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The Mail Herald Oct 8, 1910

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• " N
"Empire" Typewriter1
For ense of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $G0.
1 Interior Publishing Co., Agis.j
I A, *i£.
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company |
Vol. 16-No. 79
REVELSTOKE, R ('. OCiOBtiK 8, 1910
$2.50 Per Year
WE'LL ^Kfc&£MiL£
w, m mm
jqiiiinr.lt,  over  tho question  ol    Fed-
, i ,,i pal ronage Iti    lr,  Jarfllne's constituency,  wns    i,'l in1:; i-if (his    week
i the public worl . *l* | artmont     of
A Fine Structure, a Credit to^6n™torla p0Bt oraco-acoordlne
City Enterprise
Rapid  rro.-ri fss la boing mndo with
i ne i on  Sixth street, anil
the i* ioIo mnl Prado-
l ni, ,**.ii ci io iin * I- i I** work rom
iij Dei mbi . Aulii.ii* h Un*
.i. ; ; lie iiov i li ■! li.is been tho
il ol ..i'i. h bitter warelaro be
i wi. .i i In* i iii,**'lis ii in rally, and
the tact that it is built at the
edge ol the city limits boing a very
Bore point with ninny, it must. bo
admitted that during the year a
; ii e ii* mber ol new residences bave
mi nii*i tin- vacant lota aro
gradually being improved by tho
erection ol handsome structures and
modern houses. In the last few
nil.nihil over f.nine, n dwellings bave
been erected in the vicinity ol the
'new school, and building generally
in that direction ba< far exceeded'aU
previous years
The now school bouse stands an
Imposing pill', which, when completed will be a credit to thc city,
and to tbe architect Mr. W. King,
and the contractors. Tho design,
while  exceedingly   plain,  strikes    the
icos from Victoria today.
Mr. Temploman rotiisod to entertain tho objection mado, when Jar-
dine, springing ovi r Lho counter ol
lh I in jr. struck llu- cnliinH minister
a resounding blow In the chest, Tom |of tbe Revelstoke people     and     tho
North o? Revelstoke—Syndicate
to Operate Next Summer
,lu~t now tho development of     tho
Big Head is uppermost in tho minds
I! iman stepping hnck swung a Mow
at his opponent 1 ii missed and Jar-
1 :* with a :*! raighi loft to lhe faco
...i.i his adversary to tho iioor, with
blood pouring trom bi« nose.       Tbe
turning of tho vast resources of thnt
rich country to practical commercial
use. Whilo on tho subject of mica
a st'ii'., of .1. l'\ Moo.lie's claims
having appeared In our last issue, it
fight was continued on  the     ground will probably interest tho public   to
until tho Bontestnnta wero liiinlly sop give a brlcl resume ol other claims
united     by   two  othor  Liberal    sup- staked  not  far  from  those    now  be-
porters who happened to he witnesses Ing   developed by tbe Big Bend Mien
of  lbe combat. Mines    company.         The claims      in
Mr. Temploman  is contlned  to    bis question are owned  by  \V.  1. Briggs
houso    recovering     from  his  injuries an.l  ilus  Lint*.!  of  tbis  city,  and  nre
and tho loss of dignity which be su- seven  in number,  each embracing an
stained. area ol 1500 by  liiiio loot.     Samples
  of  the mica taken  from these claims
which were staked about three yenrs
ago,  prove  the  mineral  to be exeep-
  tionally  clear  and  well  sized,    That
  on  the surface is not of great value.
,ji     ■   ■      ii     ii          , but on going down into the ground a
Revelstoke Lain to oe Honored short distance the mineral tB wen
formed and found in enormous quantities. Winn the mines are in proper working order their operation
will iiicui an in unions increase to
thfl mineral production of the province.
I W. 0, Young, the eminent mineralogist, In a recent report laid before
the owners is convinced of the great
possibilities ol the claims, and when
tbe new wagon road is completed
round Death Rapids and a steamer
placed  oa tbe river above,  the pres-
To -cl Jit
One of the moat  Interesting      and
  i.iipi'Hitiit   i r.-siiifntii n.i  ever      made
eye at once by its handsome slmplie ii  Revelstoke will  be held      tonight
ity, th*- brick work  being relieved by in the     Edison Theatre, nnd it     is
the  cement  block  corners,      window hoped that all who can will   attend,
lacings,    roof coping, etc.    No more Mr. t'.  J, South will     present     the
suitable  style  of architecture    could bronze medals of the British    Royal
have  been     chosen,     every available Humane  Society  to the  two      boys,
space being utilized, and the Interior Calder and Hodstrum, as a     reward
mi.!.: ements  being  such  ns  to    se- ,,; theii  bravery In saving tiie li.'e of
cine  thfl  best accommodation        for   their playmates,     who     had   fallen    „, , „.    ...       . .
,,,,,., ent ililbculties of transportation      of
class  rooms,  etc.,  leaving  ample  fa-   llu-nugi the ice last     winter      while   ,,,, _,,_ „,.,,,       ,. .  ,
the mineral  will   he eliminated.     He
says the outlook  is very encouraging
awrenee Hardware uo.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
imperial Bank of Canada
Hone* O'f'ie-Toronto, Ontario.
Cap   <l Authorized      - $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed
cUitles  for stairways,  halls and    as- kating on  thfl  Oolumbia river.    His
sembly room.     The    design    of    the Worship Mayor    Hamilton,  will  pre-
interlor     accommodation is partiou- side an.l the presentation will   take
lnrly     interesting and most suitable place between  the  two  performances
lor Lho purpose where children most nt the Edison Theatre tonight, which
do congregate.        In tho     basement will  be about  nine o'clock.      It      is
are lavatories anil  toilets,  the boys hoped that all who can  will attend
being at one end of the building nnd an.l make the event as public as pos
the girls at the other; hot and cold B ble, and recognise the honor to thc
water is laid on.     A tin? steam heat brave     lads.      This     is     one     of
ing plant occupies a fire proof room the few ocensions     whon the   Royal
by itself, the coal bunkers being    so Humane  Society's  medals  have  teen
;situated as to give easy access     for presented     in the west and the    two
Bhovelllng fuel  to  the furnnce.    The boys are to be congratulated all the
remainder     of the basement is occu- more [or their gallantry.
pled by store rooms, ventilating fan m*,*. q.  .1.  BiJuth, the U. C reprc-
room and hot water heating     plant sentntivc o! the     Society,  will      bc
for the wash basins. present nnd a inree attendance      is
|   On each ol the two floors are tour anticipated,    for the honor    is    not
airy class rooms 2-\x'M. lit by seven ,,„]>• to Ihe recipients ol the rewald
ndowB, with cloak rooms adjoining but to tho   city as a whole,      who
each,  a  teachers    room, a     private cinjm th? ]Raa ns eitizens.
study  anil  toilets.      On    the  ground 	
floor is a nice room lor the principal, while the library is situated on
the Boor above. Long hulls give
access to tbe wide stairways, the
single flight being Beven feet.     wide,
5 S30.000.00
5 5i>„j00.00 I
Capital Paid Up
Reserve ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Branches nr Agents nt all principal points in'Caniula.
Ag-1' i In flwat Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited, Chicago- Fiwil National Bank, Corn Ex-
ohange National Hunk. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Fran-
Otsoo—Wells Pargo Nevada National Bank. -Spokane—Exchange
National B«ik.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of ij-'i and upward, i nd Interest allowed at
current wtn trom date of deposit.   Cot-reap udence solicited.
n.-jvelctoke Branch—A. ft.M^snsghan, ?>'gr. .
lete Revolution News
Lisbon, October 8th, 1910 . —
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The Hi-;,l,Pc of I'nrt n-nl \v..s virt
and the double twelve feet wide. The unlly recognised yesterday by '.be
staircases lead to a spacious as- foreign .li, lomatlc ions stationed
bly ball on the ground floor with there. The various ministers, head-
easy access to the front and rear ed by Sir Francis Villiers nf Greal
entrances. Britain, called upon trie Provisional
Wire lath Is being used throughout foreign minister.
building  with three coats
li is in," i i i-.-.l ih* t  King Manuel,
the Queen  Mot lur  Amelia,  also    the
Dowagei     Queen    and     the Duko ol
Oporto, the King's uncle, will be ex- ;
iled their   personal property   rights
i the entire    	
of plaster.
All the interioi Bnh hlngs will be
.*[ the best fir, and steam radiators
will be installed     throughout. A
handsome  turret surmounted    by    a   being respected.
cupula and Hag staff breaks thc mon '   Financiers    and   politicians     here
..I the flat roof and gives the   believe thai  the British foreign ollico
whole  building a most  imposing ap-  knew in     I anco  thnl  a     evolution
*  roof  is of tin      de-  was pending.
pressed In the centre to allow     the      [i  is stated  that over  1000 people
snow water to run oil melted by thc  were killed hero during the lighting
bent  linden:*...ih* ou Tue   ll
E ktall nl the work has been     Gibraltar
With the near possibility ol a
railroad down the Cnnoe river nnd a
wa -mi road from Goldstream to Rev
elstoke, the claims will then lie with
in twenty miles of the road. By application this could be continued to
Mica Creek short;n'ng the distance
by ten miles. Mining could bc ,.ar-
ried on very cheaply, the formation
of tbe matrix being such that thoy
will yield readily to powder •>( a
light percentage of nitro glycerine.
Mica of the best grade and quality unexcelled is found here in abuad
mice. Tests showing the mica to
carry 500 voltage in excess of nil
others tested in this country being
ol the best muscovite and should rom
mand a better price than most i I thc
Imported product. The sizes are far
larger generally than those found In
Ifhe east and samples brought down
are ns large as 22x26.
The amount of mica used in America reaches many millions of Indus
and the production of this country
falls far short of tbe demand. Mica
mines thnt return products yielding
H."i cnts per pound are said to In a
good investment. Sheets as small
as 2\'2 inches will sell for $1.7 i per
pound. On these claims unlimited
water can be had to furnish elect rl
cal power and with these condlliuns
and tbe coming transportation facilities, the mica can be mined t.nd
dollvcrod  at  very   reasonable    rates.
The owners state that Vancouver
and Seattle people are interested ir
tbc proposition and n strong syndicate is being formed who will fully
develop  the claims  next sumnv r.
Invest in B. C. Mines
Fresh Oysters
Arriving   Twico-a-week
Finnan Haddie Kippers
Mackerel     Smoked Halibut
Fresh Killed Spring Chickens
P.   Burns & Co.
,. fully i.u'i i il  oul   nnd  tho school
will be on,   of thfl handsomest     nnd
H   I  th    ;iovincc.      Sewer      con-   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
. „. ng pul  In to inn in-  Fores tiers ffalkor yesterday.
■ ,. c0 tern    section.     It reflects  stated thai  King Manuel will
Oct.   8.—King       Manuel A  ,,.u.|y  „|  Kdmonton men    passed
and   thc   royal     family   have  arrived   ,-*.. .■,  ,|„. ,.,,y  t,„lay „„ u„.a. wfty
hero mi the royul yacht, and     were ,,, N0|gon,     The  Edmonton  visitors
guests of   thc governor S.r Francis  |,nve In no Interested in a promis-
11   is ing  British Columbia mining prqpo-
marfn Hilion and are on  Iheir way to      in
considerable     credit on     RevcMoko   no    ati mpl   to   regain the    throne,   apecl  It.     lilmul.l tlicir investigation
that  practically tho entire work  was   The goncral opinion In England     is  confirm tlicir  prosont information it
Tho appearance       ol  thai the republic will not inst   long ,, probable that an Important     Al-
hiili- is extremely pleasing even
t.i the most crll cal eye,   and     the
chool is a si ii ndld acquisition     to
thfl city.
A feature ol the Ini irlor    fittings
'will      i   a i .mi',.!. I.* system of tele-
i il    i loctrlc
ng mnl heal Ing,    Buch a build-
..   .'.-'  :       :*.    IU ill
1      i ni   standard
nnd   thai    Bom   Mi [III I    lhe
will bc called lo ibe throne
Farthest South
ii   will  l.e nei n nl. lbe  Edison
Theatre    some ol thc finost moving
to     tbe  pictures that bave evii  boon pretont
ol eiinca- <i I" i he public,    The e pictures arc
Ition carried on in Revelstoke,      and   none     othor  than  those  Illustrating  llMll j-.h.'Oliver, engineer and    part
to the    enterprise    and progressive the fan. i Antarctic Polar Bxpcdlt- (pWM(.|, ,,, |hi. proporty| w„„ w,u Ilc
spirit of hi i  cil:.  i.
pretendor  borta   organisation   will result     in
which Calgary and Bdmonton will im
The property In question is     ibe
Dig Hump, a w. li known    developed
gold propel ty in iin' i'ii Ic camp,   on
lhe  Nelson   nnd   l-'mt   Shcppnrd  run I,
some l> imli". by rail from Nelson.
in Nelson they will meet the superintendent, vi. li. Kehoo, ol Bpoka \>
Half-a-nfiinute Shaves
Nice Line of Fall Underskirts
Another Bhipmenl just arrived, lengths
38,  In and  VI, well made,   warm and
*  funii'iiiialili' I'm' Fall wear.
