this 10th day of Dec.,     IM''-1
.1. DRILL,
G.  E,  Bsdstrom, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Xake Notice that I,  M. K. Lawson,
WANTED.-A second hand 8,hole
coal stove, in Hrsl class order. Ad -
dress, stating lowest price and when.
to be seen.—W. S. A. P. Q. Box 35.
Wanted.—Four young men to board
and   room.   Terms   reasonable—Apply
of Revelstoke, housekeeper, intend to ''' "■ Bm 772, Revelstoke. 	
»P,,lyt... ..iiMii^i,.., u. pn.c-hus,. th,' nf fur.
following ilesr'iiliril l.rtnls:
(.,, ncing at a post planted at the niture lor Bale.—Apply Box 186. City.
gouth-easl   corner  of   I.oi  8,868, and —
marked "M. K. Lawson's North-wesl mu \D-.\ new black leather slipper
Corner Post"! thence 40 chains sooth) al  Columbia bridge, Owner can   have
^tttVt^'Sr^ffi  -  ">, applying al  Mail-Herald and
aOobalnn north to line of Lol 8,868| paying cost ,,( tins nlis,.ins,.ment.
thenoe along suid line to place of com-  = =     —
menoeuient Moving Ploturss tonight.
Dated October I8thi IIHK). ...      >,. .                 i.
HOT. H tf.   MI NN IE K. LAWSON. Moving Piotures tonight.
All ktsd^of 1'nii.Vn' sndiplssterlnn
Practical.. |
;.   in   Miami    in-
Evangelistic Services
now ...!..In •'! _ -t. il meelinu'- in r!..»
Methodisl rlnii'.'li, and b) their splendid singing and eloquent prcnehiiig
nre winnii to I he     ■ on-
lidellee   n, I   " -|"- I   ill  n I   «ho  are   al
ih-   -ervi    ■ These gontle-
men  are nol   -<• ingi i to  lievelstoke,
.'l-   lhf\    ll.-..'   r ■ '.    ten • ■■ .:     ago   holding ineetiuu ■ | iii    - <■  •■ -
___- ___■ ---	
Eggs  for hatching from  the follow -   tion  lir'  ran  consistentlj   advance      lo builder, cur draftsman.
ing imported pure bred stocn:               I the highosl  positions in  the orgnni/.n-I   Tho boya  am nppivnllced foi        ^^^^^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
S. ('. Rhode Island Reds.—32.00, timi.     The aim of any industrial sys- ,,i- flve     years,     ■ i111 imlt whicli  period   thai   ihu i     P,  R. have invitod priom
Silver Laced Wyandottes,—(2,00 tern  should bo lo crenlo desiro in  tho ihey aro given thorough inslrui'limi in   from  -hipbuildei    fm   the construction
Barred  Plymouth Rocks,—$2,00 ambitious employee and enable him In the    dilfercnl     kinds    ol work in lhc  ol ri new     pin inoer ..f greater
S, ('. Bull Leghorns,—82.00 rapidly    and     elllciently assume posi- trade which thoy    havo chosen, undei    speed und evi     lim    • |iiipment     than
Cornish Indian Game,—S2.00 tions of irii<i and responsibility.   'I !»• the  supervision  of pctcnl   instriie.   the   Empr i   Biitap   and   Empress
While Crested  Blaok  Polish,—82.00     training ol     an employee should     bo tors.     Considerable rare i-  laken    lo   ol   Ireland.     Main,   d    >lopments      in
I'.milen Qoese.—(3.00. Icontinuous  and  not  dlscontin I      nl seo thai  tho boys thoroughly     under-    Ulanti.     Iiipi        an   looked ior dur-
Imperial Pekin Ducks.—41.78. the end ol his appi-onticeship, as     ia stand the    mochanism of iln- machine   ing  lhe coming  ■   ,   >i   "iii. li will pro.
Also stock from   the above for Bale.   ofloiPHho case,  ll mployeo after   de- on which thoy are working. babl;   have     th '•    i  upon  tiaus-
MRS.  R. A.     UPPER. sultory training being loll   to himself.   |    The class work  is devised ho      lhal   pa ilh   -hippint
I    Eoromost among our Canadian Com- the class room has lhc eloscsi possible ,
f1 fC M C Ll T      DI n t\ tt t*  punios thnl have taken hold    ol     ihe connection «iih the shops, so much so
UfclYltft   I        bLUUnU   apprentii-oship     »yslem  in  n  rational, thut   lho drawings and lesson      <l Is
far-renching    nuinncr, i- ihe Cunndiiin nro literally covered with the din and \
MauBfaotnred lor an ci»»».» of tralldlnsi     Puc-illc Railwav.      Thev have now tin- grease from     tho shops.     Ereo     hand!
^EMtNT AND LIME FOR SALE ld<"' wnJ! i"! ";':■«;• ;>;"""   -" '.'7^  «-   *••»*'•• '«•■» »•"•»' •■'-'  ,: ^"    ,*wU"mul Reed "
_•••■_      _,.  un_.     appreiiii.e irainiiiL. which i- being de-   jocls,      I'.a.'h      apprcllllee is  kepi      ll
CIRE    CLAY    AND    FIRE    BRICKS  ">l I, Ilnctl I Mr.  II.   ,  particular    objeel   until  Ids dr««
Martin (lower.   Mr. (lower is peculiar-   ing receives tho O.K. mail. ..i hi-   in
al tha |.,w*nt urlcos tor rash. '}    UdapllKl   to   llll-   ..I   WOlk,   bO-    slur,lol.
in::  1111 enthusiastic organiser and one SCHOLARSHIPS DONATED,
who has made  technical and industrial       In  the  apprenticeship  clnss
oilucntion hi- stiuly. -I.t to stimulate enthusiasm
V PRADOLIMI,    -   REVELSTOKE      Behind the system are     II. teres,.      tho     company    donates each   «
\ aiighan,   a--i-:uil     to   the  \ i.e pr.'-i- \enr-   ten   si'holar-.liips.      Tin  _^__^^^^^^^
.lent;   Mr.     Lmw   ll.   Johnston,  assis- in     complete.    , i-ses    irr menhanical   '"'  ,l'""-     T,1"-v  i'iv" -',:':  RIIPori      '
lam  suiierintcudenl  motive power; Mr. boiler,    ear or    electrical engii ring,   '"  ,l'""   '" '  "''•  ""'  ',"'r  ,in8
I'.  I'..  Zercher,  su| ntendenl    of   tho following      Ihoso of  lhe  International   •'«•' '<* "' ''"   ' -""'    "' '• Ml    Lewta*
car shops, and   Mr.   IV.   Hurnett,      tho Correspondence Schools, bill  taught ta    hnvin«    '   *vi]     ll,i'       !   '':" '   '      '•
general masler ear builder. Hie company's own instructors,     The AV,lilp     Vh    l;' i well n      led
Repairsof all kind, ne.ll, „„ I „„ ] AMBITION   ENCOl RACED. two , holarships „rc ■!,   ■'■■;'    - '■ '•«' .     ' »™
Bicycle _nd Onn work., neclalty '      Th"     «""   'i'"'""" "'«»•*«" ""  "" *» '' >' ' "' »°"' °«    '"-    ''    '' ,      *; .-   "'
Ks,ima,esgfv,,,o„n,iv,:1„ss " B»»»~«« ^  he'd  a.   the Angus shops,   ployees   I   which  give   lho  for.    ' ;
ofwork      • about eight r twenty months ago,   winners a full four i year course al     '" "   '"■-'"•'      '-m,    in perfect
'                          land nl the heiri ng nf this venr tho SleCill University, Montreal. Tho   h»l-   hnnnon;           lis        .    .        imply
Front       Stree t.|„ohemo    »,■,- adopted in  tho ivinnipog ders of theso are employed in lhe com-   "W" '(l1 "'"' ■"""•i'   Mr   l-Kl^ "
shops.   Here    the same general    linea pany's shops during  vacation,  receiv-
as  lliose in  the   \itLru- siiops wen- foi- iiiLr remuneration for iheir Berviees.
lowed,     although  local  conditions no-1   As the Angus shops derive a    large   ^tensive lour- ii   C, -  Tnrfcey, Sj
[cossitnto  tho  modtlicntiona      of      ihe   proportion of lho men fr  lhe French   ""• '''"' ""'}   ' ""'   " ;  '-''I1'' f"  "
McKenzie   Avenue details, populuti      ii     wus    decided,    Inst   enabled     in ii   a gi hii
j    Every   fncilit>   is  placed  in  the  way spriinr, to inslal nn instructor cupiiblc   mannn     tin   -                           nsidei
Fruit, Candies, Cignrp.Tobaccc.     'of  the umbitious  and  intelligent   oni- of teaching English lo the Erendi np-   '""'■     H"   '':               ''  Intellect and
ployee to receive instruction from qua- prentices.   Mr.   Henry  Vcrinn  was  gi\     to  ''" l,",':'   '                            genuine
lilied and experienced oflirials in shop en  the appointment.     In addition   to  education to     listen to his preaching.
A.   H. 8lng, PfOpriOtOr and railroad practii-o.     The trend   of his duties    of     instructing the French   Mr-    ''""-                               lectures
'this preliniiiinrv training has  tho ten- apprentices  he also  hns charge of  lhe   ''''"' afterno,                        ,„i all thai
dency to create a desire lo advance in practical work in the car department.   lK>*sil'l>' ' ■"' ••■■•' '"'-'•"l >" he    present
ihe aspiring  Ind.        The (raining     U Ench  French boy. who i- unable
progressive   starling  first   with oducn- -peal.   English receives during  working
Special Attenlion given  to  commercial|tioIml  '"-"""i""  f'"'  ^'' >'o<">8   "in- hon,'.-,  two hours of instruction     per
and  tourists.    First-class sample| P1"^,  (hen advancing lo shop   and week „,    reading, writing nnd convci-
educntionul instrticiimi for llio nppren- .nlionnl   English.     These French boys and  finally  ihe journeyman      re- are taken  into  lho shops on an equal
ceives educntionul  fucilities  whirl - fooling with   lhe  English  npprcntices.
'iim     to qualify for minor p..-i- but at tho end of 12 months miisi pass
lions on  the staff. a  simple examination    in  tho  English
Extracts fr   the "regulations    go- language.
corning thr' services of apprentices and From   tho  lime  nn  apprentice on ten
l»n\^'' shows     thnl    it  requires more tho service of tho compun^   until     In
than  the more npplication  for admis- linishos hi- upprontiieship, o  record of
sion  before  n  boy  lie...nre-  a  frrll-llerl- Iris career  h carefully kopl  Dn  file,
ged apprentice.     Firsl of all lio must |lho olRce ol the sitpcrvis f upprei
pass an examination by lho company's lices.     This     record i- filled in ever;
doctor,     who    seea  lhal   hi- eyesight,   month  from   ll ninthly  rcpori
hearing  and  general  lieallh  are good, in by lhe differenl  instmctoi
nfter which  all  boya between  tho   age I   On my  thai  has  -.. fm   n
of fifteen an.l  Lwent.i   ono are acco| I ed from  this  <ystem  i-  lhal   then      t-
iiii approhatiou.   When  thoro is no va- '■'       l» Hod  work, nnil  Ihe boys
emicy for an apprentice, npplicnnl tare use  Iheir  knowledge  of di iwiiu,
'ili-tiih I  through   tho  vnrtbui      do gronl   advantage.     This  i     hown
partmenl    ..•  .liill boy . Immmoi boya theii   greatly  increo ed abililj   tr    ■
etc., until     ii»:h     ti  as n vacnuoy tl"' ihop blueprints.
Palace Restaurant
great  trnve ci .'"<i  „ui •
ope   ;i   niinili."   of   •(;.'-.   a'.,   making
Meals 35 cents.
ARROWHEAD, 11. ('.
id .
men   ami   tourists.     Kirst-elass  sumi
rooms. Finest scenery in British Colnm- i
hia, overlooking 1'pper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop, i aid,' i,i
Send in your orders for
this excellent coal
Dry Cedar, 4-Foot
$3.75 Per Cord.
Residences,   Building Lots
Fruit Lam's
foi  on    i:"'i  .
I ' .■  -.'i vi :.  evening
ul   7.'HI  li;        ■''•' "■ .   set   in
unh  new   -" ':'■'■■•
in  nil        I'he pn
oil   lo
.M'l 1'IAI. MKKTIS        ll WtlMEN
I      ■        .'. .1
his lecture tily, on  Sund i
rifti ri     ' March i   h, 'I hit ler
tin,, is of the I iflr       ind     hn
,  led  to  bo
Woman ie T«e   :i.ti. I	
W:;l Was  lit LcSBr 7
•. -i
First Street      Tel 6B.
I shall
The company puts n	
!.. r i.   i   ......
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
I    Apprentice!  are on approbation dur-'emphasis  upon  lho fncl   thai  Ihi Wl
ing  Iheir lii  i year and al  tit I of  ondonvorin    to turn oul  skilled     in.
the yeai  Ihey are expected lo pnsa an   rhnnies,     rather- Ihnn     tiperiuiei
examination in:  Uentlinp and dictation   and draftsmen, with
elemonlnr>   nritlimetic,    freehand drn«   j        ''■   I*. U.   IMl'lifJVKMI'.VO I, nhi
ing  ol     mechanical  objects, Canadian |    An Important  fontu f  tin      p
historv  and geography. programme of lie- C.  I'.  R, i- to     b
In     ih,. luttcr class a tress     ia   laid   lhc completion  nf tho  laying  on   new   mei
upon     Ihe geography ol tho C.  I'   I.'.   -•"' t" 'I    ll"'1 along tho I . a,   I     lim
system and biogrnpliios of ol the chiel  from Calgary     southward to JtcLeod,
bfTicers  and other eininenl  Canadians,  and ulso northward ns far as  ICdmon-   dollars, «,
(This with  lho obvious  1 in view of  ton.  Altogether there will  bo     aboul   lho
making each boy acquainlod with  lho n quarter of a million of dollars spent   bill
1 whole    system   so    thai ho will have .on   new steel and    ballasl    for these   which un
I tl,.
paid I
i' lul ini
ll  "    1   ill     V,   '.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_  \. -I'lll.
name,      Rosldoa  this  preliminary edu-  between Swift     Current and Uedicino   tell     us  lo     in  •,!.•-
cation they must  show sonic aptitude (is to have an engine house. |trnn ■    whom?
moro conception of whnl and whomho  lines. dollm
is woiKing for. Thus ho will 1> io a      A gravity     water line "ill    bo    pul
('.  I'.  I!,  man  in  hcarl  as well     as in |Hat,   lo  cost   about $117,000,   Bassano   com
I Cage   I
MATH1!!   '-'•   MHO.
-„0C ij  i     *it.K   .,ilD.
IM in .        Kan VV ami
fi.iiUKlJ.iY   Al
ll_-V*___a i OKK. B,  C.
Jntcriov ipuDitsbtiio Company,
Subscription   Kates
llg   tjur
i»i thu yw.r lur
.   IIM
u   r.,lflmn«t,   I  IliUKl   BU-tttB
i,      ■  lUltlCO]      »-"*'
,,      toUUll ll
ADtf Ui< i i 9liHO    itA li---
., tl 1,'t's I       ,.1 i     uiu     ll.    i    .iim I inn,,
9 -■rill-,  i'.i   uiu     . lit li    ■ "|H"  111     illH I1! lllll
si. ,,-,. || . iu. it.  -    \   i,i|>. tl Ul [I.' llilil 111. lk>   ullf
.il. ,,j,       fttll   ■        '  Ul     tfUIIUI'lU    bltHIIIU   -    till' i ..j    null   pur  num1 h.
t'l'-i'■'' ■         pur    ■. ui     iul* . ii    i -'   " -
* •       DIM IUI
Uilld    null
,.,„,.-   .in.l   UiHtUm
Ubiww VII    .tilt    I'llHOillUllLn
i'm.-, i     .,.,.!■... ,il ui i in- man moniuiit,
-\ .iiil.'.l   nm      immIi hi 'i   i\Uvi lU'.'iiii-ul.-.,
1.1,1     il, ||   l|.    \\   i Hi ll,   S.ln.Ul Ulr,
\    in,   i,      iti  ia| un*       Vim  till,       if .. ..
A ilill. .1,  \l      i. , ,i   -   A  Ulluil,    IU	
'...■ .rn      itUlUU      l    ..ll       IU     UUIlt*.
i    , i   i.;.       ill        .ii,!i.,_    ul     ir   ■ ■    inn's   IMU-I, '
).■ iii  ny  .1   .t.   hi,     i Hi -.1 ,.,    illlll   V rul.iy   nl :
itittitl'ONU .Ni i'. uivUud   .in   iiuLuii'ti ot' iiiiuri!
FOR   S -A_ T_. _B
Seven-Roomed House for $1675, Lol ji s 100 in desirable locality.    Casli $6751 balance to arrange.
Eight-Roomed House, all modern and Furnished. Lol
50x100, centrally located. Por sale ;ii $5,000. Terms to
suit purchaser.
Five-Roomed House. Centrally located for sale ai
Building Lots for SaK' in all parts of the City at prices
ranging from $100 upwards.
Woman's World
U l\i.   KSTATK,   111 i:,   1'IKi:   ASM   ACCIDENT   INSURANCE        I
^™_- /
l„,nl.i  1..II.
1,   il.   il 1111
lip   lhe   ..'.....1
ml   iii.iiiit.ini   1
,nun..111   1 1..11.-  lu   llul-
.ir   hi 1^1   n.1   l ■ -1.1 ..ii','.1   n>   imiuu   .if
vr.l.i. not J  l"   I", t.i.', nut ^^^^^^^^^^
. - .-vol   .....   1 j   .   Durrospuadanoo   ti,,n      tin,,       lievelstoke   is   ifriuluallv   eenl   in      il
II III lil I.* • I
•ll     ill    ' nle  round   I'riwpi'rl   Lake whirl
repiila-   -mall   land-loekeil   lioili   of  wall
m \i,'i;i.\i;i:s and divorces.
Ily  llarbnra   lloyd,
Tlio      appalling  nntnlii'i'  of  dlvorcoi
I round mil  by Ihe dlvoreo mill     earl
yen' tell- thinking |len|llo llllll SOI110-
thing Ih wrung with nuirringo. Tbey
[00k to I'ountiius abroad where lhe
divoi'i'o rain li nol half whal     il     in
here   ami   w.,Ililel    if   lhe   modioli     ufnr-
rnnging liitit't'iagOM an in thoro iu voguo
in bettor limn ours.
I Iiii onii'thinu In lho innl lor «ith
lu.'iii'i.tu'.' ill tlii- .-.mnle\ in undoubtedly IrilP, lllll llllll it would be
improved h\ paronln lakiny tl"' matter in I. in.I  ,    .1 .|iii" lion.
It' i.'i.'i'jii     women  liail  lhe iudopen-
dei f     lhe   V11101 lean girl  or     lho
tr i'i    in.timi- of  rality,  per
Imi.-  ihere  would  be 1111111,1   moro     .11
\ "i ee    i       noun,      Many   thitigH  aro
winked at over Ihere lhal would nol
be i.ilernteil here,
Without   .h.nlu   i.hi.a   heads  nre   bet-
i. i   able  t II  whether  n   man      has
11      i : ilniMiiii.ii.  in make a girl hup
p\   lh in .11.  inovperieiii .'.I l:ir I  han  hor-
nelf.      I'aienlH    kbow  Iheir ilnnglitcir's
pring,  when  it   lillern   '" ;'-  '''">   know   Iho world, and the)
|..,|„. |„ iho -mall .'reek   '■"' ehoom> ill eolil  bl I;  wheroaa     a
hiiil.liri'.'   I                 ______H   "'"'"'• llll'""-b  I        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 'I'l urlier a slarl in mndo  lhe better mining from   Ml.      lievelsloko.       Tho B''"l whoso hourl han ben,me inloroalotl
vrtVtli*. MuOABTEH                     n.jn i„. ,.,...ili. and ll lieen    dioiild lumping     ground-,     mi  Millor'n  I'.nl, rm-cly slopn lo think ol anything Inn
I                            AS" HlNh-HAM,  he |h|h|| |im) ^ imUUici| ntmeV      ^ |lr|iili (||iviih     ,nlM  Mii|||   Mjl(, ,,lwfc ,„,,, ibolinaiionn.
lAttHlBI'KBB, <1ULICIT0BS, JHT0.          ^   [U   ^^  q(  ^  ^^.^    |]ii))m.t. mi|   ,h|,  ,',llllm|,  ,        ,,  ,„„   ,,„„. M,.,,,,,I     Hn;,   in   Ihe  allitude   Inkcn,
|,o onlereil  upon and ample   all'pel   lhe  llriilce Creeli  -apply. ,'J'i'itl,\   eonseiontioiifl  nnd  iinRelflsli  purlin,,. ,'ivon for nrransring lhe manj  do.       I'iie (' il  i- e led   In  full er'odil   <"»*   l'i'obabl,\   ,1 ako  n  wi rhoi.-e,
|>ir  hiai.     ANK  Ul ItUINO ll«V»L
.I,,.,., ii.'), inenl -
Shamrock Leaf Lard
Imperator Hams mid liaGim
Dairy and Creamery Butter
Mince Meat
Fresh and Smoked FiSli, (All Kinds)
Eggs Strictly Fresh
P. Burns & Co., Lid.
.. -,.  Uol  inl'K'i
,|      ri.Nkll\M
tteveli mii.'