Mrs. A. G. Crick,   -   First St
Ministerial Scrap
i"" "f m*i ' '■ ""' «<>»"««»''    '" companj them to tbe mine.
Hie Dlarncsl Bhackloton.    Tbo     plo .,,,„ „u, |,„||i|i l.|mm (f ,„cilt d |u |
"m; ""' "ll111"   '•"' f«aW»tlc, i,n*i tll0 ,,.,,„, cftmp   on ,h(. Nort„   ,,,,lk |
no* ""'  ",lv "f ""nderful advenl „( ,,M, ,,.,„„„„ ,.|VcI. witl„n ,,„ ln;1,.s
inc. privation, Drltlsh ondurnnce nnd M (ho ,,,.,)W „loa „, (h(! Ill|]1() w Mi n
'''"■' • '"' '  ''' 'asGlnatlng     In     the ,ng M,„„lUli„ dutrlct ,„Um.Ci,l      „,
fact that iiu-y an- an authentic     re- maon<    an(, |n a („rect „n, al)0Ut !
took place during that period .,f iso- ;th0 HiToop Creek and Bayonne (amp
Iation in il.,- Antarctic regions. Ac- ai<trlotii ,,„.unl lUHCltVrvu.H ,„ w.>h
companylng tho pictures will   bc   a m CMmU), uo lnll(,h in(cl.,.lt .„ tb0
'""•' l,Tl " ""■ wPrt'«o»- i i ,nBj  mny. it is just over the !
Th"  ei.n-i'lniiinin.l   tonight   is    -inn ,„„  „,„„, ^ Sa,n|() an(, Ymjr ,nn |l8
"' ""' '",!il """ n ' ""' "' ,n"v- where there is at preset sue, ^reat
Ing   picture .   and   all   should        tinio .,   .,
the opportunity ol seeing what     is'
will t    doubt, the mosl    thrilling
and up to date series ol motion plc-
Endeavorlng    to beat   the world's
r ■ rcci rd" sevi nl | i no men In
an lm .1 barber ol Broken    Hill, ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^
ccecded  ,n BhftV     production of the many evenlH winch   ha„wftJf  ll(l|wl,0||   Umt ll|H|,,l.l
in^  fifty-live men  • i■  thirty  minute
Tbe experiment then ended,     simply , „   ,
to ih.- (allure In th,     nn-Hy """nanvlns tho Slcturcs will   bc
havi a ni. n.     Most i f ti-1 fifty-
* men had both upper Ily ha ! cl.in
,;i . .■ I.
This should be a bint  to < ur local
A full     meeting ol the  Hoard      ol
.ii,    1,1       i  I. iii*.      Thee   will       be   Trade  is  requested    on      Wednesday
two performances, between which tho |night nett, October 12th,   at   eight
Tin- unique speetnclc ol a stand-up ' Prcs ;al on ol tho   Royal   Humane  o'clock sharp at the Oity Hall,     to
Dominion Cabinoi  Min   Socioty's modals to Oaldor and H iet the Hon.. Thomas Taylor,   and
,„(,,,. the    Hon, William Templeman I strum for gallantry in saving     UN .discuss with him   mutters ol   local
i Jobs  Jardiue, M.i'.I'., foi     Es- ^nst winter will bo made. I importance,
We are showing a large stock
of Heating Stoves at prices
that cannot be beaten. Hase
Burners, combination wood
and coal stoves, Blazers, Box
Stoves, Air Tight Heaters,
Oil Heaters, etc. Sask-Alta
Kootenay and Hotel Ranges
alwavs on hand.
Bourne B
ourne Dros.
tV-     '
I Suits and Overcoats
kK Our Store overflows with interest   for   the   man
who makes it a point to be well dressed. We
Iiave a magnificent display of the new styles
in Autumn Suits and Overcoats. There is a
cut, a BWinjTi a fit. a set that is not surpassed by
tailors of the most fashionable exclusiveness.
They are made of imported   Cheviots, worsteds
tti and serges and are marked to sell quickly.
Prices Range from $ 12 to $30
$j   McRae Mercantile Co., Limited
(^ The Home of Oood Clothes.
Many a
Tender, Juicy, Appetising,
disappears from Our Meat
Market to re-appear on the
tables of housekeepers appreciative of high grade
meats.   Attractive Prices.
drill ir*':; Premier Hams and Baoon.    Armours Star Hams B'd Bacon
FRESH FISH   Sturgeon, Cod, Sa mon, Halibut, Smelts, Crabs.
SAUSACES   Pork, Bologna, Blood.        Head Cheese, Jellied Tongues.
Cuiok Delivery Cu ir.intmd. Cive Us a Trial.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Tin.* i'.i..ii*.-i llealtli Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 DeRreffl ol Ilea
Natural Hot Water ill Hatbs.    1),   r. All Year
Rates from $ 12 to $ I 5 Fer Week
Ice Cream * Soft Drinks
All Kinds Furnished during
the Summer Season
Cowie's Restaurant
V c fl&aU-lbecalb
Jntertoc pubitebtng Company,
Subscription   Rates
Including pwl igt lo Kngland, United suites
and Canada,
l»y the rear [through poatofflw] $2-50
Quarter " " " 	
Jjti .KiNiiNii prompUyexeontedatrea8on'
able rate*.
TKHUS—I'a-h.   SubacrtpUo a puyablo in ad
Lega nodoeti l oenta por line Oral UiuerUou,
ne oaofa Bubeequeut Insertion
Measurement* Nonparlol [12 lim..- make one
Inch}, Store and genera] ouutuoiu) an
nouncenii ;'-* - per Inch per month
Prefei red positions, 25 per uenU ad
d    - aaL   Junh-.  Marringvd   und  l.)c» lin
i b  ni-. ri ion,
Laud   notices   97.3(1    All  advorttoomcnU
hi   ipprova] ut i he inanagi tnonu
Wanted md I ondonsod Advortlttoiueum:
Agunu Wanted, Help Wanted, tiituuUoun
Vacant,    Tuaohort*
.. Mechanic* Wanted. Ut words ur
k-- .'.., oaeh   additional  lino  lu   centn.
i : - -.■■- in standing advortiuemonUi mum
.. 9 a. in.  Tuesday and Friday oi
ecch week to socuro koou dlxplay,
CORKKeJPON'UKNCK invited  on mattora oi
:■ -:.   i tiiiinuiniciitioiih  \*y   Kdi
*.or   nm-:   be aooompanled   ny   n.unu  ot
writer, not neoeasartly fo publication) inn
*- ■    il *»;■••'■■ i nl li.   t rn if i ilfiir.
ebould be brier.
it Make Building hkvbl*
s; iiK i_.  II. U,
Matier lo loan,
,.  .... I .... B.C., i ranbroolc, Hi',
btij, U, McH-AKTKK
■V  M    I'INKUAM* J, A.  HiHVKY,
Ht-veUloke, truubrotili
T1LL1AM 1. UKlUtiS
Bolicitor, etc.
Ihk Canadian Hank hk Uommebck,
'Ihk Molsons Bank, Etc.
i »uiibur siiira
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
Mi Kknzik Avkmi
UlIX  100,   llKVKLHTOKK
c. w. o w
Mountain View Camp. No. 220
Moei: Sec. nl ami   Fourth   \Vedno8daya   iu
eacl. in* ill.. .11 >-lkirk Hull.     Vtaitlug  Wood-
> no iteu in iitleuri.
«   K OSBORNE, Con. Com,
J \S   MilMVIll, Clerk.
Koolcn. y Lodgo, No. IS, A F. tk A. M.
llm roKuliu nniol*
log, nm liulil initio
l'LK. Uildtelli.ws'
Hull, ou lho third
Monday in such
iiiuiiili in a i iu.
Visiting lirollirtm
aro ciirilinllj woi-
J. T. I'OLI.Oi K. Mas n.n.
CHAS. J. AMAN,Seobbtaet
Moi'l- *avt>ry TliUrs-
dny   "vi**, nk.   u,   H*,!-
VI. Unll nt 8 o'clock
  IVUItiiig brellirm aro
cordially InviTed to ait-sud.
Six Nights, Commencing Monday, Oct. 10
Presenting a Repertoire of New Comedies
and  Dramas.     Opening with
ianoe of Doris
Which is a New Comedy-Drama Built on
Entirely New Lines and Played Exclusively
by the Allen Players during the Present
Admission Prices, 25c., 50c, 75c
Cold Range Lodge, K. ot P.
No. 26, Revelstoke, B C.
M,..>.   .,,..,■     Wpilu0>,|>*y   .-I
r i Wa liui-iliiy i»f  each
. * , tha <M'Ml i«   i' *
> .       I*   *    ..* Knights
ire curdially Invited.
ii a. McDonald o, u.
Q. B   BKlH'lt   K. ot H. AS  aud  'I   o! I*.
Seats Now on Sale at O. R. Macdonald's Drug Store.
Our Fast Record is Our Best Advertisement for the Future
Mt. Begbie
l. O.O. I-'. Hull   next   to
i ip.-ii House, every Bocond
..- i I in 'li Monday in month.
^   brethren   cordially    wel-
C    Ii *   »'l AH KM B   HtHTK.
i:     .-•• •*. ll. \v. Edwards
( IMA CAMP Nn. Ijn-l,
--.. Wl --.
Che flDniUlbcrnto
ledge, the encouragement ot the
cultivation ol tlie hcnutitul in nat-
ure nn*l art, the stimulation ol a
healthy tone ot rivalry In trying to
turn out better articles than one's
neighbors, both In towns, districts
ami countries.
The large incronsc in the number
id births during the last lew months
in Revelstoke Is 11 healthy sign and
one which is cause tor much congrat
lal ions to the city.     Kevelstoke    i
showing simis  nf her expansion and
..ii every sidi  and    thc    In
crease ol the  population  is  by      in>
mean - tlie least significant      All tho
g 1  that  Is accomplished  now    will
I.i' for  the benefit  nf    future  gencra-
;ui.l ii  in iin* duty ot nl*
■   * ns to imi. ■ al ids ot
thi   ' hildren  the
■ prise and civic progi *
good    sni'.l    Bown  now and  can
i    ii shed will bring   torth fruit     a
hundred told an.l the w u k di
I will bc carried on, It  is h
the Bame   nr   i
i.-i-in by the next neneratl m, all thnt
Is left of thi
truthfully nf each and all * * us, "hy
their works
■ .
ngracel .
•*   n   ilistincl     f   :
Ml      iit:onili!H'
fn r  nt N'*w Wi stminstiT,
'   •* ol  ilai"  t.      give
thf mail       • * •     I ii fair, the bene-
iputable.     The
are ai tollowi
tiOtl      f   n;t»|ili-   lii-itifC     to
the ni iih "f     Hu- cniintry,
f ; iin innl mnl iclen
11tic bushandry, ih" ilcvclnpmcnt ot
■ • ■ rces ot the district
a- i country generally, thc Improvement ' iii- •"•'. I nil livestock,
tbe  pfl pagatlOD   pi  unentlftr     know-
\   .11   -T  COMPLAINT
In       • I   the
■ ■
Attorney '•
tl   ■
■ irned
; I'l'iB*
before     and
me ol    the
. .rn'   Immi
attention, and   tep     hould he
I y what
race to that pi ovlni * il
department, There Is ample bnstnefa
,ii land regl ti .- In Reveh toke to ne-
-•   : n     try office   and
claim    ot  Hn*  i*   iplc  in  I
• liable and   m I. n   should ilo-
iniiiiil. without turthi i  delay, gi
mont redress.
BXPBHlMRNTAIi ' <H' 11A ni)H
Now that tin' apportionment ol the
Provincial   government experimental
orchards imn been made, wo sec that
Revelstoke is conspicuous by its ah-
Ki'iii-i-, although wo have led our-
Belves in believe that tho representations uniii- by the Board of Trade
in the government from time to
tiiiu- would bave some effect. Thc
governmenl must admit that thc
Revelstoke district 1ms been con-
clusively proved to be able to pro-
.1 ice excellent fruit nn.l with the
varying climatic conditions no lictt-
ii or more suitable place could be
I    nd    tor      the
in.'iit   . fruit     i   ■    Revel
Btoke vail, f *   vnl
*f British  ' 'ol .iiiiuii and  - **
the     i
•..   lie       nf
.  ; lifferent     to
Th ire
-   -if has
■  ■
■'.    ■
I • ' I ll •
l   "I I i   ::
i  th     direction,
and com t prove to I he pi
thai be I Iml '; '■ *;.. n.n ■ up nf this
imrtli country will be nf Incalculable
benefit not only i o Revelstoke and
the Interior, but to the province nn
n  whole.