II (!.    ('riiuhniiik, H, I'.
J, A.   il vir. BY,
I '•;',..Iirn.'l.
tail- of Hn' undertaking.
,|.\    I    ,.    ...v.ll.1..-.
I.,ii nstel'
ii  i ir, etc.
id  m-operation of  Ihu rili'/eiis  in it- ""d  ''"' Ijb'l  i- -.. Ii''..iiuhi  up thai nho
  endeavor  t.. provide  lhe eilj   vviih      a neepplfl  it.
IHI;   SICPAJIATIRT < 11V, In     watpr nujiply.      I'liai in ad-      '''"' !l I" s" "■''>' In Ihin world, with
duo eaanol   lako np lho Onlnrio pa- mitiedlj   one of lhe nut  and ''- worldly  views,  for olhor eonnidern
,„,    al   i nl     wilhoul  finding     in need, of Hie eity, bin  il  vv I appear 1|"'" lo erpep in.     Honey, uoeinl posi-
ii„.,,.   I,   Ini   „f   rubbish  aboul   lhe  mi Ihi    i,  obtainable bv   ,,  ■■ i-.,.!.i.-.l dovel- '''"''  :""  '"  inlluei    lhal   nival  polo \   lioinu     n  poliey  of nopara- opme t  tl liven ol supply aloiiB n,nsl   anronneiously    ilToel   oldoi hoadn,
lion,  Siieli  ;,  represeiilalion     of     lhe ti'"    llloeillowael     Vnllej   between    Ihe wh" Ull"u   'lu''r Milne,  or  think    ihej
|,,li,v      i-  a   delibernle  misrepreseuia I'il.v   and ' m. .lv   Pioek,  -.. thai a-  lhe ''"•  '" every-da,\   lifo.  When   Ihey      bo-
Hon •:  fa        i       n   I '<■■■    npuloiis eil>   u'rown,  ihi,     . i   ,, .tend " ""'   the  I'lilinc   motive  in   ihe  ,.h»i--
.,  . A . ,,,, .      .   -a ul-' UoMMKRCB,
fn...   ,>    .- •      ul.VNK,  i.i'i'-
lt,i   .^i , '.vi'.I.M'nSi:,  B.C. ,„,;.,     ., .   i   ro  I    lo  stampede lhe  wl    and  nildod     lo t'lndiiallv   will i   '"  "  husband,  ri iislom   i    doi-iilwllj
I pi,. ,.'  i    i   d,r  wiih a  li.'.    li     lho   I he   --in   of pbiUL'ini;   into au  im-   ''"'•      ''  '"      ll[ 't1''11-  "I marriagi
"'•'■'''    "i;'" nioihe li be.'.-iiiii' pliui.'.-.l  in  an mouse   and      exlriiviiunnl   iindortnkimj   '"'  " '•<•nvonioii.ii or  .-,  hmler.
I'i,,v,iieiiil Land Surveyor, In.han     nnuiiri a- stow  nol   irn| I   ol  all  proporiion  lo   lho  liiianeial      ""  ''' I''1' ll""1  lh''  "','1'1,
MinluK&iuveyor |)a))|      , ,,. ,      1(, ,
110,    ■• : M.-'l'i'lvt
ipu  ii v   n(  ih,. ,.jiv .
ell   a      ihose   nl      Siilllll    \t'l i. ...       \n-
nlia,  \.'u      /...ilaii.l and oil	
minion- ,.i : he . inpire v Id l»'-
..rniii, front   ii iiiiet. will  and inoni
the  - i eolil   of  l'i it nill   hi.I  :i •
Great Paris Flood
\lo\ im:   pn 11 iti:s   \t i nr m.w
. io i .-
■    iin     ntael,   I'liiil
We  li.-,-.
i HI-, i\   I IIK.A'I UK
I ll'lllillll.
n.'i   in   vv   r he  v olItlL   pooplo  of   l llin
.'.'inll'V     plllll.e    into    li'i.'l'l.iL'.'    Illlerb
l'o,  nillos,   oi parealal  winhen   and  ad
. il'O   i-   IllnO    III   I Illl.'llllll'll      lli.w     I..
briilifo   lhe   unto  belw    in   a   dillioilll
pi .1,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        I'.-.r. nl-   mav    ;rv    l'.   - .lie   unald ihrir
"   irlinc  "a     1'ii'lav     and   Sutiinlnj   ilauuhlor  bv   boing    eiilai   as       In
.   al   Iho   N'W   l',n   Thoatro a  -uilviiiL.   Hie men  she  moot*.      [till   rhi-   i« wiu-
^^^^_ '    !• mo.' «,il  bo  shown  In n  iliivel   iwl   ,-, iv   possible   In   lho  freedom   enjovod,.l'    I,ml the Ml  ,„   „„..   ^   .y       ^'^    .^        ,.,,„,;„,
' •• «H1 bave Pi      ..       ,1        ■ lii      . I-   ,,„,,. ,       „    „„.  _,iv   |- ,.   „„/,„• o that she will mnm
'W'       h"   ""!   ;' ,'"''' ; ,"! ■    'I   Whioh   'r,",-.'l       |,_   III!   ,.          |,   ", i|v    i,        , .,,.   ;„„|   .lovolo,.
I "'i. i'l.'1'M.I   In    ll.illl        lhe ___■
Capital Paid Up        -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund
$3 500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents ami Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohcs.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
C.   W   0   w
I.I    I lll.'l
'  ,,.,.,   S-Jiiii,
i .       v.'i,,    Inken   good and
    lasles   thai   -he will  l.,v, lv   ihe
*w»i,.ii,».MC.im0ito.ii) hl. I, , ,    ,, ; ""■"   " land      I ni...     Thoro will bo      n.
'   '   ';i   "   vV;',;;'^,,,,:!1    . '.-,.. '    ■      "'    'I*    h irrai.L'0 he,   „,„rrinBo.
■'■ So'nU. . ,      , '        I      ■   '     Her .,v Ii„i,,i   .ill   el       „,
\   ,   iiS, Con. <ui»».
,MO. 15, A  F. -h  A. M.
*Pi •• ••,!,'   : monl
_j    :      ■
.   !■--■
r.i- ■ >      ' -
iviv '
-    ■
Cm ihi-*
l,h"   ilw»«u'htnii   wisely a.  tin.  ,,;„,.,.. , ,|. with   the
' ' ■ '  "'     lhc    iHtlitimm!     n<!i  M       ,   lh .;   ,!„■ -ji.i'.
' ■     ■   i   ■  ■■     uwn hoftiM  hni : iptml  ilu* ilwiHion
11' KM •< P
:'.. v    '    '    -  ■     1    I .
•••-'*iri .
li   n
ie f_Datl-H3eralb
She  vvill   pi.; lv   iho  i,■ ■ 1 i   hind   nf
' mm i    In    ■      lme I      Thi- ,-
ottoi   ll        lho  Ki.ropenn Hay,  mil i.
il      ih   also   pievonl     ■ -   pn -.-in   hiHliiiin
klessb   inin  ni.u riiiioriy.
Uniform Code of Signals
Win  ■      .   '■'■     h   i    H«- r.i'i;    will
■ l)iink  ol   nun
i  it\   iln'  railway      com*
• I. '..  :        •.     i.n   -     ,M.'    *\ i fit
ii    In     mii   ■ liniipo.  By
i , mil   will        ll:l\ «'
all   i rain liandti
. i   .  im■-.' of
1     I'.  U,  will     ap-
i'ly   ah   ift*.triirlor      For
■ ■■     i linoi       In
'..;..■     '   " \       Iti
■  11 -■  i ul'".       Tho
i tnntitx      ami
lol   .   tli   '   id Iut-
■   !   ,
r« n iuiIk  hnvn  nl I
tl    ii i-i I'mlt'i*
"it nli»*. nnd in t'hnn-
..:.'     rt-il|
new.      Ii      ih
How S7.3B. Locomotives
Wit anii (irmor
Import direct from country ol origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
0".    ALBEET      ST03STE1      PEOP.
LP. Le Beau
I Corner Third 5-& Campbell Ave!
HorseShaeing _ Carriage Work a Specialty
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock 91 I
small advance on cost. It will pay vou to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
I     '
i, V
i rl
i \ i   >■ • r(.
.  ...
to  ihink  .il.'.ut
[or      tl.i   ni 1
11.,   iv,.. fair    nl   lhc
two    ' ■ u       hnvr   been i
, tin i   .  ■•■ ,      .i i
,. I. '    .r,,| n    Ml.    llpy|.|q|oln»   III-
, j______M__M
' ll   .
1 iliinno
r.      1.          I'
1.1 ,i..
 1       l.'l          '       1
l,\l... '                  II
'.!   .       i  irpel
lo iii.iii .'ir !..  :n |.i'i   .'ni 'l
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Garden, Field
anl Flower
Nnv i i i ow i rri vi n_; from our growers In K iglaod, Pranoe,
II,11 in I I'l'.nli and the United States. All tested as to
vii ility  • urity on arrival.     The heat is good enough for our
i  .    . ' talogue free.
will   In'   continued   at  our old   Rtand until May.
Vfter thai       l   wlocation, which will be announced later.
3010 Westminster Road
VANCOUVER.      -       -      6. C.
Advertise in The Mail-Herald -It Pays "ilAlll'll   2,   101 il.