FOR MAI.i'l   Coal Btovo, bs io burner
,    in   good    i.inl.l imi.      Apply   to   ii'1'
.   Muii Herald 'iiiico.
Important Subjects Under Discussion
\ The regular meeting ol the Hoard
of Trade wns held on Thursday nit;ht
Although the attendance wns not
very large tlirre was a larire volume
imsiness transacted.
In regard to the Board's request
tor a  ma i c:erk on the run       from
Reveliftoke  to  Robson.     J.  Md. 1,
iif the railwny      mnil
Ber vice,    tated that a mini clerk wns
in ssary  mi  tins run
felt   that    tho matter
•• allowed in drop,     be-
necesalty ol a     mail
■ in,  ''sr. ■ lally as    the
were becoming      more
i.  view ol   these   im-ts
> I  to aak  Nelsi n      nnd
ol  Ti ipport
I Ri .ils.,     the
*  the press were to be   en-
rerc read
an I  .,
oki and
•I *      *.   ■ il:
Department t ill
,   ■     i *
*  * im   ■
' i
.. j
it  i'.
■   ■
na all   thi
**ii by 'h"    ''•.".
■ ■    ,   -
: the pretenl
in      full    hearing,      Ri   elnt ike
coul I  sastly compete
ot ii  I      Tl •■ mattei   • i
,\ lottei    xiii read trom tho Hanad
mn  Manufacture! \ A tt
preiali ' *1  not  being able to
nlop  ..IT   iii   flfivelslnki-
i     i   South,  ii   0   nu.i ntatlvo
ol thc  Itnyni 11 nmn ii'- Society, wrote
tatlng that he hnd received the
brotiM medals 'nr Oaldet and ii"'i
.;ti iim and suggested a public   pree
entation in the City Hnll on    S.itur-
day, Oct. 8th.
I J. I). Blbbald sai.l that the Hon.
Thomas Taylor wns in the city and
he had taken up the subject of the
murder of Frank Julian, the land
registry office and other things. Re-
gardlng tne registry office, the At-
tornoy-Qeneral had a new scheme on
hand. Mr. Blbbald complained ol
the continued delays in the re-u'istrn-
tion nn.l urged that something he
done. Mr.     Tnylor   hud   promised
that he would do nil be    could     to
help Revelstoke's claims.
c. it. Hume urged Revelstoke's
Bhould he put before Mr, Taylor.
claims fm nu experimental orchard,
Every other district bad got one
xcept Revelstoke, which would soon
be a very important orchard centre.
It was decided that all these mnt-
t.-rs- should he lnol hefore Mr. Taylor at an early date and discussed
With him, and Wednesday next, Oct.
12 was chosen ns the most convenient dale.
SIIHltT lllll TK TO (i. T. P.
I   C.  II.  Hume  brought up the neces-
Itj  ..I opening up the north country
to the c. T. P., saying     that     the
to trom hen-  was  the hest      and
tl   i   being only  16B miles.      This
was of utmost Imvortance to   Revel
mul   no  stone should    bo    left
inl ui n. .1 I'i bring it about,
r t  that a     sub*
hould in* made under the O.P.
li     track     at  the foot  ol McKonslo
n.'      being
.md Inconvenient. Mr.
al ., i •■. i.' i the question ol
• *       i api nu' nt  as special
»* i   ..i  iu..     liuin.i     while
-   i, Kngland,      but
i.iii i   wns   Innl   .      i
3. C. Mininq tad Revved
it   tin'  liml   limn
■\ un* iii.i   h Columbia Mining
Km i nn-    I-..I *.i I,  publli bed
.ii n( tbe H   11,  Mm
* .   ■ taiilii hi 'i in
*..*   Ioi  many foan     the
* in ni, H  in  the pro* ince ei
'*    ,i, ,i    I,, ,,,iii ng devi lop
menl    In ■ *    editorial n  '
the  niiii'ii/iin* i iiniiiiii
ind devel ipmi nt    ol
'   set    in  the   v I  || met,
..f life uni property
hy  Ion  I teres!
ii.iumi,..ii regarding tbe new
'iiii'iii'i in ii concentrator, whii-h
promises to inn a a lai m»i hlng ef
I" i in iin* . ■ I. nm ni treatment ol
low grade ores, describes ...mi' rectni
mining development!, summBri7;e»
profrtfl in Hu' vnrloiia mining camps
Order   early for delivery Sept.   15th   and
Fir,  Birch,  Pine, Spruce,   Hemlock
and Cedar Mixed
of the province, denls with the work
ol the Geological Survey ol thc
Dominion fnr tin- past and present
year, reviews the report ot the Provincial Mineralogist for ious, notes
the occurence ol promising nuriler-
oiis gravels on Vancouver Island,
ipint.es a typical wild-cat letter s.nt
io London regarding mineral dis-
coverlea in Portland Canal district,
describes the work ol the Dominion
Minis Department, its method of
handling the zinc problem, notes
occurrences ol tin In Uritish Columbia nmi Alaska,' narrates the doings
. i ini-ii interested In    mining,    rnil-
iin.l   finance,   tells ol  work      on
the coal-Holds, the progress of railwny i  11 ut-t ii ni,    municipal     lm-
provements, local Industries, mineral pin,im imn, nml contains tables
ol the Q)etal and share markets. The
I'liii-ii/iiii' contains some excellent II-
l * iiuii..ns,  und  ought   to  be nf vnl-
.   in nil    Interested In the mineral
mnl  Industrial development    of   tho
I invince.
mi Thomas Bbaughncssy hns been
re-elected president ol the Canadian
Pacillc Railway nt ,, meeting of dir-
 is iii Montreal this week.      Sir
William Van Home, chairman ol the
nl   of   directors,   has    voluntarily
Mated   llu1 position,      His siirresBnr
i ns   not   hern   named,    The prcsi-
lont'l report shows that In round
DgUrSI llle emus revenue ol the lines
.I nn Increase, compared with
dr previous year, ol 111,600,000, the
working Sipenses nn  Increase ot >7,-
 I iiiiiI  the net earnings an      in-
ikuii' ol J10,900,000.
Canada's Prosperity
London, Oct, 7.—Hon. Rodolphc Le
mieiix. postmnsler-gcncrnl of Canada
nounced that Minister of Finance
addressing thc Sphinx Club, nn
Fielding's surplus would ho $30,00(1,-
000. He attributed ns tho main
cause for this abounding prosperity
of Canada,
j Touching on the mnintcnanco ot
the British preference against all
comers,   lion.  Mr.  Lemieux said:
j "Wo ask nothing In return. We do
it with loyalty nnd friendship and bo
raiiHc it has licen a contributory
cause to the prosperity of the Dominion. Whatever may ho tho result of the forthcoming reciprocal no
gotlnl Ions at Ottawa, the nritlnh
preference will rcmnin with ub the
cardinal principle of our biiccobs."
| Hon. Mr. Iicmleiix nlflo expressed
hope thnt n universal penny post
would  lie established.
i Mr. Wade, K. C, on the same oc-
ension,   referred  to  tho    caounl    way
I wherein englishmen ask about annexation of Canada to the United
HtntoB. He snid that in Canada tho
'question would be taken ns a downright Insult. He said Cannda was
more than satisfied to remain nn integral part of the greatest empire
Ibe  world hns ever seen.
He advocated further oflorts on tho
part of C,rent Britain to develop
trndo with Canada.
Moving pictures tonight.
Moving Pictures to-night.
Shifoh's Cure
anlcklr mops oou*h>. oarn sold*, hull
ie tfcroat and luscs. ■   ■   ■  IS teats,
/ Page T
Pap t
YOU don't have
to own an automobile to appre-
ciate   this   superb
It's one of Fit-Reform's
latest creations — the
"AUTO" - and its
military air has quickly
caught the fancy of
the younger set.
Made of elegant
Scotch and Irish
Tweeds $20. up.  136
Sole Agents in Revelstoke.
Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Co. Ltd
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D.   D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD,  General Manager
LONDON, ENG.: 2 Lombard Street, EX.        NEW YORK: 16 Exchange Place
MEXICO CITY: Avenida San Francisco, No. 50
In addition to the offices named above the Dank has branches
in every Province of Canada (including all the most important cities)
and in the principal Pacific Coast seaports of the United Slates.
JU It is thoroughly equipped for the handling of collections and
other banking business in the territory covered by these branches.
Union Hotel
Under New Management
______ *
Stewart Macdonald
All kinds
Reasonable Prices
Painting and *
Paper Hanging
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Cor. Third St. and Robson Avenue
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candied, CiR,irs,Tobacco.
MealB 35 cento.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Maoaftotnrid (ar ali rm.,., nf bnildlufi
For su) i in UrKft or -minll qpaotUlM
at thi lowest prco.n for ensn
All VIml • of building nuil plnstoriiig
Foote & Pradolini.
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. First-clam sample
rooina. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Tlnsmlihinf*   Repair*,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Rovolstoko
New Line
Stirrup   Attached
P.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B. C.
l, o o Iv
R E A 13
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue pricen, freight added, with
Winnipeg price
Price delivered
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
it       ti       ,i
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress
We make mir profit by shipping in car loud lots, thereby saving freight rate*. Bring
catalogue giving description of other goods not specified in thin list to our store and we
will prove our Ktatementn.    Remember we deliver goods and net up free from breakage.
R.   HOWSON   &   CO     -    REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged anil Improved.     First-Class in every respect.    All modern convenience)
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ^lL_B_E1-RT    stoke     peop.
Import direct from country ol origin.
THAT is the name, and
below is the trademark,
you are to look for next
time you buy underwear.
Your size in any garment
with that trademark will
fit perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink. Yet you pay
nothing extra for this
extra value; and you get our
Guarantee of " money back
if you can fairly claim it"
Made at Paris in Canada,
by PEN MANS  Limited.  8,
Firemen's Convention
The following is an extract from
a circular letter sent by 11. H. brock
oi ReveUtoko Fire Department, secretary ol the above association, to
all the districts represented:
The B. C. Fire Chiefs and Firemen's convention  will  be held      this
'year at Cranbrook, B. 0., on Oct.
18th and 19th and as the matter of
fire protection and prevention is
very much in the public interest, especially this year, as so many towns
'and so much valuable timber and
other property has been destroyed
and when we take Into consideration
the appalling  loss  ot  life  the    lives
, of our brother human beings that
have been sacrified in the vein eflort
to  protect their  homes,  and all    for
I the most part through gross carelessness on the part of campers, rail
way companies and others,  and    the
'fact that the matter is not receiving
half the  attention  it should      from
I the government and others In author
ity, we can readily see the necessity
of some drastic action.
I It is the object of this association
to do all in its power to remedy the
fire evil. The association is yet
young but so lar we have had splendid success. There are similar associations in Alberta and the eastern provinces, and we anticipate at
no very remote date to secure a gen
eral convention ot all the western
provinces for the exchange ol   views
' and enlightenment to combat the fire
evil. It is our object to get a representative to this convention from
every town and community ln British Columbia. We therefore urge
you to place the matter before your
council or community at once, elect
a representative to this convention
and assist him financially to attend
as this is a matter of public benefit.
1 Canada's National Apple Show
I The world is going to be il tiuer.c-
ed largely in its opinion of the horticultural resources and posslbil.t'es
of Canada and more particularly of
the Province ot British ColumuU,
and of the Pacific Northwest by
what is to be seen at the first (Yd-
adian National Apple Show t'j he
held at Vancouver, October 3l3t, to
November 5th, inclusive, and the
world's judgment is not going IO be
a disappointment for the exhibition
promoters because any and all districts which are growing apples will
be represented at the Big Show.
The great apple exhibition will be
housed in the Vancouver Horse Show
Association building near the North
entrance to Stanley I'ark and a
large temporary structure covering
all of Alberni Street for a distance
ot n block.
ft Is estimated by the secretary of
the 111-I Canadian National Apple
Show that there will be 21 carloads
of applet) exhibited at the big exposition. The exhibition rules require
(ilk) boxes for a car, hence there will
lie a grand total ol 12,COO boxes of
apples on display.
The owners ol these apples will receive $25,000 in prizes or nearly two
dollars a box. Alter the show Is
over the apples will sell readily at
two to five dollars per box, say, an
average of .$3.50 per box or a total
of $44,100. Therefore the exhibitors
will receive approximately $70,000
for the apples exhibited at Canada's
first National Apple Show.
On an inspection trip of the Canadian Pacific, Sir Thomas Shaugh-
nessy and a party ot C. P. R. offlc-
als, which wil, include Mr. William
Whyte, second vice-president, and
Mr. It. B. Angus, director, left Montreal on Wednesday, and are scheduled to arrive in Vancover on the
C. P. I Employ Women
Vancouver, Oct. 7.—That male
clerks do not remain at their positions long enough to justify the exclusive hiring of men in the offices
is the reason given out by local C.