Pii.e S
Our Milliners are home
from tho I'.astern markets
nnil will  be. (ileaned to Hee
vou.     They   have   Bome
swell new things in Ready*
to-wear Hate for the proB-
ent season.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Orders.JI
Telephone orders.     uj£?
m Send   the   ohildreo   to
the store   i ome yourself,
Have our  city traveller
call   nt   your    home   for
Silk  Underskirts
Where is the Easter gown that oannot rejoice
with a Silk Petticoat, when you oan have one for the
price of an ordinary cotton one.   We have 50 or bo
liiul must move along in the bargain procession.
They are $6 to $7.50 petticoats, and while they last
you can pick one at
Lingerie Waists
A score of new styles of Lingerie Waists and
Laundered Shirt Waists. Ihey have just fluttered in
dainty as butterflies, full of the spring newness that
the ladies find so fascinating just now. ' Juito elaborate many of them, with various rich combinations of
Plauen I.ace. Pointe de liuise, Mexican and other
styles of embroidery, but moatlv around the price
most laciea like to pay
$2.50   TO   3.00
Wash Dress Fabrics
The stocks of Cotton Wash Press Fabrics are
mountain high today. This spring more fascinating
than ever. Never have the clocking looms turned
out more attractive designs. Never before have col-
orists brought out such dainty colorings. Yours to
enjoy, these pretty Creponettes nt 2oO. These dainty
satin striped Poplins 40c. Sheer Pontelle Swiss 25o.
Shontangs 'Inc.   Batistes 25c.   Perline Lawns i!5c.
From time to time wejhave demon-
strated our willingness* and j 'ability
give you a Bargain in all_our^Depart-
We do not run^a Bargain Store'or
Jew shop. All goods are marked in plain
figures at the price" wejintendgthem to
be sold at, which is a fairj merchantable
price in any market.
But occasionally we have stocks which
we find too heavy to carry in their respective line, then we resort to the knife
and cut the price to hang them out. In
instances such as these the profit comes
you're way.
Look carefully through_the  list, sure to
be something interesting.
Mixed Groceries !
Arrived to-day ono carload Mixed Groceries
including Dill Pickles, Sweet Tickles, Sour Mixed
Piokles, Sago, Tapioca, Evaporated Fruits, Canned
Peache-, Pears, Apples, Rhubarb, Pumpkin, Blueberries and Pineapple. Beans, Peas. Tomatoes, Corn,
Raisins, Currants, Breakfast Poods, [j Canned Meats
of all kinds. Canned Fish in every variety .HI n fact
everything that is needed to make our steck complete.
No order too small, no order too large. ^U'e have the
goods.    We can lill it.
Fish Department
The Lenten Season is now on and we are again
to the front with a  full  line of Salt Fist,    Give us
i 1 • i ■ I ■ ■ i I i, i , ■ v • i I di', v ■ • i ■ i ; i v ■ y i :i
in the Fish Department. We have a nice line of
Labrador Fat Herring that we can recommend. Also
Salt t'od Fisli from the Maratime provinces, that are
extra choice. Hull nd Herring in small keg-. S.ilt
Snluion  Bellies ami S ,ii Mackerel.   When you want
Lettuce and Celery
Always a nice stock  of   Lettuce  and Celery on
hand.    Fresh and i_'oo,l at reasonable pricts.
Black Feau de Soie
All Silk and Mousseline Satin
finish. This item of news ought to
bring a few enquiries to the Silk
counter. Beautifully dyed a soft
deep black. Bonnet's French make.
An actual 11.25 silk for
75c. per yard
Japan Taffetas
While looking over the Silk Block
we lind we have a lot too many
•lupan Taffetas, so down they go.
Vou can use some of them for Waists,
Little (iirls Dresses, Suit Linings.
Vny color, 27 inch, wide, t',0c. silk at
35c. per yard
Pure Cotton Fabrics
Irom Merrie England this week
arrived a deluge of those famon- pure
cotton fabrics, such as Long Cloths,
Mandapolaines, Nainsooks, India
Mulls, Splendid cloths, no Starch ur
dressings. Ready for the needle.
For Ladies' and Children's under-
muslins they are supreme.    Prom
10c. to 525c. per yard
«_£i__r^=_1i    [r^ ^d
New York
If you go to New York or any
other metropolitan center, you
will find the best-dressed men
wearing lhe same Regal Shoe
styles we have on sale right here
in our store.
are famous t.11 over lhe wc:!d for their exclusive cu ,tr m style and quality. The new
models embody every fa; I ion-feature found in the most expensive custom footwear. Morco\er, Regali fit like made-to-measure shoes, because they are made in
quarter-sis ea.   Come in and look over the new Regal styles.
PRICES:    $5, 1$5.50,   $6,   $7
C. B. HUME C& COv Ltd.
House Cleaning Helps
The House Cleaning time is here
and we are here also with the goods
yuu need:—Brooms, Brushes, Wash
Tubs, W'a-h Boards, Clothes Lines,
Clothes Pins, Washing Ammonia,
• lothes Blue-, Pearline, Washing
Powder, Gold Dust, Soaps of all
Kinds, Mops, Window Cleaners, Old
lutcb Cleanser, Bon Ami, Sapolio,
and Lye. In fact we have the goods
that makes play of Wash Day, and
makes House Cleaning easy. When
buying House Cleaning floods
Get It at Hume's
Scotch Flannelette
From Bonnie - itland ^urno
stout dependabi flannels and Flannelettes have arrived  to gladden the
heart and warm the body. T, is is
th" Flannel Seas in \ little caro
111-4 now in keeping just warm
enough will b, the best insurance
against Spring i    le
A special Scotch Flannelette,
lovely colorings, soft Qnish at
10c. per yard
See lhe Kloi'tric Coffee Mill —
a grand new "llobart" machine.
We can «ive you genuine steel cut
coffee, either ground or pulverised,
in it minute's notice,
Fine Art Sat
lor curtains or upholstery work wo have a showing of Art Sateens that
are attracting attention. Such pretty colorings. Such dainty and quaint
designs ara not usually seen in goods at this price.
An English Cloth at 15c. per yard
You may lind a mistake in
our accounting, let ua know if you
do. We have installed the linest
ollice system possible and are doing
our utmost to keep apace with the
times. You can help us if you let
us know of any mistake that might
J T*ajro fi.
MARCH  2.   1910
C. P. R. Activity at Calgary
Tin' 0, Y. It. will Bpend upwards ol
ol lho province was, for tho coast
4511,(1(111,11011 foot, and for tho mountain
mills 320,000,000     loot    or a total "f     ^^^^^^^^^  _________
  76fl,0l)0,000 foot, vnluod at H_.000,000;   $4,000,000   in tho provinco <,f Alberta
Infimitori      [vnondihlPPC      Tn al approximntinB     I1"'  flguroB lor  1007,   during  tho prosont your, exclusive   ,,f
uUlM-l-D      lAJIBIIUIlUI-0      IU HI  ,i„, ow  yonr (,„• Uritish Columbia,   now   linos,   extensions,   revision     of
Uonnlu IB nnil WW v1'"' 8*1(1,000,000    foot, and 100,000,000   grades nnd tho high lovol bridge     bo-
NEuTlj r|fl)IIUll)llllU (,,,,,  ■„, exvom ol  11)08. At  tho jirrHont . twoon Edmonton and Strathoona,
,     . i   inn.' tin. outlook i^ so fnvorablo ns ti,     In Calgary alono thoro will bonbon!
Hon.    W. .1. Bowser   ««ivoro       "   anticipate thai the produotlbn of him-   j(J33,0Q0 spent.     Among tho Improve-
Budgot Spoouh on I'riduy■ liwl   "'"ll'a  ,J1M. (|ll. lUin wjn exceot| that ,,f    any   ments announced is (h,> addition     ,.i
crowded    houso and galleniw. io .qus y<jM |n (li(, , |s|m.v ()( BrilWl i       0, lh(, wljJgI ((( ,hl, m,w gtft_on
speech  w„s „ raurvollou.   pi' ntation   Columbm building nl a cosl of 880,000,
of tho liiuiii.' allalrB ol lho provineo, phc-DUCTJON OF VKAIi. |    \  now     machine shop will bo con-
» rovlow ol ii    progrosi   in all     Uoios |    Wiinllfaitliri,s  $30,000,000  Btrtiotod nl  .. cosl  of about 820,000.
,,r industry, and nn unnlysa    oi     io   ^^   24,000,000 i   ].;„■ Bomo timo the wani ol n moans
wnyn  in whioh il    Future ilovulnpomnt   | ^^  12,000,000 10f londlng heavy miioliinory has  been
' ■>" >"' Inlolligontlj  i" lo Agriculture     8,800,000 '_roally full, bui  in this yoar'a appro-
<» " ilimBl M'oioliiiii-'"-. ""ai    ptaherioi     8,000,000  prlations     provision is mndo for     u
ling *7':'-'     """   "'■'-"*•   ''"",,   Total  882,800,000  ccnno to be constructed in tho   team
idorably     more tlian liidf, is allottoO delivery yard.     This  apparatus   will
to the building of pormnuont highways |      ...      _ .        ..... havo suOiciont lifting power to pii
Lhe heaviest of machinery on oars,
Wallace,      Idaho,   Mar.   I    [t is osti.- "
..duration falls for 971^7-1'J. The ro-
[^i ad'uiy of lhe ci\ il son ico, ami tin
tn-'i- n> expansion of both lhe inside
and i-ui iilr Horvice results     in   some
Idaho Town Swept oft Map
matod thai   l«o nro dead in tho aval
A f reign I oar repair simp will     also
bo provided for so thai dlsablod and
__        . ., I nnoho, which after     threatening     tho ] damagod oars may be put in good ro-
.noronsoa   in    he departmental  appro  , ^ ^  ^  ^ ^ descended  pair wilhoul bring Bonl abroad.
I"5"1 9-  al"'     ,"''" '9 \" T;  ;.,r     'at  11.30     Simdaj   night, with a roar.    I'liuis arc prepared for a  new freight
,nKl TT"" '" I '" \ ,1l__ ,'loi     hoard i„ Walla,,.' burying tho (own in  ya, is I     of    tho Elbow, with a 24-
tion following the marvellous dovclojv  it^h stall round     houso     adjacent.     This
moat ol tho province.     4. number _ ol ,    ^^     q{     mon woro nwo_o_ed yard   is    to be of   tho    hump design
'"I""-'      eommiss n aio provm their bod8     in Wallace hy Are   which is considered ns  the best of nil
«„r,   to   investigate questions   vital  to ^     ^     ^    thB oxtont of    the   yard layouts.