I". R. officials lor their decision in
•declining to hire any more men as
clerks. Instead, women are taken on
in all positions, as stenographers
and clerks, by the company and in
the future the weaker sex wiU be
granted all positions in the local
offices of the company.
According to one high official ol
the company who spoke of the new
system yesterday, male clerks are
preferred to women, but because of
the tact that the majority of those
of the stronger Bex who are engaged
few remain for any long period. As
soon as they become acquainted with
the routine of the office, and tire used to the duties whieh they are supposed to perform, the men give up
their jobs, leaving the company to
break in new clerks. This means
the loss ol office efficiency, besides a
monetary loss to the company. The
women clerks are paid practically
the same amount ae the men and the
small difference in salary covers the
difference in efficiency between the
men and women.
At present the offices of tbe general passenger agent are the only
ones in which the changes are going
into effect, though it is thought that
in a few months practically tbe
whole clerical force of the C. P. R.
will be women.
inq [vents
Samaria Cured Him, and He Helps
Railway Time Table
The following is tlie new summer
timetable of the 0. 1'. It., showing
times ol arrival and departure ol
train at lievelstoke.
No. 1 arrives G:05, departs fj:_5 a.m.
No. V" arrives 3:_G depart* 8:40 p.m.
Nol 5 orrives 4:86, departs 8:18 p.m.
No. il arrives 12:.'IT> midnight, do-
parts 19:48 midnight.
No. '.Hi arrives 11 110 a. in., depart*
Ql:60 a. in*
No. 6 arrives 7:20, a.m., departs
7:40 a.m.
Leaves   Revelstoke 7:40   a. rn., nr
ives Revelstoke 430 p. m.
Mails Close
The mails closo at Itevelstoke as
For eastern points—9 a. m.      and
p. m.
For western points—4:25 p. m, and
:45 p. m.
For southern points—9 a. m.
City mall boxes arc cleared week
dnys at 7:45 a.m. and 3:16 p. m.,
and  Suiiiln   i at 3:15  p.   m.
His Royal Highness thc Crown
Prince of Hesse nnd party, who are
on a tour of the west, havo returned
to Calgary from hunting in tho
Columbia Valley nnd have experienced the very best of luck.
Shi/ohi Gure
qul( UU   alopf <mirftia,    rurm   cold*,   hrali
lot tkrotl aad luoda*      $   ■
Strange Clue
Out iiii the roast recently the
body of n man van found, nnd the
only mark of Identification wns a
fragment of paper which proved to
bo a rocolpt for n subscription paid
foi Collier's Weekly, and by means
of this It Is learned that the dead
mau was (Ieorge Smith, n bartender
until lately a resident of Iiellingham
Washington. "All ol which goes to
show," as son nr irreverently remarked, "that it is well always to
pay your newspaper subscription and
tako a receipt for the money, as
you  never know whnt mny occur."
HnSKi   MovlnB pictures tonight.
A man who hus been released from
the awful cravings of drink, unit whose
first thought Is to help others, shows
the spirit of true brotherhood and
philanthropy. Read his letter:
"Thu Sunuirla llenu'dy Co.. Torouto,
■"Will you please send me hook on
drink, nlso  circulars  relating to your
valued remedy for the drink habit1
I wish to hand these to a friend who
Is going to ruin through drink. You
will reniomlmr that 1 have taken your
remedy, and 1 Mud It all you elalm K
to hi-. 1 nover think of taking or
using strong drink In any way, as all
desire for It hns k-fi tne. 1 cannot
■poak too highly ol your wonderful
remedy, Vou inu*. use my uunie in any
way  vim  wish fn  puMlr.
tl.   Ulywhlte.   Hrl„-don.  Ontario."
Bnmarla Prescription Is tasteless
umi odorless, mi i dissolves Instantly
In tea or ooffee, nr can be mixed with
food, it can i"' giM-n with or without tin* patient's knowledge, it re-
inows the craving for drink, bulldi up
the system and restores tho nerves
brink becomes dist.isti-ful nnl ,*\<*n
I'rlnk Is u ills< use, not D crime, one
drink of whiskey always Initios sn*
other, The Inflamed nerves and
Stomach create a craving that must
either he sutlslli-il by more whiskey or
removed by sclentinc treutment like
Bamarls Prescription Bhmarls Prescription hns in on in regular and sue-
n'ssftil use hy Physicians and Hospl-
inin ri.r over  t.-n  years.
If you know of nriv family needing
Hiimnrin Prescription, t.-n them about
It. if you have a husband, fnther or
friend thnt is drifting Into drink, help
him save hlmsiif.    Write to-day.
marls Prescription, with booklet, giving full particulars, testimonials, price,
etc , will tie si'tit nbs,,Int.-ly free nnd
postpaid in plain sealed package to
snyoii" isklnk for It and mentioning
this paper Correspondence sacredly
confidential Write today. The Sa-
msria llemeily <"o. 46 Jordan rham-
bsrs, Jordan St, Toronto. Canada.
Also for sale by 0 H. Macdonald,
Druggist, Revelstoke.
Oct. 8—Moving Pictures, " Lieut,
Shackleton's Trip to the South
Pole and lecture," Edison Theatre.
Oct. 10-11-12-13-14-15— Allen Players
in  repertoire at Edison Theatre.
Oct. 24-25-2C-27-28-29— Tbe Jeanne
Russel Co. in repertoire at tbe
Edison Theatre.
Oct. 31—Inlormal Dance, under auspices of Ladies' Auxiliary B. ol
II. T.
Nov. 1-2—The Amateur Dramatio
Club in "The New Boy." Edison
Nov. 9—"Twcltth Night," Shakes*
peare'B great somedy, at the Edison Theatre.
Nov. 12—I_vHc*' Royal Welsh Choir,
25 ladies from Cardiff, Wales.
8eaU $1.50, 41.00 and 75c. at
Edison Theatre.
Nov. 14—New England Play, "along
thc Kennebec," Brass Band and
street parade.  Edison Theatre.
Nov. 2l—JouhnaSimpkons and his
Brass Band.      Edison Theatre.
Dec. 5—Opera Singers in "Managing
Mildred," direction of Cl'. Walker.     Edison Theatre.
Jon. 4—The Merry Musicians, direct-
Ion ol C. P. Walker. Edison
Jan. 21—"Stubborn Ceoderella." In
tbc Opera House.
Feb. 10—Tho Lyceum Players and
Signer Romamlli, an Italian
harpist, direction ol C.P. Walker
Edison Theatre.
Moving Pictures to-night.
Moving  Pictures to night. Page I
Republic Proclaimed-Lisbon in
Hands of Rebels
Lisbon, Oct, 7,—Provisional President Biaga today telegraphed the
foreign offices throughout the world
formally announcing tho proclamation of the republic ot Portugal.
"The provisional government guarantees public order and Balety," the
message said.
Madrid, tict. 7.—Dynamiting of tin-
Neres-iilmli'K palaCO and the royal
palace at Nantiirn Is reported today
in Lisbon despatches). Continued in
terruption ol wires is construed hero
to mean that there is lighting cither
at Lisbon or in the adjacent provinces.
Badajos, Spain, Portugese Frontier, (lot. d.—Two hundred killed and
four hundred wounded aro the estimated cnsualities at Lisbon, according
to refugees nrriving  today. They
claim these figures nre conservative
nnd that later advices will swell the
London, Oct. f,.—The Republican
movement is unpopular in the Portuguese provinces, according to despatches received todny. which declare that the royalists arc gathering to resist the provisional government.
The success of thc new regime, it
is said, depends largely on the disposition of the deposed ruler. If
Manuel is a prisoner or is llecing
from Portugal there is no question
but that the monarchy is ended.
If the reports that he is rallying
his lorces in Mafra are true, a long
struggle is inevitable, it is believed.
The final success of the republic, how
ever,   is  practically  nssiired.
Madrid, Oct. 7.—Ollicial advices re
ccived here at noon sny the Queen
Mother Amelie nnd the King's uncle
Prince Alfonso, the Duke ol Oporto,
are still aboald the yatch (jueen
Amelie, and it is supposed the King
is with them.
hns been proclaimed nt Belva, Brago
and Coimbra, Portugnl nnil the indications nre that the strhggle is
reaching an end.
The revolutionists have triumphed
and the republican government is reestablishing order.
Lisbon, Oct. 7—"The royal family
has fled from Portugal" was the announcement tonay of Senior Born Alfonso Costa, provisional minister of
Costa asserted that tlia provisionals are receiving many messages
from adherents in the provinces
pledging support.
"There is no doubt of the republic's complete success." said Costa.
"Civil war is not likely nnd Within
a lew days we expect to have the
provinces supporting us ns enthtisi -
asticallv ns does Lisbon."
King Manuel escaped safely       Tins
was  in  accordance     with  revolution
«ry     program, according to n state
ment given tbe United States    Prees
on the highest authority.
The  republicans  decided      that     it.
was preferable to exile Manuel  rather than kill him.  The leaders    know
where the deposed  king  is and
purposely spread    conflicting r
in order t.> prevent  Ins ra^fir.-   and
then place them in the embarra
position ol deciding Manuel's fat.-.
The     provisional     governmenl
rirmly repressing disorders   Thi
fear expressed  ia that Bngland
Intervene In  behalf ol the royal   I
It  will  u> forma
morrow   that    l i
will be observed by the n,
an 1  in  tli..
■ ■  ■
-   •   ■
reported a
Manuel.     The provini lal     b   menl
>t are handii appo
rev..i it        ■      ontrol   the    telegraph
lines *"it ol Lisbon nn i    iccci led In '
cutting ;n  r ires to ■■ ai li is parts   "f
the    kingdom,    thus    curtailing  tha
movements ',f their en
A    combinatii n     ol c reumstances !
rather  than    nny  detailed  pl/m,  pre   |
rip;tated    the     coup de'etat  ■,(  Inst
Tuesday.     The plnm. lor revolution
nry action hnd  been laid long   ago,
I  ll   the time waH not  deemed  ripe
Hi m Manuel's intri .-■.,- with Mile
i'.i1!-.* des Lis, howevei ttnrted the
revolution. Then followed the n
sinntmn of Deputy Bombards Kin
ally, last Saturday, the revolution
ists     learned      thnt     llm   Portuguese
fleet,   assembled    In Lisbon harbor,
wns  to  lie  srnt.t.ercd   to distant   ital
ions   owing  to   the  republican    sontl
ment aboard,
Thc revolutionists decided I"   acl
f|nirkly. Following the death of
Bombnnln, who was killed by nn
officer nt, the instigation, II is alleged, of thc clerlcnlH, a mob threw a
priest Into tbe Tague river.
The police charged the mob nml
n regiment of Infantry, whieh happened in he passing, charged upon
| the police. Both sides shot lo kill.
:Th*e Hi-el in the harbor, thinking thai
the revolution bad begun, became
alive with mutiny. Royalists com
liuiiiilers were overpowered in their
quarters or at stations aboard the
vessels, republican flags were run up
and tho guns of the warships trained
nn tho citadel.
I   Sailors wero sent  ashore     by    tho
I oatload to join with tho   mutinous
troops in attacking tho police.
I   Tin-   poiiee,     soon    outnumbered,
broke and ran, the mob pursuing
Ihem, shooting and cutting down the
laggards, The sounds ol conflict precipitated n storm throughout Lisbon
nnd  republicans      everywhere    rushod
Into tho streets, carrying rltlos   and
grenades whieh they hnd concealed
in tlicir houses tor weeks.
| Within hall an hour Lisbon was in
nn uproar, the republicans hnd rallied behind their leaders and presented
a united front to the royalists, who
were equally active in massing their
forces. Couriers carried the news of
lighting to the palaco us the telephone nnd telegraph wires hnd been
rut. or were in the hands of tho
revolutionist and the loyalists
troops prepared to defend the Neces-
sidndes piilnee.
Within the palace the royal family
in terror, sought the bastions. Thc
fleet, in the hands of the republicans
began shelling the pnlnce. The pal-
nee commander signalled to the
hnrbor fortifications to open lire on
the fleet. Suddenly the royal ensigns
on the forts fluttered down and tho
green and red republican Hags roBC
in their place. Tin- guns of the
forts also were trained on the castle
Shells from the warships began fnl
ling in the vicinity ol the pnlnce.
The royal family were hurriedly escorted to the cellars out of harm's
way, while the lyddite bombs hurled
nnd exploded above them.
The forts remained inactive until a
regiment ol royal artillery begun replying to the warships' lire. Then
the guns of the fortress opened and
a general bombardment took plnce.
With nil the excitement thc re
publicans succeeded admirably tn retaining order throughout the city.
Looters were shot down on Bight.
The hnnks and other places where
valuables were deposited, the art
galleries and government buildings
that escaped ihe hnrnbur.lment were
Surrounded by cordons ol blue-Jackets
The provisional governmenl obtained complete control ol the telegraph late Wednesday, and no news
from the provinces is given out.
Humors are current throughout thi
capital that a large force "f loyal
i-r troops have nitts-e,1, nenr .Mafra
end are marching toward Lisbon.
This is denied hy republican leaders
who declare are
general!]       et, a      that      ri
ii'tinr. Bt OUI
to repress minor disorders.
| Notwithstanding Hns, tho republl
enn commanders aro preparing for an
attack, and troops, augmented by
marines, aro moving northward of
the city.
ISusoblo  l.i-ii",     i lalonal      civil
governor, ol LiBbon, began the organ
Isatlon ol ii police lorco today, and
will relieve the republican troopB ol
polico duly. 1'iliz.ns In,in all purls
ol Lisbon are volunteering as police
nieii. while ol hers are enrolling in
ihe republican army. Colonel Darrto
minister ol war, refused todny to es
liniule Hie number ol men mustered
by the republicans, declaring thai
lho necoBslty lor troops was nol
great nn.l thai little opposition to
tlio republican army was anticipated
President Bragal Minister of Jits
lice Coslii, Minister ol Foreign Af
fvlrs Qarnadino Maeliutla, were in
r mlorenco todaj and it is believed
tiey discussed the possibility ol in
torventlon by Greal Britain. Tho
republicans nre elated that tho
Fronch minister to Portugnl called
to pay his respects today. They eagerly seek recognition by France and
tbe United Slates ns the republic of
.Madrid (via Hendaye, France), Oct
C—Tho flower ot the Spanish army
has been ordered to tho Portuguese
Madrid Is seething with excitement
over the news from Portugnl and
tho republicans assert that it tore-
shadows an attempt on thc port ol
King Alfonso's ministers to nid Pom
Manuel ngninst the republicans of
Republicans here predict that if
this is attempted civil war will result. On the other hand, Alfonso
fears that the success ol the republican armies In I'ortuga. will mean
the overthrow of bis power anil it is
asserted thai ho has been counselled
by his ministers to light to the Inst
That Alfonso will pursue this
course is not decided, and It is there,
fore judged that be will assist Manuel with a Btrong Spanish force in
order to frighten tho Span uh ra;>'ili-
licans  into  inactivity.
Thfl republicans aro overjoyed nt
the succesB ot their Portuguese brethren.
Madrid,  Oct,  7.—King  Alfonso      is
fatally ill, according to n statement
of a high medical authority here today,    with a disease     described     ns
"caries ol the bone."     A fatal term
Ination Is feared  In the nenr future.
The report  involves    the decay   of
the bone. Ilr. Mmire,  the     celebrated
Bordeaux scientist, to -rfhom Alfonso
has made frequent visits ot Inte, has
been able '*nlv slightly t,, retard the
of  the disease.      One ol the
king's enrs has  been a dec ted    lor   a
long time an.l the bones "1 one cheek
and same Bide of the nose arc     now
n e.
- ell kn.".vn in olfir-
m Spain, and at other
For Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Revelstoke Assessment District,
Province of British Columbia.
I hereby give notice that, on Wednesday, the 12th day of October, A.D., 1910, at the
liniir uf ten o'clock in the forenoon, al tho Court House, Revelstoke, B, C, 1 shall offer for
sale, at public auction, the lands in the list hereinafter set out of the persons in the said list
hereinafter set out, for delinquent taxes unpaid by tho said persons, on the Hist December,
1909, and for interest, costs and expenses, including the enst of advertising- said sale, if not
sooner paid.
List Above Mentioned
Name ok Peiihon
B illniil.Mis ti'ipnu
D.Mies, V. .md  K
Cunningham, Aitli.
Crease, Kil. A 	
Outlis, Thomas	
Evans, Herbert .
!''*i<n|tiici, Miirv A ,
(lillt-tt, \\ in. tl....
I .indium k, Chas, I'\
Mi'Intuth. liaii.v
Uolii-itsnn, Kill In-yn
UuLeod, N'oi man 1".
Shout Dhhcmption ok Pnoi'isit'rv
Lol 1 mul lions,., Hlk. 1, Town nf Arrowhead
" 8008, Group 1, ICootenay District
" 418, Group 1,
" 8188,   '■    I,
" 10H5,    "    1,
" :<*j.-»7.   ■•   i,
" 8187,    "   1,
" KIWI.    ••    I,
" 7, Group I. "
South Musi  '4 See. 1.1: N. K. >A See. 1(1; N.\V
>t S.T. II. To (II	
Lol 8*514, Gi-oup 1, Ivoolimiy District.    ...
" S-:tl, Group 1, Kootenay District
" Six,,       ••   1,
- 80111,       "    1,
" 8050.       "1, •■ "
South side of l.oi S143, Group I. Knot. Dist
Loi 8177, Group 1. Kootenay Distiict...
•• 8402,
"    1
- 8501,
••    I
" Sol 12,
"    l
■• 8503,
••    1
" 8504,
••    I
" 8509,
••    1
" Soil,
"    l
••    i
" 7033,
"    I
27 45
lu Sil
(ill 2,">
111 lill
128 no
182 ihi
820 00
mi tin
im nn
un uu
22 so
121  HI
72 Oil
llll llll
III 01)
SO 00
80 (K)
111 2!)
72 111)
lil llll
7 211
7(1 SII
Con is
10 00
11 lo
2 00
2 (10
21 05
2 (H)
12 IH)
2 (H)
'.1 21)
•d (1,-)
2 IM)
8 05
;i 70
2 (M)
II 55
2 (M)
11 So
2 0(1
US 40
2 00
8 (15
2 00
12 IL")
2 00
12 15
2 (M)
1 71)
2 (0
11 25
2 (10
tl oil
2 00
i) 36
2 HO
12 115
2 (KI
7 20
2 (10
2 15
2 (10
1 70
2 (10
2 00
2 (Ml
(1 60
2 00
5 75
2 (M)
2 (K)
4 (10
2 00
Id 20
18 05
nn 20
168 00
25 15
28 95
111 55
145 S5
;;in uu
1(1(1 (15
178 96
154 45
26 50
1H7 25
Si) 60
115 86
155 1)5
81) 20
40 15
22 90
51 80
12 85
81) 60
71 75
9 SO
83 40
Revelstoke, B.C., Sept. 3ud, 1910.
I aint no Literary Woman
I've heard some   wimen say soap
made their hands ruff.
They're either lazy or else they
don't use the rite soap.
'My hands don't get ruff. In fact,
the kind I use makes 'em all smooth
and white.
Yours Soapily,
it.,   has  Icon   n siifli-ri-r
rth Irom a In ri dltnry    bl n '
rdi i       \    an In Inn I  it   was i nlj
ii" mosl     'iniviiiiiimi; attention
•    i    I b wa    kepi
Jeltriea-Johnson Motion Pictures
I. lii ,     .1,.' n li n       ti.'hl    films
■   In Hi   L'lstokc   '. ii h     spec
I   vlll he iihciI      *n
i   ■      .,i   u.i*    Opera
11      ■ ' ii i    lllth,    The
llrccl   from  Van
-* -    mil     Vict  I*.,    win i •       i ii ,
n  I., en lift i II v  hoi lol
\n ' "-uli  ,*i    a  prize
: .;   i lie hen . ,*  woIkIH
■ i    l(. ii.,   wa     l in I        hy
' it uiu*.     lh ■
1   i       on   I he   ci ii  i in v   an'
■  i. i *ii ncd
m**t"*'l ,t|,li   III I     l:i 'I'll ■
i.   ni   it n i    mii'ii-    it
'  *    •'■!       i ril rt.   i ,*, nt  v. *,
lifi'li   Hltld;' nl.   I   in   SUCh   a
thnt I '■•■ Hi*- tilm will
ih- , nn- n-iiiiy nt thr ringside.
in tii** piol in    '■•■in i '■  wen **"ii I
ii,. ,*'*i* toke'i iii-iitini' inns.
Moving Plcturm to niirht.
Ml.:. VI.I'NW  I i I.TiiN
With tin-  Allen 1'l'iyi'tn ii' iln Rtllwn Thr,oir Monda) nlglil
ure 32
i  <i ■:t '■* 1 v   *t.ii'. cottrfhn,   BUPtl CO) lit   btalj
|l« lUront nnJIuuif*.        •    •    •       33 cents. 8/
fag* T
SATURDAY,  OCT.  8TH,  1910.
Pat* I
m Local Industry
We have just put in stock a large assortment
of Stetson, Carter, Redmond, Pitt and
Headform Hats in stiffs and softs. To sec
them is to buy one, thai is why we want
you to look our stock over.
We have prepared ourselves to meet the
growing demand for Shirts with soli, double
cuffs and separate Peter Pan collars, suitable
patterns, in rich, lustrous eloths, to sell 'at
popular prices,
MeKinnon & Sutherland
We cTWAIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery. Our
stock §f  printing papers is large
and well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c/lccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Capital Paid Up       -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund
$3 500,000
lias 65 Branches iu Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current ra
REVELSTOKE, 6. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
The Only Original and Genuine
Held at Reno, Nevada, July 4th, li>10
OPERA HOUSE, MSOff, OCT. 13,1910
TICKETS,      -      Sl,   7"c\,   50c,   2.">c.
Agents f r the famous
$60.00 Cash
|    B. C. Fruit for England
I Victoria, Oct. 7.—Arrangements
have been completed by the department of agricultural for the annual
display ol Uritish Columbia fruits at
various important centres in Great
Britain. Eight hundred cases of fruit
will bc sent this year. Upon arrival
in Great liritain it will be placed in
cold storage and taken out as re-
Hiiireil for exhibition purposes. The
fruit displayed at each exhibition
will bo sold Immediately afterward a
fresh lot being taken from cold storage for each occasion. By thia method Ihe display will be kept always
The express train carrying the
fruit will start from Vancouver Oct.
81. It will take on several boxes
at Okanagan, but will nut pick up
the contributions from Kootenay or
Boundary. These will be Bent direct by i-ipn-ss to Quebec where the
Whole Slid cases will 1* placed aboard
.the Empress ol Britain due to sail
.October Sl.
The provincial exhibitions through
out. Great Britain will lie the first to
receive attention. These will take up
the time until December 1, when the
Royal Horticultural Colonial Fruit
Show will open. Here the British
Columbia fruit will come into competition with that of all the colonies
of the empire. It was Agent General
Turner who first persuaded thc authorities of the Uoyal Horticultural
to hnvo a display of diurnal fruit
which have proved a very great attraction at their shows. Kor thia reason the display from British Columbin is always ma<lc especially wel
come and given full opportunity for
being arranged to the best advantage
A number ol the medals won by the
British Columbia fruit exhibit In
Great Britain last year, reached the
department hero yesterdiy, having
been forwarded by Agent General
Turner. These comprise tbe gold
mednl, four silver-gilt medals nnd
three silver medals from thc Hoyal
Horticultural Society; silver gilt
modal from Crystal Palace; gold
modal from Southampton; ailtet gilt
modal from Aberdeen, and gold
medals from Bath, Harwlck end
Blackburn. The gold m,*!,\l ol Ibe
Royal Horticultural Society ;,as been
awarded to British Columbia lor
five years in succession and Mr. Bul-
lock-WebBter expresses bis confidence
that this year will  make tha sixth.
Tho department also received this
morning the gold medal won thie
yi-ar at Toronto.
Telegraphers Win
Montreal, Oct. ".—The award ol
the board of arbitration between the
Grand Trunk system and its telegraphers is announced this afternoon.
Under the tribunal, which is a mutual arrangement and not under the
Lemietix Act, the operators are
granted a slight increase in pay and
a number of improvement* in working conditions. The board consisted
of J. IC. Duval, chairman, B. J. Rey
nolds, of Regina, tor the telegraphers, and W. H. Ashley of Toledo,
Ohio, for the company. The decision covers the system from Portland
to Chicago.
Thirsty Lose One Hour
Victoria, Oct. 7.—An ingenioUB
point with regard to the enforcement of tbe liquor law has been
brought to the attention of the at-
torney'general'a department by a
provincial constable in the Kootenay
district. Thc constable writes that
some thirsty souls within his jurisdiction claim it is unfair that their
supplies should lie cut ofl at 11 p.m.
mountain time while the fellows on
the coast are allowed to drink until
11 o'clock coast time. They figure
out that hy this arrangement the
boys mi the coast have an hour tbe
best nf it nnd that to even things
up the inhabitants ol the Kootenays
oagbt to be allowed facilities for
getting  liquor  until   midnight.
The department, however, is unable to see it this way and has informed the constable that the law
must be enforced closing the saloons
nt   11   o'clock   mountain  time. By
way of consolation it is pointM out
tlint tbe thirst Kootenay man. If he
SO desires may start imbibing in the
morning an hour earlier than bis
brother on  the I oast.
| W. A. Foote has the contract for
the erection of a house for R. Donaldson on Fifth street. Mr. Foote Is
also  bulMIng two houses for renting
' purposes ,,n Filth street.