"'" "','"    ,'"B          7"'"Vv"in,nis,,l   catastrophe booon.o known.  A  special ■   Tho tracks leatUng into tho different
.^cultural grant is "SS£nOT          I train left  Wallace just  an hour   after sidings nro all arranged so  that   tho,
', r„ i„ •„,  I tho lirst warning and a Bocond     train run down grade,     This greatly fncili-
Mr.  Bowser anticipates n largely    i                g     ^      Httr_wnw „„.„ throw tales switching, breaking up and clan
,,,,-,.,1 "'v""'"'    "'"" , .'"' "" '           ,,.„.„ ,!„,,. Btolw ,,„| ,,iv, away picks sifying cars as il is onl,   necessary for
v,->   <• ,""1"'' . royaltios, sucoossion                            (.          ^  ^.^ mnn ^ gwitohing eM(,in|. lo |,,m, the ,..„.,
duties and taxation gonorn ly      lhe™  ^ ^  ^ ^  ^    ^ ^ ^ a, ^ ,„„, , . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
"" ",""     «",! ,nn    ,  vvill,     i,   is   tog working fovorishly to r uo those -vltuta down into place Ihe.nsolvoB.
. . r..... I    I lii'   S,   ,. ,^,i il n'   a I    vv nu ii       , i     ,.~ . , .. i ,
l1ir<t" '"    ' siill alivi. A coaling planl  nnd now water scr-
It-  track  down lho mountain     nide  vice and sand tower are also inoludwl
was swopl  olonii as a  floor and     its  in the progrnnmio.
ruin   wa-   liourd   for  milos]    New  truck  <onlos of the latest      nnd
^_ ' ,.    ,,    ,.,",  down the gulch.     Chinook winds and  mosl  approved design Imve also In,-,
t it..1 ii^ niii,'<i* cm     if  lneon   mmi                                                                                     ,                .        ...  ,               ..   .    ,
'•'"L " ,                                   , warn,      rains  Blurted  the  Burke -lido,   ordered   and    will  bo  installed  dun
norks of ilovoJiipinont   nro  nooossnr, ,
As ii stands,     however, the govornmont    i-\| is     to spoil,I s,,,,,,. 870,000
moro than ii  expect* l. tal..- in. justi-   donfonin
now. ,',,r,l thin   those work    themselv,
and    ii tore down lhc mountain   Bide  the yonr.
In lho matter of Rebeooo Harvey,
decoasod, Ami iu lho matter ol the
"Official Administrators' Act"
by order uf lliu Honor, .1. A. Porto,
County Judge, dated the Kith day of
February, 1810, George S. McCartor,
otVn-iiil Administrator for thai part ol
Eootonay County comprised within
tho Rovolstoke Elootoral District, has
boon granted Loiters of Administration
to administer all and .singular tho estate of lielieei'u Harvey, do,'eased, intestate.
lhal   all  claims     upon   lhe  said  estato
must bo sent in tn  tho said Administrator,   at   his  ofRCo,   Imperial      Bank
lllniiv. Rovolstoke,  B.  C, within     60
days from tho date horoof, aftor which
time all    proceeds will bo distributed
among tho parties lawfully  Ihorounto
Dated th s 24th day of Fob., 1010,
Official Administrator.
MATTER OF Till'. "Winding    Up  A,'t"
IX Till'.   MATTER OF    Metropolitan
Cold and Silver Minimi Company
ol Lnrdoau, T5, ('., Limited,,
t Num personal liability)
NOTICE  IS  lUiKlT.N   Given     thnl
tho District   Uegistrnr >>i tlii-     Cimr;
will on Friday, lho ISth day of April.
\.  I).   1010, at   the Courl   Itouso     in
the    City of Vancouver, in lho Province ut     I'.ritish    Columbin, al  eleven
,.', loci   in  lho forenoon, sell tlie     following described properties:
Schedule one us follows: "Triune"
Mineral Claim being l,,t 5(181; "Kamloops" Min."  Claim being lol 120ft; "I'.n
•    ,               increasing     in    velocit,  every  sorond,       \n    ollice  liuilding   to  aooommodate tcrprise'1  Mineral Claim being lot fili^j
will lend  tu lhe expansto     ,1  •'«'P«l«   |||itj| (> .    (| |jlinlli      mi..,  .„„, ., ,|,.,,f.    lho yard    furemnn     nml other oilioials -silver     Chief"    Mineral  Claim  being
l'1"'" ;'Mil     ,!",' '""'" l°n  "'  ""        '    ,,,„„. roar warned  ill inc.-     ol it-   also  will  he bnil w„  i„  lhe     east   ;,„  .-,,*,;   "Kamloops   Fraolinn"   Mi	
'"'-I ''»"'    ">.'■•(•"«' in ll."ioM'....e,   II                                              ___■        i    ...                                       for m. nddi- ^iu,.r„l claim boing lot ftllSft; all situ-
sued   yesterday    I" '    l'll"l<  '"','
in   rearlirie
in, iv.!-,   in   ill,'  revenue
Warnings   wen 	
"' ,''"' ''■'   ■    '"                      v   .,,,-,,-,    '!»•     oaiivon      lowns,  mar  eonoiiions u.imu rroigni      stieii   tor  the  liniulling I atu i„ uroup one,  in  lhe Wesl   Kootc-
11,0      ""'    '  '          "                     '"'I   were faw.rnble     for another bad slide of  all outgoing  freight.      It   will      he|„„v   lii-uin   ,,i  Uritish   ('..lumliia   and
»vith whioh s hi   inrnntc     ol      | ,mv    , •„, ul    nt. „| , i;ri„ f,,,   „   |,,,.lh.  ,„,,.  i,      i-   ;„',,„.    ,',,„„      |.„ko Mining Division,
S,i,'-"T-'      "' P  ■>■-■   "i '   ''"   "  L"'"    .„,„,„„ rend,  for oooiip„i.o,   lhe present freight   m,1„,m   to  a  inortgng ' o.   vevanco
pate of those sums the $(i. ."ll" silt   ,'"l"".',"'   •••■' '                            ""J
uilli/i'.l    fm- inbound
'""       __________________ ___________________
lo  «'ud>  f»r  P
SKt'ONI)   UiWN  ,r\ I.IIWII I'd.MI.H     shod      will   bo 	
l,,UB  '" ""'  '"»"">■.»"■'  « '" "il'        ,.,„,   , „,  ,.,„,,,   iB,      ,,lln|, freight.                                                         Uvhite „„d I), D,  Port*, dated lhe 21.1
er assets,  suel, ns  ruilvv.iv   „     igis.    ^ ^   ^   ^      .    ^ (]   ^  ^^       ^  _       ^ ;„,,„,::,.,„„,„.   ,.„„      ,H,I >f M^   A|u  ,,„„.  (o ^.||n. ,|„,|,a>.
'W '"" ''" ' ''"' |l";   „                     '   I,,,.,, doslri.vod bv a soo I avalanohe, .'umpletod tile First  street east      sub- ' „„,„    of -S 123,800    with intoresl     as
l.V'T                                               _____________■^■i^^^B^^H^ ^^^^^
.1.  ll    Ashdown,
Heavy fruit Crop
II   i    SI-'l'lTJI TII-'- [whioh i     aid  lo have buried il                "■'.'■   will I
Tl„.  sooui-i if  the  p,..v   o v '    »•"•'"'  •       '"  ""'ditj   a ""■   '
* prntifving     vogue    i.   ilu        n ini   ";  M;"" ■""l ,:  '    '' •'"'  "'"   !l",k'"
world. British foil ml,         n  ling ,l   ■", ' '•»>»«««'t'lw '"''■   have endungererl
the hond of the province    ii   lhal r,         ' "   '     "'    '     "        '   M'"                         ',l"   ll"' coming season will be   the
ml I'lii"  link i«n  "f Ma...  li. .    greatesl   fruit  year  lhal   British      (..-
A   total   foreign  trade  |io I      ...   1"i"""1   "'•" I"'1 ,..,,,.       lumbia  I i    e\ ,..  ,    ihe opinion
IIGU ami a  total produ !"";    "' huilding.    in    il.e   of     W.  K. Scott, deputy minister    of
«,f ;s|:'..*,. are among  t!■■   ■•■. idei        i I
in   c
• i ,
I ,.■ ii   1.1..-.peril
p, i,v in,','.
\.-vv   vviuiv  and huihliti)
f2Sfi,.r  mnl Biirvo,    >:!.'•.."in.
i:r\ ri stoki   kstim \; I -
The estimat,    fur th,   11        lul     i
triol   Iw'sido    lhe u
ies fm   iho ulli ■        it tl
■.. i.. I   . ■ •
f..r  roads,   trail.        I li
i ,1   boini   s'm
i ir\  ,'-, iinnU' ',.-,'
the 83ft ' Ul
i !„■  stean er '.   ■
al,..v.-   Rev,
I,-rev   ' oiutnhiii l?   '■'
!■ r . .     	
ted      Iti
v    ,'
Pruti   lion     I -
,,  . ■ ' imp
«    Mlii'
I     •
therein sot out; also schedule Two as
follows: New York Mineral Claim lie-
in:r Im 532ft; "Boston" Mineral Claim
heing, lol .V.-Jii; "t'hicneo" Mineral
Claim being lol 63"_T; "Montreal"
Minernl Claim being lol ft3-8; "San
Fruneiseo"   Mineral   Claim  boing       lot
^^^^^^^^^^ '.'J'J:   "Pail v i.vv"   Mineral   Claim   being
"'  "in,  Inserted  l.v   iiii   line«  .,;   agri   dliiro,      Lasl  your  ihere was     a    lot   S330;      "Metropolitan      Pmelion"
•h*'   N' l nd  Oregon li • nut  onl,   in  Rrilish Coluin-    Mine,;,I Claim being lol  3331;  "Chica-
'    iiii'.,'.'.        ll     h in .'I1  ill"  I',,  fi    States, go  Praeiion" Mineral  Claim being  lol
ii  I    '        I"-        *'»«       liuweve, the      re   3332;   all   sit,ml,■   in   snid   '11,1,11     Lake
mm  . and ,:' ii.."..  rj    tlining    Division  and     in snid Group
■'•" » I     '   their calculatioiH  it   one.     Also schedule Throe as follows:
wh,    havi   been tlirougli      Lol  7047  in said  Croup one situnte
trip 1 ivill   b, near Troul  Luke City in llic Province
I of British Columbia.
fruil   in j    The  said  properties   will  bo  sold   in
'I     v ,   •     three  lots,  namely  according   to    the
■    '-I    beyond   above  named  schedules;   twont,       per
'ii" questi, 1   of market-   cent  ,,i the purchase price of  the pro-
oquirei    perties   in each schedule shall  be paid
al   the  time     of -ale  and  the balance
within  thirty day-- thereafter.