Of the Allen Players, who open their six nights engagement at
The Edison Theatre. Monday next in "The Defiance of DoriB."
Moving pictures tonight.
Moving Picture* To-night.
Shi/oh's Gun
aalckly stopsLMM   c«r»* cold*, haals
i* threat «»J Umi..     .  ,  .     ga c*»t*, Pag* I
SATURDAY, OOT.  8TH, 1910.
I'M It SALE    Warehouse on Sim'It. i
Tram**..    ..pply 11KV1CI MTOKII BAW.MIIJ
Look at this Real Fire Box
ll is wiilr, long, and deep. It 1ms the coal capacity
that makes cooking easy <i// over thc tup—and fnr
heating tlir oven so that a large joint roasts perfectly
at the same time. More, it saves fuel and reduces coal
bills. You'll never have to sacrifice your baking for
your cooking on top with this reliable lire box. Thc
best results are always certain,
FOR SALE—Just arrived two cars
ol first class dry Fir Wood.— Rev
elstoko General Agencies.
Vanted Hoy Apprentice. Carroll
& Co., Salmon Arm, Plumbers and
POR BALD mt    REST ■■■■Hunch      nl
I    ("anwilliiini, one  new  houso and  III
[   acres   ol land.       Apply   to   Mrs.
j I    Mary Palmer, cliinwilliani. I). 0.
I WANTED — IGxperlcncod   CUrl     tor
house   work, at. ouco.      Apply   at
I   Tucker's Studio. tc.
i FOR BALK—278 acroa facing Eagle
! River, Slcamous, $311 per aero. For
I    terms apply to hi.  A.  Harris,  1109
I I    Langlcy, Victoria, U. O.
Steel ^n^^
MATURNITY NURSE—The undersigned is prepared to take Maturn-
ity Cases at her homo or at the
home of the patient.—Mrs. W. G.
Watson, liox 38. Oct 5 1 mf
GARDENING—All kinds of Garden
Work done by practical gardener,
Lawn making a specialty. T Newell, Uox 134 Oity.
Then- are a great many more exclusive points of merit
in a Kootenay that vou must see to thoroughly under-       B
stand.   Thc nearest McClary agent will gladly go over       *»
them With you, one by one.    Before you decide on any
range, write the nearest McClary branch for full par-       H
tieulars.    It will cost only a cent for information that
means money in your pocket. so
. M^Claiys «
Union,     Tomnlo,      Montreal,      W,nni|*c.      Vancouver,      Sl. John. H.B ,      Hamilton,     Calgat
Prohibition Engineers
One of tlie strongest prohibition
organizations In the world is probably the Brotherhood ol Locomotive
Engineers. In an article In tho Sep)
ember number of the Century, written by Charles Frederick Carter, is
the following   statement   concerning
this point:
"It  is sale  to  say  that   no    other
union, club or organisation ol   uuy
sort  applies   unite   such   heroic   treat
ment  to undesirable citisens    ns the
Brotherhood   ol     Locomotive Engineers.     One  thing that   the brother
hood mosl  strenuously   insists
Is that  its members  shall not   I
Thirty-five members were expelled I >i
retting     drunk    n   I 109,    m. I
shame was publi ly proclaimed m t!v
Journal      The  treatment    di es    n il
Bta'p here, by anv means
erhood will not r*sk the I   I
members and tin
permitting a drinking ma
lie.  When  a  man  has  ' .*.
convicted ol dr nk ng,   an -
an ordlng to the law r
■    ts ai
authorities on the road thai
and his   i   * ii.-l.
in   .ne notable   n itat * i  I
11 a last train got   trunk   I
lay ..ver an I   I igracid ■■ ■
was tried, eont   I •
management was Inii rme
offender's  llscharge   ■
ular '
■  ■   s  good man    th
pany demurred, say, u '.
■   ■
•■    I* •        ■  i    tbe      broth Th    !
Ion to get drunk ,.n
•    ■•.**•-,.
th- country at
endn:'.- If
is  unfair both  to  the ■ I      in
fi .i   nrvlce and youi
"The  ml|nt   was II,.
•-an never  l.» employed  nn a rn
Novel Suggestion
The suggestion thnt the slopes of
the mountnin cf British Columbia
lie planted with  Bcottlsh      heal
oilers nr, illim.table  nd I  lol  the l"fl
of the landscape   nr
t,   t tthv   routine   llu-   Color   srheme
to one nation'' We have mom,umi
enough tor all tl"* p. ■•• ol England,
the  shamrock   of   Irelnnd,   the   *
anthemum of Japan, the eornfloww
of the United States, the rice planl
of China, and oui own mnple leal,
Blind them nil m one grand display
of botanical splendor, offering     the
World a knleidoi op.i not of color
Ing that would delight thi eye iiii I
appeal  to every Rcntimuit.
Fire Alarm Boxes
Bio.  No.   14—Corner    First    street
and   McKenzie   avenue, 0. ll. Hume
& Co.
j    Uox   No,   16—Corner  First      street
and   Kokeby   avenue,   post ollico.
liox No. 16—Corner Second street
and Government Road and opera
llu use.
;    Uux  No.   17—Comer Third      attf et
ail   Campbell   avenue,   Qlobe     l.um-
i' r company.
I    Box  No.  is—C.I'.11.  station.
Box    No. 84—Ci rner    Fifth   stroet
and     McKenzie     aven ie,     Da
\-.h     stic.-t
an.l  Orl I,  W. A. F
irth  st.-oei.
Second    -
IS,  Mrs. Baker.
Uox   No,   I**—Hospital.
FIRE iii'.I',AUK N
N      14—FITS  Hall  No.   1.
Bos "  street
near C    P.  it   :.ridge.
Uoi     Ni        I rner     King
■    ■
Box  No and
It, x   No       IH-i .rner     Tl   -
Chan, street
.-.hi   t..r   pi
lire out.
il       '•        I
licator al t re Mail
By-law Quashed
'  live   pow
t., prohibit the cnri .
Must Be British Born
ludgl ,n Issuing  nntiir -
tion  . sntly   rein i A
.,,,      :,. i,      it    the   iilll
davits  ol   iiiit'irnli7«Ml British sul
ii-   a. : thai ii muHt ne done on tbe
Oaths  "f   two  who  were   Uritish Mini.
Otherwise ihey would be sstabll
ii 'lunger.. ,.i       if they   „<
**,,t,*,i  \iuiii' i who bad been natui
ni./. i. iii.**, mighl     bring    in     tbe
whole pop ilatlon ol Asia
Moving pictures tonight.
Moving Pictures To-night.
wiun in Vancouver, dine   al     the
lupin nm Cafe,   140   Pendei  Btreet,
■*.   I \   In   t   i lass,   well    Cooki-'l,
Hour course meal lor ilie.
■•OH SALE—One dozen last yenr's
Plymouth Hock Chickens, nlso
young    Chickens. Apply    J.   L.
Stark, Revelstoke, B. C. 3t.
FOR BALE—80 Acre Ranch, Stock
and Implements, about 15 acres
under cultivation, well wooded and
watered; price Jfi.OOO. Apply on
premises, four miles down      south
track road, Frank Veltri.        821 lm
FOR SALS! six Roomed house on
Third street, east, with all modern
conveniences; also kitchen range,
boater and linoleums. —Apply this
Bealod Ten.bis, superscribed "Tender for Qlenbank School," will be
received by the Hon. tho Minister ot
Public Works up to noon of Friday,
thc 14th ot October, 1910, for     the
erection and completion of a two-
room school building at Olenbank,
near Nakusp, ill the Blocan Electoral
Plans, Specifications, Contract and
Forms of Tender may bc seen on and
aftor tho ISth day of September,
1910, at the otlices of G. H. Gardiner
Nakusp, Secretary to thc
Bchool Board; the Government ag-
■ Kaslo and Revelstoke; and
tbi Department of Public Works,
Kach   proposal   nr. I   be   accompanied by an accepted bank cheque     or
leposlt  on a chartered
ni,la, made payable to the
Minister  "f  Public    Works,
lum  of  J30U,   wiiicli shall    he
udering     de-
tar   into   contract       when
on  to  do  Bi     "i   it  he    tail
..•te the woik   , ntracted lor.
The cheques or    certificates    of      de-
■   unsuccessful   tenderers    will
to them  upon the oxecu-
i| the contract.
■ will not bo   ■ nsidered   un-
le out on the forms
eigne 1 with the a. ■ •  re    ol
'hi-  tenderer,  and enclosed  in  the en
i.y    other      tender
tartly   neee;,-
y    i      QAM]
fn'.d.c  W irks   Ki: • ii'-'-r
Works Dspartmi
Bi pteml • i   *
famous for its surenr
of doing its d.iys worK
and that day; work i
to koep you dry and   r.
comforta&e when it
win tvEirrwtirHr.
tr mm mr annrnr wumr
Htm    -*OWFffv
mt l«* .a- .
orwt  |^Q*«|
Send Your Orders
To ihe uiul, i signed for
Famous Call Coal, Dry Cedar
and Hemlock
.ire, Lite and Accident Insurance
I'llll particulars ol select building
lots given upon application
W. B. Rokeitson
drill W'rst PcrtUnUCUl I4OUII
Company ARcnoy
Mrs. Hermann McKinney
Tm ciisr of Voice, Piano and Organ
Pupil pre aroil for T oronto ronscrvatory
of Music.
Local Examinations,
Studio:   Second Street
Revelstoke Laud District.
District  ot  West  Kootouay.
Take  notico  that 11.  W.  Crawford,
ol Garrard, U. 0,, occupation engino-
sir, iiiii'iuii;   to apply for permission
to    purchase  tho following  doscribod
Commencing at a post planted ten
chains from tho ooiith cast corner
ol Pullmor's pre-emption, Lot 7491,
thenco wont 40 chains along tho
south boundary of Lot 7491, thenco
South 20 ehains, thenco east 40
hains,  thenco north 20     chains      to
oint  of commencement,   containing
80 acres, moro or less.
Datod August 27th, 1910.
Located by W. 1-0. Glenn, Agent.
In tho matter ol an Application
for tho issue of a Duplicate Certificate of Title to Lot 8, Hlock 4, boing part ol Sections 27 nnd 34,
Township 23, Range 2, West ol the
Cth Meridian, Town of Ilevelstoko,
li. C, Map C36.
Notico is hereby given that It Is
my intention to issuo at tho expiration ol one month alter tho first
publication hereof a duplicate of tho
Certificate ol Titlo to tho above
mentioned lot in tho nnmo ol Rovolstoko Land Company, Limited, which
certificate is dated tho 9th day of
April, 1907, nnd numbered C774A.
District Registrar,
8AMU15L R.  ROB.
Land Registry Otnco, Nelson, B.C.,
September 13th,  1910. 817015
Orders promptly filled
F. McCarty
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take nolice thnl Ella MeCarter, of
Revelstoke, H.i'., Spinster, intends lo
apply lor permission lo purchase lhe lol-
lowing described land:
Commencing al a post planted on the
easl bank of lhe Columbia River at lhe
North-west corner of Lol 83O1, ('.roup 1,
Kootenay District, and marked "Kltn
McCartcr's south-west corner post,"
thence east -lo ehnlusi thence north So
chains; thence west 40 chains more or los*-
10 tin- easi bank ol llle Columbia River
ihence soulh along the east bank of the
Columbia Uiver Ho chains more or less to
ilu* point of commencement, containing
,|20 acres more or less.
By her agent, Albert Forsland.
Dated I21I1 August, Il»i0.       aug 17 2111
Acting under instructions from Thos.
II. Ingram, of Vancouver, assignee of
tbe S II. Uawrertce estate I will sell by
public auction at
At J p.m. at the premises
The real propert.i belonging lo the
said S. II. Lawrence estate, consisting ol
thiee has situate iui iln- corner of Hud-
ion St. and Mi-Lend Ave., ill the town-
dte ol Salmon Ann. On this property
ire erected a residence and store build-
.iig. It is a good revenue prodncing
proposition, under lease at present time.
Property will be offered in one or two
lots to suit bidders at time of sale.
Further  information   as    to    terms,
rental, etc . mav lie had on applying to
thc undersigned.
Tims. ii.  Im;i' oi   Assignee.
Rox 251, Vancouver, B.C.
sAT.MON Arm   Kkai.TV Co.,  Agents,
Salmon Arm,  It. C,
J, Johnson, Auctioneer,
Salmon Arm, H, C.