Each  and  all  of  the said sales shall
be subject to the snmo boing approved
d   oniirmed by the Conn.
The purchaser     shall satisfy himself
aa to title and the <ni,l sales are silb-
jecl   to all registered encumbrances lii
Condition-  of Bale vvill be produced
■    ■   ■ ■ •   {rente I  1 are.'j
o tt  influx     of
U'i-   year,"
.   ■ 1.
i\ed I irn   1
poet to sei
Kootei lis,   at I lie 1 imo ol sale
Dated     at Vancouver,     IJ. ('.,  thi
ISth day of  February. A.D..  1010.
Official  Liquidator,
  Baker street.
Threatered Strike of Trainmen - ■ i,, av^i
,.    '. Ir   1910.
\   B. I'dl riXGEH,
I Distriel  Registrar,
at  Vancouver, P..  C
Shingle Mill for Sale
\    ir Uiil  Fm   Sale.   Rn-
lointer,  Pei kin   Shinglo
ine     boli.'i    oti     '  i['.,' ii>
\\ pi    ■'.
11 1   1.1 mr. 1.1: < 11..
Wigwnm, B. C,
■ 1 ■
< loppei
1 .
1 070,00"
Ujtoollanoo 1
.   help
, '.1 ,, Ml
aliin     fill
it i    quid
The  lumliii
ry   la
■1 ar    was
I n   h
'lhc u
rl,.- whole
I'hllBI    ' '       '	
up  the  mountain
1,1 elv  lhat ll
1 jpod oul  by  ii"-
V       I      .
,,.,,,    , nt
•'I 1 ",
11 d.
Vegetable and Flour
: I I     ' .  1 ; S
iii namental  antl Flowering
. I i 1   ,.')r.:
Be '    ai ieties of
KH,i.rri' 'i
Send for Catalogue
.1 invillr St.
V ill, oil'.,'
r 0
1:. (
, Your money
back if
does not prove entirely
satisfactory in the baking.
DON'T simply buy flour from the dollar nnd ccntsidc of it. Buy high-
quality flour. That nienna PURITY FLOUR. The Orst little extra
cosl i, move than nimle up by the extra number nf loaves of bread itniakc'-
l,y thu superiority of the lnend and pastry in sweetness of flavor nnd nourishing qualities, Buying Purity Flour is a safe investment. Vou get larva
returns, not only on account of Pn, itv's ability to produce more, but because
Purity contains the greater nutrimt nt and the vim of a strong hard wheat
flour. Food made from Purity Flour gives the consumer health, snap nnd
force, whicli cannot be gained from the use of the weaker null wheat lluui.
You can buy as li'.'.le
ns a 7 pound cotton kij;
or in 11, L'I, 40, and 08
pound sacks. Also in
barrels aud half-ban. Is
Purity may cost a little
more than some Qoura
but you'll find its 1110, ^
than worth the differ*
ence. To be genuine,
must bear the Purity
trade mark.
Office, Winnipeg, Man. Mills at St. Boniface, Oodcricli, Brandon
Revelstoke Flour and 'Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Barley,  Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
«   Tl    Iti      VS'S    KH*"    .«_?""*       "      :*
i-i B ::     '-JO ^S
I   J 1 JZJ.     t^    %*. •*»,  J» 11
Vj[ \ '  •     ^**^:.r
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Impioved.    Flrst-Class in every respect.    All modern oonrenlenoe*
Large Sum pie Kooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Tinsmithine, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  Furnace  Work
Connaug-ht Ave.   -   Revelstoke
For Sale
Onsolino Launch, The Tonka, 21  ft.
ny  and    : 1 n    horse    power engine.
ood  a    now, Delloit  built. For  terms
anil particulars v.rite to Box 73, Rev-
litoki 3.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Moving Pii iui,'-; tonight.
TAKE    Mil ICE iliat I Intend    to
make application to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police Ioi a transfer
ol retail liquor license ol the Kv>i
Hotel, Camborne, B, ''., now held by
me   to   II     0,   llllll'
Dated U1I1   16th day ol Feb. 1910.
Imo. .1. A. TIIKW.
Moving  Plotnref  at  the New Edison
Theatre tonight,
Moving Pictures to-night.
In lhe matter of lho estate     ol tin
late       Tlia.-'.   I'.       Nolri  ,   deeea  id,     .
parlies  who  have  any  bills   or  ,1a,1
against the deceased 0. Y. N.n, 1   an
hereby requested to hand iii the
in writing lo the undersigned on
before Monday, March Tih. 1910, altei
which date no claim on account    will
be recognized.
PAKE NOTICE that I Intend ta
lake application to tho Superintendent oi Provincial I'nlico for a transfer
of my liquor license of tho llcator
Hotel, Beaton. ll. C. now held bj
mo, to J. A. Thew.
Dated this 15th day ol Fob.  1910.
lmol A. EVANS. MMfl'll   2.   1010,
rat;* i
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock gf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTWenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c/lccoimt Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
School Board
A special     mauling ol lho     School
Trustees   wns luilil yesterday morning
will, lho full liimi'il prosont.
A li'ii,',- wns rond from Q. S, Me-
Carter advising lho Board *o arrango
with lho City ('ou,,,il for a bylaw to
ulnao ,,|, il,,' lano through block B3
(lho prosonl  school block) aa this hns
mil h r ilim,' yot, and thon acquaint
pttnwn with lho fact. Mr. MeCarter
also b la toil ilirrl rr bylaw had been
passed si'in,' years ngo rinsing up
Wynne Slroot.
Mr. Edwards: Wo Rhould find oul
ir     tho    Dominion Ciovorninonl   lias n
f ho Inno through block nil and
ask Mr, II tCnrtor lo gel lho rights ol
Wynne St,
Mr, Tapping: V,-, Mr. Md niter i,
loo clover lo Ihrow ns into tho clutches of the Land Company.
Mr,  Edwards:     I  move thai  Mr, M.
i 'artor I"' asked to take up tho    matter with the Dominion flnvernnionl before dosing tho I-i,,,' and «co    if     lho
Dominion hns n I n it.
Mr. Mnnuing: 'Ihal \ ocm lil," ■ " or-
rilling Mr. MeCarter'    iudgmeat.
Mr, Edwards: Well, I will will,
i!,:i\\   ,,i\   in,,lion.
Mr. II,nn,inu: All wn ran do , In
:.' r ..ii '.i,,' -.!■_!.'.•■ .i'.ri of Mr.  M, i  n ler
Mr. llowson: I movo lini lhe Citj
( '.iiiii il  lie   re ;,i,' I..I   lo  im '■   ;,   In law
losing up 'I..' i.'i, ■ ,,i 1,1,,.1, .','. , tin
present  school bl, , 1.1.
Mr.  V g:     I   ,o, hi i  . he inoiioi .
i,.,,, better to have proposed the 1>>
law for  tlie school lir-i  before     Joint;
Mr. Manning: Vi\ will have to lm.v.
somo i,l,-a ,,i what v\,- ai,- going tode
boloro outning to tlio people,
i'i r.i.ic mlitim;.
Ii wns rl,',iil...l i,,   all ,,,
ing    i,,     dis, uss  il,,-    ituation at    •
early date und the i ling adjourned
Anglican Church Jubilee
Th.' celebrations of ,!„' Jubilee ( on.
memoruliou of tho   Ingliran Church in
B. I',  hnvo  ,,,-!  ',.ii"   ." an "ini     in
I.,,ll,I,,I,,   ICng,       A'h ,' ' -    .tat" lhal   ,,n,
could      not   help being  Btruck  by  the
numbor of people who were | -ml at
'l,"   er\ icos .,,,,! , ,,„    in this eon
 ii',,,.   ,,i,l  ii  i~ legitimate io ili.iw
il ,i" I , ...n   t hal   il,,'  appeal   ,,f  tfcr
I'a,' tt'osl   i ii   hel| ,.  Iilc ,i      to
Irani   il .mi,   clurg)      ,,   l     lo      f„o>
l'i in  '    In  "i'.i in..',    iii -i. with whicli
ii   has  i p.., has fired thu  imaginn
lion ..i I    i ii i.'i tho I":,-'    of   "lun,.I,
people   al    I,,,I,,,'.       TllO     ■", i'iIi,   storj
"f il," pnsl   fifty j. -ir- of , lun .1.  work
'I. I'" iti li C, ilim li    ■ i i I,  was I ighl
i ii i ,!•   In rmi    .     ,•    he i,'M inning   ..f
il I' '■' ,.i"i:     iu. I- |.   moirihs   ago,
hn ■ i oi   I,,'.-,,  lohl  .,,   ..,,,;.     The  Wo
Iher i 'I".,' I,.     f.,r  il . I,..,, ,,,'.   »ako,
like,  " n       eo  lo it th       i      . hem*
\\ hich  ,,  , -   i I is crown
ed with full     i |'|u      .       il  ,:
ill       .   I .   I     .,    lo to  | id ■   .■.   t.,!,■,!
i   .<.;,,.ii,,, f,,i   ii., U„J
" ■ dpi        ol     St.  Mn nlo ,. . '
,■ ,,   ;
I'nivci   it;   ..•  I':'i'i-!i 1 'nluni
Carried, i ■ . .     .       ' .    ii,,,,     made
Mr.   Manning;        While wc   ir i   'I'm":'  '!"•     i       i Seal       , quar-
ili"  question   nf   Ian" .   we   i.a.I    better   ''''' ,Jl     ' '        beci   collected,
I  iv,   il,.-  I; ,,,   rl.,'  I,l,» I,   on      '.'I    :in '  •'   ;    '"'"   I    I . ,■ ., In,   s   oi
reel  closed. 'I"' project   «..!    u   ipponl  lo ine gen-
Moved by Mr.  Edward ,   in nidi I li;    ""■   "'   "f ihe peo m, .     that
11Mr.   rapping,  that   the Cil., be   ''"'   '■ " ■• i     ilmenl
' nsl   ■:    ...    |m     n I-, law   i .       il"    will  I        i    luriiit    ilir   in «|    f,.w
   il," ml,   drool   111 " k,    Carricil.   ' >)•'
l'i"    ■ hop of Canter
bury   lohl   .,   Itev, i    ■,.„      w|,o
n • "• Imri-I    ia   I!,   i'.,
H I nd
Provincial Rights Defined
Fay Hospital Charges
Mr. Manning:     I rogrol we can't  r.
,i        ,i ,■ ,i     ivus visini     . immor. I,.
i.iiri  progress ,,ii   ih" sot 11- in.-in  ..I il." •
, ., .. .,-• wn"   tnkiiiL    il     ictivc       ..'.   '   .I,      II..
I,...!    rite   nllestion,       I nn"   ,-   going
,     ,      ■ , ,      '"i^'1
,,n    mnl   ,I,'in,ii" acl ion  •!    li" i nk
en ni  ,,ii,v.       'I'l,,. new   school    houlil
I,., -nn i,'.I enrlj   in order lo be   finished I.,     il." fall term.     «" have     im except  ,,n iiiii    Ireol.    I      saw
|   \h.      Millei   and      !„• advised  against
j,  building on tho present  grounds. There Ottawa,   M             \     ,,....   importaol
\  i. only ,,,„■ thing  i., ,1...  ", Iinil,I    .,, ""'en                                      ,,   ,„ ;,| ,i
\  block  •'-  if  il   '.in  !»'  bought   reason "'                           -"'            li  will !„• be
...  riblj. or .-ii llili   -uv"i.     Uni- lime   is '.'   Dominion
jj limited nnd ii  up tq tho Board to do- j'ind ■[■[,,
B ride by a certain dato «lint they   iu
|   -"ll,!  in ,1... '   itivc   I'll.-
Mr.  Kdwnrdu:     The lowesl   tho "■    lhe  Doi            . , .  provin
B" Compnii)   i    !    "" ■  down  to i    810, i.. rompanj
timi i- ii nm. i'" "rp,                               '            ,, |-;_g,
Mr.   Manning: ,•-;  wc  can  eitl '"■     '
institute     i lii'-'   to  expropriate Uii                                           ght here
1,1,,"I,  .",.' ..,   build   ■  -'1 1  on   'iii pni  •   dm      I                       .   >i|ioratio»,
M'l      I,   i< up I"  il," board i"   'I,- ;" whi                               ,,,.1  |]Mt    t\ie
.•i.i,. ,,i ,'""■. ..n.I  then "    '"     il"' ''il' -'"                                  .  legislature
people. ■    iment.
Mr.  Voung:     I  don't   i.i."  the   idea
of a school ..i, Mir    [reel.
Mr-. Mar.r.ii.. .     If ii," board does all
it ,.i,i In bring lho mattei   to a -.'is- rtim        .                   \  ;,iii ,,   it (,n.
factor)     ending,  ami  thej   refuse     to sent  li lore  lh,                      to attempt
sanction  lhc buying of block •",-'    ,n, lo    ■                                he problem   of
ly  they .,',,,1,1  nol  li" -,, unreasonable I                                              early    be
_h to block  a- building  on  Bill street. ,.- for      the
|    Mr.  Tapping:      I'  pi   pri  lion    maj hospital       r                            Ii  is now
cause Wail tooling, bill  lei  us lil>" men,   prn|  "pay
do our duty,     nnd wo can snap     out Ioi                             i             ind to  make
fingers ar  everyone.      li  wo enn     ox- I                               ..-.,,.   ., mag-
propriatc  1.1., I.    ■',-   uni   aliiw   a   fan   i-',,i"       '.■■ .,-..   young   men
profit i,, ,1," I..'in,I Company , ne have                                                  lulls
Irani.I   kick    a' '  '    ' '■ thi V   llBVO Ih«II
Mr-.    Yoiin      Uow     would    v^r    go  known   •• r arning .    ..'• wages. The
about expropriation  pro      lint legislation will     not appl       . female.
I    Mi.  Edward :     li  would ha'
bj   arbil utioi   ,-,,,,1 ... i  al i  SiVHl.
KXI'UOl'ltl \ I HiN
Mr.   rapping:        I     am |ierh ips  tin
,j -i   in.,,, ,,r,  ilir board In'  belie' Philadelphia. Mar.   '.     \i            •• sion
in whal i   ii,,'.     I v.ili   ii'l. oul ni)   of   ihun »i.\     l entreJ
i.l,..-i  ami iinnr  thai  «,' take tho ne- |..,,,.,,   I'nion   li.   >      ■"'   i  to call*
| nr.    ",'    i"  expropriate block  •".-' .ympu                              ! ••   :.  unions,
for -"!,,,•,I    |„ri|„, es, unless the 1 !!;,    tolegs-
Compan)   make "- a ial                   "■■ les claim    that   I.'",,"..., men     il]     r<^
lol tl,..     proporl,    will,in ,1"   •           ■ I., .         ■ •■    di,
■ I.n   . When   ,1."  i, ■ "ii'..   bi ,k,     |i   md  :hc
Mr.   Mi.   mi         I "I   i.    .                    "I .uni.;,    ...,,. im   m,.   iim i.    that      unless
ovel   ii"     i.n,      I>    •.!",' il„-   I'hiladelphin   i:                          Com
IN,, reply).   Wi    -i  leavo  thii   ,■,..,,, j ,                                                with  its
unanimous nnd I n k  thai  if il x- itrikinj                     b)   r, m   1'riday the
propi I.','...,, |,, '! , ■     do not go. It great,                                              I'hila-
the lionrd unnni     i,   '' ■ •           ,n • .i
i,. I.inl.l ,ni Sixth   ',""'.' 	
M,.  Edwards:     \Wi..i   liapiiens if ,        ..
,    ,   - , ,    , , "'" ■   ■ I
,,.■,,i,.. dor no  to Innl,I on  tno   pre ent ., ,     ., ,      ,
.     . , ,   , er    is
school  block! . ,, , .
,,     ,, „., ... ,     moro  in e\ i'l. i  e,      II. re in  -In-   uty
Mr. Mnnning:     Inn'  win novel     . .
,.,,.,. '1"'"      ire   logs    ni     ■ ,.'. r
«iiii ,„v • "ii ini, I will i" ign lirst.        i.i, ,    , ,    ,
, , .     lhal  belong  io   on bui   nobody
Mr.  Mow ion:     li   seem    lo lie     Hie .  ,
,  ,        eem    lo  tal ■■   are ol  Ihr m,   I hey nrr
prn| ,Jr -   « ,• I.    lo   llllll,I   oil   lilo. I,   .,'J   if ii, ,
' , , . ,,        ,,      "i'i"    "1 to bunt   ■  ■   town I n   il,
it       ,nn   lir   luiilcut    I.n .onallly. ll,r ,      ,      , ,   , ,
. .   ,                              I,,. -,i-i,,,a,,,',', and
.1,  ,    Im    i on,,,  now   nn,I   I,'   Us  I'" nni- .                ,  ,
,     .,,           , ,"l around. Non,..!-.     i                   an,!
ted  and    minnim,i,is.          I   "ill   second ,     , ,                      ,                  ,
,, , .      . .    , nolro.l.    own;   ihun    When    l',r   tn\   ."ol
Mr.    I a|,|,,,r inoil,nr.    I  a, i I0U. , ,
.,     ,.             i    j       • / ■    rector cornea along      ' an one   •> on
Mr.   loin,";:      ll   nnrsn 1. seem      Iui i-      ,,                            .                       ....
,    ., ,. .                     nlilv expe, i       -a 1, ,    t ,g  to br docile
to nm another building on Hi., present ,                              ,
, ,.    ,   .        ,   , ,,  .           nnd  of   ,,-.•   to   invbody.       Ihr      man
school bl,i"k but  I do not at  all lavor     ,        .,,             , '                         ...
,   „ „            . , who w ill nm take i", |st . ire   .1   nm
building on mii street.                                                                 ,,
,,      ,, , , ,.   , ... dog.  lh"  -iiuii   n    i"  would  n horse or
Mr.   I.dwnrd-:       1     would   have  lil..-.l ., ,     .      ..
, ,,    ,   ., ,       .    .   , nnv  otlni'   ii,,real    h.mld  ant K"rp      a
to  have  loon lilork  .|S  as  wrll   in.ludr.l ,
■    ■ dog.
in the expropriation.
Mr. Howson:     Vie don't likr paying      \  tew  of     RevelstokaV     Welsh real-
nny more money Ihnn wo can help.        dents      ,s,lcbrated      very      quietly St.
Mr. Edward.;    Would it nol    have  David'. Day yesterday.
General Stride Called Tagc fi.
m \ iii'ii •.'. nun
One Week More of Dur Coupon Sale
Saturday, March 5, Drawing Takes Flace. Mo will hold lucky Numbers
First Prize--Sewing Machine, - Valued at $55.00
Second Prize—Silver Tea Set.
Third Prize—Gold Filled Case Watch, fully guaranteed
Fourth Prize—A Grand First Class Marbleized Clock.
One Ticket for every 50c.  worth of goods   purchased
New Spring Goods Coming to Hand
See our New Linen Suitings, New Zephyrs, New Ging
hams, New India Linen, New Dimity, New Sateens,
Table Linens and Napkins, Ladies' New White Cotton
Underwear, New Skirts and Coats, Boys' Tweed Suits
Boys' Knicker Pants, Men's Odd Pants, Boots and Shoes
Just Opened 25 Cases New Spring Styles
ted for, A rrrllrl'i'll" stippor bris__hl n
voi'j  plonsiint ovoning lo a clpse,
\\     IT,   I'.l-on.   for  many  years   t fit ill
mn,!.! ,,,, tlio r. I1. It, I , nnd lulo-
lv rnnduelinu. Irom Kninloopa on tlie
pnssi'iitror inn. Iras I,i'i the I'umpuii.v .
lun inu In-in olVrrril lho position ol
train muster In tho norvi(.'U of tile U,
(.'. lil,"liir Hallway nl  Valii'iiiiver,
Thr Ski nnd  Snow  Si  Club woro
entrrtnini'd lust nlglil by Mr. uud
Mr .  Vi.  II.  I'iii11.     Owing     I.,     il,r
that!    ll,"   SHOW   shoe   tramp   WHS   lilmn-
douud, l,,,i   il,"   purl)     novt'i'tliolonH
spent   a l,ila,i,,,i-ly ploiinnul uvoiilnu
<li,a. bur, A \,','\ didnl) supper followed.