SEALED    TENDERS will bo      received by  the Commissioners of    the
City ot  Calgary, and addressed      to
the undersigned, marked,
until   the  seventh  day  of  November,
next, at 12 o'clock, Noon, tor   supplying U13 Oity with ticB and    poles
or extension to the Municipal  Street
Full particulars and specifications
may bo had on application to the
Commissioners, City ol Calgary;
marked cheque covering five pel-
cent, ol the amount ol thc bid must
accompany  each  tender.
The lowest or any tender not
necessarily  accepted.
Datod at Calgary, September 28th,
W. D. Sl'ENCE,
City Clerk.
Ofeanaoan College
Summerlan*&, .HS.C.
pn p.n.ii"i     llu'li School; Two
Rusim BS,    111-
i lulling     iii.  : rapll)   and Type*
■ ii ,   Voial.
*   I,  Idi i" ■ ■■  foi   young
urn' women.
lipp        . .Illllasiiltll.
I'A I.l     I i i M   ' n mi     JI.
I ,.i  I ni' ml,n    ,i'il   fill t ln-l   pn
ill!   i 'i ill, ip.il
Revolstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that W. B. HobertBon,
ol Rovolstoke, occupation, Insuranco
agent, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the north cast corner ol Lot 2772,
running north 10 chains, thenco west
40 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thenco oast 40 chains to the point
of commencement.
Dated  Sept.  0,  1910. B.17-N16.
Phono 270
Ri p iu    Promptly
!. ,|   lo
Work  Shop
In i back "f
Skating  Rink
NUT ICE is hereby given    that   thc
reserve  existing  upon  the  lands embraced in Special Timber License No.
r,84K,  situate 111    Kootcnny District,
is cancelled, and that thc said lands
will bc open lor location under     the
provisions of the  "Land     Act"      at
midnight  on  December  22nd,   1910.
Deputy   Commissioner   ol   Lands.
I.nnds  Department,   Victoria,   B.C.,
15th September, 1010. td
'OL'ND—1'urse Containing money, on
McKenzie Avenue. Owner may
have Bame hy proving property
' and paying lor this advertisement.
Apply Mail-Herald Office.
EXAMINATIONS    for the  position
ol  Inspector of  Stenm  BolloiB    and
Machinery,   under  the   "Steam   Boilers Inspection Act, 1910,"    will    bo
held at the    Parliament   Buildings,
Victoria,  COmmenolng  November  7th,
1910. Application  nnd  instruction
lorms can ho had on application    to
tho undersigned, to whom tho lormor
must  ho returned correctly  filled  ln,
not later thnn October 34th,       1910.
Salary stiio.oo per month, Increasing
at tho rnto of $5.00 per month   each
year to a maximum of $180.00.
Chiot Inspector of Machinery,
Now Westminster, B. 0.
1st Sopt. to Oct. 20.
Revelstoke Lund District.
District of West, Kootenay.
Notion is hereby given that IW days
after dnto hereof 1, Ernest Edwaid
llnll, of Hereford, Kngland, occupation aichito.ct, intend lo apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands, for permission to purchase the following de-
seritieil lauds:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-weft cornev of ll- J. Hy-
hauls' pre-emption, Galena Uny, West
Kootenay Dlstriot, B.C., and marked
"Eriu'si Edward Hull's N. E. corner
post," thence 40 chains south; thenco
ItO ohaius west; Ihence 20 chains north;
thence IU ehains east; I hence-20 chains
north; thence 20 chains east to point
of commencement, containing In all
loo acres more or less.
Dated Ibis lSih day of June, 1010.
Ernest Edward Ham.,
aug 10-IHkl 11. 0. Hall, Agent.
Revelstoko Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that I, K. McCiihriin of
Arrowhead, B.C., occupation Lumberman, intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following deeorlbedlands:
Oommeuclng al a posi. planted at
the Northwest oornei of Lot KilU,
thence SO chains wcbI ; Ihence (HI chains
north to T. L. 11)970; Ihence SO chains
east along the line ol T.L. 10070 to the
Lake shore; Ihence along the hike
shore to point of commencement, containing four hundred and eighty acres
more or less.
Howard McQahran.
Arrowhead, B.C., June 2Sth, 1010.
jly 'id 2m
Revelstoke Land DlBlrlct.
District of Wesl Kit ileiuiy.
Take notice thai Charles A. Diirniini,
of lti'viistok* i L. C, occupation,
ci uisi'i-. ii,tends to a| ply for permission
to pill-chase the liilloning described
Commencing at a post planted on
the trail leading fiom McOullough
Creek to French Greek, about a quarter
of a mile distant and iu uu easterly
direction from (inidsti-i-atii, iiiaikid
"&. A. Uai mini's Noi lh East Corner";
ihence south ho chains; thence west
tSO ohaius;  thenoe north so chuius;
Ihence east SO chains lo point of Commencement, containing till) acres,
more or less.
Charles August Barnum.
Dittcd August 2nd, 1010.
Revelstoke Land District,
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice Hint John K. Barnum, of
lievelstoke, H. C, occupation cruiser,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following desoribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
tin- trail leading from McCtillouglt
Creek to French Creek, alsuit milliliter
of a mile distant and iu an easterly
direction from Uoldsti-eam inaiked
'-.1. S. lliiiniun's North-west Corner
Post) tlii'iuc ..i.mii su chains; thence
i list SO chains; tlienee mu lii SO chains;
theuce west 80 chains to the place of
commencement containing lliu acres
mote or less.
John 8. BARNUM.
Dated August 2nd. 11110.
Itepairs of all kinds no       cirriol oi
Bicycle and (lun work a specialty
Estimates given on any claaB
of work.
Front     Street.
Still Doing Business
Headquarters for Bulbs.
Two tons just arrived.
Also a full line of seeds,
ornamental stock, fertilizers, Bee supplies,
Bpray pumps, implements and all garden
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,  -   Manager SATURDAY, OCT. STH,  1910.
Tmf 1
H3 m
The Elevator is in perfeot
working order tlmsn days
Take advantage of  it to
get to the BargninB in the
Drygoods Department.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the eitizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
We are giving our Special
attention to Freeh Fruits.
We can help you if you
are  preserving.     Call  in
and pee the assortment.
The Toronto Fur
(Mr. D. C. McKenzie)
Will have on view in our Dry Goods Department, their entire stock of High Class Furs
and Coats. We want every person in Revelstoke, whether a customer or not, to see the
Furs, as they are the finest collection of Furs
in Canada. Ladies see the Furs. Bring* the
gentlemen in to see them. On view and for sale
MONDAY and TUESDAY, October 10 and 11.
The Dry Goods Department will be open in
the evenings.
C. B. Hume (2& Co., Revelstoke
Ladies' Coats
The new swell Ladies Coats we are showing are
meeting with a favorable reception. They are
the newest yet produced, The Rosedale (a registered design) is a beauty, with the neat semi-
fitting back, and long roll collar.   Price
Dressy Voile Skirts
These skirts are the best sellers this Fall. They
are really nice for Dress Wear as they do not
crush, and they shed the dust. This year's styles
are particularly pleasing with the fine Soutache
Braid and Russia Braid designs.
$7.50 to $12.50
Ladies Warm Underwear
War.n, comfortable underwear for the Ladies.
The line we are featuring this week is the " Var-
meta," an all wool knit-to-fit. Both Vests and
Drawers finest lamb wool, will not irritate the
skin, in white or natural colors, at
$1.25 per garment
House Furnishings
f^You should use a BiSSell££g£
ion your carpets and rugaYT^^-"
I if you want to keep them.,clean
-and doufale their life. ,, IB^S
To protect your carpet from the wear and
tear of stiff corn brooms, buy a Bissell's
Carpet Sweeper. It will last for ten years.
It entirely eliminates the terror of Sweeping day, will outlast fifty brooms. Ask to
Bee our ball-bearing line.
Carpets and Rugs
See our line of Wilton and Brussels Squares
A choice range in all standard sizes. Colors- Reds, Greens and Browns.
A new lot of small rugs just arrived direct
from Fngland.   See them.
Cocoa and Rubber Mais
Just what you need for the muddy weather
A choice range of those goods in (ine heavy
fibre.    Prices 75c. to $2.50.
Our New Tea and Coffee Department at the hack of the store on
lhe Uround Floo.-, is proving a
convenience. We have a fine
" Hobart" Electric Coffee Mill and
can give you genuine steel cul,
ground or pulverized coffee while
you wait.
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke «•* Arrowhead
Fine T
In our Tea Department as
usual we are offering our customers one of the best lines
at a small price. One that
has a reputation to lie proud
of. Every one who knows it
knows its worth. That is
SUNBEAM at 40c. and 50c.
per pound.
Just received a large shipment of Flower Pots in 2-inrh
4in., 6in., 8in., 9in., and lOin.
This is the time you need
them, and you can get them
at Hume's.
and Cak(
Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits and Cake-an all-the-
year-round success. A real
biscuit novelty. Welcomed
wherever introduced. Light,
crisp and digestive. They
not only win us new customers but retain them. In 25
different assortments.
China and
See our table of Fancy-
China and Glassware at half-
price. They must go at once
to make room for our new
stock. Come early and get
first choice.
Baking Powder
Price's Baking Powder
the Low-Priced Powder with
a High-Priced Value. We
carry a full line in 6oz., 12oz.
2lib. and 51b. cans. Wholesale and retail. Get our prices
then you will get our goods.
your Orders I Her d the children
to the Store ! Come yourself, or
have our City Traveller call at
your Home for Orders. No Order
too large or too small for tu to
handle. It pleaeee us to see that
Customers get the beet ot attention. ■Tuge I
New Fall Underwear
Ladies' Natural Wool Vests and Drawers
at $2.00 per Suit.
Children's   Natural    Wool   Vests   and
Ladies' Ribbed Underwear ut  75c,   per
Children's Ribbed Underwear al 60c,
por suit.
Bought direct from the  manufacturer
quality the  best   all  garmen s are
warr intcd unshrinkable.
Our stock of Men's and Boys' Underwear is complete, Men's All Wool
Suits at $ 1.75 por Suit.
Ladies' Hosiery
'wenty-five dozen Black Cashmere I lose
at 25 Cents per pair.
Per Pair 25c.
New goods coming to hand by express.
Our display comprises the Latest
Eastern styles.
See Our Window
for Vancouver thia uftornoot), where
thej will make their homo.
i'. .1. Aman has returned (rom a
visit, to \ Ictoria.
.1. Leslie lias returned trom Rosa
Peak where lie has lieen working on
tho new trail from llie DeiltBCbman
Caves to Honors Pass, lie left ag'
nm today lor Notch  ilill.
Miss Beaalo Arnott, ol Vanoouver,
niece  ol  Messrs.  A.  (!.  nn.l  I'',   ('rick,
passed through the eity this nibmlng
en route fm* Hiu'ope, where she will
remain   Iwo   years   taking  B   finishing
course In violin music under tho best
mastora ol England and Germany.
Laurier Roasts England
j Ottawa, on, 7. in moving n veto
uf thankn i<> 'P. r. O'Connor, vvbu
dollverod un nddrcsB on homo rule
Jn Knsseii theatre ihis ovoning, Hit
Wilfrid Laurtor Bald her treivtmoni
lol Ireliiinl waa the unly hint, mi I'jiig
laml'a  record,
I He sani in* could not understand
| .'hy England nhould grant autonomy
to Canada and to South Africa ami
not to Ireland,
Frecmnn, at Ins home mi McKenzie
Avenue, "ii Sept, 30th, 1910, James
le Somera, ol Summerland, to Miss
Mary Bryden, nf Windsor, Ont.
D. Whiteside has been appointed
registrar of j omt stnek companies
I r rue province, vice B. V. Wooton,
■ ealgncd.
The draw f"i' the handsome cushion
made by Mies McDonald, took place
at Smythc's dear store on Thursday
nlth. Th.' lucky winner was .1.
Remember the Hallowen Dance in
Selkirk Hall under the auspices of
the L. A. "f B. ll. '1'.. Monday, Oct.
.iiBt.       Ladies' tickets   .'.ae., gent's
i.ck.-ts $1.00 til
Tonight nt the Edison Theatre. —
The living moving pictures of the
Shackletoii Farthest South Antarctic
Expedition. Some of the finest
pictures ever shown.
Declarations for enrolement on the
civic voters' list, otherwiso than
property owners are coming into the
city clerk very slowly. The last
Jat..  to make application is Octobei
The mud on the streets is thicker
•.nan ever this year and it is hoped
tbat something will he done next
spring t" remedy what is without
doubt one of the greatest draw
A   - . u*e   will  le  h.-l.l
h irch "ii Sunday ov
enlng, lor which the choir have madi
pie*. . aratlon.    The   past >i
preach     a  -; ■* <-: n 1 Bermoi
.   the subject,   "Does the    World
' iv.- a  Mnn  a  Living."
Don - ee tbe thrilling m* ■ ■
g pictures I ■   at  t;.'*    Edison,
t Brll        \
* a, •■;.;.* :, ii   * immand    • f     -mi
lest Sbackli ton.      \  vi\ i.i
entui • iI'm* ban'.
rill     I c  told .ii tbe
by lecture.