Mr. nnd Mrs l„ II. Iluolt who hnvo
li". ii i"-ii|ri,is of ilir ,ity f,,r a niimboi
ol M.n , leave Iniiighl f.,r \ nneouvor,
wlu'i" Ihey will inuke llioli futiiro
lion .■ Hut iap thoir rosidon, e hero Mi.
ni,,I Mr-. I',,,. I, and ihr fiirnil.v goner-
all). hnvo oroatod a wldo eitvlo ol
friends who "ill gronll) regrel 11n ii
,li irture, Mr, Uuck I,a lioon close-
I)   a   ". iatr.l will, mall)  ol the ritj
I,.. ,1  improvomenl  soli -  In an  "tli
rial    uipaiily. As  a   K,   of   I'    Mr.
I',," I, hns always had lho woltaro of
the locui lodge al hear! and it i- duo
t.. liim in a gronl Uioasltro thai tin'
Knights of l'j llilaa hero hnvo had
siirh -n,'.-rssful progross in tho la-t
few yearn, Thr good wishes ol nil
Will L',, with Mr. uiul Mrs. Un. k in
tltell*   lirw    spllrrr.
Poulei    nre ,.„t  arounil  Ihe , it)   an
nn,ll,,'i,,,.'    llir    \",,n ,','-;>, \        il'    ,.t      Ml
I .<■ 111 <; 11,   lY   i "
Itcniemb, ,   Fi iila)   nnd   .- iiturdny   at
Un.  New   I    . >   ■ ■ In'.  " n ul
I'nri    I
I he  riniiiiiil    i" ii rr)   ,,|.,'nin„
will bo  lirlil  in     lho '   I)    ibo it      the
mi,1,11,'  nf    hi    ,n..nil
Tl,,-  ,.    il , nl hi)   n i ii,,'   ,.i  lhe
II„ ird nf  1'riiilr will I,,- hold  tomorrow
in il„- i 'it)   Iinil  nl   - p a,
l\ee] ''"' d lie in mind Si .lolim
Ten, ' lllin ,. , 'I - ,1" ul work, Mar.
ISth   ul   Mi     l "
'I he nh.i, t i,l niiu'lil iiddn, In
I'm nngi'li i ■      I ' Iti ,"l ir.  tli"
Moth nlist I'hunl iiii li      \  r,.,
,1,-i'i' I,..   ■
Two      hiiudrod      ti' .1     lv ei now
nhovi Iln       nn   lh,   Chi   igo  N- '
i", I,  railroad      rut'!   ft, ■■   pn; nud
■ rn,
Tl,,.   lti,shop  ..f   I .   ulon    m ,1,1- .
I ■      I
laa.l   in   11.  ('., Itrili
is n glorio uuti      ll I
I ., I onl N
I.on,i-.h    I imo .        •    ■
pupei    produrod Now
.,n pi pun
To those who have nol yel {riven Purity Flour a trial we
would Buggest you doing so if you wish to i rocure tlio best
as we absolutely guarantee every suck. Your money refunded if nol just whal we represenl it to be,
We have a full stock of the  leaciii j '1   Tens  and
Coffees and can offer you tlio besl vs! •• iho market,
ranging in price from $] per lb. to '■'. 11 s   ,        us a special.
Your Insurance
£et Kootenay Agci
s, Ltd,
Successors 10 K   - ..■ <•■■   nn
Ir   w
i    r. i.
tl fatar
will   • .
,      ll,"
■  I.,,,-
1 of many ol
- ■
- .1
I M. R. Notes
Tho niiriintuiv Hflo i*nuge bna boon
equipped wiih four tuugstcti Intnpa
making shooting much easier on no*
counl  cf lho incronsed lighl,
Two new win office patterns J- > 'nl.
rifles have been iccoh ed,
Nexl Thursday tho Hhoothig for lho
aggregate season prize will rommenoi'
to lake placo weekly. W. M. Uw
renre ih putting up lho lii i priTo, nnd
two miniature rifles will be given f"i
2nd. and Uni. place, Nm lean lhan fi
shoots will be allowed oul  of  lhe S.
Oulj I hose who attend ;i suflieient
number oi drills <,ui qualify for in
Fpoftion and < au I"- exempt froni t lie
poll  t:i\.
The new uniforms aro expected ihis
Lieut,  l.nrtc    is giving  u  handsome
pocket  knife  aa a prize for  lhe  winner
uf  the weekly -hoot.
Tho following aro Thursday's scows:
Pte. Young  28.
Lieut,   [Tarta   -■"».
Sorgt,  Smylho -25.
Col. Sergi. Donald   22.
Se 'j i. i lamer   22,
Cup.  Meek   IS.
Pte,   Ponton    17.
Lieut. Ciraul    I I.
Pie.  Wiggins—12.
Pte. Young won the knife for lasl
h i^ more limn likely lhal a church
parade will be held w* soon nn the
weather permits. It is to In- hoped
lhat the bugler* will attend the week*
Ij pi .u'i i,.'. ivgularly. Scrgt. Suiytho
report -  the drummer    have      be-
c< ■  etlietcnl   nnd  readj   Lo  lake    the
it   i   . :it  ai,\   time.
Anniversary Sale
Mass Meetinq
There will !„■ a Mas- Evnngelistii
meeting in ii," Sen ICdison Thentre on
Sunday night, March (Ilh, a\ 7.30
o'clock, under i!," leadership ui Revs.
1 " und Reed. Full notice Nill
b ■        -   i urd c. '■  issue.
Sportinq Notes
\s     lii he n s nme ol tlnskel
(tym.   i,am  vs     liie
I,  ■  '    linte .       'llii-    -v%i11  bo wurlli
... ia I In   i "i ley   hon lei -  plaj    nn
"a ■,.(.   I'l,i- i- sure   lo
.',,.- .' .,■ the    i " latoi -
Aaxctive Cold Cure
25c. a flax
Bews' Drug ci Stationery Store
'.I'M HI   Ml     III ,"   K
w     lil-i, H, ll.   i.   |IK
St. Patrick's Day
'.;   lh.    I,',.,,,.,,   ( ntholir
■.   i'i..    iii,'
' d ■,,-
M iri-h   IT I,
li.- -
1  i    I run' r,,,',,,
\    |".    M
pi  . tin
Ol   his    Irisl,
\fl. ,
•,   ■ u idet     I h, „
I alli
...       It is linen
d womei      quartern I •''
i hi       rppliei   ,, Ion .     I. - |.,
' . '   home >,,,  I
Ily    not     ki,,,\ii '■ .-.'i,   i i !," dainty  pri/.     wen   I...
will  i",.
uiil     11.'
i   .       Orrln   ti ,
I   i i
■I il 'i,.a,ilil..
1   li    ...     ..   '.ii.ri  ,,!    |ho
BO .   .',.,.1
i       ' i    Ruli    l",   Ui.' .,,. itiim, lold
nt  \l icdonald    Di
For Thursday Only
W Cur Fourth Anniversary Sale is in full swing and
I lhu buying public arc taking full advantage of the money
fc saving opportunities we aro offering. Every day we arc
I selecting some good staple line <>f seasonable goods and
putting it on sale at prices that will quickly close it out.
NolhiiiK old or shoddy, but the very iiesl in its line.
60_incli full bleaoh Table Linen,? pretty designs, at
35c.^pcr yard.
f" 687inch,rfull^bleaciilTable Linen,   very handsome
|| patterns and[extra fine finish, at 45c. per yard.
66 inch Satin Damask Table Linen, an extra good
Jj"?quality, at the price of an  ordinary grade, 70c.
per yard.
Table Napkins 18x18 in., in  pretty  patterns, 7">c.
per dozen.
Table Napkins, 22 x 22, an extra good napkin with
a fine Damask finish, for $1.20 per dozen.
Watch Our Advertisements.      Watch Our Windows
rjojav.-ic;: .o,c3 p • • c o o o s/
HavcVyou tried the Robin Ili»„l brand? ll
makes the wliltest'.and I ightesl^breud ol am in
the market. We uae ii in Uie making ,,l our
bread. Try alloafand you will be delighted.
Can be obtained in J5. 50 and[lU01b sacks Irom
G. W. Bell
P..O   Box 208
Phone No. 23
A nice and varied stock of Ladies' Spring Blouses
just put in stock at reasonable prices. Your
inspection of this shipment solicited.
Mrs, A, G. Crick • First Street
Opposite Windsor Restaurant
Police Court
,   | i i" ared before     J. 11
' on, ll'., ,,n Monday ni_li1 on u
charge ,,i tin horn gambling in lhu
\,. t. i, i,  hotel,     Information wai laid
h)  the i hiel ,,i Pol ,
a ' , ;    ided nol guilty    at
:.,    iiiionded hit plea to that of
wai Dnod ^36.00
iii ■,   ■        I'he I i„  v a   paid.
Gran iphomn  md ttici rd   al     Uae
donald'    DMg  Store. If no!  In stock
an) thing you want.
.,,,,.■ . ,, [.. ■ i', ,. .,i Howion'i.
Ilriv,. I,,,., in jtorV (., lome tin,,,
«ill nil   ,t a bargain.
March Salo of Carpets al  Howaons-
Sane   itooil   bargains in dwelling
conveniently   located.—II.   N, Coursier
Si. Patrick*! and Easter p,i>t cardi
nice polectinn  to choose from  at   Mai
donaldji lini:   Store.
Sec thnt pretty llrint/mun Piano i,
Ilowson'a furniture store al 910.00 ,
Now supply typewriting papers, rib
lions otc, just opened at 0. R. Mac
dimnld's Dnn, store,
After buying furniture in the eaFt
nml paying freight a citizen frankly
acknowledged ho could haVe done bet
tcr iu llowson's store,


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