It   s hoped that a large number "f
••■ *.*:   :*.:    the   1*.
at abi .t
i'ui   a
I th(      ...     H imane    Society's
tbe ■ - Cal
i  gallantry     in
■ ha.I
.bile   sr.lit n_-
■ r last    winter.
I tliens it ii hop
ed ■-> event
I. ■ id ,i    close
y  fal
II a l<
tl The   little
a:i.*:*   '   rl
petted     to
'*.■   ' I ,r,   t"  tto-  i ■ -,
i ■
■■    ■ • * ted bul :..* rcs-
• Belal respiration
oy was finally ahle t.i walk
Dot m ch the worse     for   his
To those who have not yet. given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing sn il you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every i:ask. Your money re-
fundcdil' not just what we represm: it to be.
We have a full stock of tho leading lines in Teas and
Coffees ami can offer you llic host values on the market,
raiitfinjr in price from $1 per lh. to I? His. for $1 as a special.
Is one of the most import'
ant items in your business
will   look  after  this  branch   of
tlie business for you.
Kootenay Agencies. Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
'Nearest   the   South Pole," willi l.ieul
Shackletoii, I'.dison Theatre To nighl
Methodist. church services as fol
lows:—11 a.m., 2:11(1 p.m., Sunday
school nnd Bible class, 7:80 p.m. At
the close of the evening service the
Bacrament of the Lords' Supper will
be administered. Thc pastor, ll. .1.
Mclntyre will have charge of these
services. A cordial Invitation is ex
tended to the public.
Haptist services, Kev. \V. r. Freeman, pastor. Services Sunday at
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., Sunday school
and Men's Bible class at 2:30 p.m.
B. V. P. U. Monday nt 8 p.m. The
Sunday evening service will take
.the form of a special song service hy
:the choir, nnd the pnstor will preaoh
from the subject "Does the World
.Owe a Man n Living." Everybody
is cordially invited to these services.
Men and  strangers specially  invited.
Edison Theatre Dintey Kight
The play I" he pi.'Seated by lhe
Allen Players on Monday ovoning
uexl.   while n  most enjoyable conu-dy
n treatment, presents h serious sit-
iialion  nnd apparent  conflict  between
(hedienee  to  a   lather  nnd      devotion
I i a husband,        In tho    third   act,
vliicli decides the confllot,  Doris ilo-
i.les iu favor ol' hei* duties as a wllo
(ler  repealed  lull   futile attempts to
iring ber lather to a reasonable   attitude.
The story is one of particular ln-
01'CBt to  Miss Polton's friends,      tor
he  reason   that   lhe hero and heroine
re   Stanford   nraduat.es,  and       their
omnnce is commenced at Stanford,
ul ciiiiuiiiuii's iii a socrot marriage
lit   Sua  .lose,  Cal., lhe homo of Miss
Felton,       The   play   opens     Borne
B .mills all er Ihis nml i in:*,r, and
deals Willi  the attempts of the young
ouplo lo bring about a rooonollla
ion botwoon Iheir pnrents, who have
renin.' i sti uni-ed through political
liferent'.'s. They Iry lo keep Ihoir
l.urrin.*;' u BCCiut until Ibis rocoiieil-
• ilioii   has   hein  elli'i'loil,  hut  rile  vil-
nin    succeeds    in so   complicating
Luis'  husband  Hint she  Is nt      last
bltgod   lo  disclose  her   trite  relation
v ilh   Hiil;   Oaylord  in  order  to save
his life.
When Ihr piny opens Doris' bus*
hand is in Nevada employed hy Iln
First National Bank, hut he returns
lo assist in (he ri'-eslnhlishment of
lonco heiwein his family und lhat of
.lis wife While he is at home u de-
llclency is discovered in the accounts
of lhe hunk, und bc is nt once sus-
peeied. A telegram is sent from
Nevada ordering his arrest nnd he is
Incarcerated without opportunity to
secure ball, Stephen (iarrct Is political Irlond lo th.' sheflfl, in whoso
hands tho order for young Gay lord's
arrest is placed, Tlio sheriH from
Novade appears, and, in a comical
scene, demands orders for Gaylord'a
extradition,   from   Doris'   father.     He
wishing io be rid ol young Gaylord,
and to marry bis daughter to lbe
prospective I'nited States Senator,
Stephen Garrett, is about to sii;ii
the pn pels, when Doris, in nil inten
.".ly dramatic scene, breaks the prom
ise she hns mude to hor husband, to
keep their marriage secret, nn.l
tells ber lather lhe whole story. In
the Insl net young Gnylord is proved
innocent; the Iwo old fathera nre
reconciled, nnd lho villain discredited. The staging of this piny will be
the most elaborate that has been
seen in Revelstoke for sonic time.
Moving pictures tonight.
j Bert Apsoy has the contract (or
i the painl in*,' of the Taj lor block,
McKenzie avenue.
Vie are  pleased   :,. state  tlm;   Mr,
|tt.illis     Armstrong,  who  is  suffering
from a .-evere attack     i   I pphoid      ut
the hospital,  is much  better  today.
\    gentleman     from     Revelstoke,
i ays die Salmi n   \: ra   'been er, who
bus  been  camping on  the   lake Bllore,
brought   up  before  W.   V.   Lei n
ard,  I'.  M., on Wednesday "ii  ii
Iation     laid  by  W.   W    W I
•    wai den,   oi      Kan loops    charg-
ing him with s cka out   "(
a  sin*.'   •
looked very much tike a Coffin t
.and ali the la *■■ w
ant entice
th   it,   hut   :t   pn bably   was
the  thing f"i- ii I   ■• case
A**,*- ,:
.' watched  with
Ui .•'..:
.il  Health     Department,
U e* '■
"i.   i  littl
mesome     exhibit
■ii with  th"     recent    m
i.f Fi ■
I    i   -mall   port.' ii   *.f   th*
' * ■
man,    ihowlng   I •
by  the  1
brandish ng I  man      T
The I. A. i.f ii. it. T. aro announcing n I (allowed Dunce in Selkirk
I lull   on   M' ii.lay.   i let.   .'list.       There
:io doubt imt that there will bo
a large attendance and a thoroughly
■ njoyabli   *   ei    g proi Ide l.
Mr, i'. .1 * .i :> a :li present th**
bronze medals of the British Royal
Humane •     lie alder
end       Hi
lasl  winter   at  I ■ m Theatre
Business Locals
in   OUI      i 0<    toilet   k'""d»'
.1  l.lll'*.   at    :i    wide
■*. • -. ,\;: tin stand-
Ol     *   'I   inn-.    Colli
Croat; mpli xlotl   prrjuir-
V. .i'ii'..    Pel
futni I   ("i  lhe  hair.
Manii un*   Supplies,    Rubtx i
1      '!*-. * I       No I oi*' r .issort-
ment lit tin dtj
Bews  Drug Siore
Mi -I   Hum*!  Bin*.I,
of   McGill *     Will
I  ..,*.;  i it I   '*
■ * the
acid  Imprei nal irt.ii
|    The  Third   An il
t the  K Sun
day  Schuol  Association  will  be
I nt. Vernon on Tues lay, Ocl
All     ;■ ■
and  Bunday    scho il    mpcrlntendenl i
are  del< gate        B ei
have at least    ne delegate  in  addition to the pastor and    iperintendent
a registration    fee nl 2.',o. will     he
charged each delegate,     Special tra
veiling rates have been   lecured.     *\
number  of prominent. Miieakcrs      will
give 'iii'* ncluding K*      0. xf*
Sandford ol Kamloops,    who   iH     a:
Sunday BChool  specialist ol splendid
training,      A      good      representative
delegation from Revelstoke will     at- *
tend. I
Citrons and peppers at Mclntyrc's.
day  lor
Eva  11
take [iluei    *
.,n Wednesday next.
Mi *    *i    •*:
* *,n  Wedni       *
'    *
nnl evening to a i *
\  quiet   -■ eddlng  '■ ot     lai ■■
,V1 | R I
Florenoe Lower and Mr. Oe
both  of  thiH citv      Altei   tbe    ren
nioiiy n few friends sat down .■.
city  Restaurant to a dainty   uppei
where Che newly married couple   re
CelVSd   tho   hourly   coinial nlul lo   I   "I
the guests.     Mr. and Mrs.  Mills lol*.
Automatic electric Irons at Bourne
ROOM  TO  LKT—Single or double.—
I    ily  nt  Moil-Herald  Office.
Timothy hay, oats, wheat,      bran,
ts,   etc.,  nt  Bourne  Bros.
Genuine Ashcroft potatoes next
week, get your orders in early, nt
Bourne Bros.
in—,'resh  stock  of  ( bristle's
arrow root biscuits nnd graham waf-
tins at Mclntyre's.
root     horse   covers,      horse
eta, lap robes,  whips harnesses,
■   .  nt   Bourne  Bros
tyre's      are offering      Van
canned and  shivers
. |ei   just the thing fi i  these
D -Toung    mam recently   lout
di sires light    job    in     store
n     ina 11
.i    M.   Queen,     Lougheed
ID lima.      m in
(arm or ranch,
- Disen
I nit. r i Ictobei   14th      tdd
Edison Theatre
Saturday, October 8
Living I'ieia is anil Lecture
"rarest the
South Pole"
Willi   U.   Shackletoii "f Hie
British \ntartic Hxpeditioii
oi 1903
Thf finest Bccnic awl  educational  picture subject
in existence
Amission, 25c.        ChHdren, 10c.
Galleiy Seats, 35c.
Conimeucing at 8 p. m.
Two Fi
Miss Edith Wrijtey
South Kknsington, Kng,
Art Mailer's Ccrtific te
Fs prepared lo receive
pupils for rl rawing nud
I'or pni t iin I.n s apply tn
Care Mr.  Hngffen
Liuut. SI eckleton at the South Pole- Edison Theatre To-night.
After Supper Sale, No. 40
Have you been looking into (lie advantages offered
by "Our After Supper Sales?'1 Every Saturday
night from 7 o'clock till closing time we put on sale ;i
number of articles suitable lo the season at a price
away below regular prices. Our advertisements are
eagerly watched I'or ami our customers all know tli it
the prices we quote are a big saving. Come early
t>night and see for yourself. We can save you
This is the mosl comfortable garment vci made.
They are warm and light, ami we oiler llieni al prices
that j on cannot afford to be wilhoul one:
Grey, with   navy  facings
')0c. Each
Grey or tan. with   cardinal  or   myrtle
facings Sl.^O Bach
Grey, navy, cardinal or wiiitc, made of
pure wool, in a fancy stitch, two
styles.    Our vci y best.  Tcnlght        $2.75
Here is a chance I'or lhe housekeeper and hotels.
Come early, they uiil nol last lout;:
Fine    all     white    Turkish   Towels,  large   size,
40c. per pair.
While or Grey Turkish   Towels,   medium   size,
25c. per pair.
Grey   Turkish    Towels,   good size   and   quality,
ThirlyFivc Cents per pair,
Something no woman can afford to miss.
They arc a snap. Three lilies, Sateen, Moire willi
embroidered frill ami (crscv top (close lilting) wiih
moire rullle, all selling 10-1 ighl al $1.20 each. Moreen Skins, all colors, good deep liill,    $1.50.
$2.50   SHOES
Anolhir let cl "Empress" Hiocs, in  Oxfords
and Hals., tan, black ami chocolate, all sizes.      Key.
$3.50.to $4.50.    To-night $2.50 per pair.
See Our Windows
FO K G^J   D   D        C O   O-TJTCS.
Good Bread
—unci you kIiouIi!  insist   upon  fretting  Illi'  bout  nt   all
tiiniN---yet ours. Our reputation for good bread is not
the result nf chance. Our euntomera hit »atUfled ili*>t
ours is th,. most satisfactory breRd they run buy.
Try it mut you will become a regular uuktomer. Our
Groceries aw also in keeping willi our bread.
G. W. Bell
P. O   Box 208
Phone No. 23
Baltimore Shrimps in tins.     Clams  H. C. or  nine  Point,
Kippecetl lliriiiur, oval tins. Hand Cleaning I'asle.
Hull n I'lnt ill I'i pr Polish with brush nml cup.
Salad Oil iu attractive bottles. Ihono 93
McIntyre   & Son
We Deliver in All Parts ol the Cilv.
COAL!!       COAL II
A Car of the Famous
Wellington  Now In
Lethbridge Coal Always on Hand
Orders Promptly Attended 'l'o
S.   Gr.   [ROIBBIItsrS
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd. j
Freight and Parcels Promptly Collected and Delivered
Birgage Transferred and General Draying
Furniture and Piano Moving a Specially
Office - Corner Connaught Avenue and Second Street
Phone  276 REVELSTOKE,   B.C. Night Call 71


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